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The Miniature Railway World Digest is the spin-off from the blog we attempted last year. Realising that the blog format wasn't the way to go, we looked at how we could deliver something on a regular basis with a mix of news and historical information. The Digest was the answer, and we are going to incorporate it into the forum in the hope it can bring in more miniature railway enthusiasts.

We aim to deliver a new digest every month, the first should be here in September. As an illustration of how it will look, I have uploaded the Robin Butterell tribute written earlier in the year in the Digest format.

Only the admin and moderation team can post new topics to this section of the forum. The membership can comment on articles but replies will be moderated.

We aim to keep the content of the Digest topical and factual, to this end one of the amendments to the forum rules is that we can use information posted to the forum within the Digest. We will ask you first if we are going to do this.

Colin Peake
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