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Friday January 31


Well all I have to say is I'm thankful that there was no pawing today...LOL.

The fact that Cassie was there when Shawn talked to his grandfather upset me a lot...but the fact that she never touched him made me feel better.

Shawn talks about his great-grandfather and how he once came to him when he was sick. He asks him what to do...he feels a breeze which Cassie doesn't
feel....she asks if he got his answer..he says yes..but not the one I hoped for..I know what I have to do..she says she'll help him..he tells her he has
to do it alone. And then looks up and says thank-you. He leaves and Cassie follows (like a puppy dog).

Belle and Rex talking...Belle's upset that Shawn told him they broke up...she says I told him I'd wait..she gets a letter. It's fate.

Shawn and Cassie are coming up the stairs Belle sees him and calls him in...Cassie as well and tells them (although she's looking at Shawn the whole time)that last spring before her and Shawn got back together...she applied for a design program in Paris and was put on the waiting list...she got in and is leaving in 2 weeks for 8 weeks...the whole time she's watching Shawn...he just looks at her (no real reaction) I guess we'll get than the next time they're on.

I love Nicole as a drunk...and she got Sami. Poor Sami no matter what she does it turns out wrong.

Jen passes out in Hope's front yard...she tells Hope she's pregnant with Colin's baby..Hope confesses to killing Colin.

Bo finds a towel covered in blood planted by Larry.

Jack and Alice talk about his and Jen's love.

Ok...I made it through the Cassie scenes today. KS is excellent again today...and I loved Shawn going to visit Tom's grave...although Cassie being there spoiled it for me.

I’m steamed! I’m sorry, but why is Shawn telling Cassie everything he should be telling Belle. This makes me so angry – grrrr! Instead of lashing out at her for following him, he just tells her about what a special man Tom Horton was. How him and his mom would look up at the stars and know that Addie and Tom were watching over them. He feels a breeze – Cassie doesn’t. He knows that Grandpa Tom is there and he tells him he killed a man and asks what he should do. He tells Cassie that he got an answer – he has to do this on his own. He says he knows what he has to do – he was scared, but he isn’t any longer.

Rex and Belle talk. She wants him to be independent like him. He says what looks like independent is really being lonely. He wants someone to share with. He makes a slight move towards her – but, praise the lord, Belle actually knows what he wants and backs up and tells him he’ll find someone. Rex gets the hint. At least Belle recognizes that she is too co-dependent on Shawn – now if only Shawn could recognize the fact that he needs her and develop some co-dependency of his own. But wait, that’s coming up, isn’t it – except he’s going to become dependent on drugs. Penny delivers a letter.

Belle tells Rex that he doesn’t have to look out for her like Shawn asked him to. He kind of let it slip – Belle is shocked and hurt that Shawn told Rex they had broken up even after she told him she wouldn’t break up with him. Cassie and Shawn come back into the room. She says she applied at a design school before her and Shawn got back together (she really stumbled over that – she’s in a lot of pain) and she was put on a wait list. They have an opening and she’s accepting it. She leaves for Paris in two weeks and she’s going to be gone two months. Shawn just stares at her.

Bo calls Jen, who is talking to Jack. He wants her to come over. He goes to question Brandon, which Sami doesn’t like. Brandon asks Bo if he is trying to get him to incriminate his sister. When Jen goes to Bo’s, Jack goes to the Cheating Heart trying to get something on Nicole. Of course Sami goes there and when Nicole goes to the ladies’ room, Sami is all over Jack. He’s says she’s going to find out you’re trying to pin the murder on her if you’re still sitting here when she comes back – and bang, there she is. They both high-tail it over to Brandon’s, Nicole gets there first, tells Brandon that Sami is trying to frame her for Colin’s murder. Brandon gets Sami to admit that’s true.

Larry plants the towel in the dumpster at Bope’s and hears Jen coming. Hope goes to take the garbage out and sees Jen passed out. They go in the house. Jen tells Hope she’s pregnant with Colin’s baby and he’s always going to be with her. Hope says no, put him out of your life. Jen says how, Hope tells her she killed him. Bo comes home and hears Larry (although he doesn’t know its Larry). He draws his gun and notices the blood-stained towel.

There was a really cute scene between Jack and Alice. He’s ranting about how he hated Colin for what he did to Jen, etc. He calls Colin a jerk and Alice turns around and tells him he’s the one that’s being a jerk. You go, Alice.

Preview: Brandon and Sami, John and Marlena, Lexie and Tony. Lexie says father’s really gone this time and he’s not coming back, is he? The look in Tony’s eyes – all I can, scary!

Monday Feb. 3

Well what can I say...it was a little bit of a filler show.

John/Marlena - talking about going to the island..Marlena doesn't want to leave the 'children'. John thinks that Marlena is scared to learn the truth and that she wants them to be hers.

Bo/Hope/Jennifer...Bo brings the bloody towel in the house and bags it...and puts it in a drawer (I must have missed something..pretty silly place to put
it)he hears Hope telling Jen about thinking she killed Colin. Jen goes to get the famouse 'Salem tea' and finds the towel...Bo comes in and asks her
not to say anything..Hope didn't do it...she asks if he's going to tell Abe/Roman..he says no...he'll take care of it. Jenn leaves and Hope says she's much calmer...doesn't think she needs the pills..Bo wants to have the prescription filled anyway...(an excuse to phone John and find out where to get the towel tested) Hope looks at a flyer for self-defense.

Nicole/Jack...Nicole plays an excellent drunk (I loved her scenes today)telling Jack don't you watch L&O it's the person you 'least expect'. She says it's not Brandon or her. Jen comes home and Nicole leaves...Alice hugs Jen (she knows something's wrong)

Brandon/Sami....Sami did it again. Told Brandon it was either her or Nicole...will she never learn.

Larry...he's gone on to Plan B...writing out the phony prescription...I really love AM and how he's playing this out.

Tony/Rolf....he asks Rolf if the twins were programmed for something (can't remember)or 'murder' A little foreshadowing perhaps (one can only hope)

Now the previews...didn't hear what SDB said I was too busy watching his face/eyes...(this show is going to be a tearjerker)Cassie yelling to John about hating Marlena...Rex yelling at Marlena about hurting her (I'm sure he meant Cassie)

Anyway not too bad a show...but it was a bit of a filler (whenever I say that there's always a clue about something...LOL)

IMO, this is just a set-up show for Feb. sweeps.

John/Marlena: They are talking about why she feels she can’t leave the twins right now to go to the island. John confronts her and says that she wants to be their mother and she’s afraid they might find out that’s she’s not. She wants to know what happens if it turns out that she is their mother and that either Tony or Stefano (she barely can get his name out) is the father. Would he accept the twins? He says that Tony has an agenda – she tells John that she doesn’t care what Tony feels, says, does or is planning, if they are the twin’s parents because he is her husband. She is taking the ‘journey’ with him. He tells her he feels that the twins are Stefano’s pawns and capable of anything – he doesn’t think she’s say. She asks him if he expects her to turn her back on the ‘children.’ She says she can’t go away right now not just because of the twins, but because of Hope’s problems and Belle’s struggle with Shawn.

Hope/Bo/Jen: Bo puts the towel in a baggie and stuffs it in a kitchen drawer. He overhears Hope confessing to Jen. He goes in and tells her that he knows she didn’t kill anyone, she’s just not capable of it. He says Victor’s driver drove her straight home – if she killed Colin, where’s the gun. She says I could have hid before I got into the car. He says the entire estate was searched and no gun was found (interesting….where is that gun???). She panics that she might have hid it in the house and Zach could find it. He says he searched the entire house when she first told him that she thought she might have shot him. No gun. Jen goes to make tea, Bo tries to stop her but Hope delays him long enough for Jen to find the towel. She agrees not to tell Hope about it. She leaves. Hope tells Bo that she didn’t get the prescription filled because she doesn’t think she needs it. She feels good – ripped the victim sign off from around her neck. Bo says, I’ll go and get it filled just in case. He goes outside and calls John – he needs the name of a technician and lab that will do a DNA test within 24 hours on the QT. He tells John he can’t tell him what it’s about.

Lexie/Tony/Rolf: Lexie talking, wondering why Stefano would keep Tony’s own children away from him. Lots of flashbacks about the baby switch and kidnapping. She says she knows that Tony would never lie to her so she asks to confirm that Stefano is really dead. Hmm, I’m not sure, but I think Tony danced around the question and never really answered it. She goes to get him take-out. Rolf comes in. Tony wants to know what other secrets he’s keeping from him seeing as he didn’t tell him that he was the twins’ father. Rolf said that Stefano told him that they were not Stefano offspring. (I think Rolfie’s right). Tony wants to know who their Mother is, Rolf doesn’t know. Tony says the twins are to lead a normal life and if anyone tries to get them to do anything ‘nefarious’ there would be consequences. Lexie comes back, Tony asks her to poke a pin into the bottom of his foot. She does, he jumps, they both laugh as he says that hurt like hell.

Brandon/Sami: Sami admits she’s trying to frame Nicole to protect him. He tells her he didn’t do it. She’s so happy. He’s still angry with her. Sami wont’ let it go when she realizes he would go to prison to protect Nicole. She tells him to choose between Nicole and her. He gets very angry and throws her out. Well, I guess she got her answer. My advice, just keep walking and never look back, he’s soooo not worth it.

Jack/Nicole: Alice and Jack are talking, she tells him that when she first seen him and Jen together, that the two of them reminded her of herself and Tom. Nicole comes in drunk as a skunk ranting at Jack and threatening to sue the paper and Jen. Jack is fairly astute and pretty well tells Nicole that she was sleeping with Colin and he was blackmailing her. She says she didn’t do it, doesn’t he watch Law and Order – it’s never the most obvious person that’s the killer. Jack believes that Nicole didn’t kill Colin, and he agrees that Sami is desperate to get something on Nicole. She says it’s because she hates me, he says no she’s protecting someone. Nicole looks really scared when she realizes that Jack is referring to Brandon. She says he couldn’t have, he asks her if she can be sure. She’s outside Brandon’s place when he kicks Sami out. Jen tells Jack to drop the story – it’s not worth it. He wants to know what she’s not telling him.

Larry: Got to love him, stole books on PTSD and a prescription pad from Marlena!

Preview: Shawn asking Belle if she’s really going to go, her asking him if there’s any reason to stay – oy – the look again…Cassie yelling at John that she hates Marlena and she will never forgive her and Rex yelling at Marlena saying have you any idea of what you’ve done to her.

All in all, it’s looking more and more that the ‘huge’ spoiler that came out yesterday could be right on the mark.

Wednesday Feb. 5

This is such an emotional show for Shelle fans. It’s hard to even talk about other things that happened, but I’ll try.

John/Marlena/Ressie: John tells Marlena he’s going to the island. She tells him she called the twins in to tell them she can’t be their therapist any longer – she’s too emotionally involved. Ressie are very cool to John when they first get there. He leaves, Marlena tries to explain but Cassie jumps all over her. She says we nothing but an experiment to you. Rex tries to get to let Marlena finish saying what she wants to say – but she tells Marlena she hates her and never wants to see her again. Rex jumps all over Marlena for hurting her and all though he won’t it admit it to her, he’s obviously hurt. Cassie runs into John and tells him she’s all DiMera. She rants at John saying he always hated them. He tells her that he’s protecting his family. She says because he’s connected to Tony, maybe they should protect themselves from him. She says Marlena and Belle are very hurtful people (what did Belle do to her???) – she tells him she hates them, especially Marlena. They go back to the dorm – she’s listening at the door and catches Shawn saying the word ‘good-bye’ but she missed the entire context of that – she tells Rex that it’s sign. Its fate – her and Shawn are meant to be together. Shawn’s hers now. She’ll finally have someone that loves her and only her. Major delusions she’s suffering from – it’s not going to be pretty or safe when reality hits her between the eyes. Marlena tells John she’s coming to the island with him.

Crancy: Cute scenes – trying to set up the crib. She wants to call the hospital and find out what happened that her results were read wrong because she and Craig were cheated out of all those years with Chloe. He gets her to promise to wait until after the baby is born. He goes into the kitchen, she phones her dad and tells him to come there – she needs to see him. She lies to Craig about who she was talking with.

Broe: They talk about all the spring things she likes to do so they can get them done before she has to go into isolation to get ready for her transplant. Major setup for the flashback scenes after she dies – IMO. They make love.

Shelle: I don’t even know where to start, except, for as down as I was over this breakup – after watching today’s show – I’m more sure in their love then ever before. He wants to know what this trip is all about. She tells him that she’s applied to take a design course in Paris. He says he didn’t know she was interested in design. She snaps at him that there are a lot of things he hasn’t been noticing about her lately. He asks her if she’s really going to go. She says do I have a reason to stay.

I’m sorry, but so much went on between them today that’s it’s hard to assimilate it all. So much said and unsaid between them. She asks him if she should go. He tells her he doesn’t have the right to tell what to do. She asks if he realized that Cassie was the woman of his dreams because he’s going around telling everyone that they broke up and when he came into the room, she was draped all over him. He vehemently denies that. He has absolutely nil romantic interest in Cassie, that is very apparent in this scene. She doesn’t understand why he’s doing this and that is what makes it so hard for her. He tells her he loves her, she says she loves him to but this is so hard for her.

He tries to tell her … she says I don’t want to here about you protecting me. He says she should go, start packing, because all he does is make her unhappy. She tells him that isn’t what she wants – he knows what she wants. She points out all the candles in the room and asks him why he didn’t want to be with her that night. She says she knows that something happened the night of Colin’s murder because that is when he started pulling away from her. She says don’t say it was because of your parent’s problems. He tells her that he knows what she wanted and he’s sorry. He starts talking about how every time he looks at her he remembers the Last Blast Dance, how she looked, how she felt in his arms, how long it took him to work up the courage to kiss her for the first time.

She walks up to him and puts her arms around his neck and starts running her fingers through his hair. He can’t help himself - he wraps his arms around her and leans his forehead to hers. She pleads with him not to let her go and then she raises her lips for a kiss. THUD ALERT: Prepare yourself, before he kisses her, it sounds like he swallows a sob – and then the kiss. They have shared many kisses but NEVER one this intense. She asks him to make love to her. He says he can’t.

She again asks him to tell her. She says she thought that things would be different when they got back together. She thought this time was going to be forever. He says that’s all he wants, but it just can’t be. He says he loves her. She says without trust there is no love. He says he doesn’t blame her for not trusting him – she says, no, it’s you who doesn’t trust me because you won’t tell me what’s going on with you. He flashes back to Cassie saying Belle could end up in jail. He tells her that soon she’ll understand why he is doing this. She wonders how she could have been so wrong about them. She says that she’s beginning to believe that she never knew him at all. They wonder how to say goodbye. She says she’ll be back. He says it won’t be the same and she says it already isn’t the same.

This is a very powerful Belle and Shawn episode. Kudos to JC and KS who continue to amaze me each and every day. This one is a keeper!

Preview: Brandon and Sami and Roman, Bo looking for Hope, she’s in the basement and she sees Larry.

Monday Feb 10

Pat's Spoiler....

Ok. It's official now. I hate Cassie. I can't stand watching her on my
screen. She totally devastates Belle today and she knew exactly what she was
doing. Belle wants honesty - Cassie gives her partial honesty. Belle says
Cassie should give Shawn space to deal with his problems. She tells Belle
she's not the one deserting him - she's going to be there for him to talk
to. Belle starts in on her 'crush' on Shawn. She tells Belle, it's not a
crush anymore. She tells Belle that Shawn is her best friend - what happened
to 'he's my destiny.' She makes sure she lets Belle know that Shawn told her
what is bothering her. Belle is crushed and tells Cassie she wants to be
alone. Rex comes in looking for Cassie. Belle is crying, holding a picture
of Shawn. She says she's somewhere with Shawn. She says he can't tell me but
he tells Cassie his problems. She says he won't have to worry about
protecting me anymore because I'll be thousands of miles away. Rex hugs her.

Cassie goes outside the room and smirks and says, you shouldn't ask for
honesty - you might not like what you hear. She phones Shawn and Shawn is
just leaving the police station - he freaks and says he has to tell someone
what he did. She tells him he needs to talk to her and tells him to pick her
up at the dorm and I can't believe that he does exactly that. Geez, Shawn.

Shawn is looking at the suspect board when Bo puts his hand on his shoulder
and Shawn jumps. He's clearly spooked. He wants to know why Bo wanted to see
him. He asks him about the dish towel. Shawn doesn't have a clue what he's
talking about. He wants to know what's really going on. Bo says Hope is
forgetting things, but trying to get better. Shawn tells him to take himself
off the case and get's really belligerent with Bo when he says, if he wants
to collect a paycheck - he has to show up to work. He tells Shawn that
there's a murderer walking around free and he won't rest until he puts him
behind bars for life. He comes behind Shawn again and Shawn freaks out. Bo
asks him what's up. He asks about Belle. He says he doesn't see much of her
or talk to her much because he's busy at school. Bo looks at him very
strangely when he leaves.

Hope is out jogging. Goes into the kitchen to make herself something to eat
before she takes a pill. Larry comes into the living room and switches the
pills. She comes back in and notices that there seems to be more pills in
the bottle than she remembers. She sees the door open, goes to it and Larry
is there. He taunts her when she says he's not alive, he's not really there.
He says you must want me here, if you keep seeing me. He tells her the only
way to get rid of him is to confess to Colin's murder. She lunges for him
and he takes off running. She goes to take a pill, decides she needs to get
Larry out of her mind without any help. Then she realizes - this time it was
different - he just didn't disappear, he ran away. She goes to the police
station and tells Bo this. How he was so much more real this time. Bo begins
to wonder if Larry is still alive.

Cassie and Shawn outside Shawn's house. God, he's taking her with him to see
his mother - I just don't like this at all. I keep hearing Sami's words of
warning to Belle about Shawn and Cassie ending up in bed together. Ugh - I
swear, if that happen's - I'll, I'll....be sick, for starters. I won't go
into what I would do next. Hope's not home. Cassie asks what's wrong. He
says his mother is all stressed out over Colin's murder. He says, what's she
going to do when she finds out her son is a murderer. He kicks the trash bin
over and the pills Hope had thrown out, roll out. Cassie asks what they are,
Shawn says they're his mom's tranquilizers. She tells him they are what he

Tony/Craig/Rex/specialist: Tony wants out of the hospital. Craig doesn't
want to release him. Tony tries to talk to Rex about being his family. Rex
says, the DiMera's, the same family that turned us into freaks. Rex tells
Tony he's worried about Cassie. Tony gets the specialist to get him
released. Rolf calls and tells Tony that John and Marlena are at the
compound. He says right on schedule - almost too predictable.

John/Marlena; Not much - they talk - she has flashbacks and then a memory of
being grief-stricken.

Kate/Roman: They spent the night locked in John's office. He tells her when
he first starting seeing her, he was investigating her connection to the
DiMera's. But that all changed and he really wants to be with her. She
doesn't buy it and tells him to leave her alone. He warns her to not get
sucked in by Tony and let another DiMera ruin her life. So he says he'll
leave if that's what she really wants and she says yes.

Preview: Cassie telling Shawn to take the pills, Jen telling Jack she has
the results of the pregnancy test, Bo talking to someone on the phone saying
you left her alone - cut to Hope in the kitchen and Larry watching her.

Jan's Spoiler....

As you can see from above Pat pretty well covered all the convos...so I'll just give my point of view...LOL

First let me say that KS looked absolutely beautiful today..her hair was up in a french braid and she had on a gorgeous pant suit. SDB looked as good as always...those tortured eyes.

Shawn is well on the way to losing it...he yells at Bo, jumps when Bo touches him...definately at the end of his rope. When Cassie calls he says he has to tell someone and she wants him to pick her up. Now...I know a lot of you are upset that Shawn did this so easily and I must confess I'm one of them but...I thought about it and my feeling is that he has no one to talk to...Belle is leaving and she's his support. Cassie is just there. He tells her about his mom...but I'm also feeling that he's just talking...the fact that it is Cassie means nothing to him...when he kicks the garbage can she tells him he's got to calm down..(now I think she's starting to get worried that he's going to confess...and in that sense she won't have the control she does now)in the last scene and the preview you can tell he's thinking about it. (BTW..the pills are the ones Larry planted)

Can you say BITCH...the way Cassie was with Belle today..had me wanting to pull out her hair. She was mean and spiteful and loving every minute of it and even then Belle was nice to her...although she did give her the look of death when Cassie said what she felt for Shawn wasn't a crush anymore. Seeing Belle lying on the bed holding the heart shaped box with a picture of Shawn on it had me in tears...and Rex was so sweet (I'm really liking this boy) he's got a head on his shoulders!!!

I think Bo/Hope have found the Salem brain...finally Bo thinks Larry might be alive as does Hope...Bo is worried about Shawn and I'm not sure how much he heard (if any)when Shawn was talking to Cassie.

I loved Kate/Roman..these two were throwing barbs back and forth but I think Kate is weakening.

John/Marlena...Marlena is starting to remember and she says it's grief, sadness that she feels.

Tony...he knew Jarlena were headed for the island...all the alarms are turned off.

All in all not a bad show...setting up for next week.

Tuesday Feb 11


OMG...I loved this show.

J&J...I absolutely loved these two today. Jack being so supportive to Jen. The 'negative' pregnancy test...the I Love You's....and it looks like Jen
found the 'Salem Brain' as well...she told Jack about Larry and he wants to protect her family.

Jarlena...Marlena says she remembers...(now the room looks like the turret where Hope was held)she thinks she is the twins mother...John wants to protect Belle and Marlena...she says all they need is love...her and John will never be together on this...he says that's what they want..divide and conquer.

Hope...Bo doesn't tell her about his feelings that Larry is alive..he sends police protection (which disappears because Shawn is @ home)she gets home
and Shawn asks her about the pills...she tells him she doesn't need them anymore...just needs her family...she drops a cup while making tea and
decides she's going to piece together what happened...Cassie walks in a she says just remember..Cassie wants to know remember what...Hope has a surprised look on her face (God can Cassie be any more annoying...she is just plain nosey)she helps Hope clean up the broken cup...they talk about
Tony being her father...Hope says you have to have faith...she goes into the living room...falls asleep and while looking out the window sees Shawn
holding the gun on Colin...she say No, Shawn.

Bo has found the brain...he tells Shawn about Larry being alive or thinks he is...tells Shawn he has to stay calm, wants to put police protection on him
as well as Hope and Zach...Shawn says no..Bo phones Jen to tell her whats going on...finds the matchbook and say Gotcha...he goes to the DewDrop Inn...kicks in the door but no Larry. Now I have to say Bo looks mighty good kicking in that door!!! (Terri be prepared)

Cassie doesn't understand why Shawn won't take the pills..they helped his mother...she wants to know if he's upset he didn't confide in Belle...he turns around and tells her as long as those I love are safe(doesn't include you Cassie). After Bo has gone she wants to know if he told him anything, does he suspect. Shawn doesn't really tells her anything just a family things...he gets agitated and frustrated...she wants him to calm down..he's
yelling at her that it doesn't matter anymore...she keeps going on about the pills so he takes one. Not looking overly thrilled that he did it. I think
he took it more to shut her up than anything. JMO.

Larry well he's being Larry...I loved his comment about 'alien Barbie'.

The preview...Shawn putting his hand through the window in Belle's room...Belle coming in saying Shawn what have you done...he turns and looks sort of in shock...(I don't think he realized what he did until Belle spoke) blood on his knuckles.

I really enjoyed the show...and loved SDB yelling at Cassie.


I just want to say I LOVE LARRY! He coined the perfect catch phrase today in his rant – he referred to Cassie as ‘that alien Barbie’. Got to love that man – Cassie interrupted him when he thought he had the perfect opportunity to push Hope over the edge. He was still skulking around the Brady house, eavesdropping on Cassie and Belle. One thing I found a bit strange – absolutely no reaction from him when Shawn was telling Cassie that he had murdered a man.

Shawn/Cassie/Bo/Hope: Cassie hit the nail on the head today when she told Shawn she wished she could help him through this but she couldn’t because she wasn’t Belle. She asks if he regrets not telling Belle everything and now she’s leaving for Paris. He says nothing matters to him except knowing that everyone he loves is safe. He wonders why his mom’s pills are in the garbage. Hope comes back and tells him she threw the pills away. (She makes a point of asking Cassie to excuse them). She tells him because of Bo and Zach and him she’s gaining back control over her life. She tells him to get rid of the pills.

Cassie points out that the pills obviously helped his mother, he should take one. (He had already told her once that he wouldn’t). He says taking a pill wouldn’t change the fact that he was responsible for another man’s death. Bo overhears and asks him what he’s talking about. Cassie looks freaks and Shawn looks from her to his dad. He says it was because he and Belle had been out on the terrace that night several times, maybe if he would have noticed something…Bo asks Cassie to excuse them. Shawn says he was just so worried that his mom had been kidnapped again when they couldn’t find Hope. Bo tells him that he thinks Larry is alive and coming after Hope. OH MY: Warning: The look on Shawn’s face and in his eyes when Bo says this – devastating!

Shawn starts to freak and Bo tells him he has to calm down and act normal. Shawn is so far past the stage of acting normal. He asks Shawn to stay around the house until the plain clothes detectives show up. Cassie comes out and starts questioning him about whether or not he confessed. Ooooh – I could just slap that, that…alien Barbie! Shawn really starts freaking out, scares Cassie, he throws the bottle of pills, she gets them and opens them and puts some in her hand. She tells him to take one, and he does.

Hope is trying to figure out what was real and what wasn’t the night Colin died. She falls asleep on the couch – she dreams of standing by Larry’s body that turns into Colin’s body. She sees Shawn pointing a gun through the window. This part is confusing – she must have been inside when she seen Shawn with the gun, but in her dream, she’s outside by the body.

After Bo talks to Jen, he finds the matchbook from the Dew Drop In. He goes there and knocks on the door, disguises his voice, announces a delivery and then kicks the door in.

Jack/Jen: She finally does the test and it is negative. After Bo calls, she tells Jack everything. She tells him that Bo believes that maybe Hope hasn’t been just having visions of Larry, but that Larry is still alive and trying to gas-light Hope into believing that she killed Colin. She then tells Jack that this is not for print. She looks really worried when she sees his expression. He says of course, I’m just worried about your family. She looks at him and then hugs, pulls back – and I have to say, she looks absolutely radiate – and tells him she loves him with all her heart.

John/Marlena: Marlena remembers that the voice that tells her she would have no regrets is Stefano’s voice. She’s convinced she’s the twins’ mother. They go to the room where she was held, but she can’t remember any more. John says it’s because everything is changed around. He picks up a book and a secret door opens. It leads to the room where Marlena ended up last time, finding the portrait and the note. John comments about all the medical instruments – she says they could have been used to deliver babies. She’s even more convinced. John says even if they were your children, they aren’t any more. She takes offense to that. She argues with him – he says he’s not going to let them hurt her or Belle because he feels compassion for them. She says they will never agree on this. He says that is exactly what DiMera wants – to divide and conquer. But he won’t let that happen because nothing is more important to him then her.

Preview: Nicole and Brandon talking, Belle coming in carrying laundry when Shawn puts his fist through the window. She screams his name and he just looks at her with his hand still clenched in a fist and blood all over his knuckles.

Wednesday Feb. 12


Shawn is really going over the edge in a big way. He helps Cassie bring suitcases for Belle. Cassie asks him if he’s calming down after taking the pill. He says more on edge than before. Somebody get a clue here, please! Belle has her back turned to the door when she hears it open. She’s thanking Cassie and then turns around. Man, those two just lock eyes and it’s like Cassie doesn’t even exist. I can’t believe she actually leaves them alone without being asked to. Shawn’s phone rings, it’s Bo. Belle goes to get her laundry.

I have to say that I can’t believe that Bo isn’t keying into Shawn’s explosiveness. Shawn yells at him about wanting to kill Larry. Bo keeps telling him to calm down – isn’t he beginning to wonder why he has to keep saying that over and over??? Shawn is downright rude to him and basically blows his dad off when Bo tells him to let the police look after it – Shawn says, yeah, right like that’s going to happen and hangs up on Bo. He starts pacing around the room and then puts his hand almost up to the elbow through the window just as Belle comes in.

She wants to know what happened. He says it’s him mom. Things are worst and he can’t fix it. He finally lets her take him to the hospital. Craig asks him if he is on my medication because his pulse is just racing. Shawn tells him he’s nervous and it hurts like hell and he asks why he wants to know if he is on medication. Craig tells him they need to give him a local anesthetic and if he’s taking anything he could have a bad reaction. Shawn won’t say he’s on medication – he tells them to just stitch him up. Craig says it will hurt – OMG the look on his face when they start stitching him up! WOW!

Brady starts joking about him wanting to try out for Fear Factor and Shawn lashes out at him. Brady asks him what his problem is and Shawn says he doesn’t have on. Brady wonders what his sister sees in him. Shawn says not to worry about it she won’t be seeing him because she’s leaving for Paris. Cassie shows up and asks what the problem is. Shawn says no problem, he says as long as I can get out of her. Cassie starts asking him questions, he says nothing matters. He says I shot and killed a man, I’m taking my mother’s medication and I just put my fist through a window. He wonders what’s happening to him and who he’s going to hurt next. At that precise minute Belle walks in and when he looks at her – he is in complete agony. Warning: Alien Barbie (ET as Sami called her today) is making circles on his chest when Belle walks in – can’t she keep her hands off of him!)

Belle asks him if he wants a ride back to the dorm. He says no thanks, very softly and gently. She says, I’m leaving tomorrow, I guess this is good bye. He says I guess so and turns and walks away. Poor Belle, you can just see her pain in her eyes.

Geez, I said so much and haven’t even mentioned what else happened.

Sami/Belle: They talk about how the men in their lives need space. Sami says she still believes Belle is making a mistake by being out of sight. She says she shouldn’t expect Shawn to be waiting for her when she comes back. She warns her about ET. Belle says she’s not interested in Shawn that way, she told her so. Sami says, right, she told you they were just friends. She points out that she flirts constantly when she’s anywhere near him. Sami tells Belle she just wants to be happy – she should follow her heart. Belle stops Sami from eavesdropping on Brandon and Nicole’s conversation.

Brandon/Nicole: Nicole tells Brandon that Victor knows she slept with Colin. She also tells Brandon that Colin cashed the check so she’s out five million dollars. She hated the guy. Brandon asks her if she killed him. She shakes her head no but looks very scared. Brandon asks if she had thought of the possibility that Victor had him killed. She doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her to look after herself. She’s said he’s as bad off as she is but he won’t admit it. She ties into him about hooking about with Sami.

Cassie/Kate: They meet in the hospital and Kate introduces herself. She talks about Tony being their father, wonders who their mother is. Cassie says we asked Marlena to be but she turned her back on us. She hopes to never see her again. Kate says her children were taken away from her but they were eventually reunited. Lucas comments that talking about that to Cassie brought back bad memories for her. Kate phones Roman and tells him she has to talk to him, she’s coming to the police station.

Lucas/Sami: Lucas tells ‘Scami’ he’s her new boss. Don’t ask me how the administrator of a charity is automatically in charge of all the clerical staff in the hospital – but hey, that’s the story. He has her running in circles. This is going to be very entertaining.

Bo/Roman/Larry: Bo tells Roman about Larry being alive. Here we have Larry in a storm sewer cursing Bo for tracking him down – says he barely makes it out of the room on time. Yet the forensics team couldn’t find one hair or fingerprint – LOL! Bo tells Roman he has to tell Hope that Larry is alive and coming after her again. Larry is wondering how everything went wrong. Then he thinks about Shawn finding the pills. He says he hopes he starts taking them and then Hope & Bo can watch their son self-destruct while Hope confesses to murder. He’s out to destroy her precious family. Bo adds Larry’s name to the suspect list.

Preview: John & Marlena talking, Roman & Kate talking and Shawn yelling at Mimi when she tells him to convince Belle to stay.

Thursday Feb. 13


What can I say....JC is putting on an absolutely incredible performance...he's pulling this off to perfection.

The way he pulls the pills out of his pocket and they spill everywhere...Mimi sees him popping one (I love Mimi...glad she's back)she talks about pills gag her without water...she wants to talk to him pulls him towards Belle's room...he doesn't want to in to Belle's room. She starts to question him...he spills about Larry and Hope..she asks why he didn't tell Belle...he says I'm not supposed to tell anyone...she tells him he looks like hell...you need Belle to calm you...you love each other...he yells at her to shut the hell up and to stop butting in...Belle too. He goes to the house and hears Bope talking about the murder..he questions them..he's really jumpy...hard time even letting Hope hold him...goes downstairs and literally pummels the punching bag...blood everywhere...Bo grabs him asking him what's wrong..he wants to kill Larry...goes to the bag again...Bo grabs him again...tells him to calm down. He leaves to go to the dorm. Now Bo knows somethings wrong...but he's really worried about Hope (I want him to be worried about SDB). Hope says she sees something in Shawn's eyes.

Kate says Tony stole something from her...Roman and her have a good talk but she doesn't let anything out Stefano.

Tony I believes has set up Marlena on the island.

In the preview...Shawn grabs Belle and says you don't understand you have to stop...Belle in tears says stop what..he says stop loving me. His eyes are wild..his voice slurred. It's going to be a great show...he's almost at rock bottom but not quite.


Those pills are really getting the better of Shawn. Larry in his sewer laughing to himself about how Shawn must be ready to jump out of his skin by now. He comments that Shawn will be the one to help him by pushing his mother over the edge.

Shawn is looking awful. He’s shaky, sweating and disoriented. He’s outside’s Belle’s room and hangs on to hallway table. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the pills and his hands are shaky so some of the pills go flying. He picks them up and sticks them in his pocket and pops when Mimi asks him what he’s doing. He just looks at her. She says she wants to talk, he says no. She pushes him towards Belle’s room and he says he doesn’t want to talk especially in Belle’s room. Mimi confronts him about on the outs with Belle. She then notices the broken window and asks what happened. He says he was an angry, it was an accident. She asks him if he had a fight with Belle.

She tells him he looks awful. She says he has to talk about what ever is bothering him because he’s obviously making him self sick. She says you’re nervous, you’re angry, you can’t focus. He tells her about his mom and loses it. She says that he has to calm down. He says they don’t work. She say’s what doesn’t work, he covers, by saying anything he does to relieve the stress. She asks if he’s told Belle what he just told her. He says no, I shouldn’t be talking to anyone. She tells him he should talk to Belle, she’ll help and he’ll calm down. That’s when he yells at her to shut the hell up and tells her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and storms out of the room.

Hope has the dream about seeing Shawn with the gun. She wakes up, the phone is ringing and someone is knocking on the door. She opens the door and sees a cop and asks if he’s come to arrest her. Bo comes home and tells her the police are there to protect her. He tells her that he doesn’t have solid proof yet but he believes Larry is alive and trying to push her over the edge and into confessing to Colin’s murder. He reminds her that she seen Larry at Victor’s wedding holding a gun. Hope says do you think he killed Colin. Shawn overhears this. They both turn around and look at him when he asks what they’re talking about.

Shawn can barely control himself. Bo says that they were talking about Larry. Hope wants to know what happened to his hand. He says it’s nothing, just a small accident. She asks why he’s home, he says to pick up his weights. Bo says to trust that he’ll find Larry and Shawn stomps off to the basement and both Bo & Hope wonder what’s up. Bo says it’s all this stuff with Larry and goes down to talk to Shawn.

Our baby hurts that hand again, ladies. He starts hitting the punching bag with just one hand and looks down and sees blood on the bandage so he starts smashing that hand into the bag as well. Bo asks him what’s wrong. He screams that he’s going to kill Larry. He starts punching again and Bo tells him to stop and says look at me. Shawn doesn’t quite look him in the eye. Bo says everything will work out. He says I have to focus on your mother and finding Larry – I don’t have time to worry about you. OH MAN – Bo look at your boy – he’s in trouble and you’re just contributing to it. For god sakes, you’re a police officer – aren’t you trained to recognize when someone is on drugs????? He tells Shawn to put on a new bandage so his mom doesn’t see the bloody one. Shawn tells his dad he’s fine and that he’ll go out the back way and leaves.

Hope says you’re worried about him, aren’t you. Bo says, he’s strong, he’ll be fine. Sigh, no more comments from the peanut gallery on that delusion. The phone rings, it’s Roman – they have a break in the investigation. They found a broken onyx tuxedo stud – Bo thinks this will help prove Larry killed Colin – but, sniff, sniff, we all know who that stud (no pun intended) belongs to.

Roman/Kate: Very good conversation between them. She asks him to tell her about his years of captivity. She admits she cares for him and believes he cares for her. She comments that Stefano stole something from Roman that could never be replaced – time. She says Stefano stole something from her that she can never get back either. He tells her to tell her what – but she says she can’t. She goes crying into his arms. Okay – have to say this – she is the twin’s biological mother IMO and I have a sneaky suspicion that Roman figures into all of this somehow – but maybe, I’m seeing something that wasn’t there. All that talk about what kind of parent he was today probably led me to think this way.

John/Marlena: She is sounding more and more convinced that she is the twin’s mother and that John is only there to prove that they are evil. Again just a lot of talk about looking for the truth. LOL – John looking for a secure room for them to sleep in – walking around with this little gadget that supposed to locate hidden cameras and microphones. And oh yeah, he even had time to even set up his own high-tech security in the room so nobody could get to them while they slept.

Tony/Lexie/Bart: Tony is walking around on his own. Bart comes in with the news that Bo Brady has put out an APB on Larry Welch. Tony orders Bart to find him and bring Larry to him before the police get him. He reminds that Colin was supposed to do that and failed and look how he ended up. Bart tells Tony he really knows how to motivate. One dumb question here, he says all this in front of Lexie. She did not say one word – isn’t her husband the police commander – shouldn’t she be telling Tony to stay out of it????

Preview: Hope answering the door, Larry standing there hiding his face behind a bouquet of flowers. Bo saying he’ll throw Larry in jail, that will be proof that he’s alive. Belle and Shawn at Lookout Point standing by the truck. He yells at her that she has to stop. She looks so confused and asks him what. He grabs her shoulders and shakes her and literally yells at her telling her she has to stop loving him. Oh my – this is going to be a heartbreaker – those eyes of hers were so filled with pain in just that one quick shot. (Don’t worry, he shakes her gently).

Friday Feb. 14


I'm going to let Pat fill in the blanks...because quite honestly I was so blown away by the performances of JC/KS today that I'm a little speechless.

First let me say I love Rimi...the way she tugs at him to come with her and he goest right along with her plans.

I'll get right to Lookout Point...Shawn says he'll drive her back...they get in the truck and Rex has the keys..he bangs his hand on the steering wheel and swears...Belle starts babbling (nerves)about where they are as Shawn pops another pill..Belle gets out of the truck and talks about the snowman..how she wishes it had snowed so they could have another one...Shawn gets out and says we can't go back..we can never go back...she stays I still love you..he grabs her and says you have to stop..she doesn't understand..he says you don't have to you have to stop loving me...she tells him he's hurting her...she sees rage and hatred...he says I don't hate you..she wants to know what she did...he tells her about Larry...she goes to hug him...he yells don't touch me...I don't want your pity..I want Larry dead...(he's screaming)...she goes to leave..he grabs her..she says don't touch me...and takes off...he follows. Mimi comes up...he quite quiet when talking to her...says I hurt Belle...I grabbed her...she hates me. Mimi says no...she doesn't understand..He needs Belle...he says no...and he is sort of babbling...all the time wringing his hands...Mimi is watching and looks very concerned. Belle tells Rex this isn't the Shawn she fell in love with. Bo calls and Shawn talks to both him and Hope...he is totally out of it. The looks in both their eyes today...OMG I'm still shaking.

Loved the Larry/Hope scenes...as she dreams of him. Loved Larry coming out of the sewer into Bope's backyard...and in the basement planning their demise.

Preview....Alice telling Shawn to go after Belle (it's nice to see a smile on his face...and a little bit of hope) Belle telling (I think Rex) that she couldn't have been wrong about Shawn loving her.

Awesome show...awesome performances by JC/KS...Rimi were great....Loved AM...he's doing a great job.

Will be here to share our support tomorrow...it will be needed.


Pat's ramblings:

OMG – there are hardly words to describe JC’s performance today. (But you know I’m going to try …) Incredible, absolutely incredible.

He’s in Belle’s dorm room with Mimi apologizing to her. She tells him he has to make things right with Belle. She tells they love each other and that Belle is his anchor and he is hers. He raises his voice to her again when Belle and Rex walk in. Belle asks Mimi what’s going on – Shawn says he has to leave.

Mimi grabs Rex and they leave – she tells him she’s not going to let her friends break up (something like that). Mimi takes Belle to Look-out Point, Shawn and Rex show up in the truck. Belle tells this was not a good idea and they take off. Belle says I can’t believe that Mimi left me stranded here. Shawn says he’ll take her back. They get in the truck and he bangs his hand on the steering way yelling that Rex took his keys. Warning ladies: Shawn’s hand is all bloody – I don’t think he changed the bandage.

They sit in the truck and Belle says that they probably that they were doing them a favor by leaving them stranded there. They probably expect us to kiss and make-up. Shawn just sits there not saying a word. Belle says –little do they know. Shawn turns to the side and pops another pill. Belle looks out the window and says I recognize this place. She gets out and says this is where we built the snowman and she turns to him and says where you first told me you….and then she stops. He’s sitting in the truck and I swear his eyes are teary – but could be they’re just glazed over from the drugs.

She keeps on nattering about how there was more snow last year, this year not much, she wishes there was more (sweetie, have I got a deal for you…..). She wishes they could go back in time. Shawn gets out of the truck and he tells they can’t ever go back because everything has changed. Her eyes are so hurt and full of pain when she tells him that she stills loves him, that she doesn’t understand. He grabs her shoulders and starts shaking her (gently, at first) saying you have to stop, just stop. She’s so confused and says what do I have to stop – he yells at that she just has to stop loving him.

She’s totally not understanding now and he starts shaking her harder and she looks into his eyes as he keeps telling her not to love him and then she cries out for him to stop because he’s hurting her. As soon as she said that, he drops his arms and turns to the lean on the truck – the look of anguish in his eyes – my god! Damn, I’m getting teary again. She says she seen a look in his eyes that she never seen before – rage and hate. She wants to know what she did to make him feel that way. He’s stunned and says I don’t hate you (again with the eyes – so much said with those eyes). He tells her about the possibility of Larry still being alive.

She goes to him and says in that oh so soft voice, I’m sorry, Shawn and she reaches up to caress his face and he yells at her not to touch him – he doesn’t need her pity. He needs for Larry to die. She says I don’t know who you are anymore. He says again that Larry has to die Belle, he just has to. He reaches out for her and she says don’t touch me – I have to leave. He says, almost pleadingly, don’t go…but she does.

When she gets back to the dorm – she’s trying to lock the door and Rex is pushing to get in and she says Shawn I don’t want you in here. She tells Rex that she felt Shawn might actually hurt him. She doesn’t know what’s going on with him but that is not the Shawn she fell in love with.

Mimi goes back and apologizes. Shawn is heartbroken. He told Mimi that Belle’s scared of him, that he yelled at her and he’s lost her… He tells Mimi to leave before he does something to her. He says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s all sweaty and scratching at his stitches, blood on both hands now – and I do believe Mimi knows. She goes. Bo and Hope phone and tell him they’re going away. He holds it together and tells them to have a good time.

I’ll just give a brief recap of the rest of the show.

Lexie/Brandon/Sami/Abe: Brandon goes to talk to Lexie – Sami barges into Abe’s office trying to get him to go home. The cop watching Abe’s house phones Abe and tells him Brandon is there. Brandon tells Lexie he won’t bad-mouth Abe anymore because he obviously makes her happy. Sami and Brandon talk – she wants him to promise not to see Lexie anymore – he won’t. Lexie phones and tells him he is not welcome at her house any longer. (He said he felt connected to her – but when he said that he looked down at her stomach – she feels he thinks the baby is his).

Roman tells Bo the DA doesn’t believe that Larry is alive – he believes Bo is just protecting the real killer – one of his own. Bo yells out that no Brady killed Colin.

Hope dreams that Larry is holding a gun on her, kissing her, telling her they’re going to be together forever, that he will always be with her, Bo comes in and he shoots him. Bo waits her up and comforts her. She says what Larry said in her dream is true – he’s always going to be with her – Bo says, not after I catch him. He makes plans for the night and they go.

In the mean time, after his little chat with the rats – Larry makes his through the sewers to a grate conveniently in the Brady yard?????? He breaks in through the storm doors to the basement. He overhears their conversation with Shawn and then hears them leave. He says while they’re gone he’ll do some housekeeping and turn their happy little haven into a living hell.

Preview: Shawn talking to Alice about Belle leaving – her saying well you better get going then – and we get the famous Shawn smile/smirk. Belle saying she knew Shawn loved her once, she’s sure of that…(sorry don’t remember the rest).

Monday Feb. 17


Romance is alive and well in Salem.

Jack and Jen...I loved Abby dressed as cupid. And Jack and Abby have decorated for V-day...so sweet and so romantic. Jenn comes down in the Santa outfit and proposes to Jack...(flashback of his proposal to her) of course he accepts...she wants to start their life together as his wife..no more guest room...make love to me. This is the J&J I fell in love with.

Bope...his present a heart-shaped box with memories...a motorcycle..(flashback of their meeting)...the carnival..(flashback of their
kiss)...a music box. The fantasy scene of what would happen if they had just met...a beautiful song...and then a little romance in bed...they do a slow dance with sheets wrapped around them...Bo's is a little low in the back and front...he's bare from the waist up...it was so sweet and so romantic.

Shelle...Rex delivering Shawn's present...it's a snowman...(flashback of the I Love You) she knows he loved her once...she's not sure what to do but the
driver arrives and she leaves for the airport.
Shawn at the house...Cassie is all over him..he's still oblivious...she wants a private party..he says no...Mimi shows up with a gift from Belle...figures he's not at the dorm because Belle's leaving...(you have to love Meems...calls Cassie space girl) Shawn reads the journal...Belle's voice talking about the night he said I love you..why she wants to make love
with him...he is totally lost in it...you can see the love...Mimi and Cassie leave...he doesn't even acknolwedge them...Gran shows up and tells him to go
after...he's too late...he wants to stop his g/f from leaving for Paris...he's upset...picks up a pamphlet and then drops it (a hand picks it up...I think it's Rex) Belle on the plane with tears saying good-bye Shawn.

Larry trying to kill Alice....I'm going to kill Larry for even trying that...LOL.

Pat's thoughts:

What an amazingly romantic, sweet, loving show! Very worthy of Valentine’s Day!!!

Only one blip in the whole thing – Alien Barbie – yuck!! Mimi calls her ‘space girl’ today – lol!

Jack/Jen: So incredibly sweet. Right from the start with Abby as the little cupid to the end when Jack carries her up to the bedroom. After Abby leaves, Jack takes her into the decorated dining room. Serves her heart shaped pancakes topped with strawberries. He wears the apron – her the chef’s hat – they feed each other. Then he gives her a watch with a heart shaped face because he knows with everything they’ve been through – she needs time. They talk about the future and the past – flashback to his proposal in the Santa suit. He says eventually he’ll try again. She says no and tells him to wait. She comes down in a Santa suit and proposes! Beautifully romantic!

Bope: What can a say – oh so extremely sexy and hot. The gifts he gives her to remind her of their past and the flashbacks. To their first meeting by his bike – the kissing booth at the carnival. They wonder what would have happened if they hadn’t met that night – Bo says they would have met some other place and time. She agrees because she says they were destined for each other. They have the vision of meeting at the Blue Note – he’s a detective – don’t know what she is – but she backs into his motorcycle with her car. Bo and the singer were talking – Michael was saying it was too bad he was alone on Valentine’s Day – and that he shouldn’t give up hope. Bo says you can’t give up what you never have.

They dance – very flirtatious and coy that dance and – hot, hot, hot!!! Papa Bo still has the moves! They’re back in their room and in a truly remarkable scene – they dance with just sheets wrapped around them – prepare yourselves ladies – shirtless Bo today!!!

Belle/Rex: Belle is packing and holding a picture of herself and Shawn to her bosom. She packs it – Rex knocks and says there was a delivery for her. She’s puzzled - opens the card that is signed Love Always Shawn. She looks very confused and says Shawn probably ordered it before they broke up. Rex says he didn’t stop the delivery, she says he probably forgot. She opens it and pulls out a snowman. She has a flashback to when Shawn first told her he loved her. She’s so sad. She says to Rex, I know he loved me once. I wasn’t wrong about that. Rex asks her if she’s sure about going to Paris. She says right now she isn’t sure about anything. The chauffeur comes to pick her up and she hugs Rex and leaves. On the plane, she’s seated, tears flowing and she says ‘Goodbye Shawn.’

Shawn/Cassie/Mimi/Alice: That freak brings Shawn tea and they sit on the couch. I swear to God if she touches him just one more time – I’m going to deck her. GRRRRRR! She has the unmitigated audacity to put her hands on the inside of his thigh. She tells him it’s Valentines Day and they could have a private party – just the two of them. He says no – Shawn push her the hell out the god-damn door instead of sitting there letting her paw you! Damn! He says he’s just happy to be out of the dorm – and Mimi says so you don’t have to be there when Belle leaves. Cassie snipes at her asking her she got in. Mimi says I’m not a danger – how did you get in. Cassie says Shawn invited her to come over – he wants to be alone with her. That’s when Mimi calls her Space Girl. So Shawn gets up and tells Mimi that he meant it when he told her to stay away from him.

Mimi says I brought Belle’s valentine’s gift to you. He asks her if Belle wanted her to. Cassie says if Belle really wanted him to have it she would have brought it herself. Shawn agrees with Cassie (Ok – time for Shawn to get a slap to the head – wake up, already). Mimi says she’s giving you a second chance – you might not get a third. So he opens it. He reads what Belle wrote. She copied pages of her journal that talked about their relationship so he would know how much she loved him.

When he starts reading it (he’s reading, Belle’s voice) the first entry is about the night he told her he loved her. The look in his eyes and the small smile on his face – captured the emotions just perfectly. Cassie tries to go to him and Mimi gets her out of the house. Cassie tries to get a response from Shawn, but he doesn’t even look at her. He’s reading the part where she says she always thought she would wait until marriage to make love with a man – but she doesn’t want to wait anymore because she knows she’ll never love anyone as much as she loves him.

Alice comes in and asks him what’s so interesting. He says it’s Belle thoughts on their relationship (he tells her they’re not back together) – she says you still love her. He smiles and nods. She says go tell her – he says I can’t she’s leaving in a short while for Paris. She says then you better get moving. After he leaves she talks to Tom – says Shawn is a good man – just like him and she wishes Tom a happy Valentine’s Day.

Shawn gets to the airport – too late. The plane has boarded. He’s just so dejected as he shuffles out of the airport.

King Rat Larry rigging the carbon monoxide pipe to pump gas into the house – saying that he’ll be sending Alice, the matriarch of Salem, off to Tom-Tom land.

Preview: Sami giving Brandon a gift. John trying to wake Marlena up…sorry don’t remember what else ... oh yeah, no wonder I forgot - Broe.

Tuesday Feb. 18


After watching today's epi I'm not sure what to say. It didn't even come close to Friday's show and IMO they showed the best on Friday. If it hadn't
been for Doug/Julie, Mickey/Maggie and yes even Brami this would have been a flop.

I didn't even really watch the Broe stuff...I just can't get into this couple.

The J&M scenes were not bad...at least they didn't spend the whole show talking about the twins. John joked around a little and he cooked a steak but there wasn't a lot.

Doug/Julie...I miss these two. Loved the story about Hope's Winnie the Pooh burning up the hoover. Too cute.

Mickey/Maggie...celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Brami...Brandon setting the whole thing up with Maggie. Plants his apartment key in a bowl of V-day candies that all say Be Mine. Sami is so excited when she sees the key and he asks her to move in that she jumps on his lap. BTW...she had a 4 leaf clover in the package to him...one her grandmother gave her for luck that never worked until maybe now she thinks.

The preview....shows Belle and we know it's Rex on the plane....SDB caught by Alice popping pills. (Looks like a deer caught in the headlights).

To be honest this show disappointed me or maybe after Friday's excellent show it just didn't compare.



Are you ready for this ladies – I really don’t have a lot to say about today’s show. It’s a continuation of Valentine’s Day. The couples featured are Doug & Julie, Mickey & Maggie, Sami & Brandon, John & Marlena and Brady & Chloe.

Doug/Julie: They’re looking after Zach who has the sniffles. They reminiscent about past Valentine’s Days and Doug says every day with her is like Valentine’s Day. They have a really sweet talk about the disappearance of Hope’s favorite stuffed animal – Winnie the Pooh. Adorable!

Brady/Chloe: Also at Green Mountain Lodge – amazes me how everyone got reservations there so easily. They were cute and playful in the early scenes – except, sorry, have to say this – Kyle Lowder should never wear a toque – it does nothing for him. Chloe actually says she needs to talk about the possibility of dying. (This is another flashback, mourning memory IMO). She says she has everything in her life she ever wanted, her family and him.

Sami & Brandon: At Tuscany. They’re talking – Sami is very vulnerable in this episode. She’s thrilled to death simply by the fact that Maggie tells her that she & Brandon should make reservations way in advance for Valentine’s Day at Tuscany. She says no one ever expects any relationship of mine to last. He orders dessert. She says I’m full which is good. She says in the past when she was emotional she would eat doughnuts, chocolate, plain, stale – they were her best friend. Maggie delivers the dessert special which is a bowl of candy hearts. She eats one – Brandon says you’re supposed to read them. They all say Be Mine – he says try and find one that says something different. She finds a key and he asks her to move in with him. She’s so excited that she jumps up and sits in his lap and yells so that everyone hears that she would be honored to live with him.

Maggie/Mickey: He gives her roses for their 25th Anniversary. He has a table reserved, arranged for someone to take over for her. He wants to bet her ten dollars that Sami and Brandon won’t last past March 1st – LOL! Maggie says Brandon is a counselor, she hears he works wonders with troubled youth. They refer to Sami as an adult juvenile delinquent.

John/Marlena: Very loving and playful today. John trying to distract her from focusing too much on Stefano and the past. But really – steaks on dry ice and then grilled on a long fork in the fireplace – that’s pushing it a bit. At the end they hear a noise and John says they’re not alone.

Preview: Belle looking up at someone standing by her seat, saying I don’t believe this. Alice catching Shawn popping pills. Bo answers the door at the Lodge and Larry is standing there – Hope saying you’re not real (or something like that).

Wednesday Feb. 19

Pat's Spoiler.....

God love Alice! Shawn comes back to the house so upset from having missed
Belle. Rips his jacket off, throws it on to a chair, mumbling to himself
that if only he would have been there 10 minutes earlier. He pulls the pills
out and says I'll take one more. Alice asks him what he's doing with those

He's says its pain medication. She asks about Belle. He snaps at her and
then goes into the kitchen. When he comes down she asks him to talk to her -
reminding how they used to talk. He yells at her to mind her own business.
(Each time he snaps at her you can see how he immediately regrets it -
another great performance by JC.) He stomps up the stairs.

Alice calls Bo & Hope who've just had 'dessert - ahem' after sharing another
romantic dance. While they're dancing Bo is trying to convince Hope she is
safe. Room service guy comes to the door and Hope tells him to go away
because she thinks it's Larry.

Alice calls and tells them to come home because something is wrong with
Shawn. He needs them. They decide to leave Zach with Doug & Julie. They come
in just as Shawn fires a book towards the front door and knocks a vase over.
He asks them what the hell they're doing at home. He really rants at them,
saying he doesn't need a babysitter, to stop treating him like a two year
old. Bo says stop acting like one or, and Shawn glares at him and says,
what, you going to ground me. He tells them to go back to the Lodge - he
doesn't need them.

Bo starts in on him and Hope intervenes. She looks at Shawn and says this is
all about Belle she left for Paris today and Shawn just nods. He says he
tried to stop her but he couldn't get past security because he didn't have a
ticket. He says now she's gone and he hated leaving things live that between
them. He says she hates me now. Bo gets pages leaves for the station.

Roman has confirmation that Larry is alive. Bo is convinced he killed Colin.

Belle is not very pleased about seeing Rex there. He says he's her friend
and he just wants to be there for her whenever she needs him - just like she
was there for him and Cassie. Boy those spoilers are sure misleading - they
say he goes to Paris to convince Belle to come to Salem. What a crock. All
he says to her is that he bets she wishes she never left Salem, never left

She gets mad at him and tells him to move. He doesn't know her - he can't
know what's she's thinking. She then apologizes and he says he always knows
how she feels - he's known since they met and he can't explain why. He's all
excited about Paris and says what should we do first when we get there.

She says go home. She tells him she should have never left Shawn. She loves
him to much. She wants to know why he's pushing her away - what's going with
him. She needs to go home now.

John/Marlena/Tony: Confrontation between John and Tony. Marlena the
peacekeeper. Tony says he wants to find out the truth about the twins just
as much as they do. He conveniently finds a letter from Stefano - yeah,
right! - Stefano talks about the twins being the destiny of the DiMera
family (Stefano mentions in the letter that he knows Tony would know about
them by now). More mumbo jumbo about the stuff in his will and a subtle
warning to Marlena that she might wish for that long sleep if she keeps
digging into her past. Tony is incensed at the letter and rips it up.

Roman/Kate: She still won't tell him anything. She says that John and
Marlena wouldn't be very wise looking for the truth if Stefano had been
involved. Alludes to the fact that he could still reach out from the grave.

Larry: Very happy to hear that Shawn is taking the pills - says no telling
what he's going to do when he really loses it. He laughs at the police
because he got away from the Brady house with no one seeing him. He says
he'll be there to watch them carry the Brady's out in body bags. Back at the
house, Alice is sleeping in the guest room, Hope is getting a headache and
lies down on the couch - carbon monoxide pumping through the house.

Preview: All I remember is Bo and Roman at the station - Shawn coming in and
them saying they need to ask him some questions about Colin's murder.

Unfortunately Bo & Hope still don't have a clue about the extent of Shawn's
troubles - but all in all, a good show.

Jan's Spoiler.....

Well what can I say it was a good show....

Shawn's upset he missed Belle at the airport...if only he'd been 10 mins earlier...takes one more pill maybe it will help...Alice wants to know what he's doing...he tells her it's for his hand...she asks if he caught Belle at the airport..he says no..I don't even know why I tried...she want to talk about it...he gets snippy with her and heads to the kitchen...comes back with a cup of tea for Alice...she's worried about him...she tells him he used to tell her everything with a couple of donuts..he yells he doesn't want to talk and takes off upstairs...gotta love Alice...she phones Bope and tells the Shawn needs them...as they come in he throws a book at the door...asks why the hell they are home...(he does a lot of swearing in this show) Bo grabs him by the shirt...they are staring at each other...eyes blazing...jaws clenching...Hope steps in...asks if it's about Belle...he says he wanted to apologize..didn't want to leave it like this...Bo leaves to the station...Shawn is stomping around...Hope tells him to sit he's giving her a headache...it ends with Hope on the couch...Shawn/Alice/Hope in the house...I really don't like that Alice is there!!!

Belle is being strong...she loves Shawn and wants to go home and find out what's going on. You go girl!!!!!
Loved Rex.

I loved Kate/Roman scenes today.

Tony/John/Marlena....I'm not sure but I still think Tony set this up.

A good show...and you'll love Belle in this one. She is being strong and determined. Bope still can't figure out what's wrong. But I'm sure they soon will!!!

Thursday Feb. 20


I'll start with Belle...her and Rex show up at the mansion...now Cassie looks a little upset that Belle's back....that she had to be here...Cassie
says something about Larry being alive and Belle says I know...she hugs Rex good-bye and walks out...Cassie gives Rex a dirty look. Belle shows up at the Brady's...Hope is in the driveway...Belle says all the
people she loves are here..this is where she should be..she knows Larry's alive...Hope says something to her about Shawn going to the airport...Belle
says I know he didn't want to break up with me..Hope and Belle put their arms around each other and go into the house. (now with all those cops around I can't believe they haven't seen Larry sulking in the bushes)Belle and Hope talk...Hope tells her she loves her...she was so happy that her and Shawn were together...if Shawn mistreated her she wants to know. Belle says he didn't mistreat me...he was pushing me away like he was trying to punish
himself...I pushed away from him when he needed me and I don't want to regret that. I really loved their talk today, it's so nice to see them
discussing Shawn and I can see a lot more of this in the future. (I know I missed a lot but I have spazzy hands...LOL)

Shawn at the station...he walks in and pops another pill (it's his second I believe) Bo/Roman want to talk to him about the stud from his tux...he
doesn't say anything just stands there as Roman leaves and Bo says he has to tell him...it will be worse if he keeps quiet...he tells Bo he needs a
minute (he says that a few times)and finishes off the bottle of pills...Roman comes in and he and Bo talk...as Bo is upset that Roman told Abe/DA...Shawn wants them to quit fighting...Cassie/Rex storm into Abe's office (nothing is private)and Cassie says Shawn don't do it...Shawn says thank you for everything but it's time to end it...Cassie is yelling at Shawn not to say anything..Bo tells Cassie to be quiet..Shawn freaks...you want a murderer...my uncle wants me to be the murderer to he can solve the
case...I'll give you what you want...as he pushes past Bo and knocks over the suspect board...he then slumps into Bo's arms. (his voice is slurred
and he's stumbling through the last scene)

Cassie tells Rex about seeing Shawn kill Colin.

Marlena/John/Tony....Marlena sleepwalks and hears Rolf's voice telling her to breath...she collapses in Tony's arms...she tells John that she'll do whatever Tony wants.

Crancy...Nancy telling her Dad that she doesn't want him to be a part of her family..after he lied about her due date and kept them out of Chloe's
life...Patrika gave a wonderful performance today.

The beginning of the show with Hope/Alice/Shawn was great...the way their eyes were heavy and they cuddled on the couch. I'm so glad that Alice went

It was a wonderful show...JC gave another incredible performance. KS/KA were excellent as well. Actually there were great performances by everyone...I can't wait for tomorrow.



Yes, it was confirmed – it’s still Valentine’s Day – LMAO!

Craig/Nancy/Nancy’s Papa/Chloe/Brady: Chloe and Brady in a hot tub with bubbles – enough said, moving on. Nancy confronts her father although she doesn’t really let him say anything. She had it all figured out that he was the one that lied to her. She tells him because he deprived Chloe of her parents and her grandparents that he could have nothing to do with the next grandchild, no gifts, no visits, etc. (Chloe had called home but Craig wouldn’t talk, said Nancy was fine, but she wanted to go home). She hears what her grandfather did, won’t forgive him. He leaves. She tells Nancy she’s sorry for treating her the way she had. She has everything she always wanted now a home and a future. Chloe and Brady go back to the lodge (Please no more love?????? Scenes…)

John/Marlena/Tony: Is it just me or is this story moving at a snail’s pace. Marlena hears Rolf’s voice, starts sleepwalking, Tony follows. Marlena hears Rolf telling her to sleep and she fights it and passes out in Tony’s arms just as John walks in looking for Marlena. More of the antagonism between those two – I have to say this is kind of stale. They don’t have the same chemistry as enemies that John and Stefano did – IMO. Tony has a plan to help Marlena remember more – John doesn’t like – Marlena says she has to do what Tony wants. HUH?????

Alice/Hope/Shawn: Some cute scenes between the three of them – they all think they’re coming down with the flu. Shawn is very sweet to both ladies. He hugs Hope close to him when the three are on the couch. Alice wants to go home. Shawn phones Maggie to pick her up. Bo phones, talks a bit to Hope and then speaks to Shawn and tells him he needs to see him at the police station. You can just see the fear in Shawn’s eyes.

Rex/Cassie/Be1le: They stop in at the DiMera mansion, Cassie wants to know why they’re back. Belle says she’s back because she knows Shawn needs her. Cassie doesn’t like that. Belle takes a cab and leaves to go to the Brady house when Cassie mentions Shawn is spending the night at home. Cassie starts in on Rex asking him why it’s okay for him to follow Belle to Paris and back, yet she can’t be without someone she really cares for Shawn. She says he doesn’t need Belle anymore, they’re over, he needs her more than ever. Rex pressures her about keeping secrets – she blurts out that Shawn killed Colin Murphy. Rex says they have to go tell the police. She says no. He says you do or I will – it’s the right thing to do.

Bo/Roman/Shawn/Cassie/Rex: Roman tells Bo the stud belongs to Shawn. Bo calls Shawn in for questioning. He had just taken a pill for ‘pain’ at the house after passing out aspirin to Alice and Hope. Shawn takes another pill before going into see his Dad. They tell him about finding the stud. He keeps looking back and forth between them, not able to really say anything when they ask him how the stud got ripped off. He flashes back to the fight with Colin. Bo finally senses something and asks Roman to give them a minute. He tells Shawn the longer he keeps quiet the worst it looks. He’s a suspect now. Roman comes back in and Bo is still telling him to back off Shawn, he’s not the killer. They start arguing and Shawn (who had turned his back and swallowed the rest of the pills) yells for them not to fight – he’ll tell them everything. Rex and Cassie come in, she say’s no Shawn. He thanks her for everything she’s done but he’s ready to tell them everything. She starts up again, the pills take affect and Shawn accuses Roman of wanting to arrest him because it will make him look good. He’s ranting and throws the suspect board and passes out.

Belle/Hope/Larry: Belle pulls up just as Hope is ready to go back in the house after Alice leaves. Hope is surprised to see her and tells her Shawn will be happy to see her back. She tells him that he was crushed when he didn’t get to the airport in time. Belle is very happy and says I knew he didn’t want to break up with me. They go inside. They talk about Shawn. Belle says it would be easier to accept if she knew why and understood why Shawn was breaking up with her. Hope says he says it was a mutual agreement that they needed space from each other. She says Shawn told her that she was having a very hard time dealing with everything going on in family. Belle wants to leave because she’s feeling sorry for herself. Hope says it’s okay to feel sorry for herself and confused and she can say what she wants about Shawn. If he mistreated her, she’ll have a talk with him. She tells Belle she loves her and wants to help because she was so happy that her and Shawn were together. Belle talks about it's almost like Shawn doesn't believe he deserves to be loved. Hope looks worst and Belle asks if she can get her anything. She sends her to the medicine cabinet to get antacid. Larry is in the living room – Hope thinks he’s not real until he grabs her by the wrists. He’s one sick puppy. He’s taunting her and rubbing her hands down the side of his face.

Highlight of the show (my opinion): the volumes of words that JC conveyed today just by his expression and his eyes – without saying a word. How could Roman and Bo not see the pain and the fear and the guilt???

Preview: John and Tony fencing, Larry catching Belle trying to hit him with a vase.

Friday Feb. 21


OMG...WOW....Kudos to JC, his performance today..awesome!!

Shawn is rushed into ER on a stretcher...his pulse is racing, he's unconcious. They take him into a room...Bo tries to call Hope but can't get an answer. Roman wants to go in but Bo say I'll go he's my son. Shawn is shaking..perspiration running down his forehead...he's a mess. Bo goes outside...Craig shows him the empty bottle...Bo goes in to talk to Shawn (with Roman listening behind the curtain)Bo can't believe Shawn would take drugs..he hates them..doesn't want to mess his mind...won't even drink because of it..Bo wants the nurse to give him something...shows her the bottle...the nurse says that's not what he was taking...Shawn says it's because of Larry...Bo says there has to be more...I love you, we can get through this..Shawn says...I...Killed...Colin. (Of course Roman hears)...Bo won't talk to Roman...Roman tells Kate that right now he's not his brother he's a cop and this will tear his family apart. Bo goes back in and asks about Hope...Shawn says she was sick..took aspirin and laid down..Bo wants Roman to check with the cops at the house...Roman calls and says everything is fine...Bo wants to know if they went inside...Roman says no there is no reason to the house is covered (please don't let them protect me..LOL)Bo goes back and Shawn wants to go to Hope..Bo goes back out as Shawn says I have to go, I feel something's wrong..I have to leave (the camera fans to Belle)Craig won't let him go. Awesome scenes by JC today.

Cassie wants to see Shawn...Roman/Bo say no family only..LOL. (all through the show..everytime Bo sees her he gives her a dirty look).

I love Belle...she tries so hard. Larry catches her with the vase...makes her board up the windows...although Belle refuses @ first...Larry points a gun at her. After he handcuffs her to the stairs...she chuckles at him and says how are you going to get out you glued the doors...he says the way I came in through the basement...Belle is trying to be so strong...Hope tries to throw something through the window but collapses...Belle says it's up to me as the show ends.

Wonderful performances by KA/KS/AM at the Brady house...JC/PR at the hospital. Very intense.

Victor/Nicole...I'm thinking Nicole did it but I really don't like the way this is going...Victor the Czar..Nicole his serf!!

John/Tony/Marlena...a duel...Marlena hearing babies crying.

A great show...enjoy!!

Pat's spoilers...

Pardon my french but all I can say about today's show is OMFG!!!!!!

I'm speechless - (good thing I'm typing this and not trying to talk)

JC - can his performance possibly get any better today. His hospital scenes
- the reaction from those pills - when Bo kept asking him what was wrong -
unbelievable! So powerful and gripping. Bo reminded him of what Shawn had
told him - Shawn could never understand why kids would turn to drugs - risk
damaging their minds.

Shawn tells him they were his mom's pills he needed to calm down. All the
stress from Larry and...Bo says what else. Shawn begs him not to make him
tell him. Bo says whatever it is they'll get through it - they're a family.
Bo tells him, your my son and I love you. Shawn tells says very slowly,
enunciates each word I....killed....Colin.

GRRRRRR....Roman is eavesdropping around the corner. All I can say is Rex
was right when he's talking to Cassie. She says thanks for sticking up for
her (Roman came on really strong and wanted answers - Rex says you're
supposed to be a hero, not bullying someone). Rex looks right at Roman and
says to Cassie, we're family. Families are supposed to stick up for one
another. Cassie wants to see Shawn when Bo comes out - Bo and Roman both say
no. Roman tells Cassie he has questions for her - Rex says talk to our
family lawyer. LOL!

Craig tells Bo and Shawn that Marlena had subscribed very mild tranquilzers
for Hope - what Shawn had been taking was ampethamines. Shawn says I only
took what was in that bottle. Bo says someone must have tampered with them.
He goes to tell Roman to call the police guarding his house to check on
Hope. (He had tried to call but Larry broke the phone. Shawn later told him
she wasn't feel well). When Bo goes to talk to Roman - Shawn wants to leave,
the nurse says no. He says I have a really bad feeling. I have to get home.

For some reason Kate shows up at the hospital. She senses the tension
between Roman and Bo. Roman wanted to question Shawn and Bo had told him he
would talk to his son. Roman tells her he's not talking to me right now
because I'm not his brother right now, I'm a cop. Would someone please
remove that stick from his ass - because I know what I'd like to do with it
about now.

Roman tells Bo - everything is fine. Bo says did the cops go into the house.
Roman, the hero cop, tells him no need to - Larry can't get in. Bo goes to
tell Shawn he's going home to check on Hope. Shawn says he wants to come -
Craig says not a good idea, Bo says stay here.

Back at the Brady house, Larry keeps taunting Hope. Tells her he's poisoning
the house with carbon monoxide. Belle hides on the stairwell. Hope sees her
and keeps Larry distracted. Just as Belle is going to whack him over the
head, he sees her reflection in a framed picture. He grabs her. He makes
Belle nail the windows shut - never mind Miss Black in the living room with
a vase - Miss Black with HAMMER and NAILS - lol!

Hope passes out. He puts glue in the door locks and jambs and handcuffs
Belle to the railing. She says he's not very smart if because he's trapped
inside with them. He tells her he can get out the same way he got in through
the basement. He goes down there but the rat gets trapped in his own trap.
He passes out from the gas. Hope comes to briefly and tries to through a
vase through the window, can't, passes out again. Belle says, it's up to me
(that's the ending of the show).

John and Tony fencing. They each draw blood. Marlena is out for a walk -
she's as tired as the rest of us of hearing Tony saying I'm not my father
and John pooh-poohing anything Tony says. Just have to comment on the fact
that John and Tony are dressed and Marlena is still walking around in her
negligee. Of course it's the middle of the night and they can't sleep
because the workmen are working in the tower. Tony brought them in from a
neighbouring island - to convert the tower room so Marlena could get her
memory back. Yeah right - workmen, boat, middle of the night - sheesh. In
her walk, she here's a baby crying. She's standing at the edge of a cliff by
the ocean screaming Don't go. She tells John and Tony someone was taken away
from the island by boat.

Victor and Nicole. I have to say - I am deeply disturbed by what I seen on
the screen today. I don't know what Victor has on her, but he forces her to
admit that whatever she's reading in this document that's her wedding
present is true. He says he's a tzar and she's a serf. He refers to himself
as Tzar Victor the First. Everything he says from now on, the only response
she's allowed is yes. Not liking what follows. In my mind - what's he's
doing is rape. I don't like Nicole but I sure didn't like what I seen today.
I'm hoping we're not going to get more of this kind of stuff.

Preview: more Broe in the hot tub - pul-leeze stop the torture, Bo chasing
Larry throw the sewers, Shawn breaking the window - cuts to the vent where
gas is flowing the house.

Powerful performance by JC - disturbing Victor/Nicole scenes - I don't know
where they're trying to take this. Loved when Belle says it's up to her!

Monday Feb. 24

Pat's spoilers......

Broe: All I have to say is I just cannot get into them as a couple. It's
painful watching them together - I don't see the chemistry their fans
obviously see. Foreshadowing - she's sleeping, he's praying that this isn't
all the time they have together.

Jack & Jennifer: They were just so sweet and adorable today. Both kind of
shy. They're in bed together and remembering the feelings they had for each
other on their wedding day. (Jen had pulled out their wedding album.) They
go straight from talking about their feelings for each other then to how
they feel for each other now, all these years later. Jack says she's not the
only one that can be sentimental, he has something for her as well -
literally slides out of the bed onto the floor - don't think that was
planned. He gives her ring that he had given her the first time. He says
he'll buy a new ring because they're starting over, but he wants something
for tonight.

Tony/John/Marlena: Marlena says she'll do whatever Tony wants her to if it
will help get her memory back. She crawls into the bed in the tower room and
remembers giving birth to the twins. Dr. Rolf delivered them. Man, is there
anything this guy CAN'T do???? She tells them about the delivery. Tony is
overjoyed and covers Marlena hand with his and says, you gave birth to Rex
and Cassie here - our babies, yours and mine. John is crushed, Marlena is

Roman/Kate: He tells Kate that he overheard Shawn admit to murder. He has to
arrest him - no special favors. Can I just slap him upside the head, just
once, please???? He goes to talk to Shawn even though Bo expressly told him
to leave him alone, but the hospital bed is empty. He puts out an APB on
Shawn and tells them to call a judge - I guess for an arraignment. He knows
the DA is going to go after Shawn big time, but he tells Kate, he has a duty
to his badge and the law. She says he has integrity, more than she ever
will, she wants to call it quits with him. Intergrity, my ass (oops, sorry!)

Shawn: Wants to go, Bo says I'll look after your mom. He tells the nurse
he's going to leave, she says no, he says it' my body. He gets to the house
and sees the police trying to open the door. He gives them his keys. They
say they don't work. Shawn grabs a piece of firewood (while the Salem PD are
standing around discussing their next course of action) and busts the window
and goes inside.

He stops in midstride when he sees Belle, rushes to him Mom and yells that
she has a pulse - finally 2 cops break the door in. Shawn rushes to Belle,
she says carbon monoxide, he busts the railing and carries her outside.

Bo comes home and notices the manhole cover being lowered. He takes off
after Larry. Catches him and beats the living daylights out of him. Bo wants
to know what he was doing at his house. Larry tells him that he made sure
carbon monoxide was pumping through the house and that Hope is dead. Bo
takes him back to the house and tells some other cops to take the scum off
his hands.

Belle lying on a gurney. Shawn asking her what she was doing there. She just
says I love you Shawn and he looks at her but doesn't say anything. His mom
calls for him. He lets go of Belle's hand and goes to her. She says she
loves him. The sweetest most profound, telling moment of things to come
(IMO)happens next. No words spoken, just Shawn holding Hope's hand with one
of his and then reaching and taking Belle's hand in his other hand -
standing between them both.

Belle tells him that Rex was on the plane and they talked. She admitted to
Rex that she didn't want to run from her problems, she wanted to be with
him, whether he wanted her to be or not. She gets off the gurney and he
holds her and tells her he loves her. She says I know, he says, no Belle, I
really love you. He tells her that he's never going to be apart from her
again. Roman says I don't think you can keep that promise and then places
him under arrest for the murder of Colin Murphy. Bo wants to know what he's
doing, Hope and Belle look shocked and Shawn just stares at Roman.

Preview: Victor and Nicole - Victor lording it over her again, Sami and
Brandon in bed, Lexie in bed saying this can't be labor, Shawn in an
interrogation room telling Belle that she has to let go for good this time
(her eyes swimming in tears) - black and white shots of Shawn's getting

I don't know if this was mentioned in Seal's magazine report but in Canada's
TV Guide there is an article on Peter Reckell. He says TPTB want the murder
storyline done with by the end of February. That leads me to believe that
we'll only see Shawn at an arraignment and then Larry will confess to
Colin's murder. Seems plausible because is supposed to figure out (just like
Jan and I did, right Jan???) once he hears Shawn's story, that the bullet
from the gun he shot didn't hit Colin.

Enjoy the show!

Jan's Spoilers...

Pat caught the rest of the show so I'll only do parts...

I don't know where to start so let me just to the Shelle/Bope stuff...oops and J&J.

J&J scenes today were sweet and romantic and tender. Jen kept their wedding album and as they lay in bed they look at it and laugh. Jack kept her wedding ring (that she sent back to him)he wants to buy her a new one but wants her to wear this one so he knows she's his tonight...so sweet, so tender.

Bo....OMG...the way he takes down Larry...spazzy hands...I love Bo when he's the 'rebel' and today we saw it!!!

Shawn to the rescue...he's calling Mom...and Belle hears him..she's saying Shawn but he can't hear her...he breaks the window and climbs in seeing Hope..as he turns he sees Belle and says Belle what the....he checks Hope and yells she has a pulse...he goes to Belle...Belle tells him it's carbon monoxide...he breaks the rails and picks her up and carries her outside...the cop has Hope. He runs his hands through Belle's hair...touches her cheek...Belle tells him about Larry being there...he's upset but controls his temper...Belle tells him she loves him. Hope calls him and he goes to her and says he loves her..takes her hand...looks over at Belle and takes hers..fingers intertwined...he stands between them and looks slightly up. He asks why Belle's here..she should be in Paris..I was missing you like crazy and you're her in my house handcuffed to the stairs..I almost lost you..she tells him about Rex...he made her see that she reallys wanted to be here..with Shawn..even if he wanted to push her away..he says I don't want to I love you..I will love you forever....she puts her hand on his cheek and he melts into it...they are standing...Bo says he's sorry for Belle being involved...she says it's my fault..I wanted to be here for Shawn...I missed him..they are hugging...he says (I can't remember)then she say this feels so right..he says I love you..she nods..he says no I really love you...I promise I'll never leave you. Roman comes up and says I don't think you can keep that promise...Bo comes running over asking what Romans doing...Roman starts reading Shawn his rights...he then says for the murder of Colin Murphy...Hope's face is shock...as is Belle's. Shawn's face is stone cold..trying to be so strong.

Preview...in an interrogation room Shawn tells Belle she has to let go..this is forever..Belle's eyes are filled with tears..then it shows Shawn getting his mug shot.

Tuesday Feb. 25


don't know where to start...what a totally awesome show.

Shawn is brought into the station with Bope behind him...black t-shirt, hands in handcuffs behind his back. He says I murderered him as Belle comes
around the corner...she asks if that's why he pushed her away...they take him for booking...Belle asks a favor of Roman...Shawn gets fingerprinted, mug shots taken...Belle hugs Roman for the few minutes...she goes and sits down in the interrogation room...Shawn comes in and just stands there for a second looking at her. She tells him everything will be OK....he says Ikilled a man...she says I don't believe it...he says I did it...that's why I've been acting...I'm not good enough for you...she looks at him and sort
of half smiles...I knew you loved me...he says of course...I love you so much, that's the truth...your happiness is more important than mine...are you happy now...she says yes..we're together...I believe in you...we'll get through this together...he says this is my forever...he gets up to leave...they lock eyes. He has that hooded look going on...:::thud::: heleaves and Belle breaks down.

She tells Bope that Shawn thinks he'll be there forever...Hope says he's innocent...Belle says of course he is...Hope goes to see Shawn he tells her
he did it for his Dad...Roman asks Belle what Shawn says...She glares at him and says why does it matter you believe he's guilty (something along those
lines)Bo standing beside her gives a smirk...(IMO..he's proud of how feisty she is)...Mickey comes in and they go to talk to Shawn...Bo says it is not
the time to be noble....Shawn tells him about shooting Colin in the back...Bo gets a smile on his face...you didn't kill Colin...and I'll prove
it. Shawn sort of has a hopeful look in his eyes.

Be ready ladies...a great performance by JC/KS/PR/KA again today...and JC looks might good in that blue prison issue outfit...blue shirt...blue jeans
(fairly tight...LOL).

At the end of the show Victor says he has proof that Nicole killed Colin (now at this point Victor doesn't know Shawn has been arrested).

A great show...just what I wanted for a jailhouse scene with Shelle. And SDB shows his love for again today...but she isn't going anywhere.



Belle is a much better person than I am. She hugs Roman for letting her get to see Shawn. I’m sorry, I’m with Bo on this one. Roman put his badge before his family. I loved it when Bo told Roman that he would never forgive him for that. (Me either).

Sami and Brandon: Sami is having a nightmare about Brandon pushing her out of bed so that the mother of his child, Lexie could sleep with him. They talk about moving in together. Nicole, calls, blubbering drunk from the Cheating Heart, telling Brandon how happy she is to be married to Victor. Brandon goes to see her, Sami goes to the hospital while to get the next day off to move in with Brandon. (Voice-mail is down – LOL!) Lexie, who is suffering from Braxton-Hicks, is at the hospital. She overhears that Sami is moving. Sami loves telling her that she’s moving in with Brandon. The lab tech confronts Sami. She’s doing a backup of the files and she knows Sami changed the results of Lexie’s paternity test. She wants to know if Sami is going to tell Lexie what she did.

Victor and Nicole: More of him lording it over her about her being his possession. She’s drinking. He says the bar is closed and knocks all the decanters off the table. She goes to the bar. Later he sends Nico to get her – Brandon doesn’t want her to go with him. When she comes back to the mansion, Victor tells her that he has irrefutable evidence that she murdered Colin Murphy.

Abe/Roman: Roman goes on and on about how he didn’t want to have to arrest Shawn, but with his confession and physical evidence supporting his confession, he didn’t have any choice. He says the DA would have their badges for withholding evidence. Hope says who cares about badges, my son is in jail. Bo calls Mickey. Hope, Bo and Belle all say there is no way Shawn could be a murderer – Roman thinks he did it because he had all these opportunities to tell them and he didn’t. He also justifies arresting Shawn to Bo by saying it was killing Shawn, he had to turn to drugs to live with the guilt. Abe tells Roman he understands – after all, he arrested his own wife. He’s happy they were able to work that through – he hopes that Roman will be able to work things out with his family. Roman says Bo will never forgive me. Bo really lets him have it – he tells Roman that Shawn is going to have an arrest record for the rest of his life because Roman didn’t take the time to get all the facts before he arrested Shawn – he was more concerned about following the DA’s rules.

Bo and Hope are totally there for Shawn. Hope won’t go to the hospital to be treated. She knows that Shawn hasn’t been saying anything because of her – he didn’t think she could handle it. Belle comes around the corner and says ‘this is why you’ve been pushing me away.’

Not prison orange for Shawn, but prison blues (light blues) – that really showcase that 5 o’clock shadow. Belle tells him nothing has changed, she loves him and she knows that he loves her. He looks at and with a disbelieving laugh, repeats her ‘nothing’s changed’ phrase because he knows everything has changed. She gets him to say he loves her – her eyes fill with tears. He asks her if she’s happy now, she says yes because she understands what he was going through now. She understands that he was pushing her away because he didn’t want her hurt.

He tells her that he loves her more than his own life. He wants her to be happy and that can’t happen with him. She keeps telling him that she doesn’t believe he killed Colin, he says he did. He tells her that she has to let go, forever. She has her whole life in front of her and all he has is this for the rest of his life.

I absolutely love how Bo, Hope and Belle are sticking together in their belief that Shawn is not capable of cold-blooded murder. Hope goes to talk to him next. She asks him if he is protecting her. He says no, I killed Colin, I did it for Dad. She tells Bo that he has to talk to Shawn right now. Mickey and Bo go in. Bo tells Shawn that this is no time to be noble – tell us everything that happened that night. Shawn tells them that he saw Colin on the terrace, heard him say something like ‘Bo, get back into your place so that I can blow you away.’ Mickey says you did this because you were protecting your Dad. Shawn says (as he has another flashback of shooting Colin) that I didn’t have to kill him, but I pulled the trigger anyways. I shot him in the back, I took his life. Bo just smiles and said you didn’t kill him Shawn.

So I take it to mean that Colin wasn’t shot in the back – because that’s all Shawn said to him – so how else would Bo know immediately that he wasn’t the killer.

I absolutely loved how Shawn defined his love for Belle in this episode. Enjoy! (Okay, and he didn't look half bad in handcuffs and getted booked either - LOL!)

Wednesday Feb. 26


Well here goes...and I must say this is really hard because as I was watching the show I kept thinking about tomorrow's eppy...LOL.

I won't go into a lot of detail but I'll give you my thoughts on each...

Broe...I loved the fact that they wanted to rush home because of Shawn. I loved that Brady knows Shawn didn't do it. I loved that he tried to phone
Belle in Paris...I hated that he didn't know about what happened to Belle the previous night. Actually I didn't mind Broe at all today.

Brami....I thought it was sweet how Brandon just up and decided to move into Sami's apt. because Will didn't want to leave Lucas (hmmm.....empty
apt...any ideas...LOL)

John/Tony/Marlena....OK there is definately more to this story...Rolf sayshe did take a sample from Tony but the way he said it leaves me with questions. You can tell that John is playing along only...and that look on Tony's face tells me he knows more than he's letting on.

Ressie...OK....can I slap her now. She calls Belle a twit...(who the hell does she think she is) Rex wants to know if she's more concerned about Shawn or herself because they don't share a secret anymore. They find the secret room and Rolf...now they have secrets.

Previews.....Cassie saying she'd never hurt Shawn...Belle looking very pretty saying I won't let you get away with it. Shawn/Bope/Belle as the DA
says they'll prosecute to the full extent of the law. Shawn saying he's a murdered. (be prepared for the eyes...ladies) Nicole as Henderson says Victor has gone to the cop station.

All in all not a bad show...but it's tomorrow's I'm waiting for.


This was a pretty difficult show to get all worked up over after the last few we’ve been treated to.

Brandon/Sami: She goes to his apartment and tells him it isn’t going to work between them and gives him the key back. He asks if she changed her mind. She says no but Will doesn’t want her to move. He doesn’t want to be away from his father. Brandon goes into his bedroom and slams the door shut. She’s telling him she won’t leave until they discuss this. He comes out with a suitcase and tells her that he’ll move in with her. There are some really cute, playful scenes between them as they pack up his place. Sami is very happy which generally spells doomsday – doesn’t it????

Brady/Chloe: You know what, their scenes were good today. She wakes up and she has a nosebleed. Brady notices but doesn’t let on until she’s ready to talk about it. She reflects on all the good things in her life and tells him she’s not afraid, but you can see the fear in her eyes when they are hugging. He bugs her about not listing him as one of the good things, she tells him that he is her life. They see the newspaper, both declare that Shawn is not a cold-blooded killer. Brady calls Belle in Paris but doesn’t get an answer. (Obviously doesn't know that Belle could have died the night before). He tells her to call Craig. They go back to Salem, notice that Craig’s car is gone and the suitcase that Nancy packed is missing. Craig calls and says Nancy has gone into labour. They’re so excited they head to the hospital. Okay, this angered me – all of a sudden who cares about Belle or Shawn? Geez, Brady!

John/Marlena/Tony/Rolf: I’m getting real tired real fast of this storyline. I’m sorry, Tony just doesn’t cut it as a villain, no matter how much he postures and lurks outside doors eavesdropping. Marlena tells Tony she doesn’t believe he’s the father, she’s certain she’s the mother. (John is out jogging). Tony calls Rolf on his ‘web phone’ and asks him about the twins. John enters the room. Marlena says he’s the doctor that delivered the babies. Rolf still won’t give anything up. He finally admits he took a ‘sample’ from Tony and then John grabs the phone and wants to know what he did to his wife. Rolf disconnects. Now Marlena believes. Both John and Tony are staking their claim on Marlena. She tells John that it doesn’t matter whether the twins are programmed to do evil, whether they’re good or bad, they are her children and she MUST have them with her. Tony believes he gains the upper hand when Marlena agrees to let him be with her when she tells the twins – John had said he would be with her.

Cassie/Rex: Who the f*** does that Alien Barbie think she is? Would you believe that she had the unmitigated gall to refer to Belle as a ‘twit’ today? EXCUSE ME! She’s all concerned about Shawn because he was the only friend they had – Rex says what about Belle – and that is when that, that, that, thing calls her a twit. Something I found very weird today – Rex talks about all the different types of people that commit murder and all the statistics about innocent people being convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. (Rolf is eavesdropping) Rex is doing research to see if he should help Shawn – but first he has to make sure Shawn isn’t a murderer. They made a point of saying you really don’t who your friends are and who you can trust. Something’s afoot. They don’t even trust Tony. They decide to search the mansion. They come across ‘Professor Putnam’ in the secret room. He spouts stuff about the research that Tony is financing and takes off. Rex tries to break into the computer system, but doesn’t. Cassie bugs him about that and he says he will get in eventually.

Preview: Cassie telling Belle that Shawn is everything to her, Belle telling her that she won’t let her get away with this. Henderson telling Nicole that Victor went to the police station – she thinks he’s turning her in. OMG – tortured Shawn as you here the DA spouting off about his confession and being prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Shawn saying I’m guilty, I’m a murderer. Belle standing strong, looking at him. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Thursday Feb. 27

Jan's report (what I aspire to be able to do one day - LOL! - be succinct and to the point):

Here it comes:

First of all let me say the line to bitch-slap Cassie start in Vancouver.
Second let me say Pat will give the details I'll just give you my feelings...LOL.

I loved Belle today...the way she got mad at Shawn...she was po'd that Cassie knew and she let Shawn know it...he kept trying to tell her it wasn't
like that but she wasn't listening and he was at somewhat of a disadvantage...he was handcuffed (and looking mighty fine might I add) And I loved Belle facing off with Cassie...she stood toe to toe with her (if it had been me that girl would have been slapped across the face) Cassie's whole...Shawn needs me...I'm the only one he needs...she is so delusional...she doesn't have a clue...but Belle does...this girl was a firecracker today and personally I thought it was about time. She is
absolutely floored at the arraignment when Mickey says SDB wants to plead guilty.

Bo/Hope doing everything they can to convince Shawn that he didn't do it...even Abe was trying. SDB is determined that he did...now I think part of it is...he's trying to prove that he will take responsibility and partly that he can't believe he went through these last months believing he killed
someone when he didn't...does that make sense.

Loved the J&J scenes today.

Didn't mind the Victor/Nicole scenes as much today either...we get a full flashback of what happens...and Victor can't believe Nicole would let his grandson take the fall.

At the arraignment Shawn/Caroline look away from Roman.

Now...Belle looked absolutely gorgeous in the outfit she had on...short beige skirt, matching jacket and blue t-shirt underneath. (was I way off
with jeans...LOL) Shawn well he looks mouthwatering today..his eyes were just:::thud:::

The preview for tomorrow...Belle yelling Shawn no and him turning around to look at her...tells me that's when he changes his mind!!!

The show is......what can I say...OMG....it is awesome. Terri...Bo in a red shirt...:::thud:::

Pat's overly detailed report:

A few things I want to say right off the start. I was so wrong about Belle’s outfit. She’s wearing a long sleeved fitted shirt, coloured blouse underneath, short skirt in a matching tan colour with a scalloped hem. Gorgeous.

Before I get into details of the show, I want to say that Cassie is totally insane. She’s completely delusional!!! As I said when I watched her at that birthday party Phillip threw for Belle – she is a major, major threat to Belle’s physical well-being.

From everything shown today, unless Nicole is as mistaken as Shawn – she is the killer. She had the gun, she picked up the shell casings (2) as well. One of them had BO on it. She didn’t mean to kill him, it was an accident. She told Victor (flashback shown) that she seen him lying on terrace and picked up the gun. Colin got up and started coming towards her. He wanted the gun, she wanted a promise that the blackmail would stop. He tried to get the gun away from him, there was a struggle and the gun went off. He fell to the ground with a bullet in his gut. (Everything of her confession fits with the medical examiner’s report). All I can say – in the flashback she was wearing her veil – attached to a hat or something with her face covered in some kind of netting – she’s damn lucky that the veil ripped – that look did nothing for her. She gives Victor the gun and the shell casings. Later she’s looking for him and Henderson says he’s gone to the police station. Victor asking to see one of the prisoners, Larry Welch.

Roman and Kate: Roman at the Cheating Heart feeling sorry for himself. Kate angry at him for not coming to her when he was feeling down. She tells him that even if Shawn is convicted of murder, Bo will forgive him. HAH! I don’t think so. He tells her his mom and pop are angry with him. He tells this story how his pop was really sick when he was 17 and he had to become the father figure and Bo was always a maverick. He says he’s always been a by the book kind of guy. She tells him she isn’t. She’s shocked when he says if Sami had been the murderer, he would have arrested her. They go to the arraignment together (Kate has to talk him into going). Caroline and Shawn, Sr. turn away from him when they see him.

Jack/Jen/Hope/DA/Abe: Hope is upset with the article, Caroline upset with all the calls coming to the pub. Hope says she’s not speaking to the press, Jen says not even me. Hope is upset with the article in the Spectator. Jennifer says they were just doing their job – the story is in every paper. Hope forgives her and wants to talk about Jack and Jen. Jen shows her the ring – Hope is genuinely happy for them. Jack asks Abe for a statement. Abe says no comment. The DA comes in and gets on his soapbox, “Shawn Douglas Brady confessed to murder. He will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No special favours because his last name is Brady.” He makes a threat that if Bo impedes the investigation any further he’ll make sure father and son have adjoining cells at Statesville. Jack and Jen share some sweet moments alone at the pub.

Belle and Shawn: They bring him into the visiting room backwards (don’t ask me why – maybe it’s to showcase those hands in cuffs???). Belle asks the guard to take the cuffs off, he says no, but he leaves them alone in the room. She asks if he any sleep, he says no, my Dad kept me up all night questioning me. She asks him ‘what was he thinking’. He looks confused. She says not about the shooting but why didn’t he tell his dad or mom or her, instead of going through it all alone. He says he wasn’t exactly alone. He tells her Cassie knew. She gets angry and says you told Cassie before me. He says I didn’t tell her, she seen me shoot Colin and then she told me I couldn’t tell anyone because I would them accessories. She’s so angry that she tells him she has to leave.

Cassie/Belle/Rex: She sees Cassie in the hallway and goes up to her and asks her how she could do that to her. Cassie tells her not to yell in face. Belle says you haven’t seen me yell yet. (That smirk on Cassie’s face – oh what I’d like to do that…that…thing – argh!) Rex tries to calm Belle down. Belle calls Cassie a manipulative liar and tells her she’s on to her. Belle says you only made things worse for Shawn, how can you not see that? Cassie says she would never hurt Shawn, he means everything to her. She says that all Cassie cared about was keeping this ‘romantic’ little secret between her and Shawn.

Belle tells her ever since the night they found they them, she’s been making a fool of herself around Shawn. Cassie says he kissed me and it was magical. Belle says that was mouth to mouth. She tells Cassie that Shawn could go to prison for the rest of his life and it would all be her fault. She will make her pay for what she’s done. Rex tells Cassie to be quiet when she starts talking about how she was there that night – tells her Captain Brady would arrest her for aiding and abetting. Cassie vows to do everything she has to help Shawn. She tells Belle she’s going to the arraignment even though Belle tells her she doesn’t belong there. Cassie insists on going because she is the only one that Shawn needs. He needs her and only her. YIKES!

Belle talks to Mickey – he tells her that Shawn is determined to plead guilty, if he does, there’s nothing he can do for him.

Abe/Bo/Shawn/Hope: Abe walks in to question Shawn, Mickey says not without his lawyer present. Shawn tells Mickey he doesn’t want him there, he did it, he’s already confessed, Abe can ask him anything he wants. He tells Mickey you don’t want to believe I did it because your family. Bo comes in and asks where Mickey is when he sees Abe there. Shawn says I don’t want him here. Bo makes him tell him about the shooting all over again. I think they added some new flashbacks in here because during the struggle, you can plainly see that it’s a stud from the tuxedo that falls to the ground. Abe listens and sees I didn’t kill him and Bo says, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell him. Bo told Shawn he had just been to Victor’s. From what Shawn told him and both Abe and Bo believe Shawn’s story – Bo believes that he missed. The trajectory of the bullet path shows that the bullet would have ended up in the lake. Bo tells Shawn that the M.E.’s report states that Colin was killed by a bullet in the gut shot at close range.

(Hope comes in somewhere during the exchange.) Even with all this evidence, Shawn says you only see what you want to see. He says he doesn’t know where the bullet hit, he was in shock, it could have hit him in the stomach and he could have been close enough to him. Bo says did you see a bullet wound. Shawn says I was in shock, I walked closer to him, seen that he was dead, dropped the gun and left him. Bo says, it’s his theory that Colin was just pretending that he had been hit. He tells Shawn that the police never found a gun – the real killer still has it. Shawn gets a strange look on his face. (Don’t know if he’s thinking about changing his plea or not at this point).

Preview: Brandon asking Nicole what Victor’s done to her, Sami and Lucas having a knockdown drag out fight, and Mickey saying Shawn pleads guilty and Belle jumping up saying “Shawn, you can’t do this.” Shawn turning and looking at her.

Great show! Man that Shawn is one stubborn dude though! THUD ALERTS: Those killer eyes on the son and that red shirt and intense look on Dad's face - look out!

Friday Feb. 28


First of I'll let's talk Lumi. I have always loved these two and today reminded me why. They are at each other from start to finish. I loved
it...a little spice is just what was needed.

Brandon/Nicole...Nicole had the funniest line of the day. Sami dragging Brandon by his anatomy. Nicole really wants to tell someone but she doesn't know how to go about it. I felt a little sorry for her today but Ari is doing a great job. I also liked the scene at the end with Lucas/Nicole.

Victor is going to get Larry to confess....again I enjoyed their scenes today.

The best for last....Belle again telling Cassie that she is not wanted. Shawn walking into court looking right at Belle. Those eyes bore into her today. The outburst by Belle was great...she just let it all out...she loves him...they can be together...I'm sorry I walked out on you...pleading with him to say not guilty...and the whole time he's staring straight at her...I loved that Jen/Caroline went with her...again so telling. I loved how he looked at his parents and then plead not guilty..almost a look of
relief on his face...the smirk with the DA was talking about him being a flight risk....the disappointment when bail was denied. I loved how excited Belle was that he plead innocent...her telling Cassie that she had to be careful with her testimony. I loved how Belle ran into him...huggin him as he melted into her...the way he told her not to cry...and his voice when he told his parents to take care of Belle for him. And how Hope took her into her arms. I loved the scenes between them today.

