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Monday Jan 3

Janice's Spoilers

Personal comment: I have to say that I thought Martha, Deidre, and Nadia did excellent jobs today. Jason shone as always. I loved seeing Francis Reid and James Reynolds.jmo...

The Clinic: Chloe, Brady, Nicole, Doctor

Chloe is still hiding behind the curtain and listening in. Brady is telling the doctor that he misses her and the doctor saying that she has a remarkable patient named Chloe. Brady starts to pull out a picture of her but Nicole comes back and tells him she called Belle. He tells her he wants to go to the wedding because Belle has lost her mother and needs him there. He tries to get up but the doctor stops him. Nicole wants him to rest and tells him she loves him. Chloe is upset. Brady asks Nicole to call a car service so they can go to the wedding and she leaves. Chloe wonders if Nicole really loves him. She says: “He still loves me even if he thinks I’m dead...he doesn’t want to let me go.” There is a flashback of Chloe in a lovely wedding dress and Brady in a tux saying their vows. Brady’s eyes are closed and he mumbles her name. She is drawn closer to him and touches his forehead. We see Nicole coming back and then the wedding flashback again. Chloe softly kisses Brady’s lips and he opens his eyes and whispers her name... “Chloe.” (very sweet scene).

Basic Black Jet: Bo, Billie

Billie wants the pilot to hurry up. Bo arrives and says: “No! Kill the engines.” Billie angrily tells him that it is her pilot and he can’t tell her what to do (excuse me, isn’t it John’s pilot???) Bo is mad at her for lying to him. Billie talks about how Bo has children and she wants to find Georgia. She says that sixteen years is too long to go without her daughter. They are arguing about him going with her. She goes to talk to the pilot and Bo sits down and sees the tape recorder. He listens to the message Billie left for Georgia. As it plays he gets caught up emotionally. Billie is talking about how much she loves Georgia and how wonderful her father, Bo, is as well. She goes on about how their daughter was conceived from love and that even though it didn’t work out for Bo and herself that she knows he loves their daughter as well. Billie says that if something happens to her that Georgia should know that she’ll always be watching over her. Billie returns and he tells her that he is going with her. She asks about Hope getting angry and he says that Georgia is also his family and that he has lost too many people and doesn’t want to lose Billie as well. He says that Hope will understand...pause...eventually. It looks as if Billie is trying to hold back a smile.... grrrrrrrrr...

St. Luke’s Church & the Castle:

The wedding hasn’t started. Hope and Jennifer are lighting candles. Julie, Doug, and other guests are still arriving. The wedding planner gets a call and rushes out. We don’t see Jan in the show but it is her calling to warn the wedding planner that Shawn is on his way to break up the wedding (how does Jan know the wedding planner’s number?). Julie is telling Doug that she usually loves weddings but she can’t understand why Belle is marrying Philip. Kate is in the background and whispers to herself that: “Your grandson’s loss is my gain.” The wedding planner tells Kate about the message and wants to tell the bride and groom but Kate stops her saying not to bother them. Kate runs over to the security guard and tells him to lock the doors and no one else can be allowed in. He questions her and she says angrily that this wedding will not be interrupted. The guard is standing outside when Lucas and Sami arrive. He won’t let them go in and Sami thinks its Kate’s fault. Lucas explains that she is the bride’s sister and he is the groom’s brother but it is still no go.

At the castle, Tony, in a tux, is telling Marlena and Roman about the wedding. Marlena is totally surprised. She says: “Belle and Philip are getting married?”

Mimi turns to Belle and tells her there is still time to change her mind. Belle smiles and says once more that she is going to get married. She turns still smiling to John and says “this is it.” Mimi starts down the aisle. We see Philip smile at Belle. John and Belle start walking down the aisle. Hope looks very worried.

Shawn is on his bike and you can see the speedometer going faster and faster. He says “Damn it.”
They are about ¼ down the aisle when Belle says to her dad: “Dad...wait...I can’t do this.” She turns to the side and stops.

Marlena says: “I knew they were dating ...but marrying?” Tony turns on the television monitor. Marlena is sorry she is not there for Belle. (Deidre rocked today). She is excited that John is walking but worried about her daughter. She is crying and whispers: “Does she look happy? Are you marrying the man you really love?” She thinks her daughter looks beautiful but unhappy.

Shawn is driving fast and has a flashback of making love to Belle in the Barn. We see blinding lights and he narrowly misses crashing. He mumbles: “I can’t let you marry Philip.”

John turns to Belle and says: “Are you okay, baby?” Belle has tears in her eyes and very nervously says: “Butterflies I guess.” She touches her grandmother’s locket and says “Are you ready?” (lol...she looks like she’s walking to her execution). They start walking again and the photographer accidentally bumps into John who falls down. The guests gasp with concern.

Marlena sees this and cries out. She yells at Tony and tells him she hates him. Roman pulls her back.
Kate is yelling at the guests...lol... “Please... please...don’t leave...there will be a short delay but the wedding will continue.”

Marlena wishes she could be there for John. Tony keeps taunting her that Kate is there to help him now. Marlena and Roman watch Kate trying to help John up. Back at the church: lol...the marines have arrived...the marines have arrived... Lucas is asking the guard: “Are you telling me the U.S. Marines can’t get in either?” The guard tells him that he was once a marine and gives the “Semper Fi” salute and says they can go in (very lame scene imo).

Lexie wants John to get into a wheelchair but he refuses. He won’t listen to Kate either. She sees Sami and Lucas arrives and rushes up to Sami warning her to not even think about disrupting the wedding. Sami says she wouldn’t dream of it (tongue in cheek...lol). Hope and Julie are talking about how stubborn men are, referring to John and Bo. Hope tells her that Bo isn’t going anywhere tonight. We see the marines come in. Abe is sitting with Celeste. She is mumbling about something bad happening and having awful visions. Abe tells her that weddings are supposed to be happy so to keep it to herself...lol... Celeste says that this wedding won’t be a happy one and that many hearts will be broken.
Belle goes to get John some water and Lexie asks if he is okay...if he took to much pain medication. She thinks his eyes look glassy. We get a quick flashback of John injecting himself again. He is sweating and in a lot of pain but tells Lexie it is just the aspirin. Sami tells Lucas that it looks like it won’t be a happy wedding after all. A few seconds later we see John looking around (he is alone...lol...in a room full of people) and carefully inject himself again with Sami looking on in amazement.

Mimi is looking at Kate suspiciously. All of a sudden Mimi says: “Oh my god...that could be Shawn now.”
Shawn is outside of the church but the guard won’t let him in. He says angrily to himself: “Damn! I have to get in there. There is no way I am letting Belle make the biggest mistake of her life.”

At the castle, Tony muses about when John and Kate will get married. The chef/waiter brings in a gourmet dinner on a cart and Tony takes a champagne flute and gives a toast to Belle and Philip while Marlena and Roman look sullenly on. Then he toasts John and Kate. Marlena is crying and Roman tries to comfort her.

At the church again, Kate is murmuring to herself...just leave us alone Shawn...no way can he get in and stop the wedding. Celeste has a vision of a huge bouquet of white roses on the floor, splattered with blood. She sees the vision twice. We see Philip shaking the Marines hands. Sami tells Lucas that Belle’s wedding will be a disaster.

Alice, Hope, Doug and Julie are sitting together. Hope wonders out loud if Shawn even knows about the wedding. Alice explains that he saw the invitation at her house. Hope asks her what his reaction was and Alice tells her that he was very hurt. Doug calls Shawn a Bozo for not marrying the love of his life. Alice calls out his name and gives him “the look” ...lol... Doug realizes that he also did that once and says that he wised up eventually. He gives Julie a kiss. Julies says that Belle is marrying the wrong man and that everyone in the church knows it. She says she is going to cry. Alice says: “Well that’s what weddings are for dear, to support the tissue industry.”LMAO... Then Alice muses to herself...maybe she won’t marry Phil after all.

Outside of the church... Shawn is banging on the door, screaming: “Belle, don’t do it! Don’t marry Phil.” (they can’t hear him inside)

Belle asks her father if he is ready. He tells her: “I’m ready only if you are positive.” Belle gives him a sickly smile and they continue, reaching the Marines who create an arch of swords for them to walk through. We see John still in pain.

Shawn is slamming his hand on the outside door. He is screaming (almost hoarse): “No Belle! Belle! Don’t marry him!”

At the castle, Tony is still drinking champagne. Marlena looks at the television monitor and says: “My precious baby girl. I don’t see the joy in your eyes...If only I was there to help you make your decision.” She’s crying.

Sami whispers to Lucas that Belle broke her promise and deserves to have her wedding collapse. John and Belle reach the altar and John tells her to be happy. She assures him she is (doesn’t look it in my humble opinion). He gives her away and sits down with Kate. The ceremony begins. In the next scene we hear the Father asking...if anyone here knows why these two should not be together...blah...blah... The camera shows the unhappy face of Mimi, the solemn face of Alice, and...lol...Sami.

Outside Shawn whispers: “No way I can let this wedding happen.

John looks over at Sami and says: “She wouldn’t dare.” Lucas stops Sami from getting up to stop the wedding. Philip and Belle have written their own vows (very short). Philip talks about them starting out as friends...blah...blah...he loves her (sorry, I didn’t really pay too much attention to this scene). Belle is crying and tells hi she was so proud to call him her friend and now she will be proud to call him her husband. She thanks him for waiting for him and tells him that she has given him her heart (doesn’t say the word love though...semantics...lol...). At this point Belle sees Philip’s face morph into Shawn and he is saying he loves her. Belle is completely shocked. Philip asks her if she is okay.

We see Shawn on his bike (a vision in black leather...be still my heart). He says: “No Belle! You cannot marry Philip.”

Celeste murmurs that the nightmare is just beginning. Philip asks Belle what is wrong. She looks literally shell-shocked. Belle looks at him and covers up by saying she is just happy to be marrying the right man. We see them lighting unity candles. Mimi looks very unhappy. Kate is smiling. John is sort of smiling. A beautifully eerie version of “Ave Maria” can be heard in the background. The camera zooms in on Alice and Hope (both look unhappy).

Shawn says desperately: “I’ve got to get in there. It looks like this is the only way.”

The Father takes the rings and begins...Philip to you take Belle... (vows aren’t completed)

Shawn revs the motor and starts off. Everyone in the church can hear a loud buzzing noise and are confused/shocked. “Kate murmurs shocked: “Oh no he wouldn’t... Celeste stands and everyone is looking at the stained glass window. In the next instant we see it shatter and Shawn coming through. The last clip freezes on Shawn’s face.

Billie and Bo: she’s telling him she know’s how he feels about her. Bo telling her he is doing this because he loves her...grrrrrr....

Sami talking to someone on the phone (my guess the psychic from hell) Sami thinks it’s her fault that Shawn crashed Belle’s wedding.

The church is in chaos with screaming and confusion. Shawn is lying unconscious on the floor with a wound to his forehead. John is holding an unconscious Belle in his arms.

Marlena is crying and saying: “It can’t be my little girl!”


Tuesday Jan 4

Janice’s Spoilers

Personal Note:

I thought that Deidre, Kristian, Martha, & Jason did a wonderful job today...just my humble opinion.

Clinic: Nicole, Chloe, Brady, doctor

Nicole is on the phone telling the driver that picking them up at the entrance will be fine. She thanks god that Brady is finally getting over Chloe. Chloe is kissing Brady and as he wakes up she runs back behind the curtain. The doctor stops Nicole and tells her that Brady should take it easy. In the meantime, Chloe is wavering. She has a flashback to Nancy telling her that Craig and Joy are coming home for Christmas. She says she doesn’t want to see anyone. Back in the present, Brady is calling out to her. He says: “Chloe? I don’t believe it. You’re finally here. I always knew you couldn’t have died.” He tells her he wants her to come closer so he can see her beautiful face. She runs back behind the curtain and whispers that she is sorry. Brady closes his eyes and talks about how much he needs her. We see Chloe kissing him but in the next instant it is Nicole’s face we see. She is kissing him and telling him she loves him with Chloe watching in the background. Brady’s eyes are open but he is confused and tells her that he was sure Chloe was just there. Nicole turns around and says “You!” It turns out to be the doctor who tells Brady that it’s normal to feel disoriented and that he can leave whenever he is ready. Brady can’t believe it was his concussion that had him seeing Chloe’s face. Nicole is upset. She whispers that he is still thinking about Chloe. Back in her room, Chloe is crying.

Basic Black Jet: Billie, Bo

Pretty much arguing throughout the show about who is the better agent/cop. Bo is telling her he doesn’t trust Patrick when she tells him she could have gone with him. He says he would never forgive himself if something happened to her. Billie looks at the tape recorder and is angry that Bo had the nerve to listen to the tape. She thinks that is the reason he is going with her. Bo admits to listening to it. He says he is going with her. She argues that he and Hope didn’t believe the message she got. He says he still doesn’t but isn’t letting her go alone. Billie asks him what will happen if they do find Georgia and he tells her that they will bring her home to Salem. She then asks him what Hope will think of that. He says she doesn’t know he is here. Bo flips out his cell phone and tries to phone Hope but hangs up saying her message box is full (contrived much???) Billie is angry that he didn’t tell Hope about going with her. We see a flashback of Bo and Billie in the kitchen (Billie has long hair). They are cooking pasta and sauce and start kissing...grrrr...really lame. Next we see Bo and Billie still arguing. She says that he thinks she can’t do the job. We see another stupid flashback...somewhere in France...Bo can’t speak French but Billie can and gets the bad guy. More gender stuff...she’s better trained than he...blah...blah...

Castle: Jack, Marlena, Roman

Jack is in the hallway. He falls through a moving bookcase and mumbles something about Cassie being right about how many secret rooms/exits there are. He ends up in the hallway again and hears voices and then hears it being announced that he has escaped. He takes off and ends up on the outside of the castle and says: “Jack Devereux has left the building”...lol...

Roman and Marlena are alone and watching the wedding on the screen. They see the crash and Marlena screams and starts crying Belle’s name. She asks Roman what happened and he tells her that it looks like an explosion. All of a sudden they lose the live feed. Marlena is hysterically screaming that she can’t take it anymore and she yells for Tony to let them out of there. (Deidre gives another amazing performance today). Later we see Marlena sleeping and then waking up suddenly. Roman tells her it was just a dream but she counters that it was a nightmare and that her little girl is hurt and John and Kate are together.

St. Luke’s Church:

Amazing photography in the first scenes. We see the crash again...it’s raining glass everywhere...people are running and yelling...Belle collapses with blood on her dress. Philip is trying to get to Belle but suddenly hears a noise and looks up. He tries to protect himself as he sees the chandelier falling towards him. Hope is yelling Shawn’s name as she kneels beside his unconscious body. She’s asking him if he can hear her. Jennifer stands beside them. Kate and Rex are with a prone Philip. Mimi and John are with Belle. He is cradling her in his arms. Lexie tells him to be careful and that Belle might have severed an artery. Mimi whispers worriedly that... “She’s not moving”. Sami is crying hysterically that Belle can’t die over and over again. John tells Belle that he can’t lose her too and she wakes up. Belle tells John that she loves him and then loses consciousness again. Philip wakes up disoriented and asks his mom what happened. He starts screaming for Belle and getting very agitated. Philip tells Kate that he loves Belle so much and that Shawn did this and he’s a dead man. They keep him from going to her. Rex leaves to get information on Belle. Shawn wakes up and whispers Belle’s name. Hope tells him not to move. Shawn tells her... “I need to see if she is okay” and then loses consciousness again. Jennifer stays near Shawn while Hope goes outside to phone Bo. The paramedics arrive.

The camera zooms in on a candle burning on the floor and back to Philip still wanting to see Belle. Then we go back and see the oil leaking from the motorcycle and moving towards the flame. The paramedics take Shawn and Belle away. John limps behind with his cane. Jennifer smells something ...gas...and says oh god! She yells for Rex and shows him the oil and fire and they both sound the alarm for everyone to get out. We see Hope calling Bo and then the huge church explosion behind her (amazing). She runs in crying and frantically searching for everyone and saying...oh my god...oh my god... She then runs out of the church coughing. (Kristian also did an amazing job with these scenes). Jennifer comes and tells her what happened with the oil from the motorcycle exploding. She tells her that everyone got out through a side door. Jennifer asks Hope where Bo is.

Hospital: Shawn, Belle, John, Hope, Jennifer, Lexie, Mimi, Rex, Sami, Kate, Philip

Philip is trying to look into Belle’s room from the window. He wants to see her but Lexie says no she needs her rest. Kate and Rex try to convince Philip to go lie down as well. John tells him that his daughter would appreciate his concern but that he will take care of Belle. Lexie asks John how he is feeling and he tells her okay. We see a flashback of John injecting himself again. John asks Lexie how Belle is. She tells him it’s too soon to know and goes back to check on her. John tells himself that the pain meds from the ISA are not cutting it and that he is going to need something stronger if he is going to make it through this night. Mimi asks Rex how Shawn could do something like this. Sami is on a payphone in the hallway talking to Lucas. She thanks him for going to get Will (Lucas isn’t on this show). Sami is crying about Belle and John overhears her say it is all her fault. He demands an explanation and she tells him that she prayed that the wedding wouldn’t go through and to leave her alone. Lexie is talking to Hope and Jennifer. She tells them that she ordered a tox screen for Shawn because she thinks he might have been under the influence. Kate and Philip overhear (of course) and Philip screams... “Son of a Bitch!” Hope wonders what Shawn was thinking. Kate tells her that Shawn is out of his mind and this has to stop. In Shawn’s room we see him awake and groaning in pain. He whispers... “Belle.” Lexie is talking to an unconscious Belle and telling her she is lucky an artery wasn’t severed. Belle wakes up and the first thing she whispers is... “Lexie...I need to see Shawn.”
John watches the nurse lock up her drug cart and take off. He picks the lock and pockets what he needs (fingerprints?). Sami is watching in the background and then we see a flashback to her watching John inject himself at the church. She says to herself... “So John Black is a junkie, a liar, and a thief.” The nurse returns and is upset. She knows someone broke into her cart. She goes to call a security guard. John goes into a darkened room and injects himself again (I just hate this stuff...grrrr...).

Lexie walks out of Belle’s room and Philip and Kate want to go in. She tells him that Shawn is with Belle and she can only have one visitor at a time. Shawn is standing by Belle’s bed. He looks devastated by what he has done. Belle whispers... “Shawn”, he sits down and says... “Belle.” She is crying and asks him... “Why did you do this to me?” Shawn tells her, “I’m sorry...I’m sorry.” He looks very upset.

Outside, Philip is angry but Lexie still won’t let him into Belle’s room. Philip says to no one in particular.... “You’ll pay for what you did to her, Shawn!” Mimi tells Rex that there is no way that Belle will forgive Shawn for this. He agrees.

Back in Belle’s room, Shawn says... “I don’t know why I did it. I wasn’t thinking. All I know was that I had to stop you from marrying Philip.” Then, sounding desperate, Shawn asks Belle, “Did I get there in time? Did you marry Philip?” Belle watches him silently and is crying.

The security guard tells the nurse that the thief might still be in the hospital. They ask Sami if she saw anything. Sami looks very calculating as she tells them yes. Her eyes set on John walking by.
Hope is upset because she still can’t get through to Bo.


Sami and Lucas are arguing. He thinks she should take the blame for everything and start being nicer to John and Kate. She gets mad and tells him that he is starting to sound like John.

Shawn tells Belle...because in the back of his mind he thought there was a chance to work things out

Belle says: “work what out?”

Bo & Billie (sorry I didn’t get this)


Wednesday Jan 5

Pat’s Spoilers

I don’t know where to start on today’s show. I listen to some of the stuff being said on this show and as a woman I feel degraded. I love Julie but good god having her tell Hope that she is lucky to have a man in her life – that is Bo is a blessing just like Doug is – lucky???? – she talks about women like Billie who are at that certain age just like Hope is and men look at her and say I don’t have to buy the cow – I can get the milk for free. I’m sorry – but I think that’s an insult to all women and I feel bad that such a talented actress as Susan is given garbage like that to speak.

At the hospital Lexie tells Hope that Bo is probably at home sleeping and the out of range message she got when she called his cell is probably just a technical glitch. She tells her to go home but Hope is worried about Shawn. Lexie thinks Hope is too emotional to confront Shawn right now and tells her she’ll call her if needed. Hope goes home. She discovers Bo is not upstairs when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Julie, Maggie and Zach. LOL – Maggie’s reaction to Bo not being home – he can’t have gone out he has a fever. Maggie thinks that Bo probably heard what happened at the church so that is where he is. She tells Hope she’ll go and check. Julie points out that Billie wasn’t at the church but Hope is adamant that Bo would NEVER leave town without telling her. She says this over and over – bringing up how open and honest they are – he would never do that to her. Insisting that Billie is not after her husband. Insisting that Bo promised he wasn’t going after Georgia until they had a solid lead and ISA backup. I cringed every time she told Julie that Bo was not with Billie. Julie brings up Court TV and her friends and Hope wants to know what she has to do with any of that. Julie says you sound like every other trusting wife whose husband betrayed them. Maggie comes back and says no one at the church or hospital has seen Bo. Julie starts again and Hope warns her not to go there.

They do talk about Shawn in all of this as well. Hope doesn’t know what he was thinking – why he did something so foolish. He’s had months to talk to Belle but he was so stubborn. Julie says he was raised on the story of how his father rode up to the church and rescued Hope from a marriage that shouldn’t be. Hope says there is something wrong with Shawn and her and Bo have to get to the bottom of it together. She’s well aware that he could be arrested and she’s worried that there isn’t anything her and Bo will be able to do to help him.

On the plane Billie asks Bo to explain what he just said. They encounter turbulence. He says that came out of left field – she agrees but she’s not talking about the turbulence. She wants to know how he really feels about her. (They play around with this for a while trying to make the viewer think that Bo was professing his love for her). He says you know exactly what I meant. She says yes I do, you love me as a friend. He says there can never be anything romantic between them – Hope and his boys are his life. She says you love them completely but there was a time when you loved me that way. (Another corny newly created flashback). He says it can never be like that again. They end up talking about Georgia and he makes an innocent remark (can’t exactly remember the wording…sorry) but Billie immediately accuses him of wishing Georgia was dead. He says that wasn’t what he meant. He says when they find Georgia there will be bond and they will always be connected but sometimes it’s going to be very difficult. He tells her that he will always put Hope, Shawn and Zach first – they are his life, they are his future. She says she wouldn’t have it any other way. There was a point when she told him he didn’t have to come Patrick was willing to come with her. He lectures her about Patrick and says she deserves better than him. She says all the good guys are taken. She tells Bo that once they find Georgia that void in her life will be filled. He reminds her how she always said she wanted a man in her life – she says now Georgia will be all that she needs.

Lucas prevents Sami from giving a statement saying he wants to give her a progress report on Belle. He then starts lecturing her without giving her a chance to really say anything. In a way I can see where Lucas is coming from but I wish he would have at least heard her out. Heck he hardly let her get in a word edgewise. He knows that she really didn’t see anything and he knows how much she hates everyone except him and Will. He doesn’t want her accusing someone just because she hates them. He’s worried that he and Will are the only two people she loves and who would she turn to if something happened to him. He brings up John but Sami won’t hear of it. He says he was good enough to ask to pay for your wedding – he was good enough to ask for help with the annulment – she reminds him that John didn’t help. Lucas says he couldn’t. He just wants her to let it all go – she has her sister and John…He brings up the last time she accused someone falsely – him. He says we could have been married and happy all this time – he says who are you going to lash out and make false accusations against this time. He tells her that he’s not going to let her do it. Sami gets angry at him and says he’s beginning to sound like John and she storms out just in time to here Jan muttering that she thought the drugs she slipped Shawn would do the exact opposite (she just heard the results of Shawn’s tox screen) and someone said that is why he acted like a crazy man crashing through the church window on his motorcycle. Sami says why Jan you little… (I have no idea what Sami is going to do with this knowledge). Lucas apologises to Sami and asks her not to say anything (he firmly believes she didn’t really see anything). Sami looks like she might agree and than John really ties into her and calls her a selfish little bitch…oh oh…

Lexie and another doctor talk about the side effects of the drug that has been stolen. It can lead to severe mood swings even violence. Kate tries to get John to go home or at least use a wheelchair and he ties into her. When Lexie tries to says she’ll take him home so Kate can stay at the hospital with Belle and Philip John is very belligerent with her as well. Phil and Kate…waste of time both of them. I hated when John told Phil to hang in there because he knows that he is the right man for his little girl – hated it but I have to agree with John. Especially after the way Belle treated Shawn today. She’s welcome to Phil – heck know, she deserves a jerk like Phil – she doesn’t deserve Shawn. Phil struts around posturing and muttering his threats against Shawn and how he’s going to make him pay. When Phil asks Kate why there was armed guards around the church Kate catches a glimpse of Sami and says she wanted to make sure Sami didn’t do something to wreck her sister’s wedding. Phil says Sami is known for pulling stunts but he thinks Kate placed the guard there to keep Shawn out – Shawn overhears all this.

It’s very difficult to talk about the scenes in Belle’s hospital room because I hate the condescending, hateful tone Belle uses on Shawn – she looks at him as if he’s lower than low and someone she’s never loved. I also hate that they are having Shawn grovel. I did like the way JC played it today. He never raises her voice to her – you can see the pain in his eyes everything she stabs him in the heart one more time with her accusing tone and questions. She asks him what he was thinking by crashing into the church. The first words out of her mouth were “you could have killed ME,” then she mentions, Phil, and everyone else including himself…hmm we see who really counts here and in what order. He says he had to talk to her to see if there was still a chance – if there was still something left. She looks at him as if he’s a slug and responds in such a condescending tone. She tells him she can’t believe that she ever thought of spending her life with him. She doesn’t know him – he’s angry all the time. He says he crashed into the church because he wanted to stop her from marrying Phil and he wants to know if he was in time. He says he got her call and asks her what she wanted to talk to him about. She says he never called back. He says he did – but she didn’t respond to him – he says he asked her to talk to him but he was disconnected. He can tell she doesn’t believe him. He says he can’t blame everything on Jan – but since the crash he only has bits and pieces of his memory – everything is so hazy – he doesn’t know why he stayed away for so long. She says that’s because you were in Jan’s bed the entire time. He says no there’s more to it. He says he left town because he was angry and disappointed in her – she doesn’t want to go there…(no of course not because she didn’t do anything wrong except betray him). He just wants to know if he got there on time to stop her from marrying Phil. She just starts to say when you crashed into the church … and they’re interrupted.

Lexie comes in with a plastic surgeon and tells Belle that he’s going to look at her wounds – she asks Shawn to step outside. Lexie comes out and tells Shawn his tox screen showed that he had twice the legal amount of alcohol in his system and drugs. Rex asks Mimi if she still believes in Shawn. She says yes – she’s upset about the drugs – but what he did was out of love for Belle – they are meant to be. (Earlier she had told Rex that what Shawn did was very romantic – boy do I disagree with her). Jan is furious with Mimi and says Shawn does not love Belle. The doctor comes out and says she wants to see you – Phillie boy is all excited until the doctor says – not you – Shawn. Shawn just gives Phil ‘the look’ and goes inside. Jan says Shawn isn’t in love with Belle – he’s engaged to me. Phil says marry him and take him to Europe – Jan says I would if you would all stop saying he and Belle are meant to be together. We hear Shawn yelling Noooo…. Phil and the rest of them go rushing into the room. Phil wants to know what is wrong. Belle very coldly and very snidely says I just told Shawn that you and I are married (she looks so pleased with herself). Phil says that’s right, we’re married and there’s nothing you can do about it – he holds up his left hand and flashes his ring.

And so the character destruction of Shawn Brady begins…sigh…

Preview: Phil grabbing Shawn by his shirt yelling ‘that is my wife you son of a bitch – we are married – you see that’ and then he points to his wedding ring and Shawn punches him. Billie telling Bo that he is an incredibly loving and generous man but that he has this horrible habit of making the women who love him nervous wrecks. Sami sees John inject himself again. She calls him a junkie and thinks that John always told her that knowledge is power and this knowledge is going to make me very powerful – love her evil smile!


Thursday Jan 6

Pat’s Spoilers

Just a quick report because I’ve missed so much of the fun on the board I don’t want to miss any more. Psst blame Ashley if you don’t find enough detail in the report…just kidding…Ashley is doing a wonderful job today and that’s the only reason I’m cutting this short.

I love Jack…LOL! Jack is Jack and it is great to see his adventure begin. He’s looks inside a chalet and sees people inside as he stands outside freezing. He makes fun of his situation – he’s wearing a DiMera guards uniform – he figures they don’t get out much, he has no money, he doesn’t know where he is, no ID, no passport and if he stands out there much longer he’s going to freeze his buns off. He goes inside and picks up some money a guy left the barmaid saying he needs it more. He sits down and the woman asks him how he got away from the castle. She explains that everyone knows that they don’t get much time off…he makes light of it by saying now that he knows she’s there, he’ll take more time off. He orders coffee and then steals a parka and a furry hat with ear flaps. There are some policemen there but he remembers Tony telling him that the police are on his payroll so he stays away from them. He decides to find out where the American Consulate is and go there. Bart shows up flashing Jack’s picture around. He talks to the cops and Jack overhears Bart say that one of their guests escaped…LOL! He jokes that the count isn’t particular whether he’s returned dead or alive. Bart also mentions that their man at the American Consulate will contact them as soon as Jack shows up. Jack is standing at the bar with his back to Bart when he hears Bart right behind him saying “I was hoping I would find you here.” Bart is speaking to the barmaid Helga. Jack realises he can’t trust anyone except Jen. He calls and gets her voicemail. He leaves her a really hurried message…telling her it’s him, Jack. I’m alive. I’m coming home. I don’t know where I am or how I’ll get home. LOL – he doesn’t say anything about being held captive by Tony or he doesn’t say that Cassie is alive – just that he’s coming home to her, Abby and Jack.

I loved Kristian and Melissa today. The Hope and Jen scenes were wonderful. Jen is trying to get Hope to face up to the fact that in all probability Bo broke his promise to her and took off with Billie to go search for Georgia. Hope is adamant that he wouldn’t but I think deep inside she knows he did but she doesn’t want to admit it to herself. Jen says Jack would make promises to her as well but as soon as he got a lead on a story he would get a lead on a story those promises would fly out the window. Hope talks about how impetuous Bo is as well and if he had a lead he would follow it but they don’t have a lead and he promised her he wouldn’t take off until they did. Hope tells Jen that she is angry at Julie for planting the idea in her head that Bo is with Billie – Jen tells her that she thinks he is as well. Hope is worried about Shawn and how he is out of control and that he needs his father. Jen talks about what Shawn did as being incredibly romantic. Hope says it was wrong (and other things she lists off) but she said yes, romantic. Jen talks about how similar Shawn is to Bo and they talk about how Bo swept Hope out of the church when she was marrying Larry. Hope has a flashback of riding through Salem on the back of his bike and of them kissing in the park. Hope says there is one difference, Bo got to me on time, Shawn didn’t get there in time. Belle and Philip are married and Shawn and Belle have no future. She gets a call from Lexie and learns that Shawn had both alcohol and drugs in his system. Poor Hope – she tells Jen that she doesn’t know if she can handle going to see Shawn on her own – she needs Bo – she cries that their son is going to prison.

The stuff on the plane between Bo and Billie is just basically an entire episode of Billie talking about how Bo drives the women he loves crazy with worry and more of those lame flashbacks. I hate that Bo tells her he remembers when she makes of point of talking about what he had to do to get her to forgive him (excuse for kissing manufactured flashbacks). Bo makes several attempts to call Hope but the line is busy. Billie says she’s probably frantic with worry and calling everyone she can think of him. She tells him that he could have left a note – he says he came to the airport to talk her out of going. She tells him she told him not to go – he’s the one that made the decision to come with her and she doesn’t want him putting the blame on her. He’s about to try Hope again when the pilot tells them they are about to make their descent so he can’t use the phone. He says that he’s in deep trouble…LOL!

Sami doesn’t tell on John she says she didn’t see who took the drugs. (She does this after having f/b’s of some of what Lucas had said to her yesterday. She then hears Lexie tell John she wants to talk to him about the drug thefts. Sami is overjoyed – she thinks Lexie is on to him and John will get what is coming to him. Abe is with Lexie. Sami is stunned to hear Lexie ask for help in finding out who is stealing the drugs. She thinks it would look bad for the hospital if the public got wind of it so she doesn’t want to file an official report. John agrees to do what he can pointing out that he’s not all that mobile. Sami says ‘talk about enabling…’ LOL – so true. She watches John inject more drugs and that is when she smiles her evil smile and says to herself “John, you’re an addict. You always told me that knowledge is power – this knowledge is going to make me very powerful.”

Phil and his mother just annoy me to no end. I don’t want to talk about them – LOL! I did enjoy the fist fight in Belle’s room – both of them got a few punches in but I think Shawn got the best of Phillie boy. John, Rex, Lucas, Mimi, Jan all rush in. JC was excellent today – I can’t say enough good things about him. Phil tells Shawn that they’re married but Shawn wants to hear it from Belle. He begs her to tell him that it’s not true. Belle has a flashback of the ring exchange and the pronouncement by the priest. She tells Shawn it’s true – her and Phil are married. He wants to talk to her but Lexie orders him out of the room and Rex and Lucas have to drag him out. Kate tells everyone else to give the newlyweds some privacy. I wont’ go into Phil and Belle too much – let’s just say there’s a lot of petting going on. Belle wants to talk to Shawn and Phil says he forbids it. Belle says you did not just say that – this isn’t the dark ages. She says she wants to talk to him to find out why he did what he did and if Phil loves her he’ll go and get him. She tells Phil he can stay in the room. Phil tells her he did it was because he was drunk and stoned out of his mind – not because he wanted to talk to you – he ruined our perfect wedding day but he won’t ruin our marriage. He says some awful things about Shawn – Belle says it’s not like Shawn to drink and do drugs – that’s just not him – they were best friends. He says it has been since he’s been with Jan – Belle says Jan – there is something wrong with everything – and she’d like to hear what Shawn has to say.

I absolutely loved Shawn’s talk with Mimi. Jan tries to get him to leave but he is very cold to her and tells her to get away from him he wants to talk to Mimi in private. Kate listens to everything. He asks Mimi to tell him he wasn’t too late. Mimi says she wouldn’t lie to him – Phil and Belle are married. Shawn is heartbroken. Mimi says you still love her, don’t you. He says it’s not that simple. Belle was his everything – she understood him – she is the only one he can talk to. Mimi says it’s not too late… Kate gets a hold of Mimi and tells her advice and tells her not to interfere in other people’s lives (talk about the pot calling the kettle black). Mimi says that Shawn and Belle are in love – true love. Kate says that Phil is now Belle’s true love and no one is going to come between them. Kate then tells Rex to keep Shawn away from Belle no matter what Mimi says – she stresses family loyalty. Rex says not to worry he’ll take care of Mimi. Kate phones the police. Shawn insists on talking to Belle but Rex and Lucas won’t let him…the police come and tell him he’s under arrest. He says don’t you know who my family is. The one cop says yes and we feel sorry for them. Now we can make this easy or hard, put your hands behind your back. He does and the show ends on his expression as he’s being cuffed.

Preview: Jack using his fake accent saying “I would like a room”. He drops something with the DiMera crest on it and someone behind him says “Got ya”. We see Patrick in the shower and Abby and Chelsea in the hallway. Chelsea tells Abby that she is going to do more than get him in bed, she’s going to make him fall in love with her. Shawn asking Hope “Where’s Dad, Mom?” Hope says “I don’t know.” Bo telling Billie that he has to call her and explain…Billie interrupts with ‘oh my god, Bo you’re bleeding.”


Friday Jan 7

Janice’s Spoilers

Jennifer’s house: Patrick, Abby, Chelsea, Jennifer

Chelsea and Abby spy on Patrick exercising in the living room and listening to music. Chelsea’s mouth is practically hanging out, not to mention her eyes popping out. She’s whispering to Abby about how his body is so hot and that maybe she should get better acquainted with her future lover. They go up to Abby’s room and Abby asks her what she is doing with her brother’s video baby monitor. Chelsea says she borrowed it from Jennifer’s room and shows Abby a picture of Patrick’s shower. Abby can’t believe she did that. Chelsea picks up a ruler and says that she will soon be seeing every last inch of him (these are supposed to be teenagers aren’t they???). Abby says she won’t let her do that.

Patrick gets a call from Jennifer asking him to watch the kids for a while longer. Both Patrick and Jennifer agree that Chelsea is a good??? influence on Abby. Jennifer mentions that Abby really needs Jack and that he was the only one that she would ever listen to. Patrick mentions that there is a phone message for her and does she want him to listen to it. Jennifer says she will check it when she gets home.

Back in Abby’s room, Chelsea asks her what her problem is. Abby tells her it is a violation of Patrick’s rights and that Chelsea is crazy. She tells her that Patrick won’t give her the time of day. Chelsea is determined for Patrick to see the new her. She upsets Abby by saying that Jennifer won’t stand a chance and that she has seen the way they look at each other. (Chelsea is pretty brutal here). Abby argues that her mom still loves her dad but Chelsea says Jack is dead and she better hope that Patrick will want her instead of Jennifer.

Patrick is shirtless...lol...and wiping the sweat off when Abby comes down and asks him to check her computer for her. We see Chelsea putting on gobs of makeup, wearing a short top...showing lots of skin. Her hair has been teased up. She hears them coming upstairs and lays on the bed in a seductive pose. Patrick barely notices her, ignores her come-ons, and figures out the cord is loose from the computer. He laughs at Chelsea’s hair and tells Abby that he is going to borrow their shower. Abby and Chelsea peak into the shower but it is too steamy for them to see Patrick in the buff so they leave. Chelsea tells Abby that she is going to have Patrick make love to her and also fall in love with her.

Brady’s Home: Hope, Jennifer

Jennifer is with Hope when she gets a phone call. She prays that it is Bo. It’s from Uncle Mickey at the police station. He tells her that he has bad news and turns to look at a handcuffed Shawn. Hope gets off the phone and Jennifer is shocked that Shawn has actually been arrested. Hope says she figured it would happen because he tested positive for both alcohol and drugs. She asks what the hell is going on with him and where the hell is Bo. Jennifer begs her to take it easy, saying that she will accompany her to the police station. Hope asks her to go to gran’s instead. She doesn’t want Alice hearing about Shawn from the newspapers. Jennifer asks Hope if she will be okay. Hope says she would be a lot better if her husband was here. They hug and leave.

Salem Police Station: Kate, Judge (Karen), Mickey, Shawn, later Hope

The judge comes in and says she hopes it’s important enough for her to be called out from a political fundraiser. Kate dramatically tells her that it’s an emergency and explains what happened at the church. She goes on and on about how Shawn almost killed a lot of people before setting the church on fire. The judge is shocked that Bo and Hope’s son could do that. She asks Kate why she called her. The phone rings and Kate steps aside to take it. It’s the pilot from the Basic Black jet updating her that Bo and Billie have arrived safely. She’s surprised but happy that Bo is with her daughter and tells him to keep the jet on standby for her daughter’s needs.

The judge is going over the police report. She still can’t believe that Shawn could be so irresponsible. Kate tells her that he is violent and out of control. She says: “As the judge who oversees the police commission, what are you going to do about it?” Kate tells the judge that she is worried about what else Shawn is going to do to her son and his wife. She’s concerned that he will just get a slap on the wrist because his parents work for Salem P.D. She doesn’t want him to get special treatment (Kate is really milking it here...grrr...). The judge says that if he did what Kate claims then he will be dealt with accordingly. Hope comes in and says if Shawn has committed a crime, he will pay the price. She asks where Billie is and Kate lies and tells her she doesn’t know. Hope goes into the office where Mickey and Shawn are. The judge says she is leaving to go back to the fundraiser. Kate makes a veiled threat about Shawn not getting off easy because it is an election year.
In Bo’s office, a handcuffed Shawn is sitting in a chair and telling Mickey: “That’s it....that’s the whole story.” Hope is there as well. Mickey tells Shawn that he didn’t witness any of it so he hopes that Shawn is telling the truth. Shawn tells him he wouldn’t lie to him. He says there was no other way to get into the church...the doors were locked. He tells Mickey that he never meant to hurt Belle and that they have to believe him. Hope tells Shawn it doesn’t matter what they believe. She asks him if he realizes that what he has done could put him away for years. She asks him what he was thinking. Kneeling down in front of him she says: “Honey, how did we get to this point?” We see Shawn having a multitude of quick flashbacks – talking with Alice, listening to Belle’s phone message with Jan, waking up and telling Jan he had a dream about Belle, arguing with Jan about Belle, the guard telling him he can’t get into the church, saying to himself that he can’t let her marry Phil, crashing through the stain glass window. Hope tells him to talk to her but he just shakes his head.

The judge asks Kate if she is being threatened. Kate says don’t be silly, she’s just pointing out that during an election year any action the judge takes or doesn’t take will be closely watched. The judge tells her that she is aware of that but until the D.A. reviews the charges there is nothing she can do. Kate thanks her for putting her mind at ease and says that when the time is right she is sure the judge will do the right thing. The judge has had enough and angrily tells her goodnight.

Mickey comes out and they greet each other like old friends. He asks the judge if the D.A. has had a chance to review the charges. She says she’s not sure and that Father Jansen hasn’t decided whether to press charges or not. Mickey asks her what happens if he does and the judge tells him that depending on what the D.A. goes for, his nephew could be facing 6-10 in Statesville. Mickey goes back into Bo’s office.

Hope says: “You understand that these charges are serious.” Shawn tells her he knows that. She asks him why he’s not more concerned. He tells her he is but he’s more concerned with Belle and needing her to know that he is sorry and that he never meant to hurt her. Hope tells him Belle will be fine and that he has to think about himself. In the next scene she says: “Now you’re not only drinking, you’re doing drugs?” He says he isn’t doing drugs and that he wouldn’t do that. Hope tells him that the lab reports don’t lie and Shawn says: “They must...they must because I’m telling you they are wrong.” Hope argues that they are not wrong. Mickey goes to interrupt but Hope holds up her hand to stop him. Shawn tells them that he has to talk to Belle now. He pleads with Hope that they can leave the handcuffs on, have a policeman escort him over there, and he promises he’ll be right back. He says she knows everybody and can pull some strings. Hope tells him she can’t do that because it would be an obstruction of justice. Shawn tells her he wants to talk to his dad then because maybe he will help him out. When she tells him that he isn’t there, Shawn questions her about Bo’s whereabouts. Hope makes an excuse that Bo is probably at the church or hospital looking for Shawn. He doesn’t buy it because he knows that his parents would have phoned each other. Hope finally admits that she doesn’t know where Bo is. Shawn tells her sardonically that Bo is probably with Billie looking for their kid. A policeman comes in and says it’s time to book Shawn, also says that Shawn will have to stay in lock up until the bail hearing. He gives Shawn some orange coveralls. Kate is watching is the background and whispers: “One down, two to go.” She says that if she can get rid of Sami and Hope then her children will be happy at last.

Bo decides to call the station so they can track Hope down for him. Hope is working at his computer and answers the phone. She is frantic and asks him where he is and if he is okay. He tells her he’s fine and starts in on her about not being able to get hold of her. She asks where he is again and he tells her not to get upset, that he is with Billie in Europe. A look of anger and disgust comes over Hope’s face and she doesn’t say a word. He asks if she is there and she finally says: “Damn you, damn you Bo!” Kate is listening in and smiling.

At the European Inn: Billie, Bo, Jack, hotel clerk

Bo tells Billie that he is going to try to get hold of Hope again. Billie is pressing the bell impatiently and the clerk comes out to greet them. Billie tells her that they don’t have a reservation and asks if she has two rooms. The clerk says she only has one with a bed big enough for two. Billie smirks but turns to Bo with a straight face.

Jack is outside in the cold and saying that he needs to find someone to help him who isn’t on the Dimera payroll. He mumbles that he needs money and pulls some loose change out of his pocket, dropping them in the snow. He bends down to pick them up and we hear a heavily accented policeman telling him to wait a minute.

Bo can’t get hold of Hope. Billie tells the clerk that one room won’t be a problem. The clerk says she knows two people in love when she sees them (give me a break!!!). Bo starts coughing. He tells her they aren’t married yet and are old-fashioned. Billie agrees. She tells the clerk that they are thinking of buying a house in the area and want to check out the village and surroundings first. She asks if there are many children around there. The clerk tells her that there are many children, wonderful schools, etc.. and gives them some brochures. Bo asks her for information on the castle and the clerk gets nervous. She tells Bo and Billie to stay away from that place or they will live to regret it. Taking a set of keys, she shows them to their room.

The policeman is telling Jack that he missed a coin and thinks Jack looks very familiar. Jack starts hacking and the cop takes off. Jack holds up a wallet (the cop’s?) and pulls money from it. He goes into the same inn as Bo and Billie and asks for a room. Jack is using a heavy accent to disguise his voice. He drops the wallet and another man picks it up for him. Jack is very nervous (thought the man worked for the Dimera’s at first).

Bo tells Billie that he is very upset that he can’t leave Hope a message. Billie notices that he is bleeding again.
Jack asks for a room and the clerk goes on and on about how it’s not clean yet and tells him to sit in the bar for now. Jack opens the locket and says...soon Jen...soon...

Billie finishes wrapping a bandage around Bo’s chest (shirtless of course). She tells him to get his rest but she is too wired and is going to go down to the bar. He doesn’t want her to get her hope up. When she leaves he tries to call Hope again.

Jack is eating strudel and goes to find a washroom. He bumps into Billie but their heads are down so they don’t see each other. Billie goes into the bar and asks for coffee. Jack comes back but still doesn’t see her. He sits down and has a flashback of phoning Jennifer. He sees a payphone and wonders if he should call again. Billie is looking in a mirror and says...oh my god is that who I think it is?

Alice’s home: Alice, Jennifer

Jennifer brings coffee to the table and tells Alice about Hope and Shawn. Alice wants to know where Bo is. Jennifer tells her that he seems to be missing at the moment. Alice is surprised. Jennifer equates it to all the times Jack took off for a story and starts to cry saying she misses him so much. Alice covers her hand and squeezes it. Jen is crying and says that if it weren’t for her family and children that she couldn’t get through this. She remembers going through it when she thought she had lost Jack the first time, and then how she found him again, and finally lost him once more. Jennifer says that it’s like starting all over again. She tells Alice how helpful Patrick has been and Alice asks her if she is taken with him. Jennifer is shocked and says that he is just a friend. Alice says that relationships can start with friendship. Jennifer says that Jack was her one true love.

When Jennifer gets back home she picks up the mail and throws it over the answering machine, so that it hides the blinking message light.


Brady telling Belle that they should lock Shawn up and throw away the keys. He can’t understand why she is defending Shawn.

Hope angrily tells Bo that he always has a choice but as usual he has chosen to be with Billie.

John in a hallway injecting himself again with Nichole looking on in shock.


Monday Jan 9

Janice’s Spoilers

Belle’s Loft

Marine boy carries his bride across the threshold of their loft. Inside, Kate has planned a surprise party for them (thank god we weren’t forced to sit through a wedding reception…lol…) this is bad enough! John, Brady, Nicole, Rex, and Mimi are there to greet them, Kate comes in a moment later apologizing to John for being late (bet she was busy destroying some other couple on her list of to-do’s). The guests throw rice and the place is decorated with balloons. Mimi says quietly that she hopes the party isn’t too much for Belle. Belle and John are concerned about Brady’s accident but he tells them he is fine. He says he’s sorry about not being able to come to the wedding. Belle tells him to be glad that he wasn’t at the church because he might have gotten hurt worse. Brady goes on a rant about Shawn, asking what the hell Shawn was thinking and saying that he thinks Shawn should be locked up for good and the keys thrown away. Belle is upset and starts to defend Shawn...she says... “Don’t say that Brady!”

Kate tells Belle she is sorry for not inviting Sami to the party. They all agree that Sami would have caused a scene…grrrrr… Philip says that Sami doesn’t want anyone to be happy. Rex toasts the bride and groom and they all join in. Belle looks at Philip but sees Shawn’s face. Philip tells her how happy he is to have married the most perfect girl. Belle tells him that she isn’t perfect and he says he is going to spend his life making her happy. They kiss. Brady tells Nicole about how life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. He gives examples…his dad lost Marlena, he lost Chloe, and Belle isn’t with Shawn anymore but married marine boy. Nicole tells him that she thinks Belle and Philip are meant to be. They kiss but Brady has a quick flashback to his hospital bed and when he thought Chloe has kissed him.

John (sweating and with hands shaking) sneaks out into the hallway and injects himself again. This time Nicole watches him. John asks her if she and Brady are leaving but she tells him she just came out for some air. Back in the loft, everybody watches Belle and marine boy cut the wedding cake. Kate tells John that it is wonderful to see their children so happy. Rex is taking pictures of the happy (gag!) event. John dances first with Belle and she thanks him for making her day so special. John tells her that she reminds him of her mother and that Marlena would be so proud of her. He tells “Izzy” that he loves her. Kate is dancing with marine boy. Nicole and Brady are watching and she whispers that she thinks his dad is hooked on drugs. Brady is in denial but Nicole tells him she recognizes the signs from experience and to look at him. Kate is eavesdropping.

Rex asks Mimi why she’s so upset. Mimi is depressed and tells Rex that it just doesn’t feel right and that Belle belongs with Shawn. Belle and Philip are dancing. She is lost in a world of her own and he asks her if she is having second thoughts about getting married. She tells him no. Rex is frustrated and tells Mimi she needs to stop this…he goes on to defend Philip. He says that Belle and Phil are married now and Mimi has to respect that.

Kate and Nicole are talking now. Kate wants Nicole to stop calling John a junkie. Nicole taunts Kate by saying she just wants to play house and sleep with John and take control of his money and Basic Black. Nicole says that at least she loves Brady. They argue and Kate tells Nicole that if it weren’t Philly’s wedding day, she would mop the floor with her. Brady is watching his father. John looks pretty bad. He sees a syringe fall out of John’s pocket. Brady comes back and butts in convincing Kate that John does have a problem, and telling them what he just saw. They decide not to tell Belle about it yet. Brady offers to take his father home. John kisses Belle and tells Philly to take good care of his Izzy.

Mimi tells Rex that Belle is her best friend and that Shawn is a good friend of hers too. She says she won’t desert him now that he needs them most. In the hallway Rex tells Mimi that Shawn has to stay away from Belle and Philip. Back in the loft, Belle is worried about her dad and Brady. She talks about how much her dad misses her mom, his pain, and how lonely he is. Phil says them should appreciate what they have and not everyone can be as happy as they are.

At the penthouse, he wants John to get in his wheelchair. Nicole and Kate are with them. John is angry and takes it out on them. He walks off saying for them to leave him alone. Brady finds some drugs in his father’s coat pocket and Kate mentions about the drugs stolen at the hospital. She asks them what they should do and Brady tells her that they owe Nicole an apology…lol… He says that John needs professional help and wants his father in rehab. Brady picks up the phone to call Lexie and Abe for their help.

Salem Police Station: Mickey, Shawn, Hope

Shawn is a vision in orange…lol…and still in handcuffs. Mickey tells him how much trouble he is in and that he might not get bail. He lists the charges...driving under the influence, endangerment of life, drugs.... Shawn argues that he wasn’t taking drugs but Mickey yells back that they were found in his system.

Hope is in Bo’s office talking to him on the phone. She says: “I don’t understand how you could do this again.” Bo tells her that it was too dangerous for Billie to go on her own. He tells her that he didn’t have a choice. She angrily tells him that there is always a choice and that he always chooses Billie. She asks him what happened to waiting and then says: “So you just hopped on a plane without letting me know?” Bo tells her there wasn’t time. She says: “And to hell with me and our children, right?” Hope tells him there are problems at home but isn’t specific because she thinks that Billie is the only one that is important to him. Bo tells her that he told Billie that she and the boys come first but she doesn’t buy it…lol…go Hope! She tells him that actions speak louder that words and “Every chance you get, you take off with Billie.” Mickey comes in then and tells her that they need to talk. She hangs up on Bo. Mickey asks her what Bo thought of his son’s arrest. Hope tells Mickey that she didn’t tell Bo what was happening because he is too busy. Mickey is surprised and says: “too busy for his own family? She tells him that Bo is in Europe with Billie. Shawn comes in and says it’s the same old story and his father is to busy to be with his family because he cares more about Billie and looking for their bastard daughter. Hope changes the topic and tells him they have to concentrate on his bail hearing. Mickey says it won’t be that easy and asks Shawn if he is ready to go in front of the judge. Hope and Shawn hug and sat they love each other.

Later we see Shawn back in regular clothes and out on bail. Mickey thinks that if the case goes to trail that they should plea-bargain but Shawn says no. Hope wants him to listen but he says that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone he was just trying to keep Belle from marrying that toy soldier...lol...

Hope’s phone rings. Its Bo again trying to apologize and explain why he left so quickly (couldn’t let Billie go alone…grrrr…) Hope mentions that Patrick was willing to go and Bo goes on again about not trusting the guy and how he is not Georgia’s father. She retaliates by telling Bo that she doesn’t trust him! She tells him about Shawn needing him but it’s too late now and how something terrible has happened. In the next scene she has already told him and yells that if he had been there maybe it wouldn’t have happened.

Shawn is talking to Mickey and thanking him for his help. Mickey warns him to stay out of trouble and to stay away from Belle and Philip. Shawn goes to Belle’s loft and starts banging on the door. When Philip answers (shirtless) and asks him why he isn’t in jail, Shawn insists on seeing Belle. Philip gives him a dirty look.

European Inn: Jack, Bo, Billie, Bart, hotel clerk

Jack is sitting with Jennifer’s picture and talking to it. He thinks she should have gotten his message already and promises again that he is going to find a way to get home. The man Billie sees in the mirror turns out to be Bart. She knows the voice. Bart is showing a picture of Jack to the hotel clerk. She says he looks familiar. Jack listens in and disappears upstairs. He knocks over a lamp and the hotel clerk, Bart, and Billie go after him. Billie asks the clerk who she was talking to and asks about the man they are looking for. The clerk just takes off. Billie wonders what she is hiding.

Outside her and Bo’s room, Billie hears him talking to Hope and walks in. She tells him she knows that she was the reason they were fighting and says that she never wanted to cause problems for them…grrr…no comment. Bo tells her that Hope is upset but it will be okay and Billie goes on about how much Bo and Hope are in love with each other. She starts talking about how she once had someone like that. We get the most godawful new flashback of Bo and Billie in bed together…I am not going to describe it (lol…actually I fastforwarded through it). She tells him that if Hope is what is best for him then that is what she wants. Then she explains to Bo that she decrypted some of the information on the disc and thinks they are phone numbers. She is playing with his bandage and asks him if he told Hope that they are sharing a room together. Bo tells her no and says he will sleep in a chair and she can have the bed. Billie refuses. She says she is going downstairs to search on the computer again and tells him to rest and call Hope back.

Bart tells the hotel clerk that he will find the guy he is looking for because he has guards posted at every exit. It looks like she is on Dimera’s payroll or something. Jack listens in and, opening a window proceeds to fall out…lol… Bart gives up and tells the clerk that he is going back to the castle (and she needs to know this why?) LMAO…

Bo asks Hope how Shawn could be so reckless and promises he is coming home. We next see Jack wearing a fake mustache on a cargo boat. Some guy catches him and starts pushing him around asking him for I.D. Jack’s mustache comes off and he decides he should trust the guy and tell him just how much he needs to get back to Salem. The other guy gives in and agrees to take him as long as he works for it doing the laundry. Jack agrees and takes a laundry sack from him but gags from the smell when he opens it up.

At the inn, Billie is doing searches and comes up with some names. She questions the hotel clerk about them. The clerk says she knows them and that they have a teenage daughter who is about 15 years old. Billie thinks it might be Georgia and gets excited. Later the hotel clerk phones the family and tells them that Billie was asking questions and that they know what to do. Billie decides to keep this information from Bo.


Abby tells Chelsea she is wrong about her mom. She says her mom only cares about her dad.

Philip and Belle share a toast and he says… “To the rest of our lives as husband and wife”

Rex tells Shawn… “Shawn accept it…Belle married Philip…it’s over!” Shawn is holding an icepack to his cheek.

John yells at Brady, Nicole and Kate telling them to get out.


Tuesday Jan 11

Janice’s Spoilers

Jennifer’s House: Abby, Chelsea, Jennifer, Patrick, Jack (in fantasy)

Abby and Chelsea are upstairs in her room. Chelsea wants to look at Patrick again in the shower and talks about Jennifer being interested in him. Abby protests again that her father is alive and Jennifer isn’t interested in Patrick.

Downstairs, Patrick explains about using her shower and asks Jennifer what happened with Shawn and Hope but she’s too tired to tell him. He says he’ll bring bagels in the morning and they can talk then. He goes to leave and reminds her about her phone message.

Chelsea tells Abby that she has to accept that her father is dead but Abby refuses saying he came back once and he can again. Abby reluctantly follows Chelsea to the bathroom but Patrick is already gone.

Jennifer trips on the carpet and Patrick runs back and helps her up. She refuses to go to the hospital and says she twisted her back. Jennifer laughs at how stupid she must have looked and remembers Jack’s pratfalls. She says she misses him so much.

Upstairs, Abby tells Chelsea again that her mom is in love with her father and not Patrick.

Downstairs, Patrick apologizes for making her think of Jack but she tells him its okay because Jack is always on her mind. Patrick compromises and tells her if she won’t go to the hospital then she has to agree to let him give her a massage. Jennifer agrees and takes off her jacket.

Abby and Chelsea come down and Abby is shocked to see what is happening. Jennifer tells Abby about her little accident and Chelsea makes a snide comment to Abby. Chelsea tells Jennifer that Abby asked her to stay the night (when?) and asks if its okay and can she use the phone. Jennifer says yes but will she play the message first. Chelsea accidentally erases the message before it can be heard. Abby is upset but Jennifer tells her that if it is important then the person will call again.

On Cargo boat/ship: Jack

Jack’s scenes today are hilarious...

Jack is scrubbing clothes throughout the show...lol...up to his ears in soapsuds. He flashes back to leaving a message for Jennifer and says he would do anything to see her face when she gets his message. In the next scene he screams out: “Haven’t you heard of taking a shower? This stuff stinks!” He says he hates doing it but then changes his mind and says he will love it if it gets him home to his family.

Jack & Jen Fantasy...
Jack has a fantasy about coming home. We see him in dirty t-shirt touching their home address reverently and saying “home sweet home.” He rings the doorbell. Jennifer is wearing the same clothes from today’s show. She is shocked to see him. Jack says her name.

Next scene...Jack doing laundry again and then back to fantasy...

Jennifer is smiling. Jack says “hi.” Jennifer says: “Jack! No...no...” She says she’s imagined him walking in the door alive so many times but it can’t be true. Jack touches her cheek and hair. Jennifer says in amazement: “Jack...you’re not dead!” He says no. Jen says: “you’re here?” Jack says yes... “why are you looking at me like I’m a ghost. Didn’t you get my message? Jennifer says... “no...I didn’t believe it was true.” He tells her it is and so is he and that he’s here.

Jennifer backs away and says not to do that to her. She is crying and saying... “please don’t do this to me!” Jack calls her name and she says this is all a dream and she is going to wake up and he will be dead. Jack says no. Jennifer is still crying and says that she’ll cry like she always does. Jack smiles and tells her that wouldn’t it follow that if he was in the dream with her that when they wake up they would still be together? Jennifer says that doesn’t make any sense and that this is her dream. He tells her that it’s his dream.

Jennifer says it isn’t and why does he always talk so crazy. He smiles and all of a sudden she realizes that it’s really him. They are hugging and kissing.

Next scene...Jack doing laundry...back to fantasy...

Jack and Jen are kissing on the couch and Abby comes in carrying Jack Jr. Abby says: “Daddy! You’re alive...you’re here.” Jack hugs them all and says that he is never going anywhere again.

Back to reality...

Jack says that Jennifer must have gotten his message by now. She knows he’s alive and on his way home to his family.

Shawn/Rex’s loft: Rex and Mimi are on the couch and she wonders if the marriage really happened as well as Shawn’s arrest. Rex says that Shawn is in bad shape and dangerous to society. He tells her that he should be locked up for what he did and hopes Shawn gets the help he needs. Mimi disagrees.

Belle’s loft: Belle has a back-flash to the marriage ceremony where the groom is kissing the bride and the father is announcing that they are man and wife. Then we see Shawn coming through the stain glass window. Back in the present, Belle says “you could have killed yourself, Shawn. Why did you have to risk your life like that?”

Hallway between lofts:
Shawn gets off the elevator and bangs on Belle’s door. Philip (shirtless wimp) answers the door and says sarcastically... “I don’t believe it. They actually let you out of jail?” Shawn says... “I didn’t come here to talk to you...where’s Belle?” Phil shoves him backwards and says it’s none of his business and to back off. Shawn asks him sarcastically if he is a big tough marine and starts yelling Belle’s name again. Philip closes the door and steps out into the hallway. He tells Shawn to get out and that she’s not going to see him. Shawn says that he’s not leaving until he sees her. Philip starts poking him and says he’s not going to see Belle...not now...and not ever.

Shawn/Rex’s loft:

Mimi tells Rex that Shawn doesn’t have a life without Belle. She’s not sure he’ll want to live at all now that he has lost the love of his life.

Belle’s loft:

Belle pulls out a framed picture of her and Shawn from her night table. She has a fantasy where he is kissing her hand (Shawn has shorter hair here). He tells her he wasn’t thinking straight and that all he knew was that he had to stop the wedding. Belle smiles and asks him if he can tell her why it was so important to stop her from marrying Philip...

Back in the present Belle says she thinks she knows why he did it and as much as a part of her wants to hear him say it, there is another part of her that is so afraid of hearing him say it. She says: “You have no idea how afraid.”

In the Hallway:

Shawn tells Philip that he can’t keep him from seeing Belle. Philip says that that is where he is wrong and that he has every right to keep Shawn from seeing her because he is her husband (puffed out chest...groan). Shawn says: “Oh right. I keep forgetting you are this big tough marine.” He takes a swing at Phil. Phil knocks him back against the door. Shawn ends up falling on the floor (really lame scene).

Rex and Mimi come running out and ask what is going on. Philip starts screaming at Shawn and saying... “This is the last time you will ever come near Belle! You understand me? You will never hurt her again! Stay away from my wife!” He goes back in the loft. Shawn looks determined.

Belle’s Loft:

Still holding the picture...more of the fantasy...

She asks Shawn if he can tell her why he came to the church tonight (touching his arm). Shawn tells her that everyone thinks it’s crazy but he had to keep her from marrying him. She asks him why again and he says that if he didn’t then she would be married and it would be too late. She asks, too late for what and he says that there are so many things they need to talk about before they can both move on.

Back in the present, Belle says it is too late and Philip is her husband now, so whatever Shawn has to say can’t make a difference now.

Downstairs, Philip locks the door and gets some wine glasses. He says he won’t let Shawn ruin their wedding night.


Rex tells Shawn he will help him up. Shawn heads back to Belle’s door. Mimi tells him to leave them alone before he really gets hurt. Shawn says that Philip is keeping Belle prisoner...lol... and starts banging on the door again and yelling Belle’s name. Rex tells him to give them their privacy. Mimi tells Rex that Shawn has to do what he is doing because that’s how much he loves Belle. Shawn is yelling... “Belle, I need to talk to you. Belle can you hear me?”

In Belle’s loft:

Philip is ignoring the shouting and grabs the glasses and champagne and turns on some music (very loud) to drown out the noise from outside. Shawn keeps banging on the door. Philip carries everything upstairs and catches Belle trying to come down. He stops her and asks where his “wife” is going. Belle tells him that she thought she heard someone calling her name and that it sounded like Shawn. She asks Philip if Shawn is here.

Philip gives her a strange look and says: “Belle, Shawn was handcuffed and taken off to jail. You know that.” Belle looks disappointed but agrees with him. She tells him the music is really loud and would he mind if she turned it down. Philip says no. He wants to make sure they can hear it upstairs. He walks to the bed and picks up her lace negligee and wrap and tells her he can’t wait to see “Mrs. Kiriakis” wear them. Belle tells him she will go and change. He tells her she loves him and they kiss. All she says is that she won’t be long.

In Shawn/Rex’s loft:

Mimi says she will get the ice. Shawn tells her he doesn’t want a damn drink. She tells him it’s for his damn jaw...lol... She gives it to him and says: “okay, don’t say thank you.” Shawn says okay he won’t. Rex asks Shawn how he got out of jail and Shawn tells him that his Uncle Mickey got him out on bail. Rex asks him about the charges and Shawn lists them. Rex tells him that it could mean a lot of jail time and Shawn says sarcastically: “No! Really?” Then he says that he has to talk to Belle. Mimi doesn’t think that’s a good idea but Shawn tells them that he doesn’t care what happens to him. Mimi says that she does and he should too. Rex says that Mimi is right and that they could add a charge of harassment if he tries to see Belle.
Belle’s loft:

The music is blaring now. Philip is lighting candles. He turns off the main light. Belle comes out and Phil says that he wishes there was a new word for “beautiful.” She tells him that beautiful is nice and it work’s. He kisses her hand and she asks him what happened to his knuckles. He says he scraped them and that it is no big deal. He tells her he loves her (she doesn’t tell him that). They kiss and toast each other.

Shawn/Rex’s Loft:

Mimi gives Shawn back his icepack. He thanks her. Rex asks him if he can hear the music. Shawn says that the whole town can hear it and so what. Rex says it’s Belle and Philip’s wedding night and Shawn has got to leave them alone. He tells Shawn not to be a fool and to accept it. Shawn and Mimi look at each other.

John’s Penthouse: Brady, Nicole, Kate, John

Brady is saying that his dad is a druggy. Nicole tries to soften the blow by saying its painkillers and that she hates to be right about this. Brady wants to call Abe and Lexie but Nicole says it’s a bad idea. Kate gets on her case and says that she doesn’t want John to get help.

Upstairs, John is looking at Marlena’s picture. He is sweating and looking in the mirror (looks in really bad shape). We see him flash back to giving himself injections at home, church, and the hospital. He tells Marlena’s picture that he knows how disappointed she would be in him but he did it for their little girl. We see another flashback to him walking Belle down the aisle and later dancing with her at the loft.

Downstairs, Kate is going on about how much pain John has suffered and that he is only using a small amount of drugs to ease the pain (she’s in major denial). Brady suggests an intervention and Kate says John will appreciate their help. Nicole looks at them as if they are crazy.

Upstairs, John is still holding Marlena’s picture. He says that he is in the worst pain he has ever been in and that he can’t face Brady, Nicole, and Kate feeling this way. He says this is what he has to do and then injects himself.

Downstairs, Nicole says she knows about addicts and that John will lie and try to guilt them. Brady and Kate are in la la land and don’t believe her. Brady calls John down. John limps down the stairs and ridicules their suggestion that he is on drugs. He calls Nicole a tramp and a bitch.


John is screaming at Brady, Nicole and Kate and telling them to get the hell out.

Jan is eavesdropping as Shawn says to Mimi: “If she wanted to call off the wedding to Philip, it means that she’s still in love with me.”

Patrick tells an upset Hope that Bo went on his trip with Billie because he wanted to and that she should be mad at him.

Bo is telling a smirking Billie that she is the most stubborn...irrational...


Wednesday Jan 12

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be very quick because I’m not feeling very well. I actually had to go to sleep after work. It’s almost 7pm and I’ve just finished watching the show.

Patrick is massaging Jen’s back when the doorbell rings. Patrick says he better put a shirt on – he doesn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression. It’s Hope. She tells Jen that she was right, Bo called and he’s in Europe with Billie. He promised to come home tonight but she thinks it’s too late. Once again he wasn’t there for Shawn and she wonders why he always puts Billie and Georgia first. Now it’s Jen’s turn to spout the theory that Billie knew exactly what she was doing when she came to the house with Patrick. Jen does say that she’s sure Bo didn’t really want to go. Hope tells her that Bo told her he went to the airport to stop her but once again he ended up going with her. Jen puts the blame on Billie. When Patrick enters Hope asks him if he knew that Billie was going to Europe that night. He says no. When he hears the story he defends Billie convinced that her only motivation is finding her daughter not getting Billie back. He says to Hope you know Bo – he wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want to do. Billie didn’t force him to go. Hope says he promised he wouldn’t go and he did – now he promised he’s coming home tonight – I hope he means it.

In Europe the woman from the hotel is constantly on the phone with Bart filling him in on Billie’s and Bo’s plans. Kind of reinforces my belief that there is no Georgia – this is all just part of Tony’s ‘master plan.’ Bo catches Billie outside and they argue. He tells her what happened at home and that the jet is being refuelled and will be ready to take off within the hour. He says they have to go home because their families need them. She’s not concerned because Phil is okay but she understands that he has to go. More arguing – he’s concerned because she won’t even consider the possibility that this is all a set up. She brags about being a trained ISA agent yada yada yada. She tells him he can’t force her to go. He says to himself that he hopes that Hope will understand. He tells Billie that one or two hours won’t make a difference – he’s going with her. Bart calls Tony and says that Billie and Bo won’t know what hit them.

Drake gave an excellent performance today as a strung out addict. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. He denies. They confront. He calls Nicole a slut and Kate a whore. He really blasts Brady for listening to Nicole. Then he tells them he had the vial and syringe because he’s doing a covert undercover investigation on drug thefts from the hospital for Lexie and Abe. At first it sounds like Brady might believe him but neither he nor Kate do and this is when John gets really nasty. He tries to kick them all out but when they won’t leave he walks out on them and goes upstairs. He pulls out the vial and needle and sets it on the dresser and then he sits on the bed telling himself he’s not an addict – he’s just in a lot of pain. After a bit he needs the drugs.

Mr and Mrs Kiriakis enjoy (and I do mean enjoy) their wedding night. Phil disconnects the doorbell and turns the music up really loud to drown out the sounds of Shawn pounding on the door. Belle thought she heard Shawn’s voice but Phil reminds her that he was taken to jail in handcuffs. After she changes into her negligee they drink some champagne and then hit the sheets. They make love a few times. Belle tells Phil after the first time that he is incredible and that this is so right - things turned out exactly the way they meant to. He asked her if she was having doubts before the wedding – she lies (I have a feeling she’ll continue to do a lot of that) and tells him it was just pre-wedding jitter – they go at it again. Phil is sleeping - Belle hears something downstairs and slides out of bed.

Mimi and Shawn are sitting on the couch talking. Mimi tells him that she was the one that told Belle to call him and talk to him before she married Phil. Shawn wants to know if she told Mimi that she still loved him. Jan is at the door and comes in and interrupts them. Rex wants to talk to Shawn alone – Rex tells him that Phil and Belle are married – they are in a committed relationship and he just has to respect that and move on with his life. Jan threatens Mimi – Mimi sits and takes it. They all hear the sounds of Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis’ mutual orgasm through the vent. Shawn goes pounding on the door. Rex argues with him as Jan and Mimi go it. Mimi tells Jan that she ruined Shawn’s life – he loves Belle. She says he loves me. When Mimi insists that she is wrong and says just look at him – Jan says half under her breath that maybe there’s a pill for that. Mimi realises she drugged Shawn and that’s why he went crazy. Shawn tells Mimi she has to help him – he wants the spare key to Belle’s loft. She says she can’t let him go barging in there. He tells her that she better get Belle to meet him up on the roof in fifteen minutes or he will break in. She says okay but he can’t let Jan or Rex know. He tells her he’ll use the fire escape. He tells Jan he has a headache and he’s going to bed – Rex is happy about that and goes to change. Jan is getting some ice so she has the freezer door open and doesn’t see Mimi slip out. Belle is glowing and telling Mimi how incredible the sex was and how she knows she did the right thing. Mimi says Shawn wants to see her. She doesn’t want to see him because he could have killed her when he was strung out on drugs and booze and that Phil would go ballistic if she did that. Mimi says he knows that you wanted to talk to him before the ceremony – he’s very confused. When Belle is still reluctant Mimi asks her if she is afraid of hearing what Shawn has to say. Mimi goes back inside and tries to prevent Jan from going into the bedroom so both Jan and Rex want to know what is going on. Mrs. Kiriakis goes on the roof wearing her bridal negligee – disgusting…couldn’t she put a coat or something on? Sigh…I hated seeing Shawn debase himself by pounding on Belle’s door after hearing the sounds of her and Phil making love.

Spoilers: Patrick to Hope “It was Bo’s choice to go. He’s with Billie because he wants to be.” John to Brady “If you want to know why I’m taking these pain meds just ask Kate.” Jan to Mimi “If you thought you lost something precious when you lost your baby just wait until Rex finds out about the abortion.” Rex “What’s this about an abortion?” Shawn to Belle “Just tell me before you go – do you still love me?”


Thursday Jan 13

Pat’s Spoilers

Because of the party tonight Janice and I splitting up the spoiler report. She’s agreed to do a write up about the Shawn and Mrs. Kiriakis rooftop scenes – and I’ll do the rest. (LOL! – I just got Janice’s report and she covered everything included the rooftop scenes). All I have to say about them is that Jason just blew me away with his acting today. He couldn’t have played it better. Too bad this conversation couldn’t have taken place months ago…oh say after he crashed his bike. I also hate that Mrs. Kiriakis blamed him for everything that happened in the past nine months and he sat back and took it. Jason’s strong performance almost takes away my anger at what is being done to his character.

Another great performance by Kristian as well. Patrick is staunch in his defence of Billie and won’t back down. He angers both Hope and Jennifer. They tell him that he doesn’t know Billie like they do. Patrick says you painted a picture of Billie on the island and when I met her she was nothing like what you had made her out to be. He says you can’t blame Billie for Bo going with her. The responsibility is Bo’s – he went because he wanted to. Jen asks him how he could upset Hope like this. He claims he’s trying to help. He firmly believes that Billie’s mind is not on Bo but on their daughter. Hope says that may be the case but in the back of Billie’s mind she has to be thinking that if they find Georgia it will bring the two of them closer. Billie would do anything to get Bo back. Hope tells him that when Georgia was stillborn she didn’t tell Bo – she waited to blame a miscarriage on Hope. He asks Hope if she trusts Bo. If she trusts him she has nothing to worry about – if she doesn’t trust him then she can’t blame Billie. He also says to Hope if it was her daughter she would do the same. She says she would never take off without a plan and without backup.

She has a flashback to a conversation about Billie with Bo that they had on the pier. She talks about how much he was in love with her and that when she came back as Gina that only Gran knew and accepted her as Hope. He couldn’t because he didn’t want to face the possibility of anyone coming between him and Billie. Then she proved she was Hope and he was forced to choose. Bo tells her that there never was a choice- she was the one for him. Hope thanks Patrick for giving her a different perspective. She knows that Bo would take off like that after Billie if he thought she was in danger. She’ll have it out with him when he gets home tonight. She tells Jen that she will call when she gets home. She goes to the pier and flashes back to the rest of the conversation that her and Bo had about Billie. The bottom line is that even though Bo chose her he did love Billie with all his heart. Jen is angry at Patrick and confronts him about making Hope feel worse. He says he wasn’t going to agree with them just for agreements sake. She says so you’ve fallen under Billie’s spell as well. He says he’s never fallen under a woman’s spell and never will.

I’m not going into much detail about the Rex, Mimi and Jan scenes. I just want Jan gone. Mimi is making me so angry and Rex was just being…oh I don’t know … but he bugged me as well…LOL! Although Mimi tries to stop Jan from going into Shawn’s room Jan is hell bent on going to see her fiancée. Rex thinks they should check up on Shawn as well. He might be drinking and sneak onto the fire escape and break into Phil and Belle’s apartment. Mimi says he wouldn’t do that. Rex doesn’t agree with her – he sides with Jan. Jan is about to go in the room and Mimi says you don’t know Shawn very well – if you go in there he’ll break up with you. Jan says she knows every inch of Shawn – Mimi says I’m talking about his brain. He wants to be alone. He doesn’t want to talk to you, to us or to his mother. Rex wants to know why Belle phoned Shawn – so does Jan. Mimi says she doesn’t know. Rex goes to change.

Rex goes to change and Jan confronts Mimi telling her that she overheard her telling Shawn that she was the one that convinced Belle to call. She asks Mimi when she is going to give up Belle and Shawn. Mimi says never. Jan brings up her same old threat and asks Mimi what she’s going to do about. Is she going to tell everyone about the cage – taunting her that no one would believe her. That’s what really bugs me – why does Mimi think for a second that everyone would believe Jan over her. I’m so sick of Mimi allowing Jan to walk all over her – she could have told Belle about the blackmail the day Jan started it – but noooo… Rex hears them talking about an abortion and wants to know what they’re talking about. Jan tells the whole story but claims it’s about a mutual friend of hers and Mimi’s. Of course Rex says that he could understand why the guy would break up with their friend – that should have been a mutual decision between two adults who loved and trusted one another. Mimi is in tears and Rex is trying to figure out why. Jan gloats and says it’s such a sad story. Rex tells Mimi that it would never happen between them.

John now has the needle and drugs on top of Marlena’s picture. Nicole does not agree with Kate’s suggestion that they bring Lexie in to recommend someone that could talk to John and get through to him. She tells them there is no time and bringing Lexie in would make John’s addiction public. They can’t stop an intervention in the middle – they need to continue with it. Brady says his father won’t come down. Nicole says no, we have to go to him. Brady knocks on the locked door and John tells him to go away. He takes the syringe and says I just need something to help me get through the night. Nicole says we have to get to him – she can tell by the rage in his voice he hasn’t taken the drugs yet. Brady asks his father to let him in and when he won’t he kicks the door down and they enter. John has the needle plunged into his thigh. Brady says you can’t deny it now can you. John says no I guess not.

Brady wants to know what he is taking. He says they are pain meds prescribed by a doctor. Brady asks if Lexie knows about them. John says Lexie was too conservative so he had to get another opinion. Brady says she didn’t prescribe them because she knows how addictive they are. Brady wants the name of the doctor but John won’t give it to him. Nicole says you stole the drugs from the hospital. John says do you really think Lexie would ask me to investigate the drug thefts if she thought I was a junkie. Brady wants to know why he was taking them. John says Kate knows – but Kate is confused and doesn’t know what he is talking about. John says it was because of Belle. Brady is horrified that John is pinning his addiction on Belle. Nicole says that is what addicts do – they blame everyone except themselves. John gives the sad story about Belle losing her mother and how tough that was on her and then he makes a smart remark about how the break up with her boyfriend must have been hard on her so he had to be there. He had six weeks to tough it through rehab but then Kate when and threw this wedding together. Brady says and you wanted to walk her down the aisle. John says he couldn’t let her down. He only took them for that reason – just for the wedding. Nicole says is that why you had a needle plunged in your leg just now – the weddings over. He says because of everything that happened he overdid it and he’s in pain. He tells Brady and Kate that he won’t take it anymore. He apologises to Kate. Brady and Kate believe them – Nicole can’t believe they’re buying it. John hugs Kate and gets a huge grin on his face for pulling one over on them. I really liked Nicole in the these scenes. She was the only one that knew exactly how John was playing them.

Preview: Shawn to Mrs. Kiriakis “I never returned your ring. You have to believe me, Belle. I would never have her do that.” John to Nicole “I would do anything for my family.” Nicole’s response “Even lie to them.” Julie to Hope “What did she do to trick your husband into going with her this time?’ Hope “Billie didn’t trick him. He went because he wanted to.” Billie and Bo and two strangers – Billie yelling “I’m Georgia’s mother and this is her father and we want to see our daughter.”

Janice’s Spoilers

Jennifer’s House: Jennifer, Hope, Patrick

Jennifer tries to convince Hope that Bo is coming home. They both get mad when Patrick defends Billie and tell him some of the terrible things Billie has done. Hope threatens to kill Billie if anything happens to Bo. When she tells Patrick and Jennifer that she can’t understand how Billie lured Bo to go with her, Patrick tells her that it was Bo’s choice and he went because he wanted to. Hope retaliates and says that Bo thought Billie was in danger and that’s why he went. We see a flashback of Bo and Hope on the pier, talking about Billie. Patrick apologizes and Hope goes home to wait for Bo.

Jen gets upset with Patrick for siding with Billie, but he tells her that he doesn’t think Billie is after Bo. Jen thinks that Patrick has fallen under Billie’s spell. Hope ends up at the dock and has more of the same flashback with Bo. She is asking him if he still loves Billie. He counters and tells Hope that he loves her, etc… Hope continues to sit there but she feels very lonely.

Shawn/Rex’s Loft: Mimi, Rex, Jan

Mimi and Jan are fighting. She tries to keep Jan from going into Shawn’s room to check on him. Mimi has a flashback to Shawn telling her to get Belle to come up to the roof and then her telling Belle that Shawn is waiting for her. Jan gets mad and tells her that the last time she checked Shawn was HER fiancé and not Mimi’s. Mimi responds by saying she guarantees that if Jan goes in there that Shawn will break up with her. Jan gives her a suspicious look.

Jan wants to know why she can’t see her lover. Mimi suggests that she doesn’t know Shawn very well and Jan tells her that she knows every last inch of him. Rex is worried about Shawn. Jan tells them that Shawn was drinking before he left for the church. Mimi asks sarcastically who was responsible and Jan admits that they had a few drinks but that wasn’t why he went to the church. Jan has a flashback of the phone call Belle made to Shawn before the wedding.

Rex is wondering why she made the call and Jan thinks it’s because of Mimi. Mimi has a flashback to begging Belle to call Shawn at the church. She says it isn’t her fault and that Belle must have had a reason but Jan doesn’t believe her. Rex goes to change and Jan starts in on Mimi, slapping her and calling her a lying bitch. She tells Mimi that she overheard her conversation with Shawn. She wants Mimi to stop what she is doing because Shawn and Belle will never get back together. She taunts Mimi about going to Shawn and telling him about the cage. Again with the abortion threat…lol…except this time Rex hears the tail end of the threat and wants to know what it is about. Jan makes up a story about her friend who had an abortion but kept the info from her boyfriend. Mimi is upset and both Rex and Jan agree that it’s a sad story. Rex also says that it would be unforgivable and that would never happen to him and Mimi.

The Roof: Shawn, Belle

Shawn turns as the door opens. Belle, still in negligee and wrap, says: “Mimi said you wanted to see me.” Shawn thanks her for coming and asks if she’s okay. Belle says she is but she shouldn’t have come. She turns away but Shawn stops her: “No! Wait! We have to talk...about us.” Belle says they haven’t got anything to talk about because she is married to marine boy now. He asks her why she came up to the roof and Belle says it was to tell him that he ruined what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Shawn says the happiest day of her life was supposed to be when she married HIM. Belle tells him that she loves Phil now. Shawn looks skeptical. He says: “You can’t.” She says she does and that he’s her husband.

Shawn tells Belle that it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Belle replies that she doesn’t recognize him anymore and that she can’t believe that he almost killed himself and her tonight. He tells her he never meant to hurt her and she says that he did and has been hurting her for the last nine months. He yells that he’s sorry and wishes he could take it all back but he can’t.

Belle says that she accepts his apology and he asks her if she forgives him. She says she can’t forgive him for the things he has said and done. He tells her he understands and takes off his jacket. Belle says she has to leave. She doesn’t want marine boy to wake up and find her gone. Shawn tells her she never answered his question. He covers her shoulders with his jacket and holds it there with his hands.

Belle says they shouldn’t be having this conversation and gives the coat back to him. Shawn asks Belle about her phone call. He tells her that the invitation at Alice’s triggered his memory. He tells her that he crashed his bike into the church because of her call and that she must have had doubts. He tells her that the doors were locked and guarded. He is hoping that together they could figure out what went wrong. Belle gets angry and says that the reason they broke up was because he abandoned her. He says he would never abandon her and doesn’t remember it happening. Shawn tells Belle that he still loves her. Shawn tells her that he doesn’t understand what happened to him and that he wants to change but needs Belle’s help. Belle tells him that it’s too late…she is married to idiot boy and that her calling Shawn was a mistake. When she starts to leave, Shawn asks her if she still loves him.

The Penthouse: John, Brady, Nicole, Kate

We get more flashbacks of John yelling at Kate and telling them to go to hell. Brady tells her he is sorry for the way his father behaved. Kate still thinks Lexie could help by suggesting a counselor. Nicole says they can’t wait and that calling Lexie would make it public. John is upstairs in pain and shaking. He is thinking about taking more drugs to get him through the night. Brady is hammering on the door with Nicole and Kate beside him. He wants to help his father. Brady kicks the door open and they see John with the hypodermic needle in his leg. Brady is shocked and asks him what the hell he has done. John lies about what he is taking and says it’s a prescription for ISA that some doctor gave him because Lexie wouldn’t. When Nicole points the finger at him for stealing the drugs from the hospital, he lies again and denies it. We see another flashback. Nicole doesn’t believe him.

John says he did it for Belle, because she lost her mother and Shawn. He mentions his promise to Belle about walking her down the aisle. He says its Kate’s fault for putting the wedding together so quickly that he didn’t have time for rehabilitation and goes on about how Lexie refused to help him. Nicole tells John that the wedding is over. She asks him why he is still taking drugs. John says that he pushed himself too hard, but swears he is finished. He thanks them for caring and apologizes for yelling at them. John swears he is not addicted. He apologizes to Kate and she accepts. John and Kate hug and Nicole stands by in disbelief.

On the roof: Shawn tells Belle: I never returned your ring…you have to believe me…I would never have had her do that…

At Penthouse: John tells Nicole that he would do anything for his family. Nicole asks if he would even lie to them.

At Brady house: Julie asks Hope What Billie did to trick Hope’s husband into going away with her this time. Hope tells her that Billie didn’t trick him and that he went because he wanted to…

Billie tells couple that she is Georgia’s mother…this is her father and we want to see our daughter…


Friday, Jan 14

Pat’s Spoilers

This has to be a very quick report. It’s almost 6:30 – I just basically finished watching the show so I don’t have a lot of time. I loved Nicole again today. Also Jason did very well again – it’s such a pleasure to watch an actor that knows his character. Every word, every nuance, every action, every inflection of his voice, every facial expression – he played the Shawn we all know to perfection.

The Julie/Hope scenes kind of took me by surprise. I just didn’t expect Hope to start doubting that Bo made the right choice when he chose her over Billie all those years ago. Julie is in the living room and sees a western themed jack in the box – she winds it up and is not happy when Bonnie’s likeness pops out. She twists the head off. Hope comes home and Julie can see how upset she is. She asks if Shawn is in more trouble. Hope tells her no it’s Bo – you were right. He went with Billie to Europe. Julie is angry and blames it all on Billie. Hope says Billie isn’t to blame, Bo went because he chose to be with her. Julie gets even more upset when Hope says that Patrick Lockhart helped her to see that. Julie starts ranting about the spawn of Bonnie Lockhart and talks about all the married couples having to protect themselves from the likes of Bonnie and Billie. Julie feels that Billie comes running to Bo over every little thing. Hope says their daughter isn’t a little thing. She believes that the only thing on Billie’s mind is finding her daughter – not seducing her husband. Julie says Billie is a trained ISA agent – she can look after herself – she doesn’t need Bo. Hope says Bo is the typical protector – he went to protect Billie. She says he might have picked me to spend the rest of his life with but he never stopped loving Billie. She wonders if he doesn’t feel responsible for abandoning Billie all those years ago. Julie is shocked that Hope could possibly think that Bo made a mistake picking her, his wife, over Billie. Hope feels better when she tells Julie that he’s on his way home right now. Julie says that proves he loves you more.

Okay…let me see…Billie is ISA – Bo’s a police commander and neither of them noticed that the ‘woman’ answering the door was a man? Good lord…ridiculous! Bo tells Billie that she has to keep her emotions in check. They knock on the door. The ‘woman’ that answers (jesus, I’m still laughing at that) lets them in after they tell her they’re from the US government and they’re there to interview their American born daughter about her dual citizenship. They go inside and Billie sees a portrait of their fifteen year old daughter Georgia and says is that our girl. Bo nudges her and then says it’s just an idiom. Georgia is out so they agree to have tea. The adoptive ‘parents’ tell Bo and Billie that Georgia was the child’s name on her birth certificate and that they like it. They talk about how Georgia’s mother was a drug addict and prostitute. They keep making smart remarks, playing Billie and she falls for it. She says she’s not a junkie anymore and she was conceived out of love. I’m her mother and this is her father and we want to see our daughter. The ‘woman’ pulls a gun on them and takes his wig off. He tells them that they’ve been watching them for quite some time. The two men tie Bo and Billie up in two chairs. She wants to know if that is Georgia. The guy says you’ll never see her again where you’re going. Bo asks if it the DiMera’s behind this but doesn’t get an answer.

John continues to snow Brady and Kate but not Nicole. I really liked Nicole today. Brady says he’s going to leave, Kate says she’s going to get some more things from her suite and Nicole says you’re not buying this. He’s addicted. Drake was excellent and I really liked the conversation between John and Nicole. He knows that she knows but he also knows he can convince Brady and Kate. Brady finally starts listening to Nicole and asks his father for the name of the doctor that prescribed the drugs. Brady calls him and is satisfied that his father is telling the truth. He tells Nicole the doctor was reluctant to prescribe them and only did because of the circumstances and there would be no refills. John is getting more and more on edge. Nicole can’t believe they’re falling for everything – she tells Brady John probably has something on the doctor. Brady refuses to believe his father would lie or do drugs. Nicole has no choice but to leave with Brady. She tries to convince him to go back before it’s too late but she is not successful. As soon as they leave John opens a drawer and pulls out a little wooden box that has more drugs. Kate comes back into the bedroom saying she forgot her keys and John is not in the room. She sees the vial and the syringe on the nightstand and says Nicole was right. John comes out of the shower in his robe and looks from Kate to his drugs.

I’m not going to say much about the Shawn and Mrs. Kiriakis scenes. The things she says to him, her condescending, accusatory tone and her entire demeanour rubbed me the wrong way. Although at the end – her very final scene with him – that was almost the Belle I used to know. Either they are setting up Belle for a major fall or they’re rewriting history because no matter how many times Shawn kept saying he didn’t know why he ended up with Jan, or why he didn’t come out and talk to her when she was at Jan’s house – he told her he didn’t even remember hooking up with Jan or getting engaged – he didn’t know why he chose Jan over her – Mrs. Kiriakis made it all about her. She cut him no slack at all. I always believed that Belle knew Shawn but when he found out that Jan gave Belle the purity rings and broke up with her for him and he told her he would never do that – that she knew him – that wasn’t him – she just threw it back in his face that she thought she knew him. The arrogance of her to say that the only reason he hooked up with Jan was to hurt her just boggles my mind. (I think that was a carry over from yesterday).

He wants her to answer his question – does she still love him. She says no. The only man she loves is her husband Philip. He doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t care. She talks about how much more of a man Phil is than he could ever be. He says you never gave me the chance. She tells him she’s not talking about making love. She’s talking about how he was there for me, supporting me, comforting me – he was the man that you couldn’t be. She complains about how she was feeling when she thought her mother was the serial killer – he reminds her she lied. She feels bad about that but no one really died. He says he didn’t know that. She says do you know what it’s like to have your mother accused of killing all those people. He says and most of those people were my family. Now this is the part that really made me see red – she says and I was there to comfort you (excuse me…Shawn never had a chance to grieve – he was forever having to comfort her) and when I thought my mother was killed in jail you didn’t even call. She tells me how she cried herself to sleep worrying about him.

There was a lot of accusing by Mrs. Kiriakis and a lot of Shawn taking it all and just listening – he couldn’t answer a lot because he can’t remember. The worse parts of all is when she throws it in his face that Philip is more of a man than he could ever be. He wants her help – he wants her to help him find out what happened to him this summer. He is practically begging her – saying she is the only one he can turn to. She snaps at him to turn to Jan – she’s going back downstairs to get back into the bed she shares with her husband. She leaves and yells Belle I need you and he throws his jacket down on to the rooftop. She stops but continues walking away. He calls her name again and he says what am I going to do. She won’t help me. I’ll never find out what happened. He turns when he hears her come back. He tells her she was right he doesn’t have the right to ask her but he needs her. She says after everything you did to me I can’t believe I’m saying this but yes I’ll help you.

Preview: Mrs. Kiriakis to Shawn “Nothing would have happened. I would still have married Philip.” Shawn – “I don’t believe you.” Kate to John “Let me throw them away and then I’ll know you’re not dependent on them” (She’s holding up the vials and syringe). Billie to Bo (as they struggle against the ropes) “You want to critique my job performance – fine, but do it later. Right now we have to concentrate on finding Georgia and getting the hell out of here.” Jen to Hope “Are you sure you know what you’re getting in to?” Hope - “He’s in danger. I can feel it. I’m the only one that can help him.”


Monday, Jan 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Hmm…Chelsea must be the next generation eavesdropper…she creeps down the stairs to listen to Jen and Patrick’s conversation. Patrick wants to make things right with Jen. She tells him that he made a bad situation worse. He sticks with his convictions and says that Bo went of his own free will – it’s not like Billie held a gun to his back. Hope is approaching Jen’s house and she senses that Bo is in trouble. She says if anything happens to Bo there will only be one person to blame. Inside Patrick insists that he was trying to make Hope feel better – trying to make her see that Billie is focused only on finding her daughter. Jen reminds him that he doesn’t know Billie like they do. He wonders if they’re worried that Billie is going to work her feminine wiles on Bo. Jen says like she worked them on you. He says I’m in no position to get involved with anyone. Jen asks him why but the doorbell rings…Chelsea heads upstairs. Hope tells Jen that Bo is not coming back to her. Chelsea creeps back down to listen to more. Hope mentions her and Bo’s connection and she knows he is in danger. She needs a favour from Jen – she wants her to look after Zach until she gets back. Jen asks where she is going. Hope says she is going to Europe to find her husband. Jen says it good be dangerous so Patrick says he is going with her. Hope doesn’t put up much of an argument and he goes to pack. He comes back and they say their goodbyes. Jen sees Chelsea at the top of the stairs. She tells Jen she has insomnia and she was coming down to get something to drink. Chelsea says she overheard some of the conversation and she didn’t want to interrupt. She then asks Jen if Hope has a thing for Patrick. Jen is taken aback and says no one is more in love than Bo and Hope – Hope would never look at another man. Jen wants to know why she would even ask. Chelsea makes up a story about how nice it is to hear about a couple that makes it when there are so many stories about couples divorcing. To herself she thinks – the last thing I need is more competition for Patick.

Bo and Billie are still confrontational with their captors but it doesn’t get them anywhere. They tell Billie that Georgia is alive but she will never see her. As soon as they leave Bo starts in on Billie. She doesn’t want to hear the ‘I told you so’s’ they have more important things to do. Bo tries to tell her that Georgia isn’t there but Billie says she can feel that she was. Bo says she might have been but she isn’t any longer. He tells her they have to get out of there because when those guys come back they are going to kill them. Billie says we have to get free and make them tell us where Georgia is. Bo says they’re in a tight bind in more ways then one. The guys took their wallets and cell phones. He also says that Hope is going to go ballistic when she finds out that he is not on a plane on his way home. Billie smiles when he says that…that really irked me! She then laughs and he asks her what is so funny. She says we’ve been tied up by two DiMera’s goons and you’re worried about Hope being angry. Bo says facing Hope’s anger is worse. He says if he knows Hope she is going to do something impulsive like come after him. Billie asks him if she would really do that. He says definitely – she’s probably on a plane now. Billie says if we can’t get out of this mess by ourselves that would be a good thing.

Lauren Koslow did a great job today. This is the Kate that I used to admire. She accuses John of lying. He gives the same lie about the doctor prescribing the medication so he could walk his biological daughter (don’t have a clue why he really stressed the word biological) down the aisle. Kate is holding two vials and calls him on his lie. He lies again saying they are part of the investigation he is doing for Lexie. She really yells at him and he yells back. She says what’s even worse than lying to me and Brady is that you are lying to yourself. He then orders her out of ‘Marlena’s’ bedroom. She asks him what Marlena would say if he lied about taking the drugs. He insists he’s not addicted. She says there’s one way to prove it – she asks if she can throw the drugs away – that way she will know he’s not dependent on them. He tells her go ahead. She throws them away. The camera eye in the clock activates as they talk about the wedding and thankfully no one was really hurt by Shawn’s stupid stunt. John wishes Marlena could have been there and Kate says and Roman too. John says I couldn’t have made it through the day without you. They hug and the camera shuts off. He tells her it’s been a long day and he needs to crash. She says she is tired as well. On her way out she picks on the syringe and vials from the garbage can. He asks her what she is doing. She says she is going to take them and throw them into the trash downstairs. He says she can leave them. She says you don’t want the maid to see them. He tells her to give him the drugs – he’s going to take them tonight for the pain…she refuses. He yells at her and they struggle for them. He knocks her to the floor.

It was great to see Marlena on screen again today. Deidre gave an awesome performance. She wonders why they aren’t seeing any more video feed. She is so worried that everyone was killed. Roman tries to calm her down telling her he is sure that everyone is alright. Marlena still can’t believe that Belle married Philip when she has loved Shawn for years. Roman says she obviously doesn’t love him any longer – he’s wondering why Shawn would do something so foolish. Marlena tells him that people in love do foolish things. She talks about how some couples are meant to be together and that Shawn and Belle are meant to be just like Bo and Hope and her and John. She then starts worrying about what is happening back home. She worries that they may never get free and no one will ever look for them because Tony has everyone in Salem convinced that they are dead. They’ve been prisoners for months. Roman says he prefers to look at it as they have survived for months. The video feed comes back on and they see the one close moment between John and Kate. Marlena is overjoyed to learn that everyone is fine but she is concerned about how pale John looked. She is upset when she starts thinking how everything is changing because they are not at home. They kiss and then she cries on his shoulder.

Mimi is out in the hallway pacing – she is worried that Jan will discover Shawn is not in his room and that Rex will find out she arranged for Belle and Shawn to meet. She’s also worried that if Belle doesn’t get back soon Phil will wake up and discover she is missing. (Phil is rolling around in bed dreaming of the exchange of vows). Sami shows up and is about to knock on Belle’s door – Mimi asks her what she thinks she is doing. Sami says she had a long talk with Lucas and she wants to come and apologise to her sister. Mimi says on her wedding night. Sami says it is her wedding night so she won’t be sleeping. They start talking about Shawn – Sami calls him her sister’s psycho ex-boyfriend and Mimi starts defending him. Sami is taken aback when Mimi says that Shawn only did that because he loves her and wanted to stop the wedding. Mimi says that Shawn and Belle are in love and belong together. Sami says you’re supposed to be her best friend – are you telling me that you are going to help break up my sister’s marriage. Phil comes out and asks what all the noise is and why is Sami there. She tells him she brought their wedding gift and she wants to apologise to Belle. He tells her that Belle is not there and he asks Mimi where she is. Mimi tries to play innocent and says she probably went out to get something. Sami says on her wedding night. Mimi says she doesn’t know…maybe she needed some air – it’s been a stressful day. Sami says if that was case she would be on the balcony – or the roof – that was her and Shawn’s special place. Phil asks Mimi if they are on the roof and he sees the answer in her eyes. He says he’s going to put an end to this tonight. Mimi is furious at Sami.

