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The event started out with a welcome and a quick names with questions about New England parks. There was a very good turnout. The event was held in the employee training area which is upstairs from the employee brake room. The event hosted 4 sales areas. There were about a dozen first timers to a Nor Easter event. It was even the first time at Canobie for a couple visitors. Chris Nicoli welcomed us to the event.

They started out with small park news. The only parks discussed is Storyland’s new Splash Battle named Pharaohs Reign. There are a hand full of other additions and improvements around the area but non were discussed.

Jason Freeman – SFNE
Jason talked about SFI, crowd control is going to be a focus. Mr 6 has been removed from the commercials; commercials will be more regional based with park rides. They will also be focused to the market in which they are advertising. No more wiggles it’s now Kidzopolis. A lot of further comments dealt with Bizaros Sound. And removing the head rests if the sound was removed.

* You talked about crowed control Will the bridge come back? A new Bridge might be too challenging to be added.
* Everyone pays kids price in the video was 34.99, what is SFNE price? That is our price.
* Cyclone retracking? Cyclone and thunderbolt will get work. Only a couple corner sin the north section are getting work and New blocking. First drop may not come back depends on the designers and engineers.
* Is little 6 gone? Little 6 is also gone.
* Are the lockers going? Lockers will be staying at SFNE but there will be cup holders at the ride station. Lockers are still charge per use. could they do a pay one price to use all lockers? could be looked into.
* Will Thomas’s pop jet fountain move? it’s being worked out will be moved but not sure when.
* Will the Thomas train return? might happen if they can fit it.
* Have you addressed with your crew load times? Pete Carmichael is the ride manager and he is working to make things more efficient.
* Why did the night parade leave? Space was an issue especially on busy days. Though a close of night show will be added this year.
* Any plans for more coasters? Always plans but will they have the money and space.
* Is SFNE the host of the National convention in 2013? Yes they are hosting the event.
* Any possibility of new trains for Mind eraser? Not in the plans maybe in the future.
* Why is there a no single riders on Rt 66? will have to talk to the rides manager, new cars coming for this year.
* Is there any way to do the global parking pass? it’s a corporate choice, but he can bring it up to corporate.
* What about rumors about Dar evil at SFNE? Would only talk about Gauntlet.
* Will the sound be fixed? The issues need to be worked on. Might not have been the best move for the coaster.
* Will thunderbold be painted – it’s high on the list.

After Peg moved on to Quassy and presented a slide show of Wooden Warriors Construction.
Mike Thompson spoke about ACE regional and national events. He talked about Quassy’s opening day April and the Wooden Warier media event ride event on May 24th. Possibly a Boolderdash event this year. A possible Canobie/Funtown weekend event in August 13 and 4th. Ace Convention will be Jun 18/19th in Dallas. There is also a ACE planed Tour of Texas with trips to Sclitterbahn, SFFT, Sea world, Kemah Boardwalk.

There was a pause to do door prizes before having lunch. While we waited for it to be set up we were shows a few videos. Texas Giant was presented in a couple of them. A video previews Coaster con which is being held in Central Texas this year and a video for NJ parks. Jason presented Canobie with a Plaque of appreciation for hosting the 2011 Nor Easter event. The Ace New England appreciation award was given to Russel Danam.

Jeff Cord presented for the Western NY Coaster Group. Their coaster fest will be going old school featuring 4 parks in 2 days. Derien lake/Sea Breeze with

Chriss Nicoli – Canobie Lake Park
First off they were presented with their plaque for hosting the event. The summer of Superstars returns for another season with Elvis, Michal, Tim, and Janet Jackson. Wildlife Encounters will return for another season. New food options: New Ribs will be added to the Dancing bear, Funnel cake sticks, and Roast beef by Untamed. Cannonball will get a new Wrap for the cars. Untamed is the new ride with a woods theme. Ryan talked about Untamed: There is a fiberglass Grizzly bear that will be part of the themeing. It should open around Memorial lad or Mid jun. Screemfest - Still a new attraction it’s doing well and will continue to grow, they will keep trying to expand, there will be 2 separate Haunt zone: one in castaway and the north end by untamed.

