Running Neverhood on modern systems

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Original release of Neverhood was made in the times of Windows 95, plus it required CD to be present in the drive. One can be quite puzzled how to run it on modern systems, especially without an optical drive. There are several ways how this can be done (besides the restoration project already mentioned in other threads). These methods assume that you place all game data (i.e. DATA directory and HD.BLB) into the path where you want to install the game.

1. Wine

Neverhood can be run in Wine in Windows 95 mode (on whatever system Wine is available on, which are Linux, OS X, FreeBSD and others). Wine is limited to x86 / x86_64 hardware though.

In order to enable diskless operation (so the game could work without a CD), one needs to set some registry entries in Wine. Here is an example of a nocd.reg file which you can create and import with your Wine registry editor (note, you might need to change the path according to your installation). You can also set those keys manually in the registry editor:

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[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DreamWorks Interactive\Neverhood]
; Set the path of the "Data Drive" correctly to point to the installation directory
"Data Drive"="C:\\neverhood"
2. ScummVM

Yes, master branch of ScummVM already supports Neverhood! So if you get a daily build, it should work out of the box. Unlike Wine, ScummVM can be run on more systems including Windows and Android, and even on more architectures (like ARM).

If your dailiy build will be missing neverhood.dat (engine data), you can get it here.