I have decided not to write up anything on the Shawn/Mrs. Kiriakis scenes. I’m doing this for two reasons. One – because for the most part I personally found the scenes to be incredibly boring and for the second part – there are scenes in there that I think each individual watching should judge for themselves – some will like them – some won’t. I have my opinion which I will keep to myself. I don’t want what I have to say to in any way shape or form influence your gut reaction when you see the scenes. One thing that makes me extremely angry is that as much as I absolutely hate it – Phil is the wronged party. Doesn’t matter how wrong he was to pursue Belle when Shawn left – nothing changes the fact that Belle married him of her own free will and that they are now husband and wife.

Preview: Nicole (in tears) telling Brady that she has tried to show him how much she cares and how she’s changed but it will never be enough. He’ll never love her like he loves Chloe. (Chloe hears all this and she is crying as well). Sami asks Mimi what is going on between her and psycho Jan. Mimi says nothing and for once in your life mind your own damn business. Shawn asking Mrs. Kiriakis if he would have got there in time would she have called it off – Phil waits for the answer.


Tuesday Jan 18

Pat’s Spoilers

The opening segments had replays of the John/Kate struggle and the Mrs. Kiriakis/Shawn scenes. I feel a lot better with this version of events. Shawn is persistent but not forceful. They are kissing and Mrs. Kiriakis breaks the kiss and says she can’t do this – she’s married and walks away. Shawn follows her – he says no, you felt something – you can’t deny it and he kisses her again. She didn’t say no in this new segment and she didn’t try and pull away at all. Too bad I don’t see any passion between those two at all. Mrs. Kiriakis cries foul again saying they shouldn’t be doing this – she’s Phil’s wife. Phil charges through the door. Mrs. Kiriakis calls her husband’s name and Phil yells at Shawn that he is going to kill him and the fight is on.

Mrs. Kiriakis keeps screaming for them to stop – Shawn ends up on the ground and Phil is yelling at him to get up – Shawn does and throws a chair at him and Phil charges him. When he throws Shawn down again Mrs. Kiriakis steps in front of her husband and tells him to stop. Shawn gets up and yells at Phil to come on. Phil is screaming is this what you wanted – look how upset she is. Shawn says it’s all you. Phil turns to his wife and asks her if she’s alright but he doesn’t let her answer. He screams at Shawn that if his wife wasn’t there he’d throw him off the roof. He then tells her that this is what they are going to do – they are going to let the cops take care of this. She tries to tell him that he was just wanted to talk. He wanted to apologise for ruining their wedding. Phil wants to know why she is defending him – he saw Shawn kissing her – he was forcing her – he heard her say stop. She says he just got carried away. Phil wants the scumbag out of their lives. He tells Shawn that when the cops find up that he came after them again tonight he’ll be locked up for a long time and there won’t be any bail. He tells Shawn that he and his wife are going to start their lives together. He wants to go call the cops and she says no you can’t do that. Shawn is just standing there glaring at Phil.

Phil asks her again why she is protecting him. He asks her if she doesn’t want him to leave them alone – to stop interfering in their lives. That’s not going to happen until he’s locked up. The guy just doesn’t get it. It’s over for the two of you. You and I are married. Shawn says Hey Phil – are you sure she’s not having second thoughts. Phil charges – Rex runs in and breaks it up. He tells Phil to calm down he’ll take care it. Phil says no – he wants to finish it. Rex says not tonight – don’t do something you’ll regret. Rex tells Shawn that he needs to go – he caused enough trouble. Shawn tells Rex to shut the hell up. He’s not going anywhere until he gets some answers. Rex asks him answers to what. Shawn says that Belle called him before the wedding – he wants to know why. He asks her if he would have got there on time would she have called it off. Shawn steps toward her and asks her to tell him the truth – to tell both him and Phil the truth (yeah, right – like that’s going to happen). If I had gotten to you before the wedding would you have called it off? Phil attacks – and all the rest show up on the roof. Shawn is yelling – answer the question – can you handle the truth – Phil is screaming I’m going to kill him and Mrs. Kiriakis is standing there … well, no comment. Rex, Mimi, Jan are all in the mix. Mrs. Kiriakis is furious with Mimi – she wants to know how this happened – how did Phil find out that they were up there – did she tell him. Mimi yells no of course not. Mrs. Kiriakis wants to know how he found out – Sami comes running up and sees what her sister is wearing and gives her coat. Mimi says I’ll give you one guess who told. Mrs. Kiriakis lashes out at Sami saying how could you do this to me. (Can you see me rolling my eyes)?

Phil comes to his wife and says we’re leaving. Shawn says no don’t go. Mrs. Kiriakis looks at him and says we have nothing left to say – goodbye Shawn and then she just throws Sami her jacket as if both the jacket and her sister are a sack of garbage and stomps off. Jan says to Shawn let’s just go back to your place – Shawn walks away and says just leave me alone. Jan wants to follow him but Rex says it’s not a good idea. Jan is worried they’ll start fighting again. Rex says he’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. Shawn and Rex come out of the stairwell and Shawn is telling Rex to leave him the hell alone. Rex says he will when he leaves Belle and Philip alone. They are married now and he has to accept that. Belle has made her choice. Shawn says yeah and she also made a big mistake. She doesn’t love him because she’s still in love with me. Sooner or later she is going to have to admit that she married the wrong guy – Phil and his wife overhear this.

It’s very late so I’m just going to do a quick run down of the rest of the show. For the most part I enjoyed today’s show. JC played his scenes to perfection – the emotions weren’t over the top – he was understated when he needed to be and loud and angry when he needed to be. I also enjoyed seeing Nancy again. Kate was the Kate I used to like. I enjoyed seeing Nadia again.

Sami asks Mimi if she is trying to ruin her sister’s marriage. Mimi tells her to keep her voice down so Sami deliberately yells which brings both Rex and Jan into the hallway. Rex wants to know what is going on. To make a long story short Sami tells Rex that she thinks Mimi is trying to ruin her sister’s wedding night because she arranged for Shawn and Belle to meet on the rooftop. (Maybe not in those exact words). Rex goes up the stairs – Mimi is about to go after her until Jan yanks her by the hair and tells her she has interfered with her and man for the last time. She threatens Mimi that she is going to tell Rex everything and Mimi says no you won’t because then you wouldn’t have anything to hold over my head. She heads up the stairs as do Jan and Mimi. After Phil and his wife leave the rooftop, Sami is leaving when Shawn and Rex go by – she stops to listen to Jan and Mimi’s conversion and overhears that Mimi aborted Rex’s baby without telling him. She says not that is one big secret.

No matter what Nicole says Brady will not believe his father is an addict. He says that she just doesn’t know him like he does. His father wouldn’t lie to him. She keeps telling him she is only telling him this for his own good because if something should happen to his father he would blame himself. She asks him if he thinks she is just making this up because of the things his father said about her. He denies that. She says but if it were Chloe telling you this you would listen to her. He says Chloe has nothing to do with it. She asks him to explain why he doesn’t believe what his father says about her if he doesn’t believe she’s changed. She would never have tried to get John help before – she’s changed because of him. She says you’re never going to love me the way you love Chloe. I’m not anything like she was – beautiful, talented and good. She says she’ll never be good enough for him. She leaves he follows. They get to the house – he wants to talk before they go inside – she says it won’t change anything.

Nancy is worried about Chloe – she hasn’t been eating. She tells Chloe that she needs her strength for the surgery tomorrow and she needs Brady. If Chloe won’t tell him she’s alive, she will. Chloe tells her she can’t do that. They go back and forth and finally Chloe says I’ll thing about it if you go get me some soup. Nancy leaves, Chloe hopes out of bed – she has jeans and a sweater on under her hospital gown. She says sorry Nancy I need to do this my way. She goes to the mansion and lets herself in. She picks up a picture of Brady and has a fantasy about telling him she’s alive and showing him her scars. He doesn’t care – to him she hasn’t changed – they kiss and her scars are gone. I was never a gung ho fan of Chloe and Brady but I would much rather see him with her than with Nicole. She hears Nicole and Brady at the door and hides in the closet. They come in and the phone is ringing. Brady goes to answer it – he finds out from Kate that Nicole was right – his father is an addict. He goes to tell her that – Nicole opens the closet and gasp says Chloe and passes out.

When Kate comes to John is holding the vial and the syringe. He keeps apologising. She says you must have really needed that. He says just tonight – tomorrow I’ll start clean. She tells him she knows about addiction – Curtis, Billie and Lucas. They all said they could control it and stop whenever they wanted. He doesn’t really listen. She says do it for your kids – do it for Marlena. There’s a lot more to their conversation and it’s really good. He finally admits that he has a problem. She wants to call Lexie. He says no. She wants to know why – Lexie will help and she will put him in the hospital. He says he doesn’t want to go there. She says why – is it because you are investigating the drug thefts – he just gives her the look – lol. She says oh – you were the one that stole them. She still wants to call Lexie but he doesn’t want it made public. He has a better idea. He’ll go to the ISA in the morning – they are discreet. She doesn’t think it’s such a good idea because it was an ISA doctor that prescribed the drugs. John says he strong armed the guy into doing it – he had something on him. She agrees to stay and help him through the night. She calls Brady.

Preview: Bonnie to Maggie – I’m Mickey’s way now and my answer is no. Maggie’s response as she hands Bonnie a cheque – Maybe this will be enough to change your no into a yes. Mimi to Sami – Funny it’s you accusing me of my lying when your Salem’s all time champ. Sami – I’d be a lot nicer to me – a lot nicer. Shawn in the doorway of Mr and Mrs Kiriakis’ loft asking – Do you still have feelings for me? Jarhead’s expression is priceless as he swings his head in Belle’s direction as if to say – Well tell him (I’m sure if Belle doesn’t he will). Brady asking Nicole Who was in the closet. Nicole – Chloe. She’s alive.


Wednesday Jan 19

Pat’s Spoilers

It’s close to seven and I just finished watching the show so this is going to be a very very short report. There was nothing about the show I liked today except for the fact that it appears on the trip down the stairs Shawn met up with a barber. Nice trim…LOL!

I can’t even talk about the Maggie and Bonnie scenes because Bonnie disgusts me. To listen to the way she talks about Mickey and the crude references she makes is not my idea of entertainment. I did like how Maggie talked about what Mickey meant to her and what she went through while being held captive but it had no effect on Bonnie. Then when she takes the cheque from Maggie and says she’s not leaving Mickey but she will show the cheque to show him what a low-down (can’t remember what she said) his first wife is. She then has Max chase Maggie up the stairs.

The scenes between Mimi and Jan are just pointless already. How many times can they each threaten each other already? I guess we had to hear it for the hundredth time so Sami could hear it all for the first time. I still haven’t figured out why it was so important to drag Sami into this. Sami is giving a running commentary on their conversation but doesn’t say anything when Mimi talks about Jan keeping Shawn in a cage all summer. Maybe she didn’t hear that part over the noise of the candy wrapper of her chocolate bar.

I’m still shaking my head at Brady convincing Nicole she couldn’t have seen Chloe. Did we need scene after scene of him telling Nicole what she really did see – his hooded sweatshirt. Nicole remembers that there was something wrong with Chloe’s face. In the meantime Chloe is listening to everything talking to herself. She wonders if she should just let Brady know she’s there. When Brady talks about how Chloe was the most beautiful woman in the world and he doesn’t think he’ll ever find anyone that beautiful again. Chloe decides that means he loved her the way she was and she can’t reveal himself until her face is the way it was before the accident. Brady tells Nicole that he didn’t think he could ever find someone to love again but he has - he picks her up and carries her upstairs to bed. Chloe is back in her hospital bed crying as she writes in a journal explaining to Brady why she couldn’t tell him she was alive.

I’m sick to death of Philip. I hated the things he called Shawn today. I hate the way he basically demands that Belle tell Shawn that she doesn’t love him because that’s the only way he will leave her alone. When he tells her to tell Shawn in front of Rex, in front of the entire world that he is the man she loves she just says she wants to talk to him in private. I hate what Belle is doing. She won’t give Shawn an answer – she isn’t being straight with Philip – she’s keeping both of them dangling. Philip is forever in her face. He tells her that he won’t go to fight for his country knowing that Shawn will constantly be harassing her. She tells him that Shawn isn’t himself but she felt he was being sincere – more like the Shawn she used to love. Over at Shawn’s Rex is preaching to him about having to respect that Phil and Belle are married. Shawn talks about how Mrs. Kiriakis was pressured by family and friends into marrying Phil. Rex says she’s not pregnant – duh…that’s a sure sign that they are going with the dim-witted, totally predictable, totally stupid, totally boring who’s the daddy storyline. Rex’s holier than thou attitude with both Shawn and Mimi gave me a headache. When his wife comments that Shawn was more like the man she used to love Phil asks her if she still loves him. Shawn walks in and says he might not have the right to know but he wants an answer. Does she still have feelings for him?

Preview: Shawn yelling “I’m not leaving here until I get an answer.” Mrs. Kiriakis very snottily “I’ll give you my answer now.” John holding on to Kate saying he won’t be able to make it through the night. Roman and Marlena seeing John and Kate in bed together. Sami talking to herself (thinking of John, Kate and Mimi) saying if anyone tries to mess with my happiness, our happiness I won’t rest until I destroy them. Okay – what has Mimi ever done to Sami??


Friday Jan 21

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: The John/Kate and Roman/Marlena scenes were very hard to watch.

Europe—The Castle: Roman/Marlena

Roman is trying to calm Marlena by telling her that at least they’re together. We see a quick flashback of them kissing on the island. They both talk about whether or not they will ever get home to Salem and that at least they have each other.

John & Marlena’s Penthouse: John/Kate

John is shaking and sweating badly as the drugs leave his system. He crys out in agony and Kate runs into the bedroom. John says that he knows he needs to stop taking the painkillers but can’t do it tonight. He needs it too badly. She tries to convince him that he can do it but he doesn’t buy it.

Kate finally gives him a bottle of sedatives so he can sleep. He frustratingly throws them on the bed saying they won’t help him. He finally agrees to take them and Kate stops him from taking more than two at a time.

John is very cold so what does Kate do? Well of course she gets into bed to give him body warmth. (nobody heard of electric blankets?)

At the Castle again: Marlena/Roman

The television monitor is on again (no sound though…guess a picture says a thousand words…lol) and Marlena and Roman get a bird’s eye view of Kate lying on top of John.

Marlena is crying and tells Roman that John and Kate think they are dead and have given up on them and their respective love for each other.

At the Penthouse: John/Kate

John tells Kate that if someone found them like this they would be suspicious. He falls asleep and Kate starts caressing his cheek (geez first Philly patting Belle’s head all the time and now Kate?) She tells him that she will always be there for him.

Castle: Marlena/Roman

Miraculously, the sound is on again. Just in time for them to hear John tell Kate that even though he never thought he could get through this without Marlena, Kate’s support…blah…blah… They see Kate kisse him on the cheek and tell him to get some sleep.

Penthouse: John/Marlena

In the next scene, John is talking in his sleep. He is telling Marlena how much he loves her. Kate is still awake…lol…no rest for the weary and says that if Marlena is gone then so is Roman. (you can just see the wheels spinning in her head). Eugenia calls and Kate tells her that they are going to work on breaking up Sami and Lucas' wedding.

Castle: Marlena/Roman

The television monitor is off again. Marlena is glad that she at least knows John is alive and that Belle is all right. She tells Roman that Tony has taken everything from them, but from John and Kate the most. She also relates what she and John discussed on the raft about moving on without her and that John told her she could move on with Roman if there was no chance of her making it home to Salem….grrrr…we know where this is going. They both admit that they never got over each other completely. Roman takes her hand (you can see the chains on her feet) and has her lie down on the bed. He spreads a blanket over her and promises not to leave her. She kisses him.

Belle’s Loft: Shawn/Belle/Marine Idiot/Jan the Leech/Rex/Mimi

Shawn is still asking the question. Belle is still not answering it. Flashbacks of making love to Philly one minute and kissing Shawn the next. Jan tries to get Shawn to leave. Shawn keeps wanting an answer. Jan keeps trying to get him to stop. Rex wants him to stop upsetting Belle. Philip pulls Belle aside. He tells her he’s going off to fight for his country (or words to that noble effect) very soon (probably by 2008 in my estimation) and that this could be their last night together.

Shawn’s Loft: Sami/Mimi/Rex/Lucas

Sami and Mimi are still fighting. Sami tells her to stop threatening her because she has the goods on her. Rex and Lucas come in and want to know what is going on. Lucas gets Mad at Sami for interfering but then understands when he finds out that Mimi helped get Belle and Shawn up on the roof on Belle’s wedding night. More arguing between Sami and Mimi---who’s the bigger liar.

Rex wants to know what Sami has on Mimi. Lucas gets mad at Sami again telling her he is disappointed in her. She keeps quiet to Rex and leaves with Lucas. On the way she passes on a threat to Mimi, telling her she is toast. Even though it is Belle’s wedding night…lol…Meems tells Rex they should check on her and Shawn and go over to the loft.

Back at Belle’s Loft:

Belle’s upset because it could be their last night together. She has a flashback of marine boy in the war zone (not very realistic) and under fire and doesn’t want him to leave.

Shawn makes a remark about Philip leaving that doesn’t go over very well and Belle gets mad.
She can't take it anymore and Philip tells Shawn and Jan to leave. Shawn refuses to go without her answer, and she tells him angrily that she will give it to him now. She looks at Philip as she answers saying she has no regrets and that P was a friend to her when Shawn should have been. Shawn counters that with a comment that he was a friend who went to bed with her. They go back over history…blah…blah…and Shawn says he doesn’t remember being with Jan.

Belle says it doesn’t matter anymore that he still left her, didn’t trust in their love, and that marine boy was there for her. She lies and tells him that her call from the church was for closure and that Philip is the kindest…blah…blah…blah… Shawn says he doesn’t believe her. She turns and kisses Phil. Philip struts his stuff and tells Shawn that he has his answer. He wants them all to leave…blah…blah…takes her upstairs. Shawn is devastated. Jan is ecstatic. Rex stops Mimi from going to comfort Shawn.

In Belle’s bedroom, she’s crying. He asks her why she went up on the roof and why she is crying and she tells him it’s for him. Belle is upset that she could lose marine boy and that this might be their last night together (never mind that its lasted 2 ½ weeks now.)

Shawn’s Loft:

Rex is trying to convince Shawn that Belle loves Philip, but he refuses to agree. He says that Mimi knows the truth and wants her to set up another meeting with him and Belle. She says she’s sorry but she can’t and that Belle told him her feelings. Jan of course puts her two cents in, agreeing wholeheartedly and tries to get Shawn to go to bed. He ignores her and gets a beer. Jan is talking to herself again thinking that Belle will stay true to her vows so that Shawn will come back to her. Shawn looks up at the vent.

Sami’s Apartment: Sami/Lucas

Wow…Sami tells him about Mimi's abortion and that Rex doesn't know. She want’s to go back and tell Lucas’s brother about it. Lucas says it's none of their business. She tries to phone Rex but Lucas grabs the phone from her and hangs it up. He tells her to think about the good things she has like him and Will and that he knows she misses her parents.


Rex is talking to Mimi. He asks her if she is keeping anything from her and she denies it.

Lexie is talking to John, with Kate by her side saying: “oh my God, you're the one who's been stealing the drugs from the hospital”

Philip asks Rex to keep Shawn away from Belle and Rex tells him he will...

At the same time we get a short sizzling scene of Shawn kissing Belle.


Monday, Jan 24

Yippee! It’s a new day finally…lol…

St. Luke’s Church: Sami, Father Jansen

Sami is at the church talking to Father Jansen about her and Lucas’s wedding. He doesn’t want her to worry and tells her that repairs have already begun on the church, including a new stained glass window. He asks if John will walk her down the aisle but she goes on a rant telling him no and that John is a jerk and “shacking up” with Kate Roberts. She tells him that Kate promised Lucas o get along with her even though she hates Sami. LOL...Sami tells Father Jansen that her list of enemies is growing even though she tries to be good and throws Mimi’s name out.

Sami tells him that Jan is responsible for breaking Belle’s heart and how Philip and Belle already have marriage troubles because Belle is still in love with Shawn. We see these dump bubbles pop up over her head. One has Belle and Philip, another John and Kate, the last one has Shawn and Jan. Sami bursts them with a pin. (totally ridiculous…then again this whole conversation is as well).

Father Jansen wants to know if Sami is going to hurt anyone. He tells her how wrong that is and she placates him and changes the topic back to her wedding. He asks her if she wants him to hear her confession and she says no but thinks that she can confide in him anyway because he’s a priest and won’t reveal her secrets. She starts in about Mimi and the abortion. Sami wants to tell Rex because they are related (half-brother) but Lucas wants her to be good and mind her own business. Then she talks about Jan drugging Shawn and that is why he crashed through the window at the wedding. (hmmm…I wonder if now that Father Jansen knows the reason, if he will not press charges).

Sami tells about seeing John taking drugs at the church and stealing from the hospital. She says that Lucas is the reason she hasn’t told anyone else. Father Jansen commends Lucas and tells her she is paranoid…lol…ya think??? Sami says everyone including her own sister, Belle, are against her and rags on about wanting to marrying before Belle…yada…yada… Sami thinks that Belle will break her vows to Philip when he is gone and talks about Shawn and Belle up on the roof.

Father Jansen tells her she needs to stop being so involved with everybody else’s lives and she agrees. Then she threatens them all, saying that if she loses Lucas they had better watch out (foreshadowing?) More conversation about Sami hurting others when they hurt her…blah… blah… Sami talks about marrying the man of her dreams and then talks about not being legally divorced from Brandon. She thinks he is gone and won’t return.

John & Marlena’s Penthouse: John, Kate, Lexie

John doesn’t look so good…sweating and in pain. He won’t let Kate call Lexie and he knocks his water on the tray of food Kate brought him. She leaves with it and phones Lexie. When Lexie arrives, Kate tells her about John getting drugs from the ISA and about him going through withdrawal. John is mad at Kate for phoning Lexie and tells the doctor she can’t help him. Lexie realizes with amazement that it was John who stole the drugs from the hospital and wants to call the police. John tells her he did but Kate asks her not to turn him in. Lexie examines John and says he is hypertensive and could be at risk for a heart attack or stroke. She gives Kate a bottle of new pills and tells her to give him one only. The women go back downstairs and Kate tells Lexie how John is having such a bad time and she is taking care of him…blah…blah…they only have each other now. Rants about wanting Shawn in jail.

Lexie tells her about Hope and Patrick going to Europe to find Bo. Of course Kate isn’t a happy camper and Lexie picks up on that. She asks Kate if she was hoping for a Bo and Billie rematch and Kate admits it’s true (excuse me??? The man is MARRIED Kate!!!)

Back in John’s bedroom, he is groaning in pain and seeing visions of Marlena. He calls out to her but her face turns into Kate’s. Downstairs Lexie gets a SOS call from Lexie telling her that Abe has fallen. She quickly leaves but forgets her PDA behind. Kate takes advantage of the fact by using it to send Brandon a message to come back because of Abe. She thinks that will stop Lucas and Sami from getting married.

Shawn & Rex’s Loft: Rex, Mimi, Shawn, Jan

Rex is taking something for his headache and tells Mimi he couldn’t sleep…something is bothering him and he has to talk to her. He us upset that she helped Shawn and Belle and is sure that she is hiding something from him. Mimi tells him she is sorry but that they are all friends and she still thinks that Shawn and Belle belong together. He wants them to be honest with each other and wants to know if there is anything else that she isn’t telling him. She denies it.

In Shawn’s room, Jan is standing near his bed watching him sleep. She talks about how he didn’t make love to her last night (three guesses why…lol…) Jan decides to crawl into bed and kisses him. When he looks at her he sees Belle’s face and calls her name saying he loves her. Jan gets angry and he tells her to leave him alone and stomps into the bathroom. Jan says she knows whom she can get to help get Belle out of Shawn's head.

Belle’s loft:

Philly is telling her he loves her but she sees Shawn’s face instead. He wants to know what is wrong but she says it’s because he’s going and she doesn’t want him to. Phil goes on about taking an oath…yawn… She tells him she’s worried but at the same time proud. He tells her about their love getting him through this (barf!) and talks about starting a family when they get back…(little marine boys??? please say it isn’t true!)

Philip comes out of the shower and Belle is gone. He reads a note from her saying she had to leave to pick something up for him. Phil calls someone saying he needs his? help and has to see him? right away. Looks like it was Rex. Marine boy is telling him that he needs a favor…loves Belle…yada…yada… and wants Rex to watch over her when he’s gone…make sure Shawn keeps away from her…etc…etc… Rex promises he won’t let that happen.

Shawn/Rex Loft:

Jan says she can’t find Shawn. Rex doesn’t know either and runs off saying to Mimi that he has to leave for a while…it’s personal. Jan sarcastically tells Mimi that it looks like Rex also has secrets and starts threatening her again. Mimi comes back saying that Jan wouldn’t have anything on her then and she could tell Shawn about the cage…yada…yada… Jan doesn’t believe she will be found out and wants Mimi to make sure Shawn and Belle stay away from each other or she will lose Rex.

Salem Place: Belle, Shawn

Shawn and Belle see each other but she leaves and enters a jewelry store. Belle wants to get a medal for Philip for protection (I could say something buttttt…) Shawn goes in after her. He wants to talk. Belle admits that she still cares about him but he says that it’s more than just caring and that she still loves him. He wants her to confess that marrying Philip was a mistake.

The sales clerk shows Belle a medal that she gave to her nephew when he left for war. Belle has a flashback of Philip in combat. She pays the clerk and runs out of the store. Shawn takes off after her. Belle tells them that Philip is her husband and they are over with. He refuses to believe it and tells her it will never be over, that he knows she loves him because he can see it whenever he looks in her eyes…he can feel it and thinks she can too. Shawn pulls her to him and kisses her.


Billie is screaming and Bo that he doesn’t care about Georgia and that he just wants to leave and find Hope…

Patrick pulls Hope to him and kisses her, just as a camera flashes…

Kate talking to Lucas (sorry I didn’t get much of it) something about Sami not getting pearls or the wedding she wants and Lucas saying they can always elope…

Sami walks into John’s bedroom just as John is throwing something against the wall…

John is slinging something up against the wall of the bedroom…just as Sami walks in…


Tuesday Jan 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Flashbacks are one thing but good lord is it really necessary to have a flashback of something we just saw ten minutes ago. Sheesh!

Bo/Billie: I don’t know how Billie can call herself an ISA agent – if I was her superior I wouldn’t let her brag about it. She makes the entire organization look bad. Bo and Billie are still tied up and are asleep. It appears that Billie wakes up when she hears a voice asking her if the men hurt her. She looks up at the portrait and then realises that someone is with her. It’s Georgia. Billie calls her by name and says our girl or something like that. Billie refers to Bo as her birth father and herself as her birth mother. ‘Georgia’ gets really upset and says no. Billie says that she shouldn’t be scared. They love her very much and they have been looking for her. Billie tries to wake Bo up and when she turns back to talk to the girl, she is gone. We then see that it was all a dream. Bo has worked his ropes free and he wakes up Billie and unties her. She tells him their daughter was just there but she got scared and ran off. He tells her that it was just a dream. They must have been drugged because they slept all afternoon and evening. He sees the guard at the front of the house and checks the back and says it’s clear. She refuses to go without Georgia. When he tries to tell her it was a dream she’s not there she refuses. She claims to have the same type of connection with Georgia that Bo has with Hope. Their daughter was reaching out to her. Bo says we won’t be much help to her or to Hope if we get tied up by the goons again. Bo is worrying that Hope doesn’t know she’s walking into a trap – he feels that she came to look for him. Oh Bo, Hope has a lot more brains than you give her credit for. Billie ties into him claiming he’s more concerned about Hope than he is about finding their daughter. He points out that both Georgia and Hope are counting on them and if he wasn’t interested in finding Georgia he wouldn’t have flown off with her in the middle of the night. She apologises and agrees that they have to get out. She distracts the guard and Bo knocks him down. Billie is holding a gun on the guy but he outsmarts them and pulls a gun on Bo and presses it into Bo’s stomach. Billie keeps demanding to know where Georgia is as she’s ordering the guy to drop the gun. The guard laughs at her and says if she shoots her lover will end up dead. He then tells her that they are hiding Georgia in plain site. Billie looks up and sees the silhouette of the girl in the window and she tells Bo that Georgia is here.

Hope/Patrick: They stand outside the inn arguing. Hope is all ready to mount a search, Patrick wants them to get some rest and than put together a plan. Hope knows Bo is in danger. She is upset because Bo and Billie came without ISA back up. She sees the DiMera castles and says they have to know that Stefano and Tony set this all up just so they would all put their lives in danger again. When she wants to start searching Patrick says you’re doing the same thing you accused them of doing – taking off with any type of plan. He says that this little village is just like the island. There are surveillance cameras everywhere and everyone there works for the DiMera’s. He admits to having been there a long time ago. He tells her that they can’t arouse any suspicion. If they don’t ask too many questions they won’t be watched. They go inside the lobby and there is a wedding celebration happening. When they go to register Patrick notices a security camera and turns and kisses Hope so her face can’t be seen. He tells her about the camera so they avoid looking directly at it. A clerk comes and they pretend to be a newly engaged couple. The desk clerk it must be the mood the other American couple were just as in love as you two. Hope gets all upset but Patrick reasons with her saying it was probably part of their cover just like it’s ours. The clerk steps away and Patrick covers the registration book with a map so Hope can slip it out from underneath to look at it. She gets caught with it but Patrick covers for her. After she tells him that there was a page torn out but she saw some of the name. She can’t believe that Billie was so careless as to register using her own name. They check out the run that Bo and Billie were in but it’s empty. Hope is worried that the DiMera’s got them but Patrick says there is no sign of a struggle so they’re probably just out in the village looking for a lead.

Black Penthouse: Lucas and Sami spend half the show talking outside the door to the suite. Sami is explaining what the pearls mean to her. She tells Lucas her mother always meant for her oldest daughter to wear them on her wedding day. I guess they cover this new part of history by having Sami say that her mom never gave them to her at any of her other weddings because she knew that weren’t going to last. They were Grandmother Evans’ pearls and she wore them on her wedding day, Marlena wore them when she married her father and now she wants to wear them on her wedding day. Lucas is confident that John will give them to her. Sami says yeah that is if he hasn’t sold them to buy drugs. Lucas says you don’t go and ask him for a favour by calling him a junkie. Sami insists that the pearls are rightfully hers. She tells Lucas that she had to tell someone about John or burst so she told Father Jansen. Lucas is very upset with her – she needs to consider John’s reputation. Sami could care less…LOL! She tells him not to get so worked up – she confessed to Father Jansen so he can’t tell anyone else. He tells her that she has to go inside and be the good little step-daughter John always wanted her to be. Sami sees the pearls as a good luck charm and tells Lucas if John doesn’t give them to her then they will elope. She’s not going to risk another disastrous big wedding.

Eugenia is downstairs inside waiting for Kate. She feels bad that on top of everything else John has now got the flu. She has a flashback to a conversation she had with Kate. They talk about how they can’t believe St. Luke’s is going to be ready for the wedding. After all the damage that was done Eugenia was sure that they would have to delay the wedding by at least a year. Eugenia tells Kate that Brandon hasn’t seen her email yet – she has him on her buddy list and he hasn’t logged on since she sent the message using Lexie’s PDA. Kate is counting on him showing up to help his father and that would have Sami torn between two lovers but if he doesn’t get there then it’s up to them to do everything they can to stop the wedding. Upstairs Kate is tending to John who is having visions of Marlena – he pulls Kate to him and starts kissing her. She stops him saying he is trying to seduce her so she’ll give him drugs. He tells her he thought she was Marlena – he was kissing Marlena and then when he opened his eyes he saw her. Kate talks about the research she did on the internet and about both the physical and emotional withdrawal he’s facing. She suggests rehab but he stops her and tells her he is not ready for that. She goes down to get him some tea and he rips up the papers saying he doesn’t need counsellors or tea, he needs the damn drugs she threw out. He is in a wheelchair looking for drugs but the medicine cabinet has been cleared out. He remembers that Marlena kept a spare medical bag around so he searches for it. When he finds it but no drugs inside he throws it against the door.

The doorbell rings and when Kate sees that it is Lucas and Sami she tells Eugenia to hide. Sami and Kate don’t take long to get into it. Kate tells Sami that she can’t see John. Sami says she is going to wash her hands and she tells Lucas to tell Kate what is going to happen if she doesn’t get what she came for. Lucas tells Kate that Sami wants to wear her mother’s pearls on her wedding day and she doesn’t get them today she is going to call the whole thing off. Kate is happy thinking that Sami is going to dump Lucas but he tells her no it just means no big wedding. They are going to elope. Kate yells no. Sami slips upstairs. Eugenia is trying to signal to Kate that Sami went upstairs. Lucas asks his mother what is wrong and when she says nothing – she is going to check on John. Lucas says he knows that ‘nothing’ and he wants to know what is going on. Sami opens the door just as John throws the bag. She can see that he doesn’t have the flu but doesn’t say anything. She makes nice but John is in no mood to deal with her and he asks her what she wants. She says she wants to wear her mother’s pearls on her wedding day. John says what pearls?

Preview: Sami yelling at John that her father and mother are dead and what does he do – he shacks up with her dad’s widow. John just shakes his head. It appears that Patrick and Hope find the house that Bo and Billie were at. A guard has a gun aimed at Patrick but doesn’t see Hope who is crouching behind a shrub. Hope is saying move out of the way Patrick. Shawn saying he’s got to figure out how to handle the situation with Belle by himself – but he feels he’s running out of time. Mimi asking Mrs. Kiriakis if she is finally going to admit that she is still in love with Shawn.


Wednesday Jan 26

Pat’s Spoilers

If it’s not a flashback it’s a repeat of the end of the last show … sigh.

Eugenia ends up on the balcony as Kate continues to lie to Lucas telling him how concerned she is about Sami getting the same flu John has if she should go and see him. My god the lies flow so easily off her tongue – that’s obviously a trait she shares with her new daughter-in-law – something they can bond over. Lucas says Sami thinks that Kate is out to get her and that belief is fuelled when she sees Kate hanging out with Eugenia. Kate makes a glib excuse and says she is going to check on Sami. Lucas closes the doors leading to the balcony leaving one very cold Eugenia outside.

When John tells Sami he gave the pearls to Belle as a Christmas present from her mother Sami tells him they are hers and he has to get them back. Sami accuses him of lying – he didn’t give the pearls to Belle he just doesn’t want her to have them. Belle didn’t wear the pearls on her wedding day. John says she was saving them for her honeymoon. Marlena told him that she was going to give the pearls to the first daughter that got married. Sami said no she said they were for her first born daughter on her wedding day you moron. John refuses to ask Belle to give them back – her husband is being shipped out – she has enough to deal with. Lucas and Kate come running and Lucas asks Sami what is going on. She says the bastard gave my pearls to Belle and then she turns on Kate accusing her of being the one behind it.

Kate says that she doesn’t know anything about the pearls but she gives the same sob story about Belle’s husband shipping out. Sami sings the same old tune – everyone is out to get her. John tells her to buy new pearls and send him the bill. Sami tells him that he can’t buy her off. Lucas tries to get her to calm down but that’s like trying to stop a runaway train by placing a bale of hay on the railroad track. John tells her that she can buy anything she wants – he wants to make up for his mistake. Sami is furious and says she shouldn’t be surprised – he hates her and she storms out. Eugenia is just about to make her escape but has to scurry back onto the balcony when she hears Sami coming down the stairs. Lucas gets her to sit down. He asks her what happened to her promise to try and get along with his mother. She says she has been trying but she knows that Kate is working with Eugenia to make sure the wedding doesn’t happen. Lucas informs Sami that Kate hasn’t seen Eugenia in weeks. Sami says and you believe what your mother tells you. Sami tells Lucas she can’t believe he’s that stupid…LOL – that’s not going to win her any brownie points. She again blames Kate for Belle ending up with her pearls. Lucas tells her she is making too much out of the pearls. She says she was going to wear them, then her daughter… Lucas tells her they don’t have a daughter. She tells him they could. She is angry with him and everything and decides to get some air. Eugenia panics but Sami hears the fax machine. She picks up the paper and sees that it’s from Lexie to John. She now has the proof that John is a drug addict. Upstairs John is very upset with himself. He admits he screwed up – of course Marlena wanted her first born daughter to have the pearls. Kate tells him not to worry about it Sami doesn’t deserve them.

Patrick and Hope are looking for a clue in the room that Bo and Billie were in. Hope knows that Bo is in danger and she tries once again to explain this connection she and Bo have. She finds a note pad and using a pencil she gets the address to the house they went to. They get there and she tells him that she is going to check out all the entrances/exits to the house – he argues with her but she persists. He finally agrees and tells her to meet him back there in five minutes. She gets just behind the shrub when the guard tells Patrick to put his hands up. Hope aims her gun in that direction. (Can someone please tell me how she got her gun through airport security???) The guard recognises Patrick and puts down his gun. Patrick says he needed a break after the island. The guard makes mention of a job that Patrick did in Barcelona. Patrick lets the guy talk and he sucker punches him. The same guard that took out Bo comes up behind Patrick but Hope takes care of him.

Bo urges Billie to leave him and go after their daughter. Billie insists she couldn’t forgive herself if anything happens to him. They argue using that as a distraction and Bo is able to knock out the guard. Billie goes inside but Bo is caught outside by another guard. The next time we see him he is lying on the floor inside the house bleeding from a cut on his head. Billie searches upstairs and comes inside a room and sees a rocking chair and the top of what she thinks is Georgia’s head. (Sheesh even I could tell that was a wig). She goes on an on about how much she loves her and how she has been searching her…yada…yada…yada… She asks Georgia to talk to her. She finally goes to the chair and sees it’s just a mannequin. A guard comes up behind her. The next time we see her Bo and her are back in the chairs all tied up again. She wakes Bo up and pulls a knife out that she conveniently took out of the kitchen before going upstairs. They get loose and he tells her they have to get out of there. She says without Georgia. He says yes. She wonders if they will ever find her. Then she gives him a sob story and brings Hope into the conversation when she says Hope is a mother and she isn’t it.

Bo is comforting her when Patrick and Hope burst into the house. LOL – Hope is furious and she really puts both Bo and Billie in their place. It’s a fun scene to watch especially when they admit this was just a DiMera ploy and they didn’t find Georgia in the house and she throws the I told you so in their faces. Patrick says they should save the arguing for later. Bo jumps on him for telling his wife what to do. Hope tells Bo off again and drags him by the ear into the middle of the room where she hauls off and slaps him. She tells him how angry she is at him and how worried she was…Bo tries to defend himself but he doesn’t really get a word in edgewise. He says you always forgave me before – Hope says that was then this is now…LOL! There’s a thumping sound and Billie asks if anyone else heard it. Upstairs a young girl is sitting in the rocker reading.

Mrs. Kiriakis surprisingly doesn’t tell her husband the reason it took her so long to buy his present was because she was busy betraying him with her ex-boyfriend. Phil is talking to her but she’s daydreaming about her soon to be lover. When her husband kisses her she sees Shawn. Phil just keeps nattering away totally oblivious to his wife’s true character. At this point it’s hard to tell who deserves the Aus-dumb mantle more Philip or Shawn???? Phil has a gift for Belle as well. He gives her a journal with an email address in it. He tells her he doesn’t know how often he will be able to check it but at least she knows she can reach him. She gives him the medal. They start talking about him leaving. She finally asks him how long he is going to be gone. He tells her he really doesn’t know – they’re not telling him. It could be a couple of months – it could be more. They have to be prepared for anything. She worries that he thinks he could die fighting. He tells her that he is coming back to her. He has her to live for. He plans another little celebration. He pours them champagne and he has a cake and they do the feeding each other cake thing. She is very loving and flirtatious with him. He says he has to finish packing. She says she’ll help but he tells her to just stay down there and think about the man she is going to spend loving the rest of her life. She barely waits till he’s up the stairs before she is on the phone telling Mimi she needs to see her.

Shawn wastes no time telling Mimi that he ran into Belle and that he kissed her and she kissed him back. Mimi wants to know if that means that they are back together. Shawn says she’s still married to Philip (duh…you think???). Mimi says if it went that far something must have changed. He thinks back to after the kiss. Belle is telling him they can’t keep doing this – she’s fine when she’s not around him it’s only when she keeps running into him. He tells her it’s all the things they didn’t talk about. They can’t move on until they understand and there is so much he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand why she is with Phil and he doesn’t know why he is with Jan and he asks her if she does. Mrs. Kiriakis tells him that what they had was in the past – they need to move on. He says if that was true she wouldn’t have kissed him back she would have slapped him. He again says he needs to understand and she’s the only one who can help him. Mrs. Kiriakis tells him that is not possible and he’ll have to find what he is looking for with someone else. Shawn tells Mimi he can’t let it end there – he needs her to help him one more time.

Mimi tells him she already helped him once and they all know how that turned out. She asks him why he wants to risk getting everyone mad at him again. She says it doesn’t matter who Belle loves she is married to Phil and at some point don’t they have to respect that? Shawn avoids the question and says Belle is just as confused as he is. Why is she with Philip and why is he with Jan. He doesn’t know why he and Belle didn’t end up together. He needs to know and so does Belle. They need to do it before Philip leaves for duty. Mimi says at least he doesn’t want to go behind Philip’s back. He says that’s not the only reason. Belle’s a loyal person and once he’s gone she’ll stay true to him. Hmmm…loyal and Mrs. Kiriakis in the same sentence – that’s the best laugh I had all day. Mimi tells him she was true to him when he took off for the whole summer – she knows he doesn’t believe that but it’s the truth. (I guess Mimi’s version of staying true is vastly different than mine – I don’t exactly call begging your boyfriend’s best friend to make love to you on more than one occasion staying ‘true’). Shawn doesn’t know why he was gone – he doesn’t remember most of it including how he ended up with Jan. The only thing he knows is what Jan tells him and he doesn’t exactly trust her. Mimi tells him it’s about time. He wants it all out in the open – he asks her if she wants her best friend to be happy – he asks her to help him. She says she can’t.

Mimi tells him she can’t because Rex would be angry with her again like he was when he found out about she had lied about where Belle was last night. She won’t risk her relationship with Rex. Shawn says he understands there's nothing worst than when someone you love lies to you. He tells her he won’t come between her and Rex – he wants things to work out for them. She wants him to be happy. Shawn wants them all to be happy including Phil which is why he has to figure this out or else his feeling about Belle and what might have been will haunt him for the rest of his life. Mimi takes a call and tells Shawn she has to go out. After she leaves he says he’ll have to figure this out on his own but he’s running out of time. Mimi goes across the hall. Mrs. Kiriakis tells Mimi she needs her help. She has to see Shawn. Mimi asks her if she is ready to admit that she is still in love with Shawn.

Preview: Shirtless Shawn with a beer in his hand pacing saying that what Belle says is totally different than what she feels and one way or the other they have to get to the truth. Phil holding his wife (her back against his chest) asking her to promise him that while he is gone she will stay away from Shawn. Sami telling Lucas that she knows how devious she can be – she knows she (Kate) is up to something she just wishes she knew what. Bo telling Hope to go check on Lockhart to see what is taking him so long. Hope says so you can go check on Billie?

Thursday Jan 27

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m sorry – the show made a big mistake today. The opening scene was shirtless, sweaty Shawn, the gold chain and cross in full display, those earphones in his ears as he is lifting weights and … and… and… I really didn’t pay very close attention to anything else after that.

One thing I will say is that if I have to see that boring scene at Salem Place that took place between Shawn and Mrs. Kiriakis ONE more time I’m going to throw something. Geez – just give it a rest already – those that care will have every word memorised already and for those of us that don’t care – we’re sick to death of it. And then to top it all off we get Jan and Mimi flashbacks to the cage and the threats – how many times do they have to remind us that Mimi has the goods on Jan and Jan the goods on Mimi – we get it. Move on already.

It was great to see Matt Cedeno again. He’s in London and he finally checks his email. He calls Abe and Lexie and Celeste answers. He asks how his dad is doing. Celeste tells him that his vision is deteriorating quicker than expected. She tells him he had a bad fall and that he and Lexie are at the hospital getting some tests run. Brandon says he is coming home. Celeste picks up the top tarot card and tells him he can’t come home. She tells him the cards are telling her that if he comes home now it will be disastrous. She tells him to at least wait until after Sami’s wedding. He says he’ll think about it but after he hangs up he decides to go home and books the next flight out.

Kate and Eugenia – do they ever say anything different. Their entire ‘friendship’ is based on making sure Sami doesn’t marry Lucas. Eugenia checks and sees that Brandon has checked his email. Kate wishes that she could know if Brandon is coming home. How convenient – Eugenia worked at a travel agency so she knows all the passwords to check every airline – can you see me rolling my eyes – not only does she remember them but none of the passwords appear to have been changed. Eugenia then sets up the computer to alert them when Brandon books a flight. And she has trouble finding a job…Why??? Kate sends her to the psychic to make sure Sami is given the right advice. Kate is thrilled when she gets the alert.

Sami and Lucas – more of the same. Sami is convinced that Kate and Eugenia are scheming against her to make sure the wedding doesn’t happen. Lucas says the only person that can prevent me from marrying you is you. He then goes to pick up her wedding present. Sami calls the psychic and of course Eugenia is there to make sure Sami is told what Kate wants her to hear. The psychic tells her that nothing can go wrong unless Brandon shows up. Sami is not worried because he’s in London and he’s never coming back.

Bo/Hope/Billie & Georgia: Billie wants to check upstairs before they leave and they can’t stop her but Hope will not let Bo follow. He tells Hope that he knew the whole thing could have been a setup but he had to protect Billie. He kisses her and she tells him that he is just trying to make her forget that she’s still mad at him. He kisses her again and keeps telling her he’s sorry. He says he has to check on Billie and goes up the stairs. Billie finds the girl and asks her name. She tells her she’s Georgia and Billie says I’m your mother. At first the girl says no and then Billie says I’m your birth mother and before long they’re hugging. Bo enters and Billie says Bo come and meet your daughter. The three of them are hugging when Hope enters. She looks devastated.

Mrs. Kiriakis tells Mimi that there is just a lot of stuff unresolved between her and Shawn like why they broke up (duh…look in the mirror for the answers)…why he’s with Jan. She talks about him not remembering. She wishes that they could find out what really happened – it was as if someone was manipulating them into breaking up but that can’t be true. Mimi has her guilty flashback but again doesn’t say anything. Mrs. Kiriakis wishes Shawn would get his memory back. She says they have to resolve this so she can tell her husband that they are committed for life (excuse me…but you kind of did that when you MARRIED him…sheesh) or that she is in love with Shawn. (I could say so much about this asinine conversation but I won’t). Mimi tells her friend that she can’t help her because Rex would be angry with her. Phil comes down the stairs and asks them what’s going on – they sounded so intense. His wife lies to him – she does that soooooooo easily. Mimi leaves – Phil goes on and on about how much he loves her, how he’ll be thinking of her and yada, yada, yada. He then tells asks her to promise that she’ll stay away from Shawn. He sees she’s crying and she tells him it’s just because he’s leaving. He goes on about Shawn not being the guy she used to love and he knows that she still misses that guy – so does he. But Shawn’s changed – he almost killed her…yack, yack, yack. .. He asks her to promise him but she is saved from lying to him again by the ringing telephone. It’s Mimi saying that Rex will have to understand – where does she want to meet Shawn.

I’m not going to say much about the Jan/Shawn conversation except I will comment that I got a good laugh out of the way Jan was dressed to go pick up beer – a strapless mini dress – yup…that’s exactly how I dress when I make trip to the liquor store. I also got a good laugh out of how Mrs. Kiriakis has both Shawn and Jan snowed. Listening to them talk about how ‘true’ and ‘loyal’ she is was worth a giggle or two. Shawn point blank tells Jan that he met her on his walk and kissed her. Jan asks him if she needs to remind him they are engaged. Shawn makes no bones about who he is in love with. Jan says she would never cheat on Phil – that one was worth a big laugh…Shawn says he is going to talk to her before Phil leaves. Jan decides she has to stop it. Mimi comes back and Shawn asks her to help him again…Jan pushes Shawn out the door telling him she has to talk to Mimi. Same old boring threats and Shawn is left pounding on the door. When Shawn is back inside Mimi tells him she will help him but he has to make sure that Jan doesn’t know what’s going on. He says he’ll take care of her…Mimi disappears. Jan comes out in a black leather mini skirt and a bustier carrying a multi-stranded whip – and asks him if he’s ready to play with their whips and chains. He gets a really strange look on his face when she says whips and chains – hmm…maybe a memory???

Preview: Hope to Bo: You don’t know if this is your daughter. This could be a DiMera plot. For all we know she could be working for the DiMera’s. Lucas telling Will it’s time for mom’s next surprise – Sami is beaming. Shawn to Mrs Kiriakis: I need to know that you love me – that you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you. Jan confronting Mimi – You set up another meeting for them, didn’t you. She then shoves Mimi and tells her to get out of her way. Mimi shoves back and says no way. Jan yells back I said out of my way you bitch as she whacks Mimi with her shoulder bag.


Friday Jan 28

Pat’s Spoilers

There’s a lot in this show that I have no real desire to talk about…LOL!

I’m sorry but Kate and Eugenia are a waste of air time. Must be cost effective because their dialogue never changes – geez I never would have guessed that their entire purpose for being is to make sure Sami and Lucas don’t get married. Even Eugenia is not too thrilled that Kate is hoping that Bo and Billie get back together because Bo is married.

Excuse me but just who do Bo and Billie think they are – they are just going to waltz into someone’s home in a foreign country and say you’re our girl you’re coming back to the U.S. with us…Puh-leese.

Hope warns Billie that this could all be a DiMera setup and that Georgia could be working for them. Billie is upset with Hope – she knows this is their daughter – she knew it from the minute she saw her. Bo asks Hope if she thinks that Georgia looks like them. Hope says no. Georgia’s parents come in and Georgia runs to them. Billie makes sure they know that her and Bo are Georgia’s birth parents. They have her birth certificate. Hope tells Bo that him and Billie better start thinking like the cops they are – they don’t even know if these people are who they say they are. Bo says we’ll get the proof we need when we run a DNA test once we take Georgia back to the U.S. Ackk…I can’t believe that Bo was the one that said they were taking Georgia home first. Where oh where is even one sixteenth of the Salem brain when you need it. Georgia cries saying she doesn’t want to go. Billie gives the sob story about how she was taken from her at birth – she never consented to an adoption so it’s not legal – Billie is getting more and more adamant and Georgia is getting more upset with them.

Mimi and Jan – more of the same old same old between those two as well although I loved to see Mimi get the upper hand and lock Jan in the closet. Jan threatens to tell Rex. Mimi threatens that Jan will end up locked behind bars for what she did to Shawn. Jan tells her that Shawn was her love slave and he loved being tied down and they had the hottest sex…yawn…Jan also tells Mimi that Belle would never cheat on her husband – jesus, how dumb are these people. Same thing with Shawn spouting the same crap about how she would stay true to Philip – yup, just like she stayed true to him.

Mrs. Kiriakis tells her husband the truth (needed to mark that on the wall) when she tells him that it was Mimi that calls – but then I had to erase it because of course she lies about the nature of the call. Mimi told her that if she finds herself alone then Shawn will see her. She asks her husband what his plans are and they are to spend as much time as possible with his beautiful wife but he has one thing to do.

The Phil/Kate scenes – I refuse to talk about their conversation because I hated hearing both him and her talk about his duty and his job…Blech…He asks Kate to look after his wife and to make sure Shawn stays away from her. When she asks him to be careful he says he has a lot to live for including starting a family with his wife. They might as well put Mrs. Kiriakis in maternity padding – can they make it any more obvious that she is pregnant. How sad that he salutes his mother…where’s a barf bag when you need one.

Mrs. Kiriakis here’s a noise as soon as Phil leaves and goes upstairs. Shawn come in through the bedroom window. She slaps him. I’m sorry but that woman needs a reality check. She tells Shawn it’s his fault that she lied to her husband – can you see the smoke … it’s me cursing a blue streak… he ruined her wedding night and he kissed her – blah, blah , blah. Everything is always someone else’s fault – yup Shawn had a gun to her head and forced her to lie…Shawn asks her if she just wanted to see him to slap him. She wants to see him so she can convince him it’s over between them. He has something he hopes will change her mind. He found this digital scrapbook on his computer – he figures he was making it for her for a gift – he wants her to see it. Its some pictures of them and he comments about how happy they were – she agrees. I did like JC’s performance – he gives it the best he can but I’m sorry it just didn’t do anything for me because I didn’t see him get anything back. The talk about how she made him a better person and he didn’t want to live with all this resentment and anger any longer was nice. The part about her being his compass was a little over the top but he gives it his best. He has the almost tears, the catch in the voice – it’s there. He says he loves her – she says she loves him – he walks towards her and they kiss. Philip comes in and calls for his wife who upstairs betraying him with Shawn.

Preview: Sami holding up a gift and Lucas reading a card that says Wishing You Every Happiness. Sami says it must be from Grandma Evans. Lucas says no, it’s from Brandon – Sami drops it (it’s a piece of crystal). Georgia’s mother holding up an envelope saying we were told to open this if anyone claimed to be Georgia’s birth parents and wanted to take Georgia away from us. Jan telling Rex (who is holding a doll) that she was in a toy store and saw this and couldn’t help but think of Mimi.


Monday Jan 31

Pat’s Spoilers

This is just another one of those episodes that I just couldn’t get into so I’m not going to say much.

Shawn and Mrs. Kiriakis – boring…Shawn says they have to tell Phil – she agrees and tells him to leave. He doesn’t want to leave her to do it on her own – she says it will look like he’s gloating if he stays. Colour me confused – does she think that she’s such a prize???? Sheesh…that arrogance continues to shine through. Shawn, like the good little puppy dog he is going to be, leaves with his tail tucked between his legs. Mrs. Kiriakis goes downstairs and Rex is there – he tells her that her husband got some bad news so she has to be there for him. Phil goes on and on about this guy at the base (like Phil is ever there to know who is who – but wait Belle and Phil had supper with him and his wife…and even Mimi knows them…sigh) who was in a terrible car accident. His wife left him for an ex-boyfriend. There’s more but it was all a constant drone so I tuned it out. Phil is just happy that he doesn’t ever have to worry about that happening to him because he knows she will be faithful to him. Hey – the long awaited comic relief … using the word faithful when referring to Mrs. Kiriakis is always worth a laugh or two.

Loved the smile on Shawn’s face when he comes back into his apartment through the window and hears Jan in the closet. Mimi says well you told me to keep her away from you. Rex comes in and Jan tells him that Mimi set up another meeting between Shawn and Belle. Rex is angry but Shawn says he forced her to – he needed to talk to her. Rex says I bet she really put you in your place. Shawn says they are back together and Belle is telling Phil at this very moment that it’s over. Shawn – you are living in such a dream world. Jan is furious then pretends to accept and goes out. She comes back with this anatomically correct doll that Rex plays with (I’m rolling my eyes, can’t you tell).

Lucas and Sami were cute today up to a point. They get a delivery of wedding gifts and Lucas says they need to wait until after their wedding to open them. This is Sami we’re talking about so she starts opening them. When she finds out the crystal love birds are from Brandon she drops them and they break. She starts freaking out that their wedding being cursed. They argue about Kate – she can’t believe that he really believes his mother isn’t trying to do anything she can to stop them from getting married. Lucas tells her that he’s going to show up at the church to be married – he hopes she can make it because it wouldn’t be the same without her. She decides that she can tell the store that it was broken when it arrived – Lucas says – now that sounds like the Sami I know and love.

Bo made me so angry today. Billie is just … just… so … She demands that Georgia come with them. Georgia doesn’t want to go. Billie says but I’m your mother…geez, that would work on me if I was Georgia. Both sides accuse the other of working for the DiMera’s. Billie says we have her birth certificate. Georgia’s mother says I can prove she’s not your daughter. She brings Georgia’s birth certificate out and there’s a three month difference. Bo just dismisses it as a DiMera plot – the man does not have one brain cell today!! Bo asks Hope if there is any way they can take Georgia back to the States for a DNA test – she says no. Billie talks so condescendingly to Hope accusing her of not wanting them to find their daughter because she is afraid of losing Bo – and Bo lets her talk like that to his wife. Hope says there is a way that they can get proof right now. She asks Georgia what her blood type is but she doesn’t know. Her mother says she is AB. Bo is O negative and Billie O+ so they can’t be a match. Bo still won’t accept it. Hope tells him to stop and think about what he is doing. She asks him if he doesn’t remember what they felt like when Glen first told them he was J.T.’s father. Bo dismisses her saying it’s different. Hope says yes – it is because Glen really was J.T.’s father. The women gives them the envelope that she forgot she had – she was supposed to give it to anyone who claimed to be Georgia’s birth parents. It’s from Tony – it reads that he wish there was a way they could hear his laughter. Even though the letter says they were fooled Bo and Billie won’t concede – Bo thinks that Tony could be tricking them. Georgia clips a strand of hair and tells them they can take that back and use it for DNA testing. Billie hugs her and Georgia wishes them well. Bo puts his arm around Billie comforting her – he just walks past Hope as if she isn’t even there. He tells Billie that he’s going to be there with her every step of the way. Hope hears his promise to Billie.

Preview: Jan (with Mimi, Shawn & Rex looking on) – I’m going to tell your boyfriend what you should have told a long time ago. Mrs. Kiriakis snuggled against her husband as he pets her head –Phil - If I had any suspicion that he was trying to worm his way back into your life it would kill me. Bo to Hope – What you’re not saying is that you don’t want my daughter to be a part of our lives. Tony – When I’m finished Bo and Hope will part never to reunite.

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Tuesday Feb 1

Pat’s Spoilers

I actually didn’t mind the Tony/Bart scenes today. I love when Tony calls him by his full name - Bartholomew…LOL! I like Tony was he’s being witty and sardonic – not a full out nut case. His deck of cards has Hope as the Queen of Heart, Billie as the Queen of Spades and Bo as the King of Hearts. Jack is the jacks…LOL! Tony is in a good mood – he let’s Bart pick the game. Bart goes with Texas Hold’em – he always wins at that at the Indian casino back home. As they talk Bart figures out that Tony is trying to split up Bo and Hope. He bets against Tony because as Bart says – no one can destroy the House of Bope. Tony says when he is though with them they will be apart never to reunite. Tony wins – Bart asks him if he has any cards up his sleeve. Tony whips out the wild card – Georgia Brady – who is very much alive and the key to this whole game.

I’m furious with Bo today – so furious that I don’t even want to talk about the scenes but I’ll give a brief rundown. Patrick asks them to explain what happened. Hope says it was all a DiMera plot. Billie is upset that they might never find Georgia. Bo tells her they will and he will be with her every step of the way. Hope says they need to go home. Billie doesn’t want to because every lead they had led them to this area and her mother’s instinct tells her Georgia is near. Hope says she hates to say this but her instinct has been dead wrong each time. Billie says some really nasty things to her including that Hope should stay out of it – it doesn’t concern her. When Hope says that Georgia is her step-daughter and she’ll be spending a lot of time with her – Billie says we’ll see about that At that point Bo finally tells Billie not to talk to his wife like that.

When they get to the Inn Billie grabs Bo and says we better go in together because they think we’re a couple. Hope wonders if she can get any more obvious. She tells Bo that she is already laying the groundwork – if she can’t find Georgia she’ll settle for the next best thing – him. Bo tells Hope he’s being too hard on her...ACCKKK!!! They go inside and Bo and Hope sit at a table and talk. He accuses her of not wanting Georgia to be a part of their lives. She denies that reminding him they have no idea where Georgia is but they have two sons at home that need them. Hope reminds him what it felt like when they lost J.T. to his biological father – they have to be careful and take into consideration how the adoptive parents will feel. He reminds her how she felt when she found out that Abe and Lexie were raising their biological son. Hope says I’m surprised that you remembered that you have a biological son – two of them in fact – LOL! You tell him Hope!!! She asks if he got Shawn’s message – she’s worried about him. Hope tells Bo that if anything happens to Shawn she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself and she could never forgive him. Bo notices Patrick and Billie hugging and when Hope asks him why he’s upset by that he says it’s because he doesn’t trust Lockhart and he wishes Hope hadn’t brought him. Hope asks him if he thinks she should have come alone – he tells her she shouldn’t have come at all. Hope doesn’t want to argue with him anymore and tries to find the key for her room. When she says Patrick and I checked in together for the same reason you and Billie did. They walk out into the lobby and there’s a picture on the wall that shows Patrick and Hope kissing – Bo is not happy…Hope is amused…LOL!

Billie and Patrick talk – it’s all about Billie thinking she’s not a good mother. She didn’t know her own daughter was alive. Then they found this girl she thought was Georgia and she isn’t – what type of mother doesn’t know her own daughter. Then she gives the story about her and Austin used to pray every night that their mother would find them – but their mother thought they were dead. When her mother found them she ended up blaming her for a long time – she says if her mother would have found her sooner her entire life would have been different – she looks at Bo.

The Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis scenes are so lame – gee whiz – what a surprise, Mrs. Kiriakis can’t get up the nerve to tell her hubby that she’s pulling a Brittany on him – hmmm… at least Brittany had the balls to actually tell her husband that she the marriage was a mistake and to actually file for and get the annulment. I will be fair – Phil didn’t really give her much of a chance. First he gives her papers to put away – yeah, I almost buy that he didn’t want her to look at them – his will, etc. Then he gets a call that he his plane is leaving earlier. He doesn’t want her to come to the airport – she wants to drive him to the airport – he tells her he wants to remember her like – standing in the doorway of the home he is going to come home to. He doesn’t have time to talk to her but when she says she has a gift for him he waits. Okay – now if she can make him listen to her about a gift – why couldn’t she tell him the marriage is over – that would have taken a lot less time than running upstairs and then clutching a box and giving yourself a pep talk – no wonder the guy was gone by the time she comes down. Shawn comes to the door and when he finds out she didn’t ‘have a chance’ to tell him he says he’s going to the airport. Phil has to know the truth – he has to be told because this is their only chance to be together. I’m sorry but the next part really ticks me off – where are the directors, the editors, why doesn’t the actress know which character is which??? Shawn turns to leave and Mrs. Kiriakis calls out – No, Philip stop – I consider that an insult to both JC and Shawn…LOL!

Rex gets all excited because he thinks he figures out what Jan is trying to tell him – Mimi’s pregnant. He grabs her and spins her around and then puts her down thinking he shouldn’t be doing that if she’s expecting. Mimi tells him she is not pregnant. Jan tells Mimi to tell her boyfriend what she should have told him a long time ago. Shawn asks Jan what is going on – why did she give that doll to Rex. Rex decides that Jan is really crazy and he shouldn’t listen to anything she has to say. They go to the bedroom. He gives Mimi the trust lecture again and just when Mimi decides to tell him about the abortion he realises he has to get ready to go to work. He is in the tub and she’s in the bedroom spilling her guts out. This is supposed to be so emotional – but all I could think about was why doesn’t Mimi realise Rex isn’t saying anything…she’s telling him that he’ll never want to see her again, that she did something so horrible – yet she doesn’t find it strange that he doesn’t respond – hello – THIS IS REX…he never lets you finish a sentence, Rex – remember that guy. She tells him everything and then says if he doesn’t want to see her again to just not say anything – he doesn’t – she goes to the door saying goodbye.

Shawn pushed Jan to tell him about what happened this summer. She is just angry that he is leaving her. She tells him she is hurt that he doesn’t remember and then angry that he is surprised they didn’t have sex. She says it’s because she’s a real woman and he wasn’t getting any. She starts talking to the doll as if the doll is their daughter – hmm when she gave it to Rex it was boy – now it’s a girl. Shawn sees that she is demented but I don’t think he realises that she is crazy and dangerous – especially to him. She can’t believe he wants to go back to Belle when she lied to him – he says you lied to me. She thinks he knows something but of course he’s referring to the lie she told him about Belle pushing her down the stairs. She tells him that he made her fall in love with her and then he abandoned her and she isn’t going to let him abandon her again. He says he’s leaving – she doesn’t want to let him go. She doesn’t want Philip to have to kill him. He tells her it’s over and she needs to accept it. She needs help – he’s sorry he led on her. He leaves. She is furious and says if she can’t have him no one can – she tells their ‘daughter’ that she won’t let Daddy leave them.

Preview: Sami to Lucas – You don’t want to give up your apartment because you’re not sure we’re actually going to get married. Mrs. Kiriakis at the airport talking to herself – I have to be the one to tell him because if Shawn does Philip will kill him – camera pans to Shawn and then Phil. Hmmm…Phil didn’t have any time to talk to his wife but he had time to get another haircut on his trip from the loft to the airport and time to change into camouflage gear. Hope to Patrick – Sounds like another manipulation tactic to me – she opens a door and Billie is in Bo’s arms. Kate to Eugenia – We need to do something definitive – something that will stop Sami from walking down the aisle – she holds a gun in her hand.


Wednesday Feb 2

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be very very short because I really couldn’t get into this episode. I swear to God if Bo gets any more condescending towards Hope….Grrrr….he is so dense. I’m sick to death of Kate and her sidekick Eugenia. So here goes…for what it’s worth.

Kate/Eugenia: A nurse comes over and Kate gives her instructions – hmm… I thought she was going to look after him. Kate then tells Eugenia they need to take definitive action to make sure the wedding doesn’t happen. She pulls out a gun from her purse. Eugenia says she would do a lot of things to get back at Sami but not kill. Kate says it’s Roman’s gun and she has a permit but that isn’t what she was looking for. She pulls out a piece of paper and tells Eugenia that she has to hack into the website that Sami goes to every day without fail to check her horoscope. Eugenia refuses. The last time she did that it cost her her job and she hasn’t found a decent one since – besides it’s illegal. Kate tells her she’s too good to get caught and tells her this is her chance to get back at Sami. Eugenia can tell Sami is logged in – she changes the horoscopes. Eugenia says it’s too bad they won’t know Sami’s reaction to the horoscope – Kate says follow me and they go out.

Sami is on the phone with Eric. He can’t make it to the wedding. Lucas comes in and she asks him if he talked to the landlord about his lease. He says no. She gets upset with him because she thinks he hasn’t done it because he doesn’t think the wedding will happen. He tells her he wants to wait until their married because of her – she’s so superstitious – he doesn’t want to upset the wedding gods by moving in before they’re married. She calms down. She goes to check her horoscope and when Lucas wants to read it she won’t let claiming its bad luck to read your fiancée’s horoscope. He says he needs to go pick out his socks for tomorrow and wants to know if there’s any colour he should avoid – she tells him there are no bad luck socks. She reads today’s horoscope that says a man from her past will destroy her happiness. She checks her wedding day horoscope and it says it’s your wedding day but you’re not going to make it down the aisle. She freaks and Lucas closes the computer and tells her to forget about horoscopes and trust in their love. He came back for his cuff links. After he leaves Kate and Eugenia show up outside her door and Kate says I bet she’s phoning Brandon’s office to make sure he’s there. Sami is doing exactly that and she finds out he is in Salem. She screams and Kate and Eugenia are positively gloating…so pathetic.

Mimi is packing. Rex comes out and she tells him she is so sorry and asks if there is anything she can do. He tells her what’s done is done and there’s no going back. She says she’ll leave. He doesn’t understand why she is leaving – yes they have things to work out but he loves her. She finds out he didn’t here her so she forges on telling him she has something to tell him that she should have told him a long time ago. The conversation comes around to Jan and she tells him that Jan knows and she almost told him earlier today. Rex ends up getting a call and comes back with the doll. He wants to know if what she has to tell him has something to do with that doll. Then of course Rex proceeds to claim that he knows what it’s all about. Jan is jealous of what they have – she picked up on the fact that Mimi wanted to have a family with him and he wasn’t ready. He tells her Jan is crazy and nothing she can say can come between them – what’s in the past is over and done with.

Jan confronts Mrs. Kiriakis and spouts a few home truths that Mrs. Kiriakis doesn’t like to hear. Mrs. Kiriakis tells her she doesn’t have time to listen to her and leaves. Jan knows that she can get to her – she’s half way there already. All she has to do is make sure that neither Shawn nor Phil’s wife gets a chance to talk to him. She heads to the airport. Shawn is searching for Phil. Phil is in a restricted area telling a fellow Marine how Belle would never do to him what Maria did to Paul. He lists off a string of virtues that definitely don’t apply to his faithless wife. Mrs. Kiriakis arrives declaring she has to talk to her husband and tell him she’s dumping him mere hours after their marriage to be with her ex because if Shawn tells him Phil will kill him. Both Mrs. Kiriakis and Jan get there just in time to hear Phil being paged. Shawn was able to talk someone into paging Phil. Jan creates a diversion by pulling a fuse out of the fuse box and plunging the area into darkness. Shawn sees Phil and calls out for him.

Bo accuses Patrick of making a move on Hope and then he sees Patrick and Billie hugging and says now he’s moving in on Billie. Hope thinks they make a cute couple and asks him why it upsets him. He says Billie is a friend and he doesn’t trust Patrick – he could still be working for the DiMera’s trying to manipulate her. Hope asks him why he can’t see that Billie is manipulating him. Bo doesn’t agree. Hope tells him they have no proof that Georgia is alive but he has a family and sons that need him. She brings up the idea of hiring a private investigator to do the legwork but Bo won’t here of it – it’s his daughter and he’ll search the world for her if he has do. She asks him at what cost. Is he willing to lose her and his family? He says he’ll always be there for his family – she tells him ‘you could have fooled me’ and walks outside. He follows her and tells her not to walk away from him – she says why not, that’s what you did to me. They argue a bit more and he leaves her to go and pack.

Patrick tells Billie not to blame herself. She says Georgia was taken from her and she has to find her. He says I know and you can but you need to do one thing – cut Bo loose. He tells her to send Bo home to be with Hope and his sons. She says they need Bo – he’s such a good investigative cop (no comment). He tells her if you have Bo you get Hope. She doesn’t care. He says this could be dangerous. What happens if Bo and Hope get killed – their son’s will be orphans – do you want that on your conscious? The two of them have no one to go home to – they can work together. She tells him Hope can go home and be with her boys. He says like she’s going to leave you with her husband. Billie could care less – if Hope feels threatened by her that’s her problem. She sees the picture and teases Patrick about having a thing for Mrs. Brady. She goes upstairs.

Outside Hope is thinking out loud – Tony is after more than destroy mine and Bo’s marriage – he’s out to destroy everyone. Patrick tells her that she’s right. He goes on about Billie not going after Bo – she just wants to find her daughter. Hope says she knows Billie better than he does. They go inside. Outside the door to the room Bo and Billie are in Hope hears Billie telling Bo to go home with Hope. She wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if anything happened to him. Hope tells Patrick it sounds like another manipulation tactic and she opens the door to find Billie in Bo’s arms – she’s not looking too happy!!

Preview: Jan talking to a Marine – Do you see that guy over there – he came to steal the wife of a Marine. I want you to stop him. Kate to Eugenia – all our pawns have to play their roles perfectly. Sami will be destroyed. Lexie tells Sami to go to bed and let fate take care of tomorrow. Sami replies that the fates are out to get her – she’s #1 on their hit list. Mrs. Kiriakis crying into the phone as her hubby tells her he loves her – she tells him she loves him (why am I not surprised that she doesn’t end it – oh wait, that would require a spine, wouldn’t it – silly me) – Shawn grabs the phone and says that’s not true Philip.


Thursday Feb 3

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: This show was difficult to write up, especially the scenes involving Jan and the Marines and Shawn and the Marines. Both were in extremely bad taste in my humble opinion.

At the Airport: Philip, Marines, Jan, Shawn, Belle…in the dark…

Mr. Kiriakis and his fellow Marine have to stay in the restricted area (not sure why the other Marines don’t). He wants to find out about the page but isn’t allowed to.

Jan has one of her flashbacks from when she turned the airport lights off and mumbles that she needs to get Shawn away from there before he or Belle can tell Philip the truth.

Shawn sees Philly in the distance and moves toward him unsuccessfully. He can’t get any help. Belle is roaming around looking for both of them and wanting to get to Philip before Shawn does. She sees Phil and says oh my god. Jan starts flirting with a Marine (kissing him) and convinces him and his fellow Marines to do a favor for her.

Belle is shouting out Shawn’s name and Marine stops and offers help. He asks what unit Shawn is in and she says recon. He tells her that they are shipping out yet but the guys that are leaving are going into danger… Belle has two flashbacks--her fight with Jan, and Philly in combat (looks like some b-rated black and white movie from World War I).
Fake Marine Philly has a picture of Belle that he shows his buddy and is talking about her love for him.

Jan points Shawn out to the Marines and says he’s going to steal one of the Marine’s, Philip Kiriakis’s wife, She suggests that maybe they should do something about it, appealing to their camaraderie...etc.

Philip has a feeling that Belle is in the airport. He tells his buddy Jake that she gets emotional and that he wasn’t able to say goodbye. Jake keeps asking questions like have they been in love for a long time. Philip says no, they’ve been friends forever and that she was in love with someone else for a long time but that’s over. Philip says she loves him now and married him. His buddy also asks him whether the guy was his best friend and Phil says yes but no more. Jake asks whether Shawn is still into Belle but Phil is getting irritated and says that it doesn’t matter because she isn’t into him. He talks about Belle’s commitment to him.

Belle is alone and talking to herself. She is determined to tell Philip before he leaves so that she and Shawn can be together…if he goes off, before he knows the truth, to fight for his country, it will be too late.

Jan’s Marine buddies grab Shawn and take him into a room. He gets threatened. around. They tell him to stay away from their Philly’s wife and start beating him up. Jan is, of course, is lurking nearby. She is doing this noble act for their future…

Philip uses his Sgt.’s (I think) phone. He wants to call Belle one last time. Jan’s new buddies tell her that they took care of Shawn. She opens her “kissing booth” and gives them each one as a thank you. She goes home to wait for Shawn...doesn’t want him to see her, something about those boys priming her for Shawn. Philly is listening to Belle. She keeps insisting that she has to tell him something. He keeps cutting her off and going on and on about how her love will get him through everything and he loves her and she loves him…etc… etc… Belle tells him she loves him as well. Shawn grabs the phone and tells Phil it’s not true, that Belle loves Shawn.

Lexie’s home: Lexie, Celeste, and Brandon

Both Lexie and Celeste are upset with Brandon for returning to Salem, and try to convince him to leave. Celeste’s mind flashes back to when she made her dire predictions, but Brandon refuses to leave Salem and is sure nothing bad will happen. He promises Lexie that he’ll stay away from Sami.

After he has gone, Lexie tells her mother that Abe and Leo are sleeping upstairs. They discuss Abe’s health while Celeste is flipping her cards over. She tells Lexie that it doesn’t look very good.

Hallway outside of Sami’s Apartment: Kate, Eugenia, and later…Sami

Kate and Eugenia are having one of heir hourly lurkers meeting outside of Sami’s apartment. Inside the apartment, Sami is calling Brandon’s office and is told that he has left for Salem. She is screaming and Kate and Eugenia are happy campers. Sami comes out and sees Kate only. She blames her for trying to ruin the wedding but Kate puts on an act like she is soooooooo innocent. She says she’s only trying to help but Sami tells her to go to hell. Kate is trying to provoke Sami and asks her if she’s going to meet her lover. Sami rebuts that Brandon isn’t her lover and Kate smiles saying she never even mentioned Brandon’s name.

After Sami leaves, the boring duo reunites, and they laugh…ho…ho…ho….yawn… wondering what Sami will do next. They both think she will go looking for Brandon at Lexie’s, but Kate doubts she’ll get the information from her. Somewhat bizarrely later, Eugenia has her laptop on so she can track Brandon’s movements by his credit card purchases.

Back at Lexie’s: Lexie, Celeste, and Sami

Sami bangs on the door and wants to know where Brandon is. She is anxiously searching for him while Celeste wants to know how she found out Brandon is back in Salem. Sami explains about her horoscope and how she called his office. Lexie tells her to go home and forget about him. Sami is sure that her wedding will be destroyed and she is going to find him. Lexie kicks her out. Celeste mumbles something about the stars…lol…but Lexie doesn’t believe it matters whether Brandon stays or goes.

Hotel close to the airport: Brandon, Kate, and later Sami / Miss Wendy’s
haberdashery of evil: Miss Wendy, Eugenia

Brandon is sitting at the bar drinking. Kate is…c’mon you guys can finish the sentence for me…yes…yes…she is LURKING!!!
Eugenia goes over to Miss Wendy’s place with lots of money. They call the hotel and ask for Brandon to be paged. While he’s gone, Little Miss Kate knocks up his drink with drugs and goes back into lurker mode. Brandon returns, finishes his drink, and goes to his room.

We see Sami phoning Miss Wendy to ask her what she should do. Wendy has her hand out and Eugenia keeps slapping more money into it. The all-seeing Wendy tells Sami where Brandon is. Sami goes to find him.

In the next scene, Eugenia is at the bar with Kate (When do these women sleep???) when Sami comes running in to talk to the bartender. He won’t tell her where Brandon is and asks her if she’s a hooker. Eugenia has Sami paged. Sami leaves and Kate does the same number on her drink as she did to Brandon’s. Sami comes back, finishes her drink and sees Brandon’s bill with the room number on it and off she trots to see him (see where this is going????)…groan. Eugenia is praising Kate.

We see a dozy Brandon calling Lexie from his room to give her his location but she doesn’t want to know. She warns him about Sami being on the lookout for him and that he shouldn’t go anywhere until the wedding is over.

Back at Lexie’s, Celeste who also sees-all is upset. She says that Brandon and Sami are on a collision course.

Back at the hotel, Kate is back in lurker mode and has a blond wig on, black framed glasses, and is wearing a cleaning lady’s outfit. She is talking to Eugenia and saying that she is doing all this for Lucas…what a mother! Kate talks about Curtis and also about how Sami ruined Austin’s life too. Eugenia hides when Sami appears and Kate pushes the cart into her. Sami asks her for the key to her “room”, saying she lost hers. Kate won’t give it to her and asks for identification. The rest of this is so beyond ridiculous…Sami pulls out a twenty…Kate insists on getting all of Sami’s money. All Sami has is $28.00 and some coins. Kate unlocks the door and Sami goes in.

Kate and Eugenia are rejoicing that their plan worked. Sami is yawning, starts talking to a sleeping Brandon.


Shawn talking to Belle: He doesn’t care if every marine tries to stop him. Philip has to know the truth so they can be together.

Mimi talking to Rex: They can’t have a family because she doesn’t deserve to be the mother of his children

John talking to Kate: He would do anything for his children. Kate says she would too.

Eugenia talking to a sleeping Brandon with an equally sleeping Sami by his side—She’s rubbing his chest and says that he sure is fine and that Sami had to have him one more time even though it was the night before her wedding.

Friday Feb 4

Janice’s Spoilers

Welcome to Passions II…Mr. Reilly has now successfully completed the metamorphosis, and the beautiful show that once encompassed romance, adventure, imagination, and family values…has gone completely by the wayside…sigh…

Shawn/Rex’s Loft: Rex, Mimi, doll, fantasy Jan dressed up like the doll (need I say more?)

Rex urges Meems to come to bed and asks her what’s wrong. She mumbles that she’s not tired. He asks her what’s wrong. Mimi tells him she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. He tells her she won’t and they hug. She is looking at the doll on the couch. It has transformed into Jan, dressed exactly like the doll. Jan/doll is telling Mimi that she is going to lose Rex no matter what happens now. Rex tells Mimi he’s sorry for putting her in the position that she had to choose between her love for him and her friendship with Belle. He admits that Belle still loves Shawn and that Philip deserves to know. Jan/doll pops up again and mocks Mimi. Rex says that Phil and Kate are the only family he has now and he has to stand by them (um…Lucas? Billie?) He talks about what a wonderful and caring mother Kate is...that she would do anything for her children (no comment..lol..)

He picks up the doll and says that he is really looking forward to them having a family. The doll morphs into Jan/doll again. Mimi tells Rex that she would make a lousy mother. He gives her the doll (why are they playing with dolls?) and tells he that he thinks she would make a great mother. He tells her that he is looking forward to being a great father. When Rex asks Mimi about her paleness, she admits that her head hurts…join the club…and she thinks it might be the flu...oy vey! He wants to know about her confession when he was taking a bath. Mimi has a flashback to that scene and lies to him again, saying that she just wanted to apologize for helping Shawn and Belle when he didn’t want her to. Rex says he understands, knows she wouldn’t lie about something that mattered. Mimi tells him that she would do anything to keep him with her (foreshadowing?) Jan/doll is dancing and being sarcastic…

Mimi takes hold of Jan/doll and wants her to disappear. She’s talking to herself about the abortion being the wrong thing to do. Jan/doll keeps digging at her and tells her to keep her mouth shut and to keep Belle away from Shawn.

Airport: Shawn, Belle, and Jan

We have light again. Everyone is clapping. Shawn is still on the cell phone with Philip but the line is full of static. He is telling Phil about Belle loving him and that he’s sorry if Phil thought his marriage was something that it wasn’t, but that it is over. The line goes dead and he’s not sure if Phil got the message. He asks a Marine whether Philip has taken off yet and is told that the last transport has gone and that his cell phone won’t work now.

Jan is in lurker mode and listens in as Belle tells Shawn that it’s too late. Belle touches Shawn’s face and wants to know what happened. He says it doesn’t matter and that no matter what the Marines do to him, he is determined to make sure than Philip knows the truth so that they can be together… even if he has to personally fly over there and tell him... Belle tells him that it is too late, but Shawn is still determined to find a way. She doesn’t want to write to him. When Belle tells him that maybe they should wait until Phil comes back, Shawn tells her that they can’t put their love on hold for that long. He says that Phil has to know before he goes into combat and that they have to tell him the truth that they love each other and are going to be together. He tells her that he has an idea and takes off.

Jan zooms over just so she can rag on Belle (on second thoughts maybe we should call this the Jan Show from now on...she seems to be in two places at once). Belle is asking her why she is even there (something I’d like to know as well!) Jan is laying a guilt trip on Belle about how Philly’s blood will be on her hands if he dies while he’s away. She Talks about vows made before God and that God will punish Belle.

Jan says that it will make Belle’s life easier if Philip dies over there. She keeps talking as if Shawn is still her fiancé. Belle tells Jan that she loves Shawn and not Philip. She doesn’t want to hurt Philip. Jan retorts that Shawn can use amnesia for an excuse for what he is doing but what can Belle use? Belle says that she has been lying to herself and that Phil deserves to know the truth. Belle tells Jan that she is just trying to guilt her so she will stay with Philip because she is desperate to hang onto Shawn. She tells Jan that it’s never going to happen.

Shawn goes up to a Marine and asks if Belle can speak to Philip in the air. The guy says no. He goes back to Belle and tells her that there is just one other way for her to tell Phil the truth…email…and asks her if she will do it. Belle remembers Phil’s guilt trip about how awful it would be to get a Dear John letter in the mail or by phone. Shawn keeps trying to convince her. He tells her that Philip will only believe the truth if it comes with her. Jan, of course, doesn’t think she will, and vows to make sure that if she loses Shawn, that there will be hell to pay...starting with her best friend Mimi losing Rex. Shawn asks Belle if she still loves him. He asks her if she’s changed her mind. She tells him no she hasn’t.

John/Marlena’s Penthouse: John, nurse, and later…Kate

John looks a mess…hasn’t shaved, in a lot of pain. He’s having a dream about his last conversation with Marlena when they were on the raft. His eyes are half closed and he sees someone and thinks it’s Marlena coming back to him. It’s his nurse who for some reason does look like his wife…groan… John turns over and the framed glass picture of John and Marlena crashes to the floor…glass everywhere.

Hotel: Kate, Eugenia, Sami, and Brandon

Kate has a flashback to drugging Sami and Brandon’s drinks and says that Sami will self-destruct in Brandon’s room. Kate leaves and Eugenia is talking to herself in the hallway…yawn…

Sami is trying to get Brandon to leave town. He’s on the bed sleeping and doesn’t answer her. She thinks it’s deliberate. She starts to rant about wanting to marry Lucas, how Kate and Eugenia are working against her, etc. She starts to feel the effects of the drugs and sits down on the bed. She goes on to rant about Jan and how she hurt Belle and Shawn.

Sami can’t figure out why she is so tired. She realizes that Brandon is really sleeping and finally crumples unconscious on top of him.

Eugenia comes in with champagne (trying to set the mood) and climbs over Brandon and starts undoing his belt…I’m not going further because this is just so stupid. All I’ll say is the show ends with both Brandon and Sami naked in bed, covered with a sheet.

Back at the Penthouse:

Kate gets the nurse to agree to stay for the night. She calls Lucas and says that she hired a private investigator to follow Sami (we don’t hear Lucas). Surprisingly, Kate tells him that the investigator didn’t find anything wrong and she wishes them happiness.

The nurse is on a break. Kate goes up to see John. She tells him that people think he has the flu and Lexie and the nurse will keep his real condition a secret. John opens his eyes and asks for some drugs. He’s groaning and shaking. Kate wants him to think about his daughter. John says he would do anything for his children. Kate says she would too. She says that Roman and Marlena wouldn’t want them to grieve…that they would want them to be there for their children…yada…yada… John is dreaming again of Marlena. Previews:

Brady talking to Nicole…something about somebody having reconstructive surgery…

Nancy talking to Chloe (her face is all bandaged up)…asking how she is feeling… Chloe replying that she will be better once she has seen Brady…

Shawn talking to Belle…telling her she has to ask for an annulment. Belle tells him she won’t ever do that.


Monday Feb 7

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I didn’t think it could get any worse after the dancing Jan doll yesterday. I was wrong. The Mimi scenes today are horrendous and too bizarre for me to go into much depth with.

Victor’s House: Brady, Nicole

Popcorn…beer…scary movie…Brady…Nicole… Brady’s mind seems far away as he sits at the computer. He tells Nicole about getting an email from Father Tim about their Christmas donation to the Giving Tree. A little girl...Clara? Claire?, whose family was the one Brady and Nicole sponsored) was in a car accident. Clara’s family is without Health insurance. The girl is also a budding singer, a fact which makes Brady think about Chloe. He’s on the phone again and we hear Nicole swearing that Chloe continues to come between them. She thinks of something that will be expensive but worth it. She suggests to Brady that they go to the clinic and that she make another donation to the family for medical expenses in memory of Chloe. Brady thinks it’s a great idea. They kiss.

Clinic outside of town: Nancy, Chloe

Chloe is in bed with her head covered in bandages. She wakes up from surgery and Nancy is there to reassure her that everything will be all right. She says that Craig called. She is going to call him. Chloe is looking at a picture of Brady. We see a beautiful flashback of them together.

Nancy sees the doctor who tells her that there could be complications. He warns Nancy that Chloe isn’t out of the woods yet. He says that the surgery might not have been a success.

Nancy comes back and Chloe tells her mom that she feels okay but will be better when she sees Brady.

Shawn/Rex’s Loft: Mimi, Rex

Mimi is restless in her sleep. She has a hallucination that she sees a little boy (we hear Jan mocking her). Mimi thinks she is pregnant. She wakes up screaming and crying. Rex realizes that she has a fever. Mimi still sees the little boy and hears Jan’s taunts. The boy leaves and Mimi follows him. He waves and vanishes. Mimi faints.

The Airport: Shawn, Belle, and Jan

Jan is lurking while Shawn and Belle are talking. Belle tells Shawn that she can’t email Philip because it would break his heart and kill him. Shawn asks her if she is really willing to let Philip go on believing a lie. Shawn wants her to ask Philip for an annulment but she refuses. He tells her she can’t stay married to someone she doesn’t love. Belle tells him that he is wrong and she does love Philip. He argues that she doesn’t.

Shawn says: “Please don’t tell me you are going to stay in this marriage just because you don’t want to hurt Philip’s feelings.” Belle tells him that Philip was unselfish and cared about her. Shawn argues that he took advantage of her but Belle says the opposite was true and that she used him to get over Shawn. Belle says that somewhere down the line, she did fall in love with Philip and doesn’t want to hurt him. She admits that it’s not the kind of love she has for Shawn and that Philip shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes. He tells her that he knows it’s tough, but how she go on living this way? Belle says she’s confused and wants time on her own. She leaves.

Jan approaches Shawn. He asks her what she is doing there(never does get an answer). He doesn’t want to talk to her. She says: “Tough! I’ve had it with the way you’ve been treating me! (excuse me? Didn’t he break up with her?). He yells at her that he doesn’t want to be with her and to leave him alone...they are not going to have this conversation. Jan asks him how he can keep pledging his undying love to a woman who wants nothing to do with him. Shawn says that Belle does love him. Jan says: “Are you deaf and blind? She just told you that she loves Philip and she has no plans to leave him. It’s pathetic that you can’t accept that.” He tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her and if he is so pathetic then why does she want to be with him? Jan tells him that whether he wants to admit it or not, he is in love with her. He tells her that she’s delusional (gee yah think???) They start arguing about the validity of the engagement. Shawn reminds her that he can’t even remember it happening. He says that something is definitely not right. Was he drunk at the time? He also warns her that he will eventually remember everything that happened and exactly how Jan got so damned involved in his life. Shawn stomps off. Jan mumbles one of her usual dire threats…Shawn will be sorry…no one messes with Jan Spears…Mimi...etc...

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Shawn

Belle notices Philip’s stuff all over the place and thinks it feels weird to be there without him. We see a flashback of Belle and Philip kissing and then one of Belle and Shawn kissing. She picks up the stuffed snowman from Shawn and hugs it to her. Belle says: “Oh god, what am I going to do?” She asks herself how she could have married Philip when she was still in love with Shawn.

Shawn arrives and tells her he’s sorry for putting so much pressure on her. He says that he knows that she doesn’t want to hurt Philip, and neither does he. He says: “I don’t want to be apart from you, so if that makes me a selfish bastard...” She says it’s no one's fault. Shawn asks her if she still loves him. Belle says of course she does and that she never stopped loving him. Jan walks in… Belle and Shawn are kissing.

Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas, Will

Both Lucas and Will are shining their shoes for the wedding. They talk about how exciting it is that soon they will be a real family. Will is worried about his Grandma Kate (listen kid, we all are). Lucas reassures him and has a flashback of Kate telling him about the private investigator. He tells his son that Kate knows that he and Sami love each other and belong together.

The Hotel: Eugenia, Sami, and Brandon

Eugenia is standing outside of Brandon’s hotel room talking to Kate on her cell phone. She tells Kate that everything is okay and we see another flashback of Kate putting drugs in Sami’s drink. They discuss ‘phase two’.

In Brandon’s room, Sami and Brandon are against each other and kissing.

Outside again, Kate tells Eugenia that there is a lot more to do. They have to get Lucas over to see them together (gosh, this plot-line has never been done before…groan).

Back at Lucas’s Apartment…

Kate calls Lucas and says she’s sorry about the private investigator. Lucas asks her for her blessing and she gives it. She wants to know where Sami is and Lucas says he imagines she’s at home, maybe having a bath. He peeks out the window and sees that Sami’s apartment is all dark.

Back at the hotel…

Eugenia keeps checking the room. Sami is dreaming that she is in bed with Lucas and starts kissing Brandon. She wakes up bewildered and realizes it is Brandon. She wonders what happened but can’t figure it out. Brandon, who is still sleeping, pulls her closer to him. Sami falls back asleep, sure that everything will be alright when she wakes up again.

Lucas’s Apartment…

He wants to go check on Sami but Kate says it’s bad luck and that she’s probably sleeping. She hangs up and goes over to his place, saying she is sorry, so sorry.


Nancy tells Chloe that she wants her to go and see Brady after the bandages come off. She says he will dump Nicole. Chloe says she isn’t so sure.

Belle tells Shawn that it is too late for them. Shawn tells her that it’s never too late to go to Philip and tell him that they love each other.

Lucas tells Kate that she never wanted him to marry Sami so what happened? She tells him that he is absolutely right.

Hope asks Bo whether he is saying that he is sorry she and Patrick came to Europe to look for him. Bo says she should never have come.


Clinic: Chloe, Nancy, Brady, Nicole, the doctor, and Clara

Chloe doesn’t believe Nancy when she tells her to be positive. She thinks the surgery didn’t go as well as it could. Nancy tells her that that will take her a while to heal, there might be some remaining scarring. Chloe tells her mom that if the scars don’t go away she won’t see Brady. While Nancy tries for the umpteenth time to convince her daughter that Brady would love her no matter what, Chloe isn’t buying it. She tells Nancy about seeing Brady with Nicole and believing that they care about each other. Nancy counters that Nicole just preyed on his grief and that Chloe is the love of his life. Chloe cries.

Brady and Nicole are at the clinic talking to the doctor. He is raving about their donation. They see a picture of what the little girl looked like before the accident and another of what she looked like after and are upset. The doctor mentions another patient who had the same type of surgery. He asks if they would like to meet the little girl. Brady says yes, but Nicole wants Clara’s okay first. The doctor goes to check with her mother.

The doctor tells Clara that Brady and Nicole are paying for her operation and she runs to hug Nicole. LOL…Nicole is surprised. Brady has a sweet scene with the little girl, telling her that he wants to talk to her after her operation about pursuing her music when she finishes college. Brady and Nicole get another hug and Clara goes back to her room. Brady asks the doctor about the other patient and is told that she is a singer as well. He asks her name and says that he would like to meet her. Meanwhile, Clara visits with Chloe and Nancy and tells them about her good news.

Devereaux House: Jennifer, Bo, Hope, Patrick, Billie, and Zach

The group returns to Salem and goes over to Jennifer’s house. Jennifer tells Hope that Zach is sleeping. They tell Jen what happened and that Tony was the mastermind behind the whole Georgia garbage. Bo wants to call Shawn but can’t get through. Hope asks Jennifer if Shawn’s been in contact with her. Jennifer says that if there were problems, she was sure they would have heard.

Billie is worse that ever, miserable, ragging on Hope… Bo is ragging on Patrick. He thinks that Patrick enjoyed Tony’s machinations where they were concerned. Jennifer (the voice of reason in this bedlam) tells them all that they should be grateful that they came out of it okay and are safe at home once more. She tells Billie that making a plan instead of jumping into something might be a good idea (gee ya think?)

Bo wants to take his wife home to spend some time together. Billie doesn’t look like a happy camper. Bo goes to check in with the Salem PD. Hope runs upstairs to see Zach. Patrick tells Billie that he will help her in her quest…groan (I so do not want those two together). Jennifer watches them hug each other with a strange look on her face. Bo does a little more Patrick ragging until Hope comes downstairs. She gets into the act and asks him if he didn’t want them to come looking for them. He tells her that no he didn’t (what have they done to my Bo?) and they start arguing.

The baby starts crying. Zach enters the arena (he’s so darn cute). He races up to Hope and hugs her. Bo and Hope cuddle their son. More arguing again with Bo and Patrick and Billie and Hope going at each other. Bo decides to take Hope and Zach home. Patrick offers to take Billie out to eat and she says yes. Hope and Jennifer are talking. Bo’s gone to get some juice for Zach. Jennifer mentions to hope that there is still tension between her and Billie. Hope tells her that Bo’s fatal flaw is that he needs to be Billie’s hero. Zach asks his parents if they are going to go away again. Hope tells him no and they all leave. Jennifer thinks about missing Jack.

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Shawn

They are still kissing and Shawn is lifts Belle up into his arms and twirls her around. She stops him from going any further by reminding him that she is still married. Shawn tells her he’s sorry about the things he has done recently. He doesn’t understand why he was with Jan. She tells him how much he hurt her by the things he said and did on an almost daily basis. Shawn tries to explain that since the accident he’s been confused. He doesn’t know what happened to change him. He says that its because she wasn’t in his life.

Belle admits that Philip was there for her and that she convinced herself that she was in love with him even though she was really still deeply in love with Shawn. She asks him why he didn’t figure this out before she married Philip. She admits her own fault for this mess. She thinks it might be too late for them and that maybe they will have to wait until Philip returns.

Shawn wants Philip to know the truth, so he doesn’t get his hopes up. He says it has to happen soon because he doesn’t know if he can keep from wanting her. They start kissing again but Belle pulls away. She doesn’t agree, thinking that she could never forgive herself if something tragic happened to Phil. Shawn wishes they could have done it at the airport but Belle is glad they didn’t because Philip would have killed him. She asks about his being beaten up, wondering how that happened and whether maybe Philip saw him there.

Shawn still wants to do it. Belle says that she’s supposed to be supporting her husband and sending him care packages. She asks him if he would want her to treat him the same way if the situation was reversed. Shawn tells her that he would want her to be with the man she loved and asks her if she loves him or Philip more. Belle tells him she has always loved him. Shawn tells her that they have a soulmate connection and are destined to be together just like their parents. He says they can take it one step at a time and that the first step is to tell Philip that they love each other. He wants her to email him. We see her crying and sitting at the computer. Shawn kisses her and tells her he is proud of her.

Salem Inn: Eugenia and hotel worker/ Lucas’s apartment: Kate, Lucas

While Eugenia haunts the hallway outside of Brandon’s room, she has a Sami/Brandon fantasy of what she did (really gross). A hotel worker comes up to her and says she has received complaints from other guests about a lurker…lol… He asks if she needs help. She tells him that she was supposed to have a date with Brandon and was just waiting for him.

At Lucas’s: Lucas is somewhat mad at his mommy…lol… She agrees with him that she was never okay with this marriage…blah…blah… She pretends to get upset and tells him about the private investigator wanting to follow Sami tonight but she isn’t at home. She’s crying and starts to tell him…


Patrick talking to Billie about having some fun tonight.

Bo yelling at Hope that Patrick is trying to come between him and it seems to be working. He thinks that is more proof that he is still working for Dimera.

Chloe telling Nancy that she doesn’t want to see Brady. She doesn’t want him to know she is alive at least not until she is back to the way she was before the accident.

Brady hears a voice and says it sounds like Chloe’s.

Wednesday Feb 9

Janice’s Spoilers

*It was so nice seeing Jack again…sigh…Jennifer was wonderful...Abby was kind of cute.

Clinic: Clara, Chloe, Nancy, Brady, Nicole, and the doctor

An excited Clara tells Chloe about her sponsor and how much he is going to help her. The doctor is giving Nicole and Brady information about the “other patient”, and asks Brady if he wants to meet her. Brady tells the doctor that she sounds like a young woman he once knew who would sing to make herself feel better. He doesn’t tell them who she is and goes to ask Chloe. Chloe is demonstrating some singing exercises that Clara can do. Brady hears her and says that it sounds like Chloe (enough already…this is so lame and dragged out). Nicole tries to stop him from finding out. Then, Nancy sees them in the hallway.

The doctor and Nancy are trying to convince Chloe to meet Clara’s benefactors. Next we see him returning and telling Brady and Nicole that it’s a go. The nurse comes in and says that she changed her mind and is too tired.

Back in Chloe’s room, Chloe is mad at her mama because Clara remembers the names of her donors and she realizes that Nancy knew all along. Nancy says that if Chloe waits too long that Brady and Nicole could grow closer.

