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Roleplaying on NSRP
On NSRP, there are two categories that we divide roleplaying into. Plot Boards and Socials are the two categories. In terms of how they're executed, they're mostly the same, you roleplay in the topic, then turn it in. However, where you turn it in, and the rewards gained from it are different based on the type you do.

Socials are topics that cover simple things. They'll usually take place in casual settings, without much excitement going on. These kind of topics are spars, meet and greets, team parties, and other small things like that. These are casual topics without big overreaching purpose other than socializing the character. Socials are redeemed [Topic Grading] section. The template is available in that section. Once redeemed, a moderator will grade the topic, then reward points equal to the grade. Grade rewards range from 0 to 7, based on various factors like quality, length, and development. Below is a list detailing the grading...
  • 0 Points: No character development whatsoever, very clear that little or no effort was put forth, or incomplete.
  • 1 Point: No character development; likely unfinished.
  • 2 Points: Minimal to no character development. Lacking in flow. Possibly unfinished.
  • 3 Points: Decent topic, with interesting points, lack character development, length, or quality in a way that largely detracts from it's purpose.
  • 4 Points:Average topic, may have character development. Involves reader and draws them into the story though still has room for improvement.
  • 5 Points: Well written topic with interesting story that pulls reader in, some room for improvement, typically has decent character development and growth.
  • 6 Points: Excellent topic that create dynamic emotions in the characters, reveals growth or development, or serves a larger purpose in the characters meaning. Some room from improvement, but may be perfect as is.
  • 7 Points: Amazing character development. Reader is invested in the story and has nothing to complain about.
These topics do not reward stats, but can be used to train jutsu.

A subtype of socials, lonelies are topics that involve only the creator, and no other roleplayers. While other characters such as NPCs can also be utilized, lonelies are mostly used to establish developmental points for characters, explore background information on them, or to do trainings. It's advised that people keep a single thread that they use to put all their lonely threads in. Lonelies are scored on the same scale as socials, but because there is only one person involved, they tend to receive closer to the low end of scores.
Plot Boards
The other type of topics, Plot Boards are more common place, and are used to track various stages of character development, individual and group plots, and progression of growth for characters. Plot Boards are pretty straight forward. They can be anything, but the most common plot boards are as listed.
  • Companion Collection
  • Missing Ninja Hunting
  • Village Missions
  • Information Collection
  • Training Sessions
  • Earning equipment at a discount [see: 8) Points Store]
If you have a plot you'd like to do, all you do is go to the [Plot Board] section, and utilize the template to post the information for the plot board. The description can be as simple description of what is going on. Who you'll be fighting against or what kind of information you're trying to find. A moderator will read the set up intended, and give a rough lay out of expectations, and a rank for the Plot Board. If a story teller is required it is up to moderator discretion to decide if one is needed. A story teller could be needed from something as simple as a D-Rank to something as deadly as an S-Rank. From there it will be moved to the [In-Progress] section. Each time you complete a part of the plot board, you'll post in the initial [Plot Board] section with [Update] in the title. A moderator will grade the topic on the same scale used to grade Socials, as well as rewarding any thing gained in the topics (companions, weapons, jutsu, etc.)

