Engine of the month - Catagories & Competitions 2018

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Engine of the month - Catagories & Competitions 2018

H2o vapour
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03 Dec 2017, 09:40 #1

Hello all,

I have been giving the new year some consideration and thought and I would very much like to keep the EOTM competition fresh and consider members wishes and wants,

I would be grateful for some input and suggestions of what 'you' would like to see and categories that you would like to have included in the list for 2018 

Please feel free to have some input on this subject

Thanks all,


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03 Dec 2017, 10:24 #2

tbh, I thought for the effort put in by just a few this month, the response was poor
only about 40 members voted which is not a lot  and only 4 entries almost makes
it a pointless excercise.

Loved the winning entry btw, but I don't think I would want to participate unless it
was better supported in future


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03 Dec 2017, 11:18 #3

Possibly folk are still getting their heads around the new site. Certainly when I had the press in the mix in the last ETOM on the old site, there was much more interest and votes, so perhaps as we all get used to the new format, votes will pick up. It would be a shame to lose it though IMHO.
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05 Dec 2017, 08:01 #4

If 40 people made an effort plus the entrants I say great exercise considering the out come of the tapatalk pointless exercise.
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05 Dec 2017, 12:55 #5

For what it's worth I would like to see all the parts of the EOTM start and end on the same specific dates every month even though occasionally there may not be as many entrants as you would wish. And I don't think the participation is too bad given all the changes we've been through lately.