I loved Bo/Roman and Bo's tirade with the DA.

Now the question...Pat what was the look between Shawn and Cassie??? It almost looked like he was pissed at her.

Enjoy the show....it was another wonderful one.


There’s no doubt in my mind after seeing this episode that Belle and Shawn are being moved into more adult storylines. When Shawn values her words above those of his parents and other family members there can be no doubt that they are considered a couple in the true adult sense of the word. FINALLY!

Brandon/Sami/Nicole/Lucas: Sami takes great pleasure in telling Nicole that Brandon has moved in with her. Nicole’s upset and tells Brandon he’s thinking with his anatomy and Lucas comes up and pipes up that he’s not happy about it either. Nicole and Brandon talk in the hallway, Sami and Lucas in the apartment. Lucas lays down the law and tells Sami that Will must never refer to Brandon as Dad. Only he goes to any school events, meetings concerning Will, not Brandon. He threatens her with the fact that if he sued for full custody, Will would be able to speak on his own behalf and he would tell the judge that he wanted to live with his Dad. He taunts her about her history with men, how desperate and needy she is and that Brandon only likes her cleavage and that he would never marry her.

Brandon is concerned about Nicole. She doesn’t let on about what’s really troubling her. She tells him Victor was upset with her going to the Cheating Heart – and he was right. She has to grow up, she shouldn’t be out drinking in sleazy bars and flirting with the bartender anymore. She’s waiting for the elevator when Lucas comes out. She asks him for a coin, he gives her a penny telling her that’s all she’s worth. She flips it and says Heads, I stay, Tails, I run. Its Heads, she’s says I’m going to turn myself in. Lucas asks her into what? As the elevator door is closing he asks for his penny back – LOL! Lucas, are you really that hard up!

Lexie/Abe: Some nice scenes between them today. It’s nice to see Abe so happy and Lexie happy to be with him. After Lexie leaves, a cop comes in and tells Abe that Larry Welch has a visitor, Victor Kirakis.

Larry/Victor: Larry says he senses ‘déjà vu’ when he sees Victor there. Victor shows him the shell casing with ‘BO’ written on it and tells him he already figured out that Larry had put a hit on Bo. Victor wants to know what went wrong. Larry says his incompetent hit man allowed himself to be shot and killed by someone else. He’s upset that Shawn D is stealing his headlines – Oh Larry! Victor says the list of crimes he’s credited with is very long and impressive but one is missing. Larry says he’s not putting himself on death row to get Shawn D off. Victor tells him he will or he’s a dead man. He tells him you know I can arrange it, even if you’re in prison. At the end, Victor asks him if he his story straight, Larry says yeah, I got it all. Abe asks Victor what he’s doing there. He’s says I’m just here to see that the man who tried to kill my son’s wife is really behind bars and going to be punished.

Courtroom: Jack, Jen, Caroline and Shawn, Sr., Ressie, Roman, Kate, Mickey, Shawn, Belle, Judge and that prick (oops, sorry) the DA. In the corridor, Bo is telling Shawn that he has to retract his confession. He has to plead Not Guilty. Hope is begging him as well. Bo keeps telling him he didn’t do it. They go into the courtroom – now this was really weird. Usually the prisoner is brought in from a side corridor, not Shawn. He was brought in through the same doors everyone else used to come in. Camera is panning showing him walking and looking at the people sitting there. When he gets to the table with Mickey, he stays turned looking at Belle until the judge comes in. Before Shawn comes in, Shawn, Sr. and Caroline throw a very disgusted look Roman’s way. Roman says I didn’t have a choice, I have to uphold the law, no matter what. Shawn, Sr. tells him that family should always come first and he had turned his back on his family.

The judge asks how he pleads after the charges are read – long pause, commercials, yada, yada, before it comes back to the courtroom. Mickey tells him to change his mind, Shawn has another flashback of shooting Colin, he tells Mickey he killed him he can’t plead Not Guilty. Mickey stands up and says that his client pleads Guilty. Belle jumps up and says “No, Shawn. You can’t do this.” He turns to her and their eyes are locked on one another. She tells him he couldn’t have done this. She says I love you and we have to be together. She tells him she’s sorry she got angrier with him earlier. She repeats that she loves him and says Please Shawn.” She gets thrown out of court, tears streaming down her face as Shawn watches. Caroline and Jennifer run out after her.

The judge asks for the plea again and Shawn looks at his Mom and Dad for a long time, judge is losing patience, Shawn stands up and says, I’ve changed my mind, I plead Not Guilty. Rex drags Cassie out of the courtroom to tell Belle. She doesn’t want to go with him, she wants to stay there for Shawn. (I think she was still a little ticked because Belle had told her earlier that Shawn didn’t need her, he needed his parents and her.) Caroline is hugging Belle. Belle is saying that she wishes she could do something for him – Rex says you already did, Shawn pleaded Not Guilty. Belle is so happy she hugs Rex. Jen and Caroline go back into the court.

Belle then tells Cassie that Shawn is going to need her help. She says she’s known him all his life and there’s no way he could ever kill anyone in cold blood. It had to have been an accident and that Cassie is going to have to be very careful when she gives testimony. She tells her that she can’t say anything that would incriminate Shawn.

Back inside, bail hearing. Carson says because Shawn is a cold- blooded killer who is a danger to the community, and because of the preferential treatment he receives from the police, he’s a flight risk and because of his over-dose on drugs, he’s also a danger to himself, bail should be denied. Bo is very angry and yells at the DA. The Judge and Hope get him to sit down and be quiet. Shawn is held over without bail. Carson says the only visitor he’s allowing Shawn is his lawyer, no mommy and daddy and no girlfriend. Bo is absolutely furious – man I love to see this man angry. THUD!!! He yells at Carson saying you can’t do this to my son. Carson sneers at him and says, he’s not a Brady now, he’s just another common criminal. Bo grabs him and starts jerking him around – Roman and company pull him off.

Bo turns his anger on Roman. He says it’s your fault Shawn’s in jail. Roman spouts off his litany about the law and overhearing the confession and he didn’t have a choice – pompous a—hole! Bo says if you would have just talked to him before you arrested him you would have known he couldn’t have done it. Roman asks him what he means. He says Shawn says he shot him in the back and Bo says you know from the M.E.’s report that he was shot in the stomach. Roman says that’s great, he didn’t do it – he’ll get off. Bo just looks at him as if to stay, you stupid… he throws it back in Roman’s face that if it wasn’t for him, Shawn wouldn’t be facing a trial.

Roman offers his help in clearing Shawn. Bo is turning him down until Hope steps in. She tells Roman that she doesn’t like the way he handled the situation with her son, but they will take help anywhere they can get it.

Belle comes running back in and wraps her arms around Shawn and tells him she loves him again. She says everything will be okay now that he’s fighting for himself. He looks up and sees Cassie and just closes his eyes and lays his cheek against Belle’s. Cassie turns and walks out of the courtroom. As they’re taking him out of the courtroom, he turns back to them and says “I love you all more than ever. Mom, Dad look after Belle for me.” Belle has tears in her eyes as Bo and Hope promise him they will. Hope wraps her arm around Belle.

Sigh! Such a good show!

Preview: Roman asking Bo if he’s going to talk to him, Bo answering ‘Go to hell’ and then telling Hope he doesn’t know what angers him more, Shawn being in prison or Roman being the one responsible for it. Marlena telling Ressie that she is their mother and Tony saying and I am your father.

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Monday Mar. 3


I'm not sure where to start...LOL. Oops, I know....HE'S SMILING!!!!!!!

OK....let's start with.... Crancy & Broe....at the hospital...You can hear Nancy screaming in the
room...Chloe says that 'we' when talking about having babies. Brady teases her about dreaming of the future. Craig comes out and Chloe goes in....Nancy had an epideral and is feeling much better...Craig tells Brady they can to the 'transplant' as soon as they do some chemo treatments...he goes in the rooms as Belle comes up...they hug..he asks her about Paris...they talk about Shawn...Belle says she should have been there for him...Marlena calls (now how did she know Belle wasn't in Paris...and that Brady was at the hospital)Belle says this can't be good...of the DiMansion.

Nicole wants to confess to Roman...now Roman thinks there is something off because Victor says it's about parking tickets...Vicole go home as Roman goes into the pub....

Bope...talking about Shawn...now I love the part when Roman comes up and wants to talk and Bo says I'll start 'go to hell'...Abe calls Roman and off they go to the station...Roman wants to drive...Bo says we'll meet you there...again Roman/Bo get into at the station..

Larry confesses and wants a deal...Roman tells him no deal without the murder weapon...Abe/Roman go and find it at the mansion...not very well buried...but hey it works!!! LOL.

Now for Shawn.....he gets the letter from Belle...(Pat will go into more detail)it is very sweet, she says she loves him...she knows he was trying to protect his Dad...he doesn't have to protect her...he has her heart...(I really loved this..is was very sweet) Shawn puts the letter in his back pocket. Bope come in telling him the news about Larry's confession...he is smiling (and I mean smiling)he says you mean I didn't do it...Bo says they love him very much and so does a pretty young girl...he gets the biggest grin on his face...he explains he didn't want them to think of him as a coward...they say they don't he was trying to protect his family...they'll get him out soon. (Did I say he's smiling????LMAO)

At DiMansion....Marlena is telling the twins she's their mother..Tony says he's their father...they are a family as we see Brady/Belle standing behind them. Belle grabs Brady's arm.

Previews.....Brady hugging Rex and welcoming him to the family...Belle running out with Brady behind her....She is very upset and I can't say I blame her....

Anyway I really enjoyed the show...and did I say Shawn was smiling!!!! LOL.


Three quick things I want to say up front.

1. Happy Shawn – oh so great to see that smile and hear that laugh again!
2. Larry – God I love that man. I hope they find a way to keep him around.
3. Now I know why Cassie is so delusional – it’s a trait she inherited from her ‘momma’ – Marlena!

John/Tony/Marlena/Ressie: John and Marlena get back to the penthouse. They talk about the twins. Marlena is so pleased with the way he’s treated them and his calm reaction to her being their mother and Tony their father. He says it hasn’t sunk in yet. She says she needs to go over to the mansion so that her and Tony can tell them. John says he’s going with her, the twins are her children, part of their family. Besides he knows that Tony is going to use the twins to get closer to her. She says I don’t think so (HUH????). John says that Tony is obsessed with her. Marlena says that’s his problem if he is, but she doesn’t think he’ll use this to try anything. John says he wants to take you away from me and that has been his plan all along. Marlena just looks at him in disbelief.

Back at the mansion, Tony comes in and asks why they aren’t in school. They tell him about Shawn. Tony is shocked. Cassie spouts off that Belle made a fool of herself in court (That TWIT!!!) – Rex reminds her that she got him to plead not guilty. Rex is very cynical. Him and Tony talk about the law after Cassie is all upset because she cares for Shawn so much and he’s in jail. Rex says I’ve studied the judicial system, innocent people get sent to death row and guilty people walk. Tony says he learned from his father some valuable lessons (he admits to Rex that Stefano had a dark side – talk about understatement). The lesson to live by: ‘The ends justify the means.’

Cassie comes in with lunch as John and Marlena come in. She asks what she’s doing there. Marlena says she has something to tell her – Cassie says it will be a lie and I won’t believe you. Tony talks to them and goes and stands beside Marlena (John behind them). Tony says the three went on a trip to the place where they had been born and Marlena remembered something. She tells them she remembers giving birth to them, I am your mother. And of course Tony pipes up I’m your father. Just as Marlena is telling them, Brady and Belle show up – Belle turns to Brady and grabs onto his arm.

Kudos to Alexis Thorpe – the vulnerability and hurt she portrayed around Marlena – she had that down to an art!

Brady/Chloe/Belle/Nancy/Craig: At the hospital – you can hear Nancy suffering through her labour pains – funny. Chloe says to Brady we aren’t going to have kids. He teases her about thinking of a long-term future with him. (Brady looks really good today – loved the colour of his sweater). Craig comes out and tells Chloe to go and see Nancy. Nancy is very calm now, she’s had an epidural. Nancy talks about how Chloe feels about Brady. Craig tells Brady that Chloe has to have chemo before the bone marrow transplant. She’ll only be in isolation after the bone marrow transplant. Belle comes in and Brady is surprised to see her. He hugs her and says he knows Shawn couldn’t kill anyone and that with his family and her behind him, everything would turn out all right. She says she hurt him by being so angry with him for not confiding in her. She’s angry at herself for being angry with him when he needed her the most. A nurse comes and tells them that Dr. Evans asked for them to meet her at the DiMera mansion.

Bo/Hope/Kate/Roman/Victor/Nicole: Bo and Hope at the pub discussing Shawn’s case. Roman and Kate open the door but doesn’t want to go in. Nicole comes up to him and tells her she wants to turn herself in. She won’t talk to him in front of Kate so he tells Kate to go in the pub. Kate tries to get talk to Bo about Roman but he’s not buying any of it. He tells her that she better not have screwed up in the past and let Roman find out because he replaced his heart with a badge. Just as Nicole is going to talk, Victor comes along and tells her not to say another word. Victor explains to Roman that Nicole had received that a summons for unpaid parking tickets. Roman doesn’t believe it. Victor says they’ll be paid by the end of the day - Roman says tell it to the DMV - lol!.

Inside the pub Kate convinces Roman to make the first move in making amends with Bo. He goes over to Bo and says we have to talk – Bo says I’ll start, go to hell. Roman’s phone rings. It’s Abe asking him to come to his office and to tell Bo and Hope to get down there as well.

Police Station: Belle asks the guard if he could give Shawn a note. He agrees. It’s so cute how she tries to see past him to catch a glimpse of Shawn. No luck. The guard takes off his cuffs so he can read the note – Shawn thanks him. He reads, we hear Belle’s voice – she tells him she has so much to say but nothing more important than I love you. She tells him she believes in him even if he doesn’t believe in himself. She tells she understands that he shot Colin to protect his father and then didn’t tell her because he wanted to protect her. She says but there’s one thing you can’t protect me from and that is my love for you. You hold my heart and you have since the day I fell in love with you and you always will.

The guard tells him he’s going to remain being held in that room. Shawn is puzzled. Bo and Hope come in. They just came from Abe’s office where Abe told them that Larry had confessed. Abe says he hasn’t told the DA used because he needs corroborating evidence. Bo is upset that he hasn’t called the DA yet and Roman reminds him that his confession isn’t enough. Bo yells (and I mean, yells!) that Roman sounds happy that Shawn can’t be released yet. Abe and Hope have to keep them apart. Roman goes to see Larry while Bo and Hope are telling Shawn the good news.

Bo and Hope tell Shawn Larry confessed – it’s all over. Shawn is very excited and happy but wants to know why. They tell him that Larry had hired Colin to murder Bo but apparently Colin got scared after his encounter with Shawn and didn’t want to go through with it. Larry and Colin struggled for the gun and it went off shooting Colin in the abdomen. Larry was confessing because he knew the investigation was still ongoing and he wanted the charges reduced to second degree murder. They tell him they’re angry with him for not telling them and they want to know why. He tells them at first he was in shock after he realized he had killed a man by shooting him in the back – he felt he was a coward and didn’t want them to be disappointed in him. They say he wasn’t a coward – he was forced into because Colin was going to shoot Bo – both of them would have done the same.

Shawn is surprised and says, really, you would have? They both say yes – big family hug and smiles and laughter. He says he never wants them to be in disappointed in him. They tell him they never could be – they love him and so does this certain young lady. He just smiles when they refer to Belle. They said they’re going to see about getting him released. He can’t believe it’s over!

Larry tells Roman where the gun is. Abe and Roman find the gun buried exactly where Larry says it was (just after Victor forced Nicole to dig and hole and bury it there).

One thing I didn’t like. Victor is watching through binoculars as Abe and Roman find the gun. He turns to Nicole and tells that he has just saved her supple ass and now it belongs to him forever. Okay – wtf is up with Victor – where is this going. I just don’t get it.

Preview: Cassie weeping and calling Marlena, Mom, Brady hugging Rex and welcoming him into the family (very strange look on Rex’s face), Belle weeping, tears streaming down her face and her telling Brady that she is not staying here, Tony, Cassie and Marlena sitting together.

Tuesday Mar. 4


I can barely stand to even write up a report that signifies the beginning of the destruction of the Black family. All I can say is WTF??? happened today.

Cassie spouts off the most horrible stuff to their faces and they all stand by and listen to that crap spewing out of her mouth. And then John tries to ease the tensions by comparing her to him and his arrival in Salem. And Brady hugging Rex and trying to comfort Cassie by welcoming them into the family. And Marlena with her tears. Puh-leeeese someone get rid of these pod people!!!!

Marlena has a clear memory of the babies being taken away by boat. Belle stayed basically silent except right at the beginning. Marlena comes up and hugs her and says I didn't want you to hear it like this. Then why the hell did you summon her to the DiMera mansion. Couldn't you call a family meeting, include Sami, at the penthouse? Then go over over and see the 'children'.

Jesus - if I have to listen to them being referred to as children for much longer, I'm going to start a damn 'Pampers campaign'.

The most telling statement is when Tony was saying that Rex and Cassie have what they always wanted a family. Cassie pipes up and says 'No, we're really not a family because my father is not married to my mother.' OK - she wants Belle's life and she is not going to be happy until she perceives that she has it. It's a toss-up what she's going to strive harder for - getting Shawn to love her or splitting up John and Marlena's marriage. The last scene when John is outside with Brady, and Tony, Ressie and Marlena on the couch - Tony refers to them as "My family" - it's good thing I hadn't eaten my supper before I watched this.

And, I'm sorry, but WTF is up with Brady saying Belle is strong and she can handle this. At least John has enough common sense to say that he doesn't see it that way. Grrrr....I just can't talk about that, that...excuse for a storyline anymore.

Jack/Jennifer at the Spectator. We even get to see Harold today. (Today must have been comic relief day, because both Harold and Mimi are very cute and very funny). They're trying to write the story about Shawn's arraignment, Harold comes running to the office, steps in a big trash bin and goes flying - just to tell them that their source at the police station has big news. Jennifer is told that Shawn is released and all hell breaks loose so they can rewrite the front page. Before that Jen got a letter from her dad saying he was sending her a surprise and it would be there in a few days. Huh...is he referring to Bill, Jr.? After they get the story rewritten, Jack pulls the blinds and locks the door and shuts the lights and they end up horizontal on the floor.

Bo/Hope/Shawn/Roman/Abe/The P...k DA: Carson is all upset that Bo and Hope are visiting Shawn - he goes into the room, egging Bo on to hit him. He spouts off that the Brady's have controlled Salem long enough...HUH??? Abe comes in and tells them both to shut up. They tell him they have the murder weapon. Carson is so smug because he sees that as evidence that even Bo can't dispute until Abe tells him that they found it exactly where Larry Welch said it would be in his confession. Abe, Carson and Roman go out and the DA said he's still going after Shawn - cuts back to the room Shawn is in with Bo and Hope as they listen to Roman threaten the DA. Finally they come in and tell Shawn he's free. More smiles and hugs. Bo tells Roman he's still not happy with how he handled Shawn but he thanks him for setting the DA straight. Bo and Hope tell Shawn, let's go home. He says you go ahead I have someone I need to see. They smile, more hugs, the I love you's and that sweet chuckle as he hightails it out of there.

Bo and Hope go home - workmen still working on the house. Bo tells her to open up, talk to him about what she's feeling. They go inside, she wants to get clothes to take over to the pub - he says no, they'll stay at home. She says no, Bo says yes. She decides to not let Larry control her life. They go upstairs - Bo wants them to have a 'night to remember'.

Mimi/Shawn: Shawn all out of his prison blues faster than you can say fast forward through commercials at Belle's dorm room door. He has a flashback to her visit with him after his arrest. He goes in, room is dark, he sees someone in bed under the covers. He goes over and bends down and kisses Mimi on the cheek. Mimi comes flying up, Shawn goes tumbling to the floor. Mimi talks 6000 words per minute and Shawn is just trying to follow what she's saying. Finally she stops and both of them admit that they don't know what she was talking about.

It's so cute when Shawn shuffles over to the foot of the bed still on his knees. He tells her that Belle isn't in Paris and apologizes for kissing her. Mimi starts going on and on and on and poor Shawn just gets this glazed over expression trying to keep up with her. Another funny moment between them, she wants to hug him again, but because of her cold, she says I'm going to hold my breath, he holds his too, and holds, and holds...LOL

He tells her that she is his funniest friend and he thanks her for making him laugh. Her cell phone rings, it's Belle. Mimi tries to get her to come back to the dorm at Shawn's urging but Belle tells her so much had happened that night and she needs to clear her head. She tells Mimi she is going to take a walk along the pier and asks Mimi to join her. Mimi says she can't and she'll see her later. She tells Shawn and off he goes.

Preview: Shawn and Belle in a close embrace on the pier with alien Barbie skulking near by. Chloe particularly clawing Brady's belt off...ah, can I see, yuck. Mimi and Rex, for some reason he takes his shirt off - maybe Mimi throws some type of liquid on him - he looks wet - LOL.

The Brady family stuff, Jack, Jen and crew, Shawn and Mimi - all enjoyable - but I'm giving everyone fair warning - the stuff that goes down at the DiMera mansion is stomach-turning.

Wednesday Mar. 5


I don't know where to begin...I know Pat will have the conversations down 'pat' (lol) so as usual I'll just go with my feelings on the epi!!! To be honest I had to pick myself up off the floor to do this so be understanding...you'll see why tomorrow...LOL. (Forgive me if these are out of sequence...my mind is still numb from the Shelle scenes)

Let's start with Shelle...Belle is on the pier...she looks so lost...Shawn walking around the corner towards her...she pulls out a 'shell' from her pocket and says 'Shawn' he comes towards her, she turns and sees him and they go into each others arms....(no speaking in the first scene)She has tears in her eyes and running down her cheek...he brushes his thumbs across her cheeks (brushing away the tears)and says I hope those aren't for me...he pulls out the 'letter' and says he read it 15, 16, 20, 50 times...he explains about Larry...(they are cuddling on a bench..he asks if she's cold...she says no...he says I was hoping you'd say that) he trys to calm her because she's still upset about what happened at the Brady house...he says I almost lost you...I would have strangled him with my bear hands if he'd hurt you...(standing now).his hands are cold...she says come here...and she pulls him around behind her and puts his hands in her pocket as he puts his chin on her shoulder..he finds the 'shell' they talk a bit...they flashback to the I love you...he tells her he was a jerk...he hurt her but she always believed in 'us' she says she's angry, upset..he didn't trust her..he says I did...she says but you didn't confide in me...but you did Cassie...he says I didn't Cassie came up to me...he raises his voice..she walks away...he comes up and puts his hands on her shoulders...says sorry for raising his voice...I wanted to protect you...if I had been put in jail you would have been there for me..she says of course..he says that why I did it..I didn't want you to ruin your life..she says no more secrets..he says sure...she tells him about Rex and Cassie...she says I'm not perfect..he calls her 'Belle by the book Black' and gives her 5 seconds to tell him anything she's done that's bad (not including leaving the cap off the toothpaste)she can't and maybe she should joint a convent...he says 'yeah right' she talks about Sami and she doesn't want her Mom disappointed in her..he says they won't be..your parents will love you like I do...and they kiss...and kiss.....and kiss....and kiss...(watch his hand...it moves pretty low on her butt) (this is the scene Cassie sees). BTW....his voice is 'to die for' and he looks so gooooooooooood!!!!!! (hair cut...eyes) I'm drooling...LOL.

Now Cassie is a psychotic little 'b****'. She shows up at the dorm...walks in takes a dress out of Belle's closet...says something about this sexy little number wouldn't look good on Belle..where is Shawn...Mimi says with Belle...they're probably getting it on...Cassie says 'no' Mimi says that's what people do when they're in love...she throws the pic of Shelle on the ground...Rex trys to calm her takes her out in the hall...now she has him fooled as well. She is going to major trouble (and I'm afraid will hurt someone). Rex doesn't think Shawn is good enough for his sister...Rex/Mimi scenes weren't bad...loved the look on his face at the end.

I won't get into Broe....

Be prepared ladies...the Shelle scenes were wonderful...JC/KS did an excellent job...and JC looked 'yummy' I'd say more but I'm trying to behave myself.

Enjoy the show...there seems to be some major foreshadowing...with Cassie's looks...Rex saying Shawn isn't good enough for Belle...and Shawn saying he'll be there for Belle. BTW...they only had one kiss before the 'long one' and SDB had his hand in front of the camera...LOL


Ahhhhhhh…..so sweet – when Belle first sees Shawn on the pier.

Crancy/Broe: Brady shows up back at the hospital – and I’m so sorry, but this really cheesed me off – when Chloe asks what Marlena wanted to see him about – he tells it was nothing important. Excuse me – but I guess for him it wasn’t, it’s not like he’s related to Ressie – but it sure does impact his sister Belle. The scenes were basically setup scenes for Chloe’s transplant. Cute scenes between the four of them. After Broe get back from their desperation, last time before treatment, romp – Craig tells her platelet count is not that good, but she’s still in remission.

Cassie/Rex/Mimi: Cassie goes to the police station and is basically ignored by the officer even though she’s standing in front of him demanding to see Shawn Brady. He says he’s been released and then she wants to know where he went – the guy doesn’t answer and she starts pounding the desk in front of him. She goes back to the dorm looking for Shawn.

Rex woke Mimi up thinking she was Belle. Mimi tells him that Belle is with Shawn and then calls him on it when she sees he’s not happy about it. He says Shawn is not good enough for Belle. Mimi tells him that it’s disgusting how he chases after her. He says you’re right – I do care about her – she’s my sister. Mimi says what is this, Return of the Jedi? The thing flounces in. Says isn’t it great, her extended family. She goes to the closet and grabs a dress of Belle’s. She holds it front of her and says it would be a shame to waste such a sexy dress on Belle and asks if Shawn has seen it yet. Mimi snatches it from her and tells her to get over Shawn, him and Belle are together – in fact they’re probably getting it on right now. Cassie picks up a picture of Belle and Shawn and screams, No and throws it on the floor, smashing it.

She then makes nice with Rex when he tells her that she can’t keep going after Shawn. Man, has she got him snowed. I see major, major trouble. Why do I get this feeling that Cassie is going to do something horrendous, whether it’s hurting Belle or setting up Belle in some fashion and Rex and Marlena are going to be her staunchest defenders? Oooh – even my own speculation is giving me the shivers – got to stop this.

Rex goes back in and Mimi talks more about no matter how many women go after Shawn, it’s always been Belle – thus the flashback. She wants to take more medicine and it ends up all over Rex. He takes his sweater off – she says use club soda – she likes what he sees. He sees that she likes and he likes that she likes – LOL – did that make any sense.

Shelle: Have the Kleenex ready for the first scene between them. She’s walking along the pier, pulls out the shell, and says his name. He sees her and stops. She looks up and sees him and they both start moving towards each other, him with his long stride, she runs into his arms crying. Neither of them says anything, they just hold on to each other as she cries.

He tells her he’s there and he’s not going anywhere. She wants to know if the judge changed his mind and granted him bail. He says no. She then thinks he is on the run. He says no. She wants to know how, he says all the charges were dropped. She hugs him and says I knew you couldn’t murder anyone. He promises her that no one will ever come between them again.

He tells her the story of Larry’s confession, all about him hiring Colin to kill his Dad. She says Larry was really evil and starts talking about what he did to his mom and her. He tells her to forget it, it’s over. She tells him on scared she was. He tells her when he found her barely breathing and hardly able to talk, he was so scared he was going to lose her forgive. He says it was all his fault. She says no. He told her he knew then that he would do anything to get her back in his life because he loves her so much. Oh my, her voice when she says she loves him too.

He says he can’t believe he was such a jerk to her and she kept believing in him. He pulls out her letter and she says she meant every word, he has her heart and he always will. She says that didn’t mean she didn’t get angry – especially because he wouldn’t confide in her and yet he had no problem in confiding in Cassie. He looks really ashamed of that.

He says he knows he should have told her but he didn’t want to get her involved and as for Cassie, she came to him. She had seen him pull the trigger. She says you had lots of chances to tell me and he raises his voice saying how many times do I have to say I didn’t want you involved.

She looks really hurt and turns away from him. He comes behind her and apologizes – repeating that he was a jerk. His hands are cold so she stands in front of him and guides his hands into her pocket. He pulls out the shell and asks her what that is. She says our shell from the island. He’s amazed – she tells him it helped her to remember all their good times, like the first time he told her he loved her (flashback). She’s still hurt that he felt he couldn’t trust her enough to confide in her. He tells her it wasn’t a matter of trust. He tries to explain by telling her that one of things about her that he loves the most is her loyalty. He asks if she would have stood by his side if he had been convicted. She says of course. He says I didn’t want you throwing away your life on me. She makes him promise that there would be no more secrets. He agrees. And then she says if Cassie comes in your direction, turn and go the other way.

She tells him that Cassie is her sister. She says Cassie is nothing but trouble. She doesn’t know how she’ll deal with her – Shawn says with my help. Belle says she wishes someone would chop down her family tree. When he tries to comfort her, she says you just don’t get it – my life will never be the same. Lots of foreshadowing IMO – she saying she’s not as perfect as he thinks, him asking her to name one time she’s ever been in trouble – she brings up Sami as the reason for her being such a straight-arrow. She says it might have never been said out loud, but she knew her mother was disappointed in Sami and now she’s afraid her mother will be disappointed in her if she doesn’t accept Cassie.

Shawn says they can be disappointed in her. Her parents love her and so does he. They kiss – and of course the great kiss has to be cut short to cut to the skank lurking on the pier, watching and pouting. She flounces off – back to the kiss, which deepens considerably by the end. Just one comment, I love how his hands wander when they kiss – sigh!

And yes the poor boy is sick – you can tell by his voice and he actually looks feverish – he has that fever-sweat induced glow on his face and his lips are very red. You’ll see the fake kiss that KS referred to the first time they kiss – JC’s hand covers both their mouths – so you really don’t see anything.

I apologize - I'm sure the Shelle stuff is out of sequence - but damn that man looks so fine!

Preview: Kate telling Lucas that Roman is the best man she’s ever been attracted to and that’s why she can’t be with him, the skank and her ‘mom’, and the ISA agent telling John he has everything he needs for John to bring Tony down.

Thursday Mar. 6


Well I must admit the show wasn't as bad as I expected.

I loved the scenes between Lucas/Kate and Roman/Lucas/Kate and Roman/Kate....I loved how Kate teased him about marriage and he ran...and it
looks like Lucas is finally going to see some action....a nurse named Deb. I enjoyed these scenes today.

I also enjoyed the Crancy scenes in the hospital...Nancy determined to see Chloe. And I must admit I didn't even mind the Broe scenes in the hospital room.

Now let's get into the meat of the show....I really hate what they are doing to Marlena...not once did she mention Belle and that to say the least
bothered me immensely. And I'm pretty positive that Cassie (I'm behaving myself)is out to set something up with Tony/Marlena. The way she just happened to show up at BB to ask Marlena to brunch with Tony was a little too obvious for me. She knew that John wouldn't say no....and it looks like John isn't going to let Tony away with anything although Tony figures he's one step ahead of John. The scenes between Rex/Tony weren't bad...Rex is no dummy, he's onto Tony. And I loved his comment after Tony says something about loving someone who doesn't return that love...Rex says you mean like Cassie with Shawn...Tony says there is a difference between need and love.

All in all I made it through the show....and it wasn't all bad. There were some good parts and I get the feeling that Cassie is out to destroy Jarlena...just a feeling. Although I didn't like when Cassie/Marlena leave John's office, arms around each others shoulders and Marlena saying lets
go....her character has been destroyed in my opinion and I really hope that we find out there is a reason for it. And John calling Cassie - Cass was a
little strange.


Sorry, I just couldn’t get into the show today. Yesterday’s episode was a hard act to follow.

John/Marlena/Tony/Ressie: I think the majority of us feel the same about this storyline. I wonder if they titled it “The Total Destruction of Marlena Evans Black”. The fact that she has never once visited Belle in the dorms, the fact that she didn’t even ask about Belle, the fact that she doesn’t seem to give a care about everything that Belle has just gone through, including almost dying at the hand’s of a mad man lead me to ask, ‘Who the f**k are you, and what have you done with Marlena?’

Rex is very cynical. Cassie is very needy. I will give it to Tony today when Rex confronted him about being in love with Marlena. Tony said why would he waste his time being in love with someone who would never return that love. Rex says people can love someone who doesn’t love them back, look at Cassie and how she feels about Shawn. Tony says, “Yes, but is that love, or need?” He nailed it. Too bad Cassie doesn’t know the difference.

I’m also tired of the ‘I’m the man’ posturing that goes on whenever John and Tony are alone together. Can’t they find something better for these two talented actors to do? John, I won’t let you drag Marlena into your new so called family – Tony, after John leaves, ‘sorry, bro, we’re playing by my rules, not yours.’ Puh-leez – this is just so inane. At the very end, when that agent goes into John’s office to tell him he has everything he needs to bring down Tony DiMera, we get the famous arched eyebrow – in freeze frame yet!

And Cassie, with her Nelly Olsen look, and quivering lips and tear filled eyes – all that was missing to complete the look was the big bow at the back of the head. I know I’d like to give her something to the back of her head, especially after that ‘Mom.” Yuck!

Oh yeah, at the beginning Tony was meeting with two men in suits – no idea what that was about – just said something like ‘make sure my instructions are followed.’ He tells Rex they’re accountants.

Broe/Crancy: Very touching scenes between both Chloe and Brady and Chloe and Craig. Boy is this foreshadowing of Chloe’s doom or what? Crancy scenes were cute as well, but she still is focused on being allowed to see Chloe – no baby yet.

These were some of the best scenes I’ve ever seen Chloe in. Brady is so good for her and she deals with her fear and the aftermath of her first radiation treatment.

The scenes between her and Craig when she talks about her childhood and a time she needed stitches, remembering how all she wanted was a daddy to kiss her ‘oowie’ and make it better were incredibly sweet.

Roman/Lucas/Kate: Lucas is spouting off about what a bad influence Sami is on Will now that she’s living with her ‘boy toy’. HUH??? Roman agrees with Lucas about it not being good for Will – this co-habitation but he won’t let him bad mouth his daughter. Lucas goes to get coffee. Roman tells Kate that Brandon should make a commitment to Sami – she calls him a hypocrite because they’re doing the same thing. He doesn’t think it’s the same – she tells him she’s talking about the commitment part – they’re just going along without any talk of where their relationship is headed.

Roman is dumfounded. He says if you want a commitment, we’ll talk about it. She teases him by asking him if he’s talking about marriage. She leaves – he follows her to Basic Black and they end up in her office behind locked doors. In the mean time, Lucas meets ‘Deb’ – a nurse from the hospital, she comes on to him – they end up going back to his apartment.

Preview: Chloe holding her new sister and introducing Joy Wesley to Brady, John talking to that agent and frankly I can’t remember what else – sorry. (No Shelle).

Monday Mar. 10

Jan's spoiler....

I'm a puddle of goo right now...he calls her 'Honey' how sweet is that!!!!

Shawn comes in from Baseball practice (track pants & longsleeved t-shirt, 5 o'clock shadow...dirt on his face and t-shirt) he puts his glove and bag down and turns as Belle who is covered completely by the comforter (and fully dressed) pops up and says it's about time you got here). Shawn asks what she's doing there...she says she didn't want to be alone...he says it's so frustrating having you in my bad and not being to do anything about it...she asks why...he says he's coming down with something and doesn't want to get her sick..she says she doesn't mind catching his cold (and I think she sort of sticks her tongue out)He says 'hey honey' what's wrong...she says Ressie being her siblings...and what happened at the house (he has a look on his face that I can't quite make out...sort of a mixture of frustration and anger...maybe that he couldn't protect her and can't do anything about Ressie..I'm not sure...I'll leave that up to Terri and Deb)she talks about before she lost consciousness and the thing she (they) would miss out on...marriage, children, grand-children (too sweet)she wants to go to the sentencing for closure and asks if it's OK...he says of course, why wouldn't it be...he wants to spend all day with her, she says just all day...he kisses her hand...she says something about him going on a road trip...what about you're cold...he say's I'll be OK...she says you won't even think about me..he says I think about you all the time...when I get back we'll spend time together just us...no interruptions...she laughs and says yeah right no interruptions...he laughs as well and goes to have a shower...they go to the hearing and don't talk a lot...a little hand holding...she ask's if everything will work out and he says it'll be OK. I loved them today..a little flirting...supporting each other and his family...and SDB looked awfully good today..but he always does!!! LOL.

Jack & Jen & Abby...I loved their scenes at the house...Jack with the umbrella open and them hiding behind it...the looks on their faces as Abby's smiling and says it's Horace...they were great today and I really enjoyed them.

Bo/Larry...I loved how Bo went after Larry...(the rebel is back)

The courthouse...Alice so strong and determined...there for her family and Belle. Hope and the strength she showed...(I'm going to miss Larry...he was his usual self)...Tony & Victor are going to come to blows over this.

I really enjoyed the show today...and enjoyed the flirting between Shelle.

Pat's Spoilers....

The show basically centers on Larry's sentencing with some real comic moments when Bill's gift arrives at Jack and Jen's.

Sorry to disappoint everyone but Shawn and Belle don't even share a kiss when he finds her in his bed. One thing I will say - it was so great to see them together without that alien Barbie pushing her way in or eavesdropping.

THUD ALERT!!! - You'll be treated to an oh so sexy, grubby looking Shawn. The five o'clock shadow is accentuated by the grime on his face and his long sleeved tee when he comes back from baseball practice. He sets his bag down and Belle (who was totally underneath the covers) throws the covers off her face and says 'about time'.

He wants to know what she's doing there - she says she doesn't want to be alone. He says it's very frustrating finding her in his bed and he can't even kiss her because he's coming down with a cold. She gives him a big smile and tells him she wouldn't mind catching his cold. She pulls down to sit on the bed beside her and he cups her face in his hand. Now, I had to rewind it several times (damn - what a tough job that was), but I swear he says 'Hey, honey' when he asks her why she's shaking.

She tells him that she still can't stop thinking about what could have happened to her. (He looks very sad/apologetic when she talks about it - strange look on his face). She says just before he saved her life and his mom's and just before she started to lose consciousness, she was thinking about their future. She was thinking of all the things that they would never have like a wedding, children, grandchildren - ah finally - one of them talks about it!

He tells her not to think about what Larry did anymore. She tells him she'd like to go to Larry's sentencing for closure and to be there for his mom and family and asks him if that's okay. Which of course it is. He says he wants to spend as much time as he can with her today because he's got an away game. He says he'll really miss her. She worries about his cold and says he'll be to excited about the game to even think about her. He looks at her and smiles and says he thinks about her all the time. When he gets back he wants to spend alone time with her without any interruptions (from your lips to God's ear and the writer's ears, Shawn).

There's a couple of scenes at the Kiriakis mansion before they go to the court house. Kate drops by and aggravates Nicole. I won't even talk about the Victor/Nicole debacle - too unsettling.

One sequence in the show that has me scratching my head trying to figure out the purpose of was Faye and Brandon's lunch in the park. She tells him the same thing that Nicole did - he's thinking with his anatomy - Sami is big breasts and long legs - not the woman for him. She's decided to become more assertive - where is this coming from - did she overhear or see something at the wedding?????????? He tells her he loves Sami because she's everything Faye isn't. He then apologizes and this is when Faye tells him she's going to stand up more for her kids and herself. HUH????

Tony and Lexie talk before heading to court. He tells her that he's the father and Marlena the mother - all these manipulations of his father's - not happy with Stefano. He wants revenge on Larry because of what he did to Lexie.

Bo and Larry go at it. Larry throws up Hope's mental stability in Bo's face and Bo grabs him by the collar and pulls him into the bars of the cell almost choking him. Roman and Abe pull him off.

Jack harrassing the DA (not near enough, if you ask me). Hope looks gorgeous today. Light beige sweater set and long dark brown leather or pleather skirt. Jen goes home and calls Jack to come and help with the gift.

I don't know what the heck that creature is - I think Jack calls it a pig - but it's pretty much destroying the house. Hero Jack goes after it with a pink umbrella - too funny!!!

When the judge asks if anyone has anything to say, Alice shows up in court and speaks on behalf of the Brady and Horton families. She does mention that Larry almost killed Belle and herself as well. (In court, Belle and Shawn sit behind Bo and Hope and they don't really share any conversation. But the look on Shawn's face as he watches his mom - very intense).

Hope speaks and says that Larry will never have what she has 'love and family'. That he's just filled with hatred and it's consuming him. (Really weird - Why did they make Hope and Alice sit in the witness stand and take an oath to make a victim's statement????)

The judge calls a recess. Tony tells Larry that his life sentence will the shortest in history because he's going to have him killed. Larry goes on the stand and calls the deal off and pleads Not Guilty and gets the death look from Victor.

Preview: Larry asking for leniency (must change his mind again), Hope standing up and saying 'No', Cassie telling Marlena that Tony has been so good to them, her and Rex want to me make sure he gets everything he wants and he wants her. (Oh just gag me - better yet, gag, that, that, that, thing!!!)

Tuesday Mar. 11


Where to start.....

I loved the J&J scenes today...Horace leaves for the zoo...Jack puts on a puppet show...J&J eat chocolate fondue. There scenes were very sweet today and I loved these two and Abby.

The scenes with Marlena and the twits...what can I say...Cassie has a major problem...and Marlena well...the fact that the hearing wasn't mentioned or
her being there for Belle until Cassie talked to Tony and said they wanted to go to the hearing really bothered me...Cassie puts on quite a show and
someone really has to take her down a peg or two...(hopefully Belle)...Marlena asks Tony to leave Larry alone for her...(another part I really didn't like)...Bo knows somethings going on but whatever it takes to put Larry behind bars....again AM was great today (I really hope he's not gone for good...I do love him...he's a great villian). Tony/Victor making
deals...(next storyline)...LOL.

Not a lot of Shelle today...just sort of background stuff...although they are there for each other...and a 'big' hug when Larry is sentenced...a jealous Cassie when Marlena gives Belle a hug and says 'I love you' and then again rushes off...

John planting his bug in the secret room at the DiMera mansion.

All in all not a bad show....but they are setting up for the next storylines.



Thank heavens that ‘Horace’ is now at the zoo. Jack puts on a puppet show for Abby and Jen and then he tells her that they’re getting re-married. Abby is excited and runs upstairs to make a ‘congratulations’ card. All I have to say is that Jack can come over and clean my house – Jen goes to check on Abby and by the time she comes downstairs, not only is the house cleaned but chocolate fondue ready. Cute romantic scenes with J & J.

I have to be honest, not too much in the show that really interested me today besides J&J and a few second moment between Bope and one the same between Shelle.

Marlena and the twits: Please listening to Cassie say that they like Tony and want him to have what he wants and he wants Marlena. Listening to both Rex and Cassie whine about John not caring for them and John wanting to destroy Tony. Yuck! Tony phones from the courthouse and all Cassie wants to know is if Belle and Shawn are still there. Marlena had just said she was going to the courthouse to be there for Belle. Oh for god sakes don’t even get me started on that. Going to be there for Belle – first she talks to Tony about her day with the twits. Tony is so happy that she is bonding with ‘our children’. Then she talks to Lexie who knows that Tony put a hit out on Larry. Then she goes to Tony and says don’t do it for the twins and if that isn’t a good enough reason, don’t do it for me. Gag, Gag, Gag. Then she sits with the frickin’ twits. When it’s over she goes and hugs Belle and says I love you and breezes out of there. Whaaat…that was being there for Belle???

John – hell don’t worry about your daughter – you just put on your mission impossible black and try and bring down the house of DiMera. I just think he gave ‘tool belts’ a bad name in this eppy. Thank god for Bart – he is just too funny. Rolf is leaving and Bart gives him a big hug after a couple of the proverbial punches to the shoulder. After court Marlena comes back all excited about Larry’s sentence and John says sometimes the justice system works. The level of concern they’ve shown towards Belle during her ordeal – I’m sure she felt absolutely smothered by all the attention they heaped on her – NOT!!

Back at the courthouse – Larry caught between Victor and Tony asks for a fifteen minute recess. Victor asks Bo to get him in to see Larry. Kate watches Nicole and Vic and knows something is up. Vic talks to Larry – Larry says you have to guarantee my safety – Vic does. He tries to make a deal with Tony, saying he’ll owe him, but Tony doesn’t bite. After Marlena changes his mind, he tells Abe to give Larry a message – It’s your lucky day. (Now Abe is Tony’s personal messenger boy????)

Larry pleads guilty to all charges and asks for leniency because he came forward voluntarily and cleared Shawn Douglas Brady. He wants concurrent sentences with a possibility of parole. This is when Hope jumps up and says ‘no.’ The judge sentences him to two consecutive life sentences with no possibly of parole. We get treated to a really great hug between Belle and Shawn when Bo says ‘it’s over’. I have to really think about it but I don’t think Belle says one word in this episode and Shawn only a few.

Larry gives Hope the eye as they are leading him away. Bo and Hope kiss – he wants to go out and celebrate.

Preview: It’s carnival day and that’s where Bo takes Hope. Mimi in the dunk tank and Rex throwing the ball. Brady giving Chloe a dart to bust a balloon – and let’s say if she would of thrown that dart just a fraction of an inch higher they wouldn’t be engaging in any of their sexual escapades for a while. Darn!

Wednesday Mar. 12

Jan's Spoilers....

Before I start let me just say I am now convinced that TPTB read our sites....they had Cassie call Belle her 'twit' sister...now I know that's not the way it should be but I just thought it was interesting...LOL.

Can I say how much I love Bo....the Bope scenes today were wonderful. From Tuscany and their dance (to Kelley's song)to the carnival with Hope eating
Cotton Candy...to the kissing booth (and the flashback)to the fortune teller where Bo paid her to give Hope good news. I loved these two and now I remember why....

The scenes with Broe today were good...I enjoyed them. Loved them in the hospital with Belle, Mimi (I still don't know why Ressie showed up). I loved the way Belle looked at the babies and said she was going to have 5 or 6...hated the way Cassie pushed aside Mimi to check out the babies...and Cassie saying she'd phone Shawn later...loved how Belle rolled her eyes...loved Belle/Brady talking about Cassie and of course (Cassie only catching the tail end of the convo.)loved the presents Mimi/Belle gave to Chloe (the matching outfits for Chloe/Joy)and Shawn's gift...his first hit dedicated to Chloe.

At the carnival...I loved Rimi...Mimi watching Bope at the kissing booth and trying to get Rex there only to be interrupted by Cassie. Mimi in the dunk tank and Rex dumping her...bringing her a towel to dry off and the kiss...I'm starting to like these two.

Loved the telephone convo. with Shelle (I would have like Shawn on the other end but I think that's why it was written this way...JC must be sick...LOL...on my way!!!)Belle saying that she's not as uncoordinated as he thinks...she's going to give one of the prizes to Zach..he'll get one if he behaves...she'll miss him...she loves him...phone her lots...take my pic cause I'll look at yours to keep you close. Very sweet.

The Tony/Rolf scenes weren't that bad...just Tony finding the 'bug.'

I enjoyed the show and especially the Bope scenes...the flirtiness...the kisses...what can I say...I love them.


Loved the Hope and Bo scenes today. KA looks absolutely stunning. What a gorgeous dress she’s wearing. They start off at Tuscany but Hope doesn’t really seem to be in the mood for that formal type of celebration so they have a dance and leave. Bo takes his tie off and blindfolds her and takes her to the carnival. She’s eating cotton candy when she spies the kissing booth. We get another flashback of their infamous kissing booth scene from the days of yore. Bo pays enough money for about 30 kisses and let’s just say the man got his money’s worth.

She wants to go to a fortune teller – he resists but she insists. She has her fortune told. The fortune teller says both you and your husband have been through rough times. (Flashback to the scene on the pier when Larry is holding a gun to Hope). She gives only good news from there on. Bo leaves his jacket behind and asks Hope to wait, he then pays the fortune teller for saying what he asked her to.

Tony comes back and finds Bart sitting in the dark. Bart tells him Rolf has left the DiMera organization. Tony says he can’t. They go to the secret room and John’s state of the art listening device is found faster than you can say Mission Impossible. Tony immediately knows who put it there. (I just have to say of all the places that tiny little bug could have been hidden in that room, the ISA ‘legend’ sticks on the side of a mainframe server – HUH???) I also want to add that Tony’s posturing so gets to me. I’m sorry, IMO, he can’t pull off that DiMera swagger. The ‘no one will get in the DiMera’s way now, I have children, I have a legacy to protect’ didn’t sound threatening – just plain asinine. He speaks a little message directly to John through the bug than stomps on it! Ooooh, I’m scared now and I’m sure John’s utility belt is just quivering in fear.

Mimi and Belle go to the hospital to see Chloe and stop to look at the babies in the nursery. Rex and Cassie show up to visit their friend Chloe – huh??? Belle and Mimi both say they’d like to have about five or six kids. (Note to Belle: If you want to have five or six kids with Shawn, might I suggest that you start practicing a little – when you finally do decide to have kids, there’s going to be no time for error). Mimi and Cassie start going at it, Belle plays peacekeeper. Chloe is a little surprised to see them. (Her and Brady were just planning a trip to go on when she gets better). Belle asks Brady if Cassie is acting a little weird but of course, Brady says no, you just have to adapt. (I have a feeling that statement is going to come back and back him in the ass).

IMO – Belle is beginning to get a little freaked out by Cassie always showing up where she is. When they met up at the hospital, she doesn’t say anything to Belle except ‘Where’s Shawn?’. Then she literally pushes Meems and Belle away from the nursery window and starts feeling all sorry for herself – the babies that were taken away from their mommy.

Craig comes in to see Chloe. Belle asks how long Chloe’s recovery will take. Before he can answer, Rex spouts off an entire medical text book - everyone’s impressed – he calls it ‘light’ reading.

Rex, Mimi, Cassie and Belle head off to the carnival. Mimi makes her way to the kissing booth and just when Rex is going to kiss her, Cassie drags him off. Mimi ends up in the dunk tank. Belle gets back to the dorm room with two armfuls of stuffed animals she won. She throws them on her bed and tells them to stay put because she’s going to call Shawn. She tells him about everything she won and that she’s going to give some to Zach and maybe he might get one as well. I know she’s not really talking to him, but she sounds so loving and playful on the phone.

Cassie walking around the carnival saying she got stuck with her ‘twit’ sister and Rex ditched her for Mimi, when the girl working the kissing booth asks her to take it over for awhile. Cassie agrees. OKAY – I’ve had it with her calling Belle a ‘twit’ – she’s the damn twit, not Belle.

Rex hits the target and Mimi gets soaked. When he’s towelling her off, he says you never did get that kiss and he lays one her. Well, I have to say that genetically engineered male half of the twits – sure knows how to kiss. No holding back from that young man. Mimi should be speechless for days!!!

Preview: Roman and Kate and Hope and Bo together at Tuscany drinking to new beginnings. Tony muttering threats in his secret room, John in his office saying I will find out all the DiMera secrets. (This is going to be so much fun – NOT).

Thursday Mar. 13


More of the carnival scenes today. Lucas, Kate, Roman, Brandon, Sami, Abe and Lexie are all there along with Hope and Bo. Had to laugh at Lucas’ reference to the little stuffed animal Kate had – he said it was fitting considering who her boyfriend was. She’s carrying a little pink stuffed pig.

Roman tells Sami that he doesn’t approve of Brandon living with her because of Will. He tells her that Will still hasn’t recovered from Austin leaving. She throws up Kate in his face – I figure this round was pretty much an even draw.

Sami sees Lucas with the girl from the lab that knows she changed Lexie’s test results. Sami warns her about Lucas, but she’s on to Sami. She says she’ll turn over her work to Dr. Bader. She doesn’t really want to hurt Lexie by telling her that the father of her baby isn’t her husband, but she maintains Lexie needs to know the truth. Sami threatens her and seeing as each one of them has something on the other – this appears to be another draw.

Brandon and Abe act like two roosters at the strong man game. These two are as bad in their posturing as Tony and John. And Brandon’s attitude drives me up the wall. The guy finally tells them that it’s a draw and to give other people a chance. Abe and Sami kind of disappear and Lexie confronts Brandon. He says he’s moved on with Sami just like she chose Abe. Lexie is not happy to learn he’s moved in with Sami. Frankly I could care less what Lexie and Brandon feel – waste of screen time IMO.

Tony and Bart: More threats by Tony against John. Thank the lord for Bart – he had the line of the day. He called the twits, aliens and then tried to make it better when he realized he was talking about Tony’s children by referring to them as ‘someone born outside of the United States, DiMera spawn!’ Tony orders him to find Rolf and torture him, whatever he has to do to get information about why Stefano did this to his ‘children.’ Lordy – Bart torturing anyone?? What’s he going to do, tell jokes?

John and OPS – making plans to bring down the Count.

The scenes at Tuscany with Roman, Kate, Bo and Hope were really quite good. KA is just stunning. I think she gets more beautiful as she ages. Bo kind of keeps up the resentment towards Roman that was still there at the carnival. Bo had told Roman he should have been a judge instead of a cop, that way he could have decided the entire course of Shawn’s life. Bo resents that Roman didn’t think he could take care of the situation. At dinner, Roman says that he felt Shawn would hurt himself if he didn’t do what he did. Both couples get up to dance. Hope kinds of leads Bo into talking about Roman. He remembers what he felt like when he thought Roman was dead, knowing that he would never have the chance to tell him how he really felt, all those kind of things. They switch partners and Bo actually gets Kate to admit that she is falling in love with Roman.

Bo and Hope share another dance together. They are absolutely great together! So loving, so carefree and for a change, so happy!

Preview: Tony telling Marlena that John had planted a bug. John telling Marlena that it’s between him and Tony – she disagrees, strongly. Rex saying to Tony that you plan to take Marlena away from John, Tony saying it would serve John right. Belle saying she knows how ‘close’ Chloe and Brady are – Chloe saying something like ‘you want to know how the sex is?’ (Don’t quote me, I’m sure she said something about sex – but when it comes to Chloe and sex I tend to tune out).

Friday Mar. 14


I'll start with Belle/Brady/Chloe...Belle shows up at the hospital and looks through the window of Chloe's room. Brady is telling Chloe a bedtime story...he looks up as she falls asleep and goes out to see Belle. He asks where Shawn is...Belle says he's out of town at a ball game..Brady says boys and baseball...Belle turns with tears in her eyes...Brady says there's no crying in baseball...Belle says Shawn loves it...she talks about him keeping things from her...that he doesn't think she's strong enough to handle it...Brady says some guys are like that...she says she just wants to be there for him...if Chloe shut him out he'd be upset...Craig shows up and tells them the marrow harvest on Joy went well...Brady goes in and tells Chloe...Belle sitting with Chloe...they talk about fashion...Chloe says Belle should pursue it..Belle says she went to Paris but came right back...Shawn needed her and she missed him...she asks about Broe and how close they are..Chloe says I won't go into details..Belle says that's good it is my brother...she says it's wonderful all the time and it was from the first time...Belle says something's always coming between us...Chloe says star-crossed lovers...very romantic. Belle says Shawn always shuts down when something happens...it's like they're drifting apart...Chloe tells Belle maybe they should wait until she knows for sure about Shawn (I think that's it but Pat probably got it right...LOL)Brady comes in with a tape of Colorado...they watch as Belle leaves the room (unnoticed)she phones Shawn...a girl picks up giggling...and says Shawn Brady's number...Belle hangs up and is visibly upset (now I think it was probably a g/f of one of the players playing around..JMO) Poor Belle...she's upset that he can't share things with her and I can totally understand that. (BTW KS looked absolutely beautiful today)

Marlena is losing it...she's protecting Tony and turning on John and Tony is totally using the twins to help her along.

Rex is figuring Tony out...this boy is smart.

John/Roman talk about Marlena and Kate...again the past is brought up with them talking about John being Roman...this has to be leading to something.

Kate/Roman...Kate has searched Roman's past and doesn't feel she fits in. Roman is going to search hers but Kate says that's not a good idea.

All in all not a bad show...a little insight into Belle's feelings but she should really talk to SDB about it.

Hope you enjoy.



OMG – what did they do with John’s hair? LOL – I have to say the new colour and the style??? is very distracting. Nice suit though.

John goes to see Marlena at the hospital. She is very upset with him for not letting her know where he was last night. She’s upset with him for going after Tony. He says he’s a criminal – she says you don’t know that. Geez Marlena, where did you brain go???

She heads of to the mansion where Rex and Tony are having breakfast. Rex is being very confrontational with Tony today. He accuses him of not being a good parent because he won’t tell him what he’s up to. Tony tells him he’ll never have power unless he curbs his sincerity and openness. Rex asks him if he’s supposed to wear a mask, Tony says not a mask, but armour. Tony asks to speak to Marlena alone and Rex says ‘more secrets?’

Tony shows her the bug that John planted. She says she’ll take care of John. She will not let him endanger the ‘children’. Oh god, I don’t know how many times she referred to them as the ‘children’ today – I feel an overwhelming need to scream.

Rex is upset she left without talking to him when she had said that is why she was there. So he asks Tony if he’s going to take John’s wife away from him. Tony replies, ‘If I’m so inclined. It would serve him right.” Grrr…pompous a**hole. Tony won’t forget or forgive John because of Kristen. Rex says that Tony wants another chance at love.

Roman goes to see Kate in her office, but she’s basically antagonistic to him. He’s bringing her briefcase that she forgot at his place. He asks if he did something wrong. She says no, it’s her. She doesn’t fit in with his family. She doesn’t belong. She heads to a meeting. John comes in. Roman asks about what he’s working on for the ISA. John says he’s investigating Tony. Roman asks if Marlena is okay with that. He says he’s not bringing her into the loop on this one. Roman says even at the risk of your marriage. John lips off saying that would make Roman happy.

After that Roman and John have a really good talk. Roman says that is all in the past. John apologizes. He talks about what he felt like after he found out he wasn’t a Brady, how he feels like an outsider now. Roman says he’ll always be part of the family. John says it’s not the same. Roman says look at your kids, Belle and Brady know who they are. You’re building your own dynasty.

Belle watches Chloe and Brady through the window of the door to Chloe’s room. Brady sees her and comes out when Chloe falls asleep. She says she can see how much in love he is and she’s so happy for him. He asks how her love life is and wonders where Shawn is. She says he’s gone to an away game and she’s teary-eyed. Belle tells him that Shawn doesn’t trust her enough to confide in her when he’s in trouble. Brady tries to console her and she asks him how he would feel if Chloe went away because she was sick and wouldn’t let him be there for her. He agrees that he would he angry and hurt.

Belle talks to Chloe. She asks if they’re together, her and Brady, really together and how it is. Chloe told her that they’re both really happy, it was that way even the first time. Chloe says it was meant to be. Belle says she always thought that she and Shawn were meant to be as well, now she’s not so sure. She feels that there is something basic missing from their relationship, trust, and that’s probably why they always get interrupted. Belle says that Shawn doesn’t trust her enough to let her help him when he’s in trouble. She’s really hurting about this and I wish she would talk to Shawn about it as freely as she’s telling Chloe and Brady.

Brady comes back in and he has a video of the Colorado trip. He puts it in and Belle sees them sitting with their heads together, totally into one another and she quietly leaves the room. She goes to a pay phone and some girl answers giggling and laughing “Shawn Brady’s phone.” She hangs up the phone looking pretty p.o.’ed.

I think KS caught JC’s cold. Her voice is pretty raspy today. But she looks absolutely gorgeous. Her hair – the little ‘flip up’ resting on the shoulders, hip-hugger jeans, beautiful multi-rust coloured Tee with sparkles, really tight zipped up fleece jacket with hood.

Preview: Nicole’s and Brady’s encounter at the hospital – she’s wiping her blouse so something probably gets spilled on her. Carson threatening Bo – again he’s going to take his badge away – Bo telling him to go to hell.

Monday Mar. 17


My thoughts on todays show....the show in some ways seemed out of place...it was definately setting up for some new storylines...I enjoyed it especially the J&J scenes and 'rebel' Bo.

I loved the J&J scenes today...Jack all excited when faced with Palmer...the look in his eye when he realized he had a story...Jen on the phone with her Dad...her fixing the toaster...Jack upset because he wanted Abby to look up to him a little longer...Jen saying she'd tell Abby that he fixed it...them making toast (about 10 pieces piled up)the look in his eye when he knew he was on to a story. I love the two of them like this...their love shone today and I can't wait to see them get into this storyline.

Okay, I'm not sure if it was just me...but the scenes with Victor/Brady and Brady bashing Philip...it has to be setting up for something. A lot of foreshadowing about the future of Broe (IMO)the scenes between Nicole/Brady weren't bad and I know it's setting up for something but I'm not sure how I feel about them being paired. Brady definately knows there is trouble between Victor/Nicole.

'Rebel' Bo...what can I say...this is the way I love him...not caring about the law or what it takes but willing to do anything to see justice. His talk with Victor about the gangs...also seemed like foreshadowing...and the way he told Palmer to go to hell...this is the Bo I love and I'm really excited about this storyline for him, J&J and Hope. One part that had me wondering though...was as he stood outside the shooting victim's (Ben Wells) room he commented to the nurse that they are all my sons...and there was a few mentions today about the victim being the same age as Shawn...more foreshadowing...I'm not sure.

I enjoyed todays show...the new storylines are being set up and some of them are going to fun and interesting.

I enjoyed the previews of the next show...the gaelic spoken by Rex...Mimi doing Irish dancing...Belle's glare at Cassie...John/Marlena dancing...Bope drinking green beer....(BTW...Kristian looked absolutely beautiful in the hat she was wearing in the preview...s/b a fun epi) I believe the talk between Belle/John will happen at the pub.


Jack/Jennifer/Abby: Abby is absolutely adorable! They’re having a family breakfast and I loved when she says that she doesn’t want to pressure them, but when are they going to set a date. She’s not feeling very patient about it! LOL! It’s so great to see them together as a loving, happy family. And then ‘mechanically challenged’ Jack tries to fix the toaster – LMAO! What he couldn’t fix, Jennifer did but she’ll tell Abby that Jack finished it.

Jack goes to Carson Palmers press conference. The DA is spouting off how the crime rate has decreased since he was elected. Jack says those are words, he wants numbers. Jen talks to Bill on the phone and he hits the roof when she tells him she’s remarrying Jack. (Flashbacks of both of their proposals in the Santa suits). Jack is really making Carson’s blood boil with his questions. LOL! I love this side of Jack. Jack comes back and tells Jennifer they have a story – he doesn’t like the look of Carson Palmer – he thinks he’s hiding something.

Victor/Nicole/Brady: Victor drags her to the hospital because he’s making a donation. He tells her to act ‘orgasmically’ happy – but that fake smile on her face and Brady walks by and overhears part of Victor’s statement. Nicole speaks very sarcastically to Brady and he watches them closely. Victor tells Brady his opinion about Chloe even though Brady doesn’t want to hear it. Victor says he doesn’t want him to be hurt like Philip was. Brady says that was different. Victor says why, because you’re the right guy for her and Phillip wasn’t. He says that Chloe is the type to break the heart of anyone she gets her hooks into.

Brady tells him off and Victor ends up apologizing. Brady is so adamant that Chloe is going to be completely cured and they’re going to be so happy. Foreshadowing, hmmm? Bo shows up and asks to talk to Victor alone after telling Brady that Chloe is in their prayers. He asks Victor what he did to get Larry to change his plea. Victor says he threatened him. Bo asks Victor point blank whether he is the man supplying the gangs with weapons, money and drugs.

Victor is upset with Bo but tells him that isn’t his style. Bo says he had to ask, and then he asks for Victor’s help. Victor says he’ll let him know if he finds out anything.

Nicole pours coffee on her blouse and Brady wipes it with a napkin. Nicole spouts off rudely to Brady and he kind of puts her in her place. She accuses him of trying to cop a feel for a cheap thrill when he tells her exactly what her problems are. Of course she dies having any problems.

Roman/Bo/Abe: Bo is absolutely furious when a beat cop brings in a guy he just arrested a while back. The guy brags that he’ll walk on this charge just like all the others. THUD alert: Very angry Bo – he always looks good when he’s riled up – but JMO – he could lose that shirt! Bo mentions that a lot of criminals seem to be walking lately. They talk about the increase and changed gang activity. Roman feels the gangs are being manipulated by someone to shut down the small time drug dealers and independents and that they’re being supplied with the guns, drugs and money. Bo, who’s off to interview the kid that got caught in the cross-fire, says that if there’s a ‘Mr. Big’, he’s going to nail him.

Roman and Abe are worried about Bo. They feel he’ll throw the rule book out because he’s so angry. The nurse asks Bo is the boy shot is his son, he says no – but in a way, they’re all my sons. Carson overhears Bo saying that he’ll break every rule in the book to nail the punk that shot that kid. Carson promises him he’ll take his badge away permanently. Bo tells him to go to hell.

Great Jack and Jennifer scenes in this episode. And the investigate Palmer/gangs storyline was set up as well in this show.

Preview: Cassie, Rex, Mimi, Belle, Shawn Sr. Bo, Hope, John and Marlena all at the St Patrick’s Day celebration at the pub.

Tuesday Mar. 18

Jan's (for now):

Well Ladies....I think I'll let Pat focus on the show and I'll skip right to the 20 second preview:::THUD:::it took me a few minutes to pick myself up off the floor but here you have it. Belle saying I know about your one night stand...SDB holding a towel around his waist (after just stepping out of the shower...wet hair, chain hanging on the wet chest:::THUD:::Belle says I phone your cell phone and talked to her...Shawn with a surprised look on his face...holding a towel around his waist...wet hair...chain hanging on a wet chest...5 o'clock shadow....:::THUD:::.

Oops...there was a show that went with that preview...sorry. Pat it's all yours...I'm still picking myself up off the floor!!!!

PS::: off to do a few errands, I'll add mine a little later.



How pathetic am I? I’m sure I’ve watched that teeny, tiny clip of the preview at least a hundred times. Has it been that long since he’s been on screen? Have I missed him that much – well, duh, yeah!

On to today’s show – I’ll try and type through my hyperventilating.

Chloe/Brady/Nancy/Craig: Chloe is really down and pushing everyone away from her. Just a couple of scenes with them and she buzzes a nurse to get him kicked out. Very touching scenes between Nancy, Craig and Chloe in today’s episode. I really enjoyed them. Nancy is very good with Chloe. Just before Nancy and Joy go home, they stop by Chloe’s room and hold the baby up for her to see.

John/Belle/Brady: John comes running down the stairs as the doorbell rings – he’s shirtless and still has the foam on his face from shaving. He opens the door to see Belle crying. She throws her arms around him and says “I need you, Daddy.” She tells him about calling Shawn’s cell phone and a girl answering. She says ‘I guess he did hit a home run.’ John says that Shawn wouldn’t cheat on her – they’re in love. She doesn’t know if love is enough to solve all their problems. John agrees. He tells her that she will always be his princess. John asks Belle if she doesn’t know how she loved is, how much he loves her, Marlena loves her, Shawn loves her. Before she can really answer, the doorbell rings and its Brady. He says that he can come back later but Belle says she has someplace to be. Really looks like TPTB are highlighting Belle’s insecurities. Too bad her Mother isn’t around to see how much her ‘sweet girl’ is really hurting!

Brady talks to John about how he feels so useless because he can’t help Chloe. He wants to know how John handled it with his mom. John says Brady is doing everything right. He says when you’re in love you learn that you have to learn when to push and when to step back.

Cassie/Marlena: That, that…thing is going through Belle’s desk drawer and opens a box marked Private. She picks up a necklace (the Hourglass one) and says, Thanks, Shawn, I love it. She opens a letter to Belle from Shawn and just starts reading it; ‘I loved you since…’ and Marlena comes in and says she’s shocked. Cassie thinks she got caught snooping, but Marlena says ‘my genius daughter is studying.’ Oh, Bleck!!! Cassie tells her Belle isn’t there. Marlena says I didn’t come to see Belle – Oh big surprise there, Marlena – you’ve never once stopped in to see your daughter at the dorm. Cassie plays the everybody abandoned me card, even my brother and Marlena says come on, I’ll take you out. When Marlena is getting her coat, she slides the box back in, but doesn’t quite close the drawer.

Police Station: Hope comes in from her appointment with Marlena. She says Larry was there. Bo is confused until she says Marlena told her to visualize him in the room and tell him everyone you want to. She laughs and says if he was really there, he would be dead. Lexie comes and Abe comes out of his office and drops a file. Bo sees that the punk that was arrested for the drive by shooting was released. Abe has to calm him down. He brings up the kid being Shawn’s age and he’s thinking like a parent. Abe says that Carson will have his badge – he’s pulling him off the case so he doesn’t take the law into his own hands.

Hope says she’s thinking of coming back to the force. Bo goes all macho and says no way. She teases him, but she says she’ll find away to keep the streets safe. Bo again says he’s not letting her get involved. Should be interesting to see where this goes. Hope and Lexie reaffirm their friendship when Hope offers to go to Lamaze class with her because Abe has a meeting.

Brady Pub: Mimi is there in her white and green striped knee highs. She greets Rex when he comes in and he greets her in Gaelic. The music starts and she asks him to dance, he says, he doesn’t know how. She says you don’t have to be perfect, but he’s very abrupt with her and says, yes he has to. Lots of Mimi dancing. Cassie and Marlena come in. Mimi mentions that there’s a guy giving Cassie the eye and she immediately says, “Oh, is Shawn back?” Puh-leez! Mimi asks her if she’s still got a crush on Shawn. Cassie says she’s totally over him. She asks Mimi how to catch the eye of some of the other guys there. She also asks Mimi if she is being friends with her because she likes her brother. Mimi says she can’t really read him and asks Cassie for inside info.

Cassie is dancing trying to catch this guy’s attention. She has it until Belle walks in and the guy looks up and says now the party can really start. Cassie is not happy. Cassie goes to Belle and tells her that Mimi has been really nice to her. She asks Belle if she doesn’t mind sharing her best friend, Belle says why not, we share everything else. Cassie asks her if she and Shawn have had sex yet. Belle tells her basically to mind her own business, people don’t ask questions like that. Cassie says if she doesn’t ‘put out’ she’ll lose Shawn. Belle tells her she hates that phrase ‘put out’ and as if Cassie had any room to talk, it’s not like she had any experience. Cassie says smugly, well it’s easy to get and she walks up to a guy and asks him to dance. Belle leaves, Mimi asks her if anything is wrong and all Belle says is that she wishes Shawn had never gone away.

Rex is really giving out mixed signals. He tells Mimi that when they first got there, everyone says they were like puppies. Now he’s going to do things for himself. He started spouting off Tony’s philosophies to both Marlena and Belle.

Bo, Hope, Abe and Lexie are at the pub, when Bo gets a call on his cell. He tells everyone that the boy just died. He gets up and Abe says he gave the case to Roman, Bo is not to have anything to do with it. Bo storms out – Abe is worried about him. John joins Marlena at the pub.

Preview: Sami and Brandon arguing – she tells him, she’s not a bimbo! Marlena telling Tony that Cassie had a ‘wild’ look in her eye. And there was something else, what was it? I just can’t seem to remember. Oh yeah – WET, TOWEL CLAD, SDB wearing his cross & chain and sporting a delicious five o’clock shadow and his stunned reply of ‘You do’ when Belle tells him she knows all about his one night stand.

Wednesday Mar. 19


Before I get into the convo. Let me start with the visuals...SDB in a towel wrapped around his waist (full body shot)wet hair slicked back...chain hanging around his neck...bare feet (thud)...SDB in jeans with his boxers sticking out the top...no shirt...chain hanging around his neck..drying his hair (thud)...SDB putting his shirt on over his t-shirt and Belle helping him with his collar (thud)...now onto the show!!!!

Belle tells him she knows he scored last night..the one night stand...he says you do...she says I talked to her on your cell then hung up.

He says it's not what you're thinking..why didn't you say who you were...Pam walks in...they explain what happened...he says she's not my type and even if she was I'm not the kind of guy who looks for a girl for one night...Belle looks a little sheepish..he says you should have asked for me...she says it's not like we're communicating right now..he says you're right, we're not connecting like we used to...she says it's your fault.

He tells her Pam likes girls...not that that matters...he flashes back to their two break-ups..he says I've hurt you twice kept secrets but I've learned...we have to trust again or we don't have..Belle stops him and says I want to but I don't know how...he looks around the room (check out the look:::thud:::)and says I know how to start...they go in for a kiss (WOW)when it comes back from commercial...he is straddling the bench..he brings Belle to straddle him...and another kiss (WOW)..the coach walks in ...Shawn jumps up picking Belle up with him..the coach wants to lock up...Shawn goes to get his stuff...Belle grabs him..and says we have lousy timing, your parents, the sprinklers...he says it could be worse. She says I was so worried today, I thought we were through..he says not likely, we're forever...I love you..she says I love you too. Another kiss (WOW) the coach comes in and clears his throat but they do not hear him....too into each other.

I'm sure there was more on this show but that's all I remember...Pat will give you more details.

I know Shawn realizes how he hurt her...and he knows they need trust...she is definately vulnerable right now...but let me tell you...be prepared...helmets, padding....it is a PC day!!!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Pat's very detailed report - if you don't want to know - don't read any further - LOL!

Shelle: First Scene: Belle standing outside the men’s locker room, a player comes out and she asks if Shawn Brady is inside. He tells her to go in. The coach comes out and Belle asks for Shawn. He says he’s still in the shower – must of fallen asleep because the team had partied pretty heavy after the win. He says her boyfriend played a good game. Belle says she’ll wait and has a flashback to the day she was waiting for him in his bed. He comes out – THUD! Hair wet, body wet, towel knotted around his waist – gulp. He sees her sitting there and he says “Belle” in such a deep, gravely voice – ok PC moment. She stands up, turns to look at him.

Second Scene: LOL! I can’t believe how they cut that preview clip. When Belle confronts Shawn about not just scoring on the baseball field last night, he’s wiping his hair with the towel. He has on low rider jeans – you can see the top of his boxers. He mutters ‘scoring’ in confusion and she tells him to save it she knows all about his little one night stand. That’s when we see that look of confusion and he says ‘You do.’ He’s still shirtless and you get a good view of the cross and chain. When she says she talked to the girl when she called his cell phone, he just hangs his hand.

Scene Three: He has the towel slung around his shoulders and he says this is about the phone call. She tells him to save it, she’s not letting him get a word in edgewise. A girl comes in and gives Shawn his phone back. She apologizes for forgetting to give it back. Shawn introduces her as the equipment manager and then asks Pam how her mother is, she has pneumonia. She introduces herself to Belle and Belle gives her less than a 2 second handshake and a very fake smile. After she leaves, Belle says I suppose she’s the one that answered your phone. When he says yes all she can do is say ‘okay’ – she’s embarrassed. Shawn says she’s not my type besides I’m not the type to go out of town and just hook up with a girl, am I. Belle looks like she would like the floor to open up and swallow her. I love Shawn with her during this, he’s kind of teasing and gentle – not at all confrontational.

Scene Four: Shawn is putting on a shirt over his tee-shirt and says to Belle that Pam likes other girls and then says ‘not that there is anything wrong with that’ – Belle is helping him straight the collar on his shirt when she smiles and says you’re favourite Seinfeld episode. She asks him what she supposed to think when a girl answered his phone. He says that I love you, that I would never do that to you. He doesn’t understand why she didn’t just say who she was and ask to speak to him. She says she had this knot in her stomach and all she could do was hang up. She says we haven’t exactly been communicating lately. He smirks and agrees with her (good tactic, Shawn) and says she’s right they haven’t been connecting the way they used to. She throws it up in his face that this isn’t her fault and he just nods his head.

Scene Five: Shawn says he’s knows he’s blown it in the past by keeping secrets from her and he did it twice. He says it doesn’t matter what his reasons were – they still hurt her. Flashback to when he lied to her about fathering Jan’s baby and to when he broke up with her in her dorm room after talking to Cassie. He says he has learned his lesson and its fine that she doesn’t fully trust him yet. He says they need to learn how to start trusting each other again or they’re going to have .. She stops by covering his lips with her hands and she says stop I want to but I don’t know how. He gets this sly look on his face and looks around and smirks, and says in a husky voice that he knows one way and they kiss. THUD – that sly grin, the way he licks his lips and then smirks – sigh!!

Scene Six: Still kissing, Shawn straddles a bench, sits and pulls Belle’s leg around him and sits her on his lap. She wraps her other leg around his waist, kissing – and I do mean really kissing, his hands roaming all over her back. Coach walks in and Shawn stands up, lifting Belle with him. He says he wants to lock up, Shawn says I’ll just get my stuff. Coach goes out, Shawn turns to get his stuff, Belle grabs hard on his hand pulls him back, saying they have the worst luck, first his parents walking in on them, then the sprinklers. Shawn says it could have been worst. She says she doesn’t want to leave him, she spent the whole day thinking they were over. Shawn says she never have to worry about that, they’re forever. It almost sounds like he still has a trace of his cold – man that voice can do funny things to a person – LOL! He tells her that he loves her and she says she loves him. They start kissing again and coach comes back in and coughs to get their attention – but they are totally lost in the kiss which just keeps deepening.

Rest of the show: Okay can someone please explain to me how Cassie and Rex are Belle and Shawn’s age or slightly younger. Marlena was held on that island before Brady was born for pete’s sake. This storyline with the twins and Tony and Marlena is one way trip to disaster. Tony goes to visit Marlena so they can talk about the ‘children’. Sheesh.

Tony is ticked because Marlena didn’t pull Cassie away from the guy she was dancing with after she told him about the ‘wild look’ in her eyes. She says Cassie is too old for a time out – really, she acts like a spoiled two year old – time out sounds about right. Tony convinces Marlena to go for supper with him. They go to the Blue Note and a couple of guys come up and praise Tony – (I think this was all for Marlena’s benefit). Bart comes in and tells him he’s found Rolf – staying at a flea bag hotel right in Salem. Marlena insists on going to question Rolf as well – after all this involves her ‘children.’ Barf, gag, yuck!

Abe and Lexie come out of part one of the Lamaze class. LMAO at Abe’s reaction to the birthing video. Brandon ends up at the hospital, leaving Faye and Sami alone (not a good plan) and of course Abe and Brandon start in on one another. Brandon notices Abe on the phone and heads straight to the room where the Lamaze class is back underway. Brandon offers his services as a coach to a single mother saying he’d never abandon the mother of his child. Abe wonders what he’s doing there. Lexie isn’t happy either.

Sami, Brandon and Faye: Sami is having trouble balancing her check book. They talk about it and she says maybe they should open a joint account and Brandon says like I would let you get a hold of my check book. She tells Brandon she’s not a bimbo. Faye comes over, Sami is excited. Brandon gets paged and Sami convinces Faye to stay. Faye is not cutting Sami any slack. Sami doesn’t help matters by saying something not so nice about Nicole but she apologizes. All the gloves come off though when Sami says that Faye disapproves of her and Brandon living together without a commitment and Faye replies that the last thing she wants is Brandon to marry her.

Preview: Rolf saying that the twins weren’t taken from Marlena as newborns – she had them with her for several months. Nicole thinking she has the upper hand while she’s straddling Victor in bed until he dumps her on the floor. Jack and Jennifer talking about Carson Palmer.

Thursday Mar. 20

Pat's not here tonight and seeing as there is no Shelle I'll just give a brief synopsis of today's show...if that's OK.

I absolutely loved the scenes at The Blue Note.

Kate/Roman...I'm really liking these two together. She preorders beer and beer nuts. Too cute. I love how she lets into Carson Palmer. Roman let's him have it as well...Carson now wants to look into the Kiriakis/Brady connection. Will this man never learn??

Jack/Jen...what can I say. These two were great again today. Jack wants to go after Palmer but Jen follows his date into the washroom. Now I'm not sure but I'm wondering if Palmer's date is 'Maria'. I saw a pic of her somewhere and it might be. J&J talk about the wedding a little but mostly there convo talks about Palmer. I did enjoy the scenes today though.

John/Tony/Marlena...although I really hate this storyline I enjoyed watching Marlena. She had some of her feistiness back...although it did involve talking about the twins and how they came to be. There was a lot of history mentioned during these scenes BUT can someone please figure out that there is no way Marlena could have given birth to these two and Belle all at the same time. That's the part of this storyline that bothers me more than anything....well that and the fact that I hate the way Marlena has been written.

PREVIEWS: Sami/Brandon and Lucas...Abe/Lexie...John/Tony/Marlena. I think that's it.

Oh right, I almost forgot Shelle...LOL.

The preview doesn't go in sequence but here goes...Shelle on Belle's bed in her dorm room. Shawn is laying on top of Belle...he lifts himself off of her and takes off his shirt...saying I want this moment to last forever...then he goes back down and some heavy kissing. Watch the hand movements.

Tuesday Mar. 25

I'm including Pat's spoilers again just because I'm too weak in the knees and my hands are a little spazzy...LOL.

Jan's Spoilers.....

I'm going to concentrate on Shelle for the moment....Shelle walk into the pub and SDB says it looks like the party is still going...Belle says we can celebrate St. Paddy's together...and we get a kiss...Rimi come over and they ask about the game SDB says they won and Rex shakes his hand...they see Cassie over at the table with Chaz...Belle says looks like we don't have to worry about her and then looks at Shawn who is staring...(now I think the look might be one of he knows what Chaz wants...it's sort of half smile/smirk with a little concern). I love the look when they Belle and Mimi try to stop him for going to talk to Cassie...he knows exactly what they're doing...I loved his talk with Mimi...it's great to see him happy...I loved his talk with Rex and the concern he shows for Mimi...Belle's talk with Cassie...(can we say bitch)someone ought to slap her (any volunteers). I loved how Belle wants to concentrate on them..how he tells her about looking at the pic of the at the LBD..how she wants to show him how much she missed him...how they race out of the pub. I loved how Rex watches them and tries to copy Shawn. (BTW...Shawn does not pay any attention to Cassie after the first bit).

Now...at the dorm. Be prepared ladies...his voice when he says 'don't' when Belle goes to turn on the lights...his voice when he says I want you...how he takes her jacket off..and she takes his shirt off...and the kisses...OMG...PC moment...these kisses are much more passionate and wanting..the way the walk to the bed and he puts her down...(not gently but not hard). The way he looks at her and says this is how he saw her...and she tells him that she thought of him while she was laying here...the smirk when he asks what she thought of...and she pulls him into a kiss. (Check out the hands!!!)Then she takes his shirt off..and the smile on her face...and then Cassie comes in...perfect timing. Shelle look a little po'd that they were disturbed. But in a way I'm glad...I don't want their first time in a dorm...(Horton Cabin ring any bells...LOL)

I loved Lumi...but what the H*** does Brandon think he's doing....

John/Tony/Marlena...I had a hard time watching.

Pat's Spoiler......

Here it is:

All I can say is there is some serious editing going on. I swear to God I never heard Shawn mention anything about 'forever' when they were kissing on her bed. That being said, here's a recap.

Brady Pub: Chaz and Cassie sitting at a table, she wants to dance, he wants to finish his beer first and says she can help if she wants. She starts drinking. Mimi and Rex dancing when Belle and Shawn come in.

Shawn says the party is still going on and Belle is happy that they can celebrate St Patrick's Day together. Rex and Mimi come over and Belle asks who Cassie is with. Mimi say's Chaz and she's been glued to him all night. Belle says to Shawn that it looks like she's finally gotten over him but Shawn pays no attention to her as he looks intently at the both of them. Belle looks at him slightly confused as she says, 'you are okay with that, aren't you?' Shawn just keeps staring at Cassie and Chaz. (I'm as confused as Belle here!)

Leaning against the bar, Shawn tells Belle that Chaz is all wrong for Cassie. She says that's not our problem. He's happy that she has moved on from him and so is Belle. Shawn tells Rex that Chaz is a jerk. A senior that only dates freshmen. Rex says someone should talk to her. Shawn says I'll give it a try and both Belle and Mimi stop him. Mimi and Rex convince Belle to do it. Belle goes over reluctantly. She pulls Cassie up but she stumbles backwards into Chaz's arms and they start kissing.

In the meantime, Mimi is asking Shawn to talk to Rex guy to guy. Shawn asks if they're having problems. She says you need to be in a relationship to have problems. Shawn asks her if she's doing anything to help it along. She says short of stripping off her clothes and jumping his bones, she's done everything she can. LOL! Shawn says you have to keep in mind he has no experience.

Belle tells Cassie that all Chaz wants from her is sex. Cassie says she's jealous because she has a guy who wants her and Belle can't even get to first base with Shawn no matter what she tries. Belle says Chaz cares nothing for her, if she goes back to the dorm with him, he wouldn't even remember her name in the morning. Cassie tells Belle to leave her alone.

Shawn actually gives Rex very good advice. (Too bad he didn't follow it himself a few years ago). He tells Rex if he likes Mimi he should make his move quickly. Rex wants to know how. Shawn says tell her she's pretty, because she is. Ask her on a date, hold her hand, kiss and keep kissing her if you want her to be your girlfriend. He tells Rex if he doesn't want to be with Mimi he should tell her now and to be gentle because Mimi is vulnerable.

Belle tells the group that Cassie won't listen to her, only Chaz and short of Rex dragging her out of there kicking and screaming there's nothing they can do. She turns to Shawn and asks if they can forget about Cassie and just concentrate on them. Shawn doesn't have a problem with that - they kiss. He tells her often he looked at a picture he has of the two of them at the Last Blast when he was away. He says it kept him from going crazy, he wanted to be with her so much. She says why don't we go back to the dorm so that they could be alone and she could show him how much she missed him. He likes that idea. She smiles and says, 'I'll race you to the car' and they take off.

Mimi had been gone to get them snacks and she notices them leaving. Rex, who had been watching and listening to Shawn & Belle intently, starts repeating some of their words to Mimi. Saying how much he missed her. Mimi is totally confused but liking it. He wants to take her back to the dorm so he can show her - she kisses him. They hear Cassie scream and then fall.

Belle's dorm room: Belle opens the door and reaches for the light switch. Shawn growls 'Don't' and shuts the door and starts kissing her. He unzips her fleece jacket and tells her 'I want you.' THUD - OMFG that voice when he tells her he wants her and those kisses - definite PC moment! She slides his top shirt off of him and they kiss their way to her bed. He lays her down, none too gently either - our boy is in a hurry - LOL! He looks down at her and says that this is how he would picture her when he was away. She says she would lie in her bed and think about him. He asks what she imagined they would do, she says this and pulls him into a kiss.

His hands are running up her leg and to her waist as they continue kissing. They get his tee shirt off and he kisses her again when the light comes on and in walks Cassie, very drunk. She says 'oh the hottie is back' and asks if he won his game. Shawn is pulling his shirt back on and saying that he hopes she didn't drive back. She says she can't remember and passes out. They both go to her and Belle says this time I'll give her CPR. Rex and Mimi come into the room and apologize for her.

Shawn and Rex carry Cassie to her bed. Belle tells Mimi that Cassie has ruined her life for the last time!

Rest of the show in a quick recap.

The Blue Note: Brandon and Sami, Abe and Lexie and Lucas with a fly girl. Brandon is a complete jerk. He totally ignores Sami and demands to know what Abe and Lexie are doing there. He goes on and on about Lexie needing rest and Abe forcing her to a club. When Lexie tells Abe to ignore him and get her a drink. Brandon demands (Who the f@$* does he think he is) to know what she's drinking. After they finally get him to leave Abe says that he's acting like he wants to be the father of the baby. Lexie panics.

Sami and Lucas exchange barbs! I love the sparks between these two. I am literally beginning to hate Brandon - I wonder if they are writing his character this way for a purpose. Both Sami and Lucas give as good as they get! Brandon tells Sami that it isn't fair to Will when she lets on that once she catches Lucas with a few more bimbos she's going to sue for full custody.

The DiMera mansion: I can hardly bear to talk about this. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe the degree of loathing I have for this storyline. Suffice it to say that when you hear Tony say it is absolute proof that Cassie and Rex are our children when Marlena has the memory of the babies getting their tattoos - you're stomach will turn like mine did. Tony steps out of the room and John convinces Marlena it's time to leave. She almost faints - (I'm wondering if this isn't an after effect of some kind of mind control or drug that she's being fed - anything that would explain her complete stupidity at this moment). While waiting for John to get the car, Tony asks what they should tell the children (puke!). Marlena wants them to have a normal life, a mother and father that love them. He
says Partners and offers her his hand, she replies 'partner's and shakes his hand. UGH! She then tells John that their lives are now entwined with Tony's.

Okay so someone please tell me how two intelligent adults like John and Marlena aren't questioning the fact that the twins are the same age as Belle. This a physical impossibility! ACK! Stupid, moronic, ludricious, storyline!!!!

Preview: Bo, Hope and Zach at the police station talking about the gang activity. Rex spouting off a perverted Golden Rule, 'do unto others before they do unto you.' Shawn saying that sounds like Tony DiMera talking. Cassie lying on her bed and Mimi and Belle lecturing her. Cassie tells Belle she probably knows more about sex than she does. FYI - just a quick glimpse of Belle - but she looks absolutely, stone-cold gorgeous. Her hair style, her make-up, her outfit - total perfection.

NOTE TO BELLE & SHAWN: The next time you get 'passionate' - stay the hell away from the dorm. You have about as much chance as getting the deed done
as I have of winning the Miss America crown! SHEESH!

Wednesday Mar. 26


Here goes....LOL.

:::THUD:::Oh, you want more than that......SDB was on today....and let me tell you he looked HOT in that blue shirt and his hair...WOW.

Before I start I want to say....Thank you to Pat for picking up the slack in the detail department...I have a slight problem with details when SDB looks so gooooooood!!!!!!!!

I loved the scenes today with Mimi/Belle/Cassie...and I have to confess...I didn't mind Cassie today. I loved how Belle wanted to pour water on her but let Mimi do it instead...BTW....KS looked absolutely gorgeous today.

I enjoyed the scenes with Rex/Shawn...Rex showing his DiMera side...his 'golden rule' 'do unto others before they do unto you'.

Shawn comments it sounds like Tony...and that Cassie sure works by his rule..LOL. (SDB may have woken up)Loved the scenes when Hope/Zach show up at the dorm...all Hope's hugging embarrasses Shawn...Hope tells Shawn to say Hi to Belle and he says he will as soon as she comes downstairs...when she does show up...he grabs her and kisses her...and says good morning...she says it is now...he asks if she got any sleep and tells her she looks 'perky' I thought he should have beautiful...but hey. They talk about Hope coming over and sit on the couch...her on his lap (short skirt)and his hands like to wander...LOL. He talks about what Rex said...and then says he's lucky to have her in his life...she says me too....and more kissing.

I loved the Bo/Hope scenes today...and Bo is just the way I like him...the rebel is showing....
and I also loved how Hope is going to help...I'm a little unsure of something though...I sense a bit of foreshadowing with trouble looming...just not sure for who.

I enjoyed the scenes with Victor/Brady/Isabella in Chloe's room as well.

And something about this party that Vin invited Mimi/Rex to.....you can bet Chaz/Cassie will be there...could be trouble.

I actually enjoyed the show today...a little lighthearted fun.


One comment about today’s show – those Brady men sure know how to pick ‘em. Hope and Belle both look absolutely beautiful today. Hope is wearing a pale lilac pant suit with a satiny camisole top of almost the same color, long hair worn down. Belle with the cute little ponytail and short, short skirt, long sleeved pink tee tucked into the hip hugger skirt and a white with pink stripes blouse tied at the waist worn over the tee. And white runners.

Only two scenes with Belle and Shawn together today unfortunately but all I can say is that boy sure knows his way around Belle’s body. LOL! In the first shared scene (towards the end of the show) she is waiting for him in the common room at Hartley house. He comes down the stairs and wraps one arm around her and turns her to face him. They kiss – he refers to her as ‘perky’. He tells her that his mom had been there with Zach.

In the second scene, they walk hand in hand to a couch and he sits down and she sits in his lap and leans into him. Pay close attention to the hand that is not around her waist in that scene. You only see it for a few seconds, but he runs it up her leg from below the knee right to the hem of that short, short skirt before the camera angle changes. He tells her that his mom was worried because of the drive by shooting. He says if she only knew half of the stuff that goes on around here, Belle reminds him that she was a cop, she probably knows more than them. He says he is so lucky because he has her in his life and she feels the same about him. They kiss.

Oh yeah – SDB looks mighty fine in that as close to form-fitting as we’ve seen him in long sleeved blue sweater and khaki pants – that are form fitting – too damn bad that sweater is so long. You even get to see glimpses of the infamous gold chain.

Belle’s dorm room: Belle is watering her plants when she gets this devilish look in her eye and this sly smile on her face as she makes her way to Cassie’s bed. Unfortunately, she changes her mind. Mimi comes in with coffee for Belle, Cassie is whining that they are talking too loud. She asks for water and Belle hands over the watering can to Mimi who proceeds to dump some of the contents on Cassie’s head.

A lot of back and forth talk, Belle and Mimi trying to explain the dangers of alcohol, going home drunk with a virtual stranger, and all that but Cassie is too superior to listen. She actually ordered Belle to get her a doctor so Belle phoned Marlena but couldn’t get a hold of her.

We see our first glimpse of Vin, the drug dealer today. He and Chaz invite Mimi and Rex to a party. Mimi turns them down but Rex is eager to go – he needs ‘life experience’ (same phrase he used with Shawn). Chaz makes his way to Belle and Cassie’s dorm room and she invites him in. (For some reason, alarm bells sounded in my head when she did that). He invites her to the party and she says she’ll go if she’s feeling better. He knows what will cure her, hair of the dog, and hands her a flask. (Now we know how she gets rid of her hangover so quickly – she gets drunk again, I’m sure).

Victor/Chloe/Brady/Isabella: I still see these scenes as a set-up for Chloe’s death even though TPTB say she isn’t going to die. Isabella telling Brady that this is something Chloe has to go through on her own, there’s nothing he can do. Victor coming in and Isabella communicating with him through Brady – some bonding moments between Brady and Victor. Chloe sleeps through all of this and is only awake for the very last scene with Brady.

Hope and Bo: She comes to the police station. He tells her he was just talking to Mr. Wells. He knows something is going on – he questions why he became a cop. She says everyone is lucky to have him. She goes to see Shawn. He brings in an informant. The guy says someone that isn’t on the streets is taking control. Bo wants him to find out whom. Hope comes back – she knows he was talking to an informant. She wants to know what she can do – he says she has the most important job in the world (referring to looking after Zach). She leaves and says ‘You won’t fight this alone,’ and phones Doug and Julie to look after Zach.

Cute scenes with Shawn and Hope at Hartley House. She hugs him half to death several times. He just smiles and says it’s okay even though she keeps apologizing and then hugging him again. LOL!

One other thing – Rex is beginning to disturb me. He’s so cynical and his moods change on the drop of a hat. I have to start questioning where they’re taking him and his character.

Basically a filler/setup type show. Chaz being in Belle’s dorm room really got to me and I don’t know why. That guy gives me the creeps – maybe that’s the reason.

Preview: Lexie confronting Brandon, Sami confronting Brandon for being with Lexie. Victor asks Tony if he knows anything about the new drug kingpin in Salem. Jack telling Bo that someone from inside the DA’s office is arranging for criminals to go free (see Carson Palmer on split screen).

Thursday Mar. 27


I love that Jack & Bo are working together to bring down Carson Palmer and that Jen and Hope are doing the same. I think this is going to be a great storyline for both couples – even though that means I have to put up with Carson Palmer. That guy is the definition of ‘smarmy’ – Yuck!

Hope brings Jen lunch at the Spectator. We get to see a little bit of Harold today – god, I wish they would use him more. Jen senses that Hope wants to do more when Hope says she loves being a mother but… Jen offers her a free lance job at the Spectator – not as a writer, but investigating Carson Palmer. Jen tells her how the high life Carson is living and talks about Maria. They sit at the computer together – going through articles about Carson and then looking at photos of him. Jen sees one and they copy it to disk to take to the police station.

Bo and Jack are at the police station talking about the crime wave. Bo thinks that maybe someone inside the department is helping the gang members escape prosecution. Jack says not the police station – but the district attorney’s office. Jack tells Bo about Carson’s misinformation campaign. Carson comes in and gives a statement on the record that Ben Wells’ killer will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. LOL! He is fond of that statement, isn’t he? Bo gets really angry and Jack kind of holds him back.
Then Jack throws his bogus statistics in his face and Carson basically tells them that neither better be caught even jaywalking – he’s going to go after them.

Jen and Hope show up at the station with the disk. They find “Maria” has a rap sheet. Jack and Jen leave. Hope is so excited, she feels like her old self again. She asks Bo if ‘he’s not cool with that’ because he isn’t quite as enthused as her. He wraps her in his arms and says she has to be careful – ‘he’s never going to lose her again.’ God I hope that is not foreshadowing – what with her hanging on to Shawn yesterday and Bo hanging on to her today. The Bo Brady family deserves a little bit of happiness – IMO.

Nico accompanies Victor to Tony’s. I think this episode is either to set up an ‘uneasy’ alliance between the two or to show a beginning to an underworld fight for supremacy between these two.
Lots of talk of family, making it rich on your own versus having it handed to you, parenting, legacy – basically a lot of undercurrent between these two. Victor wins the first of a really strange type of billiards game (strange, because I haven’t seen it played that way) when it’s just a friendly game. Tony calls in his marker – hands Victor a piece of paper with what he wants written on it. Victor basically calls Tony stupid for thinking he would give him that. Tony laughs a bit and then turns DiMera on him, saying he will pay, it’s a matter of honour. Tony suggests another game of billiards – he wins and Victor signs over whatever Tony had asked for.

Is it this club that Tony is going to be the owner of? Why not mention it? I’m confused. Tony tells Victor he’ll share any information he learns about the new ‘Mr. Big’ in town.

Hospital scenes include Sami, Brandon, Lexie and Eugenia (the lab tech). Okay, its official – I HATE Brandon.

That pompous, S.O.B. Lexie tells him to leave her alone, Sami accuses Lexie of stalking Brandon. It doesn’t take Lexie long to turn the tables on Sami – she tells him she better find a way to keep him occupied at home if she can’t satisfy him in other ways – play board games, rent movies – take aspirin for the headaches. She takes great pleasure in telling Sami that Brandon hooked up with a single mother in her Lamaze class. Sami is devastated. She confronts him but he turns it back on her.

Of course she’s freaking out about him finding out that he is the father – so she takes that from him.

I felt sorry for her and angry at her today for wasting her time crying over losing his love. You know it’s the kiss of death for a couple when the woman is in tears and says ‘I don’t what I would do if you didn’t love me’ – just shut off the oven and pull out the roasting pan – they are sooooo done!!!

More of Sami and Eugenia poking barbs at one another – more of Sami and Lexie doing the same – I’m so sick of this storyline already.

Preview: Jen and Jack scaring a secretary out of a room by waving a dead white rat around, Marlena asking John what is happening to the them (DUH – do the names Cassie and Rex and POD Marlena ring a bell) – Mimi asking Belle if ‘they’ (assuming she means Belle and Shawn) are going to have sex tonight – Belle telling her to hush and looking around the room. She’s probably afraid that the GESDSF is lurking around eavesdropping.

