Patterson looked good today

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15 Oct 2017, 04:02 #11

Our offense can be dangerous when we can run the ball. Even with "in over his head" Longo at the helm. I am sure Luke is taking over more control because he doesn't want to not get any job anywhere because Longo doesn't know what he is doing.

Good win even if it is Vanderbilt. Remember, we are like their Super Bowl for them. We got up for that must win game. I expect us to go back to having no run game against LSU. Maybe Wilkins is hitting a little bit of a stride though. If we are balanced on offense we can win games even with a pitiful D. Credit to Mcgriff for getting what little talent we have on defense to make some plays though.

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15 Oct 2017, 04:17 #12

Good win, lots of good performances. Some of our missing guys on D showed up. However, Vandy is just not good. 
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15 Oct 2017, 10:20 #13

This is the second game Vandy has given up 57 points, third over 40, and fourth over 38.  They suck.  Patterson was better at the deep ball but still overthrew a few, that’s his biggest weakness right now.

As for Wilkins, he’s looked good all year, and it’s a shame we lost a year of his,  he has quickness and patience right now.

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15 Oct 2017, 11:01 #14

Despite a shaky start, Saturday's game was fun. In a year (not just a season) that's been full of bad news, it was nice to sit back, drink bourbon and enjoy being an Ole Miss football fan for a few hours.