Strathconas in Afghanistan

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June 21st, 2007, 12:58 am #11

Here's a bit of an update on tank activity in Afghanistan. Don't anyone worry about OPSEC issues about this...all this info is unclassified and directly from the Commanding Officer of the LdSH(RC).

-the Leopard C2s have faced RPGs, small arms fire, mines and IEDs.
-the tactics used work
-the tanks and crews have been tested in every respect—their firepower, their protection, and the mobility provided by their tracks, dozer blades, mine ploughs, and mine rollers.

About the new tanks:

-‘C’ Squadron begins its Leopard 2A6M conversion at the German Armour School in Munster, Germany in June. The vehicle mechanics and ARV drivers will be trained at Kraus-Maffei Wegmann in Munich, Germany.

LAV III Tow Under Armour:

-Some of you may not know that the LdSH(RC) also has ‘E’ Company. The are members of 1 PPCLI who are part of the Regiment wearing black berets and the PPCLI hat badge. They operate a Company of LAV III TUA in the Regiment. A Platoon of ALV III TUA was ready to deploy with 'B' Squadron to Afghanistan in September 2006 but were not ordered to deploy. It is likely at some point in the future they will deploy to Afghanistan with the LAV II TUA.
Here's a couple of fresh images from Combat Camera taken after this morning's firefight showing some of the armour: ... mbatcamera ... mbatcamera

The battle lasted 4 hours with Infantry, Tanks, Combat Engineers, and close air support with F-15s, A-10s, and Attack Helicopters. Estimated Taliban KIA are from 15-21. Friendly casualties were minor injuries to 2 Canadian soldiers and 3 Afghan National Army soldiers.