Creating solid images with WinMip2

Creating solid images with WinMip2

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Creating Foreground Textures with WinMip2 For NR2k3

You can create simple mips (textures) using sandbox DOS makemip commands, but if you need a
foreground texture, I recommend using WinMip2. Create your texture with some 3rd party program
(Gimp, Photoshop, paint…etc.). For this tutorial, I am using PaintShop Pro 7. This image is a .png image
and is a texture for a tent.

Make sure the background is pink (255,0,255) or HTML code (#FF00FF)
Export this texture as a .bmp. For this example I am exporting it as “tent.bmp”.

Now we have to create the alpha map. Change the background color to black (0,0,0) or HTML code (#000000) and flatten any editable layers. Lock them and paint them white (255,255,255) or (#FFFFFF). This now has to be saved as 4bit colors and exported as a .bmp. For PaintShop Pro 7, we have to split the RGB channels. Take any of the three outputted images and export it whatever you named the above texture, the 4 bit image or alpha must be the same name with “_ti.bmp” following. For this example, we will call it “tent_ti.bmp”

Open WinMip2 and open the colored texture only. In this case “tent.bmp” Don’t worry about opening the tent_ti.bmp file, just make sure it is in the same folder as tent.bmp. I leave them on the desktop temporarily.
Change file type from .bmp to .mip and change type 7 to 10. This will bring up the option to change the Invis Color. Make sure it is the same shade pink as mentioned above. The Mapp option is for repeating u(horizontal) or v(vertical) or both. 3= no repeats, 2= repeats in U, 1= repeats in V, and 0= repeats in both U and V. In this case, 3 is fine since it is a solid image. Priority will not need to be changed so 1 is fine.
Now save as… In this case “tent.mip”. Move file to track or trackmat folder and enjoy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The three sandbox files, (makestp, makemip, and rts.dll) must be excluded from the WinMip2 folder for this to work.

You can download the pdf file with images below.
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