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Friday Jan. 2

Pat's Spoilers

I loved the opening scene. Shawn and Belle say a few words to the newly weds for a video scrapbook. Shawn says Uncle Roman and Aunt Kate…and then stops and says that’s the first time I’ve said that. He wishes them best and says he loves them. Belle says a few words and Shawn says she sounded better then he did. Jen tells Mickey and Alice that Will, Abby and Grandpa Shawn are all sleeping in the office. Mickey can’t believe that Tony has been let out on bail. (Watch carefully in the background we finally get to see Belle and Shawn dancing).

Lexie is looking for her mother. She finds her on the terrace with Bonnie. Celeste tells them that at the stroke of midnight another loved one will fall. Lexie asks who. Celeste doesn’t know and Lexie asks her to describe her vision. She describes Kate covered in blood under the flowered arbour. Bonnie and Lexie said the wedding is over, Kate and Roman are married now – her vision must have been in reference to the cake.

Back in the kitchen Roman addresses the killer as Tony and says he is not afraid of him. He turns the lights on and pulls the mask off and is in total shock. He says this can’t be happening and the killer slits his throat with the sword - one slice right on the mark - and Roman drops. Outside Bo and Hope find a cufflink in the snow and John hears a sound. Back inside the killer takes a towel and wipes the blood off the hockey mask before putting it back on and leaving.

The guy taking the videos (and by the way…he’s very good looking…LOL) gives the mike to Sami and Lucas. (More dancing in the background…Shawn and Rex switch partners). Sami says they can go to hell… the poor guy says well that’s a little different. Lucas takes the mike away from her and tells the guy to edit it out. Bo and Hope share a New Year’s kiss outside. John realises it was just a squirrel but then he hears another sound and attacks a black hooded figure who turns out to be Marlena. Inside Phillip arrives and congratulates his mother and asks where her groom is because it’s almost midnight.

Timeline: Phillip’s arrival and Marlena joining John outside both occur after the killing.

Bonnie does the countdown and confetti and streamers drop down over everyone. Shawn and Belle go out on the terrace. Belle is removing confetti from her hair and she asks Shawn if they have to have confetti at their wedding. He says no and then she says are we really talking marriage. Shawn says it is 2004 and I’m making my resolution official. He tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He tells her he loves her very much and they kiss. Oh goodness the happiness on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes was just beautiful to see. Oh lordy...that was pretty darn close to a proposal - I can't wait for the real thing...but I've watched soaps for too long to know that means exactly that - we'll have to wait a while for the real official proposal.

Celeste has a seizure. She sure says Marlena’s name in a strange fashion when she comes to (or I could be imagining things). She tells everyone she is okay she just had a premonition. Lexie wants to take her home if she won’t go to the hospital. Celeste refuses. She has the feeling that is very important that she stay.

Victor asks Nicole if she is starting to count down the minutes before she is arrested for first-degree murder. She says it’s not going to happen and she pulls out the envelope that Roman had. Victor asks her if that is blood on it and she just smiles and stuffs it back in her purse. He says where did you get that and how did you get. She glares at him and says I told you that I will never go to prison. God she looks guilty as sin. How did she get that envelope?

Inside Bonnie figures it’s time to liven things up and since the groom isn’t around decides it’s time for the bride to throw her bouquet. Nicole is pretty drunk and she tells Victor she should be there because she’s going to be single soon – he tells her to go for it. Belle and Shawn come in and Belle says I hate getting in those line-ups. He says remember that 2004 is our year and she smiles at him and joins the other ladies. Bonnie and Nicole end up in a tussle for the bouquet and in their fight; it flies out of their hands and lands right in Sami’s arms. Belle congratulates her but Sami just looks at the flowers as if they’re going to rear up and bite her.

Bonnie goes into the kitchen and sees all the blood that has dripped from the cake and starts screaming. A cop comes in and finds her wiping the blood up and kneeling in it yet…sheesh. He tells her that is all evidence so she will have to get out of those clothes. Everyone had freaked when they heard her screams but Mimi explains that it was just the sight of all the blood from the cake.

Sami tells her mother that she said some horrible things to her Dad. Marlena is shocked when Sami tells her that she told her father that she would rather he was dead than married to Kate. Actually there is a very good chat between Sami and Marlena. I found it very odd that all of a sudden Eric is coming into the conversation. Marlena asks her if she meant what she said about wanting her father dead. She says no. Marlena forces her to say what she said to Abe before he died and Sami says she also said awful stuff to her grandmother. Sami says her father knew how much she loved him. Marlena asks her if she can remember the last time she actually told her father that she loved him. Sami won’t accept that the marriage is real and Marlena tells her she has to if she ever wants a future of her own. Sami tells her mother she doesn’t deserve to be loved and Marlena tells her it’s not true. She asks Sami to make peace with her father and give him her blessing because he can’t truly be happy until she is. Marlena convinces her by saying Roman is the smartest man they know so there's no way he would have married Kate if she wasn't the right woman for him. Sami finally agrees to give him her blessing and they start to look for him.

Bo, Hope and John are talking about moving Roman and Kate out of Tuscany and assigning a special detail to protect them when they can’t find any sign of Tony outside. Bo says what a way to spend your wedding night but it’s better than being dead. Just as he says that the camera cuts to the kitchen where a cop is wheeling out the boxed wedding cake marked as evidence. As soon as the cop leaves we see a bloodied hand with a gold band on the ring finger fall out from under a table cloth.

Phillip and Chloe talk for a bit – he had been stunned to see her back in town. When he asks her how long she is going to be in town and Brady says she is back for good. They talk about what the centre Victor is building.

Back outside Charlie’s Angels hear a sound (LOL – sorry it’s just the way Bo and Hope pull their guns and the way the three of them stand before splitting up). John tackles a person wearing a black hooded sweatshirt…I’m sure it’s Tony because that’s how he was dressed. Inside Bonnie plays Auld Lang Syne and all the couples dance (Bonnie with Mickey). Sami is worried that now Kate is missing as well and she wonders if they left before she had a chance to make peace with her father. Everyone is standing around when we see Kate coming from a door standing under the arbour, her dress and neck covered in blood and blood dripping from her hands. Shawn pulls Belle close to him – everyone is in shock as Kate starts screaming. (Very bloody scene if I do say so myself).

Preview: Bonnie tells Mickey that she is not crazy about going home to that empty house. Mickey says she can stay here (they’re at his house) and sleep in his bed. Marlena turning on John and saying “Don’t you dare tell me what to do.” John’s response - “What did you say?” (Sami, Belle and Shawn in the background). Bo holding on to Kate, Hope standing next to him as two cops are holding on to Tony as Bo tells them to get him out of there. Tony says that Roman will not be the last to die. Chloe and Brady in bed talking as Nicole lurks and listens. Brady says it has to be him – he can’t think of anyone more twisted. Nicole says that evil is in the eye of the beholder as the hockey mask and knife are super-imposed behind her.

Monday Jan. 5

Jan’s Spoilers….

Let me say that the acting in this show was superb….Lauren/Kate – Deidre and Ali were awesome…as was Renee and Peter. Everyone’s emotions showed through and it was great to see. That aside it was a little on the bloody side.

I loved how Shawn and Bo were there for Pop Shawn…he was having such a hard time dealing with this. I loved how he hugged Rex and told him he loved him and how he was a part of the family. It really affected Rex….and I loved seeing the emotion…(Shelle were in the background watching and smiling while this took place). I loved how Belle was there for Shawn having lost his grandmother and uncle….and how he was there for her when she was watching her parents fight. The touches and hugs showed how much they supported each other.

All the men pulling Bo off of Tony as he went after him…but it was Hope telling him that Roman wouldn’t want this that stopped him.

Deidre and Ali were awesome in their scenes today….and the fighting between J&M and the look on John’s face when she called Roman her husband….WOW.

The emotion that Kate showed through the whole show was right on target….not believing that he was dead that he would be out soon and they would start their honeymoon….loved that Phil and Lucas were there for her…and when they took out Roman’s body and she took off the sheet and kissed his hand….very emotional…Bo pulls her back and holds her as Roman is taken out.

Bo/John/Hope bring down Tony who doesn’t seem at all upset by it all…..(it is his cufflink)…he is slapped by Marlena…attacked by Bo and still stays totally calm telling Bo at the end this is not the last death.

I’m not going to comment on Mickey/Bonnie scenes because to be honest I’m not liking them.

As for Vic/Nic…..she is her same self showing no emotion at all about what happened except for how it affects her.

I enjoyed the show today because of the acting……I thought all of them did a wonderful job.

I’m sorry this is so short and I know I missed a lot……but I’m a little shakey after having been in a minor accident after watching the show.

Enjoy the show…..I know I did….and I know I missed some clues somewhere.

Pat's Spoilers

Fair warning everyone – the scenes where Roman’s body are discovered and Lexie is examining him are fairly gruesome.

I have no idea what they are doing to Nicole’s character but she is beyond redemption. What a waste of a fine actress. She is thrilled that Roman is dead and doesn’t even try to hide it. Of course Brady hears Victor say she is free and clear. She tells him that because she isn’t a suspect in Roman’s murder, she’ll no longer be a suspect in the others. He’s says he wouldn’t be so sure. Tony didn’t have a motive to kill Colin Murphy and the police could still come after her for that. Victor tells Brady that Colin was Shawn Brady’s nephew and the DiMera’s hate the Brady’s. Nicole tells Victor to get them out of there or she will make a scene. Victor asks Bo if they can leave and he tells them yes. Earlier John gave Brady and Chloe and Bonnie and Mickey permission to leave. Interesting that Tek is on the scene but only Bo or John had the authority to tell people whether they could leave or not. Back at the mansion Chloe and Brady are in bed talking after making love and of course Nicole is hovering outside the door. After she makes the remark about evil being in the eye of the beholder she vows that she will get everything she wants. At Mickey’s house, Bonnie takes a shower and comes out wrapped in a towel. Mickey had brought her a pair of pj’s and was leaving the room but stopped to look at a picture of Maggie. When Bonnie says she doesn’t want to go home to an empty bed he tells her that she can sleep in his bed. She says ‘really’. He says the guest room is too messy with paint cans and stuff for a guest to sleep in there so he’ll sleep there. She tells him she’ll whistle if she needs him and then she ruins oops I mean uses that famous line saying she knows how to whistle you just put your lips together and blow.

After the scenes in the kitchen and yes, when Sami grabs Marlena, Marlena almost does fall – she must have been off-balance. John is the one that notices a puddle of blood and pulls out his gun before lifting the cloth. (Not a pleasant scene). Lexie comes in and examines Roman and says he died a short time ago. She has something to give to Tek but Bo steps in – she says you might not want to see this but Bo insists. She holds up the bloodied bride and groom from the cake and said the killer stuffed this in his mouth.

Tony is handcuffed to a chair and Bo goes to him and says I should have killed you in your cell. If I had my brother would still be alive and he starts choking Tony. A cop, Brady, Phil, and Shawn finally pull him off. Shawn tells him that Uncle Roman wouldn’t want you to do this. Hope tells him that if he kills Tony he is no better than he is. Bo feels that once again the system let him down by letting Tony out on bail to kill again. He tells Tony that he can’t say that he just showed up as he grabs his sleeves and finds one cufflink missing. He shows him the evidence bag saying he found it outside before the murder.

Lucas and Phil stay mostly with Kate. She is in complete denial. She keeps saying that Roman will be fine. He just had some police business to attend to and then they will be starting their lives together as husband and wife. Grandpa Shawn is taking it pretty hard and as Bo and Shawn are holding him trying to calm him down he has an attack. Lexie says he is hyperventilating and opens her medical bag and takes out a white paper bag for him to breathe into. He feels like a fool.

Both Lexie and Rex confront Tony at separate times. Lexie asks him how he could be so evil to kill all those people including her husband. She asks him how he could have killed Roman – it was the most brutal murder of all. When Rex asks him why he killed his father Tony tells him to use the brain he was genetically engineered with and not think like a Brady. Rex tells him he is a Brady and walks away just as the a cop comes in with the murder weapon. Rex tells Bo and Tek that Tony has a collection of Samurai swords.

Okay where to even start with Sami and Marlena. Ali did a marvellous job again today with her scenes. There is no question that Sami is hurting and I know when you are hurting that one of your defence mechanisms is to attack and attack she does. First she tells John that he must be really happy that her Dad is dead – it’s what he has always wanted. Marlena tells her to stop but Sami won’t. She tells John that it’s his fault her dad is dead and than runs off. Marlena says that trying to talk to Sami right now wouldn’t be a wise thing for him to do so she goes after her. Sami is in the ladies room crying. Marlena tells her that she shouldn’t be alone – she shouldn’t keep what’s she’s feeling inside. So she let’s Marlena have it. She blames her for Roman’s death. She says she tried to warn everyone but no one would listen to her now her dad won’t get to see her reunite with Brandon and be happy (sheesh get over it already Sami – it ain’t going to happen) or be there for Will’s big moments. She screams at her mother and throws the bouquet at her and walks out. Marlena takes a good long look at herself in the mirror before dropping the flowers in a wastebasket and going out after Sami. Sami goes straight to Tony and yells at him. She says everyone warned me about you but I wanted to believe there was some good in you. Marlena comes up and slaps him and says he always claimed he wasn’t like his father and he was right. She says you are much worse. John tries to comfort her but Sami tells him that her mother wants nothing to do with him. Tony smiles when he watches this.

Poor Belle- she tells Shawn she has never seen her mother treat her father that way. Shawn tells her that everyone is tense. They love each other and they’ll make it through but Belle is not sure. Earlier Belle told Brady and Shawn that she was really worried about Sami because she loved her father so much – his death might push her over the edge. Later on Belle and Shawn have a quiet moment alone and he looks like all the life has almost been drained out of him. He tells Belle it’s like it’s all a really bad dream. When Marlena turns on John and tells him that it is his fault that Roman is dead Belle is shocked. Johns says she doesn’t know what she is saying; he had nothing to do with his death. When Marlena says of course he did Shawn hustles Belle away from them. Marlena says if he wouldn’t have talked her into accepting Roman’s marriage to Kate he would still be alive. John can’t believe what she is saying – Sami is loving it. She tells Marlena that she realised to late that she loved her Dad more than she loved John but at least she sees what an evil bastard John really is. John says don’t listen to her and Marlena is so cold to him and says oh, should I listen to you. She says she listened to him and because of it her husband was murdered.

There’s a few scenes with Rex that are kind of nice. Mimi is taking water for Grandpa Shawn and Rex is with her. Grandpa Shawn hugs Rex and Rex asks him why he did that. He says you are Roman’s son, my grandson. You are as much a Brady as any of my children or grandchildren and I love you for that. He hugs him again. Later on he tells Mimi that the first time in his life he understands what the unconditional love of a family means. He is almost in tears when he says Roman was my father and now he is dead and he’ll never have the chance to get to know him.

Roman is rolled out and Marlena rushes to the gurney but John pulls her back and tells her that it is not her place – he is Kate’s husband. The final scene when Kate says goodbye to him brought me to tears. It’s very moving. Everyone is following the gurney and once Roman’s body is removed Bo tells the cops to take Tony out of there. Tony yells that Roman will not be the last to die.

Preview: Bo is in Roman’s office at the precinct and finds a folder and tells Hope that Roman had a file on him. He opens it and says ‘what the hell.’ Sami asks Lucas to stay with her because she is afraid to be alone. Belle tells Shawn that she really wanted to wear that negligee he had bought her but she couldn’t find it – YKW is lurking in the same place she hid with the hammer and Belle says …Look and YKW jumps back. John is at the penthouse and asks Marlena if she really wants him to move out.

Tuesday Jan. 6

Jan’s Spoilers…….

The J&M scenes made me cry....John is so confused by Marlena’s reactions…she tells him she needs to phone Eric and Carrie….that this is her family…Belle comes over to talk to John and tells him he has to make things right….John tells her that her Mom is very distraught right now…Marlena comes back saying she couldn’t reach them…Belle tells her that Brady, her and John are also her family…Marlena isn’t really paying attention at all……Sami comes over yelling at Belle that it was her Dad’s fault as Marlena doesn’t say a word and John screams at Sami to shut-up….Marlena had tears in her eyes through the last half of the show and she was very quiet and withdrawn. John....so sad when he walked out the door with his suitcases and he has a tear in his eye.

Bo and Hope are at the station as Bo wants to kill Tony….Hope stops him and tells him that she is so glad she didn’t lose him….he gets a phone call but tells the Commissioner that he needs to talk to his wife….I love how they discuss the situation… Bo accepts the Commander's job...he spots a file with his name on it...Roman had been keeping it...it was all good things and says he is the best all around cop on the force...also says that he is proud of him as an officer and a brother.

Phil/Lucas are there for Kate…..I love how Rex comes over to talk to her and how she tells him to call her at any time…Sami comes over and goes off on Kate as Lucas pulls her away and lets her have it….Kate tells Phil that she promised Roman she would try but that she thought he would be there to help…..Phil/Lucas take Kate home....her bedrooms has rose petals all over the bed and champagne chilling....Lucas leaves and Phil stays with her. She tells Phil to go after who he loves and she knows he loves Chloe she can see it in his eyes.

Mimi talks to Celeste who tells her that the murders are not over…..Mimi tells Shawn who wants to know what else she said as everything she has said has come true. Rimi come over and Shawn tells them that he and Belle want to be together tonight as both couples tell each other to take care of themselves.

Will takes care of Sami....as Lucas arrives there. He sends Will to bed and Sami asks him to stay. He gets in bed and holds her as she says she'll never be able to take back what she said to him.

Celeste finds the killers mask (when did he lose it)…is looking through a mask and seeing Roman's killing through the killers' eyes....at the end of the show she says it's not Tony he didn't do it....and we get a split screen with Bo and Hope on it.

YKW breaks into Belle’s apt and tries on her negligee (and that is all I’ll say about that…..LOL)

Shelle.....they leave Tuscany after Shawn tells Mimi that he and Belle want to be together....they are sitting on the couch as Belle tells him that she wants him...they kiss but Shawn stops saying the kettle whistling is bothering him...she sees the picture of them broken and thinks it is an omen...(YKW is lurking)...he tells her the wind probably blew it over...she wants to make love but he says it will happen but not like this...he tells her that they will but not with everything going on….she wants to be with him in every way…to know him in every way…Shawn tells her that they will have their future. (YKW says she knows what Belle’s future is)...she says you can't promise me that...even my father couldn't promise me.....very sweet and touching scenes with these two.

The preview: YKW in the shower kissing (you don’t see a lot as Shawn’s hair covers it….now I know why his hair is long…LOL….BTW she is wet he isn’t)as Belle comes in and catches them. Lucas bringing Sami breakfast in bed. Hope worried about Bo. Belle talking to John.

Wonderful acting today by both DH’s….very sad scenes.

Hope you enjoy!!

Pat's Spoilers:

I’ve just watched the show and I’m at a loss. I didn’t see anything in any of the conversations that leads me to believe that somewhere down the road it will be revealed that John is Roman. Roman is dead. John is John. The big question is who the hell is Marlena and what have they done with her? I’m really not liking what I’m seeing right now. Her coldness to Belle and John – telling Belle that she can’t think about her family with John only the family she had with her husband. Holding John responsible for Roman’s death because Roman only died because he married Kate – not because there’s a psychotic serial killer on the loose – and if John hadn’t convinced her to let Roman move on he wouldn’t have died.

There’s a sweet moment between Rex and Kate at Tuscany. Both Lucas and Phil rush to protect her but she tells them they are all brothers and she is going to need her family more than ever now. Of course Sami attacked her before hand but Lucas steered her away. Kate keeps her word to Roman and doesn’t say anything to Sami even though Sami says she married him for his pension.

Belle tells Shawn that her Mom really does blame her Dad for Roman’s death and she wonders what she is thinking. Shawn answers that she is not thinking she is just lashing out – he knows how that feels. Belle looks at him and asks him how he’s doing as she hugs him. He says his family is being killed one by one. He just wants to take her home but she has to take care of something first. Belle tells her dad to make things right with Mom. He tells her mother is going through a rough time and she’s confused. He says that Marlena and Roman share children together and they had a lot of years together as husband and wife. Belle points out that he is now her husband and she wants him to assure her that they are not going to break up. He says Caroline would tell them not to borrow trouble. She says maybe Caroline would say hang on to those you love. She goes running to Marlena. Marlena says she just got Carrie’s answering machine and she didn’t want to leave her message telling her father was dead. She tells Belle she has to talk to Eric and Belle says Mom I need you to tell me that you and Dad are going to stop fighting. Belle says that Marlena, Brady, John and she are a family as much as Eric, Carrie and Shawn’s Uncle Roman were. Marlena says that Roman was more than Shawn’s uncle he was her husband and chastises Belle telling her that she needs to be more sensitive to other people’s needs and walks away from her.

Sami then yells at Belle and tells her that her father broke up her family and that John turned Marlena into a whore. John yells at Sami to shut up – LOL! He does that more than once in this episode. Sami does again blame John for her father’s death. Mimi hugs Shawn and tells him she is sorry for everything he is going through. He says at least Tony is behind bars and there will be no more killings. She says not according to Celeste. (Celeste had told Mimi it wasn’t over). He wants to know what Celeste had to say because everything she has predicted has been right.

Okay – I really missed something between Friday’s show and today’s. I knew that they had found the sword and when and where did they find the mask??? I could have sworn the killer cleaned it and put it back on – I recall it still had some blood on it. How come the mask in the evidence bag that is just left lying around unattended by the way – has no blood on it? Celeste opens the bag – okay that bright light coming out of the bag was just a little bit hokey. She holds the mask up and looks through the killer’s eyes – we get the replay of the scene of Roman challenging ‘Tony’ and then removing the mask – his shock, his throat being slashed, the blood dripping and then the bloody hand. She comes to the conclusion that Tony was telling the truth – he is not the killer. I can’t say I’m happy about the final scene. Celeste at Tuscany saying more loved ones will fall as there is a split screen of Bo and Hope hugging and Bo telling Hope not to worry about him – he’ll be fine.

Phil stays with Kate. She tells him that she knows that he still loves Chloe and that he should go after her. He says she loves Brady and he will never let her go. She says she learned that it is never too late for love but that you never know how much time you have. She has lost her love forever and she tells him not to let that happen to him. Sami goes home and Will brings her warm milk and honey to help her sleep. He comforts her. When she falls into a fitful sleep he stays with her. Lucas comes in and Will begs him to help his mom. He wakes her up and she tells him how sweet Will was to her. She asks Lucas to stay with her because she is afraid. He removes his shirt but crawls into bed with his dress pants and socks on. She tells him that she said horrible things to her father because she was so scared and she wanted to keep him safe and now she will never get the chance to say she is sorry. He holds her close and lets her cry.

Back at the Black Penthouse John wants Marlena to say that she blames him for Roman’s death. She says you already know the truth so why do I have to say it. He says you blame me and you’re never going to forgive me? She doesn’t answer. He asks her if she wants him to move out. Again no answer. When he comes down with his bags he has tears in his eyes and she is crying. He says those tears aren’t for me, are they? He was hoping that when he brought his bags down she would realise that she didn’t want him to go. She needs time to be alone and think and she can’t do that with him there. Oh my the devastation as he picks up his bags and walks out and Marlena doesn’t even look at him, she just picks up a picture of Roman and hugs it to her asking him why he had to die.

At the police station Bo is so angry that he had to bury his mother and now his brother. Hope says we have the serial killer behind bars. He says every minute that Tony is alive and his family members are… he says he’s going to kill him. Hope stops him. She says only God has that right – you know your mother would tell you that and Roman would tell you that it would be a waste of his life. She hugs him and tells him she is so grateful to have him in his life. He tells her that Roman wasn’t only his brother – he was his friend and his conscience. The phone rings and the commissioner offers him the job of Police Commander (temporary). He wants to talk it over with his wife. He finds the file Roman had on him but it is all good things. He calls and accepts the job.

A very haggard looking drunk Nicole staggers into the living room and goes to pour herself a drink. She looks at her hand and it is all covered in blood – when she looks again the blood is gone and her hands are shaky. Victor asks her if she killed Roman tonight just like she killed Colin last New Year’s Eve. She tells him that if she is the killer he should be worried because he could be next. He asks her if she is threatening him. She glares at him and warns him that she always gets what she wants.

YKW lets herself into Belle’s loft. She picks up the picture of Belle and Shawn at the senior prom and breaks the glass. She stares at the picture and mutters that Belle can’t give Shawn what he needs, not like she can. She places the picture face down and starts to strip – throwing her clothes all over the place. (What she did with them afterwards, I have no idea). So then we have YKW prancing around in the lingerie set, losing the robe, talking to herself. She comments that she fills out that lingerie better than Belle ever could. She tosses her hair back saying that she can’t wait until Shawn sees her in this. YKW is totally delusional. She thinks that all she had to do is show her face and Shawn is going to sweep her into his arms and dump Belle faster than we get type YKW.

YKW is hiding in the storage room as Belle is telling Shawn that she can’t find that lingerie he gave her. The kettle starts whistling and he asks if she wants peppermint or camomile. LOL – she pulls him back and says ‘I want you’ and pulls him in for a kiss. Oh lordy that gold chain and that very pronounced five o’clock shadow and that bare chest…wait where was I? He says that whistling is getting to him and stands up. Belle jumps up and points out that the glass is broken on their picture. He chalks it up to an open window and the wind as YKW is giving him a thumbs up … sheesh. Belle thinks it’s an omen. She says the serial killer has destroyed so many couples (she lists them all). She says the serial killer isn’t only targeting adults, Cassie died one of them could be next. He tells her that Tony is behind bars. She says he might not be the killer but it could be anything that separates them. She tells him this could be the last chance they have to be together as she steps close to him. She says ‘make love to me, Shawn. Let’s not wait any longer.’ – Okay that look and the lip-lick…THUD!

She tells him that if her life should end she would at least like to know what it would be like to be his in every way. (You’re going to love their looks, their voices and the way Miss Belle caresses him during this scene – consider yourself warned). He tells her she will be but not like this with all the tragedy around them. He promises her that killer can not keep them from being together – no one can as YKW has a silly smile on her face. He caresses her face and tell her it’s going to be okay but she shakes her head no – he says that it will. She says please don’t say that, even my dad couldn’t promise me that. She tells him the truth is that none of them knows what the future will bring. YKW smirks and thinks to herself that she does and Miss Belle isn’t going to like it.

Preview: Hope telling Bo that if Tony’s prediction is true none of them are safe most of all him. The shower scene – LMAO…Shawn isn’t even wet. Lucas asking Sami if she wants her son to be happy and Sami accusing Lucas of using his son to get her into bed. Belle asking John if he is going to kill her mother – she has to know.

Wednesday Jan. 7

Jan's thoughts:

WTH happened to Bo and Hope???

And Shawn must be keeping his clothes there because he went upstairs to get dressed....interesting...LOL.

And has YKW set up housekeeping in the pantry....Shawn seemed to sense that someone was lurking.

Loved how Belle slept in his arms...head on his chest....SIGH.

Now Marlena.....what is going on with you. I sense problems between Kate/Marlena and you know that Sami is going to cause problems for Kate.

John.....he is feeling so lost...he has no idea what is going on.

Celeste....somehow you know who the killer is or so Roman and Maggie are telling you....BTW Suzanne looked very nice today. I do miss her.

Loved the Lumi scenes....

Pat's Spoilers:

The show opening scene has everyone in bed except Marlena.

Black’s: Marlena looks like she never slept all night as she stares at the picture of Roman. John knocks and when she asks who’s there he answers your husband. She opens the door and sees Roman. John is so happy for a second until Marlena’s look changes. He thought she was happy to see him but she said she had a rough night and wants to know why he is there. He says he packed in a hurry and forgot some stuff. He didn’t use his key because he wanted to respect her privacy as she asked. She thanks him for that but when he asks her to talk to him not put this wall between them she tells him to come back later. She has to change to go to church and pray for her husband. John is confused by her words.

Roman’s house: Kate wakes up crying and Roman tells her not to cry after the most incredible night of his life. She tells him she had a terrible dream that he was killed at their wedding reception. She wants him to tell her that is was just a dream. He kisses her and says he is right here – then she wakes up for real. She says you promised me we would be together for eternity. I know what I have to do know.

Sami’s: Sami wakes up and her and Lucas are about to kiss when she says that thing I feel against be better not be what I think it is. He says what this and pulls out a hot water bottle. I love the banter between those two. He tries to cheer her up but she doesn’t know what she’s going to do now that both her grandmother and father are gone. Her father wanted her to become a better person. He tells her that he is there for her as a friend. He says she may not like him as a person but he is a good father to Will. He brings her breakfast in bed and they talk about Will. Lucas says that they should try and get along for Will’s sake and wants to call a truce. She accuses of him of trying to use Will to get her into bed.

Celeste is dreaming of wearing that mask and seeing Roman’s murder through the eyes of the killer. She wakes up as the windows blow open and she sees Roman standing at the foot of her bed. Roman tells her that she has to tell Bo that the danger is not over. Maggie shows up as well and tells Celeste that she knows the truth that Tony is not the killer. Celeste asks why they are tormenting her. Maggie says you are in the same place as I was. The identity of the killer is locked deep in your subconscious. Celeste insists she doesn’t know but Roman says she does and she is the only one that can solve this. Maggie says you hold the key and you will do whatever you have to do to put a stop to this. They tell her that deep in her subconscious is the missing piece of the puzzle to solving the mystery. She tells Maggie she doesn’t want to share her fate. Maggie says you’re to honourable a person to be selfish and not help. Roman tells her she has to do this or many other will die.

The loft: Shawn and Belle are in bed sleeping – his arm wrapped around her and her head on his chest. YKW is sitting on the steps watching…good lord did she stay there all night??? Sad. Next Shawn is getting out of bed and is going to brush his teeth when he hears water running. He pulls the shower back and it’s his worst nightmare I mean YKW. She asks him if he has never seen a naked girl before and pulls him saying you poor boy you must be so frustrated. Belle comes in just as they start kissing and it cut backs to reality. YKW says that was just a fantasy but soon it will be reality. Shawn wakes up and feels uneasy. He slips out of bed and Belle asks him where he is going. He says he is thirsty and tells her to go back to sleep. He picks up the baseball bat and YKW slips into the pantry. Shawn says to himself that he could swear there was someone watching him and then he hears a noise. Belle comes down and asks him if anything is wrong. He says he thought he heard a noise but it was just the radiator again. He talks about her not getting much sleep and she says the same for him. He tells her it just doesn’t feel real to him. She says nothing about last night feels real including her parents fighting and her mom blaming her dad for Roman’s death. He says her mother was emotional last night and he bets that everything is already okay between her parents. She hugs him and says he always knows how to make her feel better and she wishes there was something she could do for him. He says just holding her makes him feel better. (AHHHHH). She tells him that he was right about not making love last night. It wasn’t the right time. She was just freaking out and wanting to escape. She feels that they have waited this long their first time should be special – something they want to remember. (YKW wonders if Belle could be any more nauseating – yeah right). YKW slips outside the door just before Shawn and Belle come downstairs. He tells her that fight between her parents is probably over and done with. She says that her parents need each other more than ever now. He tells her he knows what she means as she smiles at her and kisses her hand. He says he loves her so much. She tells him she never wants to lose him as YKW listens at the door saying that is pretty much a done deal. Shawn leaves but he still has the feeling that he is being followed as he gets in the elevator. YKW says Poor Shawn I’ll make sure you don’t go through this alone. Belle finds her lingerie on the floor next to the couch and wonders how it got there.

At the church Kate tells Marlena that they had the same idea. Marlena is not happy to see her and says she is surprised to see her there. Kate tells her that although she isn’t all that religious Roman was. She wants Marlena to sign the papers so the funeral director can put her name on the plot next to Roman’s. She tells Marlena that she is Mrs. Roman Brady and no one is going to take that from her. The way Marlena treats her is so far out of the realm of what I expect from Marlena – she is so cold to Kate. Kate does try and tells Marlena that she doesn’t want to lose their friendship- they have their children to think of and Will. She asks her if she wants to come with her to Sami’s. Marlena goes but she lets Kate know that she is doing it to look after Sami. She tells Marlena of the last conversation she had with Roman about trying with Sami. Kate is worried that Sami is going to use Lucas to try and destroy her.

Back at Sami’s apartment – Lucas is teasing and tickling Sami about wanting him and he is straddling her on the bed with her laughing when Kate and Marlena come in. Kate talks to Lucas and tells him that she won’t allow Sami to use him against her. Sami asks her mother about John and at first Marlena won’t discuss it with her. Sami says that your husband was murdered last night – you’re a widow now, John shouldn’t be there. Marlena tells her John moved out and Sami is ecstatic about this. As she hugs her mother Lucas and Kate come back in the bedroom. Sami looks at Kate and thinks “I destroyed John and now I’m coming after you.” Geez – I hate this storyline – this obsession Sami has with destroying John and Kate.

Belle lets herself into the penthouse and chatters away. She tells her dad that after last night she thought they could use some family time. She asks where her mother is as she unpacks the coffee. John says she’s at church and Belle says, we’ll wait. He says no we won’t and tells her that he moved out last night. She is devastated and says please don’t let our family fall apart. Belle can’t understand how things got so bad that her mom would ask him to move out. He tells her that he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. She says it’s the premonitions – they’ve all come true. John says everyone is safe, Tony is in jail. Belle says everyone except mom. He says you’re not talking about that nonsense. Belle is in tears and says she has to know – she asks him if he is going to kill her mom.

Okay – another mystery along the same proportions of how did the Salem PD get the killer’s mask? Yesterday’s preview showed Bo and Hope talking – where the hell where they today????? They weren’t even on the show…I’m so confused…LOL!

Preview: Celeste assuring Lexie that Tony won’t harm her because the police have arrested the wrong man. Brady listening as Chloe receives a phone call. Mickey telling Bo and Hope that he is going to be Tony’s attorney. Shawn saying she went this way as he grabs someone and says ‘You.’

Thursday Jan. 8

Jan’s Spoiler…..

Before I start let me say that I believe SDB got a trim….not a lot but a little…LOL.

At the mansion…….Nicole threatens Victor with bring down the Kiriakis men one at a time….Brady/Bo/Phil/Shawn…Vic tells her that Bo is very married and Hope would wipe the floor with her (I’d love to see that…LOL)he also tells her to leave his family alone…she says lust brought her into the family and lust is what she’ll use.

Brady/Chloe feed each other fruit and she tells him her resolution is to stay close to him…her cell rings and it’s an offer to be the lead in an Opera…she is very excited but tells Brady she’ll stay…he says no that she can’t refuse….she wants him to go with her but he says he has too much to do in Salem…they end with her agreeing to go and Brady promising her a day she won’t forget.

At Mickey’s……Bonnie has made him breakfast and then proceeds to come on to him…she talks about Roman’s murder and all the blood as Mickey gets stomach indigestion (I wonder why??)he leaves to take something as Tony phones and naturally Bonnie takes the call….Tony wants to put Mickey on a one million dollar retainer to take his case as Bonnie promises to talk to him….she tells Mickey and he says no but she tells him that by taking the case he will have control.

At the station…Shawn is with Bo and Hope telling them he thinks someone is following him. Hope says maybe they are. YKW appears outside the door and is stopped by a cop…she wants to offer her condolences but Tek comes in and straight into the office…the cop talks to Hope and she tells him to have her sign the book….as she is signing Shawn looks at her and thinks he knows her (so much for her fantasies…he doesn’t recognize her)…he goes to check the book as Hope comes out and looks at it…it is signed by Mary Smith but Shawn says the writing looks familiar…he leaves to follow..(BTW Shawn tells the cop that she is up to no good…..I do believe he knows who it is…LOL)

Tek tells them there is no solid proof that Tony is the killer as Bo tells him to get everyone together and get the proof needed. He tells Hope that he wants DiMera in jail…he wants to protect his family and the people of Salem. Bo and Hope head downstairs to see Tony who says that he is guilty…Bo asks him what he said and he says isn’t that what you wanted to hear….Bo says no respectable lawyer would represent him as Mickey shows up and says he is Tony’s lawyer (cue the shocked look on Bo and Hopes’ faces)

Celeste is telling Lexie about seeing Roman and Maggie and what they said but Lexie will have none of it…she has heard enough. They head out to the park.

At the park….Celeste sees a newspaper headline that Tony is innocent and Lexie says that’s enough….Bonnie and Mickey are jogging through the park….Mickey leaves Bonnie in his dust as she spots Celeste and Lexie..Lexie goes to get her something to drink and Celeste tells Bonnie that Tony is innocent…..Mickey shows up and Celeste tells him the same thing and that she thinks he should represent Tony.

Shawn is chasing YKW through the park…..YKW runs into Lexie….Shawn asks Lexie if she knew who it was but Lexie says no but she kept looking over her shoulder….Shawn continues the chase….he grabs and arm and says You as the show ends (I’m betting it’s Nicole)

Not a bad show…..hope you enjoy!!!

Pat's spoiler

It’s nice to see Bart back as he rushes to the jail. He tells Tony that it sounded like a real emergency - Tony says I’m sitting here charged with six counts of first degree murder while the real killer is out there planning his next murder – I’d say that’s an emergency. Tony has a plan – Bart likes that. Bart is just so funny as he tries to point out how the police have Tony dead to rights. Tony says the Brady’s are out to get him but they won’t succeed. He’s going to join the enemy. Bart can’t believe that Tony wants to hire Mickey – he says that is just beyond loony tunes. Tony says if I am going to be in control I have to get my enemies to do my dirty work for me.

Celeste tells Lexie that she had visitors, Maggie and Roman. She also tells Lexie that Tony is not the serial killer. Lexie can’t believe Celeste is defending Tony. She tells her that Maggie and Roman both told her Tony isn’t the killer and Lexie asks her if that is what she is going to tell the police. Celeste is adamant that the killer is still out there. Lexie is tired of all the premonitions and tells Celeste to just forget it so she doesn’t become the next target. Celeste says she has to do something or more innocent lives would be lost. In the park the headlines of the newspaper in the stand change from Tony DiMera, Salem Serial Killer arrested to Tony DiMera Cleared of all Charges. She tells Lexie the killer is planning his or her next murder.

Brady kicks Nicole out of the room because he wants to be alone with Chloe so they can plan their future. Standing outside the door she says future – over my dead body. Victor tells her that can be arranged. Brady tells Chloe that now that the Salem Serial Killer is behind bars there’s no reason she can’t remain in Salem and they can begin their lives together. Chloe tells Brady that her resolution is to spend all of 2004 as close to him as she is now. Her phone rings and she is offered the lead in Tosca and all operas for the remainder of the season. She is very excited and says she will call back with her answer. Brady tells her it is a great opportunity – one she can’t pass up. She asks Brady to come with her. Brady says he has commitments in Salem the least of which is supervising the construction of the opera house. He says he’ll come and visit. It’s different this time because they are committed to each other and he knows that she will come back to him. She asks about Nicole and tells him that she doesn’t want to leave him alone in that house with her. Nicole keeps threatening Victor saying she will take Brady away from him and then move on to Bo. Victor laughs and says Bo is the most married man he knows and Hope would wipe the floor with her. She says okay but there is young naïve Phil and his other grandson, Shawn who isn’t getting any from his prissy girlfriend – he’s probably ready for a real woman. She tells him she will take down the Kiriakis dynasty one man at a time. She grabs her coat and says she is going in search of the weapon she will use against him – he says he will see her dead first.

Bonnie serves Mickey breakfast and tells him that he didn’t have to sleep in that narrow bed, he could have slept with her. Mickey asked her if she just said what he thinks she said. She meant that they could have shared the bed because it was so big. She then starts talking about the wedding and what a shame that Tuscany wasn’t being used. She tells him that if he would invest money – he cuts her off saying he is not in position to invest in anything at the moment. He gets up to take some antacid (could it be the breakfast)? The phone rings and its Tony. He wants to speak to Tony. She says you’re the Salem Serial killer why do you want to talk to him. He says I want to hire him to represent me. Bonnie tells him that he killed the man’s wife; there isn’t enough money in the world to convince him to represent him. Tony says he was going to offer a one million dollar retainer up front. Bonnie says she’ll make sure he takes the case. When Mickey comes in she tells that Tony wants him to be his lawyer. Mickey asks her if she is out of her mind. Bonnie tells he could donate the money to charity but if he defends Tony he could be in control of what happens in the courtroom and see that justice is done. Bonnie and Mickey go walking in the park as she continues to try and convince him to take the case. As Mickey starts to jog she heads to talk to Celeste. She asks Celeste if Tony is the killer. Celeste tells Mickey, Lexie and Bonnie that Tony is innocent. She tells Mickey that both Roman and Maggie’s ghosts told her so. Lexie is not happy.

At the police station Bo tells Shawn that Tony is behind bars. Shawn tells his parents that he feels someone is watching him and following him. Hope asks him if he thinks he is being stalked. YKW is lurking around the police station when she is challenged by an officer. He wants to take her into Bo’s office but she pulls out the tears and says she just wanted to express her condolences but she doesn’t think they need to see her tears. The cop goes in and tells Hope about the young woman. Hope tells him to have her sign the book of condolences. Tek comes rushing in and tells them that there was no blood evidence on Tony’s sword. They have nothing to really hold him on. Shawn looks through the window and Hope asks him if he knows the young woman. He says there is something familiar about her. YKW leaves and Shawn looks at the book. He shows his mom the entry and the name is Smith so he knows it is fake. He also comments that the handwriting is familiar and decides to try and find her.

Bo and Hope go and see Tony who happens to be mediating in his cell. He says them and says Guilty, Your Honour. Bo asks him to repeat that and Tony says that’s what you want me to say even though I’m innocent. He says everyone has me convicted already. He mentions that he can’t get anyone to defend him so he’ll have to throw himself on the mercy of the court. Bo tells him he’s going down because he’s guilty and it’s even better that he can’t get any good representation. Mickey comes in and says Tony will have representation. Bo and Hope ask what he’s doing there. He tells them he is Tony’s lawyer – even someone like him deserves fair representation. Tony just smirks.

There are a lot of shots chasing YKW through the park. She does run into Lexie but when Shawn asks her who it was she says she kept looking over her shoulder. Shawn says he has a feeling that whoever it is they are up to no good and he’s off again. YKW can’t believe he’s still following her. Shawn ends up outside the Kiriakis estate and grabs an arm and says ‘Shawn ends up outside the Kiriakis estate and grabs an arm and says ‘You.’

Preview: Marlena tells Tony that he has torn the very soul out of this town. Tony says if she doesn’t help him she will have the blood of other innocent people on her. Victor tells a scared looking Nicole that if he has to make an alliance with Tony DiMera to get rid of her, he will. Jennifer asks Lexie what’s wrong as Lexie looks at the ultrasound. Shawn and Belle are in the park and Shawn is telling her that her parents love each other and things will work out – camera cuts to John leaving the penthouse as we hear Belle saying ‘I’m not so sure.’

Friday Jan. 9

Jan’s Spoilers…..

At the jail……I can’t go into a lot of the dialogue between Tony and Marlena but let me say that the scenes between these two today were totally awesome. Marlena confronts Tony telling him that death is not good enough for him he deserves to be locked away in a small cell with no human contact. He tells her that he is not guilty and if he doesn’t get out of jail she will die. She wants to know if that is a threat but he says no but he knows about Celeste’s prediction that John will kill her. They banter back and forth as Mickey arrives…Marlena continues on with Tony and then tells Mickey to leave as he shouldn’t be here with the man who killed his soulmate. Mickey tells her that he is Tony’s lawyer and Marlena is shocked….she says he can’t do it…..(Mickey flashes back to what Celeste said about Maggie saying Tony didn’t do it)Marlena tells him to leave as she is a witness for the prosecution and it would not be a good thing for him to hear what she is saying. After he leaves Tony comments about John moving out and Marlena asks how he knows this…..she then says of course DiMera’s know everything. He tells her that she can’t lie and he knows that she knows he is not guilty. I have to say that both Deidre and Thaao rocked in this show……awesome scenes.

At Jen’s house….Lexie arrives bearing Theo’s old clothes for the baby….she breaks down and tells Jen that she is jealous of her because she is pregnant…Jen says it’s OK to be jealous she is jealous of Hope for having Bo and Gran for having such a long life with Tom….they cry and hug….Abby and Alice arrive and Alice says she may postpone the Horton Foundation Benefit as Jen is pregnant and Bo and Hope are working on the case…Jen says no that this is what she wants to do and Abby and Lexie both tell her that she’ll have lots of help. Lexie has an idea as they head to the hospital for an ultrasound…Lexie tells Jen the baby probably weighs an ounce as Jen says and I’ve gained six pounds…Lexie looks worried as she can’t find the heartbeat…she does and then gets a very sad look on her face….she tells Jen there is something wrong with the baby as the show ends on Jen’s face. Again wonderful acting by both Missy and Renee.

At the penthouse…Belle apologizes to her Dad about asking if he’d kill her Mom….John says that is OK..Marlena is just worried and she’s guilty..he explains to Belle she feels guilty that she has been happy while Roman has been alone….he brings down some cards that Marlena has kept….one from Belle in the first grade and one from Sami….he says he loves Sami/Eric/Carrie and always will…..Belle tells him that as long as he and Marlena work on their problems they will be OK….he tells her that her and Shawn are happy right now and to enjoy it…..he tells her that in sickness/health…richer/poorer till death he will honor his wedding vows. He phones Marlena and tells her he is leaving and that he loves her….Marlena is at the jail and almost says she loves him but stops herself as Tony is there watching…….great scenes with Drake and Kirsten today.

At the park….Shawn catches up to Nicole (didn’t we know that…LOL)…he tells her he was chasing someone that had been following him…she says she isn’t surprised that girls follow him…..he’s sexy, good-looking (YKW is behind the bushes not wanting Nicole to let him know she is there)Nic says I remember in Puerto Rico that this girl…Jan I think was always around you….he says Jan Spears that who she reminded me of….Nic says you don’t think she’s back do you….he says no that her mother is in Europe and she has no family or friends in Salem….Nic says but you were her friend….Shawn says not a good one…(YKW says my best friend)...Nic starts to tear up and asks for a hankie…he asks if she is OK….she says my father raped her I should have helped her..Shawn says he is sorry he brought it up (actually I think Nic brought it up…LOL)she kisses his cheek and tells him she did alright in the step-grandson dept…..he says he has to meet Belle and leaves….Vic takes Nicole inside and wants to know why she was kissing Shawn Douglas…he then tells her that he will form an alliance with Tony if it will send her to the gas chamber…..Belle arrives and tells Shawn that her father moved out…she tells him that he is the only one she can count on right now and he says always…(YKW says not for long)….Shawn tells Belle he loves her so much (YKW says Belle I hate you so much)….Nic arrives as YKW thanks her for not letting Shawn know she was there….she doesn’t know why she would help her….Nic says I want you to help me.

Monday Jan. 12

Pat's spoiler

Courthouse: John stops Marlena before she goes inside and tells her they have to talk – they can’t go on like this. She says this is not the place and won’t talk to him. He says I know you blame me for Roman’s death because I talked you out of not getting him to stop the wedding but the real killer is caught. She told him that talked to Tony and told him to go to hell. John asks her if she wants to see him there as well right alongside Tony. She goes inside

Bo is furious at Mickey and Hope can not prevent him from confronting him and asking him how he can defend the monster that killed his wife. Mickey tells him that everyone deserves a good defence. Tony tells Bo that he is letting his anger cloud his judgement. He is innocent and he tried to tell Roman the same thing. Hope tells Mickey that she hopes he loses the case. When Marlena comes in Tony asks her if she changed her mind and decided to testify on his behalf. She says not on the longest day of my life. I found it strange that she went to sit behind him and then after they exchanged words she moved to the other side of the courtroom. Victor and John sit together. Celeste is there as well.

When the judge comes in she says that Mr. Horton has asked for all charges to be dropped due to lack of evidence. Bo stands up and says Tony is guilty amongst other things. The judge orders him to sit down and be quiet. The DA calls Bo and as he lists all the reasons why he believes that Tony is the killer. As he is testifying Roman and Abe appear to Celeste and tell her she has to something. She knows who the killer is and she knows it is not Tony. They tell her that she holds the key. Roman and Abe keep pressuring her to do something so she gets up and walks out of the courtroom. Tony then testifies on his own behalf. Bo again has to be warned to sit down and be quiet. They have to call a recess waiting for Thomas ‘Tek’ Kramer to arrive. Inside the courtroom Victor says that it doesn’t look like the police have much on Tony. He tells John that he always thought the killer was a woman because of the different weapons, different M.O.’s, some are well planned and some like Jack’s, just on the spur of the moment. John asks him if he thinks it could be Sami, Kate or Nicole. Victor tells him that he’ll let the police sort that out.

In the corridor Marlena sees Celeste and it appears like she is talking to someone but there is no one there. She asks Celeste who she is talking to. Celeste tells her she knows she can’t see them but Roman and Abe are here with her telling her to do something because Tony is innocent. More loved ones will die if Tony is convicted because the real killer will kill again. Celeste says you can’t see them but she must feel their presence and she asks her to try and see them. Roman talks to her about taking his death so hard. Celeste tells Marlena that Abe, Maggie and Roman all told her that she is the one that can solve the murders but she tells Marlena she doesn’t know who the killer is. Inside court is reconvened and Tek testifies that there is no forensic evidence to tie Tony to any of the other murders. When asked about the murder weapon and whether Roman’s blood was found on it, he says yes it was. She says Tony DiMera’s samurai sword – he says no, the murder weapon was the sword used to cut the cake. Everyone is shocked. Bo again tries to make the case that Tony is guilty. The judge asks if either side has anyone that wants to speak – Marlena comes in and says she has something to say.

Kiriakis Mansion: Chloe and Brady are in bed and Brady doesn’t think he can let her go. She tells him just to say the word and she’ll call and tell them to get another singer. He won’t let her give up an opportunity of a lifetime. Vic asks Nicole where she has been and threatens her again. She says she got the message. She will stay away from all the male members of his family. He tells her that he will turn her in for Colin’s murder – she is guilty of that crime and he thinks she might be responsible for all the killings. She tells him that he can’t prove that nor can anyone else. He tells her that proof can be manufactured. He leaves for Tony’s hearing. Brady & Chloe come in from outside and ask Nicole where Victor is. She tells them and wants to know why they are looking for him. Chloe says she has to leave – she will be singing in Vienna the next night. Nicole wants to apologise to her. She gives them the sob story that she really thought her marriage to Victor would last forever and she couldn’t stand seeing someone else so happy. It was just her bitterness and the booze talking – and oh, yeah – she’s going to cut down on that stuff. Brady and Chloe fall for it. Just as Brady and Chloe are leaving Nicole brings Chloe a picnic basket of food – salad and muffins because airplane food is so terrible. Chloe thanks her and says she knows that Nicole will be able to stay off booze and suggests she should go for counselling and says you never know what the future will bring. Nicole hugs her (oy vey) and says one thing is certain, she’s giving up booze. As soon as they leave Nicole pours herself a drink and smiles and echoes Chloe’s statement about the future. At the airport Brady tells Chloe that he has changed his mind and is going to go with her. Nicole (who is skulking nearby) doesn’t like that – it would ruin all her plans. Chloe says no, there are reasons you have to stay. They kiss and both say I love you but neither can say goodbye – just I’ll see you soon. Nicole smiles and says that he won’t be lonely for long.

Hospital: We don’t really learn what is wrong with the baby. Lexie tells Jennifer if she doesn’t miscarry her best option is to terminate the pregnancy or she will die. Jen is devastated by the news. She doesn’t know how she will tell Abby. Abby is talking to a nurse. She is so excited about the new baby. She tells the nurse that she has to help her mother especially because her father isn’t here any longer. Jen can’t believe that this is happening. She tells Lexie to give it to her straight – if she doesn’t abort the baby, will she die? Jen tells Lexie that she will not consider ending the pregnancy under any circumstances. Lexie sends Alice in. Jen asks her why she is being punished. She is going to be faced with the second biggest decision of her life. Alice tells her she will make the decision when she has to because she is strong. Lexie comes in and says Abby is ready to see her. Jen tells Lexie that this baby is her way of keeping Jack in her life and asks her how she could even think of killing Jack’s baby. Of course, Abby overhears this and says you killed Daddy, you can’t kill his baby.

The scenes in the hospital with Jen were just heartbreaking – especially when Abby is so excited about the baby. Melissa Reeves did a terrific job with her scenes today.

Preview: Shawn caressing Belle’s hand (don’t see his face just hear his voice) saying “Your Mom loves your Dad. She is going to ask him to move back in before you know it.” Her response – “Not if he kills her first.” Marlena tells John that she believes Celeste – Tony has to be innocent. Hope trying to keep Bo calm telling him his actions are just helping the other side. Bo says he is not the one helping DiMera. Nicole tells YKW that when she is done training her that she will have Shawn Brady and his hot body all to herself – YKW looks like a 3 year old let loose in a candy store when she hears this – oh puh-leese!!!

Tuesday Jan. 13

Jan’s Spoilers…….

OK...chain hitting the floor...muscles flexing....I can't remember much else...LOL. Now this is the first scene of the show so be prepared….it is definitely worth seeing and once you pick yourself up off the floor you can catch the rest of the show.

At the hospital…..a replay of Abby coming in and hearing Jen mention killing the baby….she yells at Jen how could you…you killed Daddy and now you want to kill his baby. She runs out as Alice stops Jen from going after her. Lexie takes the tape to go and speak to Dr. Bader. Jen tells Alice this is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. Alice tells her she will make the right decision after hearing all the information. Lexie returns and tells Jen that there is more than a 50% chance that not only will Abby lose a sibling but a mother if Jen carries the baby. Abby comes in and tells Jen this is a hospital they saved her and they can save the baby. How sad this s/l is.

At the courthouse….Marlena comes in saying she has something to say. Court appears to be recessed…outside the courtroom Marlena is standing…Hope comes out and starts to go to her but changes her mind and goes to Celeste…Celeste tells her about what Roman and Abe said. Marlena is called in…she says that she believes Tony is innocent…the judge explains that she is Roman’s ex-wife, thought to be the mother of Cassie DiMera, a court psychiatrist…etc. She tells everyone she does not believe Tony is the killer….Bo starts yelling that she betrayed Roman before and she is again, that if someone else is killed there will be blood on her hands….she leaves the courtroom…John goes out as she is on her cell…he turns her around and she tells him to stop manhandling her…she explains about what Celeste said…Celeste comes up and tells John as John asks her to leave so he can speak to his wife after he damns her predictions…Marlena tells him not to be rude….he asks Celeste about the prediction of him killing his wife and Celeste says it is true.

Inside Vic comes over and calls Bo son…he then says sorry you don’t like to be reminded of that…Bo says sometimes it comes in handy…he wants Vic to listen to the underground and find out what DiMera has planned…Vic says he can’t do that but he can talk to Tony…Tony/Vic talk and Vic knows that Tony isn’t the killer…Vic says he believes it is a woman…Tony says he does as well….Vic is looking right at Nicole.

Shawn's apt door is slightly open...he asks if it is Rex...no answer...he grabs a bat and heads out in the hall...it's Belle....he scared her with the bat and she scared him...she bought the hammer to hang things..LOL. They head into his apt. she wants to know if he is mad at her..(he is quiet)..he tells her he doesn't want to scare her but he believes someone is stalking him...she asks who...he tells her about this girl that was at the station and he followed her to the mansion but only found Nicole...the phone rings and it's Nicole...he says Belle and I were just talking about you...Belle sort of listens in on the call.. (Nic does say a few come-on lines as YKW tells her that Shawni is hers).Nic hangs up....Belle asks what his sexy step-grandmother wanted..he says I don't think she's sexy but she does have...er...he tells her that she just talked and then hung up…she wants to know what he was going to say…LOL....he says I don't find her attractive...he says you don't like her do you...she says I didn't think you did either...then Belle mentions something about Puerto Rico and Paul and that it's not Nic's fault that her father raped Jan...Shawn says that's the thing...I thought it was Jan...Belle says that is why you are so freaked out isn’t it (the boy doesn't look happy thinking she's back)...Belle says Penny got an e-mail..she is in Europe spending money and skiing as she pushes him down onto the couch and says she isn't going to come between us again and kisses him..... ....Belle is talking about her Dad moving out and what if he kills her mother…Shawn tells her that her parents are like his...they will love each other forever...she says she used to believe that but now she isn't sure. She also says she wakes up every morning wondering if this is the morning she'll find out her dad killed her mom....Shawn damn's Celeste....(hmmmm….is there something to this…both Shawn and John)

Only a few comments on the Nic and YKW scenes…..YKW tells Nic that Shawn is going to be so excited that she is back and that they can be together forever….(the girl is out of touch and Nic seems to know that she is a little strange but needs her help with something…LOL.

YKW talks to SDB's pic like he is a person...calls it 'baby' and says soon we will be together and Belle will be out of our lives...she really believes that he loves her and not Belle....I have no idea what Nic's plans are but it is definately something to do with getting Brady.

Pat's spoilers

YKW brings a latte to Nicole. Nicole tells her that she has to stop stalking both her and SDB. She denies that she is stalking anyone. She’s just watching Shawn and Belle waiting for the right time to let them know she is back in town. Nicole accuses her of lying and when YKW keeps it up Nicole starts dialing Shawn’s number to let him know she is back. Nicole phones Shawn and is making some suggestive statements which rile YKW. Nicole tells her that she owes her for covering with Shawn. YKW than proceeds to give Nicole her sob story about how her parents are dead and Shawn was the only one who cared for her. She needs him and she knows he will be really excited to see her again. She says that she knows that the little blonde bitch can’t give him what she can. I got the feeling that Nicole figures out at that moment that YKW is a nickel short of a quarter. LOL! I guess I was right because in the next scene she tells YKW that guys don’t look to favourably on psychotic stalkers. YKW tells Nicole not to call her crazy. She needs Shawn. He’s the only person that cares for her and makes her feel safe. She asks Nicole is she had never met a guy that wasn’t out for just what they could get from a woman. Nicole says yes. She says you want Belle out of the way. YKW says Brady lives in the mansion with her and Victor. She really shouldn’t say more because she might tell Brady. Nicole says you help me and I’ll be your mentor, your love guru (oh gag me). Nicole is very confident that with her help YKW will have Shawn and his hot bod all to herself. Nicole whispers her instructions and leaves. YKW pulls out a picture of Shawn (a really old one…LOL) and talks to it. She says we just have to get rid of dumb Belle and then we can be together forever. She kisses the picture (Oooh ICK…ICK…ICK).

The judge wants to know if there is anyone that wants to speak for or against Tony. Bo tells Hope nobody would defend that scum. Marlena comes in and says she wants to be heard. Marlena wants to be heard. Hope asks Celeste what is going on and she tells Hope that Roman and Abe want Marlena to speak in defence of Tony. John asks Marlena what she is doing. She tells him her ex-husband can’t speak for himself so she is going to speak on his behalf at his request. On the stand she tells the judge she is there to speak on behalf of Tony. She declares that he is innocent. Poor Bo loses it at this point and tells Marlena that she abandoned Roman once and she’s doing the same again by testifying on behalf of his killer. He tells that if Tony is released and kills again the blood of his victims will be on her hands. The judge threatens to bar him from the proceedings and warns him that she will speak to the commissioner.

She asks Marlena if she has proof of Tony’s innonence. She says no but she wants to offer her professional opinion. In her professional opinion Tony is not the killer and she believes the evidence will prove that. The judge thanks her for her testimony and court is adjourned until she makes her decision. Outside the courtroom John asks her why she testified for Tony. She says that Roman and Abe appeared to Celeste and told her that he was innocent. John can’t believe she is buying into this stuff. She tells him that she believes Celeste. He asks her what happens if she is wrong. If Tony kills again she will have blood on her hands. She tells him this is not about revenge against the DiMera’s. He’s innocent. John tells her he felt better with Tony behind bars. He just wants to keep his family safe. She asks him what makes him so special. No one has escaped the killer as yet. He says it call it my training, my programming, whatever the hell that Stefano branded him with, he just knows that the killer couldn’t get past him to harm a hair on her head. She says it’s you I have to be worried about. That really shocks him. He says he would cut off his own hands before he would ever hurt her. He calls Celeste over and asks her if she still thinks he is going to whack his wife. She closes her eyes and opens them with a snap. John says now that’s impressive. Celeste says it is written that he will kill his wife. John looks stunned.

Inside the courtroom Victor goes up to Bo and calls him son. He apologises knowing that Bo doesn’t like to be reminded that he is his father. Bo says sometimes it’s useful. Victor asks him what he wants. Bo asks him to put his ear to the underground and try and find out what Tony is up to. Victor says he can’t do that but he can talk to Tony. Tony and Vic talk as Nicole comes into the courtroom and watches them. Tony knows what he wants to ask him and tells him he isn’t the serial killer. Victor tells him he didn’t think he was. Victor has a theory that it’s a woman. Tony agrees and asks him if he knows who. Victor stares at Nicole.

Abby tells Jen she hates her and then runs out of the room. Alice tells Jen that Abby needs a little bit space. Jen says Abby hates her since Jack died. The only thing that was making things better was the baby. Jen asks her why God would give all these problems to her baby after taking Jack away from her. Lexie comes back and tells Jen that she has more to tell her about her baby’s condition and then they have to discuss her options. Lexie wishes it could be good news. Jen doesn’t care if the baby has abnormalities, she will love and care for it. Lexie tells her that the baby could be born without limbs and possibly without some of its major organs. Jen says that the baby is their Christmas miracle. Abby needs it. Lexie tells her that if she doesn’t end her pregnancy there is better than a 50/50 chance that Abby would not only lose her sibling but her mother as well. Jen starts writing her thoughts out. She tells Lexie that Jack and her created that baby out of love and that Jack appeared to her after he died. She has to believe what he told her. She says maybe this baby is my way of helping other women who are faced with the same decision to get through this. Lexie leaves her and Jen lays back and cries. Abby comes in and tells her not to cry. She knows that her Dad wants her to have the baby as well. She reminds Jen that they are in a hospital surrounded by doctors, nurses and specialists that can help them. Jen tells her that she has to consider all the options.

Holy sweet Jesus – brace yourself for that opening scene. My god SDB shirtless doing push-ups as that cross keeps hitting the hardwood floor. YIKES…THUD…I’m a goner. The door to his loft opens slightly and he calls out thinking it is Rex. When there is no response he goes and grabs the bat and flings the door open. There’s a shocked Belle standing there with a hammer in her hand with headphones over her ears. Shawn asks her what the hell she is doing. She says me, you could of killed me with that bat. He reminds her that there is a serial killer on the loose and that he called out and no one answered. She said she had her head phones on. He asks what she is doing with a hammer in her bag. She was out shopping (a whole lot of bags on the floor) but the hammer fell through the bottom of the bag. They go inside. She asks if he is angry with her because he is really quiet. He says no. He didn’t want to tell her but he thinks he is being followed. He thinks he has a stalker.

He tells her about seeing this girl at the police station signing the book of condolences. When he read the name Mary Smith he knew it was a fake. He followed her but lost her at the Kiriakis estate. The only person there was Nicole. Just then Nicole phones. He tells her they were just talking about her. He lets Belle listen in. Of course Nicole is being Nicole and Shawn is bewildered and Belle is peeved. After he hangs up Belle asks him what his hot step grandmother wanted. He says I’m not interested in there. He says with Nicole everything is just out there and he likes a little mystery in his women. They end up on the couch and Shawn does tell her the girl in the police station reminded him of Jan. He thinks his stalker could be Jan. Belle laughs it off and reminds him that she is in Europe. Nice kiss!!! LOL Belle kind of pushes him back on the couch as she goes in for that one. She tells him she is still upset that her father moved out of the penthouse. Shawn says that her parents will be back together before she knows it. She says not if my Dad kills my Mom first. Shawn curses Celeste’s premonitions and tells her that one is not going to happen. Her parents have a forever kind of love just like his parents. She tells him she used to believe that but now for the first time in her life she is not sure her parent’s marriage will survive.

Preview: Bo and Hope are in the park. She doesn’t even want to think that she could lose him – he tells her that nothing is going to happen to them. Tony tells Celeste not to worry about him. Hell hath no fury like the Phoenix scorned. Marlena is in a stairwell when the lights go out. She asks who’s there as a gloved hand reaches for her. Nicole is holding a gun on Victor as he taunts her saying that she won’t kill him. Nicole pulls the trigger.

Wednesday Jan. 14

Jan’s Spoilers…….

This will be short and quick tonight.

The J&M scenes….can I first say that if I had been Marlena I would have slapped John across the face as well. There is a serial killer loose and he basically scares her to death. But the performance by both of them was awesome. John says he couldn’t think of any other way to get her to talk to him. She is scared for her life, scared for her marriage, she hates not trusting him, she is crying for Maggie and Caroline. I can’t remember ever seeing Marlena as scared as this. John on the other hand is trying to convince her that he would never hurt her. When he mentions that Victor thinks it’s a woman and says Kate/Sami…Marlena snaps up and says Nicole. Fantastic performances by both Drake and Deidre today.

At the courthouse….the judge releases Tony as Bo goes on another rant. Hope gets him out of there. Tony thanks Marlena but she tells him to thank Celeste instead.

At the mansion….Vic pulls Nicole into the house telling her to stay away from his son and grandsons….he tells her that they have a funeral to plan…HERS…in the house he offers her a drink…her last meal…he picks up the phone to call Tony and she pulls a gun…the show ends with her firing.

Bo and Hope…walk in the park where Hope tells Bo about Celeste and the ‘ghosts’..Bo calls them crazy…Hope says she is glad they are there that she believes it and if anything happened to him she would want him to come back to her and be there for her. At home he wants to head back to the station but she won’t let him. Tells him to sit and she’ll fix him something to eat…he looks at a picture of him and Roman and wants to know why Roman won’t come back and talk to him.

Make sure you don’t miss the J&M scenes.


Pat's spoilers

As they wait for the judge to return Tony and Victor continue their talk. Tony asks Victor if he has any idea who the femme fatale might be. Tony tells him that his people will investigate and take care of the matter and it won’t be traced back to Victor. Nicole is furious. On the way back to the house Nicole tells him he better not rat her out to Tony. He says they have to get home to plan a funeral…hers. At the mansion he warns her to stay away from the men in his family as he serves her drink. She laughs. He says he is dead serious, she is drinking her last meal right. She asks if he poisoned the drink and he just laughs at her. He goes to call Tony because he knows she won’t stay away from his son and his grandson’s. He’s going to tell Tony that she killed Colin and that she is the Salem Stalker. She pulls a gun on him and when he refuses to stop dialing because he doesn’t think she has the nerve to pull the trigger – she does.

Celeste tells John she is sorry but he will kill Marlena (she does say Marlena…not your wife). John can’t believe that she would believe he could do that but Marlena just walks away from him. Tony is released and both John and Bo protest but of course that doesn’t make a difference. Marlena takes the stairs when the elevator is out of order. The lights go out and she is grabbed. She is tied to a chair, blindfolded. She feels the rope against her cheek and neck as the blindfold is pulled off. The person removes the mask and pushes back the black hood and it’s John. He says he’s sorry but he has to do this. Marlena is terrified. She cries as she says Celeste’s prophecy is about to come true. You are going to kill me. I do have to say John doesn’t do anything to dispel that notion as he twines that rope around his gloved hands. He apologises as he puts the rope down and pulls his gloves off. He says he was forced to do this because he didn’t know how else to get her to talk to him. She is angry that he kidnapped her. When he unties her she slaps him. He says he deserved that. He wants to know why she is pushing him away. She breaks down and says that she is scared that Celeste’s premonition is going to come true. She tells him that she is desperate to believe him but this killer has destroyed her faith in him and their marriage. She sobs as she talks about Roman’s death, Caroline’s death and Maggie’s. Powerful performance as she holds on to him telling him all the things she is afraid of as she continues to cry. She stops crying as soon as John says that Victor thinks the killer is a woman. She asks who? WOW - that's all I can say about both Dee and Drake's performances today...WOW Dee was awesome!

Mimi talks to her brother Brian. She goes in the house and overhears her mother talking to herself about getting Mickey’s money. Bonnie tells Mimi that she is going to collect the one million dollar fee from Tony and build a new country and western bar where Tuscany formerly was. Bonnie lets it be known that spent the night in Mickey’s bed. Mimi is horrified. Bonnie tells her that nothing happened. When Mickey answers her page she tells him they are going out to celebrate and doesn’t give him a chance to turn her down. She figures if Anna Nicole Smith could snag herself an old rich man, she can to. She lets herself into his house and talks to Maggie’s picture. She knows Maggie would want Mickey taken care of. She wants his money for her bar. Another fantasy…please…I’m not going into that. In the midst of her fantasy she does kiss Mickey and then apologises. (She had a fantasy because he showed her a cheque for $500,000 that Tony had given him ). As soon as he says that he is donating the money to the Horton foundation she double spikes his cocoa – all part of her seduction plan…another inane fantasy where Mickey turns into a slot machine.

In the park Hope tells Bo that Roman and Abe’s ghosts appeared to Celeste and told her that Tony was innocent. Celeste than convinced Marlena to testify on Tony’s behalf. Bo tells them they are all stupid…LOL! Hope wants to believe that Roman’s ghost came back to make them all feel safe, to help them. She finds that comforting. She wants to believe that if anything happened to him that she could see him again. He says nothing will happen to them. When they get home Bo lies on the couch and picks up a picture of Roman. He says why did you talk to Celeste and not me? He wishes Roman would tell him who the killer is.

Celeste tells Tony the same thing. He asks if Roman and Abe had an apology for him. Celeste refers to the killer as a he and Tony tells her that both he and Victor believe the killer is a woman. He asks her if she has any sense of that. She says no. She says they should go to the police. He says not – let the killer worry about him. Hell hath no fury like a phoenix scorned. Celeste says the killer will come after him. Tony is not afraid as he is studying with a samurai master.

Preview: Tony goes to Rex and Shawn’s loft and he tells Rex that the charges have been dropped. Rex says by the court but not by mean and he pulls back his fist. Tony grabs it and stops Rex from hitting him as Shawn comes towards them telling Tony to let Rex go. Tony tells Shawn to not even try it looks like Shawn might attack. Nicole tells Brady that Victor shot Colin Murphy in cold blood. Marlena asks Celeste what she saw in her vision and her response is ‘eyes’. Tony and another person in a sword fight. Tony says let’s see who is the master and who is the student.

Thursday Jan. 15

Jan’s spoilers…….

Tony in his room as Bart comes in with the cereal….Special K and Frosted Flakes…gotta love his Frosted Flakes are Great….and Tony laughs as well before choosing Special K…Bart has brought Tony a letter from Stefano…he calls Marlena and wants her help with Rex but Marlena refuses him and tells him his luck has run out.. He heads over to the loft….(see below)
Victor calls for Tony….Bart tells him that the Count has left the building….When Tony arrives back home Bart informs him that ‘the Greek’ called…Victor Kiriakis….Tony calls but Victor tells him he will meet with him later…..Tony and his instructor sword fight...the instructor tells him he will have to face death alone....his opponent will be...and we see a tigers claw and tooth on the floor. Then we see the tiger.

Marlena walking through the park talking to Carrie who can’t make the connections to get there for Roman’s funeral. Marlena tells her she understands…after hanging up she gets Tony’s call…(I sort of missed the next Marlena scenes until she gets to Jen’s place)…(I’m sure Pat caught it)

Lexie has made Jen tea…Hope arrives and comforts Jen as Jen explains to her what is happening….she tells her about Abby and Hope says that she is too young to fully understand and she is angry…Jen says she is angry as well. Lexie receives a call from Celeste….Lexie comes out and tells Jen that Tony has been set free as the doorbell rings…Jen says who could it be as Celeste comes in and says it’s a woman. Jen/Hope/Lexie/ Celeste at Jen's place....Celeste in a trance saying she see's through the killers eyes. Hope/Jen/Lexie talk as they have
decided it is a woman and that is why Jack and Abe were probably surprised. Hope calls Marlena and she arrives to help. She does manage to get Celeste out of her trance…Celeste comments on the eyes….and we do hear a growling as she has her flashback….

At the mansion….Nicole fires a shot at Victor…as she goes to check on him he grabs her ankle…she takes off running….Brady comes in asking what happened but Victor tells him nothing…he wants to check on Nicole but Vic tells him to leave her alone…Brady goes to check anyway and Victor phones Tony…Bart tells him he isn’t there….Brady comes in saying he couldn’t find Nicole…Victor tells him to leave her alone as Nicole listens…he says Chloe is the only one for you….Nicole comes in as Victor says the walls have ears….he calls her a whore and she takes off upstairs....Nicole cutting onions to bring on tears...tells Brady that Vic killed Colin in cold blood and is trying to frame her for it and the serial killings. Vic tells Nicole she is going down...she tells him that she told Brady he killed Colin and from the look on his face he believed her. Nicole to herself says the old man has no idea what is coming next. I have to say that I love Victor like this.

....Rimi come in with movies and chinese food...Mimi wants to take his mind off things...they start to make out and Rex says he isn't in the mood...he keeps thinking of Roman and how he was so mean...he should have told the truth...Shelle coming in from jogging.(Shawn in his black touque)..Shawn gets a call from Bo (you’d think he’d take off the black touque) telling him Tony has been released...Shawn tells Bo not to do anything rash....he tells Belle that Tony was released because someone testified on his behalf...she asks who and he says your Mom...they head inside and Shawn says Tony was released...(as he takes off his black touque)Rex wants to know how...Shawn lets Belle tell him...that her Mom testified on his behalf...Rex says but she hates him...Shawn says apparently Celeste saw Uncle Roman's ghost and he said Tony didn't do it...her testimony and lake of evidence was enough...Belle says normally her Mom doesn't believe in things like that but she was stressed...Rex is going to face off against Tony...grabs Shawn's jacket and heads out....Tony is at the door...Rex wants to know what he wants...he says he was released and is innocent..Rex says not in my eyes and he swings at him...Shawn goes to stop him and Tony says stay there...Mimi pleads for Tony to let him go...he does and tells Rex he is here to offer him his place in the DiMera family.... Rex tells Tony he wants nothing to do with him...Tony says I'm not the killer...it's a woman..Shawn says what do you mean...he says even your grandfather Victor Kiriakis believes it...Belle says if it's a woman then my Mom is safe...Tony tells her that no only serial killers murder people...Shawn tells him to leave...he asks Rex if he wants that as
well...Rex pulls out his credit cards and hands them to Tony...says I'll pay you back when I get a job...(Tony outside the doors says...Rex you dont'
know what you are doing)...inside Belle tells Rex how proud she is with how he stood up to the DiMera's....Rex says I was nervous...look I grabbed
Shawn's jacket (it's the rebel Shawn jacket)...Shawn says it's OK...Rex says it's your favorite...Shawn says you can have it I'll just borrow it from
time to time...we are family now....Mimi tells him that this is what family is like....he says it's not over...Shawn says that if the killer is a woman
she may just be getting into stride...Rex gets another headache as Belle says maybe it's not over.

The show ends on the tiger….very beautiful animal I must say.

One more thing…..in case I forgot to mention it…..Shawn is wearing a black touque in the first part of the show….LOL

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Pat's spoiler

Gotta love Bart. He interrupts Tony in his ‘special’ room with breakfast – a box of Special K and one of Frosted Flakes for Tony the Tiger…sheesh. He brings a letter from Stefano that contains instructions for Rex.

Marlena talks to Carrie on the phone. Carrie isn’t going to make it for the funeral. Tony calls and tells her he needs her help. He wants her help with Rex. She reminds him that they are not his parents and tells him only one person could have helped him and he’s dead. She refuses. Now it’s dark in the park and Marlena hears a noise and we’re led to believe someone is watching her. This all takes place as Brady is searching for Nicole wondering where she is.

Lexie is at Jen’s place with her. Celeste phones and tells Lexie that Tony is free. Hope comes over and asks about the baby. Celeste is in the park and she feels like a cool breeze and says the killer is growing restless. She will strike again. Jen tells Hope the baby could have life-threatening abnormalities. She is glad Tony is in jail. Lexie tells her he isn’t. The doorbell rings. Hope tells Jen that Roman and Abe’s ghosts appeared to Celeste and told her Tony was innocent and then Celeste convinced Marlena to testify on his behalf. Jen says if it’s not Tony who is it? Celeste says it is a woman. They all talk about how that could be a possibility. Hope says they should don’t expect such savagery from a woman. Celeste gasps and says the killer is in my mind. She goes into a trance and is back in the park. She finds the mask and puts it on. She sees the eyes and we a growl. Lexie can’t bring her out of her trance. She tells them to call Marlena. Marlena tries to bring her out but has to resort to an old method to break the trance. Celeste sure looks at her strangely. When asked what she saw in her trance she just answers eyes. Celeste is still freaked. She can’t tell them who the eyes belong to but she knows they are the eyes of a killer.

Nicole pulls the trigger and Victor falls to the floor. She goes over to check if he’s dead when he reaches out and grabs her leg pulling her to the floor with him. He asks her if she really thought it was going to be that easy. She runs out of the room just as Brady comes in asking what is going on. Victor says nothing is run but Brady wants to see Nicole and ignores Vic’s advice to stay out of it. Brady says he heard a gunshot and with a serial killer on the loose…Victor asks him if he thinks he is the killer. Brady says no but you know more than you’re saying. He sees Vic won’t talk so he tells him he is going to talk to Nicole. Victor phones Tony and tells Bart to tell Tony that he is ready to talk.

In her room Nicole talks to her alter image in the mirror. She can’t believe she missed. She knows she is in trouble now. Her alter image asks her what she did to all the other people that threatened her. Nicole smiles and says it’s time Tony and Vic found out what she was capable of and she leaves. She is really looking guilty now…LOL! When she returns Victor and Brady are talking. Victor says he isn’t telling him what is going on because he wants to protect him. He calls Nicole a nut job and she tells Victor to stop badmouthing her. Of course more words are exchanged and Nicole goes running out of the room and Brady can’t be stopped from going after her. Tony returns Victor calls and tells Tony that soon he will hand him the serial killers pretty little head on a platter. Up in her room Nicole is chopping onions to make herself cry. As soon as Brady knocks on her door she shoves the knife, onion and cutting board into a drawer and sprays perfume then flings herself on the bed. She pretends she doesn’t want to talk until he tells her Victor didn’t tell him anything. She then tells him that she didn’t want to make him an accessory but she has no other friends. Victor killed Colin in a jealous rage and now he is trying to pin all the other killings on her. Brady just looks at her and says he has to think about this and leaves. She rubs it into Victor that Brady believed her and Victor tells her that she has crossed him for the last time. When he leaves she just smiles and says you have no idea what I have planned next for you.

There was a lot of stuff with Tony and his sensei/samurai master stuff. It all boils down to the guy telling Tony he is going to die if he is not better prepared. Stefano sent him to train Rex and make sure Tony is ready. Tony says that Rex won’t be joining them. Also had something to do with a pouch the guy had – inside are a couple of teeth from a tiger. The scene cuts to a tiger in a cage with a label that says Ship to Horton’s ASAP – Air Freight.

Rex and Mimi are in his loft as Shawn and Belle show up in the hallway. They have been out jogging. Love that black touque! Shawn’s phone rings. It’s his Dad telling him Tony is free. He tells Belle Tony was let free because someone testified on his behalf. She says who would do that and he tells her it was her mother. They go inside…what can I say…he leaves that black touque on for a while. I just love the way he wears that TOUQUE low down on his forehead…and let’s face it …black touques are just so sexy. I will admit that I loved the conversation between Mimi and Rex. Rex expresses so much regret for the things he said about Roman and the Brady’s in general. Very touching. Shawn and Belle come in and tell Rex that Tony was realised for lack of evidence and because someone testified on his behalf. Belle says it was her mother. They explain about Celeste. Unfortunately it’s about this time that Shawn takes off the sexy black touque. Rex is about to leave to confront Tony and he opens the door and Tony is there.

Tony wants to talk to Rex privately but Rex says that anything he has to say he can say in front of everyone. He tells Rex that he wants him to take his rightful place in the DiMera family. Rex tells him that he is a Brady and he hates all the time he wasted trying to be a DiMera. Tony tells him that he was created by the DiMera’s. Rex throws all his credit cards at Tony and tells him that any debt he accumulated he will repay as soon as he gets a job. He still believes Tony to be the killer. Tony tells them all the theory that the killer is a woman. Belle says if the killer is a woman than Celeste’s premonition about her dad killing her mom would have to be wrong. Tony says you don’t have to be the Salem Stalker to kill someone. Shawn tells Tony that he wants him to leave. Tony asks Rex what he wants and he opens the door. Outside the door Tony says that Rex is making a terrible mistake and he doesn’t even know it.

Inside Rex notices that he had put on Shawn’s black leather jacket (the one with the zippers not the one he has been wearing lately) by mistake. He apologises. Shawn says it’s yours. Rex can’t believe it – it’s Shawn’s favourite jacket. Shawn says we’re family. I’ll borrow it from time to time, cuz and he shakes his hand. They discuss Tony’s theory. Shawn says if it is a woman she is just hitting her stride. They decide to share cold Chinese food and watch movies. Shawn and Belle are both impressed that Rex stood up to Tony. Belle asks him if he thinks the killer is a woman. Shawn believes that Tony is just covering. Rex gets another headache and Belle wonders if it is another sign that the killer is going to strike again.

You’ll love those opening shots of Shawn and Belle’s when they return from their run. Belle in a track suit all sweaty. Shawn in that nice form fitting shirt and that incredibly sexy black touque…YUMMY!!!

Preview: At the church Kate is telling Will that she is just so grateful that his Grandpa Roman married her before he died. Sami tells her she was nothing to him. She never was and never will be – poor Will just looks at his mother. Bo is shocked when he hears someone say “Commander Brady” when he lets himself into his house. He says how the hell did you get in here? Shawn and Belle outside the church with Marlena. Belle is holding Shawn’s arm and she asks what was that as they all turn in look at something. Hope sees Bo’s name on the headstone.

Friday Jan. 16

Jan’s Spoilers…..great performances by all involved. Today. I sort of missed some of it….so I’m thankful for Pat.

At the penthouse....Marlena has a dream…a tiger jumping at her and Roman coming to her asking her if this is what she wants…Belle/John at the bedroom as John tells Belle to go in he isn’t sure Marlena wants to see him…Belle goes in and screams….John comes running in he calls Marlena’s name…....Marlena wakes up...John asks if she is OK...Belle wants to know what happened to her pj's...they are torn at the shoulders....she was dreaming of Roman and wants to know why they brought her back....she asks John to leave and Belle lets into her....telling her Dad loves you, please don’t break up our family over this.

At the church...(I missed some of it….so glad Pat’s here..LOL) John is alone as Shelle come in…Belle goes up to him and asks where Marlena is…he doesn’t know…he tells Shawn how sorry he is about Roman…Shawn goes over to see Kim and Pop Shawn…John and Belle leave to find Marlena….Rimi arrive and go in…Mimi goes to Sami and tells her how sorry she is…Sami lets into Rex as Shawn comes over and tells Sami he’s a Brady and your brother…Pop Shawn comes over and lets Sami have it telling her he doesn’t want this turned into a circus….as the service starts someone says are we too late…….it’s Doug & Julie (I’m so glad they are here)..they say hello to everyone and the service contnues….Bo is giving his euology...very emotional...Shawn consoles his grandfather while Bo and Hope hug… hugging his grandpa...the Priest asks for Roman's wife to step forward …Kate stands up as Marlena says she is sorry she is late....Kate nods to the Priest that it is OK....Marlena reads a letter from Eric and then says she is sorry that things didn't turn out as planned...Marlena goes to John and hugs him as Sami watches....at the gravesite Sami sees Marlena's name on the tombstone...Kate apologies and Marlena as Marlena says she should have done it herself and walks away from John...Hope again sees Bo’s name on the tombstone. Bo leaves as he has received a message...Shelle/J&M/Doug/Julie hear a noise....Belle says it sounded like a wild animal...the six of them leave and come upon the bengal tiger...none of them can believe that Doug/Julie brought it back....

At the Brady House....Hope has a dream that she is at Roman’s funeral and it turns out to be Bo’s name on the tombstone…Bo comes in and holds her…
Agent Spector tells Bo he has a message from someone he holds dear to him and cares about....the first name Bo says is Hope....not Hope.

At the mansion....Celeste is telling Tony about her vision...Tony opens his hand and there is blood where the tooth and claw are...she says it was like a wild animal...he says a tiger...he tells her that his master told him to pick an opponent and this is what he got as he shows her the claw and tooth....

Pat's spoilers

Now does anyone seriously expect me to type anything that makes any sense? What is it about a man in a suit and tie and top coat that is so damn sexy??? But I digress. (Both Shawn and Rex look…look…well…you’ll see.) Belle looks very good as well. She has on a black and white checked skirt, black leather boots, a black lace top layered with a sweater and a long black coat.

The first scene Marlena is in when she appears to wake from a dream and confront the killer and then we see the tiger as it springs towards her…freaky but very well done. It seems to tie in with Tony’s meditation. He has the tiger teeth in his palm and when Marlena dreams she is attacked he opens his hand and there is blood on his palm. Marlena’s pyjama top is shredded and she wonders where she is (corny special effects here). Roman says he’s come to take her home and doesn’t want her to be afraid. He wants to be sure that she wants to go with him. In the meantime Celeste comes to Tony and tells him that they should work together to catch the killer. She knows that they don’t trust each other but she believes that they need each other. She tells him of her vision of wearing the killer’s mask and seeing the eyes of a beast. Tony mentions a tiger and she says yes a tiger has the same qualities as the killer. Tony shows her the tiger’s teeth and said his zen master gave them to him…they signify his next battle.

Hope has a dream. She and Bo are standing next to Roman’s grave as the priest is reading. The priest says Bo’s name and she corrects him but then Bo is no longer there and the headstone now has his name. She asks Bo to hold her when she tells him she had a bad dream.

Powerful couple of scenes between Kate and Sami at the beginning. The priest tells her that Bo will be given the flag off the casket to present the next of kin which is her unless she wants one of his children to have it. Sami comes up and Kate was nothing to Roman. The priest reminds her that she is his wife. Sami tells the priest that he knows better than anyone that her father married her mother in this church and had two kids. Kate never meant anything to him and never would. Kate breaks down and tells Sami of the promise she made to Roman. She says she’s sorry she never got to spend more time with him and she’s sorry that Sami didn’t have more time with her father. She tells Sami that Roman never gave up on her. Kate says she can’t hate her because Roman loved her and she is part of Roman and then she walks away. Sami is in tears and runs out of the church. When she comes in Kate is comforting Will who had been looking forward to going fishing with his grandfather on spring break. Kate says she was happy they got married before he died. Sami says he never would have died if he…but stops herself from saying more when Will looks at her. She then holds Will and cries saying she needs him now.

Rex and Mimi are in the graveyard. Rex says is this all it is, your name with the day you were born and the day you died…is that what a person’s life comes to? Mimi talks to him about family. He still is upset with himself for denying his family name to become a DiMera. Shawn and Belle come in to the church together. John gives Shawn a hug and expresses his condolences. Shawn goes to his family as Belle and John talk. She tells him about Tony’s theory that the killer is a woman so that would mean he couldn’t kill her mother, Celeste was wrong. He asks her if she believes he is a serial killer. She says no. They hug…very touching scene between them. When Marlena doesn’t show up they go to the penthouse. John waits and sends Belle in. He comes in when she screams. She says she thought Marlena was dead. John wakes her up. She wonders what he is doing there and Belle notices the condition of her top. Marlena said she was having a dream…she must have ripped it in her sleep. She tells John that she wants him to leave so she can change. Belle tells her to stop treating him like that and to stop breaking up the family over something that will never happen.

Kim shows up for the funeral but Kayla couldn’t make it. Alice and Jen have a bit of a talk about the baby. Jen says that Jack told her the baby was a gift but she’s not so sure. Abby is very cold to her again throughout the day. Rex is going to sit at the back but Mimi tells him to sit with the family. Sami ties into him and tells him he wanted nothing to do with her father when he was alive and she tells him to leave. Shawn steps in and says that Rex is her brother and he is a Brady. Sami can’t believe what she is hearing. She comes at Rex full out then and calls him a freak of nature. Grandpa Shawn silences her with just one ‘Samantha.’ He tells her that she is not the only one mourning Roman and he will not allow her to turn his funeral into a circus. Doug and Julie show up at just that moment.

Bo has a great talk at the funeral. Very touching. I really liked that he mentions the fact that although Roman died on his wedding night he died a happy man. He says he never saw his brother happier. The priest calls on his wife and I’m sorry…I thought it was very wrong that Marlena asked to speak on behalf of Roman’s children even though Kate was already standing ready to go and speak. She reads a letter from Eric…very nice letter. After the ceremony Lucas comforts Sami and John comforts Marlena. At the gravesite they are all horrified to see the name Marlena Evans Brady along with Roman’s name. Sami freaks out. Kate apologises to Marlena reminding her that she had asked her to sign the papers to change the name but Marlena didn’t seem like she wanted to so she left it but she had no idea they were going to but her name on the stone. Marlena glares at her and tells her she shouldn’t have left anything of this up to her. Geez, Marlena get over yourself – Kate is his wife, not you.

At the burial site Bo is paged and go homes. Agent Spector is there and tells him that someone near and dear to Bo is in danger and Bo might be the only one who can save her. Bo asks if it is Hope.

After the service, John, Marlena, Shawn, Belle, Doug and Julie are outside the church when they hear a noise. Belle thinks it sounds like a wild animal and Doug says you’re close. Julie says they brought a surprise with them. They follow them to the park and see the tiger. Marlena sees it leaping towards her like it did in her dream.

Great job by Ali today. Sami is just devastated over the loss of Roman and I loved how Lucas was there for her every step of the way holding and comforting her. After the burial she goes in and prays. Very powerful as she talks about praying so hard that Roman and Kate wouldn’t be a family and she got what she asked for. She hopes her father doesn’t blame her. Lucas comes and she just turns into his arms.

Preview: Bonnie talking to the tiger like it’s a kitty with the killer’s mask and knife in the background. Tony tells Shawn to get out of his face. Shawn tells he still thinks he is the one. Tony tells Shawn he wants the killer caught as much as he does. Marlena holding her hands up in front of her face as she sees the tiger leap at her. Bo and Hope along with Agent Spector listening to a recording of Billie saying she knows who the killer is and she will tell only Bo.

Monday Jan. 19

Jan’s Spoilers…….

So much is happening in this show today……I found it a little hard to keep track but I’m sure my good friend Pat caught all the details…

At the mansion…..Celeste and Tony are there talking about the tiger claw and tooth…Tony and Celeste head out as he wants to go to the library and see if he can get any clues about the tiger and the identity of the killer.

At the Brady’s…..Hope comes in and wants to know what is going on. Agent Spector explains that Billie has gone missing. Bo blames himself for sending her away. Hope says it wasn’t your fault. You know what Billie is like she makes up her own mind and besides Roman put in a good word for her. Agent Spector tells Bo that there was a message from Billie…they play it but you can’t make it out. He tells Bo he needs his help that Billie was his wife. Bo says Hope is my wife….I need to stay here…there is a serial killer in Salem…I need to be here for my family and friends. Hope says he should go but Bo believes she only wants him to go because of her dream and it would keep him safe. Agent Spector gets a call that they have cleaned up the message…Billie says that she knows who the killer is…she can only tell him and that it is to protect him and his sons…(I might have gotten that wrong..LOL). Hope encourages him to go and find her.

At the park…..Marlena is staring at the tiger (we see a lot of the tiger today) Shawn/Belle and John are worried about her. Belle tells John to go to her…he does and she jumps…she says it is like her dream…she tells them that she dreamed of the tiger attacking her and killing her….Belle says it is like you always told me that bad dreams and nightmares are a way for you subconscious to rid you of bad thoughts….Marlena asks about the tiger and Doug/Julie start to explain about the tiger and how it came into their possession…Bonnie/Mickey arrive as Mickey and Doug/Julie talk…they tell him how sorry they are they weren’t there but explain that they couldn’t leave the country they were in because of visas etc. John wants them to continue with their explanation…Tony/Celeste arrive and are shocked to see the tiger….Belle tells Marlena that she knows she is upset about Roman the all are upset by everything that is happening but it is like she said you have to look to the future and the ones you love she knows it is not her business about what is happening between her and John but at least she should let him protect her…John says he’ll get his bags and take her home….she tells him no..he says for how long….Shawn offers to walk her home but she says she’ll be fine…Tony says he is staying to check out the tiger and she is not in danger….Tony/Celeste talk as Tony says maybe this is a sign that it is not over…Shawn confronts Tony saying that he and his father believe he is the killer…Tony tells him to get out of his face…Shawn says not to give him that crap about the killer being a woman it is just his way of putting the suspicion of himself….Tony says he wants to find the killer maybe even more than him…Belle goes up to Tony and asks about the speculation that it is a woman…Tony explains a bit about it but then tells her that just because the killer may be a woman doesn’t mean Celeste’s prediction that John will kill Marlena won’t come true….John and Shawn talk about Marlena and what is wrong with her….John says it may be the DiMera’s preparing her to be the next victim and asks Shawn not to tell Belle…Shawn says he’ll help watch out for Marlena…Belle overhears and asks Shawn what he can’t tell her…he says that your Dad and I are worried about your Mom….Marlena is at Roman’s gravesite and wants a sign that John won’t kill her…it gets dark and the wind blows as she sees a tiger coming at her….she falls back…John is there to pick her up….she is petrified of him and backs off…he tells her he knew where she’d be and that is why he is there to help her….she tells him to stay away from her, to leave her alone that she believes he could kill her.

I am not going to say much about the Bonnie/Mickey scenes because I FF’d through them…….sorry.

Hope you enjoy the show. There is a lot happening throughout.

Pat's Spoilers...

Hope comes home to find Agent Spector there. He tells them both that Billie Reed has gone missing without a trace two days ago. She wasn’t on a dangerous assignment, just a security detail. She didn’t show up for work. Her bed had been slept in, all her belongings remained in the room but she had disappeared. Bo says if she is dead it is his fault. Hope just looks at him in shock. Bo blames himself because he didn’t want her to stay in Salem and so he practically forced her to leave. Hope reminds him that it was Roman that encouraged her to take the job. Agent Spector says she was hired on Roman’s recommendation. Bo still doesn’t know what this has to do with him and Agent Spector says normally they would handle this on their own but they found the clippings of the murders in Salem. Bo says it makes sense that she would be interested – these were all people she knew. Agent Spector says that’s not all – they also intercepted a call from her to Bo. They listen to what little they can hear but there is too much static to really make anything except the odd word out. Bo doesn’t know why she would have called him. Agent Spector says you mean to tell me you wouldn’t help us. Bo says exactly. There is a serial killer on the loose that has killed six people including his brother and mother. Under other circumstances he would but not now. Hope says he needs to do this and he needs to leave today to go and help track down Billie. He says nice try but it’s not going to work. He tells Agent Spector that Hope wants him out of town because she had a dream about him dying. The man says he doesn’t like it but he will accept that Bo doesn’t want to help. His phone rings and it’s the ISA lab. They send the cleaned up message to his PDA. Billie says she knows who the Salem Stalker is. She has proof. He needs to keep Hope and his SONS (yes she says ‘sons’) safe – she’ll only tell him.

Tony and Celeste come to the conclusion that the tiger is somehow connected to the killer and they decide it’s up to them to figure out how. Tony decides to check the library to see why mystical references there are to tigers. It might give them a clue as to who the killer is.

Belle tells John to talk to Marlena because she hasn’t said a word since they got to the park. Marlena tells John, Belle and Shawn about the nightmare she had. The tiger was chasing her and killed her. Belle reminds her about the things she had told her about nightmares just being a manifestation of their fears. Belle says she understands that losing Roman and all the others has been hard on her – it’s been hard on everyone but she should focus on what she has in her life and the people that love her. Julie tells Marlena she knows what she is going through but Marlena is very cold to her and asks her how she could possibly know. Julie says she is sorry for what she is going through and then Marlena apologises and tells them about her nightmare.

Mickey and Bonnie show up. LOL! I think Julie is on to Bonnie in a heartbeat. I did love the talk between Mickey, Julie and Doug. Doug and Julie tell everyone how they ended up being the tiger’s caregivers. They were in South America and came upon a carnival where the tiger was the feature attraction. They were heartsick over how mistreated it was so they made the owner an offer that he couldn’t refuse and took over the tiger’s care and nursed him back to health. They are going to take him to Florida after the circus and let him loose on a wildlife preserve.

Celeste and Tony show up and Celeste says the tiger is the one from her premonition. She says evil is here. Tony talks about some of the deadly qualities tigers have and Shawn asks him if they are the same as human serial killers. He tells Tony that he knows that he is the one and so does his father. Tony tells him he wants the serial killer caught as much as he does if not more. That statement gives Shawn some food for thought.

John tells Marlena he is worried about her staying in the penthouse on her own and asks her to let him move back in just to protect her. Belle pleads with her as well telling her she would feel better knowing that her Dad was there to protect her. John reaches for her hand but Marlena pulls it away. She doesn’t want to move back in. He says today or ever. She tells them she needs time to think. John says he will take her back but she says no. Shawn offers to walk her home but she refuses him as well and leaves. (Tony is watching all this and smiling). Belle asks her father what is wrong with her but he has no answers. Belle overhears Celeste and Tony talking about the killer being a woman. She asks him why he thinks that and he tells her his theory. Shawn asks John if he knows what’s wrong with Marlena. John says the DiMera’s played with her mind before – they could be doing it again. Shawn asks if he thinks they would kill her and John says it’s a possibility. Shawn offers to keep an eye on Marlena. He thanks Shawn and tells him not to discuss it with Belle because she is worried enough about her mother. Belle overhears this and asks Shawn what they are not supposed to discuss. LOL! – He tells her. Wise move on your part Shawn!

Celeste and Tony talk about the tiger. Tony wonders if her premonition could mean that the tiger will be the next instrument the killer uses to kill the next victim. Celeste feels certain that more people will die and she tells Tony they should pray for the all the people of Salem if the killer is going to use the tiger to kill the next person. Sheesh – Bonnie takes Mickey shopping and decks him out in blue jeans, a western style shirt, cowboy hat and boots. Doug and Julie see him and are pretty shocked. Poor Mickey can barely walk in the boots. Enough said…I won’t even get into the accents…YIKES.

Marlena goes to Roman’s grave and she is crying. She talks about how he was the one constant in her life. The one person she could really trust. She says she testified on Tony’s behalf because she believed Celeste when she told her that he had appeared to her and said Tony wasn’t the killer. She wants a sign from him to let her know if John could actually be the killer. A big wind is stirred up and all off a sudden she sees the tiger and it attacks her. She screams and falls to the ground. John tries to help her up but she is terrified of him. WOW – the look on her face. He says he figured she would come here and he saw her fall. He just wants to help her up. She tells him she doesn’t believe him and she wants him to stay away from her. He says you can’t believe that I would hurt you. She says yes she believes that he is going to try and kill her and she tells him not to follow her. The look on John’s face…oh my…he is just devastated.

Preview: Tony looks at the tiger and says Kill or be killed – that’s the law of the wild. That’s an ideal method of murder. Shawn asks him if he is making threats. John tells Brady that ‘he’ is planning the perfect crime – Brady says what if Tony is innocent and the real killer is setting him up. Victor tells Nicole that the town will throw a parade on the day of her execution. They will be that glad to see her dead.

