Outage Aug. 16/17 2017

Outage Aug. 16/17 2017

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17 Aug 2017, 15:24 #1

Internet was lost at the server site at 9:55pm yesterday 
(WE - Aug. 16/2017).

This affected web/ftp service at most moonie.ca hostnames 
as well as fansubs.ca and meth.website (carlene.moonie.ca 
is located elsewhere and was unaffected).

E-mail for all 3 domains is still handled at EasyDNS so it also 
remained unaffected.

It came back between 9:30am and 9:51am today.

New IP address needed to be updated in DNS this morning.

All is working again.
Glen A.Pearce


^^^^^^^^^^^^Now with E-mail under my own domain. ^_^