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Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 07 Feb 2017, 14:46
by aclarkbr90
Ivan Edo, Junior Engineer



Race: Human
Career: Engineering
Specialization: Scientist
Motivation: Knowledge
Obligation (20): Debt (to Banking Clan)
Post Creation Experience: 5/20

Brawn: 2, Agility: 2, Intellect 4,
Cunning: 2, Willpower: 3, Presence 2

Derived Attributes
WT: 12, ST: 13, Soak: 2
Defense: 0, Encumbrance: 4/7

Computers 2
Mechanics 1
Medicine 1
Vigilance 1
Knowledge (Core Worlds) 1
Knowledge (Education) 3
Knowledge (Lore) 1
Knowledge (Warfare) 1

Speaks Binary 1 (Add one boost to direct NPC droids)
Knowledge Specialization 1 (Spend triumph on a knowledge check to gain successes equal to ranks in KS)

Personal Gear

Tool Kit, Datapad, Imperial Uniform (Cargo Clothing), Advanced Energy Physics (Third Edition) by Morgenstern and Agh'Riak, goggles, 1566 credits. (Note: Cargo clothing carries the textbook, datapad, and goggles for no encumbrance.)

Ivan Edo was loyal to the Empire. He had never questioned the Imperial propaganda and had little stomach for politics. Besides, he was more than appreciative of the full scholarship that the Imperial Navy provided for his studies at the Dodroni School of Engineering (University of Byblos), where he studied Metallurgy and Energy Physics. Upon completion, per the terms of his scholarship, Ivan enlisted in the Navy to serve on anti-piracy frigate The Far Orbit, where he served as a Junior Engineer, reporting to Chief Engineering Officer Orav Tokan. Ivan was assigned to manage the hyperdrive and ensure that it remained in proper working order. Although it was marginally related to his studies, Ivan was by no means the most talented mechanic on board.

At the time, the crew was led by Captain Vocis Kenit. Ivan was impressed by the Captain's leadership, and was as loyal to him as any other member of the crew. Little did Ivan know that one of Kenit's most trusted men, Commander Dhas Vedij, was orchestrating a mutiny, and that his own mentor, Officer Tokan, was a ringleader in the operation. Luckily, Tokan managed to keep Ivan out of the way during the mutiny. While the rest of the loyalists were rounded up and set adrift, Ivan was busy running diagnostics on the backup hyperdrive. By the time he had finished his tests, he discovered that half the crew was gone and the ship was under the command of Vedij. Although this was certainly not a move that Ivan would have supported, he knew enough to keep his mouth shut.

Now, Junior Engineering Officer Edo serves his new crew loyally, thankful for the resources he has been provided and dedicated to ensuring that he does not end up like Kenit or the rest of the loyalists. Recognizing that Ivan is more of a scientist than a true engineer, Chief Engineer Tokan has permitted Ivan to set up a small laboratory to perform basic analysis and experiments. Due to his success in using his research to optimize the energy output of the sublight engines, Tokan has promoted Ivan to the role of Scientific Officer and has pushed Ivan to focus his efforts in the lab rather than the engine room. Recently, Ivan has also begun to work with Surgeon Lieutenant Bria Tannen to develop and optimize cybernetic technology for the crew.

Ivan has always been fascinated by energy manipulation, and particularly the hypermatter ignition process. Although hypermatter has been used to expedite interstellar travel for a millennia, Ivan suspects that it could have other uses. He is dedicated to studying the excitation of hypermatter and to the possibility of using hypermatter as a fuel source for other projects.

Ivan is obsessive about the pursuit of knowledge, and is often irritated when more pressing issues impede his research.

Ivan's studies were paid in full by the Imperial Navy. As a requirement of his scholarship he had to serve 10 years in the Navy. He would be quite surprised if his time serving the traitorous crew of Captain Vedij will count in that aim. He can only hope that his failure to fulfill his duty will not result in his assets being frozen or his debt being passed on to the ever-vigilant Banking Clan.

Obligation (Debt): Ivan's studies were paid in full by the Imperial Navy. As a requirement of his scholarship he had to serve 10 years in the Navy. He would be quite surprised if his time serving the traitorous crew of Captain Vedij will count in that aim. He can only hope that his failure to fulfill his duty will not result in his assets being frozen or his debt being passed on to the ever-vigilant Banking Clan.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Build: Average build
Attire: Imperial Issue Scientific Officer uniform (light gray), with an apron built into the front, as normal for an Engineering Officer. The CSO insignia that he received upon promotion was cut off his predecessor's extra uniform and inexpertly sewn on to Edo's.
Description: Ivan has red hair, which he keeps cut short per Imperial protocol. He is clean-shaven at all times.

