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Reboot Arch

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Hi all,

I rebooted Archaneau. She didn't really seem to fit in too well and I couldn't really nail down a good RP for her. I think her wackiness is better for a smaller DnD group.

So uh, she's a Draenei now! I'd like to get her involved in the Co. officially whenever that's possible.

Until then, here's a little thing:


Born on Outland around 100 years ago, Archanea grew into a reliable and studious woman. She hated that description of herself immensely.

Until the Exodar escaped from the Legion and crashed on Azeroth, she was content to remain reliable and in her eyes, boring. After the crash, the Draenei needed brave and stalwart heroes to secure the safety of their race and build a new home in a strange land. Archanea knew she could be one of these heroes and volunteered for every dangerous task she could find.

Her early days on Azeroth were chaotic and confusing, yet she continued to throw herself into the fire until it no longer frightened her. Eventually, she adapted to the fear and loss, and joined the Alliance on their quest to defeat Illidan and stop the Burning Legion from entering Azeroth.

Now, after years of service to the Alliance, she is proud of her position as an artificer onboard the Exodar and is responsible for working with other engineers to maintain the new home of the Draenei. While she is more comfortable being reliable and studious, she can’t help volunteer to be brave when the opportunity arises.