Moulder Pit Fighters: When the boot is on the other paw

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Lord Falco

This is still a WIP, not all rules are yet written up, but, this gives you a rough idea of the game, all of the currently available gear is laid out for you, but... I'm not telling you how many tokens you'll start with, because that'd make it too easy! Enjoy fantasising about what you MIGHT be able to get your grubby mits on!

Traits are not yet added, but I'm sure you can work out a vague idea of them for yourselves based on their descriptions, with the odd exception or two.

Game speed wise, this is going to be fast paced. 2 days to write orders, 2 days for me to process them. These will NOT be full blown blow-by-blow write ups, but nor are they "X won", there'll be a short description about each fight, with longer descriptions for bugger fights of course.

Most matches will have you writing orders IN ADVANCE of the match. You choose your tactics and style of play (e.g. Use Dexterity as my defence type for this match and equip X & Y until this happens, then change X for Z, etc) and then see how it pans out. Quick matches, quick turnarounds, more matches.

The larger matches, or more complex will work on a turn by turn basis where you'll submit orders for just the ONE fight phase, before receiving results and submitting orders for the second phase. These matches will likely be once a month and will often (But not always), be team matches. In addition - Some of these will NOT have public stories, because no-one knows what anyone else is doing, and you'll get results PM'd - Please, for the sake of the game, don't share these results until AFTER the match, then feel free to brag about what you've done to your hearts content, it can and likely will effect the gameplay if you do chat to a mate about it before the match finishes (or, until you're both knocked out of it). Once the full match is complete, there'll be a full description waiting for everybody as to what happened in chronological order from the spectators' point of view.

Lastly, winning isn't everything, you're a pit fighter, you're hear to entertain the squabbling masses. Be creative!

(Apologies for the severe lack of Bolding, Underlining and/or Italic or Font Size - this is not yet finished, and not at all tidy!)


Moulder Pit Fighters: When the boot is on the other paw

Welcome to Moulder Pit Fighters, a game you know well. Except, the boot is on the other paw and now YOU'RE the one in the pits.

An alternative take on the pit fighters game, in this, you are but 1 charatter, with no minions and no beasts to throw away for tokens. You want 'em? You're gonna have to earn them yourself.

Game Premise;
-You're a pit fighter, you've got no special gear, you've got little in the way of training and you've got absolutely zero luck - hence why you're here, it wasn't your life dream after all! Well... could have been, but not for most of you.

-You fight in a tournament in a mixture of match types, from straight up one-vs-one slug fests, to team death matches, to take/hold the objective and many more!

-As you fight, you earn tokens and other bonuses, which can be spent on upgrading your charatter's skill set, equipment and, most importantly, medical care. You're gonna need the medical care.

-The tournament will culminate in a fight for the top spot, runner-up spots and the biggest loser spot. Each of these will gain a prize at the end, which they taken into the second season (if the game is popular enough, and works enough, to have a second season).

Game Rules;
-Stats; Starting Combined Total (excluding Health) = 25
C: Combat - Number of D6 rolled with a melee weapon both in attack and defence
R: Ranged - Number of D6 rolled with a ranged weapon
S: Strength - The base value applied to certain weapon classes
A: Agility - The base value applied to certain weapon classes
D: Dexterity - Number of D6 rolled when dodging, climbing, leaping, etc
T: Toughness - Number of D3 rolled when absorbing damage
K: Kunnin' - The deviousness, sneakyness and sheer kunnin' that your character displays
I: Intelligence - General common sense and ability to employ logic and understanding
H: Health - Number of Hit Points available to Charatter

-Each Charatter, based upon it's Race, will have one of the following stat lines;
Humans (non-chaotic): C4 R3 S3 A3 D3 T3 K3 I3 H50 (Cannot Equip Fighting Claws)
Norsemen: C3 R3 S4 A3 D3 T3 K3 I3 H50 (Cannot Equip Halberds)
Dwarves (chaos and normal): C4 R4 S3 A2 D2 T4 K3 I3 H50 (Cannot Equip Longbows)
Elves (all): C3 R4 S2 A4 D4 T2 K3 I3 H50 (Cannot Equip Great Weapons)
Skaven: C3 R3 S3 A3 D4 T3 K4 I2 H50 (Cannot Equip Crossbows)
Beastmen: C3 R2 S4 A4 D4 T3 K3 I2 H50 (Cannot Equip Swords)
Orcs: C4 R2 S4 A2 D3 T4 K4 I2 H50 (Cannot Equip Handguns)
Goblins: C2 R3 S2 A4 D4 T2 K5 I3 H50 (Cannot Equip Axes/Choppas)
Saurus: C4 R2 S5 A1 D2 T5 K3 I3 H50 (Cannot Equip Pistols)
Skinks: C2 R5 S1 A4 D4 T2 K4 I3 H50 (Cannot Equip Spiked Gauntlets)
Ogres: C2 R2 S7 A1 D2 T7 K2 I2 H50 (Cannot Equip Shields)