Devereaux Home: Jennifer, Julie

Jennifer is holding Jack’s picture. She misses him so much…sigh… Jen is lying down on the couch and crying. She tells him that she would give anything for him to be with her right now. Julie drops in saying that she couldn’t sleep and was driving around and saw the lights on at Jen’s. She tells Jen that she is worried about Mickey and Maggie and also that Doug sings in his sleep...lol... Jennifer admits to being sad and feeling sorry for herself. They talk about Jack.

On the boat: Jack, Captain

We see Jack scrubbing away at the laundry…lol…he’s quite a mess. When the captain comes yelling his name, Jack jumps to and says “yes sir...what can I do for you sir...is there a problem sir!” The captain keeps blowing smoke in his face and complains about too much starch in his shirt. He finds out that Jack can iron but Jack refuses to do it. He doesn’t care if he has to walk the plank and he doesn’t do portholes. They argue and the captain threatens not to let him disembark...turn the boat around and take him back from whence he came...lol... Jack turns completely around and says that he doesn’t mind ironing at all.

Jack sees a small transistor radio and finds a Salem station and gets excited. He listens to the weather and promises that he is coming back home to Jennifer soon.

Back at Jennifer’s, she is listening to the same radio station and can feel Jack’s love even stronger than ever before. She says she loves him.

Brady House: Hope, Bo

Hope is upstairs putting Zack to sleep. Bo is downstairs building a fire. She comes down and he wants to cuddle. She’s tired and still angry, and gives him the cold shoulder...lol... but offers to make soup and sandwiches when Bo suggests a late snack. Bo says he’ll just call Billie, and Hope tells him to make his own damn sandwiches (Go Hope!). Now they are arguing. Bo goes on again about how Patrick is working for the Dimeras, but Hope defends Patrick. Bo wants to know how Patrick can wrap Jennifer, Billie, and Hope around his little finger. He tells Hope that Patrick is working all three of them. He goes on about the picture where Hope and Patrick are kissing. She tries once more to tell him that it was just a romantic cover because there was a surveillance camera.

Bo takes a different tack and starts saying nice things to Hope…not… He tells her that he’s glad she is so furious with him because it shows how much she loves him. He starts kissing her neck and cuddling then the scene fades out to just the fire.

Cheating Heart: Abby, Chelsea, Patrick, Billie, and Mace

A panicky Abby and Chelsea are sitting at a table, nursing diet drinks. Abby says they are underage and shouldn’t be there. Chelsea tells her that they aren’t doing anything wrong. Abby is upset when she sees Patrick and Billie come in, but the older couple doesn’t see them. Chelsea is green with envy and wants to know about Billie. Abby tells her about Billie being friends with Jen, being with Bo when Hope was gone, looking for Georgia...etc., but all Chelsea wants to know is if she is interested in Patrick.

Patrick brings beers for both him and Billie. He gets a call, tells Billie it’s about a job, and goes outside where it’s less noisy. Billie is given another beer and asked to dance by a guy named Mace. He’s like a tarantula, putting his hands all over her. She doesn’t seem to mind…lol… Patrick is being threatened by some guy about getting the money to him as soon as it arrives (really lame...the other guy doesn’t look as if he could hurt a fly).

Abby tells Chelsea that they should leave before Chelsea’s mom finds out that they have skipped. Patrick comes back and Billie drops Mace like a hot potato to go back to him. Patrick tells her that they are going to have fun... “It’s about time don’t you think?”

Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas, Kate/Hotel: Eugenia

Kate is crying. Lucas asks her why. He’s positive that Sami is at home. She tells her son a story about the private investigator. Lucas looks at her with skepticism (can’t understand why he doesn’t believe this new version…groan). He phones Sami but gets her answering machine so he decides to go over to her apartment and check. Lucas decides to go check on Sami and make sure she’s okay. He wants to prove it to his mom. He leaves and Kate tells herself that she hates to hurt him like this...yeah right!

Eugenia calls Kate (who is now dressed in a blue uniform as a maid and has a cart), who tells her about the hotel clerk catching her loitering in the hallway. Kate asks about Sami and Brandon and Eugenia opens their door and says they are still out of it. Lucas comes back and tells Kate that Sami wasn’t home. He takes the phone from her, wondering if she is talking to Sami. Eugenia pretends to be the wedding florist (yep they always call late at night). Lucas is upset and asks Kate if Sami skipped town...doesn’t love him..got cold feet? Kate tells him it’s much worse.

Lucas wants his mom to spill the beans and tell him where Sami is. Finally, Kate tells him about Sami going to a hotel and up to another man’s room. He’s in denial and says that Sami doesn’t know any guys. Kate phones her private investigator, who is also Eugenia, and starts a bogus conversation about getting more information. She finishes her conversation and tells Lucas that he will get his proof if they go to the hotel. He keeps yelling at her wanting to know what really is going on and she tells him the Sami is with Brandon. He doesn’t believe it and starts yelling at her again.


Kate telling Lucas that Brandon might be jealous of him and Sami and he could put Sami’s life in danger. She asks him if he could live with losing Sami forever.

Belle tells Shawn that if Philip dies in combat, how could they live with the guilt, knowing that their love killed him.

John, dressed in a sweat suit with a hooded top, looking the worse for wear, is out of the condo. He wants more pain medication. A police yells for both of them to freeze.


Thursday Feb 10

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I just want to credit Drake Hogestyn for the outstanding job he did today.

Penthouse/Docks: John, dream Marlena, policeman, drug pushers...Brady

John is in bed (looking even worse if possible). First he has a flashback with Kate…grrr. Then he is haunted by Marlena visions. He sees her in a white light (Deidre looks beautiful) calling him “my love” and telling him to be strong. She says… “You have me to help you, just be strong and I’ll be there as long as you need me. She won’t abandon him.” She leans into him and disappears. He wakes up saying her name and is upset because it was just a dream. Getting dressed, he notices the nurse is sleeping in a chair. He hobbles over with his cane, (in lots of pain) snoops through her medical bag but it doesn’t show if he took anything. He drops it but the nurse doesn’t wake up. John decides to go out.

We see him on the docks talking to some guy who offers to get him what he needs. We see a small group of guys taking drugs. They take off, leaving one guy behind. He asks him for drugs and pays the guy. A policeman is around and yells “Police! Freeze!” (one of the writers idiotic, lame tension scenes… of course he is yelling at the other guys that just left. He never even saw the exchange.

John hides until they all leave and then takes out the needle and vial. He has another vision (bright light) of Marlena (it’s short but very sweet). He asks her if she has come back to him. They hug and kiss and he wants her to be real this time. She wants him to be strong and have faith and that his love has saved her countless times. He’s crying and begging her to return to him and she reminds him about their past and how she has come back to him before. We see the famous pier flashback. Marlena tells him that he was trying to buy illegal drugs and that he doesn’t need them..they could kill him. She tells him that his family and friends are counting on him and that he must stop taking the drugs.

Marlena tells him he won’t lose her again…that she’ll always be with him…and to listen to his heart. He needs to be there for Brady and belle. Then she disappears and John falls to the ground calling out for Doc, saying he’s in so much pain (Drake did an awesome job today). John is crying. Just as he’s about to inject more drugs, Brady shows up and John reacts angrily at seeing him.

Belle’s Loft: Belle, Shawn

Belle is writing Phil an email and Shawn is by her side giving her encouragement. She realizes that she can’t send it because she hates the idea of hurting him (ends up deleting the email before she can send it). He asks her what she is doing and she tells him that she can’t break up with Philip. She mentions that if Phil gets hurt then it will be her fault. Shawn tells her that he doesn’t want to sound cold or callous but there are soldiers dying right now who didn’t receive a Dear John letter. Belle says that if she sends the email then Philip could lose the will to survive and might volunteer for a dangerous mission because he doesn’t want to live anymore. He’s telling her that they have waited so long.

Shawn says... “So you’re going to stay married to Philip the entire time he is on active duty?” He asks if she is going to let him believe that she is in love with him still. Shawn is talking about her not living a lie because lying only hurts people in the end. He’s afraid that she will start believe the lie and he will lose her. He tells her that they belong to each other and she tells him she knows that. He gives her the example from when he lied to her about Jan’s pregnancy, saying that it broke her heart and tore them apart.
Shawn says that they promised they would never lie to each other. Belle counters, saying she broke that promise when she lied about her mom’s alibi. She says so many bad things happened because of that lie...Shawn ran off...she rebounded with Philip...

Belle continues to worry and says that Philip doesn’t deserve to get hurt…his only mistake was in loving her (I can think of a few others…grrr…). Shawn doesn’t want her to blame herself. He says he could have stayed around and given her more of a chance. Shawn tells her they can’t go back to the past but they can go forward and learn from their mistakes...the can tell Philip the truth. Belle asks him what if the truth will only make matters worse and they can’t ever be together? He asks her why that would be.

Shawn tells her that he’s afraid that all the things he loves about Belle…her love, commitment, loyalty…will end up in him losing her. He talks about the way she has felt about marriage all her life and teases her about when they were in kindergarten and she was always playing bride. Even then, he says, he wanted to be the guy standing next to her when her dream came true. He says: “But I’m not. Phil’s the guy and now you are going to live out your commitment to him and he’ll lose her forever. Belle promises him that she loves and wants a future with him. She tells him that he isn’t going to lose her…but she can’t hurt Phil… blah…blah…Phil could snap. They don’t know the realities of war, what it does to your mind. Shawn reminds her that it was Phil’s choice to join the service and that he will survive. He tells her that they can’t continue to lie to Philip about how they feel about each other. She tells him that they could be responsible for losing an amazing person (Phil) and then they would lose each other. Belle is confused and wants to talk to Mimi. He gives her his keys and says that he will wait for her. She thanks him for being so understanding. They kiss and she goes over to the other loft. Opening the door, Belle starts to scream…

Lucas’s Apartment/Hotel: Lucas, Kate, and Eugenia

Kate is losing it big time. They are still going over the same stuff…yada…yada… while Eugenia is still haunting the hallway outside of Brandon’s hotel room. She’s worried that Kate and Lucas haven’t arrived yet. Kate is ranting about that monster “Sami” and Lucas is still defending her. He says that she doesn’t want him to be with anyone but her. He starts threatening to disown her and keep her from seeing Will if she is lying. Kate tells him that she would never risk his love by lying to him. More arguing….Lucas isn’t buying any of it. He calls Brandon’s room but doesn’t get an answer. He thinks there’s a logical reason if Sami is with Brandon. Sami’s cellphone is also turned off.

Kate is like a broken record, asking Lucas to go over the hotel…over and over and over again. She refers to Shawn and Belle and how he drove his motorcycle through the church window. Kate thinks Brandon might be desperate as well….groan this is getting so redundant…but I will say that Lauren and Brian are doing a great job today. Lucas still defends Sami but finally agrees to go over to the hotel. Kate makes him promise not to tell Sami about her part in hiring the private detective. She tells him if she is wrong, she will dance at their wedding.

After Lucas leaves, Kate starts laughing. The last clip is of Sami and Brandon still sleeping.


Brandon and Sami are waking up and they look at each other.

Bo tells Hope to forget about Billie because he doesn’t want to talk about her… (wanna bet that something interrupts them…ie…Billie?)

John is angry with Brady because he wants the drugs back and Brady ends up punching him.


Friday Feb 11

Janice’s Spoilers

Brady House: Hope, Bo

Bo is whispering on the phone and arranging a special surprise for Hope. He hangs up after thanking the person on the other end. Hope misunderstands and thinks he broke his promise and was talking to Billie. He says she is jumping to conclusions.

Bo tells her that he wanted to surprise his wife because he appreciates her for being so understanding. She apologizes. They talk about the two times he left Hope to go gallivanting with Billie to look for their daughter and how both times she and Patrick saved their hides. He argues that they didn’t need to be rescued and then rags on about Patrick. Hope tells Bo for the umpteenth time that his boys need him. Bo thinks Georgia might be alive. He tells Hope that Billie will never come between “me and my family” and asks her to close her eyes.

Bo blindfolds Hope and carries her up to their bedroom. He lowers her to the bed and takes the blindfold off. There are beautiful roses, champagne, red and white balloons, candles… all around. It’s so romantic. Bo is embarrassed because he knows it’s a little early, but wishes her a happy Valentine’s day. Hope is amazed and he tells her that Maggie helped him. Bo offers her some chocolate truffles (her favorites) from Paris (he ordered them from the internet).

He toasts Hope with Champagne and tells her that there will never be another woman for him. He calls her the smartest, most beautiful, sexy and understanding woman and says that he will love her for the rest of his days. Bo asks if she remembers their first kiss. Then he tells her that he has and will always belong to her (sigh!). Hope says she loves him and they both lay back on the bed.

We see them under the sheets w/o clothes on and eating the chocolates. Bo gives Hope a silver bracelet with a sailboat charm. She tells him she’s sorry for not being able to reciprocate with a gift for him. Bo tells her that having her in his life is all he wants. He tells her that he might just hire a private investigator to look for Georgia.

Cheating Heart: Patrick, Billie, the guy from the night before (forget his name)

Boring!!! I’m sorry, but I just do not want this Billie with my Patrick.

They are kissing (yuck!) Patrick asks if maybe they should switch from beer to coffee but she ignores him and goes on a rant about Bo being with Hope and how she’ll never find Georgia now. Patrick offers to take her home but she declines. The guy from the last show buys her a drink and then says that he has Irish whiskey at his place if she’s interested in a good time.

It sure looks as if she’s trying to make Patrick jealous. She keeps looking back at him. She says no but agrees to dance with the guy. His hands are extremely frisky and Miss Billie tells him “no” a few times and then pushes him away. When he tries to get back to her, Patrick comes to her rescue and stops him…they start fighting while Billie just watches. I can’t say just how lame this stuff is. He gets some help from another guy and Billie ends up accidentally punching him. Turns out he’s a cop and Billie is under arrest for assault. She explains that she meant to hit the other guy. Of course Patrick gets involved and is arrested for obstruction.

Miss Billie tells the cop to call his captain…we do see where this is going don’t we?

Brady House again…

Bo’s cellphone vibrates and wakes him up. It’s the cop telling him about idiot Billie (of course this is going to be blamed on Patrick in the long run). Bo argues that Billie was in rehab…blah…blah… We hear Billie screaming for Bo. In the next scene she is on the phone asking for his help. The arresting cop thinks she should spend the night in a drunk tank and threatens to file a protest if Bo interferes because of rank. He tells the cop that he’ll meet them at the station and sneaks out on a sleeping Hope.

Patrick (the voice of reason today) wants Billie to leave Bo alone because he’s married and has children. He tells her that she didn’t need to call him at home. She yells that she can’t and that she’ll always need Bo and he’ll always be there for her….gmab… They get hauled off to jail.

Docks/Pier: Brady, John

Brady is there watching John about to inject himself. He asks him what he is doing. John is making all sorts of excuses but Brady doesn’t buy it. He wants his father to go into a rehabilitation clinic and get help but John disagrees and gets out the drugs, explaining that they will take away his pain. Brady tries to get the stuff away from him and he mumbles that Marlena wasn’t able to stop him either. His son realizes that his father is in more trouble than he thought.

They start fighting on the ground with Brady begging his father to understand what is happening to him. He tells John that he was hallucinating and that Marlena wasn’t there. He just wants him to stop fighting with himself and get some help. John repeats about the drugs being his only salvation but Brady won’t give them back and says he is going to call Kate and Lexie. John attacks him and Brady ends up punching him out.

On the way to the hotel/at the hotel: Lucas, police officer, Eugenia, Sami, Brandon

Lucas is in the car…Eugenia is checking once again on a sleeping Brandon and Sami and stressing out on the phone to Kate (we don’t see Kate). Lucas is trying to convince himself that Sami had a good reason for going to visit Brandon on the night before their wedding, swearing that if Brandon is exerting any pressure on her… He starts to speed and a siren can be heard in the background… red lights flashing behind him. He mumbles to himself that if Sami has the last minute jitters there’s no telling what she’ll do.

A cop stops him and Lucas frets at the delay. He tells the cop that his record is clean and is asked to step out of the car. The police officer checked his records and found two old DUI charges from along time ago. Lucas argues that it hasn’t happened since then. The cop has him walk a straight line and rights him up for speeding.

Finally, Sami is awake…lol…the look on her face when she realizes Brandon is beside her. Then his face changes to Lucas. Brandon wakes up and sees Sami and is befuddled. In the hallway, Eugenia is verklempt and phones Kate to find out what is keeping her son.

Lucas is in the hallway and Eugenia is a happy camper. He knocks on Brandon’s door.

Shawn’s loft/hospital: Belle, Rex, Mimi, and Shawn…

Belle is screaming. Mimi is lying unconscious. Rex and Shawn run in and Rex mentions about Mimi not being able to sleep and that she is quite warm. Rex keeps asking Mimi to wake up but she doesn’t so they decide to take her to the hospital. We seen them at the hospital next and Belle telling the doctor that her friend is really sick. Mimi is rushed into a room. Rex blames himself, saying that they’ve been arguing a lot and it’s been too hard on her. He explains about the doll Jan gave them…blah…blah… He talks about Mimi not being pregnant, that they are really careful. Belle wonders if Jan knows about Mimi’s secret. Rex pounces on that and wants to know what she is talking about.

Belle has two flashbacks. The first one is when she is asking Mimi to tell Rex about her pregnancy. The second is when she asks Belle to keep her secret. Belle covers up and says that Bonnie should be told about Mimi being sick. She leaves to phone her and Shawn and Rex start arguing about Philip. Rex says that Belle should wait for him to come back and tell him in person. Belle comes back and breaks them up. She defends Shawn to Rex.

Mimi is still unconscious and has a flashback to hugging Rex and telling him she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him (Jan doll is in this one). The doctor is wondering about possible scar tissue in the uterus.

Belle and Shawn are talking. She doesn’t want to talk about them while Mimi is so ill. She makes him promise not to phone, write a letter, or email Philip. He does. Rex says something is wrong...he can feel it.

The nurse takes Mimi’s temp and says it is 103. The doctor wants to know if there was any follow-up care after the abortion or complications. She tries to get Mimi to tell her who else would know and Mimi murmurs Rex’s name, saying he’s her boyfriend. The doctor leaves, saying that she hopes the antibiotics start to work soon, and goes out to see the others. Rex asks if Mimi has regained consciousness and the doctor says not yet. He asks whether she has figured out what is wrong with her and the doctor nods while Belle and Shawn look on.


Belle to Shawn: “I’m doing the right thing so we can be together. I love you.” They smile and kiss.

A frail looking Mimi says to Rex: Something happened that I didn’t tell you.”
Brady to John: You need to go into rehab.” John saying he’s never going into rehab like a common junkie.

Sami is terrified and says: “Oh my god! Oh my god!


Monday Feb 14

Janice’s Spoilers

*I guess yesterday’s little Bo and Hope celebration is the only “valentine” we will get...

Hospital: Rex, Mimi, Shawn, Belle, Bonnie, doctor

Shawn says he can’t believe Mimi is going through this. He is still talking about Philip but Belle stops him. The doctor wants to talk privately with Rex which makes him even more worried about Mimi. He says: “It’s treatable right? Mimi will be okay? (Eric did a great job today).

Bonnie comes in like an elephant in a china shop and confronts Rex wanting to know what he did to her baby and where she is. Once he tells her that they found her unconscious on the floor, Bonnie realizes what’s wrong and wants to talk to the doctor alone. Rex goes back to Shawn and Belle who want to know what is wrong, but he tells him he doesn’t know. Rex asks Belle if she knows anything (excuse me Miss Belle, but I personally think that Mimi’s health is more important right now that keeping that secret...sigh...).

The doctor gives her diagnosis to Bonnie. Mimi has a pelvic infection. Bonnie admits that Mimi had an abortion. Shawn is comforting Belle and Rex sees them. He gets upset and talks about Philip. Meanwhile, Mimi is having a dream/flashback about having the baby (Jan’s voice keeps at her sarcastically). Rex pressures Belle into telling him what she knows. She hints and he remembers that Mimi had female problems a while back so Belle is off the hook.

The doctor comes in and tells them that Mimi has woken up and wants to see Rex. Shawn returns to his favorite subject: Philip. Belle gets angry and tells him to leave her alone and stop trying to manipulate her. She says that Philip would never manipulate her (Uh huh!!!!).

Mimi apologizes to Rex. Bonnie is still talking to the doctor. She’s blames herself for what happened to Mimi because she pushed her to have an abortion. The doctor tells her that the Mimi could have some serious long-term problems from the infection and suggests that Bonnie go and visit her daughter.

A nurse comes looking for the doctor and Bonnie goes to the ER where she runs into Belle. They watch Mimi with Rex and Bonnie gets upset. Bonnie is crying (I actually liked Bonnie today). Both Bonnie and Belle go into the lobby and Belle tries to comfort Mimi’s mom. She tells her that Mimi will be all right and admits that she knows about the abortion. She tries to convince Bonnie that it was Mimi’s decision to have it, but Bonnie still blames herself. Belle tells her that Rex makes Mimi very happy. Bonnie admits that maybe she is right. She tells Belle that Mimi is lucky to have a friend like her.

Mimi wants to tell Rex the truth. Bonnie congratulates Belle on her wedding...she rambles on about the movies in the 1940’s where the man went off to war....and the romantic reunions when they came home. Bonnie tells her not to do what Mimi did. Don’t let other people interfere in decisions because it will ruin her life. They hug and Bonnie decides to go see Mimi. Shawn comes back and asks Belle if she wants to go to the chapel and light a candle for Mimi. Belle tells him that she loves him...she always has...and always will, and will do the right thing so they can be together.

Mimi starts to tell Rex the truth. Bonnie listens in and prays that her daughter will be alright. Rex tells Mimi that there is nothing she could ever say or do that would stop him from loving her.

On the Docks/ Later at the Penthouse: John, Brady

Brady won’t give in to John even when he begs for his drugs. Two cops see them fighting and yells at them to freeze. They find the drugs...think Brady was beating up John, and cuff and arrest them. Brady wants to explain but they won’t listen. They recognize John when they see his I.D. and knows that he works with the ISA. He lies to them and says he was working on a drug sting that went wrong and asked his son to come down (I’m sorry but this is so lame...it is so obvious that John is strung out). The cops believe him and take off.

Kate is at the penthouse having a drink to celebrate her “good works,” when Brady and John arrive. Brady is angry that the nurse and Kate let John get away. He fires the nurse. Kate makes lame excuses. John blames himself. Kate’s only thinking about what will happen if they find out where she was. John gets a lecture from his son about lying to the police. He says he is going to have Judge Fitzpatrick force John into rehabilitation. John gets very angry.

The Hotel: Lucas, Eugenia, Sami, Brandon

Eugenia is in hiding while Lucas knocks on Brandon’s door. She’s on the phone to Kate to tell her what is happening. Sami and Brandon have fallen asleep again (that must be some drug...it’s lasted what...six-seven days now? oops I forgot, it’s still the same day in Salem). Sami wakes up and thinks its Lucas in bed with her. She asks him to answer the door. Then she REALLY wakes up and is shocked that Brandon is in bed with her and starts to panic...lol...(I love Ali). Sami scrambles out of bed, knocking over a lamp on the way. Lucas hears the noise and knows someone is in there. He starts banging on the door again. Eugenia is telling Kate what is going on.

Brandon and Sami wonder in amazement how they ended up together. Brandon wraps a sheet around him and tells Sami he will handle it. LOL...Sami hides under the covers as Brandon opens the door and Lucas rushes in looking for her. Eugenia is a happy camper...too gross for words. Lucas pulls the covers off the bed and finds Sami. He’s angry and yelling at Brandon that he can have her.

Sami tries to explain to Lucas that it isn’t what it looks like. She tells him she loves him and was only doing this for their future...huh? Sami doesn’t understand how they ended up in bed but Lucas doesn’t believe her. He tells her that she is still the same lying, manipulative person she always was and he’s sick of it (both Ali and Brian are giving great performances). Sami begs him not to leave. She admits that she went to see Brandon but only to talk and tells him about her horoscope and wanting to make sure that Brandon would not interfere with their wedding. We get a flashback of Sami when she first came in and was talking to a sleeping Brandon (gosh that seems ages ago now).

Lucas tells Sami that he didn’t want to believe she would do this. He says it’s Brandon’s fault for taking advantage of her so now he can have her. He tells Sami that they are not getting married. Sami is balling as she tries to stop Lucas from leaving but he goes and we see her crying on the bed.

Roman tells an anxious Marlena that he thinks something is being pumped in through a nozzle. Marlena thinks its gas.

Maggie tells Hope that Billie and Patrick were arrested. Hope tells her she won’t let Billie get away with this.

Bo asks Billie why she didn't call him sooner. She gets very sarcastic and says: "What and interrupt your romantic evening with Hope?"

Lucas tells Sami that he was warned but wouldn’t listen because he was too in love. He tells Sami he’s done and goodbye.


Tuesday Feb 15

Janice’s Spoilers

Police Station: Billie, Patrick, Jennifer, Bo, Mickey, and arresting officer

As Billie is continuing her rant, Jennifer runs in worried about Patrick. Bo runs in and Billie makes her first demand… “Let my people go!” Oops that’s not it…oh yeah… tell the jerk to let ME go. Bo isn’t going to play slave today and says no and she shouldn’t be name-calling…lol…so what else is new? Billie goes into a song and dance about what really happened at the Cheating Heart and how she didn’t know the guy was a cop and meant to hit the other guy…etc…etc…yawn…yawn…

Since Billie and Patrick have already been booked, the arraignment must be dealt with. Bo tells the officer to take off their handcuffs and says he'll take responsibility for the felons (wonder how Miss Hope will feel about that). Bo rags on Patrick for calling Jennifer. He talks about Patrick’s mommy being married to Mickey and Patrick could just have called her. Meanwhile, Miss Billie takes all the blame and…lol…Bo agrees with her. He asks her why she went out drinking with Patrick.

Bo asks for Patrick’s version of the night’s events. Jennifer tells Patrick about Billie’s…addiction problem…something he wasn’t aware of. While Jennifer understands, Bo goes on another rant about Patrick reading Tony’s files and knowing everything. Billie says she doesn’t need a big brother (yep, that’s why she keeps calling him). She tells him she was tired and stressed out. He says that she should have called him and she shouldn’t have gone drinking. Billie gets really sarcastic and says: “And break up your romantic evening with Hope?” Bo still thinks it’s all Patrick’s fault but Jennifer and Billie back Patrick up. Go Jen! When Billie remarks that she doesn’t want to be treated like a child, Jennifer yells at her that she should stop behaving like one then. Truer words were never said.

Mickey needs Patrick and Billie’s addresses. Patrick tells him he’s living in the garage apartment at Jennifer’s house. Billie says she’s staying at Jennifer’s as well. Bo opens his big fat mouth and tells Billie that he doesn’t want her anywhere near Lockhart. Of course he tells her that she’ll be staying with him and Hope for a while. If I have to see Ms. Reed’s smirk one more time…grrr.

Their arraignment is done off camera. The charges haven’t been dropped. Mickey wants to prove that the whole thing was an accident. He tells them that if they are found guilty, they could face jail time. Miss Hope enters the scene…

Bo & Hope’s House: Hope, Maggie (It’s so wonderful to see Maggie on. She looks as beautiful as ever)

Hope is downstairs sleeping on the couch (hmmm, I thought she was in bed). She has a dream and Bo is telling her that his heart will always belong to her. Maggie comes to visit. Hope says that she came downstairs to check on the fire and have something to eat. She must have fallen back asleep on the couch. She remembers Bo not being in bed when she woke up and thought he must have been taking a shower. Hope thanks Maggie for helping Bo with her Valentine surprise.

Hope and Maggie are having tea. Maggie reminds Hope that it is Mickey and her wedding anniversary (wonder if Mickey even remembers…grrr…then again, this day will probably last weeks so who knows). She talks about Bonnie’s Valentine plans for Tuscany’s/Alice’s…Red beer…etc…etc… Maggie wants Hope to help her plan something so Mickey will remember the great times they had together. Hope tells her that if Bonnie is busy at the restaurant, then she should just go home and be alone with Mickey.

Maggie tells Hope about Mickey being called down to the police station to help a client. She goes on to talk about the platonic/milk toast type of relationship that Mickey wants with her until everything is settled. Hope tries to boost Maggie’s courage, but the older woman doesn’t think she can compete with Bonnie. Maggie borrows a bottle of champagne. Hope is surprised because Maggie doesn’t drink, but she says its just for effect. (what the heck are the writers thinking about here???) Hope gives her the champagne as an anniversary gift. Hope muses about what is keeping Bo. She still thinks he is upstairs.

Maggie gets a call from Mickey. He tells her he’s still at the police station and is sorry he is late for their date. He tells her that Jennifer and Bo have gone with the felons to their arraignment. Maggie asks him to repeat that and he tells her that Bo is there. She tells Hope who is not a happy camper. Hope asks Maggie to babysit Zack so she can go over to the station. She is determined that Billie won’t get away with it.

At the Hotel: Lucas, Sami, and Brandon

Lucas is telling Sami that they are through. Brandon tells them that the only thing he remembers is checking into the hotel and calling Lexie. He says when he woke up that Sami was there. Sami explains why she went to the hotel. She says that she lied to the maid/Kate so she could get into Brandon’s room. Brandon says he didn’t let her in himself. He only stayed at the hotel so he wouldn’t be anywhere near Sami before the wedding. He talks about his only reason for returning being Abe’s recurring blindness but admits to still having feelings for Sami.

Lucas yells at Brandon that he can have her and tells Sami that he ignored everyone else’s warnings about her because he loved her so much and was committed to them. He tells her he’s done and goodbye and takes his leave (this scene was so sad. Again both Ali and Brian outdid themselves today). In the hallway, Lucas starts to wonder if something else is going on. He says its too important not to look into…go Lucas!
Sami thinks Kate set her and Brandon up.

The Castle: Marlena, Roman

Marlena and Roman both want out of there is the worst way. They want to get home to their families already. At the same time, both remember seeing John and Kate together. A hissing noise starts and Roman sees a pipe blowing gas into their room. He gives Marlena a handkerchief and lifts her up so she can stuff it into the pipe. When she gets up there, she starts smiling. The smell is of roses, which of course brings on past memories of Valentines Day.

The television monitor comes on and once again they watch Kate and John is bed together (enough already!!!). Kate is dressed in Marlena’s pajamas and patting John’s furrowed brow. Marlena is upset and says that they have lost Kate and John for always. She says that John promised to always be her valentine. Roman says he said the same thing to her once. They kiss…(hmmm…once again I have to wonder why Roman isn’t as upset as Marlena by what is happening. I can’t wait for John and Marlena’s reunion).

The Penthouse: John, Evil Kate

John feels very bad about his son finding him strung out on the pier. He tells Kate that she should be with Lucas on his wedding day and not with him. Kate mumbles to herself that that’s not going to be a problem.

Roman’s wife gives Marlena’s husband some over the counter pills for his pain. Lame moment coming up: John spills water on Kate. Kate is all out of nightgowns (of course she only brought one with her…and pls. explain to me what she is doing in his bed in the first place? Are there no guestrooms? Surely a new nurse could be found to say with him?).

Anyhoo, Mrs. Roman Brady grabs some pajama’s from Marlena’s dresser and changes into them. They just happen to be the one’s John gave his wife for V day a few years ago. Kate says she’s sorry and says she can go and change. John tells her not to…that it reminds him of good memories. Kate is taking care of her Johnny…she’ll always be there for him as long as he needs and wants her….


Brady is looking at John in bed and telling him to punch him because kids shouldn’t punch their fathers.

Brandon tells Lexie that Sami is innocent and that Kate shouldn’t get away with what she did.

Sami is at Lucas’s door. He asks her what she is doing there and if she is crazy. It looks like she’s wearing her wedding gown. Sami tells him that she thought if he saw her in the dress that he might have second thoughts about canceling the wedding. Kate is lurking. Miss Kate is everwhere…she’s everywhere…


Wednesday Feb 16

Janice’s Spoilers

*I don’t think I can say this often enough: Ali & Brian are amazing together. Sami and Lucas rocked today!

Maggie’s House: Maggie, Mickey, and unfortunately…Bonnie

Maggie has decorated the house with heart-shaped balloons. She’s wearing a bathrobe when Mickey gets home (he was at the courthouse ALL night???). He’s sorry he broke their anniversary date last night but Maggie says they can have breakfast instead. Mickey feels bad because he has nothing for Maggie (excuse me? Did you not know it was your anniversary? You’ve been married how long to bimbo and how long to Maggie?) All Maggie wants is to be his wife again. Frankly, I’d dump this Mickey and go for a younger man!

Maggie makes Mickey a Mimosa and has juice for herself. They hold hands and toast each other before sitting down to breakfast. They discuss Hope & Bo’s situation. Maggie tells her husband to close his eyes. He opens them to a beautiful Maggie who has taken off her rob and is wearing a beautiful red outfit like a showgirl, red gloves, red feathers in her hair and red shoes…wow… She and Mickey peruse a scrapbook and look back at all the good times they had. Bonnie ruins the moment by blustering in. She’s not a happy camper that Maggie broke the date rules. Both ladies argue and then Bonnie plays her pity card…Mimi in the hospital. Mickey buys it hook, line and sinker and tells her he will make sure that Meems is treated like royalty…so to speak. He takes off to arrange it. Bonnie mocks the scrapbook as some dated memories... when Maggie was much younger. Mickey returns and assures Bonnie that it is all settled. Maggie looks like a cat licking cream…lol…while Bonnie/Mickey hug she grins to herself (now just what does that beautiful lady have up her sleeve? sorry I didn't catch her words).

Lexie’s house: Lexie, Brandon

Brandon comes over and tells Lexie what happened at the hotel. She thinks it’s all Sami’s doing and that she’s still interested in him. Brandon denies it and talks about the email Lexie sent to him. She says it wasn’t from her. He talks about the psychic and thinks that they were set up. Lexie doesn't want him involved but he is going to find the answers. She says that she wouldn’t blame Kate if she was involved. Lexie also says that she would rather die than have Sami marry into her family. She begs him not to get involved. He won’t listen and takes off.

John’s Penthouse: John, Brady, Kate, and Eugenia

John’s still in bed. He has a flashback to when Brady hit him on the pier and is upset about the terrible father he has become. He looks at Marlena’s picture and asks her how he will make it without her. Kate’s downstairs (Lauren looks very nice) and lets Brady in. He wants to sit with John while Kate goes to the wedding. Brady tells her that he really wants his father to go into rehabilitation. She’s worried about how upset John will be if other people find out. She leaves and finds Eugenia in the outer hallway. She pretends ignorance about what happened so it will look as if she is really heading out to Lucas’s.

Brady goes up to John’s room. They discuss John’s health. Brady tells him he was looked on the internet and knows that his father needs support more than anything else. John tells him that the only one who could have helped him was Marlena but she’s gone. Brady agrees but tells him his children are still there (I wish someone would tell Belle about what her father and sister are going through). John tells him that Belle doesn’t know.

They discuss the fight on the pier. He tells his father he is sorry and that he shouldn’t have hit him. He wants John to reciprocate and hit him back (I’m sorry but this is so lame to me…couldn’t the writers have come up with something …anything else?) It does get a little better though. John makes a fist but tells him that he would never hurt his kids. He wants to be a father his kids can look up to. Brady tells him he is the best father. He talks about how mean he was to Marlena and that she didn’t deserve it…she was the best stepmother.

In the next scene they are both downstairs and drinking tea and eating toast. Brady says he will be there for his dad but John reiterates that he could have gotten through anything if Marlena was alive. Brady talks about Chloe in the same way. He reminds his father that he once loved Isabella and then Marlena and it could happen again. John says that Marlena was the great love of his life and there won’t be any other. Brady doesn’t think Marlena would agree.

John says no one will take Marlena’s place. Brady, and why I don’t know, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…tells John that there’s Kate and he could make a life with her. He actually says that they could become the next great loves of each other’s lives…

Lucas’s/Sami’s Apartments: Will, Lucas, Sami, Brandon…Kate

Will goes from being excited to distressed when he hears the wedding is off and why. He doesn’t think they will ever be a family (not if Miss Kate has anything to do with it). Kate comes in and pretends to be upset as well when she hears what happened. She offers to talk to her grandson.

Poor Sami is at her place. We see her having a few fantasies about Lucas and getting married. Kate interferes in each of them. Sami looks at her wedding paraphernalia, ie. something new, old, borrowed, blue and decides on a plan of action. She puts on the wedding dress (Sami does look lovely if a little ethereal) and goes to Lucas’s place. Lucas looks at her and thinks she’s crazy. The lurker is hiding and eavesdropping. Sami is pleading with Lucas. She tells him that she was set up and nothing happened but he doesn’t believe her.

Lucas tells Sami that he and Will read her horoscope and it’s nothing like she told him…it’s the complete opposite. He shows it to her. Sami is confused and upset, begging him to believe that it was changed from last night, and Lucas gets very angry. He won’t believe anything she says and wants her to go. He says it’s over and he is not marrying her ever. Sami begs him not to break up with her and tells him he’s making a big mistake, but he doesn’t care. Brandon shows up and Lucas is even more upset. Brandon agrees with Sami that they were set up and he thinks it must have been by Kate. The lurker comes rushing out of her hiding place…lol…


Kate tells Lucas that his “fiancé” is a liar and a slut. Sami attacks her and Lucas and Brandon break it up.

Philip looking very serious and um…well anyhoo, he tells his commanding officer/Lieutenant that he is aware of the risks. The lieutenant asks him if he wants to go home to his wife alive.

Belle tells a barely awake Mimi that as hard as it is, she should tell Rex about the baby.

Shawn tells Rex that being with Jan was the biggest mistake of his life. Jan walks in at just that moment…lol…and is shocked. She asks him how he could say such a terrible thing…awww let me count the ways...lol...


Thursday Feb 17

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Mimi, Belle, nurse

Belle comes to visit Mimi. Mimi isn’t doing very well. Belle asks her what happened. Mimi tells her that she was trying to tell Rex about the abortion and started to feel sick... She confides that Jan knows about the abortion and has been threatening to tell Rex. Belle tells her that she should get better first and then tell him. Mimi says she might as well kill herself now.

Belle wants to know how Jan found out and Mimi explains about the clinic receipt. She tells Belle that she’s tried so many times to tell him the truth but hasn’t been able to. Belle calls Jan a witch and can’t believe that Shawn ever got involved with her. Belle thinks that Mimi should tell Rex and hopefully he will understand but she doesn’t think so. Mimi says that she kept trying to tell him but before she could he would forgive her for everything. She tells Belle that she was right and she shouldn’t have had the abortion. Belle counters that Mimi was right and she shouldn’t have married Philip when she is still in love with Shawn. She says that she is living a lie as Philip’s wife. Belle is sure that Rex will understand. Mimi doesn’t think so. She says Rex has high morals and that even if he said he wasn’t ready...and even if it was her body...she still should have discussed the decision with him.

Belle gets a PDA message about Sami’s wedding being called off. She goes to phone and find out what happened. In the meantime. the nurse gives a Mimi more medication. She starts having stupid Jan visions and seeing her baby again. Belle comes rushing in as Mimi starts screaming. She explains to Belle about her vision and both Belle and the nurse try to calm her down. She gets more meds (sure the first stuff worked so well…lol…) and continues to hear Jan’s taunts. Belle sits with Mimi as she sleeps and promises that they will both be happy again someday.

War Zone: Philip, Jake, and commander

Philip is looking at a photo of Belle and saying: I’m trying to serve my country sweetheart. I just wish I didn’t have to be away from you. Jake comes up. They talk about how beautiful Belle is…blah…blah…. Jake talks about a very dangerous mission being set up and how they need volunteers. The lieutenant needs someone to lead the mission and afterwards report to the Pentagon. He tells Philip that he would be perfect for it because of his experience with the ISA and Europol (since when does a private get to lead a mission?) He tells Phil that he could get home leave if he does it and it goes well. Now that’s a noble reason for doing it…not! Phil goes to talk to his commander.

Phil tells his commander that he is qualified (don’t know when that happened…lol…) and watns to volunteer for the mission. His commander asks about Belle and whether he wants to go home to her alive or in a body bag and suggests that he think about it before making a decision. He lets him make a call home to her first.

Jake tries to talk Phil out of volunteering (excuse me but weren’t you the one who told him about it in the first place?) Phil is determined…the jaw is firmer than ever…gmab… and he calls Belle at home. She’s not there and he gets the machine. Philip decides to call Mimi to find out where she is.

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Rex, and unfortunately…Jan

Shawn comes home and sees Rex doing research on Mimi’s illness on the internet. Rex is pretty rude to Shawn. They talk about Sami’s wedding. Neither of them wants to attend. Rex asks Shawn if he’s taking Belle to the wedding. Shawn says it isn’t a good idea...at least until she talks to Philip.

Rex talks about Shawn and Belle and the disrespect they are showing Philip. He gets sarcastic and tells Shawn that its really nice of him to wait...and that he’s actually considering Philip’s feelings, Belle’s husband’s feelings. He goes on to say that Philip is half way around the world fighting a dangerous enemy but his own personal enemy is right here Salem trying to steal his wife. Rex tells him he should stay away from her until the marine comes home. He says that Philip is fighting for both of them and Shawn should respect that and let Phil and Belle work out their own problems.

Shawn says he thought Rex wanted him and Belle together. Rex tells Shawn that was until he broke Belle’s heart just being with Jan. Shawn admits that being with her was the biggest mistake of his life. Jan shows up just at the right moment to hear his declaration…lol…and acts all hurt and upset. She slams the door and asks Shawn if he knows how bad it makes her feel to walk in and hear him say those things. He tells her they can’t be together. She says that she’s his fiancé and they will be together forever. He doesn’t want to hurt her. Rex leaves and she tries to vamp Shawn. She moves closer and says she wants him as a lover Shawn gets mad. He tells her that he doesn’t have any feelings at all for her and definitely doesn’t love her…doesn’t know how they ever got together, and never meant to hurt her. He doesn’t remember and if he did say that he loved her he definitely doesn’t mean it now. Jan asks him if he’s trying to pull that cheesy amnesia crap again.

Jan says they should have a drink before they go to the god-awful wedding but Shawn tells her she’s not going with him. They argue about her not being his fiancé anymore and she calls him a liar. He doesn’t remember buying the ring or proposing and if he was thinking straight, he never would have. He tells her to keep the ring because he doesn’t want it back. Jan blames Belle. He’s tired of it all and says he’s going to get ready for the wedding.

Rex comes back and tells them about Sami’s wedding being cancelled. Shawn goes to take a shower and slams the door in Jan’s face when she wants to follow him in…offering to wash his back. Jan swears at an absent Belle, blaming for all her problems.

Rex comes back and Jan is yelling at Shawn (a little temper tantrum) that he can’t shut her out of his life. Rex advises her to take some time…a break… He asks her why Shawn doesn’t remember getting involved with her. Jan says she didn’t trick Shawn and maybe he needs a shrink. She’s angry and tells him to worry about him and Mimi and to ask Mimi about what she did to him. More arguing… Phil phones and Shawn answers asking if it’s Belle calling.

Eugenia’s apartment: Eugenia, her dog—Dino, deliveryman

The lurker is taking a break and reading the paper while talking to her dog. A deliveryman drops off a large gift basket from Kate. It’s a thank you for her partner in crime and contains Champagne, croissants, French coffee beans.

Eugenia gets a phone call from psychic Marguerite. Eugenia tells her everything that happened while she guzzles champagne…dances around…gets drunk…

Lucas’s apartment: Sami, Lucas, Brandon, and Kate

Sami continues to blame Kate for setting her up. Kate wants Lucas to throw Brandon and Sami out. He asks her if she did anything. She says yes and then qualifies it by saying she was the one who hired the private investigator which led to…etc… Sami is very angry and the two women start arguing. Kate is calling Sami a slut. Sami begs Lucas to listen to her and believe her. She’s convinced that Kate set them up and explains to him what happened.

We see a flashback to when Kate played the maid and Sami realizes that it was her all along. Kate won’t admit it and tries to throw it back on Sami, saying that Sami always blames everyone else for what happens. She goes on to rehash some of Sami’s past doings. Brandon gets involved and says he can’t remember. Kate says that Sami probably drugged him because that’s what she did to Austin. Sami promises that she’s innocent and begs Lucas to believe her (I am so tired of this already…even though Ali and Brian continue to do a wonderful job, when is Kate going to be outed???)

Brandon talks to Kate alone. He tells her about the so-called PDA message from Lexie that she swears she didn’t send. Kate of course blames Sami once more. Sami agrees that she has done some bad things in the past but that she is sorry for them. This time she is innocent. Lucas is disgusted and says he is finished listening and that she hasn’t changed at all.


Brandon tells Kate that if she did set it all up, it will blow up in her face and she will lose Lucas and Will.

Bo tells Hope that he has something to tell her…just as Billie walks in. Billie says she’s home and hopes she’s not interrupting.

Mimi tells Rex that they need to talk. He tells her that whatever it is they will get through it together.

Philip is talking to Belle on the phone. He tells her that there is something very important that he has to tell her. She tells him that she has something to tell him as well.


Friday Feb 18

Hospital: Mimi, Belle

Mimi still looks pretty bad, poor girl. Belle continues to advise her to tell Rex the truth. She just knows that Rex will forgive her. Mimi regrets having the abortion. Belle tells her she would have been a parent and that neither of them was ready for that. Belle says she can no longer live a lie and has to tell Philip the truth, she says it can’t be by email. It has to be by phone or in person. She doesn’t know how she can tell Philip that she doesn’t love him. She tells Mimi that she has had nightmares about him getting depressed and hurt in battle and it would be her fault if he did.

Mimi says that Rex will be angry when he finds out about the abortion, but she still has to tell him before Jan does. She says that this could be the end for them. They both worry about what the truth will do to Rex and Philip…Belle thinks it will destroy Philip to know that she wants to end their marriage… continued below…

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Rex, and Jan

We see the last scene again with Rex advising Jan that maybe she and Shawn need a break…she snarls at him about the secret Mimi has. We also see Philip calling the loft and Shawn answering…. He asks Shawn if Belle is there and is told no. Philip tells Shawn to stay away from her, that she’s his wife (almost like she’s a piece of property). Shawn starts to tell Phil about Belle…Jan tells Rex he can’t let him do it…Rex takes the phone from him. He tells Phil that Belle is with Mimi at the hospital and that he is keeping his promise and trying to keep Shawn and Belle apart. Philip hangs up.

Shawn’s upset that he couldn’t tell Phil the truth. Rex asks him what the hell is wrong with him. He tells Rex that he knows that he promised to look after Belle and that Rex lied. Rex says that neither of them should tell Phil. He calls Rex a hypocrite and then goes to get dressed. Jan rags on Belle and Rex gets angry and leaves.

Shawn comes back and Jan suggests that they spend all day in bed. Shawn turns to Jan and tells her he isn’t going to be a gentleman anymore. He tells her to pack her bags and get out. He doesn’t want her living there. Jan rags on Shawn and then taunts him about Belle not ever telling Phil the truth…continued below…

Back at the Hospital: Belle, Mimi, and Rex

Rex walks into the hospital room and overhears Belle say she doesn’t want to hurt Philip. He tells her it’s a chance she’ll have to take because he needs to know the truth. She calls him on his about face and he tells he that he just wants Belle and Shawn to be happy. He can’t understand why she married Philip if she didn’t love him and she takes full responsibility for her mistakes. Rex tells Belle about Phil’s phone call and that he will call her back on her cellphone. Mimi mentions about not having it on in the hospital and Belle leaves. Mimi tells Rex her concerns about maybe having to have surgery. She wants to talk to him and tells him it is time she told him everything.

War Zone: Philip, Jake

Philip is reminding himself that he was trained for this mission and it will get him home. He decides that he wants to go on this “suicide mission.” He has this fantasy of returning to Belle and telling her he’s home for good. Jake tells him to stay focused or he could get himself killed. Philip says he would walk through fire to get home to his bride. Jake says that’s what it might take and then regrets saying it. Philip is eager to call Belle and tell her the news.

Back at Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Belle, and Jan

Belle tells Shawn about Phil’s call. Jan starts in on her. Shawn tells her to leave and never come back. Jan takes her purse, leaves and says that the witch hasn’t won and that Tinkerbelle should watch out. Back in the loft, Belle promises Shawn she will tell Philip the truth when he calls. Her cellphone rings and its Philip calling. He’s glad that he got her and says he has something important to tell her. She tells him the same thing.

Bo & Hope’s House: Hope, Bo, and Billie

Hope flashes back to her argument with Bo about leaving her to go down to the police station and save Billie again (just when did that take place? Must have been off camera…lol…). He tries to explain about the detective who called him. They argue about Billie and Patrick, and he tells her that she is being unfair. She’s upset and tells him that just once she would like him to tell Billie no. He has something to tell her but she refuses to listen. Hope tells him he can sleep on the couch and throws a blanket and pillow to him from the staircase…end of flashback…

Bo walks into the house just as Hope is folding up the blanket on the couch. She talks about going to Sami’s wedding. He tells her it was cancelled and they talk about it. They both missed each other last night and the couch was uncomfortable. They hug each other. She tells him that Billie is trying to take him away from her and he shouldn’t force someone she doesn’t like into her life and vice versa, despite his past relationship with Billie. She tells him that she will love his daughter because she is a part of him, but that Billie doesn’t have to be in their faces all the time…and Billie shouldn’t be pulling him with her every time she goes off on a tangent.

Bo tells Hope he has something to tell her. Billie comes out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee. She hopes she hasn’t interrupted anything…yeah right! Hope is stunned. Bo tells Hope why she is there. He says he tried to explain it to her the night before but she wouldn’t listen. Poor Hope…lol…she turns around and counts to ten (me I would have gone for the jugular). Billie grins at Bo and says this wasn’t a good idea. She says she will go get dressed and leave. Hope thinks that’s a great idea. Bo tells Hope about Billie calling dear old mom and trying to find somewhere to stay. He explains that she stayed in the guestroom last night. He goes up to shower and Hope starts counting again.

Bo, with no clothes on turns the shower on and waits for the water to heat up. When he turns around, Billie is standing there naked and smiling. Hope comes in…she’s back to counting again…Billie covers her chest with her hands…Bo stands there looking dumb (could this stuff get any more predictable and ridiculous?)

Lucas’s Apartment: Lucas, Sami, Kate, and zombie Brandon

Lucas still doesn’t believe Sami even though she is pleading with him and still blaming Kate for setting her up. Lucas says that’s impossible. Sami reiterates why she went to see Brandon. Kate repeats all the stuff from yesterday…drugging Austin, etc… and Brandon believes her. Sami is crying and leaves. Lucas walks out of the room and Brandon wants Kate to assure him that Sami is guilty. Kate says she didn’t do anything but isn’t upset by the result. Brandon thinks about how Sami was getting better and turning her life around. He tells Kate that she could lose Lucas and Will if the truth comes out.

When Lucas comes back, Kate’s all over him saying she’s glad he’s not gullible like Brandon. Sami comes in and says she won’t defend herself anymore and that Lucas should know that she loves him with all her heart. She tells him all she ever wanted was to be his wife. Lucas tells Sami that he loves her and wants to marry her and she runs crying into his arms. Kate looks upset…


Hope gives Bo an ultimatum…get Billie out of the house and their lives forever.

Rex tells the doctor that he and Mimi are getting married and are going to start planning a family. The doctor is happy for them but... Mimi says: “You’ve got news and it’s not good..

Shawn coaches Belle while she’s talking to Philip. Philip can hear someone in the background and wants to know if its Shawn.


Monday Feb 21

Janice’s Spoilers

Opening Scene: The lovely Francis Reid welcomes viewers to the 10,000 episode with a short clip from the very first show. She was so gracious she made me cry.

Note: I don’t know what I was expecting, but I really wish they would have taken a break from the ludicrous storylines and shown us some memorable scenes from the past…apart from Alice, Bo, Hope, Jennifer...where were the other wonderful actors that made the show a success? Where were Doug, Julie, Maggie, John, Marlena, Jack...oh well it was nice to see Francis Reid if nothing else…

Brady House: Bo, Hope, Billie, and Jennifer

Billie is downstairs having a flashback to the shower/bathroom scene and smiling. Hope and Bo come downstairs and Billie goes to call Kate. Bo doesn’t think Hope should be angry. She tells him she has every right to be and that Billie has to go today. Bo says that he can’t cut Billie out of his life. He feels she should stay because of the Georgia connection…mother of his daughter… but Hope tells him the girl might not even be alive and that it could just be a Dimera plot (I think Hope should invite Patrick to stay with them and see how Bo likes it…lol…I wouldn’t mind a shower scene with…oops… on with the show…) Bo tells her that he’s not going to run off again. She just doesn’t want to have a visual of that bathroom scene in her head forever. He tells her that the bathroom scene was an accident and says she doesn’t trust him. She tells him it’s just Billie she doesn’t trust. Bo apologizes. Hope says that enough is enough. He tells her that once Billie gets hold of Kate she will be going bye-bye.

Billie comes back in the room and tells Bo they should leave. Hopes annoyed that Bo is taking Miss Reed to the court hearing, especially after their talk. She asks if it’s a joke. Billie says she couldn’t find Kate (I guess the poor girl couldn’t go on her own?) Hope thinks Kate is off celebrating. The topic of Sami’s wedding comes up and Hope talks about the mess Sami keeps making and that women like her are disasters waiting to happen and deserve the punishment they get (she’s looking at Billie when she says it)…Go Hope!!!

After they’ve gone, Jennifer comes over. They have tea and they talk about Billie. Alice calls Jennifer. She’s very worried about Lucas and asks Jen if she has heard from him. She says no. Jen and Hope talk about Sami and then Billie again. Hope wants Billie out of their lives for good.

Courthouse: Mickey, Bo, Judge, and Billie

Very lame scenes: Mickey tells the Bobsey Twins (Bo & Billie) that the judge is very tough (Corday plays Judge Shay). He tells them about the Shay family being the founding members of Salem. He’s the toughest judge in the state and his parents were mayor and first lady of Salem for many years. Poor Billie is fretting. She asks about Patrick and is told that his hearing will be at a later date. Judge Shay appears…Bo is called out of order…Billie is ordered remanded back into custody because Kate can’t be in two places at once to vouch for her and give her a home…lol… Mickey gets a recess…tells Billie to find Mommy Kate or else find somewhere she can stay…groan we all know where this is going…Billie whines to Bo about vouching for her and uses the Georgia card....our daughter needs me... Bo gets really really uncomfortable. She smiles at him.

Back at the Brady House: Hope, Jennifer, Bo, and unfortunately Billie

Bo comes home. Jennifer gets up to leave and wishes Hope good luck. Hope asks him what happened. He tells her it didn’t go very well…they couldn’t find Kate…blah… blah…(hell Kate always has her cellphone on when Eugenia calls…) Hope doesn’t look happy. She asks where Billie is…Bo opens the door and in walks the grinning elephant (sorry but this is really hard to write up)...the look on Hope’s face is priceless.

Hospital: Mimi, Rex, and doctor

What we think is real is just a fantasy…the truth is out…Mimi tells Rex about her pregnancy and abortion and pleads with him for forgiveness…

Back to the present: They tell each other that they love each other so much. She tells him she has something important to reveal. He says he does too. Rex gets down on one knee and proposes to Mimi, asking her to marry him. He has an antique engagement ring for her (over 100 years old). They talk about the ring being owned by another R & M in 1905. He tells her that he was going to give it to her on Valentine’s Day but she ended up in the hospital. He couldn’t stand it if something happened to her. Rex is certain that they will be together forever. She tells him that she will marry him. He puts the ring on her finger. He’s sorry it’s not a diamond.

Mimi is nervous and asks Rex if he’s sure about this, and not just doing it because she’s in the hospital. He tells her yes and that he loves her. Rex talks about Jan’s hints and how she keeps saying that Mimi has lied to him. He thinks she’s just resentful about losing Shawn. Rex is excited about getting married but Mimi wants to tell Rex the truth and hopes he’ll still feel the same way afterwards. She says that she’s let him down badly and wants to change and be the best wife ever.

The doctor shows up and Rex gives her their news. When he tells her that they can’t wait to start a family, the doctor gets a concerned look on her face. The doctor says that’s wonderful, but... Mimi says that she must have some bad news…

Shawn’s Loft/War Zone: Shawn and Belle…and Philip overseas

Belle and Shawn are talking about her telling Philip the truth as soon as he calls. She tells him she will. Her cellphone rings and she tells him she has something to tell him. As usual, he takes over the conversation and says he’s coming home and that whatever she has to say can wait until then. She wants to know what is going on but he tells her not to worry. Shawn and Belle are talking. He encourages her to tell Philip the truth. Belle tells Shawn that Philip is coming home soon. Philip wants to know who she is talking to and asks if it is Shawn.

Philip won’t explain what is going on…just that he has a special assignment. Belle puts two and two together and realizes it must be a dangerous one. She wants to know whether he had an accident. She realizes that she can’t tell him the truth. Shawn tells her to tell him she is with him and that their marriage is over. Philip tells her that he loves her and she is his strength and so on and so on...and that he’ll get a furlough and go to the pentagon...etc... His Lieutenant comes and tells him that he’s shipping out and to wrap it up. He tells Belle goodbye before either of them can say more.

Shawn asks her what happened. Belle apologizes and says she couldn’t. He asks her if they are together or not.

Lucas’ Apartment:

Same old…same old…Sami loves Lucas…Lucas loves Sami…Sami wants to marry him…He wants to marry her…but…he says they can’t. Sami says it’s all Kate’s fault. He says it’s killing him that she blamed his mom and yet it was her who was naked in bed with Brandon. Kate calls her a liar. Lucas doesn’t know what to think. Brandon tells Lucas that he is making a big mistake and nothing happened. Lucas is angry. He tells her that she has lied so much. Sami asks Lucas if she can prove that Kate set her up what then? He doesn’t know who’s telling the truth and who isn’t and that’s the problem.

Lucas asks Sami if she can prove that his mother set her up. Sami says yes and when she does he won’t want to have anything to do with Kate every again.

Kate decides to cry because Sami is being mean to her and blaming her. She accuses Sami of trying to frame her. Her alibi is that she was at John’s penthouse all night long. John, Brady, and the nurse can vouch for her. Sami says that Kate hates her. Her explanations really seem out to lunch and Lucas wants Sami to take responsibility for her own actions.

Brandon won’t back Sami up. He thinks it might be a set up but says there is no proof. He says it seems impossible that Kate could have pulled it off. Kate gets dramatic and says that Sami is trying to break up her family. Lucas blames Sami, saying it’s too late and she slept with Brandon. He rips up the marriage license and says they will never get married. Sami cries. Kate smiles.

Last scene: Frances Reid is in the Horton living room. She talks about poor Sami and how her troubles are just starting…what else could happen to her? Or the any of us? She says god bless to everyone and we next see a table with pictures of some present cast members…finally Alice and Tom…and then back to Francis… (a lot of pictures should have been included but weren’t)


Sami is pleading with Kate to tell them what she did to her. Kate says: Sami’s right…

Mimi is talking to (the doctor?) about Rex being furious when he finds out. Rex comes in and wants to know what she’s talking about…

Bo asks Hope if she really thinks she is going to lose him to Billie…

Jennifer is talking to (I think Patrick) and saying if she was Hope she wouldn’t trust Billie either...just as Billie comes in looking angry.


Tuesday Feb 22

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: The doctor tells Mimi that the antibiotics are not bringing down her fever so she would like to do exploratory surgery. She explains that they will do laparoscopic surgery which is fairly non-invasive. Both Rex and Mimi are worried when the doctor says she needs to see what is going on in her uterus and fallopian tubes. Mimi mentions that her grandmother died of uterine cancer and asks if that is what they are looking for. The doctor says no. Rex asks if what Mimi has could be life threatening and again the doctor says no. Rex goes to get Mimi some tea when the doctor asks to speak to her alone. She tells Mimi they need to check if her earlier procedure is the cause of her infection. Mimi says she hasn’t even told Rex that she was pregnant. When she does tell him about the abortion he is going to freak. Rex overhears that and asks Mimi about it. She lies very easily – she tells him that if she would have come to see the doctor sooner she wouldn’t be so sick now. He asks her why she thinks he would be upset about that. She says they don’t have health insurance. He tells her that he isn’t angry. The doctor leaves. Rex and Mimi are both worried. He promises her that nothing will go wrong and he gets teary. Mimi is seeing the baby and hearing the baby asking why she thinks she deserves a second chance.

Bo & Hope’s: What can be said about their scenes – I think ----DUH, Bo – about sums it all up. Hope can’t believe that Bo invited Billie into their home for the second time without discussing it with her first. Bo tells Hope that the judge put him in an impossible situation – either someone vouched for Billie and gave her a place to stay or she had to go jail. Hope tells him that Billie put him in an impossible situation. Bo asks her if she would have rather let the judge send Billie to jail. She tells him that is exactly what he should have done. Billie overhears this and storms out the front door. Bo hears the door slam and goes into the living room. He grabs his jacket and Hope stops him. She can’t believe he’s going to chase after her again. He tells Hope that if Billie gets into trouble it will be her fault. She gives him the look. (Personally I would have given a slap upside the head, but that’s me). When Hope mentions the possibility that she could have gone back to Jen’s Bo starts yipping about how he will not allow her to stay where Devereaux is. Not a bright move on his part…LOL! He goes on and on about how everything that happened at the Cheating Heart is Patrick’s fault. Hope asks him if he’s listening to himself. She says its Billie’s fault and if he doesn’t stop deluding himself…she stops and he asks her if she really thinks that she is going to lose him to Billie. He assures her that she might not want him but she will definitely not lose to Billie. She caves and says Billie can stay there if it’s her last resort. Bo then asks if he has to sleep on the couch. She says he can sleep in their bed but she’s tying a big bell around his ankle in case he has any thoughts about doing any sleepwalking.

Jen’s: Most of Patrick’s and Jen’s conversation is on Billie. Jen says that Billie is putting Hope through hell with her antics. Patrick thinks Hope is making something out of nothing because Billie is not interested in Bo. Jen can’t understand this fascination men have with Billie Reed. She reminds Patrick that she is ISA and as tough as nails and she can look after herself. She doesn’t understand how grown men like Bo, him and she starts to say Jack but changes it to another man I know can do nothing but defend her. When he pushes her she tells him that Jack always thought Billie could do no wrong as well. Patrick says Jack must have had a soft spot for beautiful women too. Jen doesn’t understand why they all fall for Billie’s poor defenceless woman act and if she was Hope she wouldn’t trust Billie either. Billie comes in slamming the door behind her. She can’t believe that Jen thinks that way – the bathroom incident was incident. Jen gives her the ‘who are you trying to kid’ look. Billie says she’s going to get her things from the guest room.

Lucas’: It was really tough to see Will come down on Sami so hard today especially when we know that for once Sami is telling the truth. Will and Lucas are so heartbroken but Sami tries to convince Will that they can work things out. She tells Will that she is innocent – she wouldn’t lie to him, she’s his mother. He says you always lie to me. Sami literally begs and pleads with Kate to tell the truth because Will is in so much pain. Kate with her fake tears says she will. She tells Will the truth is your mother is claiming I set her up and trying to put all the blame on me. Sami can’t believe that Kate would do this to her. Lucas tells her to leave. Sami is defeated so she agrees but she tells Lucas that Will is going with her. Will says he wants to stay with his father. Oh lordy…Sami is devastated. After she leaves Brandon tells Lucas that he really thought that the two of them could make a go of it. He leaves. (There was a lot more to these scenes but it was all stuff that has been said by Brandon, Kate, Sami or Lucas more than once already). Lucas tells Will that they should go watch a game or something and they go off to the bedroom. Kate stands there saying I’m sorry you’re hurting now but it’s all for the best. Lucas comes back out. He thinks Will wants to be alone because he doesn’t want his Dad to see him cry. Lucas says I’m the same because I don’t want him to see me cry. (Kate is just a cold-hearted B….). Lucas then tells her that if he ever finds out that what Sami says is true than he’s done with her for good. She looks at him as if she is as innocent as a new born lamb. Can’t say I blame her, Lucas has made these threats countless times before and never followed through on them. My question, Lucas knows what is mother is capable of. He was there when his mother made sure Sami was sent to death row – and he didn’t come clean until it was almost too late. His mother and he drugged Sami in Italy so she would fall to her death. All of sudden arranging for Sami and Brandon to end up in bed together naked is a stretch? Is it any wonder that I feel like banging my head against a brick wall?

Outside of her apartment Sami is having trouble getting her key in the lock. Brandon helps her. He asks her if there is anything he can do to help her prove that Kate set them up. She thinks it would be better if she stayed away from him and he agrees. She goes inside and she rips up a wedding invitation and then starts tearing at her bouquet. She breaks down crying as she takes off the tiara. She changes and tells herself that she’s done wallowing. She is going to prove Kate set her up and then she and Will and Lucas will be a family. Everything will be like they planned except Kate will lose her son and grandson and end up a lonely old woman. She grabs her purse and leaves.

Preview: Shawn to Mrs. Kiriakis- “You love me and you’re still trying to hold on to your marriage to Philip. Are you still in love with him?” Mrs. K’s response: Yes I am. My comment: Shawn walk away and never look back – her kind of love isn’t the worth the saliva it takes to utter the word. Kate to Billie: “I’m here for whatever you need besides you have Bo to help you search.” Billie – “I don’t think I can count on him anymore.” Brady to his Dad – “She (Sami) wouldn’t happen to know anything about your drug situation, would she?” John – “No.” Sami outside the door – “You are so wrong John.”


Wednesday Feb 23

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m going to be up front and honest. The only thing I liked about today’s show was Sami. I’ll try and keep my disdain out of the report…LOL!

Pier: Billie is having flashbacks to both Hope and Jen’s remarks about her and she says ‘don’t worry, Jen. I won’t be coming between Bo and Hope any more.’ (Or something close to that). She and Sami literally bump into one another. Billie asks Sami what she did to get Lucas to call off the wedding. (I will say that everyone from Billie, to John and Brady, and Belle and Shawn talk in a very condescending, snide way to Sami today – it literally made my blood boil and the worst offender was her baby sister and next was her half brother). Sami says Kate set her up and Billie can give her a message – Kate is a dead woman. Billie tells her it’s not too smart to threaten an ISA agent’s family. Billie tells Sami that she’s not her biggest fan but Lucas loves her and she loves him so if there is anything she can do to help. Sami tries to tell her what Kate did and why she ended up at that hotel but Billie isn’t buying any of it. They go their separate ways.

Basic Black: Kate is cancelling all the wedding plans – she sure isn’t sweating it. She couldn’t be happier. She calls John to tell him so he doesn’t hear it from someone else. Brady answers the phone. She tells him the wedding is off because Lucas caught Sami and Brandon in bed naked together. She tells Brady she has some stuff to do and then she’ll be there to take care of John. Kate sees a congratulations sign made up for Lucas and Sami and rips it in half just as Billie comes by. Billie asks her if Sami was right. They go into Kate’s office to talk. Kate denies everything but Billie is fairly sceptical. Kate goes on and on about Sami and all her failed attempts at marriage – bringing up Austin. Billie can’t help but think that Sami ending up with Brandon last night wasn’t a good thing for Kate considering how much she hates Sami. Kate changes the subject and says she’s been so busy. She talks about John and how she is going to make sure he gets better. She can do anything when she puts her mind to it. Billie looks at her and says you’ve fallen for him, haven’t you?

When the conversation gets around to why Billie was calling her Kate is shocked to hear that Billie was arrested but she is thrilled that Billie is staying at Bo and Hope’s house. Billie says I want to stay with you. Kate says because she is at John’s her suite is being redone. Billie asks about staying at Roman’s house and Kate tells her she had put on the market and the realtor wants it to be empty. Billie says yeah right and Kate picks up the phone and says you can call him. Kate says it’s no big deal for her to stay at Bo’s. Hope couldn’t possibly be threatened by her – if she is then made this great love isn’t as secure as people think. There is a lot more to this conversation but I’m so sick to death of Kate dismissing Hope and her two sons in favour of Billie and her daughter that I hate to listen to her anymore. She asks Billie if she thinks of Bo sexually so of course Billie does that right on the spot…sigh. Billie spouts the words that she isn’t going to use her daughter to come between Hope and Bo but then she spoils it all by smiling as her mother urges her to go after the man she loves. Kate is thrilled that Bo and Billie ended up naked in the bathroom and that Hope caught them. She says when Lucas caught Sami and Brandon naked … Billie interrupts her and says it was an accident – she forgot to lock the door. Kate says no one forgets to lock the bathroom door. To make a long, boring story short, Billie leaves and Kate gets on the phone, first to the manager of the hotel asking for her suite to be refurbished and tells they guy they have to start right now. Then she phones the realtor and puts Roman’s house on the market.

John’s bedroom: Brady brings John soup and a sandwich. John says this is the first time in days that he feels like eating. Brady immediately starts pushing Kate on John. Oh for god’s sake, Brady is now mini-Kate??? John says that he was lucky to find two great loves in his life when most people are lucky if they find it once, he doesn’t expect it to happen again. He tells Brady the only woman he thinks about is Marlena. Brady fills John in about Kate’s call and says Lucas is lucky that he didn’t marry her because he would end up being miserable for the rest of his life. This is when Sami comes in and she has a few choice words for Brady. Poor Sami, she begs John to help her by getting Kate to admit what she did by threatening to fire her. Of course both Brady and John want to know what Kate did. Brady just basically laughs at Sami when she tries to explain. John says he can’t help her because he’s not feeling well. Sami had pulled out all the cards, saying how Marlena would want him to help her and how he is the closest thing to a parent she has left. She also says it is very difficult for her to ask him for help but she would do anything to get back with Lucas so that they could be a family. When John turns her down she does the Sami thing and lashes out at him. She says if Belle was asking for his help he would do it, sick or not. Brady laughs and says Belle would never get herself in this situation – she’s happily married to the man she loves. Sami says shows you how much you now. John cites his flu again and Sami says yeah that is going around and then tells them they will pay. When she leaves the room Brady asks John if Sami possibly knows about his drug problem. Outside the door Sami mutters you don’t know how wrong you are. John Black is a junkie and all junkies have to pay.

Mrs. Kiriakis’ Loft: Mrs. K is crying and feeling sorry for herself as she packs up her wedding gown muttering that she just couldn’t do it. She couldn’t tell Phil that she loved Shawn. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Shawn. She apologises for running out on him when he asked her that question. He wants to know if she loves him. She says of course she does but she can’t break it off with Phil because he’s going on a dangerous mission. She’s going to be responsible for breaking his heart she doesn’t want to be responsible for his death. Shawn says Phil knew the risks when he joined. Mrs. K whines some more about how he’s going on this dangerous mission so that he can come home to her – he loves her so much. (Boy – the thinking highly of oneself seems to be running rampart through a few citizens of Salem lately). Shawn says it was Phil’s choice to take that assignment – she’s not responsible. Mrs. K spouts her husband’s virtues so easily and spouts the company line how she took vows before God and gave him her heart and soul … HUH??? I might believe that if she didn’t start betraying husband a few short hours after she married him. She is going to stay married to him until she can tell him in person that she loves him but not enough to stop her from loving someone else besides herself more. When she tells Shawn that she is still in love with Phil he says it sounds like she is wants it both ways. She holds up her hand and points to her rings and says as long as I’m wearing these … he tells her to take them off – she wouldn’t feel guilty then. (This is kind of out of sequence – watching those two on screen together is not very engaging – I especially hate when she whines that Phil was there for her and Shawn immediately takes all the blame saying he was a jerk – he wasn’t then but he sure fits the bill now). At one point they kiss and then she stops it. She tells him it has to remain platonic and that they’ve waited so long they can wait a little longer. (Too bad she didn’t use that logic on Phil). Shawn feels that Jan is somehow responsible for breaking them apart. He has bits of memories but not enough to know for sure.)

Shawn and Belle are interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Sami. She comes blustering in saying she needs her little sister’s help – she then notices Shawn there and asks him why he’s there – doesn’t he know that Belle is married. Mrs. K. says we’re friends. Sami explains what happened but of course her sister can’t be bothered with her. Sami says you’ve always been spoiled and selfish and she calls Shawn an idiot. (I have to agree with her on that one). She storms out and Mrs. K starts snivelling that Sami is right, she is selfish. Shawn hugs her and kisses her on the cheek (he’s standing behind her with his arm wrapped around her when he kisses her). Sami storms right back in and sees them and calls her sister on her lie. Mrs. K says Sami will tell everyone. Sami is angry and as she gets in the elevator she says she hates Kate, John, Brady, Belle and Shawn and she vows to make them all pay.

Preview: Bo giving Zach a bath while Hope is standing in the doorway listening to him talk. Bo says he loves you, Shawn and your mom but there is someone else he loves a whole lot. (Hope looks devastated). Billie to Lucas – “Do you really believe Mom would set Sami up?” Kate to Sami – “We need to discuss your future at Basic Black. It’s not looking too bright for you Sami.” A nurse telling Nicole “don’t go in there” – Nicole does and says “Oh my god.” (Chloe is in the room).


Thursday Feb 24

Pat’s Spoilers

This will be a fairly quick report as I’m going out for supper this evening.

Clinic: Nicole is at the clinic to visit Clara but she’s not in her room. A nurse tells her that she is visiting a patient in room 206. Nicole heads in that direction. I have to say that must be one HUGE clinic – it took her most of the show to find her way. They do show her looking at a piece of paper occasionally so at least we know she asked for directions. Clara tells Chloe that she hopes one day that she can come and see one of her performances. Chloe says her voice is too shaky. Clara tells her all she needs is a good teacher – someone she trusts. She asks Chloe who she trusts the most. Chloe has a flashback of her and Brady singing together and then she asks Clara how she got to be so smart.

In the hallway Nancy is on the phone to Craig. It was great to see Kevin Spiritas again even if it was for just a brief moment. She tells Craig that Chloe is helping this young patient that was in a terrible accident just like her. Craig comments that it sounds like the two of them are helping each other out. Nancy says that having Brady there with her would make all the difference for Chloe but she won’t tell him that she is alive. She then says she has to do something about that – she’s going to tell Brady. Craig makes Nancy promise that she won’t interfere. She does but she has her fingers crossed when she makes the promise. After she hangs up she says ‘Sorry Craig. Sometimes mother’s know best and if she doesn’t get off her rear Chloe is going to lose any chance to be with Brady.’

Nancy tries to convince Chloe to see Brady before she loses him to Nicole. Chloe won’t. Nancy changes tactics and asks her to at least call Brady. If he knew she was alive he wouldn’t have anything to do with Nicole. Nicole finally finds the room and even though a nurse says she can’t go in, she does. She sees Nancy (Chloe is behind a changing curtain) and says “Oh my god. What are you doing back here?” Nancy ushers her into the hallway and Chloe listens to their conversation. Nancy says she’s volunteering. Nicole thinks it’s a little far to travel from New York to Salem to come and change bedpans. Nancy says when she brought Chloe’s ashes back she decided to live in Salem part time at her parent’s house. (Now that has to be a blatant re-write of history. I distinctly remember her father coming from out of town to visit). Nancy then says she heard that Nicole and Brady were a couple and she wants to know if that’s true. Nicole tells her questions are kind of strange. Nancy covers saying that her and Craig thought of Brady as their future son-in-law and they really miss him. Nicole tells her that Brady is happier now then he’s ever been. They are partners. She mentions Clara and says that is why she is here. She turns to go in the room and Nancy says “you can’t go in there.”

Lucas: Billie comes over to see how Lucas and Will are doing. Will is just leaving to go and get his things from his mom’s. Lucas says that Will is moving in with him. I’m not going into too much detail because they talk about stuff we’ve heard a million times already. Billie tells Lucas that she had her doubts about Kate but she talked to her and she is convinced that there is no truth to Sami’s allegations. (Boy – and she’s ISA???? Memo to superiors: Do not let Billie Reed interrogate suspects – she’ll fall for any line). Billie finally gets around to telling Lucas what she was going to ask him. Lucas tells her she can stay and he’ll sleep on the couch. She doesn’t want – he says stay and so on and so forth. He then says it might not be such a good idea to use him to vouch for her because he’s been in front of that same judge and the judge doesn’t like him. Will comes back and Lucas asks him if he got all his stuff. He says no. I had to get out of there because Mom’s friggin’ crazy. He goes to his room. Lucas says he better go and see what she is up to. Billie stops him and says that he can’t go running after Sami. It’s time she worked things out on her own. Lucas thinks that’s a scary thought.

Sami’s: Sami’s talking to pictures in her photo album. First Kate – she really rants about her – again nothing we haven’t heard before. She throws the picture in the fire. The next one is John. Again not anything nice to say about him and that picture goes into the burning fireplace. She starts flipping throw the album and says my whole family is against me so she throws the album in the fire. Will comes in. She is happy to see him but he goes to his room and slams the door. Don’t ask me when or how – but he somehow got a sign put on his door. Go Away I Hate You. Sami tries to talk to him and he says the same stuff to her and tells her to read the sign. There’s a knock on her door and Sami opens it. When she sees its Kate she slams the door and locks it and puts the chain on. Kate keeps hammering on the door until Sami lets her in. She tells her she is there on official business to talk about her future at Basic Black. Sami knows why she is there but she says she has been a model employee and there are steps that have to be taken. Kate says she was contracted obligated to all the sponsors of her wedding. Sami says it wasn’t her fault the wedding didn’t happen it was Kate’s and besides John hired her and he’s the one that has to fire her. Kate says that John has taken a leave of absence and she’s in charge of the company. She then tells Sami she is fired and prances out. Sami slams the door and throws a vase and smashes it against the wall almost hitting Will.

After Kate leaves Sami decides to check her bank statements. She is horrified when she realises she only has a $150.00 in the bank. She wonders how she is going to support Will. The computer screen goes black and then the word REVENGE starts blinking on it. She says she can’t afford a virus right now – LOL! The Will Sami scenes were kind of hard to take. Will is very harsh with Sami. He calls her on throwing the album in the fire saying they were his memories too but as usual she is only thinking of herself. He doesn’t believe Sami when she says that nothing happened between her and Brandon. He tells her that he is moving out. She tells him he can’t do that, he’s a minor. He tells her that he is going to live with his Dad. He really hurts Sami talking about the way she’s screwed up his entire life. He gives her a card and says give this to the mailman – it’s my change of address. Sami says you really hate me, don’t you. He says no you’re my mother, I love you but what choice do I have. You’re the only mother I have. He walks out and Sami finds an evening edition of the newspaper in front of her door. She decides to check the want ads and finds a page with one word in huge block letters – REVENGE.

John’s: John is sleeping so Brady removes the tray and just makes it out of the room when his cell starts ringing. It’s Nicole. She tells him where she is and asks him how long he’s going to be there. Brady says he’s my father. I don’t mind taking care of him. Kate comes back and Brady starts gushing about how good it is of her to take care of John. She says she cares for him and Brady says I know he cares for you as well. Kate takes the tray and goes downstairs. John is awake when Brady comes back and he tells him that he heard him talking to Kate. He knows Brady means well but Marlena is the only woman for him. Brady says Marlena would want him to find someone to be with. John says like you did with Nicole. Brady says it’s not like that. John says what you do if I told you Chloe was alive. Brady says she isn’t. John says it was a cruel thing but he could tell from Brady’s response that he doesn’t love Nicole the way he loved Chloe. Kate comes back in and John says he thinks they should do something to help Sami. Kate says you are not going to be able to talk me in to helping the woman who hurt my son so deeply. (Can I just slap her once… Please…someone… anyone…).

I loved the Bo, Hope and Zach scenes today even though they made it sound not too good at the start. It’s times like this that I’ve really missed on Days and it was great to see Zach on screen for most of the show instead of about 30 seconds. Hope is coming up the walk and she has a flashback to Bo practically pushing her out the door. He’s booked the full treatment for her at the spa and when she comes home he’ll have a surprise for her. She goes inside. She sees that no one is downstairs so she goes up the stairs where Bo is bathing Zach. He’s talking to Zach saying that he loves him, Shawn and Hope but there’s another woman he loves too. Hope is listening. Bo keeps on talking and he says that if he has both these women in his heart and if he doesn’t find a way to work it out he’s afraid that Zach’s mom is going to be the one that is hurt. Hope starts crying. She can’t believe that Bo still loves Billie. Bo lifts Zach out of the tub and he says you mom is the only woman I’ll love as a mother and a wife. The other woman in by heart is your big sister and I’m going to find her. He says he hasn’t been there for mommy when she needed him and he needs to make it up to her. He has this surprise for her that he just has to tell someone about so he’s going to tell Zach. Hope comes in and says not if you want me to hear it. He notices she was crying but tells her that she looks beautiful – which she does. Hope takes Zach to put him to bed and Bo makes a call to someone saying ‘it’s on.’ After Zach is sleeping Bo tells Hope to go into the bedroom while he checks on suppers. She says what do you want me to do – get naked and wait for you? He says there is a gift on the bed. She can open it and come down in ten minutes. The gift is a beautiful (night???) gown. When he hears her say it’s just perfect Bo says and so are you.

Previews: Hope to Bo – “I honestly believe that the DiMera’s are out to destroy everything you and I have.” Tony to Roman and Marlena – “What’s the matter? You don’t know what you were doing when you were sleeping? When I walked in the beautiful Marlena was kissing you.” Brady to John and Kate – “When Sami is on the warpath she stops at nothing until she hurts everyone that she feels has done her wrong.” Billie to Lucas – “I’m really sorry that Sami has no friends but whose fault is that?” Sami holding the phone to her ear at her door saying “Oh my god.”


Friday, Feb 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Tony’s castle: Tony is deep in thought playing with a snow globe when Bart comes in complaining about how cold it is outside. Tony admonishes him for interrupting him while he’s thinking. Bart stands there and watches Tony so Tony says to spit it out. Bart figures out that Tony has something planned for all those people that made it back to Salem. Tony says it’s time to shake up their world.

Roman and Marlena are sleeping. They must be getting tired of wearing the same clothes day and night, months on end but at least we know it’s warm in their room because they always sleep on top of the covers. It appears that some type of gas or something is being piped into the room. Marlena starts dreaming of making love with John (some flashbacks) and then the dream is about Roman and him asking her to make love to him when they were on the island. In her sleep she moves closer to him and they start kissing. Bart and Tony enter and Tony throws a bouquet of roses between them and wakes them up. Roman is angry and jumps towards Tony but Bart threatens to kill him. Tony is there with some news about Sami. He tells them that her life will never be the same. She was about to be married to Lucas but got caught in bed with Brandon the night before the wedding. Marlena says Sami needs her. She also is very worried about Will because he wanted his parents back together so they could be a family. Some how or other Tony gets on the subject of the two and them and tells them that Marlena was kissing Roman in her sleep. Toney and Bart leave and both Roman and Marlena are upset. They talk a bit about Sami. Roman says that sometimes he thinks that they’re never going to get home and see Carrie, Eric, Sami and Belle again. Marlena says they can’t think that way; they have to fight it or die trying. Roman thinks that is what Tony is counting on. Roman also feels that Tony is sick and sadistic and is just playing with them and when he gets tired of them he’ll squash them like bugs. Marlena says they’ll just have to fight back.

Sami: She wonders what is going on with first the word REVENGE on her computer and then in the newspaper. She then hears her fax machine which she finds odd because she didn’t think it was working anymore. The same one word message - REVENGE. She is really starting to freak out now. She tells herself she just needs to relax, have some wine, listen to some music and then have a hot bath. She pours herself a glass of wine and turns on the radio. She is starting to relax when a voice overrides the music and keeps saying ‘revenge’ over and over. She jumps up and shuts the radio off and her phone starts ringing. She finally answers it and starts yelling into it. She thinks its Kate. A voice says don’t be hasty. She’s really getting worked up especially when the person asks her if she doesn’t want revenge on John, Brady, Kate, Shawn and Belle. She says she’s calling the police and hangs up. She can’t get any dial tone. The person tells her she needs to get away. Sami says no way. The person tells her to go to her door – don’t be afraid. She opens it and says ‘oh my god’ – and that’s where the show ends.

John’s: Brady, John and Kate are all talking about Sami and how she will be out for revenge. Kate tells John that Sami claims he’s addicted to drugs they’ll sue her for libel. John feels that she could do a lot of damage both personal and to the company even with the allegation. Kate says she’ll work with the PR department to prepare for her. Brady gets a call from Nicole so he excuses himself to go and talk to her. John asks Kate if she set up Sami and she crosses her fingers and lies. She says depends what you mean by set up – she hired a private detective because she didn’t believe that Sami was faithful to Lucas. She says the funny thing was Sami was being faithful up until the night before the wedding. Brady comes in and tells them he’s going to the clinic. After he leaves John comments that Sami didn’t have anyone to talk to. Roman and Marlena could always sit her down and get through to her – those two had a remarkable bond. They both talk about how they were each a little jealous of that bond Roman and Marlena had. Kate says I take comfort in thinking that they are together now. John says they’re looking out for each other in heaven.

Lucas’: Not a lot to say about their scenes. After a little bit of cajoling Lucas gets Billie to admit that she is still in love with Bo. Billie says that’s no secret. Lucas asks her about Bo. She says Bo loves Hope – she says it more than once. He tells her that it’s natural for her to want to be with him because they share a daughter. She says that even if she could break them up she wouldn’t. That’s not the person she is anymore. She wishes that Hope would believe that she is not out to break up their marriage. Lucas says she knows that a child is a powerful bond and that is why she feels threatens. He tells Billie that if Bo vouched for her that’s where she should be. It will only be for a few days.

Bo & Hope’s: They are in bed together. Bo says he’s getting up so that he get the rest of their evening plans together but Hope kisses him and tells him she has better plans and they don’t require getting out of bed. He tells her they will get back to that but he’s going to shower and then she should shower, put on the gown he bought her and come downstairs. When she does (looking absolutely stunning) he’s dressed in a tux. There’s a table for two set. Henderson helped Bo with everything. He opens a wine that Victor was saving for them. It’s a vintage that is the same year as the year they got married. He tells her they are like the wine, just getting better with age. He gives a gift. It’s a half a heart on a chain with his initial and he has one for himself with her initial so that wherever they are, each will have a piece of the other one’s heart. They share their meal. Hope comments on how nice it is to have the house to themselves. Bo says he knew that Billie would find a place to stay. He wants to make up for the grief he caused her. She says this isn’t about how she doesn’t trust Billie, because she doesn’t, or that she doesn’t trust in their love because she does. This is about Tony DiMera. The only reason Tony brought Billie to the island was to break them up. He failed and she wouldn’t put it past him to keep trying. Bo says you think he planted the information about Georgia on the disk. They decide to get back to their evening because Bo has more plans when there’s a knock on the door. Hopes says “I wonder who that is” quite sarcastically. Bo answers it and it’s Billie standing there with her suitcase and a sheepish look on her face.

Clinic: Nancy prevents Nicole from entering Chloe's room. She tells her that she has to go and sign in first. Nicole gets a little huffy but Nancy says it's not about her personally, it's about the clinic's liability. Nicole goes back to sign in. Chloe is packing her bag. Nancy asks her what she thinks she is doing. Chloe says she made it impossible for her to stay there because she questioned Nicole about Brady. She says she did it for her so that she would see by refusing to see Brady she could lose him for good. Chloe says I told you I don't want him to see me when I'm so ugly. Nancy says that she isn't ugly but the way she is talking is ugly.

Nicole phones Brady and tells him she hasn't seen Clara yet but she ran into Nancy. Brady asks what Nancy is doing there. She tells him she is volunteering part time because her father is on the board of directors. Brady wants to know if Joy is with her. Nicole says they didn't talk about Joy but Nancy had questions about him. She says that Nancy is in Clara's friends room. Brady says he would like to meet her as well and says he's on his way.

Nancy sees Nicole through the door and rushes out. Chloe hides behind the curtain again. Nicole says she would like to meet the person helping Clara. Brady shows up and says he'd like to see her to. Nancy says they can't. The girl is very shy and self-conscious about her injuries. Brady says they don't want to make her feel uncomfortable.

Previews: Tony to Bart – “Once those emotions take control they won’t be able to resist them. Not those temptations” Roman lifting the cloth off a room service tray – ‘Ta-Da’. Marlena “I don’t believe this’. John to Kate: “Please lay down beside me.” Hope watching on the stairwell as Bo says to Billie. “This would have been our anniversary.” Billie “Happy Anniversary.”


Monday Feb 28

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be one of those quick reports as I have plans for the evening.

I am going to admit right up front that I thought the Sami masquerading as a man was stupid and asinine but from what I saw today I really like it. I know Tony is pulling her strings but this Tony is more to my liking than the version we see taunting Roman and Marlena. I’m still holding out that maybe just maybe Miss Sami will best Tony in the end and get what she wants. Doesn’t change my opinion that it’s a recycled Passions storyline but Dan Wells looks like he can pull this off so I’m just going to enjoy this and watch it play out. Another big difference from Passions is that the audience knows what is going on. I can’t wait until Sami takes down her snobbish, spoiled, condescending brat of a sister and I can’t wait to see what she or Tony has planned for Kate.

Sami opens the door and there’s a guy standing there. He hands her a thick envelope and she asks him if it’s a bomb. She opens it and pulls a huge roll of money, all hundreds. The guy says he was contacted and asked to come and transform her. He wants to come inside. She looks down the hallway. He says he’s alone and he’s not going to hurt her. So she invites him in and he tells her to shut the door; they don’t want anyone to see what is going on. She wants to know who hired him but he tells her he doesn’t know. Her benefactor wants her to get that which she desires the most. Sami says revenge. She wants to know how he is going to help her. He says by doing what he does best. There’s a cute segment where Sami is holding up a mirror and trying different ears, noses, glasses and wigs. When he’s done Sami is a man. Dan does an amazing job of lip synching to Ali’s voice as Sami is talking. The guy gives her a girdle, clothes and shoes that will make her look taller. After she’s changed she said what about my voice. He gives her something to put against the roof of her mouth. Voila – man’s voice. She picks the name Stan to use. The guy gives her a letter and leaves. Sami can’t believe what the letter says. The phone rings. Stan picks it up but doesn’t say anything. It’s Tony speaking through a device to distort his voice. Tony tells Sami it was very wise of her not to say anything in case it was someone calling expecting to speak Sami. Tony tells her to do what the letter says – aw…revenge.

The Kate and John scenes are more of the same. John is talking about Sami and how he wasn’t there for her. He shouldn’t have given Marlena’s pearls to Belle and he was too strung out when she came to him all upset about it. He knows that Sami isn’t Kate’s favourite person but she put aside her feelings for Sami so that Lucas and Will could be happy. Of course Kate keeps lying about how that is true. She thinks that Lucas has a chance at real happiness now. John says like you do. John decides he is going to shower but he can’t get out of bed, he’s in too much pain. Kate has something that is better. She comes back and is going to give him a sponge bath. John protests but in the end the end Kate convinces him that he’d be doing a favour by letting her do this for him. It will make her feel like a good person because she doesn’t feel like she is a lot of the time. He thinks she’s confessing that she did something to Sami but she says she’s talking about her past where she had to do bad things for good reasons. She comes back in her negligee and asks him if there is anything she can do for him before she goes to bed. He wants to ask her something and then looks at her and says no to just forget about it. She wants to know what he was going to ask. He tells her that he doesn’t like sleeping alone. He misses the companionship. It’s not sex, he just wants someone to hold, he misses Marlena so much. Kate goes into his arms. She misses Roman the same way. They end up holding each other with Kate running her fingers over his chest.

Bart brings Roman and Marlena supper. Marlena doesn’t want to eat it. Bart tells her that Tony didn’t have it poisoned. Marlena says anything Tony touches is poison. Tony comes in. He taunts them about their great love affair and the rekindled feelings. Bart asks Marlena if she has feelings for Roman. Tony says she won’t answer you but you can see the answer in her eyes. Bart goes practically nose to nose with Marlena and she ends up punching him. Tony laughs. After they leave Marlena and Roman talk about what Tony is doing. He’s trying to rekindle the feelings between them. Roman says but we know what he’s trying to do so that means he won’t be able to do it, right? They decide to look at the meal. It’s what they used to have every Friday night when they were first married. Pepperoni and anchovy pizza, moo shoo pork and Kung Pau chicken with beer for him and chardonnay for her. They talk about how this combination of food came about. They talk about how the beer fizzed when she opened and sprayed all over her silk blouse and of course one thing led to another. The beer sprays on her this time and Roman is going to wipe it off but tells her she better do it. The TV comes on and they see John and Kate in bed together looking very cozy. Marlena is angry at Tony for doing this to them. Roman says Tony is keeping us away from Salem but John and Kate are moving on and that is their choice, not Tony’s. He says and what about us, what are we going to do about these feelings we have for each other, feelings that he’s always had for her.

Billie sees that she has interrupted a special evening and says she’s sorry for barging in. Bo tells her its okay but Hope says no it’s not. Bo is a little upset with Hope but Hope tells him that it’s alright to speak the truth. Billie agrees. Hope gets the impression that Billie just came to pick up her suitcase. She tells Billie she left her makeup bag upstairs and she will get it for her. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about the conversation between Bo and Billie. Suffice it to say that Billie gets what she wants. When Bo finds out that she can’t stay in Kate’s suite or Roman’s house or Lucas’ he tells her she’ll just have to stay there. She protests and stays she is going to book a room in a hotel. He tells her she can’t or she’ll end up in jail. She looks towards the stairs and says that might not be a bad thing. Bo tells her that he’ll smooth things over with Hope. She says he shouldn’t have to. They are in the middle of a romantic evening. Bo says it’s not like it’s our anniversary or anything than he stops and says today would have been our anniversary. Billie is all smiles. She was wondering if he would remember. She wishes him a Happy Anniversary.

Hope is upstairs on the phone to Jen telling her how Billie interrupted their evening but she just came to pick up her suitcase. Jen must be asking her how Bo feels because Hope tells her that Bo doesn’t want Billie to stay any more than she does. She is confident that Bo will not be asking her to stay. She comes down the stairs just when they’re talking about this being their anniversary.

Previews: John holding tight to Kate saying he couldn’t do this without her. She caresses his face and tells him she isn’t going anywhere. Mrs. Kiriakis to Shawn ‘Just take it off.’ He says as are you serious? Mrs. K. tells him they’re adults; she thinks she can handle it. Being the good trained lapdog he now is he says alright and pulls his shirt over his head. Billie to Hope – I think you’re making a big mistake here and if I were you I would back off. Very telling looks from both Bo and Hope.

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Tuesday Mar 1

Pat’s Spoilers

John tells Kate he just needs to get through the night. She promises to be there for him. She caresses his face and they come close to kissing but John says I asked you to stay in my bed for companionship. He hopes he’s not sending out mixed signals. She tells him he isn’t. They’re just two lonely people. He’s grieving for Marlena and her for Roman. John tells her that Brady has told him to move on with her. She says it’s probably because your daughter is married to my son. They talk about how worried she must be with her husband fighting overseas (that was good for a laugh). John finally falls asleep. Kate gets a call on her cell. Its Tony using his disguise my voice equipment (I swear anyone that hears that voice and doesn’t know its Tony is an idiot…his speech patterns and pronunciation are so precise that how could they NOT know). He tells her that he hates to be the bearer of bad news but her new daughter in law is cheating on her son with Shawn Brady. Kate tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because Belle would NEVER cheat on Philip (that got an even bigger laugh). He says you don’t have to believe me, you can see it for yourself. She hangs up and talks to herself. She doesn’t want to leave John but he’s sleeping and she decides she has to do this for Philip.

I really enjoyed ‘Stan’s’ scenes when he was talking to Tony. After the flashbacks of course we get back to the letter. Sami/Stan says she thought she could do this but now that she sees what he wants done she’s changed her mind. She doesn’t know who he is but he is pure evil. Dan does an exceptional job, getting very emotional just like Sami would do, crying and everything…LOL! Tony plays her though reminding her of how she was set up, what’s she lost and how everyone has always treated her horribly. He tells her to look in the makeup case. She finds the pills. He tells her its time to go get John. ‘Stan’ gets into the penthouse and waits until Kate leaves and goes inside John’s room. John asks who’s there. Stan says the answer to your prayers and pulls out a bag full of pills. John asks who he is. He says a drug pusher who has what he needs. John attacks him and Sami thinks he’s going to choke her so ‘Stan’ hits John in the back causing him to fall to the floor. Stan throws the pills on the floor really taunting John. John asks him what’s in it for him. He says I’m a pusher, you’re a junkie, I’m in it for the money. He picks up John’s watch and says this should about cover it and walks out. John lies on the floor and then starts reaching for the pills. Sami goes home and removes the device from her mouth. She smiles and we her voice as she talks to herself. She’s quite happy with the way things are going.

Soldier Phil and his fellow soldiers make it into some abandoned building. Jake notices Phil is bleeding. He says it’s nothing serious. Jake says his mission is over but Phil yells no. He has to complete his mission so he can get leave to go home to his wife. Jake checks the wound and says it’s much deeper than he originally thought and that it needs stitches. He tells Phil that going home isn’t going to happen. Phil grabs him and tells him to bandage it, he will complete the mission. He then has a fantasy of Belle him and naked on the couch celebrating his homecoming. Their mission is apparently to capture a band of mercenaries and find out who they are working for. They know where the mercenaries are but the town they are in is in enemy territory. To get to the building they would have to cross the town square which is wide open. They would be sitting ducks. Jakes says it would be suicide to attempt it. Phil says they knew the mission was dangerous when they volunteered. He agrees that it would be suicide for them to attempt it that is why he is going to go in alone. (No comment).

Mrs. Kiriakis comes back to her apartment and Shawn is there with take-out that he picked up. He has candles lit and set on the table. She says they can’t do this. She will not be unfaithful to her husband. (Yeah, honey, I hate to tell you this, but the horse is already gone through the gate on that one). They can’t do this. (Personally, I remember how she didn’t have any trouble being unfaithful to Shawn – I just wish Shawn could remember that). He tries to tell her it’s just dinner but she goes on and on about how they can’t be alone together like this until she can tell Phil. Sami caught them and who knows what she will do. Shawn isn’t too worried about Sami. It was just an innocent moment she caught them in. Mrs. Kiriakis says Sami’s wedding got called off so she’ll be looking for someone to blame like John and Kate. Shawn says, really what can Sami do? Mrs. Kiriakis says it will be worse than anything she’s done before. Shawn has a bit of a flashback and he talks about how it’s so frustrating because everything is jumbled in his head. He’s going back to his place. He tells her at least Jan isn’t there – he finally got rid of her. He still does not know how he got engaged to her if he really did because he swears he doesn’t remember buying the ring.

