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As part of an on-going effort to better acquaint new players with the board and assist them in navigating the complexity of the board layout, customs, norms, and the game style, the mod team has taken up the long-term challenge of constructing a comprehensive beginner's guide for new players to serve as an overview of the game and a one-stop-shop for beginner questions and how to get started. While this will take a significant amount of time to complete in its entirety, this thread is being set up in the interim to serve the same basic purpose. If there's anything the player base wishes to add or contribute, please contact Jos1311.

For new players reading this, feel free to post in the Help Desk with any further questions, or directly PM a moderator or administrator.

For starters, if you'd like to join the community, guests must register on the forums by creating an account as a username (thisisjustatest), and not as a country (Israel). For guidelines to apply for a country please take a look at the specific section.

Table of Contents
Introduction, Admins/Mods, Forum Rundown
Choosing a Country and Submitting an Application
Getting Started: First Posts and Required Reading
Basic Rules I: Application Information, NPCs, Independence and Removal from your nation
Basic Rules II: WMD Policy, Activity Requirements, Switching Policy
Guide to Crafting Readable Posts
Guide to Coup D'etats
National Pages
Submitting Actions
Examples of Good Actions
Changes after Round 1
Changes after Round 2
Changes after Round 3

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Introduction to the game; Moderators, Admins, etc; Rundown of Forums

Welcome to Nations! Nations is a free-form, text-based geopolitical roleplaying game based on real-life nations and events. This means that Nations is based on real-life events, real-life countries, and is conducted in the largest part by the players themselves. Nations offers a large amount of freedom, as long as things stay realistic. As is common with mast nation simulation games, actions are to be submitted for a variety of matters, but the players can also use their own national newspaper to simulate events and things within their own country. Ultimately avatars and moderators will have the final say in certain things, but overall freedom is considered to be large.

Nations follows real life events. The game rounds (more on this later) start on a specific date, and this start comprehends all real-life issues, events and problems that have happened and occurred until that moment. Once the round has started the game no longer follows real life nor takes real life events into account, but players are expected to begin the game with their nation's real life leaders, and confront and address their nation's real life issues. Players are free to change the trajectory and course of their nation, but are required to RP such a change in a realistic fashion. Admins and Moderators will, from time to time, throw in events and crisis, to let players deal with the effects from these.

The topic of 'realism' is also debated and interpreted, to the point where it warrants mention. Nations is a realism-based role-playing game, which in a loose sense means that the game conforms to realistic scenarios and events in the realm of possibility under current conditions. It is situated in the present-day era and thus based on the current real-life geopolitics. To that extent, players are expected to behave and play their nations and their leaders in a fashion which is 'realistic', given the current climate.

This isn't to say that a nation can't take a path in-game that is currently unrealistic, but a player would be required to conduct sufficient internal and external role-playing to justify a change in course. Nations offers a lot of room for player input and players are allowed to role play their entire nation. There is however a catch, administrators or moderators will have to approve all government changes and drastic events, this in order to post news in the international newspapers and to keep the players well-informed of the changes. The golden rule is that if you can RP something well, you can make it happen. For example giving a president a heart-attack is easy and will not be considered great role-playing, however exploiting national problems and utilizing these to fuel demonstrations against the current government, can be considered realistic and possible and will (in general) thus be allowed.

Code of Conduct

There are guidelines for conduct on the Nations website. Violations will result in disciplinary action ranging from poster warnings to permanent banning.

1. Think before you post. These boards have a certain standard on inappropriate material. Submitted content deemed to be overly profane, violent, graphic, pornographic, or prejudicial is not allowed. Violation of this rule will usually result in a poster warning and deletion of the content in question. The precise standards vary between in-character and out-of-character forums, and we are reasonably liberal in this matter, but please use your common sense.

Let it be made clear that you do not have a right to free speech on these boards. We reserve the legal right to restrict access to this site to people who post material contrary to the spirit of these guidelines. While we can be considered liberal and open to a lot of matters, some things will not be tolerated.

2. Harassment will not be tolerated. This website promotes a friendly environment (whenever possible), and all debate should be constructive. Insults and character attacks (not blatant harassment) are sometimes overlooked in out-of-character forums, but in in-character forums, harassment of any kind not directly within reasonable context of role-playing will result in disciplinary action. In all forums, please recognize the difference between casual, victimless profanity and direct verbal harassment.

If you feel you are being harassed on this website, please contact an administrator with your grievance. Punishment will vary depending on seriousness, but will probably involve suspension. If said harassment continues outside this website into other areas of communication or real life, we suggest seeking legal counsel. We will rarely if ever deal out punishment for actions taken by our players outside of this website unless it relates to their conduct here.

3. Stay in character. In in-character forums, we have a strict policy on out-of-character comments. To be perfectly clear, "in-character" content is text/comments that are stated from the perspective of your character, the leader of a nation or organization, with no information or phrasing within that would contradict that role. "Out-of-character" content is text/comments that are stated from your own perspective, as a person. In an in-character forum, you should and may not make out-of-character (OOC) comments. There are various section on the board that are intended for OOC comments, use these for OOC discussions and keep the IC sections for what they are intended to.

Admins and Moderators

Administrators are identified by their red names on the forum. These are the overarching authorities on all matters, and their rulings are final. They are also responsible for forum's structural changes and other procedural matters.

General Moderators are identifiable by their blue markings, and have general oversight of the forum's day-to-day affairs. They have authority to rule on most issues, though administrator rulings are overruling. Some blue-marked names are Events Moderators, which work for the board's events team. These mods are responsible for conducting event-team related work. They have some moderator authority. A list of the moderators can be found in the Announcements forum.

Economic Moderators are fashioned in green, and have authority over economic matters. They are considered part of the events team, and their authority is extensive involving anything economic. While a senior moderator or administrator could overrule them, generally their knowledge and expertise is held as the best judge. The same is true for Military moderators, which perform much of the same function for military matters.

Moderators are allowed to play all nations in game, with the exception of the United States, Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. In case of a conflict between a regular player and a moderator, I will act as the mediator and will make the final decision.