-Each Charatter can also gain traits as they advance throughout the game - these traits are not gained via experience, as experience is not a thing. Instead, you use your tokens to seek training. This allows you to customize and train exactly how you want to. Additionally, each player may choose 1 skill from the list below to allow for starting diversity (other than their equipment choices).

Combat Traits;
Backstab - Requires an agility based weapon and to have surprised the target, gain +3C this turn
Combat Master - When outnumbered in combat, gain +1C (Passive)
Dual Wield - When using 2 of the same weapon type, gain +2C, but each C-dice suffers -1 to it's result (Passive)
Riposte - If a successful parry is made, instantly make a C2 attack using bearer's weapon and stats (Passive)
Shield Master - Gain +1 damage absorbed to use with shields

Ranged Traits;
Ghost - If you have surprised the target, gain +3R this turn, as they didn't see you to start moving out of the way
Trick Shot - Enemy suffers -3D against this attack, you suffer -2R
Multi Shot - Fire at up to 3 targets within close proximity, suffer -3R and do not gain Agility/Strength base bonuses
Close Quarters Pistoleer - Can use Pistols in close combat, using the Combat stat instead of Ranged, with a +D3 damage modifer for point blank
Weapon Toss - Throw a melee weapon or shield at the opponent, using your R skill. Shields are considered a S weapon with a damage of 8. This item is discarded until the end of the fight

Mighty Blow - Double base strength for this turn, but -1C
Slug - Forgo your weapon (or simply if you don't have a weapon) and punch/slap your enemy. S or A bonus (whichever is highest) applies and if the attack is successful, in addition to damage, daze the enemy for the next round, causing them to suffer -2C
Throw Enemy - No bonuses apply, just a straight C-Roll. If the attack is successful, instead of causing damage, throw the opponent a few meters. This is great for throwing enemies from high places, into objects or other charatters, or simply because you're winning anyway and want to give the crowd a show...
Shield Bash - Can choose to forgo blocking with the shield, to gain an additional attack with a value of C2 using the bearer's S stat and the shield having a damage value of 8

Swift Strike - Double base agility for this turn, but -1C
Hidden Arsenal - Can equip a spare Agility based weapon in a hidden location (Passive)
Feint - +1C, but no base Agility bonus
Weapon Juggling - No action needed to swap weapons (It's not literal juggling... just the ability to swap gear quickly)
Deflect - D6 save of a 6+ against visible missile attacks, but requires Agility based weapon (Passive)

Acrobatics - -2C, but +1D for this turn
Catty - Your safe jump/fall distance is doubled - "Safe", of course, is relative, as each arena holds it's own theme (Passive)
Chimpish - You climb up ropes and cables with ease and even wall jump to gain access to locations usually out of reach without assistance or gear
Triple Jump - With enough of a run up, and some coordination, you can attempt to leap further than normally possible to cover large gaps, rooftops, pits, traps, or whatever else happens to be in your way

Enduring - Gain +1 damage absorbtion whenever using Toughness to absorb an attack
True Grit - The first attack that would take you to below 1 health instead leaves you on 1 health (Passive)
Resistant - Gain a D6 resistance against poisons/toxins effects of 5+
Heavy Armour Specialist - When using Heavy Armour, gain +1 to total damage absorbed, but cannot exceed the maximum result of a 6 on 2d3

Ambush - Gain +2K next turn, if you perform a hide, and no other, action this turn
A bad feeling... - Gain +1K to detection rolls (Passive)
Paranoid - You're not paranoid if the shadows really are out to get you! +2K to detection rolls, but -2C for the first round of combat (Passive)
Tricky Trapper - +1K when setting and disarming traps (Passive)
Amateur Botonist - +1K when applying poisons to equipment, it's best to make sure you don't accidentally get it on yourself after all (Passive)

Knowledgeable - +1I when attempting to desypher clues or signs (Passive)
Street Smarts - +1I when spotting things that seem out of place (Passive)
Physchiatrist - You know he's lying to you, he just doesn't know you know, and she's keeping something secret, better find out what it is (Passive)
Arcane Understanding - You've a rudimentary knowledge of the Arcane Arts. You can't use them, but you can tell when something is magical and can make an educated guess as to what it does, or how it's supposed to work, or how it's powered, or the like (Passive)
Barterer - "Of course it fair-good price!" The salesrat just isn't aware that it was too fair. +/-10% on purchase/sale costs of equipment (Passive)