He’s going to leave because he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable. He grabs the side of his head and she’s all concerned for him. He says it’s another one of his headaches as he grabs on to the counter. She makes him sit down and asks him if he ate anything at all today. He says no. So of course she has to find him. (Blech…its good thing I wasn’t eating supper or I would have been sick – as if the guy can’t hold a fork). She dumps the spaghetti on him and gets him to take his shirt and pants off. I had a good laugh over her saying that they’re adults, she’s sure she can handle it and then she basically leers as he’s pulling his pants off). Hmm…Shawn, you live just across the hall. How much more damage would have been done if you would have taken them off there? She gives him Phil’s robe to put on. He asks if it is Phil’s and she says yes. He puts it on – might as well, he seem quite content to settle for Phil’s hand me downs. He says I see you’re still wearing his rings. She tells him that she won’t take them off until he comes home – she’s owes him that much. There’s a knock on the door. All I’m going to say is just a few moments ago Mrs. Kiriakis was so concerned about Sami seeing them together but she doesn’t think twice about answering her door when Shawn is standing there in a bathrobe…oh yeah, brilliant…NOT.

I really like how Kate tied into them. She is angry and upset when she sees Shawn in the robe that she gave to Philip. I was kind of upset about the really horrible things she called and said about Shawn but then as she continued and Shawn just stood there and let Phil’s wife speak for him I figured he pretty much deserved it. I guess he’s really been trained well. He does try to defend himself but Kate tells him to shut up – so he does. Mrs. Kiriakis at first is pretty uppity with Kate telling her it’s not what she thinks but when Kate makes mincemeat out of her she tries the crying thing…I’m so sorry. Kate doesn’t buy that any more than I did. She tries to sound noble by admitting she made a big mistake, Shawn and her are still in love. She loves Philip very much because he was there when she really needed him but she’s not ‘in love’ with him but her and Shawn aren’t going to act on their feelings until she can tell Philip. Kate says you’re going to call him on the phone when he’s overseas fighting a war. She says you’ll kill him and asks them how they can live with themselves. Kate really gave it to them both pretty good – I did laugh when she accused him of taking advantage of his best friend’s wife when she was in such a vulnerable state. Kind of the same thing her son did.

After Tony is done talking to both Stan and Kate he talks to Bart and tells him Phase 2 is now underway. Bart is speechless at the brilliance of Tony’s plan; using Sami to carry out his dirty work is just pure genius. Bart tells no one in Salem can hold a candle to him when it comes to being evil. If Sami gets caught she’ll take the fall and nothing can come back on them. Tony laughs and says Sami has so many items that she can destroy half of Salem before they knows what hit them. He and Sami working together is going to be Salem’s worst nightmare.

Previews: John (lying on the floor) – Kate – I need you – Kate – I need you to help me. Hope to Bo – I can’t do this with your ex-wife in the next room. Shawn to Mrs. Kiriakis – I don’t care what Kate says. We need to move on with our lives and that includes Philip otherwise we’ll all be miserable. Philip gets shot.


Wednesday Mar 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady house: Bo and Hope are in the kitchen, Hope has agreed to Billie staying and Bo wants to continue with their romantic evening. Hope asks him if he thinks Billie will leave them alone. He says of course just as Billie comes in wanting to know what the decision is. LOL at the look Hope gives Billie. He says yes. Billie looks at Hope and thanks her and then goes upstairs. Bo tells Hope he planned this special evening for her and he wants to know what he can do to reassure her that Billie isn’t a threat. She tells Bo that she will support their search for Georgia and that she will love her because she is part of Bo but she doesn’t like Billie and she doesn’t trust her. She wants Bo to acknowledge that she has the right to feel that way. He does. He lifts her up and carries her into the living room where he dims the lights and puts some music on. (It’s Can’t Live Without Your Love by Peter’s wife). They start dancing – upstairs Billie hears the music and slams the closet door shut. Hope hears this and shuts the music off and tells Bo that she just can’t do this while his ex-wife is in the house – knowing this would have been their anniversary. He finally talks her into continuing the evening and carries her upstairs. Billie hears them coming upstairs and opens her door a crack and watches as they enter their bedroom…grrrr…In the end Hope just can’t let Bo make love to her with his ex-wife across the hall – doesn’t stop Bo from trying to convince her though…LOL!

I’m not going into the Billie fantasies. They were many and they were far too long. The gist of all the fantasies were ‘what if Bo and I were still married?’ What really and truly angered me was when she picked up a picture of Bo and Hope on their wedding day (the first one) and then they showed her face in that gorgeous gown instead of Hope’s. I’m sorry but that’s just sacrilegious – taking such a cherished Bo and Hope moment and reducing it to Billie’s sick fantasies. Of note right after Billie is told that she can stay and she is going up the stairs, she stops and says I would never come between Bo and Hope but if she keeps pushing him away I’ll be there for him….kind of reminds me of a vulture.

John’s: He is lying on the floor clutching the bag of pills – flashback to Stan. He puts one in his mouth. He is back on his bed when he spits it out. He tells himself that he can’t take the pills. He calls out for Kate saying he needs her. He hears the door close downstairs so he hides the bag of pills behind his pillow. Kate comes in and starts fluffing his pillows – he looks worried and more so when she says ‘What’s this?’ It’s a rosary. He says he needed some help to stay off the drugs. He then tells her he’s thirsty and asks for water. While she’s getting it he takes the pills and almost drops them in the garbage can but changes his mind. He puts them inside a box that is in the drawer of the night table. He asks Kate where she was. She says she went to check on Belle. He can tell something is wrong. She says that Belle told her Phil is on a mission and when it’s over he’ll be flown to the Pentagon for a debriefing and then he can come home on furlough to visit his wife and family. She sees the look on John’s face and asks him to tell her the truth. He says if they’re flying him to the Pentagon and then giving him leave when he just started combat duty than he’s on a very dangerous mission.

The Kiriakis Loft: More of Kate railing at Shawn and her son’s wife. She scoffs at ‘we’re not going to be intimate until I tell Phil – she asks her daughter in law if she thinks that makes it right. Kate is so angry that she almost spills the beans about John. Kate is telling her that John is going to be so disappointed in her. She says she thought she would be the perfect wife for her son, faithful and true – she can’t believe that they just got married and she’s going to ask Phil for an annulment. Shawn again just stands there and takes all the verbal abuse from Kate. When he says that Belle is telling the truth (about them not being intimate) Kate tells him that he has no right to be there – Belle is a married woman. Shawn goes back to his place to change. Kate tells Belle it’s not too late to change her made – they haven’t been intimate as yet. Mrs. Kiriakis cries and says she made a mistake – she loves Shawn and she is going to ask for an annulment. I did get a really good laugh at Mrs. K’s comment to her mother-in-law – ‘my wedding vows are very important to me’… Hmmm… I guess I never understood them correctly all my years of marriage. Shawn returns and finally we see a glimmer of the Shawn that used to be – he snatches Kate’s purse off the counter and shoves it into her hands. He tells Belle that Kate is Phil’s mother – of course she is going to say what she said. He wants to know if she’s changed her mind because of Kate. They take a break as Belle Kiriakis phones to find out about Mimi. Shawn and Mrs. Kiriakis talk some more. She loves him and she wants to be with him but she insists they can’t have any romantic moments in public or alone until she tells Phil – it’s just not right. He agrees and he wants to put his hands on her shoulders but stops himself.

Phil tells his troop to cover him as he goes to the enemy bunker. He hopes to be in and out before they even know he was there. His intention is to download any of their files they have so they can determine where they are located, their arsenal, who’s paying them and why. He runs out – there’s a shot he falls – his helmet goes flying. He gets up and congratulates himself on being so lucky and talks to Jake. He says he’s pinned down so he needs them to cover him. He gets up and there are several mercenaries in front of him. He starts fighting them but one of them knocks him out.

Hospital: Mimi tells Rex she is scared – she slips and says something about a procedure – she covers. Bonnie comes barging in and asks if her little girl died. Mimi says gee thanks Mom. While Mimi is undergoing the procedure in the waiting room Bonnie is all worked up and says this is all her fault. Rex asks how. She says she gave Mimi bad advice (flashback). Mimi told her she wanted a large family and she told her to wait. Rex says his research shows that pelvic inflammation is generally the result of STD’s but he knows that is not possible. Mimi hasn’t been with anyone else and neither has he. Bonnie wonders if it was the procedure. Rex pounces on that. Bonnie says she meant the tests she had run when she was having those female troubles – maybe she picked up an infection and didn’t know it. While Mimi is under she dreams of giving birth to twins. Bonnie blurts out that this makes up for the baby she got rid of. They have a boy and a girl and Bonnie tells Mimi that Rex has his hands full, he’s not mad at her for having an abortion. Rex hands her one of the twins and he tells her that she has made him the happiest man on earth. The doctor is doing the examination and tells one of the nurses – This doesn’t look good. It’s exactly what she was afraid of. The doctor doesn’t look forward to giving Mimi the news. Mimi is wheeled into the waiting room – she asks where the twins are.

Previews: Mrs. Kiriakis (looking naked and wet) to Shawn, crying – What if he’s taken hostage or something? Shawn – He’ll get out of it. “Noble” (blech) Phil – American marine will gut you like a pig. Patrick to Jen – I know I’m not Jack but I’m a man. I’ll help you with Jack Jr. Mimi screaming – Rex wanting to know what is going on – Mimi telling Rex she is so sorry.


Thursday Mar 3

Pat’s Spoilers

There was so much going on today on the show I’m really not sure that I can keep it all straight.

Jen’s: Chelsea and Abby are talking about Abby changing her grades (they show her doing that in a flashback). Abby says her Mom will find out – she always does. Chelsea says it’s because you act guilty and takes the letter from the school containing the report card and slips it into the pile. She says she always does it and her parents never catch on. The Chelsea leering at Patrick makes my skin crawl and she does a lot of it in this episode. I don’t even want to start on that garbage. Jen is very excited when she reads Abby’s report card and congratulates her for bringing her GPA up one whole point. The girls go upstairs and Jen notices another letter from the school. It’s from the guidance counsellor expressing his concern over Abby’s GPA dropping a point. Jen calls Abby to come downstairs. Chelsea and Patrick are in the kitchen. Patrick asks about her grades and when she says she’s a Grade A student he asks her why she doesn’t help Abby. She lies and says that she works very and her parents hire her a tutor. She stands on a chair to reach the tea and ‘accidentally’ falls into Patrick’s arms…yuck! Jen is not all that upset with Abby and she talks about trying to get away with stuff like that when she was Abby’s age but Great-Gran always knew. Abby gives her a lot of attitude. Jen tries to be reasonable and tells her if her grades don’t come up she won’t be able to get into a good college. Abby says she’s not going to college. When Jen tries to talk to her Abby storms into the kitchen and tells Chelsea they’re leaving. Jen tells she can’t go anywhere and Abby says you can’t stop me. Jen just lets her walk out and then talks to Patrick about how she is trying to save Abby from going through what she did but she’s failing. If Jack was here he could get through to her. She needs him to help with Jack Jr. Patrick says he can help. They hug. Outside Chelsea tells Abby she isn’t being smart by walking out – her mom will just ground her. She needs to go in and apologise and work harder to bring her grades up a bit then her mom can’t say anything to her. If she gets grounded her mom won’t let her come over and she won’t be able to see Patrick – Chelsea tells Abby she’s being selfish. They go back inside and see Patrick and Jen hugging. Abby says she’s the one that owes me an apology – let’s go. Chelsea wonders how Patrick can want Jen – she’s old.

Jack: He’s sleeping and dreaming when the boat slows and he’s almost thrown off his cot. He finds out they are slowing down because they’re nearing port. The female sailor confirms that they are indeed in the U.S. Jack is so excited he twirls her around. He decides to get cleaned up because his family won’t recognise him. As he’s trying to shave he sees a man in a hooded sweatshirt peering out at him. He tells the guy to come out. He won’t take down his hood and reveal himself. Jack determines he’s there with a passport for him when the guy talks about how difficult it’s going to be to get through customs. Jack gives him all the money he has in exchange for the passport but he soon realises he’s been duped – it’s the passport of a 16 year old girl. Jack chases the guy and tackles him but the guy pulls a knife on him. Jack backs away and opens and a door and falls out of the ship.

Hospital: Mimi wakes up and Rex and Bonnie are in her room. She asks if she dreamt that the doctor told her she had bad news. They tell her no. She wants to know what it is but they don’t know because Mimi fainted before the doctor could say anything. The doctor comes in and tells Mimi she does have bad news. She asks Rex to leave because it’s her policy and the hospital’s that only next of kin can be present. She tells Mimi that the pelvic inflammation damaged her fallopian tubes. (Rex might still have been in the room at this point – I know at one point he’s asked to leave). Mimi wants to know if it’s because of the abortion. The doctor says yes and then gets paged. Bonnie and Mimi talk. Mimi is crying that it’s all her fault. Bonnie takes the blame. I actually enjoyed Bonnie – she talks about how she didn’t want Mimi to go through what she did – she really thought she was giving her good advice. Mimi says it was ultimately her decision. The doctor comes back in and Bonnie wants to know how long before Mimi and Rex can start planning on having children, her grandchildren. The doctor tries to talk but Bonnie keeps going on. Mimi stops her and says Mom you have it wrong – the doctor is trying to tell me that I can’t have children, aren’t you. The doctor confirms it and Mimi cries out. Rex comes in and she tells him she is sorry. Outside her room Bonnie talks to the doctor. She feels that with all the new technology that something could possibly be done for Mimi. The doctor says no and adds that if by some miracle Mimi got pregnant she would never carry the baby to term and she would be risking her health.

Mrs. Kirakis’ Loft: Jan is on the fire escape with Kewpie spying on Shawn. She asks Kewpie what she can do to get Shawn away from … I can’t exactly remember what she called Mrs. K. but I liked it… LOL! Oooh and Kewpie is much more animated now…the doll tells her the only way to end this is to make Mrs. K feel guilty for betraying her hunky, marine husband. Jan figures that is the perfect plan. Shawn hears a noise and looks out the window but Jan is gone. Shawn is talking to himself about wishing that his married girlfriend would get the nerve to tell Phil that they are back together. He says I know she’ll be angry but if I email him and tell him to call her – if he thinks it’s from her he will. Then maybe she will tell him the truth. He sits down and composes the email and signs it from Belle – it basically says call me as soon as you get this message – I have something important to tell you. Jan knocks on the door and saunters in. She is giving him one last chance to correct his mistake. He can’t just ‘do’ a girl and then dump her. He wants to know what she did to him to get him to do anything. He tells her that he has flashes of a cage and handcuffs – she wraps her chain link belt around his neck and says if it’s kinky he wants, she’ll do anything for him. Mrs. K. screams and Shawn goes rushing up the stairs. Jan sees the email and tells Kewpie that is the perfect way to get Shawn’s married lover to dump him. She hits Send and then she goes up the stairs to eavesdrop. She quickly makes it back down and listens outside the door so she can listen in from the hallway.

I’m not going into the Mrs. K. guilt fantasy or the Phil fantasy of his wife telling him what he has to do so he can come back to her. I couldn’t understand half of what she was saying - sorry. Suffice it to say Mrs. K. is in the shower fantasizing about betraying her husband with Shawn and then Phil is there saying her betrayal broke his heart. No sympathy here – she’s the one that put herself in this situation. When Phil drops dead she starts screaming and Shawn comes running. She sobs about Phil knowing about them – blah, blah, blah. When they go downstairs she sees the email and she starts yelling at Shawn – he just sits there and takes it…how sad.

Phil: He comes to and immediately thinks he's still alive because his captors know how important he is - after all he's Special Forces so they must think he has information. He tells them he has no information - they knock him out. He comes to and tries to reach him emergency signalling device so he can alert Jake and the others and they can track his location. He can't reach it. He sees Belle urging him on and after several visions he gets his hands loose. He realises that he can't set it off without alerting his captors that he is conscious so he starts coughing/choking. One guard leaves and Phil attacks the other guard and grabs his knife away. I'm not exactly sure what he does to him but he does tell him if he stays still he just might live. He activates the device turns around and is staring at a gun. The guy shoots - he goes down - the guy shoots again.

Previews: Jen to Patrick- How long are you planning on staying in Salem? Patrick – How long do you want me to? Shawn to Mrs. Kiriakis – Why are we bothering to put our relationship on hold when it seems like it’s already over – Mrs. K’s response – blank stare. Tony talking to – they don’t show – Once all the pieces fall into place, all will be revealed. Mimi to Bonnie – I ruined my baby’s future, I ruined Rex’s future and I can’t lose him, I can’t lose Rex – Rex comes into her room.


Friday, Mar 4

Janice’s Spoilers

At Hospital: Rex, Mimi, Bonnie, doctor, later Belle, Shawn, and unfortunately tag-a-long Jan…

An upset Mimi is explaining to Rex that she might not be able to have children. He hugs her and says it’s not her fault. Bonnie rushes in. Mimi says it’s her punishment... that if she hadn’t been so selfish. The doctor wants to give her a sedative and asks Rex and Bonnie to go. Rex is confused. He wants to know what Mimi is talking about and why she keeps blaming herself.

Bonnie stands outside looking in and blames herself. She starts crying. (Judy did a great job today...very understated). She asks for god’s help to get Mimi through this. Bonnie wants Mimi to blame her. The doctor says that Mimi is having a hard time and won’t let her go back in, saying that she needs to rest.

Some time later Bonnie brings up adoption or finding a surrogate or even foster parenting to Mimi as a comforting alternative… which leads to the question of how Mrs. Bonnie Horton knows all this…which leads to us finding out that Mickey asked Bonnie to volunteer at the Free Clinic. It’s a very good scene. Bonnie talks about how many abandoned kids are out there and needing a home. Mimi talks about adoption being the better route for her to have taken instead of what she did.


I’m not sure where Bart and Tony are, but Bart is telling him that they still can’t find Jack. Tony isn’t worried. He says that there is something more important to deal with...a new guest.

At Belle’s Loft: Belle, Shawn, and unfortunately Jan looking in…

Belle and Shawn are fighting. She’s mad that he sent the email to Phil. Jan is smirking and of course...lurking. Shawn tells Belle that he wrote the email but didn’t send it. He says Jan must be the culprit. Belle is still upset because she thought they would tell him together. He’s annoyed with Belle and asks her why she has to wait to tell the marine in person. Belle counters with why it’s important not to hurt Jan’s feelings but its okay to hurt Phil’s, his best friend. (I wish they would stop writing “his best friend”. I don’t think they have been anything but enemies for months). He asks her whether there is some reason she doesn’t want to tell Philip and then says that this whole thing was a mistake... “Why are we even bothering with putting our relationship on hold when it hasn’t even begun?”

Belle insists that she will tell Philip and asks why Jan is still in their lives? They talk about not trusting each other but both deny that is the case. Jan is happy with the way things are going...lol...

Rex phones and tells Belle about Mimi’s surgery and says that there is bad news. He asks her to come to the hospital. Belle goes to get dressed and Jan lets the mouse go round and round in her head…plotting this…plotting that.

Back at the Hospital: Rex, Mimi, Bonnie, Belle, Shawn, doctor, and Jan

Belle and Shawn come in. Belle hugs Rex comfortingly. He tells them the bad news and they are both shocked and say how sorry they are. Belle goes to see Mimi.

Jan walks in wearing this wierd black outfit. Rex and Shawn ask angrily what she is doing there. She says she’s come to see her old friend Mimi because she is sick. Jan wants to lift her spirits. Rex says the only way she can do that is to leave because Mimi hates her. Jan says she’ll be the bigger person and Shawn gets in her face and says he doesn’t think so. She tells them that she is sorry Mimi is sick but that it is all her fault. (Why isn’t Rex showing her the door? Rex asks Jan what she is talking about. She tells him that Mimi could have prevented this from happening. He looks shocked.

Belle goes in and the girls hug. Bonnie decides to leave the girls alone to talk. Mimi says that Rex still doesn’t know all the truth... that the infection (P.I.D.) was a result from the abortion.

The doctor comes in. Mimi asks if she can go home. She tells her that if her vitals are okay then she will be released but she has to rest.

Belle comes out and hears Jan telling Rex that she wants to reveal the truth about his precious Meems. She pulls her away before she can spill the beans and calls her despicable.

Mimi asks her mom to stop calling her "baby.” She says she ruined Rex and her future. He walks in and overhears Mimi saying she can’t lose him. He tells her she won’t and that
they can adopt. Rex wants her to stop punishing herself because it’s not like she caused this to happen.

Belle and Jan trade barbs. Belle asks her how she can taunt Rex like that. Jan does a guilt trip on Belle about shacking up with Shawn. She says that if anything were to happen to Phil while he was over there, Belle’s relationship with Shawn would be built on his blood. She asks if Belle could handle that. Belle has a sick fantasy of standing outside of marine boy’s coffin with Shawn. Two marines give her a folded flag. Philip is slamming her for cheating on him. She comes out of the fantasy and Jan is still at it. She says that Philip is fighting the fight of his life and Belle is playing house with Shawn.... Belle says that she will tell Philip the truth no matter if he comes home injured. Jan tells her that Shawn and Phil were best friends before "Belle" tore them apart...and that she's pathetic. She mentions that at least Shawn and her were together when Belle wasn't even in the picture. A shaken Belle tells Jan one last time that they aren’t cheating of Philip and walks away. Shawn asks her what’s wrong. She tells Shawn to stay away from her and walks out very upset.

War Zone/Camp: Tony, guard, Phil, Ghost of Belle

His guys are looking for him. One of his captor’s steps on the flashing beacon and crushes it. A search and rescue team is ordered to find Phil. Jake sees the beacon and thinks Phil is dead or a POW. Philip has been laid on a gurney, a sheet covering up all of him. Phil sees a ghostlike Belle who tells him to stay sharp. The guard reports that Phil almost killed one of the men. Tony appears and the guard leaves. He says that things are going to get much worse. (I do not believe that they are actually having Tony tampering with the Iraqi war…this is so bizarre its laughable! Another low reached for dool).

On the way to Salem/The Park: Jack/Smitty/Abby/Chelsea

Jack is sneezing and twisting his shirt to get rid of the water. He must have jumped and swum to shore..lol...he is freezing. He sees a payphone and wants to call Jennifer collect but doesn’t have a quarter. He hangs up angrily and then notices the sign that says he is only 100 miles from Salem. Jack is going to walk all the way. He says that he is going home to Jennifer and his family. He’s on U.S. soil. He puts on his shirt, shivers from cold, and sticks out his thumb to hitchhike...more sneezing.

A friendly guy named Smitty picks him up and wants to know his destination. Jack says he’s going to Salem and to the woman he loves.

Meanwhile, the two teens are sitting on a park bench. Chelsea is playing hardball and tells Abby that once and for all, her dad is dead and her mom can pick whoever she wants…except for Patrick of course. Lolita…oops I mean Chelsea is talking about him…blah…blah…real man for her first time… She thinks he looks at her in a special way but Abby thinks she’s deluded. Abby is shocked when Chelsea says she wants him in her bed. (this stuff is really disgusting). Abby explains about Patrick saving Jennifer on the island and practically delivering the baby. Chelsea thinks Jennifer will use the baby to keep Patrick around. Abby is going to help Chelsea so that her mom doesn’t get together with Patrick. Chelsea says that tonight is the night she is going to make it happen. They leave.

A split second later, Jack arrives at the same bench and sees a quarter. He thinks its serendipity. Jack gives Smitty a busman’s tour of Salem, showing him where Salem Hospital is, the park, and thanks him for the ride home. He phones Jen and leaves a message saying he’s alive and very close. When he gets there, he starts talking to the trees…to the mailbox…too cute…he’s just so happy to be back (I love Jack like this). He says he sounds like Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, but he doesn’t care. He finally beat Tony. He looks in the window and sees Jennifer through the window and braces himself to go inside.

At Jen’s House: Jennifer, Patrick, and finally...JACK

Jennifer and Patrick are hugging. She tells him he has been an amazing friend to her and asks Patrick how long he intends to stay in Salem. He wants to know how long she wants him to stay? She answers as long as he wants. She talks about her immediate family doing relief work, but that she has Bo as a father figure for her son. Patrick tells her that Bo barely has time for his own kids but Jen defends him. She says she also has Lucas.

Jennifer tells him that she feels as if he’s her nanny. He tells her that she is giving him free rent and he’s just trying to help. He wants to settle in Salem and get a steady job. He tells her that one day she will fall in love again and get married because she is to beautiful, kind and loving to be alone. Jennifer talks about her love for Jack. She tells Patrick that Jack was adopted and raised as a senator’s son in a completely dysfunctional family but that she loved him with all her heart...even if sometimes it felt like he could be from Mars...lol...

She says that if Patrick had ever had a love that deep, he would understand better how she was feeling. He admits that he did have that once but the woman was in love with someone else and he never told her how he felt. They both get down on the floor to pick up something she dropped.

He takes off for a run and Jen notices that he forgot his keys. She runs out the door after him and the phone rings. She misses it of course.

Patrick runs into the teens at the park. Abby says she won’t apologize to her mom. He says he never asked her to but that she shouldn’t blame Jen just because she got caught doctoring her report card. He takes off.

Jennifer is looking at a picture of Jack. She says she loves him and can’t imagine spending the rest of her life alone without him. She looks up to see his image reflecting on the glass. She faints from shock. Jack catches her and kisses her sweetly on the forehead...sigh...


Tony says he's ready for phase 2 to begin and that John Black will succumb to temptation and his eventual demise. He says he’s just getting warmed up.

Jan taunts Mimi saying that Rex will lose any chance of having a family because the woman he loves is a liar. Mimi yells at her to shut up before she kills her.

Belle gets a phone call (Shawn is looking on) telling her that Phil is MIA (Don’t they usually come to the door and tell you personally?) and yells “No!”


Monday Mar 7

Janice’s Spoilers

Mr. Ashford & Mrs. Reeves were excellent today…but I have to say that Tony’s confidence makes me wonder how real this really is...as well, it went really fast...

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jack and Jennifer

A repeat of the last scene with Jennifer holding Jack’s picture and seeing his reflection. He catches her as she falls but this time Jennifer doesn’t faint. Jack is kissing her and telling her that he is alive. She says it can’t be possible but he tells her it is. He pushes the play button on the answering machine and kisses her hair. Jack tells her that he will never leave her again.

He wants to see Abby and baby Jack. Jen tells him that Abby is at Chelsea’s and that Julie has the baby with her. She thinks he’s disappointed but he realizes that they have the house to themselves. Jack sees a framed photo of Jen, Abby, baby Jack, and Patrick and gets upset. He thinks she has moved on. Jennifer tells him that it doesn’t mean anything and explains that Patrick is living in the garage apartment. He tells her about the nightmares he had about Patrick taking his place. She says that he is the only man she will ever love.

Jack wants to call Bo, Abe, and John and clue them into what is really happening. Jennifer gives him the sad news about John’s problems, Abe’s blindness, and Bo’s search for Georgia. Jack tells her that Tony is still alive and kicking and causing mayhem and Jennifer is shocked. He goes to tell her the rest (it happens off-screen). Jennifer is trying to understand it all. Jack says he will call the ISA. Jennifer decides to call Alice who apparently knows Agent Spector very well. She says that he will believe what Alice tells him. Jack is flabbergasted. Jennifer tells him that Alice and Spector go way back and he adores her.

Jack feels that he needs to do something to, but Jennifer tells him he is. He is back with her. He is reunited with his wife, and the she is going to show him just how much she loves him and has missed him. More kisses…sigh…

The Park and then Belle’s loft: Belle and Shawn

Belle ends up at a park with Shawn following her there. He asks her why she ran off and what Jan said to upset her. Belle flashes back to the scene with Jan taunting her about breaking up the friendship of Shawn and Philip and starts crying. She asks Shawn how they all ended up like this and he holds and tries to comfort her. The guilt is consuming her and she says that they haven’t the right to be happy, especially when no one else is. Belle mentions Mimi’s problems and her dad’s. Shawn tells her that she can’t think like that and they will be happy.

Back at the loft, Belle’s a little quieter now. She reiterates that she and Shawn can’t be together while Philip is away. Shawn thinks telling him sooner would be better but she still wants to tell him to his face. Shawn says that life is too short to waste it. He wants her to think about how it will hurt Philip worse if he goes on believing that they are going to live happily ever after. She decides Shawn is right and agrees to send an email.

As she is sitting at the computer, she turns around and sees a ghostlike Phil. She sees herself explaining to him that she doesn’t love him the way he deserves to be loved and that she has to end their marriage. The phone rings just before she sends the email…her husband is MIA (again since when is this done by phone???). She starts crying.

Prison: (I have no idea where but Tony seems to be the gatekeeper): guards, Tony, Bart, and Phil

Tony and Bart watch through the glass (two-way so Phil can’t see them) as Phil is being questioned by the guards. Bart is still upset about Jack but Tony takes it in his stride. Bart talks about all the little subplots going on…blah…blah…enough already. Tony brags about “Stan/Sami.”

One of the guards come out and say that Phil isn’t breaking. Tony tells him to you his new wife Belle as bait. The guards are pushing Phil around and produce a video camera for him to tell her goodbye. Tony tells Bart to bring Jack back to the castle when he is found. Bart is all worried that it might be too late. Tony won’t let Jack ruin his plan.

Philip sends a message to Kate and then Belle…

John’s Penthouse: John, Kate, and Lexie

They are in bed (of course), restless and sleeping poorly. He’s groaning and she’s all over the place. She offers to get him some hot milk or tea. John is remembering back to the scene where Stan/Sami dropped the drugs off for him and says he’d rather take a hot shower.

Kate hears something crash in the bathroom and runs in. There is shattered glass on the floor. John tells her that he fell trying to turn on the shower. She helps him up and back to bed and leaves. John tries to get to the drugs but Lexie arrives before he can reach them. and wants him admitted to hospital but he says no. She checks him for injuries and says that there are no new ones but that he might have aggravated his spinal muscle injury. John still won’t go to the hospital.

Kate and Lexie go downstairs. Lexie says doesn’t suppose Kate is too upset about Lucas’s wedding troubles. Kate says she’s more upset about Philip being overseas on a dangerous mission…will he make it home alive…and if he does, what is waiting for him in Salem will destroy him. She tells Lexie about Shawn and Belle. Lexie isn’t surprised. She always thought that Shawn and Belle loved each other but she can’t understand how Belle could marry Phil before realizing she was still in love with Shawn.

Kate says that Belle wants an annulment and that it’s heartless and unforgivable. Lexie says that Phil will need lots of support when he gets back. Kate says she knows that and will be there for him. Lexie leaves. Kate gives one of her dire warnings to the empty room… “I don’t give a damn if Belle and Shawn are in love because they are never going to be together. Shawn’s going to pay dearly for nearly killing everyone at the wedding. That little bastard is going to go away for a long, long time.”

Shawn/Rex’s Loft: Rex, Mimi, and Jan

Rex and Mimi get home (she’s been discharged from the hospital). Mimi is still depressed. He tells her that they will get through this. Jan is there (what a waste of airtime) and starts in on Meems. Rex tells her back off and to shut u or he swears to god that he will shut it for her. He also says that although he doesn’t agree with hitting girls, he will make an exception in her case. Jan asks if he is physically threatening her and then changes the subject. She wants to know if they know where Belle and Shawn are. Mimi asks her what business it is of hers. She goes on about it being her business because she is still his fiancée (flashes the ring on her finger). Jan says that Shawn is just a little confused at the moment.

Jan ignores him and keeps ragging on about Mimi and her secret. Rex denies that he even wants to hear it. He counters that Jan and Shawn are NOT in a relationship anymore and that Shawn dumped her.

Rex offers to throw Jan down the fire escape but Mimi asks him to go get her prescription filled instead. He leaves…Jan starts in again (does the girl ever sleep?) about the abortion. Mimi is yelling at her to shut up (seems to be a lot of that going around) and utters a death threat. Jan ignores her and keeps at it until Mimi asks her what she wants. Same old…same old… Mimi has to help her get Shawn back. Mimi tells her to wise up because that isn’t going to happen. She tells her to go to hell and stay away from her. Jan says she is going to tell Rex everything. He walks in and overhears. She tells him that Mimi has been lying and she has the proof.


Kate and John talking: Kate says its not fair that they have both lost so much. John says they should move on and she asks if he means with each other…groan…

Hope and Bo taking: She doesn’t think “Georgia” even exists. Billie does her gate crashing routine and says it’s a lie. She accuse Hope of taking Bo away but she won’t let her take their daughter…

Belle talking to Shawn (Jan lurking): She begs Shawn to tell her that he didn’t send the email.


Tuesday Mar 8

Pat’s Spoilers

Jack & Jen: Jen assures Jack that the ISA will listen to Alice. He wants to call but she tells him no. If he calls they will question him all night and he really has no idea where in Europe the castle is and whether Tony is still there. Then the media will camp out on their doorstep and all she really wants is to have him to herself for just one night. They’re in front of the fire and Jack tells Jen he doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. Cassie was the only one he seen alive and he’s not sure that she still is. He wants to go to Doug and Julie’s and pick up the baby and then go pick up Abby. He can’t wait to see her face when she recognises him. Jen says no we can’t go and get the kids tonight. You can’t see them. He wants to know why. She says it’s late, they’re sleeping, and morning will be here soon enough. She tells him that she didn’t know it was possible to miss someone so much and she proceeds to tell him all the things she missed about him. She asks him if it is so wrong of her to want him to herself for one night. They kiss. They’re sitting on the couch talking about everyone else that is still missing.

Jen starts talking about how Nicole is now involved in Brady and she wonders what Victor’s reaction would be. Jack starts talking about Patrick and he asks her if Patrick had put the moves on her. She says no way. He’s been a wonderful friend, helping out with the kids. Jack says just like he helped Tony on the island. Jen defends him saying he saved their lives on the island. Jack agrees to focus on just each other. He wants to take her upstairs for some private time. She says no she has a better idea. She wants him to wait while she gets his coat. Poor Jack can’t quite figure out what is going on.

Kate & John: John tells Kate he has to get well for Brady and Belle. He asks her to talk to him to take his mind off the pain. She talks about her kids. She wants Phil to be safe, Lucas to forget about Sami and Billie to be with the man she is best to be with even if someone else to be hurt. John just gives her a strange look that starts complaining about his pain. Kate goes to get him a heating pad. He reaches for the pills which are now in the nightstand on the other side of the bed. He tells himself he can get through this one minute, one hour, one day at a time. He tells Kate that he has to be able to get through this without any drugs. She tells him that besides the sleeping pills Lexie prescribed there are no other drugs in the place. He is clutching the bag of pills. She puts the heating pad on his back and he tells her that he has these dreams that Marlena will be coming back to him. He knows Marlena would be happy to know that Kate is there for him, helping him through this. She tells him she has the same kind of dreams about Roman. They had so little time together.

John blames himself for not being able to save him. Kate tells him that he has to stop that. He talks about how it felt to hold her in his arms when he found her on the island. She wishes she could have had that moment with Roman. John talks about how young Kate is and that maybe it’s time they thought about moving on. She asks him if he means that they should move on together. He says he’s not ready for that, his heart belongs to Marlena. She looks disappointed. She says she is still in Roman but she is trying to move on. She’s put his house up for sale. John says he is not there yet, all Marlena’s clothes are still in the closet, her favourite pen is still on the desk. He finds that to be a comfort but nothing is more comforting than having her there.

Mrs. Kiriakis, Shawn, Rex, Mimi & Jan: Jan is about to carry out her threat when they hear Mrs. Kiriakis screaming no. Shawn grabs the phone but no one is on the line. Mrs. Kiriakis finally spits out that Phil is missing and cries that it’s all her fault. Geez- and you want a pity party to go with your guilt fest – no sympathy here. Everything she feels is a direct result of all the stupid choices she made of her own free will. Either deal with them or shut up. There’s one way to not feel guilty and that’s to stay faithful to her husband but wait, what am I thinking. This is a woman that can’t go without a man in her life for more than two minutes. Oh well. How she still has Shawn in her life after the things she said today is beyond me. I guess that’s where the dumb part comes in. She cries and whines that she knew that this was going to happen. She knew it as soon as she broke her wedding vows. Shawn says she didn’t. She says she did in her heart (and let’s not forget in deed as well – how many times did she kiss her boy toy?) It’s all her fault because someone Philip must have known what was going on between them. She cries (yawn) saying he can’t be dead. Mimi, Rex and Jan come barging in wanting to know what’s wrong. Shawn tells them – he says that it is possible he just got separated from his unit. Rex says he could be captured, hurt or…Mrs. K. gets very snippy and says he can’t be dead. Shawn tries to comfort her saying he just wants to help. She is very nasty and snide to him telling him that he has helped enough. Philip is ‘my husband’. He signed up for this mission because he’s brave. She snivels saying she can’t lose him. Shawn, Shawn, Shawn – just walk away. She’s never going to leave Phil – that was made plain as day today.

Mimi and Rex comfort her. They all tell her that Phil is resourceful; he’ll find a way out of this. Rex hopes that God wouldn’t be so cruel as to make him lose both his sister and his brother. Mrs. Kiriakis rounds on Shawn again and wants to know that he didn’t send that email that they were back together – she does not want that to be the first email Phil sees when he is rescued. Shawn is in shock that she would even ask him that question. Jan gloats. Shawn says he didn’t, Mrs. K. says she can’t send it now and deletes. Mimi and Rex talk; Mimi comforts Rex. Rex wonders why Jan is there. Mimi says she thinks she can still get Shawn back. Mrs. K. keeps crying wondering if he’s out there hurt, alone. Shawn says the military has all kinds of new equipment to track down missing personnel. She cries that he’s her husband, she can’t lose him. Shawn goes to get her some tissues. Jan moves in for the kill and tells Belle that Phil probably volunteered for the mission because he knew that Belle was being unfaithful with Shawn and he wanted to get home quicker. If he dies it is going to be her fault. Jan gets very belligerent saying that if Philip is dead it would be just like Belle had shot him herself. Everyone comes running to Mrs. K’s defence. Jan tells them she has to face facts. Mimi calls them lies. Jan doesn’t slow down – finally Shawn tells hers to get out but then says forget it – you’re not worth it and steers Mrs. K. away from her. Mimi tells Jan this is all her fault. Jan just sneers and says that Belle’s relationship with Phil is all a lie just like Mimi’s with Rex. Jan threatens Mimi – Mimi tells her she isn’t going to say anything. Mrs. K. wonders if Kate has been told. Shawn and Rex decide to go back to their apartment and check the web.

Mimi goes to comfort Mrs. Kiriakis. She tells Mimi she shouldn’t be here she just got home from the hospital. Then she starts crying about Jan being right. Jan vows that Shawn and Belle will never get back together. Mimi and Mrs. K are comforting each other. Jan taunts them both. Mrs. K. says you’re not going to hurt Rex and Mimi and you’re not going to keep Shawn and me apart. Jan says they don’t like the truth – Mimi lied to her fiancé and Mrs. K. to her husband. She then make a smart remark about best friends, sometimes the friendship lasts, sometimes it doesn’t. Mrs. K. says you can’t do anything to us – Mimi agrees. Jan wants to know what would happen if all of Mimi’s secrets come out. Mimi tells her to shut up – she’s sick of her empty threats. Jan thinks to herself that her threats aren’t empty and Measles will learn that the hard way. Rex and Shawn can’t find anything on the computer. Rex is not too happy with Shawn and Belle for not waiting until Phil came back before getting back together and says so. He warns Shawn that Belle feels guilty and if Phil dies they will never be together because Shawn couldn’t wait. Shawn says he won’t let that happen. Mrs. K comes over – they tell her they haven’t found anything. Shawn wants to talk to her. She says no – they can’t even think about themselves now. She tells him that she is Mrs. Philip Kiriakis and all her focus has to be on her husband and what he would want. She whines that she has something to do and she hopes that she has the strength to do it. She walks out on him but like the trained little lap dog he now is he follows her. They go to John’s. Kate hopes that she has come to her senses and she is here to tell him that this sordid little thing between them (she points to Phil’s wife and Shawn) is over. She tells her mother-in-law that she got a call, Phil is MIA. Kate’s turn to scream NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Bo, Hope & Billie: Bo promises to make it to Hope (because their romantic evening got ruined). Hope tells him the one she blames is Billie. Bo says she didn’t really want to come back here – he gives the jail spew again. Billie is standing outside listening to them argue. Hope says she is your ex-wife and she still has a thing for you. She tells him that Billie will just come up with another excuse to be there. Bo defends Billie saying that she has had a rough couple of months. She finds out her daughter might be alive and then she thinks that they have found her. Hope tells him if they think they are going to find Georgia they’re crazy. She doesn’t think she exists – it’s all a DiMera ploy. Billie charges into their bedroom saying that is alive. She is alive. Billie tells her that she may have taken Bo away when she came back but she won’t let her take away their daughter. Hope asks Billie how she dares interrupt a private conversation between her and her husband. She may be a guest but she doesn’t have that right. Billie says she does have the right especially when Hope is trying to convince Bo that their daughter is not out there somewhere. She tells Hope that are she is so caught up in her paranoid delusions about her and Bo getting back together that she actually hopes that Georgia is not alive. Hope denies it and reminds them both that she has always said that if their daughter is alive she hopes they can find her and bring her home so she can have the life she deserves. She reminds that she held Georgia in her arms after she is stillborn. Hope wants to know why Billie thinks anything is different now. Billie reminds her of all the people the DiMera’s led them to believe were dead but they weren’t. She should know what the DiMera’s are capable of. Hope says exactly which is why she believes that the information was planted on that disk because Tony knew that they would find it. The entire point of that information was to throw Billie and Bo together to put a strain on her and Bo’s marriage. Billie is so smug – she tells Hope that she is more paranoid than she thought she was. Dumb Bo just stands there and doesn’t defend Hope at all. Billie yells at Hope telling her this isn’t about her, it’s about Georgia and then she storms out.

I can’t believe Bo. He was such an ass today I could just scream. Hope tells him not to dare tell him she was too hard on Billie. She bust in on a private conversation for the second time. Hope wants to know why she is always the bad guy and why he is always taking Billie’s side. Bo thought they were all on the same side. Hope asks him if he really believes that she would prefer their daughter were dead. Bo says it would make things easier for us. Hope says this is exactly what the DiMera’s want – for them to be fighting all the time and for him to be running after Billie all the time. It’s their plan to break them up. Bo says smugly that she is playing into their hands. Georgia is his daughter and if there’s any chance she’s alive...he wants to know if she doesn’t believe that the most important thing is to find the truth. She says it’s important but there are things that are just as important, his sons, us. He says he doesn’t have to choose – as for Billie and her – there is no choice, he loves her. He wants to know what else he can do to prove it. She says those are just empty words. He says he planned a romantic evening – Hope yells that he let Billie ruin in – he yells back that he didn’t, she did. GRRRRRR…. He doesn’t want to argue with her. He goes downstairs to comfort Billie and leaves Hope upstairs near tears. Billie’s phone rings. It’s someone that has news about Georgia. He tells Billie to look out the front door. Hope comes down and wants to know what’s going on – Bo wants her to be quiet. They open the door and Billie sees a package. She is about to pick it up when Bo picks it up. He puts on gloves and brings it inside. He tells Hope that this might be proof that Georgia is alive. He pulls out some hair – Billie is smiling. Bo says they’ll take it to the lab and compare it to their DNA. If it matches they know their daughter is alive.

Preview: Hope to Lexie: Every time I turn around Billie is there. She will do anything and everything to keep Bo in her life forever. Billie to Bo: You’re in denial about Hope. If it were up to her we would never get our daughter back. Chelsea to Patrick: Good song, you want to dance. Jack to Jen: More proof that Lockhart is no damn good. Kate to Shawn: If he thinks for one minute now that Philip is missing…I’m going to make damn sure that you are never with Belle.


Wednesday Mar 9

Janice’s Spoilers

I'm posting a little early tonight.

This will be piecemeal because I’m doing this from memory.

Horton Cabin: Jack, Jennifer

Jack is lighting candles to make the scene more romantic. Jennifer comes down in a negligee and they toast each other with champagne. Jack is thrilled to see framed pictures of his family. He’s so happy to be back and doing normal things.

Jennifer tells him about Abby being rebellious and having poor grades. She says that Abby is a good girl but missed Jack so much. Jennifer doesn’t understand how Abby refused to believe he was dead but how she was so willing to give up on him. They talk about Chelsea. Jack wonders if she’s a bad influence. Jennifer thinks she’s a great influence. They make love (off-camera).

Jack and Jennifer can’t believe that they are together again. She tells him that making love was wonderful. He’s glad to be home so that they can do it whenever they want. Jennifer laughs and reminds him about Jack Jr. Jack tells her that he doesn’t mind getting up at all hours as long as she does the laundry.

Jennifer has a very strange look at the end of the show.

Hospital: Lexie, Bo, Billie, Hope

Billie is talking about how she hopes the hair sample is Georgia’s. Bo agrees. Hope shows up and Bo wants to know why she is there. She tells him that she wanted to come to support him.

Billie attacks her and says that’s not true. Hope counters asking why Billie jumps at every false lead. Billie says that she will never give up on finding “their” daughter. Lexie leads Bo and Billie away to do the DNA testing.

Billie rags on Bo about what will happen if Georgia is alive. He tells her that he wants that more than everything. She talks about Hope. He says that his family will be fine. Billie doesn’t think so.

Hope is blaming the Dimeras. Lexie goes down memory lane and talks to Hope about her brother Tony and father. She apologizes to Hope about Zach and still finds it hard to believe that Hope forgave her. She asks Hope whether she doesn’t think Billie deserves to find her child if she is alive. Bo and Billie come in and Bo tells Hope that he is interested in her answer....grrrr.... Hope says of course she believes that. Billie goes on another rant.

Hope goes out for some fresh air on the balcony. Bo and Billie stay together waiting for the results.

Chelsea’s House: Chelsea and Abby

I won’t be posting anything about this duo today. I found the scenes repulsive both before they got to the Cheating Heart and after.

Cheating Heart: Patrick, Mobster & Pals, Chelsea

Patrick goes in for a beer. The bartender comments about him not being there with that “wild woman” Billie. Patrick tells him he just wants to drink quietly and figure out how to make a lot of cash quickly. The bartender tells him about a game about to start in the back. He warns him that the guy is into breaking legs...etc...

Patrick wanders to the back and gets patted down before they will let him play. One guy wants to play with a new deck. Patrick finds out that it’s been fixed. They play and he is winning big time....until he gets drugged that is...

John’s Penthouse: John, Kate, Belle, Shawn

Kate is blaming Belle and Shawn for what happened to Philip. Shawn says “excuse me?” John hears Kate screaming from upstairs and yells down. Kate threatens Shawn that he will never be with Belle. She says that she will testify at the court trial that its his fault that Philip is MIA (huh?)

Belle defends Shawn. John makes his way downstairs and wants to know what is going on. Belle tells him that Philip is MIA. John looks at Kate and Belle and tells them he will do everything he can to get Philip back. He asks Shawn for the phone so he can phone Shane at the ISA.

Kate eggs Belle on to tell him the rest. She tells her dad that she made a huge mistake and that she should have listened to him and everyone else, but she still loves Shawn. She tells him that she shouldn’t have married Philip. John reminds her that he asked her over and over again whether she was over Shawn. She says she thought she was but was wrong.

Shawn steps in and tells John that it’s his fault as well. He tells him that he loves Belle. John tries to comfort Belle. She tells him she doesn’t deserve it and runs out crying. Shawn follows her and wants to hold her. She tells him they can’t be in each other’s arms while Philip is missing.


Jan tells Mimi that Belle will never break her marriage vows. She threatens Mimi to help her keep Shawn and Belle apart or the abortion secret will be out.
Belle tells Shawn to leave.

John is comforting Kate in bed.


Thursday Mar 10

Pat’s Spoilers

Kate and John back in that darn bed again. John thinks if Marlena had been there she would have made sure Belle was over Shawn before marrying Phil. She needed a parent and he was too drugged up to be a proper one. He’s angry at himself for whining about not being a good parent when Kate is worried sick about Phil. She says he has to be alright. John tells her he can make calls – he’ll do what he can to get Phil home. She tells him not to over do it. She then goes to make a call to Lucas. John convinces himself that he has to be strong for Kate and Belle and he needs the pills. He is unable to do anything because he’s in so much pain. Yup, a junkie can always justify the need by pinning it on other people. He’s about to take the pill when Kate comes in and scolds him for trying to get out of bed. He says he already was out of bed to get himself some water and he was just getting back into bed. She helps back into bed and then crawls in there with him. He says that she is running Basic Black and now has other worries; she shouldn’t have to there playing nursemaid to him. She says she wants to help him and she is so proud of him for being so strong through his withdrawal. She tells him that if he has a relapse he could go to place he could never come back from. He says he will get through it. She asks him to promise and he does. She tells him she has to go out. When she leaves he takes the pill. So much for his promise. It lasted just about as long as his daughter stayed true to her wedding vows.

Billie tells Bo and Hope that she has a feeling that the DNA tests will be a match. This will be their first real clue and they will have to find her. Hope reminds her that she has charging pending against her – she can’t leave town. Billie says she will get the charges dropped. Bo goes to get coffee. Billie finds out the results aren’t ready so she tells the guy to call her when they come in – she has to go to the Cheating Heart to take care of some important business. Bo comes back and is upset with Hope because she didn’t stop Billie from leaving. He asks her where Billie went. Hope says she is not her keeper but she heard her tell the lab tech she was going to the Cheating Heart. Bo is very upset that Hope didn’t stop an alcoholic from going to a bar. Hope says don’t you make me out to be the bad wife. Bo doesn’t want Billie to get hurt. Hope tells him that getting hurt is all part of life. He tells her that if she gets in trouble in the bar she will never get out of their house. They go.

The Chelsea/Patrick dance is disgusting. That’s all I have to say about it. Patrick thinks it’s Jennifer and they kiss passionately. She slips Patrick her number and tells him her name is Angelica. He says you’re not Jen. He leaves her to talk to Eddie. He wants to know which one of the guys drugged him. Eddie tells him that the game was on the up and up and no one drugged him. He reminds Patrick that he holds his marker. Patrick tells him he is good for it. Chelsea and Abby talk. Chelsea is raving about how much he wants her. Abby points out that if he really wanted her she wouldn’t have had to drug him and put her mother’s perfume on to attract him. Chelsea goes back in and asks him to dance. Patrick doesn’t remember her. They dance and Billie comes in and notices him. She is surprised to see him with someone else. She talks to the bartender and asks him to talk to the cop to drop the charges. She tells him if this goes to trial it would be bad publicity for the Cheating Heart. He agrees to talk to the guy. Patrick sees her and comes over. Billie is surprised the bartender kept serving him. Patrick tells Billie that he thinks someone drugged his beer. Bo and Hope come in and Bo starts ragging on Patrick.

Chelsea is fuming and she tells Abby that Billie better get her hands off her man. She has more drugs and decides to spike Billie’s drink so she’s too out of it to bother with Patrick. Abby tells her she can’t do that, she could get Billie into a lot of trouble. Chelsea doesn’t care. Abby takes the drugs and spills them out and says she is going home. Chelsea says fine – try and explain to your mother what you’re doing coming home so late when you’re supposed to me at my place sleeping. Chelsea won’t leave – she has to keep an eye on Patrick. She also makes very derogatory remarks when she sees Hope talking to Patrick. She hates that all these old women want him and wonder if Alice Horton will be next. Abby tells her it’s time to leave.

Bo is very condescending to Patrick. Patrick tries to explain he was drugged but Bo isn’t buying it especially when he doesn’t have his glass anymore and the guys he was playing poker with are gone. Patrick thinks they drugged him. Bo starts in on Billie for hanging out with a drunk. Hope tells Patrick she believes him. Bo asks her how she could stick up for him – she says why not, you do the same for Billie. Billie just loves this. Bo doesn’t trust Patrick and wants to keep his family safe. Hope wants to know if he’s including Billie in their family. He says no but Billie interrupts and says but Bo and I have a family together that you are not a part of and you have to accept that. Bo pulls Billie aside and tells her that she has to stop making things worse. Hope tells Patrick he has to be careful until the effects of the drug wear off and to watch his back. He thanks her. Bo overhears this and asks Hope why he is thanking her. She says for believing him. Billie tells Patrick basically the same things that Hope did. Kate calls and tells her she has news for her but she needs to give it to her in person. Hmm…she calls Lucas and gives him the news but Billie has to be told in person – nice mommy. Billie says she has news as well and tells Kate to meet her at the hospital. She then tells her about the lock of her. Kate is very happy. She says now you and Bo can be together – the family you always should have been.

Jan and Mimi – the same conversion they’ve have for months. I’m as sick of it as I am of the conversations between the two spineless wonders, Mimi and Mrs. Kiriakis. Jan orders Mimi to go and convince her best friend to stay away from Shawn and stay faithful to her husband. Mimi goes. Mrs. Kiriakis tells Shawn to leave. He tells her she is going through a very rough time and he won’t leave her alone. He loves her. She opens the door and tells him to leave and not come back. People wouldn’t understand if they saw them together. Mimi comes over and of course Mrs. Kiriakis tells her she told Shawn to leave because she doesn’t think its right to be with him when Phil is missing. She doesn’t want to hurt Shawn, she loves him so much (oh yeah, right, like that’s even believable any longer). She wants Mimi’s advice. Mimi tells her to follow her instinct not her heart. Then she has Mrs. Kiriakis all wrapped up in being portrayed in the national media as the loving, faithful wife that waited patiently for her husband to return to her. Good lord, Mrs. Kiriakis can’t think for herself but only of herself. To hell with what Shawn feels – after all he’s just a man she proclaims to love with all her heart; she has a husband to think about. Mimi asks her what she’ll do if its years before Phil comes back. Her response is he’s her husband; Shawn will just have to understand. Mimi says you know this means that you have to give up on having a life with Shawn. Mrs. Kiriakis quotes her mother. What a disgrace. If her mother was there maybe she would tell her daughter to grow up and develop some backbone. She tells Mimi that she is going to stand by Philip even if it means risking her future with Shawn.

As for Jan and Shawn – I’ll say one thing, Jan isn’t giving up – why Shawn doesn’t do the same thing to her that Mrs. Kiriakis did to him, open the door and show it to her is beyond me. There were several flashbacks today, Mimi flashing back to the cage – Shawn having another one. Even though he remembers Jan saying she won’t unlock him because it’s a trick of his to get the keys from her and she know he wants to escape because he was yelling for help – he still doesn’t remember everything. She just brushes it off as a kinky fantasy of his. She tells him several home truths about Belle, ones even Shawn can’t deny – like Belle sent him away just now. There’s lots more she says but what I think is the saddest part is that she has the last line on the show heard of a split screen of Shawn and Mrs. Kiriakis – the sad part is because Jan Spears is speaking the truth when she says “I know it hurts but Belle just doesn’t love you enough to be with you.”

Preview: Jack to Jen – As soon as I finish with the police, I’m taking you upstairs to the bedroom. Jen to herself – I have one more surprise in store for you. Bo to Hope – We’ll get the results very soon and Belle will take care of whatever is up with Shawn. Hope – You’re putting a child who may not even exist over your own son. Mrs. Kiriakis snivelling as she orders Shawn out of her loft pointing to the door – I have to be strong for Philip and he wouldn’t want you hear. You have to leave. Phil – Belle I will always be with you in your heart, watching over you, protecting you, loving you for the rest of your life.


Friday Mar 11

Pat’s Spoilers

Jack & Jen: Jen tells Jack this all seems like a dream. Jack says Tony DiMera can not keep them apart. He goes to get more champagne. Jen gets a call – she asks if everything is ready and says perfect. When Jack comes back she says they have to go. Jack thinks it was Gran calling about his surprise party. She says it was Gran but she was calling because the ISA and the police don’t want to wait to talk to him until tomorrow. He understands. He should talk to them because if there’s any chance that Tony has other hostages they need to get to them and bring them home. He tells Jen after they’re finished with the police he’s taking her upstairs. She says to herself that she has another surprise for him. They get home and Jen pretends to be surprised that they made it there before the police. Jack thinks it’s a setup but he’s wrong – there’s no surprise party. She tells him it is tomorrow night. He hopes that Patrick isn’t invited – he doesn’t trust him. Jen says that she wants him to give him a chance to prove that he’s changed. He says he’ll try for her. He’s worried that he won’t be able to remember everything he needs to tell the police. She tells that he is a hero. He’s going to help bring Tony DiMera to justice. They talk about all those that are still missing and Jen mentions Georgia – maybe they’ll find her alive. She worries about what it will do to Bo and Hopes’ marriage. Jack says their marriage will survive – it’s solid like theirs is. Jen goes to them some coffee. Jack hears a car pull up and wonders if it’s the police. He looks out the window and sees Jen getting out of car. He wonders how she got outside. Just then ‘Jen’ comes in with coffee. Jack looks outside and back into the living room – he’s confused.

Hospital: Billie spouts off at Hope about her not wanting Georgia to be alive – she tells her to stop with the negativity. She knows that the results will come back a match and that they will be one giant step closer to finding Georgia. She doesn’t want to hear about a DiMera plot. Before Hope can say anything Kate shows up. She tells Billie they can use some good news because Philip is MIA. Billie says she will call the ISA but Kate tells her that John spoke to Shane already. Billie says she’ll report for duty but Kate won’t let her. She says her son and granddaughter are missing and they have to do everything they can to find them. She says soon the DNA results will be back and they’ll all be happy. Billie says not Hope. Kate tells her it’s time to take Hope out of the picture. Billie reminds her that Bo loves Hope. Kate doesn’t care – she tells Billie that she and Bo are meant to be together. Who knows what the DiMera’s have done to Georgia. After all this time she is going to need her mother and father together. They find out that they can’t find the lab tech so Bo and Billie say they’ll look for him. Hope is about to go and help but Kate says she needs to talk to her.

They go out on the terrace and Kate tells Hope that Shawn is out of control and she needs to go and talk to him. She claims that since Phil has shipped out Shawn is relentlessly pursuing Belle and pressuring her into a relationship she doesn’t want or need. She then tells Hope that they just found out that Phil is MIA. Hope tries to comfort Kate but Kate pushes her away and says mother to mother I’m asking you to keep Shawn away from Belle. They come back inside to see Bo holding Billie – Kate smiles. (Billie just told Bo about Phil). Hope tells Bo she needs to talk to him. She tells him that Shawn is obsessed with Belle and he needs them. Bo says once they have the results they’ll go to Shawn’s. Hope says you are putting a child who may not exist over your own son. Billie doesn’t like that. Hope tells Bo the DNA results are going to change if he’s not there and their son needs them now. They’re in the elevator when the lab tech shows up. Kate urges Billie to stop Bo from leaving. Billie calls out his name and Bo stops the elevator door from shutting and tells Hope it will only take a moment.

Tony’s castle: Bart is on the phone to Tony asking him if he is really sure this is something that he wants to do. Philip is working the ropes against the pillar and they are almost worn through. Three guys come in and tell PFC Kiriakis it’s the end for him and they raise their weapons. One shoots but it’s just a click. They start laughing at Philip telling him that killing him would be too easy. They guy then wraps a chain around his fist and laugh at Phil again because he thinks they are going to beat him with it. They tell him it’s just to keep him in place. They notice that the rope is very frayed and tell Phil that’s not the way to treat his host and one of them knocks him out with the butt of his gun as another ties him with the chains. Once the chains are secured they throw water in his face and taunt him about never seeing his family and his new wife again. They ask him how long he thinks it will be before she takes up with another man. One of them laughs and says she probably already has. Bart is talking to Tony about Jack – he’s all excited because he ‘busts a rhyme’ – LOL! He doesn’t understand why Tony isn’t more worried about Jack making it home. Back inside the cell one of the mercenaries rips the tape off Phil’s mouth and he tells them that his wife will never give up on him and never be unfaithful. They tell him she’ll be seeing the tape shortly and she’ll believe he’s dead. One of the guys attaches a knife to the gun barrel and tells Phil it’s time to say goodbye.

The Loft’s: In the hallway Shawn throws Jan her coat and tells her to leave that whatever they had is over. She tells him she loves him and he says he loves Belle. Mimi comes out of Mrs. K’s loft and Shawn tells her to leave the door open. Mimi tells him Mrs. K doesn’t want to see him, she’s taking a shower and going to bed. Shawn doesn’t listen to Mimi and goes inside. Jan wants to know if Mimi did what she told her to do. Mimi says she helped Mrs. K see that she couldn’t be with the man she loved as long as her husband was missing. Mimi says it’s wrong. She should have told to follow her heart but she couldn’t because Jan is blackmailing her. Same old argument back and forth – one we’ve heard a thousand times before. Rex comes out and asks what the problem is. Jan asks Mimi if she is going to tell him or should she? Before either says anything Rex’s computer beeps and they go to check it. Rex says he hacked into a private military site and he thinks it will have information on Philip. He finds out that Phil’s tracking device was destroyed – without it they have very little chance of finding him. He sees that there is going to be an official announcement about Phil. They start watching the video – Jan is overjoyed – she couldn’t have planned it better herself. She knows Mrs. K will never be with Shawn now.

Shawn goes to Mrs. K’s bedroom where she walks out of the shower in a towel but conveniently drops it on the floor of the bedroom. She yells at him wanting to know how he got in. He says when Mimi was leaving. She doesn’t want him there. I don’t know how much justice I can do to their scenes. Honestly, the whining and the snivelling are more than I can take after so many days of it in a row. He tells her that he loves her and he won’t let her go through this alone. He gets the typical blank stare as a response. When she does speak she says she is only going to think of her husband she wants him to leave. He won’t go. She almost faints so he tells her to go to bed and he’ll go downstairs. He covers her and she falls asleep. He kisses her forehead and he’s going up the stairs when she starts snivelling in her sleep (oh give it a rest already). He comes back into the bedroom and takes off his long sleeved shirt and crawls into bed with her. They end up kissing and of course she gets all upset with him and jumps out of bed. He tells her to go back to bed and he’ll go downstairs. She puts her robe on and they go downstairs. She wants him gone and she doesn’t want him to come back. Again this is all about her. She tells him she went through the same damn thing while he was missing now her husband is missing. She was too needy while he was gone and that’s why she ended up married to a man she didn’t love – she hopes she learned from that. She’ll get through this on her own. He lists off the people Mrs. K is worried about (yeah like she worries about anyone but herself) and asks her who is going to take care of her.

She says she can only focus on her husband. She does not want to think about them at all. He says what if Phil never comes back, what then. She chastises him as if he’s a two year old. She doesn't need him there telling her his husband might not make it home. He wants to know if her feelings for him have changed. She will not discuss it – only her husband is important and Shawn has to respect that. She puts on the TV and sees the tape being broadcast on the news – oh joy – more snivelling.

Preview: Faux Jen holding up a butcher knife saying ‘Oh yeah, this ought to do the trick. Jack to himself – Something very strange is going on here. Hope to Kate – I’m going to talk to Shawn and find out what’s really going on here. At least my son was brought up to believe that adultery was wrong. I don’t suppose you’d like to teach your kids the same. Shawn to Jan: I don’t know what you did to me last summer but I do know it was your fault and I want you to finally admit it.


Monday, Mar 14

Pat’s Spoilers

There’s not a lot I liked about the show today so I honestly don’t know where to start. The 2Jen’s/Jack stuff was so confusing. Yes I enjoy watching Jack but when you have to spend the entire time trying to figure out what is going on it kind of takes the enjoyment out of it.

To make a long story short – the Jen I thought was the fake Jen in the kitchen getting the knife is the real Jen. I’ll try to explain what was going on but I’m not sure I even know. Suffice to say that faux Jen pulls it off. (Faux Jen shall be referred to as Jen2). Jen2 comes back with the coffee. She tells Jack that he looks like he just saw a ghost. He said, I did, yours. She doesn’t understand and he just brushes it off saying it’s just that he’s so tired his eyes are playing tricks on him. Jen is in the kitchen, makes a call and says I just got here. It won’t be long and I’ll have everything I need. Jack then tells Jen2 that he thought her saw her outside. She gets all concerned. They talk about the possibility of Tony coming after the both of them. He could have sent a Jen impostor. Jen2 says we have to get out of here right now. Jack says no, he’s sure he was seeing things. He is tired and besides the ISA and the police already know he’s alive. As soon as he gives his statement he’s going to go to sleep. Jen is in the kitchen looking for a pie server that Maggie needs for the party. Jack starts thinking about how strangely Jen was acting and he wonders if the fake Jen is the one he went to the cabin with. He knows that something very strange is going on. He asks Jen2 to do that thing with her hair that he loves so much. She doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about and Jack sees that. Jen goes outside; Jen2 goes into the kitchen and makes a call telling the person that an operative is only as good as the information they have to work with. She asks what Jen does with hair. Jen goes back in the house; Jen2 hides in a storage closet. She sees Jen flip her hair back by tossing her head. Jack is wondering what is going on and he goes outside. He sees Maggie’s car and wonders why it is there and he calls out Jen’s name. From inside the kitchen Jen sees him and says Jack. Jen2 comes outside and flips her hair back and pretends that this is the first time she is seeing Jack. She tells him that she saw someone that looked just like her rushing out of the house. Jack says it’s really you and they kiss.

The Mimi, Jan, Rex, Shawn, Mrs. K stuff was all recycled garbage. The only part I enjoyed was the two scenes at the end between Shawn and Jan. The fact that Shawn, Rex or Mimi don't kick Jan out and tell her to stay away is beyond ridiculous and so lame. Rex and Mimi are talking and watching the video and Jan is going through the fridge as if she owns the place. Rex and Mimi go over to Mrs. K’s and Jan sits in front of the computer talking to Phil’s image and gloating, he has the pain and she gets the gain. Mrs. K treats Shawn like garbage but what else is new? Oh yeah, Mimi does the same – she tells him that Mrs. K needs space and he should just leave her alone. Mrs. K goes on and on about how she has to see her husband … yawn. She tells Mimi that Phil has to come so she can make things right between them. Mimi asks her if she’s is going to stay married to him. Is she saying that she is going to give up Shawn for good? Mimi gets the standard blank stare as a response. Why Mimi and Mrs. K are talking and Rex is back on his computer looking for more information because Mrs. K ordered him to, Jan tells Mrs. K a few home truths. Shawn moves in to protect Mrs. K – although all he does is get treated like a cockroach for doing so. He finally finds a brain cell and leaves. In the hallway he smashes his hand against a pipe. Jan is there to comfort him but he yells at her that he wants her gone and out of his life. She says he needs her. He says yes I do. I know that you’re responsible for me breaking up with Belle, for her turning to Phil (no sorry, wrong on that what Shawn. Mrs. K did that all on her own) and for me believing that Mrs. K did things she hadn’t done – now I need you to admit that you did it.

At the hospital the results are positive. Billie throws her arms around Bo, Kate is gleaming and Hope is watching. There was a lot going on and I’m not sure if I can remember everything and I certainly have no inclination to rewind my tape and watch Kate and Billie and an extremely annoying Bo again. Hope is cautiously happy about the news. She says I have to be because of the DiMera’s. She goes on about how Stefano was a master chess player and he was always several steps ahead of everyone. If Georgia is alive Stefano has had years to plot this out. She brings up all the stuff he is capable of including the Gemini twins. This could all be a trick. She wants them to ask the right questions. Bo at some point asks her if it’s her gut feeling (when she was asking them to be cautious) and she says yes. Billie tells Bo to ignore Hope’s feeling their daughter is alive. Bo sides with Hope and they ask questions. Hope wanted to know if the sample could have been fabricated. The lab tech doesn’t have clue what she is talking about. She tries to explain. Bo asks if the sample was taken recently. The tech says he can’t tell them if their daughter is alive but he can tell them it’s not from a newborn and that it was taken recently. Hope says she’s very happy that they know Georgia is alive – they asked the right questions. This gives Billie and Bo another opportunity to hug. I did like the end of the conversation between Kate and Hope. Kate is not to kind about how she thinks Hope is reacting to the search for Georgia. She then starts in on Shawn. Hope tells her that nothing that Shawn did caused Phil to be MIA. Hope tells Kate that maybe if she and Billie would allow Bo five minutes to talk to Shawn none of this would have happened. She says my son was raised to know that adultery is wrong. I don’t suppose you’d care to teach your kids the same thing. She goes to Bo and tells him that it’s time to go and see Shawn. Kate says he has to say with Billie – someone needs to. Hope says what about you. Kate says she can’t – she has to look after John but someone has to make sure that Billie doesn’t go chasing after a lead. Hope and Bo argue – he has the nerve to get angry at her because she tells him he’s putting a daughter he’s never met before his sons. He has to say with Billie – he says you know she’s libel to hop on a plane chasing a lead. Hope says yeah and five minutes later you’ll be on the plane with her. Bo is very arrogant and condescending. He tells her to go and talk to Shawn and find out what’s going on. He’ll be there soon. Yeah right.

Previews: Nicole passing a picture to Brady saying you’re not going to like this. Marlena to Roman – We are never leaving here. We are going to die here. Bo pulling Billie into a hug saying it won’t be long before the three of us are together. Hope to Shawn – I want to know exactly what is going on between you and Belle. Shawn – That makes two of us. John to Stan - I know you from someplace (or something similar to that).


Tuesday Mar 15

Pat’s Spoilers

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. I found it incredibly boring except when Hope was telling off Jan…that was fun. Prepare yourself – to show you how bored I was – I timed the flashbacks. <b>4 mins 44 secs</b> give or take a second or two. And TPTB wonder why the ratings are dropping?

Here’s a very quick rundown of today’s events. There are a lot of people on today.

Mrs. Kiriakis and Mimi: Mrs. K makes it very clear today that she and Shawn are over. She hates to hurt him (Yeah right) but when Philip comes home she is going to focus on making him happy. (Again – someone thinks very highly of herself). Mimi tells her she is too upset to make a decision like that. Hopefully Phil will come home and she won’t even have to make a decision about anything. Mrs. K whines that he has to come home because it’s all her fault he’s MIA. He only went on the mission because he was worried about Shawn bothering me. If he doesn’t make it home it will mean she’s killed him. She picks up a picture of him and moons over and then one of the two of them and moons over that one as well. (Are we supposed to believe that she EVER loved Shawn – I don’t think so). She again tells Mimi that she and Shawn are done.

In the hallway Jan is giving Shawn the keys to the motorcycle she got fixed for him after reminding him that he fell in love with her and proposed to her. Hope snatches the keys out of Jan’s hand and ties into her asking her what she is thinking. Shawn had 2 accidents and has a suspended licence – it’s like she wants him to get hurt. Jan is very rude and condescending (someone has been taking lessons from Mrs. Kiriakis). She calls Hope ‘Mrs. B’ – now why didn’t that trigger a flashback for Shawn??? Hope tells her she wants to talk to Shawn alone. Jan tells her that she and Shawn have no secrets from each other. Hope tells her to get out or she’ll throw her out – Shawn smirks. Jan leaves but just far enough to eavesdrop. Hope says to Shawn ‘and that was the woman you were going to marry?’ She then wants to know what is going on between him and Mrs. Kiriakis. Shawn says you and me both. Hope says that Kate told her that he has been with Mrs. K since Phil was deployed. Shawn says that Kate is wrong. Mrs. K has never been unfaithful to Phil and it’s highly unlikely that she will ever be. Jan comes sauntering back and says it seems like Shawn wants you to leave now. Shawn grabs the keys – Jan wants to go with him – he shrugs her off – Hope tells him to stop. He doesn’t. Hope is angry that Bo still hasn’t shown up. Mimi tells Mrs. K she has to stop him – he could get hurt again. Mrs. K. does the expected and says no and shuts her door – I guess she needs to go moon over those pics of hubby again.

Brady and Nicole show up at the penthouse because Brady is concerned that no one answered when he called. They go into John’s bedroom and find it empty. Nicole hands Brady a note that John left. He’s gone out for air. Brady figures he’s gone out to score drugs. They got to look for him. The rest of the time they’re on is spent talking about coming up empty handed in the places they’ve looked. They split up but not before Brady kisses Nicole.

John is on the dock when Stan approaches him. John thinks he is seeing Marlena and says I need you to help me stay clean. Stan says yeah I know you need me. Besides all the flashbacks between them there wasn’t too much else. John saying he doesn’t need him and threatening Stan. Stan pushing right back when John says he’ll turn him into the ISA. Stan knows he won’t because then he’ll have to explain their association. Stan calls himself John’s new best friend. John wants to know why he wants to help him. Stan says he knows what kind of pain John is in because he’s experienced pain as well. Stan also knows that John has taken the pills or he wouldn’t be up and about. He starts passing him another bag when Brady says from behind – ‘what is going on here?’

At the hospital Billie and Bo are very happy about the news they have that their daughter is alive. Bo says he has to go over to Shawn’s. Billie says she knows that Shawn is a good kid. He’s got a good heart he’s just a little rebellious – kind of like his Dad. Bo says he’s too much like him. Billie then says the trouble she is causing between him and Hope will work out as well – they love each other. They are family. She tells him she would give anything to have that. He tells her she does. She will be part of the Brady’s because he wants Georgia to know all about the Brady family – she’s already missed so much. Billie brings the conversation back to Hope. She doesn’t think Hope can really understand what she’s going through. Bo says she can. She has been hurt by the DiMera’s and she has also lost a child. Billie says J.T. – she thinks maybe she was too hard on Hope. Bo is going to leave but Billie drops the file folder. He helps her pick it up and they find something they hadn’t seen before. Bo says this will help us find Georgia. It’s her footprints from when she was born. He goes to fax it to the police lab. He comes back and tells her that the pictures are too smudged. Billie says that was the DiMera’s. They just want to drive me crazy. We’ll never find Georgia. Bo hugs her and says soon the three of them will be a family.

Jack tells Jen2 they have to get in the house and call the police. Once inside he picks up the phone and tells her to make sure the kitchen door is locked. She pretends to go and then turns around pointing a gun at him telling him to put the phone down. He realises that she isn’t Jen. He wants to know how Tony does it. Her voice, her hair, her body…Jen2 says Tony knows everything. She pulls off the fake mask. He calls for Jennifer who is outside. She hears him but convinces herself she is hearing things. Jen2 tells Jack he doesn’t want to do that. Jack says you’re not going to shoot me because my blood will be all over the place and that would defeat the purpose of Tony’s plan. Jen sees the lights from outside and walks back to the house. The woman inside tells Jack to move. He says no. She says if Jen comes in they’re both dead. Jen decides she must have left the light on for Abby and goes back to the car. Jack knocks the woman out, takes the gun and runs outside calling for Jen. She has her headset on in the car so she thinks she hears something but is not sure. Jack goes back inside the house (big mistake – for god sakes – run someplace else) and grabs the phone. He dials Jen’s cell all the while keeping his back to this woman (sheesh). Jen finally answers just as the woman knocks Jack out with a vase. She takes the phone and says sorry wrong number.

Marlena has a nightmare. In it she wakes up and walks to the mirror and sees a very old woman. She screams and goes to wake up Roman but finds a decaying corpse. Roman wakes her up and tells her it was just a bad dream. Marlena is disheartened. She says they are never going to get out of there. They are going to die there. Roman says they will find a way to escape. She says so what if we do, Tony will send one of his minions to capture us again. He always does. Marlena hates what Tony is doing. Reminding them every day of how close they used to be and when then doesn’t work he shows them video to show how close Kate and John are becoming. Roman does his best to lift her spirits. He gets her to lie down and tells her everything will be alright. He thinks to himself that she is right – they might never get out of there.

Previews: Bonnie hugging Patrick saying ‘any idea who could have done this to you.’ Patrick looks up and sees Chelsea. Brady to John- ‘you really don’t know this guy?’ John – ‘no.’ Nancy to Nicole – ‘Are you happy now? You have just upset my daughter’ – Chloe turns around.


Wednesday Mar 16

Pat’s Spoilers

It was so great to see Doug, Julie, Maggie and Alice today. They should be on more often.

Madison ties Jack up using a skipping rope she found in a drawer. When Jack comes to he thinks its Jen. Madison takes advantage of him and kisses him. (What is this compulsion of JER’s to have men tied up and women crawling all over their bodies – enough already!). Jack realises who it is and says you knew I am in love with Jennifer and yet you still…Madison says it straight – she makes the same comment we all were – and you couldn’t even tell the difference. Jack realises he’s tied up with the rope from a magic set so he gets free. He grabs Madison and chokes her until she’s unconscious. He ties her up with real rope but instead of leaving he runs to the phone. Madison gets free and just when Jack decides to leave (the police put him on hold) she aims the gun and says if he moves he’s dead.

Jen is in the car and gets a feeling that Jack is in trouble. She talks herself out of it and heads to Mickey’s. Outside at Mickey’s Patrick shows up and Bonnie sees that something happened to him. When he tells her she figures out that someone slipped something into his drink. Chelsea and Abby show up (there was an earlier scene with those two but it was more of Chelsea’s trash talk…yawn). Patrick sees Chelsea and flashes back to kissing her at the Cheating Heart but he still doesn’t figure out it was her. (By the way lots of the same flashbacks we saw yesterday plus a lot of repeat of what happened at the end of the show yesterday at the beginning again today). When Jen shows up everyone goes inside except Jen and Patrick. She tells him that she thought she heard Jack calling her a couple of times today. He attributes it to her lack of sleep. She talks about how she wanted Jack to be there to help raise the kids but that can’t happen now. She doesn’t understand how after finding each other on that island that God would take him away from her again. She goes inside and picks up a picture of her and Jack. Alice tells her it’s her favourite picture of them. Jen says she misses him so much. Alice tells her that he is closer than she thinks – he is always near by.

Doug and Mickey talk in the living room. Doug watches as Bonnie plays Mickey for the doddering old goat he is before going outside. Doug asks him when he is going to make a decision. Mickey says not you too. He loves Maggie – they’ve been married for over half their lives but he loves Bonnie as well. He just can’t put out someone he loves. Doug says you’re going to have to make a decision or you will lose them both. Mickey brings up how Maggie fell in love with Don Craig when Stefano had kidnapped him and everyone thought he was dead. Doug says there is one big difference – she didn’t marry him. Mickey says he never would have married Bonnie if he had known Maggie was alive.

In the kitchen Maggie tells Julie she can’t go on like this anymore. She has her pride. Julie asks her if that means she is going to give up on Mickey. Maggie says she has no choice but she tells Julie not to say anything to Alice. It’s her special day – Alice doesn’t need to hear that she is leaving Mickey. Alice says too late – she’s in the doorway. The three of them talk and Alice brings up Don Craig and Neil Curtis. Maggie says you’re telling me to have patience with Mickey just like he had patience with me. Bonnie is listening at the door when Julie tells Maggie that women like Bonnie lose their appeal quickly. Bonnie is steaming. Maggie goes to Mickey and says we have to talk. He says after everyone leaves. Maggie tells him the trouble is they are never alone – when they do manage a minute or two together Bonnie has an emergency that needs to be tended to. Bonnie puts on some music and pulls Mickey into the middle of the room. It’s the song Always. Mickey says that is his mom and dad’s song – Bonnie says we’re just borrowing it. (What a travesty – another beautiful tradition made a mockery of). Maggie asks Patrick to dance and she and Bonnie glare at one another. Chelsea whines about old women and Patrick again (some one tell me why she is there???). Doug and Julie dance together.

Stan tells Brady that he is ISA – he met John years ago when he was undercover. Stan says to John, ‘isn’t that right.’ John lies to Brady and says yes. Stan says he was out of the country and this is the first chance he had to express his condolences at the loss of John’s wife. He leaves. John tells Brady about Phil and about the big declaration that Mrs. K. made. John convinces Brady he just needed air. Brady says I’m supposed to meet up with Nicole so he asks John to walk with him. John tells him to go ahead – he’s alright. John sees a woman and he thinks its Marlena. The woman gets away from him as fast as she says. John collapses on some steps and takes more pills.

Nancy and Chloe are out walking. They had been to a concert at St. Luke’s – Clara had been singing in the concert. Chloe talks about how she and Brady used to love to take long walks together. Nancy warns her that Brady won’t grieve for her forever, Nicole will see to that. Chloe doesn’t really want to talk about it. Nancy doesn’t want to be out there so she tells Chloe she is going to phone a cab to pick them up. She goes to a convenience store and Chloe sits on a bench. Nicole comes along – because of the fog she’s not quite sure where she is. She sees this person and asks if she knows where Munroe Street is. Chloe tries to change her voice and says not sure. Nicole thinks there is something familiar about her voice. She’s asking more questions when Nancy shows up. Nicole is surprised to see her. Nancy says she brought Clara’s friend to hear her sing. Nicole starts talking about something else she wants to do in Chloe’s memory. Nancy gets upset and tells Nicole that she isn’t fooling her. She knows the only reason she is doing this is to get on Brady’s good side. Nicole calls her a bitch. Chloe yells she can’t take this anymore. Nancy says to Nicole are you happy now, you just upset my daughter. Chloe takes off. Nancy recovers and says the girl feels like a daughter to her. Brady comes along and wonders what is going on. Nicole says they were arguing but its fine. She says there is something very strange about Clara’s friend. Chloe is an alley crying when Stan comes alone and asks if she is alright. She turns around and says I’m fine and walks away. Stan is floored and we see a Sami flashback where she saw Nancy and a veiled woman in the airport.

I do have to say I am enjoying Dan Wells’ performance. He has Sami’s facial expressions down just perfectly. Imagine that – an actor coming on board that actually bothers to take the time to get to know the character they are playing – what a novel concept.

Previews: Lucas and Kate watching Phil’s video. Hope telling a weepy Mrs. K. (would she just give it a rest already) you’re lying to yourself (why not – she lies to everyone else) if you think there’s any way you can deny the true love (oh that is worth a laugh and a half) you feel in your heart for Shawn in. Billie on the phone signalling Bo not to go – Stan says I have a message from Georgia for her mommy. Tony and Madison holding guns on Jack and Tony ordering him back into the house.


Thursday Mar 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Well if you don’t like Tony’s posturing, Kate, and Mrs. K’s non-stop all about me whining you can fast forward through most of the show. I’ll write up a short version of events.

I’m sorry but Hope should kick Bo and his ex out on their behinds. I didn’t think Bo could possibly get dumber than he already is but I was proved wrong. Billie is hugging him and crying about how the footprints were another dead end. He comforts her and tells her to look on the bright side –they now know that Georgia is alive. Billie says yes and I’m going to do whatever I have to find her. Bo says not tonight. Tomorrow he’ll take the DNA sample and the bag it came in to the police lab to see what they can find out but know he has to go to Shawn’s. Kate overhears this and gives Billie some tea and tells her to sit down. She tells Bo she wants to talk to him. He says no, he has to go and meet Hope over at Shawn’s. Kate wants to know how he can leave Billie at a time like this. She lays the guilt trip on very heavily and Bo is stupid enough to listen to her. Kate tells him that it may sound harsh they should leave Shawn to make his mistakes and deal with them on his own. Shawn has other people in his life but Billie needs the father of her child. Bo says you’re her mother you can stay with her. Kate can’t because she made a commitment to John – isn’t that the same thing she said hours ago…and where does she go after Bo agrees to take Billie home – to John’s – no, she goes to Lucas’.

Lucas and Alice are sitting at the kitchen table at Mickey’s while the party is going on. Jen joins them. They talk a moment about Tom then Lucas says he’ll never have an anniversary. He mentions his two minute marriage to Nicole and Sami cheating on him the night before their wedding. Jen asks how he is doing. She talks about getting another chance with Jack but now she has to face that they will never spend another anniversary together. Lucas leaves. Jen tells Gran she would give anything for Jack to walk through that door – she fantasizes about that happen. LOL – Alice is cute – she’s in the fantasy as well. Jen tells Gran that she will never have a love like that again. Alice agrees but she says the love will always be in her heart. Jen wants to know if Alice used to hear Tom’s voice because she thought she heard Jack calling her name. She knows that he’s gone and she just hates the thought of going home to that big empty house. Alice tells her Jack won’t be there waiting for her.

Lucas watches the news that he taped and sees the video of Phil. Kate comes over and he realises that she doesn’t know about it. He tells her to sit and he plays it for her. She wonders if her daughter-in-law saw it. She tells Lucas she has to go and be with her son’s wife and leaves. Lucas gets a call from Will’s friends’ parents checking to see if Will made it home. He hasn’t and Lucas is upset.

Jack tries to convince Madison to let him go but she tells him that the sex wasn’t that good that she would tell Tony that she had to let him go. Jack says you took the silencer off so I know you won’t shoot me so goodbye. He goes to the door but she tells him to stop again or she will shoot. He says you pull the trigger and the neighbour’s will call the cops. He also says that maybe you’ll miss my heart and then as soon as I’m able I’ll tell the police and anyone that listens about Tony and you. She sees past him outside and puts down the gun. Jack thinks he’s won. He opens the door and Tony is there. Jack pushes past him but Bart is standing there with a gun with a silencer. Jack says you won’t kill me – you don’t have the stomach for it. Tony says but I will – he has a gun trained on Jack as well. Tony orders Jack back into the house. There’s a lot of back and forth going on – nothing of significance although Tony does say that he knew Jen wasn’t going to be at home because his informer told him that she would be attending Alice’s anniversary party with Patrick Lockhart. Jack asks Tony if Patrick is still working for him but of course Tony doesn’t answer. Jack catches Tony off guard and grabs his gun from him. He's pointing the gun at Tony and Madison and Bart are pointing their guns at him. He says you can shoot me but while I'm dying so will your boss - I'll shoot him in the heart,

Stan/Sami is a hotel room. Tony calls and when she realises it’s her benefactor she talks in her own voice. Tony congratulates her on giving John the pills – soon he will be completely addicted. Tony says I heard you learned that Chloe is alive (now how does he know this?). Sami says she will be the perfect way to revenge on Brady and Nicole. Tony tells her to get her priorities straight and she will have revenge on everyone. He tells her this is what to do next. Sami laughs and says you are so evil. After hanging up she wonders how this person knows so much about her life and her enemies. If Tony wasn’t dead she would think it was him.

Bo is just about to leave the house when Billie’s phone ring and she orders him to bring her purse to her – LOL – she couldn’t get up and get it for herself??? Billie answers and it’s Stan – he has a message from Georgia for her Mommy. Billie signals Bo to stay and she holds the phone away from her ear so he can hear. Stan is viscous. Taunting Billie that Georgia needs her mommy, she’s in pain. He goes on to say that Georgia knows how you abandoned her and that you’re an addict and a whore. Billie says they were told she was stillborn. Stan says you were more concerned about trying to get Bo away from his wife and back into your bed than your daughter. Bo snatches the phone and demands to know who is calling. Stan tells him he only talks to Billie or he hangs up. Bo gives the phone back to Billie. Stan tells her that Georgia cries for her every night and that she will continue to do that until the day she dies. They will never find her and then he hangs up. Sami decides she worked up an appetite and decides to go out. She/he bumps into Stan and she is so overcome she has to hang on to something. Will asks if he is okay.

Hope enters Mrs. K’s loft and says she thought Shawn came back but it was only Mimi and Rex. She’s upset that Jan got the motorcycle fixed and says she has some sort of hold on Shawn but he doesn’t love her he loves you. I’m not going to go into their conversation because it was basically Hope being very nice to the woman who betrayed her son and who is currently betraying her husband. Hope kept bringing up this deep love that Mrs. K pre-supposedly feels for Shawn and Mrs. K. keeps saying she is married and sticking with her husband – she has to be loyal to him. She clutches that picture of her husband again and moons over it and talks about how much he loves her and how he was there for her when Shawn abandoned her (she just spits those words out viciously). In the end Hope tells her that she can’t live a lie and that Phil will figure out how she really feels and then what will she feel like. Mrs. K. says she is all she wants to sleep, she is so tired. Hope tells her to go to bed and tells her that she needs to follow her heart. Kate comes in and Hope asks her what she is doing there. She says I came to be with my son’s wife and it’s a good thing I did. Kate tells Hope she heard what she said and she can’t believe that Hope is encouraging the good, sweet girl to betray her husband. If she follows Hope’s advice than she’ll turn into the same cold-hearted, manipulative tramp that Hope is. Grrrrr…Hope should have slapped her!

Previews: Patrick to Jennifer – You may not want to hear this but I have a confession to make. Jack to Tony – I’ll do whatever I have to to save my family. Tony – Well, go ahead, do it. Lucas to Stan –My God, I know you. Billie to Bo – Thanks for caring for me and my little girl – Bo is holding her close – Hope enters the house.


Friday Mar 18

Belle’s Loft: Hope and Kate

Kate goes on a rant. She has just come from seeing the videotape of Philip and is feeling pretty raw inside. She accuses Hope of having a girl to girl talk with Belle and asks if Hope is trying to push Belle towards Shawn. Kate goes on and on throughout the show about how her son is MIA....might not survive...who knows what could be happening to him right now...etc...etc...

She talks about how perfect her son is and was when Belle needed him last summer. How he supported her, didn’t go after her until after Shawn was completely out of the picture, took wonderful care of her, was very patient and understanding, fell deeply in love with her...yada..yada... Hope counters that Belle has to follow her heart...that this isn’t about sex it’s about love and that no matter what, Belle has never stopped loving Shawn. She says that she understands how Belle must have felt when Shawn left her but that doesn’t change Belle’s true feelings.

Kate talks about how quickly things can change. She mentions Lucas and Sami, Marlena, Roman. She trashes Shawn saying that he slept with a tramp all summer, betrayed Belle, took drugs, smashed into the church window... Hope goes on the attack and tells Kate that they don’t know what happened to Shawn last summer and that he has no memory of it. She admits that she and Bo need to sit down and have a long talk with Shawn but blames Kate for stopping Bo from doing it. She tries to get Kate to admit that she is trying again to get Bo and Billie together. Kate tells Hope that she refuses to be put on the defensive...smoothly backing out of any responsibility.

Hope tells Kate that the bottom line is that Belle has never stopped loving Shawn. That Belle is going through a lot and that Shawn is here for her now. Kate says that if it were Shawn that was a soldier and the situation was reversed, that Hope would take out a restraining order against Philip. She starts name-calling again...Shawn is a drunk...etc... Kate has had enough (good maybe somebody can get a word in edgewise now...sigh...). She tells Hope that she and her druggie son can go straight to hell as she makes a dramatic exit.

Hope’s House (at the moment I’m not so sure that its Bo’s as well): Bo, Billie, and Hope

Billie asks Bo if they can’t find out who made the call. He tries but it’s an unknown caller. He thinks its one of Dimera’s twisted games and that he’ll try it again. Billie is quite upset and worried about Georgia. She wants them to find their daughter right away. Bo tries to calm her down. He asks if she will be alright if he heads out to Shawn’s place. She goes on about how he is a good father and thanks him for caring about her and Georgia.

Bo makes it as far as opening the door and sees an envelope on the top step. It has the word “mommy” in large pink crayon letters on top. He brings it back in and then gets plastic gloves for both of them so they can open it. There is no return address on the envelope. Billie takes out about four crayon drawings of a little girl and her parents. In each picture, the parents are crossed out with a black X. Bo says it just means that the little girl is angry. They take out an audio cassette and play it. A little girl’s voice is talking in rhyme...words like her mommy is a “dirty whore” and how Billie just wants to get into Bo’s bed” etc...(I’m not going into this). Billie is naturally upset and thinks it’s very cruel. She starts crying and looks at the lock of hair. Bo takes it from her and they both notice the small liquor cabinet on the floor. He offers to move it away but she says she’s okay.

Bo asks Billie if she’ll be okay alone. She says yes. He heads out to Shawn’s. Billie listens to the tape again. Bo comes back in (must be a little later) and she is surprised that he’s back so soon. He gives her a locket with the hair inside and puts it around her neck. She cries again. He hugs her. Hope walks in on them...

At the Park: Sami/Stan, Lucas, Will, and later Kate

Stan has a flashback to Will coming back from camp. Will walks up and Stan is very emotional. They talk and Stan asks about Will’s mom. Will is rude about his mom and Stan asks if he doesn’t care about her. Will says that she doesn’t care about him....she left town...didn’t tell him... He gets nervous talking to Stan and describes his dad as six feet tall and a weapons expert.

Lucas comes up and asks Stan who the hell he is. Will tells his dad that Stan wasn’t doing anything wrong. Stan introduces himself and they shake hands. Lucas thinks he recognizes him. Stan makes an excuse. Lucas reminds Will that he was supposed to phone if he was going to be late. Will tells him that it’s hard to go home and that he misses his mom. He says he’s also pissed at her and Lucas tells him to watch his language (no comment). As they leave, Stan asks Lucas if he can talk to him alone.

Stan tells Lucas that Will is a good kid. Lucas is suspicious when he keeps asking questions and wants to know why Stan is so interested. Stan spins a story about losing his son to his wife and missing him so much. He tells him about the threat Will made...to kick his nose into his brain and they laugh about it. He tells Stan that Will is like his mom and then explains that Sami is stubborn, compulsive, has a great heart and is an amazing person inside. He says that she is afraid and thinks she always has to protect herself.

Stan keeps asking whether there is any chance that Lucas will get back together with Will’s mother. Luca tells him that Sami cheated on him on the eve of their wedding and its over. Stan’s pretty upset and asks Lucas to give her another chance. Lucas says no and leaves. Stan has a flashback of Sami and Lucas in bed when it collapses (really cute scene) and starts to cry.

Kate comes along and asks if Stan is okay. She thinks she recognizes him as well. Stan is really rude and tells her to go away. Miss Kate says fine and that she just wanted to help. Stan/Sami watches her go and promises to make her pay for what she did to her.

Jack and Jennifer’s House: Jack, Tony, Bart, and Madison – inside house; Jennifer and Patrick – outside the house

Tony tells Jack to hit the road. Jack refuses and grabs Tony’s gun away. He wants answers. He asks him: “Why us? Why Jennifer and Me? Why is Patrick living in the house? Is he still part of your plan?”

Outside, Patrick comes up behind Jennifer and surprises her. He doesn’t want her to go inside yet.

Bart goes on about how if Tony dies then he’ll lose his job, health insurance...etc... Tony tells Jack that shooting him won’t get him what he wants. He says that his loyal employees will still execute his plans. Bart asks him about whether he will arrange for their wages to go into a bank or something after his demise...lol...

Jennifer wants to know why Patrick is acting so strange. He tells her that he wants to show her something. He shows her a bush and points to the first spring blooms. Jennifer has a flashback to when Jack planted the bush. Jack tells her it’s a perennial and keeps coming back just like him...just like them. They fall over on the ground and start kissing (very sweet).

Patrick says that he’s a little jealous of what she and Jack had. Jennifer asks him how he can be jealous of a dead man. She tells him that he’s loyal and if Jack just got a chance to know him...

Madison reminds her boss that Jennifer is outside. Jack turns and tries to yell and warn Jennifer. Tony grabs the gun from him (really lame). Bart forces Jack down on his knees. Madison gives Jack an injection.

Jennifer walks up to the door and takes out her keys.


Kate finds John on the pier and warns him that if he isn’t telling her the truth that she will turn him over to the police.

Marlena is crying and Roman comforts her. She tells him to never let her go.

Belle is in Shawn’s arms. I couldn’t tell what she said to him...something like god help me but I love you...

Hope looks at Bo and says so it was his decision to be here with Billie instead of going with her to help with their son. Bo is shaking his head sarcastically.


Monday Mar 21

Janice’s Spoilers

Shawn in woods/Belle at home/Shawn & Belle in the woods:

Shawn walking in the woods late at night. He has a six-pack of beer for a companion. He opens a bottle and starts guzzling it.

Belle is upstairs in her room sleeping. She wakes up (really just part of a nightmare) and hears Philip telling her he’s home. She sees a casket, opens it, and starts screaming.

Shawn is still drinking and starts to see flashbacks of him and Belle. He says: “Damn it, if Philip doesn’t make it back, I’m never going to be with Belle. He takes another drink and then smashes the bottle on the ground.

Belle sees Phil in the casket. He tells her that it is all her fault that he died because he had nothing left to live for...yada...yada...

She gets back in bed and sees Hope, dressed in black, standing before her. Hope tells Belle that this didn’t have to happen and that she should look at what her denial of love has done to her son. Hope disappears. Belle sees a second casket and opens it and starts to cry. Shawn is inside. Shawn tells her that he is here because of her and that when she told him that they couldn’t be together, nothing else mattered. He didn’t care if he lived or died. He tells her that she killed their love and that she killed him. Belle cries harder.

Belle’s sleep is very restless as she continues to see and hear them both talking to her.
The phone ringing startles her awake. Bo asks her if she knows where Shawn is. She doesn’t so he asks her to let them know if she finds out anything. Belle notices the stuffed snowman and realizes where Shawn has gone.

Shawn is busy drinking beer like there’s no tomorrow and has another shelle flashback. He opens another bottle and starts to drink it.

Belle joins him and tells him she was worried about him. He tells her sarcastically that she should just go home and wait for Phil. Belle tries to get him to stop drinking and he asks her a second time why she is there. She tells him that his dad called and that his parents are worried about him. He wonders why she didn’t just tell them where he was instead of coming to find him. Belle tells him that she wanted to make sure he was okay. Shawn smashes another bottle on the ground. She tells him he’s had enough.

Belle tells Shawn that she loves him and that she would die if anything happened to him. He asks her why she keeps pushing him away then. He asks her what they are supposed to do because he loves her to and its killing him that she keeps pushing him away. He tells her that they can’t do anything to help Philip. It doesn’t matter what they do or don’t do it won’t bring Phil home any faster…it won’t make him safer. Shawn pulls Belle into his arms and starts kissing her. She resists at first but then melts into his arms taking off his leather jacket. They slowly fall to the ground kissing.

Hope’s House: Hope, Bo, and Billie

Replay of last scene from yesterday…with Hope walking in on Bo comforting Billie. Billie’s thanking him for caring so much about her and Georgia. Hope angrily slams the door behind her and says that it looks like she came home sooner than they expected. Bo tries to explain that Billie was upset (I guess that’s all that matters to him anymore). Hope tells him that she is upset too. His excuse is that he’s trying to support Billie. Hope tells him worriedly that Shawn has taken off. She tells Bo that their son is an emotional wreck and that Jan fixed his motorcycle and she couldn’t stop him from taking off. She says that she’s scared for him (Kristian is doing an amazing job). Bo wants her to calm down but she reminds him that if the Police find Shawn, they will throw him back in jail and that his license is suspended. She tells him that he should have been there with her. Bo tells her to calm down again and offers to go and find him but Hope tells him she has no idea where he is. Bo goes into the kitchen to phone a few places.

Billie tells Hope she’s sorry but Hope is skeptical especially when the other woman starts defending Bo. She shows Hope the necklace Bo gave her. Hope tells her that she really is happy about Georgia being alive and hopes they find her. She mentions her argument with Kate and accuses Billie of trying to take Bo away from her. Billie promises that she isn’t chasing him and just wants Georgia. She argues that Shawn has only been gone for two hours and starts a sob story about Georgia...

Hope asks Billie if she is going to deny that she is after Bo. Billie takes a page out of Kate’s book of ridiculous rants and tells Hope that she is sick of her insecurities and to go to hell and take her accusations with her. Hope replies that she is sick of her. She tells Billie that she is also sick of her trying to come between her and her husband. They continue to snipe at each other.

Bo walks back in and defends Billie saying she didn’t ask for his help. This makes Hope even angrier. She won’t let him explain and asks him to make a decision as to what is more important to him…Billie and Georgia…or her and the boys. He says it isn’t fair. She tells him to just answer the question. Hope says she is tired of him letting Billie come first every time.