Friday Mar. 28


Here goes....

I must say I loved the J&J scenes today...so many memories. The way they work together on an investigation is so much fun...the fact that she broke into the office while Jack watched...how he said he was going to the Echelon club and she asked how he knew about it...he says wish me luck and she says not with the ladies....These two are wonderful together and the chemistry is amazing.

John/Marlena....someone has spirited Marlena away I'm sure of it. I can not believe that she brought up Kirsten...WTH was that about...and she's defending Tony...these scenes today...I really hate how Marlena is being portrayed right now...enough said.

Belle/Cassie....these two had it out today more or less...Belle doesn't want to talk to her again. Cassie kept saying that Belle was jealous...Belle doesn't like her now that she's her sister...sisters share...everything out of her mouth irritated me today...as well as her going off about John. Belle stood her ground but the girl is some po'd. She tells Mimi that she only wants to make Shawn happy...she sounds a little doubtful about being with him...but she does love him...(strange to watch after reading the spoilers...it is more or less convincing me that there is more to the spoilers than we know). BTW...KS looks gorgeous today (same outfit).

Rex in the lounge with a Prof. He wants Rex to solve a math problem...Rex more or less blackmails him into helping him graduate early...and there is defnately something up with Rex.

Rex talks to Cassie and she tells him she wants to find out who she is....Oh, please.

Cassie downstairs...a cold beer from a purse...(now really!!!) the prof. comes up to her and asks what she's hiding...she drops the beer...he says he'll have to report her and she'll be kicked out of HH...she says no. As Belle looks over.

Previews:::Belle asking Shawn to make love to her...Chloe looking for Joy who she thinks has disappeared...the men at the Echolon club...and Maria coming on to Bo (I hated that).

Sorry for the report today...a little down from the spoilers...LOL. But it wasn't a bad show...loved the J&J scenes...and enjoyed watching Belle getting mad at Cassie.

Pat will fill in the details....


LOL! – My new name for DOOL that I thought up a couple of weeks ago flashed into my mind when I noticed a wall hanging in Belle’s dorm room. It says ‘Kiss Me’. My theory, Days is moving from the Chlo-me show to the Kiss-assie show! It’s going to be Cassie, Cassie, Cassie all the time. Yuck!

John and Marlena – I’ve totally given up trying to come up with anything good to say about Marlena. She is beyond stupid. She asks John the perfect question today. She asks him if he has such little respect for her intelligence to think that she would allow Tony to manipulate her – that she wouldn’t be able to see through him. Duh – yeah! I can’t even talk about the garbage that spews out of Marlena’s mouth. Throwing Kristen back in John’s face – sheesh! She actually asks John how she can ever believe him again – this when she’s searching for tracking devices.

And the way she talks so abruptly to Belle when Belle phones to ask her to talk to Cassie. She tells her she that it’s not a good time and to deal with Cassie on her own. Cassie makes fun of Belle – bugging her that ‘mommy’ wouldn’t listen to her lies about her. Cassie tells Belle that she wants to make Marlena hate her just like Belle does. She tells Belle that she is just like her father – neither of them can stand the fact that Marlena is hers and Rex’s mother. That thing tells Belle that she is spiteful and hateful and jealous of her and that SHE can’t stand to be near her. Belle flashes back to hearing Marlena tell the twins that she is their mother because Cassie says she used to be her friend until she found out that Marlena was her mother.

It really looks like Belle is beginning to take some of the stuff Cassie is throwing at her to heart. Even though she tells Mimi that she is not going to let Cassie DiMera ruin this night for her.

Jack and Jen: They get rid of Carson’s secretary by waving a white mouse in front of her. Confront Palmer about his ‘date’. Apparently Carson prosecuted her. They wonder how the readers will feel when they find out their DA is consorting with known criminals. (Before Jack and Jen barge into his office, he is on the phone with someone saying that that Jack and Bo are getting too close). Carson calls Maria and tells her that Jack and Jen are on to her so she has to stay away from him. After he leaves, Jack and Jen try to use the exterminator story on his secretary, but she tells him that she knows who they are and that she has been instructed to ‘blackball’ them from access to the DA.

Jack and Jen go back to the Spectator – figuring that they have to be on to something if Carson is so rattled by them. Harold comes in with more research on Carson. They see that Carson hasn’t accounted for all the money he got for his campaign. They go back to the DA’s office to break in – LOL! They are on a mission. Jen hits redial and the call goes to Club Echelon – a gentleman’s club so Jack is off to check it out.

Before Mimi goes to Belle’s room, her and Rex have another run in with Chaz. He tells them that he ‘cured’ Cassie’s hangover. After he leaves Mimi says the last place they need to go is that party, there will be alcohol… A professor comes up and reminds them of Hartley House’s zero tolerance policy. The professor asks Rex to solve this math problem that nobody else can – it would mean a big grant for the university. Rex will only do it if the professor will allow him to write all his tests and convince the other Profs to do the same – that would allow him to graduate early. “No more freebies” he told him.

Mimi and Belle talk about ‘tonight’.

Mimi senses doubt in Belle’s voice. Belle says she with all the interruptions and with the waiting, that she wants to make him happy. Cassie makes her appearance and wants to know what the big secret is. Cassie wants Belle to tell her because they’re sisters and should share things. Belle says ‘like I’m going to talk to you about my relationship with Shawn’. Cassie demands to know why Belle is so mean to her. Belle basically tells her she’s sick of her always putting herself first and just because they’re sisters they don’t have to talk. She says you stay out of my life and I’ll stay out of yours.

Belle really lays into Cassie when Rex comes in and hears them arguing. It’s nice to see Belle tell it like it is but I already know that Marlena will blame all of Cassie’s problems on Belle – for not ‘handling the situation’ properly.

After watching all those flashback’s Belle is having about confrontations with Cassie and listening to her conversation with Mimi – something came to my mind especially about the new spoilers that have them breaking up. I really got the impression that her special night with Shawn is more about Cassie than her and Shawn finally making love. She just wants to prove a point to Cassie and that is no reason to make love for the first time. No wonder something like a teasing remark from Shawn will set her off. Deep down inside – she is not ready – which is what Mimi was questioning her about. (These are just my speculations and the impression I got towards the end of the show). If that is the case – this is going to really spur on the Belle haters out there – it just makes her seem so petty and childish.

Cassie gets caught by the professor after she drops the beer that she was hiding behind her back. He tells her that he is reporting her and that she will be kicked out. Belle, Mimi and Rex see all this.

Preview: Club Echelon filled with beautiful, busty women, Jack getting decked by someone, Maria coming on to Bo in a car, Chloe worried about Joy and oh yeah, Belle asking Shawn to make love to her and him kissing her and laying her back on the bed.

Monday Mar. 31

Jan is off to a Lacrosse game and felt she couldn't do a spoiler report justice so you will all have a special treat when she posts her take on the show tomorrow! Jan please include the Shelle caps again in your report - can never see them too many times.

Now for mine - be warned. It's long - I got carried away - just slightly....

Belle’s room: Cassie is flouncing around throwing her stuff onto the bed while Belle watches and smirks. Belle sprays on some perfume and removes her blouse. She’s wearing a spaghetti strapped pink v-necked tee with sequined trim around the neckline. Shawn comes in with some snack stuff and looks between the two. He tells Belle that they can go to his room. She says Cassie will be gone soon. Cassie starts whining about the Professor having her thrown out – it was only a can of beer and it was full. Shawn reminds her of the new rule about no alcohol in the dorms. She flounces and flings that hair around and says just wait until Tony hears about it – that Professor is going to be so fired. Belle tells her to stop blaming everyone else and to take responsibility for her actions. Cassie tells her to shut up.

THUD ALERT: SDB looks mighty fine today – same outfit – but deadly five o’clock shadow. And what can I say, those pants of his fit very snugly indeed in all the right places, if you know what I mean. LOL! There’s this one shot, in their second scene when he’s sitting on Belle’s bed with his arm around her, well let’s just say – gulp!

Belle tells Cassie to phone Tony if she is so sure that he will help him and to also phone mom. Cassie tells her very snootily that she will when she’s ready. Belle gives up and Shawn tells her basically the same thing. She thanks him and says she just wants to think of how to explain it. It’s not fair that she gets thrown out for one mistake. Shawn sits on the bed with Belle as Cassie continues packing. He says he wonders if they’ll ever get to be alone. She says there’s always the Salem Inn and he teases her by saying ‘Oh yeah that worked out soooo well the last time.’ Cassie asks him to help her get her suitcases out of storage. Shawn’s not thrilled about doing it but he does. As they go to the door, that GESDSF runs her fingers down Shawn’s chest and says to Belle “You don’t mind sharing him do you?” Belle throws her pen at the door when they leave. Shawn does move out of her clutches fairly quickly – LOL!

Belle phones her dad and says she’s worried about Cassie because she has changed. She’s acting out. She says not to worry, it’s between the two of them, she just wanted to talk to her dad. Belle let slips that as soon as Cassie is gone she and Shawn can be alone. John says you too want privacy, come here, Bo and I are just about to watch the Blackhawk game. Belle winces and John finally clues in. That conversation is absolutely hilarious. The look on John’s face when he realises she’s talking about being intimate with Shawn to Belle rambling on about not being able to talk about her sex life to her father, not that she one. The way John holds the phone slightly away from his ear when he asks why they want to be alone – LMAO!

John does want to talk about it. Belle tells him she’s 18 and knows what she’s doing. She and Shawn have been together for a long time and he loves her and respects her. They know all about safe sex. He’s reassured. She says she’s given it a lot of thought, in fact, she’s still thinking about it. She doesn’t want to have any regrets. John says he wants them to be safe and that he loves her. Cassie and Shawn come back and she tells him she has to go. Cassie accuses her of ratting her out to John and looks kind of shocked when Belle says she didn’t.

Cassie is packed and Belle and Shawn offer to carry her suitcases to the car, she declines and says she’ll get the servants to pick them up tomorrow. Belle says you’re not planning on staying here tonight. Cassie says she has better plans as Chaz knocks on the door. When Shawn sees him he heads towards him but Belle pulls him back. I love how he stands behind her and wraps a hand around her waist. Cassie is surprised that they know each other. Belle says everyone knows Chaz. He says from the St Paddy’s day party. Belle says the one where you got Cassie drunk and she passed out twice. Cassie says she’s going to have a better of time tonight starting now and her and Chaz kiss – Belle and Shawn just watch.

Chaz says they should call us truce and asks Belle and Shawn to come to the party with them. Belle and Shawn say no. Cassie doesn’t want Belle there because she puts her in a bad mood. Belle tells Cassie she shouldn’t go especially with Chaz. They leave and Cassie tells Chaz that Belle has been on her case since day one. Yikes. Belle tells Shawn they shouldn’t have let her leave. He says what were we supposed to do, tie her to a chair. Then he says look around, do you notice anything different. He says where alone, absolutely and totally allow and then he kisses her.

She pulls out of the kiss and he wants to know what’s wrong. (Can I just say – Oh My F…..G God, the glimpse of that chain and that five o’clock shadow – oh lordy – GULP). She’s having bad Cassie vibes and worried that her mother will blame her. Shawn tells Cassie is not her responsibility. He says look around, you’ll probably have the place to yourself for the rest of the term. She likes that. He says we’re alone – good things come to those who wait. She says ‘and wait’ and he adds ‘and wait’. They kiss again. Then she says and now you have to leave. He looks shocked. She says just for ten minutes, she wants to make things perfect. He says just ten minutes. They kiss again and he asks her if she’s sure she wants him to leave. She doesn’t sound too sure, but she says yes. They each stand on opposite sides of the door sighing and smiling. So cute.

He’s so cute waiting for those ten minutes to be up. Leaning against the post on the staircase. Leaning against the door of her room, pacing, drumming his fingers and hands together. When she calls out he runs to the door and opens it and then she stops when he sees her in bed. Candles lit, she’s sitting in the bed in a short nightie. She literally takes his breath away. He’s standing there still holding the door partially open and she asks him if it is okay. He locks the door and goes to the bed. He leans over her and asks her if she’s sure. She says she loves him and says ‘make love to me’. They kiss – well more like devour each other as he lowers on her the bed.

Club Echelon: Looks remarkably like a revamped Blue Note set. Tony comes in. Lucas is there. That Lucas is a hoot – he’s such a lecher, ogling all the women.. Jack comes in looking around for Maria talking on his cell phone (I presume to Jen) when she makes her entrance. Tony stops Lucas from drinking a double vodka. There’s good chemistry between those two – I think they should work together more often – they seem to play off one another so well.

Maria plays Jack for a minute or too and then lets on that she knows who he is. She gets Jack thrown out.
Jack phones Bo and says he can’t get anything out of Maria because Carson warned her about him. He asks Bo to come down. Bo shows up and Jack says he better not go in because Tony will recognize him. Bo phones John and tells him Tony is inside so John heads there as well. Jack tells Bo to tail Maria, John goes inside and a woman latches on to him right away. He says he’s their on business and Tony comes up and says what would your wife say? The bouncer throws someone else out and Jack tries to get back on and the bouncer decks him.

Bo is in the parking lot when Maria comes over and asks if she can wait in his car until the tow truck comes. He says sure. She says it’s a chilly night so he turns up the heat and asks if that will work for her.She shimmies her fake fur down her shoulders and asks if that works for him.

Meanwhile inside the club, John and Tony are exchanging barbs when Cassie phones him and asks for his help. She’s been arrested.

Chloe and Brady: Chloe has a nightmare and wakes up telling Brady that she is missing. Brady tries to convince her it was a dream. Brady gets Nancy to bring Joy to the hospital to calm her fears. Brady comes back and looks at pictures of Joy with Nancy and Chloe. Nancy tells her everything will be fine. Brady agrees and says she’ll make it through.

Bo and John: It’s nice to see signs of normality from John. He’s in the living room of the penthouse with a bottle of beer and a bowl of pretzels (I think). Bo comes over and asks for help. He explains the gang situation and tells him that he thinks Carson is connected to organized crime. He knows that the commissioner would never okay an investigation, he needs outside help. John says he doesn’t really know what he can do except maybe give him some times. Bo says, save it John, I know you’re ISA. John agrees to help

After he hangs up from talking with Belle, John tells Bo that he has a fine son but if he ever hurts Belle he’s going to kill him. Bo says they’re smart kids and they love each other, it’s time for the parents to back off. Brady joins them to watch the game. It was so nice to see three guys drinking beer, eating Chinese and watching the Blackhawk/Redwing hockey game.

Preview: Tony, John and Cassie talking. Jack coming to staring at a pair of women’s breasts as she leans over him – he’s wondering if he’s gone to heaven. Shirtless Shawn crouching on the bed answering yes to Belle’s surprised question ‘you’re telling me there were girls in your room all night?’ and then her at the door telling him to get out.

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Tuesday Apr. 1

Real Spoiler....

I know that Pat has got all the details so I'll be brief...LMAO.

Shelle scenes....it starts with them kissing...him without a shirt...he lifts up her camisole and says it's the wrong day...she says no it's after midnight...he starts to laugh (I laughed to)...she is hurt...she wanted him to be turned on and she wanted to be sexy...he says he's nervous...she says I am too...she tells him he hurt her...she calms down when he says do you iron them (I'm so glad there was no one here because I was killing myself laughing)...she says I just finished telling you that it hurt me and another lame joke...she says you hate that I'm like this...organized closet...knowing everyone's birthday...he says that's what I love about you...I just want to make you happy...he gives her a quick kiss..and says look no laughing let's start over...it comes back to him in his boxers (light blue I believe)on top of her and they are going at it pretty good...he wants this night to last forever...he tells her how much he missed her...she tells him about looking at his pic and listening to music that reminds her of him...it's scary how much she loves him...he says something about the party...(can we say open mouth insert foot)...she says girls...how many...she gets out of bed and opens the door and says get out (the preview) as he flops on the bed....(frustrated)...he goes towards the door...which is open as Amy walks by...it's pretty much what was said in the EE but the looks on their faces are priceless...Shawn's face..and he can't get Amy to shut-up...Belle just gets her to keep going...Now the whole time this is happening Shawn is standing there in his boxers...LOL. He tries to tell Belle it was a bet..if he jumped into the pool they would leave but that didn't happen...she asks why he didn't tell her...he says it wasn't important...she says no it's because you think I'm boring with my days of the week panties...he says I love you...she says get out and party with people who appreciate Shawn Brady...his clothes are in the hall....she slams the door...Shawn says outside in the hall...other people enjoyed the yell.

Now the looks and the expressions were absolutely perfect in this show. And Belle is hurt because she thinks that Shawn thinks she's boring...I absolutely loved it and it's a perfect way for them to get this issue out in the open.

Myself...I think Shawn got caught up in it...and the party did happen right after he got out of jail and the whole two months of thinking he killed Colin..he let loose but I'm sure he didn't do anything...it's not his style.

But you guys will love it....and SDB in his boxers is worth it...and it was hilarious...both JC/KS did a fantastic job in today's show.

I loved the J&J scenes and the Bo scenes as well...if this is Dena's I think we are in for a treat.

The scenes with Tony/John/Cassie....well if I was Cassie I would have gone home with John as well.

Pat will pick up the slack...but be prepared there are some major THUD scenes in this show as well.


Pat's book - very detailed spoilers - Warning!

Now for the real spoiler…..LMAO

Police Station: Abe, John, Cassie, Carson and eventually Tony. Of course Cassie is claiming innocence. Abe notices his locked file cabinet has been broken in to. One of the beat cops makes a call saying get down here, John Black arrived. Abe is telling John he hasn’t pressed charges yet when Carson comes in and accuses Abe of playing favourites again.

In Carson’s mind, John is an honorary Brady that’s why Abe is looking the other way. He pontificates and John and Abe tell him to can it and cut to the chase. He wants Cassie thrown in jail, John says first offence is a misdemeanour, slap on the wrist. John reminds Carson that he has a lot of power. Carson doesn’t know why he’s involved – John tells him he is Cassie’s uncle and her step-father.

Carson gets a phone call and leaves. Cassie thanks John for helping her and says ‘you really do care for me.’ John talks to her about under-age drinking. Cassie is stunned that she didn’t the rant and the full blown lecture. She is hugging John when Tony comes in – ooh – he is not a happy camper.

Tony lets John know that he has him followed that’s how he knew to come to the police station. He really lectures Cassie and ties in to her. John defends her. Cassie asks John to take her home with him to be with her mother. LMAO – at Tony ranting that Cassie is dragging the DiMera name through the mud – yeah right! Tony is really angry and accuses John of trying to come between him and his daughter. Abe interferes and says it is his decision to let Cassie go home to her mother – if Tony has a problem with that, he should take it up with him. Tony is beyond steamed at John!!!!

Jack & Jen: Of course Jen shows up just when Jack comes to with the woman’s breasts in his face, literally when she rests his head on the – LOL! Jen pretends to be angry. Poor Jack protests and Jen lets on that she is really teasing. They go back into Echelon and talk with Bo. He gives him the address of the place Maria took him to and they feel that if they can connect Carson to the young guy they can bring him down. Jen takes him home and treats him the way paid women at Echelon treat the men that come in. Jack doesn’t want that – he’s looking for a life partner. Smart man. Things heat up for them – LOL!

Bo & Maria: That Maria is so aggressive – warning – she buts her lips on Bo’s. He pushes her away, eventually and she asks him if he doesn’t want to have a good time. He indicates that the good time he wants is a chemically induced one. She tells him to wait – he follows her but the guy doesn’t let him in, just Maria. Bo, excuse me ‘Norman’ hooks up with Natasha and asks what she offers. He almost faints when he has to pay $200 bucks for champagne. He tries to get more information from her – especially about Maria. She just says Maria is a piece of work – any one else would get canned for treating customers that way. But then she clams up and tells him to leave.

Shawn and Belle: Scene 1: Camera pans from Shawn’s shoes, socks and shirt on the phone to his bare feet, up his legs and hers to show them really kissing. He’s running his hand up and down her leg, pulls out of the kiss to slide her nightie up and glass down. He’s kissing her neck and he says you got the wrong day on your day of the week panties. She says it’s after midnight, she changed them. Shawn is lying on top of kissing her neck, when he starts laughing. She pushes him away and asks him what he’s laughing at. He tries to stop but doesn’t succeed. She is peeved!

Scene 2: Can that boy be any more clueless – LMAO! Belle pulls the covers over herself, as he lies there still laughing at her. He apologizes saying days of the week panties are funny. She doesn’t think so. She says I don’t think so, she thinks they are sexy. She turns her back on him. He apologizes again, saying he’s a little nervous (not very convincingly). She has a hard time buying it. He doesn’t understand why she is getting so hostile. He scurries back on the bed when she yells at him that she isn’t hostile, then realises she is. She says maybe I am a bit hostile, I’m nervous, she didn’t expect him to laugh at her. She wanted him to find her sexy and irresistible and she’s looking at him and he’s killing himself trying not to crack up laughing again when she just told him that she was hurt. He hurt her feelings – there are times when you want someone to laugh and sometimes when laughing is the worst thing. She wanted everything to be perfect. Than he asks her if she ironed her panties like she irons everything else. She says that’s a good idea to make fun of me just when I told you that your last joke wasn’t funny. He keeps laughing, wondering what he did wrong now. He says he’s a jerk and he’s going to stop talking because he keeps putting his foot his mouth. She says you hate that I’m perfect, that I make lists, iron my clothes, remember birthdays and anniversaries…He tells her to stop. He says their both nervous, that’s why she’s getting upset over nothing. He tells her that he loves that she is so perfect – he loves everything about her. He slides up the bed…THUD ALERT – Oh that chain and cross moving over his chest as he moves – yummy! He wants her to forget about everything, no more laughing and he starts kissing her.

Scene 3: He’s down to his boxers on top of the covers – they’re really kissing, his hands are running up down the side of her body. He says he wants this night to last forever. So does she, they’re going to look back on this night for the rest of their lives, they’re first time – she runs her hand close to his mouth – THUD alert – you see his tongue coming out trying to capture those fingers. PC Moment ladies. He says I’m not laughing, I’m smiling. She apologizes for over reacting. He says that when he’s a way from her, all he can do is think about her – he goes crazy missing her. She says it’s the same for her – she actually says, “It’s scary how much I love you Shawn.” He says when he was out of town, even with all the noise in his room with guys and girls coming in and out, all he could think of was her. She says ‘What?’ He looks at her confused and says ‘What’. She says you never told me there were girls in your room. We get the famous smirk again and that clueless look again.

Scene 4: He wants her to calm down. She wants an explanation, he says it was nothing. She wants to know if it was nothing, why he didn’t tell her. She really gives him the third degree after he says Jerry invited some guys back, those guys invited State’s cheerleaders and they brought their friends. She wants to know how many, he says he didn’t do a head count, there were a bunch. She wants to know what he did with them, he says nothing. He wants to know what why she is blowing everything out of proportion – he DIDN’T do anything. She wants to know how late they stayed, he doesn’t know because he fell asleep. She wants to know if they were still there when he woke up and he says yes. She says there were girls there all night and you didn’t tell me. She gets out of bed and grabs her robe and opens the door and tells him to get out. He drops his head on the bed in total disbelief.

LMAO – the third degree scene – so funny!

Scene 5: He wants to know what is going on with her. She says I asked you to leave. He wants to know if she has any idea how much of an insane over reaction this is. She’s mad about the huge party with girls that stayed overnight – he says yes they were that but he didn’t spend the night with any of them. She picks up his shoes and clothes and throws them out and he wants to know what she’s doing. A girl says “watch it” and then comes in and says, “Shawn, is that you.” Shawn says hi, she says I’m Amy. She thanks him for the other night – saying she had a great time in his room. Shawn says I heard. She says you were there too and from what I heard, you didn’t have such a bad time yourself Tarzan. The looks on both Belle’s and Shawn’s face – priceless – LOL!

Scene 6: Amy says no one expected Shawn to take that dare. Belle says I thought you were sleeping Shawn. Amy says he totally crashed but not until after he pulled off the coolest stunt. Shawn is trying to get Amy to leave. Belle says oh really, what was it? Amy says I can’t believe he didn’t tell you. It was 4 in the morning when he went to the roof of the hotel and jumped into the pool. She says the funniest part was that he lost his boxers and he kept diving in trying to find them but the pool was too dark. The pool area wasn’t so someone eventually got him one of those small hotel towels that when he got out of the pool he draped around his middle like a loincloth. She says everyone was chanting ‘Tarzan.’ She begs Shawn to do the yell, he grimaces no, so she does it. The whole beating on the chest thing and everything. ROTFLMAO – the expressions that cross Shawn’s face while Amy is telling Belle the story – I’m still laughing!!!! Belle says she guesses there’s a whole side to him that she doesn’t know about him.

Scene 7: Amy is gone. He admits that everything she said was true but it was all done in fun. He did it to get them to leave. She wants to know if it worked. He said no. That was the dare, he would jump they would leave but after he did it they used it as an excuse to keep partying. He didn’t tell her because it wasn’t important. She says the truth is he jumped at the chance to party with sexy cheerleaders because he’s bored with her and her days of the week panties. He says he was thinking about her all the time. She doesn’t think he wouldn’t tell her about the party because he didn’t think she would understand because he thinks of her as a straight-laced goody two shoes bore. She drags him to the door, opens it and tells him to get out, he’s muttering that you’ve got to be kidding me. She tells him to go be wild and party with some else that will appreciate the real Shawn Brady. She slams the door and says ‘Oooh”. He’s on the other side saying everyone else liked the Tarzan yell.

I really got the impression that JC and KS had an absolute hoot doing these scenes. They were great!

Preview: Chloe and Brady, Bo and Abe telling him he can’t keep breaking the rules. Victor and Nicole – Victor telling her she’ll never get the upper hand, she says nothing lasts forever and he says no there’s a fresh hell waiting for you.

Wednesday Apr. 2


I'm not sure what it is but I'm loving the show right now....

J&J & Bope sitting at the Brady Pub planning their next move...until Roman/Kate walk in and they keep quiet...Nicole trying to tell Bo about Victor as Victor comes up and squashes her plan...loved Jen/Hope talking...Loved how Hope tells Bo she's going to the station with him...no if's, and's or but's. Abe at the station yelling at Bo as Roman/Kate come in...Roman goes in and offers to be his partner...it's the only way Abe will leave him on the case...Hope/Kate listening at the door...Kate's worried...Hope knows she loves Roman but she won't tell him first...

I really enjoyed the J&J scenes at the TV station...their banter back and forth...I think this is going to be fun.

And the scenes at the hospital with Broe & Crancy as Chloe gets ready for her transplant.

Previews: Mimi asking Belle about her wearing her days of the week panties...LOL. Cassie saying to Belle if Shawn was my boyfriend I'd find something to do other than fight...as they go at it and end up on the bed. (I'm looking forward to this...enjoy)



Crancy and Broe: Some really good scenes today. Brady is very concerned about her. They really showcased Chloe’s vulnerability and we get a glimpse of scared she it. Her one on one talks with both Nancy and Craig were very touching. She tells Nancy she is scared. She thanks Craig for keeping her informed about her treatment and she wants him to know that if anything happens to her, she doesn’t want Joy to know. She doesn’t want her sister to think that she failed her in any way because they both know that the transplant is her last chance.

Brady Pub: Hope teasing Bo about going undercover in a den of iniquity. Jack and Jen join them. Jack sits with Hope and Jen with Bo. Bo wraps his arm around Jen. Jack wants to know if Bo learned anything else and Bo laughs that he must be losing his touch. He asked too many questions. Hope says you’re not giving up, are you? They talk about the fact that the drug house is close to campus. Hope hates that drugs and gangs could possibly touch Shawn’s life because of the proximity, there’s always a chance of a drive by shooting.

Okay, does this sound like foreshadowing or what? Somehow the drugs and the campus scene are going to connect and someone is going to get caught in the crossfire. Just the feeling I got.

Loved the scenes with the four of them today! Roman and Kate come in but Bo, Hope, Jack and Jen all clam up. Roman understands that Bo doesn’t trust him and he orders their breakfast to go.

Nico follows Nicole to the pub. She tells Bo that Victor is back to dealing with his old connections. Victor comes in and makes a snide remark about his wife being concerned for his safety. He tells Nicole that Bo knows what he is doing because Bo is the one that asked him to do it. He then tells Bo he still hasn’t found anything out. Jack and Jen leave for the TV station after Vern calls saying Bill’s gift for Jack is there. Bo and Hope go to the police station. Victor ‘orders’ Nicole to go home. She doesn’t want to leave so he practically shoves her out the door. UGH!

Police Station: Bo and Hope enter. Abe summons Bo in and starts raking him over the coals about breaking into his file cabinets. He’s yelling loud enough for Roman and Kate to hear when they walk in.

Roman goes in to see what he can do. Kate and Hope listen at the door. Abe is saying Bo can’t work on the case when Roman says you don’t want to leave the best detective out of the mix. He offers to partner with Bo, who of course doesn’t want a partner. Abe tells him to take the offer and not work on the case. They agree. Bo tells Roman they need to stake out the alleged drug house.

Kate gets upset because she’s concerned for Roman’s safety. Hope tells her that Bo told her that she was in love with Roman and she wants to know why she hasn’t told him. Kate wants him to say it first.

TV station: Jack and Jen are met there by Harold and Oliver Wentworth and Vern. Apparently Oliver knows Bill – he wants them to do a TV show for him and make it as successful as the Spectator. They don’t want to give up the paper – he says they don’t have to. LMAO at the station manager’s reference to them as the next Regis and Kelly. Those two are just sooo funny. Somehow with Vern pressuring them to do it along with Harold and Oliver, I think they got talked into it!

Preview: Mimi saying to Belle ‘please tell me you weren’t wearing those panties’, Belle saying it was the worse night of her life. Belle’s room and Cassie clutching a picture (I assume of Shawn) saying that if Shawn was her boyfriend they would find better things to do than fight. Cassie won’t give the picture back, Belle tries to take it away and they start fighting – damn in the preview it looks like Cassie has the upper hand. Marlena congratulating Tony on officially being a parent – of please – gag me!!!!

Thursday Apr. 3

Jan is unable to post a spoiler report tonight.

Here's mine:

After watching today’s show, I’m wondering if some of the speculation going on about Belle inadvertently getting caught up in the drug scene couldn’t come to pass. I just think it’s going to be Mimi, not Belle. Here’s my reasoning, Mimi agrees to become friends with Cassie because Rex convinces her that she is just what Cassie needs, someone that is level-headed that she could talk to about anything. (Okay, Rex – Mimi, level-headed – oh boy, he did fall out of a spacecraft, didn’t he?). What if it is Mimi that gets hurt trying to keep Cassie out of trouble?

That’s my speculating over and done with it – on to the rest of the show.

Brandon, Sami, & Lexie: Sami introduces Gwen (Brandon’s Lamaze partner) to George – a guy who works in the pharmacy. Brandon knows exactly what she’s doing and calls her on but Lexie steps in and agrees with Sami. No surprise, George and Gwen get along like a house on fire and they’re off to have tea together. Sami and Brandon go to the Brady pub for lunch (run into John and Shawn – who just ordered breakfast???) and makes a smart remark to John. John was at the point where he was telling John a man waited for woman, he didn’t push – and Sami says oh yeah, just like you did with my mom. Brandon and Sami argue about his obsession with Lexie. He says he’s not obsessed, she is. She says she won’t play second fiddle to a married woman and runs out. Lexie tells him not to let secrets destroy him. He goes back to the apartment – all his stuff is thrown out and the door is chained. Sami is on the couch crying.

The Penthouse: The way that Marlena was so pleasant and joking with Tony made me ill. Tony at first comes in demanding that Cassie leave to go home with him. Marlena takes him outside the door and says that’s not the way to approach her. He goes back in but starts tying into her in short order.

Cassie goes upstairs. Belle comes in when Marlena and Tony are being nice and jovial and demands to know what is going on. Marlena is very sweet (bleck!) explaining that Tony was there checking on Cassie. Belle doesn’t want to hear it and runs to her room and there is Cassie lying on her bed going through her stuff. Belle wants to know what she is doing there damn it – lol! Cassie wants to know if her mommy knows she uses that kind of language.

What I don’t get is why Belle told Cassie that she and Shawn had a fight. After Cassie’s remark about if Shawn was her boyfriend they would have other things on their mind, she then asks Belle if Shawn is now available. Cassie won’t give the picture back and the fight is on. Cassie on top first but Belle rolls them off the bed.

Marlena and Tony break them apart and Tony takes Cassie downstairs. Belle says she hates Cassie. Poor Marlena – she’s shocked – wants to know what happened to her daughter that she’s acting like this. Belle says the only way she can get any attention in this family is to act brattier than her half-sister.

They go down and Tony and Cassie prepare to leave. Oooh, how I would have loved to wipe that smirk off Cassie’s face that was directed towards Belle when Cassie was hugging her mom. In the limo on the way home the way Tony fawns all over Cassie is downright disgusting. She plays him like a harp. She wants him to be the kind of father that John Black is to Belle. He says he won’t turn into John but he’ll learn from Marlena and if Belle Black’s nose gets out of joint, so be it.

Marlena wants to know what is wrong – Belle is just too steamed to tell her – says she should now. Of course Marlena blames Belle for not keeping Cassie in line – she should be a good influence over her sister. John is stunned when Belle yells at him to never call her ‘Tink’ again. John also brushes aside what Cassie did and Belle’s world is just crumbling around her. Belle asks them what being the 'perfect daughter' has gotten her? Twice she brought up the fact about not getting any attention from the family. The look on John’s face and Marlena’s also – total bewilderment.

Loved the talk at the pub between Shawn and John. Shawn comes in all tired – hasn’t slept all night – god I hope he didn’t do something else as stupid as partying someplace else. John asks how things are and Shawn tells him everything sucks. Of course Shawn doesn’t have a clue that John knew what his plans were for the evening and of course when John lets on that he talked to Belle – poor Shawn, he’s so embarrassed. He doesn’t really want to talk about it especially with Belle’s father but John gets it out of him that Belle and him got into a fight and that Belle threw him out. John wants to know what the fight was about and Shawn says it was silly. Shawn has a bit of an attitude with John. Johns says it seems to him that Belle is the mature one in the relationship. This is where John makes the remark that Sami overhears. Shawn gets his breakfast to go and tells John not to do the happy dance until he leaves. Shawn also tells John that he’s not someone just out to score with his daughter, they love each other and he says try not to be too happy because I’m going to do everything I have to be with her.

Ops comes in, Shawn gives him the once-over a couple of times. He hands John some papers and John says so Tony has made his move. Ops says he’s good, he’s staying one step ahead of the good guys. John says he’s not as smart or as good as he is. Ops’ number one mission is to find a way to breach Tony’s new security system.

In Belle’s room at the beginning of the show, Mimi comes in and wants all the juicy details. She wants to know if it was everything Belle had dreamed it would be and Belle tells her it was the worst night of her life. Mimi gets it out of her eventually and tells her that she’s told her that Days of the Week panties are for everyday – not for your first time with the guy you’ve been in love with since you were five.

She says it’s too bad Shawn laughed but she said if you would have taken the panties off she’s sure he would have stopped laughing. Belle says she found out he was partying while out of town. Mimi says you don’t think he slept with one of those girls and Belle says no and then I don’t think so. She really doubts herself and him! She leaves. Rex comes in and Mimi and him talk and then start kissing. Shawn knocks and comes in, clears his throat loudly, slams the door, makes more noises before they break apart. He wants to know if Belle is around – Mimi says no and then she says Belle told her everything. Shawn wants to know if there’s anyone she hasn’t told. He then asks Mimi if she thinks that Belle picked a fight with him just so they wouldn’t have sex. Mimi says that doesn’t sound like Belle but she has been going through some really heavy stuff lately, so maybe subconsciously – yeah.

Shawn is off to class. He’s rummaging in his book bag for a pen and comes face to face with Belle. They stare at each other, neither of them really knowing what to expect from the other. Shawn says, ‘we have to talk.’ Belle looks like she is going to say something and then just walks into her room. Shawn is not too happy.

By the way: Belle is looking gorgeous today and SDB is looking scrumptious!!!!

Preview: Victor offering Brady a job. Nicole yelling at Brady for taking something her job away from her and of course her robe coming undone and flashing her black bra which Brady takes a good look at. Brandon telling Sami to open the door or he's coming in.

Friday Apr. 4


Well here goes.......

I have to say I like Brady/Nicole. The tension..the looks..the verbal attacks. Refreshing. And of course the chemistry is there. I wasn't sure at the start but I think this could be good.

Sami/Brandon...Now that we know Brandon't leaving it's really hard to get into this...but my wish for Sami...I want to see her leave him at the alter.

Roman/Kate...I really felt sorry for Kate today. She wanted to tell Roman so badly that she loved him but she just couldn't do it....not until she said it on the 'radio' and the whole cop station heard...she was so hurt that Roman just told her to get off the air.

Bo/Hope...I love these two. They were joking around and you can just see the love. Hope looked especially beautiful today. Loved her talking to him on the radio and him trying to get mad at her. Didn't work..LOL.

Roman/Bo...a little teasing going on with these two.

Hope/Kate...a little girl talk.

Previews: Mimi/Cassie/Belle saying they were going to audition for the dating show...Belle seemed a little 'too' excited about it to me...more of a put on. JMO.



OK – I was wrong – that wasn’t a black bra Nicole was wearing – that was the top of her bikini.

Sami and Brandon: Brandon pretends to hurt himself trying to get in. He gets in and she tries to fight him off. She tells him that she’s tired of him being obsessed with a married woman. He says she is right and then he tells her that he is committed to her and then they steam up the screen. Even after they make love Sami says she knows he’s still holding back. He says she’s right. He didn’t know how to tell her but he then says he is connected to that child and he will always be connected to it. She panics thinking he knows that he’s the father. She begs him not to tell anyone and he asks her if she still thinks he’s the father. She says how are you connected if you’re not the father. He says his connection is an emotional one – that’s all.

Police Station: Loved the differences between Kate and Hope. Kate all tense and worried, Hope all playful and teasing. Loved the hot kiss Bo gives Hope. Can I say that I LOVE Roman and Kate together. They way he teases her to try and ease her worries. The way she is dying to tell him how she feels about him. Loved how Hope was watching them and then she tells Bo it is so obvious she loves him. He looks at her and says please don’t play Cupid. She says she won’t but you know by the look in her eyes that she is going to.

Kate tries so hard to tell him, even pulls him into Abe’s office but she just can’t get the words out. So she tells him to be careful and he says you said that once. She says she wanted to do this and kisses him. After Bo and Roman leaves, Hope tells Kate that she knows what she is going through and asks her to come with her.

Hope takes Kate back to her house and tells Kate that she has to learn to relax, but Kate can’t. Hope has an idea, she says we’ll go on the stakeout with the guys. Hope brings in a police ban radio. Hope tells her that she should have told Roman how she feels. They hear the guys report in.

Stakeout: Roman and Bo talk. A car pulls up and Bo starts taking pictures. Bo teases Roman about how worried Kate was about him. Hope cuts in on the radio and Bo teases her that he was right and he and Roman are going to bust in to the house. Kate grabs the microphone and says no you can’t do that. Bo tells Hope to stay off the radio. Kate says this is “Bracelets” (the handle that Hope gave her). Bo says ‘bracelets’ and Kate tells him his partner will know what that means. She ends saying I love you with half the cops listening in. Roman tells her to sign off now, very abruptly, because he knows it’s an open channel. Kate feels it’s over. Bo sees Vin leave and says he’s going in. Roman tries to stop him to no avail.

Nicole, Brady and Victor: Victor offers Brady a job. Victor has been very impressed at the work Brady has done at Basic Black and how quickly he picked up the business. HUH??? Brady worked????? He tells him that he wants to groom him to take over for him because Phillip has never shown any interest in the business. Brady asks if the business is legitimate. Nicole is listening in shock at the door. Brady needs time to think about it.

As he is going to leave, Nicole confronts him and ties into him. She accuses him of taking advantage of an old man. She made Titan what it is – again, huh??? He tells her to go practice her breast stroke and she tells him he’s jealous. They continue arguing even though Brady keeps saying he needs to be someplace else. They do know how to fight. LOL!!! – he calls her ‘grandma.’

Preview: Roman and Bo inside the house. Jen getting knocked out and a shot of gagged and bound in the trunk. Penny handing out flyers for the reality TV show. Mimi and Cassie saying their in, Belle saying let’s do it.

Monday Apr. 7

Jan will add her thoughts, here's mine.

Hartley House: Shawn and Rex are both studying and talking when Mimi comes in. Shawn gets the hint and leaves – love the little wink he gives Mimi. Rex is very abrupt with Mimi when she looks at his papers – earth to alien – she wouldn’t understand them anyway! Cassie prances into Belle’s room as Belle is removing pictures of her and Shawn from their frames and packing them into that box that Cassie had been rifling through.

Cassie comes in and tells Rex to move back to the mansion, to boycott Hartley house. (This is after Chaz comes to Belle’s room. I hate the way he keeps talking to Belle – but she is totally on to him.) Mimi doesn’t want him to go. Cassie talks to him and Mimi wanders over to his desk and Rex really ties into her. Mimi leaves when Rex says he’s moving back to the mansion for privacy. Shawn comes back, Cassie leaves to get something from Belle’s room. Rex tells Shawn he is moving home and that he and Belle can have all the privacy they want now. LOL – Isn’t it ironic that when neither of them have a room-mate, they break up.

Belle is very serious about the break-up. She even packs away the ‘I love you’ heart. And her words to him say volumes. Shawn thinks the argument was stupid – she thinks it show the differences between them. He says that doesn’t mean that two people who are different can’t be in love. She does concede that point. She thinks he hides who he is when he is with her – he becomes what he thinks she wants him to be – he’s the more the party animal when he’s not with her. She says he probably is bored with her, that she is too conventional, too straight–laced for him. He can’t believe it. She says doesn’t he wonder why they never get to make love even though they try and try. He says ‘circumstances’ – she says – and this is her words “No, it’s because deep in my heart, I don’t want it to happen.”

She says do you know how many times she thought they were ready. He says we were, she says no we weren’t, it’s very clear to her now. He doesn’t understand. He says she’s acting like he was unfaithful to her. She says there has to be a reason he just can’t be open with her. He says what to I have to do to prove myself. She says he shouldn’t have to do anything, if they were right for each other and trusted each other, the honestly would just come naturally and it hasn’t. She says maybe this is a good thing and he wants to know how it could be a good thing. She says I’m just not sure that we belong together at all. He doesn’t get it. He says I go on the road with me team, we party and I don’t advertise it – she says he hasn’t been completely honest with her before. He says you’re not going to bring that up as she mentions Jan. She says what are we going to do - if I don’t trust you, what have we got? He says ‘if that’s the way you feel. She says it is and gives the box saying she thinks he should have it. His voice breaks, his jaw clenches, the muscle twitches as he says ‘You know, maybe this is a good thing. I can find someone who will trust me.’ He slams the door as he leaves.

Mimi comes in complaining that she and Rex are over because he’s moving back to the mansion. Belle says she’s without a boyfriend as well. This is only time I caught any glimpse that Belle was really not certain that she did the right thing. She can’t really talk about it with Mimi. Cassie comes back in. Penny comes over with the flyers.

What surprised me the most, is that Belle is the one that suggest they try out first. She is absolutely determined that she and Shawn are over for good. She seems very enthused about it.

Shawn is absolutely crushed. Belle is determined to move on. The only thing I found remotely optimistic were Shawn’s words to Rex. He told him that Belle and he were through, that he told her that he would find someone that could trust him. He then tells Rex, he doesn’t want anyone else, he loves Belle. He has such a determined look on his face. Rex asks him what he’s going to do and he that’s a good question. THUD ALERT: He is looking mighty fine, tired, five o’clock shadow, discouraged and determined all at once!

The rest of the show – sorry I’m not going to go into too much detail. I’m still digesting the couple of short scenes Shawn and Belle shared.

Okay the case of the missing Salem brain has now been transferred to Vin, the drug pusher. Bo can’t break into his house. Roman, even though he wants to wait for a search warrant, says I know another way. Of course the window to the room that is full of drugs is not locked and they just slide it open and look inside. Yeah, right. Hope goes to the station when she hears that Roman and Bo don’t respond back to the police station. Jack and Jen follow Carson back to his office after he had been harassing Abe about the Brady brothers. Jack had conveniently planted that ‘bug’ pin he had given to Jen in Carson’s office. They listen to him Carson & Maria. Jen follows her, Maria hears, hides behind a pillar and knocks her out and ties her up and puts her in the trunk.

She goes to Vin. She spots Bo and Roman. They think they’re there to steal the drugs. Vin pulls open drawers full of guns and says he’ll take care of them. Bo and Roman are waiting for back-up which conveniently is not available (how is this even possible???). The woman cop phones Carson and fills him in on what Bo and Roman are up to. Carson phones Vin and tells him there is a Code Blue situation (I’m assuming it’s Vin because Vin tells Maria the same thing). Jack runs to Abe and tells him and Hope privately that Carson is crooked. He says Jen is following Maria. He can’t get hold of her on the cell and they all begin to worry. Her cell phone rings – shows her purse and keys, etc. scattered by her car.

Of course Roman and Bo had leaned right on Maria’s trunk before Jen came to and they don’t know she’s there. Bo is not going to wait. He pulls his gun – even though Roman says they have to. Vin is pulling out all his guns….

Preview: Mimi, Belle and Cassie listening to the producer saying the more competitive the better, Cassie with a sly grin, Belle saying she’s in. Bo and Roman outside the drug house, shots fired.

I am very enthused about how determined Shawn is when he tells Rex he doesn’t want anyone else – he loves Belle. I think it’s going to very interesting to see what he comes up with to try and win her back. He damn well better succeed!!!!

Tuesday Apr. 8

You guys will have to bare with me tonight, Pat is out of town and I couldn't get Trix's caps to work. Nonetheless here goes.

Bo/Roman...Bo wants to go into the house, Roman is determined to keep him out. Chaz/Vin inside packing up the drugs. Chaz wants to know what happens if the cops show...Vin says we shoot our way out and don't let me down 'college boy'. Vin comes out to load the car and Bo goes after him...Chaz opens fires and guns are blazing. Roman gets hit as the 'marines' arrive...Chaz is arrested but Vin gets away. After realizing Roman is OK (hit in the vest)Bo takes off after Vin with Roman yelling after him (this is where the show ends). I actually enjoyed today's show and to be honest it looked like PR was enjoying himself as well.

Hope...after Jack/Hope found Jen's car Hope starts driving around town trying to find Maria's car. She gets a call from Jen telling her where she is and Hope takes off to find her.

Jack...he arrives at Palmer's office as he's shredding documents. Jack tricks him into leaving the office and goes in to check out what he was shredding...a smile on his face...looks like he found something.

Jen...after getting herself out of the ropes on her wrists and ankles she kicks the rear seats out and finds Maria's cell phone and calls Jack and Hope...I have no idea why she didn't call the cops but hey...that wouldn't have been as good a story.

Cassie/Mimi/Belle...standing in line to audition for the show Belle and Cassie start going at it. Cassie going at Belle about being perfect...Belle going at Cassie about being well....Cassie. Cassie says maybe now that Shawn's available she'll drop Chaz and show Shawn a 'good time'. Belle says you're not his type. Cassie says you don't want him but don't want anyone else to have him. Mimi can't get a word in (unusual eh??)The producer hears them and says they are exactly what they want. Belle wants her to explain the show. She's not sure that she wants to make a fool of herself on national TV. Mimi says don't you want to prove to Shawn that you can have fun...you're not the spoiler, boring little rich girl. Belle has a flashback to the scene where Shawn is making fun of her DOTW panties and says I'm in.

Brady/Chloe...I'm sorry but I couldn't get into this. I found Brady annoying today...he sounded like he was talking to a child. He did accept the job at Titan.

Victor/Tony...discussing Echelon...not to exciting.

Previews: Cassie telling Tony about the show and Tony saying she's not going on. Cassie dress like a s***. short white skirt, wide belt, black top. Rex saying she looks like a 'hootchie mama' Cassie asking if that's good. Hope/Jack/Jen taking down Maria....all I can say is you go Hope...looked like she was kicking Maria's butt.

Thursday Apr. 10


Seeing as Pat's back I can relax and let her pick up the slack...LOL.

First of all let me say how great it was to see Hope back....the way her and Jen went after Maria and friend was wonderful to see. This is the Hope I love.

I love 'rebel' Bo (I think I said that before)and how great it is to see his edge back. I thought his ability to speed through the streets of Salem and talk on the radio was pretty impressive. He's still worried about Hope but he's off to catch Vin.

Roman...you blew it. Kate doesn't want to talk to you since she heard you tell the guys at the precint it was a joke (I don't think Kate found it funny). Loved the way he hugged Jen/Hope and was proud of them...the way he went after Chaz. But he needs some lessons in the romance dept.

Jack...what can you say. Loved him today. He grabs some papers from Carson's office then takes off to rescue Jen. They show up at Vin's house and he's all into catching the 'crooks' when he sees the bruise on Jen's face and realizes what's more important.

Tony/Cassie/Rex....Tony cares more about the DiMera name than he does about Cassie. And can that girl work Rex wrap Rex around her little finger. She needs a little help in the fashion dept. (half her butt was showing in that skirt) Rex what are you up to??? Hmmmm???

And Vin's hiding out at the club...Abe and boys must have missed a room.

Previews: Poor Mimi...Belle/Cassie keep pushing her out of the way. Lucas/Sami...can't wait to see them in action. John/Marlena...John I think your caught.

Enjoy the show...I did. It was great to see strong women again.


Jack is hiding in Carson’s office. He rescues some documents from being shredded and sneaks out of the office. He checks his messages and gets Jen’s message. Carson comes out and Jack grabs him and asks him

Jen and Hope are in the parking lot. Jen tells Hope that Maria Annendel kidnapped her. Maria and her goon show up, Jen and Hope hide. They get caught. Maria tells them they are both going to die. They put up a fight but it ends up with the goon holding a gun on Hope.

Jack jumps on his back from behind and Hope gives him a few more kicks. Jen and Hope end up dumping Maria in the trunk and putting up the back seat so she couldn’t escape. Roman shows up with the cops and they’re all pretty pleased with themselves.

Bo shows up after losing Vin in the high speed chase. He hates that Hope got mixed up in the whole drug scene. Jack and Jen go to the drug house but can’t get a statement. Jack notices her bruise and is overcome with emotion. Jen feels that their whole way of life is threatened. They need to do something. Jack says tonight we’re just going home. We’ll get the story tomorrow. Hope tries to talk Bo into going home but he can’t rest with all that scum on the street. He kisses her forehead and takes off leaving her with a worried look on her face.

Vin goes to Echelon and asks the manager to hide him. Abe comes in with some plain clothes cops and asks to look around and the manager says not without a warrant. Abe says he’ll get one but he’ll leave the other cops there to get all the patron’s names and numbers and possibly phone their wives. The manager caves. Another worker phones Tony and tells him what went down. I’m confused – if Tony is Mr. Big why does he tell Arnie or Andy (not sure of the guy’s name) to find out who is being hid and who he works for and tells him to have the guy followed when he leaves. Then Tony gets Bart to drive him to an appointment. They don’t show who he meets with although I thought it was Echelon he went to – not sure.

Tony is surprised to see Rex moving back home. He says he couldn’t stay in a place that threw out his sister. Tony notices all his stuff and Rex says he’s doing research and needs more money. Tony asks what he’s working on and Rex tells him it would bore him. Cassie tells Tony she’s going to be a contestant on a Reality TV Dating show and she’s going to win. Tony forbids it and they have a real loud argument about it. She basically tells him that he can’t tell her what to do.

After he leaves, she talks Rex into helping her go on the show behind Tony’s back. She is so extremely delusional. She thinks she’s going to win and the whole world is going to know her, she’s going to be famous, she’ll be a star. Rex says that’s not good than Tony will find out for sure because the press will be around for interviews. She doesn’t care, being a star is all she ever wanted besides to be loved. She feels if she’s famous it will get her the love she wants. She tries an outfit and OMG – the skirt is maybe only 12 inches of leather or pleather total. The top is unbelievable – she looks like a two bit hooker – Rex says it makes her look like a hootchie mama. LOL!

Kate is at the Blue Note drowning her sorrows. She notices the mayor talking to Carson. Carson is whining to the mayor that the Brady brothers are taking the law into his own hands. The mayor gets a call and has to leave. (Hmmmm – a thought just struck me – is the Mayor working with Tony???) Carson spouts off to Kate that he’ll have to clean up after the Brady’s to try and get convictions. Roman phones Kate but she tells him she’s not in the mood to talk to him and hangs up.

An observation: LMAO – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many plain clothes cops and cops, period in one episode of Days before. And Chaz, between Roman and Bo going at him you'd think he'd give it up - but no - he has a story and he's sticking to it.

Preview: Belle, Cassie and Mimi all jockeying for position while posing for pictures. Sami and Lucas arguing and Sami totally losing it and Brandon telling her to chill out.

Friday Apr. 11

Jan got pre-empted today so just my report. Jan will post one tomorrow telling me I was just imagining that change in JC's voice - LOL! So if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

Warning: Very Detailed!

Okay ladies, either I’m completely crazy or JC is sick but that man is talking in a way deeper voice than we’ve heard Shawn speak in before. Not just the odd time – throughout the entire show. All I have to say is THUD!!!!GULP!!!!

You would think that I would have learned my lesson about taking spoilers literally. We were all scratching our heads trying to figure out why Belle told Shawn that it was his idea to call things quits between them. That’s not even remotely close to what happened. Let me fill you in with details and more details – LOL!

I’ll get through the rest of the show first:

Marlena, John and Ops: Ops has an appointment. John comes to see Marlena and is told she has a new patient in with her. John waits and notices Ops case. Ops is giving Marlena a line of bull about his job and just when he is going to tell what his job is, John comes in and says that is not a good idea.
Marlena leaves them alone. Ops says he had orders to check out Marlena and John is not happy. Marlena comes in and says she knows who Ops is and who he works for. John confirms that it is all about taking down Tony. She’s not too happy with him at first but he sweet talks her and all is well. By the way, love Marlena’s new cut and style. Suits her very well IMO.

Brandon, Lucas, Sami: Lucas brings Sami some material to make copies of for the board members. Of course she doesn’t want to do it but Brenda says when Lucas says jump, you jump. She’s grumbling to Brandon and he tells her that the board meeting is very important to him because he wants new funds allocated to his department. Of course Lucas here’s this and has Sami waiting on him hand and foot doing his bidding at the board meeting. Then she hears that they had already agreed to allocate a large amount of funds to Brandon’s department and of course Sami flips. She’s harassing Lucas and Brandon comes along and thanks Lucas. Sami if teed off that Brandon is being so friendly to him after Lucas had humiliated her. Brandon basically tells her that she is embarrassing herself. Geez Sami – dump that loser already. Another observation that you don’t care about – Lucas looked mighty fine today – something about the hair and that snide little sneer of his – LOL!

Rex: sneaks into the mansion with a big package. Shawn comes over to see him and tells Iliana he’ll go up to his room. Again – OMFG that voice! He gives Rex a book that he forgot at the dorm but he admits that he needs to talk to someone about Belle. Rex wants to know if they’re at least talking. Shawn says she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks they were forcing things, too different, he disagrees and she gets really mad at him. He’s confused, wondering why every time they get back together something happens to screw things up. Rex says he doesn’t know much but he thinks Shawn should take action fast, before she hooks up with someone else. Shawn says no it’s too soon for that. Rex says don’t be so sure and then he tells Shawn that Belle is a contestant on Love Is Blind. He tells Shawn that it’s being taped at Dotcom. Shawn is gone in a flash.

Rex spends the rest of the time working on his ‘research’ except when he’s totally DiMera telling Iliana that from now on when he gets company, he wants to be told first.

The snide remarks continue as the girls are getting their make-up on. LMAO at Belle’s comment that the only thing Cassie was missing from her outfit was the ‘pole.’ More smart remarks from Belle when Cassie sees that Chaz has been arrested. I’m not liking this side of Belle to be perfectly honest. But I think she’s really questioning who she is.

The girls are sitting at the table ready to shoot, the hot stud is supposed to come through the door any second. They have their eyes peeled to the door when Shawn walks in. Belle says if he’s the stud, I forfeit. They try to kick him out but decide he’ll be good for some reaction shots. GASP! Mimi goes to him and greets him, he comes over and says hi to Cassie, never taking his eyes off of Belle. He wants to talk to her, but she ignores him until Mimi says that she would love to.

Belle gets up to talk to him – did I say how absolutely beautiful dressed she is. She’s wearing a pale yellow dress with a peasant styled neckline accented with flowers, very fitted, about mid-thigh in length.

She asks him what he’s doing there he asks her the same thing, what’s she doing on a dating show. He doesn’t want her to do it. She says that you are the one that said you wanted to see other people. He says he said some things last night he shouldn’t have. He doesn’t want to see other girls. Her reply, “I should believe you because…” His reply, and OMG, he is so intense, those eyes just blaze and bore right into her “Because I love you.”

He repeats it saying “I’m serious, I love you. He knows she’s still mad but doing this stupid dating show isn’t the solution. She says he’s afraid he’s going to have competition. He says no, he knows she’s vulnerable and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. So she says you think I’m going to lose. He’s says I didn’t say that. She says just you watch and walks away. Poor Shawn is left standing there still waving his hand in the air trying to make his point – he just can’t believe she’s doing this.

He sits and watches the girls fawning over the guy and he’s just shaking his head in disbelief. After the q & a’s, the stud gives his opinion on each of the girls. He refers to Belle as sweet, the girl you want to take home to momma. Ms.Ortiz, says in other words boring and Belle looks put out. He says no, mysterious. Shawn says to one of the workers, ‘Can you believe this guy?” Shawn doesn’t look to happy when the girls are having publicity shots taken with the guy. They already know who lost out but they can’t say anything. No clue ladies as to who lost out but you have to think it’s going to be Mimi – showcasing the struggle between Belle and Cassie. When they take shots of the three girls – both Belle and Cassie are trying to push Mimi to the background. LOL!

After the photo shoot, Belle and Cassie keep on sniping. Cassie wants to know what time they’re going to be on TV. Belle says, oh yeah, you think Hollywood is going to come calling.

Cassie says when this airs the world will see you for the anal-retentive bore that you really are. Of course cameras are going and Shawn is smirking.

Shawn tries to talk to Belle, after pulling her off of Cassie but she tells him to stay out of her life, she says Cassie is enough for her to deal with. She says if you want to go play the field, that is fine with her, just stay out of her life. This is when Cassie tells him that the best thing he did was break up with that dwarf idiot. Shawn is just at a loss. As for Jordan, Shawn obviously knows her. He tells her he’s had better days and she offers to buy him coffee. He agrees. Belle comes in and sees him with Jordan.

Finally a somewhat optimistic moment. Mimi comments that their fifteen minutes of fame isn’t going to be pretty. Belle says she doesn’t want to be famous. Her exact words – “I don’t want to be famous, I want Shawn. How does this keep happening? Why do I keep pushing him away?” Her eyes are just filled with pain and confusion.

Preview: Tony and Kate together, Hope telling Bo she knows where Vin is, Jack coming home and realizing that the show is going live today.

Monday Apr. 14

Pat's Spoilers...

Obviously spring has sprung! Both Lexie and Hope are sporting shorter hair do's. I love the way they styled Lexie's! Hopes seems to be one length to just above her shoulders.

Lexie and Hope meet for lunch at Tuscany. Kate was there for a meeting. Hope asks her to join them. Kate makes it clear that she gave Roman his chance and he blew it.

At the police station, Roman removes the sticker from his name plate that changed his name from Roman Brady to Romance Brady. Bo teases him and he gets all uptight. Saying he's a police captain, he has to set an example, yada yada. Bo tries really hard to split a gut laughing at his brother.

Tony has a picture of Vin hiding in the secret room taken by a security camera. He asks Bart who it is but he doesn't know - Bart figures someone inside the club is still doing stuff for Victor. Tony faxes the picture to Victor but he doesn't know who it is either. Later at Tuscany he sees Abe's news conference and recognizes Vin as the guy hiding at Echelon. He has one of his people tell Hope and Hope and Lexie had to the police station. Kate accepts Tony's invitation to unwind and goes with him.

At the police station, Bo uses a voice clip from an old interview of Vin's to trick Maria into believing that Vin is under arrest and ratting her out along with Carson. She tells them everything implicating Carson and Vin in order to cut a deal.

Hope tells Bo where Vin is and he goes and arrests him.

Jack and Jen both quit their jobs at the Spectator. Jen doesn't have a chance to tell him that they're going live with their new TV show that day before Bo calls him and tells him to head back to the Spectator to change his story about Carson Palmer. The producer of the show is having a fit, he's so nervous about going live without Jack around. Jen has a plan and she calls Lexie. Lexie leaves the police station and heads to Jen's house. Jack comes back and overhears Jen saying how nervous she is about going live from their living room today.

Loved Jack and Jen today - they are just so cute. Vern is going to look after the Spectator until a new Editor is found.

Hope says it's all over now when Roman tells her that Bo arrested Vin without incident. Abe says on the contrary, it's just beginning.

Jan's Spoilers...

A bit of a filler show I thought...

Loved Hope's new look..her hair looks great as does Lexie's. Kate meeting up with them as she tries to explains about Roman...Hope/Lexie don't realize that Kate says it's over. They watch the news conference...cute as Hope says there's Bo. One of Tony's henchmen comes over and tells Bo about Vin hiding at the 'club' as she takes off to tell Bo.

Bo/Abe/Roman...Bo giving Roman a bad time about Kate...he's trying really hard not to laugh. At the press conference they ask for help in finding Vin...Bo uses a video tape to trick into thinking Vin has turned...she gives them details. Hope comes in and tells Bo where Vin is hiding. Bo goes to get him...loved how Abe said no shots were fired...guess they figured Bo would have trouble...Hope thinks it's over but Abe knows it's just beginning.

Now what were Kate/Tony doing in the back seat of that limo????

Jack/Jen...loved their scenes today. They have both quit the Spectator. Bo phones and Jack takes off to stop his story from printing. Jen and the producer (who is very nervous..LOL) prepare for the show...Jen phones Lexie so I'm assuming she's on the show. I really love J&J lately and am looking forward to more.

Previews.....Brady telling John he's going to work at Titan..John says no. Belle telling John that Kate offered her an internship. Brady saying at least you'll have one of your kids working for you.

Not a bad show...but I thought it was a bit of a filler.

Tuesday Apr. 15

Police Station: Shawn comes in and sees his mom and asks if everything is okay. She says his dad just made a big arrest. Bo brings in Vin and Vin says he’s going to be very sorry because he has friends in high places. The lady cop phones Carson, Carson tells Lexie he has to go. Carson comes in just as Bo punches Vin who is handcuffed. Of course he didn’t see that Vin had head-butted him first. Hope and Abe have to hold Shawn back.

Basic Black: Brady comes in during a meeting between John and Kate. Kate leaves them alone and runs into Belle who really needs to see her dad. Kate says he’s with Brady. She says she is used to getting in line to see her parents. Kate says I’m sure that they would want to see you if they knew how upset you are. She says she doesn’t know what is wrong with her. Kate takes her to her office and gives her a Kleenex. Belle hates that she is upset over trivial things compared to Chloe having a bone marrow transport and Phillip being in the Marines. She needs reassurance that she hasn’t changed. Kate says she shouldn’t expect herself to adjust to two new family members just like that.

Belle says Rex is all right but she will never adjust to having Cassie as part of her family. She’d like to blame all her problems on her but she says none of her problems are Cassie’s fault. She has a flashback to Shawn laughing at her panties. Kate asks her what is wrong. Belle say’s its my panties – cue shocked look from Kate.

Kate says did you just say your problem was your underwear. Belle is mortified that she said it out loud and apologises. Kate tells her to talk to Marlena. Belle says she can’t because her mother already feels like a failure as a parent because of Sami and Cassie. She would like her to think that she has one daughter that can be sensible and cope. You really get a sense of the confusion Belle is feeling. She knows that she is too uptight and organised but with all the chaos in the world she wants stability. She doesn’t understand how Shawn could party half-naked with all other girls and yet be so sensitive, caring and mature about other aspects of his life. Kate asks her if she has outgrown her boyfriend.

Belle says she doesn’t think she’s the mature one in the relationship. She thinks because things have been so crazy maybe she should focus more on school to create a balance in her life. Kate has a proposition for her. She wants her to brainstorm ideas about underwear. Oh this should be good- the only untapped retro look – underwear.

Brady tells John he quits because he doesn’t like his job. John praises his hard work and dedication and then asks him what his plan is. Brady says he’s going to work for Victor and John says no. John is worried about certain aspects of Victor’s business. Brady assures him that he won’t get involved with anything illegal. He tells John he’s going to start a record label, nurture new artists. It also sounds like the Blue Note is up for sale and he’s going to purchase it to become part of Titan.

John and Brady talk about the ‘wonder twins’ and Marlena bonding with them. Kate comes in and tells John that she want’s him to meet Basic Black’s newest employee and Belle comes in. Brady says at least one of your children will be working for you. Family hug!

Tuscany: Bo, Hope, Shawn and Zach go for lunch. Hope asks Shawn what’s wrong, he says he’s hungry. She tells him to phone Belle to join them, he says no very emphatically. Bo and Hope exchange the “look”. They watch the Jack & Jennifer home and of course Jack is being a nut venting about trying to open ketchup packets. Shawn says is this what they are going to talk about on every show.

In The House: Jack is hilarious when he realises that they are going live on the show. It’s too funny to try and describe, you’ll just have to watch it. Lexie gets Palmer there and it’s so good when Jack accuses him of being one of the leading figures in Salem’s underworld. Abe comes in and arrests him on live TV. This show is a keeper – Jack hates the theme song but I think it’s going to be one of those really annoying things that we wont’ be able to get enough of.

Preview: Rex with his invention saying that it’s no fluke that his name means King. Kate telling Roman off. And what I can’t wait for – Shawn and Alice talking. Alice asks Shawn if he thinks his generation invented sex and Shawn hanging in his head in disbelief saying, oh Gran. He’s so embarrassed!

Wednesday Apr. 16

Jan's Spoilers...

Shawn/Alice...you and Belle are the real deal!!! Alice's approval is all we can ask for. Shawn is so embarrassed but Alice is cool. She thinks that if they are meant to be they have all the time in the world to 'go all the way'. Absolutely loved it.

At the gym...Belle looks priceless...pigtails, pink jogging suit. Her and Hope hug...Kate says she is totally in love with your son...Hope says and he with her...they'll work it out, hopefully sooner rather than later...Kate says are you sure about that...Hope says yes. Belle goes to get some water and the guy in front of her turns around...Shawn (he knows she's there)they just stare at each other...he says I guess you're here working out the stress...she says yes..he says I guess seeing me causes you stress...he says I've been thinking can I talk to you after our workout...she says she's confused...then looks at him and says we'll see. Hope is lifting weights and he joins her...WOW those biceps...PC moment...he says I saw you talking to Belle...Hope says she loves you...he doesn't know what's going on with her...Hope says Belle doesn't know either...be patient...he says I'm trying...I love her Mom...I guess we'll see if love is enough for us.

Belle bench pressing weights and having trouble...Shawn shows up and literally sits on her as he lifts the weights off...he pushes himself back and pulls her up to a sitting position...they just stare at each other...both go in for a kiss...and they kiss....and kiss...her hand in his hair...his hand cupping the back of her head...she pushes him away slightly...and says I told you I wasn't ready and gets up and runs out...he hits the bench and then gets up to chase her...definate sexual tension!!!!

BTW...he's wearing a sleeveless blue t-shirt and his grey jogging pants...and the chain!!!!!!

The scene at the beginning with Bo looking at his boy's...Pat's right...I believe it's foreshadowing. Speaking of Bo...did he look good today...loved the way he went at Palmer. He was smiling the whole show and I loved it. BTW...this is for Terri. Vin looked mighty fine...too much leather though (we have to get him out of those leather pants...LOL)

Pat's Spoilers....
Tuscany: Okay maybe it was just me, but I caught a glimpse of some major foreshadowing in the opening scene. The Bo Brady family and Maggie are watching as the arrest of Carson continues. Jack holds up some papers and says this is the ‘smoking gun’. He asks him the number of people whose blood is on his hands? Hope says ‘no more, thank god.’ It’s the look that Bo gives his two sons that caused shivers down my spine.

Bo goes back to the station. Hope talks to Shawn about Belle. She tells him that her and Bo broke up countless times and if he and Belle are meant to be they will find their way back to each other. Alice comes and Hope beats a hasty retreat. Shawn says oh they called you to talk to me about Belle. Alice reminds him that his generation didn’t invent sex and Shawn is fairly flustered and fights to keep from smiling. She tells him that she believes that him and Belle are the real thing and if they are, what is wrong with waiting? So he says wait until we’re married to have sex. She says yes, wait until then to go ‘all the way.’ Love how Shawn tells Alice that he listens to every thing she has to say because she is one of the smartest people he knows.

Basic Black: Belle and Brady talking in that fun, teasing brother sister fashion. Roman comes in and Kate asks him to leave.

Roman and Kate talk, actually Kate does most of the talking. She really calls him on what their relationship means to him. He tries to explain that he was on a stakeout. She says you could have said three words, you can say them now and you’re not. She ends up calling him a coward because he’s afraid to commit. He says it’s been fun and walks out.

Kate and Belle come into the gym to work out. Belle looks gorgeous in a hot pink sweat suit, hair pulled back into braided pigtails. Hope comes over and Belle tells her that she accepted an internship at Basic Black. Hope says so you’ll be in Salem for the summer not in Paris. Belle says yes for now and leaves. Hope says to Kate does she seem a bit antsy. Kate says you do know that she is head over heels in love with your son right? Hope says and he with her and hopes they get back together sooner than later.

Belle stands behind a guy at the water jug and he turns around and it’s Shawn. He’s looking mighty good in his workout clothes. He asks her if she’s there to work out because of stress. He says it must be stressful for her that he is there. He tells her he has been doing a lot of thinking and he would like to talk to her after her workout. She tells him she’s very confused and then says we’ll see.

He talks to Hope. He tells her that he doesn’t understand what is going on with Belle. She tells him that she thinks Belle doesn’t know either. He has to be patient. He says he’s trying. I loved how he looks his mom straight in the eye and says ‘I love her.’ She tells him that Belle loves him, he says yeah, when she’s not hating me or annoyed with me. He then says they’ll have to wait and see if love is enough for them in the end.

Belle is at a bench press station and is having trouble lifting the bar. Shawn comes over and straddles her (sits right over her!). He pulls her up slowly as he moves back a bit to get off of her body. They just look at each other as he moves in and finally they kiss. They’re really getting into it when she pulls back and says I told you I’m not ready and takes out. Shawn slams his hand down on the bench and takes off after her – with a very determined look on his face.

Hospital: Chloe is out of isolation wondering if she is all right. Brady comes in and she tells him the transplant worked but she still has nightmares. Brady reassures her. Craig brings in a letter from Cecilia Marin inviting her to audition when she’s ready. Chloe is very upset with Brady for taking the job with Victor – he tries to tell Victor won’t control his life. She’s not buying it as she recalls her dream where Brady tells her that he has to leave her.

DiMera Mansion: Cassie has friends over drinking. They want to turn the mansion into the next party house now that Vin has been arrested. The two guys start throwing Stefano’s urn around when Cassie hears Tony’s voice. They leave and she cleans up as Tony brings his two ‘guests’ in. He has a job for them that must be done correctly or there will be dire consequences. After they leave Tony talks to Cassie about the TV show but she winds him around her finger and gets her way.

Rex wants all the maps he can get on the tunnel system in Salem. He got some from the city and Tony tells Bart to give him the ones Stefano had. Rex is just getting weirder and weirder talking into his tape recorder about preserving this for history and every one will soon know that it’s not a coincidence that his name means king. “She’ – what he calls his invention is now ready to be unleashed on the world.

Devereaux House: The show winds down and Jack and Jen celebrate a successful first show and kiss. They talk about whether or not the show was a good thing for them. Jen is worried that Ralph might want to send a camera with them on their honeymoon. Jack says only the two of them and kisses her again.

Police Station: Bo makes sure to let Vin know that Carson got arrested and there will be no more free rides for him. Vin may be cute but he is such a punk and his attitude – off the chart! He pushes Bo until Bo grabs his jacket collar and starts squeezing against his throat. Ah angry Bo! Abe comes in and Vin says Bo threatened his life. Carson is brought in but he stills tries to throw his weight around saying he is still their boss.

Abe listens as Vin makes his call. Vin refers to the Brady brothers as ‘dumb and dumber’ and that he is going to make them pay. Abe warns them and they promise to look out for each other.

Preview: Kate telling Marlena that her and Roman are through. Roman watches as Kate and Tony tango together. Mimi telling Cassie that she can’t live without showbiz – it’s in her blood.

Thursday Apr. 17

Jan's Spoilers.....

I'll concentrate on Shelle because to be honest...Broe/Jarlena/Tony/Kate/Roman didn't do a lot for me today.

The line of the day...

Shawn: Don't deny it Belle Black, you love me body, mind and soul the same way I love you!!!

OK onto Shelle...Mimi/Belle/Gabby (appropriate name..LOL)show up at the mansion to pick up Cassie...Belle and Cassie are taking cracks at each other and Mimi is trying to get them to stop...Shawn walks in and wants to speak to Belle...she asks if he's following her...they go outside...Shawn seems very nervous..he says he misses her, us. He goes on a bit..and you can tell he's really nervous...(good to see)He say he's willing to change is she...he asks again...everyone comes out of the mansion and goes to the car they call for Belle and she leaves without answering. When they come back..Shawn and Belle go into the living room...he says if you're doing this to drive me crazy it's working..he wants her to quit the show..she says she can't she signed a contract..he says it's only a piece of paper...she doesn't want to upset Mimi/Cassie he wants to know since when did she care about Cassie...they talk about the 'hunk' and Shawn mentions Belle checking him out at the gym. She says he has an ego..that's when he says...Don't deny it Belle Black, you love me body, mind and soul the same way I love you...she says you do...he says that's what I've been trying to tell you. I love everything about you...when he says her hair..he giggles...the way you look when you study....I even love that you're a perfectionist and it scares me that I'm not perfect enough for you. She tells him about the fact that she tried to turn 'the date' off because she only wants to be with him...when she says that he dives in for a kiss...they're still kissing when he says so you want to get back together..she says I do but it's has to be different than last time..he takes her hand and kisses it and says it will be..I promise another kiss.

Now...his voice when he says it will be...makes you melt. The looks between these two are sizzling...and the teasing is back...I loved it.

Forgot to say how great KS looked today with her hair up...very nice. And SDB well what can I say.

Preview: the food fight...as he grabs her around the waist.....looks good.

Pat's spoilers....

Hospital: Chloe is convinced that Victor’s agenda is to get her out of Brady’s life. Brady says he won’t let that happen. They keep arguing about this when a nurse says she has to take blood – she has a deadline. Brady tells Chloe that Victor never seen her as daughter-in-law material. She wants to know if he’s talking marriage and he says yes, in the not too distant future.

DiMera Mansion: Belle, Mimi and Ms Ortiz show up there and of course Cassie immediately starts making snide remarks about what they’re wearing. They are arguing quite loudly – Belle tells Cassie she needs a ‘personality transplant’ – when Tony demands to know what is going on. Belle apologises and starts bad-mouthing Cassie when Shawn stops her just by saying ‘Belle’. He asks to talk to her alone.

They go outside and Shawn tells her that he misses her, misses us. He knows that he screwed up and that she’s not ready to forget that yet. He tells her that he believes they belong together and he thinks she believes the same thing. He promises to be more sympathetic toward her feelings if she would just try to not look so depressed when she’s with him and not be so disappointed in him. He tells her he’s ready to change and wants to know if she is.

He asks her if she is ready, but before she can answer, she is told it’s time to go. Shawn keeps waiting for an answer and she looks at him but finally just leaves him standing there without an answer.

Mimi and Cassie come back in and are talking about Rex when Rex and Shawn come out of the living room. Shawn makes his way back into the living room as Belle follows him. He asks her if she meant to dry him crazy because she’s succeeding. He wants her to quit the dating show, now.

Mimi follows Rex to his room but he won’t let her in. She tries to get him to talk, to admit he enjoyed being with her, but he pushes her hand off his door and closes and locks it. Mimi is steamed and determined to move on and concentrate on the dating show.

Belle says she had signed a contract, she doesn’t want to disappoint Mimi and Cassie. She says who knows maybe I’ll win a date with the hunk. Shawn laughs at that term. He says you don’t even know what he looks like underneath that mask. She says his face doesn’t have to be perfect like his is, that doesn’t matter to her. He tells her that he loves her. I love how he says and you love me too Belle Black. He says he loves everything about her, her eyes, her hair and even that she’s a perfectionist. He’s scared that he’s not perfect enough for her. She says she has to tell him something about the show.

She says she can’t but she does tell him that all she does is think about him so she did some things on the dates to make sure the guy wouldn’t pick her. She did that because the only guy she wants to date, the only guy she wants to be with is him. They kiss. He asks if that means they are back together and she says yes but it has to be different this time. He agrees and they kiss again.

Basic Black: Ops and John discussing the DiMera operation. John sees from the list of holdings that Tony owns Club Echelon. John tells Ops he did a good job and proceeds to tell him what to do next (which we don’t get to hear).

Kate is waiting to see John when Tony calls and she accepts a dinner date with him at Tuscany at 6:30pm that Marlena overhears. Marlena asks about Roman and Kate tells her its over between them. John comes out with Ops leading Kate to believe he’s a messenger. Marlena asks him if it’s always that easy for him to lie. He wants to continue the discussion over dinner – she suggests Tuscany.

Tuscany: When they get there she wants to know if his meeting was about Tony. Tony and Kate come in and John asks her if she knew they were going to be there and if that is why she suggested Tuscany. She doesn’t respond. Kate and Tony do the Tango, Roman comes in and watches. Marlena goes over to him and he gives her the bug sweeping device and leaves. After the dance, Kate thanks Tony and says it was lovely but it won’t happen again because she’s in love with someone else. She goes to her car but Roman takes her parking ticket and says she’s coming with him. John and Marlena go home and make up. As he’s kissing her, her purse falls to the floor and John sees the device. Tony leaves and goes to a blond-haired woman wearing a negligee – gee I wonder what his plans are for the night?

The Gym: Marlena asking Roman for a bug-sweeping device. I’m sorry, but can they possibly make that woman any more stupid? She tells Roman she wants it because John planted a tracking device on her because he doesn’t trust Tony. She’s sick of that. Tony has changed because of fatherhood – he deserves a change. Please- gag me!

The Caves: Rex wandering through with his maps – finding the perfect place. After giving Mimi the brush off, Rex takes a sports bag full of equipment to the caves and sets it all up.

Belle looks beautiful as usual. I love the little sundresses that they dress her in now. Her hair is upswept, make-up perfect. Shawn looks good as usual. Long sleeved maroon shirt with white trim running down the shoulders and arms, blue jeans. Love that one lock of hair that just won’t stay in place. THUD Alert – oh god, the way he looks at her today at times throughout the show – it’s like he’s devouring her with his eyes and looking straight into her soul all at the same time.

Preview: Shawn and Belle at the dorm and the infamous food fight that he says she started. John and Marlena arguing about Roman and John saying its her fault that Roman can’t commit to another woman. Kate and Roman making up.

Friday Apr. 18

Jan's Spoilers....

John/Marlena...more fighting about Tony...this is getting really boring.

Kate/Roman...I felt so sorry for Kate today. She literally poured her heart out to Roman and he fell asleep....MEN!!!!!

Shelle...(I'm doing this in scenes...LOL)

Scene 1...Shelle come down the stairs as Shawn asked what do you want to do? Belle says hold your hand..he says that's easy. Want some pizza? No. Some soda? No. They are giggling as they sit on the sofa. She says I like being like this he says me too. She asks if he noticed anything different? (oh, oh, what to say?)He says no. She says I'm not acting depressed. He says right. I'm sorry for bueing so negative lately. Belle says you haven't been. He says don't argue. She says OK. He says I'm lucky to have you in my life. She says you are. He says I have no idea what it is that makes two people go together so well but we do. She says I won't argue. And we get a kiss.

Scene 2...Belle asks if he wants to play a board game..he says hmm. She says I do if you do, he says I do if you do. She says just kiss me. A couple come up and ask if they can have the game. Shawn says mmhmm as he keeps kissing Belle. Then he says go ahead. Sandy - says so you guys are back together. Belle smiles and says yes. Rick says Sandy knew you couldn't stay mad at each other, she has a sense about these things. Belle sees her ring and says so are you guys engaged. She says no its a purity ring. It means I'm not going to have sex until I'm married. Belle asks Rick if he's okay with that. He says yes, it means that we'll be each others one and only. Belle give a look Shawn and he just sort of smirks. After the couple leave she asks him what he thinks about it. He says hmm, I'm sick of everyone bringing up the subject around me. She says something about you wouldn't think something like that would happen in this day and age. He says yeah, it's the 21st century. She says what? He says something your Dad said to me. She says you talked to my Dad about sex?

Scene 3...Shawn says he ran into her Dad at the pub. Belle wants to know if he interrogated him. He says not really but he was under the impression we were already having sex. I wonder why? She says oh, yeah. I didn't really say anything. She says I tell my parents everything - he says some things should be private. She says you mean I talk to you. He says yep. She wants to know if he's talked to his parent. He says I've talked to my Dad...he's under the impression we are already having sex...he just wants us to be safe. My mom talked to me awhile ago but she hasn't said anything recently. She wants to know why it's a big deal for girls but not for guys. For guys it's like 'way to go.' She jabs him in the arm. He says not for me. He says before we started going out when I was a sophmore in HS I made a bad judgement call. She sort of looks at him and says OK. He then says when he went away with the team and the girls were running around in their underwear. She says underwear..did they have days of the week on them. He says no. Belle says so you looked. He says I'm alive, Hello. She asks if they were pretty. He says yes but I only wanted to be with you.

Scene 4...Shawn asks if she's upset. She says no not really, not happy but exactly how many girls were there. He says I lost count after 10...(she playfully slaps him) She says I like this not being jealous. He ays there's no reason to be. She says I know. I like being calm and comfortable. Is that how you feel? Shawn says calm, no, not when we're doing this. As he leans in to kiss her.

Scene 5...She wants to stay like this forever - he says sure. She says I'm serious. How do we stop the pattern of fighting about the same things. He doesn't know. Belle says I'm sure it's more me than you. So I'm going to try to stay relaxed. Shawn says I'm not so sure about that. OK..now during this scene his hand is running up and down her leg and the look in his eyes...THUD.

Scene 6...Belle says you think I can't change. He says I didn't say that. You just worry a lot. She says I can go crazy. Shawn says you crazy, yeah right. She grabs a can of soad to spray him as he duck & she hits the kids sitting at the table. And the food fight starts.

Scene 7...She says she'll get a stain on her dress. Ok, I'll just change it. I'll wear jeans with holes in them. Shawn says I like you just the way you are. She slips and he says watch your dress. She says maybe I'll take it off. He says no you don't. She laughs and says gotcha. Belle says come on let's get them...he says no and pulls her into a kiss. THE END.

Now I loved their scenes today...playful yet some serious talking. The looks between these two were to die for and SDB's eyes were eating her up. His voice was OMG...to die for. Now I think Shawn is going to have a lot more trouble with this whole waiting for marriage thing and I see an early engagement coming. Sorry it's so long.....enjoy.

Pat's spoilers...

Black Penthouse: John wants to know who gave Marlena the bug-sweeping device. She says Roman did. They argue about Tony and the fact that John planted a tracking device on her. Marlena tells John that he is insecure in their marriage. He’s afraid that she will cheat on him just like she did on Roman. He says not true. She admits that she still feels guilty about that. He tells her she shouldn’t.

They continue talking but John comes right out and says that she ruined Roman for other women. She is shocked. They get back to Tony and the twins. She tells John that he is not justified in his hatred for Tony. He can’t believe that she’s feeling sorry for Tony. She tells John that it’s her opinion that Tony has more reason to hate John than he has reason to hate Tony. Can I slap some sense into that woman, please????

John says Tony is manipulating her but she doesn’t agree. Rather than argue more she uses the seduction route.

Roman’s house: Kate is furious that he dragged her away from an elegant dinner with a gentleman. He yells at her that Tony is no gentleman, he’s a criminal and he wants to know what the hell she was doing with him. Kate accuses him of being jealous.

He goes on and on that he knows she didn’t mean what she said because Kate Roberts wouldn’t publicly declare her feelings on a police band radio. So she says we’re alone now in the privacy of your home and she tells him she loves him again. He is shocked. He doesn’t say anything. He tells her he has strong feelings for her and that he is better at showing his feelings than talking about them. He kisses her. She wants to talk, he doesn’t and kisses her, walking towards his bedroom.

After the hot and heavy sex, Kate bares her soul to him. She tells him all about her past because she wants him to love her for her. With tears streaming down her face, she turns to him and of course the dork is sleeping. She gets up, dresses and says goodbye to him as he continues sleeping and leaves.

Hartley House: Shawn and Belle come down the stairs to the common room. Shawn wants to know if she wants pizza or soda, when she says no, he asks her what she does want. She says she wants to hold his hand. They sit on the couch – love that they’re back to their teasing ways. She points out that she is not acting all depressed. He says he doesn’t know what it is that makes two people go together so well but they have it. They kiss.

Belle pulls out a board game and asks if he wants to play. He says only is she wants to, she tells him to kiss her. They’re kissing when another couple asks if they can have the game. Love how Shawn never breaks the kiss as he says ‘Uh huh.’ Belle notices the girls ring and asks if they’re engaged. She says no it’s a purity ring. She is going to stay a virgin until she’s married. Belle asks her date if he’s okay with that. He says yes because it means we are each other’s one and only. They walk away and she asks Shawn what he thinks about that. He smirks at her and alludes to a comment that John made. Belle is shocked that he talked to her father about sex.

Shawn says that John asked him questions based on a certain telephone conversation he had with her. Belle says well I talk to my parents. He says he wishes she would talk to him. She says her parents still see her as their little girl – they’re getting better, but it’s like the melting of the glaciers, slow. She asks if his parents talk to him about sex. He says his dad had a conversation with him but it was more about him wanting them to be safe. Shawn says his dad assumes that the two of them are having sex. He says his mom brought it up once but hasn’t since.

They continue kissing. She likes that she doesn’t feel all jealous anymore. Shawn tells her she doesn’t have to. Before they were dating when he was a sophomore in high schools, he made some bad choices. He says when the girls were at the party stripped down to their underwear all he could think about was her. She says were any of them wearing Days of the Week underwear. He says no. She says so you did notice. He tells her he’s not dead. She wants to know if they were pretty. He says yes but she is the only one he wants to be with. They kiss some more. She wants to know if he’s as calm as she is, he says not when we’re doing this and they kiss more.

She tells him that she doesn’t want to keep fighting over the same old things. She knows that most of it is her fault so she’ll change. He just gives her the look. She says I can be crazy. She gets up and shakes a can of soda and tries to soak him with but hits the others at the table. They start chucking stuff back at them.

She starts freaking out about her new dress and then says no, if I get a stain, I’ll just change. She wants to join in the food fight and Shawn teases her about something getting on her dress. She tells Shawn that she’ll just take it off. The food fight continues as be pulls her in for another kiss.

DiMera Mansion: Rex gets a call from ‘Professor Putnam’ and invites him to the mansion. He asks Rex if he’ll show him what he’s working on. Rex wants to know why he’s so curious and tells him he thinks there’s more to their connection than student – teacher. Rolf tells him that he is the doctor that delivered him and Cassie.

He basically lets it slip that he created them. Rex says we were just an experiment. He wants to know more but Rolf says he said too much already. Rolf tells him he did what Stefano wanted him to do. Rex tells him to take off his wig and talk in his real voice. Rolf tells him he couldn’t be prouder of him if he was his own son. Strange look in Rex’s eyes when he says that. Makes me think especially as Rolf says he collected sperm and eggs to create them.

Rex goes back to he cave and says get ready Salem I’m about to make my presence known. He’s just too weird for words. I went from liking him to wishing him gone.

Preview: Vin holding a gun on Rex. Lexie telling Hope that it was only one time. Abe telling Bo that Vin is out on bail. Jen telling Jack that they’re stripping him down and starting over – then him in his three different ‘looks’.

I think you’ll love Shelle today. The kisses, the way he caresses her knee, love when he curls his fingers and runs his hand on her upper arm and oh yeah, the smouldering looks and did I mention THE KISSES!!! Sigh – enjoy – I sure did!

Monday Apr. 21


I really loved the show today from Jack's fashion show to Sami's jealousy, to Bo's determination and of course our 'Shelle.'

Abe calls Bo into the office on his day off (imagine) to discuss Palmers denial for bail and how Bo almost ruined things on Vin's (oops...not supposed to say that name) case. He tells Bo to stay away from Vin who has been released on bail. Bo is determined that he be put away. I must admit I love this new 'rebel' Bo.

Hope/Lexie @ dotcom. They watch 'In the House' (tv's everywhere)and are surprised to see Shawn. Hope says how handsome he looks (and she's right!!!)She hopes Shelle can work things out. Lexie says her and Bo were about the same age. Hope says yes and they had their ups and downs. One wrong move can end a relationship (not exactly what was said but close..LOL). Lexie tells her about Brandon.

Brandon/Sami/Will/Lucas/Denise...Great scenes today as Brandon invites Sami out of town. Sami meets & gets jealouse of Lucas's new 'playmate' who makes a great first impression on Will. Sami figures she can't buy a break as Brandon knows her. I love Lumi.

Loved the J&J scenes today as they joke with each other & Jack did his fashion show.

Shelle...Shawn comes into dotcom to see Belle. He wants to know if she was successful and didn't win the date. She says I can't tell you as she tweeks his cheek and says your so cute when you're jealous as he playfully bites at her. Gabby says oh, iths the boyfriend as Shawn says I'm coming. He grabs a bag and says I'll carry the winner's bag (I think it's Mimi's) Belle says I'm not telling he says wanna bet. At J&J's Jen says we have another guest, Belle's boyfriend Shawn. Belle says ex-boyfriend (surprised look on Shawn's face)Jen asks him about the whole concept and he doesn't like it. Jen askes if it's because of his feeling for Belle. He says I admit it, it has everything to do with my feeling for Belle. He says even if she says I'm her ex-boyfrined I still don't want her to do it. Belle looks a little upset when he talks about the show but has a cute smile when he's talking about his feelings. (I thinks she's playing him) When it's over he asks if they're still OK. She says more than OK and kisses him and then runs her hand sown his cheek.

SDB looked great today (loved the hair) Belle looked breat as well. Loved their matching colors (his pants, her skirt) Cute scenes and again with the looks!!! And that biting motion:::THUD:::

All in all a very enjoyable show.

Pat's spoilers...

All I can say is that someone has been reading message boards. They are finally dressing Shawn in clothes that fit. Can he possibly look any yummier???? Loved that light beige coloured long-sleeved sweater he’s wearing today.

In The House: Ralph’s brother Barry takes over as producer. Jack is buzzing around trying to get ready for the show. All the segments for the show showcase the Jack & Jen of old. The incredible chemistry, the ease, the comedy, the passion – all there. Jack’s three different looks – I have to agree with Cassie’s comments about him looking ridiculous. His second look – Jen obviously liked, Belle gave it a high score, Mimi medium and Cassie said he was one ugly puppy.

Shawn ends up as a guest on the show. Jen introduces him as the boyfriend of one of the contestants on Love Is Blind, but Belle says, no ex-boyfriend???? Okay what did I miss, I thought they were back together. Shawn gives his opinion on the show. Jen asks if his dislike of the premise has anything to do with his feelings for Belle. He says it has everything to do with his feelings for her. Jen asks the audience who’s right, Shawn or Belle. Jack’s third look is revealed and the results on the Belle Shawn poll are in. The results are tied. After the show, Shawn asks Belle if they’re still okay. She says more than okay as she kisses him. Someone please explain to me why she is referring to him as her ex-boyfriend.

Dotcom: Gabby and the girls are talking about being on Jack & Jen’s show when Shawn comes up and says he wants to ask Belle something.

Belle looks simply amazing today – multi-coloured bright shirt and smoking hot sandals and a short, short pleated deep taupe skirt the exact same colour as Shawn’s pants. Shawn wants to know if her plan succeeded, if she didn’t get chosen. She says she can’t say but she does tell him he looks so cute when he’s jealous. THUD ALERT: Prepare yourselves ladies – that look he gets on his face – and his playful biting motions he makes with his mouth – YIKES – PC moment. He goes along to the taping.

Bo, Hope, Zach and Lexie are having breakfast when Abe phones Bo to come in. Lexie talks about all the damage Stefano has done. They were talking about what power had done to Carson. Lexie tells Hope that she slept with Brandon once and if Abe ever finds out it will be the end of them. Hope wants to know if Brandon could be the father. Lexie says she had a paternity test done but she is still worried that Brandon might cause trouble for her and Abe.

Sami’s apartment: Sami is calling for Will to get a move on. Brandon has a very important question for her and passes her an envelope. He invites her to spend the weekend with her at the place where they first made love. She accepts, he leaves. Will comes out and says there’s no way she’s leaving him behind for the weekend.

Will stomps over to his dad’s with Sami in tow. Lucas answers the door and his new girlfriend soon follows. Doesn’t take Sami long to start in on Lucas. Lucas tells her that she just came over, she’s a teacher and they’ve been on several dates. Denise is very nice to both Sami and Will and I do believe I detected the green-eyed monster come out in Sami.

Sami tells Brandon about Lucas’s newest bimbo and he hightails it over. Apparently Denise and Brandon went to college together and they were an ‘item.’ Sami has had more than enough of Denise already. Brandon makes such a point of saying he forgot how smart Denise was. I think this is all leading to a lifestyle change for Sami – she’s beginning to feel inadequate especially as Will immediately bonds with Denise.

Police Station: Abe chews Bo out after reading Roman’s report on the stakeout. Abe says that Carson is being held without bail but that Bo almost blew the entire case. Bo wants to know what is more important to Abe, following the rules or justice being served. Bo knows he’s a good cop and that what he does helps change things for the better, he just can’t say the same about the department. Bo says he’s on his side but the rules are for a reason. He also tells Bo that Vin is out on bail. Abe orders Bo to stay away from Vin.

Rex was on saying he only needed one more component and then his experiment could start. I don’t know what happened to that short clip that played in the preview yesterday unless I totally imagined it. No Vin at all and Rex was only on twice inside the DiMera mansion.

Preview: Belle telling Chloe they are going to throw her the biggest party when she’s better. Chloe saying she is far from being cured. Vin telling Chaz he knows exactly how to get back at Bo, cuts to Shawn and Belle kissing as we hear Vin’s voice saying ‘through Shawn Brady.’

Tuesday Apr. 22

Jan's thoughts:

Wow......lots happening today. Really hard to keep track but that's why we have Pat...LOL.

Bo/Roman....Bo's got the attitude going on today. He's upset that Roman put more in his report to Abe than was necessary. Bo wants Roman to come with him. They go to the cemetary to Ben Wells gravesite. Bo is frustrated that he can't do anything until after the fact. He says and innocent boy died by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My son could have been a murdered the same way or he could have ended up here. He tells Roman if it wasn't for him he could have ended up here. Roman brings back flowers. Bo says he'll make a difference in the future. He won't come back until he has taken care of Vin and all his croonies. Almost forgot...new leather jacket on Bo...doesn't look too bad.

Marlena/Tony...OK...Marlena is finding her brain although she seemed a little out of it. I loved the convo. between John/Marlena and John/Tony. John's tone to Tony was very quiet and deliberate. Tony was not too happy...LOL. Loved the look on John's face when he called Club Echelon a whorehouse and Marlena and him left Tony all alone. Not a lot with Ops/John in the sauna...except check out the blond leaving as the first scene airs.

Belle/Chloe...Belle wants to throw a big party for Chloe when she gets out. Chloe says she's not there yet. They talk a bit about the show. Belle says Shawn will understand if she wins the date...it's not a real date. She's tells Chloe she's falling in love with him all over again.

Brady/Shawn...Shawn didn't go to the hospital because he wanted to give Belle time alone with Chloe. They talk a bit about Chloe wanting to get out of the hospital.

Belle/Shawn...Shawn tells Belle he didn't go to see Chloe so they could talk about him. Belle says they did. She says Brady has had to be strong for both of them. Shawn says like you've been strong for us. I'm going to be there for you from now on (do I sense some foreshadowing here). They turn and see Cassie with Vin & Chaz. (Belle has her back leaning into Shawn's chest, his arm is around her neck). Cassie comes over and wants them to meet Chaz & Vin...Belle and Shawn say now...Belle and her do a little sniping at each other. Cassie says your now fun...the boys have left. Shawn says at least that crush or whatever she had on me is over...Belle says yeah, but do we have to make sure she stays out of trouble forever. Shawn says his mind is elsewhere as he goes in for a short, sweet kiss.

Cassie tells Vin/Chaz that she's close friends with Shawn...they want to party with her. As in the preview Vin says he'll get his revenge on Bo through Shawn-boy.

Rex....setting up his experiment. Although it must be nice to walk around with all that money in your wallet...LOL.

Brady/Chloe...sorry didn't watch really closely on these scenes.

I actually didn't mind the show today...a little bit of a filler and a little bit of foreshadowing. I'm wondering if it's not Belle that gets hurt...but I might be seeing something that isn't there.


Pat's thoughts:

Dotcom: Cassie and Rex talking, Rex completely ignoring Cassie’s prattling – some guy brings him something he ‘ordered.’ Whatever it is costs $1500 dollars. He doesn’t have enough money and tries to get the rest from Cassie, but she wants to know for what. He says for lab equipment, she’s not buying it but gives him the money.

Chaz comes in and tells Cassie he missed her. Vin enters and Cassie calls him Salem’s newest drug dealer and wants to know if that’s a new permanent career for him. Vin says he’s free and he’s never going back. He’s innocent – Bo Brady has a vendetta against him. Cassie, say’s Shawn’s father. Vin wants to know who Shawn is. When Chaz and Vin walk out, Vin says he’ll get back at Bo through Shawnie boy.

Shawn and Brady - Talk about Chloe. Brady says when she comes home this time he wants it to be for good. Brady then leaves (no real conversation between them).

Belle goes into dotcom. Shawn comes up behind her. Love the teasing between them – I’m so pleased it’s back. They talk about how Brady has to be strong for Chloe. Shawn actually says yeah, just like you’ve always been the strong one for the two of us. He says it’s his turn now. They see Cassie talking to Chaz and Vin and wonder how they got out of jail.

Cassie comes up to Belle and Shawn and wants to introduce Shawn to her friends. He says no he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. Cassie says the two of them are no fun and flounces off. Belle wonders if they’ll always have to treat her sister like a two year old or if she’ll ever learn how to recognize danger on her own. Shawn says at least she doesn’t have that crush on me anymore and Belle says she’s happy about that. They kiss.

