Tonight's server maintenance.

Tonight's server maintenance.

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13 Jul 2014, 00:03 #1

Hi All:

As of about 1:30AM (SK Time) July 13/2014 the server
was back online.

I re-installed everything on the server from scratch
(Windows, Xitami, Serve-U) on a new hard drive.

I replaced everything in the folder (as well
as a few other files) from the good copy on my main
computer instead of what was on the old server hard

But, after all that I found a corrupted ZIP file on the
new server hard drive. WTF? ?_?

So after spending about 8 hours on this I'm back
where I started. -_-

Apparently the problem may not be the hard drive but
something else is corrupting files (especially ZIP files).
I had installed WinZIP on the server and found the ZIP
files were already corrupted on the server hard drive
so it's not getting corrupted in the process of being
transmitted out to or across the internet.

If I figure anything else out I'll post it here and on the page.

There was no impact on E-mail during the maintenance
window as that is outsourced to Easy DNS.
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