Building a "Snipe" Look Alike

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Edrock wrote:
MooseMan wrote: Fantastic work Ed!

BTW, I think we have a mutual friend called Jim, am I right?
Thanks Moose! Yes,I met Jim on RC Forum and we struck up a friendship. Wound up with a Seguin Tug kit that I had been wanting for some time. Jim is a wonderful person and hope to meet him some day so we can float boats together.  Your Launch that you built with the SEL engine was one of the first builds I watched when starting in this hobby that borders on an obsession. Have looked at your site many times and admired your collection. Not sure if you know but my father has been in live steam for 25 years and still going strong building locomotives from raw materials at 86 years young. He has guided me into this hobby with a wealth of knowledge.
Finally got the engine /prop alignment correct and epoxied in and plan on rudder and protective strut tomorrow. should be priming and painting soon. Do you know if the Snipe came from Bowman with the front cowl painted? I have seen them both ways and am leaning on leaving it bare aluminum.Looking forward to posting a maiden voyage. great to talk to you and I know that you are highly regarded as a seasoned steamer  with lots of experience and knowledge as well. Best regards, Ed
Wow, thanks for the kind words Ed. I'm enjoying talking to Jim, nice to see him on here as well (as "oldiron").

I'm pretty sure the Snipe cowls were always painted. Most examples I've seen were in the typical Hobbies/Bowman creamy yellow.

All the best, Odilon
Cheers, Odilon.

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More progress on the "Snipe a Like"     Was up early this morning after staring at this project for an hour or so and 2 cups of coffee and a pastry, I put some ideas into action. The goal was to complete the running gear today.
Hole for the rudder tube is drilled in the drill press to insure it is straight and square. It will be held in place using 2 part epoxy after painting is complete. this will allow the transom to be easily painted without the obstruction of the tube.
Protective Keel bar is made from solid 1/8" brass rod. 3/16" wide brass bracket with holes are soldered to each end and bent to fit.
Prop and rudder protective bar is fastened using the forward bolt of the prop tube bracket and the rudder tube is threaded 6-32 for a nut to secure it at the transom
Rudder is 1-3/8" wide by 1-3/4" long and is soldered to the shaft that runs thru the tube.
The original Snipes appear to have had a rudder that was not removable. I like to be able to remove parts for replacement and ease of working on them. The rudder post comes up thru the tube and fit into another piece of 1/8" tubing bent as the tiller. A bushing with a grub screw that goes thru the tube to the end of the rudder shaft holds everything in place and allows for adjustment and easy removal.
The completed running gear. Today was a success! I'm liking the name "SNIPE A LIKE" Any thoughts?
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According to the RSPB web site a woodcock is like a snipe. I've always liked the French word bécasse which means woodcock. It's also the name of one of my favourite bars in Brussels.
Jim Easterbrook, Epsom, UK

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Thanks for the input Jim,  Good information too! Since the Bowman's were named after birds "WOODCOCK" might work.  Cheers, Ed

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Doing great on this and the details are hopefully going to help me too😀

Now can someone tell me how to get a myford to regrow metal :)


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Thanks Jon, Breakdown is tomorrow. Always a little reluctance when reaching this point  but I always figure everything out that comes to mind before painting. Eliminates damage from handling and allows for any re-engineering or errors to be fixed .One of the forum members says;" An engineer that never makes a mistake never builds anything"  Received your PM with address. Will be sure not to delete.   Cheers,  Ed