Forum Overview

The forum of Nations is considerable and that is something that ca be intimidating for new players. This post will attempt to give a basic run-down of each forum and it's basic function. And explain that while the things might look immense and scary, the basic system is very simple and easy to access.
  • The News & Discussion is divided into two main areas, the first being an area where the Moderators/Admins post their decrees and general board guidelines, as well as post decisions and changes that affect the majority of the board or general gameplay. You should always pay attention to updates in this forum. Unless a post specifically says otherwise, only moderators and admins can post here.These matters are found in the Announcements & News. The Announcements & News section is intended for announcements by the admins or moderators and should be watched closely. Any news coming from the admins will be posted here and it is thus important to watch the news being posted here.
  • The second part of the News & Discussion area is intended for posting applications, which can be done in the Applications thread. You can also find the currently taken nations here (which are updated regularly by the admins). The Applications forum also has a subforum, namely 'Summaries'. This forum is intended for summaries of things done while a player was in a nation. This forum is to be used when a player switches a nations (which will be discussed in depth later). Besides the applications area, players (or guests) can also find the Help Desk here, as well as the General Discussion area. The Help Desk can help players if they run into an issue, but can also provide new players and potential players an insight into the entire game. The General Discussion area is intended for out-of character (OOC) discussions. Everything can be discussed here from your favorite drinks to last nights matches.
  • The Suggestions Box is a forum where players can leave suggestions for the moderators or discuss things that they think should be changed/implemented etc. These are things that relate to gameplay, and everyone is welcome to post here.
There also are various Help Desk, each for specific players questions that can be addressed there. The Economic and Military Help Desk can be used for questions in the specific field, while general matters and questions can be posted in the General Help Desk. In the future the General Help Desk should also provide a link to players that are willing and able to function as a mentor to new players.

Nations has, in comparison to most nation simulations, a relative openness. All organizations forums are accessible to all players. The openness of Nations is done, so that activity is visible to all players and players can role play reactions to developments in other regions as well. There still exist several forum that are not visible to all players and each nation in game (IG) has its own nation forum. Secrecy is thus still possible, but should mostly be done through private messages (PM), the not visible to all forums or through a SIC/VSIC header (to be explained later). The forums that are listed below are visible to all.

The News Zone
The News Zone is the part of the forum were news is published. News can be published in two different manners, namely through the World Wide News and National News. World Wide News is the news that is based upon the actions that players have submitted. Admins and Mods process these actions and a news article is published in the World Wide News Section addressing the action. National News is where each player can make one newspaper for his own nation and post news. All news is moderated and if an article is published it will thus not directly appear. An Admin or Mod will have to approve the article before release. Only news articles related to the nation of the player are allowed (thus no actions affecting other nations), but the player is allowed to create any type of article he wants (though changes in government should ALWAYS be done through an action).

Last the News Zone also houses the Press Office, this is a forum where every nation creates one press office or agency for his/her nation. Through this office other players can pose questions to the government of another nation on any matter or the players can release press releases on events that have happened IG. A Mod will be tasked with oversight on the forum and will grant results to posts made by players (if this is deemed necessary).

Military Affairs Section
The Military Affairs section addresses military affairs related to the game. For this various forums are attached to this section. The section includes the Defence Ministries, Arms Market, , and Military Help Desk, which will be explained now.

Defense Ministries are where nations post threads that are dedicated to their militaries. Each nation should have one, and you should never post in another nation's Defense Ministry thread unless specifically invited to do so. Among things that will need to be placed in your nation's thread is your nations military budgets, and purchases. This will be explained in the Military Help Desk section in more detail. The Arms Market is the section that addresses the sale of weapons and services of any kind (including donations). Sales agreed to elsewhere, such as in bilateral meetings, must still be posted here. Any agreed sale between nations will have to be posted in the agreed sales area of the board. The Arms Market also has a section dedicated to Research and Development of military equipment.

Last the Military Affairs Section also has the Military Affairs Desk. The Military Help Desk is where you should go to receive guidance, help, or answers to specific questions about military matters. It also contains all manner of helpful and informative guides and outlines for military-related topics.

International Affairs Section
As with Superpower Legacy the Cysco TelePresence is a section where all players can interact informally on various matters. This section represents the basic and informal discussions between world leaders and is therefor not very heavily moderated. Foreign Ministries are considered the center of diplomacy and a follow on to the Cysco TelePresence forum. All formal foreign affairs meetings are conducted in this forum. Here, each nation sets up a dedicated thread that is used by other players to communicate with them and set up meetings, etc.

Bilateral Meetings are where meetings that are held between two nations are posted. Once two nations decide to hold a meeting (following talks in the Cysco TelepPresence or through PMs), a thread is set up in the Conference Area, where the meeting can than be roleplayed. Multilateral Meetings are similar, but conducted between more than two nations. These meetings can be created in the Conference Area. Players are not allowed to open their own discussions, as contrary to the initial round the discussions between the parties will be visible to the participating nations alone. A moderator will therefore have to create the topic for them, and grant the players access. Requests for a thread can be posted in request area, while requests for an NPC reaction can be posted in the NPC Request Thread

United Nations is where all UN discussion and work takes place. Anyone who is a member of the UN can post here. A subforum of the United Nations is the United Nations Security Council, here matters of security and global peace are discussed. Only nations that are members of the UNSC are allowed to post in the forum, or a nation that is invited by the UNSC to attend a specific meeting/discussion. A current list of members can be found as pinned threads in both the UN forum and UNSC subforum. Passed UN Resolutions is where all resolutions are posted for public record. This forum is read-only, so no one can post there. Threads are generally moved here.

The European Union is where EU members conduct their business. If you are not an EU nation, you must request to post here or be invited.

Arab League, African Union, NATO, and Other Organizations are the headquarters for various other organizations. Generally, they follow the same posting guidelines as for the EU (only members can post freely.) Other Organizations contains subforums for international organizations that are somewhat important and used, but not quite so much as to warrant a dedicated forum. All other, minor organizations that do not have a subforum can conduct their affairs right in the Other Organizations forum, or in the Multilateral Meetings subforum.

The last section that will be highlighted is the Treaties Area. The Treaties Area is where all international trade is conducted. While theoretically this pertains to any trade, this section should also be used for treaties that nations have concluded to through Bilateral or Multilateral Meetings. All agreements between nations will have to be posted in a thread in this section of the board.

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Choosing a Country and Submitting an Application

The actual process of application starts through making an application and posting that in the happens in the Applications Forum. Once you have decided that you want to join, you must apply for no more than three countries in this forum. To do so, visit the Applications Forum and follow the directions in this post. The forum also has a map that displays which nations are already taken and which are free. The map located at the top of the forums gives a color-coded outline of which countries are available. To enlarge the map and view the color key, right-click on the image and select "View Image", at the start of a round no nations are taken, so this part is more important for those joining after the start of the round.

