WTT 1/32 Aircraft packages for Cyber Hobby DAK Tiger

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WTT 1/32 Aircraft packages for Cyber Hobby DAK Tiger

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February 20th, 2012, 6:45 pm #1

I have lots of (all WW II) new, state of the art 1/32 aircraft kits, most with AM items, that I would be willing to package together in trade for one of the elusive Cyber Hobby DAK Tiger kits. I know the DAK tigers sell for really high $$, and I am hoping someone might be interested in trading for a bunch of 1/32 stuff in exchange. Almost everyone of these kits have AM items, some of them have extensive AM parts.

I have the following kits, among others:

Revell Germany
- Arado 196
- Heinkel 162

- P-40E
- P-47D
- FW190A-8

- A6M5 Zero
- A6M2 Zero
- P-51D Mustang

- P-38 Lightning (Hobbycraft)
- TBM Avenger
- F4F-3 Early (Solid wing) Wildcat
- F8F-1 Bearcat
- SBD-2/3 Dauntless

- P-51A Mustang

Special Hobby
- P-39Q Airacobra

Cyber Hobby
- BF190E-4

So if you have an extra DAK Tiger, shoot me an email at didiumus@yahooNOSPAM.com (remove NOSPAM)


Scott Gentry