Race Times and Speed.

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Hi again everybody since my last post,there seems to has been a lot said about the Race Times for the Hydro Classes,in particular The mill times for Mini's where it seems there had been a little confusion,it also seems that a number of people are a little upset that all Oval Classes are now 6 Minutes + 10 Seconds Mill-time,this will obviously affects the performance of the Hydro's,which by definition are designed to give ultimate performance,which is now being compromised,

I have a couple of idea's,that may explain the reason for this,these idea's may be seen by some as coming from "The University of Crazy Thinking".
 One reason could be to make the Administration of setting the Timing Equipment up far easier,it is set once for all Races,without having to keep changing it for different Classes,this could also make it less confusing for possible Newcomers into The Sport,safety Aspects could also be a factor,a lot of us will remember what happened to the Class 3 Boats because some saw them as being too fast !,In The U.K. we have devised a High Speed Hydro Class for our National Events,based around The Mini-Hydro Class,it is a sprint race over a set number of Laps (6) at this time,the boat size is the same as Naviga,with no restriction on weight of boat or battery (3s max)
at last years U.K. Nationals,one Member of this Forum prepared a Boat to this Specification and it was seen to be faster than ALL Hydro 1's and more than 50% of Hydro 2's,maybe The National Bodies of other Countries may wish to look at this as an inexpensive way to have a race where Hydro's are allowed to do what they do best,GO FAST.

 Many will remember the upset caused by the merging of 1Kg and +1Kg into one Class (F1-E),I have no doubt's that proposals will be made to reinstate two separate Classes,I feel this will only happen if there is enough interest and possible entries,I think we would all agree it costs Money to organize and run such events,as far back as I can remember these were always known as 1 Kg and +1 Kg,I would be interested to hear the thinking on these idea's.

 As part or the possible proposals to reinstate both Classes and again make it more easy to understand in particular to the Newcomer,redefine the two classes to bring them into the 21st Century,these would be F1-E.1 (3s max) and F1-E.2 (4s to 6s) as with the Racing Classes,making the specifications similar to The Racing Classes and therefore easier for everybody to understand and how about Mini-Speed,if there was enough interest to make it viable,just to let you know my F1-E will be as a Class 1 Specification,lets just say I enjoy a challenge,I am sure these idea's will provoke a few comments with other ideas,which is good,I did say it was from "The University of Crazy Thinking"!,or is it so crazy !?.

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I find your proposal interesting. It is a pity that the class -1kg has been deleted, after all, there is a great tradition. Just a shame that F1V 7.5 is deleted. Perhaps we should leave at such deletions also 2 years, after all, boats and the material are already built and sold too early.

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Hello straightliner,

welcome here in the forum.

Sorry the idea to use 3s Lipos in F1E-1kg is complete nonsens.
Why? Now we had around 420g lipo weight with 6s or less. So when you take 3s 5000 and you strip them you can use them in F1E-1kg. BUT!!!!! the ampere will rise up to 300A and more, so you stress everything motor cable connectors and ESC.
We had this situation when only NiCd were allowed, when in 1997 the Chinese competitors come with 6 or 7 SubC type cells and throw them in the water after the race because of heat problems and cooled them.

As an example the boat from Andreas (F1-Andreas) with 2200mAh 6s has a current of 110-120A maximum. So no stress for the motor, cable connectors and the ESC.

Prinzip ever was increase Voltage and decrease Current.

And F1E -1kg was a light building class to put enough cells into it. Now we have no more light weight classes.
And we are at the moment more interested in modell buying than in modell building.

Kind regards