Tuesday Jan. 20

Jan’s computer is in the computer hospital so she can’t post however I did talk to her. She really likes Shawn’s new look. Trimmed and shaped and still curls at the collar…we both like this a lot!!! Also neither her nor I heard or saw anything in this show that leads us to believe that Shawn is moving home or Brady moving to the loft. John does mention to Brady that he could ask Belle for the loft back when he tells him to move out of the Kiriakis mansion – he also tells him he could probably move back into the penthouse because Marlena isn’t afraid of him. Bo mentions Doug and Julie staying with Hope but not Shawn. In fact when Shawn leaves Hope tells him to say hi to Belle. So I don’t think anyone is moving anywhere at the moment.

Brady is jogging through the park and meets up with John. He asks if things are better with Marlena and John says no she won’t let him anywhere near him because of Celeste’s premonition. John can tell Brady has something on his mind so he offers to help. Brady wants to know how to tell if someone is lying. When John finds out he’s asking about Nicole he says she is trying to seduce you isn’t she. Brady says yes but how did he know. John tells him that women like Nicole are easy to read. Brady comments about the state of Victor and Nicole’s marriage and John tells him to stay out of it. Brady expresses his concern that they are going to hurt one another. John reminds him that his grandfather can look after himself and that both Nicole and Victor are ruthless people. He tells him to take the croissants and run…LOL!

Brady says he is really concerned that they might be capable of killing. John asks him if he thinks one of them is the serial killer and if he has any proof. Then John says he can’t have proof because Tony is the killer. He tells him that he will protect his family. Brady tells him that both he and Belle are adults now. John figures that Tony will go after Marlena and pin the murder on him. He tells him Tony is planning the perfect crime but he is ready for him this time. Brady asks him if it’s possible that the real killer is setting Tony up. John is adamant that Tony is the killer and Brady offers to help John prove it. John turns him down and reminds him again that Victor can take care of himself. He also tells him that if he finds himself feeling sorry for Nicole than he’s already fallen into her trap and he better claw his way out of it. Brady says he would never do anything to jeopardise his relationship with Chloe but John tells him that women like Nicole have a way of getting to a man. He tells him to stay out of his grandfather’s marriage. Brady agrees and John feels better. After John leaves Brady says sorry Dad but I can’t stand by and do nothing if those two are going to kill each other.

Nicole is jogging in the park also when her phone rings. It’s Victor ordering her home but she ignores him.

Bo asks how they can be sure that is Billie. Agent Spector says because they did a voice match. Bo still refuses to go but Hope tells him he has to. If Billie can name the killer the nightmare will be over. Agent Spector tells him he won’t sugar-coat it. He would be leaving his family when the serial killer is on the loose and there is no guarantee that they will find Billie. Bo reminds Hope of Billie’s past obsession with him and this could just be another one of her tricks to get him away from her. She says if she can end the nightmare he has to go so that they can all feel safe again.

Ok Shawn took the time to go for a trim…I like it a LOT…LOL! I love the conversation between him and Tony. Shawn sees how fascinated Tony is with the tiger and says it’s not a woman, it’s a tiger. Tony talks about the tiger being the ultimate killing machine. The law of the jungle kill or be killed. He says the tiger would be the perfect instrument of murder. Shawn asks him if that is a threat. Tony says no but the tiger would be the perfect weapon for the killer to use. He then tells Shawn they are being listened to. We see a black hooded figure holding a metal stake (very pointed) in the bushes beside them. (Sure making Nicole look guilty). Tony tells Shawn to stay put but Shawn follows him. Tony tells Shawn that he was sure he saw a hooded figure standing there. Shawn just accuses him of doing anything to make himself look innocent. Tony picks up the metal stake and says this could stop someone’s heart from beating.

Tony and Victor then meet in the park. Victor tells Tony the murders started on the night of his wedding. He tells him that Nicole murdered Colin because he was blackmailing her. Then she had to kill Abe to prevent him from arresting her and Jack because he was right behind Abe on the investigation. Vic says the media has to take some blame for Maggie’s murder because they publicized the fact that Marlena was helping her remember what she saw. He at first thought it was Nicole’s irrational jealousy of Caroline that led to her murder but he now thinks that Caroline knew something. Cassie figured it out and was on her way to tell Roman but only made it as far as Salem Place. Roman told Nicole that he was going to arrest her for Colin’s murder after his wedding. Tony says your life won’t be worth anything if she knows that you told me all this and Victor says neither will yours. Of course Nicole heard the entire conversation and she mutters that she will kill them both.

Brady arrives back at the mansion and Nicole hears him coming in so she pretends to yell something to Victor and then comes to the door playing Brady for a sap. She tells him she is so afraid that Victor is going to kill her and he’s also going to try to pin all the murders on her. Victor calls her a liar and tells Brady it’s time he knew the truth. Nicole talks to Victor alone and this is when he says the people in Salem will cheer when you’re put to death and he threatens her again. She goes running out to Brady saying you heard him say he is going to kill me. You have to believe me and then runs outside. Brady goes to look for her but can’t find her. He tells his grandfather that Nicole is afraid of him and Victor tells him she is acting and he shouldn’t believe a word she says. Brady wants the truth but Victor tells him to stay out of it for his good. Of course after Victor leaves Brady says he can’t because he would never forgive himself if one of them hurt the other and he did nothing to prevent it.

Back at the mansion Tony goes to his special room and pulls down a wooden box that has a phoenix carved on the top. He pulls out a bunch of pictures and lays them on the floor around him. He then holds a picture of Nicole to his chest and starts to meditate. His eyes open and he says he knows why she did it … it all makes sense to him.

Shawn comes home briefly to say goodbye to his Dad. After Shawn leaves Hope goes to pack for Bo. He notices two suitcases and she tells him she is going to go with him and of course he says no way. I’m not going to go into details but trust me when I tell you that you will love the goodbye scenes. There is a really cute one with Zack as well. Beautiful writing … as they both tell the other how and what they mean to them. Very touching and Zack is just such a cutie-patootie. As he leaves they kiss and we see a hooded figure standing in the shrubs. (Oh yeah, Nicole has again disappeared from the mansion).

Then Shawn meets up with John in the park. John asks him how Belle is doing and Shawn says do you really want to know. He says that she is having a really hard time with the fact that her parents have separated. John tells him that is only temporary but Shawn says that she is not feeling so sure about it. They both agree that Tony is the killer (god, what will they think when they find out they are wrong). Shawn tells John that Belle is somewhat relieved to think the serial killer could be a woman and John says that way she knows I’m not the killer. Shawn says that Celeste was totally wrong with that prediction. They talk more about Tony and Shawn says Tony told him that there will be more deaths. John asks him if he said anything about how the next person will die. Shawn tells him that Tony thinks a Bengal Tiger would make the perfect murder weapon, no fingerprints he guesses…LOL! I laughed when Shawn was trying to describe how Tony was around the tiger – like he was trying to get on the same wavelength as it. John says well Tony is into this eastern meditation …Shawn’s response…but with a fricken’ tiger…I just found that so funny. Shawn tells John that his Dad went to Europe to try and find Billie because before she disappeared she tried to call and tell Bo that she knew who the killer was. John wonders if Billie is on the level and tells Shawn if she is, she could be dead already. They talk about how anyone close to the Brady’s or Horton’s is being targeted and Shawn wonders if the killing won’t stop until they are all dead. John says he doesn’t know when the killings will end and who will be left standing.

Preview: Lucas trying to wake up Kate – Phil picks up a pill bottle and says it is empty. Tony tells Celeste he knows who the serial killer is and he plans to announce it before the day is over – Celeste says if you are not dead first. Victor telling Nicole that once the serial killer is announced the people of Salem will be calling for her head. Nicole says if heads are going to roll it will be yours and Tony’s.

Wednesday Jan. 21


Ahh it’s early morning in Salem. What are the residents of this sleepy little city up to? One other comment - it's January and there are more shirtless bodies walking around than we saw in July.

Well Nicole is reaching for the booze after seeing the ad in the paper – the full page ad that in town sees and discusses. Victor tells her that he wasn’t the one that placed the ad. Today is the day she is going down. Brady comes in shirtless in his pyjama bottoms and asks Victor if he is going to kill his wife? Vic says he doesn’t have to as he shows Brady the ad. He says this is Nicole’s last day of freedom. Nicole runs out of the room and Brady is left wondering what she is up to. Brady leaves. Nicole listens in to Tony and Victor’s conversation and when she hangs up she says they are both dead. She leaves the house and tells Victor that Tony and he will pay. Outside she pulls a gun out of purse and says nobody will stop me.

Sami shows Marlena the ad and says today is the day your husband is going to be arrested. She is very happy that Marlena kicked him out and she wants her to promise to stay away from him until he is locked up. Marlena asks her if she did this – if she plans on naming John the killer without a shred of evidence. Sami says I can’t afford a full page ad. Marlena accuses her of be suspiciously gleeful and using this whole situation to her advantage. Sami just wants him caged and her safe. As Sami is ranting Marlena looks at a picture of John and he morphs into the tiger.

YKW is standing outside Marlena’s office kissing that picture she has…oh yawn… She talks to the picture saying soon he will be with her and Belle’s mother is going to help make that happen. She tells Marlena that she made a new friend. Marlena asks if she is ready to tell Shawn and Belle she is back in Salem. Marlena says they are both very forgiving people. After Shawn and Belle leave (see further down for more on that) YKW shifts the conversation to Marlena’s personal life and the fact that Mr. Black moved out because she thinks he is going to kill her. When Marlena asks her how she knows so much about her life, YKW pulls out a cover of the Intruder with the story of John and Marlena’s split on the cover. Marlena again looks at the picture and sees John change into the tiger. When YKW asks her what is wrong Marlena makes a comment that in time like this you don’t who your friends are. YKW looks at a picture of Belle and some people say they are your friend just to get what you have. HUH??? When did YKW ever have Shawn? Marlena tells her the session is over. When YKW goes out of the office Nicole is waiting for her. Nicole wants a favour from her but YKW tells her she has a manicure appointment and gives Nicole major attitude. Nicole threatens her and she gives in. We don’t get to hear what the favour is again. Inside Marlena is looking at the cover of the Intruder and a picture of her with Roman and wonders how things went so wrong. Marlena comes out of her office and YKW is still there. She says she ran into her friend. They do favours for each other and her friend is going to help her get everything she wants.

Phil and Lucas discuss the ad and Lucas claims he has no knowledge of it and he’s the person in charge of the fundraiser. They go inside Kate’s suite. Lucas tries to wake her up. Phil finds an empty pill bottle. She wakes up. She had been drinking – hadn’t taken any pills. They try and get her to go to the fundraiser but she screams and cries and kicks them out of her room. Lucas has to leave. Phil says he’ll use something he learned in the marines – drill sergeant from hell – and it won’t be pretty. Kate doesn’t want to listen anything he has to say. He tries to get through to her by telling her that her kids still need her. But she thinks about Cassie and Roman being dead and can’t get past that. He tells her that if she needs him he’ll be at the fundraiser.

We see a black-gloved hand picking up the paper off the Bo & Hope’s front step. Hope opens the door and looks shocked. It’s John. He’s just there to check on her. Hope says that Billie called claiming to know who the killer is. John says she isn’t the only one and he shows her the ad. He figures Tony placed it. Hope checks with the paper but it was a cash transaction. John insists that they can’t believe anything Tony says because it will be a lie. John feels Tony is trying to throw suspicion off himself.

Celeste comes into Tony’s inner sanctum and asks him if he placed the ad. He said he had an epiphany and he knows who the killer is and he’s going to announce it tonight. She says if you are still alive. LOL – I love how Tony spouts all his samurai sayings and Celeste just calls him stupid. The showman in Tony wants to make the announcement from centre ring at the circus. Tony holds out the tiger’s tooth and claw and says he will be safe. Celeste sees blood on it and tells him she sees death. Hope and John show up and Hope tells Tony that it isn’t illegal to place an ad but he better not be appointing himself judge and jury. John demands that he tell the name of the person that he thinks is the killer. Tony says they’ll find out when everyone else does. John and Hope tell him he won’t get inside – security has strict orders to make sure that Tony is not given admittance to the event. Hope and John just make it back to her house for Hope to get a call from Bo. She wants to know if he knows who the killer is. He tells her that the trail has gone cold – he’s made no headway in finding Billie.

Shirtless blue-jean clad Shawn brings a breakfast tray to Belle in bed. He wakes her up – calls her sleeping beauty. She says she had a beautiful dream that the killer was caught, her parents were back together and his Dad was back home. She says if only that could happen and he says maybe it can and shows her the ad. She’s worried that if the ad is true that something bad might happen at the circus that they, their friends and family all will be a part of. He asks if she is cancelling out because he can’t out of respect for his grandparent’s. She asks if they can just get under the covers and crawl back into dream together. He kisses her on the cheek and says he will show her this day can be just as good as her dream by taking her someplace special. They go to Shawn’s parent’s house…okay so he’s back in baggy blue jeans – but I do love that blue jean jacket. At first I thought this was filmed pre-hair cut but I just think it’s just not swept back today. Love Belle’s hair cut. Belle wants assurance that it is okay to be in the circus with their friends and both Hope and John say they should do it. Love the little thank you Shawn gives him mom while they hug.

Rex and Mimi show up at the circus. They come early to help set up. They run into Bonnie…whoa…the outfit…don’t know how to describe it. It’s pretty sparkly. She has Max decked out with horns and a brown hairy sweater – I guess he’s supposed to be a bull and jump through a hoop. Mimi says she should report her for animal cruelty but Bonnie tells her it’s about time Max started paying his way. Lucas runs into Sami at the circus. He tells her that Kate is taking Roman’s death very hard. Sami says she should be the one that is dead. Lucas warns her that if she harms one hair on Kate’s head he’ll see her in prison. After he leaves her she figures that all she has to do is make it look like an accident to get off scot-free. Sami has a fantasy where she as part of the circus acts she cuts Kate in half. Bonnie is looking for Max and we see Max sniffing around a box that has the killer’s mask and gloves in it. When she sees Max he has one of the gloves in his mouth. He runs off with the glove again.

Belle tells Shawn she just wants to check on her mother. YKW begs Marlena to not let them know she’s there. Just as Belle is going to open her office Marlena comes out. She makes several comments about Belle’s new haircut. Belle wants to know if she’s coming to the fundraiser and if she is alright. Marlena says she is fine but she’s busy with a patient so she doesn’t know if she will make it and goes back into her office. Shawn has a strange look on his face. In the park he asks Belle if it seemed like the patient didn’t want to be seen. She says a lot of people think there is a stigma attached. He asks her if she thinks he’s crazy because he signed them up for a circus act. She thinks it will be the one of the most exciting things they do as a couple so she’s excited about it…LOL! They show up at the circus and ask Rex and Mimi if they’re ready to practice.

Okay…so all of a sudden there are these shirtless guys moving stuff around at the circus – Brady, Phil…more. Lucas asks Phil how Kate is. Phil says he couldn’t convince her to show up. Back in her room Kate picks up the newspaper ad and reads it. She shows up at the circus and tells Lucas & Phil that this is where Roman would want her to be. Sami sees her and is happy that she will get the chance to make her dream a reality. A crate is delivered and Celeste is shocked to see the lid lifting. Tony comes out and is ready to take on the killer. Brady sees Nicole sneaks in and follows her but he can’t find her. Bonnie runs into him and asks he if seen her dog. We then see Max with the killer patting his head and reaching for the glove. Now Max doesn’t park just drops the glove and whimpers. Okay WTH – Marlena is at the hospital talking to YKW when this is going on so – just what is going on here? Nicole is looking extremely guilty. I talked to Jan on the phone and neither of us can figure out what the h... is going on...LOL! nothing new for me.

Preview: Tony tells Celeste to prepare herself the shockwaves will reverberate for years to go come. Bo calls Hope and tells her that he has to find Billie so she can tell him who this killer is. Mimi and Rex practicing their high wire act and it looks like they are going to fall. Kate saying these knives are real as Sami is preparing to throw the next one saying I won’t miss this time.

Thursday Jan. 22


There is just so much going on in today’s show. It really jumps all over the place so I have no idea how this report is going to turn out.

Doug and Julie are by the tiger’s cage. Julie calls the tiger ‘baby’ and Doug says he thinks he has come up with a better name and shows her a sign. Later on we see the sign on the cage – the tiger’s new name is Horton. Mickey is decked out in a ringmaster’s outfit – Doug and Julie go to the hospital to be with Jen.

Hope comes over to Jen’s house to go with her and Abby to the hospital. Jen has to have another ultrasound and make her decision today. Jen tells Hope that she doesn’t know how she could possibly let Jack’s child go. Abby yells at her that she can’t kill the baby like she killed Daddy. At the hospital Lexie tells Jen that not only is it likely the baby won’t survive but chances are she might not either. Jen says she really needs Jack now. When Jen is asked if maybe she shouldn’t tell Abby that if she carries the baby that she is risking her own life she says that Abby has enough to deal with now and she won’t add to it. Jen overhears Abby telling Doug and Julie that the baby is a miracle. It’s her daddy telling them that he’ll always be with them. Jen tells Hope, Alice, Doug, Julie, Abby and Lexie that she is keeping Jack’s baby. Alice says she is making her daughter very happy but everyone looks very concerned. There’s a really quick phone call between Bo and Hope – not much more than what was shown in the preview.

Bonnie finally finds Max – the killer just manages to hide in time. She sends the dog home and then tells Mimi she has another idea. She has a dunk tank set up – she needs someone to occupy the seat. LOL! – Bonnie must use an entire can of hair spray on her do. During the entire hire wire act Bonnie is hanging on to Mickey for ‘support’. She tries to convince him to go into the dunk tank but he refuses. LMAO as Bonnie is forced to go into the tank and Mimi pays to be the first to throw the ball and dunks her.

Lucas talks Kate into letting him do a knife throwing act with her as an event to raise money in Roman’s name. He assures her the knives are fake and nothing can go wrong. Sami is listening to all this and considers it to be the answer to her dream. Brady catches her talking to herself – threatening Kate. He tells her it’s no wonder no man will stay with her longer than 10 seconds. Sami tricks Lucas into getting into a port-a-potty by giving him a brownie Will baked that tastes awful – she says he probably used the castor oil by mistake. She then puts a steel pin into the lock from the outside. Kate can’t believe it when Mickey announces Sami as a replacement – she tells him to get her down. Mickey says there’s nothing to worry about. Little does he know that Sami stole the knives from the guy that swallows swords – and they’re real not fake. I can’t believe that Sami is planning to kill Kate. That’s a little too much and just plain wrong!!! I felt better about if after I saw the preview. Sami throws the first knife and it hits right next to Kate’s face and Kate realises the knives are real. Sami says this time I won’t miss as she gets ready to throw the next knife. Both her and Kate have gorgeous outfits on. You’ll also love Will and Grandpa Shawn’s clown outfits.

The killer overhears the animal trainers talking about sedately the elephant as they open up the veterinary drug cabinet. Of course the one guy mentions the other vial of stuff that would make even an elephant crazy. They conveniently leave this drug cabinet open when they leave. The killer fills a syringe with the stuff. Okay – this is definitely a man – from the size of the hands to the way he moves – no way that person is a woman. Of course the killer overheard Tony and Celeste talking. I just find it immensely annoying that we’re in the midst of the circus with hundreds of people all over the damn place and yet Tony and Celeste are in one area that no one else enters and the killer moves around wearing black and a hockey mask and not a soul sees this person. A lot of warning on Celeste’s part and Tony waving it off – nothing we haven’t heard before. Celeste feels she has taken care of the tiger because she convinced one of the workers to put a second lock on the cage. The killer uses the syringe to drip the drug all over a dart and then removes the mask to shoot the dart using a blow tube of sorts. The tiger roars.

Belle and Mimi look really cute in red sparkly body suits with gold sparkly tie around short skirts – their tutu’s…LOL! They tell the guys to come out and Shawn says do we have to. They come out so timidly…it’s so funny. All of them are wearing ballet shoes. The guys are in black tights with red and green sparkly swirls on the legs. They just look so embarrassed. Belle says they look so good that she hopes the audience can concentrate on their daredevil act. Shawn tugs at his tights saying these things sure put the tight in tights. Rex says tell me about it – I could barely get mine on. Obviously the writer’s know their stuff – Belle’s line – Just face it you guys are sex objects. Relax and enjoy it – the looks on their faces says it all. The tightrope acts are kind of hokey but fun. Belle and Shawn go first – starting from opposite ends. They both have balancing poles. When it looks like Belle is losing her footing Shawn steadies her by grabbing on to her balancing pole. Shawn then gets on one knee as Belle holds the balancing pole and balances on one leg. Next is Phil and then Rex and Mimi. Mimi is dizzy and almost loses her balance. Rex steadies her but she faints. He then throws the pole away and lifts her up and carries her to the stand.

It’s Belle and Shawn’s turn to man the kissing booth. They see that it’s the two people from Average Joe that they’re relieving. Belle tells them that Shawn’s parent’s romance started with a kissing booth and they’re still going strong. Belle has a red robe on over her outfit and Shawn has a black robe on over his chest…I mean his tights. Shawn is blindfolded and kisses a woman on the cheek as Belle watches. He takes her money and says enjoy the circus – make sure you go see the tiger. She runs to the front of the line and kisses him on the lips. Man the smile on his face when he says I know that is you, Belle – nobody else kisses like you and says he has a bonus kiss for her. They kiss again and Belle shoo’s all the other ladies awake saying that he’s taken. Then they kiss again – sigh, I loved those kisses.

Preview: Doug is telling some people (only see Jen) that he can’t wait for them to see the big surprise that they have planned. Celeste asking Tony to tell her who the killer is. Sami in tears telling Marlena that Kate was going to rot in hell but then she would end up there as well and she would never see the people she loved again. Shawn, still in his tights, saying ‘oh my god’ when he sees the open, empty tiger cage.

Friday Jan. 23

Jan's Spoilers....

A lot happening in today's show as it jumps around from place to place.....

Bonnie has lost her contacts in the dunk tank and Mickey finds a costume for her (the only one that would fit he says....

Shelle are kissing as they hear the tiger growling...Shawn complains about the tights but Belle like them...they continue to kiss until Mimi comes running out asking Shawn if he's seen Belle...she apologizes and then tells Belle that her sister is trying to kill Kate...they head inside.

Sami throwing knives at Kate as everyone is watching....at first everyone thinks the knives are fake but after Lucas gets out of the porta-poti he uses a whip to stop a knife in flight....John picks up the knifes and realizes it is real. People soon begin to realize that Sami may have actually been trying to kill Kate...Lucas verbally attackes her as Kate stops him...Hope and Jen discuss that Sami has needed help for a long time....Shelle/Rimi/Phil talk about her losing it.

The magician is seen....Tony and Celeste discuss the killer....Nicole and Victor are discussing her being revealed as the killer....the killer is putting a bucket on a scaffolding (or something).....Doug announces it's Alice's birthday as Bonnie and Mickey bring out the cake...everyone sings Happy Birthday and Jen says a nice speech....

Sami is telling Marlena that she doesn't want her to let John move back in...that if he kills her she will have no one (John is listening)....the magician disappears.....Shawn finds him as everyone comes running....Marlena tends to the magician as Tony comes out and makes an announcement about the serial killer...John tries to stop him as does Hope...Phil tells Sami off as Lucas goes after her.....blood drips onto Alice's cake (now I might be wrong but I think Bonnie eats a piece...YUCK)....the killer has the keys to the cage....the show ends with the tigers eyes showing in the killers mask.

I thought that Lauren and Ali did a great job today...

Monday Jan. 26

Jan’s Spoilers………

Great Lumi scenes today….loved the kiss.

The show starts off pretty much like yesterday’s ended….Tony in the center ring asking if everyone wants to know who the killer is….Bonnie is talking to a Mimi (Marcel)who takes her clown glasses so she can’t see….Lumi watching Tony as Sami says she’ll kill whoever did this…Will runs off as Lumi chase him. Brady looking for Nicole runs into Victor and tells him that Tony is telling who the killer is…Hope and John trying to stop Tony…Marlena phoning to check on the magician. Lexie arriving to stand with Celeste.

Tony spends most of the show asking if everyone wants to know….Belle runs off as she can’t stand this anymore. Shawn follows her and asks if she is OK…she isn’t…she talks about everytime things start to feel normal and the killer strikes again…she talks of her parents talking but not living together and it’s getting worse…Shawn says her Dad loves her Mom and would never kill her…but Belle asks what if there was a freak accident.

Tony continues in the center ring as the tiger makes his rounds…..Bonnie sees him and thinks it an alley cat…Doug and Julie are talking as they are looking for Will and Julie says she figures Will will need help with a mother like Sami…Doug says I understand you were like Sami when you were young and now you are loving and caring as Julie says and sexy…they kiss as the tiger passes by….Brady finds Nicole and she has found a bag with a black sweatshirt in it…she says a workers street clothes but Brady doesn’t think so as the tiger watches them…they spot it and duck in a wardrobe as the tiger attacks it….a worker tells John and Hope that the tiger has escaped…they head to the cage and Hope sends the worker to tell Mickey and get the police to evacuate the tent…he spots someone and asks them to help when he turns he is hit over the head….Hope and John find a tranquilizer gun but John isn’t sure it works….

In center ring Tony talks about the killer being a woman…a prominent member of Salem…he says it started with the attack on Bo and Hope…Abe was killed because he found out something…Jack for the same reason…Maggie because she saw them (she thought they were her friend but were wrong)…Caroline was poisoned because Maggie said something to her…Cassie because she confronted the killer and he has no idea why Roman was killed.

The tiger is making the rounds of the tent....Hope and John have it in their sights as Marlena walks in...she starts to freak out as Hope tells her to be quiet...the tiger rushes her as John gets her out of the way....the tiger then confronts Sami/Lucas and Will...Will climbs a ladder onto the catwalk while Lumi get in a clown car....she tells him she loves him and then says I mean Will loves you...before they go to get Will, Lucas says I want to do this...and they kiss....very passionate:::THUD:::....Bonnie is crawling around trying to find her clown glasses......Hope tells Marlena that John saved her...she is bleeding and that can bring in the tiger....Shelle are watching Tony as the blood falls on him....Shawn goes after John and Hope telling them about the blood...Hope goes running...Marlena tells John to go as he kisses her....Brady/Nic in a closes as she kisses him...he says no...he loves Chloe...she says your mouth says one thing but your body says something different...Vic opens the door....Tony is in centre ring with blood everywhere and all over him....John/Hope come running as John tells him to run....the killer finds Bonnie's glasses and gives them to her....Lumi/Will on the catwalk looking down...Shelle watching Tony...Lexie and Celeste watching Tony....Tony says the killer is clever....he pulls out his sword as the tiger comes closer...the bucket falls on his head and knocks him over as the tiger attacks....it is very graphic....but very well done.

Tuesday Jan. 27

Jan’s Spoilers…..

A lot happening today so hopefully Pat and I got each other covered…..the second half of the show had some very long scenes…only two commercials.

The show starts pretty much as it ended yesterday with Tony being attacked…everyone looking on as Sami hides Will’s eyes. Hope tells Phil/Rex/Shawn to get the girls out of there. John grabs the sword and attempts to swing at the tiger as the lights go out. Tony is missing. Marlena comes running in saying she saw the attack on Tony. John wants her to be safe and asks if she can make it on her own. She says yes…he tells her he loves her and she says she knows as she leaves.

Phil/Rex/Shawn/Belle/Mimi run into Bonnie who knows a safe place to hide….as she leads the way Belle and Mimi can’t believe they are following her…they get in the cage but Mimi/Belle are not impressed by it. Belle/Mimi tell the boys to be careful…Kate/Sami arrive as Phil makes them get in the cage as well. They are still sniping at each other.

Everyone else meets up as Doug/Phil team together and take Julie to the cage. Shawn/Rex go one way as John/Hope go another. Belle sneaks out of the cage to check on John/Shawn. The killer arrives outside the cage brandishing a knife….Kate/Sami start yelling at her as Julie tells them that it isn’t a ‘good idea’ to yell like that…Sami puts a lock on the door as Julie says she isn’t sure that is a good idea….Bonnie uses her hair spray to shoot flames at the killer….Bonnie then bums a cigarette from one of the workers as Julie says she survived a serial killer, a tiger and now she’ll die from second hand smoke…Mimi convinces her to put it out….(not a good idea as it starts a fire)

Rex goes after the killer…..it’s Lucas who is hiding from the tiger (wonder where Will is?)…away they all go again….

Lexie/Celeste looking for Tony as Celeste has flashbacks of Tony at the mansion and at the circus....a long scene. Lexie/Celeste turn to see the tiger….as they try to get away the killer is on the other side of them…they start screaming as everyone comes running… Rex goes after the killer…..it’s Lucas who is hiding from the tiger (wonder where Will is?)…away they all go again….

The women are screaming as the guys go running to them. Phil/Rex go to get fire extinguishers as Doug/Lucas head out to find the key and clear everyone out. Shawn tries to open the cage door. He realizes Belle is missing and heads out to find her. Hope keeps the women calm...as calm as they can be...as Kate and Sami continue to snipe at each other.

Doug/Lucas find the roustabout (I love that word)and Doug finds the key...Lucas gets the lights on....Rex/Phil bring in fire extinguishers and they and Hope put out the fire. Belle is also having flashbacks of Shawn and John she is sure someone is following her as the killer looks on...John and Shawn tell her to be quiet as the tiger is there...it inches it's way closer to her as John can't get a clear shot. Shawn starts yelling to get the tiger away from her and John tells him to be quiet...the tiger attacks John on the neck...Belle screams as everyone comes running. Shawn fires and misses but the tiger runs away. Everyone is there as Marlena comes running in and hugs Belle...she sees John's neck and it upsets her a great deal. They hear Lexie scream and everyone runs to her. Tony is laying on the ground and you get a close-up of his face covered in blood(very gruesome)...he is alive but needs to get to the hospital. John says he has to stay alive to name the killer and it closes on Marlena's face.

I have to say there was a lot of running around today….from one place to another and all the time missing the tiger and the killer….interesting expressions on Marlena’s face.


Pat's Spoilers...

So much going on today so please excuse if I jump all over the place with my report...LOL! I tried my best.

Oh wow – they start the show with a replay of the blood being dumped on Tony and then the attack all over. The confusion, the screams, the shock of the people watching – it was all so well done. John grabs the sword to help Tony as the killer brings down the lights. When the lights come up both Tony and the tiger are gone. Doug doesn’t want Hope or John to shoot the tiger and he takes the tranquilizer gun and tells John that he will find a trainer and get him a gun that works.

Sami, Lucas and Will make it down from the catwalk and Kate is relieved they made it down safely. Will is scared so Lucas takes him out of the tent. Sami still lips off to Kate not believing that Kate is happy she is okay. Kate says you were the one that tried to kill me. Sami says I just scared you, if I wanted you dead, you would be dead.

Marlena comes out and tells John she saw what the tiger did to Tony. When John says it was the killer that orchestrated everything she says that he probably escaped under the cover of darkness when the lights were out. John says Tony was going to reveal the killer’s name so there is no way the killer will leave until Tony is dead. He says he is going to find the tiger and the killer and asks her if she can make it out on her own. She looks very scared and she is worried about Belle. She wants to know when it will be over. John tells her he loves her and she says I know and then leaves. Marlena is on her way out when she hears the tiger roar. She stares at the tiger and it turns and leaves.

Phil, Rex, Mimi and Shawn and Belle are making their way to safety but Mimi and Belle aren’t too happy when the guys say they need to keep them safe. Bonnie says if you’re looking for a safe place follow me. LOL at Belle’s remark to Mimi – “We’re following your mom?” and Mimi’s response – “Welcome to my life or story of my life,” something like that. Mimi and Belle do NOT want to go in that cage but Shawn and Rex insist. Next to get put in there is Sami and Kate. Sweet kiss between the bars between Shawn and Belle. Lexie refuses to go into the cage and she and Celeste continue to look for Tony.

John gets a new gun from Doug. John pairs up Doug with Phil (telling them to take Julie to the cage), Shawn and Rex and he and Hope. He tells them if they find the killer or the tiger to scream for help. No one should be a hero. Lexie and Celeste find the tiger is right behind them and when they try to escape by backing away slowly and get to the catwalk they see the killer. They’re trapped between the two of them. Celeste starts to scream and Hope and John come running. The tiger takes off. They tell John and Hope they saw the killer. John tells them to get in the cage – they say yes but continue to look for Tony. They hear Shawn yelling and go running. He found one of the workers who had been attacked by the tiger. Rex comes back and says he lost the tiger in the dark.

Meanwhile in the cage…let’s say the ladies are beginning to feel cooped up. Sami rants at Kate like usual. LMAO – Julie tells Sami to shut up or she’ll place the muzzle on her (she has one in her hand). In the midst of all the griping Belle says to herself that she can’t stay there when both her Dad and Shawn are in danger and she sneaks out. Bonnie calls out to someone asking if the tiger has been caught. Everyone turns and see the killer with knife in hand. Hmm what will Sami say now when she had just been accusing Kate of being the serial killer? Kate and Sami start calling the killer a monster saying that soon he will be caught and executed. Julie tells them not to antagonise the killer. Sami locks them inside the cage. Bonnie finds out the killer is out there and says no way we’re going to die. She says point me in the right direction. Mimi says on your right and Bonnie turns to her left – LOL! Mimi says your other right. She sprays her hairspray and lights her lighter causing a huge ball of flame to be directed in the killer’s direction. Phil and Doug come by and find out what happened. They’re going to look for keys. A worker comes along and Bonnie bums a smoke. Julie tells her that she survived a serial killer and a tiger – she doesn’t want to die from second hand smoke. Mimi yells at her mother to put it out. Bonnie takes a big drag and then just throws it outside of the cage onto the straw-strewn floor. Of course a fire starts and they all start screaming again and they are locked inside. To this point no one has even noticed that Belle is missing.

Rex sees someone and tackles them drawing the entire search group. It’s Lucas. A worker finds the keys to the tiger cage but the killer knocks him out and throws the keys away. Back to Celeste and Lexie – a long portion of flashbacks as Celeste recalls her visions and her time with Tony prior to his attack. Lexie refuses to abandon her brother again and Celeste sticks with her. Finally the band of merry men and Hope make their way back to center ring and see the smoke. They realise its coming from the back where the cage is. Everyone goes running except John because he hears the tiger. Shawn tries to break the lock and Hope instructs them to keep low and take short breaths – the others run out for fire extinguishers. Shawn notices that Belle is missing and goes to look for her. Another long segment of Belle’s flashbacks. She hears a sound and moves and we see that the killer is behind her and watching.

Rex and Phil run in with the fire extinguishers – they give one to Hope and they work to put the fire out. Doug and Lucas are checking to make sure everyone is out when they find the worker that the killer had knocked on. Doug sends Lucas for medical help as he searches for the keys. Belle hears a noise again and calls out asking who is there. She is standing amongst a rack of clothes and she says I know someone is watching me. We hear Shawn telling her not to move the tiger is right behind her. Of course she turns around. John says to stay still he has the tranquilizer gun but he can’t get a clear shot. The tiger starts moving towards Belle so Shawn makes noise to get it come after him. The tiger turns, Belle screams, John tries to get a shot but the tiger leaps at him. Belle screams for help and tells Shawn to do something. Shawn has a makeshift spear of sorts.

They get the fire out, Doug comes in with the keys and Lucas gets the lights back on. The women are happy to get out of the cage. LMAO at Sami and Kate and then Lucas shows up. Talk about denial – of course he doesn’t want anything to happen to her because of Will. They hear Belle screaming and all of them run. Shawn grabs the gun and Belle yells at him to shoot. He says he can’t get a clear shot. John just tells him to shoot so he does but misses – even so the tiger takes off. John tells Shawn he owes him one. John is pretty clawed up, his neck, his forehead, his shoulders, arm and chest. Shawn grabs Belle and says he can’t believe he almost lost her but she tells him she’s fine. Everyone arrives followed by Marlena. She is shocked when she sees John. They hear Lexie screaming and they all run in her direction. Tony is still alive but he’s lost a lot of blood (very gruesome looking with all that blood on him). John tells Marlena that he’ll live long enough to name the killer.

Preview: Hope is asking Marlena if she sees any woman on this list besides Nicole that they should be investigating. Brady asking Victor for solid proof that Nicole is guilty as Nicole watches. Bonnie and Mickey still in their circus outfits in the tent – Bonnie asks Mickey if the tent is spinning as she collapses in his arms. No words – just Belle melting into Shawn’s arms as he holds her close.

Wednesday Jan. 28


So much going on so forgive me if the report jumps all over the place.

Doug realises that he actually saw the serial killer when he has a flashback of running into someone when he was carrying the stack of gifts. Bonnie throws herself at Mickey because she’s so ‘upset’. Mimi says they are better off than Tony. Rex wonders how he is doing. Celeste says the killer will not rest until Tony is dead. She will finish the job. She tells them she is getting disturbing vibrations. When Mickey decides to go check on the others Bonnie conveniently has a fainting spell and falls into his arms. Mimi yells at her mother to stop faking (Rex is now holding her). Rex says she fainted but then Bonnie opens her eyes but closes them as soon as she hears Mickey return. Mickey uses smelling salts and insists on taking her to the hospital. Bonnie is thrilled because he cares – Julie is watching this and just rolls her eyes.

Shawn asks Belle how she is (he’s coughing). She’s worried about him and so grateful to him for saving her and her Dad. He says he is fine as he continues to cough. Belle says that someone they loved could have been hurt. He lays his forehead against hers and then kisses her.

John is cleaning his wounds when Marlena comes in. She offers to help and then asks if he has heard how Tony is doing. He says he was just about to check in with Hope about that. They go to Hope and she says with all the evidence they’ve collected its obvious the serial killer planned the attack and released the tiger. She is thankful all the children are safe. Marlena says that is the most important thing. Doug and Julie tell them that Doug saw the killer (Marlena looks stunned) but then says he only saw the person from behind and doesn’t have any idea who it is. John asks Marlena where she was and she tells him that she was in a backstage dressing room the entire time. Doug remembers checking them all and when John and Hope are talking he asks her she lied. He lets her know that he checked all the dressing rooms and she wasn’t there. John and Hope are looking at a list of women that were at the circus and they both concur that Nicole is the likely suspect. Hope says that is why she sent a cop there.

Marlena asks Doug if he is accusing her of lying. He says you weren’t there. She pretends to think and says she was terrified, panicked and gosh, he’s right. She was in a storage room on the other side of the tent. He says it’s understandable – everyone was panicked. Hope and John give her the list to look at and she says she can’t see anyone else besides Nicole. Shawn and Belle come in and Belle says Shawn is suffering from smoke inhalation. He says he’s fine but his mother and Julie gang up on him and he’s off to the hospital. Belle pleads with John to go and get looked after as well so he also gives in.

Nicole plays Brady for a sap pretending she can’t face Victor. He says he will protect her. They go and Vic calls her a murderess and says someone is waiting for you. A cop comes into the room and she asks if she is under arrest. Vic laughs at her and asks her if she has a guilty conscious. The cop says he is to watch her in case she is needed for questioning and goes out to sit in the car. Nicole lashes out at Victor but he just says as soon as Tony regains consciousness he will name you as the Salem Stalker. Brady asks Victor why he doesn’t think Nicole is innocent. Victor tells him that he only wants to see the good in people and doesn’t see what Nicole really is. Brady asks for proof that Nicole is a killer and Victor tells him that can be arranged. Brady is shocked. Nicole asks to speak to Victor alone. She tells him she isn’t the stalker but he doesn’t believe her. He asks her how it feels to know the walls are closing in on her. Brady tells Nicole that he believes she is innocent. Of course she throws herself in his arms.

Tony is taken to the ER. Not a pretty sight. The doctor says they’re losing him. He’s stabilized and Lexie talks to him saying she is sorry for thinking he was the killer. She tells him when he comes to he can tell them who the killer is. He squeezes her hand.

Everyone descends on the hospital. Belle asks Marlena to make sure Shawn is looked after. Mickey calls a doctor to check out Bonnie. Belle asks Mimi why they are there. Mimi flat out says her mother faked a fainting spell to get Mickey’s attention. Julie lightly lectures Mickey about his relationship with Bonnie. Mickey says Bonnie is a welcome distraction from thinking of what he has lost – they are just friends. Julie apologises but tells Doug that Bonnie has dollar signs in her eyes when she looks at Mickey. Doug tells her to stay out of it but Julie says she can’t and won’t. The doctor tells Bonnie she is fine and she tells him she has no insurance and seeing as she was volunteering at the Horton Foundation fundraiser she doesn’t think she should have to pay. He goes up and she starts stuffing her purse with supplies. Mickey comes in and she tells him she’s fine but she shouldn’t be alone and asks if they could go back to his place and have another sleepover. Mimi comes in and Mickey goes to get her release papers. Bonnie is angry at Mimi for interrupting (she does have a knack for that doesn’t she?). Bonnie and Mickey do end up leaving together. Julie can’t believe Mickey is being so naïve.

Hope and John are besides Tony’s bed. John wishes that he would have believed Tony when he said he was innocent. John says you need to wake up and tell us who did this. Tony opens his eyes. Meanwhile a white frocked figure carrying a doctor’s bag and wearing latex gloves unlocks a drug supply closet. We see the figure open the black bag and throw the mask and black hooded sweatshirt into a receptacle for contaminated material. Then the person unlocks the drug cabinet and pulls out a vial. It’s very obvious that this is a woman’s hand. The syringe is filled and the person puts the syringe in the pocket of the white frock.

Just as Tony is about to tell John and Hope who the stalker is Lexie storms in and tells them to get out. Tony tries to tell her but she tells him to rest. She tells John and Hope that they will have to wait until Tony stabilizes. She then takes John to check his wound. Celeste watches and says you are wrong Lexie – Tony will never stabilize. He doesn’t have long to live.

Marlena tells Belle Shawn is fine and will be released soon. Belle wants her to get back with John but Marlena says it’s not that easy but does agree to talk to him. She walks away and Shawn comes out. He tells Belle everything will be all right. She tells him that she doesn’t think anything will be right again. He holds her. She apologises for acting this way. He says it’s understandable. She didn’t think her parents break-up would affect her this way and tells him she never told anyone this before but she doesn’t think she could survive if she lost her Mom or Dad. Hope and John talk about the report Hope just got from Tek. John says Tony is lucky to be alive. Celeste says but not for long. By Tony’s bed Lexie is telling him she won’t leave him as we see the shadow of a hand pulling on a latex glove. Now I’m really confused because the next scene Marlena is talking to John about Belle. She’s concerned about how she is dealing with their current situation. He says let me move back home. She says it is not as simple as that but they need to make sure Belle is alright. He agrees and she thanks him for understanding. He says he doesn’t. Belle tells Shawn that for the first time in her life she doesn’t know if her parent’s can save their relationship. Lexie talks to Hope as we see the policeman protecting Tony nod and open the curtain and let someone in. The person closes the curtain and pulls out the syringe. Lexie goes to see another patient. Celeste tells Hope and John that the killer is about to strike again. Tony opens his eyes and says I was right. It is you. Marlena says you’re just too smart for your own good. Very chilling!

Preview: Brady asking Nicole if she is innocent and she answers no. Belle and Shawn in the loft…looks like Shawn just had a shower, wet hair – bare chest – he’s talking about Tony saying the serial killer is a woman – someone they all now. Belle asks if he has any idea. He says no but he hopes that whoever it is rots in hell. John telling Lexie the cop said he let a doctor in but he didn’t know who she was. Marlena saying ‘prepare to meet your maker, Count.’

Thursday Jan. 29

Jan’s Spoilers…….

This will be short and sweet tonight….

Before I start what can I say about Deidre Hall…..the woman had me mesmerized throughout the show….she was awesome and I absolutely loved watching her.

At the loft….ykw is outside on the fire escape (in a yellow rain slicker and hat as it is pouring rain)…Shelle come in. Belle tells him that she wants to do something special for him as he looks at her and asks what (check out the voice)she tells him to take his clothes off (check out the smirk and raised eyebrow…LOL)he does and comes towards her in his boxers she tells him to lay on his stomach on the couch as he says yes ma’am…she kisses his neck and trails a few kisses down his spine as she begins to massage him…he turns over and she wraps her legs and arms around him and kisses him….she comes back and he is in his sweats, she tells him her Dad phoned and Tony still hasn’t said anything…she asks him if he knows who it is but he says no but whoever it is should rot in hell…later he is laying on the couch as she gives him something to drink and a car mag and comic book to read…she says she’d like everything to be back to normal when this is over…his Dad home..her parents back together..he prays she is right as he holds her.

At the mansion….Nicole is playing Brady…telling him about her ‘affair’ with Colin…the blackmail…that Victor has doctored the evidence…Brady goes to find him as Nicole sneaks out of the house (so much for police surveillance)….Brady can’t believe what Victor has done as Vic goes to get the evidence….Brady says I already know that you fixed it as Victor tells him to be careful he is skating on thin ice…Vic wants Nicole to come down as Henderson (we don’t see him)tells him she left by the service entrance.…Vic and Brady head to the hospital.

At the hospital…..(I sure hope Pat got most of this because I can’t remember it all)…Celeste is freaking out with Hope/Lexie/John….Lexie takes her to her office to lay down…Celeste is having visions of Tony and the killer…she awakens and tries to leave…the door is locked, the lights go out and the window blows open…she collapses to the floor crying Anthony’s name…the lights come back on and there is a picture on the floor…she picks it up…it is of Lexie and Tony (he is a skeleton)…Lexie comes in and Celeste tells her it is too late. Hope/John outside Tony’s cubicle (those curtains must be soundproof)Marlena is inside with Tony (I’ll let Pat give you the dialogue…LOL)telling him about Cassie…telling him he is just like Stefano…explaining the drug she is giving him and what it will do…telling him he would have had her if it wasn’t for his ego…(she almost gets caught as John comes in)the cop out front told John there was a female Dr. inside as John comes in…Tony is trying to talk to him as Lexie rushes in and stops him…they decide to make a list of who can visit and leave…Marlena comes back in and puts the syringe in his IV…then kisses him and sneaks off (the cop is on the phone with his wife…LOL)she heads out to throw out the syringe and change…she comes out of the room and John finds her and asks where she has been….she says praying for Tony…the hear a code blue for Dr. Carver and take off (Nicole has been in Tony’s room trying to find out what he is going to say…..she drops her purse and a barrette falls out…(convenient)…she leaves when he flatlines)…..Lexie wants to give Tony a shot of adreneline (she can’t understand what happened to him)…John approves as next of kin…Marlena says no it’s not ethical but John tells her they need to do it to find out the killer….Victor and Brady see Nicole as Vic asks what she has done…she tells him nothing this time…in the cubicle Lexie gives Tony the shot and they ask him who did it…he looks around at everyone…Hope/Lexie/Celeste/John and stops at Marlena as the show ends.

IMO….Marlena knows she is doing it and looks a little worried at the end of the show.

I have to say I enjoyed Marlena’s scenes today and Deidre did a fantastic job…her eyes and voice….awesome.

Enjoy…….so much for being short…LOL.

Pat's Spoilers...

Kind of a replay of the final scene with Marlena telling Tony he’s too smart for his own good. She also tells him that he’s beaten death a lot of times. She says ‘prepare to meet your maker, Count’ as Tony’s hand is slowly moving towards the call button. Marlena taunts Tony. She tells him you probably want to know why. So did Cassie as she was pleading for her life. She says only you and Cassie figured it out. She says if he didn’t have as big an ego as Stefano and have to make a big production of it he might have been able to stop her. She notices him trying to ring the call button and she yanks it out of his hand. She says no one will save you this time, not even your heroic half-brother John. John’s voice is then heard.

More of Nicole playing Brady as Victor phones the hospital to find out how Tony is doing. She tells him that Victor made a deal with Tony. Tony would name her as the killer and Victor’s hands would stay clean. Brady has a hard time believing that Victor would go to Tony for help. He says it doesn’t matter if she is being framed, he will help her prove her innocence. He asks her if she is innocent and she says not exactly. She tells him that she cheated on Victor with Colin Murphy and that is when Victor stopped loving her. She says Victor than killed Colin on their wedding day and has enough manufactured evidence stored in the safe to keep her in line. She says she threatened to take him down as an accessory but if Tony names her as the killer she’ll go to jail and Victor will get away with it. Brady goes to confront Victor. When he leaves the room she says one down and one to go. She says she’ll do whatever she it takes to stop Tony and leaves. Brady asks Victor how he could frame Nicole and Vic says she’s playing you. Brady says she told him everything, about her affair, about the blackmail and about him shooting Colin. Victor says he didn’t want to do this and goes to the safe and Brady asks him if he’s going to pull out the manufactured evidence. Vic says we will settle this once and for all and calls for Nicole. They find out that she snuck out the servant’s entrance. Brady wonders where she went and Victor says to the hospital to kill Tony. They both take off.

Celeste is trying to convince Lexie, Hope and John that Tony is going to die. Lexie says he will recover. Celeste says the killer won’t let him recover. John waves that off saying that there is a policeman posted to watch Tony. Celeste reminds them that Caroline and Maggie had around the clock police protection and that didn’t stop the killer. John and Hope go to check on Tony. Lexie tells Celeste to lie down and get some rest. She does and starts dreaming that she is with Tony and he’s telling her it’s too late. She turns and sees the killer in the black hooded sweatshirt and mask and says ‘it’s you.’ She wakes up and tries to get out of the room but she can’t. She pounds on the door – the wind blows the windows open. She tries the phone but can’t dial out. She says the forces of evil are at work. A photo of Tony and Lexie that had been on Lexie’s desk is now on the floor. She picks it up and Tony is now basically a skeleton. Lexie comes in and Celeste says it’s too late. The killer has struck again.

I’m not going to say much about ykw and I’m certainly not commenting on the jantasies. I’ll let you form your own thoughts about them but they continue in the same vein – always about Belle watching as Shawn puts her down and chooses Jan. She’s standing outside in the rain watching through a window. Belle tells Shawn that they should have stayed at the hospital in case Tony names the killer. Shawn says they had enough and someone will call if Tony talks. He starts talking about how he almost lost her but she stops him and says he was the one in danger for not hesitating to save her or her father. She kisses him and then tells him that bravery like that should be rewarded. Love how husky his voice is when he asks what she has in mind and then the look on his face when she tells him to take his clothes off…LOL!

Shawn strips down to his boxers (grey…fitted…like the white ones Rex wore when he did his song and dance routine for Mimi) and he asks her again what she has planned. She tells him to lie on his stomach on the couch. LOL – he say’s yes ma’am and she straddles him and says she is going to give her hero a massage as she leans over and kisses him down his back. He turns over and sits up a bit with her in his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck and they kiss. When she comes back from her apartment carrying a blender Shawn is sitting by the window watching the rain. He says it’s kind of soothing. He says that Tony says the killer is a woman they all know and Belle asks him if he has any idea of who it is. He just says whoever it is should rot in hell. She brings him a glass of the drink she made and his car magazine and comic book he wanted. He says he was just kidding but she says it doesn’t come close to repaying him for what he did for her. She tells him that her Dad called her cell and said there was no change in Tony’s condition. She says Tony will name the killer, his Dad will come home and her parents will get back together and things will go back to normal. He pulls her down on top of him on the couch and kisses her forehead as he holds her close saying he hopes she is right.

John talks to the cop and asks if everything is quiet and if anyone has tried to get in to see Tony. He says just some nurses and a doctor is in with him now. John asks which doctor and the cop says he doesn’t know but the doctor had the proper credentials. John says he’ll check himself and opens the curtain and only Tony is there. Marlena is hiding. John is going to leave but he notices that Tony has lifted his hand. He asks Tony what he wants to say. Lexie pulls John away and ties into him again. John says he was just checking on him because the cop said a doctor went in but he didn’t know who she was. Lexie takes Hope and John with her to give them a list of authorized personnel. After they get the list John says he’ll make the cop gets it and only those on the list with the proper identification can get in. Hope tells him to take a break and call Belle because she was pretty upset. John says she is having a hard time with her parent’s breaking up. Hope says things will get back to normal when this is over. John says unless Tony names the killer Marlena won’t believe it’s not him.

Marlena says to Tony that was close and then she tells him what the drug is going to do to his body. God … what an evil voice. She is taking great pleasure in describing how he is going to die. She then injects the drug into his IV saying this phoenix will never rise again. When she is done she calls him Count and kisses him. She sees the cop standing right outside and waits until he is distracted by a flower delivery to make her escape. Tony tries to call out but can’t. Marlena goes back to the storage room and gets rid of the syringe, gloves and frock coat and retrieves her purse. She is standing outside and she bows her head when John comes and asks her where she was. She says in the chapel praying for Tony.

Nicole sneaks into Tony’s cubicle while the cop takes a cell phone call from his ‘love’. Nicole asks Tony if he is going to name her as the killer and says she is innocent. She asks him who the killer is. He mouths the name Marlena or that is certainly what it looks like but Nicole isn’t paying attention. She gets momentarily startled and drops her purse and a clip falls out onto the floor. Tony’s monitor start beeping and Nicole takes off – the cop is still on the phone. Lexie is paged to the trauma room for a Code Blue. John and Marlena hear the page and John knows its Tony and takes off. Marlena breathes a sigh of relief. Nicole runs into Brady and Victor and denies that she was there to kill Tony. She says she wasn’t in Tony’s room and no one can prove differently. Brady gives her a strange look. In Tony’s room Lexie tells Hope, John, Marlena and Celeste that Tony’s organs are failing. One thing might keep him alive long enough to name the killer – a shot of adrenaline. Marlena says she can’t do that – the man is in unable pain and they shouldn’t prolong it. John says he understands her position but they have to know who the killer is. Lexie asks Tony if she can give him the shot and he nods yes. The shot is given and they ask who the killer is. The show ends with Tony looking at Marlena.

I concur with Jan - Marlena knows what she is doing...and my god when she tells Tony how Cassie begged for her life...it will send a cold chill up your spine. Excellent performance by DH!

Preview: Brady asking Nicole “all things being equal would you still want to be Mrs. Victor Kiriakis”. John saying to Marlena “I think who you know who the next victim will be.” Mimi telling Rex he loved you like a Dad, he still does, let’s just go to the hospital. Rex says no. Lexie asking Tony to tell him who the killer is and John asking as well as Tony struggles to speak.

Friday Jan. 30


Mimi and Rex watch the news report about Tony going into cardiac arrest. Mimi tries to get Rex to go to the hospital but he refuses. He says it’s too late to make it right. Mimi doesn’t want him blaming himself but Rex says he should have trusted him. She says that he doesn’t have to go through this alone – she loves him. He says he loves her and that she is the only family he has. Then they kiss and he carries her to the bedroom. After they make love he says maybe he should ask Tony’s forgiveness. He talks about how he’s changed - he’s gone from being a DiMera to a Brady – rich to having nothing. She tells him that he has her. He says that she makes him a better person.

Victor accuses Nicole of trying to kill Tony again and Brady defends her. Victor tells him she is a cold-blooded killer – Brady should open his eyes. Nicole again tells them that she wasn’t in Tony’s room. She says she never had a chance to get in. She was going to beg Tony to call off the deal he made with Victor to name her as the killer. Victor tells Brady his mission if he chooses to accept is to make sure his wife doesn’t disappear again. Nicole asks Brady who he is going to believe. He tells her that Victor told him what she had done. Nicole looks surprised. He asks what lies Victor told him. He asks her if she could go back would she change anything, not have the affair with Colin – would she still want to be married to Victor. She tells him she would give up everything if she could find a man she could be herself with – a man like him. But she knows she has no chance with him because he doesn’t trust her. Than she goes for sympathy saying that Victor is trying to make her look worse than Jeffrey Dahlmer. Victor comes back (he went to check on Tony – Tony died and after he was wheeled out, Vic went into the cubicle and found Nicole’s hair clip) and says Tony is dead. He says she lied to him when she says she never was in Tony’s room. She again says she wasn’t. He asks her how her hairclip was in his cubicle. Brady confronts her and she admits she lied but only because she’s innocent. He says I’m supposed to believe you. She says yes. He says so you lied before and now I’m supposed to believe you. She runs away crying repeating that she is innocent. Victor is pleased that Brady didn’t run after her this time. Brady says she lied to me. Victor just laughs and says join the club.

Now the scenes before Tony dies I won’t get into too much. Lexie, John and Celeste are all trying to get him to name the killer. We hear his thoughts. He’s telling John that his beloved doc, his wife is the killer. Lexie can’t figure out why he can’t speak after the shot of adrenalin was given to him. Celeste tells him to focus and try and give them a sign. Brilliant moment when his hand quickly moves and grabs on to Marlena. She gasps but recovers and says Its Marlena. I’m here. She tells Lexie she is sorry but his grip is weakening. There are lots of flashbacks as Tony remembers what Marlena did and said to him. He dies. Marlena is a real piece of work – you’ll be amazed at how duplicitous she is as she comforts Lexie telling her how unfair it is that she had to lose both her husband and her brother. She tells Lexie she is there for her. She’s in the hospital – she can come and talk to her anytime. Lexie than mentions that she is going to do an autopsy on Tony and Marlena is surprised. She asks why. Lexie said I want to know why he went into cardiac arrest. Marlena says being attacked by a tiger would give anyone a heart attack. Lexie says all his organs were shutting down as if his body was given a dose of some toxin. She goes to do the autopsy with another doctor. She gets the initial lab report and is shocked by whatever she sees in the report. She goes to John and he asks if she found anything. Her response – you can say that.

John is making notes about Tony’s demise including the fact that Tony grabbed Marlena’s hand. He asks Marlena why Tony would do that. She explains that when people are dying they sometimes go back to a point in their life and he was probably remembering the feelings he had for her. John says she is probably right. He says the killer (she) isn’t going to stop and he says Marlena knows who will be next. She asks if that is a joke because it sounded crazy to her. He says no it’s because of your background in criminal psychology. He wants her to come up with a revised profile. He says Tony was smart and he figured it out. Maybe if the two of them worked together they could come up with the killer’s identity. She says she’ll get working on it and turns to go to her office. John tells her that at some point they need to sit down and talk about us and their marriage but she just walks away from him.

After Tony dies and everyone leaves his cubicle – his ‘ghost’ sits up and curses Marlena. As his body is being taken away Celeste hears him calling for her so she tells Lexie she’s going to her office to lie down. When she gets there Tony is sitting in Lexie’s chair in his samurai outfit. He tells her that she has to stop the killer before she kills again. Lexie doesn’t want him to tell her the name because everyone that knows who the killer is has died. He says she already knows – all she needs to do is connect the dots. She doesn’t want to help because she doesn’t want to die. He says she won’t die as long as she uses the knowledge she has. Marlena stands outside the door and can hear Celeste’s side of the conversation. She knocks on the door and asks her if she can help. Celeste if I was to tell you wouldn’t believe me. Marlena says ‘try me' and the show ends with the killer’s mask superimposed over Marlena’s face.

Okay on to the Belle and Shawn scenes. They are in her apartment. Shawn is working on the radiator – he’s shirtless and wearing track pants. Belle looks gorgeous…wearing lavender lace hipster briefs with a matching bra with a white v-neck shirt. They’re both sweating. He says it’s so hot in here it’s like being at the beach as he grabs some bottled water. She’s says yeah a nude beach because if you didn’t fix the radiator I was about to get naked. Shawn says in that case he’ll open the valve because getting naked sounds like a good idea. They start fooling around, teasing each other – he falls back on the couch with her on top of him. They stop fooling around when the TV reporter says they are going to show the tiger attack. Shawn can’t believe they will show that on TV and Belle nestles into his neck. The reporter than says Tony has gone into cardiac arrest. Shawn says that means the killer will be free to kill again and Belle is worried that one of them could be her next victim.

Belle is standing by the window watching the rain. Shawn gets up off the couch and comes up behind her and kisses the back of her head. She says that Tony has to name the killer – it’s the only chance for her parents to get back together. She worries that because of Celeste’s prediction a lot of people think of her Dad as a suspect including his father. He said it’s his father’s job to investigate all leads. She says that her mother is afraid of her father – she can see it in her eyes. He says they love each other but she still isn’t comforted. He tells her that before Tony was attacked he said the killer was a woman so that gets her Dad off the hook. She says when she is caught she wants her to suffer for all the pain that she has caused her family. (Oh my Belle…)

Cute short little scene. They are in Belle’s bed. Shawn is propped up against the headboard and Belle is laying on his chest…his fingers skimming over her bare shoulders and back. She tells him that Mimi used to be jealous of her perfect life but it isn’t so perfect anymore. He tells her that all couples go through rough patches – they did. She just wants her Mom to wake up and realise her Dad is not her enemy. Shawn says she is just scared right now but she would never jeopardise what she has with John.

Shawn gets up to check his phone for messages. Belle figures that if no one called it must mean Tony is still alive. Shawn decides they should have a pillow fight. It’s so cute – he ends up tickling her. They get momentarily distracted by something on television and then they hear Rex and Mimi making love – the noise carries through the vent. Shawn says not again and Belle says they go at like rabbits – LOL. Then she has The Fantasy…

Candles lit…Shawn in his grey boxers carrying her to the bed…she’s in her bra and panties. He lays her down on the pillows and they share a short kiss. He gets up and removes his boxers as she watches and smiles. He lies on top of her and they kiss and she tells him she is ready and asks him to make love to her. He says there is something they have to do first. He removes her purity ring and then his and puts them in her hand. She puts them on the night table. When she rolls over they are both naked entwined in the sheets. Very sensual…as he caresses her and she caresses him – the kisses are hot and sweet…her leg over his, his over her as she rolls on top or he rolls over her. Side by side as she entwines her fingers in his hair she tells him she loves him. He smiles and says I love you Belle Black. They kiss … and the fantasy ends and we hear more of Rex and Mimi. She says I can’t take this anymore and he says he can’t either and he lowers her to the bed and they start kissing and of course the phone rings. It’s John asking how they are doing, in particular Belle. Shawn says she is fine and wants to know if Tony named the killer yet. John says I got some bad news about that.

Shawn and Belle go over to his loft. Mimi says they are just about to go to the hospital because Rex has unfinished business there. Belle and Shawn don’t say anything but Rex sees the tears on Belle’s face and says No. Shawn says ‘I’m sorry Rex’.

Preview: Lucas telling Sami to admit that she loves him. Shawn saying to Hope that it’s like the killer is a ghost. Hope says she is very real. Mimi tells Belle that she wishes she had waited like her and Shawn have. Celeste saying to John – you mean the killer is someone on staff here at the hospital…Marlena is there as well…John says It’s a damn good bet.

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Monday Feb. 2

Jan’s Spoilers……

Before I start on the show I’d like to take a minute and say a few words on the first anniversary of the Sneak Peek. It is hard to imagine that it has been a year since Pat and I started posting this. The Blue Note has grown so much over this time and there are a lot of new faces. The face of the show we love has changed and the couple that we love and the reason we are here has grown. Shelle may have brought us together but the friendships that we have made will continue to keep us together. I have had the chance to get to know a lot of people and a lot of them have become good friends. Terri, Deb, Trix, Hope, Des, Kim, Lauren, Jen, Ree thanks for everything through the year…you have all truly been amazing and I don’t think I would have made it through without you.…it has been a special time and experience. Dee…Thank you for making the board such a special place for Shelle fans and for the time and effort you have put in. Pat…what can I say…it has truly been an honor and a pleasure to work with you on this over the year…I have had so much fun doing it. To everyone that reads….Thank you. It has been a wonderful experience and one that I hope we can continue with. And a special THANK YOU to Miss Trix for the beautiful banner. Now onto the show.

A lot happening today so I’m counting on Pat to pick up my slack.

At Sami’s apt……Lucas wants an explanation as to what Sami said about loving him. She backtracks and has a flashback to the car and her saying I love you…she said I told you I said Will and I don’t know why. She tells him he doesn’t care and he says I don’t but I want an explanation. Lucas tells her this is her chance for a major breakthrough – he tells her that he knows her better than anyone better than himself. There is a knock on the door it is Kate…Sami tells her that her timing is impeccable – she calls Kate the merri widow and tells her to take Lucas and leave…Lucas tells Sami he’ll deal with her later. Sami is crying and Will comes out and gives her a tissue…he tells her he heard everything, Will tells her she’s crying because she is in love – he says it’s Dad – she tells him she can’t make it happen that her and Lucas will be together. Will tells her Lucas loves her. She asks him about it and he says it was in his sleep but he knows that he meant her. He doesn’t want to go back to sleep so they are going to make cookies…he wants to know why Kate doesn’t want them together…she tells Will it would kill Kate for them to be together and then gets a wicked smile on her face….when Kate and Lucas get back she goes up to him and puts a finger on his lip and kisses him….he backs away and then comes in for another one as Kate watches.

At the pub….Lucas and Kate are there for dinner. She tells Lucas not to lie to her she can see through him. He says it is for Sami but Kate knows that Sami has her ‘claws’ in him…he doesn’t deny it. Kate gets up and they head back to the apartment she tells him she has lost her appetite.

At Rex’s loft…..Mimi tells Belle she wants to be there for Rex but if he doesn’t want her there isn’t much she can do…they talk about sex as Mimi tells her that she wishes she had waited….that sex complicates things…Belle says not having sex complicates things and it isn’t as much fun…Mimi tells her not to compromise…Belle is worried that it won’t be all that with Shawn…they talk a bit about Belle’s parents as Belle says she was always the good one and that Sami got pregnant early…she says being married doesn’t guarantee a future….she doesn’t need her parents approval any longer…Mimi explains about the first time….and tells Belle not to do it for the sake of doing it…Belle says I want to do it because I’m in love as they head to the hospital.

At the hospital…Marlena is in with Celeste as we see Celeste having a vision of the mask, the tiger and Marlena. Marlena has in her pocket the meds she gave Tony and gets the syringe ready…but Celeste doesn’t really know (yet)…they talk about Celeste’s physic powers and that she thinks out of the realm…Marlena says you mean you hear dead people…Celeste says you believed me about John killing you as Marlena asks how he is going to kill her and then asks what Caroline saids….she asks Celeste again how her husband is going to kill her as John walks in….he tells them how Tony died and Celeste says I guess we can assume it is an employee as John says good assumption.

Lexie is telling Hope/John how Tony died. She says that whoever killed him is someone they trust…John says he didn’t believe Tony at first but this proves he knew who did it (he goes to see Marlena see above)…Hope is on the phone as Rex comes in…Lexie hugs him and Rex can’t believe it as Lexie tells him what happened. He says Cassie knew who did it and Tony knew who did it…he’s a genius and he hasn’t figured it out yet…he wants to go and see Tony. Hope and Shawn talk as she tells him about the drug…he can’t believe it either and says Bo would be upset by all of this…Hope says we couldn’t keep Abe and Roman safe and they were our own…we had cops guarding the others and couldn’t keep them safe…Tony was prepared and we had cops watching the circus to keep him out…Shawn says it’s like it’s a ghost…Hope says it’s very real…Shawn wants to know if she thinks Billie could help and Hope says what is more important is that your Dad is safer in Europe…Shawn says he’ll be there for her as they hug….Hope is talking to cop on duty asking him questions…he tells her he saw no one expect the medical staff he let in…she berates him a little and he says the doctor was blondish, skinnyish and tallish and Hope says that is a wonderful description…Marlena and John come in….Lexie and Rex go to Marlena as Lexie says Rex wants to see Tony…Marlena doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Lexie disagrees…they leave as the cop spots Marlena and pulls out his cuffs…she asks what is going on he says that is the woman I saw…she explains that she was there after being at the chapel to see Tony…she forgot to tell them…John says maybe you can help…she then remembers a nurse…Hope says what did she look like…she says she had on a surgical mask….Shawn says I’m sure she did…Marlena gives him a look that could kill (very scary)….Shawn walks away as Marlena continues on …..they ask if it could have been Nicole…Marlena isn’t sure….she says she is sorry she couldn’t be more help and turns and leaves with a very evil smile on her face….Hope goes at the cop and relieves him of duty….Rex goes to see Tony in the morgue and keeps repeating I am a DiMera…..he comes back up and thanks Shawn for being there for him…he mentions the Brady/DiMear feud and says he is going to try to figure this out…Shawn say you will…Rex says we will as they shake and Shawn says till the end….(oh, oh)….Lexie wants to take Celeste to see Marlena but then says no…but Celeste wants to do it…in Marlena’s office John comes in and asks Marlena why…she picks up a letter opener and they hug she lifts it up as she says she is sorry…he says you should have told me you were in danger….she says she didn’t think of that…Belle/Mimi arrive as Mimi goes to Rex and says I hope your not mad I’m here…he says no I needed you….Shawn tells Belle he is glad she’s there as she says I couldn’t stay away a minute longer….she wants to talk to him but not there as she tells him she loves him very, very, much…he says the same and they kiss. Celeste and Lexie arrive at Marlena’s office and Lexie says maybe we should wait….Celeste looks in and says killer, Marlena as Marlena stares at her outside the door.

Wonderful performance again today by DH….the looks, the actions…chilling.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Pat's Spoiler...

It’s the one year anniversary of the Sneak Peek today so I would like to take the time to say few thank-you – so please indulge me. First and foremost- Thank You Jan – my partner in ‘peeking’. She has the art form down perfectly – she can say it all so succinctly and cover it beautifully. An art form I obviously haven’t mastered as you will tell by my long rambling report tonight. Thank you to Trix for at one time providing Jan and I with screen caps to use and now posting video clips to go along with the peek. Also thank you to JJ for the caps each night. I know how much work it is for you and we do appreciate it. Thank you to Dee for providing us with the forum that indulges are desire to talk about the show. And last but not least – thank you to all of you that take the time to read it, watch it and look at the caps and then take the time to post about it. Hopefully we’ll be around to celebrate anniversary number two. Thanks again everyone!!!!! I feel so blessed to have found so many new friends.

I have to say right up front that I love the outfit Sami is wearing today…that pale yellow colour suits her. Lucas tells her that he has Will settled for the night as Sami is leafing through a magazine. She tells him to leave and gets up off the couch and starts pushing him out the door. He asks her why she is in such a rush to rid of him. Her answer is because she hates him. He just smiles and says no you don’t you love me. She has a flashback to blurting out that she loves him. She says she explained it already. She said Will loves you. He says I know what you said and I’m not leaving here until you admit you love me. She turns the tables on him and asks him if he hates her so much what difference it makes to him how she feels. He’s pressuring her more when there is a knock on the door. It’s Kate. Sami is not happy to see her and they exchange words. Kate and Lucas leave and Sami starts to cry.

Will comes out of his room and brings tissue to his mom. He tells her he heard everything she said, Dad said and Grandma Kate said. Sami says she’s not crying because of what Grandma Kate said. He says he knows, she is crying because she is in love and it’s with Dad. She tells him it’s time to get to bed. He says it’s okay because Dad loves her too. He told him. Sami looks surprised. She asks him when Lucas told him that. Will tells her he heard his Dad talking in his sleep and he said I love you. When questioned he admits he didn’t say a name but he tells her he knows he meant her. Will can’t understand why Grandma Kate acts like she doesn’t want his parents together. Sami says that Kate would probably hate it if she and Lucas were together and then she gets this look on her face. Oh oh…Sami has a plan…LOL! Will can’t sleep so they decide to make cookies.

Kate and Lucas are having supper at the Brady pub. Lucas again uses Will as the reason he is spending so much time with Sami but Kate tells him he hasn’t been able to lie to her since he was five. She says you let Sami Brady get under your skin. He asks her what happened to giving Sami a chance like she promised Roman. She says you haven’t fallen for Sami, have you? She takes one look at him and gets up and says come on we’re leaving. He says we just got our salads – she tells him she lost her appetite, maybe permanently. They go back to Sami’s and Will and Sami are eating cookies. Lucas asks why he is awake and eating sugar. Sami gets up with a smile on her face and tells Lucas she is so happy that he came back and she kisses him. He looks at her puzzled and then pulls her in for a really deep kiss as Kate watches stunned.

Lexie tells John and Hope that the Salem Stalker made sure Tony couldn’t talk by administering atropine in the hospital. She says the killer left a calling card and I’m holding it. Lexie says the killer didn’t have time to plan this so it has to be someone familiar with drugs and dosages. Someone they all know and trust because they were questioned.

Marlena tells Celeste to talk to her. Celeste calls her gift a curse. She wonders why she can’t identify the killer. She looks at Marlena and sees the killer’s mask, the tiger and Marlena again. Celeste is beginning to panic and Marlena is filling the syringe again. She gets Celeste to sit down. Celeste then says she doesn’t know who the killer is. Marlena says she should have some tests done, she might have a tumour, it could be a psychiatric problem. Celeste disagrees and tells her people should accept that some can go beyond the realm. Marlena says than they would all be talking to the dead. Celeste says but you believe me because I told you Abe and Roman appeared to me and told me Tony was innocent so you testified on his behalf. She reminds her that she also believes her premonition that John is going to kill her. Marlena starts pushing Celeste for more information on how John is going to do this when John walks in and asks what is going on. John than explains that the preliminary autopsy report shows that Tony was poisoned. Celeste asks if that means that the killer is someone on staff at University Hospital. John says it looks that way.

Mimi tells Belle that she feels guilty because they were making love while Tony was dying. She wonders if that is what Rex will be remembering the next time they make love. Mimi mentions that Rex lost his sister, his real father and now the man he thought was his father. Belle says that he is lucky because he has her. Mimi isn’t sure that she is what Rex needs – he needs more than her. Mimi tells Belle that her Rex were together before they even knew each other, before they were committed. Belle says that she has mentioned this before but she thought things had gotten better between them. Mimi says that sex complicates things. She wishes she could go back in time. She wishes that she had waited like they have. Belle tells her that waiting is complicated too and not near as much fun. Mimi tells Belle to trust her and not compromise on this. She should wait until her and Shawn are married and it will be wonderful.

Belle tells Mimi that the walls aren’t that thick and what with the vents and all that they can hear her and Rex when…Mimi is mortified. Belle says how can you say sex is not all that when it obviously is. If you believe the movies and books it’s like you see stars and fireworks. Mimi says well yes it is like that. So Belle says you can have all that and yet you tell me I can’t. Mimi tries to explain what she means – she says it is about being in control of your body and your. Belle will make love to a man after she is totally committed to and has no doubts about. Belle asks her if she has doubts. Mimi says she has. She loves Rex but she doesn’t know if they will spend their lives together. Belle says but she is sure that Shawn and her will. She always believed that if she was ready to have sex she would be ready to get married but face it she’s in college. If she told people that she was ready to marry Shawn they would say she was to young and it would be a huge mistake. Bottom line – she knows that she doesn’t want to be with anyone but Shawn – ever and asks if that isn’t enough of a commitment. She says a wedding ceremony doesn’t guarantee forever. Mimi says you’re talking about your parents now and tells her that they love each other. Belle says their love wasn’t enough to keep them together. Mimi says it was that weird premonition of Celeste’s that caused the problem but she knows that Belle’s Dad would never hurt her Mother. Belle says she was always so worried about letting her parents down, Sami got pregnant as a teenage so she never wanted to disappoint her parents. Mimi asks if that has changed now because they’re separated. Belle says what they think isn’t so important to her anymore. Mimi tells her she has to think about the consequences of having sex. Every month she’ll have to worry because even using protection because there are no guarantees. Belle says that is only one of the reasons. She admits something to Mimi that has never admitted to anyone else. She wonders if she has built this situation up so much in her mind that she can’t live up to it. She asks what if I don’t like being with Shawn and making love is a huge letdown.

Mimi says she doesn’t know what she is expecting but she has to warn her that the first few times with a guy are not that comfortable. So Belle asks why she would ever want to do it again. LOL! Mimi says it’s not bad and then compares it to you know how you feel the first few times you try and run five miles and then when you get used to you kind of have this runners high. Belle says what if there is no high for Shawn and I and says what if I don’t know what to do. Mimi says she will know what to do – what she feels shy and self conscious about – her and Shawn will work it out together. Belle says she is so tired of wondering. Mimi says doing it to just get it over with isn’t a reason to have sex. Belle tells her that she is love – that is why she wants to do it. She points out that Mimi is in love with Rex and they should go to the hospital so they can be with the men they love.

Rex and Shawn are both at the hospital. Lexie hugs Rex and he tells her he’s sorry he should have believed Tony. He abandoned him when he needed him the most. He feels so guilty. He says Tony told me to think like a DiMera. Cassie figured it out and so did Tony and he asks what good his genius IQ is if he can’t put it all together. He asks to see Tony but she thinks it isn’t a good idea. Marlena comes along and hugs Rex as well. She agrees with Lexie – he should remember Tony the way he was. He insists and Lexie takes him to the morgue. LOL – the doctor’s name that is in the morgue is Dr. Scully. Rex views Tony’s body and keeps saying over and over again that he has to think like a DiMera.

Shawn goes to Hope and she tells him the latest about the case – that Tony was killed by someone in the hospital – someone they all know and trust. She comments about how they couldn’t protect their own and now Tony gets killed while he’s under guard. He asks if she really believes that Billie will be able to help with the case. She says that two police commanders have been murdered already – the best place for Bo to be is away from Salem. He promises to stay with her and help her. Hope starts questioning the cop that was on duty guarding Tony’s cubicle as both Shawn and John take notes. Hope is really sarcastic with the cop as she pushes him to remember the name. He says he can’t and when he starts to describe the doctor Marlena hears and turns to leave. The cop points her out and calls out but she keeps walking and then stops and pretends she doesn’t know they were calling her. The cop is going to arrest her and John says put the cuffs away. He asks her why she didn’t say she was in the cubicle; she only mentioned being in her office and the chapel. She says she brought holy water from the chapel – she was only in his cubicle for a few seconds – she never even thought about it. Hope says you were there at the time he went into cardiac arrest. You might know something. Hope asks her if there is anything she can remember. Marlena flashes back to administering the poison and says yes I can help you.

She tells them that a nurse came in. She said hello to the nurse but she didn’t answer. Marlena than says – Oh my, that is strange isn’t it? Hope asks her if she can describe her. Marlena says not really – she was on the tall side and she was wearing a surgical mask. Shawn says sarcastically ‘of course she was’ – OMFG – the look that Marlena gives him is bone-chilling. Hope asks the cop why he didn’t mention the nurse before. He says he didn’t see a nurse but he swears he never left his post. The cop did say the only other person he saw hanging around was Nicole Kiriakis. Hope relieves the cop of his duties saying a respected doctor says there was a nurse in there and you claim you didn’t see one.

Marlena leaves to go back to her office. John looks at her and then goes after her. In her office he tells her that he went over the timeline and realised she was with Tony when he was poisoned. Marlena reaches behind her and picks up a letter opener. He says he has to hold her when he tells her what he figured out. She lets him hold her and she puts her arms around him with the letter opener poised, ready to strike. He asks her why him? She says I’m sorry John and she looks like she is going to stab him. He says you need protection – you were in the room with the killer. She backs away hiding the letter opener behind her on the desk saying oh that is so scary. She lets him hold her again and then she smiles.

Celeste tells Lexie that she Tony came to see her and told her she knows the name of the killer. Lexie asks who it is. Celeste says it is buried in her subconscious and she can’t figure out why the name won’t come to her. Lexie says knows how to help her. She suggests Marlena could hypnotise her. Celeste wonders why she didn’t think of that. They go to look for Marlena and see that she and John are hugging. Lexie tells her mother they will wait to talk to Marlena about helping figure out who the killer is. Celeste looks at Marlena and says killer…Marlena.

Rex thanks Shawn for coming to the hospital to support him even though he says the Brady’s and DiMera’s would always be feuding. Shawn says it must be very confusing for you now. Rex knows he is a Brady but Tony taught him to think like a DiMera which might be just what it takes to catch the killer. Shawn says so you are the one now. Rex says no – us. We’re on the same side and he tells Shawn not to ever forget that. Shawn shakes his hand and says we’re in this together until the end. Gulp…I’m not so sure I like what he said…I hope end is meant figuratively and not literally.

Belle and Mimi show up and Rex is happy to see Mimi. Shawn wraps his arm around Belle’s shoulder and says he is really glad she is here. She tells him that she couldn’t stand to be away from him for a minute longer. He asks if she is okay. She says this isn’t the place to talk about it but I just wanted to tell you I really, really love you. He smiles and says I really, really love you to.

Another powerhouse performance by Deidre Hall. It is simply delicious watching her now that we know she is the killer. Enjoy the show on Monday.

Preview: Marlena asks Celeste why she keeps looking at her like that. Celeste looks at Marlena and sees a figure with a black hooded sweatshirt and the hockey mask and says oh god. Lucas telling Sami he wants the truth right now – he wants to know what really was behind that kiss. Jen telling Mickey (then new Mickey) that she wants to talk to him about updating her will. And last but least…Belle telling Shawn to take her home and make love to her right now and then they kiss.

Tuesday Feb. 3

Pat's Spoiler

Mickey's House: Or should I say Mickey and Bonnie's house? The new temporary Mickey debuted tonight. Bonnie and Jen have been invited for supper - they didn't know Bonnie was there. Mickey is in jeans, country and western shirt, bolo tie and cowboy boots. Jen is very willing to give Bonnie the benefit of the doubt but Julie is on to her - big time!

Of course the food is the stuff that was supposed to served to the hospital board members after the circus. Bonnie offers alcohol and Julie is shocked. She serves chips and dips - the expression on Julie's face when dips into the salsa...priceless. Then she sips the 'lemonade' and finds out it's spiked...Julie is not impressed with Bonnie's plans to change Tuscany into a 'hootenany' as she refers to it. She reminds Mickey that Tuscany was very dear to Maggie and she would like it to remain the way it is. Mickey is not so sure anyone will want to eat there after Roman's murder. Julie offers to run the place. Bonnie serves the supper and imagines Julie's face instead of the roasted pig's head and when in her fantasy Julie calls her a Tammy Wynetter wanna be she stuffs an apple in her mouth.

After supper Jen helps Mickey clean up as Julie and Bonnie get to know one another better. Jen tells Mickey that she has complete faith that Jack is watching over his family and both her and the baby will be okay but she wants to update her will. Julie just asks Bonnie a question and Bonnie spots Mickey coming back and bursts into tears.

Hospital: Okay Marlena is just plain freaky LOL! Lexie tells Marlena that she wants her to help her mother figure out who the killer is. Celeste is very upset. Marlena says let me help you. Celeste she doesn't want any help from her. She keeps saying she sees death all around Marlena. Marlena reaches for the letter opener. Huh??? Does she think she can take out Celeste, John and Lexie in her office and no one would be the wiser. Celeste says she sees blood on Marlena.

Belle and Shawn come in and Belle is freaked out and she asks if Marlena is going to die next. Celeste says she doesn't see Marlena dying she just sees death all around her. John says that's it, I'm moving back in tonight. Marlena says no you are not. Belle looks shocked. I loved how Shawn moved closer to her and looked down at her because he knew she would be upset.

Celeste says there is so much death around Marlena...it's so strong she can smell it...LOL! Belle says then she is going to die. Celeste says no the serial killer is not going to kill her. Belle challenges Celeste and says she either heard Caroline wrong or she's lying. Celeste says I am right, your father will kill your mother. At this point Belle is in tears begging her mother to let her father move back in to protect her. She says she just can't do that now. She says they need to talk to her alone and they can talk about anything they want to.

They go out and Marlena promises her that the killer will not come after her nor will the killer go after Belle. Belle asks if she can promise that for everyone else. Marlena says no. Belle says you can't promise that the killer won't come after you either. Marlena says I can promise the killer will not attack me. She hugs Belle and asks her if she has ever broken a promise to her. She says no.

Inside Marlena's office John apologises to Celeste for Belle's behaviour. Frankly John should have asked her to keep her doom and gloom to herself...LOL. Celeste says she is just afraid and she has reason to be - we all have reason to be afraid. They ask her if she has any sense of who the next victim will be. She says the killer doesn't know that herself yet but she will kill again and it will be soon.

Sami's apartment: Sami, Sami, Sami...I know why you're kissing Lucas - that little peek over his shoulder to make sure Kate was watching...tsk...tsk. I'm sorry but again this is all about Sami and I loved that Kate pointed it out to her later. She knows how much Will wants his parents to get back together and yet just to get under Kate's skin she kisses Lucas right in front of Will. Will is so excited and happy about this. Especially when Kate asks what is going on. First Sami pretends she didn't know Kate was there then she tells them about Lucas kissing her in the clown car and that she liked it.

Well at this point Will is on cloud nine, Lucas is wondering what is going on and Kate is not too happy. Sami tells Kate and Lucas that she kissed him to see if maybe they were falling in love but she doesn't know. Maybe it was all just in the heat of the moment reacting to the danger. Will and Lucas go to his apartment and Kate asks Sami what she is up to. Sami tries to throw Kate off balance by apologising. They start exchanging barbs and Sami tries to use Kate's promise to Roman to her advantage. Kate figures out what she is doing and she calls Sami on it. She tells her that her need to hurt her is going to hurt the one person Sami claims to love, Will. Lucas comes in and tells them that Tony died without naming the killer. After Kate leaves Lucas wants Sami to tell him what really was behind that kiss.

At the beginning of the show in the hospital Shawn mentions that Rex was very upset about Tony's death. Belle wonders if they should have went back to the loft with him. He says that Rex has Mimi. Belle agrees saying that Mimi can comfort him in ways no one else can. Shawn says sarcastically...You mean by having sex. She says it's comfort. She wants to forget everything for one night. She tells him to take her home and make love to her and then kisses him.

He kisses back her back and says not like this Belle. She says don't you love me? He says you know I do. He tells her you don't want it like this when you're all upset. He says I'm with you every night holding you and when we get home...She doesn't want to here and she turns away. He tells her that the first time they make love it should be about them only and for no other reason. She thanks him talking some sense into her and for being there for her and they go to find her father.

Preview: Jen telling Julie show knows she wants the best for Uncle Mickey but she went to far tonight...Julie looks crushed. Samis asks Lucas if he has feelings for her. He says you are the mother of my son but she wants to know if he has feelings for her besides that. Marlena telling John that things will never be okay because she is the killer.

Wednesday Feb. 4

Pat's Spoiler

Penthouse: John John John – Marlena blurts out that she is the killer and he tells her that she meant to say that she thinks that she will be the killer’s next victim. Marlena didn’t even have to come up with her own excuses. He asks to stay and sleep on the couch. She says no - she doesn’t want a body guard. He tells her if she won’t do it for him then do it for Belle. All Belle and Brady want is their family together. He asks her what she wants. She wants him to leave and she pounds on his chest and tells him to get out and runs up the stairs. John is just totally crushed and near tears. I felt so sorry for him.

Okay Marlena is downright scary as she looks through her scrapbook. To watch her smoothing down the corners of the newspaper clippings just seems to emphasize how ruthless and cold she is. Great shot when they cut from sketch of the eyes that Maggie did to her eyes. A quick flashback to Roman’s expression when he says her unmasks her and then her slitting his throat. Next she flips to a picture of Celeste on the cover of the Intruder and says if Celeste figures out she is the killer she will die and so will anyone else that gets too close. She then remembers what John said before he left – he vowed to catch ‘this maniac’. She picks up his picture and we see blood dripping on it. She’s cut her finger on a scalpel. She cleans the blood off the scalpel and sticks it back in her pocket. She cleans the blood off the picture saying she can’t lose John. She has to stop this killing. She then says John would be the only one that would understand and that she has to go find him and tell him what she’s done.

Basic Black: Kate goes to her office. She wants to figure out a way to stop Sami from hurting Lucas. She tells Roman she’s sorry but she can’t keep her promise to him at the expense of her son’s well-being. John comes in and they talk about Tony and Roman. I really like the way Kate talks about her relationship with Roman. She tells John that she thinks Sami is the killer but he says she isn’t. John says that this woman is the most ruthless killer Salem has ever seen. They talk about Sami again and neither John nor Kate can figure out how two such fine people as Roman and Marlena could have a child like Sami. John says there isn’t a mean bone in Marlena’s body and she’s willing to help anyone. He tells her that she is going to work with Celeste. Kate wonders what the motivation for these killings could be and John says if they knew that they would know who the killer was. She wonders if she could have done something to prevent Roman’s murder and she cries. John hugs her and Marlena watches saying that even John betrays her. She pulls out the scalpel and advances into the room – good lord that look on her face…YIKES!

Bonnie turns on major waterworks when Julie tells her to stay away from Mickey. Mickey is not happy and tells Julie that Bonnie is a guest in her home. Julie says you are being taken advantage of. Bonnie says she’s leaving but she’ll clean the kitchen first – LOL – that way she gets to listen to the conversation. Julie doesn’t pull any punches. She tells Mickey that they don’t even recognise him any longer and of course she talks about his wardrobe. Mickey says he knows how to look after himself. Julie tells him he is vulnerable. She can see it and so can others and there are those that would take advantage of that. Julie than notices that Maggie’s porcelain collection is missing and Jen sees some of the stuff they collected on their travels is missing. Julie says that Bonnie probably pawned it and both Jen and Mickey are shocked by that. Jen tries to play peacemaker and asks him not to make any big decisions in the next little while. Julie says yeah like changing Tuscany into the OK Corral or re-upholstering the furniture in rawhide. Bonnie remembers taking the collection to a pawnshop and swapping it for an Elvis picture with lights on the frame and the jumpsuit that light up. She starts rummaging in her purse looking for the pawn ticket. Mickey excuses himself to go see Bonnie and he apologises for Julie…sheesh. Bonnie tells him that she hates that his family treat him like an old man when he’s in the prime of his life…viral…Blech…She tells him she’ll come by tomorrow unless he doesn’t want her (more waterworks) and of course he says he looks forward to it. Jen tells Bonnie that she went too far. They talk more and then laugh at the absurdity of Mickey following for someone like Bonnie. They also discuss the baby and Jen reaffirms that the baby is a gift from Jack and she believes that everything will work out in the end.

Sami’s apartment: The conversation between Sami and Lucas today is great, I just wish I didn’t have to sit and wonder if Sami was playing Lucas or actually being honest for one of the rare times in her adult life. You see the vulnerability and the shyness…yikes, shy…Sami. Okay after watching through to the end I think she was so honest it scared her and she resorted to her usual attack and deny strategy. I just love how they pussyfoot around each other. It’s so obvious that they are in love but neither one of them will ever admit it and that is because they both think that would give the other a hold over them. Also the other one could just be yanking their chain to set the other one for a fall. Lots of talk on Sami’s part about the itty-bit towels he would parade around in, his six-pack, his rippling muscles…LOL! I do believe someone has been reading message boards. She finally admits that she kissed him because she wanted to know if she had feelings for him. He asks if she does. She says she doesn’t know if she can let herself get involved again. Every guy she’s loved has abandoned her and she doesn’t know if she can recover from that again. She likens it to hurting as bad as if every bone in your body is broken. He asks if she wants to be a couple. He is going to kiss her again but she stops him and that’s where the fighting starts. He tells her that she shouldn’t have kissed him in front of Will. Before long she is going to slap him and he grabs first one arm and then the other and they almost kiss again. She tells him that kissing him was liking kissing a mackerel and she needs to brush her teeth. He leaves despondent and she looks very sad.

Preview: Marlena with John – she is crying – she says she wants to tell him something – it’s more of a confession. Will telling Lucas that his mom is having trouble sleeping too and maybe he should stay. Victor telling Brady that she is very dangerous and until she is caught we need to proceed with extreme caution. Belle looking at Shawn with a very puzzled look on her face asking him if this means that we’re engaged. He’s holding a flat box in his hand with a huge smile on his face.

Okay...I'm going out on a limb here and I may well have to eat crow along with Terri and Deb but there is no way that box Shawn is holding is a ring box. It's too flat and it looks rectangular. So Terri are we flipping a coin for the beak or are we sharing...LOL!

Thursday Feb. 5

Jan's spoilers......Pat is away for the weekend so you are stuck with me…LOL. I watched the show at work so you’ll have to forgive me for any mistakes I made…I tried to catch most of it.

Shelle....Shawn and Belle in bed (Belle is wearing the nightgown Shawn gave her for Christmas)...he is holding her and she is talking about the tiger attack and wants to know when it will end. He says it almost ended tonight all that is needed is one break, one slip up and the police will put the killer behind bars. Belle can't believe the killer is still out there. He says that is why he is glad she is her safe and in his arms. She says Tony thought he was safe and look what happened. He says let's get some sleep. She says I can't. He says he has something for her to help her get her mind off everything. A surprise. She asks what kind of surpise, he says if I told you it wouldn't be much of a surprise. He comes back in with a box behind his back. He pulls it out and she looks at him and asks if he is sure. He says it is an early Valentine's day gift. She opens it and it is a cross...she says it is beautiful. He tells her about Caroline and after her catching them in the bride's room...she says it was embarassing. He says Caroline talked to him before she died about the chalice and how she wanted their names engraved on it to carry on the family tradition. He says that she wanted her to wear her wedding dress and the cross goes with the dress. Belle looks up at him and asks if this means they are engaged. He sort of stumbles over the words and says engaged to be engaged...as she smiles at him and he tells her he loves her and they kiss.

Belle thanks Shawn for the beautiful pre-engagement present. She isn't sure about a future when her parents marriage is falling apart. Shawn tells her that his parents have been through a lot and their love has pulled them through. She says but Celeste never predicted that your father would kill your mother. He tries to hold her & she pushes him away telling him that if something happend to her parents due to a murder she doesn't think marriage or children are in her future and maybe she shouldn't accept the necklace. Shawn tells her her parents love each other and they work through it. My parents have worked through things because of their love. Look at us we love each other and we've had our rough spots and worked through them. She says you mean when you lied to me about being the father of Jan's baby. He says it was the worst mistake of my life, I almost lost you. She says @ least she's gone and out of our lives and we don't have to see her again. With everything happening I couldn't deal with seeing Jan right now. Shawn tells her he has an idea, let's forget about Jan. She says forgotten. He tells her we will concentrate on the good things. She says if you'll help. He tells her to turn around and pulls out the necklace to put on. She asks if he needs help, he says no I'm an expert, I took a class at Salem U. He puts on the necklace and tells her he loves her and they kiss.

Lumi....Sami comes out as Lucas is doing arm curls. She says admit it Lucas you have feelings for me - he says I hate you - you are a lyuing manipulative bitch - she hits him over the head with a frying pan and wakes up says admit you love me as she is squeezing an ice cream container. Lucas is fantasizing about Sami in bed as he hits her with a pie in the face and then goes in for a kiss, he is woken by Will's screams. Lucas runs in to Sami's apt as as Will explains his nightmare to both of them. (it is about the tiger)...Sami says she'll make him some warm milk. Will says he wants them together. He and grandma saw them kiss and knows they like each other. Lucas says it is time for him to go to bed but he says Mom is scared to and he wants Lucas to stay with Sami.

Sami is crying and Lucas wants to know what is wrong. She tells him he doesn't care, he hates her. He says he doesn't hate her. She says with everything that has happened today I'm a mess. She doesn't want him to leave. He goes to get her some warm milk. He plays with the strap of her slip (nightgown)and then goes in for a kiss...Kate is watching and says she isn't going to let this happen.

Kiriakis mansion - Vic and Brady talk about Nicole (as she listens)...Brady asks why he doesn't go to the police. Vic says he wants solid proof - he knows Nicole will lie her way out of it (Nic to herself says she'll stop Vic one way or another)...Vic says when he has the proof he needs no matter how long it takes he'll go to the police and she'll be finished. Brady leaves and runs into Nicol. He can't believe her - she tells him that she needs him to protect her from Victor. Brady says he doesn't want to be involved anymore and tells her he is going to phone Chloe. Victor comes out and tells her that she seems to have lost Brady....he is going to get the proof that is needed and the her life will be over. Brady is talking to Chloe on the phone. He tells her that he quesses Nicole is fine..he is staying out of her way. He tells her he is glad she is safe in Europe and that he is sure the serial killer won’t come after him. Vic comes in and asks if he was speaking to Chloe…he says yes. Vic says to concentrate on Chloe, he’ll take care of Nicole.

Basic Black - Marlena is watching Kate and John. She is holding the scalpel and says you went after Roman now you are going after John...I can't let that happen. Kate tells John that Marlena must be crazy to turn away from him now. John says she is upset by everything that is happeing. Marlena talking to herself says he won't protect me, he'd turn me in, let me go to death row. She makes a noise and John tells Kate to lock herself in her office as he starts to chase Marlena (I can't believe they miss each other)... Kate is hiding in her office as John searches for the source of the noise. Kate comes out of her office and is looking around as John puts his hand over her mouth. He hears a noise and tells Kate to be quiet. He finds Marlena and pulls her out of the stairwell. He says I could have killed you...she tells him that she came to see him...she didn't like the way things were left at the penthouse. She notices the lipstick on his collar and he explains that Kate was upset and that he was there for her. Kate leaves. Marlena tells him that maybe she should go so he can comfort Kate. He says no and hugs her....she tells him that she wants to confess...he asks confess what. She says why she came to see him. While holding her she has flashesback to killing Abe, Maggie and Roman...you see the scalpel in her pocket and a tear in her eye.

YKW is kissng a pic of Shawn - Nicole arrives and she hides the pics. she wants to know how Nicole found her. Nic tells her that she isn't the only one good @ stalking. YKW asks if she is still her friend, she told Dr. Evans she had a friend. Nic says hold it you aren't totally crazy are you, I can't use you if you are. She says she isn't crazy she just wants Shawn. Nic can't believe that she went to her enemies mother. YKW says that Dr. Evans won't betray her. Nic tells her to stay away from Shawn and not to let him see her. YKW says I know what you want, you want Brady. Nic sees the pics and asks if she is building a shrine to Shawn, with candles and the works. She then asks YKW's plans...YKW tells her that when the time is right she'll let Shawn know she's there and he'll leave Belle. Nic says that's it, that's your plan. YKW says you don't know Shawn like I do....Nic says I know enough to tell you NO it won't happen like that you need a plan. She wants to know the plan...Nic says listen to me and do what I say. You do what I tell you and we'll help each other and neither of us will get caught.

Monday Feb. 9

Jan’s Spoilers……

At the Kriakis mansion…..Nicole puts cuffs on her and Brady….she tells Brady that he’ll be her alibi….Vic can’t believe it and gets Henderson to try to cut them off. It doesn’t work but Brady thinks he knows someone who can help…he picks her up can carries her out…..later Vic is sitting reading as we see the alarm shut off and the lights go out….he gets his gun and we see a shadow behind him….(not sure if it’s John or Jan but I’m thinking John as he said he was going to Victor’s)

Lumi…..Sami wants Will to know he has a normal family. While painting her toe nails Sami is telling Will’s teacher that both her and Lucas love camping. Lucas goes in for a kiss as Will arrives home. They are both excited as they tell Will but he doesn’t look overly happy about the idea. Will says he knows them and Sami will probably chase someone with a knife. Sami promises to behave and so does Lucas as they prepare to head off. Arriving at the campsite the teacher comes over to see them. She tells them that the kids will be sleeping in an ecotent and gives Lumi a tent of their own. Sami asks where she will be sleeping and she tells her with her husband. Sami goes off saying she isn’t sleeping with him…Will is watching….Pam comes over (it is Sharon Osborne) and she offers to let Sami sleep in her tent…Lucas pulls her aside and tells her that they have to behave for Will’s sake….Sami tells Pam the arrangements have been made as Pam winks at her….Sami and Lucas put the tent up and crawl in for the night…..a snake crawls in…Sami looks under the cover and says snake…no it’s not…as Lucas says I’m not poisonous….LOL

At the penthouse…..John/Marlena/Celeste are talking as Celeste is worried about the killer finding out that she knows their identity. John assures her everything will be fine…Marlena heads upstairs to get the room ready..she goes to a secret drawer and pulls out a knife and hides it under her pillow….she comes back down to get Celeste…they head upstairs as John watches….there is a knock on the door…Brady and Nicole arrive and Brady wants him to get him out of the cuffs. He tries to pick the lock as Nic tells him good luck…he tells Brady he wants him to move out of the mansion and away from ‘her’..he can’t get the cuffs off and calls Nicole a piece of work…they leave to shop as John remembers that Celeste mentioned the killer was near and thinks of Nicole…he is on the phone with Hope and tells her he is heading to Victors…he sets the alarm as upstairs it goes off…Marlena tells Celeste John went out and the are now alone…she puts her under as Celeste remembers the killer but not the face….she opens her eyes and looks at Marlena and says it’s you…..she is still under…Marlena gets the knife but Celeste can’t put a face to the body….Marlena pulls out a jacket and notices the button missing she puts it away as Celeste pleads with her to stop it…she doesn’t want to know who it is…Marlena holds the knife to her and says she will never utter the killers name….