The Castle: Marlena, Roman

Roman is comforting a distraught Marlena. She is sure they will never be rescued. He tries to tell her differently but she doesn’t buy it. She worries that John and Kate are falling in love and it might be too late. Roman looks upset (about time!)

but Roman tells her that Tony edits what they see and they don’t get the whole picture.

Roman is convinced that John and Kate will be elated when they find out that their spouses are still alive. They both wonder where Tony and Bart are. Marlena wonders if they will be moved somewhere where no one will ever find them (how many times is it now that Marlena has been kidnapped?) Roman swears that they will escape. The television comes on…sigh… they get a lovely NOT video of John and Kate hugging at home and hear John tell Kate that its late. They here Kate propose that they go up to bed. Both Roman and Marlena are upset. She starts crying and Roman holds her.

The Pier/ John’s Penthouse: John, Kate

Shawn thinks he can see Marlena (just another hallucination). He wants Doc to help him and to walk down the steps like she did so long ago. We get a flashback of their reunion (very nice). Back in the present, we see Marlena really walking towards him. He starts kissing her. He realizes that its just a dream…Kate’s face takes the place of Marlena (no comment).

John apologizes to her, saying he thought she was Marlena. She questions why he is there and what he is doing. Did he buy drugs? John gets upset but Kate tells him that if its true, she will turn him in. She tells him about the video. John tries to comfort her and says they will find him. He reminisces about Shawn, Belle, and Philip and thinks that if Roman and Marlena were back in Salem that things would be much different. They leave to go home.

John isn’t tired so Kate makes them coffee (yep that’ll do it). He turns on the television and of course Phil’s video is playing. Kate is upset and the tray slips out of her hands. John comforts her…grrr….

Jack and Jennifer’s House: Jack, Bart, Jennifer, Patrick

Bart is with Jack alone now. Jack is lying on the floor and awake but can’t move his body. Bart is talking to Tony on the phone. He asks him when he is going to send the Tony mobile around and tells him that Jack’s wife and Lockhart are coming up the walk.

Patrick and Jennifer are still outside…talking about spring. He talks about how much she must miss Jack. She puts the key in the lock. We see Bart waiting on the other side with a gun. Jennifer turns back and is shaken. She is really feeling Jack’s presence and doesn’t understand why now.

He is acting suspiciously out of character and keeps coming up with reasons for her not to go inside. Jennifer can really feel Jack close to her. We get some flashbacks of Jack dressed as Santa Clause and asking her to marry him; also of Abby’s birth; Jennifer dressed up as Santa Clause and proposing to Jack; and finally one of them kissing in the bedroom (the best part of the show…sigh…)

Bart tells Tony that their boy Patrick is doing a good job of keeping Jennifer outside.

Jennifer tells Patrick that not everyone understood Jack the way she did but she loved him so much. Jack can hear what she is saying from inside. He can move a bit now and Jennifer hears a thud from inside the house. Bart hauls Jack out of the room just as a surprised Jennifer runs in and says “Jack.”


John is angry with Kate: telling her she doesn’t know what is going on…she doesn’t know what kind of pain he is in. He threatens that if she gets rid of his drugs, she will regret it and will be making the biggest mistake of her life.

Hope is angry with Bo: She tells him that if Shawn gets hurt, because he chose to stay with Billie instead of going with her to find him, then they are through.

Billie on the pier by herself: She tells herself that she is hearing things. A voice comes from nowhere…”Mommy, why don’t you save me mommy?”


Tuesday Mar 22

Pat’s Spoilers

I vowed that I would find something good to say about each episode no matter how hard I had to look for it. I actually have a couple today – needed two because I didn’t exactly like the reason that led me to like Kristian Alfonso’s performance today. She stood toe to toe with Bo and never backed down. I love when Hope is angry and upset – but good lord, I sure did not like Bo today. I did not like the way he spoke to Hope or the way he treated her. The other good time was Shawn actually smiled today when Mrs. K. was talking about the advice his mother had given her. I sure miss seeing his smile. This is going to be a very short report – it took a lot out of me to write something positive and uplifting – because there isn’t a lot of that on the show right now.

Jen rushes into the house and calls out Jack’s name while Patrick follows wondering what she is doing. She tells Patrick that Jack is near, she can feel his presence. She then explains the connection they have. She goes upstairs to check for him and he goes into the kitchen. Jack is gone. Jen sits on the couch and picks up a magazine and leafs through it. She tells Patrick that this is proof that Jack was here. It’s a new magazine and Jack would always dog ear the pages with the articles he wanted to come back and read. Patrick comes up with other suggestions, that it was Abby or Chelsea or someone else. Jen is determined that it was Jack. She says his body was never found. She knows she heard his voice earlier. Patrick then asks her if Jack isn’t really dead, where is he? Did he just come home and not bother to call, sit on the couch, leaf through a magazine and then leave. He thinks because of Alice and Tom’s anniversary Jack has been on her mind. She does agree that she did talk a lot about Jack. She is worried about Abby because it’s hours past her curfew and she is not home. He says that is another reason she is thinking about Jack because she always says that he is the only one that can get through to Abby.

Bart drags Jack out through the kitchen before Jen comes in. They are in the limo on their way to the airport – Tony is already there. Bart marvels at the drug Tony used but ties Jack’s hands up because the drug will begin to wear off soon. Jack begins to ask questions – very slowly and haltingly. He wants to know if Patrick is still on the payroll. Bart doesn’t really know. Jack does. He believes Patrick is still working for Tony. Bart makes some crude remarks about Patrick and Jen and Jack and Madison – why do we have to be subjected to dialogue like that? Jack is working his hands free. He wants to know why Tony is doing this to him. Bart says he’s only told stuff on a day to day basis. He talks about how Tony acted when Jack escaped – says he was always calm. Jack gets free and attacks Bart but Bart pulls a gun on him. Jack is going back to the castle.

John and Kate are heading up the stairs. Kate says maybe it really will be better tomorrow. John stops and says I can’t sleep while Phil is still missing. I need to bring him home to you and Belle. He’s going to try and hack into the information systems of whoever has Philip (huh – wouldn’t you need to know who has him before you could do that?) She asks if there is anything she can do. He tells her he could use some strong coffee. Kate goes into the kitchen and John pulls out the drugs and injects himself proclaiming that he’ll get clean once he finds Philip and brings him home. Kate brings the coffee and asks him if he found anything. He says he isolated pictures on the video to see if he could find anything that would help him pinpoint his location but he’s in a bunker – a bunker that could be anywhere in the world. He shrugs his jacket off saying it’s so hot in here. Kate goes to hang it up and finds the bag of drugs. She is furious with John for lying to her and she says she is going to call the cops. She picks up the phone and he grabs it from her and throws it on the floor saying you better not do that as he smashes the phone with his cane. She asks him what he’s going to do if she doesn’t give him the pills, hit her, grab them away…He says he knows she is frightened of him because he hurt her once before. She says that time was an accident – this time it won’t be. He tries to justify taking the pills but she won’t give in. She doesn’t want him to kill himself using drugs. When he sees he’s not getting through to her he tells her that she better give him the drugs or she will be sorry. She has to choose between letting him have the drugs or Philip’s life.

There was so much dialogue between Bo and Hope and occasionally Billie today that I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. You really need to watch their scenes and form your own impressions. Personally I thought Bo treated Hope horribly today. Hope is asking Bo again why he always chooses Billie and Georgia over her and their sons. Billie interrupts and Hope tells her to stay out of it. Billie says you need to let him explain – we got more information on Georgia. Hope wants to know what. Billie says he was leaving when she got a phone call – she hears about that. Then he was leaving again and they found an envelope. Hope says whoever is doing this is a monster – Hope and the rest of us get to hear that sick tape again. Hope is very understanding but she still wants to know why Bo felt the need to stay and comfort Billie when she could have called on Kate or Lucas or Patrick – Bo immediately reacts to Patrick’s name so Hope takes it back. Bo is amazed that Hope doesn’t understand why she can’t see why he had to stay there and take care of Billie. Hope wants to know why he treats her and the boys like second class citizens and why he chooses her all the time. To her the choice is clear – staying to comfort a crying Billie or going after their son to stop him from being hurt – she could care less about Billie being upset.

Bo says terrible things IMO. He says Shawn is an adult and he doesn’t need them interfering. She says he only has one father and wants to know the last time Bo talked to him. Bo says he doesn’t want advice from me. He keeps saying that he has his people looking for him. Billie gets angry at Hope’s remarks and leaves. Bo is furious and says to Hope – do you see what you just did. He is going to go after Billie but Hope's look stops him. While Bo is chastising her she turns her head and he grabs her and says look at me. He goes on again about how he couldn’t leave Billie alone. She says you could leave the house to go and get her a necklace made but you couldn’t come to see Shawn. Bo really thinks Hope is in the wrong. She tells him that if anything happens to Shawn – if he gets hurt – it will be Bo’s fault. She will never forgive him and they will be through and then she walks out on him. Billie goes to the docks and hears someone say Mommy. Another stupid flashback of her listening to the tape. She thinks she’s hearing things but hears the voice again.

The Shawn and Mrs. K scenes played out as expected. Mrs. K leads him on and gives him a taste and then jerks back the chain and says we can’t do this as long as I’m married. Shawn stops. He wants to talk about what went wrong. She says they both made mistakes. Shawn says yeah with Jan and Phil but what happened between us is all my fault. She sits there and lets him take all the blame for that on himself. He talks about the ‘true love’ that they share. He’s always thought that they would get married and have kids. She did to but she says she doesn’t believe that is possible any longer. He persists. He says I love you and you love me and that is all that should matter. We should be able to get through anything just like his mother and father have. He tells her that they should have been each other firsts and only – they waited so long and look what happened. He believes that if they wait now they will never be together. She denies it but when he asks her what she is going to tell Phil when he comes home she doesn’t answer. He says Phil could be held prisoner for months, years, possibly forever. Does she expect them to wait when there is a chance he might never come back? She says if Phil dies she could never be with another man, not even Shawn. He gets very upset when she says this but she doesn’t really care. It’s all about her. She couldn’t be with him because she would always wonder if Phil knew about them and that is why he volunteered for the dangerous mission. She couldn’t live with the guilt. He tells her he has to leave. She tells him he can’t drive, he’s been drinking. He says he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of her – oh gag me… She grabs him – he jerks her hand free and she falls. By the time she gets up he has already crashed. Geez I wonder if she’ll feel guilty about that – silly me, what was I thinking – of course not, Shawn is involved not her husband.

Previews: Stan smiling – Whoever you are, you are the evil genius of all time. Billie to Patrick – So I’m lying to my mother, to Bo, to Hope – I want to be with Bo now more than ever. Hope to Bo – This time are love isn’t strong enough to hold this family together. Kat – Can I risk John’s life to save Philip’s? John using his cane to smash stuff yelling ‘Damn you.’


Wednesday Mar 23

Pat’s Spoilers

My good thing to say about the show today – Kristian and Peter rock the house. They both do such amazing jobs. If Peter Reckell can make me intensely dislike Bo I know he’s doing a fantastic job. Oh yeah, on the shallow but plus side – JC looks good unconscious.

Pier: We see Stan hiding behind a crate – prepare yourself for several Sami/Stan flashbacks. We see Stan in the hotel room with pictures of all the people Sami is going after – there are bull-eye’s drawn on their faces. They are pictures of the usual suspects including Mimi. Stan than uses some kind of remote device again and Billie hears the Mommy, Mommy…Billie calls out for Georgia but finds the doll. A hand clamps down on her shoulder and she turns around and sees Patrick. He’s out searching for Abby because she missed curfew and Jen is worried. Billie fills him in on what has been happening. She knows that Tony and Stefano are dead but the DiMera operation is still ticking. She asks him if he knows why they are torturing her like this – she feels he might know because he worked for Tony. He says if he did he would tell her.

More Stan flashbacks and the vow to destroy everyone in Kate’s family plus we see when Stan gets the doll. Sami feels if she can’t live for Lucas and Will she’ll live for revenge. He continues listening to Billie and Patrick. Billie tells Patrick about the hair sample and then she wonders if the doll’s hair is Georgia’s hair. Patrick thinks it is synthetic but says she should get it tested. He offers to do some leg work for her in her search for Georgia but he doesn’t think Bo would like that. Billie tells him she has something to tell Patrick about Bo. She says I’m talking to a friend right? Patrick says what she says stays between them. Of course Sami/Stan perks right up and listens. She says she fantasizes that Bo will be with her when she finds Georgia. Patrick says you are searching together. She says no I mean as a family. She talks about how her mother has done some underhand things to bring her and Bo together even though she keeps telling her she doesn’t want to break up Bo and Hope’s marriage. But now she has to be honest with herself – she’s been lying – she wants Bo more than ever. The doll starts talking again and Billie gets very upset. Stan (Sami’s voice) saying Billie you can’t lose it now. I’m counting on you to break up Bo and Hope’s marriage. Patrick hears something – Stan/Sami panics when she sees both of them searching.

Kate tells John that she has to save him from himself. He says what about Philip. He needs the drugs so he can find Philip – he can’t do it when he’s in all that pain and going through withdrawal. He says the Marines don’t have the know-how he does – he’s ISA plus Stefano’s ex-mercenary. He covers her hand holding the bag of drugs and tells her he wants to bring Philip home to her and Belle. He wants to bring his daughter’s husband back to her. He tries to take the drugs but she grabs the bag and moves away from him. John then starts talking about how people could say they have lost so much they have nothing to live for. He talks about who they’ve lost and he says all they have left to live for are their kids. Kate says she can’t lose Philip. John says you know what you have to do then. She says what about your kids losing you to these drugs. John says he knows his limits – that isn’t going to happen. He is going to take a shower – he tells her to think about it. Kate thinks this is karma – her punishment for breaking up Lucas and Sami and this problem she can’t blame on Sami. She watches that stupid video again and than asks herself if she can risk John’s life to save Philip’s. She talks to Roman saying she needs to know what he would do – she can’t make this decision on her. She grabs her coat and goes out. John comes down and is furious when he discovers she is gone. Uses his cane and smashes things and falls to the floor cursing. Oh yeah – he shaved.

Mrs. K. goes running to Shawn. He’s unconscious. She can’t get a signal on her cell. He comes to and she says she is taking him to the hospital. He says no hospital and passes out again. Suffice it to say he comes to again and when he refuses to go to the hospital – he gets yelled at and asked if he wants to die. He just smiles. She doesn’t understand why he is taking chances with his life. She wants him to get checked out. He tells her he isn’t going to die – he’s just banged up. He doesn’t want to go to the hospital because Lexie will tell his mother and she would be furious plus as soon as Lexie released him he would end up in jail. He doesn’t want to go there. She mumbles something and says she loves him. He says it was worth being in an accident just to hear her say that. She says her father was looking for him – his parents will find out – they always do. She helps him get up and they go to her car. She is driving telling him she doesn’t feel right about this – she should take him to the hospital. If something happened she wouldn’t know what to do. Shawn passes out again – Mrs. K. starts yelling his name again.

There is a lot of dialogue between Bo and Hope. I don’t know if I can remember everything but what drew me in was the way Bo is so righteous in his ‘rightness’ – or as my good friend Jan says – Peter is playing Bo being clueless about Billie to perfection. Hope is near the end of her rope. She is hurting because she can’t make him see what she sees – she can’t make him understand how much he’s hurting her. Bo can’t believe that she would make the statement she did. He doesn’t accept that she would put their marriage on the line over the chance that Shawn might get hurt. They have gotten through so much. She agrees. They survived Stefano, Tony, Larry Welch and Billie but she doesn’t understand why Bo is choosing to let Billie come between them. Bo tells her he isn’t, she is. She asks him what he would have done if she would have made him choose his marriage over staying with Billie when she was leaving to see Shawn. He told her he wouldn’t have believed she would do it just like he doesn’t believe it now. She says believe it. I can’t stay married to a man that I can’t count on, that won’t help his son when he needs help.

She says he didn’t even ask about Shawn. Bo says that is not true but he asks again. Hope tells him that Kate told her that Belle was being unfaithful to Philip with Shawn and that Kate wanted her to go immediately and talk to Shawn. She stresses that Kate didn’t want him to go – she wanted him to stay at the hospital with Billie. Bo says you can’t blame Billie for what Kate does. Hope is furious with him and repeats her statement about not staying with a man she can’t count on. He goes upstairs. Hope calls Mrs. K. and leaves her a message to call if she hears from Shawn. Bo comes down with a gift. She says you think this can fix everything? He tells her it was supposed to be for Easter but he wants her to open it now. It’s a photo box and he has pictures of their wedding, Shawn as a baby – all family photos. He tells her very sweet things. He talks about never thinking that he would be a family man until he meant her – he helped her become a good father. She made him the man he is. She tells that he knows he means those things but she is afraid that their love is not going to be enough this time. She says she couldn’t love him more than she does. He says isn’t that enough? She says no. She talks about Shawn and how he is too young to have lost all his dreams. They failed him. He needs a father that he knows he can come to and talk to and if Bo doesn’t change Zach will end up the same. Bo says IF he failed Shawn he will change but not at the expense of Georgia. Poor Hope. He goes on about his daughter and how he can’t stop worrying about her. She says he’s not having a problem doing it with Shawn. He throws up the same old thing – my men are looking for him. I’m the first one they’ll call. I’ll keep it quiet. I’ll keep him out of jail. Hope tells him it would be too late for them if something happens to Shawn. How couldn’t it be? They’ve had this conversation how many times and she kept telling him that he couldn’t keep putting Shawn at the bottom of his list. Before Bo can say anything the phone rings. The officer tells Bo that he found Shawn’s bike wrecked at Lookout Point but no sign of Shawn – he’s disappeared. Bo tries to calm down Hope but she tells him if Shawn is hurt she will never forgive him – never.

Preview: At Lookout Point – Hope to Bo – You had your chance to be there for me and your son. You chose to be with Billie instead. You made your choice, now I’m making mine. Lexie to Kate – John needs help, not another fix. Abe entering the room – John Black’s doing drugs? Patrick to Billie – Who the hell is doing this? Billie – I don’t know. Bo’s going to think it’s you. Stan to Mimi – The happy life you have planned with Rex Brady is doomed. You’re doomed.


Thursday Mar 24

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short report because to be honest, I had a day from hell at work, ended up working late and I’m late even starting to type this up. So pardon my brevity although you might be thankful for it – less time for me to rant.

My positive for today: I loved seeing Abe on screen but good lord, I so do not agree with what he said to Lexie and Kate. The other positive – Shawn looks damn good – oh lord, that one smile – wowza – but sorry, I’d prefer he didn’t open his mouth or that he didn’t listen to the garbage his cousin’s wife throws at him either.

Patrick and Billie: I’m really going to simplify their scenes. They don’t find Stami. Patrick gets upset with Billie for not staying put – we hear the but I’m trained for this mantra again. Stami is hiding in a garbage dumpster then stands up complaining about revenge being a dirty business as he cleans lettuce off himself. Patrick sees him and yells – Stami dives back into the dumpster. The only interesting part – Patrick then gets a phone call. He’s told to leave the guy alone. Patrick says and what if I don’t. The guy says you know what would happen to those that you care about if you don’t. Patrick goes back to Billie. She warns him that Bo is going to think he is the one that put the doll there. He thinks Bo is jealous of their relationship. She says it’s going to get worse because he will insist on questioning you. She asks him if he is sure that he has nothing to hide. Patrick says he can handle anything Bo can throw at him.

Rex and Mimi: They’re on the pier. Rex talks about this being such a long night but one good thing came out of it – they got engaged. (Oh lord it’s still that same day – how many weeks ago was it when Meems ended up in the hospital – and how many weeks passed for that one day before she got there?) She tells him that he proposed before they found out she couldn’t have children. She would understand if he doesn’t want to get married. He says he does. She goes on how all he has ever wanted was a family of his own. He should be with a woman who can give him that. She says it just isn’t fair. He agrees. She takes off the ring and tells him to return it and get his money back. Rex puts the ring back on. He says she didn’t let him finish. He says it isn’t fair to her. She wanted a big family and it’s not her fault that she got sick. He says they will adopt. He goes to get her ice cream. Stami comes along and says did I hear you’re getting married. Mimi says yes I am and my six foot two fiancé will be right back. She asks who he is. Stami says I’m a friend. Newlyweds need a lot of stuff and I can get it for you wholesale –stuff like cribs. Stami taunts Mimi with the fact that she won’t need a crib and they both know why. Mimi keeps asking him who he is. Stami says you aborted your boyfriend’s baby without telling him and now you can’t have kids. The happy life you have planned with Rex Brady is doomed – you are doomed. Rex is walking back with the ice cream and sees something.

John trashes the penthouse looking for a pill. Shane calls and John tells him he is getting more mobile every day. At Abe and Lexie’s Abe is carrying a tray with some tea the both of them and Lexie hovers around him. Abe gets a little upset with her for treating him like an invalid. Kate shows up. Abe and Lexie have seen the video so they mention Philip. Abe wishes he could help search for him. Kate asks to speak to Lexie alone. She shows Lexie the pills and tells her what John said. Lexie knows exactly what John is doing. He will do or say anything to get his hands on the drugs. She tells Kate what he needs is tough love not another fix. Abe says John Black is on drugs? When Abe hears the story he tells Kate to give John the drugs so he can do what he is trained to do. Lexie is surprised and says the drugs are illegal. Abe says if there was a drug that would give me back my eyesight, make me the man I was, don’t you think I would be taking it, illegal or not? After Kate leaves we find out from Abe and Lexie’s conversation that his eyesight is not the only thing Abe has lost. He is unable to ‘be a man’ and Lexie is young and beautiful and he doesn’t want her stuck with him. She hugs him and says it doesn’t matter to her. Kate returns to the penthouse...John wants those pills and he turns on the tape of Phil again to guilt Kate into giving them to her. He says do you want him to die?

I’m not going to go into the Shawn and Belle scenes very much – I’m just too upset with how Shawn’s character has been reduced to a sex on the brain, needy, pushover, gullible wuss all over a woman who doesn’t know the meaning of the words love, loyalty and trust. She almost crashes the car trying to get him to come to. When he does she is snapping at him. He tells her he’s okay. She says you could of have been killed – or is that what you were trying to do? Oh lordy someone thinks VERY HIGHLY of herself. He gives her the same look I’m sure I did – ‘what are you nuts???’ – that kind of look. They go back to his place. He wants sex – it wouldn’t hurt anyone – she finally snaps at him and tells him to stop pressuring her or she’ll leave for good. He backs off. The same mantra – Philip is my husband…yada, yada, yada, - we have to wait. It’s funny how she has no trouble telling Shawn that he has to wait – she should have done that with Philip. Shawn says he will wait forever for her – god, how stupid and how lame. He talks about them getting married and that their vows will be forever. Yeah, that’s right Shawn – forever – which in her case means until you fall asleep on your wedding night and she goes to meet another man. She tells him if he won’t go to the hospital he really should go to sleep – he will if she says with him. They are in bed and he tells her it feels so right just to be able to hold her (that killer smile of his – just didn’t like who he was wasting it on) and kiss her goodnight. She turns and they kiss. I guess she has to give him a crumb every now and then to keep him dangling.

Hope is furious with Bo and won’t even let him touch her. The cop calls and says its possible Shawn was thrown over the cliff. Hope is very upset. Bo tells her that they don’t know that happened. He’ll go help in the search. She tells him he should have been there for her and Shawn but he wasn’t. He made his choice and now she’s making hers. He tells her not to get ahead of herself and say something she doesn’t mean. They are then told that beer bottles were found close by. Hope gets even more worried. Bo tries to calm her down by saying Shawn could be okay. Someone might have picked him up. They are then told that there were witnesses to his accident. Shawn got up and walked away and got into a car. The cop says the witnesses said it looked like he was trying to kill himself. Hope is heartsick. Bo tells her that this was an accident. They are given a description of the car and female and Bo and Hope know its Belle. They go to Shawn’s. Hope has a key for emergencies and they let themselves in. The place is dark so they check the bedroom. They see Shawn and Belle sleeping. Bo says he’s obviously feeling alright. Hope says that Belle must have been so upset that they…yeah right – not likely. She says they look perfect together …Bo closes the door. He says they remind him of when the two of them were that age – Shawn and Belle love each other and they love each other. He says now that we know Shawn is okay everything between us is good, right? She says she loves him – she never thought that Billie would be a threat to their marriage. Bo insists she isn’t. Hope says that things change and she doesn’t know if after tonight that things will ever be the same for them.

Previews: Jack to Tony: There is only one thing I need to do. Tony – What’s that? Jack levels him with a punch. Marlena (very excited as she hugs Roman) – We’re being rescued, we’re going home. John (very sadistically) to Kate – When Philip comes on and he’s got this nice American flag draped over his casket it will just prove you are a lousy mother. Kate slaps him. Billie to Jen – Patrick is the best. Jen – He is. I don’t know what I would do without him. Billie – You’re starting to have feelings for Patrick.


Friday Mar 25

Janice’s Spoilers

Personal note: If wasn’t for the fact that I promised Pat I would write today’s show up, and if it wasn’t for Matthew Ashford’s stellar performance, I don’t think I would have been able to get through this show...especially the John/Kate/Marlena/Roman scenes. Apologies to John & Marlena fans for what follows below...

The Pier: Rex, Abby, Chelsea/Stan, Mimi

Rex is holding ice cream when he sees Abby. He asks her whether she should be out so late. Abby acts surprised and says...it’s not that late...is it? Chelsea spooks Rex by tapping his shoulder from behind and he drops the ice cream. Abby offers to pay for it and says that her mom would want her to do that. Rex notices her fake I.D. and asks her what she has it but isn’t too concerned.

Stan seems to know everything about Mimi and her family. She wants to know why he is being so mean and decides that Jan is behind it, pulling out her cellphone to call her. Stan stops her and says she’ll do no such thing. He tells her she can’t marry into the Brady family (talks all about the Brady family tree, etc...noble fine upstanding family) with all the bad stuff she has done. Mimi argues that the Bradys have made some mistakes as well (for the life of me I can’t understand why she is just standing there and talking to this idiot). He tells her that her mistakes were worse than theirs. Mimi starts ragging about all the bad things Sami has done and Stan looks very upset.

Stan keeps antagonizing Mimi with his taunts about her less than stellar life. He threatens to tell Rex about the abortion if she doesn’t and takes off. Rex returns and sees how upset she is and wants to know why. Mimi tells him that Stan said some terrible things to her. He wants to go after him but she won’t let him. She tells him that she can’t marry him.

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jennifer, Patrick, and Billie & doll

Patrick brings Billie back to Jennifer’s (why???) and tells her what happened. That stupid/irritating doll keeps talking over and over again... “Mommy...why won’t you help me mommy?” Billie gets very stressed out and asks Patrick to get rid of it. Jennifer asks about the guy. Patrick has a flashback to the phone call on the pier telling him to leave things alone. He explains to Jennifer that the guy must have got away. Patrick goes outside and dials a number. He wants to know what the plans are for Billie. He’s sick of being kept in the dark. The person on the other end hands up on him.

Patrick walks back inside and listens to Billie going on and on about the Dimera organization and the damage they are trying to do to each of them. Jennifer wonders about Abbie and wants to go find her. Patrick convinces her to let him go instead. He leaves and Jennifer talks about how much he has done for her. Billie says that if she didn’t know better, she would think that Jennifer was starting to have feelings for Patrick.
Patrick finds Abby on the pier. Chelsea is hiding. Patrick wants to know where Chelsea is. He’s upset about what happened earlier that night. Abby says that she’s the one who wanted to go to the clubs and she asked Chelsea to go with her. Patrick takes her home.

Back at Jen’s, she asks Billie about Bo and how she feels about him. Billie gets annoyed and rags on about not giving up on Georgia...yada...yada... She tries to put Jennifer on the defensive by asking if it were Jack and she knew he was alive, would she give up on him? Jennifer admits she wouldn’t but wants to know if they are talking about Georgia or Bo where Billie is concerned.

The Castle: Jack, Tony, Bart, Marlena, Roman

An upset Jack is back at the castle with Tony and Bart. He is determined to escape once more and get home to his real family. He tells Tony that the Phoenix won’t rise again. Tony says the Phoenix is dead. Jack tells him that even though Tony tried to kill him, and even though he stole over a year of his life, that he won’t win. He tells him that he’s never known what true love is and never will (Jack mentions Anna, Kristen, etc...). He tells Tony that he’s a lonely bitter man and that he will die alone. Bart tells Tony that he’ll be there for him. Jack responds by telling Bart not if Tony kills him first. Bart gets a funny look on his face.

Tony tells Bart to take Jack to his room. Jack says there is just one more thing he wants to do. Tony asks him what it is. He says “this” and knocks him out cold with a punch to the face. (I loved Jack in this scene...lol...). Jack steals the keys from the guard and escapes. Bart notifies security to sound the alarm and helps Tony get up. Tony screams that he wants him brought back alive.

Marlena has a terrible nightmare of going home and finding John and Kate making love. Roman shows her the book he found. He tells her it’s about the castle and that maybe it will help them find a way out. Marlena looks at it and an old map of the castle falls out. Both of them hear the alarm go off and wonder what’s going on. There is a knock on their door and Marlena is shocked when she recognizes Jack’s voice. Jack opens their room with a key and Marlena hugs him with tears in her eyes. He locks them in and gives Marlena keys to unlock her chains.

Jack tells Roman and Marlena about being a prisoner as well and how he has already escaped once and made it back to Salem. Tony, Bart and the guard arrive. Tony grabs the map, threatens Jack that he will get even with him later, and tells Marlena and Roman that the map was accurate. He tells them that they can rot in hell and leaves.

Jack is back in his room. He just wishes he could see Jennifer. She comes to him in a lovely vision and then disappears. He yells out an anguished “NO!”

John & Marlena’s Penthouse: John, Kate

John is angry and pulls a huge guilt trip on Kate. He tells her that he can’t help her with Philip if she doesn’t give the pills back. She refuses to barter his life for Phil’s and throws the pills in the fireplace. John is enraged and starts taunting her. He asks her if she has forgotten about Philip and tells her that without those pills he doesn’t have the strength to help find her son. He tells her that because of her actions, the next time she sees Philip will be when he comes home in a coffin with a flag draped over it. Lastly, he tells Kate that it just proves what a lousy mother she is. Kate is irate and slaps him.

John yells at Kate to get out of his house. She goes upstairs to pack. John is in so much pain that he falls to the floor. He sees two pills lying on the carpet and swallows them. Presto, in the next scene he gets up and is so much better. When Kate comes downstairs she tells him that she’ll collect the rest of her things another time. John gets this puppy dog look on his face and is all remorse (no comment).

He begs her to stay and says that he knows she was just trying to help him. He says that Marlena would have done the same thing. She’s crying. John reminds her of how she held him all night. He says that was the only time he got any sleep. He tells her that she is always thinking of everyone but herself (what???). Kate tells him that she could never forgive herself if something happened to him on her watch.

John says: “Don’t you know how deeply I feel about you? (I felt so sorry for the John and Marlena fans today...sigh...it gets worse). He goes down on his knees. She follows him. They start touching each other’s faces and kissing. She takes off her dress jacket and they kiss some more.

*We now see back to back scenes of Roman & Marlena at the castle and John and Kate at the penthouse...

Marlena is crying. She thought they would finally be free and doesn’t think they are ever going home. The live video feed comes on and they see the penthouse. They see John and Kate kissing each other. Marlena says that their worst nightmare has come true. She says that the video is not a trick and that it is clear that John and Kate have moved on. She is crying, her heart is breaking, but she is trying to be dignified (Deidre did an amazing job here). Roman holds her. She looks into his eyes. They start to kiss.

Back at the penthouse, John takes Kate’s blouse off.

We see Roman and Marlena in bed...kissing...

Kate pulls John’s shirt off.

Cut to a happy Tony who says that he now has everyone exactly where he wants them...


Belle talking to Hope: Belle says that it’s her fault that Hope almost lost Shawn.

Bo talking to Shawn: Telling him he can be Shawn’s friend or he can be his enemy.

Billie ranting at Jennifer: Telling her...”She thinks I would use anything, including my own daughter, to take Bo away from her. Is that right?”

Stan talking Chelsea: Telling her that the way to getting Patrick is to get rid of the competition, starting with Billie Reed.


Monday Mar 28

Pat’s Spoilers

Now I promised that I would say something good about the show today. Hands down, the best five to ten seconds was that look Shawn gave Bo when Bo and Hope woke him and Belle up. Didn’t make up the garbage I had to endure up to that moment – but it was a fine moment none the same. I also enjoyed the Abby/Patrick talk today. Not because of Patrick because it’s difficult to buy into his concerned guy act when it appears that he is still working for Tony. I did like Abby though once he got past the normal teenage belligerence to the heart of her resentment.

I really couldn’t get into today’s show. As I said I enjoyed the Patrick/Abby scenes and the Bo and Hope scenes. I love Melissa Reeves and it’s always a joy to watch her but the Jen/Billie conversation when it centered on Bo, Hope and Patrick was pretty much a rehash of stuff we’ve heard a hundred times before. The Stami/Chelsea stuff is clearly a setup to revealing that Chelsea is Georgia. The foreshadowing was pretty darn obvious.

Patrick tells Abby that she is being irresponsible when she asks him what is wrong with wanting a little independence. She wants everyone to stop treating her like a baby. Patrick is concerned for Jen. She has a lot on her plate right now taking care of her, her baby brother plus she’s worried about Bo and Hope – he tells her that last thing she needs to do is be worried about Abby. Abby tells him not to lecture him – he’s not her father. He says he doesn’t want to – he could never take Jack’s place. She tells him that no one could. He says your father would want you to make life easier for your mother. Patrick says that Jen has been good to him and he’s trying to be a good friend to her. Abby wants to know how good of a friend. Patrick wants to know what has gotten into her. He thought they were good friends because only her mother and she gave him a chance. Abby says she still likes him. When her father didn’t make it back that was the worst thing that happened to her but he makes her feel safe. They talk about his past and how Bo and probably Abe and John don’t trust him. Abby thinks it’s funny that none of the men trust him yet all the women think he is innocent.

Patrick thinks the women are more likely to give people that messed up the benefit of the doubt. He says you know I was just working for Tony because he was blackmailing me. She asks him what Tony had on him but Patrick won’t get into it. He tells her he just doesn’t want her to mess up like he did. She should listen to her mother. Abby doesn’t want the lecture again. Patrick tells her that her mother is only looking out for her. Abby reluctantly agrees. Patrick goes on to sing Jen’s praise and Abby pounces on him. She says that is proof that he cares more for her mother than just a friend. He assures her that isn’t the case but asks her would it be so wrong if he was. Abby says it would be a disaster because my Dad is coming home. Patrick tells her that is impossible. She says I saw him die once – I saw his body and he wasn’t dead than – how can I believe he’s dead now. Patrick says he’s gone. She says no he isn’t and that is why you can’t get involved with Mom. Imagine what it would be like for him to come home and find you involved with her. She makes Patrick promise that he won’t go after her mother – he promises – they hug. He tells her that he better get her home before her mother sends out the militia. Abby says she already did – you.

Very briefly the Chelsea/Stami scenes: Chelsea admits she wants Patrick. Stami manipulates her to picking Billie as her main rival for Patrick’s affections over Jen or Hope. Chelsea wants advice on how to steal him away from Billie. She says it’s so weird Billie has a daughter almost her age. Stami points out that Jen and Hope have children as well maybe Patrick likes kids. Chelsea says she doesn’t have any. Stami says you have youth and determination. Chelsea wants to know how to contact him but Stami says he’ll always be around – oh yeah – he also tells her that Sami Brady should be her role mode. Stami assures Chelsea that she will get Patrick into bed. Chelsea leaves and Stami gets a call. He wants to know why they’re using Chelsea to get to Billie but all he gets for a response is a hang-up. Chelsea is outside Jen’s house and sees Billie and Patrick hugging. She isn’t too happy about that.

The Jen and Billie conversation did have it moments. Billie is definitely her mother’s daughter – a born manipulator. When Jen pushes for an answer about Billie’s feelings for Bo, Billie plays the righteous anger card and grabs her jacket and says she is leaving. Jen talks to her about their friendship and then tells her that if Jack was here he would insist she stay. I did like the scenes where they talked about Jack. That felt real and not part of Billie’s act. Jen tells Billie that she used to be so jealous of the soft spot that Jack had for her. Billie is surprised because there was never anything romantic between her and Jack. Jen knows that but they were such good friends and she envied that Jack, who didn’t have a lot of friends, would confide in her. They get back on Billie, Bo and Hope. Billie tells Jen that she is the same as Hope, accusing her of using Georgia to get back with Bo. Jen calls her on it – tells her to look in her straight in the eye and tell her that isn’t exactly what she is doing. Billie avoids doing that. I hated the sly look on Billie’s face (she had her back to Jen) when Jen asked her what Billie expected when they found Georgia – aren’t you going to want Bo with you. Billie smugly says that it will be Bo’s decision. There is also several scenes where Jen is pointing out that Patrick is the perfect man for Billie. Billie accuses her again of being on Hope’s side because she is pushing the man she has feeling for on to her. Jen denies feeling more than friendship and being grateful for everything Patrick does but Jack is the only man for her. So then we get Billie pushing Patrick on her. Patrick and Abby return. Jen hugs them both and then Patrick and Billie hug.

While Bo and Hope are talking Shawn and Belle have a shared fantasy. Now I love Shawn and I think he’s incredibly sexy but the scenes were boring. I had to laugh about how delusional they are in the fantasy. Yup Philip is going to understand and immediately agree to an annulment. Shawn makes it even more laughable when he says that Philip did that because he loves her so much. He knows that because that is how much he loves her and he would willingly give her up if she loved Phil more. Excuse me – but she doesn’t love anyone except herself. They begin to make love in this fantasy – well at least Shawn is making ‘love’ – Belle, well – by no stretch of the imagination could you call what she was doing making love in the same sense that Shawn was. I guess that must be the maturity Mr. Corday was referring to – the adult content type maturity.

I loved Hope today again for the most part – just her last scene but then I can excuse her for that. A repeat of her comment that she thought they would grow old together like Tom and Alice. He says they will. She says what about Shawn and Belle – after tonight nothing will be the same. Bo says nothing has really changed. Shawn is in his bedroom with Belle. Hope says he was in another terrible accident. Bo is sure that if he had been hurt Belle would have taken him to the hospital. Hope says if he is it’s a miracle. Bo says he’s a lucky kid. Hope tells Bo it could have been prevented if he had been with her he could have stopped him from getting on that bike. She tells him she warned him. She told him that if anything happened to Shawn tonight they were through. Bo brushes it off with people says things when they are angry that they don’t really mean. Hope tells him she meant every word of it. Bo asks her if she giving up on ‘us’ – on their marriage. She doesn’t want to but she doesn’t know how to get through to him. He’s let her down so many times – not just her – their entire family. Shawn thinks that Bo cares more Billie and Georgia than he does about him. Bo looks surprised and asks if he really said that. Hope says yes. She tries to tell him that it isn’t true but what is he supposed to think – the truth of the matter is that he hasn’t been there for his son. Bo is going to help his son get his life back on track because nothing is more important to him than family. He heads to the bedroom

Bo tells Shawn they have to talk. Shawn wants to know how they got in. Hope reminds him she has a guy. Bo says the police found your bike and beer bottles. He asks Shawn if he has a death wish. Oooh... I love the look Shawn gives his father. Shawn says of course not. Hope wants to know if he is sure because the people that witnessed it said he deliberately drove his bike into the tree. Shawn says they were wrong – he wouldn’t do anything that stupid. Hope says I didn’t think you would drive your bike through a stained glass window either but you did. Shawn says that was different he was desperate. Hope asks him if he was desperate again tonight. He says he just needed to get away and think. Bo does the stern father bit – telling Shawn he has to do some serious thinking about his life and what he is going to do with it. Hope wants to know if he is okay – he could have a concussion – internal injuries. Belle gets out of bed and talks to Shawn like he is a two year old saying she told him to go. Bo tells him to get his jacket he’s taking him to the hospital. The second mommy in the room says she will go with him. Shawn asks them if they are all deaf – he’s fine. Hope starts to protest – Bo says okay. We’re going outside to talk. Shawn says what are you going to do if I say no. I loved Bo’s reaction – the way he says ‘young man’ – don’t push me…LOL! Hope and her sister-in-law have a brief chat. Hope expresses how worried she is about Shawn and Belle says she is too. Hope is just so relieved that her son is alive. She is so happy that Belle was there and she hugs her. She continues and says if she hadn’t been there her son would be dead now. Belle tells her she is wrong – it’s because of her that she almost lost Shawn. Would that woman get over herself already – first her husband volunteers for a mission because he wanted to get home to her so badly – now Shawn tries to kill himself because she doesn’t give it up to him as easily as she gave it up to Phil – talk about being conceited. I’m beyond tired of her love affair with herself already.

Preview: Jen (almost crying) to Abby: Abigail tonight I thought that your Dad came home. I thought that he was here in this house. Mrs. Kiriakis to Hope – If you and Bo could break up what hope does that leave for Shawn and me? (Should have asked herself that question before she married another man – again with the me, me, me). Ooooh – the look in Shawn’s eyes…GULP. Bo – Your mother said you were angry. Shawn – I got past angry months ago and so did she). Billie to Patrick – I lied to Bo about our daughter.


Tuesday Mar 29

Janice’s Segment

Shawn’s Loft: Hope/Belle

Hope tells Belle how grateful she is that Shawn is okay. She thinks back to the motorcycle accident scene and says that she was so happy when they found out that Shawn walked away from it. Hope thanks god that Belle was there but Belle blames herself for making things worse. She explains to Hope about her going up there and them arguing...she mentions about reminding Shawn that they can’t be together while Philip is still being held hostage...she mentions Shawn’s anger and drinking. Hope is worried that he might have done it on purpose but Belle quickly disabuses her of that fact. Hope is still concerned of what he might be capable of.

Belle makes them some “cozy comfort” tea and Hope says she wish there was a tea called “listen to your parents.” She prays that Bo can get through to Shawn. Belle asks if something more is going on and if she is worried about Billie. She thanks her for their earlier talk and says that she is thinking more clearly now. Hope tells her that she’s not a little girl any longer and maybe a new perspective would be good. She says that she is petrified of losing Bo. Belle tells her that he will follow his heart and that she will not lose him. Hope tells Belle what she threatened to do tonight if anything happened to Shawn. Belle says if they could break up then what hope is there for her and Shawn.

Hope tells Belle that things can’t continue the way they are and that Bo has to get his priorities straight. Belle tells her that Bo will always come home to her and that love is an act of faith and that patience is needed. Hope asks her if she thinks Shawn will be patient. They both agree that their men have to respect their needs.

On the Roof: Bo/Shawn

Bo tells Shawn he can be his friend or his enemy. Shawn tells his father that he doesn’t want to fight with him. Bo tells him he loves him. Shawn says he’s not a kid anymore. Bo says: “No, but you’re my son and if you don’t at least listen to what I say, you’re making a big mistake.”

Shawn knows his dad is worried and trying to help him. Bo wants him to clean up his act. He tells his son that the motorcycle is not getting repaired and reminds him that he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Shawn gets angry and says that he has no say in that. He tells his dad that he is an adult now. Shawn asks sarcastically if this is “tough love.” Bo tells him that he has no idea how far a father will go to protect his child. Shawn goes ballistic and asks him where the hell has he been all this time and to quit trying to give him the “father of the year” act because he has already shown him who he really is. Bo threatens to throw Shawn in jail himself if he drives with a suspended license again.

Shawn yells back that Bo has been ignoring all of them. Bo agrees but thinks he also has a right to be angry with him and expects more from his son. Shawn looks incredulous. He says NOW you want to help me? Bo says he tried to talk to him and so have others. He lectures Shawn about being drunk and on drugs and Shawn says he doesn’t know how the drugs got in his system. He says he’s not using drugs. Bo offers to help him find out. He tells his son that he was out of control tonight and asks if he was trying to kill himself. Shawn wants to know why the hell his dad is lecturing him about self-control.

Bo admits that he has made his own mistakes and they were big ones. He says he was stubborn and pigheaded and that one mistake was not being there when Shawn needed him. He says he always thought that with Shawn growing up without a mother for so many years that they were more that father and son but were friends also. Shawn gets angry again...still...lol... Bo says fine if he doesn’t want to be friends but he will not stand by and let his son self-destruct. Shawn tells him he doesn’t want his help. He thinks the only reason Bo is up there with him is to make brownie points with his mom. Bo tells him he can’t throw away everything just because his love life is going nowhere. He asks him what he has to offer Belle right now. Shawn tells Bo that Belle loves him and he loves her and that he has a lot to offer her. Bo thinks Shawn is afraid of losing Belle and tells him that if he runs, he will lose her forever.

Pat’s Segment

My positive about today’s show: I absolutely loved the fact that I wasn’t subjected to any Shawn and Belle scenes today. JC and PR were great today – now that’s the performance level I’ve grown to expect from JC – it was great to see the Shawn I recognise today. I also thought the Jen and Abby scenes were very well done – very realistic. Their argument sounded like a normal mother/teenage daughter argument.

Jen’s: Abby is upset that Jen looks jealous as she watches Patrick and Billie hugging. Abby is worried about what her father will come home to. Jen offers to make coffee but Billie says she is going to go for a walk to clear her head. Jen tells her she shouldn’t be out alone at night. Patrick offers to go with her. As they are leaving Patrick points to Abby and says remember our deal. She reminds him that they both came to an agreement. Abby is about to go upstairs but Jen stops her and says she still has some explaining to do. Jen asks Abby why she didn’t all that she was going to be late or why she didn’t answer when she called. Jen says she shouldn’t have been out on the pier alone so late. Abby says she wasn’t alone she was Chelsea. She says we were on our way home when your bloodhound showed up. She tells Jen she was very embarrassed and she wants her to stop treating her like a kid, she’s almost an adult. Jen says when she stops acting like a child she’ll stop treating her like one. She wants an apology. Abby tells her she will be waiting a long time – as far as she is concerned she is the one that is owed an apology. She gets up off the couch and yells that she is going to bed. Jen starts crying and Abby feels bad. She says not with the crying – okay, I’m sorry but Jen keeps crying. Abby says I said I’m sorry why are you still crying? Jen says do you have any idea of how scared I was tonight not knowing where you were. Abby tells her she is treating her like a kid again. She knows something more is going on. She says you thought Dad was alive this past summer and you never said a word. You shipped me off to camp and went after word. You got a chance to see him again but I didn’t. Jen apologises and says that yes Abby is not a kid anymore but she wishes she was. She tells her that earlier that evening she thought that Jack was home.

Abby is so excited. She asks where he is and when he’s going to be back. She knew he wasn’t dead. Jen says no he’s not here it’s just that when she came home from the anniversary party she had this overwhelming sense that he was in the house. Jen says both she and Patrick searched but he wasn’t there. Abby says he’s not dead, you two have this connection. She asks if there was anything else. Jen says no except this one thing and she asks Abby if she marked the pages in the magazine. Abby looks at them and say no I didn’t. This is proof that Dad was home. Jen says she thought so too but Patrick convinced her it was impossible for Jack to still be alive. Abby says it is because he wants her for himself. Jen is surprised and denies it but Abby asks her who is acting like a child now. She knows Patrick is interested in her but she says the question is are you interested in him.

Jen says it’s much too soon to be thinking about that but down the road she doesn’t know if she will want to spend the rest of her life alone. Abby says you have me and Jack Jr. You have all you need. Jen says but you’ll grow up and have your own life and that is how it should be but I have needs that you and Jack Jr can’t fill. Abby says you are talking about sex, aren’t you. Jen says no. Abby is very angry and says Dad is still alive. What is he going to think when he comes home and finds you two together? She doesn’t want to talk any more and she rushes up the stairs.

Patrick asks Billie where she wants to go. She says wherever the wind takes them. Chelsea mutters that she knows Billie wants to end up in Patrick’s bed but she isn’t going to let that happen. She follows them.

Pier: Stan talks to himself in Sami’s voice. Chelsea reminds her of herself when she was younger. If Chelsea does what she is told Billie’s life will be miserable. Sami intends to make sure Billie never ends up with Bo breaking both her and Kate’s hearts at the same time because Kate is set on Billie and Bo being together.

Billie and Patrick end up on the pier. Its Billie’s thinking place. Patrick tells Billie he found Abby there. They start talking about everything Jen has been through. Billie tells him that Jen cares for him. He says he cares about her as well as a friend. He talks about Jack and Jen losing him a second time and how tough that was and now Abby is acting out and she has a baby to look after. He says she is strong but it’s pretty difficult doing that without a husband. Billie asks him if he sees himself in that position. Stan sees that Chelsea followed them and is happy about that. He hopes that they overhear something they can use.

Patrick denies wanting to take Jack’s place in Jen’s life. Billie says why not. She cares about you. Patrick says he doesn’t deserve a woman like Jen; he’s done some terrible things in his past. There’s a lot of back and forth about what is in the past should stay in the past. Billie says she did some horrible things too – he says not like me. I worked for the DiMera’s. Billie says she doesn’t judge people by what they did in the past, she judges them by what they are like now and he is one of the good guys. When push came to shove he helped them get off the island. He still denies it so she tells him that she lied to Bo about their daughter. Chelsea has been listening and the part where Patrick asks Billie about what kind of woman would want him – she says me. Stan keeps fuelling Chelsea’s jealousy by making smart remarks about how Billie is playing Patrick. Billie confesses to Patrick about how after she delivered a stillborn baby she lied to Bo and pretended to still be pregnant so Bo would chose her. Her and Hope had a huge argument and then she told Bo that Hope caused her miscarriage. She isn’t proud of that and she isn’t that kind of person anymore. Patrick talks about how he is not good enough for Jen or her. Billie wants to know when this became about her. She asks him if he is interested in her. He says she’s beautiful and smart, why wouldn’t he be interested. He’s met a lot of incredible women in Salem. He names Jen and Hope but he places Billie at the top of the list. She tells him this has been a very interesting evening but it’s time she got back to Bo and Hope’s. They walk off arm and arm. Chelsea and Stan both have their little rants after but I didn’t pay much attention to them. Stan rants about Billie being the spawn of Satan (Kate) and Chelsea rants about Billie not taking her man from her.

Just one comment about the Hope/Belle scenes. I have to thank the writer’s for the good laugh they gave me today. Hearing Mrs. Kiriakis tell Hope Brady what love is was absolutely hilarious. When Belle spouts that love is like a leap of faith – you just have to have faith in love – yup – she had so much faith in Shawn that faith led her right into Philip’s bed. But as usual everything is about her – she expects Shawn to wait for her – he should wait for her the same way she waited for him. Shawn needs to buy himself a one-way ticket to ‘as far away from Belle as I can get’ and never look back.

Preview: Kate to John (they’re in bed – she is rubbing his arm) Roman and Marlena would want us to be there for each other. John – let’s get started. (BLECH!) Marlena to Roman (also in bed) – Make love to me (they kiss). Bo to Hope (on the rooftop) What is it that you were going to say. Hope – just this (she kisses him). Philip being tortured with a stun gun – Bart to Tony – by the time we’re through tough guy Kiriakis will be ready to co-operate. Tony – By the time we’re through he’ll be dead.


Wednesday Mar 30

The Alberta stations both Janice and I tape off of aired the same episode they ran yesterday. I got home in time to watch the second half on my local Global station and Janice got the first half from a Global station in British Columbia. Between the two of us I think we got it all.

Janice’s Spoilers

The first half of the show…

The Pier: Stan

Stan calls Tony to give him an update. We see Bart and Tony at the castle. Bart says that Tony’s cross-dressing partner in crime, Stan is calling. Tony says good evening to Samantha. Stan updates him on talking to “that slut” Chelsea and setting the ball in motion regarding getting rid of Billie. He asks Tony who he wants him to terrorize next.

Stan has a flashback to Sami putting on the disguise. He says it’s such a waste that he is all dress up and has nowhere to go (I guess nobody gets to sleep around here).

Shawn/Rex Loft: Rex & Mimi

Rex and Mimi are in bed sleeping. Mimi has a flashback to Stan threatening to tell Rex about the abortion and then another one where Rex tells her they are getting married and that’s all there is to it. She tells a sleeping Rex that she’s afraid of losing him.

Rex wakes up and wants to know what’s wrong. He tells Mimi that the guy can’t hurt her.

Belle’s Loft: Hope, Belle

Hope talks about being upset for a very long time with what has been happening. She says that Shawn still needs his dad and she hopes Bo can help him. They talk about Belle getting involved with Philip. Hope mentions what happened to her years ago with Larry when Bo was with someone else. She says that she never stopped loving Bo. Belle says that Shawn stopped her wedding but it was too late. She wonders how she could have been so stupid. Hope reminds her that Shawn kept pushing her away.

The Roof: Bo & Shawn

Bo tells Shawn that he’ll drive Belle away if he’s not careful. Shawn says that her marriage is over. Bo argues that Belle is handling things right thing and that Shawn should support her. Shawn says that its killing her but his dad tells him that he should let her know that he is there for her and not to take her love for granted or he will be sorry for the rest of his life.

Shawn says that he has done nothing but hurt Belle. Bo says that they have both made mistakes. Shawn is upset that the woman he loved married his best friend because he wasn’t there for her. Bo wants to know why he was engaged to Jan Spears of all people and flippantly asks if she imprisoned him. Shawn has a flashback to the cage and says that maybe she did. Bo wants to know what is going on and Shawn tells him that his memory is coming back in pieces.

The Castle & Penthouse: Marlena/Roman/Tony/Bart/Philip & John/Kate

Scenes go back and forth...

Tony is watching Marlena and Roman in bed from a viewfinder.

Marlena and Roman are in bed. Marlena stops what they are doing and says she can’t do this to John.

Kate & John are finished having sex on the floor (I’m sorry but I can’t write much about this...too disgusting). John apologizes for the way he acted earlier. We see a flashback to him swallowing the two pills. He says the only thing important to him is finding her boy and bringing him home to her.

Philip is being slapped and told he has to look nice for his funeral.

Roman tells Marlena that its not like they are strangers but she feels as if she is being unfaithful to John. Afterwards she admits that Roman and Marlena would want them to be there for each other.

Kate feels guilty. John tells “Katherine” that Marlena and Roman are gone and all they have is each other.

Roman says he feels unfaithful as well but it’s because they have the advantage of knowing that Kate and John are alive. He says that it feels like they were never apart. He tells her that he never stopped loving her. She is shocked and asks what about Kate. He says it’s a different kind of love and that what he had was a once in a lifetime love with Marlena that Stefano broke up.

Marlena talks about Stefano’s son throwing them together again and tells Roman that she wouldn’t have made it without him. Roman thinks there might be a reason for that and that it might not have anything to do with Tony. Marlena asks him to make love to her. He asks if she’s sure. She says she needs to feel safe and loved.

Bart is watching them (I won’t repeat the disgusting comments he makes). A guard comes out and tells Tony that PFC Kiriakis is ready. Tony and Bart watch Philip getting shocked by a stun gun over and over again and screaming in pain.

Pat’s Spoilers

Second half of the show…

I didn’t see all of the show but from what I did see my good things to say are – loved Shawn and Bo together and I loved the Bope kiss. Of course the downside is that I had to endure Shawn subjugating himself once again on the altar of Belle.

Remi: Rex comforts Mimi and tells her to go back to sleep. He didn’t see anyone – no one is there. Stan is standing on the fire escape smiling. Sami says –Just think Mimi, you could have been my sister-in-law if you had played your cards right. Now you’ll never be a Brady. Sami knows her benefactor wanted her to wait for orders but since when does Sami Brady wait for orders. She has a plan of her own. Mimi wakes up when she hears a baby crying and sees the doll again.

Bo asks Shawn if he really thinks that Jan held him prisoner. Shawn isn’t sure but he has these pieces of memories where he is inside a cage and cuffed. Bo asks him if he has confronted Jan about these memories. Shawn says yes – she says it… he has a hard time to spitting out the next part – was just kinky sex. Bo says I see. Shawn says he’s not into bondage. Bo wants to know if he remembers how he hooked up with Jan. Shawn says he doesn’t remember very much. He doesn’t remember proposing to Jan or buying her the engagement ring. There is one thing Shawn is sure of – he would never leave Belle for Jan Spears. Bo says the more he hears about Jan the more he doesn’t like what he’s hearing. Shawn says if can promise Bo this – if he finds out that Jan deliberately kept him away from Belle she will pay. Bo asks him to promise to not go off on his own – to come to him and they’ll deal with it together. He wants a chance to be there for him. Shawn promises and he thanks Bo – they hug. Shawn tells him thanks for the advice about Belle. He has been pushing her but it’s only because he loves her so much. Bo says I’m sure she knows that. Shawn says I better go see her. Bo warns him that things will probably get worse before they get better. Hope comes up and says that Belle could use a hug. (Blech…)

Hope and Belle – yawn… Belle tells Hope that yes she loves Philip and a part of her always will but it’s not the same as the love she has for Shawn. But she has to stay faithful to Phil and that is just the way it’s going to be and Shawn has to accept it – the ‘or else’ was implied. Hope hopes that Phil is found and comes home safely. Belle whines and plays the ‘oh look at poor me’ card – if he does come it will only be to have his heart broken. I’m a horrible person (Yes – you are – finally one truthful thing comes out of her mouth) but Hope reassures her that she isn’t (gag me). Belle whines that Kate will convince Philip she is. Kate called her heartless and evil. Hope says the DiMera’s are evil. They set out to destroy lives and they’re still doing it from beyond the grave. They talk about what Stefano did to Roman and Marlena by having John believe he was Roman. Hope says Bo never would have fallen in love with Billie if he wouldn’t have believed that she was dead. Hope says she loves Bo very much – she should have never said what she did tonight. Belle says she was emotional and said things she shouldn’t have just like she did to Shawn. (Yup me, me, me again). Belle tells Hope that the love she and Bo share – no one can come between them. Hope tells Belle that she believes her and Shawn have the same kind of love and that Belle will have the strength to do what she needs to do and make it right for everyone. (Strength???? Where is Belle going to get some of that stuff???)

Hope comments that it looks like it (the talk) went well – Bo says for now. They both start talking at the same time. Bo asks here what she wanted to say – she kisses him and tells she doesn’t want to lose him – doesn’t want to lose what they have. Bo says it’s not going to happen. He meant what he said. Things are going to be different – she and the boys are his priority. She says she knows it must be tough for him to be pulled in two directions – he says I should have been there for my son tonight. Hope says he was there now and it seems to have made a difference. Bo tells Hope that Shawn was afraid of losing Belle and that he now understands if he keeps doing the same things that could happen. Hope asks him if he think they will make it. Bo says with true love they can make it through anything. Hope asks if he’s talking about Belle and Shawn or them. He kisses her. Shawn enters his apartment. He tells Belle the talk went okay. Then he grovels. He tells her that he has caused everyone so much pain especially her but that stops today. From now on he is going to be a man she can count on – like Philip. See I knew Philip was a noble, good man – Shawn wants to grow up to be just like him – all so little Belle will love him – ahhhh… how… well I better not say anymore. From now on no more pressure, no more demands – he’s just going to be there for her however she needs him. Oh course she smiles and hugs him because she’s getting her way once again.

John and Kate bask in the afterglow. John wants to know what kind of medicine she gave him because he feels better than he has in a long time. He apologises for the things he said earlier. She said that was the drugs talking – she is going to be there for him and she’s sure he can beat this. John says he believes it as well. She mentions him helping in the search for Phil. He says he’s been going about the search all wrong. Kate wants to know how he can find Philip. John says it’s complicated but if it works Phil could be home before the end of the week.

Marlena and Roman bask in the afterglow. Of course Roman comments about how ‘good’ it was. Marlena says they were in another place, another time – they didn’t see these walls. For the first time in a long long time she feels safe and at peace. Roman says he does too – it was always like that between them. She tells him that she still loves John. Roman understands. John is still her husband and Kate is still his wife – he is sure they feel the same. Marlena wonders if they have fallen in love. He tells her they’ll deal with it when they get home. Roman asks her what she is thinking about. Marlena wonders what Tony’s next move is. Now that he has recaptured Jack it’s only a matter of time before he reorganises and finishes what he has begun.

Poor Philip – he’s in a lot of pain. Even Bart feels sorry for him. He tells Tony that he doesn’t know how much more Phil can take. If they don’t quit, he could die. Tony says that is my plan. Bart is shocked – he tells Tony you can’t mean that. He’s not just messing with a Kiriakis – he’s messing with a United States Marine. At least Bart shows the guy the respect he deserves. Tony says his fight is not with them and he really has nothing against this man. Tony tells him Stefano told him that in a game of chess it’s not wisely you use your King and Queen that count but how you utilize your Pawn. He points his finger at Phil and tells Bart that that boy in there as insignificant as he is in the scheme of things is the most important Pawn of all. He is the key to destroying all the great so called loves of Salem. The screen is than split – there’s Tony, Phil getting shocked, Roman/Marlena in bed, Kate/John in bed and then ends on Shawn and Belle hugging and Phil writhing in pain.

Previews: John sitting down at his lap top – As soon as the kidnappers transmit another video I’m going to track the transmission. Kate – What if the message received is telling us Philip is already dead. Tony yelling at Stan – You went out on your own. Your mistake my have fatal consequences. Belle to Bo – This whole nightmare could be over tonight. Bo – Yeah. He could be on his way home. Belle – what if something goes wrong. Phil being shoved down onto his stool (the guy uses the butt of a gun). The guy says ‘it’s time’ as they show Phil in the gun’s sights.

Thursday Mar 31

Pat’s Spoilers

These are going to be very quick and short today – couldn’t really get into the show. A couple of good seconds – the Bope kisses and when Shawn hugged Belle and told her everything was going to be fine – WOO HOO – because when a promise like that is made we know the exact opposite is going to happen.

Will is sitting at the computer using a program to take Sami out a picture. Lucas asks him what he is doing and Will says he is getting rid of all the pictures of his mom. Lucas stops him and says they need to talk. Will doesn’t want to talk about his mother but Lucas insists. Lucas tells him just because he didn’t marry Sami that doesn’t mean she still isn’t his mother. Will is still upset with her for ruining their chance at being a husband by sleeping with Brandon. Will does admit to being worried because Sami hasn’t called. He knows how upset she was and when she’s upset there is no telling what she could do. Will asks Lucas if he thinks there was any chance that Kate did set up his mother. Lucas doesn’t think so. Will was searching on MSNBC for any news about Sami – LOL – he must be expecting for it to be big if he’s looking there. Will says it’s not like her to disappear – he thought she would be trying to get revenge. He made a comment at one point that was ironic – Will told Lucas it was like she was a whole different person…LOL!

Mimi wakes up Rex when she sees Stan in the window. Rex goes out and checks but doesn’t find anyone. Stan falls off the fire escape and is not happy about the filth and stench – something else to blame on Mimi. Rex crawls back into bed and tries to tell Mimi it was probably just the shadows of the trees. She hears the sound of Stan falling but Rex doesn’t. He tells her it was thunder. She says I heard a baby crying – Rex says it was probably the wind. Rex’s computer beeps – he had run a program of random generated passwords to run and it seems like he has broken into the Defence Departments mainframe. He finds out that the ISA and Special Forces are preparing to launch a rescue mission. Rex goes to tell Belle. Mimi is determined to find that creepy guy after fantasizing about Stan telling Rex about her abortion. Stan gets a call from Tony. Tony chews him out for going on his own. He says no evidence can be left behind. Stan says he wasn’t seen. After Tony hangs up on him Stan notices that one of the dolls socks has fallen off. Mimi finds the sock sees Stan and calls out. Stan takes off Mimi goes after and is able to follow him because he leaves muddy footprints behind. They end up in Sami’s building. Mimi asks Lucas for help. Mimi can’t figure out where the guy could have gone. Lucas says they haven’t checked Sami’s apartment. He gets his key. Stan is inside looking panicked when he hears their voices.

I watched John today in total shock and disgust. It’s like Marlena never existed. When Kate starts feeling guilty he tells her it’s time to close that chapter of their lives and move on. He and Kate kiss several times. She is so amazed at how well he is doing considering that he’s starting withdrawal. John slips another pill in his mouth – good god – it’s like he’s having a love affair with the pill. At the beginning there are ISA technicians there setting up the equipment. John basically tells Kate that when Philip comes home he hopes Belle will have a change of heart. He thinks her and Phil could have a happy life together. The feed starts coming through.

Bart is trying to set up the satellite – he doesn’t understand why Tony wants to send out live feed. We see that Tony has surveillance cameras in John’s penthouse because we see the agents setting up the equipment. Tony tells Bart that John is challenging him and he would like to see if he’s up for the challenge. There’s a lot of pointless conversation between them as there is between Philip and the guards. Philip’s message is that this is his last goodbye and he has something to say to his wife Isabella Kiriakis. He tells her that no one could love her as much as he does. (Uh… excuse me … you are so wrong – there is someone that loves her more than you – that would be her – nobody loves Belle as much as she loves herself). He talks about missing her and how he can’t wait to hold her, etc. He tells her that they tell him it’s his final goodbye but he doesn’t believe that. He’ll see her again but if he doesn’t – if he ends up in that better place – then he wants her to be strong and hold on to their love because he’ll be loving her from where he is. He tells her to stay faithful.

Bo and Hope had a few good seconds before they went into Shawn’s apartment. I’m not going into much. The only really good scene was when Shawn and Bo had a quiet moment together. The bulk of the rest of the conversation before Rex came out was centered on … guess who… Belle. The whole world revolves around her – I guess without Philip close by to pet her she needs others to make up for it. Bo and Hope get to hear what the rest of us and Shawn have had to listen to ad nauseum – If Philip doesn’t make it back we can never be together. Rex comes out – he tells them what is going on and that John is the one that organized the mission. The watch the transmission and oh joy we get graced with more of Belle’s blubbering. Thank god it ended.

Previews: Mimi to Lucas – If Sami was here right now what would you say to her. Would you forgive her? (Stan is hiding under the table listening). Patrick to Billie – What now? - Billie’s response is ‘start dating me.’ John to Kate – Give me the word and we’ll abort the mission. Philip won’t be any worse off but you got to tell me now. Tony to Bart – One of them will come here and try and rescue Private Kiriakis … ahhh… the trap is set. Shawn to Bo – I’ll go find Philip. I’ll rescue him myself.

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Friday Apr 1

Janice’s Spoilers

There will be no caps tonight. JJ accidentally taped the wrong channel. This show was one of the most useless I have seen to date. Not only is it still the longest night in the world, but tptb would have us believe that once again Tony DiMera has outsmarted not only the U.S. Marines, but also the U.S. Defence Department. They throw out the term “Semper Fi” all over the place and not respectfully.

Samantha’s Apartment: Stan/Mimi/Lucas

Stan/Sami hides in her closet from Lucas and Mimi. A shirtless Lucas opens the door and realizes that Sami’s wedding gown is hanging there. We get flashbacks from when he, Sami, and Kate were arguing. Mimi apologizes to him. We get more flashbacks of him and Sami dancing and him proposing to her.

He talks about bad memories and about how this would have been their home with Will. He says they almost made it and that they almost got it right. (Stan/Sami is crying as she listens to him). He says that the dream was blown away. Mimi blames Sami for everything. Stan listens as Lucas tells Mimi that she and Rex belong together and that Rex will be a great father. Stan whispers a threat…sigh… Mimi tells Lucas about the new video and then leaves to go back to the loft and Lucas looks at the apartment one last time before closing the door. Stan/Sami threatens that everybody will be heartbroken by the time she’s finished.

The Pier: Abby/Chelsea. Patrick/Billie

There’s going to be a party. It’s the same night and the pier is decorated with balloons. Abby tells Chelsea she is sorry and that she thinks that Jennifer really is interested in Patrick. Chelsea is adamant that Patrick is hers. Abby asks her what is happening with her plans for Patrick. Chelsea wants to know why so many middle-aged women want him. They spy on Patrick and Billie.

Patrick and Billie talk. He tells her she has to return to Bo & Hope’s eventually (why?). More talk about her promising she’s not after Bo…yada…yada… She talks about wanting Bo to be a part of Georgia’s life without Hope mouthing off about it.
More Hope bashing…yada…yada… Patrick defends Hope. I can’t believe Billie…grrr… They talk about what’s fair and what isn’t. Billie thinks that its only fair that since Hope has had Bo for so long, that its her turn now(didn’t she just finish saying that she didn’t want him?). Patrick is telling her that life isn’t always fair and that Bo and Hope are together… Again Billie says that she’s not going to come between them (I think we’ve got that drilled inside our heads now…sigh). I don’t think he believes her…lol…

Billie makes a stupid pledge to never make a move on Bo. More Georgia talk...Billie hoping that Bo will spend time with her and Georgia as a family (no comment…grrr…). More Hope bashing… She says she won’t act on her feelings for Bo. Patrick doesn’t believe she’ll keep away from Bo. She says that he should start dating her so she can prove it (how lame). He wants to know if she just asked him out on a date. We get music…we get Patrick and Billie dancing and laughing on the pier…we get Abby and Chelsea lurking in the background. What we get and don’t want is Bo’s face transposed onto Patrick’s body…grrr… Abby tells Chelsea that Patrick and Billie seem to be getting closer. Chelsea wants Abby to help her get rid of Billie. She thinks Billie is very old and flashes back to Patrick kissing her. Patrick invites Billie to the “Swing into Spring Dance and she says yes. Abby tells Chelsea that she is totally hallucinating her relationship with Patrick.

John & Marlena’s Penthouse/Castle: John/Kate and Tony/Bart

Technical problems result in everybody losing Philip’s live feed. Kate is beside herself and begging John to find him. John thinks someone blocked the codes on purpose.

Tony is amused and says it’s the end for Philip.

When the feed comes back (see Rex below), John is worried that it might be dangerous and that Philip could pay for it. He asks her if that is what she wants. She can’t decide but finally goes on about how Philip is a proud marine and would want them to go ahead. John is wearing his Martian headset and requests and update from the mission leader.

Bart thinks it’s too quiet and wonders if there might be a sneak attack coming. He goes for helmets and flack vests and cautions Tony about smart bombs being dropped. They watch the rescuers entering and there is some shooting. Bart gets down on his knees and prays for his mommy. Tony smugly says that it’s just from a movie he put on the feed and didn’t actually happen. He just wanted the people back in Salem to see the surprise ending so that they will send in their own rescue team. He says one of them will decide to play hero and it will be a fatal mistake.

John tells Kate that is was a trick and Philip wasn’t even there. He hugs her and apologizes for not being more helpful. He doesn’t look very well….drugs losing their potency.

Philip is in a new place that looks exactly like the old one.

Shawn’s Loft

I won’t comment on the video. Belle is crying in Shawn’s arms and saying that she can’t lose Philip. Rex tries to get the feed again as Bo and Hope hug each other. Rex says he’s picking up some chatter. Hope says that she knows our soldiers face danger every day but she is upset that this is happening to someone they care about. Bo feels useless and worries that Shawn and Belle could be torn apart by what is happening.

Belle is repeating what Philip said about being faithful. She’s upset because the whole world heard him say it to her. Shawn tries to comfort her. SuperRex finds a way into the rescue mission’s live feed so that those at the loft and penthouse can watch again.

They watch the “supposed” rescue and realize that it was a fake. Shawn tells his dad that he will go and rescue Philip himself.


Jan tells Mimi that she didn’t reveal her secret, and even if she did, what could Mimi do? Mimi punches her in the face.

Nicole tells Brady that since she is acting CEO, she is ordering him to get naked. They kiss.

Hope tells Shawn that he can’t do this…it’s insane. Belle agrees and says that if he goes after Philip he’ll be killed.


Monday Apr 4

Janice's Spoilers

At the docks: Mimi, Jan

Mimi flashes back to her meeting with Stan. She wants to know who he is and how he found out her secret. She sees Jan and realizes that she is the only one who could have told him. She goes over and slaps her face. Jan yells at her. Mimi yells back that she thinks Jan told about her abortion. Jan says she didn’t and they continue to rant at each other. Mimi hits her in the face and they fall into the water. They drag themselves out and Jan whines that her expensive coat is ruined and still says she didn’t tell anyone Mimi’s secret.

Mimi threatens to tell Shawn about the cage. Jan whines some more about not having anything, losing her baby, and losing Shawn. She is determined that she won’t lose him again. Jan starts using the same phrases as Stan and Mimi has a flashback and is sure now that she told him. Jan wants to leave but throws out the fact that Mimi is still lying to Rex and she should be more concerned that that guy might be telling Rex the truth. Mimi’s cell phone rings and its Rex. She says she’ll be home soon.

Motel: Sami/Stan

Sami/Stan is angry with Mimi for what she said about her to Lucas. We see more flashbacks of the Sami/Stan transformation (sigh). She/he says that Mimi is going down tonight (yes it’s the same night) and then Nicole. Sami/Stan conjectures about where Nancy and Chloe are. She remembers Nancy telling her about a concert and calls St. Luke’s to find out if they are there.

Sami/Stan looks at a marked up picture of Nicole and says that her life is about to end. First though, she/he needs to drop by the penthouse and make a delivery to John. She picks up the bag of drugs and phones him to meet her at the pier.

Clinic: Chloe, Nancy

Chloe has a dream about Brady. They are in bed making love. He tells her that he has missed her so much. She wakes up and walks over to his framed picture. She says that it won't be much longer. Nancy walks in with a newspaper and shows her an article about Nicole and Brady. Chloe is in denial but Nancy thinks that she has probably lost Brady for good. Chloe gets upset…more about why she can’t call him…that she has to tell him in person. Nancy thinks this means that Chloe is going to finally do it. She gets her daughter's things but Chloe looks in the mirror and starts screaming she’s not ready. Nancy tries to convince her but she still says no, so Nancy decides to tell him herself and leaves. Chloe tries to phone Nancy but her mother won’t answer.

Victor’s House: Nicole, Brady

Nicole takes off her robe in front of Brady and is naked underneath. He is trying to catch up on work. He gives her some fat files full of papers to work on and goes out. He comes back and she throws her robe at him and herself and kisses him…etc…she wants him to get naked.

Next we see both of them naked and he’s praising her. We see them again after they make love. He compares her to Chloe and says that nothing will come between them. The doorbell rings and he mentions ordering a pizza and goes to the door. Nancy is there and says she has some important news to tell him about Chloe.

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Belle, Bo, Hope

Hope is telling Belle that Philip will get home safely. She says that he is strong and resourceful and she should have faith. Belle remembers how tired Philip looked in the video. Bo is trying to talk Shawn out of going after him. Shawn worries that she is falling apart. Bo says he should just be there for her.

Shawn thinks that with Rex’s ability, he will have a special weapon. Bo tells him that even if they can find out Philip’s location, they don’t have the skills or training to rescue him when the ISA and Marines couldn’t. Shawn thinks that Rex can hack into the enemy’s computer for a location. Bo continues to try and make him see reason. Shawn says he is like his father. Hope talks to Belle about being married to a police officer and comparing it to how Belle is feeling right now. She talks about Belle having children. Belle says she doesn’t plan on having children until she has finished her education (foreshadowing?) and is in a secure marriage.

Hope and Belle try to talk Shawn out of going after Philip. He eventually agrees with them but its just lip service. Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t believe Shawn and that he is just like his father. She thinks he will go anyway and makes Bo promise that he will stop Shawn instead of running off with Billie again.

John & Marlena’s Penthouse: John, Kate

John is exercising with weights. She’s worried that he might overdo it. He blames himself for the mission failing and promises Kate he will find her son. (I won't mention some of their conversation...very suggestive. Kate goes to take a shower and he starts looking for any drugs that were left around the place. When Kate returns, she sees empty vials and gets upset but believes him when he tells her he was just throwing them out. Kate leaves to dry her hair and John gets a call from Sami/Stan. He says he isn’t interested but she/he tells him it will help his pain and that she/he will be at the usual spot.

John gets dressed. He promises a sleeping Kate that he will find Philip and sneaks out. He is determined that he won’t let that “punk” ruin his life and wants to find out who he is. The scene moves to Stan holding the bag of drugs.


Rex tells Mimi that he has something to tell her. She says she has something to tell him as well.

An upset Nicole asks Nancy what the hell she is talking about. Brady wants to know as well and asks if Chloe is still alive. (Chloe is lurking outside)

John fighting with Stan says he’s not even a man. Stan hits him and pokes a needle into John’s arm.


Tuesday Apr 5

Pat’s Spoilers

Good things about today’s show. I loved seeing Craig and of course Nancy again – in fact I didn’t mind the scenes at the Kiriakis mansion at all even hot to trot Nicole didn’t get under my skin. I like Eric Winter but I hate the storyline he’s involved in. And bonus – no Shawn and Belle – Woo Hoo!!!!!!! I can handle all they can show of Shawn except when he’s with Belle…sigh.

This report will be short – don’t have a lot to say.

Pier: Stami is waiting for John when a bride and groom show up on the pier. Stami hides and listens to them talk and cries. Flashbacks of Sami and Lucas. Stami is upset and says that could have been her and Lucas but he ended up abandoning her like everyone else in her life. They are all going to pay. John approaches from the other side of the dock and makes like an ISA agent. He speaks into his little tape recorder and describes the ‘suspect.’ John senses something familiar about the person. Stan gets a text message and of course talks to himself so that John can overhear what the message is and what the reply is. John grabs him and asks him who he is working for. John figures out that it has to be someone who knows about his accident and his addiction. Stan tells John he doesn’t know who he is working for. John wants to know what he gets out of it. Stan says he is performing a service to the community. John says he is placing him under arrest. Stan knows he won’t do it because at the top of his buyers list will be John’s name. John protests that he didn’t buy any drugs. Stan says they will do a drug test and they will find drugs in your system. Stan says it’s time for your fix and gets a syringe ready. John grabs his hand before Stan can plunge it in his thigh. They struggle and John says you’re not even a man. In the struggle Stan tells John he is going to make him pay – but John can’t figure out why. Stan ‘knees’ John and sticks the needle in his thigh and says I’m more of a man than you are. Enjoy your fix. Stan than text messages the ‘boss’ and tells himself it’s time to have fun now. John releases the drug into his body.

Rex/Mimi: Prepare yourself – you get an entire half of the show where you will see Mimi ‘talking’ to her conscience who is staring back at her from the inside of the fire box where the hose and extinguisher are. We here the same old argument again. Mimi’s conscience convinces her to tell Rex the truth but he loves her. She doesn’t know how he will react but it’s very possible he will understand. Rex is sitting in the dark waiting for her. She finally shows up. He turns on the lights and then releases a bunch of confetti. (He got all the stuff from a Chinese restaurant that was closing for the night). He planned a special surprise so they could celebrate their anniversary. Mimi wants to tell him the truth. She says she doesn’t deserve him. Rex tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her – the celebration is because she’s been feeling so down since finding out she couldn’t have children. He asks her what she wants to tell him – she says you go first. He serenades her with a classic Sonny and Cher tune – I Got You Babe. He then carves their initials in the door – now that really upset me but I’m not going into it now. Mimi still tries to tell him but Rex tells her he knows she is feeling guilty about something from the way she is acting but knowing her it’s nothing serious so he wants her to forget about it. He doesn’t want anything to ruin their special evening. They kiss and end up making love on the lounge chair.

Clinic: Chloe tries to call Nancy but when Nancy sees her number on the Caller ID she doesn’t answer. Chloe is upset and tries to figure out what to do. She then decides to call the one person Nancy will listen to. Chloe decides to head out to the mansion to see if she can get to Nancy.

Kiriakis Mansion: Brady is talking to Nancy when Nicole prances to the door covering herself with a couple of throw cushions. (She thinks it’s the pizza deliveryman). Nancy is not exactly pleased to see the state of undress the two of them are in. Nicole excuses herself and says she’ll go and get some clothes on. Brady invites Nancy in when she tells him she wants to talk about Chloe. They just get started when Nancy’s phone rings. It’s Craig. Brady excuses himself to go get dressed. Craig tells Nancy that Chloe called him and she is very upset. Brady catches Nicole trying to listen in on the conversation and pulls her away and shuts the door. Nicole is upset with Nancy for showing up and ruining their romantic evening. Brady says Nancy is always welcome there. He feels very close to her and she was almost his mother-in-law. (Not exactly what Nicole wants to hear). Chloe gets to the mansion and stands outside the conveniently opened terrace doors – some Brady/Chloe flashbacks. She can’t exactly tell from Nancy’s conversation with Craig if Nancy has actually told Brady anything as yet. Craig tells Nancy she has to let Chloe tell Brady in her own good time – of course Nancy knows better. They go back and forth until Craig gets paged – his parting words are that she better think about this because Chloe may never forgive her.

Brady is about to go in and talk to Nancy when he gets a call from the Japan office and runs up the stairs to get them ‘some figures’. Nicole goes in and Nancy makes a comment about her getting dressed. Nicole wants to know why she is there. Nancy says she came there to talk to Brady. Nicole tells Nancy to leave Brady alone so that he can get on with his life. Nancy says – with you? They go back and forth and the tempers flare. Nicole finally says Chloe is dead and gone and Nancy blurts out that Chloe is alive just as Brady returns. He asks her what she said. Before Nancy can explain Brady says that he can smell Chloe’s perfume but that can’t be possible. Nancy says no, it’s probably the night jasmine as she signals for Chloe to move away from the window. She wants to talk to Brady alone. She tells him she planned a memorial service for Chloe for tomorrow and wants him to be there. He asks where and when – she tells him she’ll call him in the morning with the details. He walks her out. While he’s outside with Nancy, Nicole gets a call from Stan. Of course Nicole hasn’t got a clue who is calling her or why. Stan makes remarks about relationship with Brady. Nicole says the only person that can come between Brady and I is dead. Stan says you never know the dead may walk and then hangs up. Nicole is shaken but heeds Stan’s warning and doesn’t tell Brady about the call. Nancy and Chloe meet up outside. Chloe’s phone rings. It’s Stan – he welcomes Chloe back to Salem and then hangs up.

Previews: Hope (standing next to Bo) to Shawn and Belle (blech.) What’s bigger than two pledging to spend the rest of their lives together – to love each other forever? The most important commitment they’ll ever make. (Hmmm….Mrs. K. should answer that – she’s already made that pledge to Philip – kind of throws the important commitment theory right out the window, doesn’t it?) Mimi to Rex – You gave me a night I’ll never forget. Rex – Okay then Mimi, why do you still look so sad. What’s wrong? Bonnie to Patrick – If you can’t snag a Horton you could do a lot worse than end up with Billie. So I say go for it. Abby to Chelsea – They said if Billie did something like that again she could lose her job and be arrested. Chelsea – Really?


Wednesday Apr 6

Pat’s Spoilers

What I liked about today – I really enjoyed the Billie/Patrick scenes – the flirtatious ones. The stuff with everyone else involved was not so great. I loved the Bo and Hope flashbacks to when they first saw the Fancy Face, bought her and sailed off into the sunset. I loved their closeness but I have to question how 2 police officers can make love in a boat that they broke into in. I loved the very short one on one scenes between Shawn and his parents as he hugged them goodbye. Hope made a comment that it was like having the old Shawn back and for those brief moments he was the Shawn I liked. The rest of the time he’s just annoying – looks damn good, but annoying all the same.

The loft: Mimi and Rex come back down from the rooftop and Rex asks her why she still doesn’t look happy even after she comments that he gave her a night she would never forget. She uses Philip being captured as her excuse. Inside the apartment Mommy 2 is lecturing Shawn and making him promise not to go after Phil. Then Hope steps in and says the same thing. Bo tells both mommies to back off – it couldn’t hurt to have Shawn and Rex go on the internet and try and find any news. Hope is shocked and starts talking about Shawn until Shawn says – I’m right here – LOL! Rex and Mimi come in. Hope overhears Mimi telling Belle about the little celebration of their engagement that Rex planned. Hope’s talk about commitment was actually directly to Rex and Mimi not Belle and Shawn but of course in the preview they didn’t even show Rex and Mimi. Belle decides they should throw a party. Mimi doesn’t want one. Hope insists. Hope and Bo leave. Belle drags the attention away from Mimi to herself so Shawn can feel sorry for her. She whines about Phil and he makes promises that can’t be kept. They then decide to go out – so much for dear old Phil.

Pier: I’m not going to go into the Billie/Patrick stuff – I enjoyed it – it’s basically light flirtation. What I hated is that we had to endure all of Chelsea’s asinine dialogue. She calls Billie a slut on more than one occasion. She keeps referring to Patrick as her man. Than she gets upset with Abby because Abby doesn’t seem to care that Billie is stealing Patrick away from her. Abby tells her Billie isn’t stealing him because he’s not Chelsea’s man – she doesn’t care who he is with as long as it isn’t her Mom. They follow Billie and Patrick to Alice’s.

Bo and Hope come along and they see the posters for the Swing into Spring dance. Hope asks Bo to go with her to the dance. They have some cute scenes together. They sit on the bench. They talk about Shawn and about Rex and Mimi. Hope mentions Billie and Bo asks if she wants to get in a fight. She says no – they agree not to talk about her anymore. They continue their walk and end up aboard a boat that looks remarkably like the Fancy Face. They reminisce. Hope says they should buy the boat. (It is up for sale). Bo says the same thing crossed his mind but they have Zack’s college fund to think of and other things. He tells her that they don’t need a boat to remind them of their love. He tells her that he has his priorities – Georgia is his daughter and he has to find her but Hope and the boys will always come first with him. Hope says she knows that – he proved it tonight. (No comment). They kiss and he starts taking off his shirt – she tries to stop him – worried that they will get caught but Bo tells her if they do he’ll just flash his badge and say they saw something suspicious. He tells her it’s the perfect place to ‘make out.’ – LOL!

Alice’s: Abby doesn’t want to go inside because only the bar is open and they are underage. Chelsea says they have their fake ID’s and then she tells Abby she has to do something with her hair and makeup. I’m sorry but Chelsea looks ‘hard’ when she comes in – I see no purpose for her character at all and I don’t care if she does turn out to be Georgia - she is a total waste of air time. She even gets worked up when she sees another older woman with Patrick – Abby says that is his mother. Billie goes to powder her nose and Bonnie starts in on Patrick and wants to know what he is doing out with Billie, an ISA agent no less who could put him away for 20 years. She starts in on how he should be moving in on Jen. Patrick tries to tell her that he is interested in Jen romantically besides Jen is mourning her husband. Bonnie tells him that’s the best time to move in on her – when she’s vulnerable. She starts trashing Billie until she remembers she is Kate Roberts’ daughter and Kate is loaded and that Billie owns Countess Wilhelmina cosmetics so she tells him if he can’t snag a Horton, Billie will do. She gives him her blessing. Billie hears her name. Bonnie says they were talking about her missing daughter and then she hugs Billie and just keeps putting her foot in her mouth. Patrick finally gets her to let up and says they came to relax and dance. Bonnie offers to bring them a beer but Billie orders cranberry juice and Patrick club soda.

Rex, Mimi, Belle and Shawn show up. Belle tells Bonnie they are thinking of throwing an engagement party for Mimi. Mimi doesn’t want one. Shawn sees Patrick and Billie together and wonders what they are doing together but doesn’t really care as long as it’s anyone but his Dad. Patrick goes to talk to Mimi. Shawn and Belle approach Billie. Billie wants to know what they are doing there together. Shawn tells her it’s none of her business – he asks why she is there with Patrick. They get confrontational and Shawn’s mommy 2 starts chastising him – now I know why they dressed her in that matronly outfit. Shawn tells Billie he doesn’t care who she is with as long as she isn’t with his father. Billie says you think like your mother and she gives Shawn the I don’t want to break up their marriage speech – I just want to find my daughter, your sister. Shawn says yeah and then you want to be a family with my Dad. Billie says that would happen in a perfect world but that’s not what she is after. Shawn goes to talk to Rex. Billie tells Belle that Philip doesn’t deserve this. Patrick returns to Billie. Chelsea wonders why Billie is only having a juice. Abby tells her about Billie’s problem and what happened after they saw her drinking that night at the Cheating Heart – Billie was arrested and if she does something like that again she could lose her job and be arrested. Chelsea grabs the vodka and pours it into the juice. Bonnie says what are you doing? Billie and Patrick dance. Belle and Mimi talk – but because I can’t handle listen to Belle whine on a continuous basis I tuned it out. Shawn talks to Rex and finds out how Rex hacked into the website. He thinks to himself that now that he got the information from Rex he’ll find out where Phil is and go and rescue him and then he and Belle could finally be together. (I think we need to put out an APB for the Salem Brain – Shawn is in dire need of one… it doesn’t matter if he rescues Phil – Belle is always, always going to put Phil first and Shawn will always be nothing more than an afterthought – Sheesh – to think his character used to have pride, dignity, stength – now he’s… I’m not even going to say it – it’s just sad).

Previews: Hope to Bo – I think you don’t want Patrick any closer to Billie for one simple reason. You’re jealous. Billie to Patrick – All I want to do is kiss you and not stop. Jan to Mimi – You wouldn’t dare do anything to me – the fight is on! Shawn to Rex – I have to save Philip because I can not live without Belle – sigh, Shawn is now the most pathetic immature 21 year old boy on the face of the planet. What a sick storyline. Kate to her daughter in law – You selfish little bitch (and then she slaps her). Kate certainly has Belle pegged but it does take one to know one. John – Kate, what are you doing?


Thursday Apr 7

Pat’s Spoilers

I really have to reach tonight to find something good to say about the show. Bo and Hope’s very first scene was good for the first few moments and then it degenerated into another non-stop discussion about Billie. Hope was really cute and playful when they arrived home but that only lasted a few seconds. I finally saw chemistry between another couple besides Bo and Hope – Billie and Patrick’s kiss was chemistry laden – the stuff when they got into bed was a little too much though but man that man can kiss….(With apologies to Miss Janice…LOL!) I also enjoyed Kate telling Belle a few home truths about herself – Kate should know – she’s a world class b**** in her own right.

Alice’s – Inside: I have nothing to say about the conversations between Shawn and Rex and Mimi and Belle…Shawn’s an idiot, Belle’s a whiner when she is not busy trying to tell Mimi how to live her life (life expert that one is alright…can you see me rolling my eyes). Mimi decides she will not tell Rex about the abortion because she will not be responsible for ruining his happiness – duh???? Don’t even get me started on that reasoning. Belle decides to go and check up on her father and thank him for trying to rescue Philip. Nobody stops her – must be mass dumbness… Brilliant move – go tell an ISA agent that someone you know hacked into a secure government web site – I’m sure he’s going to say, ‘wow, good job – NOT.’ Mimi lies to Rex when she sees Jan and Stan together and tells him she changed her mind and she is going to stay and plan their engagement party with her Mom.

Bonnie asks Abby and Chelsea what they are doing at the bar. She is going to call Jen. Chelsea says they’re at the bar to see Patrick. Patrick and Billie dance but she sees Bo instead. She tells him she is thirsty. Bonnie sends over their drinks. Bonnie tells Abby and Chelsea to wait right there until she gets back. Billie notices the two girls and Patrick goes to talk to them and Billie follows. Patrick offers to take them home. Chelsea is happy and tells him he can drop off Abby first. Bonnie steps in between them and tells Patrick that she’ll take the girls home on her next break, he should continue to enjoy himself. Billie says she’s going to put some money in the jukebox and they can slow dance. Patrick talks to Bonnie privately and asks her what she put in Billie’s drink. He says she’s been to rehab and she can’t have alcohol. Bonnie says she only poured juice. Patrick says whatever is in the drink is really making her relaxed. Bonnie says it’s because she is having a good time with him. They share a very sexy dance and one thing leads to another and they kiss. Chelsea is steamed and adds more alcohol to Billie’s glass and tells Abby she is going to call the cops and make sure Billie is arrested. Billie tells Patrick they need to go someplace a little more private where they can dance without the confines of their clothes. They leave kissing their way out the door. Chelsea tells Abby that if Billie spends the night with Patrick it will be her last. Can they please just get rid of this obnoxious girl now…sigh!

Outside: Jan shows up muttering to herself that she has to get Shawn back. Stan approaches and says if she partners up with him she will get everything she wants. The only thing of interest is that we learn that Sami did hear the part about Jan keeping Shawn in a cage all summer and yet she is still willing to help Jan get Shawn. I’m so disappointed in what the Sami’s revenge storyline has become. Sami is more evil now than she ever was. The entire focus of this should have been on proving Kate set her up and then taking her revenge on Kate by exposing her to everyone – but it’s become a farce like everything else on Days. Suffice it to say that Stan lets Jan know that he knows all her secrets so either she teams up with him or she loses everything. He takes off when Mimi comes out the door – doesn’t go very far – hides behind some bushes so he/she can listen and watch. Jan threatens Mimi – Mimi tells her no more. Jan raises her hand and Mimi flinches, causes Jan laughs at her. Mimi gets very angry and they argue – the fight is on. Jan is choking Mimi – Sami is laughing – enjoying the show. Mimi finally breaks free and crawls away to try and get her breath. Jan gets up to go after her and trips and falls and hits her head. Mimi tells her to wake up and then rolls her over and sees blood. Sami is very happy – the show ends up on her saying something about this being better than anything she could have planned.

The Loft: Rex goes to take a shower – Shawn hops on his computer. Rex comes back out looking for towels and catches Shawn. Shawn tells him he was looking for NBA scores – Rex sees that he was using his access codes. He confronts Shawn and says he still has this crazy idea of going to rescue Phil – it would be suicide. Then he brings up poor Belle – she’ll lose both Philip and him – sob, sob. Shawn doesn’t care if he dies trying – he has to bring Phil home because he can’t live without Belle is his life. Idiot!!

Penthouse: I’m not going into a lot that went on there. Kate is concerned that John is having a hard time with his withdrawal because his hands are shaking – cue the flashback…He says he’ll be fine because he has her and bringing Philip home to focus on. I can’t believe that those two are talking about ‘love’ already – so much for John’s great and undying love for Marlena. Belle shows up. I have to say I don’t enjoy any scene Belle is in at the best of times but how many days is she going to be in that fluorescent orange outfit – it’s awful hard on the eyes. I’m never going to be able to look at an orange Popsicle the same again…sigh. There goes my low-calorie summer day treat. John is very upset when he finds out Rex hacked into their servers and he lectures her about how all of them could have ended up in jail. Kate is upset because Shawn was there. Kate says what she has to say and ends it with saying that she bet Shawn was happy when the rescue failed. Belle says that is not true – in fact they had to talk him out of going to try and rescue Philip himself. Kate says he should go. There was a lot of conversation around this but there is one part that really stood out and is the main reason I don’t buy that Belle is in love with Shawn or was ever in love with him. She tells Kate and I’m paraphrasing – these aren’t the exact words – but it’s not the words that are important to me – it was the delivery of those words – I love Shawn so much. I can’t lose him too. My problem with those words – she says them in a complete monotone as if she was reading the daily serving vitamin content off of a cereal box. (Oh yeah, I could feel the love). Kate slaps her and calls her a bitch. John is shocked and confronts Kate.

The Boat: Bo says the boat is very similar to the Fancy Face. He asks Hope what she is thinking about. She says she thinking about the time she spent with him and Shawn on the boat. Bo is thinking of the same things. Hope says there are lots of memories but you have memories of the time you lived on the boat with Billie. Bo is upset that she brought up Billie again. Hope thinks that if Billie would just get involved with another man they wouldn’t have to worry about her so much. Of course Bo denies there is anything to worry about. Hope ends up mentioning Patrick and of course Bo is dead set against it. Hope says it’s because he’s jealous. Bo starts listing all the reasons why he doesn’t trust Patrick including that he worked for the DiMera’s and that he is responsible for Billie getting drunk and ending up in trouble. Hope is upset with him and says Billie needs to be held responsible for her own actions. She reminds Bo of how he holds Shawn responsible for getting on that motorcycle after drinking – she asks him if he has a double standard. He makes it about Georgia and what’s best for her besides he talked to Shawn and they worked things out. Hope is still worried that he might go off and try and find Philip. Bo says he knows that the ISA and the Marines failed – he won’t try anything and besides he can take care of himself. Hope says unlike Billie who is an ex-cop and a trained ISA agent – you have to follow her when she walks out of the house. Again it’s about finding Georgia – Bo thinks that Patrick is working to make sure they don’t. They go home.

Brady house: Billie takes Patrick there – he doesn’t know if his being there is such a good idea. Billie asks him about Jen because if he has feelings for Jen they shouldn’t be doing this. He says no they are friends, housemates – nothing more. She takes him upstairs and things get really hot and heavy – very quickly. Bo and Hope come home. Bo tells Hope they need to go up the stairs quietly so they don’t wake Billie – she’s had a long, hard day. They hear Billie and let us just say she isn’t exactly reading a bedtime story. Hope tries to stop Bo from barging in but he doesn’t and he opens the door and puts the light on… good thing (or bad I guess depending on how you look at it) Billie and Patrick were under the covers.

Previews: John to Belle – When are you going to admit how wrong Shawn Brady is for you- three guesses on what kind of look he gets in response. (Now I don’t agree with John only from the point of view that Belle is all wrong for Shawn – but if the end result is no Shawn and Belle I don’t care what he says). Shawn to Rex – Put yourself in his shoes. Would you want us to give up just because it’s too dangerous to try and save you? Stan to Mimi – You’re looking at murder 1 – death row. Hope to Bo – You’re over reaction tonight is all about the fact that you’re still not over Billie. Patrick to Billie – Did you bring me back here tonight because you really wanted to be with me or did you do it to make Bo jealous?


Friday, Apr 8

Janice’s Spoilers

Outside Alice’s: Mimi, Stan, Police, Jan

Repeat of scene where Jan falls and hits her head...Mimi is hysterical...Stan is lurking and calls 911 to report a murder.

Mimi is watching everything from the bushes and agonizing about what happened. The Salem Keystone Cops order Stan to come out with his hands up and ask him what he knows about Jan’s accident. He says that he noticed two women fighting. They find an acrylic nail and Stan mumbles to himself that he’s off the hook because he doesn’t have fancy nails.

One of the cops literally drags this poor old man over because he might have witnessed something. He tells them that his eyesight is bad at night. They tell Stan to stay put so they can take his statement after.

Stan goes up to where Mimi is hiding and starts berating her. She tries to tell him that it was an accident and that she will go into the restaurant and tell the police what happened if he wants. He tells her to go ahead and tell them how she fought with Jan...tell them about the blackmail. He reminds her of how she has ruined so many lives and that she should have told Belle about Shawn’s imprisonment. Stan says that Belle would never have married Philip if she had known the truth.

He reminds her about the missing fingernail and says that she will be arrested if Jan dies. He describes what will happen to her – Murder One – Death Row. He tells her she will lose Rex...she’ll be all alone in a cold dark cell and describes what will happen when she is given a lethal injection saying that she will want to die just so the pain will end. Mimi asks him how he knows so much about it. Stan flashes back to Sami in the death chamber. Mimi wants to know who he is.

Penthouse: Belle, John, Kate

Repeat of scene where Kate calls Belle a selfish little bitch and slaps her. John witnesses it and wants Kate to pack and leave. Belle says it’s her fault.

Belle explains about both her and Kate being upset about Philip and that she should have been more sensitive to Kate. She apologizes. Kate apologizes as well. Belle talks about Shawn and how he was going to rescue Philip. Kate says that she wanted him to go but that Belle didn’t want to risk his life.

