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Please read before posting

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December 15th, 2011, 4:10 pm #1

<p>There is a link at the top of this forum for instructions and/or notes on what to do and how to do it regarding posting here and how things work. It seems no one reads it, but just posts questions that have been asked and answered many times, or replies to a 12 year old post with a "me too" question.</p><p>If you are having a problem, please read through a page or two before asking a similar question that has already been addressed. </p><p>Please do not reply to posts that are years old. Many of the answers given could have changed in the 12 years since the last answer was given. </p><p>Please start a new thread with a new problem. That is the easiest and best way to get help here.</p><p>Remember, most of the answers given here are given by volunteers. The list of volunteers has shrunk considerably over the years. I honestly think I'm the only one left, unless Nick is no longer on the payroll. </p><p>There used to be about 5 or 6 of us. Most of them left because people asking for help would get beligerant if they didn't get the answer they thought they deserved to get for their free forum that they screwed up and couldn't figure out how to fix on their own.</p><p>Yes, there have been service outages. Yes, there have been internal problems, but for most people who don't pay a dime to have this service, they should be appreciative of the service and the support that is given, for the most part, by people that do not even work for the company.</p><p>The company has its issues like any small business does, but they provide a valuable service for many users who do not appreciate anything that is done for them. Please respect their posting rules and be polite, even when you are having a problem. </p><p>Remember, they do not create these problems just to piss you off, things happen. It is the internet, afterall. They are a very small company. They sometimes take time to answer, but they ALWAYS respond, even if it isn't with a reply here or an e-mail, but just a technical response that fixes your issue.</p><p>I'm climbing down off the soapbox now.....</p>


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