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Nomads Adventure Park FEC Tour

Blue Whale
Blue Whale
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February 9th, 2013, 3:42 pm #1

Recently I had an opportunity to visit Nomads Adventure Quest for a tour of their facility. I took the trip with 2 other members of the New Whalom Park Program to get ideas and insights from an operating FEC (Family Entertainment Center) as well as to see the Core Cashless Debit payment system in action. Nomads is located in South Windsor, CT a little over a hour and half from North Central Mass. We arrived just before 3pm and had a moment to settle in before our tour. The FEC is built within an existing warehouse. While they do have a nice sign up front there is nothing done to the front of the building. This doesn't really scream family attraction but it was obviously the right place given the waves of families coming in and out of the front door.

The lobby was pretty cool with a lot of themeing and a nice check in counter. To the left there was a computer set up to register your card. It was reasonably spacious and you could access the attraction from either side of the counter....

Read the Full Trip Report here - ... sTour.html