Outage Aug. 18/19 2017...and a possible solution...

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1:25 PM - Aug 19, 2017 #1

Shaw Internet went out again at the server location at approximately 
11:13PM on Friday August. 18/2017.

Since the previous outage earlier in the week fixed it's self before a 
Shaw technician could get here I decided to wait until morning before 
calling Shaw.

At 6:20 AM on Saturday August 19/2017 I decided to try an idea I had 
the previous night while pondering the issue

It seems my idea worked.

I unplugged the cable modem, then I went downstairs and unscrewed 
the Shaw phone adapter from the cable (I also have Shaw phone at 
the same premises under a different account*), then came back up 
and plugged in the cable modem and that finally made it come alive, 
after I checked that all 4 IP addresses were back (they didn't change 
this time) I then re-connected the phone adapter and made a call on  
the Shaw phone to make sure it was working.  Everything works again.

My hypothesis is that the phone adapter was transmitting something 
that was keeping the cable modem from re-establishing contact if 
there was a glitch but not interfering with normal operations if contact 
was already established.

I can't prove or disprove it and don't know the details why.  (I don't 
know what sections of spectrum on the cable each device uses 
as that is proprietary information.)  But assuming it wasn't a big 
co-incidence and I did this at the time the cable modem was 
going to come back anyways I think I know what to do if I have 
to fix this again.

Not sure why this wasn't a problem for the first 8.5-ish months I 
had Shaw phone though, maybe the cable modem never had a 
glitch during that time.

At least it was a piece of equipment on my own premises.  If it was
a piece of equipment on someone else's property I wouldn't be able 
to troubleshoot it (neighbors wouldn't like me unhooking their cable 
one at a time until I identified the source of the interference. ^_-)
and Shaw techs would have a really hard time figuring it out too.  
(A phone adapter appearing to work perfectly fine so no one 
complains about it causing a problem in a neighbor's cable 
modem which in and of it's self has nothing wrong with it but is 
having trouble for a really non-obvious reason.)

Obviously if this persists I'll have to take it up with Shaw as I'm 
might not be the only person this affects but for now I'll keep an
eye on it to see if it happens again or it's just a weird glitch.

*The reason the phone and cable are on separate accounts is that 
Shaw doesn't allow servers on "residential" accounts so I have to
have a "business" account for the internet for that reason but 
the phone had no reason it couldn't be "personal" but you can't
have a "personal" service and a "business" service on the same 
account so they have to be billed separately...  

So I'm dealing with 2 parts of Shaw that don't talk to each other...

Yes, the private sector can sometimes be _more_ bureaucratic 
than the goobermint... -_-  
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