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Tuesday Jan 3

Pat’s Spoilers

I have to just type up a quick report today as I have to head back to Regina. Due to freezing rain followed by snow the highways are not in the best of conditions and I want to give myself time to drive in daylight.

Some general observations – first, Rachel Melvin did an excellent job today. I may dislike the character of Chelsea but Rachel deserves praise for a job well done. They have given this young actress a very difficult storyline and she has proven that she can handle it. Also, Shawn’s proposal is going to go down as one of my all time favourites … it was so completely spontaneous – so different – so Shawn and so Mimi – it’s hard to put into words. Mimi’s reaction to the proposal … Shawn’s reaction when he thinks that she is going to say no or that she doesn’t want to hear the proposal … so incredibly sweet. It had me smiling.

Here’s the very short report:

Marlena et al: Lois stalks up the stairs to Marlena’s bedroom scissors raised and ready to attack – I guess she had her hand raised because it made for a better shadow on the wall. Who was she going to stab on those stairs when there is only the two of them in the penthouse? Marlena gets into bed and turns out the lights. Lois enters and locks the door. Marlena sits up and turns on the light. Lois hides. Marlena phones the hospital to check on Claire and talk to John. John tells her that Claire isn’t doing all that well but when Marlena says she is going to come to the hospital John tells her to stay at home and rest. He’ll call if there is any change. Alex hits a chair against the bars of his cell to get attention. He tells Tek that Marlena’s life is in danger – he should send someone over to check on her. Tek phones John. John calls Alex a liar and a psychopath and he orders Tek to have Alex but in maximum security and that he not be allowed visitor’s or phone calls. Tek obeys John’s order. Would someone explain to me on whose authority can John order members of the SPD to do anything?? A cop comes to move Alex and when he learns that no one is being sent to check on Marlena he decks the cop, knocks him unconscious and takes his gun. Tek phones John and says he has escaped. Alex rushes into the penthouse and finds Marlena’s bedroom door locked … he calls out her name. Lois pauses with the scissors raised. Instead of kicking the bedroom door down (if he did that, that wouldn’t give John a clear shot at him … would it … and they would have found Lois in the room so for plot purposes let’s have Alex scaling the ledge outside Marlena’s bedroom). John rushes to the penthouse, sees the balcony door open. Tells Alex to freeze – Alex says no he has to get to Marlena before it’s too late. John shoots, hits Alex in the arm, Alex falls off the ledge. Marlena sits up.

Sami’s New Year’s Party: Yawn. The only thing about this party is the scenes on the rooftop between Carrie and Austin. (Hmm… am I the only one that things that rooftop is identical to the one at Shawn and Mimi’s building. Even the door is the same colour except no initials. The fire escape is identical… LOL! Sami slips and falls while spying on Carrie and Austin – but that doesn’t stop her from climbing back up and listening in to more. I loved the flashbacks of special moments Carrie and Austin shared on the rooftop. Austin tells Carrie that he didn’t have much to look forward to in 2006 but now he has a new company and she’s back. He asks her if she is going to stay in Salem. She says no – her company is very important to her. She says it would be nice if at the end of the day she had someone to come home to. She would like to have children some day. Austin says he would like a family as well – he mentions Will and how much it hurt when he found out that he wasn’t his son. He mentions Mike. Carrie says she thought he was the one – she says he’s a great guy but it just didn’t work out. Austin says he’s sorry. She asks him if he means it. He smiles and says no – he’s happy she’s back home. Carrie says when she falls in love again she wants it to be for keeps. They kiss… sigh but Sami interrupts. They end up going downstairs with her where they find a slightly inebriated Nicole has joined the party. The Nicole, Lucas and Eugenia scenes were lame although Lucas’ impromptu dance as he celebrates the end soon to be end of Carrie and Austin was worth a chuckle. I just find it so wrong that both Sami and Lucas have moved on so quickly. At least Lucas is worried a tiny bit that Carrie is going to be hurt when she finds out that Austin stole her company from her but Sami is as conniving and manipulative as ever as she lies to Carrie and hugs her. Oh yeah, Nicole closed the deal so Austin’s company has taken over High Style.

Hospital: Hope wants to call and check on Zach again and Bo reminds her that she just did and it’s very late. He says Zach has been on a lot of sleepovers – why is she so on edge this time. She thinks it’s because of what Belle and Philip are going through. She says they are so blessed to have two healthy boys. Bo says he never takes those blessings for granted. There’s a call for him. It’s Chelsea telling him something happened and now the car is not working right. She’s very upset … she tells him she’s so happy he is her Dad. He tells her he’ll be right there. He then tells Hope that Chelsea needs a ride. Hope says that she is very thankful that Chelsea isn’t driving or getting into another accident. Bo flashes back to Chelsea’s request to have the car. Hope tells John that she is sorry for everything that they are going through and asks if there is anything that she can do. John says they can always use her prayers. Hope says they already have them. John wishes he could have Belle’s faith but Dr. Carver says it’s not good. Hope says that she agrees with Belle – put your faith in God and pray for the best. She tells John to tell Bo that she is going to pick up Zach and take him home.

A few conversations between Victor and Kate. Victor accuses Kate of playing God because Bo and Hope don’t know that Claire is their granddaughter. She says she isn’t playing God she’s making sure he keeps his promise to her – it would kill Philip to find out that Claire wasn’t his child. When both Bo and Hope leave Victor is upset – saying that they should be here for their granddaughter – Kate again is happy that he hasn’t told anyone the truth.

The scenes in Claire’s room. I really feel for Philip – he’s trying so desperately to do the right thing for his child – he is trying to be the strong one and he wants his wife’s support and help in coming to a decision but she just ignores him and chooses this time to lecture him. I’m very tired of Belle referring to Claire as ‘my’ daughter when talking to Philip. Coming from a person who basically ignored said daughter from the day she was born and left Philip to be the primary caregiver the words sound hollow. She doesn’t want Claire taken off of life support and Philip shouldn’t even consider it because SHE knows that they are going to get an organ donation. Shawn and Mimi come into the room. Philip starts telling Shawn that as Claire’s father he is trying to make the right decision but Belle cuts him off and snaps at him that Shawn is Claire’s godfather and she wants to hear what he has to say. Shawn looks at Mimi before answering. I really liked that Shawn addresses Philip when he gives his opinion. He says that as long as Claire isn’t suffering he would wait as long as possible. Belle strokes his shoulder and thanks Shawn for agreeing with her as she smirks at her husband. Excuse me … smirks – a smirk tells me one thing – she is playing Shawn and Philip against each other. The fact that Claire’s godmother is in the room and she doesn’t ask for her opinion tells me the same thing.

The proposal: You really have to watch it … it’s just so sweet. The clips will be up shortly for anyone that wishes to watch it. I just loved how it was so Shawn and Mimi – she’s rendered speechless … he misunderstands … and then the happiness on their faces and in their eyes when they realise they are on the same page. I love that he told her that he realises this wasn’t the most romantic of settings but that he just doesn’t want to wait any longer to be with her. I love how Mimi is the one to say that they shouldn’t flaunt their happiness – when they tell people she wants them to be as happy about it as they are. When he talks about the not so romantic setting – she says ‘It’s beautiful BABE”. When he tells her he doesn’t want to wait he says “I just want to be with you, BABY. I don’t want to wait.” Sigh….

Previews: John to Marlena – You’ve got nothing more to fear. Alex North is dead. Chelsea to Bo – “It’s the cops Dad. What am I going to do? Kate to Philip – I need to talk to you. Philip – This is not the best time Mom. Kate – You’ve got to prepare yourself. I have some pretty devastating news. Hope following Zach’s gurney – OMG, I can’t lose my baby. Shawn holds her.


Wednesday Jan 4

Pat's Spoilers

This is going to be a very short report. I’m too emotional after watching the show to do it any real justice. This is going to be more about my emotions than about what actually happens on the show. I’ll get back to regular pattern of complete spoilers when I’m retired and I’m at home using my own computer. I hate tying up someone else’s for any longer than necessary.

Alex/John/Marlena/Lois: I don’t think I can say anything nice about these scenes. I was deplored by John’s totally callous attitude about shooting and possibly ending a man’s life. Whoever the actress is that is playing Lois Banks is doing a great job of being a devious psychopath – but I just don’t care. This storyline is destroying both John and Marlena in my eyes and I hate it! The way John just blurts out that Alex is dead to Marlena is so cold and heartless – he doesn’t care how she feels – he’s just happy he rid the world of the man. Marlena annoyed me for the simple fact that she has this blind devotion to Alex even though she has no memory of him. She is right about him not hurting her but she doesn’t really know that. I think what was worse that they had three paramedics working on him but no unit could be spared to attend to Zach. And the way John talks to the police and whips out that ISA badge… I’m still rolling my eyes. And … and … when the cop says that Alex isn’t bad – John coldly says “Too bad, he should be.” Would you believe the man was chewing gum during those scenes and those at the hospital.

The hospital: I’m not saying this because I’m not a fan of Belle’s but I really hated they had her smiling and talking about how she just knows that they will get a ‘miracle’ and then they would cut over to Hope and Zach. And to have Belle saying that God wanted gave her this baby for a reason so she can’t die … I’m sorry, I just found this to be in very poor taste. And to add to it they had to have a flashback to that dumb ‘sign’ that Belle got from God just before they go to Hope and Zach. Grrrr. Why oh why did they have to write stuff like that? As for the actual scenes I’m not going into very much detail on them.

Belle (at least I think it was Belle) asks Lexie if she is sure that Claire isn’t in pain. When Lexie says no Belle says that is why we’re going to keep her on life support – she is going to take her miracle. Lexie says at this stage she needs a miracle. Shawn and Mimi leave the room and they hug. Shawn says there is still hope – Mimi says that both he and Belle really believe that Claire is going to live. Victor wants to talk to Shawn privately. Victor has already told Kate that he is going to tell Shawn the truth because he feels that Shawn should be able to hold Claire as his daughter and say goodbye to her knowing he is her father. Kate thinks that Philip would be devastated. Interesting observation from Victor. His response is that Philip is strong – he can handle it whereas Shawn wouldn’t be able to take it if he found out the truth after Claire died. Victor tells Kate to prepare Philip.

Kate goes into their room to tell Philip that she has some devastating news for him. He says we already know that there is no donor as yet. Belle won’t hear any talk about the possibility of Claire dying … Kate says you two love each other and that love will help you get through anything. Belle agrees and tells her that their love grows stronger every day and that nothing will ever come between them. Kate tries to tell them that Shawn is the father but Philip tells her that they really want to be alone with Claire. She leaves the room.

When Shawn goes to talk to Victor Mimi goes to talk to Bonnie. I’m not going to go into their conversation but I will admit that I liked Bonnie today. I think even Mimi misunderstood Bonnie’s intentions when she started making light of what Mimi’s dad would do to get out of changing diapers. One thing was abundantly clear today – Bonnie loves Mimi and she is happy for her and very proud of her daughter (and I’m not saying proud because she’s engaged to Shawn – she’s proud of the woman that Mimi has become). Mimi just glows when she tells Bonnie that Shawn proposed to her. And yes, Bonnie is completely aware that this is inappropriate time to celebrate.

Victor and Shawn’s conversation is so good. I love how Shawn talks about how he would do anything to help Belle And Philip. He talks about what Belle and Philip are going through – the plans they had for Claire – how they don’t deserve this. He also talks about JT before bringing up the Belle and Philip don’t deserve this stuff. He says with JT they knew there would be challenges so they were prepared but Belle and Philip didn’t do anything to deserve this. Victor comments about how attached Shawn is to Claire. Shawn says he doesn’t know how to explain it but he has a special connection to that girl. She really did it to him. She made him realize how much he would like to have kids. He can’t wait to be a Dad which is why he asked Mimi to marry him. Victor says ‘you what’. Oh my that smile on Shawn’s face and the way he lights up…he answers “I proposed to Mimi. I’m getting married.” Victor asks him if he is sure he wants to do this. He asks him if he is still in love with Belle. Shawn compares his situation to Victor’s with Caroline. A part of him will love Belle just like a part of Victor loves Caroline but just like Victor can’t do anything about it because she’s married to his grandfather the same way Belle is married to Philip. He tells Victor that Mimi is amazing and she’s beautiful and she loves me. (Oh my his voice … gulp). Victor says ‘but do you love her.’ Without any hesitation Shawn says yes I do. She’s good for me. I’m going to have the kind of life I’ve always thought I would have. There’s some point where he mentions that Mimi is there for him… A nurse comes and tells Shawn that this mother called and he is to find Lexie Carver and meet her in the trauma center. Shawn panics and thinks something happened to Bo. Victor tells him not to jump to conclusions.

Shawn rushes to the trauma center. Mimi asks Victor where Shawn is – he tells her. When Bonnie finds out she tells Mimi to go and be with him. Mimi doesn’t want to intrude – Bonnie reminds her that she is his fiancée – she is practically family. Victor finds out Kate hasn’t told Philip the truth. He tells her that he hasn’t told Shawn yet but he still intends to do so.

Max/Bo/Chelsea: It’s getting really late and I have to get this posted so again not much detail. Max sees how Chelsea plays Bo and even comments to himself that Chelsea dodges another bullet. Chelsea is upset about the accident but I think she’s more upset at the fact that if the accident gets reported she could lose her license for good. She thinks the cops are coming but it’s only Max with the tow truck. Chelsea stops Bo from calling Hope to pick them up. She doesn’t want Hope to know because she hates her enough already. Bo says she doesn’t hate you and I don’t lie to my wife. Chelsea asks him if he told Hope about signing the permit for a temporary license for her and about giving her the car. Bo says he hasn’t had time … Chelsea says not saying anything isn’t lying. Bo agrees that because of all the stress that Hope is under he doesn’t need to burden her with this. Bo tells Max that Chelsea hit something lost control of the vehicle and hit the curb – he feels that the front end needs an alignment. Max notices the broken headlight and says that Bo has an insurance claim.

Chelsea freaks – she doesn’t want a claim filed because a police report needs to be filed. Max figures that Bo, Shawn and himself can fix it and it will cost less than the increase in the premiums. I think what bothered me most is Chelsea lying more than once swearing that she wasn’t doing anything wrong and that she doesn’t know what happened. Bo is telling this to Max and Chelsea is flashing back to digging in her purse for her cell phone when she hits ‘something’. Bo insists that she continue her driving lessons.

Hope and Zach: JJ is putting up clips of these scenes so I’m not going to talk about them. I will say that Kristian Alfonso blew these scenes out of the water! This is how a caring, loving, completely heart-broken, scared to death mother should act. She had me in tears in her opening scene. Oh gosh, when Zach whimpers… I think my heart was in my throat. The way she talks to him and tries to be so strong and loving for him will break your heart. The way she tries to comfort him when you can say she’s so close to losing it herself – amazing. The way she refused to listen to those cops about waiting for an ambulance telling them that she wasn’t going to let her son die lying in the street while waiting for someone to show up.

Trauma center: Lexie is there working on Alex. Shawn comes in and is clearly panicked. He asks the nurses where his mother is – they don’t know. They tell him that Lexie is in with a patient. Mimi comes and asks him what is wrong. Shawn says that no one knows… Hope comes in caring Zach. Oh my … the nurses bring a gurney but Hope doesn’t want to let Zach goes. She cries saying he’s scared – he needs me. The nurses get him on a gurney and Shawn holds her back. Shawn looks like he is in shock.

Previews: Lois to Marlena – If he recovers and you welcome him back with open arms it will only be a matter of time before he kills you. Bo to Hope – Whoever did this to our little boy, we’ll find him. Shawn holding Mimi – What kind of person would hit a little kid and just keep driving (Shawn is angry) - we see Chelsea’s face on the screen. Sami to Austin – So you think things will work out with you and Carrie. Austin – Yeah. Lucas to Carrie – It looks like you and Austin have a future together. Carrie – Yes.


Thursday Jan 5

Pat's Spoilers

I don’t honestly know where to start with this show. Kristian, Jason and Peter … incredible. There are truly no words when it comes to Kristian’s performance – it will bring you to tears. You need to watch the scenes to get the full impact of them. Writing about it isn’t going to do them any justice but I’ll try to give a brief summary of the show.

Sami’s New Years Eve party continues. Austin and Carrie are having a good time. Austin says this is one of Sami’s better parties. Carrie tells Sami she is starting the New Year on a good note. Sami is happy that Austin and Carrie are getting back together. She even offers Carrie one of her wedding dresses. Austin tells Carrie that she has a closet full of them – enough to open a store. Carrie says they are not ready for a wedding. Eugenia and Lucas are watching and listening. Eugenia wants to know if the Samster is up to something. Lucas doesn’t doubt it for a second. Eugenia asks Lucas if he thinks that Sami knows that Carrie is the CEO of Highstyle. Lucas doesn’t think so - if Nicole and Austin don’t know there isn’t any way Sami could know.

Carrie asks Sami if she really means it when she says she is happy for her and Austin. Sami says yes. She loves Carrie. She has learned from her mistakes. They’ve all matured. She admits that Austin has really helped to be a better person. When she gets an evil thought, he’s right there to put an end to it. Austin says it’s time to put an end to the party. He has a very busy day tomorrow. (I still don’t know how they can close a deal on New Years Day). Eugenia tells Lucas that once Carrie finds out Austin stole her company they won’t be having a future together. Carrie asks if that is why Nicole left the party so abruptly. Austin says our moneyman is in California and it’s not that late there. Carrie asks for the name of the company he is acquiring. He says it’s small and you probably will have never heard of it … Sami steps in and says it’s getting late. She also feels that they shouldn’t discuss business at a party especially in front of the competition. The party breaks up. Austin and Carrie kiss. Sami wishes Lucas a Happy New Year. Lucas wishes her one as well.

Sami and Austin talk … Sami brings up a shared Will memory and says she misses her little boy. Austin says he misses those times as well. She asks him if he thinks he and Carrie have a future. He says yes. They go to talk about the acquisition. Sami makes sure she lets Austin know that the CEO will probably hate him. He agrees. (There is a lot more to this conversation but it’s basically Sami gloating over the fact that Austin and Carrie will split because of this). And Lucas does the same except he makes sure to tell Carrie how ruthless Austin is since he hooked up with Nicole. Carrie says that doesn’t sound like Austin. Lucas says that Austin would step over anyone to get ahead – he’s all about money and power. Carrie says she thinks people are more important.

John/Marlena/Alex/Lois – I’m just not going to write up these scenes. They are just too ridiculous for words. Someone please tell me why John isn’t at police headquarters giving a statement. I do not like a lot about Marlena these days but I did like how she threw up the fact that Alex never once said John was dangerous yet John worked for Stefano DiMera.

The hit and run investigation: Okay – I think the Salem PD needs to send out rookies to investigate all their crimes – they have this crime all but solved. They sent impressions of the skid marks to the lab and the lab is running a comparison to see what type of vehicle the tires belong too. One cop goes to canvas the neighbourhood, the other stays to investigate the crime scene. He finds paint chips on the curb plus some of the pieces of a broken light. The other cop comes back and says someone saw a tow truck from Max’s garage pick up a car about a block and a half away.

In Claire’s room – The scenes weren’t as bad as I was expecting. Maybe it’s just the way Caroline says the prayer – her tone and inflections in her voice – I was more bothered reading about it than I was when watching it. Belle is a lot calmer today and except for one short moment where she sounded a touch harsh when talking to Philip she actually leaned on Philip and let him lean on her. At one point she actually says to Philip, ‘she’s not going to get a transplant, is she?’ I’m also very grateful that not once did the scenes cut from Claire’s room to the trauma center. I also liked that today they had Belle say they don’t really need a miracle, she needs a liver transplant and organ transplants are common nowadays. People that get organ donations can live a normal life. After Caroline’s prayer Belle is crying and says it doesn’t feel right to pray for someone to die. Alice says they are not praying for death but for life. Belle asks Philip if she should go check in with Lexie and he says no, Claire is at the top of the transplant list, if there is any news she will come to us. Belle wishes that Shawn and Mimi would get back – she doesn’t want to miss the chance to say goodbye to their goddaughter.

Max’s Garage: I’m running short on time so here’s a quick summary of what went on there. Max gives Bo a rundown of the damage. Chelsea is grateful that Bo didn’t tell anyone. He says no one else was involved in the accident – no one was hurt so there’s nothing to report. She asks him not to tell Hope. He tells her that he won’t say anything but if it comes up in conversation he will tell her the truth. Truth and honesty are the cornerstones of their relationship. Max asks him what will happen to that cornerstone if Hope finds out in a few months – Bo tells him to get back to work. Bo then checks his phone and sees that it is turned off. Chelsea said she did that when she thought he was going to report the accident. He sees he has a lot of messages from Hope. He calls her and she tells him to get to the trauma center right now. He asks her what is wrong. She says she doesn’t have time. Lexie comes out, Hope says Lexie is here, and hangs up. Bo tells Max and Chelsea he has to get to the hospital. They all assume it is about Claire. (There had been conversation earlier about what Belle and Philip are going through and Chelsea did exhibit a lot of compassion for them). When Bo leaves Max tells Chelsea that from now on when she’s driving she needs to keep her eyes on the road and her hands on the steering wheel not on her cell phone. Chelsea wants to know how he knew. He says he’s a professional driver – you don’t know what you hit because you weren’t watching the road. She says it was only for two seconds – what could possibly happen. He says a lot but she dismisses that – the road was deserted – no one was on it.

Trauma Centre: Shawn holds Hope back as Zach is wheeled into the exam room. He asks her what happened. She tells him that Zach was at a sleepover at Mrs. Morrison’s and for some reason wandered outside. A car hit him. She has a flashback to finding him on the street. She insists that she has to be with Zach and Shawn follows her. Lexie comes in and is shocked to find that the child involved in the hit and run is Zach. Lexie listens to the nurse tell her what his vitals are. She tells Hope that they will need to do a C.T. Zach appears to have suffered a serious head injury and spinal cord injury. Hope thinks she shouldn’t have moved him. Lexie says she did the right thing by bringing him in. Lexie says she will do everything she can to save him. Hope asks her if she is saying that he could die. Hope says he was awake and talking to her. That has to be a good sign. Lexie says it is. Shawn wants to know why he isn’t talking now. Hope realizes that Bo doesn’t know. (All this time Mimi is by Shawn’s side crying softly. He has one arm wrapped around her, she has one arm around him, and his other hand is clasped in hers). Shawn offers to call him but Hope says she should be the one to tell him. Zach’s blood pressure drops, an alarm sounds and Lexie says ‘oh no.’

Hope is back. Lexie tells her that the CT scan shows that there is bleeding in the brain. He needs surgery to relieve the pressure. She asks Hope to sign the consent forms. Poor Hope – she is in tears when she signs the forms. Shawn talks to Mimi about JT and how he didn’t want Zach then he just wanted JT back. He sits down to Zach and says but he got to me. How could I not love him? He tells Zach that when they got him it was like God brought happiness back into their lives. He wants time to be a good big brother. Zach is just getting old enough to take to them movies. They just started playing ball. He tells Zach to fight – he says I can’t lose you, buddy. His scene with Zach had me in tears. So very emotional.

Bo arrives and when he finds out that Zach is hurt he’s almost frantic in his shock. He wants to know how this happened. What was Mary doing? Hope finally breaks down and kind of yells at him to say she doesn’t know. He asks Lexie how bad it is. Sigh … when he talks to his Tiny Man … heartbreaking. Lexie tells him he’s bleeding around the brain and there may be spinal cord damage. Bo wants to know if he could be paralyzed. Lexie says they need to take things one at a time. First they need to get him stabilized. Shawn watches his Dad with Zach and says what kind of bastard could do this. Bo is shocked. He says are you telling me he didn’t stop. Whoever did this to our little, we’ll find them. Shawn asks what kind of person would hit a little kid and just keep driving. Zach’s monitor starts to beep as his blood pressure drops…

Preview: Marlena to Belle – I know I am your mother and you are my daughter. Belle – And you’re here now. Jennifer talking to her reflection in the mirror – You were in that shower with him and you wanted him to kiss you. Frankie hears this. Lois to an unconscious Alex – First I’ll take care of you and then I’ll get Marlena. Hope to Bo – We promised we would see him in the morning. Bo – That’s a promise we’re going to keep.


Friday Jan 6

Janice’s Spoilers

Devereaux Home: Jennifer and Frankie

Frankie braces his crutches against the wall and starts to fold his laundry in the kitchen. He has a flashback to Jennifer insisting that he stay with her to recuperate. Jennifer comes in and wants to know why he is up so late. He tells her that he needed clean clothes. When she tells him that sleeping is still a little tough and she is going to make some cookies for the kids for tomorrow. He says he will help her if he can lick the spoon. She tells him how happy she is that he decided to stay in Salem.

Frankie keeps trying to steal the cookie dough. He tells her that once his leg is healed he’ll leave. She’s decided she doesn’t want him to and likes having him there. He reminds her that she made it very clear before that she wanted him to go. She tells him she’s changed her mind and that he’s been wonderful to her and her children, but she doesn’t want to be dependent. He laughs because it’s the other way around at the moment. The cookies are ready. They reminisce about when he was a kid and Caroline used to make cookies.

Jennifer tells him again that she doesn’t want to be dependent…feels it would mean being unfaithful to Jack. She knows she has to move on. Frankie tells her that he knows that Jack can’t be replaced and that she will never love anyone else the way she loved him. Frankie promises he will be there for her as a friend.

She offers to help him take a shower. Frankie looks shocked but agrees. He has plastic on his waterproof cast and is wrapped in a towel. Jennifer promises not to look…turns on the shower and while Frankie steps in…she looks up at the ceiling and around. He falls…she tries to prop him up…He collapses back against her and somehow they end up in each others arms…up close and personal. He sends her away to dry herself and tells her he can use the wall to hold him up (sigh…I guess that wasn’t an option before?)

In the meantime, Jennifer is back in the bedroom talking angrily to herself in the mirror…wonders what is wrong with her that with her husband barely dead, she would want someone else to kiss her. Frankie eavesdrops.

Hospital: Belle and Marlena

Marlena runs in looking for Alex. She’s told that visiting hours are finished. The nurse rushes off before she can tell her that she is family. Marlena is not a happy camper. Belle sees her and misunderstands, thinking she’s actually there for her. They hug. Belle is crying and very happy that her mom came...she missed her so much. They go in to see Claire. Marlena feels bad for not being there for her daughter…hates to see her go through this, etc...

Belle is by herself now and talking to Claire…about how Marlena/Claire’s grandmother visited and gave her strength and hope...which she will give to her daughter and promises that she will get better.

Salem Hospital: Alex and Lois

In his room, Alex is in critical condition. He has a dream about wacko Lois hurting Marlena and screaming that she can’t have her man. Back in the present, Lois, wearing a doctor’s coat, is watching him with an evil eye and gloating as the machines go berserk. In the dream, it is Alex who helps Marlena against Lois. The nurse comes in and gives him an injection to calm him down, while Lois hides.

Lois goes all evil and decides to give Alex something that will ensure that he never wakes up. We get a flashback of the men in white coats coming to get her after she threatens both Alex and Marlena. Back in the present, she gets the needle ready and murmurs about how she’s going to get them both this time around. She tells him to get ready for his final goodnight. She starts to do the dirty deed but hears Belle and Marlena talking in the hallway and decides to use it on Marlena instead.

Lois creeps up behind Marlena when she is alone again.

The Garage: Max, Chelsea, and Rookie Policemen

While the police snoop around outside, Max is still checking out Bo’s truck. We get a flashback of the accident and then Chelsea wondering what she actually hit. Max thinks it was a big pothole, but she worries it might have been a dog or a cat. He tells her point blank that a dog or cat wouldn’t have survived the impact.

Max’s phone rings…its his mom (Caroline) with news about Zach. Chelsea is upset and wondering if that was why Hope was trying to phone Bo. Max thinks it is because Bo is at the hospital. She wants reassurance that Zach will be okay because she loves the little guy. They hurry to leave for the hospital.

The police look through the window and see Bo’s SUV…go inside…check the license plate and realize it belongs to Bo…match the paint fragments…notice the broken light and tire treads…deduce it is the vehicle that hit Zach Brady. One of them can’t believe that Bo would do it. The other wonders if he just didn’t realize he did it.

Hospital: Hope, Bo, Shawn, Mimi, Lexie, Julie, Doug,Max, Chelsea, and the beautiful Alice

Shawn is beside himself…shocked that this is happening...first Claire and now Zach is fighting for his life. Mimi wants him to trust in god but he blames god for taking his family one by one and says that God isn’t there for them right now. He talks about J.T. Mimi tries to comfort him.

Bo and Hope hold vigil for their tiny man. He tries to comfort her…tells her that Lexie is with Zach, loves him like her own, and will take care of him. Hope can’t understand how someone could just hit him and then drive away. Bo promises to find the monster that did this. She breaks down and tells him that if she hadn’t found Zach that he could still be lying there all by himself alone. Bo holds her as she cries.

Zach is in the operating room. While surgeons try to save him, Lexie tells an unconscious Max that he will get through this...it isn’t his time to go...he has a full lifetime ahead of him and mommy’s going to...er...Lexie is going to make sure he lives it. One of the surgeon’s asks if she is all right. She tells him wearily that she is.

Shawn is very angry (sigh…Jason is breaking my heart with his performance, as are all of them). Mimi is there for him but he refuses to calm down. Shawn tells Mimi that he doesn’t need to go outside...the only thing he needs is for God to leave them the hell alone and for Zach to be okay. She tries to reason with him and thinks maybe they should go to the chapel. Shawn angrily nixes both suggestions. He doesn’t buy that praying will make everything okay. He walks off with her calling after him.

Bo decides to call work to see if they have any leads. Hope cries all over again…she was angry with Zach that morning because he left a few stupid toys in the kitchen and wonders if that is what he is remembering now. She tells Bo that they promised they would see him in the morning. Bo tells her that they both will keep that promise.

Hope flashes back to the Santa Claus scenes…very heartbreaking… Doug and Julie come in and Hope runs into her father’s arms. Julie hugs Bo and asks how Zach is doing. He tells her that he’s still in surgery. She asks about the driver of the car but he tells her grimly they haven’t found the “bastard” yet but they will. Doug tries to comfort Hope. He reminds her of how much Lexie loves Zach and is sure she won’t give up on him. Hope is just very afraid that Zach is hurt so bad...what if he doesn’t make it. Her father tells her that Zach is feisty just like his parents and isn’t going anywhere. They hug and Hope prays that it is true.

Julie comes up to Shawn and Mimi. She hugs Shawn and asks him how he is doing. He tries to talk and then just walks off too upset. She asks Mimi how he is. Mimi tells her that he isn’t doing well...first Claire and now Zach. She explains about her suggestion to go to the chapel but says that Shawn is so mad at God that she doesn’t know how to get through to him. Julie tells her that sometimes when people they care about are going through bad times and really hurting, as much as you want to help...they just have to work through it themselves. She tells Mimi to make sure she is there when he is ready to talk. Mimi confesses heartbrokenly that it is just so hard to watch the man she loves...the man she is going to marry...suffer like this. Julie looks shocked.

Shawn is waiting for Bo to get off the phone. Bo yells at the person on the other end and orders him/her to find Commander Brady ASAP and tell him to call him at the hospital trauma center NOW!!! He hangs up and tells Shawn that there are no leads yet. Shawn can’t believe this guy will get away with it.

Max and Chelsea rush in and Chelsea runs into her father’s arms. Max puts a comforting arm on Shawn’s shoulders.

Hope tells her dad tearfully that no one seems to be able to tell them how badly Max is injured. Doug is sure they will have an answer soon. Hope goes into the “what ifs.” He tells her that “what ifs” never helped anybody and that they need to wait for facts and try to stay positive. Alice arrives and tells her that Doug is right. Hope runs into her arms and Alice tells her that she has to have hope.

Lexie insists that they have to remove the pressure. The surgeon tries to tell her it’s too late...the CT scan showed too much trauma to the brain. Lexie is crying now and loses it She screams at him that they can’t fail with this patient...he has to live.

Mimi tells Julie that Shawn just asked her to marry him tonight and that was before they heard about Zach. She says: “I love him very much, Mrs. Williams...so much...and he loves me. Julie smiles and thinks this might be just what the family needs...a wedding... something positive...hopeful...to concentrate on. Mimi explains fervently that while both she and Shawn have been through some hard times, Shawn is the best thing that ever happened to her and that’s why she can’t stand to see him hurting like this. Julie tells her that she thinks that’s how you learn to love someone...when their pain hurts more than your own. Mimi just wishes there was some way she could help him. Julie tells her to keep on loving him and hugs her.

Chelsea is crying and talks about how from the moment Zach met her that he accepted her as his big sister. Shawn smiles sadly and says...that’s Zach alright. Bo agrees and calls Zach their tiny man. Chelsea says she would do anything to save Zach. She talks about her parents dying and says it’s not fair. She runs off and Max goes after her.

Hope feels so guilty. She tells them that this wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t set up the sleepover and if she’d kept Zach with her...or even gotten there sooner. She thinks she should have taught him about crossing the street, especially at night. Doug won’t let her blame herself. He wants them all to put their trust in God. Shawn asks them angrily why and says it won’t do them any good...that God doesn’t care about them. Hope turns to him and says that isn’t true.

Back in surgery, Chelsea refuses to listen when the surgeon tells her he will be brain dead and that it’s over...they have done everything possible. She’s crying and doesn’t want to let go. She takes off her bloodstained gloves and when he offers to tell the Bradys, she insists on doing it herself. He smiles kindly at her.

Shawn wants Hope to explain to him how God gives a damn about their family. Both Alice and Doug are shocked. He apologizes to his Gran. Hope tries to reason with him. She tells him that she doesn’t know why God does what he does but she does know that when things are at their darkest, they always have their family. He cries that it isn’t fair. She agrees and says maybe they are being tested, but all they can do is live their lives the best they can and that mean’s doing what his grandfather and grandmother said...focusing all of their energy in prayers towards Zach. She has seen first hand the kind of power he has. Alice says amen.

Bo walks up behind Hope and hugs her against him. He turns white as he sees Lexie approach. She doesn’t say a word. Hope breaks down, completely hysterical and cries out No...No...No... She starts to scream uncontrollably. Lexie cries.


Frankie is watching Jack’s video about how he promised...and that Jennifer once loved him and Jack knows that she can again.

Mimi tells Shawn that they will catch the person and put them in jail. Shawn yells NO and that he is going to get his hands on them and swears they are dead! Chelsea cries in the background.

Lois is hovering over Marlena. John appears and asks her what she is doing.

Hope is crying and tells them that they are not turning off the machines. They are not taking her son away from her.


Monday Jan 9

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m not going into detail in this report therefore it will be short. There is nothing that I can say that could adequately convey the powerfully charged emotions of the scenes in the trauma center and chapel. They have to be watched … they deserve to be watched. Jason, Peter, Kristian and Renee … they give us their all … amazing.

At Jen’s: I actually thought their scenes were well done and heartfelt. Frankie knocks on Jen’s bedroom door and asks to talk to her. He tells her that what happened is his fault. He thinks he should move back to D.C. Jen tells him that she doesn’t want him to go. Jen takes all the blame. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. Frankie is honest with her. He tells her that he wanted to kiss her but he promised her that he would be there as her friend and he means that – only as a friend. Jen feels that she has ruined everything. Frankie says she hasn’t ruined anything. It was just an extremely awkward moment but they are always going to be friends – that won’t change. Jen hopes that doesn’t change and asks him if he is going to stay. He says if that is what she wants. She tells him it is but when it comes to any more showers, he’s on his own. Frankie laughs and agrees. Her phone rings. It’s Maggie. She tells Jen that Zach was in an accident and she asks Jen to come and join the family at the Trauma Center. Jen can tell Maggie is very upset – she says Zach is going to be alright isn’t he. Maggie just tells her that she should come because Hope is going to need her. Frankie stays behind to look after Jack Jr. He finds a DVD from Jack inside an envelope that was in the bottom of his bag of packed clothes. He watches it. It’s very good – I won’t go into word for word. He asks Frankie to keep the promise he made. He knows that Jen won’t make it easy for him but he doesn’t want him to give up. He also tells Frankie that when he thinks the time is right he should let Jen see this. He then talks to Jen and tells her that falling in love again is not a betrayal. There’s more … it’s well done.

Marlena/John/Lois: I’m not going to waste my time writing up this stuff. I just wish Marlena would at least acknowledge she has other children besides Belle – it might be easier to buy her concern for Belle and her feelings of compassion when she hears about Zach. I’m a huge fan of Drake’s and John’s – but I’m not happy with the way he broke the news of Zach’s death to Marlena. He says it in the same tone he used when talking about shooting Alex dead. Excuse me John but at one time you thought Zach was your son. And John’s total tunnel vision isn’t allowing him to see the real threat to Marlena. It just amazes me that Lois can walk around the hospital in a lab coat with a hypodermic needle held in plain sight raised in her hand and no one sees her or questions her … yeah, right.

Trauma Centre: It was great to see all the family there … Mickey, Maggie, Alice (only for a very short time), Doug, Julie, Shawn, Caroline, Victor, Abe, Celeste, Max, Abby and then later Jen. There are so many little scenes going on it’s hard to keep everything straight so I’m going to just give snippets of each.

Hope is saying No, No, No … Lexie is crying. Bo tells Lexie to just say it. Lexie starts to say I’m sorry to tell you … Hope cries out … Shawn storms out and Mimi goes after him. Everyone else reaches for the person next to them for comfort. Hope wants to know where Zach is – she wants to see him. Lexie says they are moving him from the O.R. she’ll take them to him when he’s in a room. Hope turns to Bo and says that she wants him to find out who murdered their son. Abe is there and says that they will. Abe hugs Bo and Hope. Celeste comforts Lexie who is crying. Lexie wishes that she could have done more. She tried so hard to save Zach. She is taking the blame. Abe comes to her and tells her that she did everything she could. They hug and comfort each other.

Doug, Julie, Mickey, Maggie – They talk about how much they enjoyed babysitting Zach. They said he was such a good boy and never gave them a minute of trouble. Julie talks about the time Zach started a food fight – flashback to that scene in the Brady kitchen. When Jen does arrive it is Maggie that breaks the news to Jen that Zach is brain dead.

The rookie cops stand around drinking coffee waiting for the right time to drop the bombshell. When they hear what Lexie says they comment that the case is now a murder. Abe comes out and asks how the investigation is going. They tell him that they will be making an arrest soon. The one cop doesn’t believe that Bo was driving the car – he doesn’t have any idea it was his vehicle that killed his own son. Victor comes out later and says he is Zach’s grandfather and Bo’s father – anything they need to help … The one cop says – isn’t he going to be surprised.

Victor asks Caroline where Shawn is when he enters. Shawn is with Alice in Lexie’s office. He asks her how she is doing … first she says fine … she starts talking about Claire and now Zach and breaks down. Victor comforts her and Shawn watches as Caroline cries in Victor’s arms. Shawn asks if he is interrupting anything. Caroline says no and she thanks Victor for giving her a shoulder to cry on.

Chelsea tells Max she always wanted a little brother and she finally had one – she doesn’t understand why everyone she cares about leaves her. Max tells her he isn’t going anywhere. She talks about how Zach welcomed her and made her feel like she belonged … made her feel like a part of the Brady family. Max tells her that she is part of the family. Flashback to Zach telling her he loves her. She doesn’t know what to do or say to her father. Max says you don’t have to do or say anything – you’re here and that is what counts. She doesn’t know what to say to Hope – she goes on about Hope doesn’t like her … Max tells her that is not true. Chelsea thinks she should let Billie know – Max thinks that is a good idea.

Shawn storms into the chapel and starts yelling at the crucifix on the altar … he is enraged. He asks God why he let Zach die – they were taught that He was all-powerful … why did he let this happen. He is so furious it looks like he is going to pick up the cross and smash it instead he grabs a candle and throws it and then collapses to the floor crying. Mimi holds him and he holds on to her as he cries. Shawn starts talking. He says there was so many more things that he was supposed to do with Zach, things that he was supposed to teach him. Like how to throw a curve ball, how to skateboard, go fishing and play hockey. Now they’ll never had the chance because some guy or girl ran him down and left him in the street to die. Mimi says the person will be caught and put in jail. Shawn says no – I’ll get my hands on them and I swear they’re dead. Shawn is so angry. She tells him that revenge isn’t the answer – all that anger will eat away at him and it won’t bring Zach back. Shawn says he’ll make it his mission in life to get this guy – he’s not sure the cops will. Mimi says you wouldn’t do that – kill a person – take the law into your own hands? Shawn says in a heartbeat. His family will never be the same. His parents will never be the same. Mimi says what if it was an accident – that they didn’t know they hit him. Shawn says it doesn’t matter. They took Zach’s life and he will take theirs. Mickey enters the chapel and says you will do nothing of the sort Shawn Douglas Brady. Zach wouldn’t approve of this attitude. His parents brought him up not to hate and to forgive. Shawn says no – they have to pay. Mickey says they will – there is a justice system in place to deal with things like this. A system that his parents believe in and are a part of. He understands that Shawn is grieving Zach but he tells him this is not the right way to do it. Hate and vengeance won’t make him feel better and more importantly, it wouldn’t honour the memory of Zach. Right now there is someplace else Shawn needs to be – with his mom and dad. They need him. They all need each other. Shawn says he is right – he should be with his parents. Shawn and Mimi leave the chapel. When they get to the waiting room Jen comforts him. Shawn asks where his Mom and Dad are and he is told cubicle one. Mimi tells him that she will wait for him there.

Lexie takes Bo and Hope to Zach – there are no words. Hope is devastated … Bo is on the edge trying not to break down … Hope talks to Zach … calls her little baby and tells him how much she loves him. She takes his hand and cries … she rests her head on his chest and becomes aware of something … she says Zach is alive. He’s breathing. Lexie tells them that he is not breathing on his own. He’s on life support. Bo asks Lexie how long he can stay this way. Lexie says as his parents that is up to you to decide. Hope says they can leave him and then one day he’ll wake up and he won’t need the machines to help him breathe. Bo asks Lexie if that is possible. She says no. His brain damage is irreversible. He is brain dead. Hope insists that she can hear him breathing. Lexie tells her that’s artificial respiration. Bo tells Hope that he doesn’t want to believe it either but he’s gone. If they shut off the machines he will be gone … Hope cries out that they are not turning off the machines. She won’t let them take her son away from her. She kisses Zach’s hand and repeats that she won’t let them do it. He can’t die. Shawn comes in and says OMG Zach’s alive. Lexie tells him No, he’s on life support. Bo tells Shawn that means they have a very tough decision to make. Hope can’t believe what she is hearing. Bo tells her gently that they have to think about what is right for Zach. Hope cries – how do we say goodbye. She says she can’t say goodbye. Shawn says if there is a chance they have to give it to him. Bo says if he thought there was one chance in a million he would. He asks Lexie if there is. Lexie says there is no chance at all – she’s so sorry. Very powerful ending … Bo and Hope on one side of Zach’s bed and Shawn on the other and Lexie in the foreground with her back to them … oh my, the tears. Bo says, “Zach is gone but he won’t be at peace until we let him go. We have to turn off the life support.”

Previews: Shawn to Mimi – I used to tell him all the time if you want to pitch in the majors you can, buddy. Now we’ll never know. Philip to Belle – We have to say goodbye to our little girl. Carrie to Austin (who’s talking on his cell) – My God, Austin. I can’t believe it. Bo to Hope – We need to know two things. Who was driving the car that killed our son and how are they going to be punished (cut to Max hugging Chelsea).


Tuesday Jan 10

Pat's Spoilers

This is going to be a very quick report. I don’t have much time on the computer tonight. But there is one reason to watch this show … do NOT miss Kristian and Peter’s performances … they had me weeping. Outstanding does not cover it!

Alex/Lois scenes: A waste of time but we do learn that Lois is a former patient of Alex’s. She’s obsessed with him. She gets the impression that Alex is coming out of his coma and she can’t let that happen. She decides to kill him. She talks about it all show and when the show is practically coming to a conclusion she’s about to pull the plug and he grabs her hand trying to stop her. By the end of the show, she still hasn’t pulled the plug – yawn – does anyone really care?

Carrie/Austin: Their scenes are very good … nice and romantic. They are so happy. I just wish this albatross wasn’t hanging over their head … it’s so hard to enjoy it when you know it’s going to shatter by next week sigh. But I pushed those thoughts aside and enjoyed the moment. They both end up on the roof because they couldn’t sleep. Austin thinks it was fate that brought them there. He can’t believe she’s not with Mike any longer. She can’t believe that he’s still single – she doesn’t know what the women of New York were thinking. He says it wasn’t the women – it was him. He still loves her – he always has. Carrie feels the same. They kiss … sigh. He is worried about moving too fast – he doesn’t want to lose this. She wonders if they are just seeing what they want to see and if they are really meant to be together. His phone rings … she goes to make a call. He talks to Nicole about feeling bad about blindsiding the CEO of High Style. Carrie comes up behind Austin and says Austin I can’t believe this. She found a piece of confetti from a time they shared a romantic evening on the roof near where their initials are carved in the door. She asks Austin if he still feels the same about her as he did that night. He tells her he loves her and never stopped. She says the same for her. She worries about how it will be when she has to go back to L.A. He says they will make it work.

Belle and Philip: I really think the less I say about their scenes the better. Philip tells Belle he needs her to help him make the decision. It’s time – their daughter is suffering. They have to face the fact that she is dying. Belle wants him to have faith for a while longer. She asks him to come with her. They go to the chapel. Belle prays … I’m sorry but the dialogue really bothered me – her husband is kneeling beside her in tears and Belle prays to God and says why are doing this to ME … Why are you taking MY daughter from me … beside you. Claire is the best part of ME … sigh … And then her tone suggests that she is just a little upset with God because she prayed to God on Christmas Eve and He still hasn’t answered her prayer. The baby’s breath … so sad … that she is all smiles talking about an angel took our prayer to God and this is a sign that the prayer will be answered … and then they cut to a devastated Bo and Hope. I really wish they hadn’t done that. The nurse tells them that Dr. Carver wants to see them. They rush back to Claire’s room. Lexie says they have a liver for Claire but she warns them that Claire is not out of danger yet. Her body may reject the liver.

Chelsea/Max: I think Rachel did a very good job today. Her and Max’s scenes were all a set up for when she realizes that she is the one that hit Zach. They overhear the cops telling Abe that they are close to making an arrest and Chelsea is happy. She asks Max what she thinks the person will get. Max says for hitting Zach they could be charged with vehicular homicide – for leaving the scene the charge could be bumped up to murder. Chelsea hopes that the person is locked up for forever. Max tries to get her to go and have some food but she won’t leave. She doesn’t understand why everyone she loves is taken away from her. She loved Zach from the moment she met him.

Abe: Abe questions the cops and tells them he wants them to catch the person that killed his son. He tells them that for a year they raised Zach as their son – they adopted him then they found out that the babies were switched (I don’t think he says exactly that but he gives them his history with Zach). He wants to know what they have found. They tell him they can’t tell him anything about the investigation until they have the person in custody but they do tell him they have solid evidence. Lexie comes out and Abe comforts her as she is waiting for test results. They talk about losing Zach all over again and how this time it is so much worse. When they had to give him up before they were giving him to his biological parents – two good and decent people. They thought they would be able to watch him grow up … be a part of his lives.

Shawn/Mimi: They were very good scenes between them. Shawn’s anger and hurt and his need for revenge are still there simmering beneath the surface but it was his bewilderment and his pain that is front and center today. He loved his little brother and he cannot understand how someone could hit a little kid and then just leave him in the street to die. Mimi brings him coffee but he doesn’t take it, he’s fiddling with the gold chain on his wrist. She asks him what she can do and tells him that she feels useless. He tells her that there isn’t anything she can do … he can’t believe that Zach is dead. Mimi says he’s in heaven. Shawn tells her that he just doesn’t know if he believes any more. He talks about how Zach was just a little kid but when he would tease him, Zach would give it right back to him. He talks about how they just started playing ball together. He told Zach that he if he wanted to be a pitcher in the majors he could be anything he wanted to be. Shawn knows if was a long shot but you never know – then he sadly says – now we will never know. He feels so bad for his parents. He says they wanted another child for so long and although he knows they love the both of them – Zach was their miracle baby. He kind of smiles and adds that Zach never gave them the problems he did. He was hoping that he could help Zach to not make the same mistakes he did. He talks about wanting to make the man or woman who did this to pay. Mimi reminds him of what his Uncle Mickey said about revenge and hatred. Shawn says that his Uncle Mickey is more forgiving than he is. He hates the person that did this. Mimi tells him that hatred will only hurt him in the end. He says hatred is all I have.

Bo and Hope (Jen and Lexie are there for a part of the time) – this episode is the finest work I have ever seen from them. Hope will still not accept that Zach is gone. Bo is standing stoically behind her with his hands on her shoulder. When Lexie says that as difficult as this is some good can come out of it. Bo sounds a little angry when he asks Lexie how there could ever be good from something like this. Lexie brings up organ donation but Hope doesn’t want to hear about … both Lexie and Hope are talking over each other so I didn’t catch all the dialogue. Bo says this isn’t the right time … Lexie insists that this is the only time. Hope says that Lexie has been wrong before – they just need to give Zach time and he’ll wake up – she wants a specialist to see him. Lexie tells them that two specialists have seen Zach and they both came to the same conclusion – he is brain dead. Lexie goes on about how they would be giving the gift of life to another child. She asks them to think about what Belle and Philip are going through. Bo and Hope do feel bad for them. Lexie says there is a chance that Zach’s liver could save Claire. Bo says that if Zach had a chance to save Claire he would do it. Hope goes on to say that Belle loved Zach and Zach loved Belle – they have to do it. Oh goodness, Bo’s voice when he tells Lexie that they are giving her permission to take Zach off of life support and permission to donate his organs will just bring you to tears. At first he can’t get himself to say the words … he really struggles to get them out. Lexie says she will get the paper work started. Lexie and Jen leave Bo and Hope alone to say goodbye to Zach. Oh my, Bo cries … it is so emotional. He calls Zach his Tiny Man and tells him they were honoured to be his parents and to have known him. He tells him he loves him and always will. Hope cries and calls him her baby and tells him he brought so much joy to their lives. Oh my, I’m crying again just typing this up. They hold each other. Bo hopes that some good will come of this – the camera pans to Chelsea. A very moving moment when Lexie brings them the papers to sigh. Hope tries but can’t bring herself to do it – Bo signs them.

Bo and Hope see the two cops. They want to know if a drunk driver hit their son. They say they can rule out a drunk driver. Bo tells them they need to know two things from them, who did this and how are they going to be punished. Bo tells them to keep the person away from him because he will tear that person apart. The rookie cops look at each other, one nods, the other says, ‘we know who did this.’

Preview: Lucas to a very shocked, naked Sami – What are you trying to do, seduce me? You trying to have another another kid with me because the one we have hates you? Belle to Philip and Lexie – I can’t do this. I can’t. Lexie – Are you saying you don’t want the transplant? Hope screaming at the cops – Who killed my son? Who killed him? Who killed my boy? A shot of Zach’s face … Max asking Chelsea what is wrong …


Wednesday Jan 11

Pat's Spoilers

This has to be another quick report as I’m staying with family so I don’t want to tie up their computer too long. This will be more some of my general impressions than a detailed spoiler.

Sami and Lucas: Sigh – I’m not a prude … but the writhing and the licking of lips while Sami was lying in bed dreaming of Austin and Lucas of Carrie did nothing for me. Sami wants Austing now – gets out of bed and ends up in Lucas’ apartment in his bed. When she crawls in she is wearing her nightie … they start kissing. When they wake up – they are both naked. Lucas scrambles out of bed wrapping a blanket around himself… He freaks out and asks her what she is doing in his bed. She says she is in her bed and then realizes she isn’t. He must have drugged her because she would never willingly get into bed with him. She thought her tea tasted funny. Lucas says he doesn’t have to resort to rape to get a girl into bed with him – besides she’s the one that has used drugs. More insults fly back and forth. Lucas wants to know if she was trying to trick him into giving her another baby because they one they have hates her so much. Sami tells him that before she ended up here she was in her bed dreaming about Austin. He says the guy who left you at that altar how many times – are you going back for more. She tells him she heard him say Carrie’s name – he’s the loser. Carrie will never love him, she has always loved Austin. Lucas figures because she left Austin for Mike that isn’t necessarily true. Sami reminds him that Carrie and Austin are back on that road together. Lucas goes on to tell Sami that every man that has fallen in love with her ends up regretting it. She asks him if he does. He doesn’t answer – so she takes his non response as an answer. She asks him who he dreams about when he’s alone in his bed – does he dream about Carrie, the woman he can’t have or her – the woman he loved and threw away. Lucas tells her to stop getting him to try and say that he still loves her and wants her. She thinks he still does… they are very close and the chemistry is building … before you know it they are on the bed kissing …

Hospital: Kristian … there are no words … her performance had me in tears … her pain … I could feel it … Peter – very well done … and I have to say that Rachel really impressed me. This young woman has been given a very difficult storyline and she is playing it to perfection. My goodness when the possibility of it being her first crosses her mind … her actions were perfect.

Victor/Kate: Victor tells Kate that a donor has been found for Claire. She is thrilled – she was preparing herself to have to say goodbye. He then tells her that his grandchild Zach was killed in an automobile accident, a hit and run, and it his liver that will save Claire. Victor is upset that Shawn has had to say goodbye to two brothers. Kate doesn’t want Victor telling Shawn the truth – Philip is his son, his happiness comes first. Victor says that he doesn’t know how much more that family should have to take. He doesn’t think it’s right that Shawn doesn’t know that it is his own daughter’s life that is being saved. He also thinks that it might be of some comfort for Bo and Hope to know they have a granddaughter and that Zach is the reason she is alive. A part of him will live on in her. Kate makes it clear that she will let no one destroy Philip’s happiness. They watch the activity in Claire’s room. Kate says if Claire doesn’t survive the surgery who her father is won’t really matter. Victor says Claire could be the reason Shawn and Belle get back together.

Chelsea and Max: Chelsea is very distraught. She talks about how Zach wanted to play Go Fish and she told him later – now there will never be a later. She doesn’t know what she had to do that was so important that she couldn’t take the time to play with him. Max goes on and on about how a hit and run driver is the worse … not even bothering to check if the person they hit was okay or not. They end up talking about how a vehicle could be a deadly weapon if you’re not paying attention. Chelsea looks at her cell phone and wonders … she asks Max if Zach got hit in front of his house. He says no he was at a sleepover at his friend’s place. She asks him where his friend lives. He tells her and she realizes she was on that street. She asks herself if she could have been the one to hit Zach. She asks Max what is going to happen to the driver. He says he will go to jail for a long long time – it’s vehicular homicide – murder.

Mimi and Shawn are hugging. Shawn knows that Zach is gone but he just can’t wrap his head around it. It doesn’t seem real. Jen comes and tells that maybe she can tell him something to make him feel better. Shawn doesn’t see how that is possible when his brother just died. She tells him that Zach is a match for Claire – he can be the liver donor. Shawn smiles – he is so happy – he says Belle got her miracle that she was praying so hard for … Zach is going to save our baby. Mimi looks at him strangely … Shawn says he loves Claire as if she was his own. At least some good is coming out of this. Shawn makes it clear that he is happy Claire is going to live but that doesn’t change the fact that someone ran Zach over and killed him. He doesn’t know how or if he can ever accept that he is gone. He wonders what it will be like to go to his parent’s house knowing that he won’t see Zach again. Mimi tells him not to think about that now – just focus on the fact that Claire may get better. Jen tells Mimi that is good advice – they have to be here for each other. When one person is down someone is there to lift their spirits. Jen believes that each of us are here for a short time and that we are meant to help each other. Shawn wonders if Belle and Philip know it is Zach that will be the donor – Belle loves that boy – she won’t want to do it. He leaves and Mimi goes with him.

The conversation in Claire’s room – I’m not going to get into in much detail. I will say this much – Jason did a great job of showing us how much Shawn cares for Claire – this is not about Shawn and Belle. A couple of things bothered me about the scenes … how Belle’s dialogue is always about her … like why would she say “I” can’t let them cut up Zach… Huh – you? I can’t do this to Shawn – this was his brother and I loved him. I also don’t understand Shawn’s statement to Belle – Zach was worried about Claire and he would want to help her … again, how does Zach even know Claire – they were never in the same room together. Renee did another great job … when she talks about bringing Zach home from the hospital … being there for his first steps …Abe feeding him his first solid food. … I guess I didn’t like how Lexie and Philip talked to Belle and told her what would happen if she didn’t agree to the transplant – that Claire would die … but the minute Shawn comes in … it’s into his arms … sigh. At least they did have her tell him she was sorry. I’m sorry too – I’m sorry that the TPTB thought it was more important for Shawn to absolve Belle of her feelings of guilt than allowing him a chance to say goodbye to his brother. That was wrong…very wrong. Belle feels guilty – she didn’t mean for Zach to die in order for Claire to live. Shawn tells her that her Miracle and the organ donation are two different things. He tells them the same thing Jen said – they should help each other. He says it would mean a lot to him and to his parents if they allow Zach to help save her life (not his exact words – but that’s the gist of it). He says he would be saying the same thing if it was some other child as well – not just because it’s Claire She signs the paper. When Claire is being taken to surgery Shawn and Mimi are together … and Belle and Philip. Belle tells Philip that Claire is going to make it and they are going to live a happy life together.

Bo and Hope: I really don’t have any words to convey the depth of emotion that Kristian conveyed today. Hope’s absolute anguish at having to say goodbye was gut-wrenching. She can’t say goodbye … she just can’t. The cops are about to tell them whose vehicle was involved when the nurse comes and tells them that the O.R. is ready… every minute is critical. Bo asks them to give them some time alone with Zach. Hope can’t accept that he’s gone. Bo says he wishes that it could be different – he would die for him if he could – but he can’t. He wishes he could bring him back but he can’t. Bo’s goodbye is so sad. He kisses him and tells him how much he loves him. He was so honoured to be his Dad. He had so many plans for him as he grew up. He could have been anything he wanted to be. He tells him he is so proud of him and that he will miss him always. Hope tells Bo she can’t. He tells her to tell him what is in her heart. She kisses Zach’s forehead. She tells him that he is her heart. She is crying so hard when she’s talking to him that you have to listen carefully. When she says you waited every night to see who would tuck you in – she talks about how he hugged her so hard … about the kisses … and the I love you … The nurse comes in again but Hope is just devastated so they leave them alone. Hope breaks down … she begs Zach to come back to them. Bo is holding on to her for dear life. He tells her they need to let him go so that he can possibly save Claire. Hope takes Zach’s hand in hers and Bo places his hand on top of hers. Hope can’t let go … such a powerful scene when Bo pulls her hand off of Zach’s and helps are out of the cubicle. Her pain turns to anger and she runs out screaming at the cops – she wants to know who killed her son. Bo says he’ll talk to them … Jen takes Hope away. The cops tell Bo the street, that the vehicle was towed to Max’s Garage – Bo immediately knows. He thinks they made rookie mistakes – the cops tell him they went by the book. Hope comes back – she wants to know. She sees one of the cops looking at Bo and says that she doesn’t need Bo’s permission to find out who killed her son. The cop looks at Bo and says I think you already know. It was your car that killed your son.

Previews: Sami to Lucas – Having me in your bed, kissing me. You regret breaking up with me, don’t you? Max to Chelsea – You are the driver that killed Zach. Bonnie to Mimi – Leaving the two of them together like that – are you trying to lose Shawn? (Shawn and Belle are hugging). Hope to Bo – You tell me the truth. You tell me you had nothing to do with it. Tell me you aren’t responsible. I want to hear it from you.


Thursday Jan 12

Pat's Spoilers

Another quick report and short report tonight. Sorry, as I said my time on the computer is limited because I’m not at home.

Sami and Lucas: Great scenes with them in bed together to start with – unfortunately it’s just a fantasy on both their parts. They are both still in love with each other but are more concerned about finding new ways to hurt each other than to admit it. Sami says she knows he regrets breaking up with her – she can tell by the way he’s looking at her. He says the same about her. They both deny it. You’re the last person I want to be with … yada, yada, yada. He reminds her that she was the one that crawled into his bed. She says she was sleepwalking and reminds him that he was kissing her and doing a lot more. He says he was sleeping. He asks her why she walked in her sleep all the way to his apartment when Austin was in the bedroom in her apartment. She asks him why he left his door unlocked. He tells her that she is going to end up alone – Austin will never get back together with her. She says she has more of a chance with Austin then he does with Carrie. He tells her to leave. In her room she gloats about Carrie dumping Austin when she finds out he took over her company and she states that she is going to be Mrs. Austin Reed and Lucas is going to be alone and miserable. In his room Lucas gloats as well about the end of Carrie and Austin’s future. He says that he and Carrie are going to be so happy and Austin and Sami are going to end up alone.

The Hospital: The scenes involving Shawn, Mimi, Belle, Philip, and Bonnie – I’m not going into detail on these. Just some general impressions. I will say that except for the very beginning of the show when Philip goes to check on the surgery and Mimi goes to get some water and Shawn and Belle hug … for once they had Belle leaning on Philip. And they acted like a couple in love and happy that their baby was going to pull through. Bonnie – poor Mimi – sigh. I have no qualms with Bonnie for saying that as his fiancé Mimi should be comforting Shawn nor did I have any qualms with her saying that Belle should be leaning on her husband’s shoulders – because that is the truth. When Shawn and Belle are alone at the very beginning she actually acknowledges that his family is suffering … Then they switch to talking about wanting justice for Zach’s death. I don’t like the talk about Zach living on in Claire – I don’t like that they are still calling this a miracle – and actually saying that God answered their prayers – I know they don’t mean it as Zach’s dying was a miracle – but why call it a miracle … and I do believe it was Shawn that said it yet … sigh (I could be wrong). I also have a real problem with all this talk about how much Zach loved Claire (Zach never saw Claire to the best of my knowledge) … Shawn touches Zach’s blanket when he says that Zach wanted to do something to help Claire and now he has. Belle has a bad feeling that something is wrong with Claire. Philip tells her that she was the one that kept saying no negative thoughts. Shawn says nothing can go wrong – some good has to come out of Zach’s death. Claire has a long life ahead of – she has two parents that love her more than anything. Shawn, Philip and Belle are praying in the chapel. Mimi comes in and tells them it will be a while before they get any news. They are sure that Claire will make it. Lexie comes into the chapel later and tells them that the surgery was a success – she’s not out of the woods yet – the next few days are critical. Shawn is certain she will make it.

For all the Shawn and Mimi fans – they did have some good moments today. After being lectured by Bonnie when Mimi returns to Claire’s room she asks Shawn how he’s doing and then realizes that probably wasn’t a good question. She tells him that she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her that her just being there means so much … they hug. The second time she returns to the room after listening to Bonnie dispense meaningless advice Shawn asks her if she is ok. She is surprised that he is concerned about her – she says Am I ok … Shawn – then hugs him. She tells him that she knows it will be hard but he and his parents will get through this. Shawn tells her that when she says it he almost believes it. In the chapel – Mimi tells him that she is happy to see him there. He says it helps and then says Zach is in a better place – you believe that don’t you. Mimi does. She says that one day they will see him again in heaven. Shawn hugs her and prays that is true and he asks God to help them find the driver that did this to Zach. I will say that although I didn’t like a lot of Shawn’s dialogue today – Jason did a great job. Shawn had tears shimmering in his eyes in just about every scene. His love for Zach shone through.

Max and Chelsea: Rachel impresses me more and more each day. She is practically jumping out of her skin at the thought that she is the person that hit Zach. Max brings her hot chocolate and she snaps at him. She tells Max it is her fault that Zach is gone. He asks her why she thinks that. She says she hit something tonight … he thinks it’s coincidence until she tells him that she heard the cops tell Bo they have evidence that it was his SUV that hit Zach. Max is stunned. She tells him it was an accident. He knows that to be true. She says she only took her eyes off the road for one second. Max says that is all it takes. She is close to losing it. She can’t imagine what Bo and Hope are going to say – Bo will disown her. Max says that is the least of her problems – she could to jail. She should get a lawyer. She wants to run away. He says she can’t do that.

There are a couple of nice but short scenes between Lexie and Abe. He asks her if she is sure that she can do the surgery. She says yes. She wants to make sure it’s done carefully and with love. They talk about “Isaac” and then finding out he was really Bo and Hope’s son. How difficult it was to lose him but at least they could still be a part of their lives. After Claire’s surgery they talk briefly but just about the surgery.

The cops accuse Bo of being the person that killed Zach. Both Bo and Hope are upset. Bo thinks they made a mistake – instead of putting rookies on the case, it should have been veterans. Hope knows that Bo would never hurt one of his children and he would never leave the scene of an accident. The cops insist that they have solid proof that it was his SUV. Hope says that only her and Bo ever drive that car. Bo has a flashback of giving the vehicle to Chelsea. Bo grabs the evidence they have – it’s conclusive – his vehicle. Hope sees this and gets very upset. She tells Bo to tell them that he didn’t do this. Jen pulls Hope away and tells her to let Bo deal with this. He tells the cops that he wasn’t driving. They ask him who was – he doesn’t answer. He tells them he needs some time with his wife. He asks Jen to take Hope out for some air.

Bo talks to Abe. Abe wants to know why the cops are still at the hospital and not out there following up on leads. Bo says that is because they think they know who their perp is, me. They have evidence that my SUV hit Zach. He tells Abe that he wasn’t driving. Abe asks if the vehicle was stolen. Bo says no. Abe says he’s not making any sense. Bo says he has to find out what happened before saying anything. Abe tells him it is fine to put off making a statement but he has to be honest with Hope. Hope and Jen walk up at just that moment and Hope wants to know what they are talking about. When she doesn’t get an immediate answer she ties into Bo – wanting him to tell her that he wasn’t the one that killed Zach – that he isn’t responsible. She wants the truth. Bo tells her that she has to calm down. Hope yells at him – her baby is dead. The baby that she carried inside her for nine months. Don’t tell her to calm down. Bo says I told you I would never hurt their children. Hope collapses against him and hugs him saying she knows. She asks him why their baby had to die. He tells her he doesn’t know. Lexie comes with a sedative. Jen takes Hope to lie down … very emotional scene with Jen and Hope.

The cops are getting restless. They want Bo to give a statement. Abe intervenes as Bo goes to confront Chelsea. The cops tell Abe that he isn’t the commander any longer and if Bo doesn’t tell them who was driving the car they will charge him with obstruction of justice.

Bo goes to Max and Chelsea and tells Max he wants to speak to his daughter alone. Bo says you said you hit something with my truck. Was it? He yells – Did you kill my son?

Previews: Hope – Zach … please don’t take him from me. Bo to Chelsea – You hit my son. You killed Zach. John to Abe (in Alex’s room) – My main concern is Marlena. Now that I know that she is safe … Alex (thinking) – Safe, she’s not safe at all.

Lois to Marlena (sleeping?) - Now look what you’ve done. You’re going to pay for this.


Friday Jan 13

Pat's Spoilers

Oh my – if anything watch the show for Peter’s performance … he captures the emotions perfectly – anger, shock, guilt, despair and love. Kristian’s performance is very good as well. And again, I have to give credit to Rachel. I should be thinking of her the way I normally do – as a selfish, spoiled brat – instead I’m seeing a scared you girl – scared that she is going to lose the family she just found – scared that she is going to spend the rest of her life in jail – and yet at the same time grieving.

Alex, John, Lois, Abe, Marlena: Not going in to much detail – just some tidbits. John talks to Abe about his cornea transplant. Abe says he spent so much time feeling sorry for himself instead of appreciating what he had – Theo and Lexie. They go into Alex’s room and Lois has to hide. Abe tells him that it was Bo’s SUV that hit Zach. John is surprised. He says that their marriage will take a hit – many couples have a hard time getting through the death of a child. Abe says that Bo told him he wasn’t driving. He thinks Bo knows a lot more but he isn’t saying anything. They talk about Claire. Then Marlena. Anytime John talks about Marlena being safe, Alex reacts and we hear his thoughts. Sigh … Alex calls John an idiot – and I have to agree with them. Lois appears from her hiding spot – John does ask her what she is doing there and how she got in the room but forgets about getting an answer when Lois says she is just making sure that Alex hasn’t come to. She sees his hands moving and suggests to John that he be put in restraints. John thinks that’s a good idea. She asks where Marlena is and John asks her why she wants to know. She says she is worried about her good friend. He says he thinks it would be best if Marlena gets her rest.

After Marlena pays a visit to the only child she deigns to acknowledge she goes to her office to rest. She dreams of Alex – he tells her not to believe John when he tries to tell her that he (Alex) is dangerous. He also tells her that Lois Banks is a psychopath and she can’t let her guard down around her. Lois comes in and is ready to plunge the hypodermic into Marlena when Marlena opens her eyes. She does see Lois. She goes back to sleep. Lois gets ready to use the needle again but Marlena rolls over and knocks the needle out of Lois’ hand – Lois is furious.

Belle, Marlena, Lexie, Shawn: Shawn’s main concern is Claire … that is more than evident throughout the scenes today. Marlena is in the room – didn’t pay any attention to the conversation between her and Belle – sorry. Shawn asks Marlena if she saw Mimi when she came in. She says no. He thought she would be back – she went to the loft to get him a change of clothes. Marlena expresses condolences. Shawn says it just doesn’t seem real. Philip and Victor went to see about getting a new experimental drug for Claire. Lexie comes in to examine the baby and asks them to leave. Talk about Alex … yawn. Marlena leaves. Shawn asks Belle is she is ok … she thinks so … He says that Claire will make it. That girl means the world to him. God wouldn’t be so cruel. Lexie comes out and tells them she has bad news. Claire has a high fever – a sign she could be rejecting the liver transplant. Belle wails. Inside Claire’s room Belle and Shawn talk about Zach … and the blanket – and Zach believing it had magical powers … Zach was strong and healthy and that will help Claire … The door opens and they look up – it’s Zach. He tells Shawn not to be sad – he’s okay.

Carrie and Austin: I enjoyed their scenes today – pretty nonsensical – but a nice relief from the hospital. They are on the pier – they’ve been up all night – gone on a carriage ride. Austin says the news should be breaking soon about the company he acquired. Carrie is happy for him. He says what he’s happy about the most is being back with her. They kiss … sigh. She tells that she is so happy right now … she doesn’t want to jinx anything. She wants to have a life with him. She says she would like to blame Sami for everything that went wrong but she made her own mistakes – the biggest being Mike. Austin says they should put their mistakes in the past. Carrie feels they should learn from them so they don’t repeat them. He has a surprise for her. He blindfolds her and takes her to place where they used to go for lobster rolls. A lot of dialogue and a flashback about lobsters they named Carrie and Austin that they bought and liberated. Carrie thinks Austin the lobster is back without Carrie and they can’t let that happen. They want to buy it but it’s already been sold. Austin pays the guy a lot of money for the lobster and they go and set it free into the river. It thunders and they look up – Austin says he’s not letting her go again.

Bo/Chelsea/Max: Max has a flashback to Chelsea telling him she was the one that hit Zach. The cops have some questions for him. Meantime Bo is confronting Chelsea. He grabs her by the arms and he tells her he wants the truth – he wants to know what happened. She tells him it was too dark to see. He says you killed my son … you killed Zach. Chelsea doesn’t think she could have done it. He says the tire tread marks at the scene match my truck’s perfectly, the pieces of broken parking light match my truck. He’s so upset with himself. He says he should have never signed that temporary license. He sat there and told her a car could be a lethal weapon and then he handed her the keys. He yells at her - My truck is the one that hit Zach and you were driving it. The reality of it hits him – He clutches his head and cries out – What did I do – Zach, I’m so sorry … I’, so sorry. Bo wants to know what happened – was Chelsea speeding – did she take her eyes off the road – because it wasn’t that dark that she couldn’t see a little boy standing on the side of the road. He realizes she took her eyes off the road – he says because you did Zach is dead. Chelsea is crying throughout telling him how sorry she is. She asks him not to hate her. Bo hugs and says he doesn’t hate but right now he can’t look at her. He goes to check on Hope – Jen tells him she just fell asleep. She asks Bo what is going on – does he know who killed Zach. Bo doesn’t answer.

Bo goes back to talk to Chelsea. She tells him again that she is sorry. He says she is reckless and irresponsible – this is a pattern with her – but so is he for giving her the truck. He breaks down and says it is his fault. She tells him it was no one’s fault – it was an accident, a stupid accident. She didn’t mean to hurt Zach – she loved him. He doesn’t know how he is going to tell Hope that his daughter killed their son. He talks about how Zach is the light of her life. Chelsea asks him not to tell Hope. He says he will not make matters worse by lying to his wife. Chelsea tells him that Hope will hate her. She’ll tell the cops that she was the driver and she’ll have to spend the rest of her life in jail. She runs off to Max. She pleads with Max not to turn her in. He says he isn’t going to say anything but he has to go to the garage because the cops are coming to impound Bo’s car.

Jen/Hope: Jen pleads with Hope to close her eyes and go to sleep. Hope says she can’t close her eyes – every time she does she sees Zach lying in the street. She doesn’t understand how this can be happening. How the cops could be saying it was Bo’s truck – he’s such a careful driver – he couldn’t have done it. Hope says she told Shawn to have faith but she isn’t so sure any more. She wonders why God is punishing her – was she too proud … too … Jen stops and tells her that she is not being punished. Hope doesn’t know how she can go on – Zach was her heart. Jen asks her to remember what Gran said – We’re Horton women – we need to be strong and not give in to our sorrow. You need to be strong for Bo and Shawn. Hope finally falls asleep. Bo covers her and tells her (he call her Fancy Face) that he is so sorry. Lexie tells Bo that Hope is exhausted. Tonight has been a nightmare … unfortunately when Hope wakes up she will realize it wasn’t a nightmare but that Zach is really gone. Chelsea talks to Bo again and pleads with him not to tell Hope or the cops. Hope will hate her and she will hate him because she is his child. Freeze frame on Bo’s face…

Previews: Carrie to Lucas – Someone had to steal my company from right under me. I can’t believe someone would do that. Sami to Austin – I think by now everyone should know that you are the one behind this takeover. Shawn to Belle – You had the same dream. Belle – Maybe it wasn’t a dream. Shawn – You and I … Belle – Are meant to be together. Bo to Billie – I know who it was. Billie – Who was it? Billie to the two cops – I know the name of the person that killed Detective Brady’s son. It was me.


Monday Jan 16

Janice’s Spoilers

Note #1: A New Salem Gold Star to Mr. Peter Reckell for his understated and beautifully heartbreaking performance on today’s show.

Note #2: As wrong as it was for tptb to bring back Zach in this way, and as much as I had a hard time with the dialogue, I loved seeing the tiny man again.

Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Nicole

Carrie and Austin return from their date and are standing in the hall. Austin can’t believe he pulled an all-nighter when he is going to be so busy today with the takeover announcement. Carrie praises him and says before long he will be a major player and running on adrenalin. She tells him that she will never forget their carriage ride. F/B to Austin releasing the lobster into freedom. Carrie talks teasingly about how Carrie lobster and Austin lobster can now be together again…lol… Lots of laughter.

Sami is wondering what is going on in the hallway. Lucas is eavesdropping from his apartment as well.

Carrie tells Austin that it will be tough going back to L.A. now. Austin tells her that he has a feeling he will be going there often and may even have to get an apartment. Carrie wants him to stay with her. They both talk about the great time they had and kiss.

Both Sami and Lucas are separately wondering what is going on. Nicole comes in and wants to know what is so interesting. Sami won’t let her open the door. She explains about Austin and Carrie just returning. Nicole says calmly that they will have to do something about that. Sami tells her flippantly that thanks to her (Nicole)they have.

Carrie hears from Austin that he is going to celebrate by taking Nicole and Sami out. He’s hoping to get back early so he and Carrie can have another all-nighter. Carrie tells a surprised but happy Austin that the only one-night they can do is in bed. They kiss again. She tells him that she feels sorry for the person he is going to take down. He promises to give her details when the takeover is complete.

Carrie goes into Lucas’s apartment. Lucas wants to know what happened to her. She explains about being with Austin and how happy they are. Lucas lies through his teeth and tells her he hopes nothing happens to ruin it.

Austin returns to Sami’s apartment and she wants to know about his date. She pretends to be happy for him. Nicole tells him she has to be honest and say that she isn’t happy for him. He gets mad about her butting into his personal life. Nicole gets equally mad about how she has done the bulk of the work on this takeover. He sucks up to her and tells her she will get most of the credit. She tells him she doesn’t want it…that it should be his. Sami agrees and Austin and Nicole look at her sceptically.

Back at Lucas’s apartment, Carrie is talking on the phone to Becky in L.A. Becky explains that she has been trying all night to get hold of her and tells a shocked Carrie that she has heard rumors that someone is trying to do a takeover of the company.

Carrie turns to Lucas and is angry and upset. She can’t believe that someone is trying to steal her company. Lucas goes all sympathetic on her. He brags about how he knew she couldn’t stand to lose her company and that was why he stopped Titan from taking it over. Carrie can’t believe she wasn’t called about it. Lucas goes in for the kill.

Back at Sami’s, Austin is at the computer now and all smiles as Sami and Nicole hover. He tells them that with one click the takeover will be a done deal. He does it and sits back and smiles.

Marlena’s Office: Marlena & Lois (tooooooooo ridiculous!)

Lois is determined to kill Marlena so Alex will turn to her. First she tries to strangle her…then thinking Marlena is unconscious goes over to the desk and picks up a letter opener to finish the job…then Marlena sneaks up behind her and drops a glass bowl over her head. Then they struggle again, ending with Lois attacking Marlena with the letter opener and us seeing blood on Lois’s hands from the action. Finally, we see Lois wheeling a unconscious Marlena in a wheelchair and heading for the stairwell exit.

Hospital: Bo, Billie, and Chelsea

Chelsea comes back to Bo and begs him to stay quiet. Bo turns to her and says he can’t protect her…Hope is his wife and Zach was his son. He won’t lie to Hope. He won’t dishonour his family. He warns Chelsea that the cops know that he knows the truth. Chelsea still doesn’t want Hope to find out.

Billie comes running in and asks Bo about Zach and how he is doing. Bo tells her quietly that his son is dead. Billie is shocked. Chelsea just stares. Billie tells Bo how sorry she is for him and Hope. She talks about how Chelsea must be hurting as well. A tearful Chelsea tells her mom about how much she loved Zach and wanted to be a good sister to him.

Billie tries to comfort Bo…tells him about what a great dad he was to Zach and asks him where Hope is. Bo tells her that Lexie gave Hope a sedative and she is sleeping, but says that when she wakes up things will get a lot worse. Billie wants to know how it happened. He is deadly quiet as he explains and finishes by saying it was a hit and run. Billie is shocked.

Chelsea steps in and tells her it was an accident and makes up excuses for the driver, saying maybe they will never find him. Billie says they have to find him. She asks Bo if the police have any leads. He looks at her and says he knows who did it. She asks and he says it was their daughter and she killed his son.

Billie is shocked again. She asks Chelsea if it’s true…did she hit Zach? Chelsea is a mess and crying again. She tells Billie that yes it’s true…but she didn’t mean to…didn’t know it was Zach. Billie believes her and turns to Bo. She asks him quietly if anyone else knows about it. He explains about Max. She freaks out and tells Bo that they have to fix this and find a way to save their daughter.

While a crying Bo watches from afar, Chelsea is hovering and tells her mom that Bo said he couldn’t help her. She begs Billie to talk to him…doesn’t want to go to prison. Billie promises that everything will be okay and tells her that she is there for her. She walks up to Bo. The cops keep watching the three of them curiously. Billie comiserates with Bo for his loss. Bo is in a lot of pain. Billie plays the Chelsea card…never got to be with her when she was growing up…at least he was there for Zach from the very beginning… yada…yada…grrrr…

A defeated Bo tells Billie that he wonders how well he actually knew Tiny Man. He berates himself for not spending more time with him and his family instead of chasing after clues for Georgia/Chelsea. She goes on about Chelsea again. Bo talks about how Zach was the little peacemaker and loved having a big sister. He can’t believe what has happened and is worried about Hope being beside herself with grief. He blames himself for signing for a temporary license and giving his car to Chelsea. Crying once more, Bo thinks his and Hope’s relationship will never be the same…she will never forgive him and he will never forgive himself. “From now on, no matter what I do, I will always know that I am the reason Zach is dead. I’ll know that she (Hope) feels the same way and will blame me.”

Billie asks about the cops. Bo tells her they are rookies but did everything right. Billie tells him urgently that he can’t implicate their daughter…they have to keep her out of this. Bo still blames himself and says the cops thought he had done it. Billie doesn’t want Chelsea to go to jail and tells him it’s not his fault. He tells her point blank that he can’t cover up a hit and run…she killed his son. He won’t dishonor his family and especially Zach. He leaves to go check on Hope.

The cops are watching Chelsea now. Billie comes back and tells her that Bo won’t lie for her. Chelsea goes into a “poor me” routine about Bo never being there for her and Billie berates her soundly for it. Chelsea apologizes and wonders what Zach must think of her now…she is so ashamed of herself. Billie says the truth will come out. She tells Chelsea that she is proud of her for saying those things about Zach and tells her to come with her. Billie walks up to the rookie cops and tells them that she killed Zach. Chelsea watches in shock.

Hospital: Shawn, Zach, Belle, Nurse

Shawn and Belle are sitting in chairs and sound asleep. The Tiny Man appears and walks up to Shawn, shaking him awake. Shawn looks at him in shock and asks if it is really him. He thinks it’s impossible…a dream. Belle wakes up and is in awe as she says she can see him too. Shawn wonders if this is real and Zach is alive. Zach doesn’t say anything.

Zach looks at Claire and asks how she is. Belle explains about Claire’s fever. He tells Shawn and Belle that she will be okay. Shawn wonders if that is why he is here. Zach tells Shawn that he misses him and tells him that he and Belle are meant to be together. Belle tries to explain to him that she loves Philip and is married to him. Zach tells her that Claire is the baby of the man she loves.

Belle laughs and says again that she loves Philip and he is Claire’s father. She talks to Zach about how she loved to babysit him and how much fun they had…she was hoping that Claire would be able to look up to him as a big brother some day. Shawn tells Zach that being a big brother was the best thing that ever happened to him. Zach smiles sweetly and comfortingly and tells Shawn that he will always be his big brother and that he loves him so much. He tells Shawn not to forget…Claire will be okay…everything will be okay. Zach disappears.

Shawn wakes up and can’t believe Zach was really there. Belle wakes up and he tells her that Claire will be okay. Belle tells him about her weird dream and he is shocked that it matches his own…they both saw Zach. Shawn wonders if it is because he missed him so much and was praying. Belle and he both remember Zach saying they were meant to be together. They both look confused. Claire starts crying.

The nurse tells them that Claire’s fever has broken and she is probably just hungry. Belle hugs Shawn. Both are happy about Claire. Shawn says wonderingly that everything Zach said is coming true. Belle looks at him strangely. Shawn finishes the sentence by saying sheepishly… “almost everything.”


Sami tells Austin that Carrie will be thrilled for him. Austin decides to go tell Carrie right now.

Carrie tells Lucas that she will never forgive them for as long as she lives.

Mimi and Shawn are sitting side by side. She comments on how stange it was that Belle had the same dream. She looks at him curiously when he tells her in a confused voice that Belle and he belong together.

*Note: I watched it again. From the way Shawn is hesitantly explaining it, I think Mimi must have asked him what Zach said and he is just relating that information…a little reluctantly… lol… (I think when the scene airs, we will get more dialogue…jmo).

Bo is sitting next to a sleeping Hope. He asks her sadly how he can tell her that his daughter was the one who hit their son. Bo looks shocked as Hope suddenly opens her eyes.


Tuesday Jan 17

Janice’s Spoilers

The New Salem Gold Star goes to Kristian Alfonso today.

*The Shawn and Mimi scenes were wonderful.

Devereaux House: Jennifer & Frankie

Jennifer walks up to her door. She looks up at the sky with tears in her eyes and tells she didn’t know things could get any worse but she needs him now .more than ever.

Frankie is inside re-watching the DVD from Jack. Jack is telling him to take care of Jennifer…pull out all stops to make her see that there is a life after him...etc… The door opens and Jennifer asks him what he’s watching. We get a Frankie stare.

He says he was going to put on the news to find out about Zach and asks her how Zach is. Jennifer breaks the sad news to him, tells him about Zach’s sleepover and the hit and run, finishing off by telling him about Claire and the liver donation. Frankie is shocked.

Jennifer feels conflicted. She’s happy for Belle and Philip but worried about Bo and Hope losing their sweet baby. She starts crying in earnest. Jennifer explains that Bo is managing to stay strong for Hope, but that Hope had to be sedated. She explains about Bo’s vehicle being implicated in the crime. She can’t understand it and says that Bo and Hope were at the hospital at the time of the accident. Frankie can’t believe it and wonders who was driving Bo’s car.

Frankie offers his help and support to them and to Jennifer. He tells her he’s not going anywhere. They hold each other as they look at the winter wonderland outside their window. Jennifer asks if Jack Jr. was any trouble and wants to hold him in her arms but thinks it will remind her of Zach. Frankie tells her that he just laid him down for a nap. He tells Jennifer that she looks exhausted and offers to make tea. He wants Jennifer to rest. After he’s gone, Jennifer turns on the DVD player and sees Jack’s face. Jennifer is shocked as she listens. Jack is talking about how much he’ll always love her…but wants her to be with Frankie. Frankie comes back and they just look at each other.

Sami’s Apartment: Sami, Austin, and Nicole

Friday’s last scene might never have happened. Nicole is working at the computer and belittles Sami into slave-mode again. She tells her to get them coffee and more coffee because she’s running on empty. Sami gloats to herself about her secret. Austin walks out minus a shirt. He remedies that in two shakes… Sami offers to cater in some donuts, bagels, me…lol…he’s not interested. He wants a status report on the takeover bid. Nicole is confident...no stopping them now.

Nicole offers Austin the place of honor at the keyboard. Austin is still regretting their method of madness. Nicole defends it and wants to toast with champagne. Sami pretends sympathy for all the employees who will lose their jobs. Austin tells her that he’ll probably rehire most of them. Lot’s of gloating and high-fives between Austin and Nicole as he sits down and does the dirty deed…feels bad he couldn’t notify the CEO first. Nicole calls the CEO deadweight. He thinks of Carrie and wants to share his excitement with her. Nicole stops him from going. Sami thinks he can take the time and lays it on thick. He leaves and Nicole looks at Sami suspiciously..

Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas & Carrie, later Austin

An upset Carrie sits at the computer watching her company being destroyed. She can’t believe it is happening. Lucas pretends to care and asks who on earth would do such a thing. Carrie says she knows. She thinks Titan might still be responsible, considering how ruthless Victor can be. Lucas gives the performance of his life and acts highly offended by the suggestion that he might have lied to her. He swears up and down that Titan backed off.

Later she is talking to Becky on the phone and apologizing. Becky is shocked that the company was taken over in less than 30 minutes and says the phone has been ringing off the hook. Carrie feels bad that her staff will have to look for new jobs. Becky tells her about an email she just got telling her to lay off most of the product and marketing personnel. Carrie tells Becky that she’s sorry but there is nothing she can do. She says she will see everyone when she comes to L.A. and is crying and upset as she hangs up.

Lucas hugs her in comfort. She can’t believe how ruthless the takeover was. Lucas calls “them” cowards and back-stabbers. Carrie adds bloodthirsty predators to the descriptors and says she will never forgive them.

Lucas tells her that he will help her investigate the culprits. Just then Austin knocks on the door and Carrie answers it with tears in her eyes. He tells her that the deal was a success and he wants her to help him celebrate. From inside, Lucas smirks.

Hospital: Philip, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Kate

Philip walks into Claire’s room with Mimi and Kate and tells everyone that Victor was successful and one of the best transplant recovery specialists and drug will be available to Claire. Mimi mentions that she brought clothes for everyone and Belle thanks her cheerfully. A happy Belle tells Philip that it isn’t necessary because Claire’s fever has broken. Shawn adds that Zach told them she would be fine and gets some strange looks from everyone.

Philip asks Shawn what he is talking about. Shawn tells them about his dream...knows it sounds crazy but he said that Claire would be okay. Belle explains that she had the same dream at the same time...they were just dozing and he came to tell them the good news...couldn’t believe it. Mimi quietly says that it is amazing. Philip checks on Claire, while Shawn and Belle talk quietly and agree not to tell the rest of the dream…i.e. they belong together… to anyone. Kate eavesdrops and is not a happy camper.

Shawn decides to leave and let Belle and Philip have some time alone with their daughter. Kate thinks that’s a great idea. Mimi offers to go get coffee and Philip offers to go with her. Kate turns him down and offers to go instead. Philip tells Shawn that if there is anything ...anything at all that they can do...Zach saved Claire...and he knows that Shawn is still grieving... Shawn tells him that he just wants them to be happy for Claire and not feel guilty about the transplant.

Mimi and Kate are getting coffee and Miss Kate strikes up a conversation. She tells Mimi that it is great news and a tremendous relief that Claire is going to be alright, but thinks that Mimi is probably still worried about Shawn and Belle. Mimi looks at her exasperatingly and asks dryly why she would be worried about that. She tells Kate that Shawn has been there for Belle as a friend and godparent to Claire. Kate insists that they have grown closer again. Mimi turns the tables on Kate and accuses her of being the one who is concerned because her biggest fear is that Shawn and Belle will get back together and Philip will be left out in the cold. She tells her that it’s not going to happen.

Kate wants to know how Mimi can be so sure. Mimi looks a little uncomfortable but finally tells Kate about her and Shawn’s engagement. She tells her that it was supposed to be a secret but thinks its okay to tell her now. Kate tells her that this is the second best news she’s heard all day.

Outside Claire’s room, Philip and Shawn share a hug (I have to say that I am enjoying their friendship again). Kate watches from inside and then sits down with Belle. She lets Belle know that she overheard her conversation with Shawn. Belle says she doesn’t understand why Zach said what he did. Kate wants her to concentrate of Philip and Claire and Belle agrees (really silly conversation, jmo).

Shawn sits down beside Mimi and asks her how she is doing. She tells him she should be asking him that and wants to know how he is holding up. He tells her he’s been better but just Knowing that Claire is okay makes him happy. Mimi thinks it’s strange that both he and Belle had the same dream. Shawn explains the other part of it. Mimi looks deeply hurt and says quietly that maybe he isn’t meant to be with her. She gets up but Shawn won’t let her go. He tells her that he only told her because he didn’t want any secrets between them. His voice cracks emotionally and he says smiling: “I am madly in love with you. I am crazy about you and that’s why I want to marry you.” Mimi smiles back and tells him she loves him too. They hug and kiss and then go back to see their goddaughter.

Kate watches them come into the room and then blurts out that more than one good thing happened today...Shawn and Mimi are engaged. Shawn looks unhappy. Belle and Philip look a little shocked and uncomfortable. Kate apologizes and covers up for her mistake.

Hospital: Bo, Hope, Billie, Chelsea, and cops

A repeat of the last scene from the last show. Bo is watching a sleeping Hope. He whispers how can he tells her that his daughter is the one that hit their son and that he is the one who gave her the car that killed their little boy. Hope wakes up and murmurs that it isn’t true.

Billie tells the cops that she is absolutely sure of what she is saying and that she is turning herself in. She says she was the driver in the hit and run death of Zach Brady. Chelsea looks on confused and upset. Billie (who doesn’t seem that upset in my opinion) tells them that Zach came out of nowhere and it was an accident. She knows that doesn’t excuse her for leaving the scene of the crime and is ready to take responsibility for what she has done. Chelsea is crying in the background. The cops berate Billie for not stopping and getting help. She tells them she was scared and didn’t know what she had hit.

The cops take her particulars...address...license...insurance information. Chelsea asks Billie why she is doing this. They share a tender scene...grrr...Billie will do anything to protect and love her daughter...yada...yada... Chelsea can’t believe Billie will turn herself in for a crime she didn’t commit and worries about what Bo will do when he finds out she confessed.

Hope is an emotional wreck, sobbing and exhausted. She can’t believe it’s true and wants Bo to tell her that it was a bad dream and that Zach is at home in bed. He tells his Fancy Face how sorry he is.

Billie tells Chelsea that she will worry about Bo. Chelsea thanks her mom. The cops asks Billie if she wants to call a lawyer but she tells them that she is ready to give her statement and make a full confession...doesn’t want a lawyer.

Hope is crying and desperately wants to know who did this. She remembers what the police said and can’t believe that it was Bo’s car....she knows she’s not thinking straight right now but still sure it couldn’t have been his. Bo tries to defend the driver. He tells Hope that whoever did it wasn’t really at fault because they probably didn’t see Zach...it happened late at night and they probably didn’t see what they hit. Hope is frantic with anger. She starts screaming at him and wants to know how he can defend that monster. She demands to know if Bo knows who did this...and when he tries to defend the driver once more, she cuts him off and with tears in her eyes tells him that what they did was hit a child...her little boy.

Hope tells Bo that he is scaring her and begs him to tell her why he is making excuses for the monster that killed their baby. Bo continues to defend the driver and says maybe they didn’t know what they hit...maybe they thought they hit a pothole. Hope is sobbing now and says that their little boy...their living breathing baby...she demands to know how the driver couldn’t know that he/she had hit a child and then just leave him there. She thinks the driver must be heartless and totally selfish and screams at Bo that she wants to know who did this to her baby.

One of the cops comes in and tells them that they have caught the person who killed their son. Bo looks shocked. Hope struggles to get up and goes out into the corridor with Bo and the cop. She demands that the cop point out the driver to her. He points to Billie. Bo is even more shocked. Hope breaks down in tears and says one word...Billie...


Max tells Chelsea that he thinks it would be better if she does the right thing now.

Hope is yelling at Billie. “You killed Zach???”

Carrie tells Sami that she doesn’t know what she can do. Sami tells her she should find the SOB who did this to her and make them pay for ruining her life.

Lois yells at Marlena, saying she took the love of her life and now it’s time for her to pay. Marlena begs her not to kill her.


Wednesday Jan 18

Janice’s Spoilers

***Once again, Kristian gave a gold medal performance!!!

Sami’s Apartment: Austin, Carrie, Sami, and Nicole

Austin is excited. He pours champagne and tells Carrie that he has been waiting so long to celebrate. Carrie tells him she doesn’t understand what happens with a takeover but it sounds ominous. Austin explains that you acquire another company so your business can grow faster. Sami and Nicole come in and Austin and Carrie step aside to talk. Nicole can’t believe that Carrie has forgotten all about Mike Horton. She turns suspiciously to Sami and wants to know what she is up to.

Carrie thinks Austin will be a mogul. He thinks it’s quite a coo and says it will be a great year and he is happy she is with him celebrating. Carrie looks upset and he asks her about it. She tells him she needs his help. He tells her he is there for her.

Sami tap dances and tells Nicole to give up on Austin. Nicole believes that Austin will still fall in love with her. Sami doesn’t think she has a chance and says that Carrie gets every guy she wants.

Carrie asks Austin how she can stop a corporate giant from taking over her little company. He tells her he didn’t realize her company was in trouble. She explains that the company is her whole life...her employees are loyal and more family than some of her own...have families to support. He tells her that she is more concerned about her employees than the company and that she needs a new attitude.

Nicole still doesn’t trust Sami’s attitude. She rags on Sami and says that Austin will fall in love for her. We get a flashback of Austin kissing Nicole quite passionately just before he ditches Sami at their Vegas wedding. Nicole believes that the kiss was the start of something big. Sami tells her that it’s just a fantasy...Austin was on the rebound...and what Carrie and Austin have is the real thing. Nothing will come between them.

Carrie can’t believe Austin’s cold attitude. She tells him she made a mistake coming to him for advice. Austin tells her he wants to help. He thinks she can care but in a different way. He loves how much she cares about everyone but that should be kept to their personal lives and not professional ones. He tells her he knows her so well and that his employees love her, but she has to let go of their perks in order to keep their jobs secure. Carrie is crying and tells him she planned to do just that but now it is too late. Sami wanders over and hugs Carrie, telling her how sorry she is.

Nicole wants to horn in on Austin’s time but he refuses. She tells him its business and Austin relents. Sami asks Carrie what happened. She lays it on pretty thick and wants to know who did it. Carrie says she doesn’t know. Sami goes on about bad business ethics and that whoever it was, wanted to hurt Carrie intentionally. Carrie doesn’t know what she can do. Sami tells her to find the culprit and make them pay. We see a close-up of Austin and Nicole.

Devereaux House: Jennifer & Frankie

Jennifer is very angry. She thought Frankie was her friend and wants to know when he found the DVD and why he didn’t show it to her. He tells her he just found it in his bag last night. He thinks she not really mad at him but at Jack. Jennifer can’t believe that Jack would push her into the arms of another man. Frankie explains that Jack just wanted her and the kids to be safe and taken care of.

Jennifer is even more upset when she finds out that Frankie knew that Jack was dying before she did. He explains that Jack wanted him to be here as a friend and see if maybe the old feelings would come back. Jennifer is shocked and wants to know what else Jack had planned. She wonders what would have happened if she hadn’t found the bottle of pills in Jack’s coat pocket. Frankie thinks that Jack might have kept the news to himself then. Jennifer thinks that Jack never really knew her and can’t believe he would think that she could ever fall in love with someone again.

Frankie defends himself. Jennifer says they are just friends. Frankie admits to wanting to be their for her...was honored that Jack chose him...lays his cards on the table and says he also did this for himself because he does feel something deeper and still loves her.

Hospital: Marlena, Lois, and Alex

Lois has Marlena on the roof of the hospital. She’s decided that Marlena will fall off. More spewing about taking Alex away from her. Marlena begs for her life.

In the meantime, Alex wakes up and wants to get to Marlena. The nurse goes for a doctor.

Outside Hospital: Chelsea & Max

Chelsea goes outside. She mumbles that she did it and should be taking the rap...she is to blame...not her mom...she did it...she killed Zach. Max comes up behind her and says hi kid. She tells him she feels like a kid...she’s a murderer but it was an accident...should have called 911 and then maybe Zach would be okay...should have been more careful...paid more attention...knows it was an accident but it was still her fault. Max tries to comfort her. He starts to say that with a good lawyer she might be able to plead the vehicular homicide charge down. Chelsea cuts him off and says she won’t be charged because Billie is taking the blame. Max looks shocked.

Chelsea doesn’t understand why Billie is doing this for her and why she keeps insisting that she doesn’t want her to go to prison. Max tells her that Billie loves her but doesn’t think the cops will believe her and spouts the lack of evidence. Chelsea is concerned. She makes excuses. He can’t believe she is actually okay with this...wants her to tell the cops the truth. She won’t let him.

Max gets mad and reminds Chelsea that Zach was hit by a car and she did it. He wants to know if Bo is just supposed to lie to Hope about what happened and says she has a right to know the truth. Chelsea is scared and doesn’t want to go to prison for 20 years. She asks him if that is what he wants to happen to her. She plays the family card. He throws it right back at her and tells her she is has played her “real” family like crap since day one. Chelsea can’t believe that he wants her family and everyone to hate her and think she is a selfish little girl who killed Zach. She tries to guilt him. He tells her quietly that he just thinks it would be better for the rest of her life if she did the right thing now.

Chelsea says her mom won’t let her do the right thing. Max can’t believe she is “all of a sudden” calling Billie “mom.” He asks what happened to Billie the “witch.” He tries to get her to act like an adult and take responsibility for what she has done. She tells him she’s too scared and won’t stop Billie if she wants to do this. She leaves and Max calls someone. He tells the person on the other end that Chelsea needs him/her right now.

Inside Hospital: Bo, Hope, Lexie, and Billie

Hope is hysterical with grief. She’s sobbing and screaming at Billie...wants to know what she did. Bo and Lexie want Hope to go and rest. She tells them that closing her eyes won’t get her the answers she needs. She punches Bo in the arm and wants to know why he is trying to get rid of her. Lexie finally helps her to her room. Bo descends on Billie and asks her what the hell she thinks she is doing. She tells him that he can’t talk her out of it...her daughter grew up with a mother...she is going to take the fall and he should start believing that she (Billie) killed Zach.

Hope is lying on the bed with Lexie hovering over her. She really seems close to an emotional breakdown (amazing work by K. Alfonso). She tells Lexie that she doesn’t want to lie down...her baby’s gone...her baby’s dead. She mumbles that Billie said she knew what happened. Lexie tries to calm her and talks about when she and Abe were briefly Zach’s parents. Then she apologizes for dumping her feelings on Hope.

Billie won’t let anyone hurt her daughter. She tells Bo that she won’t let him tell the truth....if he does then her life will be over and he will have two children in this tragedy. He tells her that this isn’t about punishing Chelsea...its about telling the truth...she was driving the car that killed his little boy. Billie says that Chelsea feels terrible about Zach. Bo tells her that won’t bring him back.