When the final stage of the Plot Board is completed and turned in, the mod will add up the points earned by the individual topics, and you will be rewarded stats equal to that, up to a maximum determined by the rank of the plot board. This means a plot board consisting of four 5-point topics would earn 20 stats, assuming it's within the maximum. The range for difficulty, and the max for stats to be earned is listed below. Any number of characters may be involved within a plot board - for example, a team of ninja undertaking a mission together would typically all be included within the same plot board - however, in order to be eligible for stat rewards upon completion of the PB, players must have been involved in 50% or more of the total number of threads.
Plot Board RankTypical ObjectivesStat Max
D-rankD-rank Plot Boards are relatively simple, from doing topics to collect low level companions, completing menial tasks, or training a series of jutsu for a style. They are typically 1 to 3 topics in length15
C-rankC-rank Plot boards are mostly support oriented. They include collecting companions of mid ranks, doing delivery and escort style missions for low target packages, collecting information in low risk settings, and can be involved mastering high tier abilities. These are typically 2 to 4 topics in length.20
B-rankB-rank Plot Boards are more combat oriented. They involve the hunting of low and mid tier missing ninja and other security threats to the village, espionage and information collection in danger zones, and escorting of high value targets. These are typically 3 to 7 topics in length.25
A-rankA-rank Plot Boards are typically very combat oriented, involving the hunting and capture of high profile targets, collection of information from well-secured areas, and typically long term missions that involve a high risk of capture. Many A-rank Plot Boards require survival of life or death situations, and fighting high caliber enemies, or large groups of mid tier enemies. Typically 5 to 10 topics in length.35
S-rankS-rank Plot Boards are considered to be extremely high tier Plot Boards. They involve things such as fighting entire armies, facing off against elite enemies, doing the riskiest of covert operations, and escorting extremely high profile targets. Typically 6 to 13 topics in length.50
Below is a spoiler that does a brief walk through for a B-rank Plot Board.
[+] Walk Through
Our Member, MemberJoe, would like to go on a B-rank Plot Board to hunt down a bandit group, a total of 4 members ranked at C-rank in Strength, so he posts the following topic.
wrote: Characters Involved: Character, Joe, Character, Tom
Organization: None
Plot Board Description: Character Joe and Character Tom would like to hunt down [This] bandit clan, and it's 4 members, 3 C-rank members and a B-rank. Should be B-rank plot board imo. We'll be collecting each of their bodies in the topics. And will be having MemberLando directing the stories for us.
Progress: N/A
ModeratorAlex checks the board and will post...
wrote: Will grade this endeavor a B-rank Plot Board, needs to be at least 4 topics in length. At least one topic needs to be you collecting information on the bandits. You can hunt them each in individual threads, or hunt some of them together.
From there, ModeratorAlex will move the topic to the In-Progress section.

MemberJoe will do the first information gathering topic, then post a progress topic in the main Plot Board section...
wrote: Members Involved: MemberJoe, and MemberTom
Characters Involved: Character, Joe, Character, Tom
Topic Link: Information Gathering
Plot Board Link: Plot Board
ModeratorAlex will come and grade the topic. Perhaps give it a 5, and give the points to the two characters, then update the original plot board with the link to the topic and the grade it received in the progess section. The process will repeat through the 4 required topics, until they're on the last topic, and MemberJoe will post. When the final topic is turned in the title will say [Final Topic] in it.

Then ModeratorAlex will update the final board, and move it to the completion section. The completed Plot Board will appear as...
wrote: Characters Involved: Character, Joe, Character, Tom
Organization: None
Plot Board Description: Character Joe and Character Tom would like to hunt down [This] bandit clan, and it's 4 members, 3 C-rank members, and a B-rank. Should be B-rank plot board imo. We'll be collecting each of their bodies in the topics. And will be having MemberLando directing the stories for us.
Progress: Topic 1: 5
Topic 2 : 4
Topic 3 : 5
Topic 4 : 6

Rewarded 20 Stats
Lonelies in Plotboards
Lonelies in Plot Boards while not used typically, can be used as a filler thread in times of need. However lonelies can not be used whenever one would like in a PB. They must be balanced with at least a few collaboration threads. This is to prevent a Plot Board of nothing but pure lonelies. Lonelies in Plot Boards are graded off of a 0-3 scale and award stats and points. Per every 3 collaboration threads there can be 1 lonely thread in the PB. An example of this is if you were to have a Plot Board with 9 collaboration threads, you could have 3 lonely threads on top of that. That is lonelies and plot boards.
Storytelling and You
Storytelling is a way of telling a story for someone without directly involving your character. This may be requested by a person in a PB, or perhaps a moderator appointed one. None-the-less story telling a PB or thread won't award you stats but instead more points than normally given. This results in a 1.25x the points originally awarded just for the story teller (Rounded up). An example of this is listed below.
  • A PB thread storytold by someone earns a 5, 5x1.25=6.25, round it up, and the storyteller has now earned 7 points for that thread.
  • As a note, storytelling must result in an apt challenge per rank of PB, if it is discovered that a challenge of equal rank was not presented then the story teller will not earn the 1.25x extra.
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