* Will the cannonball operate 2 trains? The computer system is good for it, but the brakes are not. But it is being planed.
* Will the buzz-bars on cannonball stay? Yes. Rehabs? Rowdy Roosters, Mini Dinos, and a few other rides.
* Will there be souvenir T’s for cannonballs 75th? Most likely. How will you draw crowds away from cannonball ? untamed will help attendance will increase but guests should spread out.
* Will the water Park increase? It’s being considered, though made a joke about the snow melt creating a small pool.
* Will the lake be open for swiming any time soon – it’s a state issue, until they clean the old laws there is nothing that can be done locally.
* Will untamed have a media day? It will likely have a media day, but there is no set date.
* What about season passes? Not at the moment, they are not ready for it.
* Why has there been a delay on a second train for the cannonball? It hasn’t been push aside but other projects need to be done (station needs to be rebuild, major work).
* Is there any way to add a car to the train on cannonball? They would need to talk to PTC but they are unsure. Not if it negatively affects the coaster.
* Would they get a medium sized coaster? Nothing is off the table.
* Why have they removed attraction? You have to maintain a proper selection of attractions and work on reliable rides.
* What about the caterpillar? It’s one of 3 in the world with a cover so it will likely stay for a while.
* Would you remove or modify the Canobie 500 for more ride space? It’s very possible so unlikely but not off the table.
* Any rehab for Mine of Lost Souls? The mine goes through a yearly rehab. What about the water falls at the end? It could be changed as part of a larger rehab.
* Galaxy, why did it leave? It was taken out do to reviews, its modernizing didn’t work.
* what about Phycodrome lights? House lights stay on do to rider safety. What caused that Disission? Many incidents on the type of attractions so actions needed to be made.
* What about Autobahn? It will stay for now. Will the water guns return to the flume? They will return.
* Any more RCT food stands coming? Possibly.

Michael Coutermarsh - New Whalom Park
The New Whalom Park Ownership Program talked about their efforts to develop a Whalom museum and small family attraction Nearby to the lost whalom park. The group has over the last year moved forward in the acquisition of artifacts for the museum. Before a storage building was removed from the original park property The Whalom Program saved 2 coaster cars, a bouncer ride car, Ring toss Bottles, Glass Coke Bottles used for ring toss, and many small artifacts. The group is watching 4 regional properties with plans to build an attraction that consists of a Museum, Restaurant, Indoor amusement area (arcades, rides, and other year round entertainment), and an out door rides section. A focus on controlling noise possibly through an enclosed courtyard. There was also a mention on their designer Andrew Probert a Hollywood/TV production artiest, and ex Disney Imaginer who worked on projects like Back to the Future to Star Trek.

* How much money do you need to move forward? This phase is focusing on final formation paperwork and feasibility and would cost $20,000 Dollars. We have spent more then that to get to were we are now.
* From Mike Thompson: I noticed you were at IAPPA could you talk about that? Whalom has been attending IAAPA for the last 4 years. This year the group was able to attend the Newcomers conference as well as conferences about Sponsorships. The group also check back in with ride companies and design firms.
* Will there be any coasters? yes, There would be at least one caoster at opening. Likely a smaller family steel coaster that could be operated indoors and year round. The also talked about how they were approached by Gravity group with their interest to Built a new Flyer comet wood coaster based on the Vernoon Keenon Coaster that operated at the park for nearly 60 years. Gravity group feels they can successfully recreate the coaster form statistical data as well asl photos of the coaster.

The event went very well. Those in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves. The Event wrapped up with the traditional Auction. SFNE sent in the past Superman ROS Golden Ticket banners and Canobie offered separate Envelops of 4 tickets. The Auction pulled in 80-90 for the tickets. And the Banners went for 25-50 each. Canobie to end the event played for us their Employee video which showcased the parks history as well as many of the modern rides. I really enjoyed this year’s event and it was good to see Members from SFNEonline, the Whalom Forums, Mainly coasters, and other forums at the event

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SFNE and Whalom were the only 2 parks, other then Canobie, on hand to speak to the group.One of the managers at LC passed so the park was unable to attend.

This carousel horse was on display at the Employee training room.

The Rowdy roosters are one of the many rides receiving rehab for this season

Here you can see some snow damage.

The park took some time at the construction site to talk about Untamed.

The station is just about done

Snow still covers section of the park but some rides look ready to go

The USA Mission ride was removed to make room for the untamed area entrance

The employee area made for a great location for this years Nor Easter

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