Anyway to "archive" old sites on N54

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Anyway to "archive" old sites on N54

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21 Aug 2011, 16:31 #1

Hi there,

Is there anyway we can archive or otherwise remove from being indexed on search engines old and dead sites on N54?

The issue is this, there was an old forum called the The Global Military Forum (GMF)...

...which was a temporary solution to an issue that the World's Armed Forces Forum...

...faced years ago (Nick you should go through GMF if you wish to reminisce about some of your old emails), anyway I notice it shows up a fair bit when I am doing SEO for WAFF.

So is there anyway that N54 can remove that forum from being indexed by search engines?

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21 Aug 2011, 17:13 #2

not without deleting it, and even then, it will still show up on some search engines for years.


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