Hospital: Belle talking about throwing Chloe party when she’s released. Chloe says she is far from cured. Chloe just wants to go home. She asks Belle if she went on the dating show to make Shawn jealous. She says she told herself it was to meet new people. Belle says things are really good between her and Shawn. She feels like she is falling in love with him all over again and this time when they fight, she’s not going to run away.

Brady comes in to see Chloe. They talk. Brady says they’ll leave the hospital together and it will be a start of a brand new life for the both of them. A nurse comes in and when Chloe asks her about her blood work and the nurse says that Dr. Wesley wants to talk to her about it in person. She immediately assumes its bad news.

Gym: John and Ops - In the sauna talking about Tony. Ops tells John that Marlena is there and is fishing to find out if she would be there to see Tony seeing as she doesn’t know John is there.

Tony runs into Marlena and says she came to the gym to see him. Marlena says no but as long as he’s there she wants to talk about Cassie and the TV show. And here I thought Marlena was getting her brain back – NOT! After she accuses Tony of manipulating her, he says she’s lashing out because all she really wants is someone who will listen to her. He also says her marriage to John was in trouble before they found out about the twins. She then apologizes to him – YUCK! Tony asks her if she can trust her husband, he’s probably eavesdropping on them now.

John comes enters the room and she accuses him of following her and tells him after everything they’ve been through, he’s doing it again. John looks surprised. Johns says no he was working out when someone told him they had seen her. He wants to know if she’s upset with him. She says she’s upset with herself for jumping to the wrong conclusion. John says there’s only one person to blame for that and Tony immediately says he’s blaming him. John says no, it’s his fault.

John tells Tony that death couldn’t separate him and Marlena and he sure as well never will. John then tells Marlena that Tony owns Echelon, a gentlemen’s club that degrades women. Marlena asks Tony if it’s true.

Police Station: Bo telling Roman off for putting stuff in his report that never actually happened. The typical by the book not by the book argument. THUD alert - That muscle in Bo’s jaw really gets a work out. Roman says with Vin on the streets making threats against them they have to stick together. Bo hopes he comes after him because he would end up behind bars for good then.

They go to Ben Well’s grave. Bo rails against the system. So Roman asks him if he wants to give up. He says no but he feels his hands are tied. He says that could be Shawn, hell Shawn was in the wrong place at the wrong time and could have killed a man. He also says it could have been him if his big brother had steered him down the right path. Roman brings flowers – Bo gives Ben his word that Vin and his buddies will never hurt anyone again.

Caves: Rex fires up his machine.

Preview: Mimi telling Rex she’s lonely and wants to get back together. Rex saying he’s lonely also. Bo and Hope in the sauna. Hope saying she thought she felt the earth move and Bo taking that as a compliment. Cassie asking Tony if he is going to take ‘mom’ away from John.

Wednesday Apr. 23


Well everyone – you get a very condensed version of spoilers from me because I forgot to change my tape and therefore didn’t get all of the show – thank god it wasn’t an important Shelle day. Not that I would have missed it, I would have just taped the NBC version tomorrow.

I have 2 things to say.

Bo: I don’t know what type of fashion statement he’s trying to make but wearing a touque why’ll you’re working out in a gym is NOT the way to go. Damn – you should be working up enough of a sweat without one of those things on your head.

Bo is spotting Hope as she lifts weights. He’s still in vent mode – complaining about Chaz and Vin being out on bail. Hope says he got all those drugs off the street, he made a difference. She wants to feel like she’s making a difference as well. Bo says she is by being a good mother and a wonderful wife. She agrees that is fulfilling but she has lots of energy and wants to do more.

They end up in the sauna and they start kissing. Bo wants to know if she is sure that sauna is out of order because it seems to be getting warm in there. Hope says she felt the earth move and Bo takes it as a compliment.

Rex: Finally we find out what his experiment is about. Apparently he’s going to change the coal into diamonds in a very short time span using the laser. His words about why he’s doing it will give you chills – I’m sorry, but the guy is just plain weird. His superior intellect will make him rich, famous and powerful. He says he has all the wealth and infamy he needs because he is a DiMera but a person can never have enough power. According to him, power is the key to happiness.

He’s busy recording his thoughts about how the laser can’t be moved because there would be catastrophic results if his calculations were wrong. Mimi comes over and wants to talk. She tells him she went on the dating show because he never has time for her. That it takes two to tango – Rex is all confused and asks if she wants to go dancing. She says no she wants this and pulls him in for a kiss. He likes the kiss but he doesn’t have time and she leaves.

I take it that Rex notices that someone knocked over the laser because the next time I saw him (big gap here for me – LOL) he’s in a back alley. I also take it from Tony’s remarks that he must have blown him and Cassie off. The guy that sold him that component corners him and says that if he had known he was a DiMera he would have charged more. Rex says that is not his problem but the guy pulls a gun on him and says he’s making it his problem. He takes Rex’s cell and phones Tony and demands a million dollars ransom. Tony tells Cassie her brother has been kidnapped and then the house shakes.

Cassie and Tony: Even if she doesn’t have DiMera blood in her, she is definitely a DiMera. I would lay odds that she’ll turn out to be Stefano’s daughter. Tony asks why he tried to set her up with Gaby. Cassie clues in that he’s going to go after Marlena. She asks him if he has a plan, if he does, she wants to help, if he doesn’t, she’ll come up with one. She tells him that they will win. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Tony is so pleased with her ability to read people and says he’ll be more careful around her.

Hospital: When Chloe sees both Craig and Nancy come in she fears the worst. She tells Craig to tell her straight. He tells her the transplant was successful. Hopefully she will have a full recovery. They are all excited when he tells her she can go home. After Craig and Brady leave, Chloe tells Nancy her fears that Victor will try to come between her and Brady. Nancy uses her father as an example, saying he couldn’t keep them apart and Victor won’t be able to come between her and Brady.

Kiriakis mansion: Victor and Nicole hosting a pre-symphony party. Nicole tells Brady that his grandfather arranged for a woman to be his date. Of course Victor says she’s just there a business associate. Nicole congratulations Victor telling him even though I told Brady what you were up to, he still believes you. Victor says that’s why he is in the position he is and she’s not.

Preview: John telling Marlena that Rex has been kidnapped. Rex tied to a chair, the guy demanding the ransom. Tony telling Cassie that she will not lose her brother and he will not lose his son. Roman proposing to Kate and Kate accepting.

Thursday Apr. 24


Ok – how can we trust the damn previews anymore when they include someone’s fantasy in them? LOL!

Somebody is trying really hard to make us feel sorry for Cassie. Oh the tears and the sob story. How she only trusts Rex and Tony – they are all they have – then she throws in Marlena. She couldn’t go on without him, sob, sob. Sorry, not buying it. When Tony leaves her to go get the money she lies down on the couch and hears Rex calling for her help.

The kidnapper phones John and asks for a million dollars. The drop off point is the trash can in the weight room at the gym – popular place all of a sudden. He tells Marlena. She immediately wants to call Roman. John stops her and reminds her that the kidnapper unknowingly called the ISA. John says he takes care of his family – he won’t let anything happen to Rex. Marlena thanks him for that. As soon as he leaves, she calls Ops. He comes over and she asks him to help John. He’s reluctant saying that if John wanted his help, he would have asked but he tells her he’ll find him and help him. When he leaves Marlena feels the tremors.

The kidnapper leaves Rex. Before he goes he tells Rex that if he doesn’t get his money, he’s going to leave him there to rot. If he does get his money, he’ll come back long enough to kill him. Before that Rex was giving him attitude. The boy needs to learn that being a smart-ass when someone else is holding all the cards is not the brightest move to make. After the kidnapper leaves, Rex tries to get free. When he realises that isn’t going to work, he starts calling for Cassie with his mind. Of course when Cassie gets there, instead of getting him loose, she’s asking him all kinds of questions. She hangs on to him for dear life when the tremors start – still not doing anything about those ropes.

Lexie goes to see Abe. He tells her it’s not safe for her to be out and about because of those tremors. She tells him it’s a beautiful day and she’s going for a walk. She goes to the DiMera mansion and sees the gardener. She tells him she’s going to take a walk around the grounds. He tells her to be careful because they had some dead trees removed and there are some big craters out there. He leaves. She holds on to a tree when a tremor hits and then decides it’s not safe to be there and starts walking. Another tremor hits and she falls into a crater.

Roman finds Kate on the 25th floor of this old building she is looking to purchase for Basic Black. The realtor leaves as they continue to make smart remarks. Roman was afraid that she was going to make a commitment to buy the building just because he had said she shouldn’t. She asks him what he knows about commitment. Abe calls him in to work and he leaves her. She didn’t want him there in the first place – she sure told him often enough to leave. Roman hadn’t felt the original tremor so he makes light of it. He stands in Abe’s office having a fantasy about Kate coming in to the precinct wearing a see-through black lacy negligee – she tells him she doesn’t know what she was thinking asking for a commitment – she just wants to have fun. Meanwhile she’s back in that building having a fantasy that he comes back and proposes to her. Meanwhile more tremors hit – she’s trying to get out – he’s trying to call her.

John makes a drop and then goes into a sauna to keep on eye on things when he says Tony make a drop as well. He realises the kidnapper demanded double ransom. Tremors hit and he’s wondering what is going on.

Victor and Nicole are in the limo. They have a very serious truthful discussion about the state of their marriage. She tells him she that no one loves a bird in a cage. She indicates that she’s scared of him. He tells her she deserves what she got. He loved and worshipped her and she acted like a whore so that’s how he’s treating her. She agrees that she probably deserves it – please – that is such a load of crap. It ends with a shot of the limo under a tree and the driver, Vic and Nicole looking unconscious.

Preview: Lexie in the crater, Brandon telling Sami he has a very important question to ask her, Marlena telling Belle that everyone in their family is safe and hugging her.

Friday Apr. 25


Better day all the way around...LOL.

Well guys the show was better today and I didn't fall asleep so that's a good sign.

John/Tony at the gym. Both waiting for the kidnapper to take the money. Tony has brought two goons with him and Marlena has contacted Ops to help. Tony and John bicker about just about everything...the kidnapper goes for the money, Tony yells at the goons to get him and typical DiMera style they lose him. But they do find the money...LOL. Ops catches him and handcuffs him and then head to the mansion. John and Tony still arguing as John punches Tony in the jaw and another tremor hits...John gets trapped in the sauna...nice leopard print underwear BTW....LOL.

Sami/Brandon...you guessed it. Sami has all bad luck......just as Brandon goes to propose a phone call...Brandon needs to get back to Salem. At least him and Abe had a civil conversation when Abe phoned to see if he knew where Lexie was.

Abe/Celeste...at the hospital. Celeste hurt her ankle...Abe can't find Lexie.

Rex/Cassie...Cassie unties him...they find the laser....Rex turns it off and says it's over. (yeah...right)

Marlena/Shelle/Mimi...there scenes today were pretty good actually...Marlena was a little upset until she heard from Rex...cute scene with Mimi asking her about curry powder and Marlena didn't know what it was....Shelle alone....Belle comes up to him and says Hi...he say Hi back and they have a short kiss. They sit down and Shawn says something about summer and Basic Black...Belle gets a little offensive and defends the job...Shawn smiles and says I didn't say anything...(no cuddling)...Ressie show up...Belle and Marlena give him a big hug...Cassie says something about Rex knowing about the tremors...but he gets himself out of it...Chaz phones Cassie and they set up the party and Shawn...(Terri...Vin's on)Cassie invites them...as both Shawn and Belle think it might be a good thing....as the earth shakes again....Shawn protecte Belle and she calls his name.

Lexie....we see her off and on through the show lying in the pit.

It wasn't too bad a show....and I'm not sure if the quakes are over.......Enjoy


The Love Shack: Brandon is patiently waiting for Sami to come out – she finally does all dressed for a night of love. Brandon has a surprise for her. Before he can say anything Abe phones and asks if he had from Lexie. Brandon gets all huffy and asks him how he should know and why is Abe calling him. He tells Abe that he and Lexie hardly talk anymore. Abe says she went for a walk and Brandon says she does that all the time. Abe tells him there’s been an earthquake. Brandon tells him he’ll call if he hears from her.

Sami immediately thinks that Brandon is going to leave her to go look for Lexie. He says he doesn’t want to leave her. He has something important to ask her and he doesn’t want her to talk. She starts tearing up when she realises he is going to propose.
Just as he starts his cell phone rings again. Sami grabs it and its Eugenia. She tells Brandon that Craig is calling all staff in because of the injuries and he specifically asked for Brandon to come in.

Brandon tells Sami he has to go back to the hospital. Sami wants him to finish asking his question but he says that’s not the way he wants to do it. He asks her to go back to the apartment and wait for him.

Hospital: Abe brings in Celeste. She hurt her ankle but she is worried about Lexie. Abe tries calling her cell again but it rings, no one answers - shows Lexie unconscious with the cell phone ringing beside her.

Celeste gets treated and Abe says he’ll take her home and go back to work. She has a bad feeling about Lexie – Abe says he’ll send a team of cops to search for her. Lexie doesn’t gain consciousness throughout this episode.

Titan Gym: John calls Ops and tells him he has a job for him. He watches as two of Tony’s goons come in. Tony tells them to subdue the kidnapper – after he finds out where Rex is they can take care of him. Ops calls John and tells him that Marlena already called him. Tony finds John in the sauna and wants to know what he’s doing there. John says the same thing he is. Tony finds it hard to believe John would try and help a DiMera. John makes it perfectly clear he’s doing it for Marlena. I’m very tired of the posturing between these two – sheesh – like two old roosters fighting over a hen.

Tony goes out and John calls Ops with a description of the kidnapper. Tony screws everything up by yelling at his two goons to take him just as the tremors hit again. John tells Tony to relax, he has it covered. Ops tries to take down the kidnapper but the tremors knock him down. Ops and the goons go in hot pursuit – the goons come back empty handed. Tony sends them home with the money. John accuses Tony of being more concerned about his money than his son. Tony gets hostile and says John always has to be the hero in Marlena’s eyes. John says Tony has been trying to impress Marlena since he returned – he probably has the kidnapper on his payroll. This was his way to be a hero – he would rescue Rex and return him to Marlena. Tony is incensed and attacks John. They are fighting as another big tremor hits. John ends up in the sauna – the door closes and all the weights and their stand fall against the door.

Ops chases the kidnapper down on his bike. LMAO at the way he disarms him – too funny. He calls John and tells him the kidnapper his handcuffed and he’s going to check out the mansion. He’s sure that security has been breached and it’s safe for him to go in because Tony is there with John.

The Warehouse and The Cave: Cassie finally unties Rex and he drags her with to the cave where the laser is. He tells her what his plan was as he shuts off the laser and another tremor hits. He calls Tony and tells him not to pay the money, Cassie found him and he’s fine. John grabs the phone and tells him to call his mother.

The Penthouse: Shawn, Belle and Mimi all show up talking about the tremors. Mimi talks and talks… wants to get Marlena out because a penthouse isn’t a safe place to be during an earthquake. Marlena tells them the building was built to withstand earthquakes (HUH, why??? – LOL!). Belle asks her why she still looks so worried. Marlena tells her she got bad news about her brother. Belle asks what is wrong with Brady – Marlena says, no it’s Rex, he has been kidnapped.

Shawn feels they should call the police. Marlena says no, John will look after it. Shawn is still persistent but Belle tells him her dad has a good track record. Shawn just says ‘I guess.’ Rex calls and Marlena is all teary eyed because he’s safe, all the people they love are safe.

Marlena and Mimi go into the kitchen. Shawn kisses Belle and then they talk about the summer. She says she has a job and he says I know working over at Basic Black. She gets really defensive about how she got the job and she’s not working for her dad and goes on and on – poor Shawn – he says ‘did I say anything’. Doorbell rings and Rex and Cassie show up.

Marlena comes running to Rex and hugs him - yuck. Marlena wants to know how he got a way and he tells them all that he contacted Cassie telepathically. They are twins and they have this connection. This is the first time he used that connection and hopes he never has to again. They talk about the quake and Cassie lets on that Rex knows what caused it but he dodges the question and spews some scientific stuff and leaves it at that.

Cassie gets a phone call from Chaz. He wants to throw a let’s watch Cassie on TV party and he suggests having it at her place. He says he’ll look after the guest list but she should invite Belle and Shawn and that group. She says they won’t come if they know you’re involved. He says don’t tell them. After they hang up, Vin vows to get his revenge on Bo through Shawn. Cassie says she would like to have a party. Shawn thinks it’s a good idea and tells Belle they should go. She agrees.

Preview: Lexie calling for help. Kate telling Roman there’s no way for her to get out. John asking Tony to get him out and Tony asking him for one good reason why he should.

Monday Apr. 28


Well I must say I enjoyed today's show except for a couple of things....but I'll explain those as I go.

Kate/Roman......Roman (aka Batman)goes to save Kate by throwing a rope across and climbing over to get her. I loved the banter between these two and Kate's comments to send one of the 'hunks' over (the firemen)Roman says the hunks didn't want to deal with her.

John/Tony...Well looks like Tony's going to try to kill John...(although we know he'll be saved)and hopefully Marlena catches on. These two were going at it again.

Poor Abe...he just can't get out of that office to fine Lexie. As for Lexie she's still trapped in that hole and it looks like the baby's coming.

Chloe...not too smart as she leaves her room to find Brady.

Nic/Vic/Brady...she's going to kill him with a corkscrew...now give me a break...like no one will know it's her (she's trapped with him...I guess she'll blame the driver...LOL)Brady stops and saves them...and he buys that she's trying to break the window.

Cassie...OK...they're trying to show she has a heart..but it definately didn't last long.

Rex...he wants power..after all he's a DiMera and he finally knows what it means.

Shelle....now I loved the conversations between these two but they were cut short. They make sure each other is OK after another tremor. Shawn telling her he's sorry for lying to her...sorry for taking 'us' for granted. He has a new perspective after what happened and he's not afraid to be serious...she asks about us? (end of conversation).

They all watch the commercial for the show...Shawn knew it would come to this...with everything that's going on he can't believe they're worried about 'getting voted off the island.' (a little bit of jealousy as well...I'm sure...Belle looked really good in the commercial). Mimi says that they'll remember this night forever...the tremors and that they were on TV...wants to know if Shawn wants her autograph. He says no..he wants to help out at the Senior Centre. Cassie won't go after all DiMera's have more to do.

All in all a good show...and SDB seems to be thinking seriously about his relationship with Belle and life in general.

Sorry it's rushed....Pat has to go to work...LOL.
Have a good night Pat...I'll be watching hockey!!! Go Canucks Go!!!


Not a lot of Shelle today but one significant scene. They arrive at the hospital with Cassie, Rex and Mimi. Mimi goes to see where they are needed, Shawn and Belle went to help an elderly lady and Cassie and Rex stand around. Cassie says it’s hard to believe that you’re the cause of all this. Rex is very pleased with himself.

Shawn and Belle have a moment to themselves and Belle comments how something like this puts everything into perspective. Shawn says he’s sorry he lied to her and that he took their relationship for granted. He says just a short while ago he would have been angry about thinking seriously but now he wants to – it’s like he has to. Belle says you mean serious about us. He just gives her the ‘look’ but doesn’t answer.

Then of course he kind of blows it when he gets all angry when the TV commercial for the show comes on. He says it’s just like he thought, it’s going to a circus, they're trying to pit the three of them against each other so that they fight. Loved is comment about with everything going on, he can't believe that they are worried about who gets voted off the island. Belle just looks at him with her eyebrows raised – I think she’s enjoying driving him nuts – LOL! They talk to Chloe and tell her she shouldn’t risk her health looking for Brady. (Chloe had ignored the nurse’s advice to stay in room – of course, now she has a fever). Shawn, Belle and Mimi had to the seniors centre – it’s in risk of being flooded. Cassie and Rex don’t go.

Rex and Cassie talk about power. Rex didn’t want people hurt but he loves that he had the power to cause all this. He finally knows what it is like to be a DiMera. BTW – as much as I hate to admit, Cassie was good with the little girl – but it was all being done to showcase what ‘Cassie’ missed as a child – that part I didn’t like.

Kate is trapped in the building and it is going to collapse. After a lot of yelling from the next window and failed attempts by firemen to get into the building – Roman shoots a rope across. He tells her to anchor it and she does. He wants her to cross and she won’t so he goes over to her.

Lexie comes to and tries to climb out of the crevice but falls and knocks herself out again. When she comes to, she goes into labour. (Of course – nobody has a cell phone signal). Abe keeps trying to go out and look for but with all the disasters going on he doesn’t get away until the end of the show.

Nicole comes to and tries to wake Victor and the driver up. She finally checks for a pulse and is not happy when she finds one. She tries to get out of the car but can’t. She picks up the corkscrew and I do believe she is going to plunge it into poor old Vic when Brady knocks on the window. He gets the door open. It’s very obvious that Dena is gearing for a Nicole/Brady pairing – all of a sudden they’re sharing all this air time.

John realises he’s trapped and yells for Tony who is lying unconscious. When Tony comes to John asks him for help but if he’s hurt he should go get someone else to help him. Tony wants to know why he should help him. More bickering – which, truthfully I find boring beyond words. Tony makes it clear he’s not going to help him but John shouldn’t worry, he’ll comfort Marlena in her grief. Then he says he has to go, he has people to see, alibis to create. Before he leaves he cranks the heat for the sauna to its highest level.

Preview: Tony telling Marlena that he saw John at the gym. John pounding against the window, sweat pouring off his face. Eugenia and Sami talking, Sami saying Brandon can't find out he's the father of Lexie's baby - Lexie looking at them from her hospital bed - can't tell whether she heard or not.

Sorry this isn’t as detailed as normal but I watched the show late and I’m heading back to work shortly.

Tuesday Apr. 29

Jan is gone to visit the newest additions to her family so it's just me tonight.

Marlena/Tony: Ok - can I just say that I was totally creeped out by their scenes today. They get stuck in the elevator. Marlena wants to know if John went to the police station after the kidnapper was caught. Tony said he doesn't know. He last saw him at the gym before the earthquake hit after John had accused him of hiring someone to kidnap Rex.

She notices a bump or something on his forehead - (I don't know - I didn't). He says he fell. Then he mutters that he wanted to kill me (or something like that). He gives her this sob story about John attacking him. Then all of sudden he feels dizzy and dis-oriented. Marlena is all worried that he has a concussion and makes him lie down.

YUCK - she has his head in her lap stroking his head and he covers her hand with his. She looks strange as he looks at her like a love-sick bull. When the power comes back up and they get out, she drops her purse and they both reach for some items at the same time. She has that look like Tony is getting to her - Oh, please - I hope she's just uneasy with him. She says she's going to find John and he stands there smiling.

Roman and Kate: She is scared out of her wits and is upset with him for risking his life by climbing across 25 stories up. He tries to get her to do the same after he gets a harness on her. The building starts crumbling even more but she refuses to go. She tells him to leave her behind.

She's getting close to hysterical so he kisses her. He gets her to the window again but she says she just can't and passes out. So of course he carries her across (we don't get to see that part - LOL!). He takes her to the hospital to get checked out. She gets a clean bill of health and she tells Roman she told him so. He says I should have known better than to expect a Thank You for saving your life. He says doesn't that tell you something. She says, yes it tells me that you would rather risk your life 25 stories up then tell me you love me and that's pretty sad. She walks away from him.

Sami, Eugenia & Brandon: I'm getting just as tired of the repeated threats between Sami and Eugenia as I am of the ones between John and Tony. The gist of today is that Brandon ends up saving Eugenia's life when a fixture falls from the ceiling - she now feels obligated to tell him the truth. Lexie sees the two of them having an overheated discussion - but does not hear what they are talking about. Brandon just grosses me out - demanding that they tell him if Lexie is in labour when she is brought in.

Ops is on the DiMera grounds talking through his headset to someone at the ISA when he hears Lexie screaming. He pulls her out of the pit. He hides behind a hedge so Lexie doesn't see and tells his contact to call local 911 and send an ambulance. He sticks with Lexie until he hears the ambulance pull up and then slinks off into the dark.

Abe gets to the hospital. They are trying to slow down her labour but Dr. Bader doesn't sound too hopeful.

Chloe and Craig: All she can do is wonder where Brady is. She does call Craig Dad in this episode. Craig finds out that Brady is there with his grandfather. After Brady leaves Victor he goes to Chloe - not a real lot said - don't know why they were on. Maybe setting up her departure.

Victor, Nicole and Brady: I know a lot of people are in favour of future Brady/Nicole pairing but I must definitely not one of them. Brady is disgusted when she refers to Vic as the old geezer. Victor tells Brady that he saved his life - which Nicole overhears and worries about.

Victor wants to teach Brady everything about Titan - groom him to be his successor - ooohh foreshadowing of future conflicts between Phillip and Brady??? First Chloe now Titan?

Victor tells Nicole he saw what she did after the accident. He thinks she could have let him die but she didn't. (oh, oh, obviously didn't see the corkscrew) He thanks her. She says she wishes she could believe he meant that.

John: Drenched in sweat, having trouble breathing - the robe is shed and we get the full view of those boxers - LOL! He tries to pull off the plate for the thermostat with his hands but can't. He pulls a piece off his cell phone and uses that to unscrew the plate and disconnect the wires for the thermostat.

He then tries all the benches and pulls off one of the planks with his bare hands and uses it to smash the window. He keeps trying to push the weight bench away from the door. When he finally succeeds (sounds might wimpy when it falls) he pushes the door open and collapses on the floor just as Ops comes in.

Ops gives him water which John drinks and pours over himself. He tells Ops that Tony tried to kill him. Ops wants to call in the ISA troops - John is busy picking broken glass out of his cut foot. John tells him no - he'll take care of Tony himself. He tells Ops that now Marlena will have to believe him when he tells her that Tony is evil.

Someone please tell me this isn't the beginning of May sweeps? What big story is there for May??? Where's the payoff on a story??? Ohhh, this is so lame - sorry for ranting.

Thank god for Ops - he kept me sane today - and oh yeah, the boxers weren't bad either!

Preview: More of Sami and Eugenia. Lexie screaming in pain. John telling Marlena that Tony tried to kill him.

Wednesday Apr. 30

Just my version tonight. Jan has her priorities straight - hockey's on! Go CANUCKS - they have to regain home ice advantage!!!

No Shelle but we're 'treated' to the twits. Agh! Rex is just beyond redemption already. WTH are they doing with or do they even know. Now get this, he actually tells Cassie that they are and I quote 'perfect, maybe too perfect.' Oh please save me for genetically tweaked self professed geniuses.

Rex is listening to a radio report about the 300 earthquake related injuries and the ten million dollars worth of damage when Cassie walks him and accuses him of being proud for causing this to happen.

He says he's not proud. As a scientist he should have been in control of the situation. She says that he justs wants people to know how much smarter he is than the rest of them. He says no, he had to do - something beyond his control was making him continue with the expert.

He says he has to figure out why he is the way he is. Cassie says one thing to him that is about the most sane rational thing I've heard come out of her mouth. She says 'You're freaking me out'. Ditto - LOL! He wants to unlock his DNA - she says no because they're twins, he might unlock hers as well and they MIGHT find out their freaks. Cassie, honey, we already know that you're a freak and we don't need the boy wonder to tell us that!

Rex is determined to go on this journey of 'self-realization'.

Marlena - analyzes herself. I thought there might be hope for her, but I don't know how TPTB are going to get her back on track after today's mutterings. She tapes herself and actually admits to be attracted to Tony in the elevator. She's trying to figure out why when she knows she loves her husband.

She actually admits that she feels emotionally connected to Tony because he represents 'danger' and contrary to this 'perfect' image everyone has of her, she craves the danger. She'll hide that side of herself from everyone - or so she says. She actually says out loud that he is using her and playing her, but she still feels the connection - oh BLECK!

She believes that she has this deep need to redeem Tony - that he is redeemable. She knows he has good in him. She has to help him for the sake of Cassie and Rex - otherwise her children will grow up as DiMera's (Huh- aren't they grown already??) She will help him despite all the trouble being involved with him could mean. She just finishes listening to herself on tape when John comes in and tells her that her good friend Tony tried to kill him.

More of Sami and Eugenia today. Sami pulls out all the stops, telling Brandon's life history, bringing up her sob story, playing on Eugenia's sympathy for the 'poor' baby and all that will go wrong in it's life. Why are we subjected to this???

What makes me the most upset is watching Sami debase herself trying to get Brandon's attention. He tells her he can't leave the hospital because they still need his help yet all he does is stand behind Lexie's curtain and listen to her scream and moan. When he can't handle his anger towards Abe he heads to the chapel.

He says if he was the father he'd give that baby everything his father didn't give him. We get a flashback of a young Brandon with a black eye, Faye all beat up and Paul telling the doctor that Faye was carrying Brandon and they fell down the stairs. What is the purpose of this now when he's leaving the show?

Abe comes in and wants to know why Brandon is showing so much interest in his baby. Abe knows that Brandon feels that he doesn't deserve this. He tells Brandon to live his own life and not covet what others have. Abe apologizes for the past and tells Brandon that he'll never grow up until he lets it go. Brandon tells him he can't do that.

He goes back to Lexie and she tells him she can't have visitors. Sami practically begs him to take her back to the resort and finish popping the question but he doesn't even hear her - he's completely focused on Lexie. Sami's eyes fill with tears but when he finally focuses on her, she repeats her request and he says he's too tired. He just wants to go home.

John tells Ops he's going after Tony - one last flash of those Fred Flintstone shirt print boxers and he's gone. Tony is meeting some guy at Echelon - club is closed for the meeting. He has some private business (don't know what) - he tells the guy he was late because he was stuck in an elevator with a very beautiful woman who was attracted to him.

John is prevented from going in but as soon as the goon moves on, John pulls out the convenient 'break and enter tools' he carries in his back pocket. He overhears Tony tell his new business partner that he got rid of a competitor today. After the guy leaves, John taunts Tony about being dead and haunting him.

Tony turns the lights on and sees John sitting in that chair on the stage behind the bar. John accuses him of trying to kill him so he could be there to comfort Marlena. Tony tells him he doesn't want him dead - he wants him to suffer when he takes Marlena away from him. John tells him he made a very big mistake tonight and walks out.

Preview: Chloe comes home. Marlena confronts Tony about trying to kill John. Belle and Shawn entering Echelon. Shawn saying his dad would kill him if he found out he was there and brought Belle with him as well. Belle says you didn't bring me, I came on my own.

Like Shawn's new jacket - you know one of those team jackets - black leather body, dark gray heavy flannel sleeves, with the elasticized orange striped collar and sleeves. Looking good!

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Thursday May 1


OK...I'm trusting Pat to go into details...LOL.

Broe/Crancy....Joy is so cute!! I love Crancy and I'm really going to miss them. Broe their scenes today weren't bad...but I'm thinking Chloe's not overly excited about Brady's surprise of The Blue Note and her singing on stage...and she hasn't even heard that Cecilia will be there to hear her.

John/Ressie....John talks them into getting their tattoos removed. Wow...if it was that easy can you imagine....one swipe of the lazer and they are gone...LOL. I'm not happy with how it was done...sad to say. No history...just bang it's over!!!

Marlena/Tony...it appears that Marlena has found her brain...although she sort of wobbled at the end of their talk...and I'm not sure about her look when she found John/Ressie at the hospital.

Shelle...aaaaaaaaaah..the best for last. First of all both of them looked great today. Shawn in tight fitting black jeans, white t-shirt and his new coat...Belle had on a beautiful outfit. Knit top and green skirt...mid-calf. Gorgeous. Loved their talk with Mickey...the whole time his arm is around her. Shawn finds out where the Mayor is...Belle's going with him. He says I don't think so...she says just wait..I can get in easier than you once they think I'm there for a job...Shawn says don't do that. At the club...now Shawn's looking for the Mayor not at the girls (at least that's what I'm telling myself...LOL). Belle tricks the bouncer and Shawn delivers the supbonea....they high five each other and he kisses her cheek...they go back to dotcom...Mickey pays them and offers Shawn a job...he picks up his messages..they talk about the party...Shawn says it's in Belle's honor they have to go...(still trying to find out who won...LOL) Belle wants to go to her dorm room and be alone. I enjoyed their scenes today.

Ooooooops...let's not forget about Vin. Out to destroy Shawn.

Preview...Shawn taking off after seeing the show..Belle jumping up calling his name and following him...looking forward to a jealous Shawn.

I enjoyed the show...hope you do too!!!!!!

Pat's - and it appears that yet again - I did go into detail!

Marlena/Tony: Marlena confronts Tony at Echelon. She tells Tony that she will never forgive him for not helping John. Of course Tony stands there with this totally fake “I don’t know what you’re talking about look”. She tells him that she that he is exactly like his father and she will not allow her children to grow up like that.

As she’s storming out he tells her that she has to here his side of the story. She asks him if he expects her to believe her husband is lying to her. He says why would I lie, John is the one who has been out to destroy me since I returned. He says why would he jeopardize the trust she has of him – it would damage the children if their relationship was strained. He says John came to the club last night and tried to kill him. He has witnesses that can back him up.

She sits down and listens to him. (Not saying a word about this – I’ll let everyone make their own judgement call). Bart phones and tells Tony that John barged into the house uninvited and took the twins to the hospital – but he couldn’t hear why. Tony tells him to go and look out for them – he’s on his way. He then tells Marlena that John came and took the twins to the hospital. He vows to stop him. Marlena trails after him.

Cassie/Rex/John: After he gets past Bart to get to the twins (like that was tough), he tells them it’s time the three of them were set free from the DiMera curse. Rex doesn’t think there is one but John tells him that he lived most of his life under the influence of Stefano’s evil. Rex does admit that it’s a brand of Stefano’s ownership of them. After last night, John says he realizes that family is the most important and he wants to break the cycle of evil. The twins think something happened between him and their dad but John wisely says nothing, just says it was the earthquake. They go to the hospital and Craig removes their tattoos with a laser in under 30 seconds flat – all I can say is (well I could say a lot but I’ll just say…) WOW! Marlena and Tony barge in just as they finish – startled looks exchanged by all.

Jack/Jen: They weren’t on very much today. They do talk about the earthquake and how they didn’t know what to do to protect themselves so they have a show devoted to how to protect yourself in case of earthquakes or other unexpected circumstances. Jack’s new look is unveiled. Jen is thrilled with it – I’m glad she is because it doesn’t do much for me – LOL! Very casual, open collared silky/satiny button down shirt worn loose over the pants waist. Dark jacket. Jen surprises him when she says their guest tomorrow is a wedding planner who is going to help plan their wedding. The audience is going to get pick everything, invitations, her dress and Jacks says even our dream honeymoon and Jen says that to. Jack smiles but he’s not too thrilled.

The Wesleys/Broe: Chloe (still wearing the face mask) is still at the hospital and won’t leave until Craig brings all the people who treated her together so she can thank them all. They get home and she gets to take the mask off and hold Joy. Craig is doing the proud papa thing with the camera. Nancy puts Joy down for a nap and Craig leaves to go back to the hospital. Brady tells Chloe he’s going to make her last wish on her ‘wish’ list come true. Titan has bought the Blue Note and he wants her to sing there. She is stunned and goes to check on Joy. Brady wonders if he rushed things and Nancy says it’s a good thing you didn’t tell her Cecilia Marin was going to be there. Chloe and Brady are finally alone and they kiss. She worries about singing and he says lets do it know. He sings a few lines of opera, she comes in but struggles a bit. He tells her not to worry, when she’s ready it will come easy again. (Singing is actually only a few notes – not much at all).

Vin/Chaz: Not on much, just a few meetings in the alley. Chaz calls to confirm that the party is on and that Shawn is going to be there. Vin cursing Bo because he lost his car, his house and his income but he’s going to make him pay through Shawn. Vin vows that Shawn will be joining Ben Wells in the afterlife.

Shawn/Belle: They’re at Dotcom when Shawn notices his Uncle Mickey. Belle goes to get coffee he goes and talks to his Uncle. I love how when Shawn greets him they shake hands, man to man. Mickey tells him that he is due in court. He’s representing Ben Wells family in a wrongful death suit against the city and it’s elected officials. Belle mentions that she can’t believe that an elected official would work against the people. Mickey says that he needs to serve the mayor with a subpoena but he’s been lying low and no one has been able to get to him.

Shawn says let me try and Belle pipes up, ‘we’ll try.’ Shawn convinces him that the last person the mayor would suspect was a college kid. Mickey agrees but he tells them if there is any sign of trouble, they’re supposed to take off. They agree. He gives them his cell phone number. They both pull out their cell phones calling people that might have a clue where the mayor is.

Belle calls Mimi because she interviewed the mayor for the University paper. No luck. Shawn calls a team mate who’s mother works in the mayor’s office. He tells Belle that the mayor likes to lunch at Echelon. Belle says isn’t that a strip club. Shawn says it’s a little classier than that, it’s a ‘for hire’ club – LOL! He doesn’t want her going there. She says she’ll have a better chance of getting in then him, especially if she tells them she’s there for a job. Love the look on his face when she says that and gets up to leave!!! Poor guy, he just says, “oh, please, don’t go there.”

They walk into the club without anyone hassling them. Shawn says that it seem pretty tame in here until a hostess walks by with a lot of cleavage and they say the girl lounging on the stage. Belle says it doesn’t seem so tame to me. They can’t see the mayor but they notice a big bodyguard standing in front of a door. They figure he’s protecting someone important. Belle says he looks pretty big and mean. Shawn agrees. Belle says don’t worry I can take him.

She goes to the guy waving her cell phone using the pretty, helpless girl in distress routine. She tells him she just got an emergency message but her cell phone battery died. She needs a phone cause she doesn’t have any change for the payphone. He’s not feeling very sympathetic. She pulls out some money and says I can pay for the call. When the guy still doesn’t seem too moved she pulls out the pouty ‘what if it was my mom calling?’ line. They guys shows her to phone far away from the door.

Shawn goes in and sees the mayor enjoying his lunch with a pretty companion. (Belle had wondered earlier if the mayor put the lunches at Echelon on his expense account – I have to wonder the same). The mayor recognizes him as a team mate of the Jefferson kid whose mom works for him. Shawn apologizes for interrupting them as the mayor gets up to shake his hand. He says he’s there to serve him. The mayor says he’s already been served. Shawn says he’s serving him a subpoena and slaps it in his hand (just like Uncle Mickey showed him). He tells them to enjoy their lunch and leaves. He signals for Belle and they head back to Dotcom.

Mickey is very proud of them and offers them both a part time job. Shawn wants to know what he could do at a law firm. He says research, investigating – it would mostly be leg work. He would work his hours around his schedule at college. Belle turned him down because of her internship. Mickey then gives the two ‘partners’ as he refers to them their first pay check. They don’t want to take it, but he insists and leaves. Belle asks if he’s going to take the job and he says he will.

Shawn checks his messages and Cassie calls reminding them about the party. Belle wants to be alone with him. Shawn reminds her that the party is in her honour. She says hers and the other two. She wants to know if she can entice him into having an evening alone in her dorm room. He just gives her the look – no response. Shawn opens the envelope and is surprised at the cash inside. Belle is so cute – she holds out her hand and says I’ll got get us some mochas as a treat to celebrate. He puts one bill in her hand and she sits there with her hand out until he gives her another.

Enjoy the show: It’s very obvious that they’re starting to move the teens into a more adult environment. Even the little things like Shawn and Mickey shaking hands make a difference. And oh yeah – they both look great! Shawn can wear black jeans and white T-shirts anytime!!!

Preview: They show the Love Is Blind promo and obviously Roman or Kate is having a fantasy because we see Roman blindfolded and Kate and Marlena waiting while he makes a decision. Cassie’s party and just as the hunk is about to reveal who he’s passing on, Shawn gets up and says I can’t watch this and Belle saying Shawn.

Friday May 2


Roman is given a truth serum in which he dreams of being on 'Love is Blind' and picking Kate as the woman he wants to 'spend the rest of his life with.' Kate is at the Brady pub and won't return Roman's phone calls.

Bope are finally back on the screen and I finally figured out (although I knew it all the time)where Shawn gets his 'insert foot in mouth' technique...from BO!!! LOL. As he opens his mouth to the reporters about killing Vin...Hope is trying her hardest to get him to be quiet, tells him if he doesn't shut up he'll be out of a job..he's already walking a thin line...of course Bo being Bo keeps right on talkin.'

Jarlena/Tony at Echelon..Marlena has found her brain...I must admit though that I didn't pay a lot of attention to their scenes...not because they weren't good I just wasn't able to concentrate.

Shelle...Shawn and Mimi talking at dotcom as Shawn tries to get her to spill the beans. Belle shows up and of course stops her as Mimi tells Shawn it's the egg. Shawn tells her that he's going to use egg in his hair...cute scene. They show up at the mansion and for the first few scenes they are milling around as Shawn eats a stuffed fig...from his facial expression he's not impressed..LOL. As the show starts Belle sits on Shawn's lap...throughout the show BTW. Shawn is doing a great job of keeping his jealousy in control...except for when the 'date' smells Belle at which point he gets up and leaves...Belle follows him and the next scene they are coming back in the room. I love his looks throughout the show as he tries to control his jealousy...Belle looks a little uncomfortable at some points...like when the date says he feels like he already knows her (big surprise). At the end when he tells her he's proud of her and she says that sweet and asks if he wants her autograph and he says he wants more than that...we get a kiss (we haven't had that for awhile)and it was a pretty good kiss. Vin of course is watching from outside.

Chaz/Cassie making out in the hall...in the living room...Shawn asks Belle if she wants him to stop them but Belle says no...Shawn is staring as Chaz tells Cassie that Brady punk is staring at them (now I figure Shawn is staring because of Chaz...something is going to happen between these two..but I could be wrong...it's been know to happen)

Previews: Cassie/Chaz making out on her bed...Mimi/Rex making out..Shelle dancing...Vin watching.

It was a good Shelle show...but I really didn't enjoy watching 'Love is Blind'.

Thanks again for your patience.

Monday May 5

Jan's Spoilers.....

Brandon/Abe/Lexie...honestly I didn't get into this to much...LOL (other things on my mind:::wink:::wink::

Lumi...I absolutely love these two. The bickering on the phone..priceless. They really know how to dish it out...and Sami gets as good as she gives. Denise has it figured out all right...there is something going on and after she leaves Lucas heads for a 'lady of the evening' Jewel I believe her name is.

Cassie/Chaz....Well first of all Cassie's upset she lost...I'm better than them. Enough of her. Except she gets Chaz up in her room...gets him all turned on and then stops. This girl is going to get into trouble.

Rex/Mimi....They talk in his room about how he feels and he undresses her with his eyes...the scenes weren't too bad.

Bo/Hope...Abe is pissed at Bo for talking down the dept. They talk and Hope tells him she knows he'll do what's right. (check him out today...HOT)

Shelle...I don't know where to start. The teasing is back...as she tells him things won't change for them. She calls him obsessed as he keeps trying to find out who won...he says obsessed with her. She calls him 'SHAWN D' (too cute). She tells hims she loves his eyes, his chin, his face..the whole package. She wants him to show her how madly in love he is with her. They dance...she wants a drink...(Chaz/Vin have already drugged them)...he goes off on Vin...he keeps watching him as Chaz comes down and Belle wants to take a sip of his drink...he notices something and knocks the drink out of her hand while yelling NO. Vin takes off, Shawn goes after Chaz and pins him down as he phones Bo.

Now be prepared....the 5 o'clock shadow...the hips moving when they dance...the way he holds her when everyone is talking (his arms wrapped around her and pulling her close..her back to his chest)the kiss. OMG...it's a 5 thud show ladies be prepared!!!!!

Pat's spoilers....

Okay ladies - I swear to god both the Canadian and the US federal governments have to declare that boys five oclock shadow and those hips as lethal weapons and register them as such. Sweet jesus, I damn near tripped on my tongue running over to my neighbours to type up this report. Damn, he's hot!!!! Double damn hot in fact. Have the checklist ready and all items on standby for Monday.

Rest of the show first:

Lucas and Denise come back after their date. He tells her he's glad that he didn't rush things with her because she's special. They are really getting into it on the couch when Sami phones and reminds him to pick up Will in the morning. He loses it - she's flinging the bimbo stuff at him - he's throwing back boxer Brandon at her and Austin dumping her at the altar. They both scream that one hates the other. Denise decides to leave and tells Lucas not to call her. Lucas heads over to see a call girl.

Bo and Hope are at the hospital visiting Lexie. Abe walks them out and sees TV coverage of Bo's statement. He's very angry at Bo and reminds him that he told him there would be disciplinary action taken. Bo and Hope go home and the reporters are waiting like vultures. Bo says a few more things that are really going to anger Abe and goes in the house. Hope is worried about what this will do to their friendship with the Carvers and Bo tells her that they'll get through it, they always have before. She says she'll stand by him because she trusts him to do the right thing.

Sami and Eugenia - round 6,092 of the don't tell Brandon boxing fight. Brandon, Abe and Lexie playing a truth and nothing but the truth game to pass the time while Lexie is waiting to get the okay to leave. They didn't show much of that - I think it was to showcase how much the same Abe and Brandon are. Lexie comments that's its like they can read each others minds. Sami panicks when she hears part of the game. They explain to what they're doing but she still wants to leave. She does get him to leave Abe and Lexie alone and she wants him to come home with her. He tells her to go without him because he's not leaving the hospital until Lexie does.

Rex and Mimi: I'm as confused as Mimi. One minute he's shutting the door in her face. The next he's telling her she's beguiling and taking him back up to his room. They kiss, she wants him to stop, he doesn't want her to go. He uses the bedroom eyes on her and she almost caves. Finally she tells him she wants consistency in their relationship.

Cassie: She's sniveling a lot. Rex tries to comfort her. She decides to use Chaz to make her feel better. She takes him to her room and locks the door. She lets him know right off the bat who's in charge. She gets him to tell her how sexy she is, blah, blah, blah. When she has him to the point of, well you know, she pulls the plug, grabs him by the belt loop and goes back downstairs. I had to laugh when she was telling Rex she couldn't understand how she lost. She's prettier, smarter, had nicer clothes than Belle or Mimi. She thinks really highly of herself.

Vin lies to Chaz and tells him the drug will just ensure that Shawn Brady has a really wild party. Chaz puts some in a soda but he doesn't see when Vin dumps more stuff in.

Really loved the teasing between Belle and Shawn today. And OMFG at the beginning when they're dancing - I, I, I - oh hell THUD!!!!! I love she teases him about being obsessed with the show and he says he's obsessed with her.

Before they start dancing again she says she's thirsty. Chaz hands them each a glass of soda saying he just poured them. Belle drinks hers and Shawn is about to when he notices Vin there. He starts ranting and Belle says, can't we forget about the show, Vin and Chaz and concentrate on us. She tells him she's madly in love with him and he says he feels the same. She wants him to show her how madly in love he is.

Shawn gets right in Vin's face and asks him if there to sell drugs. Vin says he's clean but he could call his daddy to come over and try and beat it out of him. Shawn says he doesn't need his dad and and he grabs Vin. Belle pulls him back. She picks up his glass and asks if she can drink his soda. He sees Chaz coming back in with Cassie and notices Chaz's look on his face when he sees Belle with the glass. Shawn glances towards Vin and Vin takes off - he knocks the glass out of Belle's hand and attacks Chaz.

He asks Chaz what he put in his drink. Chaz says nothing. Shawn says if I call the Salem PD and they analyze the rug where the drink spilled, what will they find. He pushes Chaz face down and phones his dad. Bo tells Hope that something bad went down at the DiMera's.

Preview: Lucas telling Sami he doesn't want to have sex with her - Sami ranting at him. At the police station Marlena telling Cassie that her boyfriend almost killed her sister and her boyfriend. Cassie turning to Belle and saying you must be loving this - you want them to hate me - Yeah Cassie - that's exactly it - make it all about you - oh lordy here we go - Chlo-me in waiting that one is!

Enjoy the show - just remember - I warned you. Damn! Double Damn!! THUD!

Tuesday May 6

Jan's spoilers......

Let's start with Lumi....I love these two. The bantering back and forth was great, the quiet pauses as they admitted they didn't want the other one dead. The way Lucas tricked her by pretending to be knocked out...they way she got him out of the apartment (almost like she was a little unsure of her feelings...hmmmm)the way Lucas shook his head and said 'women.' after leaving the apartment. I am loving these two and can't wait for more.

Kate...at the airport waiting to board her plane. Getting lots of calls from Roman but she won't return them...one quick call to Lucas saying good-bye.

The one part of the show I wasn't impressed with...Tony/Lucas meeting up in the, shall we say 'waiting room' after their night of 'paid sex.' Sorry ladies, I'm not really liking this.

Marlena/John at the penthouse. As they discuss Tony trying to kill John, the twins not having adult skills...please give me a break...Cassie knows exactly what she's doing. Belle calls and tells them something happened...everyone is fine...Bo and Hope are there. John figures if Bope is there someone called the cops...so away they go but not before Marlena calls Tony.

At DiMansion....Shawn and Chaz arguing as Shawn tells him he'll make him lick the pop off the floor. (I love an angry Shawn). Bo going off on Chaz...Hope making sure her 'baby' is OK. Cassie telling Shawn Chaz didn't do anything...Shawn yelling at Cassie (I liked that)Shawn makes sure Belle's OK, he was worried about her. Marlena gives Belle a hug and she tells Mar she's OK...she's worried about Shawn. She tells Marlena to go to Cassie..but Mar says no...Belle says she wasn't drinking. Loved how Shawn is holding Belle's hand as Hope comes up (no Mom you haven't lost him yet...LOL) Hope/Shawn and Marlena/Belle in the background as they arrest Chaz. Cassie pouring on the tears for Tony saying she wouldn't hurt her sister...(give me a break) Oh, I almost forgot...Mimi/Rex upstairs oblivious to it all until Rex hears something while he's kissing Mimi.

At the police station....Bo comes in with Chaz...Belle and Shawn walk in together. Belle comes up to Shawn and says why did this happen..Shawn says they should have left when they noticed Vin there...Belle says it wouldn't have mattered...Shawn says I'll never let anything happen to you as he cups her head with his hands...I love you too much...Belle says I love you too and we get a sweet kiss. Roman is taking a statement from Shawn as Cassie storms in...Marlena says your boyfriend almost killed Shawn and your sister..Belle says she propably put him up to it as Cassie says you want them to hate me (John is watching this play out...and I think he might want Cassie around to watch her)...Belle/Hope talk as Belle knows what Cassie's up to...and Bo plays Chaz as he folds and volunteers to help out. (he's a bit of a wimp...LOL)

Preview....Belle holding up two rings as she says I bought these for us...Shawn asks what are they...Belle says a symbol of my love for you...(at least I think that's what she says)

I really enjoyed the show today...and I loved Lumi, and how Shawn and Belle are worried for each other.

Wednesday May 7

My apologies to Jan and everyone else. I was late getting home and of course I had to write an entire book - LOL! Here's the report.


Here it is....and it's long...LOL.

OMG....I love DENA: I loved this show today.

Kate/Roman....I love how Roman goes to the show and pours out his heart and soul on TV. I love the looks that Kate has while watching it. I love how Roman looks so dejected while waiting for Kate to show up at J&J's house. And I absolutely loved how she ran in at the end of the show. I actually had tears in my eyes.

J&J...I loved how they were bantering back & forth today...Jennifer looked gorgeous in the wedding dress...as did Maggie. I'm not sure I'm fussy about 'In the House' yet but I love J&J.

Sami/Brandon...can we say desperate. OK...I enjoyed the scenes at Tuscany of the engagement but Sami control yourself...she was saying yes before he asked. The downer was we know he's leaving...so again she gets left. But I love Sami so.......LOL.

Belle/Sami...they are talking about the show. Belle says if she hadn't signed a contract she would have dropped out. Sami asks about her sex life...Belle doesn't want to talk about it. Sami says at least Shawn appreciates what he has and Belle says so do I. They talk about Brandon proposing and Belle goes to phone Shawn.

Shawn/Teammate...the guy talks about getting married in a few weeks...he says I can't wait. Shawn says I bet. The guy says what does that mean...Shawn says my g/f Belle said your g/f Shannon said you were waiting for marriage to have sex. Belle and I have decided to wait. We love each other so much. I feel like a freak waiting. It's hard. (no comments please...LOL) The guy says you love her you want her to be the only one there's no need to feel like a freak about that. Only you and Belle can make that decision. He leaves as Shawn sits on the bench. Belle calls. She wants to know if he wants company...he says always...she asks where he is and says I'll meet you there I have something for you.

Belle shows up and they hug each other tightly (and I mean tightly)She says she loves him. He says you're easy to love. She says you saved my life. She holds up the rings...I got these because of the promise we made. And everytime I look at it it will remind me of our reason...You're my reason.

Shawn says and this is...Belle says a purity ring or a symbol of our love. One ring is for the love of God. One ring is for love of myself. And the last ring is for the love of my future husband. You make me want to be a better person for us. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for loving me when I'm cranky and annoying. Thank you for respecting me. He says I respect you so much. Belle says thank you for understanding (she goes to put her ring on and Shawn says Belle wait)Belle says Shawn what's wrong? He says give me you're ring and take this one. We're making a solemn promise to each other and in a way it's an even bigger commitment that the one we were going to make a few weeks ago. You are the only person I want to be with and I hope someday that I replace this with another ring, a wedding ring (he places her ring on her finger and she places his ring on as they go in for a sweet kiss)

Belle says we've been here a long time...he says you're taking home some of the b/ball diamond (as he brushes the dirt of her)he tells her if she does go out with the mystery date he'll know your status (as he hold her hand with the ring on it). He's not jealous but there's something about the guy and I just want to protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you. This myster guy can't get out of your life soon enough for me. Belle says if I do go out with him I hope he doesn't expect me to jjump into bed with him.

Now all I can say is the epi. was beautifully written...very sweet, very touching. I absolutely loved it.

Oh and don't let me forget....SDB looked well as usual HOT....red b/ball jersey, yellow long sleeved t'shirt underneath. Dirty face, dirty pants, 5 o'clock shadow. Belle had on a black/white sundress...black jacket and her hair was gorgeous.

Awesome show ladies....don't miss it.


The Pier: Shawn and his team mate talking about his upcoming wedding which he can’t wait for. Shawn tells him he understands because his fiancée told Belle that they were waiting until they were married. The guy is not too happy. He tells Shawn the real reason he can’t wait for the wedding – nothing to do with sex. Shawn apologizes and says he admires him for waiting. He says that Belle and he decided to wait but it’s so hard. He says he feels like a freak because he loves her so much and she loves him. They guy tells him that they have to do what is right for them. He’s says he’s not a freak for knowing that Belle is the only for him. His team mate leaves and Belle calls. She asks him where he is and if he wants company. He says he’s on the pier and she tells him she’s on her way. She has something to show him.

Ahhh – When they meet on the pier it’s like they haven’t seen each other in weeks. They hug and hug. He asks her how she is doing. She says better but last night was so scary. He tells her that if Vin comes back he’ll end up in jail. She wraps her arms around him and tells him she loves him so much. OMG – the way he says I love you, so softly, his voice so full of his love for her – unbelievable. She tells him they’re nineteen, it shouldn’t be so hard – he says it isn’t, ‘you are so easy to love.’ Sheesh – I’m still a pile of goo from that. His voice when he says that, the way he looks at her. She says she knows how hard it is for him to wait, he tries to talk but she tells him it’s hard for her too. She has something for him. He doesn’t have to wear it but it means so much to her that they made the decision together. She holds out the rings. She says whenever she looks at hers, she has the reason for waiting – she says ‘you are my reason.’ The look on his face and the small smile he gives her – it’s like nobody else exists in the world for him at that moment – just her.

She gives the ring and tells him it is a purity ring or a symbol of her love for him – whatever he wants to make it. She tells him that one ring is for love of god, one for love of self and one symbolizes the love she has for her future husband. She tells him that he makes her want to be a better person. She thanks him being patient with her, for loving her when she cranky and does stupid things and for respecting her. He tells her that he will always respect her. She thanks him for understanding. She’s going to put her ring on and he asks her to wait.

She wants to know what is wrong. He asks her for her ring and he asks her to take his. He tells her they’re making a solemn promise to each other which is even bigger than the commitment they were ready to make a few weeks ago. He tells her that she is the only person that he wants to be with and as he is slipping the ring on her ring finger he says that he hopes one day to replace this ring with another ring, a wedding ring. She puts his ring on his ring finger – love how he looks at it. She says and then they can be together in every way and they kiss. AHHHHH!

She says she has to go to class because she is so far behind with studying for finals because of that dating show. They mention that even if she wins the show, it will be only one date and the guy will know she is committed to someone else. She says I hope he doesn’t expect that I would sleep with him. Shawn says he knows he hasn’t seen his face but there’s something about that guy. He doesn’t want anyone to hurt her. He says he can’t wait to have that mysterious guy out of her life.

In The House: Jack refers to their house as wedding central. They try out some cake, do the linked arms drink, talk about wedding plans. They are so cute when they banter about traditional and non traditional roles when it comes to dating. They did a little dating ‘exercise’ and show a clip. The clip is the two of them meeting at the bar at the Brady Pub pretending they don’t know each other. Love the clip and their comments as they’re watching it. They then introduce the wedding planner, Audrey Sims. She comes out in a gown.

Maggie models a very informal wedding ensemble. Then the next gown is modelled by Jen. She declares it to be the perfect dress for her – she does look gorgeous! Jack is left speechless and says its time to guess the almost bride. The three ladies have changed out of their gowns and Maggie leaves. They start discussing party favours when Roman busts in. Jack reminds him that they’re on the air and Roman says that is why he is there. OMG – I love his public declaration of love. He really lets it all out. He says he loves her twice and he’s going to stay right there until she shows up so he can tell her to her face. I loved how before he made his statement he asked if their ratings were big and ‘Audrey’ says not like Access Hollywood.

Loved the next segment where Jack is trying to make party favours. Roman is very anxious – waiting. Just at the very end of the show she shows up and they kiss.

Kate: Stuck in the airport bar because the flight has been delayed – deleting all Roman’s messages. She tells her drinking companion that she intends to forget the guy that is on her mind while she is gone. Roman is sitting at his desk when another cop comes in. Roman tells him he’s trying to get someone to talk to him that doesn’t want to listen. The cop asks him if he’s tried saying those three words she wants to hear that he couldn’t bring himself to say over the police radio. Roman says he has an idea – he’ll use the airwaves to tell her.

Kate is embarrassed when she sees Roman on TV. The woman at the bar says are you going to board now – they called the flight. Kate says yes, but turns back to look at the TV

Brady Pub: Sami is trying to find out if Belle won. Belle tells her if she wanted to break her contract she would have quit the show. She says she was so stupid to do it. Sami says no. She tells Belle that Shawn finally appreciates what he has. Belle says she does too. So Sami says so you two are finally sleeping together – LOL! Belle says she’s not comfortable talking about her sex life. Sami calls her on it by saying your non-existent sex life. She tells Belle that it is wonderful when you’re with the right man, the one you love. She says that Brandon is the right guy and he is going to propose. Belle is excited for her. Belle goes off to call Shawn. Sami checks her messages and she has one from Brandon telling her to meet him at Tuscany at 10am – he can’t wait any longer.

Sami’s apartment: Eugenia is outside the door with an envelope when Lexie comes up and asks her what she is doing there. Lexie remarks that she looks edgy. She says she has something to tell Sami that she isn’t going to like but she’s going to do it anyway. Eugenia asks what she is doing there. She says Brandon called. Eugenia says what she has to say involves Lexie in a big way and the paternity test. Lexie says she wants to forget that it ever happened. Brandon comes along. Eugenia wants to talk to them both. Brandon wants to know why. Before Eugenia can say anything, Lexie says it’s about Sami and nothing to do with us. She suggests Eugenia take it up with Sami at work. She takes the hint and leaves. Brandon tells Lexie that he’s going to propose to Sami. She feels that he can do better but if she is who he wants, she wishes him well. Loved her comment that they were both so obsessive maybe they deserved each other. My question, why does Brandon have to tell Lexie his plans???? Lexie calls someone mentioning that Eugenia had the paternity tests and she’ll look after it.

Tuscany: Just Brandon and Sami at a candlelit table for two. The restaurant is empty and he tells her they have it to themselves until noon. Brandon helps seat her and pours champagne. Sami tells him to cut the atmospheric stuff and cut to the question because her heart is beating so fast she’s about to pass out. He says he loves her. He tells her they have a whole life time to make declarations of love. He says he’ll say it anywhere, in front of their kids if she wants more. He pulls out a ring box and says here goes. He really drags out the proposal but does it right. Sami is ecstatic!

Preview: Sami tripping as she crashes Lexie’s baby shower. Belle congratulating Sami on her engagement saying she knew how desperate Sami was for him to propose. Hope mentioning to Jen that next they’ll be eating cake will be at her wedding. She says not if Sami beats me to it.

This show is a keeper. Belle looks absolutely beautiful. I love her hair today. Even Shawn with the grime all over his face from his baseball practice. Of course it was all in the voice, the way he looked at her and that little smile!

Thursday May 8


Hi guys...this is going to be a little short...I've got to get my boys fed before the hockey game....so here goes.

Kate/Roman....so cute as they come into the pub and everyone claps. Shawn/Caroline are there and they are really happy for them. Shawn takes Roman out to show him his new care as Caroline talks to Kate. Kate thinks that Caroline is going to tell her she's not good enough for Roman but of course she doesn't. She just wants Roman happy. Kate has flashbacks to her telling Roman about taking money for sex...and gets a little upset.

Lucas/Sami...can I say how much I love these two...as Lucas tells her a few more engagements and she'll have enough diamonds for a choker.

Tuscany....the ladies are there for Lexie's baby shower...Alice couldn't make it she's looking after Zack but she sent donuts for Abe (too cute)I enjoyed them today....Shelle come in and Shawn doesn't look too impressed by all the women (LOL..he tries to run but Hope catches him and says isn't this a bit expensive for a lunch date..she tells him she has a job)....Loved how he put on the Brady charm...and Belle sitting close to him listening...she's very impressed with him...LOL. (I won't go into details...I'll leave that to Pat...but the ring was on his finger)...loved how he tried to get her to again tell him who won...Sami tripping as she came in...I love Ali....and Lexie is definately out to stop this wedding...

I enjoyed the show...it was fun to watch!!

Preview....Cassie needs to find a life....as she comes up behind Shawn...the look on his face is priceless...as he turns she runs her hand up his shoulder as Belle walks out of her room. (I can't wait to see what he says to Cassie)


Kate and Roman are talking about Roman’s appearance on Jack and Jen’s show. He tells her that when he couldn’t find her and she wouldn’t return his calls, he lost it. He tells her again that he loves her and they go inside the pub. Of course everyone claps because they had seen them on TV. Shawn and Caroline are very excited – of course, he’s embarrassed. They find out that Kate gave up her trip to Rome to be with Roman.

Kate wants to know why the sudden change in him. What made him realise that he loved her. He tells her about the experimental truth serum. She gets all huffy – upset that he had to be spaced out on drugs to admit his love for her. He tells her that the drug just made him see that he loved her, that he was afraid to commit. They are so lovey-dovey together – it’s cute to watch them together. More teasing from Shawn and Caroline – Caroline makes it known that she wants to talk alone to Kate. Kate tells her she knows that she doesn’t approve of her. Caroline says that isn’t true. She says Roman was hurt very badly and she’s happy that someone finally got through to him.

After Kate tells Caroline that she would never hurt Roman, she flashes back to telling him about her prostitute past when he was sleeping. Of course she talks out loud about him needing to know just as he comes up and hears her say that. He wants to know what she’s referring to – she says that she has to get back to the office.

Shawn and Belle are still at the pier sitting on the bench, his arm around her shoulders. She is so happy. He promises to live up to everything the ring signifies. His cell phone rings and he says he hates cell phones. She says especially when they ring. He tells her Uncle Mickey has another job for him. He has to get a deposition from a hostess that works at Echelon. She raises her eyebrows at that. He tells her that she has a day job at Tuscany. He wants to know where they can meet up later – she says, no way, I’m going on this adventure with you.

They get to Tuscany and Shawn hopes not to be seen by the ladies at the shower but it’s too late. Hope says isn’t this a little pricey for lunch and he tells her he’s there on a job. (He changed – looks very nice. Black pants, long-sleeved button up blue and white striped shirt, collar unbuttoned and shirt not tucked in). He tells her he can’t tell her about. Maggie says don’t worry, Mickey had called. She points up the person he wants to talk to. Belle gives him a quick kiss for luck and watches him as he smooth talks Annabeth.

Absolutely how she thinks he’s too young to be hitting on her but talks with him anyways. She wants to know what he likes. You’ll really enjoy the long, long list of all the things he likes. I especially like when she asked him if he prefers boxers or briefs. He says briefs with the days of the week embroidered on them. (I loved the expression on Belle’s face when she heard that). She wants to know what his favourite day is. He says Saturday because of cartoons, starts talking about superheroes and segues that into talk about Ben Wells. She’s not happy but finally agrees to testify.

He gets her time off to go to Mickey’s office to give her deposition. Belle is absolutely not jealous at all – where did the spoiler come from? She’s very proud of him. Maggie offers Belle and Shawn lunch on the house. They refuse because they don’t have time. Belle congratulates Sami and makes her remark about Sami being desperate and tells Shawn they better get out of there before she completely alienates her sister. She says she hopes they make it to the altar and Shawn wants to know why they wouldn’t. Belle says the only way Sami knows how to hold a guy is through lies, schemes and secrets. Shawn remarks that they are so different. She says well she does have a secret. He tells her that she’s driving him crazy and she says she loves it. He wants a night alone and she says we promised we’d watch the second segment at the pub.

Hope, Marlena, Jennifer and Maggie are throwing a shower for Lexie. She is surprised but not too pleased when Eugenia shows up. Apparently Celeste is out of town and Alice is babysitting Zach which explains why they aren’t there. Lexie makes a point of saying Eugenia knows as much about her baby as she does because she works in the lab and sees all her tests. She also makes sure she really gushes about what a good father Abe is going to be and how happy they are.

Brandon and Sami are in the hallway talking and Brandon is saying that he will be the best stepfather to Will when Lucas overhears this. He wants to know what’s going on. They say they’re getting married and Lucas is not impressed. Will is happy. He hoped that his parents would get married this summer. They’re shocked until he tells them he didn’t mean to each other. He hoped Sami and Brandon would marry and Lucas and Denise, but he says they broke up. Sami makes a snide remark and Lucas replies in kind.

They really go at it and it ends up with Lucas telling her that the wedding will never happen. Her bad wedding karma will make sure she ends up just the way she did with Austin, dumped at the altar. Sami is upset and hurt. Brandon tells her not to let Lucas get to her. He wants to know why she is so afraid to be happy. She tells him mistakes have a way of coming back to haunt you and she brings up him sleeping with Lexie. He says to let it go, he’s has and he’s accepted that Abe makes Lexie happy and keeps her safe. He mentions that Lexie is at her baby shower, Eugenia told him about it. Brandon gets paged to go to the hospital. Sami tries to get hold of Eugenia and then heads off to Tuscany.

Lexie asks Hope if she kept her secret from Bo. Hope says she has but she doesn’t like keeping secrets from him. Eugenia overhears this. She tells Lexie she is going to leave but Lexie wants to talk to her.

Sami makes her entrance by falling flat on her face. She says she’s there on hospital business but Eugenia says if it was important the hospital would have paged her. Marlena asks her nicely to leave because she wasn’t invited. Lexie invites her to stay and seats her between her and Eugenia. She lets Sami know that her engagement was old news to her.

Sami doesn’t believe that Brandon would tell Lexie first – Lexie says, ask him. To lessen the tension, Hope and Jen ask to see the ring. Marlena pulls Sami aside. The other ladies talk that they hope everything works out for Sami. Lexie says I’ll say it, we all know that there is no way in hell that Sami will get Brandon to the altar.

Preview: Rex telling Mimi it won’t hurt as he holds up this big needle. Cassie asking Shawn if he’s man enough to let her show him what she can do for him, Shawn turning towards her. Belle comes out of her and is shocked. Hope saying she’s never seen Bo like this. Bo saying I quit.

Friday May 9


Well guys I must say I loved Shawn going off on Cassie.

Victor/Kate...Kate upset that Philip was shipped off to war without letting them know. Kate upset about her past. Victor being Victor knew Philip was gone..now this is JMO but I have a feeling that ole Vic knows Philip is around somewhere but I could be way off on that.

Hope/Alice...I enjoyed their scenes but then I always enjoy seeing Alice...loved the donuts on the coffee table.

Bo/Abe....THUD:::THUD::: This is the Bo I love...he's out to get Vin and to hell with anything else. He's going to protect his family no matter what....loved it when he gave his badge and gun back to Abe. Hope knows somethings wrong as he gets home...he tells her he quit the force...she's says she'll be there for him and wants to know what happened...he says later right now we have to worry about our future....I absolutely loved Bo today...he's got that vein sticking out:::THUD:::.

Shelle....I won't go into a lot of detail but I'll tell you the parts I enjoyed...Belle asking SDB to leave the room while she changes (for the sixth time..and he has the typical male attitude about this)...he asks why she's being so modest...is it because of the ring...she says some things are best left to the imagination...as out he goes.

Cassie's in the hall and he wants to talk to her...the argue back and forth (I'm sure Pat will you fill you in)she wants to know if he's man enough for her as he turns and her arm snakes up his shoulder Belle comes out of her room...next scene shows Shawn pushing her away...(we don't actually see them kissing...Thank You Dena...LOL)she notices the rings and says I've seen them around usually on girls...they're chastity rings...Belle corrects her...Belle/Shawn discuss Cassie using sex...Shawn says you saw me push her away...Belle says yeah, I guess...he says it won't happen again...You're the only girl I want...(she rolls her eyes...and this is my thud moment of the day)he says don't roll your eyes at me and kisses her.
Loved how he went off on Chaz outside the pub...loved how he held her while watching the show....loved the kisses...and I loved Belle's comment about where she'd like to make out "A lagoon, I'm a tropical girl.".

I really enjoyed the show today hope you do as well.

Off to cheer for the Canucks!!!!!!!!


Belle and Shawn are in her dorm room. She’s checking out her outfit and says she has to change. He’s dumbfounded – he’s says this will be the sixth time. We’re just going to the pub. She tells him she’s a star now – she has to look good for her adoring public. She does look cute and he tells her she is beautiful. Love the teasing between them. She tells him he has to wait outside. He wonders at the sudden modesty and takes her hand and asks her if it’s because of the ring. She tells him some things are better left to the imagination. She tells him ten seconds and he starts counting as she pushes him out the door. He tells her he is going to count fast.

He runs into Cassie in the hallway and tells her he saw her go upstairs with Chaz. He asks her to promise that she won’t see him again. She wants to know why. He tells her that Chaz is dangerous and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She tells him she will date who she wants. They really argue. She says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about – she knows all about his screw-ups. She throws slutty, pregnant Jan back in her face. Shawn wants to know why she thinks she is so superior and tells her to get over herself. She throws that back in his face saying he’s the one telling her how to live her life. She says it must be his last name because all the Brady’s think they have the answers to everything. She wants to know why he cares. He tells her he doesn’t care what she does but he does care about Belle and Belle worries about her and wants only the best for her. She tells Shawn that Chaz keeps coming back for more from her and asks if he would like a sample. She asks him if he is man enough and he turns to her and Belle comes out of her room.

Shawn pushes her away and asks her what she thinks she’s doing. Belle wants to know to. Cassie tells her she was being a friend, Shawn looked tense and she wanted to help him unwind. She makes fun of the ‘chastity’ rings. She says looks like Shawn won’t be getting any action. Belle says she doesn’t expect her to understand purity, relationships or commitment. Cassie says she knows men and Belle is going to look like a fool on national television. She leaves and Shawn says she’s really doesn’t know what she’s doing. She thinks she can use sex to get what she wants. Belle wants to know why he’s defending her. He says he isn’t. She wants to know why he didn’t stop her. He says I did, I pushed her away. Then he tells her again that she is the only one he wants to be with and that stuff with Cassie will never happen again. THUD ALERT – oh yikes, his voice when he goes in for a kiss saying ‘don’t roll your eyes.’

They get to the pub and he asks her to wait. She thinks he wants to know who won and tells him to give it up. He says no. He wants her to know that he loves her and pulls her in for a kiss. He sees Chaz and he sends Belle in the pub. He stops Chaz from going into the pub. Chaz tells him to put the past behind him. Shawn says tell your buddy Vin that my dad will find him and put him in jail. Chaz says he hopes he does which kind of surprises Shawn. Oh my, angry Bo and angry Shawn all in one show.

I hate the TV show so I won’t go into that segment. Totally stupid – IMO. I do however like how Shawn is there for Belle. Cassie is as spiteful as we expected. Shawn and Belle are sitting at the bar and Shawn teases her about ordering the guy liver and onions and then telling him a story about throwing up all over everyone on a class trip didn’t seem the best way to win a guy. She says that she was trying to bomb the date and he kisses her – and I do mean kisses her. It’s time for the guy to make up his mind.

Mimi interrupts Rex the genius. He tells her he needs her help and it won’t hurt. I loved the expression on her face when he pulls out the needle. She doesn’t want to give blood, doesn’t like needles. After a few kisses she agrees. He takes the blood for his experiment – comparing a normal person’s blood to his genetically engineered blood. She asks him to go to the pub with her. He wants to know who won but she won’t tell.

Hope is telling Grandma Alice about their family being threatened and that Vin is on the loose. Both she and Alice hope that Bo keeps his head and doesn’t do anything rash. Hope says she’s never seen him like this. I love the talk between Alice and Hope as they continue to talk about Bo. Alice and Hope are watching the show. Hope wonders what Shawn will do if Belle wins the date.

A very angry Bo charges into Abe’s office and of course, Abe tells him to stay within the law. Bo tells him he will not stand by while a murderer goes after his family. He quits. Abe doesn’t want to accept his resignation but Bo says he’s had enough. He goes on and on about how and why he’s lost faith in the system. Abe says if he goes after Ramsel on his own he is no better than him. Ooooh – we get REALLY angry Bo when he tells Abe that NOBODY threatens his family.

Abe talks about how proud he is of the system and their country. Bo does tell him that he admires Abe greatly but he just can’t do it his way anymore. He’s struggling now as he realises that his decision is final and he’s walking away from his job. He hands Abe his badge and gun and says ‘it’s over.’ He hesitates slightly on his way out but keeps going.

He gets home and tells Alice and Hope he had a rough day and goes to get a beer. Hope takes Gran home and when she comes back she asks Bo what is wrong. (He’s just been working out – sweaty shirt, sleeves fleece vest with the hood up???) He tells her he quit the force, he’s no longer a cop. He asks her to say something. She tells him that he must have had a good reason and she’s behind him all the way.

Kate finds Victor at Tuscany. She is practically hysterical because Phillip’s unit got shipped overseas and he didn’t even say goodbye. She wants Victor to pull strings and stop this. Victor tells her that Phillip is a man and capable of making his own decisions. He says he’s a survivor and he’ll come home. She still wants him to do something. She just keeps harping that he didn’t bother to say goodbye. They talk about Roman. Victor wonders if she can make a relationship work with the straightest by the book cop in Salem. He tells her not to tell Roman about her past and not worry about Sami knowing because he destroyed all the evidence she had. He tells her to enjoy the moment and be happy.

Preview: Shawn telling Belle he loves her. She tells him the same and that no mystery hunk can change that. Rex lying in bed shirtless and Mimi liking what see sees. Someone holding a gun on Tony then grabbing Sami and holding the gun to her head.

Monday May 12


Hope wants Bo to be sure that he made the right decision because things could be different with Carson in jail. He says he doesn’t have faith in the system any longer – he is no longer a cop. She tells him she supports his decision. He says he should have consulted her. He has a family to support. She tells him he needs this time for himself. They have her trust fund. He lets out all his frustrations about Ben Wells and the lack of the system to prevent his death and others. She wants to know what she can do for him but he says he needs time alone and goes outside.

Jen comes over and brings Hope a wedding invitation and asks her to be her matron of honour. Hope is thrilled and accepts. She says she missed their first wedding and this will make it right. They joke about the reception being held on a roller coaster. Bo is in the garage throwing plaques and trophies he got from the force into the garbage can. Roman comes in and tells him he’s there to talk him out of quitting the force. He tells Bo that he is being impulsive and Bo says maybe when I said the words. But he knew as soon as he says them that they had been inside him for a long time. He tells Roman it’s over, he’s no longer a cop.

I loved the next segment. Bo and Roman talk about things when Bo was a teenager and then Bo talking about how much he’s always admired Roman. Then it cuts to Hope and Jen and their conversation. Hope needs someone to talk about Bo quitting the force. Jen refers to Abe, Roman and Bo being like family to one another. Jen asks what is next but Hope says she doesn’t know and neither does Bo. Bo tells Roman that he’s going to go after Vin and then he doesn’t know what he’ll do. Roman tells him that if he needs anything he can count on him. He also tells Bo not to do anything stupid. Bo just says I love you too.

Bo uncovers his motorcycle and smiles. Hope walks into the garage and looks worried when she sees Bo by his bike.

Bart and Tony are in the limo on the way to the Blue Note. They are going to meet with Carl, the guy Tony fired from Echelon. Bart wonders if he wants to be Tony’s mole within the Kiriakis organization. Meanwhile, Carl is telling his henchman if Tony doesn’t come alone to go to plan B. Lucas comes in and sits at the bar.

Carl is telling the guy to make sure it looks like Kiriakis ordered the hit. Lucas overhears part of the conversation and tries to get closer and Carl notices and grabs him. Meanwhile Tony and his entourage arrive. They frisk Bart. Lucas tells Tony that they keep meeting in the strangest places. Carl says he has a ledger that Tony make be interested in back in his office. Lucas looks worried.

Sami shows up and accuses Lucas of drinking. He tells her its club soda and of course she sips it to be sure. He taunts her and they bicker like no other two can. Lucas sees Carl’s henchman pull a gun and attacks the guy. Carl pulls a gun and grabs Sami and pointing the gun at her – threatening to kill her.

She blames Lucas for her being in this predicament – he says he was trying to push her out of the way. He really gets her riled up by telling the guy to do them both a favour and kill her. He tries to hint for Sami to bite the guy by going on and on but Sami doesn’t catch on.

Carl wants Tony to let him leave or he’ll kill Sami. Tony says that as soon as he pulls the trigger his man will kill him. He says to let Sami go and he’ll let him walk out alive. The guy won’t buy that. Tony says Sami doesn’t mean anything to him – she’s expendable. So he’ll order his man to shoot him and if he pulls the trigger on Sami he pulls it. Sami does not like this! Tony tells him to make up his mind.

The guy lets Sami go and Tony has Bart take him to Victor's. Victor will deal with him because he's not going to be happy with Carl for trying to start trouble between the two of them. Sami tries to slap Lucas but kisses Tony. Sami and Lucas sure share an interesting look when he stops her from slapping her. She thinks he means everything he was saying to Carl but he says he was just bluffing. When she leaves with Tony he orders a scotch on the rocks - oh oh!

Gabi stretches out the announcement of the winner. Belle is not happy looking (on the TV show) when the guy picks her. Shawn looks shocked and upset. A guy comes up to Belle, but Sami pushes him out of the way. She tells Belle to keep her options open because the mystery guy is a total hottie. Belle says but I’m in love with Shawn. Sami says make sure you take a good look when he takes his mask off. Shawn does like Sami’s remark to Belle about keeping her options open.

Rex tells Mimi he’s happy they lost so she can spend more time with him. They’re going to sneak off together but two guys come and sweep her off her feet. Meanwhile Cassie is lounging against the bar when one of the ‘brainy’ looking guys (brainy meaning nerdy) comes over and flatters her by telling her she should have won. Belle is admiring Sami’s ring. Sami says she’s officially off the market now, but Belle isn’t – so she should really enjoy this. Shawn comes up behind Belle and says “Thanks, Thanks a lot.” A photographer comes over and wants a publicity shot – so Sami shoves Shawn out of the way so she can get in the picture – she then heads to the Blue Note to meet Brandon. Shawn asks Belle what happened to throwing the game so that Mimi would win – she smiles nervously.

Mimi tells the reporter that she is not going steady with anyone and Rex walks away. Belle says they edited a lot of stuff out when Shawn says obviously the livers and onions weren’t enough for the guy not to choose her. Belle wants to explain more but they drag her off for more pictures. Rex sits next to Shawn and says this celebrity stuff sucks. Shawn agrees and looks really worried when Rex wonders what it means for them with the girls being so popular.

Belle is really enjoying all the attention. Shawn pulls her away from the reporter and photographers when some guy asks for her cell number – he tells the guy that she doesn’t give out that information. Belle tells the guy to read her bio. She wants to know what’s up with Shawn and he tells her that she needed a break from all those questions and flash bulbs. She tells him its part of her contract to do publicity so she might as well have fun. Shawn asks Mimi about her missing shoe and she says this guy took it, he must have a fetish. She’s worried about him following her home. Belle tells her to stay in her dorm room. When Shawn is helping Mimi get her shoe back, a guy runs and grabs Belle and starts kissing her cheek. She looks uncomfortable and Shawn looks steamed!

Cassie is a booth with the new guy kissing up a storm. Rex tries to find out where Mimi is but she asks him if she looks like she cares. Rex talks to Shawn while guys are draped over Belle asking for her autograph. Shawn tells Rex that Mimi is in Belle’s room. Rex leaves and Shawn drags Belle away from the guys and asks her where she wants to go. She says any place where there are no guys.

Mimi escapes from the guys – they follow her right to the dorm room. Rex asks what took her so long. He’s lying in the bed – shirtless. She likes what she sees. He asks her to lie down next to him – she does and they start kissing.

They get to Shawn’s room and Belle comments that she couldn’t believe they followed them for two blocks. He tells her that he’s not worried about that date at Tuscany. He says basically he is saying that he loves her and she says the same and no mystery hunk can change that. Love their kisses. She’s so happy that she has only one more date and things can get back to normal. There’s a lot of teasing conversation about the hunk and his ‘looks’. She tells Shawn it doesn’t matter because she’s taken. I love how she straddles him while he’s sitting on his bed and then kisses him. Man there is something seriously sexy about seeing that ring on his finger as his hand caresses her back.

Preview: Bo and Hope talking in the garage about Vin. Rex and Mimi in Belle’s bed kissing up a storm. Belle being interviewed at the pub, Shawn watching throw the window as she says she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

Tuesday May 13


Well ladies I was a puddle of goo on the floor from the first Shelle scene through the Bope scenes to the last Shelle scenes. What can I say?? LOL.

Bope...from the moment Hope came down looking for Bo who hadn't been to bed I loved them. She finds him in the garage working on his 'bike'. She's a little worried as he's listening to the scanner that he's going after Vin...but after coming back from dropping off Zach with Doug/Julie and she goes in to help him...(he gets a cute smile on his face) the are the couple I love. Shawn comes in and Bo kisses her good-bye as Shawn hides his face. Bo tells him about quitting the force...Shawn is a little shocked but understands and will stand by him (be prepared...two Brady men working on the bike....and you have to love a 'dirty' Bo). You get Bo telling the bike...it's blood, sweat and tears but they have more work to do. Shawn in the house with Hope...they talk a bit about Bo quitting...Shawn says he sleeps at the dorm but this is home...Hope wants to know what's wrong...she still has mother's intuition...he tells her Belle won...Hope is all excited and Shawn just looks at her...she says not just as a mother but a woman she sees the way Belle looks at him and she's in love and not going to throw it away...Shawn says he's not jealous...it's the manipulation of the audience and the date that's bothering him...we get a 'bike' flashback of Bope and Bo riding his bike. He comes into the living room changine his t-shirt and Hope has Zach...the three of them hug. (now in Hope/Shawn scene check out the way he's playing with his ring....THUD)

Shelle...I love how they wake up together...both in clothes...and he has BARE FEET (THUD). He nibbles on her lips...(check out the tongue...LOL) He goes in for the neck as she jumps up...it's time to go to the pub...love how she's running around and he's laying in the bed wanting her to come back...and check out the VOICE. At the pub he wants to kiss her for luck
but she says no because of the camera...she says tomorrow I'll kiss you all day...Gabi comes out to get her and tells Shawn thanks for understanding he
can't come in. The reporters see the ring and ask if Belle's engaged or went on a dating show while having a boyfriend...Gabi jumps in and says it's not a big deal...Belle likes jewelry...blah, blah, blah (this woman is driving me crazy...LOL)Belle is upset by the whole thing but thinks that tomorrow it will all be over. Shawn comes in at the end and Gabi asks him
if he doesn't have class....wants Belle to get some rest, she'll call her later about clothes etc...a guy comes up and wants Belle to sign his bicep while Shawn looks sort of po'd.

Now I absolutely loved the show...Bope/Shelle and even Rimi. To be honest except for the 'tree' I didn't pay a lot of attention to Broe.

Be prepared for the voice, the tongue and the playing with the ring.....Oh, and the 5 o'clock shadow.


Okay, that’s it, I’m moving to Salem. The city where you wake up in the morning next to a hunk, still wearing your clothes from the day before that are not creased and lipstick and sparkly eye shadow still intact and best of all NO morning breath – just say ‘good morning’ and dive right in for the kisses. Also, that’s the city where you can wake up and realise your husband isn’t inside the house so you grab the baby monitor, leave your front door wide open and saunter out to the garage. LOL!

Belle and Shawn wake up together. Love the kisses, the way he leans over to get to her mouth, the tongue – LOL!. The kisses are getting more intense when she pushes him off her and starts panicking. Those scenes are so cute. He’s teasing her but you can tell that he just wishes she would ditch the public appearance at the pub. I love his voice when he says ‘Oh, Belle…’ when she is trying to get him to help her find her eye liner. She just throws his shirt at him wanting him to get moving. THUD alert – for all of you that love those feet (cough, cough, Jan) – you’re in for a treat.

They get to the pub and she stops outside and asks Shawn is she looks okay. He says ‘awesome’. She asks him if he’s a little bit proud that his girlfriend won the dating game. He says yes he is and he’s fine with watching his girlfriend on a date with the mystery jerk along with millions of other viewers. He wants to give her a kiss for good luck. She says no because of all the cameras – someone might get a shot of them. After tonight and this one date, she’ll be kissing him all the time. Gabi comes along and tells Shawn not to come in because it wouldn’t do to have a boyfriend tagging along. The cameras start flashing and the reporters ask questions. Harold asks her if she thinks her life will change after tonight. She says she hopes not because her life is pretty wonderful right now. I sure don’t like how Shawn has to peer through the windows from outside.

They’re asked if Reality TV is harmful or good for teenagers. Belle’s reply is that it’s like everything else, too much of it takes you away from other things. I found it very telling that Mimi’s response is that it has been nothing but positive for her. The reporter from the Intruder notices Belle’s purity ring and asks her if she’s engaged. He wants to know if she went on a dating show even though she has a man. All the reporters start clamouring for an answer. Belle can’t come up with a response. Gabi says Belle likes to wear jewellery just like she does. She has three rings and no man. She drags the reporters away.

Belle tells Mimi she doesn’t like not being able to say she has a boyfriend – she knows she signed a contract and all. Mimi says you have to let the viewers believe that there’s really a chance for you and the mystery guy. Belle really doesn’t want to go on this date but knows because of the contract she has to go through with it. Mimi reminds her she’ll never have to see the guy again after tonight.

Mimi tells her to enjoy her moment in the spotlight. She tells Belle she’s going to find Rex. The guy from the Intruder starts questioning Belle about how she feels about the mystery date, whether or not she thinks she knows him. He wants to know how important looks are. Belle starts responding about looks and a relationship and the guy jumps all over her asking her if she thinks this date will lead to a relationship. Of course this is the part Shawn walks in on. Gabi ushers the reporters out. Belle throws her arms around Shawn but Gabi shoves her way in between them. She asks Shawn if he doesn’t have a class or something to get to and she tells Belle to take a beauty nap. Shawn says she is so obnoxious. Belle says she’s just doing her job like she has to tonight. After this she’ll go back to being his and his alone. Just as they’re going to hug, some guy comes and asks her to autograph his bicep. Shawn practically rolls his eyes – he is so not liking this.

Rex and Mimi wake up in bed together and kiss until there’s a knock on the door. Some guy wants to take Mimi for breakfast. Rex gets rid of him but the guy makes sure to tell Mimi if he doesn’t work out to give him a call. He says to Rex, sorry but she’s hot. Mimi says she can’t get used to being thought of as ‘hot’. Rex wonders what took him so long to see how amazing she is and he pulls her into a kiss.

Mimi and Rex are having breakfast at the Brady pub. A bunch of guys come up to her along with the reporters. Rex does not like all the attention she’s getting. She fields questions about her friendship with Belle – saying she’s happy her best friend won. Rex gets fed up and tells Mimi he’s leaving. The reporters want to interview both Belle and Mimi together. Rex heads back to his room to work on his DNA mystery. Mimi finds him there just as he unlocks his DNA code.

Brady and Chloe are in the jeep. She wonders why he woke her up so early. (Can’t exactly say that the surgical mask is very flattering). He says that he brought her for breakfast. He says because she can’t be around crowds they’re going to eat here. He pulls out a blanket and a picnic basket. I found the bantering and flirting between them very cute as they have their breakfast. After breakfast he wants her to put the mask back on but she doesn’t want to. He tells her he loves her too much to jeopardise her health. She wants a kiss first so he kisses her cheek. She wants to make love he says they have to wait. He finally convinces her that it’s because he loves her so much that he wants to wait until the doctor gives her the all clear to remove the mask. They go for a walk and they come across ‘her’ tree. There’s some greenery sprouting from the stump and she says that has to mean something. Brady says, yeah, life goes on.

Bo has been working on his bike all night. Hope hears the police scanner. He says he wants to know as soon as the cops get a lead on Vin Ramsel. She says he quit the force so there’s nothing he can do about it. He says like hell he can’t. Bo goes on and on about how Vin make this personal and it’s up to him to get Vin. Hope tells Bo that’s he scaring her by the way he’s talking. But he’s determined to make Vin sorry that he ever came to Salem.

Hope comes back to the garage with coffee. Zach is conveniently off somewhere with Doug and Julie. She’s changed out of her pj’s and wearing old blue jeans with holes. She wants to help him. I love how he laughs at her. They sit next to each by the bike and he says she’s probably wondering why he’s doing this. She says it’s to help him reflect and figure out what brought him to this point and what to do next. He says it scary how well she knows him.

Shawn comes over and is surprised to see his mom ‘helping’ his Dad work on the bike. He says he’ll take over. She’s happy to let him. Bo asks for a kiss before she goes to the house and throws Shawn his mom’s jacket and tells him to use that if he doesn’t want to watch. Love how Shawn hides behind it and says ‘must you.’ Bo tells him he quit the force and he says things will change he just doesn’t know how. Shawn tells him that he’ll be there for him just like Bo has always been there for him. Bo continues working on and talking to his bike. We get flashbacks and him saying that the two of them are not done yet.

Shawn goes into the house and Hope says she loves how he walks through the door like he still lives there. He tells her not to get weepy on him. This is still his home he just sleeps at the dorm. They talk about Bo and Shawn says he’s okay with his dad quitting the force. She questions that. He says he’s been a cop for a long time. She says he’s on a mission to protect his sons and all the kids. Shawn wants to know if he’s going to go after Vin. Hope says she doesn’t know but she trusts him – now she wants to know what is troubling him. He tells her that he thought she would have lost the mom e.s.p. since he moved into the dorm. She asks if it’s Belle. He says it’s the dating show. Hope is thrilled when Belle won but she notices Shawn isn’t quite so happy about it. SIGH – I just love how he keeps fingering that ring when talking to his mom.

Hope tells him to relax, it’s just a TV show. He says yeah but she’s going out on a date tonight with a guy I don’t know and millions of people are going to get the impression she’s single even though the two of them are in a committed relationship. Love the hand action – really showcases the ring – I’m just surprised that Hope doesn’t comment about it. Speaking as a woman she tells Shawn that by the way Belle looks at him she is in love with him. She tells him to calm down and reminds him that tomorrow it will just be the two of them again. Belle will never have to see this stranger ever again. He tells her he is trying. It’s not that he’s jealous. He just says it doesn’t feel right that the show is manipulating the audience and even the guy.

Bo, Hope and Zach have a few cute moments together. Last scene: Hope brings Bo a soda out to the garage. She leaves and he’s listening to the police scanner. He vows to get Vin.

Preview: Sami telling Brandon that Lucas almost got her killed. Lucas drinking. The mystery guy telling Belle and Shawn that yes they do know him. Bo asking Abe where Vin is. Abe says it seems like he’s heading south to Mexico.

Wednesday May 14


Well ladies...Philip is back!! And I might be wrong but something tells me this boy is going to be bad...LOL.

Bope....what can you say...he knows where Vin is thanks to Abe and Hope brings out his helmet and leather jacket for him to go. Then she brings out Zach to say good-bye to Daddy (tears are falling)as he takes off on his bike and Abe asks if he's going to find Vin...Hope says actually he's going to find himself.

Marlena/John/Tony...Marlena wants to watch the girls (a bit of foreshadowing I think when she says the girls will all come out of this phycologically intact). Tony shows up and tells her he's selling Echelon (yeah right!!)when he leaves John tells her he's taking an aspirin before watching the show as he phones Ops...Marlena sees him on the phone.

Tony/Lucas...Tony offers Lucas the job of Managing the club but no one must know that he's still involved.

Sami/Brandon/Lucas...Sami's upset about what happened that Lucas wanted her killed. Lucas wakes up and starts drinking (I really hate they have him drinking again)Brandon and Sami show up as Lucas explains...Brandon believes him which causes a fight with Sami (the downfall of their relationship has started)Sami wants to forget about Lucas and concentrate on them as they kiss.

At Tuscany...Rex wants Meems to get a DNA sample from Belle...Cassie hits on a 'grip'. Philip watches Shelle kiss (now I might be wrong here but why if he's watching Shelle does he kiss Belle the way he does....hmmmm). Belle teases Shawn but Shawn is really having a hard time with this...Belle tells him she wants to make him mad because he narrows his eyes and he looks sexy..as they kiss some more. After Belle has her makeup done she sees Shawn and asks what he's doing...he wants to talk to the hunk and tell him that even though this is a reality show Belle is a fantasy and his...they set up for the date at Gabi is playing it for all it's worth...Shawn/Rex watch as Belle feeds him and he licks icing off her fingers. Gabi wants them to kiss as Belle glances at Shawn and Shawn is anything but calm...Belle kisses him quickly and he pulls her in for a 'real' kiss...his hands in her hair...his hands rubbing her shoulder...as Shawn jumps up and pushes him away...of course it's Philip as they all look on shocked. Gabi telling Philip that she knows he likes Belle as he's watching Shelle kiss...that they want the ratings off the top so give it all he's got...this woman is pushing my buttons.

Now I loved Shawn's reactions through the show...and he looks mighty good when he's mad...Belle is very nervous throughout...and Philip is playing it for all it's worth...

Previews: everyone shocked that it's Philip...Bo telling Hope to put the phone on his pillow and he'll hear her breathing and knows she's asleep(so sweet)

Hope you guys enjoy and I know Pat will fill you in on all the details....LOL Hugs Pat


Brandon comes home to Sami who is freaking out. She tells him she almost died and it’s all Lucas’ fault. Lucas comes to on the couch and immediately starts drinking again. She tells Brandon how she was held hostage and Lucas kept egging the guy on to kill her. Brandon wants to hear Lucas’ side of the story. They go over and pound on the door. Lucas is inside still drinking. Lucas hides the bottle, uses the breath spray and lets them in. Sami accusing, Brandon wanting to talk and Lucas wanting them gone. Lucas tells them he was creating a diversion. Brandon believes him and wants her to apologise. After they leave his apartment, Brandon and Sami really argue. Sami tells him she doesn’t want him taking Lucas’ side – Brandon tells her that he will do as he please – he will not let her control him. She tells Brandon he’s right, grovels until Brandon hugs her but then they start right in arguing over Lucas again. He tells her that she’s taking it too far. She says maybe he is – but she again gives in and wants to make up. Thank god he’s leaving the show!

Tony meets Lucas at Echelon and tells him he was so impressed with the way he handled himself that he wants to offer him a job. Lucas wants to know what job. He says for starters, manager of Echelon but there will be so much more. Tony tells Lucas he needs it to look like he no longer owns Echelon and he wants him to run it. Lucas tells him he’ll think about it.

Marlena tells John that they’re going to watch the show. He’s not thrilled but Marlena wants to support the girls – who she says will not come out of this psychologically damaged. Tony shows up. He tells Marlena that he took her words to heart and he is selling Echelon. John says he’s happy that she was such a positive influence on him. He leaves them alone saying maybe Marlena can really make him change. Marlena is surprised by this. Tony just barges in and says he’ll get some air and goes on the terrace leaving John and Marlena to talk. John tells Marlena that he trusts her and it would be counter-productive for him to sit and listen to Tony’s lies. He tells her to find out what she can.

Marlena asks Tony if he decided to sell Echelon before or after he left John to die. He says he had nothing to do with John’s accident. He says she’s been a profound influence on him and he’s changed whether she believes or not. Marlena tells John that the jury is still out on Tony and she heads to the den to watch the show. John phones Ops and tells him the tracking device on Tony’s limo is working perfectly. He remarks that Tony doesn’t appear to be so anxious to part with Echelon because that’s where he went.

Loved the music they’re playing as Cassie walks into Tuscany. It really suits her. They really highlight her being alone as they cut to Shawn and Belle cuddling as well as Rex and Mimi together. Mimi totally loves all the attention. Rex says he needs DNA samples from his relatives without them knowing – he asks for Mimi’s help. Belle doesn’t like her hair – she says she doesn’t look like herself. Shawn says she looks great but if she feels that way maybe the guy will lose interest. She talks about how weird it was to try and get someone not to pick her. He wants to know if she’s going to do the same this evening. She says no she’s going to be totally wonderful and make the guy fall head over heels for her. She teases him that she just said that to make him angry – she likes the way his eyes look then. They kiss – Cassie watches. Gabi goes over to Phillip who is also watching. She says to him ‘You really do like her, don’t you?’ – Now that is a statement I could of done without.

Gabi tells Phillip to pull out all the stops. She wants romance, romance, romance to get high ratings. She then flatters Cassie who is sulking – she hints at bigger things for her if she really goes after Belle. Cassie says she knows exactly what she is going to do. Mimi doesn’t like the idea of being sneaky with Belle but Rex pleads with her. Belle wishes Shawn wouldn’t be so negative about this. He asks her if he’s supposed to be happy that his girlfriend is going on a date on national TV and he’s not the date. She tells him that he is the only man she will ever love and he should know that by now.

Cassie comes on to one of the grips. Mimi tells Rex to just ask Belle – it’s just DNA. Belle has her hair redone. She looks gorgeous in a black and white halter top styled sundress. I’m not exactly crazy about the cherry red lipstick but it is for TV. She asks Shawn who he is looking for and he says the guy. He wants to make sure the guy understands that this is just a fantasy. Gabi gives Phil a bit of a pep talk. She says the viewers want him and Belle together. He should just forget about the cameras.

The show is about to start – Gabi won’t let Shawn talk to Phil – she’s downright rude and treats him horribly. Rex wishes them luck. Mimi says it’s a show biz tradition to say ‘break a leg.’ Cassie says the only thing that will get broken is Shawn’s heart and Belle will be the one breaking it. The show starts and she introduces Mimi and Cassie. She asks Belle and Phillip if they’re reading for a night of candlelight and romance. She says they’ll start with the meal and then Belle and her date are going to get physical. Belle looks at Shawn – surprised. OMFG – the look on Shawn’s face. He is not a happy man!