C = Cost
D = Damage
S/A = Strength/Agility Type
R/M = Ranged/Melee
Trait = Item Abilities

Player Starting Tokens: 125

The Weapon Racks;
Club/Maul/Bludgeon - C20 D9 S M Trait: Daze (4+)
Axe/Choppa - C30 D12 S M
Sword - C40 D10 S M Trait: Parry
Halberd (Two Handed) - C60 D15 S M Trait: Armour Piercing (-1)
Great Weapon (Two Handed) - C75 D17 S M Trait: Unwieldly
Flail - C35 D14 S M Traits: Can't be Parried, Unwieldly
Spiked Gauntlet - C55 D9 S M Traits: Parry, Daze (5+)
Dagger - C10 D6 S/A M Trait: Concealed
Fighting Claw - C50 D10 A M Trait: Parry, Climb (Only if Pair)
Fencing Blade - C35 D8 A M Trait: Parry
Spear - C35 D9 S/A M Trait: First Strike
Quarterstaff (Two Handed) - C25 D9 A M Trait: First Strike, Daze
Pistol - C65 D10 A R Trait: Armour Piercing (-1)
Handgun (Two Handed) - C80 D12 A R Trait: Armour Piercing (-1)
Short Bow (Two Handed) - C25 D7 A R Trait: Quiet
Longbow (Two Handed) - C35 D9 A R Trait: Quiet
Crossbow (Two Handed) - C50 D10 A R Traits: Armour Piercing (-1), Quiet
Crossbow Pistol - C40 D8 A R Trait: Quiet
Blowpipe (Two Handed) - C35 D1 A R Traits: Poisoned (3+), Silent
Throwing Knives/Stars (Each) - C10 D5 S/A R Trait: High Capacity
Javelin - C30 D15 S R Trait: One Use Per Match

The Fitting Rooms;
Light Armour - C40 D3 Damage Absorbtion
Heavy Armour - C90 2D3 Damage Absorbtion, -1D
Shield - C30 D3 Damage Absorbtion
Helmet - C55 - Daze Resistance (5+)
Harness - C35 - Carry Capacity +1 Weapon/Shield, +1 Equipment
Gadget Belt - C15 - Carry Capacity +1 Equipment
Combat Boot - C25 - Counts as additional Dagger with no inventory requirement, Climb (Only if Pair)
Backpack (Small) - C30 - Carry Capacity +2 Equipment
Backpack (Large) - C70 - Carry Capacity +4 Equipment, -1D

The Workshops;
Bear Trap - C20 D15 - Cannot use D or T to defend
Flare Trap - C25 D0 - Trip Wire Flare, useful for setting traps or simply scaring people
Snare Trap - C40 D5 - Entangle's victim for 2 rounds and causes minor injury via barbs/hooks
Land Mine - C80 D1-35 - Boom, Area of effect - Handle with extreme care
Tinder, with flint on a stick - C5 - Can be used to light fights, or keep your fingers a little bit warmer
Cables (10m) - C5 - Use with traps or on it's own
Rope (10m) - C3 - No questions asked, it's your business if you're into that kind of stuff
Grappling Hook - C10 - Combined with a rope or cable to go places
Warp Torch - C20 - And then, there was light! Even if it is green
Flare - C15

Weapon Modifications; All Modifications are One Use Only, Removing the Modification destroys it/them
Battery Pack - C60 - Pick a weapon to gain "Daze 5+"
Nails - C15 - Pick a weapon to gain "Bleed 5+"
Improved Sights - C80 - Pick a weapon to gain "Improved Sights"
Crossguard - C40 - Pick a weapon to gain "Crossguard"

Temporary Aides; Kept permanently in Inventory, Maximum 1 of each Aide per player
Whetstone - C15 - Pick 1 bladed weapon to gain +1 Damage for 1 match (cannot be used on great weapons)
Added Weights - C15 - Pick 1 blunt-force weapon to gain +1 Damage for 1 Match (cannot be used on great weapons)
String Maintenence Kit - C15 - Pick 1 bow or crossbow type weapon to gain +1 Damage for 1 Match
Gun Cleaning Kit - C15 - Pick 1 blackpowder type weapon to gain +1 Damage for 1 Match
Field Medical Kit - C40 - Assists in tending to lacerations, toxins, splinting broken bones, packing for wounds, disinfectants and cautorizing tools, One Use Per Match, Auto-Refilled after match
Poison - C30 - Pick a weapon to gain "Poison 5+" for the match, One Use Per Match, Auto-Refilled after match
Paralysis Poison - C40 - Pick a weapon to gain "Paralysis 6+", One Use Per Match, Auto-Refilled after match
Oil Flask (500ml) - C30 - Various useage, effects vary, Auto-Refilled after match
Oil Cask (2,000ml) - C100 - Various useage, effects vary, Auto-Refilled after match