John tells Belle that Shawn has made wrong decisions one after the other. He really blasts the young man, reminding her of what happened at the church and saying that it’s brainless for Shawn to go and save Philip. He sarcastically asks whether Shawn is planning to crash his motorcycle into the bunker. Belle is adamant that Shawn has promised her and his parents that he won’t go after Philip and she believes him. John asks her whether she can trust his words but she is sure that he telling the truth this time.

John says he can’t forgive Shawn for breaking her heart. Belle says that Shawn and she have been together for a long time and that they have had their ups and downs but that she has forgiven him.

Kate isn’t impressed and questions her about it. Belle gets sarcastic and says why not...she forgave her for slapping her. Kate is all melodramatic and offers to apologize again. She says that she is so very worried about Philip...he is still her baby...and she will probably never have another child (thank god!!!).

Belle is positive that Shawn won’t go. John tells her that he is Bo Brady’s kid and takes after him in the worst ways. Belle believes Shawn. John says he will go after Philip himself. Belle worries about his health. John gets noble and says he can handle it. He would do anything for his little girl. Belle leaves and we see John taking a hypodermic needle out of his pocket stopping when Kate says “Don’t!”

John thinks she is going to get mad about the needle, but Kate has a confession to make. She’s ashamed because she was tempted to let him take drugs just so he would be strong enough to save Philip. She says that she should never have contemplated that because he has his own kids who need him.

Belle is outside near the elevator. She says that she hopes Shawn is telling her the truth this time.

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Rex

Most of the show is spent with Shawn telling Rex why he should go after Phil and Rex telling Shawn why it’s a ludicrous idea. Shawn wants help accessing restricted databases. Rex thinks he’ll end up dead. He asks Shawn whether he wants Belle to mourn both him and Philip. Both pull out the emotions...past deeds...lack of experience, etc... Shawn admits that he’s not ISA, military, or a professional but he thinks he can go in as a tourist and no one will suspect anything because they are expecting an attack from professionals. He says he can be the element of surprise. Rex tries to tell him that he is going to a foreign country where he doesn’t even know the language.

Rex asks Shawn if he is trying to steal Philip’s wife. Shawn admits that he would do anything for Belle. Rex goes on a rant about how Philip also would do anything for his wife...and his country...blah...blah...blah... Rex says that Philip has all this experience and Shawn doesn’t. He thinks that Shawn could jeopardize Philip’s chances of escaping. Shawn finally convinces Rex to help him under one condition...that he tells him when they are going.

Hope’s House (it’s not Bo’s until he gets his brain back...sigh): Hope, Bo, Billie, Patrick

Repeat of scene where Billie and Patrick are kissing in her bedroom and falling on the bed. Bo and Hope come in and the house is all dark. Bo wants them to be quiet because Billie is sleeping. They hear very loud moans from upstairs and Hope says...tongue in cheek...that she guesses that Billie is still awake. Bo runs up with Hope trying to stop him and opens the door to Billie’s room. Both Billie and Patrick are naked under the quilt but the bed has collapsed. Hope makes a comment about the bed really getting a workout...lol... She tells them that they are both grownups and that its okay for them to be together. Bo says no it isn’t. Hope looks exasperated.

Bo is ranting about Patrick and accuses him of being on the Dimera payroll...of spiking Billie’s drink...etc...etc... Billie defends Patrick and says finally that it was her choice and she wanted to be with Patrick. Patrick suggests that maybe Bo should worry about his own wife. Bo tells him that what he and his wife do are none of Patrick’s business. Hope who is furious with Bo’s jealousy and interference by this time says to Bo “Exactly! Why don’t you mind your own business about Billie and Patrick then?”

Hope is very embarrassed and actually siding with Billie. Bo says Patrick is bad for Billie. Hope says “Why because he’s not you?” Bo is being really sarcastic with Hope. He’s fed up with her talking about Billie. He asks her why she is so damn upset and she tells him that she is scared. She thinks that Bo’s overreaction means that he is not over Billie.

Up in Billie’s room, she goes on and on about how humiliated she is. Patrick thinks that Bo is acting like he has two wives. He sides with Hope and says that she is jealous. Billie badmouths Hope again and says that Bo has told her that he will always be with Hope and that even when they find Georgia he won’t want to be with them. She finally realizes that Bo doesn’t want her to be happy with anyone else (seems quite happy about it).

Hope is angry about Bo’s “jealous husband” performance. Bo calls Patrick a Dimera flunky. She thinks he is determined to hate Patrick no matter what and reminds him that Billie has every right to find someone else. Hope reminds Bo that “he” is not available. Bo asks sarcastically how he could forget that. He whines that Hope threatened to leave him while he was looking for Georgia if he didn’t drop everything to go after his son... He thinks that she has big Billie issues. Hope reiterates that it isn’t Billie. She tells Bo that he is the problem. She tells him that he doesn’t want Billie with anyone else but him.

Patrick wonders if Billie is trying to make Bo jealous. She refutes that but we get a feedback from Alice’s where she sees Bo’s face transfixed on Patrick’s while they are dancing. Patrick is sceptical.

Hope asks Bo to hire someone else to help Billie find Georgia. Bo says she is his child and thinks Hope is obsessing about another woman. She turns the tables on him and thinks he is the one obsessing and is sure that Billie is enjoying the situation.


Brady: “How am I going to say goodbye to the only woman I ever loved?” (not sure if it’s the exact phrase)

Nancy to Chloe: “Say goodbye to Brady because you are going to lose him.”

Shawn tells Belle about Jan kidnapping him and keeping him prisoner.
Tek asks Mimi to tell him about Jan’s accident.


Monday, Apr 11

Janice’s Spoilers

A New Day Finally!!!!

Chloe’s room: Chloe, Nancy

The show starts off with a black and white fantasy. Brady sees Chloe in a cloak and says: “I do know you...I loved you once.” We see him looking at her with love in his eyes. Chloe’s face is clear and beautiful. Nicole walks up and says: “How can you still love her?” She points to Chloe’s face. We now see a thick red scar going diagonally across Chloe’s face. Chloe covers her face and runs away (it was a beautiful dream-scene until then).

Chloe wakes up from her dream to find Nancy there. Nancy tells her that she has lots to do for her daughter’s memorial today. Chloe begs her to stop this nonsense but she won’t listen. Nancy wonders what happened to the strong fearless daughter she once knew. She tells her that this is her last chance to tell Brady that she is alive.

Nancy shows her the urn she has with her and asks her what she thinks of her final resting place. Chloe is upset but her mom says that if she doesn’t like what she is doing then to do something about it. She wants her to start living in the present again. Nancy throws out a dead plant and uses the dirt for Chloe’s ashes. She grabs a chicken bone and mixes it in (too funny!). Chloe just wants her to call off the stupid service. Nancy takes one of her CD’s and leaves. Chloe decides she has to follow her mother to the church.

Church: Brady, Nicole, Nancy, Chloe, Nun

Brady is inside the church lighting a candle for Chloe. He says that he always knew this day would come but it doesn’t make it any easier. He doesn’t know how he is supposed to say goodbye to the only woman he has ever loved. We see Nicole lurking in the background.

Nicole mumbles something about Nancy trying to poison Brady against her. Brady is surprised to see her and wants to know what she is doing there. He tells her that Nancy won’t like it and that it’s just for family. She tells him she is his family and she is there for him and wants to stay. He agrees and goes to talk to Father Jansen. Chloe blows out Chloe’s candle and says that finally she (Nicole) will get everything she deserves. A nun tells her that there is no memorial scheduled today for anyone but goes to check for sure. Nicole thinks Nancy lied because she is trying to come between her and Brady.

Outside the church, Chloe is trying to stop Nancy from going ahead with the service. She begs her not to do it and says that Nancy shouldn’t have talked to Brady in the first place. Nancy calls her stubborn and tells her to say goodbye to Brady because he’s just about to start his new life without her.

Inside the church, Brady comes back and Nicole tells him that there is no service. Brady says Father Jansen told him there was a mix-up. Nancy comes in and is upset that Nicole is there. She says that they will have to make do without a priest. Nicole reminds Nancy that she had a memorial for Chloe in Austria, that Brady had one already for her here, and that hopefully third time will be the charm...LMAO... Nancy gives the urn to Brady and goes out to put on the CD. She sees Chloe and wants to know what she is doing there, gives her the CD to put on, telling her to make herself useful. Nancy tells Chloe that at least Nicole is willing to fight for the man she loves which is more that she is willing to do.

Brady feels as if Chloe is really there. Chloe puts on the music (instrumental) and then the scene moves back to Brady in the chapel. He looks at the urn and says... “God, I’ve missed you. I would give anything to hold you in my arms, hear your voice, and see your face...” He kisses the urn and continues to say that her beauty and goodness are in heaven now and that he hopes to see her there one day but until then...goodbye. Nicole walks up to him and says that Chloe’s spirit is letting him go so he can be free to live his life again. She tells him that she will always be there for him. Nancy is lurking unhappily.

Brady kisses Nicole’s hand while Nancy whispers a little prayer for Brady and Chloe in the background. We see Chloe in the other room crying. Brady wants to know where the vocals are. Chloe is afraid that he will come and find her so she starts to sing (her voice is so lovely). Brady is startled and says that it’s not a recording but the real thing and rushes out.

Hospital: Lexie, Tek, Comatose Jan, Belle, Mimi

Lexie is taking a look at Jan and diagnoses a fractured skull. Tek comes in and she tells him that if Jan wakes up that she might end up in a vegetative state. Tek asks Lexie how Abe is doing. She admits that it’s very hard to watch what is happening to him. She asks him about the case. He tells her about an eyewitness seeing two women fighting and about finding the fingernail. He goes to take a DNA sample from Jan’s fingernails and Lexie asks about DNA from the clothing. Tek thinks she should come back to the Salme PD. She also suggests that he talk to people who knew Jan. When he asks why, she opens Jan’s mouth and shows him that there is no rupture...she didn’t scream so she must have known her attacker and not been afraid at first.

Lexie also suggests that he talk to Mimi and tells him what happened in high school... nude pictures of Chloe on internet. She tells him that they are still connected and about the weird living arrangements with the others. Her beeper goes off and she tells him that it was really good seeing him again. They hug (sorry to Abe and Lexie fans but I definitely saw chemistry between these two today).

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Belle, Rex, Mimi

More flashbacks to Mimi’s fight with Jan. Mimi is determined to get out of town fast and is packing a bag. She notices scratches on her arm. Belle walks in with breakfast and wants to know what Mimi is doing. Mimi makes an excuse and says that she is just packing away her winter clothes. Belle thinks it’s strange but lets it go. Mimi tells her that Shawn and Rex are working on the computer. In the other room, Shawn is still after Rex to go with him. He says he has to do it for Belle.

Belle sees something on the television and says oh my god. She asks Mimi to turn up the volume.

Rex wants Shawn to leave the rescuing to the Marines. Shawn tells him he has to go even if it costs him his life. He hears Belle yelling his name and both he and Rex rush out. They all gather around the television to hear the shocking news report about Jan’s attack. Mimi looks nervous and upset. We see a clip of Stan being interviewed and then the announcer asking the public for help with the Jan Spears case saying she may be near death. Mimi says oh my god she might die. Shawn, Belle, and Rex all comment on what kind of a monster could do something like that while Mimi squirms. She trips and spills hot coffee on Shawn. He starts having a flashback...a very long one with clips of his imprisonment in the cage, beginning with Jan spilling coffee on him...all the way to his crashing the motorcycle. It’s like a trip down a deep and scary abyss aka a trip down memory lane about what he did last summer...and his face looks pretty tortured as the camera flashes back and forth to see his reaction.

Belle is calling his name and asking if he is okay. He tells her that he remembers what happened to him...about being kidnapped and locked up in a big cage. Rex and Belle look shocked. Mimi just looks guilty. Mimi interrupts and tells them she knew about it. They want to know why she didn’t say anything and she does a tap dance about how she tried to tell them at Christmas but with the cage gone, no one would have believed her anyway. Rex says it doesn’t matter and wants to know how it all happened.

Shawn explains about the old woman at the church being a friend of his grandma’s....her phoning him about burglars...his being given tea. He also remembers that he never proposed to Jan and that he tried to escape. Belle is shocked and says that if she had only known the truth then they would still be together and she would never have married Philip. She says so this is really Jan’s fault and can’t understand how she could have believed her. She feels really bad. Shawn tells Belle that he knew he would never have walked away from her willingly. They both hug and say that they love each other.

Belle starts to feel bad for Jan and says that her mother would know that Jan was disturbed and needs help. She says that Jan hasn’t got anybody...no family...no friends and that she could be dying and all for nothing. She wants to go see her but Mimi is rolling her eyes and can’t believe she is serious. Shawn won’t go but Mimi finally agrees to go with her and they leave.

Rex can’t believe how generous Belle is being towards Jan after all she did to her. He’s impressed and says it’s unbelievable. Shawn says that she still cares about the people who hurt her most, and that he has to go find Philip for her. Rex tells him that they don’t have any money or power. A light bulb goes off over Shawn’s head and he calls him a genius. He tells Rex that they have to think outside the box and to go pack his bags because they are going after Philip.

Back at the hospital: Belle, Mimi, Nurse, Tek

A nurse tells Belle about Jan’s condition and also tells her how sorry she is about Philip. Mimi is staring into Jan’s room when Tek approaches her wanting to know what she can tell him about “Miss Spears.” Mimi spins around and looks at him.


Nancy asks Brady if Chloe is the one true love of his life, then where does Nicole fit in?

Shawn tells Rex that nothing is going to stop him from rescuing Philip. Rex asks him if that includes Belle.

Bo tells Billie that for or all they know he could be the one keeping them from finding their daughter. We see a picture of Patrick.

Jen tells Hope that it just seems strange. Hope asks if she means that she might have to share him with another woman. Jennifer says Yes…

Bonnie confronts Mimi saying: “You’re the one who did this aren’t you? You are the one who tried to kill her?”


Tuesday Apr 12

Janice’s Spoilers

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Rex

Rex wants to know what Shawn’s plan is. Shawn tells him that he will get the money to finance the mission from Brady Black because he loves his sister. Rex thinks it might be too expensive even for Brady. Shawn says he can take an advance from his inheritance from Victor once the estate is settled. Rex tells him that what he is thinking of doing is illegal. Shawn agrees but says he has to do it.

Rex tells him he thinks he can get Philip’s location and that the terrain is very rugged and they would need some serious equipment to get the job done. He asks Shawn how he expects to keep his mission a secret from Belle. He thinks that even if Brady doesn’t say anything to her that John will find out and stop him. He tells Shawn that he can’t help him.

Shawn comes out with a backpack and his jacket and Rex asks him where he is going. He tells him that he is going to rescue Philip. Rex wants to talk it through. He tells Shawn he thinks it is a courageous thing he is doing even if he is ill-prepared. Shawn tells him that Belle is blaming herself for putting Philip in danger and that he can’t stand to see her torturing herself like this. He asks Rex whether he wouldn’t do the same for Mimi. Rex says he’s glad that Mimi would never put her life at risk like that. Later he tells Shawn that he didn’t mean to make it seem that it was all Belles’ fault. He tells him that he’s in and they shake hands on it.

The Church: Brady, Nancy, Nicole, Chloe

A repeat of the scene from yesterday where the vocals aren’t working and Chloe starts singing. Brady says that it’s not a recording and that it sounds as if it is being performed live. Nancy tries to convince him that Chloe is alive and in the church with them. Brady tells her that Chloe is only there in spirit but Nancy still tries to convince him.

Nicole goes into the other room to find out what’s going on and realizes it’s just the sound system playing up. Chloe hides in the background. Brady tells Nancy that it is just a glitch and that Chloe is dead. Nancy asks him if he loves Chloe then where does Nicole fit in. He tells her that he loves Nicole but not like he loved Chloe. Chloe was the true love of his life

Nancy starts the memorial service with Chloe lurking in the background. Brady gets up to talk. He says that Chloe taught him what love is and that he will never find that kind of love again. He says that like his mom, she will always be with him and that no one will ever replace her in his heart. Nicole looks as if her heart is breaking as she listens to all of this. Brady says he wants to do something special for Chloe. He has his mother’s wedding ring and says that he always intended to give it to Chloe on their wedding day. He wants to put it in the urn and give it to her when they meet up in heaven.

Nancy is upset. She doesn’t want him to look in the urn and tells him that it’s fragile and antique. She opens it and Brady asks Chloe to marry him. He drops the urn. Chloe leaves but Nicole runs into her and is shocked.

Hope’s House: Hope, Bo, Billie

Hope comes downstairs and looks at Bo sleeping on the couch. She has a flashback to when she is throwing the bedding at him and asking him to find someone else to look for Georgia. She gets angry just thinking of it and goes into the kitchen to bang around some pots...lol... Bo wakes up and walks in. Hope looks all surprised and says...Oh you’re awake... Bo tells her that’s quite the alarm clock she has going.

Bo tells Hope that it’s a new day and asks her if they could have a new beginning. Hope reminds tells him that he still has a thing for Billie. We see Billie listening in from the living room and smirking. Bo tells Hope that she is the woman he loves and that Billie is in the past. Hope asks him why he has a problem with her moving on. He says he doesn’t, he just wants it to be someone other than Lockhart...

Hope tells him that Billie needs to start growing up and she should move out. Bo thinks she is making breakfast for him but she says no and takes off for a run. Billie comes in and says good morning. Bo drops the eggs and milk on the floor. They both kneel down to clean up the mess and give each other a look...gag... Bo rags on Patrick...Billie defends Patrick. She tells him that she thinks Hope is right and that he’s not comfortable seeing her with any other man.

Billie makes pancakes for Bo and goes to give them to him but slips. She lands on his knees with her leg up in the air. Hope walks in and sees them and says: “Let me guess, another accident? Sorry for interrupting!” She slams the door and leaves.

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jennifer, Patrick, Hope

Jennifer is in the kitchen when Patrick comes in, shirtless, on his way for a workout. She gasps when she sees scratches on his back and wants to know what happened. He has a flashback to making love to Billie and looks really uncomfortable. He makes an excuse that he was exercising against the garage. She offers to put something on them but he says no.

Patrick asks Jennifer if she has spoken to Abby this morning. She says no. He tells her about seeing Abby and Chelsea at Alice’s last night and Jennifer is upset. She says that Abby would always listen to Jack and that she needs him. Patrick tells her that she’s not alone and that he’s there to help her. Hope arrives and Patrick leaves. Jen explains to her about the scratches on his back coming from a workout. Hope grins and says: “Oh yeah, he worked out so hard that he and Billie broke the bed in the guestroom. Jennifer is shocked.

Outside, Patrick calls his contact and wants to know when he can expect delivery.

Hope thinks Jennifer is jealous. Jennifer denies it but says that she just got used to having him in her life. She thinks it’s a little weird. Hope also thinks that Jennifer really likes him and that Jack’s gone and she should move on. She thinks Patrick would be a fool to pick Billie over Jennifer and tells her that she can’t stay in mourning forever. Hope notices the time and leaves to go home.

Jennifer picks up Jack’s picture and tells him that she loves him so much but that maybe it is time to move on. She tells his picture that he will have to show her a sign that he would understand.

The Hospital: Belle, Mimi, Bonnie, Tek

Tek is asking Mimi questions. He tells her that Dr. Carver suggested it. We see her having a flashback to her last argument with Jan. Tek reminds her that they were roommates until recently and shows them a picture of the acrylic nail. Belle says it looks like Mimi’s nail. Mimi tap dances and says that she cut them off. Belle pursues it thinking it’s the same nail color as the one Mimi uses. Mimi makes an excuse saying that lots of people wear that color.

Tek mentions the DNA sample he took from under Jan’s nails. Mimi tries not to react. Bonnie turns up in a candy striper outfit and a bag of jellybeans. She overhears them talking and is glad that the bitch finally got what she deserved. She tells Mimi that this should make her day, while Belle and Tek look on curiously. Mimi tries to act shocked by what her mother said but Bonnie tells Tek all about how Jan tortured her daughter all the time they were growing up. She says if Mimi did it then it would be justifiable homicide. A nurse tells Tex that they need him in the lab and he leaves but asks Mimi to hang around because he has more questions. Belle moves away from them.

Bonnie explains that she is wearing the outfit in order to impress Mickey. She wants to add a few personalized touches to it. Mimi is freaking out and Bonnie realizes that she did it. Mimi tries to tell her it was an accident. Bonnie wishes she had come to her before this so the body could have been taken care of. She talks Mimi out of confessing to Tek.

The nurse tells Belle that she can see Jan. Bonnie leaves and then Belle comes back and tells Mimi that she remembers her wearing those nails last night. Mimi is gobbling down those jellybeans like there’s no tomorrow...lol... Mimi tells her that the nail was hers. Belle wants her to tell the truth. Mimi’s afraid if Jan wakes up that she’ll be in for more blackmail about the abortion and she’ll lose Rex for good. Belle tells her that she should tell Tek before Jan tells him her version.


Shawn has his arm around Belle and Rex has his arm around Mimi. He says that they all had something against Jan and could all be suspects, couldn’t they?

A shaken Nicole asks Brady if it’s possible for the dead to come back to life.

A shocked Marlena asks Roman if he wants her to lie to her husband. She wants to know if he is planning to lie to Kate.

John is sitting at the computer with Kate hovering and they both look shocked as he tells her to look at the screen because Roman and Marlena are alive.


Wednesday Apr 13

Janice’s Spoilers

I have to say that today’s show was boring, repetitive, lets not forget the restructured history, and in parts pretty disgusting...so this write-up is short and not sweet...sigh...

Castle: Marlena, Roman

Marlena is sitting in a chair watching Roman sleep. She has a flashback to asking him to make love to her. The camera comes back to her looking very upset. She looks up to find Roman grinning like an idiot at her. He tells her that last night was very special and that they reconnected. She tells him that it was about a mutual need for comfort and looks pretty upset about the whole thing. He goes on to tell her how much it meant to him...blah...blah... She agrees but says it can’t happen again.

Roman doesn’t want her to feel guilty because he doesn’t. She tells him that they crossed a line and they are both married to other people. He wants to keep what happened a secret from John and Kate. Marlena is upset that he is suggesting that she lie. He just thinks they should say nothing. This goes on and on... There is a noise coming from the wall. Roman and Marlena think someone is digging and are excited about the possibility of finally being rescued.

Penthouse: John, Kate

John is sitting at the computer. Kate comes in and has a flashback of them making love...John telling her how amazing it was...etc. She brings in a breakfast tray and mentions about what happened last night. He cuts her off and tells her he is going to find Philip. They both start up their mutual admiration society...grrr... Kate is a superwoman. She has single-handedly kept Basic Black going and growing. He calls her over to look at something on the screen, telling her he’s got some new information on Philip and accidentally brings up a video of them and their spouses. He doesn’t realize it at first and tells her excitedly that Marlena and Roman are alive... it gets really stupid after that...

In the next scene he sees that it’s an old video of them celebrating Marlena being named physician of the year...complete with cake. Marlena looks beautiful. I never realized that the four of them were such bosom buddies...very contrived. John apologizes to Kate.

John says that the ISA has to approve his plan and then he can go after Phil. Kate starts ragging about Shawn as John looks back at the screen. He looks upset because something is wrong. The camera shows split screens now of John/Kate and Shawn/Rex with Rex hacking into the site.

Shawn’s loft: Shawn, Rex, Belle, Mimi

Shows Shawn and Rex shaking hands again. Belle and Mimi walk in and Shawn asks about Jan. Belle says that the girl is still unconscious. Shawn talks about how they all could be considered suspects so it’s a good thing they have alibis. Mimi is squirming (she’s getting really good at that). Rex says that this is serious and that Jan didn’t deserve what happened to her. Mimi says that it might have been an accident but they figure if that was the case then the person would have come forward. Shawn wonders whether Tek knows more than he is letting on.

Mimi changes the subject. She wants Belle to tell them about the new idea John has for rescuing Phil using less people. Shawn asks Rex to find out what it is. Belle doesn’t look like a happy camper. Rex finds it really difficult...double firewall. Belle wants Mimi to go to the police before Jan tells them what happened.

Church: Nancy, Chloe, Brady, Nicole

Repeat scene of Brady proposing to the urn and putting the ring in. Nancy goes on and on about what if Chloe were alive. What would Brady do then? Nicole is in the other room looking at Chloe as if she’s seen a ghost...lol... She can’t believe this is happening because Chloe is supposed to be dead.

Brady is getting a little irritated with Nancy and her questions but he tells her that he would want to be with Chloe. He goes on to say that she is dead and he needs to move on. Nancy tells him that he is breaking her heart and calls Nicole a liar, manipulator... etc... Brady defends Nicole. Nancy starts talking about beauty on the outside as opposed to beauty on the inside and asks him which he prefers. He says that Chloe had both and that Nicole does too. He tells Nancy that Nicole has been there for him and he is ready to make a commitment.

Chloe is kneeling beside Nicole who has fainted. She wonders if Nicole fainted because she is alive or because of how she now looks. Chloe decides she can’t leave until she knows if Nicole is okay. Nicole wakes up again and sees her and faints a second time.

Brady walks Nancy out and they see Nicole on the ground with a nun beside her. Brady rushes to her side all concerned. She tells him that she saw Chloe and he asks where she is. He runs in the direction she is pointing at. He sees a cloaked woman and yells for her to wait. It turns out not to be Chloe...of course...this is getting to be so repetitive.

Nancy finds Chloe in the church garden. Nicole can’t get Brady to believe her. He apologizes for hurting her before with the words he said during the memorial service. Nicole has a flashback of running into Chloe the first time. Brady says he’s ready to move on.

Chloe and Nancy are back in her hospital room...getting mad at each other. The doctor arrives and they talk about the surgery to remove her scars. He tells her about the problems that could occur and that it’s a very risky process. Chloe is determined to go ahead with it even though Nancy is worried.

Mimi tells Bonnie that she is going to confess. Bonnie says that she can’t live if her baby girl ends up in jail.

Roman is excited and says “they are through.” Marlena peers through the wall and says oh my gosh.

John is ranting on Shawn to Belle and tells her that he’s a hothead... Belle is upset and asks if he is comparing Shawn to Tony DiMera.

Hope is talking to herself saying that it is time for Bo to make a choice between her or his ex and that he can’t have them both. Unfortunately we also get to see Bo and Billie hugging.


Thursday Apr 14

Janice’s Spoilers

Castle: Marlena, Jack, Roman, Guards

Marlena and Roman are listening to the noise from within the wall and she wonders if someone is trying to rescue them. Roman says they can send a signal. He brings out a box and opens it. Marlena thinks he’s a genius.

The box turns out to have a conglomeration of bowls, utensils, etc. that Roman has scavenged during their captivity. Roman thinks the stuff will be good for digging from their end. They start scraping the wall. Marlena is excited that they might be free soon. Roman wishes he knew who was digging on the other side. We see some time lapse and the genius has managed to get a piece of the wall out by digging with a broken dish. Marlena looks inside and is shocked to see Jack.

Jack was hoping he was digging through an outside wall. They pull him through and he says it’s due to his Dimera deprivation diet...lol... Roman wants to get Cassie but Jack reminds them that they only have a small window of opportunity; especially if the guards find out he is missing. Jack says he would crawl home on broken legs if he had to because he’s worried that Patrick is making a move on Jennifer as they speak. He has a key and unlocks their leg chains.

Roman is arguing that he can’t leave his daughter. Jack thinks they should get out first and then let someone know that there are other captives. Marlena agrees. Roman goes all macho and says they must follow HIS plan and pray that he hasn’t forgotten the secret passages that were on the map Tony confiscated. Jack stands behind a door with a piece of the wall. Roman throws something on the floor and the guards yell to stand aside as they come in. Jack knocks out the first guard but is held at gunpoint by the second one. Marlena fakes feeling faint and they manage to knock out the second guard.

Devereaux Home: Jennifer, Hope

Jennifer comes into the living room carrying a heavy box of Jack’s things from the attic. She pulls out an aboriginal headdress from the top and flashes back to Jack wearing full aboriginal garb during a past Thanksgiving (really cute). Jennifer comes back to the present and says that she will never stop missing him.

The doorbell rings and a furious Hope comes in. She says that she will lose her mind if she spends one more minute in her house. Jennifer wants to know what Billie did this time. Hope explains how she found her sitting in Bo’s lap but of course it was an accident...Billie tripped. Jennifer wonders how Bo can be so dumb. Hope tells her that she wants Billie out of her house. She says what scares her is that the special bond that she and Bo have always had is in danger of being broken.

Hope and Jennifer are sitting on the couch eating ice cream. Jennifer mentions that Billie has always loved and wanted Bo. Hope thinks Billie has an addictive personality and no self control. She says that the longer she stays, the worse it will get. Jennifer suggests that Hope install a nanny cam...lol... Hope says that Billie is not the only problem. She thinks that Bo is afraid of hurting Billie so he hurts her instead and that she will be the bad guy if she makes him choose. She can’t understand why Bo is being so dense. They hug.

Hope notices the boxes and Jennifer explains about making room for Jack Junior’s things so she has to move Jack’s stuff. Hope feels bad for not thinking of Jennifer’s feelings. Jennifer wants Hope to fight. Hope tells her that she is going to draw a line in the sand and leaves to go home.

Jennifer wishes that Jack was there so she could show him how much she loves him. She looks at the Father’s Day cards from Abby that were saved as well as some news clippings of Jack’s articles. She says that Jack changed so many people’s lives with his writings and that he still inspires her so much. She looks up and a strange look comes on her face as she whispers...you’re not gone...you’re alive aren’t you... Next we see Jennifer lying on the couch with Jack’s picture in her hands. She says that all she has are photos of the past but she can feel him through Abby and Jack Jr. She also asks him that if he can fit it in, to keep an eye on Bo and Hope and not to let Billie come between them.

Brady Home: Bo, Billie, Hope

Billie apologizes to Bo about what happened and says that it was a mistake for her to be there. Bo is worried about Hope. He says that there is no way he will let them break up. Billie whines. Bo tells her that Hope is just stressed right now. He phone’s Hope’s cell phone but it’s turned off so he leaves a message. He phone’s Jennifer but Hope doesn’t want him to know she is there. Bo tells Jennifer that they had another misunderstanding and that if she sees Hope to tell her that he’ll do whatever it takes to fix this.

Bo tells Billie that he never meant to hurt Hope. He says he doesn’t want to lose his marriage or his wife and that she is his greatest love...that the boys and Hope are everything to him...they are his life and his world. He tells Billie that she has to move out.

Billie starts with the waterworks and tells Bo that she wants him to be happy with Hope. She says that she already arranged to stay at Sami’s old apartment and that Mickey has petitioned the judge to let Lucas vouch for her. She goes into a pity me routine and gives Bo a thanks for everything hug. Of course Hope comes in on them hugging and tells Billie that either she has two left feet the way she keeps falling into Bo’s arms, or she is after her husband.

Bo tells Hope not to blow up over nothing. He tells her that Billie was just thanking him and saying goodbye because he asked her to move out. Billie gets all sanctimonious and tells Hope that she is sorry for making her home life so rough. She leaves. Bo asks Hope if he is forgiven and she says yes of course. He tells her that he considers himself the luckiest man in the world because she married him. Hope tells him she was so scared because she thought Billie would take him away from her. Bo tells her it would never happen. We see Billie outside and she says that the door is now shut for good. Back inside, Bo and Hope are passionately kissing.

Shawn’s Loft/Penthouse: Shawn, Rex; John, Belle, Kate

At the loft, Shawn is impatient for Rex to get the information they need. Rex tells them they may have a major problem.

At the penthouse, Super Soldier John is looking at the computer screen and sees something that makes him see red. Belle comes in and tells them about Jan. John asks whether the attacker couldn’t be identified and immediately accuses Shawn. He keeps ragging on Shawn and Belle gets angry and defends him. She tells him that Jan was the reason they broke up so that she could just as easily be a suspect as well. She also tells John that the police think that the attacker is a woman.

John gets all sarcastic and says that they also thought the serial killer was Marlena. Belle is shocked and asks him if he is comparing Shawn to Tony Dimera. She tells him that Shawn was with her at Alice’s and then went back to the loft with Rex so he couldn’t have done it. John continues ragging on Shawn. Belle continues defending Shawn.

At the loft, while John is otherwise occupied, Rex and Shawn are hacking through and starting to download the plan.

At the penthouse, Kate notices something odd happening but keeps quiet. While John and Belle argue, Kate notices that the download is complete. John comes up and asks her if something is wrong but she denies it. He sits down at the computer but everything is back to normal.

Back at the loft Rex tells Shawn that all the classified intelligence has now been downloaded. Shawn is happy and tells him to get out of there before John finds out. He compliments Rex on his excellent work.

At the penthouse, John is positive that no one can hack into his computer. He tells Belle that he will bring her husband home. Kate murmurs to herself that Shawn may already be on his way.

Back again at the loft, Shawn thinks John’s rescue plan is perfect. Rex thinks it will take a lot of money and reminds Shawn that Brady hates him for hurting his sister. Shawn says he might not know much about computers, but he does know people.

The Hospital: Bonnie, Nurse, Mimi, Jan

A nurse compliments Bonnie on her candy stripe outfit. Bonnie thinks the stripes are very slimming. She sees Mimi in Jan’s room and rushes in. Bonnie tells her daughter to get out before Jan wakes up and fingers her for attempted murder. Mimi tells her that she has decided to confess.

Bonnie tries to change her mind but Mimi says she is guilty and is trying to do the right thing. Most of the show is about them going back and forth on this. Bonnie tells her she can kiss being Mrs. Rex Brady goodbye. She looks over at Jan and says good riddance to bad rubbish. Mimi has yet another flashback to her fight with Jan. She goes on to Bonnie about how she hated Jan and wanted her dead...about the blackmail...yada... yada... She turns to Jan and sees that her eyes are open.

The nurse comes in to check on Jan and says that she’s still comatose. She says that Jan’s eyes may open from time to time but its just reflex. The nurse leaves and Mimi tells Bonnie that there was also a witness to the crime.

Nicole asks Stan who he is and what does he want. He tells her that he is there to help her keep Chloe Lane out of Brady’s life permanently.

Shawn tells Brady that he can’t tell his father about his plan because he will ruin Philip’s only chance. Brady tells him to wait there until he gets back.

John is sitting at his computer and says: What the hell are you waiting for? Kate says that she has something she needs to tell him.

Marlena is talking to Roman and Jack and wondering what they can do...they can’t get caught again.


Friday Apr 15

Janice’s Spoilers

Salem Inn: Stan

Stan thinks that there is nothing more satisfying than revenge. The phone rings and he mentions that things are going well but the disguise is a pain in the butt. He asks who is next on their hit list and finds out it's Brady and Nicole. He listens to the plan and thinks its pure evil.

Hospital Room: Chloe, Nancy

Nancy comes in and asks Chloe if she has had any second thoughts about going through the radical procedure. Chloe says she hasn’t and that it will be a quick solution. Once again she talks about not being able to tell Brady that she is alive looking the way she does (interesting message they are giving). Most of the rest of the show has them arguing about the controversial procedure. Chloe says that Nicole is going to hurt Brady and that she’s the only one who can stop her.

Nancy comes back in with Chloe’s release papers. She doesn’t want Chloe to sign them and reads her a paragraph that says she will be doing this against the attending physician’s recommendations and will assume all risk... including permanent disfigurement or even death. Chloe goes ahead and signs it anyway and takes it to the nurse.

Nancy prays that the surgery will be successful. She tells Chloe that she only wants the best for her. They both go and say goodnight to Clara. A door opens and Nicole steps out (see below). She can’t believe that Chloe is alive and is upset because she thinks Chloe will take Brady away from her.

Victor’s Mansion: Nicole, Brady, Shawn, Rex

Nicole is up in her room wondering if Brady will ever forget about Chloe. She has a flashback of seeing her at the church and says she can’t be alive and that she has to find out for sure. Brady walks in and wants to know what she is talking about.

Shawn and Rex are outside the mansion. Rex thinks this is a bad idea. He thinks that Brady will tell John why they want the money. Shawn tells him that Brady can’t know why they want the money and neither can John.

Nicole tells Brady that she was thinking of Chloe’s memorial service. He tries to calm her down. Nicole tells Brady that she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him and they hug.

The doorbell rings and Brady goes to answer it. He asks Shawn and Rex what they are doing there. Shawn tells him they need to talk. Nicole comes in and Shawn tells her it’s personal so she leaves. He asks Brady for an advance on his inheritance from Grandpa Victor for a project he and Rex are working on. Brady tells him he will get what’s coming to him but that the will is tied up in probate at the moment and it will be a while. Shawn tells him he doesn’t have a while and that he needs the money now. Brady asks what the rush is and tells him that if he wants his help then he has to tell him what is going on. Rex and Shawn look at each other.

Shawn tells Brady that they want to rescue Philip (god only knows why!) and bring him home. Brady laughs and asks them how they plan to do it. Shawn says they have a good plan but Brady wonders if they have lost their minds. He reminds them that Philip is a prisoner of war and that they should leave the rescuing to his dad and the ISA. Shawn reminds him that they tried and failed and that John is in no condition to pull it off. He tells Brady that if he doesn’t want to do it for Philip then to do it for his sister. Brady tells them that he is going to go check on his father and to wait for him. Shawn warns him not to tell John about his plan.

Rex tells Shawn that they should never have told Brady...that he’ll warn John. Shawn tells him they had no choice. He says that he knows that Brady hates him, but he loves his sister and will do the right thing.

Stan finds Nicole outside and tells her she looks like she could use a friend. He tells her he is there to help her keep Chloe Lane out of Brady’s life and convinces he to get in the car with him. He drops her off at the clinic.

Penthouse: John, Kate, Brady

John is lifting barbells even though he is in a lot of pain. Kate starts patting his head and they kiss...grrr.... John and Kate are still kissing but she pulls away because she is worried about Philip. I won’t go into detail because their admiration for each other is pretty gross. John promises he will find Philip. He goes to check the computer to see if the ISA has approved his rescue plan. Kate as a backflash about telling herself that Shawn might already be on his way to save Phil. She comes back to the present and tells John she has something to tell him.

Brady comes in on them hugging. John finds out that the ISA won’t approve the mission because it’s too dangerous. Kate asks about her son. He tells her he’ll do it himself. Both Brady and Kate tell him he is in no condition to do this. John’s back locks up and he goes to take a shower. Kate tells Brady that John tries so hard but now that the ISA has thrown up their hands, what will happen? Brady tells her not to give up and that he appreciates her looking after John. He leaves.

Kate tells herself that she can’t believe she is saying this but Shawn Brady may be Philip’s only hope. John tells Kate he wants her to move in permanently and she agrees.

Outside near the elevator, Brady tells himself that there is no way he is going to let Shawn mess this one up and that he knows what he has to do.

Back at Victor’s Mansion, Brady tells Shawn that he didn’t tell John the plan and that they were right, his dad is in no shape to do this. He tells them that the ISA turned down the plan as being too dangerous and that he knows that he will regret it but he will pull the funds needed. Shawn thanks him but Brady tells him there’s a catch...he goes with them. Shawn makes him swear not to tell Belle about it and the three of them agree that they are now a team.

Devereaux Home: Jennifer, Abby

Abby is looking at Jack’s Father’s Day cards as Jennifer comes down with another box. She wants to know why her mom is getting rid of her dad’s stuff. She tells Jennifer that she feels in her heart that Jack is still alive and tells her that if she really loved him, she would too. Jennifer tells her daughter that of course she still loves Jack and that she is not getting rid of his stuff, she is donating some of his research and things to Salem University because he was a great reporter. She tells Abby that Jack taught her everything she knows and can teach others even though he is gone. Abby insists that Jack is not gone and says she can prove it.

She shows Jennifer a rabbit’s foot as proof that he will be back. Jennifer has a beautiful flashback to a candlelight dinner with Jack where he tells her to never stop believing in miracles. Jennifer tells Abby that she wants to believe. Abby tells her they need to have faith. Jen tells her daughter that she believes Jack is still there through Abby and Jack Jr. She says that Jack loved Abby so much and that if it weren’t for her and her brother she doesn’t know what she would do. Abby tells her that they love her too but that its so hard to let go.

Jennifer tells Abby that her dad wouldn’t want them to fight and would want them to be there for each other. She asks her daughter if they can do that and Abby promises to try harder. The doorbell rings and its Chelsea and her parents. Jennifer pretends to hold Abby from going out with them but relents. It’s a plan she made with Chelsea’s parents so she would have time to work on a surprise birthday party for Abby. Jennifer can’t believe that Abby is going to turn seventeen (as a friend told me, isn’t Abby’s birthday in October?).

Abby and Chelsea are sitting in the back of the car. Chelsea’s mom warns her husband about another car that is all over the road. Chelsea whispers to Abby that they can ditch her parents and join up with Patrick but Abby tells her to forget about it. She says she promised her mom that she would come straight home. In the next moment, the car crashes.

Castle: Jack, Marlena, Roman, Cassie, Guards

Jack is in a hallway saying the coast is clear and they are going to get out of Dimera’s house of horrors and going home. He can’t wait to see Jennifer and thinks everyone will flip out back in Salem when they get there. He realizes that he is talking to himself... lol...and starts to whisper Roman and Marlena’s names.

Roman wants to know what the hell happened to Jack. Marlena hears someone crying and wonders if it’s Cassie. They go to open a door and someone from behind yells “Stop!” It turns out to be Jack. They find Cassie inside holding a large vase and about to knock Roman out. They hug and Marlena tells her they are going home. Roman says not before they find out if there are any other prisoners. Jack tells them that they can call the ISA to come and rescue the others because they won’t help anyone if they are captured again.

Cassie knocks over the vase and it crashes to the floor. They hear footsteps. The guard comes in and everyone is hiding but Cassie who tells one of them that she is getting ready for bed. He asks for a kiss and Roman knocks him down. The other guard shoots Jack but it’s just a flesh wound. A fire is starting in the corner. Jack tells him he’s alright and they help him out of the room. Cassie remembers that she left her Grandma Caroline’s bracelet inside and rushes back in. She is trapped in the fire; Marlena goes in after her and is trapped as well. The door slams shut and Roman can’t get back in.

Patrick tells Billie that after they made love, he knew exactly where her heart was...in Bo Brady's room. Billie tells him that his was with Jennifer Horton.

Brady tells Nicole that he’ll be back. She asks him what if he comes back and the only person he wants to be with is Chloe?

Jack holds a gun on Tony and Bart. Tony tells Jack that the gun won't stop him. Jack says “this I got to see” and shoots the gun...

Roman and Jack are in the burning room with Marlena and Cassie yelling as burning tapestry falls on them.


Monday Apr 18

Janice’s Spoilers

Victor’s Mansion: Nicole, Stan – Outside; Brady, Shawn, Rex, and later Nicole - Inside

Nicole is standing outside the mansion. We get a flashback of her seeing Chloe alive from yesterday. She’s upset about Chloe returning and wanting to take Brady away from her just when things were going her way.

Nicole has a fantasy where she goes inside and watches Brady talking on the phone. She asks him if things are okay and he tells her that they are better than okay because Chloe is alive. He tells her excitedly that she did see Chloe at St. Luke’s. They talk about Chloe’s scars and he says that he doesn’t care about them because she is beautiful inside. Nicole wants to know what it means for them and he apologizes but tells her that his heart belongs to Chloe and that he is going back to her…end of fantasy.

Stan phones her cellphone (he’s lurking in the bushes once more) and asks her if she believes him about Chloe now. He comes out of the bushes and she wants to know why he is helping her. We get yet another flashback of Sami with Brady at the hospital. She is arguing with him about how he saved Nicole but both him and John left her mother to die. Stan tells her that he wants everyone to get what they deserve. She’s afraid that Chloe will take Brady away from her.

Inside the mansion, the boys of summer are talking about the rescue plans. Shawn thanks them for doing this. Brady is anxious to get going and get back before anyone finds out what they are doing. Rex lays out his map and printouts and they discuss the difficulties…terrain…not knowing how to parachute… lol…and Shawn saying they don’t have the time to learn. Brady is concerned that they may have to infiltrate a foreign country on foot. Rex says that what they are doing is also illegal. Brady worries that his Grandpa’s money may not be enough for them to pull it off. He talks about the region being peaceful in the past and wonders who the leader is now and if he is holding Philip.

Shawn says he only cares about finding Philip and bringing him home. Nicole comes into the room shouting that the rescue mission is too dangerous and she won’t let them do it. Brady takes her aside privately and tries to reason with her. He promises to return to her. Nicole asks him what happens if he returns and wants to be with Chloe…yada… yada... Brady tells her for the umpteenth time that Chloe is dead but she reiterates that Chloe was the love of his life. He thinks this is all because he proposed to Chloe’s ashes...duh ya think???

Nicole tells him that he forgot all about her at the service and that he’s told her a million times that Chloe is the love of his life. He agrees that he will always love Chloe but tells Nicole that he wants to move on with his life. She thinks if he goes that he will forget about her. He tells her that he will have an important question to ask her when he comes back.

Nicole gets down on her knees and proposes to Brady. He doesn’t think the timing is right but promises he loves her and that she won’t ever lose him. Nicole wants to know why if he can propose to a dead woman that she can’t propose to a live man...lol... Nicole tells herself that she has to make sure that Chloe stays dead permanently.

Shawn and Rex aren’t happy campers that Nicole knows their plans now. He says he doesn’t trust her after everything she has done. Brady and Nicole return and she promises she won’t tell anyone even though she thinks what they are doing is dangerous and just plain stupid. She asks them tearfully to promise her that they will all think about the people who love them and how they will be affected if they don’t come back. She leaves. Back in the hallway...she phones Stan and tells him she needs his help. In the meantime, Brady tells the boys that they are going in by plane and jumping off while its still moving because the pilot won’t want to stay on the ground too long. He adds that they not only need a plane but a fourth person to come with them. He has an idea of who it should be…

Castle: Marlena, Cassie, Jack, Roman, Bart, and Tony

While the fire rages, Bart informs Tony that there is a helicopter waiting to take them to safety if the fire escalates. Tony gets angry and says he isn’t leaving without his prisoners. He is determined to stop his captives from escaping.

Roman and Jack are trying to get to Marlena and Cassie. Roman’s key snaps and Jack suggests they chop the door down and takes an axe. Lots of yelling inside from Cassie with Marlena trying to calm her down. Cassie goes to open a window…Marlena tries to stop her…yelling NO…it causes a backdraft …the door blasts out and Jack and Roman are knocked unconscious. A guard locates them and notifies Tony who is says when he is threw with them that they will wish they were dead. Jack knocks the guard out. They both start going into the room. Roman yells that he will save them just as Tony and Bart turn up. Tony says he wouldn’t be too sure of that when both of them will be dead themselves. He is carrying his trusty sword.

Jack steals the guard’s gun. Tony tells him that won’t stop him (maybe he’s superman?) and Jack says... “What are you going to do? Swat away the bullet before it hits you? This I’ve got to see!” He shoots Tony. Tony falls down clutching his chest in pain. Bart is in shock. Jack says that he has wanted to do that for a very very long time. He feels as if for the first time he has the upper hand. Tony still says that no one can stop him. Jack looks at him and back at the gun in his hand and says that this gun says different.

Roman gets the women out. Cassie is still unconscious. Marlena tells Tony that although she never wants to see a man die, that he deserves to suffer and she wants him out of their lives.. They get Cassie to wake up just as Tony tells them they won’t be going anywhere. Jack, Roman, Marlena, and Cassie are standing close together as the fire rages out of control…with debris flying everywhere. They scream as the floor beneath them collapses. Tony starts to fall through it.

Devereaux Home: Jennifer

Jennifer has just finished making her Great Gran’s three layer chocolate cake for Abby’s birthday and says…Martha Stewart eat your heart out…lol… She talks to Jack’s picture about Abby becoming seventeen. We get a great flashback of Abby’s birth. Jennifer tells Jack that they might not have him but they will always have Abigail. She writes happy birthday from mom and dad on the cake.

Jennifer finds the bracelet that Jack made with Maggie’s help on the island…sigh… another great flashback of him giving it to her and saying it’s for Abby’s birthday. She is going to give it to Abby but wishes she could bring back Jack for her daughter instead. When everything is ready, we see pretty balloons spelling out Abby’s name. Jennifer says she just needs to bathe now and feed and change Jack Jr.

Patrick’s car/Accident scene: Patrick, Billie; Chelsea, Abby, later Patrick, Billie

They are just driving around and Billie talks to Patrick about Bo asking her to move out. She makes it seem like it was her intention to do it anyway. He thinks that in the aftermath of their making love that her heart was with Bo. Billie counters that his heart was with Jennifer Horton (nice of them to screw up her last name...sigh). Patrick tells her that he does care about Jennifer but that she is still mourning Jack.

At the accident scene, Chelsea is leaning against the side of the car. Abby is lying flat on the ground on the opposite side of the car.

Back in Patrick’s car, Billie is going on and on about missing Georgia and says that she has a terrible feeling that Georgia is in danger. She sees the accident scene and yells for Patrick to stop. Both girls are unconscious. Patrick is shocked to see Abby. Patrick tells Billie to call 911. She gets put on hold. He tells Billie that Abby’s pulse is weak and begs Abby to hang on. Billie tells the operator about the accident and asks for help. She is told that there are no available units because of a riot at a basketball game…no comment…

Billie decides to call Bo and Hope (Why?) and tells Hope that she insists on talking to Bo saying it’s an emergency. Hope doesn’t believe her. Billie calls Hope and idiot. Hope hangs up on her (I just love it when they make Billie the “good guy” and Hope the “bad guy”…grrr…). Patrick makes another phone call and the police and emts show up soon afterwards. Apparently he told them that the mayor’s wife was in an accident. The EMTS tell Patrick that Abby, who is still unconscious, has some broken bones and possibly internal bleeding.

Chelsea wakes up and asks Billie about her mother. Billie comforts Chelsea, saying that her mom will be all right. She goes over to Chelsea’s mom who begs Billie to swear that she will take care of her baby. Patrick is on the phone to Lexie asking for her help. Billie thinks he should go tell Jennifer in person what happened. He leaves and Billie says she will see him at the hospital later. Chelsea tells her that she doesn’t want to die. Billie promises not to let anything happen to her.

Brady House: Bo, Hope

Hope and Bo are relaxing in bed. Bo tells her that he hates fighting with her. She tells him that she likes making up. He reminds her that because Zach is off with Pop that they can order some Chinese food and just stay in bed. Hope talks about getting some chocolate fortune cookies. They start kissing… etc…etc… It’s nice to see them without Billie lurking around.

Hope tells Bo not to order any dessert because she promised that they would help Jennifer with Abby’s birthday party. Bo talks about how hard this is on Jennifer without Jack by her side. He tells Hope that he will never take her for granted (I sure hope he means it this time) and they start hugging each other.

Later on we see Hope on the phone with Billie (see above). Hope hangs up and is amazed at Billie’s nerve. When the phone rings a second time she thinks it’s Billie and orders her not to call again. It turns out to be Jennifer who wants to know what Billie has done this time (LOL…that seems to be a common question for her). Hope explains and promises Jennifer that they will be there soon. Jennifer asks her to bring Great Gran’s cake plate when she comes. Hope asks her how she is doing. Jennifer mentions the island bracelet. Hope tells her not to stress. They hang up.

Bo comes in holding a tray and wants to know if anyone phoned while he was away. She tells him about Jennifer’s phone call but omits to tell him that Billie called. They share a toast to finally spending more time together.


Mimi tells Bonnie that Jan will wake up from her coma and tell Tek that she was her attacker and then she will be dead. Bonnie tells her that she needs to eighty-six those gifts and get the hell out of Salem.

Lucas asks the boys of summer if their plan is so freaking great then why did the ISA shoot it down?

We see Marlena and Cassie screaming just as a burning chandelier starts to fall…

Lexie tells Billie that she is sorry…they lost her. Jennifer cries… “No Lexie…not my baby!”


Tuesday Apr 19

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I have to say that Billie’s holier than thou attitude regarding Hope, and the writers attempt to make Hope the bad guy in all this just makes me see red! Almost as bad as her nobility at the accident scene.

The Docks: Shawn, Brady, Rex, and Lucas

The three boys of summer are waiting for a forth and hoping he will join their adventure. Shawn is very anxious to get going. Lucas shows up and Brady tells him that they are going to attempt to rescue Philip and need his help. They explain their rescue plan to him. Brady says that his dad’s plan is a good one and it needs 4 men and each man will have a detailed assignment. Lucas thinks they are all crazy…its too dangerous…the ISA should handle it…etc…

Rex admits to downloading the plan and Lucas is upset about it. Brady tells him that the ISA turned it down so that its fair game. Lucas wants to know why the ISA turned it down. Brady says that technically they only tabled it for now but Lucas thinks it’s still too dangerous. Rex tells him he did a risk assessment and believes they can do it. Shawn tells Lucas that if he doesn’t want to do it they will find someone else. Lucas argues back that he didn’t say he wouldn’t do it yet. . He wants to know what happens if they don’t make it back. What will happen to the people they leave behind? How will the women in their lives handle it?

Lucas asks if the women know about it. Brady explains that Nicole knows all about it. He says that he can’t let Shawn and Rex go on their own. Lucas counters wanting to know if Belle knows as well. He rags on Shawn but doing this because of selfish reasons only but Shawn tells him that Philip is family and he wants him back safe and sound. He admits that they love each other but aren’t together. He also tells Lucas that none of them know what will happen when Philip returns.

Lucas asks about Rex and Mimi and Rex admits that he was doubtful at the start but has done research and that they all plan on coming back.

Lucas is worried about Will. He tells Shawn and Rex that they have the most to lose because of Belle and Mimi and that he and Brady have lost the women they love...Chloe is dead, and god only knows where Sami is. Brady tells him that if he refuses to help them then they will understand but they could really use his help. Lucas thinks about it as they show him the map and explain the plan in detail. He agrees reluctantly and the four shake hands.

The Castle: Caroline, Victor, Bart, Jack, Marlena, Cassie, and Roman

Victor and Caroline are playing gin rummy. Caroline teases him about beating him at the game 127 to 19. Victor jokingly tells her that he doesn’t know why he plays cards with her; he must be a glutton for punishment. Caroline says there’s not much else to do around the place. She smells smoke.

Bart is looking for his boss but can’t find him. He says “holy gaping holes and thinks that the count is down two floors in the dungeon and that there is no way the Phoenix can rise from the ashes this time. He suddenly remembers about Victor and Caroline and rushes to save them.

Caroline and Victor are coughing from the smoke and decide to break open a window. That just makes things worse though. Victor is shouting for help. He gives Caroline a wet towel to cover her mouth with. They commiserate with each other that at least they’ll be together when they die and not alone. Bart is wearing a gas mask and finds them passed out on the floor. He carries Caroline out and helps Victor to walk, telling them to follow him.

The other four…Jack, Marlena, Cassie, and Roman are grouped together as debris continues to fall. Cassie is upset and thinks they are going to die. Jack covers himself in some tapestry and tells the others to do the same. He runs off to look for an escape route only to be knocked out by a chandelier on fire. Roman runs off the see what happened to Jack while Marlena tries to comfort Cassie. They hear another noise and it’s Roman who has fallen down this time and is caught by a large beam pressing across his legs.

Jack returns and tells Marlena and Cassie about a secret stairway and tunnel he has found. He tells the women to get out while he saves Roman. Marlena and Cassie exit the castle and Marlena says they should pray that the men will make it as well. Jack frees Roman and the castle starts shaking...more debris. We see Bart with Carole and Victor trying to escape and then Bart screams just as the ceiling falls in crushing them with debris.

Devereaux House/On way to Hospital/Hospital: Jennifer and Patrick

At the house – Jennifer is pleased with her decorating skills and reviews the final plans for Abby’s party. Patrick arrives and tells her he has very bad news. Jennifer thinks it’s about Alice. He tells her about Abby and the accident and she gets very upset. They take off for the hospital and while driving, Patrick explains about the drunk driver. Patrick asks her if she is okay. Jennifer talks about how she used to write articles about drunk drivers and now she’s living it. She’s upset and wants to know why even with tougher laws that there are still accidents like this.

At the hospital Jennifer insists on knowing what is happening. She asks a nurse where her daughter’s room is and is told that Abby is in surgery. Jennifer wants to know for what and doesn’t a parent have to give permission first? The nurse suggests that they wait in the waiting room but Jennifer goes ballistic and tells Patrick that her grandfather and brother held high positions at the hospital and she is willing to throw her weight around if necessary.

At the accident scene: Billie, Chelsea, Paramedics and Mrs. Benson

Billie is telling Chelsea not to worry when she realizes that the girl has stopped breathing. She yells for help. A paramedic tells Billie that its too late. Billie knows more than they do and she whips out her Super girl outfit (just kidding) and does CPR and saves the day. Lexie (the only doctor in Salem) turns up and the paramedic tells her that Queen Billie performed a miracle. Lexie examines Chelsea and Billie checks on the mother who is still trapped in the car with no medics checking on her. Billie promises her again (how many times does this make?) that she will take care of Chelsea.

Dr. Billie tells Lexie that they need at least two more ambulances, so Lexie calls Commissioner Gordon (I wonder if it’s the same one from Batman?) for more ambulances ( I guess she needed Billie’s no-how). Billie checks on Chelsea who mistakes her for her mom...too stupid... Billie tells the girl that her mom will be all right. The ambulances show up. We see noble Billie cursing…er…damning Hope for hanging up on her and proclaiming throughout the land that if anyone dies, if will be evil Miss Hope’s fault.

At the hospital, Billie prays that Abby will be okay. Lexie comes out with the bad news that they lost her as Jennifer hears in the background. She starts crying and can’t believe it’s her baby. (Really stupid cliffhanger in my opinion.)

The Hospital: Bonnie, Mimi, and Tek

(These scenes were beyond ridiculous today…and please please stop the flashbacks already!!!)

Mimi comes in with a get-well balloon and a box of candy…flashback collage of Jan/Mimi fights and accident… Bonnie is over the top upset and telling her to get rid of the gifts and to leave Salem. She tells her daughter that she looks guilty as hell for coming there with her drugstore chocolates. Bonnie eats the candy, complaining that she hasn’t had any since Maggie moved back in. She goes on about the show “Law & Order” and how the perp always returns to the scene of the crime. Mimi tells her mommy to shut up and that she isn’t a perp.

Tek appears and wants the truth from Mimi. Mimi tap-dances and says she doesn’t know anything. Tek wants to know why she is there (so do I…sigh). Bonnie cuts in and offers him candy. He wants to know if it’s a bribe and wants to know why Mimi would be visiting Jan if she hated her.

Bonnie goes to Mimi’s defense and tells her to keep quiet. She threatens to call Mickey (the only lawyer in town) and sue Salem Police for harassment. He warns both of them about how close they are to charging Mimi with attempted murder (sure…show your hand…duh!). He reminds Mimi about the fingernail...about what Belle said, and how they found 9 more matching fingernails in Mimi’s garbage can.

Bonnie is angry and does a little tap dance herself coming on to Tek and offering him a free meal at Alice's. He tells them not to leave town and that the police are going to get a warrant to search Jan’s house (shouldn’t they have done it already?).

Mimi is freaking out about Jan’s diary and how she is probably center stage on each page…oh yippee…another group of long…boring…repetitive…did I say boring yet…flashbacks…a trip down memory lane for Miss Jan and Miss Mimi...soooooooo long. Mimi tells Bonnie that if the police find the diary then she is dead. Bonnie tells her that they have to find it first and they take off (groan…).

We see them later in a darkened house (Jan’s) with a flashlight and Bonnie is asking Mimi where Jan’s bedroom is. A voice comes out of the darkness (Tek’s) saying “upstairs” and he turns on the light telling Mimi she is under arrest for attempted murder.


Tek tells Mimi that she wanted Jan out of the way in order to keep Rex in the dark about her lies. Mimi replies that she hated Jan and wanted her dead.

Stan tells Nicole that she means as much to him as a $2.00 whore and she goes for his throat.

Cassie cries to Marlena that they (the guys) are dead…or will be soon…

Queen Billie tells Bo (we see the faces of Chelsea, Abby, and Jennifer) that Hope wouldn’t let her talk to him…that she told her to leave him alone and hung up on her. She proclaims AGAIN that if anyone is responsible for this tragedy…it’s her (we see Hope’s face).


Wednesday Apr 20

Janice’s Spoilers

Jan’s House: Tek, Mimi, and Bonnie

Repeat of Tek telling Meems that she’s under arrest. Bonnie goes into verbal attack mode and falls back on her Law & Order television tutorial….entrapment…don’t say a word…etc…etc… Mimi decides to tell the truth about her argument with Jan…how Jan tripped and hit her head…how she ran away from the scene because she was afraid what the cops would think…yada…yada… Bonnie keeps interrupting and trying to get her daughter to shut up. Mimi comes clean about everything…the abortion…the blackmail…the threats.

Tek wants to know what Jan was after. Mimi says she wanted Shawn and told her to keep Shawn and Belle apart or Jan would go to Rex (Hell it sounds ridiculous even now!). Tek tells Mimi that it looks as if she had a motive. Mimi says yes and that she hated Jan and wanted her dead, but she didn’t try to kill her. She says that it was just an accident and she was scared. Again Bonnie tries to get her daughter to shut up. Mimi ignores her and holds out her hands to be handcuffed. Tek tells her to relax and that he isn’t going to arrest her yet.

Conveniently, Tek tells them that his sister went through similar circumstances years ago when she found out she was pregnant. He tells Mimi that if Jan confirms her story when she wakes up then all will be fine but if Jan dies, he will have to arrest her after all. He tells them to leave and he will lock up.

Bonnie and Mimi are outside Jan’s house now. Mimi is in her usual upset/panic mode and decides that she is doomed no matter what happens. She thinks that Jan will lie if she wakes up and that she will lose Rex…yada…yada…

Victor’s Mansion: Nicole and Stan

Nicole is outside nurturing a martini while the ever-lurking Stan is back in the bushes watching her. Flashback to Sami’s argument with Brady about saving Nicole/whore of a stepmother (I see the language is getting cleaned up on this show…NOT) and not rescuing her mother. He’s mumbling about his favorite pastime/REVENGE. Nicole is talking to herself about her favorite pastime/keeping Brady and Chloe apart and thinking how she is going to do it. She wonders where “the little creep” is. Stan appears before her and tells her to leave it up to him…

Stan tells Nicole that he has no beef with her…just with Brady. He wants to make Brady’s life a living hell and he can’t imagine anything worse than him being married to her so he can’t be with Opera Girl. He insults Nicole…saying that if Brady knew the truth about Chloe that Nicole would be worth about as much as a $2.00 whore to him. Nicole gets mad a …slapping him so that his mustache is dragging. He puts it back where it belongs. She calls him a bastard and he retaliates that he has just become her worst nightmare.

Stan insists that Nicole apologize to him and behave. Nicole agrees to do whatever it takes to keep Brady in her clutches. Stan warns her to ensure that the reconstructive surgery never takes place and tells “Nurse Nicole” not to worry and that he will help her to make sure that the ugly duckling never turns into a swan.

Basic Black: The Boys of Summer – Shawn, Brady, Rex, Lucas & Guest Appearance by Mommy Dearest aka Kate (The Wicked Witch of the West)

Brady knows of a different access level of classified information on John’s computer behind a secret panel, so he, Shawn, and Rex turn up and Basic Black with a flashlight to hack into it. Not even John can access it from home. Rex is worried about going ahead but agrees to do it. Lucas comes in with a metal suitcase full of mercenary-like goodies from his time as a Dimera lackey. In the meantime, Rex brings up a big file on John’s computer and is very happy by what he finds. he says that it will tell them everything they need to know.

The witch…er…Kate walks in as if she owns the place (oops I forgot she probably thinks she does now) and has a hissy fit. She wants to know what is going on and if John knows about it. Brady owns up to John not knowing what they are doing. Kate has another hissy fit. Of course it’s okay for Shawn to endanger himself but not her boys. She rags on Shawn about his reason for doing this…selfishness...wanting to steal Philip’s wife...yada…yada… Lucas defends Shawn and says that he didn’t force them to do anything. Kate tells them that they are all delusional. She is determined to call John.

Hospital/Hope’s House: Jennifer, Abby, Patrick, Lexie, Hope, the Bobsey Twins…oops Bo & Billie

Lexie tells Jennifer that Abby is fine. Patrick asks who died and is told it was Chelsea’s mother. Lexi tells them that Mr. Benson is still in surgery, that he is critical, and that Chelsea has internal bleeding and other injuries but they are not life-threatening. Jennifer leaves to find her daughter. Jennifer asks Patrick to call Hope. Mommy Dearest Jr. (oops Billie) is upset for Chelsea’s sake and goes to talk to her. Chelsea asks about her parents. Billie says the doctors are working with them, and stays with her.

Patrick phones Hope from a pay phone in the hospital. Hope and Bo are in bed. The phone rings and he doesn’t want her to answer but she does anyway. Patrick tells her about the accident and they take off for the hospital.

Lexie reassures Jennifer that Abby will be all right. Jennifer goes into her daughter’s room and lifts her hand into hers and kisses it. Abby is sleeping. Jennifer talks to her daughter about the surprise birthday party they are supposed to be having for her right now.

Bo and Hope come in and Patrick takes Hope to Jennifer. They hug and Jennifer tells her that she blames herself for letting Abby go out at all. Hope comforts her.

While Hope is with Jennifer, Bo turns to Billie and wants to know why she is there. The whole story comes out. Billie in full-blown drama queen mode does her poor me routine throws in Georgia’s name here and there and Bo just laps it up.

Jennifer is asleep and sharing Abby’s pillow. Patrick comes in with coffee for her and tells her to get some rest. She says that she is staying the night and thanks him for being there. Patrick wraps a blanket around her to keep her warm. He tells her he will always be there for her.

Lexie gets the news that Chelsea’s dad has died in surgery. Superwoman Billie gives her consent after admitting she agreed to take care of Chelsea for Mrs. Benson. The paramedic Walt supports her statement. Bo can’t do enough to comfort Billie. Lexie tells them that she and the Doctor Blum think that if the EMTs had only gotten to the accident scene sooner that Chelsea’s parents might have survived. Superman Bo wants to know why Billie didn’t call him so that with his bare hands he could have gotten things going a little faster. Billie of course tells him that she did…yada…yada…cue evil Hope being responsible for everything that has gone wrong since the world began.

Hope is standing right there listening to this. Billie flat out blames her for the Bensons demise. Hope looks very upset.

Castle: Marlena, Cassie, Jack, Roman, Victor, Caroline, and Bart

Marlena is trying to calm Cassie. Jack finds Roman but can’t get him to wake up. He swears he will get Roman out of the castle. Roman finally wakes up and is determined to get to the women.

Victor finds Caroline sitting up on the floor. She is trapped beneath a large beam and can’t feel her legs. Victor looks for a lever to lift the obstacle off her legs. Bart shows up with a flashlight and warns them that they aren’t going anywhere (didn’t he try to save them just yesterday?). Victor tries to bribe Bart into helping him with Caroline. Bart is mumbling about the others getting away and how the count won’t be a happy camper. Caroline is shocked and happy at the same time to hear that her son and the others are alive and okay.

Victor admits to Bart that Caroline has always been the love of his life (awwww…that was very sweet). He offers to sacrifice his life for hers if Bart agrees to help him get the beam off of her. Bart is verklempt…lol… and goes to help just as the building starts shaking again (how predictable) and debris starts flying once more.

Marlena gives Cassie a pep talk. Jack and Roman can’t believe what they see…a satellite phone.

Marlena and Cassie are watching from outside as Roman and Jack run out and they are all reunited. Roman says that Jack saved his life. He calls someone from the ISA who has a plane to come and get them. We see Victor and Caroline escaping outside but through another door and happy that it’s all over (couldn’t have said it better). Bart is still inside yelling for Tony. And of course…we see a bloodied hand reach out from the rubble wearing the Dimera ring. Bart is very upset that the count might actually be dead.

Bo tells Hope that if he had known about the accident he could have gotten Chelsea’s parents to the hospital sooner. Billie tells Hope that the Bensons are dead because of her.

Belle tells Shawn that he’s not doing this because he loves her but because its easier and as usual he is putting his needs ahead of hers and everyone else’s.

Rex wonders if Mimi thinks that if he leaves he won’t know what is going on back in Salem. He asks if there is something that she doesn’t want him to know about.

Brady lights a candle at St. Lukes. Chloe in a hooded cape is kneeling beside him.


Thursday Apr 21

Janice’s Spoilers

Basic Black: Boys of Summer and Kamikaze Kate

Kate is center stage with her posturing as she presents her gloom & doom report on the drawbacks of their ill-fated rescue plan…death…imprisonment…oops…vacation from the show maybe??? (Just kidding). Shawn stops her from calling John and she asks him if he is threatening her…I wish… He says he isn’t but that she had better let them do this. Lucas plays peacemaker and says they all want Philip home safely (um…could we take a vote on that?). More ranting back and forth until Shawn finally throws his hands up and says enough of this…they are wasting their time and need to get going.

They tell Kate that they are Phil’s only chance. Brady tells Rex and Lucas to convince mommy dearest as he leaves with Shawn. Kate tries to call John again…Lucas gets her to listen to him. Rex leaves because Lucas is the only one she might listen to…and on and on… Kate reiterates Shawn’s reasons for going…etc… Bottom line, Brady and Shawn can die die die but her boys MUST come back safe and sound. Lots of shouting back and forth.

Lucas asks Kate to promise she won’t tell John and asks if she will look after Will while he is gone. He gives her a letter for Sami about Will’s future just in case something happens to him and makes her promise to give it to her (and of course Kate will…NOT). He says he can’t talk to his son before he leaves because he’ll ask too many questions. They hug and Lucas leaves. Kate prays for their safety.

St. Luke’s Church: Brady and Chloe

Chloe is at the kneeling at the altar (wearing black hooded cape) praying that her surgery will be successful so that she and Brady can be together and she can save Brady from Nicole…and…and… She acknowledges Brady’s love for her but doesn’t want him to make sacrifices where she is concerned. She talks about how she was a burden to him once when she had leukemia and she knows he will drop everything for her again if he knows what she is going through.

Brady comes up behind Chloe and asks if he can pray with her. She stays silent as he lights a candle and asks if she is all right. She tells him she’s okay and rushes away. Chloe lurks as Brady prays for a safe mission and asks god to watch over Phil. He talks about being angry with God for Chloe’s death and how much he still loves her and wishes she could return to him. He leaves…Chloe walks back up to the altar and says that with God to help her, Brady’s wish can come true…

Victor’s Mansion: Nicole and Stan

Nicole angst…about rescue mission and losing Brady to Chloe…yada…yada…etc… etc… Super Stan comes for a visit and gives her a paper shopping bag with surgical scrubs, booties, surgical mask, counterfeit nurse ID (could this story get any worse???). She tells him she can’t do it. He gives her a pep talk about not being negative…reaches way back into the vaults of Salem history to regurgitate about her treatment of Eric Brady…marrying Lucas only to turn him into an alcoholic… seducing old man Kiriakis for his money…all the while keeping Colin on the side.

Nicole looks at him suspiciously and insists on knowing why he is helping her. We get a flashback of Brady and Nicole running into Sami and Lucas. Brady is chastising Sami for picking on Belle regarding the double booked wedding day. Stan puffs out his chest and proclaims that he is the only man in existence who wants her to end up with the man she loves aka Brady and destroy his life in the process. He twists the knife a little and tells her that she could lose everything she wants if she doesn’t do what he says. She asks him why he wants Brady to suffer (how many times has he answered this already???)…same old answer…revenge..Brady needs to be punished and saddled with a scheming, gold-digging bitch like Nicole.

Brady arrives before Nicole can agree to the scheme and she runs out to hug him. He tells her he came home to pack. Stan lurks. Brady reminds Nicole that he will have a surprise for her when he returns from the mission and runs upstairs. Stan makes a return appearance and mocks Nicole about which girl he will be coming home to. She knows what she must do. Stan leaves very self-satisfied.

Hospital: Jennifer, Abby, Hope, Bo, and unfortunately Billie

Jennifer is in Abby’s room. She tells a sleeping Abby about the party for her...about the cake she made...balloons...presents. Jen tells Abby that she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost her.

Out in the hospital corridor, Billie (like her mother before her) is holding center stage and victimizing Hope. Bo is angry as well and asks Hope why she hung up on the woman. Hope tries to get a word in edgewise but Billie doesn’t want anyone raining on her parade and just talks over her. Bo of course could have saved the world if he only had a brain…oops I mean if only he had gotten that call. Billie goes on and on and on casting Hope as evil incarnate…murderess of the Bensons…etc…etc… The boy who cried wolf scenario comes up but Miss Billie tears that down with her fangs…calling Hope jealous and begrudging her of a tiny little corner of Bo’s life for poor, poor, poor, poor Billie and her Georgia.

Jennifer comes out and Billie tells the story all over again (lucky us). She trashes Hope again. Hope stands there looking devastated and Bo does nothing to defend her. She talks to Jennifer privately about it saying that Billie never told her why she called and that she would have helped if she had known. She apologizes to Bo but he brushes it off and tells her that Billie is upset because of the noble promise she made the Chelsea’s mom…and of course because this makes her thing of her daughter…groan… etc…etc… He says that a lot of people are in pain right now (how about your wife, Bo?)

Hope tries to tell Jennifer again her side but even Jennifer is turning away from her angrily. A nurse tells them that Chelsea is out of surgery but that Dr. Carver will come and tell them what happened. Billie thinks dire thoughts and grabs Bo for a hug. She stares daggers at Hope.

Belle’s Loft/Shawn’s Loft: Belle/Mimi/Rex & Shawn/Belle

Mimi goes to see Belle and pours her heart out about what happened. Belle believes her that it was an accident but tells her to be honest with Rex. Mimi doesn’t know if she can do that. She talks about how she started telling lies and now can’t stop.

Over at Shawn’s loft, he is busy making a video for Belle. He tells her he’s sorry he can’t tell her what he is going to do before he leaves but that she would try to stop him and he can’t let that happen. He tells her that he is doing it for her and for them and that he is making the video and going to put it in a special place because if anything happens to him...if he’s captured or killed...then he knows that she will go to the place and find the video. He tells her he loves her...always has and always will. (the video was very short but very sweet).

Back at Belle’s, she tells Mimi to trust in their love and tell Rex the truth. She uses what happened to her and Shawn as an example of what can happen when you don’t. Rex knocks on the door looking for Mimi and asks to speak to her alone. Belle leaves.

Shawn hears a knock and opens the door. Belle comes in and says she needs to talk to him about Mimi. She sees the bag he is packing and wants to know what is going on. He tells her that he is going out of town for a few days. She accuses him of going to rescue Philip on his own. Shawn plays on those last three words and promises that he isn’t because she and his parents convinced him he couldn’t do it “on his own.” She makes him swear that he’s not lying to her and won’t break his promise and he does. He tells her he’s leaving because it’s just too hard to be around her when they can’t be together. He feels bad about pressuring her. Belle gets mad and says some things I just know are going to haunt her later…lol…he’s taking the easy way out…he’s selfish and just running away like before. Shawn denies it and says he loves her. She runs out. Shawn says that when they get back with marine boy, she will understand.

Rex tells Mimi that he is going away for a few days. She seems to be relieved…lol…and Rex looks at her closely and asks if there is a reason that she doesn’t want them together. She tap dances around the issue and tells him she will miss him. Rex is sure that she will be waiting for him when he gets back…Mimi says yes but murmurs to herself…unless she’s in jail.


Belle and Mimi talk about both Shawn and Rex going out of town. Belle asks Mimi if there is something they aren’t telling them.

Billie tells Hope that this is all her fault and that she ruined that girl’s life (um I think we get it now!!!)

John tells Kate that she got sucked into this and he is not going to finance a suicide mission…they are going to get themselves killed.

And finally but unfortunately...a Philip sighting:

Macho Phil telling his guards that they don’t even have orders so they don’t know what to do next. One of the guards tells another one to kill Philip and they point a gun at him as shots are heard.


Friday Apr 22

Janice’s Spoilers

Belle’s Loft: Belle and Mimi

Belle and Mimi are drinking tea. Belle talks about Shawn running off again and wondering if he’ll return. Mimi tries to comfort her and says that Jan’s not involved this time so of course he’ll be back. Belle thinks that she should tell the police about Jan locking Shawn up and holding him hostage so they will know just what sort of person she really is. Mimi is totally against it saying it will work against her.

Belle asks Mimi if she has told Rex the truth yet. Mimi tells her she didn’t have a chance to because he told her he was going away. Belle puts two and two together and wonders if both Shawn and Rex are going away, if there is something going on they haven’t told them. Belle thinks that they are off on the rescue mission and tells Mimi that they have to stop them.

Shawn’s Loft: Shawn, Rex, Brady, and Lucas/Later Belle and Mimi

Rex tells Shawn that he’s downloaded everything they need. Shawn says that must mean they are ready to go. He asks Rex how Mimi reacted to the news that he was leaving. Rex tells him she was okay with it and asks about Belle’s response. Shawn answers that Belle was mad but that he doesn’t blame her because she thinks he’s running off on her again and he can’t tell her the truth. Rex is hopeful that upon their return with marine boy that all will be forgiven.

Lucas and Brady arrive. Brady tells them that the plane has been loaded with weapons and ammunition and everything is ready to go. Lucas mentions that he hopes that Kate won’t say anything to John.

Rex tells them that there is a problem on his computer. John knows that someone has been hacking into his computer and has requested a full-scale investigation. Shawn says he can’t find out or they’ll be shut down. Brady thinks his dad is in too much pain to do anything, but they decide they should start moving before they get busted. Rex does something on the computer to take John’s attention away from what they are doing.

Belle and Mimi arrive at the boys’ loft only to find it empty. Mimi isn’t sure that means they are together though. Belle says that Shawn would have left a note or something if he were going to risk his life. We get a flashback where Shawn gives Belle the key to his Grandpa Tom’s chest. He tells her that everything that is important to him is inside and that if something happens to him he wants her to have it. Back in the present, Belle finds the key on her key chain and opens the chest up. She’s upset that she didn’t think to open it when he ran off last time and was with Jan and tells Mimi that the last thing she did was yell at him. Inside the chest are lots of cards…Christmas…Valentine’s Day… snowman Christmas ornament. Belle says he saved everything. Then she sees the video and takes it out to play. She murmurs that if anything happens to him and then in the next second says…if he broke his promise.

The video is playing and Shawn is telling Belle that he is sorry he can’t tell her what is going on but that she would try to stop him and he can’t let that happen. He tells her he is doing this for her and for them and says he is putting the video in a special place…(it is pretty much what we saw yesterday). He tells her about their plans to rescue Philip and that he is doing it for her. Shawn tells Belle that there are no words to describe what she means to him. Belle is crying as she listens. Finally, he ends by telling her he will always love her and that she makes him a better person. If he dies, he will wait for her in heaven and will never stop loving her. Mimi wonders if Rex could die too and Belle tells her not if they have anything to say about it and they run out of the loft.

Stan’s Room: Stan

Stan touches up his makeup and muses on who is next on his hit list. It turns out to be Philip. In the next scene he is reading a warrior magazine and the phone rings. He tells the person at the other end that he won’t go after Philip but is told to look outside his door where he finds a box. Inside is his camouflage gear for the trip. Stan is shocked and says he can’t do it but is told to follow the instructions exactly as they are written. He is told it is the prices he has to pay to get revenge.

Penthouse: John, and Kate

Kate comes in and we get a flashback (naturally) of her talk with Lucas. She sees John working at the computer. He tells her that someone hacked into his ISA computer and he’s plenty mad and is going to report them. Kate tells him he can’t and he gets suspicious and wants to know what she knows about it…dangerous info…etc…etc… Kate goes all feminine and wants him to hold her. She tells him she did a terrible thing and that she let their sons do something. John is very angry and figures out that its Rex. All of a sudden Kate is worried about her children and his…go figure…sigh… John figures they are going to rescue Philip and asks Kate if it was Shawn’s idea. He wonders if they suckered Brady into going because they needed money. He’s going to put a stop to this suicide mission.

John tells Kate that the ISA grounded all planes. Belle and Mimi come in and Belle tells her dad that he has to stop them from leaving. They head off to the airport.

Airport: Boys of summer, Belle, Mimi, John, and Kate

Brady tells the others that everything is loaded onto the plane and he’s off to check with the pilot. Lucas decides to call Will who is spending the night with Mickey and Maggie. He’s worried about Will because Sami is gone as well. Shawn goes to call Bo and Hope and gets voice mail. Bo phones him back and Shawn says he just wanted to thank him for the talk. His dad tells him about the accident and Shawn tells him he’s sorry and asks about Abby. Bo tells him she’ll be okay. A plane can be heard taking off in the background and Bo wants to know what’s happening. Shawn tells him that he’s on the roof and a plane is flying by.

Shawn talks about Belle and how his dad was right about him being afraid to lose her. He tells him that he wants to change and do good things...make a difference. Bo wants to know that Shawn isn’t going to take any more risks. Shawn tells him he won’t and knows his limits. It’s a really heartfelt talk. Rex taps his shoulder pointing to his watch and Shawn tells Bo that his cell phone is dying and he has to go. He tells the boys that his parents won’t worry about him now.

Brady comes back and there’s another snag. The Jet’s been grounded. In the next seen, the boys are on the plane and Brady tells them that they’ve been cleared for takeoff. He says “money talks, gentlemen. Get buckled up because we’re on our way!”

John, Kate, Belle, and Mimi arrive at the airport too late. They are told that the plane has been cleared.

Hospital: Hope, Bo, Billie, Patrick, and Lexie

Hope stands watching Bo and Billie together. Billie goes on another Hope is the devil rampage. Patrick asks Hope how Abby and Jennifer are. She tells him that Abby is fine but that Jennifer blames her. Hope tells him that it’s her fault because she didn’t tell Bo about Billie’s call and that Chelsea will be an orphan because of it. Patrick tells her that he doesn’t blame her for what happened.

Hope still thinks it’s her fault but Patrick tells her he understands why she did it and that it wouldn’t have made any difference. He mentions being right there and calling about the Mayor’s wife right after Billie hung up and that the emergency teams arrived within fifteen minutes. Hope tells him that Bo could have had a medical helicopter there in five minutes. She doesn’t understand why Bo is on Billie’s side. Patrick shows her the stuffed lamb he brought to keep Abby company.

Billie is upset about not getting news regarding Chelsea…etc…etc…more Hope ranting…if Hope had told him… Bo finally grabs a brain and says that it’s a big if. He talks about a tragedy like this bringing up memories of Georgia and tells them that they will find their daughter. Lexie arrives and they ask her about Chelsea.

Chelsea survived the surgery but is still in critical condition and will have a long and painful recovery. Hope comes up and tells them she is praying for her… enter Billie’s mouth again stage left… yada… yada…hang Hope from the nearest tree…etc…etc… Bo finally comes to Hope’s defense and tells Billie to not talk to his wife that way. Billie takes off with a disgusted and hateful look on her face. Bo turns back to Hope and tells her that Billie is just upset…ya think? He kisses her forehead and tells her to relax. Any minute now I swear he’s going to pat her little head.

Patrick steps up to the plate and says that it isn’t Hope’s fault but Bo doesn’t want to hear it. Hope walks away. Patrick comments to Bo about how he always comes to Billie’s rescue so he shouldn’t really blame Hope for not saying anything…more arguing between the two of them. Hope steps between them and tells them to stop. She tells Bo that if he needs time then she’ll give him time and walks out. Bo calls her name. Patrick goes after her. Lexie gets paged by Abe.

Bo is talking to Shawn on the phone (see airport scenes). He tells Billie that Shawn sounds more like his old self. Billie tells Bo to go after Hope and tell her but Bo decides not to because he is sure he would just get into it again with Patrick. Patrick offers to take Hope for a ride and to get some coffee so that things can quiet down and then she can talk to Bo alone. She decides to take him up on his offer.

Billie gets a duffel bag from the nurse with a white t-shirt with the name Georgia on it (bloodied) inside. She’s upset.

Lexie calls Abe…they are arguing about her having a job. He’s upset that he can’t work and hangs up on her (we don’t see or hear him). She calls him and suggests they have a quiet evening or maybe watch a movie. She remembers that he is blind and changes that to listening to music when she gets home. He tells her he’s tired and not to wake him up when she gets home. Lexie gets upset because he hangs up before she can tell him she loves him…we all know where this is going unfortunately.

Somewhere in the world: Philip, and captors

Philip figures the guards don’t have a plan, opens his big mouth to say so, and gets slapped a few times. A guard comes in with bad news so Phil gets cuffed again. The guards (British accents?) leave and one tells the other about the castle/no survivors and that there is no news from Tony or Bart. They talk about what they should do with marine boy who is pulling on his chains. One of the guards says that holding a marine now only makes them a target. Afterwards the guard fixes the loose lock and they both decide to kill Phil and everyone who tries to rescue him, pointing their guns at him and he says “yeah.”


Billie asks Bo who could be doing this to them. Bo tells her they are going to get some answers...now!

Mimi tells Belle that no matter what she does, she is going to lose Rex. She says she has to leave Salem.

John tells Kate that he wants her in his life because he has fallen in love with her.

Roman tells Marlena on the plane that what “they” don’t know won’t hurt them.


Monday Apr 25

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: Kudos to Matthew Ashford for his acting today...absolutely wonderful.

Clinic: Nancy, Chloe, Nicole, and Nurse

Nancy is at the nurse’s station freaking out because she can’t find Chloe. Chloe appears and tells her mom to relax and that she just went for a walk. She explains about going to the church, finding Brady there, and wanting so badly to talk to him. She also tells about how she overheard everything he said and can’t wait to walk down the aisle and have him put his mom’s ring on her finger. Chloe can’t wait for the surgery tomorrow so she can tell Brady she’s alive and okay and then he can dump Nicole. Nicole is sitting with her back to them at the computer, disguised as a nurse with a nursing cap and thick-rimmed glasses. They walk away and she mumbles that it’s not going to happen.

A nurse stops at the desk and asks Nicole if she is the new floater. Nicole keeps her back to her and mumbles yes. The nurse wants to know why she is there so late and Nicole murmurs something about paperwork. The other nurse commiserates and asks if she will be on in the morning. Nicole says yes again and just then Chloe returns. The nurse introduces Chloe to a disguised Nicole and says she will be assisting the doctor during her surgery. Chloe says hello, Nicole pulls the mask over half her face and mumbles something about having allergies. The other nurse offers to find someone else for tomorrow but Nicole scrambles to tell her that she’ll be fine by morning.

Nicole goes behind the corner to listen. Nancy wants Chloe to rest. The nurse goes to get Chloe some orange juice. Chloe promises her mom that she will be ready to talk to Brady after the surgery and then he will dump Nicole. Nicole mumbles that there isn’t going to be any surgery.

The nurse comes back and tells Chloe how good the doctor is and that he uses an imaging system and will examine the x-rays before making a decision. If there is a problem then he will cancel the surgery. Nicole mumbles that there will be a major problem. She is going to make sure the doctor gets the wrong x-rays. The nurse leaves. Nancy and Chloe go back to Chloe’s room. Nicole slips out and starts fiddling with Chloe’s file folder. Nancy comes back and wants to know what she is doing.

Airport: Belle, Mimi, Kate, and John

Belle is extremely angry at Kate for not saying anything about what the guys were planning. She wants answers from Kate who just stands there and says nothing. Belle wants to know how she could do it.

John is all bluster and puffed out and demands to go after the boys. The guard won’t let him. He says they have already left and that John doesn’t look as if he is in any shape to do it anyway.

Belle is ragging (Yes!!!) at Kate. She says... “So as long as you knew it was Shawn, you didn’t give a damn. But now that your three sons are involved you suddenly care?” She tells Kate that it was bad enough when Phil was in danger but now all four of them could lose their lives and its all Kate’s fault. Mimi tells Kate that she is angry as well. Kate excuses herself by saying that it’s her boys...yeah right!

John comes and starts defending Kate. He pretty much brushes off his daughter. Belle goes into his arms and asks why she has to lose everyone. She misses her mom so much and wishes she was there. All the while John is looking over her shoulder and Kate as if to comfort her. John starts defending Kate again and Belle sees red. She asks her dad how he can defend and comfort her. John tries to stop her and Belle asks with astonishment: “You two aren’t together are you?” She asks her dad how he can even think of moving on...mom is his wife. John talks about needing to move on. Belle is crying now and she looks hatefully at Kate and says: “With her? Move on with her?” She says she won’t accept it...that it’s all wrong and that he is making a huge mistake and will regret it. (John looks as if he could care less about Belle...it’s all about Kate’s needs as far as he is concerned). Belle and Mimi leave in anger.

Kate turns to John and asks him if he wants to call things off. John tells her absolutely not. She tells him that Belle is very upset and he answers that he can’t worry about what his kids think because she is good for him and he can’t live with out her...yada...yada... and he’s fallen in love with her. Kate says she doesn’t know what to do. John tells her he still loves Marlena but she isn’t coming back and the only way he can live his life is to have Kate by his side. He hopes he isn’t putting too much pressure on her (yeah right, how needy can you get???) He tells her that they will get the situation with their sons fixed first and then talk about them. They hug.

The guard tells John that a plane is asking for clearance to land. John hopes the boys have talked some sense into Shawn and that they are coming back. The plane can’t be identified yet.

Belle’s Loft: Belle and Mimi

Belle and Mimi walk into the loft upset. Belle says that they could lose all of them. She says that when her mom was alive she used to think that things would turn out okay, but now the worse seems to happen all the time. Mimi says that she always knew it. She decides to take a look on Rex’s lap top to see if they can find out anything more about their rescue mission. She sits down and turns it on and says... “OMG..this is incredible!”

Mimi and Belle watch a video that Rex prepared for Mimi in case anything happened to him. It’s really hard to explain this video...the backgrounds are all cartoonish...I think it’s supposed to be funny...for example: storks flying all over the place with a grinning Mimi standing in between them and a voiceover by Rex saying what a wonderful mom she will be...another clip shows them at the beach...like those old beach movies...it really comes out very lame in my humble opinion and yet Mimi is crying as she hears him tells her that in case something happens to him he wants her to know that he loves her and wants to marry her.

Mimi says that she doesn’t deserve Rex and wonders what he will say when he hears about all the terrible things she has done. We see a fantasy of Rex coming home in camouflage gear and saying how great it was to rescue Phil. A policewoman is there arresting Mimi for killing Jan and also because she had an abortion and can’t have children. Mimi wants to know what that has to do with it. Rex is shocked that she lied to him. He tells her that he never wants to see her again and the fantasy ends. Mimi is crying and decides that she has to leave town for good.

Belle tells her she is being ridiculous. She reminds her how when Belle thought that she was responsible for Philip being in danger and being captured that Mimi was there to tell her it wasn’t her fault. She tells Mimi that she has to be there for Rex when he comes home and gives her back some of her own advice...follow your heart.

Plane: Jack, Roman, and Marlena

Jack is looking out of the window. He’s too keyed up to sleep. Marlena mentions that Cassie is asleep in the back. Marlena wants to call their loved ones so they won’t be shocked by their arrival. Roman says he wants to surprise Kate and Jack says he just wants to fall right into Jennifer’s arms. He tells them that he thinks today is Abby’s 17th birthday and it will be like birthdays, Christmas and every holiday rolled into one if he can get there for it.

Marlena can’t believe that they will see everyone in two hours. Jack has a wonderful fantasy throughout the show. We see Jennifer at home icing a cake (pink and white this time). She talks to herself about how Jack’s favorite part was the icing. Jack comes in and yells surprise and Jennifer is shocked. We come back to the present and Jack says he can’t wait to surprise her. (This is a soft-spoken Jack today...very understated and very sweet).

Marlena tells Roman that she is wondering what it might be like to be with John again. She worries about what they will be walking into and how awkward it will be. Jack’s fantasy starts up again. He and Jennifer and kissing and he tastes the icing. Jennifer shows him the bracelet he made for Abby and he is excited that he’ll get to give it to her. She tells him that Abby will be home in about an hour and he tells her that they have just enough time for a real reunion. He picks her up in his arms. Back to the present, he says this time it will be real...

Roman wants Marlena to get some rest but she tells him that every time she closes her eyes she sees the video of John and Kate making love. They talk about what they did and he tells her that it was out of loneliness and despair. She wants to know how they can face their spouses after what they have done. Roman thinks if they tell them it will only be hurtful. Marlena says she can’t live a lie. He asks her if she thinks Kate and John will tell them that they are sleeping together and suggests that they wait and see what happens...focus on being free and going home. He wants Marlena to promise not to say anything.

More of Jack’s fantasy... Jack and Jennifer are making love under a thick blanket when they hear the door open and scramble to hide the evidence...lol... Jack hides in the kitchen and Abby comes into the room. Jennifer says...happy birthday sweetie and tells her she has a surprise for her and to close her eyes. She asks Abby what is the one thing that she wants more than anything in the world.

Jack comes in with a ribbon tied around him (like a present) and yells surprise. Abby screams and the look on Jack’s face is hilarious. She runs into his arms and they hug. In the final scene of the fantasy we see Jennifer, Abby, and Jack carrying Jack Jr. He can’t believe how big he’s gotten. Jack tells Abby to blow out her candles and make a wish but she tells him her wish has already come true. They share a group hug.

Back in the present, Jack murmurs that it won’t be long now.

Hospital: Jennifer, Abby, Bo, and Billie

Jennifer is in Abby’s room. Abby wakes up and wants to know what happened. Jennifer tells her about the accident. Abby asks about Chelsea and her parents. Jen tells her the bad news about the Bentons and that Chelsea is in critical condition. She tells Abby that they need to pray for her and give her love and support.

Jennifer gives Abby the stuffed lamb. Abby smiles and holds it to her remembering that her dad gave it to her. She says that she wishes he was here. Jennifer says...so do I...so do I.

In the hospital waiting area, Bo comes in and tells Billie that no one saw the duffel bag get dropped off. She tells him that it has to be Georgia’s blood and he tells her that they will get answers. Bo sees a luggage tag with an address inside and Billie thinks that’s where they will find her. She’s gung ho to go after her (um what about Chelsea???) and to hell with anything else but Bo tells her no...that this time he isn’t going off on a tangent into danger. This time they will wait for the lab results from the blood and then decide what to do.

Billie insists that she is going. Bo says he has to find Hope and tell her first. He comes back and says he couldn’t find her and her car is missing. Billie says she doesn’t care and that all she cares about is Georgia. They get the lab results and it’s positive. Billie is determined that she is going to check out the address with or without Bo...She goes into a sob routine...hasn’t Georgia suffered enough...haven’t we? Flashback to her at the grave (thank god it’s quick). She is determined not to bury her daughter again. Bo caves in but says he still needs to find Hope and tell her.

Bo says Hope’s phone is dead. Jennifer comes out holding it and saying that Hope left it in Abby’s room. She tells him that she doesn’t think he should go with Billie. Billie’s voice is dripping with sarcasm as she thanks Jen for her support. Billie goes on a Hope rant again... Jennifer explains that she’s not against Bo looking for his daughter but that he needs to talk to Hope first...she is his wife and deserves to know if he is walking into danger. Billie wants to know how Jennifer can be so darned concerned about Hope after what she did. Bo comes back and says he still didn’t get hold of Hope but left a message on her voicemail. He hugs Jennifer and tells her to tell Hope that Shawn phoned and he’s okay. Bo and Billie leave. Jennifer mumbles that Hope won’t like this one little bit.


Billie and Bo driving: Billie tells him that she will make a deal with him...they go check out the lead and then he can go home to Hope (very nice of you to give your permission...grrr).

Jennifer talking to Abby: She tells Abby that Jack was the best husband anyone could ask for. (Jack is standing in the doorway listening). Abby says she knows and that he can see them now.

Marlena tells Roman that she’s scared.

Kate tells John that the past is the past and she believes with all her heart that her future is with him.


Tuesday Apr 26

Pat’s Spoilers

This has to be a very quick and short report. It’s close to 7pm and I just finished watching the show. Normally these reports take an hour to an hour and half to write up – don’t have that kind of time to spend on it this evening.

My positives – I absolutely loved the Jennifer/Abby scenes today. I loved Jack. Maggie looks beautiful. Mickey and Maggie’s reactions to Jack were priceless.

My rant – John and Kate – John rushing to propose to Kate – where’s this much touted connection he has with Marlena that he doesn’t even know his wife is in the terminal at that moment. Oh yeah – must of have been the same place Belle’s was when she was crying on Philip’s shoulders and being petted. I also watched the episode where whiny Belle lashes out at Kate. Of course – it’s all about Belle again and her whining about everybody leaving her. Gosh, listen to yourself and you’ll know why they all run in the other direction. Someone needs to tell her to get over herself because she’s not all that. And than she has the audacity to remind her father that he is married – that Marlena is his wife – perhaps she should remind herself that she is married and that she has no right to keep Shawn dangling on a leash while she plays at being the noble, loving wife of soldier who is MIA. But the bright side was that today’s Canadian episode was a whiny Belle free zone – loved it!!!

Airport/Airplane: Jack wakes up Cassie and tells her they are almost home. Marlena admits to Roman that she is a little scared. They have been gone for so long and so much has happened that she doesn’t know what to expect. Roman says they have been together night and day, sleeping in the same bed, chained together that it’s going to be difficult to be apart from her but he’s looking forward to going home. He’s actually thankful that Tony let them see that John and Kate were lovers. He talks about how it was when he came home after being imprisoned by Stefano to find her and John living the life the two of them should have had – they all pretended that nothing had happened and Marlena came back to him. Then when he realised that she was in love with John he didn’t know what to do with himself. Marlena says she doesn’t blame John and Kate for turning to each other because they believed that she and Roman were dead. She tells Roman that if she would have believed they were ever going to escape from Tony she would have never made love. They hit some turbulence just before landing. The pilot announces they can’t leave the plane because they have to clear immigration – they have no papers. Jack can’t wait. Roman tells him that he and Marlena will take care of it. He tells Cassie to go to the pub and explain it as best as she can to Grandpa Shawn and he’ll be there as soon as he can.

John is told that a private jet has asked for clearance to land. Kate hopes that the guys have come to their senses and turned around and came back. She made remarks several times about Shawn’s stupidity…grrr… John tells her again that he couldn’t have made it this far without her. He says I love you and then asks her why she didn’t say anything back. She starts crying. She’s so worried about her sons – yada, yada, yada. He tells her it okay. She tells him how Philip asked her right after Roman died if she thought there could ever be anything between her and John – not to close off that part of herself because she had so much love to give. She says she told Philip she couldn’t think about that. She then tells John he is so brave and she is a coward because she has been in love with him for a long long time but she wouldn’t even admit it to herself. They kiss. They find out the plane isn’t the Titan jet so they are going to leave but John collapses. They sit down and John says he is alright. Kate wants them to go home but John wants to do something – in fact he feels this sense of urgency to do it right now. Kate protests and he tells her not to interrupt a man when he’s trying to propose. How stupid – he pulls out this ring box – when did he go shopping??? – and proposes and she accepts – all this while she is still wearing Roman’s rings on ring finger. They kiss. Roman and Marlena enter the terminal so happy to be home. They both realise they have no money to pay for a cab. They see the couple kissing (Kate has a hood on our something) – Marlena says – look at that couple – they are so in love that they kiss in the middle of an airport. It’s so romantic and she thinks that is great because maybe they will give them a ride home…huh?