At the commercial break Belle wants to know what Gabi meant by physical. She says the fans want to see sparks fly. She is not happy – Shawn is even unhappier. Rex tells him he shouldn’t watch. Shawn says he’ll watch to make sure nothing physical does happen. Cassie flirts with the grip again and tells Mimi that you have to give a man just enough and leave him wanting more. Mimi tells her that is mean and disgusting. The show comes back on. Belle has to feed the guy because he’s still wearing a mask – she moves the bandana up and feeds him a strawberry. Then some cake and of course he takes her fingers in his mouth. Shawn is not pleased – not at all. Then Gabi says before the unmasking they’re going to share their first real kiss. Shawn is fit to be tied – I started the countdown to the explosion at this point.

Gabi announces that it’s time for the kiss. Belle looks apprehensive, Shawn looks ready to jump out of his skin. LOL! As Phillip is getting out of his chair, Shawn’s hands are clenching the arms of the chair he’s in and he’s also getting up. Belle gives the date a quick little peck but he pulls her into an all out kiss, burying his hand in her hair pulling her close. Shawn comes charging over and says get away and pushes Phil on his ass.

Belle goes over to help the guy up, asking Shawn what he was doing. Shawn says he was putting an end to it. The guy says take it easy Shawn. Then the unmasking. Belle says Phillip – she seems a bit more relaxed now that she knows it was him. Shawn still does not look happy.

Bo and Hope outside by his bike. Abe comes over to tell him about Vin. Bo convinces him to tell him what he knows. Abe tells him Vin is heading south towards Mexico. Inside the house Abe gives Bo all the information the Oklahoma police gave him and then takes a call. Hope wants to talk to Bo but he goes back outside to work on the bike. She comes out – her hands full. He says what’s this? She says he’s going to need some things if he’s heading to Oklahoma. He asks her if she’s okay with him going. She says she understands. She brings Zach out to say goodbye. Loved the hugs and kisses with Zach and of course the Bo and Hope kiss. Bo fires up the bike and waves goodbye as both Hope and Zach wave. Abe asks if he went to find Vin and Hope says no it’s more like he went to find himself.

Preview: More of Phillip and everyone’s reaction to him – Broe and Victor and Nicole. Bo lying in bed – Hope lying in bed while talking on the phone – he tells her to put the phone down so he can hear her breathing and then he’ll know she’s safe.

Thursday May 15


Well ladies here we go.....

Bope....I absolutely loved them today. Their talk on the phone had more chemistry that a lot of couples on the show. I loved the way he asked her to put the phone on the pillow so he could hear her breath and know that she was OK.

I won't go into a lot of detail (LOL) but let's just say I think you'll love them.

Now all over town people are watching the show....Nic/Vic & Broe as Nic/Vic head down to Tuscany and Chloe sends Brady to tell Philip to come and see her.

Tuscany....everyone is shocked that it's Philip as Gabi tells them the date is still on. Belle/Philip talk as he explains he's stationed in Salem...and says he's surprised that she did the show it's not like her to be so impulive, he asks why and she looks at Shawn and says long story (now I might be wrong here but there is definately something up with him...)
the have dessert and Gabi gives each of the girls a cheque for $50,000. Then she tells Belle and Philip to kiss goodnight....Belle says we already did but Gabi tells her it was interrupted...so Philip hauls her in for a kiss...as Shawn bangs his hand on a partition...they come back and the kiss is still going on as Gabi breaks them apart and says how the temperature has climbed....Shawn comes running out and pushes Philip aside and goes to Belle.....she says I love you and they kiss...Philip tells Shawn it was for the cameras as Shawn shrugs him off and says yeah, right. Belle and him get out of there.

Vic/Nic show up and Victor is upset that Philip didn't tell him...Phil says he couldn't...yadda, yadda. Brady comes up and says something about him sticking his tongue down his sister's throat (LOL)and that Chloe wants to see him. Cassie makes a play for Philip as Victor watches (not too happy...could be a good storyline)and offers to drive Philip back to the base.
Mimi/Rex talk and Mimi's thrilled with the money.

Brady goes to Nicole who's at Echelon drinking and playing poker, she passes out and Brady carries her out running into Victor...who is not too happy about finding Brady there...as Brady carries her out to the car we see Nicole with a smile on her face.

Philip climbs in Chloe's window and kisses her cheek.

Shelle back at the dorm as Belle lights candles...Shawn likes this idea. She gets a cupcake out of the fridge...but he says he's not hungry and doesn't want to talk as they kiss...and kiss...they talk a bit about Philip and Broe and Belle tells him that she loves Philip as a friend and something about the kiss as Shawn says so he's a bad kisser...LOL.

Now these are just my thoughts....the Philip/Belle kiss was nothing and although they weren't on that long I didn't see a lot of chemistry with Belle...on the otherhand there was definatley some with Cassie.

Now I know Pat will pick up all the little details...LOL and I just sort of hurried this report but trust me it's not as bad as we thought.



Bo/Hope: As soon as he gets into his motel room he phones Hope who dives across the bed to answer it. She asks if he got any new leads on Vin. He says no but when he finds him, he’s going to make his life a living hell. She doesn’t look too thrilled about that response. They talk about no one seeming to be too interested in catching Vin except Bo. She tells him that Abe says he was spotted travelling south on I-35. Bo says he’s heading to Mexico and if he has to stand-off against him there, he will. She wants to know how far he’s willing to take this.

He tells her that Vin is on the run and he will bring him in. She tells him that Abe is holding off on his paper work giving Bo time to think. Bo tells her he won’t change his mind and she says she knows that. He talks about having a lot of thinking to do because so much of who he is was wrapped up in being a cop. He says marrying her made him a better person. She says she knows who is he – her husband. He says husbands are supposed to provide for their families – he won’t be gone long.

She tells him that he needs the time to figure things out. I love the conversation between these two – it is utterly romantic. Neither of them wants to hang up – love the little fantasy Bo has of being there with her, kissing her. They go to sleep with the phones held to their ears.

Victor/Nicole: She’s sitting in bed drinking, he’s at a desk working. She asks for permission (Yuck – I hate this storyline) to turn on the TV – he tells her she can do anything she wants as long as she doesn’t talk to him. She’s surprised to see Phillip on screen and Vic tells her to turn the sound up. They watch as Belle and Phil talk – Nicole is pretty smashed and she taunts Vic that he was so busy spying on his wife that he didn’t even know what country his son was in. She says Phil better not come there are the show or he’ll find out what his daddy does when he’s not happy with you. Vic orders her to get dressed because they’re going out.

Broe: She thanks him for the day. She asks him if he wants to see his sister on TV – he says she looks tired and he’s taping it. She turns the TV on and they’re surprised to see Phillip. Brady can’t believe he’s in Salem – he tells Chloe he actually felt concern for Phil when he heard his unit got shipped overseas. Chloe reassures Brady that her life is with him but she hopes that Phil and she can be friends, if not friends at least friendly. She tells Brady to tell Phil she’d like to talk to him whenever he has time.

Nancy comes in to talk about Phil with Chloe. Chloe says what happened between them was not just Phil’s fault. She was in love with Brady and he felt her slipping away that’s why he became so possessive. Nancy wonders what Chloe will do if Phil still loves her. Chloe says not too worry because Phil didn’t come back because of her.

Tuscany: Mimi, Shawn, Belle all throwing questions at Phillip. He looks too smug for my taste – lol! He says he’ll tell them what’s going on. He’s so surprised that no one recognized him – he says they’ve known each other from kindergarten. Gabi says the surprise wasn’t supposed to happen until the end of the show when she reminds them that Belle and Phil are still on a date. He says he was trying to save the show from a lawsuit and he points to Shawn and says ‘tough boy’ from an assault charge. Shawn spouts off that he was stopping him from… and Gabi steps in and tells them to continue their date. Belle asks him all kinds of questions. He said he just finished basic training and he was posted locally. He says the corps encouraged him to go on the show because it would portray a good image – yeah, right! When she asks about his job he can’t discuss it.

I’m not going to go into it – but the way that Phillip talks about Belle and how special she is and how she’s always been there for him had Shawn steamed and me as well. He really lays it on thick. He questions why she was on the show because he knows she doesn’t do anything impulsive, everything is carefully thought out and planned. The date winds up and she tells them they can continue it on their own time if they want. I found Phil’s wishes to the armed forces tasteless – that’s my personal feeling about Phil’s statement only. She calls Mimi and Cassie on set and gives them all $50,000 cheques for participating. When they ask what Phillip gets, she says he gets Belle. She tells them it’s time for the goodnight kiss. Belle starts to say they already kissed but she said it was interrupted. Phil really enjoys the kiss – Shawn is furious – he slams his hand down and turns away.

As the kiss continues (and really Belle is not trying to end it), Shawn slams both hands against the divider. Gabi is the one that breaks the kiss saying Love is Blind but they aren’t. She says the temperature in the room shot up several notches and that chemistry was definitely on Phil and Belle’s side. The show ends and Shawn comes over. Phil says you know it was all for the camera – Shawn won’t even look at him – just pushes him away from Belle. Belle (acting a little sheepish IMO) throws her arms around Shawn and tells him she loves him as she gives him a kiss.

Victor confronts Phillip about letting his mother believe he was shipped overseas and upsetting her by not saying goodbye. He says he had to honour his contract and he didn’t want to lie to him. In the meantime, Brady is bugging Nicole at the bar when he notices she’s looking at the drink menu. He leaves and she walks out of Tuscany. Brady welcomes him home and wonders what’s up with the sneaking into town thing. Phil wonders if it’s Brady or Chloe that wouldn’t be happy to see him. Brady wants to know what he’s doing in Salem sticking his tongue down Belle’s throat with her boyfriend watching. Phil says he didn’t think Belle would do the show if she wasn’t available. He says he cares for Belle as he does for Chloe.

Belle thanks Shawn for being so patient and tells him she has the rest of the evening free. They want to be alone. As soon as they walk out of the restaurant – the reporters are swarming. They want to know who the guy is that she’s with and if she’s already two-timing Phil. One of them says you’re the guy that punched her date. He tells them the show is over and if they want a story the guy inside wants all the publicity he can get. Belle apologises again and he tells her he doesn’t want to waste anymore time talking about the show – it’s done. She says she knows exactly where she wants to go and pulls on his hand for him to follow her.

She takes him back to her dorm room. He’s surprised when she lights candles. She goes to her fridge and pulls out an iced cupcake that says I Love You. She thanks him for putting up with everything. He asks if she’s happy the show is done and she says yes. She says love is not blind because she sees who he is and that is why she loves him and will never love anyone else. He puts the cupcake down. He tells her he’s not hungry and he doesn’t want to talk he just wants to…and then he kisses her. She tells him that she would rather have kissed him on national TV – kissing Phil was mortifying. She loves him but as a friend. They talk about Brady and Chloe. Shawn tells her they are way past Phil and she says some things are just meant to be as they kiss again.

Victor wanted to bring Nicole to Phil but Nico says she went to Echelon. He wants to know if he should take care of it Victor says he will look after it himself. Brady overhears this and takes off after Nicole. Victor looks over and sees Cassie with her hands all over Phil and he is not happy. The last thing he wants is that wild child of Tony DiMera’s involved with his son. Cassie comes on strong – Phil tells her he always liked her and didn’t consider her an alien freak (that’s what she referred to herself as). Victor interrupts and warns him – Phil tells him he’s grown up now. They hug and Vic tells him to call his mother. After Victor leaves Cassie comes back and runs her hands all over him again. She’s happy to have him to herself. She offers to drive him back to the base he agrees but he has a stop and she’ll have to wait. She agrees. Phil crawls through Chloe’s window, looks around the room, kisses her cheek and leaves. I have no idea what that was about.

Brady tries to pull Nicole away from her poker game telling her he’s trying to get her out of there before Vic finds her. She wants to know why he’s being so nice to her – she wants to know what he wants. He finally convinces her to go when she passes out. He’s carrying her out when Victor walks in. He tells Vic that Nicole seems unhappy and asks if he is as well. Vic tells him it is none of his business. Brady says since you took me into the fold, before long your business will become mine one way or the other.

Preview: Cassie telling Tony about Phil coming back into her life. Tony telling Lucas they’re going to have a very profitable relationship. Phil coming to see Chloe, Brady watches them and he doesn’t look happy.-. Roman asking Phil what he’s really doing backing Salem.

Friday May 16


Tony/Lucas...Lucas shows up at the mansion where Tony hands him and envelope with his first 'assignment'..go to the club hand it to hand it to the guy waiting there and see what happens. Turns out Tony has given Lucas his own 'thug' and Lucas likes it. He returns to the mansion & accepts the job offer.

Tony/Cassie...Cassie plays Tony (as usual....BTW - her outfit is terrible)she tells him about Phil who Tony tells her in no uncertain terms to stay away from (do I see trouble...LOL), she then makes eyes at Lucas.

Roman/Kate/Philip...Kate has made breakfast as the doorbell rings and it's Philip. Kate is excited to see him, Roman is curious as to what Philip is up to. Phil lays it on thick about how well he did in Basic Training as Roman just smirks.

Brady/Chloe/Philip...Brady is jelaous as Chloe wants them to all be friends. Brady tells her it ain't gonna happen. In order to make Brady feel better, she initiates a love making session. The doorbell rings and it's Philip. Chloe wants Brady to geive them time alone as Phil gives her a pin that he earned and tells her how proud he is of her (again he lays it on thick).

Rex/Mimi...Rex is jealous as Mimi flirts with the guys and accepts a lunch date.

Belle/Mimi/Shawn/Rex...Rex/Shawn show up at Tuscany so that Rex can book a luncheon for graduation...Shawn is surprised about everything that's going on as Maggie comes over and talks to him...a waitress comes up and asks Maggie to let her know when the happy couple gets there...they are perfect for each other so much chemistry and she wants pictures...some college guys walk in that were hired by Gabi as fans...over at the dorm Gabi comes in and wakes up Mimi/Belle tells them to hurry up...she's got a full day booked for Belle, she even tells Belle what to wear...then she takes Shawn's picture puts it away and puts one of Philip out...she has some people coming over to take pictures and she wants them to think that her and Philip are a couple.

Belle/Mimi walk into Tuscany followed by cameras...they're asking questions, taking pics...Belle notices Shawn who gives her a little wave...Gabi comes over and starts in on Shawn for being there...he gets mad and says I'm Belle's boyfriend as a reporter questions him....Gabi tells the reporter he wants to be Belle's boyfriend as Belle comes over and says to Shawn I didn't know you were here...Shawn says while I am...she says she's sorry as Gabi comes over and tells them that they can't have a romantic relationship in public until her contract is finished...Belle goes to take Shawn's hand as Gabi pulls her away and says no hand holding is that 'clear' as she pull Belle away and Shawn looks so upset........Last scene....Philip comes in and the cameras and reporters are all over him...they ask what made him chose Belle...he says the Marines have a saying that when you connect with someone instantly you say Koo-Ba..(something like that)and that's what he's saying now...the reports gobble it up...and the show ends with Philip/Belle smiling (his arm around her-in black/white)and Shawn behind them in the middle just looking...he's in color.....Philip is definately up to something and he is bothering me no end.......

Monday May 19

I'll just give you a quick comment as I only caught the show briefly and won't be able to watch it all until tonight but Pat has seen it and her spoilers are included.

Jan's Spoiler....

First let me say that KS looks absolutely gorgeous with her new haircut...the bangs look great. And I love how she is dressing lately. Actually Belle/Sami/Marlena all looked beautiful today.

That's it from me Pat will give you details...LOL.

Pat's Spoiler....

Today's show:

Belle's dorm room: Belle comes in and looks at Phillip's picture and says sorry but you've been voted off the island as she puts it away in a drawer and sets out the one with her and Shawn. She lies down on her bed and Rex comes in. She's exhausted but tells him she won't miss his celebration. Mimi comes in all windblown from her Harley ride and the guy is all excited that she lives with Belle Black. He wants to get together and party but Mimi shuts the door on him. Another knock at the door and Mimi figures it's the guy again so she's yelling at him to stay away put it's Marlena and Sami. They want to have a girl talk with Belle so Rex and Mimi leave. Marlena wants them to 'be there' for Cassie - be role models for her. Belle reluctantly agrees but she's only doing it for her mom and Sami agrees stating she doesn't know what good she's going to be.

DiMera mansion: Tony warns Lucas to stay away from Cassie and warns Cassie to stay away from Lucas. They both agree. As soon as Tony leaves, Cassie lies to Lucas about her car not starting and gets him to take her to Tuscany.

Tuscany: Rex has given Mimi instructions and an oversized bag/briefcase along with plastic baggies to gather objects he can use to test for DNA. She doesn't think they'll be able to pull it off - of course just as she says this Marlena, Sami and Belle show up. Rex says this and pulls Mimi in for a long kiss. Cassie shows up with Lucas - Sami is not happy. Love how Marlena ends up sitting between John and Tony.

One comment: Belle, Marlena and Sami look absolutely gorgeous today. I have to say I love Mimi's new hair cut and Belle's new style - there's just something about those bangs. Belle changes into a sleeveless - v-neck styled summery pastel yellow sundress - with the chiffon look, Sami is wearing a deep red sweater with a white and red skirt and Marlena is in a black dress trimmed with white - also sleeveless.

During the luncheon Cassie makes several inappropriate remarks about Marlena having five children with three different men. Marlena doesn't take too kindly to them and tells her so but ends up putting the blame on herself for not discussing it with her earlier and alone. Mimi gathers forks, glasses - whatever she can - poor Maggie - I hope she bills Rex extra for the missing items.

John and Marlena overhear Sami talking to Tony about what went down at the Blue Note. They warn her to stay away from him and John warns Tony to stay away from his family. After John and Marlena leave Tony asks Sami help him destroy John and Marlena's marriage.

Tony is not happy with Lucas bringing Cassie to the luncheon and warns him again. As soon as Tony walks away, Cassie saunters over and lays a kiss on Lucas.

Oklahoma bar: Bo comes in and because the kitchen is not open orders two raw eggs, a shot of vodka and a dash of tabasco sauce, mixes that and drinks it. He shows all the guys in the bar Vin's picture - they all deny seeing him. Bo leaves. One of the patrons, Jake, then calls Vin. Bo comes back in because he knew they were lying. He asks Jake for his cell phone - scares the bejesus out of Jake who hands it over. He takes down Vin's number and tells Jake not to call Vin and tell him that the guy looking for him now has his cell number. Hope calls and he tells her what he found out. She wants him to call the local police or the FBI but he refuses saying he has to do this on his own.

Jack & Jen's: Hope and Jen making wedding plans and asking for Jack's help. They talk about Bo being in a transition period. Jack says it was a big step for him to quit the force. Hope comments that one door has closed but another hasn't opened yet. She says his journey is about a lot more than just finding Vin and it's a journey he has to take alone. Their producer comes over with a bag full of fan mail from people who want to be invited to their wedding. He wants them to get married on live TV. So their ceremony goes from this quiet, family and friends celebration to a circus - but then it wouldn't be Jack & Jen would it? Hope tells Jen to get ready for her bachelorette party because she has it planned for today. So Hope chose Echelon??

Preview: Nicole throwing a vase or something and hitting Victor in the back of the head and knocking him out. Phillip in full uniform out somewhere with (the Brady Pub I believe...LOL)Belle saying he can't discuss what his mission is. Phillip holding a gun.

Just a few observations from yesterday about the Shawn/Belle/Phillip triangle. Now I haven't read anyone else's comments yet so I don't know how everyone else feels about it. Belle is going to be forced to spend a lot of time with Phillip because of this stupid dating show. Gabi telling both Belle and Shawn that they can no longer be seen out in public together - very telling! Phillip is going to go full tilt after Belle - Belle will think it's all just an act for the show but Shawn is going to know better. I got the impression that Shawn already has Phil figured out - I just doubt he's going to be able to convince Belle of Phillip's true motives. I see Philip getting involved with Cassie possibly to get information on Tony - but for the time being that will be his only agenda for being with her - Belle is definitely going to be his target for romance. I see Shawn becoming involved with this new chick possibly so that they can double date with Phil and Belle - I stil can't see any real purpose for this Maya character at all - maybe because they finally got the hint that there is no chemistry between Cassie and Shawn. Another thing that could happen is that if Belle and Shawn can only sneak around to see each other - they might have a hard time waiting for marriage - of course, for me, that would be a bonus!

Tuesday May 20

Jan can't watch the show until later so she told me to go ahead and post. So just my take on the show until Jan jumps in with thoughts.

Phillip shows up at his dad’s place. Nicole greets him and he tells her she looks more beautiful than ever. She says she feels like she’s aged ten years in the last few months. He wants to know if she’s as happy as her dad has led him to believe in his emails. She tells him that his dad could write fiction and of course this is where Victor comes in telling Phil to ignore her whining – Nicole and he couldn’t be happier. Phil tells them he has more publicity to do for the show and he needs to find Brady because he has unfinished business with him. Victor tells him that Brady is at the Blue Note.

Nicole and Victor exchange heated barbs again. He’s calling for Nico. She wants to have a good down and out fight. He keeps ignoring her and starts to walk away. She throws a vase at him and knocks him out. I loved the smile on her face after she did that – LOL!
Nico is going to call an ambulance but Victor says just get a doctor to the house. He then tells Nicole that she will be punished. He orders Nico to lock her in her room. She starts crying and begging him not to do it – but he does anyway.

Sami and Belle are talking about the family dinner. Love how cavalier Sami is about her new found relatives. She leaves and Shawn comes in - his baseball jersey, hat on backwards – yummy. He comes up from behind and kisses her cheek. She jumps up and wraps her arms around his neck asking him how his game was. He tells her he hit a three run homer in the bottom of the ninth and they won 7-6. They kiss and she pulls back saying and you didn’t have time to shower and change. He asks about the lunch – she says maybe it was good she couldn’t be at the game because she would have screamed so loud when he hit the home run. He asks her to go back to the dorm and then he’ll shower, change and take her out. Two girls come up when they recognize Belle. They love the show and they want to know who Shawn is because they think that Phil and Belle are the perfect couple.

Belle introduces him as Shawn, her friend. The girls ask her if she’s sure. Shawn says they’ve known each other their whole lives. They are best friends. The girls go on and go about sold they are on Phil and Belle being a couple. Belle tells them that she’s dating the best guy in the world and she loves him. So cute this part – Shawn starts to put his arm around her and then has to pull back. Phillip shows up and starts kissing Belle and running his hands all over her – YUCK. I get the same feeling watching him with his paws on her that I do when Cassie does the same to Shawn. He goes on and on about how much he’s missed her – Shawn is subtly trying to push him again. The girls are screaming and clapping – oh puh-leeze! Phil is so condescending towards Shawn – or that’s how it looks to me. Phillip tells them that Gabi has been trying to get hold of her because they have a public appearance at a supermarket opening. Shawn remarks that they’ve really hit the big time now. Gabi calls Belle and Belle can’t get a word in edgewise. When she tells her where they are and hangs up she says that its official, her life is no longer her own.

Cassie comes in with Gabi following shortly. Gabi tells Shawn and Cassie that they are not part of the date. She wants to know if she has to remind Shawn that he has to stay away from Belle. Phillip tells him this is the last personal appearance – he has to go back to being a Marine. Belle says she has finals coming up. Gabi is going on an on that they’re big TV stars as she’s ushering them out. She does not want to let this go.

OMG – I actually enjoyed the talk between Cassie and Shawn in the pub. She asks him if he wants to spend time together, he says no. She keeps persisting and he says he’s not interested. I won’t go into the talk they had – but they really cleared the air started with the kiss that was really mouth to mouth resuscitation. He agrees to study with her but he tells her he has a really unique way of studying. He takes her to the pier and throws baseballs at a barge in the river while she asks him questions. She wants to learn how to throw like that. As he’s telling her how to do it she’s peppering him with questions about Phillip.

Phillip and Belle return to the pub both commenting about how lame that appearance was. They talk about Phil joining the Marines. Phil says he’s matured and Belle agrees. Shawn and Cassie return. Both Phil and Cassie leave and Belle tells Shawn that she feels that Phil joining the Marines was the best thing for him. He’s so committed. Shawn is not too happy with the gushing so he asks her if he should go back to his original plan of joining the Merchant Marines and what she thinks that would do for him.

Belle says no she loves him and wants him near her. He tells her to stop talking about Phil while he’s almost mangling this spoon in his hands. I love the teasing between the two of them in this segment. She says the show is almost over. He asks if anyone is watching because they’re something he wants to do. He makes several remarks about being told not too, making him want it more and he says he wonders if he should just bite the bullet. She tells him to go for it big guy. He slides in next to her and then practically devours her with that kiss. You hear her giggling and as he guides her downwards in the booth. The scene cuts to Phil at the pier pulling out his rifle from his duffle bag.

Cassie and Lucas come back to the DiMera mansion. Cassie drops her purse so she can bend down and expose most of her breasts to Lucas. He bends down to help her and they are about to kiss when Tony interrupts them. Lucas says he was being a gentleman helping her pick up her stuff. Tony dismisses Cassie and talks business with Lucas. Lucas has read the info Tony had given him and it appears that Tony intends to make small work of Victor’s empire.

Lucas and Tony are talking when Sami shows up. Lucas goes out onto the patio and listens to their conversation. He overhears Sami bragging about her engagement. She mentions she’s worried about the past. Tony brings up the fact that Lexie slept with Brandon. This surprises Lucas. Sami tells Tony that Lexie is no longer a problem, she’s taken care of. Of course Tony wants to know how Sami took care of his sister. She tells him that her and Lexie had a good talk and cleared the air. Tony isn’t buying it and neither is Lucas. They both want to know what Sami did to take care of Lexie. Lucas tells Tony that it’s a personal goal of his to bring Sami down. Tony offers to help. They then make a toast to John and Sami saying that neither will know what hit them.

Brady brings Chloe to the Blue Note and tells her that he has something to tell her. He breaks the news that Cecilia will be there to hear her sing. She freaks out saying she’s not prepared. He brings in a piano player to accompany her and she starts practising but can’t hit the notes. She freaks out again. He tells her she can do it but she says she can’t sing again. They send the piano player out. She wants to leave but Brady won’t let her. He tells her to close her eyes and he gives her a massage and tells her to relax. Then he starts singing to her and asks her to sing with him. She does. She ends up singing alone and then she realises – that she can sing after all. It’s a miracle – LOL (my facetious remark, not hers).

Preview: Rex telling Mimi he doesn’t have time for her, her sitting at the edge of his bed in a skimpy red dress asking him if he’s sure. Chloe suffering from stage fright as she’s introduced at the Blue Note. Bo in a fight – LOL – he’s wearing that damn black toque again!

Wednesday May 21

Jan's take:

Let me start off by saying I loved seeing all those women together...there was some missing though Alice, Julie and Caroline...other than that it was great.

Brady/Chloe/Nancy/Philip....Philip shows up and Nancy definately doesn't want him there...Chloe thinks he's following her but Brady says he was invited...(the rest of the show Philip just sits in a chair and watches)Cecile Marin shows up and puts pressure on Chloe as she wants her to be perfect....as Chloe takes the stage and prepares to sing....she just sort of stops and looks at Brady....

Mimi/Rex...Meems shows up in a red dress...that Rex seems to like..LOL. He's waiting for the lab results as Mimi tries to distract him (you guessed it more kissing)they go to get something to eat (in Mimi's new car) some more kissing at Belle's lab tests come in....Rex gets more than a little upset and shoves things on the floor.

Bo...you guys are going to crack up at the end of the show...first of all Bo only drinks a small amount of Mescala (although you see the worm in it)he acts like he's been drinking...(that damn touque doesn't work on him BTW...LMAO)the guys in the hotel come up to him and he takes the empty bottle and hits one of them over the head...the look on his face as the show ends had me on the floor...I can't explain it but it killed me....LMAO.

The women at Echelon....loved how Belle came in with Hope/Marlena...loved Hope's comments about when Belle gets married...(BTW they looked gorgeous today...all the women)Loved Belle's comment about when her and Shawn get married as Cassie says are you sure about that. Kate is really upset that Lucas is working for Tony....Lucas steals something from Sami's purse....Cassie hits on the waiter (he wasn't bad....LOL)Maggie/Marlena share food (too cute)Belle's line of days of the week panties are unveiled...(we don't get a good look although Sami holds up a pair of black ones..LOL)Hope has a flashback of her and Bo's second wedding (check out SDB holding JT in their tuxes....THUD)....Jack shows up to see Jennifer.

All in all not a bad show...and I enjoyed seeing the women all together and Bo just cracked me up at the end....

Previews: Philip flashing signals as a female voice says his name (I'm betting it's Mimi)Chloe unable to sing...Belle talking to Shawn about Philip leaving without saying good-bye (who cares..LOL)Nic/Vic.....and of course Bo and Vin (yes Terri........he's baccccccccccck...LOL)

Enjoy the show...and Belle looked gorgeous in the dress she had on today.

Pat's view:

Lots of the cast was used on this show which is basically a set up for Jack and Jen’s wedding and Chloe’s exit. It opens with Jack carrying his suitcase. He’s going to stay at his mom’s place because the wedding is ‘tomorrow.’ They wonder how they let them be talked into getting married on live TV. Jen says that their vows are so private not for an audience. Jack reminds her that the vows are to reunite them along with Abby. They are about becoming a family again. They also both wonder and worry about what Bill’s third gift is going to be.

Lots went on at Echelon where it’s ‘ladies night’ – even have a guy sitting in that chair on the stage. Belle comes in with Marlena and Hope, Cassie with Sami. LMAO at Cassie’s ‘where’s the naked guys’ question. Loved the remark Hope makes about throwing a shower for Belle one day and Marlena being the typical mom by saying let's not rush things. Belle didn't like Cassie's remark after she said that she hopes she has a shower like this when her and Shawn get married - Cassie says 'And you're so sure that's ever going to happen.' Also at the shower besides Hope and Jen are Kate, Maggie and Lexie. The gift bags are from Basic Black – new perfume and Belle’s design for Days of the Week panties. Sami says they’re very sexy. Marlena says she is so happy to see that Cassie and Sami came together. Sami makes sure to let them know that they met up in the parking lot. Cassie snips that Sami stole her parking spot – Sami dishes it right back.

When Sami is going to get her gift she slams into Lucas. Of course they exchange barbs. Kate asks Lucas what he’s doing there he tells her he is working for Tony. Kate faints. After she comes through and convinces everyone that she is fine, just needs to eat she turns on Lucas. She tells him not to work for Tony because he is connected. She tells Lucas she worked for Stefano when she was young and didn’t know better. He tells her that Tony isn’t Stefano – she says it doesn’t matter he is a DiMera.

Cassie must flirt with most of the guys there – Belle just shrugs her shoulders and rolls her eyes. I loved Maggie’s catty little remark about Cassie being bored because there were no naked chests for her to look at. (Belle and Cassie leave early). Jack comes in and has to see Jennifer. He goes on and on about being so excited to be marrying her again. They kiss – Hope thinks back to Bo’s vows at their second wedding.

At the Blue Note Nancy is convincing Chloe that everything will go fine. Phillip comes in. Of course Chloe thinks that he still isn’t over her because he’s showing up where he’s not invited. Brady says that he invited him so that Phillip could see that she is fine and moving on with her life. Phillip wishes her well and kisses her on the cheek for luck. Most of the time they are on one of them is reassuring Chloe that she is great. Celia comes in and basically tells her she expects to hear a great voice. Chloe goes up on the stage but suffers from stage fright and can’t sign.

Bo enters a convenience store where some guy is walking out without paying. Bo makes him pay. The kid behind the counter and Bo have a really good conversation. I love the way talks about Hope and how he describes her. While Bo is eating he phones Jack who is being fitted for his tux to get him information on the Del Rio hotel. The kid tells him it’s a dive and only criminal’s stay there. His father was killed there – caught in the crossfire when he was making a delivery. The mother comes in and orders Bo away from kid because only the worst kind of trash stay at the hotel. Jack gave Bo all kinds of information about the ex-con owner who happened to be a cell mate of Vin Ramsel’s.

Bo goes into the bar using names that Jack gave him to make it sound like he just got out of prison and was told about this place. He asks about Vin and then takes a room. Oh my, how fake is it when the two bar patrons attack him. The way that fake glass bottle shattered – hilarious. And the closing shot – not one of Bo’s cutest moments – he’s got a bigger grin on his face than Jim Carey had in the Mask with the Mask on – LOL!

Mimi vamping it up in Rex’s room trying to get his attention away from his experiment is just not cutting it for me. He turns it on and off so fast you’re head will spin. He’s waiting for the results of the DNA tests. He does a lot of talking about being different than everyone else and he needs to know why. They go out for take out food. When they come back he leads her to the bed and they’re really into it until the results of the DNA tests starts printing out. He freaks out when saying they’re wrong, they have to be or else there’s something wrong with him as he sweeps stuff off his desk.

Preview: Vin coming in to the bar and being told that someone is looking for him and then Bo being pointed out. Nicole and Victor arguing – her asking him if he wants to risk having a fatal coronary. Belle telling Shawn that Phillip took off without saying goodbye. Phillip on the pier sending a signal with a flashlight when Mimi asks him what he’s doing.

Thursday May 22


OK....is it me or what....

Bo fighting with the same two guys from yesterday...his phone rings and he asks for a 'time-out' ...one of the guys says there is no time out in fighting so Bo quickly beats their butts and off they go...Hope was on the phone as she felt something was wrong (love their connection). Bo asks about the boys and she tells him Shawn is busy and Zach asks when he's coming home...Bo asks about her and she tells him she's getting ready for the wedding...she talks about the bachelorette party and mentions all the cute guys...he asks if they stripped she says no but Cassie wishes they had...she can't figure out how Belle and Cassie are sisters they are so different. She wants to head down but Bo says no...after hanging up she phones and asks Doug and Julie (I think)to look after Zach as she's on her way. Vin shows up at the hotel...looking not bad I might add.

At the Blue Note...Chloe is experiencing stage fright...Shelle walk in and quickly apologize to Nancy for being late...they go and sit with Philip...(Shawn doesn't seem really happy about this...LOL)Belle tells Shawn that maybe Chloe isn't ready for this as Philip asks was it her idea or Brady's (some things don't change...LOL) Belle wants to talk to Chloe as Shawn says no let Brady handle it. Brady starts her off on a duet and then lets her sing solo (I'm not and opera fan but she did a beautiful job). Loved the talk between Nancy and Chloe (I'm really going to miss Crancy....BTW they both had tears in their eyes). While all this is happening Shelle are dancing in the background (you catch glimpses of them laughing....it's was cute)Victor and Nicole are there and Victor talks to Cecile (obviously up to something and Nicole knows it). Brady takes Chloe home and Shelle are there alone. Shawn says it's nice having Belle Black in his arms agains without her rushing off with Philip...she questions where Philip is and Shawn says he shouldn't have brought it up...but Belle can't believe he left without saying good-bye. FYI...Shawn looks great in his green button down shirt and black dress pants and that ring on his finger is back.....

I'll let Pat fill you in on the rest....the guys were watching hockey and I missed some of it.


I think my favourite part of the show was the talk between Chloe and Nancy after Chloe’s performance. It was very obvious that this was Nancy’s last scene – but Patrika and Nadia were very, very emotional. Also pay close attention to Shawn and Belle dancing in the background. They are so cute! At first so playful – you could tell they’re chit chatting but the end of the scene they’re dancing very close together.

Belle and Shawn come into the Blue Note – I don’t think I mentioned yesterday how pretty that dress is – but oh lordy, that hair style makes her look 15 again. Shawn is wearing black dress pants with a green long-sleeved dress shirt with the collar open. Phillip gets them chairs behind them. Chloe says she can’t sing. Belle wonders if it’s too song. Phillip says that Brady pushed her into it. When Chloe tries a couple of more times but can’t get started Brady goes up on stage. He says he won’t let her quit. He changes the music and starts singing – she joins in and then continues on her own. I have to completely agree with Nicole when she tells Chloe afterwards ‘Not my type of music – but you sing good.’

Chloe gets a standing ovation even from Celia Marin. Belle and Shawn go and talk to her. She thanks Brady for inviting them and Phillip. She looks around wondering where Phillip is. The scene cuts to Phillip on the dock in scuba gear jumping into the river.

Rex is still throwing stuff around. He tells Mimi that according to the DNA Belle is not his sister. She says she’s your half-sister. He says according to the data they are not related at all. He says the lab can’t be wrong so he must have screwed up with his data. Mimi comments that she thought he was a genius that never made mistakes – he says that’s what he thought to – LOL! He’s going to redo all his work so Mimi is bored and accepts a date with Mark. Rex double checks everything and speaks into his recorder saying that it’s correct, Belle is not his sister. He says “What the hell is going on?”

Phil is removing his scuba gear – must be to give us all a glimpse of his naked chest and rippling biceps. After he’s dried himself off and changed, he starts signalling with the flashlight when Mimi catches him. They talk. He tells her he thought he saw something in the river but it was just a beer can.

Victor comes into Nicole’s bedroom and orders her to get ready to go to the Blue Note. She says she doesn’t want to. He pulls a dress out of the closet and tells her she has five minutes or she’ll never be allowed out of the room. I love how she gets her digs in at the Blue Note as she’s downing martini’s knowing that he won’t cause a scene in public. As Brady tells Victor that he has big plans for the Blue Note she comes up and says I hope they don’t include your lady friend screeching every night. She gives a lecture of what customers expect and that he shouldn’t want the customers to go streaming out as soon as the music starts. After Brady, Phillip, Chloe and Nancy have left Victor talks to Celia. Back at the mansion Victor promises to let Nicole leave her room if she doesn’t tell Brady that he talked with Celia. She wonders what he was plotting with that opera bitch. Victor locks the door and says he likes her feistiness – it arouses him. I won’t say anymore because I have nothing good to say.

Hope is walking around her bedroom missing Bo when she senses something is wrong. The bar fight continues – it’s just too fake for words. Hope phones and Bo wants a time out to take his call but they don’t agree so he finishes them off. Not much more really happens. He phones Hope and they talk – he says nothing is wrong but she’s not buying it. He finally tells her he was in a fight so she says she’s coming down there. He says no, he wants her home safe. I found one part of their conversation really strange and I wonder if it was foreshadowing or if I’m just making something out of nothing. She tells him about the shower and all the hunky men serving them. Bo wanted to know if they were strippers. She says no but Cassie certainly was disappointed that they kept their clothes on. Hope then says she finds it hard to believe that Cassie and Belle are sisters. I just found that weird. Bo goes out to get something to eat. Vin comes back. When he finds out someone is looking for him he tells the guy he doesn’t want to be found and goes up to his room. Of course just as he gets up the stairs, Bo comes back. The guy lies to him and says Vin hasn’t showed up and who knows if he’ll come back. Hope phones Shawn and Caroline to ask them to keep Zach after the wedding – she’s going to Texas to join up with Bo.

Back at the Wesley house Chloe is telling Brady that she doesn’t think she could leave Salem to go to Juilliard. Okay, I have to say this – TOO MUCH CLEAVAGE!! He tells her she has a gift and with that gift comes responsibility. He tells her that he’ll be doing lots of business in New York so Titan will probably rent him an apartment there.

I was hoping for so much more with the Shawn and Belle scenes. When they do finally cut to them dancing, they stop. Shawn says he can’t believe he has Belle Black in his arms and she’s not at some supermarket opening with Phillip. Basically they talk about why Phillip left. No real close-ups of them dancing and except for that one comment of Shawn’s, nothing personal said between them. Sigh – so don’t miss them in the background during Chloe’s and Nancy’s talk.

Preview: Jen telling Hope that her dad is supposed to be sending another gift. Jack opening the door and saying I don’t believe it. Celia telling Chloe in front of Phillip that there’s no way she could let her go to Juilliard. Nicole badgering Victor about some deal he made with Celia. Tony kissing Marlena.

Friday May 23


Seeing as real life got in the way I'll make this quick...LOL.

First let me say it was great to see Marlena back....I loved how she slapped Tony almost taking his head off...I loved how she stormed out of the mansion pushing Tony aside as she went...I loved how she told John to go after him...I didn't love that she kept the kiss a secret but I can understand why...John would have killed him. (like mother like daughter...LOL)Deidre was great today and I so love that Marlena has returned.

Lucas/Tony......these two are going to be major trouble...for Sami and others I'm afraid.

Victor/Nicole....I love Ari in the role she's playing right now...although I don't like at all what Vic is doing...this is a strange storyline. Philip talks to Vic about Brady taking over Titan...and then kicks down the door to 'save' Nicole.

Brady/Chloe/Cecile...after Brady goes at Cecile for dissing Chloe she finally gets a chance to explain about the job offer. Brady isn't going to be happy. Philip shows up before Cecile and congratulates Chloe and is happy she's wearing the in he gave her.

Jack/Jen/Hope....I love Jack as he runs around...only Jack could lose the wedding ring and give Jen his vows instead of hers. I love his facial expressions as he's trying to get the vows out of her purse as the woman he hired to give Jen a facial talks about men...only Jack!! LOL. I loved the scenes with Hope/Jen...their friendship is great. And the look on Jack's face when he opens the door (it's Bills' gift)and I'm sure it's Laura standing outside the door.

I enjoyed today's show....Marlena/John...Jack/Jen/Hope...and Ops...although he was very serious today and I can see some foreshadowing....trouble brewing for the Black's. Can you imagine John's reaction if Philip puts Belle in danger?????



Kiriakis Mansion: More of Victor being the tyrant and Nicole drinking and being defiant. I’m sorry but this storyline makes me feel sick to my stomach. He tells her that he doesn’t like the way she embarrasses him when they are out in public and he has to consider never letting her leave the house again. He orders her to her room and she asks him if she is going to Jack and Jen’s wedding. He tells her he’ll think about it. Phil comes over and they talk about things. Phil is okay with Brady being groomed to take over Titan. Vic says he has to leave for the wedding. Phil asks him about Nicole and Vic says she hasn’t decided if she will go yet. Phil is getting stuff from his room when he hears a thud from Nicole’s room. She just threw her wedding picture against the door. Phil tries the door and tells her to unlock it. She tells him it’s locked from the outside.

DiMera Mansion: Tony summons Lucas for a meeting to see how he handles himself. Marlena sees him frisking the two men that arrive for the meeting. Marlena warns Lucas that she will testify in court against him telling the judge that Lucas is endangering Will’s life by working for the DiMera family. Tony overhears her and says she will never say anything like that. He takes her into the living room to talk. Basically she tells him that she will not let the children live with him. He says why don’t you admit what you’re really here for. He grabs her and kisses her. She pushes him away and slaps him. He just smiles when she storms out. After the meeting he welcomes Lucas aboard.

Wesley house: Brady makes Chloe breakfast. Phillip comes over to congratulate Chloe. Brady grills him about why he took off without letting anyone know. Celia comes over and Phil leaves. She tells Chloe after her performance of last night she can’t recommend her to Juilliard. Brady flies off the handle until Celia tells him she wants to offer Chloe a job in her European touring company. She needs to know before she leaves Salem tomorrow afternoon. She also lets Chloe know that she will have to be in Europe for several years.

Devereaux House: Hope and Jen getting ready to go to the salon when Jack shows up. Jen hides and Hope steers him up the stairs to look for his missing cufflinks. Hope says it’s safe and just as they’re exiting the living room Jack jumps up. Love how Hope pushes him towards the stairs and Jen tells him that he’s put a hex on their wedding. Barry comes in as they leave. Barry is checking that Jack has everything. Jack realises he doesn’t have the ring and immediately panics. Barry gets him to retrace his steps. He phones Lucas, his best man. Lucas has the ring. I loved how Lucas told him to lay off the coffee. Jack realises that Jen took his vows by mistake and he has hers. He pays for a facial for Jen and sneaks in and rifles through her purse while she’s lying on the table with her eyes covered with cucumber slices. He goes home and gets a message that Bill’s gift is going to arrive. The door bell rings and he’s really worried that whatever the gift is will make him late for his wedding. He opens the door and says “I don’t believe it.” (or something to that effect).

Black Penthouse: Ops shows up and shows John surveillance photos stating that Lucas is being groomed to be Tony’s top assistant in the business. John orders him to break into Lucas’ and plant a bug and to put a tracking device on his car. Ops says not without a court order. They argue over legalities. John says he tried to kill me maybe this won’t end until I kill him. Marlena comes back and tells the both of them that Lucas is working for Tony. Ops tells her they knew and then leaves. Marlena says that means you’re still spying on Tony. John says he won’t discuss his job. She surprises John by saying it’s a good thing because Tony has to be brought down. John wants to know what happened. She doesn’t say anything about the kiss. Tony phones and asks her if she told John about their special moment. She hangs up – Tony says I didn’t think so. She tells him their family can not take anymore from the DiMera’s and Tony must be stopped.

Salon: Hope tells Jen that she’s going to join Bo in Texas. Jen asks if Bo knows about and Hope says no. While Jen is having her facial, Hope goes home to pack. When she comes back Jen tells her she got a text message from Jack saying Bill’s gift is going to be delivered to the house. She is also worried about what it could be.

Preview: Abby getting her picture taken saying her mommy and daddy are getting married. Phillip kicking Nicole’s door open. Hope and Jen together – Jen has her hair done and her veil on. Hope asks if she’s ready to get married.

Monday May 26

Pat is away for the weekend so I'll just give you a quick rundown and some thoughts on what happened with the show...there was a lot of conversations going on so I'll try my best to recap without a lot of detail....

Marlena and John getting ready to go to the wedding...Marlena looks gorgeous but you can tell that she is upset about something. John knows as well but he isn't trying to pressure her...all she wants is Tony out of their lives.

Jack sneaks Laura into the Penthouse Grill and into the brides room and Jen and Abby are out on the terrace gettings pictures done. Roman arrives and wants to talk to Hope (where else...out on the terrace). They discuss Bo being gone and Roman reminds her that Bo would like it that she was home with the boys and that's what will bring him home...Hope isn't going to do that as she has a flashback of her, Jen & Jack capturing Maria. (I have to say I love that Hope's going after Bo). Kate arrives and Roman sees her...she's still upset about Lucas working for Tony.

Jen/Abby go into the brides room and are shocked to see Laura...I absolutely loved these scenes today. It was great having her back and I felt it brought something to the show. Loved how Jen phoned her Dad...and she also talked to Mike. (again I loved how Mike/Carrie were mentioned in the show). Laura goes out and sees Maggie/Mickey/Alice...hugs all around. Jen/Hope/Abby/Alice/Laura in the brides room as gifts are exchanged...Abby painted Jen's toe nails blue. Alice gives her the garter from her (Alice's)'first' marriage...LOL. Laura gives her a present from her father...Hope gives her a sixpence. These scenes were great.

John/Marlena/Will show up and again more hugs with Laura. John looking suspiciously at Lucas and Victor.

Lucas and Victor go out onto the terrace (very busy place...LOL)and the make a deal. It has something to do with some property on Lakeshore Driver...or does it?? (IMO..there is something more to Lucas than just working for Tony....is he a double agent??? LOL). Kate is adament that Lucas quits working for Tony but he refuses...Kate is upset.

The wedding is set to start as Abby then Hope walk down the aisle...the show ends with Jen.

All the ladies looked beautiful today...although I really wish Shelle were there...a lot of stand-ins.

Philip kicks the door down to free Nicole...(some chemistry between these two and he looks more her age...IMO). Nico comes and gets Nicole to go to the wedding.

Brady/Chloe talking about her job offer. Brady wants her to take it but she's not so sure. Philip shows up and is happy for her...he tells Brady that he should go with her. After he leaves we see Brady tell Chloe that he'll go with her...she tells him she loves him as Philip is outside...upset. (Now something tells me he's up to something...same old Philip).

Anyway it was a good show and I really enjoyed Laura being back...and I'm looking forward to the wedding. Hope you all enjoy it.

Tuesday May 27

Jan can't watch the show until later so I'll post mine now and she'll add hers when she's done.

I absolutely loved the wedding today. This is what Days does best - incorporates family into the story and making it so special.

Mickey joins Jen at the end of the aisle and walks her towards Jack. Jen stops and kisses Alice. When they get to the front - Mickey stops and places Jen's hand in Abby's and Abby joins her parents hands.

Abby stayed right between them during the entire ceremony. When the priest asks Jack if he's ready to make his vows, Jack says no. Everyone gasps, he tells them not to worry he just has something to read first. He reads the poem that Jen read at their first wedding. She joins in at one point. That part was very touching.

When they're exchanging rings, Jen forgets what to say and Abby helps her. Jen also gets Abby to help slip the ring on Jack's finger. Abby says is it time and the priest says not yet. After the priest pronounces them husband and wife, Abby says 'Daddy you can kiss the bride.'

During the first dance there are flashbacks. OMG - I can't believe how YOUNG they looked - Jack especially. Everything about the wedding was cute, to Kate catching the bouquet, Lucas' very good toast to the bride and groom and Jack holding the slice of cake in the palm of his hand and them both biting it at the same time and then Jack kissing the traces of icing from her lips.

Even 'Barry' and the announcing wasn't overly annoying. Not much with the rest of the people at the reception. A little conversation between Roman and Kate, first about Lucas and then about her catching the bouquet. Laura telling Jen how happy she was to see her and wanting to spend time with Abby. Marlena was very troubled throughout the ceremony and all she would tell John was that she wanted to help him bring down Tony because she wants him out of their lives. John saying it's too dangerous because she would have to spend a lot of time with him - Marlena saying it's perfect because Tony trusts her.

Bo is outside at the store/fast food joint when Vin and some of his buddies come around. Bo goes inside and they don't see him but he sees Vin. He goes back to the hotel and kicks Vin's door down but he's not inside. The owner and his goons take a few swipes at Bo and kick him out. When they throw him out he doesn't notice that his phone falls out of his pocket. He goes back to the store and the boy says he can stay there. The boy recognized Vin and his guys as the one that were responsible for his father's death. Bo says he's going down tonight and he's happy that Vin doesn't know he's there. In the meantime back at the hotel, Vin is in Bo's room going through his 'saddle bags' and see's Bo's ID. He tells the guy that Bo is a cop and he's going to kill him.

Rex, Mimi, Cassie, Christopher (who is he and what is his purpose - LOL!) and Tony watching the wedding. Rex and Mimi are talking about his DNA tests. He's waiting for results to come from an independent lab. When he reads them he knows that he wasn't wrong - the tests prove that Marlena isn't his mother. They concoct a scheme to get a blood sample from Tony - Rex serves him something that needs to be sliced - and of course, he cuts his finger. Mimi takes the dish with Tony's blood on it to Rex's room. I laughed at her comment about feeling like she was a waitress at the Vampire Cafe. Cassie hounds Tony to admit he's in love with her 'mom' but Tony doesn't come right out and admit it. He leaves Cassie and this guy to go out. I still have no idea who this is Chris is and why he was there unless to play kissy face with Cassie - is this to show us that she can't be without a man - any man???

The next part was really creepy but then I find the whole 'brothel' storyline angle creepy. Tony goes over and there are four women he's checking out. One is blond and he fantasizes that it's Marlena - oh Yuck - just grossed me out.

Preview: Belle wondering what Phillip is up to when he pulls a gun on her in the warehouse. Brandon telling Sami he has to be there when Lexi gives birth because he's family. (something else but I don't remember - sorry).

Wednesday May 28


Bo comes back to the hotel to pick up his stuff. Jasper lets him know that Vin made him as this cop from Salem and that he’s going to kill him. Jasper tries to call Vin but Bo pulls out his switchblade and threatens him. Hope comes in and checks in. Bo sees her and she sees him but neither let on they know each other. She makes a point of saying her room number out loud. She looks really good in the new clothes she bought from Carlos. When she arrived there, she asked the boy if he knew the man in the picture. He says no but when she says he’s her husband he tells her where he is.

Vin’s goons come looking for Bo but can’t find him. He snuck up the fire escape to Hope’s room. Well, let’s just say they were VERY happy to see one another. Doesn’t take them long to be falling back onto the bed and for her to pull his shirt off – LOL! He tells her it’s not safe for her to be there. She’s says they’re a team and she couldn’t stay away. She has a plan to get Vin. She tells him it will be just the two of them against the bad guys, just like the old days. He’s not too happy about getting her involved but knows that she won’t take no for an answer.

When Vin comes in to the hotel bar she tells him she’s lonely and that he’s the man to help her get over it. She wants to be alone with him. He takes her back to the bodega and Carlos serves them a beer and tequila. Bo sneaks behind them and sits down watching them from behind a newspaper. Vin asks Hope if she likes tequila.

She said that wasn’t what she had in mind when she suggested a party. She says that Jasper told her he was the man to see. Vin says he doesn’t take home anything home without sampling it first and then lays this big kiss on her. He says she’s the real deal so he takes her back to his room. Bo goes to follow them but Vin’s goons knock him unconscious.

Shawn and Belle are having breakfast (I’m guessing but Phil cancels lunch with her) at the Brady Pub. I don’t know ladies, but it appears our Shawn Douglas Brady is growing a goatee – this was definitely more than five o’clock shadow. Looking mighty fine if you ask me. Sigh. Love Belle’s hair but I can’t say I was crazy about that shirt she was wearing today. Belle is talking about Jack & Jen’s wedding while Shawn is listening to this long message from Hope. Belle says she would have rather been at the wedding but she didn’t want the press hounding the Love Is Blind winner. Phil comes in. Is it just me, Jan or was Shawn just a touch cool with him??? (That was my feeling). Phil says he can’t make lunch because he has some personal business to take care of.

Mickey talks to them both and tells Shawn that an arrest warrant was issued for the mayor. The girl that Shawn talked into testifying against the mayor comes up and wants to talk to Shawn. Belle leaves.

While Shawn and the waitress from Tuscany are talking, Brandon is inviting Abe and Lexie to his and Sami’s wedding. He says he’s starting a new phase of his life and he wants to leave all the anger behind. As he’s talking we get flashbacks to his childhood with Paul and Faye that reveal that Abe is his father. Lexie goes into labour. Abe, Brandon and Shawn help her to the car.

Shawn comes back and the waitress tells Shawn that she served the mayor at Echelon last night and overheard that he’s skipping town from Pier 11. Shawn tells her to the call the police because he might need backup. He gets to the pier but he’s too late, the boat has pulled away from the dock already. He pulls a baseball out of his jacket pocket and beans the mayor. We don’t get to see the hit, just hear the thud and the sound of someone landing in the water. Shawn pulls off his jacket and shoes and jumps in the river.

Phil goes into this warehouse and breaks into a crate when he hears a sound. He hides behind some boxes and then when he hears the person he pulls his gun out.
Belle asks him what he is doing. She tells him to take the gun out of her face. He gives her hell for coming into empty warehouses, she could be killed. She says yeah and by you. She says she knows him and she knew he was lying. They hear a noise and then when Phil finds out that Shawn isn’t with her he pulls her behind the boxes. When the guard comes in he pulls Belle into a kiss – a long, kiss. Yuck! He tells the guard the door was open and he wanted to be alone with her because they can’t go back to the dorm where her boyfriend, his best friend is. The guard tells him he doesn’t want to hear his ‘soap opera’ and tells him to get out.

Belle wants to know what Phil is doing. He says the door was open so he went in. She tells him that she knows he’s not telling the truth. He walks her back to her car. Belle goes to the pier where she sees the mayor, soaking wet, being led away by the police. She sees Shawn and sees that he is also soaked. He tells her that he couldn’t let the mayor get away. She says that he is getting to be more and more like his father every day. Shawn likes that. He asks if she found out what Phil is up to. She says no but he’s definitely got something going on. I loved how Shawn tells her that the two of them will start spending more time with him together. Belle has a flashback of the kiss (can I just say YUCK again) and tells Shawn she doesn’t think that is a good idea. Shawn gives her a very strange look.

Sami is spending most of her time at work planning her wedding and trying to get hold of Brandon. Eugenia is angry that she didn’t get invited. More threats between the two while Lucas watches. Lucas tries to get Eugenia to tell him what Sami said to make her so upset but she doesn’t tell him. Lucas goes to the lab and starts going through all the files.

Sami overhears two nurses talking about Lexie being in labour and both Abe and Brandon being there. She takes off looking for Brandon. Lucas follows. Of course Lexie is screaming her head off for Dr. Bader. The doctor says he paged her but the baby is ready to be born. Sami wants to know why Brandon has to be there. (Of course both Eugenia and Lucas are watching the whole thing as well). Brandon tells Sami he has to be there when the baby is born because he is family. He says the baby is his brother. Abe pulls back the curtain – both he and Lexie hear what he says.

Preview: Lucas back rifling through the files, smiling and saying “Sami, when will you ever learn.” Phillip back at the warehouse and someone coming up behind him when he’s crouched down picking up something from the floor. He turns around and says ‘It’s you.’ Sami telling Brandon that she wants to elope, to get married that night.

Thursday May 29

Pat's Spoiler......

Just a quick report from me today – have to get to the airport to pick up Trix.

Abe doesn’t really understand and quite believe that Brandon is his son. Abe lets him stay for the birth of his baby. He tells Abe after the baby is born that Paul Mendez told him when he was six that he was Abe’s father. He says Faye doesn’t know that he knows. He tells Abe that every time Paul beat him he would blame Abe for it. It’s a very touching moment when Abe holds his new baby and says he has a son and then looks at Brandon and says he has two sons. Abe regrets the time they missed. Brandon says ‘no regrets and no anger.’ Abe invites Brandon to come from supper after the baby and Lexie come home and he agrees.

Lucas tries to get Eugenia to tell what is going on with Sami but she doesn’t. Lucas goes back to the lab and finally figures out the password and finds what he is looking for. Eugenia is hell bent on telling everyone the truth. Sami is not happy. Sami can not talk or threaten her out of it. Eugenia doesn’t want Brandon marrying a loser like her. Just as she is going in to tell them she gets paged. Sami calls for Brandon saying she needs him. She tells him she doesn’t want to wait to get married, she wants to marry him tonight. Lucas finds Eugenia and tells her he knows what Sami’s secret is.

John is not happy that Phil is his new partner. He feels that Phil is too green and will compromise the mission and jeopardize both their lives. Phil says he asked for this assignment so he could learn from the best. He tells John not to worry, he is the mission. I’m sorry but this ‘new’ Phillip isn’t cutting it for me. Phil tells him that he already got out to the yacht and signalled their contact. John makes it perfectly clear that he is in charge and Phil is not to do anything without clearing it with him first.

Vin and Hope go back to his room. She tries to stall him but Vin is not a patient man and he’s not taking no for an answer. Carlos finds Bo and tries to revive him but can’t. He comes back and throws water on him. Bo figures out where Hope is after he flashes back to the kiss between her and Vin and takes off the Del Rio. She manages to delay him but he sees her looking out the window. He closes it and pulls the blinds down when he hears something outside his room. Bo spray painted “Vin is a son of a b….” on the wall. Vin and his goons go looking for the person that ‘disrespected’ him. Bo and Hope take off.

Chloe isn’t too sure it’s a good idea for Brady to come to Europe and be her manager. Cecelia Marin comes back and wants to hear Chloe sing alone. She freezes again so Brady holds her hands while she’s singing. Chloe tells her that Brady is her manager and will be coming to Europe. Ms Marin says no way because he’s too familiar and you lean on him to much. She won’t grow as an artist if he’s there.

Preview: Sami and Brandon find a Justice of the Peace. Rex very angrily telling Mimi that his whole life is a lie. Lexie tells Abe that she slept with Brandon. Bo and Hope sleeping outside and a gun being pointed at Bo’s head.

Jan's Spoiler....

Pat went into detail so I'll just point out observations...

Lexie...Renee did a fantastic job today showing a woman in labor...I swear it felt like I was giving birth again...but my that was a HUGE newborn..LOL.

Brandon/Abe...OK, I'm a little disappointed that it ended like this. I always felt that Abe was Brandon's father but it was like your my dad....Paul told me....Faye didn't know I know....end of story.

Sami/Euginia/Lucas...enough already, let't get on with this storyline. How many times can Sami/Euginia fight about telling Brandon.

John/Philip...John is not happy that Philip is his partner. Didn't realize how closely related they are..LOL. The ISA recruited Philip....now really...only four months in. John is BOSS but Philip I believe has his own ideas. Could prove to be interesting.

Chloe/Brady...now if Chloe can't sing without holding Brady's hand she is going to be in trouble in Europe..I don't think Brady's arm is that long....LOL.

Bope...I loved these two today. I love them everyday and it's great to see Hope so involved.

It may not sound like it but I did enjoy today's show...LOL.(I just had a bad day)

Friday May 30

As you are all aware Pat is MIA - somewhere in LA introducing Colin (her son)to Dee, Trix and Tag. Why do I feel sorry for him....LOL.

MelissaU was kind enough to send me screencaps but due to a computer problem I don't seem to be able to post them...I will work on it tomorrow and hopefully will have it fixed by tomorrow night. Thanks Melissa I really appreciated it. Oh right, I'm supposed to do spoilers...LOL.

Here we go.

Bope at a campsite..sitting by the fire and Hope is cooking a stew...somehow Bo manages to eat it...LOL. I loved the way he tried to convince her to go home and she said no way. She was here and she was staying and she had a plan. Hope is taking charge and I love it! The scene ends with them sleeping and a gun pointed at Bo's head.

Vic/Nic...I can't believe that Victor pushed her out that window especially without any hesitation. We see the next scene with Nico holding her and her fighting to get free...Vic shows up and she tells him she was going to the hospital...Lucas was getting revenge on Sami..Vic lets her go (alone I might add)and she is surprised.

Sami/Brandon...Sami begs Brandon to marry her tonight...he wants to know why, she finally convinces him and they head for the JP...where they are totally ripped off (charged for everything). It was a little hard to watch this scene probably because you now what's coming up. But Ali was wonderful.

Abe/Lexie...Tony comes in and Abe leaves to get a milkshake for Lexie...OK, now this is bugging me. Lexie/Tony had something to do with the paternity results...so is Lexie going to have anyone upset with her...I doubt it. The scene ends with her finally telling Abe she slept with Brandon.

Lucas...he phones everyone to come down to watch Sami get hers...Kate and Nicoled arrive. Sami/Brandon are nowhere to be found...(Lucas lost them...LOL). Kate vows to find out where they went.

Rex/Mimi...Rex finds out that he is definately not related to Tony/Marlena/Belle. Mimi tries to comfort him and at the end it shows him saying why with all the people at the lunch am I related to you. Now you would have thought that Rex would have tested Cassie but he didn't and now he's not even sure she's his sister (not to bright...LOL)

All in all it wasn't a bad show...I hated Victor pushing Nicole out the window...I saw no purpose in it but then I haven't seen a lot of purpose in this storyline.

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Monday Jun 2


After reading the EE this morning I was really looking forward to today's show. But I'm always a little leary when something is built up...but I have to tell you I wasn't disappointed in the least. It was a fantastic show!!

James/Renee Rocked today. Abe was crying telling Lexie how Brandon had done it on purpose...if he had been there for him it never would have happened. He wished he had known so he could have been a father to him. Lexie was crying while listening to him but told him he now had two sons and everything would be fine. Great scenes today.

The 'gang'...Kate/Lucas/Nicole/Roman. Kate phones Roman to help find Sami. When he shows up at the hospital he wants to know what's going on but Nicole/Kate say they don't know. Lucas says I'll tell you when we find her. They find out where Sami/Brandon are and head for the JP. When they get there everyone is gone. They then find out that Sami/Brandon are at the Salem Inn....and off they go again....(these scenes were great). When they show up at the door of the hotel room, Brandon tries to kick them out. Lucas is gloating as he tells Brandon that he is the father of Lexie's baby. Nicole claps and tells Sami she outdid herself this time. She finally tells Brandon that she switched the tests and off goes Brandon...room service arrives and off goes Sami...Lucas/Kate/Roman/Nicole follow but not before Nicole grabs a bottle of champagne and a chocolate covered strawberry and says waste not want not. (Ari was great today as well). Off to Lexie's room we go....LOL. Brandon wants to talk to Lexie alone but she says no go ahead..he asks if he's the father...Lexie says no...then she spills that she switched the tests earlier and set Sami up...Sami literally jumps on the bed and attacks Lexie.

Everone in these scenes today was great....and I loved them.

Bope...What can I say they were fantastic. Hope is back ladies. I loved her face when she told Vin that's no cop that's my husband. (there was no campy stuff today....just great scenes). The best scene was of course at the end...when Hope had on Bo's leather jacket and told him meet you at the first rest stop...be there or be square as she donned the helmet and took off on the bike. OMG....I loved these two today.

Broe....well compared to the rest of the show it just didn't seem to fit. They more or less just talked about the job offer and her staying.

Tuesday Jun 3


Today's show was fantastic. The performances put on by James/Renee/Bryan/Nicole/Matt/Ari and of course Ali were awesome today in the wake of Sami's downfall.

In her hospital room Lexie is laying it on to Sami. Bringing up all her past deeds...Belle's paternity, Will's paternity and now of course the babies. Sami tries to leave but Roman stops her...Lexie continues as Sami says it doesn't matter Brandon loves her...Lexie says if he loves you where is he as Brandon has slipped out. Sami catches up with him at the elevator but the doors close on her...Nicole comes up and now has a go at Sami as Lucas stands in the background..(strong performances by these two)...now it's Roman's turn as he let's her have it...Sami tries to fight back but to no avail...Roman wants none of it..now Lucas has a go as Sami is on the elevator.

At her apartment Brandon is packing as Nicole shows up and they have a very emotional good-bye. Now Abe shows up...these scenes were incredible...no loud words, very quiet as they talk about what happened. Abe tells him he'll find someone who won't use him...Brandon says who am I? Abe says you are Theodore Brandon Carvers brother...Brandon asks what? Abe says we named him after you. They hug as Brandon has tears in his eyes.

Sami shows up but Brandon has left...Lucas hears her sobbing and opens the door. Sami nails him with a right hook that knocks him to the floor.

Brandon goes to Lexie's room and watches as Abe/Lexie/Theo bond...and with his bag on his shoulder leaves Salem.

Very emotional scenes by all involved...Don't miss them.

Shelle.....at dotcom as Belle teases him about seeing a chick flick next. He wants to get together with Mimi and maybe Philip...Belle brushes it off saying Philip is probably busy. Philip walks in and says Hi...Belle says something to the effect of him being mature and a stud...Shawn says what am I..she says a jock...he wants to know the difference...Philip says a stud is a man a jock is a kid...Shawn has had it, he wants to go out right then and there and see who is the 'man'. Belle says you'd tie...Philip says no ties...we win tickets to a Cubs game (I think)and then Shawn says a 'woman' Phil says right. Belle is sitting between them uncomfortable. A reporter comes up and walks to have an interview...Philip says no...Belle and I are here with a 'friend'. He says not you, you've had your 15 mins. of fame...I want Shawn Brady...Shawn asks why...Belle says because you caught the Mayor as he leaves. Phil/Belle talks...she is very uncomfortable and won't look at him...he assumes she didn't tell Shawn about the kiis because he wasn't mad...she says why should I...it was a cover..it wasn't romantic...and you kissed me. He gets a message on the computer and Belle is intrigued...she finally figures out it's the guy behind him and wants to know if that happens all the time as Philip looks uncomfortable...Tek comes up introduces himself etc. Shawn comes back in and introduces himself and then says I'm hungry...Philip says we're going back to base and Shelle leave...she says you weren't hungry were you...he says no what do you think...she says about TEK..he says he's not a Marine there is something strange going on...she says you sound like you're Dad...we thought Phiip had changed and it seems like he's in trouble again...Shawn says we have to watch him an be careful. TEK calls Belle, Philip's little g/f but Philip says she's not. He says nothing comes before the job, not family or friends (I smell trouble)
The triangle has started and I must say I really enjoyed it...don't throw tomatoes.

Marlena phones Tony to meet. John asks what's going on..she tells him she called they want to take him down together, John says they need to find his soft spot...it ends with Marlena pulling a red dress out of her closet.

Wednesday Jun 4


Wow, another great show and wonderful performance by Ali.

A lot happened and it looks like Pat's back so tomorrow there should be more detail...LOL.

Marlena shows up at the mansion wearing a red dress and tries to rifle through Tony's papers...he caught on pretty quick and wants to go up to the bedroom, it doesn't take her long to get out out the house. She goes to the hospital and sees Lexie/Abe...(great scenes)excited about the baby. They tell her about Sami and she leaves to find her. Outside she runs into Brady who is looking for her and needs her help with Chloe.

Chloe/Philip at the base. She needs his help and he tries to tell her that she shouldn't give up her dreams. She figures he's still upset about them and doesn't know what he's talking about...(sorry, again it's all about Chloe)

Mimi/Rex....Mimi does a lot of babbling in her scenes and I couldn't quite make them all out except for the ending when Rex says Roman is his Dad.

Sami/Lucas...Sami is totally lost...she is crying as Lucas hands her a letter from Brandon saying he is having the papers drawn up for an annulment...she figures someone other than Lexie set this up and takes off to the hospital. There she confronts Lexie and finally figures out it is Tony (no sympathy for her there. She shows up at the mansion as Lucas and Tony laugh at her...she literally breaks down (very emotional scenes by Ali today)as she argues with Tony...he's holding her arms and she tells him to let her go...he does and she goes flying through the door. Very sad scene at the end seeing her lying on the ground her face covered in blood.

The previews tomorrow show Lucas and Tony trying to explain what happened as Marlena loses it and hits Tony.

Thursday Jun 5


Brady tells Marlena that he doesn’t think he can use tough love on Chloe to get her to leave and pursue her career. He doesn’t want to hurt her in any way. He tells Marlena that he’ll arrange a rehearsal at the Blue Note and invite some people. Then he’ll do whatever he has to, pick a fight, argue, whatever he can to challenge her. Marlena says what are you going to do if she accepts the challenge and takes the job. He says he’ll deal. At his point Sami is brought in.

Chloe tells Phillip that she won’t leave Brady and Belle walks in on their conversation. Chloe tells Belle that she is not to tell Brady that she was out at the base to see Phil. Belle wants to know why she wants her to keep secrets from her brother. Chloe says she just wanted to talk to Phil and doesn’t want Brady thinking it was anything else. Phil wants to know why she was there. She’s bringing cookies that the supermarket sent her for doing the ‘opening’. She wants to see what Phil does because she has the feeling he is not an ordinary marine.

He says he’s just a private. She wants to know why he has so much leave time. He seems to spend as much time in Salem as he does on the base. He gets all serious and tells her that she can see right through her. He can’t lie…he’s a spy on an undercover mission to save the free world. If he told them more he would have to kill them. Chloe starts laughing and he teases Belle that’s she’s watching too much TV. Some other marine comes in and starts hitting on the girls. He tells Phil he’ll take whichever one he doesn’t want. As soon as the guy hears Chloe say the last name Kiriakis he apologises and backs off.

Phil brushes that off with another joke and leaves. Belle and Chloe agree that something is up. Belle says she’s worried about what Phillip could have got himself into now. She says he always made jokes when he was trying to cover up something and she is determined to find out what he is up to.

Roman is thanking Kate for not taking pot shots at Sami. He is so ashamed about what she did. He doesn’t think he can face Abe. She says Lucas is the same because he took that job with Tony. They agree that both of their children are ‘fools’ in their own way.

Lucas looks like he’s in shock when Tony tells him to call 911 while he’s trying to stop the bleeding. He says she is clammy and going into shock. Lucas begs Sami to hang on for their son. He yells that she is a fighter. He is really upset! The ambulance arrives and Lucas begs them to help her. Both Lucas and Tony’s hands are covered in blood.

Sami is brought in and Brady offers to call John and tells her to call Roman. She is crying when she tells Roman she doesn’t know what happened to her and the extent of her injuries. Tony and Lucas come in with blood all over them. Marlena asks what happened. Lucas says that Sami got into an argument with Tony and fell through the windows of the French doors. Marlena shrugs off Brady’s arms and goes after Tony. Brady tries to hold her back but she lashes out at him. Roman comes in and wants to know what Tony did to Sami. Lucas says Sami found out that it was Tony’s idea for Lexie to change the results of the paternity test and attacked Tony. He let go of her and she fell. Marlena says that Sami might die and it will be Tony’s fault. They take Sami to surgery…the nurse says she lost a lot of blood and has extensive injuries. For some reason Victor sends Nicole to the hospital with Nico – Lucas asks her what she is doing there.

Lucas tells Nicole to call Brandon. She wants to know why. Lucas says because he loved her and they are still married. She says with any luck he won’t have to get an annulment. She wants to leave but Nico won’t let her. Lucas tells Kate that it was an accident. She asks him how he feels. He says that Sami is the mother of his child, he doesn’t want her to die. The nurse comes out and tell them that there is still the possibility that Sami could bleed to death.

Vin needles Bo and Hope about someone spotting them and then they’ll be arrested for kidnapping. Vin goes on and on and Bo pulls his gun out. Vin taunts him and says you wouldn’t shoot me in cold blood in front of your wife. Hope tells him if it were up to her he would be dead already because he tried to kill their son. They reach the border crossing and Bo threatens Vin not to say anything. The guy asks if they’re bringing back something they shouldn’t. Vin pipes up that Bo is. The guy asks again if they’re bringing back any fruit or vegetables. Bo says no but Vin says he’s lying. Hope pulls up on the bike and asks the guy if he wants to see her ‘melons’. I loved the double take that Bo did when she said that. She distracts the guy so much with her ‘flirting’ that he waves Bo through. They meet up later and Bo lays a big kiss on her!

More of Vic and Nicole master/slave routine – something I abhor. Victor unlocks the door and tells her that he’s decided to allow her to join him for lunch. She tells him that she will pay him back for everything he’s done to her. She throws it in his face that Phil already knows that he’s keeping her locked up like an animal. He warns her not to challenge his authority – just leave Phillip to him. He makes it clear that he owns her and locks her back in the room. She’s reading a book about Unsolved Murders.

While Nicole is at the hospital, Phil goes to see his Dad. He asks why Nicole was locked in her room. Victor tries to blow if off as a minor tiff. Phil isn’t buying that. He reminds his Dad that he once locked him in his room for two days…he knows how mad he has to be to do that.

Preview: Mimi asking Rex if he knows who is mother is. Chloe yelling at Brady – they’re at the Blue Note. Roman telling Tony to go to hell and Belle and Marlena comforting each other.

Friday Jun 6


didn't get to see the whole show (I'll have to watch later...but now that Pat's here I can slack for a bit...LOL).

Let me just say that I loved the scenes with Bope...it's been a long time since I've seen them so happy. They are really excited about they just did and what they are about to embark on....it's about time. Loved the scenes with Shelle/Bope...although they weren't long enough for me...JMO. Loved the hugs when they came into the house...the way Hope told Belle she'd be there for her. And I loved Zach...everything Hope said to him he said yeah...but she's not going to be able to hold him much longer...has he ever grown. Bope/Abe scenes weren't bad...as Abe tells them about Brandon being his son...the birth of Theo and about Sami...not the accident though (I don't think).

Vic/Nic...not a lot of scenes with them...but Vic wanted her to know what happens to 'bad' girls...and she looks like she's on her way to taking action as she makes a phone call.

Kate looks a little upset at Roman/Marlena...as she watches them with Sami. They both talk to Sami and try to get through to her that they love her...Shawn/Belle and Brady/Chloe are there for her as well. Marlena figures she should have been there for her. (Sorry but I'm missing John)

Tek/Philip...I didn't get all the scenes but at the end Tek pops out just as Kate is on the pier. Philip comes out of the water and says if anyone knew why I really came back to Salem...all I got sorry.

Brady/Chloe at TBN...Brady pretty well tells her to do it on her own...and she does...not bad either. She looks a little pissed at him as she sings...but he knows he did the right thing..although I think he's a little hurt that she did it without him.

Lucas....drowning his sorrows in a bottle of vodka as Kelley Moneymaker sings there are flashbacks of Lumi (I really enjoyed these and they looked so you and still had chemistry back then)

Shelle...I didn't catch all their scenes but (yes Terri he's looking pretty good in those pants...LOL)he came to ask her to go to he tournament with him (I think it's out of town)but with Sami...Belle says no it's playoffs...you're on a scholarship...(what did I miss). At the house he says I don't want to go...she says it's fine...have fun but not too much...I love you...and we get a kiss.....alright the 'boy' is looking might fine...and I loved the way KS looked.

Almost forgot...Rex now knows that Cassie is his full sister which makes her Shawn's cousin...

A pretty good show....a little more tame after the last few days.


Not much of Shawn and Belle today but they do get to share a goodbye kiss.

Sami is in recovery. The doctor said they had to give her 8 units of blood (apparently the amount equal to what we have, HUH?). They’re worried that her brain might have been deprived of oxygen. Only Marlena and Roman can see her. Shawn is there for Belle when they here then news and then mother and daughter comfort each other.

Kate just watches Roman and Marlena together. Nicole sits there leafing through a fashion magazine looking bored to death. Roman and Marlena listen to the doctor as he tells them that there is extensive damage to her vocal chords. Marlena asks him if she might not be able to talk. Nicole’s zinger ‘Thank god!’ Marlena gasps and Roman tells Nicole to leave. Victor apologises for Nicole. He tells her he wanted her to see what happens to bad girls. YUCK! Nicole is on the phone, plotting…must be talking to Larry.

Roman and Marlena spend the rest of the episode talking to Sami telling her how they love her. They remind her that she is a fighter and very strong and determined.

Rex is worried that Tony will no longer care for him when he finds out that he is not his biological father. He needs to know if Cassie is his sister because he doesn’t want to lose her too. He gets her hair brush to take to the DNA. Cassie screams and they go down and see her looking at the blood – HUMPH – considering Sami lost eight units there isn’t really a lot of the stuff on the terrace. The maid tells them that Sami fell through the window. I think it was a toss up between him and Nicole for the zinger against Sami. Mimi says we should go see your sister in the hospital. Rex makes reference to Roman’s two normal children moving away from Salem and he gets stuck with psycho Sami. At the hospital, he receives a text message on his cell confirming that Cassie is his full sister. He looks into Sami’s room at his father and his sister. Back at the mansion, Cassie is all over Tony telling him how she loves him and how she couldn’t bear to lose him.

Belle catches Shawn looking at his wrist watch. She wonders why he’s worried about the time knowing that he’s done his finals. She then remembers that he has to go away to a baseball tournament. He tells her he’s not going; he doesn’t want to leave her. She tells him he has to go because he has a scholarship. He says before this happened to Sami he was going to ask her to go with him.

Bo and Hope deliver Vin to Abe. Vin tries the kidnapping ploy but Abe just hands him over to a cop for booking. He chastises Bo and Hope and then closes the door and says I’m not going to congratulate you in public, that is. He says a bounty hunter had been after Vin as well. He tells them Lexie had the baby and they coo and ‘ahhh’. He also tells them that Brandon is his son and he’s sorry he’s gone. They talk a bit about Sami but they don’t know about her being in the hospital yet.

Bo and Hope pick up Zach. Bo says he wants to spend more time with his son and his wife. No more double shifts for him. Hope asks him if he wants to go into business for himself. He says he wants to work with her. Shawn and Belle come to the house and ask how their vacation was. They’re surprised to hear that they had gone after Vin and captured him. Belle reminds Shawn that it’s almost time for him to leave. I love how Hope comforts Belle about Sami while Shawn is upstairs. After Belle and Shawn leave, Bo tells Hope that Abe gave him the idea – he thinks they should be bounty hunters.

Early on at the hospital, Roman follows Tony and Lucas and tells them to stay away from the hospital. Lucas is crushed when Roman tells him that Sami was right about him, he is nothing but poison. Lucas heads to the Blue Note and starts drinking. Meanwhile Chloe is preparing to sing and she asks Brady to sing with her. He tells her that he’s not there to hold her hand. She gets in a tiff. He reminds her that she was always strong and independent and being in love shouldn’t change that. She says that is how she knew she wasn’t really in love with Phil and she wonders if it’s happening to them now. She says she doesn’t need him and she sings. When she is done, I think its Kelly Moneymaker and her band that take over. Great, great song…perfect for the flashbacks Lucas has of him and Sami. My god, they were soooo young! I think he realises that he’s in love with her. No tears streaming down his face, but his eyes are teary.

Down at the docks, Phil and Tek are on a mission. Phil in full scuba gear taking something Tek gives him to plant on a boat. When he comes back, Phil is almost caught by Kate who is walking along the pier. Tek covers. I don’t know what went down but Kate asks Tek if they know each other. He says no, but she gives him a really strange look before leaving. Phil gets out of the water – that phase of the mission accomplished.

Outside the Brady house, Shawn says he really doesn’t want to leave her. She says she’ll miss but be so happy to see him when he returns. He says he won’t have any fun without her. She says good, then says no, she wants him to have some fun but not too much. She says she feels so lucky when she thinks about what Sami is going through. She tells Shawn she loves him and they kiss. It's a nice sweet kiss but they are wrapped up in each other.

As for those pants, Terri – looking good…how do I put this delicately, they fit in all the right places…they move when they should…damn- looking good – only complaint is that we just didn’t get to see enough of them LOL! She’s wearing the ring today but I didn’t spot him with it on.

Preview: Abe and Lexie bring ‘Isaac’s’ bronzed baby shoes with a new name plaque. Jack and Jen introducing Phil Vassar on In The House…and…and…sorry – can’t remember. LOL!

Monday Jun 9


Rex/Mimi/Tony....Mimi is babbling a mile a minute..she wants Rex to tell Tony that he isn't his father and she almost slips up a few times. Tony wants to know what's going on with him but he says it's just his experiments. Rex overhears Bart talking to Rolf and finds out he's in a warehouse...(same one as Philip checked...I'm not sure..LOL)...he goes upstairs and tells Mimi he has to go downtown he'll be back soon..he wants her to wait for him...she stays a little while and then says something about this not being the 50's...leaves him a note and heads out. We see her walking by the living rooms as Bart/Tony are looking at the diamonds...Tony sends Bart after her because she is best friends with John Black's daughter...Tony goes up to Rex's room and sort of goes through his papers...now I'm not sure if he found the DNA test but if it is he doesn't look overly surprised!!!

Bope/Lexie/Abe/Zach/Theo/Nanny....it starts off the Hope sitting on the sofa with Zach watching cartoons...it was too cute as they are 'talking' about what is happening. Bo comes in and they talk about the 'business'. Abe/Lexie and entourage show up...Zach gets a motorized car and off he goes into the kitched...he was so cute during these scenes...I love him...Abe/Lexie give Bope Zach's shoes (bronzed)...very sweet gesture. Bo talks to Abe...says Shawn wanted to be there but Belle needed him her and Roman/Marlena are upset about Sami. He tells Abe what they are going to do 'bounty hunters'. Lexie and Abe are worried about them but they both say the can handle it...Abe gets them a case...Bo's a little upset...it' not a big one...but then Hope says to him our motto is 'no case too small'. Abe/Lexie look after Zach as Bope leave.....I really enjoyed these scened today.

J&J...In the House...Phil Vasser performs 2 songs and it's mostly about him...(talking up the Nashville Fest) Jennifer (Missy) looks like a real 'fan'. She really enjoyed it.

A pretty good show as things start to set up for Rimi/Tony and the diamonds...Bope and their new business.

Tuesday Jun 10


Well I have to admit that I didn't see the 'whole' show....but I can tell you a bit about it. I loved the look on Larry's face when the guard told him his wife had come to visit....and in walks Nicole (now how she got away from Vic I'll never know..LOL)and at the end when he asks his 'wife' what he can do for her and she says kill my husband.

Mimi at the pub....let's just say I had a really hard time keeping up with her today...the scenes between her and Bart were OK but it was hard to keep track of what they were saying....they were just as confused as I was to say the least.

Now hold me back...I loved Lucas in Sami's room but Cassie has to go...telling Lucas she deserved what she got...WTH does she think she is....LOL. And then when they are back at his apartment and drinking and she starts massaging him and then his shirt is unbuttoned and he goes in for a kiss...(it was hard to watch with the thought that she may be related to him...ugh)

Roman/Kate at the pub and the hospital...didn't get into these scenes too much...sorry.

Broe...Brady comes by to break up with Chloe and she accuses him of wanting someone else...she kicks him out.

Rex/Rolf...Rex wants to know the truth about his mother...just as Rolf starts to tell him some crates fall on his head.

Now it might have been me...but I couldn't get into today's show...it was OK but it didn't hold my attention for long...LOL


Just a very abbreviated spoiler report from me today. Would you believe, bright one that I am, I forgot to put my tape in the VCR. LMAO!

I only got to see a couple of scenes from Sami’s hospital room. Kate and Roman are in the room. Roman is talking to Sami, encouraging her when the doctor comes in with an updated status report on her prognosis. He tells Roman that she will survive but she has a long recovery ahead of. She could potentially have brain damage, vocal chord damage and be paralyzed.

Cassie works on seducing Lucas in his apartment as he continues to drink. He is really hurting over Sami. As Cassie gets more aggressive he tells her that Tony is his boss and warned him to stay away from her. She gets his shirt unbuttoned as she continues to massage him. He finally says to hell with Tony, you are so hot as he kisses her and lays her back on the couch.

Didn’t get to see much of Bart and Mimi but what I did see, I loved. Those two are like two peas in a pod. Poor Bart is trying to get her to tell him what she told Roman that she had overheard at the DiMera mansion. Of course, she doesn’t. The one time that she won’t spill and poor Bart wanted her to. He calls and orders a hit on her. Then as she’s leaving he makes a comment about it being too bad she heard them talking about the family jewels and told Roman about them. She doesn’t have a clue as to what he is talking about. She tells him she talked to Roman about her boyfriend and yes, she thinks he is a gem. LOL! I loved those two together.

Nicole is visiting Larry in prison. It doesn’t take long for them to know they share one thing in common, they both hate Victor Kiriakis. Nicole asks him if she could arrange to spring him from prison, would he be willing to do something for her. He’s interested but wants to know what he has to do. She tells him it’s very simple, he has to kill Victor.

Chloe and Brady arguing. He basically tells her that she would ruin HIS life by not taking the job in Paris. She gets very angry at him for that statement and asks him to explain himself. He says he would forever be worried about when she would start hating him for keeping her from her dream. She doesn’t see it that way and tells him that she can’t live without him. (Independent Chloe, HUH????) She says if he doesn’t want to be a part of her life, he should just get out. She kicks him out of her house.

Rex is after Rolf to tell him who his mother is. Rolf keeps stalling but finally admits that his mother is from Salem and Marlena was just a surrogate. He keeps spouting that Stefano never wanted anyone to crack his genetic code and he didn’t want anyone to know that Roman was their biological father. Rex slugs him. When Rolf stands up, he says ‘Your mother is…’ and then the crates come tumbling down on him. The show ends with Rex checking him for a pulse.

Preview: Marlena telling Tony that Sami is going to need long term recovery – Tony looking a bit shamefaced. Marlena tells him she will never forgive him. Belle following Phillip, Tek shoots her and she falls into the river. Bo and Hope in disguise taking someone down at Echelon.

Wednesday Jun 11

Jan's thoughts:

Here's my spoilers....

We'll start off slow and work our way up to the big stuff....

Broe...I'm sorry but I really couldn't get into them today...after the fight the other day and now they end up making love...Brady has a dream that I couldn't get into. I'm not sure if it's because Chloe is leaving or not but like I said I couldn't get into them today.

Marlena/Tony......you go girl. I loved the way she told him off today but I have to admit the best part was saved for last......when she called him a bastard...and the look on his face after he slams the door.....priceless.

Mimi/Rex...OK, I enjoyed them today. The bantering back and forth about the body in the car wasn't bad.

Bope....first of all let me say that after meeting Philip at the pub...Bo knows there is something going on...preceptive of him. Now I loved Hope in the red wig...and their interaction with 'Tommy' at Echelon was cute (Tommy being one of the kids Bo brought in for questioning)...loved how they worked together and the happiness on Hope's face.

Now what you've all been waiting for....the Shelle scenes were cute...they talked about Sami...they talked to Mimi when Shawn told her she was in love....they talked about Philip (although Shawn didn't want to)...he left to go see Mickey and wanted Belle to go with him...she said no and that's when she spied on Philip/Tek and got 'shot'. I hated the way Philip petted her head and rubbed her arm...and told her he didn't want her to get hurt....I loved how Shawn was protective of her when he realized that she had fallen in the water and then took her back home.

Now what's this of SDB shirtless.....LOL. He took off his shirt and had on a white tank top....and those arms:::THUD:::and the sweat on his chest:::THUD:::

OK...Pat can fill in the details I'm still picking myself up off the floor.......ENJOY!!!!!!

Pat's thoughts:

What can I say about those arms that haven’t already been said. LOL! Looking good in that white muscle shirt and his form when he’s throwing that ball…GULP!

And Belle…gorgeous. That blue halter top, the makeup, the hair…damn, even straggly, wet hair looks good on her.

Tony/Marlena: Tony tells Marlena he got the good news about Sami. She lists all the potential problems she could have and tell him the good news he got means a lifetime of pain and suffering for Sami and she will never forgive him. He remarks that she hates that they have children together. She tells him to admit that he wants to possess her like his father did. He gets angry at her especially when she tells him to leave Salem and let go of the hold he has on her family. He wants to show her something in Rex’s room but she’s leery of following him. He tells her that if she cares for her son at all, she will go to Rex’s room with her. He’s worried about what Rex has been up to. Marlena says she respects her children’s privacy but follows him into the room. She questions Tony when he shows her the specs for the laser. He says he doesn’t know what it is but Rex should be telling them. She walks out saying that I’ll wait for Rex to tell me if and when he wants to. Someone has to be a good role mother for him so that he doesn’t turn out to be a bastard like his father. Tony slams the door wondering what he ever saw in ‘that woman.’

Rex/Rolf/Mimi: Okay, for someone so smart, why does Rex look so lost trying to figure out what to do. And how could he not know that Rolf wasn’t dead. He’s putting him in the back of his car when Mimi asks what he’s doing. She figures she should know him and Rex tells her that it’s Professor Putnam. He says he’s dead and he killed him. She is shocked. She tells him that she just told Belle and Shawn that he would never hurt anyone. He says it was an accident. She wants him to go to the police, to his dad, the cop. He wants to dump the body, bury it somewhere. They here a groan from the car and realise he’s still alive.

Chloe/Brady: He comes to see her and tells her that he couldn’t leave things that way. They kiss and make love. She goes up to take care of Joy and Brady has a fantasy of them in a few years (Not the most flattering hair-dos – LOL) where she resents him because she didn’t take the opportunity to sing in an opera company. When she comes downstairs he tells her that he can’t let her give up this chance. She tells him that he can’t tell her what to do. She wants to stay in Salem with her family and with him. Nancy phones and tells them that Craig is taking a job in Manhattan. Chloe is freaked about that.

Bo/Hope: They run into Phillip in the pub and chitchat with him a bit. Bo figures he’s keeping something from him. I love the banter between Bo and Hope… she refers to him as her ‘main squeeze’. She says she didn’t spot Ray Meeks on the docks. Bo says he didn’t think she would and the only reason he let her go on her own was because he was small time. She reminds him that they’re full partners, share the hard stuff and the glory. They go to Echelon where a former punk that’s staying clean helps them out. They go inside in disguise. Loved the short red, wig Hope wore…but oh, lordy that slicked down, parted on the side hair of Bo’s and the checkered sports coat. I guess it suited his cover as a professor…maybe. Hope flirts with the guys because they know Ray has a tattoo of a spider (sorry Trix) on his forearm. They tell him he’s under arrest and he tries to hit Bo (oh…so bad…so fake). They exchange ‘punches’ and Hope knocks him out with a decanter. Loved her smile in the picture the kid takes of them afterwards.

Belle and Shawn sit down on a bench on the pier. She’s worried about Sami. Shawn says that Sami is a fighter. Belle tells him she’s really glad they won their playoff game and that he’s home. Mimi comes along looking for Rex. After she goes on and on about him Shawn says it sounds like she’s in love with him. She says she hasn’t put it into words because she’s afraid that Rex is so smart and handsome that he couldn’t possibly love her. I loved how Shawn tells her that she is beautiful and if Rex can’t see that he’s not as smart as they all think he is. He also says that she is someone Rex needs, she’s normal. Both Belle and Mimi look at him…he says, let’s face it, Rex needs guidance when it comes to normal, everyday things. After she leaves, Shawn is throwing balls and then takes off his shirt…too bad he’s back into those baggy pants. Belle teases him about acting like Sammy Sosa when she needs to be distracted. She wants to talk about Phillip. She tells him how the other marines at the base treated him with such respect, like he was better than them. Shawn says that maybe they’re too used to seeing him screw up but that it’s possible he’s doing a really good job and that’s why they respect him. He teases her about the way she ‘scrunches’ up her face when she is worried. He refers to her as a girl and she reminds him that she is woman.

Oh yeah, we do get a flash of his ring on his finger. He gets paged to go to Mickey’s office and is reluctant to leave her on the pier. She tells him its daylight and she has her sun block and a good book, not to worry. He gives her a quick kiss and says he’ll be back. She hears a sound and ducks behind a barrel. Tek sees her and shoots her with his tranquilizer dart gun. She falls off the pier into the river. Next we see a bare-chested Phillip holding her in his arms. He tells Tek he has to stop shooting his friends – LOL! Tek says maybe this will stop her from trying to play Nancy Drew. Can’t say I liked the way Phillip cradled her in his arms and kept telling her he’d never hurt her. Shawn finds her lying on the bench, soaked. He teases her about staying cool by going swimming. She tells him that she didn’t, she must have fallen in but she can’t remember. He’s immediately concerned and wonders how she got out saying that she didn’t pull herself out in the condition she’s in. He wants to get her home and holds her when she has trouble standing. They leave and Phillip in full scuba gear comes out of hiding.

Preview: Larry and Nicole kissing. Brady telling Chloe that whether she stays in Salem or goes to Paris, they’re through. Cassie taunting Belle asking her if she knows what kind of guy she has and Belle telling her yes, one that wouldn’t give her the time of day.

Thursday Jun 12


Shelle are in the pub as Shawn brings Belle over chowder...he worried about her and wants to take her to the hospital. She says she's OK...but he's still worried. They talk about Belle not being able to sleep...with her job and Sami...she tells him she dreams about seeing Sami fall through the window...she is also worried about Chloe and Brady. She tells Shawn that she wishes her brother and sister could be as happy as they are. He tells her about the interview he has with some woman who wants Mickey to be her lawyer. She asks if this job is exciting enough for him and asks him not to go. (I think it's more because of what is going down with Sami and her falling in the water). He tells her a bit about the job and then shows her the pamphlet...then tells her to look on the back...there is a picture of Maya...Belle just sort of smirks and then looks at him (nothing about his not going because of Maya...no real jealousy). He tells her he loves what he's doing for Mickey and is looking forward to following a case through...from start to finish (in the courtroom). Cassie comes in and wants to sit with them...but is told by Belle they want to be alone....after she leaves Belle says why does she get to me so much...Shawn moves over to her side of the table and we get a kiss....he gets up and says to her he wants her to take care of herself...no he'll take care of her...she grabs his shirt and pulls him down for a kiss....he sits down and says that he knows why Mickey loves what he does...Belle says even defending the guilty...Shawn says innocent until proven guilty...Belle says your Dad says criminals should be locked up and the key thrown away...Shawn says that is the difference between cops and Lawyers. He doesn't want to leave her...wants to spend time with her...she tells him to go...he asks if she's going to go home and go to bed...she calls him Dr. Shawn...and says later it's only 8 o'clock...she'll read or watch TV...she says call me later and let me know how it went...he says I'll call but it won't be that exciting...he kisses her good-bye and leaves...before he goes out the door he stops and turns and looks at her and just stares...with a smirk on his face.

At Mickey's office he's waiting for Maya...in a blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie (tri-colored). In comes Maya (she's gorgeous)in a white suit (short skirt)her hair is up...he introduces himself and says he'll be interviewing her...she sits down and crosses her legs as her skirt rides up (now I didn't really notice SDB looking...LOL). She tells him not to be nervous...she comes across as very smooth, intelligent...she knows the score and knows why he is asking her these questions. (we don't hear the questions). She tells him that he was thorough and didn't get into anything to personal. She wants him to meet her at the Gallery tomorrow and she'll show him around...she then tells him to keep dinner open (she is coming on to him...no question). After she leaves he sits back in the chair and throws the pen in the air...Now a few thoughts....Shawn acted very professionally throughout....now he definatley looks her up and down...and when he sits and throws the pen in the air he lets out a sigh...my feeling was he had a look like WTH have I gotten myself into...(Pat can probably describe it better...LOL) but I'm definately not worried...after seeing the way he was with Belle...and what 'younger' guy wouldn't feel good about himself with an 'older' woman coming on to him....I really think she is going to be the one that causes Shawn to get in trouble...LOL.

Cassie when she comes up to Shelle she says something about them being alone together and makes a comment about Belle not wanting to get close to Shawn....at least not when they are alone. She hits on some random guy in the pub but goes right up to Philip when he comes in....she tells Belle that there are girls that watch his ball games that would jump Shawn in a minute....and mentions about she better watch her 'hunk' Belle tells her that she knows he wouldn't come on to her...Philip keeps asking Belle if she's OK and then asks her to the party...that's where it ends.

Philip/Tek...outside the pub as Philip says nothing can happen to Belle. TEK says to keep his personal feeling out of it...(I believe that Philip has been recruited strictly because he's Victor's son...they are using him to get the goods on Victor or Tony or whoever...JMO). He tells Phil about the party and Phil is upset because they are going after his Dad...TEK says Victor's life is in danger and Philip then says he'll go to the party....TEK says he needs a date...one he can ditch quickly.

Inside Cassie comes on to him and Philip pretty much tells her to take a hike....

Rimi....can we say 'Weekend at Bernie's'....LOL. I watched and I sort of got a giggle out of their escapades but the thing that got to me....Bart talking to a dead Rolf for about 5 mins.

Nicole/Larry...these two could be a lot of fun together.

Broe....sorry I couldn't get into it....I really wish they had handled this whole thing better.

I hope you enjoy the Shelle scenes...I know I did. BTW....Shawn is wearing his ring and a watch...LOL.


I really enjoyed this episode. Finally some sweet Shelle moments at the Brady pub…too bad that Cassie had to be hanging around like an albatross.

Mimi/Rex/Bart/Rolf: I think the attempt at making Rolf’s demise failed…at least from my perspective. Rex being so panicked is not the Rex they’ve been showing us lately. Mimi well Mimi is Mimi. There’s no way she is going to be able to keep silent. They stop in the park and a beat cop asks them what is up with the guy in the back and Mimi just says “Oh him, he’s dead.” Rex has to cover by saying dead to the world. Some kids come along and recognize Mimi from Love Is Blind and to stop them from getting too close to Rolf, they agree to go roller blading. They put Mimi’s shades on Rolf, get him blades and a helmet and drag him around. They get tired and sit him on a part bench and stick a newspaper in his hands and take off. Bart comes along and talks to Rolf, reminiscing about the good old days with Stefano. Those two segments are soooo funny. He leaves and Rex and Mimi come back and load Rolf’s body back into the car.

