Mioufliar's Application

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Mioufliar's Application

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The Modan Company
Employment Application

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Modan Company!

The Modan Company (hereafter known as 'Modan Co.') has a long and storied history which you will discover in the course of your employment. Please take the time to fill out this short application and questionnaire and your Modan Co. career will be just a short review* away!

Name: Mioufliar Doehelm
Birthplace: Ashenvale, the now-Felwood area.
Current Address: Karnum's Glade, Desolace.
Age: 863 Years old.
Species: Kaldorei, Afflicted.
Gender: Female.
Hair Color: Dark Brown.
Eye Color: Teal and glowing.

What is your chosen path of training ((Class))?: Druid of the Antler
Do you have any trade professions? Yes.
If yes, what are they?: First aid and healing.
If no, why not?:
How skilled would you say you are at these professions?: Enough to save a life, with a bit of help from nature!

Modan Co. is an archaeology company, please provide specific information regarding any digs or artifact recovery experience you may have (Please note, tripping over a rock that happened to contain a fossil does not apply.):

I was present as an Emerald Circle, Cenarion Circle representative in a Modan Company job at the Broken Shores, helping restore the life of an ancient. Though I have no formal archaeology training, I've been around for a few centuries and can help plenty in research!

Besides archaeology, please describe any related work experience that may benefit the company. (This may include, but not be limited to, research, engineering, fighting, getting one's hands dirty, and drinking alcohol):

As an Emerald Circle member, my job is to restore the life to old areas plagued for different reasons. This includes my homeland of now-Felwood, and Desolace. My job usually consists of removing fel rot off of old ruins, and removing corruption. Depending on where a job takes me, I can help plenty with healing others or purging fel!

Do you have a criminal record? If yes, have you served time? Please disclose any crimes (convicted or otherwise) that may interfere with your ability to work with Modan Co:

Although I'm an Alliance citizen still, I'm largely neutral. I've committed no crimes against either the Horde or the Alliance, not even theft.

Upon employment with Modan Co., you will be placed into one or two prospective departments. Please check two of the following to signify your interest:

___Security: The strong folk in charge of protecting our assets and employees. Must be willing to engage in combat.
Subgroups: Scout, Marksman, Bodyguard
_✔_Medical: Those on call to treat wounds and keep us healthy on and off the field.
Subgroups: Doctor, Healer
_✔_Surveyors: Those involved in making discoveries, finding the relics, and carrying heavy finds.
Subgroups: Diggers, Laborers, Archaeologists
_✔_Research & Development: The intelligent folk who research our relics, and design new technologies to the benefit of the company.
Subgroups: Lorekeeper, Researcher, Engineer, Logistics

If there is a particular subgroup you are interested in, please note it here:

Mostly, I'm interested in restoring the life to others, or restoring artifacts and a whole area. I'm interested in:
-Healer Subgroup
-Archaeologist Subgroup
-Lorekeeper Subgroup

Primarily, I'm a healer, though!

In the space provided, please tell us about yourself. We would like to get to know you, and know that you would like to get to know us! Please use the space below, and continue on the back if you have excessively large handwriting.

Many Kaldorei had to flee Northern Ashenvale when it was corrupted by the fel. I was among those elves, but was quick to return and heal the land as an Emerald Circle druid. I'm a druid of the Antler, meaning I follow Malorne's teachings. I prefer to be out in the wilds, so a 'current address' will be difficult for me, but turning into a doe and owl makes travel quick.

<Written in very small letters off to the side.> I'm also blessed by Goldrinn. Worgen!

In a hundred words or less, please tell us why you came to Modan Co. for employment, and what you feel you wish to accomplish while with our organization. Please use whatever margins may be free to complete this application.

After aiding in restoring and keeping an ancient alive with a Druid of the Branch, I was very interested in Modan Company because of the focus of restoring and preserving history. Restoring has always been my goal, and protecting artifacts has never been more important.

Please list times you are available for a company Foreman to contact you. This process may take a few days, so a list of times will help us to contact you in an orderly fashion.

I'll check in at Kirthaven every now and then; I can't imagine an easier way to get into contact with me.

On what character name/BattleTag can we contact you, if need be? If your in-game name differs from your character name, this is the place to mention that.

( I am a QUB alt! )

Required: Filling in the codeword means you've read and understand the rules provided. Please put the codeword below.


Congratulations! You've completed your application of employment to Modan Co.! You will hear a response after a short review session*.

Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to working with you!

*Review session includes application fee, reviewing fee, supplies fee, processing fee, and fee fee. Please do not question the fee, for the fee will become agitated.

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Application accepted! An officer that isn't you will contact you soon for an in game interview. ;)