WW2 Land escort for British Generals


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WW2 Land escort for British Generals

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Hi there,

Would the escorts for British General falls under the jurisdiction of the Military Police corps during the WW2?



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Such as when a General is travelling from place to place within their own command? When travelling to the front? When travelling from their command to Corp/Army/GHQ? When travelling as a prisoner?

>>from place to place within their own command
Other than their drivers and any staff memebrs accompanying them for a specific purpose I'm pretty sure most Commonwealth generals weren't "escorted".

>>to the front
Again, generally not escorted, but if a defense unit was needed, divisional and brigade HQs had defence platoons and companies assigned for that sort of duty as well as defending the actual HQ itself.

>>from their command to Corp/Army/GHQ
Generally not escorted, just accompoanied by those detailed to attend. Dthere were almost always drivers or batmen assigend, depending upon the trip and these could be armed, I suppose, but that was not their main purpose as far as I've ever read.

>>as a prisoner
MPs & intelligence men.


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