This week's outages

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December 4th, 2015, 6:26 am #1

A few things have happened this week, TU between midnight and 6amShaw was doing planned maintenance.  The new equipment must have
had a failure as it went out TU night from 4:26 PM until sometime 
between 7:20PM & 9:40PM.

During that emergency repair they announced a new planned maintenance 
for TH between midnight and 4AM.  Internet went off at about 2:30AM

I was expecting it back up when I woke up.  Around 1:30PM I noticed it 
still wasn't up, tried restarting modem, didn't work, called Shaw, at lot of 
stuff went on, it was back up by 3:30PM for I don't really know what was 
wrong, if they did something that fixed it or it came back on it's own.  (Since
I work from home I had to log in and start work as soon as the internet was 
back up.)

Long story short all my IP addresses changed but I wasn't fully able to 
go through my network check that everything worked and update my 
DNS with the server's new IP address until after I was off work later that 

One thing I did find out, you can't get DSL from MTS by picking up a 
DSL modem and hooking it up yourself, you have to book an appointment 
and it takes about a week and someone has to come out.  Since it would 
take Shaw less time to fix their problem I opted to wait for that.
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