At the store Nicole receives a message from YKW and tells her she better show up or she’ll tell Shawn…she goes into the changing room….covers Brady’s eyes and gives him ear plugs…YKW shows up and Nicole gives her a key. Cute scenes today with Brady & Nicole.

At the circus……Shelle arrive but Belle isn’t sure they should be there…with the tiger on the loose and the killer…she wonders if the killer will come back and Shawn says that is what he is counting on…Inside Shawn says he is hoping to find a clue. Belle asks what if the killer show up now…he says enough time has passes…if he could get his hands on her…Belle says Shawn and he says I know I’ll be happy with a small clue. He climbs up to the cat walk as Belle stays below. He finds something and bends down to pick it up (with a Kleenex)someone sneaks up behind Belle and she turns and screams…Shawn swings down on a rope and jumps on the guy……it is someone that works there…he tells Shelle he is going to the police so Shawn says they work for them as Belle gives him a funny look…he says his mother is acting police commander as his father is out of town and they are working for them…the guy decides it is fine for them to stay…they go back up and find the button and piece of cloth…Belle tells him that it looks like it is from a womans’ jacket.

Tuesday Feb. 10

Pat's Spoilers:

Kudos to Tanya Boyd and Deidre Hall - they rocked the house today!

Kiriakis Mansion: Finally someone on a soap mentioned that they needed a potty break – of course it’s Nicole and she’s handcuffed to Brady – figures. I don’t know if this is a new set or if we’re getting to see more of his bedroom…but I think it’s new. More back and forth insults between them as she tells him that she had Henderson buy her the handcuffs at an adult store. He wants to know if he also picked up a series of her porn videos. Nicole plays him for such a sucker working an apology out of him. Sigh and here we have it – the return of Aus-dumb. He decides he’s hungry and she says she can cook. As they’re opening a can of tuna she jerks it up and it splashes over Brady and then she starts licking his face and telling him he’s good enough to eat – can I just say…EWWWW. Of course they’re forced to shower together…I imagine this is supposed to make us see chemistry between them…doesn’t work with me. LOL – all it did was make my stomach turn. They hear what sounds like a gunshot. Surprisingly they get fully clothed pretty quickly – much faster than it took Nicole to get out of her panties and go to the house – which must mean they were at the studio Vic built for Brady. Nicole’s fantasy about Victor being dead is just out and out disgusting. Brady emails Chloe as Nicole sends a text message to Jan telling her to get her part of the job done today or else.

Victor hears a voice and turns gun extended. John grabs him from behind and grabs his arms and tell Vic not to even think it. He tells Vic that it took him no time at all to get through his security system. Vic reminds him that he installed it and therefore has an advantage over everyone else. John tells the Salem Stalker is very smart and if it is Nicole than she has a bigger advantage because she lives in his house. John is upset that a suspect has handcuffed herself to his son and wants Vic to give him whatever evidence he has against Nicole. Victor tells him that he is convinced Nicole is the killer and tells John that if anything happens to him Nicole will be the cause of it. John gets a 911 page from Belle and tells Victor they’ll finish this later. Vic hopes they get the chance.

Penthouse: Oh goodness, Celeste pleads with Marlena to save her from this killer by making sure she never figures out who the killer is. Celeste talks about how much time she lost with Lexie because of Stefano DiMera and she doesn’t want to lose that time with her grandson. Marlena is so sympathetic to Celeste’s plight and tells her she understands talking to her all the while holding that darn knife. Celeste gasps and tells Marlena that the killer is thinking about her at this very moment and that she can see the blade of the knife and the gloved hand. Marlena puts the knife down and opens a drawer and starts pulling on black gloves telling Celeste that she will make sure that her horrible dreams are a thing of the past and that she will be able to rest in peace. GULP – the look on her face.

Celeste then says that she sees something. When Marlena says what – Celeste answers ‘you.’ She tells Marlena she sees death all around her and that she is going to die no matter what – her fate is sealed. Marlena wonders if all the deaths were in vain and decides she has to end it now. She pulls one glove off and holds the blade to her wrist. She then decides she has too much to live for and puts the knife down. Celeste gasps and says she sees something new – a blue button. Marlena is very sarcastic and reminds her that isn’t new, she already mentioned it. Celeste says they are so close. When Marlena says who, she says your daughter Belle, John and Shawn. Marlena freaks out…great job from her in the following scene as she pushes Celeste to tell her how much they know. Celeste says it’s not clear to me or to them about what they know. Marlena yells at her to shut up and screams that no one cares about her silly vibes and premonitions and no one will ever have to listen to them again as approaches her with knife in hand and John opens the door yelling ‘Stop’.

Campsite: Sami feels something and tells Lucas to move away from her and keep his bodily parts away from her. He tells her he’s five feet away from her – he’s good, but not THAT good…LOL! She sees the snake. Very funny sequences as he tries to get rid of the snake and get Sami to shut up all at the same time. Sami won’t let him kill the snake and somehow they get around to how she wouldn’t mind killing if it was his mother. He tells that it’s not poisonous but she’s not convinced. When he grabs the snake and throws it out of the tent he fakes a snake bite. Sami gets almost hysterical as she begs him not to die – she needs him. She offers to cut the bite and suck the venom out and Lucas tells her that it’s not necessary. She pushes his hand off his arm and realises that he tricked her. She gets angry at him for pulling that kind of stunt with everything that is going on all to find out how she feels about him. He reminds her that she told him she needed him. She says for Will, for the child support she pays that helps feed both her and Will. They stop arguing and go to sleep but Sami sits and stares at Lucas. She asks for extra blankets and he notices her sleeping bag is gone – she threw it out because of the snake. She crawls into his and then has a dream that …well…you’ll have to watch that for yourselves…LOL…it’s cute. He wakes her up and tells her she was talking in her sleep and he just smiles when she asks him what she said. She hears a noise and is worried that it’s the tiger. He says the tiger was spotted in Brooksville this morning and to take her mind off the tiger they start a pillow fight. The tent is collapsed over them. Will stands outside and picks up the snake and tells the snake his job is done.

Circus tent: We still a black gloved hand loosened the rope and then a sandbag falling – Shawn screams for Belle to watch out as the sandbag hits her. He hurries down the ladder and runs to her. She is on the ground with the sandbag on top of her. She is fine – just shaken up. This irks ykw and she calls Belle a cockroach and vows to find a way to kill her. Shawn figures the sandbag just came untied but Belle is worried that it could be the stalker and she wonders if the stalker is there right now. Then we hear ykw ‘thinking’ that she is not stalking Shawn like Nicole claims and that she only hurts people that deserve it and no one deserves it more than Belle.

Belle pulls herself from Shawn’s embrace and asks for his cell phone so she can call her Dad. When he asks her what she is going to tell him she says I’ll tell him that it was an accident – there’s no way the serial killer is here now. As she is dialing Shawn sees someone skulking behind the bleaches and tells Belle that someone is there watching them. She doesn’t see anyone and tells him that if he plans on going after someone who may just have tried to kill them that he doesn’t have a gun or any way to protect himself. He know but he won’t let them be sitting ducks – he promises. She agrees but tells him that whatever he’s thinking of doing he’s not doing it without her. His turn to agree as they go looking for the person.

Okay…either ykw is the world’s fastest quick change and make-up artist in the world or Shawn and Belle took a detour to Saskatchewan in their search because they chase ykw to an area that has curtained off dressing rooms where Belle sees a shadow. Shawn picks up a bat and pulls the curtain open and there’s a clown in full costume, coloured wig and clown make-up – it’s ykw. (I love how these bats are conveniently on hand – LOL). They apologise and as she scurries off Belle comments that it’s the creepiest clown she’s ever seen and Shawn wonders what a clown is doing there when the circus is over. Belle tells the clown to stop. She tells Shawn that maybe the button came off the costume. They check and see that it couldn’t have. After the clown leaves they talk about the button and where it was found. Belle says it had to have come from the killer because the circus workers were all in sweats. Shawn says the killer wears sweats as well but Belle says she probably changed after to blend in with everyone else – calling it her ‘regular person disguise.’ Belle is trying to remember where has seen the button before. Shawn says it’s just a blue button. She tells him that she is in fashion design and that this button is very unique – probably specially made, maybe even by Basic Black.

John shows up and asks why she paged him. She says because of what they hope was an accident and they explain what happened to Belle. He asks them why they are there. They look at one another and John figures it out. John warns them to stay out of the investigation. He tells Belle that he has enough to worry about with her Mother and what she’s going through without having to worry about her. She apologises but says ‘look we found a clue’. Shawn passes him the button that he was holding with his latex glove. Oh speaking of those gloves…I was lmao when he pulled them out of his jeans pocket…why is Shawn carrying latex gloves with him??? John looks at it and says OMG. He says there is blood on it and this is a major clue but he tells them to leave the rest of the investigation to the professionals. Shawn says no offence John but the police missed this one and with his father out of town the cops could use all the help they can get. Belle says the button looks so familiar and asks if it is a Basic Black design. John doesn’t think so but as he stares at it he says it looks familiar to him too and then he says OMG no. He tells them not to say a word about this to anyone. He stresses that this is life and death and he has never been more serious in his life. Meanwhile back to ykw still in the clown costume receiving Nicole’s ‘or else’ threat on her PDA. She mutters that Nicole doesn’t know what her real plans are. She tells herself that she can look at doing Nicole’s job as practice for what she is going to do when it really counts. Shawn is worried about Belle because he can feel that she is shaking. She asks him if he thinks that her Dad knows who the killer is. Shawn says it seems like it. She thought it would be good news but by the way her father sounded it scared her even more. As she wonders what is happening to all of them he holds her close.

Sooooo – ykw’s true purpose is finally revealed. She’s out to kill Belle – I think Jan called that right from the start and I joined her after a few episodes of watching ykw. This is all about getting rid of Belle. Her delusions might let her believe that all she has to do is show herself to Shawn and he’ll be all over her but her sane mind knows that as long as Belle is in the picture Shawn will never have anything to do with her. Too bad that she doesn’t realise that even if Belle wasn’t around he still wouldn’t look twice at her. Ah delusions…sometimes they are comforting things…LOL!.

Preview: Shawn saying to Bonnie – ‘It’s Belle,” and Bonnie asking if he knocked her up – LOL – the look on Shawn’s face. Sami caressing Lucas’ face asking him to make love to her as he lowers her to the ground. Nicole and Brady in a bar (I think) – she tells him that she wants to dance. He says no – she says fine she’ll find another partner and he’ll have to stand next to them looking like a doofus. John asking Marlena what she’s doing with the knife. She answers that she thinks he knows and that he also knows she wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

Wednesday Feb. 11

Pat's Spoilers...

Mickey’s: Shawn looks shocked and checks the house number when Mrs. Lockhart answers the door. Bonnie tells she’s expecting Mickey so he goes inside. She asks him what the problem is, he says Belle. Bonnie assumes he ‘knocked her up’. LMAO…at the look Shawn gives her. He says no Belle had a rough day, she was almost crushed by a falling sandbag possibly dropped by the serial killer. He wants to give her a valentines day that she will never forget and he wants to ask Mickey if he can use Tuscany. Mickey comes home and mentions that it his and Maggie’s anniversary. Shawn apologises. Mickey has a memory of special anniversary/Valentine’s celebration he had arranged for Maggie. Suzanne Rogers looks gorgeous. He tells Shawn no. Bonnie intervenes and says what better way to honour Maggie than by letting young lovers like Belle and Shawn share a special time together. It would be a legacy. Mickey agrees. He gave the keys to Doug and Julie so he tries to phone and let them know that Shawn is coming over. (Julie tells Doug not to answer the phone because the place is closed). Mickey remembers he has a spare set of keys in his bedroom and tells Shawn he’ll get them and that the decorations are in the storage room. When he goes up Bonnie offers to help Shawn and he tries to protest but she’s gone up the stairs in a flash saying that she’ll prove she’s the better person for the job and that Julie Horton Williams can kiss her grits.

Tuscany: Doug and Julie meet Mickey there to go over the inventory and decide what to with it. That is if Mickey hasn’t changed his mind and decided to keep Tuscany open and let Julie run it. Mickey reminds them of the date and Julie realises she forgot it would have been their anniversary. Mickey goes home and leaves them there. Julie wonders if he should be alone. Doug thinks it would be the best thing for him. Julie is worried that Bonnie will throw herself at him. She refers to Bonnie as a ‘bottom feeder.’ She then decides to throw a Valentine’s Day party – special invite only to show Mickey that she is the right person to run Tuscany.

Kiriakis mansion: Brady drags Nicole downstairs so he can work on the plans for the opera house. He tells Victor that they won’t bother him. As he works, Nicole sends a message to ykw who is at the Cheating Heart (is she old enough to be in a bar?) telling her that time is running out. Brady sees that part of the message and asks her what it means and who is she sending it to. Vic gets a phone call and steps out of the room. Vic tells his lawyer that if he dies Nicole is to get nothing and he tells him to make sure that the safe is not opened in the presence of his heir because he’s on the police force. Nicole tells Brady not to read her private correspondence but he just lifts his hand up and tells her it’s difficult not to. She says she is talking to her lawyer. She wants to go out and tells Brady they should go for a drive so ykw can do her job. She told her that she had to kill Victor now. They head to the Cheating Heart. They’re on the dance floor when Brady gets paged and says he has to go back to fax some papers to the European offices that just opened. Nicole is hoping that Vic will be dead by the time they get there. She’s going to be one rich widow (her thoughts).

Vic is working on his laptop as ykw uses the key to come in. (Not too bright, doesn’t wear gloves). We see her fantasizing about picking up a crystal vase and dropping it on his head. She wonders if she can actually kill someone – she’s never done it before but then she tells herself she has because she loves Shawn. She hides in the closet when Henderson comes in. After he leaves she picks up the vase and stands behind Vic.

Campsite: Sami is griping that Lucas fell asleep so quickly after the set up the tent again. He rolls over and wraps his arm around her. She bugs him about his ‘body parts’ and he says he know how to make his problem an opportunity and starts kissing her neck. She tells him to stop. He tells her to look him in the eye and if she can honestly say she doesn’t want him to kiss her he’ll stop. She can’t, they kiss. Wow…hot, hot, hot. They kiss more. She says they shouldn’t be doing this. He says he fantasizes about making love to her and he knows fantasizes about him. She tells him to make both their fantasizes come true and make love to her. They do and when it’s over he says he has another fantasy he wants to make a reality. He wants to give Will the family he craves and he asks her to marry him. She says yes and they start kissing again…and then she wakes up with a start.

She wonders what the hell that was about and she grabs her shoes and jacket and gets out of the tent. She is disgusted with herself for having those fantasies. Lucas startles her and she gets angry with him. He tells her to get back in the tent because it’s so cold but she refuses. He wants to hold her to warm her up but she grabs her jacket. He offers to start the fire for her and she tells him she can gather wood and do it herself. He warns her about the tiger and she tells him to stop trying to scare her – the tiger is miles away, he said so himself. So off she goes. She ends up in cave and bends down to pick up some wood but loses her balance and falls into a pit. Back at the campsite Lucas is wondering where she is. Sami figures she can climb out of the pit when she here’s a sound. She calls out telling Lucas she is not scared. She then hears the tiger growl and sees the shadow of the tiger.

Penthouse: John bursts in and tells Marlena to stop. Celeste comes out of her trance and gasps when she sees the knife in Marlena’s hand and she rushes to John’s side. John asks what she is doing with the knife. She says I think you know. John says it is his fault. He told her to be careful and she knows that even a security system is not enough so she brought the knife up for protection. She says he is right. She heard someone coming up the stairs so she pulled it out of the drawer. I can’t believe they buy that…LOL. John tells them that Shawn and Belle found a clue on the catwalk. He pulls out the bag with the button and Celeste says she saw the killer wearing that suit. He asks her to hold it and see if she gets any vibes. She gets nothing. Marlena is kind of scoffing at this idea. John asks Celeste if it would better if she could hold it in her hand. Marlena says you can’t do that you would be contaminating evidence. John says he’s willing to risk it. Marlena is trying to get to her closet to close the door but John tells her to stay still so she doesn’t interfere with Celeste’s concentration. She stands by the knife and as Celeste says she sees something she picks up the knife. Celeste tells John she doesn’t see the killer but the suit was in Barron’s Department store. John phones there and they’re off to catch a killer. Marlena has a gun in purse. She is certainly prepared…LOL! At the store the clerk that sold the suit to Marlena is the one that was sent to help them. Marlena keeps her back to her. She says only twelve suits were ordered, one left in the store and out of the eleven sold five only were charged to a credit card. John can eliminate all those so he tells Celeste to go home. She tells Marlena she’ll call and set up another session. John and Marlena are just about to leave when the clerk says wait I sold that woman one of the suits…Marlena turns and looks at them.

All I can say is that Lucas and Sami are sssssmokin' hot in that fantasy...LOL! and Marlena continues to creep me out big time! Excellent performances by Deidre Hall.

Preview: Nicole stripping and telling Brady that she sleeps better naked. Sami yelling at Lucas for leaving her to be eaten by a tiger as he rushes out of the cage and the tiger roars. Shawn ask John ‘Where’s Belle?” John answers that she’s with her mother – couldn’t be any safer than that, right? Belle saying to Marlena – that’s the suit the killer was wearing the night Tony was killed. Why are you cutting it up? Tell me the truth, Mom, what’s going on? Marlena is holding the knife behind her back.

Thursday Feb. 12

Pat's Spoilers...

I’m going to be straight up here – I don’t have a lot to say about this show. It was nice to have a little comic relief unfortunately it was undermined by the ridiculousness of Nicole stripping naked in front of Brady and ykw holding that vase over her head for half the show. When she wasn’t holding the vase she was hiding in the closet whining to Nicole that she didn’t want to kill Victor or hiding behind the door.

Kiriakis Mansion: I pretty well told you what went on already – the only good thing was when Shawn showed up. He explains to Vic that he has a favour to ask him. He is planning a special Valentine’s Day surprise for Belle. Vic interrupts and says you want the limo. Shawn says yeah. Vic tells him he will stock it Belgian chocolates and his favourite CD’s. Shawn asks what kind of music. Romantic ones - Vic says your grandmother and I would listen to these on vinyl albums. He then tells Shawn that he loved Caroline the way that he loves Belle. He tells him not to make the same mistakes that he did and that Shawn should not let anyone come between him and Belle.

Campsite: Lucas is trying to sleep but he can’t because he’s worried about Sami. He hears her screaming and goes running out of the tent pulling his jeans on at the same time. He finds the cave but doesn’t think she could be inside until he hears her calling out his name and asking for help. He goes in and she warns him about the tiger which he had just seen. He runs out and she yells at and calls him a coward. She wants him to tell their son that he left her there to get eaten by a tiger. The tiger roars and she gets startled and falls and hits her head on a rock and knocks herself unconscious. Lucas throws a flare inside the cave and scares the tiger out. He sees Sami and drops in the pit. He tries to wake her but can’t. He gets her out of the pit and keeps asking her to wake up because he can’t lose her. She comes to and asks him where they are. So he tells her why they were there and what happened. She looks at her hand and says oh no I lost my wedding ring. Lucas doesn’t know what she is talking about and is even more puzzled when she asks him if he forgot that they are married. She tells him that he takes such good care of him and that’s why she loves him so much. He asks her to repeat that. She says they have a son, they’re married and in love. She wants him to make love to her. Lucas doesn’t know what to do…LOL!

Barron’s & Penthouse: Marlena makes light of the fact that she bought that suit there saying she didn’t really remember where she bought it after her statement that most women have a dark suit didn’t exactly fly. John says the killer was wearing this suit on the catwalk when she planted the blood – flashback. He says this could link you to all the killings. She asks if he thinks she is guilty. No, John is worried that with her helping Celeste and now the suit she might become a target. She tells him that the serial killer won’t come after her. At the penthouse John is looking in her closet and can’t find the suit. She says maybe it’s in a drawer. He questions why she would put a designer suit in a drawer. Her response, a shrug of the shoulders and one word “Women!” She goes to the closet when his back is turned and says here it is. It was hanging underneath a coat. She says it’s all intact and he believes her. He asks how she is doing because she looks pale. She says she has a headache. He wants to spend the night – she wants to be alone. He goes downstairs and Belle comes in. She asks how things went at Barron’s and he tells her that she and Shawn might have found the evidence to break the case. He tells her mother had one of those suits and she realises that is why it must have looked so familiar to her. She tells him about the party she’s throwing for Shawn and wants him to try and convince her Mother to go out for at least an hour. John goes to Tuscany to see Tek and Belle goes upstairs and catches her mother cutting up the jacket. Belle recognises the suit and asks her Mother to tell her what is going on. Marlena reaches for the drawer and holds the knife behind her back telling Belle it will all be over soon.

Tuscany: Okay a lot of one person going into one room as the other enters the room that was just occupied. So in other words, Bonnie misses Julie, or Phil, or Shawn misses Belle, Tek – oy…my head is spinning. The opening scene has Shawn and Bonnie outside with a handful of boxes. He thanks her for talking Uncle Mickey into letting him use Tuscany. She wants a favour in return – she wants to invite more people to his party for Belle. She wants to prove to Mickey that she could make it a very profitable country bar…oh sheesh. Inside Belle is there with Doug and Julie talking about how Shawn and all of them need this party. Tek and Philip come to help. Phil tells Belle he wishes he had someone special to throw a surprise party for. She asks if he has a girlfriend and he says he has to keep some stuff secret. Eventually Phil and Shawn run into each other – Shawn assumes that Bonnie called him and asked him to help. He tells Phil that he is throwing a surprise party for Belle. Phil tells him he has a feeling she won’t be the only one surprised. Shawn asks him if he’s bringing someone to the party and Phil tells him it’s classified. Hmmm strange how Phil had to end up shirtless while following first Julie’s orders, then Bonnie’s and then Julie’s. I liked the running gag with the bull horns that Bonnie kept rescuing from the dumpster. Julie has the place tastefully decorated – Bonnie has orange streamers, balloons and cupids. Finally Julie and Bonnie come face to face. Phil asks Doug if they should intervene and Doug tells him that they don’t want to get in the middle of that. Julie uses Bonnie’s bull horns to bust some of the balloons. Bonnie uses cupid bow and shouts an arrow with those little suction cups that ends up right in the middle of Julie’s forehead then Julie tells her she is going to stick those horns where the sun doesn’t shine and Bonnie runs off with Julie chasing her.

Meanwhile Shawn has returned. He is talking to John when John notices a strange look on his face and asks him what’s wrong. Shawn says he just got this strange feeling, a chill just like his parents get when one of them is in trouble. He asks John where Belle is. John says she is with her Mother – no safer place than that.

Preview: Jen saying to Lexie – we wanted them to go and living and they didn’t listen to us – I hate them for that. Okay – another stupid jantasy – ykw is still wearing her coat but Shawn is shirtless????HUH – she tells him that as soon as she kills Victor Kiriakis they can be together. He tells her to do it – make him proud – okay this is just plain ridiculous – and what an insult to have a major character die at the hands of the likes of ykw and Nicole…I really don’t have the words to express my disgust with the way Victor is being written out of the show. Nicole tells a sleeping Brady that she loves him so much and he says I love you too. Shawn, John and Hope – Hope hands something to John and he asks what it is and she tells him it is the name of the killer.

Friday Feb. 13

Pat's Spoilers

I'm going to try and make this quick because I'm typing it directly into the post and I found out the hard way that N54 tends to forget you are logged in if you stay in one post for a long time - you go to hit the My 2 cents and it tells you that you need to be logged in and you lose everything you just spent over an hour typing up.

Kiriakis Mansion: I'm surprised those damn flowers haven't wilted by now...LOL! At least they were only hoisted once today. Gene Briscoe comes over with Victor's new will and Vic signs it but will not allow Gene to make a copy. He tells Gene that Nicole would steal it. I was mistaken the other day - Vic tells Gene that Bo MUST be present when the safe is open, along with the will there is a file and a video tape. (That must be what Vic meant when he told Gene he left Nicole a one-way ticket to hell in his will). He also instructs Gene that Brady must see the file and the tape so that he will know once and for all that Nicole is a cold blooded murderer. He had the combination changed and not even the ISA could crack the code he used. When asked about the hand sensor he says he had it removed because Nicole wouldn't hesitate to chop off his hand and use it. Of course ykw is listening and watching while Vic puts the will into the safe. Bo has the new combination.

Nicole and Brady in bed...ykw skulking around. I'm not even going to get into the jantasy except to say that Shawn looks good. Nicole is waiting for ykw to kill Vic when she realises that he might try and change the will. She looks at Brady and decides she could handle being penniless if she could wake up with him every morning. She says she loves him and he says I love you to. They kiss and he says I love you Chloe. He wakes up and is not to happy with her. When her PDA beeps he grabs it from her and she begins to panic and even promises to get the key if he gives it back. He says he's having fun now and he wants to see what kind of messages she is getting. (By this time she knows that Gene is there).

Jen's house: Finally a real heart to heart talk between two people that have been directly impacted by the serial killer. Two people who have lost loved ones actually showing anger and sorrow. It's mainly Jen that goes through a wide range of emotions but Lexie has a lot to say at well. It was so normal to see the tears and than actually have Jen say that she's angry at Jack and Abe for not listening to them. Lexie had begged Abe to retire, she had begged Jack to drop his investigation and they ignored them and this is what she is angry about. Jen mentions that Hope is coming over as well because Jen doesn't want her to be alone on Valentine's either. Lexie sounds resentful because Hope at least knows that Bo will come home to her. She hates feeling that way but she can't help it. She doesn't understand why both Bo and Hope are cops when they have a young son at home. These scenes were great IMO and long past due.

Police Station: Hope leaves Bo a message asking him to call. It's very sweet. Instead of the suspect board there is now a victim's board. Hope talks to herself trying to figure out how the victims are connected. If Tony is right about the killer being a woman then it's probable that she knows the killer herself. She phones John and tells him she needs him there. He arrives with Shawn just as Hope prints something out. John asks her what it is and she tells him the name of the killer.

John says you have Alice Horton on here and my wife and he instantly starts to dismiss it. Hope tells him to calm down she has Julie's name on there as well. Shawn asks her where she is going with this. He takes the list from her and gets all worked up. He says I know who the next victim will be, it's going to be Belle. He wants in on the investigation. Hope immediately says no but John says he couldn't think of anyone better to keep his daughter safe. Also with Bo gone they could use all the help they could get even if in an unofficial capacity. Hope is still resistant and says you are not a cop.

Shawn tells her that maybe if his parents weren't cops and if they had lived someplace else he wouldn't be so involved but they did and Belle has become part of his life. He tells Hope that Belle is his life and he won't let anyone hurt her. Shawn says he is going to check his messages and then head over to Tuscany because he has a date with Belle. John says he'll drive him there. Hope tells him that if he sees anything that he'll call her first. Shawn goes out of the office and tries to call Belle but she doesn't pick up. Inside the office John and Hope talk about how both of them are doing. Hope says she can not imagine her life without Bo - when she does try everything is just black. She mentions Lexie and Jen never being able to see the person they love again. He says at least I can see Marlena whenever I feel the need but he is concerned for her safety. (If you only knew John...sigh).

Penthouse: So Belle asked Marlena what is going on and somehow they go through the entire hour before coming back to that question and then when Belle asks it again she pulls a John and says I know why - it's because you're guilty. I'll come back to that. I'm running out of ways to describe how incredibe Deidre Hall's performances are. She is just right on the mark.

Belle does most of the talking so I'm not really going to get into that - the real focus is on Marlena's reaction to her words. Belle goes on and on about how much she respects her mother and that she must be one of the most respected people in Salem, right up there with Alice Horton and Hope. She also talks about how she is one of the strongest women Belle has ever known and such an example for her. She talks about how much she helped her after Puerto Rico and how she helps so many people and now she needs help. Belle wants to help her because something is not right. She tells her Mom that she said they could always talk about everything. Marlena says she has a confession to make.

She tells Belle she has done some terrible things, despicable things. Belle asks if she had an affair with another man. Marlena tells Belle again that she has done terrible things and Belle is going to be the one that has to pay for them. Marlena segues into Belle figuring out that she is the killer. That is a riveting scene. Kudos to both Kirsten and Marlena.

Belle says what is this confession you have to make - you spaced out on me. Belle says you don't have to tell me I know you're guilty when her phone rings again (the first time she didn't answer it because she saw it was Shawn and she told Marlena that what they were talking about was more important). She says hello Shawn and he ties into her for not answering before. Okay he's changed into a dark navy blue suit, light blue shirt and dark blue tie-SLATEO!!! THUD- warning. She says I'm with my mother - I'm fine. While Shawn and Belle are talking Marlena is telling herself that Belle is going to figure it out. She has to stop her before it's too late. Back to the phone conversation. Shawn says you know that we're supposed to be able to contact each other. She tells him that she wants to talk her Mom into coming to Tuscany and he says her Dad would like that. Belle hangs up and turns around and says 'No'...freeze frame ending.

Preview: Victor in the tub saying 'who the hell are you' and ykw saying 'Believe it or not I'm your worse nightmare. Sami telling Lucas to make love to her right now. Shawn telling Phil that he has this feeling he can't shake that something is not right. Brady telling Nicole that his Grandfather was right - she wasn't above using her body to get what she wants. She slaps him.

Monday Feb.16

Jan's spoilers as typed by Pat...

Penthouse: After talking to Shawn, Belle turns and screams when she sees Marlena passed out on the floor. (Prior to that a bit of replay from Friday’s show where Marlena has flashbacks). When Marlena comes to she tells Belle she is fine and it’s not necessary to call an ambulance. Belle goes to get her some water and when she comes back she sees Marlena with the knife in her hand. Belle asks her why she has it and Marlena says I think you know. Belle goes on and says Marlena feels guilty because she couldn’t get Maggie to reveal the killer’s identity. Marlena tells her the knife is for protection. She tells Belle to go to Tuscany to be with Shawn because it’s Valentine’s Day. Belle wants her to come to but Marlena refuses. Belle goes to call Shawn and cancel because her she feels Marlena needs her. Marlena doesn’t want her to do that so she agrees to go. There’s one point in these scenes where Marlena and Belle are hugging and Marlena’s hand is covered in blood but I don’t exactly remember where that fits.

Kiriakis Estate: Brady has Nicole’s PDA and to distract him from looking at the messages she kisses him. Brady starts getting into the kiss but breaks it off telling her they can’t do this. Nicole disagrees and kisses him again. While they’re kissing she grabs the PDA away from him. He says his grandfather was right. She does use her body to get what she wants. She slaps him. He apologises. Nicole plays him for a sucker with a big sob story then she offers to let him look at her messages when she knows he will refuse. The locksmith calls and they go downstairs. Nicole tries to stall because she thinks ykw hasn’t done the job yet but Brady insists. Just as the cuffs are off the lights flicker. Brady attributes it to a power surge and Nicole just smiles.

Victor is relaxing in the tub with his eyes closed listening to music when ykw comes in carrying that darn vase of flowers. Be warned – another jantasy before that happens. Jan mentioned that it’s weird that in ykw’s fantasies Shawn is still wearing his purity ring. Victor opens his eyes and sees her and asks who she is. She tells him she is his worse nightmare. He figures out who she is. She tells him that she and Nicole are friends. He asks her if Nicole is getting her to kill him for her. She tells him that she’ll do this for her and then Nicole will help her get what she wants, Shawn. Victor says she isn’t going after my grandson. He threatens her with having her arrested for break and enter and then getting a restraining order to keep her away from Shawn. She freaks at that and says no one can keep me away from him. He basically laughs at her and asks her if she is going to kill him using that vase. Better men then her have tried to kill him and failed. She says no she is going to use hydro-shock therapy and she throws the CD player in the tub. Another jantasy where Shawn is proud of her for killing for Nicole and she tells him she did it for him so they can be together. She says if you think this was something wait until you see what I have planned for Belle.

Cave: Sami continues to ask Lucas to make love to her. She tells him that she loves him – that she has always loved him. He gives in and starts kissing her. She notices he isn’t wearing a wedding ring and asks him where it is. He tells her that things are not the way you remember them. She says sure they are. She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that he doesn’t love her. He can’t. He tells her that he loves her and that she is the only woman he has ever loved. He wants a life with her. He wants to be a family with her. He falls in the pit somehow. Sami is worried about him. He makes it out saying that it was because of her that he had the strength to get out. She wants to make love. He starts kissing her neck and takes her jacket off.

Tuscany: Phil brings Kate but she doesn’t want to go but he convinces her to. Inside John and Shawn are talking. John is telling Shawn that Marlena hasn’t been herself since Maggie’s death. She blames herself for not being able help her. Once Kate and Phil come in John and Kate talk and Phil and Shawn talk. The John/Kate talk is about Marlena and of course, Sami. Phil notices Shawn isn’t looking too happy and asks if he is having trouble with Belle. Shawn says he has a weird feeling that he can’t shake that Belle is in danger.

Belle and Marlena come in together. Belle had been outside waiting for Marlena. Marlena told her that she had to stop at the hospital. Belle goes straight to Shawn and they hug. He tells her it feels so good to hold her in his arms – he had been so worried about her. She wonders what’s up with that. She tells him about Marlena cutting up her suit and the knife.

Music starts playing and it’s a song that holds special memories for John and Marlena. They start to dance. Belle sees them dancing together and her and Shawn dance. As they dance Shawn is ‘thinking out loud to himself’ about the murders including the stuff Belle just told him. A delivery man comes with flowers for the ladies – Kate and Belle – but none for Marlena. Kate opens hers and screams – roses covered in blood. Belles’ are the same. Shawn says I know who the killer is to Belle, it’s your mother. Eyes turn toward Marlena and she is at a table with her hand by a knife.

Previews: Hope asking Celeste is she is getting any vibes about Bo – Celeste says no. Sami freaking out because Will is gone. Belle and Shawn outside of Tuscany yelling at each other. Belle is angry because he accused her mother and he is saying that no one would think it could be Dr. Marlena Evans Black – as John looks on.

Tuesday Feb. 17

Jan’s Spoilers…..

I know Pat is going to say the same thing but I have to start out this way….LOL. John finally buys a clue!!!!!!!!!

At the mansion…..Brady/Nicole out in the hallway as the lights go on and off. The locksmith arrives to collect the money. YKW is in the bathroom with Vic as we see a repeat of her throwing the CD player into the bathtub and Vic convulsing. She does look a little scared but not that much. She comes out of the bathroom and hears Nic/Brady. She hides beside the bed. The lights are out as they come in…..Brady goes to the door as YKW picks up a vase and Nic yells no. She gets Brady to go downstairs and see about the lights as she pulls YKW out….she tells her not Brady and wants her out of the house. YKW tries to hug her and calls says aren’t you my best friend….Nicole pulls away as Brady comes back up. YKW hides again. Brady leaves again to climb up the trellis as Nicole pulls YKW out and tells her to go to her room. YKW says she killed for her again…first her father who raped her and now the old man husband. She wants Shawn and now!!!!! Nicole gets her to her room and Brady screams…Nicole goes into the bathroom as Brady pulls the plug…he gets a shock and Nicole says he’s dead..Brady listens closely and says not yet….as Nicole looks a little on the worried side. BTW….a lot of arguing with Brady/Nicole about trying to get into the bathroom.

In the woods……Sami asks Lucas to make love to her and wants to feel his skin on hers..they take off their tops and fall to the ground….next we see Sami having trouble breathing….(so I’m not sure how far they got)…Lucas holds her and Sami all of a sudden turns and slaps him across his face….she asks if he was trying to take advantage of her and he tries to explain….she tells him she doesn’t remember everything…he says she told him she loved him and that she had waited her whole life for this….she tells him that they only had sex once a billion years ago and there was a reason for that (Allan Harris was brought up but I’m not sure why)..Sami dresses and heads out as Lucas follows….he wants to take her to the hospital to have her head checked but she says she doesn’t believe in shrinks anymore since her Mom had the affair with John…he says no I mean Lexie….they notice the kids and campsite are gone as she screams for Will….he comes running and says someone thought they saw a tiger so they packed up to leave be he wouldn’t let them go without Lucas/Sami…..he asks what is wrong as Sami is crying…Lucas says she was hurt….Sami remembers what happened in the cave as they head out…….

At Jen’s house…..Jen/Hope/Lexie are eating pizza. Celeste arrives with ‘good’ news. She had a premonition about three rings…..they ask what kind and she says wedding rings….both Jen and Lexie say no and Hope says she is married to Bo. She asks what Celeste sees……she tells her that she sees Hope as happy but doesn’t see Bo. She phones his ISA contact and asks him to get in touch with her. Lexie/Hope leave and they talk a bit as Hope gets a call and they can’t get in touch with Bo. Jen leaves to pick up Abby and hears her and Jack’s wedding song on the radio…she cries as we see her dancing with Jack (not him)and says she’ll never marry again. She wipes her eyes and backs up hitting someone in the process…..the show ends on her face.

At Tuscany…..John tells Marlena to stay away from the flowers after he calls Tek to put trace on them…Marlena remembers killing Roman and then asks about Shelle. John leaves to find them. She touches the roses and pricks her finger…she sucks the blood off (reminded me a bit of when she pricked her finger on the pillow)she goes to Kate and tells her things will work out…(to herself she says when you die….Roman is dead because he married you but you are the one who deserved to die)

Outside Belle is asking how Shawn could do this…she remembers when he went off on Rex at the kitchen table…Shawn tells her that they will find out the truth…John comes out and Belle tells him what Shawn said…Shawn says I hope you were kidding as Shawn says No,Sir…John says this isn’t funny as Shawn says maybe you know something…Belle can’t believe he is accusing both her parents…..Shawn goes on to explain about the suit and Marlena cutting it up….John says he checked it out and it was fine…Shawn figures it should have gone to the cops for testing…Belle says her Mom is respected…Shawn says so no one questions her because she is Dr. Marlena Evans…….he says it was the same suit as the killer wore at the circus and Marlena had it on the same day….John asks if that is all he has…He says no and talks about Tony, Marlena being there, she’s a doctor she had a scalpel..and she was there when Tony died. He then asks if she had an alibi….Belle says what is her motive…she says she was scared…can you blame her I’m a basket case..John says he doesn’t want this conversation again…Shawn says you asked me to protect Belle and John says not from me or her mother…John.tells Belle to stick by family and asks if she wants to go in…she says not yet and turns toward Shawn with a look that could kill….Shawn turns to her….we then see him with his cell as she grabs it from his hand…..she goes off on him for believing it and that maybe it was Zach or his Mom….he says his parents are cops and he has to go with his gut feeling…..he mentions reading Mickey’s law books and Belle says you’re a boy….a boy who is supposed to love me….he says I do….she says how could you do this to me and my family….look what happened to Tony/Rex they were both arrested….he says he is only going to tell Hope…she says if you do it I will never speak to you again…..she throws the cell on the ground and takes off…..he chases after her….he comes back alone and says Dammit Belle. Where are you….(he is really scared for her)

Back inside Marlena asks if Belle is ok…John says yeah…Marlena says but your not. They talk a bit and John remembers what Shawn said….he says when Roman suspected me people looked at me differently….she tells him that she never suspected him…he talks about Celeste’s predicition…she says she was scared but knows he would never hurt her….they hug as John thinks to himself that maybe it could happen.

Excellent performances today by JC/KS and both DH’s. I loved how Shawn stood up to John…….and I can see these two getting involved together in this s/l somehow. Also loved that Shawn is still protective of Belle and that John gets a clue.


Pat’s Spoilers…

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t have all my ducks in a row tonight. I had to watch 2 episodes in a row so I might confuse the two…LOL! One thing which you all know is true because you saw the show today is that Belle and Marlena look beautiful. I especially loved the way Belle’s hair was styled and that choker and bright lipstick made her overall look very striking. Okay on to the show. Lookout I got detailed with the Belle/Shawn/John scenes.

By the way – JOHN KNOWS! LOL – after watching today’s episode I am 100% convinced of that.

Cave: Opening scene shows clothes flying as Lucas and Sami continue to kiss and murmur words of love. Sami tells Lucas she wants to feel his skin against hers – she has been waiting for this moment all her life. So now they’re both naked from the waist up and he lowers her to the ground. When next we see them they are really close to making love when Sami pushes Lucas off her – she’s naked – he’s in his boxers. She can’t breathe and she’s feeling dizzy. He tells her to put her head down and she leans against his chest. When she opens her eyes she is back to herself and on the attack. Poor Lucas. She accuses him of taking advantage of her and when she feels the lump on her head she asks him if he clubbed her. He reminds her that he is not Allan Harris. She is busy dressing herself and can’t believe that Lucas would do this. He tells her everything that happens, the tiger, her falling and hitting her head, her telling him that she loves him – she tells him she knows he’s really crazy now. He can’t believe she doesn’t remember any of that. She refuses to let him help her even though she can barely walk on the one leg.

Using a stick they get back to the campsite and it’s completely dismantled. She freaks out and calls out Will’s name. He comes running and asks where they were? One of the counsellors saw the tiger so everything was packed off and they were going to leave without them but he wouldn’t let them. Will mentions Valentine’s Day and said they exchanged Valentine’s and he got sixteen. He asks if they remembered. Sami says it’s just another commercial holiday to get you to spend money and it doesn’t really mean anything. Will says it does if you are in love. Sami flashes back to a moment in the cave (LOL – the little minx does remember).

Jen’s: Hope, Lexie and Jen are eating pizza. Hope tries to get hold of Bo but fails again. Celeste comes over and tells them she had another premonition about the three of them. None of them are happy about that but Celeste says it’s a good premonition that means happiness in the future for the three of them. She tells them that she sees three new wedding rings for them. Lexie says Abe gave her the one she is wearing and she is never taking it off. Jen says she married Jack twice and she’s done. Hope says she’s married to Bo. Celeste tells her that she does not see Bo in the picture at all. That is all she can tell them. Hope phones Bo’s ISA contact to get an emergency message through to him. Lexie and Hope both have to leave to go to work. Jen is going to pick up Abby. Hope gets a call from Bo’s contact and is told that they can’t get hold of Bo. Jen is in her car and turns the radio on and it’s playing their wedding song. She starts crying because she can’t ‘see’ Jack anymore. When she starts backing up she hits someone.

Kiriakis mansion: The lights flicker and Brady wonders what is going on. Jan has another one of her freaky jantasies where Shawn is so proud of her for doing the job. She mutters that Nicole better keep her side of the bargain or she’ll fry as well but in the electric chair. Nicole has to pay the locksmith and it costs her a small fortune. Ironically Brady asks her how much her next alibi will cost because she can’t use him any longer and no else has been murdered. The lights go out again. Nicole does everything she can to keep him out of Victor’s bedroom but he goes in anyway. Nicole screams no when Brady is going to go in the bathroom and she sees Jan hiding and reaching for a statue. Nicole tells Brady that Victor doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s in the tub – he should go and fix the circuit breaker. Brady does as he’s told. Nicole tells Jan to get out of the house before the servants see her. Jan says she’s killed twice for Nicole and she owes. First she killed Nicole’s father and now her husband. She wants Shawn and she wants him now. Brady overhears Nicole talking to someone and she lies as usual. She tells him the bathroom door is locked. Brady climbs up from the outside trellis and screams for Nicole to help him. He unplugs the CD player and gets a shock. Nicole says ‘he’s dead’ as Brady is leaning over him. Brady says ‘no he isn’t’ and Nicole looks shocked and none to happy.

Tuscany: John tells Kate not to touch the flowers and phones Tek to tell him to check out who sent the flowers. John tells Marlena that he will catch this killer if it’s the last thing he does. Marlena begs him not to say that. Marlena says she never should have come here- this is where Roman died. She hugs John and says she is so glad he is there. Marlena is worried when she sees Shawn and Belle are missing and says with the killer sending a threat no one is safe. John says he will go and look for them. Marlena reaches for one of the roses but pricks her finger – she sucks the blood from her finger – EWWW.

Phil is apologising to his mother. He wanted to give her a special night but he just made things worse. Marlena comforts Kate when Kate asks her if it will ever get better. This is where Marlena thinks to herself that it will get a little bit better every day until she dies. She says that Roman died because he married Kate but she is the one who deserves to die. Phil gives her a gift – it’s a picture frame that has 3 separate photos, Phil, Lucas and Will. Phil says he brought her there so she could feel closer to Roman. Kate looks and sees a bright light and says Roman’s name.

Shawn and Belle are outside. Belle just can’t believe that he would say something like that. I love watching them fight. As upset as she it – so is he. She reminds how he accused Rex and he says he was wrong. She wants him to take it back and he says he can’t. She says you can’t make accusations and you can’t prove it. He says I can and I will. Shawn says he thinks that there is a growing body of evidence both physical and circumstantial that will back up his theory. Belle yells and says there is no way that you can prove my mom is the serial killer. John says what did you say? LMAO – Belle looks pleased as punch when she sees her Dad – the look she throws Shawn – as if to say – Hah, Daddy’s here and you’re scared of him so you’ll back down. Belle tells her Dad thinks that her Mom is the serial killer. John asks if this is his idea of a joke. Shawn is dead serious when he says ‘No sir.’ I love that he doesn’t back down – he stands toe to toe with John. John tells him he is way out of line and Shawn asks him how he can be sure. John tells him that he would never be able to prove it. Shawn asks John if he knows something that he hasn’t told them. Oh my – the look on John’s face.

Belle wants to know if Shawn is going to try and pin it on her Dad if he can’t pin it on her Mom. Shawn just wants to know how he can be so sure. He says John is trained in law enforcement to look at all the facts. John listens intently as Shawn talks about the button and the suit. Belle tries to defuse it by saying that 10 other women had identical suits. Shawn yells that Marlena was wearing it at the circus where Tony was attacked. John does look shocked when Shawn tells him that Belle just told him a little while ago that Marlena was cutting up that same suit. Belle says Shawn thinks she was trying to destroy evidence. John says he checked the suit and didn’t notice a button missing. Shawn says she could have sewn another one on. Belle says she did it because she couldn’t stand too look at because the serial killer had one just like it. Shawn thinks that is quite the coincidence. Belle asks him why he doesn’t think that the killer could be trying to frame her Mom. Shawn asks why she just didn’t turn the suit into forensics to show that it was intact and blood free. As Shawn and Belle go back and forth John is just listening. Belle says she is just upset and wasn’t thinking straight. Shawn says both you and John have been commenting that Marlena hasn’t been herself for months. Belle screams at him and asks who has. She knows she hasn’t been herself – she’s a complete basket case (she has tears in her eyes at this point). John asks Shawn if that’s all he’s got. He says no unfortunately there’s more. He talks about how the killer had free access to the hospital, to the drugs and to the scalpel and she was in Tony’s cubicle when the fatal drug was administered. At this point Shawn is really worked up and yells that no one is looking at her because she is Dr. Marlena Evans. Belle tells him that everyone respects her Mom for good reason. He then asks if she has an alibi for any of the crimes. Belle tells him to ask if she had a motive because the answer is no. Belle tells him that she is not going to sit around and let him go on a witch-hunt like he did with Rex. Shawn yells at her and asks her if she thinks he would do any of this intentionally. Belle is so exasperated she turns to her Dad and asks him to Shawn that the whole thing is crazy. John turns away and you can see him thinking. He says his wife is the most ethical person he knows, she would never…he stops himself and turns back to Shawn and tells he never wants to revisit this conversation again. Shawn goes right up to him and says you asked me to keep your daughter safe and now she is in more danger than anyone else. John asks him from who - her mother, me?. He tells Shawn that his daughter doesn’t need to be protected from her parents. John then goes to Belle and says everything will be okay if they stick together as a family. He goes back in, Belle stays out with Shawn.

Inside John tells Marlena that Belle is alright but she notices that he isn’t. She asks what is wrong. He’s says it is the murder case, the bloody roses, what’s next? John says the memories are all around them. Marlena remembers killing Roman as she holds a knife and looks at it. John sees this. When she notices him looking at her he explains that he was thinking back on his days as a cop. He was trained to be objective to evaluate the case strictly on the facts. He thinks about the stuff Shawn said outside and stares at Marlena until she asks why he is looking at her like that. He says he’s remembering when he told on the suspect list and how he can still see the suspicion in people’s eyes. Marlena says never hers. She does admit to that Celeste’s premonition did throw her a bit but she knows that he would never hurt her intentionally. John hugs her but he is thinking Celeste’s premonition would never be true unless there was a reason it had to be.

Belle grabs Shawn’s cell phone from him and says he is not going to call him Mom and spread more rumours. He tells her that is not what he is doing. She reminds him that her mother almost died from poison. He says maybe that was an accident. LINE OF THE DAY GOES TO BELLE – “I don’t want to hear anymore maybe’s. I’m sick of this stupid speculation.” LOL – I thought that fit pretty good. Belle says maybe its Zack – no one would suspect a toddler – maybe it’s your Mom, she had access – she’s just taking her cue from him. (They’re really into this fight now). He says his parents are trained in law enforcement - they taught him to go with his gut feeling. She says she has instincts too and she knows her mother is one of the best people on the planet. He starts talking about reading his Uncle Mickey’s law books. She tells him that he is not a lawyer; he’s just a boy, a boy that is supposed to be in love with her. He says I am. She wants to know why he is attacking her family. If he adds to her mother’s suffering, he’s adding to hers as well. He asks what if he is right, what if there are more murders. She wants to know if he is prepared to ruin her mother’s reputation and her life on a hunch. He says he doesn’t want to be doing this, he doesn’t want to be going through this. She says you don’t have to do this. He says I’m not going to tell the world, I’m just going to tell my Mom. Let the police investigate and the truth will speak for itself. Belle reminds him that it didn’t work for Rex and Tony. She says if you love me you will not do this (he looks away from her) – she sees that and says but you’re going to do it anyway. She throws his cell phone at his feet and says she will never speak to him again and runs away. He picks up the phone and goes after her calling out not to go off on her own…it’s not safe. He’s not able to find her.

Preview: Shawn telling Belle that he is afraid that she could be in more danger than anyone (Belle looks very angry). Jen collapsing and Hope telling Lexie something is wrong with her as Lexie is tending to the guy Jen hit. Marlena saying “How could I let this happen to people I love. This is all my fault” as John listens to her. Kate sees Roman.

Wednesday Feb. 18

Jan’s Spoilers……

Before I start let me say KUDOS to the cast today. Deidre/Drake/Suzanne/Lauren/Josh/Jason/Kirsten and John did an amazing job. And I know that this report will not do their scenes justice.

At Tuscany....Phil tells Kate he couldn’t find Doug and Julie…they probably left to avoid fighting with Bonnie…Kate sees Roman…Phil looks puzzled..Kate says she wants to be alone and heads out to the patio….(she is walking like she is with someone)…outside we see Roman…they dance and talk (to my favorite song)as he tells her he died a happy man…he tells her he has to leave as she doesn’t want him to go…she calls to him…J&M are behind her…John asks if she is OK and she tells him that she misses Roman and heads inside….

J&M are talking as John tells her he trust her with his life…she says the same and he asks her to go somewhere with him…he holds out his hand and she takes it…they arrive on the patio to see Kate… J&M are talking as she keeps saying how she misses them. She could have stopped it if she could have helped Maggie…John tells her that it isn’t her fault…John says do you remember the night before you left for Eric's. She says yes you made dinner and we danced. They start to dance to somewhere over the rainbow...they both have tears in their eyes. They turn and she sees Roman/Kate and Mickey/Maggie dancing. She tells John that it like they went back in time she says thank you...thank you for bringing back the magic. Both still with tears Roman's ghost leaves and she says no...then Maggie's ghost leaves and she says no again....John says what...she says I miss them so much...he says he is sorry for making her cry. She talks about loving all of them.

Shawn is outside calling for Belle….she answers him and he was worried…she said she wanted some peace. He tells her that she could have been hurt…she says by a tiger or sliced by a serial killer…she says wait my Mom is inside…she tells him that her and her Dad know her Mom best and she isn’t the killer….he just wants to have someone investigate it…she tells him that he wants it to be true…….he says no he doesn’t…she says you know her you know she couldn’t do that…she tells him that she loves him because he is honest and because of his principles…she says she loves him so much…he says he loves her so much and comes towards her but she back off and tells him not to touch her or come near her again until he takes back what he said….Belle comes into Tuscany and Phil is there...she puts her arms around him and is crying...he asks what is wrong and she says I'm sorry I can't tell you....Shawn comes in and is watching her. She goes to the other side of the room.

Mickey arrives…Bonnie goes to get him a hot toddy…Maggie touches his shoulder…they talk as she mentions the changes in Tuscany…he says it is a special evening he will change it back…she says she doesn’t need it as a shrine…she notices the drink and that Bonnie called him ‘sweetcakes’ (we see them dancing on the patio) Maggie is telling Mickey that she knows he quit drinking because of her...she wants him to be happy as she looks at Bonnie....her ghost leaves again. Bonnie comes over and gets him to take a drink and eat something. Phil comes over and says his Mom wants to go home...Bonnie is upset that this day turned out to be so bad. Mickey remembers what Maggie says and asks her to dance. Phil/Kate leave. Bonnie tells Shawn to ask Belle to dance...he says he doesn't think she'll dance with him. Bonnie says sometimes love doesn't need words. He heads over to her and she tells him to leave her alone. He says he's only going to call his Mom and have her investigate. She takes the phone from him and they continue to argue. J&M come in and Marlena wants to know what they are arguing about....John tells her that Shawn thinks he knows who the killer is...you. Marlena's demeanor changes as she looks down at a knife and back up at Shawn....John notices.

At the mansion.....Brady wants Nicole to help him get Victor out of the bathtub…she tells him not to touch Vic…she’s worried that by touching Vic he’ll get electrocuted…Brady tells her to call 911….she pretends to do so as Brady leaves to get blankets…Nic leans down and taunts Victor….Brady is giving Vic CPR and asks Nicole to help…they bring him back as ykw shows up….she is worried because Victor saw her…she won’t have Shawn….....Nic tells her if Vic doesn't die then Shawn will be visiting both of them in jail. ykw goesto hide as Brady is in with Vic. Victor keeps saying Nicole's name over and over. Nicole calls 911 and reams them out for not getting there. Brady starts CPR ....he asks Nicole why Vic keeps saying her name and she says they have unfinished business. Brady tells her to tell them not to go through the red lights...he's gone. He puts his head on Vic and cries as Nicole smiles.

At Jen’s…..Hope talking on her cell…her and Lexie hear a crash and turn to find a guy lying on the ground….Jen comes out as Hope calls for two ambulances. She goes to Jen…Jen is remember going off the bridge and faints…Lexie tells Hope they are losing her as Jen is remembering Jack helping her…she tells him she’s coming….Hope is begging Jen to hang on for the baby and Abby and for herself…Jen hears Jack’s voice telling her to concentrate….Jen comes to

At the hospital....a shirltess Patrick arrives to see Jen....He gets a call from someone...(didn't we do this with Billie?? LOL)....Hope leaves and wants to take Jen home....she says she is staying to make sure Patrick is alright as Hope heads outside. Lexie comes in and tells Jen to leave that she'll let her know if anything happens as Patrick starts to scream in pain...Hope on her cell outside as a leather gloved hand puts his hand on her mouth.........BO'S BACK.

Previews...Jen asking Lexie if Patrick is dead. Belle telling Shawn it's over....John saying there is another death...Victor… as Marlena says that isn't possible and we see BO!!!!!!!

(sorry I’m glad Bo is back…LOL)

Excellent show…..Enjoy!!!!

Pat’s Spoilers…

John Ingle debuts as Mickey. And LOL…Patrick is shirtless less than ¾’s of the way through the show…I guess, Brady, Shawn and Philip had to stay fully clothed so somebody had to do it.

Jen is close to hysterics while Lexie is examining the man she hit with her car. She flashes back to Jack saving her the night the bridge blew up. She says his name and Hope asks if she can see him. She says no she just wants to be with him. Lexie gets the guy stabilized and Jen passes out. Lexie examines her and says she is going into shock. Lexie starts an IV but tells Hope that she’s losing her. Jen tells Jack she is coming. Jack yells for her to fight for Abby and the baby. She comes to and they go to the hospital.

Jen is fine. Hope and Lexie talk about hoping that she has good insurance because this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Patrick is wheeled in, shirtless of course, with a scrapes and a bruise to his shoulder. He wants to see Jen. He somehow knows she is expecting and asks if she is okay. Jen apologises. He goes into his cubicle and uses his cell even though he had been told not to. He calls someone and hangs up saying where is she? Then he calls someone else and lies saying he is in Europe. Jen won’t leave until she knows he is okay. He calls out in pain and Lexie goes in and then calls for help. Jen is very distraught. As Hope leaves the hospital she is calling someone on her cell when a black gloved hand reaches out from behind and covers her mouth.

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole yells out to Brady to stop when he says he is going to get Victor out of the tub. She tells him he might get electrocuted as well. She tells him to go shut off the circuit breaker and she’ll call 911. She talks into the phone but she’s holding the button down. Then she kneels behind Victor and smiles and tells him to die. Brady and Nicole (as much as she doesn’t want to) give Victor CPR. Victor keeps saying Nicole’s name. Nicole makes excuses to Brady telling him that she and Victor have unfinished business. Jan is lurking in the doorway so Nicole tells Brady she is going for more blankets. She tells Jan to stay in her room. Jan is worried that Victor saw her try to kill him and she won’t be able to get Shawn if she is in jail. Nicole says if he doesn’t die they’ll both be in jail. Brady has to start doing CPR again and he yells at Nicole to phone 911. She yells into the phone that it’s been forty-five minutes and asks what they mean by the call not registering. She tells them to run every red light to get there. Brady stops doing CPR and Nicole asks if he is breathing again. Brady says he’s been down to long and he’s not coming back. He starts to cry and puts his head on Vic’s chest while Nicole smiles.

I’m not going to say too much about the scenes at Tuscany because they should be watched and enjoyed for what they are. It was great to see Suzanne Rogers and Josh Taylor on the screens again. John and Marlena continue talking about Celeste’s premonition and even though he remembers some of the stuff Belle was saying Shawn believes John is back to convincing himself that it is not possible. Deidre Hall gives an amazing performance especially when her and John dance on the terrace and she sees Maggie and Mickey and Kate and Roman dancing as well. She tells John that he made it just like it was the night before she left for Colorado when everything was still good. He cries, she cries. She is almost maniacal in her happiness at seeing the people she killed. She cries to John that she misses them all so much.

The dances between Mickey and Maggie and Roman and Kate that take place for the John and Marlena dance are very moving as well. I liked the Maggie/Mickey scenes because they talked like husband and wife not man and ghost. They talk about Tuscany and Bonnie. LOL – you can tell that Maggie doesn’t approve of some things but overall she walks Mickey to be happy. Bonnie is ecstatic when Mickey asks her to dance. (Gag factor when she feeds him chips and dip and wipes his mouth – warning you all now so you have your lunch over and done with first).

Shawn calls for Belle. He wants her to answer him if she can hear him. She comes out and says I can hear you. Belle is still extremely annoyed with him and tells him there is no need to get hysterical she’s fine. He says don’t give me that. He was getting ready to call the cops. She just went for a walk to get some peace and quiet. She was eaten by a tiger or sliced by a serial killer. She asks him why he jumps to all these conclusions. He answers that no one is safe. LOL when she calls him Mr I have police instincts – she wants to know why he would think she was in danger if he was sure her Mom was the killer – she’s inside Tuscany while she is outside. He says he is not sure of anything but if she would just look at the facts – she cuts him off and says she listened to everything he had to say but he won’t listen to anything her or her Dad say. They know her Mom better than anyone and he just dismisses them. He yells that he isn’t. He just thinks that she can be in more danger than anyone else.

She asks him if he thinks that her own mother would hurt her. He says that they’ve known for a long time that the killer is someone that they know. She asks why her Mother. He says links and asks what ties together all the people who died – who did they know? Your family – to which she answers – and your family to. He says the closer you get to the killer the more danger you are in. She says he’s known her Mom his whole life – how could he think such a thing. He tells her he wants to be wrong and she says he is wrong but he just wants to believe it’s true. He yells that he doesn’t. She wants to know why he won’t listen to her and asks if he doesn’t trust that she knows her own mother.

She turns away from him but her turns her back around to face him and tells her that no matter what happens it doesn’t change who she is. She says everything changed already. Either her mother has changed into a person she doesn’t know or he’s the person that changed. He looks surprised and says “me”? She tells him she loves him because he is principled, honest and even stubborn but he doesn’t know when to let go even when he’s wrong. She tells him he has no proof, nothing. He says that he would prove it. She yells that he can’t and he shouldn’t even try. She can’t believe that he is asking her to pick between him or her Mom. He says he would never do that. Poor Belle is in tears when she tells him that he is and that she loves them both so much. Poor Shawn now, he his tears in his eyes and he looks at her so intensely as he cups her face and tells her he loves her. She pushes his hand away and says don’t touch me, don’t even talk to me until you’ve taken back everything you’ve said and then she runs inside.

Okay – she has a 24 second scene (yes, I timed it) with Phil and for a good 8 seconds of that scene the camera is on a Shawn – grrrr at the look on his face. He hugs her and asks her what is wrong. She looks at him with a tear-stained face and says she is sorry but she can’t talk about it. While Mickey and Bonnie are dancing she notices that Shawn and Belle are apart and Belle is upset. She tells Shawn to ask her to dance, love doesn’t always need words. Shawn doesn’t think she’ll dance with him. Bonnie says she is sorry that his Valentine’s Day surprise didn’t turn out the way he wanted but it’s not too late. He thanks her for caring and goes to Belle. She doesn’t want to listen to him or talk to him. He pulls out his cell phone and tells her that he will just call his Mom and tell her his theory. The police can investigate and if Mom is innocent…She says ‘if’ and grabs his phone and says like hell you will. Marlena asks John what they are arguing about. John, sigh, not too bright – tells her that Shawn thinks she is the killer. Whoa…the look on Marlena’s face and of course she eyes up a knife. I think John starts wondering about her again when he sees her reaction.

Preview: Jen asking Lexie if Patrick is dead. Belle saying “Shawn, it’s over between us and I don’t think I’m kidding. I mean it”. Gulp – the look on his face. Nicole telling Jan to relax, Victor is dead. John telling everyone at Tuscany that there’s been another death, Victor. Marlena says that is just not possible – Bo looking very angry – and damn good if I have to say so myself.

Thursday Feb. 19

Pat’s Spoilers…

Wow – Kirsten Storms gave a stellar performance today!

Before I get into the spoilers I just have to say after watching yesterday’s and today’s show it is my opinion that Belle is truly confounded and hurt by Shawn’s accusations. She is not reacting so strongly because deep down she believes he is right. She is really hurt and confused. There was some major foreshadowing in this show and the words came out of Belle’s mouth. I’ll come back to that.

Kiriakis Mansion: Just a bunch of silly scenes as Nicole hoodwinks Brady to keep him from seeing ykw. Nicole and ykw argue. Nicole tells Henderson about Vic’s death. The police arrive. Nicole cries on his shoulder because she’s a widow now (oh sheesh) and ykw is cursing under her breath that if the cops find her there she will fry like a smoky sausage link. She does vow to take that bitch Nicole with her if she gets caught.

Hospital/Jen’s: Patrick had a muscle spasm – that is what caused him to cry out in pain. Lexie mentions that he has no insurance and they can’t discharge him without getting some guarantee payment. He asks for his jacket saying he will give his credit card. He pretends his wallet is missing and then folds the jacket over so they can’t see it. Jen offers to pay. He thanks her. Lexie says he has to go home and rest. Earlier he told Jen he had no family in Salem and without his wallet he wouldn’t be able to get a room. Jen offers to take him home with her and let him stay in the apartment above the garage. Lexie tries to talk her out of it but can’t. In the house Jen is looking for the keys and he pretends to get another spasm. He says he won’t be able to go up any stairs and asks for some tea. While she’s gone he springs off the couch and pulls Jen’s wallet out of her purse and rifles through it.

Outside the hospital Hope flips the guy over her shoulder and pulls out her gun. LOL! The poor flowers and chocolates that Bo was carrying got the worst of it. They share a cute reunion scene where he wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day. He admits it wasn’t a good idea to sneak up on her with a serial killer still on the loose. Hope has a message from Shawn and they both listen to it. They head to Tuscany.

Tuscany: Belle takes Shawn’s cell from him when he says he is going to call his Mom. LOL she says like hell you are and turns her back on him. He wraps his arms around her and takes the phone saying he has to. She tells him that if he makes the call they are over and she is not kidding. John tells Marlena that Shawn thinks she is the killer and she faints. Belle runs to her and asks John if she was poisoned again (boy the glare she levels Shawn with). John says she fainted when I told her Shawn thought she was the killer. Belle turns on Shawn and tells him to look at what he did to her mother. She comes to and asks Shawn if he really told her daughter that he thought she was the serial killer. I have to give Shawn credit – three pairs of accusing eyes levelled on him and he says, very respectfully, yes Dr. Evans I did and I thing I can prove it.

John tells him to step back – he doesn’t want him upsetting the two women any further. Marlena asks him how he could believe something like that. He says god knows he doesn’t want to. Belle is angry and tells him if he didn’t want to believe it, he wouldn’t. She says he must be getting some sick satisfaction from it. She figures it must make him feel powerful and important to hurt her and her family. He denies it and says that is the last thing he wants to do. She replies ‘as if I would ever believe that again’ and walks away. Marlena says you have known me since you were born. Do you think I’m capable of killing someone in cold blood? He says no. She says that is what you are accusing me of so which is it, either I’m capable or I am not. Shawn says he is just trying to figure it all out. Belle steps back and says that she is trying to figure him out. She wants to know how he could think that her mother would kill all those innocent people. He doesn’t want to believe it but he’s just looking at the facts. Belle gives him the facts. She goes on and on about what her mother means to her and talks about how she has helped so many people – so many of her patients have told her that they wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for her help. Shawn’s reply that he is impressed infuriates Belle. She wants to know what kind of ridiculous phoney word that is. Are you impressed that my mother is a heartless monster? She can’t figure out what he is thinking. Shawn is now upset and tells her quite loudly that he is having a hard time understanding it too. He is confused and conflicted and this is upsetting him too.

Jason gives a knockout performance during this sequence (and throughout the show) and when Belle and John turn on him when he says that he can’t ignore the facts. John says everything he has is substantial. He yells that he wants someone to please explain to him why Marlena was cutting up the same suit the serial killer was wearing when Tony was attacked if she was innocent. Belle tells him she felt so guilty, disgusted and freaked out that she had the same suit as the killer and Marlena says that is exactly why she did it. Belle tells Shawn that her mother is more upset and traumatized about these murders than anyone else. She was close to all the victims. Shawn says exactly and we know the victims would have trusted her and let their guard down. Belle really lets him have it – telling him he must think he is so smart going into his cop mode and spouting his theories. He asks her what kind of relationship they could have if he can’t be completely honest with her and tell her what he is feeling. She says this isn’t about honesty, this is cruel and heartless. When she says that no one with half a mind would accuse her mother – he says that is exactly what the killer is counting on. John makes him stop and tells him to walk away before he makes things worse.

Belle apologises for Shawn to her mother. She doesn’t understand she thought he loved her but he is saying those things about the person she is closest to most in the world. Now for the foreshadowing – Belle tells Marlena that when she was talking about her patients she was also talking about herself. She tells Marlena that without her she wouldn’t be able to go on. She is the one that helps her when she is unhappy or insecure. She tells John that he helps too. Marlena calls Belle – ‘my little Belle and says she is her pride and joy. Belle’s response ‘making you proud is so, so important to me.’ They talk about how the night turned out – Belle figures that Shawn has just snapped but her anger rises as she thinks about his accusations. Belle doesn’t know what to do. John says considering Shawn’s irrational behaviour she should re-think her relationship with him. She asks him if he is telling her to break up with Shawn. (She’s not too happy about that). He won’t tell her what to do but she better think long and hard about what kind of future she could have with someone who is so irrational and suspicious. Marlena tells John that Shawn is under a lot of stress but John won’t her defend him.

Shawn phones his mother and tells her to come to Tuscany he has something to tell her about the killer. Belle comes up to him spitting fire. She can’t believe he just did that. She tells him he has turned this Valentine’s Day into the worst day of her life and you wouldn’t stop even when I ‘threatened’ to break up with you. He is sorry but he had to do it. She tells him that she is beginning to see him for the pig-headed accuser he is and lists all the people he accused. She asks him when her mother is cleared is he going to accuse her next. He tells her not to be ridiculous – she isn’t capable of murder. She feels the same way about her mother. Bo and Hope come in but before Shawn can tell them his theory John spouts Victor’s about Nicole. Shawn is just going to say what he has to say when Brady calls John. John tells everyone that there is another death, Victor. Marlena says that is just not possible. They all go rushing out.

Preview: Nicole threatening ykw with a gruesome death when she threatens to tell the police that Nicole forced her to call Victor. Bo, Hope and John – Bo says it was premeditated. Hope wonders how the killer got in and out. Belle standing next to her mom telling Shawn to go ahead and say it, my Mom is not the serial killer.

Friday Feb. 20

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Jen’s house….Patrick is rifling through Jen’s wallet (he has a shirt on)as she comes out of the kitchen and asks what he is doing…telling him that he shouldn’t be up and about. They talk a bit and he mentions knowing Jack. Tells Jen about Jack’s fascination with NASCAR…Jen doesn’t remember but he tells her he spent one day with him at Indianapolis and it was the best day of his life. She thanks him…he figures that they aren’t together anymore and she explains that Jack has died…she doesn’t think he has heard about the SSK but Jack was the 2nd victim. Lexie arrives and is worried about Jen…explains about Victor’s death (apparentely Jen has already heard)and she tells Lexie how hard it must be on her having to do this over and over…Patrick comes out without a shirt on and Jen goes over and pampers him (pillow for his back)…Lexie says she has to leave as Jen tells Patrick she’ll be back and shows Lexie to the door. Lexie tells her that she doesn’t think his back is that bad but Jen says I hit him of course it’s sore…she tells Lexie that he knew Jack…Lexie tells her she has a bad feeling about this…Patrick hobbles over to the table and pulls out a newspaper article about Jack and his leaving a wife and child…he hides it and says to himself that sometimes timing is everything. (OK…I know he’s trouble but I don’t mind him at least right now)

At the mansion…John/Marlena walk in and hug Brady…Belle/Shawn walk in behind them and Belle tells Brady how sorry she is…Bo/Hope follow. Belle tells Brady how sorry she is about his grandfather and then turns to Shawn and says I’m sorry as well…Shawn says we weren’t close not like my grandmother as Hope hugs him. Brady explains what happened…the lights flickering, he’s in the bathtub…he explains about the cuffs and who was there….Nicole/him/locksmith/servants…Bo asks where Nicole is as Brady says upstairs she’s upset…Lexie comes down and welcomes Bo home and he asks her what happened…she explains that it was probably an accident (Nicole is peeking from upstairs)Bo/Hope head upstairs as does Brady.

Upstairs Bo/Hope/Lexie go into Vic’s room. Hope is concerned about Bo’s reaction. He comes out of the bathroom and starts to talk to one of the cops but Hope tells him he need to say good-bye. He pulls the sheet of Victor’s face and tells him that he wasn’t into the money and mansions but his mother loved him and he knew that Victor loved her. He would find out what happened for her. John arrives and the three of them head in to check out the crime scene. Brady tells Nicole that the police are there and they will want to question her…she wants to change…Brady asks her why just to be questioned..she head into her bedroom where ykw is hiding. Ykw is talking to Shawn (he’s not there)saying how sorry she is…she tells Nicole that if she goes down so will Nicole…she asks why she did it…Nicole threatens her….a cop arrives to check out the room…Nic answers the door wearing a black negligee…the cops snoops around and the hear a noise…go to the window but Nicole pulls off the shoulder of her negligee and the cop forgets what he was doing…ykw comes in and tells her she’s afraid of heights…Nic tells her that everyone is downstairs as she changes into something….that Shawn/Belle are there…ykw says she is always hanging onto him and heads for the door…Nic stops her and leaves…..Bo/Hope/John talk to Henderson and he explains about the CD player being kept away from the tub….Bo says it’s murder….

Downstairs…..Belle/Shawn/Marlena/John are talking. Belle wants Shawn to say his mother didn’t do it. Marlena is defending Shawn as Belle says what he said is insane..Marlena tells her not to throw that word around like that…she tells them that they believe that their relationship will last and to not let this destroy it. John says that Belle can take care of this as Marlena agrees…(John heads upstairs)Belle goes to Shawn and tells him that things were stressed tonight with Victor’s death and what he said about Marlena…she wants to know what he is thinking….he tells her that he hopes Victor was killed by the SSK because then it would prove that Marlena isn’t the killer…Brady hears it and lets into Shawn….Belle comes over and tells Shawn she wants to talk to him outside NOW!! Marlena defends Shawn to Brady but Brady doesn’t want to hear it…says Marlena would never hurt anyone…she flashesback to killing Roman and with Belle at the penthouse….outside Belle tells Shawn that she knows why he is doing this…it’s because he wants her to break up with him…he says no that’s not it….I’m trying to protect you, if there is the slightest chance that it’s your Mom…she tells him if he keeps saying it their relationship is over…inside Victor’s body is brought downstairs as Brady says good-bye…Shawn comes over and says he didn’t know him well but he was family and that is the bottom line….his Mom/Dad and he will find out who killed him and she will pay with her life no matter who it is (Marlena is watching him)…Belle comes up to Shawn and says she is sorry about his Grandfather…he talks about all the bad things he had heard about Victor but it is really protecting the people you love…she says is you mean me then I want to be with you too just say it isn’t my Mom…he says I can’t and she walks away…he looks at her as Marlena watches and says Shawn is becoming a problem and problems need to be eliminate. Everyone is downstairs as Nicole makes a grand entrance thanking Bo/Hope/John for coming…Bo tells her he isn’t there to pay his condolences…that Victor was murdered…says it is a short list of suspects…very short…John tells him about what Victor said about if he dies look no further than Nicole…Bo arrests her…(Bo says Kiriakis the same way Victor does…cute)…(Brady is watching from the background) The show ends on Nicole’s face.

Previews: Shawn asking Belle if they are broken up (ykw in the background with a smile on her face)…Phil telling Brady that he and Nic wanted Vic dead so they could be together as Brady punches him….(more but I missed them…LOL)

Monday Feb. 23

Jan's Spoiler

At Tuscany…..Doug/Julie are cleaning up and Julie is still upset with Bonnie. Telling Doug that she ruined Valentine’s day. She repeats that she is after Mickey’s money. Maggie was his true love and this was their anniversary and she left with him. She hated it when she saw them dancing. Doug tells her he wished he had a camera when she was chasing Bonnie around the room with the horns and that arrow stuck on her head. She says she could have killed her. Doug says you don’t mean that…you don’t mean you could kill someone. She says I’m not the Serial Killer. He says it’s nothing to joke about. They are cleaning up and Julie is still upset….she knows that kind of woman. Doug says let’s go home I’m tired. They are in bed and Julie tells him how much she loves him…they lay down and Doug remembers running into the killer at the circus. He remembers his talk with Marlena about where she was..he has a vision of the mask. He then has a flashback to the hospital. He is looking in the door to where Tony is…we hear Julie’s voice saying only doctor’s and medical staff are allowed in….he sees a doctor go in with Tony….the same doctor comes out holding a syringe and he says her face…he wakes up sweating and says Marlena. (I can’t tell you how upset I am at Doug leaving…they were my first ‘favorite’ couple on the show and I enjoy him and Julie so much)

At the mansion…(first we have ykw’s fantasy in which she tells Shawn about killing Victor and Shawn leaves….she tells herself that Belle is next)downstairs Kate/Phil come up to the door as Phil says he couldn’t believe it when he got the call from Bo. Inside Bo is reading Nicole her rights as they come in and Phil lunges at her calling her a dirty bitch (I believe)he is pulled back and Nicole says she was handcuffed naked to Brady…everyone looks at him…Belle pulls Shawn into the living room and says this has to prove my Mom isn’t the killer, she was with us at Tuscany when Victor was murdered. Shawn says we don’t even know if Victor was murdered, I don’t now what to think. Brady stands up for Nicole explaining what happened, Phil again goes at her but is stopped by Bo who tells him they will find out who killed their father. John explains what Victor told him, Kate says it had to be her or she had someone do it…she killed them all. John confirms the handcuffs and Bo/Hope release Nicole. Shawn tells Shawn that he has to believe that her mother isn’t the killer because she was with us when Victor was killed. He tells her he agrees she couldn’t have killed Victor. Belle says then she couldn’t have killed the others. Marlena comes in and says so you believe I’m not the killer, I’m not you know. Shawn says I’m not sure but whoever she is she’s smart and it’s someone we all know. Belle goes over to Phil and tells him how sorry she is…Shawn says the same and Belle asks if her and Shawn can go upstairs to talk. Bo has a message from Victor telling him that he wants to give him the combination of the safe but he’ll do it tomorrow, he’s safe tonight as Nicole is handcuffed to Brady. Bo says he wishes he could have talked to him one more time. Gene Briscoe comes in and offers his condolences to Bo, Kate makes a comment and Nicole wants her removed. Henderson tells her he can’t do that as Nicole says I am Mrs. Kriakis. Gene turns and says he doesn’t know the contents of the will but he does know that right now and after the reading that means nothing. He tells Phil/Brady that they are executors to the estate and tells Bo that Victor knew he wanted nothing to do with the Kiriakis estate but Victor wanted him here when the safe was opened. The decide to meet in the morning with the relatives and the locksmith. Nicole tells Brady that she is glad he is there for support….Brady tells her that tomorrow when the will is read he can’t help her it appears his grandfather had the last laugh.

J&M are outside as Marlena wonders if Shawn will tell his parents. If he does they will have to investigate. John says it doesn’t matter no one will believe Shawn’s theory. Marlena says you have faith in me I’m not sure I deserve it…John says you don’t have anything to feel guilty about do you.

Bo finds Nicole at the safe…she tells him that she was making sure that no one broke into it…Bo tells her that looks like what she was doing…he tells her she looks guilty.

Shelle arrive at Nicole’s room…(ykw in the closet)Shawn asks why she wanted to come upstairs and she says so she could yell at him. He wants to take her home they can discuss this in bed…she tells him that she doesn’t think she wants him to come home with her…he should stay in his own place tonight…she says her parents are apart because of this…and now us…he wants to know if they are breaking up….she tells him that she is glad she didn’t have sex with him and that she doesn’t think she could be intimate with someone who thinks her mother is a killer….

Bo/Hope are upstairs as Hope tells him she knows how hard this is on him. He says they’ll find the killer. Nicole is acting guilty…Hope says the killer is probably long gone (not true Hope she’s about 10 feet away)

Phil comes in and sees Brady…he goes at him about Brady not being able to stop the murder…that he was naked with Nicole…he says only she was naked…Phil mentions the looks they share…says that he stole Chloe from him and now he was stealing his grandfathers trophy wife…Brady punches him and they fight…J&M come in and break it up…Marlena tells them to stop that everyone is upset about the murders even her….she tells them violence doesn’t stop anything and to apologize…they do. Marlena tells John that Celeste’s prediction about him killing her upset her…if she was the killer he might have to…he says it would never happen….she smiles and says ooooh, that’s good then as she walks away. John says it couldn’t be her..no it couldn’t.

Brady tells Nicole that tomorrow when the safe is open they will find out that she was in Tony’s room…..she lied to him….she tries to explain but he walks away. Phil vows they will find out who killed his father and they will pay not matter who it is.

Kate sees Marlena and tells her how ironic it is that she was in the same room as the killer…Marlena says yes, ironic.

In the living room Kate, Phil and Brady all look in the mirror (the future of Titan I’m sure)

Nicole upstairs telling ykw to stop…she lets it slip that she killed Colin and ykw says so you’ve murdered before…Nicole tells her that if anyone finds out they will have a double execution the first in Salem….Nicole then has a fantasy about the will reading and her being arrested.

Bo/Hope/Shawn/Belle come downstairs…Shawn says he is leaving and he’ll see them tomorrow. Hope wants to know about his theory…J&M & Belle are watching. He says it probably wasn’t true and to forget it…Bo tells him he can tell him anything. Bo/Hope leave as Shawn tells J&M and Belle that he didn’t say anything because she had an alibi. John apologizes to Marlena for upsetting her by telling her that Shawn thought it was her. Shawn helps Belle on with her coat but tells him he should go home alone. John hugs her as does Marlena….Marlena gives him a bone chilling stare as Shawn smiles at her.

Outside Bo/Hope talk about Celeste but Bo knows she doesn’t want to help because it could get her killed. Hope talks to him about all the people in his family he has lost and they hug….Bo is looking very upset.

Tuesday Feb. 24

Pat's Spoilers...

Jen’s: Patrick is exercising (bare-chested and covered in sweat, of course). He gets up and checks the computer to get information on Jen. Jen comes down and asks him why is using her computer. He tells her he was doing research on back pain. She notices the sweat and he tells her that it is a side-effect of his medication. She wants to phone Lexie but he tells her it is not necessary. They end up talking about Jack and he says a lot about the man and Jen wants to know how he can know all that from one meeting. He says the guest room and the entire house is full of stuff about Jack – he read some articles. He thanks her again for taking him, a complete stranger in when there is a serial killer on the loose and she mentions that it is good to have a big strong man in the house. She talks about all the pain comes back each time someone is murdered. He goes to get them each some ice cream and she feels the baby kick and lets him feel it as well. He says the baby is Jack’s miracle.

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole is trying to get in the safe when she hears ykw sneaking out. She tells her to leave town because if anyone sees them together it will be all over for her. Brady yells down and asks who she is talking to. Nicole ushers ykw outside where she stands and smiles thinking that Shawn should be done arguing with his ex-girlfriend by now and she can finally have him to herself. Nicole tells Brady she was talking to herself and that she has a confession. She confesses that she wished his grandfather dead so many times and now that it has happened she feels guilty because she used to love him once. Brady tells her to go to bed. As soon as Brady goes back up she’s back at the safe again. She has 3 fantasies while trying to open that safe. Brady must come down at least 3 times (bare-chested of course) and she keeps feeding him a line of bull each time. One fantasy is that the combination is Isabella’s birthday and she gets the safe open but a cloud of gas escapes and she is knocked out. The next fantasy has Bo and Hope arresting her for Colin’s murder and declaring her the serial killer. Also ykw comes in and says she killed Victor but only because Nicole forced her to. Third fantasy Bo throws her in a cell with ‘Big Bertha’ and tells her he knows she will have a good night. Big Bertha tells her how things are going to be and then demonstrates what the ‘big squeeze’ is.

Shawn’s bedroom: Only this is definitely a jock’s room – basketball, jar of baseballs and yes even a hockey stick propped up in the corner – electric guitar hanging on the wall. Shawn is in bed in just those nice black boxers having a dream about Belle. Wow I have to say the pink pj outfit Belle had on was gorgeous – lace crop top and very low riding bottoms. She tells him she loves him and they kiss. Back to him turning over in bed and ykw kisses him and he kisses back and then opens his eyes looks up in shock. When next we see him he is still sleeping and wakes up and calls out Belle’s name. He says that the kiss felt so real. Of course ykw is hiding under his bed saying that Belle could never arouse him like can. He goes over to Belle’s and knocks on her door and asks if she was just at his place. She says no. He tells her that he loves her and he was dreaming about her – he dreamt that she kissed him. She tells him that his dreams are going to be the only place she kisses him and closes the door on him. He says he knows what he has to do and leaves.

Belle’s loft: Belle opens her door and sees her mother who happens to be standing outside Shawn’s place but Belle is happy that she came by to see her. They go inside and Belle is still upset and can’t understand why Shawn is saying such terrible things. She worries that it is going to be over between them. She laments over the fact that it was such a horrible Valentine’s Day and she is envious of Mimi. Rex took her on a romantic getaway and Shawn ruined things. She wonders how he could be such a jerk. On top of everything she things she is getting a cold. Marlena asks if she has Vitamin C and Echinacea. Belle says she doesn’t think so – if she did it would be in the kitchen but she has cold medicine upstairs. She goes upstairs while Marlena checks the kitchen and finds the keys to Shawn’s apartment. She is trying to decide what weapon to use to kill Shawn and thinks back over how she killed the others. Of course she has that hulking big carving knife in her trench coat pocket – I have one question about that? I mean she was sitting in the park on a bench caressing it (well maybe not caressing it but darn close) when a cop came up to her, she had out when Belle opened her loft door – both times she puts it in her pocket. My question – why didn’t the big sharp knife rip through the material and fall out of her coat??? She tells Belle to relax on the couch and covers her up and tells her to drink plenty of fluids. She made her herbal tea and honey. Belle says she is such a good mother and that she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Marlena leaves.

Bo & Hope’s: They are in bed and Bo decides he should go back to Victor’s because he can’t sleep. Hope says they can do other things and they kiss. They start talking about what could be in Vic’s safe. Bo worries that whoever Victor names as the killer will be able to get out of it because she is so smart. They both think she will kill again. Bo feels that he should have caught the killer by now and Hope tells him he will. Shawn comes in and says he saw the light on. He asks Bo if he can talk to him so Hope leaves to check on Zack. He tells Bo that he messed by with Belle and he needs his advice. He tells Bo that he had some thoughts about the killer and he told Belle and now she is so mad at him. He loves her so much and he wants to make it right. Bo knows that Shawn told Belle it was someone close to her. He asks Shawn what his theory is but Shawn says he’s in enough trouble already. He just thinks that all the killings have finally got to him and messed with his head. He wants to know what to do. Bo tells him he’s not giving him a lot to go on but he says you only said those things because you thought she was in danger and you were worried about her. He suggests he tell her that and to say he’s sorry. Bo says Belle is a very understanding person. Shawn thanks Bo and tells him he is always there when he needs him. He says he’s going to Belle he’s sorry. Bo tells him he should wait for morning. Outside the door Shawn thinks to himself that he really hopes that Marlena isn’t the killer. Hope comes in and they talk a little more about family. Hope says when they really miss Caroline and Roman they just have to look at their two sons and they will see their loved ones in them.

Shawn’s: Marlena and pulls out the keys and the knife. She says she wouldn’t hurt a fly but she will kill her boyfriend – she also says Shawn has to pay with his life for figuring out that she is the killer. She is quite angry that he was able to do that. Oh good lord the attack is gruesome. She does grab a pillow and push it down over the person in the bed – but I honestly don’t know how anyone could have survived that and then only require stitches by Dr. Nicole. When she is done she says Shawn Brady is dead and Belle won’t have to worry about him anymore. While this is going on Belle is in her loft looking at pictures of both Shawn and Marlena. She loves them both so much and she doesn’t want to lose either of them.

Preview: Sami in her bed telling Lucas that Nicole has killed all the people in her family to make her suffer and she’ll be coming after her next. Nicole in the bathtub – Brady saying Nicole you’re bleeding as they look at the blood on the palm of her hand. Marlena “I’m sorry Belle but Shawn was a danger to me just like Abe” – as she is thinking this we see Shawn – I think he’s in the hallway outside their lofts but it’s hard to tell. Belle calling out “Shawn are you in here?” and then screaming when she goes into his bedroom.

Wednesday Feb. 25

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole is relaxing in the tub trying to come up with the combination to Vic’s safe. She notices the blood on the palm of her hand. Victor’s ghost appears. He throws the CD player in telling her its death by the electric chair without the seat. She screams and Brady comes running. She is sleeping. She told him she saw Victor and he tells her she had a bad dream. He notices the blood. He bandages her hand and picks up her razor and said she probably cut herself on that. She tells him she is sorry for his loss but he can’t possibly believe that she is capable of murder. He says he will wait to see the evidence in the safe before passing judgement. She pulls off her robe and tells him she needs him to believe her. He walks out on her. He calls Chloe and tells her he is coming to Europe to visit her after the funeral. Nicole goes back to her soak in the tub. She hears something and then feels someone touching her and then sees a bloody hand. It’s ykw. She tells Nicole the serial killer attacked her. Nicole asks her if she knows who it is. There is a flashback of ykw watching as Shawn is putting on his shirt and then leaving. She strips naked (ewwww) and claims into bed with a big smile on face. Then we see the shadow of the killer and the knife. As Nicole is asking her who the killer is she passes out. Don’t ask me how she got fully dressed after being stabbed so much and got out of Shawn’s without leaving a trail of blood.

Sami’s: She is dreaming about what happened in the cave and then wakes up. She sees a shadow and screams. She grabs a vase to hit the person but it’s Lucas. He heard her moaning through the walls – uh, pardon me, but she isn’t her apartment down the hall and ACROSS the hall from his – oh well – he must have been sitting on the window sill – LOL! He thought she was in pain and wants to know how her head is feeling after the fall. He figures out she was dreaming about him. She doesn’t want to go there and he says she doesn’t want to be happy. She says she was happy last year on Valentines’ Day because Brandon asked her to move in with her. She ends up talking how the only two men she ever loved aren’t speaking to her now only too Will and that they were with her only because of Will. He tells her about Victor’s death and she is happy. He was a threat to her and now he isn’t. Lucas tells her she shouldn’t talk like considering she is still a suspect. This is when she says she was worried about her Mom and Dad’s safety but what if she is next. She thinks Nicole killed all those people to make her suffer and now she is coming after her next. Lucas promises to protect her. She doesn’t want him staying with her. He says he will just sit there. He sits propped up against the headboard almost sleeping when she starts to sob. She says that it is too late for her – no one will ever love her. He lies next to her holding her and telling her that it’s not true. This crying is a carry-over from their conversation earlier. She remembers that her grandmother had two men to love her, her mother had two and if she dies and goes to the white light (if she goes there – LOL) no one will we waiting for her. Will loves her because she is his mother. Lucas tries to reassure her that she will find love.

Belle & Shawn’s lofts: Belle is lying on the couch remembering the argument between her and Shawn. She gets up and phones him and leaves a message for him to come over – she wants to talk. Marlena is still in his room holding the bloody knife. She hears Belle leaving the message and thinks to herself that it’s too late. Shawn won’t be coming over. Right after Belle hangs up there is a knock on her door. She looks through the peephole and then opens the door. OMG – the look on that man’s face. He is so head over heels for her it’s unbelievable. He pulls out a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. She asks him in. He says he couldn’t sleep and he saw her light on – he hopes he didn’t wake her. She told him she just called. She didn’t want to leave things that way between them. She didn’t want that to be the last things they said to each other. He tells her he hurt her tonight and that is the last thing he wanted to do. She asks if he thinks her mother is the killer. He talks about knowing Marlena all his life and she has always been so good to him. Belle says that her mother isn’t mad at him she’s just upset that someone could think she was the killer. He hugs her and notices she is warm. She tells him she is getting a cold so he says well let’s get you to bed. She suggests he go back to his place to sleep. Ah his voice when he asks her if she doesn’t want to stay with her. She does but she doesn’t want him to get sick. He doesn’t care he wants to be with her and she wants to be with him. He asks if it’s too late to give her the Valentine’s stuff and of course she tells him it is never too late. Marlena is just about to drop the knife down the garbage chute when she hears Belle’s loft door opening so she hides. It’s like Shawn senses someone is there but they don’t see other. After she hears the door close she gets rid of the knife and leaves.

Park: Marlena talking to herself saying that she is sorry that she had to kill Shawn. Belle will understand one day and thank her for it. Belle can live without Shawn but she couldn’t survive without her mother. Marlena says I love you more than you could know my sweet girl. (Yikes!)

Back at the lofts: Shawn tells Belle to wait for him he’ll be right back. She comes back downstairs muttering that she can’t believe she doesn’t have any aspirin. She goes to Shawn’s place and notices the door is ajar. She pushes it open and calls out for him and goes towards the bedroom door and screams. Shawn (I don’t know where he was) tells Belle not to touch anything. LOL – she tells him she isn’t even going to move. He wants her to go back to her apartment while he checks to see if the killer is still near by but she figures the safest place for her is with him – smart girl. He figures the killer was sending him a message because she felt threatened. Belle says don’t you dare say it was my mother. He wants to go back to her place to see if her spare keys are missing. She asks him if they are there will he believe her mother isn’t the killer and never bring it up again. He agrees. They go back and they are there. He goes upstairs to phone his parents. Marlena comes over with Vitamin C and chicken soup. She hears someone coming down the steps and is shocked to see Shawn. Belle asks her mother what is wrong and Shawn comments that she looks like she saw a ghost. Marlena says she is tired and surprised to see him because the last time she saw them the two of them weren’t speaking. Belle says they made up and Marlena says that is good. Belle tells her what happened and that they at first thought that someone had used the set of keys she has to get in – flashback of Marlena returning the keys (must be when Belle went upstairs to look for the aspirin and Shawn went – I still don’t know where – LOL). When they mention that the killer was threatening Shawn Marlena insists that Belle go home with her. Belle refuses to leave Shawn but she tells her mother she is worried about her being out on own so late at night. Marlena says she is fine. She leaves wondering who she did stab in Shawn’s bed and what do they know.

Preview: Nicole saying to John that the only thing you’re interested in is sticking me with a murder rap. Hope asking Shawn (with Belle by his side) why the killer is coming after him. Maggie’s ghost telling Julie she is there to tell her about Doug and the great danger he is in. Doug sitting up in bed saying he knows who the killer is.

Thursday Feb. 26

Jan's Spoilers...

The loft....Hope arrives as Shelle come out of Belle's apt...Shawn asks where Bo is and Hope tells him sleeping...she asks what is wrong but Shawn says he'll show her....she looks at Belle and asks if she is OK...Belle is looking sheepish...Shawn shows Hope his room and she can't believe it...she checks for blood but Shawn says he isn't hurt...she says who do you think did this...Shawn says the killer who else...out in the living room Hope says she'll call Tek...she asks Shawn again but Belle gives him the 'look' and he says probably because I'm a Brady...Tek arrives and he vows to find something, he asks Shawn but Shawn says he has no idea...Hope and Tek head into SDB's room as Belle tells Shawn thank you...he says let's not get into this yet we'll wait for Tek to find something...Belle looks at him and says Oh my God, you still think it's her don't you..... .Shelle are still talking as Belle says we've been through this…Shawn says I just don’t know…let’s wait to see what Tek finds… as they talk about Marlena being the killer...Tek/Hope come out and Tek says they found strands of brunette hair and lipstick and make-up smeared on the sheets...Belle looks at Shawn and says you had a girl in your bed...Shawn says there was no one in his bed with him...Tek says I hate to dispute it but we have evidence...Shawn says this is crazy...he says this just keeps getting crazier….he explains what happened that he reached out and kissed someone...he looks at Belle and says that is when I came over to your place to see if you were here...she says it wasn't me....Hope asks him if anyone could have gotten in...he says he locked the door behind him when he left...that Belle has the only spare key and it was in her apt. Hope then turns towards Belle and says then there was two people in this apt. tonight let’s find out how they got in....they leave and Shawn says to Belle you can't believe this and that is when she asks who he had sex with tonight...he says to Belle let’s not get into this….Belle says you got tired of waiting and wearing this stupid purity ring (she holds it up)so he found it somewhere else.. .......he tells her that he wasn't with anyone...she says your busted Shawn don’t lie… and says that is why you accused my Mom because you wanted tobreak up with me to be with her....she also mentions what he said about the kiss feeling real....he says are you listening to yourself…that doesn’t make any sense…I thought I lost you tonight….he tells her that honestly he has not been withanyone...she turns her back to him and he turns her around and tells her that remember you said this was the worst Valentine's Day ever well it'sthe same for me....she rolls her eyes at him as he tells her not to do that....he didn't want to accuse her mother…then he says you don’t think I’m the killer do you….she says no (her demeanor changes as she softens) he says the important thing right now is to figure out who got stabbed........Tek and Hope comeout and Hope says that whoever was hurt is alive....Shawn says enough about that what about the assailant....Tek says about average strength
between 5'7" and 5'10"....they leave to gather more evidence as Belle turns to Shawn and says I know my mother is average strength and thatheight but she didn't kill Victor...Shawn says but she was here...Bellesays yeah to give me cold medicine...Shawn says maybe I should tell myMom...Belle says if you love me, truly care about me you won't say anything....not one word….Hope comes out and is shaking....she hugs Shawn and tells
him that he could have been killed...he says but I'm fine...she says that isn't the point...all this time I thought your Dad was in danger but it's you...Belle is in the background and I do believe the girl finally bought a clue that Shawn could have been killed because she looks a little upset all of a sudden.....especially when Hope says thatshe felt like someone walked over her grave and that someone close to
her is going to die. (my feeling is that Belle doesn't really believe Shawn betrayed her and she finally figured out that he may have been killed)

Doug/Julie....Doug tells Julie he knows who the killer is...she asks who but Doug won't tell her, he doesn't want her in danger...she says you have to tell someone we have to stop this....she wants him to tell her who…but he won’t…he says he’ll go to the police…Julie changes her mind and tells him he can’t that he could be next…she tells him to go to Hope she is a cop and his daughter…she can protect him by checking it out and not letting anyone know…he says he has to be 100% sure…Julie asks why…he tells her because this is someone we know and care for and is an important member of the community…I can’t be wrong…he has to see someone tonight..she doesn’t want him to leave but he kisses her and tells her he’ll be back soon……she is in bed and we hear Maggie’s voice calling her name…she smiles and then says it’s a dream…Maggie says it’s me in the flesh almost…Julie asks why she is here and Maggie says I think you know…she tells her that Cassie/Caroline/Tony and her all were killed because they could have named the killer….Julie asks who it is but Maggie says I can’t tell you but Doug could be next if he names her….Doug arrives at a door a knocks…the person answers and he says I know who the killer is and I need your help.

John/Brady...John arrives worried about Brady and wanting to be there for him. He asks Brady where the 'murderer' is. Brady says he doesn't believe Nicole did it she was handcuffed to him...John says coincidence don't you think...she may have hired someone...Brady says but who? They discuss Nicole a bit and Brady tells John that he knows the real Nicole…one who wants to be loved. John says maybe that isn’t the real Nicole maybe the real one is the one who killed Vic…he mentions Abe about to name the killer in Colin’s murder and the says the others were killed to protect the murderer….Brady says what about Roman as John says maybe he came across some of Abe’s files….Brady mentions Marlena and John says she has a lot going on and then Shawn’s accusations…Brady says he can’t believe Shawn said that as John tells him not to tells anyone…Brady says it’s too crazy to repeat…he tells John he is going to Europe to visit Chloe…The locksmith arrives saying that Gene Briscoe phone and wants him to take a look at the safe….he tells John that he will have to drill…Nicole arrives and John calls her Nicky K…she says John only wants to put her away for murder…but she didn’t kill Victor…she says isn’t that right Brady…he doesn’t answer and she tells him to answer her now…she says your father has already turned you against me…Brady tells her they’ll find out the truth in the morning as John smiles.

Nicole/YKW……no comment on these scenes.

Previews: Julie telling Alice that Maggie visited her to warn her about Doug…Bo asking Hope if Shawn was the target as Hope says yes and Bo says I’ll kill her….Lucas walking out on Sami and Sami looking in a mirror saying she doesn’t have feeling for him….YKW telling Nicole she knows the combination to the safe.

Pat’s Spoilers

I have to go for supper so this is going to be quick and dirty.

