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Procedure for dismissal

Mad Mordegai
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March 2nd, 2014, 11:32 pm #1

1. Any of the admins can nominate a visitor/trial member/member for an exit procedure to the joint Lead Support Team.
2. This nomination must be accompanied by a reason and a proposal which exit procedure to choose.
3. The reason must be a violation of our rules if the nomination is done by an admin-not Lead Support Team member. If done by a Lead Support Team member the reason can also be showing a severe lack of interaction with the clan, not responding (disrespect) or clearly not being serious about an application or having already too many "no"-votes coming at him/her to not have a (reasonable) chance of being admitted to the clan.

4. The exit procedure can be one of the following:
-a. Immediate dismissal;
-b. A firm warning with a chance to improve behaviour: immediate dismissal with the first violation;

5. If 4b is chosen, the nominating admin and the Lead Support Team members will put the subject under close surveillance.
6. The Lead Support Team may decide after a period of at least 3 months that the surveillance period will be terminated. At that time a decision must be made to dismiss the person due to not having shown sufficient reason to restore the person in an unblamished standing, or decide to the latter.

7. The procedure for immediate dismissal leads to the following actions:
- The person will be kicked from the Clan (if applicable);
- The person will be banned from the FC;
- The person will be banned from the Forum.