For insight and help on how to determine which country to choose, continue to read this post. Otherwise, skip to the next post to get started.

Claimable Entities and Special Cases

In general, players may apply for any nation that has recognition of independence by the United Nations. However, there are three exceptions. These three exceptions are:
  • Kosovo: Kosovo is open to applications;
  • Taiwan: Officially the Republic of China, Taiwan is open to applications as a separate nation from The People's Republic of China;
  • The Palestinian Authority (PA): Although not an official member to the UN, the PA, which covers the territories of the West Bank under PA borders (though including, in conjunction with the Israeli player, occupied territories in the West Bank) and the Gaza Strip, has recently been granted the UN Observer status following United Nations General Assembly resolution 67/19, and as a result is open to applications.
How to Choose a Country

So, having decided that Nations is the kind of RP that interests you, you want in. The first step is to apply for three nations. How to chose which nations are the best option is the hardest part for many people, and everyone has their own interests, criteria, and method of doing so. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when applying.

The first, but most important nation is that you pick three nations that have your interest. The more personally interested in a nation you are, the more likely you are going to have a successful round playing that nation, and the more likely you are going to enjoy the round. Interest is the single, most important factor in applications; if you aren't interested, you may as well not apply at all. Additionally, there are a few other things to keep in mind when narrowing the choices down:

Your Roleplaying Style: For newbie's this will be somewhat harder, but for those that have played nationsims before, they most likely have an idea of their playing style. Besides having an interest in a nation or nations, it is nearly as important that your playing style fits with the nations you have selected. It should also be noted that some nations are obviously better suited to different players than others. For example, a player who enjoys wrecking havoc internally, planning coups, causing mayhem or otherwise plunging their nation into internal turmoil, a stable Western nation is not likely to be as conducive to that as, say, Libya or Syria. Economics majors tend to enjoy countries with a strong focus on economic development, while military minded players are likely to enjoy a high degree of conflict, like Israel, Russia, or Ethiopia.

Level of Experience: Another factor that figures into decisions is your level of experience. Look at yourself close and be honest; are you capable of taking charge of a nation that is active in various fields and your exerienced enough to understand what will come your way, once you choose a nation as the United States or China? If the answer is no, you should opt for other nations instead and perhaps in the future aim for such large and important nations. Generally speaking leading powers aren't assigned to newer players, so you should not aim for three big powers in your application. Nations with complex geopolitical realities and divisive histories and ethnic makeups are challenging and fun, but require a significant amount of knowledge and experience to navigate through the various currents of international politics and agendas.

None of this is to say a new player couldn't come in and immediately apply for Japan or France, for example, but rather we encourage players to take into account the amount of work and effort they're interested or able to put into sorting out the often enormously complex interests and issues that factor into how a nation behaves.

The last, but certainly not least important, matter is that of Activity Level. It is also important to consider the amount of activity and time you are willing and able to devote to Nations. Nations that are critical to gameplay can be immensely time-intensive, and a casual player that may be able to devote only a few hours a week will be better off in a less critical nation. Alternatively, do not hesitate to take on the challenge of a major world power, focus of an international conflict, or significantly influential international player if you have the time to devote to it. But bear in mind that the game depends on active and consistent players in critical nations, and the lack of activity in an important nation can bring the entire game to a standstill.

In general when submitting your three nation application, be fair to yourself and look at what is in the best interest for the game. Are you willing to throw in the hours and do you consider yourself to be experienced enough to play the US, than include it in your application if you want. If you however are experienced enough, but lack the time and the will to play it, leave it open for others and pick a group of smaller nations that have your interest.

General layout of an application:
APPLICATION wrote:Name applicant:: (Enter your Username here)

Which nation sim have you played before?

How did you find Nations? (Nations has not turned up often on Google results, but the moderators want to get an insight on how we can improve our methods to attract new players.)

If referred, who is responsible for the referral? (If you saw an advertisement posted on another forum, please let us know who posted it. If you returned because of an email from the board, please indicate such.)

How will your activity be over the next few months? (Generally speaking, we look for higher levels of activity from more important countries. Nations such as Ireland do not have requirements as high as, for example, America. These requirements are based upon experience and roughly reflect how much time the claim itself commands.)

List of nations you want to apply for::
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Australia

Here you write a brief outline of your plans. this should be a brief outline and not a one sentence remark. We need to be sure that the right person gets the right nation, so convince us.
Important to note

Besides researching and picking the right countries, people should also take various important things in account. In past rounds players decided to resort to unrealistic paths as they favoured their friends, who played certain countries, over their actual interests. Such a policy is absolute intolerable, and makes no sense whatsoever. I think that most, if not all, are mature enough to set aside differences or issues to enable to correctly play our countries. Keep in mind that interests are thus extremely important, far more important than a players preference. If you where to decide to switch or alter your nation's policies, you will have to realistically role play this, and it will certainly NOT happen overnight.

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Getting Started: First threads and Required Reading

After you have submitted your application, you will be informed by the avs/moderators which nation you will be awarded. Once this has been done, there are a number of things you must do before beginning any RPing. Primarily, there are certain rules that you should make yourself familiar with and certain threads/posts that are required before substantial RPing can take place. Keep in mind that you may not do any of this until your application has been approved.

Once you have been awarded your nation you can visit the Avatar and Signatures section to add a signature and avatar to your member information. Once that has been done you can start preparing for the game. Visit Economics Section and go to the economics spreadsheet for your nation. Each nation has a spreadsheet that serves as the only legitimate source of economics information within the game. The spreadsheet is reasonably detailed and it will be your economic red line through the game. In the economics section you can find the link, and it is suggested that you make a bookmark of the spreadsheet or save it for yourself.

Once you are assigned your nation, you will notice that a new board section has appeared for you. The National Pages section contains a forum for your nation. This forum is only visible to the moderators, while the other players cannot view it. Your nation page contains some important information. It includes a post on your Nation States, this is a summary of all the important information needed for you to play your nation and monitor your progress. While it also contains a general information about your military and military units. The Actions forum is intended for the posting and storing of the various categories of actions. More on information on this can be found in the last part of this Newbie Guide.

