Moving To New Forum Tonight

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April 8th, 2009, 10:28 pm #1

I'm posting this over here just in case some of you folks don't visit the main board often.

this from Leon:

Ok...the time has come. We are fairly sure we will be moving to the new forum this evening...probably about 8pm-10pm EST. Everyone that wants to participate on the new board will have to re-register on it. You can still lurk all you want to but to actually participate you will need to register. Once you register I will get an email and approve you. We are going to leave this forum completely open for a day or three so no one is shut out. There will be a lot more moving parts on the new forum but it is light years ahead of this one. All of the threads have been moved over and those that haven't will be done behind the scenes. There is a chat room and you will need to be registered to use it. It rocks. We (Brian, Dan and myself) feel the new forum will be the last change we have to make for a long long time and we really shouldn't ever have to change again. There is a lot of support for issues and we can do most stuff ourselves. This should also take care of the trolls issue. As I have said before there will be a clean slate for ALL members, except one person that will never be allowed back. It will take a little time to get used to the new forum so I hope no one freaks out. One small thing...I will be out of town most of tomorrow, during the day, so registrants tomorrow won't be approved until tomorrow evening. In a few days, or so, this forum will be locked as a read only forum. I am not sure but we might have to be down for a few hours this evening while the last, most current, threads are being transferred. A lot of work has gone into this and it wouldn't have been possible without Brian McQueen, Mike Masinick and Matt Weider's help. Thanks to those guys very regards