He wants to know why Billie is doing this. Billie says she wants to protect her and give her another chance at life. He doesn’t think it will work and tells her why. She counters with alibi after alibi. She is going to say she borrowed the car without his knowledge to run errands...etc... He tells her that Chelsea was driving and she has to go to court. He feels completely responsible for signing the temporary permit and then letting her borrow the car even after he told Hope she wouldn’t get behind a wheel until her lessons were over. He believes that Hope will never forgive him and he will never forgive himself.

Billie tries to tell him he didn’t know what would happen. He brushes it off and says he went against his better judgement and his son paid for it. He doesn’t know how Hope will ever look at him or Chelsea again. Billie pleads her case again.

Lexie leaves Hope to rest but she can’t. She wants to find out who took Zach away from her and pushes herself off the bed.

Bo says that Billie trying to sacrifice her life for Chelsea’s isn’t right. Billie thinks Hope would go easier on Bo if she thinks it was Billie who killed Zach. Bo wonders what lesson it will teach Chelsea if she gets away with murder. Billie doesn’t want Chelsea to get 20 years in prison. He reminds her about the legalities and that he is an officer of the law. Billie won’t listen and tells him that he is going to go in to Hope and tell her that she killed Zach and not Chelsea. All of a sudden Hope appears from behind (having heard the last bit of conversation). She says: “Oh my god! You killed Zach!”


Phillip tells Shawn and Mimi that he hopes that they will wind up as happy as he and Belle are.

Frankie tells Jennifer that a part of him thought they would end up living happily ever after. Jennifer says it can’t...

Bo says that he isn’t protecting Billie, but there is someone else he is protecting. Hope says “Oh my god!” and the camera moves to Chelsea.


Thursday Jan 19

Janice’s Spoilers

The New Salem Gold Star goes once again to Kristian Alfonso!

Honorable mention to: Melissa and Billy as well as Jason and Farah.

Hospital Part 1: Shawn, Mimi, Kate, Philip, Belle

Shawn approaches Mimi outside Claire’s room. She says with a sheepish smile that she guesses their secret is out. He tells her in a sweet way that having Kate announce their engagement wasn’t quite what he had in mind. Mimi feels bad and thinks she shouldn’t have said anything. Shawn eases her mind and tells her it isn’t important...with everything else that is going on, he doesn’t have the energy to worry about it. They are both glad that the news is out. Mimi smiles softly at him and says that she isn’t sure if this will help, but apart from him being the best big brother Zach could have had…and the best godfather to Claire, she knows that he will be the best husband in the world and thinks she is the luckiest person in the world to be marrying him. They smile and hug. (sigh what a sweet moment!)

Back in Claire’s room, Belle is finding it hard to believe that Shawn and Mimi are engaged. (Throughout this scene they are looking out at Mimi and Shawn hugging and kissing). She says she knew they were getting closer but that getting engaged is a pretty big step. Kate thinks it’s wonderful and that they really seem happy and thinks Mimi is not just sweet, but smart and warm. She talks about how she looked forward to having Mimi as a daughter-in-law when she was with Rex (LOL…I must have missed that part!) and is glad that she has found love and happiness. She thinks Mimi is a great influence for Shawn…lays it on thick… Philip agrees wholeheartedly and says they make a great couple and that now that they have made this commitment, things will only get better for them. He turns to get Belle’s agreement and she smiles uncomfortably.

Kate tells Philip that Shawn and Mimi have been wonderful to him and Belle and tells him she has an idea to thank them.

Shawn kisses Mimi and smiles tenderly at her. He says that it’s hard for him to believe that he could be happy after what happened to Zach, but that their being together is the only thing holding him together right now. Mimi tells him she’ll understand if he wants to be with his family right now, but he tells her that his parents need to be alone to deal with Zach’s death. He wants to be around for Philip and Belle and Claire. Mimi remembers that she promised to give Bonnie an update. He tells her to go. She doesn’t want to leave him alone. He smiles lovingly and tells her he’ll be okay...watches as she leaves. He sits down and starts to think about the dream. We get a flashback. Belle chooses that moment to appear and is sure she knows what he is thinking about....Zach and what he said about them.

Philip likes Kate’s plan, and while they watch from inside Claire’s room, Belle sits down and talks to Shawn. Kate decides to tell Mimi on her own and leaves.

Shawn admits that he was thinking about the dream. She thinks because Zach was right about Claire being okay, that maybe the rest of the dream will happen too. Shawn just looks at her.

Mimi finishes talking to Bonnie and finds Kate nipping at her heels. Kate wants to talk…is sorry for opening her mouth about the engagement. Mimi tells her it’s okay and she’s actually glad that everyone knows. Kate asks about Bonnie and Mimi that her mom is excited about it…talks about how her mom won’t be able to afford a great wedding...would get too much in debt. Kate wants to give her a wedding gift. She tells Mimi that her first assignment for Basic Black as a junior executive will be to: Elope with Shawn D.

Shawn just thinks that he and Belle heard what they wanted to hear about Claire. Belle won’t let it go and asks about the rest of the dream. She wonders if he wasn’t with Mimi and she wasn’t with Philip if they would still be together. He tells her it’s complicated… She wants to talk hypothetically. He explains that she was his first love, and a part of him wishes they could be together…but…it doesn’t mean he thinks they should do it. They’ve both moved on and he doesn’t think they should throw it all away because of a dream…just wasn’t meant to be. Belle comments on Shawn’s maturity…starts to talks about the “old Shawn…” He cuts her off and says … “is gone.”

Mimi can’t figure out what Kate is talking about. Kate explains that Basic Black will pay for the wedding and a romantic honeymoon and that Shawn and Mimi can even pick the French Riviera, Switzerland, or even Haiti for the honeymoon. Mimi wants to know what the catch is. Kate pretends innocence. All Mimi has to do is enjoy it and then document it all when she gets back for Salem Style Magazine…lots of Kate gushing a thank you to Mimi for all she has done for Philip, Belle, and Claire. Mimi is excited but says she’ll have to okay it with Shawn and leaves to go find him. Kate watches with a satisfied look on her face.

Shawn tells Belle that he is happy for her and Philip…he doesn’t want to think about the “what ifs and maybe somedays” because after losing Zach and almost Claire...life is too short…he is happy for Belle and Philip and is choosing to move on with his life with Mimi. Belle says all that is left then is to congratulate him and gives him a hug. She wants him to be happy. Mimi stares at them and then approaches. Belle hugs her and says she’s happy for both of them. She wants Mimi to promise that she will by a pretty matron of honor’s dress. Philip walks out and comments on the happy couple. He tells them all that it was only a matte of time before they both found out they were perfect for each other. Shawn and Mimi smile and he continues by saying the only thing he is going to wish them is that they wind up as happy as Belle and he are. LOL…I am going to let you all decide for yourselves, what the look on Belle’s face means (I learned my lesson the hard way last night).

Devereax House: Jennifer & Frankie

Jennifer can’t believe it. Frankie reiterates that he still loves her. He knows she will always love Jack but thought he should be honest about his feelings. Jennifer admits that she thought that might be the case. They talk about his saying that he came back just to get Max settled in. He admits that the real reason was to see her…thought Jack was still dead…found out he wasn’t when he got there…knew he should have gone back to D.C. and on one had was happy for her but on the other hand he was sad for himself. He says he didn’t know Jack was dying but couldn’t refuse his last wishes.

Jennifer admits that she still cares about him but says she will always love Jack. He apologizes but she tells him that his heart was in a good place and that her husband was just trying to do a good thing. They talk about mixed messages and Jennifer feels badly. They talk about the shower and how she wanted him to kiss her…flashback…but she isn’t really ready for that. He thinks he should have listened to her when she told him to go back to D.C. They talk about his broken leg and she thanks him for all the help he has given her.

She asks him about the women in his life. He jokes about it but says he’s crazy about her. He wishes they could live happily ever after but knows it won’t happen. She agrees. Frankie hands her his card…she just needs to call and he’ll come back. She feels sad about losing her best friend. He kisses her on the cheek, says goodbye, grabs his luggage, and leaves.

Jennifer looks at a picture of Jack and starts crying. She can’t understand how Jack could do this to her. Frankie is watching from the window outside. He murmurs that he loves her…always have…and always will. Turning, he leaves.

Hospital Part II: Alex, John, Marlena, and Lois

Just as Alex arrives, Lois tries to push Marlena off the ledge. Alex tries to stop it.

John worries when he doesn’t find Alex in his room…wants the police brought in. He sees the mess in Marlena’s office and gets even more upset. Alex fights with Lois and tries to pull Marlena back up. Lois hits him from behind with a pipe and he goes down. She tries to push Marlena off again. John shows up with a gun. John saves the day…thinks Alex is to blame… Marlena screams that it was Lois who tried to kill her…and so ends the saga of another boring day with this storyline…yada…yada…

Hospital Part III (Inside and Outside): Hope, Bo, Billie, Cops, Max, Abby, and Chelsea

Abby runs up to Max, they hug, and she asks him what is happening with Chelsea. He tells her it’s not good.

Hope is beyond upset (there are just no words to describe her anguish). Bo is holding her shaking body as she screams at Billie that she killed their son. She looks at Billie with anger and sorrow. Billie apologizes. Bo tells her this is wrong. She tries to explain that her car broke down on the way home from her trip...she was late for a date with Patrick and didn’t have time to call a tow truck. She goes on to say she borrowed the SUV… knew where to find Bo’s extra key, etc… She swears up and down that she never saw Zach…it was dark and thought it was a pothole she hit…panicked and just left. Hope is even more upset. She can’t’ believe Billie just ran away and didn’t even go back to see if Zach was alive, didn’t even call 911. Through her tears, she asks her what kind of a monster she is.

Billie says she heard about the accident on the radio and then realized what she had done. She says it took her all this time to come down and tell them the truth Hope angrily demands that the cops arrest Billie. She wants her charged with vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of a crime, and auto theft. She tells she wants the D.A. to know that they expect Billie to be held without bail. Just as the cops start reading Billie her rights, Bo tells them they can’t arrest her. Hope looks at him in shock.

Abby can’t believe that Chelsea killed Zach. He tells her it was an accident but that she is letting Billie take the blame. She tells him that she would never let her own mother do that for her. He wants Abby to help him convince Chelsea to tell the truth.

Hope yells at Bo and asks him if he is insane. She wants to know what is wrong with him. Billie admits that what she did was indefensible. Bo holds Hope back as she screams that if the cops don’t take Billie away, she will kill her herself.

Abby and Max come in and see Chelsea in tears. They pull her away and Abby tries to convince her to tell the truth. Chelsea says that she never asked her mother to do this. She tells her that the longer she keeps lying that the worse it will look. Chelsea finally admits that she was looking for her cell phone. She doesn’t want to go to jail. Max tells her that if she is honest now they might go easier on her. Abby tells her that she can’t ask Bo to lie for her. She reiterates that she never meant to hurt Zach. Abby wants her to tell the truth for Bo, Hope, Zach, and Billie. Chelsea finally agrees but says she has to talk to Bo and Hope in private first.

Bo tries to explain himself to Hope. He tells her he isn’t protecting Billie, but someone else. Chelsea comes walking through the door and Hope looks at her and says oh my god it’s Chelsea. She thinks Bo is trying to protect his daughter from finding out that her mother is a cold-blooded child killer. Bo tells her that isn’t true. She turns and apologizes to Chelsea. Chelsea loses it and runs away with Max and Abby going after her.

Hope demands that Billie be taken away because she confessed. Bo tells Billie this could be her last chance. Hope turns on Bo and demands to know why he is defending the woman who killed their son. He tells her she doesn’t understand. Hope throws that back at him and accuses him of putting Billie first...before Zach...before everything. She wants Billie to rot in prison and rot in hell and runs over to the cops and tells them to take Billie away. Bo pulls her back but she screams at him not to touch her.

Bo wants to talk to Billie for a minute and tells her that the truth will come out. Billie wants him to just let it go…more Chelsea guilt…tries to convince him that she is protecting his marriage to Hope as well…because if Hope finds out what his part was in Chelsea driving again…his marriage will be over. Bo says that the longer it takes for the truth to come out, the worse it will be for his wife. Billie won’t listen. The cops start to take her away.

Chelsea mumbles that she wants to be truthful but she’s scared. Billie hears her and tells her not to be afraid and to remember she loves her. Chelsea tells her mom that she loves her as well but she doesn’t think she can… Billie stops her from finishing and tells her everything will be find. Abby and Max confront Chelsea and beg her to tell the truth. She refuses.

Bo finds a despondent Hope. He tells her about Billie being taken away and apologizes to her. She does the same and they hug. Hope tells him she knows why he is trying to protect Chelsea…she has been through so much…her mom killed Zach. She starts crying and says that Zach is gone and never coming back, but that the person responsible will pay and justice will be done. The camera pans to Bo who looks pensive.


Bo murmurs to himself that when he tells Hope the truth, she will turn her back on him…he can’t let her go through this on her own.

Carrie asks Lucas what kind of heartless person would do this to her employees?

A devastated Austin tells Sami that Carrie is Highstyle’s CEO and the person whose life he just destroyed.

Hope says to Roman: “She stole Bo’s car and committed hit and run. What do you call that if it’s not murder?”


Friday Jan 20

Janice’s Spoilers

Sami’s Apartment: Austin & Sami

Austin is talking to Nicole on the phone. He wants to get the inventory transferred by the weekend to the distributor, and suggests that she try designing the packaging since she’s so good at that sort of thing. He thanks her for the great job she has done and says goodbye. Sami arrives and Austin is excited about this new business venture. She asks if it’s the takeover and destruction of companies that he likes. He tells her that’s the ugly part and that he likes the challenge of changing a failure into a success. Sami calls him on it, but he just says that he’s not being ruthless and mentions maybe going back with Carrie to Los Angeles. Sami tells him he can’t and he looks at her questioningly.

Sami wants Austin to focus on the company and not on Carrie. He tells her that Highstyle is in Los Angeles and if he goes with Carrie he might get to meet the company’s CEO and talk things through...help with the transition. Sami warns him that the CEO hates him and won’t want anything to do with him. He defends himself by saying that the company would have self-destructed anyway and he saved the product line. She reminds him of all the meetings he has coming up with the distributor, loan officer, Mickey...etc...and he backs down.

Austin is feeling bad for Carrie and Sami suggests he go and check on her...talk to her about his company. He doesn’t think she will want to see him right now or hear about his business. Sami pushes it. Austin wonders what she is up to. She tap-dances but really wants him to go and see Carrie. He finally agrees…tells her he thought she was trying to come between him and Carrie again and apologizes. Sami preens. All of a sudden Austin remembers that he doesn’t even know the name of Carrie’s company. And what a surprise…sigh…all of a sudden Sami remembers that Carrie gave her a business card and it’s in her purse. She pulls it out, smirks and then pretends to be shocked. He grabs it from her and he doesn’t need to pretend to be shocked, because he is.

Austin is disgusted and angry with himself. Sami plays her innocence to the hilt. She asks him if he would have done things differently if he had known that Carrie was the CEO of Highstyle. He screams that he would have and that he not only stole her company, but took over her inventory, and fired her staff. He decides he has to go over and tell her the truth. Sami thinks that Carrie will blame it all on her. Austin is going to tell Carrie that it is all his fault. Sami mumbles to herself that she can’t wait to see this.

Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas & Carrie

Carrie talks about having to go back to Los Angeles so as CEO she can be with her employees during this time. She feels so helpless. She thinks there might be something she can do to still save her company...maybe if she were tougher. Lucas offers to help her…offers some Titan resources…offers to fuel the Titan jet and go back to Los Angeles with her. She tells him she can’t accept his generous offer. Lucas won’t give up. He tells her that Titan can invest in the company so the takeover will fail...infuse enough cash to halt everything. Carrie is grateful but wants to fix things on her own. She just wants to know who is behind the takeover...who blindsided her company. Lucas sympathizes.

Carrie reminds Lucas that she is back with Austin now. She knows he is disappointed. Lucas pretends that he is just there as her friend and wants her to be happy. She feels bad about her employees. He tells her she isn’t to blame. She wanted to feel like a success...remembers that Austin wanted her to be more ruthless...chastises herself for being more concerned with employee happiness that the bottom line.

Carrie gets a phone call from Becky. She hangs up and tells Lucas that it doesn’t matter anymore because the company is gone and there is nothing anyone can do to save it. He tells her how sorry he is.

Carrie starts looking at some of the angry emails from her employees. Lucas rags big-time on the person who stole her company. Carrie realizes she should have worked with Lucas. He goes in for the kill and twists the knife. Then he tells her that at least he will still be there for her. Carrie agrees and says she also has her family, friends, and Austin. She says she really needs Austin now. Lucas is really enjoying this. He thinks to himself that she will hate Austin when she finds out the truth and then she will turn to him.

Carrie instructs Becky to close the accounts and divide the remaining capital to the employees...two months worth of pay. She apologizes again, offers to put in a good word for Becky with the new owner, and thanks Becky for her loyalty. Lucas tells her she can’t give out the capital because she will go bankrupt. Carrie doesn’t care. She’s not even sure if she should go back to Los Angeles...she’s already lost everything she cared about and her company is destroyed.

The doorbell rings and its Austin. He tells Lucas that he needs to talk with Carrie. Sami trails in behind him. Carrie tells Austin that she can’t save her company…talks about the terrible emails…the pink slips...and wishes she could get her hands on the monster that destroyed her company. Sami and Lucas are both trying to hide their smirks as Austin tells her the truth…that he is the monster.

Hospital Part 1: Shawn & Kate

Kate tells Shawn how sorry she is about hiss little brother’s death and the fact that this is why Claire could get her transplant. She tells him that Zach was a wonderful little boy. Shawn quietly thanks her for saying that. She asks where Mimi is and he tells her that she was almost asleep on her feet so he made her go home to sleep. Kate and he discuss Philip and Belle who are resting at the hospital. Shawn says neither of them will leave until they can take Claire home with them. Kate continues to thank him for everything he has done for Claire. He reminds her that he is the godfather and feels like Claire is his own… Kate doesn’t let him finish and tells him that they are all so happy about the engagement and that he and Mimi deserve to be happy. Shawn is suspicious of Kate’s intentions and starts questioning her about her generous offer for their wedding. He knows that he’s not Kate’s favorite person and wants to know what she’s really up to. Kate just looks at him.

Shawn asks her why she is pushing so hard for him and Mimi to hurry up and get married. Kate gets defensive and tap-dances. She tells him she’s just trying to make things better for him and Mimi after the rough year they have had. Shawn still looks skeptical. He wants to know what she will get out of it. Kate goes into business mode. Shawn reminds her that she tried to do the same for Lucas and Sami and look what happened there. He tells Kate that she is always up to something. Kate looks him in the eye and says she just wants him and Mimi to be happy. He pushes the issue (LOL…I love the way Shawn has got Kate’s number—Jason is doing a great job here!) and tells her point blank that she never liked him or Mimi…reminds her about the motorcycle incident at phelle’s wedding where he almost killed Philip and Belle…how she tried to get him arrested…never thought Mimi was good enough for Rex.

Kate s tells Shawn she thinks he’s changed and matured…that he wouldn’t come between Philip and Belle again. He tells her that he is trying to build a future with Mimi. Kate pleads her case. She just wants to thank him and Mimi for what they did for Belle and Philip during Claire’s illness. He tells her he will think on it and discuss it with Mimi…thanks her for caring…and goes to find his parents. Kate murmurs to herself that all she cares about is Philip’s happiness and as soon as Shawn and Mimi are married, the safer Philip’s marriage will be.

Hospital Part II: Hope, Bo, Shawn, Roman

Hope can’t understand how Billie could have done what she did. Bo is still trying to make like Zach’s death was an accident. Hope turns on him and screams not to defend “that woman” to her...she killed her son! She tells him again that Billie left Zach in the street...didn’t go back...didn’t call 911...calls her inhuman.

Roman comes in and apologizes to Bo and Hope that he wasn’t there before. He tells Hope how sorry he is about Zach. Bo tells him they can’t go home yet. Hope gets upset again. She can’t imagine what it will be like to walking into his room and seeing his toys, his books, his blankie... Roman tells them he can’t imagine what they are going through and hugs Hope.

Roman wants to know what he can do. An emotional Hope wants Billie to get the punishment she deserves—to be charged with murdering her son. She thinks that Billie is trying to destroy her family. Roman tells her he can’t do that. Billie will be punished, but it was an accident and she didn’t know she hit Zach. Hope breaks down and screams that Billie stole Bo’s car and committed a hit and run. She wants to know what he would call that if not murder.

Shawn is there now. He’s upset and wants to know what is going on as well. He tells Hope that he never thought it would be someone that they knew and is surprised that his dad’s vehicle was involved. He can’t understand how Billie would borrow it without even telling his dad and how she could hit Zach... Hope tells him that although some are calling it an accident, it was murder. Shawn wants to make sure she is punished. Bo steps in and asks him to stay with his mom while he and Roman go and talk. Hope keeps saying that it was a murder. Shawn promises that the driver will be punished.

Bo and Roman leave off the cop persona and talk as brothers. Bo tells Roman the truth about Billie not driving. Roman wants to know who the hell was driving then. Bo admits that it was Chelsea. Roman looks at him in shock.

Hope asks about Claire’s transplant. Shawn tells her that the transplant was a success and that Zach’s liver was a perfect match. Hope is happy for Philip and Belle. Shawn thinks that Claire will be more special to them now because Zach will always be a part of her. He tells softly her how grateful everyone is for the decision she and his dad made. Hope is sobbing. She prayed for Claire, but never thought her baby would be Claire’s donor. Shawn tries to make sense of it and says that Zach is still with them but maybe God wanted him in heaven. Hope doesn’t believe this was God’s plan. Shawn doesn’t know if they will ever understand.

Hope is in so much pain. She tells Shawn that she is afraid that one day she will close her eyes and won’t be able to hear Zach’s voice. Shawn tells her that will never happen. She doesn’t want tomorrow to come because it will be the first day without Zach in this world….then his birthday will come…Christmas…New Years again. A sweet Zach flashback… Hope says it was hard to watch her baby growing up so fast but now he won’t ever grow up. Shawn tries to comfort his mom and says that Zach was happy every day he was with them. Hope tells him that they were too, but will never be happy again…she just want’s Zach back…wants her baby back. They hug each other tight.

Roman is having a hard time believing that Bo’s daughter killed Zach. Bo tells him that Billie took the blame because it was their daughter. He tells Roman that he can’t charge Billie with anything because she didn’t do it. Roman wants to know what Bo is asking him to do. Bo is upset and doesn’t know. He tells Roman that he tried to explain the truth to Hope but she is too upset. Roman thinks it will be harder now that Billie is under arrest. Bo knows that he lied to his wife but doesn’t know how he can turn Chelsea in. Roman doesn’t know what to tell him. Bo also admits that Chelsea’s license was suspended...that he signed the temporary permit and loaned his truck to her before she finished her lessons. Roman deduces that Hope doesn’t know about that. Bo thinks he shares just as much responsibility as Chelsea for what happened to Zach, and that when he tells Hope what really happened, she will turn her back on him. He admits that he is scared but is determined that Hope not go through this on her own.

Shawn can’t believe he will never be a brother again. Hope tells him he will always be a brother, and that Zach will always be a part of their lives. He thinks it’s never going to be the same but promises his mom that they will get through this...they just have to believe that...because they love each other...and that’s what his mom said...that’s what Gran always said...if they love each other they can get through anything.

Bo talks about Chelsea’s bad driving record and Billie’s clean one. He thinks that Chelsea would be locked up but that Billie would be okay…doesn’t want Chelsea to go to prison. He’s just concerned about Hope. Roman tells him straight out that he is rationalizing and he knows it is wrong...when the truth is revealed, Bo will have to worry about his marriage.

Hospital Part III: John, Marlena, Alex, Lois, and Kate

John tries to kill Alex again. Marlena screams it was Lois. Lois tries to tap-dance. John isn’t sure. Lois finally tells the truth and then tries to disappear. Ladies fight…John takes over…Alex screams at John…More confessions from Lois…describes her deadly deeds…rags on Marlena…security guard to the rescue with Kate on his heels…more explanations… Neither Alex nor Marlena want to press charges…want Lois to get psychiatric help. Kate asks questions…Marlena finishes the fairytale…She takes a tired Alex back to his room. Kate warns John that Alex and Marlena will grow even closer now. John goes into vigilante mode again.


Carrie asks Austin if his trip to Los Angeles was about him scoping out her company. She slaps him across the face. Nicole is watching from behind.

Jennifer tells Frankie that she needs to be honest about her feelings for him.

Patrick tells a squirming Chelsea that for some reason Billie is taking the fall. He asks her why Billie would lie and say she killed an innocent little boy?

Hope tells Bo that she hates Billie for taking her baby away.


Monday Jan 23

Pat’s Spoilers

At Lucas’: Just as Austin starts talking to Carrie Nicole bursts in. She announces to Austin that she pink-slipped all the employees right down to the mailroom and even managed to get them out of the rental lease in L.A. She makes a derogatory remark about the offices. Austin tries to stop her from talking but Nicole just rattles on as Carrie gets more and more upset. Nicole finally picks up on the tension and asks if something is wrong. Sami sidles up to Carrie with her fake sympathetic smile pasted on her face and says High Style was Carrie’s company. Carrie says it’s true then – the three of you took my company from me. Nicole blunt and truthful as well says you’re the one that drove into the ground. Carrie is very angry at Austin – she was so happy that they had reconnected but Austin was only used for – he never cared for her. Austin says that is not true. He didn’t know it was her company – none of them did. Carrie doesn’t believe them – she gave Sami her business card. Sami says that Carrie put the card in her address book – she didn’t look at it until just a few minutes ago. Lucas chimes in and says there is no way that Austin couldn’t have known that Carrie was the CEO. Austin tells him to be quiet – he doesn’t know anything about it. Carrie slaps him. I absolutely hate the way Sami and Lucas stand there and gloat – it turns my stomach … sigh. Austin asks Carrie to believe him when he says they didn’t know. She then accuses him of distracting her while his partners took apart her company. Austin is hurt that she would even think that. She asks him if he had known it was her company would that have made a difference. He says of course – he wouldn’t have done it. He tells her they will undo the takeover – Nicole tells him it can’t be done, High Style is dead. Austin tells her to think of a way – Nicole stresses the fact that it’s over by comparing High Style to Humpty Dumpty.

Carrie continues to rant calling Austin ruthless. Lucas adds his fuel to the fire by going on about how Austin has changed into one of those cold heartless corporate raiders that gain power and wealth at the expense of the people they put out of work. Austin defends himself and says that is not who he is. He asks Carrie to believe him. She tells him that he disgusts her. Her company was her life and her employees were her friends. She doesn’t know how she can face them now. Austin tells her that he’ll make it up to her. She asks him how. He doesn’t know but he promises he will. Sami apologises to Carrie and makes sure she mentions how she tried to talk Austin and Nicole out of the takeover. Sami tells Carrie that she is upset because of what this is doing to Carrie and Austin’s relationship. Carrie says she let her guard down and trusted Austin – she won’t make that mistake again. Austin says again that he never meant to hurt her. Carrie doesn’t want to hear it – she hates the man he has become – maybe this is who he always was and she was too blinded by love to see it. Lucas comforts Carrie – Sami is in her glory thinking to herself that Carrie has Lucas’ shoulder to lean on, Carrie will never forgive Austin. It’s just a matter of time until Austin is all hers.

Patrick’s place: Chelsea is feeling sorry for herself. She tells Zack she is sorry but she can’t go to jail. Patrick comes in and wants a good explanation for what she has done. Chelsea is shocked and asks him if he knows. He knows that Zack Brady was killed and that Billie confessed – it’s in the newspaper. He tells Chelsea that she can’t let her mother take the blame for something she didn’t do. Chelsea asks him how he knows that she didn’t do it – why would she say she did if she didn’t. He tells Chelsea to tell him everything she knows and not to leave anything out. Patrick says something is wrong – Billie couldn’t have done this. Chelsea says that Billie isn’t a martyr – she wouldn’t have confessed to it if she hadn’t done it. Patrick says there are too many holes in Billie’s story. Chelsea asks him to explain. He says Billie uses Titan’s car service – if her car broke down why didn’t she call them or call him. Patrick is convinced that Billie is covering for someone. Chelsea asks him who he thinks she is covering for. Patrick says he doesn’t know but he’s going to find out. He’s going to police station. Chelsea says do you really think she will tell you? Patrick says they have gotten close and he will know if she is lying. After he leaves Chelsea talks to herself. She convinces herself that Billie always said she wanted to make up for the years they had lost and this is how she can do it. A mother is supposed to protect her child. She prays that everyone that knows the truth keeps their mouths shut and that Patrick never finds out the truth.

Police station: Roman tells the two rookies that he wants to speak to Billie in his office before they take her statement. Roman asks her what she is doing. She gives him the spiel about hitting Zack and facing the consequences. Roman tells her he knows she wasn’t driving, Chelsea was. Billie says they will never be able to prove it. Billie is upset with Bo for telling Roman the truth. Roman says Bo is a cop, it was his duty. He does tell her that Bo spoke to him as a brother, not a cop. Roman tells Billie that the truth is going to come out. Billie is determined to protect Chelsea – with her driving record she will end up in jail. Roman replies that a jury will decide. He also tells her that Bo is going to tell Hope the truth. Billie tells Roman that he has to convince Bo not to do that. Roman says that Bo and Hope’s marriage is based on honesty – they’ve gone through their share of bad times and this is going to be one of the most difficult. Billie tells Roman that he’s not looking at this clearly. She asks him what he thinks will happen if Bo tells Hope the truth. Roman tells her to tell him what is going to happen. She says that Hope will never forgive Bo for signing that temporary license and giving the keys to Chelsea because if he hadn’t Zack would still be alive. Their marriage will be over. Roman says Hope is going to find out the truth he’s sure of that. He also knows that if Bo keeps lying to her their marriage will have no chance at all. The young cops come to take Billie to booking. Patrick is there – he wants to know what she is doing. She tells him the lie but he isn’t convinced. He tells her she needs a lawyer. Roman agrees. Billie insists that she doesn’t need one – she wants to take responsibility. She tells Patrick to let it go then she tells him she loves him. He tells her that he loves her and when Roman and the cops take her to booking he says sorry Billie – I can’t let it go. I will get to the bottom of this.

Frankie & Jen: Jen remembers Frankie kissing her goodbye and telling her that he will always love her. She grabs her coat and runs to the door and opens it to find Frankie standing there. He is bringing her the keys to the house to return. She tells him to keep them – he can use them the next time he comes to Salem to visit. They say goodbye again. The cabbie honks the horn and Frankie says he has to leave – doesn’t want to miss his flight. He asks her where she is going – does she want to share the cab. She says she isn’t going anywhere. He says you have your coat in your hands. She admits that she was going to try and catch him to talk to him. He comes in and tells her he’ll get a later flight. He wants to know what she wants to talk about. She apologises to him for her reaction – his revelation came as a shock. He tells her that he is sorry he upset her. He thinks she had to have known how he felt. She says maybe on some level but to hear him say it…She says he was being honest and now she has to be honest. There was a time when her and Jack were apart that she thought about him a lot. She explains that when you are alone you tend to think about your past. Frankie was her first love and when she thought about him she didn’t think of him as a friend. She goes on to say that she never thought of him when she was with Jack. Frankie understands – first loves – you never forget but he knows how much she loves Jack – they were the real thing. He knows that she will always love Jack. She tells Frankie that her and Jack were very happy – they thought they had all the bad times behind them but it wasn’t meant to be. Frankie talks about how they always managed to find their way back to each other – the last time they even had another child. Jen smiles as she talks about Jack Jr. Frankie tells her that Jack didn’t want her to stop living just because he was dying. She says that her and Jack were very happy together and won’t betray him or his memory. She apologises to Frankie for sending him mixed signals. He is going to leave and Jen stops him and tells him that she doesn’t want him to go. Her family needs him. Jack is gone and she can really use her good friend to help her. Frankie tells her that he will stay as long as she needs him – they hug.

Brady’s: Hope is standing outside the door to Zack’s room – her hands on the sign on his door that says Zack’s Room. Bo is beside her. She says this and his clothes and toys are all we have left of him. Bo tries to stop her from doing this but she opens the door and goes inside. She finds some of Zack’s discarded clothing on the floor. She picks up the clothes and holds them close to her as she cries. She then gathers up a stuffed animal and sits on his bed. Bo tries again to get her to leave but she won’t. She goes and turns on the lamp – it plays twinkle twinkle little star. She says that Zack was so good … so sweet … Bo tells her not to do this to herself as he turns off the lamp. Hope can’t believe they left Zack at the hospital. She says he is never coming home – she is never going to see her sweet little boy, her angel again. She can’t let go. She wants him back. Bo says they will get through this together. Hope wants Billie to pay for murdering Zack. Bo says it was an accident. Hope gets very upset. She lies down on Zack’s bed clutching the stuffed animal, crying. Bo picks her up and carries her out of the room. Bo builds a fire in the fireplace. Hope can’t believe how reckless Billie was. Bo tells her again that what happened to Zack was an accident. Hope is very angry with Bo. She tells him he makes it sound like Zack fell and skinned his knee. She hates Billie for taking her son away from her. She talks about how she will never see Zack again, never get to tell him she loves him – never get to read him another story – all the stories ended with and they lived happily ever after. But there is no happy ending for Zack or for them. Bo tells her that she has to let go of the anger. He knows that Zack’s death left a big hole inside of her – he knows because its how he feels. He says they can’t let that hole be filled with hate. She doesn’t think she can let go. He tells her that Zack would want them to get through this together. They need to get their strength from each other. Zack wouldn’t want them to be ripped apart. He tells her that he is going to go and find her something to eat. She is sitting on the couch. She imagines that Zack runs down the stairs and tells her that he loves her. She hugs him and says she loves him and she will never forget him. She says his name but it’s just the stuffed animal she is holding.

Preview: Patrick to Chelsea – Why is Billie taking the blame for Zack when you and I both know she is innocent? Kate to Billie (Billie is in a jail cell) – If you won’t tell the truth, I will. Bo to Hope – There’s something I have to tell you … something you need to know. Nicole to Sami – You’re sorry ass is going to be on the unemployment line. Sami – You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Lucas to Carrie – Question is, now that you’ve seen him for who he really is, can you give him up?


Tuesday Jan 24

Janice’s Spoilers

Okay here's a thought: Why doesn't Austin offer the CEO position back to Carrie now that he owns the company? Surely we could skip the torture of listening to Sami, Lucas and Nicole...yada...yada...

Kudos to Kristian again.

Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas and Carrie

Carrie is bemoaning her losses…believes her career is a washout....she lost everything. Lucas pumps up Carrie...is sure she will bounce back again...maybe start a new company in Salem from the ground up. Carrie doesn’t think so. Lucas bad-mouths Austin. Carrie bemoans losing Austin. Lucas moves in…hugs…more bemoaning…Lucas really plays into her insecurities…more bad-mouthing…calls Austin a hardnosed businessman who doesn’t care who he tramples on...pushes her buttons…

Lucas brings Carrie a cup of tea and asks if it is over with Austin. When she hesitates, he can’t believe she would give Austin another chance to hurt her...continues to badger her about it.

Carrie has gone over to Austin’s (see below) and Lucas is ranting and raving. He can’t believe that after everything he has done to make sure they (Lucas and Carrie) can get together that Carrie might actually forgive Austin.

Sami’s Apartment: Sami, Nicole, and Austin

Austin is being a busy bee at the computer…frustration all over the place. Nicole is up in arms about him throwing all their hard work away. Austin becomes a Gloomy Gus goes for a walk in the apartment. Sami agrees with Nicole…surprise…surprise… Austin refuses to give up. He tells them that they are wasting their time...Carrie gave her heart and soul to her company and he loves her too much to take it away from her. Nicole refuses to give up to…sigh…

Sami gets on her high horse and rubs in the fact that she warned Austin and Nicole not to go after Highstyle with a hostile takeover. Nicole counters that Sami was supposed to find out the name of the CEO. Sami thinks it was Nicole’s job and wonders if she kept the information to herself so that she could get Austin. Nicole is shocked and says this sounds like a Sami trick. Austin agrees with Nicole.

Sami pleads her innocence…promises she would have told Austin if she knew….milks it… Austin believes her and blames himself...failed completely. Nicole and Sami start arguing. Nicole defends herself and says she tried so hard in L.A. to find out the CEO’s identity. Austin stops them. He is going to give Carrie her company back if it is the last thing he does.

Austin has phoned somebody and is asking if there is any way he can stop the takeover. The answer is no. Sami and Nicole go at it again. Austin breaks them up one more time. Nicole reminds him that it was an innocent mistake and that this is a wonderful opportunity for them. Austin reminds them about Carrie just as the doorbell rings.

Carrie comes in and Austin tells her how glad he is that she came over...tells her sorry he is for what he has done...tells her how he never knew she was the CEO and how he tried to reverse the takeover but can’t. He begs her to forgive him. Carrie just looks at him.

Brady House: Hope, Bo, Alice, Maggie and Julie

Bo begs Hope to eat the soup he made for her. He’s worried that she hasn’t eaten in so long and might get sick. Hope only has Zach on her mind and isn’t hungry. She’s got Zach’s stuffed animal and favorite t-shirt and is holding them tight. She can’t understand how Billie could do this to them...hopes it haunts her for the rest of her life and wants Billie to rot in prison for the rest of her life. Bo tells her he has something to tell her. Hope stares at him.

Hope wants to know what it is. Bo remembers his talk with Chelsea and saying he would not lie to his wife...he remembers his talk with Billie...crying that it is his fault Zach is dead…he will have to live with that knowledge...knows that when he looks in Hope’s eyes...she will feel the same way...she will always blame him. He turns to Hope and blurts out that he loves her and always will. Hope is crying now. She hugs him and says she just doesn’t know how she would get through this without him. He tells her that isn’t something she will ever have to worry about...they will get through it together. They kiss.

Hope finds a picture that Zach made of himself and his mom tucked in his backpack. She opens it up and starts crying...hugs it to her chest. It says “Mommy and Me”. She tells Bo that Zach told her he had a surprise for her. Bo puts his arms around her and tells her he doesn’t want her to do this to herself. She tells him she misses Zach so much...misses her baby...this is the last drawing she will ever have from him...he is everywhere she looks...toys...cup....she never wants to forget…all she has left are memories. The doorbell rings but Hope doesn’t want Bo to answer it. He tells her it might be family and goes to find out. She cries again and promises to keep Zach’s picture.

Bo comes back with Alice, Maggie, and Julie. Hope goes to Alice and cries. Maggie hugs Hope. She has some food from the restaurant with her...Hopes favorite salad...rolls... Alice also brought her homemade chicken soup. Hope just isn’t hungry. Julie tells her she has to take care of herself...keep her strength up for Bo and Shawn if not for herself... they need each other to get through this. Bo walks in with his coat on and tells Hope that now that she has family with her that he is going to check in at the station. Hope is beyond angry…she corrects him and says he is going to check on Billie—the woman who murdered their son. Bo tries to explain himself and tells her he doesn’t want to fight about Billie. Hope wants to know why he insists on worrying about her then. He tells her it’s not what she thinks and wishes she would understand. Alice tells him to go and says they will look after Hope. Bo kisses Hope on the forehead. Hope tells him sarcastically that he should go do what he needs to. She won’t look at him as he goes.

Hope has Zach’s stuffed animals. She tells Maggie and Julie that she will have something to eat later. They tell her that they love her. She asks them for some privacy and looks at the framed picture that was taken at Christmas.

Police Station: Patrick, Abby, Max, Billie, and Chelsea

Patrick wants to know about Billie arraignment. Kate shows up and he tells her about Billie’s confession....about the hit and run...and what she is charged with.

The camera scan’s to Billie’s mug shot…then to her being fingerprinted…then to her being shut into a cell by herself.

Max, Abby, and Chelsea arrive. Chelsea is doing her “I don’t wanna” rant...her life will be over...has changed her mind...they are her friends and they are supposed to keep her secret. Max and Abby try to convince her otherwise…promise to be there to support her. Chelsea doesn’t buy their arguments. She is sure her dad won’t rat on her and equally sure that Patrick is clueless so the secret is safe. Abby appeals to her conscience…lol… She can’t believe Chelsea will just let her mother go to jail for her. Chelsea is back to hating Billie and loving her first mom. Abby persists. Chelsea is sure that Billie can work the system in her favor given her background so she decides it’s a no go. Miss Chelsea is not going to do the noble thing. Max still can’t believe that she is going to let Billie be punished for something she didn’t do. Chelsea is more worried about being put away forever and dying in there.

Kate refuses to believe that Billie is guilty. Patrick agrees and says that is why he is here. He tells her how close he and Billie have gotten lately and can’t understand why Billie is so gung-ho to go to prison and won’t get a lawyer. Kate decides she’s going to talk to her daughter.

Billie is walking her cell. Kate asks the guard if she can speak to her daughter. She tells Billie that she doesn’t believe she is guilty and wants her to get a lawyer. Billie goes into a sob story and tells Kate everything. Kate can’t believe Billie is protecting Chelsea… yada…yada… She threatens to tell the truth if Billie won’t. Billie pleads with her mom not to tell. Kate thinks they should just get a good lawyer for Chelsea. Billie plays the guilt card and reminds her mom that she wasn’t there to protect her children. She is determined to play the sacrificial lamb. More arguing.

Chelsea tells them that she feels horrible and admits to being distracted so she didn’t see Zach. Abby calls her on it and she also admits that she was trying to call Abby on her cell phone when she had the accident. She knows it’s illegal in their state to use the phone when you are driving. Patrick approaches and asks to talk to Chelsea privately about the accident that killed Zach.

Billie guilts her mommy dearest. She is determined not to make the same mistakes Kate did with them.

Before Max and Abby leave, Abby tells Chelsea to do the right thing. Patrick pulls her into Roman’s office and demands that she be honest with him. He thinks she knows more than she is saying and wants to know why Billie is taking the blame when they both know she is innocent.

Bo arrives and Kate tells him she knows that Billie isn’t guilty. She asks him to talk to her daughter. Billie doesn’t want to talk anymore. He insists and tells her she won’t get away with it and he is going to put a stop to all the lies.


Abby asks Chelsea what she is doing. Chelsea is burning a piece of paper.

Jennifer tells Hope that losing Zach destroyed Bo. Hope is crying and just doesn’t know how he can talk to “her”.

Billie warns Bo that it could be the end of his marriage and asks him if that is what he really wants.

Marlena tells Alex that she would really like to renew their wedding vows. Alex is a happy camper.


Wednesday Jan 25

Janice’s Spoilers

The New Salem Gold Star goes out to Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell today. Peter did an amazing job of portraying an emotionally conflicted person with nowhere to turn. For the first time, I could actually see Bo edging his way towards despair...a broken man. Kristian continued to give one of her most flawless performances.

Hospital: John, Kate, Alex, and Marlena

An upset Kate explains to John that Billie has confessed to hitting Zach. John can’t believe she did it and says Billie would never have left the scene…isn’t that reckless... she was a cop…she was ISA… He tells Kate that he doesn’t blame Marlena for being angry…is upset she is getting closer to Alex…yada…yada…

The nurse tells Marlena that Alex can leave when the test results are back. Marlena is all into Alex. John isn’t and Kate is along for the ride. Alex taunts him…John taunts him back...wants info on Lois (Does anyone really believe that Alex is an ethical doctor and believes in doctor/patient confidentiality? I mean he did treat his supposed wife!) Alex defends his actions to the death (I wish!) Marlena wants to be with her beloved…gets all high and mighty and kicks John and Kate out.

John goes on about Alex and his manipulations. He decides he’ll investigate Lois himself. He goes in to see Lois and asks her if it’s all a scam. The woman looks lovely in a straitjacket. Lois taunts him. He questions her. She throws his relationship with Kate in his face. Kate denies it. John is glad that Lois is out of commission. That way the fair Marlena will be safe. Lois laughs…safe with Alex???

Marlena pours compliments on Alex. He takes them like a man…not…she wants her future to be with him. He questions her family’s acceptance. She won’t abandon them…is cutting ties with John and wants to renew their wedding vows. (Okay let me just say that I really hope Marlena has her memory back and is playing Alex here…the alternative is just too silly…sigh…)

John can’t believe he believed Lois in the first place. He asks Kate if she believes that Alex is still a threat. Kate thinks Lois is crazy. John wants to know who beat Marlena… Alex or Lois. He decides to check on her. Kate waits outside Lois’s room. Lois is ranting at her. Kate leaves.

Marlena and Alex are in a hot clinch. John watches. Lois is going crackers in her room. She will have Alex…Marlena will die…yada…yada… Alex gets to leave. Marlena wants to go home and plan the wedding. John is upset. The nurses think it’s so romantic. John has tears in his eyes as he says he’s lost Marlena again. Kate comforts him.

Brady Home: Hope and Jennifer

Hope closes her eyes and hugs Zach’s stuffed teddy bear. Jennifer arrives and puts her arms around her, rubbing her back in comfort. She tells her that she came to see how she is but then admits that it is a stupid thing to say. Hope admits to sending Alice, Julie, and Maggie home...knows they love her...knows their hearts are breaking, but it’s too hard for her to be with anyone right now. Jennifer wants to know what Hope will do with Zach’s toys. Hope breaks down…doesn’t know what to do...she can’t let go…misses her baby so much. Jennifer is there for her and tells her that if she is not ready to let him go, then she can keep Zach’s toys for a year if she wants to...as long as it takes...she doesn’t have to put them away until she is ready. Hope says she hates seeing them but hates not seeing them. Jen thinks it’s a miracle that Hope even got out of bed this morning given how much pain she is in.

Hope murmurs that she will be strong and make sure that “she” goes to jail for a long time. Jennifer questions her. Hope explains that it was Billie who hit Zach and says that Bo is with her right now. Jennifer is shocked. Jennifer can’t believe that Billie would leave the scene of a crime. Hope refuses to listen…her baby is dead and Billie is responsible....she killed her boy...her son...her baby is dead. Jennifer wonders why Billie would take Bo’s car. Hope tells her bitterly that she has always felt entitled to Bo and can’t understand why everyone is defending her. Jennifer tries to defend Bo and tells Hope that he is destroyed from losing Zach. Hope cries that she just doesn’t know how he can talk to “her.”

Hope needs Jennifer to get her mind off what has happened and asks her to talk about something else. Jen explains about Jack’s DVD and what it said…how difficult it was but amazing at the same time...to be able to hear Jack and see him... She knows that Frankie still cares for her. Hope tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything yet...just be grateful that Frankie is there for her and the kids. She says that if she were alone and didn’t have Bo to trust wholeheartedly, she’d be lost. She talks about Zach and then tells Billie that she can’t stand it…not knowing what is happening...she has to go to the police station. Jennifer doesn’t think she should. She watches worriedly as Hope rushes out.

Police Station: Patrick, Abby, Max, Chelsea, Bo, Hope, and Billie

Abby and Max talk about Chelsea. They can’t believe she is letting her Mom do this. Max asks Abby if she is going to tell the police the truth.

Patrick is facing off with Chelsea in Roman’s office. He demands to know the truth…doesn’t think Billie could ever do this. Chelsea pouts and wants to know if he thinks she could….more tap dancing…

Bo warns Billie that he can’t keep the truth from Hope any longer. He won’t let Billie take it all on her shoulders and tells her she can retract her confession.

Abby tells Max that she won’t tell the cops or her mom, but reminds him that Bo already knows. She can’t understand how Bo could lie to Hope. Max thinks Bo better tell his wife sooner rather than later. Abby hopes that Patrick can talk some sense into Chelsea. She knows he has a lot of influence on her.

Patrick starts musing…plays a little cat and mouse game...Billie is covering for someone…who does Chelsea think that is…no answer just another pout. He tells her that he isn’t accusing her and knows she wouldn’t let her mom take the blame if she didn’t do it. More silence. He speculates about what would make Billie take the blame...and wonders whether Chelsea doesn’t know or just isn’t going to tell him. And on that note, Patrick leaves.

Bo and Billie argue. He tells her that he and Hope are going through the same pain over Zach and he has to tell her the truth...she deserves the truth....his son is dead. Billie does some Chelsea guilting…does he want to kill her too… Bo is angry and argues back that it’s not the same and that she obviously doesn’t know what it is like to lose a child like this…to know that he isn’t going to come running to give you a big hug when you walk through the door at the end of the day....won’t be able to wake him in the middle of the night because he has a fever and needs a hug from his daddy. He tells her that a lifetime of watching his son grow up is not going to happen...his son is gone! More Chelsea guilting from Billie. Billie takes a trip down memory lane and reminds Bo about his part in Zach’s death, and tells him that a lot of marriages break up over the death of a child. Bo walks out.

Chelsea looks guilty. Patrick brings in Chelsea’s friends. He tells Max and Abby that he has questions and asks Max why he is looking at Chelsea...wants to know if Max has something to hide and asks where Bo’s SUV is. Max tells him. Chelsea can’t believe Patrick is doing this...Billie already confessed. Patrick says it’s because he thinks Billie is innocent and he isn’t about to let her throw her life away. He wants to know the truth…looks closely at Chelsea and says it’s like she’s afraid of Zach’s death being investigated…wants to know why. Chelsea turns away.

Bo asks to be let into Billie’s cell…grrr… He tells her that he has given her argument a lot of thought but that he and Hope have always been honest with each other...she will never forgive him. Billie tells him that if Hope finds out his part in all of this, that she won’t let him say another word. He tells her that it is eating him up inside that he is lying to Hope (Kudo’s to Peter here). He can’t bear the thought that Hope will find out from someone else…knows it will be the end of their marriage and that Hope will never forgive him for keeping the truth from her. Billie goes in for the kill…plays on his
biggest weakness—his love for Hope and the breakup of their marriage. Bo thinks Hope is in so much grief that he doesn’t know if he will be able to pull her out of it.

Billie is sure that Hope will turn on him if she knows the truth…might even go over the deep end. Bo is beside himself with pain. Billie thinks that Hope is very lucky to have Bo but will be so angry that she won’t be able to turn it off...might go off the deep end. She warns Bo that he can’t afford to let that happen for Hope’s sake and for Shawn. He asks Billie if she is telling him that he has continue to lie going in order to spare his family. She apologizes but doesn’t see any other way. Bo can’t believe he signed Chelsea’s consent form...wonders what the hell he was thinking...berates himself for not wanting to be the bad guy where his daughter is concerned...and now he has lost his son. Billie tells him that Hope isn’t the only one suffering…he is too…Zach was his little boy. He thinks about the accident site…the driver…seeing Zach’s broken body…having to say goodbye. Bo has tears in his eyes and starts sobbing. He keeps expecting Zach to run up to him with his favorite truck and ask to play. It doesn’t seem real to him...he was there for it all...but it is real , and now he could lose his wife whether he lies or tells the truth now…he could lose the woman he’s loved all his life.

Patrick wants to check things out and look for evidence at Max’s garage. Chelsea interrupts and tells Max they have to go get that thing...the thing they made plans for a few weeks ago. Max wants to know what she is talking about…he tells her their plans can wait and leaves with Patrick. Abby turns to Chelsea and tells her she has to stop lying because eventually someone will find out that she killed Zach.

Billie continues to try and convince Bo to keep the lie….plays the Hope card....says she will never forgive him. He thinks Hope will hate him but that he deserves it. He just wants to do what is best for Hope but isn’t sure what that is. Billie tells him that Hope won’t get over this without him...no woman should have to go through this alone. She begs him not to let Hope go through it without him. Bo just looks at her in misery.

Chelsea turns on Abby…doesn’t know why they were ever friends because Abby never supports her. Abby just reminds her that she and Max HAVE kept her secret...are both loyal but are wondering why she is doing this. Chelsea pulls out her temporary license and her lighter…says she should have done this a long time ago…sets the license on fire. Abby can’t believe she is doing it. Once it is burned, Chelsea pours water over the mess and is sure that Max won’t tell and that no one will find out the truth now…that she killed Zach...

Patrick and Max go into the garage but Bo’s car isn’t there. It’s already been impounded. Patrick decides to still investigate. He is sure that the cops missed something...someone is keeping a secret...and doesn’t believe that Billie was driving.

Billie is vamping for Bo…He tells her he is sorry he wasn’t there to share her grief. She tells him how much she used to love him…bemoans hearing their baby was dead…not having him with her. She admits that Hope and she have had problems (mostly over him) but she doesn’t wish this type of grief on anyone. She thinks that Hope will need him as much as he did. Cue Hope arriving just as Bo and Billie go in for a hug.


Patrick tells Max that he found something in his records that might be the key to setting Billie free and finding out who really did run down Zach and kill him. Chelsea is watching them.

Bo tells Hope that she doesn’t know what is going on there.

Sami tells Carrie that Austin is a different man than when he left Salem after he… Carrie finishes her sentence...dumped Sami at the altar.

Austin is screaming at Lucas. He tells him that he will get her back and not to stand in his way. Lucas guarantees him that there is no way he will get Carrie back.


Thursday Jan 26

**Kudos to Kristian again. She did an amazing job today. Ali was very impressive as well...especially at the beginning. And I loved Darin today...go Max!!!

Sami’s Apartment: Sami, Carrie, Austin, and Lucas / Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas and Austin

Austin gets off the phone and thanks Carrie for hanging around. Carrie bites back that business comes first with him. Austin tells her again that he would change things if he could. She tells him she has to leave…get back to L.A. and face her employees. Austin knows she is devastated about her company but begs her to forgive him and try to remember the good times and not just the bad. She asks if the phone call was in relation to the takeover of Highstyle. He denies it and says it’s about equipment for the new offices and meetings that were set up some time ago. Carrie calls him on it. Austin tries to make amends. He tells her that at another time he wouldn’t have rushed but that he didn’t know she was the CEO… wouldn’t have gone through with the takeover if he had known…explains that his own company would have gone bankrupt if he hadn’t done it...again asks for her forgiveness. Carrie isn’t impressed.

Lucas arrives looking very upset and Sami is in a panic thinking something has happened to Will. Lucas tells her that Will is fine. (Kudos to Ali in these scenes) He explains about Zach being killed and Billie confessing. They all react with shock. Sami is crying as Lucas tells them about the organ donated to Claire. Austin can’t believe that Billie would do it. He thinks this is wonderful and yet horrible news all at the same time. Sami is worried about Hope and Bo. She tells Lucas that if anything ever happens to Will, to just bury her next to him. Sami decides to phone Grandma Caroline.

Lucas decides to go back to his apartment and phone his mom. Austin goes with him. Austin finishes talking to Kate on the phone. He figures that what has happened definitely puts all this business in to perspective. Lucas cuts him up and says that he causes pain and suffering the way he does business....that he claimed to love Carrie and then destroyed everything she cares about.

Back at Sami’s Apartment: Sami finishes talking to Caroline. Carrie thinks she shouldn’t have stayed away for so long...she never even got to meet Zach. Sami reminds her that she wasn’t there when they thought their parents had died…she didn’t come back because of her… Carrie wants her to focus on the current tragedy. She doesn’t think this should be about “them.” She’s glad that she will be able to see Claire grow up now. Sami reminds her that she is leaving and doesn’t think she’ll be able to do anything. Carrie tells her that if her family needed her... She feels bad for Bo and Hope…can’t believe that Claire will get her transplant because Zach died…Austin will succeed but only because he destroyed Carrie’s company. Carrie thinks there is no comparison.

Sami wants to know if Carrie has really given up on Austin. Carrie believes Austin didn’t know it was her company. She just has issues with the way he went about it. Sami defends her own part in it. She tells Carrie that Austin really didn’t know and wasn’t trying to be cruel...but Nicole kept pressuring him. Carrie is skeptical. Sami promises she would have tried to talk him out of it if she had known that Carrie was the CEO.

Lucas is ranting at Austin. He attacks his character. He attacks what Austin has done to Carrie and her company. He pushes Austin to move on without her because it is over. He goes all noble and says that he did the right thing—when he found out that Carrie was the CEO, he backed right off. He fingers Sami and Nicole…says he thinks they DID know the truth…calls them manipulative witches and belittles Austin’s business skills. Austin says that he loves Carrie and she loves him and wonders how Lucas could have such a low opinion of Sami if he loved her. Lucas says he did love Sami until she lied.

Sami defends Austin to Carrie…sort of. Yes he tried to find out who the CEO was, but he also wanted to move fast. She blames herself for not looking at the business card…blames Nicole for pushing Austin to follow through…blames Austin for listening more to Nicole than her. Carrie wonders if there was something other than business going on between Nicole and Austin. Sami tells her that she hopes not but mentions how interested Nicole is in Austin and how ruthless she can be. She compares Austin to Nicole and says he’s a different man from when he left Salem… Carrie makes a comment about Sami being dumped at the altar.

Lucas goes in for the kill. He tells Austin that he wants to see if there is anything between him (Lucas) and Carrie. Austin gets sarcastic and tells him that he knew she was the CEO but just sat back and let things happen. Lucas counters that he should ask Sami and Nicole just who did that. He wants Austin to do the right thing and not make it harder on everyone. Austin tells him to forget it. There is no way Carrie will transfer her feelings from him to Lucas. He tells him to walk away.

Sami is upset and wants to get back to talking about Austin. Carrie apologies. She thinks that what Sami did to Austin and what she did with Mike, hurt Austin badly and its no wonder that he is different now. Sami tells her how badly she feels for coming between them in the past. Carrie tells her she heard the conversation in the ladies room in L.A. and knows Sami was being sincere. Sami preens. Carrie compliments her on being a good sister. Sami preens again.

Lucas goes in for the kill: Part 11 – tells Austin that he is the one who is being unrealistic and that Carrie has already walked away. Austin is sure that once Carrie calms down…he is going to get her back. He warns Lucas to not stand in his way. Lucas doesn’t think so.

Sami tells Carrie that Austin was the only one who supported her when her non-wedding went down. Carrie tells Sami point blank that she knows Austin was Sami’s hero and that she knows she wants a future with him. Sami agrees but says she backed off when she found out that Carrie was still interested in him…wants a relationship with her sister. Carrie admits to being suspicious. Sami talks about the men in her life and says she hopes she has learned from her mistakes. Carrie thinks she can trust Sami. Sami is pleased and says she won’t do anything to break that trust.

Max’s Garage: Patrick, Max and Chelsea

Chelsea storms in and Max asks if she is okay...says she looks sick. She bites his head off. He tells her that it must be her guilt that is eating her up. She complains that it’s him who is stressing her out. She starts whining that she has to live with this forever… doesn’t he think this is punishment enough? Billie will get off…wants him to promise to keep his mouth shut…wants to know where Patrick is and if Max told him anything.

Patrick pops up behind her and wants to know why she is there. She reminds him that she and Max had plans and wants to know if Max is ready. Patrick doesn’t think so. He tells Max that he found something in his records that might prove Billie’s innocence and also prove who the guilty party is. Chelsea looks like a deer in headlights.

Patrick wants to know why there is no record of the call for the tow job…wants to know who make the phone call from a cell phone. Chelsea back-stabs her mom…claims she confessed and isn’t innocent. Patrick doesn’t believe Billie’s story and thinks she is covering for someone. He wants to know why Max hasn’t answered his question. Chelsea butts in and says it must have been Billie who called. Patrick asks Max if Billie was at the car when he got there. Max tells him she wasn’t. Patrick wonders why Max didn’t think that was odd. Max plays dumb. Patrick is suspicious. He wants to know why Chelsea doesn’t have hope for her mom. He can’t believe that a daughter would let her mother go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. She uses Jennifer’s obsession with Jack still being alive as an example. He just looks at her and then leaves to go and talk to the arresting cops at the police station.

Chelsea sobs and sobs and sobs. She’s a horrible person…yada…yada… Max enables her…sigh…Chelsea doesn’t want to think about it anymore. She wants to blow everything off and go for a burger… Max looks like his eyes are going to pop out…rags on her for once…appeals to her conscience about her parents love for her (not that she has one)…thinks Patrick won’t give up. Chelsea takes her “me” personality one step further. He gets really mad and tells her that she killed Zach and a lot of people are now suffering…and that number will grow when the truth is revealed. Max thinks they could all go to jail. He tells her she’s not the girl he thought she was if she goes through with this. Chelsea…grrr…sorry but I can’t write this up anymore… could she be anymore selfish???

Max is alone now and talking to his agent on the phone…begging him to go to bat for him…tells him about his family problems...wants him to talk to the sponsors for his comeback in the spring. He hangs up, looks at his racing poster, and gets bitter. He imagines being indicted for withholding information about his nephew’s death…doesn’t think there will be sponsors…wonders how many more lives will be ruined besides his if Chelsea doesn’t do the right thing.

Police Station: Hope, Bo, Billie, Chelsea, and Patrick

We see Bo hugging Billie again…doesn’t think what she is doing is right. Hope appears and is incensed. She wants to know what the hell he is doing. She can’t believe that Bo would want to even look at Billie, much less talk to her or touch her after everything she has done. Bo tells Hope that she doesn’t know what is going on here. Hope gets mad and thinks he is taking Billie’s side. He starts to tell her the truth but… Billie jumps in and takes Bo’s side. Bo gets out of the cell. Hope gets angrier. Billie tells her that she (Hope) deserves to be angry with her. Hope apologizes. Bo hugs her and…grrr…tells her he understands but it has to stop…GMAB!!!

Billie pleads her case…it was an accident…she’s going to jail…forget about her…does some marriage counseling…double grrrrr…has the nerve to give Hope advice—be there for each other—for our children (Shawn and Chelsea)—mourn your son…don’t let anything come between them…yada…yada… Hope tells Billie bitterly that nothing will but she can’t bear to be there or even look at Billie and leaves. Bo tells Billie he can’t let this go. Billie goes into counseling mode again.

Bo tells her that the longer it takes to tell the truth the more trouble he will be in with Hope. Billie gives him the same argument as yesterday ad nauseum—look at how Hope reacted to seeing him give Billie comfort. He doesn’t want this to ruin her life.

Patrick is talking to the cops about the confession. He explains that Billie was rushing to see him when the accident happened and thinks it’s suspicious. One cop asks him if he had contact with Billie that night and he denies it. They think it is a done deal. Patrick thinks it doesn’t make sense. He eyes narrow when he turns around and sees Chelsea through the window.

Hope runs into Chelsea and asks her if she is there to see her mother. Chelsea asks her if she went to see her and starts crying. She tells Hope how sorry she is and that she never wanted Zach to die. Hope looks shocked.

Billie is on her own…professing her undying loyalty to Bo and Chelsea…making some dire predictions if the truth comes out.

Patrick asks the cops if there is any corroborating/supporting evidence. They tell him that with Billie confessing and if she pleads guilty, the D.A. doesn’t think they need it. They walk off and Patrick says to himself that he thinks he know how to get the proof he needs.

Hope tells Chelsea she knows she is sorry and that it’s not her fault….talks about Chelsea’s license and how glad she is that she is taking driving lessons before she gets it back…is very glad that Chelsea wasn’t involved in something like this. Chelsea is blubbering…she lies to Hope and says she never has been…talks about the night her parents were killed and swears she would never let anything like this happen. Hope hugs her. Bo comes up and tells Chelsea he can’t do “this” anymore. Hope looks at her.


John tells his “Doc” that she doesn’t mean it. She screams at him not to call her that anymore.

Chelsea cries that she doesn’t want to go to prison. Bo tells her it is out of his control. Chelsea thinks they should just let Billie take the blame.

Bonnie confronts Kate and tells her that the reason she (Kate) is doing this for Shawn and Mimi is because she knows Shawn is Claire’s real daddy.


Friday Jan 27

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Shawn, Mimi, Bonnie, John, Kate, Alex, Marlena, Philip, Belle, Lois, and Claire

While Philip and Belle and Shawn and Mimi watch the nurse, Bonnie comes into Claire’s room just as the nurse is turning off the baby’s life support. She is quite verklempt...is shocked to think that Claire didn’t make it.

Alex & Marlena arrive at the hospital. She wants to be their for her daughter (I think she forgot that she has two of them)…won’t turn her back on her family. He asks if that also means John. Marlena gives vacant stare #1.

Kate tells John that Lois gives her the creeps...can’t understand why they came back when they can’t trust her. John still wants to interrogate her. Lois gives vacant stare #2 through the window to them…gives them some psychobabble. John just smiles.

Mimi tells Bonnie that Claire is fine…just doesn’t need the machines anymore. Bonnie is thrilled and gives a gift basket to Philip. She looks at Shawn and tells him that they have his baby brother to thank for that. Shawn is just glad that the liver was a match. Bonnie says otherwise there would have been two dead babies to bury instead of one. A roomful of stares. Mimi is embarrassed. Bonnie apologizes.

More mush from Marlena and Alex....will always be connected to John...they share a child and grandchild. But she wants to spend the rest of her life with Alex.

More psychobabble from Lois to John and Kate. John agrees with Kate that Lois is crazy. Lois continues to taunt John. She tells him that Alex has an agenda and is trying to destroy Marlena. She thinks Kate’s agenda is John Black. They leave. Lois applauds her own performance.

Back in Claire’s room, Bonnie tells them she didn’t mean that the way it sounded. The nurse is pleased with Claire’s recovery. Belle picks up the baby and presto it’s an actual living and breathing one at last…very cute and sweet (wish someone would support the baby’s head though). Bonnie asks about Shawn and Mimi’s wedding plans. Shawn tells her that they haven’t really thought about that because of everything that has happened to his family lately...doesn’t think they will be planning a wedding for a while. Bonnie tells them that sometimes a joyous occasion is just what the doctor ordered...it’s never to early to plan...unless they are anxious and want to elope. Belle tells them they can’t. Shawn and Mimi look at her questioningly.

Belle explains that she knows Mimi and knows that she has always dreamed of having a big beautiful fairytale wedding. Mimi tells her that the only thing that matters to her is that she and Shawn get married by a priest…the rest is irrelevant. Shawn smiles at her sweetly.

Parents from all sides, along with their companions of the moment, arrive in Claire’s room and are apprised of the good news about Claire. More mush from Alex and Marlena…more grim looks from John…more nastiness from Marlena to John…more Alex/Lois warnings from John to Marlena. Alex stays behind as the three go in.

John tells Shawn how sorry he is about Zach…reminds him that when he looks at Claire he will know that Zach will always be a part of them.. Shawn agrees…says that if God had to take Zach, then at least he made his live a match for Claire…talks about how his own blood was a match as well. Kate changes the subject. She gushes to Philip and Belle about how the baby looks just like Philip did as a baby...wants to buy baby clothes.

Marlena picks up the baby and gushes. John smiles. Kate wants to talk to Mimi in private about the wedding. Bonnie butts in and is all for it.

Alex is a’wandering…

Bonnie wants to know what Kate is up to. Kate shows them the new wedding dress designs from Basic Black. Mimi thinks Kate is being much too generous. Bonnie is skeptical. Kate tries to explain about the article and magazine.

Belle tells John that now that Claire has gotten her “miracle” it is time for her mama to get one as well (sigh…no comment). John agrees and says he doesn’t trust Alex even if he doesn’t have any proof.

Alex goes into Lois’s room…makes an excuse to the cop that he is consulting...shows I.D. and the cop lets him go in. He turns on Lois for almost killing his beloved Marlena. Lois did it all for love of him…etc… He has his back to her and is smirking as he says that he is aware of her love and the lengths she has gone to in the past to prove it to him.

Mimi can’t decide on a dress. Kate thinks she should try them all on and is going to call the showroom and arrange a fitting for Mimi and Bonnie. She leaves. Bonnie warns Mimi that she is sure Kate is up to something. Mimi still thinks that Kate is just thanking them for their help and support with Claire. She was worried at first that Kate was trying to keep Shawn and Belle apart. But now that Claire is okay, she doesn’t think Belle and Philip will ever split up…Basic Black is footing the bill not Kate. Mimi doesn’t know what Kate would have to gain by sending Shawn and her on a romantic honeymoon. And she and Shawn would love to go on a long honeymoon. Bonnie backs off. Mimi goes back into Claire’s Room.

Bonnie and Kate face off from afar...smiling and waving.

John thinks Claire has Marlena’s eyes and Belle’s mouth. Tells a little story about a feverish Belle. Marlena suddenly remembers it.

Alex is worried about what Lois is going to tell everyone. She gets miffed. He kisses her.

Marlena goes on about how they weren’t legally married…yada…yada… He calls her Doc. She gets ticked. They start arguing.

Kate tells Bonnie she arranged for the fitting. She gushes over how right Shawn and Mimi are together. Bonnie has her number and tells her that she would do anything to keep Shawn from Belle. Kate tries to placate Bonnie…says that’s all history and that Philip and Belle are married now. Bonnie lays it all out for her—Kate is doing this because she knows Shawn is Claire’s daddy.

Police Station: Patrick, rookie cops, Hope, Chelsea, and Bo

Patrick is still questioning the cops. He wants them to show him the route Billie took from the hospital to where she allegedly stole Bo’s vehicle. One of the cops picks up on that and says that Billie is guilty…she confessed. Patrick looks at the map and points to a spot, asking if that is the most likely one or not. The cop agrees and then he and his buddy leave.

Hope tells Chelsea she is not responsible for what happened and that she won’t hold Billie’s actions against her. Chelsea tearfully lies and says she would never hurt people the way Billie did. Bo walks up and tells Chelsea he can’t do this anymore...that she is his daughter and Hope is his wife, and that Hope needs to know she (Chelsea) is involved in this.

Hope defends Chelsea. Bo tries to talk but Hope stops him. She tells him that he is tearing Chelsea apart...She understands that her mom killed Zach and she wants to defend her but she was also responsible for her little brother’s death. Chelsea agrees. Hope tells Bo that Shawn and Chelsea have to come first...that Chelsea needs the loving support of her dad.

Chelsea wants to talk to Bo alone. Roman’s office gets a workout.

Patrick approaches Hope. He asks her how she is. She is crying and wants to know if he is there to see his girlfriend…the woman who murdered her son. Patrick tells her he hasn’t seen Billie. Hope apologizes for jumping to conclusions. He thinks there’s been a lot of that. She calls him on that and wonders if he is going to defend Billie. He tells Hope that he just wants to tell her how sorry he is…and that Zach was a special little boy. Hope starts crying again and asks him why this had to happen...misses him so much. He tells her he wishes he knew and comforts her.

Bo is trying to reason with his daughter. He wants to tell the truth...can’t continue the lie...doesn’t have any choice. She doesn’t want him to tell the truth…she might break a fingernail (LOL…sorry just kidding). She doesn’t want to go to prison. Back and forth and back and forth. He plays hardball and tells her it’s out of his control. He will get her the best lawyers. Chelsea is fine with Billie taking the wrap for her. Chelsea whines. Bo stares and says nothing.
Patrick asks Hope if there is anything he can do. She wants him to be there for Chelsea and thanks god that Chelsea has him and her father…he is the best father ever.

More disgusting pleading from Chelsea. Bo won’t let the District attorney make an example of Billie because he will give her the stiffest penalty possible. He tells Chelsea that if she had only called 911...it would be considered an accident. He tells her he has only let this go on as long as it has so he could protect his wife. Chelsea thinks of herself again…tells him that Hope and Shawn will hate him as well as her. He wants to risk it. And most important…NOT…Chelsea says she will hate Bo if he turns her in….then Billie will also hate him and he’ll be all alone.

Bo isn’t impressed. He is doing the right thing for everyone…especially Hope because she has to know the truth. He tells his daughter that he will hire Mickey to represent her. Chelsea won’t give up. He reminds her that as a cop he took an oath…when he married he took a vow…he can no longer withhold evidence or lie to his wife.

Patrick knows how upset Hope is...can’t imagine how much it hurts but asks her to let go of her anger. She tells him it’s the only thing keeping her from falling apart. He reminds her that anger is not the kind of thing you teach your children...that this isn’t her...she is the most loving and forgiving person he knows. Hope gets a faraway look in her eye and tells him she only has one child alive now. He tries to make her see that Bo and Shawn are her reason for going on. She thinks about the funeral and the trial…says she can’t forgive Billie for leaving Zach there...can’t imagine how terrified her little boy was. Billie deserves to be punished and there is no moving on until that happens. He says that she is right and that if it were his son then he would want whoever had done it punished as well. Hope thanks him for understanding and leaves. Patrick murmurs that he does indeed want the person punished…but it’s not Billie.

Bo tells Chelsea that he will testify that he was the one basically responsible for what happened...will say it was an accident and that she didn’t knowingly leave Zach to die. She listens miserably when he tells her he has to tell the truth. Then she spins her “me” attitude again....he’ll lose her...his wife...his son...


Bonnie tells Kate if she wants to seal their deal, then she has to meet her price.

Mimi tells Belle that “she” means so much to him...as if she were his own daughter. Belle grins and says that “she” is. Mimi looks at her strangely.

Marlena tells John that she loves Alex and is going to go check on him. John stops her and tells her she isn’t going anywhere.

Alex tells Lois that by the time Marlena remembers who he is, no one will be able to save her.


Monday Jan 30

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital Part One: Shawn & Mimi, Philip & Belle & Claire, Bonnie & Kate

The boys and girls are still in Claire’s room. Philip and his wife are excited about bringing Claire home...he’ll even hire a private nurse for her if he has to and thinks it’s like they are starting a new life. Philip feels bad because of what Shawn is going through. Shawn tells him that he is just happy for them. Belle thinks Zach would be happy too because he saved Claire’s life. Shawn lets him off the hook...just glad about Zach helping Claire…(sigh how many times is that now?) Belle tells Shawn that they will do everything they can to honor Zach’s memory...and be good parents. She reminisces about the angel and blanket. She says that now Zach will be Claire’s angel (I could say something but…). Mimi mentions how others have also benefited from Zach’s organs and that it means so much to Shawn’s parents to see Claire grow up. Philip tells Claire that so many people are looking out for her and that nothing will take her away from them again.

Mimi and Belle leave to get some coffee.

Shawn tells Philip he is really happy that Claire is okay. He says that if Philip is asking him if he would have sacrificed his little brother’s life so that his daughter could live, then he doesn’t think anyone would say yes. He adds that he would have done anything for Claire because he loves her. Philip is very humble and grateful to Shawn...wants to say something to him but thinks it will sound lame. Shawn tells him not to worry about it. Philip tells him that even though he lost his little brother...he’s still there for them... standing by him and Belle and Claire...and he’ll never forget it. Shawn’s voice cracks as he says that they just don’t know why things happen the way they do... his family didn’t have any choice.

In the hall, Belle thanks Mimi for her support, especially after everything the four of them have been through. She doesn’t know how Shawn is doing it and is sure the hospital is the last place he wants to be right now. Mimi tells her that Shawn isn’t like other guys…Claire is almost like therapy for him…he cares so much about her…almost as if she were his own daughter. Belle smiles and calmly answers that she is. Mimi is shocked.

Mimi repeats what Belle said in a daze “Claire is Shawn’s” and asks if Belle really said that. Belle backtracks and says no, she just meant that both of them are godparents and that Shawn gets so attached to any little kid in his life...like J.T. or Zach, and now Claire…he’s just the fatherly time, she guesses. Mimi looks at her strangely as she is saying this. She tells her she knows what she meant…that Shawn just “thinks” of Claire that way. She tells her that if anything were to happen to her and Philip that they would want Shawn and Mimi to take Claire.

Belle asks how Mimi and Shawn are doing. Mimi tells her they are good and that what has happened has brought them even closer. Belle asks about the wedding and asks jokingly if Mimi has picked out a hideous color for her bridesmaid dresses yet. They talk about Kate’s plan and the wedding dress choices. Mimi says she hasn’t really thought about the wedding, what with everything that has been happening. Belle can’t believe that Kate made such a generous offer since she’s never been a big fan of Shawn’s. Mimi agrees and says that Kate has never been a big fan of her either. She isn’t sure if she will choose any of them because she isn’t sure there will be a wedding. Belle has a very strange look on her face...and it isn’t a sympathetic one.

Back in Claire’s room, Philip tells Shawn that he has seen how much Mimi loves him and wonders if he is having second thoughts about marrying her. Shawn tells him that he really does want to marry Mimi but is worried about the timing being right. Shawn is acting nervous and cute. He tells Philip that it’s not that he doesn’t want to marry Mimi...he does...he really does...and a year ago he never would have guessed how much Mimi would mean to his life...now he can’t imagine his life without her. Philip thinks Shawn should take advantage of his mom’s offer, describes the honeymoon of a lifetime...a trip around the world (Shawn is grinning now) is what Shawn has always wanted...and now he doesn’t have to join the merchant marines. He tells Shawn to picture the Taj Mahal...sunset...Mimi in his arms...and finally convinces him. Shawn asks him to be his best man.

Belle is still looking and acting strangely. She can’t believe that Mimi would want to call off her wedding to Shawn. Mimi thinks it’s just bad timing for a wedding right now, especially with the Brady family grieving over Zach, and she doesn’t really want to elope, even if Kate suggested it. She doesn’t want to run off with Shawn to Paris...even though that is where Shawn first kissed her. She wants to have her family and friends there. Belle is not a happy camper one moment. She thinks that was a lifetime ago. In the next minute she puts on a brave smiley face and agrees saying that this is Mimi’s home and her family is here. She doesn’t think Mimi should elope if she doesn’t want to and offers to help plan everything and even design her wedding dress. She thinks it will be really good for everyone to have something to celebrate. Mimi tells her that Julie said the same thing. They share a hug. Mimi also tells her that she doesn’t want to wear one of Kate’s wedding dresses…her dream wedding dress doesn’t need to be designed because it already exists--she wants to wear Caroline Brady’s wedding dress because Shawn said she looked beautiful in it. Belle is stunned. She gets up angrily and moves away.

Belle can’t get over the fact that Mimi wants to wear Caroline’s dress. She looks pretty morose. Mimi watches her carefully. She asks her if she minds her wearing the dress. Belle tells her she was just surprised. Mimi tells her that she (Mimi) is just being sentimental. The dress means so much to the Bradys...in a funny way it’s a symbol of how two people can go through rocky times and still hold on for love like Grandpa Shawn and Grandma Caroline. She likes knowing that she will be a part of that family. She mentions that she and Belle will end up being sort of in-laws or something and says that as soon as she gets the chance to talk to Shawn about the wedding, they will set a date...won’t be tomorrow...but very soon.

Mimi mentions how Zach would have been the ring bearer, and wonders if maybe Claire can be the flower girl. Belle hopes she doesn’t have to wait that long, but Mimi tells her that she has seen young children do it with their moms carrying them in the flowers. She asks Belle to be her maid of honor...awkward moment. Belle tells her she would love to and they hug again.

Philip says he will be Shawn’s best man and they shake hands (old secret handshake) on it. He tells him that friendship never dies. Shawn agrees and says “no matter what.” Philip echoes him. Claire starts to cry and daddy Philip picks her up and gives her to Shawn to hold. The baby stops crying, sneezes. Shawn blesses her and tells her he loves her. Philip thinks he is great with children and tells him he will be a wonderful dad someday. Shawn tells him he got lots of practice with his little brother.

Hospital Part II: In the Cafeteria—Kate & Bonnie

Bonnie is pushing Kate’s numbers…laying the truth about “who’s the daddy” right out before her. Kate denies…denies…denies… Bonnie pushes some more.

Kate and Bonnie do some verbal judo. Bonnie finally tells her that it is outrageous for any man to pretend he is the father of another man’s child. Kate defends her son and says he isn’t pretending. Bonnie agrees and says Philip is clueless. She wants Kate to admit the truth. Kate wants to know how Bonnie came to this conclusion. Bonnie replies that Mimi was suspicious when Phil’s blood type didn’t match Claire’s but Shawn and Belle’s did…affirms that Mimi doesn’t know the truth…but when Bonnie heard about Kate’s generous wedding offer…she put it all together. Kate admits that it’s true and asks what Bonnie wants. They both agree that they want their children to be happy. Kate asks for Bonnie’s collaboration in keeping the truth from Shawn and Belle.

Bonnie tells Kate that an EMT she used to date was there the night Shawn and Belle were rescued from the burning barn and that they were naked. Kate counters that they were also confused and disoriented and that’s how it happened. Bonnie says that they don’t remember making Claire and that’s how she wants it to stay. They both agree and Kate puts out her hand to shake on it. Bonnie tells her that she has to meet her price first.

Bonnie tells Kate that she wants mega makeup and wants to use Alice’s for the wedding reception. She wants a basic black designer dress for herself. Then she gives Kate her list. Kate agrees. Bonnie promises that she will carry the truth to her grave. Kate warns her to make sure she does and leaves. Bonnie murmurs that Maggie stole the brass ring from her, but she will get it for her daughter instead.

Hospital Part III: Marlena’s Office—John & Marlena, Lois’s Room—Lois & Alex

John wants to talk—pushes family abandonment guilt issues; Marlena seeing a honest-to-goodness ethical therapist for a change. She doesn’t agree and defends her beloved Alex. He talks about Belle’s miracle…wants one of his own now. She throws some verbal knives.

In Lois’s room, Lois is in heat. He tells her to back off in case someone is watching. She asks him what it is really like pretending to be in love with a woman that you really hate (Marlena).

Back in Marlena’s office, Marlena gushes about Alex and doesn’t about John. She doesn’t remember him saving her life ever, but she does remember Alex doing it. Marlena leaves. John vows not to let her go.

Back in Lois’s room, Alex tells her that he doesn’t hate Marlena. She’s flabbergasted that Marlena could think that Alex loves her after causing her first bout of hysterical amnesia years ago. She warns him to be cautious. He’s suspicious of Lois. She just says that John Black is smarter than he looks and might interfere. Alex thinks John has lost Marlena for good.

She wants to know when he is springing her from the asylum. He tells her that they will be together but asks her to understand that he has to take care of business first. Alex talks about his lame plan for Marlena…and then mentions Kate’s part in getting John away from Marlena (Kate loves John and sooner or later he will be interested). Alex knows that John will never get proof against him.

Kate is outside Marlena’s office door now. She hears John and Marlena talking. Marlena is telling him that he can stop loving her and be with Kate. He agrees with her that Kate is a lovely woman and that he does have feelings for her, but not the same feelings he has for Marlena. She wants him to let her go. He doesn’t want to let her go.

Back in Lois’s room, she wonders what will happen if Marlena gets her memory back. Alex says it won’t make any difference because if and when that happens it will be too late for anyone to save her.


Carrie asks Sami about her and Lucas. Sami throws the question back at her. Carrie wants to know if it is really over between them.

Lucas tells Austin that he can raid as many companies as he wants, but that when the time comes, Titan will destroy him just like he destroyed Carrie’s company.

Billie begs Frankie not to tell anyone that Chelsea killed Zach.

Bo murmurs that he has to tell Hope the truth. Hope asks what truth.


Tuesday Jan 31

Pat’s Spoilers

My thoughts up front: I think Commissioner Gordon better sign up one Patrick Lockhart ASAP – he could be the next rising young star on the Salem PD. Lord only knows they could use someone with good investigative skills and perseverance in the search for the truth. Again, Rachel Melvin drew me in. I can’t stand what she is doing and I hate her lies but today again I felt sorry for her. I got the distinct impression that Caroline’s talk with her really shook her to the core and she is genuinely scared that her mother might end up in prison for a long, long time. This is not what she thought would happen. From her call to Max she makes it clear that the truth is going to come out – almost as if she is not going to let her mother go through with pleading guilty. Of course we’ll never know that because the truth is going to come out before the hearing. I have lost all respect for the characters of Sami and Lucas. They make me feel ill to my stomach. Neither of those two deserves to be happy nor do they have any idea of what love is. That they would conspire against their own siblings is disgusting. Poor Will to be stuck with the parents he has. Will has more maturity than either of his parents…sad.

Here’s the spoiler report.

Patrick: He’s standing outside looking at a map. He knows that whoever was driving Bo’s vehicle had to go this way based on where Zack was hit and where Max picked up Bo’s vehicle. He’s canvassed the neighbourhood and no one saw anything. He looks up at a convenience store and sees an outdoor video camera. He goes inside the store and tells the clerk he needs to see the surveillance tape from the camera that points to the street for one specific night. The clerk asks if he is a cop. LOL – at Patrick’s expression when he says no. The clerk is fairly excited at the prospect of Patrick being a private dick. The clerk lists off a group of fictional private detectives. Patrick says he’s something like that. The guy wants to know what’s in it for him. Patrick says if its money he wants, he’ll pay. The guy wants his number so they can get together for a drink at Alice’s. Patrick says sure and gives him number commenting that he knows the owner so they might get some drinks on the house. The guy brings the tape and asks Patrick what they’re looking for. Patrick says he will know it when he sees it. The guy asks him if he wants popcorn – LOL! The clerk leaves Patrick alone when a regular customer that he calls pays with pennies comes in and drops all his change. At the very end of the show Patrick is watching the tape saying show me who is driving Bo’s vehicle. Patrick pauses the tape and the clerk sees the picture on the screen. He is surprised that Patrick is looking for her. She comes in all the time to buy a diet drink and Teen People – she has an attitude up to here (he holds his hand up) – the clerk wants to do what she did. The camera pans to the picture and its Chelsea driving holding her cell phone in one hand. That’s where the show ends – Patrick now knows who Billie is covering for.

Court House: The rest of the scenes play out at the court house. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because there is a lot of conversation going on so I’m sure I didn’t get it all.

Carrie, Sami and Lucas are together. Carrie can’t believe Zack is gone. Sami can’t believe that Billie is the one that killed him. She really wants Billie to pay. Carrie tells her to have a little sensitivity. Sami tells Lucas she knows that Billie is his sister but she doesn’t understand how Billie could just hit Zack and leave him there. She doesn’t know what she would do if that happened to Will.

Hope sees Chelsea and tells Bo that Chelsea is taking this a lot harder than she expected. She really loved Zack and it must be so hard on her knowing that her mother is responsible for his death. She hopes this helps Chelsea to realise the consequences of driving recklessly. Carrie comes and offers her condolences and asks if there is anything she can do. Bo and Hope both welcome her back and thank her for being there. Carrie says she never got the chance to meet her little cousin but everyone in the family told her what a special little boy he was. Hope says he was our everything (not exact wording) and nothing will ever be the same without him. Carrie asks again if there is anything that they need … Hope says all she wants is for Billie, the woman who murdered her son, to go to jail. Bo says ‘don’t’. Hope says ‘don’t what. Don’t hate your ex-wife for killing our son.’ Hope goes to see why the arraignment hasn’t started yet. Bo tells Carrie that Hope can’t accept that Billie isn’t at fault. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Sami and Lucas are left alone. Lucas says that Austin didn’t show because he’s probably taking over another company. Sami says we both benefited from Austin taking over High Style. Lucas says one of us did. Sami wants to know what he means. He tells her that Austin has no intention of giving up on Carrie. Sami isn’t worried because she knows that Carrie won’t forgive him. Lucas tells Sami that Austin will never love her – he’s actually quite heartless. Carrie returns from her talk with Bo and Hope – Lucas is gone. Carrie tells Sami to go and offer her condolences but Sami tells her that Bo and Hope don’t want that from her – they don’t like her. She’s here to support them – that has to be enough. Carrie asks Sami if things are really over between her and Lucas. Sami says yes. Carrie pushes her knowing that Sami still loves Lucas. Sami finally admits it. Carrie says if you still love him, he may feel the same. Sami says that Lucas left her at the altar and she knows that he will never forgive her – he’s made that clear. Lucas is moving on with his life and she has to do the same. Sami says just like you’ll never be able to forgive Austin. Carrie says that Austin is not the man she thought he was. Sami has a question for Carrie – it’s a little awkward. She reminds her that she told her how Austin was the only one that stood by her side when Lucas dumped her. Carrie has to admit that Austin has been a good friend to Sami. Sami goes on to say that she thought he might actually have feelings for her but then she stepped aside when the two of them got back together. Now she would like to pursue a relationship with Austin and see where it goes. Carrie gives Sami her blessing.

Caroline sits and talks with Chelsea. She tells Chelsea that she talked to Max – she must know what he told her. Caroline goes on to say that Max told her upset Chelsea is over Zack’s death and she can see that. She also knows that Chelsea and Zack hit it off. Chelsea says he told me he loved me. Caroline feels bad for her saying that it has to be even worse knowing that Billie was the driver. She must be worried about her mother. Caroline wants to prepare Chelsea for what might happen. Judge Fitzpatrick will probably take Billie’s past record into consideration and come down hard on her. Chelsea is shocked – she thinks that Caroline is talking about the one time in the Cheating Heart when Billie punched a cop. Caroline says Billie was in jail for other crimes a long time ago – the judge may give Billie the maximum sentence. Chelsea is clearly upset now – Caroline says they shouldn’t worry about that until it actually happens. Caroline goes to talk to Bo and Hope. Chelsea phone Max and tells him to come to the courthouse – she needs him there and she’ll need him even more when the truth comes out.

Billie, Kate and Austin are in a room when Frankie comes in. Billie is upset that Kate hired an attorney. Kate tells her that she needs a good lawyer. The argument goes back and forth and Kate almost blurts out the truth but Billie stops her. Kate tells her that either she agrees to let Frankie represent her or she will tell Austin and Frankie that Chelsea was the driver. Billie agrees on one condition – that they accept the fact that she is not going to change her plea. Frankie says they have a lot of work to do before the arraignment. Austin and Kate leave them alone. Frankie asks her why she is pleading guilty to something she didn’t do. She pretends she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Frankie has done some investigating since Austin called. He pulls out a folder and tells her that there is no way she could have driving the car because at the time of Zack’s death she was on a Titan jet. He asks her who she is covering for. She says his information is wrong. He reinforces the fact that he knows what time the jet landed, what time the car service picked her up at the airport and what time the car service dropped her off at the Lockhart’s. She couldn’t have been driving. Billie wants to know how he got all this information insisting it’s wrong. Frankie asks her again who she is covering for. Billie blurts out that no one can know that Chelsea was driving. As soon as she realises she let it slip. She tells Frankie that she is doing this for Chelsea and Bo. Frankie is shocked to hear that Bo knows it was Chelsea. Billie explains that Bo signed a temporary licence for Chelsea and gave him her vehicle – Hope will never forgive him – their marriage would be over.

Hope tells Bo she doesn’t know what the hold up is and why the arraignment hasn’t started. Her cell phone alarm goes off – Its Zack reminding her to pick her up from school – Hope is just crushed. Bo grabs the phone and shuts it off and hugs Hope. Caroline comes over and asks what is wrong. Bo tells her what just happened. Hope didn’t know he had recorded the message – she needs to go get some water. Caroline is happy that they have each other. Bo feels the need to confess I guess because he takes her inside a courtroom and tells his mother that Hope doesn’t know everything. Billie wasn’t the one driving the car, it was Chelsea. Caroline comments ‘no wonder she is so upset.’ Bo says it’s not her fault. He was going to be tough on her about her driving but he gave in and signed the temporary licence and gave her the car. He’s responsible. Because of him his son is dead. Caroline says you have to tell Hope the truth. Hope comes in and says the truth about what.

Kate and Lucas are outside talking – this is going to be short because I really can’t stomach Lucas … sigh. Lucas tells Kate that Austin destroyed Carrie by taking over her company – he does say that it was Nicole that didn’t do her homework and find out who the CEO was. Kate says it’s just business. Lucas says that Carrie will never forgive Austin. Kate is going to talk to Carrie. Lucas says no. Kate asks him if he thinks he’s going to be there to pick up the pieces of Carrie’s broken heart. Austin arrives and says that won’t happen. Things get very unpleasant. Lucas makes threats – he vows that Titan is going to destroy Austin’s company just like Austin destroyed Carrie’s and that Carrie will be with him. Austin tells him to bring it on. He tells Lucas that he is never giving up on Carrie and they will be back together.

Preview: Alex to Lois - We are both going to get exactly what we want. John to Alex - What the hell are you doing in here? Marlena to Belle - That's the person I belong with, not your Dad. Bonnie to Mimi - This is not about fortune tellers. This is about Claire. Mimi - Claire? Bonnie - She's Shawn's daughter, Mimi. Patrick to Billie - You have to stop lying Billie. Hope - Is anyone going to tell me what is going on here?
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Wednesday Feb 1

Pat’s Spoilers

Marlena, John, Alex and Lois: John tells Marlena it’s a great day because their granddaughter is going home. She agrees. John doesn’t think that Alex should be there – this is a family occasion. Marlena tells him that she and Alex intend on renewing their wedding vows so Alex will be Claire’s step grandfather. Alex tells Marlena that John is right this is a family occasion. He has some things to take care of. He’ll see her back at the penthouse. John and Marlena go into Claire’s room but John only stays for a moment. He tells Marlena he’ll see her at the loft. Alex goes to Lois’ padded room. Lois is not exactly happy with Alex right now. She doesn’t know if she can trust him. She heard the nurses saying that he is going to renew his wedding vows with Marlena. She doesn’t want to spend more time in a psychiatric ward while he’s off with Marlena. He reminds her that they have had their plan in place for a long time and they’ve discussed this many times. He takes her hands and John comes in wanting to know just what Alex is doing there. Alex says he was once Lois’ doctor. He came to see her to make sure that she is no longer a threat to Marlena. John asks him if Lois is a threat. Alex says she needs treatment. John makes it clear that he thinks there is more to this than meets the eye and he intends on getting to the bottom of it. Alex tells John he has been wrong about him at every turn and he’s still wrong. John doesn’t think so. He leaves. Lois is worried about John. Alex isn’t – he concedes that John is smart but he tells her he is smarter. By the time John or anyone finds out the truth it will be too late for Marlena. John enters the loft ignores everyone there except Marlena and tells her that he is going to prove to her that she is wrong about Alex. Marlena tells John that he is wrong and proceeds to list all of Alex’s virtues. John storms out.

Hospital: Belle is happy because Claire gets to go home. Mimi and Shawn are happy to hear the news as well. Belle asks them if they can help her take Claire home because Philip is at Claire’s arraignment. He was torn – he wanted to be here with Claire but he wanted to be with Billie as well. Belle realises she is talking about the arraignment of the person responsible for Zack’s death. Shawn asks if he can pick up Claire. He does … Mimi beams as she watches him and tells him that he is so good with Claire. He says it’s because she feels like family - it’s because of Zack. Bonnie is hovering muttering that Shawn can’t learn the truth. Oh … oh… Bonnie got Kate duty for the day I guess … sigh. Marlena comes in Shawn and Mimi leave the room to give her and Belle some privacy. I did like one thing Marlena said to Belle today. When Belle comments that she only wished that Claire’s good fortune didn’t come at Zack’s expense Marlena tells her that they should never forget and always be grateful (or something close to that). Belle is packing up and nonchalantly says they have so much stuff – they’ve been there forever – so if Marlena can carry the diaper bag Shawn and Mimi can carry the rest. Ask me if I saw red … now Shawn and Mimi are her personal servants???? Grrr.

In the waiting room Shawn and Mimi talk. Seriously – I know I’ve said this before but there is no other way to describe it. They literally glow with happiness. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. Mimi tells Shawn that she and Belle had a good talk and that Belle seems very happy for them – she even offered to design her wedding gown. Shawn says that things appear to be back on track between the two of them. Mimi says that she asked Belle to be her Matron of Honour. Shawn says he asked Philip to his Best Man. Shawn tells her he doesn’t want to rush this. Mimi knows it is because of Zack. Shawn wants her to know it’s not because he’s brushing their wedding aside he just doesn’t think that with his family grieving right now that this is the right time. Mimi understands completely. Shawn picks up her left hand and says that he wants to get her a proper engagement ring. They kiss - sigh. Bonnie is not happy with Mimi agreeing to delay the wedding.

Marlena, Belle, Mimi and Shawn arrive at the loft. Marlena and Belle talk by the crib. Belle makes her stupid comment about how Shawn and her will always keep Claire safe. Marlena pounces on it. The conversation goes on. I’m sorry but Marlena’s advice to Belle has got to be the most arrogant piece of hogwash to come out of anyone’s mouth. She advises Belle to resolve her feelings for Shawn before SHAWN marries MIMI. EXCUSE ME – but she should have resolved those feelings before she married Philip. And just what bearing do Belle’s feelings have on Shawn and Mimi’s marriage??? Is Marlena trying to say that because BELLE has unresolved feelings for Shawn, Shawn is supposed to stop loving Mimi, break his engagement and sit around and put his life on hold while Belle RESOLVES her feelings. As I said, like mother, like daughter – unbelievable!

Shawn and Mimi are now unpacking Claire’s supplies (don’t even get me started on this). Mimi says that Belle and Philip are going to have to make room for all kinds of baby supplies. Shawn talks about all of Zack’s stuff in the cupboards at home. It still doesn’t seem real to Shawn that Zack is gone. He used to go days without seeing him now he can’t bear to go to his parent’s house – he doesn’t know how they can do it. Mimi comforts him. She tells him he’s going to make a great father some day. He tells her he can’t wait to have kids with her – he hopes she feels the same. She does. He hopes she doesn’t mind but he would like to name their first son after Zack. Mimi hugs him – she thinks that is a great idea. Shawn hopes that once Billie is punished than his family can start to put this behind them. Bonnie shows up with two bags of groceries. Mimi answers the door surprised that Bonnie would do this. Bonnie starts in on Mimi – saying she better get a move on with the wedding or she’ll lose Shawn just like she lost Rex. She needs to bag Shawn now. Shawn comes up and asks Bonnie if she just told Mimi to bag him. Bonnie is a quick thinker, I’ll give her that much – she tells Shawn well the two of them are engaged so she thinks Mimi already has him – she was saying that the bags are heavy and she could use him to help her with them. Bonnie takes Mimi out in to the hallway and tells her she’ll be the one grieving if she doesn’t marry Shawn and fast. Mimi is not happy that her mother has so little faith in her – they go back inside. Shawn and Belle talk. Belle is so happy with her miracle and then apologises to him when she thinks about Zack. Shawn says that all babies are miracles. He can’t wait to have kids. He talks about how much closer she and Philip have become. True love is a wonderful thing. Belle says and you have Mimi – Shawn beams! Bonnie drags Mimi out again and tells her not to question her – just marry Shawn or she’ll lose him. Mimi asks her if she has been to the fortune teller again. Bonnie blurts out that it’s Claire. Shawn is Claire’s daddy. Mimi is shocked.

Courthouse: I’m not going into much detail when it comes to Billie, Frankie, Chelsea’s and Patrick scenes. Maybe if I would have sat back and counted how many times the “you can’t say anything about Chelsea being the driver version” was thrown out by Billie and Chelsea I might have been more interested. I did like how Patrick confronted Chelsea and told her outright that he had proof she was the driver. He can’t believe that she is going to let her mother go to jail for her – Chelsea’s response is that is what Billie wants to do and she is going to let her do it. Frankie doesn’t think that Billie is setting a good example for Chelsea but he agrees as her lawyer to keep her confidence. They hear Chelsea and Patrick arguing and Billie goes charging out telling Patrick that he can’t say anything. She gives the I’m doing to this to save Bo and Hope’s marriage spiel as well as to protect Chelsea. Patrick can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Bo, Hope and Caroline: We pick up where we left off. Caroline gives Bo the look and then says she is going to leave them alone. She leaves and guard comes in … Bo sees what the man left behind so he tells Hope they need to talk but he wants to go someplace else. She insists that she has to remain here. She looks over Bo’s shoulder and says ‘oh my god, Bo.’ She picks up the evidence bag and says these were Zack’s favourite pj’s – he was just wearing them the other night. She’s in tears, Bo is close to tears. She holds the evidence bag to her breast, Bo holds her. Hope faints. He takes her out of the courtroom and asks his mother to get some water. Hope comes to. He wants to get out of there. He says they don’t need them at the arraignment. He wants to take her home because she is emotionally and physically exhausted – she hasn’t eaten. Hope won’t hear of it. As long as she has him she can get through anything. If she lost him … Bo says that isn’t going to happen. He loves her and will be with her always. She is going to splash some water on her face and she’ll be fine. Bo wants Caroline to go with her but Hope says it isn’t necessary. Bo and Caroline chat. I loved how Caroline told him to suck it up and be the man she raised him to be – to tell Hope the truth. He wishes this was only about him – Hope needs him now more than at any other time. He’s the only thing holding her together right now and if he told her the truth she wouldn’t want anything to do with him. Caroline asks him if he wants her to find out second hand. Bo says no. He knows she would never forgive him. He tells his mother the position he is in. He either tells her now when she’s at her most vulnerable or waits until she’s stronger and it will hurt more. He would give up his life not to have to hurt her. Frankie, Chelsea, Billie and Patrick show up and Patrick is in the midst of telling Billie that she has to stop lying. Bo glares at Patrick. Hope looks at them all and demands to be told what is going on here.