While Nations tries to simulate the real world, it does not require a significant amount of economics knowledge. It has been noticed over the years that most players are not focused on the economics or have extremely high knowledge about economics. The goal has been to provide a detailed, yet accessible spreadsheet for all players. The spreadsheet provides important information that is used to determine your military budget (discussed below), and other important figures. This allows players to keep vigorous track of their economies, or not depending on their level of skill or interest. There are several numbers that you must pay attention to such as the Military Procurement Budget and the GDP Growth Rate, while in the future figures might be added. For more information on the economics system, see the Economics Guide.

Once you have bookmarked or saved your spreadsheet you can head towards the Arms Market. As stated it is known that people who play these games tend to enjoy war and conflict the most, and often like to by new military hardware and things of that nature. This is understandable and somewhat logical. The military part is interesting, fun and exiting. The military part includes the purchase of shiny new toys that can be used in conflict. However, because of the potential for unrealistic roleplaying of this very important aspect of the game, the sale and procurement of weapons is more regulated in Nations than most other boards, in order to maintain the standards this board has for realistic roleplaying. Therefore, it is important for all players that will take part in this type of roleplaying read the Guidelines for the Arms Market and post their Military Budget before anything else.

Additionally, if your nation is a producer of various weapons or conducts research and development related to weapons and arms manufacturing, you are urged to close look at the topics in the Guidelines for the Arms Market on these matters. These are important guidelines, so we stress that the players take a close look at them.

Those steps done, you're ready to go. Next, most players create their domestic news threads, foreign ministry threads, and defense ministry threads. Also, if you plan to conduct internal, behind the scenes roleplaying of your country, those threads can be set up, as well. You're ready to go.

Timeline, Rounds, and Game Time

Nations operates on a timeline of 1 real-life week = one in-game month (1 month). Therefore, an in-game year takes twelve weeks. The change to the time, will usually take place on Sunday/Monday. Activity checks and an updated map is usually done at that time, as well. These activity checks are done in order to ensure that important nations remain active and that the game is not being held back due to inactivity of a single player.

As with games like Superpower Classic and Superpower Legacy, Nations operates on a system of 'rounds', which is means that every now and again, once the game has gotten to a certain point in the future, the entire game will be restarted to the current RL time point. Once this happens players can apply for new nations, and the timescale will be reset to correspond to wherever it is in real life. At the game start all events prior to the official starting time and date are considered to have happened IG as well, those after are considered not to have happened. Players thus cannot refer to events that have happened after the start date of the game. Events from the previous round do not carry over to the new round.

Due to the difference of IG time and RL time players need to understand that certain matters played out in game do not correspond with RL. For example a bilateral meeting between two countries that IRL lasts a matter of hours can last days or weeks when players are roleplaying it, or that roleplayed wars can continue take days or weeks to describe the outcome of a battle that that may happen in an hour. In case of extremely large developments IG, for instance a war involving various nations, the moderators can decide to deviate from the previously mentioned in game timeline. Such will only be done in rare cases and the players base will be informed once this will be done.

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Basic Rules: Application Information, NPCs, Independence and Removal from your nation

What Your Application Includes

When you apply for a country, you effectively apply to all the public and government-aligned entities within that country. This more or less means that your ability to RP ends at the point where your government's bureaucracy can no longer reach out and directly influence events on the ground. The area of control thus varies per country, but it is save too assume that you do not control random events in your nation, or any other event outside of the government control. For these matters you will need to get permission from the moderators/avatars.

Let us take Georgia as an example. An application for Georgia encompasses the areas in Georgia under Georgian control. Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as they are beyond the scope of Tblisi's direct influence, are not part of that application. These areas are independent from Georgia and are under strong Russian influence. This makes sense when you consider that there are Russian boots on the ground and that Russia effectively supports those quasi-governments. The Russian player can influence affairs in both regions, but is not in control over them. South Ossetia and Abkhazia are not open for applications at the moment, and are therefor under control of the moderators.

When you apply for contested terrirtories like Kosovo or Palestine, however, things start to change. Both Kosovo and Palestine are considered to be open to applications and are considered to be independent nations )though not officially recognized by all). Palestine is open to applications, but an Israel without Palestine doesn't make much sense. Palestine will therefore not be awarded to any player, unless an application is greceived and approved for Israel.

To clarify, an application does NOT encompass all of the private entities within that country's borders. You roleplay the government of the nation and the government-aligned institutions, such as the military, police, coast guard, state-owned enterprises, etc. You do not roleplay independent political organizations, private companies, or individual citizens. While some freedom is granted towards the political part and you are able to publish political news in the National News Section, you do not control these situations/entities and moderators/avatars can always reserve themselves the right to overwrite such affairs. That being said, to prevent confusion from arising some additional information will be released on control over multi-national corporations, or large companies that have operations in multiple countries. In these cases, control over that country's activities is delegated to the company's country of origin or the country where the corporations' headquarters is located (whichever is more sensible.) Control over activities in foreign countries, however, is limited to the independence of other players. The German player for EADS can play like EADS Germany, but not as the entire EADS cooperation.

Rules Governing NPC (Non-Player Countries/entities)

Non-Player Countries (or NPCs) are, nations which are currently not being played by a player. These nations are presumed to be continuing down current trajectories and paths, operating as they would be presumed to in real life terms. In these type of games the point may come that you will have to contact an NPC, as you have various matters to deal with them.

The matters to correspond with an NPC is regulated by some core rules. These are as follows:
1) You cannot force an NPC to do something completely and utterly out of character and out of sync with the world. It would not be possible, for instance, for someone to contact a NPC like the Ukraine and have it launch a surprise attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet just because it can. This is not realistic, as the Ukraine (under the current circumstances would never do so).
2) You cannot force an NPC to follow a certain path in its domestic affairs, such as forcing it to elect a new government or what-have-you.

While these matters cannot be done through talks with an NPC, they can be achieved in a different manner, for instance through intelligence actions. This will however not be addressed in this post.

If you want to contact NPC, for whatever reason, you can post in the NPC Request Thread in the General Help Desk. Here, you can post your need for an NPC (such as for a meeting, a military RP, or other involved undertaking). While the moderators can decide to act as the NPC, other players are allowed to offer there services and do so as well. The moderators will decide whether this will be approved. Once a decision has been made and the specific matter is addressed by the moderators, you are free to kick off! If no response to your request is provided in a reasonable timeframe, or if the matter is time-sensitive, you are allowed to PM any moderators or administrator and ask them to handle the affair.

