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will wrote: I found I think the only episode on YouTube. I watched about five minutes of it. Awful.Terrible writing. Harry Guardino who apparently played Burger would have made a better Mason.

A few years ago I watched about 10 or 12 episodes of the NEW PERRY MASON on YouTube.  I haven't checked in awhile to see how many are still available there.  When I met Monte Markham in January, I complimented him on the series.  He told me the story behind the series' early cancellation.  He said Erle Stanley Gardner's widow had the right to approve / disapprove of everything on the show.  

Monte said they would show her the filmed scenes and she'd nitpick everything.  "He wouldn't say that... She wouldn't do that... he wouldn't hold his arm at that angle...."  They'd have to go back and re-film everything to appease her.  Continuing the series became more trouble than it was worth, so they pulled the plug and paid off Monte.