Steam-Icebreaker had a bad crash

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Steam-Icebreaker had a bad crash

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12 Aug 2017, 18:33 #1

Today the Icebreaker "Stettin" of the port of Hamburg, had a crash at a ship-festival at Warnemnde. 3 Personsn where injured, the Icebreaker
which is the biggest coal fired steamer today was badly damaged, but
not critically under the waterline .

This is so sad

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12 Aug 2017, 22:30 #2

Whx did he bump into that huge ship? Just an error?
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13 Aug 2017, 09:02 #3

Looks like a misjudgement of the captain of the ice breaker.

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13 Aug 2017, 18:02 #4

Looks like he was being carried by a very swift and strong current with a strong crosswind as well, such that he had almost no forward motion through the water and was thus unable to maneuver because he had little water flow past his rudder. At the same time he had a number of small craft immediately to port of him so that he couldn't very well speed up to get steerage and swerve into them.

Pilot error for sure, but he sort of got painted into a corner minutes before, as the inevitability of the outcome probably wasn't apparent until the last seconds, as the true course of the current became obvious at that local.
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