Rules regarding the NPC of stateless organizations are relatively simple. All these organizations are controlled by the moderators. No players are allowed to role-play these organizations, as they are subject to moderator oversight only. For example, the United States does not need to request contact with al-Qaeda or the Taliban in Afghanistan; Israel does not need to contact Hamas or Hezbollah; Turkey does not need to contact the PKK, etc. In order words all these organizations are avatar controlled and contact can be laid through actions.

Independence/Removal from power

After the short conflict in Libya, Khaddaffi was removed from power and currently a similar matter could develop in Syria. It is also not unimaginable that developments in game could bring you, as a leader of your nation, into a similar position. The question is what will happen if the moderators decide that your character is killed or captured after a war or internal struggle? If this happens, the players, depending on the way he has been playing, will either offered to chance to role-play the new leading faction or leader of the nation or he will be removed and will have to submit a new application. A lot will depend on how you have behaved during the entire game and what type and quality of actions and or posts you have submitted. If you have played out the entire matter realistically, but simply lost as the entire world started to assist the rebels you wanted to get out of your country, you will most likely be asked if you want to continue playing your nation. If you have done the opposite, chances are you will be informed of your removal from the nation.

Should a player in a UN-recognized nation role play a succession/declaration of independence of a region of their country (i.e. Quebec from Canada, Western Sahara from Morocco, Kurdistan from Turkey, etc.) that player will initially be responsible for playing both the nation he applied for and the new "independent" nation. Once the moderators have created the nation stats, military and other necessary information for the new "independent" nation, the player will be given the choice to rule one of the two, after the player has made a decision, the other nation will become vacant an can be applied for by new/other players. It goes without saying that any plans for independence will have to be planned carefully and realistically. These regions will not become independent overnight and out of the blue.

Bilateral, Multilateral and Organization meetings are Secret In Character

The concept of Nations is that it is an open nationsim, this means that there is a lot of openness, when compared to games like SPC or comparable games. This however also come with some responsibility for the players. As a standard rule, anything that happens off the board is not valid for the purposes of role-playing. The players should take note that there are some regulations concerning the use of information from posts in organizations you are not a member of. Official talks/meetings between nations, thus bilateral, multilateral and/or organizations are always considered to be "Secret In Character" (SIC). Only the participating members or member states (and possibly invited nations) have access to this information. The moderators can decide to provide this information as intelligence information to other nations, or the participating nations and/or organization can release a press release with additional information on the meeting. The press release is assumed to be accessible to all players and thus usable in reactions to the matter.

To clarify players will thus not be allowed to submit an intelligence action (or action of any type) to look into affairs that they have no knowledge above, such actions are only allowed if the player has received intelligence information from the moderators.

Therefore, the need to conduct secretive operations, discussions, or other sensitive, covert actions in a manner which is transparent but safe is necessary. The concepts of assuming or stipulating that certain posts or portions or "SIC" have been developed over the years by the role playing community for this purpose. "SIC" refers to something that is done covertly, behind the scenes, off-the-record, or otherwise privately without necessarily the highest safeguards in place to hide the activity. All private discussions are considered SIC and are thus presumed to be done quietly, with some safeguards in place, but not protected to the degree such that the information could not be attained by appropriate channels. The moderators could provide additional information to other players (in the form of intelligence), however actions or posts of nations not being a member to the SIC assumed talks will be removed immediately.

The meeting areas will be visible to participating parties only, the regulation concerning the "Secret In Character" part are therefore no longer necessary. What however should be noted by the participants of official meetings, is that they might have to make regular press releases to reveal the progress in talks between various participating nations. The Meetings between the nations have also been moved to the Conference area, while the NPC request will now also have to be placed in the Conference Area. Moderators will repond to the matters as soon as possible, while various important discussions have already received their own thread.

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Basic Rules II: WMD, Admin Discretion, Activity Requirements, Switching Claims

WMD Policy

The Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) policy of Nations will be similar to the one some people might remember from Superpower Classic and Superpower Legacy. The use of weapons of mass destruction is not restricted, but the outcome will have dire consequences and could result in the end of the round. The consequences will depend on the scale of the use of these weapons and what type. An all -out nuclear war between world powers will most likely result in the end of the round, while the use of chemical or biological weapons could result in very negative international reactions and ultimately the removal by force of your leader. WMDs include nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons used against another nation (or even your own nation.) The general rule is that the use of these kinds of weapons is strongly discouraged from gameplay due to the massive and incomprehensible effects of gameplay it would have on the remainder of the players, however as stated it will not be restricted as in some cases it would make sense. The Worlds leading nuclear powers will most likely not resort to the use of these weapons and a similar policy is expected from the players. Syria might however be using them against its own population, should Assad feel threatened enough and Israel could resort to the Samson option if its existence is threatened by Arab forces. Players should however seriously consider the effects of using such weaponsystems, not only for their own nations, but also the effects it will have on other nations/players.

Nation's Admin discretion

Moderators and admins retain the right to veto, modify, or rule on any matter regarding gameplay, without reservation, that are deemed to be damaging to general gameplay, the board's effectiveness, or the enjoyment of other players. The admins and mods have sole discretion over the use of these rights. In the case that this happens, the player will be informed through a private message.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are performed once per week, with the taken nations map being updated at that time as well. As stated the time change will usually occur on Sunday or Monday, and as a result the clock will be adjusted by two months. Nations identifies four levels of activity, as dictated on the map. These are:
  • Active: Regularly signs on and contributes. Marked in blue.
  • Inactive Level One: Has signed on within 7 days, but posting does not keep pace with activity requirements, and/or sparse activity impedes other players or inhibits some gameplay (The players are warned and will need to pick up their activity, as not doing so will result in the nation becoming vacant after the next activity check.) These are marked in light blue.
  • Inactive Level Two: Players have not signed on within 7 days and no declared absence. Marked in red. Player is removed from the nation and will need to re-apply if they return.
  • Available: Light Grey. Never applied for current round.
In case of a planned absence or unexpected developments IRL that will result in a reduced level of activity, players are requested to post in the Leave of Absence Section of the Announcements & News forum. Doing so will ensure that the player will keep his nation. However if the players of a very important nation become absent, the admins still retain the right to remove the player from the nation, even though a notice has been provided. Such will only be done after consultation with the players concerning the duration of the absence.