Phillip and Tek: Phillip is watching Shawn and Belle from outside the pub when first Cassie approaches him. She comes on to him and he turns her down. Tek asks him if there are any women that aren’t interested in him. Phillip is still angry with him for using the tranquilizer gun on Belle. He reminds him that she is John Black’s daughter. Tek says John knows that nothing or no one is more important than the mission. He tells Phillip he better get with the program or he’ll him replaced. He then gives him an invite to a party and tells him that is his next assignment. When Phillip realises the party is hosted by his father and the ISA believes the head of the smuggling ring will be there, Phillip gets angry. He says that they must think it’s his father and wonders if that is why he was recruited. Tek tells him his father is in danger, so Phillip agrees to go. He tells Phillip he as to take a date, one that he can ditch when he has to do his investigating. Phillip watches when Shawn leaves and I hate that damn smug smile he gets on his face. I think he’s falling for Belle – my opinion – LOL! He goes in and Cassie thinks he’s changed her mind and come in for him. He notices the guy that she had been hitting on watching them and asks about him. She says she’ll ditch him and he tells her not to bother he has plans for the evening. He then takes Belle aside and asks her about Shawn. She said he had to work and he asks her if she’s all right. When she says she’s fine, he asks her to go to the party with him.

Nicole and Larry: Oh our Larry is definitely back, sleazy and slimy as always. He agrees to help her if she agrees to sleep with (putting it bluntly – not the words he uses but what he implies). He wants to sample the goods. I can’t figure out way they are doing this to Nicole. She looks tortured when he is kissing her neck and pulling her dress up. He agrees to help her and kill Victor because he wants him dead as much as she does.

Chloe and Brady: I’m sorry but I just don’t like how they’ve written Chloe. The tears and the yelling today…this isn’t the Chloe I’ve grown too dislike over the years. I don’t even recognize this Chloe. She tries to make it sound like it’s her life and her decision to make but she goes on about how much she loves him. Brady pushing her away because he knows what is best for her. I have to agree with her when she accuses him of being just as controlling as Phillip although he denies it. For the most part of the show she was in her room with the door locked and he was out in the hallway. He finally agrees to leave as long as she promises to show up at the Blue Note to sing like she promised. She says that’s the last thing she’ll do for him…maybe she doesn’t really love him.

Belle, Shawn and skanky Cassie: Belle is absolutely stunning on today’s show. She’s changed into a white sundress. Shawn is so worried about her. He wants to take her to the hospital. I loved the teasing back and forth between them today. He’s worried because she can’t remember how it happened or who pulled her out. She tries to convince him that she must have tripped and then hit her head when she pulled herself out. He’s worried because she works and spends most of the nights at the hospital with Sami and she’s not getting any sleep. She tells him that Brandon never showed up once. She worries that she might never hear her sister’s voice again, that Sami will never be able to tell her son that she loves him. Then she can’t believe that Brady and Chloe are breaking up.

He says Chloe has a great opportunity and shouldn’t pass it by. Belle can’t believe that Brady is pushing her away. She tells him she wants her brother and sister to be as happy as the two of them. She doesn’t understand why it is so hard. He goes to her side of the booth and pulls her in for a kiss. I loved his statement before he kisses her when he tells her it’s easy. Of course Cassie is watching from a bar stool steaming. She had tried to get a rise out of Belle but failed. When she came in she was going to join them, using her hurt ankle as an excuse. Of course she was going to sit with Shawn. Belle showed her empty table and told her they wanted to be alone. Of course the bitch says oh yeah, you want to be alone with him in public but you’re afraid to be alone with him where it really counts. Belle tells her she is not going to discuss this with her. Cassie tells Shawn not to miss her too much. When she leaves them alone Belle wonders why she lets her get to her. Shawn is worried about her. She tells Shawn that she is the one person in her family that no one has to worry about. He stands up and tells her that he worries about her and that from now on he is going to take care of her.

Caroline sends over chocolate cake for them. He feeds her some of his. When he talks about his appointment, she asks him if he can get out of it. This is before she even sees the picture of Maya so she only asks because she wants to be alone with him. She kind of wrinkles up her nose and raises her eyebrows when she sees her picture but all she says is she wonders how she is so successful at such a young age. His love for the law is very obvious to her. She wonders how he’ll feel about helping criminals go free. He says everyone is innocent until proven guilty. She reminds him that is not what his dad thinks. He tells her that is the difference between cops and lawyers. He gets up to leave and I love how she grabs his shirt and pulls him in for a kiss. They say I love you a lot today…nice to see. When he leaves, Cassie tells Belle that she better lose the chastity ring because Shawn is going to sleep with every girl he can. She tells Belle to go to one of his ball games…there isn’t a girl there that would pass up the chance. She wonders if Belle knows what kind of guy she has. I love how Belle looks her in the eye and says yeah, a guy that wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Shawn and Maya: LOL – she wants our boy. She plays it subtly but he knows. God he is so HOT in that dark navy suit, white dress shirt and tie…THUD (Deb…stock up…you’re going to need extra tomorrow!!!) And that ring looks so damn good on his hand especially with that dark suit. OH MY! THUD again! She tells him that they’ll be spending a lot of time together so he has to come into her world. She wants him at the gallery tomorrow and tells him to leave dinner free as well. She says if Mr. Horton takes her case she’ll make them very rich. She leaves and Shawn just flops down in his chair and throws his pen up in the air. Cute expression on his face!!! BTW...Maya is very striking...very pretty and if I didn't know that she wasn't going to succeed her statement about ALWAYS getting what she wants might have been a touch unnerving - LOL!

Preview: Nicole telling Larry that she can arrange to spring him out of there without Bo and Hope finding out about it. He asks how. She says, easy, you’ll die. At the Blue Note Chloe saying she’s leaving for Europe that night and she doesn’t know if she can say goodbye. Brady with tears running down his face.

Friday Jun 13


Rex/Mimi....I actually sort of enjoyed them today as they continue they're quest to find a spot for Rolf. Mimi comes up with a few ideas, the lake, a construction site...and then finally say have you seen the show 'Crossing Jordan' and they take him to the morgue.

Larry/Nicole....I also enjoyed them today. There are some cute little snips back and forth as they try to figure out how to get Larry out of jail. He tells her they need a body...and of course she ends up at the morgue and lo and behold who 'pops' up but Rolf.

Bope....the beginning of the end of the Fancy Face. It was done well today....although I'm hoping they have some flashbacks of them on the boat. Hope is very emotional about selling her but decides that she would much rather be working with Bo. They start to clean it up as Bo takes her into the bedroom and with their song playing in the background they start to kiss.

Broe/Philip....Chloe has a discussion with a singer that is performing at the Blue Note and I actually enjoyed it. She explains a lot to Chloe about what she could be missing. Philip/Brady talk about what is best for Chloe as Philip goes to talk to Chloe. Phloe talk and Philip explains a few things to her and that she may just be hurting Brady by staying. Brady and her talk as she tells him that she is leaving after she finishes singing. They kiss and she goes to sing..Philip holds Brady back as he goes to follow her. Chloe on stage telling the audience that she'll be singing something different and what she can't put into words she'll sing as Brady/Philip watch. (It's a beautiful song...Can't remember the name but it is a Celine Dion one)...Brady has tears running down his cheeks as he watches her perform. It was beautifully done and after seeing the last few shows with them arguing I really enjoyed it.

Monday Jun 16


Good show today!! and SDB is looking mighty FINE!!!

Nicole/Rolf....Nicole going into the morgue for a 'dead' body and who does she find Rolf...quite cute as she's making faces and talking to herself...LOL. She puts him in a wheelchair and takes him to the stables as Victor walks in looking for her...time to get dressed for the party.

Sami/Tony...Tony sitting with Sami and talking to her (she's still in a coma..but opens her eyes as Tony tells her he'll get a nurse & disappears)

Sami/Lucas...Lucas comes in and talks to her...realizes she's awake as he tells her about Will and how happy he'll be...Sami tries to talk but there is no sound coming out. You can tell Lucas is happy that she's awake and could it be out of love????

Cassie/Lucas...she comes on to him again as he puts her down...literally...he picks her up off his lap and places her on the floor...LOL. She isn't giving up but you can tell Lucas wants none of it.

Cassie gets Tony to let her go to the party with him.

Rex/Mimi...they begin to make love as Tony knocks on the door and wants to know about the drawings...to shut him up Rex shows him a diamond...Tony looks very pleased...LOL.

At the Brady pub...

Were to start...be prepared Ladies. It's a definate THUD moment as Shawn walks in with his jacket off...loosening his tie..undoing the top button of his shirt..he goes and gives Belle a kiss and talks about how hot it is...grabs her drink and gulps it down...they talk about Sami as he knows how upset she is...he tells her the interview was interesting..she tells him that she has something to tell him and he'll be upset at Philip or her...he's not. Wants her to go and have a good time. She wants him to come but he can't he has to escort a client across town..she ask Maya...he says yes. She asks if he can stop by...he'll try but either he'll phone her or she can phone him...as he leaves to meet Maya. Maya is waiting for him and says he's late...he says I lost track of time...she tells him that's OK as she runs her hand under his lapel and tells him he can make it up to her...he takes a hold of her hand and removes it (I loved it)and says do you want to know why I lost track of time because I was with my girlfriend. She doesn't want to go steady...but asks him to a party...he says I have a girlfriend...she says it will be just two grown-ups having grown-up fun...You are a grown up aren't you..(now we are getting somewhere as she is starting to come on to him big time)...after coming back from across town (quick trip)she is asking him again about the party when his phone rings...it's Belle telling him about TEK and there is something going on and she is going to try to find out what...they say I love you and will talk later (Maya is talking to Tony in the other room)she asks him again to go to the party but he says I told you I have a girlfriend...it's not a wedding chapel. He says I'm busy.

Belle is at the pub and says she'll go to the party..she leaves as Philp/Tek talk and Philip again says she's just a friend...Belle comes back looking gorgeous in a long pink dress and her hair up...as Philip goes to change she phones Shawn and TEK comes up behind her...Philip and her leave for the party.

Good show......SDB looking might fine...5-o'clock shadow, suit, loose tie....THUD. SDB looks HOT today and Belle beautiful...definate THUD show.


Pat's spoilers.......

Here's my thoughts on today's show.

Ok, Maya went from subtle as a hint of cologne to hitting Shawn over the head with a hammer. She wants him and she's letting him know that in no uncertain terms. LOL!

THUD ALERT: The opening of the show has Belle sitting at a table in the Brady pub and Shawn coming in, suit jacket off, tie being loosened, collar being unbuttoned. He walks up behind her and plants a kiss on her cheek remarking that it's a gazillion degrees outside.

He sits across from her - YIKES!!! That stubble, that earring, that ring, that smirk...need I say more. He is so thirsty he gulps her iced tea but she is very distracted. She talks about blowing Sami off when she asked her to join her for lunch one day last week. Shawn reminds her that Sami knows she loves her. They talk about Maya and then she tells him she has something to tell him that he won't like. He gives her 'the look!'

She says that Phillip asked her to go to a party with him. She thought that he would be angry with Phillip. She says she's sure it would be okay if he came along. He tells her that he has another appointment with Maya and he is already late. He tells her to leave her phone on and he'll call her and they can make arrangements to meet. He kisses her cheek and they exchange I love you's.

Tek had stopped Phillip from coming in but as soon as Shawn leaves he goes in and talks to Belle. She agrees to go to the party with him and she leaves to change. Tek remarks that Phil hasn't lost his touch with the ladies. Phil reminds him that Belle and he are friends only but Tek isn't buying that. He reminds him of the dangers of getting emotionally involved. He spews out a lot about the integrity of the mission, the mission coming first...yada, yada, yada. He is definitely going to get someone hurt and I suspect it will be Belle.

Maya comes on very strong to Shawn...LMAO at the look on his face when she runs her fingers along and under his lapel telling him she knows exactly how he can make it up to her for being late. He had apologized when he came in stating that he lost track of time. I loved how he removed her hand and said do you want to know why I lost track of time. He says it was because I was with my girlfriend. She tells him that's okay, she isn't looking for a long term commitment. She asks him to come to a party with her. He reminds her that he has a girlfriend. She says it would be just two grown-ups having grown-up fun and then she taunts him by saying, "You are a grown-up, aren't you?" LOL - we get a little bit of the Brady raised eyebrows on that one. His cell phone rings and it's Belle. She tells him about Tek and says that something strange is going on. Maybe she can learn something at the party. He tells her to have fun and he'll call her later. In the meantime, Maya is talking to Tony telling him she has a surprise for him and she'll see him at the party.

Belle comes back to the pub and Phil is quite taken aback by how pretty she looks. She's wearing a very mature styled gown and her hair is pinned back and held in place by a flower. The gown is a soft pink, with sheer long sleeved fitted overblouse overthe bodice which is gathered and pleated and high-waisted. Phil is with Tek. He tells Belle he forgot his dress blues and Tek brought them from the base for him. He goes to change. Belle is very uneasy around Tek. Phil comes back and she tells him he looks realy good in his blues and his hair goes well the uniform. He explains he got to grow it back for Love is Blind and because he's assigned to a non-combat unit he doesn't have to get it shaved.

Rex and Mimi are in Rex's room. Mimi wants to be distracted so Rex starts kissing her. I'm going to say this whether or not it's popular. This is not because Shawn and Belle haven't made love yet - this is just my opinion. Nothing about their passion, in my eyes, was interesting. I guess I must want the first time a couple make love to be a pay-off to the viewers for the months and months and sometimes years we've waited for the couple to get to that point. Where was the build up for Rex and Mimi? One minute he doesn't know what it's like to act like other humans and the next he's undressing her. Tony interrupts and demands to know what Rex's project is. Rex tells him that he built a laser that makes synthetic diamonds. He shows Tony one and Tony is very excited. He says no one will be able to tell the difference and he tells Rex to keep news about his project in the family. Oh oh, do I smell Tony back-stabbing his diamond smuggling friends.

Okay, Cassie! Sheesh no matter how many times Lucas rejects her she keeps thinking that he'll come around. Lucas reminds her that nothing happened on that couch but she doesn't think he remembers it the same way she does. He tells her he's not in the habit of taking advantage of little girls. When she finds out that Tony is going to a party, she gets him to agree to take her along. Watching Cassie running her fingers up Lucas's inner thigh - YUCK....don't be eating lunch when that happens.

Very loving Bo and Hope scenes today. They're in bed on the Fancy Face. She tells him that there are two places she feels safe. One is on the Fancy Face and the other is in his arms. They flash back to childhood memories. They said the Fancy Face helped both of them make their wishes come true. They decide to take once last sail to Smith Island. They also talked about the memories they made on the boat and the fun they had making them.

Nicole in the morgue, talking to herself is really quite funny. She sees the name 'John Doe' and looks at Rolf's body deciding he'll do to be identified as Larry Welch. She turns to get the wheelchair when she hears a noise. Poor Rolfie...rigor mortis setting in and he's now sitting up. She checks to see that he is really dead and then gets him into the wheelchair. She just gets him inside a stable when Victor walks in. She tells him she was just checking her tack so she could go for a ride. He tells her to forget that, she has to go and get ready for his party and she has to act like the loving wife that she isn't.

At the beginning of the show, Tony is visiting Sami. Now his is the Tony I want to see brought back. He's very remorseful. He flashes back to Sami falling through the window. He wonders why be pushed her away. He understands her motivation because he is the same as she is. He doesn't believe that she deserved this. He is talking about how he didn't want to end up like his father, but here he is, hurting those he cares for. Sami opens her eyes and oh lordy, the look she levels on him. If I was Tony I would be praying that she couldn't put a spell on him or he'd be done for.

Lucas creeps into her room and notices that she is awake. He tells her how much Will was worried about her and how much Will loves his mother. He tells her that he is so proud of her for fighting to get back to her son. Sami tries to talk but no sound comes out.

Preview: Nicole and Brady arguing. He tells her to move and she doesn't, when he tries to brush past her the strap on her gown breaks. More of Rex and Mimi going at it...

I enjoyed the show and Belle looked beautiful and Shawn...well just HOT

Tuesday Jun 17

Jan will add her thoughts after I post so here goes:

Thank god for Bo and Hope today. There was not much about the show today that I could get into.

Rex and Mimi: I’m sorry, I like both of these characters separately and sometimes together, but I’m not getting anything out of their loves scenes. They get interrupted by the butler, Charles and then a phone call from the hospital. Another thing, where was the build up to the animosity that Rex feels for Roman and Roman for Rex. Is Rex just that much of a snob? Roman explains it to Kate as ‘just a feeling’. If they’re going with I hate my father, I hate my son storyline, I sincerely hope that they give us some basis for these feelings. In Sami’s room, Mimi tells him she heard Roman, his dad, say that he doesn’t like him. They talk more about this. Rex says Sami is sleeping but when they leave the camera cuts to Sami and you just get the feeling that she heard it all.

They go up to Lookout Point and Rex gives her one of his synthetic diamonds (but he doesn’t tell her that part, just that it’s a diamond before it’s cut). He tells her that he wants her in his life. They start making love…nice song.

Hospital: My fanfest buddies, we get to see the scene that Josh and Lauren used at their breakfast. Kate tells him this is not the time to hold grudges when she tells him how she feels about Sami. Roman sees Sami freaking out and Lucas is in the room so he immediately blames Lucas. Lucas tells him the truth and how much he wishes that it didn’t happen and Roman thinks he sounds sincere. Roman tells Sami that she can’t talk right now and Lucas pipes up and says ‘not ever’. Roman asks him to leave. Kate and Lucas talk about him working for Tony. Oh Lucas, you are so delusional…he tells Kate that he can ‘handle’ Tony.

Brady and Nicole: I know there are a lot of fans out there of a potential Brady/Nicole pairing but I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon just yet. I enjoyed the brief scene with Rolf the stiff and Nicole far more than I did a whole show of Nicole and Brady. He’s just as sanctimonious as his overbearing grandfather. He talks to her in the same matter and treats her almost as badly as Victor does. When she tells him how Victor has her followed every second of the day, he says his grandfather is a smart man, she must be giving him reason to act that way. She rips his t-shirt and he rips her dress as she is trying to keep him out of the stable where she has the body. Victor wants to know what is going on and Nicole takes all the blame. Victor agrees with her that she is stupid….YUCK.

I enjoyed the short time that Brady and Nicole talk about Chloe. She really calls him on letting her go and tells him a few truths about their relationship. She wants to help him get over Chloe. Of course Brady thinks she is coming on to him, but in fact, she pulls out a bottle. He calls her a whore. Oh yeah, this is foreplay…NOT!

Hope and Bo: I loved their scenes together. The connection and the comfort between those two speak for themselves.

I’ll try and recap it a few words…(now I said TRY…LOL!) Cute bantering between them in the opening scene. Neither one wanting to come to the other until they agree to meet in the middle. Hope has second thoughts about selling the Fancy Face. They talk a LOT about the trust fund so we all know what that means. More childhood memories on the beach as they go skinny-dipping. They share a meal in the cabin and Bo pulls out the expensive bottle of wine that Victor gave them for their wedding. Hope feels that maybe they should save it for Shawn’s wedding or Zach’s graduation. He reminds her of the note with it…not to be shared and then reads all the other sentiments. A few comments made about the source and their perception of the marriage between Vic and Nicole. They make love in the cabin in front of the fireplace. Neither one of them look forward to telling Shawn about selling the Fancy Face. Great scenes…great dialogue…great romance!

Preview: THUD ALERT: Shawn in a black muscle shirt confronting his parents about selling the boat. More of Rex and Mimi. Cassie and Belle exchanging insults in front of Tony and Phillip. Loved Belle telling Cassie to wipe the drool off her face because it’s not attractive. Cassie zings back, just like your dress (LOL – I agree with Cassie, Belle looks beautiful but I’m not a fan of that dress).

Hmmm Ladies… Belle mentions Cassie drooling…I do believe those writers are visiting message boards- LMAO! And gosh darn, Bo and Hope use the cabin, Mimi and Rex do it Lookout Point, the Fancy Face is being sold…where or where can Belle and Shawn make love that will be very special and just for them????

Wednesday Jun 18

Jan's Spoilers....

Shawn shows up at the pier...SLURP...black tank top, shorts (I hate the white socks pulled up but WTH...LOL). He sees Bope on the FF and then his phone rings..he answers Belle...no it's Maya and she needs him...he says to call Mickey...she says I need you help...he says I can't offer you anything (something like that..LOL). She wants him to meet her at the party...he says no I told you I have plans with Belle, my girlfriend. He sees Bope on the FF and watches them with this smile on his face that is to die for..(is he seeing his future...LOL)...he hears them talking about selling the boat and gets upset...they explain it to him and he apologizes saying he only wants them happy.

At the party Belle and Philip come in (she's upset he just left her)Victor sees them and Belle says Philip needed a date and here she is. They see Tony/Cassie and go over to talk...a few quips...then they ask who Tony is with...Cassie says Maya and Belle takes a good look...Philip wants her to talk to Tony (John is not overly impressed)Belle looking for Philip and Cassie comes over and goes off on her because of Shawn....Belle phones him (you don't see him just hear his voice)they tease each other a bit....he wants to meet her at Lookout Point and she's is more than happy to do that...Cassie overhears and off she goes as Belle goes to tell Philip.

At Lookout Point Shawn is setting out a romantic dinner...flowers the works...he hears someone coming and says you're early I wanted to have this done before you got here...it's Cassie. He wants to know why she's here...she pretty well offers herself to him...no strings attached...she knows he has needs...and knows he's only wearing the ring for Belle..he's po'd and tells her to leave...but she again offers herself to him...it ends with him looking at her.

Belle follows Philip although I can't for the life of me figure out why...LOL. He wants her to leave and she gets her dress caught...he trys to unhook her and then tells her she has to take her dress off...cue shocked look on her face as the show ends.

Bope....God I love these two...the flashbacks were good although I could have used more. They go back downstairs to say a 'final' good-bye to the FF.

The party was typical...everyone walking around and doing nothing...Brady/Nicole scenes were OK...but I loved how he called her roomie.

The Rimi scenes weren't too bad..cute scenes as he tells her he loves her and they make love again and again and again...at the Brady Pub to eat...looks like to get more strength...LOL

Now SDB is looking mighty fine today....watch, ring, tank top...THUD.


Previews: Philip undoing Belles dress and helping her out of it....she looks uncomfortable. Shawn telling Cassie I told you I don't want to have sex with you.

Pat's Spoilers...

I have to go back to work so this is going to be quick and dirty…I think. LOL!

The docks: Bo and Hope packing up boxes, just going below decks when Shawn shows up on the pier. THUD…GULP…really can’t say much more right now. Maya calls and he literally blows her off and hangs up on her when she brings up the party again. Bo and Hope come back and he watches them fooling around and teasing and he has this big assed smile on his face. Picturing what marriage could be, perhaps…Hmmmm. He confronts them when he hears about the Fancy Face He wants to know what the hell they are doing. They explain and he apologizes. I loved the family hug and Hope saying, this is for us, Brady, Brady & Brady. He leaves and we have a Bo and Hope sailing flashback and then they go down to make love once last time on the boat (they don’t show that, unfortunately).

The party: Pretty much a typical boring Kiriakis shindig. Belle is waiting outside the house impatiently for Phil while he is in the van talking to John and Tek. John is not happy when he finds out that Belle is Phil’s cover. Tony and Cassie show up and Cassie starts in on Belle. She is not happy to find out that Phil is her date. Inside, Phil sees Tony and Maya make contact and asks Cassie who she is. Belle looks quite interested when Cassie says some woman named Maya. Barbs are exchanged between Belle and Cassie and Cassie goes on and on about Belle stepping out on Shawn. I really liked it when she made a play for Phillip and he told her he wasn’t interested. Belle calls Shawn and agrees to meet him at Lookout Point…of course, Cassie is eavesdropping.

Brady overhears Victor call Nicole a murderer. Vic covers by saying he was referring to her killer evening gown. Brady follows Nicole out to the stable as she is putting ice on Rolf. Too distract him from going into the stall, she kisses him. He gets angry and tells her off and goes back to the house. Vic asks him to move in and he doesn’t agree until he sees Nicole listening to them. Vic makes a call to Cecilia for helping him get Chloe out of Brady’s life.

Phil listens at the door of the library where Vic is talking to Maya about Tony. Vic catches him and he covers saying his guests were asking for him. Then Phil watches as Tony goes into the library. He makes it through the ventilation system to the library and just starts snapping pictures when he hears Belle ask him what he is doing. He tries to get her to leave but she wants to know what is going on. She finally tries to get out but her dress is snagged. When Phillip tears the dress a bit he fears that the ripping sound will tip off Tony and Maya so he tells Belle to take off the dress – freeze frame on her shocked expression.

Lookout Point: I really liked the segment where Rex says he loves her and she echoes the sentiment. It was very cute. She wanted to know what he loved about her and he kept really off all of Mimi’s character traits. They make love THREE more times before they decide they need something to eat and head to the Brady pub where they look like they’re just going to use the damn table.

Shawn is getting ready for Belle. Blanket spread out, candles burning. He pulls out a basket of flowers as he’s kneeling on the blanket. Holy ****, I think I can breathe again. Man that black muscle shirt with that wristwatch and that ring. Too bad he’s wearing those long ass shorts with sneakers and socks. But THUD those biceps and that gorgeous face makes up for it in spades. He’s pulling food and dishes out when he hears a sound. He says oh no, you’re early, I wanted to have everything ready so that I could surprise you.

Cassie says I came to surprise you. Shawn looks shocked to see her. She makes the comment about the purity ring and Belle forcing him to wear it. I absolutely loved it when he asks her if she doesn’t have any pride. He’s already told her that he doesn’t want her. She keeps purring and running her fingers over his leg (which thankfully they don’t show us). She talks about him having needs and she just wants to be close to him. He starts to say something and she puts her finger over his lips (SHEESH) and tells him she doesn’t want a commitment. He just looks at her.

Preview: Phillip removing Belle’s dress and she looks very embarrassed once it’s off. Shawn telling Cassie he won’t sleep with her. Brady swimming in the pool as Nicole comes up to him. He asks her what she wants. She answers that he knows what she wants.

Thursday Jun 19

Jan's Spoilers...

Brady/Nicole...Brady trying to find out what she's hiding in the stables and Nicole trying to stop him. She jumps in the pool (looks like the pool is going to get a workout...LOL)Brady 'saves' her but doesn't stop his quest to find out what is in the stables...although I like them together I really wish they'd get moving on this s/line. BTW...Rolf's hand is hanging out and dripping...LOL.

John/Tek...Well the truth be told...Philip was recruited because of his 'connections' and getting into this party. John isn't happy about Belle being there and keeps saying Philip is going to mess it up.

Victor spends most of the night looking for Nicole..although he does warn Tony about Maya and I'm not sure just how much he knows.

Maya tells Tony about this young guy...and that he is a keeper and she always gets what she wants.

Lookout Point....

Cassie is pouring it on about the ring...wants to know if it's glued to his finger...wants him to take it off for a few minutes...(she is quick...LOL)...she pushes him to the ground and leans down to kiss him (commercial break)...later he's pushing her off him as she continues on. Shawn telling Cassie off...she goes on and on about Belle/Philip ...about the kiss and how Belle didn't push him away...how she is fooling around behind his back...Shawn looks a little unnerved but then goes off on her and defends Belle..she tells him that when Belle is with Philip and he is on the sidelines don't come to her. After she leaves he kicks the blanket and phones Belle...he is a little upset. Now my favorite part...Cassie tells Shawn she can have any man she wants...and he gets this look and says you can't have ME...I love how he is defending Belle and Cassie is really on the edge.

Belle/Philip...he tells her to take her dress off, she can't get it undone...He helps her and she definately is uncomfortable...Belle in her slip as she tries to find out what's going on with Philip when he tells her he's undercover she gets excited...they go in the closet and she tries to find out what's going on...she wants to leave to be with Shawn...he then tells her she can't tell Shawn...she's not happy about it, she says secrets are what hurt their relationship before...he asks if she trust him but finally gives in...(BTW...Philip is definately giving her the looks and flashback to undoing her dress) Philip comes out of the closet and check around...he turns to see Shawn there...as Belle asks what's going on...Shawn just stares at them both...looking mad and hurt...Belle doesn't know what to say or do.

Cassie gets arrested for prostitution.

The previews....Belle in the pool (now I have a sneaking suspision they are in their underwear...who carries a bathing suit to a party)I'm not sure if Belle is in her slip but Shawn is definately in his boxers...as she tells Shawn she wants to hear his Tarzan yell....he does it and then jumps into the pool...(Lauren....we have feet)...LOL.

BTW....SDB is looking might good today...and that look in the last scene...THUD!!

Pat's Spoilers...

Okay…have to go back to work again, so once more this will be a quick and dirty report from me (and I don’t mean dirty that way!!!!).

Lines of the day: I have 2 favourites and Shawn said them both. The first when Cassie propositions him and he asks her if she is fricken crazy…I loved that- LOL! The second after she tells him she can have any man she wants and he looks her right in the eye and says “But you can’t have me” – HAH….so there!!!

So basically we see the party and Lookout Point today:

Belle is very uncomfortable when Phillip is unzipping the dress. She ends up being extremely embarrassed by the whole situation. And thank god, her claustrophobia is remembered. She reminds Phillip of it in both the crawlspace and the closet. They do make one noise that Tony and Maya hear but they don’t get caught.

Tony and Maya are dealing in stolen diamonds and she uses Victor’s ships to deliver them and her art business as a cover. We learn that both Victor and Tony used to have dealings with her father before he died. Apparently he was very powerful and now she is. She lets on to Tony that she is interested in a younger man. Hmmm, now how did she describe him, young, smart and very easy to look at? LOL – can’t fault her there. She also says this one is a keeper. Tony asks if he returns her interest, she says not yet, but he will because she always gets what she wants. Victor comes in and Maya leaves. Victor warns Tony about Maya. Later on Maya and Victor make some kind of deal. I haven’t figured out if she is playing both Vic and Tony or if Vic is aware of what she is up to concerning his ships.

Victor spends most of the party looking for his wife who is trying to keep Brady away from the stables. He’s swimming and she basically tells him to leave, she doesn’t want him living there. Larry calls and of course Brady listens to what she is saying. Larry’s transfer is tomorrow and Nicole tells him she needs some help with the heavy lifting. Larry gives her the number of a friend of his and of course she repeats part of the number out loud. Brady heads towards the stable and she pretends to fall in the pool. He finally helps her out but still goes to the stables. Poor Rolfie’s hand is lying outside the blanket dripping. Just as he is going to open that stall, Nicole tells Brady she is hiding something. She wants to know if he would like to know her secrets.

John is freaking out because he can’t make contact with Phillip who picks up his earpiece when Belle and he are making their way out of the duct. Belle asks him what that is. Of course his white t-shirt is all smudged and dirty, she’s in a white slip (mid thigh). Vic sees him and Phillip makes some lame excuse and says he has to find Belle. He then talks to John and Belle catches him. He tells her that it is classified. She lights up and says she knew he was on some secret mission. He tells her that she can’t tell anyone, not even Shawn. That doesn’t go over well. Someone comes into the entranceway to leave so they hide in the closet. John hears Belle mention something about losing her dress and he is not happy! She asks Phillip why she can’t tell Shawn. She says secrets almost destroyed their relationship. He tells her it is classified and to trust him. She agrees, reluctantly.

At Lookout Point Cassie is really pouring it on and Shawn is kind of looking at her as if she has lost her mind. She keeps telling him that he really wants her. They could have sex and Belle would never know. She gets really angry at the sight of his purity ring and tells him that it shows everyone that he is not getting any. Shawn says it shows how he is not and then he stops and changes it to how much he loves Belle. Ladies, warning…you are not going to like how Cassie is all over him like a cheap suit…especially when she pushes him down on to the blanket and straddles him and bends down to kiss him. Of course, cut to commercial. So he pushes her off him and then she really lashes out at him.

He tries to tell her that if she keeps acting like that no one will ever love her. She says he doesn’t really love Belle. He tells her how kind Belle is, how sweet and how generous. She tells him she’s really generous with her feelings for other guys, especially Phillip. She tells him that Belle didn’t push Phillip away when he kissed for Love Is Blind, that she didn’t say no to the date to the party. Shawn tries to tell her how nice Belle has been to her and he reminds her of the way she is treating her own sister. She’s pretty angry with Shawn when he does say he does feel sorry for her. She tells him that when Belle dumps him for Phillip and he’s standing on the sidelines watching the two of them together that she will not feel sorry for him. She also says that there is NO trust between Shawn and Belle and he’s an idiot to believe in her and his love for her (in so many words). Her words are having an effect on Shawn. Especially when she tells him that Belle isn’t going to show up because she is having too much fun with Phillip. She flounces off, he kicks the blanket. He then pulls out his phone – he doesn’t sound very happy when he leaves her a message.

Belle and Phil finally here the door close so Phillip says he’ll walk her to her car. She says like this, you’re supposed to get me a jacket. Phillip tells her to wait and opens the door and finds Shawn right there. They just look at one another and then Belle comes forward and asks Phil what he is doing. She notices Shawn…ahh…the look when he sees her in her slip and Phillip without his jacket…poor guy.

Preview: Maya telling Phillip that he wants Belle and she wants Shawn so they should see what they can do for each. Belle is in the pool (in her slip, I think) and Shawn in his boxers standing at the edge. She tells him she wants to hear his Tarzan yell, so he does it before he jumps in the pool. I can’t wait until tomorrow…LOL! Mind you it’s supposed to get to 32 degrees Celsius with thunderstorms…better hold off until I get to watch. Can’t have my power going out.

Friday Jun 20


OK....here's my spoilers...they are going to be 'brief' as my hands are still a little spazzy...and I'll let Pat fill in the details.

Bricole....I enjoyed them today....as Nicole sort of opened up a little bit to Brady...and I can see that Brady thinks there is something wrong. I really don't like how Victor treats her and this whole storyline bothers me but that's another story.

Rex/Mimi...He again tells her he loves her...she brings up Rolf and Roman being their Dad...she wants Rex to tell Cassie but he doesn't want to. He gets a call that Cassie is at the station.

Roman/Marlena/Cassie....Marlena tries to tell Roman that this can't possibly be trure as Cassie says it's a misunderstanding. Roman gives Marlena the report...

Rimi show up and Rex goes off on Roman...he and Cassie go in and talk and he tells her that Roman is their father and Marlena is not their mother...they take Cassie to a cell for the night as she has flashback of being locked up as a child.

Shelle.....THUD...SLURP...SPAZZY HANDS... I don't know how else to explain it. So as I gave a quick report earlier I'll let Pat give you the details....I'll just say some things point form.

1. I love how Shawn is upset and tells Philip he wants Belle to tell him...I love how he slams out the door.

2. I love how he brings his coat in for Belle and says he trusts them.

3. I hate Maya...as she puts Belle down.

4. I love how Shawn nibbles on Belle's ear when they are beside the pool. I love how she throws her arms around him after saying that she had better watch her step because Maya is after him....he says he's jealous too.

5. I love how he watches her as she takes her slip off and poses in the NOT days of the week panties and he tells her to get in the pool or he won't be responsible for his actions...

6. I love the Tarzan yell.

7. I love how he is embarrassed that he lost his boxers...and the way she says aren't you happy to see me... and he says very happy as he moves in for a kiss.

8. I love their playfulness and comfort in the pool even though Shawn is 'naked'.

9. I love how when Maya/Philip come out and she asks Shawn how her water is and he replies you have no idea how hot.

10. I love the kiss at the side of the pool.

11. I love how Belle hates her and wants to scratch her eyes out.

12. I LOVE how SDB looks...those abs are to die for.

OK......Pat can take over.

Enjoy the show...these are great Shelle scenes. They show the difference in how uncomfortable with Philip in her slip and how comfortable she feels with Shawn in the pool..her in her bra and panties and him 'naked'. OH...and I love how he puts his jacket on her...I better stop or there won't be any space left. Pat it's all yours....LOL


OMG…see what I happens when you never read the EE – I didn’t know Shawn was going to lose his shorts when he jumped in the pool…nice to be surprised by some things and what a nice surprise. Funnier and even more shocking was Belle’s response when he told her – What aren’t you happy to see me? Where did that come from? – LOL!

What can I say? Ari blew me away today. From resentful and angry to vulnerable and back to determined. I can actually see a spark between Brady and Nicole when he isn’t acting the way he did when he first showed up in Salem…that holier than thou attitude of his when it comes to Nicole just doesn’t cut it with me. She starts out merely by trying to distract him from finding the body but she ends up revealing more about her emotional state than I think she really wanted to. It’s a very moving scene when she admits she ended up just like her mother the one thing she wanted to avoid most in the world. She didn’t really say a lot about how Victor treats her but she sure did imply a lot. Especially when she compared herself to the thoroughbreds in the stable, she said just like her they have people to look after them, to groom them, to feed them but they don’t have the one thing they want most and that is to be free. Brady asks her if she wants to be free of her husband. She tells him she didn’t say that.

They call a truce and just as they are about to shake on it, Victor walks in on them. Brady tells Vic that she was just showing him Rusty, her horse. Victor berates her for being drunk, falling in the pool and ruining a designer dress and then orders her back to the house. He then tells Brady that she’s a drunk and she won’t remember anything she said in the morning. Brady defends her and says she wasn’t drunk and she will remember.

Rex and Mimi are back in his room. They talk about how making love makes them feel. She wants to be alone with him and he looks around the room and says they are. She doesn’t want to get caught by his ‘father’ again. They talk about Rolf. Mimi is worried that they will get caught. They then talk about Tony and Marlena not being his parents. He says he will never tell them – he finally has what he wants. She tells him that he has to tell Cassie the truth. He doesn’t want to – he tells Mimi it will kill her. She tells him that it will kill him if he doesn’t tell her. Cassie calls and tells him she has been arrested.

At the police station, Cassie is attacking Roman and the other cops when Marlena comes in. Roman tells her that Cassie has been arrested for solicitation. Of course Cassie blames Roman saying he has wanted to pin something on her since Colin Murphy’s murder. Marlena says it must have been a misunderstanding. Roman gives her the copy of the arrest with the conversation written in verbatim. Cassie makes more threats to Roman and he sends her to booking. Marlena says he has to keep her out of jail because of what happened to her as a child.When she comes back Roman says she can stay there until night court. Rex comes in and starts in on Roman. They are told that the judge is sick so Cassie will have to spend the night in jail.

Marlena phones Mickey Horton and leaves him a message. Oh good lord, does this mean that Shawn will be involved? Roman apologizes to Marlena after Rex and Cassie go into Abe’s office to talk. Earlier he had told her that just like Sami needed and didn’t get, Cassie needs tough love and jail would be good for her. They talk about Sami. Marlena is worried about what she will do now that she lost Brandon. She seemed to centre her whole life on him.

They actually repeat the scene with Shawn coming in and Phil and Belle coming out of the closet except this time he asks point blank what is going on. Phil starts to explain and say it was all his fault, Belle says it isn’t the way it looks. Shawn tells Phil that he wants to hear it from Belle. Phil again takes the blame saying the party was boring and he ended up in this tight, dark space. Belle says she followed him and got her dress caught and the only way to stop it from ripping more was to take it off. Belle tells him that she wouldn’t lie to him. He looks at them and goes out, slamming the door behind him.

Phil and Belle have to hide again and this time when they come out she says she needs some clothes so she can go after Shawn. Shawn comes back in with his jacket. He tells her he had it in the car. She puts it on and Maya shows up. Belle knows immediately that she wants Shawn and those condescending remarks she makes towards Belle didn’t make Belle like her any better.

After Shawn and Belle leave, Maya and Phillip talk. Later they are both watching them and Maya wants to strike her deal with Phillip. He tells her that the three of them are best friends but she calls him on lusting after Belle. She kind of surprises Phil by telling him that Shawn is going to be a fine attorney one day. Phillip says he didn’t think Shawn would be comfortable having a desk job, he’s more the outdoors type. She tells him that his feelings for Belle are written all over his face, he wants Belle and she wants Shawn and they should work together to make it happen. He tells her that he’ll pretend he didn’t hear that. This is when she goes out and interrupts them in the pool.

When Shawn and Belle leave she wants to know if it is too late to go to Lookout Point. When he says yeah she wishes she hadn’t come to the party with Phillip. She says she could have been alone with him under the stars. He tells her that they are alone now and they kiss. They talk about Phillip and she avoids his direct question when he asks her if Phil is doing undercover work. She tells him that Phil is very guarded about what he is doing. He teases her about Phil and she says she has to be careful or he’ll turn to Maya. He tells her never but he likes seeing her jealous. He wonders if he should be worried about Phillip and she says no way.

They decide to go swimming. She is reluctant so he dares her. LMAO – this must the scene JC talked about at the Interact. He said he had this line, “it’s so hot” and then of course he had to take his shirt off. Belle takes him up on his challenge but reminds him they don’t have swim suits. He says we don’t need them and asks if she is going to swim in her slip. She says no and takes it off. Of course he notices and remarks on the fact that she isn’t wearing ‘day of the week’ underwear. I love the little catch in his voice and how it drops when he tells her she better get in the pool or he won't be held responsible for his actions. She goes in and teases him into doing his Tarzan yell. LOL – I think he held back a bit on that one. Of course he could have hedged about it for a little longer…I didn’t mind seeing him standing at the edge of the pool…nope, not at all!

We finally get to see some playfulness between them again. It sure has been missed. They are just so at ease and so comfortable together. IMO there is such a sense of rightness in their togetherness (if there is such a word - LOL)! Of course he’s looking for his shorts and she has them and won’t give them up. She finally tosses them over his head and he retrieves them just as Maya and Phillip come out. Of course Maya asks Shawn how the water is and starts unzipping her dress. He kind of puts in her place by putting his arms around Belle (who by the way immediately blocked Maya's view while Shawn was putting his boxers back on) by telling her that it was a lot hotter than she would think. Phil says it’s late and he has to head back to the base. Maya calls Belle, Della as she is leaving. Belle tells Shawn that she hates her. Shawn loves this jealous side of her and they end up in very heated kiss. Of course they have to cut to Maya watching them and she is not happy. It’s kind of cute how when they break the kiss, he’s talking to her before he leans in to kiss her again…don’t get to hear what he has to say…just see the lips moving.

Preview: Cassie is in jail begging Rex never to abandon her. Sami holding up a sign to Tony that says Go To Hell…and LOL I don’t remember what else. I’m sure you’ll excuse my lapse of memory but hardly any sleep and then watching a wet, minus shorts, Shawn with that gold chain and cross and that ring…well, you get the picture. Ooops I do remember now. Phil telling Tek that he knows how to get information on Maya but he is going to have to use his best friend to do it. OH WAIT...maybe that happened at the end of the show today...damn I'm still lost in that kiss...! There's just something about water and skin....Alrighthy then...stopping now!

Monday Jun 23

Jan's Spoilers.....

Roman/Kate/Cassie/Rex...Roman has called Kate because Cassie tried to make a couple of phone calls to Lucas. Rex has arrived to visit Cassie who is an emotional wreck...she's more upset that 'Roman' is the daddy than about the arrest as Rex tries to calm her. They are brought up to see Roman as Cassie let's it slip about her father...Roman thinks she means Tony and Rex wants to talk to her alone as he tries to tell her to keep 'quiet'. Kate/Roman discuss the twins as Roman says they always have secrets. (My opinion these scenes were of course given to us to set up 'Kate's the mommy and to show us interaction between the four...they werent' bad and I actually can't wait until Kate finds out)

Brady/Nicole...Nicole arrives at the stables and is met by Larry's friend who wants his money...she gives him diamonds...Brady shows up...he thinks Nicole is having an affair (I thinks she'd have better taste than the guy who showed up...LOL)they go back and forth and he lets her know he's going to find out what's going on...the guy comes back in and says he'll knock off Brady for free...Nicole says no and they move the body...Brady comes back in and finds the trough with ice in it..his brain is working at 150% trying to figure it out...LOL.

Lucas/Tony/Sami...Sami has a dream that Lucas says 'I Love you' she wakes up as Tony walks in...Tony/Lucas talk about what happened as Sami pretends to be sleeping...they also discuss the diamonds as he tells Lucas to follow Maya. (Sami overhears all this)Lucas leaves and as Tony turns around he sees Sami is awake...he goes to leave but the nurse says Sami wants to say something...she writes something down and shows it to him...it says GO TO HELL!!. Lucas at the pier as Maya meets with someone and hands them a small box with the 'ice'. She then hands him another box. (don't know what it is)

John/Philip...John is tikked that Philip got Belle involved, Phil tells him he has a way to get to Maya...using his best friend. John thinks he's talking about Belle but Phil says no Shawn..John says Shawn, as in Shawn Brady, Belle's boyfriend...you see where I'm going with this. Phil says Maya has the hots for Shawn but he's not into it but it could be used to get info. John says to feel him out. They talk about the party and the diamonds...Phil senses they used him because of his name...(I think he's right...LOL)John shows him that the diamonds are being shipped on Vic's ships and he thinks Vic might be the head of the operation..Phil says no but if he is he'll turn him in.

The Brady Pub (and Mickey's office)

Belle comes in looking for Shawn..he's late and he's never late. She tells Lisa she's obsessed and in love as she goes to check upstairs.

Meanwhile at Mickey's office Shawn comes in as Maya is waiting for him. Shawn tells her Mickey will take the case and she says the we'll be seeing more of each other (Shawn looks really happy about that...NOT). She signs the papers and says this makes our relationship official...she asks if Shawn trusts her...he explains that Mickey took the case because he thought he could win it but that doesn't mean she's a nice person and for Shawn to watch his back...she says 'ouch'...LOL.

Back at the pub...Shawn walks in as Belle comes downstairs..she runs up to him and calls him Mr. Ontime..he tells her he had to drop of some papers for Mickey as she punches him in the stomach and tells him to call her next time. (I love the playfulness)He says let's grab 'our' booth and tells her he's happy to see she has some clothes on this morning...she says I was so embarrased...he says it's a good thing I'm not the jealous type...as she says Phil and I...he stops her and says I Love you...she says I love you too and they kiss...sweet kisses.

Phil comes in and sits with Shawn..asks where Belle is..Shawn says the laides room (and gives Phil a funny look). Phil says it gives us a chance to go one on one. He asks what's up with this Maya chick and should Belle be jealous..Shawn says what of Maya. Phil wants to know what the case is...Shawn won't tell him...Phil says never mind...she was probably crossing the street and there was an accident. Shawn says it wouldn't surprise him she has great legs..Phil says you noticed..Shawn says yeah, it's hard not to. Phil goes on about Maya having a thing for him and maybe he can make it work for you. Shawn wants to know why he's pushing Maya is it so he can have a shot @ Belle. Phil says no way I wouldn't do that...Shawn asks are you sure? (I love how Shawn is so suspicious of him). Belle comes back and asks what's up with Phil. Shawn tells her he sat down and started talking about Maya...Belle says the gorgeous one...Shawn says she thinks so...Phil kept on about her being attracted to me and I should do something about it. Belle asks if he said that to Phil...Shawn says yeah, not in sor many words. I thinks he has some sort of agenda or something but I didn't let him get into it. Belle says he's been acting strangely as she goes to warm her coffee....she confronts Phil and more or less tells him to stop pushing Maya as Shawn and her are fine...she knows somethings going on after only 5 months of training he's no spy..LOL. She wants him to spill it.

I love how Shelle are communicating with each other...but I'm sure that Belle is more upset now that Phil is pushing Maya on Shawn and asking her to keep the secret...I suspect that Belle knows why...LOL.

Now let's talk looks.......Shawn at the beginning wearing black dress pants..blue button down shirt with the top buttons open and a sportcoat....and boy did he look good...at the pub he had on black dress pants and a red button down short sleeved shirt...just as effective...and that ring..LOL. Belle looked cute today..blue top and blue pants.

It looks like we're well on our way to next week and it is so obvious that Shawn doesn't feel or want anything from Maya although like any guy he's going to look..LOL. Belle on the otherhand is open about her jealousy towards Maya and upset that Phil would try to push something...that's why I think she is starting to figure it out.

Tuesday Jun 24

Jan will add her thoughts when she gets a chance. For now, here's my version:

It’s so nice to see Jack and Jen on the screen again but that TV show has got to go. Chef Nobu the last minute guest today because their self defence expert pulled a back muscle. As much as I love seeing J&J, that show has got to go. The only entertaining moment was when Jen asked the chef if it was true that raw fish was bad for pregnant women. Than that Schmenkman guy had to ruin it when she said she wasn’t pregnant and if she was she wouldn’t tell her husband in front of a live audience – his response was that he hoped she would. At least we get a couple of sweet kisses between them.

Nicole pulls the injured woman lying on the side of the road while the henchman cuts Larry’s shackles. The car is blown up and Nicole, Larry and the guy make their getaway. Ahh, got to love that Larry…he is just so deliciously smarmy. LOL!

Bo brings another guy in to the cells. Quick question…do all the criminals with a bounty on their head flock to Salem??? Not a very safe place to live. I’m sorry, I just don’t think anyone really thought this storyline through too clearly. A cop tells him that Vin made a deal and turned states evidence so Bo pays him a little visit. Yikes, that slicked back just doesn’t do it for me. They both threaten one another…kind of like two little boys drawing lines in the sand marking their territory. Later on Vin phones Bo on his cell and threatens him once again.

Hope and Alice are sitting at Alice’s kitchen table and Hope is still reluctant to let the Fancy Face go so she mentions her trust fund. Hope realises by the look on Alice’s face that it’s all gone…they are broke. Bo comes over and she tells him. He says they will be fine, they will make it together.

Over at the DiMera mansion Rex brings Cassie home and she runs straight into Lucas’ arms. Tony comes in and wants to know what’s going on. Cassie tells him she was arrested for prostitution and blames Roman for her having to spend the night in jail. Of course Tony is going to sue the police department for false arrest…what else is new? Mimi comes by and just as her and Rex start into it, Tony knocks on the door and wants to talk to Rex. He asks him to go into business with him, he’ll get his laser developed if Rex will make him diamonds. This part was just too freaky. Rex is so into being a part of the DiMera legacy and all this ‘father’ and ‘dad’ he laid on Tony…creepy! He tells Mimi that he was created by and for the DiMera’s and they think he is one of them. He still wants to find out who his mother is but just so he can bury this once and for all.

Back in the living room, Cassie is all over Lucas…kissing him until he starts responding. She’s not too happy when the hospital calls and tells him that Sami wants to see him. He couldn’t bolt fast enough.

Shawn is sitting at the table alone while Belle is sitting at the bar waiting for Phillip to come back from wherever. She grills him but he keeps telling her that he is a Marine and he does what he’s told. She doesn’t buy that the Marines would be interested in a conversation between Tony and Maya. He gets a call. Belle overhears him say Pier 32. He tells her he has to leave and then just brushes past Shawn without a word on his way out.

Shawn asks Belle if she figured out what he is up to and she says no and she’s done with it. She is worried about him. She brings up the fact that his entire unit, except him, got shipped overseas. She wonders if the Marines even know what he is up to.

Shawn tells her about Cassie. I loved when she listened to him and then said… What a bitch!” She tells Shawn that Sami is in the hospital because of the mistakes she made with men but she loves her but she just can’t feel anything for Cassie. She tells him she is sorry that because they are sisters Cassie is now part of his life.

They talk about the changes in their lives and their friend’s lives. Belle says she really misses him, living in the same dorm, going to classes together…He says she’s a fashion designer (she says not quite). She comments again about how much he likes his job with Mickey, likes the law. He says he does. She wants to know if Mickey took Maya’s case. He says he did but not to worry, even if Maya is interested in him, he isn’t interested in her. She says first Cassie and then Maya. She just wants everyone to leave them alone.

She asks him if he ever thinks about the Merchant Marines. He says not really…he doesn’t want to leave her but he does admire Phillip for joining the Marines. Belle asks him if his job could be dangerous…serving warrants on criminals like the Mayor. He says that Mickey normally handles civil cases. Belle remembers Phil’s call and tells Shawn she has to meet Kate. He’s talking to Lisa about arranging something else for Belle when he notices her walk past the front window when her car is parked in the back. He follows her.

Phil is watching Maya and the guy she is meeting through binoculars and using some kind of listening device. She wants to check the shipment once more so Phil lays the headset down and follows her. Belle sees him and follows him. Shawn comes along, notices what Phil left behinds and says What are the two of you up to now?

Preview: Rex telling Mimi that he needs her help getting DNA information on all females between the ages of 35 to 55 in Salem. Lucas’ fantasy about Sami asking him to make love to her.

Wednesday Jun 25

Jan’s Spoilers….

The DiMera Mansion….Cassie is telling Tony that she wants to sue the Salem PD and Roman. Tony is really upset with her and tells her he expects her to act like a DiMera and they won’t be suing. Rex/Mimi…Rex is checking out his laser as Mimi comes in. He wants her to help him find their mother by checking DNA for all women of child bearing age in a certain time frame. Mimi is a little unsure but Rex kisses her and keeps going on until she says yes (I hate how he is manipulating her)later he loses it as he has flashbacks of encounters with Roman (the boy is on the brink). Mimi and Cassie talk as Mimi pretty well puts her in her place. Tony/Lucas arrive back at the mansion as Tony says he is always running into Lucas at the hospital…I don’t think Tony is convinced that Lucas hates Sami (neither am I…LOL)Tony gets a call from John and heads to the Brady Pub. Lucas runs into Cassie as she is having a drink…he pulls her into a kiss.

The hospital…I absolutely love the way Ali is portraying Sami right now. I love how she wants Lucas to help with Will. I loved how she went off on Tony when he came in. (she portrayed it perfectly)as Lucas holds her back. Marlena/Tony talk as Marlena tells him to stay away…Tony blames Sami and Marlena. Marlena wants Sami to move into the penthouse but Sami wants to go home. Loved Sami’s dream…Lucas saying I love you and Sami asking him to make love to her…and her expression when she wakes up…surprised.

The boat….Maya is checking out the cargo and smiling at the vile. Philip is watching her as Belle sneaks up on him. Shawn is following. One of Maya’s goons catches Shawn and holds a gun on him…Shawn nails him with one punch (and what a punch it was)and grabs his gun and sticks it in the front of his pants (not a good move)he pulls they guy into a room..unloads the weapon and throws it in. Maya comes out as Philip/Belle hide…Shawn also hides. Maya hears a noise and drops the vial…she leaves as everyone hides…LOL. Belle/Philip sneak in the room and they find the diamonds…Philip scoops up some goop as Shawn watches. He phones John and tells him more or less that Belle is there…John is upset. Maya comes back as everyone hides again…Shawn phones her and wants to meet her at the pub. She jumps at it (Belle/Philip)hear that it is Shawn on the phone. As she leaves she tells her goon to check out the room…Belle/Philip hide again…he tells whoever it is to come out…Belle comes out of hiding…the guy gets hit over the head again…but another goon now has a gun on them. (Now I might be wrong but something tells me that first guy just may let Maya know in the future that Shawn was there)

The pub…John/Marlena talking about Cassie. Marlena is upset that Cassie hasn’t phoned…can’t believe both her and Sami go to Tony when they are in trouble. John phones Tony to come to the pub (orders him to). Shawn and Maya walk in…Maya wants to know what he wanted..he tells her it’s about the case. She doesn’t believe him…and says she’s right. She wants to know what’s up. He says she is an absolutely beautiful person and he just wants to get to know her better because of the case…she wants to go somewhere more intimate. (I love the look on Shawn’s face). John/Tony watch from outside as John says he knows something is up with him and Maya.

Vic/Brady…discuss his marriage and the mansion. Seems Brady is uncomfortable.

Nic/Larry..in the stables……..cute scenes.

Preview: Shawn with a chocolate covered something as Maya says I’ll make you forget about Belle…we see her taking it in her mouth and hear Shawn’s voice say Belle who.

I loved how he stepped right into protect Belle/Philip and loved how nervous he was.


Pat's Spoilers:

Marlena and John are at the Brady pub. Marlena is frustrated because both Cassie and Sami seem to be turning to Tony instead of her.

Victor and Brady are talking about Brady being all settled in while Nicole is trying to get Larry settled in the stables. Larry doesn’t like his new ‘home.’ The conversation between Victor and Brady continues until Vic sees Nicole carrying some blankets and stuff and asks her what she is doing. Victor notices the puzzled look on Brady’s face. He tells Brady that he and Nicole love each other very much but Nicole is having trouble adjusting to the new life style. He says that they will be together until death parts them. Nicole comes in and heads straight up the stairs with Vic yelling after her and then stomping off after her when she doesn’t reply. A naked Brady finds a naked Nicole in his shower. Vic heads to the stable looking for Nicole. Larry is hiding out behind the barricade that Nicole was forced to build for him as he watched.

Cassie asks Tony if he spoke to a lawyer. He says yes and she’s happy that he is going to make Roman pay. WOO HOO!! Tony tells her off, really puts her in her place. I loved that. Also on her out, Mimi tells her a few home truths as well. Today was certainly NOT Cassie’s day. Cassie starts weeping and wants to know why Mimi is so mean to her so Mimi asks her why she is so mean to everyone. She plays the not having a mother card again and Mimi says Rex has some leads and that she is helping him find their mother. Mimi leaves and Lucas comes in. The have a drink together and then Lucas starts kissing her.

Rex is playing with his design of his second generation laser, talking into his recorder when Mimi asks what he is doing. He brushes her off and flatters her then asks her a favour. He needs DNA information on all women in Salem between the ages of 36-55. She asks him what he’ll be doing but he sweet talks and kisses her until she agrees. After Mimi leaves Rex goes on a rant about Roman…not liking Rex much at the moment…LOL.

Sami’s little whiteboard to Lucas says “I need you”. She gives him a note asking him to take care of Will while she recuperates at home. He tells her she can’t be alone. What happens if she needs to call 911 – she can’t talk! He asks her who is going to take care of her. Tony comes in and says he will. Sami scribbles for him to get out. Tony says she must be feeling better and reminds her it was her own fault but that he does feel slightly responsible. She practically leaps off the bed and Lucas has to hold her back. Lucas tells him he better leave. Tony agrees and says he’ll be back later. Marlena is at the door and says no he won’t.

Marlena tells Tony to stay away from Sami and if she had her way she’d keep him from Cassie. He makes some comments about Marlena’s child rearing methods and leaves. Marlena tells Lucas she will stay with Sami. She wants Sami and Will to move into the penthouse but Sami wants to go home. Tony asks Lucas why it is that every time he goes to see Sami, Lucas is there. Lucas says she asked for me and that he hates her with a passion. Tony doesn’t think so and tells him as much. John phones Tony and says he wants to see him, now! Tony says he can’t – John says meet me in fifteen minutes at the Brady pub or I’ll find you. When he gets there, John points out Shawn with Maya and tells Tony that he knows all about him and Maya.

Sami has a dream about asking Lucas to make love to her. In her dream she tells him that he is the only man who ever understood her. He kisses her. She sits straight up when she wakes up.

Phillip is following Maya, Belle is following Phillip and Shawn is following Belle onto the ship. Maya’s goon sticks a gun in Shawn’s back. Shawn tries to bluff but the guy doesn’t buy it. Shawn knocks the gun out of his hand and knocks him out with one punch. WOW – tough guy Shawn! Shawn sticks the gun in his waistband (oh oh…thank god it doesn’t go off…LMAO!) as he drags the guy into a closet or something. He removes the clip and checks for a bullet in the chamber and than throws the gun in with the guy. He continues his search for Belle.

Phillip is not happy to see Belle. He tells her to say hidden and quiet as he watches Maya. She pulls out a vial from a container and drops it when she hears a sound. The vial smashes. She takes the container it was stored in and stuffs it in her purse and takes off. Phillip unlocks the door and opens the crate and pulls out a vase. Belle asks him if all the sneaking around was for a vase.

Phil reveals the diamonds in the false bottom and confirms that Maya and Tony are smuggling diamonds. Shawn is watching this all through the door. (Why doesn’t he go in?) Phil notices the broken vial and asks Belle if she has a lipstick in her purse. He puts on the convenient plastic gloves he has in his pocket and scrapes some up. He phones John and tells him he recovered some of the contraband and that someone is with him. John figures out its Belle.

Phil and Belle are about to leave when Maya comes back. Shawn sees her go into the room so he calls her on his cell and tells her he wants to meet with her to discuss her case. He says he’s at the Brady pub and asks if she can meet him now. She practically falls over herself accepting and I got a kick out of how he’s rolls his eyes in disgust while he’s listening to her. As she’s leaving the room, the henchman comes along and he tells her that there is an intruder aboard. She says to find him and start in that room. Phillip and Belle hear the guy come in and Belle looks worried.

Maya tells Shawn she knows that he doesn’t really want to talk about the case. He says she’s wrong. She wants to know what is really going on. Phillip signals Belle as he moves away from her. The guy hears a sound and says come out or I’ll shoot. Back at the pub Shawn says he would be lying if he didn’t say he found her beautiful. She wants to go somewhere more intimate. Back on the ship Belle says don’t shoot. Phil knocks the guy out again and they bolt and run smack down into another guy with a gun.

Preview: Nicole dropping her towel in front of Brady. Shawn feeding Maya chocolate dipped strawberries – it looks like they are at the Blue Note. Belle hiding behind Phil as the guy with the gun asks her if she has ever been with a man.

Thursday Jun 26

Jan's Spoilers....

I'll be a little brief today I think Pat picked up my slack...LOL.

Brady/Nicole...I actually enjoyed them today. Their scenes weren't too bad and Nicole was Nicole...trying to use her body. Larry well what can you say....I loved him and he was only on for a couple of scenes.

Cassie/Lucas....Lucas brushes her off as Cassie heads to the pub to find someone else.

Rex....Well the boy is going to lose it bigtime once he realizes Tony only wants that lazer.

Rex/Lucas/Tony......looks like we are getting to the start of the the South American cruise as Lucas suggests that's where they take the lazer. I would love to know what's the 'goop' is...something that will change their lives.

Philip/Belle....they spend most of the show trying to get away from the 'bad guys'. Belle gets knocked out again but saves the day as her and Philip jump through a porthole to safety. At least she wasn't in her bra and panties...a camisole covering her. Looked good all in black. But please.....and exploding wallet....LMAO.

John/Tony....John is onto him and as usual Tony plays it cool.

Maya/Shawn.....OK...this boy definately has it going on with the 'smooth' talk. The way he played her was perfect...although the shower talk I didn't need to hear...I loved how after she left he put in his head in his hands...LOL. And you have to know that John thinks somethings up...(especially after his talk with Philip) but Shawn plays it cool and says it's for Belle to make her proud. At the Blue Note...Shawn is nervous as it's Brady's place...I loved how he looked at her when she caught him on the phone...but I have to say the whole licking the chocolate off his fingers was too much (it should have been Belle...or me...LOL). He looked awfully good today and I'm looking forward to this playing out...BTW he has no interest in her.

I hope you enjoy the show...once you get passed it being Maya you have to appreciate the length Shawn is going through and he is damn good as what he's doing.

Pat's lenghty meanderings:

Brady and Nicole: He wants to know what the hell she is doing in his shower. She tells him that she didn’t know it was his. He says her marriage is so marriage that first she takes up with the guy in the stables and now she’s coming after him. She rags on him about his ego and then tells him she likes to sing in the shower and hoped he would discover her. After all now that Chloe left him, he needs some new talent. He tells her singing is awful and then pulls up her filthy pants and wants to know what she was really up to and not to say gardening. To distract him, she drops her towel and says maybe if he says please. He wraps the towel around her and asks her if she always uses her body to get what she wants. He tells her that she doesn’t have to because she smart, etc… and then leaves.

She goes out to the stable after Larry because she saw him wandering around. He says he doesn’t want to stay and then he taunts her, asking her if she has anything to offer to entice him to stay. She tells him to stop treating her like a bimbo. She says she’ll turn him in. He says you would end up in prison. She says compared to staying married to Victor, she would rather be in jail. She reminds him that he has more reason to hate Victor than he does. He tells her to get the gun.

Nicole goes back into the house and apologizes to Brady. She says the boredom gets to her and she asks him to take her to the Blue Note. When he says the chauffeur can bring her she says Victor won’t let her go out alone. After questioning her a bit he says he’ll see what he can do.

John and Tony: More of the same – John accusing, Tony denying. John wants to know about Maya. Tony says she seems to be quite taken with the young man that is dating John’s daughter. John says he’s not worried about Shawn, its Tony he’s worried about. They banter a bit. When Maya leaves Tony introduces her to John. She says she located the item Tony wants and he should call her. Tony tells John that Maya and his relationship is just what it seems to be and John says not with him and warns Tony that he is watching him.

Cassie and Lucas: Lucas putting on the brakes but Cassie doesn’t want to stop. She says because he is so kind he’s the right one to be her first. Lucas tells her that it’s not going to happen and then tells her it is not personal. She tells him to stop she already heard all about if from Shawn how it should be with someone you love. He doesn’t want to lecture her but he tells her she should talk to someone like her mother. She says no and then she tells him that he had his chance with her now it’s someone else’s turn and takes off.

She goes to the Brady pub and starts hitting on a guy. He sneaks her a drink and she keeps going on an on about how nice he is to her so she wants to show him how nice she can be. He says they should go back to his place. As they’re leaving John stops them and takes the guys’ keys. Cassie tries to slap him. John says she promised not to drink anymore and that her mother would be really upset. She says not when she learns the truth. She tells John that she isn’t her mother.

Rex is working on his design in his room. He’s really happy that Tony still believes he’s a DiMera. Tony comes in and tells him it’s time to bring Lucas up to speed. He also says that Rex is his heir, a true DiMera. Lucas is pretty excited when he hears about the diamonds. That vial of stuff Maya has is supposed to be key to Rex’s experiment but Tony doesn’t tell them what it is. He says it will change their lives forever.

Belle and Phillip: A large number of their scenes are spent trying to outsmart the two thugs. Phillip lies and says he doesn’t know Belle. He just ran into her. He says she was looking for her friend Maya. Belle blows it by saying Maya isn’t her friend. Phil covers and says sorority sister. Belle catches on but it just happens to be one of the guys dated someone from the sorority so he wants her to sing the pledge song. Of course she doesn’t know it so he puts a gun to her head. It doesn’t take the thugs long to figure out they know each other. Long story short, they win some they lose some. Belle gets knocked out briefly trying to help. Eventually she does distract the guy long again for Phil to throw tear gas at them. Super spy can’t find an exit off the ship and when they hear voices. He says they have the sample of what Maya had and they need to tell the authorities that she’s smuggling diamonds. Phil opens one of the portholes and tells her to strip. She doesn’t want to, he said he’s not enjoying it when she actually does. At least she keeps her camisole on.

Maya and Shawn: Still at the Brady Pub. She says it seems like he doesn’t want to be alone with her so she asks him why he really asked her out tonight. He asked her out??? LOL! I thought he asked her to meet him about business. He tells her he has some issues. That he doesn’t want Belle’s father to see them leave together. HOLY ****…that man is just smoking…When he turns up the heat…yikes! He tells her that Belle and he are having problems. She asks if the problems have anything to do with Phillip Kiriakis. He says he’s right in the middle. They’ve been together so hard it’s difficult to just end it. She offers to do it for him but he turns her down and says he’ll do it. He tells her he’s can’t stop thinking about her and she says that’s why they should go someplace private. He wants them to keep a low profile. He says he knows this secluded place and she’ll really like it. She tells him that he lets her she’ll help him forget all about Belle. He just smirks and says Belle who? He tells her go home and have a hot shower and change into something sexy. She says she doesn’t want to shower alone and he tells her all in good time. They agree to meet at the nightclub.

When he leaves John wants to know what he was doing with that woman. He says business because she’s a client of Mickey’s. He says it didn’t look like business and starts asking about Belle. Shawn interrupts him and says he’s doing it for Belle. He wants to do a good job for Mickey so that Belle will be proud of him. John wants to know what he’s not telling him but Shawn says he has to go.

Shawn and Maya end up at the Blue Note. Love that blue shirt on him! That wasn’t the nightclub he was going to take her to. She asks him if she makes him nervous. He says Belle’s brother is the manager. Tony phones Maya so he goes to get a table. He leaves a message for Belle saying how worried he is about her and that he loves her. Maya hears him and she is upset with him. He says he was calling Belle to let her know the situation and if she couldn’t accept that than maybe he wasn’t the man for her. He says lets not argue about Belle when we’re together. They sit down and the waiter brings over chocolate fondue. Shawn asks what her favourite fruit is. She says juicy, succulent fruit so he dips a strawberry in and then reaches across the table with it. SHUDDER ALERT: You won’t like the way she caresses that hand and the way she licks that chocolate off the strawberry managing to get those lips on his fingers while never taking her eyes off him. Why her??? LOL!

Preview: Belle asks Phil what her Dad has to do with his undercover work. Some guy knocking Bo out and then telling Hope to drop her gun. Sami having a nightmare about Tony and then running into Lucas’ arms. He tells her she’s safe and they kiss….very passionately.

Friday Jun 27


Hospital...Sami is having a dream that Tony comes into her room and goes after her, Lucas comes in and saves her and she kisses him. She wakes up and Marlena is there...Marlena wants her to write down her dream but Sami won't do it, instead she writes that she wants Marlena to phone Lucas and tell him that she needs to see him now. Marlena goes to her office and phones Lucas (who is with Tony). Tony/Lucas show up and are told Sami is sleeping, Lucas needs to help with something regarding one of the Directors of the hospital so Tony goes in to see Sami. She doesn't want him there and tells him to 'kiss off' he goes to leave but before he does he tells here she hasn't seen the last of him. Outside the room Cassie has showed up and starts coming on to Lucas...they kiss and he pulls away from her telling her that he as enough to worry about with Sami/Will...tells her to go and see Marlena. Tony comes out and she tells him she came to see Mom. He wants to drive her home but she says she'll be awhile. She goes to see Marlena and tells her she feels lost..Marlena hugs her and says nothing will come between us again (a little foreshadowing)Lucas goes in to see Sami...he tells her not to worry Will is fine he misses his 'mommy'. He goes to sit down in a chair but Sami wants him beside her on the bed...he's a little unsure but sits down. She writes that he saved her but he says no...he would have done anything to stop it from happening. She touches his cheek and then leans in for a hug. Bryan/Ali were awesome in their scenes today...I love them to bits...LOL.

The mansion...Tony/Lucas talking about Tony going to south America and about the diamonds. Marlena phones and Lucas tells him he has to leave. Tony wants to go as well but Lucas doesn't seem to pleased about it. Later Tony standing at the window Sami went through as the maid comes in and announces Maya is there. She comes in really happy saying she had a very good evening (can I scratch her eyes out now)she tells Tony she has what he wanted and pulls out the vial.

The pub...inside John/Cassie are talking as Cassie is trying to get out of what she said about Marlena not being her mother. John seems very concerned about her. Philip phones and John leaves as Cassie catches a cab to go to the hospital. Outside Bo is waiting for Hope and shows her the keys to their new car. He carries her to it and says something about crossing the threshold...(that is some SUV they have there)...LOL.

Bope...are chasing a 'bad' guy (Jesse). Hope wants to make a stop and they pick up donuts...LOL. She says something about the back seat as Bo calls her bad. The guy gets away and they chase him to the 'chop shop'. Hope has a gun as they break in...two guys in front as Jesse comes up from behind...they take out two of the guys but Jesse hits Bo over the head and forces Hope to lay down the gun. They are now tied up in chains as Hope tries to wake up Bo. He tells her if they wanted them dead they'd be there already as the show ends on her face.

At the dock...Belle/Philip trying to figure out how to get out of there...Phil calls John and Belle gets po'd. She talks to John and tells him to bring clothes as John is yelling. When he gets there Belle goes off on him and John says he's ISA the same as Philip. She is shocked and when John mentions Maya, Belle tells him she has to tell Shawn. (John has said that she can't even tell Shawn). Belle says Shawn had phoned and Maya was meeting him and she needs to discourage him from being around her. John says fine and Belle leaves. (I hate the way Phil looked at her in these scenes...I think his feelings towards her have started)John goes off on Phil and phones Shane but Phil pulls out the diamonds and the 'goop'.

At The Blue Note (now if you can get by the first scene it's not too bad...LOL)Shawn is feeding Maya the chocolate covered strawberries and she says they are an aphrodesic does he want some...then she feeds him (thankful that he didn't lick her fingers..LOL). He wants to get some more cognac but she tells him she doesn't need any more stimulant she has him (I think)he is nervous and talks about Brady...Penny shows up and again he's nervous as he starts to blabber about who Maya is...when Penny leaves Maya gets upset that he's playing her he has no intention of breaking up with Belle. He tells her that he does but Belle is fragile and jealous of Maya remember the first meeting, she says with Belle in her slip...he says that's the moment...Maya spots Belle coming in as Belle spots them...Shawn says he owes Belle to do this his way as he takes Maya's hand. Belle comes over and asks what's going on. Shawn stands up and Belle (with her arms crossed)tells Maya she wants to speak to her boyfriend alone...Shawn says please and Maya kisses him on the cheek...he wipes it off as Belle says why are you doing this to me, to us? Shawn says it's your fault I'm here with Maya...Belle says you're trying to blame this on me. He says I had to do something so she wouldn't catch you and Philip. Belle asks what he means..he says you and Philip on the ship...do you want to tell me what's going on with you two.

I loved the Shelle scenes....as Belle confronts Shawn and he confronts her. If you can get by the very first scene with Shawn/Mays it's not too bad.

Ali/Bryan rocked in this show as usual. I really loves these two.

Monday Jun 30

Before I start let me just say I wish I had time to post all the dialogue...it was totally awesome today by all concerned...but the transcript should be up later...make sure you check it out...it's worth it!!!

Jan's Spoilers....

The hospital...Lucas is holding Sami (I just love these two)as Kate and Roman walk in. Lucas jumps up and says he was only there because of Will. He asks where Will's swimsuit is as Sami writes it down on her board. Lucas leaves and Kate follows. She goes on and on about how much he has hated Sami..if she was lying dead on the street he'd pass her by. Lucas says she's Will's mother but Kate isn't buying it. Inside Roman wants to know what he can do to help Sami...she writes down that she can take care of herself..he warns her to stay away from Tony and Lucas...she writes that she hates Tony when he asks about Lucas all she'll say is that he's Will's father. He goes out of the room and Kate and him leave for TBN. Lucas watches Sami through the window...he flashes back to the death row scene when he runs in to save her (I forgot how much I loved those scenes)and to her just before she went through the window. He then fantasizes about going into her room and telling her how much he loves her and they start to make out...she takes his shirt off...(OK...can I say how much I love these two...Bryan/Ali were awesome again today).

The chop shop....Bo/Hope trying to get out of the chains. Now I would love to tell you what was said but there was so much bantering back and forth...it was priceless. And the look on Bo's face when he found out his SUV was gone...perfect. For all Bope fans even if you don't like the bounty hunter stuff you'll love their scenes.

The Blue Note...Brady/Nicole. I really enjoyed them today but I have to admit Larry on the phone to Nicole was too funny. His comment about being Mr. Ed was hilarious. I loved how Nicole got so excited about redoing TBN and how the bartender jumped in with his quips. And how she got the 200.00 advance from Brady...LOL. Great scenes today.

Kate/Roman...I love Roman's comment about Shelle playing on the monkey bars. And their bantering back and forth about Sami/Lucas. (can't wait to see what happens when they find out they have 'kids'..LOL)

Shelle...I loved the dialogue between them today. Shawn and his brain were perfect. He tells her how he followed her because he was worried about her and she had lied about meeting Kate. Loved how he said it was a 'double standard' and they broke up because of his lies...she says their lies were between them this is different it's a friend and it's not her secret. Loved how he's upset that Philip asked her to keep a secret from him. (Loved how Brady jumped into the convo. and told Belle to tell him). And when she tells hims part of it...he says it's not your fault (very mature..LOL). She says she has the best boyfriend in the world and to come here as they kiss. She goes on about the 'barracuda' and he finallys says 'girlfriend stop' she says make me and they kiss again. (now their scenes are good and I guess he slipped the ring back on after Maya left..LOL) and his comment about nothing would have happened even if you hadn't shown up...she says she knows.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it I know I did.

Pat's spoilers...

Hospital: Kate and Roman come in and see Sami in Lucas' arms, she's resting her head on his shoulder, he's up on the bed holding her. Needless to say, they are a bit surprised. Lucas says Sami wanted to see him about Will and then he asks her where he can find Will's swim trunks. Kate wants to talk to Lucas alone. She asks why he is spending so much time with Sami when a few short months ago she could have been dying on the side of a road and he wouldn't spare her a glance. He says she's depressed, she might never talk again and he just was comforting her. She reminds that whether or not she can talk, she can still be dangerous. She asks him if he's falling in love with her because that's what it looks like to her. He yells at her, denying it.

Roman is lecturing Sami, telling her that she is not to see either Tony or Lucas again because he holds them responsible for what happened to her. She writes that she doesn't want to see Tony. He asks her about Lucas and she writes he's Will's father. Roman and Kate leave and Lucas goes back in. He's really upset by his mother's questions and accusations and he turns on Sami. She signals for him to leave and throws his white board after he leaves.

Lucas comes back and stares at her through the window and she stares back defiantly, even though her eyes are filled with tears. Lucas fantasizes going into her room and apologizing to her. He tells her he's sorry, he didn't mean what he said. He was just fighting his feelings for her. He says he loves her and he wants to make love to her for real this time. They start kissing and she takes his shirt off, he takes her pj top off...kisses are getting hotter and hotter...when a nurse brings him out of daydream. He looks at Sami and leaves...great job by Ali and Bryan today. You can just see the confusion in both their eyes as neither of them understands whats happening between them at this point. I hope to see lots of these two fighting their attraction and love for each other.

The Chop Shop: Most of Bo and Hope's scenes today are what they have to do to get unchained and out of there before they can't breathe anymore. I won't go into detail about that, however I will say, whoever wrote their dialogue today did a super job. Typcial Bo/Hope bantering and teasing as they work together to escape. My only complaint...why did they have to use my car as the murder weapon...LOL...only difference is that mine is silver. When they do get out Bo notices the truck is gone. Hope says they will worry about that later right now they should just be happy that they have clean, fresh air to breathe. Bo says no way, this is personal.

Just a quick thought about yesterday's show. Bo commented that he's going to miss the old truck. Oh no...don't tell me he traded it in on that tank. I hope he meant that he gave it to Shawn permanently.

The Blue Note: I really liked the Brady/Nicole scenes today. What a world of difference when Nicole is not under Vic's watchful eyes. I especially loved the couple of scenes when Larry called her. Brady overhears her saying something to the effect that he can't leave until he kills her husband. She covers it up by saying she's talking to this contractor that keeps delaying the job to build a gazebo. She says it will just kill her husband if he hears this latest excuse. Later on she complains about everything at the Blue Note. She has all these ideas. She says he has to change things to draw young professionals there that will spend money. She tells him to hire a manager, an interior decorator...he stops her and says he'll hire her. She's very excited but then says she'd love to if only she could. She explains that Vic doesn't want his wife working. Brady says he'll talk to him. She's so happy that she hugs him. He says he'll have a contract drawn up and sent to her.

Roman and Kate come in and talk about Lucas and Sami. They both agree that they think they are bad for each other.

Shawn asks Belle to sit down. He asks her what she was doing with Phillip on that ship. She says she followed him there...she overheard him say he was going to meet someone on Pier 32. Then she asks how Shawn knew and he says because he was there. Now he wants to know the truth.

Belle realises that he called Maya to distract her when she went into the room where her and Phillip were. She says so that is why you called her and arranged to meet her. Shawn asks her again what is going on and she doesn't really answer. He says that she is lying to him. He tells her that is a double standard because she called him and broke up with him because of lying. He wants to know if he is supposed to get used to this new Belle, one who lies...

She hates hearing him say that. He asks her what was in the crate on the ship that her and Phillip were looking at. She says she can't tell him. She will tell him that Phillip is not an ordinary marine. She says it is not her secret to tell. She found out something by accident and Phillip made her promise not to tell. She says that she made a promise to a friend, can't he understand that...making promises to friends. He says he understands and he wonders why Phillip asked her to keep something from him. He says it is not her fault.

I loved what she says about Maya. She says no she knows what people say when they refer to someone as a barracuda...she says they are talking about Maya. She knows that Maya wants him. Shawn says you do know that nothing would have happened between us even if you hadn't showed up. She knows and leans across the table to kiss him. She says she just hates how she ignores the fact that he has a girlfriend...he says shut up girlfriend and kisses her again.

Okay...just one little thing I have to say...he didn't have that purity ring on when he was with Maya and when Belle came in and in today's scenes...they were both wearing them. Hmmm...must have slipped it on when they were off camera. LOL!

Preview: John saying goodbye to Marlena. She says she wont' say goodbye, just I love you. Mimi handing Rex a CD with all the downloaded DNA data from
the hospital (sheesh, that hospital must have the world's worst security). Brady, Victor and Nicole at the breakfast table...Larry at the window and Brady saying Larry Welch.

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Tuesday Jul 1

Jan hasn't had a chance to watch the show yet so you're stuck with just my take on things.

Let’s see if I can keep this short and to the point….

Kiriakis Estate: Nicole tells Victor that Brady asked her to work for him managing the Blue Note. Vic- no.
Nicole spies Larry in the window at the same time as Brady says Larry Welch….is dead. Vic – he better be. Larry signals Nicole. Nicole goes out. Brady strings his grandfather a line of bs (I’m sure he was sincere, but really…he makes it sound like Vic was the only one in his life after his mother died). Long story short, Victor says Nicole can work for him. Brady goes out to tell Nicole who is just taking off…Larry gave her the name of someone to get a gun from. Of course, Brady, proving his grandfather’s grandson, follows her. Thank god for Larry…he is just so scrumptiously evil.

Basic Black: Well let’s not go there with that conversation between Phil and John. I would have a lot more respect for Phillip if he would have mentioned that Belle saved his butt as well. Tek informs John that the diamonds are on the way to South Africa and coincidentally so is Tony’s yacht being prepared for a trip to South Africa. Phil and John talk about how rough it is when someone in your family is responsible for hurting people. Phil hopes that his father is not a criminal.

Sami’s apartment: Marlena brings her home and fusses over her…even offering to cook for her. Sami tells her she wants to rest. Sami does a lot of thinking. Tony comes over and brings her a diamond necklace. (Must be one of those Rex-made ones). He tells her that he forgives her for trying to hurt his sister and he hopes that one day he will hear her say he’s forgiven as well. (Sami had made a point of writing a note to Marlena saying that Tony will pay. Marlena begs her to leave that to other people). Marlena comes back and wants to bring her dinner. Sami lets her know that she wants to have dinner with Lucas and Will. Marlena starts questioning her about Lucas but Sami just uses the Will’s father card.

DiMera mansion: Lucas fantasizing about Sami and Cassie coming on to him. They kiss as Rex and Tony come downstairs. Lots of foreshadowing in Tony and Rex’s conversation before they come down the stairs. Rex is so hung up on Tony being his father and what the laser could mean to them as a ‘family’. He’s definitely going to go over the edge. Rex sees Cassie and Lucas kissing and he warns Cassie to stay away from him because all he does is hurt people. Tony asks Lucas to keep a close eye on Cassie while he is gone. After Tony leaves, Cassie pours her and Lucas a drink and then she is all over him, even undoing his belt and going for the clasp on his suit pants. He tries to stop her saying she’s too young and that he’s not good for her. She tells she wants him and threatens him that he’ll he regret it if he says no. He says hell yes and they head out to find a place. Upstairs as Rex and Mimi are waiting for a match to be made from the CD Mimi copied from the hospital…they make love. He says he loves her but bolts out of the bed as soon as the computer indicates it found a match. Cue the stunned look tag…LOL!

Hospital: John comes over and tells Marlena he’s leaving on an ISA mission and that she will be happy when she knows the target. She’s very happy he’s going after Tony. John is very confident that he’ll take Tony down. God, they were hitting us over the head with the foreshadowing in a few of these scenes. Marlena doesn’t say good-bye, she says I love you.

Yacht: Bart is pretty green even though the yacht is still in port. Tony tells him to keep an eye on Lucas keeping an eye on Cassie. John boards in a wet suit and breaks into Tony’s room. Okay…he doesn’t want to be caught…so why is he breaking into a stateroom in a wet suit…wouldn’t he leave little puddles behind …LOL! Back at Basic Black…Phillip wondering if they should contact John…Tek saying no, we want this to be the end of Tony DiMera, not John Black.

Preview: Brady questioning Nicole as to what she was buying in an alley. Cassie and Lucas in bed…she’s in a bra and Lucas is removing it. Rex staring at the computer and Mimi asking him who his mother is.

I just want to say kudo’s to Ali Sweeney…she is doing such an amazing job. Her face is so expressive…she says it all even without being able to speak. You can just literally read what she’s feeling just by watching her eyes and expressions.

Monday Jul 7

First of all we'd like to wish ya'll a great 4th of July weekend!!!

Jan's Spoiler...

At the mansion...Victor is trying to find out what Nicole was looking for but she talks her way out of it and goes to look for the gardner about the 'rose bushes'..LOL (I can't picture Nicole worried about the garden). Vic tells Brady that Nicole seems hyper tonight...Brady excuses himself as he's got something for someone special and he leaves. Nicole goes to the stables looking for Larry who isn't there. He returns..seems he went to get ammo (poor guy has to do it all himself..LOL)he pulls Nicole into a kiss but she says to wait until it's over...the show ends with him pointing the gun and a still on Nic's face.

At the Dew Drop Inn...Lassie in bed (I for one am glad this is over!!!!!)Lucas is choked and jumps out of bed (cue the look on Mimi's face as Lucas is naked)he wraps a sheet around himself and starts on Rex. Rimi leave as Lassie gets dressed...Lucas asks Cassie if she needs him there but she says no. After he leaves Mimi goes outside as Rex tells Cassie she slept with her half-brother..Kate Roberts is their biological mother..she doesn't believe him but he finally convinces her..he goes to get Mimi as Cassie says great now the whole town will know (Mimi outside with her fingers in her ears and humming..LOL)Cassie needs to be alone and she leaves as Rex is worried she'll do something crazy (foreshadowing perhaps)

Sami's apartment....I absolutely loved the Lumi scenes today. The way Lucas is yelling at Sami and she is frustrated as she furiously writes on her board...finally she calls him a liar and writes down Cassie's name...Lucas starts in on he didn't sleep with her...Sami sayd did anyone say you did (guilty look...LOL) A knock on the door and it's Cassie...she tells Lucas to leave her alone...to stay away or she'll be sick...she says he can't come on to her anymore (did I miss something...wasn't it her..LOL)He shuts the door and calls her a psyco-bitch (more foreshadowing)and then tells Sami to go to hell. Ali/Bryan were especially good in their scenes today...I loved them.

At the pub...Kate/Roman are talking about the kids and obviously not getting anywhere...they finally call a truce.

Shelle...I loved the way Shawn pulled no punches with Philip. He says that Phil's spent more time in two days with his g/f than he has in two weeks and he knows why. They start in on each other about Belle's safety...and Philip puts all the blame on Belle as Belle is getting choked...(loved her faces through these scenes)when Phil finally says that he's after Tony, Shawn gets really choked about him putting Belle's life in danger. Phil continues on about Belle following him and that Shawn better tell her to stop...she finally goes at them...neither of them can 'nail' Maya...Shawn's flavor of the month as Shawn tries to say something...Brady's text messages her and she leaves...Shawn wants to know where she's going but she tells him to ask his 'spy buddy' (Loved Belle in these scenes)he wants to follow her..Phil says he can help by keeping an eye on Maya and not telling Belle...they talk about her in Puerto Rico and sort of know it's a lost cause to keep it from her. Shawn gets a message to meet her at the loft.

At the loft...Brady asks Belle if she wants to move in...she's thrilled and wants to phone Mimi. They talk about how Jarlena thinks she grown up enough to live there. She asks about Chloe and he talks about her and then says that he wants Belle to not let him fall in love again...she says all relationships are worth it...he says he'd do it all over again...she wants to call Shawn after their talk (sweet). Shawn/Philip show up and she tells them about moving in...Shawn's not happy and wants to know what will happen if Brady moves back...Brady figures it an excuse and he says he doesn't want her living there alone..it's a dangerous neighborhood...Brady says it's filled with young people, there is a 24 hour drug store around the corner (now why did he mention that???hmmmm.LOL)and wants to know if Shawn is her mother. Belle pulls him aside and says she wants him to be happy...she'll cook and if that doesn't work out they'll order pizza, watch TV and she can share her dreams with him...which are all about him...and they kiss). Brady shows her around and leaves as Belle says I'm an independant woman...and walks over to Shawn...he tells her that he wants to take care of her, protect her and he loves her and they kiss as Philip leaves (neither of them noticed...LOL).

Now SDB looked might fine in his short-sleeved button down shirt...white tank...cross hanging down...the ring on his finger...THUD. Belle had on a sundress with butterflies...looked very pretty. I'm really looking forward to some scenes at the loft...(especially with the drugstore so close and open 24 hours:::wink:::wink)

I'm sure you'll enjoy the show....I did.

Pat's Spoilers....

Larry is anxious to get the bullets and kill Victor. Nicole is put on the spot by Brady telling Vic that she is planning a surprise for him. Vic says he’s so lucky to have such a loving wife and pulls her into a kiss. Brady decides to leave but Nicole asks him to stay. Brady looks very uncomfortable. She covers by saying don’t leave on our account and then makes a quick escape. She goes to the barn but she can’t find Larry. Brady says he has to give someone very special something and leaves. Larry comes back with bullets and tells Nicole to get Vic out in public so he has a clear shot. She says that is not going to happen. Vic never takes her out in public. They decide to do it right on the grounds of the mansion. Then Larry says when Victor is dead she will be all his and then he kisses her. He tells her Victor will die tonight.

Poor Sami. She throws the meal she prepared into the garbage. She lies on her couch crying. She then gets up and starts writing a letter to Lucas. She hears him outside and drags him into the apartment even though he doesn’t want to come in. She gives him the letter. In it she says he’s not a good father because he ducked out on a family dinner. She says he has no morals. He starts yelling at her about the DNA test swapping, being manipulative. He tells her he didn’t get an invitation to supper. She says she gave Will a note. He says he didn’t get it. If he had he promises her that he would have been there. She writes ‘liar’ and then Cassie.

He says he didn’t sleep with Cassie. She writes ‘who says you did’. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Cassie. She has something to tell him. She tells him to stay away from her. He says you will all over me and she says she wasn’t. He slams the door in her face and calls her a psycho bitch. Sami just smirks.

Roman and Kate are outside the pub. Kate says she wants to be nice to Sami but she’s having a hard time. She does say that she thinks Cassie is a bigger mistake for Lucas than Sami. They go inside the pub and she goes to Phil. (LOL…he liked the distraction of the small talk with mom). Kate tells Roman that Phil is so mature now, she wishes Lucas wouldn’t keep making mistake after mistake. Before too long they are arguing about Lucas and Sami. Roman tells Kate to just admit that she hates Sami. She says she’s been trying to get along with Sami and if he can’t see it they should end it. They decide to agree to stay off the subject of their children unless they can say something positive. Oh by the way, loved the remark Roman made to Kate. He told her not to compare Cassie and Sami, they’re not on the same universe.

Lucas tells Rex and Mimi to get out. Rex confronts Lucas. Lucas gets out of bed giving Mimi an eyeful so she steps outside. Finally Rex agrees to wait outside while they get dressed. Lucas asks Cassie what is going on but she doesn’t know. More arguing before Lucas finally leaves saying that it was a mistake anyways. Cassie wants to know what is going on but Rex is having a hard time finding away to tell her. She says she’s going to keep seeing Lucas so he just blurts out that she slept with her half brother.

She doesn’t believe him at first. She tells him they never actually slept together. Rex and Mimi are both happy about that. Cassie says she still was in bed with him and she’ll never be able to block that out. She’s all upset and wants to be alone. Rex tells her that she can’t tell anyone so that they can remain DiMera’s. He tells Mimi that he is afraid that she is going to do something stupid.

You’re going to love the way Shawn confronts Phil at the Brady Pub. Belle wants him to be nice, but Shawn isn’t having any of that. He states that Phil has spent more time with his girlfriend in the last two days than he has in the last two weeks. He asks Phil if he likes spending time with his girlfriend. Belle tries to calm him down but Shawn says to save it, he knows exactly what is going on.

Shawn won’t let it go so Phillip finally tells him that he is investigating Tony DiMera. Shawn is furious with him for getting Belle involved. Belle is just sitting there, silently stewing. Phil turns it all back on Belle telling Shawn his girlfriend has been following him around. Every time he turns around she’s there. He says that if he wants his girlfriend to stay safe maybe he should talk to her and tell her to say out of his business. Poor Belle…the expressions on her face are just priceless.

She reminds Phil that she saved his butt by knocking that guy out in the ship’s hold. Shawn wants to know what guy. She says she’s surprised his good buddy hasn’t told him about it. I love it when she says that neither of the two have them been able to ‘nail’ Maya. Now it’s poor Shawn’s turn to squirm when she references him going out with her. He tries to say he wouldn’t do anything with her.

Phil tells Belle that this isn’t Charlie’s Angels and she’s not Cameron Diaz. She gets a text message and says she’s leaving. Shawn asks her where she’s going. She won’t tell him. She says why don’t you get your spy buddy to help you find out.

Belle is thrilled to death when Brady offers her the apartment. He says he cleared it with John and Marlena. They feel she is mature enough to live on her own. They talk about Chloe. She can see how upset Brady is and decides to call Shawn. Back at the pub, Shawn asks Phil if he really believes that Belle will leave them on their own. He reminds him about Puerto Rico. Shawn decides to call Belle and notices she sent him a message to meet her at Brady’s loft.

Shawn is not happy. He really questions Brady about when he’s going to move back. Brady wonders why he’s not okay with it if his parents are. He asks Shawn if he’s Belles’ mom now. Shawn doesn’t think the neighbourhood is safe. Brady quickly straightens him out on that point. He finally loosens up a bit. After Brady leaves Belle tells him she wants to live there but she wants to share it with him. She wants to cook him meals and if that doesn’t work it out they’ll order pizza, she wants to curl up on the couch with him and watch TV, she wants to share her dreams with him and then she tells him that he is in all her dreams. He says he loves her and he will always want to protect her. As they kiss, Phil leaves.

Belle looks very pretty. A white sundress with purple (I think) butterflies. Shawn looks good as well, open short-sleeved shirt in various shades of brown with a white muscle shirt and the ever present chain and cross.

Preview: Larry taking aim and shooting. Sami and Lucas arguing.

Tuesday Jul 8

Jan will add her thoughts after I post, so here's my version:

Kiriakis Estate: Larry is into getting a ‘sample’ of the goods…Nicole grimaces and bears it. He gives her the name of a cheap motel he wants her to show up to after he kills Victor. He tells her if she doesn’t show up, the police will get an anonymous tip telling them that Mrs. Kiriakis hired a hit man. Inside the mansion Brady is questioning Victor about his marriage. Victor tells him it’s none of his business. Brady figures because he’s living there now it is his business. He says it looks like he hates Nicole. Victor tells him they have fights like all couples. Brady brings up being in love and Victor tells him that being in love doesn’t make everything all right. Nicole comes in and tries to lure Victor to the pool claiming she has this big surprise for him. He brushes her off but eventually agrees to meet her. She says she wants to change into something sultrier and he should go out and wait for her.

Meanwhile Larry is hiding out in the bushes. He almost shoots Henderson because it’s so dark he can barely see. Inside the mansion Henderson reminds Victor that he has a conference call with the Tokyo office. Brady asks Henderson if Nicole’s surprise will be ruined if he goes outside. He says no. Brady checks out the table set for two while Nicole notices him through her window. She goes running down the stairs but it’s too late. Larry shoots Brady, who falls into the pool. When Nicole gets out there screaming his name, Brady is lying face down in the pool with blood around him. Larry just says, oh oh, not Victor.

DiMera Yacht: Tony is enjoying a leisurely dinner when John sets off the fire alarm to get him out of his stateroom. As John is checking out the laser he notices a wire in the fruit basket. He clears the fruit out and sees the bomb. Just then Tony and one of his henchman come in, gun drawn. Tony threatens, John tries to warn him that his yacht is about to erupt like Mount St Helena’s, is how I think he puts it. Finally Tony decides to check it out and there is only 5 seconds left so he yells and they start running as the yacht explodes. LOL! That was so fake and cheesy looking.

Echelon: Tommy and Bo hang around outside waiting for the Brady’s SUV to show up. Hope goes inside and she gets to be the lady sitting in the chair. And yes, the short red-hair wig is back. Not really a lot with this, just hanging around waiting for the guy to show up. When he does show, he goes inside for a drink first. Tommy finds Bo’s ear piece and gives it to Hope who has been wondering why she hasn’t been able to ‘raise’ him for the past little while.

As for Cassie ‘auditioning’ for a job there, what I can say. Beyond despicable and I don’t think it merits discussion. If that entire disgusting display was to get us to clue in that all Cassie really wants is to be ‘popular’, as if we didn’t already get that, it was a waste of time.

Sami’s apartment: Sami taunts Lucas about Cassie dumping him and not being as dumb as she looks. Lucas is enraged. He tells her that even without her voice she is still a bitch. He knocks the whiteboard out of her hand and walks menacingly towards her, yelling all the time. Sami backs up and Lucas really likes having her a bit scared. He goes on and on about what a terrible person she is and he should have never agreed to joint custody. He says she drove him to drink by keeping Will anyway from him and spreading those lies about him. He tells her that when he came out of his coma she was right there telling him to die. He tells her that he will never forget or forgive her for that.

He tells her that she is a terrible mother. He rants about all of the women in the world she had to be the mother of his son. He says if he could only have one wish it would be that she wasn’t Will’s mother. She picks up the whiteboard and writes that Will loves her. He says that’s only because he doesn’t know the truth about her, her family protects him from it. But he says that will change because he’s going to tell Will all about how terrible she is. They’re going to form the I Hate Sami club and he’s going to be president and Will the Vice-President. Poor Sami’s eyes fill with tears but she does get really angry and grabs him and starts shaking him.

Lucas flashes back to her accident and tells her to stop when he notices she is bleeding. He tells her, really gently, that it’s not that bad. He doesn’t think she has to go to the hospital. He gets her to lie down and let him check. He changes the bandages and tells her he said some really horrible things to her and that he’s sorry. He says it would have been really nice to have that family dinner. As he’s leaving he writes on her board and passes it to her. After he’s gone she reads it. It says “I’m Sorry!” You can just see the confusion in her eyes. Absolutely great performs by both Bryan and Ali today.

Preview: Nicole yelling at Victor to do something for Brady. Bo kneeling in an alleyway with Jimmy pointing a gun at his head, (Tommy is there as well) and Hope driving around wishing she knew where he was. In the ship’s hold, water up to his neck, Tony is calling for John who is floating face down in the water.

Wednesday Jul 9


I really enjoyed today's show.

I loved the John/Tony scenes. As Tony has figured out who planted the bomb...he won't tell John. John tries to find a way out and Tony figures he left him. Tony takes a turn as John tells him don't forget to write. Tony's trousers get caught and John saves him...John says there is a way to get more oxygen one of them drowns (or something like that). I must admit that I did enjoy these two today.

Bope....I know I've said I'm not sure about the 'bounty hunter' storyline but anything that puts these two on my screen works..LOL. And Bo punching out Jesse well what can I say. Loved the look on Hope's and Lucas's face when they ran into each other at Echelon. Lucas thinks she's working there for the money.