Kiriakis Mansion: John comes over even though it’s so late. Brady and he talk for the entire show basically about Nicole. John knows that Nicole has gotten to Brady but Brady denies it. John feels that she is a murderess and that the evidence will be in the safe. Brady doesn’t agree – and it goes back and forth. Upstairs Nicole gets ykw drunk and stitches her up. Don’t ask me how she never got any blood on herself. We see more evidence of how delusional ykw is. Line of the day goes to Nicole – she says to ykw “Are you looney tunes – wait don’t answer that.” LOL! The locksmith comes over and starts working on opening the safe because he knows it is going to be difficult. Nicole is not happy to see him when she comes downstairs after shoving ykw in her closet.

Doug & Julie: Such wonder scenes between them as he tells her he knows who the killer is but won’t tell her so he can protect her. He wants to get proof before going to the police. At first she wants him to tell the police but then she doesn’t want him to say anything because the killer is vicious. Doug tells her he can’t do that. He does tell her the woman is someone they consider a friend. Julie wants him to tell Hope so the police can investigate without him in the picture. He says he has to tell someone and he knows just who that person is. He goes and Maggie appears to Julie. SR looks gorgeous. She tells Julie that Doug is in great danger because he is a threat to the killer. If the killer finds out that he knows no one will be able to save his life.

Shawn’s room: Tek and Hope come over. Hope is stunned by what she sees. They start investigating. Shawn does not say anything about his suspicions about Marlena because Belle keeps giving him the look – LOL! They talk about the strands of brunette hair, makeup and lipstick in Shawn’s bed. Belle immediately jumps to the conclusion that he had a girl in bed with him. This goes over several scenes. Shawn swears there was no woman in his bed but Tek says the evidence says differently. Shawn talks about his dream and he thought he was kissing Belle. Belle just rolls her eyes. Tek does more investigating and says who ever attacked the person in the bed was of average strength and between 5’7 and 5’10. Hope and Tek go back into his bedroom and Belle says you think its Mom. Then she wonders if Shawn made up those accusations as an excuse to break up with so he could be with this girl. She wonders if he is tired of the purity rings. He tries to explain – LOL! I love it when he says don’t roll your eyes at me. She had thrown the fact that it was such a terrible Valentine’s Day up in his face again and he tells her it was for him to. He never wanted to hurt her. I do believe that Belle actually started thinking about Shawn at the very end when Hope comes out of his room very upset. She tells him that he is in grave danger. She thought the killer would be going after Bo next but now she knows it is Shawn. She tells him that this feeling came over her – just like someone had walked over her grave. The killer is going after someone she loves next. Belle actually looks very scared. Also by this time I’m sure she realises that Shawn didn’t betray her – at least that’s the feeling I had.

Preview: Julie telling Alice that Maggie came to her and told her Doug was in danger. Bo (very upset) saying something about the killer – Hope is with him so she must have told him about Shawn. Nicole stewing that if they get the safe open she is done for – a drunk ykw telling her she knows the combination.

Friday Feb. 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: The black widow is wearing her mourning black duds but they are not exactly traditional. She sees all the police cars and wonders if the whole force is there. Bo says they are there to arrest her for murder as soon as the safe is open. Outside Hope is talking to Shawn on her cell. She says Bo is going to go ballistic when he finds out about the attack in his loft and all the blood. She says she has a suspect – Nicole Walker. Bo is ready to arrest Nicole but Hope tells him he has to wait for the evidence. Nicole goes upstairs where she laments her fate. She doesn’t think it’s such a big deal that she killed one black-mailing Irishman but she didn’t do in half of Salem. She decides she needs to find someone who knows who the killer is to clear her name. Bo gets on the locksmiths case to get the safe open.

Hope tells Bo about the attack in Shawn’s apartment. Bo is livid that Nicole went after Shawn. He charges up the stairs. In her room Nicole picks up a picture of Victor and yells that she hates him and smashes it against the door. Bo pushes the door and says did I just hear you say you hated him. She tries to cover by saying that she hates him for leaving her. Bo tells her that her lies don’t work with him. He says he has someone that can ID her as the serial killer. Hope comes in. Nicole says she can’t know. Bo reminds of how Hope was attacked in the evidence room and only she has information that can lead to the killer. Bo lies on the bed and Hope gives Nicole a hairbrush and tells her to pretend to stab Bo. When Nicole has her arm raised Hope measures the distance. Nicole tries to tell them that there is no way she could have gone to Shawn’s and back without at least one cop seeing her. Bo tells her to stay in the room. There are cops inside and outside and they have been instructed to shoot to kill. No comment on the tasteless jantasy – her and Nicole in prison stripes and Bo as a gangster killing them. YUCK. Nicole mutters that she has to get into the safe when ykw comes out of the closet saying she knows the combination.

Julie is going frantic waiting for her phone to ring. She goes downstairs and her and Alice talk. Alice figures out that she is seeing dead people that is why she is so unsettled. Julie says Maggie paid her visit and warned that Doug was in great danger. Julie tells Alice that Doug thinks he knows who the killer is and she is deathly afraid because anyone else that has known her identity has died. She calls him again and leaves him another message. At the end she is talking to herself and decides to make the call she knows that Doug wouldn’t because he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. She makes a call to Marlena saying that Doug thinks he knows who the killer is and she wonders if she can come over and get some advice.

Doug asks Celeste for help. She says she has been expecting him. He goes inside and she has candles lit. It is her way of getting in touch with the spirits. She tells him the spirits are very restless and she feels that the killer is going to strike again. Unfortunately she always sees his face when she gets that vibe. She pulls out a huge candle of an angel and gets him to light it telling him that the white light from the candle will keep him safe from the killer. She scatters tea leaves around the killer to open a channel to the dark side. The windows blow open, the tea leaves start blowing and she tells Doug to ask the question. He doesn’t want to name the person out loud because than Celeste will be in danger. She gives him a bag of crystals and tells him to place them in a circle. If his suspicions are correct the face of the person he suspects will appear in the circle. He does and sees Marlena’s face. The spirits leave and Celeste asks him if his suspicions were confirmed. He says yes but he just can’t believe she would do these things. He is going to go to the police and let them investigate. The angel candle flickers and Celeste tells him he is in grave danger. He wants to know what kind of danger and she goes to the tarot cards. The third card drawn is the death card.

Lucas’: Will, Kate and Lucas are working on Will’s science project. They look for the glue stick and Lucas says Sami must have it. Even though Kate protests Lucas goes over there. Kate notices a family picture of Will, Sami and Lucas and asks Will when it was taken. He tells her about the camping trip and that Lucas and Sami shared a tent and a sleeping bag but that there wasn’t a lot of sleeping going on. LOL! Kat wants to know how he knows that. Will tells her how he planted the snake in his Mom’s sleeping bag. He also tells her about Sami running off and getting trapped in the cave with Horton the tiger and his Dad rescued her. He hopes that finally brings them together. Lucas comes back and sends Will to bed. Kate starts bad-mouthing Sami and Lucas tells her to stop in case Will hears her talking about his mother like that. She is upset that he is letting Sami get to him. He says not anymore. She notices that he doesn’t look to happy about that and doesn’t understand why he would pine for a loser like Sami. He says because they are both losers and the only thing right that either of them ever did was Will. He tells her to buckle up because he has feelings for Sami – real feelings.

Sami’s: As she is watching the romance channel she daydreams that Lucas knocks and she pulls him into a kiss and they end up on the couch. Lucas comes over. She looks for the glue and ends up spraying his t-shirt with some paint. She looks pretty enamoured when he removes his shirt. He wants her to admit her feelings for him. He’s tired of playing with their hearts. He knows she is attracted to him and he wants her to say it. She says she is just annoyed with him. He throws his shirt at her and tells her to have a nice lonely life and leaves. She looks in the mirror and tells herself that she is not attracted to him – and squirts the paint all over it. After Lucas leaves she tells her stuff to stop thinking about him. She doesn’t care for him and the only man she needs is her teddy bear Mr. Fuzzy. The bear’s head changes into Lucas’ and she confesses to the teddy bear that she is in love with Lucas.

Preview: Mimi telling Rex that he has to take her home right now – her Mom is in big trouble. Nicole slapping ykw so hard that she staggers. Hope telling Bo that they are going to get the killer – they just have to be patient. Julie looking strangely at Marlena saying you sound like you know how the killers mind works and Marlena telling her that we are one and the same.

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Monday Mar. 1

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: I’m going to perfectly honest – I can barely stomach the scenes between Nicole and ykw. All I can say is thank god she finally washed that blood off. After slapping her around Nicole manipulates ykw to trying to remember the combination by telling her she saw Shawn playing basketball shirtless and she could tell that Shawn wanted her (ykw). Oh blech – and she buys that???? Eventually she gets a half-assed combination out of her and as ykw talks to herself in the mirror about the things she is going to do for Shawn (barf bag required).

Hope gets a call from Lexie and tells Bo about Patrick. Both of them are very suspicious and Bo tells Hope to go over there and check on him. It takes the entire show for the locksmith to get the final bolt undone. Just as he tells Bo its ready to open Nicole comes into the living room.

Green Mountain Lodge: Not a lot to say about Rex and Mimi. They are doing what they normally do. More proof that TPTB check out message boards because she refers to him as her ‘sexy Rexy’. The one part I was pleasantly surprised at is that they actually talk about the fact that he doesn’t know how he is going to pay for the room. She tells him she prefers pauper Rex to rich Rex.

Bonnie’s: She freaks when Patrick calls. I have no idea what she did that is scared. She calls Mimi and tells her what it is. It must be a biggie because Mimi gets out of bed to come home. Bonnie talks to Max telling the dog that she’s done some bad things in her life. He barks at her and she tells him not to judge her. She has to look out for herself because nobody else will.

Jen’s: Jen hears Patrick on his cell phone telling someone that he is in Europe. She asks him why he liked. He tells her that this guy wants him to rebuild an engine but because of his back injury he can’t. He doesn’t want to tell the guy he’s hurt so he told him he’s out of the country so the guy won’t look for anyone else. Of course Jen feels guilty again. Hope calls and Jen tries to tell her Patrick is a nice guy. Patrick calls Bonnie and tells her he is coming home and he wants what is rightfully his. Jen tells Patrick that her cousin is coming over and that she’s a cop. She says my family is very protective of me. He doesn’t mind – he has nothing to hide. He bends down to pick up the tray and pretends his back is sore. He tells Jen that he needs to take a hot shower and that she can send Hope up to the apartment when she gets there. Hope knocks on the door and he tells her to come in. He’s just out of the shower and he’s start naked. He tells Hope that he isn’t ashamed of his body and this should prove he has nothing to hide. (I guess she’s supposed to take one look at it and forget why she’s there). Hope tells him to get dressed and meet her in Jen’s living room. Hope tells Jen she is going to run a background check on him. Patrick overhears this.

Marlena’s Office: Julie comes over and it is Marlena’s main goal to determine whether Julie has a clue about the identity of the killer. Julie is frantic – Marlena is very sure of herself. She tells Julie that the killer hasn’t been caught because she is so intelligent. LOL – Marlena turns her back to Julie when Julie lashes out and gives her opinion of the killer – it isn’t pretty and Marlena doesn’t like it. Marlena is concerned when Julie tells her that Doug went to the police. She asks if he is at the police station now. She says no she can’t get hold of him. Marlena says he has to be very careful because everyone that has claimed to know who the killer is has wound up dead. Julie says you think like the killer and Marlena tells her it is because they are one and the same. She claims because she works with the Salem PD on the case she has to think like the killer. Julie gets a message on her PDA from Grandma (hmmm Alice has a PDA…interesting). Marlena turns her back and uses her cell phone to page herself. She tells Julie she has to leave. She stuffs her letter opener into her purse.

Celeste’s: Doug asks Celeste what the death card means. She tells him it can mean a lot of things but this time it means exactly what it says. She tells him to go straight to the police but Doug still is having a hard time believing his suspicions. He wants to confront this woman. Celeste tells him it is not a good idea. He doesn’t want to ruin her reputation. Celeste says if she is not guilty the police will clear her. He agrees. Outside of her door he says he is going to Hope but he has one stop to make first. In Celeste’s room the windows blow open and the tea leaves burst into flames again. Celeste tries to warn Doug but he’s gone. Julie comes over and Celeste tells her that the killer knows that Doug is on to her. Julie says that can’t be possible only you, I and Marlena know that Doug knows who the killer is. HUH ladies…only 3 of you know and two of you are together…what does that tell you???ACK!! Celeste says the forces of evil are at work that’s how the killer knows. The angel candle’s flame is blown out by the wind blowing through the open windows.

Church/Graveyard: Marlena goes to confession. She tells the priest she is there because she has these urges. He asked her if the urges are related to sex or alcohol. She says they are more sinister. She wants to hurt someone very badly. The priest says if you want to hurt someone than I have to get you help. He pushes back the curtain but the confessional is empty. Marlena goes out the door and sees Doug by Addie’s gravestone. He is saying that he had to come and visit her grave and that he is very afraid. He turns and sees Marlena. He tells her that he was looking for her and that he has some hard questions that he wants answers for. She tells him she was looking for him as well.

Preview: Hope telling Bonnie she needs to ask her a few questions about Patrick. She asks if he is in trouble (Mimi is there as well). Patrick tells Jen if she is the least bit uncomfortable with him staying there she just has to say the word. Bo telling the locksmith that they’ve wasted enough time and to open that damn thing. Nicole throws a glass of booze against the safe. Doug confronting Marlena – ‘It’s you isn’t it Marlena. You are the serial killer.’

Tuesday Mar. 2

Jan’s Spoilers……..

At the mansion.....Bo/Brady/Nicole are waiting for the locksmith to open the safe. Bo is determined that they will find the evidence to arrest Nicole. He talks with Hope and tells her the safe is about to be opened…she wants to be there for him but he tells her to stay with Jen….they are both hoping that they will be able to arrest Nicole for the murders. Nicole tells him she is innocent that she has an alibi….Bo tells her then she had an accomplice…(flashback to YKW)…as the safe is about to be opened Nicole throws a glass full of booze at it….Bo is upset and Brady yells at her….when it is opened we find that all that is in there is some Titan papers/passport/birth certificat….Bo wanting to know what happened to the will as Nicole has a flashback into getting into the safe (amazing that Bo has never left the locksmith or the safe until it is time for Nic to break in)...it appears that the locksmith left her alone in the room long enough for her to open the safe...take the evidence and the will....Vic left her nothing but that is not surprising. She hides the papers behind a couch in the living room...Bo continues on as she says he had no proof...she wants Brady to get her a drink but he tells her to get it herself....she gets up and Brady knocks the pillow and says I have it....(but of course he doesn't see the papers).

At the Lockharts.....Bonnie tells Mimi that she has taken Patrick’s money..she wants Mimi to be her buffer…Mimi says no that she needs to pay him back..Bonnie wants her to sell her car but Mimi says no…..Patrick phones and tells her he loves her…that he’ll see her tomorrow…he is staying with Jennifer Devereaux….Bonnie telling Mimi the her and Patrick should have a double wedding....Mimi just listens...Hope arrives and questions them about Patrick...Mimi tells her Patrick is a good guy (she doesn't look over positive about this)...Hope gets a call from Julie that they have to find Doug and Hope tells her to meet her at Gran's.

Julie/Celeste....Julie and Celeste are trying to find Doug and get hold of Hope…they head to Marlena’s office where Celeste tells her that Doug is face to face with the killer (ummm….Celeste you are in front of Marlena’s office….is that a clue??) Julie is still trying to get hold of Hope…she phones Jen and then Bonnie and finally talks to her telling her that Doug could be in danger…. Celeste tells Julie they have to hurry…. that something is going to happen..they have to find Doug.

At Jen's....Hope continues to questions Patrick (and we get a flashback of Hope finding him naked)….he tells them he is a Lockhart and he seems a little surprised that they know them…..Jen goes on about how sweet Bonnie was after Jack/Maggie died and that Hope’s son has been friends with Mimi since they were little kids…..Patrick phones Bonnie (putting on a good show…as Jen seems impressed by the call)…Jen then ushers Hope out but not before Hope says she is going to continue to check on him and check with Bonnie (it appears Hope has the Salem brain today)Jen apologizes but Patrick says he understands. He says he'll leave if she wants but she says no it's probably good to have a man around with the SSK out there. She goes to bed and Patrick phones Bonnie...Bonnie tells him to latch on to the lottery ticket and get the jackpot (meaning Jen)but Patrick tells her that Jen is too nice to scam.

Doug/Marlena....Marlena confronts Doug as Doug tells her he believes she is the killer he had a dream….Marlena says Celeste with her visions and you with your dreams…he tells her he saw her come out of Tony’s room with the murder weapon…she explains that she is a doctor and she was giving him medication for the pain…..she tells Doug it is like the Salem witch hunts….mass hysteria….telling Doug that everyone is a suspect...she tells him we are almost family….my daughter Belle is almost engaged to your grandson Shawn…. mentions she says she loved them all....Abe/Maggie/Caroline...Roman the father of her twins....Cassie the child she gave birth to and even Tony.. Doug apologizes but she tells him there is no need....they hug as she says Rex/Tony/Kate were all under suspicion at one time and look what happened...it's good they talked it over and they are still friends....she says does that mean you haven't said anything to anyone else...he tells her he needs to finish a conversation....one with his little daughter Hope...he tells her that he told Hope he knew who the serial killer is....and she'll want to know all the details...Marlena says yes she will.

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very difficult spoiler report to write up because the show has me on edge right. Everyone is being dumbed down to advance the plot and it just irks me. I think the real problem is the killings and the Lockhart family are getting to me…LOL!

Kiriakis Mansion: Prepare yourself – things are not as they seem. Nicole is acting all righteous as Bo is pacing waiting for the safe to be opened. Brady comes downstairs. Bo keeps going on and on about how Victor would never make a threat without being able to back it up. He knows that there has to be evidence in the safe to send Nicole to Statesville. The only part I liked is when Nicole was putting on her ‘woe is me’ act and went to Brady for comfort he backed away from her. The safe is finally opened despite the fact that Nicole throws a glass of booze at it. Much to Bo’s surprise all there is are some Titan contracts. He asks Nicole where the stuff is because she must have got in it. She denies it but has a flashback to coming downstairs and trying to get the locksmith to take a drink (conveniently Bo isn’t in the room for those 2 minutes). He goes out to get something from his truck, she gets in the safe and stuffs the new will and evidence and tape behind the cushions of the sofa. She sits there calmly as Bo interrogates her. She gets up to make a drink and Brady swats at the cushion and exposes part of the envelope. Nicole gasps and looks in that direction and Brady is standing right next to the sofa proclaiming that he knows what is going on. (Geez louise you guys!)

Okay – I see where this going. With Nicole signed to a new three year contract they couldn’t allow the evidence of her guilt in Colin Murphy’s murder come to light. Considering there was a flashback that highlighted Nicole’s little tirade at ykw stating that no one can ever see them together or they’ll both end up in prison leads me to believe that Nicole will be living high and mighty. I also believe that ykw will begin unravelling even more (there’s a few threads left on the spool) and Nicole will decide to have her permanently removed from the picture. Nicole will have ykw killed believing that she is now free and clear and this is when the will that Nicole thinks ykw destroyed will surface and she will lose all her wealth and power but not her freedom. That’s the way I see it playing out but when am I ever right???

Jen’s place: Finally Hope comes out and asks Patrick’s his last name. (Surprisingly when Lexie was looking at his hospital records she noticed he had no health insurance but she didn’t comment on his last name….HUH??) I could barely tolerate Jen going on how great his mother was by helping both her and Mickey out. (Patrick knows exactly how his mother helped out). Hope asks him why he didn’t go to stay with his family. He’s too old to stay at home and he and his mother had a falling out is his answer. He then calls Bonnie and is all sweet to her and tells her where he is. Jen is so happy that he called home and told his mother he loved her. Hope tells Jen she is still going to run a background check on him and she is going to stop at Bonnie’s and question her about her son. Jen explains that her family is very protective especially with a serial killer on the loose. He understands. She tells him that she feels safer with a man around. She goes to bed and he phones his mother again.

Bonnie’s: Mimi finds out from Bonnie that she spent all of Patrick’s money that she was supposed to be keeping for him and she wants Mimi to talk to him. Apparently Patrick would do anything for his little sister. After Patrick calls she starts planning a double wedding between Patrick and Jen and her and Mickey. Too disgusting to even get into. Hope is only there for a few minutes – long enough for Julie to have to call there looking for her. Hope tells her that she will meet her at Alice’s. When Patrick calls back she praises him for moving in on Jen. He tells her that she is a nice lady and he isn’t going to scam her. She reminds him she taught him better and not to let this jackpot go.

Celeste and Julie: They go from Celeste’s to Marlena’s office. I really don’t know what to say except that Julie keeps getting more and more frantic and Celeste keeps saying I fear that your husband is in great danger and then – oh Douglas is face to face with the killer. After repeated attempts at the end of the show Julie finally contacts Hope.

Graveyard: This part I won’t go into too much detail but I have to say Marlena plays Doug like a Stradivarius. He does confront her but she has an explanation for everything. She says it is very common in these stressful times for people to start suffering from mass hysteria and paranoia. Friends and family begin accusing one another. She is so believable when she talks about how much she loved the people that got killed. She convinces Doug that she was giving Tony pain medication because she is a healer – that is what she does. She tells him they are very dear friends almost family proclaiming that her daughter is practically engaged to his grandson. He ends up apologising to her. She gets him to talk revealing that he never told anyone about his suspicions. She works the conversation around to saying that they can forget this conversion ever happened. He has this funny expression on his face and she asks what is wrong. He feels chagrined because he even thought she could be the killer but also because he left Hope a message telling her he could name the killer. His little girl is going to be full of questions for him. Marlena smiles and says yes she will.

Preview: Nicole telling John, Brady and Bo that she is Mrs. Victor Kiriakis and she is in charge here – John says not if you are a killer. Bonnie looking into a mirror seeing Maggie’s ghost – Maggie says she knows that Bonnie wants to marry Mickey for his money. Bonnie’s response “Okay” and that look that says ‘and your point is’ – Sheesh now we have to tolerate her being disrespectful to a ghost – good lord!!!! Hope tells Julie to call Bo and get backup - Daddy’s life depends on it. Marlena in tears tells Doug that it is true – she is the serial killer – cue stunned expression on Doug’s face.

Wednesday Mar. 3

Jan’s Spoilers

John/Bo/Nicole/Brady....at the mansion Bo is still wondering how Nicole got into the safe. The locksmith tells him no one could get in without the combination. (another Nicole flashback of ykw & her opening the safe)....Bo questions the missing will saying that without it all of his estate will go to his wife. John is also questioning her. Brady sticks up for her more or less saying that until he has solid proof that he believes she isn't the killer...Hope phones Bo and tells him Doug is missing....she has put out an APB on him...Bo tells her to let him know if anything happens as he still believes it is Nicole...he then tells John that Doug is missing as well. Brady figures that something is going on but he doesn’t seem sure of what happened…Bo gets a call from Julie telling him that Doug is in danger and Hope is out looking for him…he gets ready to leave and John goes with him….Nicole tells Brady that even though she doesn’t want someone to die it would prove she isn’t the killer.

Celeste/Bonnie.....Bonnie arrives and Celeste tells her that they have to channel the dead. Bonnie babbles on and on about a love potion as Celeste is talking to Roman (his face appears in a candle)...we then see his full for as he tells Celeste this is 'not a game' and that Doug is in danger.......Maggie's ghost arrives to confront Bonnie. Roman continues to try to get Celeste to figure out where Doug is….she does and phones Hope to let her know…Roman tells her that he fears the worst is yet to come and Celeste mutters ‘more death’ over and over…..(I’m sorry but I can’t get into the Bonnie/Maggie scenes even though I love Suzanne and she looked beautiful….I just don’t like this storyline)

Julie/Hope...Hope arrives and Julie tells her about Doug...that he knew the identity of the killer and he went to confront them...and to talk to Celeste...Hope calls the station and is told that Doug left a message saying he knew who the killer was...she puts out the APB and phones Bo...she tells Julie that Bo believes the killer is Nicole and Doug hasn't been seen there...Julie says what if it isn't her. Alice is there as Hope tells them about what happened to Shawn…she tells them that he doesn’t know who the killer is…his theory was wrong…Alice wants to help so Hope gives her a PDA and asks her to contact all Doug’s friends and find out if they’ve seen him. She asks Julie to concentrate and try to figure out where Doug is and if he’s in danger….Julie says he is as Celeste calls and Hope runs out telling Julie to call Bo….before she calls she gets a sharp pain in her neck area.

Doug/Marlena....they are talking about telling Hope. Doug says Hope will want to know why he suspected Marlena and he will tell her...she'll check it out and then it will be over. Marlena questions him telling her. Doug says it doesn't seem to be that wrong as Sami/Kate/Rex/Tony and even John were suspected at one time or another. He tells her that no one would believe that his good friend Dr. Marlena Evans was the killer.....he then looks at her and says something about her being worried and why if it isn't her......she says it is her and then breaks down saying that she doesn’t now she started but that she had to continue to cover her tracks….she says that she almost killed her own daughter Belle and Shawn…she tells Doug that Shawn is fine….Doug begins going over the killings….each one as Marlena continues to cry….Doug says she needs help and she has to turn herself in…(Marlena snaps out of it when he says that)…he wants to call Hope but doesn’t have his cell phone…Marlena says she doesn’t have hers (even though it is in her purse)she says there is a pay phone…a shortcut through the cemetery….when they get to the headstones she asks Doug to pray…which he does. When he is finished he tells her it is time to go but she says Celeste’s prediction was true..he says which one…she says the death card….as the show ends on her face.

Awesome performances by DH/BH/KA/SH today…….Deidre was especially good today as her emotions raced.

Pat’s Spoilers

Well I think I have the title for tomorrow afternoon’s gush thread – Night of the Living Dead – we have both Maggie and Roman throughout the show.

As much as I loved seeing Maggie (she looks gorgeous in an angel outfit and her hair all curly) I’m not going to say too much about her because all of her scenes are with Bonnie. Good god – someone should send a wardrobe a memo and ask them if they’re sure they’re dressing her in the right outfits. No comment about what Bonnie was in today because I can’t say anything that wouldn’t get me banned – LOL! And to listen to her mouth off to Maggie and call her Magpie in a very demeaning tone had my blood boiling and then she has the audacity to ask Maggie to help her marry Mickey and Patrick marry Jen because she Bonnie Lockhart deserves to be rich. Maggie tells her be careful of what you dream for because your dream can turn into a nightmare. Maggie waves a magic wand and says to Bonnie easier to do than undo and then disappears.

Roman’s face in the angel candle was a little too much for me. Thank god that didn’t last long. He basically urges her to do the right thing and tells her if she is holding back just to protect herself she is signing Doug’s death warrant. In the end she sees a vision of Doug in a graveyard and knows he is with the killer. Roman urges her to call Hope. After the call Roman says this isn’t going to end well and Celeste keeps saying over and over ‘more death’.

Kiriakis Mansion: Let’s just say – not much different today than yesterday. Bo accusing Nicole, Nicole lying and denying, Brady defending Nicole while trying to appear macho and not show which brain he is thinking with – oh yeah – except this time add John into the mix. Hope phones Bo the first time saying that Doug is missing and that he thinks he knows who the killer is. She tells him to say there and keep interrogating Nicole because her father will be safe. Bo is convinced that Nicole is the killer so he agrees. It is only after Julie phones saying that Hope went looking for Doug after Celeste’s call that he and John join the search. Would you believe that Nicole has the nerve to say to Brady that she doesn’t really wish death on Doug but if the killer strikes again tonight at least that would get her off the hook??? GRRRRRR!

At Alice’s Hope calls the station and puts out an APB on her father. Alice joins them. Hope asks Julie if the killer made any threats against Doug. She says no that all the women got roses soaked in blood at Tuscany. Hope tells them that the killer also attacked Shawn and both Alice and Julie are shocked. Alice - God I love that woman. She tells Hope that she doesn’t want to sit there wringing her hands and tells Hope to give her a job to do. Hope tells her to use the PDA and the phone and to call everyone they know to see if any of them have seen Doug. Hope tells Julie to just concentrate on Doug and see if he is reaching out to her. She does and says he is in danger. Celeste calls, Hope runs out to search, Julie grabs her throat while thinking of Doug and then calls Bo.

Doug and Marlena’s scenes were excellent. I won’t give out too much detail. Marlena tries to convince Doug not to tell Hope who he thought the killer was but Doug says Hope will want to know all the details. He says you don’t have to worry because the thought of you being the killer is so far out there that Hope will be able to prove her innocence in no time. It doesn’t take long before Marlena says she has to talk to someone – she needs to tell someone. She tells Doug she is the killer. They talk about the people she killed and Doug is beyond shocked. Marlena cries and says she is so sorry. He tells her she needs help and she agrees. He tells her he will call Hope and Hope will know what to do. He asks Marlena is she brought her cell phone – she lies and says no. She says there is a payphone near by and she knows of a shortcut through the graveyard. At Roman and Caroline’s graves she asks Doug if he would please pray for them so they can rest in peace. After his prayer she tells him that Celeste’s prediction was right and he is going to die. The show ends with her hand raised with the letter opener in it.

Preview: Julie in the back of Bo’s car telling him to call Celeste – Bo tells her that if Celeste knew anything she would call Hope and Hope would call him. Hope crouched down by Tom’s gravestone asking him to help them find her father as a hand comes up and grabs her ankle and she screams. Sami obviously eavesdropping – thinking to herself ‘that’s why Kate offered me that job – she thinks I am getting to close to Lucas.’ John searching with a flashlight, Marlena holding the bloody letter open hiding behind something thinking to herself ‘don’t make me do this John’.

Thursday Mar. 4

Jan’s Spoilers……

Lucas/Sami/Will/Kate…..Kate is in Lucas’s apt. (it amazes me how we get one shirtless guy per show…LOL)as Kate is finishing up Will’s homework. Kate tells him that is what parents do help their kids…she never helped him and he almost didn’t graduate and Sami is no genius. She says Will needs to keep up if he doesn’t want to plumb toilets for a living…Lucas says there isn’t anything wrong with plumbers (I agree..I’m married to one…LOL)she says is that your next job…he says he is looking for a job and has done a resume…she checks it out and says at least you didn’t put down ‘goodfella’..he says he is smarter that Tony he’s still alive….in Sami’s apt. she is having a difficult time sleeping as she keeps think of Lucas….she gets her diary and says she didn’t write in it much after Austin dumped her at the alter and not at all after Brandon left her…she starts to write in it and then throws it aside saying this isn’t helping….there is a knock on the door…she thinks it’s Lucas but it is Kate who tells her that she’s there to take car of her. She tells her about this job in London and it just so happens that she has it on good authority that Brandon will be there….she says she knows Sami still has feeling for him. She tells her she is doing it for Will and for her…a second chance. Sami wants to know what rings of fire she’ll have to jump through…Kate tells her just fill out a resume that she’ll approve it and John will as well…Sami says John wants her out of his life as she remembers Celeste’s preminition about John killing Marlena…..she can’t leave her mother….Kate says we’ll phone her that Marlena will tell her to take the chance….Sami asks what she has to do and Kate says give her a resume by 8:00 am…Sami says she has one and goes to get it but not before grabbing the diary….Lucas in his apt. as Will tells him that he knows he loves Sami…to just tell her…Lucas says he can’t…. he the position at Basic Black on the internet and can’t figure out why Kate didn’t offer it to him….he figures that it would be a good job as he would get to boss Sami around….he heads to Sami’s and knocks….Kate opens the door and Lucas questions her about why she is there…she tells him business….he says it is after midnight…..(I’ll say it is)…he wants her to stay out of his life…she tells him that she offered Sami a job and it’s in London that is why she didn’t offer it to him…Sami is listening and figures that is why Kate wanted her gone to keep her away from Lucas…she then wonders if Lucas has feelings for her.

At Celeste’s….Hope arrives and is talking to Bo on the phone….she tells him she wants to question Celeste as Bo/John go to St. Lukes…Celeste tells her Doug was there and Hope asks her why she didn’t get the name of the killer….Celeste says she was scared…the candle bursts into flames as both Celeste and Hope jump….Celeste lights another candle…(Hope really doesn’t believe in this)but in the crystals Celeste sees Tom Horton’s headstone and tells her Doug is there….Hope leaves after letting Bo know.

At St. Lukes….John/Bo are searching as they hear something…it’s Julie. Bo wants her to go home but she won’t leave so Bo says to come with them. They leave and come back after the phone call from Hope…Julie is calling Doug’s name (she hears him)…Bo finds blood and he and John follow the trail…Julie lights a candle in the church…Hope is at Tom’s gravesite and asks her grandfather for help…someone grabs her and she screams (the preview)it’s Doug….Bo/John come running as Hope is distraught…Bo puts Doug’s head in his lap and Hope says there is no pulse….John hears something move and follows…..he sees a figure leaving (he’s holding a gun BTW)and says Doc (the show ends on him)…..

Doug/Marlena……..I won’t say anything about these scenes they are something that have to be watched but they are very graphic.

Wonderful performances by Deidre/Kristian/Susan/Bill today….but I have to admit that the performances did not lessen what was happening. Just my opinion.

Previews: Bo holding Hope/Lucas asking Sami about her feelings/John saying that this is the end as Marlena says it is/Shawn telling Belle that by wearing the cross his grandmother would protect her as Belle drops it.

Friday Mar. 5

Jan’s Spoilers…..

You’ll have to forgive me if I miss something on today’s show…the performances blew me away and had me in tears……

Shelle (only in 3 scenes but)….Belle is on the fire escape with a blanket covering her….Shawn comes to the window and says there you are I was worried…she says she couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to wake him…he wants her to come in because it’s cold outside and she’s catching a cold….she tells him the fresh air feels good so he comes outside to keep her warm and pulls open the blanket and they wrap it around themselves…he tells her that she scared him when he woke up and she wasn’t there….she tells him that she almost lost him tonight…he says you didn’t I’m right her…she says but whoever that girl was in your bed it could have been you…he tells her he’ll always protect her. He mentions the cross and how it was his grandmothers and she’ll always be there…it’s his pledge that he will take care of her…she says but something could have happened (she turns and the cross falls)…he is climbing back up the fire escape and she asks if he found it….he says yes….she says she’s sorry…he tells her the safety clap broken…she tells him that she will take care of it…he puts it in her hand and folds her fingers over the cross and tells her to never, ever, ever take it off…she looks at him and says OMG, you still believe my mother is the killer. (that is their last scene)..Belle is on the fire escape alone and to herself says Shawn still believe my mother is the killer…the killer could be out killing someone right now…I know what I have to do to prove it….(now I’m assuming that Shawn got called to the cemetery and Belle is heading off to the penthouse)

Sami/Lucas/Kate….Lucas is telling Kate to butt out of his business…she is telling him that Sami is no good for him…Lucas gets beeped by Tony’s lawyer (he’s tying up loose ends)he leaves and tells Kate that they will continue this later the three of them…Sami comes out and goes off on Kate for trying to get rid of her…she asks Kate if she wants her grandson half way across the world to keep her away from Lucas…Kate says yes I do…Lucas comes in and wants to know what is going on..a little more arguing and Lucas tells Sami he wants to talk to his mother alone…Sami offers to go to his apt….she leaves (listening outside the door)…Lucas again tells Kate to mind her own business…Kate opens the door and catches Sami listening…she tells Lucas that this is the second time tonight…she is going to use his feelings for her to get revenge on Kate…Lucas tells Kate to leave…he turns to Sami and asks if this is true…she tells him it’s late but he says he wants to know…she asks what…he wants to know her feelings for him.

Celeste….sees Doug’s body and tells herself that Tony was right…she has to stop this….she pulls out a book and says she has to get into the killers mind…she starts to chant (we see Marlena fighting to stop it)…Celeste says I’m in…(as Marlena continues to fight it)…then Celeste collapses as the candle bursts into flames.

At the cemetery…….Now I’m not going to go into detail for these scenes but I have to say the performances by Kristian, Susan, Bill and Peter today were excellent. As was Deidre and John (I do believe John is figuring this out)….the way Hope cries and pleads with Doug not to die….so moving. The way Peter picks her up and pulls her away from Doug’s body….so sad. But the scene that go to me the most…..Julie in the church as the door opens…a light shines in and there is Doug…she runs to him and holds him…she tells him it’s not his time but he says it is….she is the love of his life….she asks who killed him but he won’t tell her…they hold each other and he sings one bar of ‘their’ song…he tells her he has to leave and they kiss….as he leaves we see Hope standing there crying and they fall into each others arms….(these scenes had me in tears).

The scenes with Marlena…..well I have to say that Deidre did another fantastic job today.

John tells Bo he doesn’t know who it was…..(but he does I believe)…Tek got a footprint….Marlena is back at the penthouse (footprints on the carpet)…looks at the knife and asks what did I do.

I have to admit the show today was very moving…..the performances were incredible.

Previews: Doug telling Celeste that the next victim would be the most beloved person in Salem…Belle asking Marlena if she was going to kill her….Hope telling Bo she has to work…Shawn talking to Julie (sorry can’t remember what he said).

I hope you enjoy the show….at least for the performances. Kudos to all the actors today.

Monday Mar. 8

Jan’s Spoilers….

Before I start I would like to say that even though I am having trouble with the SSK s/l and the murders of vets the acting in these last few shows has been incredible. Anyway on to the show.

At the penthouse….Belle arrives and touches the cross that Shawn gave her. She knows he’ll be upset that she left the loft but she had to do it…to check on her Mom. She goes inside and thinks that it is awfully quiet….Marlena must be asleep. She turns and sees the footprints…and heads upstairs. Upstairs Marlena is cleaning off the letter opener…she touches her hand to the mirror and then pulls her hand back to her face…she cleans off her shoes (obviously aware of what she has done)…Belle comes in saying that her Mom will kill her…she explains about the muddy footprints as Marlena says she’ll take care of it. Marlena is concerned that “Raymond” didn’t announce anyone…Belle says I used to live here…Marlena says that it meant everyone…Belle figures that is a good idea but Raymond wasn’t there and she has a key. Marlena then wonders where Shawn is…not that she is his biggest fan right now but he is protection…Belle says he doesn’t know she’s there that his Dad paged him and there was an emergency…Marlena asks what…Belle says I don’t know and she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want another stupid fight about her being the SSK…Belle says since they are both up they should watch a movie…as they leave Belle spots blood on the sink….Marlena tells her she cut herself…Belle says it must be bad there is a lot of blood…Marlena changes the subject to cocoa…Belle says like Grandma Evans…she touches her necklace as Belle asks her about it…Belle tells her that Shawn gave it to her…it was Caroline’s….Belle heads down as Marlena wipes up the blood…(leaving the towel there)and says that she didn’t want to kill Caroline but she had to. Downstairs Marlena brings cocoa and cookies and comments on Belle’s cold…Belle says her throat is better…she says she tried to explain to Shawn that it couldn’t have been her because she was with them when Victor was killed…Marlena says that was a surprise and asks why do you think…Belle says probably because he knew something…she tells her Mom that Shawn will apologize when they catch the killer..she doesn’t understand why he is thinking that way except from grief and fear. She asks Marlena about the killer and what or who does she think it is…Marlena says me….she explains that it could be anyone….from student to doctor…that it issomeone that is flying under the radar…someone who when found out their neighbors will say the can’t believe it…she tells Belle that she needs to be stopped that she doesn’t want to do it….but she keeps killing to stop from being found out. Belle asks her hypothetically if Shawn is right and it is her….why? Marlena says for control…anyone from associates to friends to in-laws to children….(we see flashbacks to each of the killings except for Cassie…the whole time she is talking she is holding the letter opener which she had explained to Belle she had to open mail)…..she looks at Belle strangely as Belle asks her what is wrong…she looks at Belle again and Belle is blurred to her as she falls back onto the couch…she says quietly that the reason she knows so much about the killings is because it’s her…she says Belle I’m the killer (I’m pretty sure Belle heard nothing of this) (this is where it ends)….

At the cemetery…..Lexie and Celeste arrive…Celeste wants to into the chapel…Lexie head out to the cemetery…meanwhile Shawn arrives..screaming no he runs to Doug’s body…Hope hugs him and tells him it will be OK…he ways he is under control and wants to be alone with Grandpa for a minute…Lexie hugs Hope/Julie as Hope says you know what we are going through…Julie tells her that she doesn’t want a stranger handling Doug’s body as Lexie says she will be very respectful….Bo is questioning John about what he saw (he flashesback to seeing Doc)both Tek and Bo tell him that he was the closest to the killer…he tells Bo he doesn’t know anything but he knows what he is going through…Bo says you don’t…I’ve lost my mother, my brother as Hope says my father and Julie says her husband….John says if he finds something concrete he’ll tell him….he wants to go and see Marlena as everything is under control…Bo asks why what does she have to do with this…Hope says that Marlena and Doug were close especially when she first came to Salem…John says he doesn’t want her finding out any other way …Bo says later right now we need your help…John says Tek has it covered but Bo says Tek and Lexie are checking out the body…he and John should check out the crime scene… Hope asks about the investigation but Bo tells her he is taking her home…she tells him not to do this and he says fine we’ll work.…Shawn is with Doug saying that he’ll find out who did this…that he’ll stop them from killing again…he is glad Belle is safe at the loft….inside Celeste goes to the confessional as Doug’s ghost appears…Celeste apologizes but Doug tells her it wasn’t her fault…he tells her that the next person to die will be the most beloved citizen in Salem…Celeste begs him to tell her but he says he can’t…he finally says it doesn’t matter he’ll tell her as the confessional starts to move…outside Lexie and Tek appear to have found something as Lexie says that this was not a knife wound…it’s jagged and it appears that it was not planned (John is listening)…Shawn tries to phone Belle but gets the answering machine…he figures she is sleeping…Shawn clears off Addie’s headstone as Julie says it is strange that Doug was here…Shawn asks if he came here often, Julie figures he was her for advice…that he knew who the killer was…Shawn says this could be a lead does his Dad know…Julie says no and they head over to see them…Hope tells Bo she forgot she is sorry….he asks what is going on as Julie says Doug knew who the killer was…Bo says why didn’t he come to me, he asks who knew as Julie says Celeste…Lexie and John head inside….meanwhile Doug tells Celeste he can’t tell her but that only family will be destroyed forever…Lexie opens the door and Celeste comes out…they ask what is going on but she says they won’t believe her…finally she tells them that she was talking to Doug and that the next victim is the most beloved person in Salem…outside Bo is asking Julie who else knew…she says Alice but Hope says she wouldn’t tell anyone….Shawn walks away to phone Belle and let her know what happened….Celeste/Lexie and John arrive as Bo asks if Celeste talked to anyone…John says preferably not dead people…Celeste give him a look and says no she didn’t talk to anyone…Julie remembers talking to someone else as Bo says Julie..she says I know I talk too much…Bo says who did you tell…she says Marlena.

The show ends on Marlena….

The acting was once again fantastic….hope you enjoy the show.

Pat’s Spoilers

There was a lot going on in this show so if this seems to be a bit jumbled – forgive me.

Church and graveyard: Lexie and Celeste are walking past the church. Lexie doesn’t want to leave Celeste alone but she wants to go into the church. Has anyone else figured out how both Julie and Celeste had no trouble getting into the church but when Doug was trying to escape Marlena it was locked??? Celeste goes into the confessional and Doug appears to her. She apologises but he tells her his death was not her fault. She feels that she failed him and the others. He says she has nothing to feel guilty about. She asked him what happened and why he didn’t go to the police. He tells her about wanting to talk to Addie and then was intercepted by the killer. She asks if the killer will strike again. He says yes and the next target is the most beloved person in Salem. She wants him to tell her who the killer is. He says he can’t, he wants to too, but he can’t – those are the rules. He decides maybe he should but the spirit world won’t allow him. Just before he is pulled back to the other side he tells her the victim is a very well loved person and the death will destroy one family forever. Lexie and John open the door and Celeste tells the killer has to be caught because she is going to strike again. Lexie is not happy and tells her mother to stop sounding like a Chinese fortune killer. Celeste is angry and tells her that she can’t help it if the dead talk to her. She tells them what Doug told her and John is wondering if Doc could really be the one.

Shawn drops beside his grandfather and he cries out that he can’t be dead. He asks Hope for some time alone with him. He promises that he will catch the killer. He hears Lexie saying that they have lost so many loved ones and they can only hope that Doug is the last victim. Shawn knows that the killer will strike again and he vows to stop her. He is relieved that Belle is at the loft and safe. Bo asks John to give him something. He tells him that he didn’t see anything just a shape. John talks to himself (out loud) trying to convince himself that ‘Doc’ isn’t capable of something like this. Bo asks him what he said. John said nothing. Bo tells John he gets the feeling that John isn’t telling him everything. John tells Bo that he is not responsible for his feelings and then calms down a bit and says he really doesn’t know anything more. When John says he is going to check on Marlena Bo wants to know what she has to do with this. John says he doesn’t want her hearing about Doug on the news. Bo says they have a crime scene to process and he could use the help so John stays. Lexie is examining the body with Tek and she comments that the cut is very ragged – the killer didn’t use a knife. She comments that it was a miracle he was able to speak. Lexie also says that it appears the killer wasn’t prepared which means she is getting sloppy. Julie and Shawn are next to Doug and Julie tells Shawn that Doug knew who the killer was. Shawn tells her they have to tell his Dad – this could be the break they have been waiting for.

Julie tells them all about how Doug was having dreams and figured out who the killer was. Bo is upset that he went to Celeste instead of coming to him. Lexie is afraid for her Mother and her John go to the church to find her. Bo wonders if only the three of them, Celeste, Hope and Julie knew that Doug could name the killer, how did the killer find out. He asks them if they told anyone. Hope says no. Julie says she told someone – Alice. They all know that Alice wouldn’t say anything. Celeste says she didn’t say anything either. Julie says I did talk to someone else (LOL – laughs when she says to Bo “I know I talk too much”) – Marlena.

Penthouse: Marlena is in her bedroom washing the blood off the letter opener – her shoes are sitting on a towel – she must have washed those clean as well. Really weird part as she stares at herself in the mirror and then slowly brings up her hand and rubs her knuckles over her reflection. Belle is outside her door thinking that Shawn would be so angry with her if he knew she left the loft. She lets herself and calls out for her mother and thinks she must be asleep. She says oh no and then runs upstairs and calls out again. She says to Marlena ‘you’re going to kill me.’ When Marlena asks her why she would say that Belle tells her she tracked mud in. Marlena tells her she’ll take care of it as she slips the letter opener from behind her back into the pocket of her robe. Marlena asks where Shawn is (not that he is her favourite person) at least he protects her. She says he got a page from his Dad. She says that they should have cocoa and watch a movie – cocoa like Grandma Evans makes. Belle wishes she was there and she keeps figuring her cross. Caroline comes into the conversation and Belles knows that Marlena loved her and that she loved all the people that have been killed which is why she can’t understand how Shawn can accuse her. Belle is about to leave to heat the milk when she notices some blood on the sink and vanity. Marlena says she cut herself but when Belle asks her to let her see the cut Marlena makes light out of it and sends her down. She vigorously rubs at the blood and leaves the towel out – blood stains up. (They made quite a point of showing that).

Downstairs Belle starts talking about the killings and tells Marlena that even though she pointed out that she was with them when Victor was killed and couldn’t possibly be the killer he still won’t let go of his theory. Belle says the only excuse she can make for him is that he is grieving but he is going to owe her a huge apology when the killer is caught. Marlena tells her that these things have a way of working out. She switches back to the topic of Victor saying his murder was quite the surprise and asks Belle for her opinion on why the killer would kill him. Belle doesn’t really know except maybe it was because he was a powerful man and he had a lot of enemies.

While looking through a photo album a picture of Doug and Marlena falls out. Marlena props it up and Doug starts talking to her – asking her how she could do it, they were such good friends. He tells nothing has changed. She will be caught and he also says ‘Dr. Evans you will be killed’. She tells Belle she doesn’t want to look at pictures. When Marlena pulls the letter opener out of her pocket Belle asks her why she had it there. She says she had a lot of mail from work and bills to go through. Belle asks her Mother based on her work with the police for a profile of the killer – what makes her the monster she is. Marlena says the question isn’t what is she but who is she and she says you’re looking at her. Marlena gives a profile that could fit her (and many more). Belle asks if just hypothetically if Shawn was right and she was the killer why would she need to kill. Marlena says it would be a need for control and she would kill associates, friends, in-laws, ex-spouses and enemies. (All this time she is having flashbacks of the murders – minus Cassie’s). Belle says you still didn’t answer my question. Marlena says she needs to be stopped, she wants to stop but if she tells anyone then she has to kill them. Belle notices that Marlena is crying and close to passing out. Marlena sways and lies against the cushions of the couch saying ‘Belle, I am obsessed because I am the killer.”

Preview: Brady is looking for the evidence Vic was talking about – Nicole tells him he will never find it. Bo telling Julie that the killer will be caught and Hope agreeing with him (Shawn is next to his Dad). Belle asking Shawn if he thinks her Mom killed his grandfather. John asking Marlena if there is something she wants to tell him and she says yes there is.

Tuesday Mar. 9

Jan’s Spoilers……

A lot happening in today’s show and I know I missed a lot….I’m thankful Pat’s here to fill in the blanks. A good show today and again incredible acting by Deidre and Drake.

At the cemetary....Shawn is on the phone with Brady asking if he knows where Belle is. Brady says it’s late. Shawn tells him about Doug. He asks Shawn if he wants him to come over but Shawn says no...he then tells Shawn that if he needs anything to call him. Tek hints at Bo to get Julie out of there but Julie doesn't want to leave. Celeste goes to ask John something and grabs his arm...she gets a vibration and says that he knows who the killer is. John says he doesn't...Celeste tells him not to confront the killer she is like a black widow and will kill those she loves. John says if he does confront the killer then it will be her that dies not him. He checks with Tek says good-bye to Julie…Julie tells him to catch the ‘bitch’ John says he will no matter who it is…and leaves to see Marlena. Bo sends Shawn for coffee as it will be a long night. Bo tells Julie/Hope that he'll catch the killer. Julie says you said that before...right from the first murder but they kept on killing you haven't stopped them yet. Hope tells Julie that Bo has lost his mother, father and brother and best friend he wants to catch them too..Julie apologizes for snapping at him. Tek gets Bo and they go to check out the open grave. Julie tells Shawn that his grandfather was proud of him and Zach. Shawn says he knows and that he knows Grandpa will protect him and Zach just as Great- Grandpa Tom has done with Gran, Julie and Mom. He goes to call Belle again. Bo/Tek come back and tell Julie/Hope that Doug either fell or was pushed into the open grave. He was stabbed by the chapel and crawled over to where he died. Julie says he died a hero...protecting those he loved but she can’t believe that he didn’t leave them a sign…we see the piece of paper. Celeste tells Lexie that the killer will be caught but not before she kills again. Celeste is definitely worried about John

Shawn phones Belle and gets no answer...he says dammit Belle where are you? She says right her as he turns around and sees her....he asks what she is doing there...she says she is sorry about his grandfather...his Dad told her...he says did he stop by the loft...she says no I was at my Mom's he came by there...he says how long were you there? she says you still think it's her don't you?...he says you may not like this but every woman is a suspect..she says but some more than others…..she tells him that she was at her Mom's for hours so she didn't do it...he pulls her into his arms and says I'm glad you were her alibi...I don't know what I'd do if it was your mother....I trust you more than anyone and I know you wouldn't lie to me....Belle looks really upset and guilty.

At the penthouse...it starts as it ends today with Marlena saying she is the killer...Belle has left to get water. Marlena takes the water and holds the letter opener behind her back. She flashesback to killing Doug. Belle calls the killer a maniac...Marlena says she isn't a maniac she is on a mission. Belle makes a comment about the killer and Marlena tells her not to talk like that...the killer doesn't want to do what she's doing but she is doing it for self preservation...John arrives and sees the muddy footprints...the door to the balcony is open and he heads out there. Marlena is holding her arms around her waist as he calls to her. She turns and looks at him. He tells her he can tell her anything he would understand. She says would you understand? Belle comes out on the balcony and tells John that it was her that upset Marlena talking about the killer. Marlena tells her no it wasn't her. John thought Belle was at home sleeping...Shawn couldn't reach her. She says I came over to check on Mom....he says I did to. He asks about the muddy footprints. Belle says it was me..he asks if she is sure...she says yes it wasn't you....he asks how long she's been there..she says not long Mom was still awake...she cut her finger...John looks at Marlena's hand but she hides it...Belle asks if he heard about what happened with Shawn...John says Bo told him...Marlena asks if there have been reports from the hospital..he says no...he tells them about Doug...shocked look from both...Belle can't believe Shawn lost his grandfather...she wants to be with him...John says he's at St. Lukes....Belle wants to be with him...John says no it's too dangerous...Marlena says no the SK won't strike again tonight...John asks how she knew that...she says she profiled them....Belle says if he needs to get a hold of her phone Shawn's cell. After she leaves John says she didn't seem shocked by Doug's death...she says she can't believe it...he tells her he loves her...says something about 'this' world. He asks if she wants to tell him anything...she says yes...she tells him she is the SK....he can't believe it...she says she needs help...he says all those people...friends, family...she says she couldn't say anything...she has to protect...Belle, Brady (funny she never mentioned Sami)...she throws herself in his arms..telling him she needs help...she promises not to do it again...he pulls back and says he can't do it he has to go to the police...puts his head in his hands...she stabs him....he falls to the ground...(very graphic scenes....not as much blood as I've seen with others)....she wakes up from her dream and John is a again asking her if she wants to tell him anything...she says why are you staring at me like that...as the show ends on his face. IMO John is definately thinking that it may be her....he even comments about Belle not being there when Doug was murdered.

Pat’s Spoilers

The camera angles make it like Belle hears her mother admit to being the killer. Right after Marlena says it (sitting up this time) the camera cuts to Belle with a glass of water in her hand and a worried look on her face. She offers her water and aspirin and Marlena says she is fine and drinks the water. Marlena gets up and has a flashback of killing Doug. Belle says when I brought you the water you said something about the killer. She looks at her mom and says I know what’s going on with you and Marlena’s hand closes over the letter opener. Marlena picks up the letter opener and moves it behind her back as Belle tells her she is sorry for asking her to profile the killer because she started thinking like the killer. Belle calls the killer a maniac and Marlena says she isn’t, she’s a woman with a clear mission. Belle says she is a monster. Marlena disagrees and Belle says you can’t be feeling sorry for her. Marlena says maybe a little because the woman wants to stop, she really doesn’t want to kill, sometimes she feels she just has to. Belle looks at her very strangely.

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole is pacing as she tries to decide how to get rid of the evidence and will as ykw is lounging on the bed drinking from the flask. Nicole tells ykw that seeing as she can’t get rid of it by burning it in the fireplace because Brady is in the living room; ykw is going to have to do it. Downstairs Brady gets a call from Shawn who is looking for Belle. Shawn tells him his grandfather Doug was killed and that John chased the killer but she got away. Shawn tells Brady that John didn’t get a good enough look at her – he doesn’t have any idea of who it is.

Upstairs Nicole is getting increasingly frustrated trying to get through to a drunk ykw. She has to keep explaining where the evidence is that ykw has to destroy. When Nicole mentions that she killed Colin Murphy ykw calls her murderess and looks scared until Nicole reminds her that she is one as well. She says you did electrocute Victor. Nicole says you better pray to God that Brady doesn’t find that evidence and ykw drops to her knees and does just that as Nicole rolls her eyes. When she finishes praying she says we’re going to hell – Nicole tells her that they will appeal. Nicole goes downstairs where Brady gives her the news about Doug Williams. She feels terrible for Shawn and asks what the odds are of losing two grandfathers in one night. She uses the excuse that she is so cold she wants a fire (so she can get Brady out of the room and Jan can burn the will and the evidence in the fireplace). Brady comments that the fire is going to be bigger than one at the Salem U pep rallies.

Nicole says at least something good will come out of Doug’s death. Brady is stunned that she can find something positive in another death. Nicole is happy because it proves she can’t be the killer so he has to believe it now. He reminds her that Victor told Bo that if he died to look now further than her. She says there is not proof so you can’t believe him. He says until he finds the evidence to prove Victor’s claims he can’t believe him. She smiles and tells him he’ll never find the evidence. God – I just felt like screaming “you’re sitting on it you moron”. He comments that that was a very interesting outburst. She says you can’t find it because it doesn’t exist. Brady says his grandfather didn’t make idle threats. She feels he might have changed his mind and burned it. She stresses that for ykw’s benefit as she is lurking outside the door. Brady declares he knows exactly where the will and the evidence is as he’s staring at the couch but of course not seeing the brown envelope with Nicole’s name on it. He said his grandfather had a new will drawn up and there is no way he would change his mind about it without telling anyone so it has to be in the house somewhere. He declares he will rip the house apart until he finds it starting with the living room.

Graveyard: Julie wants Doug’s body covered up because he hated the cold. They tell her it can’t be covered until they finish collecting evidence. Julie lashes out at Bo for not catching the killer before he killed her husband. She apologises after when Hope points out that he lost his mother, brother, father and his closest friend in the whole world – no one wants the killer caught more than him. Bo sends Shawn on a coffee run to get him away from the scene for a bit. Tek and Bo discover blood in the open grave and figure he was initially attacked there and then made his way to the church and back to the graveyard. Julie wants the killer to be caught and suffer a horrible death and she hopes she is there to witness it.

Celeste touches John’s sleeves and sees John watching a woman running away. She gasps and says you know who the killer is. John denies it. Celeste warns him that he better not confront the killer alone because she is like a black widow and will not hesitate to kill even those she loves. (This is said just as Marlena is holding the letter opener ready to attack Belle if necessary). She warns him if he confronts the killer she will kill him. John tells her that if he is the one that confronts the killer, she will be the one to die. John tells Tek that he is going to tell Marlena about Doug’s death. Lexie asks her mother if the killer will be caught soon. Celeste says yes but not before there is more death.

When John arrives at the penthouse the first thing he notices is the mud on the floor and the open patio doors. He goes out and sees Marlena and he keeps thinking to himself that she can’t be the killer. He asks her if she has something to tell him. Belle comes out with some tea and tells John it is her fault that Mom is upset because she asked her to give her a profile of the killer. She says Shawn still has his suspicions and she just wanted to show him that it couldn’t be her. John says Marlena couldn’t hurt anyone. No one would ever believe that she could hurt anyone. Then he asks about the mud and Belle says she tracked it in and he asks her if she is sure. She says yes and he apologises for being in cop mode. She asks him why he’s in cop mode and he tells them that there was another killing. Doug Williams is dead. Belle looks shocked, Marlena tries. When John tells Belle where Shawn is she says she is going there but John doesn’t want her to go out. Marlena says she will be alright the killer will not strike again tonight. They both look at her strangely and she explains that she did a profile on the killer and she knows how her mind works. John tells Belle to leave her phone on. She tells him she doesn’t have it with her but if he wants to get hold of her to call Shawn’s cell. I’m not going into details of Marlena’s dream about killing John – I’ll just say it was a very powerful performance by both of them.

Back at the graveyard Shawn is trying to call Belle and he says out loud “Damn it, Belle. Where the hell are you?” She says right here. He tells her he has been trying for hours. She tells him her Dad told her about his grandfather. He asks if he came to see him and she says she was at her mother’s. He wants to know when she got there. She asks him if she thinks her mother killed his grandfather. He says she probably will be angry with him but right now every woman in Salem is a suspect. Her comment is that some are more suspect than others. She says her mother loved Doug she couldn’t kill him. She tells him she went to see her and asked her mother for a profile of the killer to prove to him that it couldn’t be her. She tells him that she was with her mother for hours and was there when her father got there so there is no way her mother could have killed Doug. Shawn hugs and says thank god because I don’t know what I would do if you mother was the killer. He says Marlena couldn’t have done it and that Belle is her alibi. As he continues to hug her he tells her that he trusts her more than anyone in the world and knows that she would never lie to him. Belle looks extremely guilty.

Preview: Hope ask Bo if what he said is true – that if he finds the killer he will take the law into his own hands. Shawn touching Belle’s shoulder (she has her back to him) saying ‘You are being straight with me right?’ Marlena accusing John of thinking that she is the killer. Nicole fantasizing that Brady is holding the folder saying he has all the evidence he needs.

Wednesday Mar. 10

Jan’s Spoilers…..(hopefully Pat got what I missed…)and have the tissues ready for Doug’s good-bye!

At the cemetary...Julie tells Bo to catch whoever it is that did this...Bo says he will and they will never make it to trial...Hope asks him if he meant that would he take the law into his own hands. He says that if the killer is cornered he'll probably have no choice as he'll do anything to protect his family. Tek says the coroner has left....Shelle hugging as Shawn repeats the ending of the show...he is glad that she is Marlena's alibi...he pulls away from her and asks her what is wrong..she says why...he
says your tense....you are being straight with me aren't you....we promised each other we would never lie...Belle has turned away from him and to herself says that she knows her mother isn't the killer and she is sorry for lying....she turns to Shawn and says I was with her...there is no way she would have had enough time to kill your grandfather and get to the apt. before I got there...he apologizes and tells her he knows she wouldn't lie to him and hugs her again....she tells him that she wants to go and tell
Julie/Hope how sorry she is...he kisses her...Bo comes over and asks how he's doing...he makes a comment about it couldn't be...Bo asks him what...he
has a theory share it...he says no that Belle showed him that it couldn't be....Tek comes over and says they found dirt under Doug's fingernails. Bo/Tek/Shawn talking about the dirt under Doug’s fingernails…they say it is from him crawling out of the grave…Shawn asks about the sod…they say it came from when he climbed out….Bo says there is no evidence here….Doug’s ghost rises and tells them yes there is as he points to the grave. Belle tells Hope and Julie how sorry she is…Julie thanks her and says you are just like your Mom…compassionate…she helped me tonight when I talked to her…Shawn asks about that as he questions Julie…Belle tells him that it is impossible that she could have had time to kill Doug…Shawn says the pieces fall into place…but your right…I have to believe your Mom is innocent…you were with her and are her alibi….Shawn is talking to Tek. He tells him that this is just between them. He had a theory...most of the people that have been killed were killed because they knew who the killer was. Tek says right...Shawn says that Doug talked to Marlena. Tek says you think it's Marlena...Shawn says it can't be.....Belle was with her but....Tek says sometimes things point to one person but it turns out to be wrong...I can't believe it's Dr. Evans...and Belle told you she was with her is she telling you the truth...Shawn says I'd stake my life on it. Belle is listening and to herself says that Shawn would never forgive her if he found out the truth but she is doing this to prove to Shawn that her mother is innocent she couldn't be the killer and besides no one is going to get hurt....(you can tell she is feeling guilty about all of this lieing)...Shawn asks Bo if he is praying to Grandpa Tom (Bo is at his grave)...Bo says yeah, that he will always protect the ones he loved. Doug's ghost is trying to tell Bo to look as both of them walk away but of course they don't. Doug asks why no one will listen to him....LOL.

The scenes when Doug is on the gurney are heartbreaking..(have your tissues ready)..Julie and Hope say good-bye as Doug sings always...we get flashbacks to early days of all of them. He stands between them and says good-bye calling Hope 'princess' and Julie the love of his life. He says he will always be there for him. Shawn is holding Belle and says to her I don't know what would happen if I lost you...promise me you'll always be there nothing will come between us...Belle tells him I promise...as they hug.

At the mansion....Brady is searching the room for the will...Nicole is starting to freak as she spots a folder and holds it up to Brady...he says that is Titan business you know that...she says she is trying to help...he says why?...the phone rings and it's Briscoe...Nicole slips out to talk to YKW...she tells her that she has to get Brady out of the room and then she can get the papers...YKW tells her that she is leaving...Nicole says your not...if Shawn finds out you killed his grandfather it's over...YKW says
fine....Brady tells Briscoe that there has to be something...the will has to be there. YKW is in the living room gathering the evidence for Nicole she drops a piece of paper...Henderson shows up and sees something...it a piece of kindling...he picks it up but misses the piece of paper...YKW leaves with the evidence....upstairs Nicole sees a piece of paper…she chews it up as Brady asks what she is looking at…she says you and comes on to Brady but he pushes her away...she just needs him but he basically tells her no...he starts searching her room and she tells him he has her permission...he says what...she says it is my house.

At the Cheatin' Heart...Phil drowing his sorrows...a girl orders him a beer and comes over...he tells her he's not good company to find another guy from
the base...she starts to talk to him and he asks how she knows so much about him...she tells him she watched him on LIB and asks how it went with the
girl he picked...he tells her that she was dating someone else...she says if you knew that why'd you pick her...you either are a masochist or have the
hots for her...he says they are friends and he just wants her to be happy.....(I have to say I like the chemistry between these two....) Madison asks him to dance…and then says his heart isn’t in it…she makes him a bet that she can prove that his heart is with someone else…he says how…she wants his wallet…Madison is looking through Phil's wallet...she finds Kate's picture and comments on it...then finds Belle's (it's a pic of her and Phil)...she says I knew it...I knew you liked her...he says it's not like that I had a crush on her...she's practically engaged...Madison tells him that she likes him but she knew he was taken at least his heart...she tells him to go for it or he'll regret it.

At the penthouse...John asks Marlena if anyone saw her...she says no..hesays the doorman would have...she says she parked in the garage and came
right up in the elevator...Oh, gosh no one saw me.....she tells John this is
like an investigation...he says no he is just trying to find a timeline...she says I'll make you a pot of tea....she leaves as John looks in the closet for the coat...he says to himself that it's impossible that it
is her...she spots him and watches for a minute having a flashback to burning her 'killer' clothes...she asks him what he is doing...she starts
yelling at him that Shawn is one thing but her husband suspecting her of murder...she goes to the closet and opens the door and says go ahead ransack
the place you won't find anything....John tells her that he saw the killer not her face but her silhouette…for a split second he thought it was her… Marlena is questioning John as he tells her for a split second he thought it was her...it's a good thing we aren't together...we've lost the trust...you'll always have that doubt...he tells her he loves her...the show ends on John saying (I think Pat got this…LOL…I missed it)

Excellent performances today by Deidre, Drake, Bill (and his singing),Susan and Kristian…basically everyone at the cemetery.


Pat’s Spoilers

The opening segment is a bit of a replay with some twists. Shawn asks Belle the same question and she says almost the same thing but this time he asks her if something if wrong because she appears tense. He brings up the fact that they promised to never lie to each other and he asks her if she is being straight with him. Julie wants the killer caught and Bo says he will catch her and if he does she’ll never go to trial. Hope wants to know if he will take the law into his hands. He says you know how this killer is. He will do what it takes to stop her before letting her kill someone else he loves.

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole trying to get Brady to stop searching – ykw panicking. Briscoe phones Brady and Nicole tells ykw they have to do something because he is too close. Of course ykw wants to leave but Nicole won’t let her. All Nicole has to do is hold Shawn over her head and she has ykw doing whatever she says – how lame and boring. Nicole says she will distract Brady and get him out of the living room and ykw is to burn everything in the fireplace. The proof that Brady has found is paperwork on a new trust fund for Phil so he knows that Victor drew up a new will. Nicole tells him that Victor wouldn’t have kept it downstairs where she could find it – they should check his room. They go up and ykw thinks for a second about taking off but worries that Nicole will follow through on her threat to tell Shawn she killed Victor. LOL – all she has to do is think for one second…if Nicole turns her in she would have to implicate herself. She gets the stuff and just as she goes to the fireplace she hears Brady and Nicole. Brady drags Nicole into her room thinking if she found the stuff she might have hidden it in there. She sees the scrap of paper with the combination on it and to distract Brady she starts kissing him. He finally breaks the kiss when she starts fumbling with his belt. As he is doing up his belt she sticks the paper in her mouth and starts chewing it. He tells her without any evidence and the new will she will be sitting pretty and have everything she always wanted. She tells him she wants him. Downstairs ykw has to hide because Henderson comes into the room. When the room is empty ykw takes the stuff and bolts.

Penthouse: John asks Marlena if anyone can vouch for her whereabouts about one and a half hours ago (she flashes back to killing Doug). She asks if he thinks she is the killing. He is going to call the doorman to see what time she came back but she tells him she used the garage so no one saw her. She asks what this is about and he tells her they are just trying to establish a timeline. She asks him why she would go to the cemetery. John wishes Doug hadn’t. Marlena offers to make him some tea. He keeps telling himself she can’t be the killer but he decides to check the closet. Marlena comes back in and says you came here looking for evidence. She is very angry with him and tells him he won’t find anything of the killers in the apartment. She has a flashback to taking her coat, scarf and gloves and throwing them in the furnace. She asks him if he is there to collect evidence. He tells her about what he saw and although he didn’t see the killers face he could have sworn it was her. She is happy they are not together because there is obviously no trust between them. She then says that he doesn’t love her anymore because if he did he would never think she was the killer. John denies everything – his defence was that just for a split second – he stops and says he remembers why he thought it was her.

Cheating Heart: The new girl really comes on strong to Phil. She asks if he has a girlfriend and he says no. She knows him from Love Is Blind and asks how it went with the girl he picked. He said she was taken and they weren’t meant to be. She tells him that if he knew she was taken he’s either a masochist or really hung up on her. They dance…so as not to get myself in a world of trouble let me just say – I think I’m a bad dancer but compared to what I saw on screen I could pass for Ginger Rogers…LOL. She says she can prove he has someone in his heart and if she does he has to be honest with her about it. She looks at his wallet and finds a picture of Kate and then one of him and Belle. She says that he is totally in love with this girl – she can tell even if he can’t. He said he had a crush but they’re just friends. She tells him to go after her or he’ll regret it. She wishes his heart was available because he’s her type.

Graveyard: Belle’s thoughts – she hates lying to Shawn but she knows her Mom isn’t the killer. They comment about how long Doug and Julie have been together. When Shawn brings up the subject of Marlena again Belle repeats that she was with when Doug was killed. He says he’s sorry that he made it sound like he didn’t trust her because he knows the last thing she would ever do is lie to him. She tells him that she is going to talk to Julie and Hope. Bo and Shawn start talking about Doug and why he would confront the killer when he knew he his life would be at stake. Bo says it was obviously someone that he knew very well – someone he thought wouldn’t hurt him. Shawn says someone like… Bo tells him if has a theory he wants to hear it. He says he did but Belle convinced him he was way off base. Bo wants to hear it anyway and just as Shawn is going to tell him Tek interrupts and tells Bo that the coroner found fresh dirt and sod underneath Doug’s fingernails.

Shawn asks how dirt got under his nails. Bo says they found blood in a fresh grave and that was where Doug was first attacked. Shawn says that would explain the dirt but there is no grass six feet under. Tek and Bo figure he couldn’t have got them when climbing out of the grave. Bo says this isn’t a clue that is going to help us solve this murder. Poor Doug – his spirit protests saying it is a clue. (Flashback to him hiding the paper with Marlena’s name on it). He says its right in front of you and someone better find it soon. Julie tells Hope that she feels Doug’s presence – it’s as if he is calling out to them. Belle tells Hope and Julie that she is sorry for their loss and tells them if they need her to do anything she will. Julie says you are so kind and helpful, just like your mom was when she went to talk to her about Doug. Shawn asks her what she told Marlena. She lets both Belle and Shawn know that she told Marlena Doug knew who the killer was. Shawn just looks at Belle and her at him. Julie tells Shawn she had to talk to Marlena she was just so scared – obviously the killer found out that he knew and killed him. She gets distraught and her and Hope step away.

Shawn says the pieces just falling into place. Belle asks him not to go there because she was with her mother. Shawn says he knows and that is why he didn’t say anything to his Dad because the person he loves and trusts most in the world is Marlena’s alibi. He knows he has to believe that her Mother is innocent. They hug but the guilt is really starting to eat at Belle. Shawn talks to Tek and tells him he has a theory. The killer goes after everyone who can ID her and his grandmother just told him that she told Dr. Evans that Doug knew the killers identity. Tek asks him if he suspects Dr. Evans. Shawn says he shouldn’t be saying anything because Belle told him she was with her Mother and Marlena was with them when Victor was killed. Tek says she has an alibi and it appears she is in the clear. Shawn says – yeah, appears. Tek says sometimes all clues point one way but don’t come to anything – just a false lead. Tek has a hard time believing that Dr. Evans could be the killer and if Belle can give her an alibi…he asks Shawn if Belle would lie. Shawn says never, he could stake his life on it.

Belle’s thoughts – If Shawn knew she lied to him he would never forgive her but he forced her to do it – and in the end what does it matter. Her mother is innocent and all she is doing is getting Shawn to see that – it’s not as if the lie is going to hurt anyone. (Oh, Belle could you be any more wrong…she is going to be devastated when the truth comes out and she realises her lie made it possible for her mother to kill again). Bo and Shawn are standing by Tom’s grave. Bo says he is watching over them giving them strength. He just wishes he would give them a sign. Doug appears and says I can give you a sign. The evidence you are looking for is right under your nose. Just open your eyes Bo and you’ll see it. LOL When Bo and Shawn walk away Doug says Lord in Heaven. What do I have to do to get noticed around here?

Okay – hankie time as both Julie and Hope say goodbye to Doug. We see Doug standing by the gurney with his body and he sings Always – there are flashbacks. Shawn hold Belle so close and says he never wants to be apart from her and asks her to promise that they will always be together – that nothing will ever come between them. She promises and they hug as Julie and Hope his Doug – he watches and says he will always be with his two girls watching over them.

Preview: Julie telling Hope she only told two people, Grandma and Marlena. Hope says “Marlena.” Sami bursting into the penthouse snatching up the letter opener yelling at Marlena that the only way to keep John from killing her is to kill him first and she tells her to use the letter opener. Shawn holding Belle really close saying he knows her Mother is innocent because she would never lie to him. Brady asking Nicole how it feels to get away with murder.

Thursday Mar. 11

Jan’s Spoilers…..

So much happening I think I’ll let Pat take care of the details and I’ll just go with the highlights and lowlights…LOL.

Lumi…..Lucas doing push-up (shirtless) as he has visions of Sami being underneath him and trying to stop her from popping into his head. Sami yells at him for being there so late but he tells her he’s not leaving until he has an answer. He puts his hand on her heart and wants to know her feelings. She basically skirts the issue as he finally says they should apply for the job together and move to London with Will. Kate phones and tells him about Doug…Sami thinks it’s her Mom but Lucas tells her that it isn’t…he is going to Alice’s and she is going to check on her Mom.

Bricole….it appears that Brady is a little suspicious of Nicole…he thinks she may have gotten into the safe and hidden the evidence…she tells him she didn’t do it…she is a rich woman…he leaves to phone Chloe and she does a ‘happy’ dance…she checks the fireplace and realizes that the evidence hasn’t been burned…she turns and there is Victor telling her that YKW didn’t burn the evidence and it’s out there somewhere….(love Vic’s happy dance….and I miss him)…she runs and Brady grabs her arm.

Rimi…in bed again…she talks about her mother and Patrick…..they make love….she says she wishes that her mother could feel this…he asks does she want him to do the Mrs. Robinson thing (LMAO…almost fell of my chair on that one)…she says no…they talk about marriage…she says that she wasn’t doing it so he’d pop the question…she rattles on and says you probably think I’m an airhead…he says no adorable…but it’s time they thought about their future…he hears a noise and she wants to know what he meant…he says not here…will you have dinner with me tomorrow night…she says yes…they hug and she looks at her ring finger.

YKW…has the evidence and decides to burn it. A street person tells her that it looks like she has a windfall. She says it’s just some papers and a video and a will for some old dead guy. He says an insurance policy. She thinks to herself an insurance policy…it might help keep me alive longer.

J&M….John tells Marlena he knows why he thought she was the killer…Shawn put the seed of doubt in his mind. She can’t believe that their daughter’s 21 year old boyfriend (guess we know how old they are now…LOL) would make him think that way. He continues to apologize and wants to move back in…she thinks to herself that is to watch her and tells him no that even in separate bedrooms it would still be uncomfortable…she comments on Celeste’s prediction as Sami comes storming in and grabs the letter opener and tells her to kill him…she takes it away from Sami and tells her to get a grip…John takes the letter opener and looks at it…(guess he didn’t clue in on the fact it’s the has the type of edge Lexie was talking about)….Marlena takes it from him and says she won’t kill him and she’d prefer he didn’t kill her….calling Samantha Jean outside to yell at her she tells Sami to calm down…Sami says to kill John first to stop him from killing her.

Shelle….at the cemetery they are talking about Doug and how he used to do magic tricks for them when they were young…he apologizes about suspecting Marlena…Belle says he’s a terrific boyfriend and she understands….he says he went over the edge but it’s someone close to them….that it could be any woman….but she’s 100% sure it isn’t her Mom…if it was her life wouldn’t be the same again….she wouldn’t believe in love or God…Shawn tells her it’s a good thing it’s not her Mom then because he needs her…his life wouldn’t be worth living without her.

At the Horton House….Julie/Hope arrive. Julie doesn’t know how she is going to tell Alice…she says she only told two people…Celeste and Marlena…Hope says Marlena…Julie says you don’t think it’s her do you? Hope says no but maybe someone was listening outside the door…Julie says no one was there the halls were empty…we see them with Alice as they talk about Tom and Doug always being there for Julie and Hope….the doorbell rings and it’s Shelle….they hug (Shawn calls Julie –Grandma)…Julie tells Belle that when she’s a member of the family she’ll know that once your in the Horton family you are in for life….(love how Shelle looks comfortable with this)…Julie then talks about Marlena and how she knew and was close to everyone that was murdered…she tells Belle to tell her Mom how sorry she is….(Shelle give each other the look)….Bo calls (we don’t see him)…Shawn asks Hope if there is any news…she says no but they found a muddy footprint…Belle is in the background watching….Lucas arrives with flowers and says how sorry he is…he hugs Julie/Alice…he says he phoned his Dad to let him know…Julie talks about how many phone calls she has to make….she comments on what kind of person Doug was when he arrived in Salem and how the Horton’s saved him….right Grandma as Alice smiles…Lucas says maybe there is hope for me…Julie tells him with the love of a good woman….(Shelle is in the background and Belle is holding onto Shawn’s jean jacket…too cute)….

Enjoyed the show for the most part….loved seeing Victor and Susan/Kristian did an excellent job today.


Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole comes down the stairs and checks the living room muttering to herself that she hated to have to trust ykw to get rid of the will and evidence because she is such a ditz. She is checking behind the cushion when Brady asks her what she is doing. She acts very jumpy and he asks her why. She says her husband was killed and she was accused of killing him. He says he has all the evidence he needs. When she asks him if he found the evidence he accuses her of stealing it from the safe. He knows she wouldn’t be asking about it if it didn’t really exist. So a cornered Nicole resorts to her standby – she flashes Brady a lot of skin, offers him a drink, makes suggestive remarks. She wants him to celebrate her good fortune because she is now very rich. She pours him a drink and tries to hand it to him but he just asks her how it feels to get away with murder. Now she plays I’m from the wrong side of the tracks, yada yada yada. Brady tells her that she is a liar. She tells him that Victor was just railroading her – Brady insists that Vic did have evidence. As they argue ykw is lurking wondering what she should do with Nicole’s junk. Brady leaves to call Chloe and Nicole dances around the living room congratulating herself on getting away with it. She pokes around in the fireplace and wonders where the evidence is because she knows it couldn’t have been completely destroyed yet. She hears something and turns and there is Victor. He tells her God was all out of lucky stars the day she was born. As he is saying this ykw is moving a homeless man away from a burning barrel. He tells her if she is doing what he thinks she is she is making a mistake. When she says that it is just old papers and some guys will the guy tells her it sounds like an insurance policy to him. Back at the mansion Nicole yells at Victor to stop haunting her. He says her mistakes will haunt her because ykw didn’t burn the evidence or will – it’s out there floating around.

Rex’s bed: Mimi apologises that they had to come back from Green Mountain Lodge – that locale was sexier than the one they’re in now. He doesn’t care she’s naked and sexy and he loves her. He asks about the family trouble and she tells him Patrick is back and that he doesn’t get along with her mother. She says it has always been tense between the two of them and she is the good girl. He whispers in her ear and tells her what she is good at. After sex she tells Rex she wishes her mother could experience this. He asks her if she is suggesting a “Mrs. Robinson” scenario. She explains that her mother is so busy trying to snag a rich husband and encouraging Patrick to go after a rich widow that she forgets about love. As far as Mimi is concerned the only reason to marry is for love. He says seeing as she taught him everything he knows about love he asks if this is another lesson – is she saying they should get married. Mimi talks away a mile a minute saying she wasn’t implying that he pop the question. He asks her why they never talk about a future – their future because he wants to spend his life with her and asks if she feels the same.

Alice’s: Julie is just bereft and dreads telling Alice. She can’t understand how the killer found out Doug could identify her when she only told Grandma and Marlena. When Julie sees the look on Hopes’ face she asks Hope if she suspects Marlena. Hope says no. Marlena is one of the most respected women in Salem, a doctor who has helped just about everyone. It’s not even worth thinking that she could be the killer. Hope thinks someone must of have overheard her conversation with Marlena. Julie says she didn’t even see another person it was so late. That blows Hope’s theory so she figures it was just bad luck that Doug ran into the killer at St. Luke’s and confronted her. Great scene with Alice, Hope and Julie as Julie asks for advice on how to go like she did after she lost Tom. Alice tells her to live her life and Doug will live through her heart. The doorbell rings and it is Belle and Shawn. Hugs exchanged and Julie tells Belle that once she marries into the Horton Brady family she will be in it for life. Shawn just smiles as Julie talks. Julie talks about how hard this must be on Belle’s mother because she has lost so many people that she cared so deeply for. She tells Belle to tell Marlena how sorry she is for the pain she must be going through. Bo calls and Hope asks him if he the evidence to break the case. Shawn asks if there is new evidence. Hope says there was a boot print so maybe that will lead to something. Lucas comes and brings flowers. Cute scenes with Lucas in the mix. Shawn asks Hope what are they going to do to catch the killer – she is so smart and if she is someone no one would suspect she’ll keep on fooling everyone. She says the killer will make a mistake and be caught.

Black Penthouse: Marlena is angry that John is accusing her without seeing the killer’s face. He explains that it was Shawn. Marlena asks if Shawn is the killer. He says no it’s just that Shawn’s accusations were in his mind and that’s why he thought it was her. She states that she did not kill Victor she was with them when he died. John knows and again lays the blame for his thoughts on Shawn’s accusations. She accepts his apology. He wants to move back in to protect her. She is thinking to herself that he really wants to keep an eye on her because he still suspects her. She tells him no because he isn’t the man she fell in love with. John looks crushed. She goes on hurting him telling him he has changed because the man she married would never accuse her of murder. She won’t accept his reasoning telling him that the man she fell in love with wouldn’t take the word of their daughters 21 year old boyfriend over hers. (LOL – official confirmation that they are of legal age).She also says she won’t let him move in and make it easier for him to kill him like Caroline said he would. He says he would never hurt her. Sami burst in and tells her mother one way to make sure is to kill him first and gives her the letter opener to use. She says she will testify that it was self-defence. Marlena puts the letter opener down and tells Sami that it’s been a tough night and to stop talking about killing. Sami says look he really is going to kill you. Marlena turns and John is examining the letter opener. Marlena takes it out of his hand and says I won’t kill you and you won’t kill me. She takes Sami out on the balcony and lectures her. Sami tells her it is kill or be killed – she has to kill John before he kills her. John picks up the letter opener and says he must be nuts for suspecting her. If it is her after everything that has happened the town would string her up.

Sami’s: Lucas is doing push-ups and has another fantasy about Sami. He asks the fantasy Sami if she is real because he’s tired of taking cold showers. She comes into the room and asks what he is still doing in his apartment. He places his hand over her heart and says he is not leaving until she answers his question. She plays dumb. He points out that she didn’t remove his hand and that her heart is racing so she pulls his hand away and tells him he is always parading around almost naked so she is going to look. He wants her to admit that she has feelings for him. She brings up their past and he wants to put it behind them. She asks him about his mother remind him that she just tried to get her to move with Will to London. Lucas tells her they should apply for the job as a team. They would have great jobs, a great sex life and a great place to raise Will. She doesn’t see how they can forgot what has gone down between them and of course there is his mother as well. The phone rings and Lucas tells Sami there was another murder. She immediately thinks that John killed Marlena. When she finds out that it is Doug she tells him she is sorry.

Graveyard: Shawn and Belle talk about how great Doug was and share memories of him. Belle comments that Hope must be destroyed because she was so close to her Dad. Shawn says as close as you are to your Mom and Dad. He doesn’t blame her for being mad at him for accusing her mother because she was with her mother when his grandfather was killed and he knows she would never lie to him. He asks her to forgive him. She has something she wants to tell him. He asks why she looks nervous because whatever she has to say he is going to understand. She tells him he is a terrific boyfriend and he doesn’t have to apologise because he was going off the evidence of he saw it. He says no he was going off the deep end. She says no, he was just being logical and she freaked out on him. She says she is 100% sure her mother is innocent – if she had any suspicions or if she thought her mother was the person she wouldn’t believe in anything anymore – God, love…any kind of life she had would be over. Shawn says it’s a good thing her mother isn’t the killer because he doesn’t know – then he stops and says no – because I need you to make my life worth living. THUD alert – my god that smile he gives her will melt your hearts. He hugs her and repeats the I know your mother is innocent because I know you would never lie to me phrase.

Preview: Nicole telling ykw to give her the evidence or she will have to kill her. Patrick yelling at Bonnie – Oh my god, you stole my money. Bo telling Brady that lives are on the line – people they love and care about will die. Celeste – another Horton is going to die.

OMG – I do believe it is now the next day – LOL!

Friday Mar. 12

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: Bo comes over. I don’t know specifically why he was there but it was fun watching him go toe to toe with Nicole. I’m sorry but I just don’t know what the wardrobe department is going for. The amount of cleavage displayed by Nicole, Bonnie and ykw along with the outfits they were wearing seem far more suited to going to a cocktail party or cocktail lounge than morning or mourning wear. Basically Bo is there to tell her that she will end up in jail. They exchange insults. He brings up her father and what he did to Shawn and his friends, he also mentions ykw’s rape and how Shawn almost ruined his life helping her. She calls Shawn a dim bulb. He warns her to say away from Shawn because Shawn told him how she had cornered him and how she had come on pretty strong. They both give as good as they get. Nicole gets in a low blow saying if he was smarter they would have caught the killer and he wouldn’t have lost his father and father-in-law in the same night. You’ll also like how he puts Brady in his place when Brady tries to defend Nicole by bringing up the fact that he was lying in bed with his naked step-grandmother handcuffed to him so she could have an alibi while his grandfather was being murdered just down the hallway. He asks Brady if the steam went to his head. Nicole scores a few more points when she calls Bo a hypocrite because he never wanted anything to do with Victor and he never apologised for putting him on the suspect list after he was cleared. Bo has it all figured out except he’s still thinking of her as the serial killer. He knows that she had an accomplice – that someone got in the house with her help but he still has figured out that it was just Victor’s murder she plotted. Bo warns Brady after Nicole leaves. He mentions that she has the eyes of a killer but Brady wants proof.

Nicole goes and threatens ykw. Only one comment – new day and the arm unhealed and the hair is no longer straight and the outfit…well you’ll have to judge for yourselves.

Celeste: Talks to herself a lot in the show. She knows that everyone that has been able to name the killer has died and that’s why she won’t herself figure it out but she feels it’s time so she can prevent any more killing. Watching the crystals she learns that another Horton will die (the name Hortons appears on the crystal). She then sees Tom’s tombstone and wonders if he is calling out her name and if she will be the next to die.

Jen’s: Julie and Mickey come over and Patrick answers the door. To say they are both surprised would be and understatement. I absolutely loved the warm quiet moments between Julie and Jen until Bonnie shrieked her grief and wrapped herself all over Mickey. (She showed up a few minutes after Julie and Mickey). Alice shows up. When Jen’s baby kicks Alice talks about God and the way he works. Julie is very upset – she is bitter and tells Jen that God should have prevented all the killings. Alice is looking at pictures and senses Tom has something to tell her so she leaves. In a nutshell what happens after that is that Julie warns Jen about letting a stranger stay in her house, she asks to look after Tuscany because it will give her something to do but Mickey tells her it is to late, he has signed over the running of the restaurant to Bonnie as a surprise, and Patrick finds out that all the money he thought he had has been stolen by Bonnie. This is why she was trying to get him to sue Jen.

Alice goes to the graveyard and I think she sees the slip of paper but then Celeste puts her hand on her shoulder and frightens her. They both are there because Tom asked them to be there. Celeste tells someone very dear to everyone in the Horton family will die.

Preview: Hope saying to John – you do remember something, don’t you. Marlena in the confessional holding a cloth over her mouth telling the priest to keep his mouth shut and listen to her. ykw calling Nicole a bitch saying you set me up and than slapping her. You can hear church bells ringing in the background as Shawn says to Belle all this talk about romance and weddings he can’t help but think that they are missing out on something. She says ‘are you saying what I think you are saying’ – LOL love that smirk!

Monday Mar. 15

Pat’s Spoilers

The Brady Pub is the scene of a lot of action today.

Bonnie comes in talking on her cell phone to Connor telling him that because some girl treated him poorly he shouldn’t return the dollar he borrowed for a lunch – God help us all. She goes to use the pay phone and Julie sees the stuff that Bonnie laid on the table. She picks up the envelope from Mickey. Bonnie comes back and asks her what she is doing with her mail. Bonnie rips it open and tells Julie that she’s sorry she lost Doug but she’s the one that won the restaurant and she taunts Julie by waving the document in her face. Julie goes to the park and talks to Doug knowing he won’t like it but she wonders if she can put Bonnie out of business before she even opens the restaurant and then she can convince Mickey to let her run it.

Phil and Brady meet. Phil is certain that Nicole arranged for his father’s death. Brady says show me some proof and I’ll be the first to turn her in. Phil looks sceptical and tells Brady so. Phil is sure that Nicole an accomplice. Brady says he has heard that theory but they need proof to convict – as far as he is concerned the family owes Nicole an apology. Phil says that will never happen.

Shawn and Rex come in to talk to Grandpa Shawn after Shawn sees Rex in the park looking at a jewellery store ad. Rex tells him he is thinking of proposing to Mimi but the only ring he can afford is something from a gumball machine. Shawn says that women don’t care about stuff like that but he’ll take him to talk to an expert. Grandpa Shawn is happy that his two grandsons are getting along. Shawn tells him that Rex is thinking of proposing to Mimi and he brought him there so he could tell him how he proposed to Grandma. Grandpa Shawn said he didn’t have a dime so he wrote his mother in Ireland to knit him two rings and when he got them he got down on one knee and proposed. He says he never entrusted those rings to anyone before not Roman, not Bo but he wants him to have them under one condition which he whispers in Rex’s ears. Rex goes to Bonnie’s table and asks if he can ask Mimi to marry him. She says no way.

I’m not going to get into the Nicole/ykw who scenes. Let’s just say that all Nicole has to do is say the name SDB and ykw is panting willing to listen to anything she has to say. She actually believes Nicole when she tells her that she is going to turn herself in for Colin’s murder and taking down ykw who will get the death penalty. The fantasy where she is being executed is good except for the part where Shawn comes running in and pounding on the glass saying they were meant to be…wth Bonnie was doing in the viewing section with Marlena, Mimi, John, Nicole, Brady and Belle is beyond me. LMAO at Marlena calling her a delusional twit and Belle sitting there chewing gum blowing bubbles. ykw is completely out of her element against Nicole – it’s pathetic to even have to watch. In the end Nicole says she knows just how to deliver SDB to her. Nicole and ykw end up in the park where Nicole sees Brady and Phil – Phil is watching Shawn and Belle. Nicole says she won’t have to do anything – Phil is in love with Belle and he will break them up.

At the Police Station John comes in and is surprised to see Hope working. She keeps pressing him for more details and John keeps having flashbacks to what he saw and to Marlena’s reactions were when he told her he thought she was the killer. He finally admits there was something familiar about the woman. Hope feels that he saw more but his subconscious mind is blocking it. She tells him she is going to get him help and picks up the phone. When he asks her who she is calling she says Marlena. He hangs up the phone and tells her he doesn’t want Marlena involved. Hope tells him she could help draw his memories out like she was helping Maggie and now Celeste. He says he doesn’t want her involved. Hope understands because if he knows who the killer is and Marlena helps him she will know. John says he doesn’t want her in jeopardy. Hope knows someone else who can help. Tek is the person she brings in. They start questioning him and ask if he saw the face of the killer.

At the church Marlena is talking to the priest telling him she keeps doing dark and evil things. He tells her that he is bound by the confessional to not reveal what she says but he wants to get her help. He tries to get out but the door is locked. He asks what she did but all she would say is terrible things and she wants to stop. She asks if she can ever be forgiven and the priest says she can receive absolution but she must seek help. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. The priest is surprised to hear that she considered harming her daughter. She says she is safe for now but my husband isn’t if he repeats one word of his suspicions to anyone. She leaves the confessional and adds especially if the person he confides in is Hope Brady.

At Tom’s grave Celeste and Alice continue talking. Celeste doesn’t know which Horton is in danger so they pray. Celeste wonders if it will come full circle because the attacks started with Bo and Hope at the fashion show. Alice says not my Hope. She decides that will make a plea with the killer to stop hurting people and turn herself in. Celeste says I just got the feeling the killer heard your plea and the camera pans to Marlena standing behind them. Marlena tells them she was in the church lighting a candle for Doug and she was overcome with grief. Alice asks her who the next victim will be. The priest comes running out and asks if they saw a woman leaving the church – he feels she is deeply troubled. Celeste asks if Marlena is the woman. He says know but he would like to send the woman that was in the confessional to Marlena for help. After he leaves Marlena asks them why they think she would know who is next. Alice says we know you overheard Celeste say that another Horton will die. Marlena is upset to think she is going to kill again. Celeste gasps and says there is hope – I have a sense that the killer’s identity is being revealed as we speak – as the cameras cut to John remembering seeing Marlena’s face and yelling ‘No.’.

Belle treats Mimi to a day at the spa because it’s not every day that her best friend is going to be proposed to. They do a lot of talking. Belle has a beautiful fantasy of Shawn proposing – to bad it had to be ruined by having little popup Belle and Mimi doing colour commentary on the whole thing. But Belle looked drop dead gorgeous and Shawn looked very handsome in his tux. Shawn comes across them in the park and tells them that they look beautiful – hot enough to melt ice. Mimi leaves to collect her pay check from the pub- huh???? She works – I wonder when she finds the time? He asks her if she was helping Mimi get ready for her proposal. She asks how he knows and he tells her he had to give Rex some romantic advice. He turns her around and tells her again that she looks so beautiful. He says all this talk of love and romance makes me think we are missing out on something. She says are you saying what I think you’re saying – we get the smirk and then a big-ass smile.

Preview: Shawn asking Belle what she had to tell him and she says it can wait. Rex telling Mimi he has to ask her something really important. Bonnie waiving the document in Patrick’s face telling him it’s a blank cheque to the fame and fortune that the Lockhart’s richly deserve (blech). Tek asking John who he sees (Hope next to him) as John says ‘no’ and goes into convulsions.

Tuesday Mar. 16

Pat’s Spoilers

Let me just say between ykw lurking and lusting and now Phil doing the same I honestly can’t say which one looks worst. The facial expressions leave a lot to be desired. But after the opening scenes I’m more convinced than ever that this is going to move Phil into direct conflict with Brady – I really hope it does because when Brady spars with Phil I’m getting a glimpse of the Brady I loved. Unfortunately Phil is right but I still love the antagonism between the two.

Police Station: John goes into convulsions and Tek figures that he is reacting to a memory. Hope is more convinced than ever that John knows the identity of the killer. Hope tells Tek to pull him out and Tek tries but fails as John’s condition worsens. Lovely flashbacks of some special moments in his and Marlena’s life together which I believe Trix posted a video for. Next he hears a voice telling him he has reached the point of no return. He has to choose a door. One will take him back to his life where he has to confront the fact that his wife is the Salem Stalker or the door where he will stay silent forever. He says it is an impossible choice and that he just can’t put his wife in jail. The voice prods him to choose and he says that he can’t turn in Marlena she is the mother of his child. The voice says chose again and he opens his eyes and sees Tek and Hope. When Tek tells John that they almost lost them he asks what happened. Tek says it’s your ISA training, mind and body shut down. John says that only happens when we’re being tortured so we don’t give away classified information. Tek says whatever you saw caused you to go into shock. Hope asked him if he saw the killers face and he sees Marlena again. Hope tells him that they had a security camera installed after Doug’s murder hoping that the killer will return. She wants him to look at some of the images because she is sure one of them is the killer. Brady comes to the police station and Hope says they are just downloading some pictures to see if John can identify the killer. John has flashbacks to different pieces that prove Marlena is the killer. The pictures come up – Alice, Celeste and Marlena and Hope asks which one is the killer?

Brady Pub: Outside the pub Mimi and Patrick have a nice reunion. She tells him she has one special guy in her life that is inside the pub talking to their mother. Patrick says we better go and break that up but Mimi tells him they have a special evening planned and she has to go and get ready. Inside Rex figures out that Bonnie is saying no because he is no longer heir to the DiMera fortune but she says it is because Mimi is the first in their family to go to college. She says Mimi is too young to get married and won’t discuss it any further. He leaves and Patrick comes in and says he wants all his money back and he wants it now. She says she has none and he questions her about the packages. She tells him they are an investment in her future. She waves the legal document claiming it is a one way ticket to fame and fortune. Patrick says everything looks official and Bonnie tells him of course because her new sugar daddy is a lawyer. She tells him the murders there have put a damper on business and he figures a good gimmick will bring them back. She tells him she is turning it into a country and western bar and he figures that might work. She tells him the answer to his financial troubles is right under his nose – his new girlfriend is loaded. He tells her that he will not take advantage of Jennifer and warns Bonnie who gets the message (I think). Outside the pub Patrick calls someone and says ‘It is done. I will call you with specifics.’

Penthouse Grill: Rex is in a tux and Mimi looks beautiful in a red dress. She asks if he can afford this and he tells her nothing is too good for her. Rex asks her if she had a good evening and she says everything was great but the best is best to come. He tells her he has an important question to ask. Mimi is in the ladies’ room and calls Belle. Belle asks if it is official yet and Mimi says he has asked her every question but that one. She thanks Belle for giving her the advice to be truthful with her boyfriend. Belle says stop talking to me and go back to Rex and call her as soon as he proposes. At the table we learn what the condition is that Grandpa Shawn put on giving him the rings. He had to ask Mimi’s mother’s permission. Mimi asks him if he has anything else to ask her and he hears Grandpa Shawn’s voice and Bonnie’s and asks her if she wants dessert. (He does look very nervous – it is kind of cute). She says no (she is very disappointed) and says he might as well get the check.

Park: Brady tries to talk to Philip but he is too busy mooning over Belle to hear what Brady is saying. When Brady finally gets his attention Phil calls Nicole a slut and tells Brady he isn’t thinking with his brain but another part of his anatomy. (Geez where have we heard that before?) Brady calls him a hypocrite because he is lusting after his best friend’s girl. Philip denies it and says that Belle is like a sister to him. Brady says he could be arrested for looking at her ‘his sister’ that way. Shawn comes along and asks what they are talking about. Brady looks right at Philip and says men lusting after women they shouldn’t. Shawn looks from one to the other and says this is about Brady and Nicole right. Philip says exactly and leaves and goes straight to Belle. Shawn asks what is wrong with him but Brady changes the subject and says he saw him with his sister and wants to know if they made up. Shawn says he apologised to Belle for accusing her mother of being the Stalker. Brady asks him how he could be so stupid to accuse a respected psychiatrist. Marlena is his stepmother and he knows she is incapable of killing anyone. Shawn says I owe you an apology as well and gives him the papers Uncle Mickey asked him to. Brady asks him if he thinks that John, a trained ISA agent could be married to a killer and not know it? Poor Shawn…LOL! Shawn says he will be apologizing for the rest of his life for accusing Marlena. Brady asked him what changed his mind. He says that Belle told him she was with Marlena when his Grandfather was killed and he knows she would never lie to him. Brady agrees with on. Shawn tells Brady he never meant to hurt Belle, he loves her. Brady tells him that when you find the one make sure you don’t let anything come between you.