Preview: Chelsea to Max – You have to take me somewhere far away where they will never find me. Please say you will help me. Mimi to Bonnie – I knew this was too good to be true. Bonnie – What are you talking about? Mimi – There’s no way I can marry Shawn now. Sami to Austin – She said you were two completely different people now and that it’s over between you two. Austin – I’m not giving up no matter what she says. Lucas to Carrie – Austin Reed & Co. Our first order of business is to crush them.


Thursday Feb 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Lucas & Carrie: I’m not going to say much about their scenes because I think what Carrie is doing is so hypocritical…sigh! Carrie is in tears – still upset with what Austin did to her employees and her company. She tells Lucas that she can never forgive Austin. Lucas says some things are unforgivable – like what Sami did to him. Carrie tells Lucas she talked to Sami at the courthouse. She still loves him – she tried to deny it but then admitted it was true. Lucas doesn’t believe it but Carrie thinks Sami is telling the truth. Lucas says she has lied too often and he doesn’t want to get hurt again. He changes the subject – he has a proposition for her. The way he goes about asking her to work with him at Titan one would think he was going to propose. When he offers her a job based on the wonderful job she did at High Style I almost gagged - hmm – wasn’t the company on the verge of bankruptcy??? Carrie asks if he wants her to work with him so they can get closer? He assures her that it’s not personal, only business – what a liar. He tells her their first order of business will be to crush Austin Reed & Co. Austin needs to pay for what he did to her company so they’ll do the same thing to him that he did to her. Carrie agrees. So it’s alright if her and Lucas do it but unforgivable for Austin to do it … stupid, stupid, stupid.

Sami & Austin: I like Austin, I really do but I feel like screaming … hello – this is Sami – don’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth. She says they have work to do. She feels bad that she didn’t do more to prevent this break with Carrie from happening. He tells her that it wasn’t her fault. She told him not to go ahead with the takeover and he wouldn’t listen. It wasn’t her fault that they didn’t know Carrie was the CEO – cue Sami’s flashbacks where she can gloat about destroying Austin and Carrie’s relationship for good. She stands there and lies right to Austin’s face - I guess this character is never going to grow up. She tells him about her conversation with Carrie. Carrie said they are two completely different people and it’s over between them. Austin tells Sami he will never give up on Carrie. Austin asks her if she is prepared to do battle with Titan because he knows Lucas is going to come after them. She says yes. He says even if it means you will lose any chance of ever getting back together Lucas. She says yes and then thinks to herself that Austin is going to end up with her.

Great scenes at the courthouse today! Patrick tells Billie that he won’t let her do this – the lying has to stop. Hope wants to know what is going on. She wants someone to tell her. Patrick tells Hope that Billie is lying. Bo tries to get stop him by saying this is not the time – Billie tries to stop him – Chelsea runs out but Patrick looks at Hope and says that Billie is innocent. Chelsea was the one driving Bo’s car. Billie tells Hope not to believe Patrick – he’s lying. She turns on Patrick and asks him how he could do this to her. He says he cares about her and he couldn’t let her take the blame. Billie wants Patrick to tell them he is lying. Hope says Chelsea – but how. Hope asks Billie how she could lie about how Zack died. Billie insists that Patrick is lying. Patrick says he had proof. Billie says no. … Bo tells Billie it’s over. Patrick had a picture developed from the tape – its Chelsea driving and he points out the time stamp – it’s just before Zack was hit. Hope turns on Billie and says you were covering up for Chelsea? Bo tries to get her out of there but it’s not working. He says it was an accident – oh my – that look that Hope gives him … she was so angry with him. Billie says she didn’t want her daughter to go to jail. Hope sits down and Patrick and Bo go inside the court room. Bo is furious at Patrick which surprises the guy because he would have thought Bo would be grateful to find out the truth. Patrick realises that Bo did know the truth. He asks Bo how he could keep the truth from Hope. Bo says he did it to protect her. Patrick asks if he was protecting Hope or Chelsea. Bo says both. He was the one that signed the temporary license and loaned his vehicle to Chelsea. He’s the one responsible for Zack’s death. Patrick says that Hope is going to be devastated. Bo says that is why he wanted to be the one to tell her in his own good time. Meanwhile Chelsea comes back inside. Billie hugs her. Hope sees Chelsea and says ‘murderer.’

Chelsea and Max: Their scenes were basically about how her life is over and she can’t go to jail. She’s mad at Patrick. I like that Max told her that Patrick did her a favour. Chelsea isn’t happy about that. Max says I’ve told you over and over that the truth was going to come out – its better it came out now rather than later – it would have made things worse. Chelsea doesn’t think that things could get much worse. Hope is going to hate her – every time her father looks at her he’s going to being thinking that she is responsible for Zack’s death. She says there is only one thing to do and she turns to leave. Max stops her and says she can’t do that. She begs him to take her some place where no will ever find her. He tells her that she has to go inside and take responsibility.

The loft: Sigh … I see lying comes as easily to Belle now as it does to Sami – I never thought I’d see the day … oh well. But I really think that Shawn is on to her – he’s not buying that she is happy for him and Mimi. Not much about the Shawn and Belle scenes except I have to say that Jason is so good with the baby… When Shawn is holding Claire and talking to Belle the baby never takes her eyes off him – she smiles and coo’s at him … hmmm … I wonder if the baby has been visiting some web sites … LOL! I will say this because when I saw the baby the only thing that struck me is that the baby doesn’t have Shawn’s colouring but oh lordy the profile of the baby today when Shawn is holding her – the little tyke is the spitting image of Philip … LOL! It was just the way the baby’s head was turned but I did smile when I saw that. Shawn asks her if she is okay with being matron of honour – Belle says she wouldn’t have said yes if she wasn’t. Belle tells him that he’s going to be a good dad someday. He talks about how he and Mimi aren’t going to have a family right away. Belle asks him if Mimi is okay with not having the wedding right away. He says of course she is. Belle goes on to say it’s a good thing that Mimi understands – this is not the right time. Shawn asks her again if she is happy for him and Mimi. She says yes it’s just that a wedding should be a happy time – she wants things to be perfect for him and Mimi. Shawn tells Belle that the wedding may not happen now but it is going to happen. Shawn puts down Claire for a nap. He talks about what a great family they have and how much closer she and Philip have become. Belle agrees that Claire made her love Philip more (or something along those lines) – a child brings two people closer together.

In the hallway a shocked Mimi tells Bonnie it can’t be true. How could Bonnie possibly know? Bonnie tells her that it’s a fact and she has to marry Shawn ASAP. Mimi repeats that it can’t be true – she said that Belle was a virgin when she slept with Philip – he was her first. She talks about Shawn and Belle taking that purity pledge and wearing the rings. Bonnie wishes it wasn’t true but facts are facts. Mimi wants to know what facts. Bonnie talks about the EMT she dated and he told her that night Shawn and Belle were rescued from the burning barn they were both as naked as the day they were born. Bonnie goes on to say they did the nasty and neither of them remembers it. Mimi is in denial – she says they she knew they were naked – they needed to get warm … and then they fell asleep. She asked Belle about this and Belle denies it – Mimi then mentions that Belle didn’t remember everything. And she says just because they were naked – that isn’t proof that they slept together. Bonnie says that Claire is the proof. Mimi is overwrought by this point. Bonnie reminds her that even she thought it was possible when she heard the nurses talking about Shawn’s blood being a match. Mimi says that doesn’t mean anything. Bonnie brings up the liver transplant and the fact that Zack, Shawn’s brother was a match. Mimi says it’s because Zack is related to Philip and besides even you said that you didn’t have to be related to be a match. Bonnie insists that what Belle, Shawn and Philip don’t know won’t hurt them. She then tells Mimi that she found out by observing Kate and confronting her. Kate knows the truth. Kate has rock solid proof. Mimi is stunned that Kate knows and didn’t tell Philip. Bonnie explains that Kate wants Philip to be happy with Belle – just like she wants her to be happy with Shawn. Kate knows just like Bonnie knows if they found out the truth Belle would want Shawn back because she’s still in love with him. Kate was being so supportive of Mimi and Shawn’s marriage because she knew the truth. That’s when it sinks in for Mimi – Bonnie is telling the truth. Mimi says I knew it was too good to be true.

Bonnie asks her what she is talking about. Mimi says she can’t marry Shawn now. Bonnie asks her why not. Mimi says because she can not lie and pretend like she doesn’t know. Bonnie doesn’t see what harm it could possibly do. Everyone is happy. Mimi says that she can never give Shawn what he really wants – a baby of his own and Belle has. Mimi goes on to say that Shawn would still be pursuing Belle if she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant with Phil’s baby. Family means everything to him and to Belle. Shawn will want to be a hand’s on dad. She’ll be demoted to loyal friend – right back where she started. Bonnie gets angry and tells her she can’t tell the truth. Mimi insists that she won’t lie – been there, done that and got the T-shirt. Shawn deserves to know the truth and she is going to tell him. Caroline is lurking and comes out. Mimi thinks she’s here to see Belle and the baby. Caroline is there to congratulate her and Shawn – she here’s that Mimi is going to need to borrow her wedding gown. She tells Mimi “I told you that you would marry Shawn one day.” She has a gift for them. Mimi is speechless. Bonnie says it’s because she’s overwhelmed. Caroline says she’s never known Mimi Lockhart to be at a loss for words. Caroline asks where her grandson is. Mimi says he’s in the loft with Belle and the baby. Caroline goes inside. Bonnie and Mimi argue – Bonnie says this wedding is going to happen or my name isn’t Bonnie Horton. Mimi says it isn’t, it’s Bonnie Lockhart. Bonnie says whatever. Mimi tells Bonnie she’s going inside to tell them all the truth. Bonnie follows saying no…

Inside the loft: Okay, something is just not right … when Caroline says she is there to congratulate the two of them on their engagement … Belle gets all smiley and giggly and she stands next to Shawn touching his arm as if Caroline is talking about the two of them and not Shawn and Mimi. Shawn just beams when Caroline congratulates him on his engagement. Belle is all smiles as she strokes Shawn’s arm and says Shawn got a great girl in Mimi. Caroline talks about Claire being home from the hospital and she tells Shawn that soon he will have one of his own. Mimi comments to Bonnie that he already does with Belle. Bonnie tells her to shut up because Shawn will hear her. Mimi says he should, he and Belle will make perfect parents. Caroline says the baby looks so much like Shawn Douglas when he was a baby but how could that be. Belle mentions that Claire and Shawn are related through Philip. Bonnie says the baby looks like Mimi. Caroline asks her that could be. Bonnie says it can’t. All babies look the same, they look like Einstein. Everyone laughs. Caroline says that she is right – the resemblance was just in her head. Mimi whispers that she is telling them now.

Preview: Austin to Sami – What is the matter? Do you not want Carrie to part of my company … part of my life? Caroline to Belle – Belle, what is it? Belle – I still love Shawn and I want Claire to be his baby. Shawn to Mimi – My future is with you. Mimi – I can’t take this anymore. I have to tell you the truth. Chelsea to Hope – Dad gave me permission to drive his car – Hope stares at Bo.


Friday Feb 3

Pat’s Spoilers

The only scenes I enjoyed watching today were those at the courthouse and a few scenes that Mimi was in. The rest of the show for me was a wash.

Lucas & Carrie: Lucas pushes for an answer. Carrie tells him if she does take the job it won’t be to get revenge on Austin. Lucas says of course not (liar, liar, pants on fire – of course I could say that about most of the people on the show today … hmm… I sense a theme) they’ll just be proving to Austin that nice guys in business don’t finish last. Carrie wishes that Austin would give all her employees jobs. Lucas pours it on thick telling her that’s she’s such a good person she will probably end up giving her employees part of her salary. She tells him she only needs enough to live on. He says that Titan doesn’t pay that much – he does have a suggestion. To save money she can live with him – he has a spare room – they can share the rent. She asks him why – he says he’s been unemployed for several years and he needs to save money so Will can go to college. Okay, so let me get this straight, all those years he was unemployed he still managed to pay the rent on his own but now that he’s a big time executive at Titan he needs someone to share the expenses. Yup – makes sense to me … NOT! When he asks for an answer yet again she tells him everything is moving to fast. She’ll make a fresh pot of coffee and think about it. Lucas goes to get some milk.

Austin & Sami: Sami tells Austin there is nothing he can do to change Carrie’s mind – he can’t give her the one thing that would make it up to her and that is her company. Austin refuses to give up. He’s come up with an idea that he thinks Carrie will accept and she will forgive them. He’ll offer her the job of being in charge of the High Style product line. He’s going to talk to her. Sami tells him to stop. Austin challenges her and asks her if she doesn’t want Carrie in his company or his life. Sami says no she doesn’t think that Carrie will want to work for him. She was once the CEO and now Austin is and she would have to take orders from him. Austin says he is going to shower and change and then he is going to talk to Carrie. Sami hears Lucas whistling in the hallway and asks him what he’s up to. Lucas tells Sami everything is going good for him. Sami smirks and says ignorance is bliss. Lucas wants to know what she’s talking about. Sami tells him that Austin has a plan to win Carrie back. Lucas wants to know what it is. Before Sami can tell him, Austin comes into the room and Carrie is at the door. Austin asks Carrie to come inside and listen to him. He has a suggestion …

The Loft: Shawn says Bonnie is right – all babies look alike. Mimi turns away and Bonnie and her talk. Mimi tells her mother that she can’t live a lie. She will not have a relationship with Shawn that is based on a lie. Bonnie says she had a lot of relationships based on lies. Mimi asks her how long they lasted. Bonnie suggests that if the truth has to come out that Mimi wait until after they are married. Mimi says why, so I can get alimony. She lied to Rex about a baby as well and look how that turned out. She made a mistake and she is never going to do that again. Shawn calls Mimi over and asks her who she thinks the baby looks like. Mimi says she can see Belle in her … than she stops and says Belle, Shawn, I have something to tell you. Bonnie thinks to herself that desperate times call for desperate measures. She doubles over in pain and says she thinks she is having a heart attack. Mimi says no you’re not. Bonnie groans louder and everyone goes rushing over to her. Shawn helps Bonnie to the couch and Caroline tells her that when she had her heartache she ignored the symptoms and by the time she went to the doctor it was almost too late – she almost died. Bonnie says geez, thanks. Caroline didn’t mean to worry her, she just thinks she should go and see a doctor. Bonnie says the pain is passing – she’s feeling a little better. Mimi tells her to rest while she talks to Shawn and Belle. Bonnie can’t let that happen so the pains come on again. Shawn rushes out to bring the car up to the door – Mimi says it’s not necessary there’s nothing wrong with her. Mimi and Bonnie are alone and Mimi tells her to stop faking it. Bonnie cries out that she isn’t – that she doesn’t want to die. Mimi thinks Bonnie is telling the truth and immediately apologises. They leave for the hospital.

Caroline and Bonnie gossip about Mimi. Belle can’t believe that Mimi thought her mother was faking it. Caroline asks if Bonnie has a habit of having fits of histrionics. Belle says well maybe. Belle doesn’t think they were talking about anything stressful or upsetting. Caroline says she shouldn’t have brought it up – Mimi must have a good reason for believing that her mother was faking it. Belle doesn’t want to drop it though because it gives her an opportunity to have a look at poor, poor me, pity party. I’m not going to say anymore because it will turn into a full-fledged rant and frankly this character is just not worth it. I can not believe that they write Belle to spend her time whining about still being in love with Shawn and wanting him to be Claire’s father instead of acting the least bit grateful that her daughter survived a major health crisis and came back from the brink of death. Everyone holds that baby instead of Belle – this is just sad. The re-written history is laughable. Interesting how Belle asks Caroline to keep it a secret from Philip – she doesn’t want to find out … ah, the cycle of lies and secrets.

At the hospital Lexie is on the phone saying she wants to know as soon as Abe is out of surgery. A nurse comes along and tells Lexie that she hopes the operation is a success. Lexie says they hope it will restore his eyesight but there’s no guaranty. She sees Shawn and Mimi with Bonnie and asks what is wrong. Bonnie says she thinks she is having a heart attack. Lexie tells them to take her to cubicle one. Mimi asks Lexie if Bonnie isn’t too young to have a heart attack. Lexie says no. Mimi tells Shawn that she feels terrible for thinking her mother was faking it. Maybe they should have called an ambulance – they could have given her oxygen or something. Shawn says she walked in on her own steam – she’s getting good care. Lexie asks Bonnie questions trying to get a medical history. Bonnie’s responses are quite comical. Lexie tells her to relax – Bonnie says and this is what I’m paying you for … Lexie says she needs some tests done to make a diagnosis. Bonnie is left in the cubicle and she overhears another patient telling the nurse what his symptoms were – he started sweating, his heart was racing and then he had this shooting pain in his left arm. Bonnie says Mimi can’t know I’m faking it. She gets out of bed and starts running in place – LOL – It just struck me as funny. She hops into bed when she hears someone approaching. Shawn and Mimi are there when Lexie expresses her concern over Bonnie’s heart rate increasing when she was just lying still. Lexie wants to know if she is under any stress. Bonnie looks at Mimi and says no. Lexie asks Mimi and Shawn to leave. Shawn reassures Mimi telling her that Bonnie is in good hands. Mimi feels like a bad daughter, she tells Shawn she doesn’t know what she would do without him. He smiles at her and tells her that she’ll never have to find out. Mimi says he doesn’t have to stay. He says he wants to be there with his fiancée if she doesn’t mind. He agrees he has a connection with Claire- so does she … Belle says you have a connection with Belle. He says yes because they spent a lot of time thinking they would be together. He tells Mimi not to worry about that the past is the past – my future is with you. Mimi says I can’t do this. I have to tell you the truth. Bonnie hears this and heart rate elevates again.

Courthouse: We get a replay of the Patrick and Bo scenes. They end with Patrick saying that when Hope finds out the truth it will kill her. Patrick tells Bo that he will not let Billie take the fall for something Chelsea did. She killed your son – now could you not tell Hope the truth. Bo asks Patrick if he’s really looked at Hope. She’s barely holding it together. She needs him. She needs him when they go home to their empty house. She needs him to help her get through the funeral. Does he really think that Hope could handle burying Zack on her own? He was going to tell her after the funeral when she was stronger. Patrick thinks the reason Bo didn’t tell the truth is because he was afraid of losing Hope so he was willing to sacrifice Billie instead of that happening. Patrick goes on to say that Billie always ends up paying for Bo’s mistakes. Bo denies that. He tells Patrick that if Hope finds out that the decision he made cost Zack his life she won’t have anything to do with him. He’s not going to let her go through Zack’s funeral alone. Patrick asks him how he was supposed to know that Bo knew the truth. And he still can’t believe that he let Billie do this. Bo says it was Billie’s idea. They hear Hope screaming and rush out of the courtroom.

Hope gets off the bench – she looks angry. When she returns and sees Chelsea in Billie’s arms she says “Murderer.” Chelsea and Billie stare at her. Hope says I know the truth. Chelsea lies and Billie just stands there and doesn’t stop her – Chelsea says she swears she doesn’t know what Hope is talking about. Hope yells out – you are the one that killed my son. Hope asks her if she was talking on her cell phone. Chelsea has a flashback to when she hit something. She tells Hope that Billie confessed. Hope says it isn’t true. I can’t believe that you let her do that. Poor Hope – she is almost shaking with anger. My son is dead and the two of you lied about it. She asks them how they could do that. Chelsea insists she didn’t do it. Hope really yells at her saying yes you did. You were the one driving. Chelsea lies again – denying that she was the one driving. Hope tells her that she has proof. Billie tells her it’s over. They have a picture of her driving Bo’s SUV. Chelsea is shocked and asks how could they have a picture. Hope shows her the picture and says that’s you. You killed your little brother. Chelsea cries and says she so sorry. Hope asks how she could hit someone and not stop. Chelsea says she didn’t know – she just felt a little bump. Hope tells her that is she just would have stopped and called 911 Zack would still be alive. Billie steps in and says that blaming Chelsea isn’t going to bring Zack back. She says if you driving and it was really dark and you hit something would you get out and check if it was a pothole or a branch. No one expects a small kid to be in the middle of the street after midnight. It was a horrible innocent accident. Hope asks her if it was so innocent why was she lying and taking the blame for it. You were teaching her that her lying mother would take the blame and let her get away with murder. Billie says it wasn’t murder. You’re a cop. You know that.

At this point Bo is there and Hope turns to him crying. They knew the truth and lied to us. How could anyone do something so cruel? Chelsea claims it was an accident. What about the woman who was watching Zack? Was she supposed to know that Zack was going to wander out into the street? Is she a murderer too? Hope says it would have been an accident if you hadn’t stolen your father’s car – you don’t even have a licence. Chelsea says she didn’t steal Bo’s car. Hope says no one would have given you permission to drive it. Hope says you can’t even stop lying now … Chelsea says I’m not lying about this, dad gave me permission to drive his car. Hope stares at Bo and says ‘What?”

Previews: Caroline to Belle – Are you saying that marrying Philip was a mistake? Bonnie to Shawn (Mimi is beside him) – Will you grant a possibly dying woman’s last wish and marry Mimi while I’m still here to see it? Carrie to Austin – You are just another heartless corporate shark. You haven’t said or done anything here to day to make me think otherwise. (Oh geez and Lucas’ first order of business is to crush Austin & Reed Co is not shark – like at all … no it’s the gentleman’s way of doing business … sigh ... stupid, stupid, stupid!) Hope to Bo – I don’t want you any where near me, Brady. Bo – Hope … as she walks away.


Monday Feb 6

Pat’s Spoilers

The courtroom scenes are the only reason to watch this episode in my opinion.

Hospital: Bonnie calls out for Mimi to prevent her from telling Shawn the “truth”. Her blood pressure rises. Lexie tells Mimi and Shawn to leave but Bonnie begs Lexie to let her stay. If she has to go she wants her daughter at her side. As soon as Lexie says yes, Bonnie’s blood pressure starts dropping. Lexie says she needs to figure out what is going on – she’s going to put a rush on those test results. Shawn has a question and follows her out. Mimi tells Bonnie she’s very sorry. She thought she was faking it so that she wouldn’t tell Shawn he’s the father of Belle’s baby. Shawn comes in and says what did you say? Bonnie looks really sick now … LOL! Mimi wonders where the nurses are because Bonnie’s alarms are going off again. Bonnie says she is fine – she just saw a hunky orderly. Shawn smirks. Then he says you were saying something about the father of Belle’s baby. Bonnie covers and says Philip. No I was saying that Mimi thinks I’m a bigger baby than Claire. She goes on to admit that when she’s sick she milks it for all it’s worth which is why Mimi questions whether she’s suffering from a hangnail or something more serious. Shawn asks if there is anything they can do. Bonnie asks them to call and ask the mother of Connor’s friend if he can stay there while she recuperates from her cardiac event. Mimi says sure. Shawn says he will go with her. Bonnie says I remember what it was like to be young and in love that you never wanted to be apart.

Shawn asks Mimi what it is was that she wanted to tell him. Mimi says it isn’t going to be easy but he has to know the truth. Bonnie says the truth is Mimi feels terrible for thinking I was faking it. I won’t go into all the detail but Bonnie pulls out all the stops and plays on Mimi’s concern for her. She tells Mimi that she really thought she was going to die and that is the first time she’s been afraid in her life. She’ll be okay as long as Mimi does what Lexie said – doesn’t do or say anything to upset her. Mimi promises … sigh. Lexie comes back – the test results are inclusive. She wants Bonnie to stay so she can do more tests. Lexie asks to talk to Mimi and stresses to Mimi that she has to keep Bonnie calm until they can figure out if there is something seriously wrong with her. Shawn asks if there is anything else they can do. She asks if he and Mimi could keep an eye on Alice’s so her employees don’t steal her blind. Shawn doesn’t think they would do that but he and Mimi agree to look after the place. He asks her if there is anything else. She hems and haws and says there is but it’s not something she feels she needs…Shawn says we can’t do it if you don’t tell us what it is. She gives them the spiel about if she doesn’t make it she wants to go to that big bar in the sky knowing her Mimi is hitched to the man she loves. She asks Shawn if he would grant a possibly dying woman her last wish by marrying Mimi as soon as possible.

The loft: These scenes – I don’t know the purpose of them except to pound in the fact that we’re supposed to believe that Shawn is Claire’s father and to showcase how truly self-centered and selfish Belle has become. And oh joy –more rewritten history today as Belle goes through her album talking about the honeymoon location that her and Shawn talked so much about … yeah, right… One thing is evident – she wants to be married to Philip but she wants Shawn as well. She has the audacity to tell Caroline that the book holds all her dreams of the life she was going to have with Shawn, the life she could still have and then she follows that up with, but of course I love Philip and want to be married to him. Excuse me YOU have decided you could still have that life. Dumb me, I thought Shawn might have a say in the matter but I guess if Miss Belle wants it that’s all that counts. And the every time I look at Claire I love Shawn more – gag me. Belle starts babbling about what could have been. Caroline says you’ll drive yourself crazy doing that (okay no comment). Belle says it might be easier if I didn’t see Shawn every time I looked at Claire. Caroline says there’s a simple explanation for that – she’s surprised Belle didn’t figure it out herself. Claire looks like Shawn did as a baby (aww – always nice to insert comic relief into a show) that’s probably what brings up all the what if’s. Belle says she does love Philip and the three of them are a family but she can’t stop loving Shawn. Caroline says it will be easier when Shawn marries Mimi. Belle says now get this … ‘Why, because he won’t be available?” EXCUSE ME – but you’re MARRIED – and whether he’s available or not, whether you’re available or not – it’s Shawn’s choice – not YOURS. Then she compounds the insanity by saying that she and Shawn never had closure – they didn’t fall out of love – Jan kidnapped him but she didn’t know that. She just thought Shawn had left her when she needed him the most. By the time she found out the truth it was too late – she was married to Philip. Caroline asks Belle if she is saying that marrying Philip was a mistake. Belle remembers her wedding and says no it wasn’t. She may have married him for the wrong reasons but she is staying with him for the right reasons – it just goes on. Caroline talks about her choice and decision. She tells Belle she can talk to her anytime she wants because she can’t talk to Shawn or Philip about these residual feelings. Belle says she already has talked to Shawn and they’re happy with things the way they are. Belle comments that Caroline is happy with the decision she made and she is too. Caroline asks her if she is at peace with it. Belle smiles and says yes. She loves Philip, they have a healthy daughter and Shawn and Mimi are going to get married.

Lucas/Carrie/Sami/Austin: Sami and Lucas agree to team up to keep Austin and Carrie apart – haven’t we been there, done that with these 4 already. Austin gets Carrie to come inside. He wants to put a shirt on. She says don’t bother – I’ve seen you in less it won’t sway my decision. Austin has found a way to give her company back. Lucas says you can’t its gone. Austin says its product line isn’t. He asks her to be in charge of the High Style product division. She had great products and really knew that side of the business, High Style was managed wrong. He says that Nicole can look after the distribution, etc. He tells her not to think of it as a takeover but a merger. Carrie says we would be business partners then. He says yes and if you forgive me maybe more. Sami signals Lucas to put an end to this. Lucas pipes up and says that is just like mugging someone and then asking them for a date. Austin tells him to stay out of. Lucas says he won’t allow Carrie to be hurt again. Austin tells Carrie he never meant to hurt her. He didn’t know she was the CEO – she has to believe that. This was just business – a way to strengthen his company. Lucas jumps in – you couldn’t do it on your own so you had to steal someone else’s ideas. Austin says that Titan does the same thing – Lucas was going after High Style as well. Austin gives Carrie his pitch – he says she would basically have her company back – she’d have a job. Lucas says she already does, she’s going to work with me at Titan. Sami smiles – she’s thrilled. Austin asks Carrie if it’s a done deal. She says she hasn’t signed anything. Austin says you are a free agent then. Come and work with me – you’ll have complete autonomy whereas at Titan you’ll have to get approval from everyone. Sami pulls Lucas to the side and urges him to do something because Austin is winning. (How in the heck don’t Austin and Carrie notice those two conspiring together – sad!)

Lucas jumps in and asks Austin if he’s going to hire back Carrie’s employees. He says he can’t afford to right now, maybe in 6 months to a year. Sami reminds him if he tried to hire them that would be restructuring and his investors could pull out. Lucas promises Carrie that she can create a new products division in L.A. and hire back anyone she wants – her employees are like family – he really admires that about her – where’s my barf bag? She can do what she wants – but she’ll work in Salem. Austin asks him if he has Victor’s okay on this or is he just throwing around Victor’s money to impress Carrie. Sami asks Carrie which offer she is going to choose. Austin tells Carrie to work with him. Carrie won’t listen – would you believe she tells Austin that she trusts Lucas more than she could trust him because he understands that her family of employees and loyalty mean more to him than the bottom line. Geez – I wonder how much loyalty meant to Carrie when she was committing adultery with Mike while she was married to Austin. Talk about being a hypocrite. Austin tries again but Carrie just snaps at him and calls him a heartless corporate shark and stomps out with Lucas. Sami and Lucas smirk. Lucas and Carrie talk in the hallway – just rubbish … there’s only so much hypocrisy and stupidity I can take. Sami tells Austin she’s sorry it didn’t work out – it might have if Lucas hadn’t been so manipulative. She slyly says with Carrie it’s not just professional but personal for Lucas. Austin knows that. Sami says that Lucas just declared war. Austin vows to bury him. Sami says they have to go on the offensive and attack Titan which means attacking not only Lucas but Carrie as well. Lucas hasn’t given them a choice.

Courthouse: Chelsea tells Hope that is truly sorry. She loved Zack. It was an accident. Hope says you stole your Dad’s vehicle and you don’t have a licence. Chelsea says she had permission to drive – her Dad handed her the keys. Hope says Bo would never do that. Bo tries to get through to Hope but she just wants Bo to call her the liar that she is. They both agreed that Chelsea couldn’t drive until she had proved that she could be responsible. That is why they gave her the driving lessons. Bo says she was doing really well … Hope cuts him off and asks why are we talking about them. Chelsea will never learn. Her parents died because of a reckless driver and that didn’t make any difference. She calls Chelsea a pathological liar just like her mother. Billie says that is not true. Bo asks Hope to listen to him, there’s something she has to understand. Don’t miss this scene – oh my Kristian had me in tears … She asks Bo what is it that he wants her to understand. Bo wants to talk privately. Hope insists that they say whatever has to be said in front of those two. They both lied to her. She knows that Chelsea is his daughter but she killed my son … Bo wants to talk someplace else. Hope won’t budge. Patrick tells her that he thinks they should talk privately. Hope thanks Patrick for telling her the truth – he’s the only one that did. Patrick says than take my advice – go and talk to Bo privately. She says she can’t. She wants Bo to denounce their lies right in front of them. Bo tells her he can’t – Chelsea isn’t lying. Oh my the look on Hope’s face. The total disbelief. Bo has a flashback to making the biggest mistake of his life. Hope keeps asking him to say it’s not true, he didn’t authorize the temporary licence, he didn’t give the keys… Bo can’t. He says I’m sorry Fancy Face and Hope screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Bo tells Hope there are no excuses – he should have told her from the beginning but she’s been in so much pain there was never the right time – he didn’t want to make things worse. Billie chimes in and says he wanted to tell you the truth but I asked him not to – I pulled out all the stops to make sure he didn’t. Hope yells I just bet you did. Billie says she didn’t do it to hurt her she did it to keep Chelsea out of jail. Bo tells Hope that Chelsea’s teacher said she was ready for a temporary licence; I signed it before I gave her the keys. He thought he was doing the right thing. Chelsea doesn’t drink. He thought it was safer for her to drive than get in a car on New Year’s Eve with a drunk driver. He’s sorry. Hope can’t see how this is possible. He’s her husband, Zack’s father – how can he be part of the conspiracy to keep the truth from her. Bo is confused – conspiracy??? Hope asks Patrick to be honest with her - they’re both still trying to keep the truth from her. They’re trying to protect Chelsea. Patrick can’t answer. Hope says to Bo that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it? Bo says he’s sorry Fancy Face but no one is lying to you. Hope is in complete denial – she says no. Bo says I signed the temporary licence – Hope keeps saying no you didn’t – Bo says I let her drive my truck. Chelsea says I didn’t mean to do it Hope. It was an accident. Hope yells no it wasn’t – it was murder. Bo says no – Hope turns towards him – she’s furious. She yells you lied to me, how could you lie to me? You all lied to me. Bo says it’s not that simple. She says yes it was. You knew the truth. You knew that Chelsea killed my son, my baby. You knew that you gave Chelsea the car and you let me believe that Billie was responsible. Bo asks Hope to let him explain. She says there is no explanation for what he has done. He reaches for her and she backs away and yells at him not to touch her. She has to get away. Bo says he’ll go with her. She tells him that she doesn’t want him anywhere need him. Bo watches her go and says what have I done?

Preview: Lexie to Tek – And you think you’re the man. Tek – Yeah, I do. Mimi to Shawn – What if my Mom really is dying? Patrick to Jennifer – He may lose both his children. Hope entering – If that happens he has no one to blame but himself. How could I ever forgive him? Chelsea to Billie and Bo – So this is it. Bo – They are going to file official charges against you for Zack’s death – group hug.


Tuesday Fri 7

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital Scenes:

Abe’s room: Lexie comes in and picks up Abe’s robe and caresses it. Tek comes in and Lexie isn’t exactly thrilled to see him. He steers her towards the bathroom and closes the door behind them. He kisses her. She responds. A nurse wheels Abe into the room. He thought Lexie would be there. The nurse offers to page him but he says no. In the bathroom Lexie tells Tek that Abe is her main priority, all her focus is going to be on him and that Tek being there is inappropriate. Tek tries to convince her otherwise. Telling her that Abe hasn’t been a proper husband to her for a long time, she’s a passionate woman. He also implies that Abe isn’t a good father because he gets impatient when he can’t do the things Theo would like to do. He tells Lexie that he is in love with her and she is in love with her. She corrects him. She says she loves him but she is in love with Abe. Tek decides to prove otherwise and starts kissing her. The door knob turns. Abe has asked the nurse to find his robe. Tek and Lexie hide in the shower until the nurse leaves. Lexie tells Tek that she may have been giving him mixed signals so she wants to make herself perfectly clear – she wants to be with Abe. Her pager goes off. Tek gets her to sneak past Abe but when he is trying to get out Abe calls out Who’s there? Tek says he came to see Abe’s wife.

Bonnie’s room: Bonnie paces the room (LOL at those fuzzy slippers). She congratulates herself for being able to pull one over on the doctors and she is convinced she is doing what is right for Mimi. It’s Mimi’s morals, ethics and honesty that is causing her blood pressure to rise. Outside her room Mimi is thinking of Bonnie’s request for them to get married but she is wondering how she can marry Shawn now that she knows he is Claire’s father. Shawn comes along and says he knows what she is thinking. She says try me. He says you’re worried about your Mom and you’re thinking about her request for us to get married. I think we should do it. Mimi says there is something she has to tell him. Bonnie can’t let that happen so she jumps on the bed and starts moaning loudly (well yelling is more like it). Mimi and Shawn come running in. Bonnie plays it for all the guilt and sympathy she can get. She grabs on to both Shawn and Mimi’s hand. To make a long story short she comes out with the same request as before – get married while she’s still here. Mimi asks Shawn if she can speak to her mother alone. Mimi tells her mother to drop it. She is not going to start off her marriage to Shawn with a lie. She lost Rex because of a lie. If she loses Shawn from telling the truth than so be it. Bonnie thinks she is making a terrible mistake. She’ll never be Mrs. Shawn Brady. Mimi lays her head down on the bed in frustration. Shawn comes in and tells them that he had Lexie paged. Lexie comes in and examines Bonnie – Mimi and Shawn are in the outside the room. Lexie wants to run more tests. She tells Bonnie that women of her age are at risk for heart disease. With some lifestyle changes Bonnie can reduce the risk. Lexie comes out and gives Mimi the news. When Mimi hears that Bonnie has to quit smoking, change her diet and start exercising and quit drinking Mimi says My Mom? Lexie leaves. Shawn comments that it appears that Mimi is not all that anxious to marry him. She says she does want to marry him but with everything going on she doesn’t think the time right – his family won’t understand. Shawn says he’ll make them understand. This is what we all need. He doesn’t see any reason not to get married now – he says we are in love. Mimi goes in to talk to Bonnie. Bonnie gets her way as Mimi agrees to marry Shawn and not say anything about Claire.

Courthouse: Billie is comforting Chelsea who is repeating her mantra – ‘my life is over’ … Billie wishes she could do more for her. Patrick says don’t you think you did enough. Billie is very angry with him and asks him why he went to the convenience store to check video footage. He says because I knew you didn’t kill Zack Brady and I wasn’t going to let you take the blame for it. She says you should have stayed out it. Patrick can’t believe that Chelsea was going to let her mother take the blame for something she did. He tells her that he still cares for her but Chelsea snaps at him that he doesn’t care about anyone but Billie and she storms off. Billie tells Patrick she thought they had something special but not anymore. She tells him they’re over. Chelsea runs outside and cries on Bo’s shoulder. (Bo had just called and left Hope a message). Bo hugs her and comforts her when she says for the hundredth time, my life is over (we wish … sigh). They go back inside and witness Billie saying it’s over and Patrick saying he hoped their relationship could continue. Bo tells him to leave. Patrick tells Billie it didn’t have to be this way and leaves. Billie asks if he got hold of Hope and he says no – she has her cell turned off. The phone rings. It’s the DA office – Billie is free to go. The charges have been dropped. Billie says just like that. Chelsea cries and says now they’ll come after you. Bo tells her that charges will be brought against her for Zack’s death. Billie hugs Chelsea. Bo stands beside them but doesn’t join in the hug.

Jennifer’s: Hope walks towards Jen’s front door. She is clearly devastated. Jennifer opens the door and can see how upset Hope is and tells her to come inside. She’s sure Billie’s arraignment was very hard on her. Hope tells Jen that Bo kept the truth from her – it was Chelsea driving. Jen can’t believe that Chelsea would steal Bo’s SUV. Hope says she didn’t have to Bo gave it to her. Jens says but she doesn’t have a licence. Hope explains that as well. They sit on the couch. Hope tells Jen that Chelsea called for a ride that night when they were at the hospital – that must be when he gave her the truck. She then remembers that Bo go another call from Chelsea. He was with Chelsea when she found Zack and she couldn’t get hold of her – she is crying by now. Jen says but Bo didn’t know. Hope says neither did Chelsea because she didn’t bother to stop to see what she had hit. Bo didn’t know until the cops told him it was his car. Then he said there had to be a mistake and he would get to the bottom of it – he lied and she can’t forgive him for that. Jen defends Bo saying she can’t imagine the position he was in knowing that it was his daughter that was responsible. Hope is angry – she can’t believe that Jen is defending him. Jen says she isn’t and then says she guess she is – she loves them both. Jack did the same thing to her. Bo was probably trying to spare her from more pain. Hope says they were both wrong. She goes into the kitchen. Patrick shows up. He asks how Hope is doing – he saw her car in the driveway. Jen says she isn’t doing good. Patrick says that Bo isn’t his favourite person but the guy is in a difficult position. He may end up losing both his children. Hope hears this and says that if he does he has no one but himself to blame. Hope tells Patrick that she treated Chelsea like a daughter. She wishes that she had never come into their lives. As Zack’s mother she is going to make sure that Chelsea gets the maximum penalty the law allows. Patrick tells her that Chelsea is very upset – she loved Zack. Hope says she has shown no remorse – she’s upset because of what is going to happen to her. Chelsea was willing to let her mother go to prison for her – that’s not human! Patrick says that Chelsea is Bo’s daughter – for the sake of their marriage she has to work this out with Bo. Hope doesn’t care if she sees either of them ever again. She goes upstairs to check on JJ and to spend some time with him. Jen says she has never seen Hope like this before.

Preview: Austin to Sami (Carrie behind him): “Breaking up High Style gave me an appetite for more of the same. It’s my future.” Abe to Lexie: You’re beautiful. Lexie: “Oh sweetheart, you can see.” Chelsea to Bo: “What about Hope? She hates me.” Hope to Jennifer, Maggie and Alice: “Bo has a choice. If he stands by Chelsea Benson he loses his marriage to me. It’s that simple.”


Wednesday Feb 8

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Tek tells Abe he’s here to talk to Lexie. Abe says she isn’t here now but he can wait. Abe wants to talk to Tek about his relationship with her. Abe says that when he had his sight the two of them worked well together. He has never gotten used to other men giving his wife a second look and when he couldn’t see his imagination got the better of him. He apologises to Tek for the way he treated him. Lexie is standing behind the two men and hears what is said. Tek tells Abe he wasn’t entirely wrong, Lexie is a very desirable woman but he respects their marriage. Lexie makes her presence known. A nurse comes in to remove Abe’s bandages. They are also told that the donor family gave permission for the name of the donor to be given out. Abe’s bandages come off. He tells Lexie she is beautiful. She is so happy that he can see. The nurse hands him an envelope saying she has something for him. Abe says - what the bill? LOL! It’s the name of the donor. Abe opens it and gets emotional and passes it to Lexie who is also very emotional. It’s Zack. Abe says he gave me the gift of fatherhood and now the gift of sight – he’s never going to take anything for granted again. He tells Lexie that he has been wallowing in self-pity for a year and he wants a chance to start over. They hug and proclaim their love. Tek is outside the door and says it isn’t going to last – he’ll make sure of that.

Chez Rouge: It’s a sad day when I can say the only good thing about these scenes were Roman and Nicole. Nicole is polishing off a bottle of champagne when Roman shows up. He’s asks her if she drank the entire bottle herself. She says she did because he wasn’t there. She goes to join Austin and Sami. Outside Lucas and Carrie are arriving. Lucas wants the evening to a celebration. Carrie isn’t so sure – she hasn’t signed any papers yet. Lucas says not too worry – he’ll give her anything she wants. She’s still indecisive and says that is probably why she wasn’t good at business. Lucas says that she shouldn’t let Austin make her feel insecure. She rants about Austin being a corporate raider but admits she’s not ready to commit to Titan. She also asks Lucas if he is suggesting that she give Austin a chance on a personal level. They go inside and run into Roman. She tells Roman that she is staying in Salem. Lucas offered her a job at Titan. Roman is pleased. He says he’s heading back to his hotel room. Carrie offers to help him find an apartment. Nicole tells Austin she’s happy they made it. Someone that wants to do business with them is going to join them. If he comes on board then Titan, Lucas and Carrie better look out.

The guy is Larry Tate – someone Austin and Nicole did business with when they worked for Titan. Larry is so happy with the way Austin sliced and diced High Style. Austin says that is not his style. Nicole drags him aside and tells him they need this man’s money. He can take over six companies like High Style than he can give on to Carrie all wrapped up in a red bow. Roman hears this part and tells Nicole if he hadn’t heard it with his own ears he wouldn’t have believed it – she does have a heart. They have a drink or two together. Roman says he’s leaving – Nicole suggests he doesn’t have to go back alone. Roman says they’ve both had too much too drink – he leaves alone. Austin goes back and says that taking over High Style has given him an appetite for more takeovers. It’s his future. Carrie overhears this. The rest is just basically a set up for Carrie to overhear Larry Tate calling the CEO of High Style incompetent and worse and for Larry to act like a pig – which he does throughout. She’s furious with Austin and storms out – he goes after her. Lucas is trailing but Sami stops him – she says not to worry Austin and Carrie are history. Austin stops Carrie that what happened was just business. She’s highly creative but she lacks managerial skills. He says not everyone is cut out to be a CEO and that’s okay. She’s ticked at him but he reminds her that she wanted honesty. Now she’s mad at him throwing her words back at her. She apologises for the way she left him, she should have ended things with him a lot earlier. It’s obvious they were never meant to be. It’s over. Roman gets to his hotel room. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Nicole. Roman lets her in but he’s not sure about this. Nicole says she is sure enough for the both of them … she drops her wrap.

Jen’s: Hope comes downstairs and tells Jen that JJ went to sleep. Jen thanks her for looking in on him. Hope says it was good – it helped her. Jen says that Gran and Aunt Maggie are there. Hope says she won’t be good company. Jen says they don’t expect her to be. Hope hugs Alice. Hope tells that she is never going to forgive Bo for giving his keys to Chelsea. They had talked about Chelsea not being allowed to drive and now Zack is dead. Hope says that no one understands how much I’m hurting. Bo betrayed her and his daughter killed my son. Maggie reminds her that Zack was Bo’s son too but Hope says you would never know it. Maggie says that Bo is concerned for his daughter – she’s about to be charged with a crime. Hope can’t believe they’re all defending Bo. Maggie says you would do the same for Shawn – it wasn’t that long ago that he was in trouble – she brings up Belle’s wedding. Hope says he didn’t kill anyone. Alice says that he could have. Jen tells Hope that she has to do everything possible to save her marriage. Maggie decides to share one of Alice’s stories about the loss of a child – Addie. Alice says having your child go before you … she stops and then says her and Tom would go days without speaking to each other. Maggie says the pain was unbearable and then they remembered what they did have. Alice says we had each other and we had you, Addie’s daughter and we got through it. Hope tells them that if Bo chooses to stand by Chelsea Benson he loses her. It’s as simple as that.

They tell Hope that her and Bo have years together and urge her to call Hope. Jen takes charge and pulls out Hope’s phone and turns it on. We hear Zack’s voice. Jen is immediately apologetic and is going to erase it. Hope says no, she wants to save it forever. Hope is encouraged to go and find Bo. Jen tells her that they need to be there for each other. Hope agrees but adds god help him if she finds him with Billie and Chelsea.

Courthouse: Bo tells Billie he can’t find Hope. She tells him to go and find her – she needs him. Bo isn’t going anywhere – their daughter is about to be charged and if ever she needed her parents this is the time. Billie says she knew that Chelsea would come between Bo and Hope which is why she took the blame. She apologises for insisting that Bo lie to Hope. The worst thing that could have happened has happened – Hope learned the truth from a third party. Bo has the blinders on – no matter what Billie tells him he insists that Hope will understand and forgive. Billie point blank tells him that Hope won’t forgive him if he supports Chelsea but Bo insists she’ll understand he didn’t lie to protect Chelsea but to protect her. In the courtroom Chelsea tells Kate that she wishes she could have another chance. Kate says you only get one chance. She assures Chelsea she is going to pull all the strings she can to help her. It’s not going to be easy because Hope is going to make it difficult. Chelsea says she doesn’t blame her. Kate says she would probably do the same if it was her. The assistant DA comes in and informs Chelsea that they have a witness that saw her talking on her cell phone – she better get a lawyer. Bo and Billie enter. Bo thought they were going to wait. The guy tells Bo that the DA has seen no remorse on Chelsea’s part and he is charging her with first degree vehicular homicide. He gives Bo the arrest warrant and tells him he hates to do this but he has to ask Bo to arrest Chelsea. Bo and Chelsea are left alone. Kate and Billie talk. Billie says the trial is going to be horrible – Hope will be on the warpath. Kate says Hope will be standing against you, Chelsea and Bo. She’ll drive him right into your arms. Billie is appalled. Kate says if Hope doesn’t appreciate the man she has there’s no reason Billie shouldn’t – she’ll have the family with him that she has always wanted. Billie tells her mother to drop it and back off and walks away. Kate says I’m the only one that cares about your happiness. Chelsea is scared and cries on Daddy’s shoulders. Bo comforts her and tells her that he’ll get her the best lawyer. They’ll make everyone understand that she didn’t mean to kill his son. He’ll be there standing at her side – they’ll all be there. Chelsea says what about Hope, she hates me. Billie joins them. Bo says he has to take her in. Chelsea doesn’t want to go. Billie hugs her. Bo joins the hug. Hope arrives and sees the three of them in a group hug and stands there. Kate sees her and gets a slight smirk on her face.

Preview: Mimi to Bonnie – I know Shawn is the father of Belle’s baby. Bonnie – If you spill the beans about that you’ll lose Shawn. Billie to Chelsea – Whatever you do, do not go anywhere near Zack’s funeral. Jennifer to Frankie – Let me help you with your coat. They kiss. Bo to Hope – I’m sorry. Hope – Get away from me. Get away from Zack.


Thursday Feb 9

Pat’s Spoilers

Patrick’s house: Chelsea answers the door – its Grandma Kate bearing gifts. She asks Chelsea why she isn’t dressed. Chelsea says she is. Kate means why isn’t she dressed for the funeral. Chelsea is not going. Kate says it’s important for her to be seen grieving with her family. There will be a lot of photographers there and potential jurors – they need to see her grieve. Chelsea says that they would need to replace the stained glass window in the church because Hope would throw her through it. Kate pushes Chelsea to go – she asks Chelsea if she is grieving. Chelsea says of course. She loved her little brother. Kate gives her the packages and tells her to try one of these on and wear it. Chelsea doesn’t think she should go. Billie agrees. She tells Kate that this is a new low even for her. Chelsea tells Kate she’ll think about it. Kate urges Billie to attend the funeral as well. It’s important that Chelsea’s family is seen to be supporting her and grieving with her. Kate goes on to say that Bo will need her. Kate leaves. Billie tells Chelsea that sometimes Grandma Kate gives bad advice. She tells her not to go to the funeral.

At the Kiriakis loft: Philip speculates that it has to help Bo and Hope a little to know that Zack is the reason Claire is alive. Belle saying Shawn loved his little brother so much. Philip saying Shawn has Mimi and soon they’ll be married with a family of their own. That will help. He reassures her that they will all be okay.

At Shawn & Mimi’s: I’m not going into the Bonnie stuff – this was so unnecessary today. Of course Shawn comes out of the bathroom clad in a white towel, his bracelet and his gold chain saying this isn’t happening after Bonnie loudly says that Mimi can not tell Shawn that he is the father of Belle’s baby. Of course Shawn didn’t hear her although I’m sure everyone in the building did, he’s talking about the eulogy. Mimi says that she’s sure they will understand if he can’t go do it. He says he has to do it for Zack. If she’s there with him he can do it – they hug. More of Bonnie saying the same stuff over and over. Mimi goes to change. Kate shows up – how insensitive is this woman. She shows up with honeymoon brochures just minutes before Zack’s funeral. Of course Bonnie tells her that Mimi knows and wants to tell Shawn. Kate says if she does the wedding will never happen.

Jen’s: Frankie says he doesn’t feel like having breakfast – they talk about Bo and Hope. Jen says they need to be together – to lean on each other. Frankie can’t imagine Bo without Hope … it’s always been the two of them. The doorbell rings. It’s Bo looking for Hope. They should be together. Jen agrees and tells him they convinced her to go and look for him yesterday but she came back in tears. Bo assumes she never found him because she never told Jen why she was upset. Jen tells Bo that Hope said she would never forgive him. Bo just looks grief-stricken. Jen tells him to go home and get ready for the funeral. He leaves. Jen is going to get dressed. Frankie says his new shirt needs cufflinks – he doesn’t have any with him. He asks for some paperclips. She says Jack had some – he can use them. We have a nice Jen and Jack flashback. And then a memory of when she gave Jack the cufflinks. Frankie says he can’t wear them. Jack appears to Jen and tells her that she should convince Frankie to wear them – that’s what he wants. She does. She changes and comes down the stairs. Jack appears again and urges her to move on with Frankie. He’ll make her happy – not as happy as she was with him but he’s a good guy – they’ll have a good life. He says this is the last time she will see him. He goes. Jen helps Frankie put on his coat. They kiss a couple of times. He tells her that he would never try and take Jack’s place. She tells him that she’ll never love another man the way she loved Jack – he understands. They almost kiss again but Jen says they’ll be late.

The church: There are no words that are adequate to describe these scenes. You really need to watch the scenes for yourselves. Kristian and Peter were outstanding today – amazing!. Hope was almost shaking with grief as she neared the casket all alone. I was already crying and so was Hope. When she opened the casket and called out Zack’s name and cried – it was just so emotional. Doug comes in behind her and holds her arms and when Hope cries “Daddy” – your heart will break for her. She says this is wrong – she doesn’t understand why God would do this. Doug tells her if they had the answer to that they would be God. He tells her that Zack is in a better place now where he’ll never feel pain or be afraid – where he was welcomed by Addie, Grandpa Tom and Jack. He’ll be there to welcome them when it’s their time. Julie is there as well but she stays silent – just cries. Hope has some things that Zack needs – she gives him his blankie because he can’t sleep with out it. She has favourite stuffed bear and she talks to him as she puts his arm around reminding him that she would always tell him that it would be like she was there with him. She places a rosary in the casket. She then notices that his hair is parted the wrong way and gets a comb to fix it. Doug and Julie tell her she doesn’t have to do this. She tells them that she is his mother – she has to do this one last thing for him. This scene is just heart-wrenching. Maggie comes in and says was hoping that Hope and Bo would have worked things out. Hope says she went to see him but it was obvious to her that he cared more about Billie and Chelsea than he did about her and Zack. She turns and is crying over the casket when Bo approaches. He touches her shoulder and as soon as he starts talking you can see Hope stiffen. He says Fancy Face I’m sorry. She turns and we see one lone tear trickling down her face as she tells him to get away from her and to get away from Zack. She tells him to go and comfort Chelsea and Billie. He tells her that Zack was their son. She tells him to leave her alone with her son. Bo is crushed. He turns to his mother for comfort. She tells him to give her some time. Kate and Victor arrive outside – their conversation was pointless so I’ll leave it at that. The only thing that was good about it was Victor mentioning his Isabella. The service is about to start – Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t want to sit with him.

I’m not going into the service itself. Father Jensen’s opening talk was brilliantly written. Job well done! Hope sits with Doug and Julie, Bo right behind Hope with Caroline and Shawn and then Shawn and Mimi behind them. Alice and Maggie are in the front pew across from Hope. The segment that includes Danny Boy had me sobbing. Frank Parker’s portrayal of a grief-stricken grandfather was so touching. When he broke down and Doug’s clear strong voice picked up the song – he was clutching both Hope and Julie’s hands – oh my. Then everyone joins in. Shawn’s eulogy is next. I’ll skip past what shouldn’t have been part of it and focus on what he said about Zack being taught by his parents to never lie – and he didn’t, he couldn’t. He also says that Zack taught him the meaning of love. He talked about forgiveness. He hoped that they could all live up to Zack’s standards – he wants to. He sits down and Mimi says she has something to tell him – she’ll tell him after the service. Throughout the service both Bo and Hope are crying – so close but not together. At the end of the episode he says her name and she leans into him and turns toward him … the door opens and in walks Chelsea amidst the sound of several gasps. Hope stands up and approaches Chelsea and slaps her … Bo gapes.

Preview: Abe to John – I’ve got some advice for you – a way to beat Alex North at his own game. Marlena to Alex – I know what you’re up to and you’re not getting away with it. Shawn to Chelsea – You killed my brother. Chelsea – I’m sorry. Shawn – Get out before I throw you out. Hope to Bo (pictures of Billie and Patrick flash on the screen) – He has every right to be here. I trust him a lot more than I trust you.


Friday Feb 10

Pat’s Spoilers

Marlena & Alex: I’m going to say very little about their scenes. I didn’t like them. Seeing Marlena play the seductress really didn’t do anything for me. We are to believe they were at the funeral. Because Alex felt faint they were outside. They go back to the penthouse. Marlena goes upstairs to change just as the phone rings. It’s Lois. The guard went for coffee and conveniently her door wasn’t locked. She wants what Alex promised her for Valentine’s Day – Marlena’s heart on a silver platter. He says they just have to stick to the plan and they’ll have everything they wanted. She wants to see him – he says he can’t visit her. She gives him an ultimatum, come to the hospital or she’ll tell John Black everything. Marlena has a flashback of her and John celebrating Valentine’s Day but calls it daydreaming and proceeds to drape herself all over Alex. He tells her he has to go out. She knows what he’s doing and she won’t let him. He’s going to buy her a valentine’s gift – that is what she thinks – he agrees. He says he won’t be long. She still won’t let him leave.

Hospital: John goes to visit Abe – they talk about Zack being the donor. Abe said Zack’s first word was Daddy. He wishes he could be at the funeral. John does to – he didn’t go because Marlena is there with Alex. Abe talks about how lucky he is to have Theo and then talks about how bitter he was and how he treated Lexie. John comments that at least she didn’t turn to another man. Abe knows he’s referring to Marlena. John says that his investigation into Alex North has come up with nothing – the guy is too slick. Abe says as a member of the Salem PD there are certain things they can’t do but John as an ISA agent has other options. Abe has a suggestion that should help beat Alex North at his own game. John has to use different methods to get at the truth. John thanks him. Abe is used as a decoy to distract the guard. John goes in with a needle full of truth serum.

Bonnie: She’s living it up eating and drinking when she discovers Mimi’s diary. She puts it back and then decides to read it. She didn’t know her daughter’s life was such a page turner. She gets to the entry about losing Rex and reads it. Bonnie says she followed my advice and she lost Rex – maybe she should tell Shawn the truth. Doesn’t take Bonnie’s miniscule conscious long to disappear – she tells herself not to second guess herself. Mimi will thank her for this advice one day hopefully with cash. Mimi comes home and catches Bonnie eating pizza and drinking beer. She tells her that she will have a heart attack. Bonnie tells her only one thing will ensure her good health – Mimi marrying Shawn. She tells Bonnie after what Shawn said today it isn’t happening. When we see them again Mimi is at the end of her story and she says Bo is losing Hope because he lied – she won’t do that. She’s telling Shawn the truth as soon as he comes home. Bonnie pours on the guilt and really lets Mimi have it. Mimi looks shocked and confused by her mother’s diatribe.

Church: Replay of the end of Shawn’s eulogy. He’s at the casket. Bo hasn’t said anything to Hope – just touched her shoulder. Shawn goes back to his pew. Mimi tells him he did good. Zack would be proud. He says he was such a good kid. He was so honest. Mimi has something to tell him when the time is right. Kate tells Victor that Mimi is going to tell him that he is the father of Belle’s baby. Victor says that Shawn should know the truth. Chelsea comes in. Hope slaps her and says how dare you come here! Billie says she tried to stop her. Hope says not hard enough. Bo tells Hope that Zack was her brother. She came to pay her respects. Hope can’t believe that Bo is defending her. It was bad enough that he signed for a temporary licence and gave her the keys to his SUV. His daughter killed their son. Shawn is shocked and asked if he heard right – Chelsea is the one that killed Zack. Hope says yes and she let Billie take the blame. Shawn confronts Chelsea saying “you killed my brother.” Chelsea says she is sorry – she didn’t mean to … Shawn tells her to get out or he’ll throw her out. He can’t believe she let her mother take the blame – he says ‘how sick is that?’ Billie defends her saying it was an accident. Bo also defends Chelsea (not a good move Bo old boy…sigh). Shawn faces his father and says you lied to us. Hope says that Bo is still defending her. It’s clear whose side he is on. It’s not hers, or Shawn’s or Zack’s. Shawn asks Bo ‘How could you do it, Dad?’ (He does at some point rant about Bo covering up the truth – I’m just not sure where it falls in here… LOL!)

Chelsea whines that it was an accident. Billie goes to get her some water. Hope is with Shawn. Victor tells Bo that his wife needs him – he’ll stay with Chelsea. Bo decides to stick with comforting Chelsea because his wife doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Hope tells Shawn that she didn’t want him to find out this way. He says she should have called – he would have been with her. Shawn says that Dad lied to both of us, now we know who’s really important to him. Bo says that’s not how it is. Patrick runs into Billie – he’s surprised to see her. Billie doesn’t want anything to do with him because he revealed the truth. He’s even more surprised when he finds out Chelsea is there. Billie tells him she couldn’t stop her. Patrick is going to inside and check on Hope. Outside the church Mimi tries to get Shawn to calm down. He is furious with his father for lying to them. He says there is no excuse for it especially when a child is involved. He would understand if his mother never forgave him. His mother has to deal with the funeral and with his father lies about Chelsea’s involvement. He goes on to say that secrets and lies are devastating to a couple – she knows that. Rex left her when he found out her, Belle lied to him her mother and everything went downhill from there – he asks her to promise to never keep any secrets from him. She promises to never want to keep anything from him. She tells him she loves him very much and she asks him to always remember that – he says he will. He suggests that she go back and check on her mother – his mother needs him now so he’ll stay. She doesn’t want to leave him. He says you need to be ready for the Justice of the Peace … Mimi asks him if he still wants to go through with it – he says yes. He goes back inside. When Caroline sees him she says she is worried – she hates what this is doing to the two of them. Victor says you knew? She says yes she told Bo to tell the truth – he made a big mistake by siding with Billie and Chelsea and now he could lose his family. Victor hopes it doesn’t come to that but he knows from experience how destructive lies are. He also says that someone else may be lying in the wings waiting to take advantage.

Patrick goes to Hope and as soon as Bo sees them he heads in their direction. He asks Patrick what he is doing there. Hope says that he has every right to be here. If it wasn’t for him I would have never found out the truth. I trust him more than I trust you. Bo asks Patrick to leave out of respect for their son and their loss. Patrick does. Hope tells Bo he had no right to treat Patrick that way. Bo says he had no right to interfere. Hope says you mean revealing your lies? Bo says that isn’t fair. Shawn says that Chelsea may have been driving but you killed Zack. Bo tells Shawn that he is responsible for Zack’s death. He leaves. In the meantime Billie is lecturing Chelsea telling her that she should have never come here. Chelsea blames it all on Patrick. Billie tells her to stop it – it’s time she took responsibility for what she did. Bo runs into Patrick. He says I told you to leave and stay away from my wife. You’re using this situation to get close to her. Patrick reminds Bo that he is the one that betrayed Hope. Bo grabs Patrick and shoves him – he falls over and knocks down the picture of Zack – the glass shatters. Bo bends to pick it up but Hope tells him to leave it alone. She tells him to look at what he has done. She tells him to get away from her. Her son is dead because of him – she tells to get out.

Previews: Lois to John – Have you ever heard of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre? Alex has something like that planned for Marlena. Marlena to Abe – Alex is my husband. I’m staying with him. Bo to Chelsea – Chelsea Benson you are under arrest for the death of Zack Brady. Hope crying (I think at Zack’s grave) … you shouldn’t be here – we see a hand reach down and touch her shoulder.


Monday Feb 13

Pat’s Spoilers

The Penthouse: I couldn’t stomach these scenes. Alex flirts shamelessly with Marlena so he can deceive her, Marlena is as a giddy as a schoolgirl from all the attention and of course gives in to her Alex … yuck!

Hospital: Abe thanks the officer for delivering his papers. The guy says he will do it at the end of his shift. Abe says it has to be done now. The cop refuses – he can’t leave his post. Abe relieves him of duty. The officer says with all due respect you are on medical leave you are not my commanding officer. Abe threatens to call Roman and have him written up for insubordination. The cop caves and leaves. Abe heads back to his room. Lexie does the same and finds the room empty. She hears the door close behind her and smiles thinking its Abe. Wrong – it’s smarmy obsessive stalker Tek. She tells him that it’s over. He says it’s not that easy to let her go – he loves her. She talks about Zack and how painful this is. He says it’s not going to be easy for you to get over me … she says she has to and she will. He tells her that Abe can’t make love to her – he can’t give her another child. He moves in for a kiss when Abe enters. He says they look very intense. Lexie covers and says she was wondering where he was and was asking Tek if he had seen him. Tek says I told you he would be fine. He exits. Abe tells Lexie how he is helping John get back together with Marlena. He equates John’s situation with his. They hug – Tek obsesses as he watches them.

John is in Lois’ room – these scenes were just ridiculous. John is being John – Lois is being loony. She asks him why he’s there. He tells her to find out the truth about Alex North. One thing leads to another and Lois lunges for his throat. John grabs her and injects her with the truth serum. To be honest – she still talks in riddles – the only truth he gets out of her is that Alex is going to kill Marlena today – Valentine’s Day. She doesn’t know how. John threatens to have her committed to a state facility for the rest of her life. She laughs. He tells her that Alex already has her transfer papers filled out. He’s having her locked up for life. Lois insists that Alex loves her. Alex shows up at the hospital and sees John in the room. He finds where they have a two way mirror and an intercom and he listens in … I could have sworn I never saw any mirror or window in that padded cell … did anyone else??? He hears Lois telling John that Alex is going to kill Marlena and then the two of them will be together. John says over my dead body. Alex thinks to himself that could be arranged. Marlena talks to Abe. He tries to get her to agree to not letting her guard down around Alex. Marlena tells Abe that she trusts Alex. She has no reason not to. She owes him her life. He saved her. Abe asks her if she knows how many times John saved her life – she says no. Marlena is not interested in anything Abe has to say – Alex is her husband and she is staying with him.

Bonnie & Mimi: Bonnie is packing her things. She’s not going to stick around to watch Mimi make the biggest mistake of her life. Mimi doesn’t think that telling the truth is a mistake – lying is. The argument gets very heated. Mimi says they should stop arguing – Bonnie could have a heart attack. Bonnie says she’s perfectly healthy. She faked it so Mimi wouldn’t blurt out the truth. Mimi is momentarily shocked but then says why am I not surprised. Bonnie says she fooled the heart monitor, Lexie, the nurses and even sceptical you. Mimi says and you sound proud about that. She goes on to say that lying is wrong – isn’t that what mothers are supposed to teach their children. She doesn’t want her marriage to Shawn to be based on a lie. Bonnie doesn’t want Mimi to blow it. She then tells Mimi to play the C card – Cinderella. She comes up with an analogy that even Mimi doesn’t buy. Shawn is Prince Charming because of Grandpa Victor on hand and Great –Grandfather Tom on the other – Bonnie just won’t let up. Shawn comes home from the funeral and sees Bonnie packing. She tells him that she doesn’t want to outstay her welcome. Besides the two lovebirds need to be able to chirp without the old crow around. Mimi has a question for Shawn and she’s going to ask it in front of the old crow. She says do you still want to get married right away. He says yes. She says let’s do it. Bonnie is thrilled.

At St. Luke’s: We get a repeat of Bo pushing Patrick into Zack’s picture and it falling and shattering. Bo says he’s sorry. Hope tells him not to touch her and she asks him to leave. Chelsea tells Billie that they should leave. Hope turns and says that Chelsea is going to pay for what she did. Hope goes to Zack’s casket (Shawn is close by). She touches the casket and says she’s sorry that she didn’t protect him. She wishes she was with him. Chelsea tells Billie that she killed her brother. Billie says it was an accident. Chelsea says that Hope doesn’t see it that way and she is going to end up spending the rest of her life in prison. Kate says there’s only one way to make sure that doesn’t happen. The procession to the cemetery is next. Bo, Hope, Shawn, Caroline, Victor, Patrick, Kate, Chelsea and Billie followed by Father Jansen. Billie and Chelsea have the decency to hang back. Very moving scene as Father Jansen says the prayer … Hope, Shawn and Patrick on one side of the casket – Bo, Caroline, Victor and Kate on the other. Father Jansen says they may all say their final goodbyes. Kate places a white rose on the casket. Patrick does the same. Caroline goes next with Victor. Caroline starts sobbing. Bo was really crying throughout the prayer. Next is Shawn – he places the rose on the casket and says you were the best. Nothing will be the same without you. Bo steps up with his rose. He says I let you down Tiny Man. I should have protected you and I didn’t. I will regret that every day for the rest of my life. You’ll be forever in my thoughts and in my heart. I’ll never stop loving you. Hope is next. She says I can’t say goodbye because you’ll always be in my heart. I loved you from the moment you were born and I’ll love you until I take my last breath.

Billie asks Chelsea if she wants to say goodbye. She can’t – not after what Hope said. She was right – this is all her fault. The two rookie cops are in the background. The cemetery workers are there now. Shawn wants to take Hope home. She doesn’t want to leave but she tells him to go home to Mimi. He’s reluctant to leave her there but she insists. Victor tells Kate that if she tries to take advantage of this situation he will make sure she pays. She plays innocent but Victor says he knows she wants nothing more than to have Billie and Bo together. Patrick offers to give Billie and Chelsea a ride home – Billie makes it clear that he is not wanted and tells him to leave them alone. Bo goes to Hope and asks her if she can find it in her heart to forgive him. We should grieve together. Hope tells him to leave. She wants to be alone with her son. Bo goes. The two cops are arresting Chelsea. She’s not happy. Bo tells them to let him handle it. They walk out. Bo gives Chelsea her Miranda Rights. Hope is alone at Zack’s gravesite. She cries and says you shouldn’t be here. Patrick offers her his hand and Hope looks up… and places her hand in his.

Previews: John to Marlena – Listen to me. Alex has been plotting with Lois all along. They are in love and they plan to kill you. Alex (to himself) – Desperate times, desperate measures. Mimi to Philip and Belle (with a smiling Shawn next to her) – Look at the engagement ring Shawn gave me. Philip – Whoa! Shawn – We’re getting married as soon as possible. Bo to Patrick & Hope – What the hell is going on here? Get your hands off my wife.


Tuesday Feb 14

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Marlena is walking through the hospital vowing to herself that she will not let John destroy the future she and Alex have. Pathetic. John is trying to get more information out of Lois but she is very drowsy. He wants to know how long they have been working together. She tells him since the beginning. They are in love and will be married as soon as Marlena is out of the way. John wants to know what Alex is going to do to Marlena. She tells him to read between the lines. Alex is going to kill Marlena. Alex is hearing all this and he’s not very happy. John wants to know details but Lois doesn’t give any. John goes out trying to get a hold of Marlena. He calls the penthouse but gets the answering machine. He can’t leave a message because Alex lives there. Alex slips into Lois’ padded cell from wherever he was standing. She’s happy to see him and sits in his lap. She asks him if he brought her Marlena’s heart on a silver platter. He tells her that he brought her something she can hang in her room. She is going to get exactly what she deserves. John finds Marlena and tells her that Alex and Lois have been working together and are planning to kill her. Marlena scoffs and defends Alex. John rants and goes into the he-man role and practically drags her to Lois’ room. He says you are the psychiatrist she can judge for herself whether Lois is telling the truth. (He does tell her he injected Lois with truth serum). They get to Lois’ room just as Alex is slipping out – Lois is hanging. Marlena is shocked, John is like … duh … and Alex smiles in his hiding place.

The Police Station: Billie can’t believe that the police had to arrest Billie today of all days – Bo just buried his son. Bo says they have a job to do at least they let him give her the Miranda Rights and bring her in – they could have brought her in wearing cuffs. Chelsea doesn’t see what difference it makes. She is charged with manslaughter and she’ll be going to jail. Billie tells her that Bo isn’t happy about this – he just lost a son, he doesn’t want to lose his daughter as well. Billie tells Chelsea that Bo will talk to Hope and make her understand that it was an accident. Bo tells Chelsea he will do what he can to keep her out of jail. He would like to talk to Hope but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Bo takes responsibility for the accident and says he won’t turn his back on her. He goes to make some calls. A cop comes and tells Chelsea Brady that he is there to take her to booking. Excuse me Chelsea BRADY – since when? Chelsea returns. Bo comes out and tells them Chelsea can go home after he posts bail. He promised the Assistant D.A. that she wouldn’t try and leave the jurisdiction. She promises she won’t. Chelsea apologises for coming between Billie and Patrick but at least she is spending more time with Bo. Billie says they are happy to be there for her but they need to be realistic. Hope is going to want her to get the maximum sentence – she’s a cop and she will have a lot of influence. Chelsea whines that Hope is out to get her – she thinks she deliberately killed her little brother – it was an accident. She goes on to say that “Dad” shouldn’t have to lose another kid but if the judge listens to Hope he will. Bo comes back and says he’s taken care of the bail, she’s free to go. He’s going to look for Hope – he hopes he can find her.

Billie wishes him luck. Chelsea apologises to him – she is sorry for everything he is going through. After he leaves she tells Billie that she feels so bad for him. And what will her going to jail help. Zack is coming back and neither are her parents. She plays the sympathy card – I bet he wishes you never found me. Billie says that is not true. Chelsea (who you can actually see scheming earlier on in the program) decides to start planting the seeds to get what she wants. She tells Billie that the only way Hope will forgive Bo is if he takes Hope’s side. They need to make sure that Bo and Hope don’t get back together. Billie is stunned. She says they just lost a child and you’re scheming to break up your father’s marriage. Chelsea says that Hope isn’t good for Bo. If they never get back together that’s not a bad thing for any of us.

Shawn and Mimi’s: Bonnie is so excited that the two of them are getting married soon. She thinks they should break out the champagne. Mimi tells her to cool it Shawn just came from his brother’s funeral. Shawn says it’s okay – their happiness is just what his family needs. He wants to make a toast but he’ll bring out the cider because of Bonnie’s health. He goes to get the cider and Mimi tells Bonnie that this is wrong – she’s marrying him under false pretences. Bonnie says you love him and he loves you – there’s nothing false about that. Shawn joins them and pours them each a glass and says that he’s not very good at this but he wants to toast the woman he loves … she’s beautiful, caring, funny and honest. Mimi says no… no I’m not. Shawn says yes you are beautiful Bonnie quickly steps in and says that Mimi’s insecurities talking. She suggests they out and celebrate – have a romantic dinner. Mimi says they have lasagne in the fridge. Bonnie says not anymore. Shawn thinks it’s a good idea and goes to change. Mimi can’t believe Bonnie ate all the lasagne. She goes on to say I guess it won’t bother your heart condition since you don’t have one. Bonnie says she binges when she is nervous and she thought Mimi was going to tell Shawn that he was Claire’s father. Shawn comes out … sigh I love that blue shirt on him … yummy! He says he will give Maggie a call and see is she can fit them in. It helps to know the owner. He then says sorry to Bonnie. She says that Chez Rouge is for romance. They’ll throw him a big bachelor party at Alice’s. Mimi has changed as well. They get ready to leave and Bonnie tells them not to forget to make wedding plans. During the evening we see Bonnie twice. Once she is lying on the coach eating and talking about how reach Mimi will be and how she, Bonnie, will be living on easy street. She feels a sharp pain in her chest and chalks it up to indigestion … she hopes. The next time she is by the window leading to the fire escape drinking beer – she belches and says – yes, it was just indigestion.

Hope & Patrick: Hope thanks Patrick for walking her home. There’s a box on the bench. Hope tells Patrick to bring it inside, it’s probably from one of the neighbours. They enter the house. She goes to turn up the heat and tells him to look in the box to see if whatever is inside needs to be refrigerated. He opens it and says how much more can she take. She asks what it is – he tells her that it’s stuff from Zack’s school. Hope goes through the box and looks at everything. She finds a Valentine that Zack was making for her. She sits down on the chair and reads it and cries. It says Mommy Be My Valentine Love Zack. Patrick says he can do something that might help. He brings her some tea. Hope is in front of the fire. Patrick touches her shoulder and says Bo should be there to comfort her. Hope says she can’t stand to look at him right now. He gave Chelsea permission to drive and now their son is dead. Patrick knows that he is the last person that would normally defend Bo but she should remember how much they love each other. Hope goes back to the box and says these are the things that Zack cared most about. She pulls out a bag of baseball cards that Shawn gave him. Then she pulls out a sailboat and breaks down again. Bo carved this for him. She tells Patrick that she knows she can count on him because he’s the only one that told her the truth. She leans on Patrick. Bo comes in and sees them. He is angry. He wants to know what the hell is going on and then he orders Patrick to get his hands off his wife.

Chez Rouge: I’m not going into the Belle and Philip scenes except to say that I feel so bad for Philip. He doesn’t have a clue on how totally deceptive his wife is. She smiles at him and tells him all the things he wants to hear but the entire time she’s has Philip morphing into Shawn. And when she’s not seeing Shawn she’s thinking of her conversation with Caroline. Now I know the purposes of the scenes with Caroline. When things don’t go her way Belle will have someone to blame – her life will be in shambles because Caroline gave her bad advice. I think I can sum up Belle’s actions today in one word – pathetic! Ahh something she shares in common with her mother.

Shawn and Mimi arrive. Philip and Belle go over to greet them. Belle is surprised that Shawn would feel like going out. Philip thinks it’s great. He asks them to join them on the dance floor. Shawn says they have to wait a few minutes for their table to be ready – there’s nothing he’d like more than to have the woman he loves in his arms. Shawn tells Mimi that he can always count on her. Mimi is happy that he feels that way. They talk about Zack. Shawn says he would like to think that Zack would be happy for him. He has that stupid flashback again. Mimi tells him that they don’t have to rush things. If he wants to wait that is fine. He says that he has a surprise for her. They go back to their table. They kiss. Mimi can’t believe he got the most romantic table in the place. He says it’s perfect for his surprise. She wants to know what it is. He says its part of dessert. She says you mean I have to wait until after dinner. He says no they’re going to start with dessert. Mimi says she doesn’t have a problem with that. Shawn calls the waiter over. He puts down a covered serving plate in front of them. Shawn takes the cover off – the dessert is covered in whipped cream with a diamond ring perched on the top. Both of them are so excited and happy. She tells him it’s beautiful. He asks her if she wants to know about it – it’s been in the family for a long time. It belonged to Grandpa Tom Horton’s mother. Alice had the stone placed in a new setting and sized to fit Mimi. He slips the ring on her finger and they kiss. Philip and Belle approach. Philip says they look happy. Mimi shows them her ring – Shawn says they are getting married soon. Mimi says it’s the Horton diamond – Belle knows about it – just hasn’t seen it – talk about a snarky look on her face. The four on are the dance floor again. Philip cuts in on Shawn and Mimi and asks if he can dance with the bride to be. He tells her that it looks like she has the future she always wanted. Mimi can’t believe it’s with Shawn. Nothing can come between them now, right? She thinks ‘not unless he finds out he’s the father of your baby.’ Shawn asks Belle if he she isn’t going to congratulate him. She thought she did. He says no you didn’t. She lies and says she hopes that he and Mimi will be very happy. Shawn asks her what is wrong. She says nothing. Shawn sounds annoyed and says he can tell something is wrong – what is it? She says this is all wrong.

Previews: Chelsea to Billie – This is your chance after all these years to be with the only man you’ve ever loved. John to Marlena – I’m telling you that he tried to kill Lois and if we don’t stop him right now, you’ll be next. Belle to Shawn – If you marry Mimi you’ll be making a huge mistake. Shawn – Why. Belle – Because I still love you. Hope yelling at Bo (oh my, she is furious!) – She killed our son. How dare you let her go free!


Wednesday Feb 15

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Philip and Mimi continue dancing. He talks about him being married and Mimi being engaged – to the perfect guy for her. Mimi hopes so. Philip asks her if she is having second thoughts. Repeat of the same scene from yesterday with Shawn and Belle except this time Belle has to make a production out of it and she runs outside. Weeping Belle tells Shawn he doesn’t have to be there. He offers to go and get Phil so Belle has to change her tactics quick to keep Shawn there. She stops him and says no I don’t want to worry him. Shawn asks her if she is still taking her meds. She snarls saying she’s not crazy. Shawn says I didn’t say that. She goes on to say that she is not an emotional basket case either. Shawn makes excuses for her – after all she went through so much. Belle acknowledges that Shawn lost his brother. He lets her off the hook saying she loved him too. She doesn’t know how she got so lucky to have Claire and to get a second chance. She is worried about the transplant – it might not take. Shawn says you can’t worry about things like that. She says yeah – they’re out of my control but there are some things that can be controlled. Shawn wants to know what she is talking about. She says she shouldn’t have said anything. Shawn is annoyed with Belle now and he calls her on her little pity party – he knows exactly what it’s about. He says this is about Mimi’s engagement ring, isn’t it. Belle snaps and sneers at him in that condescending voice of hers If you marry Mimi you’ll be making a huge mistake. Shawn asks Why (he’s not happy with her). Go ahead and say it. Belle says Because I’m still in love you with. She knows this is not the best time to say this but she’s tried before but she was too emotional – she’s not depressed now – she has real clarity about her feelings. Shawn doesn’t know what to say. Philip and Mimi find them. Shawn looks very uncomfortable. Mimi gives Shawn a look – she knows something is up. Philip notices that Belle was crying. He wants to know what is wrong and then proceeds to tell them what that is. They’re all upset about Zack. Phil is very sincere when he tells Shawn that a day won’t go by that he won’t be grateful. Then it’s Philip’s turn to make excuses for Belle. Philip thinks going home to their daughter. Mimi tells Shawn they should go to – he agrees.

Hospital: I’m not going to go into much detail. This storyline is just too boring for words. John cuts down Lois, Marlena calls for help. John tries to convince Marlena that Alex tried to kill Lois because she is the only one that could tell them that Alex was going to kill him. Marlena keeps defending Alex – it’s sickening. Abe comes in followed by Lexie – John accuses Alex, Marlena says no, Abe calls the police, Marlena says no – are you sensing a pattern? Tek, Abe and John are holding up the nurse’s station as they discuss sealing off all the exits so they can catch Alex. John is convinced he’s since in the hospital. Alex walks past them with a folder in front of his face. Marlena and John – see conversation above. Marlena adds a new twist – Lois’ attempt at suicide is John’s fault. She was probably so distraught over lying to John about the love of her life that she had to end it. John and the others go to search for Alex. Lexie tells Marlena that she doesn’t trust Alex (she’s says a lot more – good for Lexie)! Alex skulks around the corner disguised in scrubs (rolling my eyes) listening to Abe and John talking about him not being found yet. Tek pounces on Lexie. He can give her a child. Why would she want a husband who can’t cut it? She’s so passionate. Abe asks them what they are whispering about. John and Marlena – repeat, repeat, repeat. Lexie tells Abe that Tek asked her if she saw Alex in Lois’ room – she says the answer is no. John and Marlena are in Lois’ room. Alex is listening and smiles when Marlena continues to defend him and refuses to believe John. John is searching the room – Marlena tells him to stop making a fool of himself – he won’t find any evidence against Alex. John finds the entrance to the room where Alex was lurking but isn’t any longer. He finds the scrubs. Abe has Alex. John tells him that Lois isn’t dead but when she comes to and gives a statement Alex is going to wish he was.

Billie & Chelsea: After today’s show I don’t have an ounce of sympathy or compassion for the character of Chelsea and Billie – what can I say – doesn’t say much for your intelligence level if your daughter can manipulate you so easily. They go inside Roman’s office. Billie chastises Chelsea for thinking of breaking up her father’s marriage. Chelsea whines that she doesn’t want to go to jail and if Hope and Bo get back together Hope will make Bo hate her. Billie says that Bo has been very good to her considering. Chelsea knows but for it to stay that way he can’t go back to Hope because Hope hates her. Billie defends Hope saying she is grieving. Chelsea says that Hope was a witch to the both of them before Zack died. She lost her parents and a brother in one year – she doesn’t want to lose to anymore. Dad and her (Billie) are all she has and they are all Bo has. Billie reminds her that Bo has Shawn and Hope. Chelsea dismisses them as they are talking to Bo. Chelsea thinks Bo is better off without Hope and if they don’t get back together that would be good. This is Billie’s chance to get back together with the only man she’s ever loved. Chelsea really turns on the pity party (geez I wonder if she’s been taking lessons). Billie says this has to be the worse day of her life but … Chelsea corrects her and says that the day she killed her baby brother was the worse day of her life. She lists what this day has been like and says it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is and who to trust. She doesn’t even know if she can trust her Dad. Billie says she can. Chelsea says we have to keep him on our side and you have to help. Billie says that she’s ashamed to say that she has tried to break up Bo and Hope several times in the past. They always find their way back to each other – they are too connected. Chelsea says things are different this time. Hope is angry at her but probably angrier at Bo. Billie says she has waited for Chelsea for 18 long years (Huh how do you wait for a stillborn baby?) and she’d like to give her what she wants. Chelsea turns on the tears and starts pleading please, please, please Mom. Billie says no.

Chelsea can’t convince her mother with her tears and pleading so plays the guilt card. You’re my mother – you say you want to protect me and you’ll do anything for me. It’s time to prove that – give me my family. Oh the whining about how she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in jail … geez! Chelsea goes on to say that Billie isn’t a good judge of men. She knows she was hot for Patrick but she loves Bo. Billie reminds her that she was hot for him too. Chelsea says that Patrick turned her in. He’s all about Hope now. Bo isn’t taken anymore. Billie says they don’t know that. Chelsea knows that Hope is a self-righteous bitch. Billie tells her that she just lost a child. Chelsea says you did to and did Hope care – no. You have a chance to be with the only man you’ve ever loved and if we’re a family I will be able to stay out of jail.

Brady’s: Repeat of Bo arriving home. Hope tells Bo that Patrick is her friend and he’s helping her. He tells me the truth which is more than I can say about you. Bo doesn’t think Patrick should be there – he’s just there to take advantage of the situation. Hope again says he’s a friend. Bo says we just buried our son today – we should be together. Hope says that Bo hasn’t been there for since Zack died. Bo looks stunned. She says he was to busy covering up Chelsea’s crime and letting Billie take the blame for it. He says he is sorry. Hope says you helped Chelsea kill my baby. Bo admits to making a terrible decision. He would give his life to take it back. And then he lied to her and that was wrong. She knows how much he loved Zack and I know how much you miss him. I know how empty this house is without his laughter. We need to be together. Hope wants to know where he was. He says you told me to leave you alone. She asks again where he was. He says I had to arrest my daughter and take her in to be booked. Hope says so you were with Chelsea and Billie again – at least Chelsea is behind bars. She sees the look on Bo’s face and says she is in jail. Bo says he called the assistant D.A. and had her released into Billie’s custody. Oh my – Hope is furious. She actually stamps her foot when she is yelling at him. “She killed our son? How dare you let her go free?”

Hope can’t believe that Bo used his influence to get the DA to let their son’s murderer go free. Bo says that if it was Shawn she would do anything to help him. He says they can’t talk about Chelsea. He asks her to let him take some of her pain. She says pain – she grabs the box of Zack’s stuff and slams it into his hands. She tells him that the pre-school sent Zack’s things back. She pulls out the Valentine and says Zack made this for her but he’ll never be able to give it to her because he’s dead. She tells him that she wants him to leave. He says no this is his home. Hope tells him if he won’t go she will. Bo gives in and says he’ll go. Hope opens the door and tells him he doesn’t deserve to be here. Hope tells Patrick she’ll be find alone – it’s something she will have to get used to. Patrick leaves. Hope picks up the white rose and cries.

Cheating Heart: Bo is hardly there for a minute before some biker is itching for a fight. Bo lets the guy hit him a few times and eggs him on – drains his shot glass and starts whaling on the guy. Bo keeps drinking and fighting more than one guy. The bartender calls Billie – he didn’t think Hope needed this to deal with. Billie tells Chelsea that Bo needs her and leaves. Chelsea smiles smugly and says I didn’t think it would be this easy. Mom and Dad are this close to getting back together.

Back at the Loft/Apartment: Mimi is looking at her ring and saying that her mom is going to crazy when she sees it. She says that it is so simple and elegant and it means so much to her because it’s a family heirloom. Shawn is thinking about what Belle said. Mimi calls his name a couple of times and asks him what he was thinking about. She says is it about Zack. He shakes his head no. He says I’m thinking that you’re too far away from me. They kiss. Philip and Belle – I feel so bad for Philip. That’s all I’ll I say – poor guy. Belle makes her way to the roof – so does Shawn. Belle gets there first and starts talking to herself (didn’t someone say earlier that she wasn’t crazy) – she can’t believe she told Shawn that she still loved him. Shawn confronts her and wants to know if it’ true. Belle’s reply – the standard one – the open mouthed slack-jawed stare.

Preview: Bo to Billie – Hope threw me out of the house. She can’t stand the sight of me. My life with her is over. John to Marlena and Alex – He lied to you about where he was because he needed an alibi. It was you who did this to Lois. Mimi to Belle and Philip – That little girl sleeping so soundly doesn’t belong to you Philip. Belle – What?


Thursday Feb 16

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short report tonight. I just don’t find much about this episode worth talking about. I will provide just a basic outline of what happens.

Hospital: The entire episode pertains of John accusing, Alex denying and Marlena fawning over her husband. Marlena’s staunch defence of Alex and continued disapproval of John is done right sickening. It takes practically the entire episode for Alex to provide an alibi – how convenient that a woman and a man were arguing and she threw the gift and the receipt in the garbage all within earshot of Alex. As Alex smugly says to John that he is taking his wife home now Lexie rushes in and says Lois is awake. John glares at Alex and says now the whole world will know that you are a cold-blooded killer.

Abe and Lexie: She takes him back to his room – saying he shouldn’t be overdoing it. He does admit that his eyes are itchy and his vision blurry but he was told to expect that. They talk about Alex – excuse for flashbacks of Alex and Lexie and Lexie and Tek. Lexie closes the blinds – they kiss. She wants to get closer. Abe withdraws. She suggests that they go away for the weekend – he wants to spend time with Theo. Lexie says he is shutting her out. They finally talk about Abe’s impotency. Lexie is very understanding and loving but Abe doesn’t want to confront it. The Commissioner phones and he makes it clear that Lexie’s presence isn’t wanted.

Mimi’s dream or should I say nightmare: She wakes up and Shawn is gone and the windows to the fire escape are open. Phil comes over looking for Belle. When she’s not there he says she must have gone up on the roof – Mimi says she’s not alone. Shawn and Belle return. Mimi says she has something to say that affects them all. They have been there for each other but that will end now – what she has to say will rip them all apart – she amends that by saying that her and Phil have the most to lose. She tells Philip that the baby sleeping so soundly in the next room is not his – Shawn is Claire’s biological father. Denials all around. Mimi convinces them. Shawn acts like an idiot so does Belle. Belle tells Philip she loves him but Shawn is her first love yada, yada, yada, …Shawn thanks Mimi for being so understanding – he wants to be with the mother of his child. Mimi says that’s what she thought. Shawn and Belle go traipsing off to see Claire. Philip starts yelling at Mimi asking her how she could do this to him. He yells at her that sometimes a lie is better than the truth – Mimi wakes up and calls out for Shawn. She sees the open window and knows where is. On the rooftop – repeat of Shawn confronting Belle – this time Mimi hears them.

Cheating Heart: The fight rages on. Billie arrives and flashes her ISA badge and threatens to arrest the bikers and Bo too. Bo tells Billie he didn’t need her help. She lays the guilt trip on him – what would Zack think. He should be at home trying to work things out. Bo says that Hope threw him out of the house. She can’t even look at him. Their life together is over. Billie says they always work things out. Bo says not this time. She tells him he’ll have to dig deep. Bo wants to drink more – Billie says you can’t find the answers in the bottom of glass – that’s what he told her. Bo listens to the lecture but then calls out for a beer. A cop comes. He tells Bo that if anyone wants to press charges he is going to have to book him. The biker wants to press charges and as soon as he finds out Bo is a cop – he says not only does he want him arrested – he wants his badge. The bartender refutes the bikers claim that Bo started it. Billie talks the cop into leaving. When Bo realises he isn’t going to be served liquor any longer he decides to leave and go where he will be served. Billie pays the bartender for the damages and goes after Bo. Bo doesn’t get far – just to the alley where his bike is parked. He pounds his fists against the wall of the building, throws some things around – flashes back to saying his final goodbye to Zack, Hope finding out the truth and Hope asking him to leave. He drops to his knees crying saying No, No, No – Billie watches.

Previews: Bo to Billie – My boy is dead because of me. I got what I deserve, I am alone. Billie – Not true, you have me. Shawn to Belle – I’m not going to break up your family. Belle – I can – then she lunges at him. Sami to Austin – There is no way I’m going to let you give up on our company just because you hurt Carrie’s feelings. Tek to Lois – Do you see the person who hurt you? She points to John.


Friday Feb 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Marlena continues to fawn over Alex. John continues his Alex is evil mantra. Lexie tells them that Lois is very weak but she wants to make a statement. John does not want Alex in the room because he’s the one that tried to kill her. Alex accuses John of being the reason Lois tried to kill suicide because he injected her illegally with a drug. Marlena lectures John on not being a psychiatrist and not caring for Lois’ well-being. John’s pleas that he was only doing this to get to the truth about Alex falls on deaf ears. Lexie says if Lois gets too upset she will clear the room. They all go inside, Tek and Lexie on one side of the bed, Marlena, Alex and John on the other. Tek asks her if she can point out the person who hurt her (Lois is very disoriented and can’t talk). She looks at Tek and Lexie and then faces the others and you can see her begin to panic. Lexie tells her to calm down. She points to John put she is thinking “You have to keep me safe from Alex.” John is shocked – Alex smirks. John says no you’re wrong. All I did was ask you some questions. Lois has flashbacks of attacking John and of the injection of the truth serum. She then remembers Alex choking her. She points to John again thinking “You have to protect me. You’re the only one who can.” She goes into cardiac arrest. Lexie clears the room. Lois dies. John feels sure that Lois retracted her statement. Tek says she didn’t – the two cops are here for you. John says you’re arresting me. Tek says they want to question you – John’s all for it but the cop’s have to restrain him when he sees Alex and Marlena walking out arm in arm.

Bo & Billie: Bo goes back to beating up a brick wall – Billie stops him. Bo is angry at the world but mostly at himself. Billie brings up Zack again. She tells him to go home. He says he can’t. Hope kicked him out. She’s been angry before but this time it was different. It’s over. He is the one responsible for Zack’s death – he gave Chelsea his truck to drive. Hope hates him, Shawn hates him, Chelsea doesn’t know if she can trust him and Zack is dead – he’s all alone. Billie says that’s not true – he has her. Bo shakes his head no (good move, Bo!). Billie looks at his hand and says they should get something on it so it doesn’t get infected. Bo says he is fine. Again she tells him to go home. He says he doesn’t have one. She asks him if he’s going to find a park bench and some newspapers and sleep there. He says he has slept in worse places. If she had her own place she would offer him her couch to sleep on but she doesn’t think he wants to go to Patrick’s – neither does she. Bo gets on his high horse calling down Patrick. He doesn’t know what Billie saw in him – hmm all of sudden – neither does Billie. So any brownie points Bo may have earned in my book just went out the window. She goes in to get some towels and ice and tells him to stay put. Bo sits on his bike and calls Hope. He asks her to call him when she gets the message. He says he loves her. He thinks to himself that she is never going to forgive him. He puts on his helmet, fires up his bike and takes off. Billie comes running out yelling at him to stop.

Java Café: Lucas and Carrie enter. Lucas offers to get her a latte – Carrie thanks him. He says it’s just coffee. She’s says it’s more – you’re always there when I need you. You’re a good friend. Kate is sitting at a table looking at a picture of Carrie and Austin on her cell phone and she says Austin and Carrie belong together. Carrie tells her that will never happen. Kate asks her to sit down. Carrie admits to being in love with Austin but he destroyed her company. Kate says it was business. Carrie tells her it was more than that to her – she gives the impassioned speech. One thing about Kate, at times she can cut right to the heart of the matter. When Carrie says I loved the company and the employees – they are family – Kate point blank asks her if she loves them more than she loves Austin. Kate goes on to say that Austin still loves her and she still loves him – nothing should come between that. Lucas overhears this and is upset with his mother. Carrie gets a call and goes outside to take it. It’s Becky. Lucas is upset with his mother and he doesn’t hold back – I can honestly say that I don’t LIKE this Lucas at all. He asks his mother to stop interfering in his life. He LOVES Carrie (god he sure can switch it off fast – bye, bye Sami the love of my life … sigh). If Kate doesn’t stop insisting that Austin and Carrie belong together and if she doesn’t stop trying to get them back together he will never let her see Will again. And if Austin and Carrie get back together he will spend all of his life taking revenge on Austin until Austin is destroyed and that will be on her conscious. Carrie sees Austin go in – we get a nice Austin and Carrie flashback. Lucas comes out and says he has to go talk to Sami about Will. She says is going to the book store. Lucas leaves – Carrie watches Austin and wonders if Kate is right. Inside Austin approaches Kate and tells her he needs her help.

Sami’s: Austin is talking to a friend in New York. He tells Paul about Carrie and how he may have ruined his chance with her. Sami comes out and hears him talking about Carrie so Sami being Sami, she listens. Austin gives Paul the High Style story – I won’t bore you with that stuff. He tells Paul that maybe he should just shut down ARC. Sami cuts in. She tells Austin that there is no way she is going to let him give up on the company just because he hurt Carrie’s feelings. Austin tells his friend he’ll call him back. He accuses Sami of eavesdropping. She says I’m in the living room of my home. She’s glad she heard him. Sami says that she and Nicole have been working hard for him. He tells her he was just blowing off steam with a friend – he is committed to the company. Sami tells him she is going to go out and get some stuff to make them a special supper – Nicole is out wining and dining potential investors. After Sami leaves Austin thinks to himself that he loves Carrie but he is going to need some help to win her back. He knows just what to do. Sami returns and finds a note from Austin saying he had an errand to run. She is happy. She believes that Austin has finally accepted that Carrie is never going to forgive him. She figures a sure fire way to get to a man is through his stomach. She starts the meal. When we see her next, she’s wearing a really nice dress and the table is set for two with candles burning. She shuts off the light. She hears footsteps so she stands behind the door and closes her eyes. As soon as the person enters she wraps her arms around him and kisses him – it’s Lucas.

Rooftop: Shawn wants to know if it’s true. Belle says yes, she’s never stopped loving him. Mimi is hearing all this and she is upset. Shawn wants to know why she is telling him this now. Belle says she was afraid … too guilty. Shawn knows there’s more to this so he says now what. Belle admits it’s because he’s engaged to Mimi and if he marries her she’ll lose him forever and she can’t let that happen and she attacks him and plants a kiss on him. Thankfully we barely get to see the disgusting kiss (maybe 2 seconds tops before the camera cuts to a shocked Mimi). Next we hear Shawn’s voice saying we can’t do this before the camera cuts back to them. He says I’m engaged to Mimi and you’re married to Philip. The two of you have a child together. Maybe if you had said something before … Belle cuts in and says before she didn’t have to watch Claire almost die, Zack hadn’t died. Those two things have shown her that there are no guarantees. She says he knew she still loved him but she had to try and work things out with Philip. They would never forget but they would move on but now she realises that life is too precious not to follow their hearts – now while they still can. (Belle is almost exuberant during this portion – smiling as she explains HER epiphany). Shawn says there so many other people involved. Ahh – Belle’s true colours come out now along with the claws. She says Exactly! When I saw the Horton family ring on Mimi’s finger I knew I had to say something (oh my the condescending tone and the way she practically spits the words Mimi’s finger – jealous much, Belle???) She had to stop dreaming about them being together someday and do something now before he marries Mimi. (Poor Mimi!) Oh my the look he gives Belle – I get the impression he’s not exactly sure how to handle her. He tries to talk but Belle won’t let him get in a word. She tells him that these are our lives – we only get one chance. The clock is ticking. Please tell me we won’t waste any more times. She steps up close to him like she’s expecting him to take her in his arms. He says that time ran out for them when she and Philip had Claire.

Belle says what do you mean time has run out for us? (Duh, what don’t you understand about that statement – no way to misconstrue those words??) Shawn says I’m sorry, but we’ve both moved on. Belle whines that they spent their whole lives planning their futures – don’t you still love me? Shawn answers of course I do, I probably always will (Mimi cries). But I love Mimi and I want to spend the rest of my life with her (Oh my, I love his voice when he says this … so impassioned!) Mimi mouths the words ‘thank you.’ Belle looks a little peeved and says so this is it, after everything we had? Shawn says we can’t change what’s happened. You are married to Philip you are the mother of his child. Belle says she loves Claire but … Shawn says after everything Claire has been through she deserves to have her parents together. Considering Claire can you find any other reason to leave Philip for me? Mimi whispers I can think of something. Belle stares. The only reason she can give him is that she loves him and never stopped loving him and she never will. She should have trusted that he loved her and that everything that happened with Jan was a lie. I should have just waited. Shawn says he shouldn’t have left town when they were fighting about her Mom being the Salem Stalker. But he did what he did and she did what she did. They thought it was the right thing at the time. Belle snaps that it wasn’t. Shawn says maybe but we can’t keep torturing ourselves. We have to accept the consequences and move on – you said that and you were absolutely right. He goes on to say it gets better because I am with Mimi and you are with Philip and they love us and we love them. We’ll stay friends. We’ll have kids and they’ll grow up together. We’ll live happily ever after. End of story. Belle whines and snivels that it can’t be over. Shawn says it has to be because I won’t break up your family and I’m not going to break Mimi’s heart. Belle says oh god what have WE done? (I better not say anything here because anything I have to say is not going to be pretty). Mimi goes back downstairs. Shawn comforts Belle and tells her that she has nothing to be upset about – you have a wonderful husband, a daughter – she has a great life. Belle is not happy with that and whines that it’s not the life she wanted. Shawn says we can’t be together. I’m sorry. I’ll always be there for you as a friend. Mimi is thinking that Shawn loves her and that he said that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But if he finds out the truth that will all change that’s why my Mom is right. I can never tell Shawn the truth or my nightmare will come true. There’s a knock on the door. Mimi looks to see who it is and says, god no, not you.

Previews: Austin to Kate – I will Carrie and I’m afraid that the one I’ll lose her to is Lucas. Carrie to Sami and Lucas – Do I have to draw you a picture? It is so obvious that you two are still in love. Belle (in her little girl voice) to Shawn – I still love you. There has to be a way to make this work – there just has to be. (LMAO at the look on Shawn’s face – too funny). Bo to Billie – I never would have made it through this night without you. Billie – I’ll always be here for you no matter what.


