Power Outage - July 16/2012

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July 17th, 2012, 5:48 am #1

Sorry, there was a power outage at the "moonie.ca data center" sometime

after 2pm July 16/2012 that lasted at least one hour and exhausted the

server's UPS battery. (As well as the one on my personal use computer.)

Power was restored as of 21:21 CDT but as I was not back on site until

slightly after midnight I was not able to reboot the server until 00:08 on

July 17th/2012.

Web and FTP service was affected on moonie.ca and fansubs.ca excluding

hosts served on separate servers located elsewhere such as FTP service

on carlene.moonie.ca.

My AIM (ve4gap) was also offline as it is at the same facility. Any AIM

messages sent to me after 2pm would have been lost. Please re-send

if you tried to contact me during this period.

DNS resolution and E-mail were unaffected as those are outsourced to


All equipment seems to be working correctly and undamaged. :-)
Glen A.Pearce


^^^^^^^^^^^^Now with E-mail under my own domain. ^_^