Cured (2017)

Dr Kelp
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After a virus epidemic thru Europe that causes people to kill uncontrollably, a cure is found but only 75% effective. The rest are destined for extermination , but those who have been cured still have a symbiotic relationship with the infected. A young man tries to reestablish his connection with his sister and her son after being the one that killed her husband. Meanwhile the cured , are being introduced back into society in menial jobs, with suspicion and even hatred from those who were not infected. Discrimination among the military towards the cured , causes these individuals to fight back. Meanwhile a dedicated scientist is racing against the clock to try to find a cure to the remaning 25% of the infected before they are terminated. This was a well done Irish movie with obviously parallels to Ireland and the UK. The only person I recognized was Ellen Page from Juno, as the sister of one of the cured.