Weapon Traits;
Absorbtion - Decreases final damage received, or blocks entirely if it equals or exceeds damage total
Armour Piercing - Ignore a single D3 absorbtion dice from armour and shields, this has no effect at reducing Toughness based absorbtion
Bleed - If damage is caused with this weapon, inflict D3 damage per turn for D6 turns if required roll is made
Cannot Be Parried - Parry is useless against attacks from this weapon
Climb - +1D when attempting to climb, can stack
Concealed - Can take 1 of this item without taking up a weapon or equipment slot
Crossguard - When using this weapon, gain +1 to each C Roll for defence
Daze - Opponent suffers -1C to their next round of attacks. Instead, if you attacked first this round, opponent suffers -1C this round.
First Strike - If only the bearer has First Strike, your attack is considered to act before, rather than simultaneously, the opponent's attack in the first round of combat
High Capacity - Can store as many of this item as you're willing to pay for, whether 1 or 1,000 this item only ever takes up 1 of it's relevant weapon/equipment slots
Improved Sights - When using this weapon, gain +1 to each R Roll when making an attack
Paralysis - If damage is caused with this weapon, inflict temporary & partial paralysis for D3 turns, effected charatters suffer -2C and -2R for the duration of the effect
Parry - Defender's C roll most equal or beat the Attacker's C roll + Base Weapon Stat Bonus from Strength/Agility. If successful, negate all damage from the attack
Poisoned - If damage is caused with this weapon, inflict D6 damage per turn for D3 turns if required roll is made
Quiet - A difficult weapon to locate without sight, although the ammunition does produce a whistle, allowing for a degree of narrowing down the rough direction
Silent - No twang from a string and ammunition too small to cause a whilstle, you can't locate it via sound
Unwieldly - Any C Rolls that result in a 1 or 2 are counted as 0 whilst using this weapon

How Combat Works;

1) Players have 2 days to post their orders for their next bout in the arena. To do this, you will need to note the following:
-List of Equipment that you are taking, any attempts to take more equipment than you can actually carry will results in a Token fine, with the latest noted equipment not being taken anyway
-Plan of attack. Are you aiming for a shoot out? To close the gap? A bit of both? Or do you have something else up your sleeve?
-Plan for defence. Each battle you must pick - Do you want to dodge (Dexterity) or absorb (Toughness) when defending against enemy attacks? Your highest stat might not always be best
-If there are multiple opponents, pick a priority order, or if there are multiple friends, pick a preferencial treatment order, or a backstab order... whatever is your style
-Other tactics - This is not always applicable, but in several scenarios you'll need to get creative, tell me what you want to do and I'll try and see that it happens. Within reason
2) Ranged, usually the first order of business before opponents close in. Ranged attacks are performed via the following method:
-To Hit: RxD6's + Base Weapon Stat. e.g. a Bow is an Agility weapon, an Elf has R4 and A4, so the calculation is 4xD6's +4 = Result to hit, then, minus the opponents RxD6's result as their ranged knowledge helps them anticipate the shot and try to somewhat move out of it's intended path, sometimes this results in a full dodge, mostly it results in reducing the overall hit score, which (as you'll see further down) assists in mitigating damage.
-Once you've been hit, you move onto avoiding ranged damage;
-+1) DxD6's, you're trying to avoid the attack, if your result is equal or higher you successfully dodge, if it isn't, you weren't quick enough
-+2) TxD3's, you're not bothering to dodge, you're just going to bunch your mass and absorb the force of the attack to reduce it's overall damage to your body, reduce weapon damage by your result
-Damage: The damage calculation is simple (no BODMAS, follow the order); RxD6's + S/A + Weapon Damage - Absorbed Damage from T/Armour/Shields = Total Damage Taken. For the purpose of the examples below, the human being shot at will roll an average on 3D3 of a 6.
e.g. Elf fires longbow at a human: 14 (average result of 4D6 due to Elf's R4) + 4 (because the Longbow is an Agility weapon and the Elf has A4) + 9 (Longbow's damage) = 27 damage - 6 (Human's RxD6's) = 21 Total Damage. This result assumes that both the human attempted to dodge and that he failed to do so. Had he absorbed instead, he would have rolled 3D3 (due to Toughness 3) and reduced the 21 by the result (again, averaging 6), reducing the damage to 15, then minus any further reductions from armour and shield rolls. Sometimes using your armour and toughness to reduce incoming damage is better than trying to avoid it altogether, as the risk of failure brings more pain
3) Combat, it's time to review melee:
-To Hit: CxD6's + base Weapon Stat. So far, this is the same as hitting at range, however, the opponent then makes a defensive roll of CxD6's. If your result is higher, you hit and once you hit you then add the weapon damage to the difference between the attack and defence rolls and you get your Damage result. Once the damage result has been determined Toughness and Dexterity kick in in the same way that they do for ranged attacks to determine the final amount of damage
4) Once a player (or both players) are brought to 0 Health, they pass out in a tangle of their own limbs, blood, innards and whatever else is around. A winner is declared at this point, or a draw. It's worth noting that if a player has 1 health and takes 1 damage and the other player has 1 health and takes 50 damage, a draw is still a draw, regardless of how unbalanced a draw it was. At this point prizes are then awarded, usually in a Token format unless specified otherwise
5) Once all matches are finished, bonus prizes will be awarded to players that have earned certain achievements, such as "Most Deadly", "Best Combat Style" and "Most Pummelled", with many more to boot. The specific bonuses available will be made clear at the start of each round and there will usually only be a couple - is winning always worth more than the bonus? Likely not, but it's your call to make

