NSR beginner - syllable keeps coming to mind during the day

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Hi, just wondering if someone can advise me on this. Ive just completed the first 6 sessions of the course and have noticed an amazing difference!

During the sessions I've gone through pretty much all the issues identified in the appendices (thanks for putting these together). It took me till the 3rd session to learn how to let go and follow wherever the syllable took me. It still surprises me how this all works despite being so simple.

However I have one problem. The syllable is stuck in my mind. It pops up during quiet periods during the day and I have to consciously resist and think of something else. If I don't resist it appears to come and repeat for a few moments then goes away as I get busy. From the manual this appears to be undesirable.

Should I repeat the course again? Just looking for some tips from others in the community.


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Dear 2w00w,

I am so glad that you like the completeness of the NSR course and that you have having good results.
2w00w wrote:It pops up during quiet periods during the day and I have to consciously resist and think of something else.
Thanks for bringing this up. This happens for almost everyone.

There is no need to take the course again, and no need to resist any experience during meditation.

The mind enjoys the mantra, because the mantra is the vehicle of transcending, and is (along with the mental technique with which it is used) responsible for both the inward dive of the mind in the direction of pure consciousness as well as the daily elimination of accumulated stress.

So, naturally, the mind wants to think the mantra whenever there is a chance for stillness, even outside of meditation time.

There is no need to resist this, or any other experience resulting from NSR. Just let the mind do whatever it likes--there is never any harm in thinking, even thinking the mantra, outside of the practice of transcending.

Eventually, the nervous system will get used to the mantra being present during meditation but absent during daily activity. This, too, is natural, and nothing need be done to make it happen.

The guideline is: favor the mantra during meditation, but do not favor the mantra outside of meditation. No effort is ever needed.

I will edit the next version of the Manual to include this point more clearly.
David Spector
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Thanks David. Really appreciate the time you are taking to explain all of this.

I will certainly avoid resisting the mantra but not favouring it outside of the meditation.

I am avoiding posting my other experiences at present because I now realise how important it is to just let them be, and because it's very early days for me and also not to influence other beginners.

Thanks again.