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We can finally share our big announcement - Nemare Academy is officially moving to JCink! That's right, folks, once again we're making the technological leap to a new host. ^_^ It's time for you all to pack up your darlings - we're moving house!

But wait, there's more! Along with the Nemare Academy you know and love, Nemare 3.0 has an extra feature: Acinot University! The journey doesn't end after high school - you can now make older student characters to your heart's content! We're really excited about this new addition to our RP and we hope you are too!

Finally (but definitely not least!) - we have a new mod! The lovely Jace has joined the admin team with me and has lent her mad coding and graphic skillz to make sure Nemare 3.0 looks awesome.

Now for the best part - as our oldbies, you all have the chance to pre-register your characters before the official opening. From today until 1 April, you will be able to register your characters and dibs their canons! Of course, you can still register after that, but this is your chance to get in first, familiarize yourself with the new site and get your babies back up and running.

Thanks for being patient with me throughout the development of the new site - it'll be worth it, promise ;)

Looking forward to havin' a blast with you all!
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