Spam problem

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Spam problem

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I have tried and failed to find a forum or contact point where a simple user with a free account can send a question to Network54. So, I shall post this here. If there's a more appropriate place to post it, please let me know.

I am receiving ongoing email spam from an individual calling himself Werner Killersreiter.

He is sending it to an email address that I provided to Network 54 as my contact address. I use a different address in my forum posts. I have never used this address for any other purpose, I have never received an email at this address, and Google cannot find it on the Web.

Network 54's privacy statement says "The email address that you provide to us is not sold or distributed to any third party." Therefore I would like to know why this individual is able to send me spam at my unused, secret address that I disclosed only to Network 54.

David Byrden

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<p>Most likely, what happened was, your e-mail address was guessed. There are programs out there that do nothing but send e-mail all day, every day. They randomly (or not so randomly) send out e-mail to every possible server they can find. I had a problem a few years back when someone hacked into my server's database and found out all of the e-mail addresses that were associated with my websites (I had no less than 35 e-mail addresses at the time). Every one of them started getting SPAM on a regular basis. It took years to stop. Some of those addresses were NEVER used for anything. Not even test e-mails were sent through the accounts.</p><p>There are things you can do.</p><p>First of all, check the headers of the incoming e-mail to find out where they are being sent from. The "From" address is not always the originating address. You can send copies of the offending e-mails to your ISP and his ISP, including the header information in your e-mail. In most cases, you can at least get him to stop. Some e-mail providers are much more aggressive with their response. I was getting SPAMMED by a guy from a Yahoo e-mail address over some motorcycle parts I posted on Craigslist. I reported him to Yahoo. Within a day, the SPAM stopped and as a test, I sent an e-mail to him, from another account. It came back undeliverable. The account was closed.</p>


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