★ N5S Guide and Rules

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★ N5S Guide and Rules

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Pikaby wrote:Welcome to Nintendo 5-Star! We always appreciate new members joining, yes, we do! But you know what would be even more fun? If you could join us in playing around in our forum! Let's get the serious stuff out of the way first.

Nintendo 5-Star TOS/ Rules & Regulations

1. Membership is open to all ages and identities. Everyone is welcome here and free to join.

2. No spam. Spam covers all one-word posts, single emoticon posts, nonsense posts, memes, and generally any posting that degrades discussion. The only board which you may spam are the Garden of Sinners a.k.a the Random board. This is important to maintain quality on-topic discussions. Memes can be posted in boards outside the Garden in moderation.
     2a. Try not to go too far off-topic, especially on the game boards.
     2b. There is no restriction on reviving older topics, however make sure the topic you want to bring back up is still relevant to current discussion.

3. No flaming, trolling or insulting anyone on the forum. Flame wars and board posting wars are also prohibited.
     3a. No excessive advertising. Anyone found to make an account simply to advertise will be banned immediately.

5. Offensive, prejudiced, sexist or racist remarks (and/or images/content) of any kind are absolutely not tolerated. If you cannot be kind and respectful to all of your fellow members, than you are not welcome here. 
     5a. This rule can be stretched to a limited degree particularly in the Garden of Sinners board, but only if it's for jokes only and not to insult or degrade another member. Comments directed at specific users are likely to get you a warning. If I or another member tell you something you said was not ok, this is probably an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. If you have questions about this (or any) policy, you may PM me.

6. Any user violating the above rules will be warned, suspended or banned permanently. Users are advised to report any incidents of any violations to the board moderators.
     6a. Anyone found abusing the 'Report' button to alert the moderators will be warned, suspended or banned.
     6b. Users who break these terms while under warning are likely to receive a ban. Please be respectful of these simple rules.

7. If a user wants an extra sub-forum created for a contest, they may refer an admin such as DG for assistance. Make sure also to notify us about the date so preparations can be made in advance.

8. Users are allowed one account per person. If you have reason to create a second account, please PM an admin or mod about it first.
     8a. Users who wish to change their username should PM an admin such as DG. I'm happy to accommodate username changes.

9. Usernames and signatures cannot contain offensive language of any kind. See rule 5. The admins are the final arbitrators of what language and content are acceptable or unacceptable.
     9b. Signatures should not be overly long or exceed 200 pixels in height. Signatures that are too large or disrupt the site will be removed and you may receive a warning.

10. Please make sure your topics belong to the correct sub-forum. If you aren't sure, ask around and any of our members would be happy to help. They will be moved to the correct place and you will be notified if they’re in the wrong board.

11. Please introduce yourself! We won’t get a chance to know you if you shy away.
pikaby wrote:What do I do here?

It's a forum! Forums are places to hold discussions about any topic people can think of. In Nintendo 5-Star, the main area of focus will be on videogames, namely Nintendo games and consoles. Rest assured though, that's not all we talk about. We have boards for every purpose.
O'er the centuries, N5S has expanded from being a Nintendo game discussion forum to encompass games of all sorts and to being a little community in and of itself. Welcome to our corner of the internet!
Pikaby wrote: Where do I start?

Introduce yourselves to everyone at N5S at the Introductions and Departures thread. You are more than welcome here, and we're always looking for another active person to join our ever-growing community. We look forward to meeting you! From there you're free to post messages in any of our boards. Please remember to abide by our Rules and Regulations while you're at it~!
Who are the mods?
Admin: DG, Pikaby
Mods: CRAZ1ah, Crossburn, TheFreakyManga, Pokefreak113
Basically, admin names are red, mod names are orange. That said, this is a pretty relaxed place and there's generally little need for us to take much action around here.

How do I make friends around here?
My advice is don't worry about it - go ahead and just jump in anyway you like and we will get to know you as you get to know us. N5S has been around a while and its become a rather tight-knit group, but that doesn't mean we aren't wlecoming of new members too.

What's BBS and how do I use it?
BBS is the simple code language used by many forums. It's used to make bold, italic, underlined text, put in pictures, links and more. To use BBS, you have to use the square brackets [] .
Here are some simple codes you can use: (Don't leave the spaces, I'm only doing that to show examples!)
[ b ] text [ / b ] - Bold
[ i ] text [ / i ] - Italic
[ u ] text [ / u ] - Underline
[ u r l ] URL [ / u r l ] - Creates a link to that URL. index.php
[ u r l = URL ] text [ / u r l ] - Creates a link to that URL, with displayed text of your choice.
[ i m g ] image URL [ / i m g ] - Embed an image in your post.
[ s p o i l e r ] text [ / s p o i l e r ] - Create a button that can hide or show the contained text.
[+] spoiler
[ q u o t e = name ] text [ / q u o t e ] - Creates a block of text which quotes the chosen name.

These aren't all the codes but I'm sure you can see how it works.

I have questions that you didn't write in here
You are welcome to PM them to me or any of our mods.

See you around~!