Switching Policy

During the course of the round, switching will be permitted on a case-by-case basis. As per usual, frequent or chronic switches will not be permitted, and a player whom RPs an entanglement that completely destroys their nation will not be permitted to claim without cleaning up their mess, so to speak.

However, in the event you wish to switch nations, you will be required to submit a Summary to be posted in the Nations Summary sub-forum, in the Applications Forum. You will not be granted a switch until a satisfactory Switch Summary has been posted. In order to do this, please compile a list (with relevant links) to all important threads and happenings with your nation and a brief summary of your time in that nation and submit it to the Summaries Forum. The summary will then be posted and you will be granted a switch.

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Guide to Crafting Readable Posts

I have been playing nation sims since 2005, and during this time I have seen really good and really bad role-play posts. I have witnessed wonderfully written events that paved the way for planned coups (Erob from SPC and SPL springs to mind), and various extremely intricate and in depth stories to brief news items, all of them were great examples of how interesting these types of games can be. However as I said, I also witnessed the other side of the coin; posts and actions that were actually the contrast to those excellent examples, sadly outnumbered the positive experiences. Readability of these posts and actions was effected negatively by the lack of a format and, mainly due to several other simple issues such as spelling. The posts/actions might have covered very interesting matters, but due to their lack of readability means that they are often confined to the sidelines of the game. Despite the fact that this is a geopolitical game, or maybe because of it, the success of your role play depends heavily on your ability to grab and keep readers.

The post will not be going to get into things like writing style, plot devices, or characterization. Players will have to learn that matter as they go along, while I also believe that I should not be the person doing this. I will, however, address some of the basic issues that many posts have, and things you can do to avoid these issues.

Spelling Counts

This is probably the first and foremost thing you should strive to get right. I cannot stress this enough. Far too many stories and threads have failed to take off simply because the sheer number of spelling errors in the posts detract from the story. No matter how well your story might be written, how thought-provoking the concept, nor how in-depth your characterization, bad spelling and grammar will turn off more readers than any other facet of your writing. Sadly enough, spelling is one of the easiest problems to fix. Nowadays there are browser-based spell-checkers, but these still pale in comparison to the checkers available in a decent word processor. I personally use the spell-checker of my browser for the far majority of my posts, but the longer ones, especially the news articles, are done in Word.

A large portion of the players does not have English as their first language and therefore it is highly advisable to run your post through a spell-checker, even if it's simply the one hosted by Firefox. Run it through the spell-checker, and pay attention to anything flagged. Examine words that are flagged as misspelled. You'll be surprised how many simple typos creep in, and how easily you can avoid them. Look up flagged words in a dictionary. Make sure any flagged words that remain are actually spelled correctly. If the spell-checker flags a term which you know is correct, add it to the spell checking dictionary. Good spelling will encourage your readers to continue to read your post and/or action, while the constant appearances of words like "stablish" instead of establish have the opposite effect and often turn towards irritation in the long run.

If you use a more complex spell-checker, you might have the option to check the grammar of your post. If you have this option, use it. Word offers it and there are some browsers that offer it as well, it's not a bad idea to use this option and to further improve your post/action.

Making spelling errors is nothing to be ashamed off. As stated many of the players, including myself, have another language than English as their mother-language. Even in Dutch, German and French I do make spelling errors, so why should English be an exception to this? Note that is is not a mortal sin to confuse your tenses. However not being willing to improve your spelling, despite the ease at which improvements can be achieved, will give a wrong signal to the rest of the community and could lead to you getting well-deserved flak. I know many of our players don't speak English as their first language, and I don't mean to come down on those people, as I would have to come down on myself as well . It is just that errors are easily made, while at the same time, both spelling and grammar are things that can be quickly and easily checked and corrected as well. Why should you not use the tools, if you have access to them?

OK, these are the basics, now that you have checked your spelling and checked the grammar, you can start submitting the post or action. We owe it to ourselves and each other, to make our role-play and actions as readable and entertaining as possible. As readable posts and actions are always interesting and enjoyable to read and follow.

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Guide to Coup d'Etats

While an exact guide to create Coup d'Etats will not be provided, this post will address various matters how you can create a realistic coup. Nations offers people the chance for people to do what they will, as long as they will not drift away to far from realism.

Guide To Coups:

The most important rule is that, for a nation to experience a coups, rebellion, revolution, or civil wars to occur, the matter will have to be role-played realistically and there will have to be a clear reason why it happen. Various acts can lead to the fall of an existing government, but they do not happen without a reason. Players considering to let a coup take place in their nation must thus have reason.

1. Do You Have a Reason?
----The choice of nation is extremely important if you are considering a coup occurring. The far majority of Western nations will not wake up on a morning to notice that the government has been couped. While the government can fall due to various matter, there is absolutely zero chance for a coup. However, nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and much of Africa are unstable enough to witness a coup. You will have to come up with a clear scenario however for the coup to occur, something to the effect of "I don't like my leader. I want a new one. Elections aren't until 2017. It's Coup time," is not allowed. You will have to create a scenario that could actually result in the fall of the current leader and the rise of a new one. Look at the social situation in the nation and perhaps let the matter you pick gradually spin out of control.

2. Who has a coup?
----I have already mentioned this is the text above. This is basically as important as having a good scenario and role-playing it realistically. As I have previously stated, stable nations will not dissolve into rebellion at the start of the game for something trivial. Nations that are going to have coups, are ones with overwhelming resent toward the government and oppression. So the developing world is the most logical pick. This does not mean that a large, developed nation cannot have a coup. They will require even more realistic role-playing, and most likely take a much longer time for the coup to actually occur (talking IG years).

3.How to proceed?!
----You have picked your nation, and the current leader needs to be replaced. The population is tired of him. He has oppressed the opposition and his people, the people are considered to be relatively poor and are denied election, and basic, rights. This seems to be a realistic foundation of replacing him as the leader. You are actually true, the basis is there, but a few posts or actions will not do. You will have to write up a considerable amount of actions, before the leader can actually be replaced.

