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Bowman M158 bitza.

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9:21 PM - Feb 14, 2018 #1

Last year I won a forum auction for a load of odd parts. Included were a few parts from a Bowman M158. Boiler, engine frame, crankshaft, small gear.

I had the parts in a container in the drawer and took them to STIA to sell on again. No one bit so I have decided to restore the engine..

Auction picture and what I started with. 

The boiler post an hour with the soldering torch and some Brasso. The dome had been had at with too much solder and too cold. a new steam pipe was fitted and I'll cut it off later.

More as and when parts turn up or are made.
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10:33 PM - Feb 14, 2018 #2

Looking good so far ☺👍

To be honest, if I'd noticed it at STIA I probably would have bit ...😯 My head was on a swivel lol

I probably missed a few things, was a great day!
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