Season IV Character Concept

Rusty Tincanne
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Rusty Tincanne
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Name: Gryst
Race: Skaven
Brand: A skaven pawprint with the middle digit missing beyond the second knuckle.
Guild: Warpshaper's Guild
Cult: The Cult of the Horned Rat (but blending in nicely with the Order of Mutagenesis)
Physical Appearance: Gryst's short, wiry frame is remarkable for a skaven of 11 years in that he is relatively un-scarred and has a very full coat of light brown fur. The only visible blemish on his body is that he is missing the middle finger on his left paw, which he uses as his beast-brand. He dresses in a dark grey robe with several pockets, in which he secrets away his possessions. He carries a spear with a wicked point on top, which he uses as a walking stick.
Personality: Ever cautious, Gryst does his best to intimidate others so they will leave him alone or give him what he wants. He speaks sparingly and quietly with an un-Skavenly, gravely voice, forcing others focus when he speaks. If it comes to violence, he knows the best chance anyrat has is to get the first hit(s) in so he is quick to lash out at the first sign of trouble, letting his aggression cow retaliation.

Gryst was a typical moulder whelp who grew up to serve in the HP army. As a clanrat, he learned to fight and kill. One afternoon a packmaster made the mistake of insulting "the flea-bait clanrat" and within seconds Gryst saw to it there a vacancy for himself to fill.
Gryst killed and intimidated other packmasters to continually lead the newest, fiercest beasts in the army. Slowly he came to the realization he did not want to wait for creations from another skaven, so he slipped away to set up a lab with whatever warptokens and beasts he could. He was settling into his lab as the great warpengines lifted Hellpit into the sky.
Gryst was raised knowing the Horned Rat was the sire of his race and is unlikely to ever give up that upbringing. He believes the Horned Rat is the great schemer and Mutae is just a plot to use the lesser races to help skaven ascend. As such, he has no issues with pretending to be a devotee of Mutae, using the non-skaven or the bigoted Skaven Supremacists to advance his own goals.