Here's a reason we'll be better this year

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William Faulkner wrote:
How this message board works? Its not like its some complex etherial process that has to be gleaned from quiet observation over time. I really am

disappointed at the lack of substance that manifested here tonight. I was verbally attacked after a non-threatening, non-inflammatory post, responded to the

verbal attacks, and now everybody says you need to see how things work here.

I see how things work here-it's just a lower functioning board than I expected.

Verbally attacked? You have a low post count, which means we know very little about you, so when you made a post about some information you had (which is
encouraged around here), someone asked what your source was.

Then you were the one that flipped out. All you had to do was say "it was an assistant coach, and I mentioned that in the thread", and this thread
never would've gone this direction. Instead, you snapped at the poster that questioned where your information was coming from. He even went so far as to
say "not that I don't believe you" before asking what your source was. Go back to the beginning of the thread, and re-read the first 10 or so
posts. You're the one that lost it and brought the name calling on yourself.

You acted like a dick, when someone questioned the source of your information. He didn't even call you out or say "bullshit" or anything like
that. He just asked where you heard all your information, and you blew up. This board isn't friendly to dicks, so everyone piled on. This board more than
any other Ole Miss board encourages rumors. As long as you don't act like a dumbass, you'll be fine.
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Any of you dumb-ass Damnocrats got anything to say about it?????

(This was posted in an attempt to get this worthless, god-awful thread locked down.)


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a chest like that is much more important than tennis. Nobody cares about tennis. Everyone cares about boobs.


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Please end this thread, but I only have like thirty something posts so what do I matter
You just grab her by the hamhock and start dunking, then you take your two fingers and get a whiff

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And UM was turned off by Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen's big ego, with one trustee saying he acts like he invented the game.