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April 23rd, 2003, 5:38 pm #1

This morning I was experiencing a problem where the
Linux Box was saturating my cable modem. (As in the
lights weren't even blinking they were staying on solid.)
It was to an extent that I was unable to use the net on
the NT box which shares the same cable modem through
a network hub.
Until I get home (around 6:30ish) the Linux box has
been disconnected from the network hub. This was
decided to be better than letting it hammer my cable
modem until I figured out what was wrong. (Don't want
to get in any trouble with Shaw from the box spewing
out who knows what all day long. ^_-) As well there
was not enough time to try sorting it out before I had
to leave for work.
Whatever is going on with the Linux Box I believe it may
be related to whatever wiped out the WAC message
board last Saturday.
This is affecting and Other
hostnames under that are hosted on the NT
box remain unaffected.
Updates will be posted on this board.

Glen A. Pearce
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Now with E-mail under my own domain. ^_^
Glen A.Pearce

^^^^^^^^^^^^Now with E-mail under my own domain. ^_^