----An action that stated "I want to replace my leader, because he is bad," will not do, a coup is not something that consists of "lolCOUP", "lolGVTSUX", or "REBELSWIN." You will have to commit time and effort into the game, for coups to succeed. Half the fun of the coup is in the road to the coup itself. Basically the first step is the disapproval of the policies of your leader will be voiced by the people. This will be followed by your leader reacting. The protests increase, your leader responds. A leader rises along the lines of the opposition. Your leader again reacts to the rise of the opposition. Slowly, but surely a internal struggle arises. This is just a short lineup of how things can go, but the options are numerous; why rush yourself? Build a story, one that grabs the attention of the players and create/find some characters. The most important things is to have, when you are developing the troubles within your nation. The main point, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is that a coup takes time and takes effort. These things aren't done in a week IG or 1 day IRL.

4. When you take the time to prepare a coup.
----Are you still interested in planning a coup, despite it taking a lot of time and work? If so, you can continue to read. If you don't, you should not even be planning a coup. As you still are interested in creating a coup in your nation, you need to make sure you know how to craft an action on the matter. You can always ask a mentor to assist you in writing an action and the article that comes with it. There are players around that have years of experience in playing these kind of games and have submitted numerous actions looking to create coups in their nation. The moderators and most players would rather take the time to help you then read an action or news article that looks like its written by a ten year old.

----You will have to write a mine novel for your coup. Little stories that make up the bigger picture and will ultimately lead to the fall of your leader. Each action should be a chapter in your little book, a chapter that brings you closer to your final goal. Create characters that will play a role in your novel, with the current leader most likely taking the role of a villain, and your envisioned new leader kind of a Robin Hood. Once you have the plot in mind, you will submit your first action, this will most likely result in an action that will see your current leader react. This gradually evolves into the plot you have in your head. Every action you submit, should include an article, as that way you can best plan your coup and create the coup you have envisioned. Don't worry about sounding smart, just worry about the action and article quality. Adding some big words doesn't make your story any better if people can't make head or tail of what the hell you're saying. Ensure that you have an article that is interesting to the readers, and success is almost guaranteed.

5. I do not have the time required, but I am still interested.
----OK, you do not have the time, but you still are interested in getting a coup to take place in your nation. Well, the solution is that you take your time. Like every writer, you do not write this novel within ten minutes. We don't expect that you write everything down the entire "story" in one go. I you write down your entire scenario (in several actions) in a time period of two weeks, the game has progressed only four months IG. So take your time, write it up in Word, and save your progress gradually. If you are able to write up one action per two/three days, you will be able to achieve the entire coup within half a year (game time). Remember to draw it out and have fun doing it. Keep the larger picture in mind as you go, as it provides you the opportunity to install your new leader, and as a result you will have a sense for what type of character he is and he will best suit your future plans for after the coup.

----Once your coup has succeeded, you will have a lot of matters to deal with. Your nation will probably be in shambles and you'll have to deal with unemployment, depleted rations, restoring the damaged infrastructure and cleaning up the mess the coup has created. Besides this you also have to deal with inflation, disrupted foreign relations, and Pro-Government people you have alienated. Have fun dealing with this, again take your time and make it worth it. Remember your leader is now finally in power, no one said it would be easy for him.

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National Pages

Once you have a nation assigned to you and you have done your signature and added your flag as an avatar, you can start scrolling down the main menu of the game. You will notice that a new category has appeared. Under this category "National Pages" you will see the thread of your nation. If you open this thread you will find that it has a subforum, called Actions, this will be addressed in the last part of the newbie guide, so I will not discuss the matter now. Besides the actions forum, you will notice an intelligence forum. This intelligence forum will be used by the moderators to provide you with intelligence reports. These can then be used in game, or for actions. Please use the information wisely, as no nation randomly confronts other nations with this information, especially not with nations with whom they have an issue.

As stated Nations is an open nationsim, with many forums and threads being visible to all, however we also enforce the "Secret in Character" (SIC) rule for these forums. Your national page is somewhat of an exception, as it is not visible to any other player (with the exception of the moderators). It is thus also an Out or Character (OOC) forum. You will not have to role-play in the forum, which you will have to do in the other sections of the game.

Nation Stats and Military Stats

Besides your intelligence thread, you will notice the presence of a Military Stats and a Nation Stats thread. Both are closed for posting, as they can only be edited by the moderators. They are however important, and have therefore been pinned as well. Your nation stats provides you with information on your nation, it will also be updated now and then. It provides you with information on Population & Society, Economic Growth/Stability, Economic Rates, and some Military Information. Your actions will have consequences for various ratings, and those are listed in you nation stats as well, these ratings are for instance your Domestic Popularity and your International Popularity. These reflect your popularity, as a leader/government, at home and abroad. The views can off course differ, depending on your actions. Actions that are liked at home, could very well be disliked abroad, while the opposite can also be true.

There also are several forms of stability that are displayed in your nation stats, namely Political Stability, and Economic Stability. Both give an indication of the stability of your government and political climate and the economy. If this is low or even critical, chances are that your political system could collapse and as a result a coup could take place, or the economy could collapse. It is therefore vital that these stats will be kept at an acceptable level (or not, if you are planning a coup).

In the Nation States, most under the Economic Rates section you can find also find various important economic stats. While Nations tries to keep the economics system relatively simple, it is an important aspect of any nation and therefore you will have to know the stats, and preferably how they can be affected. Your GDP Growth Rate provides an indication of how much your GDP will grow the coming year. At the end of the year the moderators will increase your GDP with this figure, and the new GDP will be used for the budget of the coming year. You shall also come across Unemployment, Interest Rate, Inflation Level, Revenue Rate, and Expenditure Rate.

The unemployment rate will have direct influence on your expenditure rate. If you manage to get unemployment down your government expenditure (except military spending, and interest payments) will go down. Depending on the social programs within your nation the size of the decline or increase varies. The Interest Rate is the amount of interest you pay on your National Debt, your policies, but also the state of your economy will have an effect upon this rating as well. If you take unwise decisions, your interest rate could go up, and a small increase can easily cost you billions. The Revenue Rate is basically a collection of all your governments income, it constitutes taxes, tariffs, and various other forms of income. You will notice that most of the worlds nations are running a small deficit, this is not really an issue. You should however have some considerable growth to counter a deficit. Growing very little and having deficits, might become an issue in the future.