The Shelle scenes are so cute. Belle is so flustered when Shawn asks her what she was thinking he was going to do. She says propose and then says why would you, it’s not the right time or the right place. He tells her she looks so cute and than asks her how she wants him to propose. She says I’ve fantasized about it and you are in tux…then she stops and says I would rather you surprise me. He says ‘good’. He promises that when the time comes he will have done all his homework and he will make all her dreams come true. They talk about the rough year and she says she has been exactly strong lately. He apologises again for asking her over and over whether she was with her mother when his grandfather was killed when he should have only asked her once because he knows she would never lie to him. She says there is nothing to forgive and he says that is why I love you so much because you are so forgiving. She tells him she is not perfect. He says she is and kisses her. She wants to tell him something but he sees Brady and says his Uncle Mickey gave him an envelope to deliver to him. Belle replays what he said and asks herself how she can go on lying to him. After the call from Mimi she says she has to tell Shawn the truth.

Belle hugs Phil and tells him she is so happy to see him. Phil is in his glory…yuck. They sit down and she asks how he is dealing with Victor’s death. (Belle is truly being a friend here – there is nothing more to it). He tells her it hasn’t sunk in yet. His father was truly a titan and it makes no sense that he would get electrocuted in a tub. He asks her what is bothering her. Mimi calls and tells Belle that Rex didn’t propose – in fact he just dropped her off outside their building and said he had something to look after. Belle tells Mimi it will happen and they will have to find out why he didn’t propose tonight. When she hangs up Phil asks if Rex was really going to propose. Belle says was but didn’t. Belle then asks Phil if it is ever alright to lie to the person you love even if you know the truth could cause trouble or possibly break you up. He asks if she is talking about Shawn and she says who else. He says from what he can see her and Shawn are truly in love and that’s the bottom line – don’t sweat the details. She thanks him for being a good friend.

Mimi goes inside the loft and there is Bonnie sitting there helping herself to Belle’s food. Mimi asks what she is doing there and Bonnie says she figured she would need comforting after her horrible date. Mimi asks how she knew the date was going to be horrible. Bonnie covers by saying that it had to be because Rex is broke. Mimi figures it all out and Bonnie says I was only looking out for your best interests and Mimi grabs her around the throat. Rex runs into Shawn in the park and Shawn asks him how it went. He says it didn’t. Shawn tells him what Brady told him about not letting anything come between you and the one you love. Rex says he won’t and asks him if he is talking about him and Belle. Shawn says no way they are more in love than ever. Nothing could change that.

Preview: Rex saying to Phil you knew I was going to propose and Mimi knows as Phil nods. Bonnie saying to Mimi ‘what if Rex wasn’t in the picture. You would be Mrs. Shawn Brady and you know it.’ (Mimi looks bewildered as I’m sure I do). Belle saying to Shawn that she has something to tell him as Marlena listens from behinds the shrubs. Marlena is saying don’t tell him Belle or you’ll end up mourning him instead of marrying him. John telling Brady that he doesn’t know who the killer is but when he finds out he will make damn sure they never kill again.

Wednesday Mar. 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Belle’s Loft: Mimi really loses it and smashes the lamp and tears a strip off her mother. Bonnie tries to tell her she wants her to be happy and Mimi screams that she wants her to be rich. (Lots of yelling going on here). Mimi tells hers that it is all about Bonnie and not about her and she never wants to see her again. Bonnie refuses to go as she tries to justify her actions. The argument degenerates to the point where Mimi tells her mother that her biggest regret is being born a Lockhart. Bonnie is now blubbering and Mimi says she shouldn’t have said that. Basically it’s Bonnie position that Belle stole Shawn from Mimi, that Belle could latch on to Phil after Mimi steals Shawn from her because they are spoiled rich kids, Shawn probably got a trust fund from Victor and his is rich and that she will marry Mickey, Patrick will marry Jen and Mimi will marry Shawn and then with all three of them married to Horton’s the Lockhart’s will be the power of Salem. Mimi calls her demented and that she is not into Shawn and Shawn is not into her. Her phone rings and it’s Shawn. When Mimi says his name Bonnie is celebrating and cheering when Mimi agrees to go out. Mimi then tells her that Shawn called for Rex and she is going to be with Rex and that they will get married and be a family and than she will be done with being a Lockhart and with her for good.

Cheating Heart: Phil says as an honorary big brother to Mimi he should beat up Rex for letting her believe than not follow through on it. Rex is stunned that Mimi knew his plans. Rex thinks Shawn told her but Phil says Belle told him and she didn’t mention talking to Shawn. He asks Rex what he said to her and Rex said he was taking her for a special dinner to ask her important question. Phil says ‘important question’ is the code word for proposal. Kudos’ to EW – his facial expressions are just spot on – so funny! Shawn shows up. Madison comes up to Phil and says you should be with the love of your life (HUH???) not the guys. Shawn asks if she is talking about Chloe and Phil says it’s someone they don’t know. Madison figures out that Phil’s girl is with one of those guys. He says she’s not my girl. Phil has a few second fantasy of nuzzling Belle’s neck and ear – it is just beyond lame. Then he follows ykw’s tendencies and pulls out a picture and drools over it.

Penthouse: Marlena writes out a list of potential threats and has flashbacks of each. The list includes Celeste, Shawn and John – she underlines John’s name and then burns the list. She calls John and tells him she loves him and misses him even though she made him leave. She asks if he still believes in her innocence. His reply is that he will always believe in the woman he married. That wasn’t the answer she was looking for. He also says there wasn’t almost anything that he wouldn’t do for her. She hangs up and looks at the ashes – his name still shows. She says I don’t want to have to kill you. She paces and keeps saying please don’t let me hurt my husband or my children. She wants to stop. Belle comes over and tells Marlena she lied to Shawn about being with her when Doug was killed. She is going to tell him the truth but she wants to know where her Mother was. Marlena picks up the letter open and thinks to herself ‘don’t make me kill you sweetheart.’ Marlena says I was at home don’t you believe me. Belle says of course but Shawn will want proof that she was where she was. Marlena puts the letter opener down and when Belle says she is going to tell Shawn the truth Marlena says no. Belle doesn’t understand why her mother wants her to keep lying. Marlena says she just doesn’t want her to be unhappy and Shawn will be upset and it will take to rebuild the trust between them. Belle sees the burnt paper and asks why her mom wrote John. Marlena says she tried to write him a letter to express her feelings. Belle tells her that she loves them both so much and Marlena hugs her and tells her that everything will be alright. She suggests going for a walk and Belle agrees and wants to go to the park.

Police Station: Brady wants to know what is going on and John explains that the police are operating under the theory that the murderer will return to the scene of the crime. Tek really pushes John and John asks him if he is accusing Marlena. Tek points out that with his training he should be able to identify the killer and asks John why he is so defensive. Hope has reasons for Alice and Celeste being by Tom’s grave and then says Marlena must have come to pay respects to Roman. Tek points out that she isn’t anywhere near his grave. John doesn’t like that and Tek points out he had a violent reaction under hypnosis and asks if he is covering for Marlena. Brady spouts off about wrongful accusations LOL after he says he thinks Celeste is the killer – Hope asks Tek why he is pushing John and accusing Marlena. Hope says you might as well accuse my grandmother or me. Tek tells them both that they are forgetting one thing – you know the killer and it is just not something you want to face. He points out how the profile matches up to Marlena and says he can not corroborate her alibi for Abe’s murder. John and Brady come and Tek says it’s easy to pick the next victim and it’s going to be John. Brady offers more ‘proof’ that Marlena is not the killer. He mentions that Marlena was poisoned by the killer and that she was with Belle when Doug was killed. When John hears that Belle told this to Shawn he gets a strange look on his face. Hope asks John if he can name the killer and he says he can’t name her killer. Brady and John leave the office and Brady can’t believe that Tek doesn’t believe Marlena had an alibi. John says she doesn’t – Belle lied to Shawn. Brady can’t believe she would do it and John says she probably did it to protect her mother. Brady asks John if he thinks Marlena is the killer and John’s response is that it is primal instinct to protect the ones you love. He then says he doesn’t know who the killer is but when he finds out he’ll make damn sure they never kill again.

Park: Shawn tells Belle he knows she is bummed out that Rex didn’t propose to Mimi but Rex told him that there is a future for the two of them so he must have felt it wasn’t the right moment. He notices Belle isn’t really listening and asks her what is wrong. She says life used to be perfect for the most part and now everything is going wrong and she just feels that it is only going to get worse. She is in tears as she talks about the people left behind like Julie and Jen that have to go without their partners. He tells her it will be okay. Rex and Mimi will be together and one day when the time is right they will be married. He says he knows what the reason she is feeling this way and it’s because of her mom. She says no. He says ever since he accused her mother things have been different between them and he apologises again. She says no don’t apologise and his phone rings. It’s Rex wanting advice. He tells Rex this is a long conversation and he’s in the middle of something. Belle says no go and talk to him because Mimi is feeling miserable. He says are you sure because Rex is clueless this could take long – LOL! She wants to go talk to her mom anyway.

Marlena and Belle are in the park and Marlena asks if she has decided whether or not to tell Shawn. She says no but she has to make up her mind fast because she sees Shawn. Marlena leaves and Shawn asks Belle what she wanted to tell him. Marlena is listening threatening that Belle would be mourning Shawn not marrying him if she tells him the truth.

Preview: Hope almost crying as she tells Bo unless he slows down he is going to end up dying. Shawn telling Belle he thinks he knows what she needs – he’s going to take her home to bed. Victor telling Nicole he won’t let her tear his family apart. She tells him she won’t have to, his grandson will do it for her. John saying to Marlena – Oh my god, it is you.

Thursday Mar. 18

Pat’s Spoilers

Kiriakis Mansion: Nicole is playing lady of the manor when Victor appears. She tells his ghost that she has won and she has control of his estate and there is nothing he can do about it. He says maybe not me but his sons Bo and Phil and his grandsons Brady and Shawn and not to forget Justin won’t let the likes of her get her hands on his estate. She says she deserves it and he tells her it didn’t work for Anna Nicole and it won’t work for ditzy Nicole – LOL! She says she will get Brady into her bed and on her side. The first thing she is going to do is halt construction on the opera house and sell the materials for scrap metal. He tells her to go ahead and do it and Brady will see her for the money-grubbing whore she is. She is screaming at Vic when Brady comes in and asks her who she is talking to. She covers and says herself because she’s lonely. She talks about all the paper work she had to do to go through Victor’s estate and Brady offers to help. He then gives her the papers to sign the endowment. She takes it and says I bet you think I won’t want to sign this. She does stall for a bit giving her reason that the other heirs might object to the amount of money being taken out of the estate but she does sign it. He hugs her and goes to call Chloe. Vic wants to know what she is up to and tells her he won’t let her destroy his family. She says she won’t have to his grandson will do it for her. She burns the model of the opera house and vows that Chloe will never come back to Salem.

Police Station: Brady talks to John about how he fears that Nicole will jeopardise his future with Chloe. He is referring to the papers that need to be signed to release the funds for the opera house. He knows Nicole won’t sign and that will mean a long court battle. He won’t ask Chloe to give up her career. John says unless she signs court is his only choice. Brady tells him not to take Tek’s theories to heart. There’s no way Marlena can be the killer. John says to himself that he wishes he could be so sure.

Brady House: Hope comes home and Bo has fallen asleep on the couch with his hand on the laptop and gun still strapped on. He wakes up and Hope tells him to go up and rest. He refuses. He will not rest until the killer is caught. Bo says he is going to go to Titan and see if anyone else besides Nicole would benefit from Victor’s death. She tells him that if he loves her he will not go out. He asks her what is wrong with her – she’s a cop. She reminds him that she is a wife and that he is so tired he can’t see or think straight. They are targets and he needs to be alert. He says he can’t rest until the killer is caught – he’s the acting police commander and he owes it to Abe, Roman and all the other victims. She cries that if he doesn’t rest he will end up like them and then where will they be. He says he doesn’t want to let anyone down but she convinces him to at least rest for awhile. She throws in a back and shoulder massage and he tells her not to let him fall asleep. Of course he does and she sneaks out of the house. She won’t let the killer hurt Bo or anyone else in her family – she’s going after her.

Rex and Mimi: Repeat of the proposal. Rex says he loves her and there is no one he would rather spend his life with but her mother was right. He is not the man for her. He says he has no job or no prospects so he can’t accept her proposal. He wants to be able to support her before he makes a commitment. She gets angry and says if he can’t commit there is no point – it’s over and she doesn’t want to see him again. Mimi runs off and Rex follows her and they end up in the park. He tells her that he is nothing without her and he wants to get his life together so they can have a future together and then he will propose. He asks if she will wait for him and she says yes. She says she is sorry for going crazy on him and he is right they are not ready for marriage.

Park: Marlena has a fantasy of Belle telling Shawn the truth – WHOA – Thud Alert – at the intense look on Shawn’s face when she admits that she is the killer. Shawn pulls out his cell to call Bo and Marlena pulls out a gun and shoots him in the heart. Belle is crying, holding Shawn and Marlena tells her to stop whining – her whining has been driving her crazy since she was born. She points the gun at Belle’s head and the fantasy ends. As Shawn asks Belle what she had to tell him Marlena begins to pull the gun out of her purse. She says no she has nothing to tell him. He says they’re all feeling stressed and he knows what she needs, they need. He wants to take her home to bed.

Penthouse: John lets himself in and leaves the door ajar. He calls out for Marlena and then hangs his jacket over a chair. He is desperately trying to convince himself that she can’t be the killer. He goes through the draws. He picks up the letter opener and talks about the type of weapon used to kill Doug. He goes into the kitchen and Marlena comes home and sees the door open. She recognises his jacket and calls out for John. He comes in the living room and when Marlena turns to face him he says – my god it is you. Marlena asks him to explain himself and he asks where she was. He then says he knows she was in the graveyard last night and Marlena is shocked. She says we went over this already and he says Tek hypnotised him and he saw her face. She tells him hypnosis is not an exact science and thoughts and memories get jumbled. She asked if he told Tek that he saw her. He says no but Tek already suspects you but nobody will believe him because Dr. Evans the noted psychiatrist, friend, mother etc. couldn’t hurt anyone. He asks where she was again and she said she was with Belle in the park. He phones Belle and checks in on her and asks her if she was with her mother. Belle says they had a really nice talk. Marlena asks him if he is satisfied now. He then calls her a cold blooded killer. She can’t believe he would say something like this. He is standing by her purse so she can’t get to it. He asks her why she killed all those people and he wants her to admit it. She picks up the letter opener and tells him she loves him but if he can believe she is such a monster there is only one thing for her to do.

Belle’s Loft: They are in bed on top of the covers fully clothed. Shawn knows that something is still bothering Belle. He thinks it is about Rex and Mimi and she’s upset that her best friend got hurt. In his opinion it’s probably better that they didn’t get engaged just yet. He promises her that when it is time for him to propose to her nothing will prevent him from saying ‘will you marry me?’ Belle runs her thumb over Shawn’s fingers as she tells him how strange the conversation with her Dad was especially when he talked about her Mom. She then tells him she lied. She didn’t get to Marlena’s until much later so she can’t be her mothers alibi.

Preview: Julie is telling Sami that some of the best sex is had after a fight and Sami says she wouldn’t know about that. Lucas says yes she does but she won’t admit it. Marlena telling John that what he suspects is true – she is the killer.

Friday Mar. 19

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a very short sneak peek as I have plans for the evening.

Sami’s apartment: Lucas comes to pick up Will to go to Doug’s wake. He notices that Sami is in jeans and a peasant blouse and asks if that is what she intends to wear to the wake. She doesn’t want to go. She’s had all she can take of death and funerals. She is worried that the next funeral she has to go to will be her Mom’s because of Celeste’s premonition that John is going to kill her. Lucas tells her this is not about her – she should go for her son’s sake. He also asks her to stop taking about John killing Marlena – he doesn’t want Will to overhear her. Will comes out and Sami fusses over him which of course he doesn’t like – LOL! Both Will and his daddy look mighty fine in their suits. Will asks her to come along because his Dad is so sad and he knows he would feel better if she was there but she refuses.

Penthouse: What can I say – if you were upset with Marlena for the way she played with Belle’s mind to protect her killer secret you will not be happy about the way she totally manipulates and practically destroys John’s belief in himself and the man he has become. She blames everything on Stefano and tells John that a part of him will always be controlled by Stefano. She goes on about these ‘nightmares’ he had that she never told him about where he would recite these mantras that Stefano had used to indoctrinate him with. Things like those you love will betray you. Love will not last and a whole list of other things. When he is in tears begging her for forgiveness I felt ill. And that grin on her face while they are hugging and he is saying thank god it’s not you - I can focus on catching the killer now is just evil incarnate. Excellent work by both DH’s today.

Alice’s: At first it’s just Alice and Julie although they do make a point of talking about all the people that had been there. For long time Days and Doug and Julie fans this show is an absolute gem. There are many flashbacks as Alice and Julie talk and then as Julie talks to Sami and Lucas. I loved the flashbacks and the memories but I’m a bit upset that some of them were used in the context of pushing Sami and Lucas together but it didn’t take anything away from the special words Julie spoke when talking about her and Doug. Sami at first sticks her foot in her mouth a couple of times but then she does say something so nice to Julie about how her and Doug had a once in a lifetime love – a love that people these days don’t seem to find. I loved when Julie talked about how love and marriage aren’t easy – how you can have to work on it – ah but the memories you will have from the first kiss to the last. Some really great writing for those scenes. Flashbacks include several of Doug with the young girl that played Hope, then of her 18th birthday when he gave her the watch, saying goodbye to her when her and Bo and Shawn D were sailing away on the Fancy Face, some arguments, some still shots of their travels, some wedding flashbacks, a recent flashback when they got stopped by the park ranger and their first kiss. All I could have asked for was that his daughter and her family could have at least attended the wake but I am thankful that we didn’t have another singing corpse.

Preview: Hope asking Tek that even if you overlook the time frame what would be her motive. He tells her to forget that it is Marlena they are talking about and just analyze the evidence. Marlena telling John that she needs to feel that he loves and trusts her – he tells her that he will never doubt her again. Sami asking Lucas if he thinks she has a chance at ever having true love. Alice at Tom’s grave telling him she is there and she wants to know what he had to tell her.

Monday Mar. 22

Jan & Pat are both away tonight so they have asked me to fill in.

At Alice Horton’s…
Jennifer arrives at Doug’s wake to comfort Julie. Sami manages to put her foot in her mouth several times about Jen’s baby and the problems between Jen & Abby. Lumi & Will leave. Julie is with Alice and Jen. She breaks down and is angry that Doug never told anyone about his suspicions. She decides to go for a drive.

Alice tells Jen of her message from Tom. Jen cautions her against pursuing it.

After all have left, Alice gets another message from Tom to go back to his grave.

At the police station…
Tek tries to convince Hope that Marlena should be their number one suspect. Tek talks about how there may be holes in the timeline of when Bope called Shawn to come to the graveyard, and when Belle arrived at the Penthouse. There could have been a window for Marlena to kill. Hope can’t believe it and questions Marlena’s motive. Tek convinces Hope to analyze the evidence as if Marlena was a stranger. Hope admits that based on their evidence, it certainly does look like Marlena could be the killer.

Tek has a couple of theories about Marlena’s poisoning at Caroline Brady’s wake. Marlena could have taken the poison, knowing that the paramedics would arrive in time to revive her…or….it was a failed suicide attempt over her remorse for the murders she had already committed at that point - being saved only validated her to continue. John returns and attacks Tek asking why he’s so hell-bent on sending his wife to the death chamber.

Tek leaves and Hope asks John for his final word on Marlena’s guilt. He says she is innocent. Hope accepts that and says she will get Tek to back off. After Hope leaves, John retrieves the list of evidence against Marlena and begins to read it.

At Sami’s apartment…
Lumi and Will return from the wake. There are some sweet scenes between Lumi and Will here as he is sent off to bed. Lucas asks Sami if she might want the kind of love Doug & Julie had, with him. Sami talks about wanting that kind of love, but she questions if she will ever really have it. Lucas tells Sami that she will, but she needs to let go of her anger towards Kate and towards John, especially. Sami storms off to bed.

At the penthouse…
John tells Marlena of Tek’s suspicions. He leaves temporarily to get his laptop and Marlena pulls the clip out her gun and comments…”Oh my goodness, looky here. Tek, this has your name on it!”. John returns and accesses the police mainframe on his laptop and shows Marlena the photo evidence from the graveyard. Marlena tells him she was visiting Roman’s grave. John leaves, giving Marlena one heck of a kiss. Marlena does a happy little dance and says ‘Gotcha’, laughing evilly. We are really seeing the evil side of Marlena today – she doesn’t seem to be flipping back and forth like she was for a while…very creepy.

Later, Julie arrives. Marlena tries to get more information out of her re: who might know of her guilt. Julie tells of looking for a message from Doug, and of how they had a pact to leave some sort of message if anything ever happened with the killer. Marlena remembers seeing Doug bury the note behind Tom Horton’s tombstone.

Marlena – with the ever-present letter opener – “Someone has that clue. I know what to do”.
Celeste to Hope – “...another Horton is going to die”
Alice at Tom’s grave – “What did you want to tell me, Tom? Is it about the serial killer?”
John at the police station – “Did the killer revisit the scene of the crime?”

Tuesday Mar. 23

Jan’s Spoilers……

John @ the police station. He's talking to himself as it seems to me the 'man' is finally buying a clue. He talks about the fact that if it wasn't Marlena then the clues would definately be stacking up and he too would believe she was the killer but it can't be her...can it? He talks about telling Hope that Marlena had an alibi and that he told her that he believes in her innocence. Then he says if she kills again and it's her what have I done? John continues to stare at the monitor and the pic of Marlena…he says again to himself it can’t be her can it. He gets up and starts to leave as Tek asks where he is going and he says out.

Hope is talking to Celeste....she tells Celeste that she is there on police business. She questions her about being at the cemetary. Celeste tells her that both her and Alice were summoned there. She goes on to tell Hope that she has believes the next victim will be a Horton. Hope leaves Celeste's telling her that if she has any more premonitions to call her. She heads to check on her family. After she leaves Celeste seems to get a pain in her stomach and looks into the crystals….she sees what looks like a letter opener. John arrives at Celeste's. He needs her help. She tells him that she has never wanted to know who the killer was. John says he has to stop it. She says why you and he says because he believes he knows who it is. They put out crosses to protect Celeste. He tells her about speaking to Marlena and that she brought up Stefano and that he could still be causing John to see what he doesn't see. John tells her that it is a loved one. Celeste says it is possible but who do you think the killer is. John says my wife. He needs to know if the killer is his wife, Marlena.

At the cemetary....Alice has found the piece of paper with Marlena's name on it. She thinks it might be a clue that she is the next target. Doug is talking but she can't hear him. He is saying over and over to believe in it. Marlena is not the same person that we know and love. She is the killer and I am proof of it. As Alice sits looking at the piece of paper Doug is telling her that Marlena is evil, she is not the good, caring, loving person we think she is. Marlena goes to the cemetary to see if she can find anything. She arrives just after Alice left as Doug’s ghost says you missed her. She notices the camera and takes off home. She opens John's computer finding the password (Alamain)...she looks at the pics and notices herself...she talks to herself saying Hi Marlena, don't you look lovely tonight. They say the camera adds 10 pounds but I don't see it. She rewinds the tape and sees the note with her name on it. She then sees Alice...and says Alice Horton.

At the penthouse....Julie is telling Marlena that she is glad she is there for her and her family in this time. Marlena says that is what friends are for. Julie wants to go the the cemetary to check for herself but Mar tells her no that she tired and distraught and it is not a good time to be going there. Julie says she needs a shoulder to cry on and Marlena tells her NO....Julie just looks at her but she covers and says she should be home with her own things and needs a good night's sleep. She basically pushes her out of the door as she grabs the letter opener and says that if someone else found any evidence against her they will be her next victim. She opens John's computer finding the password (Alamain)...she looks at the pics and notices herself...she talks to herself saying Hi Marlena, don't you look lovely tonight. They say the camera adds 10 pounds but I don't see it. She rewinds the tape and sees the note with her name on it. She then sees Alice...and says Alice Horton. (Deidre did a fantastic job in these scenes today but I have to honestly say I’m not sure how they will redeem her after this)

Alice is at home looking at the paper with Marlena's name on it. She questions herself as to whether Marlena could really be the killer. She says she has to let someone know. She goes to pick up the phone, drops the paper and either falls asleep or passes out.

At Tuscany….the mechanical bull arrives as Bonnie is thrilled to pieces now planning on de-Maggie-Hortonizing Tuscany. Mickey asks her what…but he asks what is that thing. Bonnie wants him to try it but he says no due to his bad back. She tells him that he has to stay strong for his family. Next scene is the two delivery guys (shirtless)riding the bull as Mickey/Bonnie are dancing. Julie arrives and yells asking what is going on. She pulls the plug on the music as the guys complain…she then pulls the plug on the bull. She starts to question Mickey and then throws herself into his arms saying she is all alone and now she is burying her husband tomorrow. Julie is talking to Bonnie/Mickey. She is visibly shaken by everything happening with the restaurant. Hope calls Tek and tells him that she is checking on her family...she wants a patrol car to check around Alice's place and report anything out of the ordinary. She doesn't want to wake up Bo. She goes inside and sees Bonnie. She sees the bull and asks what is going on....Bonnie tells her that she is changing things and then says 'Sweetheart' to Hope...Hope calls her 'sweetheart' back (love a feisty Hope)and Mickey comes in. He tells Hope about changing the name of the restaurant...he asks if she remembers the place that Maggie/Alice had and thinks by calling it Alice's that it would honor both of them. Hope says she agrees. Julie comes in and they hug...they talk a bit about what has happened. Bonnie leaves as does Mickey. Julie and Hope hug as Julie tells her to cherish her moments with Bo. We have a wonderful montage of Bo and Hope done to their song ‘I Can’t Live Without Your Love’ as Hope says this ends tonight. No one else in my family will suffer. She makes a call and tells the person she knows it's late but it's a matter of life and death (I'm sure it's Shawn she calls).

I absolutely loved Hope in the scenes today….she is once again the strong character that I love.

The Previews: I only remember one. Hope telling Shawn that she wants to no his theory no matter what.

Wednesday Mar. 24

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Now before I start I just have to say that SDB/JC is looking might fine today…..

Jen/Abby are baking cupcakes. Abby throws flour on Jen and the have a flour fight in the kitchen. Patrick is on the phone outside telling someone that he is leaving now. He hears the screams from the kitchen and runs in. Jen is chasing Abby with a bowl of chocolate mix and throws it at her but it ends up on Patrick. He is covered in chocolate as Abby/Jen laugh. Jen tells him that she'll wash it for him and he takes it off. He says he never has had any real home baking so they volunteer for him to help. Abby tells him that he can be her assistant. He gives Jen her key back saying he is leaving as both of them say no. Abby finds the coin that Patrick dropped (it has a skull and crossbones on it)....inside Jen is telling him that he can stay but he says that people will begin to talk. She doesn't care...she goes to get the cupcakes out of the over and starts to have pains. She screams as Patrick goes to her and Abby comes rushing in.

John/Celeste are talking as he asks about Marlena being the killer. They talk about the knife she was holding when she hynotized Celeste and John says she explained that but she could have been lying. She tells him about her coming to the cemetary and talking to Father Jensen. John asks again and Celeste tells him that it is definately a possibility. John/Celeste still talking...she grabs a book and starts to chant. The candles light as John looks around and asks what the hell is going on. She tells him that the dark forces are here.

Tek is at the station and realized the computer main frame has been breached...he gets one of the cops to phone the IT dept and tell them to shut it down. They ask if it's a person or virus...he says person and he knows who it is...the killer. He takes off and ends up at Marlena's. She has been checking out the computer and says she doesn't want to kill Alice....why doesn't she just do what she is supposed to knit and sew. she grabs her coat and picks up the letter opener...saying it came in handy at the cemetary and she'll keep it close. A knock on the door...it's Tek. He says are you going out again. Tek and Marlena arguing ....these two were great today. He tells her that he's not impressed by who she is. She tells him she's not impressed by him either and if he keeps harrassing her that she will go to the commissioner and have him fired. She tells him to get of of here as she opens the door for him. She calls downstairs and asks tells them there is a strange man outside her door to send up someone angry and big. She grabs her coat and laughs that he didn't see the laptop. She looks at the paper and sees Alice's picture as she leaves.

Hope is at the station when Shawn comes in. He asks her what is wrong and where is Bo. She tells him he's home sleeping as he's been pulling double shifts. She asks about Belle and he says she's sleeping. He wants to know what is wrong and then asks if someone else has died. She says no but Celeste has had another premonition and that it is one of their family. He wants to know how they protect everyone. She doesn't know but they have to find the killer. She tells him that she was going through everything and remembered that he had a theory. She wants to know what it is....he flashes back to Tuscany and telling Belle it's her mother...he then remembers the cemetary and saying that it is a woman and Belle saying that she talked to her Mom about a profile of the killer and that she was with Marlena. Hope tells him he has to tell her...he says I don't want to hurt Belle but it's Marlena. At the station...Hope and Shawn are talking as Hope pulls out the list that Tek had regarding Marlena. She mentions Abe's death...Shawn says she was in Colorado....Hope says was she. He mentions Cassie....as Hope says Green Mountain Lodge is close enough. They mention Tony and both say that she was one of the last in the room with him. Hope says but what was her motive. Shawn says I can't believe I may have been right...he asks Hope if she believes that Marlena is the killer. Hope just looks at him.

Alice goes to pick up the phone and drops the paper and the phone before she faints….Tom’s voice calls her name and she comes out of it. She looks at Marlena’s name and says is it really you, are you the killer. Doug’s ghost sits up in the coffin and tells her it’s Marlena….Tom’s voice also talks to her….Alice phones Hope and leaves a message (she tells the cops it's urgent)...he puts the slip of paper down and forgets about it. When Hope doesn't call back she decides to go to bed...Doug's ghost sits up and says she can't...if she does she'll die. He begs Tom to stop her. Tom's picture lights up...Marlena arrives at the front door holding the letter opener.

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a quick report because I’ve been away since Friday and I have over 200 e-mails to get through plus try and catch up on the board. Hopefully between Jan and I we’ll cover the highlights. This is basically a filler show setting up for the showdown between John and Marlena.

Celeste’s: We basically go through the entire show with John telling Celeste he doesn’t really believe in her powers but he has no where else to go. He’s upset that she can’t get the spirits to just tell them if Marlena is the killer. She tells him all the spirits will do is guide them in the right direction and it is up to them to figure out the killer’s identity. I still haven’t figured out why the spirits could confirm the identity of the killer for Doug but can’t for John…Hmm. Maybe it’s because John said Marlena’s name out loud. She says there is one way but she would have to summon the dark forces. LOL – He says why always the dark forces not the good. He tells her to bring them on. She pulls out the book and starts chanting. All of a sudden the flames on all the candles light and shoot up. So the dark forces are here and we wait until tomorrow. I did enjoy the scenes where Celeste has flashbacks piecing together all the clues that prove that Marlena could be the killer.

Jen’s: Very cute scenes with Jen and Abby baking and having a flour fight. Patrick is outside talking on the phone saying he thought he had longer there but he doesn’t. When he hears screams he goes inside dropping a coin. It has a skull and crossbones on it which Abby finds when she goes to the garage to get a package from the car. Jen ends up throwing a bowl of chocolate cupcake mix on him. I enjoyed the scenes between the three of them. He tells her he is moving out she tells him all the reasons he should stay but he turns her down. She is going to take the baking out of the oven when she doubles over in pain. He helps her to a chair.

Police Station: Tek tells one of the cops to call IT and shut the Mainframe down because it has been breached. The IT dept asks if it a person or a virus and Tek responds that it is the killer. He checks his gun to make sure it’s loaded and he leaves. Shawn wonders why his mother wanted to see him now. (Belle is sleeping). He asks if there was another … she says no but Celeste had another premonition that another member of their family is going to die. He asks how they’re supposes to protect everyone. She’s been going over all files looking for a clue and she remembered that he had a theory. He tries to avoid the question but she tells him to stop trying to protect the person he is protecting. He says he hates to do this to Belle but the person he suspected was Marlena. He tells her that didn’t go over very well with Belle but he dropped it because she had an alibi for Victor’s murder and Doug’s and she was in Colorado when Abe was killed. She tells him that Tek believes Marlena is the killer and she shows him the paper where Tek outlined everything. Shawn asks what John thinks. She says he told them if he believed she was the killer he would bring her in himself. But in his heart he is convinced she is innocent but she knows that John is a professional so he will do whatever he has to be done to keep them all safe. Hope phones John and leaves him a message to call her as soon as he gets this message – it’s about Marlena. Shawn can’t believe he was right all along. He sees that Hope believes that Marlena is the serial killer.

Alice’s: More of her trying to believe the message on the paper is really the name of the killer. She sees Tom’s ghost (we hear a voice that is supposed to be Tom I believe). Doug keeps trying to warn her but she doesn’t see or hear him. She finally calls Hope but the cop that answers says she is in a closed door meeting. She leaves a message which the cop writes down but never gives to Hope. She waits and then decides to go to bed and both Tom and Doug try to warn her. We see Marlena outside her door.

Penthouse: What can I say about Deidre Hall – she is deliciously evil. The way she talks to herself and basically laughs at everyone because she is so superior to them. You can see that she didn’t really want to kill again but blames Alice for finding the clue Doug left before she did. She’s about to leave when there’s a knock on her door. It’s Tek. She is blatantly rude to him. But he isn’t impressed by who she is or what she knows. He confronts her and they have really good scenes together. God – Marlena is so arrogant. She finally kicks him out but he tells her he is on to her and he’ll be watching her. She phones down to the desk to have him removed from outside her door but leaves to kill Alice through the back entrance.

I just have to JC looks good. I don’t know if he got a bit of a trim of his hair thinned out a bit but he looked good and so much older. I love when he wears black shirts but I can’t say I was crazy about the pattern on this one but that’s okay. Still looks good though…LOL!

Preview: Hope hugging Patrick and saying ‘thank-you’. Tek telling Shawn that he just came back from Marlena’s penthouse. Shawn jumps on him and says ‘do you know how pissed off John is going to be.’ Tek’s response is that it is time that John faced the fact that his wife is a cold-blooded killer. Celeste telling John that if what they fear is true he has to be prepared for the fight of his life. Alice saying ‘hello Marlena. I’ve been expecting you.’

Thursday Mar. 25

Jan’s Spoilers….

At the station....Hope is telling Shawn that it looks like with the evidence that Tek has on Marlena she should be their number one suspect. She gets a call from Lexie and tells Shawn that she has to leave that it's the baby. Shawn says he'll go with her but she says no. He says he'll be fine but she wants him to call everyone and warn them to be careful....everyone but Alice because she is sleeping. Shawn goes out in the common area and starts placing calls....(the note to Hope to phone his grandmother is sitting there but he misses it)....he calls Melissa and Sarah and crosses them off the list. He is looking for a pen as his runs out of ink when Tek walks in. He tells Shawn that his theory about Marlena as the killer is right.. Shawn says but she had an alibi when Doug was murdered Belle was with her. Tek tells him he went to see Marlena and confront her as Shawn looks at him and tells him that John will be pissed off when he finds out. Tek tells him John is just going to have to realize that his wife is a cold blooded killer. Philip comes in as Shawn asks why he his here. He tells them that he was feeling restless. Lightening hits and Tek runs in to check on the computer. He says that something must have hit the camera at the cemetary. Phil asks if it really matters and Tek says yes. He takes off and Phil asks Shawn what is going on….Shawn says I’m not sure but let’s go. At the cemetary Tek checks out the camera and tells them it's been fried and he needs to replace it...Phil offers again to help him and Shawn says he'll catch up. Shawn goes to Tom's grave and picks up some fresh flowers that have been knocked down. He prays to his great-grandpa....he says he knows that he is watching out for them but to please try to keep everyone in the family safe from the evil.

At Jen's....Lexie is there checking on Jen and the baby. She asks about the pains and Jen shows her where they were. She asks about the hot water bottle (I believe)and Jen says it was Patrick...he asks if that was the right thing to do and Lexie tells him he probably saved the baby's life. Lexie asks Abby and Patrick to leave as she wants to talk to Jen alone. She tells her that Patrick saved the baby but she has to make an appt. with Dr. Bader in the morning. She asks Jen what she was doing before it happened as it could have brought on by stress, Jen tells her about the food fight. Abby gives Patrick a gift...the coin she found as Patrick tells her it's his. She apologizes and he says not to worry about it he didn't know he dropped it. Lightening strikes and they go in the house. Inside Jen/Hope/Lexie are talking as Hope tells Jen to take care of herself and Abby as Celeste has had another premonition and the next victim will be a Horton. They talk about Patrick and Hope asks Lexie if he saved the baby...she says yes. Jen tells them Patrick wants to leave and Hope says we'll have to make him change his mind. Patrick/Abby walk in as Abby says that Patrick was held captive on a pirate ship....she shows Jen the coin. Lexie says held captive and saving lives....Hope says good-bye as her and Lexie leave but before she goes she thanks Patrick...he tells Jen he's leaving but she again asks him to stay. He tells her that he has no money and the money he does have is tied up...she says then stay as my guest and our friend and for being a hero. He agrees and goes to unpack as Jen thanks Jack for sending her and Abby his friend.

At Alice's....Marlena can't get in and thinks she’ll knock even though Alice is probably sleeping…she starts to knock and then remembers where the key is and goes to get it while Alice looks out the window saying to herself that she is going to kill her. Marlena heads towards Alice’s bedroom and goes in. She says I don’t want to kill you Alice, Salem won’t be the same without you but you have to die as the others did She looks down as the lightening strikes. She begins stabbing (much the same as she did Shawn)she then pulls off the blanket and feathers (from the pillows)fill the room. She says you can't outfox me and heads downstairs. When she arrives Alice turns on the light and say Marlena I've been expecting you as the show ends.

At Celeste's....Celeste is chanting as the dark forces arrive. She screams and runs into John's arms. When she backs off John asks her if she is OK. Her eyes are black and she tells John that this isn't Celeste. (check out the voice) If you want answers you have to ask me. John asks about Marlena being the killer. Celeste says do you believe that she could be this evil. John says no. Celeste says but at one time she was evil wasn't she. John has a flashback to when Marlena was possessed and then says yes but she isn't now. Celeste says it's possible the evil has always been there just waiting and now it has come out in full force and more evil than ever before. Celeste ‘returns’ as John asks if she’s in there…LOL. They talk a bit about Marlena being possessed and Celeste tells him that if she is it will be worse than before. Celeste can't believe that Marlena may be possessed again as she had a flashback to her encounter when Marlena was possessed and threw her across the room...she turns and sees the name Horton in blood on a mirror. She pulls out the Tarot cards and asks them to name the next victim...she turns over a pic of Abe, a card with Jack's name, a pic of Maggie, a pic of Roman...she says not the ones who have perished but the next victim...the next card she turns over is Alice's.

John is also at the cemetary talking to Father Jensen. He asks him about Marlena and is it possible she's been possessed again. He asks him about what Marlena was like at the cemetary as Father Jensen flashes back to seeing her outside and Celeste asking him if this was the woman...he then remembers her voice in the confessional and says oh no....John asks him what....and he tells John that he can't reveal what was said but if she is possessed by evil that he has to find her now before it's too late.

Kate gets a message on IM from Roman who tells her to meet him at his house he has a surprise for her. She arrives with Philip who tells her he believes it is more a prank than Roman as he opens the door to check things out. Kate sees a box of roses with a note from Roman…the roses are dead and Kate figures that he had them there for her on their wedding night…she reads the note as it thanks her for taking a leap of faith and marrying him. Philip leaves and the flowers come alive…she turns and Roman is there. He tells her that her life will go on without him and that she'll be fine. It doesn't seem like that now but it will. She asks him to make love to her one more time. We next see Kate laying on the couch as she calls Roman's name...she gets up and sees another card....it says to my beautiful wife. I will always love you and always be by your side. Love your devoted husband, Roman.

Previews: Belle telling Sami she has done something that may destroy them forever, Shawn runnning into Celeste's room where she is laying on the floor
and asking if she's alright. John at Roman’s telling Kate that Tek believes that Marlena is the killer and they may be too late. Marlena telling Alice that she is the killer and she is there to kill her.

Pat’s Spoilers

Once again I have to depend on Jan to cover for me. We’re having a going away supper for someone that left our department at work which we weren’t even told about until late this afternoon.

Kate & Roman: Kate gets an IM from Roman to come to his house. Phil goes with her because she thinks it might be a joke. There is a box of dead roses inside and a card from Roman. He bought them for their wedding night and she hasn’t been at the house since. She asks Phil to leave her alone. The roses are now fresh and beautiful and Roman appears. Great scenes between them as he tells her to move on and that things will get easier for her as time passes.

Jen’s House: They cut out the scene that was shown in the Preview – the one where Hope hugs Patrick. Lexie is there and when Jen tells her she is fine, Lexie notices the hot water bottle and says that it saved her life. It was Patrick that told her to use it. Lexie speaks to Jen alone and tells her to visit Dr. Bader and that she has to avoid getting excited and must stay calm. Outside Abby gives the coin she found to Patrick. He tells her it’s his and that it belonged to pirates. When Hope comes over she tells them about Celeste’s premonition that another Horton will die. Jen convinces Patrick to stay.

Celeste’s: The evil spirit uses Celeste as a host (deep voice and black eyes) as John asks if Marlena is the killer. This leads to the spirit asking if Marlena is capable of such evil and John says no. The spirit reminds John that she hosted evil once. Flashbacks to Marlena possessed. The spirit won’t answer the question directly just saying that maybe the evil came back just like a virus and that he knows the answer. The spirit leaves and Celeste tells him to prepare for the fight of his life. John leaves to go to the church. Celeste is trying to figure out if Marlena could be the killer and she has a flashback of possessed Marlena attacking her. The lights flicker, the thunder crashes and then Celeste sees the name Horton in blood on her mirror. She consults her cards and asks for the name of the next victim – she turns up cards with the pictures of Abe, Maggie and Roman and one with the name Jack – the next card is a picture of Alice. She says she is too late – it has started.

Police station and church: Hope gets paged by Lexie to come to Jen’s. Shawn is going to go with her but she tells him to call everyone in the family even those out of town to check them but not to call Great Gran because she is sleeping. Neither of them see the message for Hope to call her grandmother. Tek comes and tells Shawn he was right – Marlena is the killer. Phil comes to find out if there is anything new on the search for the killer when Tek gets a signal that the surveillance camera at the cemetery was struck by lightning. They all leave to fix it. John talks to Father Jansen and tells him he thinks Marlena is possessed. When he asks the priest if he noticed anything strange about Marlena when he saw her by Tom’s grave, Father Jansen puts it all together. He can’t break the seal of the confessional but he tells John if he suspects that Marlena is possessed he must find her. John tries to call Marlena but gets no answer. Tek and Philip go to change the camera while Shawn prays to his great grandfather asking him to watch over his family.

Alice’s: Marlena tries to get in. Alice sees her through the window and knows that she is there to kill her. Marlena uses the spare key and enters. Marlena does a lot of talking to herself justifying why she has to do this and is happy that Alice is sleeping so she can die in her sleep. She goes upstairs and sees a shape in the bed. She hesitates for a second when lightning strikes but that just starts stabbing away in a frenzy. She isn’t happy when she pulls back the comforter and it’s just feather pillows. She’s not a happy camper – LOL! She goes downstairs and the show ends with Alice telling her that she has been expecting her.

Hmm…the storm is rolling in so does this mean that this night is going to last as long as Valentine’s night. God I hope there is some excuse for Shawn to change that shirt…LOL!

Preview: Belle tells Sami that she did something horrible – something that could destroy them forever. Shawn rushing into Celeste’s room and finding her lying on the floor. John telling Kate that he is looking for Doc and she asks why she would be at Roman’s house. He tells her that Tek thinks she is the killer and if he is right he is afraid she is about to kill again. Marlena telling Alice that she is the Salem Stalker and now that she knows her secret she has to die.

Friday Mar. 26

Pat’s Spoilers

I have to comment on what a remarkable job Frances Reid did today. Her calmness in the face of Marlena’s obvious madness or evilness (if there is such a word) was great to watch. I won’t say much about the scenes and LOL I guess I don’t have to seeing as the videos are up already. They need to be watched for the full impact to be felt. What it boils down to is Alice trying to carry on a rational conversation and find out why Marlena is doing what she is doing. She tells her to think about her family. Marlena is very arrogant demanding that Alice give her the paper with her name on it. LOL – I love it when Alice says ‘no’. Alice calmly sits there and tells her that Tom won’t let her take it from her and tells her to put down the letter opener. Tom’s ghost appears and calls out Marlena’s name when she is about to strike. Then Maggie appears and calls her a bitch. Roman and Caroline show up and Marlena is remorseful. Tom orders her out of the house and she runs. Alice picks up her phone and phones John just as he is about to knock on Celeste’s door. He tells her he is looking for Marlena. Alice tells him that Marlena is the Salem Killer and she is there and going to kill her. The show ends with John’s shocked look!

Celeste turns over Alice’s card and it turns into the death card. Strange things happen and then the ghosts of Maggie, Caroline and Roman appear. She asks them to help Alice but they say the dark forces are at work. Celeste goes to call John to tell him but is prevented by these evil forces from doing so – she gets an electrical shock from the phone and passes out. Caroline says the evil forces will make sure she does not remember who is in danger. Shawn comes in and offers to call Lexie but she says no. She then tells him that the one he loves is going to die tonight. He asks who but she can not remember. She takes his hands and says the lies will kill the love. He asks her what she is talking about. She repeats it and says all will be revealed tonight. LOL – I was right – we’re in for another 3 week plus night. After Shawn leaves she says that the death tonight will affect everyone in Salem for years to come.

Belle wakes up and goes downstairs and ykw is skulking in the shadows. Sami phones and asks Belle to come over and she goes and of course she has a tail. Sami had been thinking of what Julie had said about her and Lucas giving in to what they feel and she is in denial mode. Belle comes over and of course doesn’t shut the door. Sami has been crying. She misses her dad and the others and she wonders if she will ever find true love. She envies Belle because she says you can just see the love Shawn has for her in his eyes. Belle says she lied and it could destroy them. The lie is overheard by ykw as she eavesdrops. Sami finally shuts the door and Belle tells Sami what the lie was about. Sami thinks Shawn deserves to be lied to for coming up with such a stupid theory and she tells Belle not to worry about it. They both believe there is no chance that their mom is the killer so Shawn will never find out about it. Belle can’t live like that – she has a conscience. She tells Sami she is going home to wait for Shawn and she is going to tell him everything. Before Belle gets back to the loft ykw has already let herself from fire escape. She kisses Shawn’s picture and says Belle doesn’t deserve him. She calls Nicole and tells her she is tired of waiting. She is going to sleep with Shawn tonight and Belle has to die – she repeats that a couple of times. Belle comes home and decides to take a bubble bath as ykw fantasizes different ways of killing her but then decides on electrocution.

John breaks into Roman’s house and Kate knocks him out. He tells her he is looking for Marlena. When Kate learns that Marlena could be the killer she can’t believe it. She tells John it isn’t possible. John doesn’t believe Marlena could do it but evil could be making her do it. Kate worries if Marlena is possessed she might go after Lucas or Will. John says Marlena would never harm her grandson. Kate goes over to Sami’s. Sami is on the phone telling her twin brother their dumb cousin Shawn’s theory. When Sami says everyone knows mom was visiting you in Colorado when Uncle Abe was killed. Sami is shocked when she hears what Eric has to say and repeats it asking him if he said that she had left Colorado before Abe was killed. Kate hears this and says oh my god, John was right. Marlena is the serial killer. Sami is shocked speechless – LOL! I’m sure the speechless part won’t last long.

Preview: A breathless, panicked SDB leaving Belle a message telling her not to let anyone into the apartment especially her mother as the camera cuts to Belle reading in the tub as ykw is winding an electrical cord around her fingers. Sami holds a gun on John as he is yelling that her mother is in a hell of a lot of trouble and he has to get to her – Sami shoots. Marlena grinning maniacally (tear-stained face) as she turns back towards Alice’s house and says ‘ready or not, here I come.’

Monday Mar. 29

Jan’s Spoilers…..first of all I’d like to comment on the performances today. Kudos to the cast especially Ali/Drake/Deidre/Lauren and Francis. OK I almost forgot to comment on the fantasy scene….THUD….SPLAT….SPAZZY HANDS….and anything else you can come up with is the only way to describe it…..oh and the wind blown hair, the frantic eyes and the voice…..THUD!!!

John is talking to Alice on his cell phone. He says he knows that Marlena is the killer and asks why she left. Hen then tells her Marlena probably lost her nerve because she loves her like family. He tells her to go around the house and make sure all the doors and windows are locked and he'll put out an APB. Shawn arrives and hears him saying good-bye to her. He asks if she's OK....John says yes. He then asks John what is going on, John tells him he should be home with Belle. Shawn says tell me what is it, John says Marlena is the killer, Shawn says oh no (I believe), Johns says he has to find her Shawn says he is going with him. John then tells him that Marlena has been killin people close to her and he promised he would look take care of his daughter, Shawn says I will, as John tells him to go.
Belle is in the tub as ykw is watching, she says this is worse that looking at the old geezer dead, but when Belle is dead then it will be beautiful. Shawn calls her from his truck (he's wearing an earpiece)and says Belle if you're there pick up I have to talk to you. There is no answer and he figures she is asleep, then to himself says we can get through anything as long as you're OK, Belle, just be OK. Belle has a flashback to telling Sami about her lie and then says she has to tell Shawn. ykw listened to Shawn's call, she goes into the bathroom and says she needs an extention cord, goes back into Belle's room and finds her DOTW panties and makes a comment.
John phones Shawn on his cell and asks if he got hold of Belle, Shawn says no but I'm sure she's ok just sleeping and I'll be there shortly, he then loses control of his truck.
Shawn gets out of his wrecked Austin Mini (brand new I might add...LOL)and looks for his cell phone as he knows he has to get to Belle. Belle gets out of the tub realizing that it might not be the best place to be in a storm....after noticing it's not raining she decides to get back in with a 'romance' novel. Shawn is running through the alley and stops to phone her...when he gets her answering machine he says Dammit, and tells her not to let anyone in especially her mother, then he tells her he loves her. ykw is getting an extension cord and hears the call...she says I love you too honeykins and puts her fingers to her lips and then to the answering machine. Belle is in the tub reading as she has a fantasy, Shawn comes in a black robe, done up at the waist with the chest open and the cross hanging, he takes off the robe and kneels beside the tub as he kisses her neck, Belle wakes up and says make love to me Shawn, she then says she loves him and puts her head in the water….(hmmm..seems that romance novel worked) ykw comes in with the cord and says that is all she's going to get and that she is doing the world a favor. She plugs in the cord and then the CD player....Belle thinks it must have been a power surge. ykw picks up the CD player and holds it over her head.

Alice is holding the piece of paper with Marlena's name on it saying that Tom won't let anything happen to her, she looks up and sees Marlena's face in the door. Marlena is singing a variation of the Lizze Borden song....(I won’t put in the lyrics because personally I found them to be awful) then she comes in and says I gotch as Roman grabs her arm. Romans holds Marlena's hand and tells her to remember that she can stop this...she has flashbacks (some good ones and I loved them)she opens her eyes and Roman has gone...she turns and Alice has disappeared. She searches for her and finds her in the pantry....Alice tells her that she needs help, she says you mean a psychiatrist, like me. She mentions everyone saying she was good but she isn't. She says she had to do this to protect her family. She tells Alice that Tom didn't stop her from getting the note and people don't think she's crazy for talking to the dead. She tells her it's time.. (I have to admit these scenes were disturbing to me...although DH and FR did an incredible job it was watching what I know is the end of Alice).

Kate is telling Sami that Marlena is the killer and the police are compiling the evidence right now, she tells her she got it from a source and then says the person who would never want to believe it was her, her husband. Sami starts to go off on Kate and says that her and John are making it up, they are the evil ones and John is just saying that so that he can kill her and get away with it. Kate is worried about Lucas and Will. Sami tells her that Will is with Grandpa Shawn and she is going to get him, Kate will never have anything to do with him anymore, she is out of his life. John has a head on with Sami....she is out at the wheel as he goes to her....when he shakes her she wakes up and moves quickly away from her. She yells at him that he is setting up her mother. He tries to tell her that Marlena needs help and the she tried to kill Alice. He has to get to Alice to keep both of them alive. Sami says no, it's your fault. He says he loves Marlena and that he needs to help her and tells her that she'll be responsible if he doesn't get there in time...he grabs his cell and tells her he is phoning someong to go to Alice's...she pushes it out of his hand and tells him that she'll kill him (she has his gun)...he says you won't kill me...he tells her he loves her but she says you don't know anything about love....and I will kill you, I'll do anything to protect my family...he calls her Samantha Gene and she yells don't call me that as she pulls the trigger and John falls back. AS did a fantastic job in these scenes....kudos to her.

Lexie arrives at Celeste's and Celeste is on the floor. She thinks she was hit by lightening, lightening with no rain. Lexie says it just happened, but Celeste says the dark forcers were at work. Lexie says no that the killer is just someone who kills, not dark forces at work. Celeste remembers that Marlena is the killer but she can't remember anything else. Lexie keeps asking if she is sure that it’s Marlena.

Kate is talking to Will...she goes to knock on Lucas's door when Roman appears...she says she knows and how awful it must have been for him to look into Marlena's eyes as she killed him...she says she took you away from me...he says she didn't...she says you mean Marlena isn't the killer...he says no that I will always be there with you as they kiss and he disappears.

Pat’s Spoilers

Excellent show today except for dottie skulking around Belle's loft talking to herself. I guess cleavage and pouffy flowers must be all the rage with killers that favour the old electrocution in the bathtub murder method. Big mistake showcasing two killers in one show – when you see how it should be done, how it shouldn’t is very painful to watch. I do have to give it to dottie though she does figure out by Shawn’s message that Marlena is the killer. That makes her happy because in her mind everyone wants Belle dead, even her own mother and she will be more than happy to let her take the blame.

Outside of Celeste’s apartment John is still on the phone talking to Alice telling her to make sure all the windows and doors are locked. He’s on his way. Shawn overhears him and asks if he has a lead because if he has does he’s going with him. John says no get back to Belle. You promised me you would protect her. Shawn says he will but he wants John to tell him what’s going on. John says she is going after those that are close to her. He yells at Shawn to get to Belle and then tells him it is Marlena. The look of shock on Shawn’s face when he realises it is true. He takes off like a bat out of hell. Lexie shows up and lets herself in to Celeste’s and finds her on the floor. Celeste tells her she was struck by lightning but it was the evil forces that made it happen. She says someone is in danger. Of course Lexie doesn’t want to hear about it. Celeste remembers that Marlena is the killer and Lexie is shocked. Celeste is desperately trying to remember who is mortal danger.

Ali rocked the house today – what a powerhouse performance she puts out there. From the total disbelief when Kate tells her to her confrontation with John. We see her pain and it’s almost like she’s struggling to force herself not to believe. In the end her hatred for John wins out and she puts all the blame on him. She is shocked when John tells her that Alice called that Marlena had tried to kill her. He tells her if she doesn’t let him go if anything happens to Alice it will be on her head. He tries to call someone to get to Alice but she knocks the phone out of his hand. He tells her she is going to be so sorry that she did that. Both Ali and Drake were superb in their scenes together. LOL! Did Sami get the arched eyebrow though!

I’m not going to go into what goes on at Alice’s. I did love that Alice talked to Tom and told him she longed to be with him but she was going to fight. The storm blows the door open – very eerie and Marlena looks so evil. Roman stops her from going in. He asks her why she is doing this. She says she is doing it for her family. She really doesn’t want to lose her reputation. I will say this – now this is my opinion – but I believe the absolutely gross variation of the Lizzy Borden rhyme was definitely uncalled for and I didn’t like that they had Alice hiding in her kitchen pantry. Very chilling though when Alice tells her she needs help and she tells Alice that she isn’t sick. She knows exactly what she is doing and it’s a good night for Alice to die. Roman also has a final scene with Kate outside of Lucas’ apartment. She can’t believe that is was Marlena that took him away from her. He tells her that no one can kill their love and kisses her.

Now I don’t know what to say about Shawn. Who knew that scared, frantic, panicked, wind-blown, breathless Shawn could be sexier than hell? Des just lie on the floor to get those caps. Terri roll out the extra padding and start the show on the floor – less chance of hurting yourself that way…LOL! Love the headsets both him and John wear as they are driving. Shawn tries once and just gets her answering machine. John calls and that’s when Shawn has his accident. Hmmm…product placement perchance??? Shawn is driving an Austin Mini…LOL! He calls as he stops in an alley – all out of breathe and calls Belle and leaves the message not to let anyone in. Good lord that voice-sigh!!!

The fantasy is great – short but great. Deb prepare yourself. He’s wearing a black satin robe and that cross and chain is on full display! He drops his robe and she smiles at him. He cups her face and runs that thumb over her cheek bone as he kisses her neck. I loved the fantasy but I liked the after fantasy as well. Belle is so cute – she giggles and says ‘oh Shawn, make love to me’ and she slides under the water. LOL! She comes back up with this big smile on her face and says Shawn I love you so much..

Preview: A wet, dripping Shawn (wild hair…LOL) flinging open the bathroom door. He sees Belle (eyes closed, not moving) and stops and says ‘Belle.’ Hope telling Bo (yeah…he’s awake) that Celeste thinks she is going to strike again and the next victim is someone very close to them. John checking his gun and Sami is screaming for him to stop and calling for help saying he is the killer and he’s going after my mom. Alice telling Marlena to stop the madness and let us help you before it’s too late.

Tuesday Mar. 30

Jan's Spoilers

Belle is in the tub as ykw stands above her holding the CD player...Shawn is running through the alley telling her he's coming. Shawn arrives (and it has started raining) as he calls for her running upstairs...he finds her in the tub...(ykw & Nicole are hiding)...he grabs her and shakes her (soap suds all over his leather jacket)and she wakes up asking him if he wants to give her a heart attack...he tells her he was worried...he phoned and she didn't pick up...she says she was here...he has something to tell her...she says can you give me a few minutes the water is cold...she then asks him how long he's been there...he tells her he just got there...she remembers hearing something (ykw & Nicole are out on the ledge (drenched) ykw is po'd that Nicole stopped her...Nic has a flashback to coming in just as she was going to drop the CD player....she tells her this was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Belle...Nic says that even the Salem PD could put 2 @ 2 together and figure out it was them) Shawn hears something and asks who is there as he looks out. Shawn goes over to the window and shuts it as Nic and ykw hide…ykw looks through the window and sees him taking his shirt off and says that Belle doesn’t deserver anyone that looks that good without a shirt…Nic is watching her and just shaking her head…she comments on her drool and ykw tells her that she better watch it then she may get electrocuted…Nic tells her that she just may throw her off the fire escape…she tells her it’s time to leave. Inside Belle comes downstairs and says to Shawn that he is really wet as she throws him a towel…he dries off and tells her they have to talk but she wants to make them something warm to drink…he is leaning against the window frame (now wearing a shirt)as Belle brings him something to drink…they sit on the sofa as Belle tells him that she loves him so much…he tells her the same and they kiss…she then says she has something to tell him about her mother…he says I have something to tell you about your Mom and proceeds to tell her that Tek suspects Marlena is the killer…Belle says that’s because of you…he says there is evidence…she says I suppose you told everyone your theory how could you do this to me…he tells her he told Hope and she is really upset…he then tells her he talked to her Dad and he said he suspects Marlena as well…the scene ends on Belle’s face.

Outside Nic and ykw are leaving as Marlena approaches…ykw says Hi to her and Marlena makes a comment about them being together…Nicole tells her they know each other from Puerto Rico…she then asks if this is the friend you were talking about…ykw says yes….as Nic looks at her and she tries to explain…Nicole says the just ran into each other as Marlena says….in the rain outside my daughter’s apartment…ykw says something to Marlena about everyone thinking she’s the serial killer…Marlena says she isn’t and it’s probably a good thing for Nicole…she says the SK wouldn’t be happy with them pinning Victor’s death on her…she says if the killer gets picked up then she would probably tell them she didn’t kill Victor and would have an alibi…Nicole says it wasn’t me I was hand-cuffed to your step-son when my husband was killed…Marlena says you were but you could have had an accomplice as she looks at ykw…Marlena hears sirens and starts to leave but not before turning around and saying that they should keep their theory about her being the killer to themselves…after she leaves Nicole turns to ykw and tells her that she shouldn’t have said anything…ykw asks what she did and Nic tells her that when this is over she needs a long rest.

We see Sami shoot at John (slow motion as the bullet heads towards John and he gets out of the way)he kicks the gun out of her hand and tells her again that Marlena is the killer...Sami looks at him for a second and then says he's lying...she is screaming at him as he hugs her...he finally puts the cuffs on her and takes her to her car where she asks if he is going to kill her whole family...as he tries to start his car she continues to yell and scream at him...he pulls out his cell and calls Alice but gets the answering machine....he tells her to pick up but of course she doesn't...he heads to Sami's car and tells her that they are heading to Alice's. John sees Marlena pass by…he goes to get his gun as Sami is still yelling at him…he phones Bo on his cell to tell him to get over to Alice’s house and that he is going after Marlena…Sami’s cell rings but it’s in her purse in the back seat and she can’t reach it…John tries his car again but it still doesn’t start as he takes off toward the penthouse…Lucas/Kate show up and Lucas is going to help Sami get free…he asks her about her mother and what she knows..she tells him that her mother isn’t the killer that John is and he needs to help her get free…she also says that Kate and John are probably in on this together.

Kate is at Lucas's apt.....banging on the door as the super arrives...she tells him who she is and he remembers her so he lets her in...she sees Lucas laying on the couch covered in blood and starts to scream (Okay, Lauren has these screams down pat....LOL). We see her knocking again as Lucas comes up behind her...she is freaking out because she is so worried about him...he tells her he had to take homework to Will at the pub...she knows...she hugs him and tells her how worried she was...she then tells him that Marlena is the killer...he can't believe it and then asks about Sami...she says she told Sami and she took off to get Will...he calls the pub and tells Grandpa Shawn to shut it down (Kate motions at him not to say it's Marlena)as Lucas says they think the killer will strike again tonight...he says he is on his way over...he then puts his jacket on as Kate wants him home safe but he has to find Sami....she says she didn't believe it was Marlena and he says of course not...she tells him with any luck Sami will run into Marlena and find out the truth....Lucas has gone to check on Sami but he tells Kate she’s not home…Kate says I told you that..he tries her cell (see above) and then says he’s going to find her…Kate doesn’t want him to but he won’t be stopped…Kate says OMG you’re in love with her as Lucas just looks at her with no response.

Hope comes in as Bo is now up and about (looks like Peter got his hair shaped...looks good)...she asks about Zach and she is definately on edge.She tells him about Celeste's prediction that the next one killed will be someone close to them, someone they love. She tells him about Marlena and Bo says John's Marlena the one we know and love. Hope says she doesn't believe it. She says that Tek did a profile and compiled evidence and if she didn't know Marlena she would agree. She tells him that John doesn't believe it and if he did he would bring her in. Bo says but she is his wife. He wants to put an APB out on her, Hope isn't sure about that but he says we have to protect your family, our family. She says what if it is her and Bo tells her that Belle, John, Sami and Brady will be destroyed by it. They try the phone but it isn’t working…the cell phone rings and it’s John telling them to get over to Alice’s he just saw Marlena and he’s sure she was leaving from there…Bo tells Hope and you can see how shaken she is by the news…they bring a cop in to watch over Zach as they head out…arriving at Alice’s all is dark as Hope says she’s probably sleeping…Bo calls her over and they see powder on the floor leading to the kitchen…they walk in and both just stare (you don’t see what they are looking at)…Hope turns and puts lays her head on Bo’s chest as she cries.

Marlena is talking to Alice who is still in the pantry…Alice says that she can stop this she doesn’t have to do it…she tells her that her and Tommy treated her like family and loved her…Marlena says she can’t but Alice tells her she still has a brain…they are at the kitchen table as Marlena says she’ll get her some milk she’s not inhuman…Alice tells her that she needs help and that they will help her they still love her…Marlena says how could you still love me after everything…Alice tells her because she is just sick…we next see Marlena outside the house…(can’t remember what she says)…she’s now in her car and saying that Shawn is probably at Belle’s…she’ll take care of them first and then take care of John. (she arrives at Belle’s…see above).

John arrives at the penthouse and Marlena is sitting on the sofa (ready for bed) and it looks like she’s knitting or something…she says John you’re here late...he tells her he knows what she’s done.

Now a couple of comments….the hairdressing fairy visited Bo when he was asleep, his hair is cut and looks to be shaped...gotta love the Salem men with wet hair….and I do believe that SDB has bulked up a little.

Most of the performances today were good with special kudos to Deidre/Ari/Drake/Francis and Kristian. Even though I thought Deidre and Francis were good in their scenes the thought of Alice being killed off disturbs me greatly!!!!

Hope you enjoy.

Pat’s Spoilers

LMAO – Could have done with out the Matrix like bullet effects for when Sami shoots at John but what followed was great. John grabs Sami and tells her to look at him. He is not the killer – her mother is. She just screams he’s lying but then she collapses against him momentarily. She absolutely refuses to believe him and accuses him of being the killer all along and now he is going to kill her because it’s his mission to kill everyone in the family. He can’t argue with her anymore so he handcuffs her to her steering wheel. He tries to start his car over and over but can’t. He finally gets a phone signal and instead of phoning the police he phones Alice and just gets her answering machine. Sami keeps screaming for help. John can’t get his car started or get another cell signal so he tells Sami to move over he has to get to Alice’s and stop Marlena. Sami fights him. Sami keeps on her rant and John sees Marlena drive by and knows she is coming from Alice’s and that he is too late. He gets out and has a signal and calls Bo and tells him to get there because he is closer. He grabs his gun and goes to find Marlena.

Kate has a fantasy of pounding on Lucas’ door and then getting let into his apartment and finding his dead body. Good lord that woman can scream. She is pounding on the door when he comes up behind her. She tells him that she knows who the killer is and it’s Marlena. Lucas is shocked and then concerned about Sami. Kate tells him she went to the pub. Lucas phones the pub and tells Shawn to shut it down – they think the serial killer is going to strike again. He wants to go after Sami but she says no. She won’t believe her mother is the killer and with any luck she’ll run into Marlena and find out first hand how wrong she is. He insists on going. He tries calling her cell phone and Sami tries to reach her purse but can’t. She is hysterical in her belief that John is the killer. Kate realises he is really in love with Sami and she goes with him. Lucas and Kate find her and of course Sami accuses Kate of working with John to kill everyone. She begs Lucas to help her save her mother from John. I will admit to being annoyed with Sami. Everyone knows the serial killer is a woman but she goes on and on about John. My god she is setting herself up for a huge fall once the truth comes out.

Hope comes rushing home and asks Bo if Zack is safe. LOL! The stylist fairy must have paid a visit while Bo was sleeping because he appears to have had his hair trimmed and shaped – looks very good. She tells him about Celeste’s premonition. He asks if it is true that Marlena is now a suspect. Hope says Tek’s evidence is very compelling but she finds it hard to believe. Bo doesn’t. Hope says John swears it isn’t Marlena. Bo says she’s his wife. All he knows is that if it is true John, Sami, Belle and Brady will be destroyed. They have no phone service and the lights are flickering. She wants to light candles but Bo says they have to go look for Marlena. John calls. Bo tells Hope that is was John. She asked if the killer struck again and if it was Marlena. Bo says John thinks yes to both questions. He has a hard time telling her that it’s Mrs. H. They call a cop to protect Zack. They do tell him that they suspect Marlena Evans is the killer.

Belle is in the tub and ykw is not happy (at least that’s what I think that facial expression of hers was trying to pull off) when the power goes out. Shawn is outside running and he’s says I’m almost there Belle. He comes inside yelling and runs up the stairs. We see Nicole with her hand over ykw’s mouth and they hide in the shadows. Shawn comes in and sees Belle in the tub and says her name. He then reaches in the tub and she wakes up. She had fallen asleep. He tells her that he was calling and calling and only getting the answering machine. He has something he has to tell her. She asks him to wait because she would like to get out of the tub. She also asks how long he had been there. He says I just got here. She tells him she thought she heard him earlier but she must have been dreaming. He goes downstairs. Nicole and ykw are on the fire escape outside the open window. Nicole has a flashback to breaking in to Belle’s apartment and grabbing ykw just before she is going to drop the CD player into the water. Nicole asks her what she was thinking and ykw tells her that if Nicole wouldn’t have barged in Belle would be dead in the tub and she and Shawn would have been naked in bed together. She reminds Nicole that she promised to help her and she kept up her end of the bargain now she wants Nicole to deliver Shawn.

Shawn comes to the window and asks if there is anyone out there. When he closes the window Nicole wants to leave but ykw goes and leans against the window. She tells Nicole that he is taking his shirt off she’s not going anywhere and she whines that Belle doesn’t deserve a man that looks so good without a shirt on. Nicole drags her away and says she doesn’t want to be standing on a fire escape in the pouring rain and get electrocuted – ykw thinks that is funny until Nicole tells her it would be really funny if she threw her over the railing. Belle comes downstairs with a towel for Shawn asking how he got so wet. He tells her he has car trouble. She comments on finding her bedroom window open and the floor soaked from the rain. He tells her it is coming down in sheets so that’s not surprising. She says she doesn’t remember leaving the window open. He wants to talk to her but she says she is cold and asks him if he wants tea or hot chocolate. She brings the cups to the couch and says this would be a perfect night to cuddle up on the sofa under a blanket and watch a scary movie but the power is iffy and with the murderer on the loose a scary movie isn’t such a good idea. He sits on the couch and tells her he has to tell her something. He is really struggling to get the words out. She has something to tell him as well and insists on going first. She has a flashback to talking to Sami about lying to Shawn. She then tells Shawn that she loves him so much and that she never wants to hurt him. She kisses him. She says that what I have to tell you is about my mother. He tells her that what he has to tell her is about her mother as well. She gets angry and says you still think that she is the killer. He tells her that he is not the only one. Tek has compiled some pretty damning evidence that connects her to the murders. She can’t believe that he told Tek after he promised her he wouldn’t tell anyone. She says only a rookie cop wanting to make a name for himself and you believe it. He tells her there is more. She says you didn’t go and tell your parents did you. He admits to talking to his Mom because in the end lies always hurt. She is very angry with him. He says he doesn’t know how to tell her but her father believes it as well. She looks at him shocked. He tells her that John told him that Marlena was the killer.

Marlena tells Alice it is too bad it had to come this but she just had to go and play Miss Marple and find the clue Doug left. At first Marlena is very cocky but there are some great moments when Alice tries to talk her out of killing her and urging her to stop the madness before it’s too late. The next scene the deed is done because Marlena is standing outside talking about what a great lady Alice was and then she licks icing sugar off her fingers and says her doughnuts are to die for. In her van she says next she offs to take care of Belle and Shawn and then John. She then pulls out a doughnut and takes a bite and says I should have got the recipe.
Bo and Hope rush over and notice a trail of a powdered substance leading from the front door to the kitchen. They enter on the kitchen and both stop – Bo says oh my god and Hope says oh no. (Thank goodness they don’t show Alice).

Marlena comes face to face with Nicole and ykw outside of Belle’s loft. These scenes are quite funny actually because Marlena sees right through their lie that they just ran into one another. Nicole explains that she knows her from Puerto Rico. Marlena says you must be the friend she talks about in therapy. Nicole is not happy to hear about that. Then ykw makes a major gaffe and lets on that they know she is the Salem Stalker. The expression on Nicole’s face when ykw blurts that out is priceless. Marlena says she isn’t but she if she was she would have a bone to pick with Nicole over Victor’s murder. It doesn’t take Marlena very long to figure out that ykw killed Vic for Nicole. LMAO – at ykw’s pathetic attempts to intimidate Marlena. Marlena hears sirens and says she has to go. She gives them one last warning not to spread their theory about the Stalker around. Nicole levels ykw with such a look of contempt and disbelief I had to laugh when ykw says what did I do now? Nicole tells her when this is all over she needs to go away for a big long rest.

John enters the penthouse and Marlena is sitting in her night attire covered with a blanket sipping tea. John says he knows. He knows that she was at Alice’s and he wants to know if she killed her.

All in all this is great episode. The scenes with Deidre and Frances although short were good but I’m so upset that the character of Alice is lost to us in this horrid manner. Ari’s expressions when ykw was busy drooling over shirtless Shawn are just priceless and as I mentioned that look on her face when ykw blurts out that they know Marlena is the killer is hilarious. It’s like she can’t believe how delusional and how clueless the chick really is. And it was so great to see Bo and Hope back on screen together!

Preview: Shawn telling Belle that he knows she was with her Mother when Grandpa was killed – he knows that she would never lie to him about that. Poor Belle – you can see the lie is eating at her. Shawn, Belle, Tek, Bo and Hope in a room together. Hope says in order for Marlena to be the killer Belle has to be lying – is that what you are saying. Bo nods and says yes as Shawn holds Belle. Sami telling Lucas if he doesn’t let her go she will kill her himself. Marlena throwing her arms around John saying she’s so sorry she need his help. He says he will help and she pulls his gun on him and tells him that Alice isn’t going to be her last victim tonight.

Wednesday Mar. 31

Jan’s thoughts…

This is a different sneak peek today. To be honest I thought about ranting about the show and the fact that we had a Jantasy on at the same time as Alice Horton’s demise but I decided that in all fairness to Francis Reid that is not what was needed. I debated about watching this show and finally decided that I owed it to Francis. She has put 38 years into Days…she has shared with us her talent and we have grown to love her. I watched her on the first show that aired and wanted to see her on her last show. (yes I know she will be on in future episodes as a ghost but I wanted to see her as the Alice Horton that I love).

As for memories of Alice, while over the years I have a lot but the one the means the most to me isn’t so much Alice but it is remembering the first day the show aired. I was 7 years old and I can’t say that I remember a lot of that show, actually I can’t remember much except sitting on the sofa with my Mom and watching this new soap opera (and to me that will be a memory that I will always have), I’m not even sure I knew what a soap opera was at the time but over the years as my mother continued to watch and I got more into it about 8 years later it was something that we shared and share to this day. I remember watching with my Mom when Tom passed away and both of us shedding tears at his loss and at the loss that Alice felt. My memories are more of the times I shared with my Mom growing up watching the show and of the times even to this day that we talk, laugh and cry about Days of our Live. But I think what I will miss most with her being gone are the Christmas’s at the Horton House and of the Christmas Story being read. These will always be engraved in my heart and in my mind.

This show will not be the same without Alice Horton. In fact I’m not sure that this show will ever be the one I fell in love with all those years ago.

To Alice Horton and to Francis Reid….you will be missed. Thank you for giving us 38 years for which I for one will always be grateful.

Pat’s thoughts…

I’m with Jan on this. I could rant about what shouldn’t been part of this episode but I don’t want to take away from everything Frances Reid has given us over the thirty eight years she has been part of the fabric of our lives.

One comment about the show today is that no one should be pointing fingers at anyone and casting blame. Alice wouldn’t want that to happen. She was all about love, family, forgiveness and understanding. Alice was the textbook definition of ‘family values’. She was the moral leader and the guiding force of the Horton family and all the people that had anything to do with her family.

I will say one thing about today’s show. I loved her final scene – it was very tasteful and beautifully done and it brought me to tears.

Today marks the end of an era, the end of Days as we know it. I have no idea of what the future of this show will be and what direction it is being taken. Losing Alice to me is losing the heart and soul of the show – the glue that held the core families together.

I have a lot of favourite memories of Alice over the years that I watched the show unfortunately it’s highly unlikely that I will be around to tomorrow to share them with everyone.

Thank you Frances for the countless hours of enjoyment you have provided me over the years. Thank you for giving 38 years of your life to this show – for all your hard work, dedication and devotion to your ‘family’. You will be missed.

Goodbye to everyone’s favourite ‘Gran.’

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Thursday Apr 1

Jan's Spoilers

At Alice's house....Belle is looking at a picture of Alice, Shawn comes over to sit with her. She tells him that she was the nicest person and she wishes there was something she could do for him. He says you are by being here. Bo/Hope outside as Hope can't for the life of her figure out why anyone would want to kill Gran...Bo mentions Marlena and Hope just can't believe that it's her. Bo says if it is as Hope says if it is her then this is far from over....it will destroy our families not to mention Shawn and Belle. She tells him that if Belle is lying Shawn will be devastated...Bo says if Belle is lying then that lie caused his great-grandmother to be killed. Inside Tek wants to send Alice's body for the autopsy but Lexie doesn't want to ask Hope to sign the papers and Lucas has left to find Sami. Shawn comes out to see if he can get Hope anything...they hug and she tells him she loves him as he says I love you too, Mom. She tells him that his Gran adored him from the first time she held him...he says she was really looking forward to Belle and I getting married....Belle comes out and hands Hope some water...Shawn and her go inside as Lexie arrives and says if it is Marlena then she deserves to die....inside Lexie gets a call (I'm not sure from whom)and tells everyone that it's Sami & Marlena.

Lucas is running looking for Sami....we see a repeat of Marlena falling off the balcony...she hits an awning and Lucas pushes Sami out of the way as Marlena lands on her...Lucas is trying to make sure they aren't dead and tries to phone for help but can't get a signal....he tells Sami to stay still as he goes to find a signal....John watches Marlena fall and then runs downstairs....he arrives as Sami tells him to stay away...Lucas tells John that he has called for help...Sami tells John to stay away...she tells Lucas that he is the serial killer and tried to kill her Mom...John checks and Marlena has a weak pulse as he tells her to stay alive and help will be there soon. Bo/Hope/Shelle/Lexie/Tek and Phil arrive at the penthouse. Shawn holds Belle back as Lexie works on Marlena and Sami. John tells Bo/Hope about Marlena pulling a gun on him and the fall and about his call from Alice…I believe he also tells them about the sugar on her gloves. Shawn is holding Belle as Phil comes over and says he was on his way to the base and heard about the accident at her parents building…Shawn leaves as Phil holds Belle. John tells Bo/Hope that he wants to tell Belle. Bo/Hope are looking at Shelle as Hope isn’t sure what is going to happen to them. Bo tells her if he knows his son he will never forgive her.

They all arrive at the hospital as Bo tells them to put a guard on Marlena’s door he is planning on charging her with nine counts of murder. Lexie asks John if it was Marlena that killed her husband…when John basically says yes Lexie gets mad and John pleads with her to act like a doctor and save her. Sami/Lucas come out as Sami tells Bo to arrest John for attempting trying to kill her mother. Brady comes in and Sami tells him that John tried to kill Marlena. Shawn tells Belle that everything will be fine as John comes over and asks to speak to her….he tells Belle she’ll feel better after hearing what her father has to say. Bo tells Shawn that Marlena confessed to John but Shawn says that can’t be true because Belle was her alibi and she wouldn’t lie to him (he’s having a lot of trouble digesting all of this)…Bo says again to Hope that Belle’s lies cost Mrs. H her life (I’m sorry but enough is enough…it was more than Belle lie)…Hope tells him to stop thinking like a cop and act like parents. The scenes between John and Belle were fantastic….Drake and Kirsten did a perfect job portraying two people trying to come to terms with everything that was happening. Phil comes out to get John and John tells him to stay with Belle. Belle tells Phil about Marlena but he says it’s impossible…she tells him that her lie to Shawn could be the end as Shawn comes out and asks what is going on…Phil leaves and watches them as he says if Shawn isn’t there for her I will be…Shawn tells Belle that everything will be fine. Sami/John go into the cubicle and ask Lexie about Marlena as Lexie tells them she’s sorry.

Brady is questioning Nicole as to why she's leaving...he doesn't buy that she would just walk out and leave everything behind. She tells him she is turning everything over to him/Bo and Philip. Brady figures she is trying to skip town before she and her accomplice are arrested for Victor's murder. She tells him she is leaving because of him...that he used to be her friend. He says and Victor was my grandfather. Phil arrives and tells Brady about Marlena and Sami and they leave. Nicole does the happy dance and then phones Jan promising to get her Shawn Brady. (I’ll be honest here…I think I’ve seen enough of Jan and Nicole kissing pictures….Nic kisses Brady’s today….and she definitely can play the poor Nicole to a hilt)

I won't even go into the fantasy scenes with Jan because quite frankly I found them to be in poor taste on a day when all this was happening....and to me they aren't even worth the time it takes to type them up.

The preview of Shawn on his knee asking Isabella Black to marry him………THUD….the voice was cracking and the look in his eyes….well enough said.

Pat’s Spoilers

Belle’s loft: I refuse to even waste one word on the perverted, stupid, senseless and disgusting jantasy. Unfortunately she’s so dumb she can’t even kill herself. She steps off the chair, we see her legs kicking and then in her next scene she is answering the phone without even a mark on her neck. How dumb do TPTB think we are? What the hell was the purpose of her tasteless scenes today? Nicole calls with her ‘good’ news that Marlena took a header off a high-rise so they’re in the clear. Back with the familiar deliver Shawn followed by threats so Nicole tells her ‘one Shawn Brady coming up’ and then she says and Brady Black for me.

Nicole & Brady: Brady hits the nail right on the head when he accuses her of running because she knows that her and her accomplice will be arrested. Of course she turns on the tears and says she is leaving because she opened up her heart to him and he won’t believe her. Why should she stay where she’s always accused of stuff she didn’t do – no one believes in her innocence. Gee, I wonder why – maybe because you’re guilty of everything you’ve been accused of. And then there’s dimwit Brady telling her that he doesn’t want to believe that someone he cares for is capable of murder. At this point Phil comes in and tells Brady to get to the hospital because Marlena fell off the penthouse terrace and Sami was hurt as well. Phil and Brady leave together and Nicole starts celebrating. She believes she has it all now and we get subjected to her kissing a picture of Brady – good god!

I’m a Bo and Hope fan and I’m not saying this to be offensive but where does Bo get off spouting off that if it wasn’t for Belle’s lie Mrs. H would be alive. I’m sure he says that at least three times during the show and it irks me to no end. Damn plot – maybe if he says it often enough the inadequacies of the Salem PD will be glossed over. Hope tells Bo that if Belle lied Shawn will be devastated. Inside the kitchen Belle is in tears talking about what a great lady his great-grandmother was. He strokes her hand and she says she should be comforting him. He tells her right now he is just numb. They get the call about Marlena and all of them rush to the penthouse. You know it amazes me how quickly everyone gets from Point A to Point B yet the night Maggie was attacked it took the police and ambulance forever to get there.

What to say about Sami? Hmm…how about another episode of ‘John is the serial killer’. Lucas is there for her – frankly I don’t know how he is putting up with that one note accusation for the past couple of days. I love Ali dearly but they need to give Sami some new dialogue already. John confirms to Bo and Hope that Marlena is the killer. He tells them that he found powdered sugar from Alice’s in her gloves and that she confessed. But get this…does Commander Bo Brady send a CSI team to her penthouse...NO…why would he do that? They might actually find some concrete evidence if that was done …oh but wait…Belle’s lie cost Mrs. H her life.

Phil shows up outside the penthouse and Tek calls Shawn to help with something and Belle hugs him. Off to the hospital. Bo and Hope talk to Shawn but he won’t accept that Marlena is the killer because she was with Belle when Grandpa was killed and she would never lie to him. He goes to Belle and tells her not to worry about the accusations. He reminds her of all the people that were arrested and cleared and it will be the same with her mom. Hope is worried about what the truth will do Shawn and Belle. Bo wants to tell Shawn that Alice called John and told him Marlena was the killer. Hope tells Bo to give Shawn time to process the information and work it through for himself. She tells him they need to stop thinking likes cops and be his parents.

Very powerful scene when John tells Belle that Marlena is the killer. Belle can’t believe it and struggles against it until John tells her that she confessed. Phil comes and tells John that Lexie needs him to fill out some forms. Belle tells Phil that her mother is the killer and he can’t believe it. Phil seems to know about the lie (she must have told him off camera) – she says that lie I told him about being with my mom – he’s never going to forgive me. Shawn comes out and asks her what’s wrong. He hugs her and Phil watches through the door muttering that if Shawn lets her down he’ll be there for her. Oh give me a freakin’ break.

Brady comes to the hospital and John tells him the truth. Cue the look of shock! There is one part where John has to remind Lexie she is healer. She makes like she is going to make Marlena suffer – (she did tell Hope earlier that if Marlena is the killer she wants her to suffer). Bo tells Hope that when Marlena comes to he is arresting her and charging her with nine counts of first degree murder. He also tells Hope if he was Lexie he would make Marlena suffer. Earlier on when John was telling him Marlena was the killer he asked for understanding that she is sick. Bo doesn’t want to hear anything about insanity – he wants her on death row. At the end Lexie comes out of Marlena’s exam room and John and everyone wants to know about Marlena. All Lexie says is “I’m sorry.” The show ends with a freeze-frame on John’s tear-drenched face.

Preview: Hope telling Jennifer that John said Marlena admitted to being the serial killer and Jennifer saying no, it’s can’t be. Sami tells Bo that if anyone is guilty it is John Black. Mimi tells Rex that this is the most romantic night in Shawn and Belle’s lives and she doesn’t want anything to ruin it. Rex’s response is that you can’t start an engagement with a lie. Shawn on bended knee saying those words we have all longed to hear, “Isabella Black, will you marry me?” Belle smiles but then you can see the guilt on her face.

Friday Apr. 2

Jan's Spoiler

At Jen's....Mickey/Julie arrive to check up on Jen. They mention Celeste's prediction and just wanted to make sure everything was OK. Jen tells them Hope stopped by earlier and her and Abby are just fine. She tells them about the cramps she suffered earlier and about the food fight with Abby and Patrick being there. Of course Julie picks up on Patrick's name and comments about she should have known he'd be around. Jen tells them how Patrick used the hot water bottle and Lexie said it probably stopped her from going into labor. She also tells them she asked him to stay in the garage apt. Julie freaks out commenting on the apple not falling far from the twig...Mickey stops her saying that Bonnie picked him up during a bad period and she comments on how Bonnie just wants the money and the Horton name...she tells Jen Patrick probably wants to cash in on the Horton money as well and storms out...Mickey tells Jen that he didn't mean to upset Julie the night before Doug's funeral...Jen says she doesn't know how this family can take anymore. Hope arrives on the front porch saying this is the hardest thing she's ever had to do. Hope tells them about Gran as Julie/Jen and Mickey all break down. Mickey/Julie/Jen can’t believe that Gran is gone and that Marlena is the killer. Hope says she should have done more…she should have gone over there. Julie says she killed Doug. She says I went to Marlena because I trusted her it’s my fault Doug is dead…hope says what it comes down to is the only one to be blamed here is the killer themselves. Jen says that she can’t believe Gran is gone and she didn’t get a chance to say good-bye. She starts to have pains and they all rush to the hospital.

At the hospital...Shawn and Belle are looking at the tribute to Alice and Shawn says he can't believe she's gone. Belle tells him that she can't believe her mother is the killer even though she confessed to her Dad. She says they were all like family and my mom loved them all. Phil comes out to get them saying that there is news on Marlena's condition. Inside the room Lexie apologizes telling John that she's sorry she didn't let them know sooner. She tells them Marlena has no broken bones, no internal bleeding. She says the awning broke her fall and then she landed on Sami. She tells them Marlena should be fine. Bo tells the cop to stay right by her bedside...Kate comes in and tells John she heard it on the news and she is sorry. Sami goes off that it was probably them that killed everyone. She says Kate had the perfect alibi, marrying her father on her wedding night. She probably had help from her lover John. She tells them that Roman would never love her like he did her mother and Marlena would never love John the same way she loved her father. Lucas comes in and tries to stop Sami but she storms out. John leaves to talk to Bo. Shawn tells Belle that everything will be fine, her Mom is going to be ok, Belle leaves to check on her as Shawn turns to Alice's tribute and says Gran you'd know what to do for her...he puts his hands together and and prays and then says Thank you, thank you, that’s exactly what she needs.. Hope and Bo sort of go on a bit about Marlena being the killer as Bo is going to arrest her when she wakes up...Hope says if she's the killer nothing will be the same again. She tells Bo that she needs to tell the rest of the family, he wants to go with her but she tells him to stay on the case. Sami watches Bo and John and says to herself she knows what she has to do. She comes out and gives Bo another scenario into it all…..about John of course….she leaves and Bo tells John that they found the gun and it had Marlena's fingerprints on it so it proves what happened. Sami comes out and tells them she is going to prove her mother is innocent. Lucas checks on Kate and questions her about Sami....she tells him Sami does nothing but cause problems and he says he knows...she asks him why he saved her life then it would have been better if she died...Lucas tells her to mind her own business. Belle can't find Shawn as Phil comes over....he is hugging her as she says maybe Shawn found out about the lie I told him and he left...what if he's gone and never forgives me...Phil tells her it will be OK as Kate looks on. She tells Phil that maybe Shawn is furious with her. Maybe he blames me for his grandmothers death. Maybe he’ll never speak to me again as she leave. Kate comes over and tells Phil to find a girl different than Lucas, one that won’t want her dead…someone like Belle. Kate talks to Phil as Belle is standing off by herself. Kate tells him that he and Belle belong together…they are in the same class financially etc. Phil tells her he wouldn’t come between her and Shawn as long as they are together. He gets a smile on his face as he looks at Belle and Kate says you know something. He tells her that Belle lied to Shawn….and it is nothing small. Kate says then this is your chance you should be with her. He walks over to Belle as Sami comes out wanting to talk to her. Belle tells Sami she is going to tell Shawn the truth. She loves him and she never should have lied to him. Sami screams at her not to…that Mom is innocent and there is no need to say anything. She tells Belle that if she tells Shawn she may lose him forever. Kate/Belle/Phil are sitting down when Shawn comes running in…He pulls her to her feet and says I knew you’d still be here..she tells him that she has something to tell him but he says you have to come with me first. He blindfolds her and leads her away (proposal at end of sneak peek)…Phil just watches them as Lucas comes in and says something about watching the woman you care for…Kate pipes up with if the girl is Belle then fine…if it’s Sami then it’s not right. Lucas tells Phil not to listen to Mom to go with his heart he knows he is. Sami is in with Marlena. She tells her that she knows she didn’t do it. That she needs her to wake up that she needs her to keep her out of trouble. She calls her Mommy and says wake up as Marlena’s eyes open suddenly (very strange scene with the way her eyes open)…Sami is thrilled and says she’s awake as Bo/John come into the room. Bo says she’s conscious we can question her now. John goes to stand on one side as Sami says to Marlena tell them your innocent…Marlena looks at John and says I’m innocent (again very strange the way Marlena says it…would she know where she was at this point and even what she was sayaing….)the scene ends on John’s shocked expression.

At Rimi's.....they are in bed after making love all night long. She tells him she is furious about what her mother told him but he says she was right. He wants to give her a diamond ring...she says the wool rings would have been fine. He says he got caught up in the love story that Grandpa Shawn told about the rings and that he will propose when he can take care of her...he also tells her that he'll shower her with love...there is a knock on the door as Shawn calls for Rex...Mimi asks if Shawn doesn't know what the closed door means...Rex opens the door (I think he's still naked)as Shawn turns saying Oh, geesh....(LOL)he says Hi to Mimi as Rex asks what's going on...Shawn says he needs a favor that he needs help to surprise Belle but first he has some bad news. Mimi is hugging Shawn telling him how sorry she is. Rex can’t believe it is Marlena and that she killed Cassie. Shawn tells them that Belle was with her mom when his grandfather was killed and he has to believe her. He tells them when he lied about Jan they promisded each other they would never lie to each other again especially about something this big. He tells them he is going to marry this girl if she’ll have me and I’m going to ask her tonight. Shawn asks Rex if he can borrow the Irish wool rings, he says he’ll give them back when he gets Belle a diamond engagement ring. Rex is searching for them as Shawn says he hopes he’s not like this when he asks him to be his best man. Mimi hugs Shawn and tells him she is so excited for her best friend. He tells them that he wants Belle to have hope for the future and that no matter what he will always be there for her and nothing will come between them. She tells him that Belle has this dream about being proposed to. Shawn says he wants to propose the way Belle dreamt of but he has this gut feeling that he has to ask her tonight and if he doesn’t maybe it was never meant to be. Rimi are back in bed as Rex sits up…Mimi asks what is wrong and he tells her it’s about the serial killer. If Marlena is the killer then one of them is lying…either Belle or Marlena and Shawn is in serious denial. Mimi tells him that Shelle will always be together and even with everything that happened tonight this is the most romantic night of their lives as Rex tells her that this is not the way to start an engagement with a lie.

PROPOSAL…..They arrive and the roof as Belle says she knows where they are but why? Shawn takes the blindfold off and she notices the stars. He says he wanted to take her to Lookout Point but you can see it from here. She asks if this is her surprise. He say yeah, no, part of it I guess. He turns her around and puts his arms around her. He says the storm is gone and the sky is clear. I realize that most of the bad stuff is gone, when I look up I can see the stars and the lights on the horizon. He turns her around and says When I look up I can almost see our future and all I can see is you. I know a lot of terrible things have happened lately but right now I want to give you one wonderful happy thing that will give you faith in our future again. He gets down on one knee and takes her hand and says ‘Isabella Black will you marry me?’ we go to Belle’s face which shows love, surprise, shock and a little guilt.

The scene was done perfectly. Kudo to Jason in this scene. He had the nervousness down pat!! I loved how he held her from behind and the smile on his face after he asked her was perfect and the way his voice cracked. OK…..I loved the proposal, spontaneous and from the heart…perfect!!

Previews: Belle says to Shawn, I am her flesh and blood what does that make me, he says you are a perfect girl, she says not so perfect.

Monday Apr. 5

Jan's Spoiler

Jen is still having cramps. Lexie wants to do an ultra sound as Hope says she'll stay. Jen tells her to leave she wants to find out what is going on with Marlena. After she leaves Lexie feels guilty that she didn't do more for Jen but Jen convinces her it wasn't her fault...it's all the stress. After doing a quick (2 second)ultra sounds Lexie confirms that the baby is in serious trouble and Jen is having contractions...Jen promises to do everything necessary to save this baby...it's Jack's and she is not giving up on it. Julie comes into to see Jen…(very sweet scene between these two)as she tells her that Jack and her were blesses with Abby and to remember that she needs her mother…Abby comes in to see Jen and they talk (again very sweet scenes)Abby is in the Chapel praying ….Mickey and Julie are both now with her…Abby goes to see Jen and asks if she is OK now…Jen says she thinks so…Abby tells her that she doesn’t want anything to happen to her…she asks if that’s OK…Jen says of course it is…Mickey/Julie show up and take Abby for ice-cream as Jen has more cramps..she calls for Lexie…she tells her the contractions have stopped that maybe the medication will take some time to work but she’s fine now…Lexie tells her she talked to Dr. Bader and a specialist and they are all in agreement that it’s for the best…Jen says no as Lexie leaves…Jen talks to Jack and says she wishes he was here…she doesn’t want to have to make this decision alone.

Shelle are on the roof as Belle asks Shawn if he's proposing …he says I know it's not the way I wanted to do it...but I didn’t have time to prepare for a romantic night. Belle tells him that with everything going on with her mother and this being the worst night of her life…he says he knows that and that he wants to make it better…she tells him she doesn’t deserve to be happy but he says she does…she says with everything going on with my mother…he says but I know she isn’t guilty…you were with her. She asks Shawn if he remembers that she kept telling him she wanted to talk to him as a nurse finds them and tells Belle her mother is awake. After arriving downstairs Belle tells Shawn he doesn't have to go with her...he says he wants to that she’s family now and her mother is who gave her to him...she says to him that she is her flesh and blood so what does that make her...he says beautiful and perfect..she tells him she isn't perfect....Shelle arrive back on the roof as Belle says I thought we were going home...Shawn says I wanted to finish this first...she says maybe this isn’t the right time…he tells her that Gran told him you knew you were ready to be married when you can get through the tough times…and we have..he tells her that with everything happening he wanted to give her something good…when he looks into the future he sees her…he loves her and he knows it’s right…he gets down on one knee as she says Shawn…he tells her not to stop him he is on a roll..he pulls out the Irish wool rings and explains the history behind them…he tells her his granmother loved her and she would want her to have them…he tells her he knows it’s not a diamond ring as she tells him that it means more…he says he has to replace the purity ring as he starts to pull it off she says no (he looks devastated)..she says no it’s not that I don’t want to marry you I do but there is something I have to tell you..she says she had to choose between her mother and him …it was about family, she was trying to protect her family…he says what exactly did you lie about…she tells him that she lied about being with her mother when his grandfather was killed…she tells him that she never believed her mother could do something like that not ever and because he kept saying it could be her she thought that this was for the best…he is beyond mad and hurt…she goes to him and he tells her not to touch him…he turns and goes downstairs literally slamming the door shut…she looks at her finger and the purity ring isn’t there…she puts it back on and says that she never believed things could get this bad….that her life as she has known it is over…she has a flashback seeing Rex looking at the paper and Shawn’s voice saying Isabella Black will you marry me (my thoughts are someone screwed up on the flashback)…she goes downstairs and finds Shawn..he is on his way into the Chapel…she tells him she knew he’d be there she knows him so well…he says OMG Belle… …he turns and asks her if it’s possible that she made a mistake…the timeline was wrong or something…(he is still trying to give her a chance)..she tells him no, that she knew she lied to him when she told him…he says you said this was the worst night of your life while now it’s worse isn’t it…nothing will ever be the same again as he goes into the Chapel leaving her standing outside. (Such emotion in this show from both of them…love, happiness, tears, betrayal, pain…..incredible job by both JC and KS in today’s show…KUDOS to both of them…and I have to admit you gotta love SDB when he is mad….that vein in his neck stands out and his jaw clenches…enough said)

In Marlena's room a repeat of her saying she is innocent...Bo tells Hope that she is awake as they head in to question her...Sami tells her to tell them that she is innocent...John says of course she is....the Marlena we all know and love wouldn't do this...he touches her hand and the monitor goes off as Sami tells him to stay aways he's trying to murder her...Shelle arrive and Belle asks what is going on...Sami says he's trying to kill her...Belle tells her to shut up...they all move out into the main area as the Dr. comes out and tells them that they have sedated Marlena and she'll sleep until morning...John tells Shawn to take Belle home and take care of her...he hugs her and Shelle leave (see above)...Bo asks the Dr. if he can question her and the Dr. tells them it could cause her too much stress and kill her...Bo comments that he wants to question her first and then she can die...John goes after Bo and they start pushing and shoving as the Dr. and Hope pull them apart...John tells Bo it's his wife and he loves her and he'll die for her...Sami goes on and on and on and on....about John trying to kill Marlena/he's programmed to kill the Brady's/it was his gun/he pushed her mother off the terrace....John tells them that he has someone he wants to talk to her as Sami continues on her tirade about John being a priest and lying and that he is the one…. Father Jensen shows up as Hope and John go to him and he asks about Marlena...they look in and Marlena is having a flashback to the tiger attacking her and she jumps up from the bed...they all go in to see Marlena…he says a prayer and puts Holy water on her forehead…Sami says to John what do you think is going to happen to her….he asks about Marlena and they tell him that she was sedated…he says then I probably can’t do anything tonight…Marlena opens her eyes and says Sami’s name…she turns and sees John and says his name as well…she says she is sorry…Bo asks for what and she says all those people are dead….I should have stopped it, I should have know…Sami tells her to tell them what happened that she didn’t do it…she looks right at John (I believe she knows exactly what she’s saying but I might be wrong)..she tells them that John wanted her to confess but when she didn’t he pulled the gun and pushed her off the terrace…cue shocked look on John’s face.

