Tilford Toy Steam Rally 2018

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09 Mar 2018, 21:15 #21

Have you heard back from Emma Rog? I sent an email as you suggest after this thread re-surfaced? A little communication from them given the uncertainty a month ago would go a long way! To hear it from the horses mouth as it were! 
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10 Mar 2018, 13:56 #22

Yes Will
I only applied a few weeks back after I saw the advert in Old Glory's supplement. I e-mailed asking if it was still on, got a reply and a thanks after I e-mailed that I had filled in the form.
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Yesterday, 17:52 #23

kevin wrote: well that will pretty well kill it I guess!
I am sure it will. I have been displaying here for many years and at The Flowing Spring before Tilford, something like 28 years with three tables, such a shame. Used to be a great show.

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Today, 01:12 #24

There has normally been a 7 day gap between sending Emma an email and getting a reply. I asked her for the details of the insurers she had liaised with so I could get a one day policy; only for her to completely ignore it and come back to say that I was booked in! Unfortunately however I now cannot make it due to a change in my shift pattern.
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