Tuesday Feb 21

Janice’s Spoilers

Two New Salem gold stars to Peter for giving the performance of a lifetime today. My goodness it was amazing and so memorable!

A gold star to Jason as well for his solid performance on the rooftop! Finally his character addresses all his pain regarding Belle.

I also enjoyed Sami and Carrie’s talk today. Both actresses did a great job. Loved Farah as well!

Java Café: Austin & Kate

Austin explains to his mom his part in ruining his relationship with Carrie. She tries to blame Sami and Nicole but he insists on taking full blame. He asks her to help him get Carrie back. Kate tells him she loves him but isn’t sure that he can ever make things right, especially if the company was Carrie’s life. Austin knows he and Carrie love each other, he just wishes she could forgive him. Kate flashes back to Lucas threatening her with never seeing her grandson again if she continues to push Carrie and Austin together. Back in the present, Austin wants to make the company a success and have Carrie in his life at the same time. Kate tells him he can’t.

Kate doesn’t think Austin can have a future with Carrie, and then at his look says...at least not now... She reminds him about his investors and employees, suggesting that he concentrate on making the company a success. Austin tells her that he has to do something...he’s afraid he will lose Carrie to Lucas.

Austin talks about how happy Philip and Belle are. Kate murmurs that she won’t let anything happen to disrupt their family. He talks about the one day that he and Carrie were happy and then leaves the café. Kate is very much afraid that one of her sons is going to get his heart broken...and she’s thinks it will be Austin.

Sami’s Apartment: Sami, Lucas, Carrie, and later Austin

Sami walks into her candlelit living room and looks at all her preparations. She thinks it’s all perfect and romantic but not too romantic, and wonders where Austin is. Sami hopes he will give her a chance now that he and Carrie are finished. She sees the doorknob turning and without even stopping to think, rushes to open it...planting a passionate kiss on the man at the door...Lucas. She pulls back in shock and can’t believe she kissed him. Lucas threatens to charge her with sexual assault. She threatens to charge him with break and enter and can’t believe he just waltzed into her apartment without knocking.

They continue to rag on each other...getting louder and louder...until Carrie shows up and wants to know if they want her to draw a picture for them—it’s obvious they are still in love with each other. Lucas looks at her and then says that he only came to talk to Sami about Will. He insults Sami—says he hopes her seduction scene with Austin goes well because he doesn’t think she is that good in bed...calls her a horny little... Lucas goes to leave but Carrie decides to stay and talk with Sami.

Out in the hallway, Lucas flashes back to his passionate kiss with Sami for a moment. He still seems a little disturbed by it. He decides to eavesdrop on the conversation and moves towards the “almost closed” door.

Carrie is defending Lucas and wants Sami to admit that she wants to be with him and still loves him. Sami gets upset and says she refuses to pine after a man who isn’t interested in her anymore. She just wants to get married to someone who loves her and have more children. Sami says she isn’t like Carrie who is smart and ambitious and wants a career. Carrie has a flashback to talking with a friend about wanting a family of her own and finding Mr. Right. Back in the present, Carrie tells Sami that at least she has Will, and admits to wanting a family and children herself. Lucas smiles to himself (his manipulative wheels are turning). Sami rags on Kate for ruining her dreams of a life with Lucas and Will. She knows that Lucas doesn’t want anything more to do with her. Lucas murmurs in agreement. Carrie sympathizes with Sami.

Carrie tells Sami that she just wants her to be happy. Sami believes that Austin is her last chance and feels he is the right man for her. She’s tired of her terrible track record...tired of hurting people and being hurt. She talks about how Austin is the only one who forgave her and wanted to be her friend, unlike Lucas. She wonders if Carrie will stand in her way. Carrie repeats that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Sami asks her to back off. Carrie tells her it’s over between her and Austin so Sami asks her not to stand between her last chance of happiness. Carrie reassures her and they hug.

Lucas rushes away as Carrie leaves and then pretends he has just come to find her. She tells him that she had a nice talk with Sami. He of course wants to know what the talk was about...if it was about him. Carrie apologizes and says it’s obvious that both he and Sami have moved on. Lucas tells her that he wants to find happiness, love, have more children... Carrie is happily surprised (the wheels are turning) and smiles at him...sigh score one for Lucas. Austin gets off the elevator and sees them. Carrie says hello abruptly and then she leaves with Lucas.

Austin walks into Sami’s apartment and doesn’t even really notice the candles et al. She tells him about the great conversation she just had with Carrie. He gets hopeful and asks about it. She tells him she’s sorry but Carrie won’t take him back.

Rooftop: Shawn and Belle

The snow is coming down hard and Shawn suggests in a reasonable voice that they go inside before they say things they don’t want to or mean to and hurt others. Belle agrees but then turns away. He still wants to go inside but she says that she doesn’t want to go...she wants to stay with him because she still loves him and there has to be a way to make it work. Shawn looks at her perplexed.

Belle gets a little righteous and raises her voice to tell Shawn that she is living a lie and all of a sudden wants to tell Philip the truth about how she feels about Shawn. He looks at her... lol...I’ll be nice and say he’s in shock...he can’t believe she is serious and wants to know what good that would do. She admits she doesn’t know. He tells her that the only way Philip is going to find out is if she tells him because he isn’t going to. She knows he doesn’t want to hurt Philip but thinks she is hurting him by keeping the secret. Shawn looks at her...lol...lets use the word “shocked” again.

Shawn can’t believe that Belle will tell Philip that she still loves Shawn. She throws it back at him and asks him bitterly what makes him so sure. Shawn is getting more and more exasperated (I think he figures this is a twilight episode...lol...just kidding). He says that if she tells Phil the truth it would mean that she doesn’t love Philip anymore and wants to know if that is true. She starts yelling at him that of course it isn’t true. Shawn is completely frustrated with her now. He calls her on making her choice not once but three times already...when she got married to Philip...when Philip lost his leg...and then again when she got pregnant! He shouts at her that she has a beautiful daughter...has been given a second chance...and everything turned out the way it is supposed to. Belle asks him if he really believes that. He tells her he does, raising his voice once more to get through to her. He says that he and Mimi are going to get married...adopt some kids...and start a family...and he wishes that she could be happy for him the same way he was happy for her. Belle is crying and shouting at the same time now. She thinks that after everything they have had... Shawn yells at her to stop saying “You and I”...there is no “You and I” and there never will be again. Belle is in shock. She gets belligerent/ miserable/bitter (heck I don’t know!) and tells him she can’t accept that.

Shawn tells Belle that she has to accept that he and Mimi are getting married. She doesn’t think she can. He gets mad and asks her if she thinks it was easy for him when she and Philip got married. He says it hurt like hell but he just had to suck it up. He tries to placate her by saying that she, Philip, and Claire are a family now. She says they are and they aren’t... She starts pleading with him...still believes that she and Shawn are meant to be together...had the same dream and starts to speak of Zach. Shawn doesn’t want to hear it. Belle wants her daughter to have the best life possible. Shawn is perplexed again and figures that should mean that Claire has both her parents. Belle gets weird and tells him that he is so good with Claire and loves her. Shawn shouts that he isn’t Claire’s father and that life doesn’t always turn out the way they want it to...uses Zach as an example. Belle isn’t giving up. She thinks this is all wrong. He tells her it was wrong when she didn’t tell Philip how she felt before he went overseas. He reminds her that there were lots of times she was going to tell him but there was always a reason and now it’s too late. He tells Belle that he doesn’t want to hurt her but she has to let him go. She’s not sure she can. He doesn’t want to talk about this anymore...tells her he’s sorry but that they are finished. Shawn leaves.

Shawn & Mimi’s Loft: Mimi, Philip, and later Shawn

Mimi turns from the window, nurturing a cup of hot tea in her hands. She tells herself that Shawn told Belle he loves her (Mimi) and wants to marry her. If she tells him the truth about Claire, it will change everything and her nightmare would come true for sure. Mimi flashes back to the nightmare with Shawn leaving with Belle and Philip yelling at her. Philip is at the door looking for his wife. He woke up and she was gone and wants to know if Mimi knows where she is. Mimi looks upset.

Mimi tells him hurriedly that Belle isn’t there. He figures she must have had trouble sleeping and thought she might have come over to talk to Mimi or Shawn. He asks her if she knows where Shawn is. Mimi flashes back to the rooftop and Shawn finding out that Belle still loves him. Back in the present she gets very defensive and wants to know why Philip would think Shawn would have seen Belle if she hasn’t...lol...poor Mimi. He calls her on her defensiveness and wants to know what is wrong. She tap dances but he asks her outright if she thinks there is something going on between Shawn and Belle.

Mimi goes on the defensive yet again and answers a question with a question. She wants to know why Philip would assume that Shawn would be with Belle right now. He tells her that they do after all live next door to each other...he can’t believe Belle would leave the building without telling him...especially after they just brought Claire home. Mimi looks at the fire escape through the window. Philip looks at her strangely and says that maybe he will just go and ask Shawn himself. Her mouth opens wide and Philip’s look changes to suspicion. He says: Shawn is here...right?

Philip asks Mimi pointblank to tell him if Shawn is in his room. She gets nervous again and says yes but doesn’t want Phil to wake him up. Phil decides that Belle must be up on the roof and goes to leave. Mimi tries to stop him. Belle turns up in the hallway and apologizes for worrying him...asks about Claire...tells Phil she doesn’t like the baby being left alone (I guess Phil is relegated to babysitter while Claire’s mommy can go and do whatever she wants). He tells her he is wondering where Shawn is. Belle looks scared and nervous. Mimi is frowning at her but not saying a word. Shawn comes out, pretends nothing happened, and wants to know what is going on. Mimi tells him quietly that Philip was looking for Belle. Shawn continues to play innocent as does Belle. They all say good night. Belle looks at Shawn before she goes inside. Shawn closes the door to the loft and leans against it. He whispers goodbye Belle (not much emotion) as Mimi watches him and looks upset and suspicious.


Billie is off looking for Bo in a snowstorm. She berates herself for letting him go off on his own after drinking so much and is worried he’ll get hurt or hurt others.


Graveyard: Bo and Billie

Bo arrives at Zach’s grave. He looks warn out and completely devastated. Taking his flask out, he takes a swig of liquor. Billie finds Bo and thanks god for it. Bo is crying and tells her to go away. She stays. He is heartbroken and tells her that Zach is gone... his little boy is dead...but it just doesn’t feel real. Billie tells him he needs to take some time to grieve...he’s been so busy taking care of everyone else that he needs to do this for himself or he’ll go crazy. Bo kneels by the grave and falls apart. He looks up at the sky and starts to scream...wants to know why this had to happen...why did his little boy have to die.

Bo is crying his eyes out. He blames himself for what happened...should have said no to Chelsea. Billie tries to make excuses but Bo ignores her and keeps berating himself. He remembers that Hope said that someday someone would get hurt because of Chelsea’s recklessness...and it turned out to be his little boy. He doesn’t think he will ever be forgiven because it is all his fault...his fault that Zach died...his fault that Chelsea may go to prison for the rest of her life...his fault that Shawn lost his baby brother...his fault that he has lost his son Shawn....Shawn hates him and always will...Hope hates him too...he doesn’t deserve her love...he doesn’t deserve anything. Bo sprawls over the grave sobbing that he should be alone for the rest of his life and yells through his tears...what has he done...what has he done...over and over again.

Bo holds Zach’s teddy bear and flashes back to a reunion when he and Hope came home to Zach and Shawn (I think after the island). Back in the present he says they were so happy...nothing will ever be the same. Billie tells him someone should look at his hand. She wants to take care of him. He says okay quietly and thanks her for helping him get through the night. She tells him she would do anything for him and they leave.


Bonnie shouts at Mimi that they can’t give those two a choice to get back together. Mimi isn’t very happy.

An upset Belle tells Shawn that she can’t do it...she can’t live like that. Shawn isn’t very happy.

Alex watches as John looks at Marlena in her wedding gown. John wants to know what that bastard is up to now. Alex thinks that this is shaping up even better than he thought. Marlena tells John to leave.

Hope and Jennifer are at the Salem Inn. Hope thinks Bo must have been drunk because he didn’t even shut the door. Jennifer tells her to go in. Hope opens the door and says his name.


Wednesday Feb 22

Pat’s Spoilers

Not a lot good about this show … I liked Frankie, Hope and Jen and Caroline – that’s about it.

The loft: Bonnie shows up wanting to make wedding plans. Mimi is not into it – Shawn takes off – he tells Mimi he’ll give them some time alone – he kisses her and leaves. Conveniently Belle comes out of her loft at the same time. They go up the roof. Bonnie asks Mimi what is wrong. She tells Bonnie about the conversation on the roof. Bonnie goes into full overbearing mother mode and tells Mimi that they need to do damage control. She has to marry Shawn ASAP. They can’t give them a chance to get back together. Mimi says she hates lying to Shawn. Bonnie insists that she has to lie because if Shawn finds out he’s that baby’s father he’ll go back to Belle. Mimi asks Bonnie to stop saying that. Bonnie says it’s true especially now that he knows she is still in love with her. Mimi says he told Belle that he was in love with her. Bonnie says of course he does but just not the same way. Mimi is upset with Bonnie for saying that. Bonnie then says ‘at least he doesn’t realise it yet’. Bonnie keeps pushing saying she could still marry him and adopt babies and have the life she always dreamed of. Just don’t blow it. Mimi looks very uncomfortable. Caroline shows up with the wedding dress. Mimi thanks her for coming over. Caroline is very pleased that Mimi would want to get married in this old dress. Mimi tells her that she has been dreaming of being married in the Brady traditional dress since Shawn proposed. Caroline said it looked beautiful on her when she tried it on. Mimi says she better try it on again.

Shawn is happy he ran into Belle because he wants to talk to her about last night. It can’t happen again. He felt terrible lying to Mimi and to Philip – they didn’t know they were up on the roof together and they don’t know … Belle interrupts and says that I’m still in love with you. Belle is happy to see him again because SHE has made an important decision. He wants to know what the decision is. She says she can’t keep lying about her feelings for him. It’s tearing her apart. She loves Philip too and he deserves better than this. (So does Shawn, Belle – much, much, much better than you). Shawn says No, No. Belle won’t listen to him – she says the lies have to stop. Shawn tells her they can’t go keep going over this – the decision was made. What they had is over and they don’t have a future together and they never will. Belle won’t accept that – SHE can’t live like that. Shawn just gives her that look as if he can’t believe that she’s quite that … hmm … I’ll just stop there. Shawn and Belle are back in the hallway. He tells her he’s really sorry – maybe if things have been different but they’re not. She stares at him and says you’re really going to marry Mimi. Shawn very clearly states Yes, I am. She’s actually in there right now making plans with her mother. Belle wipes her tears and says I better go in and help – I’m the matron of honour. Shawn says you don’t have to do this. Belle snaps that it’s okay – she can do it. They open the door and see Bonnie, Caroline and Mimi in the dress – Belle gulps and bolts. Shawn calls out her name. Caroline tells Shawn she’ll go. Shawn says she probably went up on the roof.

Kate shows up and asks Shawn what is going on. Shawn says Mimi is having some pre-wedding jitters – everything is fine. Kate says she’ll go and talk to her. She comes in and shuts the door. Kate says she came to see what she thought of the sketches but it seems like she picked out a dress. She then says Shawn says you are feeling jittery. Is there a problem? Bonnie says there could be a big problem if they don’t get the two of them hitched like yesterday. Kate wants to know what is going on. Mimi tells her that Belle told Shawn she is still in love with him. Mimi admits to spying on them on the roof. Belle was all emotional and spilled her guts. Kate says fine – we just have to move this along. You have to marry Shawn as soon as possible because Belle can’t find out he’s the father of her baby. Mimi says “But …” Bonnie says not buts, what Shawn doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Shawn opens the door and looks from one to the other. He then says Wow, you look beautiful – he sees Belle in the dress not Mimi. Bonnie tells Mimi that should put all doubts to rest – any one can see that he is head over heels in love with the woman wearing this dress. Shawn smiles.

On the roof Caroline tells Belle she knows what she is going through. Snivelling Belle whines that she told her not to say anything but she did. She told him last night that she still loved him. Caroline wants to know what Shawn said. Belle says he said the right thing. She knows he stills her loves her but he said that she belongs with Philip and their baby and he is going to marry Mimi and she needs to forget about him. Caroline tells her that he was right and no matter how much it hurts what Shawn said is true. You have to accept that it’s over between you two and your future is with Philip. Shawn is going to marry Mimi and the two of them are going to be together forever so for everyone’s sake you just have to let him go. Caroline tells Belle to respect her marriage – it’s not like she doesn’t love Philip – she told her she did. You have a beautiful baby. You have a future together – so do Shawn and Mimi – that’s four lives – think about that. (Yeah, right – like that’s going to happen!)

Jail: Kate shows up to see John and says she’ll get her attorney to post bail. John says that Frankie is on it. John thanks her for being there for him – she’s the best friend he ever had. Kate asks him why he’s in jail. John says Alex is trying to pin a crime on him that he (Alex) committed. Lois didn’t commit suicide. John gives Alex credit for being good – he’s twisting everything to his advantage. John is confident that once he gets out of jail he can convince Marlena that Alex isn’t the man he claims to be. Kate doesn’t think it will be that easy and hands him the newspaper. John says oh my god. When he reads the part about the honeymoon he says Alex is going to take Marlena out of town to kill her. Kate says he can’t be sure about that. Frankie shows up. John wants to know if he can leave. Frankie asks Kate to leave. Frankie says he got him out on bail but on one condition and he’s not going to like it. He has to stay away from Alex and Marlena. John says Alex is a threat to Marlena – you think I’m going to let him hurt her. Frankie says don’t do anything you will regret. John says how could he regret protecting his wife from a killer. Frankie tries to warn him that he will end up back in jail – John tells him to relax and takes off.

Penthouse: I can’t really go into these scenes. I can’t stand Alex or Marlena. Let’s just say that Alex makes Marlena look like an idiot and makes her me dislike her more and more each day. Alex plays Marlena going from feeling bad about failing Lois as her doctor to making sure that Marlena knows that John is an obsessed stalker who has returned to the type of man that was a mercenary for Stefano DiMera. Marlena does say John wouldn’t hurt her and says if Alex hadn’t come along she would still be married to him. Alex has a surprise for her. He shows her the headlines on the Society pages about their renewal ceremony. In the article he mentions they are going to go on an extended second honeymoon. Marlena is positively giddy – I’m positively sickened … LOL! Alex has another surprise for her. He gives her a box and tells her it’s her wedding dress. He can’t wait to see her in it again. He has someone coming over to alter it. Marlena puts the dress on – it’s the dress she wore in her last wedding to John. The seamstress is there – Alex heads upstairs. John comes over and is shocked to see Marlena – he wonders what the heck Alex is up to now. Alex smirks thinking that this is better than he planned. Marlena doesn’t have a clue why John is so shocked and tells him to leave.

Jen’s: Frankie has his cast removed. They have coffee and mention that Chelsea is there. Jen worries about that – Chelsea is Abby’s best friend but Hope is hers and because of Chelsea they don’t have Zack anymore. Frankie says it was an accident. Jen says she knows but she shouldn’t have been driving. Chelsea comes down. She thanks Jen for letting her stay there because she couldn’t see staying with Patrick after what he did. Jen says he told the truth. Chelsea says the truth just made it worse for everyone – she does say she is responsible for what happened and she will have to live with that for the rest of her life. She wants to talk to Frankie about her case – that is if he is still representing her. He is. Jen here’s a car pull up. It’s Hope. Jen asks them to talk in the kitchen. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Hope to see Chelsea. Hope comes in – some idle chitchat and then Jen asks her if she worked things out with Bo. Hope says no, she threw him out. Jen tells her she can’t do that – they need each other more than ever. Hope says she can’t even look at him especially after last night. Hope tells Jen about what happened with Patrick. Jen defends Bo – saying he was grief-stricken – like she is. And she goes on to say that Bo is terrified of losing her as well. Hope says he lost her when he lied to her about how Zack died. She doesn’t see how she can ever forgive him.

Jen tells her to take some time and think about this – do not close the door on Bo. Jen says she wish she had the chance … Hope says Jack died in a tragic accident – he didn’t betray her. Jen defends Bo again – Hope’s cell ring. A female cop phones to see if Bo is alright after the bar fight. Hope asks if Bo was hurt – the cop says the bartender says some woman left with him – she thought it was Hope. Hope tells Jen that Bo was at a bar with a woman last night – one guess who it was.

Chelsea asks him how bad it is going to be for her if the judge listens to Hope who is going to want her to get the maximum sentence. Frankie tells her that the judge is going to listen to the family and want to do right by them and that could mean serious jail time. She asks him what will happen if Bo is on her side. Frankie tells her not to count on that. Yes Bo loves her but he also loves Hope and Zack and if he’s forced to chose Frankie doesn’t think he’ll choose her. Chelsea thinks to her that we’ll just see about that.

Chelsea is now eavesdropping on Hope and Jen’s conversation. Hope is very upset – she can’t believe that Bo went to a bar with Billie the night they buried their son. She says if there was any doubt about whose side he is was on there isn’t anymore. Jen tells her not to jump to conclusions – Bo must have an explanation. Hope doesn’t need one – it’s obvious what is going on and as far as she is concerned Billie can have him. Jen says you don’t mean that – she saw how worried she was about Bo when she thought he might have been hurt. Jen urges Hope to go to Bo and talk to him – not to make a decision that she will regret for the rest of her life. Hope gets a call from the credit card company checking on the use of their card at a motel. Hope tells Jen that Bo is a hotel – Jen says he had to sleep somewhere. Now that they know where he is they’re going to go there and Hope is going to talk to him. Hope says what if he is with Billie. Jen says he won’t be. Chelsea gloats – this is just perfect.

Motel: Bo in bed sleeping – Billie in a chair – flashback to Billie undressing him and telling him to go to bed. Bo says I still love you. Billie gets all excited and goes to the bed. She hears him say I’ll always love you Fancy Face. Billie says and you always will – you and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll be. Bo dreams of happier times with Hope and Zack. He says in his sleep that no one can break them up. Billie gets a call from Chelsea. Chelsea tells her everything that Frankie said – it’s really bad. Chelsea says you have to help me or my life is over. Chelsea says do you mean that. You have to break up Bo and Hope. The only chance she has is if they are together and she convinces Bo to be on her side. Then her family will be back together finally. Billie says she can’t talk because she doesn’t want to wake up her Dad. Chelsea is all excited that they spent the night together. Billie says she slept on a chair. Chelsea scolds her for not taking the opportunity to be with the only man she ever loved. Bo continues dreaming about happy times. Billie wipes her tears and says forget it Chelsea, it’s never going to happen. Chelsea phones again and tells Billie that Hope is on her way to the hotel. This is her chance – if Hope finds out that they slept together. Billie says we didn’t. Chelsea says if she thinks you did she’ll never take him back. Then Dad will be 100% committed to their family and will do whatever it takes to keep me out of jail. Chelsea says you have to do this. Billie says if Hope sees us together their marriage could be over. Chelsea agrees. Billie leaves the door ajar and then says God forgive me as she proceeds to strip naked and crawl into bed with Bo. She touches his face – Bo dreams that Hope is in bed with him touching him and they kiss. Bo does not kiss Billie thinking its Hope – he’s just dreaming this. Hope and Jen arrive. Jen says she’ll wait out here for Hope – she tells her to go in and talk to him. Freeze frame on Hope seeing Bo and Billie in bed together with their arms wrapped around each other.

Preview: Belle to Shawn – You still want to be with me. Just admit it. Bonnie to Patrick – You’d be coming home every night to a beautiful wife with oodles of money. What could be more perfect than that? Hope to Jen – It’s over between us. Jen – Hope, please. Hope – No. I can’t ever take him back. John slugs Alex. Marlena – How could you do that?


Thursday Feb 23

Pat’s Spoilers

The loft: We get subjected to a repeat of Shawn’s icky vision of Belle in the dress. Mimi smiles but then says no this is wrong. We can’t get married now. Shawn asks her what she is talking about. She says you saw me in my dress – its bad luck. She says Mom get him out of her. LOL Jason played this part perfectly. Shawn is confused – he says but I saw you in the dress before … Bonnie pushes him out and shuts the door. Geez Shawn’s friendly neighbour stalker is out there waiting to pounce. Mimi wants to get out of the dress. Kate says we’ll do alterations. Mimi says she needs a new dress. Shawn seeing her in her gown means their marriage is doomed especially if he finds out he is the father of Belle’s baby. Kate tells her to never say that again. He isn’t going to find out. Bonnie hears Shawn and Belle talking and wonders what the little witch is up to now – she is a married woman. She takes a glass and puts it up against the door so she can hear them.

Belle is having such a hard time with thinking about Mimi wearing THAT dress and marrying Shawn (oh boo hoo – cry me a river). Then to make matters worse we get that horrid recreated flashback of the Shawn and Belle scenes in the bride’s room – thank god it was only a couple of seconds worth … sigh. Belle wants to know what Shawn is thinking – god forbid the man have any thoughts of his own. He says at first he didn’t see Mimi in the dress he saw her. Belle smirks triumphantly – you do still love me – you still want to be with me. Just admit it. Shawn says he doesn’t understand … Belle cuts in grinning and says you still love me, why can’t you say it. Shawn says did I ever say I didn’t. What good does it either of us to say those words? You are married to Philip. You made that choice just like Mimi and I made ours. My parents always said you stick with family, anything else wouldn’t be right. Bonnie is happy that Shawn is such an honourable guy. Kate comes out and warns Bonnie – she has a tendency to blurt out things. Bonnie says that she won’t tell anyone about Shawn being the father of Belle’s baby. Mimi wants to know what they are plotting now. Bonnie says she is just happy that her baby girl is marrying Shawn Brady. She then asks Kate for the Basic Black credit card because the mother of the bride has to be the second most beautiful woman at the wedding. Kate hands it over. Bonnie leaves. She hugs Shawn and gushes about how happy he and Mimi are going to be. She babbles on and talks about how Claire is the spitting image of her father – then she adds her father, Philip. She heads to the elevator thinking she needs duct tape to tape her mouth shut. Mimi tells Kate that it feels wrong to be marrying Shawn based on a lie. Kate says that Shawn loves her. Mimi says he settled for second best. Kate doesn’t agree. Mimi doesn’t want to be patronized – she says everyone and their uncle knows that Shawn would marry Belle if he could – if it wouldn’t mean breaking up Philip’s family which it’s not really Philip’s family because he’s not Claire’s father. Kate’s reply – happiness with the man you love is worth one little lie.

Belle goes on to say she loves Claire so much – even more now (huh … why aren’t you with her instead of stalking a man who doesn’t want you???) but she wishes that Shawn was her father. Shawn gives her a very cold look – he’s very detached in this scene – he says he’s her godfather; he’ll always be a part of her life. He’ll always love her like she was his own. He says he has always felt so connected to Claire but the fact remains that she is not his daughter. She’s Philip’s and that is just the way it is. Kate keeps at Mimi. She tells her to think about how many people will be hurt if the truth comes out now. Mimi counters by asking her to think about how many will be hurt when the truth comes out later. Kate tells her not to ruin her ONE chance at happiness. Kate tells Mimi her options are marriage to the man of her dreams, entry into one of Salem’s finest families and a future full of promise or to tell Shawn the truth and be miserable for the rest of her life. Shawn is adamant when he tells Belle that he is marrying Mimi. She told him to move on and he has. Belle knows but she wants him to consider that they are making the biggest mistake of their lives. What if they are not doing what is best for Claire? (THEY – excuse me – Claire has a father). Shawn turns away from her. He says that Philip is a great father. Belle knows he is but … Shawn is angry now and he turns around and confronts her and says but what? Belle whines that Philip isn’t you (brilliant deduction, Belle – I wonder how long it took you to figure that one out … good lord). Shawn is beside him at this point. He says the Philip is Claire’s father. What they had is gone. It is a waste wishing for things you can never had. The three of us can never be a family.

The Penthouse: I’m sorry – I just can’t write this garbage up. I’ll sum it up as best I can. John tells Marlena that Alex’s plan to frame him isn’t going to work. He is going to protect her from Alex. Marlena tells John that Alex is her protector and he’s protecting her from him. She chastises John for spoiling a special moment. Alex had this wedding dress designed for her. John makes it clear that it is a carbon copy of the dress she wore when she the two of them got married. He makes her stand in front of a mirror and remember walking down the aisle, taking vows … Marlena has flashes of memory but denies to John that she has any memory. Besides even if she did remember what difference would it make? Alex is her husband and he is the man she loves and wants to spend her life with. She only wants to honour the vows she made to him. Alex comes down and taunts John. John hits him and knocks him out. Marlena is furious with John and tells him to leave or she’ll call the police. By this time Alex is conscious and he sits there and smirks when Marlena is throwing John out of the penthouse. John vows to save her from Alex.

Lockhart’s: Chelsea comes over to pick up a few things. She is not happy to see Patrick and lets him know that. He tells her to get out of his house then. Chelsea is very snotty with him – bringing up the fact that because of him she could be going to jail for a long time. Patrick felt he was doing the right thing – he couldn’t let Billie take the fall for something Chelsea did. Chelsea reminds him that it was Billie’s idea and rubs it in that Billie and Patrick are over. Patrick tells her she doesn’t have to leave, he’s leaving Salem. Chelsea tells him she won’t miss him. He says Jen and Hope will but Jen has Frankie to look after her, Abby and Jen Jr. As for Hope he doesn’t know because Bo is too busy looking after her (Chelsea). Patrick gripes that Bo freaks out when he sees him comforting Hope. Chelsea starts to play Patrick saying that her Dad is really threatened by him. He says the main reason he is leaving Salem is because he won’t be the reason Bo and Hope break up. Chelsea tells him if he was such a good friend to Hope he wouldn’t be bailing on her when she needs him the most. With her husband losing it, without him there for her to lean on Hope may go over the edge. Patrick repeats that he is not going to be the reason they break up – leaving town is the best thing he can do for the both of them. Chelsea eavesdrops as Patrick makes flight arrangements. She thinks to herself that he can’t leave Salem unless he takes Hope with him.

Bonnie comes home – sorry I hated the scenes between Bonnie and Patrick so I’m skipping over them. The bare bones – she finds out that Billie and Patrick are history so she decides that he should go after Hope. All she wants is her kids to be happy and loaded … sigh.

Motel: Bo dreams of being in bed with Hope. Hope sees them together and steps back. Jen asks her what is wrong and then looks in the room. She tells Hope that she is sorry. Hope says Bo has made his choice and he is going to have to live with it. Jen says again that she is sorry she brought her here – she doesn’t need to see this but Hope goes back into the doorway. Billie says make love to me again Bo (she emphasizes the word again). Hope has had enough. Billie hears them leave and gets out of bed – has a flashback to Chelsea’s call and then with tears in her eyes she says my god, what have I done? Billie is fully dressed sitting in a chair when Bo wakes up. She gives him some aspirin. Bo thanks her for being such a good friend – it was more than he deserved. Bo says he is going home. Billie says she knows that Hope is going through a really bad time right now but so is someone else. Their daughter. She is terrified of going to jail. Bo won’t abandon Chelsea. Billie wants to know how Hope is going to feel about that. Hope will never forgive their daughter but as difficult as all of this is, we are family and we have to stand together. Billie offers to drive him home. He says he doesn’t think that is a good idea – he’ll walk to the cemetery to get his bike. Billie thinks it would be best that Hope doesn’t know they spent the night even if nothing happened. Bo agrees. He leaves. Billie cries saying she is so sorry. She did it for Chelsea – she won’t let her go to jail. She hopes that someday he’ll be able to forgive her for what she did to Bo and Hope.

Jen’s: Jen is still apologising. Hope tells her that it’s not her fault that Bo crawled into bed with Billie. Jen can’t believe it. Hope can. She says that Bo was drunk – it’s not unlike Billie to take advantage of him – she’s done it before. Hope says she has lost her little boy now she’s lost her husband to the mother of her son’s killer. Sleeping with Billie – there is no way she can ever forgive him for that – it’s over. She can’t ever take him back. Hope is near tears and almost crying as she raises her coffee cup to toast the rest of her life without Bo. Jen won’t toast that. Hope says why not, Bo is with Billie now. You saw it with your own eyes. Their little boy just died and he’s sleeping with her – that’s a pretty clear choice. Jen tries to defend Bo – Hope tells her there is no excuse. Hope is convinced that Bo chose Chelsea over him and that he’s going to make a new family with them. Their son is dead – they have nothing. She starts crying that has lost him to Billie forever this time. Her heart is breaking – nothing can make this better. They hear Bo’s motorcycle – Hope can’t talk to him. She goes out the back way. Bo wants to see Hope. Jen says you can’t – it is too late. He hears Hope’s car start and he starts to run out – Jen yells that Hope is never going to forgive him and she doesn’t think she should. Bo runs out before Jen can tell him why.

Java Café: Eww – Chelsea and Billie. I can’t believe how disgusting Chelsea is. She is worried that Billie wimped out. Billie says she did it – she made sure Hope found them naked in bed together. Chelsea thinks that is fantastic! Hope is so bogged down with morals and values that she will never take him back into her life. She feels so much better now. She natters on that once Bo realises that Hope is never going to take him back he’ll be with Billie – and she’ll have the man she has always loved. Billie says my god, who are you? Billie says that Chelsea doesn’t understand anything about love and that’s sad. Bo and Hope are soul mates – they will be apart for long. Chelsea defends herself and says there is nothing wrong with her wanting her family to be together. Billie says you are trying to break up your father’s marriage – do you not feel any guilt at all? Sure she does but Bo and Hope aren’t the only two people who deserve to be happy. She does and so does Billie and she’s terrified of going to jail – she needs them to be there for her. Billie says she will be and that it will be okay. Chelsea doesn’t see how it can be unless Billie keeps Bo away from Hope. They get on the topic of Patrick. Chelsea says you are going to do a whole lot better – you’re going to be with Bo. Billie tells Chelsea that she spent years being unrealistic about her chances with Bo and she doesn’t want Chelsea to do the same. She goes on to say that she just wants to keep Bo and Hope apart long enough to keep Chelsea out of jail. Billie goes to get more coffee – Chelsea schemes on a way to get Hope out of the picture – she wants Hope to wind up at the same place as Patrick.

Preview: Abby to Hope – These are from Chelsea – a kind of peace offering (she hands her some flowers). Hope – And they are supposed to make up for killing my son. Bo to John – How are you going to prove to Marlena that this North character is a murderer? John – I’ll get her away from him – one way or another. Alex to Lois’ body – I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time – but we need to talk. Belle to Marlena – I saw the announcement in the paper. Sorry Mom but this wedding can not happen.


Friday Feb 24

Pat’s Spoilers

The loft: Mimi is feeling a bit overwhelmed – she tells Shawn that they will never be ready for the wedding. Shawn tells her they will. He promises her that they will be ready for the wedding – somehow. Mimi doesn’t think he sounds too convinced. He knows this – they will be getting married whether they are ready or not. She asks him if he is working on the list she gave him. LOL – his answer – I’m working on the list and the five sub-lists. Mimi needs the addresses for his out of town relatives. He says they are on his computer. Mimi’s stress level is rising. She doesn’t want email addresses. He says okay, they’re in my address book – which is in the loft somewhere. Mimi’s voice is raised by now as she is telling him that he should have it out – Shawn tells her she should have asked sooner – Mimi yelling she did – Shawn asking her when. Bonnie barges in laden with packages asking them what is going on saying she could hear them all the way down the hall. Mimi tells here that she is beginning to think that getting married this fast was a really bad idea. Bonnie is a little ticked and says she had been running her butt off all over town Mimi can’t be seriously having second thoughts. Mimi says no but there is so much left to do – so many details. Shawn says Mimi is trying to say that we’re both feeling a little rushed here – Mimi jumps in and says ‘completely crazed’ … LOL! Shawn says yes. Mimi says at least I am. Bonnie says from now on you let me and Kate’s cheque book take care of everything. They don’t have to lift a finger until they slip those little bands of gold on that will join them together forever. Mimi takes a closer look at Bonnie and asks her what is up with the hair and the makeup. Bonnie removes her wrap and reveals her outfit – there are no words to describe it … LOL! Let’s just say it is shiny! Shawn smiles and says he thinks she looks great – Mimi laughs. Bonnie has been at the spa – she had to go for a test run. Patrick knocks on the door and tells Mimi that he came to say goodbye.

Mimi is surprised and asks him where he is going. He says he is leaving Salem. Bonnie says your brother is never one to stay in one place for long – just like his daddy. Mimi asks Patrick what is going on. He says it’s no big deal it’s just time for him to move on. She wants to know if it’s because of Billie. He tells her it’s because of a lot of things. Shawn tells Mimi that if he wants to go, let him go – it could be for the best. Mimi asks him what he means. Shawn says well he did work for the DiMera’s. Mimi defends Patrick saying he didn’t know what he was getting into besides he saved your parents lives. Patrick says it’s okay – he understands why Shawn doesn’t trust him – his father doesn’t either. It doesn’t matter because he’s out of here. Mimi says you’re not even going to stay for my wedding? He wishes her all the best in the world and he wants her to be happy – she deserves it. They hug. Bonnie says he won’t be gone for long – he’s got too much waiting for him here in Salem. She says they have a lot of work to do. Everyone grab a fork. Patrick asks what all this stuff is. Bonnie says food and wedding cake samples. Mimi says they wanted to keep everything small and low key. Bonnie says a wedding is what everyone needs – besides you only get married once – you gotta do it right. Bonnie says she was going to keep it surprise but she’ll tell them now – she’s hired them a wedding planner. They won’t have to do a thing. She’s on her way, she’ll be here any minute. Mimi says the place is a mess. Bonnie says she won’t care – she’ll want to get down to business – which is what they need to do. She tells them to start sampling. She samples one of the cheese puffs and says they are to die for – she starts listing a lot of other stuff. Shawn asks her if she should really be eating all this stuff with her heart condition. She says the doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Shawn says already. Bonnie amends it to say if I don’t overdo it. Patrick wants to know what they are talking about – what heart condition. Bonnie says she had a little scare – she’s fine now – she didn’t want to worry him. She then sticks some wedding cake in Patrick’s mouth.

Shawn says he needs to get going. Bonnie asks him where he is going. He says he has to go check on his mother. He thinks that the two of them and the wedding planner will be able to take care of everything. Patrick tells Shawn to give his best to his mom. Shawn says he will. Mimi tells him that if he wants to postpone this because of his mom she’ll understand. He says that he does not want to postpone this wedding. He kisses her. He tells her that he can’t wait to marry her. Mimi says ‘me either.’ She goes on to say that if after you see you mom you may change your mind. He shakes his head and says no, I’m not changing my mind. He kisses her again and tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him. He’ll see her later. He thanks Bonnie for all her hard work and sampling … LOL! Bonnie mouths the word ‘thanks’. Patrick says goodbye – hugs Mimi and tells her to be happy. She tells him to keep in touch. Bonnie and Patrick hug. Bonnie starts lecturing Bonnie about trying to delay the wedding. Mimi tells her she feels torn – she feels so guilty. She wants to tell Shawn he’s the father of Belle’s baby. Bonnie says if you tell him you will destroy whatever chance you have left of being happy. Calliope arrives. Introductions and pleasantries are exchanged and then both Calliope and Bonnie speak at the same time – “Oh my god – love your outfit!” Bonnie says that something tells her that they are going to get along just fine – Calliope thinks so too. Bonnie says to Mimi with Calliope here, what could possibly go wrong?

Brady pub: John and Belle – yawn. Well the scenes are worth a laugh – just hearing John call her ‘baby’ had me in stitches. In a nutshell Belle proceeds to tell John what he has to do and that is stop the wedding. Then she goes on to tell him how to do it. Then she decides she can do something. John tells her to kiss his granddaughter – she will (Huh, pray tell, and when would that be??? Is it possible to slip in 30 seconds with your daughter who is just home from the hospital recovering from major life-saving surgery between stalking your ex and telling your parents how to live their lives?)

Bo calls home from outside the Brady pub and reaches the answering machine – We hear Hope’s voice, Zack’s and Bo’s. He asks her to please pick up. He wants to explain – he tells her that they need each other. We see Hope crying hugging one of Zack’s stuffed animals. Bo continues to plead with her – he tells her he loves her. He stresses that they need each other now more than ever. He asks her to call him. Bo is inside in a booth now – he has a flashback to Hope kicking him out - he vows to make things right with Hope. John sits with Bo and tells him he needs some help. Bo said he heard he was arrested for Lois Bank’s death. John says that is why he needs his help – he needs to clear his name and nail Alex North. He’s convinced that he’s up to something with Marlena – Lois knew about it but when she told John about it, Alex killed her to keep her quiet. Bo says he won’t be much help – he took a leave of absence. All he can focus on is making things right with Hope and getting his family back together. John understands – family first. John will handle North in his own way – he’ll get Marlena away from him one way or the other. John asks if he has made any progress with Hope. Bo says no but he’s not giving up. He asks John how he is going to prove to Marlena that Alex is a killer. John’s phone rings – he says this may be the proof I need. It’s the morgue – they have Lois’ autopsy.

Penthouse: Oh joy Marlena fawning all over Alex trying to pass as a love sick twenty year old. I’ll skip that especially the part where she refers to John as goofy. Ahh, take a look in the mirror for a textbook definition of goofy. Alex’ surprise arrives – a wedding planner. I love Calliope! She is the only thing that makes having to watch a scene with Marlena in it worth the time. And she is Calliope. She tells Marlena that she has missed her so much – not enough to call or write – but she missed her...LOL! Marlena asks ‘do I know you?” Poor Calliope – she is crestfallen as she asks “Have I aged that much?” Calliope learns that Marlena has amnesia – something that Calliope thought only happened on soaps. She guesses it wouldn’t mean anything if she told her that Eugene misses her because she won’t remember. Marlena says she’s sorry – she doesn’t. Calliope tells her not to be sorry – sometime she can’t remember why she married him. She is Marlena is going to snap out of this any minute now – they always do. Marlena wants to know what she is doing there. Alex tells her that he hired Calliope as her wedding planner – she’s the best there is. He didn’t know that Calliope is a former Salemite and a former friend of hers. Calliope says they did everything together – Marlena was her best man at her wedding. She could tell her some stories. Marlena says she wishes she would. Alex decides to leave them alone. Marlena clings – he leaves anyway – thank goodness. As soon as he leaves Calliope says amnesia or not – who is that guy and what are you doing with him? Marlena says he is her husband. Calliope says Uh-uh – I know all your husbands and he ain’t one of them. Marlena says that Alex is the man she is going to spend the rest of her life with. Calliope shakes her head in stunned surprise … sigh, join the club Calliope – I’ve been doing that for months now.

Calliope can’t believe that Marlena is choosing Alex over John. Her and Roman – oops John, she can’t get used to calling him that – LOL were so much in love. Marlena doesn’t remember that and the John she knows now is someone she doesn’t want to be with – she’s sure of that. Calliope wants to know what’s wrong with him – isn’t he cute anymore. Marlena says he scares her. Calliope wants to know how. Marlena tells her that he says he loves her but she thinks he’s obsessed with her. Calliope says ‘still obsessed with you … and this is a bad thing … because?’ Marlena says because it has turned violent on more than one occasion. Calliope defends John saying he was probably provoked by this Alex person. Marlena wants to know if John sent her because if he did she can leave and not come back. Calliope says “so cold.” She apologises for upsetting her – she’s just having a hard time with this because John was the love of Marlena’s life – at least one of them. Marlena doesn’t want to talk about John. Calliope gets down to business – she leaves her stuff to look at and she’ll call and set up an appointment. She leaves. Belle shows up and tells her mother that this wedding can not happen.

Jen’s: Okay the teenaged master manipulator is now using her best friend to further her agenda. Why does this surprise me? A person this cold and calculating can’t possibly be human. Unreal. Abby asks her where her stuff is – she went to Patrick’s to pack. Chelsea lies and said she saw Patrick’s car and she didn’t want to see him. Of course she goes on about how this is all his fault. Abby asks if she would have really let her Mom go to jail. Chelsea says she wouldn’t have, I will – Patrick made it worse. Abby thinks that he and Billie will get back together. Chelsea insists that Patrick has always been interested in Hope. She tells Abby that she has flowers for Hope. She really is sorry – it was just an accident and she didn’t mean to do it. Hope is so angry and won’t forgive her. Abby offers to take the flowers for her. Then Chelsea continues her sob story and thinks that maybe if Hope went away for awhile she would have some time to start to heal. Abby thinks that is a great idea. Chelsea tells her of this great place she read it – private, beautiful – Morgan Island. Abby says she will mention it. Chelsea turns her back and smirks thinking to herself that she didn’t think it was going to be this easy. Abby arrives home. Chelsea pumps her for information – she tells Abby that Hope is never going to forgive her. Abby tells her it’s too soon – maybe if she takes some time to herself. Chelsea asks Abby if she told her about Morgan Island. Abby says yes and Hope is going to look into it. Chelsea says you didn’t tell her it was my idea did you. Abby says no. Chelsea says they shouldn’t tell anyone about it because if her Dad finds out he may try and stop it. Abby agrees – she doesn’t think Hope is going to go. Chelsea thinks to herself that she has to go so her parents can get back together and she can stay out of prison.

Brady’s: Hope hears the doorbell and hopes that it isn’t Bo. Abby calls out so Hope answers. Abby gives her the flowers. Hope hugs her and says she is so sweet. Abby says they are actually from Chelsea – a kind of peace offering. She’s really sorry. She feels terrible. Hope says and they are supposed to make up for killing my son? Hope throws the bouquet in the garbage. Hope tells Abby if she is there to plead Chelsea’s case she wasted her time. Abby brings the flowers and says that Chelsea wanted to come herself but she was too afraid. Hope says she is afraid of going to jail – which she should be. Hope says I lost my son. I can never get him back. Abby apologises – she didn’t want to make her upset. Hope doesn’t want to talk about Chelsea. Abby says Chelsea isn’t the only reason she came. She wanted to see how she was doing and if there was anything she could do for her. Hope says that is really nice of you especially when I know you’re still grieving your Dad. Abby really misses him – she can’t imagine what Hope is going through. As hard as it is to lose a parent it has to be harder to lose a child. Abby adds she was thinking it might be good for Hope to go away for awhile. Hope says she was thinking of the same thing but she doesn’t know where she would go. Abby tells her about Morgan Island. Hope hears the key in the lock and is relieved that it is Shawn. She tells him that she was afraid it was his Dad. He tells her he came to see how she is doing – they hug. She says not great – she’s thinking about going away for a little while. The house is just so sad – it’s so empty. Everywhere she looks she sees Zack, his Dad, the happy family that never will be again. She needs to get away from Salem, from his Dad, from everything or she may really lose it. Shawn understands that she has to do what she needs to do. Hope doesn’t think she can spend one more night in this empty house. Shawn tells her that she can stay with him and Mimi – they have a spare room. She thanks him but says no. He asks her where she will go. She tells him somewhere quiet, remote – she tells him about Morgan Island. The more she thinks about the more she thinks she’ll do it.

Morgue: Alex waltzes in like he has every right to be there – unchallenged – no one around. He pulls out Lois’ body and tells her that they need to talk. He says not to worry – he’s not crazy. He knows she is dead because he’s the one that put her there. He had to do it because she was getting too chatty. She knows that John injected her with truth serum but he couldn’t take the chance she would reveal more than what she did. No one can find out what he is doing – Marlena has to pay the price. He knows that Lois wishes it was Marlena in there but soon she’ll get … he stops short of saying that Marlena will be dead – he says that what is going to happen to Marlena would make Lois very happy – he’s sorry she won’t be around to see it.

Preview: Tex to Lexie – Tell me you don’t want me and I’ll go. You can’t, can you? Lexie – No. They kiss. Shawn to Hope – You should go and take care of yourself. How about if I come with you? Shawn to Bo (Chelsea is there) – Mom needs to get away. Bo – Away? Where’s she going? Shawn – like you care. Marlena to Belle – You need to listen to your heart. John to Abe (Alex is there – beat up) – He’s going to try and use the law to stop me from protecting my wife but I’ll tell you one thing Abraham, I will protect her.


Monday Feb 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Abe comes to Lexie’s office and tells her his follow up examination went well. His vision will be back to normal within a few months. Lexie wants to go home and celebrate with a bottle of wine in front of the fire. Abe tells wine and a fire won’t fix ‘that’. Tek, the letch, is eavesdropping. Lexie tells him that she just wants them to be close. Abe says it’s too hard on both of them – it’s torture. Lexie is upset with him. She tells him that his condition will only come between them if he lets it. She wants her husband back – the man she could talk to about anything. She asks him not to shut her out. Abe says he won’t. She says good because she needs him – Theo needs him. She tells him he has his eyesight back – maybe this other thing was just psychological. He says my impotence. He doesn’t want to talk about this now. He has to meet John and he doesn’t know what time he’ll be home. She tells him she’ll have the wine and fire ready just in case. Abe leaves and the letch enters. He tells Lexie that she shouldn’t have to put up with Abe’s abuse. When she says Abe isn’t abusive – he counters that she shouldn’t have to put up with his neglect. He admits he was listening – it wasn’t intentional – huh??? Lexie worries that Abe saw him – he didn’t. He tells Lexie that Abe is neglecting her and she deserves better than that. He’s the man to give it to her – he kisses her. Lexie slaps him – Tek says you want me. She says she’s a married woman. He says that never stopped her before. She wants to do know what she has to do to get him to stop – this is harassment. He tells her to stop kissing him back. She tells him to stop kissing her. He throws up the fact that she cheated on Abe before. The conversation turns to the tough time that Abe and Lexie are going through because of the loss of Zack. Tek reminds her that Abe turned his back on her when they lost Zack to Bo and Hope. Tek just keeps badgering her – he says you want me – Abe can’t satisfy her physically or emotionally. He’ll leave if she asks him to but if she’s honest with herself she won’t let him go. Lexie can’t tell him to leave – they start kissing and then undressing.

Lockhart’s: Billie is freshening her makeup. Chelsea tells her she looks great and asks her where she is going. Billie is going to check on Bo – he told her he was going to check on Hope – that is if she will talk to him. Chelsea gloats – fat chance of that happening after she caught you two in bed together. Billie is conflicted about this – Bo is a good friend. Chelsea jumps on and whines that they need him on their side to keep her out of jail. She says the closer you get to Bo the better for everyone. Patrick here’s this and tells Billie that if she is trying to come between Bo and Hope she’s making a big mistake. Billie says he’s the one coming between Bo and Hope because he turned Chelsea in. Patrick is a little taken aback by this asinine accusation and tells Billie a thing or two but then realises it’s useless and tells her that’s he not going to get into it. He warns Billie not to turn her back on Chelsea. She was willing to let her own mother go to jail and he bets that she wouldn’t have felt in the least bit sorry. Chelsea whines that Billie is all she has and now he’s trying to turn her own mother against her. Billie says that Chelsea told her he’s leaving town. He tells her they can stay – he talked it over with his mother. Chelsea tells him to enjoy the beach. Patrick is immediately suspicious and asks her how she knew he was going to the beach. She covers but he asks her what she is up to now. He tells Billie that Chelsea is working her – Billie stares.

Patrick goes on to warn Billie – he tells her that Chelsea is selfish and she doesn’t have an accurate moral compass – something Billie is aware of. He wonders how far she will go. Billie defends Chelsea – saying if she is selfish it’s because she had to fend for herself all those years. Patrick says that is bull – the Bensons were good people. Patrick goes on to say that Chelsea is the one responsible (and lists all the things wrong she did that night) and tells Billie that she can’t let her feelings of guilt ignore that and she shouldn’t let Bo do that either. Billie spits out that she is their daughter. Patrick says from what he has seen she is bad news. Patrick wishes Billie luck and happiness – he won’t be returning to Salem. Without her in his life there is no reason for him to come back. Billie smugly says if you say so. Patrick is more than civil to her. She finally says that this is his house and he has family in Salem he doesn’t have to leave because of her. He says he doesn’t want to cause any trouble for Bo and Hope – Bo loses it every time he approaches Hope even as a friend. Billie’s nose is out of joint – wanting to know if he approached Hope with more than friendship in mind. He says no, I’m a good friend that he is willing to walk away. He just hopes she does the same for Bo. She lies and says she would never come between Bo and Hope. She then asks him if he’s running from temptation. He says no he is just leaving. Chelsea returns and lies about where she was. When she finds out the Patrick has left she says good now no one can stop you from going after Bo.

Brady Pub: Bo tells his mother that he doesn’t know how to fix this. Caroline tells him to wait this out – time heals. Bo says that every day for the rest of our lives we’re going to miss Zack. It’s not going to get better. She says yes you will but your emotions won’t always be this raw. Hope won’t always be this angry. Bo isn’t so sure – she’s stubborn. She won’t let me explain and even if she did, how can I explain it when I’m angry myself. He’s angry at Chelsea, at Billie for convincing him to lie but most of all he’s angry at himself. You told me this would happen if I didn’t tell her. Caroline lists the various stages of grief. She tells Bo that he has to trust and faith in their love. Bo says he is the reason their son is dead. Every time they look at each other they are going to know that. He asks her how they can get past that. Caroline tells him to put himself in Hope’s shoes. She’s very angry at both Chelsea and Billie and it might help her if she knew he felt the same way. Bo says that Chelsea’s needs both of her parent’s support right now. Besides he doesn’t want to feed Hope’s anger especially when everyone should be blaming him. Caroline cautions Bo to not let his love for his daughter cause him to turn to Billie for support or anything else. Bo says that is not going to help but Billie is Chelsea’s mom so he’ll have to spend some time with her. Caroline tells him every time Hope sees him with them she’s going to feel that he is choosing them over her. Bo knows that she’ll feel that way even though she doesn’t want him anywhere near him. Caroline says that he and Hope really love each other and that love will see them through this tragedy.

Chelsea enters and makes beeline towards Bo. She tells him she’s been looking all over for him. She wants to set up an appointment with Frankie – they need to start working on her defence. He says they will. She pouts and threatens to leave because he’s obviously not interested in helping. He tells her to sit down. Her case won’t come to trial for a long time. He’s got a lot on his plate. She whines that he’s thinking about Hope. He says yes and Zack. I really can’t go into detail on how she plays Bo – it’s really sickening – sorry. It’s all about how Hope hates her and is going to try and turn Bo against her. Surprisingly when she says it was just an accident – Bo reminds her that it was one that could have been avoided – she was reaching for her cell phone. He understands where Hope is coming from and why she is angry at the both of them. Shawn walks in and says he knew he’d find them together. No wonder Mom wants to get away. Bo asks him where she is going. Shawn answers like you care and walks away. Bo grabs his jacket and leaves the pub. Chelsea is cursing Shawn saying now Bo is going to stop her. Chelsea approaches Shawn – he tells her to get away from him. She just wants to know if Hope is leaving town. Shawn is sure she would like that because then she wouldn’t have to face the woman who wanted to put in her jail for killing her son. Chelsea lies and says she is fully prepared to take her punishment. Shawn calls her on that and says is that why you were talking to my Dad – to see if there’s a way he can keep you out of jail. Chelsea’s true nature surfaces – she tells Shawn that he is her father too and she has a right to talk to him. She whines that she feels really guilty. Shawn says she should because it’s her fault. She knows that it’s her fault – what else can she do. He tells he knows what she could do – spend a lot of time behind bars and stay away from them. She says that she hopes that Hope forgives Bo and that they can move on with their lives. Shawn says that won’t happen. Chelsea then says maybe he’ll stop her from leaving town. Shawn says she’ll be gone before he gets there and walks away. Chelsea smirks.

Brady House: Hope hopes that he doesn’t mind her going away. Shawn understands. He says it hard enough for him to be in the house without Zack there so he can imagine how hard it is for her. He also understands that she needs to get away from Dad. Hope thanks him for coming to check on her. He says it actually got him out of another marathon session of wedding plans with the new wedding planner and Bonnie. Hope says – what was I thinking. I can’t go away. I’m not going to miss your wedding. Shawn says that they are moving up the wedding but it’s not like its tomorrow – so if she needs to get away she should. She tells him that she is very happy for the two of them but she just can’t handle being in St. Luke’s right now. Shawn tells her she needs to take care of herself – he has an idea – what if he comes with her. Hope teases him that he’s trying to get out of more wedding planning. He smirks and says maybe a little – it’s more that he just wants to be there for her especially with Dad … Hope interrupts him and tells him it’s not his job. She just wants him to be happy. He tells her he really is. She and I have been friends for a long time, it’s not like he’s settling. He tells her that he really loves her. Hope says I hope so.

She tells him that her and his Dad used to argue because for the longest time she was rooting for him and Belle to get back together. Shawn tells her for the longest time so was he. Hope says she has to believe that Zack saved Claire’s life for a reason. Shawn tells her not to worry about him – she tells him not to worry about her. He thinks going away is the best thing for her. She doesn’t want him to tell his Dad her plans. Shawn says he’s not talking to him right now. They hug and both say I love you. She tells him not to worry – she’ll be back in plenty of time for the wedding. She wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hope is on the phone with the airline. She picks up a picture of her, Bo, Shawn and Zack and packs it in her case. She picks up the stuffed animal she was holding earlier. Bo enters the house and finds a note for the cleaning lady Maria. Hope says she is going out of town and leaves a cheque for two months. Bo wonders where she would go for two months. He picks up the phone and hits redial in case she called someone. He reaches the Salem Airport and says he needs to know if his wife is on a flight. Without the airline name they can’t help him. He rushes out. He arrives at the airport. Hope is in a waiting area – Patrick is in a different one.

Penthouse: Sorry – I’m not going into detail on this garbage – just a quick summary. Belle insists that Marlena and John were so much in love – they belong together. Belle tells her mother that she is happy in her marriage with Philip – and that she loves him. Marlena knows that Belle loves Shawn more so her choices are clear – she can either stop Shawn from marrying Mimi or she can live her life without Shawn. But get this – earlier she tells Belle she is not advising her to end her marriage. So I guess Marlena is telling Belle to stay married, destroy Shawn and Mimi’s relationship and keep Shawn on the side????

Morgue: The attendant won’t give John the results of Lois’ autopsy. John will wait for Commander Carver and get the information from him. So what now – Abe has his old job back and Roman is out – just like that? Nice way to come out of retirement! John sees Alex inside. Alex tells Lois that his plan is working perfectly and her death has made his job easier. He goes on to thank her for making him look like a hero in Marlena’s eyes. Now John is under arrest for her death and no one will be around to stop him from carrying out his plan. John confronts Alex saying he’s been right about him along. Alex admits that he was and he confirms John’s suspicion that he is going after Marlena next. John wants to know what he plans to do to her. Alex taunts John – he wants to know if he wants it step by step or if he should cut to the chase. He asks John if he has a tape recorder because he’ll never remember. The taunts continue and Alex gets the response he’s looking for – John goes Neanderthal. Alex tells him that Marlena is going to suffer more pain than anyone, even him, could possibly imagine. John says you killed Lois. Alex says yeah – she was an incompetent psychobabbler. John can’t believe he admitted it. Alex says sure I admitted it to you but who’s going to believe you – not Marlena, not the police because you’ve cried wolf once too often. There’s not a shred of evidence linking him to the crime but John admitted to illegally administering truth serum to him. He hates to rub it in but I win, you lose. John beats the stuffing out of him. Abe charges in and pulls John off of Alex.

Alex tells Abe he was in here saying goodbye to Lois when John came in and assaulted him. John insists that Alex be arrested for the first degree murder of Lois Banks. Alex claims John is lying and if Abe hadn’t come in John would have killed him. Abe tells Alex he didn’t do this for him he did it for John. John tells Abe that Alex confessed to killing Lois and said that Marlena is next. Alex smirks and asks John to produce the taped confession or the witnesses that overheard this alleged confession. He tells Abe he didn’t confess to a damned thing. He says John is crazy. He wants to know what he’s doing there. John says he got a call that Lois’ autopsy report was ready. Abe says he talked to the morgue attendant – no one was called. John realises that Alex set him up. Alex accuses John of following him – he was at the penthouse earlier harassing them. He tells Abe he wants another restraining order – John is a dangerous, violent man and with the Police Commander as his witness a judge will have no problem granting his request. John tries to get at Alex but Abe holds him back. Abe says that Alex has a case. A condition of his bail was to stay away from Alex North. Abe asks him why he keeps doing this. Alex says he’s going home to his wife. He stops in front of John and says I can’t wait to see her in that wedding gown when we renew our vows and I can’t wait to see her out of it. John goes ballistic – Abe holds him back. John tells Abe everything that happened earlier. John says you saw it – he’s taunting me, baiting me – he’s going to use the law to keep me from protecting my wife but I will protect her even if he has to die trying.

Preview: Alex to Marlena – Does this mean that you are having second thoughts about renewing your vows with me? Lucas to Carrie – This isn’t a business dinner. I’m asking you out on a date. Austin to Sami – What did she say? Sami – Oh come on, Austin. You told me not to be nosy, remember? Austin – No I’m serious. Why won’t you tell me? What did she say? Hope – Good bye Zack. Goodbye Bo.


Tuesday Feb 28

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short spoiler report tonight.

Titan: Carrie is whining about High Style (yawn). Victor is waiting in Lucas’ office for them. He wants to talk to Carrie alone. She is happy to be with working with him – he hopes he can feel the same. She’s not exactly known to be a corporate barracuda. He wants to know if she will have a problem going after Austin Reed & Co. She’s not going to have any problem at all – she learned from someone that used to be close to her. What a hypocrite she is! Kate arrives. Lucas threatens her again and Kate tells him she has already told Austin to back off. Carrie and Lucas are working together – she whines some more about High Style. Lucas the slime ball goes to work on her and asks her for a date – Carrie is thrilled. Victor wants to know what Kate is doing there. She wants his advice about what to do with the Marlena John Alex situation. He tells her to stay out of it. He brings up how she interfered with Sami and Lucas’ wedding which caused Sami to disguise herself as Stan and wreck havoc on everyone in Salem. He blames Kate for the fact that Tony held Philip captive and for Philip losing her leg. Kate is surprised and says it’s not her fault – he hates Sami as much as she does. Now Sami is going after Austin. Victor talks about things that are wrong and says that Shawn deserves to know that he is a father. Kate tells him that Philip’s life will be destroyed (I would argue that point … LOL) – does he want to hurt Philip. Think of it as a business deal. He says it isn’t business – it’s personal.

Sami’s: Austin apologises for missing dinner. Sami blames Kate. He went to have coffee with her, came back and got a text message and left. Kate was badmouthing her again. Austin denies it. More conversation from Sami how Kate would never miss an opportunity to lecture him about being involved with her – she is probably warning Philip about her as well. Austin says Philip is happily married although Kate did seem concerned about Philip and Belle. She said nothing is a sure thing. Sami says then she did something or she knows something. Austin doubts it but Sami doesn’t. Austin tells her whether she did or she didn’t it’s none of their business unless Philip and Belle make it their business. They actually are getting some work done. They get on the subjects of strengths and weaknesses’ – Austin says her weaknesses are that she is easily distracted and too damn nosy. She doesn’t think so. Austin finds a cuff link. She thinks it is Lucas’. She tells him he stopped by last night. Austin asks if he is trying to get her back. She says no. He came to talk about Will. Lucas has made it clear that they have no future just like Carrie … she stops and won’t say anymore. Austin wants to know. She tells him that Carrie has to interest in getting back together with him. She goes on to say that the way Carrie and Lucas were acting last night she wouldn’t be surprised if the next wedding they go to will be theirs.

Brady Pub: Abe wishes there was more that he could do to help John. John is drinking and recalls Alex’s threat. He tells Abe that Alex murdered Lois Banks and Marlena is his next victim. Abe tells John that he doesn’t really know that Alex is going to kill Marlena. He certainly doesn’t have any proof of that or that Alex killed Lois. John says he gloated about it – he practically dared him to do come after. Abe says maybe that was intention – maybe he’s playing you – maybe there’s no truth in anything he said. John wants to know whose side he is. Abe says what if Alex made it all up just to get John to attack him so he could file for that restraining order and keep him away from Marlena once and for all. John insists that Alex wasn’t lying. He’s not about to let Alex get away with what he has done and what he is about to do – he turns and leaves. Outside the pub Abe tells John if he violates the restraining order he’s going to end up in jail. John says and if he doesn’t Alex is going to kill Marlena. Abe still believes his theory is correct because why would Alex confess – he would have to be crazy. John says exactly and that is what makes him so dangerous. Abe tells him not to violate the restraining order. John says not only is going to violate it he is going to kill Alex North. He’ll give up his life to protect Marlena’s.

Penthouse: As I did on Friday, I will do again today. I refuse to write up the garbage between Marlena and Belle or Marlena and Alex. In a nutshell Marlena encourages Belle to stop the wedding, break up her marriage and family even though Belle told her that she told Shawn how he felt and he is still going to marry Mimi. Marlena obviously has no clue who or daughter is any longer. She tells Belle that it’s time that she stopped considering everyone else’s feelings and put herself first for a change. HUH??? Who the hell are you talking about? Belle hasn’t put anyone’s feelings before her own for almost two years now. Can you believe that she told Belle she wouldn’t lose full custody of Claire – she’d have her half the time … who are these people – get them off our screen – both mother and daughter… sigh. Alex comes home. Marlena acts like a lovesick teenager (which is not flattering) without seeing his injuries. A little talk of John – Marlena wonders why so many people say they are right for each other because John is an obsessed control freak. She is very upset when she sees his face – of course Alex tells her that John attacked him without being provoked. She says soon they will be renewing their vows and then he’ll have to leave them alone.

Shawn & Mimi’s place: Mimi is flipping through a bridal magazine as Bonnie and Calliope are having a glass of wine. Bonnie can’t believe that she snagged the world famous wedding planner Calliope Jones Bradford to plan Mimi’s wedding and she can’t wait to stick Kate with the bill. Calliope says they got lucky – she’s generally booked two years advance but she was coming to Salem to plan her good friend Marlena’s wedding anyway – so she can double her billable hours now. (Okay 2 years in advance – how was she available to do Marlena’s wedding?). Shawn gets home – he looks dejected. Mimi asks him if they have to postpone the wedding. He says no but his Mom probably isn’t going to be there. She left town alone. Mimi says ‘you’re mother left town?’ Calliope waves her arms and says that the mother of the groom MUST be at the wedding. Shawn says this one won’t be. Calliope says it was just a reflex. She tells Shawn that she heard about his brother. Her husband, Euge, still keeps in touch with Roman no John and he told me how upset your mother is with your father. Shawn says – do I know you? LOL! She tells her name, that she is a wedding planner and a former Salemite – he must have heard about her. Shawn says no but if she knows so much of what is going on then she must know why his mother had to leave town. She’s glad he brought that up because she doesn’t know much of what is going on around here. John and Marlena are breaking up. Bo and Hope are breaking up. It’s crazy around here – but than it always was. Shawn says you could say that. He wishes he knew why his parents were breaking up. He always thought they would be married forever. Mimi comes to him and tells him that it’s all going to work out. Shawn says it’s just strange that his parent’s marriage is ending and theirs is just beginning. Bonnie says that it’s a shame. Considering he’s not talking to his father she guesses that is two names she should cross off the list. Mimi says what? She wants to see this list. Calliope tells Shawn – let’s look at some new tuxedo styles. She puts a lot of energy into the rear ends of the groom but that is what a lot of people are looking at – a man’s rear end is everything. Shawn looks at a picture of him, Bo, Hope and Zack.

Calliope and Shawn are sitting on the couch looking at brochures. Shawn says whatever Mimi decides is fine. He’s sure she will make great decisions. LMAO – Calliope whacks him one and shakes her finger at him telling him that is exactly the wrong attitude (it looks like Jason is having a hard time keeping a straight face- I don’t know how he did it because I was rolling). She goes on to say that the reason Calliope Jones Bradford’s weddings are so successful is because she cares and she takes into consideration his preferences. It’s really important to her that it reflects both him and the bride so it’s the bringing together of two people together as one. Now look at the hors d’oeuvres. Mimi tells Bonnie that she forgot to add Philip and Belle to the list. Bonnie didn’t forget. Mimi says that they are the best man and matron of honour – they have to be at the wedding. Bonnie doesn’t think so – she hopes its Mimi’s wedding not her funeral. There’s a knock on the door. Shawn seems eager to get away from Calliope. It’s Belle (hmmm so much for not following her mother’s advice – does she have any idea of what or where her daughter is). Mimi introduces her. Calliope gushes saying you’re John and Marlena’s little girl. She keeps yakking and hugs Belle. Belle mouths the words who is this … LMAO – Shawn just shakes his head and makes a gesture with his hand as if to say be darned if I know. Calliope focuses on Belle – Bonnie rolls her eyes. Calliope goes on to say that from the letters and pictures her mother sent her she thought for sure that Belle would be the one to end up with Shawn. (Hmm … didn’t Calliope say that she missed Marlena but not enough to call or write???) Bonnie frowns, Mimi grimaces, Shawn shakes his head and rolls his eyes … LMAO – join the club! Calliope asks Belle is she is happy with Philip – she says very. They talk briefly about Claire. Bonnie says they are very happy as are Shawn and Mimi whose wedding I’m paying you to plan. Shawn and Mimi kiss – Belle gives that look of hers – the little sneer.

Airport: Bo is very close to Hope but doesn’t see her. He goes to the ticket counter to ask if his wife is on the flight. He is told he can’t get that information without a warrant or TSA approval. He’s very insistent – a cop comes along and asks if there is a problem. He recognises Bo. Bo asks him to help him find Hope – do not let her board any plane. Hope boards the same plane as Patrick. The ticket agent tells Bo the TSA gave approval for him to go on board and check any planes to find out if his wife is board as long as departure isn’t delayed. He checks one – no Hope. By the time he checks that one all the other flights have taken off. He has no idea where Hope went to. On the plane Hope says Goodbye Zack. Goodbye Hope. Bo takes off on his bike. One cop says to the other if he takes off on his bike that angry he’s liable to get hurt. The other cop doesn’t think Bo cares about that right now.

Preview: Sami to Austin – Let’s just ignore the fact that Carrie and Lucas are out on a date. Austin – What makes you think they are on a date? Lucas to Carrie – It looks like Sami and Austin are on a date too. We see Hope and a voice saying Love is going to find you while you are on this island. Bo finds an unconscious Billie lying in the snow.
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Wednesday Mar 1

Pat’s Spoilers

My apologies – there is not a lot in this show worth talking about so consequently this is going to be a very short report.

Carrie & Lucas: They arrive at Chez Rouge and see Eugenia. Lucas preens (gag) – he tries to sound cute and funny – he wonders if he isn’t paying her enough – she’s making him look bad by moonlighting. Eugenia flatters him and says she’s just helping Maggie out. She didn’t notice the dinner on her calendar so they must have some last minute work to do. Lucas tells her they are on date – Carrie beams. Carrie excuses herself and Eugenia congratulates Lucas on moving in on her. Carrie runs into a former co-worker of hers that heard she is dating Kate Robert’s son. She goes on to say that she always thought that Carrie and Austin were soul mates. Carrie corrects her and says she is out with Kate’s other son Lucas. Oops. Carrie and Lucas are at their table – she’s nervous, he’s nervous – I’m bored to tears … Yawn. He tells her that she was his first love – than goes on to say he broke a dating rule telling her that. He’s so used to following what needs to be done in business. Carrie tells him that she knows he is just as honest in his business deals as he just was with her unlike someone else she knows – she glares in Austin’s direction. She asks Lucas to dance.

Sami & Austin: Sami finds Will’s cell phone amongst the cushions of her couch. She notices that Will has one text message from Lucas. Sami being Sami decides to read it. She finds out that Lucas and Carrie are going out to dinner at Chez Rouge. Austin comes back after a marathon meeting with a couple of their investors. He’s starved. Sami says they will have to go – after he missed dinner yesterday she didn’t bother going shopping for groceries today. They have to go out. Austin doesn’t want to go out so she says she’ll find the take out menus. Austin apologises and said she has been stuck inside all day – they should go out. He tells her to pick the place. Sami turns her back to him as she holds the cordless phone – she doesn’t really call anyone – just let’s Austin think she is. She tells him all the restaurants she has called and says they can’t get in until after 10. She doesn’t really want to go to Alice’s – she’s sure there was something in her chilli the last time she ate there. They should just stay home. Austin says lets go to Chez Rouge. Sami smiles and thinks to herself “it was his idea to go there and when he sees Carrie and Lucas together he’ll know its over.” They get to the restaurant and Sami and Eugenia exchange insults. LOL – Austin says “The evenings getting off to a great start.” Eugenia takes them to their table. They see Carrie and Lucas. Sami suggests they leave. Austin says no they are going to stay and enjoy their dinner. Sami says great we’ll just ignore the fact that they are on a date. Austin doesn’t think they are. Sami says maybe he’s right – it could be a late business dinner. Eugenia takes great pleasure in telling Sami that it’s a date, Lucas told her so. Austin doesn’t look happy.

Billie is on the phone with Roman asking him to put out an APB on him – she’s very worried. (Now this ticks me off – why is Roman taking orders from her – why is he doing Billie favours – why isn’t he asking why Bo isn’t with Hope and why isn’t he telling Billie that Hope is the only one who has the right to ask for favours like that … sigh). Chelsea comes into the room dressed to go out. Billie doesn’t think she should go out. It would look like she had no remorse. Chelsea whines that she feels her bad for what she did. She has nightmares about it – she just thought going out watching other people have fun would take her mind off of things. She lays on the guilt trip (which she does throughout the entire episode) saying that she isn’t entitled to have fun. Billie says she didn’t say that – she just wants Chelsea to think about what it would look like to the DA and the judge. Chelsea agrees she is right. She says they can play Poker – she just learned how. We get flashbacks of Billie and Patrick playing poker. When Billie suggests a different guy, Chelsea asks why. Billie tells her. Chelsea says you miss the guy don’t you – she gives the fake apology saying it was all her fault. Billie says it wasn’t but she does miss him – she lists all his good qualities. Chelsea still doesn’t see why she was so hot and bothered by him – Billie says probably for the same reason you were. Chelsea concedes that Patrick is hot – but he’s not the only guy out there like her Dad. Billie says Patrick was right – her moral compass is whacked. She tells Chelsea Bo is married. The only reason she wants them together is because she thinks that will help keep her out of jail. Chelsea says there are other reasons. Bo and Hope are separated – he’s all alone – he’s needs someone – he needs her.

Billie tells Chelsea to stop playing on her feelings for Bo. That’s wrong. Chelsea doesn’t think she is doing anything wrong. She says that Bo shouldn’t be with Hope – she threw him out – she doesn’t trust him. She’ll never take him back now. Billie says yeah because I did what you wanted and crawled into bed with him. Chelsea says she only did it to keep her out of prison. She doesn’t see why Billie shouldn’t go after the only man she has ever loved – it’s not like she hasn’t been a lot of men. She continues on saying that Billie was a porn start and a woman that slept with anyone for money. Billie is really hurt and angry – she can’t believe Chelsea would talk to her like that. Chelsea whines and plays it to her advantage saying if she went to jail she’d miss out on getting to know her better. She wants her family together. Billie says we were never a family – you’re not in the same position as children of divorce. The phone rings – its Roman telling her where Bo was spotted. Billie leaves. Chelsea is watching the shopping channel. She’s looking for her credit card hoping it isn’t maxed out so she can order something. She finds a picture of Zack – she says she is really sorry – she knows he would understand – she’s doing the right thing. Let me see if I got this right – Zack would understand that Chelsea destroying his mother and his family is the RIGHT thing???? Yikes! I think Patrick was wrong – her moral compass isn’t out of whack – the chick doesn’t have one … sigh.

Bo throws an empty beer bottle on the pavement. He wonders how Hope could just leave town and not tell him where she is going. He takes off on his bike. He’s driving in the fog remembering saying goodbye to Zack. Two cops outside their cruiser hear a motorcycle. One of them says it’s Detective Brady – there’s an APB out on him. They call it. Roman says he’ll send someone after him. The cops hope he slows down – he’s looking for an accident at that speed in this fog. We see Bo – and then a deer and we hear screeching tires. Billie is looking for Bo – spots his bike and pulls off the road. She’s walking in the trees on a path looking for him when she hears a gunshot. Bo is drinking and aims his gun at a row of beer bottles and fires. He misses the bottles but hears a scream. He gets up and finds an unconscious bleeding Billie.

Patrick: While on the plane he has a flashback of Billie telling him it’s over and then another one of them playing strip poker. He thought that the next time he came down to the island he would be bringing her with him. Now that is never going to happen. They arrive and he’s off the plane before anyone else. Patrick thanks his friend Mario for meeting him. Mario wonders why he didn’t bring a woman with him. Women are a sore subject with Patrick right now. He needed to be alone and this place is a good place for that.

Hope remembers seeing Bo and Billie in bed together. She also recalls her conversation with Shawn about the family that will never be again. She is crying. A woman sits down next to her and introduces herself as Elaine Whitman. She notices the tears and asks Hope what is wrong. Hope tells her that she really doesn’t want to hear her life story. Elaine suggests that they get together while on the island. Hope has a flashback to her and Bo – after his talk with Shawn on the rooftop last summer. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose him – he promises her that he will always put her and the boys first … Elaine tells Hope that People magazines next Sexiest Man Alive is at the back of the plane (she’s referring to Patrick). When Elaine turns around again Patrick is gone. Hope goes to the information desk and asks about a rental – something remote- off the beaten path – on the beach. The agent shows her a picture of a place – the owner rents it out when he’s not there. Hope takes it. One of the locals is set to take Hope to her rental. He gives her an exotic flower. Hope says it’s very beautiful and asks if it some type of orchid. He tells her that it’s a hybrid – it signifies rebirth and redemption. It only blooms once a year for a very short time – there’s a legend that goes with the flower. He asks her if she wants to hear about it. Hope doesn’t respond so he takes that as a yes and proceeds to tell her that if a woman receives the flower from a native of the island she will find love during her stay. He has never seen it fail. Hope is sceptical and says I bet you give this to all the women that arrive on the island alone. The guy says it is very rare and he repeats that she will find love on the island.

Preview: Shawn to Mimi – Are you getting cold feet about marrying me? (We see Belle skulking in the shrubbery eavesdropping). Hope to Patrick – Bo’s moved on with someone else so there is no marriage for me to go home to. Lexie envisions Tek doing a striptease and then coming over to her table. Frankie to Jen (there are fireworks going off) – I thought it was us. Jen – Me, too. Frankie – I guess we’re not the only ones celebrating tonight. (They’re about to kiss).


Thursday Mar 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Frankie has Jen’s eyes covered as he leads her to her surprise. She is very happy with his choice – a private dining room at Chez Rouge. She tells him that she was feeling down and she didn’t know what she needed. They are enjoying their evening – some small talk about winter. Frankie asks if Hope is going to be gone long. She doesn’t know – she was so devastated by everything that happened with Bo and then after the last thing that happened. She stops and says it’s personal and she shouldn’t say anything. Frankie understands. Jen says she was with Hope so it affected her too so she tells him what happened. She can’t imagine Bo and Hope not being together. He says people used to say that about them. Jen says they were very young. He says young and in love – he guesses that love can fade away. Jen doesn’t believe that. She thinks true love never fades away – you hold a special place in your heart for that person that meant so much to you. Frankie turns on some music – they dance and kiss. They hear the sound of fireworks and go out to watch them. Frankie says someone else is celebrating tonight. Jen turns to him – they kiss.

Alice’s: There is so much going on here – I’ll do the best I can with it.

Bonnie thanks a worker for getting the place ready for Mimi’s bridal shower and Shawn’s pool bachelor party. Calliope approaches and tries to say something to fit with the theme of the restaurant. Bonnie looks at her as if she is just a little bit strange. Tek approaches Lexie and asks her to go away with him. She says stop it. Abe asks if there is a problem. Lexie has a flashback to desk sex and then tells Abe she is upset with Tek for bringing Abe to the party. Abe tells her that Shawn is like family – he wouldn’t miss it. Tek and Abe head off to shoot a game of pool. Roman approaches Kate. He’s surprised to see her there but there are a lot of men around so it’s a good place for her. She says because he dumped her that doesn’t mean she is sitting at home pining after him. She’s doing fine besides she’s here for Mimi’s shower. Roman asks her what she is about to now. Victor approaches and tells Roman that he hopes he isn’t harassing his date. Philip and Belle arrive. Philip conveniently remembers he has to do something so he needs to go in the back. Belle hears Shawn and Mimi approach so she hides behind the shrubs. Mimi can’t believe they’re having this party – its so last minute. Shawn thinks its good practice for their wedding. Mimi flashes back to an argument with her mother about telling the truth. Shawn takes her hands and asks her what is wrong. He asks her if she is worried that they’re not going to pull everything off in time. She says no. Shawn teases her and smirks and asks her if she is getting cold feet about marrying me.

Mimi says of course not. She asks where that expression cold feet even came from. Shawn says don’t try and change the subject do you want to marry me. She says of course she does. She’s just not crazy about this bridal shower – you get all these gifts and you have to act excited about them no matter what they are. He says she will be fine. She gets excited when the sun comes up – no one does that. She smiles and says when she wakes up next to him she has a lot to get excited about. He goes … ahhh … they laugh – he says they should go inside. Belle is set to follow them when Caroline stops her and tells her not to do this to herself. Take it from someone who has been through this. Bonnie and Calliope are talking about the shower. Bonnie says this will be the best bridal shower. Calliope agrees even though she wouldn’t have pictured it in this location. Bonnie brings up the fact that she was talking about Belle and Shawn being together when it’s Mimi who is marrying Shawn. Calliope says she shouldn’t have said anything. She thinks Mimi is lovely. Caroline tells she knows its hard for her – the man she loves is going to marry another woman. She says don’t make the mistake I did. Stay faithful to your husband and let Shawn go. Belle sneers and says she wants to do what is right but she loves Shawn too much to let him go. Caroline stares at her in shock.

Mimi is happy to see Belle. They hug. They make jokes about the word matron. Mimi says they’re going to be passing out the lacy lingerie soon – I’m so glad you got here … Calliope is at the microphone. She says they’re about to have their holiday themed bridal shower. Caroline approaches Belle and says she is proud of her for doing the right thing. Calliope has Mimi with her and is talking – Bonnie is not having a good time. She knows how to liven up the party. Victor tells Kate that he knows how protective she is of Philip but not telling Shawn the truth is playing God and none of them have the right to do that. She says that doesn’t sound like the Victor she knows. She tells him the shower is starting. She reminds him of his promise not to say anything about Shawn being Claire’s father – if he does he is going to be breaking AUSTIN’s heart. LOL – I guess she has a hard time keeping her kids straight in her mind. Philip sits down and asks his Dad what she is going on about now. He’s the happiest he has ever been and nothing can change that.

Shawn and Roman hug. Shawn says it’s strange to be having a bachelor party without his Dad around. It’s even stranger that his mother isn’t going to be at the wedding. Roman tells him he can postpone it. Shawn says he couldn’t do that to Mimi. Besides Mom told him how hard it is for her to go back to St. Luke’s with everything that happened to Zack. He can’t put her through that. Shawn goes on to say that Grandma Caroline swore that both his parents would be sitting in the same pew at his wedding but he doesn’t think that is going to happen. Roman says his parents love each other very much. He doesn’t think this will keep them apart. Shawn doesn’t blame his mother for going away. His Dad should have never given Chelsea the keys that night but regardless how he feels about that he still wants his parents together. Roman says he’s sure they will be. Calliope says after dessert Mimi is going to open the fourth of July present but she’s saving the fireworks for the wedding night. Calliope tells Mimi that she ran into her friend Heather – she doesn’t know if she invited her or if she invited herself but she’s so excited … Mimi says Heather from high school. Why would she come – I hate her and she hates me. Heather prances over and says when she heard that Mimi Lockhart had bagged Shawn the hunk Brady she had to come and see it for herself. She never thought Shawn all star everything would ever settle for second best. Mimi is shocked. Calliope tells Mimi that Shawn is madly in love with her. Heather says I doubt it. She tells Belle that they all thought her and Shawn were the golden couple. They all wanted to be her. How did she let Shawn get away? Caroline picks up the hat made of bows and says she never knew there were so many romantic holidays. Bonnie tells her to put that away the bridal shower is about to get a hell of lot hotter. The stripper comes out. The Lexie/Tek fantasy plays out next. Lexie goes outside and Tek follows her. Tek puts on the moves – Lexie makes a show of resisting but before you know it they are kissing. Tek picks her up and carries her to the car. Abe comes outside calling for Lexie. Calliope is not happy about this turn of events and let’s Bonnie know about it. An argument ensues. Calliope says before she leaves Bonnie should try the cake – she hits Bonnie in the face with the cake.

Calliope can’t believe she did that – but she’s never worked with an animal like her she says to Bonnie. Bonnie tells her to shut up and hits Calliope in the face with some cake. Calliope says – good bakery. Heather tells Mimi too bad if you can’t take the truth, Lockhart. Belle is the one that deserves to be with Shawn, not you. Mimi walks away. Belle finally opens her mouth and says wait (but not loud enough that Mimi would actually hear her). Heather stops her and says don’t get me wrong, Philip is totally hot but you and Shawn had the real thing. Belle smirks and sticks her nose up in the air and says she’s right. Shawn comes along and says was that Heather from high school. What was she … Belle cuts him off and says can we go somewhere and talk before I lose my mind. (Sorry, but that ship sailed a long time ago!). Shawn just gives that look – LOL! Mimi tells Bonnie it’s not working. Bonnie thinks it’s about the party. Mimi says it’s my life, Shawn’s life. She loves him too much to keep lying to him about the baby. He needs to know the truth. Tek and Lexie are in the back seat having sex. The vehicle is rocking. Abe approaches and says No … No.

Bo & Billie: First two scenes – Billie dreams that Bo is waking her up and that she pulls him into a passionate kiss that he returns. When she does come to Bo apologises. She makes a joke and he says he shot her she should be mad at him. He picks her up and takes her to the fire. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she was looking for him. She asks why he took off. He says he feels like his life his over. Zack is dead, his wife is gone – got on a plane and went God knows where. Billie says she’ll be back the two of them are never apart long. She probably needed to get away for a while to mourn the death of Zack. Bo drinks and says they should be doing that together. He would never have left her. He might have trouble forgiving her for something but he’d never just take off. He goes on to say that they’re soul mates. Bo will never forgive himself for letting Chelsea drive and keeping the truth from Hope but she took off on years of love and commitment. He says if she came back right now he doesn’t know if he would take her back. He hopes that wherever she is she’s happy. Billie doesn’t think he means that – he’s upset. They’ve been together forever – they were meant to be – they were fated. Bo says people are together because they work at it. Billie says or because the other person means the world to you. He says he used to mean that to Hope – but not any more or she wouldn’t have got on the plane. He feels she should know he’s worried about her. She’s closed herself off from him. He would have spent the rest of his life giving her back a little of the happiness that she lost when Zack died. She knows how he loves her – she knows he would never be unfaithful to her. Billie has a flashback to Hope finding them in bed together. Billie tells him the situation with Hope is a lot more complicated than he thinks it is. Hope left because of her. Bo says she has no reason to blame herself – she was just trying to keep her daughter out of prison. Billie says yes she does – she did something that was totally unforgivable.

Bo maintains that Hope wouldn’t leave because of anything that Billie did. Billie tries to explain – she goes about it a round about way. She says it’s hard for Hope because they have a daughter together and Billie admits to always trying to keep them apart. Bo gets upset. He says that he and Hope lost a son. Nothing compares to that. He rants on ending with I made a choice and according to her it was the wrong one. He wants to take her to the hospital – he’s hurt enough people lately. Billie can’t find her keys. He says his bike needs work before it can be driven. She tries her cell phone but there’s no signal. He tells her they’ll have to camp out but he has only one sleeping bag – they’ll have to share. Billie has a nightmare about Hope confronting them in the hotel room and Bo telling her that he never wants to see her again. He wakes up and comforts her.

Patrick & Hope: They both arrive separately. He goes out one door, Hope comes in the other. The man repeats the legend of the flower. Hope goes to the bedroom to unpack. She pulls out the family picture and a picture of Zack. She kisses the picture and tells him she misses him. Patrick returns and notices the open bedroom door. Hope says to herself a glass of wine will be nice about now. She exits the bedroom – Patrick is hiding with a knife in his hand. Patrick attacks – they’re surprised to see other. They ask each other what they’re doing there – it’s his place, she rented it. She needed to get away. He asks her if Bo is with her. She says no and she’s not sure she ever wants to see him again. Hope and Patrick are having a glass of wine – he makes a toast to peaceful nights. She says the nights are the worse – this would be when she would be tucking Zack in, reading him a bedtime story … He wants to know if Bo knows where she is. She tells him she needed to get away from everything. When he tries to push more – she stops him and says they were having a nice conversation. She asks him about how he found this place. He tells her that he needed a place to get away from everyone. She says that he must have needed to get away from Billie. He says he had to get away but not from Billie but from her. Hope is shocked.

Hope didn’t think that she had done anything to upset him. He explains his reason – not wanting to come between her and Bo. She feels terrible that he left Salem, his home, because of her. He says he needed to get away. He sees the flower – they talk about the legend. Patrick tells her that it could mean that she will reconnect with an old love. He says that Bo and Hope are kind of a legend in Salem – they have the kind of love that won’t go away. He asks her if she is sure she doesn’t want to get on a plane and go home. She tells him that Bo has moved on so there’s no marriage for her to go home to. Patrick doesn’t think she means that – Bo has been her everything. She says not anymore. That ended when he chose Billie and her daughter over her and their little boy.

Preview: Shawn to Belle (he’s very annoyed) – What is it? Just tell me. Philip – I know exactly what she wants to tell you Shawn. Mimi to Bonnie – He is going to find out because I’m going to tell him. Bonnie – No. Marlena to John – These threats against my husband have to stop and have to stop now. Alex (to himself) – Soon it will all be over and I will finally have my revenge.


Friday Mar 3

Pat’s Spoilers

Alice’s: Tek and Lexie are going at it in the back of Tek’s SUV when Lexie hears Abe’s voice. John comes out and asks if everything is okay. Abe says no and nothing ever will be again. Cut to Lexie’s look of panic. Abe tells John that he doesn’t have a right to feel frustrated but he thought his vision would be back to normal and he could go back to work and do all the things he used to do. His night vision is so bad he might as well be blind. John tells him that these things take time. He asks him what he is doing outside. Abe said he thought he saw Lexie come out but she must have got called to the hospital. John takes him to Chez Rouge for a drink. Tek makes a crude remark that Abe is still as blind as a bat at night. Lexie slaps him. She tells him she can’t do this – but it doesn’t take Tek much to convince her that she can – and she does. They’re basking in the afterglow. Lexie says she won’t do this again. Tek says she won’t be able to stay away. Abe returns and Tek and Lexie duck behind Tek’s SUV. Lexie comes out and lies to Abe that she was at the hospital. He complains about his night vision. She reassures him that it will get better and soon he’ll be back to normal and things will be like they used to be. Tek listens.

Mimi is crying. Bonnie tells her not to care about what someone from high school said. Mimi tells her that Heather said she didn’t deserve Shawn – that he and Belle belong together. Mimi says she is right. Bonnie says she’s just probably jealous – more than likely had a crush on Shawn in high school and he didn’t know she existed. Mimi says kind of like me. Bonnie says nothing like you. You were his best friend and now you are the woman he loves and is going to marry. She tells Mimi to stop crying – this is her bridal shower. (Hmm… one second Bonnie has icing on her cheek – the next second she is pointing out the gift table to Mimi and the icing has suddenly disappeared! Now that’s a miracle!) Bonnie takes Mimi’s hands and tells her that she will have a wonderful future with Shawn. Mimi says and what if he finds out that he’s the father of Belle’s baby and that I knew – he’ll never marry me then or speak to me again. Bonnie says he won’t find out so she has nothing to worry about. Mimi tells Bonnie that he is going to find out because she is going to tell him the truth tonight. Bonnie says no. Belle wants to talk to Shawn alone. He asks her if everything is alright. She says nothing is right. This party has made her see things a lot more clearly and she knows exactly what she needs to do. Shawn looks as if he’s not in the least bit interested in what she has to do or say. Victor and Kate are arguing. Victor is going to tell the truth. Kate doesn’t want him to – think of Philip. Victor is thinking of him – he deserves to know the truth. He won’t let Kate stop him. Philip tells Victor and Kate that he something to say to Shawn and he wants the two of them and everyone here to hear it.

Victor doesn’t think this is something that Philip wants to make public. Phil repeats that he wants everyone to hear it. Shawn asks Belle if she is sure she wants to do this. They’ve already said everything there is to say. Belle doesn’t think so – at least she hasn’t. Shawn asks her what else is there. Philip is at the microphone. Mimi tells Bonnie she has to talk to Shawn now. Bonnie tells her that Philip is about to make a speech – she needs to give him the respect he deserves. Philip says as Shawn’s best friend, best man and best uncle he wants to make a toast. He calls Shawn a lucky bastard – he’s about to marry one of his (Philip’s) girls. He tells Shawn to forget everything he has heard – marriage is amazing – trust him. He then goes on and on singing Belle’s praises. He lists all of the things she did for him – he credits her for saving his life. He then talks about how holding Claire for the first time was the most incredible moment of his life. He knows that Shawn and Mimi will experience what it’s like very soon when they start their family. If they think they are happy now it’s nothing like how they will feel when they have a child. A child will give their life new meaning and a new level of happiness that they never thought was possible. He tells Shawn and Mimi that he loves them very much. They wish them all the best (not Belle, she’s not looking pleased at all), the most wonderful marriage, beautiful family, loving life together because they deserve it. He raises his champagne bottle and says to Shawn and Mimi. Shawn kisses Mimi and moves away. Bonnie tells Mimi that she can’t do it – if she can’t take Philip’s wife and baby away – who knows what it will do to him. Shawn and Philip hug. Shawn thanks him. Philip tells him he knows him and Mimi will go the distance. Shawn smiles and says just like you and Belle. That’s exactly what Philip is talking about. Shawn makes a toast to Belle and Philip – to great friends – he adds and to their goddaughter Claire. Belle beams.

Kate tells Victor that she is thankful that he didn’t say anything. Belle and Claire are Philip’s life. Shawn sees Belle making a beeline to him and sighs heavily. He walks away but Belle pounces on him and says she has to talk to him before he marries Mimi. She has something very important to say. Shawn is annoyed and you can hear it in his voice – he says, what is it? Just tell me. Philip comes up and says he knows what Belle wants to tell him. Belle says you do. Philip has a pretty good idea. The two of them were together for a long time – they almost got married to each other. Philip says Belle wanted to say she’s sorry it didn’t work out for them but he found love with Mimi. They should be with the ones they love. Shawn and Mimi kiss. Philip thinks they make two pretty good couples and this calls for a group hug. Belle latches on to Shawn. Kate tells Victor they have to leave well enough alone – let Philip and Belle be happy, let Shawn and Mimi get married – because she thinks this is the only way the four of them can get through this without being miserable for the rest of their lives. Victor says he won’t tell him for now – there’s too much pain and heartache. Bonnie gives Mimi a hand signal to leave. Mimi tells the group that the party is breaking up – they should leave. Philip goes to get the coats – Mimi goes to talk to her Mom. Belle tells Shawn she needs to talk to him alone – this is the last time she’s going to ask. Mimi tells Bonnie she feels so guilty about keeping this secret so she won’t anymore. Bonnie misunderstands and is relieved. Mimi says you don’t get it, as usual. I’m telling Shawn the truth tonight and she turns and walks away.

The loft: The four get off the elevator. Mimi says goodnight and thanks them for everything – the shower was lovely. Belle and Mimi hug. Shawn says he’ll be right in. Philip goes to pay the babysitter. Shawn says we’re alone now, you can tell me what you wanted to. She wants to meet on the roof. He says no – he won’t do that again. The last time they almost got caught. Belle says it’s very important, it can’t wait. Philip comes out with Claire. Belle makes sickening baby talk – oh yeah, she has an audience – no wonder she takes Claire from Philip. Mimi is inside – she doesn’t know how she is going to tell Shawn. She decides to write a letter and tell him everything that way she can’t chicken out. Belle is on the rooftop. An arm comes around her neck from behind and she starts stroking it and smiling. She says I knew you would come. You and I have to be honest about the way we feel even if it hurts other people. Philip says what are you talking about. Belle stares. Shawn calls out Mimi’s name wondering where she went. He finds an envelope with his name on it in the fruit bow. He says what is this – he pulls the letter out and starts reading it. Mimi watches from the bedroom. She says this is it (she’s crying) – once he reads that letter he’ll know the truth and he’ll leave me –it’ll be all over. Shawn flips to the second and last page of the letter and reads – very intense look on his face – freeze frame ending with a shot of Belle??? crying in the background.

Chez Rouge & Penthouse: Alex and Marlena are having dinner. I will not go into detail on their scenes. Marlena badmouths John and Alex goes along with her. Alex tells her that John won’t bother them again – he’ll get another restraining order. Marlena doesn’t think that will work. Alex tells her that they have to let the courts handle it. Marlena can’t believe she was married to a man like John. Alex refers to John as a monster. They decide they won’t talk about John any more. Marlena excuses herself to go and powder her nose. Marlena overhears John tell Abe that he would kill Alex with his bare hands before letting him hurt Marlena. Marlena tells him to stop threatening her husband. Alex asks if there is a problem. Abe prevents John from attacking Alex a couple of times. Marlena tells Alex that she was telling John that she is intent on renewing her vows with him. They go back to their table. Abe gives John some advice – tells him to go undercover and get the evidence he needs – beat Alex at his own game. While Alex is taking care of the check Marlena starts having flashbacks of John. They return to the penthouse. John is one step ahead of them – he’s already there snooping through drawers. He runs upstairs into Marlena’s bedroom and hides in the closet. He watches as Marlena and Alex say goodnight. Marlena takes a sleeping pill – she pulls out a picture of her and John. When John thinks she is asleep he heads to the window. Marlena calls out to him and tells him she doesn’t want him to go – she’s happy he is there. She says John I still love you.

Preview: Austin to Sami – You are definitely worthy of being loved. They kiss. Lucas to Carrie – To hell with being cautious. I love you Carrie Brady. Marlena to John – I want us to make love. Mimi to Belle and Philip (with Shawn in the background looking down at the letter) – I wrote Shawn a letter and what I’m trying to tell him really affects all four of us. Everything is going to change.


Monday Mar 6

Janice’s Spoilers

Kudos to Jason and Farah for exemplary acting today.

Note: The Shawn and Mimi scenes were keepers for me. There is no way to explain how powerful they were until you watch them for yourselves and decide. An interesting parallel was brought to my attention by a friend. While Mimi was showing the depths of her pain for keeping her secret from Shawn, we saw Shawn wanting desperately to comfort her. While Belle was acting guilty on the rooftop, we saw Philip wanting desperately to comfort her. These are just my views and not intended to inflame or influence anyone else.

I also enjoyed Sami today. I thought Ali did an amazing job of admitting her character’s faults and showing her vulnerability. And in one scene in particular, I thought that Kyle shone as well...again just my personal opinion.

Sami’s Loft: Sami and Austin...& Lucas’s Loft: Lucas and Carrie...
(Because both couple’s scenes were intermixed today, I have decided to go back and forth with them)

Sami and Austin return home and she suggests that they get comfortable and watch a movie. Austin’s computer calendar sounds off and he murmurs Carrie’s name and that he can’t believe he forgot.

Lucas and Carrie get home and he tells her he has a surprise for her. She opens the door and gasps. The apartment has been decorated with balloons and banners for Carrie’s birthday. Lucas tells her that his Aunt Maggie did it for him. She wants to thank Will as well but Lucas tells her he is on an overnight camping trip with friends and they are all alone.

Back in Sami’s apartment, Austin can’t believe he forgot Carrie’s birthday. Sami comes in, having changed into a negligee, and tells him they can send a belated card tomorrow.

Lucas pops open some champagne for Carrie and cider for him. He tells her there is cake in the kitchen and a gallon of almond mocha ice cream in the freezer. She thanks him. He tells her that he might not have sent birthday cards when she was married to Mike, but he will never forget her birthday.

Sami reminds Austin that she is Carrie’s sister and even she forgot. She wants him to relax and enjoy the fire. She goes to get some beers.

Lucas toasts Carrie and new beginnings. Carries toasts the future.

Austin apologizes to Sami for zoning out...he murmurs that it was all over between him and Carrie before it started. Sami wants to know what she can do to make him feel better.

Lucas is glad that Carrie is back and they are working together. He gives her a beautiful pendant necklace for her birthday and to commemorate their first date.

Sami turns on some music that reminds her of Lucas.

