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That was a big problem that I had with Orgeron's recruiting. We always seemed to sign really good athletes - Schaeffer, Allen Walker, Cassius Vaughn,
Markeith Summers, Atterberry, etc. that had all of the measurables but just had not been trained on how to be a solid football player. Now, some of these guys
should step up now that we have coaches that know how to teach the game. But these guys and more floundered under Orgeron because they came in as untrained
athletes (lots of raw potential and little knowledge of the game) and Orgeron, having stocked his coaching team with recruiters (outside of Werner and Kehoe)
couldn't make them into players. If we were going to be teaching-deficient with our coaches, we needed to sign players who had a little better high school
coaching and little better understanding of the game. All we ever heard was that Allen Walker had all the physical tools but just didn't know how to play