Clinic: Nicole in her nurse’s uniform and mask spends the whole time trying to change the labels of Chloe’s x-ray’s – apparently the doctor will look at the scan and if he doesn’t like what he sees he won’t operate. Nicole is going to put Chloe’s label on a different x-ray. She gets questioned by a different nurse, by Chloe and then by Nancy but no one recognizes her. Nicole pretends she has allergies and coughs a lot. It was all just a repeat of how Chloe won’t let Brady know she’s alive until she looks the way she used to. Nicole vows to make sure that will never happen – at least she admits she’s desperate. Boring…

Bo and Billie: Bo actually said a few smart things today but what was the point – he ends up caving in to what Billie wants. They are in the car driving to Ogden which is apparently just outside of Salem. Billie keeps showing him the sweater and the blood and yapping about how much their daughter needs them…groan. Bo does want to go back and talk to Hope. I’m sorry – but Billie was terrible today – the way she talked about Hope had my blood boiling. Bo finally tells her that his marriage is in trouble and that he can’t live without Hope. Hope and the boys are his life. He tells Billie that he has to do this from the sidelines – she can search and he’ll help from home. Billie really talks down Hope then. She says if they were married and if he had Zach with Hope and Zach went missing, she would be right by his side searching for his child…blech… She then tells him she can’t do this without him. Hmm…first she gets him to go with her by threatening that she will go without him and now all of a sudden, when he tells her to do it on her own – she can’t do it without him. He tells her that it’s different for her – she is alone, he has a wife and 2 sons that need him. Billie gets angry and tells him to turn the car around and go home to his wife – she yells who needs you. Bo says good question, our daughter needs me. So of course he goes with her. They get to the place and Bo doesn’t have a good feeling about the place – he thinks it’s a trap.

Hospital: I’m not going to go into detail on the Jennifer and Abby scenes. They were so good. I loved every second of them. I especially loved Abby. She apologizes to Jen for the way she has been acting and tells her that she is the best mom in the whole world and that she loves her very much. They talk about Jack. Abby accepts that he is gone but she wants to believe that he can hear her in heaven because she wants to say goodbye. Jen phones home where Mickey and Maggie are with Jack Jr. She tells Maggie to bring her an overnight bag. Mickey and Maggie decide that if Abby can’t home for her party that they should take the party to her. Maggie goes to the hospital. Jack comes busting in the house and sees Mickey on the couch. Jack calls out from Jennifer. Mickey doesn’t look up from the TV – just says, Jennifer’s not home Jack. Oh goodness – when Mickey realises what he just said … LOL! Jack says give me a hug. Mickey tells him about Abby and gives Jack his car keys. Jack rushes to the hospital and runs into Maggie who is about to surprise Abby with her cake. Maggie is shocked and says what happened – how – Jack says – 2 words, Tony DiMera. Maggie tells him to say no more. She gives him the cake. Jack goes into the room where he finds Abby and Jen with their eyes closed as Jen is saying a prayer for him and talking about how they were so lucky to have him in their lives. He was the best father and the best husband and they will love him forever.

Previews: Nicole fingering a scalpel – I have to make sure Chloe never wants Brady to see her again. Oops – she plunges the scalpel into the counter. Chloe (must be dreaming) – Brady what is it – she looks in a mirror and starts crying – oh my god. Jennifer looking back saying oh my gosh, it can’t be. Kate to John – I know my future is with you. We’re going to be happy. Roman – Oh my god, I don’t believe it.


Wednesday Apr 27

Pat’s Spoilers

The Devereaux family reunion should not be missed. It was everything it should have been and more. I enjoyed every second of it! And baby Jack is just the cutest little baby … LOL! The way the baby looked at Jack and then at Abby had me laughing through my tears. Mickey and Maggie being there at the end just seemed to make the occasion even more special.

There’s a bit of a repeat of Jen’s prayer with Jack standing in the doorway holding the cake at the beginning. Jen and Abby hug and Abby looks up and sees Jack. She says ‘Daddy’. Jen wishes he could be there and Abby tells her he is. Jen stands up and tells Abby she should get some rest. Jack says not until she has some cake. I loved the expression on Jen’s face when she heard Jack’s voice. She turns around and says oh my gosh, it is you. They hug. Abby says she knew he would come home to them. Jen still can’t believe it and says it’s you and Jack smiles and says yes it’s me. Jack tells Jen he missed her so much and she tells him the same. Jack has a flashback to Madison and he touches the side of Jen’s face. She asks him what is wrong. He says it’s you, it’s really you. Jen is confused and Jack says it’s a long story and he’ll tell her all about it but first he wants to do this. He dips her and kisses her and Abby smiles.

Jen and Abby want to know all the details but Jack wants to savour the moment. . Jack says he has been dreaming of this moment every single minute he was gone he just thought it would be at home and not in the hospital. Jen asks how he knew they were there and he says Mickey told him. She asked if he saw the baby and he says no, he just ran out of there. He tells Abby he’s really sorry that the people in the car with her died but he is so grateful that she is going to be okay. She tells him she never felt better and starts getting out bed saying they should go home. Jack says get back into bed young lady… and then he pauses and says you really are a young lady and wonders what happened to his little girl. Jen says your little girl turned 17 today. Jack tells Abby that Maggie sent her cake with him so they could light the candles and she could blow them out and make a wish. Abby says my wish already came true. Jen smiles and says mine too. Jack is on one side of Abby and Jen on the other – it’s so cute. Jack says he will never be separated from them again. Never, never, never.

Abby and Jen tell Jack he has to at least tell them something. He says Tony DiMera held him captive in a castle in Europe. Jen thought he was dead. Jack says he wasn’t but he is now. He tells them about the castle, the fire and the explosions. Jack says that he came home with 3 other people, Roman, Marlena and Cassie. He thinks that Tony had Victor and Caroline in the castle as well but he doesn’t think they made it out. He says that Tony and Bart are dead. Jack says it was a miracle we made it out alive. Maggie hears the ‘we’ and wants to know who he is referring to him. Maggie says she came back from the dead so nothing would surprise her. Jack says that Roman and Kate and John and Marlena are probably having a reunion of their own right now.

Abby agrees with Maggie’s assessment that Jack coming home was the best present she could have gotten. Mickey brings in Jack Jr and says he didn’t want to be left out and I’m sure I heard him say ‘dada’. The joy on Jack’s face when he sees his son is so touching. He can’t believe how big he has gotten – he remembers him as only being this big (he uses hand measurements…LOL). He takes the baby and kisses him on the forehead and says ‘Jack’ I’m your ‘dada’. The Devereaux family is gathered around Abby – the baby is just so cute as he looks from one to the other and then smiles. Mickey and Maggie smile and touch foreheads.

Sigh… I really loved those scenes.

As for the rest of the show – I just couldn’t get too excited about it. They’re really playing up John and Kate’s ‘love’ before the reunions actually happen. What I found strange is that Roman and Marlena were told not to leave the terminal until Shane could talk to them telling me that Shane knows they are alive. Yet John tells Kate not to worry because Shane assured him that the ISA would intercept the plane carrying the 4 mouseketeers (my word – not John’s) when it lands. Why wouldn’t have Shane told John that Roman and Marlena alive? Another case of sloppy writing.

Here’s a short recap of the goings on at the airport.

The John and Kate stuff was icky. John wants to make their engagement official but she is stilling wearing her rings. She takes them off and says Roman is in the past. I hate when John calls her Katie girl…yuck. She’s worried that Belle might not accept her especially if her and Philip break up. He says she’ll be alright when she sees how happy your make her father. Kate wishes that Belle would realise that her and Philip could be happy if she would only give him a chance. John tells her one step at a time – first Philip has to come home and he’s going to see to it that all of them come home. John says lets go home…Kate likes the sound of that. However, John needs to be off his feet so he leaves his cane behind and they go into the lounge. He says he and Marlena used to come in here before every flight – flashback. Kate asks if he is alright. He just needs to get off his feet for a while. He says they can celebrate their engagement and then says to Kate you probably don’t feeling like celebrating. She says her boys would want her to celebrate because they want her to be happy. She thinks she focused so much on making sure her children were happy because she didn’t think she would ever be happy again. He orders the finest champagne. He tells Kate that he is going to spend the rest of his life loving her…yuck.

Marlena stops and tells Roman, you were right (for stopping her from interrupting the kissing couple). They’re going at it again. They’re probably going straight to the Jetway Inn. Roman says the battery on the satellite phone is dead. Marlena thinks that maybe the couple will let them use a cell phone. Roman doesn’t want to call. Marlena is surprised by this until he explains that he just doesn’t think they should tell Kate and John they are alive over the telephone. He says it will be enough of a surprise seeing us in person. Marlena adds especially if they’ve moved on with each other. Roman says that John loves her and Kate loves and nothing is going to change that. He says lets go home. Marlena is so happy to be heading home but unfortunately they get stopped and told to wait for a call from Shane Donovan. Roman suggests they go into the Lounge and have a drink. Marlena wants to know how they’re going to pay for them – with her good looks. Roman says he keeps forgetting. They decide to go up there and wait in comfort. One of the guys working there is an ex-detective who is on disability because of a shootout. Apparently Roman saved his life. Roman borrows twenty bucks from him. Marlena says John always used to bring her here – nice made up flashback of them there before leaving on their honeymoon. (A continuation of the f/b John had when he and Kate entered the Lounge). Roman reminds her that she was there with him. Marlena doesn’t remember that. Flashback to when he was guarding her from the Salem Strangler…lol – they had to keep that really fuzzy. Roman says that she had a lot of firsts with him and not John up to and including marriage. Marlena looks a little uncomfortable with that statement. The bartender makes an announcement that there are two couples celebrating – one couple celebrating 50 years of marriage and one couple that just got engaged. He tells them to stand up and take a bow. Everyone claps. Roman and Marlena don’t see the one couple. Roman says there is something familiar about that couple, I feel like I know them. Marlena says one way to find out - we could go over and congratulate them. They get up and Roman looks surprised and says you and points his finger.

Clinic: This must be to give Chloe and Nicole something to do while Brady is out of time – it’s boring filler because it’s all repetitive. Nancy keeps trying to convince Chloe not to go through with the risky surgery because Brady loves her for who she is on the inside. She brings up how he was there for her when she lost her hair because of the chemo treatments. Chloe gives the same old answer. Chloe is given a sedative and Nancy leaves to go home. Chloe has a dream about Brady being there to take her bandages off. Her face is horribly disfigured and she starts crying and hides her face in a pillow. Brady tells her he loves her and kisses her and gives her the mirror again – no scars. Nicole is still prowling around the nurse’s station. She objects when she is told by the night nurse that she’s going to take her off the schedule. Nicole gives her a sob story about needing money for her sick mother to pay for nursing care. Nancy sees Nicole with the chart and comments about the color-coding. The other nurse is concerned about how bad Nicole’s voice sounds all of a sudden. Nancy says if you’re sick you can’t be in the operating room. Nicole says it’s just allergies, she’s not contagious. Nancy says okay and leaves. The other nurse admires Nicole for working surgery – she doesn’t have the stomach for it. After the nurse graphically describes the surgery Nicole isn’t feeling too good. It ends with Nicole holding the scalpel outside of Chloe’s room saying you give me no choice. I may go to hell for this but at least I’ll have Brady when I’m here on earth.

Previews: Snarky Belle to Mimi – Kate isn’t a bit worried about Shawn. She would trade Shawn’s life for Philip’s in a heartbeat. Hmmm…another case of the pot calling the kettle black. Kate is as worried about Shawn as Belle was when Shawn’s memory returned – didn’t she run to “poor” Jan’s side without thinking twice about what Shawn could be going through? Confrontational Billie to Bo – Don’t talk to me about our daughter. She could be lying in there bleeding to death right now. Hope to Patrick – Something is going on between him and Billie and he doesn’t want me to know about it. Jack attacking and punching Patrick yelling take your hands off my wife. Jen rushes to Patrick (who Jack flattened…LOL) and calls out his name.


Thursday Apr 28

Pat’s Spoilers

This will be another quick report. I’m running late again tonight – sorry.

The best part of today’s show was Deidre Hall. The scenes where Marlena reunites with John are magical thanks to Ms Hall. And of course – Jack…sigh!

My rant: Do JER and Corday really think having Patrick and Hope talking about how Salem is known for its great couples is going to make up for the fact that Reilly has systemically ruined all the couples on the show and destroyed history? And having Mrs. Kiriakis spouting dialogue practically verbatim from what most of us have said to prove that they surf the net is so obvious it’s pathetic. How many of us have called Kate a hypocrite for railing at Belle about the sanctity of marriage in one breath and encouraging Billie to break up Bo and Hope’s marriage in the other? Sanctimonious Belle is the last person to talk about the ‘sanctity of marriage’.

Dumb and Dumber: Billie and Bo are outside the house their guns drawn. Bo tries to talk sense to Billie but it’s like talking to a brick wall. He tells her the best way to care for Georgia is to care for herself. Billie is upset with him and tells him that Georgia could be inside hurt. Of course when Bo persists on his slow but cautious plan Billie turns it all on Hope. As far as Billie is concerned Bo let Hope convince him this was all a DiMera plot. Bo tells Billie that Hope is right. They need to think about what brought them there – a clue handed to them, not one they found on their own. Billie accuses Bo of wishing that Georgia was dead and then she just takes off and Bo wonders if he is talking to himself. They bust the door down but the house is deserted, the furniture all covered with dust clothes. They search the house but come up empty. Billie is disappointed but this somehow is proof to Bo that Georgia is alive. They are about to leave when they hear a sound. Bo urges Billie to approach slowly but she hears “mama” and she rushes in. There is just a doll hanging there or sitting on a shelf (to dark to tell). Bo says the doll didn’t make the sound someone is in the house. Billie takes a step and falls through a trap door into a pit.

Hospital: Patrick and Hope return. Hope is wondering where Bo is and still feeling guilty. Patrick tries to convince her once again that this wasn’t her fault. She’s worried that Jen won’t be able to forgive her. Patrick believes Jen was just upset and didn’t mean what she said. Patrick tries to cheer her up by bringing up the “Salem is known for its couples” story. Hope lists off couples like Tom and Alice, John and Marlena, Steve and Kayla, Roman and Marlena and Jack and Jen. He says and you and Bo. He wonders about Marlena being married to Roman and then John. Hope tells him what happened. Then she goes on about Bo and Billie and gets upset again. She calls home and there is no answer. He tells her to go get her cell phone from Jen’s room – Bo probably left her a message. She looks inside and sees the back of a man’s head and says she doesn’t want to disturb them because the doctor’s with Abby right now. Hope has a bad feeling that Bo is off with Billie somewhere. Patrick thinks they might have gone home.

I loved the Devereaux family scenes. Jack is being Jack again. He has Abby beaming as he describes the instant connect baby Jack had with him…LOL! I think Abby smiled through the entire episode today. Jen says she is going to take him so he can get some sleep. He says he’s not going anywhere, if Jen is staying with Abby so he is. He says they are going to be together always. Abby says so much happened while he was away like the Red Sox winning the World Series. When Jack finds out there is no hockey season he tells Abby to stop…LOL! He lights her candles and they all blow them out. Jen goes to get some forks and plates. She sees Patrick and Hope. Hope asks if Abby is alright because she saw the doctor in the room. Jennifer says it’s Jack. Hope can’t believe it. Patrick looks shocked. He asks Jen where Jack’s been. Jen says she doesn’t know and she doesn’t care. He’s home to stay now. Inside the room Jack and Abby use their fingers to lick the icing. Jack teases Abby about how he’s going to be her college roommate and join her sorority as the team mascot. Abby has a million questions and he tells her he has a million answers but for now all he wants to do is this and leans over and kisses her. They lie head to head on the pillow; Jack has his eyes closed as Abby rambles on. She innocently mentions Patrick and Jack’s eyes open quickly. Abby says that Jennifer depended on Patrick and she had the feeling that her mother was beginning to like having Patrick around. Outside the room Patrick is standing with his arm around Jennifer as Jennifer and Hope are talking about Jack. Jack charges out and flattens Patrick and tells him he has to deal with him now.

Miss High and Mighty and Mimi: I found their scenes to be a waste of airtime. I would have much rather had more of Jack, Jennifer and Abby then listen to preachy Belle refer to Kate as a selfish witch. The saying ‘it takes one to know one’ fits perfectly. Belle continues to whine about how she can’t believe her father would have Kate move in with him permanently. Belle tells Mimi that Kate thinks she is a bitch – well she thinks Kate is one too. Geez – I can’t believe both Kate and Belle think the same way I do. Every time Mimi talks about Rex and how worried she is self-centered Belle has to bring the conversation back to her and her pain. Cue the tears as she talks about she misses her mother. Mimi wonders if Shawn will tell Phil that he and Belle have gotten back together before they get back to Salem. Mimi gets the standard look from Belle. Belle just wants them all to come home because she lost her mother this year (huh??? This year??? I don’t think so) and she couldn’t stand to lose Shawn, Philip and Brady…snivel, snivel.

Airport: The first half of the show is just a bunch of near misses between the 4 mismatched people. I could have really done without John practically devouring Kate in public shortly before he sees Marlena. Roman knows the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. Of course the Judge and his wife are stunned to see him alive. When he tells them they were held prisoner by Tony DiMera the judge’s wife comments that she thought he was mauled to death by a tiger. Roman says they will catch up later. He and Marlena go to the bar. Roman remembers how much he wanted to kiss her the first time he brought her there. Marlena says she really wanted him to. Roman kisses her. Marlena kisses him back but then abruptly pulls back and tells Roman that it can never happen again. He apologises and says he just got caught up in the memories. Kevin tells them that the call will be coming through in about 10 minutes. Marlena can’t wait she really wants to see John.

I’m not going to go into the reunions. Bev’s Day Ahead pictures says it all. The Kate and Roman one I wasn’t too into especially with John’s ring flashing on Kate’s finger as she kept caressing his face and as she kissed him.

Global TV didn’t show any previews today for some reason.


Friday Apr 29

Janice’s Spoilers

Airport: The Four Wife/Husband Swappers

John agrees that a lot has happened since Marlena and Roman have been gone. He wants to know what happened to them. Roman talks about the Japanese trawler taking them captive. John remembers seeing it. He is also told about Tony still being alive and holding them prisoner in his castle. John has a very hard time believing that Tony didn’t die and an even harder time believing that he is now dead at last.

John talks about that “bastard half-brother of his” and the terrible things he has done. Kate says she is just happy that Marlena and Roman are safe (I guess that explains the weird looks she keeps giving John... sigh...) Roman tells them that Jack and Cassie made it back alive as well. Kate wants to go and see her but he wants to wait until morning and take Rex with them....cue more looks between John and Kate. Roman sees it this time and wants to know what is wrong. John tells him that Rex has gone away on business.

Marlena asks John about Brady, Belle, and Sami. She asks if Sami worked out her wedding problems with Lucas and John asks how she knows about it. Marlena says “Tony.” Roman tells both John and Kate how Tony tortured them with bad news...etc... We get a feedback to Roman and Marlena watching the live feed of John and Kate making “rug love.”

John wants to hear the details of Tony’s death. He still doesn’t believe it. Marlena tells him about the whole castle being on fire and collapsing. Roman adds that it exploded and there is no way Tony and his goons could have survived. John says it’s just what they deserved. Marlena gives him the sad news that they think Victor and Caroline were trapped inside and unable to escape. John commiserates with Roman about his mother.

John suggests that they all head back to the penthouse because there is a lot to catch up on. Roman kisses Kate’s hand and notices the ring isn’t the one he gave her. Kate gives John a pleading look and he tells them that he gave it to her and that they are engaged to be married. Marlena looks devastated.

Air bound Plane: Boys of Summer

Brady explains to Lucas that he was able to get extra gear in the black market. He tells the others that they are going to rescue Philip at any costs. Rex picks a fight with Shawn over his real reasons for going after Philip. Things get pretty heated...yada...yada... (someone tell me why Rex is goes hot and cold so often on this issue???) Brady tells them to sit the hell down and they need to be a team.

Rex talks about Mimi being upset that he’s gone. Shawn tells them that Belle thinks he abandoned her again. Another rant about Sami this time with Brady, Lucas and Rex involved. Rex thinks Lucas should give Sami another chance. Brady tells Lucas that Sami has been doing stupid things for years. Lucas comments on Nicole’s evil ways as well. Lucas says Sami is pathological and he isn’t giving her any more chances. He says he has his son and that’s enough. Then he starts ragging on Shawn.

The pilot comes in and tells them that he can’t land the plane so they will have to jump. He says that when they come back he will land and pretend he has engine trouble. Rex is freaking out. Shawn says he jumped during his first year of college. Lucas says he did it during military school. Rex admits to never having jumped before. The pilot tells him that jumping doesn’t hurt...it’s the landing that can kill you...lol...

It’s time... Brady gets them together to say a prayer. Shawn jumps first yelling...see you boys on the ground. Lucas goes next yelling...Geronimo. Rex just screams and jumps. Brady is last and murmurs...hang in there Phil...coming to get ya. Next we see them on the ground. Brady tells them to stay put while he does a little reconnaissance to make sure they are where they should be. He tells them to take off without him if he isn’t back in twenty minutes. Shawn walks a bit with him and wishes him good luck.

Philip’s Prison: Phil, Stan, and guard

A bearded Phil begs the guard for water telling him that he is dehydrated and could die. The guard tells him that’s the point. He wants answers but Noble Phil says all he’ll get is name...rank...etc... He tells the guard he would rather die than tell him anything else. Stan finds the place and in Sami’s voice mumbles that this is the price he has to pay for revenge.

Phil mumbles about having to get out and his promise to Belle to come home. We get a feedback of their wedding toast in Belle’s bedroom...etc...etc... The guard tells him if he stops talking he’ll give him water. Phil insults him and gets cuffed. Stan knocks on the door and the guard tells him to come in aiming a gun at him. He asks Stan who the hell he is and what he is doing there. Stan asks him if he didn’t get a call, email, fax... etc... and tries to convince him that he is working for the same man. He gets chained next to Phil for his troubles.

Stan tries to get loose. Phil warns him not to. Stan moans that he can’t die there. We get a sweet flashback of Sami and Lucas dancing and the bed collapsing. Stan starts crying and Phil commiserates about remembering the best things in life....Belle. Stan (in Sami’s voice) mumbles sarcastically that her sister would rather see Phil die. Philip tells Stan that it is just a matter of time until the bastards decide to kill them both. Stan wishes he had broken the news a little more gently... lol...

Hospital: Jack, Jennifer, Hope, and Patrick

A repeat of Jennifer telling Hope that Bo took off with Billie and Jack attacking Patrick. Jennifer wants to know what is wrong with Jack. He asks her how she could let a snake like Patrick back into her life and starts fighting with Patrick again. A hospital security guard grabs Jack and Hope flashes her badge to calm things down. The guard leaves and Jack tells Jennifer that Lockhart played her and is working for Tony. He goes on to talk about how he came back to Salem and got caught by Tony and the fake Jennifer and blames it all on Patrick. Jennifer clues in that this is why he keeps touching her face to make sure she is real and not wearing a mask. Hope asks Jack if he has any proof and he admits he doesn’t. He demands that Patrick admit his guilt. Patrick tells him he is wrong.

Jack tells them that Marlena, Roman and Cassie are alive and home in Salem. Hope asks about Victor and Caroline but he tells him that he doesn’t think they survived. She decides to give Patrick the benefit of the doubt until there is proof otherwise and tells them that she has to find Bo so she can give him the sad news about his parents in person. She asks Jennifer again about an address and Jack interrupts saying that Lockhart should know where they are. Patrick denies knowing anything. Jack defends Billie but Hope gets angry and Jennifer tells him to stay out of it. Hope wants to know why all the men have to be knights in shining armor where Billie is concerned.

Abandoned house: Bobsey Twins

We get a repeat of Billie falling through the trapdoor and Bo yelling for her to wake up. She does and he gets mad at her...he’s sick and tired of her ignoring his warnings to take things carefully and not rush into danger...he’s mad about how they seem to almost wind up dead every time. Billie could care less just as long as she can get out.

Bo ties up sheets? and throws the rope down to her. He starts to pull her up while she makes wisecracks and calls him her knight in shining armor. They both fall down and Bo is unconscious. Billie begs him rather lamely to wake up.


Billie tells Bo to wake up because she needs him... His head is bleeding.

Brady tells the others that they have to move fast or Phil will die.

Philip hears Stan talking to himself about getting in over “her” head and wants to know what he is talking about.

I think Patrick asks Hope if a part of her doesn’t wish that Georgia was dead.

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Monday May 2

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Hope and Patrick

Hope is happy for Jennifer that Jack is back. She thinks it’s a miracle and that they deserve some privacy. Patrick agrees but hopes that Jack will stop thinking that he is interested in Jennifer. He doesn’t need Jack hitting him again. He tells Hope that Jennifer never stopped loving Jack and always knew he’d be back. Hope says she has a bad feeling about Bo. Patrick defends Billie wanting to go look for her daughter especially after the evidence they found. Hope is worried that they have walked into another trap.

Hope is very upset that Bo always chooses Billie over her and Georgia over Shawn and Zach. Patrick says that in all fairness, Hope’s sons are not in any danger right now. She talks again about Bo being Billie’s knight in shining armor but Patrick thinks it’s just about finding her daughter. She worries about what will happen if he doesn’t come home this time. Patrick asks her to answer honestly whether she wishes Georgia never came into the picture. She tells him of course not.

Hope gets off the phone and tells Patrick that they haven’t found Bo’s car yet and that his cellphone isn’t working. She decides to call someone who might have some news.

Abandoned House: Bobsey Twins

Bo is still unconscious while Billie freaks out. Another feedback of her falling...oh joy! You can see his chest moving but she still gives him CPR...sigh. He wakes up but is pretty shaky. She tries to climb up his back to reach the top but can’t do it and they collapse again. Billie goes into a song and dance about how sorry she is and how Hope has every right to be upset. She hears a hissing noise and it turns out to be gas being leaked into the trap.

Boys of Summer Adventure: Shawn, Brady, Lucas, Rex, and Dan Matthews

Shawn, Rex, and Lucas are waiting for Brady to come back. Shawn asks Rex if he knows their location. Rex snaps back at him telling him they are close to the target. Shawn also asks how long Brady has been gone and Lucas tells him twenty minutes. They hear a rustling noise and point their guns. It turns out to be Brady. He tells them that time is running out and they have to move fast or Phil will die tonight.

Brady tells the others about a rebel command centre being destroyed and shows them a map saying that any hostage below a certain line will die soon. Shawn asks him if he has any idea where they are holding Phil and Brady explains about a guy he found that might be able to help them.

The guys are using their flashlights now and Brady comes back with the guy. Shawn wants to know who he is. His name is Dan Matthews and he was a contractor before his compound was overrun. His buddies have also been taken hostage and are being held at a bunker that has become the enemy’s temporary headquarters. He gives them the directions to get there. Brady tells Dan to head over to where the plane is supposed to land and that if they don’t meet him there, to tell the pilot to fly him to the marines.

Brady goes over the plan with the others. Rex and Lucas will create a diversion while he and Shawn go after Phil.

Bunker/Prison: Phil, Stan

I didn’t write much because I can’t understand how in one day Phil can look and act as if he is at death’s door when just yesterday he was thirst but didn’t look to bad... The scenes were repetitive and boring. Stan tells him about Brady, Rex, and Shawn maybe coming to save him and Phil wants to know how he knows them... yada...yada...

Airport/Penthouse: Marlena, John, Roman, and Kate

Roman can’t believe that John and Kate are engaged. John tells him that they had no idea that Roman and Marlena were alive. Kate says that it changes everything. John goes on to say that they were grieving and that physically he was so busted up after the island that he wouldn’t have made it without Kate. He tells Marlena that he didn’t want to go on living without her. Kate says that their terrible grief brought them closer. We get another feedback of muskrat love...oops rug love.

Marlena thanks Kate for helping John. Kate tells her that she would have done the same if the situation was reversed. Roman says that obviously they got closer so the question is whether they want to stay together now that he and Marlena are back.

Marlena is crying. She graciously tells Kate and John that it was only natural that they would turn to each other. John tells her she doesn’t know how he prayed for this moment. Kate tells Roman that John just proposed tonight. Roman believes that they are all in shock but that everything will work out. John thinks they should go home. Kate reminds him about his cane. Marlena is amazed that he can even walk after what happened on the island. She thinks it must have been horrible and painful. Kate interrupts and agrees that it was. John tries to brush it off. We get a feedback of Stan holding drugs out to him. John looks at Marlena and says he has never seen such a beautiful sight in his life.

At the penthouse... Marlena is happy to be home. She says it feels like heaven. She tells John that she wants to look at his medical records but he tells her later. Marlena is crying but they are happy tears because she has dreamed about being home with her family.

Kate tells Roman that it is good to be in his arms again. Marlena picks up a picture of Belle and tells John she wants to see her children. He tells her it can be arranged but not until they have had a private celebration of their own. He gasps in pain and Kate shoves Marlena aside so she can help him to the couch. She asks Roman to go: “up to OUR bedroom and get John’s special pillow.” Roman goes up to the bedroom and sees the negligee he gave to Kate on the bed. He hopes he hasn’t lost another woman to John.

Marlena is massaging John’s back. Kate says: “If you don’t mind, I’ve done this before.” Marlena graciously allows her to take over. Up in the bedroom, Roman flashes back to a scene where he and Kate are drinking wine and he gives her the negligee. Back in the present he says: “Well John, it looks like you got to see her in this first.” He brings the pillow down and Kate puts it just where it will help John the most. Marlena tells Roman that it would appear that his wife has the magic touch and has also made herself very much at home.

John asks for a drink and Kate goes to get it. Marlena turns to her and quietly says that she thinks she can handle getting her husband some water. Roman tells Kate to pack up her things so they can get out of there and give John and Marlena some privacy. Kate prevaricates and finally tells him that she sold his house. Roman is furious. Kate tells him that she wanted to move on with her life. He tells her that she sure didn’t wait very long. He turns to her and John and says the only question now is who is staying in the penthouse tonight...Kate or Marlena.


Roman tells John and Kate that he and Marlena have some news for them as well. He says: “Cards on the table, Doc?”

Billie asks Bo what they are going to do and he tells her that they have to try and figure out a way out of there.

Belle is talking on the phone to Hope. She tells Hope that she hates to be the one to tell her this, but Shawn has gone off to rescue Philip. Hope is upset and can’t believe it. Belle tells her that Shawn is in a war zone and she is scared to death…

Shawn tells Brady that he is going in after Philip... NOW


Tuesday May 3

Pat’s Spoilers

Quick report because there was not a lot I liked about today’s episode. I’m trying to find something good to say. Loved seeing Ali back even though it was for 2/3 seconds at the very end. I thought that Dan Wells did a really great job with his facial expressions today as Sami was freaking out about being killed.

The bunkers: I actually enjoyed the four mouseketeers today. I have to give them this much. They at least have a plan before they go busting in although Shawn is slightly impatient. Hmm…maybe the ISA and the Salem PD can take some lessons. Rex and Lucas create a diversion…Shawn and Brady go in. After almost being caught they find 2 hostages. Rex and Lucas take the hostages to the air strip. Philip is not in the bunker. They meet up outside – Shawn ended up getting himself shot. His shoulder was grazed – nothing serious and he sprained his ankle. He’s gung ho to continue searching for Philip.

Philip is passed out most of the time except once to tell the guards to stay away from ‘Stan’. He gets punched for his efforts. Sami is scared. They tell her she will be the first to die and then a shot rings out. They tell her that was just a warning shot the next time it will be for real. Sami tries to convince them she is on their side. She tells them that she was sent to warn them that an elite force is coming to rescue Philip (LOL – she lies good – but she does refer to them as the F troop in her thoughts). They tell her when the elite force shows up the bunker will be empty because they will be dead. They take her out and tell her she’s going to die first. Inside Philip has a dream about Belle. She has to say goodbye. She gives him a drink of water and tells him it’s alright to let go of life. He comes to and says he has to get back to Belle. He loves her to much to let her go. Sami asks for a blindfold. The guard is going to put it on but notices something strange. He pulls off Sami’s wig and then the stocking on her head, the fake nose, and the fake moustache and wipes her face.

Hospital/Loft: Belle and Mimi were a waste of air time today. I think the sole purpose of Belle being on was to set up the lecture Shawn will get from his two mommies when he gets home. Hmm… I wonder which one of them will be on his left and which one on his right. Actually it was to set up Hope’s rant against Bo choosing Billie over his son yet again. Belle made her feelings very clear – she told Hope that the three men that mean most to her in the world, Philip, Shawn and Brady could all die…surprising that she bothered to put Shawn before Brady…he’s generally very low down on her list of priorities. Hope tells Patrick that if anything happens to Shawn that she and Bo are through. Patrick tries to calm her down saying she didn’t really mean that threat – it was made in the heat of the moment. Hope stresses that she does me it – her and Bo are over. Okay – so why didn’t Hope even mention that Roman, Jack, Cassie and Marlena were home when she was on the phone???? Hope finally thinks of checking the messages on their home answering machine and finds out Bo left her a message. She’s off to rescue him – Patrick says not without me and off they go.

Penthouse: I have no idea how to interpret the look on John’s face while Roman was expressing his uneasiness with how quickly John and Kate moved on. He almost looked like he was laughing at Roman – he sure looked pretty smug and arrogant at one point. Like I said – I have no idea but I didn’t like him nor do I like Roman and Marlena being set up as the bad guys. And brace yourself – there are two muskrat love rug flashbacks and one castle sex flashback…just the beginning I’m sure. Both Roman and Marlena talk about how most people grieve for at least a year before moving on. I liked what Roman had to say about it – he was angry and I can’t say I blame him. Kate lies about her reason for selling the house – she was in shock – nothing but memories of him – couldn’t handle it – of course she didn’t tell him that she put the house up for sale so that Bo would be forced to let Billie move in with him and Hope. Roman wants to lay all the cards on the table. John wants to know what that means. They talk about moving forward even though it won’t be easy. There’s a lot of talking in this episode about all they’re all adults and they can handle this. I did love the short talk between John and Marlena when John told her she was his past, his future, his present and his always. Kate tells Roman that he owes her a wedding night. He says he can’t. He mentions Kate’s clothes on the bed that Marlena and John shared as husband and wife. Kate tells him she will buy back the house. Roman says he wants to live there as husband and wife. Kate gives back John the ring and she tells Roman and Marlena that her and John would have never gotten as involved as they did if they had known that the two of them were alive because that would have been unforgivable. Roman and Marlena have a moment together. Roman is happy that he didn’t tell them what happened. Marlena says he knows that she thinks secrets are dangerous but she agrees with him that it’s for the best not to try and explain what happened between them.

Pit: I’m angry at Billie for her actions but I’m equally angry at Bo for putting himself in this situation. He didn’t have to follow after Billie. He didn’t have to ignore all the warnings Hope gave him. He didn’t have to go against his gut instinct – he knew it was a trap and still he went in. But what Billie did is unforgivable. Bo tries to climb up the wall and stuff his undershirt in the pipe. He falls down. He thinks Billie is Hope. Billie knows he thinks she is Hope – she has an argument with her conscience but in the end she thinks they are dying and she feels that they should take this comfort. She asks Bo to make love to her knowing full well Bo thinks she is Hope. And of course Bo does…

Preview: Naked Billie trying to wake up naked Bo - slapping his face – saying Wake up Bo…Noooo… One of Tony’s soldiers saying ‘Now all she is going to be is dead – forget the blindfold.’ Sami ‘No.’ Roman asking Kate if she had anything to do with Sami and Lucas breaking up. Is the reason Sami missing have anything to do with you. Hope shining a flashlight down the pit seeing Bo and Billie making love (and there is no mistaking what they are doing – how do they get away with airing this stuff in the middle of the afternoon?)…Hope says no – Patrick just shakes his head.


Wednesday May 4

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short report. It’s again very difficult to come up with anything good to say about the show. I enjoyed seeing Ali back as Sami but I don’t like her being duped by Tony. The other positive was seeing Victor and Caroline but I got the distinct feeling that Victor is going to aggressively pursue Caroline… he’s not going to want to let her go back to Shawn.

Yacht: Caroline and Victor are being kept in a brig on the boat. Victor vows revenge against Tony. Caroline tells Victor that she is happy knowing that her children are safe and with their loved ones. Victor tells her that she can’t give up and just live her life vicariously through her children. She says when he looks at her like that she feels twenty-something again. Victor tells her he loves her. Caroline knows that Victor has issues with Kate but she thinks Kate is good for Roman. The DiMera’s split up Roman and Marlena. Victor points out that the DiMera’s split up her and Shawn. Victor makes it clear that he doesn’t want Caroline going back to Shawn. Caroline says she vowed to never be unfaithful to Shawn again. She has seen what infidelity can do to people.

Sicko Tony is watching Billie and Bo go at it … sigh… he has a camera in the pit… I suppose he’s taping it as well. This is just beyond disgusting. Bart makes a comment about an interactive porn channel. There isn’t a lot I’m going to say about their scenes. I’m tired I’ve hearing about Tony’s plans. Bart is apologising for letting the four escape and only recapturing Victor and Caroline. Tony says that things aren’t going to be so happy for those that made it home.

Bunker: A replay of Sami’s unmasking. Sami goes into her ‘talk myself out of this mode.’ She pleads for life using the fact that she is a mother. The guards don’t care. Sami rants about Kate winning. She prays to her parents and God but to avail. She has a flashback to death row and says Lucas saved her at the last minute except he won’t do it this time. The guards are just about to shoot when the phone ring. Sami says – ‘is that the governor? The guards are told that Sami is valuable and is working for him. Sami screams for help but the other guard covers her mouth. The guy on the phone listens to his new orders which include keeping Philip alive but secured and the four mouseketeers are to be captured and kept alive. He acknowledges the orders and says ‘Count DiMera’. Sami bites the guys hand and starts screaming Tony’s name. He talks to her. She can’t believe that he set her up. He says he gave her the means to get her revenge. He tells her that he needs her to take care of Brady and crew. She says no. He says you do this for me and I will deliver your parents to you alive. Sami says they are dead. Tony tells her that the dead have been known to rise again. She says okay but he better be telling the truth.

Penthouse: I really couldn’t get into these scenes at all. I’ll try and sum them up. They talk about Sami. Marlena and Roman are upset when they find out she is missing – her self-esteem is so low that there’s no telling what she is capable of doing. Marlena wants to know if Kate had a hand in what happened between Sami and Lucas. Kate lies. Marlena senses that Kate isn’t telling the truth. Roman asks her the same types of questions but again Kate lies. Roman says that he tried to tell Sami that the key to a relationship is honesty and trust – he’s very grateful that he and Kate have that. (All set up for Kate’s fall…if it ever happens). When they find out about Philip and the rescue mission Roman wants to help. He feels that he and John should be able to do something. While John is bringing Roman up to speed Marlena questions Kate about John’s recovery. Marlena as a doctor knows that John had to be in unbearable pain. Kate lies and tells Marlena that John has amazing willpower. Marlena wants to see Lexie’s charts because she knows that any painkillers John would have been given would be highly addictive. John hears this and tells Marlena he made it through his recovery with the help of a good friend – he couldn’t have done it without Kate. Another stupid flashback to rug sex.

Ogden: Patrick is driving the car and Hope tells him to speed up. He tells her they’ll get there. Hope is still upset with Bo for taking off with Billie again and now Shawn could be killed or captured. Patrick tells her that Shawn didn’t go in alone. Hope is deep in thought and when Patrick asks her where she was she brings up the fact that Bo’s biological father is Victor. Patrick knew that. Hope says that Bo has a lot of the same character traits as Victor and she wonders if it’s genetics. Patrick asks her if she thinks that Bo is predisposed to commit adultery because of his genes. Hope says maybe – but she knows that is crazy. They get to the address and Hope sees Bo’s car. They go into the house but Patrick has a bad feeling – he says this is too easy. Hope asks him if he thinks it’s a trap. He goes upstairs to search and Hope looks downstairs. Neither of them finds anything. Hope shines her flashlight on the door to the room with the trapdoor and they go inside. Hope hears Bo saying ‘Hope’ and she says Bo and looks around. I’m not going into what happened in the pit. Billie is depraved. Do the writers really think having Billie arguing with her conscience is enough to justify what she is doing and make it ‘okay’ – how stupid do they think we the viewers are??? For god’s sake, Bo has blood streaming down his face – he keeps saying Bo and Fancy-Face – he says he has never loved another woman like he has loves her. Billie says to herself that a part of him loves her – she knows that. ACKKKKK!!!!! Hope hears the moans and groans as Bo and Billie have sex. Patrick finds a light switch and it’s actually a switch that opens the trap door. Hope sees Bo and Billie having sex and she is crushed.

Preview: Patrick to Hope – We have to get them out. Hope – Are you kidding me? They were just having sex like there was no tomorrow. Like hell I’ll get them out of there. They can rot in hell for all I care. Shawn to his band of brothers – Philip is counting on us and so are a lot of other people. Mimi to Belle (in church) – do you think God will answer our prayers. Belle – he has to. Sami to Toni – Answer me, do we have a deal or not. Marlena to John – I have to tell you something (Roman is not looking to happy).


Thursday May 5

Pat’s Spoilers

Trying to come up with something good to say is getting more and more difficult. I loved Kristian’s performance – I like seeing Marlena and Sami. But oh my John sure made me angry today!!!! And so did the writers – trying to make up for a travesty of the military storyline by having the guys talk about the sacrifice made by everyone involved from support staff upward to having Sami give up the chance to get evidence against Kate all to save the noble brave Philip. Gag me. I’m not slamming the military – I’m slamming the writers for thinking that all the talk using words like noble, brave, etc is supposed to make up for the mockery they made of the real heroes. Listening to Sami spout that Philip was a so brave and hero really didn’t cut it with me.

Church: Belle and Mimi were a complete waste of airtime yet again. I don’t need to hear Belle praying telling God she is a horrible person – tell us something we don’t know. Even her prayers are all about her…sigh. Yup…God makes all his decisions based on how Belle lives her life…boy – must be nice to have an ego that large.

The merry band of four minus Brady: Rex is busy telling off Shawn. Shawn is acting a little too desperate for my sake – he could spout his honourable intentions all day long – he wants Philip home so Belle will end her marriage to him and hook back up with him. Rex blames Shawn for the rebels knowing that they are there by not sticking to the plan. Shawn says we came here to rescue Philip and that’s what I’m trying to do. Rex says they rescued the captured workers and the rebels would never have known how they escaped if Shawn wouldn’t have been so stupid. Shawn just wants to find Philip and get out of there. Lucas comes along and gives them hell for arguing – he says they are a team and have to stick together. Rex tells Shawn that seeing him shot has made it all real to him. Shawn admits that when he saw the gun pointed at him he had never felt so afraid before. Then Shawn gives the I’m sorry for all the things I said about Philip – he’s so brave speech. Lucas launches into it’s not just the soldiers or marines it’s everyone involved and he lists off a bunch of different personnel. They begin to worry about Brady. They have bigger problems – a tank is headed right towards them.

Tony/Bart/Sami: Tony makes a tactical error and lets Sami know how important she is to his plan. Because of this Sami has demands of her own. Tony puts Sami on hold as him and Bart discuss the next step. Tony decides to hear what Sami wants. She wants Tony to promise that neither she nor Philip will be harmed. She tells Tony off for trying to use a brave hero as a pawn…gag me. Tony agrees but he tells Sami he knows that Kate set her up the night before her wedding. Sami says she knew that but she has no proof. Tony says he can give her the proof to destroy Kate’s life if she agrees to do what he wants. When she agrees he says that’s good Philip and the intrepid band of rescuers are as good as dead. Sami changes her mind and says she won’t do it if Philip is harmed and hangs up on Tony. The two guards come back and Sami says it’s about time Tony came to his senses. They aim their guns at her.

Penthouse: John promises to help Roman and Marlena find Sami but their first priority right now is to bring Philip and the others home. Marlena is worried about Belle when John says she was a wreck when Philip went missing. Marlena is concerned that now Belle has all the others to worry about as well. John says he tried to stop the plane – that’s why they were at the airport. Marlena says if you were there why wasn’t Belle? Kate says she and Mimi were angry at her because she knew what the guys had planned and she didn’t try and stop them. Both Roman and Marlena start questioning Kate and John steps in and says it’s not her fault. Then Kate plays the sympathy card – I could lose all three of my sons. Roman promises her that won’t happen. Roman tells Kate that they should leave so that John and Marlena can be alone. Kate says she will go and pack her things. Roman says he’ll help her but John says no, I know how hard it was for you to see her clothes on the bed, I’ll do it. (Huh – and he’s going to expect Marlena to SLEEP in that bed with him?)

Marlena and Roman both look a little stunned as John and Kate go up the stairs. Marlena tells Roman she can’t do this – they have to tell them the truth tonight. She can’t live a lie. He says we went through this already. Marlena wants to know why he thinks telling the truth is not a good thing. He says it won’t serve any purpose – it will be hurtful. He says the situation is complicated enough as it is. He asked her to admit what she really thought when John said he would go with Kate. Marlena admits that seeing John so obviously wanting to be alone with Kate hurt.

Kate and John are having a really hard time with her packing. They admit that they are in love. I’m not going to go into a lot because both of them made me so angry. Kate is feeling sorry for herself – crying. She says everyone thinks I’m the cold heartless woman incapable of feeling love. John talks about her love for her children and how she puts them first. He actually says that next to Marlena Kate is the most caring, selfless, decent woman he knows… oh good god. They come downstairs after a few hugs and a kiss on the cheek. John looks at Marlena and asks if she is okay. She says she has something to tell them.

Ogden: We see a replay of Hope and Patrick discovering Bo and Billie having sex. Hope screams how could you as Bo rolls off Billie. Bo is totally confused. Hope takes off. Billie sees Patrick and calls out and asks for help. Patrick tells her to hold on he’ll get them out but he needs help. Billie tells Bo he has to get dressed. Patrick goes after Hope. Hope absolutely refuses to help. Billie looks up again and doesn’t see them. She says I was sure Patrick and Hope were up there. Bo looks at her and sees Hope and says what are you saying Fancy Face, you’re right here. Kristian’s performance is great so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. Patrick tries to convince her saying that she was right – it was a trap. Hope says she warned Bo but he walked right into the trap Billie set for him. Patrick tells Hope they just can’t leave them there. Billie calls out Patrick’s name. She tells him he has to get them out. He says he will. Hope is about to leave but Patrick goes back and smells gas. Hope gets concerned when he mentions the gas. Billie tells them that Bo is unconscious and she isn’t feeling well – she passes out. Patrick hopes they aren’t too late.

Preview: Lucas – “Wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she is probably making a list of all the people who hurt her – trying to figure out how to get revenge.” Sami holding part of the Stan disguise – “What do I need that for?” John hugging Marlena – Marlena “We get to be alone.” Kate is looking very jealous. Hope (looking furious) to Billie yelling “You knew that he thought it was me. You knew and you did nothing to stop it.” She slugs and flattens Billie.


Friday May 6

Pat’s Spoilers

Marlena was great today. Her annoyance with Kate was well hidden as she listened to Kate bad mouth Sami in front of Will but she let Kate know exactly what she thought of her remarks with just one look. And Hope was the best – I think even Patrick was impressed with that punch she landed on Billie!!! It was nice to see Grandpa Shawn on screen again as well. Those are my positives about the show.

Now for my rant – for the second day in a row we get the characters paying gratuitous lip-service to the military. I’m sorry – after botching the storyline and making a farce out of the military life for two years – I don’t see this as making up for it. Belle and Mimi were on today again – don’t ask me why. Oh yeah to talk to a military wife and extol the virtues of the men in the service. I noticed how Belle didn’t have any compunction lying to the woman after Mimi blurts out that both Belle’s boyfriend and husband are in the war. Belle has to protect her image and lies about having friends and a brother searching for her missing husband. And then she has the audacity to kneel down and pray again.... where are Philip’s rolling eyes when you need them the most?

The band of 4 – minus Brady. Aside from the lip service paid to the armed forces they weren’t too bad today. Shawn has a scorpion crawling on him. Rex and Lucas knock it off and then Lucas kills it. LOL – got a kick of Rex lecturing them on the fact that there are over 2000 species of scorpions and only 35 are poisonous and only 2 have the power in their sting to kill an adult – he says Lucas probably killed an innocent scorpion. Shawn looks up at him and says I’ll take my chances. I liked the Rex/Lucas talk. Rex tries to convince Lucas that when they get home he should look for Sami and try to forgive her. Nothing is more important than love. Lucas can not let go of his anger. There is a lot more to their conversation but that was the gist of it. Lucas asks him if he could forgive Mimi for doing the same. Rex doesn’t know but he says he would talk to her and he loves her enough so he would try and understand. Lucas doesn’t give an inch and holds on to his anger towards Sami. Lucas goes to check the perimeter (Rex’s words not Lucas – he’s going to look around…LOL). Shawn and Rex are going to have something to eat when Rex tells him to kill the light someone is heading straight towards their camp and it’s not Brady.

Oh good lord – Toni in the same uniform as his mercenaries with a red beret on and his pants tucked into his boots – If I could, my eyebrow would be arched to the back of my neck. I did like Sami today. When Tony shows his face and she realises he was alive all along and that he was the one on the phone she slaps him. She’s about to do it a second time but he stops her and says he only let her get away with that once. She wants to know why he dragged her all the way out here. He says you are going to help me capture Philip’s rescuers. She says she won’t do anything if he doesn’t leave Philip out of his sick plans – Philip is an innocent. He’s a marine serving his country…yada, yada, yada. She makes him promise that Phil will be given water and food and not be hurt. Tony gives the orders to his guards to take Phil food and water. Sami tells Tony that she was almost executed twice and after she got out of the death chamber she had promised to be a better person and change but she didn’t. This time she’s going to do it. He asks her what about her revenge and being united with her parents. She wants proof they are alive. Tony has it in the palm of his hand. He shows her video of Roman and Marlena in the castle. She doesn’t know if it’s a tape or what. He tells her it was recent. He says you can tell they aren’t in Salem or on the island. If you want to see them again you need to do what I ask. Sami agrees. He gives her a gun. She asks him what that is for. He says you are in a war zone – hopefully you won’t need it. Then he tells her his plan.

Penthouse: Marlena tells John she has something to tell him. He asks her what but the doorbell rings. It’s Grandpa Shawn and Will. Will goes running to Marlena and Shawn to Roman. Very touching reunions! Shawn is so excited he says he can’t believe he has his son and his favourite daughter-in-law back. Roman reminds him that Marlena is married to John and he is married to Kate. Shawn apologises – he said he wasn’t thinking straight in his excitement to have them back. Kate wants to know why Cassie didn’t come with them. She’s sleeping. Roman tries to find out what Cassie and Jack told him. Shawn is happy that Tony is dead because now the DiMera’s are out of their lives for good. Roman asks him to sit down there is something he has to tell him. Shawn is distraught. He says it’s like getting her back and losing her again. He says she lived a good life and she is watching over them from heaven.

Marlena was so good with Will. Kate kept bashing Sami but Marlena just kept talking to Will to find out how he was dealing with everything. Will says you probably know that Mom ruined are one chance at being a family. There is a lot of dialogue here which I’m not going to get into. It is just so great to have Marlena back dispensing advice. Will tells Marlena that he loves Sami with all of his heart and he thinks his Dad still has feelings for her to. Kate is not happy. Marlena tells Will they will have to wait until Sami comes home and tells them what really happened. Marlena says that if Sami does something she usually has an excuse for it – this time all she did was say she was innocent so Marlena says that makes her tend to believe her.

The pit: Patrick and Hope are leaning over the pit and Hope smells gas. Patrick can see a rope so he jumps down into the pit. He tells Hope that they both have a pulse but it’s very weak. The gas is very strong and he tells Hope it’s starting to get to him. She tells him to take small breaths. He throws up the rope Bo had made by tying sheets together. Patrick tells Hope to secure the rope and open the doors and windows. All I have to say is they must have had a LOT of sheets because Hope drags that rope to the next room and loops it around a radiator and then ties several knots in it. Patrick says he has to stop the gas. He takes off his shirt (now easy Janice…. Down….girl… just breathe) and climbs up the wall and stuffs his shirt into the pipe. He wakes both Billie and Bo up and says they have to get out of there. Bo tells him to save Hope – to make sure she is okay. Hope hears this. He ties the rope around Billie and he gets Hope to pull as he climbs up with Billie on his back. Billie is passed out again and Hope slaps her on the face to wake her up. Billie says where am I – Hope is so good – she says does wild goose chase sound familiar. Billie says it was a trap. Georgia wasn’t here. Hope is just starting to lecture her when Patrick calls for her. Bo doesn’t have a pulse. Patrick tells Bo – it’s your best friend Patrick, if you don’t wake up I’m going to have to give you mouth to mouth. Bo starts coughing. Patrick figured that would do the trick. Bo looks up and sees Hope and says thank God you’re safe Fancy Face. Hope looks at Billie and Billie just gives her a sheepish kind of look back. Patrick helps Bo out. Bo asks Hope how she got into the pit. Billie says it was me. I was there. Hope says to Billie Bo thought he was making love to me – who did you think you were making love to. She calls Billie a bitch and says you knew he thought you were me and yet you did nothing to stop him and then she punches her and Billie goes down. LOL – love the look on Patrick’s face when Hope decks Billie.

Preview: Belle to John – I miss Mom. Marlena – I miss you too. Marlena’s expressions are great – Belle – well, it’s not too hard to guess what kind of expression is on her face – yup, the slack-jaw opened mouth stare. The band of 4 – Rex – Some guy wandered into our camp and says he’s a journalist. Brady – Do I know you? Mimi to Jan – Jan, it’s me Mimi. Jan – murderer! Hope to Billie – you’re a whore. Billie tries to hit her and Hope grabs her hand and says – don’t ever try that again or you’ll be dead.


Monday May 9

Hospital: Mimi, Jan, Tek, and nurse

Mimi is standing outside Jan’s hospital room and looking in. We get a series of flashbacks....Jan/Mimi arguing and Jan getting hurt & Mimi confessing to Tek at Jan’s house with Bonnie running interference.

Mimi walks into the room and begs Jan to wake up and clear her. A beeping goes off and Mimi freaks out. The nurse comes in and explains that Jan’s IV needs changing. She tells Mimi that Jan is responding and things are looking up for her. She won’t tell Mimi anything else and leaves. Mimi again begs Jan to wake up as Tek walks in behind her.

Tek wants to know what she is doing there and starts questioning her again about the accident. Jan wakes up and in a hoarse voice calls Mimi a murderer. Her voice is very convincing as she says that Mimi wanted her dead...etc...etc... The nurse comes in and makes them leave so she can check on her patient.

In the hospital corridor, Mimi asks Tek for a moment alone. She rushes to call her mom (we don’t hear or see Bonnie today) and asks her to get down there. Mimi goes back to Tek and asks him if he is going to arrest her. He says that he will wait until he can ask Jan a few more questions but suggests that Mimi get a lawyer. The nurse comes out and says that Jan is okay but she might not survive. He asks if he can go in to talk to her and the nurse cautions him not to upset Jan.

Penthouse: Marlena, John, Belle

Marlena is on the balcony looking out into the night when John appears. He asks her what it was that she was going to tell him. We see a flashback of Marlena and Roman back at the castle. Marlena tells John that she can tell him later. Just then the doorbell rings. Marlena stays on the balcony while John goes to answer.

Belle is at the door and he is happy to see her. She asks her dad if he has heard anything from the ISA about the boys and he says he hasn’t. Belle tells John how worried she is about them and that she and Mimi went to pray for them at the church. He is surprised that she is out so late. She apologizes for coming but he tells her this will always be her home. Belle says it doesn’t feel like it anymore and asks if she interrupted him and Kate...grrr...

They are hugging as Belle tells her dad how much she misses her mom. A voce from behind says: “I missed you too!” Belle spins around in shock to see Marlena standing before her. Both are crying as Belle runs into her mother’s arms and they hug each other tightly. Belle asks how this could be and Marlena explains about Tony, how there was a fire at the castle, and they were finally able to escape with Cassie and Jack. Marlena tells her about Victor and Caroline and Belle is sad but is quickly caught up again in the fact that she has her mom back.

Belle asks her mom if she knows what has been happening and Marlena explains how Tony tortured them with the news. She tells her daughter that she knows she married Philip. Belle tells her mom how bad she feels about hurting both Phil and Shawn. John leaves them alone to talk. Belle admits to loving Philip but not in the same way she loves Shawn. Marlena tells her she understands and that Shawn is Belle’s soulmate. She is proud of Belle for waiting to tell Philip the truth before moving on with Shawn.

Marlena tells Belle that everyone makes mistakes and that it is not Belle’s fault that Philip got captured. Belle says that as long as she is legally married to Philip that she can’t be with Shawn...it would be like committing adultery. She wants to tell him in person. Belle hates to hurt anyone but her mom tells her that in the end someone has to get hurt. We get another flashback of Marlena/Roman making love. Marlena is feeling very guilty. John comes back and tells Belle that he is proud of her. He says that he basically prefers Philip but won’t say anything about Shawn. John tells Belle that she is her mom’s daughter and they both always do the right thing. Belle agrees and says that her mother would never cheat on him. Marlena admits that she’s made mistakes but Belle says that thinking John was Roman wasn’t her fault...it was the Dimeras. Marlena looks upset.

Deserted House: Bo, Hope, Patrick, and Billie

We see Hope yelling at Billie, calling her a bitch, and punching her out. Hope is all over Billie and berating her for setting a new low. Patrick stands in the background looking uncomfortable. Billie goes on about how they ended up in the trap...yada...yada... Hope accuses her of taking advantage of Bo when he was unconscious. She tears a strip off Billie for constantly going on stupid goose chases. She asks Billie how she thinks Bo is going to take it when he finds out he made love to her thinking she was Hope.

Hope reminds Billie about making love to Bo in Paris, getting pregnant, and then having a supposed miscarriage and blaming it on Hope. Billie doesn’t want to go down memory lane so Hope switches back to the presence witch Billie doesn’t like any better. Hope calls Billie a whore. Billie goes to slap Hope but Hope catches her arm and threatens her that if she ever tries that again she’ll be dead.

Patrick pulls them apart, mentioning the Dimera plot again. Hope pretty much ignores him saying that she knows that it’s a Dimera plot. She wants to know why Billie keeps playing into Tony’s hands and yells that Billie didn’t have to have sex with Bo. Bo wakes up. He says that he feels as if he’s been hit by a concrete block and wants to know why they are arguing. Hope turns to Billie and asks if she wants to tell him or should she. Billie explains how they got the tip and it ended up being a trap and they fell in the pit...and...and.... He says that his lungs are burning and Hope wants to get him to the hospital for Lexie to check him out. She asks Patrick to take him to the car and she’ll be right out.

She tells Billie that although she hopes that Georgia is alive, she wants her to stay away from her husband...to find an investigator if there are any more clues. Billie tells Hope that Bo won’t be happy with her if she keeps him away from finding Georgia. Hope tells her to stay away from him again and Billie says: “What if I don’t?” Hope turns around and says: “Don’t test me! This is a fight you don’t want. When it comes to my family, I will win!” She goes outside and takes over from Patrick. Bo wants to know what happened but she tells him she will explain later.

Patrick has gone back inside to Billie. He asks her if she is alright. She puts on the pity me routine and tells him that she’s never seen Hope as angry as she just was. Patrick says: “Do you blame her?” He tells her if Hope was right... Billie looks at him helplessly and says that Hope was right and that she knew what she was doing but Bo didn’t....her excuse: “I just needed Bo so much!” (No comment). Patrick goes to her and she starts to cry.

The Desert: Shawn, Brady, Rex, and Stan

Rex and Shawn are in war mode as they demand that Stan turn around and face them. We get Stan and a few Sami voiceovers. Stan has a flashback to Sami being with Tony as he tells her what she has to do. Back in the present, Stan makes up a story about being a journalist who got captured and was held hostage.

Brady comes back and wants to know what is going on. Stan worries that he will be recognized. We get a flashback of him being on the pier with John and Brady. They demand to see his ID but still don’t believe him. Stan tells them about being in a cell with another guy. He mentions that it’s a marine private and finally mentions Phil’s name (although he deliberately mangles the last name saying “Caracas” so they won’t be suspicious). He talks about being able to bribe someone so he could get away and says that the marine is in bad shape and could be executed very soon. Brady wants him to show them where Phil is but Stan tap dances saying that he doesn’t remember.

The three guys move away from him and Stan (in Sami’s voice) murmurs that they aren’t buying his story and he needs to think of something they can sink their teeth into and then choke on it. Brady still thinks he knows Stan from somewhere. Shawn is skeptical about Stan’s story and wants to ask more questions. Brady tells Rex to go after Lucas. He wants Lucas to get a read on Stan from a distance. Shawn and Brady continue to hold Stan at gunpoint.

Stan is asked why he didn’t try to help Philip escape. Brady says: “What the hell kind of American are you?” Thinking fast, Stan tells them that he’s selfish and a coward and wanted to save himself. He tells them that he has a son to think of. The guys think he is a spy. Rex returns and explains that their friend isn’t who he says he is. He says that Stan is a fraud.


Hope is crying as she says to Bo: “She used you.........that is unless you did know that you were making love to Billie?”

Patrick asking Billie: “What is it? What’s the emergency?” With Billie answering: “Its Georgia…...she’s been found!”

Kate yelling at Belle: “If Philip dies…his blood is on your hands…as well as Shawn’s.” We get facial shots of John, Roman and Marlena…

Lucas targeting Stan from up above with his rifle: “If you hurt any of them…you are a dead man.”


Tuesday, May 10

Pat’s Spoilers

My positive about the show today – Kristian Alfonso’s performance once again. I also enjoyed Deidre’s few short scenes with Josh.

My rant for today – Oh I could rant for a long time but I’ll stick with everything that went on in the penthouse – aside from the Roman/Marlena talk the rest was a waste of time and even seeing Marlena on the screen can’t salvage it or make it interesting.

Penthouse: Listening to Belle go on and on about how mother talk her what marriage is all about is the reason she would never break her vows to Philip – excuse me but you already did. Boy was Kate right about Belle today! Belle turns the screws in deeper and says that Marlena wasn’t preachy (an art form Belle hasn’t mastered yet) but she led by example. Belle knew that no matter what her mother would never betray her Dad. Would someone shut her up already and remind her she was conceived while her sainted mother was still married to Roman? Roman and Kate walk in like they live there just when Belle is saying that she loves Shawn. There isn’t much that goes on between Kate and Belle – but as much as I dislike Kate she was dead on in her diatribe against Belle. Belle whines and tells Kate it’s her fault that Shawn is in danger. Kate tells her that the only reason Shawn went there is so that when Philip comes home you can break his heart by asking him for a divorce. Marlena takes offence when Kate tells her that if Philip dies in this rescue attempt his blood will be on Shawn’s and her hands. Belle goes crying to Daddy, Kate goes out on the balcony to get some air. John convinces Belle to make things right with Kate. While Belle is talking to Kate and John is on the phone, Marlena and Roman talk. He tells her he’s arranged to have the cameras that Tony had planted in the penthouse removed so that Kate and John never have to know that they saw what they were doing. Marlena wants to know how many more secrets they have to keep. She tells him she just can’t live like this. Roman thinks it’s a mistake to tell them but if she feels that strongly about it he will support her. Belle starts to talk to Kate but when she can’t handle the truth she goes running and crying to mommy. Kate comes after her and tells Belle that by going on and making her plans to be with Shawn, she betrayed Philip and what she has done is unforgivable. Belle runs out crying. John and Kate go on the balcony and he comforts her. Marlena and then Roman go after cry baby Belle.

War zone: I have to say I’m really not liking Sami at the moment. Dan Wells is doing a great job but what the character of Sami is doing to her family truly is unforgivable. Rex tries to rattle Stan by saying he knows he is not who he says he is. He confides to Shawn and Brady that it was Lucas’ suggestion to go after the guy in this manner to see if he makes a mistake. Lucas has his rifle pointed at the guy and will shoot if he tries anything. Looking through the scope Lucas thinks the guy looks familiar. Sami/Stan is having a field day telling the guys everything Phil said while they were held captive together. First up, Shawn. Philip talked about his beautiful wife and how much they were in love. He also talked about her jerk ex-boyfriend crashing through the stained glass window on their wedding day. Philip said if this jerk goes near his wife again he won’t hesitate to kill him. Next up, Rex. His brother Rex’s girlfriend is keeping a major secret from him. A secret so huge that it will destroy their relationship. Next Brady. Brady had this one true love but when she died he made one mistake after the other. Phil lost all respect from him when he started doing his grandfather’s widow. Of course all the guys react to his remarks.

Ogden: Hopefully Patrick saw what Billie is really like today and he won’t be so willing to defend her. She admits she knew exactly what she was doing although Bo didn’t. He thought she was Hope. Patrick says you regret what you did though, don’t you. Billie says no – she would do it all again but this time she wouldn’t feel guilty. She gets pretty self-righteous when she tells Patrick that Hope will never forgive her. Patrick says she saw you having sex with her husband – what did she expect. Billie tries to make it sound like it’s not really that has Hope upset. She tells Patrick that Bo was once her husband and they conceived a child out of love. That’s what has Hope so upset – she can’t say that she is Bo’s one and only. Billie than worries that Hope will convince Bo to make sure that she never sees her daughter. Billie says Bo isn’t the type of man that would let Hope convince him to do that. He knows that Bo has feelings for Billie but he loves his wife and he wants his marriage. Billie knows that Bo loves her but she also knows Bo loves Hope more. Billie doesn’t know what she is going to do next – she doesn’t know where to start looking for Georgia. She gets a phone call from University Hospital. She says and I’m the only person that matches. She’s all smiles when she tells Patrick. Georgia has been found and she needs me.

Bo and Hope scenes. As I said Kristian was so good today!!! She showed her vulnerability and hope as she tried to believe that Bo didn’t really know it was Billie he was having sex with. She showed her determination not to let the DiMera’s and Billie win – she talked to the lab technicians and did research on the web to find out the effects the gas could have had on Bo. She learned that it would cause him to hallucinate. Her fear for her son and her anger at Bo for once again going on a wild goose chase with Billie instead of being there when his son needed him. To her condemnation of Bo and her disappointment in him when she tells him that Shawn made a promise to Bo that he had no intentions of keeping because he knew his father is the same – both of them have to play hero. She reminds him of what she told him would happen if Shawn got hurt because he was off with Billie. Bo wants to know is she is leaving him. He gets really dizzy and Hope shows her concern and tells him she’ll get his tea. She’s still angry with Bo and confused. She can’t understand why he insists on defending his decision to go with Billie. She says alright Billie, this is war – a war I have no intention of losing.

Preview: Jennifer to Jack – What is it? Jack – Jennifer I betrayed our marriage vows. Abe to Lexie (Tek’s in the background) – We don’t have a marriage anymore Lexie. I’m impotent. Nicole (still in those surgical scrubs, still holding that scalpel, still talking to herself) – You’ve given me no choice Chloe. Brady coming up behind Stan and grabbing him – Now we’re going to find out who you really are.


Wednesday May 11

Pat’s Spoilers

My positive about today’s show – I enjoyed the ‘reunion’ between Jack/Jen and Lexie/Abe. Jen looks so happy. I also enjoyed the scenes when Jack was telling Jen the truth. Another good thing – no Belle, Kate or Philip – a really good day!!!!

Clinic: I think the Nicole/Chloe scenes were just thrown in there to remind us that they’re both still around. Nicole is still skulking around the nurse’s desk in her surgical nurse garb. She sees a patient whose reconstructive surgery failed (it’s not pretty). She decides she can’t do that to Chloe. Chloe is dreaming of reuniting with Brady after her surgery is successful. Of course just as Nicole sneaks into Chloe’s room, Chloe starts talking in her sleep. Chloe talks about her and Brady being together and him dumping Nicole. Nicole pictures that scenario and then says that Chloe is leaving her no choice. She has to do it. She pulls out the scalpel and advances towards the bed.

War Zone: Not a lot of any consequence really happened out there. The guys aren’t buying Stan’s story. Brady thinks he knows him from somewhere but can’t place where. Lucas recognises the guy and text messages to Brady. He tells Brady that he met the guy in Salem and he asked a lot of personal questions. There’s something weird about him. Lucas wants to question him but Brady tells him to stay hidden because the guy thinks it’s just the three of them. A missile lands close to their location and they’re all knocked to the ground. When they get up Stan is gone. Lucas sees the guy and decides he’s going to ignore Brady’s instructions and question the guy. Brady, Rex and Lucas run into each other and go looking for Stan. Shawn is the one that finds him, grabs him from behind and says now we’ll find out what we need to know.

Hospital: Most of the scenes took place there. The Mimi/Bonnie/Tek and Jan scenes pretty much consisted of Bonnie threatening to kill Jan if she didn’t tell the truth, Mimi worrying, Tek pointing out the obvious to Mimi – that if Jan doesn’t recant and she dies that she will be facing murder one charges and possibly the death penalty. Bonnie does go into the room and wake up Jan and threaten her. Jan tells them she will never recant. Bonnie tells Mimi not to worry – she’s calling in the big guns.

Lexie finds Abe in the ER getting his hand bandaged. He burned it while trying to use the stove. Lexie wants to know why he didn’t call her. Abe tells her he heard about Abby’s accident and figured she was needed at the hospital. He asks how Abby is. Lexie tells him that Abby is going to be just fine which is a good thing because Jen couldn’t handle another tragedy – she’s still mourning…Lexie stops and says I don’t believe it. Abe wants to know what she is talking about. Lexie says that Jen is kissing someone. Abe says she is entitled to move on. Lexie says it looks like Jack. Abe says it’s impossible. Jack is dead. Jack says news of his death was greatly exaggerated. It was a great scene. Jack is told about Abe’s blindness and he feels bad for Abe. Jen wants Lexie to give Jack a physical and Lexie tells them to wait in the exam room. Abe is happy that Jack came back alright not like him with complications that could end their marriage. Lexie insures him that their marriage is fine. Abe says he’s impotent, they have no marriage. Tek shows up. They get to talking about the Spears case and when Abe finds out that he has a statement from the victim and he hasn’t made an arrest he gets very upset with Tek. Lexie says he’s just doing his job. Abe wants to know why she’s taking Tek’s side and if there is something going on between them. A nurse comes to take Abe to sign his insurance forms. Tek asks Lexie how things are and she tells him that Abe is having a hard time adjusting. Lexie does her rounds and when she’s done she sees Abe sitting on a chair. He had been waiting for her to take him home. He gets upset with her and says he’ll find his way home on his own and he’s going to bed early – he doesn’t want her to wake him up. Lexie is very upset and finds comfort in Tek’s arms.

In the exam room Jack and Jen are kissing. He wants to be alone with her. Jen says they can’t do anything in the exam room because Lexie could walk in at any time. He wants to go home then. She says they can’t do that. When Abby is released then they’ll spend time with her and Jack Jr and then maybe go to Smith Island for a few days to the Horton Cabin. That kind of dampens Jack’s enthusiasm. He tells Jen to sit down he has something to tell her. She gets worried when he says that he promised himself he would tell her the truth no matter what. She knows that Tony had someone impersonating her so Jack could be recaptured so she asks him why he’s telling her this again. He talks about how he dreamed of being with her for months and months – he tells her that he was exhausted – finally he says she asked me to go to the Horton Cabin and when we were there she asked me to make love to her and I did. Jen can’t believe that he couldn’t tell the difference. She says she had a rubber mask on, her body had to be different … Jack says it was different but I had dreamed of being with you for so long. He also tells her that the DiMera’s have done this before. He names Hope as Princess Gina and Marlena thinking John was Roman for years – he stops and says none of that matters – what matters is that I hurt you and I’m sorry. He wants to know if she can forgive him. She says it’s too late. Then she explains herself – she’s talking about the time Tony stole from them that they can’t get back. She tells him it wasn’t his fault. Of course she forgives him – she loves him. They kiss.

Previews: Jack telling Lexie that he needs to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Shawn to Stan – How do you know so much about us? Stan – I’m a friend and I can help you get everything you want. Mimi to Tek – First degree murder. That’s a capital crime. I could go to death row. Jan to Belle – If anything happens to him I will make you suffer for the rest of your miserable life. Belle’s response – yup – you guessed it – the same vacant, open-mouthed stare that she uses to express every emotion under the sun.


Thursday May 12

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a quick report. I’m running late again tonight. This is one of those shows where there are so many people on it… My positives about the show – Jack’s surprise for Jen – sigh…he is such a romantic and those two are a joy to watch. I also liked Maggie today.

Bunker: Tony and Bart in their stupid uniforms – LOL – keeping an eye on Philip while waiting for Sami to report in. Tony refers to Philip as the lure and Sami the bait when Bart says everything is ready for the four musketeers. The missiles are exploding all around her so Sami radios a mayday in to Tony. Shawn grabs her and asks what that was. Another missile explodes and they both go down. Tony shuts off the transmitter so Shawn can’t hear them (he turns it back on later). Bart worries that is Sami finds out Lucas is with them that she’s change sides. Tony says that Lucas dumped her and he is Kate’s son – hurt Lucas, hurt Kate – Sami won’t change sides. Stan tells Shawn that he can help him rescue Philip and when that’s done, he’ll have Belle. Shawn wants to know how he knows so much about them. Stan says I’m a friend and I can help you get what you want. Shawn doesn’t trust him. At one point Shawn mentions Lucas's name and Stan wants to know if Lucas is there. Shawn says Lucas is Philip's brother - he would be devastated if something happened to me as would Lucas' son, Will. Tony tells Sami it’s time to pull out the proof when he hears Shawn say this. Stan hands Shawn’s Philip’s dog tags and says do you believe me now. Shawn asks if he is sure Philip’s still alive. When Stan says yes Shawn says lead us there (or something like that). Sami gloats and says to herself that Shawn has just made a big mistake.

Philip has a fantasy about his loving, faithful wife – she tells him that she is waiting for him. He says he knows she would never betray him. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He has no clue that his wife is a deceitful, faithless liar that had no compunction betraying him on their wedding night. In his dream he talks about their vows and the marriage and how they will be husband and wife forever. God, I hope so – I may feel a little sorry for him but I don’t like him – I’d rather he be the one that has to be married to Belle over Shawn any day. Shawn deserves so much better.

Hospital – It was like Grand Central Station there today.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: Abe overhears Tek comforting Lexie and confronts them. He tells them he’s blind but not stupid. He tells Tek he should get back to work on the Spears case rather than spending time with his wife. Tek says he got Jan’s statement – Abe tells him that he placed some calls to the court house and the D.A. is not happy with detectives that don’t do their jobs. Tek says he is taking care of the investigation and he doesn’t approve of Abe looking over his shoulder – he leaves them. Abe says that he heard Lexie mention his condition and he wants to know if she told Tek that he was impotent. She says of course not – she just said that he was having a hard time adjusting to his blindness – she would never betray his confidence by telling someone something so personal. Abe apologises. Lexie tells him she just has one more patient to see and then she’ll take him home. She doesn’t want to fight with him anymore and asks him if they can call a truce. After she’s done examining Jack and finishing the Chelsea/Billie transfusion she tells him she’s ready to go. She just wants to sit with him and talk. They’re about to leave when she gets paged. It’s an emergency. He tells her he’ll find his own way home and he won’t wait up for her.

Billie/Patrick/Chelsea: Billie comes rushing in with Patrick behind. He tells her to slow down – she fell once already and had to get her arm in a cast. She wants to see her daughter. Patrick tries to tell her they don’t know if it’s Chelsea. She says that Bo and she knew Chelsea was hurt and the hospital called saying her and this girl shared a rare blood marker so it has to be her. The nurse takes her to Chelsea. Billie says this has to be a mistake. The nurse says no. The hospital computer says you’re the only match. Billie says I thought I was going to find my daughter here. The nurse asks her if she has changed her mind about donating blood. Billie says no. She tells Patrick that in her haste to find Georgia she forgot about what Chelsea was going through. Chelsea calls for the mother so Billie comforts her. Lexie comes in to set up the transfusion and tells Billie she’s doing a wonderful thing. Without the transfusion Chelsea would have died. Billie wants to know if she is going to be okay now. Lexie says she has a chance now but she’s still in critical condition. Chelsea says Mommy and Billie comforts her. She tells Patrick she wishes it was Georgia that was calling her mommy.

Maggie/Jen – Jen is worried that something is wrong with Jack Jr when she sees Maggie. Maggie tells her no – he’s with Doug and Julie. When Julie found out that Bonnie left to go out she thought it would be good for Maggie and Mickey to spend some quality alone time. Jen asks why she is at the hospital then. Maggie tells her that five minutes into their quality time Bonnie called with an emergency. Maggie says she just can’t share Mickey with Bonnie any longer. Jen tells her she can’t let Bonnie get the better of her – she has to fight. Maggie thinks she doesn’t have much fight left. Jen encourages her to fight for what is hers like Bonnie is. Maggie says Bonnie doesn’t fight fair and she won’t stoop to her level. Jen tells her she doesn’t have to – she can handle Bonnie. Maggie says she is going to take care of that hussy and goes looking for Mickey.

Mickey/Bonnie/Jan/Mimi/Belle/Maggie/Tek – Bonnie tells Mickey that Jan has lied and is claiming that Mimi tried to kill her and he has to get her off – she knows he can do it – he’s just like Perry Mason. (Hmm…when was the last time Mickey won a case????) Mickey tells her this isn’t TV – they have to deal with real judges and juries and lawyers don’t solve the crimes before the last commercial. He feels that he can get the truth out of Jan on cross examination. Mimi tells him that Jan has been lying all her life – it comes easy to her. Mimi says she is doomed. Mimi says she needs a miracle. Belle tells her to have faith – miracles can happen – her mother came back. Jan says you’re toast. I’m going to make sure you pay for what you did to me. Belle goes inside to talk to her. Belle tells Jan to tell the truth – she almost died, she doesn’t want that lie on her soul. LMAO – like Belle is one to talk about liars. I loved how Jan told Belle a few home truths about her and Mimi. Jan says you and Mimi are no different then me – you’re both liars. She tells Belle that she is even worse than Mimi because she married Philip when she was still in love with Shawn. She also says its Belle’s fault that Shawn’s life is in danger and if anything happens to him she is going to make Belle pay for the rest of her miserable life. Jan is having a hard time breathing and starts seizing and then flat-lines. Mimi runs in and then Lexie who tells Belle and Mimi to get out. While Belle was in with Jan Tek is talking to Mimi and Maggie is confronting Bonnie and Mickey. She tells Mickey that she can’t live in that house with Bonnie and him any longer – he has to make a decision now. Bonnie says he has no time right now because he has to be Mimi’s lawyer. Bonnie sees Tek talking to Mimi and pushes Mickey towards them. Bonnie tells Maggie that she is going to lose because Mickey belongs to her – she is under his skin and he’s never going to let her go. Mickey tells Tek that he shouldn’t be talking to his client without him being there. Tek says I don’t have to talk to her anymore all I need is a warrant for her arrest now. Lexie comes out of Jan’s room and says she has some bad news.

Jack/ Jennifer – They’re kissing and Jen asks him if she kisses better than the fake Jen. Jack tells her that he just can’t joke about that right now. Jen understands. Jack is wondering where Lexie is – he tells Jen he feels fine. He doesn’t see the need for a check up. She says look what happened to Abe when he got back. Jack says alright I’ll do it for Abe but mostly for you. Lexie gets there and Jack tells Lexie he needs her to check for sexually transmitted diseases. She looks shocked but doesn’t ask any questions. Lexie gives him a clean bill of health. Jack ties a scarf around Jen’s neck and leads her into an examine room. Lexie puts up a do not disturb sign. It’s very romantic! Candlelit table, dinner for two, champagne – chocolates and even a hospital bed or two all decorated with tiny white lights. They make love and Jack gives her a pin with two entwined hearts and says we’ll never be separated again.

Previews: John to Marlena (both with tears on their faces) - You need to know the truth. Marlena – What? Roman to Kate (in bed – she’s turned away from him) - I know why you’re having a tough time with us making love. Abe to Tek and Lexie – Just how close did the two of you get and what have you been doing behind my back since I got home? A quick flash of Sami’s face – Bart to Tony – Look’s like they got him/her now boss. Sami’s luck may have just run out.


Friday, May 13

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: I though James Reynolds did another excellent job today. Drake and Deidre were wonderful as well.

Hospital: Abe, Lexie, Mickey, Bonnie, Belle, Mimi, and Tek

Mickey goes up to Tek and wants to know what his next move is going to be. Tek tells him that it’s cut and dried because he’s has Jan Spears on tape saying that Mimi tried to kill her. Mickey tells him that it puts him in a very tough spot because as Mimi’s attorney, he needs to confront Jan about her statement...but if she dies... Tek finishes his sentence saying...Mimi will be arrested for murder. Bonnie overhears and yells “No!” Lexie comes out and tells them she has bad news.

Mickey asks Lexie if he can speak to Jan. She tells him that she’s not sure if Jan will speak to anyone ever again. Belle and Mimi hug in the background. Mickey gets upset and says that Jan made some serious accusations and Bonnie calls Jan a liar. Lexie tells them that Jan has lapsed into a coma again and has a clot that is reducing her blood flow. They are giving her meds and hope it will dissolve. Mickey turns to Mimi and tells her not to give up. He says that he has Maggie researching precedents. Bonnie is upset but he tells her that Maggie is a wonderful researcher.

Tek sees Abe and goes to talk to him. Abe tells him about the doctor wanting to do more tests. Abe rags on Tek for not making an arrest. Tek tells him he is evaluating the evidence but Abe is still upset. He says that it was a mistake to make Tek a detective and that he should have made an arrest by now. Lexie wants to know why Abe is picking on Tek and he asks her why she is defending him. He demands to know what has been happening since the island and what’s been going on behind his back since he returned. Lexie asks Tek to give them some privacy and he leaves. She doesn’t understand how Abe could say those things and tells him that she is his wife and the mother of his child and would never betray him. She tells him that when he was gone Tek helped her, but just as a friend.

Abe tells Lexie that he is here now and is still her husband even if he can’t make love to her. He tells her that he knows her...she is beautiful...etc...and has needs that he can’t fill now...if Tek isn’t filling them then maybe another doctor in the hospital is? Lexie swears she is not having an affair with anyone and loves only him. Abe asks her if she is not just telling him what he wants to hear. She tells him that she won’t put up with his jealousy.

Mickey asks Tek what he is going to do...if he will book his client or not. Tek tells him not tonight. Belle thanks Tek for not arresting Mimi. He tells her he just hopes Mimi is as innocent as she thinks. Tek walks over to Abe and tells him rudely that he hasn’t made a move on his wife but that he would appreciate it if Abe would not interfere with his case. Abe tells him that he still has friends in high places and will call them if something doesn’t happen soon. The nurse arrives to take Abe off to his tests. Tek turns to Lexie and tells her that they both know that there was more than friendship between the two of them before Abe came back.

Mickey says he is going to check on Maggie. Bonnie tells him she’ll go with him and keep the coffee hot if nothing else. Mimi thanks Mickey for his help. She tells Belle that she is pretty much done for...that it’s her punishment for lying to Rex...yada...yada... They hug.

Kate’s Hotel Room: Kate and Roman

Roman carries Kate over the threshold and tells her it is the beginning of their long overdue honeymoon. She asks him to put her rings back on her finger. He tells her he understands and rededicates himself to her...to their love...to their future. Kate is crying and asks him to make love to her. They kiss...

Roman and Kate are in bed making love but Kate is really restless and upset. We get a flashback to her and John making love. She sees a framed photo of her and John and then more flashback. Roman wants to know what’s wrong and she looks at the photo once more, pushing the Kleenex box in front of it. She tells Roman that she’s sorry and doesn’t want to ruin his homecoming. Roman misunderstands and says it is his fault for rushing things. Kate tells him that it’s been such a shock and that she’s having a hard time processing it. He tells her that he knows why she is having a tough time making love.

Kate tells Roman that she has something to tell him and that it is tearing her apart. Roman says he understands. He thinks it’s because she is upset about her boys. He promises that he and John will do all they can to make sure they make it home safe.

Penthouse: John and Marlena

Marlena is in the bedroom and opens up a dresser drawer. She pulls out a negligee and flashes back to her and Roman watching John and Kate making love with Kate wearing it. John comes in, leaning on his cane, and Marlena asks him if it belongs to Kate. He tells her he is sorry and that he thought they had packed everything up. He says he knows how painful it must be for her and explains that both he and Kate were miserable lost souls sharing their grief.

Marlena says she doesn’t blame them for what happened. He says he understands how she and Roman probably turned to each other for comfort and that she would never betray her vows. Marlena has a confession to make but he stops her, saying that he just wants to hold her. They start to kiss. She tells him that she doesn’t want any secrets between them because secrets can destroy the strongest relationship. Before she can tell him the truth, he blurts out that he is a drug addict.

John explains about the pain from his injuries and that nothing Lexie gave him was enough. He tells Marlena about his promise to walk Belle down the aisle...that he is just a classic junkie...and that Kate and Brady stood by him. Marlena asks him where he got the drugs and he tells her from the hospital...pushers...etc. She gasps that it was so dangerous. We get a flashback of Stan in the room with the bag of pills. Marlena tells John that he must have gone through hell and that she is so sorry. She asks if he is clean now or still addicted. He tells her he is off the hard stuff but still taking the pills.

Marlena tells John that he will beat this thing and that she will do everything in her power to help him. She suggests rehab but he says no. He thinks that with her there he knows he can do it himself. John talks about seeing her in a vision and that he always thought if he just had her back that he could beat this thing. She tells him they will do it together. He tells her that he is going to need her so much. She tells him the same thing and they start kissing.

In the final scene, they are in bed with John sleeping and Marlena watching him. She wonders how she can tell him about Roman...that he will never forgive her...but that she has to tell him before he hears it from someone else.

Tony’s War (not sure where...sigh...): Shawn, Rex, Brady, Stan, Tony, and Bart

Bart wants Tony to tell him about the secret weapon Sami supposedly has. Tony just wants to watch Sami/Stan trick the boys.

Rex asks Brady if they should bring Lucas in. Brady says no because he is their backup. Rex looks through the binoculars and says it is pretty quiet. He asks Brady if he wants to make a run for it. Brady agrees.

Shawn wants proof from Stan and tells him to put up or shut up. Stan pulls something out and wants to know if this will satisfy him. It turns out to be Phil’s dog tags and Shawn says it looks like we can trust you after all. Brady drops in with Rex and says like hell they can. Stan has a temper tantrum and says he is sick of this and that he is not working with the enemy. Shawn tells him to keep his voice down. Brady has two questions for Stan...how do they know that Phil isn’t already dead...why did he wait until now to show the tags to them...

Stan tells them that he grabbed them off the table in case he ran into some American troops...Phil was alive when he left...the guards were angry when he escaped... Brady says he thought he paid the guards off. Stan tap dances and says yes but their superiors didn’t know about it. Shawn wants to rescue Phil now. Stan goes on about how then Shawn can get back with Belle...Rex with Mimi...etc... Brady still wonders how Stan got all that personal information. Stan tells them that they are running out of time. Shawn tells Rex that whether they trust Stan or not, he is their only chance of finding Phil. Brady has one last question for Stan...we asked you to help us before...what made you change your mind?

Flashback of Tony telling Sami to concentrate on getting revenge on her enemies. Stan tells the boys that what Rex said before got to him...about how he could leave Phil behind. He tells him he is ashamed of what he did especially as they are only civilians and they came all this way to rescue him. He tells them that Phil tried to help him and he wants to return the favor. They decide to believe him this time.

New flashback of Sami insisting that Tony hurt none of the boys. She says it’s a deal breaker and he agrees. Back in the present, Tony tells Bart that he has plans for the boys that Samantha is not aware of. Stan tells the boys that he has a plan. Tony says “Gotcha.”


Tek tells Lexie that he cares about her and that’s not going to change...

Billie tells Kate that she made a horrible mistake and will have to pay the price...a life without Bo and possibly her daughter...

Brady says he wonders how they can prove who Stan really is. Shawn says there’s only one way...

Stan/Sami (in Sami’s voice) saying that Kate is going to go down after this is over with.


Monday May 16

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Lexie, Tek, Belle, and Mimi

Lexie tells Tek that Abe is still upset that he won’t name his suspect. Tek tells her that he is no longer obligated to report to Abe. She argues that out of respect and friendship...he tells her it has nothing to do with respect but that Abe is no longer on the force. Lexie asks Tek if he is upset that Abe thought they still wanted to be together. He tells her that Abe is right, at least on his part, because he does still want to be with her.

Mimi wants to know why Tek is still hanging around and why he doesn’t just arrest her already (the same could be said for you Meems). Belle tells her to be grateful that he hasn’t and to give Mickey time to discredit Jan. Mimi whines that there is no hope for her...will lose Rex...yada...yada...etc...etc...

Lexie wants Tek to stop saying those things...and reiterates that they only have a friendship. She says that Abe is under a lot of stress right now. He tells her that is why he thinks Abe should stay away from the case. He says he can’t just turn his feelings off and still cares about her. She gets frustrated and tells him that she made it clear where they stood when Abe returned. Tek says he is still worried about her. She brushes him off and says that she and Abe will be just fine and walks away.

A nurse calls Tek’s name and he apologizes to her for cutting their date short. Lexie is listening in as the nurse tells him she understands and had a great time so maybe they can do it again.

Clinic: Nicole, computer Nicole, and doctor

Nicole pulls Chloe’s file and says that she has to make sure that the knife used to reconstruct Chloe’s face, does it in a very tragic way. She hears a voice and spins around to look at herself on the computer screen (in nursing uniform, patch over one eye, drink in hand). Computer Chloe eggs Chloe on about being a wuss...when did she grow a conscience...needs to slice and dice the little diva...Extreme Makeover”... or she’ll be waiting when Brady comes home...

Chloe counters that she got a conscience when she fell in love with Brady...doesn’t know anything about reconstructive surgery... Chloe’s surgeon comes in and asks her to sterilize his instruments for Chloe’s operation tomorrow. He says to make sure she does them well because they were just used on a patient who has flesh-eating disease and otherwise the results could be disastrous. She agrees to do it.

Nicole tells herself that she can just conveniently forget to sterilize the instruments. The phone rings and its Brady (see below).

Kate’s Hotel Room: Kate and Billie

Kate is wearing her negligee and having a drink. She opens the door to Billie who apologizes for calling so late. Kate wants to know what happened to her arm. She explains that she’s a klutz and fell. Billie wants the key to Lucas’s apartment (I guess she doesn’t need supervision anymore?)

She wants to know why Kate is not at John’s penthouse (how did Billie find out where Kate was?). She sees Roman’s shirt and thinks that it belongs to John. Kate explains about Roman, Jack, Cassie, and Marlena being alive. Billie is happy about Roman, Jack, and Cassie...doesn’t mention Marlena though.

Billie tells Kate about the car accident and Chelsea losing her parents...yada...yada...then tells her about what happened with Bo...that Hope will never talk to her again. Billie thinks she could lose Bo and her daughter for good (didn’t know she had Bo...) Kate thinks its great. Finally, Billie seems sorry...

Kate explains about John proposing to her. Billie thinks she loves both John and Roman. Billie leaves with the keys and Kate looks at yet another picture of her with John.

War Zone: Boys of Summer

Brady tells the others that the sun is going to come up soon and they need to get their rest because tomorrow they will rescue Phil. Shawn hopes that Stan really knows where Phil is. Stan comes over to them and asks if they are up for it...prepared for it...going into enemy territory...could be the end. Brady says that there is also a good chance that they can achieve what they came for. Stan walks away and in Sami’s voice says that Brady is so cocky and sure of himself and has no idea that she is leading them into a trap.

Shawn says he doesn’t know if they can really trust Stan. Brady tells him that they don’t have much choice and that time is running out for all of them. He reminds him that Lucas is their backup and if Stan tries anything then Lucas will take him out.

Lucas is up at his vantage point and has his viewfinder on Stan. He can’t shake the feeling that there is something about Stan. He murmurs that if he makes one false move then he’s dead.

Stan moves back towards the guys and wants to know if there is a problem or if they still don’t trust him. Shawn says they don’t and rags at him. Stan gets defensive. Brady follows Shawn to one side and wants to know what that was about. He says that he was just thinking about Belle...he’s ready for whatever happens but wishes that he could talk to her one more time first. Brady tells him that he thinks he can arrange that. He brings out satellite phones and explains that he snagged them from his dad’s office.

Rex tells Brady that Lucas wants to talk to him and he leaves after giving a phone to Rex as well. He reminds them to keep their cover stories intact. Stan asks about the phones and Rex asks him if there is someone he’d like to phone. He goes into a sob story about his son and how no gives a damn about him right now. Rex feels bad and gives him the phone, convincing him to call someone. Shawn says they made a really big mistake.

Lucas wants to find out Stan’s whole story but Brady says no. He tells him that he is their backup and that Stan doesn’t even know that he exists. If he tries anything stupid, Lucas can shoot him. Lucas tells Brady that he will. Brady says it will all be over soon. He shows the phone to Lucas and asks him if he wants to phone Will. Lucas says he really wants to talk to him but he would ask too many questions he couldn’t answer. Brady asks about calling Sami. Lucas gets upset and says he doesn’t know where she is and even if he did he wouldn’t want to talk to her.

Brady calls Nicole and asks what she is up to. She tells him that she is waiting for the man she loves to come home and asks if he is okay. He tells her that they are going to find Phil soon and will be coming home. She wants him to promise that he’ll be careful because she is so worried about him. Brady tells her not to worry and that he has to come home and put that ring on her finger. They each say how much they love each other. Brady tells her how proud he is of her for turning her life around so that now there is goodness inside of her... They lose their connection... Lucas tells Brady that women like Nicole and Sami don’t change. Brady says that Nicole has.

Sami/Stan takes out his voice regulator? and phones Kate. She wants to know about Will. Kate is miserable to her and says that Will is doing fine but is still angry and won’t forgive Sami. She tells her that Lucas is better off without her and that Sami should live with the consequences of what she has done, then slams the phone down. Sami damns her and mouths off a doom and gloom threat.

Shawn calls Belle and she tells him she is worried about him and asks him if he is alright. She wants them all to come home and says that they are all in big trouble. He tells her that they are fine and he doesn’t want to argue. He just wants to hear her voice and tells her he loves her. She worries that he could be killed and tells him that she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him.

Shawn tells Belle that Rex wants to know if Mimi is with her. She says yes and hands the phone over to her. Mimi goes on about how much she needs Rex...doesn’t ask if he’s okay...doesn’t say that she’s worried about him. Rex apologizes for not telling her about the trip. She gets off the phone and goes into another blather about no future...etc...etc...

A nurse makes Mimi get off the phone.

Brady is back with the others now and tells them to get some rest. Lucas overhears Stan/Sami asking god to protect her son Will. A strange look comes over Lucas’s face.


Tony tells Sami that she drives a hard bargain and to just keep up her end of the deal.

Abe tells Lexie that he thinks they should get a divorce.

Celeste opens the door to Tek and faints.

Chloe murmurs about Brady...once we are together again, I’ll be happy. Eavesdropping Nicole says...over your dead body.


Tuesday May 17

Pat’s Spoilers

The good things about today’s show besides the fact it’s over (just kidding) were seeing Craig and the Celeste Abe scenes.

As for the rest of the show – let’s just say it’s a good thing I had a glass of ice water next to me…it helped to keep me awake. I don’t have a lot to say so this is going to be short.

The war zone: There was so much ‘war’ going on it was hard to hear their conversations. Stan has the map to the bunker. Brady goes to Lucas and tells him they are about to go into desert. He knows the plan. If Stan tries anything he is to shoot him. Lucas says he can’t do it – not knowing what he knows now. Brady wants to know what he is talking about. Lucas says I overheard him praying that he will make it back to his son. Brady asks him if it came down to a choice between Stan and the rest of them who would he choose. Lucas knows what he has to do but he doesn’t like it. Rex has all their equipment hidden and is telling Shawn that if their camp is found there will be no trace of them. Brady comes back and asks them where Stan is – he has the map. Brady finds Stan just as he is finished talking to Tony. When Brady asks him who he was talking to Stan says himself. They take off and after narrowly being hit by enemy fire they decide to keep moving. The next thing they here is ‘drop your weapons.’

Tony/Bart: Tony tells Bart as soon as Sami leads the guys into his trap Sami, Brady, Shawn and Rex won’t know what hits them. So does this mean he’s planning on double crossing Sami??? Sami checks in but before she’ll lead the guys into Tony’s trap he has to do one more thing for her. He has to find out if Will is okay. Tony orders Bart to contact his operatives in Salem and get a status report. Will is in school. Bart then tells Tony that they have big trouble – so big it could destroy Tony’s plan. A group of soldiers are following the guys. Tony wants to know if it is the Marines or his guys because he didn’t intend to take on the US military. Bart doesn’t know.

Clinic: It was great to see Craig. He comes to see Chloe because it’s the day of her surgery. Chloe has a dream that Nancy and Craig bring Brady to the hospital just before the doctor is going to remove the bandages. Everything is fine – Brady is happy she is alive – her face is back to normal and then everything changes. She tells them she changed her mind she can’t have the surgery. Craig sends Nancy to find the doctor. He then tells Chloe it’s pre-surgery nerves and to not make up her mind until she hears what the doctor has to say. Nicole has the tray of surgical instruments that the doctor used on a patient that had a bacterial infection – flesh eating disease – that she decided not to sterilize. Another nurse comes along and says she is going to sterilize them like she always does for the doctor just to be sure. Nicole tells her she can’t. She makes it sound like the doctor was furious with this nurse for not doing it and that she (Nicole) had to cover for her. The nurse is very grateful to Nicole so she doesn’t sterilize them. Nicole says ‘show time’ as takes the instruments into the O.R. She then overhears Chloe telling her parents that soon her and Brady will be back together. Nicole says over my dead body and then pushes the wheel chair inside. She’s there to take Chloe for her surgery.

Celeste: She’s sleeping and has a dream. She goes to Abe and Lexie’s but she has this deep foreboding that something is not right. She goes in the house and she calls for Lexie and Abe but gets no response. She wonders what happened to her family. Tek comes out of the kitchen and says the Carver family is no more (or something like that). Celeste wakes up. She is happy it was just a dream but she feels she has to go and see Lexie. Lexie wakes up to find that Abe is not in bed. He says he couldn’t sleep. The scenes between them were good. Abe feels like he is a half a man. Lexie tries to convince him that there are a lot of ways a husband and wife can express their love for each other. Abe says he can’t give her more children. He thinks they should get a divorce. He tells Lexie he is releasing her from her vows because she didn’t sign up to be married to a man who wasn’t healthy. Lexie tries to tell him that the vows said for better or for worse and if this is the worse than they got off lucky. She is just so happy that he’s there. For so long she thought she’d never feel his arms around her or hear him say I love you ever again. Abe doesn’t really listen. Lexie goes downstairs. Tek shows up and tells Lexie that he wants to make things right with Abe. He’s going to talk to him about the Spears case. Lexie tells him that Detective Adams is upstairs talking to Abe – he beat him to the punch.