Lucas tells Carrie she is perfect and goes to turn on the same music...wants to dance with Carrie.

Austin asks Sami if she is okay. She’s crying now.

Lucas is upset when he hears the song as well.

Sami turns the music off and says it was a bad idea...wipes her tears away. Austin asks her if the song reminded her of Lucas. Sami tells him that they are finished. Austin asks if she is sure. She tells him that it wasn’t her choice but that Lucas and Will hate her. He doesn’t think so and says there could be a chance that they could get back together.

Lucas tells Carrie that there was a time that Sami was his life and he would have given anything to have a future with her.

Sami tells Austin that she has to let go of her dreams and move on.

Carrie tells Lucas that it could still happen and thinks deep down that Sami still wants him. Lucas tells her it doesn’t matter and he just wants to celebrate Carrie’s birthday.

Sami tells Austin that she can’t go back and fix her mistakes or Lucas’s mistakes or his mother’s. She needs to move on. Austin tells her she never has to face it alone and that he will always be there for her anytime she needs him...he is her friend. Sami is moved and thanks him. He decides to go to bed and she decides to stay up for a while. He kisses her cheek and leaves. Sami is in a pensive mood.

Carrie blows out her candles and starts to cry. She tells Lucas she feels tired and just needs to go to bed.

Later Lucas comes out and sees Carrie awake. He makes her some warm milk and it reminds her of how her father used to do that for her. Lucas thinks she has the birthday blues. She admits that life didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to. He feels the same. She wants a baby so badly...her biological clock is ticking. Lucas tells her he would love to have another child...but only if he found the perfect mother. They stare at each other.

Austin comes back and wipes Sami’s tears away. She thinks she is a horrible person ...everyone hates her...and thinks he should hate her too. Austin reminds Sami that he has know her since she was a young girl and has seen her struggles. He just wants to help her.

Lucas feeds Carrie cake and thinks about what could have been for them if things had turned out differently years ago. He comes right out and tells her he loves her. She is shocked.

Sami tells Austin that she isn’t worth saving. Austin doesn’t believe it. He thinks she can be misguided at times but is a good person and wonderful mother. He tells her that she is definitely worthy of being loved and starts to kiss her.

Carrie tells Lucas that she likes him and wants to take things slowly. He agrees to go as slowly as she wants...would never hurt her...will always love her. They start to kiss.

Black Penthouse: Alex, Marlena, and John

Alex is sitting at the computer and typing. He gloats that he won...Marlena is his...and John Black will never get near her again.

Up in Marlena’s bedroom, she is looking at John’s picture. John tries to slip out unnoticed but she calls his name. He tries to explain what he is doing there but she is just glad he is there...wants him to stay the night...is still in love with him...

Alex keeps typing and says it’s just like the old times but better...or should he say it is worse for Marlena... We get a violent flashback of him and Marlena in bed with him working on a file. She wants him to put it all away and pay attention to his wife. The file falls off the bed and Alex is furious. He demands that she clean the mess up and slaps her...end of flashback.

Marlena gets out of bed and goes to a stunned John. He asks her if she has changed her mind about Alex. She doesn’t want to talk or think about Alex...just wants to be with John. She apologizes to him and tells him how much she missed him. He tells her he missed her too and asks if she has her memory back. She smiles through her tears. Marlena tells him she needs him and wants to make love.

Alex has the flashback again. We see him leaning over Marlena in bed and telling her in a sinister voice that if she ever displeases him again, he will see to it that her life becomes worse than she could ever imagine. Back in the present, he smiles and says he prides himself on being a man of his word.

John asks Marlena if she is sure. She tells him she wants to make love to her husband. They start to kiss and she leads him back to the bed. He asks her about Alex just as Alex shows up outside the door. John murmurs to Marlena that she is still in danger and they start to kiss again.

Rooftop: Philip and Belle

We get a repeat of the last scene from yesterday’s show with Philip coming up behind Belle...her smiling and thinking it’s Shawn...her saying that they have to be honest about how they feel even if other people do get hurt...Philip demanding to know what she is talking about.

Belle prevaricates and is not a happy camper. She tells him that all she meant is that things are getting complicated and they shouldn’t hurt anyone else (sigh...I have no idea why she thinks this is an explanation that works...) She tells him she loves him. Philip tells her that he understands it must be strange for her to watch a man she used to love marry her best friend but that it’s okay because...Shawn and Mimi got over losing Belle and Rex and fell in love with each other...they found the same love that he (Philip) and Belle have and they (Philip & Belle) also have Claire.

Philip tells Belle he asked the babysitter to stay a little longer so they could have time for themselves. He wonders why she is so upset. He guesses it’s because Belle feels guilty for leaving Claire alone. She reluctantly admits that this is part of it. He tells her that Claire needs her parents to be happy. Belle agrees. He thinks Belle is worried that they will become an old boring couple now but that will never happen. Philip calls her the perfect wife and says he is only alive because of her. She denies it. He wants to know what she needs in her life to make her as happy as he is. Belle smiles and says she is fine. He stops her and says there is definitely something missing from her life and he wants to know what it is so he can give it to her and make her life complete.

Belle looks morosely at the S & B carving in the door and has a flashback of telling Shawn she still loves him. She looks upset. Philip decides he knows exactly what is bothering her. He blames his disability for the marriage not being what she dreamed of (Kyle is excellent here). He talks about changing sides of the bed so she would be near his real leg. Belle tries to comfort him (not buying it) and says he is stronger now and nothing else matters. She wonders if he thinks she is shallow and tells him he is an inspiration to her and she is so lucky to have him.

She hugs him and tells him she will always love him (in a strange voice). He tells her he loves her so much but sometimes thinks he is going crazy and that one of these days she will get tired of dealing with a disabled husband and leave. He remembers growing up in a divorced household...his father in a nursing home for a long time....and he wants Claire’s life to be easier than his was...wants them to be together forever...not just for them but for Claire so she knows what a marriage is supposed to be. Belle says she wants what is best for Claire and loves her very much. Philip tells Belle she is the best mom in the whole world. She apologizes to him. He hugs her and tells her how much he loves him. She tells him half-heartedly that she loves him too.

Shawn and Mimi’s Loft: Shawn & Mimi...later Philip & Belle

Repeat of Shawn seeing the letter and picking it up to open. He starts to read it. We see Mimi crying against the door behind him and thinking that...it’s all there Shawn...the truth about you being Claire’s father...once you finish reading it, everything will be over for us. Shawn turns and sees her...he calls her name softly. She walks slowly towards him and he asks her in a very concerned voice what is going on. Mimi just cries.

Shawn begs Mimi to tell him why she is crying. She realizes that he hasn’t read the entire letter. He asks her if that is what it is about. She whispers in pain that he has to believe how much she loves him. He tells her he knows and that he loves her too. Mimi is sobbing now and Shawn is beside himself with how to help her. She tells him that he has to know how much she wants to be with him...how much she wants them to spend the rest of their lives together...only... He picks up on her hesitation and again begs her to tell him what she is trying to say. She sobs that she can’t. He tries to encourage her and tells her she can tell him and that whatever it is they can work through it...that it will be okay. Mimi cries out that if she tells him, he won’t want to marry her and he won’t want to have anything to do with her ever again. Shawn looks at her in shock.

Shawn turns Mimi back to him and pleads with her to tell him what she is so afraid to admit. She says in a flat voice: “You didn’t read the whole letter.” He says no and asks if she wants him too. Mimi is so bereft that first she says yes and then she says no. She tells him that she was a coward when she kept the truth from Rex and now she is taking the coward’s way out by writing a letter to Shawn. He tells her firmly that she is not a coward...that she is an incredibly strong person. She tells him she’s not. He refuses to believe it and tells her in no uncertain terms to look at everything she has been through ...her family has always been poor...she was homeless...her father walked out on her...and never once did she feel sorry for herself...she never lost her sense of humor...never once let anything stop her.

(This is my favorite part of Mimi’s scenes today). In a very sad and understated voice (with tears pouring down her face) Mimi tells him that she has just been spending her life in fantasyland...loving him...thinking about marrying him...but keeping the truth from him. Shawn pulls her into his arms and whispers: “What truth? Come here...just tell me and we’ll deal with it together.” He hugs her tight.

Shawn begs Mimi to just tell him and tells her anxiously that it will be okay. Mimi tells him it won’t be okay...that she isn’t the person he thinks she is...that he’s got her up on some pedestal and she doesn’t belong there. He looks shell-shocked. She tells him that she is just like her mother...a liar and a scammer...maybe it’s genetic...and maybe it’s a good thing she can’t have kids. He yells at her that she can’t believe that and neither does he. She cries that she doesn’t deserve him. Shawn begs her to stop...thinks maybe this is pre-wedding nerves or the stupid thing that Heather said to her at the shower. He tells her to listen to him...he is not going to sit there and let her tear herself down like this...she is a beautiful, caring, selfless and loving person. Mimi just shakes her head at him. He won’t believe her and says yes she is...pulls her back against his chest and says that if she doesn’t believe that...then it is his job, as her husband to keep telling her that. She tells him he doesn’t understand. He cuts her off lovingly (voice cracking) and says he understands that the only important thing here is that he loves her and wants to marry her. She yells, self-degradingly, that he won’t want to marry her when he reads the letter...so to just go ahead and read it already and find out what a selfless and caring person she really is. Shawn looks shocked again.

Shawn opens the loft door and sees Belle with Philip behind her. He is more than exasperated and asks sharply what they want. Philip tells him they just wanted to say goodnight (pretty lame...lol...). Shawn is blocking the door so they can’t see Mimi but Belle just barges in and asks Mimi what is the matter. Mimi tells her she is fine. Shawn looks protective and annoyed with Belle and Philip at the same time. Philip tells him that maybe they should leave them alone. Shawn agrees that it‘s a good idea and barely gets out a “thanks.” Belle starts to leave but Mimi calls her back and says for them to wait. Shawn calls out her name protectively but she ignores him. She tells them that they deserve to know what is going on. Shawn says “No!” Mimi says “Yes!” She tells them that she wrote Shawn a letter and what she is trying to tell him affects all of them...and once they know the truth, everything is going to change. Shawn looks down at the letter in his hand.


Marlena yells at Alex, who is standing outside her door: “Alex, there’s something you should know…it’s about John.” John is in bed beside her and just stares at her.

Sami tells Lucas: “I lost Austin, I lost you. I am so sick and tired of losing everyone I love”. She is crying as Lucas hugs her and tells her to come to him.

Carrie asks Austin in the elevator: “Would you hold me?” And when he does, she tells him to just not let her go…Austin tells her that he doesn’t ever want to let her go.

Mimi asks Philip: “You know what is in the letter?” Philip tells her: “Yes and I think it’s something that Shawn needs to hear.”


Tuesday Mar 7

Pat’s Spoilers

Quad 1: Austin/Sami/Carrie/Lucas

There is a repeat of Sami’s speech about no believing in her except Austin and the beginning of their kiss. Carrie breaks away from the kiss with Lucas and tells him she’s not sure she can do this. He understands that they’re both afraid to put their hearts on the line – they’ve been hurt. He also knows that she likes him, not loves him. She tells him she doesn’t want to use him to fill the empty space inside of her – that wouldn’t be fair to him. He appreciates her worrying about him especially because they’re both in a vulnerable state right now. He presses on saying that they’re both right here and that they care about each other. He doesn’t want to live his life alone and without love. He doesn’t think she wants to either. She doesn’t think that either of them are going to end up alone – they’ll find someone – they have a lot to offer. Lucas says so in other words we’re feeling sorry for ourselves. Carrie says a little. Lucas has suggestion to get them out of that rut – she could try liking him a little less and loving him a little more. Carrie agrees and they start kissing again and Lucas removes his shirt.

The kisses are getting hotter between Sami and Austin. She starts to unbutton his shirt. Austin stops her and says they can’t do this. She says they can. He tells her it’s a mistake and he won’t let it lead to a bigger mistake and gets off the couch. Carrie and Lucas are reclined on the couch. He starts opening the buttons on her shirt and tells her he has loved her from the moment he first saw her. He can’t believe this is happening. He knows she wants to have children and he wants to give Will a little brother or sister. They’re not getting any younger although they still have time. He knows she wants to be married first. She sits up and asks him if he is asking her to marry him. They hear Will’s voice and Lucas goes to the door. The chaperone tells Lucas that Will sprained his ankle. Carrie comes out and says he should get some ice on that. Sami comes storming out asking is she just heard right – Will broke his ankle? Sami wants to take him to the hospital. Sami helps him inside the apartment. They all end up inside. Will insists that he doesn’t need to go to the hospital. Lucas tells Will that if his mother thinks he should go and if she is worried about him then they should go to the hospital. Lucas knows he doesn’t want to go so he offers to call Lexie if that is alright with Sami. Sami agrees. Carrie looks at Austin and starts to do up her buttons.

Lexie examines Will and says she doesn’t think it is broken – just a bad sprain. Sami says ‘you think?’ Lexie cuts her off and says if the swelling doesn’t go down after the ankle has been elevated all night and iced then to bring him in for an x-ray. Lucas asks him what he happened. Apparently he was climbing a tree to get an abandoned bird’s nest when he felt. Sami is all up in arms about the chaperones not doing their jobs – they should sue the school. Will says it wasn’t their fault – they didn’t even know. Lucas tells Sami she is over reacting. Will asks her what she is going to do when he goes out for lacrosse. Sami says you can lose your teeth in that game – no way. She looks to Lucas for agreement. Lucas tells Will they’ll talk about it later. Will says yeah, when Mom’s not around. Lexie is going to write out a prescription for Will. Lucas says there is a pharmacy on Water St. Lexie says she will call it in. Carrie offers to go and pick it up and also get Will his favourite ice cream. Austin says that Water St is not the safest neighbourhood so he is going with her. Lucas says no he will go. Sami insists that Will go to his room and get into bed – she’ll help him into his pj’s. Will is mortified and says he will do it himself. She tells him he can’t put any weight on his foot. Will calls for his Dad to help him out so Lucas offers to help him to his room. Austin says he and Carrie will go and get the prescription and the ice cream. Will asks Sami to make him some cocoa. She can’t refuse. Sami thanks Lexie for coming out. Carrie tells Austin that she can go on her own. Austin says no – he says you might want to button your shirt. She tells him to do the same.

Lucas asks Lexie if Will can go to school. Lexie says that is up to Will. Sami says he can’t go back because they’re on the field trip. He should stay home and she’ll look after him. Lucas says you mean – baby him. Sami says he can’t go on a nature hike with crutches. Lexie isn’t sure he’ll need crutches. Lexie hands the prescription to Carrie – even though she called it in its good to have it in case there is any problem. She gets a call and says she has to take it. Lucas thanks her for coming saying not a lot of doctors make house calls. Sami says to herself that Lexie does a lot of things other doctors wouldn’t do. Austin goes to get his coat. When he returns they leave. Sami picks up Lucas’ shirt and imagines him and Carrie making out on the couch. She accuses Lucas of doing that while their son was getting injured. Will should live with her. Lucas defends himself saying Will wasn’t there. He notices Sami is flushed and accuses her of getting it on with Austin – the funny thing is Austin didn’t look drugged. Their voices get louder and Will comes out and asks if his cocoa is ready. Lucas helps him back to bed while Sami goes to the stove. She picture Carrie and Lucas on the couch again. Carrie and Austin are waiting for the elevator. Carrie says that she and Sami used to eat an entire quart of ice cream between them – things are different now. Austin says a lot is the same. His brother is still in love with her and her sister is still in love with him. They start talking about what the other thinks happened tonight. Carrie says after everything Sami put him through he still stands by her – no matter he’s her knight in shining armour. Austin tells Carrie that she is the love of his life. Carrie starts talking. They both say go ahead – neither does. They’re about to take the stairs because the elevator is so slow when the door opens. They make small talk about family. Finally Carrie notices they are on the same floor – Austin forgot to press the button. The family talk continues – the lights flicker off and then back on but the elevator is jammed. Austin tells Carrie they will be stuck there for awhile.

Lucas comes out of Will’s room and finds Sami crying. He asks what’s wrong. Sami says they could have lost him. Lucas is confused – it’s just a sprained ankle – the statistics of someone dying from that … Sami tells him he doesn’t understand. What if he had fallen and snapped his neck? What if he had fallen and couldn’t move and no one could find him – it could have happened. Lucas tells her it didn’t happen. She says it could have – it happened to Zack. She’s sick and tired of losing everyone she loves. She’s lost Will to Lucas. She’s lost her mom to all sorts of catastrophes. She lost Austin. She lost him. She’s sick and tired – she breaks down – Lucas takes her in his arms. Carrie hates feeling trapped. Austin asks if she is okay. First she says she will be than says no she’s not. She asks him to hold her. He does. She says this is better. Don’t let me go. He tells her he never wants to let her go.

Forced Quad 2: Shawn/Mimi/Philip/Belle

Shawn wants to know what Mimi meant when she said once he reads the letter all of their lives will change forever. Philip and Belle think they should leave. Mimi tells them it’s important that they hear this. She tells Shawn to read the letter. He looks down at it. Mimi is crying and turns her back as Shawn starts reading. Dear Shawn. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone. That is why I’m writing this to you now before we get married so you know how much I want you to find the happiness you deserve. Shawn stops reading it and says this is too personal. Belle agrees. Philip says no offence Mimi but why do you want us to hear this. Mimi is trying not to cry – she tells them because it affects the two of them as much as it affects her and Shawn. Philip agrees. Mimi looks surprised and asks him he knows what she wrote in the letter. He says yes he does and it’s definitely something Shawn should hear.

Mimi asks him how he knows. Philip tells her it’s because he knows her. She wants to tell Shawn all her hopes and dreams and plans for the future before you get married. Belle disagrees – she tells Philip that Mimi said it affected all of them. Philip says it does. When we got married it affected them and now they’re getting married and it affects the two of us. We’ve been together for so long and we can talk about the past all we want but we can’t go back. This is it. Shawn looks at Mimi and then pointedly at Belle and says ‘no, we can’t.’ Phil starts going on about him and Belle and Mimi is practically jumping out of her skin. Philip talks about their first year of marriage and what they had to deal with – Claire’s illness, him going to war – them being apart. This is why they are so happy to be going through this again with the two of them by being their best man and matron of honour. Mimi asks Shawn to just please read the letter. Shawn looks down at it ands say no, I’m really sorry. I’d rather wait until … Philip cuts in and says it was really nice of her to want to share this letter with them but maybe it’s better if they wait until it’s just the two of them. Mimi keeps saying no. He goes on to say that there is nothing more important than communication. Philip goes on to say that he and Belle just came down from the rooftop where they had one of the most meaningful conversations they have ever had. In the wake of it he feels closer to Belle than ever before. He lists all the things that could have torn them apart in their first year of marriage but they just faced them together and did the best they could and it turned out alright. Belle agrees and says it’s true. Philip tells them to be like them (oh god, please no) just communicate, be there for each other, love each other – they’re going to be okay. Shawn looks down at the letter again and then sets it down.

Philip says so much has happened to them but Belle and he are still very happy and they are happy for the both of them. Their relationships have changed but their still friends and after the two of them get married they are going to be even better friends. Belle’s cell rings – it’s the babysitter. They say they have to leave (thank God!). Shawn says goodnight and tells them to give Claire a big kiss from him. Mimi says bye with the tears still glistening on her face. Mimi picks up the letter and tells Shawn she thinks he should read the letter now. He says why. She says because later is too late. He says why. She says because there are things in it that you need to know before we get married. He starts to read the letter but stops and says to her – before you hurl a lot of negative baggage at me saying that you are just like your mother, a liar and a cheat (there was more) – he wants her to know that none of that is true. He won’t let her put herself down like that – she has too much going for her. He can see how special she is even if she can’t. He throws the letter down and goes to her, touching her face. He says … (Sigh) I love you so much, babe and I don’t need to read some letter to tell me how much you love me. He tells her to stop putting herself down and to stop saying that she doesn’t deserve him. He goes on to say that he will never stop telling her what an amazing person she is. Mimi drops her head. He tells her to look at him – she does. He smiles at her and asks her to smile and then he kisses her. They hug – Mimi is trying very hard not to cry.

Shawn and Mimi are kissing. Shawn tells her that she is so incredible and he is so lucky to have her in his life. He says I can’t wait to marry you – Mimi can’t meet his eyes. He says you do believe that I mean that with my whole heart, don’t you? She says yeah I do. He smiles and says Okay. That’s alright, baby. He wants her to do him a favour. When they’re standing at the altar gazing into each others eyes he wants her to remember two words “I do”. Can you do that? She nods yes. He laughs and then says he’s going to be bed and he was wondering if she wanted to go with him. She says yes and they kiss passionately. He says I was hoping you would say that and then leads her to the bedroom. She stops and looks at the letter while he is kissing her neck. Back at their place Belle asks Philip if he thought Mimi was acting strange. Philip says she did seem desperate for Shawn to read that letter. Belle wishes he hadn’t added his own assumptions as to what was in that letter. Belle repeats what Mimi said about the letter affecting all of them- how Mimi wanted them to know the truth. It freaked her out. Philip agrees that he shouldn’t have spoken for her – he has a habit of doing that. (You think???) Belle says it’s too late now. Philip asks her what she thinks Mimi wanted to say. Belle asks if he thinks Mimi is getting cold feet and wants to back out of the wedding to Shawn. Philip doesn’t think so – she said something about pre-wedding jitters. They then hear Shawn and Mimi (sorry, it’s no more pleasant listening to that than it was when Shawn and Mimi had to listen to Phil and Belle). Philip smirks says forget about cold feet – he doesn’t think Mimi has cold anything.


I’m not going to go into much detail on these scenes. They really didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’m sure there is a reason for Marlena thinking John is Alex while at the same time answering Alex’s questions that he is firing off from the other side of the door – LOL! Did I confuse you yet – that’s how I felt watching their scenes. In the heat of passion Marlena calls John Alex which gives John his first clue that something is not right. Alex hears Marlena moaning and asks her if she is alright and if she is talking to someone. John points to the radio so Marlena tells Alex she had the radio on. He asks to come in but Marlena tells him she is in bed. Alex tells her he will keep her safe from John. She says John would never hurt her. Alex leaves. John tells Marlena he will protect her from Alex. She says why, he is my husband. I love him that’s why we’re having the renewal service. John is totally confused (he’s not the only one). He calls Lexie and tells her that he thinks Alex is drugging her. He says she took a sleeping pill and wants to know if they could cause her to act this way. He gives her all the details and says he is going to bring her to the hospital. Lexie warns him that if Alex catches him he could kill him and there isn’t a jury alive that wouldn’t find it justifiable. John broke into their home and was trying to kidnap his wife – this is how Alex would spin it according to Lexie. John locks the door while he’s talking to her. John takes Lexie’s advice and is about to sneak out when he hears Alex outside the door again. Alex tells Marlena because the door is locked he’s going to have to break it down. Freeze frame ending on John’s face.

Preview Patrick (to himself) What’s wrong with you Bo Brady? How did you let this woman go? Sami to Lucas – We could have been happy. Don’t you think that we could have really made our dreams come true? Shirtless Austin to Carrie – I would give anything if you would give me another chance. Bo to Billie – It’s about time she learned that her actions have consequences. Billie – No, Chelsea will not go to prison.


Wednesday Mar 8

Pat’s Spoilers

Morgan Island Patrick is splitting wood (they’re outside by a campfire). Hope apologises for invading his space. He takes her hand and says she has been through a rough time – she can stay as long as she wants. She pulls her hand away. She says the place is magical but she knows that at some point she has to go back and deal with everything. She has to talk to Bo. Patrick tells her that when she goes home she will face Bo and talk to him but for now she needs to relax. He tells her to consider this her home away from home. She decides she should help chop the wood – cute scenes with her wielding the axe – Patrick helps. She gets played out really quickly … LOL! She is going to sleep – he offers her the bed and he will sleep outside on the hammock. She sits on the bed and holds Zack’s stuffed animal and then lies down. Patrick wonders how Bo could have let Hope go. Hope can’t sleep – she asks Patrick to talk to her. She asks him to tell her the legend of the island. He does. (It’s a long story and I’m not going to repeat it). As he tells the story we see Patrick and Hope as the man and the woman in the legend.

Bo & Billie They wake up. Bo has to restart the fire – they’re freezing. Billie is worried about Chelsea. She tells him about the conversation – Chelsea feels alone. Bo says she knows how hard they searched for her – how much they love her. Billie says she’s afraid you won’t be on her side. Bo says that she killed his son. She’s reckless. Billie defends her saying it was an accident. Bo wants to know what this is about choosing sides. He loves his daughter but she is irresponsible – she’s a typical teenager that doesn’t think past what she wants. Hope will never forgive her and if she wasn’t his daughter he doesn’t know if he would forgive her. (He’s drinking during this conversation). Billie can’t believe he’s saying this –she says Chelsea has nightmares every night. He says she thinks this is just going to blow over but it isn’t. There is a very good chance Chelsea will do time. Billie insists that Chelsea will not go to jail. He tells her that is not her call. Billie thinks he is being harsh. He tells her he hopes that Billie gets probation and community service but it’s not realistic to think she won’t get jail time. Bo says it’s about time Chelsea learns that her actions have consequences and they’re not doing her any favours but letting her think other wise. Bo thinks doing some time might be good for her. Billie says you can’t be serious. Bo thinks it will be good for her. Billie says it will be good for Hope because Hope is out for blood. Bo says Hope wants closure. Billie says and you are okay with that. He says yes he is going to stand by Hope – he is not going to lose her over this. Billie vows to keep Bo on her side by keeping him and Hope apart.

Chelsea & Max Chelsea is at a club whining that she has to wear a wristband – she might as well have a sign on her back that says “Baby”. She wants to score a beer. Some guy offers to buy her one depending on what’s in it for him. She gets up and wraps herself around him and kisses him. Max sees this. Max drags her away and asks her what she is doing there. She needs to have some fun. He tells her that she should be at home not kissing a jerk. She says she hasn’t forgotten her trial is coming up. He says this is typical Chelsea Benson behaviour – he wants to take her home. She says no – she made a new friend and she is going to dance with him. Chelsea is now drinking a beer the guy bought her. Max tells her she is underage. She whines about what she was doing earlier – talking to Billie Reed playing gin rummy like she is 90 years old. Max says Billie doesn’t want her to make things look worse. Chelsea doesn’t think that things could get worse. Max asks her what happens if the judge and DA find out she was in a bar hitting on strangers. Chelsea smirks and takes a drink. The guy takes a picture and says thanks the picture of Tot Killer Teen will be on the cover of the Intruder tomorrow. Max asks for the film – threatens the guy but he calls his bluff and leaves. Chelsea and Max follow. Max knocks the camera out of his hands and threatens the guy again while Chelsea takes out the film. Max yells at Chelsea – now do you know why you shouldn’t have come here. Chelsea plays the damsel in distress and hugs Max. The reporter says luckily for me I had the film backed up on a memory stick.

Sami & Lucas Sami is still upset. She knows she worries a lot but she didn’t think she had to worry about Will when he was at school. Lucas tells her to calm down, kids have accidents. Sami says that Will is the most important thing in her life. Lucas says for him too. She can’t help but thinking about Zack. She doesn’t know how Bo and Hope are handling it. They lost Zack, they lost each other – they lost everything. Lucas agrees that it was a horrible thing but he says no matter what they will always be a family just like they will. Sami asks him if he is saying they are still a family. He nods yes. Sami asks him if this means they can get back together. He says he means it when he says they are a family but he doesn’t think they will ever get back together. She says to her being a family means being together. He says the two of them will always be the most important people in Will’s life no matter what happens between them. Will calls out asks if his hot chocolate is getting cold. Sami says she’ll bring it to him. Lucas stops her and says I didn’t think you would be disappointed. Sami says she is fine. He says when he sees her like this does she know what he sees. She answers a fool. She wanted more than anything to be the wife he deserved. She asks him if he ever thinks about what their lives would be like if they had married – she thinks they could have been happy.

Lucas sounds close to tears when he answers that he doesn’t know because they didn’t get married. They will never know. She agrees. She goes to reheat Will’s hot chocolate. Lucas goes to keep Will company. Sami finds the letter that Lucas wrote to her on their wedding day. It’s very touching as we hear her read it and we also Lucas’ voice reading parts of the letter. Will asks him why it’s taking so long. Lucas says Sami got sidetracked – he says you know you will always be the most important person in your mother’s life. Will knows this. He asks if Lucas and Carrie were on a date and Lucas says yes. Will asks him if this means that there is no chance for him and Sami. Lucas says she’s an amazing woman and he loves her very deeply and they are never going to get back together. They talk more – Sami comes up just as Will says if you two love each other, isn’t that the most important thing. Lucas says so are honesty and trust and they don’t have that. What they had is over. Sami comes in and gives them their cocoa and gets out quickly. She hears the elevator alarm. Will thinks his Mom looked upset – she must have heard them.

Austin & Carrie Carrie won’t let Austin let her go – she’s very afraid. He tells her he won’t. The lights go out and she screams. Carrie is totally freaked out and starts yelling for help. Austin tells her it will be okay and holds her. She tells him she gets claustrophobic in small spaces. He asks her since when. She tells him about a time her and Mike were trapped in an elevator while in Israel. Their was an explosion due to a bomb. They weren’t hurt but it took hours for the rescuers to dig them out of the rubble. Austin promises to get her out. He takes off his shirt so he can climb through the escape door at the top and get help. He can’t get the door open. Carrie doesn’t want him to leave her alone. He gets her to sit down on the floor. He asks her what he can do to get her mind off of being stuck. She tells him to talk about his life in New York. He starts in about work – she doesn’t want to hear about work. She asks about his necklace. He tells her about the Big Brother organization – he also mentions that he still wants kids. She asks about women. He says there were women but he never got serious with any but they weren’t her. He tells her he won’t play games wither her – life is too short. He loves her – he never stopped. He wishes her a Happy Birthday. He wishes she could separate her anger over his business decision from her personal feelings for him. He wants her to give him another chance. Carrie doesn’t feel he’s the same person she married. He tells her she isn’t either. If they have been waiting for each other this isn’t a good reason to keep apart. Just as he asks if she can put this all behind them and if they can start fresh Sami calls out. They tell her they are stuck in the elevator. Sami tells them how to reset the system. Austin does it and it works. Lucas comes out. Austin goes on his own to get the prescription. Sami is ticked that both men have feelings for Carrie – she says she is going to make Austin forget all about her.

Preview: Carrie – No matter what decision I make there will be one person who is not happy for me – Sami. Lucas to Philip – Biological clock is ticking. I might be the right man at the right time. Bo to Billie – I’m not going back to Salem. Billie – What? Bo – You’re going alone. Hope to Patrick – I should go. Patrick – I don’t want you to go Hope.


Thursday Mar 9

Pat’s Spoilers

Sami’s Sami hands Austin a cup of coffee. They talk about what happened the night before. Since Zack she really worries about Will. She talks about him being stuck in the elevator. She brings up the time it happened to them when she was fifteen. She fell in love with him in two seconds but he just thought of her as a little girl – he was with Carrie. She tries to talk about Carrie but Austin says he won’t talk about Carrie with her. She says it’s perfectly natural to talk about her sister and his ex-wife unless he has something to hide. Austin said that a lot of people get nervous when trapped. Sami goes on an on about Carrie playing games because she’s not claustrophobic. He refuses to talk to her about Carrie – he wants them to focus on work. (Hmm… he might want to put on a shirt then). She says before work he has to have breakfast. She brings a tray. Austin wants to know why she is buttering him up. Sami flirts up a storm – talking about the Cubs – she tells him that if he is a Yankee fan she’ll have to regret that kiss. He says it was a mistake – it shouldn’t have happened. She says he liked it. He better not tell her it was a mercy kiss. He said it wasn’t that – he doesn’t have the time for this conversation. He says he’s not going there again and that relationship has to be kept strictly to business. He has a meeting – he goes to put on a shirt. Sami is furious – she claims Carrie wants both men for herself.

Sami pounces all over Will asking him how he’s feeling … he tells her to stop – he’s fine – he’s not a baby – he walks, he talks. She wants to know what Lucas said – she heard he told Carrie that he loves her. Will asks her how she always knows. She says that is her secret. She wants to know everything. He doesn’t know much more except they kissed. Sami says that is disgusting. Will says Carrie said something about a ticking clock. She says that means your Dad wants to have children with her but she’ll never have you – you’re my child. Will says even after everything she did to them he still wishes that her and Dad could get back together. Sami says she wanted that as well but Lucas wants Carrie now and she can’t waste any more time trying to change his mind. She asks him how he would feel if she got back together with his Uncle Austin. Will says but what if he still loves Aunt Carrie. Grandpa Shawn comes over and has some cookies for Will. Will goes to get some milk. Sami hugs her Grandpa – she’s close to tears and says she wishes – she wishes for so many things. He asks her if there is any chance that Lucas will forgive her and give Will the family he wants. She doesn’t know why Lucas won’t forgive her. Grandpa Shawn says he loves you. Sami says she knows but he’s interested in someone else. Shawn tells her there has to be someone that will be interested in her – don’t give up. She tells him there is this guy that she knows that could make her forget about Lucas Roberts. Shawn urges her to go after him – she’ll get him. He then tells her that she should get advice from Carrie. She says she will. When he leaves she says she can’t ask Carrie for advice – she’s the enemy and this is war.

Lucas’ Lucas is putting a way Carrie’s birthday decorations when Carrie comes out of the room. She says he was so sweet. He tells her that making her happy makes him happy. They both have flashbacks – him with her – Carrie with Austin. Carrie has something to tell him and he’s not going to like it. She can’t have breakfast with him – she has a meeting with Victor. He asks her to lunch. She says it depends on what Victor has planned for her. She leaves. Lucas is ticked – last night she was so into him and now she’s all polite again – it’s Austin’s fault … sigh. Carrie and Austin meet outside – Austin convinces her to go on the elevator with her – Sami watches. She has to figure out how to get Austin to concentrate on her – she’s going to have to do something drastic. Philip is over having coffee. Will comes out on crutches. Philip gives him a video game – Lucas and Will are both happy with it. Will says that Sami hasn’t grown up – she acted like a total spaz last night – you would have thought he lost a leg. Lucas chides him for making the remark about losing a leg but not for what he said about his mother … tsk tsk. Philip is fine with it. Will goes over to talk to his Mom but in the hallway he overhears Lucas telling Philip that it’s over with Sami – he’s thinking of someone else. He goes on to see he told Carrie he loved her and he got a hell of a kiss out of it. He goes on to say she wants kids – her biological clock is ticking. He may be the right man at the right time. Will hobbles away saying how could Dad tell Aunt Carrie that he loves her – Sami hears this.

As for the Philip Lucas conversation – I feel the same way about this conversation as I do the one between Victor and Austin. What was the purpose of it? Don’t have a clue. The bare minimum – Lucas talks about getting Carrie – wants advice. Philip is on his side – may Carrie choose the best brother … yawn.

Morgan Island Hope wakes up and kisses the stuffed animal and says good morning Zack. She notices the hammock is empty and thinks that Patrick has left. She puts on her robe and walks outside and opens the outdoor shower curtains and says OMG – naked Patrick. (And how can this NOT be a good thing … LOL!) He wraps a towel around himself and tells her she can turn around – he says she is so sweet. She says she is so embarrassed. That’s why he thinks she is sweet. He tells her he usually dries off outside but he does have towels if she wants to shower. She says he lives in paradise – he refers to it as low rent paradise. He tells her she can have a shower. She goes inside and passes him her robe (don’t know what happened to her pj’s – LOL). He gets the water ready. She turns the shower on and starts yelling and jumps out of the shower using the curtain to cover her. She says it is freezing. He forgot to tell her it was cold. He says it wakes him up. She says she is awake now. He gives her a peace offering – a bouquet of the special flowers. He says some of the women think the essence is what helps them find true love. Hope says she thinks it’s the magic – like the legend said. Patrick thinks the legend means she will renew her love for Bo on this island. She tells him that won’t happen – she can’t even look at Bo again. Patrick serves Hope breakfast. She says she could get used to this. He tells her to be careful the island may get into her soul. Just like the flower can bring true love – they say the island can make you want to stay here forever. She’s sitting on the couch watching Patrick clean up. She offers to help – he tells her to relax. She gets the strangest expression on her face and sits up. She is on the bed crying – Patrick knocks on her door and asks her what is wrong. She says she is leaving – she’ll find another island. He says you love it here. She tells him she has to go because he’s here. He tells her he wants her to stay.

Bo and Billie They wake up and Bo wants to know what happened. Billie tells they spent the night together in his sleeping bag. Bo wants to know if they did anything. She says we kept each other warm and slept. She adds that he got plastered, wrecked his bike and shot at some beer bottles. He remembers he shot her. He checks her bandage. He says he has emergency rations – needs coffee – instant. Billie starts rambling about a trip with Patrick where they got stranded. Bo doesn’t want to hear about that creep – she could do a lot better. Billie thinks that she and Patrick could have had something really special but it’s over. He left town. Bo says he left town the same time as my wife. Bo then adds that they can’t be together because if they were he would have to kill him. Billie says there is no way they are together – he left town before her. She talked to him – he told her that he was leaving because he didn’t want to come between Bo and Hope. Bo scoffs. Billie asks him if he doesn’t believe her. He doesn’t believe Patrick. If he had a shot at his wife, Patrick would take it. He spills out his coffee and finds Billie’s keys. She says they can go back to Salem. He tells her he is not going. There’s no reason to go back. His wife isn’t there, his oldest son hates him, his youngest son is … he stops and says he had so many plans her him and Tiny Man. He doesn’t want to go back to that cold empty house. She tells him he can go and look for Hope. He says – what, search the world for a woman that won’t look at him. She knows how to find him. Billie says what about your family – Chelsea needs you. She tells him his family needs him – she wants him to come home. Billie and Bo arrive at his house. He checks the phone – no messages. Checks his PDA and there is a message from Hope. It’s a text message from Hope. She tells him not to look for her. She will be home for Chelsea’s trial and she is going to do everything in her power to make sure she goes to jail. She would like his support. If protecting Chelsea is his priority, so be it. Billie says she is forcing you to choose between our daughter and your marriage. What are you going to do?

Brady Pub Austin asks Carrie to tell him that she has changed her mind about him – that she doesn’t think he’s such a bad guy. Before she can answer Victor interrupts and tells Carrie to have a cup of coffee while he talks to Austin.

Victor & Austin: I’m really not sure what this conversation was about or why it was necessary – so I’ll just give minimum detail. Victor basically warns Austin to stay away from Carrie. She works for him and she works with Lucas and they are going to go after his company. Getting involved with Carrie would just confuse the issue – besides Lucas cares very deeply for her. Someone this situation parallels his love affair with Caroline. He talks about that – his other marriages – how work and amassing wealth and power are all consuming. He tells him to stay away from Carrie once again. When he leaves Austin says he won’t give up on Carrie.

Caroline & Carrie: Carrie thanks her Grandma for the birthday present. Caroline says it must be difficult for her to be working with Lucas and living across the hall from Austin. Carrie says how do you always know. Carrie tells her that Lucas told her he loved her. She thought her feelings for Austin were gone after what he did but now she isn’t so sure. She wants to have children and Lucas’ is the safer option – maybe he’s the Mr. Right she has been looking for. Caroline talks about her situation and that she made the right decision. Carrie asks her if she has regrets. Caroline says no. She advises Carrie to not make any decision until she is ready to commit, mind, body and soul to one man. Carrie says no matter who she chooses and when she makes the choice one person won’t be happy for her and that’s Sami. Caroline talks about the chances Sami had to be happy but she ruined them all. She warns Carrie that there is nothing worse than Sami scorned.

Preview: Father Jansen to Belle: Do you have anything to confess? Belle – I’m in love with someone other than my husband. Hope to Patrick – I deserve to be punished just as much as Chelsea does. Patrick holds her. Chelsea to Billie – You love him. Hope’s gone. Put out for him. Billie slaps her. Shawn to Bo – This is why Mom left town and for her sake I hope she never comes back.


Friday Mar 10

Pat’s Spoilers

St Luke’s Very cute opening scenes with Calliope, Shawn and Mimi. Mimi looks gorgeous – Shawn looks very handsome – Calliope is just great. Love how Shawn complimented her hat! She asks them what the important thing about today is and the answer is that at the end of the day they are married. She asks Mimi if she is okay, she looks like she is going to faint. Mimi is fine – she hasn’t eaten yet. Calliope tells her that is not allowed. She wants to talk about the reception. Shawn says they have – a lot. Her weddings are famous for their themes. Because everyone is so down she was thinking of what would go up – bubbles. They say no – Mimi says they are traditional – no bubbles. Calliope says when she lived in Salem armed gunman were traditional – she walks away yelling to cancel the bubble machines. Shawn and Mimi are kissing when Phil, Belle and Claire arrive. They claim that Claire is very fussy and no matter what they’ve done they can’t calm her down. Shawn takes her and Philip claims he has the magic touch. LMAO – Claire is behaving no differently with Shawn than she did with Philip – too funny. Mimi says she is going to tell Father Jansen they are ready. Bonnie arrives and fills a little bottle with Holy Water. She says a little swig will cure … she lists a lot of things – Mimi says will it help with saving relationships. Bonnie wants to know what happened. Mimi says nothing but when Shawn finds out he is Claire’s father and I knew and didn’t tell him our marriage will be over before it starts. Bonnie takes a swig of the Holy Water.

Shawn says he still has a hard time believing that part of Zack is now a part of Claire – that she is living because of him. The baby is so cute – playing around. Philip says it’s amazing for them as well. And as soon as Claire is old enough she will know all about Zack. Philip says he’s never seen Claire so happy with someone other than the two of them – it’s like she knows that he is her Godfather. Calliope says no offence Philip but I think she thinks that Shawn is her father … or she’s started to flirt at a really young age – keep her away from my husband. Bonnie is lighting some candles to pay for her sins (the guy at the gas station, the guy who delivers the beer …). She wants everything to be ‘jake’ with God before Mimi’s wedding. Mimi says that everything won’t be ‘jake’ with Shawn. I loved Mimi in this scene – there’s a lot of dialogue – I’ll try and cover the main things. Mimi says Shawn will know the truth before the wedding – she can’t stand at that altar before God and marry him without telling the truth. Bonnie tries to dissuade her – saying she is so close to getting everything she wanted – why ruin it. Mimi says that Shawn deserves to know he is Claire’s father – to have her in his life. Bonnie says he will – she’s his goddaughter. That isn’t what Mimi means – he is her father – he should be with her every day not just birthdays and special occasions. Mimi says you always tell me how wonderful I am and how much Shawn loves me – Bonnie says she is and he does. Mimi says than why are you so sure that he would choose Belle over me. Bonnie says she isn’t but why take the chance. Bonnie compares Mimi to a horse that she bet on – the horse came from behind and was winning and then collapsed before the finish line and didn’t even place. Mimi says so I’m just another disappointment. Bonnie hugs her and says no – she just wants her to be happy. Mimi says that she and Rex were happy. Mimi insists that she has to come clean to Shawn and tell him tonight. Shawn, Phil, Claire and Belle come inside. Shawn asks Mimi what she is talking about.

Bonnie says she is being dramatic. Mimi tells Shawn she has a confession to make. Calliope interrupts and says you sure do. They can’t get married until they’ve gone to confession. They should do it right after the rehearsal. She goes to get Father Jansen. Bonnie suggests that Phil and Belle take Claire to the nursery. Belle does. Mimi says don’t you feel bad about manipulating people in church. Bonnie says her and God have an understanding. Mimi has one with Him to – it involves the truth. Bonnie plays on Mimi’s dreams and tells her to imagine … she describes the wedding. Bo arrives outside the church and says please come home Fancy Face, I need you. The wedding rehearsal is at the point where the groom kisses the bride. Father Jansen asks if they want to practice. Shawn does – they kiss. Philip tells them to save it for the wedding night. Bo walks in. Shawn asks him what he is doing there. Bo was going to ask him the same thing. Shawn says I’m finishing up my wedding rehearsal. Bo says you’re getting married without inviting your parents. Mimi takes Shawn aside and tells him that he should talk to Bo alone. Shawn says I don’t have to explain why I don’t want him at the rehearsal or my wedding. Mimi says this is our wedding day – your mother isn’t going to be here – maybe your father can – he’s hurting too. She doesn’t want any hurt feelings on this special day. Shawn kisses her and says he is doing this for her. Calliope suggests that Father Jansen start hearing confessions – Belle goes first. Bo asks Shawn if Hope knows about this. Shawn says he told her that they would wait until she caught home. Bo says you lied to her. Shawn says it must run in the family. Bo asks him if he knows how hurt his mother is going to be. Shawn says not as hurt as she was by what you did. You’re the reason she had to go away and I don’t blame her. Belle is in the confessional. She asks if it is a sin if she just thinks it. Father Jansen says it depends. She says she is in love with a man other than her husband and she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Bonnie tells Mimi when she is a parent she’ll understand that you just want what is best for your children. Mimi says what is best for Claire. Bonnie says that she’s got it good where she is – two parents who love her and Shawn as her godfather. Besides she is heir to the Kiriakis fortune. Mimi says it’s all a lie. She is going to talk to Father Jansen about. Bonnie says you’re going to tell him. Mimi says I can’t get married with this on my conscience. Bonnie says at least he is sworn to secrecy. She has a fantasy of what it would be like to go to confession and says she’s not stepping inside one of those things. Belle tells Father Jansen she loves Philip but she loves Shawn more and she thinks that deep down inside Shawn feels the same. Father Jansen mentions that Shawn tried to stop her wedding to tell her that – flashback. He asks her if she is planning something like that. She says no. She knew she had made a mistake and she tried to make it right than Philip got shipped out, taken prisoner, lost a leg and then they had Claire (oh cry me a river – sheesh). She asks him what she can do. He says there is only one thing – pray for the strength to honour your wedding vows. Her jaw drops – that is not what she was expecting to hear. She says what I stop the wedding – I can get a divorce. He tells her the church does not honour divorce. She has free will to make the choices she has made – he tells her that she has made the same choice over and over – to stay with Philip. Something inside her is telling her that he is the right choice. They took their vows and became one forever. Bo tells Shawn that one day he will regret that his mother wasn’t at the wedding. Shawn tells him that he already regrets it and he blames Bo for the fact that she isn’t there because he chose to protect Chelsea. Bo says one day you will have children and you will understand why I had to protect my daughter – just like I protected you. Shawn says I didn’t kill anyone. Bo says he could have when he drove his motorcycle through the window. He pulled every string he had to keep him out of jail. Shawn says he didn’t – he wanted him to go to jail to learn his lesson just like Chelsea has to learn her. Calliope comes out with Philip and Claire and tells Bo she wants to talk to him about what he’s going to wear to the wedding. Shawn says he is not coming to the wedding. Bo tries to stop him from walking away – the Intruder falls out of his pocket. Phil steps between them. Shawn sees the cover and says you knew this and you still defended her.

Calliope asks Belle if she is all squared with God. Belle says she is going to check on Claire. Calliope says I guess not – LOL! Bonnie is lighting more candles. She tells God that Mimi is a good kid and she deserves to be happy. The only way that will happen is if no one finds out that Philip isn’t Claire’s father. She asks God to make sure Mimi doesn’t say anything. In the confessional Father Jansen says that Mimi sounds troubled – and chalks it up to pre-wedding jitters. Mimi says it’s not that. God has forgiven her for some pretty major things. Father Jansen says it’s good that she knows He is merciful. Mimi thinks she is pushing her luck – she knows something that if others found out – it would change a lot of lives including hers. She says that Philip isn’t Claire’s father – Shawn is. Father Jansen says and you have been keeping this from Shawn. She says she has been trying to tell him but something comes up. What happens if she tells him and she loses him – he goes back to Belle – Belle leaves Philip. Father Jansen says he can’t grant her absolution until she tells Shawn and without absolution he can not marry her in this church. Shawn tells Bo that Chelsea is out of control and yet he protects her. Bo says he was protecting his daughter. Shawn say what about Zack – your son. Why didn’t you protect him? This is why Mom left town and I hope for her sake she never comes back.

Morgan Island Hope says she has to leave – she needs to think through everything that has happened with Bo, Chelsea … Patrick doesn’t think she should be alone. She needs a friend – someone to talk to, to laugh with … Hope says and you’re that person. Patrick says yes. He asks her to give it a try for a few days and then she can leave. She tells him that she really needs to be alone – to sort things out. He tells her he knows it’s none of his business but he thinks it would be better if she just talked about it. She says you are right – it’s none of your business. As my friend please take me to the airport. Patrick says he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go. He just needs to get a shirt. Hope sits down and says she was trying to run away from her problems. She is angry at Chelsea, Billie and Bo but she should have known the problems travel with you. Besides there is one other person she blames that she will never be able to run from. Patrick says who. She blames herself. She shouldn’t have let him go to that sleepover. If they had all stayed home on New Years Eve he would still be alive. She should have taught him to never go into the street – she’s a terrible mother. She cries on Patrick’s shoulder.

She apologises for snapping at him – she says she is really confused. That is why he doesn’t think she should be alone. She says a part of her would like to hide out here forever but she has to face life – a life without Zack and possibly without Bo. She’s really scared. Patrick says yes she has to face life but she doesn’t have to do it right now. She can take some time for herself – a time to be confused – a time to grieve. Before she makes a decision he wants to take her some place before she leaves the island – it may change her perspective. Patrick apologises for the boat ride being so rough – she tells him he handled it like a pro. She recognises the spot – it’s a photo he had at his place. Patrick says he volunteers at the orphanage. It’s almost recess time. Hope thinks they should leave – she doesn’t know if she can be around little kids. Patrick says that is why he brought her there – life goes on. One of the boys comes out – James. He thinks Hope is pretty and he runs into her arms. Then Scotty comes along and asks Patrick if she is his wife. He says she’s his good friend. Scotty wants to know if she likes football. Patrick tells them to show Hope how they can throw and catch. When she looks at James she sees Zack. The kid runs to catch the football but falls off a cliff – Hope goes after him. The boy is hanging on to a ledge … Hope sees Zack and hears him yelling help me mommy. She gets a board and leans over and starts screaming as it looks like she is going over the edge.

Brady House Billie arrives as Bo is bringing in the mail. She wants to know if he meant what he said. He did. She asks him if he would be doing this if Hope wasn’t coming home. He says what, standing by my wife and saving my marriage. Billie says he is choosing his marriage over his daughter – does he want to see Chelsea go to jail. He tells her he wants the courts to deal with it – he shouldn’t have interfered. She says she wants him to stand by Hope’s side but this was an accident. How is going to look if her own father won’t side with her? Bo throws the mail down – the Intruder is part of the pile. Bo says he is not abandoning Chelsea. He knows she is sorry but she has been out of control lately. Billie thinks she comes by that naturally – they used to be that way. Billie thinks that Chelsea has already learned in the worse possible way that her actions have consequences (Huh - how???). She really believes that she is growing up. They’re going to see a new Chelsea. Bo glances down and says what’s this? He shows Billie the cover and says this is the new Chelsea? Billie says it has to be a mistake – she told me that she wasn’t going out. Bo says she manipulated you just like she manipulated me. Billie tries again but Bo says you’re defending her when she lied to you.

Chelsea and Abby show up. Chelsea kisses Bo and hugs him and plays the perfect daughter. Chelsea asks Billie what she is doing there. Billie shows her the cover. Chelsea says she can explain. Bo doesn’t want to hear it. She says she is sorry. Bo says you’re sorry and this is how you show it – by going out to a club and partying. He goes on to say Zack isn’t even cold in his grave yet – he’s done. He tells them to lock up when they leave. Chelsea asks him where he is going. He says to St. Luke’s to pray for Zack. Abby leaves because Billie wants to talk to Chelsea alone. Chelsea says it didn’t happen the way the paper says. Billie says it doesn’t matter – everyone in Salem is going to read it. If she thinks that any potential juror is going to feel sorry for her she’s wrong. Chelsea says Frankie will take care of it – get a change of venue. Chelsea says Bo will calm down. Billie tells her not to count on it. Hope text messaged him and said she will be home for the trial and she is going to do everything in her power to make sure Chelsea goes to jail and Bo is going to support her. He is going to support his wife. Chelsea tells Billie she has to change his mind. Billie doesn’t think she can. Chelsea says it’s easy. You love him. Hope’s gone. Put out for him. Billie slaps her. The slap doesn’t faze Chelsea at all. Billie can’t believe that Chelsea made another stupid, selfish decision and now she wants her to sleep with someone to save her butt. Chelsea says it’s not like you don’t love him. Billie says she respects him to much to try and seduce him. Chelsea says she’s heard the stories – she knows how Billie has tried to break them up – it never worked before because Hope was around but she’s out of the picture. She tells Billie to move fast – it’s a win win situation – they can be a family – the three of them. Billie tells her to stop it. Billie asks her why she is doing this to her. Chelsea says she is doing it for her. She loves Bo – and she knows that. Billie says whether she does or doesn’t she won’t break up his marriage – she didn’t then, she won’t know. Chelsea goes on an on about how much she knows Billie regretted her decision – Bo is the one true love of her life and Chelsea knows that deep down inside Bo loves her. She then threatens Billie telling her that either she does this or not to bother visiting her in prison – she won’t see her – she won’t have a mother. Chelsea walks away.

Brady Pub Abby joins Chelsea at a booth. Chelsea says you won’t believe what happened last night. Abby says wanna bet and holds up the intruder with Chelsea’s picture (she’s drinking a beer) splashed on the cover. Chelsea grabs it and scans the article. She says it’s a lie – she never offered to have sex with him. She gives a far tamer version of what happened than what actually transpired. She can’t figure out how he still had the picture and then complains that it’s not even a good picture of her. Abby says that’s the least of her worries. She is supposed to be keeping a low profile and being caught drinking in a bar when she’s underage isn’t going to help. It doesn’t look that she is sorry for what she did. Chelsea says she is. Abby thinks that Frankie is going to have a hard time defending her if she keeps making things worse. Abby says and what are Billie and Bo going to say. Chelsea says they can’t let Bo see this.

Preview Mimi to Shawn and Bo: I just think forgiveness is really important. Bo – I just hope someday Shawn’s mom forgives me. Sami to Lucas – I am going to be with Austin. Just you wait and see. Lexie to Carrie – Which man do you want most? Carrie – Austin! (Sami overhears this). Austin to Lucas – Are those (flowers) for Carrie. Lucas – Yeah actually I got a hot date. Austin – Sorry man. There ain’t no way that date is going to happen.


Monday Mar 13

Pat’s Spoilers

Park Lexie comes out of the Brady Pub and Tek pounces on her. She says no but kisses him anyway. She pulls away and says she won’t be unfaithful to Abe. She runs off with Tek in hot pursuit. Lexie resorts to hiding behind bushes to escape from Tek – how ridiculous is this? Carrie sees her and calls out her name startling her. Lexie sees that Carrie is troubled and asks her if she would like to talk. They sit on a park bench to talk. Carrie tells Lexie she is caught between two men. Sami wanders by and overhears them so she hides behind a bush and eavesdrops. Carrie thought that it was over with Austin after he raided her company but … she tells Lexie the other man is Lucas. Carrie also tells her that Sami is interested in both men as well. She tells Lexie that Sami told her she had feelings for Austin and because she was so angry at Austin she told Sami to go for it. Lexie tells her she has nothing to worry about neither Austin or Lucas will ever take Sami back. Sami is not happy to hear that. Carrie goes on to say that she wants what Lexie has – a loving husband, a child – a family – her biological clock is ticking. Lexie tells her she has time. She says it is possible to be in love with two men at once but she will always love one a little more. She tells Carrie to close her eyes, not think about it just answer – which man does she love most. Carrie doesn’t hesitate and says Austin. Carrie thanks Lexie and says she has some thinking to do – she goes and sits on a different bench. Sami is not pleased with Lexie’s advice to Carrie. Tek comes alone and Sami sees him and Lexie kissing. Tek wants her right there right now and they sink to the ground. Sami is shocked but then thinks this information may come in handy. She sees Carrie sitting on a park bench. Carrie clutches her side and falls to the ground calling out for help.

Sibling’s Apartment bldg Sami enters Lucas’ apartment to see Will. He tells her he took Will to spend the night at the pub – he’s going to spend the night with Grandpa and Grandma. Sami asks him if he has hot date planned. She sees the floral centerpiece on the table and because they are her favourite flowers she thinks he is planning an evening with her. He says no, it’s Carrie. He says he forgot those were her favourite flowers – he’ll get different ones. Sami is hurt and goes on the attack and belittles Lucas’ chances with Carrie. He tells her that Austin is just like him – neither of them will ever take them back. Sami tells him that she will be with Austin. Austin and Carrie bump into each other at the elevator. Austin would like to talk. Carrie says she can’t – she has some thinking to do. Austin asks her if it is about the two of them. He finally gets a maybe from her about meeting later to talk. He considers that a yes. Austin and Lucas run into each in the hallway when they both return from the Brady pub. They both have their take out bags plus Lucas has flowers. Lucas thinks that Austin and Sami are working late. Austin says that he’s done work for the day. Lucas says he has a hot date and heads to his apartment. Austin says not if he has anything to say about it.

St Luke’s Father Jansen tells Mimi that marriage is based on honesty and trust. He can’t let her take vows in the church until she tells Shawn he is the father of Belle’s baby. Shawn slams the Intruder down and says your daughter ran down my little brother and now she’s out clubbing. This is the reason you lied to Mom to all of us – he points at Chelsea’s picture. Bo says it wasn’t like that. Shawn says it was exactly like that. This is why Mom left town and I wouldn’t blame her if she never spoke to you again. Bo gets a strange feeling and clutches his chest as he’s talking to Shawn. He tells Shawn that his mother would want to be here for his wedding. Shawn says she doesn’t need to be here in the same church where she just buried Zack. He wouldn’t do that to her. Father Jansen tells Mimi he’s sorry but it has to be this way. Mimi says she knows but what if when she tells Shawn the truth he wants to go back to Belle. He has old fashioned ideas about family – she says maybe not old-fashioned, traditional values which is why she loves him so much. He believes strongly that a child belongs with both his parents which is why he thinks Belle and Philip should stay together – which is why when he finds out that he is Claire’s father he will want to raise her with Belle. Belle will leave Philip and divorce him and then Shawn would marry Belle and she would lose Shawn forever. Father Jansen tells Mimi that she doesn’t know that that will happen. Regardless of Shawn’s traditional beliefs, he loves you very much. He is committed to you. Mimi knows he loves her but if he knew the truth she thinks it would change everything. Father Jansen tells her that is a chance she has to take. Shawn needs to know. He reminds her of what they talked about in their pre-marriage classes. Mimi says lies and deception have no place in a marriage. Father Jansen tells her she can not put it off any longer – she has to tell him today. Bo understands that he is angry but you are my son. Shawn says you are not coming to the wedding. I don’t want you there. I want to focus only on Mimi. She is all I need now. She is my family. Mimi joins them and asks what is going on. Shawn tells her that he was telling his father he is not welcome at the wedding. Bo asks him not to tear up the family any more … Shawn jumps on him and says now I’m breaking up the family. Mimi tells him to just stop the fighting. She has to talk to him – she has something very important she needs to tell him.

Sigh – I loved this conversation between Shawn and Mimi. Shawn asks Mimi what she wanted to say. She says she has to ask him for something and she realises its asking a lot but he can consider this his wedding present to her – it’s all she really wants. He says what is it? She says I want your forgiveness. Shawn asks my forgiveness??? Mimi tells him that this wedding should be about bringing families together not driving them apart or further apart. Your father should be there when you get married. So am I’m asking if you can find it in your heart to forgive him. Do you think you can do that? Shawn says I told you I would talk to him and I did that. Mimi understands that his Dad really disappointed him but he is still your father and he loves you and you still love him. Shawn says yeah but. Mimi says then you should be able to forgive him. We all make mistakes – sometimes very bad mistakes. And it’s usually because we’re afraid of losing the people we love. We don’t ever really think that we’re going to hurt someone. So if you love someone than you understand or will you will try to understand why they made that mistake. You won’t just shut them out of your life and close the door because if you do that, everyone loses. Please show me that you’re capable of forgiving – I really need to know that right now. Shawn says this is very important to you isn’t it. She says yes it is. He says alright my Dad can come to the wedding. Mimi says but do you forgive him? Shawn turns to Bo and says I forgive you because that is what Zack would want. He wouldn’t want us to fight. Bo says no son he wouldn’t. Shawn says so you’ll be there at the wedding tomorrow. Bo says that nothing will keep him away. Thank you Mimi. Mimi says she thinks that forgiveness is very important. Bo prays that one day Shawn’s mom will forgive him.

Bo has another bad feeling and says her name. Shawn says what about her. Bo says I just had this feeling – I’m worried that your mom is in trouble. His cell rings he answers it saying Hope? No one responds – he tells Shawn that no one said anything. He checks the caller ID – Blocked Number. Mimi says that you had a feeling that Hope was in trouble. Bo says he always worries about Shawn’s Mom – it’s probably nothing. He tells them he’s going to light a candle and say a prayer for Zack. Shawn tells Mimi he thought his parents would always be together. Seeing them apart makes him appreciate even more what they have – ‘our love and our trust means everything to me.’ They hug. Mimi sees Father Jansen. Mimi kneels down and prays and asks God for the strength to tell Shawn the truth and for him to forgive her. She tells Father Jansen she was praying for strength because she’s so afraid she won’t be able to tell him. Father Jansen says you know you have a moral obligation to tell him. Mimi says she doesn’t really have a choice because he won’t marry them otherwise. She might as well do it right now even if it means the wedding is never going to happen. Father Jansen tells her he’s not so sure that will happen. One thing he can promise her is that she will feel so much better once she unburdens herself. Mimi sits in the front pew. Shawn comes in and sits in the pew behind her. Mimi tells him she has to talk to him about Belle’s baby. She says we have a responsibility to Claire. Shawn jumps in and says yes as her godparents – we’ll always be there for her like a second set of parents. People she can count on and trust. Mimi is sure that she will always look at him that way. Shawn says and you too. Mimi says you are the perfect father figure, in fact Shawn you are a great Dad. Shawn hopes to be – he can’t wait to start a family with her. He can’t wait to be a father. Speaking of fathers – thank you for getting me to make up with mine. He knows that they don’t always see eye to eye, especially lately but he was very good to him as he was growing up as he was to Zach. He would have been with Chelsea as well. It explains the way he treats her right now. Shawn couldn’t imagine not knowing I had a daughter – someone out there keeping that information from me – I’d kill them. Bo lights a candle and says I know you’re in heaven Zack. I need your help Tiny Man. I need you to watch over you Mommy and keep her safe and if you can, bring her home. You know how much I love her. I can’t lose her. Shawn says is this what you wanted to talk about – our responsibility to Claire. Mimi wants to be a good godparent and wonders if there is more she could be doing. Shawn tells her she is a great godmother just likes he knows she is going to be a great mom to their kids. Father Jansen enters. Shawn tells him that they are out there and that they will see him tomorrow at the wedding. Father Jansen shakes Shawn’s hand and says I take it that Mimi told you. Shawn says told me what? Freeze frame ending on Mimi.

Morgan Island Hope tries to help James (but she is really seeing Zack) and falls over the side of the cliff. She lands on a ledge. She reaches for ‘Zack’ and pulls him on to the ledge with her. Patrick tells them to hang on - he’s going to throw done a rope. A large part of the ledge crumbles and breaks off. Hope tells him to hurry. Hope ties the rope around James and Patrick pulls him up first. More of the ledge crumbles. Hope yells for Patrick to hurry. Hope has a hard time reaching the rope. The ledge gives way so she hangs from a branch that is growing out of the side of the cliff. She finally grabs the rope just as the branch gives way. Patrick gets her over the side and lies her down on the grass with his jacket under her head. He asks her if she is hurt. She tells him she can’t feel her legs. He sends James and the Sister for the doctor. He then says he is going to call Bo. He does Bo answers and he hands the cell phone to Hope but she ends the connection without talking to him. The doctor examines her. She is getting some of the feeling back in her legs. He tells her and Patrick that she has a sprained back – she should be in a hospital. Hope says no hospitals. Patrick knows what to do. The next we see Hope she is in bed sleeping back at Patrick’s place. He brings her some tea. She thanks him for saving her – it wasn’t the first time and with her luck she’s sure it will happen again. Patrick says he will always be there for her.

Brady Pub Austin comes in and asks Caroline to prepare all of Carrie’s favourite foods – he’s planning a romantic picnic for her. Austin sits down to have coffee as he is waiting. Lucas comes downstairs and tells Caroline that Will and Grandpa Shawn are watching the game. He asks her to make Carrie’s favourite dessert – he has a very romantic dinner planned for her. Caroline says oh boy. Lucas asks her if she thinks he has a chance with Carrie. She says yes. She tells him she did like him with her other granddaughter as well. Lucas doesn’t want to talk about Sami – he tells Caroline we will never be together. Caroline says the best advice she can give him is to never say never. She goes to serve Austin more coffee. She asks him about Sami. He says that they are good friends and they work well together most of the time but there will never be anything romantic between them. Their orders are ready at the same time – Caroline manages to get the orders to them without them seeing each other. Bo comes in. They mention the article. Bo tells Caroline that he got a text message from Hope – she wants to be alone. She will be home for the trial. She wants him to choose between her and his daughter. Caroline says that is a tough decision for him. She advises him to go and find Hope or risk losing her forever.

Preview: Marlena – I’m married to Alex so why can’t I stop thinking about John? John to Lexie and Abe – What would you do if some son of a bitch was out to get Lexie? (We see Tek). Austin to Lucas – You can’t accept the fact that she doesn’t love you and she never will. Belle to Shawn – You and I … Shawn – Are over. If you’re not going to be happy for the both of us than I really don’t want you there at the wedding tomorrow.


Tuesday Mar 14

Pat’s Spoilers

Penthouse Marlena asks Alex why he didn’t have the bracelet engraved which gives Alex the opportunity to make smart remarks to himself. He lies and says he didn’t know if she will like it but now that he knows she does he’ll get in engraved. More silent smart remarks. Marlena acts like a pre-pubescent teen in the throes of her first crush. Lexie is there to see her. Alex leaves them alone but as soon as Lexie says that John sent her Alex comes charging in saying he is Marlena’s husband and as soon as they renew their vows John will be out of their lives. He insults Lexie – she returns the favour. Lexie asks to see the over the counter sleep aid Marlena is taking. Alex hands her the bottle. Lexie asks a few questions. Alex takes the bottle of pills. Lexie wants to examine her but Alex won’t let her and ushers her out of the room. Alex and Marlena talk about their honeymoon – the remote, private location where Alex says no one will be able to find them. He has a letter that states that Lois left his as executor. He doesn’t want to do it. Marlena says he should. Alex has a flashback to being in the cabin with Lois and asking her if there were any photos or love letters lying around – she says they are hidden away. Alex tells Marlena he has to go to the travel agency and rushes out. Marlena thinks about kissing John and wonders why she keeps thinking of John when Alex is her husband.

Brady Pub Abe and Tek are sitting across from Shawn. Abe is not happy about John getting Lexie to go check on Marlena. Alex North is a dangerous man. John reminds Abe that Lexie was the one that brought Alex to Salem. Abe also lectures John about breaking into the penthouse. John tells them about Marlena asking him to stay the night, kissing him – he thought she had her memory back. Alex called out and everything changed. Marlena became disoriented and started calling him Alex – they’re back to square one. He thinks Alex is drugging her but he doesn’t have any proof. Abe asks him how he got out of there. John has a flashback to Alex checking the door. Alex calls out that he has the key – John kisses Marlena and slips on to the terrace. He tells Abe he waited until it was all clear and got out of there. More of a lecture from Abe – Lexie joins them so Tek moves to sit down next to John. Lexie tells John that Marlena is taking a mild sleeping pill and some of the side effects are similar to what John describes. From her observation of Marlena Lexie tells him that she doesn’t think she is being drugged. Abe thinks John should stay away from Marlena. John asks him what he would do if some son of bitch tried to take Lexie from him. Tek drinks his coffee. John asks Abe if he would sit back and let it happen. Abe wouldn’t. They end up talking about Lois and John says she can talk from the grave. He wants Abe to come with him to the place where Lois lived. Abe is worried about leaving Lexie alone. Tek offers to look after her. Right after Abe and John leave Tek starts making his moves – the slime ball. Lexie gives her token protest and then agrees to go out with him.

Lois’ cabin: Alex rifles through drawers looking for anything that would show he had a relationship with Lois. After searching the cabin and leaving a mess he turns up the pilot light. He feels that if there was any incriminating evidence that Lois left behind this should take care of it. He goes out the front door and comes face to face with John and Abe. John asks him what he is doing there.

Lucas’ Austin knocks on the door and asks if Carrie is there. This is just an asinine argument between two brothers that both want Carrie. Lucas claims that Carrie will never forgive Austin – Austin claims that Carrie will never love Lucas – he should just admit it. The argument continues throughout the show. Lucas says we’ll see who Carrie wants to have dinner with – we’ll ask her. Carrie and Sami have just walked in the door. Both men ask Carrie to have dinner with them – Sami fumes but suggests that the four of them have dinner together. Carrie doesn’t like being put on the spot like this and thinks Sami has made a good suggestion. The two men stare back at her.

Park Carrie is on the ground writhing in pain calling out for help. Sami thinks to herself that Carrie doesn’t care about how she feels so why should she care about her. She turns to walk away but sneezes. Carrie’s pain is subsiding. She hears the sneeze and asks whose there so Sami comes out from behind the tree. Sami acts all concerned when she sees how pale Carrie is and insists that she see a doctor. Carrie says the pain has passed. She wants to talk to Sami about Austin. Sami knows exactly what Carrie is going to say so she doesn’t let her get in a word edgewise. She basically lays it on thick trying to guilt Carrie into not being with Austin. Carrie tries to tell her that her feelings towards Austin have changed but Sami never gives her the opportunity.

St Luke’s Outside the church Philip calls Bonnie (Belle and Claire are with him) and asks if everything is ready. She tells him it will be as soon as gets there. Bonnie says that she and Calliope came to an understanding – we hear someone knocking inside a port-a potty. Bonnie tells them to get there before Shawn and Mimi do.

Inside the church Father Jansen says to Shawn that he takes it that Mimi told him the truth. Flashback to the confessional scene. Shawn says truth about what. Father J says the truth about Claire. Shawn says we just had a long talk about Claire. Another flashback – sigh. Mimi tells Father Jansen that they talked about his responsibilities to Claire. Shawn says he’s fully prepared to live up to them. Father J says even though you’ll be married to Mimi. Shawn says of course. Father J says “I’m surprised.” Shawn says “I’m confused”- LOL! Father J says he wasn’t sure that Shawn would be happy without his own child in his life. Not that Claire isn’t a part of his life now. Shawn says it took a while to accept it but he loves Mimi so much it doesn’t matter that they can’t have their own children. He adds that they are planning to adopt and they are going to love their kids just as much as they love Claire. Father J asks just to be sure – you’ve discussed the situation and you are agreed? Shawn says yes we have. Father J says then I give you my blessing and I would be proud to marry you tomorrow. Shawn and Mimi thank him and he leaves. Shawn says to Mimi – that was a little strange. Mimi – says yeah, let’s just go home – she needs to get her beauty rest for tomorrow. Shawn says she doesn’t need any beauty rest. He knows that it’s the night before their wedding but there’s somewhere special he walks to take her. She asks him where – he says he can’t tell her, it wouldn’t be a surprise than.

Park Shawn removes Mimi’s blindfold – the first thing she sees is the gazebo in the park – it’s covered in little sparkling white lights. Shawn says dedicated to the one I love. A waiter removes a cover cloth from on top of table. Mimi says Shawn you did all this. He says he had a little help. Philip, Belle and Bonnie come out from behind the bushes. I don’t know where Claire is – they probably left her in the car … sigh. Shawn smiles down at Mimi and says I would do anything for you because you are the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with (sigh his voice when he talks to her – he’s so in love …). They kiss. Philip and Bonnie smile Belle stares. All five of them now have glasses of champagne. Shawn wants to thank them setting this up and just for being here. Philip says of course but he thinks it’s about time they got back to the other woman in his life. He looks down at Belle and says don’t you think. Shawn says not yet. He knows that tomorrow is going to be a very hectic day and he wanted to have a private celebration – a rehearsal dinner to thank them all for everything you’ve done for us. And most importantly he would like to propose a toast to his future wife. Shawn looks only at Mimi as he gives his toast. He says “It’s amazing just to say … I’m so excited to be your life long partner. And I promise to love you, to honour you, to comfort and keep you in sickness and in health forsaking all others. I’ll always be faithful to you for as long as both of us shall live. (Belle is not happy – green – shall we say – she starts drinking before Shawn finishes the toast). I say that all now in case Father Jansen talks to fast or I past out and forget what I’m supposed to say. That’s how I feel. Bonnie joins them and they do the traditional glass clink. Shawn and Mimi kiss – Belle drinks. Mimi thanks them – saying that this was really sweet. Philip says don’t thank us – it was all your man over there. Philip says he would like some one on one time with the bride to be (the music is now playing – James Blunt - Beautiful). Shawn says he wouldn’t mind have a dance with the matron of honour. Bonnie takes the waiter for a dance. Shawn is all smiles – he tells Belle that it’s crazy to thing that tomorrow he is going to be married. Belle says yeah it’s pretty crazy. She has to admit that she is wondering if he is going to change his mind and call off the wedding.

Shawn doesn’t respond to Belle so she asks him where they are going on their honeymoon. Shawn isn’t sure – they have to sit down with Kate and plan it. Belle thinks it’s pretty incredible to be going on an all expenses paid trip to all the romantic spots around the world. Shawn says yes it’s going to be amazing and all they have to do is document it for Salem Style magazine. He thinks he’ll take the pictures and let Mimi do the writing. Belle is very sarcastic and says well that seems like a pretty good reason to not call off the wedding. Shawn is very ticked off now – He says – and he makes it very clear – That isn’t why I’m going through with the wedding. I love Mimi and you are married and you have a child. Belle says You and I … Shawn cuts in and says ‘are over. So would you stop torturing us both by pretending we’re not. If you’re not going to be happy for the both of us I really don’t want you there tomorrow. And then he walks away. Bonnie hugs Mimi and says tomorrow all your dreams will come true and when Shawn’s trust fund kicks in. Mimi tells her that Father Jansen told her he wouldn’t marry them unless she told Shawn the truth. Bonnie tells her that she can’t tell him – than worried that Mimi already did. Mimi says she lied and somehow Father Jansen thinks she told the truth so on top of everything she has now lied to a priest. Bonnie says it’s about time you did the right thing. Mimi can’t believe that Bonnie thinks lying to Father Jansen and Shawn is the right thing to do. Bonnie says maybe right thing is the wrong choice of words but it’s the smart choice. She has to do whatever she can to hold on to her man – a little white lie never hurt anyone. Mimi says this is more than a little white lie and she doesn’t know if she can take those sacred vows tomorrow. Bonnie says the vows are about promising to love and honour each other – it doesn’t say you have to say anything about him being the father of someone else’s baby. Mimi says that she is just being ridiculous. Bonnie tells Mimi that she’ll sprinkle a few drops of the holy water on her while they’re in the bride’s room. Mimi says stolen holy water isn’t going to cleanse me of my sins while I’m lying to my husband on our wedding day in front of God. Bonnie tells her all she has to do is look into Shawn’s eyes, the eyes of the man she loves and is going to spend the rest of her life with and lie. It’s amazing what true love can really do. Philip says to Shawn – It’s a big day tomorrow. Philip has some advice – do not sweat the small stuff – relax, go with the flow and enjoy your big day. Shawn says hopefully I can enjoy it more than you guys enjoyed yours. Philip says that would be nice. Shawn tells Philip it means a hell of a lot to him that they’re still friends and that Philip is going to be his best man. Philip says no one is happier besides the two of them than he is for them. Meems is the best and they are going to have what he has with Belle. Belle lurks and watches and thinks to herself – I can’t give up on Shawn. It’s wrong. We belong together. I have to find a way to stop this wedding – OMG – that look on her face – let’s just say – scary …. Very scary!

Preview: We see Marlena and then an explosion. Hope to Patrick (they’re in a hot tub) – Oh my god, what’s happening. Billie to Bo – Bo, she’s gone (Chelsea). Austin to Carrie – I need you in my life. I lost you once and I’m not going to let it happen again. Belle talking in her sleep – Mimi overhears – Shawn. I have to stop the wedding.


Wednesday Mar 15

Pat’s Spoilers

Shawn/Mimi/Philip/Belle: They come out of their bedroom. Shawn says he’s ready. Mimi says “Babe, the party in the park was so fun. Thanks for arranging it. Shawn tells her he would do anything to make her happy. Mimi says he does – everyday. Shawn smiles and says we’ll see if you say that after ten years of marriage. She tells him after ten years she’ll tell him. He looks at her and says the next time I see you you’ll be walking down the aisle at St. Luke’s. Mimi says it’s a date and tells him she’s going to miss him tonight. He says it’s only for one night apart – our last night. She likes that. He tells her that he’s the luckiest guy in the world – tomorrow he gets to marry the most incredible girl. They kiss. Mimi has a flashback to the confessional and the guilt sets in. Shawn looks at her and asks her if she is okay. Belle is giving Philip child care instructions (like the guy needs them!). He tells her he got it. Just go across the hall and have a good time with the bride to be. She says she can’t go through with this.

Shawn and Mimi sit on the couch. Shawn says something’s wrong – tell me. She says it’s nothing. Shawn sighs and says you are such a liar. Mimi says she is a nervous bride to believe. She can’t believe she is getting married tomorrow. He says he is nervous too but he can’t wait to make her his wife. He can’t wait until they start their life together. They kiss. Philip asks Belle what she can’t go through with. Cue flashback to the rooftop. Philip thinks she can’t leave Claire for the night. You’re going to miss her. She says yeah. He says that he and Claire will miss her to. She’s says that she’ll just be across the hall. He says he loves her so much he’ll still miss her. She says she loves him too and she’ll miss him. They kiss. Shawn and Mimi walk in. Philip jokes doesn’t anyone knock anymore? Philips says the countdown is on – in a few more hours – the future Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Brady are standing in front of them. Mimi says it’s unbelievable. She thanks Philip for looking after her man for the night – she hopes he has nothing too wild planned. Philip says he guesses he’ll have to cancel the strippers. He’s just teasing. He’s got movies – some pop, some light beer – Shawn says light beer? Mimi asks if he has a movie her and Belle could watch. They go to pick one out. Belle grabs Shawn’s hand and asks him to meet her on the roof tonight. He says no. She says Shawn, please. He says I am not going to sneak around on them not tonight. Mimi has a movie. She tells Shawn goodnight and says it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight knowing he’s right across the hall. He says this is the last night that anything is going to keep them apart. They hug. Mimi is laughing and then notices Belle’s sullen expression and asks what is wrong. Belle says everything.

When next we see Shawn and Philip they’re both sleeping sprawled out on the couch with their bottles in their hand. Claire is crying. Shawn wakes up Phil and says Claire needs a bottle. Phil says you’re the godfather – it’s your turn. Shawn grabs a bottle from the fridge and puts it in the bottle warmer. As he waits he sees a picture – it’s of Claire and Belle – he touches Claire with his finger. He feeds her and talks to her. He tells her not to get a swollen head but he thinks she is the most beautiful baby girl he’s ever seen. One day he hopes to have a daughter just as beautiful. He kisses her forehead. Mimi cries as the movie ends. She talks to Belle about it but Belle is sleeping. Mimi shuts off the TV and Belle starts talking in her sleep. She says Shawn. You can’t marry Mimi. I have to stop the wedding. Mimi picks up the phone and calls someone saying I know it’s late but we have a problem.

Morgan Island: Hope is sitting in a beach chair with her feet stretched out. Patrick says she doesn’t look very comfortable and asks how her back is doing. He thinks she should go to the clinic. She says no – there’s nothing they can for a sprained back. He would like to do something to make her feel better – she has to trust him. Hope now has her hair pinned up and has changed into a bathing suit. Patrick lowers her into a lagoon. She knows swimming is good exercise but doesn’t know if her back will allow it. He tells her there’s a legend about the ocean water – this is the beach that the woman in the legend washed up and legend says the water is magical and comes alive at night. There’s some noise and activity in the water and then light – Hope says OMG, what’s happening. It’s a school of lantern fish and legend has they illuminate people that need help. Hope says because of my back – he says no to light your way because you’re lost. He tells her to go home to Bo. She says she can’t. The fish are going back out to sea and he tells her to make a wish and it will come true. She says it’s not possible. She only has one wish and that is for her, Bo and Zack to be together and that can never be.

Bo & Billie Chelsea sneaks out of the Lockhart house. Billie has a flashback to part of her conversation with Chelsea and knows she did the right thing by not trying to break up Bo and Hope all those years ago. She wouldn’t have succeeded – Bo and Hope belong together. There’s a knock on the door – it’s Bo. He says I’m sorry and hugs her – she smiles. He feels bad because he got angry and ran out on them leaving her to deal with Chelsea alone. She says she wishes she had done so as well – he has nothing to be sorry for. He’s dealing with a lot. She tells him that she told Chelsea’s about Hope’s email and that he won’t be testifying on her behalf. He wants to talk to Chelsea. Billie goes to her room – she’s gone. They make calls but no one knows where she is. Bo’s cell rings. It’s Max. He tells them Chelsea is at Dunes and the guy she is with gives him a really bad feeling. Billie says what is she thinking – she hasn’t learned anything.

Club Dune: Tek and Lexie arrive. She’s gone home and changed. Tex introduces her to the owner Jada. Jada asks Lexie if her husband knows she is out clubbing with Salem’s sexiest bachelor. Tek says she’s just kidding – he introduces Lexie as an old friend. They get a private booth. Lexie feels guilty but not guilty enough to start kissing Tek. After the kisses she says she has to stop being unfaithful to her husband. He says she only has half a husband … she tells him not to talk about Abe like that. He says they shouldn’t waste the music – let’s dance. He opens the curtain around their private booth and they see familiar faces – Lexie is upset. The curtain gets closed quickly and she accuses Tek of setting her up. He says he’s been at the club many times and never seen anyone he knows there before – he would never hurt her. Lexie kisses him.

Carrie & Austin, Sami & Lucas are outside the club. Carrie doesn’t look well. She feels warm. Lucas suggests they go home. Carrie says she’ll be fine – she just needs a glass of water. Austin & Lucas both escort her inside leaving Sami to fume and vow that Carrie is not going to get away with this. Lucas goes to the bar to get some water for Carrie. Austin asks Carrie to dance. Sami fumes. Eugenia arrives – she’s friends with Jada. They dish Sami. Lucas comes back and Sami and he exchange a few words – he’s off to get water again. He runs into Eugenia and she lectures him in her whiny voice about being with Sami. He says he isn’t he’s with Carrie. Eugenia says it looks like Carrie is with Austin. Lucas says he’s going to cut in now. Austin declares his undying love for Carrie and asks for another chance. He’s want a life with her. He thought they would have babies by now. Carrie asks him if it’s warm in here and then collapses against him. Lucas and Austin tend to Carrie – Sami fumes.

Chelsea arrives and some guy at the bar is checking out parts of her anatomy with his PDA screen. She sidles up to him at the bar and he offers to buy her a drink. Max arrives and orders a beer and sees Chelsea and the guy sitting at a table. The guy wants to know more about her – she wants to know more about him. He gets a call and says he has to take them. He’ll get them more drinks. The bartender asks him if he wants to start a tab – he says no this should about do it. He pours some powder into Chelsea’s drink. Max goes to Chelsea and asks her if she is crazy or just plain stupid. He reminds her of what happened the other night when she hit on a guy. She answers that she’s letting this guy hit on her. He tells her if she wants to ruin her life she’s going to have to do it alone. He leaves. Derek brings the drinks and asks her if she knows that guy. She says he’s no one important. She starts drinking. She says the drink is very strong but she likes things that are strong. Derek suggests they go someplace a little private. She agrees.

Penthouse: Marlena is awoken from a deep sleep when the phone rings. It’s about Lois. She says they need to talk to Alex North. She goes to get him. She is very disoriented. She says he’s not there. The call is about funeral arrangements for Lois – her and Alex have talked about this and they know Lois would want to be buried in her own clothes. She’ll call Alex on his cell and tell him to call them. She tries him but doesn’t get an answer. She decides to go to Lois’ cabin.

Lois’ Cabin: Alex, John and Abe have the same dialogue that they’ve had since the beginning of time. Each wants to know what the other is doing there. Alex says he is the executor of Lois’ will and he pulls out the documents to prove it. John says he always has his bases covered – he’s been planning this since the beginning. Alex plays innocent. John says you won’t mind if we look around than. He and Abe to check around the outside of the cabin first. Alex smirks and says to himself – hope you find something explosive. While they’re talking Marlena enters the cabin from the back. Whatever it that Alex turned the pilot light up on high is starting to smoke and rumble as Marlena walks through the dark cabin. She sees a picture of her, Lois and Alex and wishes she could remember when the picture was taken and then maybe she would know why Lois hated her. She goes upstairs. She is packing the outfit when she hears something and turns. John, Abe and Alex all notice her car at the same time. Alex says Marlena you’re not supposed to die yet. Explosion.

Preview: Sami screaming at John – You promise to protect her yet you never do. It is all your fault John. Lucas to a sleeping Carrie – You deserve to have a wonderful life. I just hope I’m the man who will give it to you. Billie to Bo – Please don’t throw your daughter’s life away. You already lost one child. If Chelsea goes to jail you will lose her too. Chelsea smirks. Patrick to Hope – This is goodnight I guess. Hope – goodnight. They kiss.


Thursday Mar 16

Pat’s Spoilers

The Lofts Mimi is in the hallway pacing when Kate arrives. Mimi tells Kate that she overheard Belle talking in her sleep. Kate says so what you’re marrying Shawn tomorrow and there is nothing Belle can do about it. Mimi says that Belle says she won’t be marrying Shawn tomorrow. Kate says what do you think she’s going to do – try and pull some stunt to stop the wedding. This is Belle we’re talking about. Kate wonders if Belle has learned some tricks from Sami on how to stop weddings and ruin lives – they can’t let that happen. Mimi doesn’t know what to do. They decide to go on the roof and talk. Belle has a dream – Shawn is shirtless on the rooftop – thinking of her – in Belle’s fantasy he’s madly in love with her. Yuck. She wakes up (LMAO at their choice of music when she wakes up – scary) and says she has to tell him how she feels before he marries Mimi. Excuse me – but duh – haven’t you told him numerous times already – he didn’t change his mind then – highly unlike he’s going to change it now. Shawn is sleeping – he says Mimi’s name and then Belle’s. He dreams he’s on the rooftop (in his dream he sure as heck isn’t shirtless) – Belle shows up – he isn’t happy to see her and turns away from her. She needs to know who he loves more – her or Mimi. He doesn’t answer – She says Shawn … it’s really Belle calling him from the fire escape. She wants to see him on the roof.

Mimi says she should just tell the truth. Kate says you’re going to give up on your future just like that? She needs to stop feeling so guilty and start thinking about all the people who would be hurt if the truth comes out. Mimi says Belle and Shawn won’t be hurt – they’ll live happily ever after with their daughter. Kate says that isn’t true because Belle is married to Philip. They are happy – they are a family – they have a beautiful daughter – do you think Belle stays up nights worried about you? Mimi says of course not. She is maybe not being the best friend to me right now but I’m being a terrible friend. Kate says she is doing Belle the biggest favour that has ever been done to her. Mimi is in love with Shawn – he’s in love with her – she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. What’s the problem? Mimi says she shouldn’t have to lie to the guy she is about to marry. She shouldn’t have to worry about him being in love with someone else. Kate reminds her that she was on this roof a few days ago when Belle told Shawn she was still in love with him and he told her that he wants to spend his life with you. Why are you so insecure? Mimi says maybe because they’ve been in love with each other their whole lives and if Shawn knew he was Claire’s father all his dreams would come true and Belle’s too. They hear someone coming up the fire escape so they go into the stairwell. Shawn tells Belle they shouldn’t be up there – he told her that he didn’t want to do this. She had to talk to him. He says why? She begs him not to marry Mimi – he knows this wedding is a big mistake. He is not happy and he turns away from her – Mimi just shakes her head.

Belle says she knows that he doesn’t love Mimi with his whole heart (Shawn shakes his head). She tells him not to make the same mistake she did. Don’t make things worst by marrying someone you don’t completely love. Shawn finally faces her and says I thought we were done with this conversation. I am not going to cancel my wedding to Mimi tomorrow. I will not do that to her. Mimi says you would if you knew Claire was your baby. Kate mutters OMG. Shawn continues and he’s not happy – he says - How can you tell me not to marry her? You married Philip. You made your choice and now I’ve made mine (he gets back the infamous open-mouthed slack jawed stare look). He is going to make something perfectly clear. He says I do love Mimi. It might be different that what you and I had but we are very happy together. My future is with her. He walks away from her and then stops and half turns and says we can’t go back to the past. It’s a waste of our lives and we have so much love to give. Claire needs you. Mimi and I can’t wait to be parents. Belle is in her own little world – she tells him to stop. To stop acting like you and Mimi are going to go off and get married and live happily ever after. Shawn looks at her strangely and asks her what she is talking about. Belle snarls at him ‘you’re not going to (she shakes her finger at him) – I will not let you. There is no way I am going to let you marry Mimi. Oh my that look in Shawn’s eyes … YIKES – look out Belle – I think you just showed how unstable you really are. Both Mimi and Kate are stunned.

Belle says all she knows is that she loves him. She tried to stop – she can’t help it. He turns to face her – he talks about driving his bike through the stained glass window, something his grandmother will probably never forgive him for, in a vain attempt to stop her marriage to Philip. She turns her back on him and he tells her to hear him out. You said it’s a different kind of love you have for Philip and that is probably true. He says that sometimes he thinks he doesn’t know what love is. Is it something that happens to you or do you make it happen? You said you loved Philip enough to marry him and I love Mimi enough to marry her. And it’s not a second best kind of love. It’s different but it’s good. Mimi and I have a real chance to be happy here. We want the same things starting with a child. Yeah we’ll have to adopt but we’ll love our child as much as you and Philip love Claire. And that is the bottom line. You and Philip have Claire – he’s the father of your baby. Mimi makes a noise. Shawn asks whose there? Shawn goes to the doorway to check and says no one else is up here. Belle follows him and puts her arms around him and says you know if you marry Mimi tomorrow we can never have the future we dreamed about. (Huh – and you didn’t think of this when you married Philip – good lord this woman is just so full of herself). He pulls away from and says I know. That’s the way it has to be. It’s the best thing for everybody especially Claire. In the hallway Kate says my daughter in law is trying to ruin your life. We have to make sure she doesn’t do anything to stop the wedding. Mimi says what’s the use? If Shawn knew he was Claire’s father he’d obviously want to be with Belle. Don’t I deserve a man who really loves me? Kate asks her if she loves Shawn. Mimi says so much, it hurts. Kate says than don’t say anything about the baby and you’ll be Mrs. Shawn Brady tomorrow and for the rest of your life. Mimi says but how? Kate says don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of everything.

Morgan Island Patrick carries her to bed. He asks if there is anything she needs. She would like a shower to get rid of the salt water. He says the cold water of the shower would make her muscles tense again. He has an idea of what might help. He comes and carries her outside to an old fashioned copper tub – flowers floating in the water. She is grateful – he says he would do anything for her. After her bath he carries her back to bed. They say goodnight. Patrick has a steamy fantasy of them kissing and Hope telling him she wants him. He goes outside to sleep on the hammock telling himself she’s a married woman. She belongs with Bo. He remembers his fantasy – Hope holds Zack’s stuffed animal and thinks about Bo and what will happen to them now.

Club Dune Bo and Billie arrive. Bo is not happy with Chelsea. Billie thinks she is acting out because she is afraid of going to prison. Bo says coming to a club was a dumb move. Billie says they made some dumb moves at her age as well. She tells him to get his badge out before they go inside. (HUH – didn’t Bo tell John he took a leave of absence – he’s still carrying his badge???) They go inside – they can’t see her. Carrie is in a lot of pain. Austin and Lucas hover over her. Sami asks if she is really in pain. They decide she needs a doctor. Sami sees Lexie and goes to get her. First she asks Lexie what she is doing her – Lexie tells her it’s none of her business. Sami tells her Carrie needs a doctor. Lexie rushes over and decides Carrie has to be taken to the hospital. Austin and Lucas argue over whose car she should be taken in – Lexie tells them to just get her to the trauma center. Derek can’t wait until they take the party back to his place and she can meet the other girls. Chelsea tells him that she’s not into that. He tells her to finish her drink. She gets up saying she doesn’t want to. He grabs her arm and says when he tells her to drink, she drinks. Bo grabs the guy and says that’s my daughter. Derek says you can have her – she’s a tease – they start to brawl. Billie takes Chelsea outside and lectures her telling her she could have ended up in a place worse than jail. Chelsea doesn’t think any place can be worse. Billie says that potential jurors could have seen her drinking in a bar tonight – she’s making it impossible for any jury to let her off. She sees Chelsea is scared and hopes that means she’ll start behaving well. Derek takes off and Bo tackles him outside and tells him he’s a cop. He grabs Derek’s PDA. Derek kicks Bo and either gets his PDA or destroys it and tells Bo that cops need evidence. He takes off.

Lockharts Chelsea feels weird – she thinks she has been drugged. Bo pulls out a small package and says yes you were. These are meant to make sure you don’t resist. More of a lecture. Bo has the memory stick from the PDA and says we’ll see what kind of pictures he was taken. Chelsea didn’t know he was doing that. She tells them she has to go lie down – she eavesdrops from the hallway. Bo sees the pictures and videos of other young girls that Derek has sexually abused and says he has enough evidence to nail the guy. Billie tells him he can’t use it because it could damage Chelsea’s chances at trial. Bo says what about all the other girls this guy victimized or will victimize. I’m a cop – I took an oath. Billie lays the guilt trip on him. She tells him to stop thinking like a cop and think like a father. Chelsea is not entirely to blame – you gave her the keys. She says as much as you need Hope to forgive you and you want to stand by her side – that’s how much Chelsea needs her. Don’t do this to Chelsea and don’t this to her (Billie). He’s already lost one child. If Chelsea goes to jail he’ll lose her. He sits down at the computer and says I know this illegal – I’ll delete all the files with Chelsea and we can still nail this guy. Billie hugs him – Chelsea says good work Mom. Get closer to Dad and I won’t have to serve any jail time at all.

Lois’ Cabin Replay of the explosion except this time John and Abe see Marlena through the window and she’s on the main floor – not upstairs – WTH??? Abe tries to stop John from going in but John charges in. Abe follows and saves John from being crushed by a falling timber. Alex peers in the back door – he was hoping it was John that was going to die. John sees him and tells Abe – but Abe doesn’t see him. Alex takes off when he hears the sirens of the emergency vehicles. John tells the firemen it was arson. They head to the hospital.

Hospital Carrie is rushed into an exam room. Austin and Lucas fret – Sami mutters about all the attention Carrie gets. Marlena is brought in – Carrie goes for surgery. Lucas tells Sam to go and get coffee. She hears a couple of nurses talking about Dr. Evans being brought in – she was in a fire and she may not surprise. A nurse tells Austin and Lucas that Carrie is out of surgery. They both want to see her – only one can go in. Lucas says he lives with her so he goes. Austin vows not to let anyone come between him and Carrie. Lucas sits at her bedside and tells Carrie he hopes she has a wonderful life and that he is the man that gives her that life. He says she is his destiny – he always knew that. Now is the perfect time for them to be together – no one will come between them. Carrie says Austin’s name. Alex shows up to find out how Marlena is doing. John accuses him of trying to kill them. He says that he saw him outside. Abe can’t back up John – he hopes the arson unit finds something. Alex thinks it was Lois – she knew as his executor that he would have to go to the cabin. She probably rigged it to blow when he got there. John says are you saying Lois knew she was going to die? Alex thinks it’s time to see his wife. This gives Sami her chance to rag on John and scream at him. John points to Alex and says that is the man to blame – if your mother dies her blood is on his hands. Abe goes to get Austin to calm down Sami – Austin steers her away. Lexie comes out and tells John she has news and it isn’t good.

Preview: Carrie to Lexie – Are you telling me I could be infertile? Sami to an unconscious Marlena – Remember us and forget about Alex North. Alex – I want to see her. John – No way. You’re the lousy bastard that set the explosion that almost killed her. Belle to Caroline – I wish Claire was Shawn’s child. Everything would be a whole lot easier, wouldn’t it? Victor hears this. Bo to Shawn – If Belle wasn’t married would Mimi be the woman you chose to marry and spend the rest of your life with?


Friday Mar 17

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I thought the scenes with Shawn and Bo were extremely well acted today. Shawn definitely showed how confused and conflicted he is at the moment. What interested me was that while a Belle—so very unrecognizable from what the character used to be—sat inside the pub, Shawn was outside the pub talking about the Belle he remembered. Does this open the door for a shelle reunion? I’m going to be honest and say that I have been expecting these feelings to surface for some time. After all, Shawn and Belle shared a first love together. The timing of his words seems very suspicious though. Personally I think he is going to realize that the Belle he thought he loved is not the Belle of today. As well, I think he was answering based on the fact that all things being even...if Belle wasn’t married...then he never would have hooked up with Mimi...so all of this is moot. I could be wrong, but I saw these scenes as a red herring moment where he starts to come full circle and what happens next will be pivotal to the success of either shelle or shimi as a couple. Just my opinion and I’m sure others will feel differently.

As well, I have to say how angry I personally am that Belle would talk down to Caroline the way she did today. Her disrespect was totally unwarranted and I don’t excuse her so-called drunkenness as acceptable behavior either. Caroline is Shawn’s grandmother and a respected senior citizen. She did not deserve Belle’s smart-ass know-it-all attitude.

And kudos to Ali again today. Great performance.

Brady Pub: Shawn Sr., Caroline, Victor, Belle, Heather

The pub is packed with people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Shawn Sr. offers a free round on the house. Caroline tells Victor it is their busiest day of her year. Shawn Sr. wants to toast Shawn’s marriage to Mimi tomorrow. Victor and Caroline join in. Caroline takes a pitcher and makes her way around the pub. She comes upon Belle.

In a booth all by her lonesome, sits a very unhappy/heavily imbibing Isabella Black. Caroline is surprised to see her there by herself, drinking a whole pitcher of beer, and asks if this is some kind of bachelorette party. She sits down across from Belle and asks whether or not Belle shouldn’t be helping plan the wedding, since she is the maid of honor. Belle just looks at her in a daze. The older woman asks whether this is Belle’s way of saying a final goodbye to Shawn. Belle looks her straight in the eye and declares a little beligerantly: “Not if I can help it!” Caroline looks shocked. Belle makes an arrogant promise. She says: “As far as this wedding “thing” goes...I don’t know how yet...but I am definitely stopping the wedding!”

Caroline is visibly upset with Belle’s “take no prisoners” attitude. She asks her just how she plans to stop the wedding. Belle talks rudely to Shawn’s grandmother. She says she doesn’t know (in a superior attitude as if she were talking to a five year old...sigh...) Caroline can’t believe that Belle would seriously try to ruin the wedding. Belle insists that she is serious...she isn’t going to let him go commit his life to another woman...is still in love with him...and according to the windmills of Belle’s mind...Shawn is still in love with her. Caroline reminds Belle that she has a husband. Belle throws him out with the dishwater. She says she does truly love Philip but it isn’t the same. Caroline then reminds Belle that she took sacred vows before god...has a baby girl with her husband... and asks how she can turn her back on her family. She also asks how Belle can want to destroy Shawn and Mimi’s happiness. Belle gets even more sarcastic. She is pretty lukewarm when she finally...after all this time...admits reluctantly...that she doesn’t want to hurt Philip, Shawn, Mimi, or Claire....but after all...she loves Shawn too much and she isn’t going to spend the rest of her life without him.

Caroline is amazed that Belle is willing to give up her husband and child. She is sure that Philip will fight for custody. Belle is overly-confident that he won’t and will fall in with whatever Miss Belle wants. She says that he knows that SHE is the best thing for Claire and shrugs as if she’s pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes (sigh I could say something here). Caroline pushes again. Belle argues that Shawn will make a terrific stepfather and that he loves Claire so much. Caroline makes Belle admit that she was angry and hurt when Mimi fell in love with Shawn. She is sure that Philip will be the same. Belle goes for the jugular (I can’t believe how rude she is being in her tone to Caroline) and counters with a sarcastic question that Victor never went after Bo, did he? Caroline tells her quietly that Victor didn’t know the truth until Bo was grown up. Tap...tap goes the final nail in the coffin... Belle smugly states that Caroline knew and asks if she stayed married because of the children or because she truly loved Shawn Sr. more. (I am sorry...but I don’t recognize the character of Belle anymore).

