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The Rules of this Forum....**** Please Read.****

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Rules of this Forum.

1) Please avoid the use of offensive language.

2) Straight out abuse, trolls, and general troublemakers won't be tolerated.

(3) Members who have a problem, or a complaint, be it with another member or regarding the general running of the forum, must PM the member, or the forum team by PMing a moderator, and not post it on open forum. The general boards are for steam and good natured debate, not for bickering, grandstanding, or admin problems. Any such posts will now be removed without warning, and the poster placed on immediate moderation until the matter is settled.

4) Do not make more than one account on the forum. Multiple or group accounts are not allowed.
If you have lost your password, or have trouble logging in please contact James or the email address at the very bottom of the page.

5) Please do not post offensive pictures or political/ contentious material. These will be removed without warning or explanation.

6) Behaviour that is found intolerable but not mentioned above will be dealt with accordingly at the discretion of the Forum Team.

7) No live linking or direct reference to any hate forum run by banned ex member"Mike Jane (Spokesmann)" or any site containing banned X members.

More details can be found here, in chapter 3.
Anyone who is seen to support any vendetta against this forum, its membership or the team, either here or elsewhere, will be removed from this forum.
(The forum team reserves the right to inform our membership and respond to any attacks made by this individual or any others that we feel may be necessary to preserve the good name and integrity of this forum.)

8 ) Please observe copyright and patent regulations when posting. Also give ownership credit when using others work, pictures, plans etc. Any material that is deemed questionable will be removed.

A breach of these rules may result in a warning, or a ban depending upon the situation .

(Administration reserves the right to amend and update the above rules as necessary.)

We hope you find the forum fun, helpful, and informative.

Admin email

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