Tek answers the door at Abe and Lexie’s and when Celeste sees him she faints. When she comes to Lexie asks her if she is alright. Celeste says she is fine – she had a premonition. Tek says he is going to talk to Abe. Lexie tells Celeste that Abe asked her for a divorce. They talk a bit. Tek goes upstairs – Abe is rude, Detective Adams acts like a pompous jerk. Tek tells Abe he’s not giving up on him – he’ll be in touch and he leaves. Abe says yeah in touch with my wife. Celeste comes upstairs and asks Abe what he’s going to do about it (she overhears what he says). I liked their conversation. Celeste pulled no punches. Abe finally tells her he is impotent. Celeste tells him he better change his definition of manhood to mean commitment to family. Downstairs Tek tells Lexie he still has strong feelings for her but he doesn’t want it to be awkward between them every time they meet. She says he was a good friend when she needed one and she is grateful for that. He tells her that anytime she needs someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, he’ll be there. Celeste is watching them. She does not think that Tek deserves a woman like Lexie.

Preview: Billie watching with a smile on her face as Jack hugs both Jen and Abby saying ‘I can’t tell you how good it feels to have my two best girls with me.’ Hope to Bo – If something should happen to Shawn because you were off somewhere again with Billie again I will never forgive you. Tony to Stan (Sami) – Our deal is off Samantha. You don’t get to see your parents and lastly you will never get revenge on your enemies. The 3 guys are locked in a room – Brady says the only way out is through that door and that is where the guards are. Shawn leans against a wall and a knife is plunged through the wall right next to him.


Wednesday May 18

Pat’s Spoilers

It’s a real struggle to find something good to say about the show. Let’s see I liked the Jack, Abby and Jen scenes. The rest of the show…sigh.

I could rant forever but the show is not worth the effort. Bo made me so angry and frankly, I just want Hope to stop threatening him and just kick his a$$ out the door already.

War Zone: Let’s just say I’m sick to death of Tony and his delusions of grandeur. I’m sick of that outfit he is wearing. What look is he going for??? He’s obviously a military dictator wanna be. I love Bart but even his goofiness can’t temper the pomposity of Tony so it’s hard to find Bart amusing any longer. Bart is freaking out that they’re done for because the Marines have captured Sami and the guys. He wants to shred everything and get out of there because he figures Sami will tell them everything and then it will be the DiMera organization against the entire U.S. military. Tony tells him not to be so paranoid. This is Sami’s biggest test and if she fails then yes, his plan is done for but he has the trump card, Philip Kiriakis. Bart says yeah but what about the Joker – Sami. Bart than says a dead Sami can’t tell any tales. Tony calls in two of his mercenaries. Bart says I was just talking… Tony tells William and Charles that he has a special mission for them – they are to infiltrate the Marine camp. He gives them orders and MP arm bands to wear.

The Marine Captain knows the guys are there to rescue Philip. They ask how he knows. He says the ISA sent out a bulletin. The captain is not easy on them – one of his questions is if they got tired of playing paintball. Stan says he’s a journalist. The captain asks if there are any more of them and the guys lie and say no. Lucas is wondering what he should do. The captain says he is going to hold them until the ISA can send a plane to take them out. Brady says you need to know the truth about this guy (meaning Stan). Brady tells the marines that Stan was held prisoner with Philip. The guys try to convince the captain to let them go ahead but he won’t hear it. He wants to question Stan because he was a prisoner of war. Tony’s two mercenaries show up saying they were sent to help out. The captain tells them to take Stan to his tent for questioning. Within minutes someone comes back and says Stan is missing. The captain orders the other three to be held in a tent. Nice of the captain to let them keep their guns with them. They’re hands are tied together and he tells them that the guard outside the entrance to the death has been ordered to use force if necessary if they try to escape. Shawn says they have to get out of there but Brady says there is only one way out and it’s guarded. Just then a knife cuts through the canvas. Lucas gets them out and frees their hands. They have the map and they’re on their way. Back at the bunker Stan is brought to Tony. He tells Samantha that she won’t see her parents or get her revenge now that the boys are captured and can’t be led into the trap. Stan (Sami) says she doesn’t care about getting revenge. This isn’t about her it’s about Philip and all the marines risking their lives to find him. Bart comes running in and says someone helped the three musketeers escape. Tony smiles and says to Sami – you’ll be getting your revenge after all.

Brady House: Belle shows up to tell Hope that she heard from Shawn. She’s whining that it sounded like a good bye call and it’s all her fault. Hope says no he lied to us. Belle spits out that he also DRAGGED Brady, Lucas and Rex into it – something Kate is blaming her for. Yeah – we get it loud and clear – it’s not your fault Belle it’s Shawn’s – we get it. Hope wishes that Bo was more focused on her and his sons. Belle preaches to her that Bo loves his family and her. Belle has to go and check on Mimi. Hope goes to the police station but not before thinking to herself that she and Bo won’t have a marriage if anything happens to Shawn.

Police Station: Bo is on the computer trying to find out information on Shawn when Billie shows up. She stands in the doorway and of course we have to be ‘treated’ to a pit sex flashback. She tells Bo she has to talk to him. He asks her if it’s about how she tried to break up his marriage. He hit his head and the gas caused him to have hallucinations – he thought she was Hope and took advantage of him. Billie says it wasn’t like that. She thought they were dying and he is the love of her life. He asks her if that’s an excuse. She says no she didn’t want to die like she has been living alone. She then tells him that she is giving up the search for Georgia. Hope has been right. This is all a plan of the DiMera’s to either kill the two or them or break up his and Hope’s marriage. She’s going to let it go. Bo won’t let her give up on their daughter. She is going to need them both. Billie says yes she will. Bo hugs her and Hope walks in. Bo says he can explain. Hope says she can guess – you told Billie that you can’t help her search for Georgia because you have to concentrate all your efforts on finding Shawn and then Billie pulled her little needy act. Bo says actually Billie told me that she was ending the search but I told her we couldn’t. Billie knows how Hope is feeling because her brothers are there and offers to help in her capacity as an ISA agent. Hope turns her down. Billie leaves. Bo says he knows it must have been hard for her to see Billie in his arms. Hope says she should be used to it – it’s obvious he cares more for Billie than he does for her and his sons. Bo does the you and the boys are my number one priority dance again. She tells him if anything happens to Shawn because he was off with Billie that she will blame him. He says he will come home safe. Hope tells Bo that if Shawn gets hurt that nothing will ever be the same between them and she walks out.

Hospital: Mimi and Mickey. Mimi has a dream about being arrested. Mickey asks her if she is okay. She wants to know if she is going to jail. Mickey says not if he can help it. Mimi lists everything she has going against her but Mickey tells her that she is innocent and he will prove it. He leaves and Belle shows up. Mimi tells Belle that she wishes that she was as confident as Mickey. Mimi talks about how worried she is about the guys. Belle is little Miss Pollyanna – she knows they will all be alright – Mimi says the way her luck is going they will all die. She amends that to maybe they won’t but they will be captured and we will never see them again. She tells Belle that she is going to go down to the police station and turn herself in. She’s going to plead guilty to attempted murder.

Jack/Jen/Abby/Chelsea: Abby is going to be released but she doesn’t want to leave the hospital before talking to Chelsea. She feels so bad for her. She talks about always believing that her Dad was going to come home to her but for Chelsea there is not chance that her parents are just going to come walking through the door one day. They’re really gone. Abby goes in to see Chelsea. She tells her she has been released. Chelsea is happy for her. She asks Abby if she knows how her parents are – they haven’t come to see her. Abby comes out and tells Jack and Jen that she just couldn’t tell Chelsea her parents were dead. She wonders who will tell Chelsea about her parents. Who will look after her? Jack asks if she had other family. Abby doesn’t know and Jen admits she doesn’t know anything about Chelsea’s parents. Jack says he will do some investigating. He comes back and says I found someone that knows all about Chelsea’s parents – it’s Mickey. Mickey tells them that he is the executor of their will. Jack says so she’s taken care of financially. Mickey says no. They came in to get a lawyer to file for Chapter 11. They had lost their jobs over a year ago, cashed in their life insurance and defaulted on their mortgage. They have no family. So Chelsea literally has lost everything. All’s that left is bills and now the cost of two funerals. Mickey says the Horton Foundation will start a memorial fund. Jack says they will contribute something to it. Mickey says it’s very important that she has her friends now – she’ll need them. Abby promises to be there for her. Mickey leaves and Billie shows up. Her and Jack hug. Jen tells her that she was just about to go in and tell Chelsea about her parents. Billie says she’ll do it. She goes in and Chelsea asks her where her mom and dad are. Billie tells her the doctors did everything they could but they couldn’t save them. Chelsea cries and Billie holds her.

Preview: Celeste to Jack and Jennifer; “How you would investigate someone beyond a mere computer search.” Jen – “Celeste, who do you want to investigate?” Nicole holding a scalpel and smiling – the doctor comes in and says “Nurse Baxter.” Nicole – “Good morning, Dr. Weiss.” His response – “Not for you it’s not.”
Mimi to Belle – “I refuse to break Rex’s heart. I would rather go to jail.” Rex to Stan – “You won’t get away this.” Lucas – “You said it, bro.” He pulls the trigger and Stan goes down.


Thursday May 19

Pat’s Spoilers

It was real easy to find a good thing about the show – the opening scene when Jack, Jen and Abby came home to find a surprise party set up for them with Alice, Mickey and Maggie there. Oh gosh – that baby that is Jack Jr is so gosh darn cute a person just goes ‘awwww.’ Too bad the happiness lasts for only a few seconds before they cut to Celeste’s predictions of doom and gloom…sigh.

Belle and Mimi in the hospital: I zoned out during Mimi’s self pity attack and Belle’s pontificating. The only thing I reacted to was Belle asking Mimi if she was just going to give up on what her and Rex shared – you mean, kind of like you did with Shawn??? Mimi was right about one thing. She told Belle that because the both of them lied they could lose everything.

War Zone: “Stan” is crawling throw the desert looking for the guys so he can lead them into Tony’s trap although it’s Sami talking to herself. Sami realises that Tony has someone following her to make sure she lives up to her end of the bargain. Brady and Lucas are together checking to see if the Marines are following them. They talk a little bit. Brady mentions that it is his birthday and that he should be in Vienna celebrating with Chloe – that was what he had planned before she died. They get on the topic of Nicole when Lucas says that Chloe was one of a kind. Lucas warns him that women like Nicole and Sami never change. Brady tells Lucas he is wrong about Nicole – he knows she would never deliberately hurt anyone. Brady was happy that he got to talk to her and that Rex and Shawn were able to call back to Salem. He reminds Lucas that he could have called home. Lucas says he didn’t want to upset Will. Brady says what about Sami. Lucas says he doesn’t know where she is and besides he doesn’t want to talk to her – she betrayed him the night before their wedding. Brady doesn’t understand why Lucas can’t forgive her – she was the love of his life.

Shawn and Rex are talking. Shawn mentions that they have two armies surrounding them now and one they can’t fire on because they’re U.S. Marines. Rex says their objective is to get Philip. When they get home he’s going to marry Mimi and take her on a honeymoon anyplace that there isn’t any sand because he’s sick of it. He tells Shawn he can’t imagine not spending the rest of his life with Mimi. Shawn wants the same with Belle. It’s going to be hard telling Philip that Belle doesn’t want to be with him – Rex tells Shawn he’s not going to let him do that. That is between Belle and Philip and Belle has to be the one to tell him. He wants a promise from Shawn. Before Shawn can answer he hears a noise. They find Stan. Brady and Lucas see that the others are with Shawn and Brady tells Lucas to stay back. Shawn and Rex don’t trust Stan and Brady joins in and says he has proof that Stan is a traitor. Stan tries to cover when Brady confronts him about taking off from the Marines. Stan says he took off because he wants to help save Philip. The guys are not willing to trust him and Stan says you’re right I am a traitor – I sell my services to the highest bidder. Tony’s mercenaries surround them. Brady is furious and confronts Stan and is knocked down. Rex tells Stan that he will pay for this. Lucas shoots and Stan goes down.

The clinic: Dr. Weiss tells Nicole that she can’t assist in the surgery because he watched and she didn’t scrub in properly. He asks if the instruments were sterilized. Nicole says just like you asked. She scrubs in. The surgery starts and when he asks for the scalpel Nicole pulls it out of her pocket and hands it to him. She is positively delighted that Chloe’s face will be ruined – sickening. She gets squeamish when she sees the blood and the doctor has to ask her twice for suction. She decides she better take off before the doctor notices she didn’t give him the scalpel from the tray. She takes off. The doctor asks the other nurse if she is sure the instruments were sterilized because this one doesn’t look clean. She says no they weren’t. The doctor stops the surgery and starts Chloe on antibiotics – he worries that the damage could already be done.

I like Craig and Nancy today. Nancy is really worried about the surgery. She has a bad feeling that Chloe made the wrong choice. Craig calms her down. Nancy remembers that it is Brady’s birthday. She thinks it would be great if the surgery was a complete success and then Chloe can tell him she is alive. Craig says then Chloe can have the life with Brady that she has always dreamed of. Nancy says it’s not that easy – Nicole is still in the picture and she knows Nicole would do anything to come between Chloe and Brady. Craig assures her that there is no way that Nicole could possibly jeopardise the surgery. He tells her that they have been apart too much and both of them are lonely and depressed. Once the surgery is over and Chloe is healed then she and Joy can come home. Nancy notices the nurse (Nicole) running past and she demands to know what happened with the surgery. She tells Nicole to take her mask off. Just then Dr. Weiss comes out to talk to them and Nicole takes off. He tells him there was a problem with the surgery. Nancy wants to know if Chloe is alright.

The Devereaux Home: It was great to see Alice again! As I said the opening scene is great but when Jack says all the bad times are behind them the scene cuts to Celeste – she sees them in her mirror and says don’t say that – I fear the bad times are far from over. She predicts more doom and gloom. She says a mother’s prayer will not be answered (the scene then cuts to Nancy praying). In actuality Celeste is worried about Lexie and Tek. Back at the Devereaux’s Jen is taking video of Jack and Abby eating their cake. Maggie tells Mickey that finally someone gets their happy ending. She wants to know if they’ll ever get back to the way they were. Mickey doesn’t think this is the place to talk about it. Maggie asks Jack where his parents are and he says that Vern took Jo on a Mediterranean cruise. Someone suggests that Jack and Jen should take a cruise on the love boat. Jack says with all the experiences he had a boat in the last while he wants to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. Jen asks Alice if they can use the cabin and Alice says of course. Jack tells Jen this time he’ll get it right. Maggie says to Mickey that a second honeymoon sounds really good but knowing him he’d want to take Bonnie along. The jerk says it wouldn’t be fair to leave her behind – I can’t believe this asinine storyline. I wish Maggie would kick them both out of her house already. Abby looks a little sad. They know she is worried about Chelsea. (Chelsea is mentioned early on including the Horton Foundation setting up a memorial fund.) Celeste comes in and says mothers should cherish their daughters because you never know what could happen (or something to that effect). She apologises for barging in. Jack and Jen want to know if she is warning them that something is going to happen to Abby. Celeste says no – just that Abby is growing up. She says she is talking about her and Lexie. She then asks them how to get information on someone beyond what you can find in a computer search. They ask her who she wants to investigate but she would prefer not to say. Maggie recalls how Celeste had premonitions that she was going to die at the hand of the Salem Stalker and asks if she is having more premonitions of something bad about to happen. The room goes dark and Celeste sees a floating skull but she doesn’t say anything. Earlier on she was predicting so much pain and suffering – oh yeah, things are sure getting better in Salem.

Preview: Roman to Bo – Little brother it is me and I’m alive. They hug. Abe to Tek – You told me yourself that she named her attacker. Why the hell aren’t you doing anything? Belle to Mickey (Mimi beside her – apparently Belle doesn’t think Mimi is capable of speaking for herself). Mr. Horton, we’re ready to talk. What does Mimi have to do to beat this thing? Philip to Shawn – Philip – you risked your life to save me. Shawn – You would have done the same for me. Philip – So come on tell me. How is she? How’s Belle?


Friday May 20

Pat’s Spoilers

What I found good today – Great seeing Maggie, Jack and Jen but how can a person enjoy their happiness with Celeste hovering predicting doom and gloom for them. I actually enjoyed the ‘reunion’ of Phil, Rex, Brady and Shawn until Phil started going on and on about his precious wife – gag me.

Hospital: I don’t know what was worse listening to Mimi feeling sorry for herself or Belle making Mimi’s situation all about her. Belle preaches to Mimi that they are not like Jan – they make mistakes but they don’t deliberately hurt anyone like Jan does. Belle needs to take a look in the mirror – she’s no better than Jan. Mickey shows up but of course Belle has to talk at Mimi and then talk for Mimi. Tek shows up and arrests Mimi – at least that silences Belle for a few seconds.

Police Station: Roman is back as Commander and already working. Detective Adams (what they heck is the purpose of this guy except to be there to kiss Abe and Roman’s derriere?) tells Roman everything is set up. Bo comes back into the police station and Adams tells him the new boss wants to see him. Bo goes in and is shocked to see Roman. Roman says yes it’s me I’m alive. They embrace. Roman tells him what happened. Bo can’t believe that Tony is alive but Roman tells him he isn’t. There is no way he could have survived that explosion. Bo asks him if he saw Tony’s charred body. Roman says no. He then tells Bo that someone else died in that fire. Bo is very upset when he hears about Caroline and Victor. He blames himself because he and Billie were there – he thought he smelled his mother’s perfume. Roman wants to know what he was doing at the castle. Bo tells him they were searching for Georgia. Roman is pretty confused about that. Bo tells him that it’s a long story and he doesn’t want to get into now.

Tek asks Adam if he’s still trying to take over his case. Abe shows up and Adams runs to help him find his way to a desk. I really didn’t like these scenes. Abe is so obnoxious. He tells Tek that he is going to make sure everything is done by the book. Roman and Bo come out of the office and Roman and Abe embrace. Roman is very happy to see Abe – his partner. Bo comments that the two of them were always a force to be reckoned with. Then Roman gets all superior and officious and attacks Tek. He had talked to Abe and the Commissioner and none of them are happy with the way Tek is handling the Spears case. He demands to know why an arrest hasn’t been made. Tek tells him that he is still investigating the case. Roman orders him to make an arrest today. Tek says yes sir and slams out of there. Abe smirks. (I really don’t like this side of Abe). Roman asks Bo if he thinks he was too hard on Tek. Bo tells him he’s asking the wrong person.

War Zone: One of Tony’s soldier’s reports back to Tony that one of the men has been hurt – the blonde. Tony orders him to take care of him and not to be surprised when he finds out that he is a she. The guys are led into the room where Phil is – they all have black sacks over their heads. Phil asks who they are. One of the mercenaries answers and says your friends and then they remove the bags. Philip is shocked to see them. He thinks he’s seeing things. When he realises that they’re really there he asks what they are doing there. They said they came to rescue him. He hugs Rex and Brady but hangs back from Shawn. Rex tells them it was Shawn’s idea. Philip says he can’t be mad at him anymore and they embrace. Phil asks how they found him. They tell him they found out where he was from a fellow hostage. Philip says there was something strange about that guy. Brady says they thought the same. Their gut reaction was not to trust him and they wish they would have followed it. Phil asks about Belle and Shawn looks guilty and both Rex and Brady look uncomfortable – you would think that Phil would have picked up on that. Shawn says she’s fine and worried about him. Phil goes on and on about only thoughts of her kept him going. Brady says she’s really mad at them for coming to rescue him so the sooner they get home the better. Phil thinks they way underground so the Marines and ISA will never find them. The guys tell him not to worry – they have someone on the outside who is probably giving the Marines and the ISA their co-ordinates right now. Philip wants to know who – they tell him it’s Lucas. Unfortunately Lucas is crawling through the desert trying to find them when he is taken prisoner.

Sami comes to and wonders where she is. Tony shows up. Sami wants to know what happened as she tries to sit up. She feels pain and sees the bloody bandage on her arm and she winces. Tony tells her the pain is small price to pay to get her revenge and she will get it. Sami is focused on her revenge but she mainly wants to get Kate and now she wants to add the guy that shot her to the list. She wants his head on a platter. Tony thinks that can be arranged. Sami wonders who was out there. Tony says you’ll be able to see him soon. Sami sees the guy and says Lucas – Lucas is looking right at her. (I’m pretty sure it’s two way glass).

Clinic: Nancy wants to know if Chloe is dead. Dr. Weiss say no but there was a problem with the surgery. He tells them that the surgical instruments may not have been properly sterilized. Nancy asks the doctor what this means. Craig says it means that Chloe can get an infection. Dr. Weiss says it’s worse – the last patient the instruments were used on had a bacterial infection - a flesh eating bacteria. Nancy can’t believe this. Chloe had the surgery so she could get her life back. Dr. Weiss takes full responsibility. Craig is furious and threatens a law suit. A nurse comes to get the doctor – he’s needed in Chloe’s recovery room. Nicole is all changed and in her street clothes hiding behind dark sunglasses when the other nurse from the surgery comes in and says you can’t leave. Nicole wants to know why. The nurse says you left your scrubs on the floor. Nicole cleans them up and takes off. The nurse notices her name card and realises she was the nurse she was looking for. She goes after her and Craig trails behind. Nicole comes to a dead end and hides in a supply closet. Craig looks inside but doesn’t see anyone. The cleaning woman comes along and Craig tells her he’s pretty sure a nurse is hiding in there. She goes in and sees Nicole. Nicole reaches down the front of her blouse and gives the woman a wad of bills (hmm…how convenient was it that she just so happened to have a stash them in the front of her bra.) asking her not to tell. The woman goes out and says that there is no one inside. Nancy comes along and Craig tells her he didn’t find the nurse but he doesn’t know how she got away. Nancy says she works there so she has to come back. They go down the hallway when Craig hears the alarm that was triggered by Nicole taking off throw an emergency exit. He rushes outside but doesn’t see anyone. Nicole comes out from behind the bushes very pleased with herself. She says sorry Chloe but this was the only way I could make sure Brady would be mine forever.

Devereaux house: Maggie tells Celeste that she is not going to let her ruin Jack’s homecoming. They don’t want to hear anymore of her predictions. She says look at them. They are so happy – just the way they used to be. Celeste tells Maggie she is just going to head home. She starts to leave but ends up clutching her stomach in pain and calling out. Jen offers to call Lexie but Celeste refuses. She just felt faint. They get her to sit down and bring her some ice water. Jen asks her if she would like to lie down but Celeste says she’ll be fine. Jack and Jen talk. Jen thinks she doesn’t look good and that Celeste isn’t being truthful. She’s probably had more of those bad vibes but Jen doesn’t want to hear about them. She doesn’t want anything to ruin their happiness. Jack says they should take the party upstairs. Jen says they can’t they still have guests. Jack says they better liven up the party then – he’ll get more champagne. Celeste has another vision of the skull. She says who are you and reaches out to touch it. It shatters and she screams (but only in her vision). Celeste says it’s worse than I imagined. She tells Maggie she needs to lie down for awhile. Maggie takes her upstairs. Jen is talking about all the cake that is left over – they have to give it to someone. Maggie says she’ll take a piece home for Mickey. She goes to the kitchen to get something to put it in. Jack tells Jen they haven’t had their cake and eaten it to and he feeds her some. A song comes on. It’s the song that played in his office when Jen was his intern and she tried to teach him to dance. He asks her to dance. Celeste comes down and sees them and comments to herself that she wishes all they had in their future was songs and happiness but that’s not what they will get.

Previews: Mimi in prison orange (I’m assuming at her hearing) – I don’t want a trial. I hate Jan Spears and I did try to kill her. Bonnie jumps up and yells out - Mimi are you crazy. Hope to Kate – Bo is my husband and you’re doing everything to encourage Billie to break us up. Bo to Roman – Did you and Marlena fall in love at that castle? Is that what you’re afraid will come out? Sami to Tony – Oh my god. I sold my soul to the devil. Tony grins and says and look what you got in return.


Monday May 23

Janice’s Spoilers

Courtroom: Mickey, Bonnie, Belle, Mimi, Tek, prosecuting attorney, and judge

Bonnie bursts into the courtroom upset that anyone could possibly arrest her baby and Mickey tells her to calm down. He tells her that Tek had no choice because he had Jan’s accusations on tape (sorry but don’t you need a little bit more?) Mimi arrives in her lovely orange jumpsuit and Mickey asks for her handcuffs to be removed. Belle asks how she is and Mimi talks about the holding cell smelling like a sewer. Belle also tries to get her to change her mind but Meems is adamant that Rex doesn’t find out that she was being blackmailed...etc...etc...

The judge calls them all to order and turns to the prosecutor asking about the fake fingernails belonging to Mimi. Mimi tells the judge she is pleading guilty...she hated Jan and tried to kill her. Everyone is yelling at her to change her mind and the judge yells for them to be quiet. Mickey is granted a moment alone with his client and tells her that as her lawyer and stepfather he really wants her to reconsider. Belle asks Mimi if she really thinks Rex will feel better without her. Mimi won’t budge and when the judge asks for her plea, she yells out guilty at the same time as Mickey yells out not guilty. Mimi fires him. Again pandemonium breaks out.

Bonnie makes a disturbance and the judge threatens to kick her out if she doesn’t settle down. Belle warns Mimi that she is making a mistake. The judge tells Mimi that she will assign a public defender to her but Mimi again says she doesn’t want one...is waiving her right to trial. The judge accepts her guilty plea and orders her remanded until sentencing. Mickey asks for bail...the prosecution objects...Bonnie is upset. Belle asks to speak to the judge and tells her... “You know me...You know my family...Mimi is innocent but is pleading guilty because she is upset about something else. She won’t leave the jurisdiction.” Mimi yells to Belle to stop. Tek tells the prosecutor that Mimi is acting strange and is told to investigate further. Bail is set at one million dollars.

Mimi asks a teary Belle to tell Rex that she loves him but its best if he doesn’t see her again. Belle and Bonnie hug as Mimi is taken out.

Police Station: Bo, Roman, Hope, and Kate

Bo is at the computer with Roman looking over his shoulder. Bo is trying to figure out the timeframe of when the boys are coming home.

Hope is looking in from the outside and Kate comes in. They get into it. Hope tells her that if she’s come to plead Billie’s case with Bo then she should stay out of it. Kate whines that Hope is once again blaming everything wrong with her marriage on someone else.

Bo and Roman are talking about the Marines capturing the boys and tells Roman about Hope blaming him for Shawn going into danger. Roman asks why and Bo tells him about not spending enough time with family...etc... Hope walks in with Kate shadowing her and hugs Roman. She asks him if Tony is really dead and he confirms it. Hope tells Roman how sorry she is about Caroline and Bo interrupts surprised that she knew and didn’t tell him. She explains that she found out but he disappeared and then she had to take him to the hospital... Hope tells Bo how very sorry she is for losing both his parents.

Bo tells the women that he has good news about the boys... that the marines have them. Hope and Kate go over to the computer to read the report while Bo and Roman go off to one side. Roman wants to know about Bo being gassed. Bo tells him the whole story including having sex with Billie and being caught by Hope and Patrick. Roman is shocked. He thinks it sounds like Dimera’s doings. Bo explains that he was hallucinating and thought Billie was Hope. He also explains that Billie knew what she was doing...and makes an excuse for her saying that she thought they were dying (no comment).

Roman tells Bo what happened between him and Marlena. He says that they are not going to tell their spouses and Bo is surprised. He says it doesn’t sound like her and thinks they should level with John and Kate before someone else tells them. Roman says no because they don’t want them to be hurt. Kate starts to rag on Shawn for being selfish. Hope gets mad and says that he is also very brave and noble. Kate says for what...breaking up her son’s marriage? LOL...I love Hope’s comeback. She asks Kate if she isn’t being just a bit hypocritical because she is encouraging Billie to break up her and Bo’s marriage. Kate just ignores her.

John calls Roman on his cell phone and tells him to get everyone over to the penthouse. There is new information from the ISA.

Penthouse: John, Marlena, Billie, Hope, Bo, Roman, and Kate

John is working on the computer and Marlena walks in with a tray. She tells him its time for a break because he has almost been attached to the computer for the last 48 hours...during which he has also been drug free, she adds with a smile. She asks how he feels and he tells her a little shaky but hanging in. Marlena tells him they will beat it together. John tells her he will get the boys home safely and then look for Sami.

The doorbell rings and its Billie. She’s glad to see Marlena is still alive. John tells her the good news that the boys are in marine custody and he’s waiting to hear when they will be flown back. He also tells her that he has no news on Phil.

Billie tells Marlena about Abby’s accident and that Chelsea has lost both parents. She knows that Marlena has done some grief counseling and wants to know if she will counsel Chelsea. Marlena says of course but wonders if Billie is too involved and setting herself up for disappointment. Billie disavows her of the idea that she sees Chelsea as Georgia... John tells them he has new intelligences and its not good news.

Bo, Hope, Roman, and Kate come in and John shows them the delayed feed. He tells them that the boys escaped the marines but seemed to have someone else with them. They were captured again...maybe by rebel forces...maybe the 4th guy led them into a trap. John tells them that Lucas took out the 4th guy but that he thinks he recognizes him and zooms in. We get another feedback to John in bed and Stan shaking his bag of pills...sigh... Coming back to the present, John tells him it’s just a punk/criminal.

Hope, Billie, and Kate start arguing. Hope blames Bo for Shawn’s problems. Billie defends Bo saying it’s not his fault. Kate says that Bo wanted to sleep with Billie. Bo’s upset. He tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about and that he was hallucinating. Roman yells at them to start acting like adults and that all that is important is that they find the young men and bring them back.

Tony’s little home away from home: Tony, Sami, Lucas, Shawn, Rex, Brady, and Phil

Philip asks if Lucas is alright. Rex says he’s their only hope of getting out. In the next moment Lucas is thrown in with them, having been captured as well. Phil says he shouldn’t be there.

In the next room, Tony tells Sami he has plans for her and the 4 musketeers. She says she thought there were only three and he tells her to see for herself. She looks through the little trap window in the door and is shocked to see Lucas. She wants to know why he is there. Tony tells Sami to imagine how awkward it would be if all of Salem finds out what she has done.

Sami is afraid that her cover has been blown and that Lucas saw her. Tony tells her to relax...it’s a two-way mirror and no one can see them.

Lucas thinks he heard some voices. Brady talks about the two-way mirror and how they are probably being bugged. Shawn says there are five of them and they should break the mirror and take out whoever is on the other side.

Sami tells Tony that she loves Lucas and doesn’t want him hurt. He tells her that she is a damn fool.

Lucas and Shawn are holding the table up in preparation of crashing through the window when the others tell them to stop. Phil goes into a lecture about Shawn never thinking before he acts...reminds him of crashing his motorcycle through the church...etc... Shawn tells him that sometimes nothing happens if you don’t take action. The others tell Phil again that it was Shawn who got them all here and that he was prepared to come on his own without them. Phil asks Shawn if that is the truth and Shawn says yeah. Phil says he bets he knows why.

Sami has a lovely flashback of her and Lucas. Lucas is telling her that he wants to marry her and spend every Christmas together. Back in the presence, Tony goes on with his manipulations reminding Sami that Lucas won’t believe her over Kate. He thinks she should never forgive Lucas for what he has done.

Phil holds out his hand to shake Shawn’s and apologizes. He thanks Shawn for coming especially after everything between them...Shawn being in love with Belle....etc... Phil asks him if he has finally accepted his marriage to Belle. Shawn tells him there is something he should know.

Tony taunts Sami about Lucas finding another woman and blames everything on Kate. He talks about poor John – losing Brady; Bo & Hope – devastated if Shawn doesn’t come home, etc... He tells Sami to make them all pay and get Will away from his evil grandma. Sami says she can’t do it. He tells her she doesn’t have the luxury of bowing out, especially after everything that Stan has done. Salem won’t accept it. He threatens to indiscreetly drop some information and talks about how disappointed Sami’s parents will be.

Sami murmurs that she really has sold her soul to the devil. Tony tells her to leave the boys fate to him. She says fine but wants him to swear that he won’t hurt them. He says “understood...understood...”

Rex stops Shawn from telling Phil the truth. He tells Phil how moved Belle was by his message on the video. Phil says he misses Belle so much and can’t wait to start his new life with her. He tells Shawn that he is amazed the he came all this way to save him. Shawn tells him that it wasn’t completely selfless...he also did it for Belle.

Sami thinks about how much she still loves Lucas. She needs to make sure he is okay and opens the small trap-window. Lucas turns around and sees her face and says “Sami?”

Patrick and Bonnie outside Mimi’s jail cell. Patrick: “You are in a jail cell. That is a problem. I’m going to get you out of here.” Bonnie: “A jail break...that’s it. Now you’re talking.

A bandaged Chloe cries to Craig and Nancy: My life is over. If I can’t have Brady, I might as well be dead.”

Marlena tells John and Belle: “I wish Sami were here for Will. I wish there were a way to find her and bring her home.” John says: “Maybe there is.”

Sami to herself: “I’m sorry you got caught up in all this Lucas…but if I can’t have you, I guess it’s nice to know no one else can.”


Tuesday, May 24

Pat’s Spoilers

It’s almost impossible to come up with something positive to say about the show today – it’s just that bad. I enjoyed seeing Marlena as long as she wasn’t with Belle – sorry, but not even having Marlena in the scene can make the scene tolerable. I enjoyed seeing Nancy and Craig alone and with Marlena but not with Chloe.

Penthouse: Marlena is worried about John doing so much when he’s fighting his addiction. The doorbell rings and its Nicole. She tells Marlena it’s great to see her. She has come over to see if they have heard from Brady. They tell her it’s not good news – the guys have all been taken hostage. Belle is in the doorway and immediately starts whining and snivelling. The mature Belle runs to her mommy for comfort. She is having the worse day – first Mimi pleads guilty to the attempted murder of Jan Spears and now this… Awww… of course this is all about Belle again. Marlena, John and Nicole are all shocked about Mimi. When Belle mentions the million dollars bail John says he can do something for Mimi – he posts her bail. They get back to talking about the guys. John thinks there will be a ransom demand. Belle says they didn’t ask for one for Philip. Nicole tells them that Brady and she are getting married when he returns and now she is worried that he might never make it back after everything she did to make sure they had a future together. John asks her what she means by that. Nicole covers and says she was there for Brady when he was mourning Chloe. She tells John that he got his miracle with Marlena coming home but that Brady isn’t going to get one so John better except that she and Brady are going to be married. She calls him “Daddy”. John says that Nicole is making this about herself as usual (kind of like his daughter continually does) – his concern is locating the guys and bringing them home safely. Nicole thinks to herself that John should do what he has to do while she makes sure that her plan to disfigure Chloe permanently worked. Nicole leaves and calls the clinic for information on Chloe but they won’t give her any. Belle leaves as well. The phone rings and its Nancy. She asks Marlena if she would come and see her – it’s an emergency.

Clinic: Nancy and Craig are talking. Nancy is feeling really bad about what happened to Chloe. Chloe comes to and Craig tells her what happened. Sorry the next part is just a Chloe self-pity party. I’m really sick of the writers have characters spouting the standard dialogue ‘If I can’t have so and so in my life, I might as be dead. My life is over.’ So of course without Brady she doesn’t want to go on. I think her and Shawn should get together – he’s just as spineless as Chloe now – spouting about how he doesn’t have a life without Belle – they can cry on each other’s shoulders and see which one of them can feel the most sorry for themselves. Pathetic. Nancy and Craig are so worried about Chloe that they decide she needs to speak to a professional. Chloe hears them talking about Marlena but she refused to allow them to call her because she is Brady’s step-mother. It’s only after they agree to have Marlena promise to keep her secret that Chloe agrees to talk to her. Marlena comes to the clinic and Nancy tells her everything. Marlena goes in to see Chloe but Chloe won’t talk until Marlena promises not to tell Brady or anyone that she is alive. Nancy and Craig have left them in the room alone. Craig says goodbye to Nancy. Nancy sees Nicole reading Chloe’s chart and confronts her and says that Nicole doesn’t seem to be surprised that Chloe is alive.

Tony’s bunker: Lucas tells the guys that Sami is there. They all tell him that it’s impossible. There is no way that Sami could be there – if she was that would mean she is working for the rebels. Brady says you probably saw Sami because we don’t know what is going to happen and you want to make peace with her. Lucas denies that and says he will never forgive Sami for sleeping with Brandon the night before the wedding. Sorry – what Sami has done is unforgivable – when she hears Lucas say the part about not forgiving her she says at least I know if I can’t have you no one will. She doesn’t seem the least bit upset with Tony’s plan to hold them captive for the rest of their lives. Lucas sits down and remembers meeting Stan and then Sami’s eyes turn into Stan’s. He says he knows who it was – it was Stan. They all grumble about Stan betraying them. Philip is just happy that Shawn came up with the idea to rescue him especially in light of the fact that Shawn used to be in love with Belle. Shawn says his motiveless weren’t completely selfless – he did it for Belle. The guys settle into their bunks and Brady wants to know what the first thing they are going to do when they get home. He says he is going to marry Nicole. Lucas can’t believe that he would settle for Nicole after having been in love with Chloe. Brady goes into the entire spiel about how Nicole has changed. Lucas isn’t buying it. Rex can’t wait to see Mimi again he misses her so much. Shawn says he misses… stops and then says everyone. Philip says when he gets home he wants him and Belle to renew their vows. Him having to leave right after they got married didn’t feel right to him not the vows mean any less. He says they will remain faithful to each other for better or worse forever. Sami is listening and says yeah right my sister is going to break your heart the minute you get home. She feels good that the rest of them will never see their loved ones again – they deserve that for what they all did to her. (So sad…) The only thing is she is glad that Tony promised her that they wouldn’t be harmed. She’s behind a pillar when two mercenaries come by and one says we have orders from Tony DiMera himself to take care of all the hostages tonight…they arm their weapons.

Jail: I really couldn’t get into these scenes – I know I watched them but I don’t remember a lot about them. Bonnie brings Patrick along with her to see Mimi. Patrick says he can take care of this for Mimi. Get her a new identity, move her out of the country, make sure she has a job… Bonnie is thrilled with the prospect of a jail-break – she just tells Patrick to make sure he sends Mimi to a tropical country so she can go and visit her often. She says that Mickey will put up the bond – she feels bad about the money. Mimi says that John will put up the bail money. Bonnie says good – he won’t even miss it. Mimi then realises that they expect her to skip out of the country whiles she’s out on bail. She wont’ do that because it will be in the newspapers and Rex will find out that Jan was blackmailing her and the reason why. How many times do we have to listen to Mimi’s pathetic reasons why she has to plead guilty? Belle comes in and says the bail has been posted. She gives Mimi the bad news about the guys – sigh…the histrionics…

Previews: Chelsea – I’m going to be the best dressed homeless person in town. Billie – I want you to stay with me. Kate to Sami – Neither Will nor his father want anything to do with you. Sami – You deserve to lose Lucas. You deserve everything you’re going to get and more. Marlena looking away from Chloe to the door as Nancy leads in Nicole. Marlena says ‘Nicole?’ Tony to Sami – Imagine if the truth comes how you exacted revenge on all the good people of Salem. You’ll be branded a monster just like me.


Wednesday May 25

Pat’s Spoilers

What I liked about today’s show…hmm…probably my favourite part of today’s show was Brady and Lucas’s dreams.

Abby/Chelsea/Billie: Abby tells Chelsea she has some good news for her. Abby says are you going to tell me this was a bad dream and that my parents are alive. Abby says she can’t but the good news is that she’s going home. Abby says to an empty house – I have no parents, no relatives – nobody. Abby says you have me and Billie comes in and says you have me too. She gives her a huge stuffed bear that she has named Horace (uh oh…I don’t think Madame will like that…LOL!). Chelsea is ready to go home to that big empty heart. Abby asks Billie how they’re going to be able to tell her that she won’t have the house for long. They are in Chelsea’s room and she comments that she can’t keep one room clean how is she going to look after the entire house. Billie tells her that her parents were having financial problems. Chelsea says she overheard them arguing about money when they thought she wasn’t listening. She wished her parents hadn’t spent so much time fighting. Billie tells her that her parents filed for bankruptcy – they couldn’t make the payments. Chelsea realises that she is going to lose the house. Billie asks her to move in with her. Chelsea wants to know why she is offering. Billie tells her she promised her mother before she died that she would look after her. Chelsea wants to know what Billie is going to get out it. Billie tells her that she had a daughter who would be her age. She was told that she was stillborn but now she’s not so sure. Just like Chelsea she’s out in the world all alone and she hopes that someone would look after all. Chelsea agrees to stay with Billie until she makes her mind up as to what she is going to do.

The Carvers: Celeste is looking at a picture of Abe and Lexie when Abe morphs into Tek and Tek and Lexie start kissing. In her vision Tek winks at her. Celeste drops the picture and glass smashes. Lexie comes out of the kitchen and Celeste says your husband needs you. Lexie goes upstairs. Celeste ‘fixes’ the picture but she then has another vision of it changing to Tek and Lexie. Lexie comes running down the stairs – she’s very upset. She tells Celeste she needs some air and goes running outside and runs right into Tek. Tek asks Lexie what is wrong. She tells him that Abe is pushing her away and shutting her out. Tek tells Lexie that he told her that he still has strong feelings for her. She can talk to him about anything. He hates to see Abe hurting her like this. She tells him he is having a hard time dealing with his problems. She actually tells Tek that Abe is impotent…Lexie, Lexie, Lexie…not the brightest thing to do. Tek says that Abe’s problems don’t give him the right to emotionally abuse her. He tells her to leave Abe. She says I can’t leave my husband just because we’re having problems. Tek asks her to think about it – if she’s not happy, Theo can’t be happy. He leaves. All this time Celeste has been checking court records on the computer. When Lexie comes in she tells her she has to stay away from Tek. Lexie doesn’t want to listen to her but when Celeste tells her that she has found countless court documents where Tek has been named the co-respondent in several divorces. He has affairs with married women and then once they divorce their husbands he leaves them – hurting them and destroying the families. She begs Lexie to not let Tek destroy her family.

Clinic: I can’t believe how easily Nicole manipulates and lies her way out of everything. Is everyone that dense? Sheesh. When Nancy accuses Nicole of knowing that Chloe is alive Nicole pretends to be shocked at the news. She tells Nancy that she was there to visit Clara. Nancy asks her if she would like to see Chloe. Marlena tells Chloe she has some news for her about Brady that might change her mind about not telling Brady that she is alive. Marlena says that Brady plans to marry Nicole – they are engaged. Nancy opens the door and says there’s someone here to see you. Nicole waltzes in. Nancy tells Marlena they should leave the two of them alone after she explains to Chloe that she accidentally let it slip to Nicole that she was alive. Marlena agrees but when they are alone she asks Nancy if she really thinks it’s a good idea to leave an emotionally vulnerable Chloe with Nicole. Inside Nicole plays Chloe like a violin. She offers to tell Brady that Chloe is alive because after all Chloe is the one great love of his life. He would never leave her because she is scarred – he would just go on like everything was normal. He would take her to all the company parties and big charity events that she, as his wife, would be expected to host… yada, yada, yada. When Nancy and Marlena go back into the room Chloe announces that Nicole has agreed to keep her secret. Nicole gloats as she says it appears we are going to keep this secret.

Tony/Sami/Will/Kate: Sami attacks Tony but Bart holds her back. Sami says you said you weren’t going to hurt the guys and I just heard what your goons said about killing them. Tony plays innocent and says did I really say I wouldn’t do anything to them. He tells her he can’t leave any witnesses behind. Sami is furious and threatens him. Tony tells her how do you think people will feel about you when they found out you were instrumental in the kidnapping of a U.S. Marine – you’ll be the most hated woman in America. Sami says she had nothing to do with Phil’s kidnapping. Tony says that no one will believe her. He also asks her what she thinks will happen when everyone learns just what she did to extract revenge on the good people of Salem. Sami still insists that he not hurt them. He asks her why. She tells him that she loves Lucas and Will needs his father. Tony tells her that Lucas turned Will against her. Sami doesn’t believe him. Tony dials Lucas’s apartment – don’t ask me how he knows Will is there…sigh…so ridiculous. Kate is at the apartment when Will comes in to get some clothes for the school picture. He asks Kate why she is there. Kate is looking for something – she tells Kate she has something to tell him about his father. Will says something happened to Dad and its Mom’s fault. Kate takes some time to slam Sami but then she tells Will that this time she had nothing to do with it. She explains that Lucas along with Rex, Brady and Shawn went to rescue Philip. The phone rings and its Sami. Will tells her he doesn’t want to see her or talk to her. He doesn’t care if or when she’s coming home. Sami tries to tell him that she loves him but by then Kate has the phone. Kate tells her that neither her son nor his father want anything to do with her. She also tells Sami (among a lot of other slings and arrows between the two) that she abandoned Will so she is hiring a lawyer so Lucas can get sole custody of Will. Then she is going to find the perfect woman for Lucas so that he will have a wife and a mother for Will. Sami starts on her diatribe and tells Kate that she deserves to lose Lucas and Will. She then threatens Kate and tells her that she will never see Lucas, Rex or Philip again and then hangs up on her. Kate thinks it’s just an idle threat on Sami’s part. Sami tells Tony to do go ahead and kill them. He says Lucas too. She says yes – he turned Will against me. I can’t believe that they had Sami say this – she doesn’t care that Tony is going to execute three members of her family and the man she claims to love. There is no redeeming Sami after this. I don’t care what she does to try and prevent it – even the simple fact that tells him to go ahead with the killings sickens me. There is simply no justification for Sami’s actions. Sigh.

Bunker: Shawn and Phil are sleeping so we don’t see them. Lucas tells Brady that they should get some rest if they are going to plan an escape. Brady hopes that it won’t come to that. They both go to sleep. Brady dreams about coming home to the penthouse. He calls out to John that he’s home and he’s there to thank him for paying the ransom. Instead of John it’s Nicole. She comes running down the stairs. They kiss. She says you made me a promise before you left. He says he intends to keep it. He gets down on one knee and proposes. Chloe is the one that accepts. He tells Chloe that she is the one great love of his life and he could never love anyone the way he loves her. He wakes up. Lucas has a dream about coming home to Will. They embrace and then Sami shows up. She tells Lucas she loves him and she hopes that they can be a family. Lucas tells her he loves her and kisses her. Will says way to go Dad. Lucas wakes up as well. Brady tells Lucas what his dream was about. Lucas tells him his subconscious is telling him not to marry Nicole – it would be a mistake. Brady says I heard you muttering Sami’s name. Lucas admits that he is still in love with Sami – in his dream he forgave her. He hates that she may never know that he loves her and always will. Brady says we will get home – there’s no one out there that wants to kill us. Tony flings the door open and says I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Preview: John to Roman – I knew you would be upset with how close the two of us got. Roman – I’d say that the two of you got a little more than close. John – And I knew it would only be a matter of time before you and I had a problem with that. Nicole to Marlena – When you were locked up all those months with your ex did you stay true to John or did you rekindle your romance with Roman? Tony to Sami – Not only will I guarantee your mother and father to be alive but that they will be together forever.


Thursday May 26

Pat’s Spoilers

What I liked about today’s show was Sami and Bart. Thank god Sami has come to her senses. I couldn’t believe it yesterday when the writers had Sami tell Tony to go ahead with his plans to kill them all.

There’s a lot about today’s show not to like…The flashbacks are interminable. It’s bad enough to have flashbacks from the recent past but when the viewers have to be subjected to a flashback of something that happened earlier in the show – that’s just plain ridiculous. This is going to be a short report – I don’t have a lot to say about the show.

Clinic: Marlena and Nicole are talking while the nurse is in with Chloe. I’m not going into these scenes. I can’t stand how Nicole talks to Marlena and sarcastically calls her Doc. They do go in and talk to Chloe. Marlena is surprised when Chloe says that Nicole encouraged her to let Brady know she was alive. Marlena wants to talk to Chloe about her decision and tells her she thinks she should change her mind. For everything Marlena says Nicole keeps saying its Chloe’s decision. At least Marlena has Nicole’s number. She knows that Nicole is using reverse psychology on Chloe. While Chloe’s bandages are being changed Nicole threatens to find out what happened in that castle. She taunts Marlena about that fear of being held prisoner leading to passion (Yes one of the flashbacks is castle sex). Nicole can tell she has hit a nerve. Marlena says she has to go home. Nicole says who are you going home to Doc or does it even matter to you. Back with Chloe Nicole gloats as Chloe asks her to promise to always be true to Brady and to not disappoint him.

Penthouse: John is working on the computer. Roman wants to know how John knows about Stan. (Yes, flashbacks…many). John tells him it’s not important. Roman says he’s the one that led the guys into a trap – we need to know everything we can about him to figure out who he is working for. John tells Roman he saw the guy dealing drugs on the dock but he got away before he could nab him. Roman wonders how the guy got overseas to a war zone. They talk about the guys again and John says you have to know how they feel – you and Marlena were held prisoner for months. Roman says they knew who the enemy was though. John says he has a pretty good idea what went on between him and Marlena while they were in that room. He is grateful to Roman for being there for Doc. Roman says he was just doing what came naturally just like John and Kate did. This is where John says I knew we would be having this conversion one day. It’s not bad at all – they get on the subject of Sami. Roman says she called and talked to Will and Kate but she didn’t say where she was and when she would be back. John says it’s a good thing she’s not here. They talk about how Sami acts when she is out for revenge. Roman asks if Sami was as out of control as Kate said – John said probably worse. Roman says but Kate wouldn’t have down anything to set Sami up – John says Kate would – she’s very protective of her children but he doesn’t believe she did anything to undermine the marriage. John gets an alert and they sit at the computer. Marlena comes home – she has decided to tell John that she slept with Roman. Before she can John tells her that Tony is alive.

Bunker: Seeing Tony posturing while having two soldiers holding machine guns on the guys was not exactly riveting drama…yawn. Brady says my father killed you…like duh, Brady… Tony tells Brady that John is not infallible and he knows that for himself. Philip starts blustering. There are a lot of smug looks that Tony gives them. He says he can tell them what he is doing – it’s not like it’s going to make a difference if they know his plan. The guys have kind of figured out that Tony’s bunker is not far from the war zone even though they can’t figure out how he knew about Philip’s top secret mission. Tony explains that he wanted to get revenge on all the families of Salem that wronged the DiMera’s. Phil says the list of DiMera crimes against the people of Salem started before he was born. Rex asks what happened to the man that took him and Cassie in – he was so kind and caring. Tony says he found out that you were Brady’s. Shawn goes after him and he gets knocked down for his effort. Tony says he has a lot of secrets to tell. He then tells Philip that he a lot has happened in Salem since he’s been gone…Philip turns to Shawn, Shawn looks uncomfortable. The guys tell Tony they outnumber him 5 to 3 – but Tony has his soldiers aim their machine guns at them. Tony says he’ll come back and talk to them when they can be more civil.

Bart has to restrain Sami from going after Tony. She tells Bart that she can’t let Tony hurt the guys. They have a good talk. Bart shows some of his vulnerability as does Sami. Sami knows what she did was wrong. She says all she wanted was for her parents to be together and for her, Will and Lucas to be a family – that doesn’t make her a monster. She says she was just so angry with Kate that she wasn’t thinking straight – Tony took advantage of her when she was the most vulnerable. Bart asks her why she just didn’t go after Kate. She says she did by going after her children because they are Kate’s priority. She tells Bart that she has done some horrible things but she is not a killer. Bart says he can’t pull a trigger either. Sami says you have to help me stop him – he’s insane. Bart says there is a fine line between being insane and being a criminal mastermind. Tony comes out and asks Sami if they still have a deal. He shows her footage of her parents back in Salem but says unfortunately Marlena went back to John and Roman to Kate. He then shows her the date stamp and time on the video. She is so happy they are at home – it’s a miracle. Tony says they’re there for now…Sami can’t believe he’s threatening to take them prisoner again. Tony tells her that he can guarantee that her parents will be together if she doesn’t back out on their deal. Sami has a flashback of the shower Will and Lucas held for her. She tells Tony there is nothing she would like more except for Will, her and Lucas to be a family. He orders Bart to hold her captive in solitary confinement. The soldiers come and carry her off kicking and screaming. He goes back in to the room the guys are in. Brady wants to know what he is going to do with them. Tony says let’s just say time is running out.

Preview: Hope to Billie – You do not belong here especially since this is your fault. Belle to Mimi (OMG I’m laughing so hard I don’t think I can type – I think she was going for something with this scene but whatever it was it doesn’t work – her words don’t exactly go with the comedic touch so I’m going to go on a limb and say it was supposed to threatening – but I’m just guessing). My Dad is going to stop him. He’s going to put an end to this monster once and for all – ugh…and then she slams her hand down. (Oh yeah, Belle has spoken…LMAO) John to Kate, Roman, Marlena – it’s all a game to him, our lives, our kid’s lives. This time he’s not going to win because that sick bastard is in for the shock of his life. One mercenary to the other – Call the boss and tell him we have a situation – their guns are trained on Rex and Shawn (the others aren’t there).


Friday, May 27

Janice’s Spoilers

Jack & Jen’s House: Jack, Jennifer, Bo, Hope, and Billie

Bo and Hope come over to the house and tell Jack and Jennifer about Tony being alive. Jack is surprised and can’t believe it’s true. He wonders if anybody can stop the guy. Bo also tells them that Tony is the one holding the boys’ hostage. Billie just walks in. Her excuse is she saw the door open and wanted to know if there is any news. Hope tells Billie that she doesn’t belong there, especially since it’s all her fault.

Billie wants to know how long Hope is going to harp on this. Hope tells Kate’s daughter that she will until Billie’s mommy stops blaming Shawn for everything and puts the blame where it belongs. Billie gets snarky and says she supposes that’s her fault as well. Hope goes on about Billie running off with Bo. Bo tries to intervene and pulls Hope away. He reminds her about how they both talked to Shawn and that he promised he wouldn’t do anything…Shawn is an adult...they can’t babysit him. They argue about it.

Jennifer asks Billie to leave. Jack, for who knows what reasons defends Billie and reminds Jennifer that Billie has brothers over there and is worried. Jennifer looks disgusted and walks away. Billie goes on about losing Georgia and not wanting to lose anybody else. Grrrr…Bo goes to her and tells her not to worry…the boys will be found. Jennifer and Hope (rolling her eyes) are watching this go down.

Roman calls Bo and tells him the boys are alive and Sami might be with them. Everyone is shocked and Bo asks how Sami could have gotten over there. Roman says that John is sending a feed to Jack’s computer. They look at it but the feed keeps getting stronger then weaker.... Hope is upset and worried about Shawn. They muse about what Tony’s plans are.

Billie starts slamming Sami. Hope gets angry and tells her that she not helping. Jennifer tells Jack to disappear with Billie because she is upsetting Hope. Jack suggests to Billie that they go outside for some fresh air. Billie tells him she knows why he did it. He tells her that Jennifer is just trying to protect her cousin and asks her if she followed Bo over there. Billie gets defensive and admits that she knows Hope doesn’t want her around (duh!). Oh joy another flashback of her and Bo and the pit-rape sequence. Jack tries to stop Billie from leaving and almost faints. Billie helps him over to a bench. He tells her he’s okay and then he faints.

Back inside the house, Jennifer is suggesting they have herb tea instead of coffee. Hope agrees but asks for some biscuits as well. Bo reassures Hope that everything that can be done is being done. She tells him that she doesn’t know how she can forgive him if something happens to Shawn. They sit on the couch with Bo’s arm around Hope as he tells her that he’s worried too. She tells him how scared she is. Jennifer comes back with the tea. The discussion turns to Tony with Bo talking about how dramatic Tony likes to be.

Belle’s Loft: Belle and Mimi

Both girls are anxiously waiting for news on their guys. Mimi makes them tea and feels likes she going crazy. She asks Belle if she’s sure that she doesn’t want to go to her dad’s. She wonders about this and that happening to Shawn and Rex but Belle refuses to talk about the possibility of losing any of them. She is sure her dad will find and rescue them. Belle gets a call from her mom who tells her about Tony being alive and holding the boys’ hostage. She tells her that her dad is doing everything he can to find them. Mimi finds it all unbelievable but Belle reminds her that Tony and his father have been after her family for years.

The camera scans a picture of Shelle. Mimi says that what is happening to the boys is keeping her mind off the possibility of a life sentence. Belle gets another call from Marlena saying that the boys are alive and that Sami might be with them. Belle is confused and the two girls can’t understand why Sami is there. Belle wonders if she found out where Lucas was and went after him. Mimi doesn’t believe it. She says that the ISA, Belle’s dad, and the marines are searching for the guys but Sami finds them? She talks about Sami working with Tony at one time...crashing through window…etc… She thinks they might be at it again. Belle refuses to believe it. She thinks Sami has learned her lesson.

Belle calls over to her parents for more news. She finds out that her dad is pinpointing the boys’ location and a rescue is imminent. Mimi still thinks that Sami is involved. The girls start praying for the men they love. Belle is also praying for her sister. They hug and hold hands.

Penthouse: Marlena, John, Roman, and Kate

All four are watching the computer screen. Marlena can’t believe that Tony is still alive. John says it’s all a game to him but this time he is going down. Kate is ranting first about Tony and then about Shawn being responsible for everything…etc…etc Roman and Marlena both remind Kate how the boys are over there risking their lives for her son, Phil. Roman also tells Kate that Shawn is not responsible for Phil’s capture and that if it weren’t for Shawn then this rescue mission wouldn’t be happening. Kate goes on about Shawn only being in it for the girl…wants to find Phil and bring her home so he can steal his wife. Marlena tells her that they should all be grateful and pray that everyone gets back alive. Lots of red blob images on the screen. John’s worried that Tony might be on to him.

John’s found the hideout and Marlena points out that there are six figures. John says one is a female. He says that one of them is female - 5’5 and 115 lbs. Marlena wonders if it’s Sami but quickly dismisses the idea when Roman questions her about it. Kate just looks cynical and says that yes it could be. John agrees with Kate, talking about how strange Sami was acting before she left Salem. Roman suggests they all wait until they have the facts. Marlena says that it looks as if Sami is a prisoner too. We hear a beep from the computer and John starts typing on the keyboard. Kate mouths off about Sami again. Marlena gets angry and says...so first its Shawn and now its Sami. Why don’t you reserve judgment until they are all home safe? Kate still says she doesn’t trust Sami.

The feed returns and they see more armed men. Marlena is worried about her little girl (loved Marlena today). Kate says that she hopes Sami burns in hell for what she has done. Marlena glares at her with tears in her eyes.

Bunker: Tony, Bart, Shawn, Lucas, Sami, Brady, Rex, soldiers, and Philip

Tony is in the master control room scrambling signals because he knows that John is trying to find them (didn’t know Tony knew how to do that). He says John is using the ISA satellite. Tony is going to divert the source signal so the coordinates can’t be traced. Bart asks him if he is serious about going through with his plans and he says of course... revenge...yada...yada... Bart is anxious about Sami. He tells Tony that they’ve got a problem and points to the monitor.

Shawn tells the others that there has to be a way out of here but Brady tells him that he doesn’t think so...the doors bolted and the guards are on the other side.

Tony isn’t worried. He tells Bart to relax…too late for Sami to play heroine...she has committed too many crimes on his behalf…talks about revenge again…yada…yada… Bart asks him if he is sure John can’t find out his location. Tony brags that it will never happen.

The boys hide behind the door as they hear someone open it. Sami walks in and says she can explain. Lucas says he knows why she’s there. She says that she was Tony’s prisoner too. The boys don’t think so and ask her why. Lucas sides with her and says she was vulnerable and alone.

More questions from the boys. Shawn wants to know why Tony would go after Sami and how she found out where they were. Sami tells them that she couldn’t let them get hurt. Lucas that she stole a guard’s keys after knocking him out. She tells them that she knows Tony’s plans and they have to leave. More skepticism about her ability to knock out a guard by herself as she says she used a chair.

She tells Lucas that no matter what has gone on between them, he is Will’s father and she won’t let anything happen to him. He says he believes her but Brady says the rest of them don’t. Shawn thinks she might have been working for Dimera the whole time. Lucas gives him a look. Sami waves the gun at them and they step back...lol...telling her they believe her. Sami shows the boys the bruise on her neck, saying the guards hurt her too. She gives the gun to marine boy (no comment…sigh) and tells him to get them out of there.

Bart says mayday and Tony looks at the monitor. A guard is lying on the floor in a corridor, knocked out. He sees Sami with the guys and utters…she will pay dearly for this. Tony tells Bart to double the guards so that Sami and her cohorts never get out.

Brady says they have to keep an eye on Sami. Lucas says that Sami wouldn’t doublecross them like Stan did. He goes on about how Stan is a scumbag while Sami listens worriedly. She has a flashback to her and Tony with him telling her that she will never be forgiven when the truth about Stan comes out.

Brady returns Phil’s dog tags. Shawn says he and Rex will go one way and Brady and Philip can go another. Phil tells Brady that they will go find Tony. Lucas tells Sami to stay close to him… Sami wonders why he’s being protective and if he’ll give her a second chance when they finally get home. He tells her that they don’t have time now but that he wants some answers when they get home and she can also explain about Stan.

Brady tells Philip that he doesn’t trust Sami. Phil says it was a mistake to let Shawn and Rex go on their own. Brady defends Shawn and says he’s a good guy.

Two guards overtake Shawn and Rex. Shawn fights with one of them and gets the gun away from him. He tells him to stay still or he’ll shoot the other one. The other guard is pointing his gun at Rex. We get a standoff as Shawn turns and a gun goes off. Rex is shocked.

Bart tells Tony that they’ve all escaped and now Tony wants to blow up the bunker with everybody in it.

Sami panics when she realizes she has lost Lucas. She runs right into Bart and they scream in surprise. She begs him not to turn her in. Bart says its every man for himself now. He tells her that the count is ballistic over what she has done and that he has crossed the fine line between insanity and criminal genius.

Sami finds a room with Stan’s clothes in it. She is freaking out about what will happen if she doesn’t get rid of her disguise. We get another F/B of when the boys are captured. She wants to get rid of the clothes but Lucas calls her name in the hallway and she runs out. He wants to know what she was doing. She tells him that the guns were held in that room but that they are gone. He wants to know how she knows so much about the place. She tells him that they don’t have time and have to get out.

Phil shoots the guard holding Rex. Tony rushes in and grabs Brady in a chokehold and we get another standoff. Shawn and Phil hold their rifles on Tony. Tony tells Phil that he will see Brady die first. Tony tells him that he is outnumbered and outsmarted as Sami and Lucas come in and the guards overpower and disarm Shawn and Rex. Sami begs Tony not to hurt anybody. Phil tells Tony that he only takes orders from his superior...blah...blah...

Bart is in the control room when he hears beeping sounds and gets scared and leaves.

The U.S. Marines shows up for Tony and his goons. Puffed up Phil asks for the honor of disarming Tony and then punches Tony in the face. Tony falls. The military leader lets the boys know that they knew exactly what was going on…planted tracking devices on each of them…had help from the ISA and John Black. He also praises them and says that if it wasn’t for them they might never have found “Private Kiriakis’s location” or captured Tony Dimera. The boys want to know where Stan is and Tony points to a scared Samantha.


Lucas asks Sami: “Promise me you’ll tell me. I want the truth. Sami: “Lucas I swear I’ll do whatever it takes to get your trust back.”

Shawn on the phone to Belle: “I’m going to tell Philip the truth about us.” Belle: “No you can’t!”

John talking to Marlena, Roman, and Kate: “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”

Jack (his hand is shaking): Damn it! What’s wrong with me?”

Hope tells Bo: I just want to pick up the pieces and start living like a family again, okay?” Bo answers: “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.”


Monday May 30

Janice’s Spoilers

Note: There was so much happening today that it was hard to keep it all in order. The phone calls were especially difficult because they went back and forth between Salem and the bunker. I ended up putting all the calls under the bunker section and referring to them in the other sections. I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone.

Also: JJ's caps will be posted later tonight.

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jack, Jennifer, Bo, Hope, and Billie

Replay of Billie helping Jack to the bench outside. She asks him what is wrong and he starts to speak telling her he just lost his balance but then faints against her.

In the house – Bo gets the computer feed back as Jen and Hope watch. They watch Philip with his gun on Tony. Jennifer says they are all right and Hope says she can see Shawn and he is okay too. Bo and Hope share a hug and Jennifer decides to run outside and tell Jack and Billie the good news.

Bo gets a call from Roman. He hangs up and tells Hope that the boys will be airlifted home tonight. Hope says they will finally be a family again and he swears that things will change when Shawn returns…family will come first and Billie won’t be a problem. Hope agrees and they kiss.

Jack wakes up and Billie wants to take him to the hospital. He tells her he is fine but just tired...seriously exhausted from what happened with Tony and at the castle. Billie wants to tell Jennifer but Jack doesn’t want to worry her. His face looks pretty grim. He tells her that he’ll just rest for a minute and then go inside.

Jennifer comes out and realizes something is wrong. Jack tells her he’s all right and says he was just helping Billie who was upset and emotional about the boys. Billie backs him up. Jennifer tells them about Tony being in custody and the boys being safe. They hug each other and Billie thinks maybe he can tell them about Georgia and then she and Bo can find her.

Back in the house, Jack wants to celebrate. Billie is happy about Tony because now they can find Georgia… yada…yada…yawn… She looks right at Bo (who is hugging Hope and kissing her on the cheek) as she says…and then they can be a family. Jack goes into the kitchen. Bo tells Billie not to get her hopes up. Hope tells Jennifer that she doesn’t begrudge Billie finding her daughter because she’s getting her son back. Jennifer says that everything will be fine and then the scene moves to Jack in the kitchen. He reaches for the champagne. His hand starts shaking and he says...damn it what is wrong with him. Next we see him collapsed and on the floor in the kitchen unconscious.

Bunker: Boys of summer, Sami, U.S. Marines, and Tony

Another replay of the Marines saving the day and noble Phil punching Tony out…as well as the commander talking to the guys and them asking where Stan is. Tony says he’s right here. Sami glares at him. He’s playing a cat and mouse game but he doesn’t give her up. Philip tells the commander that he can give a good description of Stan and Bart. Lucas tells Tony that this time he didn’t get away with it. Tony says that he has not begun to fight, the pieces are still in place and they can’t stop it. Shawn tells Rex that he needs to find a phone and call Belle to let her know he’s okay. Rex asks sarcastically if he doesn’t think that her husband should call her first. Shawn tells him no and that Phil has been rescued so its time to tell him the truth.

Tony wants Sami to tell them all about Stan. Lucas wants to know how she knows him. Sami admits to Lucas that she met Stan but doesn’t know where he is. Tony keeps playing with her. Tony gets taken away finally. Sami goes back to the boys and says she wants to find a phone. The boys are suspicious. Brady wants the truth from Sami…why is she even there. Lucas comes to her defense, saying she can explain everything later. When it is just the two of them, Lucas makes Sami promise that she will explain everything to him. She promises to tell him the truth and do whatever she can to win back his trust. He is sure that it’s a long and complicated story.

Brady is talking to John on the phone. John tells him how proud he is of him. Brady thanks him for sending the Marines. He asks him to tell Nicole that he’s fine and will be home soon. Philip asks to talk to his mommy and tells her he’s okay. He asks her how Belle is. His mommy tells him that Belle is missing him and wants and needs him to come home soon (lays it on thick). She warns him not to let anybody come between him and Belle…especially Shawn Brady. Marlena and Roman are listening in the background. Philip tells her he trusts Belle and has faith in their marriage.

Sami wants to talk to her parents. Kate rags on her first. Marlena grabs the phone from Kate and both she and Roman talk to Sami who is crying now and can’t wait to see them. They talk about missing and loving each other. Marlena wants to know how she found her way to the war zone but will wait until she gets home. She tells Sami that Will needs his mom. Roman tells her to hurry home.

Phil tells Brady that he wants Belle’s first call to be from him.

Rex is talking on the phone to Mimi. She thanks god he’s okay. He tells her that he didn’t mean to scare her and tells her he loves her and will never leave her again. Mimi gives the phone to Belle who tells him that Mimi is just emotional. Shawn comes over and asks if it’s Belle on the phone. He takes the phone from him (Rex tries to stop him) and says her name. She asks him if it’s really him and says she so glad he’s safe. Shawn tells her that he loves her and is coming home to her. He says that being in the war zone made him realize that he can’t wait for them to be together, so he is going to tell Phil about them. Belle tells him he can’t.

Shawn tells Belle that Phil deserves to know the truth…they are in love and want to get married. Belle agrees but says she doesn’t want to break Phil’s heart over the phone. Shawn asks if she is having second thoughts and she says no. She tells him she loves him but that she cares about Phil and has to wait until he is safe…emotionally…physically… before she breaks his heart. Shawn wants Belle to promise him and she says she will tell him as soon as he gets home and is okay.

Philip comes up to him and asks him if Belle is on the phone. He wants to know why Shawn is talking to her. We hear Belle reminding Shawn that he promised. Rex tells Philip that he called Mimi and Belle was with her. Phil takes the phone and she tells him it’s good to hear his voice. He goes on about how much he missed her. She says she missed him too. He tells her how they’ll never be separated again once he gets home. Belle hears a noise and wants to know what it is. The phone battery dies. Phil asks Shawn what he and Belle were talking about. He gets belligerent and asks the question twice. Everyone falls to the ground as the missiles start to fall.

Brady rushes in and asks Shawn and Rex if they are okay. They say yes but want to know what happened. He tells them that the bunker is under attack and they need to find everyone and get out. Phil goes to check with the commander. Shawn thinks it might be Tony’s guys and Brady says it’s possible. He says they have to find Lucas and that Sami is missing.

Phil asks the captain for a report. He is told that they are under attack and more troops have been called in. Phil asks to be permitted to go back on duty. The captain thanks him but says he can’t let him go back into combat yet. Phil goes on about duty…yada… yada…wants to find with the men who risked their lives to save him and his friends.

Shawn says he won’t let Philip go out there again and worry Belle. Philip tells him he is going home to her so it will be okay. Brady doesn’t think he should but says he has to do what he has to do (lol…sounds like a John Wayne movie). He tells Phil that his father would be proud of him. Philip says he knows that. Philip thanks Shawn for organizing the rescue and asks him to tell Belle that he loves her. As he leaves, Shawn turns to the others and asks them how they can let him do this. Rex doesn’t think a few days will matter but Brady says he better hope nothing happens to him.

Sami finds out where Tony is being held and tells the guards she wants to see him. They let her in after searching her for weapons. She tells a chained Tony that she wishes she had a camera. He tells her that she double-crossed him and will have to pay. Tony reminds her of all her crimes and says a day of reckoning is coming with serious repercussions. Sami tells him that no one will believe that she was Stan. She says that while he is rotting on death row, she’ll be getting everything she wants. He replies that her past as Stan will come back to haunt her. He asks for her help to escape. Sami says no. The sound of missiles is heard and Tony tells Sami that they have a chance to escape. He says he will only protect her if she helps him. She says no again and leaves.

Lucas comes across Stan’s disguise and says to himself that it won’t be long before they find out who he is and where he is. Sami sees him with the clothes and looks very worried.

Lucas tells the guys that he found Stan’s clothes but can’t find Sami anywhere. He also found a blond hair strand. They agree that Stan can’t get away with this. Shawn tells Rex that his brother (Phil) has a hero complex and that he will break Belle’s heart. Lucas goes on about how he is fighting for America....says they have to find Sami.

Sami is crawling in the sand with all the explosions going on around her. She tells herself that she’s better off dying out there than having everyone find out the truth about her. She screams when another explosion goes off. Phil and his guys are on the other side of the sand dunes. Maybe someone can tell me why a private is suddenly in charge and giving orders...sigh. He says he sees them and needs to get closer. He is going after them with a grenade. The commander tells him that it’s suicide but hero Phil says just to cover him.

Penthouse: Marlena, John, Roman, and Kate

Marlena phones Belle to give her the good news. She promises to call back with more details later. Kate’s gazing at a framed picture of Belle and Phil. She says she hopes he comes home safe to Belle. John tells them that Tony was captured and Kate runs and hugs him just as Marlena goes towards him. Roman and Marlena watch angrily. Kate says she doesn’t know what she would have done without him and thanks him for keeping her boys safe (yep its all about Kate’s boys).

John sees Roman and Marlena’s reactions and pulls away from Kate. He tells her to thank the Marines. The phone rings. Kate rags on for the umpteenth time about Sami and even suggests that Sami might be working for Tony. Roman says Sami is not involved with Tony. Marlena is angry and defends her daughter. Roman tries to calm her down and says that Kate didn’t mean it. Marlena is skeptical.

John is talking to Brady; Kate talking to Phil; Sami talking to Marlena and Roman (see bunker scenes).

While Sami is on the phone, Kate tells John that she doesn’t trust Sami. He promises to find out the truth. Kate thinks they’ll find out that Sami isn’t as innocent as her parents believe.

Later, the four of them are sitting down on the couches. Roman reiterates that Sami wouldn’t do something like that. Kate mouths off that while their sons are heroes, Sami won’t be described like that. We get a flashback of her and Sami...Sami and Lucas in John’s room with Kate hovering and Sami complaining about the pearls...Kate at Sami’s firing her from Basic Black. John says he has bad news. He tells them what is happening at the bunker and that Phil has volunteered to go back into active combat. Kate comes unglued about losing her Philip. Roman reminds her that he is a trained soldier.

The Loft: Belle and Mimi

Belle is on the phone to Marlena (see penthouse scenes). Marlena gives her the news about the boys and she’s ecstatic. Belle hangs up and tells Mimi that the boys are all coming home as well as Sami. Mimi wants to know when and Belle tells her that when her mother knows more she’ll call them. Mimi asks Belle if she will tell Phil that the marriage is over and she’s in love with Shawn. Belle says when the time is right…he’s back home…and not in danger. Mimi goes on about telling Rex about going to jail...etc... etc... The phone rings and Belle gets Mimi to answer it (see Bunker scenes with Rex talking to Mimi; Shawn talking to Belle; and Phil talking to Belle). Belle and Mimi hug each other afterwards.

Belle holds the framed picture of her and Shawn and glances over at her wedding picture with Phil. She tells Mimi that she won’t sleep until they are both back home safe and sound. Mimi tells Belle that she knows she was upset talking to Phil and asks if she is sure she wants to tell him. Belle tells her it won’t be easy and Meems asks her if she is having second thoughts. Belle says she will tell him when she knows that he’s all right. Belle tells her no but that she is worried about how he will take the news and would do anything not to hurt him. She begs Mimi to change her plea to not guilty but Mimi says no. Mimi says that it sucks because both of their mistakes will make Rex and Phil’s homecoming not a very happy one.

Belle and Mimi look out the window. Belle says that this is the best and worst day of her life. Mimi says it’s the best day because the men they love are coming home and it’s the worst day because the men they love are coming home. She says she has to break Rex’s heart…tell him about going to jail…yada…yada… Belle says she has to break Philip’s heart by asking for a divorce. Mimi says it sucks. They both hug each other.


Sami (talking to herself): “When my parents find out I am responsible, they are going to burn me at the stake.

Lucas talking to Tony: “If anything happens to Sami, I will kill you!”

Shawn talking to Belle on the phone: “That’s what you want right? You still want to be together?”

Bo talking to Hope: “I love you and nothing or no one is going to ever change that.” They share a kiss.


Tuesday May 31

Janice’s Spoilers

Jack and Jennifer’s house: Jack, Jennifer, Hope, Bo, Billie

In the living room, Hope tells Jennifer again that she doesn’t begrudge Billie wanting her daughter because she has her son back and there is a happy ending. Jennifer tells her that she just knows everything is going to be fine now. In the kitchen, we get a flashback of Jack…hand shaking…falling to the floor unconscious.

Bo and Billie talk about Tony and Georgia…sigh… Bo is trying to be realistic and tells her that it won’t be easy to get the truth out of Tony. She says she’s not giving up. Billie does a sob routine of the bench outside and he follows and tries to cheer her up. Inside, Hope tells Jennifer about the promise Bo made that things would be different and that she and the boys would be his first priority.

Bo tells Billie not to give up...to have faith...that they’ll find their daughter. Billie whines that she keeps losing the things she loves…including him. He looks quite uncomfortable. Poor Billie tells Bo that he’s got Hope and the two boys and she just has Georgia…blah …blah…doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses her.

We see Jack trying to rise up but he doesn’t have the strength. In the other room, Hope says she’s sure that Bo is committed to her and the boys but that she still has to keep her guard up where Billie is concerned…Billie isn’t just after her daughter…but she wants Hope’s husband as well. Jennifer reassures her that it won’t happen. She tells her that Bo loves her. Hope reminds Jen about the pit/rape fiasco and Billie’s part in it. Jennifer still has a hard time believing it happened and that Hope actually found them. Hope reiterates that it wasn’t Bo’s fault.

Bo tells her that they will get Tony to tell them the truth. She thinks he might lie again and send them on another wild goose chase (no Billie that’s just you following stupid leads all the time).

Jack wakes briefly and whispers Jennifer’s name before fainting again. In the other room, Jennifer says that her faith as been restored because the boys are okay and coming home, she has Jack back, and Roman, Marlena, and Cassie are alive. Jennifer thinks that her family and Hope’s should visit the Horton cabin together for a family vacation and both of them agree that it’s a great idea. They split up so with Jennifer going in search of Jack and Hope in search of Bo.

Hope goes outside and overhears Bo telling Billie that they’ll find their daughter now that Tony’s been captured. Hope tells them that she hopes they do. They hear Jennifer scream and run into the kitchen.

Jack covers up and says that he just slipped/cut himself and fell but Billie comes forward finally and admits that he also fainted on the porch. Jennifer is adamant about taking Jack to the hospital. Hope volunteers her and Bo to stay behind and watch the kids. Jack is trying to make a joke out of it.

Hope brings out a tray of coffee? and she says that she hopes Jack is okay. Bo reminds her of the torture Jack went through at Tony’s hands and says it’s probably because of that. He says that Dimera is in custody finally and the ISA will get the information out of him. It’s payback time. Hope tells him that she hopes he finds Georgia and they kiss on it. She tells Bo about Jennifer’s idea for a family vacation. He likes the idea...more kissing. He tells her he’s the lucky one to have her. She tells him that she won’t mind Georgia being a part of their family and suggests that Georgia come with them to the Horton cabin....Shawn and Zach can get to know her...but Billie’s not invited. They kiss and Bo tells her he loves the idea. She says that if Billie has a problem then she will be more than happy to straighten her out. She mentions how Billie still wants Bo. Bo tells her that he loves and nobody will change that.

He runs out and comes back with a lovely flower bouquet for her. He mentions her cousin’s green thumb. Hope is shocked and tells him that Jennifer was growing the hybrids for a spring flower show and will be very upset. He says that maybe they can replant them except that Hope reminds him that he cut the stems…too cute. She decides to call Gran. She’s growing the exact same flowers and will know what to do. Bo tells her that he just wanted to show his love. Hope tells him there’s an easier way right under his nose and they start kissing.

Hospital: Jack, Jennifer, Lexie, Billie

Lexie is told about how Jack has fainted twice. He tries to make light of it and says he just slipped. Lexie says the cut is superficial. She decides to take blood and do a few tests. Jennifer begs Jack to take this seriously and he finally agrees. Later Lexie comes back with the results for Jack, pushing Jennifer and Billie out of the room on the excuse of needing to check him again. Billie thinks it might be post-traumatic shock response. Back in the examination room, Jack asks Lexie what she is up to. Lexie tells Jack she has bad news for him and she’s sorry but it’s not got.

Warzone/Loft: Boys of Summer, Belle, Sami, Marines, and Phil

Shawn is asking Brady and Rex why they let Phil go off. Brady says he has to join his unit (again no physical? psychological testing first?) Shawn says he needs to call Belle. Rex tells him that Phil is in the war and asks him sarcastically if he thinks it’s noble to be talking to his wife behind his back. Shawn tells them that he just wants to talk to her, hasn’t said a thing to Philip about her and him and won’t put any pressure on. Brady says that he better not have and should let Belle tell Philip the truth. Shawn leaves to call her. Rex tells Brady that he sees he’s as happy as he is that Belle is dumping Phil. Brady replies that Belle would be so much better off with Phil. Rex asks him what he is going to do about it.

At the loft, the phone rings and Belle rushes to answer it. She says...Philip? Shawn tells her that it’s just him. She tells him that she can’t talk to him right now and to put Phil on the phone. Shawn tells her he can’t do that.

Phil does a lot of grunting and groaning on this show. In the first scene the private is barking out orders to his teammates to cover him while he goes to be single-handedly noble.

Lucas tells the guard he needs to see Tony. He explains about Sami being missing and the guard lets him through. Lucas asks Tony where Sami and Stan are and Tony starts laughing at him. Lucas thinks that if Sami is with Stan then she could be in terrible danger. Tony keeps laughing.

Sami is still out there and repeats her fears about being burned at the stake in Salem Place if they find out the truth about her. Back inside, Tony is still laughing. He says Stan is not a threat to Sami. Lucas tells him he found Stan’s clothes and a blond strand of hair. Tony replies that they spent a lot of time together but not to get jealous. Lucas wants to know what the hell he is talking about and swears to kill Tony if anything happens to Sami.

We get a fantasy of Sami telling Lucas about what she has done…every single crime as Stan...says she regrets it…asks him to forgive her.

Inside the bunker, Brady tells Rex that Belle can be with whoever she wants and that he’ll only butt in if Shawn tries to tell Phil the truth. Rex says he won’t let that happen. Brady hopes that Belle doesn’t make a big mistake. Rex says that maybe when they all get back and she sees Phil that she will change her mind.

Belle wants to know why Shawn won’t put Phil on the phone. He tells her that he’s not there. She gets mad at him for lying to her and putting them all at risk. He tells her he did it for her. She’s crying and says but he almost got himself killed. Shawn says that they are okay and everything is good. He tells her he had no choice but to lie because she would have told their parents and that if he hadn’t done it, Phil might be dead.

Belle is still crying and says she is so glad that Shawn is okay. She tells him that she knows he’s a hero and that she almost went crazy thinking they would die over there. Shawn tells her it wasn’t that great for him either and what scared him the most was the idea of never seeing her again...never being able to hold her or kiss her...or tell her how much he loves her. Belle thanks him for helping to save Phil. He asks if that means she forgives him. She says yes. Shawn tells her that he misses her so much and can’t wait to see her. She says she misses him too and to remember his promise. She also promises to tell Phil as soon as he gets home. He tells her that it will be a little longer than they thought...that Phil has rejoined his unit and is back in combat. Belle cries out “oh my god! no!”

Phil is screaming. Jake tells him they are pinned down by a sniper. Phil is going to save the day.

Tony is still mocking Lucas. Lucas leaves and finds Brady and Rex outside.

2nd part of Sami’s fantasy...Lucas says he won’t forgive her. He’ll turn her into the police and ISA and that he’ll watch them give her a lethal injection...in fact maybe they will let him give her the needle himself.

Bart rushes into Tony’s room wearing a uniform and helps Tony escape from the chains.

Lucas is tells Rex and Brady that he is worried about Sami. Brady wants him to admit that he still has a thing for her. He says it’s because she is the mother of his child. Brady still wants to know what she is doing there. He decides to grill Tony about it but they find out he’s gone, split up to find him and Sami. In the corridor, Tony is stopped by a guard.

Sami is crouched down and murmuring about changing her ways and thinks she won’t make it out of there. She starts praying for another chance to clean up her act and just then Lucas jumps in beside her. Sami starts crying. She tells Lucas that she ran because she thought the bunker would be bombed. Lucas tells her to follow his exact orders. He tells her to stay low...follow his orders...zigzag...and not to argue.

Belle wants to know why Shawn let Phil go back into combat. He tells her that they tried to stop him but he insisted on rejoining his unit. Belle can’t believe it. Shawn tells her he knew she would be upset and doesn’t understand why Phil would choose to put her through that again. Belle says it’s because he’s a soldier...took oath to defend country. Shawn says that he also took an oath to her. She says that she took one too...to love, cherish...etc...and look what she is doing instead.

Phil is grunting. He yells back that he is locked down and hears that the rest of his team is as well. He wants to know where the enemy is because he thinks that he can take them down all by his little old self. Firing one shot, he falls back after being shot as well. The team radios him and eventually he wakes up and says he got shot in the flak jacket and maybe a rib as well. He refuses to go back (gosh…a noble Marine who refuses to take orders!)

Shawn says he will let her tell Phil the truth and tells her that Phil is back in combat. Belle replies that she will continue to honor her wedding vows as long as she and Phil are married. Shawn reminds Belle that she hasn’t broken them. Back in the loft, Belle takes a look at noble Phil’s picture and gets upset…how honorable he is…groan… Shawn is looking unsure and vulnerable and asks her to reaffirm her decision to divorce Phil and be with him.

We see Phil throwing a hand grenade before falling backward unconscious... (.never seen anyone pull the pin and then transfer the grenade to another hand before throwing it.)

Sami and Lucas get back to the bunker safe and sound and Sami thanks Lucas for saving her life. He thanks her for rescuing them and saving their lives. He mentions her being a prisoner just like they were and she agrees with him. She tells him that Tony would lie so that they would think she wasn’t. She thinks back to Tony’s promise to expose Stan and thinks he might follow through and prove that she was Stan. Brady and Rex turn up. She learns that Tony has disappeared again and is freaking out. They leave to look for Tony.

Sami asks Lucas if he still cares about her. He doesn’t want to talk about it right now but says that he’s had lots of time to think about things and they need to talk when they get home. He’s glad she didn’t die. She prays that Tony runs fast and far because her future with Tony depends on it. Lucas tells her that Tony told him that she spent a lot of time with Stan and that the ISA will want to talk to her.

Brady runs into Tony. Tony offers him a deal to let him go. He'll give him Chloe back.

Belle tells Shawn that of course she still wants them to be together...that hasn’t changed and never will. She still loves him. Shawn says that she had him worried for a second. Belle then says that if anything happens to Philip that they can never be together.

Phil has misplaced his light so he tells his buddy Jake to send up a flare so he can figure out where the hell he is. We see a sign reading Danger…Mine Field in front of him (well done, noble but insubordinate Phil!).

Lucas is telling Sami that its time for them to let their son know that they are both okay.

Tony is telling Brady that Miss Chloe is very much among the living. Brady wants to know why she hasn’t told him that.

Shawn is telling Belle that Phil is trapped by enemy fire. Belle gasps.

Phil is ordered to fall back but he says negative…trapped in middle of mine field.
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Wednesday Jun 1

Janice’s Spoilers

Hospital: Jack, Jennifer, Lexie, lab technician

Jack asks Lexie what the tests show. She says the results are inconclusive and they need to draw more blood. He maintains that he’s just fine...end of story. She reminds him that he lost consciousness and asks him to do it for Jen and the children.

Jennifer is in the corridor on the phone to Abby (we don’t see or hear Abby today). She tells her about the family vacation at the Horton cabin idea and says that daddy will be just fine.

Jack tells the nurse and Lexie that vampires don’t even need this much blood. He asks why they don’t just rerun the numbers from the previous tests. Lexie says that they need more samples. He asks what they expect to find...she already gave him a clean bill of health when he got back from the castle. The nurse finishes and Lexie asks her to take them down to the lab and ask for a rush on the results. Lexie tells Jack that they should err on the side of caution and that they need to find the cause of the dizzy spells. Jack wants to know whether she thinks it’s something more. Lexie doesn’t know but if there is, she wants to get to the bottom of it. Jennifer overhears the last part and is concerned. She asks Lexie if she is saying that there is something wrong with Jack.

Jack tells Jennifer it’s nothing...the tests are inconclusive. Lexie confirms it but reiterates that she just wants to play it safe. Jack says that Lexie is being overcautious. Jennifer’s PDA goes off and she tells them that Abby is getting everything together for the cabin. She tells Jack her idea about the family vacation and he thinks it’s great. Jack is worried about Abby touching his prize winning lures. Jennifer leaves to call Abby again. Lexie warns Jack that she is not going to lie for him but he tells her that as his doctor she has no choice.

Jack is going to hold Lexie to doctor/patient confidentiality. She tells him he shouldn’t keep the truth from his wife, but he wants to protect Jennifer. She tells him that he is refusing to acknowledge, even to himself, that something could be seriously wrong. Jack asks Lexie whether she seriously believes that his dizzy spells could be life threatening. Lexie admits that no she doesn’t. Jack says that everything will be all right. Jennifer comes back in the room and says that Abby has vowed not to touch his lures and asks Lexie if they can go home. Lexie starts to tell her the truth and then changes her mind and just says that Jen’s husband is impossible. They leave and Lexie phones the lab to ask about the results. Ryan, the lab tech, says he is working on them now but suggests that she come down and look at the results herself. She says she’s on her way.

In the lab, Ryan says the results are highly unusual and don’t look good. Lexie says that it doesn’t look normal.

Jack and Jennifer’s House: Jack & Jen

They come home and Jennifer is surprised at everything Abby has done to get ready for the trip. Jack is excited about going but Jen asks if he is sure he’s all right. He says he’s got the most beautiful wife, daughter, and baby boy and can’t wait to get there. He tells her he will catch the fish and she will clean and cook them. Jennifer jokingly tells him that he’s the man so he will clean them and she will cook them. Jack suggests that while they are there, they get the double sleeping bag and go into the woods for a little stargazing. Jennifer thinks that would be perfectly romantic.

Bunker: Sami & Lucas

Sami is pacing and talking to herself. She mumbles that Tony is gone so no one will find out she is Stan. She wants to go back to Salem and concentrate on Will and getting her life back together. Lucas overhears the last part and couldn’t agree more. He tells her that neither of them has ever had any problem putting their son first and tells her that Will is fine...wants them to be a family...but feels guilty because he thinks its his fault that Sami disappeared...was too hard on her. She feels bad but Lucas says its not her fault...she was Tony’s prisoner too. Sami has a flashback to Tony showing her that Roman and Marlena are alive and giving her a gun. Back in the present, Lucas says he thinks its time that they let their son know they are okay.

He has Tony’s camera and says that Grandpa Shawn told him that Will will be on the computer. He decides to set up a little video conference call with him. Sami is impressed. She asks if she looks okay and he tells her she looks great. We see Will on at the computer. He gets a message to turn on the camera and says oh my god because he can see his mom and dad. Sami says hi and Will says he can’t believe the two of them are together. He asks Sami what she is doing over there.

Sami tells Will that her explanation is pretty lame. She was getting ready to leave Salem, and the next thing she knew...she was Tony’s prisoner. Will asks them if they are getting back together. Sami thinks Lucas should answer that. Lucas tells Will that they love him very much but it’s not the right time to make those types of decisions. Sami says they just want to get home safely. Will continues to go on about hoping they would get closer.

Clinic: Chloe & Nicole & Bunker: Brady & Tony

Nicole stops in to see Chloe, saying she was checking on Clara’s progress and thought she’d see how Chloe was doing. Chloe is working on her scrapbook and Nicole is impressed by the pictures. She looks through it and finds a blank page...suggests that it’s for Chloe and Brady. Chloe agrees, saying that it was for their reunion, but that if her scars are permanent, it will never happen. She gets upset and rips the page out, saying I might as well forget it.

Bunker: Brady is still holding Tony at bay in one of the rooms. Tony goes on about being able to get Chloe back for him. Brady refused to believe him and talks about her tragic accident in Europe, bringing the ashes back, her memorial...etc... Tony reiterates that he can arrange a reunion...she’s alive...yada...yada... Brady smacks him hard and calls him a lying son of a bitch.

Tony tells Brady that he just made a terrible mistake. Brady tells him he should have killed him. Tony says he’s far too valuable to the Marines and ISA...has lots of info they need. He wants a deal and offers to give Brady the love of his life back. He promises that he’s not bluffing and that the beautiful Chloe is still among the living. Brady is angry and asks why he hasn’t heard from her then...why she hasn’t told him she’s alive...

At the clinic, Nicole is being sooooooo sweet. She tells Chloe not to be so pessimistic ...Dr. Watson is doing everything he can to make her better. Chloe doesn’t see how, because the scars are even worse than before...and she now has a horrid infection. We get a flashback of the doctor asking Nicole to sterilize his equipment. Back in the present, Nicole is sure the infection can be treated but Chloe says the damage is already done. Nicole comments on the love Brady and Chloe share...it’s strong and he would love Chloe no matter what she looked like. She says she won’t stand in Chloe’s way if she decides to tell Brady she’s alive. Chloe says she isn’t saying anything and tells Nicole that she can’t either. Nicole tells her that Brady is out of the country and Chloe is concerned but thinks the guys are very brave.

Chloe gets a strange feeling that Brady is in trouble.

Bunker: Brady tells Tony that this is just a sick ploy of his to get his get out of jail card. Tony tells him that he obviously needs proof so why don’t they call her. They talk about love and Brady mentions Kristen. Tony gets angry and says that Brady’s father turned her away from him and he will never get over it. Then he smiles and asks Brady if he wants to talk to Chloe or not. We get a fantasy...Brady & Chloe in hot tub making love...Brady feeding Chloe fruit and showing her newspaper with headline about Tony being captured...urn scenes with Nicole in the background. Back in the present, Brady tells Tony that if this is one of his sick jokes...he’s a dead man.

Clinic: Nicole is sure that Brady is just fine...he proved he could take care of himself on the island. Chloe talks about Puerto Rico and Nicole’s dad. The phone rings and she says hello. Back at the bunker...Tony grins and hands the cell phone to Brady. Brady hears Chloe’s voice and we see a three-way split screen with Tony...Brady...Chloe...

Brady asks Chloe if it’s her. She stays silent and tells Nicole its Brady. Nicole grabs the phone and reminds him that Chloe is dead. He tells her that Tony Dimera told him she was alive. She asks how he can trust him. The line goes dead and Brady realizes that Tony has escaped again and locked him in.

Clinic: Chloe hangs up the phone. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t know what Brady believes but that Tony Dimera just told him Chloe’s alive. Chloe looks shocked.

Marine Camp/Loft/War Zone: Belle, Shawn, communications officer, Phil

Shawn is sitting on a bench and calls Belle. She asks him if they’ve found Phil yet. He tells her no. Belle is upset and wonders if something has happened.

Phil is crawling around the mines and talking to himself. He isn’t going to panic...will retrace his steps...and get out. Jake calls his name and Phil yells at him not to move. A mine goes off.

Shawn tells Belle to stay calm. A communications officer sits down next to him and Shawn asks if theirs any news. He tells him that there isn’t but he is about to radio him. Belle’s phone goes dead.

Communications officer is yelling at Phil to fall back. Phil says negative...stuck in middle of minefield...etc... Shawn tells the officer that Phil is in trouble and he has to do something. He is told that they will do all they can but for now Phil has to stay put. The phone rings and its Belle. She asks if Phil is back. Shawn decides to be straight with her and tells her that Phil is trapped in the mine field.

Phil says he’s taking enemy fire. Again he refuses to obey orders and is going to save Jake. Belle asks Shawn to do her a favor. She wants to talk to Phil. He is surprised but she says that what she tells him might save his life.

Phil is yelling at his buddy to hang on and crawling towards him. He’s going to dismantle the mines...one by one... With Shawn listening in, Phil hears Belle’s voice. She tells him that the communications officer patched her through and is upset that he is in danger. He goes on about how he loves her...not to worry...etc... She says she loves him but you can hardly hear her. Phil says he’s in a pretty tight spot. They lose the transmission. The marine base is being bombed and Shawn and the others hit the ground. Back at the loft, Belle says oh my god no!


Lexie tells Jack he is making a big mistake. Jack wants to know what he should tell Jennifer. Lexie tells him he can start with the truth.

Marlena tells Belle that she isn’t to blame. Belle is crying and says it’s all her fault...

because of her, Philip & Shawn could both be dead.

Kate is saying...Please don’t take him from me. Please let him come back safely to me

Nicole (probably fantasy...lol...I hope): Time to put you and everyone else out of your misery. She smothers Chloe with a pillow. saying “Die!”


Thursday Jun 2

Janice’s Spoilers

Jack & Jennifer’s House: Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Chelsea, Billie, Lexie

Chelsea walks in on Abby packing up a box of camping food...marshmallows, popcorn, chocolate...etc... in the kitchen. Chelsea asks if Abby is going away and says that it sounds boring. Abby says that it will be fun...her dad will make his world-famous hamburgers, teach them to fish, go hiking with them. She asks Chelsea to come with them but Chelsea wavers. She says she doesn’t have any outdoorsy stuff and can’t afford to buy it. Billie bursts into the kitchen like she owns the place and offers to help.

Jack and Jennifer are running around getting things ready for the trip. She says that they have enough stuff but Jack says not quite. She tells him that she phoned Hope and told her that they were going up to the cabin early and that Hope and Bo will come when Shawn gets back. Jack says he wants to find the telescope and explains that it’s for looking at the stars and heavenly bodies. They kiss. Jennifer asks him if he is sure he is okay. She thinks it’s abnormal that Lexie did the tests twice in one day. Jack jokingly tells her that Lexie is just trying to satisfy the malpractice insurance. He assures her that a few days of R & R is all he needs. They kiss again.

We see Lexie outside of the house. She pauses, and worries as she remembers Jack’s test results. She walks sees Jack and Jennifer kissing through the window and prays that their happiness isn’t short-lived.

Billie aka Miss Moneybags pulls out a bunch of cash. Chelsea doesn’t want Billie’s money. She asks her why she wants to help her.

Jack asks Jennifer if she knows how much he missed kissing her. She says she missed kissing him as well and they kiss again. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Lexie. She tells them that she got the results of the second tests.

Chelsea is angry and suspicious of Billie. Billie asks to speak to Chelsea alone (sure, kick Abby out of her own kitchen). Abby goes to get an extra duffel bag in case Chelsea changes her mind. Billie tells Chelsea that she wants to help (gag!) for lots of reasons…promised her mom… yada…yada… cough…cough…

Jennifer is worried. Lexie says it isn’t what they found but what they didn’t find. She tells them that she’s sent the tests to the Mayo Clinic where they can do a more sophisticated analysis. She admits it might just be a benign anomaly and Jack grabs that idea and runs with it. Jennifer hears Jack Jr. crying on the baby monitor and goes upstairs to get him. Downstairs, Jack asks Lexie more questions. She wants him to be honest and not hide things from Jennifer. Jack says he doesn’t want to worry her.

Lexie tells Jack that she will continue to respect the doctor/patient confidentiality but wishes he would postpone the trip until they get the results. He tells her he can’t. She gives him some samples to take with him in case he gets dizzy and tells him not to drive. He’s worried because he always does the driving and what will Jen think. Lexie suggests he tell her the truth.

Billie goes on about her own terrible childhood (yawn!) how lonely she was, etc…

Abby comes back and it seems like Chelsea has had a chan