Victor moves to sit in the booth behind Caroline and Belle.

A dignified Caroline tells Belle that divorce was never an option for her...that she loved her husband when she married him and loves him even more today...that the affair with Victor should never happen. Belle lectures her that if it didn’t happen, she wouldn’t have Bo or Shawn Douglas or Zach or even Hope. Caroline just smiles and says that she wouldn’t have known differently then. She tells Belle that she and Shawn don’t share a child so the situation is different. Belle goes all starry-eyed or is it spaced out...sigh... and grins. She tells Caroline that she wishes Claire was Shawn’s child because things would be a whole lot easier. Victor listens in.

Caroline tells Belle that she can spend her whole life wishing Shawn was the father but he isn’t. Belle starts crying. She doesn’t understand how things ended up the way they did. Caroline tells her it’s over and says if she loves him...to let him go...let him find his happiness with Mimi. She gets up and joins Victor at the bar.

Victor asks if Belle is okay. Caroline tells him that she is having a terrible time accepting that Shawn is marrying Mimi and that she told her to give him up. Victor wonders if it’s like what Caroline did to him. He asks her if she had to do it again, would she keep the truth from him about Bo being his son. Would she have stayed married to Shawn Sr.? Caroline tells him yes. She does say that it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have regrets though.

Heather the Leprechaun (just kidding) slinks into the seat across from a morose Belle. She’s very chatty and talks gleefully about it being a big day tomorrow because Shawn is going to marry Belle’s best friend. She taunts Belle about drinking so much and drowning her sorrows. Belle denies it. Heather wants to propose a toast to Belle. Belle thinks she meant to say Mimi. Heather corrects her and toasts Belle as the girl everyone thought would be the happiest in Salem, but instead is an idiot and let Shawn Brady get away. Heather leaves.

Belle lifts her mug to the departing girl and says: “Thanks Heather.” She looks over at Caroline at the bar and says smugly, “Caroline, I’m going to do the right thing. One way or the other...I’m going to stop that wedding!” We get a still shot of Belle with Shawn interposed in the background.

Outside Brady’s Pub: Bo & Shawn

Shawn comes upon his father nursing a beer and sitting outside the pub. He asks what Bo is doing there all by himself. Bo tells him that there is an important celebration going on inside for Shawn’s grandpa...and that he’s celebrating the wedding as well.... He says that he probably shouldn’t have come. Shawn is very understanding of his dad and asks him quietly if he wants to go inside with him. Bo says no...that everyone would just offer their condolences to him about Zach and ask questions about where Shawn’s mom is. He feels bad that Hope won’t be at the wedding but is glad Shawn invited him.

Shawn sits down beside him and tells him softly that he can sit outside and feel sorry for himself but that the only one keeping his mom away is Bo and that the only one who can bring his mom back is Bo. Bo tells him that he has done everything he can think of to convince Hope to come home, but he doesn’t even know how to get in touch with her right now. Shawn is sure that if Bo could just make Hope understand that he won’t be taking Chelsea’s side at the trial... His dad assures him that Hope comes first and always has...that he has loved Shawn’s mom for most of his life...but that they are all family and have to figure out a way to make this all work.

Shawn is sorry but without Zach and his mom...it just doesn’t feel like a family. He doesn’t want Chelsea to be any part of it. Bo understands but thinks that Shawn also appreciates where he is coming from. Shawn thinks that Bo has to choose between two women he loves. He has a hard time understanding, because Bo hardly knows Chelsea and admits that he never realized there could be so many different kinds of love. Bo looks at him and wants to know what he means. Shawn says that he has loved Belle for as long as he can remember and will never stop, but things change. He declares that he feels the same way about Mimi...he does love her...but... Bo picks up on his last word and asks him if he has changed his mind about marrying Mimi because he is still in love with Belle. Shawn just stares at him.

Shawn tells his dad that he hasn’t changed his mind about marrying Mimi...he loves her...she was there for him when he mourned Zach. Bo reminds him that there is a difference between comforting each other and making a lifelong commitment to each other. Shawn agrees but says he is not taking his commitment to Mimi lightly. Bo talks about how everyone thought that Shawn and Belle would end up together. Shawn says that when Belle got married to Philip he had a hard time accepting it, but he has now and just wishes that Belle would too. Bo asks him if Belle is thinking of getting a divorce. Shawn admits that Belle keeps telling him she is in love with him....but she is married to Philip...has a child...and he is marrying Mimi tomorrow. He tells his dad that he would never tell anyone but him—and he can’t believe he is even thinking this—but he is feeling torn between Mimi and Belle.

Bo tells him he understands. Shawn knows he does because of what he went through with Hope and Billie. Bo tells his son that he never loved anyone as much as he loved Hope, but when he thought she was dead he got involved with Billie. He thought Hope’s return was a Dimera trick but as soon as he realized it was really her, there was no question who he wanted to be with. (Flashback to Bope making love). He says that since they were kids he has always wanted to be with Hope and she is the love of his life. Shawn guesses that sometimes you have to let go...sometimes forever. Bo tells him that if he has those sorts of feelings for Belle then he has some serious thinking to do before he marries Mimi.

Shawn tells his dad that he loves Mimi—end of story. What he feels for Belle or what she feels for him doesn’t matter. Bo thinks it does matter and tells him that he can’t go through with the wedding just because he promised. It has to be what Shawn wants...for Mimi’s sake as well as his. Bo knows that Shawn loves Mimi and wants what is best for her, but he wants to know...if Belle wasn’t married, would Mimi still be the woman Shawn would choose to marry and spend the rest of his life with. Shawn looks at him and then turns his back.

Bo tells Shawn that he is taking too long to answer. He says: “All things being equal...who would you marry...Belle or Mimi?” Shawn answers: “I think you already know...but things aren’t equal and I am marrying Mimi...we will have a wonderful life together.” He thinks that Belle will accept that and finally commit to her own wonderful life with Philip and Claire.

Hospital: Carrie’s Room: Carrie, Sami, and later...Lexie

Sami is with Carrie when she wakes up. She’s glad to see that Carrie is okay. Carrie thanks her for what she did. Sami tells her that Lucas and Austin are at the gift shop. Sami sits down and tries to hide how upset she is. Carrie wants to know what is wrong. Sami tells her about the explosion and fire and how Marlena is hurt. They hug each other in comfort.

Sami is crying and apologizes to Carrie for upsetting her. She is worried that she could lose her mom forever. Lexie shows up and tells Sami that Marlena will be okay. Sami begs to go and sit with her mom and Lexie agrees. Lexie wants to talk privately to Carrie and gives her a good prognosis for her surgery recovery. She then tells Carrie that they discovered something else during the surgery. Lexie and Carrie talk about the ovarian cyst that ruptured while Carrie was in Israel. Lexie says they found more scarring and Carrie asks whether it could hamper her ability to have children.

Hospital outside of Marlena’s Room: Lexie, John, Abe, and Alex

Lexie explains that Marlena is taking longer than usual to regain consciousness, but her injuries are not life threatening. Alex wants to see her but John accuses him of causing the explosion that almost killed her in the first place. Lexie stops them both from seeing Marlena...says she needs her rest. After a lot of blustering and finger pointing, the three men go out to the cabin to check on the investigation.

Marlena lies in her bed...still unconscious...and flashes back to some close-up moments with John.

Sami comes in and makes a heartfelt confession to her unconscious mom. She tells her how much she loves her and needs her. She tells her that she doesn’t have one single human being on the planet that she can talk to. Sami also tells her mom that it seems that she doesn’t want to be around her lately and that except for Belle...it doesn’t seem as if Marlena remembers any of them. She talks about still loving Lucas but thinks she could be happy with Austin...except for the fact that the two guys are still hung up on Carrie. All Sami wants is to be happy...have a family...and settle down. She realizes that whenever something goes wrong it is her fault and that each time she is given a choice, she makes the wrong one. Sami begs her mom to come back to her and help her make the right decisions. She tells her that she loves her again and begs her to remember her and the family and not Alex.

Marlena has more mini flashbacks of being with John. We get a quick scene where he admires the watch she gave him and she admires the charm bracelet he gave her. We get a final scene of her and John saying vows.

Back in Carrie’s Room: Carrie, Lexie, with Sami eavesdropping outside

Lexie plays Dear Abby and tells Carrie to just pick a guy (Lucas or Austin) and have a family...don’t worry about Sami’s feelings because Sami wouldn’t worry about hers... Sami listens in on their conversation. Lexie continues to insult Sami to Carrie and push Carrie into getting married and starting a family.

Cabin: John, Abe, Alex, firemen, and investigators

The cabin has burnt to the ground. John and Alex throw verbal slings at each other. A fireman tells Abe that they think they have found the cause of the fire. John glares at Alex. The cause is apparently a faulty water heater...no evidence of a crime being committed. John vows to find a way to prove Alex killed Lois and burned the place down.

Alex thinks John will wind up in jail if he keeps threatening him in front of the law. He flaunts his relationship with Marlena and leaves. John takes it out on a piece of wood...makes another threat to kill Alex before he will let Marlena be with him.


Alex is watching a sleeping Marlena while she mumbles that she remembers John...she remembers “us.”

A quick take of Mimi smiling.

John holds Belle in his arms. She blames herself and doesn’t know how she can stand by and watch “him” marry Mimi.

Carrie with Lucas and Austin. She tells them she wants to talk with them. They tell her the same.

Lexie is surprised to find Sami at her desk and wants to know what the hell Sami is doing. Sami tells her it is time they had a little chat.


Monday Mar 20

Janice’s Spoilers


Some really lovely flashbacks for John/Marlena fans today. It was nice to see the emotional connection between those two.


Belle is somewhere outside and murmurs: “Sorry Mimi but I still love Shawn and you can’t marry him.”

Hospital: Carrie, Sami, Lexie, Abe, John, Tek, Alex, and later Belle

Outside Carrie’s room, Lucas flashes back to his bedside monologue to a sleeping Carrie. He is sure that no one will keep them apart this time. He didn’t think he was worthy before but now he does. He thinks she was just hallucinating when she called out Austin’s name and smiles at the teddy bear in his hand.

Austin arrives at the nurse’s station with a beautiful arrangement of pink roses for Carrie. He asks how she is and if she can have visitors. The nurse tells him that Lexie is in with Carrie at the moment. Lucas comes up and they spar over Carrie. He bad mouths Sami again and verbally attacks Austin’s commitment to Carrie. Austin wants to have a serious talk.

Sami listens in on Carrie and Lexie’s conversation again. Lexie tells Carrie her blood pressure is fine, etc... They talk about the scar tissue, Carrie’s biological clock, seeing an OB-GYN, choosing Austin or Lucas.

Outside Marlena’s room, John is wearing out the floor with his pacing. Abe tries to calm him down. He reminds John to play it smart and use his training. John vows not to wait for North to make his next move.

Marlena flashes back to John giving her a beautiful 1850 clock and telling her that each time it chimes, she should remember that he loves her. Alex walks in and hovers over her bed. Marlena murmurs that she remembers the clock, she remembers John, and she remembers them together.

Lucas rants at Austin for not staying by Carrie’s side. He’s sure that Carrie won’t choose Austin this time.

Sami continues to listen in. Carrie tells Lexie she is torn between both men and doesn’t want to rush her decision. Lexie thinks Carrie is leaning towards Austin.

Belle comes up to John and asks how her mom is. John takes her down for some coffee.

Alex hears Marlena murmuring John’s name. He corrects her and asks how she is. Marlena keeps seeing John’s face. She’s barely lucid and says, thinking he is John, that she is glad he came. Alex tells her to get some rest.

Abe trails Alex. Alex slips into Lexie’s office without Abe seeing him. He isn’t going to give Marlena up after all the work he has done.

John and Belle go outside. He asks her if she shouldn’t be getting ready for the wedding. She tells him what he already knows...that she thought she would be the one to marry Shawn...that she still loves him...can’t stand by and watch him marry Mimi...has only herself to blame.

Marlena is still remembering. We get some wonderful flashbacks of the pivotal moments in John and Marlena’s life together. Lexie walks in and Marlena tells her she remembers everything.

Alex steals Lexie’s keys and leaves the office. Abe demands to know why he was there. Alex tap dances and points the finger at John. Abe threatens. Alex leaves. Abe leaves.

Sami is surprised to find Lexie’s office unlocked and steps inside.

Lexie asks Marlena a few questions. She decides to give Marlena a light sedative to calm her down and leaves to let her rest. Alex comes in and hovers again.

John tries to talk some sense into his daughter. He reminds her that she is married to Philip and that Claire has gone through so much. She tells him she loves Phil but something is missing...she’s still pulled towards Shawn and can’t let go. She cuts him off when he tries to reason with her and says that she doesn’t think Claire should grow up seeing her mom unhappy (huh???). He warns her that he will tell her what to do but she won’t like it.

Lucas and Austin round two. Carrie mooning over two pictures...so many choices.

Lexie and Tek round sixty. He’s mean and determined this time. She doesn’t want them kissing in a public place...he thinks the truth should come out and stomps off. Sami looks out from Lexie’s office and sees them. Lexie is shocked to see that the door she thought she had locked is actually open. She’s doubly-shocked to see Sami in there.

John tells Belle that he can’t tell her what she wants to hear...she is married to Philip and Shawn has moved on with his life...she has to let him go...can’t spend her life chasing after him. Belle goes ballistic on her dad. She compares her situation to his with Marlena and calls him a hypocrite (Geez I wish he would give her a time out and send her to the corner!) He tries to explain the difference and tells her that Shawn has consciously chosen to make a life with Mimi just like Belle chose to be with Philip and have a baby. Belle yells at him that she didn’t choose THAT! John is shocked and asks her if she regrets having Claire.

Belle gets sarcastic now and says of course not...but she loves Shawn too. He asks her what will happen if she leaves Philip...there is no guarantee that Shawn will leave Mimi to be with her...has she thought about that? He goes in for the kill and asks what happens if Philip doesn’t take her back and she is all alone? Belle is very uncomfortable now. She refuses to answer...cuts her dad off again...and says she has to go. She looks annoyed when he tells her that maybe after she sees Shawn and Mimi take their vows and this becomes official, that it will all become real to her and make it easier for her to let Shawn go. He leaves. Belle gets a call. (See below at loft)

Sami wants information so she plays the Tek/Lexie/Abe blackmail card with Lexie.

Carrie shuffles out into the hallway in her robe. She has a question for the guys. They have a question for her.

John catches up with Abe who tells him about seeing Alex come out of Lexie’s office. Both agree that the guy is bad news.

Back in Marlena’s room, As Alex watches, Marlena mumbles that she remembers everything...the penthouse...losing Roman’s baby...loving John...etc... Alex is not a happy camper.

Shawn & Mimi’s Loft: Mimi, Kate, Bonnie, Belle, hairstylist & manicurist

Mimi is verbally reminding herself of all the things she has to do...call the florist, etc... She flashes back to Belle asleep and confessing that she is going to stop the wedding. Mimi daydream causes the coffee she is pouring into a cup to overflow. Bonnie arrives and asks how she is. Mimi says she is a basket case. Her mom asks if she talked to Belle. Mimi rolls her eyes exasperatingly. She wonders just how she was supposed to tell Belle that she heard her talking in her sleep and then ask her to please not ruin the wedding. She tells Bonnie that if Belle stands up during the wedding ceremony and tells everyone that she still loves Shawn...well Philip will lose Belle and Mimi will lose Shawn. Kate comes in and tells them that they are going to find a way to neutralize Belle once and for all.

Bonnie goes on and on about the rodeo cowboy she used to date. Mimi is beyond embarrassed and tries to get her mom back on track. Bonnie has a ROTFLMAO fantasy with herself, Mimi, and Belle taking starring roles. (Sorry but you will have to watch JJ’s clip. There is no way I can do justice here) Back in the present, Mimi insists that she is not going to let them kidnap Belle...who is the matron of honor...whose absence at the ceremony would look pretty suspicious. Kate says they have to do something drastic and says there is a way to keep Belle quiet...they are going to appeal to her daughter-in-law’s incredibly guilty conscience. She convinces a reluctant Mimi to call Belle to come over.

Mimi calls Belle and, rolling her eyes, tells her she really needs her matron of honor to help her get ready for the wedding. She apologizes to Belle when she hears that her mom is sick. Belle apologizes for not being there. Mimi starts with the guilt stuff...means a lot to her that Belle will be there for the most important day of her life. Belle agrees to come. Mimi hangs up and has a meltdown. She thinks she is the one who should feel really guilty because she is the one who is keeping a horrible secret. Bonnie reminds her that matrons of honor don’t do what Belle is doing. Kate says she has to do it or can kiss her future goodbye.

Mimi isn’t happy. She sits like a Gloomy Gus while the manicurist and the hairstylist work their magic. Kate and Bonnie hover. Belle arrives and Mimi asks for some private time with her. Bonnie is all excited about the wedding and snaps a picture of Belle on the way out. Mimi gives her matron of honor and best friend a special gift...a photo album with pics of Claire with her parents and one with Mimi and Shawn. Mimi lays it on thick about how happy she is and how Belle is responsible for that. Belle looks very uncomfortable.

Kate and Bonnie are listening in the hallway and are overjoyed. Kate won’t be happy until the wedding is a done deal and Shawn and Mimi are husband and wife.


Lexie tells Sami that she’s a monster. Sami tells her that she will do whatever it takes to make sure Austin winds up with her.

Austin asks Carrie if she has made up her mind. Carrie tells him she has. Lucas wants to know which one she has picked.

Bo tells a smiling Shawn (in wedding attire) that he’s got to find love and grab it and hold onto it no matter what.

An upset Hope tells Patrick that Bo and Billie have been inseparable since she left...she wonders how she and Bo can have a future.


Tuesday Mar 21

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Lexie plays the innocent. Sami tells her she saw her and Tek in the park and outside her office. Sami asks Lexie if she forgot her loving, faithful husband, the father of her child and has picked her latest young stud over Abe. Lexie tells Sami that she and Tek are just friends – she is making too much out of it. Lexie tries to bluff her way out of it telling Sami to go tell Abe – he won’t believe her. (There’s a lot of accusation, denial and threats going back and forth). Sami says Abe is a cop – what if he starts investigating you and your good friend Tek. You could lose Theo in divorce court. Lexie asks her what she wants. Sami laments that for once she wishes two guys would be chasing after her instead of Carrie. She wants Lexie to make sure that Carrie chooses Lucas. She loves him but he has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her so she’ll take the next best thing – Austin. Lexie says she can’t control who Carrie chooses – she wouldn’t know how. Sami says I know exactly how. I guess Sami tells her off camera because the next time we see them Lexie is calling Sami a monster. Sami retorts that she is just a woman making sure she gets the man she wants – Austin.

Carrie tells Austin and Lucas that she has made her decision – it wasn’t easy – they are both special to her. Lucas tells her to stop – she can’t do this. Lucas says they should each be given an opportunity to plead their case. I’m sorry but this is just too ridiculous to talk about – what the heck is there about Carrie that you have two grown men, supposedly adults that are chasing after her as if she’s God’s answer to womanhood. They flip – Austin goes first – Lucas interrupts when he thinks Austin has been there long enough. The difference – Austin talks about his feelings for Carrie and what she means to him. Lucas spends half his time running down Austin. At the end they’re both sitting on either side of her – she’s worried about Sami but her decision won’t have anything to do with Sami.

Morgan Island: Patrick serves Hope some freshly caught fish. He’s talking – she’s lost in thought. He says you are thinking of Shawn and Bo – why don’t you call them. Hope ignores the question and asks about the fish. When he pushes she says how can I forgive Bo for signing that temporary licence when he knew Chelsea was a reckless driver. Then he gave her the keys to the SUV knowing she had totalled her car. Then she killed Zack and he let me believe that Billie did it – she is furious that she defended Chelsea. Patrick reminds her that she defended Shawn when he drove his bike through the church window. Hope says he didn’t kill anyone. Patrick says he could of. Hope thinks that if Patrick hadn’t investigated on his own she still wouldn’t know the truth. Patrick tells her that if she doesn’t want end her marriage with Bo she needs to call him. She won’t take the phone. Patrick talks to her some more and finally Hope calls home. Chelsea answers. Hope asks “who is this?” She answers Chelsea Brady. Hope wants to know what she is doing in her house. Chelsea says it’s my Dad’s house. Hope asks where Bo is. Chelsea lies and says he’s out with my Mom – they’re spending all their time together making sure they are doing everything they can to help with my defence. Hope hangs up on her. Hope tells Patrick what Chelsea said. Patrick says are you sure she’s telling the truth. Hope says if she is how can her and Bo have a future?

Brady House: Bo is running around getting ready. Billie comes over and says she wants to go over Chelsea’s defence. He says no time – Shawn’s wedding. She smells something burning. It’s the oatmeal pot. Bo says Hope saw it in a magazine and he bought it for their last anniversary – Zack loved his oatmeal. Billie asks if Hope is home – he says no. Billie says she is missing Shawn’s wedding. Bo explains that Shawn knew how important it was for her to get away for awhile so he didn’t tell her he had moved up the date. He wishes he could get in touch with her. Billie thinks he can. (Bo had opened the front door to get the smell out – the pot is ruined). Bo says she has her phone turned off. Billie says you’ve never needed phones before – you’ve always been able to know when you needed each other. Bo says that only happens when they are in danger. She says his marriage is in danger – that counts. Chelsea is standing outside the open door fuming that her Billie wants to send her to prison. Bo says Fancy Face; our son is getting married today. He tells her he loves, he misses her and that he is sorry. Chelsea waltzes in and hugs her Dad. She’s there to talk about her defence. Bo says not today. Billie tells him to get going – they’ll clean up. He leaves. Billie says I know what you’re doing and you’re making a mistake. Chelsea says not as big a mistake as you’re making. She is angry at Billie for telling Bo to connect with Hope. Billie says he already said he’ll stand by you in court. Chelsea thinks that won’t last long if Hope comes back. Billie is furious at Chelsea for lying to Hope. Chelsea sneers and knocks over a picture of Bo and Hope and tells Billie you won’t fight so I’ll do it for you – I’ll get what I want and you’ll get the man you love.

St. Luke’s: Shawn and Philip walk towards the church (both wearing their shades). Shawn is talking a mile a minute reminding Philip that he has to give a speech at the reception – give a toast. Philip tells him not to worry. Their inside the vestibule now and Shawn wonders if they should check if Mimi is here. Philip tells him to calm down and removes Shawn’s sunglasses (LOL!). Philip says relax – I know what you’re going through. When she walks down that aisle it’s going to be one of the best moments of your life. Shawn nods. He remembers what Belle said on the rooftop – telling him he can’t marry Mimi. He tells Philip there is something he has to tell him. Bonnie is re-decorating the church complaining that for as much money as Calliope charged you would think she would know how to decorate. Kate says it was exquisite until Bonnie started ‘improving’ things. Bonnie says she’ll probably have to improve things at Chez Rouge as well. (There are no words to describe Bonnie’s outfit – you’re going to have to watch the clips – LOL!). Kate comments that Bonnie’s outfit obviously didn’t come from the Basic Black collection. Bonnie says she looked at everything – one boring thing after the other – she suggests that Kate find some designers that know a little bit about fashion. Kate takes that under advisement. Bonnie says this dress better make its way into the wedding photos and Belle better be cut out of them. Bonnie is worried that Mimi won’t make it to the altar because her matron of dishonour wants her man. Kate tells her that they have her daughter in law under control. Bonnie says that Belle is determined to dump Philip and go after Shawn – a little guilt trip isn’t going to stop her. Kate says she could be right. Bonnie wants to know what they can do to stop Belle from ruining Mimi’s day and Philip’s life. Mimi is helping Belle with her dress. She can’t believe she’s finally marrying Shawn. She asks Belle if she was this nervous on her wedding day. Belle says you kept telling me not to go through with it if I wasn’t 100% sure – maybe I should have paid more attention. Mimi says she is 100% sure – she was her maid of honour – she was trying to be a good friend to her just like I know you are to me. Mimi says look at you now – you’re married to a guy who loves you, you have a beautiful daughter and you’ll have more children. She goes on to say that Belle always thought she would have a future with Shawn and reminds Belle of how angry they were with each other – how much they hurt each other. Her and Philip never fight – never hurt each others feelings – they were made for each other. Belle tells Mimi to stop it – I can’t let you do this.

He asks Philip if Belle has said anything about the wedding. Philip says she’s thrilled for the both of you – you have to know that. Shawn looks anything but sure about that … LOL! Philip goes on – she’s thrilled for you guys and she even loves her matron of honour dress and that’s saying a lot. We’re both happy for you and once you have these rings on your finger – Philip starts fishing around in his inside pocket. Shawn says what? Philip says I left the rings in the car – I’ll go get them. Shawn says maybe I should be calming you down. Philip says don’t move – I’ll be right back. He runs out – Shawn says Belle didn’t tell him that she still loves me (it’s almost as if he is saying – I knew she wouldn’t – he’s relieved that she isn’t going to do anything to ruin his happiness). Belle tells Mimi she’s sorry but she has to be honest with her. Bonnie and Kate burst in. Mimi tries to say something – Bonnie says you were having a girl talk but there’s something I’d like to say to my daughter before she gets married. She asks Belle to excuse them. Mimi wants to know what is going on. Bonnie says Belle is a time bomb waiting to destroy your wedding. Kate says Bonnie is right. Bonnie stills thinks they should tie her gag her and throw her in the crypt. Kate thinks that is a little extreme but it might not be a bad idea to get her off the premises. Mimi says she’s my matron of honour, my best friend. Bonnie says best friends don’t try to steal their best friend’s husband especially on their wedding day. Mimi says – but look what I’m doing to her. Bonnie throws her hands up in the air and says here we go again. Kate tells Mimi that they can’t let Belle stop her wedding. Caroline runs into Belle and tells her she looks beautiful. She asks if Mimi is ready for the dress. Belle snaps that she may be but I’m not. Caroline tells Belle to take a deep breath and pray to God for strength – she knows what she has to do. Belle says I have to stop that wedding whether you like it or not. (She’s just horrid in the way she talks to Caroline!) Caroline is a bit angry – she says you made your choice, you married Philip and you have a child with him. Shawn is marrying Mimi and you got to accept that. (Belle shakes her head). Caroline continues – you can’t go back. And even if you tried I’m afraid that you might not be as happy as you think you will be. Belle scoffs. She now knows what Shawn felt like when he drove his motorcycle through the window to stop her from marrying Philip. She won’t do something so drastic but when Father Jansen asks if anyone objects to Shawn and Mimi getting married (she starts shaking her finger at Caroline) I’ll be one the standing up and saying that I want to tell the truth – that I love Shawn and I have to be with him. Caroline asks her the million dollar question – What if Shawn chooses Mimi anyway – Belle stares. He’s not marrying her because you’re unavailable. He loves her and she loves him! (Woo Hoo – Way to tell her Caroline – it’s about time!) Belle – no, no – he and I belong together. Caroline tells her to at least tell her husband first – she owes him that much. He shouldn’t hear it first in front of an entire congregation. Belle huffs – I guess. Caroline asks her to please think of her vows – think of her little girl – Caroline has had it with Belle and walks away. Kate arrives – Belle looks at her and leaves. Kate vows to stop her before she ruins Philip’s life.

Bonnie is grateful that Caroline got there with the dress or she wouldn’t have time to sew on the bugle beads and the ostrich feathers. It’s a great heirloom but it needs a little dressing up. Mimi says no thanks – I’ve had all the alterations done to it that I want – it’s perfect now. Bonnie says perfectly dull. Mimi stresses that she is wearing it exactly the way it is. Bonnie doesn’t think its right that she should draw all the attention when she walks her down the aisle. Bonnie doesn’t think its right that she walks her down the aisle at all but she doesn’t want her dead beat Dad to do it, Patrick is gone and Connor is too young. Mimi says she is thrilled that she is walking her down the aisle assuming she makes it down the aisle. Bonnie tells her that luck is going to be on her side today – Bonnie has some things for her – something old – a garter – legend has it her great grandmother wore it when she danced at Diamond Lil’s. A brand new hankie with Elvis portrait on it that she can borrow and a blue mint for when they kiss at that altar. Mimi turns away and says this is all wrong. Bonnie tells her okay – she can keep the hankie. She says no, her guilting Belle speech made her feel even guiltier. How can she be happy today knowing what a liar she is? Knowing that my husband to be is maybe more in love with someone else than me. If I marry Shawn today I’ll always be looking over my shoulder. I’ll always be worried that he’s regretting that he couldn’t be with Belle. I have to tell him the truth. I have to know that he’s marrying me for the right reasons. There are no more excuses – I am going to tell him the truth. Bonnie stops her and says seeing the groom before the wedding is mega bad luck. Mimi doesn’t care – she’s not going to start her marriage with a lie. Shawn is sitting in the front pew. Philip comes in and says I have the rings right here – he has one on his pinkie and the other on another finger. Shawn jumps up and says great – LOL – the typical nervous groom. Philip tells him to relax. All he has to do is stand up there and Mimi will come to him. You put the ring on her finger, you say I do and then you kiss her and you’re married which he’s told him many times is pretty amazing. Shawn takes a deep breath and smiles and says he has to keep reminding himself of that. Father Jansen wants to talk to Shawn about the vows. Belle tells Philip that they have to talk.

Bonnie tries to talk Mimi out of it by saying some of the most successful marriages start out with a lie. Mimi never dreamed that her wedding would be like this. Bonnie says that’s because ever since you were a little girl no matter what our family was going through you believed in fairy tales and happy endings. Bonnie says today you get your fairy tale – you’re marrying Prince Charming. Mimi asks if he would want to marry her if he knew he was Claire’s father. Bonnie says here’s a fact of life – lies are the price a woman has to pay to make her marriage work. Mimi hopes the price isn’t too high. Philip asks Belle – what is. Belle says you know I love you – Philip says and I love you. Whatever it is we can talk about. Kate overhears and says no you can’t. She tells Belle she has been looking for her. Philip says we’re in the middle of something can’t this wait. Kate says no. Philip says that they’ll talk later. He tells Belle she looks amazing – it’s not fair to Mimi – Belle smiles – she likes that. Shawn returns and tells Philip that Father Jansen wanted to know if they wanted to leave the word obey in the vows. Philip says what did you decide? Shawn grins and says I said hell yeah! Actually both Mimi and he thought it was a little old fashioned so they left it out. Philip teases him saying he hopes it doesn’t come back to haunt him. Bo arrives and sees Shawn and Phil smiling and laughing. He says this is a good sign – the groom is obviously very relaxed before his wedding. Shawn says Hi Dad, glad you could make it. Bo says me too. He wishes his mom was here. Shawn says me too. He knows that she would have been here if he asked her but he knows it’s too soon after Zack. Bo agrees. They hug. Bo says I’m happy for you son. I wish you and Mimi a life that’s wonderful and as full of love as … he pauses … as you are right now. One thing I do know is that when you find love you got to grab it and hold on to it. No matter what.

Caroline asks Bo if there has been any word for Hope. Bo says no. She should be here. Caroline agrees – it’s their sons wedding – the kind of thing that could bring the two of them back together. Bo knows. Caroline tells him that Hope will be back. Bo says that’s what he keeps praying. Caroline says that when does return Chelsea will still be an issue. Things won’t be right between them until they work that out. Bonnie says I didn’t work this hard to get you to keep your mouth shut to have Belle ruin it by opening hers. Mimi says maybe I just have to leave it in God’s hands. If He wants it to happen, it will. If he doesn’t … Bonnie still thinks rope and duct tape is an option if Kate’s powers of persuasion don’t work out. Mimi says it’s time for her to get dressed.

Caroline asks Belle if she’s talked to Philip yet. Belle hasn’t had a chance. Caroline wants to know if she has decided what she’s going to do when Father Jansen asks the big question. Belle is not sure. The processional music starts. Caroline goes in first – Shawn smiles. Belle walks down the aisle – Shawn and Philip smile. Bonnie asks Kate if she convinced Belle to keep her trap shut. Kate honestly doesn’t know. Kate did her best – they have to hope it’s enough. Bonnie says Belle is in love with Shawn. If you were in her shoes would you keep your mouth shut because I sure as hell wouldn’t? Bonnie is worried that before Shawn and Mimi say I do the little bitch is going to hi-jack their wedding. Kate tells her to relax before everyone in church knows something is wrong. The smoother things go the less likely Belle will disrupt the service. Bonnie hopes she is right. Kate goes inside. Mimi arrives. Bonnie tells Mimi she is breathtaking (and Mimi is!). She can’t believe her little girl is getting married. Mimi says it’s really going to happen, isn’t it? I couldn’t stand it if … Bonnie says of course it’s going to happen. Bonnie is in tears – she asks Mimi if she is ready. She tells her she loves her so much. She brings down her veil and says now let’s go show those Brady’s how lucky Shawn is to be marrying into our Lockhart family. They stand at the back of the church – Shawn sees Mimi and he just literally beams. Belle pouts. Shawn gives her sideways glance – he looks like he’s really worried that she is going to do something stupid – he turns his attention back to Mimi – they lock eyes as she comes down the aisle. Belle stares at Shawn and then takes a step forward.

Preview: Philip – My wife asked if she could join me up here because she has a few special words of her own … Belle.” Lexie to Sami – What if the man you decide you want doesn’t want you Sami? What will you do then? Frankie (outside a door) – Jen, can I come in? Jen – No. I don’t want to see you. Marlena to Alex – I remember you. I don’t love you. Alex – What a pity my dear for you.


Wednesday Mar 22

Pat’s Spoilers

Jen’s: Jen tells Frankie she’s ready to go – he tells her that she looks amazing. Before they go Jen wants to talk about what happened the other night at Chez Rouge. Frankie says he moved to fast. She says it was fine but she really does want to take things slow. He agrees. He decides he better not give her the box he is holding in his hand. She takes it – it’s a wrist corsage like he gave her in high school. Jen doesn’t think anyone wears these anymore but she puts it on. They decide they better get going to the wedding. Jen runs up to her bedroom to get her purse. She can’t find it – opens the closet door and says oh no. Frankie comes upstairs and knocks on the door and asks Jen if he can come in. She says no she doesn’t want to see it … she’s clutching a box and crying.

Hospital: Lexie tells Sami that she can’t play God with Carrie’s life. Sami says just play doctor – Carrie trusts your opinion both professionally and personally. Lexie says you’ve decided which man she should pick. Sami says neither. She doesn’t deserve either guy. Lexie asks her why she is doing this. Sami says she wants what Lexie has – a husband who loves her – a family. Lexie tells her that if she didn’t hate her so much she’d actually feel some sympathy for her. Sami tells her the feeling is mutual. Lexie brings up Lucas and how it’s obvious that Sami still loves him and he loves her – instead of playing games – why not just go after the man she really loves – she would win. Sami gives the ‘Lucas will never forgive me’ spiel again and proclaims that she is going to be with Austin. He is willing to forgive besides she’s always loved him.

Carrie holds court with both Austin and Lucas hanging on her every word. Every time she seems like she is going to tell them her decision Lucas keeps butting in and asking stupid stalling questions or making sweeping statements promoting himself – I think he knows who she is going to choose. She tells them about this dream she had – she woke up on a Sunday morning to the smell of fresh coffee. Then her husband came in and she knew she was home – in her dream its Austin but she doesn’t tell them that. By the end of the episode they’re still both waiting for her to tell them who she picked.

John and Abe talk – can you guess what they talk about? They’re happy Marlena is going to be alright but John is worried that she is going to go home with Alex. They are exchanging vows tomorrow and he’s running out of time. He can’t prove it but he knows that Alex is responsible for the explosion at Lois’s cabin. Abe thinks John is right in his thinking that Alex won’t make a move against Marlena until they are on their honeymoon. They need to convince Marlena that Alex is not the guy she thinks he is – she needs to get her memory back. John tells Abe that he actually hopes she doesn’t get her memory back while she’s alone with Alex because she will be terrified. They go their separate ways.

Marlena keeps talking in her drug induced sleep being sure to clue in Alex on everything she is thinking and remembering. Flashbacks abound … Alex lurks and smirks. Marlena declares that John is the man she loves and Alex is evil. She wakes up in panic – she has to see John. She rings the buzzer and tells the nurse she needs to see John Black right now. The nurse enters the waiting room right after John leaves it. She tells the nurse at the desk to give John a message from Dr. Evans – she’s going off shift. She rights out a message but as she is picking up folders she knocks it on the phone. Alex hovers over Marlena’s bed. She tells Alex that she doesn’t love him – she loves John. Alex says what a pity for you my dear.

St Luke’s: Mimi begins her walk down the aisle – we only see Shawn’s face in profile but you can tell he’s smiling the entire time. The church is full. Mickey and Maggie are there – Maggie whispers ‘you’re beautiful’ to Mimi as she passes. Victor is there. Grandpa Shawn is there. (I don’t think Alice is there until her scene). Bonnie is beaming – Mimi and Shawn are smiling – a big smile from Shawn when they reach the altar. Bonnie turns back her veil and tells Mimi – you did it baby. I love you. Mimi steps up and stands across from Shawn and passes her bouquet to Belle. Father Jansen starts the ceremony – Shawn and Mimi join hands – Father Jansen continues. Belle frets … Bonnie tells Kate that she hoped she neutralized Belle – she doesn’t want her ruining Mimi’s wedding. Kate says she did her best – if Belle has any conscience at all she will not try and stop the wedding. There are several flashbacks to the Kate Belle talk (and oh my – Belle is actually holding her daughter). The gist of the flashbacks is about how Kate failed Billie – Billie never had a mother growing up now she doesn’t know how to be a good mother to Chelsea. She’s so happy that Claire will never know the pain of coming from a broken home – she has a mother who loves her and a mother and father that love each other. Kate lays it on thick about what a good person Belle is (I’m surprised Kate didn’t gag – I know I did). So every time there’s a flashback it will be referencing back to this stuff – I’ll just put insert flashback throughout the rest of the report. During all these flashback’s the ceremony progresses. Belle thinks to herself ‘sorry Kate, I know what you were trying to tell me but I have no choice. I have to stop this wedding … yawn (oh sorry, that’s me yawning – not Belle). Belle stares, Shawn and Mimi smile and only have eyes for each other.

The ceremony continues – Father Jansen talks about the bond between Shawn and Mimi that started as friendship and blossomed into something much deeper – much more profound. Now they’re here to celebrate their love and join together in holy matrimony. <Insert flashback>. Father Jansen says the groom wants to say a few words. Shawn wants to thank them all for coming – it means so much to the both of them that they are here to share their special day with them. For those that couldn’t be here they are also in our thoughts and in our hearts. But most of all he just wanted to tell his bride that he is the luckiest guy in the world today. Not only am I marrying my love but also my best friend. A lot of people say that but for us it’s really true. We have a bond that’s forged not only love but also in trust. (Mimi’s smile falters just a touch). Father Jansen calls on Maggie but Mimi stops him. There is something she has to say and it’s very important – Bonnie and Kate practically hyperventilate.

Mimi says just as Shawn said I want to thank you for coming and being here with us on the most important day of our lives but there is someone specifically I want to thank and that’s my other best friend Belle. She’s always been there for me and I know she always will. Her love and support mean everything to me. They hug. Kate and Bonnie heave a huge sigh of relief. Kate says nice touch. Bonnie says that’s my girl. She may be a little soft but she’s learning. There’s no woman that is going to take away her man. The ceremony continues. Father Jansen calls on Maggie Horton to read a special passage for the bride and groom. It’s a reading from the book of Genesis (Maggie looks beautiful!). <Insert flashback>. After Maggie is done Philip says the bride and groom asked him to do the second reading but his wife asked him if she could join him because she has a few special words of her own. Belle joins Philip and Mimi goes to stand next to Shawn.

Philip gives Belle a kiss to the brow. Kate tells Bonnie that Philip loves Belle so much – he’s going to make her a lot happier than she deserves to be. <Insert flashback>. Philip finishes his reading. He says Belle has something she wants to add. She turns to Shawn and Mimi who are both looking a touch apprehensive and says yes I do. Even Bo looks uncomfortable ... LOL! Philip hands Belle a folded piece of paper and he ends up holding both bouquets. The passage is called What Is Love by Author Unknown. Love is the creator of our favourite memories. It is a promise that is always kept, (Shawn kisses Mimi’s hand – ahhh) a fortune that can never be spent, a seed that can flourish in even the most unlikely of places. And this radiance that never fades (camera cuts to a smiling Bo), this mysterious and magical joy, that’s the greatest treasure of all. Known only by those who love. Shawn smiles. Bo says to Caroline (who just heaved a sigh of relief) as difficult as it was for Shawn and Belle to move on with their lives I think the right people ended up together. He turns to Alice and says what do you say Mrs. H? She says it doesn’t matter much what I think. Bo says of course it does. Having this celebration without Hope and Zack here is just wrong but Shawn can always count on you two (he looks at both Alice and Caroline). Alice says he can count on you too. It means so much to him that you’re here. Bo says I’m the reason his mom is not here. Alice tells him that if there is one thing she knows it’s that you and Hope are meant to be together. She’ll come home to you Bo – everything will be alright. Bo replies ‘from your lips to God’s ears.’ He wishes he knew where she was – that she was okay. Mickey kisses Maggie’s hand and tells her he loves her – he calls her ‘Red’. She says she loves him to. Grandpa Shawn takes Caroline’s hand in his. Kate tells Bonnie they are almost home free – Belle didn’t say anything when she had the chance. Bonnie says it’s not over until Shawn and Mimi say I Do. Everyone takes their place at the altar. Father Jansen says he’s reached the point in the ceremony where he has to ask that age old question – of course, it’s merely a formality. If any person or person her present know of any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony may they speak now or forever hold their peace. Bonnie and Kate are about ready to jump out of their skin. Dramatic pause – cut to commercial. When we come back at the end of the show Bonnie’s fingers are crossed – Father Jansen says alright then – moving along. Do you Shawn Douglas take this woman Miriam to … Belle cuts in and says wait – this wedding has to stop.

Preview: Frankie to Jen – Do you have room in your heart for me? Sami to Austin and Lucas (Carrie’s there as well) – I can’t believe that you both let her jerk you along like this but since it’s a contest I know who I’m rooting for. Alex to Marlena – Now that you have your memory back I’m afraid you are going to have to die. Shawn – I know why Belle stopped the ceremony. (Kate practically jumps out of her seat).


Thursday Mar 23

Pat’s Spoilers

Jen’s: Frankie wants to know what is wrong – everything was fine just a few minutes ago. Jen tells him he shouldn’t have anything to do with her. Frankie enters her bedroom and asks her why she is crying. He’s not going anywhere until she tells him. She tells him that when she opened the closet to look for her purse she saw the box with her wedding dress from her second wedding. She talks about how Abby helped her with the vows – how the wedding made Jack feel like he really was a part of them again. It was a very special day now for Jack and Abby but now Abby doesn’t have her father and Jack Jr will never know his father. Jack is dead and instead of mourning him she is enjoying herself. Frankie tells her that she has the right to move on – she owes it to herself and her children to be happy. Jen says that Shawn and Mimi’s wedding today brought back a lot of memories. Jen says that Frankie who has never been married wouldn’t understand this special closeness between married people. She gives him some examples – she knew the punch line to all his jokes, they would watch their children sleep and know how blessed they are – they would have memories – now all she has is the memories. She’ll be fine just being a mother to Abby and Jack Jr. Frankie tells her that Jack wanted her to move on and to be happy not just as a mother but as a woman. Jen thinks that enjoying herself with Frankie is betraying Jack. Frankie thinks he should go back to D.C. Jennifer doesn’t want him to go – she’s all flustered and goes on about how she wishes she had Hope to talk to. She says she doesn’t know what she wants – she’s starting to have feelings. Frankie says his feelings haven’t changed. He means that he loved her when he was 17 and knew that she was the girl he wanted to spend his life with. Now she’s the woman he wants to spend his life with. He was lucky to have her friendship and Jack’s but he asks her if she has room in her heart for him. She admits she is not ready but there is a possibility. He tells her she can take as much time as she needs. They put the box away – he tells her that it’s going to be okay.

Hospital: Lexie knows that Sami wants her to make sure that Carrie doesn’t pick Austin – she’s upset that Sami is blackmailing her. Sami points out that Lexie is the one cheating on Abe so she can lose the holier than thou attitude. She does it or she loses Abe.

Carrie and Austin and Lucas are still repeating the same dialogue. She’s just about to talk to them when Lexie shows up and says she needs to speak to Carrie to go over her discharge orders. She tells Carrie to come to her office. Sami asks the two men who won in the Carrie lottery. Lucas accuses her of eavesdropping – Austin asks her how she knew about a private conversation. Sami tells them that Lexie told her that Carrie told her that she had an important decision to make so all she did was put two and two together. She accuses Carrie of stringing them both along. The men deny it. She makes fun of them – saying this is like a reality show – one of them will get their heart broken the other will get a rose. She knows who she is cheering for. They want to know which one of them she thinks Carrie will pick. She says Austin. Lucas doesn’t believe her – she’s just saying that because she isn’t over him and she’s doing it to be spiteful. She admits to the spite but she tells Lucas that as much as he doesn’t want to admit it Carrie and Austin belong together. Austin thanks her for her support. Lucas wonders what she is up to because he knows she wants Austin for herself. There’s a lot more to their conversation – I just kind of skimmed over it.

Lexie gives Carrie her discharge orders and then starts talking about her decision. Carrie finally says it’s Austin. Lexie puts on the concerned act and tells Carrie there’s a problem. She lies to Carrie about how her and Austin have genetic markers in common that would cause any child they conceive to be born with serious genetic defects. Austin is the last man she should consider having a child with – Carrie cries – Lexie lies.

Roman charges up to John and wants to know why he didn’t let him know about Marlena’s accident. John says it’s because it wasn’t an accident – Alex North set the cabin to explode to kill both him (John) and Marlena and to destroy any evidence that he was responsible for Lois’ death. Roman thinks that John is just acting out of revenge – Alex came in and took Marlena from him. John tells Roman that Alex is evil and he’s going to prove it. Roman says fine – he just doesn’t want him to end up in jail. Injecting Lois with truth serum was not one of John’s smartest moves – he needs to be careful. John reminds him that he returned from his trip to attend Shawn and Mimi’s wedding – he should go to the church. Roman tells John to page him if there’s any news.

Marlena tells Alex she remembers everything. John was right – he’s evil and she’s going to divorce him. Alex threatens her and tells her she will do what he says - if her memory returned she should know what will happen if she does something he doesn’t want her to do. She looks for the call button but Alex throws it out of reach. He tells her if she tries to scream he’ll kill her. She then says she is sure he would never hurt her – her memory was wrong – it’s probably because John was saying all the time that Alex was evil. Alex tells her that he’s a psychiatrist – does she really expect him to believe that. He tells her it’s too bad she got her memory back because now she is going to have to die. She opens her mouth to scream – he covers her mouth with his hand.

The nurse asks John if he got the message from Dr. Evans – she wants to see him. John rushes to her room and finds Marlena unconscious.

St Luke’s: Billie arrives outside the charge – flashback to Chelsea saying that if Billie isn’t going to fight she is going to fight for the both of them. Billie thinks to herself that she likes Shawn but Hope should be with Bo at her son’s wedding. Father Jansen asks Belle did you say the wedding should stop – cue the shocked looks. Victor wonders if Belle found out Claire is Shawn’s child. Belle says that’s right this wedding has to stop. Philip asks Belle what are you doing. Mimi can’t believe she waited until this moment – she guesses she wanted to humiliate her. Shawn jumps in right after before Belle can say anything and says he knows why she stopped the ceremony.

Shawn says Thank you to Belle. She says she knew he wouldn’t want to go on. Shawn turns and says what are you doing here – no one invited you – everyone turns to stare at Chelsea. Philip says Belle you stopped the entire wedding because Chelsea is here. She says she saw her come in and she knew Shawn wouldn’t want her to be here. Shawn leaves the altar to confront Chelsea. He asks her why she would come here. He doesn’t care if she wants to be part of this family. That is never going to happen. Do you want to know why? That’s because he doesn’t have a family any more. Zack is gone and his parent’s are split up because of her. Kate whispers something to Bonnie. Chelsea whines that she is his sister – she just wanted to reach out to him and wish him a good future. Shawn says it’s too late – he doesn’t care about any of that. Bo comes up behind Shawn and Billie enters the church and asks Chelsea what she is doing here.

Chelsea says she brought them a gift – she didn’t think anyone would see her sitting back there. Shawn says Belle did and I don’t want your gift. Billie apologises to Shawn saying that it’s totally inappropriate for Chelsea to be here. Bo tells her it was a mistake for her to come to the church. Chelsea sniffs that she is sorry. Whatever she does is the wrong thing – she always makes mistakes. Shawn says it was a very big mistake coming here. He turns to Bo and says can you tell her to leave? Can you do that for me, for Mom and Zack? Can you throw her out of my wedding? Bo says no son, I can’t throw her out but I understand how you feel. I’ll take her out of the church. Shawn confronts Bo – You can’t hurt her but yet you can hurt me by not staying here and watching me get married. Bo says I’m sorry son. Shawn shakes his head and says no wonder Mom couldn’t live with you. No wonder she left you. Bo just says Chelsea lets go as Shawn turns and walks away. Shawn tells everyone that he is sorry but he couldn’t go through with one of the most memorable moments of his life with that person here. He thanks Belle for knowing what he wants. Mimi smiles and jokes that for a minute there she thought that Belle didn’t want her marrying Shawn. That draws a few laughs. Belle says well Mimi seeing as the wedding is already stopped maybe I should tell you what I really want. Excuse me but who the heck cares what you want???

Father Jansen thankfully cuts her off this time and says he imagines what she was going to say was that they all need a bit of respite, recovery time before resuming the ceremony. A time to reflect on the love of these two young people who have come before God to join their lives together. They’ll proceed in a few minutes. Kate tells Belle that she didn’t have to say anything about Chelsea. She was sitting in the back – Shawn wouldn’t have noticed her. Belle knows that Chelsea is her granddaughter but she only came to cause trouble. Kate says of course I wouldn’t want her to disrupt the ceremony – that’s unconscionable. Then Kate lays on the blarney talking about how Claire’s stable family and Belle and Philip’s love. Bonnie brings in Claire. Belle asks why. Bonnie says she is Mimi and Shawn’s goddaughter – years from now when she looks through family photo albums she will know she was here on their special day. Shawn smiles at Claire. Bo, Billie and Chelsea are outside. Bo is upset that his son is inside the church about to get married, Hope is off god knows where and he’s stuck outside with her. Chelsea whines that it’s not her fault – he can go back inside. He would if he could trust her to do the right thing and leave but he can’t. Billie tells Bo that he is being way too nice. Chelsea acts affronted and says “Mom!” Billie tells her not to play innocent. She knew exactly how everyone would react if she walked into that church today but you did it anyway. Just like you did at Zack’s funeral. Billie goes on to say that she thinks Chelsea has to have everyone’s attention focused on her 24/7 especially her father’s. She doesn’t care about Bo’s life – she just wants to get what she wants. Chelsea turns on the tears – she gets it. Nobody loves her. She’s not allowed to be part of anything important that happens in this family. They think they would be happier without her. She warns them to be careful of what they wish for because they just might get it.

Bo says he understands that Chelsea wants to be part of the family and she’s feeling that she’s not welcome. Chelsea cries that’s because I’m not. Bo assures her that he and her mom love her. They might not be a big happy family but they can do better than this but they need her help. Clueless Bo says that coming to the church was an honest mistake because he can’t think of any reason she’d want to hurt Shawn on his wedding day. He tells her before the two of them hook up again they should figure out a time and place where the two of them can see each other without hurting anyone’s feelings. She says okay and thanks him and hugs him. Bo says he’s going to get the car. Billie claps and says Bravo, Bravo. Chelsea tells her to knock it off. Billie says Why – I’m impressed – that was quite a little show you put on hotshot. Can I think of a reason you’d want to upset Shawn? Oh yeah – so you could drive a bigger wedge between Bo and Hope and Bo and Shawn. You want to completely cut your father off the people he loves the most. Chelsea says – whatever it takes to keep me out of jail. I will not spend the best years of my life rotting away in a prison cell. I don’t care who has to suffer. Shawn tells Mimi he is sorry. She asks him why. He says we would have been Mr. and Mrs. Brady already if Belle hadn’t stopped the wedding although he’s glad she did because if he would have seen Chelsea first he doesn’t know what he might have done. Shawn asks her if she is okay. Mimi says I’m okay. Shawn smiles and says you still want to marry me. Mimi says yes. Shawn grins and says then on with it. He asks for everyone’s attention. Mimi and he are ready to get on with the ceremony – he thanks everyone for their patience. He asks for the best man and maid of honour to get back up there. They do – Belle carries Claire up with her – excuse me – but her Grandmother was sitting right next to you … sheesh. Shawn is actually glad they had the delay now his goddaughter can be part of the ceremony. Shawn talks about losing Zack and how hard it was on his family. He learned a valuable lesson – to not take anything for granted – not love, not each other and especially not our children. Making our children happy is the biggest responsibility we have in life. And so where is Father Jansen – have we lost him? Father Jansen says shall we pick off where we left off? If anyone hear has reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace. Belle opens her mouth and looks at Claire.

Preview: Lexie to Sami – Carrie could still choose Austin even with all your lies and schemes. Sami – I’m not going to let that happen. Alex to John and Abe – What’s going on? Is Marlena alright? John – You ought to know you son of a bitch, you did it! Abe – Hey, hey as he holds John back. Kate to Victor – Your choice is to make sure that Philip never finds out that Claire is not his daughter. Father Jansen to Shawn and Mimi – When God joins a man and a woman in holy matrimony it’s for life and no one shall come between them.


Friday Mar 24

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Sami finds Carrie crying in Lexie’s office. Lexie got paged. Sami plays her part – she encourages Carrie to be with Austin – to not worry about keeping her promise to her. Sami tells Carrie that she and Austin can be together and have that family they always wanted. Carrie has a flashback to Lexie’s lie. She rushes out of the office crying. Lexie returns and Sami tells Lexie that she did a good job. Lexie feels she violated her Hippocratic Oath. Sami lists off all the other terrible things Lexie has done up to and including the fact that she is cheating on Abe. Lexie warns Sami that her little scheme may not work. Carrie is wandering the hallways crying. She sees a young couple taking their perfectly healthy baby home. Sami breaks into the records room but leaves the door ajar as she starts working at the computer. Lexie finds her and looks at the computer screen and says OMG. Lexie comes rushing to the nurse’s station saying that Aaron, the baby with the genetic syndrome is being brought in – respiratory failure. A nurse comments that the poor baby has been in the hospital more than he’s been home. The baby arrives on a stretcher with the distraught parents behind. The mother cries begging Lexie to save him. Lexie stresses that with his genetic syndrome his odds aren’t good. Carrie cries. Sami arrives and hears and is upset for the parents. Lexie comes out and tells the parents that nothing can be done. More crying. Later Lexie thanks them for donating the babies organs – excuse me – the child has ‘genetic syndrome’ and you’re harvesting his organs – how lame … Sami tells Carrie she feels so bad for the parents but God must have a plan. Carrie rushes away crying. Lexie tells Sami she is going to hell. Sami says maybe but she’ll be in heaven while she’s with Austin. Lexie warns her that her plan may still backfire. Carrie calls Austin and tells him she has to see him. She can’t tell him over the phone – it affects the rest of their lives together. Sami wonders what Carrie means by that.

Lexie runs to Marlena’s side and orders John out of the room. John leaves. Alex rushes into the waiting room asking if Marlena is okay. John tries to attack him but Abe holds him back. I’m not even talking about their dialogue – we’ve all heard it a hundred times before. When John finally gets to see Marlena both Abe and Alex go in with him. Of course Marlena has no memory of John any longer. Alex’s has a flashback to injecting her with a serum that will wipe out her memory or kill him – he doesn’t care either way. Marlena says mean and hateful things to John – John rants – Alex smirks and postures. John vows to Abe that Alex’s wedding day will be his funeral.

St Luke’s: Frankie and Jen finally arrive and sit at the back of the church. Jen comments that Shawn looks so handsome, the Brady gown looks gorgeous on Mimi and they look really happy. Jen has a flashback to her first wedding to Jack. Jen wishes Hope were here. Bonnie takes a shot of bourbon from her flash chased by a swig of Holy Water – if that doesn’t settle her nerves nothing will. Kate tells her to calm down – they did what they could. Father Jansen repeats that same question for the third time – Belle is still holding Claire … worried glances exchanged by several of the guests. Father Jansen tells them it is time to exchange their sacred vows in front of family, friends and God. By opting to be married in the church yours will not be merely a civil marriage but a Holy Sacrament. And thus we believe when God joins a man and in matrimony it’s for life and no one shall come between them. Shawn and Mimi maintain eye contact through the entire time and smile at each other. Belle sulks.

Shawn and Mimi’s hands are joined. Father Jansen asks them if they are ready to declare their love and commitment before God. They answer in unison – We are. Belle pouts. Shawn and Mimi light the unity candle. Father Jansen asks them to join their right hands. Frankie takes Jen’s hand in his. Another flashback to her first wedding to Jack. She looks down at her and Frankie’s joined hands and has a fantasy of Father Jansen marrying her and Frankie. Oh dear – she’s wearing the exact same wedding ensemble that she wore in her second wedding to Jack. In the midst of her fantasy we see her talking to herself wondering if this is really what Jack wanted. The pews fill with many Jack’s. She talks to him and tells him what she is feeling. She asks him to give her a sign that moving on with Frankie is really what he wanted her to do. Father Jansen has the line of the day next – he says. I think you’ve waited long enough. It’s time to officially join you as husband and wife. Mimi smiles, Shawn beams. Miraculously Belle is no longer holder Claire and she is standing behind Mimi.

Jen continues her fantasy of her marriage to Frankie. Shawn and Mimi exchange vows – oh my - the smiles … Shawn gives Belle one cursory glance because she’s busy snivelling while Father Jansen is saying the vows. Father Jansen asks for the rings … Shawn’s voice – oh my gosh – when he puts the ring on her finger and repeats the vows … then Mimi – Shawn’s eyes never leave Mimi’s face – the smiles between the two of them – Shawn looks close to tears. Mimi’s wedding band looks beautiful and when she slips that gold band on Shawn’s finger … THUD! Father Jansen pronounces them husband and wife. Belle cries. Father Jansen places a hand on each of their shoulders and turns them towards the congregation and introduces Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady. He tells Shawn that he may kiss his bride and oh my does Shawn kiss her … and kiss her … and kiss her (be still my heart).

Chez Rouge: Belle tells Philip she is going to take Claire home for a nap. Philip says this is her godparent’s wedding and we’re going to celebrate it as a family. Belle insists she needs a nap. Philip says he will warm up a bottle for Claire and bring his other favourite girl a bottle as well. Caroline tells Belle that she knows that wasn’t easy – she was afraid she was going to blurt out that she still loved Shawn. She asks her what changed her mind. Belle says it was something Kate said. She doesn’t want Claire to come from a broken home – look at what it did to Sami – she doesn’t want Claire to end up like her. Hmmm… I think that Claire doesn’t end up like her Mommy. She declares that they will be a happy family. Caroline hugs her. Victor is angry at Kate for manipulating Belle declaring that Shawn has the right to know that Belle still loves him (geez Victor – he knows and he doesn’t care) and that he is Claire’s father. Kate tells him to give it a rest because if he really felt that way he would have told Philip the truth but you haven’t because you feel the same way I do. We only have one choice and that is to make sure Philip never finds out that he isn’t Claire’s father. Maggie introduces Mr and Mrs Shawn Douglas Brady. They start dancing. Mimi can’t believe they’re married. She asks Shawn to pinch her. He says he can do better that that and he starts kissing her – the guest all cheer. He dips her with their lips locked. Belle sulks. The kiss continues. Caroline taps Shawn on the shoulder and says enough of that. What do you think this is? A wedding? He asks where Grandpa Shawn is. He and Roman are setting up a conference call with Aunt Kim and Aunt Kayla and all the other Brady’s that couldn’t be there. Bonnie asks them if the place needs more decorations. Mimi tells her it looks beautiful – she wants her Mom to relax and have a good time. Maggie says I told you so. Shawn asks where Mickey is. Maggie says he drove Alice home – she was so excited about their wedding that she didn’t sleep very much the night before. Maggie says she asked me to give you a bit hug and a kiss and she wishes you all the happiness. She hopes they will be as happy as her and Tom were. Caroline says the conference call is set up. Mimi tells Shawn to go – they’re his family. He corrects her and says no, they’re our family. Mimi smiles and says right. She tells Shawn she’ll join him in a couple of minutes. Bonnie gives Mimi a glass of champagne and congratulates her. She says you did it – you married a Brady and a Horton. Mimi says I married Shawn. Bonnie tells her to never stop believing in fairy tales. Mimi feels guilty. Bonnie tells her to drink to a lifetime of loving the man of your dreams. Shawn tells his Grandmother he’ll be right there. He thanks Belle for bringing Claire – it’s good to have his goddaughter here – it’s like having Zack here. Belle is sure that Zack is here. Shawn asks her if she is okay. She says – you know me and weddings. She tells him that she hopes he and Mimi will be very happy. Shawn says he hopes they will be as happy as her, Philip and Claire. Philip joins them and says he’ll second that. Maggie announces that it’s time for Mimi to throw her bouquet. Maggie tells all the single women to get by the fireplace. Someone calls out for Kate to join them – she does. Next Jen is told to join them. Jen tells Mimi that she’s doing this for her. Mimi throws it and it ends up in Jen’s hands after deflecting off of Bonnie’s baseball mitt … LOL!

Jen tells Frankie it fell right into her arms – she wonders if it is a sign from Jack. He shrugs. (Shawn and Mimi’s song You and Me is playing in the background). Belle tells Claire she did it for her so she could have a happy life with her Mommy and Daddy. Sure you did, Belle – you keep telling yourself that and maybe one day you’ll actually believe it. Victor tells Kate that secrets and lies have a way of coming out. She tells him that Philip and Belle are married and so are Shawn and Mimi and they’re going to live happily ever after. Victor hopes so. Shawn and Mimi are dancing. Shawn asks her if she is okay – she’s so quiet. Mimi tells him she is so okay (emphasises the ‘so’). This is the happiest day of her life. She promises that she will be a good wife or at least try to be. Shawn says she already is and he kisses her. Philip cuts in and asks them to cut the music. As best man he has one final duty – to give the toast. He wants it to be a family toast so Belle and Claire join him. Maggie hands Shawn and Mimi a glass of champagne. Philip wishes them a life filled with happiness, joy and laughter and may they share that with all their family and friends. He says to Shawn and Mimi – everyone toasts them except sulking, snivelling Belle. She practically throws Claire at Philip and runs out – god forbid the spotlight actually went to Shawn and Mimi – what were people thinking … sheesh. Philip calls out for her – I say let her go. Shawn and Mimi look at each other.

Preview: Snivelling Belle to Shawn – You know I still love you and you still love me, too. Shawn in a very matter of fact voice – I do. Billie to Chelsea – You are responsible. (Bo is there) Whining Chelsea – Everything bad that happens to everyone in this family is all my fault. Austin to Carrie – Do you love me? Carrie – With all my heart. They kiss. Sami toasting Lucas – Here’s to us, Lucas. Loser to the end. Lucas glances over at Carrie and Austin toasting each other. (I’m guessing they’re at the wedding reception???)


Monday Mar 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Bo, Billie & Chelsea: They arrive at the Lockhart’s. Billie tells Bo to go to Shawn’s reception – she’ll take care of this. Bo says no – he won’t be welcome there. He missed Shawn’s wedding and he sees that as me once again choosing Chelsea over him and his mother. Chelsea pouts that she is family too but she can arrange for that to change. Billie asks her if she is threatening her. She goes on to say Bo has done everything he can to show her that he loves her. He missed his son’s wedding because of you. Chelsea whines and because of me he’ll miss his other sons wedding. Everything is my fault. She goes to her room. Billie follows. Billie accuses her of the same things she did outside of the church. Of course, Chelsea denies it all now. By the time they’re done talking Billie no longer is as sure of her convictions as she was. Bo checks his cell – no messages. He goes to check his email on his PDA but the battery is dead. He uses Chelsea’s computer and finds her diary. When Billie comes down he gets her to read it. In it Chelsea goes on and on about how much she wants to be accepted into the family – all she wants is be loved. Chelsea comes down and is furious with them for reading her private thoughts. Bo says he’s not sorry they did.

Hospital: Sami asks Carrie if she wants a ride home – she should be resting. Carrie tells Sami that she called Austin. Sami leaves. Austin arrives. He doesn’t really let Carrie say too much but she does say she loves him with all of her heart. He’s happy she chose him. She tells him it’s more complicated than that. He says they got back together too soon when she came back to Salem – they need to talk about what went wrong the last time and what they’ll do to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. She tells him he makes it sound like the fact that they love each other is all that really matters – he says it us. He asks her if she wants to go Shawn and Mimi’s reception.

Chez Rouge: There’s so much that goes on that I’m not going to attempt to cover it all.

Lucas & Austin & company: They argue over who Carrie is going to chose. Austin tells Lucas he is insecure that’s why he kept interrupting Carrie. Lucas smugly tells Austin that Carrie will chose him. Austin’s cell rings – it’s Carrie. Lucas says does she want us both to come to the hospital? Austin says no – only me – she chose me. Lucas goes to the bar. The bartender asks him what he wants. Lucas looks tempted to have a drink. Maggie comes along and asks her where Austin is. He tells. Maggie understands that Lucas isn’t very happy about Carrie’s decision. Lucas orders a club soda. Kate and Lucas talk – Kate looks happy when Lucas tells her that Carrie chose Austin. She assures him she wants him to be happy as well. Sami arrives at the wedding (it’s much later) – She looks beautiful – love her dress and earrings. Of course Kate and Sami get into it. Kate gloats that Sami is got of both of her son’s weddings. She asks Sami why she bothered to show up – no one wants her there – they didn’t want her at her own wedding. Sami talks about how she and Lucas and Will could have been happy. She was honest with Lucas and she would have been every day for the rest of their lives. Lucas overhears all of this. After Kate and Sami go their separate ways Lucas tells her he heard what she said. She really meant it, didn’t she? She says yes but tells him not to worry – he’s made it perfectly clear that there is no future for the two of them. He’s about to talk to her about that when she interrupts him and points out Austin and Carrie toasting each other. She lifts up her glass to Lucas and says here’s to us, losers to the end.

Victor, Kate & Caroline: Victor is arguing with Kate that this is all wrong – Shawn should be told the truth. Caroline overhears them and asks them what they are talking about. Kate covers up and says it was about business. Victor asks Caroline to dance and says he knows they have gone over this before but he wants an honest answer. If she could do it over again would she keep the truth about Bo being his son from him again? She tells him when she was pregnant with Bo he went to Europe to make his fortune. He says if I would have stayed would it have made a difference. She doesn’t want to hurt him but she didn’t approve of his business practices. She loved him very much but she didn’t want Bo raised by him. She wouldn’t do that to Shawn or her family so yes she would do it again. Back to Kate and Victor. He is upset that now two marriages will be destroyed when the truth comes out and it will – what happens if Claire starts taking on Shawn’s features. Kate says that may not happen – besides Belle doesn’t even remember sleeping with Shawn. She reminds him of what he said – two marriages plus their son’s lives would be destroyed so he has no choice but to stay quiet.

Bonnie, Mickey, Maggie & Company: Bonnie complains to Kate that Belle has made two scenes now. Kate says that Belle is upset because she couldn’t stop the wedding. Bonnie wonders what Belle and Shawn are talking about. Kate tells her not to worry – Shawn won’t break his sacred wedding vows. Bonnie says like that has never happened. Bonnie & Mickey talk – their past is brought up. They have a dance for old time sakes. Maggie cuts in. She tells Bonnie that she wishes Mimi all the happiness in the world. Bonnie thanks her and walks away saying you really can’t hold a grudge against those Horton’s.

We have a replay of Shawn and Mimi dancing – sigh they look so happy. Mimi tells Shawn she is soaking it all in. She’s so grateful to be with him – for him to be her husband and for her to be his wife. Shawn smirks and says forever and ever. They kiss. Also dancing alongside them are Grandpa Shawn and Caroline and Mickey and Maggie. Repeat of Philip’s toast – repeat of Belle making a spectacle of herself and running out. Shawn tells Philip he’ll go talk to her. Philip says this is your wedding reception and she’s my wife – I’ll go talk to her. Shawn says she’s having a hard time dealing with the wedding – he thinks he’s probably the only one that can talk to her about it. Philip says excuse me – I know you’re not suggesting that there is something going on between you and my wife that I don’t know about. Philip wants to know what it is that Belle can only talk to Shawn about. Shawn says it’s not a secret – she probably feels bad that she stopped the wedding when Chelsea showed up. Philip says you told her it was okay. Shawn says she probably feels bad because if she hadn’t of said anything the wedding wouldn’t have stopped and his Dad wouldn’t have left. He just wants to tell her she has nothing to worry about. Mimi joins them and supports Shawn – she says that makes sense. They all know how overly sensitive Belle is – she made a scene at the wedding and she’s probably upset about that. Philip says if you want to go and talk to her – go but you’ll be missing your own wedding reception. Hurry back – I’ll stay with Mimi. Shawn says okay we will. Mimi tells him to tell Belle she’s not upset with her. She tells him not to be long. He smiles at her and says I won’t because every minute away from my beautiful bride feels like an eternity. Mimi laughs and thanks him for the cliché remark but she’ll take it. They kiss. Philip asks Mimi what could possibly be going on between the two of them that he doesn’t know about.

Outside Belle is crying. Shawn tells her that she can’t keep doing this to herself or to me or to Philip or to Mimi. He tells her everyone saw her run out of there. She agreed to be Mimi’s matron of honour. She has to be happy for them and or they can not stay friends. She cries that she shouldn’t have let him marry Mimi. She should have stopped the wedding and she should have told Philip and everyone in the church that she still loves him. Mimi tells Philip that she doesn’t think anything is going on – Shawn was probably exactly right about why Belle ran out. Philip says really – I have a confession. When Belle said the wedding had to stop – I thought she was going to do it. I thought she was going to tell everyone that she still loved Shawn. Mimi confesses that she thought the same thing. Philip says he does everything he can every day not to worry about her feelings for him. Mimi says they loved each other for a really long time. Philip says yes they did but he and Belle are married now and they have Claire together. And now Shawn is married to you – I’d love to believe he wouldn’t have done that if he still loves Belle. Mimi says no of course he wouldn’t. Belle says you know I still love you and I know you still love me too. He says yes I do.

Philip and Mimi talk about how they never expected things to turn out the way they have. Mimi says she has decided to start being happy and not questioning anything any more and you shouldn’t either. Belle says you’re admitting you still love me. Shawn says you know I do. Belle asks him why he went through with the wedding. Shawn says for the same reason you didn’t stop it – it would have been wrong. He says a part of him will always love her and they will always share a memory but it is a memory without a future. You and Philip are married and you have a daughter. Mimi and I are married and we’re going to adopt and start a family. You have to accept that your future is with Philip and mine is with Mimi. Belle says she knows – and she does love Philip – she knows she can count on him. Shawn tells her to start giving it back to him – start being happy. She nods and asks for one last dance before they go in to say goodbye to the past. He says sure – they dance and he wipes away her tears.

Shawn smiles at her and says I love you. She says I love you too. Shawn tells her to be happy. She says you too. He kisses her forehead and says goodbye. She goes in and Shawn takes a deep breath. They come in separately and Shawn immediately goes to Mimi and wraps his arm around Mimi. Philip asks them how it went out there. Belle says fine and apologises for running out. Mimi tells Shawn it’s time to cut the cake. Bonnie tells them to feed each other nice and neat. Mimi takes a little piece and smears it on the side of Shawn’s face. Everyone laughs and Grandpa Shawn tells Shawn its okay – that doesn’t mean he still can’t be a gentleman. Shawn says right and takes the cake and smears it against Mimi’s mouth. More laughs – Grandpa Shawn cheers – that’s my boy. Shawn and Mimi kiss.

Philip asks Shawn what the wedding night plans are. Shawn says they’re just going to the loft. He talks about the great honeymoon Kate put together for them. Philip tells him they deserve it – just enjoy it – take care of his wife. Shawn smiles and says I’ll be taking care of her. Shawn thanks him for being his best man. Philip says it was the single greatest honour of his life. Philip says they will be happy – they hug – Shawn tells Philip he loves him. Belle tells Mimi to have a great honeymoon and asks them when they are leaving. Mimi says not for a few days. They’re spending the night at the loft but going to the Horton cabin in the morning. Belle says it’s very romantic. Mimi thanks her for being so understanding. She knows it hasn’t been easy for her – you’ll always have feelings for Shawn. Belle says she will. She’ll always love him as friend. She knows Mimi is going to be a great wife and do everything she can to make him happy. Mimi says she will make him happy. Belle jokingly says she better or she’ll have to answer to her. They hug – not quite the warmth between those two as there is between Philip and Shawn.

Shawn hugs his Aunt Maggie – Mimi hugs Uncle Mickey – it’s time for the confetti – Bonnie tells the guests to form a gauntlet. Bonnie wants to talk to Mimi for just a second. Bonnie is excited for Mimi – she got the gold ring – she doesn’t want her to forget how her Mama helped her. Mimi says yeah by convincing me to lie to him. Bonnie says you would have lost him. Mimi says maybe. But even now that we’re married I still don’t know if I should tell him the truth. Shawn interrupts and asks Bonnie if he can steal his wife. He says Mrs. Brady I think they’re waiting for us. Mimi says are you ready – they run through the guests and get showered with confetti.

Preview: Shawn to Mimi – Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad. Mimi – It is. Philip to Belle – Would you rather be with him? Alex to Lexie – Wouldn’t it be a shame if it came up now – that you’re cheating with that young, cocky detective. Lexie – You son of … she tries to slap him but he grabs her arm. John – aiming his rifle – Say goodbye to Marlena, Alex, it’s time to die.


Tuesday Mar 28

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: Shawn and Mimi were so sweet today. I felt really bad for Sami though.

Kiriakis Loft: Belle, Philip, and Claire

We see Belle coming down the stairs and not very happily either. Philip is rocking Claire in his arms to sleep. He whispers about how he is the luckiest man in the world and that she and her mom mean everything to him. He says that they were the prettiest ladies at the wedding. Belle hears this and starts to cry. Philip is concerned and wants to know why she is crying...again... She tries to imply that she’s okay but he doesn’t buy it and says he knows it’s because she now knows that she has lost Shawn for good and will never be with him again.

Belle looks nervous. She says: “You think I’m upset about Shawn marrying Mimi?” He explains that she was Mimi’s maid of honor and had to stand at the altar as Shawn married her best friend. Philip gets upset when Belle tells him how hard it was for her to see Shawn moving on without her. He asks her straight out if she would rather be with Shawn. Belle tap dances and reassures Philip that she made her choice and he was the one she married. She’s says she knows it sounds conceited but she’s still upset that Shawn moved on so fast. Philip tells her that if he lost her he would never get over it. He knows that you never forget your first love but believes that what they have is a real family. Belle says halfheartedly that Mimi is great and they make a wonderful couple...she’s very happy for them. She thanks him for being patient and says she’s lucky to have him. They tell each other that they love each other, hug, and start kissing.

Philip asks his wife if she’s ready for bed. She wants to call her dad about her mom first. Philip goes upstairs with the baby. Belle goes into meltdown… goes into the hallway with her cellphone…sees a white rose from the wedding and picks it up…more crying…goes up to the roof…sees the carved initials…flashes back to some shelle scenes...including rooftop scenes.

Brady Loft: Shawn and Mimi

The happy couple returns home and Shawn carries the bride over the threshold saying: “Welcome home Mrs. Brady.” He has a huge smile on his face, looks deeply in her eyes, and tells her that he is the luckiest man alive…today was the happiest day of his life and tonight will be even better.

Shawn says apologetically that he knows this is not the most romantic place but they will be going on their honeymoon tomorrow. He grins and says it’s already pretty perfect to him. The two lovebirds get passionate but Mimi pulls back and says they can’t do this. LOL...Shawn just smiles and tells her that they are married now and Father Jansen said it was okay. She explains that she doesn’t want to damage Caroline’s wedding dress. Shawn gets some champagne for them. Mimi sees the letters Rex gave back to her and flashes back. She gets upset with herself thinking she’s done it again and says that Shawn deserves to know the truth. Shawn overhears the last few words and wants to know what she means.

Mimi explains about the old letters from Rex that she found when she was putting her jewelry away, and that she worries their marriage might end up the same way because she hasn’t told him everything...there are things he should have known about before they got married. He tries to comfort her and tells her that it can’t be that bad. Mimi just gets more upset and disagrees.

Shawn wants to start out with a clean slate and put the past where it belongs and focus on the future. He says that from now on they will be 100% honest with each other no matter what and that after everything they have been through in the past year, he doesn’t care about the small stuff. Mimi won’t let it go. She tells him she has to tell him now. He teases her and asks if the world will end if she doesn’t. He tells her how much he loves her and that she loves him and that’s all he cares about. They start to kiss again. He offers to help her out of her wedding dress…lol…but she tells him she can do it. Shawn pours their champagne and puts some music on (Lifehouses’s You and Me…sigh…perfect) and gives a toast…to them and a long and happy life together. She kisses him. They make their way to the bedroom and start to make love.

Wedding Reception: Lucas, Sami, Austin, Carrie

Repeat of Lucas talking to Sami and believing that she really meant what she said to his mom. Sami doesn’t give herself any breaks and says it’s true but she knows they won’t get back together...he made himself very clear. He starts to tell her what he’s been thinking about them but she interrupts him to say that Austin and Carrie have arrived. She toasts herself and Lucas as being losers…Carrie chose Austin.

Carrie asks Austin if they should go tell the other two the news. He wants to kiss her first. She goes to tell Lucas her decision.

Sami wants to know what Lucas was going to say and begs him to tell her. Carrie cuts in and tells Lucas she needs to talk to him privately. Austin and Sami get a drink. Sami tells him that she doesn’t think her sister treated him or Lucas right.

Carrie admits to Lucas she could have acted better but knows that he is her friend. He tries to save her the trouble of telling him who she chose.

Austin defends Carrie to Sami...says she was just gun shy. She’s sure that Carrie chose Austin (turns out she didn’t and we’ve had to sit through this boring dialogue for nothing…sigh…jmo). Carrie tells Lucas she chose him.

Sami is amazed…asks about the kiss…turns out it was a goodbye kiss. Sami can’t believe she’s lost Lucas to her sister. Austin is sure she is still in love with Lucas.

Lucas is stunned. He asks why she didn’t choose Austin. Flashback to Lexie/Carrie genetic lie scenes…back in present she pumps Lucas up…wants to start a family. He asks if she is still in love with his brother.

Sami is upset…Carrie admits that she still loves Austin and asks to take things slow…Lucas is all excited…Sami asks Austin if he wants to talk. He doesn’t. She gives him a pep talk about finding someone else. He doesn’t think so…has nothing left to fight for. Sami looks at him and says…what about me?

Lucas tells Carrie he wants another child (yep…takes such good care of the one he has already…sigh). She asks him if he’s over Sami (wouldn’t it be nice if Carrie cared about her sister’s feelings for once?). Lucas commits to Carrie.

Sami and Austin commiserate on their losses. Sami admits her mistakes to herself but pledges to go after Austin now.

Penthouse: Marlena, Lexie, Alex

Lexie gave Marlena a sedative. Marlena gets a goodnight kiss and Alex pulls Lexie into the hallway…doesn’t want her to stay and poison/manipulate Marlena’s mind against him. He tells her pointblank that Marlena belongs to him and no one else. Marlena has a dream…goes back and forth between John and Alex…and then wakes up suddenly. Lexie plays hardball with Alex and insists as Marlena’s doctor that she will tell her patient not to go through with the wedding...she’s still weak and hasn’t recovered her memory. Marlena walks out and states that she can make her own decisions. She insists on being part of the conversation if it’s about her condition…won’t promise Lexie to wait…let’s Alex take her back to bed. Lexie is not a happy camper.

Alex comes out and insists that Lexie leave or he will physically eject her…tells her that her services aren’t required anymore…reminds her that he knows about her nasty secret…a little blackmail…a few threats. Lexie gets mad and leaves.

Alex murmurs that there is no one who can stop him and Marlena getting married tomorrow.

The Salem Inn: Abe and John

John carefully lowers a case to the table and says that he will blow Alex’s head off before he lets him marry Marlena. Abe comes in and tells him that if that is the case, then he is under arrest. John and Abe go back and forth as to who has the authority…Abe calls him on it and says he is still a member of the Police Commission and can make a citizen’s arrest. John tries to reason
with Abe…worries about Marlena’s fate...Alex is a killer and Marlena is his target. Abe tries to reason with John….tells him not to be stupid and asks him if he really wants to go to prison for life…they take a look at John’s past history with Stefano. John still argues. Abe gets a phone call and leaves…he begs John not to be foolish or hasty. After Abe leaves, John murmurs that he is all out of options.

Lexie and Abe hook up and she explains that she was with Marlena. Abe tells her how worried John is. She tells Abe that Marlena is determined to go through with the wedding. Abe gets a call and Lexie muses that because of her affair with Tek...many lives will be destroyed...including hers and Abe’s.


Kate asks John what he is going to do…if he is going to shoot him. John tells her that…you can’t very well marry a dead man.

Belle asks Marlena if she remembers something.

Lexie tells Sami that just because Carrie doesn’t want him…it doesn’t mean he will settle for Sami.

Mimi tells Shawn that he should enter Claire’s birth date in the book. He isn’t sure they should…she’s not a Horton or a Brady. Mimi tells him that she is.


Wednesday Mar 29

Pat’s Spoilers

Apartment Bldg: Carrie wakes up to a breakfast prepared by Lucas. Lucas gloats – he can’t believe that she picked him over Austin. They share a slurping kiss. Carrie goes to get the paper – off course Austin is in the hallway. They exchange good mornings – Sami eavesdrops. Austin comments – what a difference a day makes – 12 hours ago I thought we’d be spending our lives together. Carrie reminds him that they promised not to talk about this anymore. He says I can’t just give up on a dream – on the woman I love especially when I know she still has feelings for me. She says she still has feelings for him. He wants to know why she chose Lucas. Flashback to Lexie’s lie. She tells him she made her decision and he has to accept. Lucas comes to the door and tells Carrie breakfast is ready. Sami comes up behind Austin and leans on him and says we need to finish getting ready for the wedding. Lucas smirks and thinks to himself that he has the perfect way to get Carrie to forget about Austin for good.

Penthouse: Marlena looks at a picture of the original Roman and Marlena. Belle arrives. Marlena asks her to be her matron of honour. Belle says no because she doesn’t want her to marry Alex. Alex skulks at the door and says too bad. He’s marrying Marlena today and there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop him. More of Belle whining and Marlena fawning all over Belle. The clock chimes – Marlena has a memory – Belle realises she does and agrees to be her matron of honour. Alex hears this. He knocks on the door and says they need to get to the church – he’ll meet her at the church. Belle clutches the clock – this is her last chance to get her mommy and daddy back together. Alex sees her put the clock in her purse.

Kate’s suite: Shirtless John is bowing under the weight of the heavy rifle (don’t know how else to explain that ridiculous stance of his). Kate gasps and asks him what he is doing. He’s going to stop the wedding. Marlena can’t marry a dead man. She asks him if he is going to kill Alex. He says yes, with your help. He explains that she is the only person he trusts now. He’s drawn up papers leaving her in charge of his company and his children’s trusts. Kate says Marlena was a fool to choose Alex. John maintains she didn’t choose – she was manipulated. Once Alex is out of her life her memory will return and she’ll get her life back on track. Kate can’t let him do this – she goes to call Roman. John tells her to put the phone down. He’s counting on her not to let him down. She says she won’t. He talks about his mercenary past. He was highly efficient. He’s tried everything else and always ended up looking like the bad guy in Marlena’s eyes. If her life wasn’t at risk he wouldn’t mind letting her believe that.

Horton Cabin aka Honeymoon Central: Shawn is getting a fire going in the fireplace (thought I better qualify that statement because he does start fires elsewhere … LOL). He tells Mimi she can call him master fire builder – the place will be warm in no time. He scoops her up in his arms and starts kissing her cheek. She asks him if he’s going to carry her everywhere now that they’re married. He says yes – they’re newlyweds – they’re supposed to do this. He notices a large wrapped box and says it’s a present. Mimi asks who it is from but he doesn’t know. He opens the card and reads it to her: Dear Mimi and Shawn, May the love you share last a lifetime and may you cherish each and every day you have together. From your great grandmother Alice. They decide to open it. Shawn takes the lid off and says I don’t believe it.

Shawn and Mimi are looking at the cheque and Shawn says look she even wrote on it – This cheque is to make things a little easier to start out your married life. Mimi says – a little easier. I’d say that’s a lot. Shawn says it was very generous of her. Shawn wants to see what else is in the box – he pushes the tissue aside and says no way. Do you know what this is? It’s a book that my great grandfather’s grandmother started when the family first moved to Salem. It has everything that ever happened in the family in here. Births, christenings … Mimi says – everything you’d ever want to know about the Horton’s and the Brady’s. Shawn can’t believe that great Gran entrusted the book to them. That means she wants them to keep track of everything that happens in the family. Mimi can’t believe she’s a part of such a special family. She says – I think I might cry. Shawn puts the book down and says don’t cry, come here Mrs. Brady – they kiss.

Mimi is unpacking. She notices that Shawn looks sad and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her he’s looking at the page where Gran entered Zack’s birth. He picks up a pen and says he should enter his death. Mimi comes up behind him and hugs him – he melts into her and covers her hand. She says she is so sorry. Shawn says life is so precious. Gran was right – they have to cherish every moment we have together. The only way he can make any sense out of this is to think that God took Zack so he could save Claire’s life. Mimi says she knows how much he loves their goddaughter. He says ever since she was born he felt close to her but now that Zack is a part of her he feels even closer. Mimi looks pensive and he asks what is wrong. She says she was thinking they should enter Claire’s birth in the book. Shawn doesn’t know if they should – she’s not a Horton or a Brady. Mimi says yes she is.

Claire is their goddaughter – she wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the transplant she got from Zack and if that doesn’t make her part of your family then … He says that she is right – so into the book she goes. He enters Claire Kiriakis. He says and now Zack’s death and enters the date. Mimi takes his hand and says do you know how much I love you? He answers – hopefully as much as I love you. He tells her they shouldn’t be said. We’ll never forget the past but we need to focus on the future. Pretty soon they will be putting their kids names in this book. Mimi tells him she can’t wait. Shawn says there are so many kids out there that need a family and he wants a large one – the sooner they start the better. She feels the same way but she asks him if they can just start with one. Shawn smiles and says that sounds like a deal. For now he wants to enjoy some time with his wife. He picks her up. She says you’re carrying me again. He says you want to know why – it’s so you can conserve your energy for this. He kisses her and lays her on the bed. Shawn and Mimi are under the covers kissing. Shawn tells Mimi “I want you so bad.” Mimi says “you have me forever”. They’re kissing very passionately – Mimi says I love you – Shawn says I love you, babe. Belle barges in – Mimi and Shawn are shocked. Shawn says what the b … Belle – Belle says I need you. Shawn looks furious – Mimi looks like she’s thinking “wth” …

St Luke’s: Abe and Roman are in the chapel – all they need to do is keep John away. Tek barges in – he’s checked the perimeter – no John. Roman says all they have to do is locate John and keep him under surveillance. Tek runs into Lexie. He approaches her but Abe comes out of the chapel. He asks Lexie to go check on Marlena – John is convinced she is being brainwashed. Abe asks her to get one of the sleeping pills she is taking. Flashback to Alex’s threats. Abe and Roman talk about John and what Alex may do. Abe says they have to stop Alex but they can’t let John playing vigilante. John overhears them and says he’ll do whatever he has to do to keep Marlena safe even if it costs him his life or his freedom. They want to know if he has a gun. He says he would never do that and pulls open his leather jacket so they can see he has no weapon. He came to go to confession. Roman tells Abe he has a bad feeling. John ask Father Jansen for forgiveness for a grievous sin – murder.

In the bride’s room – Belle and Marlena talk – Belle tells her she is making a mistake. Lexie agrees. The clock chimes – Marlena accuses Belle of bringing it there to remind her of John. Whining Belle agrees and pushes her to remember – Alex eavesdrops. He needs to put a stop to this. Conveniently a flower delivery arrives – he pays the delivery guy to knock over the clock and break it. He does. Belle whines. Alex smirks. John tells Father Jansen he hasn’t committed the murder yet. Father Jansen wants to know why he’s here then – does he want to be talked out of it. John says he has no choice – Father Jansen agreed to marry them. Father J says he had no choice – if he didn’t someone else would. John says he doesn’t have a choice either – he’ll do whatever he has to to protect her life. Lexie leaves Marlena and Belle alone – smart move Lexie – I’d run too. Belle dregs out more gifts to try and jog her mother’s memory. She thinks it’s worked and her mother is going to call off the wedding. Marlena tells her she is wrong – Belle stares – Alex grins. The boring foursome arrive. Sami complains that Marlena shouldn’t be doing this. Lexie pulls Carrie aside and says I see you made your choice. She hopes Carrie will be happy. Lucas cuts in to gloat – he calls Carrie angel and takes her to their seat. Lexie and Sami squabble. Sami tells Lexie that Carrie didn’t have to chose Lucas – she didn’t even tell Austin why she chose Lucas. If Carrie loves Austin so much she would have told him all of the truth. Lexie tells Sami that Austin won’t settle for her and walks away. Sami says she should know by now that what Sami Brady wants, she gets.

Kate arrives – Roman asks her if John told her what he planned to do. She tells them John can be very secretive – all she can say is to keep an eye on him. John asks Kate if she is enjoying the festivities. Kate tells him that she is here to see Marlena. Roman asks John not to do anything he may regret. John says he has to go. Abe asks Lexie if she got through to Marlena. Lexie says both she and Belle tried but Marlena is going ahead with the wedding. Abe says John is after Alex – there is going to be hell to pay. Alex hears this. He decides if the police can’t control John he’ll have to take matters into his own hands. Lucas tells Carrie he has a confession to make. Kate follows John. She asks him if he can reconsider this. He says eliminating Alex North is the only thing left to do. Staring, gaping Belle overhears. Marlena has another memory of her and John. Sami tells Austin she hates the idea of her mom marrying this guy but there’s nothing she can do about it. Austin says that doesn’t sound like her. Sami says fate is fate – she has to accept what is and move on with her future. She brings up Shawn and Mimi – who would have thought that they would have gotten married but they did. All these weddings make her think of the future. Austin doesn’t see any wedding in his future. Carrie asks Lucas what his confession is. He says he didn’t sleep all night – thinking of her wanting to come in her room. He’s just so happy that she chose him over Austin – they’re going to have a great life together. It will be perfect. She says nothing is perfect. He says it will if he can make her happy. She’s everything he’s always wanted. He went out and got her a gift. With Austin and Sami watching in horror Lucas gets down on one knee and propose – Sami cries silent tears – Carrie beams with happiness. (I thought she wanted to take things slow???)

Tek comes rushing in and tells Roman and Abe that John gave him the slip. Roman tells him to find Alex. They have to make sure that John doesn’t get a clear shot at Alex if that is what he is going to try. Alex is outside looking for John. John aims the rifle and fires. Tek reports back that Alex is fine. Roman says he won’t be for long if we don’t find John. Alex tells one of the uniformed officers to make sure John doesn’t get near the church. John shoots another watermelon. He checks out his targets and picks up a piece of watermelon and eats it saying he hasn’t lost his touch. Marlena asks herself how she can go through with this – she loves John. Kate asks her if she heard her right – you remember your past with John. Marlena asks Kate – what am I going to do?

Preview: Lucas yelling at Sami – Austin is interested in the good sister and we both know who that is. Austin to Carrie – I really do want you to be happy. Carrie – Thank you (she hugs him). Kate to Marlena – Tell Lexie what you told me – that you remember being in love with John. Marlena beaming – I don’t love John at all. I’m in love with Alex. John – I pledged my love to you, Doc. Alex North will never hurt you again.


Thursday Mar 30

Pat’s Spoilers

Horton Cabin: Belle barges in on Shawn and Mimi making love. Shawn is beyond annoyed and asks her what is it? Mimi wants to know as well. Belle whines and tells Shawn that she would never have interrupted his honeymoon if it wasn’t important. (Excuse me, Mrs. Kiriakis but Shawn isn’t on his honeymoon alone – how about apologising to his wife – remember her???) Belle goes all theatrical and says someone is going to die today if we don’t stop it. Belle turns her head as Shawn and Mimi get out of bed. Shawn asks her if Claire is sick again. She says no she’s with Philip. He wants to know who is in danger. Flashback to Belle eavesdropping – she tells Shawn it’s her dad. Shawn wants to know what the hell is wrong with her dad. Mimi says he must be very upset that your mom is renewing her vows with Alex North. Belle tells them that he’s going to make sure she doesn’t. Shawn asks how. Belle dramatically declares ‘by killing Alex.’ She then says I’m sorry – I didn’t know who else to go to. Shawn turns to Mimi – they both have the same expression on their faces … LOL!

Shawn kisses Mimi on the forehead and then turns back to Belle. He says sometimes when people get angry they say things they don’t really mean. How does she know that he really wants to kill Alex. Because her dad threatened Alex. He said if he went through with this wedding that he would kill him. She knows he means it – he’s desperate. (Ah, excuse me – but let me tell you who is really coming off as desperate in this picture and it sure as heck isn’t John Black!) He would do anything to protect her mom – even kill – that’s how much he loves her. Mimi walks around and Shawn glances over at her. Belle begs him to please help her find her dad before he does this. Shawn says I would love to but I’m on my honeymoon right now. She knows it’s the worse timing in the world but we don’t get to pick when bad things happen. Shawn is at a loss for words so he just scratches his cheek. Mimi says resignedly – come on, Shawn – let’s go find her Dad. Belle looks at Mimi – you’re coming to? Mimi tells her that she’s not going to let her new husband put himself into danger without her. They just took vows – they promised to be there for each other. Mimi then adds I was hoping the ‘for better’ part would have lasted more than a few hours. Shawn says they will get back to this. Belle stares. Belle thanks them. Shawn goes to get their coats. Belle finally apologises to Mimi – she’s so sorry it’s just … Mimi interrupts and tells Belle exactly what ‘it’ is … That you had to come to my husband instead of going to your own. You know I’m really sorry for what you’re going through Belle but I just don’t understand that. Belle stares. Shawn brings their coats – they leave.

Celeste: We see her reading her tarot cards. The spirit world is restless – the window blows open – Mon Dieu!

St Luke’s: A repeat of Lucas proposing. Carrie is honoured but doesn’t know what to say. Lucas wants her to say yes. Sami has a flashback to her and Lucas’ almost wedding. Carrie says she can’t and runs out of the church. Lucas goes after her but Austin tells him to give Carrie some time. Lucas declares that she’s upset and needs him. Sami reminds him she ran out on him. Lucas gets very nasty with Sami who is close to tears. Austin tells Lucas not to take out his frustrations on Sami. Lucas gets on his high horse and goes on and on about Carrie’s virtues. Austin says – go ahead, you’ll lose her. Lucas takes this opportunity to remind Austin that Carrie chose him. Austin says yeah it hurts but I’m not the one lashing out. Lucas sneers at Sami and says she can take it. Lucas goes chasing after Carrie. Austin knows that is must have been hard for her to watch Lucas propose. Sami knows it was no different for him. She really thought Carrie was going to chose him. Lucas asks Carrie if she is alright. They talk (I won’t listen to it more than once). But let’s just say they’re all smiles – blech! Lucas wants to go back inside – she wants some time alone. He asks if they’re okay – she says yes. He leaves – Austin comes up behind her and touches her shoulder – she’s startled. Carrie can’t believe she ran acted that way. Austin understands – she was being rushed. She tells him that he has to stop. He apologises and tells her he really does want her to be happy. They hug – she goes back inside.

Sami asks Lucas how her sister is. Lucas says why do you care? Sami figures it didn’t go well. He says it will be fine. Sami asks him if Carrie accepted his proposal. He says we’re taking it slow. Sami says she know how much he wants to marry Carrie. Lucas gets confrontational. He says he will get everything he wanted – he will marry Carrie but she will not get Austin. Sami asks him why he proposed to Carrie – was he afraid that she was going to change her mind – or that he was. She knows that when he thought Carrie had chosen Austin he was going to suggest they get back together. This argument quickly degenerates into a bout of mudslinging. I won’t go into detail. Lucas is so horribly mean to Sami that she ends up in tears. Lucas apologises but he says that’s just them – they always end up fighting and saying things they don’t mean. From now on he will be civil to her for Will’s sake but that’s all. He wishes her luck with Austin and tells her he really means it.

Lexie is outside talking on her cell. Tek the letch skulks behind her. She asks if they found John yet. He says no. When she tries to leave he stops her by taking her hands. He wants her to stay safe – he needs her in his life. Lexie tells him it’s kind of him to be concerned about her but their main worry is John – he can’t ruin his life by shooting Alex. Tek thinks Alex is deliberately making himself a target. Lexie agrees that Alex has been goading John since day one. She would really like to help Marlena but she can’t. Her hands are tied by Alex. He’s threatening to tell Abe about them if she interferes. Tek asks how he knows. Lexie says he saw them making love in her office months ago. Tek goes all macho – Lexie tells him not to do anything. Alex is a very dangerous man. She tells him that no one can find out about their affair. Celeste watches and listens. Kate calls out and tells Lexie that Marlena is getting her memory back. Lexie is thrilled – she tells Kate she will be right there. Celeste waits until Lexie leaves and then approaches Tek. She says you bastard and then slaps him.

I won’t go into detail on the Tek and Celeste scenes. Tek is very disrespectful of both Celeste and Abe. Tek declares that Lexie wants him and needs him and he’s going to make sure she isn’t Mrs. Carver for much longer. Celeste tells him she won’t allow him to destroy Lexie and Abe’s marriage. Tek declares that he will be with Lexie and nothing Celeste can do will change that. Celeste vows to herself that she make sure Lexie and Abe’s marriage remains intact.

Roman and Abe warn Alex that he could end up leaving the church in a coffin if he insists on going on with the wedding. Alex isn’t going to let John, the raving lunatic stop him and walks away. Abe and Roman vow to stop John from making the biggest mistake of his life. Roman asks Abe if they’ve thought of everything. Abe wishes Alex would call off the wedding – give them time to talk to John and calm him down. Abe thinks that Alex wants John to attempt to kill him. Abe says that Alex goaded John more than once. Roman says John is a hell of a shot – Alex must have a death wish. Abe says they better keep an eye on him. Abe tells a uniformed officer to put a guard at every entrance and at the windows – that’s been a vulnerable spot before. Roman returns and says he can’t find Alex anywhere. Abe wonders if John has already gotten to him.

John packs up his rifle and talks to himself. To prove his love for Marlena he’s going to kill Alex so he can never hurt her again. John knows that Abe and Roman are going to make it almost impossible for him to get into St. Luke’s. He grabs some blueprints and says they’re good, but I’m better. John continues talking to himself – his days as a priest are coming in handy. He’ll use the catacombs under St Luke’s to get inside and find the perfect location to take out Alex North. John goes through his check list – he has no exit plan. John hides behind the trees and a statue watching the church waiting to make his move.

Kate asks Marlena if she remembers her life with John. Marlena remembers her wedding to John. She says her heart is John – he is the one true love of her life. Alex pulls out a hypodermic and says Marlena is forcing him to take her life. Kate asks her if she has all of her memories back. Marlena says no it’s like déjà vu. Alex doesn’t want her to remember anything before the service is over. He wants John to attempt to kill him because then John’s good friends will have to arrest him. John will end up in jail and he’ll be able to do take Marlena away forever. Kate tells Marlena to relax – she’s going to get Lexie. Kate realises that with Marlena’s memory returning there is no chance for her and John. Alex sneaks in behind Marlena. He injects Marlena. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her when he counts to three she won’t remember that he was in the room – all she will remember is how much she loves him and wants to be with him. Lexie and Kate are outside the bride’s room. Lexie is very happy that Marlena’s memory has returned. She won’t have to be with that smarmy Alex – she and John can get back together. Lexie then apologises for being insensitive. Lexie tries to comfort Kate. Lexie believes they can find more than one true love. Kate admits that she and John are nothing more than friends now but when Marlena said she remembered John – it cut into her heart. She wonders if he will still have a place for her in his life but then if she truly loves him she would want him to find his happiness. (Hmm … Kate actually does know what love is!) They go inside – Kate tells Marlena to tell Lexie what she told her – that she’s still in love with John. Marlena says she doesn’t know where Kate got that idea – she loves Alex not John.