Re: Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 07 Feb 2017, 14:52
by aclarkbr90
XP Spend:

120 Starting XP (110 Human, 10 obligation):
Intellect 3 (30)
Intellect 4 (40)
Willpower 3 (30)
Knowledge (Edu) 3 (15)
Speaks Binary (5)

After creation XP (15/20):
Knowledge (Lore) 1 (5)
Medicine 1 (5)
Knowledge Specialization (5)

Re: Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 07 Feb 2017, 15:24
by ShadoWarrior
There are no "scientific" officers on Imperial warships. There are engineers. And the Far Orbit has a Chief Engineering Officer, Commander Orav Tokan (a PC), who was the chief before the mutiny and one of the "ringleaders" of it. So you'll have to rewrite chunks of his backstory.

If this is your submission for a ship's officer, my question is what role do you expect to play? The reason that I ask is that the ship doesn't have many droids that he would be applying his talent(s) to. There are a few droids in medical, but are you planning to play Ivan as a medic? I don't have a problem with that, but you should be aware that the droids in the medical bay never leave the medical bay. And Vedij does not permit droids to enter or leave the ship without being memory-wiped first. Engineering has a couple of maintenance mouse droids, and we're buying a few astromechs specifically for the snubfighters, but that's it.

I'm also curious as to why you spent 5xp on Lore? That's not a skill you're ever likely to use.

Re: Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 08 Feb 2017, 01:41
by aclarkbr90
Ok, I re-worked the backstory to work in Tokan.

His role would be a scientific researcher and inventor. I think he would spend most of his time either researching technologies and potential threats or trying to develop technologies to help the crew. I'm happy for him to work toward purchasing droids, and that's a fair number of droids to work with. A droid doesn't need substantial stats to be helpful in a lab (mouse droids are a perfect example), so I'd think it wouldn't be too hard for him to track down something he could use for lab assistants. Could I purchase the equivalent of a mini-med for research purposes? Basically, it would just hold his tray and sort through his equipment more quickly and efficiently. An it would wipe his forehead if he were doing chemistry experiments and couldn't wipe it himself.

I don't plan on playing him as a medic or a mechanic, though he could help out Trannen or Tokan in a pinch.

Lore represents his studies into the history of hypermatter. He has researched the origins of hyperspace travel and would have likely read some of the history of the Rakata, the early Duro and Corellian navigators, and the legends of the Purgill.

Re: Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 08 Feb 2017, 02:06
by swrider
The captain of the ship is very averse to droids. There is an extensive conversation IC where one of the PCs purchased a droid without the captains permission and nearly got booted from the ship. The PC not the player to be specific. If this is the character concept you really want then I suggest you play him as the engineer on the newly acquired Gozanti as there may be more leeway on one of the support ships then the main ship. That ship will basically be an NPC so with a PC on board, I would assume you may have a limited amount of control over the entire ship.

If the goal is to keep your PC on board the Far Orbit I see any build focusing on droids to be at extreme odds with the ships captain and unlikely to go far. Especially since this dislike has already been played out IC and Shado does not like to retcon the IC of any of his games.

Re: Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 08 Feb 2017, 02:18
by ShadoWarrior
Trying to convince Vedij to change his mind on the subject of droids and how they're treated on the Far Orbit would be an uphill battle, at best. Especially since the Captain's social skills and talents are superior to any of the PCs. I mention this in case anyone has any idea of trying to persuade the Captain. Very unlikely to succeed. Not impossible, but the odds are majorly stacked against, even for Dune who is a social-oriented character, let alone anyone else lacking in skill.

The Gozanti may end up with one or more PCs in command. Or just one. It's up to certain players and where they choose to station their characters.

Re: Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 08 Feb 2017, 02:29
by aclarkbr90
That's fine. I wasn't planning the build to focus on droids. His main focus will be research (i.e. the left side of the scientist tree).

I do think he would have an interest in acquiring non-sentient droids to assist him. Given the low level of tasks he'd need assistance with, he'd be happy to have routine memory wipes so that there is no chance of any obedience issues. From what I can tell, the droid that Vedij had a problem with was a protocol droid, which is on the extreme high end of droid sentience. The issue was that the droid that was purchased was "complex, thinking, and self-aware" and that there was a chance of disobedience. I'm totally fine with staying away from that sort of droid.

Re: Ivan Edo (Far Orbit Project)

Posted: 08 Feb 2017, 02:46
by ShadoWarrior
You have a small fundamental misunderstanding of droids in FFG's game system and Star Wars in general. All droids are sentient. Even mouse droids. To be non-sentient a droid would have to have an Intellect score of zero. A '1' indicates a very stupid droid, but still capable of understanding commands (either in Binary or Basic, depending on whether the droid has a translation unit built-in). And you didn't read Vedij's incident with Dune carefully enough. He is especially bothered by protocol droids, mostly because of their factory-programmed personalities than their IQ, which makes them way too chatty and indiscriminate as to what they say unless specifically ordered not to say something. And even then they can't be relied upon. Without a restraining bolt (as all of the droids on the ship have) they can do whatever they want. They are intelligent beings with free will. Droids are not robots. They are mechanical life forms.

A character may own a droid and keep it on the Far Orbit (like the astromech that Quicksilver hasn't gotten the chance to buy since she's been MIA for months) provided that it remains on the ship — and is fitted with a restraining bolt.