WU - 16 Sep 18 Trumpy T-62

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The 'accurizing' continues;
hull turret extensions coming close to finished

t62 005.jpg replacements glued to the upper hull and puttying continues
the 2 semi-circular 'wings' on the lower hull are essentially the fender tops under the extensions

t62 006.jpg this side of the pic is fuzzy but kinda shows the new extension
on the far side you can see the strip I added to strengthen & block the side

t62 007.jpg putty work to blend in the modded extensions and the white rectangle is plastic strip to fill the turret tab hole

t62 008.jpg reworked the exhaust they give a solid face so drilled out the working end
it & the fuel tank are placed into the spot to asses fit
you can see the taper of the extension better in this pic

It is relatively easy to cut off the Trumpy extension on the r/h side, the left was a pain because there were 2 track links on the fender, a fender support bracket (I wanted to save but gave up) & a small box of some sort. It took some work and because of the amount of sawing there, resulted in a cut down into the fender so a fair bit of putty was needed to correct this!! Next part of this project will be adding all the missing grab handles on the turret??? Stay tuned, now back to regular update.......

Funny story - spent a fair bit of time last nite thinning down the wrong end of the exhaust bit on the kit, did wonder why the fit seemed wonky but dismissed it as Trumpy research. Realized the problem when I was looking at pics of the real thing to see how the exhaust opening looked!!!?!! So the moral - maybe stop the modelling when you are feeling tired!!!

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Nice work Graham,
Had to smile re your exhaust, sounds like the kind of thing I do all the time!.

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Graham, don't feel bad re: exhaust; I do that kind of thing all the time! Yeah, best to stop when the fatigue sets in. I have a hard time doing that too. Otherwise, you did a magnificent job with all the corrections so far. Keep plugging man.
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