Preview: Shawn is naming off all the victims and says that maybe the last one could have been stopped if she had told the truth. Brady is watching Nicole as she stands up from her bath covered in bubbles. Marlena tells everyone that John is the killer. Hope telling Bo that they have to arrest John.

Tuesday Apr. 6

Jan’s Spoilers….

At the mansion….Nicole is having a bubble bath with the CD player on the edge of the tub..someone comes in and picks it up as she looks up and screams…she asks Brady what he is doing and he tells her to be more careful she should have learned her lesson after Victor’s death. He wants to know why she’s there he thought she was leaving..she tells him with the serial killer caught it is safe to stay…she grabs a glass of champagne and comments on Marlena’s fall from the penthouse and what a way to go…Brady tells her she’s not gone in fact she’ll probably make a full recovery (Nicole almost chokes on her drink)Brady asks her what’s wrong and she says she can’t believe someone lived after falling like that…she tells him she wants to get out of the tub and promptly does then asks him for a towel…he hands it to her and drops it as he comments that if she thought her naked body would do anything for him it would have happened long ago…he leaves and she follows as she tells him she was just trying to make him happy..he tells her he is going to have a shower and she comments about at least they know Marlena killed Victor..he says no the cops believe it’s her as Marlena had an alibi…he leaves to go to his room and she runs after him…he tells her Bo is on his way over to question her…she fantasizes about Bo doing the questioning (the fantasy is like the Sharon Stone/Mike Douglas movie (the name slipped my mind)as he forgets the questions and kisses her…she says like father like son but it’s Jan she is worried about as she visualizes Jan spilling the truth..she gets a text message from her and heads to the hospital. Brady comes out looking for her and finds her phone.

At the hospital…Marlena is asking John why he did it as Sami starts to freak out…she tells Bo he has to arrest John and then orders everyone out of the room….very strange how Marlena and her seem to be connecting…Kate/Phil are outside as Phil says how worried he is about Belle and Kate tells him he needs to be there for her (Phil runs into a disguised Jan – nurses scrubs)…they all come out at Kate and John talk and Phil tells John he is going to phone and check on Belle…Hope tells Bo that they don’t have enough evidence to arrest Marlena but they have an eyewitness and Marlena’s testimony to arrest John Black for attempted murder…Sami comes out of the room telling Bo that he has to arrest John as Marlena comes out behind her and says that John is the serial killer…they get Marlena back to bed as Sami tells Bo that she’ll phone the commissioner and tell him what’s going on if he doesn’t do his job…John comes over and tells her that she’ll feel terrible when the truth comes out and she finds out that all he did was love his wife…Sami tells him that he’s just mad that it didn’t work and that Marlena is still alive. John tells Kate that there is Marlena is definitely not herself and that Father Jensen can’t be sure she’s possessed. Kate is talking to Lucas and he can’t believe that she thinks Marlena is the killer but she tells him that if she’s right she is capable of that and so much more…the show ends with Marlena staring at John through the window.

Shelle….a repeat of the ending as Belle follows Shawn into the chapel, she tells him that she didn’t mean to lie to him but she is positive that her Mom didn’t kill anyone, she can’t believe that her Dad is saying these things. Shawn tells her they have more evidence and then lists everyone off that was killed, he tells her if she hadn’t lied one more person would be alive (Jan has slipped into the back of the Chapel)Belle says to him that means you believe it’s my fault that your Great-gran is dead. He sits down as she sits beside him…she tells him that she never meant to hurt anyone and he says he knows that she didn’t (they hear a beep from the back and both turn and says OMG)…Belle goes back and tells the ‘nurse’ that cell phones aren’t to be used in the hospital and asks if she’s OK…she murmurs yes and Belle goes back to Shawn…she tells him that she needs him…he says do you remember the pact we made after I lied about being the father of Jan’s baby…we promised each other we would never lie to each other…she says I made a mistake I tried to tell you…he says you lied over and over again and she says again I tried to tell you..he says not hard enough…he tells her that if she had not lied he wouldn’t have let his guard down and Gran may still be alive (I have a feeling that it’s not just Belle he is blaming but himself as well).she wants to know if they can work this out together but he tells her that his Gran is dead and her mother is in the hospital now is not the time as he leaves…(for those wondering and this is JMO but there was no official break-up…just Shawn telling her that now was not the time to talk about everything)...he goes one way she goes the other….Nicole finds Jan and wants to know what she has done now (new Jan at the end of the show but you can’t really see her..the voice is different)Jan tells her that she is going to get Shawn and when she does she’ll give Nicole the evidence about her killing Colin…Nicole tells her that now the cops believe that she and her accomplice killed Victor…Jan tells her she’ll kill anyone who gets in the way of her getting Shawn.

Shawn comes out and rushes past Bo and Hope as Hope goes to find out what is wrong…he tells her that he proposed to Belle tonight and asked her to be his wife and then found out she lied about being with her Mom…Hope tells him they thought that was the case as he says she cost Gran her life…Hope says you really don’t believe that do you but he tells her he has to get out of there. Hope tells Bo about Shawn and then asks if he is going to arrest John. He tells her no…they have no proof and he is not going to arrest Marlena either. Phil runs into Belle as she tells him that Shawn will never forgive her and he holds her and is petting her hair.

Lexie is going to terminate Jen’s pregnancy…Patrick arrives and Lexie lets him go inside to see her while she makes arrangements and tells her family…Jen is talking to Jack as Patrick arrives…he tells her to think about it…he hands her the coin and tells her to put it in the palm of her hand and concentrate…he tells her it’s mind over matter….Lexie comes back in and Jen is sleeping…Patrick tells her to wait…Jen wakes up and tells Lexie how good she is feeling…Patrick leaves and Lexie checks Jen telling her that everything is normal. The contractions have stopped and the baby is not in distress. She leaves and Patrick comes in…Jen thanks him and he tells her it was her and Jack that made it happen.

Kudos to JC/KS today….excellent job on showing their emotions.

Previews: Shawn telling Bo/Hope that he doesn’t know if he can trust Belle again….Belle telling Phil that she thinks it’s over with her and Shawn…Celeste saying she’s innocent (holding Marlena’s hand)…John rushing out as Celeste asks where he is going.

Wednesday Apr. 7

Jan’s Spoilers…..

At Sami’s…..Will/Sami/Lucas arrive home. Will talks about Marlena being the killer as Sami tells him to never say that again. Will talks about Lucas saving her and she thanks him…Will says I hope you were more sincere when you thanked him before. He mentions Lucas saving her from the tiger. Lucas wants to know if Sami knows why he saved her and she says for Will…he starts to say something as she interrupts and tells Will it’s time for bed. Lucas tells her she should go as well…Will leaves and Lucas wants to know why she didn’t want him to say anything…she again tells him to leave that didn’t he want her to go to bed. She goes to change and comes out but Lucas is still there…she says I though you were leaving and he says good-night and starts out…she says your leaving..he says I though that is what you wanted…she says since when have you ever listened to me…he asks if she wants him to spend the night…to protect her and keep her safe….she says yes. She’s in bed as Lucas comes in after checking on Will…he takes off his shirt and jeans and tells her if it makes her uncomfortable he’ll go get sweats…she says no that’s fine…he holds her and tells her he knows that even with her attitude that she’s just a little girl…she tells him that she has trouble sleeping and it’s worse when she wakes up…she can’t lose her Mom…she wants to know why no one believes her…she says it’s not because John broke up her family or she’s out for revenge but John is Stefano’s pawn.

At the hospital…John is holding Marlena’s hand as Lexie and Celeste come in. Celeste says there is a way to find out if it’s Marlena but John says no..he says it should have been him that fell off the terrace…Celeste and Lexie ask if that means he is guilty…he says no but then no one would know that Alice called me or Marlena confessed…Lexie is upset and tells him that she can’t breathe without Abe…she misses him so much and that Marlena used to be her friend but not now…John says so many people lost loved ones but I love her…he decides to let Celeste do her thing…Celeste holds Marlena’s hand and says she’s innocent…John says he knew she didn’t do it…he starts to head out as Lexie asks where he is going…he says to bring in the killer I know who it is….we see Marlena with a smile on her face as John leaves.

At the Brady house…Bo tells Hope that John’s cell phone records corroborate his statement and then plays the message that Mrs. H phone the station…Hope blames herself but Bo tells her it isn’t her fault. They sit down to go over everything as Hope still isn’t sure it’s Marlena…Shawn comes in asking if he can stay the night (he has a change of clothes with him)…Bo says yes as Hope tells him he can talk to them about anything…he says that they always told him trust was the most important thing in a relationship and he’s not sure he can trust Belle again…he says I love this woman and I proposed and then found out she lied…Hope tells him they aren’t sure it’s Marlena and if it isn’t then the lie wouldn’t have mattered…Shawn says then if it isn’t Marlena we can work through this…Bo tells him not to be in such a hurry…Hope smacks Bo on the butt and turns to Shawn who is holding the wool rings…he tells them he was going to use them until he got a diamond as Hope reminds him about his lies about Jan…he says that was different I was trying to save a life…Bo says and look what it cost you…he goes to go upstairs as Hope tells him he can’t stay…she tells him that there will always be a place for him but to remember what Belle is going through…her mother is in the hospital accused of killing all these people…people that Belle loved as well…that he isn’t going to hide his head in the sand here but to go to Belle…he says he doesn’t know what to say to her but he is going to see her. After he leaves Bo says Belle’s lie could have cost Mrs. H her life and if I was Shawn I wouldn’t forgive her…Hope is po’d at him but they talk as he says that the Brady’s and Horton’s always watched out for Shawn and love and family is what it is all about…she says that is what I was trying to tell him…he looks at a picture of Tom and Alice and says they had it all…Hope comes up behind him and says so do we…he says Damn straight as he turns and tells her that is what he loves about her…she is passionate…she wants to be with him tonight and he with her as she asks him to make love to her…he picks her up and carries her upstairs.

At Belle’s loft….Belle is walking around the loft and picks up a shirt of Shawn’s and holds it close…she turns on the computer and starts to send him an e-mail…there is a knock on the door and she thinks it is Shawn as she runs to it…she opens it and says Shawn and then sees it is Phil…she says I thought you were Shawn..he says so I guessed..he tells her that he didn’t want her to be alone..she had a rough night and she needs to eat…he brought Chinese…she tells him that she wants him to go…he tells her he isn’t going anywhere and he is hungry…he wants some tea…she finally caves and says fine as she puts the kettle on…he says are you having some…she says maybe as he says to himself that’s my girl. They are sitting down to eat as she says spicy…he says yes I know you…she opens a package and says that is Shawn’s favorite. He says so does that mean you’ll never eat it again. She tells him that Shawn thinks her lie caused the death of Mrs. H. Phil tells her that Shawn is grieving and that he’ll come around…he reminds her about Shawn’s lie but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says it is different you lied for someone you love..she says it doesn’t matter why you lie it isn’t right…he hugs her (check out the look on his face)…he says her and Shawn’s relationship is up and down…when she thought he slept with someone else…the LIB game in which she picked this incredible hunk and how jealous Shawn was…she says he knew there was never anything romantic between us we are just friends (Phil is looking a little bit upset by her comment about friends)he mentions the ISA and she says yeah he caught us almost naked twice but that was an assignment…he says Shawn is trying to find out who the killer is….she says if it’s not my Mom then what about everything Sami is saying about my Dad…she wants Phil to help her with Shawn as she doesn’t know what to do. Phil tells her that Shawn is just grieving to give him time and tomorrow things will look better…he puts on some music and they start laughing…Shawn arrives outside the door and I believe is in a bit of shock as he says what’s going on to himself of course…inside Belle is commenting on the song as they talk about 10th grade when Shawn and Phil put a frog down her blouse and she got them back with a stink bomb…they talk about the LIB when she wanted to go with Shawn and he with Chloe…as she says she’s always loved Shawn and that Phil is her best friend and knew that she shouldn’t be alone tonight….Shawn knocks on the door but they don’t hear him…he opens it with a key and sees them hugging as he looks really upset and hurt and unsure of what is happening.

Now…my thoughts. Phil isn’t just being a friend here…he looks a little jealous every time Belle talks about Shawn and her comments on them being friends. Belle on the other hand is looking at Phil as a friend only. One more thing…I think one reason SDB is so upset is that after talking to Hope and her saying how this is probably upsetting Belle and the fact that he himself is upset by everything that has happened and Belle saying it’s the worst day of her life he finds her and Phil laughing and hugging….JMO. and the show ends with him seeing them…I also loved the scenes with Shawn and Hope today...and of course Bo/Hope.

Previews: Shawn holding his purity ring saying he doesn’t know if he can trust Belle again. Phil saying to Belle that she has a secret admirer (and brushing the hair from her face)as Belle says I shouldn’t be admired and he says I admire you. Bonnie and her fantasy with shirtless cowboys in cowboy hats and tight jeans. (I think I saw Shawn/Rex/Phil and I’m not sure who else)

Thursday Apr. 8

Jan’s Spoilers……

The question being were to start….I have to say I absolutely loved Julie in this epi…she was perfect…and the fantasy…while let’s just say other than watching SDB shirtless and line dancing I really enjoyed seeing Scott Reeves. I was a Scott Reeves fan when he was on Y&R and I have to say he’s even better now…loved the cowboy hats….the tight jeans and well you’ll see…LOL.

Jen is getting to leave the hospital as Patrick arrives…Lexie and Celeste also arrive as she wants to take Jen home. Jen tells her Patrick is taking her but Lexie wants to go as well just to make sure she’s ok. She tells Jen about Celeste saying Marlena is innocent and that John is going to bring the killer in.

At Jen’s….Julie is cleaning as she finds an invitation to the opening of Alice’s, she hears a noise outside and opens the door…we hear bats…Jen/Lexie/Celeste/Patrick arrive home and see the door open. Patrick goes in and finds Julie on the floor…Lexie checks her out and determines that there is no blood she probably fainted or fell and hit her head. Julie wakes up and screams…she remembers the bats attacking her (we see this in a flashback)she doesn’t know who Jen’s housekeeper is but she isn’t doing a good job..Jen tells her it’s Bonnie as Julie tells Patrick that her mother is some things but a housekeeper is not one of them. Jen goes on a bit about Patrick saving the baby as Julie says but you ended up in the hospital anyway. They are sitting down as Jen tells them about the coin…Julie turns and calls him a marvel and says maybe Celeste should read his Tarot cards…he says no that it’s OK….Julie leaves but picks up the invitation before going out the door…Celeste wants to see the coin but he tells her NO…she explains about traveling with Stefano…he asks about that as she tells him she was his assistant and companion and that Lexie is their daughter. He says that is interesting and then apologizes and says he lost the coin…he says good-night and outside checks out the coin…inside Celeste says there is something about Patrick Lockhart and she is going to find out what it is. (some connection here between Stefano and Patrick…I’m not sure)

At the Brady’s….Bo/Hope in bed as Hope talks about missing Alice and her Dad. She wants to know why they were spared…and that even Shawn was spared from being killed. She mentions that she sent Shawn to talk to Belle because she knows that they belong together just like her and Bo. She checks on Zach and when she comes back wants to eat…he sits her on the bed and rubs her shoulders as she says he always knows what she needs…and then she mentions Shawn and Belle and that they should be together…Shawn has a big heart like his Dad… Bo says maybe they aren’t meant to be as Hope says don’t say that…she knows they are just like her and Bo are. She has a flashback to when they were kids and he was going to swim to China…he says you knew you loved me then as she says let’s just say I’m glad you didn’t make it to China…she says remember when we took Shawn and Belle to the cabin the first time and they were holding hands and Belle got stung by a wasp and Shawn cried…they end up having a pillow fight and making love….the phone rings and it’s John wanting everyone to meet them at the hospital…the show ends on Bo’s face.

At the loft….Shawn sees Phil and Belle hugging and leaves…Belle thinks she heard something and goes to the door calling his name (he hides)…he takes of his ring and says maybe it’s time to move on…he then remembers what Hope said and goes to knock but changes his mind and says he can’t do it and leaves. Inside Belle is worried about Shawn and then tells Phil she’s not hungry. He says she has to eat something as he goes to get the food and she looks at a pic of Shawn (Phil is looking a little jealous right about now)…Belle can’t eat and Phil pulls out fortune cookies and she takes one…it says 2 love you but you can only have one…she thinks it’s meaning her parents but he says maybe you have a secret admirerer…she says I don’t admire myself right now and he says I admire you as he brushes some hair off her face…they put the dishes away and the phone rings…it is Mimi telling Belle to come down the Alice’s…Shawn told her and he is miserable and she has to talk to him..she tells Meems that Shawn probably doesn’t want to talk to her…she gives the phone to Phil and tells him to bring her down..Phil says yes ma’am…he tells Belle it’s her decision and Belle says she wants to go..as she gets her jacket Phil opens his fortune cookie and pulls out the pic of he and Belle from his wallet…it says something about a chance at love…Belle comes back and he puts the pic away and tells her what the fortune cookie says…she says the have to find him a girlfriend (or something…I wasn’t paying a lot of attention…LOL)

At Alice’s….Bonnie is inside as the workers (all well built BTW)are putting on the finishing touches…Rimi are outside as Mimi can’t figure out what her Mom wants…Rex is worried about making a good impression but Meems tells him not to worry…inside Bonnie tries out the mechanical bull as Rimi walk in…the bull gets stuck and throws Bonnie off as Rex catches her. She makes a comment about his build as Mimi drags her away…she tells Meems she wants her to put in a good word to John about cleaning out Marlena’s closets after she gets the gas chamber..Shawn walks in and Mimi comes over to see him…Rex and her ask about the proposal as Shawn tells them Rex was right…Belle lied and that is why his Great-gran is dead. Outside Mimi tells him to remember he lied about Jan and Belle forgave him in time as he tells her it’s over…she says it’s not…Shawn tells her to give it up and goes back inside to help…Mimi tells Rex to come up with an idea to help them…they are always fighting but they are meant to be…Rex says to leave it alone…..he isn’t good at relationships and she says you’re right and phones Belle. Shawn is at the bar as Belle walks in…she stops to look at him as he turns (cue the looks..)Phil comes in and tells her he is going to phone Kate and asks if she’s OK..she says yes as Mimi comes over and tells Belle not to be so stubborn and to talk to him…she turns and Shawn is gone…outside he pulls off the ring and says I’m sorry Belle I don’t know if I can ever forgive you as he puts the ring in his pocket (Belle is behind him watching)

The fantasy….Mimi tells Blue County to hit it and starts dancing…Shawn/Rex/Phil are there in jeans and cowboy hats and white sleeveless shirts…she rips off Shawn’s and Phil’s shirts and they start dancing…actually the scene was cute and the music was good…I’m sure the caps will lay it out in detail but I have to say there is something about a guy with long brown hair in a cowboy hat…shirtless and with his thumb in his jean pocket that will have you on the floor!!!!! THUD

Previews: Shawn is very excited as he tells Belle that John called and he has the killer and her Mom is innocent.

For the most part I was able to handle the Phil and Belle scenes…mainly because Belle’s mind is on Shawn at all times….it appears that even though Phil is ‘longing’ for Belle and jealous because she keeps mentioning Shawn that he pretty well knows he doesn’t stand a chance but then again…..who knows what Phil is thinking…LOL.

Friday Apr. 9

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Before I start can I say how much I’m disliking Phil and Bonnie right about now….LOL.

At Jen’s…..Jen is sleeping and dreaming about Patrick giving her the coin and the baby being alright…she wakes and sees a shadow in the door….she calls out Jack’s name…Patrick turns on the light and says he came to get a cupcake saw the light on and saw she was sleeping and covered her up…she thinks he might be her guardian angel but he says no he’s not…Abby arrives home and Jen tells her the baby is fine..Patrick is watching them and pulls out the coin and says (to himself)that he can’t do it…he can’t hurt Jennifer and her family….he leaves.

At Bo/Hope’s….they are getting ready to go to the hospital as Bo goes on about John not being a cop and who does he think he is…he wants this done by the book…she tells him that sounds like Abe and Roman what happened to the rebel cop…he says he just wants the killer whoever she is to pay for this…Hope calls Sami and tells her that she has news about John…..Sami leaps at that saying she knew it was John and she’ll be right down to file her statement…Hope tells her to just listen and explains…they are ready to go as she tells Bo she is going to phone Shawn and let him know but first she wants to tell him she loves him and they kiss…she calls Shawn and they phone the babysitter and are off to the hospital.

In the car….John is talking about how he knew it wasn’t Marlena and that it was someone else…he knew that she couldn’t do it and that her confession was just because he was laying into her…the person in the back is duct taped and trying to get loose throughout this…she finally manages to get free and knocks John out (for a minute)after getting the door open John grabs her and pulls a gun on her…they keep driving as he lists the victims and tells her that they are going to see the families of her victims first.

At Sami’s….another dream as Sami asks Lucas to make love to her and she tells him he’s the only man she ever loved (is it only me but is anyone else getting tired of the dreams and wants the ‘real’ thing)she gets the call from Hope and her and Lucas get ready…Lucas wants her to calm down and lay off the conspiracy theory…after all things are going better for them. He mentions his dream as Sami asks if he had the same dream she did…they kiss and then take off for the hospital.

At Alice’s….Mimi/Rex are talking as Mimi says she sent Belle outside to talk to Shawn…Rex says is that going to works as Phil arrives and says he isn’t so sure…Mimi asks what he means as he tells her that Belle is really hurting and that he knows Shawn is stubborn…Mimi thinks they should do an intervention but Phil says it isn’t the right time…Mimi says if things don’t work out for them then there is no hope for the rest of them..Phil says yes there is but his main concern is for Belle…Mickey/Bonnie are outside as Julie arrives…Mickey wants to talk to her alone but Bonnie listens (partially at least)as he tells Julie that this is what he wants to do…he asks if she remembers when he first met Maggie…she says you had amnesia and that belt buckle that said MH and you chose the name (sorry I totally lost the name)he tells her about he and Maggie going across the county line and seeing as Maggie was on crutches and couldn’t dance that he would carry her and they would slow dance to Conway Twitty etc. He says that at night after Tuscany was closed they would put in a classic country CD and dance all night long…he says they would be taken back in time and the one thing was is that Maggie was country long before country was cool…he says this is what this means to him. He says he isn’t letting Bonnie get away with anything as he knows she can run it…they head inside…Bonnie is telling Rex to go out and help as Mimi says he doesn’t work her..Rex says he doesn’t mind as Mimi pulls Bonnie aside…Bonnie goes at Mimi about going after Shawn but Mimi tells her to mind her own business…she says to worry about her own relationships as everyone knows that she is out for Mickey’s money…she says Mickey doesn’t think so…she then sees Phil at the bar drinking a shot and says I know what to do….she heads over and pours Phil a couple of shots…he pulls out his wallet to pay her and she sees Belle’s pic…she asks if he loves her and he says yes…then says he said too much…she tells him to go after her but he says she loves Shawn and he doesn’t want to do that when she’s hurting and they could get back together in a day or two…she says men have urges even the old ones as she looks at Mickey and tells him to go after her…Phil says I will and kisses her and leaves…Bonnie wants to know if Julie wants to ride the bull(she pulls off the out of order sign)Julie gets on and Bonnie has Mickey do the ‘honors’…Mimi/Rex come out and Mimi says isn’t that dangerous with that being out of order…of course the bull goes wild with Julie yelling she wants off…..

Outside….a repeat of the end of the show and Belle comes over and asks Shawn if he doesn’t love her anymore…he is silent and she says I didn’t think it was that hard a question…he says yes I love you but she starts towards him but he puts up his hand and she stops……then he mentions the lie to Jan and how long it took her to forgive him….she asks if this is payback and he says no but do you remember how we worked to get that trust back and even when I kept saying I was sorry you wouldn’t listen…(he flashes back to her and Phil hugging)and says I wonder if that is all you were lying about….he then mentions the lies that John/Marlena and Sami are tossing around and she tells him she isn’t any of those people…she is the person he supposedly loves…she notices the ring missing and asks where it is…she says doesn’t this mean we are finished…he pulls it out of his pocket and gives it her…she says I didn’t think it would end like this but wants him to keep it..he tells her he needs time and she says if that’s what you need then take it and if you want to end it mail it to me…he says I lost two people that I love tonight…Gran and you. He says I should have been there for her…Belle says but you were with me…he says if anything happened to you…he talks about the ruby and how it was just a rock but that she was always there for him and that it meant so much to her…Belle tells him that she thinks her mom is innocent and he thinks she’s guilty as the phone rings…he answers it and it’s Hope..he hangs up and tells Belle (in a very excited voice)that her Dad found the killer and her mom is innocent as they hug and hug tightly…LOL….she runs her hands through his hair….so sweet….and in the background Phil is watching.

Everyone is at the hospital as John comes in and pulls off the scarf and everyone just stares and says OMG.

KUDOS to JC/KS today as they showed the pain that they were going through…loved how his voice kept cracking as he talked to her and the tears were running down her face…and I loved the way he kept running his hands through his hair as he found this so hard to do…JC did an excellent job today….while they both did but I think I mentioned that…LOL

Phil/Bonnie are another story….here’s a guy who says he just wants to be there for Belle and he won’t go after her when she’s hurting and then after two shots can’t wait to go out there and get what he wants….Bonnie is the same way.

Previews: Julie telling Mimi she doesn’t believe in violence and then goes after Bonnie….Shawn telling Belle now they can be together forever as they kiss (awwwwww…I missed that)…Jan looking at a faceless pic of Belle says this has to be done….(new Jan and I have to say she is sounding a lot more delusional if you get my meaning).

Monday Apr. 12

Jan’s Spoilers…..

I won’t go into a lot of detail on the Hattie scenes because they have to be seen to get the full impact of them and the Shelle scenes were very sweet. Thanks to Trix for posting the video clips and to JJ for posting the caps as it gives you the full effect (way to difficult to write up..LOL). I will say a little about the Brady/Nicole scenes and the scenes at Alice’s as well as my thoughts on the new Jan.

At the mansion….these scenes were definitely fillers and there was only two of them. Nicole arrives home as Brady surprises her with her phone and the text message. He tells her that the phone will give them evidence. She tells him she was at the hospital seeing a friend in an abusive relationship who needed stitches as Brady tells her she has no friends. He then informs her that Tek was there gathering evidence without her bothering him. Now I do believe today that Brady had the Salem brain…LOL.

At Alice’s….Julie is riding the bull as Bonnie yells not to break it there is a weight limit. Mimi is yelling at her Mom that she did it on purpose. Julie falls off as Rex catches her (sort of) she tells Mimi that she doesn’t condone violence but in this case as she goes for Bonnie’s throat. Rex and Mimi pull them apart as Mimi again tells her mother that she better be nice to Julie as she is Mickey’s family and she just lost her husband. She also doesn’t want her heart to be broken. Bonnie tells Mimi to have faith and she says she talks to Rex all the time about her faith in God. Bonnie says I mean faith in your mother. Bonnie then tells her to remember to go after Shawn but Mimi says she is leaving with Rex…Rimi go outside where Mimi apologizes to him for her mother. She says if I ever get like her shoot me. Rex tells her that not having had parents even someone like Bonnie isn’t that bad. The kiss. Cute scenes with Rimi. Inside Julie tells Mickey that this town isn’t big enough for both of them and he has to choose. He tells her he isn’t going to choose…she is family and Bonnie is a friend. He wants them to be friends as Maggie says not likely and Bonnie says I’ll try (gimme a break)Julie says she doesn’t mean it…

At the hospital…Belle heads up to the roof as Shawn follows her. Phil follows them and I’m guessing it’s because he sees someone follow them (Jan)but I can’t be sure as if he was he lost her pretty easily as he arrived on the roof right behind her. As Phil opens the door Shawn throws his hands in the air (I’m thinking cause he’s a little upset that Phil is there)..Phil says he’s sorry and that he thought he saw someone follow them…he then quickly tells Shawn remember when you thought there was someone following you…Shawn says yeah as Phil says I guess I should leave…Belle thanks him. Jan watches them and as they make-up says to herself…you just made a big mistake (I’m thinking she’s talking about Belle but I’m not sure)….good scenes with JC/KS today.

While downstairs Jan is watching them through the door and comments that Belle’s family is weirder than hers (I noticed she says as hers in the present sense…makes me wonder if they are really dead)also as Shelle head upstairs she comments that Belle lied to you Shawn.

At Jan’s house….she goes through a file folder where it appears she has pictures of Shawn and all of the papers from the safe (so much for giving them to her lawyer)…she pulls out a knife and says this is what I was looking for as she goes over to a pic of Shelle (without Belle’s face)and holds the knife to it saying a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

A couple of comments…..Deidre was fantastic in the scenes today…she literally had me laughing out loud and it looked like she enjoyed it. You could tell that everyone seemed to be enjoying the scenes and most kept a straight face throughout…loved the scene when she spit the gum on Bo. And can I say how much I missed Bart…loved seeing him back. I have to say that everyone did a great job on today’s show. I also loved the Shelle scenes today…how much in love these two are although more angst seems to be on the way.

The new Jan….well I have a feeling we just might get a sense of just how crazy this one is. It’s her facial expressions and tone of voice that make the biggest change. I think we’ll get to see a different Jan.

Tuesday Apr. 13

Jan’s Spoilers….

At Jan’s….Nicole arrives and tells Jan about the cops lifting the fingerprints. She hopes that she doesn’t have a criminal record. Jan tells her she does…the ‘operagirl’ thing when she was 17 and stupid. Nicole says she was a juvenile so her fingerprints should be sealed she should know…she notices the pic on the mantel and asks Jan if it’s a shrine…she says ‘duh’. Nic wants to know if she did it herself or did she have the picture done professionally..she is very proud when she tells her she did it herself. Nic wants to know when she goes back to the asylum. Nic tells her that she feels the cops closing in and she should leave town but she won’t go without Shawn and she’d prefer to stay right there in their own little hideaway…Nic figures the papers are there and Jan tells her they are but she’s not crazy and she’ll never tell her….she then asks for help with Shawn’s room…they head upstairs to Shawn’s bedroom…and surprise in a matter of a few minute they have built a cage around the bed…Jan tells her it is they will be like two doves in their gilded cage of love…Nic says one dove and one certifiable cuckoo. The last scene is the music montage and Jan is walking around the bed and touching the bars as Nic watches. I have to say that this Jan portrays a delusional psycho very well and I enjoyed her scenes as well as the fact that I thought her and Ari played well off each other.

At the hospital…the scenes with Hattie at the hospital were good today as Deidre again put in a wonderful performance.

On the roof Shelle kiss (very passionate and showing their need for each other)as they are both glad that Hattie is the killer(hmm….SDB has that 5 o’clock shadow going on today). Downstairs Hattie is telling them that she is innocent…she tells them she was in Europe having surgery and Bart confirms it. He tells them she has an alibi for the other murders as well…she then tells them about the shoplifting as Bo checks it out and it’s true. Shawn can’t believe this is happening and he pulls away from Belle and tells her he needs to think…Sami goes off on John telling him that was his plan all along. Bo tells her to be quiet or he will arrest her for impeding the investigation. Hope finally gets Lucas to take her home. Hattie in the meantime has taken the donuts to sell on Ebay…Belle goes to John as he tells her that her mother is innocent…Belle says and so are you no matter what Sami says…she tells him that things were getting better but now…he tells her that Shawn’s granmother told him to have faith and that true love wins out…he calls her Izzy and tells her that Shawn loves her very much and to go to him….(a great scene with these two today)…Bo tells John that he basically confirmed that Marlena is the killer and apologizes to him…John still can’t believe it….Bo/Hope go into arrest her as Hope says Sami is right the evidence is all circumstantial…he says a mountain of circumstantial evidence but enough to arrest her…he puts the cuffs on her and they leave….John tells Marlena to be strong for their daughter, their family and their love.

On the roof Belle comes out and tells Shawn that they were just here…he tells her that he doesn’t want to say something he may regret as she asks him if they are through…he says he needs time to sort this all out…she tells him that as long as they have their purity rings that everything will work out.

At Sami’s……she comes storming in and grabs her photo albums and starts tearing out the pictures of John…Lucas grabs her and tries to calm her down telling her that all this anger isn’t helping…he tells her that John loves her mother and is doing everything he can to prove her innocence…she says no that he tried to kill her…Lucas again says he loves her and then tells Sami that she wouldn’t know love if it was staring her right in the face.

The music montage at the end was perfect as we see Belle leaving Shawn alone and him pulling out his purity ring and looking at it and turning to the door…..Sami is crumpling up pics of John and crying as Lucas comes to the door and then leaves….Bo/Hope are hugging as Marlena pulls her hand away from John.

I enjoyed today’s show and thought the ending was something that Days’ has been missing for a long time. And even though it showed Shelle/Jarlena/Lumi each alone it gave me hope that the three couples in the end would be united. (does that make sense?)The pained expressions on everyone’s face at the end told the story. These four couples will have a lot to contend with during this storyline but I believe all four will come through it.

Previews: Hope telling Belle if she wants to spend her life with Shawn to fight for him….Bo giving Shawn the keys to his motorcycle and Shawn surprised by it (Bo has a new haircut and looks THUD)…Marlena asking John to help her…Celeste seeing Alice’s ghost.

This is a little short but there was so much conversation going on that it was really difficult to get all of it.

Wednesday Apr. 14

Jan’s Spoilers…

Just a word of warning…have the tissues ready the scenes at the church and the eulogies is very touching and heart-wrenching.

At the lofts....Shawn comes out to answer the door (white wife beater, boxers and drying his wet hair…OK…I’m done…LOL)it's Bo/Hope there to check on him and take him to the funeral. They see the boxes and Hope asks if Rex is moving. Shawn says no I am...I'm leaving town. Hope tells him no he's not. He tells them that he though he might join the Merchant Marines like Bo but he isn't sure but he is leaving after the funeral. Bo says if that's what you have to do we’ll support you. Mama Hope turns to look at Bo and she is not happy. Bo motions (with his head) for Shawn to leave them alone as Hope says how can you be in favor of this he needs his family right now. He tells her that he needs their support and if leaving town is what he has to do then they have to support him...he's a grown man. Hope says he may have your support but not mine..she is going to stop this and leaves....Shawn comes out and thanks Bo for his support. Bo hands him the keys to his motorcycle and Shawn is shocked. Bo tells him that he left town as well and even though things didn't work out he understands. He also tells Shawn that if he decides no to go then that is fine as well. Hope comes back in and point blank tells him she won’t let him to this. He tells her he is taking the bike and Bo get the Horton look…he says Dad let me have it…he tells Hope that he has to see what there is outside of Salem…he says Gran would have approved it was something she said after Uncle Roman’s funeral…Hope tells him that Gran was a wise woman but she would tell him to stay and face Belle….Shawn quickly tells them it’s time to leave.

At Belle's.....Belle is looking at the paper with her Mom's picture on the front page. She tells Mimi she can't believe she's the killer. Mimi can't either and then tells her to get ready for the funeral. Belle says she can't go...Shawn wouldn't want her there and she can't blame him because it's her fault that his great-gran is dead. Mimi tells her it isn't and offers her tea...she hasn't eaten or slept. Belle says she doesn't want anything...and how can they be sure that her lie didn't cause Alice's death. They'll never know. Belle says she can't face Shawn or his family. There is a knock on the door and Mimi answers it. It's Hope and she comes in. She was just in the neighborhood and wanted to check on Belle. She wants to speak to Belle alone. She asks why Belle isn't ready to go and Belle says she can't...Shawn wouldn't want her there. Hope tells Belle that Shawn is angry and grieving right now and he doesn't know what he wants but he needs her. Belle says Shawn thinks it’s my fault...she says of course it isn't and Shawn will understand that he is hurting right now.. He needs you there whether he knows it or not. Hope says don't you want a future with my son...Belle says of course I do but…if you do you have to fight for him.

At the hospital....Celesete is looking at the paper as Lexie comes over and asks what is wrong. She says what if I'm wrong and Marlena is the killer....what if she kills again. John is in with Marlena and she is checking out the paper. She says I can't believe this is happening...John wants to know the truth...it's only the two of them...he says you confessed to me before you fell off the terrace...you looked at me straight in the eye and said you were the serial killer....would you have killed me..would I have been a victim because I knew it was you...he says you're not answering me...she tells him that she can't remember saying that but she didn't kill anyone...she then asks a favor...she wants to go to say good-bye to Alice and Doug....Lexie walks in and tells her over my dead body. She can’t believe that Marlena wants to go…the fake tears at everyone else’s funeral…Marlena says she is innocent. Lexie wants to examine her alone and John leaves…Lexie checks her over as John comes in and Lexie tells him she needs to be stronger... John talks to Celeste and she tells him that Marlena may believe she is innocent.....Marlena is begging John to take her to the funeral to say good-bye to those she loved. He tells her that Lexie says she wasn't strong enough but she tells him that she can sign herself out. He says what about the police outside as as she tells him that they will release her into his custody. She is crying as she again begs him to take her.

At the church...Mickey/Jen/Julie come walking in. Julie can't believe Doug is gone. She thought that she would get through this with Alice's help. Jen says she had a dream about Gran last night...she was at her own funeral. Julie asks if she mentioned Marlena killing her or Doug. Jen says no and we see Alice at the front of the church as if she is talking to everyone. She tells them that they need each other right now...they need to love and have faith that happy times will be here soon. Mickey says that sounds like Mom. Julie thought Gran would be here to help her get through Doug’s funeral…she was the ‘heart and soul’ of the family… Jen has a flashback to sitting with Alice and her saying that grandmothers are there to listen. Bo/Hope/Shawn arrive at the church. They meet up with Mickey/Jen/Julie. Belle and Mimi come in as Shawn turns around and sees her. She tells Mimi she thinks she should leave but Meems won't let her. Hope asks Shawn if he is going to talk to Belle and he says no...she tells him that he should at least tell her he's leaving town. Kate puts flowers on Roman's grave and says his killer won't be buried beside him...Celeste comes up and says something about not being sure it is Marlena and that hopefully the dead will reveal their secrets today....As Celeste comes into the church she sees Alice's ghost...she asks if she is going to tell her that Marlena is the killer but all she says is that before this is over there will be one more death in Salem... Phil comes in and stops and talks to Belle and Mimi...he asks her why she isn't sitting with Shawn and she tells him he is sitting with his family and she doesn't think he wants her there...he says you belong here as much as anyone as Meems agrees. He asks if he can sit with them and she says yes....she says she didn't think he'd be there but he tells her he wanted to make sure she was OK...Shawn tells Hope that he can't believe Belle is here after everything and why does she think he wants her there.....she tells him not to be so harsh and that he may change his mind about leaving...he turns and sees Phil sitting beside her and says I don't think so. He also sees Jan coming in and asks Hope if she knows who it is...she says no. Belle tries to leave but Mimi and Phil stop her. Meems says he is grieving just give him time and says right Phil...he says yeah (not to convincingly) Abby comes in with Jen and asks why Belle is here...Jen tells her that Belle isn't her mother and she has every right to be here, you are innocent until proven guilty. Bo/Hope/Jen speak (I can't really go into detail on this, it is something you have to see for yourself but with the flashbacks and the tears by all three it is a very touching moment and I made the mistake of watching it @ work with tears running down my cheeks)....Phil puts his hand over Belle's and she covers it and then turns to Meems and says she has to be there for Shawn no matter what(now I'm sorry but it did my heart good to see him holding her hand and her worried about Shawn...LOL)...(check out the smug looks that Kate gives when she looks over and sees Phil holding Belle’s hand)…Shawn gets up and goes over to Jan and thanks her for being there and asking her name. John/Marlena come in as everyone gasps and are in total shock that she is there.

At Jan's...she is walking around the bed (black silk sheets) talking about this being their love nest and soon he will be here...Nicole says exactly how are you going to get him here...she says let me worry about that...Nicole calls her crazy and she says crazy about Shawn. Downstairs Nic reminds her that if Shawn disappears his family will be looking for him...she says but he'll be here with me and they'll never find him. She then tells Nic she is going to get ready for the funeral.

Previews: Belle telling Phil if he’s seen Shawn… and Phil telling her Sorry, but if he loved you he’d be right here by your side....Shawn laying flowers on Alice's grave and saying I loved you so much, Gran.. as Phil/Belle/Meems watch. Bo telling Marlena that they have proof that she left Colorado before she said she did.

Thursday Apr. 15

Jan’s Spoilers…

A few comments before you read….first of all I got the impression that Shawn isn’t sure what is going on with the ‘woman’ he is talking to…it’s like he knows there is something strange but can’t quite figure it out…it’s mainly his facial expressions when talking to her. Secondly I won’t even go into what I thought of Phil’s comments today. Listening to Nic and Bonnie feel sorry for themselves and playing the game was a little too much for me although Nic made a comment about burning things down and getting burned herself….(hmmm….wondering if she is going to try to burn down Spears Manor)….and I have one HUGE complaint….why is it that Mickey never said anything at all either yesterday with a eulogy for his mother or today at the gravesite and where was Lucas?????? And it might be me but I got the feeling that Marlena is playing John but I can’t be positive (I’m so confused by all of this….LOL) That’s my rant now on to the spoilers.

Nic putting gas in her Mercedes as she notices a flat tire...who shows up but Brady in a suit coming back into town for the funeral. He hit a pothole and broke the axle so he offers to change the tire if she'll give him a ride back to Salem. Of course since he is in his Sunday best (as Nic puts it)he needs to take off his shirt. He tells her he was at a meeting with the architect who is building a new model of the Opera House...she confesses that she did it...she was jealous of Chloe. Of all she has....her career and Brady. He tells her she had a career until she married the boss. She starts on her poor me tangent....but Brady isn't buying it. Nicole tells Brady that if she had an accomplice maybe he should check her bank account...he tells her he did...she asks how she would have paid them and he just looks at her...she says sex...he then tells her that Tek found fingerprints in almost all the rooms at the mansion and it's only a matter of time....he says someone saw the two of you together..someone knows as she has a flashback to running into Marlena in the rain.

Bonnie has been denied a liquor licence and put the moves on the inspector but he's not buying it. Tells her no licence as she goes on her poor me tangent.

Patrick meets a mystery man who tells him to do what he is supposed to be doing. He tells him no that he won't. Rex is listening. Patrick tells the guy that he doesn’t operate that way. (later we see the ‘stranger’ looking at Jen’s picture)…The guy leaves and Rex comes up and says you must be Patrick...he wants to know how much he heard but he says only the last name.

Patrick and Mimi talk as she tells him about Rex wanting to prove to Bonnie that he's good enough for Meems..she tells him that if they have children he wants her to babysit...Patrick says no way...as they talk about Bonnie forcing Mimi to sell fake magazine subscriptions when she was young and how Patrick saved her. They make a pact to keep Bonnie out of their relationships. Meanwhile Bonnie has a lightbulb moment and says to Rex that Mimi tells her that he is a genius...he says graduated college in one year...she asks him what he is going to do...he says math, science are easy what I really need to learn is people...she tells him she's a people person and maybe she can help...she says living with Tony you must have gotten some business sense...how about helping me out?...he says yes as she tells him she always thought he and Mimi made a great couple…..huh????.

At the church...Belle asks Mimi who Shawn is talking to but she doesn't know...she wants to go to him but Phil stops her telling her that it's enough that she is there to show her support for Shawn and to give him some space. Shawn is talking to Jan but she gets nervous and gets up and leaves...Belle sees this and figures something not right and follows. Mimi turns and says more trouble as we see Marlena/John coming in. Julie calls her a murderess and goes after her (amazing how John left at that exact moment)...Bo/Hope pull her off but Julie can't believe she had the nerve to come to the funeral. Hope gets her to sit as Bo asks why she's there...she tells him she's there to mourn as Bo asks where the cop is...John says with them. Shawn is outside with Jan asking her who she is...he says she looks familiar. She says you don't know me I was a friend of Alice Horton's...he wants to see her face just in case he recognizes her. She tells him she’s been crying and he apologizes…she then says Alice was very proud of him…she told him about the girl he was going to marry…he says Gran loved Belle..she says that wasn’t her name…Shawn says I’ve been dating her for years…Jan says there was someone else….a sweet, innocent girl that something happened to in Puerto Rico…he says Jan Spears…she says I think that was her name…she said you helped her that you made a cute couple, you must have had feelings for her…he says I felt sorry for her but Gran knew I never loved her…(the looks on Jan’s face is priceless…it’s like she is going to be sick)she then says something about them getting married…Shawn says we talked about it because…..Jan then tells him that Alice believed in commitment and if you promised to take care of her…he then hears Hope calling him…. Phil comes out to get Belle and tell her Marlena is there...she runs back inside just in time to hear Bo accusing her...she tells him her mother is innocent and they hug. Inside John is telling Bo that he loves his wife and family…Belle thanks him for saying that as Marlena says that her family is everything… Julie tells her then you’ll excuse us if we leave to bury ours Belle asks Philip if he’s seen Shawn…Phil tells her that he didn’t even have the decency to stay for the service, that he knows she is there and ignored her…I’m sorry but if he loved you he’d be here with you…. ….Shawn wants to introduce Hope to Jan but she has disappeared...she tells hmi it's time for the burial. At the burial Hope says good-bye to Doug and tells him how much she loved him. Abby says good-bye to Alice as she places flowers on the casket...Jen says thank you to Gran. Shawn tells Alice that she was always there for them and he's sorry as he tells her he loves her so much. Belle & Philip are watching as Belle says she wants to go to him. Phil tells her that Shawn knows she is there. Bo hugs Hope, Hope tells Shawn that now is not the time to leave town (Belle/Philip are behind them but I don't think they hear her).. Hope hugs Shawn telling him that Doug was proud of his namesake. Bo goes over and fires the cop as John says it's his fault. Marlena says it couldn't be her she was with her parents when the 'first person' was murdered. She says she arrived back at the penthouse and John told her that Abe was murdered. Bo says that he talked to Eric and he told him that she caught an earlier flight. He also says they checked the airline records and Sami knew about it but didn't bother to mention it to anyone. He says one more piece of evidence against you. Belle is watching Shawn as Phil gets beeped...he walks away and Belle notices that he left...she asks if everything is OK and he tells her that he needs to get back to the base....he doesn't want to leave her alone...she tells him she doesn't want to get him into trouble and she needs to talk to Shawn....he tells her if she wants him for anything to just call...she hugs him and thanks him for being a friend (Phil doesn't look to happy with that comment...LOL) Belle turns to talk to Shawn but he has disappeared...seems he is following Jan. Bo/Hope are following J&M as Hope pulls Bo away and Marlena says to John that she thought she got back after Abe's death...he tells her that Eric wouldn't lie and the airline records will be there as well. She says maybe it’s true maybe I am the killer.

Previews: Shawn telling Belle that she lied and gave her mother an alibi how is he ever supposed to forgive her. Marlena telling John that maybe she is the serial killer. Celeste lying in the church as everyone runs in thinking she is a victim. Jen overhearing Patrick and the stranger talking as the guy mentions her name.

Friday Apr. 16

Even though I found the show to be dragging today I can see it as being a set-up into things that are to come and that is my excuse for missing some details...LOL. I will say that the Shelle scenes weren’t bad as they both opened up a bit about their feelings. (I went into a little detail with the Jan/Shawn and Shelle scenes today….and I thought that Shawn’s reactions to some of Jan’s comments were interesting)…. I also have to say that I thought Marlena was playing them again as she seemed to vividly recall seeing Nic/Jan but as soon as John came back she pleaded a headache.

Jan’s Spoilers….

At Alice's.....Rex and Bonnie are drinking shots as she tells him that the licencing board made a mistake. They talk as she tells him that she likes him and hopes he understands why she didn't want Mimi to marry him while she was still in college. Mimi/Patrick come out as she says it looks like trouble...she asks Patrick if there is a woman he loves that he wants to keep away from Mom. He says no...she says what about Jennifer Devereaux but he says she's a friend. Mimi goes over to run intereference with Rex/Bonnie as Patrick leaves. She gets Rex to go to the kitchen to look for his watch. She then goes off on Bonnie who tells her that the boy is going to help her...she says he's a man and Bonnie agrees. She tells Mimi that she likes him. .Bonnie invites Rex/Mimi for dinner (it appears that Alice's is hosting the reception after the funeral)Rex accepts but Meems wants to go home. He asks for a rain check and says that he'll work for Bonnie. He goes to get Mimi's purse and she asks her Mom for his watch back. Bonnie tells her old habits are hard to break. Rimi leave and Bonnie says to herself that with Rex's help she'll prove to her children that she isn't a loser.

At the church....Belle comes in and kneels and talks to Alice. She tells her she is sorry she lied to Shawn. She says that Alice knows the truth. She then prays to God to help them get through everything. Julie finds Celeste on the ground and yells that the killer has struck again. Bo and Hope arrive as Bo says she has no pulse. Julie says Marlena was here...as Bo says she has a pulse and is coming around. Belle has come out and gotten water for Celeste. Celeste tells them that it was Alice...Bo says this isn't going to get the killer only good police work can...Julie asks what Alice says and Celeste says the killer will strike again. (Belle thinks that Shawn would want to hear this) Bo heads outside. They continue to question Celeste as she says the dead can’t say who the killer is but did say they would strike once more.

Outside J&M are talking as Marlena says her family may be the ones putting her away...John says he'll be there to protect her and help her prove she is innocent. Brady/Nic arrive as Nic wants to leave after seeing J&M. Brady says they'll leave when he's ready and they go to say hi. After arriving Bo/Hope come out and Bo says he wants to talk to Nic about Victor's death. He says either you or Marlena may have killed Victor. John says that Marlena had an alibi...she was with him, Shawn and Belle. Bo says they may have had an accomplice...they found fingerprints all over the mansion. He says who would benefit most by his death. John/Bo/Brady move away as Marlena remembers seeing Nic with Jan and wants to know what that was all about. When John comes back she says she has a headache. Julie comes out yelling that she wants Marlena behind bars. Bo calls Lexie and finds out that John didn't have authorization to take her out of the hospital. When Lexie OK's it she is going to be arraigned and put in jail. Julie says that one more person is going to die and it will be Marlena because she’ll take care of it. Mickey says to come over to Alice’s he is having lunch catered. She tells him that she can’t she’s to upset with Marlena being still free. Mickey asks if Bo/Hope are coming and they say yes…Hope tells Bo that she still thinks Marlena could be innocent…he tells her that he believes she’s guilty except for maybe Victor’s death and he’ll prove it.

Jen is at Jack's grave placing flowers talking about all the guardian angels they now have. (stranger lurking)..Patrick arrives saying he was checking up on her. He says all the stress of the day. They sit down but you can tell Patrick is very nervous as he looks around. Patrick sees his friend and takes off…he wants him to stop following Jen and he wants Patrick to finish the job. Jen wants Patrick to explain. He tells her that the guy he was talking to was a friend of his mothers who works at the hospital and came to pay his respects. He says he told him about her and that he was going to make sure her and the baby were safe.

Shawn finds Jan and says he didn't get her name....she says everyone calls me Mrs. B (to herself she says that's for Mrs. Shawn Brady)...she says his grandmother wanted him to have a future with that sweet young thing, what was her name. Shawn says Belle, my girlfriend. She says no the other one...he says Jan Spears...she says your grandmother thought if you had a little longer together you could have made it work. She says Alice thought they were destined. She tells him that Alice is his guardian angel now and she’s want him to be happy. He tells her as much as he wants to talk about his great-gran right now he might be leaving town and doesn’t know when he’ll be back. She says you can't leave. He asks what did you say? and she tells him that Alice wouldn't have wanted him to...he says just for awhile to clear my mind (lightbulb moment for Jan)she tells him if he wants he can come and see her. She tells him about her country house and it’s just what he needs. He tells her he doesn’t want to impose but she says that isn’t a problem…she says that Alice thought that Belle might break his heart. She then tells him about the house..ponds and trees and fish...give him the address and tells him not to say anything to anyone...she's a recluse. He says if he is in the area he might stop by to find out more about my grandmother as she tells him she’s tired and not to forget his fishing rod…she leaves and Belle arrives. Shawn asks Belle what she needs to ask him? She says that she was worried about him, she then asks who the woman was he was talking to. He tells her it was personal and nothing for her to worry about. (Jan is lurking and saying for Shawn to end it now…and then that now Belle has something to worry about) Belle tells Shawn that she spoke to his Mom and that she thought they should talk. Shawn doesn't want to. She tells him that it was a beautiful service. Your grandfather Doug and Great-gran were loved by everyone. I know how much they meant to you. She tells him that she wanted to be there for him. She says something about her mother showing up and Shawn asks what was your Dad thinking. She says I don’t know maybe she just wanted to be there for them. He says what that she was sorry for taking their lives and more lies. He asks her what made her think she had to lie to him? She says you still believe my mom is the killer. He says Gran was my family and you know she was always there for me. They sit down and she tells him that she doesn't believe it's her mother but if it is and her lie caused Alice's death she won't forgive herself. Shawn says she was always there for us. When my Mom was missing she is what kept us together. He tells her he was prepared for her to die but not like this. He keeps thinking about she died. He says you say you can’t live with yourself think about what I’m feeling. She tells him that she prays something happens to make sense so that they can support each other and grieve together. He turns to her and says it was my family…my family…he says it is my family.... tells him she thought they were going to be a family and that even though Alice wasn't her grandmother she loved her and always thought of her as a grandmother. She then says to him can’t you see what I’d be going through if something happened to my Mom. You loved her don’t you understand how I’m feeling that I can’t believe it’s her. He says can’t you see the evidence. Thensays he can't talk about this now...she asks when, tomorrow, next week, next month. He says no…she says I know you’ve got school and work but there has to be time for us to talk…he tells her he can't talk about this because he needs to get away and sort things out...he is leaving Salem.

Brady tells Celeste he doesn't believe in fortune tellers to which she becomes defensive...he apologizes and then asks her if she gets any vibes on Nicole being a killer...she says not exactly but to be careful of her lies and that she is dangerous.

Nicole finds Jan and tells her that Marlena is here and talking. Jan says not to worry she doesn't know anything. She then tells her that Shawn is going to come and visit her. Nicole tells her that it won't happen. She tells her that if Marlena is the killer and needs to make a deal to save her life then she'll spill what she knows about seeing them together. She tells Jan that if she gets Shawn behind bars then she'll probably end up there as well because she won't be able to come out of the house.

At the hospital...Marlena tells John that maybe she shouldn't have gone. Too many people were upset, him and Belle. He says mostly you. She metions being the serial killer and she isn't sure that she is innocent...she asks him if he is having doubts as well. He says he remembers seeing her at the cemetary and Alice phoned him and told him that Marlena was the killer and there so those facts are undisputable. He says if we can't prove your innocence I'm afraid you may be convicted and face the death penalty. She wants him to help her prove and he says there is a way but it's risky and could be her death sentence.

Monday Apr. 19

Jan’s Spoilers….

I'm not sure I can go into a lot of details about J&M because there are so many flashbacks....Loved the comment from her when she asked him if it was split pea soup though…LOL. And I have to admit that the one scene I refrained from watching was the split pea soup one. (you’ll understand)

Shelle....Belle is asking Shawn about him leaving...he says that he has to go that he needs to clear his mind. His Dad gave him the motorcycle and he's going to hit the open road and see where it takes him. Belle says I can't lose you. Shawn says he may join the Merchant Marines like his Dad and she tells him that could take years, she doesn’t want to lose him. He says it's not your fault it's mine. He tells he would be her knight in shining armor and take care of her. He promised to protect her and he couldn't do it. He has to sort things out. Belle reminds him of the night on the roof when he looked into the stars and saw their future. She wants to know what is going to happen to them. They arrive at Alice’s as Shawn looks at the sign. Belle tells him she knows how hard this is for him and she’s not helping. He asks her if she knows why he’s leaving and she says because of me. He tells her that it’s something he has to do, his Dad did it and when he came back her married his Mom. She asks if his Mom knows he’s leaving and he says yes…she says how did she take it…he smirks and says she’s a Mom.

At the hospital….J&M are in the chapel and she asks if Father Jensen was surprised by the call. He says no. Bo/Hope come in as Bo says that he had given strict instructions for Marlena to stay I in her room. John tells him that Marlena may be possessed again as Bo tells Hope that this could be a set up. Hope tells him that it happened before and it’s possible it’s happening again. Shelle arrive and Belle goes to open the door but stops…she turns her back to Shawn and says she doesn’t know if she can go through this. He comes up behind her and turns her around and hold her tightly. They go into the chapel as John calls Belle baby and says she shouldn’t be here. She tells him the last time this happened that she as a baby and now she is grown up and wants to be there for Mom. Shawn stands beside Bo/Hope. Belle hugs Marlena and tells her she loves her. Father Jensen arrives and asks how Marlena is doing (Belle moves back and Shawn comes over and puts his arm around her and pulls her close to him)…Marlena tells ‘Tim’ that she is nervous. He tells her that it’s possible that being she was possessed once it is easier for evil forces to take over again.

Julie/Mickey arrive at Alice's...as Julie isn't so sure about going in. Mickey tells her that Bonnie has taken care of the food and they need to share their memories. As they come in Mickey tells Bonnie how nice everything looks. Bonnie says she is sorry she didn't make the funeral as she hugs him. Julie says to her that she thought she could only cook TV dinners...Bonnie tells her that she hired a world class chef and he has taken care of everything. The food comes out and looks good as Julie tries some and then screams for something cold...popsicle, anything. Celeste also tries the food and it’s spicy..Bonnie fires the chef. Shelle come in and Belle asks to speak to Hope. Bo asks Shawn if he’s still leaving and he says yes nothing is going to stop him….Belle apologizes to Hope again and Hope tells her not to worry. She asks about Shawn leaving and Hope tells her they have to find a reason for him to stay. Shelle and Bo and Hope are standing there talking (Belle puts her arm through Shawns…..too cute)as Bo’s cell rings. Someone is phone to let him know that John is taking Marlena out of her room. The four of them leave. Celeste comments that if Marlena is possessed again that no one in Salem is safe.
(loved Julie comments to Bonnie today)

Bo/Hope arrive outside as Bo says he won't be staying long he has to get back to the station. Hope says this is for my father and grandfather let's make the day about us. He says Doug and Mrs. H were killed on my watch as Police Commander and I have to take care of this. She can't believe that they confided in Marlena....Bo says and she is the killer now we have to find out why? She wonders what this will do to Shawn/Belle and says Shawn is leaving for the wrong reasons. Bo tells her that Belle lied and it cost Mrs. H her life, if he was Shawn he'd never speak to her again. He says Shawn is old enough to decide what he wants to do. Bo tells Hope that he’s a grown man and they have to let him go. (Bo…it’s not only Belle’s lie that cost Alice her life…they are a few other people to blame here)

Kate/Lucas arrive at Sami's door (he's holding her teddy bear and a hot water bottle)...Kate can't believe he missed Alice's funeral but he tells her that he had to take care of Sami. He took will to a neighbors and now he is going to make sure that she's OK. He opens the door to find Sami laying on the floor as he runs to her...Kate says she's dead. Sami comes to as Lucas helps her to the couch...gives her the teddy bear and puts the hot water bottle on her tummy. He says that she was feeling dizzy and sick as Kate says OMG...you do care about her you got her pregnant. He says no...as Sami flashesback to the night in the cave and gives him a funny look. Sami says no way and then goes on about John and Kate working together as the killers and that she's probably next. Some newspaper men arrive and ask Sami if she can give her Mom advice as she was on death row once. Sami kicks them out as Kate pulls out the intruder which says like Mother like daughter. Sami starts to freak on them and leaves the room. Kate is telling Lucas that he should file for custody of Will seeing that Sami is losing it. Lucas starts to talk to her as Sami comes storming out of her bedroom telling him that he can’t do that. Kate carries on about the fact that she blew it with Austin and Brandon. She shouldn’t be raising Will. She tells Lucas he should get a house in the suburbs with a good school for Will. Sami kicks both of them out of the apt. She then opens a bottle of vodka and starts drinking. She tells herself that if she loses Will she’ll have nothing to live for. (Kate really needs to get a life and leave her boys alone)

Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!!

Pat’s Spoilers

I had a great vacation but lordy it was hard not to talk about the show! Before I start on today’s show I just have to vent a bit. Here’s my mini rant…

Bonnie – worry about your own life and stay the hell out of Shawn and Belle’s.

Bo – get over yourself. If you’re so sure Marlena is guilty why the hell haven’t you sent anyone to her penthouse looking for evidence? And put the blame for Alice’s death where it belongs…if you don’t think the killer is solely responsible than take a look in the mirror. It’s been because of the ineptness of the SPD that the killer hasn’t been caught long before Alice ended up dying. Oh but I guess it’s more macho to blame Belle.

Phil – the new OEFAW (one expression fits all wonder) – I swear to God that he uses the same expression to portray every emotion known to man and it’s up to the viewer to figure out from the dialogue what that emotion is. This must be a new trend in acting class – I could name someone else that must have gone to that same acting school. I’m sorry but this new style ‘method acting’ just doesn’t cut it with me. What a hero – what a knight in shining armour – what a man of honour – NOT! Moving in on his best friend’s girl when she is completely vulnerable – that’s the sign of a real man at least in his mind. When he spouted off to Belle that if Shawn really loved her he would be by her side I just felt like slapping him upside the head…but I didn’t want to smudge my TV.

Phil and Brady – Okay WTH is going on? Brady has time to parade around shirtless changing a tire on Nicole’s car on his way to a funeral for a woman he spent absolutely no time with…Phil has time to leave the base to come and hold Belle’s hand at Alice and Doug’s funeral but neither son or grandson can arrange a memorial service for Victor. How disgusting!

Poor Doug – He died on Valentine’s Day and two months later they’re finally getting around to burying him.

YKW – YIKES! Talk about loony tunes…sheesh.

That’s it for the rant – maybe it wasn’t so mini after all but I will admit to be totally confused as to what is going on with Marlena. Is she just playing everyone? Is she the killer? How could she not be the killer is the bigger question. Is she possessed…ack. Bring on that twist in May…I want to know what is going on.

On to the show…

Sami’s: Lucas enters the apartment with Kate following him and Sami is sprawled out on the floor. All Kate can say is thank god she is dead. Okay the woman is getting on my last nerve. Kate is scared to death that Sami is pregnant but than realises that they haven’t had sex yet. She knows that Lucas is thinking about. After the bouncing accusations between Sami and Kate Sami heads to her bedroom. (Lots of flashbacks in their scenes – even ‘flashbacks’ of stuff that happened earlier in the day). At least we learned the reason Lucas didn’t show up at the funeral – Sami isn’t feeling good and he’s looking after her. Kate decides that this is the perfect time for Lucas to get full custody of Will. Sami hears Kate urging Lucas and then attacks Lucas for thinking of taking Will away from her. She kicks the both of them out of her apartment and pulls out a bottle of vodka and starts drinking. She is drowning her sorrows because she lost her father, her grandmother and now there’s the possibility his mother will be wrongfully convicted and sent to death row and if she loses Will she has nothing to live for.

Alice’s Bar – How sad is that the luncheon after Alice’s funeral is attended by only Mickey, Julie, Bonnie, Bo, Hope, Celeste and Shawn and Belle? Did we really need to see Julie and Bonnie dish each other? Or maybe it was the setup for Celeste’s 2,389th proclamation that evil is near. Outside the restaurant Hope still can’t believe that Marlena could be the killer. Bo is convinced she is and that Belle’s lie cost Mrs. H. her life. He tells Hope that he understands why Shawn needs to get away from Belle and he would understand if he never forgives her (or some such crap – it just got my blood boiling). Hope tells him that Shawn is running away and that is never a good thing but Bo says he’s a young man now and they have to let him go. When Shawn and Belle get there Belle talks to Hope. Hope tells her that she is not to blame and Belle thanks her. Hope tells Belle that she hopes that she can say something to Shawn to convince him to stay. Bo asks Shawn if he is still leaving town and Shawn says yes – nothing will change his mind as he stares at Belle.

Hospital: Lots of flashbacks to Marlena’s possession days. I will just say I could have done without Marlena’s ‘dream’ of being possessed and spewing split pea soup across the length of the room and bathing John in it. But I will admit the ‘laser’ vision that cut through her handcuffs and being able to fly were fun…LOL! Even her appearance changing into that of an old hag was a hoot. Marlena agrees with John that they have to find out if she is possessed no matter what the danger to her life could be. John says if she is possessed it gives them hope – it would explain why she has no conscious memory of the killings and that she was not too blame. He feels their love was strong enough to overcome evil the last time and it will this time. Marlena is a little more realistic and tells him that other people won’t be so forgiving. John takes her to the chapel…And oh yeah, the trust SPD officer – instead of challenging John as to what he’s doing or trying to stop him just pulls out his cell phone that all beat cops must carry and phones Bo. So we have this mass stampede from Alice’s to the hospital. Bo wants to know what John is up to and John tells him they are going to find out if Marlena is the killer or not. Belle can’t bring herself to enter the chapel. She tells Shawn she is scared – she doesn’t think she could take it if her Mom is possessed again. Sigh – I love the way he just pulls her in his arms and holds her close. Bo accuses John and Marlena of trying to pull a fast one on them because Marlena could be faking it. John tells him that he’ll know it if she is possessed and Father Tim says the Lord will know. Bo still insists that it won’t make a difference even if she is possessed the blood of all the victims is on her hands. The priest gets started (Belle stands back from her mother – she had just hugged her) and Shawn just goes straight to her and holds her close against him. The show ends when the priest holds a cross close to Marlena – she gasps and her eyes look startled and everyone else in the room takes notice.

Shawn and Belle: Belle is distraught over Shawn’s announcement that he is getting on his Dad’s motorcycle and hitting the open road and seeing where it takes him because he has to get away to clear his head. She is afraid that if he leaves she will lose him forever. Shawn tells her that his father did the same thing when he was his age, joined the Merchant Marines and got to see the world. Belle is shocked and tells him that means he would be gone for years and she asks him not to go. She reminds him of what he said on the rooftop last night about seeing their future and she asks him to please not give up on that. He tells her that it is not her fault, it’s his fault. She doesn’t understand he kept saying it was her fault. He says he failed her because he promised to not ever let anything bad happen to her and he didn’t protect her. They get to Alice’s and Belle sees how he reacts to seeing the name. She tells him she knows how hard this is on him and that her being there is probably making it worse but she hopes he knows that she doesn’t want to hurt her. He asks her if she sees why he has to leave down and get away from everything. She says from me? He brings up the fact that his father did the same thing and when he came back he married his mother. She asks him if Hope knows he is leaving. When he says yes she asks him what Hope thinks about it and he kind of smiles and says what do you think, she’s a mom.

I thought the Shelle scenes were really good today. Hope is right. Shawn isn’t thinking clearly and this is no time for him to be running away from his problems. You can just see how much he loves Belle and it was just automatic for him to reach out to hold her when she told him she was scared.

Preview: Mimi telling Phil that he can talk Belle into anything and she asks him if he will help save Shawn and Belle’s relationship. Sami and Lucas are screaming at each other and shaking each other when Will comes in and begs them to stop fighting. Marlena’s eyes turn yellow and the devil’s voice says ‘hello priest.’

Tuesday Apr. 20

I’m not sure if I should do my little rant before or after the spoilers but I’m so po’d right now that I have to do it first. Let me say that I can not believe what they are doing to Phil’s character. First he makes a deal with Mimi to help Shelle then he says deals are made to be broken and if I saw this right Mimi says that Phil put the plan in motion with Shelle’s song set up to play. If that was the case then WTH is Phil doing showing up as Belle turns it on. He had this planned all along knowing that Shawn was coming over to see Meems and Belle would play the song and he would head upstairs seeing them. Now I might be wrong on this BUT is sure looked like it to me and if I’m right then that settles it for me….the character of Phil is beyond redemption. The fact that he lied to Meems, bashed Shawn and is using Belle’s emotions right now goes above and beyond. Sorry Phil but in my book you are done like dinner.

As for the Shelle scenes…that boy is so in love with her. All he wants to do is be there for her and protect her. The way he is holding her throughout the scenes at the Chapel say it all. The look on his face when he hears their song playing and the way he says her name says it all for me.

Jan’s Spoilers….

At the loft....Mimi is looking at a pic of Belle/Shawn when there is a knock on the door. She answers it and thanks Phil for coming. (it appears his hair is darker and of course he is in uniform...so much for having to go back to the base)...she tells him that they have to help Belle and Shawn get together. She tells him that Shawn told Belle he was leaving Salem. That he may join the merchant marines. Phil says for how long...Mimi says I don't know. Phil says you mean he is abandoning her, does he know how lucky he is to have her. All because of her lie. Mimi tells him that he believes her lie cost his grandmother her life. She then says that they have to get them back together. She says that she'll talk to Shawn and he can talk to Belle...she'll listen to him. Mimi is asking Phil what is taking him so long to decide to help. He says maybe they should just let Shawn/Belle figure out their own love life. She says no that Shawn is stubborn and they just need a push in the right direction. She says she'll do whatever it takes to make Shawn see that he shouldn't leave and then looks at Phil and says deal...he says yes and they shake hands...Mimi grabs her phone and says she knows what to do as Phil to himself says sorry Meems but sometimes 'deals' are made to be broken. Shawn arrives asking what the 911 was about is Belle ok. She asks him if he knows where Belle is and he says no she took off from me at the hospital. She asks if they fought and he says no and then tells her that Marlena was arrested and she isn't possessed. She says did you make up and he says no...we go up to the loft as we see Belle with tears streaming down her cheeks come out of the door. She turns and touches the S&B carved on the door and says Shawn when did it all go wrong, what's going to happen to us...she notices the boom box and says we must have left the radio up here...she turns it on and it's playing 'I'LL BE" (their song)...she turns and says oh it's you...downstairs Mimi tells Shawn that he can't run...he says I'm not running...she tells him that he shouldn’t leave right now as Belle needs him…she tells him if he leaves he'll regret it....he hears the song playing and with a special look of love on his face says Belle and heads upstairs....on the roof Belle sees it's Phil as she goes into his arms and he hugs her...she tells him that her mom was arrested and that Shawn is leaving just when I need him most, Phil tells her everything will be alright as he strokes her hair...Shawn opens the door and sees them and says I guess I don't have to worry about you...Belle quickly pulls away from Phil as she says Shawn and he says no it's OK I'm sorry I interrupted...she says Shawn wait.

Mimi calls Rex and he asks how it went with Shawn and Belle...she tells him that Phil planted the radio upstairs to their song and if everything has gone according to plan then Shawn and Belle should be in each others arms with him telling her that he was an idiot.

At Alice's...Bonnie is feeling sorry for herself because she didn't get her licence. She is talking to herself as Rex arrives. He has an idea that if she names a CEO she can get the licence. She doesn't want to tell Mickey her past as Rex questions her. A courier arrives with a letter from the liquor board and Bonnie again uses Rex to give him the tip. Rex is telling Mimi Bonnie that Mickey held the licence before maybe he could help her. Mickey asks help her what. Bonnie gets Rex to leave and she hands Mickey the envelope. He opens it and she tells him that she stole milk and bread to feed her kids because her husband was a bum and she was arrested and charged but got probation...that is why she can't get a licence. She asks Mickey but then says she'll understand of course he agrees and she plants a kiss on him. She apologizes as she says she got excited and he says so did I. He asks her to dance and they share a slow dance.

At Sami's....Sami is inside drinking and saying to herself taht maybe Will should go with his Dad. Outside Kate is going on and on about Sami as Lucas defends her. She tells Lucas he should go for custody as Lucas reminds her that she promised Roman she would help Sami. Kate remembers this. Lucas knocks on the door and Sami hides the bottle as she pours the liquor from her glass into a coke can. She then answers the door as Lucas asks her what is going on. He smells the alcohol and starts in on her that it doesn't help anything....he is an example. Sami starts to argue with him as she dumps the contents of the can on him. He is yelling at her as Will comes in the room. Sami and Lucas are fighting as Will pleads with them not to fight anymore. Sami yells that she wants them all out and goes to the bathroom and shuts the door. Lucas smells alochol and asks if he was drinking..he says no as Kate says it was your mother. Lucas says she was upset by everything that is happening and he'll take care of her. He tells Will to get his stuff as he is staying with Grandpa Shawn tonight. Kate picks up the phone and says she is calling Social Services that Sami isn't capable of taking care of Will. Lucas says that is why I'm with her and sending Will to the pub. You are taking him. Kate and Will leave as Lucas goes to the door and tells Sami that they are alone and need to talk. She comes out and starts pounding on Lucas's chest yelling that she hates him....he says I'm sorry but I have to do this as he slaps her on the face just as the cops come in. They arrest him for assault and battery as Sami sits on the sofa in shock.

At the chapel...Father Tim hold the crucifex to Marlena's forehead...the candles flicker as Hope turns and says there is a chill in the room. Father Tim wants them to leave but Bo says he isn't going anywhere, neither is Hope or Belle. Belle is grabbing on to Shawn's lapel and he is holding her tight. Father Tim begins the chant as Marlena's eyes turn yellow and her voice changes. Her hair starts to fly in the wind as Shawn continues to hold Belle....Belle asks her Mom if she is ok and Marlena calls her over...Belle goes over to her and then grabs her around the throat...John holds Shawn back as Shawn as yelling that he'll kill her himself if she doesn't let Belle go...Bo/Hope are holding their guns pointed at Marlena....John comes over and talks to Marlena telling her to look into her heart...what she is doing is not right...he pulls Belle away towards Shawn and Shawn grabs onto her. (the whole time Shawn is holding her so tight as she settles into his arms) Marlena has fainted as Father Tim tells them that she is not possessed. He says he invited the evil spirits in and if was possessed then they would have fought each other. John is a little upset that he did this but he tells him that Marlena was possessed before and strong enough to fight it. He also says he closed the portal. Bo goes up and starts to arrest her as John says not right now she isn't strong enough...Bo says if she was strong enough to fight off evil then she is strong enough to be arrested. He starts to list all the dead...starting at Alice and going backwards. Belle says she can't do this as she runs from the room with Shawn right behind her.

At the station…John wants some time alone with Marlena. Bo says a few minutes. John holds her and tells her that everything will be fine. Bo comes over and says it’s time as he takes her away and John and Hope watch.

Preview: Shawn/Phil fighting as Belle yells at them asking what is going on. Shawn motions to her to leave as Phil sucker punches him.

Go Canucks Go!!!

Pat’s Spoilers

I don’t really know if I should be typing anything after just watching the show. I might have to delete myself. Phil, the OEFAW, is totally destroyed in my eyes. Nothing…absolutely nothing will redeem this smug, self-centered, egotistical character in my eyes unless he goes away for a long, long, long time and comes back a reformed man. Hopefully the trip he goes on is a small step off a steep cliff somewhere in the wilderness.

Alice’s Bar: (good lord, it’s hard even to type those two words together – how could Mickey possibly think that the name is a tribute to his mother – it gives me the shivers just typing it – seems sacrilegious). Bonnie has a cup of coffee and goes to pour some booze into it but her flask is empty. Then she begins to carry on a conversation with herself, one discouraging, the other self encouraging. Good god, she is calling Rex Sexy Rexy now…sheesh. Rex overhears her whining that he hasn’t done anything to help her get a liquor licence. He tells her that all she has to do is incorporate and appoint someone is CEO that doesn’t have anything on their record and that person can get the licence. A courier comes with a letter for Mickey for the liquor commission. (Sigh…watch Bonnie scam Rex’s last dollar out of his pocket to the tip the guy – sad, just sad). She is going to rip up the letter and Rex warns her that mail tampering is a federal offence and advises her to tell Mickey the truth. Of course Mickey overhears part of their conversation so Bonnie does tell him the truth. Of course she plays on Mickey’s sympathies big time and he agrees to get the licence in his name. She plants a big kiss on him and tells him she got carried away because she was so excited. She neglects to tell him that she was thinking first a liquor licence than a marriage licence.

Sami’s: Sami continues her pity party for one by drinking and then drinking some more. Kate goes on and on about using Sami’s mental state to get full custody of Will. She tells him that she could go crazy like her mother and start killing people. Lucas tells her the only person Sami is hurting is herself and right now she has nobody except them to help her. She asks why she should help Sami and he reminds her of her promise to Roman. After really playing on her sympathies Kate agrees to give it a try. Lucas pounds on Sami’s door and says he’s not going away until he sees that she is okay. She hides the bottle and then rummages through the trash for an empty pop can and pours her drink into that. Lucas can tell she is drinking and when he tries to get her to stop she ends up splashing the booze all over his suit. Sami starts beating on Lucas’ chest screaming at him when Will comes home. He begs them to stop – Sami runs to the bathroom. Will can smell the booze on Lucas and asks him if he was drinking. Lucas says no Sami was and when they argued she spilled it on him. Will is upset that his mother is drinking now and Lucas tells him it is just because she is so upset about what happened with Grandma Marlena. He tells him to go stay at Grandpa Shawn’s for the night and he’ll look after Sami. He tells Kate to take him to the pub after he stops her from phoning Child Protections Services. Lucas coaxes Sami out of the bathroom but she starts in on him taking Will away from her again. He says I’m sorry and slaps her just as the cops come in and see him hit her. They arrest him for assault and battery and Sami just sits there silent.

Hospital Chapel: Father Tim continues his incantation and Marlena starts pulling at her restraints. The room gets freezing cold. Belle clutches Shawn’s arm and he just holds her tighter. Bo isn’t buying any of this stuff but Hope reminds him that Marlena was possessed before. John tells Father Tim to continue. He continues and the room goes dark and it sounds like wind howling and than Marlena opens her eyes and speaks in the devil’s voice – yup the famous yellow eyes are back. Belle is freaked, John tries to go to Marlena but Father Tim tells him to stay back. Belle asks her Dad to do something and Marlena starts calling out for Belle to help her. Belle goes to her and then Marlena grabs her by the throat and tells her she is taking her to hell with her. Bo and Hope pull out their guns. Shawn tries to get to Belle but John holds him back and Father Tim keeps on doing his thing. Shawn screams that at Marlena to let Belle go or he will kill her himself. The guy is just frantic – the way he calls out Belle’s name when Marlena is squeezing her throat – the guy is desperate to protect the woman he loves. John kneels in front of Marlena and talks to her and tells her to look inside her heart and she will see that she doesn’t want to do this. Marlena lets Belle go and Shawn has in her his arms pretty quickly. Marlena passes out. Father Tim tells them that he had invoked the evil spirits to use Marlena’s body as a vessel and then performed an exorcism. If she had been possessed the two different entities would have battled for possession of Marlena’s soul. The long and short of it is she is not nor was she possessed. Bo arrests her for murder and as he starts listing the names of the victims, Belle asks Shawn to do something. He tells her that his Dad is just doing his job and Belle runs out – Shawn goes after her. John wants a moment alone with Marlena at the police station but Bo doesn’t want to give them that time – Hope tells him to let them talk. John promises to get Marlena out of there and that he will prove her innocence. Marlena asks him what will he do if she isn’t innocent?

Belle’s Loft: Mimi tells Phil that Shawn is going to leave Salem when Belle needs him the most, maybe join the Merchant Marine. Phil says Shawn is stupid if he does that (on that point, I have to agree with oefaw). Mimi will work on Shawn and she wants Phil to talk to Belle. He asks Mimi what he is supposed to tell her. She tells her that he has to tell her to fight for Shawn. He says that maybe they shouldn’t interfere. Mimi asks him if he wants them to make a big mistake and live with the regret for the rest of their lives because of stubbornness (she says Shawn’s name – LOL). Phil doesn’t say anything (she had already commented earlier when she asked for help getting them back together that he shouldn’t have to think about it when he didn’t say anything right away) and Mimi asks him if that is what he wants – he turns his back on Mimi and picks up a picture of Belle and says all he wants is for her to be happy. She asks him if they have a deal and he turns around and shakes her hand and says ‘deal.’ When she leaves to start looking for Shawn he picks up Belle’s picture again and says ‘sorry Mimi, some deals are meant to be broken.’

Okay rant 1: The smug look on his face is going to drive me insane. He really thinks he can make Belle happy. I’m sorry but he has to be the shallowest character on the face of the planet. What does he have to offer Belle except lies, manipulations, untrustworthiness and arrogance? He knows how Belle values her friends and honesty and yet he out and out lies to his friend Mimi so he can move in on his best friend’s girl when she is at her most vulnerable. I’d like to give him ‘some deals are meant to be broken’…god, what arrogance! (That’s not what I really wanted to say but I cant’ actually say what I really want to …LOL!)

Belle goes up on the rooftop and let’s her fingers caress her and Shawn’s initials on the door. She sees the CD player and wonders what it is doing up there. She goes over to it and picks it up and then turns it on. You can just see her heart breaking when she recognizes the song. It’s I’ll Be. She turns around when she senses someone there and says it’s you. It’s oefaw and he’s just wearing a muscle shirt – I guess the not so honourable marine felt he should remove his military jacket to make a move on his best friend’s girl – Belle goes to him and they hug. Ooooooh that stinking smug expression on his face – YUCK…this is Rant #2 or hell, who’s counting…anything to do with oefaw is a rant. Shawn comes to the loft and asks Mimi why the 911 one and asks if it is about Belle. She says no. He says they were at the hospital and his Dad put Marlena under arrest and she ran out and he’s been looking for her. Mimi asks if he had made up with her yet and he says no. He then hears the song and says ‘Belle’ – and he’s gone. Mimi tells Rex that Phil set it up so Shawn would find Belle and with any luck they are on the rooftop in each other’s arms. Shawn comes up and opens the door – as soon as Belle sees him she lets go of Phil. Shawn says he guesses she doesn’t need him and he’s sorry to interrupt. Belle says no…and let’s not even go to Phil. I can’t believe that Shawn played right into Phil’s hand by turning and walking away from Belle
again. Poor Belle – all she wants to is to be in Shawn’s arms not Phil’s. I mean Phil knew that Mimi was calling Shawn and leaving him a message to come to the loft. He knew that Shawn would know that Belle was on the rooftop when he heard the song. He knew Belle would stay in place and listen to the song once she started listening to it. What a ________ (just fill in the blank)

Preview: Nicole telling her porn movie friend to get the job done today or the deal is off. Marlena is in lock up when a fight breaks out. Bo telling John and Hope that there was a fight and one of the inmates is dead – John thinks it is Marlena. Okay…even the preview of the fight shows what a low-life the character of Phil is. Him and Shawn are scuffling on the rooftop when Belle comes up and asks what is going on. Shawn stops and tells Belle to leave and while he is talking to Belle Phil sucker punches him. I guess you got to do what you got to do to feel like a man…the guy obviously has a lot to learn about being a man. But wait…he doesn’t have to …he’s Phil…can I just scream now????

Wednesday Apr. 21

Jan’s Spoilers……

I know a lot of this is out of order but I have to say there was so much dialogue with Shelle/Philip today that it was hard to keep track. JC/KS did a great job of portraying their feelings and it’s nice to see that Shawn knows exactly what Phil is up to. I didn’t see Belle defending Phil throughout this and she could see Shawn’s jealousy as well. I thought it showed the pain that both Shawn and Belle were going through and definitely set up Phil’s agenda. I didn’t go into a lot about Jan either but she was in the background making comments about Belle throughout. I didn’t go into a lot with the scenes in the cells as that was all for plot as well.

On the rooftop....Belle talks to Shawn telling him that she was up on the roof and their song was playing she turned and thought it was him but it was JUST Philip. She wanted it to be him...She tells him she needs a friend to talk to. Am I wrong to not want my mom not to be the killer. Am I wrong to want to pray for her to be innocent..am I wrong that I wanted her possessed so that would explain it.. My life is falling apart and I just wanted to run into your arms but I couldn’t and you’re right it’s I’m to blame. She says that she needed a friend and Phil was there....Shawn asks Phil if that's what he is a friend...she says I needed a friend. Shawn asks Phil if that’s what he is a friend. Belle asks Shawn if she thinks that there is something romantic going on and if he does he’s crazy because she loves him. Phil says you dump her but you don’t her to be with another guy. Shawn says I did not cumper her. Belle says no buy you don’t want to be with me, your leaving. Shawn says I do want to be with you I love you. Belle says you still love me, Shawn says you know I do, I just need time. Phil goes on about what about what Belle needs. She can’t be with you but she can’t be with anyone else. What is she supposed to do wait for you. Belle tells Phil to stop. Shawn says no it’s OK. Phil says your guys are broken up. Shawn says we are are NOT broken up. Phil then starts in on why he is leaving then. Phil talks about how Shawn told him that when he broke up with Chloe that he should move on. Shawn says that was different. Shawn says now it’s crystal clear, you want Belle. Belle tells Phil not to be mad that she lied to Shawn. Phil starts in on how Shawn messed up by blaming innocent people, Rex and Tony. He starts in on his parents and how they messed up. Shawn says to leave his parents out of this. Phil then says he lost people too, Cassie his sister and Victor his father. Shawn says don’t even go there…you lost people. I’m to blame, I lost my great-gran I couldn’t save her, I lost my grandfather, my grandmother, my uncle Roman, my Aunt Maggie. And I know Victor was your father he was my grandfather. Then he says screw you Phil and Phil asks him if he wants to get into it. Belle looks at Shawn and says I won’t stop you if you want to leave then go ahead and go (she has tears in her eyes as I believe she has realized just what Shawn is going through)she says good-bye and walks away. Shawn says Belle, wait as they hear her scream. Belle is on the ground as Shawn and Phil run up to her. They both ask if she's ok and she says she thought she saw something in the shadows and fell. They both say let me help you up and Phil quickly beats Shawn...Belle gets up on her own and notices her knee bleeding and leaves. Phil and Shawn go back on the rooftop as Phil says aren't you going to make sure Belle is OK. Shawn tells him that he'll take care of things with Belle but he has something to take care of first. He tells Phil that this is how it's going to be...Phil asks if he's trying to tell him what to do. Shawn says as a soldier aren't you supposed to be taking orders from a superior officer…Phil says I don’t see a superior here. Shawn tells him that ever since the LIB he's been trying to take Belle away not something that a best friend would do that it's not very loyal. Phil says speaking of loyalty aren't you the one that lied to Belle about Jan Spears and almost destroyed her in the process. That doesn't sound like loyalty to me. He tells Shawn that he doesn’t know what Belle saw in him in the first place. Shawn says you no nothing of loyalty for someone who is supposed to be my best friend...Phil tells him that Belle deserves a real guy not some little Mom and Dad's sailorboy...that does it for Shawn as he goes after Phil...they basically trade punches as Phil seems to like hitting Shawn in the stomach and Shawn seems to like Phil's jaw...Belle comes up yelling at them asking what is going on....Shawn turns towards her and tells her to get out of the way as Phil comes in and sucker punches him in the jaw knocking him down. Belle yells and then turns to Phil and gives him the look as Phil looks a little sheepish. (of course the whole time this is happening Jan is lurking...she pulls for Shawn to win and then realized that if Phil knocks him out she cant take him away....can we say delusional)

Jan/Nicole talking (Jan is still in her black get-up)as Nic is talking to her about Marlena being arrested. Jan is too concerned about Shawn to worry about anything else. Nic says all you can think about is Shawn I’ll take care of this myself.

At Sami's....the police are arresting Lucas as Kate comes storming in. She goes on and on about how Lucas could never do something like that. It's Sami's fault...she's drunk and went after him. The cops says he needs Sami to come to the station to press charges...Sami isn't saying a word and the cop says she isn't defending him. Kate says she is the one who attacked him. She then says that she knows what abuse is all about and continues on about being abused...the cops says so it runs in the family...she says not his father it was Curtis. The cop says I'm more worried about your son. She says Lucas is a Horton. Do you know who they are? She then tells them that she is the widow of Roman Brady....Kate Roberts Brady. The cops says he respected Commander Brady. He says and this is his daughter. Sami says Daddy. Kate tells the cop see how drunk she is. The cops then notices something and says are the children present. Sami says Will where is he. Kate says see she doesn't even know where her child is. Lucas says Sami remember he is with Grandpa Shawn we didn't want him to see you like this. Kate says she wouldn't let abuse happen with children present. The cops is now taking Lucas out of the apartment.

At the station....Marlena is being booked by Bo. He takes her upstairs and says she has been processed and is ready to go to Countly lockup. John asks for a minute and Bo says 30 seconds. Marlena says she can't remember confessing to him...John says you fell off the terrace no wonder you cant' remember. She says if I did it, if I killed all those people that I loved I deserve to die. Bo takes her away. Hope tells John that he has to be strong. He is worried about Marlena...she is fragile right now. Hope says she'll be fine but you have to stay focused he has to talk to the DA. He tells her that he won't testify. As her husband he doesn't have to. Hope says we have your statement and you can't go back on it now. John is telling Bo/Hope that he won't testify against Marlena. They are telling him that if he doesn't and she is released that he will be responsible for the next one killed. Hope tells him that he has to do this and let the courts settle it. She says she wants to believe in Marlena's innocense but she believes in the law. The cops come in with Lucas/Sami as everyone asks what is going on. The cops tell them what happened as Lucas tries to tell them he didn't do it. The cops says he saw it as Bo/Hope say that they have to take what he saw. Bo tells him to start the paperwork. Bo/Hope/John go into the next room as they try to get John to realize that if he doesn't testifyit could cost another life. Sami comes in asking where he Mom is...she asks if she's already been arrested and then tells them she knows how she feels...she is stronger than her Mom and she doesn't think she'll survive. She has a flashback to being injected as Lucas came in to save her...she then says my Mom was there for me...as she has a flashback to Marlena telling her that she'd always be there for her....John tells Sami not to worry that he isn't going to testify against Marlena and they can't make him...he says that they have to stick together as a family and you don't do something like that to someone you love. Sami is called for her statement as Lucas is telling the cop what happened and then stops before he says 'I love her' as he sees Sami...she tells them that she is ready for her statement as both Kate/Lucas figure she is going to tell them he lied. She doesn't...she says he's telling the truth that she was out of control that if they had showed up earlier they would have arrested her. She isn't pressing charges as we hear Kate wondering what the little tramp is up to.

At the cells....the guard comments on Marlena being the Salem Stalker. She has extra guards on...Bo says she won't try to escape. She says for suicide watch. Bo tells her to be quiet. He puts Marlena in the cell...she turns to him and says Bo are you leaving? He says yes. He then says I'm sorry that.......good-bye Marlena. It appears that Marlena helped or tried to help one or two of the convicts...one she put in jail with her testimony. One of the cons gets called that she has a visitor and she leaves….she meets with Nicole (old friends)she goes on about no money for bail or a lawyer…she has a kid to take care of etc….Nic says she can help her with a lawyer and bail all she has to do is….back in the cell she walks in saying leaver her alone she’s all mine…the cons are now setting up for Marlena being killed as they start a fight...Bo gets a call that someone has been killed as John says no, it's not Marlena is it. The show ends will all the women laying on the floor with what looks like blood on most of them.

The preview: Mimi laying on the ground as Belle is telling both Phil and Shawn to stay away. They both look upset. (and Belle appears to be mad at both of them)

Enjoy the show!! You will love what Shawn says to Belle and his comments to Phil but as far as Phil…let’s just say his agenda is now clear (just hope that Belle grasps it…LOL)

Pat’s Spoilers

What a great Shawn and Belle episode. It showcases how much he loves her to perfection. Too bad oefaw and dottie had to around to pollute my screen but I guess we needed it hammered into our heads some more that dottie (ykw) is over the top delusional and oefaw is a complete, total, egotistical, self-centered low-class jerk!!!

There is just so much wrong with this show at the moment that’s its really hard to type up a report. Every other suspect that has been arrested has been placed in a holding cell at the SPD – Marlena gets thrown into county lockup with a whole crew of women – one of whom happens to be Nicole’s life long friend. This Crystal chick was sent to Marlena as a young offender and she throws that up in her face and one other woman there Marlena happened to give expert testimony that convicted her…yeah right. So Nicole promises her friend money to do her a teeny, tiny favour. Here we go again – we’re supposed to cheer for a woman that is going to get away with yet another murder. I’m not even going to comment on what went on in that cell – if I wanted to watch B movies I’d go to my nearest video store.

Hope and Bo are not happy with John’s decision to not testify against Marlena. All of them know that without his testimony Marlena will be released. Hope wants him to let the system do it’s job, Bo tries to convince him that Marlena’s practice and everything is already ruined. No one will come near her. When that doesn’t work Hope tells him that he’s their only other suspect. He tells her to arrest him. Bo then tries the guilt trip – John will be personally responsible for the next death and it could be Belle or Sami or…John says Marlena wouldn’t hurt her own child…Bo throws up Cassie in his face. I will admit that I saw a glimpse of the Bo I’ve always admired when he couldn’t come up with any comforting words to say even though he tried when Marlena realised he was leaving county lockup and he saw how scared she was.

Back at Sami’s Kate shows up and can’t believe that Lucas is being arrested. She points out that Sami is blitzed but the cops are going on what they saw. Sami is staying silent. The cops notice something of Will’s and they ask if there is a child – Sami asks where her baby is. The cops say they will have to report this Family Services. We get more of Kate yelling at Sami and Sami responding in kind – so freaking tired of those two screaming at each other already. They head off to the police station. Sami asks John what he is doing there and realises her Mom is in jail. She starts crying that she wants her Mommy and Daddy. When the cops take her out of the room Bo tells John that Marlena being a killer has done that to Sami and he won’t be doing her any favours by keeping Marlena out of jail. John points out that Sami already hates him and will hate him more if he testifies against her mother. Sami comes back in the room and she talks about her time in jail and we get flashbacks of the near execution and of Marlena’s talk with her. John tells her that he will not testify against Marlena and without his testimony the cops don’t have a case. The cops come back for her and Lucas waits for her to give her statement and he tells Kate that he’s done for. She tells the cops that it happened exactly like Lucas said – he wasn’t trying to hurt her. If they had come in two minutes earlier they would have been arresting her.

Rooftop: Belle turns the music off and tells Shawn to wait. She explains that she heard the song and thought he was up there but it was just Phil. She tells him she needed a friend to talk to. She asks him if it is not alright to need to talk to someone when her mother has just been arrested for murder. She wanted to believe her mother was possessed because that means she didn’t kill anyone of her own free will. She says her life is falling apart and all she wanted to do was run into his arms but she couldn’t and he is right she has no one to blame but herself. Shawn asks Phil if that is what he is – a good friend. Love it when Belle says ‘oh my god, Shawn do you think there is something romantic going is on. Are you crazy? I love you – you know that” Phil asks Shawn what is the deal with him – he dumped Belle. Shawn says he didn’t dump her – Belle says no, you just don’t want to be with me. Shawn tells her fiercely that of course he wants to be with her. Oh lordy – his voice breaks when he says I want to be with you. I still love you. When Belle says Shawn you still love me his response is you know I do (oh god that voice again) I just need some time. Oefaw says what about what Belle needs. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the annoying crap oefaw spouts but trust me Belle is very annoyed with Phil’s tone. Shawn confronts Phil by saying that he’s been waiting for a long time to take Belle away from him. Oefaw just sneers and says Belle needs someone to hold her and talk to and it should be him but he’s not going to be around so he should step aside and let another man do it.

Belle tells Phil it’s a no win situation if she hadn’t lied to Shawn but Phil puts his hand on her shoulder and talks to her like she’s a two year old (I guess he has to do it that way to make himself feel more manly and noble) and tells her that she didn’t lie to Shawn’s parents and it was their job to find the killer. He says Cassie and Tony could figure it out but Salem’s finest were totally clueless. Shawn tells him to stop talking about his parents – he’s warning him. Oefaw very patronizingly says or what – Shawn says ‘screw you, Phillip’ – you go Shawn. Phil calls him out and says he’s ready to go whenever he is. Belle tells them to stop they’re making things worse. Oefaw wants to be sure Belle knows what this is about – while his parents were letting the killer slip through their fingers little Shawn was running around blaming everyone, Rex, Tony – then he says good job detective – that really helped. Belle snaps at oefaw that his sarcasm isn’t helping. All oefaw knows is that if Marlena hurt anyone she wasn’t in her right mind. Shawn says that is easy for him. Oefaw is all affronted saying easy, he lost just as much as Shawn he lost his sister and he lost his Dad. He tells Shawn not to dare blame this on Belle because it’s his parents fault and Shawn’s fault. You will love how Shawn responds and Belle finally gets a clue as to how much pain he is in. Shawn blames himself and tells Phil that is why he can’t look Belle in the eye and why he has to get away to clear his head. Belle asks why he can’t stay and they can get through it together. Oefaw pipes up that Shawn is taking the easy way out and running away. Belle tells Shawn that she won’t stand in his way if he wants to leave then he should go. She says goodbye and walks away – next we hear her scream.

She tripped and skinned her knees. Shawn bends to help her up and oefaw tries to shove him out of the way – Belle just gets up on her own and goes to put something on her knees. Phil says aren’t you even going to go after her and Shawn says I will straighten everything out with Belle but first he wants to lay down some ground rules. Phil says he can follow his own set rules. Shawn says that’s not a good attitude for a soldier – his superior officer wouldn’t like to hear that. Oefaw tells him he doesn’t see anyone superior here. Shawn says I guess I’m not trying to steal my best friend’s girl. Phil scoffs and pats Shawn on the shoulder. Shawn says he’s been after Belle since he came back to be on Love Is Blind. Phil says he would never hurt Belle like Shawn did by claiming to be the father of Jan’s baby. He says he has never put Belle first. Shawn tells him he has no sense of loyalty and now he’s trying to steal his girl. The sanctimonious so-and-so says look Shawn if you want to make me the bad guy in all this go ahead. He then has the audacity to say that he never understood what Belle saw in him. Shawn turns and walks away. Oefaw says Belle needs a real ‘guy’ (good thing the jerk knows enough not to say man because than he wouldn’t qualify) not some mommy and daddy’s little sailor man. Shawn rushes him – they each get a couple of punches in. Belle comes up and says stop. Phil looks at Belle, Shawn tells her to leave and Phil sucker punches Shawn and sends him flying – oh my – Miss Belle gives oefaw a chilling look.

Preview: Belle screaming oh my god Mimi are you okay. Both Shawn and Phil try and help and Belle tells them to leave because they will just make things worse. At the cell – Lexie is there to examine the body – Bo asks where the murder weapon is and John tells him not to call it a murder – they don’t know what happened. Lucas asking Sami if she is coming on to him and Sami tells him she wants him.

Thursday Apr. 22

Jan’s Spoilers….

A few quick comments before I start….Bo’s comment about his friend not murdering his family (a clue)…Hope’s comment about something not being right (a clue)….Deidre gave a good performance today and had me convinced she was innocent…LOL. And I do believe that Shawn is now playing Phil…could be wrong but just a thought. No comment on Phil.