Lexie asks Marlena if she is denying that she said what she said to Kate. Marlena doesn’t know why Kate would say something like that. She’s not in love with John – she’s in love with Alex. Marlena repeats the mantra a couple of times. Kate tells Marlena that she knows her very well – a few minutes ago she saw the Marlena she used to know. Now she sees the same beautiful woman but where did Marlena go? Marlena is agitated – she asks Lexie if she has to listen to this. Lexie tells her that she said the same thing to her in the hospital – that she remembered everything but the next time she saw her – she had no memory of even seeing Lexie in her room. Kate says there is something just plain wrong here – there’s something wrong with her. Marlena tells her to stop it – Lexie asks for time alone. Alex who is hiding behind the tapestry smirks that Lexie is no match for him. Lexie recalls catching Alex using hypnosis on Marlena. She realises that Alex is brainwashing Marlena but she can’t tell anyone because Alex is brainwashing her.

Kate sees Belle, Mimi and Shawn enter and asks them what’s this? The shortest honeymoon in the history of honeymoons. Belle doesn’t let anyone else speak – she wants to know if Kate has seen her dad. She says no but both Roman and Abe are looking for them. Shawn tells Belle that they should go and talk to his Uncle Roman. Kate asks Mimi what the hell is wrong with her – she couldn’t keep her husband in bed on their honeymoon. Mimi tells her that Belle barged in and said her dad was in trouble and she needed his help. Kate says what’s wrong with getting her husband’s help. Mimi says that’s what she wants to know. She guesses he’s at home babysitting. Kate says Belle doesn’t need Shawn she wants Shawn. She wants to get your husband away from you and I guess she did that – literally. She got him out of your bed, didn’t she. Mimi says she barged in at a very climatic moment. Kate tells her she better get in there and be with her husband – get them back on their honeymoon. She warns Mimi that she better stop Belle from hanging all over Shawn or she will live to regret it. Roman asks Shawn what’s wrong – he though he was supposed to be on his honeymoon. Belle asks if he has seen her dad. Roman says no. Belle tells him she knows what is going on – they have to stop it. Roman ignores Belle and tells Shawn that he should be somewhere with his wife. Where’s Mimi? Shawn says she came with them. He wants to help out – he figures it should only take a couple of hours.

Abe finally sees Alex and reminds him that they are actually trying to save his life. Abe gets a call and asks Roman if he can speak to him. Belle wants to know if it’s about her dad. Abe tells her its police business. Abe tells Roman it’s not good. Belle whines to Shawn – they won’t tell her anything. She’s really worried about her Dad. Shawn doesn’t really think her dad will kill out of revenge or jealousy. Belle whines – what if no one stops him – what will happen to him. She throws herself against him and wraps her arms around him and tries to crawl inside his skin – Shawn’s arms are very stiff and his back is ramrod straight – Mimi sees what Belle is doing. After the break Shawn at least looks like he is returning the hug but he pulls out of it. Belle says thank you much I don’t know what I would have done if you wouldn’t have helped me. (Excuse me – but you’re in a church full of cops – Shawn is doing diddly squat – how is he helping – oh wait, he’s feeding your obsession – what was I thinking!) Mimi sits in a pew. Shawn says you know I would do anything for you. Belle says she knows – that means so much to her. Shawn says but it doesn’t look good. Belle asks him what he means. He tells her she knows what he means – to Philip, to Mimi. We’re not being fair. Don’t take this the wrong way – I know you’re very upset about your husband but Philip is your husband. He’s the person you should be turning to for support, not me. He’ll do what he can. Belle stares. Mimi watches them and hears what Shawn is telling Belle. Shawn goes to Mimi and takes her hand. Abe tells Roman that the order has come down – if John attempts to get into the church they have a shoot to kill order.

Preview: Bo to Jennifer – My wife wants to give up our marriage. If I can’t forgive myself, how can I expect her to forgive me? Hope to Patrick – If Bo hadn’t been taken in by Chelsea’s manipulations my baby would still be here. Marlena to Alex (at the altar) – Everything alright? Alex – It will be as soon as you say I do. John – As soon as North says I do he’s a dead man.


Friday Mar 31

Janice’s Spoilers

St. Luke’s Church: The Mod Squad, The Three Stooges, The Keystone Cops, The Flying Nun, Ozzie & Harriet, Jekyll & Hyde, The Flintstones, Moby Dick, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Elmer Fudd, and last but not least...Shawn & Mimi

Kate tries to convince Marlena to wait/stop the wedding (I am liking this Kate...lol...). Marlena is in 24-hr Alex-Zone Mode and says nope. She turns it around and tries to figure out Kate’s M.O. Shouldn’t Kate be wanting the marriage so that she can have little old John to herself??? Kate doesn’t think Marlena will be a happy camper with Alex.

Alex is interrogating Belle...doesn’t want her to speak to his beloved. She gets in his face and says that she is the made of honor after all...demands to see her mother.

John is all dressed up with no place to go in a nun’s costume (how original...sigh...) while the coppers case the joint and plot course. Mimi sees John but doesn’t clue in....lol... thinks he/she is the ugliest nun she’s ever seen (where’s Tom Hanks when you need him???). A disguised John accidentally bumps into Tek as well and then walks quickly away. With Shawn by her side, Mimi starts asking Roman the right questions... why not just arrest Alex. For some odd reason (can’t be incompetence of course)...he tells her the Salem P.D. don’t have enough evidence yet. He tries to reassure her that they’ve got things under control...yeah right!

John sneaks into a room and takes off his habit...presto...no improvement.

Alex pushes his opinion on Belle and she returns the compliment. He pushes again. She ignores his opinion, as is par for the course with this character, and knocks on the door.

Mimi is full of questions today...all good. Abe pumps up Tek’s ability to shoot...sigh...all bad. Mimi is sure they are just going to aim for John’s arm or shoulder. Nope! Gonna take the guy out...shoot to kill...kill...kill...John is a trained mercenary and won’t give them a choice.

John assembles the rifle again...rags on Alex North...tries to get God on his side.

Belle whines to Marlena...let me in...let me in... Nope! Not gonna happen. (sheesh sometimes I wonder who the mother is here!) Marlena tells Kate that she doesn’t want to argue with her daughter on the happiest day of her life. At Mommy’s direction...Belle’s new step-daddy smirks and offers to escort Marlena’s daughter into the church.

LOL...Go Mimi...she’s more worried about John than they are. Abe tells her that John is desperate to save Marlena. Mimi reasons that John has to know that the church is sealed off. Abe and Roman are determined to be he-men and do their jobs. Roman says that John is like a brother to him and he knows just how he thinks...if they don’t do things right then both John and Alex could wind up dead.

John fantasizes about Marlena...death row...Marlena defending Alex...damning John to hell for killing the love of her life...only visited so she could watch John die. Back in real time, at least I think it is...really hard to tell, John reassures himself that he is doing the right thing.

Kate is still with Marlena. Marlena flashes back to being in the shower with John and making love...then to eating melted marshmallows with John. Alex flashes to drugging Marlena...says the right words...cues Marlena to say the same...Zombie time... Kate picks up on it. Alex goes into the sanctuary.

Roman and Shawn decide to be useful. The men spread out. Shawn stays with Abe.

Mimi comforts Belle about her dad. Belle apologizes for interrupting the honeymoon (pretty meaningless on her part). Mimi puts her in her place. She tells her point blank that she understands that Belle and Shawn have a history of turning to each other with problems. Belle jumps on that and says an eager “yes we do!” Mimi doesn’t give an inch. She tells Belle that it doesn’t change the fact that it was totally inappropriate and she thinks Belle should be honest about why she ran to Mimi’s husband and not her own. Belle argues that she just thought of Shawn automatically. Mimi says she should have gone to Philip. Belle uses Phil’s leg as an excuse. Mimi counters that Phil is fine and a marine to boot. Belle thinks she doesn’t believe her apology. Mimi tells her she accepts it but that she interrupted their honeymoon...just one night though and Shawn and she will have the rest of their lives together. Belle looks strange.

John focuses with the gun...shoots a rose...good one John!!! Is the man nuts??? He does target practice in a church full of people? Mimi wonders what the whizzing sound was.

Kate gets nothing out of a brainwashed Marlena who rags on John. Kate goes. Marlena has a memory of marrying John...grabs the flowers and heads out.

Mimi is still fussing about that sound. Belle starts staring at Shawn. Shawn doesn’t even notice her.

Music begins...ceremony starts...John’s on the job...Marlena and Alex at the altar. Belle frets and frets and frets...still watches her best friend’s husband. (Interesting that Belle’s husband could be at Shawn and Mimi’s wedding but not at Belle’s own mother’s wedding...sigh...). The coppers are on the job too. Shawn’s eagle eye sees John’s gun focused on the groom...notifies Abe that he sees a gun up in the grill...Roman goes into commando mode. Abe prays that Roman can stop John before someone gets hurt. Tek goes into commando mode. John and Tek do a gun tango...boom!

Patrick’s House: Frankie, Billie, & Chelsea

Frankie tries to tell Chelsea that this isn’t a game. Chelsea thinks she knows more that Frankie does about the law...defends that it was just an accident...rags on him ...insists she won’t do jail time...wants him to be a miracle worker. Frankie offers some scenarios... wants Chelsea to be remorseful...cough...cough... Chelsea zeros in on the Hope factor... wants them to make sure she doesn’t return for the trial. Frankie disabuses her of that notion. Chelsea has a meltdown...not pretty.

Frankie says they need to find people to testify on Chelsea’s behalf. Again Chelsea goes on a Hope rant. Frankie thinks Hope’s testimony will carry a lot of weight but so will Bo’s. Billie is sure that Bo will be torn but will support Chelsea. He thinks that will help, especially if he signed the temporary license thinking that Chelsea was a responsible driver. Chelsea thinks Abby, Max, and her mom will testify as well for her. Frankie leaves.

Billie warns Chelsea against hurting Hope and Bo. She admits that she was wrong and that Bope belong together and wants Chelsea to learn some self-respect and to do the honorable thing. Her spawn lies through her teeth...looks at the computer. Billie is skeptical...spawn lays on the guilt...mom backs off and goes to get some coffee and soda. Chelsea talks to herself...all bad...emails nasty little message to Hope.

Brady House: Bo & Jennifer

Bo is gardening when Jennifer turns up. He’s planting Hope’s favorite flowers...awww... and then going to paint their bedroom the color Hope chose over a year ago...then going to work his way down the “Honey-DO” list. Jennifer is sure that Hope will appreciate it when she gets back. Bo picks up on that comment and wants to know what she knows. Jen says that all she meant was that he needs to take charge and tries to convince him to go out there and find her and bring her back home.

Bo tells Jen that he loves Hope but she won’t return his phone calls or emails and he doesn’t know where she is. Jennifer is surprised that he is just giving up that easy...thinks he should stop thinking as a grieving husband and start thinking like a detective. She reminds him of how he saved Hope from Larry Welch and an avalanche. Bo doesn’t think it is wise to drag his wife back home. He’s desperate to find Hope...going half crazy with worrying if she is okay...but respects her wish to have some space and maybe come to terms with the fact that he broke his promise to her. Jen disagrees. He blames himself big time...Zach is dead...his daughter could go to prison...his wife wants out of
their marriage. He can’t forgive himself so he doesn’t know how he can expect Hope to forgive him.

Jennifer keeps trying to get Bo to change his mind. He tells her he’s not giving up...just wants to give Hope time to heal. Jen asks him if he doesn’t want Hope to testify against Chelsea. He says he wants Hope home, but no he doesn’t want her to testify...thinks that eventually she will have to forgive for Zach’s sake Oh darn that Bo and he was doing so well... sigh...he’s defending Chelsea now...doesn’t want to lose another child. Jen says that Chelsea is a master manipulator...knows how to smile and charm to get what she wants and can make you feel responsible for her mistakes...thinks prison might be the best thing for her. Bo makes excuses for poor Chelsea. Jennifer asks him point blank whether Chelsea wants a family with him and Hope and Shawn or just with him and Billie. She thinks Chelsea will try to force Bo to choose.

Bo tells Jen that the bottom line is that he loves Hope and wants her back home but it’s her move. Frankie arrives and tells them that it will be hard to keep Chelsea out of jail but he will do what he can.

Island: Hope & Patrick

Patrick comes outside and offers Hope a mango...asks how her back is. He tries to convince Hope to go back to Salem and visit the doctor for her back and get a proper diagnosis. Hope isn’t going. They argue. He knows she still loves Bo. Hope says she happy where she is right now. She thinks he is trying to manipulate her to go back to Salem and Bo and try to work things out...see if they can save their marriage before it’s too late. He counters that if she doesn’t at least try...she won’t be able to move on.

Hope watches another couple kissing and fanaticizes that it’s her and Bo. Hope has trust issues with Bo...she does love him though. Patrick asks her if she wants to throw all that away and not even try to work things out. He defends Bo...says he knows he made a big mistake...but knows that they love each other. Hope reminds him that Bo has spent all of his time with Billie and Chelsea since she left...trying to keep Chelsea out of prison. Patrick can’t believe that she would take Chelsea’s word over Bo’s. She argues that Chelsea answered the phone at their house and is just like her mother...they both know that she is capable of doing anything to save her own skin. Hope gets upset as she thinks about Zach and goes back inside.

Hope gets an email...supposedly from Bo. She is shocked, shakes her head, and says oh my god!


Chelsea looks at the computer and says she will have front row seats to witness the fallout after Hope goes ballistic.

Hope tells Patrick she is going to email Bo and tell him she wants a divorce.

Frankie tells Jennifer he wants to take her to Green Mountain Lodge and show her a good time.

While Mimi looks on from behind, Shawn tells Belle that sometimes the wrong people end up together. (I think he is talking about Alex and her Mom...lol...I don’t think she is thinking that though).

John aims the gun and murmurs...forgive me for what I am about to do, but it’s the only way I can get him away from her.
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Monday Apr 3

Janice’s Spoilers

Patrick’s House: Chelsea, Chelsea, and more Chelsea

Chelsea flashes back to Frankie saying he’s not sure he can keep her out of jail. She goes into her favorite I won’t go to jail mantra...will do anything to keep Bo and Hope apart so that Bo can be with Billie and back his daughter up in court. Chelsea plots... plots some more to split up DOOL’s rating’s couple so she can rule the world...sends another poison dart via email to Miss Hope.

Dopey whistles while she works and predicts that once Hope reads the article, she’ll be so mad at Bo that she will never go back to him...then her parents can be together...yada.. .yada... Then Miss Chelsea has the mighty nerve to bring Zach into the equation by playing on his sympathies...it was an accident...dad shouldn’t have to lose two kids...just has to get rid of the evidence in case someone tries to read her diary again... If Hope gets hurt it’s just too bad...after the way she treated her (Chelsea) she can’t expect her to care.
Presto! She has solved the ‘who put the caramel in the Caramilk bar’ aka I got into my dad’s email account with no hands! She decides that she can read his personal files because he read hers...decides to leave it open in case Hope responds.

Chelsea sees Hope’s response and is beyond excited. She decides to answer for her dad: “It breaks my heart, Hope, but I guess you are right. There is really no way we can stay together now. I’m sorry about Zach. I would do anything to bring him back, but I have a daughter with Billie now and it’s my responsibility to protect Chelsea. If you can’t live with that...there is no future for us together...so be it...I won’t contest the divorce...I need to be here for Billie and Chelsea...you are right...what we had is over...I think it’s best that we both go our separate ways. Bo.”

A good day’s work for Miss Chelsea as she is thrilled that Hope has received the email. All she has to do now is cover her tracks...there is no future for Bo and Hope. (damn this is so pathetic!)

Island: Hope & Patrick

Chelsea’s email is a newspaper article from the Salem Chronicle detailing Shawn’s wedding. (as much as I loved the wedding, it seems strange that a whole article would be devoted to it in the newspaper...sigh...). Hope is a little upset that Shawn didn’t wait for her to return. Patrick sees a picture of Billie and Chelsea. Hope can’t believe that Billie and Chelsea showed up uninvited. She tells Patrick that she would never have left Salem if she had known about the wedding...but that Shawn knew she had to get away from Bo and Billie and Chelsea and also knew how hard it would be for her to go back to St. Luke’s after the funeral. Patrick puts two and two together and surmises that Shawn sacrificed having his mom at his wedding because he cared so much.
Hope reads the article out loud...the groom’s half-sister showed up uninvited...charged with hit and run death of the groom’s five year old brother...her appearance stopped the wedding. She asks Patrick to continue. Patrick reads...Bo and Hope Brady, detectives of the Police Force, separated after the death of their son. The groom threw the young girl and her parents, Bo Brady and Billie Reed, out of the church. Hope continues...The young woman’s parents were seen comforting her...etc...etc... She is beyond angry and wants to know what the hell is wrong with Bo...choosing to coddle Chelsea instead of staying for the wedding. She thinks that it is very clear that Bo prefers Billie and Chelsea over her and Shawn. Hope is crying now. She realizes that Shawn had to get married without either of his parents.

Patrick tries to calm her down...says that she is Bo’s everything...his whole life. She says that pictures don’t lie and its proof that Bo has turned his back on them...this is the last straw...it’s over....decides to send an email asking for a divorce. Patrick tries to get Hope to write another email...he tells her that she can’t let her marriage end without at least talking to Bo...that she needed to let out her anger but to just email Bo and tell him she needs more time. Hope’s mind is made up.

***We get the most beautifully haunting flashback of amazing/exquisite Bo and Hope moments from their storylines.***

Patrick begs Hope not to make the biggest mistake of her life...especially after all the pain and suffering she has gone through...don’t give up on her love with Bo. He pleads with her to call Bo and tell him to erase the email without reading it. Hope gets the next email and is bereft. Patrick is worried about her. She breaks down and tells him that Bo agreed to the divorce and is standing by Billie and Chelsea...my god it’s over...it’s over! Hope is crying and in a lot of pain...amazing performance by Kristian. She whispers that they are getting a divorce. Patrick sits and watches over her.


Hold The Presses!!! This Just In:

Mrs. Belle Kiriakis sets a new record for most weddings about...HER! Hmm...Let us count them down: Miss Belle’s, Miss Chloe’s, Miss Sami’s, Miss Mimi’s, and now Miss Marlena’s! Grown man cross-dresses and causes religious furor! Damsel with PPD/Depression/ Stalking Syndrome saves the day! Damsel with axe to grind/selfish to the bone/walk on water attitude creates email voodoo...being courted by Microsoft and Apple in a bidding war to end all wars! Young man uses Secret Decoder Ring/X-Ray vision /Nassau Star Wars weapons/Telepathy to detect what police technology can’t...is promoted to Salem Police Commissioner overnight...honeymoon put on hold! And finally...lawyer uses oldest seduction trick in the book...does Mae West version of...lemme show you a good...good...time...I’m extra versatile!

St. Luke’s Church: The Pot that Called the Kettle Black, The Partridge Family, The Don’t Step on a Crack and Break Your Back Gang, The it’s a bird...no it’s a plane Gang, The gang that couldn’t shoot straight! And Shawn & Mimi

Replay of the riveting...lol...entrance of Zombie Marlena walking down the aisle. Mimi watches. Belle watches too. Flashbacks galore...all boring. Shawn looks up and sees the gun...gets Dino, Desi and Billy over and all four look up...look way way up... Roman and his trusty sidekick Shawn rush up...up...up... Father Jansen drones on...organ music drones on...Tek gets antsy. Abe cautions. Roman yells at John through the door. Mimi flashes back to Belle interruptus at her wedding and wonders if the maid of honor will try to best her world record. Shawn tries to get through the door...such a brave young man...lol... vows are spoken...yawn...

Roman and Abe chat...Roman pleads with John...John doesn’t care...Shawn makes a person to person call to Mrs. Kiriakis. Belle throws the bouquet clear across the room in an attempt to look nonchalant and then saunters over to pick it up in front of her soon-to-be step-daddy. Belle saves the day by become a human shield...the men burst through and stop John...Belle is upset ...needs babysitting...Shawn comforts while Mimi looks on...Shawn tells Belle that she has to accept that sometimes the wrong people end up together. Alex taunts John. The boys hold John back.

The End! And god willing there won’t be a sequel!


Frankie tells Jennifer that he really wanted the evening to be special for her. She tells him she can’t do this.

Hope tells Patrick that she thinks Zach’s death gave Bo the excuse he was looking for to get out of their marriage.

Billie tells Bo that what he just wrote to Hope is beautiful and there isn’t a woman in the world who could read those words and not come running straight back to him.

Chelsea shows Kate her computer screen and says that it’s a good thing that Bo’s reply to Hope came to her computer first.


Tuesday Apr 4

Janice’s Spoilers

Note to Mr. Reilly:

You have systematically destroyed every couple on this show and earned the disrespect of every fanbase in the process. If this was your mandate then I commend you on achieving it. You certainly earned your pay. I hope it was worth it!

I apologize for the bitterness. I am so ticked off about Bo and Hope…sigh…so many holes/discrepancies in their storyline…so many unbelievable moments. That being said, Kudos to Kristian and Peter today for their outstanding performances. I actually thought Julie did a pretty good job today as well. Finally, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to Drake Hogestyn for having to be a part of a no-win storyline.

Green Mountain Lodge: Jennifer, Frankie, and a cast of thousands

Jennifer thanks Frankie for the rose. He thanks her for coming away with him like this. We get a nervous Jennifer not ready for bed. Frankie is. She plays with her wedding ring. Frankie understands and pulls back a little…more wine…chat…mellow yellow mood vibes…Frankie’s ready for bed…and a comfortable one it will be he thinks. Jennifer isn’t…it’s a big decision…Frankie eyes the desserts. Jennifer doesn’t want any…up…up…upstairs they finally go. Jennifer is still nervous/tired until she finds out Frankie wanted the night to be special...asks if she feels guilty about being there with him. Frankie got them separate rooms…nice recovery Frankie. Both are amazed and embarrassed by their miscommunication…sigh…looks like Frankie’s just a tad disappointed…grrr like the rest of us with this storyline. They part ways on a kiss. Jennifer goes into her room and berates herself.

Jennifer goes onto the patio in her robe. Frankie goes onto his patio in his robe simultaneously. (Coincidence Dr. Watson? I think not!) Jennifer changes her mind and they kiss and walk off into the sunset…lol…not really.

St. Luke’s Church: John, Roman, Abe, Marlena, and Alex

Johnny is having a hissy fit…insults the Salem P.D.’s competence…go figure! Roman and Abe cuff and arrest him for the attempted murder of Gomer Pyle aka Alex. Alex is in permanent smurf…er smirk mode. Aunt Bea aka Marlena and Gomer aka Alex agree not to press charges if Johnny gets help. He pleads with her not to go. The happy couple leaves. John goes into hissy fit #2. Roman takes John back to the Miss Kate’s room …uncuffs him. John gets his toy binoculars off and spies on the loving couple…makes some new…er… old…er…new...um threats.

Brady House: Bo and Billie

A bereft Bo tries to turn Billie away at the door but she plays the Chelsea card. He tells her that Hope wants a divorce. Billie is shocked and full of questions. He blames himself. She insists that he can’t let Chelsea come between him and Hope. He tells her it’s too late and he doesn’t blame Hope for hating him and wanting out of their marriage. He knows she’s in pain...she left Salem to get away from him...their little boy is dead and he should have seen it coming. He blames himself. Billie pleads with him not to give up and to try and contact Hope. She tells him that Hope is just going through a really tough time right now. He’s afraid to make things worse…wants to give her a little time. A devastated Bo says that Hope is his life…he can’t lose her.

Bo thanks Billie for supporting him. She tells him that she knows they are over and that he is meant to be with Hope. She pleads with him to write to Hope and tell her he loves her and will do anything to get her back. He sits down at the computer while Billie muses to herself that this is what you do when you love someone…you put his needs ahead of yours and accept that you aren’t meant to be...especially after what you did to help Chelsea come between them.

Bo starts typing his email to Hope: It breaks his heart to know how much Hope is hurting and the agony she is going through…he is responsible for Zach’s death so how can he expect her to forgive him? He loves her so much and it kills him that in their time of greatest need, they weren’t able to get comfort from each other. He prays its not too late…can’t accept the idea of a divorce…and won’t ever give up on her. He wants to talk in person…begs his Fancy Face to come home and give their marriage another chance… she is his everything…and he will always love her, because life without her has no meaning.

Bo is worried because Hope hasn’t answered his email yet. He doesn’t know what to do and keeps second-guessing himself. Billie tells him to believe in himself and believe in Hope’s love for him. She wonders if Hope was trying to open up communication by asking for the divorce and reassures him that there isn’t a woman in the world who could read those beautiful words he wrote and not come running straight back. She wants him to be happy. Bo’s phone rings and its Hope…He answers the phone anxiously and tells his Fancy Face that it’s good to hear her voice.

Island: Hope and Patrick

Hope is devastated. She can’t believe what she has done and tells Patrick she should have listened to him. Patrick tries to comfort her and pleads with her to write Bo back. She tearfully tells him that she has made the biggest mistake of her life. He thinks that there is still time to undo it. Hope doesn't because at the moment, Bo, Billie and Chelsea are looking like a family...only thing missing is the white picket fence. Patrick doesn’t agree. He defends Bo and says that he’s also mourning Zach. Hope thinks Bo doesn’t care…didn’t even put up a protest…didn’t even ask where she was...she feels betrayed... especially because of the articles. Patrick tries to reason with her…her emotions are raw…so are Bo’s. Bo just needs some time. She disagrees and tells him that she thinks Zach’s death gave Bo the excuse he needed to get out of the marriage…he wants to be with Billie and daughter.
Patrick presses Hope to get in touch with Bo again. She won’t…Bo failed her test. Hope sits at the computer and taps her fingers on the desk. Patrick asks her what she is waiting for. She tells him she is so confused and can’t imagine her life without Bo and can’t imagine it with him. She doesn’t want to do anything rash. She decides to go for a walk on the beach to think.

She walks along and flashes back to some beautiful memories…the boat…hot air balloon...haunting music (Can’t Live Without Your Love). She goes back inside and tells Patrick that she gave what he said a lot of thought...and he’s right...Bo and her have shared too much to let it end like this...she owes it to Bo to hear him out. Patrick gives her the cell phone.

Patrick’s house: Kate and Chelsea

Grandma Kate arrives and gets into it with Chelsea and her get out of jail free mantra… Chelsea flaunts her evil deeds to split up Bo and Hope for good. Kate wants details… sucks up to the little vulture…Chelsea spills everything…Kate’s impressed…Chelsea defends her belief that her mommy and daddy should be together. Kate has more questions…Chelsea has conquered the email world and can tamper with daddy’s email anytime she wants to…she can also leap tall buildings. Bo’s reply to Hope is now on her screen…diverted and deleted by little Miss Sticky Fingers so Hope will never see it…Chelsea’s parents will be together…Chelsea will stay out of prison…doo dah…doo dah! (sigh I feel as if I’m watching paint dry).

Grandma Kate and Chelsea take a stroll over to Bo’s house. Kate cautions her granddaughter that this could all backfire and Bo and Hope could talk on the phone and reunite as well as find out that Chelsea sabotaged their emails. Chelsea wants Kate to be her partner in crime. Kate pulls back…Chelsea pulls forward…Kate walks away.
Chelsea stands outside Bo’s door and hears the phone ring. She eavesdrops…swears… plots on…


Austin tells Sami that he doesn’t think he will ever get over losing “her.” Sami tells him that they can help each other forget. Austin kisses her.

Jennifer turns to Frankie in bed and tells him she loves him and thinks she always will.

Chelsea is up…up…up at the top of a utility pole (LOL…I swear this is for real)… hoping she knows which wire to cut…then screams…lots of electrical sparks.

Hope asks Bo what is going on…is that Billie she heard…is she there? Bo tells her that yes she is…


Wednesday Apr 5

Pat’s Spoilers

Gather round as I tell you a little tale of Flashbacks, Fantasies and Miscommunication. Sigh … this episode is guaranteed to put you to sleep. It’s so unforgettable that I have to re-watch the scenes in order to write up anything – not good!

LACKS aka Lucas, Austin, Carrie, Kate & Sami: Shirtless (now there’s a surprise… NOT!) Austin lifting weights as Sami fantasizes about Austin finishing the workout by doing ‘cardio’ – him kissing her. I will admit that Austin and Sami have a lot more chemistry than Carrie and Lucas. In the other apartment Carrie is staring at her engagement ring – flashbacks to the proposal and then the talk with Austin. (Lucas isn’t really on today – but he’s in flashbacks and the center of a lot of conversation). Kate drops by to see Lucas. Carrie tells him he’s working late. Kate is going to leave when she spies the ring. Carrie tells her that Lucas proposed. Kate is surprised that he proposed already. So is Carrie – she said no. Kate has a flashback to Lucas’s threats. Kate assumes she turned Lucas down because he’s not the right man for her. Carrie denies that – she’s says it’s too soon. Kate thinks a part of it is of because of her feelings for Austin. Carrie says that’s true but the reason is she wants to be sure. She wants to have children. She wants a marriage that will last. It’s important that her child is conceived in love. Sami has changed into a cocktail dress. Another fantasy. She offers Austin some iced tea. He notices she is dressed to go out. She wants to go to Dune with him. He says he has to finish his workout and then work on reports for Nicole. She protests – he insists. He goes to leave – she puts his hand on her chest and says she’s not letting him go.

Kate is confused – can’t Carrie decide – she asks her not to string them both along. Carrie just wants to be sure. She doesn’t want another failed marriage. After what happened with Mike and Austin taking over her company – she’s guns shy. She came from a broken home and she doesn’t want that to happen to her child. She wants to make sure she makes the right choice. Kate says and you’re having trouble making the choice because of your feelings for Austin. Austin figures out that she wants to go out to forget about Lucas – she was upset when he proposed. Sami says he’s working out and working to forget Carrie – he was upset by the proposal as well. He admits it. He thought he and Carrie were going to be married and have a family. Sami thought the same about her and Lucas but if she hadn’t realised it was over for good between them before she does now. Austin says he knows it’s over for him and Carrie but he’ll never get over her. Sami says never say never – maybe we can help each other forget. Austin kisses her.

Carrie says she does have feelings for Austin but she also loves Lucas. She wants to be sure. Kate says either of her sons would be lucky to have her. She tells her to make a choice, commit, and be happy. She leaves. Carrie looks at the ring and says she loves Lucas but she loves Austin too – and she always will. She wonders if she made the wrong choice. She starts writing a letter to Lucas. Austin breaks the intense kiss – saying it’s not right. Sami wants it … Austin says it’s wrong. They’re good friends and co-workers – they can’t mess this up. Sami says it’s not they haven’t done this before. Austin tells her they don’t have that type of relationship any more. He apologises for getting carried away and says it won’t happen again. Sami smirks. He says he’s going to the roof to finish his workout (boxing). After he leaves Sami says she’s not going to let anyone or anything stop her from getting Austin back. Kate is in the hallway talking to herself – the last thing she says is that she has to keep Sami away from Austin. Sami hears this (she’s taking garbage out) and tells Kate if she interferes in her life again she’s dead. On the rooftop Carrie has more flashbacks – a recent one of her and Lucas and some older ones and recent ones of her and Austin. Austin shows up on the roof. Sami says I swear to god if you sabotage my happiness with Austin … Kate points out that the only that sabotages her happiness is her. More barbs are exchanged. Sami goes back inside her apartment. Kate follows. Kate wants Sami’s assurance that she’ll stay away from Austin. Sami threatens to call Roman and have Kate thrown out. Kate says Roman is the only person that doesn’t hate Sami. Sami takes real glee in painting Kate a picture of what happened between her and Austin. Kate tells Sami that if she makes one move towards Austin she’s going to make her life hell. Sami says she is an unbelievable bitch and asks Kate why she can’t leave her alone.

Green Mountain Lodge: They’re kissing. He asks her if she is sure. She says yes. He picks her up and carries her inside. Frankie lays Jen on the bed and unties the belt of her robe. They kiss. The kisses continue. Frankie stops and says he brought a CD that he thinks she will enjoy – he goes to put it on. Jen removes her rings. It’s Stand by Me – flashback to their prom. Frankie says it brings back memories – it seems like a million years ago. She says and sometimes it feels like just yesterday. More kisses. They make love. Frankie says I love you. Jen stares at him and Frankie morphs into Jack. Jack tells her its okay – it’s even okay to be afraid. He wants her to know that all of this is okay. Frankie loves her – she can trust him – he’ll be good to her. She and Frankie together is what he wants. He says it’s what you want too so just let it happen. Tell him how you feel and he’ll know she’ll be okay and she’ll know that he’ll rest in peace. Frankie asks Jen if she is okay. Jen says she was thinking about what he said – he said he loved her. Frankie says you’ve know that for a long time. She wants to tell him how she feels. She says I love you, a part of me always has and I think I always will. They kiss and hug … Jen sees Jack … he nods and disappears.

Billie, Bo, Chelsea, Hope & Patrick: A repeat of Billie telling Bo not to give up – when Hope reads his e-mail she won’t want a divorce. Bo says that he and Hope need to talk face to face. Hope can’t believe that he just agree to the divorce without trying to change her mind. Patrick reminds her that she blindsided him and he probably reacted out of anger – just like she did. He pulls his cell out of his pocket and tells her to call Bo now. Back to Billie who continues to assure Bo that Hope will change her mind. Chelsea watches – flashback to her conversations with Kate. She says Kate is right – Bo and Hope can’t talk. The phone rings – it’s Hope – Chelsea frets. She knows if they talk she’s in trouble. She looks up – and prays it works. Bo asks Hope is she got his e-mail about her request for a divorce. She says yes, that’s why she called – they need to talk. Chelsea comes out of the garage with wire cutters saying Sorry Dad.

Bo apologises for taking so long to respond but he needed to think about everything he wanted to say. Hope says so you gave it a lot of thought. He says yeah – a lot. Sometimes things aren’t always clear in an e-mail so he hopes that she understands what he was trying to say. Hope is upset and tells him to hold. She then tells Patrick he really means it – he wants the divorce. Bo tells Billie that Hope put him on hold. Billie advises him to repeat everything he told her in the e-mail to her when she comes back on the line. Bo vows to say it over and over again until she believes him. Patrick asks Hope if she wants to call Bo back later. She says no – if he wants to end over twenty years together she needs to know that now. She goes back to Bo – he says they really need to talk. She agrees – it’s time they got everything out on the table. Chelsea climbs the pole. She hopes she cuts the right wire. Clip … sizzle … scream … plop. The lights go off in the house. Billie says she’ll go check it out. Hope asks Bo what is going on – is Billie there. He says yeah she is.

Chelsea is back at the top of the pole. She says now I know what wire not to cut – better dead than prison. Billie comes out and asks if anyone is there. Chelsea freezes. Hope tells Bo she can’t talk to him if Billie is there. Bo tells her it’s not what she thinks – she just came back to talk about Chelsea’s defence. (Oh oh … not bright Bo). He says she’s not there right now. Hope tells him she can’t talk anymore. He tells her not to hang up. He tells her to please read his e-mail again. He wants her to know how he feels. She tells him she understands very well. She’ll have Uncle Mickey contact him about starting the divorce right away. Bo is shocked. Billie doesn’t see anyone so she goes back inside. Chelsea hopes she’s not too late as she goes to work on the wires. Bo says …about this divorce. Hope cuts him off and says that Uncle Mickey will call you. The line goes dead. Hope tells Patrick that after she told Bo about Uncle Mickey contacting him he hung up on her. Bo can’t believe she hung up on him. Billie comes back in and he tells her that he’s lost Hope for good. Billie asks him if she read his e-mail. He tells her that Hope said she did but it obviously didn’t make a difference. Patrick figures Bo must have been pretty angry to hang up on her. Hope says no – she thinks he’s already moved on. Billie was there in their house. Hope tells him that Bo and she are finished. Patrick says he’s sorry – he knows this isn’t what she wanted. Deep down she thought they could work this out – she was wrong. If Bo’s e-mail didn’t convince her the phone call did besides Billie is there. Patrick tells her not to jump to conclusions. She says I don’t have to it’s very clear what is going on. She knows what she has to do. She is going to e-mail Bo and tell him she wants the divorce as quickly as possible. She does so and sends it. She says it’s done. As of this moment I’m a free woman. My son and my marriage are dead. Shawn is married to Mimi so he doesn’t need her any longer. There’s nothing left for her in Salem. Billie tells Bo she is sorry – she knows how much this hurts. She tells him he has to do something. Chelsea is skulking outside the window. Her PDA beeps – she checks the e-mail and says this is one her Dad has to get. Bo reads the e-mail. She wants the divorce – it’s over. Hope and I are finished. Chelsea grins.

Preview: Mimi (in bed) Shawn, are you here? Bonnie with her dog Max (sees Belle and Shawn hugging) – Oh Max, we have a problem. Austin to Sami – I think we should more time together. See what happens. (Kate does not look happy). Carrie (with a huge bouquet of flowers) to Lucas – I think there’s something important I need to tell you first. Billie to Bo – You just gave her some really tough love. The hard part is over. She just needs to be by herself and let this all sink in (cut to a picture of an unconscious Chelsea?).


Thursday Apr 6

Pat’s Spoilers

LACKS aka Lucas, Austin, Carrie, Kate & Sami + Will: Lucas comes home calling out for Carrie telling her he closed one of the biggest deals in Titan history. He wants to go out and celebrate. He puts down the flowers and reads her note. She promises to give him an answer soon. On the rooftop Austin tells Carrie that they need to talk. He’s going to do whatever it takes to convince her that they belong together. A repeat of the Kate and Sami scenes except when Sami taunts her this time Kate grabs Sami and clamps her hand over her mouth and tells her to shut up. Sami and Kate go at it ... finally Kate stops and says she doesn’t know why she’s worried. Carrie and Lucas are going to be married and Austin isn’t going to go anywhere near her. Sami tells Kate that she and Austin are meant to be. Kate says what self respecting woman has to convince a man to love her. She tells Sami she is her own worse enemy. The argument gets heated again. Kate throws up Sami’s failed weddings in her face. Sami insists she would have been married to Lucas if it wasn’t for Kate’s interference. Kate says instead of trying to prove your innocence you became Stan. Sami calls that instance one ‘little’ mistake – Yikes that was one BIG mistake. Kate tells Sami that she’s always making mistakes but they’re never her fault. Now she’s paying for those mistakes. Kate doesn’t hold back – she says no wonder Lucas wants to marry Carrie – he’s no fool. He knows which sister is worth his time.

Will comes home to pick up a book. He asks his Dad if Aunt Carrie gave an answer yet. Lucas says no. Will knows that Lucas wants her to say yes. Lucas thinks the three of them could be the type of family Will deserves. Lucas knows he always wanted him and Sami to get back together but that’s not going to happen. He asks Will if he is okay with Carrie being a part of their future – of their family. Austin plugs in the cord and the lights on the tree. He brings back old times … Carrie has flashbacks. He tells her he wants them back – he wants her to tell him the same thing. She says it’s too late. What they had was over a long time ago – they’ve both moved on. She’s made up her mind she’s going to accept Lucas’ proposal. She doesn’t want to hurt him but she feels that they should be honest. He asks her if she is being honest to herself. She says this is the way it supposed to be. She and Lucas can give their children a loving home and stable environment. Austin reminds her that they wanted to have a family together – he still does. Flashback to Lexie’s lies. Carrie tells Austin that they can never have children together. He asks her why not?

Carrie’s answer – because we just can’t. Austin says yeah we hurt each other but we still love each other. He tries to convince her that they would have a beautiful family. She tells him that they will never have a family together. She’s marrying Lucas and she needs him to accept that. He can’t because he knows what they feel for each other is real. He asks her if she is marrying Lucas to prove something to him – that’s a big mistake. She says I’m sorry but I do love Lucas. Austin says so that’s it. I can’t force you to want something you won’t acknowledge. He senses that what she felt for him was more than what she felt for Lucas but he guesses he was wrong. He wants her to be happy and if marrying Lucas will give her that than she should do it. Carrie wants the same for him – he deserves someone special. Lately she’s been thinking that’s Sami. LOL – I’m not going into Carrie’s conversation pushing Austin to be with Sami … yawn. She thinks that Austin brings out the best in Sami and maybe this was always the way it should have been. Will and Lucas have a long talk. Will is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his mom and dad will never be together. Will blames his mother for screwing up their chance to be a family. Lucas says he’s going to have to forgive her – she’s his mother. Will is also down on love. Long conversation between them about this. I won’t be going into detail. It all boils down to Will asking Lucas why is it that if he loves Sami so much why couldn’t they make it last. Lucas’s answer is that it takes more than love – it takes trust and they don’t have that. Kate and Sami’s fight gets physical (pushing and shoving) – Austin enters and tells Kate to leave.

Kate says she is trying to protect him. Austin tells her to leave Sami alone. Kate brings up all the things Sami did to him and Lucas. If he won’t protect himself she will. Austin says as far as he’s concerned Sami is the one that needs protecting. Kate can’t believe him. Austin says I’ve forgiven you for so much and I’ve forgiven Sami – that’s what you do for the people you love. Sami has changed. Maybe his feelings for her never changed. He’s been doing a lot of thinking – he goes to Sami and says he thinks they should spend more time together and see what happens. Kate is not happy. Lucas and Will finish up their talk – Carrie hears Lucas telling Will that he really loves her – Will hopes that she’ll say yes. Will leaves. Lucas gives Carrie the flowers – wants to go out for dinner. Carrie says she has something to tell him. She’s ready to give him an answer. She picks up the ring box and says yes. Lucas is happy – they kiss. Kate accuses Austin of doing this to spite her. Austin says that sounds like something you would do. Kate says no – it’s something Sami would do. Austin says he’s always been protective of Sami and Kate is so playing into that right now. She has changed and so has he. He thinks maybe things worked out this way with Carrie and Lucas for a reason. Kate says he can’t be serious. He’s very serious. He turns to Sami and says he thinks they should do more than spend time together – he wants them to start dating. Maybe they have what it takes to actually make it this time. Sami hugs him. Kate faints.

Billie, Bo &Chelsea: Chelsea gloats saying this is perfect and then barges into the house like she owns the place. She asks if something is wrong. Billie says your father has just had some bad news – Hope wants a divorce. Insert flashback of Chelsea’s devious doings. Chelsea pretends to be crushed. She says this is all my fault. She hugs Bo and tells him she is so sorry. Love the look on Bo’s face – he’s not impressed. Chelsea lays it on really thick in a very whiny voice (reach for the earplugs) and the fake tears. This is all her fault – Hope can’t forgive him for lending the car and wanting to help her after the accident. Billie warns her that this is not the right time. Chelsea ignores the warning and goes on to say it’s like she is cursed. Anyone that cares for her ends up getting hurt. She says she is sorry. Bo asks her if she is finished. Chelsea looks shocked and says what. Bo tells her this is a load of crap and he doesn’t want to hear anymore. Chelsea stares. Bo tells her to stop with the fake tears. They both know that she doesn’t give a damn about his failing marriage. In fact she’s probably cheering because her evil step mother won’t be in town to testify against her in court. Chelsea asks him how he could even think that. He says he doesn’t think it – it’s something he knows. She tries to say something but Bo tells her to shut it. He’s been cutting her way to much slack lately because he felt guilty for not being there when she was growing up. He thought he was maybe helping her in some way but he obviously wasn’t. He should have been a lot tougher on her than maybe she wouldn’t be waltzing around thinking she could get through life being so selfish and irresponsible. He says things are going to change right now. He hopes it’s not too late because right now he’s thinking the only way she will learn her lesson is by going to jail.

Chelsea can’t believe he just said that – he’d like for her to go jail. Bo says would like for her to stop lying. He says what he would like is for her to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. Chelsea asks Billie if she’s just going to let him talk to her like that. Billie tells Chelsea her father is right. You’ve gotten away with too much for too long. All you’ve been trying to do since the accident is come between your father and his family. It has to stop. Chelsea can’t believe this. Both of her parents are against her now. She runs out. Billie tells Bo that he did right thing. She has to learn that she cannot keep playing games with people’s lives. Bo says he knows what she’s been doing. Maybe because he never called her on it she thought she could keep getting away with it. He hopes that what he said wasn’t too little to late. Billie says she knows he feels bad for what just happened with Chelsea but he did what she should have done a long time ago. It took a lot of guts for him to say what he did especially after everything he had been through today. He’s worried that she left there very upset and when Chelsea’s upset she does something stupid. He thinks he should go look for her. Billie tells him that would defeat the purpose. He just gave her some really tough love. The hard part is over. She needs to be by herself to let this all sink in.

The loft: Very cute and hot opening scene with Shawn and Mimi. He comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her and asks her so where were we when we got so rudely interrupted. Mimi says I think we were kissing. He says yeah, where? Mimi points to her neck and Shawn kisses her there and says like this. He turns her around and tells her he’s glad it’s too late to go to the cabin – I need you right now. They kiss … he starts undressing her … they end up on the couch … kissing! LOL – love that seeing that wedding ring on his finger – and I love how they made it onto that couch without breaking their kiss! Sigh. Across the hall Belle shuffles down the stairs with baby bottles and goes to the fridge. She hears Shawn and Mimi making love (LOL – talk about exaggerated sounds done just for the benefit of those stupid vents!) Flashback to her barging in to the Horton Cabin. Belle says I’ve really lost you. Excuse me, Mrs. Kiriakis – you didn’t lose Shawn – you threw him away … sheesh! When she hears Shawn say “I love you, Mimi” she puts the bottle down and heads towards the fire escape??? I’m guessing Claire can go hungry while Belle pouts??? Let’s hope she at least had fed the baby before taking off into the night.

Shawn and Mimi are basking in the afterglow. Mimi is very sleepy. Shawn tells Mimi: You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much. Mimi murmurs I love you babe. Shawn says – Sometimes I don’t think I tell you or show you enough. I wish I could find more ways to make you understand. Mimi tells him she thinks he’s doing just fine. Shawn says I wish I could do better, you know. He looks over and sees that she is sleeping. He recalls a talk he had with his Dad – sitting on the couch in the Brady house, having a beer watching a ball game. Bo says it’s a lousy game. Shawn says Mimi will be happy. Bo says not a Cubbies fan? Shawn says Nah, only the Sox. Bo says things are getting pretty serious between you two. Shawn says Yeah, does this mean we have to talk about it. Bo says no your Mom and I are glad that things are going well for you. Shawn says Yeah they are – at least I think they are. Bo asks him what he means. Shawn says I tell Mimi I love her but I’m not sure that she knows how much I really mean it. Bo says there is nothing that you can say to convince her. Shawn asks him what he means. Bo tells him that talk is cheap – it’s what you do that shows how much you care. Shawn asks ‘Don Juan’ for an example – LOL! Things that have worked – buying flowers when you don’t have much money in your pocket. Shawn understands what he’s saying. He has to do something like that for her. Something special for her every day. Back to the couch. Shawn kisses Mimi and outs his pants on. Goes back and kisses her once more and then grabs some letters to mail and leaves. Mimi wakes up and calls for him wondering if he is here.

The streets of Salem: Shawn is walking on the street – he notices the open manhole surrounded by orange cones and police tape. He drops the letters into a mailbox and heads away from the manhole. Belle comes around the corner … trips and the curb and takes a header. Shawn catches her before she falls. Belle is all frazzled. She almost fell into the … Shawn tells her she’s alright. He asks her what she tripped on. Bonnie rounds the corner and sees them and says to Max, oh oh we have a problem. Belle is hanging on to Shawn like there’s no tomorrow. He tells her she’s safe now. He recommends they sit down – rants a little about the city and the open manhole. Shawn asks her why she is walking around in the middle of the night alone. She says she couldn’t sleep – she came out for some air. Shawn says that is understandable with what happened today – her mom renewing her vows with Alex. Belle can’t believe her father was going to shoot Alex. Shawn is thankful they got there in time to stop him. She apologises for running into the cabin like that and ruining his honeymoon. She admits she should have gone to Philip. Shawn asks her why she didn’t. She says she doesn’t know – she kept telling herself that he was with Claire and he couldn’t really help. Shawn calls her on her lie and says that’s not the real reason is it? That’s not the reason you’re walking around in the middle of the night by yourself, is it? It’s because you’re really upset about me and Mimi being married and now we’re … he stops there.

Belle says you think I’m upset because you and Mimi are honeymooning? Shawn says well I know that you wanted us to get back together. Belle gets all snippy and condescending to Shawn and says well we didn’t and now you’re married to one of my best friends. She’ll just have to accept that – she wants him to be happy. He says I know. She gets up – he asks her if everything is good. She says yes. He needs to get back. Mimi is probably wondering where he is. He wanted to get her some flowers. Belle thinks Mimi will love that. In fact it’s such a good idea she’ll do the same for Philip (of course you will because that will keep you with Shawn longer – so obvious… LOL). Shawn doesn’t know what’s open now. Belle says they can find out together. He turns and starts walking – Belle follows behind. He stops to put the police tape back up – but after they leave it blows loose again.

Chelsea is crying and wiping her tears. She trips over the curb and goes flying into the manhole. After Billie stops Bo from going after her the camera cuts to an unconscious Chelsea in the sewer.

More of the loft: Mimi comes from the roof – wondering where Shawn is. Bonnie gets off the elevator and says he’s with Belle Kiriakis. Her and Max saw Belle getting all cozy with Mimi’s husband. Bonnie explains what happened – the trip – the almost fall. She tells Mimi that Belle used the situation to cry on Mimi’s mans big broad shoulders. Bonnie tells Mimi she needs to remind Belle who the real Mrs. Shawn Brady is and … she doesn’t want Max to hear so she whispers to Mimi. Mimi grimaces. She can’t believe what Bonnie is saying and asks her is sex is her solution to everything. Mimi doesn’t think that turning herself into a sexual contortionist is going to solve her problems. LOL! Mimi says she knows that Shawn loves her what she doesn’t understand is why he can’t stay from Belle. Bonnie reminds her that she is the one with the ring. Mimi says what if he is still in love with her. Bonnie says so what if he is. Mimi is upset – she tells Bonnie she is supposed to make her feel better not worse. Bonnie goes into the man can be in love with two women at a time speech. She throws in herself and Mickey vs Mickey and Maggie as an example. She knows that Mickey loved her more but those Horton values made him honour his commitment to Maggie. Shawn and Belle have those same values – they won’t throw their marriages away. Oh Bonnie how little you know – Belle would throw her marriage away in a heartbeat – she as good as did it already. Bonnie throws in the sex thing again … sigh.

Shawn and Belle are in the hallway. Shawn has had hands full with bags – Belle has one. He tells her goodnight and the next time she goes out in the middle night she shouldn’t go alone. She promises she won’t. Mimi opens the door and says Shawn. He turns toward her. She says what are you guys doing here? Shawn says I was trying to sneak back in without waking you up. Mimi says you were? Shawn says yeah I went to get us some food for breakfast in bed and some flowers. Mimi looks surprised and said you did. He says yeah. I ran into Belle on the way and she helped me pick out some of the stuff. Mimi goes Aww babe… (me too … awww). Shawn gives her the flowers. She says thank you you cutie and she kisses him and he kisses her back. Mimi smiles and says don’t I have the best husband ever. Belle says you do. You’re a lucky girl. Mimi says I know. You’re husband is probably wondering where you are so we’ll you see you later. Belle says goodnight and goes inside. Shawn says to Mimi I was thinking that you were going to be sleeping when I got home but since you’re not .. he starts kissing her and walking her towards the door kissing her entire time. Bonnie likes what she sees. The bag and the flowers get dropped as they make their way to the couch.

Preview: Kate to Sami – I don’t know how you did it but somehow you got Carrie to choose Lucas over Austin didn’t you? Carrie & Lucas kissing – Austin watching. Bo to Billie – All I can do is hope she changes her mind before she starts divorce proceedings. Patrick to Hope – You’re an incredibly amazing woman and Bo is a fool to let you go. They kiss.


Friday Apr 7

Pat’s Spoilers

LACKS aka Lucas, Austin, Carrie, Kate & Sami: Carrie and Lucas kiss. Lucas was confident she would say yes. She was worth waiting for. More of the most god awful noisy kisses we’ll ever be subjected to. Yuck! Sami asks Austin if he thinks Kate had a heart attack. Austin thinks she just fainted - he tries to revive her. Sami mutters better luck next time. Carrie declares they will have a wonderful life. Lucas wants to know why she chose him – he starts listing all his wonderful qualities. Carrie has a flashback to what Lexie told her. Like we don’t know why she chose Lucas – yawn. She said she suddenly realised he was the man she wanted to spend her life with. He asks if she told Austin. She says she did but she doesn’t want to talk about Austin. Lucas wants to go out and celebrate but there’s something he has to do first. Kate comes to thinking she had a nightmare. Austin says no it’s true I’m going to start dating Sami again. Kate says if that is true she wishes she was dead. Sami wishes that too. Austin’s cell ring – it’s Nicole – he has to take the call – no fighting. Kate is no fool – she figures out that Sami did something so that Carrie would just Lucas. Sami has a flashback to blackmailing Lexie. Of course she steamrolls over Kate’s accusations asking Kate what the problem is – Lucas is happy she should be happy. Sami sees Kate glance at Austin and tells Kate she knows why she doesn’t want Lucas with Carrie.

Lucas gets down on one knee and proposes – it’s very long winded and pompous – like Lucas. I hated when he says that he is marrying the woman he was meant to be with. Sigh – so what was Sami – leftovers??? He starts bring God and a higher power into the proposal and I nodded off. Of course when he slips the ring on her finger she sees Austin. I know that Carrie and Belle aren’t blood related but they’re definitely sisters – pathetic! And listening to how amazing Carrie is – gag me … Then what’s Lucas’ first thought – let’s go out and show off that ring … sigh. Then he mentions dinner and lobster. Another flashback – Carrie and Austin’s lame lobster caper. Carrie freaks and says no lobster. Sami says to Kate if Carrie and Lucas are together you’re worried that I’ll get together with Austin but if Carrie chooses Austin you feel that Lucas will never get back together with me. Sami accuses her not caring about anyone’s happiness – she just wants Sami to end up alone. Kate doesn’t care who she is with as long as she’s not with one of her sons. Besides Carrie hasn’t said yes to Lucas – who knows what will happen. The argument continues – Kate fires a closing shot – saying that Austin and Lucas will end up with wonderful caring women that would never betray them like Sami has and inevitably always will. She is going to leave but Sami won’t let her. Austin hangs up to break up the fight. Sami tattles to Austin that Kate won’t stop attacking her – Kate tells her to shut up and opens the door – Lucas and Carrie are standing there.

Lucas gloats – he has good news. He announces the engagement. Sami acts jubilant and Sami makes a point of rubbing it in to Kate. Kate walks away. Sami is the first to congratulate them – she hopes they will be very happy. Carrie thanks her and so does Lucas – he says she sounds like she actually means it. Sarcastic Sami says gee – that means a lot coming from you. Lucas says you’re only happy because now you can have Austin. Lucas makes a point of thanking his mother for everything she has done – Austin watches. Lucas wants Kate to welcome Carrie into the family. Love how Kate says she’s glad to have her as a daughter in law again. Sami thinks they should celebrate – gets champagne. Lucas plays kissy face with Carrie (Loud smacking kisses that are beyond disgusting and annoying) – Austin watches. Sami pours soda for Lucas and gives everyone else champagne. Sami makes a toast. She looks at the ring and says that’s way bigger than the one you gave me. Sami makes reference to the fact that she’ll be the matron of honour. Carrie says they haven’t started planning the wedding yet – Sami recommends a spring wedding. Kate tells Austin she knows he is upset about Carrie but he doesn’t have to start dating Sami. There are other women much better for him out there – she says trust me. He asks her why he should trust her because she pushed Lucas and Carrie together. She denies it. Austin doesn’t buy it – he goes to congratulate them.

Billie, Bo &Chelsea: Billie urges Bo to call Hope. He says she wants a damned divorce and when I tried to talk to her about it she hung up on me. Nothing I do is right. Billie says that Hope just needs time. Bo says that’s all he has been doing is giving her time – he’s frustrated and took it out on Chelsea. Flashback. He thinks he is a terrible father. Billie says she knew he would feel guilty but he shouldn’t – Chelsea needed to hear that she couldn’t keep manipulating people. Bo knows what she was doing but he’s the adult – he’s supposed to keep his cool not yell at her. He says they need to lead by example. He calls Chelsea. Bo leaves a message wondering why she didn’t answer the phone. Billie tells him she saw the caller ID and didn’t answer to punish him. Billie tells him he’s doing exactly what Chelsea wants him to do. He’s thinking about her and putting his marriage to Hope on the back burner. Billie asks him if he is just going to give up. He says no but he knows Hope – he can’t pressure her. He just hopes that she re-thinks this whole thing and changes her mind about the divorce.

Billie says this is her fault. Bo says she’s been doing everything to get him and Hope back together. Billie says she forced/manipulated him into to lying to Hope. Bo says he wasn’t force to do anything – he’s an adult and he makes his own decisions. Billie insists it was her fault and that she is the reason for Chelsea being the way she is. Chelsea has one half of her DNA. We get a re-hash of Billie’s past – and of course she brings up Kate. Bo blames Curtis for everything that Kate and Billie did. For them manipulating people was a survival tool – do it or die. Bo says Chelsea’s behaviour is learned behaviour and it can be changed – just like Billie changed. They need to lead by example. Billie wonders what kind of message they are sending her – she was conceived out of wedlock, her parents didn’t even know she was alive and her parents didn’t love each other. Bo says it’s not true – they loved each other deeply and Chelsea’s got to know that.

Billie leaves Chelsea message. She complains that Chelsea is to damn stubborn. Bo says she gets that from both of her parents. Bo says he’s either too permissive or to strict – he has to find some middle ground. Billie wants to know if he meant it when he said she should go to prison. Bo says it doesn’t matter what he thinks – the outcome of the trial isn’t up to him. He isn’t going to take the law into his own hands again. Billie says I persuaded you to do that – this is all my fault. He stops her. She tells him there is more. Chelsea knows her history – she knows that she did what she could to come between him and Hope. Chelsea figures that if Billie can manipulate him to get what she wants she’d be able to as well. Bo tells her not to be so down on herself. He talks about how she helped him and Hope. He brings up what happened after Maison Blanche – he did love her – if she would have stayed in Salem it would have been dicey. Billie knew he would choose Hope and she could never have him by playing fair. She apologises for all the trouble she ever caused them. He says that’s all old news – recently she’s proved herself. When Hope left town she could have taken advantage of the situation but she didn’t. Hmm … all these confession but yet Billie doesn’t find it necessary to tell Bo that she is the reason Hope left town??? Bo tells Billie it’s not her fault that Hope isn’t interested in saving their marriage. Billie tells him he has to fight – not give up. He won’t – but if he knows Hope pushing her will make it worse. Billie says so will doing nothing. Bo says he’s in a lose lose situation. Zack’s death is ripping them apart. He tells Billie maybe helping Chelsea will bring them closer together. Billie looks surprised. Bo tells Billie he needs her as friend and Chelsea needs the both of them. He takes her hand and kisses it and doesn’t let go of her hand.

Sewer: Chelsea’s cell rings. She tries to reach it put passes out again. When next we see Chelsea – she has company. A rat. More of unconscious Chelsea and the rat. Two city workers come to seal up the manhole once and for all. One of them says regulations say they are supposed to go down and check if there’s anything down there. The other says all there is down there is some leaky pipes and maybe a rat or two that deserve a slow painful death. They seal up the manhole. We see Chelsea and the rat.

Morgan Island: Hope is sitting on the beach when Patrick approaches. He’s worried about her – the temperature is dropping – she just got some bad news – she shouldn’t be alone. She says her marriage is over and she wants to be alone. She runs off. When Hope returns Patrick is there building a fire – she wouldn’t come back to the bungalow where the fire was so he brought the fire to her. He gives her a blanket and says as soon as the fire is going he’ll leave her alone. She says even with him there she’s still alone. She tells him he can stay but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He agrees – he tells her that he brought the ingredients to make a hot toddy – they’ll have some grog. Hope stares down at her wedding ring.

Patrick serves the grog. Hope decides she does want to talk. She admits that she really didn’t mean it when she sent Bo that email asking for a divorce. She was angry that she missed Shawn’s wedding and that Bo defended Chelsea again. Patrick says you had to think that was a possibility. She was angry – she didn’t think that he would respond so quickly. It’s like he had already decided that he wanted a divorce. He hung up on her when she called to explain. She starts talking about how you spend you whole adult life trying to build a relationship with someone. (There’s a lot more – very nice). Patrick tries to defend Bo saying he might just have been upset. Hope says that subconsciously she asked for the divorce so that Bo would understand how upset she really is – force them to have a serious conversation. He was supposed to answer no, tell her he loved her and say he would to anything to fight for their marriage. Instead he said fine because he’d rather be with Billie and his child-murdering daughter.

Hope looks at her ring – has a memory of Bo placing the ring on her finger during their wedding and saying the vow. She tells Patrick that the ring was her most treasured possession symbolising the incredible love her and Bo shared. She gets up and says once the love is gone it’s just a tiny piece of metal. Patrick doesn’t believe the love is gone. Hope removes her ring and says the magic is gone. She kisses her hand where she has the ring – cries, says goodbye Bo and throws the ring into the ocean. Patrick asked her how she could throw her ring in the ocean like that. She tells him because it doesn’t mean anything anymore. He tells her not to say that. The marriage is over – Bo wants a divorce. He wants Billie and I’m alone. Patrick says no. You’re an incredibly amazing woman and Bo was a fool to let you go. They stare into each other’s eyes and kiss.

Preview: Carrie to Austin – I’m so glad that you’re willing to try again with my sister. Austin – We’ll see what happens. Lucas to Sami – I can’t wait for us to spend the rest of our lives together – they kiss. Hope to Patrick – I’m not going back. Not to Bo. Not to Salem. Bo – We’ve lost so much we can’t lose each other.


Monday Apr 10

Janice’s Spoilers

Samantha Jean’s Apartment: Sami, Austin, Lucas, and Carrie

Chatter…chatter…chipmunk chatter…champagne toasts...false praise from Austin and Sami to Carrie and Lucas on their happy future together. Engaged couple goes to leave for supper...Sami eagerly asks Austin if they can go for drinks...not a happy camper when he suggest all four of them go out together. They decide to go for supper on the pier…Kiss FM has a party going on…picnic...oh joy! Carrie’s happy. Lucas isn’t. They leave to change. Austin’s happy. Sami rolls her eyes...lol... He tells her that they have to accept and make peace with what is happening. She asks him to verify what he said to his mama. He tells her that if she’s willing to try then so is he…zzzzzzzzzzzz…sorry I almost nodded off there.

Carrie tells an uneasy Lucas she wants to get along with Austin and Sami. They both kiss as the other couple appears. They all arrive at the pier…balloons...Latin rhythm music...change partners and dance…Sami gets in Lucas’s face…thinks he and Carrie should be alone to celebrate…Lucas calms the waters…tells her he’s glad that Austin and Carrie aren’t living in the past...asks a surprised Sami to dance. More senseless chatter from Carrie to Austin…happy he accepts her decision and approves of her relationship with Lucas...and vice versa. Everyone is happy…happy…happy…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…lots of long...long...long...stares.

Lucas and Sami reminisce…talk about trust issues…he’s sorry he hurt her...talks about his mom. Lucas pushes for a Sami/Austin relationship…wants to bring some peace into the family...oh my there are no words for how lame this all is! Austin tells Carrie that he plans to try with Sami…take it slow…she’s surprised. Sami tells Lucas she is going to be a good girl and make things work with Austin. Lucas cheerleads for her...tells her he’s happy...cares a great deal about her. Sami is shocked. Carrie just wants Austin to be happy. He tells her that both he and Sami are single...loved each other once...maybe they can again...long...long...long...stares.

Now comes a moment I can actually live with… Lucas looks as if he is far away. He’s remembering the last time they danced like this. We get a beautiful flashback of the two of them: tender moments when Sami tells him she misses the fighting and making-up sessions. He tells her he loves her and always will…can’t wait for them to be together forever…she smiles and the flashback ends with a kiss. Back in the present, Sami asks him about what he is remembering. Lucas tells her that things have changed. She agrees and says it’s over between them. Austin arrives to dance with her.

The engaged couple dances…they kiss while Sami watches…they kiss while Austin watches too.

Brady House: Bo and Billie & the Manhole Adventure

Billie’s worried about Chelsea…tries calling her…gets voice mail and leaves apologetic message…grrr…

Salem’s finest sewer workers get ready to do what they should have done in the beginning…seal up the hole…not gonna bolt it shut...gonna weld it shut…gonna make sure nobody gets in again…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…scan to Miss Chelsea...unconscious...

Bo is bemoaning the loss of his Fancy Face…Billie is urging him to fight for his wife and marriage...He tells her that this isn’t much he can do because Hope is to angry and needs some time and space. She tells him Hope doesn’t need time and space and if he loves Hope and she knows he does...he’ll fight for her...talk to her... (Would somebody please loan Bo the Salem Brain again…just for a day or two…pretty please???)

The sewer guys think they hear something…nah…not going to check it out…that would be too easy...have beer on the brain!

Bo is positive that Hope won’t forgive him…he lied to her about Chelsea but he won’t give up trying to get her back. Billie tries to convince him that he will get Hope back....they’ve been a family for over twenty years. She tells him he is making excuses and that his marriage is worth hanging on to. He’s not as sure as he used to be that Hope still loves him. Billie is sure that Hope still loves him. Bo is grateful for Billie’s support. Her phone rings…dead air… Billie tries calling again… starts to really worry.

Chelsea tries to pick up but can’t. The sewer guys grab a clue…pretty nonsensical dialogue…they hear a cell phone ringing. The lid comes off and one of them goes down to search…finds an unconscious Chelsea…throws up her cell phone and tells his co-worker to call 911 ASAP.

Billie worries some more. Bo starts to really worry…gets call from work telling him that someone fell into the faux manhole and he is the only detective for the job. He goes… she trails after him.

Bo gets briefed and climbs down. Billie tries to phone again. She realizes that one of the workers has Chelsea’s phone and is stunned. Bo finds Chelsea’s body and is stunned too.

Smith Island: Hope and Patrick

Bonfire...beach...Patrick and Hope kissing. Patrick has second thoughts and starts berating himself for taking advantage of her when she is upset and vulnerable. Hope tells him it’s okay…she threw her wedding ring away…knows what she is doing…Bo made his choice and she is making hers. Patrick tries to take Bo's side. Hope won’t listen. Bo lied to her so he could protect their son’s killer…keeps choosing his spoiled daughter and Billie...their marriage is over. Patrick asks her if she is willing to throw away her marriage over this. Hope is upset about the divorce email… She says this is what Bo wants...she knows she was angry and started the divorce proceedings but she needed to know that Bo would fight for her and that didn’t happen…he’s moved on…he let her go. Patrick thinks she should talk to Bo in person...they have twenty+ years invested in each other. He knows she is grieving but so is Bo. Hope tells him that she isn’t going back to Bo or Salem...seriously doubts that they could have worked things out anyway.

Patrick is shocked. Hope tells him that Salem was her home but there isn’t anything to go back for now…oh puhleeze…how about Alice? Shawn? Jennifer? He tells her that she can’t run away from her problems...they follow you wherever you go. Hope turns his words on him and says she’ll just stay with him until she wears out her welcome. Patrick tells her it will never happen. She reminisces about the Fancy Face...loving the ocean...it was so peaceful and she felt clear about what was important in her life. Patrick tells her he has a surprise for her.

In the next scene they are supposedly on a boat in the ocean. The boat looks a lot like the Fancy Face apparently. Patrick apologizes. She tells him how much she loves the complete freedom of being out there and that sometimes she and Bo would just go off with no destination in mind...not even chart a course. Patrick goes to check on the lines and Hope daydreams.

Hope fanaticizes that Bo is with her…at least I think it’s a new fantasy/flashback. He comes up behind her, turns her around, cups and caresses her face. Hope tells him that she knew he would come back. Bo says that Shawn D is tucked away in his bunk with his teddy bear and they have the night to themselves...just the two of them. She teases him and asks if they shouldn’t drop anchor first. He tells her that the North Star will guide them. They both say they love each other. Back in the present, an overcome Hope says: “I love you, Brady.” They start to kiss.


Mimi tells Belle that she knows what a great father he (Shawn) is going to be…he already is with Claire. Belle is surprised and says a little patronizingly: "What?"

Austin is dancing with Sami. Lucas is dancing with Carrie. Lucas asks Carrie why she is so upset.

It was hard to hear this part but I think Patrick says: “Thinking about Bo?” Hope whispers back to him: “Yes.”


Tuesday Apr 11

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I enjoyed the shimi scenes today, but my heartfelt sympathy goes out to Sami/Lucas and Austin/Carrie fans. This stuff is wrong on so many levels...sigh...

Kiriakis Loft: Phil & Belle…later Mimi

Belle is eavesdropping on the noises coming from the vent across the hall (my how sound travels these days!) and flashes back to her earlier conversation with Shawn ...apologizing for honeymoon interruptus and him asking her why she did. Philip, the wise old owl, appears and knows just why his wife has insomnia…sigh…another dumbed down for the audience moment where he is talking about Alex and Marlena and everyone is supposed to think he is talking about Shawn and Mimi. He tells her that two people just got married and she thinks they are wrong for each other. On top of that he tells her that he knows that she loves one of them with all her heart. Cue confused/antsy/shocked/ whatever looks from his beloved wife.

Philip continues his Sixty Minutes expose on his wife’s psyche with both of them agreeing that Belle didn’t want “them” to get married…another shining selfless moment…NOT! Presto he clues her in and says that he knows how hard it was for her to see her mommy marry the evil doctor Alex...but that her parents will be okay and that sometimes things work out the way they are supposed to. He reminds her for the zillionth time that Miss Belle still has her husband and baby…they still love her…gonna be happy campers…LOL…just in case she forgot! She’s not a happy camper.

Belle’s trusty Shawn radar/nose smells smoke…alarm goes off...her first thought… SHAWN!!! Sigh…no words…except that I’m thinking the writers are in sledgehammer mode with us again.

Shawn/Mimi’s Loft: Shawn & Mimi…later Phil & Belle

Mimi and Shawn are sharing a steamy romantic love-in on the couch/floor…sigh… Shawn is impressed with Mimi’s creativity…lol…his voice cracks. Mimi laughs and says she didn’t know she could be that creative either. Hunger sets in and Shawn tells her that even though he got groceries for breakfast, it’s a few hours away and he’s hungry now. Mimi offers to be his trusty assistant and he tells her he loves it when she cooks for him. He throws her a cute little apron to cover her otherwise unclothed body. Shawn pulls a towel around his waist…tells her to put on some music...he sees her bouquet and suggests they put it in water. Mimi has other ideas and tosses the bouquet on the counter. They start kissing and stop thinking about food while they lower each other to the floor.

More kissing and touching as the newlyweds prepare an omelet feast for kings: Mimi is whipping the eggs when Shawn comes up behind her and starts nibbling on her ears and neck. He turns her towards him and tells her that he likes how they started out as friends and stayed that way through high school and college...this is so much fun and he loves her more and more each day. Somehow they find their way back to their love nest…er… couch and forget all about their culinary efforts. In the next instant we see the pan… black smoke…charred omelet…great way to diet…lol…

Shawn has the pan under the tap. LOL...Mimi wonders why this always happens when she does the cooking. He tells her it’s not her fault. Shawn in superhero mode saves the day until we get an invasion of the killer tomatoes…er the Kiriakis family rushing over to help because one man can’t put out a tiny fire. Philip asks what happened and Shawn grabs Mimi from behind as they both start laughing. Mimi explains that they started to make omelets and got a little carried away. Philip sees the humor and thinks they should have there own cooking show. Belle doesn’t. Shawn quickly adds some pants and Mimi a robe to their attire. Some he-man winks, reassurances and backslapping laughs between the guys. The girls go over to check on the baby thereby giving Shawn and Phil a…er…somewhat uncontrived moment to chat about…BELLE. Phil tells Shawn that he’s worried because the poor girl is stressed and not sleeping.

Mimi compliments Belle’s mommy talents and tells her that she and Shawn will be looking at adoption when they come back from their honeymoon. She makes a faux paux telling Belle that she knows Shawn will be a great father because he already is with Claire. Belle jumps on those words…another stellar moment for the writers.

Shawn tap-dances…Phil presses…Shawn doesn’t know what he can do…lol…flashes back to telling Belle at his wedding reception that she has to be happy for them or they can’t be friends...still doesn’t know what he can do...neither do the rest of us. Phil thinks they should go on a field trip together to the pier...dancing. Shawn has to ask Mimi…nice of you guys to think of her at last.

Back at the Kiriakis loft, Belle wants an explanation...her expression in this segment... well I’ll let you decide...sigh... Mimi tap-dances and says that Shawn is a great godfather to Claire. Belle throws a verbal dig and mentions how she knows how much Shawn wants to have kids of his own. Mimi explains how upset she was when she realized she couldn’t give him biological kids, but that there are so many babies needing homes and she and Shawn will make sure their children always know how much they love them. She goes in for the kill and says that the best part about being pregnant is the trying part and they aren’t having any trouble with that…lol… Belle is getting more and more uncomfortable…apologizes for breaking up the honeymoon. Mimi tells her it isn’t a problem because she and Shawn can have a honeymoon anywhere. Mimi wonders how they both wound up with the most perfect guys who love them more than anything in the world. Belle has a brief fantasy… fireworks…her best friend’s husband… Phil arrives and tells Miriam that her husband wants to talk to her. Off she goes. He tells Belle that he has something important he has to ask her.

Phil asks his wife if she wants to go dancing. Belle gets slightly sarcastic and tells him they can put Claire in a backpack and go. He tells her he’s got Millie the babysitter all lined up. Belle fusses...very unhappy that they didn’t discuss a new babysitter together (hmmm...I wonder if Phil felt the same way when Claire was in the hospital)...doesn’t want to go until she finds out that her best friend’s husband is on the meal ticket.

Mimi doesn’t want to go either. She wants to stay with her husband…alone…imagine that!!! Shawn wants to stay home too…but…plays the Belle factor…how her husband is worried about her…how it is a far far nobler thing that they do than they have ever done before. Mimi caves in…he tells her he loves her...kisses…timely/untimely knock on the door…Mr. & Mrs. Kiriakis have arrived. LOL…Meems thinks she should get dressed… Shawn likes the apron and she promises to wear it later. They start kissing until Belle interrupts that as well by clearing her throat. (See pier scenes to continue this wonderful saga)

The Pier: Austin, Sami, Lucas, Carrie…later Shawn, Mimi, Belle, Phil

Lucas wants to set a wedding date. Carrie has a faraway look in her eyes. He wants to know why she is upset.

Meanwhile, Sami is happy that she and Austin are dating. She’s a little insecure but he reminds her that he stood up to his mom for her. Sami thanks him but says she is paranoid and worried about what Kate might do. Austin doesn’t want to be a referee for the rest of his life…gets a light bulb moment and tells her he has an idea...off they go.

Lucas comforts Carrie and they kiss. Sami and Austin give them two stuffed lovebirds… and they all wish each other happy…happy… A photographer from Salem Magazine plays musical chairs with the couples and gets it wrong zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …they dance while he takes their pictures...Sami and Austin share a kiss. The couples decide to leave just as Shawn, Mimi, Phil, and Belle show up. Philip explains that they are celebrating Shawn and Mimi’s honeymoon and Sami exclaims “together???” Sami explains that they are celebrating a wedding engagement and Mimi flippantly throws it back at her and says “together???”

Shimi and Phelle make the same mistake as the photographer. Lucas explains again that he is with Carrie…etc…etc…how tiresome...another sledgehammer moment. Apologies from all. Shawn and Mimi leave to get some food...we see them kissing. Sami and Belle talk about Claire…go off to get a drink. Philip tells Lucas he’s sorry for the mix-up and asks what their mom thinks. Lucas doesn’t care. Phil warns him to be careful. Sami and Belle talk about Marlena and Alex and about Austin. Mrs. Kiriakis watches Shawn and Mimi dancing…murmurs to her sister that it’s important that the right people end up together...not happy. Austin wishes Carrie good luck. Sami appears and they leave with Lucas and Carrie doing the same.

Good old Belle tells Philip that she feels like everybody has ended up with the wrong person…nice one Mrs. Kiriakis! Philip tells her that doesn’t include them. Belle tap dances…tells him that they are married and have a daughter so they obviously belong together...knows she’s been down lately but tells her husband that he doesn’t have any reason to worry about them because they are married for life. Phil breathes a sigh of relief. Scan to Shawn thanking Mimi for doing this while they dance. She grins and tells him that the pizza restored her energy just in case he’s interested...lol... Shawn smiles back and tells her he hopes it will always be like this. He spins her into a dip and they kiss. Philip looks at them and tells his wife that Shawn and Mimi are happy, in love, and always will be. Belle isn’t so sure…can’t imagine why!

Sami’s Apartment/Lucas’s Apartment: Sami, Austin, Carrie, Lucas

Lucas kisses Carrie.

Sami changes into a nightgown. Austin kisses her.

On the Ocean: Patrick and Hope

Hope is sitting on the bow clasping her knees to her chin. She flashes back to crying and throwing her wedding ring away and turns to ask Patrick to go faster. He tells her to be careful because it’s rough out there. Hope screams as she falls into the ocean. Patrick rescues her. She’s freezing and shivering and exclaims that he saved her life. He gives her his shirt and tells her that he wasn’t about to lose her and doesn’t know how he would have told her parents or Bo if anything would have happened to her. They talk about Bo. Patrick is in defense mode again. Hope says that Bo isn’t a part of her life anymore and they are getting a divorce. He tells her that she and Bo belong together and the divorce is all wrong. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Patrick tells her he has a surprise for her.

Patrick brings her the dinner he caught and cooked for her. She flashes to Bo doing the same thing for her on the Fancy Face...feeding her and kissing each other. She imagines that Patrick is Bo and kisses him. Hope realizes what she has done and is shocked. She apologizes and thinks about the email she sent…wishes she had listened to Patrick... doesn’t understand why Bo responded so quickly....almost like he was just waiting for her so he could tell her their marriage was over and he could be with Billie and Chelsea. She doesn’t know what to think or feel. Patrick tells her he has a question for her and wants her to answer straight from the heart—does she still love Bo?

She fervently admits to still loving him. Patrick tells her to move heaven and earth to be with him then. He suggests that she swallow her pride, go home to Bo, and tell him she wants to work things out. He also proposes they sail all the way back to Salem so she can fight for her guy...the boat is completely seaworthy...asks if she will let him take her home to Bo. She agrees. (See manhole adventure below)

Manhole Adventure: Bo, Billie, sewer workers, and Chelsea

Billie asks one of the workers where he got the cell phone. He explains and she gets upset…yells down to Bo that he has to get Chelsea out of there. The other worker tells Bo that there is a gas leak. Bo is frantic to save his daughter. Billie is frantic to save Bo and Chelsea. One of the workers tells her that it could all collapse and that’s why they were trying to seal it. Bo tries to pull Chelsea out…the other guy is screaming for gas masks…Chelsea is screaming her doomsday prediction. Bo tries to comfort her. Billie is screaming encouragement. Bo tells Chelsea he’s going to get the masks and climbs back up, leaving her with his jacket to keep her warm. Chelsea has a flashback to Bo giving her money...$250.00 and telling her how much he loves having a daughter. She starts coughing.

Bo tells Billie that Chelsea’s legs are caught. Billie is going ballistic…doesn’t want Chelsea to be alone...rumble… rumble … Bo screams encouragement to Chelsea and yells for some rope. TV crews arrive…Bo climbs back down…Chelsea can’t breathe.

Back on the boat, Hope switches on the satellite television to get a weather report… hmmm… coincidence that she gets the Salem television station and sees the manhole adventure going down??? I think not! She’s stunned at seeing Bo risk his life.
In the meantime, Billie is praying to god to help Bo save Chelsea and take care of them. Just as Bo gets back down there...more rumble...rumble...


Lucas tells Carrie that he loves her and wants her. She wants him too.

Sami and Austin are making love.

Bo screams up wanting to know where the damn rescue squad is.

Shawn says that he’ll go. Belle screams No! Mimi looks at her as if…lol…fill in the blank________.

Hope is worried as she watches the rescue on television. She sees Shawn and can’t believe that Bo would let him do something like this.


Wednesday Apr 12

Janice’s Spoilers

Lucas’s Den of Inequity: Lucas Clone & Carrie Clone

Lucas tries manipulation, seduction, false charm, kisses, and everything in the kitchen cupboard to get Carrie to have sex with him (I won’t call this making love). She’s unsure, she’s sure, and back and forth. He’s smarmy, he’s not, and back and forth. Regurgitated nonsense about past history…past mistakes…brushed aside…let’s get down to business. The deed is done…

Sami’s Den of Inequity: Sami Clone & Austin Clone with some nice moments

A little less disgusting but still wrong…wrong…wrong…

Austin tells Sami he’s proud of her for the way she handled everything about the engagement. She says they are all family and that’s what matters most. All of a sudden the only one she has ever dreamed about being with is Austin (I guess Lucas never existed). They start kissing…Austin pulls back… undecided…still cares about Carrie…comfort sex not a great idea. Sami is hurt and defensive. Austin knows she still cares for Lucas. She insists she’s moved on. He questions her motives…she doesn’t want another failed relationship…very sincere. He calls her on her insecurities…sweet moment…reassures her that he wants to give their relationship a chance but doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes because they are both vulnerable.

She remembers some of the bad times (flashback to Sami when she was young… everything she did to win Austin…making sure he found Carrie in bed with Lucas... learning the truth about Will’s real dad and changing records…Carrie punching Sami just as her wedding to Austin was starting. We get a second flashback of the good times…dancing…having fun playing in the snow…he calls her his snow angel...making love… He gives her a lift to the bedroom…they do the deed…Sami prays that it will work out for them this time.

Patrick’s Boat: Hope & Patrick/Manhole Adventure: Bo, Billie, Chelsea, Shawn, Mimi, Philip, Belle

Note: I put both of these together because the show flips back and forth so much.

Hope hears the reporter saying explaining about how Bo is trying to rescue a trapped woman. The reporter goes on to give a brief history of how dangerous it is. She’s very upset that the rescue team hasn’t arrived yet...thinks this is insane and wonders if Bo is trying to get himself killed. The reporter goes on to say that the line has corroded and is starting to buckle. We see Bo going back down.

Billie is praying. Shawn, Mimi, Philip, and Belle arrive and she tells them about Chelsea. Belle of course has to talk about how she almost fell into it as well and how Shawn saved her. Mimi looks very suspicious and asks Shawn pointedly if this is where he was earlier. He tries to explain. Below ground, Chelsea is crying…she doesn’t want to die. Bo tells her to hold on...he’s coming.

Hope points out to Patrick that Shawn and Mimi have arrived.

Shawn tells Billie that if anyone can save Chelsea it’s his dad. Philip and Shawn try to get a closer look but are shouted back by the older worker. He tells them that it’s a worn-out area of the sewer line and that’s why they are shutting it down...it could collapse. Philip demands to know about the gas leak. The younger worker tells him it’s so dangerous that the whole thing could explode...um...so they seal it up and some lucky bystander in the future lucks out and goes kaboom??? LOL...how silly. Shawn gets in the older man’s face and lets him know that Bo is his father. The reporter talks to someone on his cell phone and asks for background info on Bo.

Billie is losing it. Mimi and Belle talk to her. Mimi tells her to try and keep positive... that Bo won’t stop until he gets Chelsea out. Billie tells them how unselfish Bo is. She thinks to herself that this is why she loves him.

An unhappy Hope surmises that Billie was with Bo when the call came. Hope murmurs that Bo would risk his life to save anyone’s child but that he knows better than to go in without backup. Patrick reasons that Bo wouldn’t wait for the cavalry and thinks that is what draws her to him....Bo is her hero and always will be.

Chelsea is crying and coughing. Bo tries to get her to calm down. Shawn looks down and yells down asking his dad if he is okay. The rumbling gets stronger.

The reporter thinks the sewer might have collapsed. Shawn decides to go down there. Phil and Mimi beg him not to. Shawn is very upset and tells them he couldn’t forgive himself if something happened. He yells down to find out what is happening. Chelsea explains about her foot in between more coughing. The reporter listens and tells everyone that Bo is okay. Hope is ecstatic and hugs Patrick. She insists that they go back to Salem. They lose the satellite picture.

Philip tells the worker about his Marine history, that he has rescue training, and how he can help. He wants to relieve the pressure down the line. The worker agrees. Philip leaves to do his magic…Belle questions him but he ignores her and takes off with one of the workers (Maybe Belle should make note that her husband actually can save the day before she runs after Mimi’s husband next time she wants someone to stop a speeding bullet at St. Luke’s). Bo goes back up for some tools.

The reporter gets short shrift when he tries to talk to Bo. Bo gives Billie an update and wants to know where the rescue team is (hmmm…rescue teams, ambulances, police, gosh the contrived emergency response times suck on this show). Shawn sees his hands and volunteers to go. Belle yells “No.” Mimi looks at her…hmmm…with disgust, annoyance...you name it.

Something’s wrong with the satellite television. Hope is frantic until she fixes the picture. The reporter is giving the latest news...Philip trying to turn off the valve…still no emergency crews. Hope wonders what Bo and Billie are arguing about. Bo doesn’t want Shawn to go down into the sewer. Billie wants to go. Shawn looks at Bo’s hands (cut and bleeding) and says he is going. Belle thinks it’s too dangerous and begs him not to go. Mimi agrees and wonders out loud why Belle wasn’t worried about Philip when he went to help. Belle gives a sarcastic comeback as if she’s trying to explain something to a two year old. Mimi doesn’t by it and turns away for a moment. She asks Shawn to wait for the rescue crews. He tells her he has to go and starts to climb down.

Hope sees this and is even more upset that Bo would let him do something so dangerous, especially when he’s not trained. She can’t lose another child. Patrick tells her that Shawn is just like his father… would risk his life to save anyone.

Chelsea is hysterical and wants to know where her dad is. She knows that Shawn hates her. Philip crawls through and tells them that the gas is getting worse and the place could blow up. Chelsea doesn’t take the news well. Shawn tries to free her leg. Philip tries to calm her down. Bo yells down at them. Philip answers that they are working as fast as they can. Belle wants to know how Philip got down there. The reporter gives a doom and gloom prediction for the victim and her would-be rescuers.

Hope is crying and hysterical. She refuses to believe that Shawn could be hurt and wants to know how Bo could have let Shawn do something like this.

The reporter finally tells them that the engineers have arrived and are saying that they are on the verge of a massive explosion (um…wouldn’t you evacuate everyone in the area if that was the case???). Bo starts to climb back down but the worker stops him. He tells him that he has to get his family out. Shawn is yelling at Chelsea to lift her foot and finally frees her. Bo has bypassed the worker and is headed back down. Philip yells at him to stop and that they’ve freed Chelsea but the place could blow any second. Bo starts to climb back up and in that split second we get an explosion...well a little explosion at least...lol... Belle pushes in front of Mimi and Billie. She is shouting...um...guess whose name??? Mimi is rightfully shouting the name of her husband.

Hope is crying and says this is torture. Patrick tries to comfort her. The reporter is saying that the sewer line has exploded with three people inside and that it is difficult to imagine how anyone could survive this. Hope is devastated and screaming that she can’t lose Shawn.


Alex gets an injection ready and looks at Marlena evilly. He tells her she is legally married again so to take her medicine like a good girl or he will be forced to hurt her.

Bo tells Billie that they are “her” parents now and they have to make sure she knows they love her.

A devastated Hope tells Patrick that Bo has chosen to be with Billie and Chelsea instead of her.

A determined and disgusted Mimi tells an unhappy Belle: “I am the woman Shawn chose to marry...not you. But he is my husband!”


Thursday Apr 13

Janice’s Spoilers

***Bravo to Kristian Alfonso today. Her consistency in giving heartfelt performances, day after day, is definitely worth noting and applauding!

Kate’s Hotel Room: John & Roman/Black Penthouse: Mr. & Mrs. Alex North

John is antsy. Roman calls him on it. John can’t understand why Roman isn’t more upset…wants to storm the Bastille. Roman doesn’t think so…doesn’t want another shoot-out.

Back in Marlena’s boudoir, Alex is getting possessive…makes a few threats to a sleeping Marlena.

John gets into a fight with an inanimate object—chair. Roman stops him from leaving. John starts picking on poor Roman. Roman pulls out the big guns…threatens to arrest him…sigh just do it already! John acts like a child. Roman gets mad…determines to protect Marlena the right way. John badmouths Alex.

Alex does some more doom and gloom threatening…gonna go on the honeymoon from hell…make her pay…pay…pay… Marlena awakens and asks what he is doing in her bedroom…calls him on lying to her and everyone else. Alex threatens to top her drug dosage in the future. She’s confused. He finally clues her in on drugging her for months on end so she would turn away from John…drugging the audience as well with this silly storyline. She starts screaming and trying to escape. Alex just happens to have an injection on hand…threatens to force her if she doesn’t take it willingly.

Roman thinks a good night’s sleep…even room service…might help poor John. John is not amused. He wonders about the light being on in his ex-wife’s bedroom…sigh… please stop…I want to watch the paint dry!

Marlena tries to get away. Alex won’t let her.

John spies again…sees Marlena yelling for help at the window…grabs Roman…but of course the show is over by them. John tries to make Roman a believer…Roman agrees finally and they head over to save the day.

The he-men stumble through the door. Alex is a teensy bit angry. John does a…I saw what you did…moment. Alex threatens to have him arrested for spying again. John threatens death by hands. Roman demands to see Marlena front and center. Alex excuses what John “thinks” he saw as passion. Marlena appears…I guess the drugs have kicked in and everything is rosy again. Alex wants them…out…out…out… Marlena turns on John and Roman…threatens to have them arrested. They leave…sigh…I can’t go any further…I’m about to be sick with this Bedford wife stuff…grrr…

John is sure his “Doc” is acting strange. Roman is a by-the-book cop and wants evidence first. Alex is smirking and eavesdropping.

Patrick’s Boat: Hope & Patrick/Manhole Adventure: The rest of the gang

Replay of last scene from yesterday’s Canadian show. Shawn finally frees Chelsea’s foot…Phil shouts to Bo to go back up…etc…etc…KABOOM! Well at least a mini kaboom…

Bo is determined to go back down…more reporter gibberish...talk of tragic double suicide mission.

Hope is devastated and tells Patrick that she’s already lost her youngest son...she won’t lose her oldest son and husband…how could God be that cruel…...both Bo and Shawn are stubborn...Shawn shouldn’t even be there…he’s on his honeymoon (sigh I’m glad someone remembered!) She wonders how important the girl he is rescuing is.

Bo starts back down. Mimi shouts down to him and asks if he can see anything and are they alive? He yells back that he can’t see anything.

Hope starts praying for Shawn and Bo’s life as Bo comes back up with Chelsea. She starts crying and yells at the television screen for Bo to save Shawn…how could he put a stranger before his own child? Bo puts Chelsea down and Hope realizes who it is. Patrick tries to calm her down but she is irate. She can’t believe that Bo sent their son down to save the girl that killed his little brother.

Belle...sigh...asks Bo if he saw Shawn and Philip (yep in that order). Mimi just looks at her. Bo wants to go back down now and save his son and brother…geez ya think??? Chelsea is in “me…myself…and I” mode and begs him not to.

Hope can’t figure out why Shawn would risk his life to save Chelsea...the girl who killed her little boy. She says she doesn’t know Bo anymore. Patrick defends Chelsea… doesn’t think she meant to hurt Zach… Hope is ballistic…GO HOPE!!! She reminds him that Chelsea drove over her boy and then drove away (Kristian is giving a heartbreaking performance here). She’s crying as she talks about her little boy dying in the hospital and Chelsea not taking responsibility...how Bo still tried to protect Chelsea. She calls Chelsea a selfish girl who never gives a damn about anyone but herself…especially when Hope’s son could be laying dead in the sewer...he’s a hero just like his dad. She asks Patrick if he thinks Bo made the right choice to save Chelsea first…what if Shawn dies…he’s given his life to Bo’s daughter.

Chelsea is still doing a needy number on Bo. We see a muddy hand reach up from the sewer. Both Hope and Belle say, “please let it be Shawn.” Yep who cares about good ole Phil, right Belle??? Well it’s good ole Phil returned from the sewer wars a little worse for wear. Belle decides to hug him…good move. He tells them that Shawn is right behind him. A long moment later and Shawn is returned to the land of the dry. The crowd is happy. Mimi hugs him while Belle watches. Mimi whispers to Shawn that she was never so happy to hug anyone in her whole life. Shawn answers...me too...me too...in a breathless voice.

Hope is relieved touches the screen and tells Shawn that she loves him so much...couldn’t bear it if she had lost him too.

Billie wants the paramedic to look at poor Chelsea. Bo and Billie are in the moment. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. He keeps coughing. Just at that convenient moment the ace reporter wants an interview…day two of misguided couple choices…why not just drill a hole in our heads and pour this goopy mess in so we won’t forget tomorrow…grrr… Billie corrects the reporter’s marital blooper. The reporter gives us a history lesson on the family from hell…B.B.C. Bo puts his foot in his mouth and tells the guy that he’s just happy that his family is safe.

Another knife in Hope’s back…sigh… She’s in shock and says: “A family? A family?” Patrick tries to comfort her again. He thinks they should focus on the fact that Bo and Shawn are alive. Hope refuses to budge...Bo said that he and Billie and Chelsea are a family now and he said it on live television. Patrick is sure that Bo would have rescued the boys if necessary. She tells him: “But he didn’t because Chelsea stopped him...has wrapped Bo around her finger since the beginning...his precious angel...what a miracle...if they hadn’t found her after eighteen years, my son would still be alive.” Hope knows where she stands now…Bo has moved on and chosen to be with Billie and Chelsea instead of her and their son (very sad).

Bo tells Billie that Chelsea was frightened. She wants counseling for mother and daughter. He apologizes and says it’s his fault. Flashback to Bo yelling at Chelsea…sigh didn’t we see this coming? Second-guessing, etc…etc… Billie reminds him that Chelsea needed a wake-up call and not to beat himself up over it. Bo drones on about his rebellious youth…starts defending Chelsea (sorry but I can’t expand). Billie is actually the voice of reason and tells him that he can’t let Chelsea manipulate him every time she cries on his shoulder.

Mimi tells Shawn and Philip she wants them to get checked out by the paramedics. Belle mimics her with Philip. Both guys leave and Mimi focuses on her ex-best friend.

Mimi: “Belle, sometimes you are so full of it.”

Belle: “Excuse me?”

Mimi: “Don’t look so innocent. I saw the look on your face when we didn’t know who was climbing up. You wished it was Shawn.”

Belle: “I was terrified.”

Mimi: “Were you worried about your husband or mine?”

Belle: “About both of them.”

Once again the reporter appears. Once again a case of mismatched marital garbage. Belle tries to explain. The reporter could care less. Hope looks on shocked. Mimi finally gets a word in and straightens the wannabe Walter Cronkite out. She introduces Belle as Mrs. Kiriakis and says she was just concerned as “a friend.” He sort of apologizes and then ignores them to go into another diatribe for the viewers.

Mimi turns to Belle again. She tells her that she’s not fooling her and that she can see right through her...apparently so could most of America tonight, so she just wants to thank Belle for that really nice wedding gift...NOT! Belle tries to explain that the reporter was just trying to make it a bigger story. Mimi tells her that both she and the reporter have eyes.

Mimi: “You keep acting like Shawn is your husband, but he isn’t. He is mine, so back off!!!

Chelsea tries to thank Shawn for saving her life tonight, but he brushes her off. She talks about them sharing a dad and family. He tells her that they also shared a brother until she killed him, and says he didn’t do it for her and would have saved a stray dog if necessary. He leaves and Billie asks Chelsea how she fell into the sewer. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about it.

Mimi tells Belle that every time she looks at Shawn she is broadcasting her feelings to everyone…and tonight the TV cameras just happened to be watching... tells her she is sick of it and to be faithful to Philip. Belle protests halfheartedly that she is faithful. Mimi says she isn’t talking about just physically...you can have all sorts of inappropriate feelings. Belle gets in her face and tells her that she can’t help the way she feels but that she is married to Philip and committed to a life with him and her daughter. Mimi tells her to worry about Shawn as a “friend” only because he is Mimi’s husband. She shows Belle her wedding ring.

Mimi, “I’m the one Shawn chose to marry...not you!”

Phil arrives and wants to take Belle home.

Mimi is back in Shawn’s arms. She asks him softly if he remembers where they left off. He tells her...oh yes!

Bo comes up to Mimi and Shawn. He thanks Shawn for what he did and wants to know if he has heard from Hope. Shawn says no. Bo pushes and asks if he knows where she is. Shawn flashes back to when Hope mentioned Morgan Island. He tells Bo that if his mom wanted Bo to know where she was then she would tell him… suggests that Bo hurry back to Billie and Chelsea…his family. Bo does just that and suggests that they take their daughter to the hospital. First he decides to check his phone messages to see if there is one from Hope.

The reporter drones on. Hope watches Bo carrying Chelsea in his arms with Billie following behind. Patrick turns off the satellite television and asks how Hope is. He tells her that they will arrive back in Salem tomorrow. Hope demands that he turn the boat around and go back to the island…doesn’t care about Bo anymore because he has Billie and Chelsea…Shawn is happy with Mimi and she’s glad he has her...they can start their life together...so there is no reason for her to go back to Salem.


Lexie to Abe…if they could just start over… Abe hugs her and says…Lexie please.

Jen sees Frankie in the shower and asks if she can join him. He’s all for it...kissing.

Hope is talking on the phone. She says that there is something really important she wants to talk about…she wants a divorce.

Chelsea, in hospital bed, tells Bo that he isn’t going to love her anymore…especially after she tells him what she did.


Friday Apr 14

Janice’s Spoilers

Alice’s Home: Maggie & Alice/Green Mountain Lodge: Jennifer & Frankie

Maggie and Alice are relaxing with fruit drinks at the kitchen table. Maggie is explaining that she was taking care of Jack Jr. but Abby is babysitting while she does some errands. She tells Alice that Jennifer is away with Frankie pursuing romance. LOL...Alice’s mouth falls open.

Asleep...wake up...kiss good morning... Frankie explains that he was up all night thinking of her. Jennifer wants to know what she did. He tells her how beautiful she is and that he just spent the night watching her. Both think last night was like a dream...both say they love each other and kiss again. Frankie doesn’t want it to end but has to get back to the office. She has Jack Jr.’s playgroup. He asks her if she wants to shower with him...she says no. He decides to leave the door open in case she changes her mind.

Jennifer calls Maggie who tells her she’s with Alice and asks if she is having a good time. Jennifer enthuses about how wonderful everything is...she misses Jack but thinks he wanted her to move on. Maggie agrees that Jack loved her very much but would want her to be happy. Jennifer worries that now that she has found Frankie, it might be too good to be true. Alice gets on the phone and tells her to listen to her heart and that she is doing the right thing. Frankie loves her. Alice smiles as she fondly remembers the past. Flashback to a young Jennifer and Frankie talking about eloping after Steve and Kayla’s wedding...celebrating the new year...Frankie telling her she’ll make a beautiful bride someday.

Jennifer decides to join Frankie in conserving water. He welcomes her with open arms...etc...etc... Later they pack to go back to Salem. He knows how hard it was for her to move on. He wonders what happens next. Jennifer just looks at him.

Carter Home: Abe, Lexie, Theo, & Celeste

Lexie and Abe wake up to the alarm...7 a.m....kiss...Abe pulls back and tells her that the commissioner wants to meet with him about an emergency. He also needs to talk with Bo about the explosion. Lexie pouts and wants to know why Roman can’t do it. Abe explains about John’s house arrest...says John is a loose cannon...but tells her he’d much rather stay in bed. She brings up the impotent card and talks about advances made in the area...intimacy isn’t just about sex...but love and companionship...touching and kissing are all part of the equation... wants to work through this. Abe says he’s not making excuses...apologizes for not being around for her...thanks her for being patient.

We get a god-awful flashback of Lexie and Tek. She turns to Abe and admits that they have both done things they aren’t proud of...wants to know if they can start over...talks about taking baby steps...kisses him. He hugs her and then backs away...doesn’t need to be reminded that she’s a doctor and knows all about advances in intimacy...wishes she wouldn’t keep bringing it up...makes him think that she doesn’t think they can be intimate without sex (Go Abe!) He tells her that all he wants is to make love to his wife and that being close is torture. Lexie wants to help him. He tells her to stop patronizing him...stop pretending its okay live as brother and sister instead of husband and wife. He leaves. Lexie grimaces in pain...touches side of her breast...gets into her robe just as the doorbell rings.