Brady/Nicole/Victor....so how long until Vic figures out what is going on...LOL.

Cassie/Lucas...OK...I must admit I didn't mind Cassie today but it might have had something to do with Lucas/Bryan...he was again incredible in his scenes as he tries to explain some things to her about the guys that hang out at Echelon and 'true love.'

Maya/Shawn...first of all can I say how HOT SDB looks in his new suit...tan in color...might have been a light blue shirt...very nice tie...it works!!! Be prepared for her to be pawing at him but.......as she goes on about two girls after him one innocent, inexperienced and her...he grabs her arm and says you are no in my life like Belle is...she's it for me...I love her. Awwwwwww. He asks why she is coming on to him and she explains he's a stud muffin...(honestly I don't know how JC kept a straight face...actually he sort of laughed...LOL)he tells her that's not romantic and she says who said anything about romance...he's a little nervous and leaves as she gets a call about the boat.

The scenes between Maya/Shawn weren't that bad...even though she does put her hands in his hair...he is not at all into her.

The preview...Philip giving Belle flowers as she says that's so sweet and hugs him...he picks her up as Shawn opens the door and see them...he looks a lot upset.

Pat will fill in the rest....LOL. I hope you enjoy the show.


LOL: Jan the suit looked light grey to me but who knows and frankly who cares...tan/grey doesn't change the fact that he looks HOT!!!

I think our next campaign should be that JC has to wear a suit on the show at least one a week. My oh my…he is looking mighty fine today. I prefer the dark suits on him but hey, I’ll take the light grey. I can’t wait for the day we actually get to see Belle helping Shawn out of his suit…LOL! Enough drooling…on to the show.

Kiriakis Estate: Nicole tells Victor Brady has been shot so Vic calls 911. Nicole is leaning over Brady saying it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Nicole gives Brady mouth to mouth and when he comes to he tells them he wasn’t shot. He heard the shot and turned around and slipped, fell into the pool and hit his head. Victor asks Nicole what she meant when she said it wasn’t supposed to be this way. She says she had said so very terrible things to Brady in the past and that she really didn’t mean them. She didn’t want him to die before she could say she was sorry.

She tries to convince them that it maybe wasn’t a gun shot but Brady is convinced it was. When Abe gets there he asks Brady if anyone would want to kill him. Brady says he could think of a few. He cancelled some gigs at the Blue Note when he took over and some of the bands made threats. Abe says they’ll check them out. He wants to know if it’s possible that he wasn’t the target. Brady says if it wasn’t me, it would be Victor. Nicole makes an excuse to go in the house because Larry is calling her on her cell (must be the vibrating kind). He says that he’s in the motel. She says the plan will have to go on hold. He says no way, old Vic is too smart and will figure out that he was the target. He is going to kill him tomorrow. LOL I loved the little talks Larry had with himself when he realises that his aim was so bad that he missed.

Echelon: Lucas comes in and comes on to one of the women until she turns around and he sees its Cassie. He tells her that Tony owns the place and he’s going to call him and tell him she’s working there. She begs him not to. I love how Lucas tells her that men that come there only want one thing, ‘wham, bam thank you ma’am’ and then they go home to their girlfriends or wives. There was a lot said but this stuff with Cassie is just too pathetic and disgusting to me and I don’t even like writing about it. The stuff that was really the best was Lucas trying to explain what true love really is.

Jesse sees Hope and tells Tommy he’s sure he knows her from someplace. Tommy says she’s worked there for a long time, he probably recognizes her from the club. After all she has an unforgettable face and body. Jesse asks him if he wants to check out the SUV. Hope is wondering where Bo is and he’s actually hiding in the back of the SUV waiting for Jesse. Hope runs right into Lucas who recognizes her immediately. She makes excuses so she can take off.

LMAO at Lucas, he tells Hope that he knows Bo quit the force and if things are that tight for them, he’s willing to help them out. She follows the SUV not knowing Bo is inside.

Bo pulls a gun on Jesse who in turn holds one on Tommy. So Bo is forced to give up his gun. Jesse makes Tommy pull into a back alley and makes Bo get down on his knees. Hope sneaks into the alley with her gun drawn and sees Bo’s predicament. She distracts Jesse by turning on the bright lights and honking her horn. Bo knocks Jesse out. Bo and Hope share a few celebratory kisses.

The Yacht: Tony comes to first and sees John lying face down in the water. He lifts him up and can feel a pulse but he can tell he’s not breathing. He talks to himself about whether to save him or not. He will not give him mouth to mouth but he does get him breathing again. John dives under water to check out their situation. He comes back and says the doors are buckled, there’s no way out. Tony says he’ll try. He doesn’t come up and John dives under and saves him. Tony’s pant leg was caught. He thanks John for saving him. John tells him that there is only so much oxygen in there and they will soon black out and drown. I really liked the interaction between Tony and John today. They started dealing with the brother issue especially when Tony says we’ll have this discussion another time and John says there won’t be another time for us. Their dialogue was well scripted!

Maya’s office: Shawn is on his cell telling Phillip that everything will be okay. Shawn comes in as she’s talking on the phone about the boat. He asks her what boat? She changes the subject and asks why he’s there. He says he needs more information for the case. He gets her back to the boat but she lies to him. She is really pushing him to tell her why he really came there. He says he wants to know more about her and her work. She wants to know which he wants to know about first, her or the work. He asks where she was born and about her parents. She tells him a few things including that her mother left when she was really young and the police thought her father killed her.

She still keeps coming on to him. She says her father was lost when her mother left but nothing lasts forever. Shawn says even love. She says even love and anyone who says different is lying. She then says it must be strange for him to have two such different women in his life as she’s running her hands all over him one so sweet and innocent like Belle and then a woman like her. I loved it when he grabs her hands and he says I hate to break it to you but you’re not in my life like Belle is. He then says ‘you want to know why.’ He says it’s because Belle is it for him. He loves her. She gets a bit peeved and asks him why he’s there. He says it’s because I’m spying on you.

She bursts out laughing. He tells her he’s spying for his Uncle Mickey. He doesn’t want any surprises during the trial so he’s supposed to check for any hidden skeletons. She says there are none and asks if he has any more questions. He says he has one. He wants to know why she keeps coming on to him when she knows he has a girlfriend. That’s when she tells him that if he was on a pastry cart he would be the stud muffin. LOL! He can hardly keep himself from bursting out laughing as he says isn’t that romantic. She starts sliding her hands up his lapels but he pulls them away and says there is somewhere he has to be. Just as he’s leaving the phone rings but she waits until he’s out of the room before answering. She finds out the bomb went out and there was an explosion on the boat.

Preview: Rex, Cassie and Mimi talking about Lucas. Rex wants to know if Cassie told Lucas the truth. More of John and Tony in their ‘final’ moments. Phillip handing Belle some fresh cut flowers and her hugging him as Shawn is standing in the doorway watching…not looking very pleased either.

Sigh: It’s a thud worthy day tomorrow. That suit, that hint of five o’clock shadow and the odd flash of that ring on his finger…but prepare yourself…Maya is all over him.

Thursday Jul 10

Jan has to go out for a bit this evening so she'll catch up later. Here's my take on the show.

Rex is seriously losing it. He is so concerned about remaining a DiMera. Mimi is kissing him when he jumps up and goes to work on a new laser design. She is ticked off. He tells her that he wishes she had something else to be passionate about besides just him. She says he makes it seem like he can’t wait to get rid of her at times. She is going to leave when Cassie shows up. Rex wants to make sure she didn’t tell Lucas the truth. Mimi asks if they really intend to keep who their parents are a secret. They both say yes. Cassie says the only one who could spoil it is Dr. Rolf. Mimi blurts out that he can’t because he’s dead. Rex covers that by saying he’s dead to the DiMera’s. Rex says not to worry because his new invention will entrench him in the DiMera organization forever. He learned from Tony the importance of power. Mimi and Rex make love. Cassie is wandering the hallway…playing the ‘nobody needs me’ card.

Roman, Kate, Abe & Lexie have dinner together at Tuscany although Lexie and Kate spent most of their time talking about Sami in the ladies room. At the table Roman and Abe are talking about what having a child can do for a relationship. This I believe was all set up for when Roman and Kate find out they already share children. As for the Kate, Lexie chat about Sami, I don’t know why that was thrown in. Neither of them really care that Sami is hurt. Kate tells Lexie that Sami is doing everything she can to split up her and Roman and that she is also afraid that she is getting her hooks back into Lucas. Abe teases Roman about having a child with Kate. After Abe and Lexie leave, Roman, who I believe is just joking, tells Kate they should go back to his place to make a baby of their own. Kate totally freaks.

A lot of bonding and slow chit chat between John and Tony as they are running out of air. They do seem to bond but I don’t hear any definitive let’s bygones be bygones from either of them. Tony says the bomb was meant for him and because John was so determined to get him, he’s going to share his fate. They do agree that if they had known they were brothers all along that they might have been rivals but not enemies. I love the joke Tony makes by not stirring up Stefano now because he might be waiting for them on the other side. Out of all of that, I didn’t like one remark John made because I sure hope this is not the direction they want to take Sami. John tells Tony he was a good father and Marlena will look after Rex and Cassie. Tony says Rex will handle it but he’s worried about Cassie because he’s never seen anyone who needs love more than her. That’s when John says she’s needy, just like Sami. Nuh uh, I don’t think so. Tony is blacking out so he says, sees you on the other side and slips under the water. John is the next to go under.

Belle drops her keys as she’s carrying an armload of stuff into the loft. Phil comes to her aid. He says that even though she said she was going to move in the next day he knows her too well. LOL…she sure packed and moved a lot of stuff in the few hours since Brady said she could move in. There are boxes all over, inside and outside the apartment. Phil gives her flowers as a housewarming present and she hugs him which is when Shawn shows up. I kind of didn’t like how Belle acted like she got caught doing something wrong. Shawn also figured out she wouldn’t be able to wait to move so he expected her there and then he looks at Phil and says but he says what he didn’t expect was him.

As Belle is putting the flowers in water, Shawn tells Phil that Maya is up to something and it concerns a boat. He tells Phil that he should break into her office and check her computer files. Phillip says no. He tells Shawn to set up another date and get more information from Maya because she trusts him. Belle says I did not just hear you to tell Shawn to go out with Maya again. Shawn says, oh oh, busted. They tell her everything including the fact that Shawn has just been with Maya. Shawn also says that Phil asked him not to say anything. She says why the secrets. Phil says Maya had put her in danger a couple of times and they wanted to protect her. She reminds them that she told them she doesn’t need protecting. She asks them what happened to the three musketeers. She brings up the cave and the fact that they worked together. She says no more secrets because she learned this year what secrets could do. So they agree that they are once again the three musketeers.

Tek calls Phil and finds out he’s with Belle at the Loft. He says he has some news that concerns Belle so he’ll come there. He doesn’t want to talk in front of Shawn but Belle says she doesn’t keep any secrets from him and Phil says John okayed him as an informant on the Maya case. He tells them that Tony’s yacht blew up and there are no survivors. Belle says Tony is her uncle and then she says they have to go tell Cassie and Rex that their father is dead. Tek says Tony wasn’t the only one on the yacht. Belle says it wasn’t Cassie was it. Phillip says let me tell her. He then tells Belle he’s really sorry. She says that he is scaring her. He then says your father was on the yacht as well. Belle screams no just as the camera cuts to John sinking under the water.

Preview: Lucas telling Sami about Tony’s boat blowing up. Maya and her henchman celebrate the fact that they sent Tony to hell. Belle saying she won’t believe it, her father is not dead as Marlena comes in and hears that.

Friday Jul 11


OK here goes..........I'll let Pat fill in the details (as usual...LOL) and I'll give you my feelings about the show.

First of all I'll say it was a really good show (for the most part...LOL)

Brady/Nicole...didn't mind their scenes today as Nicole is feeling guilty about Brady. They talk a bit and 'Mr.Ed' phones...you gotta laugh as Brady
says that name sounds like a horse...he yells at him about calling so late...Nic is nervous but Larry hangs up...(no harm done)Brady says the yelling got rid of his headache....Nic phones Larry and wants to call it off but to no avail...Larry is determined to kill Vic and have Nicole.

Sami/Lucas....can he be any sweeter. He was great with her today...as she finds out about John/Tony...he holds her as she cries...is happy when
everyone is OK...helps her home after she takes her pill (I want one of those BTW...knocks her out in seconds...LOL)puts her to bed...takes her shoes off...covers her up....I love these two.

John/Tony....all OK...(no there feet did nothing for me...LOL)anyway they talk about what will happen when they get home...they shake on it...John phones Marlena...(I loved that)and he brings Tony back a chocolate bar but Tony's gone home...loved the note.

The Loft....I can't believe no one helped Marlena with her bags...I loved the scenes with Marlena/Belle...I loved how determined she was...loved how she put Philip in his place....loved her on the phone with John. Shawn doesn't want to leave Belle when she's like this...he hesitantly asks Phil to watch her...Belle is surprised he left without saying good-bye...Phil tells her he's off to see what he can find out...Phil hugs Belle...and yes
he looks like he likes it (I think)

Maya's place....Maya is scared when she finds out Tony's alive and tries to take off....Shawn overhears about the bomb and phones Phil and asks him what
to do....he knocks but Maya wants to leave...he convinces her to stay for a minute (he looks really angry before he goes into her room)....her goon
wants her to leave but Shawn convinces her to stay (he's very good at it...)she figures he's up to something and so he kisses her....now be prepared because he really kisses her...hand on the back of her head...the whole nine yards......EWWWWWWWWWW!!!next scene they are in the car as Shawn is listening to his voice mail from Belle....Maya wants to go and Shawn handcuffs her...she tries to talk him into going with her but he is pissed...finally she says turn me over to the ISA....at the loft he comes in
with her as the boys high five each other....she comes on to Tek....throws her arms around Shawn and kisses him (one for the road)it's not long as
Shawn is repulsed and pushed her away...as Phil takes her away you see Belle in the background a little chocked I think.

All in all a good show (except for the kiss)but Shawn only did it to keep her from guessing what was going on....did he enjoy it...hard to say but he definately didn't pull back (all in the line of duty).

Pat will give you more detail.......



Can I just say EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Damn that kiss…but it was just EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Make no mistake, it was a full-blown kiss and Shawn initiates it. I need time to recover; I’ll get back to it.

Lucas and Sami were a joy to watch again today. He’s just about to take a drink when Sami knocks on the door. After he hides the bottle he lets her in. She wants him to call Will at camp. He says they can only call once a day and they’ve already called besides it past lights out. He says he misses him too. He gets a call about the yacht. He tells her that both Tony and John were on it. He’s so good with her, holding her and letting her cry. He says he knows she is only crying for John because he’s sure she would have liked to be there to watch Tony go. She gets mad at him for that and he apologises again. She takes her medication which makes her extremely drowsy. He helps her back to her apartment and tucks her in. She’s clutching Will’s baseball glove as he stands over her watching her sleep.

Nicole brings Brady a glass of brandy to help him sleep and she wants to check up on him. Brandy for someone that was knocked unconscious…hmmm. He can’t understand why anyone would try to kill him. She can’t either but she’s really happy that he’s okay. Henderson brings the phone and says “Mr. Ed” is calling. Brady takes the phone and starts yelling at the guy for phoning so late. Larry hangs up. After Nicole leaves Brady’s room she calls Larry and tells him the hit is off. He tells her that it’s too late. He wants Victor dead and her in his bed. He tells her to meet him tomorrow or else.

LOL! You’ll love the opening scenes with John and Tony…for anyone that stays completely spoiler free you might actually believe that they are dead. They show two sets of feet on hospital gurneys, the doctor closes the curtain and is holding two sealed brown envelopes, one with the name Black, the other DiMera. The next shot, the doctor pulls back the curtain and they’re both lying there with the hands folded over their chest. The doctor puts his hand on John’s forehead, cue the music, and his eyes pop open. To make a long story short…they do make peace with one another. All John asks is that none of the stuff that he does touch his family and that he stays within the murky confines of the law. As John is filling out his paperwork, Tony leaves. John finds a note that says see you back home brother.

Back at the apartment Belle is calling her mother. Marlena is on her way into Belle’s apartment with her arms full so she can’t answer her cell. She opens the door and sees Belle’s face and drops the bags. Belle runs into her arms. Marlena notices that Tek and Phil are there and she wants to know what the bad news is that Belle has. Tek tells her about the explosion. Marlena is adamant that John survived. She tells Belle he has survived much worse and she would know if he was gone.

Shawn talks to Phillip and wonders if John could still be alive. Phillip says that Marlena is just in denial. Marlena calls him on that saying that isn’t his field. She told him that John was with the ISA when he was still a kid. Phil apologises. Then Shawn figures out that it was Maya and tells Phil that he hates to leave Belle but he has to get to Maya. He tells Phil to look after her. He slips out and then Belle notices he’s gone. Phillip tells her he left to see if he could get more information. John calls Marlena’s cell. All are very relieved that he is alive.

At first Maya and Sal are celebrating Tony’s demise
until Sal gets a call telling him that DiMera and his crew were rescued by the coast guard. Maya starts panicking and tells Sal to call the airport and get the jet fuelled. She grabs her suitcase and is throwing the stuff into it. Just as they’re going to leave Shawn knocks on the door. She opens the door but doesn’t let him in.

She tells him she is leaving and their time is past. He says it’s never too late. Oh god, he really lays it on thick and that voice…well let’s just say, I would gladly miss my plane if he would lean up against a door jamb and corner me and talk in that voice…wait, where am I…oh yeah, spoiler report. She tells him the next time an older woman comes on to him he shouldn’t say no. He says he was a little slow on the uptake. He follows her into the room and takes her hands when she says she’s leaving. He tells her that he wants to be alone with her as he moves in closer. She tells Sal that she’ll meet him at the airport. She leads Shawn to the bed and he says not here. He has a surprise for her, his car is outside. She wants to know what he’s up to…she gets suspicious. So he says just this and buries his hand in her hair and kisses her. And I do mean kisses her…a deep, desperate, passionate (I choose to wear rose-coloured glasses and say the passion is anger) kiss. Unfortunately we’re not spared anything…very good view of the kiss.

They’re in his car when he checks his messages. Belle had called and told him that John was alive and she wanted him to come back. He says thank god. Maya is peeved that he had to check the messages and he tells her that he didn’t want them to be interrupted. She wants to know where he’s taking her. He cuffs her and tells her that she has two choices, Tony’s place or the ISA. Now, I have to give this woman credit because she comes up with a third choice. She says why don’t we get on the jet, fly to a remote island and she would make all his boyish fantasies come true and even some he hadn’t thought of and that she would even keep the cuffs on the entire time. LMAO! He says she’s wasting his time. She says she’ll take her chance with the ISA.

He brings her to the loft and tells Tek and Phillip that he overheard her saying that she had a bomb planted on Tony’s yacht. Of course she flirts with both Tek and Phil and then she turns to Shawn and says how about one for the road. She slips her handcuffed hands around his neck and kisses him. Now this is more like it, he flings her hands off of him and says what are you doing? Tek and Phillip think it’s funny but Belle looks a little ticked off.

Preview: Jack and Jen and the ITH segment with the sex therapist. Tony is yelling at Cassie about something and Cassie making a not too subtle threat about moving out. John questions Maya about the bomb.

Monday Jul 14

Jan's take on things:

Well ladies it's Friday and it's sunny who could ask for more....I could, a little Shelle romance...LOL.

J&J....we are In the House and can I say that even though I love J&J they need something else and for some reason I got the sense that this show is taking a turning point as Jack says he is going to start booking the guests...and he talks about he journalistic nature...can we hope that we get something more that fluff for these two!!

Rimi....wake up in bed (now maybe I'm wrong but how many teenage boys are allowed to have their g/f's sleep over let alone have a shower with them)...anyway..Rex gets a really bad headache...snaps at Mimi and she goes to take off...he convinces her to stay and she heads up to take a shower where he joins her...after the shower he starts throwing things around and Mimi looks a little nervous and upset by it...(OK...EW looks pretty good in the towel..LOL)

Philip/Maya/John....Maya coming onto Philip as she says something about loving Belle...he says she's a friend...she says that he's upset that she's in love with Shawn and the only way to get over a woman is to make love with another woman and she kisses him...John walks in as Maya comes onto him...when he brings up the 'goop' she gets very nervous. John comes down on Phil and orders him to do the paperwork as he goes off to meet Belle.

Tony/Cassie...Tony comes down on her for working at Echelon and she gets upset and goes to the station where she runs into Phil...and doesn't come onto him.

The pub...Bope and Zach eating breakfast...be prepared ladies as she puts whip cream on her finger and he sucks it off...THUD. Bo sees the article about Shawn...outside Shelle are walking up as he comments on the way she acted last night....with the kiss...she says she kissed you and she's in jail...he says he won't keep secrets from her and tells her about the kiss...he says it wasn't like that...her comment her lips on you means a kiss....as he kisses her (bad camera angle..LOL)and says he loves her. They go into the pub as Hope rushes out and hugs him...they want him to explain but Belle does it quite well...Shawn looks a little uncomfortable with the little digs she gets in...LOL. They talk about the 'goop' you can tell Bo is excited about finding out what it is...they talk about what happend with Larry and Belle says she still wakes up sometimes at night having trouble breathing and that it was too close (major foreshadowing I do believe) (love how Shelle are holding hands as she's saying all this...he tells them how her worries about his parents...as Bo moves his head towards Belle and says you should be thinking about her...he says he always thinks about her as he takes her hand and kisses it...John walks in and hugs Belle...then sees Shawn and says he's proud of him as Phil overhears it...John then blasts Phil again...Belle comes over to see if he's OK...she knows her father...Shawn comes over to get Belle and they ask him to come with them..he says no and they leave with Belle saying do you think we'll see him as much now...she looks at Phil as they leave like she's worried about him or feels sorry for him...Phil calls Cassie to come over to get her compact...Bope decide to find out about the 'goop.

Now I would have liked some Shell romance but they are together...foreshadowing I believe with Belle getting hurt and Phil being involved as John says to Maya no one goes after my 'family'.

Just my thoughts.


Pat's view of the show:

The scenes at the pub with Bo, Hope and Zach at the very beginning and then the ones with Bope and Shelle were great today but I just really couldn’t get into the rest of the show today at all.

Rex and Mimi: Why does Mimi put up with him? Is the sex that good? They wake up in his bed and mention that they really didn’t sleep much…hmmm, I wonder what they were doing and why does this picture of rabbits pop into my head? He gets a really bad headache and starts picking at Mimi so she leaves. She tells Tony that she can’t find aspirin and Rex needs some. He comes running down the stairs begging her not to go. She gives in and they shower together. I know that shower scenes are so supposed to be passionate and sexy as hell, but I just don’t see it when I watch these two. But I will say EW has the upper body for shower scenes...LOL! When she comes out of the shower, Rex is in a rage ripping up his designs for the laser.

Tony forbids Cassie to work at Echelon because it’s degrading to the DiMera name and too women. She throws back the fact that he owns it. They argue more but the root of the problem is that he keeps bringing up his near death experience and how it’s changed him. He goes on and on about being a better father and wanting to help her with her problems like fathers should. And of course she knows he’s not her father.

At the police station, Phillip is trying to interrogate Maya as she is coming on to him. She throws Belle up in his face, the fact that he loves her but she loves Shawn. She then tells him the only way to forget Belle is to sleep with another woman so she throws her arms around him and plants a kiss on him just as John comes in. She tries the femme fatale act with John but gets nowhere. He tells her that he doesn’t take kindly to anyone who tries to hurt him or any member of his family. She demands her lawyer so John and Phil leave the interrogation room. John tells Phil to file the paperwork and Phil is not too happy.

Phil runs into Cassie who is at the police station to give a statement on her solicitation charges. He teases her about not flirting with him like she does every other guy in Salem. She starts to cry and says you think I’m a slut…duh? She tells him that she won’t ever flirt with him again. He looks at her kind of strange. They had literally run into each other so he had helped pick up the stuff from her purse. After she leaves he sees her compact on the floor and later on calls her from the pub and tells her he has it and to meet him there. Strange how he had her number on speed dial on his cell…like…why????

Jack and Jen’s In The House segment…I’m sorry but Jack is looking just as disgusted and bored with the show as we are. They make mincemeat out of this woman that’s supposed to be a qualified sex therapist and her little Jack and little Jen dolls. They end up throwing her off the show. Jack laments the fact that he’s a journalist used to hard hitting news. He says he will book the guest from now on. They end up making love on the very same couch that they sit on during their show…I wonder if the viewers know they do that? LOL!

Bo, Hope and Zach are having breakfast when Bo starts reading the article about Shawn being credited with the arrest of international jewel thief Maya Liano. Hope grabs the paper from him. Outside the pub Shawn and Belle are walking towards the entrance holding hands. He says he’s so proud of her for not freaking out last night when Maya kissed him. She says it helps that she’s in jail now and it’s not you kissed her. He says ummm…actually he did kiss her last night. Not because he wanted to but it was the only thing he could think of to do because she was getting suspicious of him. He tells her it meant to him. He then gives her a little peck on the lips and says he loves her. She smiles at him and they go outside.

His mom and dad are so proud of the hero. He tries to make light of it. They want to know how he got involved. He says he met Maya throw his work with Mickey. Belle pipes in and says and she had a real thing for him. She teases him quite a bit. Bo doesn’t think that the stolen diamonds are really Tony’s style. Belle mentions the ‘goop’ in the vial. Bo looks really interested in that and Hope and Shawn both know what that look in his eye means. They talk about the bounty hunting business and Hope mentions the stuff in the garage with the carbon monoxide poisoning brought back memories of Larry. She asks Belle if she still thinks about that. She says she has dreams the odd time and wakes up gasping for air. She says girl power is okay but she doesn’t want to ever be placed in a situation like that again – so we all know what that means.

Bo says maybe Shawn should join them in the bounty hunting business and Hope kicks him saying she doesn’t want him in danger. He says and what about you two. He has to worry about them both. Bo says don’t you have other things to worry about and he looks at Belle. He says you should be worrying about having some fun. Shawn takes Belle’s hand and kisses it and says he is thinking about her all the time. John comes in and congratulations Shawn. Shawn tries to brush it off but John says he stepped up when needed and that he is very proud of him.

Phil hears all this and then John asks to speak to him alone. John tells him he’s not cut out for the ISA. Phil is kind of uppity with John which isn’t really going to endear him to John. I loved when John has the last word and calls him “PK”. Belle notices Phil alone and goes to him. She asks if he is okay because she knows her Dad expects a lot from people. She says she’ll talk to her dad for him if he wants. He says no. Shawn comes over and asks Belle if she is ready to leave. She asks Phil if he wants to join them. He says no. Shawn makes a remark that he doesn’t want to spend time with his friends, he’s crushed. As they are walking out, Belle looks back and says now that our adventure with Phillip is over we probably won’t be seeing that much of him. Shawn says, things change. Like we should be that lucky…

Preview: Lucas telling Sami she is making a big mistake. Cassie telling Tony she hates him. Larry dressed in disguise telling Nicole that Victor is going to die tonight.

Tuesday Jul 15

Jan hasn't had a chance to watch the show as yet so here's my thoughts on todays episode.

All I can say after watching the show today is that it’s a real shame that Cassie and Phil are half-siblings because they are made for each other. Both have this knack of blaming everyone else for the trouble in their lives and both, when cornered, choose to attack.

I am beyond sick of Cassie’s character. I’m so sick of this poor, poor me. Nobody loves me and I need all these men so I feel a sense of self-worth. I have to give it to Phil when she told him the men at Echelon made her feel wanted and gave her that sense of self-worth, he told her she was more screwed up than he thought.

Cassie was in attack mode from the get go. The condescending attitude she used on Phil who, in his own way was actually trying to help her, was uncalled for. He tells her that as long as she counts on the DiMera name and her father to get her out of scrapes, she’ll never feel worthy. She then goes in and interrupts John and Marlena. I’m not even going to go into the Marlena and Cassie scenes. That Marlena would let her talk to her like that and then be the one that apologises is something I don’t even begin to understand. I’ll let you watch and be the judge. I personally don’t understand why everyone takes this crap from her.

While Cassie and Marlena talk, John dresses down Phillip. He tells Phil that if he ever works again he can’t involve civilians. He then says that it was a civilian, Shawn Brady that actually took down Maya. He says he tried to stop Belle but John won’t listen to his explanations. So Phillip turns it around and asks if they have stopped investigating Tony DiMera because he’s John’s half brother. John reminds him that he is his superior.

Before the interruption by Cassie and Phil, John and Marlena shared a sweet reunion in the Brady pub. When he tells her that he’s ended his feud with Tony she laughs. She says she knows its just a ploy to nail Tony once and for all. He finally convinces her that the feud with the DiMera’s is over. He tells her that he is still ISA but he’s not going to carry his personal hatred around anymore. He never has been able to pin anything on Tony because he operates just within the law. He says its too hard to try and be his brothers moral compass.

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole spits out her orange juice when Victor tells Brady that he’s hiring a top private investigator to find out who tried to kill him. Victor wants to know why that shocks her. She says she didn’t hear what he said she was just being her normal klutzy self. She sees Larry outside and goes out to meet him.

He tells her that he is not going to try and kill Victor on the grounds of the estate again. He tells her to do whatever she can to get him out in public.
She says she’ll be working at the Blue Note so he tells her to get him there.

Brady and Nicole are discussing the activities for the bicentennial. Brady goes to check the sound system. While he’s gone Nicole phones Victor and guilt’s him into coming to the club to be there for Brady. She tells him that Brady picked all the music and made sure to include his mother’s favourite song. She then phones Larry and tells him that Victor will be there.

The first scene between Sami and Lucas has her under the covers and him above the covers in bed together. He rolls over and wraps his arm around her. I think its her that has the dream about him saying he loves her. She wakes up and startles him. She wants to know what he is doing in her bed. He says it was because of the drugs she took and it’s a good thing Will wasn’t around to see this. She pushes him out of bed. He says all you had to do was ask and then says, oh, that’s right you can’t talk.

There’s a knock on the door and it’s Tony. He wants to know if he’s interrupting anything because Lucas is all dishevelled and Sami is in pj’s. Lucas explains and Sami writes Tony a note…are you alright, not that I care. LOL! He says his last thought when he went under the water was of her. Lucas is not looking happy but you can tell by Sami’s eyes that she is plotting something. Tony says that John and he had ended their feud. Both Sami and Lucas have a hard time believing that but he tells a near death experience changes a person’s perspective on things. He says he’s a changed man.

He wants a second chance at a friendly relationship with Sami because he admires her. He asks her out to dinner. (Oh yeah, a bouquet of flowers was delivered. Tony says they are from him. Before he left on his trip he had placed an order to have flowers delivered daily.) She accepts. Lucas follows Tony asks and wants to know what he is up to. Tony says he’s jealous which Lucas denies. He says that he’s worried about her health. It’s too soon for her to be going out.

Lucas goes back in and tells her not to go. He says you’re accepting jewellery, flowers and dinner dates from him, what do you think he expects? Sami just gives him the look. He apologises and says he’s just worried about her. I really loved the looks between them at this point and Tony is right. Lucas can deny it until the Nile runs dry, but he is jealous.

Back at the mansion, Tony shows Cassie the sales contract. He says she was right for saying he was a hypocrite by owning a club that he didn’t want her to work in. He tells her that a condition of the sale was that she couldn’t work there. He says he’s no longer a hypocrite and she no longer has a job. She says there are other clubs, he reminds her that he owns a phone. She tells him she hates him and she doesn’t want a father like him as she flounces out of the room.

I will admit, I'm having a real hard time figuring out the time-line here. Sami gets ready right after Tony leaves, Phillip and Cassie are in the same clothes, so I take it that it's still the same day and Sami took that pill when. Something is screwy but they couldn't phone Will because it was after lights out yet way would Sami be dressing to go out for dinner if it was the first thing in the morning...LOL

Preview: Sami and Tony sharing a romantic supper outside in the park. Kate and Phillip sitting on a park bench and Kate saying there is a woman in his life and it is Belle Black. Now I don’t know if this is a fantasy but Lucas is telling Sami he loves her so I’m assuming one of them is daydreaming.

Wednesday Jul 16

Jan's thoughts:

Well ladies what can I say...the triangle is starting but I felt a little better after watching the show today.

Lumi......I love these two...Lucas just goes off on her and her expressions are just perfect. There is a knock on the door and it's Lucas apologizing..he tells her he loves her...and he knows she loves him..they kiss and damn Sami's having a daydream. Tony phones and tells her he is on his way over.

DiMansion....Vic shows up as he and Victor discuss their business dealings...Tony talks about his children and asks how Vic dealt with Bo (now I'm pretty sure that Tony has not changed one bit....just a feeling...LOL) Lucas shows up and Tony tells him he sold Echelon because of Cassie..he wants to know if Lucas knew she was working there but he gets out of it...he tells Tony he'll see what he can find out about what Maya is saying.

The park...Kate sees Philip and she keeps on about him having feelings for someone. She figures it's Belle and tells him that she always thought they'd be perfect for each other...he reminds her that Belle and Shawn love each other...that they are friends and then goes on about Billie and Bo...Kate is ticked as she figures everyone else has forgiven her yet he brings it up...he's a lot like Victor. She mentions him taking over Titat but he says that is Brady's thing.

Shelle....Shawn at the pier throwing baseballs as Roman shows up...Shawn says something about Belle seeing another guy..Phil. Roman asks if they are dating other people...Shawn says no it's just he's been busy and hasn't had time...Roman then questions him about Maya and he says he just happened upon it...Roman knows there is more to it and figures he's a lot like Bo (Shawn has left to phone Belle).
Belle is at the Blue Note to see Brady...she tells him that Shawn and her have no plans...he asks if they are OK...she says yes...tells him about Shawn's adventure with a gorgeous woman and how can she compete..Brady says she can't. That she doesn't have to...Shawn loves and chose her...she says she talked to Shawn and he told her that it didn't mean anything...Brady tells her to trust in Shawn but that he doesn't deserve her...and tells her how beautiful she is inside and out...Shawn phones and wants to meet her...(loved his facial expressions while he is talking to her). Belle runs into Phil and asks if he's seen Shawn...he says no. Belle is sort of out of sorts...says something about women coming onto Shawn...Phil asks her if she is going to sleep with Shawn to keep him...she tells him it's personal and between her and Shawn...he says they share everything she can talk to him...he wants to know if Shawn is pressuring her to sleep with him...she says he wouldn't do that...Phil says no man would who loves someone and to trust in Shawn. He goes on about her qualities and she says you sound like Brady but then you've always been like a brother to me...(Phil doesn't look happy)she give him a kiss on the cheek as Shawn shows up and says I can't leave you two alone for a minute what are your head together for now...Phil says she was talking about you she always is...Shawn basically tells him to leave as Phil says I don't blame you...Shelle leave as he tells her to trust him...Phil is watching. Kate sees the three of them and hopes they will be OK.

Nicole getting ready for Larry to kill Vic...she is really nervous.

Not a bad show...but you know the triangle is starting...that's about it...Pat will pick up the slack...LOL.

Pat's thoughts:

LMAO at Lucas telling Sami that men call her date with Tony a ‘pity’ date. He’s really angry and tells her that Tony is dating her because of his guilt. (LOL...Lucas you're worried about the wrong person, I get the distinct impression that Sami is playing Tony not the other way around). He tells her to go ahead and sell herself short. He throws the famous GWTW line…you know, ‘frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’. He says when she gets her voice back she’ll revert to being a shrew again and then he leaves, slamming the door behind him.

She fantasizes that Lucas comes back and tells her that he wants to go out with her. In her daydream he says he loves her and that he knows she loves him too. They kiss. Good lord, his voice and their fantasy kisses…I can’t wait for the real thing.

Tony calls and tells her to dress casually so she goes and changes. Lucas is over at Tony’s and Tony tells him he is selling Echelon. He then asks Lucas if he knew that Cassie was working there. Lucas lies. He tells Tony he’ll see what he can find out about what Maya is telling the authorities. He sets up a meeting with Mickey but Mickey is on to him. He warns him about working for Tony. He also mentions that Maggie is worried about him, she’s his sponsor and he never calls. Lucas sees Tony and Sami in the park and sees the picnic that Tony has spread out for her. He daydreams about being with Sami on that blanket, kissing her.

Kate meets up with Phil in the park and asks him if he has a date. He says no. She wants to know if he was going to date if he had someone in mind. He says he doesn’t have time, it wouldn’t be fair to the woman. He brings up being a Marine as opposed to working at Titan. She says his dad would want him there but he says he has other priorities. She says she knows he has a woman in mind and she knows who it is and it’s Belle Black. He says that Belle is Shawn Brady’s girlfriend. She says she thinks that Belle and him are perfect for each other.

He says just the way you thought Billie was perfect for Bo. She is hurt that he threw that in her face. She says that’s the same thing Victor would do, turn things around and put her on the defensive. She says he’s just like him and Victor would be so proud.

Victor comes over to Tony’s angry and accusing Tony of double-crossing him. Tony says Maya tried to kill him, she was playing them both. Victor wants to know what else besides diamonds the two of them were into. He figures she had to have some reason for wanting him dead. Tony gives the ‘I am a changed man’ speech again. Victor is glad he didn’t die because he likes a little bit of healthy competition.

Larry and Nicole meet up in the park. After they finalise the plan he kisses her and tells her that’s a taste of things to come. After she leaves him she says she would rather die than let him touch her again. She goes back to the Blue Note and spars with Brady. Larry calls and says he’s all set. Brady wants to know who’s calling her and why they are so interested in when his grandfather is going to get there. Love the ‘horse whinny’ sound Larry keeps making on the phone. Victor calls Brady and says he’s on his way.

Shawn is on the pier throwing baseballs again. Roman comes along and asks him what if he and Belle are going to the Bicentennial celebration. He says he doesn’t know so Roman asks if they are having problems. He says no its just that he wants to come up with something really special. He says they need some alone time because she’s been spending a lot of time with another man and he’s been spending a lot of time with another woman. Roman is surprised to hear that they’re dating other people. Shawn says no, Belle has been spending a lot of time with Phillip because he’s been working for Mickey and Maya was Mickey’s client.

Roman wants to know how Shawn figured out that Maya was involved in the smuggling ring and with trying to have Tony killed. Shawn just says he found out by accident and brushes it off. He says he has to go find Belle. After he leaves, Roman shrugs off his story...he knows that Shawn didn’t tell him everything. He comments that he is getting more like his dad every day.

Belle meets up with Brady at the Blue Note. He tells her to reserve a table for the evening because the place will be packed. He says he knows he’s not exactly Shawn’s favourite person and she says she hopes that the owner would invite her. He asks if she has plans with Shawn and she says no. She brings up all her insecurities about not being able to compete with women like Maya. He tells her that she doesn’t have to that Shawn loves her just the way she is. She says so he says but what else is he going to say, he wouldn’t want to hurt her. Brady says and lying to you wouldn’t hurt you? He then tells her (and I did like this part…) that Shawn is not good enough for her. She says you’re my brother you have to say that. He says no anyone that sees the two of you together would say that. WTF…where is that coming from?

Her cell phone rings and it’s Shawn. Okay, ladies THUD ALERT on that voice…Jesus, when he says ‘Are you thinking about me?’…hell, I stopped thinking, well, thinking coherently anyways. He tells her to meet her him in the park by the bandstand. She gets there and runs into Phillip and asks if he has seen Shawn. He says no. He says he’s sorry if he caused any problems for them because of the whole ISA thing. She says she understands how Shawn got sucked in by Maya. Phillip says what do you mean sucked in? She says he says it didn’t mean anything but.”

Phillip tells her that Shawn loves her. She says she loves him too. But she has to face facts – there will always be woman that find Shawn attractive. She tells Phillip that there are different kinds of love. Shawn and her are best friends but seeing him with Maya brought out the fact the physical part of a relationship is important as well. He asks her if she is thinking of sleeping with Shawn to keep him interested. (He brings that up…not her…thank god). She tells him that she won’t talk to him about that. It’s personal and besides it’s between her and Shawn. He plays the ‘we always tell each other everything card’. He asks her if Shawn is pressuring her to sleep with him. She says of course not but she says a lot of other women don’t have her hang-ups about sex before marriage. He says they’re not hang-ups and lists all the things he admires about her and tells her to stop being so insecure. She hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. Shawn shows up and says what do you two have planned now and comments that they are always together.

Phillip says she was talking about you…that’s all she ever talks about. Shawn asks him if the Marine Corps doesn’t need him for anything. Belle says Shawn…but Phillip says it’s okay, he would do the same thing. He leaves them alone and Belle wants to know what Shawn has planned for them. He takes her hand and says she’ll see as Phillip watches them walk off together.

After watching today’s show I get the sense that it’s going to be Belle’s insecurities and self-doubt that cause problems for her and Shawn. Maybe Phil and Cassie will use that to come between them, who knows. I get the feeling that Shawn is totally committed to her. He also realises that Phil has feelings for Belle.

Preview: Nicole running out to try and prevent Larry from shooting Victor. Cassie saying to Phillip that the whole time he was sitting there in the park with her he was thinking of Belle. Bo and Hope on the hospital rooftop having a private celebration.

Thursday Jul 17

Jan will add her thoughts after I post. Here's mine:

Aren’t we lucky…we get Phillip, Cassie, Rex and Mimi on screen today. Oh joy of joys.

Thank god for Bo and Hope. Hope looks gorgeous! I love Bo’s nick name for Zach “tiny man”. They’re building and Hope has just come back from a Horton Foundation meeting when Shane calls. Hope tells Bo that the ISA has figured out what the goop is. Bo says they got to come up with a better name for it. He wonders how they’ll be able to figure out what it is if the ISA lab can’t. She says we start with a hypothesis and work to prove it. She says what would be valuable to Maya in her line of work. Bo says carbon to use for carbon-dating stuff and Hope says and carbon and diamonds fit and diamonds are her second line of work.

I love the flirting between those two. Bo says he has a surprise for her and he already has a babysitter. She wants to know if they can stay at home. He says not if she wants to know what the surprise is. He takes her up to the hospital rooftop to watch the fireworks. He has a romantic table for two all set up. They have a class of wine and wonder if 200 years their great, great, (many times over) grandchildren will be looking back. Bo says ‘forever is forever.’

Nicole is extremely jumpy and irritable and Brady wants to know what is going on. She says she had to argue with Manny about who the best table should be reserved for. She wants it for Victor. She goes outside and Larry calls her over. Victor is in the limo on his way over. Brady comes outside and asks her what is wrong. She says she’s nervous. After he goes back in Larry says oh I see it the grandson is getting it all and I’m not. LOL …she says Brady is only interested in one person, himself.

Victor is still on his way, but delayed because of traffic. He tells his limo driver to call someone and make sure lilies are delivered to his wife. He wants this to be a night she won’t forget. When she gets them she asks Brady if he set them. Brady says no and she looks at the card and sees that they are from Victor. Brady says he probably sent them to wish her luck. She says no he doesn’t want me working here, he sent them to mess with my head. Of course, Brady has no clue what’s she’s talking about. She covers by saying she is stressed out because she wants everything to be perfect. Victor calls to tell Nicole that he is just pulling into the parking lot. Brady asks if everything is alright. She says no and heads outside with Brady following. Victor gets out of the car and Brady sees someone standing in the bushes pointing a gun. Larry fires just as Brady takes off in that direction.

Cassie is sitting on a blanket in the park when Phil comes and asks her what she has in the back pack. She won’t tell at first. She talks about not having her job at Echelon anymore and Phillip says good because she is too innocent to work there. He also says he hopes she doesn’t hold the fact that he chose Belle over her on Love is Blind. Back on the topic of men she says she’ll stick with Roger and pulls out a stuffed rabbit.

She then tells Phillip about growing up in a lab and how there were animals there in a cage as well. She then shrugs it off and says I’m sure you didn’t have a perfect childhood either. Rex and Mimi come along and she stuffs the bear back in the backpack and begs Phil not to tell anyone.

Mimi is sitting on a park bench having flashbacks of Rex. He shows up and she says she can’t take it anymore. One minute he is all loving and the next he doesn’t know that she exists. She says he doesn’t respect her and won’t let her be there for him. He says he does need her in fact he doesn’t know if he could make it without her. He says he keeps thinking about how John first thought he was programmed to murder and it’s the not knowing that he can’t handle.

He tells her that he does respect and he wants to be like her. He says he loves her and she says she loves him to. He asks her to go rollerblading. Rex talks to Cassie questioning her about what she is doing with Phil. – Mimi talks to Phillip to find out what he is doing with Cassie. Phil says he ran into and that she is vulnerable. Mimi asks Phil and Cassie to join them but Cassie snaps at her. Mimi and Rex start arguing about Phil and Rex gets really angry. Mimi says she is not having any fun and doesn’t want to be with him when he likes this. Mimi says he needs help that she can’t give him. She says he needs to see a medical doctor. He agrees and they’re all lovey-dovey again. Sheesh…she needs to make a statement and then stick with it.

Cassie asks Phil if there’s any hope for her or will Roger be her only friend. He tells her that guys don’t like a bitch. She says maybe she’ll dye her hair blonde like Belle because she isn’t having any fun. He tells her she is beautiful as she is. She says the entire time you’ve been with me, you’ve been thinking about Belle. He says Belle is his friend and Shawn’s girlfriend. He says he knows why she brought up Belle. It’s because Belle was nice to her and she ruined that and doesn’t know how to take it back. He wants to know why he can’t be friends with the both her and Belle. In the end she says he should just treat her like a sister.

Preview: Rex and Mimi arguing because Rex was rude to Kate and Roman. Roman telling Kate that there is something about that boy that just sets him on edge. Bo and Hope having dinner on the hospital roof talking about the mystery substance. Brady yelling at this grandfather to get down as he runs toward Larry, the gun going off and I think it’s Brady lying on the ground.

Friday Jul 18

Jan's Spoiler...

Rimi....at the park as they start making out and Kate/Roman see them (Rex has another headache)after he's rude to them Mimi gets upset at the way he acted and he takes off. You don't see them again until the last scene when they are watching the fireworks.

Philip/Cassie....a little more self pity coming from Cassie as she talks to Philip...Kate sees them and goes off on Phil for being with her...calls her a slut I believe...Phil tells her to leave he'll hang out with whoever he wants to...he goes back to Cassie and apologizes to her for his mother as Cassie says she's right I am a 'pyscho slut'. Phil says you're not...we see them wathing the fireworks.

Rate....they basically walk around the park running into everyone with him complaining about Rex and her complaining about Cassie/Philip.

Vic/Nic/Brady...Brady pushes Vic out of the way. Larry steals a car and takes off with Brady & Nicole after him...(in a limo yet..LOL) Abe is there and tells Vic the shot was aimed at him. Vic wanders who put a hit out on him as we see Nic/Brady chasing down Larry...the show ends with Larry losing control.

Bope...on top of the roof having chocolate cake. Bo goes on about the goop as Hope tells him that's enough..(I love these two). They sit down to watch the fireworks as they talk about their boys and parents. He says I wonder if Ma knows chocolat is an aphrodisiac (he has trouble pronouncing it...too cute)Hope says your Mom...definately. They cuddle and watch the fireworks.

Now have you been waiting for the last group....LOL.

Shelle/Jarlena....Shelle exchanging gifts...she give him a shirt..he wants to know if he should put it on (DUH...of course you should how else can we see the chest)he wonders if it will fit...she giggles and says I hope it's too small...it fits perfectly as she says good thing Maya's in jail. He tells her it doesn't matter where she is...she apologizes she is insecure..he says don't be...she notices a couple making out and says something...Shawns says that's sweet as John pipes up about being old. Shawn covers Belle's eyes and hides his head as John and Marlena are laughing. Belle says she didn't expect to see her parents making out...John says it's better than fighting. Jarlena want them to stay and Shelle finally say yes...they have some sparkling cider as Marlena toasts her hero and Shawn...Belle comments on Maya only wanting Shawn's hot bod...and then starts opening her mouth (can we say open mouth insert foot). John and Shawn are just sharing looks as Shawn says I'm going for a walk...John says yep and Marlena orders them to sit down...Belle keeps putting her foot in it as Marlena asks if Shawn knew about it...he says yes but what could I do...Marlena says phone her mother...Belle says if it wasn't for Shawn I would have been toast...Marlena is getting more distressed as Belle says she swam to shore and Dad brought her clothes...Marlena wants to talk to John alone...Shawn questions Belle about what she was wearing...he says and you were giving it to me about Maya...she says we are even...John tells Marlena that if Belle wants to 'spy' she's grounded for 25 years..and they hug. The last scene is Shelle laying on the blanket sharing a kiss (we don't see a lot of it)with Jarlena in the forefront hugging...Shawn lifts himself up on his arms and gives Belle a kiss on the cheek.

I absolutely loved the scenes today with Jarlena/Shelle...it was vintage John and Marlena. But you have to check out all the facial expresssion from all of them...priceless. Perfect together and I loved it. I also loved the Bope scenes.

Now as for Shawn...he looked might fine without the shirt...boxers peeking out of his jeans...5 o'clock shadow...and in case I forgot to mention.....sandals.

Tuesday Jul 22


They stroll into the park (Shawn is carrying Belle's purse...the lunchbox)and Shawn comments about so much for being alone...Belle mentions her parents as Shawn says do you see mine...she says no and they go in for a kiss...Rex throws something at them as Mimi says get a room....Cassie/Phil show up and Rex goes off on Cassie...Belle says maybe we should go to the loft...Shawn says what about our romantic night...Belle says we can have both...he says as long as everyone leaves early...he goes in for another kiss as Phil says break it up...Shawn turns and says some friend you are....they are at the loft as Shelle are putting away groceries (how cute!!) Phassie are looking for cd's and Rex is storming around...Mimi says I can't believe I'm living here and that Belle asked me, she wants to show him around...Rex starts going off on Cassie/Phil....Shelle in the 'kitchen' as Belle says what do you think about Cassie/Phil...he says I'm only thinking about one thing....a girl with 'big blue eyes' as he nibbles on her neck.(and she tells him it tickles)...THUD....Shelle want to know what's going on....Belle starts talking about something to do...as Cassie wants to know where the booze is...Belle says if you want to drink leave, Cassie says I'm not going anywhere....Belle tells them about this major marketing idea she came up with...the top 25 dancers in the States win something from BB...Shawn asks if they are judges...she says no competitors and shows them the dance machine. They take turns dancing...Rimi first...Shelle next...they were cute while doing it...when they are finished he pulls Belle in for a kiss...Phassie next....Phil and Belle 'win' as Phil picks her up and hugs her...she sort of looks at Shawn and seems a little uncomfortable...as he is a little po'd....Shelle talk about Cassie/Phil both with different opinions....Rex is still upset about Cassie/Phil....Cassie is trying to get Phil to agree to let her help him get Belle...(he is definatley considering it)...Shelle trying to get everyone to leave.(not subtle at all...LOL) Rimi figure they want to be alone and Mimi tells them to have fun...Cassie is still trying to get Phil to let her 'help' him..as they again go in for a kiss and start giggling as Phil looks on.

All in all not a bad show with them...nothing romantic but a lot of touches as he is constantly holding her while watching everyone dance...and a kiss in almost every scene. I was great to see them laughing and joking around again...but they really need some 'alone' time.

Lumi were awesome again today as Lucas chickens out on telling her how he feels...I am absolutely loving these two together....

At the hospital...Vic/Brady are pretty sure something is going on with Nic...Abe questions Vic about Larry and Colin's murder as Tony shows up and tells him to say nothing...Abe questions Larry as he finally starts to point to Nicole as the show ends.....

Not a bad show today...I enjoyed it but we sure as hell better see Shelle at the loft alone after everyone leaves......LOL. PS....Lauren...we get some quick scenes of him dancing in those sandals....THUD...just wanted you to be prepared...LOL.


Okay…I’m beyond pissed that Mimi is Belle’s roommate…Grrrrr.

Sami, Lucas and Tony: Lucas interrupts Tony’s tales of taking Sami dancing to New York and Paris saying that he has to talk to her about Will. He really plays the ‘we share a child’ hook to the hilt. Tony gets a call from someone telling him that a hit was put out on Victor and that the hit man is Larry Welch. Tony asks Lucas to make sure Sami gets home. Lucas has every intention of telling her he is developing feelings for her until he watches her go over to the window she fell through. He warns her about Tony. He rails at her saying he thought she was smarter than that asking her if she really sees herself as a countess wanna be. He tells her that she is selling herself short and that there is someone out for her that will find beautiful and smart, some one closer than she thinks. She points at him and he blows it all by saying, ‘what…do you think I have a death wish.’ He tries to apologize and he has this very hot fantasy about telling her the truth and kissing her.

Hospital: Nicole is freaking out trying to get someone at the hospital to tell whether Larry is dead or not. Brady asks her if she is crazy and Victor wonders the same. She tells them both that she was concerned about Victor. She’s jumpy because someone tried to kill her husband. Abe shows up and starts questioning Victor about why Welch wanted him dead. He mentions the fact that both Tony and he talked to Larry the day he confessed to Colin’s murder. Tony shows up and says he doesn’t have to say anything. Of course both of them gang up on Abe and the police department but Abe holds his own…he knows something is fishy. A nurse comes and tells Abe that Larry regained consciousness and Nicole passes out. When she comes to she barges into the ER room where Abe is questioning Larry and Brady is hot on her tail. Tony asks Victor why is wife is acting so strangely. Abe asks Larry who helped him and he points to Nicole. Brady and Abe both look at her. LOL…I love how Brady starting edging away from her side when Larry pointed in her direction.

In the park: Shawn says to Belle why did you ever think we could be alone here? (LOL..love how he's carrying that goofy lunchbox purse of hers). He says he wanted to be lying on the hill looking up at the stars kissing her. She says it seems like her parents had the same idea. He gets this cute look on his face as he asks her if she sees his parents around. She says no and they start to kiss. Rex throws something at them and Mimi tells them to get a room…yeah, right…this coming from a couple that have put rabbits to shame. Rex asks them to join them and Belle says sure Shawn says they have plans.

Phil and Cassie come along and Rex starts freaking out telling Phillip that he doesn’t belong with Cassie and to stay away from his sister. Belle and Shawn wonder what is going on. Belle suggests a party at her place. Phillip says that he’ll buy the munchies. Cassie says she knows he agreed to go because he wants to be close to Belle. Shawn tells Belle that she better get everyone out of there early so that they can be alone and then he starts to kiss her. Phil tells them to break it up and Shawn throws him ‘the look’ and says some friend you are.

Over at the loft it’s a lot of Rex going on and on about Cassie and Phil and not wanting to be a blue collar Brady. If the truth comes out no one will respect him. Enough of that crap already. Cassie is asking Phil not to tell anyone the secret she told him and of course Rex hears that and has a royal DiMera hissy fit. Belle tries to ease the tension by asking them if they want to try out something. Cassie asks her to break out the booze. Belle tells her if she wants to drink herself into a stupor, she’ll have to go someplace else. She just tells Belle that she’s not going anywhere.

Belle says she pitched this idea to Kate and she thought Kate would laugh at her but she liked it. Basic Black is going to use it in a promotion. It’s a video dance contest and she unveils this huge arcade game. Everyone takes turns, Rex and Mimi, Belle and Shawn, Phil and Cassie and the high scores belong to Phil and Belle. LOL! You’ll have to watch this part for yourself. I think Rex was supposed to look like the inept one and be the comic relief…but Phil is the one that comes off looking like a dork. I guess he got more points than Shawn because Shawn used dance steps and Phil just basically jumped up and down…must have pounded the hell out of that machine. Of course Phil sweeps Belle up in his arms but it seems like once Belle catches Shawn’s eyes she’s a bit uncomfortable with how Phil is holding her. Shawn is not too pleased and Phil can tell that as well as soon as he sees Shawn's face.

Shawn is at the counter being really quiet when Belle asks him what is wrong. She then says he’s jealous because Phil beat him in the dance contest. He says that isn’t what bothers him about Phil. She asks if it’s because he’s with Cassie. He thinks Phil might be good for Cassie like he was for Chloe but Belle says no way. Cassie is not good for any man and she doesn’t want Phil to get in too deep with her.

Shawn and Belle are putting away the munchies and Shawn is dropping hints like crazy. Mimi finally catches on and says you two want to be alone don’t you? She tells them she is spending the night at Rex’s. In the meantime huddled in the corner, Cassie is asking Phil for permission to help him by splitting up Belle and Shawn. He asks her if it’s because she wants Shawn. She says Shawn and her will never be together. He says we could try for a lifetime and not come between those two…they are meant to be. She tells him not to buy into that destiny/soul-mate stuff. He asks why she wants to help. She tells him he’s her friend, he feels like family and she wants him to be happy. He watches Belle and Shawn kissing as he’s thinking over her offer.

LOL! For all you feet lovers…we do get close ups of those sandaled feet on that video dance machine. Sigh…I just wish they would have danced together, together instead of just being on that machine at the same time. Hell I want Phil and Cassie gone from that loft pronto!

Preview: Rex yelling at Mimi again about his precious DiMera name. Larry blaming Hope for everything that had gone wrong in his life. Lucas and Sami waking up together and Lucas is all excited because Sami can talk.

Wednesday Jul 23

Jan's thoughts:

Where do I start...we'll start slow and work our way to the 'good' stuff...LOL.

Rex/Mimi/Cassie/Phil....well to be honest I didn't get into this too much...Rex goes after Phil, Mimi/Cassie break it up....he goes off on Mimi about being a DiMera...and finally the girl wises up and leaves (that boy is read to blow)Phil talking to TEK as TEK calls him 'spy kid'...he wants to spy on Rex...Mimi comes out and trips...Phil being the spy that he is rushes over and drops whatever it is he's using....as Mimi sees it and figures out that he isn't just a Marine and that he's there to 'spy' on the DiMera's. (sorry but it amazes me that he's been in town how long and everyone is figuring out he's a 'spy'...John was a 'spy' for how many years??? LOL)Cassie want to know if Rex wants ice cream and finds the vial of 'goop' as Rex again gets angry....

At the hospital....I'm very sad...it looks like AM finally is gone. I'm going to miss him....Loved how strong Hope was as Larry and her spar before he departs this earth....Brady wants to make sure she's OK...but she's fine and leaves. Vic/Tony go to make sure Larry is finally 'dead' as Tony promises to keep his secret...Vic I believe has figured out Nic was behind it and takes her home as she turns and looks at Brady...Hope goes to visit Alice who has a huge plate of donuts ready...I love seeing Alice.

Lumi....can I say again I love these two. Their scenes today were absolutely awesome...the chemistry shone through as Lucas is there for her...I loved how neither could sleep and the camera kept spanning between them...Sami shows up at Lucas's bedroom door and he puts his hand out to her as she gets in bed with him and he hugs her...I have waited years for these two and I know we will get a lot more 'angst' but I'm loving it. Great scenes and incredible acting by both Ali/Bryan...Kudos to them both.

BTW...it didn't hurt that Lucas looked MIGHTY fine in those shorts (and nothing else)...definate THUDWORTHY show...and the screen sizzled with these two today...try not to miss them!!!!

Now I'm sure Pat will fill in the details....me I'm still a little shaky.....LOL.

Pat's thoughts:

Line of the day goes to Tek – he calls Phil ‘Spy Kid. LOL can poor old Phil be any more inept as a spy? First Belle finds him out and then he has to tell Shawn and two seconds into his investigation of Rex, Mimi figures it out.

Phil takes Cassie home and Rex and Mimi show up. Rex almost gets into a fist fight with Phil so he decides to leave. He phones Tek and tells him he wants to investigate Rex. Tek gives him some high-tech equipment and leaves. Inside the mansion Mimi asks Rex why he yelled at Phil. Rex makes a very disturbing statement…something to the effect that he won’t let anyone find out the truth. Mimi wants to know why. She asks if it’s for money and power because the name is nothing to be proud of, the DiMera’s are evil. He tells her to shut up and she says she made a mistake in coming over. When she’s outside, she trips. Phil helps her up and she sees his spy gadgets. Busted! He shrugs it off saying it’s his palm pilot but Mimi doesn’t buy it.

Cassie goes to Rex’s room and he’s working on some experiment again. He says he needs to make Tony proud of him. She tells no matter what he does, he still won’t be Tony’s son. He yells at her that he will always be a DiMera. (Freaky!) She tells him that she is going to continue hanging out with Phil. He says Phillip can never find out what I’m doing for Tony.

Abe questions Tony about Larry. Larry is in fact pointing at Hope. He tells Hope that everything that happened was her fault. A few flashbacks of a young Larry and Hope…LOL! Really young. Larry says he wants to make her life a living hell. She says he’ll be in hell soon and he can die right now knowing that she will be living a long, happy life. He dies. AHHH - I'm really going to miss Andrew Massett.He really added something to the canvas. Hope goes to talk to Alice. She tells her that she thinks Larry will haunt them from beyond. Alice tells her to concentrate on her life with Bo and all their future adventures. Hope says watching her two sons grow up is the greatest adventure of all.

Nicole is so nervy and edgy. Victor asks her why she ran out of the club. She tells him that when he said he was in the parking lot she couldn’t wait to thank him for the flowers. Then she saw him and saw the gun and she yelled because she didn’t want to lose him. She hugs him and says she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Both Vic and Tony go to see that Larry is really dead. As his body is being wheeled out, they tell him to rot in hell.

All I can say about this show is thank god for Sami and Lucas. The chemistry between Bryan and Ali is a joy to watch. And god, the man is built. WARNING…those boxers are riding mighty low on those hips. Very THUDWORTHY!!! She’s having a bad dream, he’s fighting against the urge to drink. He goes down the hallway to her room and hears her crying. He goes in and wakes her up. He’s so excited that she’s getting her voice back but she doesn’t believe him. He tells her he’s not lying. He tells her to try and talk. Finally she gives it a go but there is no sound. She looks defeated and he tells her that she is a fighter, the Sami he knows wouldn’t give up.

She asks him why he cares. He tells her because of Will. Nobody can yell at him like she can. Those two are falling for each other and scared as hell. She tells him to leave. He says she has a key to his apartment and she can come over whenever. There’s a whole segment that cuts from her apartment to his. Man, those two say everything without speaking a word. He hears her come in and sits up in bed. She hesitates in the doorway and then comes in. He holds out his hand and she crawls into bed with him. They hug and kind of smile each other. They lie down with her cradled in his arms.

Preview: Phil saying something to Belle about not going there again and Shawn coming up asking what they’re talking about. Lucas asking Tony if he is love with Sami.

Thursday Jul 24

Jan is a bit busy so she will respond to my post. Here goes.

This show really has a penchant for interrupting couples just when things start to heat up. Jack and Jennifer are trying to make it to the shower after their workout, kissing their way up the stairs when their doorbell rings. It’s Shawn and Hope. LOL! Loved that smirk on Shawn’s face when Hope asks them if this is a bad time.

They talk a bit about Larry when Shawn says he needs to get to the gym because he has class. He tells Jack and Jen that now that he’s declared his major there’s some stuff he wants to get a head start on. He tells them he’s going into Pre-Law. Jen says that Uncle Mickey will be glad that someone in the family is finally following in his footsteps.

They talk Hope into being on the show. They don’t show anything of her interview. I think this was used to showcase the change in direction for the show. Jack and Jen keep after Barry that their journalist’s. Barry doesn’t care about that just the ratings. It looks like Jack and Jen are about to take control of the show and the guests from Barry. Bo calls and Hope promises them the story when she gets back – she’s off to meet Bo.

Tony goes to see Maya. We find out that Maya has one lead and Tony the other to get to the source of the mystery substance. She tells him without it he has no power and she won’t give it to him. He threatens her life, subtly but a threat none the same. When Sal visits she tells him to kill Tony before he has her killed.

Lucas wakes up and sees Sami in bed with him and thinks he’s dreaming. She wakes up and smiles at him and he leans in for a kiss. They both realise they’re awake and Sami jumps out of bed and Lucas falls on his ass on the floor. She goes running out. After he’s dressed he goes to her apartment. He says it was her that came to his room and crawled into bed with him. He was just having a dream that ended up being a nightmare because she was in it. He takes her to the hospital. A nurse speaks very rudely to them and Sami is get impressed with the way Lucas handles her. When the doctor shows up Lucas leaves and says he’ll be back to pick her up.

Tony and Lucas meet up at the mansion. Lucas really questions Tony about his relationship with Sami. He asks Tony if he is in love with her. Tony says he hasn’t really thought about it but he feels their kindred spirits. He would like to pursue a deeper relationship with her. Poor Lucas – not what he wanted to hear. When Lucas tells him Sami is in the hospitable he insists on going there. Lucas goes with him.

The doctor tells Sami she will regain the full use of her vocal chords and she will start talking without even realising it – when she has something important to say. At first he refers to Lucas as her husband and Sami is so surprised. She shakes her head no and points to her ring finger. The doctor says don’t worry before you know it you’ll be able to say those three little words to your boyfriend. Sami just looks surprised. She sees Lucas and tries to see his name. Lucas is next to Tony as Sal approaches after stealing a scalpel off a surgical tray.

Tek and John in the Sauna. They basically talk about the so called truce between John and Tony. They lament the fact that they have no idea what Tony and Maya were really in partnership for. They know the diamonds weren’t the real basis of their partnership. Tek alludes to the fact that Tony might have Maya killed. John says than him and his brother would have a real problem.

In the gym Belle apologises to Phil for getting him in trouble by following him around. He says just don’t do it again. She offers to talk to her dad or whoever and he tells her they can’t go there again. Shawn walks up and asks them what they’re talking about. Belle explains. You have to love how Shawn stresses the word friend when referring to Phil and Belle’s relationship. Phil goes to work out. John comes along and asks Shawn if the family is okay. Shawn asks him Belle if she told her dad about Larry. She says yes. You can tell that she really wants to talk to him about Phil but keeps her promise sort of. She words it so that John gets the message loud and clear.

John tells Phil he’ll do what he can from him but one fact that Phil has to accept is that agents are expendable. They talk more about Maya and Tony. John says Maya might get off because all the forensic evidence tying her to the bomb is at the bottom of the ocean. They then talk about the laser and where Tony might have got that from and what was he going to use it. You can tell that Phil thinks of Rex because he says he has to go right when they start talking about where the laser could have come from.

Shawn and Belle share a cute kiss after John walks away. He tells her he doesn’t have time for a workout because he has to go to class. He asks how she is and she kisses him and says a little sweaty. He leans in and says as if I care and kisses her. GULP – that voice is going to be the death of me…plus other things but we won’t go there. After he changes he comes back to her. She says she wishes that summer wasn’t all about working. He says you love your job don’t you. He asks her if she has her sketches finished. She says no because all she wants to do when she gets home is be with him. He says he knows the feeling and kisses her again.

Preview: Sal getting ready to stab Tony – Sami calling out Tony’s name and Tony turning towards Sal. Rex telling Cassie he needs her to get close to Phillip. Brady telling Victor that Nicole had told him that her father had made her do some things and he asks Victor if knew what they were. Nicole hears Victor say ‘porn’ and she comes storming in screaming at Victor - Brady looking shocked.

Friday Jul 25


I'm sorry I really tried but I couldn't get into the whole Cassie/Rex/Philp/Mimi/Kate stuff today. I did watch bits and pieces and I loved how Mimi is onto Phil about Belle....she did tell him you can't help who you fall in love with (she was talking about Rex but hey it works..LOL)the fact that she forgave Rex so quickly bothered me a little. Rex is losing it big time as now he wants Cassie to get DNA from Phil (are we going to find out Ressie aren't related to Kate or maybe Phil is Vivian's). Phil giving Cassie a rabbit...OK, I didn't watch this part although Phil is asking a lot of questions about Rex...I sense trouble...LMAO.

At the hospital Tony gets stabbed, Lucas catches Sal (as Sami watches and looks very impressed). Roman is excited Sami can speak....Kate isn't. Lexie blames Sami for Tony getting stabbed in the chest. OK....I love Lumi together and can't wait to see more.
That's about it...like I said I had a hard time getting into the show today. But the previews....Kate is sitting beside Alice as she tells Belle she's using her designs in the show...you see a very happy and proud Shawn (huge grin on his face)and Belle saying No Way. Loved that Alice is there.

Monday Jul 28

Jan's Spoiler....

Cassie/Philip outside the pub talking about Whiskers and whatever else...LOL. John listening in as he sneaks past (he's good...only Phil sees him). Phil goes inside and we find out that the ISA has let him go..he has to go back to the base (and get a crewcut..LOL). He tells John about Rex..he doesn't know everything but wants to find out..John tells him no...remember what happened when Belle was involved...(not to involve Mimi/Cassie)John gets a call about Tony and leaves as Phil says something about finding out about Rex (I smell trouble...LOL).

At the hospital...Sami/Lucas talking (I love how she does her voice)Lexie comes out and explains a few things and Lucas says he'll call Cassie...Sami gets a little upset and Lucas just smiles...Lexie stops them and the go up to see Tony who tells Lucas to take care of Sami...he falls into a coma. Cassie comes in crying as Lucas explains about Tony's condition...Sami sends him to check as she tells Cassie she'll never get her hands on the DiMera fortune...she then tells Cassie she knows the truth...Tony is not her father (I can't wait for this to play out...LOL)

Now what you've been waiting for.....the loft. Shawn comes in with cookies...Belle shows him her sketches...as he says the first one would look good on her..it's sexy...the second one looks good...the third one..he says aren't these a little risque...she says they're pj's..he says what do I know about those...she says I wear them..he says he's more interested in what's underneath (THUD on the voice). She needs inspiration and the start kissing....cue the next scene as they are laying on the couch with her on top and kissing...her sketches fall on the floor but she's more interested in kissing Shawn...Shawn stops it and then asks Belle if she needs more inspiration as they kiss again and there is a knock on the door...Belle wants them to leave...it's Alice/Kate...love the look on Alice's face...the hope they aren't interrupting...they come in and I love how when Belle says she didn't know they were friends Alice says we aren't...cute little comments going back and forth between Shelle...love how he is so supportive. Shawn offers to be in the fashion show...Belle suggests Phil...Shawn says no way...he tells her he isn't jealous just doesn't want her to get hurt...he goes through enough of that at home with his parents...tells her to think about it and leaves after getting a call from Mickey. Mickey offers him a propostion as Phil has showed up at Belle's door.

Loved the Shelle scenes today...this is what was missing..good show and you'll love the Shelle scenes and kisses.

Pat's Spoilers.....
WOO HOO – The bitch is back and let me just say that Cassie is sooooo far out of her league that she doesn’t stand a prayer against Sami! I love it! And would you believe me almost 2 scenes of romantic alone time for Shawn and Belle in the loft. I guess that will have to hold us for the next few weeks.

Lucas tries to talk Sami into leaving the hospital but she wants to know how Tony is. Lexie comes out and tells them that Tony is in recovery. They are concerned because of all the blood he lost. She’s says there’s a possibility that his brain was deprived of oxygen. Sami is feeling guilty as she remembers what Lexie says about her warning hurting Tony not helping. Lucas tells Sami he should call Cassie and Sami is not looking pleased which makes Lucas happy. Tony comes to and asks to see Lucas and Sami. He tells Lucas he is like a son to him. He takes Sami’s hand in his and Lucas’ on top of the both of their hands and tells Lucas to look after her while he is laid up. Sami tells him that if she wouldn’t have yelled out to him his injury might not have been so bad. He tells her that she was trying to help him and that it was a good thing she did considering what had happened to her. He slips into a coma. Cassie shows up and starts crying on Lucas’ shoulder. After he leaves to talk to the doctor Sami tells Cassie she will never get her hands on the DiMera fortune. Sami says I know that Tony is not your father.

Outside the Brady pub John spies on Phil and Cassie talking. Phil asks Cassie what she has in her hand but she changes the topic. John signals Phillip to follow him into the pub. John tells Phil that he did what he could for him including stating that Belle followed him. He tells Phil that it’s over. He has to go back to being a marine until John has a chance to go through the proper channels to get him back in the ISA. Phil tells him that they need his connections to get Rex because he’s evil. John tells him to back off and leaves but Phil is determined to ignore his orders. He heads over to see Belle. He tells her he knows she’s busy but she’s the only one he can talk to about this and asks to come in.

Nicole is devastated that Victor told Brady about her father forcing her to do porn. She tells Brady that is why Victor married her, because she was a porn star. She says he didn’t tell you that my father had to drug me before I would do it. She goes crying to her room after a very degrading argument between the two of them. I don’t know what the purpose of this is; even Brady says he shouldn’t have been there. Victor says married couples fight. He says the reasons they both went into the marriage no longer are relative. Nicole has a dream of Victor and Brady making fun of her.

Shawn comes to see Belle and asks her if she needs a break. She says she really needs one but doesn’t deserve one. He asks if he can help and she pulls him to the couch to look at her sketch pad. He looks at the first sketch and says she would look sexy it, he says the next one is good and then when he sees the third one, he says ‘aren’t these a bit risqué?’ She says they’re pyjamas. I had to laugh when he says what do I know about pyjamas? She says I wear them - his response is that he’s more interested in what is underneath them. LOL! She starts freaking out wondering if Kate is setting her up to fail – she realises she’s a bit wound up! He tells her that maybe she needs a nap to get rested and rejuvenated. He tells her she can’t be creative is she pushes to hard and maybe a nap would inspire her. She says no, and she tells him that she wanted to stay and asks him if he knows what would inspire her as she’s leaning in for a kiss. I loved the cute little smile on his face when she says that. Great kiss – finally!

When next we see them, she is lying on top of him on the couch. He kind of puts the brakes on and she sits up and she knows she has to get the sketches done or she’ll be in a bad mood. He asks if she is inspired yet and says she could use more inspiration. They start kissing again and there’s knock on the door. She is saying that she wishes everyone would leave them alone as she opens the door to Alice and Kate. They ask if they’re interrupting and she looks embarrassed. I loved Alice’s remark when Belle says she didn’t know that the two of them were friends. Alice says ‘we’re not.’ Kate says she went to Alice with the idea for a fund raiser for the Horton foundation. They tell her they want to have a fashion show with her nightwear line as the headliner. Belle and Shawn are both excited. You’ll love the comment’s Shawn makes and the looks Belle shoots him as they’re all running with ideas.

After they leave Shawn asks her when she wants to go out and celebrate. She says she won’t have time for the next few weeks now and she wonders why she said she would be in charge of it. He says they’ll go out to celebrate after the show. It was her idea to use local models, which both Alice and Kate liked. She says she can ask kids from school and his mom because she used to be a model. Shawn is sure she will agree because she’s on the board of the foundation. She asks if his Dad would do it because she wants to feature couples. He looks sceptical as he says maybe but he knows one couple that would be willing. She’s excited that he would do it. She says she’ll ask Phillip. He says that Phillip is the last person she should ask.

She asks why. He says look what happened when she interfered with his career the last time, Phillip got in trouble and she could of have been killed. He says he is not jealous he just doesn’t think that the two of them should be involved in each other’s careers, besides Phillip’s is dangerous. She almost blows her Dad’s cover by saying that Phillip is not the only person she knows but stops. Shawn asks what she means. She says his parent’s careers could be dangerous. He says he worries enough about them he doesn’t want to worry about her. He says he wants her to be safe and he knows that sounds overprotective but he loves her. Mickey phones and he says he has to go. She says not to leave because he’s angry. He says he’s not angry, he’s not jealous; he is just worried about her because ever since Phillip has come back she has been following him around because she’s been worried about her friend being in trouble. He kisses her and says he loves her and to please think about what he said. She says she loves him too but has a funny look on her face when he leaves. Shawn meets up with his Uncle Mickey who tells Shawn he has a proposition for him.

Preview: Belle telling Phil that nothing could end their friendship and he says this could as he kisses her. Bleck. John asking Marlena is she wants Tony to die. Sami asking Cassie if she’s ever had her ass kicked…LOL!

Tuesday Jul 29

Jan will add her thoughts when I post. So here's my ramblings. Feel free to jump in...LOL!

Well I’m not exactly sure what to say about the Phil/Belle scenes today. I’m still trying to figure out if Phil played Belle or if he really is conflicted and struggling to deal with his attraction to her on his own. I say this because twice he wanted to leave and twice she made him stay and practically forced him to talk. It’s just the way he was saying things and stopping and then telling her to forget he said them. Now does he really mean that or does he know full well that is just going to confuse Belle more and make her more curious.

He tells her things didn’t go well with her dad or the ISA– he’s back to being a basic marine. He says John came down really hard on him. She feels it’s all her fault and he says he shouldn’t have said anything, after all John is her dad. She tries to tell him that he did a good job. He says apparently not and he’s not like Shawn, perfect. She asks him if he has a problem with Shawn. He says no it came out wrong. Belle is totally confused by this point. She says she thought that the marines had changed him, made him more confident in himself, given him a sense of direction.

He says and now you’re not sure. She wonders if what he doesn’t want to talk about is Chloe. He says no it’s about their friendship. He again wants to leave saying he doesn’t want to talk about it and he shouldn’t talk about. Of course Belle won’t let and she asks him if their friendship is in jeopardy. He says their friendship will change if they talk about this. She says they have been friends for ever and doesn’t see what could change that. He says this and takes her in his arms and kisses her. Poor Belle…she closes her eyes but her hands are hanging by her sides…she is not touching him back.

Like I said, I’m conflicted. I want to give Phillip the benefit of the doubt here and think that he really didn’t want to say anything but that Belle kept pushing him. Then there’s the other side of the coin, where I think his statements were calculate to provoke her confusion and her pushing him for answers.

Back at the hospital, there’s a lot of talk between John and Marlena. Marlena finally believes that John is at peace with Tony now, she hadn’t really believed that things had changed between them after their shared near death experience. Marlena finds it odd that they’re on opposite sides about Tony now and John asks her if she wants him to die. She says no it’s just that he’s always the one that is looking for a hidden agenda where Tony is concerned. All she is concerned about is that he will instil the proper values in Cassie and Rex. She doesn’t think he’s a good role model for them. Rex comes along and says not to talk about his father like that. Rex goes to see Tony and is pretty shook up. He tells Marlena that he can’t leave them. She says they will never be alone, she is their mother.

Sami lets Cassie in on the fact that she knows not only that Tony is not her father, she also knows that Marlena isn’t their mother. Cassie tries to call her bluff but Sami says your genius brother forgot that just because I can’t speak doesn’t mean I can’t hear. She then says she knows that her dad is also Cassie’s dad. Roman asks her to say that again. Sami looks shocked until Roman says to say anything, he just wants to here her talk. He asks about the stabbing and what she witnessed. After he leaves, Cassie gets all high and mighty and tells Sami she doesn’t care about Tony’s money, just that she has pride in the DiMera name. She doesn’t want to be connected to someone like Sami who is uneducated, poor, been left at the altar about ten times and destroys every relationship she has. Cassie makes a crucial error when she says the thought of being called a Brady is revolting and makes her sick to her stomach. Sami asks her if she has ever had ass kicked and grabs her. Rex comes along immediately and breaks them apart before Sami can cause can real damage.

Before going to the hospital Rex and Mimi were in bed together. He sweet talks her into finding Lucas and getting a DNA sample from him. She really doesn’t want to do it but he gives her this sob story about still wanting to know about his biological family for medical purposes but Tony is the one that took them in and loved them. She sees Lucas at the Brady pub. Lucas was told to leave the hospital from Sami…she was pretty nasty to him and he’s kind of down. Also it’s his birthday and all his family has apparently forgotten. Mimi sits with and eventually steals his straw from his empty glass when his mother finally phones. Alice also phones to wish him Happy Birthday.

Mickey and Shawn are also in the Brady pub. Mickey tells Shawn that he is very proud of him and how impressed he’s been with his work. He says one day when he retires he would like to turn his practice over to family. He says he will be his mentor through law school and that if he wants he could have a job in his office when he graduates. Shawn says that means a lot to him that he has that much faith in him. Mickey says he knows it would be hard to be in charge of a firm at such a young age…Shawn cuts in and says you meant me. LOL! Mickey says, no I mean Zach. Shawn is very flattered but tells Mickey that finishing law school would have to wait until his professional baseball career ends…if he makes it. He says it’s his dream and he knows that it’s a long shot but he has to try.

Mickey says would you want to be on the road nine months out of the year? Shawn says what’s not to like about that. Mickey says what about settling down and raising a family, don’t you want that. He says of course I do, with Belle, if she’ll have me. Mickey says from seeing them together it’s obvious that Belle is very much in love with him. The look on Shawn’s face when Mickey says that is priceless! He asks Mickey if it’s that obvious to everyone. Mickey tells him that if they are trying to hide how much in love they are they’re doing a very poor job of it. Shawn’s phone rings and we hear him tell his Dad he’s on his way. He tells Mickey he has to leave.

Preview: Bo and Shawn are at the prison to talk to Maya. She tells Shawn that even if he promised her a threesome with his dad as much as she would enjoy it she still wouldn’t tell them what they want to know. Nicole having a nightmare and Brady comforting her. Rex threatening Sami saying she will never tell anyone that they are not DiMera’s.

Wednesday Jul 30

Well here you go........

Jan's Spoilers....

Brady/Nicole....OK...something happened here. Even though they weren't in a lot of scenes Ari was fantastic today. You could see and feel the pain that Nicole was going through. The flashbacks of Paul gave me the chills...I do not miss that man. But I have to say the flashback that Nic/Brady had of each other made me wonder if they aren't going the way of a pairing...if not it's going to be one helluva friendship.

Sami/Ressie.....OK...Rex is scaring me big time. He really grabbed Sami and I wouldn't put it past him that he could have killed her. But Sami is good...she's been at it a lot longer that Ressie and I can see a major blow-up coming between these three. Sami literally tells them to stay away from Tony...I loved how she put them in their place but I have a question....does she really believe Tony is falling in love with her....I hope not because I'm afraid she'll be in for another major disappointment. And I have to say that now that her voice is back......she is using it...LOL.

Shawn/Bo.....OK...Shawn has lost his cool a little bit now that it involves Hope being missing. Loved the look on Bo's face when Shawn yelled into the phone asking Hope where she was. The scenes with Maya were actually not too bad. As first Bo tries to get her to tell him what she knows and then Shawn does....although Shawn loses it. Loved how he told her that the kiss was to help his friends and now his mother is in trouble...also loved how he called her a bitch....but Shawn you really have to control your temper (we haven't seen that for awhile). And Bo can you get much smarter....finding the latitude in the compact.

Phil/Belle.....(unless I missed it I didn't hear Belle say anything about Shawn). Anyway I loved how she pulled out of the kiss...(again no chemistry). I can't believe she blamed herself for Phil kissing her although what she said did make some sense...she keeps telling Phil he'll find a girl...he says he already has....she tells him about all they've been through since they were kids and that is why he feels so close to her. She talks about Chloe and Phil can't figure out why everyone thinks he's not over her. He thinks it will be hard to keep their friendship but Belle says it will be awkward but they will. It will be better than ever and she hugs him....she puts her hand on his cheek and tells him he'll find the girl of his dreams as Shawn walks in...asks what is going on...Belle says they were talking about Chloe as Shawn says what else is knew...Phil says your lucky you don't know what it's like (Pat will tell you what Shawn says)as he pulls Belle into a hug...she looks at Phil and then closes her eyes. Personally there is no way Phil is giving up on this....Belle pretty well told him that she's not interested but he'll continue his pursuit and I can see her getting a little confused....as for the kiss....didn't see any response from her that she liked it at all...(I think she actually might have wiped her mouth).

It wasn't a bad show but I have to say...and no offense to anyone but I can't see any chemistry at all between KS/KB...he didn't show any emotion at all when Belle was telling him all this...it was almost like he was calculating his next move....and he definatley wasn't happy with the hug between Shelle at the end.

Enjoy the show!!

Pat's thinly, okay not so thinly veiled rant:

Okay…one big question after watching today’s show. Just where the hell is Shawn living??? He goes home and Bo well look who is here and Shawn says I was home last week and Bo says, yeah, long enough to drop your laundry off?

Now how do I say this nicely, I am MAJORLY disappointed that during the entire aftermath of that kiss neither Phillip nor Belle even mention Shawn’s name. Not one word from Belle about Shawn and how she feels about him. Once again the entire episode was based on what Phillip is feeling. And can I say that I absolutely feel like smashing something and screaming at how Phillip AGREES with Belle that it was all her fault???? WTF!!!! Belle tells him to stop and she is upset. He says he shouldn’t have done it and she says no, it was all me. Phil said he was the one that kissed her, it was all his fault.

She says no I’ve been all over you since you came back to town. She says it started with Love Is Blind even though she thought he knew she was only flirting for the cameras. She felt bad lying on national television, letting people believe that the two of them could ever have a relationship. He says his head knew that but his heart felt different. She then apologises all over again for getting involved in his mission and for sending him these mixed signals. And, let me repeat myself…he agrees with her. Puh-leese! I just want to scream!!!!!

She stresses that the right girl is out there for him she’s just taking a while to show up. They talk about bonding as kids and always being there for each other. They talk a lot about Chloe and she tells him that Chloe hurt him but he shouldn’t be afraid to give his heart to someone else. He says he isn’t and she knows he means her but she just keeps going on about their friendship. He says the kiss will ruin their friendship and she says they won’t let it – it will be awkward but they’ll get past it. She hugs him and Shawn walks in (does he have a key, hmmmm?) and asks what’s going on. Belle says they’re having a post-mortem about Chloe and Shawn says, again. Phillip says it’s hard to deal with but Shawn wouldn’t know anything about that. Shawn walks over to Belle and hugs her saying he knows how lucky he is – nice moment ruined by the fact that Belle is looking at Phillip and Phillip is looking at her. And god when Phillip made that remark to Shawn it sounded so damn arrogant…maybe it was in my head because I was pretty peeved at the fact that Shawn’s name NEVER came up in their conversation.

Okay…done venting now. LOL! Sorry about that. Maybe I should cool down before I type these up. I usually sit down at the computer as soon as I’m done watching the tape.

Ali rocked today. Sami has Cassie and Rex right where she wants them and she was so right when she called their attempts at intimidating her pathetic. Man were they ever! I loved that she called Cassie a twit today…LMAO…now just where did that come from! Cassie’s attempts at being sarcastic and superior were so lame. Rex goes all psycho on Sami when she calls them part of the all American dysfunctional family, the Brady’s. He drags her onto the balcony and threatens her not knowing that was a very bad move on his part. Sami lets them know in no uncertain terms that their future depends solely on her. Just one comment here – the look on Rex’s face…murderous. So when this serial killer storyline starts he is going to the obvious subject unless Reilly plans to hoodwink us all by making Rex look so obvious that we all discount him and he ends up being the killer after all. Or maybe his genetically engineered identical twin will be the killer but we won’t know that…hmmm.

For putting the brakes on Bricole, they sure seem to be throwing them together a lot. A whole musical montage at the end of the show of various scenes of them together including the night they were both chaperones at the Last Blast dance in 2001. She’s having nightmares about Paul and screams. He goes to her room and comforts her. He says he doesn’t think less of her, it wasn’t her fault. She doesn’t understand how her mother could have fallen in love with someone like her father. Brady says he doesn’t understand her relationship with his grandfather – it’s a mystery as to what draws two people together. She explains it by saying she has a fear of commitment. She thanks him for not blaming her for what her father did to her when he is going back to his room.

Back to Shawn and Bo at the Brady house. Bo tells Shawn he doesn’t know where is mom is. He had a lead on that mystery substance but it didn’t pan out and he called and left Hope a message saying not to join him. Just then Hope calls and while Bo is talking to her Shawn yells out and asks where she is. Bo gets cut off before he can find out and Shawn is getting panicky. Bo says I need your help and they’re off. There are a few Bo and Maya scenes where he’s trying to get information from her and she’s not giving any. She lets on that contact was a native American and that he was very cagey and greedy. He sold half of the information to her and half to Tony which is why they were partners. Bo figures out it the longitude and latitude. Shawn comes in and tries to get her to talk. She says that prison is no place for a seduction besides she’s done with him. He says that seduction is her style not his. She says you were really into that kiss and he blows if off saying he was worried about his friends. She tells him to go spend the his summer with the blond and lots of cold showers. Shawn doesn’t like that.

Shawn loses his cool with Maya and Bo tells him to get control of himself. Getting angry isn’t going to help matters. Shawn asks to talk to her alone and Bo asks a guard if he can look at Maya’s personal belongings that she had on her when she was arrested. Shawn asks Maya to do the right thing. She taunts him more and he yells at her that she has to tell them where the source is because his mother is there. This is when she says that even if he promised her a threesome with his dad she wouldn’t tell him anything. WOO HOO Shawn- he says to her “You are such a BITCH” and he just spits that word out. Bo comes in and says we don’t you need anymore Maya, I have the information I need. Of course Maya wants to know what he found out put he drags Shawn out of there. He tells Shawn he has everything under control and he’ll call him. The guard brings Maya’s stuff and Bo finds the coordinate hidden behind the mirror of her compact.

Preview: Bo goes to Jack and Jen and tells them he need their help because Hope is missing. At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole saying I can explain to Abe and Victor saying they would like to know…Brady there as well. Rex ranting and raving and screaming at Mimi – she walks out on him.

Thursday Jul 31

Jan and her husband are in the midst of doing some renovations, so I will post my thoughts and then she will jump in and add hers.

I couldn’t really get into the show today. I did love the Sami and Lucas scenes. Those two are so into each other but scared to death of letting their true feelings come out. She interrupts a meeting he’s having at the DiMera mansion. She had no idea that he worked for Tony. He tells her he doesn’t have time for her and asks her to leave. She says who is going to make me and Bart gets up. Lucas says watch out she’s a slapper and Bart just backs off. Can I just say they don’t use that man near enough on the show. He is so funny! The two ‘men’ in the room threaten Sami telling her to show Mr. Roberts some respect or else. She tells Lucas because she is the mother of his son he shouldn’t let them talk like that to her. He tells the gentleman to take a break. Sami doesn’t like him working for Tony because it could harm Will. He asks her how come you can date him but I can’t work for him.

They really go at it and it ends up with Sami asking Lucas if he has feelings for her. He is so close to telling her and he is getting closer and closer physically to her and she is so anticipating it when he notices the diamond necklace again and backs off. He tells her that he promised Tony he would look after her that’s why he’s treating her differently. Ohhhh so close, yet so far. LOL! Lucas knows she is up to something especially after she sides with Rex. He tries to get her to tell him what but she says that’s for her to know and him to find out. By the way, she looks gorgeous today. I loved the sundress she had on.

Rex and Mimi, let’s just say I’m not going there. Rex is so into the power thing, unbelievable. Mimi says he has enough to deal without taking over the DiMera business but he says he can handle it. He goes downstairs and Sami sides with him telling Lucas that Tony would want his son involved in the business. Rex is not happy that the men look to Lucas for direction. Upstairs in his room he vents to Mimi that nobody is going to stop him from running the DiMera empire. He blows up at her when she tries to reason with him and she walks out telling him she’s not strong enough to deal with him.

Bo goes to Jack and Jen for help. He tells them that Hope is missing and he wants them to see if they can get anything out of Lucas. Jen says he is way too protective. Bo says there is one other person that works for Tony who is not to bright. Next thing we know, Jen is phoning Bart to ask him to be on the show. You’ll have to watch for yourself…Bart is hilarious. Needless to say, they finally get him to take his jacket off when they ask to sing. Jack and Bo are going through his PDA trying to figure out under what he would have filed the co-ordinates. Bart forgets the lyrics to Mack the Knife and asks for his PDA, Jen says you don’t need it, you got me and sings a duet with him. Bo finds the latitude filed under The Girl From Ipanema…for Maya…LOL!

Over at the Kiriakis mansion Abe tells Victor, Brady and Nicole that from the fibres etc found on Larry’s clothing they figured he had been hiding out at the Kiriakis stables. Nicole says I can explain at the same time Brady says every time she went into the stables she had been in danger. Victor wants to know what she had to explain. She says she has been so distracted lately that she never noticed anything. She could have maybe prevented the attacks if she had been more observant. Abe goes to her room with her to take a statement. They end up talking about Brandon more than anything else. Downstairs Brady is telling his grandfather that he should treat his wife better. Victor tells him to bud out that the troubles in their marriage are not his fault but Nicole’s. Brady waits to talk to Nicole. He again tells her what her father did to her wasn’t her fault and that she can trust him. After he walks out she says she wishes she could believe that.

Preview: Cassie telling Phillip that separately they wouldn’t be able to break up Shawn and Belle, but they could if they work together. Shawn is kissing Belle and Phil fantasizes that she is kissing him….yuck!!! Sami telling Lucas she has plans for Nicole. Nicole speaking very bitterly to Brady about the men in her life. Rex with a bouquet of flowers being shown out of the loft by Mimi.

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Friday Aug. 1


This will be fairly quick as my 'boys' want dinner...I can't imagine that they want to eat when I have spoilers to do but hey they are men..LOL.

Before I start I just want to say I might have missed it but I never heard Shawn say anything to Philip about him being in love with Belle. Anyway....

Vic shows up at the hospital to see Tony and Sami is there...he starts to get in her face when Lucas steps in...Vic is a little shocked that Lucas is working for Tony but I do love how Lucas stands up to him...Kate shows up and tries again to tell Lucas about Tony and Sami as Lucas says he has a date for lunch and Sami and him leave. Kate is upset and talks to Victor about it when Roman shows up...Kate figures he's jealous.

Marlena/Cassie in court as Cassie only gets 40 hours service as Roman shows up to testify...(does this girl ever have a problem)they go to BB where they run into Kate..she asks them to be in the fashion show...Cassie makes a smart comment about virginal sleepwear or something and leaves to tell Philip. Marlena goes into to see John and he tells her he's not investigating Tony anymore...she wants him to continue as their family is in danger.

Brady/Nic at the Blue Note as Brady tries to get her to stop drinking...the bartender recognizes her...Sami/Lucas show up and barbs are tossed as Sami/Lucas plan to bring Nicole down...Brady fires the bartender...

At the loft Mimi tells Belle about breaking up with Rex...he shows up with flowers and Belle leaves..Mimi tells him that she can't be with him unless he tells the truth.

At the pub Shawn shows up at Phil's request...he lays it on the line about Belle and Phil leaving her alone...Belle comes in and asks Phil to be in the show...he accepts as the lines are drawn...(check out the looks between Phil/Shawn)Mimi comes in and Belle goes to talk to her...she tells her about the kiss...Mimi says this is bad as Shawn shows up...he tells Mimi he doesn't know why Belle is with him but she is always honest..(she is looking guilty)...she tells Shawn that they are so happy it scares her...he says I won't let anything happen I promise...he kisses her hand and she tells him she loves him as they kiss...meanwhile Cassie has shown up and keeps going on about Phil loving Belle...she'll help him as Phil watches and Shawn turns into him...(there is no comparison between the kisses...I looked at it as her kissing Shawn and Phil pretending it was him)...

Previews...Cassie/Mimi fighting at the loft as Shelle break it up...Shelle kissing as Belle says I got it.

Not a bad show a lot happening.....and you can see in the looks between Shawn/Phil that there is going to be trouble. Pat will fill in all the details.

Pat...being a bit of a slacker today...here's my attempt at not being too detailed...now notice I said ATTEMPT....

Clarification: Unless I totally missed it which I’m pretty sure I didn’t, no I’ll re-phrase that, I'm positive I never missed it, Phil does NOT ask Cassie to help him break up Shawn and Belle. The last line of the show is Cassie telling Phil that alone they can’t break them up but working together, Shawn and Belle don’t stand a chance and the show then adds with a freeze frame on that sneaky smile on her face. GRRRRRR….just let me at her…just for 2 seconds…just long enough to wipe that smirk off her face.

THUD ALERT: OMFG…Shawn gives Phil the stare of death…you know one of those ‘if looks could kill you’d be dead’. Whatever you do…don’t miss it. LOL! Phil tries the intimidating look as well but it just doesn’t fly.

I’m going to try and put the show in a nutshell today…let’s see if I can do. First of all, I’m not sure what the show was trying to tell us today. It was all about couples, potential couples with other people thrown in the mix.

First there is Lucas standing up for Sami against Victor. Victor wondering what Sami did to become Tony’s new plaything. Lucas telling him to back off, Victor reminding Sami that he owns her. Victor telling Lucas he might have to hire him a bodyguard if he continues to work for Tony, Kate agreeing. Kate asking Lucas to lunch to talk more about Tony as he refuses saying he has a lunch date with Sami. Victor is comforting Kate as Roman shows up. Roman and Kate arguing because she thinks he thinks that she wants Victor for his money. As she stomps away from Roman Victor asks her if all that beer and pretzels is wearing her down. She’s not having a good day at all, our poor Kate. Earlier at Basic Black she asks both Marlena and Cassie to model in the fashion show and Cassie agrees then flounces off telling Kate she is going to find Phillip

Okay back to the couples and the plotting or whatever was going on. Sami and Lucas go to the Blue Note for lunch??? LOL! I think they were the only two there. Of course Sami makes a smart remark about how cozy Nicole and Brady are. Sami and Lucas are actually going to work together to catch Bricole in the act so Sami can hold it over both Victor and Nicole. LOL…this should be interesting.

Brady was Brady today. You know the white knight protecting the lady fair from her oppressors. He fires the bartender because the guy recognizes the former Locker Room Lolita.

Cassie was the ungrateful little twit she always is. The way she talked to Roman before and after he testified on her behalf. The man helps her but she still blames him for arresting her. She tells him you’re not my father and you never could be. After Cassie leaves Marlena talking to Kate at basic black, Kate comments that Cassie is lucky to have Marlena as a mother because if she was her daughter, she couldn’t handle it. (Oh oh, not boding well for our hope that Kate would turn out not to be their mother after all).

John hands over everything he has on the ISA investigation into Tony to Tek. He’s off the case. He tells Marlena that Tony and Sami are dating and that he won’t be investigating Tony any longer. Marlena is not happy about that. She says he needs to continue and find something on Tony because if he comes out of the coma their family won’t be safe.

Mimi and Belle are talking about the break-up at the loft when Rex shows up carrying a bouquet of flowers.
Belle leaves. Mimi tells Rex that he if he won’t tell the truth about not being a DiMera. He won’t. They’re through (until Mimi caves). Rex goes into mad scientist mode. LOL! I have to give Eric Winter credit – he’s playing the maniacal Rex to perfection.

Shawn tells Phil that he realises that he and Belle have been friends for ever but he wants him to back off. He says since his return he has taken advantage of Belle’s friendship to the point of putting her life in danger. Shawn concedes that Belle is stubborn but Phil knew that about her and should have tried harder to keep her out of the investigation into Maya. Belle comes in and asks them for a favour. She wants them in the fashion show. She says that Shawn has already said yes so the favour she wants from him is to help her talk Phillip into it. Hell, Phil was falling all over himself saying yes before she finished talking. Shawn says you just finished saying your going to be very busy at the base but Belle tells him not to discourage him.

Mimi comes in and Belle tells her about the kiss. Mimi says she knew that Phillip had fallen for her and that was very bad, very bad indeed. Shawn wants to know what they’re talking about. Belle says that Rex and Mimi broke up. Mimi asks Shawn what their secret is and he says even when I do everything wrong, Belle is completely honest with me. Belle looks really guilty. When Mimi is leaving, Belle tells her to let nothing stand in her way of getting back together with him if she loves him. After Mimi leaves Shawn asks if anything will stand between them. She looks over at Phil (I think) and stays she hopes not but they are so happy it scares her. What if someone tries to take it away from them. Shawn says he won’t let them – promises, in fact (uh oh) and then kisses her. Too bad the sweet Shelle kiss was used as nothing more than having Phil moon for and lust after his best friend’s girl and the fantasy kiss…can I just say YUCK!!!!

