Mike from Columbus, OH

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Mike from Columbus, OH

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Hello from Columbus, OH . (Home of the OSU Buckeyes) 

So far I think I may be able to figure out how to post as this is my first one.  I just joined as I have only recently become interested in steam engines. My major hobby is in the area of O Scale trains.I have quite a few "Mike's Train House" ---MTH steam engines although since I moved some time ago all my trains are in boxes. I love the sound of a chuffing steamer and reminds me of my childhood--many years ago-- when visiting my grandmother in Woodstock, Canada. Her home was about 1/2 mile from the train station. Of course the MTH trains only look like and sound like steam engines. 

I never really knew there was a hobby based on stand alone real steam engines. As of today, I do not have one, but have  orders in for two types !!  I will have to watch myself and not get too carried away as this is an expensive hobby also. I am wondering why I like steam so much. It must have something to do with the power steam creates. I am not so much into what steam can actually do but rather just sound and feeling of the power.... if that makes any sense.  My knowledge of steam is next to zero which is the reason why I joined this site especially for insights on the many products and manufacturers.  This site has already helped me out in finding out how the heck to find Karsten Gintschel and how to purchase the "Tornado" which should be on the way soon.



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Welcome from Minnesota! Good choice on the Tornado, have you seen the accessories?


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Welcome to the forum from Ontario, Ohio - sounds like you're jumping in the deep end of the steam pool but that's all good! Enjoy!

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Hello Mike 👋
Welcome to the forum from Norway. I hope you will enjoy the forum and find much information and things that catches your interest. 👍
Im Knut, the norwegian. I hope you all have a very nice day :-)

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Hi Mike, and welcome from the Netherlands.
Cheers, Rob.

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Thanks all.

Note to Nick:  I was looking at the oil rig accessory on Karsten's listing on Ebay (Germany/European) but he must be sold out as the price was missing and you could not click on the "buy" button. Since everything was in German I could not figure out much.  The Ministeam store does not seem to carry it either. 

I probably will buy the oil rig down the road but my play budget is in a deficit right now.  The oil rig would be a nice addition for sure. 

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hi and welcome, hope you find much of interest and enjoyment here
this is such a diverse friendly community that I am sure you will be
very glad you joined  🙂


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Hi Mike, Welcome to the forum From England.

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Hello and Welcome.
Et in Arcadia Ego

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Hello from Illinois!
Give us this day our daily Steam,
And deliver us from Diesels