On the rooftop....Belle is over with Shawn and asks Phil why he would do this to his best friend. Shawn gets up and they continue to go after each other. Belle asks Shawn if he's ok and again they start to fight. Shawn and Phil start yelling at each other..Shawn tells Phil that he and Belle aren’t his damn business…Phil repeats his new mantra about him dumping her…Shawn says Belle is wonderful and he loves her he just needed time and Phil couldn’t wait to move in…Phil says that Shawn can’t stand that even though he doesn’t want her that she is with anyone else…Mimi arrives and sees them and tries to stop them...she gets too close and as Shawn is going to punch fill he ends up getting Meems...they all rush over to check if she's ok. Belle asks him how could he and then tells both of them to stay away before they make it worse. Mimi comes to and asks Shawn how could he. He apologizes as Phil says he was going after me. Mimi says she's fine and then questions them as to why they were fighting. Belle asks what happened and Phil quickly pipes up saying he came after me....Shawn says I'd do it again in a second. Phil goes on that Belle was crying over him dumping her and that he was being a friend. Shawn says your hands were all over her. Face it Phil you were making a move on her. Phil says that she was upset that her Mom was in jail and seeing as you left her I was there. Shawn says ever since that dating show last year you've been after her....I now she's upset but it isn't the time to make a move on her. . Mimi pipes in saying that they were just trying to get them back together. Belle says I tried to tell Shawn that but he wouldn't believe me…she says I lied to you once so now you don't believe me...he says I do believe you. Mimi tells them about hearing Belle's Mom was involved in a stabbing and they all take off.

Sami/Lucas arrive at her apt. She apologizes for what happened as Lucas thanks her. He apologizes for slapping her and says he would never hurt her. She tells him she deserved it...she says she always blames him when something goes wrong and she doesn't know why. He says I live down the hall and we share a son. He helps her into the apartment. She is sitting on the sofa and talking to him. She says my Mom has to be released....John says he won't testify. Lucas tells her that Bo won't let it go...she says but the evidence is only circumstancial. She says her mother would never make it on death row...I know how hard it is. They talk a bit about Will and Lucas says maybe tomorrow we'll have some good news...Sami says at least not bad news. She asks Lucas how he could forgive her for everything…accusing him of hitting Will…her taking custody away from him and saying Austin was Will’s father for the first few years of his life…Lucas says it’s all forgiven…he tells her he is always there for her…she says are you trying to get me to say I need you….he hugs her and says she needs something to take the edge off…he offers to make her hot chocolate but the decide on tea….Sami is in bed putting cream on her arms....Lucas comes in with tea and cookies. Sami says Will hides those so I won't eat them...Lucas says tonight they are all yours. He says he talked to Will and he just beat Grandpa Shawn at chess. Lucas says he should go but Sami wants him to stay. He tells her he doesn't think that is a good idea...she doesn't know how difficult this is for him. She asks him again and he says he'll sleep on top of the covers. She says no I want to feel your warm body next to mine. He tells her again that this isn't a good idea. She kisses him and he pulls away. He tells her that he is trying to do what's best for her to be the man that she deserves. She tells him that she heard what he said...he asks what...she tells him that she heard him almost tell the guard he loved her...does he? He thinks for a minute and then says yes...he does love her. They start to kiss and she starts to unbutton his shirt. He asks her if this is what she wants...she says yes is this what you want...he says I want you...I love you...she tells him she loves him too and they start to undress each other as they are kissing....Lucas is a little excited as he rips the button off his shirt and it ends with them kissing.

At the cells....Bo/Hope/John and Lexie (where the H did she come from)come running in. The body is lying on the gurney as John goes running to the cell looking for Marlena. He keeps asking if it's her and the guard says no....Marlena is brought in, she says Bo, Hope and then sees John and goes to him. John asks what happened and she says I didn't do it...the inmates are saying that Marlena started it. John says to Marlena that she was just an innocent bystander, not involved as Bo tells him to stop coaching her on what to say. Bo asks about the murder weapon...John says don't say murder...Bo asks again about the murder weapon and the guard pulls out a spoon that was sharpened. Hope says it would take all night to do this and Marlena didn't have time. John says I told you it wasn't her. The inmates start again on how she threatened them...John starts in saying how could you believe them...Bo tells him to be quiet and continues to question them. They give him a story about how Marlena offered them things if they left her alone...(drugs, money etc)....that Tina went to her needing a fix and Marlena asked what she would give her. Tina gave her the spoon and that is when Marlena went after her. John says they are just jealous of Marlena and they have it in for her...her class, her intelligence....Bo says that she isn't any better than anyone else in the cell. Marlena says that they were jealous (picking up on John's words)as Bo says to stop the pyschobabble....oops...forgot to mention Crystal has now disappeared. Bo says that it’s time to put Marlena in solitary…John asks about her being beaten up but the guards say the did it…they went into the cell and she attacked…Marlena flashesback to holding the spoon (sorry everytime I type spoon it makes me laugh)and the guards coming in and throwing her against the wall….she tells John she can’t remember. He wants her tested…he pleads with Hope and Bo consents.

At the hospital....John is telling Hope that this is like a dream, a bad dream. She says if it's a dream I'm having it too...it's one I've been having for a few months. She then tells him that she’s awake and so is he. Belle/Shawn/Mimi/Philip come in as John tells Belle she shouldn't be here. She asks him what is going on and he tells her that Marlena is having some tests done. Shawn says I thought she wasn't hurt....John says she's not she's have neurological tests...Belle says to see if she's crazy...John says your mother wouldn't want you to say something like that...he says it's to find out what is going on why she can't remember...Shawn says don't tell me she's using amnesia as a defence...Phil pipes up with this is Belle's mother your talking about...Belle says it's OK Phil Shawn thinks my Mom's guilty...Hope talks to Shawn and says Belle's still pretty mad at you..he says she wants me to believe her mother isn't guilty and I can't do that...he asks if Hope think she's guilty...Hope tells him that Bo does without question but she isn't sure...she thinks there might be more to it than that...John talks to Belle....Belle goes to get coffee with Mimi/Philip...Hope is watching as Phil is petting Belle's head (GMAFB)....Hope says Phil is being very attentive to Belle...Shawn says yeah he's moving in on her...Hope asks him if he believes that...she then tells him to remember that he asked Phil to watch out for her during the trouble they were going through...he's just being a good friend to both of them...Shawn thanks her and kisses her and goes over to Phil...Phil asks him what his problem is...Shawn says it's me...I'm the problem...He says he’s sorry that he’s been getting in my own way a lot lately. You helped me see that so thanks. If I hadn’t I might have been dumb enough to let Belle get away, you’ve been a good friend….Phil is looking a little shocked...seems his plan backfired…LOL)he shakes Phil’s hand...Mimi and Belle are talking as Belle says what if her mother is crazy...Meems says your Mom has helped all these people...she went to PTA meetings to talk about things...look at my mother...Belle says these things can show up late...it didn't happen to my aunt Samantha until her late twenties...she says what if Shawn and I are married I pass it on to our children..it's not fair to bring a child into this family with their grandmother a serial killer...it's not fair to bring Shawn into this family. Shawn comes over to talk to Belle and asks Mimi to leave...Meems tells him that Belle is really upset right now...he says maybe I can help as Mimi leaves...Shawn says he’s sorry. Belle tells him to stay away. This had nothing to do with you I just can’t be near you right now. She leaves with ole Philly boy running after her....(and yes the boy is now in uniform again...) John and Hope are talking again as he says here I am hoping my wife has a brain tumor so that it will explain things...Hope says if she is the killer...John says he isn't going to testify..Marlena is brought back into her room with Bo following...John asks Lexie when they will get the results and she tells him soon...he looks in at Marlena and says I love you and I will prove you aren't the killer...I don't know how just yet but I will.

Previews: Hope telling Shawn that Belle was willing to fight for the relationship is he? Belle talking (I think she's in the chapel)saying she doesn't know how she can face Shawn if her mother killed his family (Shawn is watching her)Bo telling John that he doesn't need his testimony he has the inmates...

Pat’s Spoilers

Actually I’m having a hard time figuring out whom annoyed me more today, oefaw or Bo. Because I like Bo I guess I’ll have to give my vote to P-boy, Marine boy, oefaw, ass, jerk or whatever word fits him because man or friend is not one of them.

God I love the SPD – Bo won’t let Marlena tell John what happened – but he’ll let one inmate give her statement with all the others listening and then ask them to collaborate it. Oh yeah – police work at its finest. I can barely stand to talk about it. From Marlena’s flashback she came to with blood on her and the spoon (sharpened into a shiv) on the floor – the other inmates come towards her and the she grabs the weapon. Two guards come in and beat her up for resisting. Bo wants Marlena locked up in solitary confinement. John questions Marlena but she can’t remember what happened. He asks Lexie if she could have a tumour that would be causing this short term memory loss and the unusual behaviour. Bo doesn’t like it but he agrees to allow Marlena to have the test but tell John she is still under arrest and he will be adding another count of murder one to her indictment. At the hospital John asks Hope when he’s going to wake up because this has to be a dream. Hope says it isn’t and asks him if he could face the possibility that Marlena is the killer. John says no matter what he is not going to testify against his wife. Bo says he doesn’t need his testimony to put Marlena on death row. He has the inmates to testify against her to convict her of Tina’s death. After Marlena is put in her room John stands by the window and says he knows in his heart that she isn’t a killer – he just doesn’t know how he is going to prove it but he will.

I absolutely loved Lucas and Sami today. Finally no yelling, no bitter words, no recriminations just quiet, honest conversation with a little bit of joking and teasing thrown in. Sami tells him she is sorry for all the things she did – accusing him of hitting Will when he was drunk, for thinking for the first two years that Will was Austin’s and then keeping the truth from him. She tells him that Will loves him. He promises her that he will never try to get full custody of Will from her because Will needs her – she’s a good mother. Lucas offers to make her tea and then leave. She is in bed and doesn’t want him to go. Lucas tells her that he has to because he doesn’t want to take advantage of her when she’s vulnerable. She’s very upset and still a little drunk. She tells him she heard say that he almost told the cop he was in love with her and she wants to know if he is. He says yes and she asks him if he loves her how can he leave her? She tells him she loves him too and finally Lucas gives in. LOL – I love when they try and get his shirt off and the buttons go flying all over. Very good scenes between them today!

Back on the rooftop Belle asks them to stop fighting and when Phil knocks Shawn down again she runs to Shawn and asks Phil how he can hurt his friend. Oefaw blames the fight on Shawn saying he came after him. Shawn says he would do it again because what happens between him and Belle is none of his business. P-boy says it is when she comes crying to me. Belle tells Phil that she is fine. Shawn says he can see that he wants Belle for himself. Belle is shocked by the accusation. Shawn said I should have seen it when you went on that stupid dating show. He says Belle is an amazing girl but there’s one problem she’s his girl. Oefaw goes on again about Shawn dumping Belle and not wanting anyone else to have her. Shawn says he didn’t dump her he just needed time. Oefaw screams at him for walking out on the most amazing girl in the world and then not wanting anyone else to have her. Shawn tells him that Belle is going through a lot and doesn’t need someone moving in on her. Phil says that Shawn freaked out when he came up and saw Belle in his arms and berates Shawn for not thinking about what Belle needs. He says that her mother is being accused of murder – this is a perfect time for you to take a break from your relationship. Shawn just says damn you and he goes after him again. Mimi comes up and tries to stop and when Shawn pulls his fist back to hit Phil he connects with Mimi and she is knocked out.

Mimi comes to and says Shawn you hit me. Shawn says it was accident and Phil says he was trying to hit him but Belle doesn’t want them to talk about it – it’s not worth it. Mimi wants to know why they were fighting and oefaw the jerk replies that he was being a friend to Belle and Shawn accused him of moving in on what he <b>thinks</b> is still his territory – excuse me <b>thinks</b>???? Mimi says I told him to help get you two back together. Belle says she told him that too but he didn’t believe her. Shawn says I didn’t say you were lying and Belle responds ‘but it wouldn’t be the first time I lied to you.’ He tells her that he said be believed her but she wants to know why he went after Phil if he believed her. Shawn says he knows. Phil tries to make it sound like he was just being a friend but Shawn says you were moving in on her to get her for yourself. Mimi whistles and tells them that she came up to tell them something. She heard that there was a knifing at county lockup. They all leave.

At the hospital it is Hope that talks to Shawn about the distance between him and Belle. He says she believes her mother is innocent and I don’t. She mentions that Phil is being very attentive. You won’t friggin’ believe this – oefaw is <b>petting</b> Belle’s head like she’s a little puppy dog – I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had offered her a treat. Someone should tell the boy you don’t treat a grown woman like a two year old or a house pet – for god’s sake – how annoying. And he’s back wearing his uniform jacket – sheesh. Shawn tells Hope that he thought Phil was just being a friend but now he thinks he is moving in on Belle. Hope asks him if he is sure – they’ve always been good friends and that he kind of asked Phil to look after Belle when he wasn’t around. (Huh – I don’t remember that – oh well). Shawn says maybe you’re right and goes to talk to Phil. Phil asks him what his problem now and Shawn says I’m the problem. He apologises for the fight and tells Phil that he’s been getting in his own way for awhile now and he’s glad Phil pointed that out because if he hadn’t been he might have let Belle get away. (Shawn is so on to him). Shawn shakes his hand and says he’s been a good friend to Belle and to him. Belle tells Mimi that she is worried that insanity might run in her family. Mimi tells her she is the sanest person she knows but Belle talks about her Aunt Samantha being normal until her late twenties. She tells Mimi that she can never have a normal life – what if she and Shawn get married and she passes on this ‘gene’ to their kids. Their grandmother would be the Salem Stalker and no deserves to be brought into this family especially not Shawn. Shawn wants to talk to Belle alone. He tells Belle he is sorry but Belle tells him to stay away – it’s not him but she just can’t be near him right now. She runs off and oefaw goes trailing after her.

Preview: Hope tells Shawn that he has not been there for Belle but she still wants to fight for their relationship, does he? Marlena tells John she needs him to do something for her. She needs him to help her die. Bo tells Hope that Marlena deserves nothing less than the death chamber and he’s going to see that she gets it. Belle with tears in her eyes sitting in the chapel saying she would never be able to look Shawn in the eyes again if her mother is the killer knowing that she killed half his family. Shawn hears this and oh man, the look on his face…he is so in love with her.

Friday Apr. 23

Jan’s Spoilers….

A few comments….I didn’t go into the Shelle scenes as our wonderful Miss Trix has done the video clips and they say it all but can I say how his voice had me on the floor as well as his I’m not going anywhere baby, I love you…THUD. (and the ring on the finger…another THUD) I loved how she almost went into his arms and then pulled back. She is so torn right now as is Shawn. Bo really needs another mantra…Hope is the only one that is trying to be there for everyone…she sees Bo’s pain and John’s and she wants her family together. I loved her talk with Shawn today…these two play off each other so well. The Brady/Nicole scenes…frankly I couldn’t have cared less. Mimi……..I loved her today!! Deidre/Drake were wonderful. No comment on MB (thanks Seal…I love this) Sami/Lucas although I loved them for some reason I just can’t get into it right now…not sure why.

At Sami's....Sami and Lucas are in bed making love. they turn to face each other....Sami jumps out of bed. Lucas keeps asking her if everything is OK this wasn't a dream was it....as she is getting dressed. He jumps up pulling the comforter around himself and keeps questioning her. She doesn't really answer him just leaves. He is on the phone with Will and then he asks if Sami is there...he says oh maybe she is with a friend...then we hear him say she does have them..(Will must have commented that she doesn't have friends)...Sami comes in carrying coffee. She says she didn’t really leave….Lucas apologizes saying he knew it was wrong…she’d been drinking and when she sobered up that she would think it was a bad idea…he tells her he wants her but she needed a friend and he wasn’t one…she tells him he’s wrong that she needs him and wants him…they make love again….they talk about Will and how he wants his parents together and this might confuse him…they talk about Kate and how she’ll hate this….they make love again…they now talk (Sami in his shirt)as Lucas says they should kept this between themselves until they can figure it out.

At the mansion...Nic comes in and turns on the news....it says there was a stabbing but they don't know if Dr. Evans was involved. She pours a drink and congratulates herself saying two done one to go as Brady walks in....of course he only heard the last comment and thinks she was talking about her drink. She tells Brady she is surprised he is here considering that Marlena is dead. Brady rushes off to phone his Dad as Nicole comments on Jan being next. Nicole has a fantasy about Lexie pronouncing Marlena dead. Brady comes back in and she asks how he is...he says fine...it wasn't Marlena but her cellmate...Nicole starts questioning him as Brady asks her why she is so concerned. She babbles on as Brady gets a call from John…he tells John that he shouldn’t let Marlena take the truth serum…he tells Nicole about it and she says we have to support John and not let them do it…we have to leave now…she has another flashback as Marlena is telling Bo that Nic (with Jan)killed Victor.

At the hospital...Marlena is telling John that she doesn't know how she can live like this knowing all these people are dead...she looks up to see Belle watching and she asks John to help her die. Outside the room Bo/Hope are talking as Bo goes on about trying to figure out why she did it...she belongs in the death chamber...Hope is trying to talk to him but he is adament about this....Shawn sees Belle and goes over to try to talk to her...she tells him that she can't be near him right now and leaves...Phil sees her go and tries to follow but Mimi stops him....he says she needs a friend right now...Mimi says yes she does but not you...(GO MEEMS)...outside in the hall Belle has a flashback to her talk with Mimi and says she has sto be strong for both her and Shawn...she has to stay away from him. Hope talks to Shawn and asks why he isn't with Belle...he tells her he tried to talk to her but she won't talk to him...he says she keeps pushing me away...he says that he didn't want to talk to her before because he didn't want to say anything he'd regret but now that he has it figured out what he has to say she won't talk to him...Hope says you have to think what she is going through...her mother may be guilty of killing these people and sick...Belle blames herself for Alice's death...Shawn says I don't blame her...Hope says no but Belle blames herself...she says that even with everything going on that Belle wants to work on their relationship...does he. He says he has to find her and kisses Hope and leaves....Mimi is questioning Phil as he tells her that Shawn blew it...he pushed Belle away when she needed him...Mimi asks if is the relationship police....then she asks if he has feeling for Belle...he tells her no that he is just being a friend...she says then what happened with Shawn and you throwing punches...she says Shawn said something about your hands all over Belle….he says she was crying and I was there for her...she mentions them working to get Shelle back together as Phil says I’m on your side…Belle hears this and asks what side..Mimi says your side..we want you and Shawn to be happy…Belle says we’re not and I can’t be with him…she tells them she’ll see them later and heads to the chapel… John tells Marlena that he won't do it....that they have to stick together they are a family...she says what will this do to our family...Bo and Hope can't even look at me...they have both lost so much...the victims and their families....and our family...we'll have to go through a trial and a death sentance....John says they'll get through it...he won't let that happen that they will stick together through this...he'll be there for her. He tells her that she is sick and they will work figure it all out. He tells her he loves her. Lexie comes out and gives them the results telling them Marlena is healthy…she says that the psyciatrist that examined Marlena says she knows right from wrong…that she knew what she was doing…John is in shock as Mimi comes up and suggests truth serum. John refuses to let it happen as Bo tells him it’s the only way she can prove her innocence…Phil spies on Shelle…he comes back out and Mimi asks where he was…he tells her making calls…she says don’t lie to me Phil…you have to stay away from Belle. Bo/Hope/John are in Marlena’s room talking about the truth serum and that Marlena is not sick…Belle hears this and sees Phil and Mimi she says Phil my Mom isn’t sick and goes into his arms as Mimi watches and Shawn comes out (GMAFB….if I have to watch Phil pet her head much more I’ll be throwing things at my TV)…Marlena wakes up and hears Bo/Hope/John talking and says she’ll take it…she’ll do whatever it takes.


Pat’s Spoilers

I don’t have a lot to say about this show. I do like the Sami and Lucas scenes but I’m disappointed that a drunken, out of control Sami and a slap from Lucas was the lead-in to their first time making love as adults that are in love. Lucas is very good with her even after she won’t talk to him and gets dressed and takes off. When she comes back with coffee he apologises for taking advantage of her admitting that he loves her and needs. She tells him that she needs him and they end up back in bed. They talk how about happy Will would be but decide for his sake until they figure out exactly what their relationship is that they will keep it to themselves especially from Kate. There are some cute playful scenes between them.

Oh joy – Nicole drinking, talking to herself celebrating the fact that Marlena is dead, 2 down and 1 to go. (I guess it’s obvious she is going to try and eliminate ykw). Brady overhears her and the clueless wonder chastises her for having three drinks. She tells him Marlena is dead and when he goes to phone John we’re subjected to a fantasy of her lording it over Marlena that she is dead and Nicole got away with murder. Oh lovely. He does question her a bit when he tells her that Marlena is alive and she starts asking a bunch of questions. No surprise, she turns it around on him and makes him feel guilty for questioning her. She freaks when Brady says that the police want to administer truth serum. When Brady says that his Dad isn’t going to let them do it she insists that they should go to the hospital to support John in case the police try to force the issue. Duh…Brady…think about it – why is she so worried about Marlena telling the truth???

Sorry – Bo is just plain aggravating me. Hope is still having a hard time believing that Marlena is the killer. I admire that Hope is understanding of Bo’s overwhelming need to blame someone yet she can still sympathise with what John is going through. Marlena wants John to help her die because it’s not fair to the victim’s families that she is alive. She again says she can’t remember and she is horrified by what this is doing to their family. There’s a brief moment when she sees Belle standing in the doorway and she sees how Belle is suffering. Lexie gives her a sedative to help calm her down while they wait for the results. When the results come back all clear Bo calls for an escort back to prison. John says he won’t let him take her. Bo and John get in each other’s face and Bo tells him he has to face the fact that his wife brutally murdered 9 people in cold blood. John breaks down and asks him how he is supposed to do that – she is his wife. Bo doesn’t care and threatens to arrest John. Hope tells John to let it go because Bo will arrest him. This is when Mimi pipes up that Dr. Evans says she doesn’t remember and Bo doesn’t believe her so maybe they should do what they did in that movie True Lies – use sodium pentothal. John is telling Bo and Hope that he won’t allow them to use the serum on her but Marlena says she’ll do it – she has to know the truth.

Mimi stops mb from going after Belle. He insists that Belle needs a friend and Mimi agrees and says but it’s not you she needs or something similar. Shawn tries to talk to her again but she just can’t talk to him. Mimi asks mb what happened on the roof – he says he did exactly what she asked. She wants to know why Shawn said he came up there and found him with his hands all over Belle. She asks him if he has feelings for Belle again. He lies and says no he wants what Mimi wants. Belle asks what they are talking about and Mimi says helping to get you and Shawn back together. Belle says that they can never be together and that she is going to the chapel to pray. Shawn goes to talk to Hope. She asks if he talked to Belle. He says she kept saying she wanted to talk about this but when I’m ready to talk she pushes me away. Hope asks Shawn if he can really blame her. I know a lot of people were upset with Hope telling Shawn he wasn’t really there for Belle but in the overall context of their conversation I thought it was a good mother/son talk. I won’t go into detail on the Shelle scenes because you’ve already seen the video but I loved them. I loved how he walked in when she asked God for a sign and he tells her that he is what she was looking for. She is in a lot of pain. She truly believes that she has to be the strong one and walk away from Shawn because he doesn’t deserve to be dragged into a family like hers. I loved when he pulled out the wool ring and said he is going to hang on to it and protect it with his life because it’s a family heirloom. And sigh…when he puts that purity ring back on. But oh my lord when he says ‘I’m not going anywhere, baby’… THUD. He says he loves her and she says she loves him and goes into his arms. But then she takes off again. In the meantime Mimi asks mb what he’s been doing and he says making some calls. She tells him not to lie to her she saw him spying on Belle and Shawn in the chapel. She tells him that he is going to get hurt if he goes after Belle. Belle finds out that Marlena has no medical problems and goes straight into mb’s arms. I swear to god if he pets her head one more time I’m going to hurl. Condescending, dishonourable, immature, lying piece of…..well you know. The looks on Shawn’s and Mimi’s face say it all…both of them exactly what mb is up to.

Previews: Kate confronting Sami after I assume catching them in bed together but Lucas stops and tells her she has to leave. Belle telling Shawn that wants to be with her mom even if she is guilty and if he can’t accept that that is important to her maybe it’s time to move on. He nods. Hope asks Bo if he is having second thoughts – his response, no they’ll let her put the noose around her own damn neck. Marlena tells John that she wants this to be over now – I confess to you.

Monday Apr. 26

There was so much dialogue I had a little trouble getting it all in...but I will say I loved the scenes with J&M and Belle/Sami/John/Marlena. And even though I didn't like all of Belle's dialogue with Shawn today I found some of it making sense as she can't see how he or his family would want them together. All in all not a bad show.

Jan's Spoilers.....

Shelle...Belle/Philip are hugging as Mimi/Shawn watch...Belle sees Shawn and pulls away…Mimi says that Belle’s mom’s test results are in...Shawn asks if she has a tumor. Belle says the results were negative. There is nothing wrong with her that drove her to commit these murders if she did. Mimi says its bad when good news is bad. Belle says she wishes there was something wrong with her so that a jury could find her not criminally responsible otherwise she could face the death sentence. Shawn says I'm sorry...Belle says are you. Mimi pulls Phil away. Shawn asks Belle is that why your pushing me away you think I want bad things to happen to your family. She tells him that everytime they think it's her Mom he pulls away and when they think it could be something else it's like everything is fine. He says when I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you you ran....then I find you in Phil's arms. Belle says I'm tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in our relationship. She tells him that she is sorry that his grandparents are dead but this is her Mom....she loves her and she could be executed. Shawn says I didn't want this to happen. Belle asks him if he's sure...she says that when the murders were happening you kept saying that you wanted the killer punished and to die...he says I didn't know it was your Mom...she says I know but you still feel the same way...she looks at him and says never mind I can see it in your eyes. She tells him that Marlena is always going to be her Mom. I’m always going to love her. I’m a part of her and that’s why you hate me. He says I don’t hate you I love you. She asks him if that’s why he wanted to leave town. He tells her he needed to clear his head I explained. Belle tells him that her mom taught her to love and this could be the last time she could be with her and her she is arguing with him one more time. She tells him that she needed him. He says I know that’s why I’m here. She says I needed you before. I don’t expect you not to blame me I blame myself. She taught me how to love and trust and I trusted her and now I don’t know if I can trust in love again. Shawn says you don’t trust me but you trust your mother the serial killer. Belle says I love her Shawn I will be there for her even if she’s guilty if you can’t accept that then it’s time to move on for both of us. He follows her and says I never stopped from being by your mother’s bedside. I never stopped you from supporting your family just like I wouldn’t expect you to stop me from supporting mine. She tells him that if they get married it won’t be his family or her family but OUR family. Can your Mom and Dad accept me into your family? He says of course, they love you. She asks if they can accept her mom, can you? She says because I won’t turn my back on her, think about it as she leaves.

Sami/Lucas are in bed talking as Kate knocks on Lucas's door with dinner...she leaves when he doesn't answer and hears noises from Sami's apt. (now I'm sorry but if I lived in an apt. where you could hear everything...well enough said...LOL)she hears moaning and talking Sami & Lucas look up and see Kate standing at the door of the bedroom as Kate screams it's a nightmare. They get dressed quickly as Kate says she's sick...she feels weak...Lucas tells her to sit down and put her head between her legs...Sami pipes up to keep it there...Lucas says she' probably didn't eat and she says she didn't...he says have some of this casserole...he hands her the dish and she takes out a big scoop and flips it at Sami...landing all over her face...Lucas gets Kate a bag and tells her to breath into it as she is hyperventilating...he helps Sami clean up as Sami tells her to put the bag over head and suffocate...Kate is yelling at her about all her comments about her being a call-girl and she's the tramp she uses her body to trap men it’s not love it’s lust.. Sami wants Kate to leave and Lucas says he’ll take care of it…Sami says she wants her key back…Kate gives it to him and starts to say something but Lucas stops her. He tells her to leave and says something about not asking him to choose. Sami/Lucas are sitting drinking tea and talking about Kate…Lucas says he doesn’t want to talk about her anymore…he asks her to dance as he puts on the radio…as they are dancing they hear a report about Marlena and take off for the hospital.

John is telling Marlena that if using the drug is dangerous...in her stated of mind you never know what could happen...Marlena wonders if tht is the reason or is it that he thinks she is guilty....John tells her that he saw her leaving the cemetary after Doug was killed...Alice called him and told him it was her...and she confessed to him...he says but what you remember under the drug is in your subconscious and no one know that but you...he tells her he loves her and he can't lose her. Bo/Hope are talking as Hope tells him that she isn't sure Marlena should use the truth serum...Bo wants to know if she doesn't want to know the truth. Hope is totally conflicted by all of this...she says the Marlena that is in that room is vulnerable and remorse the killer is cold blooded and calculating...Bo says it's because she got caught. Hope says what would Roman do in this situation...Bo says be forgiving. Hope tells him so would his mother and Gran...she says Marlena was family once and if Shawn and Belle get married she will be again...Bo yells she will never be family. In the chapel Mimi/Philip talk as Mimi tells him he better stop it…it looks like your chasing after Belle and people will talk. He says I’m not chasing after her and what would they say about us…Mimi says what? He says you’re a sexy woman what would Bonnie say about us being together….Mimi says well your buff and in uniform and rich so I’d say she’d go for it….Kate comes rushing in as Mimi leaves…Kate is upset as she tells Phil to go after what he wants not to let anything stop him not to wait, not to sacrifice…he’s the only one she can count on to give her grandchildren. She tells him he’s her last chance at happiness and justice. Bo/Shawn are talking as Shawn says when you and Mom were dating her family didn’t think you were good enough for her did they. Bo says yeah it almost destroyed us. Shawn says this is a million times worse as Bo says some things are meant to be. Shawn says I hurt Belle when I blamed her. Bo says I know how you feel. Shawn says if he had put it together he would have realized that Belle couldn’t have been with her Mom when Grandpa was killed. Bo says your blaming yourself and it should be me that’s to blame. I’m the Police Commander and it’s not your job to protect these people it’s mine. Hope goes in and asks to talk to Marlena…John leaves. Hope comes over to sit by her and Marlena looks at her and says this is a little uncomfortable. Hope tells her how Marlena forgave her for her and John as Marlena says it wasn’t your fault. Hope says Stefano is out to destroy our families. But if we all stick together and forgive then he won’t be able to do that. Marlena says but Bo isn’t with you…Hope tells her that he will be he just needs time. Marlena tells her that our faith and trust have been put to the test look at Belle and Shawn. Hope tells her she doesn’t want her to take the drug…Marlena says the truthneeds to come out for everyone to start healing. They clasp hands. Sami/Lucas arrive as Sami thanks him for checking on Marlena. John/Belle come over as Lucas leaves. Sami says you can’t let her take the truth serum…John says he needs something from him. Belle says anything…John tells them he needs them to be a family to talk to Marlena and save her. She has to be with them they have to stop her from taking the drug. Kate is telling Phil that he should go after what he wants…if he wants Belle he should go after her no matter if she is with his half-nephew or whatever you call him Shawn Brady. Phil tells her to quit pushing Belle on him and to be quiet especially with Shawn 10 feet away. She says she’s finished matchmaking anyway. He comes out and tells Lucas it’s timeout on the floor as Roberts substitutes for Kiriakis.. Kate asks Lucas if they are still talking and he says he is. She tells him that she is here because of Marlena, she wants to find out what Roman’s last moments were like and if he was thinking of her. She tells him that she promised Roman she’d help Sami but she can’t…if he had been alive who knows what would have happened. She tells him that Sami will drain his life from him. Bo/Hope/John are talking as Hope says in spite of everything we’ve lost we have to hang on to each other. Love each other, don’t taking it for granted or let is slip away. They hug as Shawn watches Belle inside Marlena’s room. In the room Belle/Sami and John are talking to Marlena as Sami is telling her that they love her and need her. John says they are a family and that they have to stick together. Sami agrees with him and that doesn’t happen often she says. John says there is a lot of love in this room. She has to stay with them…for Brady/Sami/Belle/Eric/Carrie they need her. They have to stick together through this. The show ends on Marlena’s face.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Pat's Spoilers

I just wanted to give my thoughts on the show. The only annoyance for me was Kate - for god's sake the only chance she has for any happiness is for her son to go after a woman who is completely in love with another man. I read a few comments that it was good that the son told her not to tell him to go after Belle but he says don't urge to go after Belle <b>in public</b> because Shawn could only be 10 feet away. At least he knows he can't be a man about pursuing Belle - he has to do it the underhanded sneaky way. I can see him hooking up with dottie very easily - I mean he is showing us exactly how <i><b>honourable</b></i> he really is - NOT!!!!!

I really enjoyed the scenes between Sami and Lucas after Kate interrupted them. Sami is vulnerable and Kate's words stung. Kate told Sami that Lucas didn't love her that it was just lust and hormones and that he would end up hating her more than he already does. The look on Sami's face before she started to cry - you could tell that she is wondering if Kate could be right. Lucas won't let his mother say anything else against Sami so Kate lays on the 'what I sacrificed for you' mother guilt trip. The look of surprise on Sami's face when Lucas tells Kate not to make him choose between her and Sami is priceless. She knows just like Kate does that if Kate pushed it that Lucas would pick Sami. After Kate leaves I like that they discuss their relationship - or more so the fact that they're not sure they are in one but they are trying. They dance and the radio cuts in with a news bulletin about Marlena being taken to University Hospital and Lucas immediately says 'let's go.'

The Bo & Hope scenes are of the same vein as the past few days. Hope tells Bo that she doesn't think giving Marlena truth serum is a good idea and Bo is angry about that. He asks Hope if she doesn't want to know why their family and friends died. Hope says that Marlena is so remorseful and so confused and that the killer was cold blooded and methodical. Bo says she is just playing us and that is why she was able to kill nine people without being a suspect. Hope asks him what Roman would say about this. Bo says he would want us to forgive. Hope says so would Gran and the others, Marlena is family. She says what about Belle and Shawn getting married - Bo says 'NO' - that monster will never be family again, you got that - NEVER!!'

I just don't think any words can do justice to the scenes in Marlena's hospital room. The conversion between John and Marlena as he tells that he didn't start living until the day he met her, how her love saved him from the life Stefano had programmed him to live - that of a cold, unfeeling mercenary killing machine - how he would die without her - how it would all be over for them if she takes the truth serum and incriminates herself - he would never be able to hold her, touch her, kiss her or make love to her again. He begs her for time to find out what really happened. I believe he concedes that she might have killed all those people but he refuses to believe that she did it of her own free will. He tells her that without his testimony she will more than likely be set free and then they will have time and will be able to work together to find out the truth. She says I would be set free to possibly hurt Sami, Belle or you, set free to kill again. She tells him it is because she loves him so much that she has to do this.

The scenes between Marlena and Hope are just as powerful. Marlena tries to jerk her handcuffed hand away when Hope reaches out to touch her - she does remark that it is awkward. Hope brings up what Stefano made her do and how it almost destroyed her marriage to John and that Marlena forgave her. Marlena says this is different - I don't have any brain chip and thankfully Stefano is dead. Hope tells her that Stefano always wanted to tear their two families apart and she doesn't want him to succeed. This is about forgiveness. Marlena says but only you are here - she knows Bo doesn't feel the same. Hope tells her she doesn't think she should take the truth serum. Marlena thanks her for that but says the truth no matter what it is will start the healing process and we all need to heal.

I love how John told Sami he had to ask her something and that he wanted her to think about it before answering because he was asking for her mother. He wants them to go in as a family unit to try and persuade her not to take the serum. It was a really good scene where Sami admitted to her mother that she actually agreed with John and that has never happened before her. Sami tells her that if she takes the serum this could be the last time they would ever be together as a family.

As for the Belle and Shawn scenes I just want to say there was only one thing that Belle said that rubbed me slightly the wrong way but overall what she said was pretty much on the mark. I can't believe that after watching the scenes between them today that JER and TPTB feel that having dottie and mb in the mix are needed to provide more angst for Belle and Shawn. My god, the story could be so good if we actually had Shawn and Belle scream and yell at each other until they worked all their feelings of guilt and anger out and then had to be faced with the obstacle of their families at war with each other and trying not to be torn apart but trying to deal with 'their' family which should consist of both the Brady's and the Blacks.

As soon as Belle sees Shawn she steps out of her friend's arms. Mimi tells Shawn that Belle's moms test results came back. Belle tells him there was nothing wrong with her mother. Nothing to explain why she would kill so many of her friends and family - which means her mother will be held criminally responsible and sent to death row. Shawn tells her that he is sorry. She asks him if he is really sorry. Mimi pulls the uniformed one away but he shoots what I guess is a glare in Shawn's direction before he goes away. Shawn asks her if that is why she is pushing him away because she thinks that he wants bad things to happen to her family. She tells Shawn that she loves her mom - she means everything to her and Shawn doesn't seem to understand that. Everytime it seems like it isn't her moms fault he acts like everything is going to be okay but they always end up being disappointed and he pushes away from her. She tells him that he can say that he wants to be there for her but she doesn't think he can. He wants to know what she is talking about. He told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and she walked away - she gets terrible news about her mother and she goes into Philip's arms - he doesn't get it. This next part of what she said is what annoyed me - she says 'here we go again. She can't be held responsible for everything that goes wrong with them.' I don't know where that is coming from - I always thought he was the one blamed when things went wrong between them. She goes on to see that she is sorry that he lost his grandmother and his great-mother but her mother is probably going to be executed. But more than that she tells him that she thinks he is happy about that. Oh goodness the look on his face when she says that. I guess the remark that annoyed me was really meant only in context with recent events since Marlena became a suspect but it still annoyed me...LOL!

Shawn asks her why she would think that her family suffering would make him happy. She asks him how many times has she heard him say that he wanted the killer to pay. He says I didn't know it was your mom. She says but what if the killer is my mom, you still feel the same way don't you? It's like he deflates - he wants to deny it but he can't and she knows it. She says that no matter what he says she can see it in his eyes - god, she is so right.
She turns and looks into her mom's hospital room and says she is always going to be her mom and she is always going to love her. He knows that. She turns to him and says that I am a part of her and she doesn't know what she will do if she feels that he hates her because of that. He tells her that he doesn't hate her, he loves her. She asks him why he wanted to leave town. He grows more upset and answers that he needed to clear his head and he wants to know how many more times he has to explain that. LOL She turns back to him and her eyes are blazing when she says 'I <I>needed</I> you. He says he knows and that is why he decided to stay. But she tells him she needed him before that. She says that he can say that he doesn't blame her but she doesn't believe her. She blames herself because if her mother ends up being guilty that means she trusted her when she shouldn't have. Her mother is the most loving person she knows and she if can't trust her mother's love can she trust in anyone's love? She turns to leave but Shawn stops her and asks her if she is saying that she can't trust him the same way she can't trust her mother who is a serial killer. She tells him she is saying that her mother is the one that taught her to love - taught her everything she knows and this could be one of the last times she gets to spend with her ever but instead of being with her mother she is out here arguing with him yet again. She goes on to say that she loves her mother and wants to be with her and if he can't understand that than it maybe it is time to move on for the both of them.

He points out that he didn't ask her to leave her mother's bedside and that he would never keep her from supporting her family just like he hopes she would not expect him not to support his. She says 'Shawn if we get married it isn't going to be yours and mine, it is going to be <I>ours</I>. Maybe you should really think about that. Can your mom and dad accept me into your family after this?' He says of course his parents love her. She asks if they can accept her mom, can he because she won't turn her back on her right now. Goodness - you can tell he doesn't have an answer to that. She says 'think about it' and walks away.

Shawn and Bo talk and Shawn brings up how Bo told him that his mom's family didn't think he was good enough for her. Bo says they made it through. Shawn says what they are going through now is a million times worse. Bo tells him that things will work out the way they are meant to be. Shawn says he hurt Belle by blaming her but in truth he blames himself. Bo knows what he is feeling because he feels the same and they talk about why they blame themselves. I loved the Brady family moment. When Hope talks about being grateful for what they have and the love they feel for each other. She looks directly at Shawn when she says you should never let love slip away. I thought the family hug was very telling - Bo, Hope, Shawn but Shawn's eyes were glued on Blue in the hospital room.

Preview: Lexie asks Tek how she can tell her son that is was his grandfather that stole his father away from him. Bo telling someone (probably the DA) that he doesn't want any slip-ups - if she confesses like he thinks she will he doesn't want her to see the light of day ever again. Sami in tears telling John that her mother isn't going to get out of this alive - they have to help her escape tonight.

Tuesday Apr. 27

Jan’s Spoilers….

A couple of things. First of all I missed a bit today (and I may have gotten some parts of the conversations wrong as well)as I had to catch the show at work (and it’s not easy with 10 guys eating lunch at the same time…LOL)so there are parts of conversations that I missed. Secondly I’d like to say I absolutely how Shawn was there for Belle and no words were needed. Just the fact that he showed up at the Chapel to be with her and wanted to be with her during Marlena’s confession. I loved the scenes with J&M (both Deidre and Drake were wonderful)..actually I loved the scenes in Marlena’s hospital room. Lucas and Sami in the few scenes they had together were good as well.

At Jen's....Jen is having trouble getting her wedding ring of as her hands are swollen. She finally gets it loose and it goes down the drain. In the living room Patrick is on his cell telling 'someone' that he's sorry he didn't get back to them sooner as Abby comes in and tells him he can use the landline. She says the cell signal isn't always good in the house...she talks about having to do homework and that Jen offered to help but she's busy in the kitchen. In the kitchen Jen is on her hands and knees trying to get the pipe off as Patrick comes in and tells her that she should be bending like that. She is frustrated that she can't do it as Patrick asks if Jack used to...she says no that Jack wasn't handy...he offers to help. He tells her that she is growing a baby and raising a daughter and that is something he couldn't do. She says well being pregnant yes but you'll be a good father some day. He says he's not ready and she tells him he will be someday as Abby calls from the living. She tells Jen that she has to do a report on someone not so famous from the internet and then decides she'll do it on Patrick. Jen is trying to convince Abby not to look up Patrick on the internet. They kid around a bit about the fact that Jen didn't have a computer as Abby teases her about library books. Jen offers to make her a grilled cheese sandwich as Abby remembers that is what she used to make for Jack. She asks if she gets black coffee too. Jen goes in to fix Abby's snack as Patrick is under the sink (shirtless)...Jen starts talking to him and he mentions being in Albania...she asks alone and he says he ended up that way. She asks if he was ever married and then apologizes says it isn't her business. Abby comes storming in saying to stay away...she says he's a con man as she hold up numerous papers. Patrick says someone stole his identity and that is what happened. Jen tells Abby to apologize as Abby wants Aunt Hope to check him out. He gives Jen her wedding ring as Jen tells Abby that a con man wouldn't have returned it...Abby apologizes. Abby/Jen are at the computer as Abby says she has math homework to do...they head upstairs as Patrick goes to the computer and opens up to the London times which has him featured...he deletes the page saying he wishes it was that easy to delete the past.

At the hospital...Hope/Lexie talk as Lexie tells her that Stefano's plan was to use Hattie but they know that she's not the murderer. She says Stefano probably had another plan but she doesn't know what it was. Bo is talking to Shawn as Shawn tells him that he hopes they'll find out what is going on. Bo does as well as Shawn says if Marlena did do it he doesn't know how he and Belle will get through it. Lucas comes up on Kate...he asks if he scared her but she says if I lived through finding you and Sami in bed together I can get through anything. He calls Sami the 'black widow's daughter'. Lucas questions her about her trying to push Phil on Belle. She asks how he knows and he tells her they talk. She says that Belle is with Shawn and she is Marlena's daughter. Kate says that Belle is smart and good and that Sami even with Roman/Marlena and even John raising her she turned out to be like her mother. In the room Sami (who is doing most of the talking with Marlena)tells her Mom that they all need her, they can't lose her. She tells her that even thought she has been a big disappointment to which Marlena says don't talk like that...you were there for me. Marlena says because I'm your mother but Sami says no it's because that is who you are. Now that she is getting her life in order she wants Marlena to see her happy...she wants her to be there to watch Shawn and Belle walk down the aisle together. Outside the room Tek arrives with the 'truth serum'....Lexie says she doesn't want to make any mistakes (she tells Tek that she was a cope once when he questions her...she tells him she became disillusioned but Abe didn't)...Bo says there will be no mistakes. They all go into the room as both Sami/Belle freak at the equipment. Marlena tells them it's just routine as Lexie says it's to make sure that Marlena is fine throughout the procedure. Sami calls her Dr. Death as Lexie says she just wants the truth. John asks for 5 minutes as Belle hugs her mother and tells her she loves her...Marlena calls her sweet girl. Sami also hugs her and then goes to leave...she stops and says she has something to say as she talks about the sodium pentathol being the first drug she received when she was being put to death. Outside Belle goes up to Shawn (who is getting a cup of coffee)and says hey...he asks her about her Mom as Belle says she thinks she is going through with it. Belle and Shawn are talking as Belle tells him Marlena is going through with the truth serum. She says we have to pray for her. Shawn says that he'll be here for her. Belle says even if my mother is guilty...Shawn says he's hoping she's not. Sami is inside with John asking him to help Marlena escape...she tells John the reason he won't do it is because he doesn't want to be involved...Marlena is mad as Sami runs out the door. Belle is standing alone as Sami/Lucas come up...Lucas leaves them alone as they talk. Sami says she feels guilty as Belle asks why...Sami says because she is feeling happy when all of this is going on with Marlena. She tells Belle that her and Lucas are together as Belle says she always knew she had feelings for him. Sami says I didn't...she asks where Shawn is as Belle says he was leaving town...Sami says what? as Belle says then he decided to stay and be there for me...she doesn't know how they'll make it if Marlena is guilty...Sami says if Lucas and I can find happiness then have faith that everything will work out for you and Shawn. They go into the chapel and Sami goes to the front...Belle is sitting at the back as Shawn comes in and puts a hand on her shoulder...she turns and Shawn asks if he can sit down...she takes his hand and he goes to sit beside her..she says to pray for whatever you want to but my Mom needs your prayers...they hold hands and pray. Sami is in front praying to God to save her Mom. She says that she'll go to church more often but she has been there enough lately with all the funerals. She says and hopefully one day in the distant future she'll get married this time. Sami leaves and runs into Lucas as she thanks him for being there for her. She says she has never had anyone there and it makes her stronger. Lucas says they need something to eat as they leave. Shelle come out and Belle says it's time for her Mom to have the truth serum. She asks if he wants to go with her and he says there is no place he'd rather be than with her. Marlena and John are talking as she tells him that she is not running. She says if she confesses then she will plead guilty and save her family and friends the pain of a trial she tells him that he knows this is the right thing to do. The Judge arrives outside the room as Bo is glad she is able to be here. Hope asks what is going on as Bo tells her he asked for the Judge and stenographer to be there as he didn’t want anything to go wrong. Hope doesn’t look to happy about all of this even as the time gets closer for it to happen. Bo/Hope/Lexie/Judge/stenographer come in as Bo has her sign a release...she tells John she loves him. Shelle come in as Belle says she loves her...Marlena looks at Belle and says I hope you hear what you want to.

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m warning everyone right off the top that I’ve been awake since 12:15am therefore I’m not responsible for what I do or do not say…LOL! I’ll give it my best shot – here goes.

It seems like the area in and around Marlena’s hospital room is where all the action takes place in this episode except for some scenes at Jen’s.

Jen is trying to pull her wedding ring off her swollen finger and it goes flying and falls down the drain in the kitchen sink. Patrick is talking on his cell when Abby tells him he can use the phone in the house – he quickly hangs up. He thanks Abby but says he wouldn’t want to rack up international charges on her mothers phone. She tells him email is free and that’s how she communicates with her grandparents in Africa. She sits at the computer and he asks if she is contacting them now – she says no she is doing homework. Her mother was supposed to help but she’s still cleaning the kitchen. Patrick heads there because she is supposed to rest. Jen has a mini outburst because she can’t get her ring out of the pipe or seem to do anything properly. Patrick tells her to let him look after the stuff in the kitchen and she can go help Abby. As soon as Jen leaves he calls someone and let me tell you I haven’t worked at a telephone company for over thirty years for nothing – the sucker dialed a local call – no way that he dialed an international number…LOL! Abby’s homework is to use the internet to write an autobiography of a not so famous person. She talks about what her Dad told – start with an interesting topic that has a personal angle. She decides to find out about Patrick. Jen tells her that is like spying and she should ask Patrick’s permission first. Abby points out that Aunt Hope did a background check on him when he first came to town and she isn’t doing anything different and it is homework. I liked the scenes between mother and daughter – they were very nice and very normal.

Jen goes to make her a snack and surprise, surprise Patrick just HAD to take off his shirt to work under the sink and let me tell you if those shorts he is wearing get any lower … well I guess I don’t need to spell that out. She comments that he is handy around the house. He mentions that the old Lockhart house had a lot of problems and that he did work on his host family’s house in Albania. Jen asks him if he was ever married – the one question that she told Abby not to ask. She apologises and says it’s the reporter in her and that he doesn’t have to feel obligated to answer any of Abby’s questions and tells him he is the subject of Abby’s homework. Abby comes running in and tells her mother to stay away from Patrick because he isn’t who he says he is. She found when he was set to appear at a hearing. He had conned some senior citizens. He tells them it was identity theft and that Hope did a check and he has no criminal record. Jen believes him but it takes Abby a little while to admit she might be wrong. Jen tells her that she learned a valuable lesson – a reporter should never jump to conclusions. Patrick pulls out her wedding ring and gives it back to her and Jen uses that to showcase to Abby that a thief would have kept the ring for himself. Abby apologise and Patrick accepts saying it’s better to be safe than sorry. He’s amazed she could find the stuff on the internet so quickly – he tells her he doesn’t have a clue what to do with a computer. As soon as Jen and Abby go upstairs he goes on the internet and deletes the page that has a picture of him under the headline ‘American suspected of smuggling.’

Lucas calls Kate on her interference in Phil’s life in urging him to go after Belle. He says it’s not right to encourage Phil to break up Shawn and Belle and he asks the question we all are asking. Both Belle and Sami are Marlena’s daughters so what’s the difference? Kate ends up saying that Sami is her mother’s daughter. She was playing everyone else for all the deaths including her (Kate) and it ends up her mother is the killer. Kate tells him that if he ends up dead it will be his fault…hmmm…

Shawn and Bo talk. Shawn hopes that Marlena takes the serum so that they get an explanation, some understanding of what happened. Bo wants the same thing. Shawn hopes that maybe they will find out that Marlena wasn’t responsible for her actions because that’s the only way things can get back to normal. Bo says it might not happen. Shawn says ‘Then I don’t know how Belle and I will ever get past this.’

Hope tells Lexie that she doesn’t want any part of railroading Marlena but Lexie tells her it will be voluntary and the only way that Marlena might remember. She also talks about her father’s plan to have Hattie take over Marlena’s life – they know Hattie isn’t the serial killer but they have no way of knowing what other plans Stefano had. Tek shows up and Bo joins them. He has the drug and Lexie makes a comment about making sure that they do not appear to coerce a statement out of Marlena. Tek is surprised and she explains that she used to be a cop but she couldn’t handle the injustices like Abe could. She doesn’t want any mistakes because they owe it to Abe and the others to make sure justice is done. The woman that comes is a judge and she brings her court reporter because Bo wants to make sure Marlena has no loopholes – he wants to let her put the noose around her neck.

The Black family scenes are very loving. I especially liked Sami’s impassioned plea to Marlena to fight for her family. She talks about what a screw-up she has always been but Marlena was always there for her. She reminds Marlena of how she fought to get away from Stefano and back to her family but she’s not seeing any of that fight now. She begs her mother to fight for her family. I’m not going into a lot of detail because the scenes need to be seen to really feel the impact. Marlena tries to explain why she has to do this. She says the doubt she sees in everyone’s eyes is killing her and for everyone’s sake they need to find out the truth. Hope, Bo and Lexie come in and Sami gets angry and calls Lexie Dr. Death. John asks for five more minutes. Marlena hugs Belle and tells her she loves her – same with Sami. Sami tells Belle they need to give them some private time and Belle leaves the room – Sami starts, sees the police guard and comes back inside. She wants John to break Marlena out of police custody. Both John and Marlena tell her that is not an option but Sami just gets angry and lashes out at John and runs straight into Lucas’ arms. The following scene between John and Marlena is very powerful. He wants her to reconsider but she tells him to understand why she has to get to the truth. She wants him to promise that if she confesses he doesn’t fight it. She wants her confession to be admissible in court. The man is in tears. She says she will plead guilty and there will be no trial. She doesn’t want to put her family and friends through that pain – it’s the most loving thing she can do for her family. Bo, Hope, Lexie, the judge and court reporter come in and Marlena signs the consent form.

Belle goes up to Shawn and he asks her what her mother decided. She tells him that she thinks her mother is going to go through with it. He says good once we know the whole truth than we can deal with it. She hopes they can. She says this might be the last time she gets to see her mom before they take her to the death chamber. She then goes on to say “But that’s what everyone wants right just so they can get to the truth.” He tells her that he doesn’t want her mom to be guilty. Oh my…his voice when he says “I would do anything to take this pain away from you right now.” She says ‘But you can’t.” He tells her that there is a chance that what her mother says in there could make things better but she tells him that there is a chance that what she says could make things so much worse. The look on Shawn’s face – he just doesn’t want to face that Marlena is guilty. Belle says that if her mom confesses, if she is guilty, she would stay pray for her just like she will pray for them. She leaves him and goes to the chapel.

Lucas takes Sami to the chapel and gives her and Belle some time alone. Belle can’t believe this is happening and Sami can’t either. She tells Belle she feels guilty for feeling some happiness with Lucas. Belle asks if she and Lucas are together and Sami kind of smiles and says yeah. Belle hugs her and says she always knew that she had feelings for him. Belle asks how long they have been dating and Sami says they’re not exactly dating – just taking things one day at a time. Sami asks where Shawn is and Belle says he decided to leave town. Sami says ‘what?’ Belle tells her that he decided to stay to be here for her but if their mom ends up being guilty she doesn’t know how they are going to work through this. Sami tells her if her and Lucas can work through their past to find one day of happiness than her and Shawn can work through anything.

Inside the chapel Belle sits at the back and Sami goes to the front. I like her little prayer – she prays for her mom and her family but she can’t help adding this tiny prayer that she can end up back in church for her wedding. Shawn comes in and lightly puts his hand on Belle’s shoulder and she turns to him. The look they exchange …oh my, THUD! He asks if she minds as he signals to the space next to her. She takes his hand and says whatever you want to pray for Shawn but her mother could really use the prayers now. He sits next to her and they join hands her fingers between his and then he covers their hands with his other hand…sigh. They leave the chapel and Belle tells him that they are probably going to give her mom the truth serum now and she asks if he wants to come with her. He takes her hand and tells her there isn’t anyplace he would rather be. He takes her hand hands in his and tells her that he hopes they get the answers they are looking for – she hopes they get answers they can live with. She asks him what if she he is guilty. He shakes his head and says lets not even go there right there not unless they have to.

Inside her room Marlena tells Bo and Hope that whatever she says that if she did those unspeakable things she is deeply sorry. Shawn and Belle enter the room. Marlena takes Belle’s hand and says whatever I say is going to impact all our lives. She squeezes Belle’s hand and says I just hope that it is what you need to hear. I guess we’re seeing why they said that John & Marlena, Bo & Hope and Belle & Shawn would be in the eye of the storm in this storyline – how telling was it when Marlena was talking camera panned over Bo, Hope, John, Shawn and Belle. (Sami & Lucas went to the cafeteria.)

Preview: Mimi is fawning over the guest chef. Belle is telling Brady that she can’t believe her mother can be guilty. She could lose not only her mother but Shawn as well. Marlena telling John that she loves the way he always protected her but he can’t do it this time. Brady tells Nicole that Marlena is ready to talk – then Nicole standing on the edge of the roof. (Where’s a good strong wind when you need one?...just kidding…)

Wednesday Apr. 28

Jan’s Spoilers

I have to say a few things first….Deidre did an excellent job today as did Drake. The show wasn’t bad….except for the dinosaur..LOL. The confession has to be seen although I tried to get as much as I could.

At Jen's....Patrick is going to fix the gasket under Jen's sink. She offers to help and he tells her to hold the flashlight (hmmm...seems Jen has the same job as I do...LOL)Patrick takes his shirt off (hmmm...hubby doesn't do that). Outside Julie is at the front door as she hears Mickey/Bonnie laughing. She turns and asks what Bonnie is doing there..she thought this was a reading of the will and it should be family. Mickey says that Bonnie is almost family as Julie asks really? he says she's worked for our family for years...(rewritten history)Julie tells her this is a solemn occasion and not a pot luck hoe down. They hear Jen scream and run in...Julie is yelling for Jen as her and Patrick come out of the kitchen. She asks if they rang the bell...as Julie mentions them being all wet. Jen explains and goes to dry off. (Bonnie winks at Patrick).. Mickey tells Julie about the dinner Bonnie cooked earlier. .Jen asks if she forgot that they were coming for dinner but Mickey says they are here for the will...Julie asks about the rest of the family as Mickey says he'll call them individually. Patrick tells Bonnie to come with him and leave them alone it's a family time as Julie thanks him and says he is unusually kind...after closing the door Julie sneaks up to it to listen as Mickey tells her to put a sock in it. Bonnie is in the kitchen happier than can be telling Patrick how this is going to make them rich. She tells Patrick no one is going to mess this up for her as he says you’ll do it yourself. Julie starts to bad mouth Patrick and Bonnie as Jen says she should ask her to leave. Julie apologizes knowing they are under stress as Mickey prepares to read the will. In the living room Mickey is going over Alice's will telling Jen that Abby will receive a trust fund the same as Shawn/Zach and Will. He then gives Jen something for Abby from Alice (Bonnie is all excited)it's Alice's cookie recipe...Abby already has the donut recipe...Jen says she'll be very happy. He tells Julie that along with the real estate, cash she will also receive Titan shares...Julie says she's rather have her grandmother. Mickey says that Jen/Hope also get real estate and shares...he then hands Jen bearer bonds...Julie says to guard them with her life...she comments on the housekeeper having light fingers and Maggie's figurine collection has already disappeared to which Mickey looks at her. In the kitchen Bonnie is all excited as bearer bonds are as good as cash and now she can go to the Country Music Festival in Nashville. Jen goes to check her messages as Julie goes to the kitchen door to listen...Bonnie makes a comment about the old witch as she flings the door open and knocks Julie down. Jen comes in to tell them that Hope called and Marlena is taking the serum now...Bonnie offers to go and Julie says no but Mickey says I might need moral support...Patrick offers to be there for Jen. They head out as Bonnie sees the bonds and goes to pick them up...Julie grabs them and says I bet your motto is finders keepers...Bonnie says you better put them away as they are as good as cash..she then tells her to hurry they don't want to keep Mickey waiting.

At Alice's...Mimi arrives (looking very pretty)as she sees a note written on a heart...she follows the red line into the kitchen...Rex tells her he wants to take her mind off the murders as she reminds him he can't cook...he says it isn't a problem he's hired a chef...he tells her it's her favorite one as she says like Rocco is cooking me spaghetti as he turns around. We see them in the kitchen and watch Rocco cooking them dinner. Rex tells her he has more of a surprise.Rex locks the door and tells Mimi it's to keep the world out. He puts on the song 'Fever' and they dance (sort of) the next scene has them on the floor after making love. Mimi says that she’ll never be able to walk through this place again without being embarrassed. Rex saying that should keep your mind of Shawn and Belle's problems...she says who?...she then says after tonight she doesn't know how they'll make it if Marlena is the murderer. She says Belle's lie could have cost Shawn's Gran her life...I know she didn't mean it but....Rex says what happens tonight...Mimi tells him that Marlena is taking a truth serum to which Rex yells why the hell didn't you tell me?

At the hospital...Brady/Nicole come in as Nicole is freaking about Marlena taking the truth serum...Brady goes to find out where Marlena is as Nicole has a fantasy about Marlena telling her that she is about to take the serum...she mentions that she saw her with that whacky Jan and they are probably co-conspirators. Bardy comes back as Nicole is freaking out...he pulls her into the chapel and tells her not to scream. He tells her that they will name each victim and Marlena will say yes or no...he wants to know if she is the killer did she kill Victor...he tells Nicole it's time to go as they head out to the waiting room...Marlena/John/Belle/Shawn/Hope/Bo/Judge/stenographer/Lexie are in Marlena's room as a dinosaur shows up (I'm sorry this is so stupid)the cop tells T-Rex to get a move on...inside the room Shawn says to himself he hopes this proves that Marlena is innocent or he doesn't know what the and Belle will do...Belle is praying that her Mom is innocent for all their sakes...Bo says he and Hope will do the questioning as John starts to protest...the Judge warns him that Bo is the one in command and if John interrupts he will be removed...John wants a moment alone with Marlena as Bo protests but the Judge grants it...they leave as Hope wants a word alone with John...she tells them they are all friends as John says he doesn't feel the love...she says we have to do this so we can find out one way or the other...Marlena is talking to Lexie as Lexie says she's a professional doesn't Marlena know what that is like but if she killed Abe....another story....John goes over to Marlena as she says only one of them can cry....she tells him it will be OK as he pleads with her not to do this....out in the hall the Judge tells Bo that she knows this is personnel to him but they have to make sure they do everything right...Shawn is standing by Belle as Brady comes up and hugs Belle...Shawn leaves. Nicole sees the dinosaur and surprise...it's Jan lifting the head off...Bo turns to see Nicole and says that he hopes to put his fathers killer away tonight as well...he goes to Nicole and asks where her accomplice is. Bo tells her that there are finger prints all over the mansion and they will find out who killed him…it may not have been her but she hired them. She keeps looking at the dinosaur as Bo questions her about it and she says it beats looking at him. He tells her not to leave the hospital. Brady and Belle talk as she mentions lying to Shawn…Brady says you couldn’t have know as Belle says if her Mom is guilty she’ll lose both her and Shawn….Shawn leaves as dino-girl follows. Nicole catches up as Shawn goes into the chapel…she grabs her tail as Jan turns around. Nicole tells her that she better leave as the cops are closing in. Jan says even if Shawn’s father comes after me Shawn wills top him. Nicole calls her dino-brain and tells her to leave the hospital. She says Shawn is in there praying and I have to comfort him. They start fighting. Shawn come out and breaks up a fight between Dino-girl and Nicole...he asks Nicole what she is doing there is a children's fair going on...he asks if she's OK and dino-girl says that she knew he would save her (to herself of course)....(SDB is sort of smiling like he can't believe what is going on)Nicole looks at him and says she knows he and Belle are having problems if she can help let her know as she hugs him (he looks uncomfortable & dino-girl is talking to herself telling Nic to stay away from her boyfriend)as he pulls away he says there isn't anything he'd talk to her about. After he leaves Nic tells dino-girl that she has to stop drooling over Shawn and concentrate that Marlena could very well be giving them away and then she'll lose lover boy. Shawn/Brady talking as Brady asks Shawn what he thinks of the truth serum...Shawn says he's not sure. Nicole is upstairs on the roof standing on the ledge as Brady comes out and sees her...he yells her name and pulls her down...she of course starts kissing him. He pushes her away and asks her if that is her solution for everything...kissing. He says he thought she was going to jump as she tells him she always lives on the edge. He heads downstairs to hear Marlena's confession. In Marlena's room the questioning starts...Bo asks her about the first murder but she says it starts before that so we'll start at the beginning. She talks about attacking Bo/Hope at the fashion show and says mystery solved…as Hope says that we were almost killed. Marlena says I got better. Bo asks her about coming home...as John pipes up about being there when she came home...the Judge tells him to be quiet. Marlena says the second time...the first time she came in asking where tall, dark and handsome was. She found a note and a gardenia on the bed telling her to meet him at the Church for Theo's christening or if she was late to meet him at Lexie and Abe's. She says she knew she had time for a shower and to change so she opened the suitcase and saw it. (Shawn and Belle hold hands...love how he takes her hand in his).... Bo asks saw what...she says the mask and I knew what I had to do, I had no choice(OK...why is this reminding me of the Jim Carrey movie...the Mask?)she killed Abe as we see the camera pan around the room...it ends on John's shocked face. (Shawn has his arm around Belle holding her)


Pat’s Spoilers

Would those people that dress Bonnie Lockhart please, please, please rethink their wardrobe choices! I can’t believe that Mickey has the audacity to bring Bonnie with him to Jen’s house for the reading of Alice’s will. Frankly I can’t believe that he is reading it just in front of Jen and Julie – he says he’ll contact the rest of the family by home. Julie upsets both Jen and Mickey with her remarks about what Patrick and Bonnie are up to but Mickey tells her to put a sock in it and Jen tells her that she will ask her to leave. Mind you Julie pushed Jen a bit too hard when she asked her how long Jack had been dead that she has a guy walking around half naked. I’m beyond livid that Bonnie’s dialog had to include her saying ‘what did the old bag leave her’ when she’s eavesdropping and Jen says I can’t believe that grandma gave Abby this. It turns out it’s her prize winning cookie recipe. When Bonnie hears that Alice left Jen some bearer bonds she tells Patrick that they’ll be rich just in time for her to go Nashville for Fanfest. Jen checks her messages and tells them that Marlena is taking the truth serum and Bo wants them at the hospital. Mickey tells Julie he’ll need Bonnie there for moral support and Patrick goes so that he can drive Jen home. Jen leaves the bearer bonds on the coffee table and Bonnie is just about to grab them when Julie snatches them away. Bonnie tells her she better lock them up she hears they are as good as cash.

Rex sets up a romantic dinner for Mimi - oh my god – they have turned Tuscany into a joke. Too bad they had the dinner in the same place where Roman was brutally murdered. It was cute – I liked watching the chef. The dance was nice but then you know what had to happen – after all it is Rex and Mimi – sex under the mechanical bull. Puh-leese! Rex is upset that Mimi didn’t tell him sooner that Marlena was taking sodium pentothal when she brings it up while talking about Shawn and Belle.

Nicole really gets worked up when Brady says that Marlena is taking the truth serum. When he questions her about it she says she hates to see Bo bullying Marlena like he did her. Nicole notices the dinosaur and then when the mask is lifted she sees who is under it. I liked what the guard called the green dinosaur when it was gawking through the window into Marlena’s room – T-rex. Nicole goes after T-rex when she follows Shawn to the chapel. Nicole warns her that Bo just threatened to arrest her Marlena is done talking and that he is determined to find out whose fingerprints were found in the house because he knows that person killed Victor at her request. T-rex is beyond delusional – she tells Nicole that if Bo arrests her Shawn will stand up for her and protect her. Yeah, right! They start fighting and Shawn comes out of the chapel and helps T-rex off the floor. Shawn berates Nicole and Nicole hugs him and starts talking about how she heard that he and Belle were having troubles and that he can come and talk to her anytime. T-rex is watching angry that Nicole is hugging <I>her</I> boyfriend…sheesh!

In Marlena’s room Lexie very coldly tells Marlena (who had just commented on how professional she was treating her considering she may well have killed her husband) that if she finds out that she killed her husband and brother than she won’t be able to stop herself from hurting her. Bo warns John that only he and Hope are going to question Marlena. John won’t let Marlena do it but it’s too late because she signed the consent. John wants a minute alone with his wife – Bo says no – the judge says yes. Hope speaks to John first and tells him that she and Bo haven’t forgotten what good friends they have been. John tells her he hasn’t exactly been feeling the love. Hope says she doesn’t want to believe Marlena is guilty but this may be the only chance they have of finding out the truth. When they’re alone Marlena tells John that he can’t protect her and that if she is guilty than he has to let her go. John says if she did kill these people there was a reason for it and he will find out why.

At the very beginning Shawn and Belle are on opposite sides of the room. He’s thinking that he hopes that Marlena is innocent so he and Belle can get past this – Belle is praying that her mother is innocent. Belle goes to talk to Brady and Shawn goes to the chapel. Belle can’t believe that it’s possible her mother is guilty and she tells Brady that if she is she will not only lose her mother but there’s a chance she will lose Shawn as well.

It’s close to the end of the show before the questioning starts. Under the influence of the drug we kind of see the Marlena we saw before she fell off the balcony. Bo wants to talk about the first murder. She says why don’t we start with the first attack. They don’t know what she is talking about. She mentions the fashion show and that she almost bludgeoned Bo and Hope to death. Hope says I almost died. Marlena’s response is ‘it’s hard to get the knack of killing.’ Bo asks her about the day of Abe’s death and if she came back from Colorado and went from the airport home. John says yes and I was there and Abe was already dead so she has an alibi. She says she did go to the penthouse but John wasn’t there. He left her a gardenia corsage and a note about Theo’s christening and the celebration at the Carver’s after. She saw that she had time to shower and change so she went to unpack and that is when she saw it. They asked what she saw. She said the mask and that is when she knew she had to kill Abe. (As Marlena talks we get flashbacks).

During the questioning there was one moment that Belle reached for Shawn’s hand and he immediately took it, lacing her fingers through hers. When Marlena mentions the mask, Shawn puts his arm around Belle.

Previews: Belle tells Shawn it is so much worse – how are we all going to get through this? (She is crying - Shawn has his arm around her). Marlena pulling off the mask saying “Gotcha Jack” – Jen attacks Marlena – Bo holds her back. Marlena telling Abe that she knew this would take him by surprise just before she shoots him. Lucas telling Sami that her mother is a cold-hearted killer.

Thursday Apr. 29

Jan’s Spoilers….

I have to be honest…I’m not sure that I can give details on the confessions…there is so much dialogue with everyone in and out of the room. Marlena’s voice and the looks on her face to me is so much a part of the confessions that I don’t think I can do it justice. The pain and emotion that they are all going through would be hard to describe. I did at points in time find the confessions to be a bit over the top but Deidre did an excellent job and that BIG TWIST better happen soon. I think this is one of those shows that has to be seen (if you so desire)so I’ll just go over some of my thoughts and the details of Shelle’s conversation.

Up on the roof Lucas finds Sami...he talks about her leaving and that he knows why. It\'s about her Mom. He tells her that he doesn\'t regret what happened between them and he doesn\'t think that she does either. He kisses her and she pulls away says she knows what he is doing. They run into Lexie in the hall and she tells Sami that Marlena confessed to Abe’s murder…Sami tells Lucas that maybe Kate was involved with John in this and how would he like to see his mother put to death. In Marlena\'s room after hearing her confession about Maggie he asks Sami if she believes it now...that her mother is a cold blooded killer.

Patrick is there for Jen as up on the roof Jen knows how Lexie felt. Reliving it all and the fact that she couldn\'t save Jack. She knows how Abby felt when she took Jack off life support. She passes out as Patrick takes her downstairs. Lexie checks her out and leaves them alone (Patrick wants to leave but Jen wants him to stay)...he pulls out the coin and puts it in her hand and kisses her hand saying it\'s for luck. The contractions stop...Lexie tells her to go home and get some rest...they all need it after tonight.

In the chapel Abe\'s ghost appears...he knows what Lexie has been through these last months. Trying to be strong as the victims mounted up. She mentions Marlena killing him (no response as to a yes or no about that)and he tells her that she will always be in his heart as he is in hers but it\'s time to move on. He gives his permission. As his ghost leaves Lexie finds Tek there...she gets beeped (Jen)and leaves. Tek comes up to her later and asks about the ice cream but she tells him she’d like a rain check (do I detect a new pairing)...they smile at each other.

In Marlena’s room there is so much going on…but she continues to confess and explain how she killed them…with little added comments and smirks.

Hope I believe is still trying hard to believe in Marlena but it is becoming more difficult.

Bo is being the cop and showing little emotion…strictly business.

John is being quiet throughout and sitting by her side…but he’s sure that there is something else going on.

Sami is in total denial and still believing that John is framing Marlena.

Shawn and Belle are trying desperately to be there for each other and at the same time struggling with what is being said.

Here is their conversation throughout the show:

Shawn: I wish there was something I could do.

Belle: What’s going to happen now Shawn?

After Marlena’s confession about Abe: Belle says It’s going to get so much worse from here. How are we all going to get through this?

Sami comes over to Belle asking her how she could let Marlena do this. Belle tells her that she heard her. She admitted to being the serial killer. Sami tells her she made a choice between her mother and her precious boyfriend.

After Marlena’s confession about Maggie: Belle says to Shawn that she is so sorry. I never should have lied to you about being my Mom’s alibi, can you ever forgive me?

Shawn tells her that most of the remaining victims are close personal relatives. After your Mom confesses to killing them I’m sorry, I just don’t know how I’m going to feel about your or our relationship. (there is so much pain in his voice as he talks to her…and she feels so guilty…they are both I believe in shock)

Throughout the show Shelle are standing beside each other until Mickey comes in and Shawn goes to him.

One comment by Marlena that caught my attention was: The eyes tell everything. They are the windows to the soul.

A couple more thoughts.….I still have yet to figure out why Bonnie was there still in need of a bra. From tomorrow’s preview it looks like it finally hits Bo as Marlena confesses to Caroline’s murder.

Sorry that I didn’t go into a lot of detail…but like I said the camera kept moving around. We did see the murders through Marlena’s eyes this time as opposed to the victim’s eyes but I can’t say that I enjoyed seeing them again.

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m not going to go into a blow by blow report on the show. I couldn’t possibly do it justice. To get the full impact of the start of the confession you really have to watch and listen. You have to see Deidre’s expressions, her eyes, hear the different inflections in her voice. She did an absolutely astoundingly amazing job today. She shows no remorse whatsoever. She talks about shooting Abe in the neck with such a matter of fact voice you would think she is reading off her grocery list. She seems to take particular glee in telling the spouses what her victims last words were.

Personally I don’t understand why the police are letting family members in especially when Bo says that they’ll get to the why after all the confessions. So they stand there and listen to Marlena tell them how she killed their loved ones but they don’t get to learn why. Isn’t the why what you don’t know and want to know – they know how their spouses died by the autopsy report. Darn plot, plot, plot and more plot.

So of course Lexie, Jen and Mickey all had to be held back from attacking her. No surprise there. She tells Lexie that just before she shot Abe he said tell Lexie that I love her and Theo very much. She kind of chuckles because Abe told her he was wearing a bullet-proof vest so she had to aim carefully. She shot him and left him to die. With Jack she tells Jen he never knew what hit him. He was checking his watch because he didn’t want to keep her waiting. When he fell she told him that Jen would be waiting a long time – until hell freezes over. Then on to Maggie. She says Maggie was so gullible and such a sap. It was just so easy and she was really proud of the murder weapon she chose – she thought it was fitting. She has a flashback of wearing the mask after shooting Abe and Maggie seeing her eyes and then it goes to when Maggie recognized her eyes the night she died.

There were a lot of other things going on. They only get to go in the room when Marlena is talking about murdering their loved one so the rest takes place outside the room. Of course Bonnie and Patrick are there – I’m not even going to mention Bonnie’s dialogue. All I have to say is why the hell did she have to be there referring to Mickey as her ‘meal-ticket’ yet. I know a lot people find her character to be comic relief – actually the only word that comes to mind when I think of her is ‘disrespectful.’ Okay, okay – that’s not the only word – but it’s the safest one…LOL! Julie is there as well but she mainly tries to get between Bonnie and Mickey. There’s a short glimpse of Maggie telling Mickey that she is there before he goes into Marlena’s room.

I liked the scene on the hospital roof between Lucas and Sami. He finds her there after she slipped out of the cafeteria. It’s so obvious that she is very scared of admitting that they are in a relationship. She’s fighting with all her might to hang on to her belief that her mother is innocent. So when Lucas kisses her to prove that they are a couple she runs. By the chapel Mickey overhears her telling Lucas that her mother is innocent and being framed by John. He tells her that her Mother already confessed to killing Abe. She runs into the room and screams that John is framing her mom. The judge tells her she won’t allow these interruptions. Sami sees Shawn and Belle and asks Belle why she isn’t defending their Mom from Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope who just want to send her to the death chamber. Belle tells her that she confessed to killing Abe. Sami yells at Belle that she can see whose side she is on. She’s siding with her precious boyfriend. Bo and Hope let her stay but tell her she has to be quiet. When she talks about killing Jack Lucas tells her that her mother is a cold-blooded killer. She tells him that John and Kate worked together to frame Marlena and asks him how he will feel when his mother is on death room. After Marlena confesses to killing Maggie Sami continues to believe that her mother is framed and she begs Marlena to tell them it’s not true. John tells her that even if Marlena confessed there has to be something more to this and he’ll find out what. She yells at him that this was his plan along – that her mother would be sent to death row for his crimes and she runs out of the room.

After hearing Marlena confess to killing Abe Lexie has to leave the room. Tek offers to take her to the cafeteria for some ice cream, some comfort food. She agrees. She wants to stop in the chapel and pray for Abe. She lights a candle as she prays saying no matter how often she says goodbye she will never let him go. Abe appears to her and tells her he has a message for her. She tells him it has been so hard listening to their best friend confess to shooting him. He tells her he knows how rough it has been on her with his death and then having to remain strong as the deaths continued. He tells her it is time to move on. He gives her his blessing. He tells her that he will always be in heart and he will always be with her but it’s time for her to let someone else into her heart. – she’s ready. Tek asks her if she is ready – he is now standing in front of her where Abe was. (Geez, I wonder where this is going). Her beeper goes off – it’s an emergency. It’s Jennifer. After hearing how Jack died Patrick took her up on the roof (boy they’re making use of that set) and she’s gets a pain and passes out. He gives her the coin and miracle of miracles she feels better.

As for Shawn and Belle he stays by her side until Mickey comes in and he goes to his side. After Marlena confesses to killing Maggie Belle grabs Shawn’s arm and says “I never should have lied to you to give my mom an alibi. Can you ever forgive me?” Oh goodness the look on his face and in his eyes. He is reeling. He is in total shock. I think he so desperately wanted to believe that she was innocent but he can’t any longer and the enormity of his loss is finally hitting him. Not only of what he has lost but of what he still could lose – Belle. He says all the other victims were close relatives of mine. After your mom confesses to killing them…this is exactly what we were afraid of. (Belle is already crying). He goes on to say that he’s sorry but he doesn’t know exactly how he’s going to feel about you or our relationship. (I do believe he’s holding her hand when he’s telling her this – at least that’s what it looks like).

I have one thing to say and I don’t know if I’m reading more into this or not. In the scene where Abe appears to Lexie – when she mentions how difficult it was to listen to Marlena confessing to killing him Abe doesn’t confirm it or deny it either. I just found it strange that he tells her he knows how rough it was for her, first his death and then all the others because she was back at work and had to be strong. Why didn’t Abe say something about Marlena if she is the one that killed him and she is now confessing to it? I just found it strange.

Preview: Rex confronting Mimi saying I thought you always told me the truth – maybe I can’t trust you after all. Mimi is just looking up at him with her mouth open. Hope, Bo and Grandpa Shawn standing next to Marlena as she tells him that she’ll tell them the whole truth but they are not going to like it. Shawn collapses in a chair and says ‘Grandma’. Belle goes to him. Sami is standing and crying saying it can’t be true. Kate telling Marlena that if she could kill her daughter Cassie than maybe she should kill her daughter Sami.

Friday Apr. 30

Jan's Spoilers.....

As last night I won't go into the details of the confessions but I'll try to go into the emotions of the people surrounding them. I loved the Lumi scenes...loved Kate with Rex (maybe she can move on to his relationship)....loved watching Bo trying to keep it together while Marlena confessed to Ma's and Roman's murders. Loved Shelle as they struggled with everything that was going on. Deidre did an excellent job today and to be quite honest I am totally confused by these confessions. Now I'm sure I missed something and it might be out of order but...we'll give it a go!

At Alice's....Rex is upset that Mimi didn't tell him. She apologizes saying she got caught up in all the romance and love-making. She wasn't sure that he wanted to be there...but realizes it means closure.

Kate is in the Chapel as MB comes in to check on her. She tells him that she can't believe this is happening. That she is here to hear how Cassie and Roman died.. She says that Sami is more monsterous than her mother and will destroy Lucas. MB says that you can’t seriously be thinking that Lucas and Sami are together. Kate tells him she found them in bed and that she will turn the tables on that little slut..

At the Chapel...Shawn is praying as Belle comes in and kneels in the pew behind him....he sits back (knowing that she is there)she apologizes for bothering him....he stands as she goes to him...he tells her he just needed to get out of there for a few minutes...she asks him if he just needed to get away from her. Shawn says his Dad told him to stop analyzing the situation. I don’t blame you. Belle asks how can he not. My mother killed some of your closest relatives. Because of my lie you weren’t there for your great-gran. How will we get through this? Shawn says I don’t know, I don’t know, maybe we can’t. He says he has to go back to be there for his parents. Belle goes up to the front and says Dear God, why is this happening?

Lumi....Sami comes storming out of the room to Lucas. She is yelling that her mother is innocent she didn't do this. Lucas yells at her to calm down she just heard her mother confess. She says that John, her mercenary step-father is the one that is doing this....him and Kate. Lucas tells her did she listen...her mother confessed to killing his Aunt Maggie and she has to face facts. Sami asks him if he's going to hit her again...maybe she should have pressed charges. Lucas said he's sorry he did that but she was drunk and he didn't want her to hurt herself. He tells her that he wants to be there for her...he knows they have a connection he felt it when they made love. She said she felt happy but now...he tells her that she is going through a lot right now and it's not easy but they'll make it together...and his feelings have nothing to do with Will. He tells her he knows that Kate is a problem. She continues on about Marlena being innocent and Lucas asks her if she wants his family to being going through this instead...she tells him her other can't be put to death...look at what Kate and him did to her...set her up. He says he thinks about that everyday and he can't tell her how sorry he is...she storms at him that she doesn't want to be with him they have no future as Kate comes up and says it's the first thing she has said that made sense. Lucas tells her that Sami is distraught as she just heard Marlena confess to killing Maggie. MB says she confessed (excuse me but isn't that why everyone is there....maybe the collard on his uniform is too tight)...Lucas wants to talk to her alone....he tells her that he is there for her but Sami also needs him. Sami comes out of the room with Will as she screams at Lucas and Kate for letting him in...she says that Kate wants him to hate his other grandmother...Lucas says he didn't see Will as Kate tells her she would have never let him go in...Kate wants to talk to him but Sami says no and takes him away. Lucas says he has to be there for both of them. Kate says I agree with 1/2 lf that. She says she is going to go in and listen to Marlena confess about killing Cassie..his half-sister and that maybe he should be there for her. He says he'll be back and leaves. Lumi talk to Will as Lucas tells him that they don’t know why she did this but they will find out. Sami tells him to pray for her God loves her as they do. Pop Shawn shows up and Will leaves with him. Lucas tells Kate that they only gave her 10 mins. To regroup and it’s almost time….she isn’t sure how she’ll be able to handle it. Lucas is with her as Rex comes up and wants to speak to ‘Mom’ alone. Kate is pleasantly surprised as she hasn’t heard him call her that…they talk about Cassie and Rex apologizes for him and Cassie and the fact that they didn’t tell either Kate or Roman that they were their parents. Kate says I never got the chance to know Cassie and you never got the chance to know Roman…Rex says no but you and I will get the chance. Phil is talking to Mimi as he tells her that Rex has lost a lot (Shawn and Belle walk by to go back in the room)as Mimi says like Belle could lose Shawn…is that what you want Phil? Phil doesn’t answer but goes to Kate/Rex…Kate asks if Rex is coming in as it is time for Marlena to confess to Roman’s killing…Rex says no as Phil escorts Kate into the room. Rex tells Mimi he wants to leave as she says she’ll hold him all night..he wants to do something first…he goes into the Chapel to pray for Cassie/Roman and all the victims. He tells Mimi that he has never wanted to pray before but it seemed like a good time to start. He tells her he loves her as she says he is a good man.

Lumi are on the roof as he tells Sami how good she was with Will. She tells him the same. He tells her that she has to be realistic about her Mom being the killer…she starts on that it couldn’t have been her as Lucas again says you have to admit it that she is. Sami finally breaks down and says she’s guilty…she killed Uncle Abe, Jack and Grandma but she didn’t kill my father. She wouldn’t do that and I won’t believe it no matter what. She leaves and Lucas says to himself that she is in for a shock.

In Marlena's room....Hope asks how she could kill all these innocent people. John says this isn't her...there is something else going on. Bo starts to question her about Caroline. She says she had to do it as a pre-emptive strike. Hope asks if that is why she tried to kill Shawn...both Shawn and Belle look shocked...she says oh right, I tried to kill Shawn. Bo says but you got someone else...do you know who? Marlena says probably someone he was sleeping with....Belle gasps as Shawn yells you know that isn't true. Bo then start to question her about Caroline...Sami comes running in telling Marlena to tell them she is innocent that she didn't do it...she didn't kill these people or Grandma....Pop Shawn comes in and says he agrees with Samantha....Marlena was their daughter-in-law and a member of the Brady family she didn't do this. Bo tells him that she has already confessed to three others....he then turns to her and asks if she killed Caroline...she says 'yep'..Pop Shawn is in shock as Shawn yells NO!!!...she then continues on about how she did it....(we see some flashbacks of Bo getting the PDA message and finding Caroline)...Sami has tears coming down as we hear Will yelling that she couldn't have done it (Sami goes out with Will)....Shawn slumps into the chair saying Grandma as Belle grabs a hold of his arm....the Judge is upset by all of this happening...Will being there and the disruptions...she says with Marlena waiving her right to a trial this is the only way the victims families could hear what happened but there can't be more of this...Bo wants Pop to leave as Pop apologizes for bringing Will...Bo tells him it's not his fault but for his own healt he should go and take Will he'll fill him in later...Pop Shawn starts talking and says that death is too good for what she did to Caroline and Roman and he hopes she rots in hell....Rex arrives (with Mimi) as the Judge asks who this is...Bo says this is Rex...and Rex adds Brady...he says she killed my Father and my Grandmother and I want to hear what she did to my sister Cassie...Bo says she is next as Kate comes in and says if you can kill my daughter Cassie what is to stop me from killing your daughter Sami. Hope stops her and Kate apologizes to the Judge. Marlena goes on about Cassie and then says she had to plan her next murder….Roman. Kate yells No!!

Phil/Kate come into the room (Shawn gives him the look)as Shawn goes to stand by Bo/Hope. Kate/Phil are on the other side of the room. Bo starts to question Marlena about Roman’s death. She gets to the point about stuffing the bride/groom down his throat and waiting for him to stop breathing when Bo brushes the tears from his eyes. Phil turns to Kate and says he is so sorry…Kate hugs him and says that she hopes when he finds love it won’t be like the love her and Roman will never have. (MB is looking at Belle but her attention is focused on Shawn) . Belle and Shawn are standing apart from each other both looking at each other with very sad faces. (those eyes ladies)…Sami is there saying she can’t believe it…she goes up to Marlena yelling at her asking her how she could kill Daddy….John says he doesn’t know how he is going to help her…the show ends on Marlena’s face and I have to say that it is a very strange look (smug/at peace/almost like she’s laughing on the inside for all the pain she has caused).

Previews: Belle saying she doesn’t know how Shawn will forgive her for what happened to his grandmother and Phil hugging her saying she's better off without him (I think). Sami/Kate arguing and going after each other as Phil and Lucas try to break it up. Jan telling Nicole they have to kill Marlena. Marlena asking John if he still loves her….(that look of hers is very strange)

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Monday May 3

Jan’s Spoilers……

Okay….I’ll be honest. I have seen enough death/murders and flashbacks of them to last me a lifetime. Brady needs to find a brain. The whole Jan/Nic stuff was beyond stupid and if I have to watch Phil ‘pat’ Belle’s head one more time I’ll scream (she is not a puppy or a little girl)….I did however love it when Shawn called Belle ‘Honey. This is not the show I fell in love with or the characters I love.

On the rooftop Nicole is standing there as Dino-girl comes up beside her. They talk a bit as Jan wants to know why she is still there. Nic tells her that every door is guarded by cops...Jan says they should go to Mexico...Nic asks her if she isn't listening...Bo won't let her leave. Then Nic decides she wants the costume and they wrestle...Brady arrives and wants to know what is going on...Nic tells him the dinosaur fell and she was trying to help her up...Brady asks if she is OK and Dino-girl goes into her Barney routine and leaves (or so it appears as she hides)...Nic asks what is going on with Marlena and Brady tells him she is confessing to the murders...she asks about Victor's and Brady informs her that they don't believe she killed Vic she had an airtight alibi she was with John/Shawn/Belle at Tuscany. They do however suspect her...she says I had an alibi I was handcuffed to you...he says they think you hired an accomplice...Nic starts to freak and says Marlena will frame her..she hates me because of what I did to her son Eric...Brady says she won't lie she is using a truth serum...she says Bo will plant it in her head...Brady wants to know if Marlena knows something..(dino-girl motions at her to get Brady to leave).Nic wants him to go down and find out what is going on...she'll stay there it might be the last time she can breathe fresh air....after he leaves Dino-girl comes out and says you are pretty stupid...Nicole says she is terrified and she should be too...dino-girl says they have to kill Marlena. She tells Nicole she knows how to do that and she got the idea from Marlena.

In the room....Sami is freaking out that Marlena killed Roman...bo says it's obvious that Roman knew that she was the killer...she tells Bo he is wrong. Shawn tells Belle that her mother loved Roman and she killed him. Marlena goes on to tell them that she loved Roman and that is why she killed him...she couldn't let him be with trailer-trash. John says before you took the serum you told me you loved me...she says I lied. Hope calls her a monster. Sami has an outburst and the judge tells her she has 30 seconds and that is it...after that another outburst and she'll be in jail...Sami says that her mother loved her father and all she wanted was to be together with him. It's John and Kate's fault and that is why everyone is dead. It is them that are the monsters. Sami takes off as Lucas turns to follow...Kate yells at him to stay and he says I can't. John tells Belle she should leave…but she doesn’t want to go. While this is happening Shawn is standing by Belle as she cries and he hands her a tissue she says that she can’t believe this is the reason there has to be more to it….Shawn says I’m sorry honey but I think that’s the reason. Bo says to the judge we have motive and the murders were pre-meditated so that makes it murder one...the judge says yes and in this state we have the death penalty. Shawn is standing by Belle and he says he's sorry. Julie comes in and tells Hope that Jen is with Lexie and is fine. Kate leaves and Phil follows telling Belle he has to go to be with his Mom…They start to talk about Doug's murder and Marlena says his was the most painful it took him a long time to die. She has a flashback to killing him and Hope pleading with him to live. Julie attacks Marlena…the Judge asks her if she wants to press charges against Mrs. Williams…Marlena says no she would have done the same thing if someone took the one she loved…then she says wait I did…Belle says that she thinks her Mom is going insane…Shawn tells her that it’s too late for that…she can’t use that as an excuse. They want to talk about Alice…Marlena says she has something to say first…she tells Belle thank you for lying to Shawn for me and giving me an alibi it gave me more time…Shawn says to kill my great-gran…she says I’m not responsible for that Doug is…she then says Julie is as well as we get a flashback to Alice’s death…Brady comes in and takes Belle outside as Shawn watches through the window as Belle tells Brady that this is awful…that Shawn won’t forgive her for lying…Belle goes back in and we hear about Tony’s death. Brady catches Nicole in the dinosaur costume…A ‘nurse’ arrives to give her more truth serum but John stops her…Shawn says she looks familiar as she says it’s the mask…as she leaves Belle looks at her as well. Nicole has slipped into the room. She follows the ‘nurse’ out as Brady follows her asking if she knows who it is. Brady/John/Belle are on one side of Marlena while Bo/Hope/John are on the other side. Marlena tells them about Tony’s death…Phil has come back in the room…Belle turns to him and says my mom is going to die and goes into his arms…Shawn has had enough and leaves…Hope follows him noticing that he was watching Belle and Phil. He slams his hand on the counter and says Phil…He tells Hope that he needs to get away..he’s leaving tonight…she tells him to go to Belle but he says he has to get away…Belle hears him (as does the ‘nurse’ aka Jan)she tells Phil that Shawn won’t even look at her that he’ll never forgive her for his grandmother’s death…he tells her that she deserves better. Inside the room Bo wants to question Marlena about Victor’s death as Nicole walks in.

Out in the hall Sami runs into Brady who asks what is wrong..she says you don't care about me and it's your fathers fault that my mom murderered these people..Lucas comes up behind and he tells Brady that all hell broke loose. That Marlena confessed to killing Roman and that she still loved him…Brady figures that his Dad is beside himself and goes to him…Lucas follows Sami into the Chapel where she is praying for John and Kate to die…Lucas says she doesn’t mean that but she says she does…Kate comes in and her and Sami fight as Lucas/Phil break them apart…Sami bites Phil…Lucas goes off on Sami as he tells her that she has to calm down..he’ll be there for her….she says it’s too late and asks him to leave her alone…when he leaves she breaks down crying as nothing will ever be the same.

Pat’s Spoilers
Thanks Jan for posting these for me. I’m glad that my neighbour is home and I’ll have access to a computer on the weekends I come home now.

This is a very difficult show to write up a spoiler for. Why in god’s name did we have to see replays of Marlena stabbing Doug in the throat, Doug writing in her name in blood and struggling to hide the paper, the blood pouring down on Tony, the tiger attack, the whole little gleeful talk as she explained to Tony how the drug she was injecting into him was going to kill him and last but not least, Alice cowering in the pantry and Marlena telling her it was a good time to die??? I’m sick of all of this – it’s just too much.

And then to be subjected to useless characters like mb, ykw and Nicole on top of it all. I simply CANNOT abide watching mb petting Belle’s head like she’s a lap dog any longer. If that’s what we are going to be subjected to each time he holds her I won’t be watching. I can’t stand the mockery he is making of his uniform…ugh…I better stop now or I’ll have to delete myself and I won’t be around to do it…LOL!

The confessions continue. Marlena remains remorseful and apparently very gleeful as she continues. The judge allows Sami 30 seconds to say her piece after another outburst against John and Kate. Marlena tells her Roman had to die because he married Kate. If she couldn’t have him no one could. (There’s a lot more to her talk about Roman but you really need to watch it).

Shawn is very confrontational with Belle telling her that her mother was married to his Uncle Roman, had kids with him and she just confessed to killing him. Belle doesn’t know what to say. For the most part Shawn remains at Belle’s side but towards the end of the show it’s a different story. We have Shawn, Bo and Hope on one side of her bed and John, Brady and Belle on the other. Poor Belle when Marlena thanks her for giving her an alibi for Doug’s death – it bought her a little more time before she became a suspect. Shawn says ‘enough time to kill my grandmother.’ This is when Marlena says that Alice’s death wasn’t her fault – it was Doug’s.

Julie loses it and attacks Marlena – chokes her. The judge asks Marlena if she wants to press charges. Marlena tells Julie she doesn’t blame her. If she was in her position she might do the same. Oh goodness – Marlena starts laughing saying, “I did do that, didn’t I?” Marlena tells everything saying it’s actually both Doug and Julie’s fault that Alice had to die. She looks at Bo and says ‘stellar’ police work as usual when referring to the note and how she used the surveillance tapes that were meant to catch her.

The only thing I’ll say about the Nicole/ykw scenes is that ykw who tells Nicole the only thing to do is kill Marlena before she has a chance to tell the police that she didn’t kill Victor and that she saw the two of them together. I almost had to laugh when ykw says she doesn’t want Shawn to find out that she killed Victor because even though she did it for him he might not see it that way – Duh…you think???? I’m sorry but can Brady be dumbed down any further. He’s official wearing the Aus-dumb mantle now. In his conversation with Nicole by her words and actions a two year old could figure out that she was responsible for his grandfather’s death. I’m surprised he figured out it was her in the dinosaur outfit when she put it on to watch and see if ykw was successful in killing Marlena.

And Sami – I can’t take much more of her baseless, screaming, endless accusations against John and Kate any longer. Poor Lucas tries to get her to come out of denial but she still believes that John is the killer and is doing something to get Marlena to confess to his crimes. I didn’t like when she was fighting with Kate in the chapel that she bit mb’s hand when he tried to hold her back. It was also a very meaningful moment when Kate begged Lucas to come with her and Philip and he refused to leave Sami’s side. Kate did not like that at all.

There were a couple of mentions of being ‘dead inside’ today – not sure if they have any significance or not. Belle tells Brady that her Mother is not herself, it’s like she’s dead inside. (Marlena tells both John and Belle that they’re seeing the real her without her façade when she talks about killing all these people because she loved Roman and didn’t want him back. She tells John she doesn’t love him and asks if he still loves her). And then at the end John and Kate are talking and by the sounds of it John is buying what Marlena is selling. He asks Kate how he could have been so blind that he didn’t see his wife was betraying him. Kate says she had us both fooled – she killed so many people we loved. He says but the difference is we’re still alive but dead inside.

As for the ‘good friend’ – Belle goes into his arms after Marlena talks about Alice’s death. She says Shawn can’t even look at her. She says that her lie is the reason that Alice died (something to that effect – can’t remember the exact words) and that Shawn will never be able to forgive her. This is when mb says he doesn’t deserve you – Belle looks a little surprised by stays in his arms – now that ticked me off. Shawn sees mb hugging Belle and walks out of the room. (Part of the mb/Belle stuff is in the room – the part where he says Shawn doesn’t deserve her is outside the room because Belle follows Shawn). Shawn says ‘Phil’ and slams his hand on the desk. He tells his Mom that Marlena is really the killer – they can’t make any excuses for her any longer. She sees him looking at mb and Belle and tells him to go to her. He says he’s leaving town. She tells him she wants to talk to him about this. (Of course ykw overhears this…oops I think I neglected to mention she disguises herself as a nurse and tries to inject an air bubble into Marlena’s IV. Shawn asks her if he knows her and Belle looks at her also).

Preview: Lucas finally getting fed up with Sami and her stupid accusations telling her that he wished he would have left her in the death chamber to die. Belle and Shawn in the hallway between their lofts – she says ‘can’t we please talk?’ He tells her they have talked and he needs to get inside and pack because he is leaving tonight. In Marlena’s room Lexie tells Bo that Marlena could go into cardiac arrest if they don’t stop now. Bo saying if getting the name of his father’s killer means she dies tonight he couldn’t give a damn. Oh sheesh Bo – you father? - maybe you should shown some of this concern for him when he was still alive. And pray tell, what makes Bo any different than Marlena if he’s willing to let her die just so that he can get her to answer a question? Can we please, please, please have our characters back – I don’t recognise the characters I’ve been watching for years any more. Sigh….

