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These are the Miniature Railway World Forum rules and by signing in to the forum, you agree to be bound by them. Please familiarise yourself with them. Most of them are guidelines and the severity in which the Staff Team deal with any 'offence' contrary to these as set out is at the individual Staff Team member's discretion.

Posting Rules

Post Etiquette

Sentences should start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. Please do not type in 'text language' or BLOCK CAPITALS, and only use bold or italics to emphasise a point or create a heading. Where possible please check your spelling before submitting a post.

Please do not use excessive ‘smileys’, three in a row is enough!

Post Content

Before posting a new forum topic please check whether there is a similar existing topic. When replying to a topic, please try to stay on the subject of the original posting. We acknowledge that sometimes a small diversion is inevitable, but if possible please start a new topic.

Please try and ensure that all information posted is factual and please indicate where rumour or conjecture is used. Any quotes from published material should clearly indicate the source.

Please do not make deliberately or potentially racist, sexist, political or otherwise offensive comments in your posts.

The Miniature Railway World Forum Staff Team reserve the right to remove any information from posts which is seen as overly negative or as an insult to a railway, its operator and staff or another forum member.

Double Posting

If you need to add something to a post you have just created, used the ‘Edit’ button to edit the original post rather than double posting.

You may double post if you are posting images and have reached the image maximum.

You may double post if the posts are created over 24 hours apart. We will allow exceptions to this if there is an important change to the information posted.

Image Posting

Please do not post images any bigger than 640 x 480 pixels. The best places to link to pictures are or

Photographs should only be posted with the permission of the copyright holder. An exception may be made for material of historic interest from long out of print publications, but this should be clearly marked with it's source and the name of the photographer. If there is any doubt over use of this material please contact a member of the staff team.

If you need to use a larger image, please link to it off-forum.

Signatures and Avatars

Please make your signatures no longer than 8 standard lines. Images are allowed in Signatures as long as they are not too big.

Avatars are encouraged, a lot of our members use a picture of themselves or perhaps their favourite locomotive or railway.

Avatars and signatures should not include any offensive material.

Off-Topic Discussion

Please discuss any subjects other than miniature railways in the ‘Mess Room’.

The full forum rules apply to the mess room.

Private Messages and Email

Members may send each other private messages (PMs) or emails if they do not wish to discuss issues on the forum or want to exchange contact details etc.

Please note that a log of all emails sent through the forum is maintained by the forum software. There is no record of personal messages.

Forum Staff Team

The forum staff team consists of both Forum Admin and Moderators.

Moderators may edit, modify or delete all or part of messages posted on the forum in order to comply with the forum rules.

Moderators may also split or delete topics as necessary and ban/restrict members who have failed to comply with the forum rules.

Forum Admin are responsible for the set-up of the forum and also approving new membership. Forum Admin also have full moderator responsibilities.

Any user who finds material posted by another user objectionable may use the 'Report Post' button to contact the Staff Team. Forum members should not attempt to act as moderators themselves.

From time to time the Staff Team may amend or add to the Forum rules, we will advise members when this occurs.


Opinions and views expressed in this forum are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Miniature Railway World Forum Staff and Website Owners.

Administrators and Moderators on Miniature Railway World Forum are NOT responsible for the private practices of any user. Remember that all information that is disclosed on this forum becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to share any of your personal information.

Any material posted on the forum may be used on the Miniature Railway World website in the form of news reports or within other featured articles. Credit will always be given, but if you wish for the content not to be used on the website, please contact a forum admin.

Do you need Help?

If you need help please read FAQ, which is located in the top sub-menu. If this does not answer your questions, PM or email one of the MRW Staff Team for assistance.
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