Celeste comes in (wearing a very pretty dress). Lexie thanks her for taking care of Theo for the day. Lexie wants to know if something is wrong. Celeste wants to grill her about her affair with Tek...Lexie is shocked and wants her to keep her voice down...sigh...I guess making love in public isn’t a giveaway. She asks how her mother found out. Celeste isn’t impressed with her answer...says she saw them romping at church...already warned her once about him...asks point blank if Lexie wants to ruin her marriage... negative...wants her marriage to work but she has needs. Celeste gives her a definition of the difference between wants and needs. Abe drops in with Theo (sigh he’s grown so much) Lexie leaves to shower. Abe admits to Celeste that he and Lexie are working through some issues and that marriage means everything to both of them. He asks if anything is wrong. She says she just wants them to be happy...thinks he is the most wonderful son-in-law. He thanks her for caring and goes to give Theo his breakfast.

By herself, Celeste has her cards out and says that she senses that Abraham and Alexandra have a chance to be happy in spite of Tek but there is something very heavy on Alexandra’s side. She flips over the star card. Meanwhile, Lexie gets into the shower and strips off her robe. She reaches for the soap, lifts her arm and feels pain again... touches the top of her breast again and gets a concerned look on her face.

Celeste mixes the cards...says that the star card means optimism and hope, but she’s confused...lays the cards out again...senses deep pain within Alexandra but not anything to do with the cards...gets worried and wonders worriedly what is wrong with her daughter. Lexie is still examining the spot, gasps and says OMG it wasn’t there before.

Patrick’s Boat

Both Hope and Patrick are in bed. Hope wakes up...imagines Patrick is Bo...kisses him...pulls back and is shocked by what she has done...sigh... He tells her he was in bed because it’s the only one on the boat and he got tired and put the boat on autopilot. He goes to make coffee. She wants to check her email...doesn’t think Bo tried to contact her because he was too busy rescuing his daughter all the time. She sits at the computer when a website pops up and shows an article and picture of “Salem Family Reunited.”

Hope is quite upset as she watches the video showing the reporter regurgitating what happened at the manhole explosion...wrapping things up about the happy reunion...shows Billie being interviewed and saying how grateful she is to Philip, Shawn, and Bo for all that they did. Hope watches with growing horror as Billie continues and says that she knew Bo would do everything to reunite his “family” and he did. We see Bo hugging her.

Patrick doesn’t want Hope to jump to conclusions...says that Bo is just happy that things turned out okay. She’s already past that and irate again. She remembers how Shawn had to stop his wedding because of Chelsea...wants to know why Bo had to risk their son’s life...why he didn’t leave it to the trained professionals. Patrick tells her it was a life and death situation...thinks she should talk to Bo in person...reach out to him...someone has to make the first move. Hope picks up her cell phone ...starts to dial...just can’t do it yet.

Patrick tries to get her back on course...mentions that Bo doesn’t know how to get hold of her. She mentions the email option. Patrick is insistent that they need to talk. She dials again but not to Bo. We don’t see Mickey but she tells him that she has something important to talk about...it’s complicated...no he heard correctly...she wants to get a divorce from Bo. Patrick watches in shock.

Hospital: Bo, Billie, & Chelsea

While Billie holds vigil at her daughter’s bedside, we are sooo lucky...NOT...to get a replay of Chelsea’s amazing email feats. Bo arrives with coffee, murmurs that he’s been in this place before. Billie feels bad that she forgot about Zach and wishes she had made Bo go home last night. He thinks Zach would still be alive if he had made better choices. Bo is in enabling Chelsea mode...coulda...woulda...shoulda caused her death last night...won’t abandon another child. Billie tries to pull him back into the real world. He finally thinks about how Shawn did a brave thing for his sister and went down to save her even when he doesn’t like her...thinks this might bring their family closer together...lol... Billie agrees (sigh...no comment).

Bo is a busy bee...wants to make amends with Hope, his son, and with his daughter at the same time. Chelsea pipes up that he is wrong...she’s the one who should apologize to him because if it weren’t for her he and Hope would still be together. Bo gets Billie to leave. Chelsea talks in an emotionless voice about how he was right to be mad at her. Bo puts in a Band-Aid performance...now...now...Chelsea...shouldn’t have yelled at poor Chelsea...all my fault Chelsea...UGH!!! Chelsea drones on and on...blames herself...had an epiphany down in the dregs of Salem...wants to right all her wrongs...starting with Zach and just thinking of herself and no one else. The nurse comes in. Chelsea begs Bo to come back later. Nurse gives her a sedative.

Bo and Billie are talking in the corridor. He brings up Chelsea’s marketing campaign...says she sounds different...couldn’t find a single reason why her life was worth saving. He starts to talk about Zach’s great enthusiasm for life...always laughing and helping people...started off well until he starts wondering about Chelsea at that age (can’t we have a Zach moment without the daughter from hell for once???) Bo goes to check on his messages...maybe one from Hope.

Later Bo is frustrated that there are no messages from Hope and doesn’t understand why she won’t call him. He goes back into his daughter’s room with Billie, only to hear Chelsea go into apology mode again. Bo...sigh...butts in with wonderful platitudes...grrr... Chelsea’s parents love her...will do everything to keep her out of jail.

Later again, Chelsea is sleeping...we get Billie giving us another walk down memory lane with the same scene of Bo yelling at Chelsea. Bo asks her what she is thinking about... we get more Chelsea is the only thing that matters talk from him...last night they almost lost her...he shouldn’t have taken things out on her...talks about Zach’s death being an accident...was never angry with Zach...we act like he is a saint/angel but he was just a little boy with a big heart...doesn’t want Zach’s death to ruin Queen Chelsea’s life...it’s not as if she purposely hurt their family...will take a lot to forgive Queen Chelsea but he’s gonna try! Bo is crying now. Billie doesn’t think Hope will have an easy time of agreeing with that.

Bo is watching his daughter sleep...more platitudes. Chelsea wakes up again and tells her dad he won’t love her anymore when she tells him what she did.


Carrie asks Austin what he is looking at...she’s a mess and just got out of the shower. Austin tells her he thinks she looks incredible.

Kate tells Chelsea that she will ruin absolutely everything. Chelsea tells her that she is going to tell Bo and Billie today and there is nothing Grandma Kate can do to stop her.

Billie tells Bo that Hope is his wife...he loves her...needs to find a way to get through to her.

Hope talking on the phone: He wants a divorce...considers our marriage over...no turning back now.


Monday Apr 17

Janice’s Spoilers

Carter Home: Lexie, Celeste, and Theo

Celeste is chatting to Theo in her arms about what they can do with their day together...the zoo...park...etc... She sees a picture of Lexie and blood starts to drip from it...sigh...pretty disgusting.

We see Lexie in the shower again and realizing with shock that she has a lump on her breast...remembers having a mammogram a few months ago and everything was fine then.

Lexie comes back downstairs. Celeste confronts her again about her affair with Tek. Lexie tells her mom that she is committed to staying with Abe and making their marriage work. Celeste is relieved and explains that Tek has always bothered her and she thinks he might be hazardous to Lexie’s health. She is shocked when Lexie tells her about finding a lump on her breast.

Lexie brings in a cup of tea to calm her mother down...explains that lots of lumps turn out to be benign and will get it checked out. Celeste informs her that it does run in the family... way back. Lexie is surprised and a little frustrated that she never knew their family health history before...wants to know if her distant relatives survived...caught it in time. Celeste tells her they all died.

Lexie is upset. Now it’s Celeste’s turn to try and calm her down. Lexie refuses to listen...knows she’s at a more than average risk. Lexie decides to talk about Tek again. Celeste is surprised and concerned because she thought it was over. Lexie tells her that it sort of is but that she’s being blackmailed about her affair with Tek...explains about Alex and Sami threatening to tell Abe. Celeste insists that she stop this and Lexie agrees...knows that she has done some terrible things. Her mom thinks that stress might have caused the lump. Lexie is determined to deal with it in the same way she plans to deal with Alex and Sami...once and for all.

Yawn...Lucas’s Casa: Lucas & Carrie intermixed with Sami’s Casa: Sami & Austin

Lucas fixed Carrie breakfast...teasing about the morning after...flashback to the night before...doing the rabbit dance...

Over at Sami’s, she’s making some very strong coffee...lol...has flashback to night before realizes how much coffee she has poured in and starts spooning it back into the can. Austin comes up behind her...hug...She was going to give him breakfast in bed as a surprise...blueberry pancakes...his favorite. He takes a shower. Sami accidentally knocks over a picture...says one thing and means another...she says she is finally getting what she wants but then looks at the picture of her, Lucas, and Will...acknowledges that Will still loves her but she has Austin now...realizes there is no more milk.

Nope not going there. What is happening with Lucas and Carrie is just a figment of my rotten imagination. He finally starts breakfast again. Sami arrives with Lucas wearing just his shorts...wants to borrow milk...he doesn’t have any either...somebody put me out of my misery...sigh... Sami comments on Lucas and Carrie’s extracurricular activities. Lucas thinks they bothered Sami...she denies it.

Austin in the shower...flashing back to the night before.

Carrie in the shower...flashing back to the night before...starting a new mantra: I love Lucas...I’m marrying Lucas...

Austin finishes his shower and murmurs that he loved Carrie but she made her choice and he’s made his.

Lucas thinks that there is a glow about Sami. I think it’s a three-alarm fog. He comments on Sami and Austin’s extra-curricular activities the night before. Carrie comes back out and invites Sami and Austin to breakfast....a little more yes...a little more no... Sami explains about her milk errand...sisters jabbering about having a universal détente/moratorium and let’s get along little doggie pep talk. Austin arrives looking for Sami... Lucas pulls Sami aside...doesn’t think she has changed...thinks she’s up to something...threatens her. Sami tells him not to worry...she’s a happy Austin camper. Austin talks to Carrie...again with the special glow garbage...Sami throws her own special glow in Carrie’s face. Carrie goes bye-bye and Austin calls Sami on her faux paux.

Hospital: Bo, Kate, Chelsea, and Billie

Billie gives Kate an update on Chelsea’s health status. Kate goes into her matchmaking routine about Billie and Bo.

Bo is watching Chelsea sleep...tells her how much he loves her and hates the thought he could have lost her. Chelsea wakes up and flashes back to her conversation with Kate about the emails. She has tears in her eyes as she repeats her new song lyric: “You’re not gonna love me any more dad...not after I tell you what I did.” She’s determined to tell the truth.

Billie tells her mama to back off. Kate drones on. Billie is being noble and says she not going to take advantage of a tragic situation. She tells her mom about Hope wanting a divorce. Kate pretends to be surprised but is all for it if it means that her baby and Bo can be together. Billie gets mad and tells her to quit while she’s ahead...Bo is focused on getting Hope back. She goes to ask when Chelsea can go home. Kate rolls her eyes and mumbles to herself...thanks to Chelsea, you and Bo will be together...sigh...you can almost see her rubbing her palms in glee...either that or doing a cheerleading rant.

Chelsea tells her dad that she’s the reason Hope wants a divorce. Bo takes the lessons he learned in Communications for Dummies and tells her that it wasn’t her fault...he sent Hope an email... he will fight for their marriage so there won’t be a divorce. Chelsea refutes that and tells him...not after what she did. Bo looks surprised. Of course Kate is eavesdropping.

Bo doesn’t want little Chelsea blaming herself. Kate interrupts and reiterates the message Bo just imparted...it’s never Miss Chelsea’s fault. Chelsea doesn’t give up. Kate wants some alone time...how surprising...groan... Bo goes bye-bye. Kate pulls the curtains closed and starts in on her granddaughter. Chelsea has a conscience for what she has done...has been a horrible daughter...had no right to interfere with her dad’s marriage especially with him risking his life to save her last night. Kate talks about the “greater good according to Kate” plays the happy parents reuniting card.

Bo is angry at the payphone for Hope not calling her back. Billie is spying...murmurs that Bo will only ever love Hope. Bo tells Billie that he can’t believe Hope would give up that easily, especially after he poured his heart out in the email. Billie tells him to call her, reminds him how much he loves Hope, and to find a way to get through to her.

Chelsea is actually being noble for a few moments out of time. Realizes that even if she wants her mommy and daddy together...doesn’t mean that it was meant to be. Kate is adamant that it should happen...plays on Chelsea’s weaknesses ad nauseum...

Bo thanks Billie for her support...wants to give Hope the time she asked for. He walks away.

Chelsea talks about her crimes and how bad she feels for what she has done to Bo and Hope. Kate is like a broken record. Chelsea is still determined to tell the truth.

Patrick’s boat: Hope and Patrick

We see Hope calling Mickey again and telling him she wants a divorce...its what’s best for both of them...wants him to get things started. Maggie gets on the phone and Hope explains to her about the divorce.

Hope is out on deck now. Maggie is shocked...thinks she’s being hasty...tries to convince Hope that she and Bo still need each other...grieving for Zach. Hope is adamant...tells Maggie that Bo has his family...Billie and Chelsea to help him...mentions bitterly that he agreed to the divorce with no hesitation whatsoever.

Maggie begs her to reconsider...tells her that she is Bo’s family and not Billie...thinks there’s some huge miscommunication going on...wants her to talk to Bo about her plans. Hope tells Maggie that she did and that Bo has no objections. Maggie wants them to talk face to face. Hope tells her that she’s not coming back to Salem or to Bo. Hope tells her that her mind is made up. Maggie tells her that they miss her so much...reluctantly tells her that she’ll talk to Mickey about drawing up the divorce papers but hopes she will reconsider. Hope tells her she won’t and that she will touch base again with her soon.

Patrick asks her why she didn’t call Bo. She tells him she just couldn’t...there’s nothing left to say to each other. Patrick seriously doubts that and says that she is making a mistake. Hope doesn’t see the point since Bo’s email said everything...he wants a divorce...there is no turning back now.


Frankie says to Jen that she still really loves “him.” Jennifer nods her agreement.

Chelsea tells Kate that Bo is her dad and she has to tell him the truth. Kate warns her that it will be the biggest mistake she has made in a lifetime.

Hope says that she has to move on without Bo and figure out what her next move is.

Abe looks over Bo’s shoulder at the computer screen and reads...Wanted—felon. Extorted a woman’s life savings. Left her dead. Bo tells him that it’s Patrick Lockhart.


Tuesday Apr 18

Janice’s Spoilers

Devereaux Home: Jennifer, Abby, Frankie, and Jack

We get a some back talk from Jack’s picture today.

Jennifer...asleep on couch...dreams about the lodge and Frankie...dreams of Jack...shouts his name...Abby wakes her up...didn’t even know her mom was back home. Frankie arrives. Abby questions them about their trip. Jennifer gets nervous. Abby leaves to meet Josh. Jennifer frets about her new relationship with Frankie. Frankie tells Jennifer that Abby was just joking. He won’t push things.

I guess they had extra airtime or something because I honestly can’t figure out the point of showing the new flashback with Jack in drag to get a story for their television show on single women. Matthew did a great job but I think we get that Jen is still thinking about the guy...sigh... I guess I would have just preferred some straight scenes already. Kudos to Matthew for giving his best. And I will attest to the fact that Jennifer and Jack are very sweet together.

Frankie knows that Jennifer still loves Jack and will never stop loving him. She agrees but wants to move on. He gets a call from Mickey, hangs up, and tells Jennifer the news about Hope calling Mickey to get a divorce from Bo...um isn’t that a breach of client confidentiality??? Family or no family?

Hospital: Bo and his new family

Chelsea tells her grandma that she is telling Bo everything...emails...yada...yada... wants to start over with a clean slate. Bo interrupts. Chelsea tells him she wants to be a daughter he can be proud of...can’t believe that Shawn and Philip help her dad save her last night... Bo tells her that family sticks together no matter what. More dribble back and forth...she sorta wants to tell him...is scared...he’s all ears. He goes to get her release papers while she thinks about it...again...

Billie approaches a dour looking Kate and wants to know what her problem is. Kate goes into gloom and doom mode...wants to enlist Billie into helping her stop Chelsea from doing something she will regret for the rest of her life. Billie is suspicious and demands to know what is going on.

Bo makes a return visit...more dissembling...more weaseling...more enabling as he apologizes for yelling at her before...tells her its not her fault that Hope wants a divorce. Flashback 63 of Chelsea/Kate and the email caper. Chelsea tells Bo that he was right to yell at her...starts to speak...yep you got it...confession interuptus again...like we care anymore...sigh... Phone rings...Salem P.D. Out of the blue serial killer case Bo was working on a few years back becomes active again...only Bo can handle it...made promises to a family...hands her release papers to her mother...has to go...can’t stay... nope...nope...nope...no confession today folks!
Kate goes into meltdown. Billie reacts. Kate back pedals. Billie swears to get to the bottom of it...goes to get the car. Kate/Chelsea tug-a-war...doom and gloom prediction from grandma. We see Max in the corridor looking around confusedly.

Max explains to them that he won his race. Hugs...Congrats. Chelsea enlists her mama’s help...wants to go with Max and not her big bad grandma...tells them that she feels as if she’s been given a second chance and wants to start over with a clear plate...vows to be honest with her dad later. They leave.

Billie gives her mom the third degree. She tells her mom how happy she is that Chelsea wants to turn her life around. Kate wants Bo and Hope to split up so he can be with his “new” family...more garbage... Billie tells her to lay off. Kate goes into poor me mode...wants to make up time for the way she treated her children in early life...and on...and on...explains about Austin/Sami and Lucas/Carrie. Billie is shocked and then cautiously happy. Kate rags on Sami big time then gets back to her quest for Billie’s happiness. She thinks that Chelsea and Billie deserve to spend their life with Bo and that Bo is the father of Billie’s daughter (hmmm...I wonder if that was foreshadowing...lol...)

Java Café: Max, Abby, Josh, and Chelsea

We get a meeting between Max/Chelsea and Abby/Josh at the Java Café. Abby asks Chelsea about her accident and they hug. Josh goes back to work. Max and Chelsea talk. He tries to give her a dose of reality. Chelsea actually listens and tells him she wants to change... yada...yada... Max asks a killer question...does this mean Chelsea is going to take responsibility for the hit and run accident that killed Zach, even if it means going to jail?

Chelsea says she will take responsibility for all her actions even if she has to go to prison. Max tells her he is proud of her. She tells him she is going to tell her dad the truth and be more supportive of Bo and Hope and asks him to take her to the police station.

Abby apologizes to Josh for being AWOL lately. He asks her about Jennifer and Frankie’s trip. Abby is sure they didn’t cross any lines but admits that they are getting closer. She just thinks its very hard for her mom to let her dad go.

Patrick’s Boat: Patrick & Hope

Patrick and Hope secure the boat. He asks Hope once again if she wants to go back to Salem. She doesn’t. More of Patrick trying to change her mind with the same arguments. Hope thinks Bo must have been in love with Billie all along. They are his family and it doesn’t leave any room for her.

He still thinks that she and Bo love each other and asks if she really wants to face the rest of her life without him. She tells him no.
Hope tells Patrick that she doesn’t want a divorce and that it was an agonizing decision for her. She talks about the email and Bo not waiting 5 minutes to respond. Patrick argues that she’s the one that called Mickey about the divorce papers...not Bo. Hope replies that Bo has chosen Billie and Chelsea over Zach and her and Shawn...as soon as they had trouble in their marriage he was ready to move on...no room for her in his life anymore.

She wonders what the rest of her life will be like without Bo. He tries to reason with her that she can’t stay on the island forever. She challenges that assumption...might work at the orphanage on at a hotel on the main island. He thinks it’s a baaaaaaaad idea...Zach memories. Hope wants to remember Zach. She just doesn’t want to be anywhere where people know about it and keep telling her how sorry they are. She just wishes she knew where she belonged.

Patrick tells Hope that he came to the island because he had to. Hope wants Patrick to open up about his secrets...wants to know where he sneaks off at night and asks if it’s the memories. Hope tells him that he is her friend and a wonderful guy who has saved her over and over again...but she’s a cop...wants to know if it’s about a woman and where the woman is. He finally shows some emotion and yells that yes he comes to the island for the memories...tells her to back off and forget he ever mentioned it. He stomps off. Hope is determined to find out what his secret is.

Salem P.D.: Abe, Bo, and later Max & Chelsea

Bo tells Abe that he can’t believe the S.O.B. is killing again. Abe feels bad about calling him after everything that happened last night. Bo insists that this is his case...promised one of the families that he wouldn’t give up. Abe thanks Bo for donating Zach’s corneas so that he could see again. Bo tells him that Zach loved him...Abe was his first father... and Zach would have wanted it this way. Abe talks about Zach’s death and how it has stopped him from feeling sorry for himself anymore...loves Lexie and Theo...talks about Hope and Bo’s kids...wants Bo to do everything to get Hope back.

Bo tells him about Hope asking him for a divorce. He knew she wanted space...guesses he was wrong to give her so much. Abe is shocked and tells him that he has to talk to Hope before she starts the divorce proceedings. Bo tells him that it’s difficult when she won’t answer his phone calls or emails and he doesn’t even know where she is. He would do anything to stop the divorce but has no way of communicating with her.

He sits down at the computer and notices a report from the Chicago P.D. Abe reads it out loud...talks about a felon being wanted...scam artist...extorted a woman’s life savings and left her dead. Bo looks closer and tells Abe to check out the description. He says it’s Patrick Lockhart.

Max and Chelsea walk into the police station. She tells him that she is going to confess everything to her dad. He offers to go in with her but she wants to do this herself. She prays that her dad will forgive her...prays that Hope and Bo get back together...after all she has done.

Bo is glad that Patrick is far away from Salem. He starts with the “I told you so” comments (irritating) and tells Abe that he won’t mention the Lockhart thing if Hope calls. Makes me hope that Patrick turns out to be good...good...good...lol...and rubs it in Bo’s face!


Kate warns Chelsea that she loves her daughter dearly, but if Chelsea listens to her ten her life is going to be a disaster.

Bo is talking to the Chicago Police. He wishes them luck and hopes they catch the SOB before he hurts another woman.

Hope tells Patrick that her wanting to know him better is because she genuinely cares about him.

An angry Lexie tells Sami that she isn’t lying for her anymore...she’s going to tell Carrie and Austin everything. Sami looks at her and says: “You’re going to what???”


Wednesday Apr 19

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Patrick is upset with Hope for trying to get him to talk. She tells him that she knows very little about him. Losing Zack was the most devastating thing that every happened to her and leaving Bo. Patrick has been a great comfort to her – being there when she needed him. She’s only asking because she genuinely cares for him. She tells him that if there is a woman on the island he is involved with that would explain a lot – like why it never worked with Billie. Patrick says she doesn’t know anything about him and Billie – he doesn’t want to talk about it. He walks away. Hope wonders why he won’t let her help and vows to find out what his secret is. She asks a fisherman if he knows Patrick. When he says yes she asks if he knows the woman in his life. He says Patrick knows many women but only one woman captured his heart. Patrick is on a beach (this is a memory) – we see him with the woman he loved – Alma. They kiss, they talk – he wonders how he got so lucky. She says she’s the lucky one but she has this feeling he is going to be unfaithful to her.

The fisherman tells her only one person can answer her questions about Patrick. Hope says you mean the woman. The guy says her name is Alma. If you follow this path to the beach all your questions will be answered. We see more of Patrick and Alma – he declares he will never be unfaithful. He tells her that her name is written on his heart. He knows her name means soul – she is his soul. He gives her a flower. They talk about the legend. She tells him to remember that – as long as he brings her the flower she will always be with him. Nothing can ever separate them – not the ocean, not the passage of time, not even death. They kiss. Patrick stops remembering – he’s close to tears. He picks some of the flowers from the legend and has a flashback to Hope questioning him about the woman. Hope finds the flowers on the path and figures out that this must be where Patrick was going. Hope finds Alma’s grave. Patrick finds her there. He says you wanted to know about my past – there it is. He wanted her to leave this alone but she couldn’t do that. When she finds out what happened she’ll hate him as much as her husband does.

Police Station: Abe reads the description of the wanted suspect and lists the crimes. Bo says the description fits Patrick to a t. Hmmm …let’s see 6’3’, blue eyes, charming – yup – no one else in the world fits that description – it has to be Patrick. Bo smugly says that Billie is better off without him – Chelsea could have lost her mother again. Hope was always defending him. He figures Patrick took off because the police were closing in. Billie and Kate arrive. Kate asks Chelsea if she has talked to Bo yet. She hasn’t. Kate is grateful. Chelsea tells her if she came to the police station to try and change her mind she wasted a trip. Billie says good for you. Kate can’t believe it. Bo and Hope are getting divorced – end of story. Chelsea is determined. Billie is proud of her. Kate tells them both she is not going to allow them to ruin their lives.

Billie tells Kate to stop meddling. Kate doesn’t think wanting to see her children happy is meddling. Billie tells Chelsea she fully supports her decision to tell her father everything and she is proud of her. She goes to see what Bo is doing. Kate tells Chelsea if she listens to Billie her life is going to be a disaster. Billie walks in on Bo and Abe as Bo is saying that Lockhart will end up on death row. She tells him that Patrick isn’t a killer and she won’t let him talk about the man she loved that way. Bo shows her the description – Billie scoffs saying the description could fit a hundred guys. Bo says she’s just like Hope always defending the guy. Billie says that is because Patrick is a good guy. They agree to change the subject. Billie asks if he heard from Hope. He says no and then asks her what Chelsea wants to talk to him about. Billie thinks she’s ready to change her life. Bo thinks that is good. Kate works on Chelsea. Playing on her fear of going to prison. She tells Chelsea if she confesses to Bo then Hope will return to town. She’ll go to court and do everything in her power to make sure Chelsea gets the maximum sentence. She’ll end up in prison for twenty years. She’ll lose her youth – she’ll be middle aged trying to start over when she gets out. Kate then tells Chelsea that Bo and Hope’s marriage is over – if she doesn’t say anything Hope won’t come back, Bo and Billie will stand by her side in court, she’ll get a lighter sentence or no sentence at all and the three of them can be a family. Chelsea says she is the reason Bo lost his son she doesn’t want to be the reason he loses his wife. Kate tells her that Bo is going to lose either his daughter or his wife – it’s up to her to decide which one.

Billie asks Bo and Abe what they’re going to do with the report from Chicago. Abe says Bo is going to call the Chicago DA – Bo leaves. Billie can’t believe that Abe is going along with this – it’s wrong and he knows it. Abe says Bo is a good cop and he’s got to trust his instincts. Billie says both Hope and I think the world of Patrick and Bo can’t stand it – that’s why he’s making trouble for Patrick. Bo tells the Chicago office he’ll send them Lockhart’s rap sheet. He doesn’t know where he is and neither does his family. He hopes they catch the son of a bitch before he hurts anyone else. Billie is in Abe’s office reading the newspaper – flashbacks to the sewer rescue. Abe can tell she still has feelings for him. She tells Abe that she is praying that Hope and Bo get back together – she wants him to be happy with the woman he loves. Bo comes back in and hears this. Chelsea tells Kate that she doesn’t want to go prison but the only way she can repay her Dad, Shawn and her Uncle Philip for saving her life is to be a better person so she is going to tell Bo the truth. Kate tells her she is not going to stick around and watch her throw her life away. Kate leaves. Bo tells Billie that they will never see eye to eye about Lockhart. He thanks her for her support. Billie tells him to go find his daughter and find out what she wanted to him. Chelsea vows to tell Bo the truth.

Hospital: Lexie’s nurse tells her she is going to take the pictures to the doctor. Celeste comes in. Lexie tells her she is scared. Celeste tells her that she herself said the lump could be benign. She wants to know if she has told Abe yet. Lexie doesn’t want to tell him until she knows for sure. She’s just surprised to hear that there is a history of breast cancer in her family. She wonders how Abe would handle it if she had to have a mastectomy. Celeste tells her that because there is a history of cancer that doesn’t mean she’s going to get it. She stood by Abe during his blindness he’ll stand by her now. Lexie isn’t so sure. Finding the lump has been a wake up call that she needs to reduce all the stress in her life. All the lies have to stop. She is going to tell Abe about Tek. She is going to stop Sami and Alex from blackmailing her. Celeste has one of her premonitions and says there may be a complication. Sami goes to the nurse’s station to pick up Will’s medical forms for camps. Eugenia comes to get some reports for Lucas that he needs for the hospital board meetings. Sami makes a smart remark about Eugenia being Lucas’ gofer – Eugenia infers that Sami is Austin’s gofer. Sami tells Eugenia things are going great with Austin – she’s much more than just his partner – flashback to their romp in bed. Sami goes on to say she wants to be a better person for Austin – she wants to be good. Eugenia doesn’t think that is possible. Sami tells her she’s going after not the brass ring but the gold ring – a wedding band. Eugenia doesn’t see why Austin would want to be with a loser like her so Sami might as well enjoy this moment of happiness because it won’t last. She would bet good money that Austin is going to dump her – the nurse wants in on the bet.

Lexie wants specifics on the premonition – Celeste says it’s too vague. Lexie tells her that her premonitions are causing her stress. She is going to get rid of that stress by putting an end to the blackmail. She is going to start with Sami. Celeste wants to know what she did for Sami. Lexie fills her in. Celeste is shocked – she doesn’t know how Sami sleeps at night. Lexie says she is in for a rude awakening – she is going to end up alone and miserable. Celeste doesn’t think anyone deserves it more. Sami is peeved – she asks if everyone in the hospital knows her personal business. Eugenia says everyone in town knows what a pathetic loser she is. Sami insists she is going to have her happily ever after with Austin. Eugenia tells her that is b.s. She’ll never have that happily ever after with Austin or anyone because she is still in love with Lucas. She won’t have it with Lucas because he wouldn’t take her back if she was the last woman on earth. Eugenia walks away with a smile on her face.

Sami has something to say to Lexie – Lexie wants to talk to her to. Sami just wanted to let Lexie know that everything worked out for the best. She and Austin are happy and Carrie and Lucas are engaged. She’s happy for them – she admits that it’s easier to be happier for them because things are going so well with Austin. Lexie has some bad news for her. She has decided to tell Carrie the truth. Sami says what. Lexie says she is going to tell Carrie and Austin how Sami blackmailed her into telling Carrie that sick lie and when she does she doubts that Carrie, Austin and Lucas will ever speak to Sami again.

Celeste prays to the spirits and forces of good and evil to grant Lexie good health and happiness. Eugenia joins her and wants to know if Celeste has any vibes about whether or not Sami and Austin’s relationship will work out as well as Carrie and Lucas’. Celeste can tell by reading Eugenia’s aura that she has a long standing feud with Sami Brady. She warns Eugenia that revenge leads to tears, trouble and tribulation. Eugenia asks her if she means for her or for Sami. Sami goes into threatening mode reminding Lexie that she will lose Abe and Theo. Lexie says she and Abe have faced a lot of hardships – they work through them and their loves grows stronger. Sami is sure that Abe will leave her when he finds out with Tek. Sami than bluffs and says you are the doctor – how could I think of the stuff you told Carrie. Lexie says because you are you and everyone knows what you are capable of. Sami tells her that Lexie will lose her reputation as a doctor – she’ll lose her licence to practice medicine. She thinks Lexie is bluffing. Lexie says she’s prepared for all of that. Sami wants to know what is making her do something so crazy. Lexie tells her that she found a lump in her breast – that kind of fear puts everything else in perspective. She’s not going to let Sami or anyone else control her life anymore. She walks away – Sami follows. Sami tells her that she is sorry about the lump but that doesn’t mean … Lexie interrupts and says it means that she is going to get rid of all the poison in her life. For starters she is going to tell Carrie that she can have healthy children with Austin. She’s pretty sure that Carrie will break her engagement to Lucas and go back to the man she really loves and none of them will ever forgive Sami.

Celeste asks Eugenia if Sami has threatened her. Eugenia feels being on the same planet as Sami means being threatened. Eugenia just wants to know if Austin will dump Sami and Carrie dump Lucas – she doesn’t want Lucas hurt. Celeste doesn’t know but she does say that the four of them are in for an incredible amount of turmoil and it’s all because of Sami. Eugenia hopes the bitch gets what she deserves. Sami realises that Lexie is serious about this. Lexie says yes she is – she is going to get rid of all her stress. Sami says by dumping it on me. She says you are going to have to go through this alone without Abe or Theo. Lexie says without guilt – as for Abe and Theo what will be will be. But at least she will have done the right thing and everyone in Salem will know that Sami is still the same lying, conniving, evil person that you’ve always been. She tells Sami she is not worthy of love and she never will be. Sami is shaken and close to tears wondering what she will do. Kate sees her and gloats. She asks Sami if Austin is finished with her finally. Lexie joins Celeste in the cafeteria. She tells her mom that she just had it out with Sami and she feels great. Celeste says that telling the truth can be cathartic but she has to tell Abe about Tek before Sami does and that is not going to be easy. Lexie says she will tell him as soon as she gets a chance – she is also going to tell Carrie that she and Austin can have healthy babies. She’s very excited that Alex won’t be able to blackmail her anymore. She thinks John will be able to save his marriage. Sami tells Kate that she and Austin aren’t over yet. Kate pounces on the word yet and says ah, but it will be. Sami tells her that she will get what she wants and while she is at it she will make sure all her enemies pay.

Preview: Alex to Marlena – I’ll tell you this much. This will be a trip from which you will never quite recover. Patrick to Hope – I’m not a good man. I’m sure not good for any woman including you. Frankie to Bo – Hope’s filed for divorce. Belle to Mimi – I’m still in love with Shawn. Belle to Shawn (with Mimi in the background) – There’s something that I have to say to you and I hope it’s not too late.


Thursday Apr 20

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Sami eavesdrops as Lexie is on the phone asking for a rush on her biopsy results. Sami fumes. Lexie is only doing this to clear her conscience and damn the consequences. Sami has to come up with a way to stop her.

Penthouse: I hate the Marlena/Alex scenes. Hearing Marlena being so subservient to Alex is degrading. He mentions the honeymoon – wants it to be a surprise. Marlena only wants what he wants but would like a hint. He tells her it’s a trip she’ll never quite recover from. Marlena says he’s making the honeymoon sound dangerous. He says he hopes that it will at least blow her away. He spouts the real danger is John Black. She is so sorry for the trouble John has caused. He wants them to get away so she can start relaxing. She wants what he wants – they kiss. He tells her to go upstairs and finish packing. He phones a realtor and tells them that his wife wants to put her penthouse on the market and the money from the sale is to be deposited in his offshore account. He pulls out a vial from his pocket and says he needs a refill – he has to keep Marlena compliant until they get out of Salem. He smiles as he says once they clear Salem air space the drugs will wear off and Marlena will realise much to her horror exactly what her fate will be.

Lexie comes to see Marlena. Marlena says she doesn’t like opening the door because it might be John. She lists all the horrible things that John did. Lexie defends John. Marlena tells her if she is hear to put down Alex she can leave – Alex would never hurt her – he loves her. Lexie asks if that is the mantra Alex implanted in her brain when he hypnotised her. Marlena defends that as a regular treatment. Lexie insists Alex brainwashed her. She says the needle marks and asks Marlena if Alex is drugging her. The mantra again – Lexie says are you an addict then. Marlena remembers Alex injecting her at the hospital but repeats the mantra. Lexie tells her to look at the needle marks – only Alex can be injecting her – can she think for herself? Alex comes home … Marlena goes upstairs to pack. Alex is very disappointed in Lexie. Lexie tells Alex that she is going to tell Abe the truth. Alex smugly tells her that she will lose her marriage and her good name. She doesn’t care – she cares more about the truth. She’s not going to let a murdering liar blackmail her into silence. She tells him about the lump in her breast. It cleared her mind – she’s going to do the right thing and the right thing is getting him out of Marlena’s life. He smirks. Lexie gives him fair warning. She tells him to leave town today without Marlena because once she tells John that he has been drugging Marlena he will tear him from limb to limb and Abe will help him. Alex tells her she is trying to strike a bargain with God by trying to do a good deed so she doesn’t die. Lexie leaves. Marlena comes back down. Alex tells her to finish packing … Marlena scurries back upstairs like a good little girl. He pulls out the vial and says Marlena needs another dosage pronto. He thinks he has come up with a way to deal with Lexie that might be too cruel even for him but who deserves cruelty more than an adulteress.

Shawn & Mimi’s: They’re kissing when the phone rings. It’s Bo, sorry to interrupt their honeymoon. Shawn says he understands why people go away on their honeymoons now. Bo asks if he can come down to the station – he wants to talk to him about his mom. Shawn tells Bo that he and Mimi will be right over. Shawn and Mimi are waiting for the elevator. Mimi can’t believe they’ve spent most of their time getting undressed to only have to get dressed again. Shawn promises her that will change. Mimi says first Belle interrupts to get you to stop her Dad from killing Alex North (Belle is now eavesdropping on them), then Chelsea fell down the sewer and now his Dad needs him. It’s like Shawn Brady is now rescue and counselling service open 24 hrs a day. Shawn tells this is all going to end but he has to see if there’s anything he can do to keep his parents together. She understands and wants him to do what he can and to get closer with his Dad but she would also like him all to herself for a while. They kiss – he promises her as soon as they are done – no more interruptions – he’s going to give her honeymooning she will never forget. They laugh and kiss and get in the elevator. Their neighbourhood stalker sulks in the corner.

Police Station: Chelsea talks out loud to herself saying that after everything her Dad did for her she has to tell him the truth. Frankie comes along and asks her what’s wrong. After Bo calls Shawn he says he can’t let Hope go through with the divorce. Shawn’s the only one that can help him. Bo reads the bulletin from the Chicago PD. It has to be Lockhart. He’s a killer. It’s a good thing Hope isn’t anywhere near him. Frankie asks Chelsea if there’s anything she wants to share with him. She asks if it would be just between the two of them. He says yes – attorney/client privilege. She tells him it’s not a legal problem … Shawn and Mimi walk in. Chelsea wants to thank him but Shawn tells her to save it and brushes past them. Frankie tells her that ‘thank you’ is not going to fix this. Chelsea knows – Zack is gone and never coming back and that is her fault. Nobody is ever going to forgive her and she can’t blame them. Bo tells Shawn that he’s tried to find Hope but it’s like she vanished off the face of the earth. For the sake of keeping their family together he has to tell him what he knows.

Bo asks Shawn to tell him where Hope is. Shawn says if she wants you to know she would tell you and he asks his Dad not to put him in the middle of this. Bo asks him if he has heard from him. Shawn says no, have you? Bo doesn’t answer. Mimi says maybe he doesn’t want to talk about it. Shawn says no, did you hear from Mom. Bo tells him to listen to his wife and leave it alone. Shawn tells Bo he has a right to know what is going on with his family or what is left of it. Bo says she asked me for a divorce. Shawn looks stunned. Chelsea walks into the office followed by Frankie. She tells Shawn he needs to hear something … Shawn cuts her off saying what the hell are you doing here. Frankie says she has something to say. Shawn doesn’t care. He never wants to see or talk to her again. She is responsible for his brother’s death, the break up of his family and now his Mom is off someplace suffering on her own while her husband is here trying to keep his daughter out of jail for killing my brother. Mimi tells him softly that this isn’t helping – to calm down. Bo asks where Hope is so he can talk to her, explain things to her. Shawn says you don’t deserve her. He turns to Mimi and says it was a mistake coming here and he walks out. Mimi apologises to Bo saying that he’s just very upset. Bo tells Frankie that if he is here to talk about the case this is not a good time. Frankie says no, he’s sorry (he hands Bo an envelope), Hope has filed for divorce. Bo just shakes his head. He takes the envelope saying she did it – she filed for divorce. Frankie says Mickey tried to talk her out of it to avail. Everyone knows you shouldn’t make life altering decisions when you are upset – you should wait for things to cool off first. Bo is at a loss for words – he doesn’t know what to do. Frankie looks at Chelsea and then says that he’s sure he’ll find a way to change her mind. Bo says he would do anything to get her to change her mind but everything he says or does just sends her running. Chelsea tries to talk but Bo doesn’t want to hear it. She says it’s really important. Bo yells at her that now is not the time – to stop thinking about herself for once. Bo apologises and says they will talk just not now. Frankie and Chelsea leave Bo in his office. Bo is devastated. Chelsea says he’s really mad at me. Frankie says but at least he’ll be able to tell Hope what really happened. Chelsea says yeah then she can be mad at me. Frankie tells her he’s not going to get any sympathy from him. She’s not looking for any – she just wants to do what is right. Frankie tells her that to tell Bo soon. Bo says I can’t lose you Fancy Face. I won’t.

Island: Patrick is upset with Hope for not leaving this one thing alone. He says when you find out what happened you’ll hate me as much as your husband does. Hope says she won’t hate him. He says he is responsible for Alma’s death. He killed her. He didn’t put his hands on her but he’s the reason she died. He tells Hope that he was a con man – doing nothing useful. He came to the island and found love – a true connection of the souls. Alma shared her soul with him. Patrick has a flashback to telling Alma he wasn’t good enough for her. He was ashamed of things he had done in the past. She didn’t care. He told her his mistakes could get him and anyone close to him in a lot of trouble. She told him when you love you take the bad with the good and he had so much in him that was good. Patrick tells Hope that Alma gave him all of her love and sweetness and she paid for it with her life.

Hope asks what kind of trouble he got into. He got himself into a lot of money trouble – not gambling debts – but with the mob. He came to the island to hide out and try and get the money together. That’s when he met Alma Delgado – the most beautiful woman on the island. She saw something good in him. Hope says that’s because he’s a good person. Alma didn’t care about his past as long as they were together. Patrick starts crying. He makes a very impassioned speech about what their love was like. He decided to cut his ties with the organization. He tried to get the money together to pay them back but it didn’t work. He decided to come back and take Alma away so they couldn’t find them. He has a flashback to coming back and finding Alma dead. They killed her because they knew that way he would suffer every day for the rest of his life.

Patrick can never forgive himself – if he hadn’t owed that money Alma never would have died when she did and the way she did. Bo was right all along – she never should have trusted him. Hope says Bo was very wrong about him. When she first fell in love with Bo she thought she knew everything about him – he was her hero but not anymore. Now that she’s older and wiser and sadder she appreciates different qualities in a man. You are a man that can be a good friend to a woman and not demand anything in return. That is rare. She tells him he’s a good person and nothing can change her mind about that. He tells her she is wrong. He is not good and he’s not good for any woman. He tells her to get away from him – to go back to Bo.

Java Café: Bonnie sees Sami sitting alone wondering whose destruction Sami is plotting. Bonnie ducks into a seat when she sees Belle arrive. Belle and Sami talk about Marlena, Alex and John. Sami calls him Salem’s superhero. Sami asks her if there is trouble in paradise, Mrs. Kiriakis. They talk about Philip – Sami asks her why she’s not in love with him. She says she is. Sami says but – do I have to say it or are you brave enough. Belle whines that she is still in love with Shawn. Bonnie and I both roll our eyes. Sami says that isn’t news – everyone has been painfully aware of that for months. Belle gets all huffy saying she should have known she couldn’t talk to Sami about this. Sami tells her not to talk to anyone about it unless she’s willing to do something otherwise it’s just whining and no one wants to hear that. So either make peace with the bed you’re lying in or get out of that bed and go after the man you want. Belle reminds Sami that Shawn is married to her best friend. Sami scoffs that Mimi isn’t her best friend and hasn’t been since high school – she stole Belle’s man. (Yup, it’s confirmed – Sami is as delusional as Belle!) Belle says it wasn’t Mimi’s fault – Sami tells her to stop defending her. If she loves Shawn she has to stop being little miss goody two shoes (Sami do you even know your sister anymore – perhaps not – you are the same Sami who was urging Belle to dump Shawn after Marlena was killed aren’t you – you haven’t really talked to her since then) and fight for the man she really wants.

Belle tells Sami she can’t do that – she’s not a home wrecker. Sami says look at the women in this family – they always cheat on their husbands. Mrs Liar of the Day says would never do that – she would never cheat on Philip. Huh – she’s been cheating on Philip since their wedding night? Lying comes so easily to the two sisters having coffee together. Sami says that is good of her but she has to say something to Philip. She’s letting all these feelings for Shawn build up every time she sees him and if she’s not careful she’s going to do something she regrets. Sami asks Belle if she thought the love would go away. Belle says yes. Sami tells her that her and Shawn were meant to be, Belle knows it, Shawn knows it (Sami – you are so full of it – you don’t know diddly squat about Shawn), the whole town knows it and seeing the four of them out celebrating Shawn and Mimi’s honeymoon was like a freaking tragedy. Uh – would that be similar to the freak show you, Austin, Carrie and Lucas were engaged in at the same time? You and Shawn are with the wrong partners and you are the only one who can fix it. Belle gives Sami the patented open mouthed blank stare.

Sami tells Belle to admit she never really loved Philip as more than a friend even though he’s probably good in bed. Belle giggles. Sami says he is sexy but great sex and great love when they come together in one package is a great thing. Not a lot of people have that but she and Shawn have the opportunity and it must kill Mimi when the three of them are together. (Huh – how does Sami know how Mimi feels – neither of these women have a clue – blech). Belle hates this conversation. (Another lie – because Belle just loves it when someone validates what she if feeling and gets all snarky when people don’t encourage her to be a home wrecker). Sami asks her why she married Philip and then proceeds to answer for her. She married him because Shawn dumped her for Jan and Philip was there to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. If she just would have let herself hurt for a while she would have found out the truth about Shawn and Jan and her and Shawn would be married now. Sami then feigns sympathy for ‘poor Shawn and Mimi’. Obviously Shawn has feelings for Mimi but when the honeymoon is over and reality sets in he’s going to find himself married to a woman he doesn’t really love. (Oh yeah, Sami the expert on love know this … LMAO). She asks Belle if she is going to let that happen? (Who the heck are these people? Why do they think that Belle has any say in the matter? Oh of course, it’s only how Belle feels that counts, to hell with Shawn – he’s just there to give Belle good sex … sheesh). Belle pretends to be concerned about Claire – WHOA … Belle remembers she has a kid – you’d never know it considering she never spends any time with her. Sami uses Will as an example (oh yeah – now there’s a good example … NOT) – no matter how Lucas and her feel about each other they always make sure he know show much they love him. It wouldn’t be good for Claire to grow up in a home where her two parents don’t love each other and feel trapped. Belle says not trapped – that’s not fair to Philip – he’s a great guy. Sami says ‘a great guy’ – that’s what is not fair to Philip. Have you ever felt that you couldn’t live without Philip? Belle doesn’t answer – Sami says there’s your answer. Belle snivels that every morning when she wakes up she wishes it was Shawn next to her. Sami says you can’t live your life like that – you love Shawn. Belle says ‘so much’ … Hmm so much that she cares nothing at all about how Shawn feels – she loves him so much that she doesn’t care how happy Shawn is with Mimi … she loves him so much that she doesn’t care that he loves Mimi and has moved on … oh yeah, that’s love alright … love of self. She is beyond pathetic! Sami tells her to go to him, tell him and do not let anything or anyone stand in your way. Belle is all smiles and thanks Sami and takes off. Woo hoo … Belle finally found someone as low down and manipulative as she is to agree with her – she must feel so proud of herself. Sami validated her desire to destroy two marriages. Now she feels justified in doing what she is going to do. Belle leaves, Sami cries feeling sorry for herself. Bonnie says she will not let Belle take her Mimi’s husband from her. Sami has just made herself another enemy.

Back at Shawn & Mimi’s: Shawn is feeling down about his parent’s getting a divorce. He should have expected it after all the dumb moves his Dad made – but it’s still a surprise. Mimi talks about what she felt like when her Dad moved out. She knows that when they went to talk to his Dad he wasn’t expecting this. She says don’t you think your parents should at least talk about this. Maybe you should tell your Dad where your Mom or at least where you think your Mom is. Shawn doesn’t know. Maybe he should email his Mom and see what she thinks. Mimi thinks that is a good idea. He can tell her what’s going on and then it’s her call – she can decide what to do. Shawn says thanks and gives her a quick kiss. He goes to his laptop and says he’s so mad at his Dad right now he could deal with never seeing him again. Mimi tells him it won’t last. Shawn says his Mom is suffering right now. He wants her to do whatever she has to do to be happy even if that means leaving his Dad. Because after the lies he told he couldn’t blame her if she never forgave him. Mimi says if two people love each other enough … Shawn says no. Lies kill relationships. If you love your spouse then you should never keep the truth from her. That’s just unforgivable.

Mimi’s cell rings. Bonnie tells her that Belle is on her way over to tell Shawn she loves him and she’s going to leave Philip for him. Mimi says what. Bonnie says she heard it with her own two ears. She got advice from her trampy sister Sami. You have to stop Belle before she wrecks your future with Shawn. (It bugs me to no end that Bonnie and Mimi believe that Belle has that power … sigh. Mimi needs to get past her insecurities and trust in Shawn’s love for her). Mimi says short of killing her I don’t know what I can do. Bonnie yells at her to put on her thinking cap or she will lose her husband. The doorbell rings – Bonnie says that’s her. Shawn goes to answer it. He says Hi Belle. She tells him she has something to say to him and she hopes it’s not too late. Shawn stares at her.

Preview: Alex to Sami – I have a very specific course of action in mind. The perfect solution to both of our problems. Interested? Belle to Shawn (Mimi is there) – So, what? You’re saying divorce might be good sometimes? Hope to Patrick (grabbing his hand) – I’m not letting you go. Bo to Chelsea – What’s this about? Chelsea – It’s about what I’ve done to you and Hope.


Friday Apr 21

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Lexie, Sami, & Alex

Lexie flashes back to her conversations with Alex and Sami. She flips open her cell phone to call Austin…leaves a message…of course Sami has arrived to hear all this going down…spies with her little eyes the records room door…slightly open…drops her purse…almost crawls into the office to see what’s a happenin’ (my oh my the Black women are dropping purses…flowers lately…sigh…how original)…goes up to her only friend…the computer…(hmmm…I wonder if Sami and Chelsea went to the same computer hack school…and does the twisted sister thing before Alex comes charging in and wants to know what she is doing in there without authorization. I think I need some chocolate…lol…

Meanwhile, Lexie decides to call John Black but of course gets interrupted…duty calls.

Sami hems and haws and does some fancy footwork that Alex does buy into. He sees Lexie’s records on the screen…Sami tap dances again…Alex has her number…wants to know why Sami is so interested in Lexie’s health…wants to know what Lexie has on Sami. Sami and Alex go into threat mode. She wants to go. He wants to call security… throws her connection to Tony and Stan’s history in her face. Sami starts questioning him.

Lexie is on her way to the records room…oh me oh my! STOPPED by the dratted nurse again!!! Phew…that was definitely suspenseful…NOT!!!

Sigh…now Sami thinks that Lexie is doing a number on Alex as well…hopes it saves her mommy from the dastardly mean man. I think the paint is finally dry!!! Nope I’m going to make some popcorn too!!! She’s into the “I want my parents back together like when I was a kid” mantra again. Alex pours water on that deader than a doorknob idea. More banter as they both try to find out what Lexie has on them.

He has a plan and asks if she is interested.

Woohoo! Lexie gets hold of John…wants to talk to him about Alex.

Alex proposes the unthinkable…making sure that Lexie’s biopsy comes back negative. Sami reaches deep inside for her conscience and in a shocked little voice says that Lexie could die. She can’t believe that he is going to let Lexie think she doesn’t have cancer even if she does. She hesitates to align herself with the devil. He reminds her about “Stan”…and does a come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly routine…mentions her sad…sad fate of loneliness and misery…wants her to turn a blind eye to what he is going to do. She agrees to let him handle everything and leaves. Alex makes a cryptic remark about stopping Lexie Carver DEAD in her tracks. I think I need more junk food!!!

A worried Lexie murmurs that everything will be out in the open soon.

Sami sees her and thinks that she can’t just let her die…isn’t that selfish…how can she do this??? I would just love if they would redeem Sami a little by having her expose Alex’s plans…sigh…

Shawn & Mimi Brady’s Loft: Shawn, Mimi, & Belle

Mimi flashes back to her conversation with Bonnie (LOL…because we can’t remember from one day to another!) as she watches Miss Belle at the door. She takes instant action and runs up to tell her friend about Hope and the divorce. Belle can’t believe his mom asked for a divorce. Shawn tells her about his dad being served with divorce papers. Belle offers to do everything short of lying down on a bed of nails to help Shawn. Shawn isn’t really paying attention to her...he’s upset and talks about how marriage should last forever no matter the good or bad times...now that Zach is gone and his parents marriage is in trouble...

Belle is all over Shawn with sympathy…tries to give him subliminal messages…true love can win out sometimes…yada…yada…and wants to help. Mimi steps up to the plate as Mrs. Brady and asserts her rights…tells Mrs. Kiriakis that she is there for Shawn...rolls her eyes and gives Belle “the look.”. Shawn gets even more upset and talks about how much he hates the idea of divorce...thinks marriage vows should last forever... asks why it is so easy for people to walk away after they’ve made a commitment...doesn’t that mean anything anymore? Belle looks very uncomfortable.

Belle is all over Shawn with sympathy part II…crowding Mimi out and turns it into her own situation with meaningful looks and… “Sometimes it takes something drastic to bring people together” and “soul mates belong together...when you find true love you have to hang on to it because your mama told me” comments. Mimi suggests that Belle vamoose so that Shawn can work on getting her parents together. Miss Belle’s feet are glued to the floor but she agrees that whatever she has to say can wait.

While Shawn types his email to Hope, Mimi pulls her friend aside and gets right in her face…tells her she knows what she is trying to do and wants her to stop it...she knows that Belle still loves him...she gets it already! Belle plays dumb. Mimi tells her that she keeps coming over and talking about people hanging on to true love and it makes her sooooooooooo obvious! She also tells her that Shawn already told her “no” and wants to know how many times Belle has to hear it...he’s hurting because of his parents and Zach and she is just going to make him feel worse...asks Belle if that is what she wants.

Shawn keeps typing away. Belle admits that she doesn’t want to hurt Shawn or Philip or Claire (hmmm… what about hurting his wife?) but can’t help the way she feels (so everyone else should just lie down and play dead so Miss Belle can be a happy camper!) Mimi tells her she better figure out a way to change because Shawn is HER husband and Belle is married to Philip...and they just heard Shawn say he didn’t believe in divorce...so there is no way he is going to divorce her and no way he will let Belle divorce Philip. Ah…all of a sudden Belle considers her friend’s feelings…apologizes…hates doing this to her (grrr…but that doesn’t stop her…she’s a one-way bulldozer and family and friends better get out of her way or else…sigh…) Mimi is getting more and more frustrated… tells her: “Then don’t!!! She wants to know why Belle always acts as if she doesn’t have any choice...lol…she tells it like it is:

*Miss Belle you CHOSE to leave Shawn.
*Miss Belle you CHOSE to marry Philip.
*Miss Belle you CHOSE to stay married to Philip when you had the chance to leave him and be with Shawn.

Mimi goes on to tell Belle how sad it is that poor Philip doesn’t have a clue that Belle doesn’t love him. Then a sarcastic light bulb comes on and she says…oh wait! You love them both!!! She tells Belle point blank that if she doesn’t love Philip then she should leave him…BUT she shouldn’t feel free to try and steal HER husband...Shawn loves her and he’s not going to divorce her...he’s told Belle so many times that he’s happy with Mimi... She tells Belle that she can’t have Shawn.

Belle gets into major belittling mode and informs her friend that the only reason Shawn and Mimi got together and the only reason they are still together is because he doesn’t want to break up Belle’s marriage! (verbal slap #1) Mimi counters that Belle wants to break up Mimi’s own marriage and that Philip deserves so much better…so does Shawn and so does Mimi...she tells her that Philip is the only dad Claire has ever known and they love each other. Mimi says that she knows that Belle is used to getting what she wants, but that is going to change. She asks Belle when she is going to put her daughter first. Belle has a vacant look on her face.

Shawn sends the email and then tells his wife and ex-girlfriend that he never thought his mom believed in divorce...talks about ideals and principles...and real life not being black and white. Belle jumps on his words and asks him if he thinks that divorce might be okay sometimes (sigh…its back to what Belle needs again). He gets mad and puts his arm around Mimi...tells Belle that NO, he doesn’t believe in divorce…period! Belle tries to interrupt...He admits that there are special circumstances—like abuse. He thinks if you’re just unhappy or having problems then forget it...you should find a way to work it out. Belle is like a dog with a bone…lol…wants to know if a person got married for the wrong reasons if…throws in church annulment procedures as well. Shawn agrees that if the marriage was done under false pretenses…i.e. husband or wife lied about something before the marriage...very important. Belle looks intent and gives Mimi an “I told you so” look. Mimi looks nervous.

Salem Police Station: Bo, John, Chelsea, & Charisse

Chelsea is in with Bo. Bo is bemoaning the fact that Hope wants a divorce…remembers the email he sent to Hope…can’t believe she is throwing everything away. Chelsea flashes to telling Frankie the truth. Just as she tells Bo they have to talk…surprise… surprise…they get interrupted but John this time and his Save Marlena Campaign. At Bo’s request, Chelsea scampers out for a moment. John gives Bo a breakdown of the campaign…Roman’s on the job with cop surveillance on John but ignoring Alex… Mr. Black complains that Roman is falling down on the latter job. Bo stops him in his tracks and tells him about Hope and the divorce.

John is stunned by the news. Bo shows him the divorce papers and tells him that Hope thinks he betrayed her with Chelsea over Zach. John understands why Hope is acting this way.

A policeman brings in a felon (Charisse) and handcuffs her to a chair…coincidence you say that Chelsea just happens to be watching the play-by-play? Of course this particular felon has a mouth on her…comments on Chelsea staring at her. Chelsea apologizes… more silly banter. Charisse asks Chelsea what she’s in for…more silly banter. Charisse is in for solicitation and drugs…Chelsea’s in for procrastination and a lobotomy (just kidding!) Chelsea gets an earful about life in the slammer (gosh do the writers ever get any fresh ideas???)

Bo is a little ticked that John is taking Hope’s side. John reminds him that she just lost her son. Bo corrects him and says “our” son. John tells him that Hope was Zach’s mother and that he should have leveled with her from the very beginning. Bo defends himself by saying he did everything he could to protect her but Hope thought he was protecting Chelsea…explains about the emails and phone calls…whines that Shawn won’t give up his mother’s location. John suggests some wonderfully parenting techniques…a use of force paradigm. Bo gives John advice about dear old Alex.

Chelsea is whimpering now…Miss Charrise is telling her a scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrry story.

Bo shows John a picture of the serial killer. John recognizes the similarities and tells him he should bring Lockhart in for questioning. They talk about Alex again…yawn…John is on his threatening kick again. He likens his pursuit to that of Bo getting Hope back and tells Bo that he and Hope could come out of this closer and stronger than ever before. Bo tells him that if he knew where Hope was, he’d be on a plane …and wouldn’t come back without her.

John tells Bo to hang in there and leaves to go talk to Lexie. Bo walks out with him. Chelsea tries for the twentieth time to tell him the truth.

Morgan Island: Hope, Patrick, Gabby

Patrick is looking sadly at Alma’s grave. Hope informs him that she isn’t going back to Bo…nothing to go back to Salem for. He reminds her about Shawn and Alice and Jennifer. She warns him to stop running away from his past and from what happened to Alma...they both have ghosts. Patrick tells her that the goons that killed Alma were after him and he has to live with that. He tells her he has to go but that she is welcome to stay as long as she likes. The island just holds too many memories for him. Hope grabs onto him and tells him she won’t let him go…

She wants to help. Patrick doesn’t want her help…wants her to go back to Salem where she belongs. Hope refuses…doesn’t want to face the memories… just like him and Alma. She asks him if he is going back to Salem and he says no…just going to set sail and see where it takes him. Patrick tells Hope not to give up on Bo so quickly…she loves him and won’t find that love with any other man. He wishes her happiness and peace...they both say they’ll miss each other and then hug goodbye. After he’s gone, Hope murmurs that until Patrick can forgive himself for Alma that he will never be at peace.

Hope asks Gabby if he has seen Patrick. He tells her no and starts talking about Patrick and Alma and how upset Alma would be if she could see the place now…garden’s gone to seed…talks about her special flower…a legend now. Hope thinks that Alma must have been the love of Patrick’s life.

Patrick remembers watching Alma work in the garden. He waters the flowers and we see a cute scene of him and Alma having a water fight and kissing. Patrick starts to cry. Hope looks for Patrick at the cabin but can’t find him. She goes into the garden and finds a metal box, jarring it open with a rock. Inside she finds an envelope addressed to Patrick…opens and reads it. Her face is the picture of shock and she runs off to find Patrick. Hope asks Gabby if Patrick is gone. He tells her he thinks the boat is gone. She feels bad because now Patrick will never know the truth about Alma’s death.


Sami thanks god that Alex is still there and screams that he can’t do it. She won’t let him kill Lexie.

John reminds Marlena that they were soul mates…she doesn’t remember how much she loves him but he does.

Patrick tells Hope that he knows she wants him to stay but he has made up his mind and she can’t change it. Hope tells him that she knows she can’t but maybe Alma can. She tells him that Alma gave her a message for him.

Frankie tells Bo that the profile could match a lot of guys besides Lockhart. Bo threatens that if he comes anywhere near his family, then Bo will be the one up on murder charges.


Monday Apr 24

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Lexie, Sami, & Alex

Lexie flashes back to her conversations with Alex and Sami. She flips open her cell phone to call Austin…leaves a message…of course Sami has arrived to hear all this going down…spies with her little eyes the records room door…slightly open…drops her purse…almost crawls into the office to see what’s a happenin’ (my oh my the Black women are dropping purses…flowers lately…sigh…how original)…goes up to her only friend…the computer…(hmmm…I wonder if Sami and Chelsea went to the same computer hack school…and does the twisted sister thing before Alex comes charging in and wants to know what she is doing in there without authorization. I think I need some chocolate…lol…

Meanwhile, Lexie decides to call John Black but of course gets interrupted…duty calls.

Sami hems and haws and does some fancy footwork that Alex does buy into. He sees Lexie’s records on the screen…Sami tap dances again…Alex has her number…wants to know why Sami is so interested in Lexie’s health…wants to know what Lexie has on Sami. Sami and Alex go into threat mode. She wants to go. He wants to call security… throws her connection to Tony and Stan’s history in her face. Sami starts questioning him.

Lexie is on her way to the records room…oh me oh my! STOPPED by the dratted nurse again!!! Phew…that was definitely suspenseful…NOT!!!

Sigh…now Sami thinks that Lexie is doing a number on Alex as well…hopes it saves her mommy from the dastardly mean man. I think the paint is finally dry!!! Nope I’m going to make some popcorn too!!! She’s into the “I want my parents back together like when I was a kid” mantra again. Alex pours water on that deader than a doorknob idea. More banter as they both try to find out what Lexie has on them.

He has a plan and asks if she is interested.

Woohoo! Lexie gets hold of John…wants to talk to him about Alex.

Alex proposes the unthinkable…making sure that Lexie’s biopsy comes back negative. Sami reaches deep inside for her conscience and in a shocked little voice says that Lexie could die. She can’t believe that he is going to let Lexie think she doesn’t have cancer even if she does. She hesitates to align herself with the devil. He reminds her about “Stan”…and does a come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly routine…mentions her sad…sad fate of loneliness and misery…wants her to turn a blind eye to what he is going to do. She agrees to let him handle everything and leaves. Alex makes a cryptic remark about stopping Lexie Carver DEAD in her tracks. I think I need more junk food!!!

A worried Lexie murmurs that everything will be out in the open soon.

Sami sees her and thinks that she can’t just let her die…isn’t that selfish…how can she do this??? I would just love if they would redeem Sami a little by having her expose Alex’s plans…sigh…

Shawn & Mimi Brady’s Loft: Shawn, Mimi, & Belle

Mimi flashes back to her conversation with Bonnie (LOL…because we can’t remember from one day to another!) as she watches Miss Belle at the door. She takes instant action and runs up to tell her friend about Hope and the divorce. Belle can’t believe his mom asked for a divorce. Shawn tells her about his dad being served with divorce papers. Belle offers to do everything short of lying down on a bed of nails to help Shawn. Shawn isn’t really paying attention to her...he’s upset and talks about how marriage should last forever no matter the good or bad times...now that Zach is gone and his parents marriage is in trouble...

Belle is all over Shawn with sympathy…tries to give him subliminal messages…true love can win out sometimes…yada…yada…and wants to help. Mimi steps up to the plate as Mrs. Brady and asserts her rights…tells Mrs. Kiriakis that she is there for Shawn...rolls her eyes and gives Belle “the look.”. Shawn gets even more upset and talks about how much he hates the idea of divorce...thinks marriage vows should last forever... asks why it is so easy for people to walk away after they’ve made a commitment...doesn’t that mean anything anymore? Belle looks very uncomfortable.

Belle is all over Shawn with sympathy part II…crowding Mimi out and turns it into her own situation with meaningful looks and… “Sometimes it takes something drastic to bring people together” and “soul mates belong together...when you find true love you have to hang on to it because your mama told me” comments. Mimi suggests that Belle vamoose so that Shawn can work on getting her parents together. Miss Belle’s feet are glued to the floor but she agrees that whatever she has to say can wait.

While Shawn types his email to Hope, Mimi pulls her friend aside and gets right in her face…tells her she knows what she is trying to do and wants her to stop it...she knows that Belle still loves him...she gets it already! Belle plays dumb. Mimi tells her that she keeps coming over and talking about people hanging on to true love and it makes her sooooooooooo obvious! She also tells her that Shawn already told her “no” and wants to know how many times Belle has to hear it...he’s hurting because of his parents and Zach and she is just going to make him feel worse...asks Belle if that is what she wants.

Shawn keeps typing away. Belle admits that she doesn’t want to hurt Shawn or Philip or Claire (hmmm… what about hurting his wife?) but can’t help the way she feels (so everyone else should just lie down and play dead so Miss Belle can be a happy camper!) Mimi tells her she better figure out a way to change because Shawn is HER husband and Belle is married to Philip...and they just heard Shawn say he didn’t believe in divorce...so there is no way he is going to divorce her and no way he will let Belle divorce Philip. Ah…all of a sudden Belle considers her friend’s feelings…apologizes…hates doing this to her (grrr…but that doesn’t stop her…she’s a one-way bulldozer and family and friends better get out of her way or else…sigh…) Mimi is getting more and more frustrated… tells her: “Then don’t!!! She wants to know why Belle always acts as if she doesn’t have any choice...lol…she tells it like it is:

*Miss Belle you CHOSE to leave Shawn.
*Miss Belle you CHOSE to marry Philip.
*Miss Belle you CHOSE to stay married to Philip when you had the chance to leave him and be with Shawn.

Mimi goes on to tell Belle how sad it is that poor Philip doesn’t have a clue that Belle doesn’t love him. Then a sarcastic light bulb comes on and she says…oh wait! You love them both!!! She tells Belle point blank that if she doesn’t love Philip then she should leave him…BUT she shouldn’t feel free to try and steal HER husband...Shawn loves her and he’s not going to divorce her...he’s told Belle so many times that he’s happy with Mimi... She tells Belle that she can’t have Shawn.

Belle gets into major belittling mode and informs her friend that the only reason Shawn and Mimi got together and the only reason they are still together is because he doesn’t want to break up Belle’s marriage! (verbal slap #1) Mimi counters that Belle wants to break up Mimi’s own marriage and that Philip deserves so much better…so does Shawn and so does Mimi...she tells her that Philip is the only dad Claire has ever known and they love each other. Mimi says that she knows that Belle is used to getting what she wants, but that is going to change. She asks Belle when she is going to put her daughter first. Belle has a vacant look on her face.

Shawn sends the email and then tells his wife and ex-girlfriend that he never thought his mom believed in divorce...talks about ideals and principles...and real life not being black and white. Belle jumps on his words and asks him if he thinks that divorce might be okay sometimes (sigh…its back to what Belle needs again). He gets mad and puts his arm around Mimi...tells Belle that NO, he doesn’t believe in divorce…period! Belle tries to interrupt...He admits that there are special circumstances—like abuse. He thinks if you’re just unhappy or having problems then forget it...you should find a way to work it out. Belle is like a dog with a bone…lol…wants to know if a person got married for the wrong reasons if…throws in church annulment procedures as well. Shawn agrees that if the marriage was done under false pretenses…i.e. husband or wife lied about something before the marriage...very important. Belle looks intent and gives Mimi an “I told you so” look. Mimi looks nervous.

Salem Police Station: Bo, John, Chelsea, & Charisse

Chelsea is in with Bo. Bo is bemoaning the fact that Hope wants a divorce…remembers the email he sent to Hope…can’t believe she is throwing everything away. Chelsea flashes to telling Frankie the truth. Just as she tells Bo they have to talk…surprise… surprise…they get interrupted but John this time and his Save Marlena Campaign. At Bo’s request, Chelsea scampers out for a moment. John gives Bo a breakdown of the campaign…Roman’s on the job with cop surveillance on John but ignoring Alex… Mr. Black complains that Roman is falling down on the latter job. Bo stops him in his tracks and tells him about Hope and the divorce.

John is stunned by the news. Bo shows him the divorce papers and tells him that Hope thinks he betrayed her with Chelsea over Zach. John understands why Hope is acting this way.

A policeman brings in a felon (Charisse) and handcuffs her to a chair…coincidence you say that Chelsea just happens to be watching the play-by-play? Of course this particular felon has a mouth on her…comments on Chelsea staring at her. Chelsea apologizes… more silly banter. Charisse asks Chelsea what she’s in for…more silly banter. Charisse is in for solicitation and drugs…Chelsea’s in for procrastination and a lobotomy (just kidding!) Chelsea gets an earful about life in the slammer (gosh do the writers ever get any fresh ideas???)

Bo is a little ticked that John is taking Hope’s side. John reminds him that she just lost her son. Bo corrects him and says “our” son. John tells him that Hope was Zach’s mother and that he should have leveled with her from the very beginning. Bo defends himself by saying he did everything he could to protect her but Hope thought he was protecting Chelsea…explains about the emails and phone calls…whines that Shawn won’t give up his mother’s location. John suggests some wonderfully parenting techniques…a use of force paradigm. Bo gives John advice about dear old Alex.

Chelsea is whimpering now…Miss Charrise is telling her a scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrry story.

Bo shows John a picture of the serial killer. John recognizes the similarities and tells him he should bring Lockhart in for questioning. They talk about Alex again…yawn…John is on his threatening kick again. He likens his pursuit to that of Bo getting Hope back and tells Bo that he and Hope could come out of this closer and stronger than ever before. Bo tells him that if he knew where Hope was, he’d be on a plane …and wouldn’t come back without her.

John tells Bo to hang in there and leaves to go talk to Lexie. Bo walks out with him. Chelsea tries for the twentieth time to tell him the truth.

Morgan Island: Hope, Patrick, Gabby

Patrick is looking sadly at Alma’s grave. Hope informs him that she isn’t going back to Bo…nothing to go back to Salem for. He reminds her about Shawn and Alice and Jennifer. She warns him to stop running away from his past and from what happened to Alma...they both have ghosts. Patrick tells her that the goons that killed Alma were after him and he has to live with that. He tells her he has to go but that she is welcome to stay as long as she likes. The island just holds too many memories for him. Hope grabs onto him and tells him she won’t let him go…

She wants to help. Patrick doesn’t want her help…wants her to go back to Salem where she belongs. Hope refuses…doesn’t want to face the memories… just like him and Alma. She asks him if he is going back to Salem and he says no…just going to set sail and see where it takes him. Patrick tells Hope not to give up on Bo so quickly…she loves him and won’t find that love with any other man. He wishes her happiness and peace...they both say they’ll miss each other and then hug goodbye. After he’s gone, Hope murmurs that until Patrick can forgive himself for Alma that he will never be at peace.

Hope asks Gabby if he has seen Patrick. He tells her no and starts talking about Patrick and Alma and how upset Alma would be if she could see the place now…garden’s gone to seed…talks about her special flower…a legend now. Hope thinks that Alma must have been the love of Patrick’s life.

Patrick remembers watching Alma work in the garden. He waters the flowers and we see a cute scene of him and Alma having a water fight and kissing. Patrick starts to cry. Hope looks for Patrick at the cabin but can’t find him. She goes into the garden and finds a metal box, jarring it open with a rock. Inside she finds an envelope addressed to Patrick…opens and reads it. Her face is the picture of shock and she runs off to find Patrick. Hope asks Gabby if Patrick is gone. He tells her he thinks the boat is gone. She feels bad because now Patrick will never know the truth about Alma’s death.


Sami thanks god that Alex is still there and screams that he can’t do it. She won’t let him kill Lexie.

John reminds Marlena that they were soul mates…she doesn’t remember how much she loves him but he does.

Patrick tells Hope that he knows she wants him to stay but he has made up his mind and she can’t change it. Hope tells him that she knows she can’t but maybe Alma can. She tells him that Alma gave her a message for him.

Frankie tells Bo that the profile could match a lot of guys besides Lockhart. Bo threatens that if he comes anywhere near his family, then Bo will be the one up on murder charges.


Tuesday Apr 25

Janice’s Spoilers

Morgan Island: Hope (talking to Jennifer on the phone back in Salem) & Salem Police Department: Bo & Frankie

Hope is crying. She whispers that she must have read Bo’s email a million times and still can’t believe that Bo would give up on them. She phones Jennifer back in Salem. Jen’s excited to hear from her but upset about the divorce.

Bo tells Frankie that he doesn’t have any leads on Lockhart…thinks he probably skipped town, and makes with the threats. He tells Frankie to just send the divorce papers back to hope or just give them to him to shred, because he won’t grant the divorce. Frankie informs Bo that Hope doesn’t need his consent in order to divorce him and that his job is to make sure her wishes are carried out even if he hates doing it.

Frankie suggests that Bo retain his own lawyer. Bo thinks lawyers will just make it worse. Frankie talks about assets and mediation processes. Bo is bitter that they will have to decide who will get the car...the house...everything they built together over twenty years. Both are amazed that they are even discussing this. Bo wishes he could talk to Hope. Frankie thinks there might be a way and suggests that Detective Bo use his own resources to find his wife. They discuss Frankie and Jennifer’s new relationship. Frankie leaves.

Hope asks for Jennifer’s support and understanding. She’s made up her mind and has no other choice. Jennifer wants her to come home and talk to Bo face to face. Hope hedges about returning to Salem. Jennifer is upset but understands. They talk about Jennifer’s relationship with Frankie. Hope is very happy for her. Jennifer is sure that Hope misses Bo as much as she misses Jack and asks if she is lonely...wants to know if she has met any people or made friends. Hope tells a surprised Jen that Patrick is on the island with her, staying in the same bungalow, and how much help he has been. Jennifer asks again when Hope is coming home. Hope tells her it might not be for a very long time. Jennifer tells her that they all miss her...Gran...Maggie. Hope asks her to keep the news about being with Patrick a secret, knowing how angry Bo would get if he knew. Jen agrees and they send their love to each other, say goodbye, and hang up.

Bo looks at a picture of him and Hope and swears that he will find a way to reach Hope and get his Fancy Face back. He switches on his computer and says that this is his last chance.

Hope is looking out the window and wondering where Patrick is. She wishes he would let her help him because she knows what it’s like to lose the love of your life. Her laptop beeps and she looks at her new email…sees a picture of her and Bo hugging. She can’t believe it and wonders why Shawn sent it…types a message back asking Shawn what he is up to.

Bo’s computer beeps that he has a new email message. He replies to Hope and tells her that it’s not Shawn and they have to talk. She types NO, is very upset that he used their son’s screen name to try and trick she…asks him to leave her alone. Bo is still typing to her. He says he can’t do that and types in how much he loves her and can’t live without her…doesn’t want a divorce. Hope mumbles that she can’t let this happen again and shuts down her laptop. Bo tries to send his message but realizes that she has blocked him (We get the word “BLOCKED” flashing in red x 3). Bo is upset. We see Hope crying as she curls up on the couch with a pillow.

Hospital: Lucas, Eugenia, Austin, Sami, Lexie, Abe, Alex, John, Marlena, and Carrie

Lucas walks in and talks to Eugenia…work stuff…yawn… Then he and Austin wonder why Lexie needs to see them and Carrie but not Sami.

Sami is still trying to get Lexie to change her mind. Lexie won’t budge. She won’t let Sami destroy any more lives and tells her that her tears are wasted on her. Sami repeats that Lexie is turning her into a monster. As Lexie walks away, Sami is all doom and gloom about Alex.

Marlena acts like a twenty-year-old damsel in distress. Alex realizes that John is the big bad wolf.

Lexie walks up to Marlena and her boys. Sami, Carrie, Austin, Lucas, Tek and Abe join them. Abe and Lexie pull away and he suggests that maybe she wants to talk to him privately given that he is her husband. No can do. Comments from the peanut gallery. Alex moves away...tells Marlena he has a phone call to make. John and Tek talk about the perils of Marlena. Sami watches Alex talking on the phone…thinks his plan has failed.

Lexie gets up her nerve again and addresses everyone. Sigh…instead of her husband being the first one to know about the lump in her breast, she tells them all. Abe’s a little
shocked she didn’t tell him earlier. Lexie tells him not to get alarmed. She is going to get rid of all her stress. The nurse walks up with the biopsy results. Lexie opens it and starts to cry. She gives the paper to Abe who with everyone else is relieved to find out its benign. Lexie gets paged for an emergency. She asks them to stay and wait until she gets back.

Sami is looking for Alex. John kidnaps Marlena into one of the rooms…yada… yada… nothing new under the sun…is determined to make her remember their life and love...flashback to first wedding. Abe can’t understand how Lexie didn’t tell him before. Tek reminds him that Lexie loves him and wouldn’t deliberately hurt him. Abe thanks Tek for being there for his family and being a good friend to both of them...gag!!! Carrie goes to volunteer in the baby nursery. Austin follows like a lap dog. Eugenia spins with Lucas about Sami’s part in Lexie’s big announcement. Lucas flashes back to his talk with Sami and thinking she has done something wrong.

Carrie talks to the nurse about her own baby plans. The nurse leaves and Carrie asks Austin why he is there. He won’t give up on her...wants a family with her...and they kiss.

Sami and Alex spin. He’s as arrogant about his plans as ever…thinks Lexie is going down big time. Lexie comes into the room…he threatens her and lays the tape of Abe threatening to kill any man who would take Lexie away from him…etc…etc…Alex asking Abe if his wife willingly and knowingly betrayed him...what would he do? Would he forgive her? Abe answers that if Lexie broke their vows again, he would never forgive her and would be forced to leave and take their son with him...she would have no place in their lives. Alex turns to Lexie and rubs it in.

Devereaux Home: Jennifer and Frankie

Frankie comes in just as Jen is murmuring to herself and cleaning up after Jack Jr. She tells him about Hope calling and the promise Jen made not to tell anyone her location. They discuss Bo and Hope and the divorce. Frankie tells her that he just served Bo with the divorce papers and it’s killing him. They both wish that Bo and Hope would just talk together. Frankie is sure that his brother will try to get through to Hope.

Jen comes downstairs later and thanks Frankie for babysitting Jack Jr. while she goes shopping. Frankie is on the computer and explains that he is running a profile on someone wanted in connection with murder…Patrick Lockhart. Jennifer remembers her conversation with Hope and asks if he is serious. Frankie knows that they were friends but thinks she should be glad Patrick is long gone.


Lucas tells Sami that he bets Lexie was going to say something bad, but that Sami probably dodged another bullet.

Marlena tells Alex that he has been abusing her physically and mentally and now he is drugging her.

Belle tells Philip that it’s time for her to be honest with him about what she is feeling.

Shawn is sitting on the floor. Mimi is on the couch. He says that he’s finally going to get a chance to read this letter.


Wednesday Apr 26

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Carrie pushes away from Austin’s kiss and says they can’t do this – it’s not right. He knows she still has feelings for him. She wants him to respect his decision. He could if he understood it. He tells her that she can change her mind. Sami and Lucas belong together. Carrie has a fantasy of her and Austin in the delivery room and Lexie telling them the baby has severe birth defects. John is sure that Marlena is getting her memory back – they will be together – he kisses her. Abe and Tek talk. Abe says it’s not like Lexie to talk about her health problems in front of everyone. He wonders what else is going on. Alex wants to know what Lexie is going to do. Lucas tries the door calling out for Sami – the door is locked. When Lucas walks away Alex turns the screws a little tighter. Lexie is crying saying she can’t do this. She won’t let either of them blackmail her anymore. She has to tell the truth.

Austin tries to get Carrie to face the truth – she loves him more than she loves Lucas. Carrie tells him to let her go. He should be with Sami – she’s changed, she’s very supportive of her and she loves him. She tells him she has to go back downstairs. Austin has no idea what is going on with Carrie. Welcome to the club Austin – you’re not the only one. Lexie tells Alex and Sami that no matter the outcome she is telling the truth – if she loses Abe it’s what she deserves and so will Alex and Sami. Alex wants to know what Sami made her do. Lexie tells him. Alex gives Sami the look and she says ‘shut up.’ She makes a mistake and asks Alex what they are going to do now. Lexie asks her what she means. Sami has a flashback to the records room. Alex tells Lexie that he is sure that she will make the right decision. Lexie already has – she leaves. Sami wonders why she teamed up with Alex. He tells her because she didn’t have any choice. He leaves to do some damage control. Sami scurries after him. Lexie joins Abe. Everyone starts making their way back. Lucas notices Austin and Carrie arriving together. He comments that he didn’t know Austin went with her. Carrie lies and says they just walked in together. Everything was great at the nursery – it will be good practice for when she has his baby. They kiss. Alex wonders where Marlena is. Marlena breaks the kiss – she can’t do this – she’s a married woman. More flashbacks of her and John. John knows she is remembering but she runs out. Lexie is ready to talk. Sami asks Alex what he is going to do with Lexie now. Alex tells her to wait and see.

Alex tells Sami he’s bringing in reinforcements – they should be there any minute now. Lexie starts to talk but Celeste walks in with Theo. Lexie is happy to see them – Celeste is happy about the good news. Lucas asks Sami what she is up to – he knows she is hiding something. She says he’s wrong. Lucas threatens her – she better not do anything to get in the way of him getting what he wants. John wants to know what Marlena is remembering. She gets flashes but she can’t put them together. John tells her that soon she’ll have a clear picture and she’ll know that she doesn’t belong with Alex. Alex overhears and says to himself that won’t happen. Sami is freaking out. Alex snaps at her to wait. Lexie is happy to have a second chance – it’s made her realise how much her family means to her. Celeste asks her if she is sure she is alright. Lexie tells her she is cancer free. Celeste is still feeling unsettled and it is about Lexie. Lexie says that is because she still hasn’t told the truth. Celeste hopes she is alright – she senses the potential for disaster. Abe tells Lexie that everyone is waiting for what she has to say. She starts all over again – talks about getting rid of the stress. It’s very roundabout – she says what she has to say will change all their lives forever – hopefully for the better.

Lexie gets emotional – this is so difficult. Abe tells her to save it for another day. Alex speaks for Lexie – all psycho babble speak explaining what Lexie is trying to say – which is basically she doesn’t want anyone to live under a lot of stress – it’s not good for you. Abe is furious with Alex and lets him have it – he has nothing nice to say. Lexie has a fantasy of telling the truth – Abe goes ballistic and kills Tek and gets arrested. Alex says I told you so. Abe tells Alex that he wishes that he would have let John kill for coming between him and Marlena. Alex asks him if that is what he would do if someone came between him and Lexie. Abe asks him what he is implying. Lexie steps in and says not now – not in front of Theo. Lexie says that Alex was right – she called them there to tell them to not let this kind of stress in their lives. That’s all she had to say. Lucas gives Sami a strange look. Marlena comments that she has never seen Abe behave that way. John says you remember. John has a feeling that everything is about to unravel for Alex. Alex wants to talk to Marlena alone. John protests but Marlena agrees to go with Alex – of course there’s the obligatory pushing and shoving and threats beforehand. Marlena tells Alex that she is still unclear about things but she is beginning to remember things. He abused her physically and psychologically and now he’s drugging her. She asks him if that is true. He says it is but once he gives her this she won’t remember. He pulls out a hypodermic and grabs her – Marlena tries to get away but to no avail.

Abe apologises for acting that way with Alex – he knows the guy is bad news and if he had just one thing on him he would lock him up. He takes Theo to the cafeteria for chocolate pudding. Celeste urges Lexie to tell Abe the truth – tell him about her affair with Tek. Austin tells Carrie she is stressed because she’s not with the right man. He wants her to admit that she is still in love with him. Lucas confronts Sami – wants to know what is going on. He figures out that Lexie was going to say something really bad – she just dodged a bullet. John paces – Tek won’t let him interfere. John thinks he is going to drug her or hypnotise her. Alex drugs Marlena and tells her they are going on their honeymoon. John gets Abe to let him go inside. John says that Alex knows that Marlena has her memory back and doesn’t want anything to do with him. Marlena says that is not true – they are married and she loves him. John says too late and grabs Alex. Abe breaks it up. Alex tells Abe that he expects him to keep John away from them – they are leaving on their honeymoon. He tells Marlena to say goodbye – she does. John can’t let this happen – he’ll kill him. Carrie tells Austin that she loves Lucas. Sami plays innocent with Lucas but he doesn’t buy it. He tells her the truth will come out and she will lose Austin and she will never be happy.

The Kiriakis Loft: Belle is looking at a picture of her and Phil and Mimi and Shawn. She has a flashback to Mimi and the conversation about the choices she has made and putting Claire first and of Shawn saying he doesn’t believe in divorce. Philip proclaims that he bets he knows what he is thinking. She asks him why he always says that – it’s not true and he’s never right. He says he guesses he doesn’t know her very well. That wasn’t what she meant. He did – she doesn’t make it easy for him. He asks if he’s been a good husband. She says of course. He talks about everything that happened ending with her parents marriage ending. That’s a lot to deal with and let’s face it she’s never dealt with her feelings for Shawn. He feels that she is having second thoughts about being married to him. She denies it and goes on about how she loves him. There is a lot going on and she feels that she should be honest about what she is feeling.

They hear the music and Belle asks when they’re going on that world tour honeymoon. Philip knows it’s hard for her to accept their marriage – it will get easier. She doesn’t want him to think that this has anything to do with him. Philip tells her that’s a conversation for another time. He starts talking about her parent’s marriage, how she’s worried about her mother’s health – she’s afraid she won’t see her again. He understands what she is going through. She says that is a part of it. She stares out the window. Philip tells her he doesn’t want to lose her the way her parents lost each other and the way Shawn’s parents are. He loves her – she’s the perfect and the perfect mother and he’s so blessed to have her in his life. Belle mopes. Belle has something she needs to tell him – she sits down on the couch next to him. She wants to have another baby with him. He’s surprised – excited – happy – he babbles and then says he would love to. She asks him why they are sitting there talking about it then. He says right now? She kisses him and says right now. After they say it was amazing. Giggles, laughs, talking. Belle hopes this did the trick. Philip wants another and another and another. He says you do want Claire to have brothers or sisters don’t you. Belle is silent. He asks if she is alright. She is – she says I’m your wife, you are my family and my future is with you – right where she wants it to be. They kiss.

Shawn & Mimi’s: Mimi is talking to Bonnie on the phone telling her that Belle didn’t say anything. Bonnie is pleased to hear that. Mimi is worried that he will find out the truth. Shawn walks in at just that moment and asks ‘the truth about what’. Mimi tells her mother she has to go. Mimi tells Shawn she should have been honest with him – this is their honeymoon. Shawn says she’s upset because their honeymoon got interrupted. She’s been lying to him telling him that was okay. Mimi tells him he’s right. He knew that which is why he went shopping. He has a surprise. She’s happy. He whips out a blindfold and tells her he wants it to be a real surprise so she can’t watch him set it up. He blindfolds her.

Mimi sips a glass of wine – Shawn finally takes the blindfold off. He’s in a romantic mood – candles, melted chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream. He dips his finger into the chocolate and tells her to try it. Then he dips a strawberry into the whipped cream and feeds her. She wants more. He takes a bite. She kisses him and says thank you baby and tells him she loves him. They end up in a prone position – Shawn stops her and says wait, it’s not perfect yet. He gets up and turns the music on stating that now it’s totally perfect. He takes his jacket off and asks her ‘where were we. Mimi takes off his tee-shirt and kisses her way up his chest – they end up on the couch kissing. Shawn and Mimi are basking in the afterglow – he says he just remembered the letter she wrote him that he was supposed to read after they got married. Mimi has a flashback to writing the letter. Shawn asks her where the letter is. She doesn’t know. Shawn remembers where it is and gets up to go and get it. Shawn gets the letter and sits on the floor with his back against the couch. He can’t wait to read the letter. Mimi thinks if he reads it the marriage is over.

Preview: Philip to Belle – I have a confession to make. Lexie to Sami – For once in my life I’m going to do the right thing so you can take your threats and stuff ‘em. Alex (on the phone to the cockpit) – Take off right how. Make sure this plane can not be traced. John to Abe and Roman – I’m going to save her life or by God, I’m going to lose mine trying.


Thursday Apr 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Carrie asks the same question that many of us were asking yesterday – doesn’t it seem strange that Lexie brought us all here to tell us not to let stress into our lives. Carrie had the feeling she had something else to say. Sami has a flashback. Austin asks Sami if she knows what is going on. Lucas wonders the same thing. Sami snaps at them asking them why they are making this about her. She tells them to get off her case. Abe and Lexie are happy about her biopsy results. To celebrate Abe offers to take her to dinner any place she wants to go. She wants to go home – Celeste is keeping Theo overnight. Lexie wants them to be alone. Abe has wonderful memories of nights alone with her – he dreams about them but he gets defensive with Lexie. Lexie asks him not to push her away. Abe all of a sudden has a lot of work to do and leaves. The letch was lurking and makes his move. Tek tells her she can’t sleep alone for the rest of her life. He suggests they go back to his place to bed. Lexie won’t do it. She needs a drink – she’s off duty.

Lucas still thinks Sami knows something. Sami says every woman can relate to what Lexie just experienced. Austin is happy Lexie is going to be okay. Sami has a flashback to the records room. Sami thinks that Lexie should have more testing done – she starts babbling on and on and then declares that they should go out dancing. Everyone agrees. Lucas wants to start on wedding plans – Carrie can’t wait to have his baby. Sami has her own car so she leaves. Lucas has to get his briefcase which conveniently leaves Austin alone with Carrie. Poor Austin – he’s resorted to doing what Shawn had to do for months and months – trail after a woman that keeps rejecting him. Carrie hopes Austin is happy for her. He tells her that he has to accept it but he won’t stop loving her. No matter who is he is with he’ll be thinking of her.

Salem Airport: John lurks outside – he won’t let that sick bastard leave town with Alex North. He starts unzipping a rifle case. Roman appears and asks him if he really thought he was going to let him kill Alex. Inside Alex tells Marlena they will be leaving on their own private chartered jet. He still won’t tell her where they are going. Marlena expresses doubts about leaving Salem. She’s not sure they should leave on the trip. Salem is her home. John is furious with Roman – he tells Roman if he ever loved Marlena as much as he claimed to love her he’d turn the other way while he takes out Alex North. Roman tells him that he has no right to say something like that. He confiscates John’s weapons. John again throws up the fact that Roman doesn’t care for Marlena in Roman’s face. Roman says he spent the past part of his life with her – they have two kids together and then John took her away. John is so full of himself – he says so this is payback – that’s why he’s letting Alex abduct Marlena. Roman points out that Alex isn’t abducting her – he married her. John is the one not making any sense. John wants Roman to cut him some slack. Alex tells Marlena that she doesn’t really remember Salem being her home – it’s just what the people here have told her. He tells her they will go away and will be able to explore their deepest feeling for each other. Marlena says he’s right – she goes to freshen up. Alex declares it will all be over soon.

John says they’ll have to bullet in his brain to stop him from getting to Alex. Abe shows up. He explains that they can’t let him take the law into his own hands. John asks them if they’re okay with never seeing Marlena again. He’s going to save her or give up his life trying. Alex checks his drug supply. He has enough to suppress her memory until he gets her where he wants her. Then it will be too late. The realtor calls. He tells the realtor to throw in all the furniture, antiques and all his wife’s personal things. They don’t plan on returning – they’re starting over someplace new. He again tells the realtor to have the money deposited in his off shore account. Marlena comes back. He lies and says he was talking to the pilot. They go outside. John yells to Marlena saying not to go – Alex is going to hurt you. Alex tells her to ignore him. Marlena has a memory of John. Alex says the man is out of control – they need to go. John pulls out a device to track Alex’s plane so he can follow them in his own jet. That way the two of them won’t be compromised because he will be out of their jurisdiction. Alex calls the pilot and tells him to take off immediately and to make sure the plane can’t be traced – he doesn’t care how difficult it is. John is picking up the signal – but loses is. He figures out that Alex has had the pilot block all ground transmission. He says way to go – you have just seen Doc for the last time. He’s going to kill her and thanks to the two of them there is no way he can stop her. Alex pours champagne and toasts Marlena – he tells her she will get everything she so richly deserves.

The Kiriakis Loft: OMG – the groans and the panting are absolutely disgusting – oh yuck! Phil calls it amazing – better than their first time. He declares his love – Belle stares at the picture of the loft quad. She then smiles and tells Philip he is her past and her future. She’s totally committed to him. He’s excited about having more kids – he was actually having doubts about the two of them. She tells him he should never feel that way. He wants her to tell him if she is having a problem. She stares at the picture again. She tells him she isn’t being completely honest with him. She talks about almost losing Claire – she remembers feeling if their daughter didn’t make it – how could they? If she didn’t have her daughter to love, would she be able to love. She talks about the great childhood she had. She’s not prepared to deal with such a loss. She talks about how she fell apart the last two years – if he hadn’t been there … Philip says he was and he always will be. Belle talks about Bo and Hope – they lost Zack and now they’re apart. She thinks if Shawn was a little kid or still in high school that they would stay together for his sake. Philip asks her if she thinks that’s a good idea. She thinks it give two people time to find their way back to each other. That is why she wants more children. Philip says that’s why? She says it’s not the only reason but if anything comes between them she wants to have lots and lots of reasons to stay together. Philip says and we don’t already? She reminds him that he said he wanted to give Claire lots of brothers and sisters. He does but for the right reasons. She says they will – she’s so happy they are talking about how they are feeling. Philip has a confession.

She asks him why he is getting dressed so fast – she wants him to come back. He says it’s getting late and this is all set. He talks about wanting to do something special for her. At this point Belle goes completely … uh … hmmm … giddy is one word – but she was so over the top that the better word to describe her reactions is manic. She was in hyper-drive. The doorbell rings. Philip says there she is. Belle scrambles to grab her clothes and go upstairs. It’s Caroline. Belle comes down dressed. Caroline is there to stay the night. Philip tells her they’re going to GML – Belle is almost hysterical with happiness. Caroline is happy to see the two of them are closer. Belle says Caroline gave her good advice. Philip is a really good husband and it’s not going to be a hardship to honour her wedding vows. (Hmm … that will be a novelty for Belle – honouring her vows will be new for her). Philip brings the luggage down and tells Caroline there is a spreadsheet on the fridge that is a schedule of Claire’s meds. More instructions … Philip tells Belle that he asked for the same room they had the last time – with the Jacuzzi – Belle hops up and down in glee. They head out right after the elevator doors close (Shawn and Mimi inside) – Philip is grateful for Caroline. Belle is giddy – acting like a two year old let loose in a candy store.

Shawn & Mimi’s: Shawn asks Mimi if she is sure she wants him to read this now. He can’t remember why he waited until after they were married to read it but she is Mrs. Brady now. Mimi has that same flashback again. Shawn starts to read the letter out loud. She tells him not to read anymore. She takes it from him – she tells him to lie down, get comfortable and close his eyes and she’ll read the letter to him. She does – but she makes it up. She expresses someone great sentiments and I know she means it. She talks about how she wants to be a better person but more than anything she wants to be worthy of his love. At some point Shawn opens his eyes and watches her – Mimi has the letter folded –she’s not looking at it. Shawn kisses her and says it was beautiful. She says I love you – so he does. He has a question – he saw the letter was closed – did she read him what she wrote?

She says I thought I told you to close your eyes. He did but everything she was saying was so sweet he wanted to see her face. She explains that she for all the times she wrote and rewrote the letter she has it memorized. He tells her that she is amazing. It means so much to him that he wants to keep the letter. He goes to put on more music. Mimi grabs the letter and holds it over the candle – it starts to burn. Shawn says Mimi what are you doing? Mimi says please all the mushiness preserved for all eternity – no way. Shawn tells her that he for one likes mushiness from time to time. She says they have perfect memory of this moment, this night – isn’t that enough. He kisses her. The phone ring – he answer’s it ‘Mr. and Mrs. Brady’s’ … sigh. He says we’ll be there in an hour. He asks her how she feels about spending some honeymooning time with her husband at the Green Mountain Lodge. Mimi is thrilled and kisses him. She says did I tell you I love you? He says just don’t stop. He goes to change. Mimi is very remorseful – he really is her dream come true – how can she keep lying to him? Shawn and Mimi head out – kiss inside the elevator.

Dune: Lexie is angry at Tek for following her there. Tek tries to get her to stop drinking. Lexie is upset that she was so afraid to tell Abe the truth. She sees the quad walk in and says they shouldn’t be seen together. Too late – Sami did. She tells Lexie she thought she would have learned her lesson by now. Lexie tells her to shut her mouth or she’ll tell Carrie the truth. Lexie gets a dig in saying Carrie has two men in love with her – you got none. Carrie and Lucas are looking at bridal magazines. Austin brings the champagne and sparkling cider. Carrie asks Sami to be her matron of honour. Sami is surprised – she has a flashback to Carrie decking her at what should have been her wedding to Austin. Carrie talks about how they’ve grown up and Sami has changed. Sami accepts. Lucas then asks Austin to be his best man. Austin accepts and makes a toast. Lucas and Carrie go and dance. Sami tells Austin that she hopes she can make him happy. Austin says let’s be honest. I don’t know what’s going on here. He wants Carrie to be happy and he’ll accept that she’s with Lucas but he loves her and that won’t change. Austin says you’re still in Lucas. He doesn’t know where it leaves them but it’s definitely not a true love. Lexie joins them. She tells Austin that she can help him get back together with Carrie.

Austin asks her how. She says with the truth. Sami jumps in and starts lecturing Lexie for drinking so much. She tells Austin that she better help Lexie and she drags her away. Sami threatens Lexie. Lexie says you’re too busy to call Abe – you’re too busy helping Alex North ruin your own mother’s life. Sami declares Alex isn’t ruining her mother’s life – John has been doing it for years. Her mom should be with her dad just like she should be with Lucas but that’s not going to happen. She and Austin have a real chance at happiness. Lexie scoffs at that. Austin cuts in on Carrie and Lucas. Carrie kisses Lucas. Carrie is happy they can all be friends. Austin’s reply is – our feelings for each other are very deep and they aren’t going to go away. What are you going to do about that? Lexie says that Austin and Carrie belong together. Sami tells her to keep her mouth shut. Tek asks if there is problem. Sami says you’re girlfriend can’t hold her liquor and walks away. Lexie vows to stop Sami from ruining lives. Carrie doesn’t answer Austin so he asks her why she is marrying his brother when he’s the man she wants to be with. Carrie declares that Lucas is her fiancé and walks to him and asks him to dance. She tells him she needs him. Sami asks Lexie what she is doing here. More threats. Lexie is going to do the right thing – she tells Sami to take her threats and stuff them.

GML: Mimi tells Shawn this is so romantic as they enter the bar. She feels like she’s in one of those novels. He says Henry James? She says no Danielle Steele. Shawn says ‘geez’ – typical man reaction. Belle and Philip are at the reception desk. The clerk asks if they are newlyweds too. Philip says no – they’re better than newlyweds. Shawn is holding Mimi’s hand – he tells her this time no interruptions. No one is going to butt into their honeymoon.

Preview: Austin to Sami and Lexie – What is going on here? Lexie – Shall you tell him or shall I? Bo to Billie – It’s over, Billie. Hope has shut me out of her life for good. Patrick to Hope – You owe it to yourself, to your family to give Bo another chance. Mimi to Belle and Philip (Shawn does not look happy) – What are you guys doing here? Philip – We wanted to go somewhere romantic so we could make another baby. Lucas to Carrie – I can read Sami from a hundred miles away. She’s up to something. Lexie to Tek – Oh my god, Abe can’t find us here together. Sami – Gotcha, bitch.


Friday Apr 28

Pat’s Spoilers

GML: Mimi tells Shawn that she used to dream about being able to afford to stay at Green Mountain Lodge. Actually she used to dream about living in a house instead of the streets. She is the luckiest girl in the world. Shawn wonders if they should have taken the trip offered by Salem Style Magazine. Mimi thinks this is perfect. As long as they are alone she’s happy. Shawn hates that their honeymoon kept getting interrupted. The Kiriakis’ room is not ready so they head into the bar. They sit down and look at menus. A waiter approaches Shawn and Mimi’s table. (Shawn is fiddling with the keys – typical male … LOL!)