The last things you will find in the Nation Stats are the Military Budget and Military Ratings. The budget comes directly from the Budget spreadsheet and a portion of this can be used for operations, R&D and the purchase of equipment. The Military ratings give an indication of the quality of your military, 100 would mean perfection and the highest rated nations have 90, this is without a doubt the United States. The remaining Western nations are valued a little less, while there is a considerable gap to the rest of the world. These ratings can be increased through increasing training, but this will raise your military expenditure, adjusting recruitment and selection, etc.

The Military Stats thread provides you with a list of what equipment your military has. It is continuously updated by the moderators, as you purchase equipment, loose equipment in battle, etc. It is not an Order of Battle (OOB), you yourself will have to make an OOB. The personnel figures in the Military Stats are for all land based forces alone. They include all land based (army) units ranging from cooks to infantry men. For most nations roughly one quarter of this number represent actual combat troops, while the remainder are support forces. Take not of this when you make your OOB. North Korea does not have over one million infantry men. You will not have to assign forces to navy, and air force (with the exception of marines and airfield defence corps).

Threads you can make

I would advise you to place a copy of your Defense Ministry thread in your National Page as well. That way, the moderators can easily add remarks to it, especially for the delivery and commissioning of military equipment. For more information on what a Defense Ministry thread and what it should look like, please look HERE. Besides this you also can make an OOB. I personally find it very easy to an OOB, as it gives a good indication of what types of units you have and where they are. Normally an OOB does also include deployments abroad. Again it is easy to have it for the moderators as well, they can check if you are deployed somewhere and, if so, what forces you have at your disposal.

Other threads you can make, as storage archives for talks with nations, a summary of your plans, things you need to do, headers for posts (I use a certain format for all posts, but it is easy to have all ministers and/or officials in one thread, that way you can copy/paste the header). Basically anything else that you want to add your national page, can be added.

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Submitting Actions

The last part of this guide will be the one that will create game activity, this part will namely address submitting actions. Actions can basically be submitted through two channels. The first being through an article in the National News Section, while the other is through an action in your National Page. Both these matters will be discussed here and you will also be provided with some examples of good actions, that are done the National Page.

National News Section
Once you have made your news thread in the National News Section, you can start posting articles here. Not all articles will most likely have to be approved by the moderators, but those that you want to see get rated, should have a header. The header should be bold, color red and size five, for the codes I would like to direct you to the BBCode list. You will also have to use the word "ACTION", this way it is clear for the moderators that you are looking to get results from this article. You can write articles about a lot of subjects, but there are some regulations.

The regulations are that only news articles related to the nation of the player are allowed (thus no actions affecting other nations), and changes in government or leader will ALWAYS have to be done through an action in your National Pages. Basically only domestic matters can thus be done through the National News Section, however some economic matters are also allowed, as long as they do not affect other nations, so for instance infrastructure projects are allowed, but an increase in export tariffs is not. Military exercises are allowed to be done through the National News Section, however actual combat reports are NEVER done this way.

It has already been stated, but I will repeat it once more. You are not allowed to have more than one newspaper in the National News Section. All your articles are posted in this single thread. The first post, which should include the header for newspaper and perhaps a small explanation is not moderated. All posts after this are always moderated. This means that they will not appear directly once you have submitted them. A moderator will read it first and if he finds the article good enough and in compliance with the regulations, it will be released. After release it will appear to all players.

Actions through National Page

The second, and most likely most used way to submit actions, is to do so through your national page. In your National Page you will see a subforum for "Actions". These section is to be used for the actions you want to submit, and have submitted. You can decide yourself if you want to make threads for each of the action categories (Technology, Military, Research and Development, Economic, International and Domestic), or if you want to make a separate thread for each of your actions. I personally prefer the first option, as this looks far less messy.

Once you have made an action and you want to submit it, you need to go to the Action Catcher Section of the forum. Here you have the various categories. Open the thread you need, so if you submit a Domestic action, click the Domestic actions to open that part, while if you have an economic action you open the Economic Actions part. Here you will need to place the link to your action post. You do this by clicking on 'Post #?' on the right side of you action post. you will notice that your browser will open a new tab with only your action post in it. Copy the address in the address bar and go to the Action Catcher thread again. In the correct category, you can paste the address you just copied, and you're done. You will notice it is a lot easier if you have opened at least two tabs, one with your action and the other with the Action Catcher thread.

Once you have posted the link, the moderators will process your action in due time and grant you results. Once they have done so, your link will be removed from the Action Catcher thread, which is an indication to you that it has been processed. The moderator will also have provided you with some information in the post that contains the action. This can be that you will need to contact him/her for future results, or basically anything else. It is thus important that you do NOT remove the action you have made, as they serve as a source of information for the moderators as well.

A little additional attention goes to Research and Development Actions. There namely are two possibilities, the first that these action are about developing something non military, which means the submitting of the action is done in the same manner as mentioned above. The other that it is a R&D action for military equipment, posted in your Reserach and Development area of the Arms Market. As stated the majority of the military R&D is relatively open and should be done through this section, while a portion (that presents the black projects) can be done as an action through the National Page. For both types you will have to copy the address of the post (not the post itself) and link it in the Action Catcher category R&D. Moderators do not continuously check the R&D thread within the Arms Market and these posts will also have to be linked to the Action Catcher. Not doing so will mean that the equipment will not be developed, so do NOT forget to link it!

The action itself

Now we have discussed how you submit an action, it is however also important that you have an idea of what an action should look like. If possible all actions, except military combat actions, should have an article contained. This will make the life for moderators far easier, so please include a decent article with your actions. Also note that actions are [b}NEVER[/b] a few sentences. We have seen this too much in the past and we are willing to dedicate our time to process it, which makes it only fair that you take some time and effort to make a decent action.

A good action has a thought through layout and addresses various matters. A lay-out that can be used looks as follows:
Lay-out for an action wrote:I. Situation
This area is used to give a short introduction on the situation that has led to the submitting of your action.

II. Mission
Here you basically answer some basic questions on your action. Why you are doing this and identifying the strategic goals.

III. Execution
This area covers what and how you will be achieving the mission pointed out above.

a. Intent
Most often used in combat missions. The intent gives a short introduction of the military (tactical) goals that you want to accomplish.

b. Concept
This part covers how you will be reaching the goals set. For military missions this is also a very detailed part, as it mentions a lot of matters, such as the terrain, opponents, weapon-systems you can face and you use, etc.

IV. Summary
Short summary of the entire action.

Here you write up an article, only military combat actions are excluded from this. Try to utilize the format of the World Wide News.