Tuesday May 4

Jan's Spoilers

At the loft....Rimi are talking as Rex calls Marlena a monster. Mimi tells him that she gave birth to him. He says yes and she killed my father/my adopotive father/my grandmother not to mention everyone else. Mimi says she doesn't know how Shawn and Belle are going to get through this. She says she doesn't know how Sami is going to get through this. She tells Rex that Sami is the type of person that will go crazy with the knowledge that her mother is a killer. Rex says that Sami is his half sister and it's time that he got to know her better. They are going through the same thing. Mimi isn't sure that's a good idea because anyone that gets close to Sami gets hurt. Shawn arrives at the loft (jacket flung over his shoulder…he has come up the stairs)Belle gets off the elevator. He looks at her and then goes to open the door…Belle wants to talk but Shawn said that they’ve already talked and there is nothing more to say that he has to get his stuff that he’s leaving tonight…he shuts the door (I don’t believe he slammed it…LOL)Mimi asks him what that was all about. He says he’s here to pack up his things he leaving. Mimi says tells him that he can’t do that right now he has to stay and talk to her that Belle didn’t believe her mother was the killer or she wouldn’t have lied to him…Shawn says his head isn’t in the right place and he can’t do this right now. He goes to pack as Mimi wants Rex to talk to him…he doesn’t know what to say but she says he’s smart he’ll think of something. Shawn comes out as Rex starts to ask where he’s going and for how long…he says he doesn’t know (he does however pack his ball glove)he tells Rex that it isn’t going to work. Rex then says that he believes he’s doing the right thing…he’d do the same thing in that situation…Shawn says not to make him feel worse than he already does…Shawn tells him not to use reverse psychology on him that won’t work either…he says he left some CD’s on the roof and heads up….Mimi rushes over to Belle’s loft and they hug…Belle tells her that she thinks she may have lost Shawn forever…Mimi tells her that Shawn is wrong he shouldn’t be leaving right now that he should be there for her and they should work it out…that guys always run. Rex comes over and says Shawn is on the roof…Mimi tells her to go up there but she isn’t sure…but Mimi tells her to go again. On the roof Shawn is holding his CD’s…he looks very sad…Belle opens the door and he turns and walks to her. She says to him that she heard him telling his mom he was leaving town tonight…he says he has to get away from everyone bad going on right now…she says and from me…he tells her that she is the best thing that happened to him…she apologizes again for lying as he tells her not to do that to herself….she goes to the door and says all these couples that have lived here before have gotten through so much because of their love for each other…Shawn says yes and Patch/Jack/and Brady’s Mom Isabella are dead…she asks him if she’s dead to him…he tells her no, don’t even think that, he loves her with everything that he is….she tells him she is worried that this is the end for them. (BTW…he is wearing the ‘old’ leather jacket and it still looks good on him)

At Sami's apt...Will brings Sami tea and soup as she is laying on the sofa. He tries to talk to her but she just lays there....he runs to Lucas' apt and pleads with him to help her. Lucas asks him what is wrong...he tells him that usually when Sami is upset she yells, screams and throws things but now she is just laying there. Lucas tells him that he doesn't know if he can't help her. He tells Will that she pulls herself out of these things and she'll be fine. Will isn't sure and please with Lucas to help her. Lucas finally agrees and sends Will to his apt. He goes to Sami's and tries to talk to her...she just lays there and finally says that everyone would be better off if she was gone or just died. He asks her what she means and she pulls out the intruder...she says that I'm just like her...he says no you're not...she says I am maybe I should just die...Lucas looks at her and says you're right...maybe you should have died in the death chamber. She asks him if he meant that…he tells her yes he did…he goes on to tell her that she is a heartless, selfish bitch…he brings up all that she did to get Brandon and Austin. He calls her on using him to get at his mother. He asks if she is fooling with Will’s head….all the times that she kept telling Will they’d be a family…first Austin …is that what she is doing to him. She says his mother was right ….that she doesn’t deserve Will that he is going to file for sole custody. Sami starts yelling that he isn’t going to take him away from her….Will comes running in asking if everything is OK…Sami asks why as he says that she was yelling before she was just laying there and he thought he’d lost her…she says I was gone for awhile but I’m back…she tells him everything will be OK but she needs a hug…as she hugs Will she says I love you Sweetie I don’t know what I’d do without you but she is looking at Lucas as she is saying this.

At the hospital...Hope is pleading with Shawn to talk to Belle...he says that they've talked and it's better that he leaves...Hope tells him that they need each other and to think about it...he says he has and as soon as he finds out what happened to Grandpa Vic he's outta here (Jan is listening)...Hope grabs him by the arm and pulls him into the room....Brady surprised Nicole as she watches Marlena through the window...he tells her that they are questioning her about Vic. She can't believe that anyone would believe a serial killer...inside the room Bo wakes Marlena up and starts to question here...he asks about Vic's murder as John pipes up with the fact that she was with him/Bo/Hope and even Shawn that night. Bo tells him to be quiet he's doing the questioning as the Judge tells John to be quiet. Bo asks her again if she knows anything about Vic's murder...John says of course not as Marlena sees Nicole and says yes...Nicole is standing at the door as Marlena says she knows something but she's not sure...Nicole turns to Jan as Jan quickly leaves...Lexie comes in to check on Marlena...Bo tells her to wait but the Judge and Lexie say no...Hope pulls Bo away and says it will be OK to check her vitals...Bo says she murdered nine people and if I can find out who killed my father then she can die...Belle asks what is happening as it appears Marlena is going into cardiac arrest....Lexie gets Marlena’s vitals under control as Shawn tells Hope that he’s leaving now…she doesn’t want him to go but he tells her he has to…he says Dad understands and I promise I’ll call you…he rushes out past Belle as Belle turns to Brady and says he didn’t even say good-bye…she tells Brady that she has to leave…Brady asks if she wants him to go with her but she tells him no that she’ll be fine…Bo wants to continue to question Marlena after Lexie says that she won’t be giving her anymore truth serum…John says that is enough as Bo asks the judge if it will be OK..the judge says yes as John says they are all insane…the judge tells him to be quiet or he’ll have him removed…Bo wants Nicole in the room (Nic has been outside the room talking to Jan as she calls Jan crazy for trying to kill Marlena with all the cops around…Jan says it would have worked except Shawn noticed her and they have this connection…she tells Nic that she’ll be on a slab beside Dr. Death as she leaves …Bo yells at Brady to bring in Nicole….Nic goes inside as she asks Bo what she can do for him…Bo starts questioning Marlena as Brady says Nicole had an alibi…Bo says something about him protecting the woman he’s in bed with…Brady says he is out of line that there is nothing going on with him and Nicole, he tells Bo that Victor may have been Bo’s father but he was his grandfather and he loved him…he says that I knew him better than you did as Bo says that doesn’t mean I didn’t care about him…I want to find out who killed him as Brady says he does too…..he says if she had something to do with my grandfather being murdered then I’ll see her rot in hell….Bo tells Marlena his theory about an accomplice as Marlena starts to remember something…she has a flashback to meeting Jan and Nicole outside Belle’s loft…Bo asks her again if she knows something and she says yes…Bo says I knew it…Marlena looks at Nicole and says yes I think I do know something. The show ends on Nicole’s face.

At Jan’s….she comes in with groceries…says their love nest is almost finished…she has flowers and Shawn’s favorite grapes and a bottle of champagne….(there appears to be a fridge beside the bed)…she then says one more item as she goes and gets a box of condemns saying they are now set at least for a day or two…she says I’ll give you a bit more time before I put my plan into action.

A few comments…..first of all although I didn’t like what Lucas was saying to Sami I thought that Ali & Bryan did an excellent job with the scenes. The one thing that bothered me about today’s show more than anything else was having to see Jan fondle a box of condemns….if I have to watch Shawn in that cage with her all over him I won’t be watching…enough said about that. I won’t say my thoughts on the Shelle scenes, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but what I will say is that he looks mighty fine in that leather jacket.

As for the preview with MB and Kate…..I don’t even want to talk about it.

Pat’s Spoilers

I don’t think I can even type up any spoilers after watching the show today. It’s patently obvious that not only are we going to get Shawn locked up in that cage but that ykw has every intention of being in that bed with him and I doubt she’s going to care about what state he’s in. If he won’t do what she wants of his own free will she’ll come up with another option like drugs. I really needed to see her caressing a gigantic box of condoms saying that should last them a couple of days. What the hell has this show come to??? I’m also thoroughly disgusted with the ‘tough love’ gimmick that is supposed to be promoting Lucas and Sami’s love. First we have him slapping her to stop her hysterics. Today we have him calling her a cold-hearted bitch that he should have let die in the gas chamber and then to top it all he says his mother was right and he is going to take Will away from her because he doesn’t want him subjected to her influence. Yes Sami was really down on herself but good lord, all I can say is poor Will. He waits on Sami trying to get her to take care of herself while she lies on the couch staring into space. He runs to his Dad begging him to help his Mom. It’s a pretty sad sentiment when the son tells the father; mom’s not herself because she’s not yelling, screaming, throwing and breaking things. Lucas gets him to stay at his place while he goes to talk to Sami. Once he gets her yelling at him poor Will comes running over to find out if everything is okay. Sami is hugging her son and telling him how much she loves him she stares at Lucas as if she is saying those words to him – I guess all the rest of the stuff that came before that was to showcase this moment. Huh??? Is this supposed to be considered a healthy relationship? Although I did not like the use of ‘tough love’ both Ali and Bryan did a fabulous job with the scenes.

I’m so pleased that the judge told Bo off today for saying that he didn’t really care whether Marlena died today or in the death chamber as long as she tells him who murdered his father. Again we have Shawn, Bo and Hope on one side of the bed and John and Belle on the other. You see Belle’s eyes silently pleading with Shawn to get his father to stop pushing her mother when her health is at risk but Shawn turns his head away from her. You can see her heart break in that moment as she hangs her head in defeat with the streaks of her tears clearly on her face. I also found it pretty sad that Nicole had to send Brady into the room to comfort Belle. Sure she was doing it so she could talk to dottie but Brady should have seen it for himself. Nicole had a point. She tells Brady it has to be a rough day for Belle. She not only hears her mother confess to killing nine people but the love of her life breaks up with her at the same time. Brady goes in and hugs her. Shawn tells Hope he can’t take anymore and rushes out of the room without even looking at Belle. Belle leaves as well.

I have to give this round to dottie; she seems to have Nicole a bit rattled. Nicole was commenting on her stupid move trying to kill Marlena in front of her family and the cops. Dottie says she can’t help it if the connection between Shawn and her is so strong that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Nicole is worried about Marlena talking – ykw says you can’t leave but I can. Bo calls Nicole inside and Brady again defends Nicole saying she had an alibi. Bo asks Brady if she is really that good in bed. Against John’s protests the judge allows Bo to continue questioning Marlena about Victor’s death. He asks her if she knows who Nicole’s accomplice is and she says yes (she flashes back to Nicole and ykw outside Belle’s building).

I honestly think that I was as upset with Shawn today as I was with Belle for not calling mb to task when he said Shawn didn’t deserve her. No matter how he justifies it in his mind – he’s running. Instead of working through the problems with her he needs his space. Unfortunately the space he’s going to end up with is not much bigger than a double sized bed. In a way I will concede that I understand why he is doing it but it still makes me angry.

At the loft Rex and Mimi are talking. Rex calls Marlena a monster. They end up talking about Sami and Rex decides he is going to try and get to know Sami better because that’s what his father would have wanted. They do talk a bit about Shawn and Belle and Mimi says she doesn’t know if their love can survive Belle’s mother being the killer. Just as Shawn is outside his door Belle steps off the elevator. They both look at each other but neither can say anything. He opens the door and she says wait can we talk? He says they already have. He wants to pack, he’s leaving tonight – goodbye and shuts the door in her face. Both Mimi and Rex try and talk to him. Mimi says this is about him still blaming Belle for his great-grandmother’s death. He says he doesn’t and he’s told her that but he tells them both he’s in no frame of mind to talk about it and he wants them to back off. Mimi tells Rex to talk to him and she goes to Belle. Belle tells Mimi that her family is falling apart and now she’s losing Shawn forever. Rex tries to talk to Shawn but Shawn knows exactly what’s he’s doing and tells him to save it. Rex says he understands why he is running – which Shawn denies. Rex asks him where he’s going and how long he’s going to be gone and Shawn tells him he doesn’t have an answer to either question. (Yup, that’s our Shawn, run and expect Belle to be sitting around waiting for him when he gets back). He goes on the roof to get some CD’s. Rex goes over to Mimi’s and tells Belle and Mimi he’s there. Mimi convinces Belle to go and talk to him because it might be the last chance she gets. Belle says it won’t make a difference because his mind is made up but she goes. Mimi tells Rex that if Shawn just looks into Belle’s eyes and sees the love she has for him he won’t be able to leave and then our Mimi makes the fatal soap opera mistake. She gets Rex to promise her that nothing will come between them and of course he promises – LOL! We all know what that means.

Shawn’s just turning to leave when Belle comes up. He can’t really look at her. She says she heard him tell her mom that’s he’s leaving town tonight. He says there are too many bad memories here. She says I’m one of those bad memories that you need to get away from. He finally looks at her when he says no of course not all his memories of her are the best. She says except for that one lie. He doesn’t say anything. She wishes she could undo that one mistake because then maybe his great-grandmother would still be alive. He tells her not to do that to herself because this (his leaving) is not about that. He needs some time to himself to sort this all out. She shuts the door and points out all the initials on the door. She tells them that all these couples faced challenges and had horrible things they had to go through but their love still survived. He says except for his mom and dad one of each of those couples is dead. She touches his initial and asks him if he is saying that she is dead to him. That he doesn’t love her anymore. He drops his case and actually touches her briefly. He says of course she’s not dead to him. He says I love you with all that I am and that will never change, he just has to...She says leave. She is trying to understand but she is afraid if he goes she is going to lose him forever. (I’m sure the majority of you have watched the videos so you can see all this better than I can type it up). I think his silence when she said ‘except for that one lie’ says way more than all his protestations that he doesn’t blame her for Alice’s death – he does blame her and until he can truly believe the words he’s saying he can’t even look at her and that’s why he is running. I think that the both of them have to learn the meaning of the words ‘unconditional’ love and I believe that whatever happens to Shawn and Belle at ykw’s hands, because we all know that Belle will end up there somehow, will lead them to that understanding. Again I loved the acting – KS and JC say so much when they don’t use words.

Hmm…I did notice that Shawn seems to have reclaimed that leather jacket he gave to Rex. I’m glad it’s back on the shoulders it belongs – to bad it will be forever ruined once dottie starts running her hands all over it.

Preview: Oh yuck – mb still in his dress uniform telling his Mom that Shawn is leaving Salem and that he (Shawn) thinks he’s fooling himself. Kate tells him this is the perfect opportunity to make his move. (Oh get a life already). Patrick telling his beer-drinking mother that he and Jennifer are not destined to be a couple because he is leaving Salem tonight. Black-gloved hands taking the bonds and Jen saying oh no the bonds are gone. Nicole telling Crystal to kill Marlena tonight.

Wednesday May 5

Jan’s Spoilers….

A few comments….Deidre did another excellent job today as did Drake. Both JC/KS were fantastic in their scenes…the emotions that they showed were right on and those eyes…the tears in them:::THUD::: I have to confess though there is one scene where Shawn rubs his thumb on her chin that had me on the floor…and that kiss well it says it all….their love will get them through this!! Patrick had some great one liners today…I hope Pat caught what MB was saying because to be honest I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention..LOL. Loved the Julie/Jen/Mickey scenes. I may have messed up a bit and if I did I’m sorry but that kiss had me on the floor and the thumb on her chin.

Shelle....Shawn tells her that just because he is leaving doesn’t mean he won’t be back. She asks when? He sayd I don’t know, I accused the wrong people, I couldn’t save Gran and I hurt you. He says I can’t trust myself anymore, I’m just asking for time. Salem is my home, my future. Belle asks if she is part of that future. He tells her he can’t make any promises about the future. She says I thought you loved me. She says I do. She tells him that he is her other half and she doesn’t know if she can make it without him. She says my mom could be facing the death chamber. Shawn says this is killing me that I have to leave but I’m not good for you right now, I’m not good for anyone. Belle asks if there is anything she can say to stop him. He says he needs to go to find ‘me’, this isn’t about us it’s about me. She tells him if he stays she’ll promise not to call him or knock on his door…he asks her if she doesn’t think that will be hard for both of them. She says she ruined everything when she lied about her mom. He tells her not to do this to herself. She says you’re right we keep ending up in the same place. Shawn says that he’s at the end of his rope right now, maybe he’s just being selfish. She thinks for a minute and then says OK…he says OK, really?. She says maybe she’s being selfish..she just wants to hold me and comfort him for all he’s lost. Shawn tells her to call him but she says no you wanted your space…he says please call me if you need anything or to talk. He goes to leave and she tells him that she’s not letting him go without a kiss. YOWZA WHAT A KISS!!! He tells her he does love her and one day he hopes she’ll understand why he’s doing this. She says so do I. He asks her to hold onto this until he gets back as he hands her his ring. She tells him to keep it. He says it just doesn’t feel right to wear it you know. She tells him to put it in his pocket. He asks if she is sure. She says yeah, only when you give me the ring back will our relationship be truly over. He says he should go. She tells him she loves him so much. He says I love you too. Just know that we will be together one day, just have faith. She tells him to take care of himself and come back to her. He goes and opens the door and turns and looks at her one more time before he leaves. Her cell rings and it's MB asking if she's OK...she says no she needs him.

Kate/MB....she can't believe that 'her' friend Marlena is the killer. She confided in her when she was her therapist, she was compassionate or so she thought. And then she killed Roman because he wanted to be with her...and those awful things she said about her. He says that he can't believe that all this is happening. She says she is worried about Belle. He says he is too. She tells him he has to be there for her to help her pick up the pieces of her life. He tells her that Shawn is leaving town...that he blames Belle for her lie but his Grandmother would have been murdered even if she hadn't lied (MB has absolutely no idea what Shawn is feeling right now...he definately is not 'his' friend)...he tells her that Shawn is leaving town. Kate tells him that now is the time for him to make his move. Kate/MB...they are talking about Lucas and Sami as MB reminds her that Belle has the same mother. She says but Belle is different...since working with her at BB she knows how intelligent she is...how beautiful etc. He tells her that he isn't going to go after Belle while she is vulnerable. Kate says you don't have to just be there for her while Shawn is AWOL. She says that Lucas is lost due to Sami...Sami ran Austin out of town...she doesn't think Billie will ever come back...he is her last hope. He says that he has to check on Belle as she thanks him for the tea. After he leaves she says to herself that she'll make sure that he gets everything he wants...someone in their family will live happily everafter.

In Marlena's room....Bo keeps questioning her as Marlena is having trouble remembering. She keeps picturing Nicole's face. Lexie tells them the 'truth serum' is wearing off. Marlena keeps saying it's on the tip of her tongue. Bo keeps asking her if Nicole killed his father but all she can remember is seeing Nicole...John calls her sweetheart and tells her to try to remember. She finally says she wonders why she keeps seeing Nicole's face as Brady says she is guilty. Marlena is coming out of the effects of the truth serum. She can't remember anything that happened. They want her to sign the confession papers but John says not yet...he asks to talk to her alone. The Judge agrees...everyone leaves as Marlena asks what happened...John shows her the papers and she is shocked, she can't believe that she did this...she asks him the reason and he tells her that it was because she loved Roman...she says at one time yes but I've been in love with you for years. He knows that and he knows there is something wrong. Bo tells Hope that Marlena doesn't deserve special treatment but Hope says John does. Outside the room...Brady and Nicole are talking. He is questioning Nicole about the accomplice...she says maybe Marlena had one..he says no she worked alone. He wants to know what is going on with her. His cell rings and says it's Titan business and leaves...the Judge is questioning Lexie and asks if Marlena can take the serum again once she recovers..Lexie says yes but she can also get her memory back on her own...Nicole hears this and takes off...Brady comes back and can't find her...John is zipping up Marlena's jump suit as the Judge asks her about signing the papers...John says don't do it but she said she promised...she signs them as Bo takes them from her...he puts the handcuffs on as John kisses her...they leave as Brady comes to John and says he is sorry...John says something isn't right as Brady asks what...he says everything.

At Alice's...Jen and Julie come in and Julie comments on how quiet it is. She feels like Gran should be in the kitchen making some treats. Jen says it is as she kisses a pic of Alice. Julie wonders why Mickey wanted them there. Mickey comes in and says it's time to celebrate. He wanted the family there, Hope and Lucas but that wasn't going to happen so it's just them. He pulls out a bottle of Irish Whiskey and a bottle of apple juice for Jen and says they are going to toast Doug/Jack and Mom in the Irish tradition. Julie says like Grandpa Tom used to. Mickey says they have to think of Marlena as Julie says she wants her dead. Jen goes to get glasses as Julie tells Mickey that it's her fault..if she hadn't gone to Marlena then Doug and Gran would be alive. Mickey starts to pour as Julie turns and Alice is standing there. Mickey offers a toast....he says they aren't Horton they weren't Horton's by blood but by marriage. (is this a hint) The Horton family has been torn apart but they will survive. Julie mentions that in time she may forgive Marlena there definately has to be something wrong with her...(Alice has her hand on Julie's arm)....they thank Mickey for the toast and he says they just couldn't leave things the way they were at the hospital. Jen says she has to leave as Julie offers her a ride home. Mickey asks if the bearer bonds are in a safe place and she says yes the house is locked up tight.

At Alice's...Bonnie is drinking a beer and reading a book on how to marry a millionaire in 90 days. she practices writing her 'married' name and has a fantasy about marrying Mickey. Patrick comes in and calls her Mrs. Mickey Horton as she comes out of her fantasy. He tells her it isn't going o happen. She says it will...they way Mickey looks at her with his eyes sparkling it won't be long. She then starts talking about Jen as Patrick tells her there is nothing going to happen...she is in mourning and carrying her dead husbands child and besides he is leaving town. Bonnie starts to tell him that he has to stay...for Mimi and for Conner and for her she might need him to give her away.
At Alice's....Patrick confronts Bonnie about the bearer bonds. He says you've figured out the interest on 500,000.00 as it sits in the bank. She tells him that he thought of it too if he's saying he knows what she is doing...he says no that it's not right. He would never do anything to embarass Mimi or Conner like that. They argue a bit and then he says he has to get out of town...after he leaves she says to herself that she knows what he is up to and takes off.

At Jen's...the bearer bonds are on the table as a gloved hand picks them up. Jen/Julie arrive home and Jen asks Julie for tea...Julie says she'll make it and tells Jen to make sure the bonds are in a safe place being locked in the house isn't good enough. Jen goes to get them but they are gone. Outside we see Patrick putting the finishing touches on his backpack.

At the Jail cell....Nic is meeting with Crystal and promising her what she did before if she finishes the job.

Previews:...Shawn is telling Hope that he said good-bye to Belle..you don't have to worry Belle is history. (I have to be honest…this preview didn’t made sense to me especially after the way he said good-bye to Belle…I just can’t make hide nor hair of it unless ykw is having a fantasy…LOL)

Pat’s Spoilers

Alice’s Bar: Bonnie is reading a book titled “How to Marry a Millionaire in 90 Days”. She has a fantasy of the wedding – I guess this is supposed to be the comic relief – all I can say is that I wasn’t amused. She had written her ‘married’ name on a pad. Patrick tells her it will never happen. I couldn’t get into their conversation – I just kept thinking ‘for christ sake couldn’t they put her in a different top already. I’m tired of seeing her assets.’ She tells Patrick that Jen has a thing for her. He tells her that they are not meant to be because he is leaving town tonight. She uses Mimi and Connor to get him to stay when that doesn’t work she says she might need him to walk her down the aisle. He then picks up a piece of paper and realises she is really going to steal Jen’s bearer bonds. She says no and wants to know if he is planning to steal them. He says no, he’s changed. She says she has to and she wants him to stay and start a new life with Jen just like she is going to with Mickey. He won’t listen. He walks out and gets a call and tells the person that he is leaving Salem; he just has one stop to make. Bonnie is trying to figure out why he’s in such a hurry and says ‘oh no you don’t’ as she goes running out.

Alice’s house: Mickey called Jen and Julie there so say goodbye to those they have lost. He wanted the whole family there but it was possible. He just wants to pay tribute to those they lost. He talks about hearing how they died and that they needed to hear all that but now it’s time to give them a fitting send off. He pulls out a bottle of Tom’s good Irish whiskey and some apple juice for Jen so that they can make a toast. It’s a tradition that Grandpa Tom used. Julie is very bitter about Marlena but then she ends up blaming herself for Doug and Alice’s death because she trusted Marlena. Alice’s ghost appears. She asks if they can smell Alice’s fragrance. They have a really good talk about Alice watching over them and end up saying Marlena must have been so troubled. Mickey gives a very heartfelt toast ending it with the Horton family is still standing and no one and nothing is going to come between us. Alice’s ghost says ‘Amen.’ I really enjoyed the scenes between the three of them and ‘Alice’. Julie offers to drive Jen home. Mickey asks if she put the bearer bonds in a safe place. She says the house is locked up tight as the camera cuts to her living room and someone picking up the bonds. Jen and Julie come into the house and Jen sees the bonds are gone – the camera cuts to Patrick and his backpack.

Hospital: Kate and mb talk about how Kate trusted Marlena and she ended killing Roman just so they couldn’t be together. She is worried about John but the one she is the most worried about is Belle. She tells him that he will have to help her pick up the pieces of her life. Can I just SCREAM now…BUTT THE HELL OUT!!! (Well, I guess I just did scream, didn’t I). He says he doesn’t want to push her now she has so much on her plate. He says she heard Shawn tell his Mom that he’s leaving town because he needs some space. In his oh so brilliant mind he thinks that Shawn is just fooling himself if he thinks going away will solve what’s wrong between him and Belle. All of them are at angry at Marlena, Shawn included but Shawn is the only one that blames Belle. Kate tells him with Shawn out of town he should make his move. Oh god…I can’t bear to listen to Kate. First she spouts off about how demented Sami and her mother are and then praises Belle. Her son actually points out that Belle has the same mother. He says he won’t poach on Shawn’s girlfriend. Kate says she just wants him to honour his feelings for her and to stop being so SELF-SACRIFICING….GMAFB!! especially as Shawn is so hell-bent on dumping her. She just wants him to watch over her because Shawn will be AWOL and see what develops. He tells her as much as he loves her he will not take advantage of Belle when she is so confused. He can only be there for her as a friend and he should go and check up on her now. After he leaves she vows that she is not going to let him throw his life away like Lucas is doing and somebody in our family is going to live happily ever after.

Bo pushed Marlena to answer his question. She does know but she is getting more and more confused. She stares at Nicole and says she saw them – the name is just on the tip of her hand. Bo grabs Nicole and says it was her. Marlena has another flashback to first dottie and Nicole then just Nicole. She says Nicole’s face keeps coming to her mind but she doesn’t know why. Brady says it’s because she is guilty. Don’t get excited – he didn’t find a brain. He says that Marlena keeps seeing Nicole’s face because Nicole has been at the top of the suspects list since the killings began and Bo keeps telling Marlena that she is guilty. Lexie agree that Brady has a point. Lexie says Marlena’s heart rate is back to normal so the judge says they are out of there. Bo gives her the confession to sign. John tells her not to sign at it. She says she will sign it when John tells her what she did and why she did it. Outside the room Brady tells Nicole he’s reserving judgement because until Victor’s killer is found she could be the killer. Back in Marlena’s room she is looking so confused as she asks John what she said. John asks Lexie why she can’t remember and she blames it on the fall. John asks to speak to his wife alone. The judge allows it. Bo says she is a serial killer and doesn’t deserve special treatment but Hope says John does. Marlena flips through the pages that contain her confession and she is astounded. She can’t believe she killed all those people. She asks John why he did it and he tells her she said it was because she still loved Roman. John explains some of the stuff she said and she says it doesn’t make sense. She loves him – why would she lie under truth serum. John says something is not right here. Bo comes in and says it’s time. Just before that the judge had been asking Lexie if it was common for the effects of the truth serum to wear off so quickly (in reference to Victor’s death). Nicole knows just the person she needs to see to make sure Marlena never remembers. Marlena is back in prison garb and signs her confession because she gave her word. He says he loves her and she says the same. Bo pulls them apart. After she is led away John tells Brady something is not right and he’ll be damned if he’ll let her die in prison. Nicole goes to see Crystal and tells her to kill Marlena tonight.

Rooftop: Shawn tells Belle that of course he’s coming back but when she asks when he can’t answer. His voice is so shaky as he tells her that he just has to get away. He’s been wrong about so many things, he accused the wrong people, he couldn’t save ‘Gran’ (his voice breaks when he says this) and he hurt her. He can’t trust himself anymore and he’s just asking for time. Salem is his home, his future is here. She asks if that future still includes her. He can’t make any promises about the future. She says but you said you still loved me. He says I do. She tells him that he is her other half and that she is so afraid that she can’t get through this on her own. Her mother is probably going to be sentenced to death. It’s killing him to leave because he…quote ‘is no good to you right now, I’m no good to anyone’. She asks if there is anything she can do or say to make him stay.

LOL – I love how he says ‘I’m not deserting you…well, yes I am.’ He just needs to go and find ‘me.’ She asks if he can’t do that in Salem. She’ll stay away from him, she won’t bother him – it will be just knowing that he is close to her. He says it would just be harder for the both of them. She turns away and says she ruined everything when she lied to him. She should have told him the truth. He tells her not to do that to herself. She says he’s right. They’ve been over this a hundred times and they always end up in the same place. He tells her that this isn’t about ‘us’ it’s about ‘me’. He realises it’s a very selfish thing but he’s at the end of his rope. It’s just something he has to do. She bows her head as she struggles not to cry and says in a broken voice. “Okay.” He’s surprised and says ‘really?”. She says maybe she is the one who is being selfish. Maybe he should go. She just wants to be here for him, to hold him especially with the loss of his family but if she is not supposed to be the one to do that for him. He interrupts her and says maybe you are…when I come back. But until then she can pick up the phone, she can email him. She says no you’ve already said you need your space. He cups her face with one hand and says come on please you can always call me. Then he slides his hand down her face and his thumb rubs her chin and then he walks away. She says wait and he turns back to her. Sigh…she says I don’t want you to leave without a kiss and she walks to him and kisses him and yes, he does kiss her back.

After the kiss he says I do you love. You do understand why I’m doing this. Her voice is very shaky when she says I hope so. He holds up his purity ring and says maybe you should hold on to this until I get back. She closes his hand over it and says no, I don’t want you to give me that back. He says it just doesn’t feel right wearing it. She tells him to just put it in his pocket. He asks her if she is sure. She says ‘Yeah. Only when you give me that ring back will I truly believe that our relationship is over.” He hugs her. They hug and he runs his hand up and down her back and arm and finally says I have to go. She says I love you so much. He says I love you. Just know that we will be together one day. Just have faith. She tells him to take care of himself and come back to me. They are both close to tears. He leaves and her phone rings. It’s mb. He asks if she is okay and she says no, she needs him.

Preview: John and Brady talking – Brady says Marlena just confessed and yet you are determined to prove her innocent. He says it’s because I love her, can you say the same about Nicole (who happens to be eavesdropping). More B flick women jail stuff with inmates trying to beat up Marlena – can I just say yuck. Shawn saying in a very matter of fact voice to Hope that he’s already told her goodbye. It’s over – Belle’s history as Hope shakes her head. (All I can say is this has to be a fantasy of dottie’s or dodo’s I mean mb’s – there’s no way that Shawn is saying that – not after everything they just said to each other). That’s it…mb is frickin’ petting her head again as he’s holding her. She say’s he’s not coming back. She’s lost Shawn forever. I’m sorry but I don’t think I can stand watching anymore scenes where I see that that arrogant jacka$$ petting Belle’s head like she’s a lapdog. I’ve had it.

Thursday May 6

Jan’s Spoilers….

I have to agree with Kim…I saw it pretty much the same way she did. Shawn is looking for an excuse not to leave and my thoughts were he was trying to get Hope off his back…(but I could be wrong). I absolutely loved Hope today…she had him pegged. Now it amazes me…these days are so long that Belle had a chance to cut her hair (looks good BTW). Kate that’s another story….I’m sorry but who tags along with their 21 year old son….Marlena has quite the right hook. The J&M scenes at the end of the show were good!!

At Bo/Hope's house...Hope arrives home and sees the light on in the garage. She pulls her gun and goes in...Shawn is sitting on Bo's bike. She yells at him saying he almost got shot. He apologizes for being in at home in the garage at his house. He tells her he phoned the station and was told she was on her way home he stopped in to say good-bye. She says you already said good-bye at the hospital..he says then I stopped to say good-bye to Zach (hold it...Zach is still on the show)she tells him that he is just stalling...looking for a reason not to go...he says no I'm leaving tonight...she says something is going to stop you from leaving...me. He says what you're telling me I can't go...he says what if I had a job or was going to school out of town...she says you're 21 and I can't stop you from leaving but you will regret it. She wants him to stay and talk to Bo to find out how he felt leaving town and to get some pointers. She says they have to stick together as a family to get through this. He says that he isn't good for anyone right now and that he has to leave. She tells him she wants him to talk to his Dad and find out what it was like when he went away...ask him for some advice....just spend the night and then he can decide and and maybe change his mind about Belle. He says Belle is history Mom...I already told her good-bye, it’s over. She wants to ask him something…what if it was her that was the killer. He says don’t go there. She tells him to just listen. What if it was her that killed her friends and could be put to death. How would he feel? She calls him selfish as he tries to argue with and turns away…she tells him to look at her. She asks him where he would go for comfort…would he want to be alone like he is leaving Belle to be.
Hope talking to herself says she hopes that Shawn does the right thing.

At Belle's....MB knocks on the door...Belle opens it and says Shawn left...as he hugs her. Kate gets off the elevator and smiles...she goes over to Belle and apologized for tagging along but she was worried (GMAB...all she wants to do live her son's life)Belle says that's fine as Kate says she brought some food. They go inside and Belle is walks over to the sofa as Kate urges MB to follow. He asks if she called Shawn. Belle says that she talked to him and couldn't convince him to stay...he had to leave to grieve for his grandmother in his own way....(if I have to watch Kate with that stupid smile on her face throughout this s/l I'm going to need those barf bags)…Belle thanks them for being there for her especially after what her mother did. Kate tells her no one should hold her responsible…no one. are finished lunch and Kate tells Belle she might feel better if she goes upstairs to splash some cold water on her face. MB tells Kate that this was a good idea it helped her…Kate says you are the one who comforted her…she really calms down when you’re around…MB tells her to leave it alone…Shawn loves her and she loves Shawn always has and always will…he takes the plated into the kitchen as Kate picks up a pic of Shelle…she looks at it and then says to MB…some fairy tales end and others begin….upstairs Belle is holding a plush bear….MB tells her that everything will be fine as she says what if he never comes back…meanwhile downstairs Shawn has arrived. He knocks on the door and Kate answers…he asks what she is doing there and she says she is here to see Belle…she says she is surprised to see him and asks why he is here…he says to see Belle.

At the jail....John/Brady talking as John is going to phone Commissioner Gordon and get him to help....Nicole is talking to Crystal about Marlena as Crystal looks up and says something about the hunk...Nicole turns and sees it's Brady as she pulls the hood of her sweater up. Brady says what are you doing here...it's an old friend Trish...Nicole wants Crystal to cause a diversion while she sneaks out...she says she knows him and says he's her grandson...Crystal laughs and says really...Nicole just says sort of...Crystals leaves and cause a problem as the jail goes into lockdown...Nic goes over and pretends to use the phone but can't get out because of the lockdown...Trish leaves and John comes in...they can't go anywhere as they wait for a call about John seeing Marlena...Brady asks what he wants to do and John says talk about Nicole...(of course she is listening). John talks about being there for Marlena even though she is guilty…Brady says he is there for Nicole because no one else is…Brady calls John a hypocrite..it’s OK for him to believe in Marlena but not for Brady to believe in Nicole…John says it’s because I love Marlena…what about you, do you love Nicole? Brady says no he loves Chloe. He says if Nicole is guilty he will personally give her the lethal injection. Brady says he wants this over so he can concentrate on Titan…John asks about the opera house and if it’s still a go…Brady says his first priority. Trish arrives wanting to speak to Brady as he introduces her to John. She tells John there is someone to see him as John looks and sees Marlena. Trish tells Brady about the fight and that Marlena has a new friend. Nicole is listening and thinks to herself she’ll watch your back until she takes you out….the last obstacle…(did she forget about ykw)….John goes up to Marlena and they put their hands out and touch through the glass….she can’t believe that she did this because of loving Roman…John says there is more to it than that and he’ll find out what it is…she says she did it and she has to pay the price…she pulls off her ring and tells him she remembers when he gave it to her…she was the happiest woman alive…she tells him to give it to Belle and tell her she loves her…John says you’ll see her but she doesn’t think she will….(very touching scenes with them today)

In Marlena's cell...the guard has brought her in and says to her these prisioners aren't too happy you killed one of their own...Marlena says she didn't do it as the guard just watches as they take cheap shots at Marlena...they lock the cell (because of the lockdown)and the prisoners start in on Marlena again...she tells them to back off and starts fighting with one of them. Marlena goes to the guard and threatens to call the Commissioner…the guard shows her the ring and tells her to fight her own fight. Crystal shows up as they say they are glad she is there…Crystal says she’s on Marlena’s side as the fight starts. Marlena goes to the guard for her ring and is told the man that gave it to her is there waiting to see her but she is in charge and it isn’t going to happen. Marlena asks why she helped her…Crystal says she knows what she did and doesn’t want to get on her bad side…she says friends and they shake. Marlena says they will probably end up in solitary for the fight. Crystal says that the others started it…Trish shows up and takes Marlena away as Crystal says now I need help…she goes to the male guard and says that she has been watching his hot bootie up and down the hall all day….today may be his lucky day.

At Jen's....her and Julie are searching for the bonds...Julie says she saw the light on in the garage apt and went to ask Patrick if he knew anything...he wasn't there...Jen says he'll be back as Julie tells her he left all his stuff is gone. Mickey shows up and says he called Bonnie but he doesn’t know what happened. Julie says it’s Patrick…Bonnie arrives and Julie tells her Patrick stole them. Bonnie says he’s not a thief as Julie says but you are. Bonnie says she knows they were sacred a gift from Alice. Julie says I say you ogling them..Bonniw wants to know if she wants to search her (oh joy more boobs..LOL) Bonnie is telling everyone that Patrick wouldn’t do that to Jen. She wants Mickey to help her but he questions whether she knew Patrick was leaving. She says yes but she doesn’t know where he was going. Julie steps back into the room saying she has phoned the cops and they are putting out an APB on Patrick. She says she has a headache and Jen says there is aspirin upstairs…she says I have some in my purse. She goes to get it and ends up with Bonnies…Bonnie comes running and wants her purse but it’s too late as Julie pulls out a wad of bills.

Patrick is out hitchhiking as he has a flashback to Jen calling him a good friend...he contemplates phoning her. Patrick figures he needs help in getting a ride. He has a flashback to the coin and telling Jen it’s mind over matter. He puts out his thumb and a car stops…flashing lights…it’s a cop.

At Alice's...Bonnie has a wad of money and is playing with it. She wishes Patrick had stuck around to see what a success his mother is now. She thanks Mickey Horton and the late great Alice Horton for finally getting what she deserves.

Pat’s Spoilers

I’m going out for the evening so this one has to been quick and dirty.

I’m going to come right out and say that the jailhouse fight was just plain tacky. To have the guard offer up Marlena’s diamond to the winner between Marlena and another inmate, spouting off how this is her world was just B movie at it’s worse and an insult to prison guards all over the world. Crystal backs Marlena up as part of her plan to kill Marlena. And yes ladies and gentleman…this night is going to go on until Marlena is killed. Oh joy…NOT!

The rest of the prison scenes have Nicole skulking because Crystal had to create a diversion so she could sneak out when John and Brady show up at the jail. As it turns out it ends up as a lockdown so she can’t leave. John and Brady talk and the conversation ends up on Nicole. John wants to know why he is always defending her. This part is so boring as Brady goes on and on that he stands up for her because no one else does and he doesn’t really trust the Salem PD. He calls John a hypocrite because Marlena confessed and yet he’s still trying to prove her innocent. John says it is because he loves Marlena and asks Brady if he loves Nicole. He says he loves Chloe. Marlena is brought to the visiting room. I enjoyed the couple of scenes between them. He notices the ring and asks her if they let her keep it. She says no she was given it back but she doesn’t tell him how. She tells him to take it and give it to Belle. She is in tears as she says to tell her how much she loves her and wishes she could see her. John says you will don’t give up. She tells him she will not see Belle or him again. She is not making it out of there alive.

Patrick is still trying to get a ride. Mickey shows up at Jen’s house – he can’t believe the bearer bonds are gone. At the start of the show Bonnie is playing with a stack of money and she thanks Mickey and Alice for it. Mickey tells Julie and Jen that he called Bonnie over. Of course Julie accuses Patrick especially when she finds out he is gone (she checked his apartment over the garage). Jen won’t believe it. When Bonnie comes over there’s a lot of screaming between her and Julie. She says Patrick wouldn’t steal. Julie has a headache and opens Bonnie’s purse instead of hers and pulls out the wad of money.

Hmm, between the time Shawn left and mb got to the loft Belle had time to change into a sweat suit and get her hair cut. It’s nice and short now. I like it. She opens the door and hugs mb saying that Shawn has left town. Kate shows up with a bag offering to cook. She makes sandwiches. Of course every chance she gets she’s giving mb signals to move in on her. After they eat she suggest Belle go throw some cold water on her face. She tells her son that it wasn’t her being there that helped Belle it was him – she trusts him. He tells her that she loves Shawn, always has and always will. Kate picks up a picture of Shawn and Belle and says when one story ends another one begins. Belle is sitting in her room holding the teddy bear Shawn gave her when mb shows up. He tells her she doesn’t need a stuffed animal she needs a friend and pulls her up and hugs her. She tells him that Shawn is gone and she is so afraid that she has lost him forever. Shawn shows up and knocks on the door. Kate answers. She asks why he is there and he says he is there to see Belle and asks what she is doing there.

Can I just say I LOVE Mama Hope…whoa…she laid it on the line to Shawn today. She asks him why he is there. He says he wanted to say goodbye. She says you already did at the hospital. He says I thought I would say goodbye to Zack. She tells him he’s stalling because he really doesn’t want to go and she knows someone that is going to stop him – her. He asks if she is saying that he can’t go. She says he’s 21 she knows better. She tells him what he will have to look forward to if he takes off without really thinking about it – regret. She says that Belle needs him and she needs him. This is the time that family should be staying together. He says he has already said goodbye to Belle. Belle’s history. It’s over. I have no idea why he said that – I was hoping it was because he was trying to get his mom off his back but he doesn’t really seem antagonistic until she starts asking him to think what it would be like if she was the killer. She wants him to stay in his room for the night, sleep on it and things might look better in the morning. She wants to talk to his Dad and get his perspective about what life on the road is like, if he would do things differently now. Shawn doesn’t want to hear it as far as he is concerned he’s not any good to Belle or to his mom in his current state. You need to really watch this part. She describes exactly what Belle is going through trying to get him to put himself in her shoes. She calls him selfish and says he is abandoning Belle when she needs him the most. After Shawn leaves she worries and hopes that he isn’t making the biggest mistake of his life.

Preview: Patrick is back at Jennifer’s. The cop has no looked through his backpack and did not find any bonds or cash. Patrick tells Jen he didn’t steal them and asks if she believes him. John is at the loft and he’s saying if Shawn isn’t man enough to give his baby girl the love and support she needs than she is better off without him as Kate smiles and mb looks smug. Now I don’t know what Belle is going to say but she did look ticked off when John was saying this. Nicole is talking on the phone to Crystal saying Marlena has to die tonight as Brady walks in and asks her what she was saying about Marlena. Crystal attacking Marlena from behind and Marlena turns around.

Friday May 7

Jan's Spoilers

At Belle's loft....Shawn is at the door talking to Kate. Kate tells him she made Belle something to eat. Shawn says then she's here I'd like to see her (it appears he starts to go in but Kate stops him)she tells him that she doesn't think that is a good idea right now she's upstairs resting...Shawn says she probably doesn't want to talk to me right now...he tells Kate to let Belle know he was there and he'll talk to her later. Kate closes the door as Belle comes running downstairs with MB behind her...she asks Kate if someone is there she thought she heard Shawn's voice (so MB is upstairs comforting her and she thinks she hears Shawn's voice and comes running...says it all to me)before Kate can answer there is a knock on the door. Belle opens it and it's John...Belle hugs him and tells him how sorry she is about Mom. John starts to talk to her and asks Kate and MB to give them some privacy. John tells her that he saw Marlena and she's not doing to well. He tells her that he believes her Mom is innocent and that something else is going and they'll prove it. Belle says what if there isn't enough time and she's already been sent to the death chamber. He says they'll make it happen and then asks if she believes Marlena is innocent. She says of course I do but what if people can't forgive her for what happened...John says let me think you're talking about Shawn right...Belle says Shawn left...John asks her why...she says because of everything that happened to his family especially his great-grandmother...John says does he blame you...she says no it's just that everytime he looks at me I blame myself...John says this is my take on it...if Shawn isn't man enough to stand by you then you shouldn't be with him....(of course Kate hears this and puts that smirk on her face) Belle and Phil are upstairs in her room…she is holding the bear that Shawn gave her. She thanks him for being there and then she says that she should be asking him how he is doing as he has lost a father and sister. He talks a bit about Victor and Cassie and then says he hasn’t been back to the mansion since Vic’s death because of Nicole. Belle says that the two people she feels closest to are her Mom and Marlena…everything reminds her of them. The bear that Shawn gave her on Valentine’s Day and the scarf that Marlena knit her. Phil thinks she should try to get some sleep she’ll feel better…she can put her Mom and Shawn out of her mind. She lays down on top of the covers as he lies beside her…she asks him to hold her. He says hold you…she says Shawn always held me until I fell asleep at night. He says OK…she pulls his arm around her waist and he kisses her forehead…and he is still petting. Downstairs John and Kate are talking as John says how strong Kate is…having to listen to Marlena talk about Roman’s death. She tells John that is was difficult but she managed to get through it. John mentions how hard it was to listen to Marlena say that she loved Roman. She says that Marlena is guilty…John yells that it isn’t her doing this. She is the woman he loves and he will help get her through this. Kate tells him that he knows she did this…he says yes but it wasn’t her.

At the mansion...Nicole is talking on the phone to a business associate of Victor's and apparently he says something about her Japanese...she says then I'll say it in plain English. She talks to herself after hanging up saying she's been out of the business world too long she has a lot to catch up on...Brady comes in and says he'll help her (shirtless man of the day)he says he was out jogging and he'll take a shower and bring her up to date on Titan's business...after he leaves she gets a call from Crystal. Nicole is offering Brady Marlena’s spot on the BOD at Titan. Brady loves the idea he always wanted to do this. She says well as soon as I get approval from the Board it’s yours. She says unless there is a problem from Bo or Phil. He says it won’t happen neither of them wanted to be involved and he’ll handle it. He asks her why. She has a vision of them making out and then says she has her reasons. He wants to know what he’ll be doing and she hands him a folder that details the Opera House. She has some ideas and as he quickly looks them over he comments on how smart she is. She says that she has a lot of work to do with Titan and she knows how much he cares about Chloe. She doesn’t have the time to fight her. He thanks her and says he is off to phone Chloe. After he leaves she says to herself that behind every great woman is a man with a hot man.

At Jen's.....they find out that Bonnie won the money on a lottery (she picked her kids birthday's and won)...Jen opens the door and there is Patrick and the cop...Julie starts going off on him, he doesn't know what is going on as Mickey says someone stole Jen's bearer bonds. He says he didn't do it. Bonnie says my son isn't a liar if he says he didnt' do it then he didn't...Julie says so he's a thief like his two-bit mother...Mickey stops them from going at each other as the cop says he didn't find anything...Julie wants them to check his napsack as Patrick says fine but Bonnie isn't sure about that (guess she doesn't believe him). Mickey tells Julie to take the cop around the house to see if anyone tried to break in. Julie says she doesn’t need to it was an inside job. Mickey tells her to go…after she leaves Mickey talks to Jen about Patrick and pressing charges. He says that they really don’t have proof…Jen can’t believe that Patrick did this. Patrick/Bonnie are talking as he thanks her for acting like a mother…she then asks if he did take them and does she get a split. He can’t believe that she even asked…he says you are the one who was figuring out the interest. Julie comes back in and says surprise…no breakdown.

At the jail...Marlena is put in solitary confinement....we get a flashbacks of her and John (so much for her murdering everyone because she loved Roman)Crystal makes out with the male guard and steals his keys. She gets out of her cell and phones Nicole. Crystal is trying to talk Marlena into going up on the roof. Marlena says it really doesn’t matter if she dies tonight or in the death chamber. She murdered nine people and she deserves to be punished. Crystal tells her that she read about her in the intruder that she has a lot of kids and a cat and leads a charmed life. Marlena says you read that…I have no cat and I don’t leave a charmed life…I killed friends and people I loved. Crystal tells her that if she leaves now she’ll have a chance to see her husband and children again and isn’t that worth living for. They arrive at the top as Crystal pretends to be dizzy…she gives Marlena the keys and tells her to open the door everyone is waiting…after opening the door Marlena turns around and Crystal hits her over the head with the gun.

Shawn arrives at the Cheatin’ Heart and orders a beer. He pulls out his wallet to pay and notices a picture of Belle…he rubs it with his thumb. He hears Jen’s name and turns around. There is a guy on a cell talking about Jen and how much she inherited from her dead grandmother and husband…he makes a comment about the bonds being as good as cash.

Pat’s Spoilers

This is going to be a fairly short report. I don’t have to go out or anything but so much today held no interest for me whatsoever. I just couldn’t get into it so not a lot of it registered and because I’m taping the Friends finale I can’t go back and re-watch the spots I glossed over.

Kiriakis Mansion: Brady is shirtless and sweaty…I knew we couldn’t go two days in a row without one of the guys being shirtless. Nicole pulls the wool over his eyes once again when he catches her talking to Crystal about Marlena. She says she was talking to someone in corporate relations to get Marlena’s picture and bio out of the stockholders annual report. She wants to replace Marlena on the board with him. She then says she wants to look after the concert hall project and she has all kinds of stuff planned for Chloe. Brady is excited. Nicole has a fantasy about him…yada, yada, yada. I think ykw better take out a life insurance policy because Nicole talks to herself and says once Marlena is dead nobody will be able to stand in her way. It shouldn’t take Nicole too long to remember that ykw has the goods on her.

Jail: Crystal sleeps with the guard (yawn) managing to steal his keys and gun without him noticing. The only good thing was the flashbacks Marlena had – the old John and Marlena scenes were great to watch – even included one when they married when they believed he was Roman. Crystal tricks Marlena into going onto the roof and then knocks her out.

Jen’s house: More accusations by Julie, more denials by Bonnie…how many more times are we going to have to listen to that? Julie did get one good zinger in she called Bonnie the queen of cleavage (at least I think it was queen). No bonds on Patrick, he denies taking them, Bonnie defends him, Jennifer doubts, Mickey hedges. Finally Mickey tells Julie and Jen even if he did steal them they have no proof and the bonds were equivalent to cash so there is nothing they can do.

Cheating Heart: Shawn sits at the bar and orders a beer. He takes out his wallet to pay and looks at a picture of Belle and runs his thumb over her face. The expression on his face is very telling. He wants to be with her. Geez can’t they use more recent pictures – this is the one from when she was 16…good lord. He overhears that guy that we’ve seen with Patrick a few times talking about Jennifer. Boy ladies, look out, we get the smouldering eyes, the clenched jaw, the muscle twitching. The guy says once he cashes the bearer bonds he’ll take care of Jennifer. I’m guessing this is what keeps him in town.

The Loft: First of all after reading the responses to the posts that were under the Day Ahead and EE reports I was feeling pretty bad. But this is nothing. The only thing I got from this show is that mb is going to get nowhere with Belle. Although Jan’s report will be added later she did say to say she felt exactly the same. I really can’t explain why Shawn left – stupid plot…Kate tells him she was there to make sure Belle had something to eat. He says that was nice of you and he says he’s going to come in and talk to her. She says that’s not a good idea, she’s resting. He says she doesn’t want to see me. He tells Kate to tell her he’ll call her from the road. Belle and mb come down and she says I thought I heard Shawn’s voice. There’s a knock on the door and it’s John. They hug. She asks how her mom is and he says he won’t lie she’s not doing good. He indicates to mb and Kate that he’d like a moment with Belle. They talk a bit and when Belle tells John that Shawn left town and she’s afraid she’s lost him he asks if Shawn is still blaming her for Alice’s death. She says no, this is about him but each time he says that she feels more guilty. John says this is his take on it, if Shawn isn’t man enough to be around for my little girl when she needs him than maybe you’re better off without him. Kate and mb smirk. She tells John she doesn’t want to stay alone and he asks her if she wants to come to the penthouse but she doesn’t think she can face going there just yet. Kate pipes up and says her precious baby boy that can’t get a woman without his mother’s manipulations and help can spend the night on the couch. Same son than practically trips over his drooling tongue as he agrees and than practically pushes Belle up the stairs because she needs to go to bed. Now this is for one night – not a moving in thing.

As for the rest that went on – don’t be eating lunch when you watch this because John falls all over himself thanking Kate for being there for Belle. She then proceeds to tell him she has always thought of Belle as a second daughter. HUH??? Now I see where Brady gets his cluelessness from. Boy tptb should have put up a flashing neon sign saying ‘Kate is going to go after John’. What I did like is that John does understand why Shawn left. He tells Kate that he knows how hard this had been on Shawn. I think he said what he said to Belle in an effort to make her feel better.

The Belle, mb scenes are easy to take. All she can think about is the two most important people in her life, her mother and Shawn. As for what mb spouts about his father – you know what, too little, too late. I could care less what he has to say. I only watched to listen to what Belle had to say – mb I totally tuned out. And they are stretched out on top of the bed fully clothed. She does pull his hand to her waist but then immediately closes her eyes. She had just told him Shawn would hold her until she fell asleep.

Preview: The only good thing about dottie’s sick fantasy is that Shawn looks hot…LOL! He’s handcuffed to the bed – black boxers only and dottie cracks her black whip saying ‘bad, naughty, Shawn you’re going to be my love slave.’ (We do get a close up of his face…THUD…damn!) Julie telling Bonnie she bets this will be the last time she sets eyes on Patrick and Bonnie attacks her. Hope and Bo arguing – he say’s it’s the best way, she says you gave a shoot to kill order – sanctimonious, righteous Bo yelling as far as he is concerned the sooner that happens the better.

Tuesday May 11

Jan’s spoilers……..

At the jail....Crystal can't believe Marlena isn't dead yet so she hits her with the gun again. She wipes off the prints and drops the gun. She goes inside and locks the door. She tells herself that Marlena won't see how she is going to spend the money as she'll be dead. Downstairs Bo and Hope arrive as Bo wants to talk to Marlena about Victor's death. Hope says she might not remember and she has already confessed to nine murders so there is no incentive...Bo says this is my father we are talking about and I want to know who killed him. They go to the cell but it's empty. Trish arrives as Bo asks what is going on...she is supposed to be under lock and key. Crystal is in her cell as Earl arrives and asks if his gun and keys are there...she looks in the bed but can't find them. They hear someone coming and Crystal shuts the door. She tells Trish/Bo/Hope that the psycho doc. locked them up and stole Earl's gun and keys as Trish asks if it's true...Earl says yes. Bo gets on his cell phone and tells whoever is on the other end that there is an escaped prisoner and she is armed and dangerous. Crystal is telling them that she was there when Marlena killed Tina and she had the same look in her eyes when she locked them up and escaped. Bo gets on his cell and issues and APB and says Shoot to Kill. Bo/Hope are arguing as Hope wants him to call off the shoot to kill....he won't do it as she is getting more and more upset with him. He says he has to do his job but she can't believe he'd want Marlena dead...she tells him if something happens to Marlena he’ll regret it…he says no I’ll regret it if she kills anyone else…he tells her it doesn't matter if she dies tonight or in the death chamber he doesn't want any more lives lost. She wants to go up on the roof to talk to her but Bo says no he isn't risking her life. Hope calls John......she tells Bo she did and he says he wishes she didn't do that...he tells her John is a civilian and too close to the case...she says so are we...he says but we have no choice.

On the roof Marlena has come to and can't quite figure out what is going on...she has a flashback to Crystal bringing her up on the roof. She grabs the gun and heads for the door but can't get it open...meanwhile all the bells and sirens are going off. Marlena is looking around and sees the helicopter….she says they think I escaped…I have to let them know and surrender…they are targeting her and fire a shot as she ducks behind the duct work on the roof. They are shooting at Marlena as she continues to hide and try to get out of their line of fire….she is sorry for killing the people she loves and still can't remember. She tells John she loves him and needs him....she wants to surrender.....she lifts one arm up and then the other (still holding the gun)as they fire and she falls to the ground.

At the loft....Phil comes downstairs as Mama Kate rushes over and asks why he isn't upstairs helping Belle get to sleep. He tells her that it was a little uncomfortable. She says so as Phil asks what she wants him to do sleep with the girl. She says yes. Phil tells her that he knows that she is upset and that whole thing with Sami and Lucas is getting to her...she doesn't want to talk about that. He says I'm 21 years old and don't want to talk about my love life...as she asks what love life. He tells her that this whole thing she has with him and Belle is a little weird. She says you have feelings for her...he says he doesn't want to take advantage of her. Kate says look at her...Shawn deserted her...her mother is a murderer...she needs a friend. And if you don't want to be that friend then you should leave. She tells him that Belle wants people to be honest with her and maybe it's time he told her his feelings. She says that he shouldn't be leading Belle on. She tells him that he should take Belle upstairs and help her sleep (….Kate you really need a life and something to occupy your time rather than giving your son the same bad advice you gave all your other children) (OK...what did I miss...how is he leading her on????) Phil tells her he isn’t leading Belle on that he won’t take advantage of her…he tells her that he isn’t going after a woman who is hung up on someone else he did that with Chloe and look what happened.

John and Belle are talking as she says she couldn't sleep...she kept thinking about her Mom. John tells her that even though Marlena confesses there has to be something wrong and they'll prove it...something so that she isn't held responsible. He tells her not to listen to what people think. Belle is worried about her Mom being in jail as last time she was attacked. John tells her not to worry but she can't help it...he pulls out a photo album and says this is what we are fighting for...she sees a pic of her and Shawn and says nothing will ever be the same. John asks her if Shawn said when he was coming back but Belle tells him no….he says when it comes to love you have to have faith…if it’s the real thing you just never give up…she asks John if he’s telling her to not give up on Shawn….(Phil/Kate are listening of course)John and Kate are talking as Kate tells John not to worry about Belle she is like family...Phil and Belle are on the sofa looking at pics...she says she remember in HS everyone saying that their problems would be worse but she never believed it...Phil says Chloe and her leukemia...Mimi being homeless....and not to forget Puerto Rico...Belle says the first half of the trip was fun...she wonders if things will ever be the same...he tells her she is stronger than she thinks...she thanks him for being there as they hug and Kate watches...Belle tells John she loves him...she tells Phil that there are blankets in the closet she's going to bed...John gets a call from Hope telling him Marlena escaped...he tells Phil not to let Belle watch the TV or listen to the radio and leaves....

At Jen's....Julie is asking if Patrick would lie for his mother and if Bonnie would lie for Patrick. Mickey says he believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Jen says it's her fault that she is the one who left the bonds out....she doesn't know who to trust anymore and runs out of the house. Julie goes out to her to see if she's OK...she says she just doesn't know who to trust...first Marlena and then Patrick. She says that she knows Patrick left town but he has been so good to her and Abby. Inside her home phone rings and Patrick picks it up....(it's Shawn)..he tells Shawn he'll go to get Jen but Shawn says no...he explains a bit about the bonds and says he is going to call his parents...Patrick tells him he is coming down there and to wait.
Jen can't believe that she trusted Patrick...Bonnie and Julie are still arguing as Bonnie says that Julie just can’t stand to see a family stick together. Julie has another come back as they continue to go at each other…Bonnie tells her that she is just jealous that Alice left the bonds to Jennifer and now she knows why….Patrick arrives back at Jen’s as Julie Julie says look who’s back….he explains what happened and that Shawn had called…Julie says my grandson Shawn…she asks why he didn’t tell anyone about the call but he tells her that they were all arguing...Julie continues on about them not phoning the police...he says they didn't have enough time and he didn't want her grandson getting hurt...Jen apologizes as does Julie (sort of)...Jen tells Patrick that Jack always told her as a reporter to trust her instincts and she trusts him with her life.

At the Cheatin' Heart....Shawn is drinking his beer and listening to the guy on the phone (it's the same one who met Patrick earlier)....the guy hangs up and Shawn bumps into him....(he's pretending to be drunk)...the guy pushes him away and tells him next time be careful....Shawn has taken his keys...(he phones Patrick)...Shawn is trying to reach his parents as Patrick arrives telling him I thought we agreed to wait....Shawn says he learned his lesson and he isn’t doing that again...the guy comes in yelling for his keys...when the bartender says he doesn't have them he pushes everything on the bar onto the floor...Patrick comes over and says let's take this outside....they start to fight as Shawn watches through the window. Patrick is telling the guy (I wish I had a name)that he told him to leave Jen alone…the guy tells him that if he had done what he was told then he wouldn’t have had to take the bonds…Patrick punches him in the stomach as the guy then hits him…Shawn comes out and grabs the guys arms and they see the bonds…Patrick takes the bonds as Shawn is holding onto the guy who elbows Shawn in the stomach...he takes off as Shawn asks Patrick why he let him go. He says that we got the bonds back and that is what is important, Jen is going through so much right now she doesn’t need this. Shawn thinks they should call the cops but Patrick figures they are pretty busy. He asks Shawn if he wants to come with him to give them back to Jen but Shawn says since you asked no...he tells Patrick that he is on his way out of town...he has to think things through...Patrick says he knows where he is coming from as Shawn tells him to say hi to Jen...after Patrick leaves Shawn gets a call on his cell...he looks at the caller ID and it says private number....he answers and it's Mrs. B.....she needs a favor....she thinks there is someone downstairs...Shawn asks if she called the police and she says yes but they think it's her imagination...she tells him she is positive that there is someone there and that Alice always said that she could count on Shawn to protect her....she asks him to stop by and check...he says he guesses he could stop for a few minutes on his way out of town...he asks her if it's across the bridge and she says yes...she asks if he still has the address and he says he knows where it is....he puts on his helmet as the guy is watching and is on his cell...he says that Lockhart just upped the stakes and Devereaux is the target....

At Jan's....she is in the cage wondering how many pillows Shawn would like (they are red heart-shaped)...she fantasizes about him being handcuffed to the bed (both legs and arms....in his black silk boxers)...he is shocked to see her and asks her what is going on. She then has another on (she's in a black teddy....holding a feather)...she says she saved herself for him as he tells her he saves himself for Belle...she starts to yell not to ever mention Belle's name in this house again…she says that she will make him her love slave (GMAB…she got a whip).... she is sitting down putting her make up on and trying out her ‘nose’ still talking to herself saying this is her fantasy and Shawn should be saying what she wants to hear...she again sees him on the bed as he is telling her she is the only one he wants...she says that's better. She places her call to Shawn and after hanging up says that he'll be here longer than he thinks.

Wednesday May 12

Jan’s Spoilers….

I have to say that Deidre/Drake/Peter/Kristian put on excellent performances today. Lumi were great as well. I have to admit at the end of the show with John crying no, no, no as Marlena fell into his arms was very powerful. The show was emotional but I’ll be honest…I could have done without the Nicole/Brady scenes and Patrick saying good-bye…it would have been much more effective.

At Jen's....she says good-bye to Mickey and turns to tell Patrick that she hopes Julie and his mother can get along long enough to get home. Patrick isn't there but comes around the corner with his backpack. He tells her he had to go and get this it's time to leave. She says I thought you were staying...he tells her he has to go. He says it's a good thing Shawn phoned about the bonds and she got them back. She tells him that she never accused him of stealing them she trusts him. He has a flashback to the 'guy' telling him that taking the bonds was just a start and that he had better do his job. He tells her that isn't the reason he's going....he doesn't want him to leave but he says he has to. She says if he remembers the face of the 'guy' who took them he should call the police...he says Shawn's parents are cops he'll take care of it....he turns to go and she says No. Jen asks him to stay…she says it’s nice to have a man around the house…he’s good with a wrench…saved her wedding ring…and he saved her baby’s life twice…he says it’s better for them if he leaves…he tells her to say good-bye to Abby…she hugs him before he goes. Jen is over at the window crying when Abby comes downstairs. She couldn't sleep so she sits on the sofa with Jen. She asks why Jen is crying and Jen tells her that Marlena confessed to killing Jack. Abby is shocked and then asks if the baby is OK. Jen tells her the baby is fine as Abby says thanks to Patrick. She wonders where he is and Jen tells her that he has left. Abby can't believe her mother let him go...she made her happy. She tells Jen she thinks it's her fault as Jen tells her no that wasn't the reason...there was something else but she doesn't know what it was. She tells Abby that they will probably hear from him seeing as he liked Abby so much. Abby goes to bed and Jen turns out the lights....as she is locking the door she hears a car screech by (it appears they threw Patrick out the door)...she goes to him and he appears unconcious and bleeding)...

At the mansion....Nicole gets a call from Crystal...she wants to know what is going on as Crystal says have patience...they are filling Marlena's with enough holes for her to be swiss cheese. Brady overhears her and wants to know if she is talking to her accomplice. She tells him that is enough..it doesn't matter what she says he won't believe her. He says once Marlena takes the truth serum again they will find out the truth. She does the feel sorry for me act....I called Victor's bluff..he had nothing on me...Brady says as far as we know...she wants to know why he doesn't have faith in her...he tells her that his Dad has faith in Marlena even though she confessed...Nicole says because he loves her...Brady says he loves her very much...Nicole says is that why you have no faith in me...it's because you don't have feelings for me isn't it. Nicole says that they shouldn't worry about the little stuff...she goes to the computer to check her e-mail and brings up a live TV report with Marlena being shot at....Brady asks what is going on as Nicole says it's spam...she shuts off the computer and tells Brady that she hopes Marlena can get healthy again and be put under the truth serum then her name would be cleared...Brady asks if she is sure and she says yes.

At the jail...Bo is telling the officers to shoot if they have to as John comes running in yelling no...he goes after Bo and is yelling he can't do this...it is broken up by Hope and another cop who asks if Bo wants to press charges...Bo says no...he tells John that if he doesn't stop he won't be able to help Marlena at all he'll be in jail. John pleads with him....telling Bo that she is innocent...she can't defend herself...Bo goes on that she killed nine people to protect herself I'm sure that she can...he tells John she has a gun...John continues to plead for Bo to stop the shoot to kill order...Bo tells him that as long as his officers are in danger he won't...she has a gun. John wants to go up to the roof to talk to her...Bo tells him that his life will be in danger and he can't let that happen...John says I'm not afraid she won't hurt me....Bo says she butchered Roman and she loved him...John says as a friend you have to let me do this...Hope wants Bo to let John go up but he won't....Bo gets a call that they can't get a clean shot and that she still has the gun...Bo tells them again to shoot to kill as John takes off...Bo yells at him to stop but Hope tells him to let John go. Hope tells Bo that John loves Marlena and he doesn’t want her to die…she says he would do the same thing if it was her…Bo tells her that this isn’t about him loving her or them it’s about a killer that’s escaped… John grabs and ax and wants to get out on the roof. Bo tries to stop him telling him he doesn't want him to get hurt...John tells him he loves that girl and he has to help her. He hits Bo in the face with the ax and opens the door as Hope tells Bo to let him go.

On the roof....they continue to fire at Marlena as she tries to keep under cover and get off the roof (she can't figure out why they won't let her surrender...it would help if she put down the gun) Marlena is trying to hid as she puts her hands over her face still holding the gun...they continue to shoot at her as John yells to her. She yells at him to help her...she needs his help. He opens the door and comes running out as Marlena starts towards him....Bo has told the officers not to fire....(he told them twice but they didn't hear him and think he said fire)....John is yelling at Marlena to get down and drop the gun but she continues to run to him...he gets up and goes to her as she is shot in the chest....he screams over and over again....no as she falls into his arms.

At Sami's....Lucas made kettle corn and Will is picking out a DVD for them to watch...Sami apologizes for shutting down on Will...she goes on to say that she feels like something is going to happen and she is worried...she can't believe her Mom is in jail. Lucas tells her that she did it...her Mom killed her Dad...Sami tells him to stop...Lucas says you aren't going to blame John and my mom again are you...Sami says why not...Lucas says you know they didn't do it...Sami doesn't feel that she can believe in love anymore...if this is what her mother did for love....then this and what happened with Austin and Brandon doesn't make it worth it....Lucas asks her not to give up on love and not to give up on them. Sami is confused about them. She tells Lucas that there are times when she wants them to be together…and then there are times she wants to kill him and it scares her…he says she isn’t her mother….Sami doesn't know what Lucas wants her to say. She says that the last few months with them getting closer has been nice but a relationship...Lucas tells her not to use the word relationship…sometimes words don’t work for them....they kiss and he says that works....they kiss again and he says that works better...they kiss again and Will comes out. Sami jumps up and goes to get salt for the popcorn. Will asks him if Sami is OK and he says she's doing as well as can be expected. He asks how Will is doing and he talks about Grandma Marlena being the killer. He asks Lucas what is going to happen to her...will she die. Lucas says they don't really know for sure but there are people like John trying to figure everything out. Sami comes over and tells him that they have to keep the faith and pray for her...to believe in her. Will goes to put in the DVD and it's the news report with Marlena being shot at....they watch.

At the Cheatin' Heart....Patrick comes in and goes up to the 'guy'...Patrick tells him he is leaving town and to leave Jennifer alone. The 'guy' tells him he can't do that as Patrick tells him that he doesn't order him around...Patrick gets up to leave and tells him if he touches Jen he's a dead guy...as he leaves the 'guy' motions and Patrick is followed....(he says to himself that Patrick is the dead guy)...the two thugs catch up to Patrick outside and they start to fight...the 'guy' comes over and holds a wire across Patricks throat.

The preview: Belle is telling a shirtless Phil that Shawn promised to come home to her...Phil says to forget about Shawn, he doesn't deserve her as Belle turns around and give him the 'look'

Pat’s Spoilers

Nicole is on the phone to Crystal who somehow manages to have a cell phone in her jail cell…hmm…is that they’re called ‘cell’ phones when Brady comes in still shirtless of course. Is he ever going to have that shower? He asks if she is talking to her accomplice she proclaims her innocence while secretly gloating that ‘doc’ has reached her expiration date and sipping her martini. Brady says as soon as Marlena’s heart is stronger they will give her truth serum again and she will tell them who murdered Victor. They get on the subject of how John would die to protect Marlena and prove her innocence as while Nicole turns on the waterworks for her ‘poor me, nobody loves me like that’ she is gleeful about Marlena dying. She goes to check her email and as soon as she opens her laptop there is live news video of the ‘jailbreak’. Hmm… nice setup she has – I guess internet is always on. She brings the conversation around to her innocence again and tells Brady that she looks forward to Marlena revealing the truth because she knows that Marlena will never testify against her.

Patrick says goodbye to Jen and she pleads with him to stay but he doesn’t. He goes off to the Cheating Heart to tell the guy who stole the bonds that he is leaving Salem and that if this guy hurts Jen he will kill him. When Patrick leaves the guy signals his two goons to attack him and then he helps them out by strangling Patrick. Abby wakes up and asks Jen what upset her and caused her to cry. Abby insists that she is not a little kid anymore so Jen tells her that it’s been a rough night, Marlena confessed. They have a nice talk about it and their memories. Abby asks where Patrick is and asks Jen why she let him go when Jen tells her that he left for good. Then Abby thinks it was her fault for doing that internet search on him but Jen says it wasn’t. Abby goes up to bed and Jen hears tires squealing and a car door slamming and goes out and a beaten and bloody Patrick has been dumped unconscious on her walk to her front door.

I really liked the Sami Lucas scenes today. Sami is upset that she let her son see her so depressed and out of it. She tells Lucas that she has given up on love. They have a great talk about how Sami felt that her mother and her father’s love was the shining example but if it’s true that Marlena killed all those innocent people because she was jealous of kate – well, Sami says that just proves that nothing good can come out of love. It always end up bad. He tells her not to give up on love that they can make it through this. Sami admits that her feelings about him are so conflicted – that sometimes she thinks that she could just kill him and that really scares her right now. He tells her that she isn’t her mother. Lucas is really good with Sami so calm and so patient and actually very truthful with her. He tells her to have faith because John is going to get to the truth – that there had to be mitigating circumstances that a judge will take into account. When he really can’t get through to her he says that they should stop talking because it doesn’t work that well for them and they should stick with what does. He kisses her and then they kiss again but break apart when Will comes out of his room. Sami goes to get salt for the popcorn. Will and Lucas have a really good talk. Will asks if his grandmother is going to end up on death room like his mom did. Lucas tells him that he really doesn’t know and he tells him the same thing he told Sami, to keep the faith. Will says his grandmother will end up on death row like his mom except no one will save her at the last minute. He goes to put the DVD in and the TV comes on and the breaking news story with the live shots of the rooftop and Marlena holding the come comes on the air.

I don’t know what to say about the prison scenes. Bo sticks to his decision no matter what Hope or John say. He calls Marlena a monster and even though John pleads with him he tells the marksmen that she is armed and dangerous and he is to shoot to kill. He then spouts all the rules and regulations to John. John wants to talk to Marlena but Bo says no. Hope wants Bo to let John try and get through to her. John rushes to the door that leads to the roof but it is locked. Bo tells him he is not going to let him go on the roof – John tells him that he will have to shoot him to stop him. Marlena keeps scurrying from place to place begging and crying for someone to help her but she never drops that gun. Deidre gives another amazing performance. I was crying at the end when John got the door open and Bo ordered ‘don’t shoot’ but the pilot says the order is to shoot to kill then Marlena sees John and comes out in the open – he is yelling at her to drop the gun and stay put but she stands up and is shot in the chest. John cries out ‘no, no, no’ and what can I say, even though I knew it was coming I felt the same way and cried with John.

Preview: Belle saying that Shawn promised he would come back to her – mb says ‘forget about Shawn – he doesn’t deserve you’. Belle turns to face him with fire in her eyes. This part has obviously been spliced – you can actually see that so there’s no way to tell what was really said before mb says this. Hope saying to Bo ‘if only you hadn’t given that shoot to kill order’ – Bo just looking self-righteous and John saying ‘my wife would still be alive.’ Sami crying as she tells Lucas that she loved her mom and now she is dead and someone is going to pay. Look out – that look in Sami’s eyes is deadly.

Thursday May 13

Jan’s Spoilers….

A couple of comments….Deidre/Drake/Kristian/Peter/Ali/Kirsten were awesome today…KUDOS to all of them. I thought JC played his part perfectly in showing how much he didn’t want to be where he was and trying to get to his cell knowing it was Belle calling and how much she needed him. I have to admit in the scene where Marlena says good-bye to her girls had me in tears….she did it to perfection!! And when Drake is talking to her wanting her to breath…incredible. I have to say how much I enjoyed this show. It was a very emotional show and difficult to put into words. Yes there were some parts I didn’t like (those go without saying)but the good in this show definitely outweighed the bad. Oh and one more thing…I thought that the first person Belle wanted to call says it all….she went right for the phone to call Shawn and that once he heard it the first person Shawn thought of was Belle. Also and this is just my speculation but from the previews I am positive that Jan is going after Belle…(but I’ve been wrong before…LOL)

At Jan's....she is putting the finishing touches on her make-up (I have to say it is a very good job)....Shawn is knocking on the door. She talks to herself in the mirror and then says on with the show as she makes her way to the front door...she opens it and Shawn says he knows what is going on...she looks shocked. Of course when she asks what he says that it was a raccoon...she apologizes for bringing him all this way...he says it's ok I was on my way out of town anyway...she thanks him and of course mentions Alice and the fact that she just met him but she feels like she's known him forever...he says he has to get going but she say no and grabs his arm....she says she has a surprise for him....(Shawn is looking like he wants to get the hell away...LOL) Jan tells Shawn she has made tea and whatever…she pulls him into the house and pulls off his jacket..she tells him she has everything ready and to sit down….Jan is making tea (putting in the drug)as Shawn is sitting looking at a book...she asks him to help her bring it over and he does...she tells him to drink up as she puts on some music...he drinks it as he tells her it's good (check out his face...he so wants to be out of there)...she says it's her own special blend...he tells her the music is nice as he continues to drink...they break in that Marlena is dead and Shawn jumps up saying Belle, I have to call Belle....he is dizzy and can't seem to get his legs under him...(Jan to herself says this night couldn't get better)she asks if he's OK and he says he just got up too fast and is dizzy...he hears his phone ring and says I have to get that it's Belle and he heads out to his jacket....he has trouble maneuvering over to it and can't get there before it stops ringing.

At Belle's....Phil is in the kitchen as Belle comes downstairs and asks what he is doing...he says he hoped he didn't wake her...she says no she was thinking about her Mom and how difficult it must be for her spending the night in jail...he says he heard her moving around and thought he'd make her a snack...smores...she says Shawn used to make me smores (another punch in the stomach Phil)she wonders where he is....she then says he promised her he'd be back..Phil says to her forget about Shawn he doesn't deserve you. She turns to him with that look and asks what he meant by that. He takes a hold of her hand and sits her on the sofa saying that he has to be honest here...Shawn is being a jerk for leaving here with everything she's going through...she says what I'm going through what about what he's going through. She says he had to stand there and listen to my mother talk about how she killed half his family...that and the fact I lied to him. Phil goes to say something but she stops him and says don't worry I'm not going to cry on your shoulder...he says that's what I'm here for...she says I'm all cried out...I think I'll watch a late night movie. He stops her...tells her that won't help her sleep...he says he's going to get graham crackers and to not watch TV or listen to the radio...she says then I'll check my e-mail maybe Shawn has written me (another punch in the stomach)Phil leaves and she gets online...she is seeing Marlena being shot at...she then sees Marlena being hit and screams. Belle is watching as Marlena is saying good-bye to her…she tells her not to let this interfere with her happiness and true love…she tells her Mama loves her…Belle is crying and banging on the keyboard as Phil comes in…she says she’s dying as Phil tries to console her but Belle just keeps looking at the monitor…Belle is crying as Phil has his arms around her...she can't believe it's happening that her Mom is dead. Rimi come in as Mimi says we heard you scream...Belle/Phil/Mimi are sitting on the sofa. Belle tells Mimi her Mom is dead...Mimi says we're here for you as they hug and Phil says we'll be here for you night and day...Rex looks at him...Phil wants to know if there is anyone they can call...she says I have to talk to my Dad, I have to call Shawn...Phil says Shawn is gone Belle, he's left...she says when he hears he'll come back...she tries to call but he doesn't pick up....she wants to know why her Mom is dead why everyone she loves is leaving her.

At Rex's....Rex is laying in bed as Mimi tells him to shut his eyes...she'll make him forget everything....she starts to rub oil on him and he stops her saying it won't work. He tells her that nothing will work...after listening to the woman that gave him birth talk about killing his sister and his father. He tells her he loves her as she says the same and that he taught her how to be strong...she makes him promise that nothing will stand in their way as they kiss.

At Sami's....Lucas has put Will to bed as Sami wants to turn the TV back on. Lucas tells her it isn't a good idea...to just sit back and wait everything will be fine. She says she can't and turns it on. They are watching as Marlena is being shot at...then they see John and Marlena running to him...they see her being hit as Sami faints....Lucas gets her a cold cloth and brings her to...she says she must have had a dream that her mother was shot...Lucas tells her it wasn't a dream...it happened. Sami is watching as Marlena says good-bye to Samantha Gene…she tells her this will be hardest on her…that she is sorry she wasn’t there for her….Sami is touching the screen…Lucas is telling Sami it's not a dream as Will comes out and can't believe his grandmother is dead...Sami says Grandma would want us to be together as a family and I think we should pray...she says a wonderful prayer...Lucas puts Will to bed and comes out and tells Sami how wonderful she was with Will..that he is proud of her that she put him first...she tells him that someone will pay for this.

At Jen's...Jen is calling Patrick's name as he wakes up. They go into the house and she wants to phone the cops. He says no...he was just mugged. She says it was more than a mugging I saw them throw you from the car although I didn't get the licence number...what happened? she is fixing up Patrick but tells him that she knows that whoever did this is the one who stole the bonds...she wants him to go the hospital but he won't...he tells her it's better that they leave this alone..she says she knows someone and calls Lexie....Lexie arrives and fixes him up but tells them they have to contact the police...Jen talks to her and tells her that Patrick doesn't want to do that...Lexie doesn't want him staying there and offers to put him in a homeless shelter...Jen refuses.

At the jail....John is holding Marlena..he lays her down and tries to help her. Hope calls for an ambulance as Bo is yelling at the chopper about not hearing him say don't shoot...he wants the chopper gone as well as the news choppers...Hope goes to John and says help is on the way...Lexie arrives as John tells her her breathing is sporadic etc....he tells Lexie to bring her back all the way...Marlena opens her eyes and says she is dying...they are now in the hall as Lexie stops the gurney and says she has been shot in the heart...John wants her to help but she says there is only one thing she can do and it's drastic...she tells John to come with her and she'll explain...Bo takes over holding the compress in place as a news reporter comes over...Bo is yelling at them to leave as Marlena says no....Marlena is talking to both girls as Bo is holding her hand…John/Lexie are there as John tells her to hang on…she says no it’s too late…she grabs Hope’s hand and talks about how sorry she is for what she did to her friends and family…she asks for their forgiveness…she tells Bo she is sorry as well…John doesn’t want to let her go but she tells him she loves him and not to let grieving control his life…she asks him to take care of her children (maybe it was me but I found this comment a little strange)…he has to move on to find love with someone new…John tells her he loves her…. Lexie tells John it's over as music he tries to get Marlena to breath....he tells her he loves her and that he can't live without her...there is flashbacks as the plays...Bo/Hope are hugging in the background...Lexie is talking to Hope saying that even though Marlena confessed she tried to do everything she could to save her...Lexie gets paged and leaves...Hope and Bo are talking as Hope tells him if only he hadn't given the shoot to kill order...John comes over and blames Bo for her death. He says that it's Bo's fault that she is dead...Bo tells him that he didn't want this to happen but she confessed and was trying to escape..he tells him if he hadn't gone on the roof...John isn't buying in and tells Bo he'll probably go and have a drink to celebrate...Bo says you may not want to hear this but I'm sorry....so many have died and so many have suffered...I was just doing my job and trying to protect people...Hope says the coroner is on his way as John says no one is touching my wife. He pics up Marlena and says he'll take her to where no one will hurt her again...Hope wonders where they are going.

The preview: Shawn is in the 'cage'...(I'm about to eat crow...fully clothed)with Jan sitting on the bed (in disguise)...he says Belle's name as Jan says how dare you mention her name...you'll regret it.


Pat’s Spoilers

Oh lordy. I’m not going to say very much about this episode. It was so emotional and I cried and cried and cried. Yes a few things grated on my nerves but it isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before – Oh yeah, I forgot, obviously petting a woman and treating her like a lapdog is the way the men that deserve happiness and are self-proclaimed better for the woman than the love of her life, her soul-mate could ever be shows her how much he loves her.

I have no words for the performances of Drake and Deidre as well as Kirsten and Ali. This was Drake’s finest moment. I’ll talk about the other stuff first.

Jen keeps holding Patrick and telling him to wake up. He finally does but insists on leaving. When he tries to get up he collapses again. Jen helps him into the house and patches him up when he refuses to go to the hospital. He also won’t let her call the police. He lets Jen call Lexie to come and look after him. Jen pages her and after Lexie is done at the police station she comes to the house. She talks to Jen alone and says that whoever beat up Patrick did it to send him a message. She tells Jen it’s not safe to be around him and tells her to get him out of her house tonight. Jen tells her that it’s her house and she wants Patrick there.

Mimi tries to seduce Rex with sexy negligee and scented oil to get his mind off of Marlena’s confession. He tells her he loves her but … he can’t understand how Marlena could kill his sister and his father – a man she claimed to love and who she had children with. He wonders how it could end up the way it did. She says she is a different person for loving him – he tells her he loves her. Again we have Mimi asking for the promise that nothing will ever come between them. Yikes…you know what that means.

Will is now in his room because Sami and Lucas didn’t want to see what was happening on the television. Lucas doesn’t want her to watch but she says she has to. She sees that Marlena has been shot. I really can’t go into a lot of detail – you have to watch. The part where Marlena is talking to the reporter as she lies on the stretcher dying is just so emotional. Sami listens to what she has to say as she cries. Marlena knows that this will be very hard on Sami. She tells her she is sorry she wasn’t there for her when she was growing up – she feels things would have turned out different for Sami if she had. She wants her to move on and tells her that she will find all those things she has always wanted. Will comes out and asks if his grandmother is dead. Sami put Will’s needs first and they all hold hands as she leads them in prayer. It was a very touching moment. Of course once Will is back in his room all bets are off as she tells Lucas that someone is going to pay for causing her mother’s death.

After watching this episode today with Shawn and Belle apart I’m convinced than ever that they will end up even more committed to each other after this ordeal with dottie is over with. No matter what mb says or what he does or what she is witnessing, Belle’s thoughts are focused on her mother and when she isn’t thinking of her all she is thinking about is Shawn. She asks what he is looking for and he says he was going to make her smores. She says Shawn always used to make them for her to try and make her feel better. She wonders how far Shawn got and says that he promised he wouldn’t be gone forever that he would come back but she’s not so sure. The shirtless one says that Shawn doesn’t deserve her. She asks him why he would say something like that. He says he has to be ‘honest’ with her – he thinks Shawn is a jerk for leaving her now especially with what she is going through. She says what about what Shawn is going through. He had to listen to my mom talk about killing half of his family knowing that I lied to him to give her an alibi. He tries to say something but Belle tells him she is not going to cry on his shoulders – she is all cried out for the night. She is going to watch a movie and he remembers John telling him to make sure Belle doesn’t watch TV so he says no. He puts his shirt on (thank god for that) to run out and get some graham wafers. Belle says she won’t watch TV she’s going to go on line to see if Shawn sent her an email. LOL – each time Belle mentions Shawn’s name mb looks pained. He just doesn’t get it…sad in a way when you really think about it.

Belle sees the news on the screen and watches and cries as her mother tells her goodbye. It was so sad. Marlena calls her my sweet Belle, my sweet sweet girl. She says she knows that she will have a hard time understanding this because even she can’t understand it. I loved how she told her not to let this stand in the way of her being happy. She tells her to hold on to true love because she might not get a second chance. When mb comes back she is in front of the computer crying and she tells him the cops shot her mom and she is dying. He wraps his arms around her and starts petting her head. When Marlena dies she sits there pounding the space bar saying no, no, no over and over. Mimi and Rex come running over and Belle and Mimi hug. Rex is silent but mb asks if there is anyone he can call for her. Belle says she wants to speak to her dad and that she has to call Shawn – mb snaps he left town. Belle hopes he isn’t too far away and says she knows that Shawn will come back when he hears that mom is dead (another pained expression from mb). She wonders why he isn’t answering his phone and cries that she is losing all the people she loves.

Now as powerful as Drake, Deidre’s, Ali’s & Kirsten’s performances were today so was Jason. You can literally tell by his expressions and his body language that he doesn’t want to be there but he’s too nice to say no to a friend of his great-grandmother’s. He doesn’t want to come in the house and tells Mrs.B. that he saw a raccoon in her trash – that’s what the noise was. He turns to leave but the old lady whips him around and says he can’t. She made tea and scones and wants him to come in. He does – she drugs the tea. Methinks that SDB should have wondered why she wanted soft music playing while they had tea and another little tip-off should have been the way she watched him like a hawk when urging him to drink his tea – not once but twice. But in reality he should have known things weren’t what they seemed as soon as he walked in the house – dottie practically rips his leather jacket off of him. The news cuts in and as soon as hears about Marlena he gets up saying he has to call Belle. He is very dizzy and dottie asks him if he’s feeling alright. He hears his cell phone ringing and he staggers trying to get to it.

There isn’t a lot I can say about the scenes between John and Marlena and Bo and Hope. Bo yells why did you shoot? He orders the police copter to leave and tells them to get the news choppers away from there as well. Hope brings John a first-aid kit as takes his shirt off and uses it to try and stop the bleeding. Bo keeps asking where the ambulance is and all of a sudden Lexie materializes – okay – there is something so strange about this. Just what was she doing there and why did the ambulance never show up? Marlena opens her eyes and John tells her she is going to be okay. She says no she is going to die. I was just sobbing when Marlena was telling Bo and Hope and John how sorry she was for all the pain and that she took full responsibility. I loved how Hope took her hand at one point – even Bo looks moved. My god they play such a sad song as John is begging her to live saying she is everything to him – the flashbacks are great. He literally rocks on his feet as he holds her not wanting to let her go. I lost it when he is crying and says just breathe for me and then he almost stills and says the same thing again but at almost a whisper. He turns on Bo after Marlena dies when Hope tells Bo ‘if only you hadn’t given the shoot to kill order’ – John says my wife would still be alive. Bo stands by his decision especially after Hope says the gun that Marlena stole was recovered. She has to step between them when John says Bo probably can’t wait to go out and have a drink to celebrate Marlena’s death. He pulls his latex gloves off and throws them at Bo saying you wanted her dead and you got your wish – you might as well have pulled the trigger yourself. Bo says if she would have escaped no one would have been safe. He tells John that for what it is worth he is sorry for his loss. He’s tired of all the senseless death. Bo tells Hope to phone and find out where the coroner is. John says he’s not letting anyone near his wife. He picks her up and says he is taking her someplace where no one can hurt her again.

This is just an excellent show. And it’s obvious when Shawn’s attempts to sweet-talk dottie so he can escape fail and he starts talking about his love for Belle it will drive dottie over the edge and she will go after Belle just to make Shawn suffer. It’s my feelings we’re in for some intense episodes over the next couple of weeks.

Previews: Lexie asking Patrick why he won’t report the fact that he was a victim of a felony to the police. She asks him what exactly he has to hide. Dottie running her hand up Shawn’s chest after getting him onto the bed in her cage as he says ‘Belle’. She says did you just say Belle – you are so going to regret that. Sami with Lucas confronting Bo (with Hope) in the church – she tells Bo that he killed her mother and she is going to make sure he pays for it. Marlena’s ghost back-dropped by what I assume is supposed to be the fires of hell telling Celeste that everyone in Salem is going to die.

Friday May 14

Pat is in tool belt country tonight so you are stuck with my version of the show. The same as yesterday the scenes at St. Lukes have to be seen….I’ll try to walk you through them but they are very emotional. I have to admit that I love a determined Shawn with one thing on his mind and that is Belle…the last scene well…I have to admit I laughed. I won’t go into what I think of Phil (again bad mouthing Shawn)or Kate’s comments. Ali/Drake/Kirsten/Kristian/Peter put on wonderful performances today….KUDOS to all of them. I also thought JC’s performance was good. As I said another very emotional show and I didn’t go into a lot of detail with the dialogue…for one reason I couldn’t remember it all…LOL.

Jan’s Spoilers….

At Jen’s…Lexie keeps on about Patrick leaving as he says he should go. Jen won’t hear of it but Lexie is sure there is something up. Jen tells her about the bonds and how he got them back for her. Lexie again asks him what is going on but he says that he won’t go to the police for Jen’s sake…he says it’s to protect her as it would be all over the news and everyone would know of her inheritance…Lexie is leaving as she tells Jen to be careful…they talk about Marlena and how difficult it must have been for her as Lexie says it was but it’s over…Patrick still wants to leave as Jen says she’ll make him something to eat and talk about it…he cell rings and it’s the ‘guy’ wanting to know if he learned his lesson…Jen is the target and he has to do his job…Patrick says to leave her alone but he tells Patrick that he does what he’s supposed to or blondie gets the next beating..Jen comes back in and Patrick tells her he is staying.

At Lexie’s…..Celeste is babysitting Theo…she comes downstairs and looks at the table as the ‘mask’ bursts into flames…she doesn’t understand why she is seeing this vision…she goes to the tarot cards and turns over the death card…she says it’s not over…..Lexie and Tek come out of the kitchen (I have no idea where he came from)…Lexie wants him to give Theo his gift (a football)and mentions him teaching Theo to play…Tek tells her how proud Abe would be of him..they go upstairs to put the football in Theo’s crib….the wind starts to blow inside the house…..Celeste turns and it’s Marlena…she tells Celeste it’s not over…their will be more death and sorrow…she tells Celeste she has to let everyone know…know that all in Salem will die.

At Sami’s…Sami can’t believe her mother is dead…she keeps going on about John as Lucas tries to comfort her…the phone rings and Sami picks it up….it’s Hope….she says how sorry she is as Sami starts to rant a bit…Hope tells her that John is at St. Luke’s with Marlena as Sami says why…Hope doesn’t know but Sami tells her she’ll get him away from her…her and Lucas take off after saying they’ll drop Will at the pub.

At Jan’s….Shawn is still determined to get to his cell…he keeps saying it’s Belle she needs him. Mrs. B is determined to keep him away and suggest he lie down. He says that he has to talk to Belle…it was her mother as Mrs. B says her mother is that awful serial killer.He knows something is wrong with him as he stumbles and falls. She picks him up and pushes his jacket away…she tells him maybe he had too much to drink..he says he had two and then asks what was in the tea…she says herbs and honey….then suggest he might be allergic to the peppermint leaves…he says no…his cell rings again and he trys to get to it saying it’s Belle maybe she is leaving me a message. She grabs his phone and heads to the living room…Shawn wants to know what she is doing as she says kids and their cell phones…he trips over a chair knocking it down…he climbs over it and tries again to get to the phone….Mrs. B grabs a poker from the fireplace figuring the drug needs a little help…Shawn finally falls over a chair and passes out…she says finally and smacks his butt…..she now has him on the bed talking about their little love nest and how surprised he’ll be…she rubs her hand on his chest as he says Belle’s name…she says he’ll regret that…she handcuffs him to the bedpost…pulls up his shirt and starts kissing his chest…starts to undo his belt buckle saying he’ll be there forever. She stands up and raises her hands in the air yelling…. (I’m sorry but that last part…too funny) (I did however like JC’s performance and SDB’s determination)

At the loft…Belle is still trying to get hold of Shawn. Phil tells her that he’s gone and he should have been here for her tonight…she says he probably doesn’t know. She tries again as Phil makes another not needed comment…Belle says maybe he’s ignoring her calls…there is a knock on the door as Belle says maybe it’s Shawn…it’s Kate there to check on Belle…Phil says she’s not doing too well…she keeps trying to reach Shawn…Kate says you’re right that’s not good you have to stop her. The phone rings as Belle says maybe it’s Shawn…she picks it up saying his name but it’s Hope…Belle asks if she has heard from him…Hope says no and then tells her how sorry she is. Belle asks why as Hope says we’ll talk later…she tells Belle that John is at St. Luke’s with Marlena and maybe she should come down…Hope asks if she needs a ride but she says Phil will bring her.

Through the streets….John is carrying Marlena’s body through the streets…..Bo/Hope follow….Bo tries to stop him but John tells him he’ll never hurt Marlena again…Bo says they have to take Marlena to the morgue but John tells him he’ll have to get his sharpshooters to shoot him as they did his wife…he calls Bo ‘Commander’ and tells him to get out of his way….he walks around them as Bo starts to follow……Hope says let him go but Bo asks her where as they follow.

At St. Luke’s…..John carries Marlena to the alter and places her there kissing her. He says that he couldn’t protect her in life and prays she’ll find peace. He starts to put candles around as Hope tells Bo she has to phone Belle and Sami….Belle is on the phone as Hope says maybe she is talking to Shawn…Bo says that Shawn would call her if he knew…Sami comes rushing in yelling at Bo…blaming him for what happened…she tells him that if her father had been there her mother wouldn’t be dead…Bo tells Hope that Sami might be right…if Roman had been there Marlena might not be dead…Sami then goes in to the Chapel as John goes to hug her…she starts to yell at him that it’s his fault…he says he loved her mother and tried to protect her…Sami says if he hadn’t told them about Marlena she’s be alive…her grandmother was right he did kill her….he started everything…Kate comes in and watches from the back…Phil and Belle arrive as she can’t believe this is real that her mother is dead…Phil says she doesn’t have to do this but she says she does….she goes inside and hears Sami yelling at John and tells her to stop…John hugs Belle and says they have to be a family….Sami says he destroyed their family…Belle wants to say good-bye and goes to Marlena’s body…she says Mom as John stands behind her crying….Hope tells Bo she doesn’t know what she’d do if that happened to him as he tells her it won’t…they hug as Hope looks scared…he asks what is wrong but she tells him to hug her….inside John asks Phil to take Belle out for air as he doesn’t think she can handle much more…Phil says not to worry he’ll look after Belle…Kate comes up to John and says I know how much you loved her and hugs him…Sami comes running in and says I knew it…you two wanted her dead so you could be together…Lucas tells Sami that it isn’t true…John loved her mother and did everything to protect her including putting his own life at risk…he hopes that one day they’ll have a relationship like that…Sami tells him if he is sticking up for John then they don’t stand a chance. Outside Belle can’t believe this is happening…Phil says I know what it’s like I lost my father..you don’t have to be alone I’ll be there for you whenever and wherever you need…she thanks him for being there…she tells Phil that she can’t believe Shawn left her alone…Phil says you’re not alone I’m here…she again thanks him for being a friend.

Previews: John/Bo/Hope at the pub as Hope says hasn’t there been enough death. Jan has a pair of scissors and is cutting something…(I’m assuming Shawn’s clothes off…LOL)…Sami is telling Belle that Shawn is like his father.

Monday May 17

Jan’s Spoilers…….

My little rant and a few other comments.

Kirsten/Drake/Ali were again fantastic in their scenes today...they are all putting so much into their scenes. Belle in her quiet way...Sami with her rants (although enough is enough). Kudos to Jason for his reaction to Mrs. B and Jan today....(personally I found the dialogue was degrading to the audience and to Jason (jmo) but I thought his performance was good)...Kristian/Peter were also good today....and Bo is showing some vulnerability (it's nice to see)....Lucas was strong and supporting no matter what Sami said about his mother.....MB...can someone please stop him from petting Belle's head....Deidre in that first scene with Celeste was fantastic....all in all if you can get by the scenes with ykw a good show....very emotional again. And now onto the spoilers..

At Lexie's.....Lexie is asking Marlena why she is here....Marlena tells her there will be more deaths...Celeste has to prepare...everyone in Salem will die....everyone that betrayed her will die (she has the most evil smile on her face)...Celeste asks what she is needed for...Marlena tells her that she will be her messenger....her 'ghost' leaves and it appears that she entered Lexie's body but it was probably just the visual effects....the tarot cards start spinning and land on the table face up...all death cards.

At Jan's...she is kissing Shawn's cheek and rubbing her hands on his chest...she says that this is everything she wanted....Shawn is having a dream...he dreams of him and Belle...they are kissing as he says he never should have left her...she says she doesn't blame him that she lied to him...he says that dosen't matter anymore...they are together and will never be apart again....Belle says make love to me as they start to kiss again....as we come back to 'reality' Shawn is moaning and says I want to make love to you....Jan in her delusional state says I can't believe it happened this fast...she says that he'll get everything he wants and more. she continues to kiss him and speak to him (I'm sorry but I found her dialogue to be a over the top and I won't repeat it)....Shawn is fantasizing about Belle telling her they have to stop…he says they promised to wait until they are married and he thinks they should wait....of course Jan thinks he is talking about her...he says Belle stop as Jan freaks out….he starts to come to and sees Mrs. B as a blur...he starts to freak out and keeps asking where he is and what she is doing on top of him...she tells him one question at a time...she says maybe this is heaven....he says no I don't think this is heaven....she says he is now in for a real surprise as she pulls off her wig...he is stunned and keeps shaking his head...he says Jan it can't be...she calls him her love bunny. (now as much as I hated these scenes except for Shawn's fantasy....Jason did an excellent job with them and in showing his disgust....Kudos to him)

At the Church....John says Izzy we have to pray for you mother...they go to the alter to pray as Belle asks him if Mom is at peace...he says he prays she is (phil is behind them)...Belle stands at the alter and says she'll never see her Mom again, never hear her voice her see her smile (she has a flashback to a scene just before she left for PR)she goes to John and asks what they'll do now...he tells her that they'll get through this together. In the waiting area....Sami is watching John and continuing to rant at how it's his fault...Kate and John set this up..she thanks Lucas for getting his Mom to leave...Lucas says John loved your Mom he's grieving....Sami says no he's not...Lucas tried to control her and tells her she has to grieve that she can't blame everyone for this...Bo and Hope come in with the man from the funeral home...Sami starts to yell at Bo for being there that he killed her mother...John says she's right...Sami turns to John and starts to blame him as Belle tells her to quit saying that...Sami continues on her rant as Hope steps in and tells them to be quiet....look at were we are...a place that should be helping us share the grief...we need to be there for each other...Sami starts again as Hope tells her that's enough to be quiet for once....John tells them they aren't taking his wife....they don'