1/72 Pegaso BMR-600 VEC - Spanish APC

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History reference: 
The Pegaso BMR-600 VEC is a 6x6 wheeled armoured personnel carrier produced in Spain by Enasa since 1979.
Pegaso BMRs are used by Spanish, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Moroccan and Peruvian Armies.
The Spanish Army used BMR-600 in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

About this scale model:

This is resin Spanish scale model by IberoKit. Model is rare.
I replaced the cable, added the antenna and the front windows, кemade the exhaust pipe. Also I added the remote control to the machine gun.
The antenna is very flexible. If you bend it, it will return itself.

A small modulation was made. Filters, chipping, washing, different rainmarks effects, rust and dust are applied.

I photographed the model with different lighting (unfortunately, I do not have studio light). Therefore, the shades in the photo are slightly different. 

I made this model for sale. If you want to get it you can buy it here.
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Very nice looking model!! Rare kits are always fun, can you tell us what you used for the antenna?
From the list of users there must be some really interesting cam schemes.
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