Preview: Shawn and Belle pulling apart a catfight between Mimi and Cassie. Bo talking to Cree about finding Hope. Belle grabbing Shawn and saying I’ve got it or something to that effect and then kissing him. Lucas telling Sami it’s been a long day and now he’s going to take home and to bed.

Monday Aug. 4

Jan's Spoilers....

The mansion...Sami/Lucas come in as Lucas wants to take care of some business. Cassie goes in to see Rex as he is working on the 'substance'. She talks about Mimi and wants to help him...he tells her to stay out of his business but she grabs a pic of Mimi and heads out. Cassie and Sami run into each other downstairs and of course trade barbs..LOL. Rex wants Lucas to give him money so he can track down the 'substance'. But Lucas tells him no...Rex and Sami also trade some 'barbs'. Boy does she do that well. Sami comes in and overhears Lucas talking on the phone and asks him what that was about...he won't tell her but she says she knows some things about DiMera business. He asks what but she changes the subject...he wants to take her home to bed...LOL on the look on Sami's face...then says it's because she's tired and she needs her rest...she wants to go somewhere and pulls him along with her. Meanwhile upstairs Shawn has showed up and listens in as Rex talks to his recorder...later Mimi shows up and Rex smooth talks her and they end up in bed...a little later Mimi realizes what she did and gets up to leave saying she can't do this anymore.

At the loft...Mimi comes downstairs with a suitcase as Shelle walk in carrying a box. They turn to each other and start to kiss as Belle sees Mimi and asks what is going on..Mimi says she's leaving town as Belle convinces her to stay and have some banana cream pie...Belle wants to know if Shawn wants some but he wants to call his Dad...Mimi/Belle talk about Rex and Belle tries to convince her to stay and work it out...Cassie shows up and of course starts on about them having a party without inviting her...she starts in on Mimi and tells her how Rex is conducting experiments in his room...he's broken up and it's all her fault...she give her the picture. She mentions something about a substance and Shawn immediatley perks up...he says he's going to check on Rex as Belle follows him to the door...she knows what he's going for and they kiss as they say they love each other. Belle comes back in and tries to stand between Mimi and Cassie as they continue..she goes upstairs to get some more tissues as Mimi says she won't say anything...Cassie picks up the pie as Belle comes down and takes it away...as she turns Cassie goes after Mimi...Shawn comes in and he and Belle break it apart...Belle tells her again to leave and Cassie picks up some sketches...going on to Belle about how bad they are and she thought it was just nightwear...Belle says it has expanded...then tells her if Kate hadn't asked her there is no way she'd be helping out...she asks Shawn to escort Cassie out but Cassie says don't bother and finally leaves...Shawn tells them what he heard and Mimi takes off...Belle tells Shawn they should phone Phil but Shawn says no way..he'll wait for his Dad to phone...Belle is talking about her sketches as Shawn is worried about his parents...Belle says she's sorry for talking about this as Shawn isn't paying any attention...he says no this is a big break for you and it's important what can I do to help. She wants to have a great place for the show and they toss some places back and forth...he comes up behind her and says something about her having his attention...as he kisses her cheek, her ear, her shoulder and she turns around as they kiss...she says I got it...she makes a call to Kate...Shawn says are you going to tell me...she says not yet..he says remember no secrets...she flashbacks to telling Mimi about the kiss and then tells him (although we don't hear it)he says that is awesome...she has to leave to meet Kate and wants to know if he's OK alone...he says I'll be fine and tries his parents again as Belle goes to get ready. Some good scenes with them today...but I really don't know how long Belle can hold out not telling him about the kiss....LOL.

Bo...at the Indian Reserve trying to find Hope. He talks to Cree and finally gets some answers.

A good show actually.....I enjoyed it.

Pat's Spoilers....

All I can say is about the store on the 'res' - how great was that to see a Canadian flag on the cash register. And the actor playing Cree is from Saskatchewan...maybe some of the actors will learn how to say it and recognize the name next year at Fanfest. Bo shows him Hope's picture and Cree says he hasn't see her. Bo tells him it's his wife and tries to get him to open up by telling him about his sons and asks if he has children. Cree says his child died, there is a lot of sickness on the res. Bo notices a security camera and goes through the tape and spots Hope. A woman in the store tells Bo that one of the children took her to the cave. Cree won't take Bo there until Bo threatens to call the ISA.

Sami and Lucas - those two are falling head over heels but neither of them will ever admit it either to themselves or to the other person. I loved how Sami stood up for Lucas to Rex today. And then she told Lucas that he had winner written all over him. Sami wants to go after Victor. Lucas says he thought she would have learned her lesson especially after what happened to her. She says she has nothing and he lists all the good things in her life ending by saying she has him. She asks him to explain that and he sputters his way out of it but saying he keeps her out of serious trouble. Sami literally quashes Rex and Cassie with a few words and a flash of her eyes. Those two are so out of their league.

Cassie is just being her horrible, obnoxious self. I don't know why Shawn and Belle didn't let Mimi beat the snot out of that scrawny alien twit. LOL! She is beyond annoying. Jan filled you in on the details there so I don't have to go into detail - good thing because she causes my blood pressure to rise! Mimi is so on the verge of blabbing the twin's secret to Belle and Shawn but she always catches herself in time.

Shawn is very worried about his parents. When Cassie mentions that Rex is running experiments on this mysterious substance, Shawn takes off. Belle knows why he is going and tells him to be careful. How cute...he says he loves her as he's leaving. He listens at Rex's door as Rex is talking into his tape recorder. He calls his dad and tells them that the substance is dangerous. It's some type of dynamite.

I absolutely hated that Mimi went running over there to check on Rex when Shawn gets he heard Rex say the stuff was dangerous. Not only hated that she went there...but ending up going to bed with him. She leaves him again when he says he doesn't understand why he can't have the DiMera name, power and fortune and her as well.

I loved how Shawn pushed aside his worry for his parents to talk to her about the fashion show. She's panicking because she doesn't have a location for it yet. He names some places but she says it has to be somewhere that will grab everyone’s attention. He says she has his as he kisses her shoulder, her neck, her cheek and finally her mouth. The kiss must have been inspiring because it gave her an idea. As Jan says his little comment about no secrets gets to her and she's going to cave.

Previews: Kate asking Brady to model, Cree pulling a gun (I think) on Bo and Hope inside the cave, Phil and Belle talking about the show.

Tuesday Aug. 5

Jan's Spoiler's......

The Kriakis Mansion...Nic out at the pool as Brady shows up and she gives him a bad time about spying on her. Vic in the house as Phil comes in to take his Dad out to dinner (doesn't he ever stay on base). Vic says no and then goes on to mention Belle and how he knows Phil has a thing for her (be prepared...kiss flashback)he tells him to go after her...Phil says she loves Shawn and Vic tells him to back off and don't get hurt again (poor Phil). He then goes off on Vic about him and Nicole as Kate just waltzes in...Nic shows up and then Brady as Kate asks Brady to model and then makes a snide comment to Nicole...Phil wants Nicole to model so he asks her and she says yes...everyone leaves as Vic/Kate start talking about Roman and Vic can't believe she'd feel anything for a guy like him...Brady/Nic out at the pool as Nicole fantasizes about an almost kiss and Brady shows off his runway walk.

At the hospital...Lexie comes out and goes off on Sami about what exactly she wants from Tony and she is not going to let Sami see him anymore. Lucas/Sami talk as Lucas says he'll make sure she sees him...they talk a bit about Will and Lucas says he is going to take her home...she doesn't want to go and says she'll go with Lucas to the mansion.

At the mansion...Lucas receives a call from Cree about the land and they make a deal. Lucas has 24 hours to get the money.

At the reservation...Bo finds Hope and they try to talk Cree out of selling it to the DiMera's. Bo phones Shawn and finds out is an explosive but Cree won't be talked out of it. He pulls a gun on Bope and ties them up.

At J&J's house....(this was hard to watch after hearing the news that MA might be gone...I'm going to miss him)Jack as put out candles and wine as the doorbell rings and it's Kate/Belle wanting to put the 'fashion show' on In the House...Belle asks Jack about modeling in it as both him and Jen say no together. After they leave J&J talk and he says you can't convince me she says wanna bet...he tells her that tomorrow is the last fluff show...he wants to get back into investigative reporting as Jen says no problem and they kiss.

At the pub...Belle is there as Caroline is sitting with her...Belle says she couldn't have done it without Shawn and Caroline says that is what love is all about...she gives her a gift and Belle thinks it's from Shawn...she looks a little disappointed or upset that it is from Phil and not Shawn...she tells Caroline who it's from and says he's a good friend (you can tell she is uncomfortable about it) Phil shows up as Belle thanks him but says it's a little extravagant...she says Shawn won't approve...Phil goes on about Shawn not wanting him to be her friend and not wanting him in the fashion show...he puts his hand on hers as Belle pulls it away and says don't and leaves...(you can clearly tell she is uncomfortable).

The preview...OK..be prepared...SDB looks REALLY good...and Pat may be right...it is a thicker chain but it is sort of caught in his shirt so it's hard to tell if the cross is there.

Enjoy the show!!

Pat's spoilers....

Hospital: Lucas and Sami are about to visit Tony when Lexie comes out of his room looking very sad. She tells them that it seems like Tony has given up, that he doesn’t have any will to keep fighting. Sami says she’ll go talk to him but Lexie doesn’t want her in the room. She says Tony hates her and reminds her it that is was his idea to switch the paternity tests so they could show Brandon what kind of person she really was. Poor Lucas has to get between them a couple of times.

Lexie takes off to find Tony’s doctor to get Sami taken off the visitor’s list. She was upset that Lucas had the authority to add Sami in the first place. Sami also took great pleasure in telling her that Tony’s and her relationship had changed. She shows her the diamond necklace. After Lexie leaves Lucas wants to know if Sami intends on picking up her with Tony after comes out of the coma. She says of course. They decide to go in and visit Tony and then Lucas is going to take her home. She says if he is going back to the mansion, she is going to go with him. They talk about Will’s homecoming from camp and Lucas says no matter what we have done wrong in our lives they did something right with Will.

The Devereaux’s: Jack is all ready for a romantic night with Jennifer. She has a surprise for him as well. The doorbell rings and Jen’s surprise arrives. It is Kate and Belle. Belle pitches the idea of doing the fashion show live on their show. Jack had just told Jen that he wanted to change the focus of the show and tells her this wasn’t what he had in mind and besides their living room isn’t big enough. Jen says she will call Oliver and get him to let them use the TV studios and pick up all costs. Jack agrees on the condition that after that show they go back to investigative reporting – a hard hitting news show format is what he wants. After their guest leave they have their romantic evening.

The Kiriakis Estate: Nicole is about to take a swim when Brady comes along. She immediately goes on the defensive saying that ever since he found out about her past he takes every chance he can to watch her. He says he has treated her with respect and that she has a problem and he knows what it is. She tells him she won’t talk about her marriage and goes into the house.

Phil shows up to take his dad for supper but Vic is too busy. He asks Phil what’s on his mind and when Phil says nothing, Victor says he knows it has to do with Belle Black. He tells Phil that if she is the one that he should go after her. Phil says that Belle is in love with Shawn and that she is not interested in him as he flashes back to that kiss…EWWWW! Vic said it didn’t look that way at the party. Phil says he is one of three people that have told him that he’s in love with Belle but they’re all wrong, they’re only friends. Victor then tells him if he feels he doesn’t have a chance to win Belle’s heart he should stay away from her. He doesn’t want him to repeat the Chloe situation. Phil throws his marriage back in his face and asks him why he stays married to Nicole when it’s obvious he hates her and she hates him. He mentions the fact that they don’t even share a bedroom. Kate walks in at this moment.

Brady and Nicole join them and Kate asks Brady to model. She then tells Nicole they don’t need her because they have younger models. Phil asks his mom to ask Nicole to model because she is practically a prisoner in the mansion – it would do her good to get out. Kate agrees but gets him to ask her. He does and she agrees. Kate and Victor are left alone and they end up talking about Roman. Vic says he knows her and that there is no way a blue collar by the book cop could make her happy. She tells him about all the things they share and she says she is happy. He says if that is the case he’s happy she found someone that could make her feel that way. She says maybe he’ll find someone as well. Out by the pool, Brady is taking a swim and Nicole fantasises about joining him and almost kissing him.

Brady pub: Caroline talks to Belle who is busy working. Belle says she couldn’t have done it without Shawn’s support and Caroline tells her that is what love is. She hands her a gift and Belle thinks it is from Shawn. When she opens it and sees that it is from Phillip she looks disappointed. When Belle comes in she tells Phil that it is too extravagant and that Shawn won’t be happy about it. He says Shawn is jealous because he kissed her – he knew that kiss would change everything. She says Shawn doesn’t know about the kiss and never will. He puts his hand on top of hers and she tells him ‘don’t’ and gets up and leaves.

The ‘Res’: Bo and Hope reunite. Cree tells them the history of the cave and the legend of how the spring is their people’s ‘life’. They don’t understand why he would sell it. He says he was trading it for diamonds so there would be no record of the transaction because reservation land can’t be sold. He tells them about the sick children and the deaths. He is selling the land because they need money for research. He admits that he doesn’t know what the substance is. Bo and Hope offer to help. Bo goes to make some calls and comes back and tells Cree that his son Shawn found out the substance is a natural explosive much more powerful than dynamite. They beg him not to sell to the DiMera’s but he says no one will stop him and pulls a gun on them. He phones the DiMera mansion and makes a deal with Lucas and goes back into the cave where he had Bo and Hope tied up. They ask what he’s going to do with them.

Preview: Belle telling Shawn that he is the only guy she is interested in and him replying that he never thought she was so why did she even say it. (THUD - I do believe he’s wearing a new shorter gold chain around his neck). Lucas and Sami about to go for a swim – so close to kissing. Bo and Hope talking about being together forever and wondering how to get out of the jam they’re in.

Wednesday Aug. 6

Jan's Spoilers......

Lumi.....Can you love these two anymore. He's on the phone with Cree making arrangements to meet him tomorrow with the money. Sami wants to go with him but he tries to talk her out of it. He escorts her out but she shows up in the living room in her swimsuit as Lucas walks back in. Now we do get a shirtless Bryan today..THUD. And we get an almost kiss and then we change scenes...WTH.

Bope....what I loved best about them today was the flashbacks...and the stubborn streak that Hope shows as she won't leave the cave without Bo.

At Basic Black...well I don't know what to say. I loved the flirting between Rate and Shelle. And the way Shawn calls Belle 'baby' and says he's crazy in love. The way he puts his fingers on the sides of his mouth and smiles a HUGE smile. The neglige he puts on with the boa (Ree for you...LOL) and Belle takes it off of him (cute scene). I love the look on Shawn and Roman's face when Kate says to take off their clothes...Roman in red silk pj's. Shawn in a white shirt opened and black shorts...and the chain hanging down. The seamstress pricks him too cute.

Rate go to Roman's place and he gives her a back massage..they argue about Victor and he pulls her into a kiss.

Shelle at Lookout Point....laying on the blanket and still flirting. Belle brings up Phil and Shawn gets a little upset...(I love how he is onto Phil). How Belle pulls him down into a kiss and then pushes him away saying we can't. How he tells her they should check the purity ring handbook and then says he's kidding (I'm not sure he is...LOL)but be prepared ladies...when he tells her they'll make love all the time after they are married that he promises...his voice....THUD!!!!!! They lay back down on the blanket and look up at the stars......too sweet.

Let's just say that boy had it going on today....voice, looks, eyes. I loved the flirting and teasing yet the serious tone about the rings. Definately a good show. No we don't him shirtless only a shirt opened but we get a few good views of the chain...LOL.

Pat's Spoilers....

Okay I was wrong about the chain. In the opening scene it looks like the usual one. What can I say – it was the angle at Lookout Point that I saw in the preview and it looked like a short chain – sorry. Actually they’re lying back on a blanket and when he sits up, I think the chain is backwards with the cross on his back.

DiMera Mansion: Lucas and Sami are talking about the land deal and Sami thinks he should wait for Tony to come out of the coma. He says no because Tony really wants that substance. She asks about the guy he’s making the deal with and he says that Cree is an amateur. Cree calls and asks about the money and tells him that he they have a problem. Two strangers have found the source of the substance.

Lucas tells him that they are playing by his rules now and he tells Cree to keep the people close to him and he’ll take care of them when he shows up there in a couple of days. Cree had told him that he is a peaceful man. Sami asks Lucas what his intent is. She says “Lucas you wouldn’t…”
He asks her if she really thinks that he would kill them. He’s offended. He says he has work to do before he goes there. She has a brilliant idea. He should take her with him.

He asks her why she wants to go and she says it is to protect Tony’s interests. He accuses of her of working with Rex to keep an eye on him. She refers to Rex as that geeky alien boy. Lucas says that Rex is too emotional to work for Tony – he’s a time bomb waiting to explode and Sami agrees with him. He tells her to go home, he is going to make some calls and then go for a swim.

When he returns to the living room in his trunks she is standing there is a swimsuit. LOL! – He likes what he sees. Erin comes in and asks if they want anything to drink – he says he wants a vodka tonic. Sami asks if he is drinking again and he says no it was a joke and tells Erin to bring some iced tea. He says that he was testing her to see if she would go for full custody of Will. She says that she might have a few months ago. Lucas tells her that everything changed when she fell through the French doors – his world was turned upside down. She says things are better for her as well and she wants to move forward for Will’s sake. They turn to go outside and he puts his hand on the small of back and she turns towards him. They are a few inches apart – almost kissing.

The Res: Boy – are we lucky today. We are treated to several great Bo and Hope flashbacks starting with the one where he goes to the church to stop her from marrying Larry. They talk about all the situations they have got themselves out of. Bo says they’ve been lucky and Hope says it was love – they were destined to be together. As they talk they are working the ropes and Bo busts free. He wonders what they can do to prevent Tony from getting his hands on the stuff. Hope wants to know what they are going to do to help Cree’s tribe. Bo says if he could him a check for a million dollars he would but he can’t and besides he wants to deal with only one thing at a time. Hope has an idea and she grabs the phone and runs out of the cave.

She comes back and tells Bo that she called her Gran and that all the proceeds from the fashion show will go to Cree’s tribe and she’ll also see about a clinic being set up on the reservation. They go into the store and Bo gathers supplies to make a bomb. Love the little touch where they leave the money on the cash register. Bo makes the bomb and they soak a rope in kerosene to use as the fuse. It’s short and Bo tells Hope to go out and take cover but she refuses. They kiss and he lights the fuse and they run out. They just get out as the cave explodes.

Basic Black: Roman and Shawn come to see Kate and Belle but the receptionist says they can’t be disturbed. When the phone rings they take off into Kate’s office. Kate and Belle ask what they’re doing there they don’t have time for this. Roman says we figured you would need a break – how about some coffee. Shawn says we were thinking dot com. Belle asks him if he is crazy. LOL – He says crazy in love baby. Then he uses his fingers at the side of his mouth as he forms this big ass grin. Belle just rolls her eyes.

Belle and Kate go on and on about all the work they still have to do. Belle says it’s too bad that Hope isn’t back yet because she has this two piece and sarong that would look amazing on her. Shawn says my mom in a bikini on television – he doesn’t know if his dad would go for that. He says maybe if it was a winter line with parkas. He says it’s too bad that his parents have to miss out on all the fashion fun and grabs a sheer robe trimmed with feathers and drapes it around him and asks Roman if it accentuates his curves. Belle says no wonder we can’t get anything done. He stops fooling around and then she asks if he heard from his parents. He says no not yet. Roman says they will be all right and then asks if there is anything they can do to help. Kate says yes, take off your clothes.

Thud alert: Shawn looks mighty fine in that short sleeved white shirt – completely unbuttoned and black shorts. LOL – and yes Deb – full view of the chain and cross. Roman in red satin pj’s with a pipe in his mouth. After getting poked and pinned – they are finally done and the women agree that it is time for a break.

Roman’s house: Roman takes Kate to his bedroom and tells her to take off her blouse. He gives her a massage and she tells him about her visit to Victor and tells him they even talked about her relationship with him. Roman is not happy about that and tells her that he doesn’t want her to see Victor again. She gets angry with him and he apologises saying he doesn’t have the right to tell her whom she can see. She says she has told him before that she doesn’t like his cave man tactics and he says he thinks she likes them and kisses her – of course she kisses him back.

Lookout Point: Shawn spreads out the blanket – loved the little remark he makes that at least her parents aren’t there. She says it’s perfect as they lie back, her in his arms as they look up at the sky. He mentions the fashion show and she sits up – saying she wants to forget about it. He says he just wants her to know how much he loves her. They look up at the stars and she points out a group that she thinks would look good as a design on some pyjamas. She says everything is happening so fast – he says he is so proud of her. She is proud of him and then she says that Phillip is not the only one who has matured. He says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have Phil in the show because he’s a marine and it could be a conflict of interest. She says the base has cleared it and besides Phil wants to do it. Shawn just says I’ll bet. She shows him the gift and Shawn says Phil hasn’t changed a bit – he’s still the rich kid trying to impress his friends with expensive gifts. She says she can’t understand why Shawn can’t see that he has changed – Phil is mature and responsible now. Shawn wants him to make new friends and stay out of their lives. She says she is not interested in any other guys. He says he didn’t say she was but wants to know why she would even bring that up especially when they’re talking about Phillip. She looks guilty as hell.

She says she is just saying she isn’t interested in any other guy and she will prove it. He says ‘oh yeah’ in THAT voice and she pulls him into a kiss. Next thing we see – she is pushing him off of her saying they can’t because they made a pledge. He grabs his ring and says can’t we just take it off and it won’t count. She says no. He jokes and says they should check the purity ring rule book. She tells him she wants to wait. He says he does as well. They have their entire lives to love each other and make love to each other. That’s a promise. She says she is going to hold him to it. He pulls her close and tells her that he will love her forever.

So that was what the ‘growing closer’ was about I guess. I have to say I’m disappointed – we didn’t even get to see them kiss. I got no sense that they had to struggle to stop and remember their pledge. LOL! – I guess I’m greedy – I wanted more!

Preview: Rex tells Marlena that he thinks there is something seriously wrong with him. Nicole wants in on Brady throwing a photo or something. Lucas telling Sami to keep her nose out of it and her asking him if he is threatening her.

Thursday Aug. 7

Jan's Spoilers.....

I really enjoyed Brady/Nicole today. Ari is a wonderful actress and she has a way of expressing her emotions that I love. They talk about Chloe which I thought was good only because I thought it was needed to give a little insight into how Brady is coping.

Lumi....What can I say? I love these two especially when they are working together on a scheme...and we got so close to a kiss today. I have to say looking at Lucas in his swimsuit isn't bad either.

Marlena/Rex....nice to see some scenes between these two. But I have to say I'm sure it is a setup as to Rex being looked at as a definate suspect...LOL. And Marlena will be so hurt when she finds out Ressie are not hers.

Marlena/John....Loved their scenes today although they were much too short. And what was that with no scene in the last bit of the show.

John/Philip....John was so patient with Phil today but that boy has a definate chip on his shoulder and he's going to take someone down with him.

Philip/Rex....no question that Phil is going to go after Rex...but who is going to get hurt in the process.

Previews: Great previews but be prepared for Phil's little show....SDB looks HOT.

Pat's Spoilers....

Hospital: Rex comes to see Marlena and tells her he needs her help. He tells her about his headaches and mood swings and that he thinks he has psychological problems. She asks if he talks to Cassie about them. Hmmm interesting how he says that he and Cassie are so different. Marlena says yes, Cassie acts out and he holds everything in and his emotions need to come out some way hence the headaches. He says his mood swings scare the people around him including him. He talks about Mimi and how he takes his anger out on her when she isn’t even the person he’s angry at. He wants to get better so she’ll take him back. He also lets it slip that he doesn’t want Mimi to tell his secrets to anyone – John overhears this.

After Rex leaves, John talks to Marlena about Rex. She tells him what Rex said. They go back to the penthouse where John has arranged to have a bottle of champagne chilling and a romantic setting in their bedroom. LOL – she calls him her international man of mystery.

John meets Phillip at the hospital and tells him he spoke to Shane and the assistant director and things don’t look good for Phillip having a future with the ISA. He tells him he’s out and the ISA doesn’t usually reverse a decision like this. Phil says he’s not going to sulk but the ISA doesn’t have any say in what he does in his free time. John warns him about investigating Rex. I’m not going into this because Phil is being such an arrogant ass – the way he talks to John even after John tells him he would feel personally responsible if something would happen to him. Grrrrr. Even after Phil goes on about John laying off the DiMera’s, John talks civilly to him and switches the subject to the fashion show. Phil says Belle asked him to be it unless John wants him to back off of that as well. John says no it’s for a good cause and he is one of the good guys, isn’t he. Don’t like that look on Phil’s face at all.

Phillip sees Rex making an appointment and they talk a bit. Phil says he knows how hard the waiting is because his dad had a stroke but he got better and he’s sure Tony will as well. After Rex leaves that jerk spouts off how much trouble Rex is and that he is going to make sure that he ends up where he should be. YUCK!

Abe’s house: Abe and Lexie meet outside and talk a bit about Tony before going inside to spend the night together. Celeste inside looking at photos of Theo when she is so overcome by a premonition she goes outside where Lexie and Abe are sitting on a bench kissing. They know she had a psychic feeling and Lexie is worried about Theo and Tony. Celeste says it went away and tries to make light of it. As soon as she leaves they go check on Theo. Lexie tells Abe she is thankful everyday because she came so close to losing everything.

Kiriakis Mansion: Brady is flipping through CD’s and throws one to the floor when Nicole walks in. It happens to be a CD he had made for Chloe. Nicole says bad memories, he says no good ones but not today and he pulls out a folded paper from his pocket and hands it to her. It’s a review of Chloe’s debut performance. After talking Nicole says he’s upset because he expected Chloe to call and she didn’t and now he finally realises that it is over between them. She tells him he shouldn’t put his life on hold – Chloe wouldn’t want that. She admires Brady for putting Chloe first at the expense of his own needs and hopes one day he finds a woman that would do the same and that him and that woman end up being together.

DiMera Mansion: Sami and Lucas’ almost kiss gets interrupted by the maid telling him there’s a call. Lucas doesn’t take his eyes off Sami or her off him while he says he didn’t hear the phone. It’s on the Count’s private line. Cree is calling about the explosion at the cave and he tells Lucas the substance is lost forever. Cree won’t give up the deposit because he knows Tony didn’t want his involvement in the deal made public. So basically Cree and Lucas exchange threats with neither of them having the upper hand. Sami sneezes into the phone that she is listening in on. Lucas tells Cree to email him a still photo of the woman on the security tape because Cree told him the man and woman seemed to be connected. They also had a moral objection to him doing business with the DiMera’s and they offered to help.

After he hangs up he goes to the entranceway and asks Sami why she had to eavesdrop on his conversation. She says he obviously needs her help. He throws up her lack of education plus the fact that she is only a receptionist in her face. She says she’s taking classes at Salem U and investing her money and doing quite well. She wants to become independently wealthy and have complete control over her life. After she leaves Lucas gets the fax and sees that is Hope. He’s not too happy with his cousin.

Preview: A lot of shots of the fashion show including shirtless Shawn wearing his cross and chain. Puke warning - at Phil flexing his pectoral muscles as he walks the runway – god he thinks highly of himself. Victor having a heart attack – he’s at the mansion. Bo, Hope and Lucas talk about Tony and the DiMera organisation. Belle turning around and then screaming.

Friday Aug. 8

Jan’s Spoilers….

I’m going to do this a bit differently tonight because so much was happening and Pat did a pretty detailed report…..but before I start let me say that tomorrow have the EMT’s on standby…LOL.

Brady/Vic/Nicole….Vic tries to stop Nicole from going to the fashion show but Brady intercedes and lays it all on the line…Loved how he stood up to Grandpa today…Vic decides while watching Nicole on TV that he is going to destroy the evidence…Nico comes in and they talk…after Nico leaves Vic falls to the floor…the manilla folder and it’s contents falling open.

At the hospital Rex/Sami again go at it…after she leaves he calls Mimi and tells her he wants to see her (apparently Mimi has gone out of town)and then gets mad and swears into the phone. If I was Meems I’d be running the other way.

Bope playing with Zach as Lucas comes in and reems them out about blowing up the substance…Lucas and Alice (and wow does she look great today). All Lucas wants is someone to love him and believe in him.

Now onto the fashion show…

First part….loved how Belle is so onto Cassie and she of course is the still lipping off…loved how Shelle ran into each other in the hall and he looked so embarrassed when she talked about all the women coming onto him after seeing him in the show and he tells her he’ll tell them all he’s in love…and their foreheads touching as Dear Old Phil looks on…now if Dear Old Phil is so in love with Belle he sure as hell wouldn’t be looking and coming onto Cassie like he does…and after she turns him down he goes running to Belle seeking some reassurance that he’s good looking and women want him (give it a rest Philly)as Belle says because I didn’t leave my b/f after you kissed me…Belle does reassure him but it’s all as a friend. Loved how Shawn brings in J&J and John calls her Tink as J&J kiss and Shawn kisses Belle’s temple with Cassie looking on. Rex/Phil going at it as Phil lies his way out….Rex is one angry man today

The show….

OK the pj’s were great…Shawn in a pair of silk bottoms (green I believe)with sandals on his feet. Everyone looked absolutely amazing but you had to love John as he lowers the shoulder of his shirt….they were having so much fun with this you could just see it in the way they all acted.

The lingerie…again everyone looked beautiful and you could tell how they enjoyed it. Loved Nicole in Brady’s shirt.

The swimsuit….for those wondering Cassie had on a Daisy Duke type of bathing suit. And what can I say…..Lucas has been teaching SDB how to wear those shorts…they are riding a little low today but DAMN he looks good. The only thing missing was Lucas. And yes Lauren we get sandals…….THUD!!!

I love how at the end Belle looks for Shawn. After seeing his parents on the floor Phil holds him back.

Now the looks, the voice, the eyes, shirtless, the chain……that boy has it going on today so be prepared.

Previews: Loved how Belle is holding him tightly.

Enjoy ladies….I know you will. But please have your THUD equipment ready we don’t want any injuries.

Pat’s Spoilers….

Bring on the mayhem – this is definitely a Reilly show!!! So much going on right from the opening segment.

Nicole is packing enough make-up for the entire cast as Brady waits patiently. They are just about to leave when Victor asks where she thinks she’s going. He forbids her to model in the show. When Brady finds out he calls his grandfather a cold-hearted son of a bitch. Victor tells him to stay out of his marriage. He says you put me in the middle when you invited me to live her and you humiliate your wife in front of me. He tells Victor that he just wants the rest of his marriage to be happy and if he can’t be happy to at least make peace with his wife. Brady tells him that all the bitterness and hatred would end up killing him and nobody would care. Victor tells Nicole that after the show he wants to talk about the future of their marriage.

Victor watches a bit of the show and then removes the blackmail material from his safe. Nico stops by to tell him he’s leaving for the afternoon. He sees the stuff in Victor’s hands and asks him if he is going to turn Nicole in for Colin’s murder. Vic says he’s thinking of destroying it. Nico wonders if that is a wise move. Right after Nico leaves, Victor clutches his chest and falls to the floor dropping the folder of evidence.

Hope and Bo are with Zach at the pub when Lucas comes in and confronts them. He tells them that he was about to make the biggest deal of his life for Tony DiMera and thanks to them it literally blew up. They ask him where is conscious is – did he really want innocent people to suffer because that is what would happen if Tony had got his hands on the substance. He says of course not he just wanted to impress his boss but thanks to them he’s going to end up looking like a fool again.

Lucas goes to visit Alice and she asks him to speak on behalf of the Horton family at the fashion show. He reminds her that he works for Tony DiMera. She says she knows but he is family. He says he can’t fill Tom Horton’s shoes. He wants respect but if he can’t get that he’ll settle for money and power. Alice says Tom had all those things and Lucas says it was because he had you supporting him. He says maybe if he had someone in his life to support him like that – she says he’s looking in the wrong places.

Rex confronts Sami at the hospital, grabbing her by the arm and forbidding her to see Tony. He says he knows what she is up to. She’s playing up to Lucas in case Tony doesn’t wake up, she just wants a rich guy and she doesn’t care which one. She threatens him with losing everything – love how she tosses off that “Mr. Brady” at the end. He calls her a bitch and she tells him to be nicer to her and if he can’t to stay out of her face. She leaves for the fashion show. Rex calls and leaves a message for Mimi – note to Rex – telling her you love her and need her following by screaming into the phone to call you DAMN IT – isn’t going to win the fair maidens heart.

The Show: Jack and Jen are absolutely adorable and it was so hard to watch knowing that Matthew was let go. I have a feeling Reilly is going to kill him off in a way that ensures that character can never come back. Jen looks stunning in a red dress. I love the banter between them as they are going through the script.

Normal backstage chaos – Cassie is wearing the peignoir that Shawn was fooling around with and bra and bikini panties underneath. She tells Belle she wants something sexier and Belle tells her if she got any sexier she would be naked. Cassie says the outfit is so suburban but than Belle designed it so what else could be expected. Belle walks away counting to ten and she is in the hallway at eight when Shawn comes along saying ‘Cassie?’ Belle swears that if she could have found another size 0 she wouldn’t have asked her. Shawn says ‘there’s a size 0’. Belle tells him it’s a trick of the trade, make women think they are skinny and they will buy anything. She says Cassie is skinny and annoying and bitchy. He tells her everything will be fine and he’s so proud of her – he takes her hands in his. She says she made two mistakes, hiring Cassie and having him model those pyjama bottoms. She moans that all these women are going to see him looking so sexy and he will have hundreds of women after him. He looks so cute – embarrassed when she is complimenting him but you’ll love it when he says to her ‘and I’ll tell those hundreds of women chasing me that I’m in love with you.’ He rests his forehead against her – of course the moment has to be spoiled by Mr. Not So Super No Longer a Spy guy lurking.

Warning: Ladies – have the Thud kit fully stocked and maybe a second and third one on hand – that man has it all going on during the show today. SIGH! There’s something about his hair – those dark eyes – that body…well and of course watch out for the feet!!! And ladies – even before the modelling starts – lordy – tight blue jeans, dark blue short sleeved shirt – THUD!

Belle looks beautiful. Her hair is pinned up and she is wearing a black sleeveless fitted top trimmed with pink to match the skirt she is wearing. Gorgeous!!!

Phil really gives Cassie the once over and of course she is a bit uncomfortable with the fairly ardent gaze – oh yeah – the man is totally in love with Belle – NOT! She starts talking about Belle but he tells her that Belle is in love with Shawn and he doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks out for a latte after the show and she tells him she has plans. One of the crew comes along right after Phil and asks her out for a drink and she says she has no plans. Phil goes to Belle and asks her opinion about whether he has the ability to attract girls. She tells him just because she wouldn’t leave her boyfriend after he kissed her doesn’t mean that he isn’t a total hunk. She catches him looking at Cassie and she tells him to forget her. Shawn brings her parents in – John is so funny today. He doesn’t really want to be there but he will do it for his Tink.

Besides the fashion show going on the obvious ploy here is to set up Rex to look guilty as hell. He is barely civil to Marlena – in fact, he’s rude. He’s surly and churlish even while modelling. After Lucas speaks about the foundation and makes a $500,000 donation on behalf of the DiMera foundation, Rex freaks out on him. Sami was so impressed with Lucas while he was speaking – thinking back to their almost kiss. When Lucas comes off the stage Sami says she is so proud of him. He says it was Tony’s money and Rex comes along screaming at him for giving away his father’s money. Sami tries to warn him but he tells her to shut up and says that Lucas blew the land deal. Lucas says he didn’t but Bo and Hope Brady did and he shows him the fax of Hope’s picture. Rex says whoever ruined the deal for Tony will pay.

Phil goes into the dressing room and says to himself that he doesn’t care what John says Rex is up to something and he will prove it. He is going through Rex’s gym bag when Rex comes in and they start to fight. I thought it was fairly fitting that it ended up being Bo and Shawn holding back Rex and John holding back Phil. Rex accuses Phil of going through his bag and Phil covers saying he thought it was his. Rex jerks away from Bo and Bo comments that he has a lot of anger in him. Rex looks ready to pounce on Bo when John comes along and gets between them. Cassie tells Rex that she is scared because he is so angry all the time. During Bo and Hope’s stint on the runway in the swimwear portion – Rex is on the sidelines just glaring at them.

The fashion show was in three segments. First the sleepwear – the models are Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, Sami, Rex, Lexie, Cassie, Phil, Brady, Nicole and Shawn for all segments. Don’t miss John in this part – he really vamps it up for the cameras. Bo is so reluctant to go out. I loved when Hope lifts his hand up so she could place her leg over it and he finally gets the hint and lifts her up. Everyone looks really good. Shawn – gulp – dark silver grey satin bottoms – shirtless, chain and a smile that will…well, you get the drift and oh yeah, sandals.

Next segment is lingerie. No men in this segment. Nicole is a two-piece red silk set but doesn’t think she can go on – bad memories. She goes out in Brady’s shirt. No let me say this is not a shirt that I would probably ever look twice at if I was shopping for men’s clothes – wild colours and design but let me tell you it sure worked for both Brady and Nicole.

Last segment is the swimwear: Bo and Hope look great! Loved John and Marlena – and John eating that damn banana. He sure works the angles that man – reminds me of Fanfest. I think there was a lot of Drake on display during today’s show – more Drake than John – LOL! Right after Phil’s jiggling act Shawn comes out. Hmmm – I think someone has been taking lessons from Lucas/Bryan on just exactly how low to wear those shorts/trunks. Looking mighty fine – again shirtless and in sandals and a devastating smile. After the smile – don’t miss the wide-eyed raised eyebrow look – priceless.

After the show Belle and Kate come out and John gives them both huge bouquets of flowers. Everyone is milling around, Bo and Hope move away from the group and they’re talking about how much fun they have had when all the lights go out. Someone yells out that the main switch in the studio was turned off. Jack and Jen are wondering if they’re still on the air. Belle had gone to be with Shawn and when the lights come on she starts screaming and all the women join in. Shawn starts screaming mom and dad and Phil holds him back as the camera cuts to Bo and Hope lying in a pool of blood.

All I can say about Reilly’s first episode – WOW!!! …..Psst – of course shirtless Shawn is always worth a WOW all on its own – but you didn’t hear that from me.

Preview: Phil telling everyone that someone must have seen something and now that they know what happened they should be able to piece it together. Marlena telling John she wished she could have done more and John telling her it is in God’s hands now. Cassie watching someone (I think Rex because he was wearing a shirt) rinsing blood off their arm. Shawn holding on to Belle wondering who could have done this to his parents and we’re shown the shot of Rex glaring at them from the swimsuit segment.

Monday Aug. 11

Jan’s Spoilers….

Well it’s definite….Reilly’s back. This show moved really quickly…very fast paced.

The Kiriakis Mansion…Victor is lying on the floor having flashbacks about conversations with Nic about the murder…he tries to move the folder (with the evidence)under the sofa but fails to get it under all the way. Nico finds him and yells for Henderson….(who knew Henderson had a temper)…they want to take Vic to the hospital but he refuses. He takes a heart pill and Nico gets him to go upstairs to lie down. He is trying to remember what he was doing but fails to do so. Brady/Nicole show up and want to tell him about Bope but Nico says it is not a good idea to give him bad news right now…Brady also wants to take him to the hospital but Nico says no…Brady finds the folder and asks what it is.

Lucas/Sami…..the fighting has started again and I must say I couldn’t keep track of everything that was being said but boy can these two go at it. She tells him that she wishes he was still in a coma and he says he wishes she never got her voice back. They talk about the night Will was conceived and Sami tells him that any woman who has sex with him is fantasizing about someone else. Boy can these two argue with the best of them. And I have to say Lucas looks awfully good with a black T-shirt and his dress pants on.

The Cop Station…Abe/Roman come in from a meeting…Abe gets a call about the Murphy case and that it is to be reopened. An officer comes in telling them about a 911 call for the Studio and they take off.

The studio…A lot happening here so I’ll give you the basics…John is holding Shawn back as he’s trying to get to Bope. Lexie/Marlena are looking after them and trying to stop the bleeding. Lucas give them his shirt. Marlena says they are breathing…(all the time Rex is lurking at the entrance to the stage…blood on his shirt (he says it’s make-up) and they show the pipe under his foot with blood on it. Cassie is worried about him. Shawn is yelling trying to find out who did this. The paramedics and Roman/Abe show up…Shawn wants to go with them…Belle says she’ll go to but they say only immediate family…she says I love you and I’ll get there as soon as I can. She goes to Phil for comfort and says he’s your half-brother but Phil says they aren’t my parents…she tells him he is being so brave (gag me)…she says she wants to be with Shawn he needs her…Phil asks John to pull strings …Abe agrees and John tells Belle to be strong for Shawn…Marlena/Lexie/Belle leave. After a few calls from the feds Roman convinces Abe to go and open the Murphy case and start the investigation all over…Abe heads to the Kiriakis mansion. Romans starts questioning people…Sami/Lucas….he asks Lucas to take her home. Brady/Nicole…Meanwhile Rex is washing the ‘blood’ off his arm as Cassie watches. .can’t find Rex/Cassie. He spots them and asks where they were standing…Rex shows him. John/Philip do their own investigation into the electrical panel but find nothing. Cassie notices the pipe and wipes it down as Phil sees her.

At the hospital….someone comes by to deliver flowers to Tony and comes back and says he is not in his room.

Bope are brought in with Shawn right behind them…they are taken into the treatment room and Shawn is held back. We see him by himself in the waiting area as Belle/Marlena/Lexie come in. They ask about Bope but Shawn tells them he doesn’t know anything they wouldn’t let him in. Marlena/Lexie go to find out as Belle comes over and hugs him saying she is sorry he was by himself but she is not leaving his side now. Marlena comes out and explains a bit to him and he asks her to tell him the truth so he can be prepared. She tells him everything. Bope are brought out on their way for an MRI as Shawn watches.

It was a very emotional show and I love how everyone is so supportive of Shawn….John/Marlena/Belle….(Phil I’m not so sure about…so I won’t comment…LOL)

Previews: I only caught the one with Shawn asking the doctor if Hope could die and he says yes.

Enjoyed the show and the fast pace……but I sure hope Pat is back soon it’s hard to keep up…LOL.

Tuesday Aug. 12

Jan’s Spoilers……

First of all let me say that what I immediately noticed in today’s show was the continuation of yesterday’s ending…Brady picking up the folder…Cassie hiding the pipe…I have to admit I liked it.

Brady/Nic/Vic/Abe…Brady picking up the folder after Nico leaves the room…Abe shows up at the door and wants to talk to Vic as Henderson goes to get him…when Vic arrives Abe tells him the Colin murder is being re-opened as Nic goes weak in the knees…(the whole time Brady is holding the folder)…Abe questions her and she says you’d feel like this as well…someone being killed at your wedding…as Vic starts to feel faint…Brady hands Abe the folder as Nicole looks on clearly shaken…Vic won’t go to the hospital so Abe says he’ll leave this for now, he hands Brady the folder as Nicole tries to grab it and the contents end up on the floor.

Sami/Lucas….Kudos again to Ali/Bryan as they continue the barbs. Lucas finally gets her to calm down when he picks up ‘birthstone kitty’ and threatens to break it….it was a present to Sami from Grandma Evans on her 16th birthday. But it starts all over again when Lucas notices a letter from Will addressed to both of them and wonders why he didn’t know about it….he slams out of the door sending the kitty to the floor…as Sami damns’ him. These two have so much chemistry no matter what they are doing.

At the studio…Roman continues to question Rex as Rex has flashbacks to the blood and someone with a black glove and shirt turning off the lights and picking up the club…he tells Roman the only reason he is questioning him is because he is a DiMera..Roman is definitely suspicious. Philip questions Cassie about the pipe and points it out to Roman who tells him good job…Philip must have mentioned 3 or 4 times today that Bo is his brother…(weird)and can’t figure out what is going on with Cassie. Jack is starting to investigate as to who was there. Barry/Roman check out a tape as Barry questions Roman about Kate…Kate overhears Roman telling Barry to ask Kate if they are still dating…Kate talks to herself saying if Roman knew he…that is why they’ll never be together. As Rex leaves he sees Mimi who launches herself into his arms saying she knows he’d never hurt anyone. We also get to hear Mimi on the phone to her mom.

At the hospital…

John/Marlena talking as John says he knows who was behind it…he figures Bope’s in a dangerous job…Marlena says Vin but then says that’s not who you are thinking about…John says Tony but Marlena says Tony is in a coma…John says his father did the same thing…Belle hands Shawn a coffee as Shawn says whoever did this will pay…the Dr. comes out and tells Shawn his parents will need surgery…Shawn is visibly shaken as he hugs Belle tightly. Shawn is wondering what is taking so long. We see Bo waking up and pulling the tubes out as he heads for Hope’s room…the Dr. comes out as Jen/Marlena (arms around Belle) John and Shawn listen…he tells them Bo is awake as everyone is grateful and Shawn asks about his Mom…the Dr. tells him she hasn’t woken up yet…Shawn asks if she might die…the Dr. says yes…as Shawn takes off with Belle behind him…Jack comes in as Jen cries and tells him that she has to call the family…Bo is in the foreground as the Dr. is talking to everyone.…Shawn in the chapel and ranting to God saying he asked him to keep his family safe…Belle comes in with a Bible and takes Shawn’s hand and starts to read a passage…Shawn joins in as the camera pans to Hope’s room with Shelle’s voice being heard…Bo comes into the room and tells Fancy Face he loves her and needs her. Belle tells Shawn someone is always looking after his family as the alter lights up and they turn to see Alice….Shawn hugs her and says he’s glad she’s there….Shelle help her sit down as they pray silently…we hear Alice praying to Tom to help Hope as the candle flickers…Shawn points it out and Alice says no Tom no….we then pan to Hope’s room as she flatlines.

A very emotional show….Bo/Peter played it perfectly…and I absolutely loved the scenes in the Chapel with Shelle and Alice….I loved the whole show. I also loved the way Shawn just sort of melted into Belle's hugs and touches...he is leaning on getting strength from her as well.

Previews: Rimi/Phassie at the mansion as Phil says some people think Tony did it and Rex lunges at him…Nicole with the folder as Vic grabs her neck…Shelle/Alice in the Chapel as Shawn says please help my Mom. The Dr. telling Bo she’s gone as Bo says no and starts CPR on Hope………….very emotional…and very exciting.

Wednesday Aug. 13

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Have the tissues….well at least I needed them…LOL. A very heartwrenching show…the Bope/Shelle/Alice scenes…tearjerkers.

Brady/Nic/Abe/Vic….Nicole is picking up the folder and yelling at Brady and Abe to leave it alone…she takes it upstairs as Vic again feels faint. Brady tells him he should go and rest and he does. He finds Nic in her room as she is preparing to get rid of the evidance. He grabs her and she starts running around the room…jumps up on the bed…LOL (these scenes were actually cute and Ari was great). Vic calms her down telling her that Brady convinced him that he should file for divorce and get on with his life…she falls for his story as she gets off the bed and he takes the folder…he says we’ll do this his way…she says what about what you said…he says I decided Brady was wrong…Abe/Brady talk about Colin and Abe leaves…we see Nic in the pools (skinny dipping)as Brady comes out in a robe…he is convince that what was in the file is what is upsetting her…she goes on about all that happened today and she feels free in the water…she asks him to come in…he takes off the robe (I think we are supposed to think he is all without clothes..LOL)and dives in the pool in his swim trunks.

The mansion…Rimi come into the mansion as she says he was always in her heart. Cassie comes out and tells them Bope may die. Mimi wants to know what happened and is upset for Shelle. Phil is outside talking to John and John is telling him that Tony is missing and to stay out of it. Phil figures it wasn’t Tony but Rex. He rings the bell and Cassie answers…he apologizes. Mimi/Rex in the living room as Mimi is worried about who attacked Bope…she remembers that Cassie was protective of Rex and asks if he did it…she keeps on at him as Phassie come in and Phil asks what is going on. Phil tells them people think Tony did it as Rex attacks him…they break apart as Rimi head upstairs for Mimi to phone Shelle (we never hear or see the call)…Phassie decide to watch a movie…Rimi start to make out and Rex remembers the blood on his shirt…he fakes a headache and Mimi goes downstairs to get his pills…he then burns his shirt as Mimi comes back and comments on the smell…they are tired and lay down…Rex starts talking into his recorder…as Phil sneaks upstairs and (spykid does it again…LOL)makes a noise that Rex hears…he goes back downstairs and pretends to be asleep as Rex comes down and wakes Casssie…he doesn’t believe Phil was asleep as Phil listens from inside…he talks to himself (JER is back..LOL)and says he will be the one to get Rex.

At the hospital….Now these scenes are the emotional ones….fantastic acting from everyone especially PR. Have the tissues ready!!!!!!

Hope flatlines as Bo yells to the Drs. Nurses come in with a crash cart. As the Dr. tries to jump her heart Bo has tears in his eyes and cringes with every movement. The Dr. calls for the time as Bo says no and begins mouth to mouth. Bo pleads with Hope to reach out for him and come back. Shelle/Alice are in the Chapel as Shawn has his hands on Alice’s shoulders, the candle flickers and Shawn says it’s a sign. Alice says our prayers are desperately needed. Shawn prays out loud asking God to save his mom, Zach needs her, he needs her, her family needs her. As Bo is pleading with Hope the camera pans to Shelle/Alice saying the Lord’s Prayer and then pans back as Bo joins in (you hear their voices in the background), Bo kisses her and the monitor starts beeping, the nurse says it’s a miracle as Hope, as Hope’s eyes open and she says Brady. The nurse comes in and tells Shelle/Alice that Hope is alive. Shawn hugs Alice and says it’s a miracle. Shawn and Belle leave as the candle flickers and Alice with tears in her eyes says Thank You. Shawn goes to his Dad and they share a very emotional hug. Bo is upset he didn’t protect Hope and what would have happened to Shawn and Zach. The Dr. gave up Bo tells Shawn, but Shawn says you didn’t. Bo tells him that this is not going to happen again as Shawn smiles and doesn’t believe him. Shawn says I want to but I know you’ll be out there again. He says he loves them. Shawn tells him that he, Belle and Gran were praying and Bo says your mom heard your prayers that’s why she came back. Belle tells Marlena/John that Hope is going to make it as they share a group hug. Marlena tells Belle about Tony being missing. Shawn goes into see Hope, he takes her hand and tells her he loves her. Tells her everyone is praying and to come back to us. He promises her they will find out who did it. Marlenas sees Shawn and tells Belle as she goes to him. He takes her into a hug and tells her he doesn’t know if he could have made it without her. She wants to take him home to the loft so they can get some sleep but he wants to be there if Hope wakes up. He tells her to go…she says she is staying and he’s not getting rid of her. They share a very sweet kiss as they hug again. Bo crawls into bed beside Hope saying he can’t sleep without her.

An excellent show…….Shawn/Belle/Bo/Alice were incredible…..JC/KS/FR/PR showed the emotions that we needed to see and were perfect…from the tears to the smiles…wonderful!!!!!!!

Thursday Aug. 14

Jan’s Spoilers….

J&J…in bed waking up. They talk a bit about what happened to Bope and then make love. Jack believes that he is not good enough for the ‘cream of the crop’ Horton woman who is perfect and flawless as he sees it. He is determined to prove that he is worthy of her. Jen wants to help but he says no he doesn’t want to put her in danger. Very good scenes between these two today. (I have to admit a couple of things…..first I am finding it really hard to watch MA in his scenes knowing he is leaving…I really enjoy him. Secondly I love how some of his history was brought out today…those long time watchers and J&J fans will know what I mean)

At the mansion….Philip wakes up and sneaks out to turn off the alarm system (barely missing getting caught by Cassie) Rimi wake up in his room (Mimi is fully clothed) as Rex again loses it over being a DiMera. Mimi is scared but again she forgives him….they go downstairs as Rex literally rails on Cassie about Phil and then they both go off on Mimi about no one knowing they are DiMera’s. Cassie leaves for the hospital….as Mimi tells Rex she wants to get a card for the Brady’s…Rex mumbles they deserved it but Mimi doesn’t hear…as they are leaving Shelle are hiding behind the bushes…they break in as Rex comes back to get his wallet…I’m not sure if he sees them through the glass in the door. They sneak up to Rex’s room as Shawn sits at the computer…someone puts a hand on Belle’s shoulder and she screams as Shawn jumps from the chair towards her…that is where the show ends.

At the hospital…Sami is getting it from all fronts today. Marlena/John/Lucas/Roman and she gives as good as she gets. I loved these scenes today…BTW…Sami has no scarf on and she makes sure she points that out to all of them. Abe/Roman talking about the evidence of which they have no conclusive results….(surprise) they narrow the suspects to Tony, his right hand man (I’m assuming Bart..LOL)and of course Ressie. Abe sees Cassie and questions her…she asks him if he talked to Phil and Abe says no…of course he becomes even more suspicious.

At the pub…Shawn and Belle come into the pub both exhausted…he tells her if she has six more cups of coffee she’ll wake up…they talk a bit about Hope and Zach as Belle tells Shawn to eat something…he says no…she says you have to keep your strength up…he smiles at her (you know the one)and says thank you for taking care of me. Shawn wants to find out who did this and nothing is going to stop him…Belle tells him to let the authorties deal with it but he says no…then he asks if maybe she wants Philip to do it…he’s always sulking around…she says I didn’t mean that…Shawn this says I want to set the record straight…it was me that saved us that night not Philip…Phil comes up behind him and makes a snide comment….as Shawn says he’s not thinking straight right now…Phil says I may know who did it (Phil does not ask how Bope are BTW)…they talk about Rex as Belle fills them in on what Mimi said about him…Shawn figures it may be him…Phil tells them he turned off the alarm system and he will check it out…Shawn says no…leave it to the authorities as he goes to check on Zach. Belle is relieved that Shawn feels that way as Phil says that’s what he wants you to believe…or he doesn’t want me involved (that’s more like it…LOL)Belle tells Philip to stay out of it…he looks at her and smiles and says when you look at me like that how can I say no…he leaves as Shawn comes down and says good he’s gone now I can concentrate on my plan. Belle thought he gave it up but he says no he is going to check it out…she wants to go with him…he says no…she says I’m going…your mom and dad are a team and that is the way we are going to be…(no sense arguing with that logic)…they then head out to the mansion.

Again a very good show….lots happening….loved how Belle told Shawn she was going…the flashbacks weren’t that bad….a little different angle.

Friday Aug. 15

Pat is back so I’m going to be a little lax today…LOL.

Jan’s Spoilers……

Well what can I say about today’s show….

At the hospital….Loved the Bope scenes as Hope wakes up…Roman comes in and tells them that they think it might be Tony. Bo of course is upset but says he’ll leave it to Roman. Maggie/Mickey show up and visit (they look good)and then they bring in Zach. Some cute scenes as Bo talks to them and Hope is in the background playing with Zach who is sitting on the bed.

Marlena/Sami/Roman/Lucas/John……they are all still giving it to Sami about Tony and I absolutely love how she fights back. After Roman leaves a nurse comes out and says they found Mr. DiMera. Jarlena/Lumi follow the nurse to the room….Jarlena goes inside and John hits Tony in the face to see if he’s still in a coma. Marlena heads out to have more tests done…John/Roman question the orderly…who says he put Tony in the wrong room….(he’s dyslexic and got the numbers wrong…he also says his name is Bob and that is why his parents probably named him that….sorry but that’s my hubby’s name and I say that to him all the time)Marlena says the tests show Tony is still in a coma but John/Roman are still suspicious and worried about Sami.

Brady/Nicole…they go hang gliding and then to the airport to watch the planes take off (done that before…LOL). A lot of talk but I’m sorry I didn’t get a lot of detail.

Shelle/Philip….OK…Shawn/Phil are definatley not friends…LOL. From the way Shawn says his name to the look he gives Phil when he Phil says he doesn’t love Belle (come to think of it Belle gave a look of her own) the arguing while they are at the computer…these two are definitely going to come to blows….and I do believe it’s all about Phil thinking he’s better than Shawn. BTW….I loved how when they are trying to figure out the password…Phil says maybe his favorite food…Shawn says yeah right, I’ll start on the starches. It’s going to be interesting watching these two go at it….LOL.

Pat’s Spoilers…..

I’m back and caught up on the show. Looks like the Reilly regime is making its presence felt. I see old feuds/resentments being brought back to the forefront. Sami and Lucas going at it tooth and nail and Sami’s hatred of John being resurrected are just a couple of examples of that. Also Shawn and Phil are definitely making their intentions loud and clear. Shawn is drawing that line in the sand marking his territory and Phil is making it plain as day that ‘in his opinion’ he is the better man all around. Phil sees himself as the man more capable of solving the mystery behind the attack on Bo and Hope and the better man for Belle. Sheesh! Talk about an ego.

Lots of words of warning directed towards Sami again today from Roman, Marlena, John and Lucas. Sami on the defensive and maintaining that no one is going to tell her what to do. Tony is found. Now I don’t know how this would ever happen in a real hospital but he was taken down for tests last night that were run early this morning and then he was brought back to the wrong room. Oh yeah – efficient- why the hell would they take him for tests the night before when there’s no to run them and where the hell did they leave him – in the hallway, in the waiting room? Duh? John and Marlena are alone in the room and John removes his ring and than slaps Tony across the face – hard. He wants to know if he’s faking his coma. Marlena has tests run and she tells them all that Tony is still in a coma. Sami and Lucas leave to go back to her apartment because Will is supposed to call. John tells Tony that if he finds out he had anything to do with the attack on Bo and Hope their truce is off and he’s coming after him.

Okay for backing off on a Brady and Nicole pairing – they sure are on screen a lot. He takes her hang- gliding and then they put the top down on the Jeep and park by the airport where the planes fly overhead. They talk about her need to feel free and she tells him that for her it is nothing more than a dream, it’s already too late. She then switches the topic to Chloe and what Brady wants.

Bo refuses to leave Hope’s bed and asks her to wake up. She opens her eyes. She can’t remember what happens and he fills her in. Like father, like son – he is determined to find out who tried to kill them. Roman comes in and tells them it is possible that Tony was behind it. Bo and Hope try and figure out who else could have done it and then they wonder if the bounty hunting business was a good idea or not. Bo says he can handle the danger but he hates to see her hurt. She says they are partners. Maggie and Mickey come and visit and a little into their visit Maggie brings Zach in. Bo talks about their new careers almost cost Shawn and Zach their parents. The hospital scenes with Zach are sweet.

Phil startles Belle by grabbing her shoulder. Phil is very sarcastic pointing out that Shawn said he was going to leave the investigation to his uncle. Belle reminds him of his promise to her to stay out of it. He says he’s better suited to do the work and tells them to leave. Shawn is angry and gets right in Phil’s face and tells him point blank that he is going to be the one doing the investigating, not Phil.

Phil tells him that snooping around the DiMera’s is very dangerous and he wonders why Shawn would put Belle in the middle of all that danger. He then says to Shawn – “I thought you loved her – if you did, you wouldn’t have but her in danger.” NOT the right thing to say Philly boy – LOL! Shawn is peeved and throws back all the times Phil put Belle in danger. Belle gets in the middle – and tells them that because they’re all there already that maybe they should work together. She also reminds both of them that she does what she wants to do – she makes the decisions. She reminds Shawn that she chose to go to the party with Phil and to follow him on the boat. Shawn had brought up the fact that Belle was in a closet with Phil without her dress – he had asked Phil if that was for fun.

Shawn is the bigger man and agrees that they can work together. I loved how Belle ended up being the smart one amongst the three. I loved the bickering between Shawn and Phil – talk about barely veiled hostility - and Belle just rolling her eyes. She is the one that figures out the password and then when they find Rex’s files are all coded – she is the one that figures out the key to the code.

They find Rex’s five-year plan to amass wealth and power and realise that it all hinged on the mining and development of the ‘goop’ that Bo and Hope destroyed. Shawn says it looks like they found the motive behind the attacks. Belle can’t believe that Rex could do something like that – she thought of him as the calm and stable twin and that Cassie would be much more prone to violence than Rex. Phil immediately jumps in and defends Cassie saying she isn’t capable of something like this and Belle tells him that she thought the same thing about Rex.

Overall the show is pretty good. I’m very interested to see where Reilly is going with bringing up Sami’s deep-seated resentment of John. What is the purpose of it? Shawn definitely knows that Phillip is out to steal Belle away from him and he resents Phil. Phil, in his arrogance, believes that he is better for Belle than Shawn. Belle is definitely trying to keep them as the old ‘three musketeers unit’ – but being stuck in the middle as a mediator isn’t going to help. I see a definite erosion of the Shawn/Phil friendship.

It might sound strange but after watching the show today – I really get that impression that Phil doesn’t really ‘love’ Belle – not in the romantic sense and the deep commitment sense – I just got the impression that he wants to take her away from Shawn. He wants to one-up Shawn anyway he can and in typical Phil fashion, he thinks Belle is the easiest way for him to do it. I think he has enough arrogance to believe that if he really went flat out after Belle that she would not be able to resist him – his charm and his money. LOL! – He has really underestimated Belle. But that is just my feeling…..

Preview: Nicole being locked in a prison cell and the guard is telling her – no more hang-gliding for you. Rex and Cassie are in the living room and Rex realises that Cassie believes he is the one who attacked Bo and Hope and he’s upset with her for thinking he could have done it. Belle, Shawn and Phil in Rex’s room – Belle saying they should get out because there’s no telling what Rex would do to them. Phil telling them that he can handle Rex and Shawn reminding him that this is his fight! Lucas telling Sami to let go of her anger towards John and Sami saying she will never forgive John for what he did to her family.

Monday Aug. 18

Jan's Spoilers.......

Brady/Nicole......I must say I enjoyed them today. The innocence of playing in the playground (with a very cute little girl I might add). It was actually quite enjoyable.

Lumi.....I just love these two. The conversation today was intense yet it was laced with some fun as they baked cookies and got covered in flowers....for those Lumi fans (of which I am one...I think you'll enjoy it) a lot of talk about Sami's feeling towards John.

At the mansion....Cassie asking Rex if it was him that attacked the Brady's...and he can't remember anything (could it be the chip)....2 Me's and 1 Bart...cute convo in the hall....Cassie more worried about catching some sun than anything. Shawn/Phil again going at it....but I have to say at the end Phil heads down first and Belle looks at Shawn as he tells her it will be OK...she says she knows she will be but she's worried about him as she kisses him on the cheek and he makes sure she gets out of the window OK....(there is going to be some fireworks I believe between Rex and Shawn..LOL)

The show was a bit of a filler I thought but the Lumi scenes were definately worth watching.

Pat's Spoilers..........

This was mostly a transitional episode – not too much happening. A continuation of Nicole’s day of freedom. She doesn’t want to go home so she tells Brady she will take him somewhere. They go to a park and play with a kid. They talk about Nicole and what she would do different. More flashbacks of her and Paul and of her shooting Colin. She says she would change so many things. Brady asks her to pick one and she says no because you can’t go back. They play with a young girl in the park and Brady says she will make a good mother. She says there are no kids in her future. Brady wants to understand why she stays in a marriage when it’s obvious they don’t love each other. He wants to know why Victor locks in her room. She won’t tell him.

I really loved the scenes between Lucas and Sami today. A lot of talking things through between them. He through up things she had done to him and she did the same. All this after they almost kiss again. He brings her to tears with the stuff he says and we see a really vulnerable side of Sami. She tells Lucas that she is a terrible mother. He apologises to her.

Sami has to provide cookies for camp and Will knows she will just order them from the bakery (this is in a letter he wrote to Lucas). Just as they are about to kiss the cookies are delivered. Lucas looks at them and sees they are star shaped and have pink sprinkles on them and says there is no way they can send those to Will. They are going to bake cookies. She admits she doesn’t know how and has no baking supplies at all. Lucas has everything – he bakes, he roasts, etc – that was funny when he was listing off his culinary abilities.

They have Alice’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies and start mixing the batter. They have a bit of a flour fight and look close to kissing again. While the cookies are baking they talk about their childhood. Sami says she didn’t have a father for a long time. Lucas said you had John and she tells him that John is not her father. You get a real sense of much Sami was hurt by seeing the infamous tryst on the Titan boardroom table – flashback of that. She really doesn’t think very highly of Marlena either. She thinks John has Marlena completely under his spell. Lucas tells her to let it go. They should focus on being there for Will. I think you find these scenes very interesting – we really get some insight into why Sami is the way she is. She believes she can never measure up to the perfect daughter, John’s little Tinkerbelle, in her mother’s eyes. She loves Belle and is not jealous of her – that much is made clear.

Over at the DiMera mansion Rex and Mimi return from visiting Tony. Rex is ranting about Lucas blowing the big deal. Mimi is happy that Bo and Hope did what they did considering what the substance was. Cassie wants to talk to Rex alone so Mimi says she’ll wait for him in his room. Cassie tells Rex that Abe questioned her and she wants Rex to tell her the truth. Did he attack Bo and Hope. He is angry that she would think that he would do that and wants to know why. As she lists off what she knows and what she saw it becomes apparent that Rex has no memory of some of the stuff – like washing the blood off his arm.

Not a lot of Phil, Shawn and Belle today – just more of Phil trying to run the show and put Shawn in his place. They hear when Rex and Mimi return and decide to print what they need and leave. Mimi is about to come in the room when Bart comes along. Cute scenes between Two Me’s and One Bart – LOL! Phil tells Shawn and Belle to leave and Shawn says he’s staying. Phil gets up from the computer and says like hell you are. Ooh Shawn gives Phil the ‘stare’ and then says whom do you think you are telling me what to do. Belle tells they are not going to get anything done if all they are going to do is argue over which one is more macho. Shawn tells them to go downstairs and distract Rex and Mimi while he finishes looking at the files. Belle overhears Bart telling Rex the security system was disarmed and Rex saying he is going to turn the house upside down.

Belle goes up and tells them they have to get out now. Phil says let’s go out the window. He goes first. Belle tells Shawn she is worried about him and he says don’t be. She goes down the trellis and her blouse gets caught. Phil is about to come and help her but Cassie sees him (she’s on her way to the pool). Shawn sits at Rex’s computer. Rex asks him what he is doing in his room.

Preview: Sami must be having a fantasy – her and Belle in bikini’s by the pool with Cassie serving them drinks. Victor telling Nicole her choices – crawling on her belly in the mansion or locked up in prison for killing Colin. Marlena asking Tony if he’s like the phoenix and can rise from the ashes as she has her hand on the plug.

Tuesday Aug. 19

Jan's view:

OK….I’m not going to go into a lot of detail I’ll leave that up to Pat but I will give you my point of view on a few things…

Brady/Vic/Nicole….First of all I really wish Brady would mind his own business. Vic has a deal for Nicole…not much of a deal if you ask me…be his slave or go to jail…personally I’d flip a coin….and why is it Brady’s business if Vic wants kids….and then he goes telling Nicole that he asked and it’s great news…please Brady…stay out of it…Nic phones for a one way ticket….(I’d be doing the same…LOL.

Sami/Lucas…..I absolutely love these two….Lucas was so sweet to her today…telling Will she made the cookies…offering to help when she was ordered to appear before the Board in regards to her job…wonderful scenes with these two.

Marlena/Tony….OMG….fantastic. I loved how Marlena spoke to Tony…I just wished she had pulled the plug. I love a feisty Marlena…it’s about time….she is back and in fine form.

Sami shows up to see Tony as he awakes from his coma…Marlena/Lucas looking for Sami see her hugging him and this is how the show ends.

Shawn/Rex…I enjoyed these scenes today. But after Shawn tells Rex that he is no Brady I can see it coming back to haunt him. Love how Shawn gives Rex the phone to call the police….loved how Mimi got out of her mistake…I’m not sure who was more confused me or Shawn (cute face as she’s talking)…but she is not very happy when Shawn accuses Rex of hurting his parents…

Cassie’s dreams were sort of cute……although Phil has no idea how to rub oil on a woman ….the Sami/Belle/Mimi one was sort of funny (Belle looked fantastic)…and I’m not sure if Cassie knew it was Belle/Philip or Bart when she turned the hose on them…Bart was typical Bart today.

Now for the scenes I dreaded…….First of all why is Phil laying on Belle (enough of this already….this is so forced)…and he’s happy that Shawn is jealous…(I bet..just what he wants…I’m still not sure how much of this is getting back at Shawn or falling for Belle)…and he tells Belle that the woman for him is unavailable not unattainable…(not sure but it looks like Belle might have bought a clue on that one)…

Previews: Rex/Shawn going toe to toe…..as for the kiss (remember the kiss with Shawn/Cassie at the park)that is what it was like…Phil pulls Belle into it….(I’ll have to wait to see the show tomorrow to see how fast she pulls away) but she did look a little into it.

Pat's view:

I have to warn everyone – there was a lot about the show today that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Let’s start with the ‘honourable’ one – Phil. He is so in love with Belle that he gives Cassie the eye as she walks away from him. I swear to god, it was damn creepy the way he looked at her. After he tells Cassie he’ll ditch Belle (who is supposed to be at the front of the house looking for Mimi), he’ll join her by the pool. He helps Belle down. They try and make their getaway a few times but Bart and the guy from the security company are checking the wiring of the security system. They move from behind one set of bushes to another and of course Phil has to lie on top of her – the whole length of the hedge to hide behind but he has to lie on top of her – yup!

After Bart and the guy leave, Belle comments that she was happy that Shawn didn’t catch them in that position. Phillip is thrilled and asks her if Shawn is jealous of “us”. Excuse me – but there is no “us” unless he’s referring to himself and his ego. She says sometimes. She says they were all friends and when Shawn came back after spending all that time on the boat with his parents, he was jealous of how close the two of them had become. HUH? I have no idea what the hell she is talking about – I think history got changed somewhere along the line. Phillip says he is happy that Shawn is jealous of “us” – that damn word again…grrrr. Belle says he’s bad but she can forgive him anything when he smiles like that. She mentions that the woman that marries him will have her hands full. She tells him the right girl is out there. He says he’s found the right girl but she’s not available. Seriously…Belle has no clue at this point that it’s her that he’s referring to. She asks him who this unattainable woman is – he says I didn’t say she was unattainable, just not available. At this point, she looks a bit uncomfortable. Cassie spies them and turns the sprinklers on. And of course super spy has to brace himself to look over the hedge by resting his hand high up on Belle’s thigh – Sheesh!

Now there’s the skank – the best part of the show (except for watching Shawn tie into Rex) was Bart telling Cassie if she didn’t want men to look she should put a sweater on. LOL! She was all over Bart saying he was ogling her and she thought he was using his cell phone to take pictures of her to put on the internet. LOL! She has a short fantasy of Phil but stops herself. A lot of talking out loud to herself while she was sitting poolside. (They actually wrote Belle and Phil making fun of her while they were hiding behind the hedge). I liked the fantasy she had of having to serve Belle, Sami and Mimi. Belle looked gorgeous in that black bikini.

And let us not leave out our favourite loving happily married couple, Nicole and Victor. I can’t even talk about this because this is beyond degradation already. I don’t understand why DOOL seems to promote abusive relationships and I consider Nicole and Victor’s to be one and Rex and Mimi’s to be another. Basically Victor tells her that she has to be at his beck and call 24 hrs a day until he decides to start trusting her again and treating her more like a wife. And then the ******* – excuse me – tells Brady that Nicole is ready to be the wife he deserves. BLECH!

I loved Marlena today but the way she acted seems to come totally out of left field. She threatens Tony in the same fashion you would expect John to. She tells him that there isn’t a life-support system in the world that will keep him alive if he harms anyone in her family. She also says, with her hand on the plug, if she was a DiMera, he would be dead already. She warns him to stay away from Sami. I love the white pantsuit she wore. Kudos to Deidre today – she was brilliant.

Will calls and Lucas tells him that Sami baked the cookies by herself. Will says he wants to have a family dinner when he gets back. Sami gets a summons to appear at a hospital board meeting to answer questions about her involvement in tampering with the Carver baby’s DNA tests. Lucas offers to speak on her behalf and Sami tells him that it the nicest thing he’s ever done for her. She tells him thanks but no, she needs to take responsibility for her actions. They get changed and go to the hospital. Sami goes to Tony’s room, Lucas and Marlena are looking for her and realise she probably went to Tony. Sami is telling Tony she needs his help and he comes to and of course, just as Sami throws her arms around him, Lucas and Marlena open the door.

Now it’s too bad that Phil didn’t hide out in Rex’s room and watch Shawn in action. That’s how you act when you get caught. Shawn was so smooth that he actually but Rex on the defensive. Finally Rex figures out that he’s being played and accuses Shawn of going through his files. Shawn doesn’t deny it, just comes right out and admits it and goes after Rex again. Ohh…you’ll really like the blazing looks he gives Rex when he accuses him of being responsible for attacking his parents. Rex says he had nothing to do with their accident and Shawn yells that it wasn’t an accident. Rex threatens to call the cops and Shawn hands him the phone. Shawn brings up what the cops can retrieve off hard drives and Rex is cocky saying it’s going to be my word against yours. Shawn asks him who he thinks the cops will believe, a Brady or a DiMera. Rex says that Shawn is admitting the Salem PD is corrupt and Shawn says no it’s all about family and you’re not a Brady.

Mimi comes in and says that Shawn is very wrong about that. She quickly covers by rattling off the family trees ending up with Shawn and Rex being cousin-in-laws or something. She wants to know what is going on. When she finds out Shawn thinks that Rex attacked his parents, she defends Rex. Shawn says she is too good for Rex.

Preview: Rex and Shawn fighting and Cassie trying to break them up. The @$%*$* kiss…now Phil is definitely going for it…open mouth and all. Now as for Belle, for the few seconds they show is not wrapping her arms around him or anything so I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Tony being told that Bo and Hope were attacked after the fashion show and he’s a suspect. Bo and Hope talking…Bo saying that he doesn’t believe it was a coincidence that Tony was missing during the time they were attacked.

Wednesday Aug. 20


I survived the kiss…….LOL. I’ll get to that a bit later.

The hospital….Bo and Hope get company….J&J show up bearing gifts (LOL at the chocolates). Bo and Jack leave to get a vase for the flowers….but the girls know there is more to it than that. Jen talks about who was at the hospital…they talk about J&J still being on the honeymoon…Jen says the sex is better than it ever has been…she tells Hope that Jack is working on a story that could be dangerous…he wants to win the Pulitzer and get a job at the NY Times…Hope is concerned that he’s the same old Jack but Jen says no…outside the room Bo/Jack are talking about the attack and Bo tells him he believes it might be DiMera…J&J leave as Bo tells Hope what he and Jack talked about…the Dr. comes in and says they can go home….In Tony’s rooms Sami talking a mile a minute about how good it is he’s awake….they are so sweet to each other (I’m not sure but I do believe Mr. DiMera is up to something)Marlena and Sami leave for the hearing as John/Lucas/Tony talk…Tony is not sure what is going on….John leaves to meet Marlena as Lucas explains about the substance…he then explains about Bope being hit…John comes back as Tony makes a comment about still being there and does he want to check to make sure he didn’t leave….at the hearing Sami pleads her case as the board members listen….at the recess John tells Marlena that Sami hasn’t really learned her lesson and to think about her decision (Sami overhears it all)….Lucas comes in and pleads Sami’s case….in Tony’s room Sami is with him as Marlena/John/Lucas come in…Marlena tells her she lost her job…Sami questions Marlena as to how she voted…and she tells her she voted against her….the look on Sami’s face spells trouble.

At the mansion….(ok….I love an angry Shawn)….and this is how a fight is supposed to be not like the one Shawn/Philip had (Love how Shawn stands up for Mimi)….as Rex and Shawn go at it…Mimi/Cassie break it up as Mimi pulls Shawn outside the room…Shawn is positive that Rex had something to do with the attack on his parents. He leaves as Mimi listens at the door to Rex/Cassie…(I’m not sure about all she heard) they are talking about the attack as Rex yells he can’t remember…(he has more flashbacks of Bope…you know the ones…LOL)Mimi is listening and I felt that she looked more than upset….wondering if she is starting to believe Shawn.

Philip/Belle caught in the sprinklers…after everyone leaves they go to Phil’s car…both soaked…Belle is really worried about Shawn and wants to go to him…Phil keeps saying Shawn can take care of himself remember on the ship…they talk about Mimi (strange how history has changed)…I’m not sure how this went but Belle tells Phil she is not taking off her clothes again…(my feeling throughout this was that Belle was very uncomfortable)…she asks for his sweatshirt and he gets it for her…and then he kisses her (now how to explain this…you only see the back of Belle’s head and Phil’s mouth wide open…remember the kiss with Shawn/Maya as Maya has her mouth wide open and looks like she’s trying to eat him…same thing…and yes I did think Belle got into it a bit….next scene starts with Belle pushing him away…he looks at her and she says Phil as Shawn opens the door….Belle looks really guilty…he wants to know what’s going on…she says nothing and starts to stammer as Phil butts in and wants to know what happened….Shawn asks if they went for a swim…Belle starts to say something and again Phil interrupts and asks what went on…Shawn says Rex is really angry if Mimi hadn’t been there he probably would have bashed his head in….he is going to prove Rex did it….

Now some thoughts….Belle was definitely uncomfortable leading up to the kiss (and Phil put her in that position…which upset me)…she did get into the kiss but then pushed him away…I’m not sure what she was going to say to him. She definitely looked guilty when Shawn came up and from his expressions I’m thinking that he might know something was going on…but I’m not sure what…….remember these are just my thoughts…..but once again I SURVIVED THE KISS…….LOL.


Okay no worries – I thought yesterday was worse than the kiss today. LOL! I’ll get to that later. Really the amount of screen time that Shawn, Belle and Phil have is very limited. A lot more of Cassie and Rex and Mimi eavesdropping than those three.

Lots going on in the hospital today. Jack and Jen come and visit Bo and Hope bringing gifts, chocolates and flowers. Jack and Jen overhear Bo saying they’re going to catch the bastard that attacked them. Bo and Jack both make an excuse to go out and get water for the flowers. Bo tells Jack about Tony was missing from the hospital during the time of their attack. He tells this to Jack after he tells him what they did to screw up Tony’s plans and that they lost him a lot of money. Jack offers to help and Bo accepts.

In the hospital room Hope and Jen have some sweet girl talk about sex…LOL! Then Jen tells Hope about Jack going back to investigative reporting. Oh the foreshadowing. It’s just so hard listening to them talk when we know that Matthew Ashford has been released from the show. Jen is worried that Jack will end up doing something dangerous and Hope tells her Bo is probably telling to stay out it.

After Jack and Jen leave the doctor comes in and tells Bo and Hope that they can go home. Bo also fills in Hope about Tony not being accounted for while they were attacked. Back at Jack and Jen’s, Jack is working furiously away on his laptop. Jen tells him that she is worried he is going to get in over his head. He tells her he is going to prove that he is worthy to be a member of the Horton family. He sends her out for some takeout and then phones Mickey and tells him he wants to change his will.

Sami and Tony are talking as Lucas, John and Marlena watch. Tony slowly starts remembering everything that happened and he is thrilled that Sami has her voice back. Marlena and Sami leave for the disciplinary hearing. Tony senses there is more going on and Lucas fills him on everything from Bo and Hope blowing up the cave and their attack on Bo and Hope at the fashion show. He then tells Tony that there was a mix up at the hospital and he was missing at the time of the attack and John thinks he went after them. In the boardroom Sami speaks on her behalf and takes full responsibility. She says she’s learned her lesson and she really wants to keep her job because she has a son to support.

During the recess Sami overhears John telling Marlena that Sami deserves to be fired. She has had countless second chances and she’ll never learn if she is never held accountable for her actions. Sami is silently fuming. The board is about to vote when Lucas comes in and speaks on Sami’s behalf. He asks the board to give her another chance because he knows she feels remorse. Sami is back in Tony’s room and she tells John that she heard him and if she loses his job she is going to hold him personally responsible. Marlena and Lucas come back and Marlena tells Sami that the board voted to dismiss her. She asks Marlena how she voted and she says she voted to fire her. Tony looks very pleased about this as Sami just glares pure hatred at John.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Cassie shuts the sprinklers off as she mutters something to the effect that that will teach Belle and Phillip not to spy on her while she sun bathes – yeah right. After Bart and the security guy mention they are going to check the main panel in the house, Belle and Phillip run to his car. Phil has a plan and she tells him that if he tells her to take her clothes off, she’s going to deck him. LOL! He says he has a sweatshirt she can use to wipe off. She is extremely worried about Shawn but now, because it’s convenient for him, he reminds her that Shawn was the one that got them out of the jam they were in the boat. He’s very resourceful. He says Rex won’t do anything with Mimi there. They talk a lot about Mimi’s self-esteem issues and Mimi’s family and the fact that her father left her mother a ‘long’ time ago. When Belle says she’s changed her mind about the sweatshirt – he reaches for it and starts to wipe her face. Belle is extremely uncomfortable and turns her face away from him. He takes her chin and turns her into a kiss – open mouthed – very, very short but she does seem to settle into it. Cut to commercial come back and she pushes him away and says “Phillip” – she doesn’t look happy. He says ‘what’ – the complete innocent…and just then the car door opens on Belle’s side and its Shawn – cue Belle’s guilty look.

Up in Rex’s room, it is Shawn that first goes after Rex and Mimi comes between them. Rex is yelling at Mimi and Shawn tells him to leave Mimi out of it to come after him. Rex does and they have a bit of a skirmish – and Cassie breaks them up this time. You’ll love angry Shawn! Shawn and Mimi go out of the room and Mimi wants to know what’s going on. Shawn tells Mimi that he knows that Rex attacked his parents. Mimi listens at the door and she hears Rex admit that he doesn’t remember what happened at the fashion show during the time of the attack. Warning – Rex has flashbacks….again.

Back at the car Shawn wants to know what is going on. Belle says it was nothing and Phil cuts her off and asks what he found out. Shawn asks about the wet clothes and Phil says it was just the sprinklers going off when they came down the trellis. Shawn is not really convinced of course it doesn’t help that Belle says ‘oh that’ when Shawn had asked about the wet clothes. He tells them that he couldn’t access the file he wanted to because Rex caught him in the room. He says he’s more convinced than ever that Rex is the one that attacked his parents.

My thoughts on that kiss: This is Phil being Phil - anyone with a pinhead for the size of the brain could see how uncomfortable she was when he started wiping her face and she turns away from him. Does he get the message - no - he thinks that's an invitation to pull her into a kiss. And she's so worried about Shawn and he keeps brushing it off no matter what she says. I truly thought the episode you watched today is worse than this one.

Preview: Roman and Marlena with Sami and Sami is telling Marlena that she is jealous of her because she wants Tony for herself. Bo and Hope confronting Tony and Tony saying that this is the beginning of a new Brady/DiMera feud. Celeste watching a candle flicker out at Alice’s house and saying this is a very bad sign and Alice turning towards her.

Thursday Aug. 21


Well ladies...I'm going to let Pat fill you in on all the details but can I say a couple of things first.

I absolutely LOVE that Alice is in a major storyline right now...and let me tell you she is one fantastic lady.

I found the scenes today with all the actors exceptional...the writing was fantastic...the actors on their mark....and I loved the suspense. From the candle and pics at Alice's house to Tony's comments about the Phoenix rising....to the new Brady/DiMera feud....to the scenes with Sami/Marlena....everything was great. The show just seemed to have a momentum that it hasn't had for awhile and I loved it.

I hope you do as well!!!


After watching today’s episode, I’m beginning to wonder which one of Salem’s beloved residents is going to be revealed as actually being a 300 year old witch. All these people having ‘feelings’ today – LOL! Let’s see there were Hope, Alice, Marlena and Celeste. Now Celeste I expect it from but Hope saying someone walked over her grave, Marlena having a bad feeling about this and then our poor Alice.

Maggie stops at the hospital to check on them so Mickey can reassure Alice that they are fine. She hasn’t been sleeping well. They go over there and Alice tells them that strange things are happening. The candle flickers and she say’s it happens frequently but she doesn’t no why – no open window, air conditioning is off. Hope stands up a picture of Tom that was lying face down and Alice says it wasn’t like that a short while ago and then she notices that Bo and Hope’s wedding picture is missing. Celeste comes over with a donation to the Horton foundation and Hope asks her if she can use her ESP to help figure out who attacked them. Bo doesn’t want to go into it in front of Alice and he doesn’t really buy into it. She told them she had a bad vibration when she Bo and Hope’s vehicle in the driveway. The candle goes out and she says it is a very bad sign. Maggie finally finds the picture after Bo and Hope have left. Alice has no idea how it ended up in a drawer. Celeste says that Bo and Hope have to very careful because they have angered a very powerful enemy.

As much as I love Ali and Sami, I’m not a fan of that shade of lipstick and the dark eye shadow she was sporting today. She usually so gorgeous but I thought whatever they did makeup-wise made her look hard today but that still didn’t take away from her performance today. God she is so good. I’m having a hard time figuring out why we’re revisiting her deep resentment of John again. She blames John and her mother for the fact that she lost her job. Marlena tells her to stay away from Tony and calls in Roman for help. She tells them that they can’t tell her what to do and throws up the fact that Marlena wants Tony for herself. Marlena can’t take it anymore and tells Roman to talk to her. Now this part I found very strange. She rails at him for dating Kate because she is all wrong for him. He tries to get her to take responsibility for her actions but she harps about John and seeing him and her mother making love. She yells at Roman to forget Kate and get back together with ‘mom’ so that they can be a family again. OKAY…so now we have to believe that Sami wants her mommy and daddy back together???

She tells him that Tony is the only one that treats her like an adult and doesn’t find fault with everything she does. She tells Roman that she wants Brandon back because he is the love of her life and he tells her that she betrayed their trust. She goes to see Tony and he offers to help her financially but she says she will find a job more suited to her on her own. After she leaves he says to himself that she will get him all the information he needs on his enemies. He also says that the Phoenix has risen and will be stronger than ever.

Roman, Kate, Marlena, John and Lucas are all there when Sami gets a message from Brandon. She says he wants me back- the message says there is an important letter waiting for her at the apartment. She won’t listen to anyone and rushes out with Lucas following her. She reads the note and passes out. Lucas revives her and she tells him that Brandon wants an annulment, he never wants to see her again.

A lot of talk about Kate and her past with Stefano. She tries to get Tony to fire Lucas and she has a flashback to talking to Stefano. Roman tries to get her to talk about it. She makes all kinds of excuses of why they shouldn’t be together but he won’t let her give up on them. Kind of a bit of rekindling of the Tony/John feud but the focus is definitely shifting to the next generation Brady/DiMera feud – Bo and Hope pitted against Tony – so this will ultimately draw in Shawn and Rex.

Oooh – You’ll love the last shot of Bo – he has just confronted Tony and as Bart is wheeling Tony away – Bo is very angry and he says “I’m going to rip his heart out!” Man the look on his face and the voice - THUD!!

Also I think I liked it better when I felt that Sami was playing Tony - but now it's really obvious that he is taking advantage of her vulnerability and using her. She is going to get just as burned by him as Belle is going to get burned by Phillip. LOL - two sisters that see only what they want to see but for two totally different reasons.

Preview: Bo telling Hope that Tony has declared war and it’s going to be a fight to the finish. Sami confronting her family at Tuscany and saying that as far as she is concerned she no longer has parents. Rex asking Tony if he can help him fight against the Brady’s – Tony says that two DiMera’s against the Brady’s – the Brady’s won’t stand a chance.

Monday Aug. 25

Jan's Spoilers.......

What can I say about today's show? My spoiler will be short and sweet.

Kate/Roman/John/Marlena.......how strange is this and what are they setting up. As Kate convinces John to hire the mystery person...now I always thought Kate a smart woman...but I'm not so sure if she didn't realize who John was talking about.

Tony/Sami....Tony is setting Sami up and she is falling into his trap...but what is going on with her...it was like watching someone possessed (I can't believe I said that...LOL)as she burned the pictures of John and Kate.

Brady/Nicole/Victor.....would someone please give Brady a life....and Victor stops the plane to get Nicole off....she is not a child.

Bo/Hope.....I am so thankful for them today...Bo in his black tank that he takes off...and his low riding sweats..and that mystery person lurking outside the house.....very eerie!!!!!

Previews: Belle/Shawn/Lucas....YES!!!!!! (no Phil....no Cassie.....)

Pat's Spoilers.....

I'm going to be perfectly blunt and go on the record right now - if what I saw today with Sami and Tony is going to be what JER means when he says focusing on 'John and Marlena' - he can keep it. This is not the storyline I want for John and Marlena and definitely not the one I want for Sami. For one, I don't know where this feeling of hers that if only Marlena and Roman REMARRIED would things get better for her is coming from. This storyline is years to late IMO. Tony is using her and that is made perfectly clear today as are Sami's reasons for wanting a job at Basic Black. Yes, she might have an interest in fashion but she has one goal and one goal only - that is to break up John and Marlena, break up Roman and Kate and reunite her family.

Tony promises to talk to John for her because she knows that John is going to refuse Marlena. He tells her that she will be working for Kate but Sami feels that as much of a bitch as Kate is that she can handle her. After Sami leaves Bart says John thinks you tried to kill Bo and Hope, he's not going to listen to you. Tony tells Bart he's not going to have to talk to John because John can't refuse Marlena so it's a win-win situation for him. Sami will think he was the one that talked John into giving her the job and he says "Sami will be mine."

Sami goes back to her apartment and pulls out Will's photo album and takes out a photo of John and Marlena and one of Kate and Roman. She cuts the pictures in half and tapes the Marlena and Roman halves together. She then burns the pics of John and Kate saying that they should know when they play with fire they're going to get burned. Okay - this is something I expect from someone Will's age not a grown woman. JER seems to want the viewers to love to hate Sami again and hope she never wins at anything but I wonder if he's underestimating how much of a fanbase 'Lumi' has. As I said this is my perception and my feelings about the direction Sami is going - personally, I view it as setting Sami back not moving her forward.

Could someone please just burn the Kiriakis mansion again and have it so that their is a housing shortage and each of the residents there have to move into one room hovels at the edge of town. I simply despise the way Victor treats Nicole - it is downright degrading to every female on the face of the planet and it angers and upsets me to no end. As for Brady, I just want to say please, please, please, give Kyle a storyline. This constant interfering in his grandfather's marriage is an irritant not a story. Needless to say Nicole is stopped by Victor and doesn't get to fly off into the sunset.

Over at Tuscany it's a lot of Marlena and John talking about Sami and John refusing all Marlena's pleas to hire Sami. He says she hates him and it's obvious every time they're in a room together. More of Roman trying to convince Kate that they should not let Lucas and Sami or their pasts come between what they have now. I didn't really buy his little tactics about how much he wanted her at that moment - guess I didn't feel the heat. They're about to leave when Maggie asks them to do something to ease the tension between John and Marlena so Kate asks John to dance.

Roman and Marlena talk and she tells him she wants John to hire Sami and he won't. Roman sides with John and finally convinces Marlena not to push it. John tells Kate that Marlena wants him to hire someone and he had to turn her down. Kate says she's willing to help out and work with this person. John says it's going to be difficult. She says she can handle difficult employees. God - we're supposed to buy that she has no idea that he's talking about Sami??? Puh-lease! Kate is finally clued in when they switch dance partners and John tells Marlena he's going to hire Sami and then Kate acts shocked.

All I can say for the show today is thank god for Peter Reckell and that black muscle shirt. Man do they ever showcase those bulging biceps to perfection. A lot of talk about money and what they have to do to keep the family safe. They're both a little spooked although Bo won't admit it. Bo says he's going to take that night job at the security company. She tells him her stock portfolio is doing better now but he says the money is for the boys. They hear a loud noise outside their bedroom window and Bo tells her to go stay with Zach as he pulls his gun out. When he comes back he tells her it was just a loose shutter banging against the window. I will admit that the shadow outside their house was downright spooky - it almost looked like the person was carrying a hook or something - LOL! At the very end of the episode, Bo makes the statement that will lead to their huge fight. He tells her that he'll work as a security guard at night and during the day he'll look for the person that attacked them while stays with Zach and looks after him. Oh yeah - Bo, that's going to happen. I see where he's coming from because he feels that he didn't protect her during the fashion show and he's freaked that their boys will end up with either of their parents but he should know Hope is not going to sit back on this one.

Preview: Bo and Hope arguing. Shawn and Belle talking to Lucas about Sami. Sami driving her car muttering about getting Brandon back when she runs into the car ahead of her.

One other thing I'd like to say - ENOUGH with the flashbacks already - SHEESH. And I've already resigned myself to everyone on the show talking to themselves....a lot - LOL!

Tuesday Aug. 26

Jan will add her thoughts to this post - things just got hectic for her.

Here's my feelings about the show - first of all can I just say WOO HOO - an entire episode with Shawn and Belle (whom I've missed the last few days) with either Phil or Cassie - that calls for another WOO HOO!

I have to say how much I love Bo and Hope arguing because their making up is soooo damn good! She’s ticked with him for expecting that she would sit back and let him go after whoever attacked them on his own. He tries to tell her that he couldn’t handle almost losing her again – that she almost died, no did die after the attack. She says she has felt the same way for years each day he left. He can’t argue with her logic so like a typical male he scoops up some bedding all the while muttering to himself and then stomps down the stairs. I loved how they kept cutting back and forth for the couch to the bedroom and how she’s coming down the stairs and he goes to meet her on the first landing. They both start talking at the same time and finally Bo says talking is overrated and they kiss….THUD Warning – it’s HOT! Of course we have the obligatory cut to the shadowy figure – no spooky music today.

Man they were throwing the foreshadowing at us again in this show – I don’t know how many different instances Jan picked up on but there are three that were fairly obvious even to me – LOL! Abe and Lexie talking about more children, Abe holding Theo and playing with him and saying how he would do anything to protect Theo. He mentions that at least he is there for Theo and is sad that he wasn’t there for Brandon. Of course him saying how lucky he is and happy and talking about this history with the Brady family and how Carrie, Eric and Sami are like family to him. Damn, all that history will soon be lost. I am really going to miss James Reynolds.

More foreshadowing at Tuscany – most of the episode had Kate talking to John trying to figure out how they were going to get out of hiring Sami. Kate trying to come up with ideas and John basically blowing her off telling her Sami is her employee. He also reminds her that they did it for love, he loves Marlena and she loves Roman. Of course Roman was shocked to hear that it was Kate’s idea to hire Sami not knowing that John suckered her into making the offer. Marlena and Roman talk about being connected through their children. She says she’s happy that he found Kate. He says he loves her but he has to convince her to not last the past bother her. Before they all leave Kate tells John that she has the feeling with Sami starting at Basic Black that it’s the beginning of the end for her and Roman.

Sami is back at her apartment vowing to break up the two couples and have Marlena and Roman remarry and that she is going to get Brandon back. She’s convinced herself that to get Brandon back, Roman and Marlena have to be back together. Let me just say this one more time in case I didn’t make myself clear last Friday – I HATE this storyline. Strap in because it’s fairly obvious this is what is in the works – Sami plotting to break about John and Marlena and Roman and Kate. Brandon’s lawyer phones and says if she doesn’t sign the papers, they will take her to court. She flings the papers aside.

Shawn and Belle come over and Belle finds the papers. Belle tells Shawn the story behind the chest which is similar to the Gift of the Magi. He knows she likes those kind of love stories because they are about a forever, everlasting type of love. She says they have good examples, both Bo and Hope and her parents have a love like that. She tells him she used to be embarrassed by how much in love her parents were and how affectionate they were in public. Shawn is commenting about them as well when Sami yells at them to stop. Belle apologises because she thinks she was being insensitive about Brandon.

They’re taking the chest out when Lucas comes along. Of course Lucas and Sami go right at it and Shawn tells Belle to take Sami back into the apartment and he’ll get Lucas to help him carry the chest down. Belle and Sami talk about Brandon and Sami says she can’t live without him. LOL – Belle reminds her that she said the same thing about Austin. Sami says it’s different because Brandon was her soul mate and Belle should know all about being with your soul mate. Ahhh…she says yes she does. Sami is convinced Brandon won’t talk to her or see her because he won’t be able to resist being with her. Belle says to talk to Abe maybe he’ll intervene on her behalf – after all, he’s like a second father to her. Sami starts dialing the number than changes her mind and tells Belle it would be better to talk to him in person. Of course her and Lucas go at it again in the corridor with Shawn and Belle just watching. Of course she’s in her car driving, crying and talking to herself, Kate is in her driving and talking to herself when Sami reaches for something on the seat and hits the car in front of her. She gets out and rushes to the car and realises she hits Kate.

Lucas tells Shawn the problem with Sami is that her family always forgives her and never holds her accountable for her actions. Shawn tries to pump him for information on Tony and Rex. Lucas answers a few questions but says there is no way Tony had anything to do with the attacks on Bo and Hope. He then tells Shawn he won’t talk anymore about the DiMera’s so Shawn switches to Sami. Lucas says he won’t talk about his relationship with Sami. Shawn jumps right on that and says so you two have a relationship. Lucas says no way we have a kid. Now foreshadowing # 3 perhaps – Lucas says to Shawn – don’t have a kid when you’re a teenager – it’s not easy. Shawn lifts his hand up and points to the purity ring and says he doesn’t think he and Belle will have that problem. Lucas says good for you. LOL – Shawn is so on to Lucas – he knows the guy has fallen for Sami. And ladies you are going to love that look that Belle shoots Shawn when he lectures her about getting mixed up in Sami’s life but she’s only going to end up getting hurt. You know that look where she narrows her eyes, turns up her nose and presses her lips together while her eyes are shooting fire – so funny and so cute and Shawn is sooo in for it.

Preview: Roman and Kate talking about Sami, Alice in bed when the picture of Tom moves – she wonders if he has anything to tell her. Celeste freaking out and Lexie telling her to tell them what it is and Celeste saying you’re going to die as the camera freezes on Abe.

Wednesday Aug. 27

Jan’s Spoilers…..

Lexie/Abe….they are still talking to Brandon. Abe says good-bye and walks out of the room as Sami storms in demanding to talk to Brandon….she freaks out on Lexie threatening her as Lexie wants her arrested for trespassing. Abe says no she just is looking for someone to blame. Celeste comes over upset about her premonition…she dreams of a casket and touching it. She is sure it means that someone she loves is going to die.

Kate/Roman….after exchanging details with Sami (yes they fought again as Sami goes off on her)Kate is really upset that Sami working at BB will be the start to the end of her and Roman’s relationship. She wants someone like Belle for Phil….some not to bad scenes between these two today…as she talks a bit about Curtis, Bill Horton and Vic…but nothing about Stefano.

Alice’s…..Tom’s pic moves as Alice speaks to him. She hears children outside and calls to them…she goes to bed after telling Tom to take care of their family…she dreams of the candle being blown out…she sees Shelle at the end of the bed with Shawn saying his parents are in danger…Bope’s pic falls…she wakes up and the pic is in one piece…she hears children playing and singing the Lizzie Borden song……….her scenes today were very eerie and I loved them….I’m still not sure of Shelle’s significance in the dream…..