YPR commander and driver seat

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Hello!  Looking for help on the YPR 765, and if the answer is different - for the YPR 765 PRAT.  I am outfitting the AFV Club kit with an interior.  I have two kits, one for the standard vehicle, one I am converting to a YPR 765 PRAT.    I have pictures of the back of the  commander's seat, appears similar to the driver's seat in an M113. It is on a wide metal post and can be adjusted up and down for seat height.  
I cannot find any pictures of the driver's seat for the YPR.  would it be the same as the M113 which is the same for the commander's seat in the YPR?  Any help appreciated.  FMC licensed the vehicle and many of the parts are interchangeable between the YPR AIFV and M113.  Thanks in advance.  John

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Sorry can't help with you question on the YPR

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