Disengaging from Combat;
Additionally, it is worth noting that you could attempt to avoid combat and opt for the ranged game and this is possible by simply noting in your orders that you wish to keep disengagin. When you do this you must pass a Dexterity or Strength test to other weave or muscle your way out of the combat. When attempting to do so, if the opponent's orders have stated to stay in melee they gain +1C that turn when rolling to attack and you suffer a -1C that turn to your attack, but MUST still attack in melee.

The following turn you are then able to use a ranged weapon again, however, the opponent is still close to you and will close in time for them to lock you in melee again and attack you with melee weapons. That said, your Ranged attack will strike first, potentially rendering the incoming attack as useless if you opponent is incapacitated in some manner. In your next turn, you are considered to be in melee again and must repeat the first steps of disengaging.

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Sounds like fun Silver! I'll join. :)

Edit: I notice the elf stats add up to 27 rather than 25. Is that intentional?
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To a degree, yes. But no. I'm still trying to figure out how to keep them elf, without them being broken with bonus stats. I'm likely going to decrease S and K by 1 point each

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March 6th, 2018, 4:39 pm #4

looks good, do count me in :)

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March 6th, 2018, 6:34 pm #5

-More items added
-Some items adjusted
-Some costs adjusted
-Weapon traits added
-Elf stats modded, -1S, -1K
-Goblin negative changed from "Cannot Equip Heavy Armour" to "Cannot Equip Axes/Choppaz", cuz Gobbos prefer to use Stickerz and Stabberz (arrows and spears)
-Combat and Ranged rules added
-Health Added to Charatter Stats

All that's left at this point is NPCs, which there is no need to add until after the game has actually commenced - These are the people that you will interract with after each match to train, heal injuries, buy equipment from, etc.

As of this point I'll be taking sign-ups to review numbers and work out the first rounds. Any queries, please let me know.

I'll add a list to the top of the first post for a list of current sign-ups

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March 7th, 2018, 9:54 am #6

some races miss hp, i assume they got 50 aswell?

possible count me in, this depends on when it starts?(cause im on witnersport soon for few days)
if it starts earlkeist next monday count me in^^

where do we post our character?

how much do the traits cost?

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Skins and ogres have 50 too, will fix when I get to a computer.

Additionally, I'm decided to be lenient and let you work out gear now. You each have 125 tokens to start. Will upx
Date that in shortly too

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March 7th, 2018, 6:06 pm #8

but how much is trianing for traits?:)
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March 7th, 2018, 7:16 pm #9

Different costs for different traits - I've not put the costs out yet so that it doesn't influence your decision on which trait you pick. More info to be added to the top post once characters have been confirmed, characters won't be confirmed until number of people are confirmed, and I'm leaving the sign-ups open until the after everyone has posted orders for End Game Turn 3.

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March 12th, 2018, 10:49 am #10

count me in witnersport is over^^
we already need to send a char up? if eys in pm or here?
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